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March 30 2015

Substantial proof border fence is for Americans.

I have proven in no uncertain terms with direct physical proof that there are no immigrant children arriving at America`s borders in waves, or AT ALL. Last summer, when this huge sad immigrant children story was in the news, I conducted an investigation where I drove all over Mexico to ALL key choke points on all rail lines and interviewed rail yard security at these locations. They never saw these kids that were in the news, and knew the news was a hoax. One even went as far as to directly call it a lie outright.

I then produced a video of these interviews, and got to the bottom of the story. In reality, someone who was obviously very well funded was staging train derailments on abandoned rail spurs and having hundreds of locals from the surrounding towns ride on top of these trains, which were only on private spurs, and using them for photo ops. This worked well for hatching B.S. story after story about how these poor refugee children were getting stranded when their trains went off the tracks. I guess they wanted that to add believability to the whole ruse.

Why am I mentioning this now? Because I guess they think my bust of their scam has worn off enough so they are going to give it another go, they are talking about these immigrant children again. When I released my video regarding this topic, they spiked the entire children on trains ruse within a day.

That border fence is for YOU pal, and no one else.

They want people begging for a totally secure border fence so when that Fema crack down happens, Americans will have no where to run, JUST LIKE COLD WAR RUSSIA and the Berlin wall.

They need well funded and fronted psy ops to make Amerians beg for it, but no matter what they put in the news, it is ALREADY BUSTED, and the following video PROVES IT.

This video went to just shy of 10,000 hits in the first two days and then "stopped recieving views entirely" after that, obviously Youtube froze the hit counter. If you ever wanted to see a classic bust of all aspects of a media lie, from the derailments to the border to the children, the entirel ball of wax, This cannot be beaten it is a classic!

No matter what they put in the news, there is no such thing as a one way fence. It will keep Americans in, that will be its purpose because Mexicans can just cross through the regular gates any time they want anyway. That was a different bust.

March 29 2014


Great. JUST GREAT. Now we get to stand by as top government manipulators play with the mind of a girlfriend to see what they can get it to spew. Eventually, they will have her spewing about Islam. The biggest statement they are using now is that at one time the "crash pilot" told her that he wanted to change the world. Perhaps that is a true statement, but how many people say that? To say that means he is going to crash a plane is B.S.

Additionally, they are lying about the antidepressants. This pilot was not depressed and not taking psych meds. Absolutely nothing of substantive proof is out there about this, which means he simply was not taking them. EMPTY ZOLOFT BOX OR IT IS ALL B.S. But the clincher is THE COCKPIT DOOR, WHICH HAS A KEYPAD IN THE PASSENGER COMPARTMENT THAT MAKES IT IMPOSSIBLE FOR THE PILOTS TO LOCK ANYONE OTHER THAN A PROSPECTIVE HIJACKER AND PASSENGERS OUT. THE ENTIRE CABIN CREW HAS THE PASSWORD AS WELL AS THE PILOTS AND CAN GET IN EVEN IF THE PILOTS KEEP THE DOOR LOCKED FROM THE COCKPIT SIDE. This proves Remi lied lied LIED, why and HOW did he lie?

"When the flight crew does not respond to requests for entry, the door can also be unlocked by the cabin crew, by entering a two to seven-digit code (programmed by the airline) on the keypad, installed on the lateral side of the Forward Attendant Panel (FAP)".


And what other time was there a proven fake recording made for a plane crash? Why, the call from Cee Cee Lyle, flight 93, on 911.

CeeCee's call sets a STARK precedent here:

Permanent: 911 Flight 93 phone call busted. CeeCee Lyle read her arab incriminating yet fully scripted phone call from the ground, in a call center, and if you listen to the call, you can hear her coach say "that was great!" after she finishes speaking. You can also hear a coach or manager say "allright" in the background of the enhanced version, and AFTER THAT you can hear her coach say "sorry" for saying "that was great" too loud and possibly having it be audible in the message. CeeCee Lyle flight 93 911 phone call enhanced and original This kills the entire arab/911 meme, obviously the calls were faked. But that won't do it for Drudge, BET ON IT!

UPDATE: I pay no attention to Gordon Duff, but got one of his reports in the mail. He is on board with this completely and passed the sniff test overwhelmingly this time, having also spoken of the full remote takeover abilities on this crashed aircraft. Remi is a liar, NO IFS OR BUTS, and if any truther is not talking about remote control and the fact that the cockpit door can't lock out ANYONE on the airline staff, they are trolls, now is a good chance to ditch them. LITMUS TEST TIME.

March 28 2015

Someone killed a big lie for me - the cockpit door!

Someone dredged this up from A320 user manuals, and it kills the official story.

A forward-opening hinge door separates the cockpit from the passenger compartment. It has three electric locking strikes, controlled by the flight crew. In normal conditions, when the door is closed, they remain locked. When there is a request to enter the cockpit, the flight crew can authorize entry by unlocking the door, that remains closed until it is pushed open.

When the flight crew does not respond to requests for entry, the door can also be unlocked by the cabin crew, by entering a two to seven-digit code (programmed by the airline) on the keypad, installed on the lateral side of the Forward Attendant Panel (FAP).


Read the final Germanwings report HERE

Who would lose world war 3? America, First Second and Third.

Preposterous? Think again. If there is one huge Freemason conspiracy in America that has gone unnoticed, it is the building codes mandating homes be built out of wood rather than other materials. There is no all encompassing Federal law or even a State law that mandates this, but it has indeed been accomplished by complete infiltration of city boards and enforcement at the local level. Concrete is far cheaper to build, lasts longer, and is far more secure. Why would Americans even think about putting a wooden home in tornado alley? Ask your local freemason lodge.

The near universal standard of fire, tornado, and NUCLEAR WEAPONS vulnerable wood homes in America is exactly why America would lose a nuclear war, and even a conventional war with Russia. And not by a little, America would easily be toasted 1000:1.

You cannot take what America does to an Arab country and compare that to what would happen in America. In Arab countries, homes are built out of concrete and brick, the way they should be, and therefore it takes bombs to destroy them. But if Russia even got one helicopter into an American city, and that helicopter had tracer bullets loaded in the guns, all it would take is one bullet per home and any home hit by a tracer round would burn to the ground. Any home not lit up by a tracer would become part of the firestorm anyway. One helicopter pass could annihilate a city of 50,000 in America.

And it would not even take that much in many cases

I know for certain that Boston has entire apartment complexes side by side for miles on end that are made out of wood. If even 20 of those got lit up by fire, there would be a chain reaction the fire departments could not stop and entire sections of the city would burn. In a war time setting, what would it take to accomplish that?

But wait, it is MUCH WORSE than this . . . .

America has little to no protection provided by the government in the form of fallout shelters. And wood homes provide virtually no protection from gamma radiation, so even the homes that did survive a conflict would be of dubious value. On the other hand, in addition to having construction that is far more resistant to damage from fire, and far more protective from radiation, Russia has enough actual fallout shelters to save approximately 70 percent of the population now, and those who make it to the fallout shelters late and are rejected will do far better than Americans will anyway because of the way things are built overall.

Bottom line?

America is banking an awful lot on "technical superiority" while having absolutely nothing to back it up in the way of national infrastructure. In a war time setting an American home is no better than a tent, and if the bombs start falling there will be absolutely no where to run to because the government did not care.

Here is a little scenario for you:

A 1 megaton nuclear bomb is detonated over an Arab city. In the first second, all the paint is burned off all surfaces facing the bomb. And the burning instantly stops after that because it's all concrete. Then the shock wave from the bomb hits the first homes that are in the crater zone and blows them away. A mile out from that, you start to see surviving walls. By the time you get three miles away from ground zero, practically all structures have survived to various degrees. Beyond that, you are out of the blast zone and there is only the 200 mph nuclear wind to worry about, which the concrete construction will shrug off with ease. Five miles out? Absolutely everyone survives the initial blast, and has only radiation to worry about. Total kill zone? right around 40 square miles.

A 1 megaton nuclear bomb is detonated over an American city. In the first second all the paint is burned off all surfaces facing the bomb, and after that everything keeps burning. A 200 mph nuclear wind extends outward for 30 miles in all directions, which wood homes will provide virtually no protection against. Within that radius only freak survival stories are to be had, with general devastation being the rule. Total devastation zone? approximately 3,000 square miles.

And because Americans have no experience with concrete, let me explain the difference: Though it can happen, an F5 tornado is not likely to destroy a well built solid concrete structure. It can happen but is not likely. The 200 mph "nuclear wind" from a nuclear bomb is only equal to an F3. According to the Federal government, there is no wood structure that can survive a direct hit from winds over 135 mph. Even a direct hit from an F1 will destroy almost any American home. The homes in the Arab world really would survive a nuclear attack, they really are that much better and American homes? A joke. A Mexican Chicken coop.

Offended? It really is that way, Mexicans use wood for animal shelters, they have not been brain whipped by so much mind numbing flag waving that they would ever think a wood home could actually be worth anything. They don't use wood to build something people will actually live in.

To those out there who are saying America would kick Russia's butt, keep in mind that there is a lot more to a war than what you have to blow the other guy up with. When it comes to having an ability to survive an attack, America does not even rate, consider your wooden home to offer a protection value of ZERO. And I believe it was made this way by intent, starting with the Federal Reserve takeover in 1911. This is approximately when they also launched Russia, and as part of their planning for a future American defeat by Russia, wood homes were mandated as the norm to prevent Americans from having anything they could actually mount a resistance from.

March 27 2015

Mails are starting to be less filtered, it looks like a few are getting through.

Here is my final statement regarding the Germanwings downing:

THE EXPERIENCED PILOT LEFT THE COCKPIT TO TRY TO FIND A TECHNICAL REASON FOR WHY THEY LOST CONTROL OF THE AIRCRAFT AFTER ENTERING FRENCH AIRSPACE AND THE REST IN THE PRESS ABOUT A SUICIDE PILOT IS A SCAMMING ZIO LIE. Understand that the French government now has to front every type of lie possible to bury the truth. They cannot accept responsibility for fulfilling this agenda, and did not expect to get caught. Lying is now their only option.

These lies are test run on public forums to see what will sell. When a lie is told that people go for, that is what gets published as "a new discovery". It will be important to not drift from the facts, which are set in bedrock. They are:

Irrefutable fact 1: A remote hijack recovery system was available, and was not used to recover this A320 even though it was obviously in distress. On the A320, a pilot is rendered completely disabled when this system is activated. On the 757/67 the pilot still has influence but has to fight like hell against it once activated. This was clearly discussed on the Boeing web site in pilots blogs, when I accidentally got into a secure area looking for answers after 911. There was lots of information I have not put into this report to keep it readable, but it was DETAILED, such as, the actual computer that is responsible for the remote option on the 757/67 is UNDER A FLOOR PANEL AT THE FRONT OF THE PASSENGER COMPARTMENT. That's classified info, and cold hard proof I really did do a great job on the Boeing web site for those who are in the know.

I am trying to be a little more clear here so the intelligence agencies realize that I really did get into a secure area and really do have accurate info, and maybe they will back off on the GOD DAMN MAIL CENSORSHIP. It is pointless, I will not be convinced to change this story, I know what I know and that is the end of it. Trolling and censoring simply can't cut it.

When I say France hijacked this airplane and ditched it for a reason, I am not puffing B.S. - If a nutcase antidepressant pilot decided to whack the crew and passengers, the correct outcome would have been:THE PLANE DESCENDED TO 18,000 FEET AND AT THAT TIME GROUND CONTROL TOOK ACTION AND LANDED IT, PERIOD, END OF DISCUSSION


A COMPLETELY ALONE Italian fighter jet issued a mayday call one minute before this Airbus went into it's descent while in view of it, and then returned to base. This is documented, but the reason for the mayday call has never been published, and I know why:

Because "SEVERAL" French fighter jets were in the area, on the edge of where this Italian fighter jet was allowed to go, taking over this airbus the second it entered French airspace, AND FOLLOWED IT ALL THE WAY TO THE CRASH SCENE. The Italian turned around after witnessing the remote takeover because he was not authorized to go into French airspace. How do we know this in irrefutable terms? Because witnesses on the ground saw these French fighter jets following this airbus all the way up until it crashed, and after the crash was a confirmed reality THEY BUGGED OUT RATHER THAN STAY AROUND AND ASSESS THE SITUATION.

The fact that these fighter jets got expunged from the ziopress SAYS IT ALL, but the Ziopress did the cleanup too late, people got screenshots of the news reports both before and after this, and these screenshots are below, on this page.

SO, If an Italian fighter jet issued a mayday which is EXTREMELY UNUSUAL, and immediately returned to base, AND "several" French fighter jets escorted this airbus into a mountain only to subsequently get expunged, THE AIRBUS PILOT LEFT THE COCKPIT TO TRY TO FIND A TECHNICAL REASON FOR WHY THEY LOST CONTROL OF THE AIRCRAFT AFTER ENTERING FRENCH AIRSPACE AND THE REST IN THE PRESS ABOUT A SUICIDE PILOT IS A SCAMMING ZIO LIE.

The original report with all the details follows:

Due to a complete blackout of information in the mail boxes, this is probably as complete as this report can get. Frankly, it is already a death sentence to the credibility of the French government, so it is fine the way it is, READ IT AND WEEP, ARCHIVE AND POST!

My remote control claims are well founded:

As mentioned farther down this page, In 2002 I got proof the A320 has remote hijack recovery as a standard feature in all models when I "accidentally" got into a secure area of the Boeing web site where pilots were discussing the differences between aircraft from various manufacturers. They were discussing this remote hijack recovery system they all know exists and were questioning why it was not used to stop 911 because both the 757/767 had this system as well. When I say France crashed this airplane on purpose, I have a damn good reason to say so.

Dear Remi, as the plane had remote hijack recovery built in, why was that system not activated during the eight minutes during which the plane was in difficulty and without pilot communication? There was plenty of time to recognize that the plane was out of control and would crash without intervention. Why did you not activate the hijack recovery system? Perhaps you had a different agenda. Perhaps that system was instead being used to fulfill that agenda.

Next up from the liars: THE AGENDA. Lie#354: The suicide pilot Muslim tie-in to get support for that war in Yemen!

waiting, waiting, waiting . . . . .

An intentional pilot initiated crash is the only way out for the liars

UPDATE: Cockpit lock out story is a LIE. The manual override that keeps the cockpit door locked only lasts 5 minutes, per TV reports. That would leave 3 to 5 minutes to storm the cockpit and take at least some evasive or corrective action.

As I said right from the beginning, this crash was intentionally created via remote control, and the plane hit the mountain in perfect working condition. The investigators know this. I wondered what they would come up with to hide the fact that this was a government hit. And so, now, they are going to say one pilot locked the other out of the cockpit and then intentionally crashed the plane. Go figure, but here is Remi suggesting a pilot did it on purpose:

Remi Jouty, director of France's Bureau of Investigation and Analysis:

"So far, we don't have any evidence that points clearly to a technical explanation," the official said. "So we have to consider the possibility of deliberate human responsibility."



The scenario given by Remi is a lie, the fighter jets say so. HERE IS THE CHECK MATE, AND THERE IS NO WAY OUT OF IT:

They might, in the end, say the fighter jets were there to see why the plane went into a descent. But if that be the case, fighter jets, which have very skilled pilots will fly upside down or along side a distressed jet to look in the cockpit and see what is going on. That did not happen, we have no word of this, yet THE FIGHTER JETS WERE THERE. If they were not there to assist the plane or find out what was going on with the pilots, they were there to destroy the plane, and the crash of a perfectly working plane proves it. There is no way out of this.

I do not know the source of the following quote, but evidently it came from a pilot. It first appeared on Barking Moonbat two days ago according to the Google time stamp, AND IT SAYS IT ALL:

"IF France finds the flight recorders, and IF they aren't mangled beyond use, and IF they make the actual contents public record, then I won't be at all surprised to find they didn't record a word of cockpit conversation nor a peep from the passenger cabin. I bet there won't be any records of any AirPhone usage, or any outgoing messages from any of the cell phones on board.

I think the plane was hacked. Brought down. A poison gas canister attached to the air system and triggered by the "seat belts" signal when the plane reached altitude. And exactly 30 minutes later, the engines were shut down. Either by programming or by remote control. And the computer flies the plane perfectly, like a glider in an 8 minute descent, right into an Alp.

I think looking at the passenger list could be very informative. This looks like a hit. A major hit, at the level of nation-states or the largest criminal cartels. Or a worldwide group of fanatics. So, who was on this flight?

Don't expect an honest answer. There are no honest governments."

As mentioned farther down this page, In 2002 I got proof the A320 has remote hijack recovery as a standard feature in all models when I "accidentally" got into a secure area of the Boeing web site where pilots were discussing the differences between aircraft from various manufacturers. They were discussing this remote hijack recovery system they all know exists and were questioning why it was not used to stop 911 because both the 757/767 had this system as well. When I say France crashed this airplane on purpose, I have a damn good reason to say so.

All relevant info regarding this crash, proving it was a government hit and nothing else is below.

Here is the scenario they decided to peddle

One pilot left the cockpit and could not get in. The other pilot was not responsive until the plane crashed. An arab type terror scenario has been implied, that the pilot in the cockpit suicide crashed the plane ON PURPOSE. PROBLEM. HUGE PROBLEM


This was their "flight recorder discovery" and if you believe that line, I have a bag of moon rocks.

Bottom line? They know they are nailed and this is the only scenario they have other than a remote controlled crash that can possibly fit what happened - an autopilot disabling followed by a perfectly controlled power descent straignt into a mountain. Either they explain it this way, or the are FORCED TO ADMIT THIS WAS A REMOTE CONTROL WHACK JOB. FAT CHANCE THEY EVER WILL

If they try to back peddle from the "pilot crashed it on purpose" angle and just say the pilot passed out, that is a fail because autopilot was in control and even in the extremely likely event it was not in control, absent a pilot a plane will keep flying straight and level until it runs out of fuel. It will not go into a dive by itself.

The biggest problem they can never overcome is the fighter jets that followed it until it hit the mountain, and then, rather than assess the situation, they bugged out. THAT SAYS IT ALL, they cannot back track from that cold hard fact.

They really are stuck with the suicide crash option. Will people believe it? NOT IF THEY KNOW ABOUT THE FIGHTER JETS. ARCHIVE AND POST!

It looks to me like Germany paid some "holocaust reparations" with an airplane!

Germanwings downing a legitimate black op

This is easy to tell, because now there are many theories popping up to divert and distract. There is one new theory, however, that got my interest and may actually be a clue if it is legit. This theory is that the fighter jets shot the A320 right before impact with the mountain and it was smoking as it hit. This could be plausible for the following reason:

The A320 is a full fly by wire aircraft. If a pilot pushes a pedal or pulls a lever, it is not hooked up to the mechanics in any way whatsoever. And if this A320 was equipped with collision avoidance, this full fly by wire attribute most likely would not have allowed it to hit the mountain, most likely it would have pulled up on time and missed. If this is the case, then the fighter jets would have been needed to shoot the elevator portion of the tail flaps out, which are needed to make the aircraft pull up and if the tail is disabled, the collision avoidance would not have been able to stop the crash.

Absent the tail, the plane could still proceed at full throttle into the mountain and whatever debris came off the tail would most likely have simply followed the plane into the mountain and not left a separate debris path. This fits the eyewitness scenario quite well, and would explain the roaring sound people heard continue for several seconds, this could have easily been caused by a missile launch to blow the tail out.

Other scenarios, such as a laser brought it down are in my opinion just diversions, but I will certainly give the scenario of smoke coming from the aircraft after it was shot while approaching the mountain fair consideration. Fighter jets and collision avoidance disabling certainly fit that scenario.

After all

Why would the fighter jets be there to begin with, and then leave the scene immediately after a crash that would have been obvious to them? No aircraft, even an ultralight, would go unnoticed by a fighter jet designed to hunt and kill, THEY KNEW THAT CRASH HAPPENED, WHY DID THEY LEAVE THE SCENE IMMEDIATELY? If they did not cause it, it would have been their job to stick around, assess the situation and report back to the base what the situation was. They did not do this, BIG QUESTION: WHY NOT?

Mails being tampered with - if you are trying to get through with information and are not seeing it here, it is because it got blocked. I have found what might be a good mail provider and will try to circumvent this problem.

"It is inexplicable how such a thing could happen to a technically perfect aircraft with experienced, trained at Lufthansa pilots" - Lufthansa CEO Carsten Spohr


New info on Germanwings crash

It has now been determined that the descent was a perfectly controlled full throttle dive of a perfectly working aircraft straight into the side of a mountain. And I know how it happened, details below.

Why no identifiable bodies? I got the answer:

Many people on the web are asking where the people are and how an airplane can just "vanish" into such tiny pieces. I have the answer. The crash was done in a way that caused the bodies to be erased so no person outside the controlled group of investigators could possibly identify anyone on the flight.

How do you cause bodies to vanish and an airplane to turn into such small pieces?

By having the crash occur at a very high speed. And this particular crash happened at 600 plus MPH.

A 600 plus MPH impact is proven by how badly the plane shredded. And 600 plus MPH crashes do not happen outside of willful intent.

Chris wrote:

About the remote control capabilities of the 757/767 aircraft, you are right. They were revolutionary aircraft, and Popular Science covered their release in detail in the early 1980's. In one of the many reports they did, they talked about how the aircraft were hijack proof and ground controllable. I cannot find anything on this now, it seems 911 has done away with history and the report that mentioned this is not on the web. Someone is going to have to dig through the basement to find it in print.

My response:

I had a subscription to Popular science at that time and remember this. Additionally, in 2002 I accidentally got into a secure area of the Boeing web site where pilots were posting about this system and how it had been removed from all the aircraft after 911. Those who had experience with airbus said the system was still in A320 aircraft because Airbus had not been compromised (their coding was more secure).

And this would explain why the fighter jets which accompanied this Germanwings flight all the way to it's death and then left the scene did not shoot it down, even though it is more than obvious they were either responsible for the crash or ordered to witness it. If erasing bodies and making them unidentifiable to all but a very controlled group of investigators was needed to conceal who was on that flight, remote controlling the aircraft into a mountain after a steep dive at full throttle would be the best way to do it, and now investigators at the scene have said the largest body part they have found is the size of a briefcase. Absolutely no one can be visually identified.

Normal plane crashes do not have such small debris and erased bodies because pilots slow the plane down and it crashes at around 200 mph, not 600 plus.

Beyond all doubt, the fighter aircraft were responsible for this crash and whoever ordered this crash wanted the bodies erased. This is why the fighter jets did not shoot the plane down even though they were clearly responsible for it's demise. If they had shot the plane, it would have fallen in large pieces and would have had the bodies be intact. By using remote to crash the plane after a full throttle dive, they ensured a perfect crash scene with obliteration of evidence.

This is why no communication with the pilots happened, they were totally blacked out even after the tower declared an emergency and made repeated attempts to contact the pilots long before the crash actually happened and received no response. This is highly unusual, if not completely unprecedented except for the other obvious government jobs, - 911 and flight 370.

They are testing conspiracies to see what will work to fool the public on forums and blogs right now, before releasing "what the black boxes said." The most prevalent theory for why the pilots were silent is slow depressurization blacked everyone out with no one noticing. This is bunk.

FOR THE RECORD: The plane peaked out at 38,000 feet, stayed there for ONE MINUTE, and then did it's death dive. That is not long enough to black out everyone from a loss of cabin pressure, or "slowly depressurize the cabin" and once the plane hit 25,000 feet, people would have woken up even if this theory is what happened. It is an obvious hoax theory. The plane was simply not high enough long enough for this theory to hold any water.

Unfiltered mail blurbs from mails that made it.

Hello, Jim. This info. ought to be good for a sarcastic comment vis-a-vis sep 11 - might want to consider the remnants look like confetti, but the plane in 5 side polygon was claimed it drove through multi-foot thick reinforced concrete walls in a row and 2 others punched through steel framed towers, too. Shouldn't we then see a 40 foot deep divot hole in the mountainside? tim


Come back to you again with this. Check the flight path radar. At video 016 it is getting hazy (why?). At 019 you still see the big plane on the right of GWI/18G .... At 020 this plane is vanished. AWAKS could do that - you know that better tan me cause you are the specialist. Looks for me like a warning to Merkel concerning not following US instructions concerninbg WW III ..... Please check ....

P.S.: The flight had been directed over the Alps, pretty far away from the direct route. There, where the plane came down, no French citizens could be hit.


you asked the question Who was on the plane?

In the news moments ago they said that there have been two engineers of Delphi on board of this plane.

Maybe it might be a small piece of info but to get the full pic we need to put them all together.


March 24 2015

A320 remote recovery system used to crash German A320, FINAL ANSWER.


This is not a joke, or statement that will be redacted, It's OBVIOUS.



At the time of 911, there were three well known aircraft that had remote control hijack recovery as a standard feature. These three aircraft were the Boeing 757, 767 and the Airbus A320. Though this information has been buried post 911, If anyone is able to dig expunged history, all 757/67 aircraft were grounded for over a month after 911. This grounding is not the same as the grounding of all aircraft that occurred, it is a separate grounding. The big short term grounding of all aircraft remains well publicized.

The extended grounding of all 757/67 aircraft was done because the "white hats" knew the truth about 911 from second one, and ordered all 757/67 planes grounded while the remote hijack recovery systems were disabled one at a time because they knew how 911 really happened regardless of the zio spin. The Airbus A320 was allowed to continue with its remote hijack recovery systems in place because their access codes were more secure and at that time there was no hack that would work.

With regard to the present day crash:

If there is nothing to hide, we should already have word of what the pilots were saying to the tower, which is a cold hard fact with any crash that is not a black op. HOWEVER IT IS ALREADY CONFIRMED THE PILOTS "SAID NOTHING" AND THIS CANNOT BE REDACTED, DO NOT LET THEM GET AWAY WITH SCAMMING SOMETHING IN IF THEY TRY.

In ALL CASES THAT ARE NOT BLACK OPS where problems happen at cruising altitude prior to a crash, pilots can always talk, and always have plenty of time to at least tell the tower what the problem is, plane crashes are not car accidents that are over in a second. As it turns out, the plane crash took a full 10 minutes to happen, which means that the fact that no pilot issued a mayday or radioed the tower had to have been caused, there is no way the pilots "missed" a 10 minute long crash in progress. The "slow depressurization" air mask failure conspiracies being hatched at this time patently ignore the presence of fighter jets which are the obvious culprit.

This crash happened in France, which means there is no possibility whatsoever that the pilots were out of reach of a tower. We should already have all the details, no flight recorder recovery needed if this crash was legitimate.

You only need two pieces of info to nail this one. They are:

1. No word from the pilots, saying anything was wrong. 2. The plane was flying at a high altitude before this "crash". This means that the pilots could have at least issued a mayday, and they did not. Even though they crashed at a high speed, you can't delete that much altitude before a mayday could be sent or the tower could be reached the normal way. The only way NO communication can happen is if they got jammed or someone outside the aircraft disabled any ability to send a mayday. Or if the cockpit was suddenly destroyed

All reports are saying the plane crashed while in one piece so structural malfunction can probably be ruled out.


"Witnesses have described hearing an explosion 'like the sound of dynamite' then seeing fighter jets fly past, suggesting the passenger plane had been under military escort".

It is impossible for the "sound of dynamite" to have been a sonic boom, because witnesses on the ground heard it before the fighter jets passed, and a sonic boom arrives AFTER the object causing it passes. The sound of dynamite was most likely the actual jet crash that the fighter planes either caused or were ordered to be present to witness.

To the idiots out there who might say "Oh, the conspiracy crowd solved this before a single investigator arrived at the crash scene:" There are only a few things you need to know to solve this one, the rest is just scammery:

1. The plane descended for 10 minutes, and NO WORD FROM THE PILOTS. How can that happen? Jamming of communications. Who could have jammed communications?

2. The fighter jets, which were following this Airbus. THEY could have jammed the communications with ease, AND shot it down. They probably did not shoot it down OR EVEN NEED TO JAM COMMUNICATIONS because:

3. The plane was equipped with remote control (for "hijack recovery") AS A STANDARD FEATURE. That level of external control would make switching off communications via remote control a NO BRAINER.


Why would fighter jets be following at just the right time anyway? That alone CINCHES IT. We really do need to figure out who was on that plane.


Here we have a screen capture, provided by a reader, that was taken at 10:44:36. It includes a large amount of the information I have above, INCLUDING THE FIGHTER JET ESCORTS:

HERE WE HAVE THE EDITED REPORT, WITH THE FIGHTER JETS REMOVED. If they get put back into the story and lies are hatched for damage control it is TOO LATE, the fact they chose to expunge this information irrevocably proves they never wanted these fighter jets to be mentioned, and THAT SAYS IT ALL. TOO LATE, BUSTED:

So now we have:

1. Plane took forever to crash and pilots never contacted the tower. That is a huge mystery, even according to the tower.

2. An Airbus with a remote control option.

3. Fighter jet escorts, along with a very good description about how they appeared (they were not UFO's)

4. A redaction of the fighter jet escorts.

LOGICAL OUTPUT: 1. The pilots never contacted the tower because 2. The fighter jets prevented it by either jamming communications or 3. turning them off via remote control, and then crashing the jet via remote. 4. Expungement of the fighter jets from the news reports NAILS IT ALL, THIS ONE IS SHOT DEAD AND SERVED COLD.



Small debris helps confirm remote controlled crash because it indicates the plane crashed at 600 plus mph. THIS WOULD NOT HAPPEN UNLESS IT WAS INTENTIONAL.

Very small debris proves that the plane hit at 600 plus MPH. There is only one recognizable piece of the plane left, where 4 windows can be seen.

During a normal crash scenario, the crash will happen between 150 - 220 mph because the pilots have the plane fully slowed down before it hits. So there are large pieces left to be seen.

However, if this was a remote control crash (as I believe) it probably happened at full throttle during a dive, which means 600 plus mph.

How bad is a 15 - 20 mph car crash compared to a 60 plus mph crash? That is why there is not much left to be seen here . . . . .

March 23 2015

CONFIRMED: U.S. intentionally escalating tensions with Russia

Massive armaments are being moved to the Russian border, Link to CNN and my comments:

This is the type of thing CNN won't lie about. There are serious sideline factors with this particular story that warrant additional attention -

First of all, as far as the heavy armored stryker vehicles are concerned, their movement is being done in a classic pre war psy op fashion. Rather than be shipped by rail, they are driving the main roads in a huge public show and the troops are pitching tents and camping along the way. The goal of this psy op is to allow American soldiers to be seen in public places by many people, with top behavior being an order. They are doing this to put American forces in a positive light, and this tactic for a simple "vehicle movement" is unprecedented. It is a clear sign that America's intentions are war, because the method will build support in local communities in Europe, which will be needed if war does start.

Second, this military movement has equipment going within slingshot range of the Russian border. This equipment includes hundreds of tanks and other attack vehicles, along with 3,000 troops to support them. That is not enough troops for that much hardware, which means more will follow. The buildup is occurring in steps, which I believe is the "frog in the pot" method of surrounding Russia with a slow buildup of massive forces that will one day pounce suddenly. I believe it is highly improbable that much military presence would be getting put where it is if this was not the end goal.

CAREFULLY read this CNN report, it is OMINOUS.


Czech people threatened with three years in prison if they throw tomatoes or eggs at U.S. Army convoy! That says a LOT!

Update: House votes 348 to 48 in favor of sending armaments to Ukraine.

Feed back on the Boeing "Deflector shield"

I received a few mails about this, and I think the following mail is the winner:

On 2015-03-23 20:21, Raymond Blohm wrote: Hi, Jim. Enjoying your research. It is appreciated!

"Boeing develops and patents star trek style force field?" I am an old aero engineer. I am afraid that the Boeing patent is much less than a force field. It is simply a way to spread out a shockwave. Here are some shockwave photos, as envisioned using Schlieren photography: [1] [2]

"Method and system for shockwave attenuation via electromagnetic "arc" uses energy to deflect potential damage."

My understanding from decades ago is that all sorts of agencies and companies were trying to attenuate the shockwave that forms as local flow goes supersonic. At its most mundane, a shockwave can separate the flow over the top of an airfoil in transonic realms, causing loss of lift and increased drag. At supersonic speeds, shockwaves form ahead of the nose of the aircraft (or bullet) and in front of the wing and tail surfaces. In simple terms, they mess up the flow.

Engineers have tried to attenuate shockwaves by dumping a bunch of heat into the shockwave area. It sounds like Boeing is using an electromagnetic "arc" to do this. This method has been known for a long time. It has worked, but has been supremely impractical because of the immense electrical-power required. You are basically trying to keep a 'match' lit in a hurricane.

It sounds like Boeing has found a way forward, whether by a clever way to produce an effective "arc" with lower power or simply by specifying a huge power source. Unfortunately, either way, we are far from a _Star Trek_-style force field... Best Wishes, Ray

My response:

I was skeptical and that is why I mentioned it being presented as a scare tactic. It just did not make sense, how could you really get enough power to run something like that?

I guess if you patent the first grain of sand, you can own the whole beach?

That is how I saw it, hence the skepticism.

thanks for writing!

Yemen has split into 3 factions

I have only ONE thing to say: Remember those mosque "suicide bombings" by "ISIS" that happened a week ago, where 138 people were killed and 100's more injured? At that time, I called the "suicide bombings" drone strikes. And I'd bet they were if Yemen is now split in 3, most likely key people were targeted and the government was wiped out.


Because this web site made note of it, and embedded the ISIS web site into this one to really drive the issue home, ISIS changed their American contractor face name to SIS. But as you can see below, their timing was not favorable, and I nailed them GOOD!

Boeing develops and patents star trek style force field?

There is only a very small amount of text related to this at this time, and it was posted by Cnet which means the claim really has been officially announced.

“A new patent granted to aircraft, defense and security company Boeing is taking its cues from science fiction. Just like the glowing energy shields seen protecting troops, machines and even spacecraft in Star Wars and Star Trek, the design — named “Method and system for shockwave attenuation via electromagnetic arc” — uses energy to deflect potential damage.

My comment:

I don't know how an "electromagnetic arc" could protect anything, or how magnetism can "arc". There is a possibility that it is bull puffery to spook Russia with. SO, I am skeptical, but if it is real it would allow star trek style space travel, which would need deflector shields to clear space debris ahead of a fast moving spacecraft. An impact at 100 million miles an hour with even a grain of sand would totally obliviate a large spacecraft, deflectors would be a requirement.

Obviously it would change the battlefield . . . .

March 22 2013

Are Microsoft and Intel teaming up to end Linux?

Trugli wrote:

Hey James,

I've been closely following Intel and Microsoft's seemingly joint approach in locking down Windows-based computers recently.

Intel introduced something called "Boot Guard", which prevents the UEFI firmware from being replaced. They have made it optional for vendors, at this stage.

Microsoft's UEFI still currently allows switching off "Secure Boot", as well as allowing users to install their own keys.

I didn't quite see the pattern before, until a recent post by a reader on the Phoronix forums:

"Yes, the combination of Boot Guard and forced Secure Boot is a pretty bad one. Forced secure boot means that an evil Microsoft could blacklist boot loader signatures and render Linux systems unbootable. Boot Guard ensures that defending against this by modifying or replacing UEFI becomes impossible.

The next steps on that slope are:

1. Hardware vendors must include Secure Boot function. Critics are placated with an option to disable it and the possibility for users to install their own keys.

2. Secure Boot must be enabled by default

3. Optional Boot Guard technology is introduced to prevent firmware modification

4. Secure Boot can become mandatory if the hardware vendor chooses so (we are here)

Ability to install user keys in UEFI becomes optional
Hardware vendors must enable Secure Boot permanently
Boot Guard becomes mandatory
Ability to install user keys in UEFI becomes forbidden"
This is even more worrying considering that the NSA has heavy in involvement in the production of Windows. It's quite possible that the NSA conspired with both Intel and Microsoft in order to produce this evil combination, in order to better control computing. Couple this scenario with the Elite pushing to regulate and control the Internet and you have a rather scary scenario.

Next, I bet, will be blocking old computers from accessing the Internet... or, if they connect, bricking them with a hack of some sort.

The future of technology just looks darker each day... :/

My response

Telling it is that they sell this with such a re-assuring name: "Secure Boot" when we all know that it may protect you from a 12 year old hacker but is just a barn door for the NSA or anyone who pays enough to break into a computer somewhere. Thinking the NSA, under the control of Israel would actually allow any technology to block the "privileged tribe" from accessing "important anti terror info" on an inventor's hard drive would be, at this point, juvenile.

And yep, I bet Intel based computers will begin to be shipped that are permanently stuck with Windows, BONUS: AMD has never played these types of games, if this is an Intel only gig, well, I am tempted by a new A6 anyway because one was finally released that marginally beats my now almost 4 years old A6 and it would be a good idea to replace this aging machine. Common sense says I should replace it and that new A6 has my interest . . . . . I am way past the intellectual barriers required to know better than to go INTEL.

The graphic to the left here says it all: U.S. Gov't Intel Inside, Member NSA!

The following makes PERFECT sense:

I got scolded in the mail for posting this and wasting reader's time. But today I tried to verify this and it is extremely likely to be true. I trimmed it down to the key points also.

1. Sorcha Faal appears to be an acronym for a multi-generational cabal of Ashkenazim Jewish women who first formed clear back in 1290 A.D. If this is accurate and true, they have continued their organizational structure through world wars and upheavals in Europe to the present day - and consist of a tightly-knit group of 13 "sisters" at the very top of their "Order". 2. The group fancies themselves literal descendants of Rachal (aka Rachel) the wife of the biblical Jacob. The actual title of this master coven is "As of Rachal" a title consisting of 9 letters. (Mistake corrected here - Rachel was Jacob's wife, not daughter. OOPS!)

3. When you take the 9 letters of "As of Rachal" and give each a numeric value, (one through nine) - and then place these letters in the 9-lettered "Masonic Tracing Board" (which is also referred to by Babylonian Kabbala as the "Tree of Life") - the "tracing board" transforms "As of Rachal" into "sorcha faal". Thus, Sorcha Faal is the overt public name of their coven, while the actual name "As of Rachal" remains covert and hidden from the profane "goyim".

4. The current leader of the coven is apparently the daughter of one David Booth, and her name is "Rachal" as well. (Rachal Booth,) David Booth appears to be linked in many ways to MOSSAD, and reportedly maintains close ties with MOSSAD agents in Israel and Mother Russia. David Booth, according to genealogical websites I personally accessed, traces his ancestry to one John Wilkes Booth, agent of the House of Rothschild Bank of England and assassin of Lincoln. How little things appear to change!!

5. Their posts are not from one specific individual, but often is an amalgamation from all 13 members. A close inspection of their various postings shows multiple writing styles. Thus, "Sorcha Faal" is not one, single individual.

My comment:

This makes more sense than any other explanation of Sorcha I have ever heard, I always knew that sometimes Sorcha was bang on, but also knew there was so much crap mixed in that anything put out by "Sorcha" had to be read with heavy scrutiny. Is the above actually correct? Who knows, but if it is true, "Sorcha" is getting burned at the stake frequently now because it is too easy to cross check facts in the modern era for a 12th century psy op to cut it.


If you are a DNS hacking dirt bag, and wonder why this site is up after you put it in a zillion virus scanners and diverted DNS to a hostile IP, just look up in the address bar! HA HA HA HA HA! If you see up there your part of the world was not affected by the following. - Last night an idiot club decided to flag this web site as an attack site run by virus writers, spammers, and other scammers. This got it put in virus filters and blocked access in many parts of the world. I have spent the morning fixing this problem, and THANKS TO LIGHTNING FAST RESPONSES FROM THE TECH DEPARTMENT AT THE HOSTING COMPANY and my ability to make good use of the fix by updating other server locations, it is probably 85 percent fixed now, with the remainder depending upon DNS server propagation.

THE IP ADDRESS FOR THIS WEB SITE IS, put that in your favorites and it simply cant be blocked.

I bumped the report that probably caused it all to the top.

Did you know that "vaccines" are capable of many things now, and can be used to trick your immune system into giving you eternal life? Vaccines can now be formulated to trick your immune system into making you stupid, making you skinny, fat, smart, whatever the vaccine makers intend, but below I focus on two of these, - making children stupid and / or autistic via vaccines, and giving agricultural animals greatly increased life spans and higher productivity. Bottom line? Vaccines are not what people are told, and can be used to cause miracles or destroy lives, depending upon what the vaccine's creators want the vaccine to do.

The following report is far from complete but it is at least a gateway to knowing the real truth about what vaccines really are capable of. It was written in response to the scam reports about Glyphosate and autism.

The truth about vaccines, Glyphosate and autism

Vaccines can be tailored to do anything now, from destroying the brain to curing disease to modifying DNA to delivering eternal life. And as a result they can be a weapon or deliver a miracle. There is a concerted effort underway to divert public attention away from tainted vaccines which have been weaponized and autism, and instead finger an alternative straw man everyone hates - Glyphosate. This is being done to keep people in the dark about the reality of what vaccines are actually capable of.


Vaccines are now even being tailored (and have been for a long time) to make sheep immune to aging. Why have sheep live a productive life of 10 years, when via vaccinations against aging it can be pushed to 30 years or more and have them still be "young?"

This is accomplished by vaccinating sheep against their own production of growth hormone inhibitors, which sheep or any other mammal begin to produce when they are "supposed" to age and die. If you put those inhibitors in a vaccine and attach them to a pathogen however, the sheep's immune system sees the "aging hormones" as a disease and removes them from the blood, and the sheep then stay young forever and retain economic value far longer. BET YOU DID NOT KNOW IT!

Anyone who knows about growth hormones will be able to figure out what this is really about.

This is getting buried by Google, but I found an equivalent for cows. Here is the sales pitch from a biotech firm that is making an anti aging vaccine similar to what I mentioned above, except for cows. Obviously they do not mention "anti aging" but it absolutely will prevent a cow from getting old, anyone who has studied life extension technology would know this just from the lingo being used. this is not B.S.!

"How does the vaccine work?

Garretson, South Dakota-based Braasch has developed its second-generation Somatovac product. This vaccine induces the production of antibodies against somatostatin. These antibodies bind to the somatostatin and inhibit its action, allowing growth hormone levels to increase from the pituitary gland. Levels of insulin-like growth factor 1 are increased in the cow's liver and, in turn, milk production volume goes up. Revaccinations using Somatovac are required.

In trials carried out by Braasch, Somatovac has led to an 18% increase in a cow's milk weight after one vaccination, compared to a 13% increase after two vaccinations with rBST. Control cows displayed an 8% drop in milk weight.

Dr Haffer told Animal Pharm Somatovac is designed to allow the animal to produce the maximum amount of milk or meat possible without harming it. Following the trial, all the cows treated with Somatovac displayed no adverse reactions and needed no food withdrawal.

Studies also showed cows treated with Somatovac contributed milk levels 22.8% higher than the control cows. The firm has also carried out studies into the use of Somatovac in pigs, with similar results.

If you understand anything about somatotropin, insulin like growth factor 1, or somatostatin, you will know that this is an anti aging vaccine, even though it is not marketed as one because people will ask for it if it is known it exists for animals. The sheep vaccine I mentioned above is being administered for anti aging in sheep, not increased agricultural production, but I cannot find the abstract, it vanished off Google.

For what it's worth, the entire sales pitch above is HERE I am not making this up folks!

This same technology can be used on people, but we can't have it (obviously) because we are all a bunch of feeders and we do not deserve extended life span it so it remains a "mystery" . . . . .


If immune system manipulation is well enough established to use the immune system to boost growth hormone via a vaccine, Vaccines can do anything now, for good or for bad, and it is super easy to trick the immune system into attacking the brain, which is why autism virtually always follows vaccination. The damage is intentional, there is no mistake with this.

If you put pregnancy hormones in a vaccine, Gates and the WHO can cause half the world to spontaneously abort all pregnancies as an act of charity! AND IF YOU PUT FETAL BRAIN TISSUE IN A VACCINE GIVEN TO A CHILD, which they are doing with a tissue culture they have kept going since 1985, you can CAUSE KIDS TO BECOME IMMUNE TO THEIR OWN BRAINS TO MAKE THEM STUPID, and the worst affected develop full blown autism.

What can I do to warn people if web sites like Natural News fall for and publish Glyphosate scams, regardless of how well they are fronted? OH, DON'T LOOK AT THE REAL OBVIOUS DOCUMENTED METHOD OF DOING IT ALL VIA VACCINES, sure, "they" won't admit to doing any of it, but the scientific method is well developed AND WHEN A PERFECTLY NORMAL KID STARTS DROOLING AND SPINNING AFTER A VACCINE THE APPLICATION OF THIS SCIENCE BECOMES PRETTY OBVIOUS. Failure to address this well documented science and the ramifications of what happens when a bunch of "elite" who want a dumbed down slave state get their hands on it is a serious oversight for a web site like Natural News that purports to protect the public.

If you are going to solve a problem, you cannot drift willie nilly here and there, looking at mercury, thimerosal, glyphosate, msg, donkey turds or platypus eggs, YOU HAVE TO HIT THE ISSUE HEAD ON AND NOT STRAY OFF ON A GOAT TRAIL SOMEWHERE, doing so will fail to produce meaningful insight every time and the children will be the ones destroyed.

Bottom line? Vaccines can be formulated to rip your brain out, or, if used for good they can be formulated to give you eternal life. Vaccines are no longer about disease, they are about physical manipulation of who you are, and what you will be. Unfortunately, people are getting the shaft while animals are getting the boost, because you can make money by wrecking people with vaccines and having them go into the medical system to solve the problems, AND you can make money by giving beneficial shots to animals because they will produce more.

Fair deal? Maybe for a money grubbing tyrant!

Sorcha FAIL!

Hi Jim,


The server that "Sorcha Faal" is using is located at: 12001 Sunrise Valley Drive Suite 350, Reston. VA. The location of the CIA is at: 12020 Sunset Hills Rd, Reston, VA 20190

These two locations are very close together. I have concluded that "Sorcha Faal" is most likely a CIA dis-information site. If you search on "Sorcha Faal", you'll find that there are those who agree with this conclusion. I don't believe that it can be relied on at all.

Best Regards,

My response:



March 20 2015

Suicide attack in Yemen?

They say ISIS suicide bombers killed 137 at a mosque in Yemen. I say an Israeli drone strike killed 137 at a mosque in Yemen. PROBLEM: With as much as the media lies, who's version should you really believe?

Complete melt out in reactor 1?

I said this in May of 2011, 2 months after Fukushima, because it would be the end result of having Stuxnet put the reactors to full throttle while closing all the valves. This is the real cause of the explosion at reactor 1, - a pressure vessel breach when fuel melted through the bottom of reactor 1 when it had 3,000 PSI of steam pressure built up. Israel's Stuxnet virus is specifically written to destroy nuclear facilities while keeping the engineers blind to what is happening when it destroys the facility. This is accomplished by keeping all control room readouts normal so the engineers do not know anything is happening while it destroys a nuclear facility. The the destruction is complete before the engineers know anything is happening.

Reactor 3 got a nuke, because it was impossible to destroy due to extra safety systems being in place, and reactor 4 exploded a day later from "leaking hydrogen" (what a joke) that got into 4 via a totally blown away pipe that no longer existed to provide a path to reactor 4. Reactor 4 exploded even though it had no core and was completely open and disassembled. (obviously a nuclear weapon was placed at reactor 4 also). If you have not seen the evidence it is all perfectly documented HERE

A few headlines

Rumors of refused nuclear strike?

There is a rumor going around the web that a Navy captian refused to relay launch codes and start a nuclear war. It usually goes something like this:

"I've heard that this female Navy Captain was relieved of duty for failure to start a nuclear war with Russia. She would not relay the nuclear launch codes. I've no idea if it is true."

My response

Don't waste your time with this. Need I say more?

Confirmed - "Net Neutrality" or other lockdown on the web is underway

The source of this was Sorcha Faal, but in this case it appears to be bang on. There were huge attacks on alternative media web sites, Sorcha was taken offline, and others had their Google adsense accounts wiped out and can no longer serve ads. Additionally, my Iceland server has been hijacked and I now have to ride in on whoever's desktop, just like the American server. I will try to circumvent this, but basically the NSA owns the web, what more can I say? This is a major action. Who knows how long any of us will be here?

The fact that this affected many many web sites and not only this one means the aggression against alternative media has been drastically escalated. I am certain many will die without Adsense because they have expenses I circumvent simply because this web site is administered as quicky as I can type articles, code complete, by me, not software or anything else. This makes me far more able to deal with attacks than anyone on the web I know of, I do not have to call "support" to deal with problems, and hand coding is impossible to hack without whoever created the code seeing the hack stick out like a sore thumb.

This web site is probably alive for that reason alone. Who knows how long it will last?

Massive military drill to take place in the South West

There will be a huge military drill taking place code named Jade Helm in the states of California, Nevada, Arizona, Utah, Texas, New Mexico and Colorado. It is clearly not about defense from a Red Dawn scenario, and has been tagged as an asymmetric warfare exercise which most likely means one thing - the training is against patriots and is extremely likely to be martial law training. This will go on for 8 WEEKS so it is not just a weekend warrior outing.

March 19 2015

The women rant

Sandi wrote: The women Rant:

Jim..I am a petite female. I totally understand and agree with (most of) what you say about women. But here is where you are lacking...the planned destruction of the family, and what we need to do to turn it around.

The generations from the 70's until now have NOT had the rearing/bringing up that we had in the 50's & 60's.

My father, who was 100% war disabled, raised us to do everything he did. I helped fix cars, tractors, furnaces, plumbing, washer, dryer, electrical, carpentry, run a business, etc.

My mother taught us about running a home, cooking, cleaning, sewing, managing money, etc. Furthermore, they let us fall, and then we picked our own sorry asses up and LEARNED. Both of my parents, together, showed us how to be well rounded, independent, morally sound beings, and tackle nearly any adversity that would come our way, then or now..

Now I can do anything either of them could do (if it doesn't require extremely heavy lifting), and more. I can invent and create things...out of necessity or planned; make a job out of nothing, to earn a wage; I can outshoot most; drive a muscle car or motorcycle; break a horse; cave dive; and I can hold my own in nearly any conversation about anything, ETC.

My point is this Jim...Men/fathers MUST raise their children to do everything they know how to do (as well as the women/mothers), and push the children to figure out the other things. Raise both boys and girls equally, with no bias to sex.

Kids that weren't raised properly are the problem now, and have become the kind of nasty women you speak of. The kids didn't ask for the way they were raised... And when they must do it on their own, it takes much longer, and they may never be able to be productive beings. I dare say that IF they have to figure it out on their own, very few will ever succeed.

What is pissing you off is the outcome of the planned degradation of our societies. This has been in the workings since early 1900, and implemented around 1933. People blindly heading into the future, blinded by broken families, mind control, propaganda, poisoned food, water, and air.

Lighten up on the blame, Jim. Use your voice to instill in all who follow you what they should be doing to change the world, anger and blame are destructive, and don't work.


Life is is supposed to be balanced (night/day, good/bad right/wrong), etc. We can't have one without the other, and nothing survives unless it remains in balance.

My response

Have you ever heard of the Christian rock group Petra?

They have a song called "computer brains" and that is where I first heard the term garbage in / garbage out presented in a way that would really stick. The current state of American women/men reflects this perfectly.

What I have not mentioned is that though men are more resistant to "garbage in", the efforts being made in the universities now, and influence of the mass media, coupled with bad upbringing has caused the men to be garbage (at least at a young age for practically all) and the few good women there are left out there do not have many options either.

However, it all started with the corruption of the women, because they were and are an easier target. The "elite" knew this, to destroy the women, the men had to first be reduced to a value of zero, which was accomplished with the bogus domestic abuse scam, and overwhelming police state power to enforce the scam in all cases, where no evidence or event had to take place to bury a man forever under a false domestic abuse charge. This left American homes devoid of men, and they could not be there to ensure a proper upbringing of the children. It is a well proven fact that Women fail at this without a man around.

Then the women had to be brainwashed in college to destroy their families by enforcing this scam, and with the men removed from the homes, the destruction of the boys then was able to proceed in public schools because the women could not see it happening the way a man would and put a stop to it. Now everything is trash.

On average, however, the men resisted moral destruction better than the women did and in general make good husbands (as any Latina will say,) and foreign women are aware of this. That is why foreign women will come to America for husbands and subsequently stay married. If American men really were bad, this would not happen.

On the other hand, foreign men walk straight into disasters with American women. It's a well entrenched world theme.

If I was an American woman who somehow avoided destruction, knowing what I know, I would run like the wind from any young man who wanted casual sex or believed the feminist mind wipe and that "anything goes". The door at present swings both ways, young men have never been worse than they are now, for a decent woman it is a mine field.

For as long as this zionist/elitist plot remains in place in America, there will be no recovery. Lynchings, hangings, nukings, mass killings will have to take place to root this out, I swear, I pray for an invasion from Russia that rooted every last one of these animals out of the power structure, Americans are too mind whipped and NSA raped to ever mount an effective resistance, this time if the problem is going to be fixed, America needs to lose a war BADLY and go through "regime change" enforced from outside the country. At least Putin expresses strong Christian values and actually acts on them. What is America's equivalent now? The grove and Molech. Stark difference there, who would you rather have in charge?

In the past America was great. But the zionist front (which is now led by Nut Yahoo and directed by Sir Rothchild) has screwed America over so badly that Americans would probably be better off as a cold war era Soviet satellite country. America has progressed far beyond that level of tyranny. WHAT WOULD BE BETTER, THAT, OR THIS:

If we get caught they will just replace us with persons of the same cloth. So it does not matter what you do, America is a golden calf and we will suck it dry, chop it up, and sell it off piece by piece until there is nothing left but the world's biggest welfare state that we will create and control. Why? Because it is the will of God and America is big enough to take the hit so we can do it again and again and again.

This is what we do to countries that we hate. We destroy them very slowly and make them suffer for refusing to be our slaves." - Benjamin Netanyahoo

Nut Yahoo's statement is a stark declaration that America is under the control of people who revel in the disasters they cause. The destruction of the family is one such disaster. What would you rather have? A soviet style clamp down where after the economy is converted things go to a controlled economic system and business as usual in other ways, with crappy products but no one starves as long as they comply, or to live under the reign of zionist animals who continuously seek to destroy every aspect of your life, from family to your education to your health just because they hate you?

Obviously both are bad choices, I'd rather have the old America back, but at this point it is obviously not an option. What would you choose? Food you hate, or poison that will actually kill you? That is the crossroad America is now at. After what I have seen happen to America under Nut Yahoo style thinking, after seeing the results, communism, where at least a family is allowed without getting totally messed with by intentional social manipulation that causes it to self destruct would be a far better option. At least there would be a real home and family to go to. Is that not, in reality, the real number one?

JF wrote:

I beg to differ about Russian communism, and as they say, "be careful what you ask for because you may get it".

The only reason it wasn't every bit as savage and socially destructive as what is being implemented in the U.S. today, is because 100 years ago and even 40 years ago the technology wasn't there to allow the general ambience of total social control to cover all aspects of Russian society. Neither was the high degree of development of all the "social programs" yet in existence.

All that happened in Russia was communism 1.0, and was used to prepare the communism 2.0 being implemented in the U.S. now, both instances being perpetrated by the same Tribe of Molech.

As far as concerns Nut & Yahoo, he's just parroting what his superiors have told him all his life, but sooner rather than later, he will most ptobably reap what he has helped sow in Israhell due to the algidity they have produced/engineered in the area. He and his fellow sacrificial lambs will be eliminated once the surrounding countries have been depopulated enough for the rest of The Tribe to move in safely.

March 18 2015

Putin issues massive orders for nuclear readiness of general population

There have been numerous reports of nuclear war doom, but I have ignored all up until now. After finding the report Proof of Putin body double (below) I have concluded he is alive, and that the following things have happened which strongly indicate Russia is preparing for nuclear war.

1. There were rumors going around that Russia had re-opened and refurbished numerous fallout shelters from the cold war era. As it turns out, it is true and not just a Sorcha report. This is being done on a very rapid timeline after (yet again another probable true report) Russia intercepted British nuclear command and control communications and determined they were preparing a nuclear strike. I do not have the details on this but apparently Russia stopped something from happening via a hack, and this is the real reason why Putin is now in hiding. B.S. some would say? Well, consider the following:

2. It appears to be more than an internet rumor that orders have been given to employers in St Petersburg to make nuclear preparations by purchasing gas masks and iodine tablets for all employees. Some companies have been contacted by internet bloggers and their response has been "We heard about this but do not have the specifics on paper yet". However, when you combine this with the fact that cold war nuclear bunkers are being reopened, restocked and refurbished, and that part of the story is not a myth, it all starts to look a little spooky.

3. Russia announced a new nuclear attack submarine that will "render U.S. navy forces obsolete" which I think is probably B.S., but this type of thing is often spewed to give a population confidence in the runup to a military confrontation. Add to this the fact that America really is, at present, surrounding Russia with military forces right on the border and it adds up to serious cause for alarm, and is yet another reason for Putin to go into hiding while doing a little saber rattling.

4. As it turns out, Putin really did issue an international arrest warrant on Soros and Nathan Rothchild for economic crimes committed against Russia. I ignored this at first, but as it turns out, it is true. Fat chance any such warrant would be honored, but it clearly indicates that Putin is having NONE of the NWO financial scammery. This could indeed support the unconfirmed stories of Russia preventing a British nuclear strike, you don't threaten a Rothchild without consequence.

5. All of this put together - A thwarted nuclear strike, opening of cold war bunkers at an extremely rapid pace, ordering employers to order gas masks (which will work against the worst scenario - inhaled nuclear fallout), in combination with ordering employers to stock up on iodine pellets, the U.S. right on the border with Russia, and DO NOT MISS THE REPORT BELOW, WHICH TALKS ABOUT AN ASSASSINATION ATTEMPT ON PUTIN, ALL OF THIS put together equals a scary scenario, I was staying mum on this because of all the Sorcha type stuff out there, but enough of substance has now transpired to give a heads up - Putin really is taking more than just precautions, the world just might be on the brink of nuclear war.

Proof of Putin body double: Assassination attempt by Ukraine underway (and has been for a LONG TIME)

The following report was put through google translate and de-glitched by Jim Stone.

The Assassination of Nemtsov has been traced back to Ukraine, and the same assassination team has also been tasked to assassinate Putin. THIS IS WHY HE DISAPPEARED AND NOW HAS A BODY DOUBLE. The Assassins have faked being Muslim, but Russian authorities saw through that ruse and properly pegged them for who they really are (A Ukranian sponsored assassination team). No word on whether or not they were Jewish, only that the authorities knew they were not Muslim.

Report follows: The man who assassinated Nemtsov was recruited by Ukrainian battalion commander Adam Osmaev.

According to a source at the FSB * Komsomolskaya Pravda: "The sponsor of the assassination of Nemtsov has prepared the assassination of Vladimir Putin."

The main suspect in the organization of this high-flying offense is the commander of the Ukrainian battalion Dudayev named Adam Osmaev.

The correspondent of Komsomolskaya Pravda met an FSB agent that is part of the team responsible for the investigation of the murder of Boris Nemtsov. In an exclusive interview he gave new details about the crime and the name of the man who most likely ordered the killing.

The weapon was found

"Today, investigators hold irrefutable evidence that all those detained in the murder of the politician are the perpetrators," said our FSB source. First, the data from their mobile phones collected by operators to bill calls (calls and movements of the subscriber) prove that they monitored Nemtsov before the assassination, following him closely. Through their mobile phones, we can follow the suspicious movements to where Nemtsov was located with his laptop. At the time of the murder all prisoners were in the area: one group under the bridge, others in a car, others nearby.

It was Zaur Dadaev who pulled the trigger. He confessed before consulting the advice of his lawyers. But that does not change anything, the investigation has already established irrefutable evidence of his guilt. The small details of how the crime was committed are being held confidential. The gun was thrown into the river after the crime, it was later found by divers. The fact that Zaur Dadaev immediately told television cameras: "I love the Prophet Muhammad," is just a cover. There are no religious motives to this murder. They cynically executed a contract. They are far from devout Muslims. In fact, they are only gangsters.

And that's the most important thing. The executor of the murder was in close contact with Adam Osmaev, who recently became the commander of the Ukrainian battalion Dudayev. They met and also communicated frequently on the phone. Zaur Dadaev and his associates worked with Osmaev in internal Ukrainian affairs. And also with the Chechens, who fought on the territory of Ukraine for the new regime. Zaur Dadaev was registered in the North Battalion (Sever) of the Chechen Ministry of the Interior, but while serving there, he was actually engaged in activities against Russia. It was linked to Osmaev reciprocal obligations.

Zaur Dadaev

When journalists from the Russian TV channel News Life arrested in Ukraine have been released, we know that Zaur Dadaev was involved in this operation. He was in direct communication with Osmaev. I do not have the authority to disclose the details. We are still in the process of gathering evidence. But I can already tell you that we suspect Adam Osmaev of ordering the assassination of Nemtsov.

The main purpose of the crime was to present Russia in a bad light

The perpetrators were ordered to stage the assassination where it was committed. In other words, to not kill him in a dark corner, but in a highly visible area - the heart of Moscow opposite the Kremlin, to provoke outrage around the world. Before the crime they received an advance, and it was agreed that the rest of the money after successfully completing the job would be deposited into their bank account.

Why would they kill Nemtsov, who spoke against the policies of Putin? Why would they kill their ideal ideological ally?

Nothing stops them [ultra] nationalists and criminals. Morality does not come into play in the killing of their ally. Nemtsov became a tool. The objective was to harm Russia, to present Russia in a bad light, to prevent peace in Donbass (especially after talks with Merkel and Holland). They wanted to present the President of Russia in the eyes of the international community as absolute evil - to say: look at how he treats the opposition. The world was just beginning to judge Putin's policy in Ukraine positively. And the cynical murder of Nemtsov has caused a wave of discontent fueled by the international media. The American and European press immediately began to present the murder in a biased way by laying the blame on the president of Russia.

This team of assassins was already assigned to kill Putin in 2012 by placing explosives in his motorcycle

Adam Osmaev has already been suspected in an assassination attempt on Putin in 2012, who was then Prime Minister and presidential candidate. Osmaev had planned to blow up Putin's motorcycle, which was confirmed by evidence recovered from his laptop, which included a video of the Prime Minister traveling by motorcycle in Moscow. After this evidence was obtained, Osmaev cooperated in the investigation, and admitted that he had come to Odessa from the United Arab Emirates on the orders of commander Doku Umarov. But in court, Osmaev refused to testify, saying his testimony was snatched during a beating. His lawyers filed a complaint with the Office of the Prosecutor and the European Court of Human Rights.

Osmaev could not have killed Putin himself, but it seems the threat has not calmed down since. And later, Boris Nemtsov was designated as the target most likely to harm the president. Nemtsov was no longer considered an active member of the opposition for a long time, he was not a serious competitor to Putin, but his name was known. The choice of this sacrificial lamb proved a great success. Nothing stops gangsters. And when the gangsters get political, the result is diabolical.

Is Omasev going to be charged?

The investigation is just beginning, it brings together the evidence. We already have evidence, but I do not want to say too much in order not to impede the investigation.

In 2007 in Moscow, a terrorist attack was averted on the eve of Victory Day: explosives were found in a parked car. Adam Osmaev, a native of Grozny suspected of the crime, was sentenced in absentia by the Lefortovsky District Court of Moscow and an international arrest warrant was issued against him. The investigation revealed that Osmaev, assisted by a group of Chechens and Ingush, was also preparing the assassination of President Ramzan Kadyrov, to be held May 9

According to press reports, Osmaev then went into hiding in the UK, where he was contacted by associates of Doku Umarov, who offered to organize a new terrorist attack. Adam agreed and traveled to Ukraine with a fake passport. In 2012, he was arrested after an explosion in a rented apartment that happened while he was preparing terrorist bombs. Osmaev and his right arm, Ilya Pyanzin, a Kazakh citizen, admitted that they were preparing the assassination of the head of government of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin. (My insert - this is why Putin's motorcycle did not explode) The suspects also said they were recruiting fighters for committing future terrorist attacks in Russia. But later they retracted.

Russia demanded the extradition of Adam Osmaev Ukraine, but the European Court of Human Rights objected, saying, ". In Russia, the prisoner may be subjected to torture" Pyanzin was finally extradited to Russia in September 2013, he was sentenced to ten years in prison.

On 18 November 2014, the court sentenced Odessa Osmaev sentenced to 2 years and 9 months imprisonment which was equivalent to the time he had already spent in prison. He was released in the courtroom for lack of evidence of preparing assassination. The room reacted to the release of Osmaev with applause and he, in turn, encouraged them to protect Ukraine.

In February this year, Osmaev headed the Ukrainian battalion named Dudayev, succeeding General died in Debaltsevo, Isa Munaev.

Bottom line? there is a LOT more to this Putin story than we have been told, and a body double has probably been used for a LONG TIME as a result.

Original report is HERE

Common core style education VICTORY!!!

Take a look at these blunders posted in an article published by The Daily Mail. These types of errors can only be made by people who are as technically illiterate as 11th century goat herders! A "Common Core" smack down!

"Ground-breaking: One of the 40 aircraft China plans to put into orbit is the Yuanzheng 1 'space bus' which can carry 10 satellites into space and restart its engines over 20 times"

Sorry dude, there are no "aircraft" that fly in space, "aircraft" have wings and need air to stay aloft!

A spokesman for the China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation said the vessels going up this year will mostly be 'communication satellites' orbiting at around 36,000ft.

Ha Ha Ha, orbiting at 36,000 feet, where commercial aircraft fly? That's far below re-entry burn up altitude! Communications satellites are a little over 22,000 MILES up.

Our society is showing leaks. Years ago, people who would make such mistakes would never make it to any sort of press position. Now, with people doing the hiring that have no skills other than paper to say they have them, there are no controls in place that prevent idiots from getting into positions they should never be allowed to approach, (and quite frankly, after all the tainted vaccines and ripped down education, talent is thin.) If you are going to be in the news, you simply cannot be so stupid you don't know where the edge of space is, unless your society is burning up while dropping out of orbit!

The original joke of a report can be read here:

Read more:

March 17 2015

Nut Yahoo has declared victory in the election!

So now Israelis have one of two things to admit. Either 1. Their elections are rigged, or 2. They condone THIS:

Imagine what the press would say if Muslims managed to wreak that kind of destruction somewhere. The only thing similar I ever saw was the WTC, . . . . .OOPS! Israelis did that too! Sort of a familiar calling card in these images, eh?

More on Putin

With regard to him and the photos being real - There are other issues. The hands are not the same and many other issues. Someone just sent the full list. Who knows what really happened. Now it is on to solving the mystery.

I have been ridiculed for calling Kahmeinei dead. However, I am basing this on the fact that his tweets are not consistent with the old tweets. Any way you cut it, Kahmeinei was an extreme charismatic with an absolutely vast intellect and high IQ, and no American/Israeli trained psy op team can possibly mimic that with bullshit twitter updates to pretend he is alive. And so I believe it goes with Putin.

Larisa sent the following speculative mail (at this point it is all speculation) but I think this probably is a pretty good guess:

There is a complete and full news blackout in Russia on Putin.

Central banks of Russia and all other former soviet republics are set up the same way as Federal Reserve and owned by foreigners. It is impossible to nationalize them now without completely wrecking the financial system; they will not be able to export anything or import anything. The whole country will come to a halt. All the banks including the oldest bank ‘Sberbank’ are completely privatized now. All businesses and institutions are fully privatized now. Re-nationalization is impossible without a total bloody revolution and America destroying Russia, which nobody supports.

Every year Jews name a Haman during Purim. Haman is the one whose head is cut off that year.

Lenin was declared a Haman before he was poisoned by his own trusted doctor because he tried to nationalize the central bank. Stalin was declared a Haman before he was poisoned by his own trusted doctor. Kennedy (because he told Israel to stop making N-Bombs) (incidentally Jackie Kennedy was a crypto Jewess like Kerry is a crypto Jew) was a Haman before he was killed by his own CIA assassination squad. Saddam, Yasser Arafat, Hugo Chavez, Khaddafi, were all declared Hamans of the year before they were killed.

Just like American Presidents, Putin also consults regularly with Israeli Prime Minister. He was careful. It is possible that Putin and Khameini were declared this year's Hamans during Purim. If so, they are already dead. Putin may have been poisoned on one of his foreign trips or at home.

My comment: Probably YEP.

The page has been cut here because when it gets too long it crashes Ipads. Click here to continue.

Remote controlled Germanwings Airbus A320 crash? All evidence points to this.

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