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Cornerstone report: Fukushima SABOTAGE!

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Today's main report is about the coming pole shift, it is below the message windows

I found out what is wrong with my internet access and it boils down to bad business practices - the price for access up until May 27 is $200 USD per gig. Long story. Not anything related to me in specific, just really bad Telcel business practice. So I am going to keep it sparse.-

The end has always come in a day

I am going to post a quick blurb here to explain to people why the communists win.

Communists take over countries in secrecy, by slowly, piece by piece putting in all the legislation they need to make a country communist. Most of the legislation is left to sit idle, and during the final stages of a communist takeover most of it is hidden from the public as is happening in America now.

Police are trained in advance to be tyrannical, and if they are not enough to establish a full lock down, the military is trained in advance to help, and is mentally conditioned to think it is perfectly correct to take action against their own society.

As part of the creeping progression towards lockdown, mandates against food and an ability to survive independently are written into codes and ordinances and go completely unnoticed by the greater public for as long as "all is well". I am not even going to get into GMO and tainted vaccines, because these have never been a factor in a communist takeover historically, though they no doubt will be this time around.

What people really need to know however is that once the trap is sprung, a nation changes overnight and suddenly all that was kept secret is no longer secret. It is at this point that a large percentage of the sheep wake up (but a majority still does not). At that point it is FAR too late, the police are trained, the military is ready, and all the laws are on the books. And worse - for the first couple years the majority does not wake up, they just eat what they are told and "moral superiority" mind control programs are launched to make the idiots feel great about being totally blind to the tyranny happening around them, and to cause them to be horrendous snitches "because they are better than anyone else". This facilitates the finishing stages of a communist lock down greatly.

A good example of the "moral superiority" meme is the smoker against the non-smoker, this was played to perfection during the communist takeover of America, which is about to snap to completion overnight. Oh GASP! The non-smokers are now saying OH, BUT I HAVE A RIGHT TO NOT BREATHE SMOKE. Sorry, but in a truly free society smoking is not ridiculed and if people don't like it they can go to where there is no smoke and not smoke themselves. But I can't win this (even though I do not smoke myself) because that particular meme has played out so well in America that it is out of reach as a topic. But in the past, in America, the stars would smoke openly on television during live broadcasts. Before the smoker/non smoker moral superiority meme took off no one gave it a thought. Those were the good old days . . . . .

But smoking is not the point of this writing. Smoking was only played by the communists to see if Americans could be pitted against other Americans over a petty issue laced with lies. They discovered that YES, it could be done, and knew Americans could indeed be made subject to the communist moral superiority manipulations and then proceeded to pit American against American, making the "conspiracy theorist" who actually figured things out into the "inferior smoker" of the intellectual sphere, to be laughed at and ridiculed because those who believe the communist MSM are not kooky and simply better people. what better way could there be to shut the truth up than to make those who know it the subject of "tinfoil hat" ridicule?

They are going to bring all of this - their division of America via various "moral superiority" memes, via their writing of laws in secret (and activation of laws written openly but never enforced), via their totaly tyranny trained police and mind wiped military forces (in the finishing stages with Jade Helm) to fruition soon, I'd say we probably do not even have to the end of this year (luck if we get more time) and when they do drop the axe, it will fall overnight and be FINISHED in a day. It has never happened differently with the communists, it will be the same this time around as well.

Those who remain stupid the day after will feel absolutely great about their "morally superior status" for turning you in for non compliance, the ability to snitch will make them better than you, your neighbor will suddenly be your worst nightmare, it is how communists function and if you think Russia will save you THINK AGAIN, Russia is the same old Russia in a new coat of a different color. This time Communism will probably come to you dressed in blue.

There is no current tide turning against the tyrants, no overthrow imminent, their victory is all but implemented and we really are in the last stages. Nothing will stop this now. We will at first lose Europe, America, Australia, and Canada. Mexico is the one that said no to Nafta and will hold out a few years longer. But Movmiento Naranja will probably screw Mexico and land it straight into elite hands during the next Presidential election cycle, (long story with that) but in short it will make it so only the elite can win elections by de-funding the poor and making it impossible for them to run for political office. Mexico is likely to quickly fall as a result as well.

I hate to be all doom here, but I am certain now that this is the future simply because the FCC really did manage to cut off the alternative media from the sleeping sheeple, NO DOUBT IF YOU CAN STILL SEE THIS WEB SITE OR OTHERS, EVEN INFOWARS YOU HAVE ALREADY BEEN PROFILED AS A "TOTAL LOSS" AND ARE ON THE RED LIST, THE FIRST GROUP THAT WILL BE ROUNDED UP AND DISPOSED OF, the first wave will get 10 - 20 million people, the second? Half the country. They absolutely will kill everyone who eventually wakes up, and as for a percentage of the population that will eventually be wiped, just reference Ukraine. This time around it won't stop at 30-40 million because America is so much bigger.

Communists do not care about death tolls, they care about compliance.

The American political system has already been pushed well beyond failure. The only hope America has is the gun owner, but I doubt gun owners will save the day because they are as caught up in the communist "moral superiority" manipulations as any other group. "Moral superiority" will be America's downfall.

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Peter sent $20 AUD via the jstonemail mail box, (I thought I mentioned this but I do not see it written anywhere, thanks!

The sense of impending doom

Jim Stone May 20 2015


Alex Jones did a report about an impending sense of doom and that for the last three weeks there has been a sense that something has changed in this world, and not for the better. I agree.

I have documented on this page (and used the mail window to add content so the report stays close to the top of this page) that only approximately 10 percent of American readers who try to access this site actually get to see this site. All the while this is happening, traffic from America looks normal, but it is all synthetic, a "stuxnet on the server" to keep anyone from realizing they are being destroyed. Because no one seems to have paid attention to this, the alternative media in America is destroyed and will die. The shot to the heart has been delivered but the body is not yet cold. This could seriously contribute to a "sense of impending doom" with no one really knowing what the doom is.

But that is not the point, really.

I think whatever this sense of doom is goes WAY BEYOND web censorship. I believe it has more to do with GMO, tainted vaccines and a huge push for war, at the same time a huge push is on to get Europe to go cashless, and Europe would be a stunning milestone in getting the entire world to go cashless. And most of us know what that means.

A cashless society is what is needed to make the mark of the beast happen. A cashless society is what is needed to put in place the ultimate control grid, where absolutely every aspect of your life is tracked. If you are a political undesirable, a totally cashless society could be used to kill you just by poisoning the right batch of apples, because the computerized transaction database knows exactly where you buy and when. And worse - you could be rendered destroyed by the system on a whim.

Interesting it is that they are trying to FORCE Europe to go cashless, all the while they are writing all kinds of new laws saying the money you have in the bank is not yours, and that it can be "bailed in" to "save the bank" at any time.

I certainly would not go for that! Yet in a cashless society, where else other than the bank can your money be? Folks, this is the biggest setup in the history of the world, a setup that represents a final victory over every last non-Jewish man woman and child - they will be forced to put their money in a Jewish bank that can just take it on a whim, and when they do spend what they are allowed to keep, absolutely everything about it is known. I can't even begin to state how bad that is, even if at this point people who are slammed into that system are wealthy, it won't last long, they will be wiped out promptly if in any way they stand against Jewish supremacy, and this can and will happen even if the people who are "in the way" don't even realize it. For example -

Let's say an independently wealthy family wants to set up a school that is actually a school and not just a mind wipe. THAT would get in the way of Jewish supremacy, and they would quickly discover the bank needed their money for some reason and it will be gone. Just for even thinking about delivering a real education they will secretly be deemed an "enemy of the state" and would suddenly find themselves without a dime to get by on. That is one of a billion examples that could be given, even if the family was clueless about the conspiracy and only wanted to teach the kids real science, it would be perfect justification for wiping them out, and a "cashless" society would make it happen on a whim. Ditto for a company that makes a product that competes with a Jewish product, a farmer who chose to not grow GMO, the list is ENDLESS.

And what about the other things that are in our face like a raging bull? IF GMO corn and other agriculture were good, why would they push it so hard, leaving the public without options? The American people have clearly stood up and stated they don't want to eat GMO, yet the response from the government has been so bolshevik communist that it is obvious we don't have an America in this world anymore. What about the new vaccine mandates which seem to be going in place globally all at the same time? For what reason would the world power structure be pushing for mandated vaccinations, all the while nothing is up?

There is only one answer - and that is CONTROL.

It is well proven that GMO's make anything that eats them passive, fat and sterile. PERFECT for the globalist quest for a passive population they want reduced in number. This means GMO foods have been specifically engineered to cause this, and explains perfectly why they WILL NOT be labeled.

It is well proven that if you allow the banks to take money never owed them, they will, which is PERFECT for the globalist quest for financial control and a cashless society where the law says the bank owns your money, not you, which can be used to destroy anyone who ends up not being passive or "reduced in number" as the Globalists all obviously wish to accomplish with GMO.

It is well proven by now that the vaccines are NOT GOOD ANYMORE (they were at one time excellent) but we live in different times now where the vaccines are nothing but a weapon used to MAKE PEOPLE PASSIVE, STUPID, AND LESS FERTILE to reduce their ability to resist tyranny, which is the ONLY CONCEIVABLE REASON TO PUSH FOR A GLOBAL VACCINE MANDATE all the while they chip away at progress towards mandated vaccines at a local level as well,

Folks, we are in the opening rounds of the final smack down and they don't want people waking up more than they have, which is precisely why the FCC took over the web and shut off access to real information to approximately 90 percent of the American fence sitters, ALEXA PROVES IT, WE ARE GOING TO LOSE OUR BEHINDS IN THIS IF PEOPLE DO NOT WAKE UP NOW,

And that is not even getting into the need to have the web 100 percent working to warn real patriots of an internal gun grabbing attack related to Jade Helm or whatever else the "elite" happen to dream up,

Sense of impending doom? Yeah, I'd say I am feeling it!

The coming pole shift


I have to work offline right now, but this is something I know a lot about, here are a few details:

First of all, I'd like to state that it is a certainty - a pole shift is definitely coming and there is irrefutable proof it will definitely happen geologically written into the rocks at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean.

We have all heard of continental drift and crustal movement of the Earth. And one place where a lot of spreading is happening is at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean. The spreading zone is approximately 1000 miles off the West coasts of Europe and Africa. Scientists have studied the spreading zones, and there they have proven that Earth really does flip it's magnetic poles quite frequently.

When studying the spreading zone, scientists have studied the rock that has been produced to fill the gap (from magma coming up from the mantle) and there they have found the world's best proof that pole shifting is as common to the earth's life as the changing of the seasons are to us. They have been able to prove this because in the spreading zone, the magnetic orientation of the rocks points both north and south in alternating rows. This magnetic orientation can only be set when the rocks are liquid magma, which gets it's magnetic orientation set by the position of the Earth's magnetic poles as it solidifies.

On the bottom of the Atlantic ocean, there is a perfect geological record which proves beyond all doubt that in geological terms, the Earth's magnetic poles move quite frequently. And when they do, there is chaos.

Aside from the obvious, such as migratory animals having to re-orientate to get to where they need to go for the changing of the seasons (which no doubt sparks extinctions of some species) there are two huge things to consider, that are probably a lot more important.

First of all the earth's crust is magnetic in nature, and it is predominantly magnetic in one direction, with (at this time) the crust's own general magnetic alignment opposite that of the core's magnetic alignment (to satisfy magnetic attraction) where opposite poles attract and similar poles repel. Obviously you know that the crust can move, because it floats on a molten core. It therefore seeks a polarity opposite that which is in the Earth's core, because with magnetism opposites attract.

The magnetic field in the Earth's core is overwhelmingly dominant over the crust, but the crust itself has significant magnetism, and this is very important during a pole shift because if the center magnetic field flips opposite, the crust will want to follow to balance out magnetically.

During the first year or so, I would not expect to see much action as far as movement of the crust is concerned. But over the years, the crust would definitely accelerate in it's movement, and even if it only moved a few feet a year, there would be geological mayhem of a sort mankind has never witnessed. Massive earthquakes. Huge volcanoes. "end of the world" type stuff. And no one knows exactly how fast the crust moves during a pole reversal, all that is known is that it definitely does. What if it only took a few years to completely change it's equatorial orientation? That would be catastrophic.

In the models that I have seen, Antarctica becomes equatorial. The crust does not do a total flip, it only goes half way or so. And it is extremely important to note the fossil records, which put various species in areas they should never be if the position of the Earth's crust really does stay stationary for even 100,000 years.

Though I myself am not worried about a pole shift simply because I do not worry about that type of thing because we can't do anything about it anyway (my bother is political, which we can have influence on) it is a cold hard reality that pole reversal is indeed even in terms of our own lives and civilization timeline something we should seriously consider, IT CAN happen, IT DOES happen, and IT WILL happen, WE ARE DUE FOR IT, and when that time comes, there will definitely be chaos.


The forum is back up but has been suspended to prevent anyone from damaging it.

It is a mess, it will take a couple weeks to fix (if I can even keep it running at all) and I quite frankly don't care who leaves or what is left of it when it is done being fixed, as long as what is left is worth looking at and those who post have no history of trollage.


A call to Uncensoredpublications has confirmed this web site went mostly offline in America in MARCH! Great timing with the FCC there!


IF YOU DID NOT UNDERSTAND WHAT I SAID THE FIRST TIME, READ IT AGAIN: The very few mails that have made it through in the last couple days all came from countries outside the U.S, stating this web site works there. Obviously it does. The point I am making below is that ALEXA CONFIRMS THERE ARE PRACTICALLY NO HITS FROM AMERICA AFTER THE FCC TOOK OVER, all the while my stats software is still reporting the usual - that America is producing 75 percent of the hits. This is a HUGE web site and alexa reporting that 8 percent of hits are from America (still) when it should be 75 percent as seen by Alexa means that tens of thousands of people (8 percent) can still see this web site from America. The point is that 90 percent cannot anymore, and that their hits are now being faked by a central government computer my server can see and acknowledge as real, all the while Alexa sees NOTHING because that central computer never took Alexa into account.

If you are alternative media in America and you did not understand what I was saying the first time around READ IT AGAIN, YOU ARE PROBABLY DEAD MEAT AND DO NOT EVEN REALIZE IT YET. This is all perfectly logged and proven beyond a shadow of a doubt in the report below.

CONFIRMED web traffic spoofing: ALEXA BUSTS THE FCC

HERE IS MY WARNING TO THE ALTERNATIVE MEDIA, IF YOU CALL THIS B.S. YOU WILL DIE: PERMANENT: FCC imposed web traffic spoofing will easily kill the alternative media (and not one alternative media journalist will ever even know they have been destroyed)


I am proceeding as normal because there is nothing else I can do.

HERE IS WHY ALEXA DOES NOT MATCH: Web traffic obviously spoofed

The following gives YOUR OWN SERVER SIDE method of proving your web traffic being spoofed from a huge IP database, even if Alexa does not confirm it. This is how I originally discovered there was a problem, and then discovered (as a bounus) that Alexa does indeed confirm this:

Hillary herself said that they cannot have the alternative media around any more because it screws up their propaganda matrix. And they want the alternative media to die with a whimper by sending the alternative media phony traffic to keep it blind to the fact it is being attacked while they censor it heavily to prevent real people from seeing it. SOUND THE ALARM, LOOK AT YOUR OWN STATS SOFTWARE AND THINK ABOUT WHAT YOU ARE SEEING COMPARED TO WHAT THE PAST WAS LIKE, they are being filthy about this using huge numbers of IP's so you cannot see repeat IP addresses and this is NOT a DDOS attack (where massive bandwidth is used) so you are going to need to LOOK AND THINK HARD.

In order to give web admins at least a little clue, I am going to tell you ONE key thing you need to know to figure out if your legitimate web traffic has been replaced with synthetic hits. There are two more key indicators that are even better that I will not say, because I want to be able to nail them like this repeatedly until the alternative media finally understands this really is not a hoax

By giving out a key indicator, I know that all I am doing is giving the enemy the secrets they need to destroy us worse, but I think awareness of this problem probably outweighs the damage they will accomplish if no one ever realizes anything is going on at all.

HERE IS THE KEY: Look at your minute by minute web traffic hits. If you have a large web site, minute by minute will provide a sample that gives good results. If your web site is small, this will be much harder to see: Your web traffic should fluctuate enormously minute by minute and not stay static with the same hits per minute. They screwed up their algorithms when they attacked this web site by making the hits show up at a constant speed which would make it OBVIOUS something was amiss if someone figured out where to look for tampering.

Here is an example of why looking for the answer this way works:

Go to a mall and count the people walking the main corridor, USING SHORT TIME INTERVALS, NOT LONG ONES. Limit your counting to a minute per sample. You will discover that one minute, perhaps only 30 people will walk by, and another minute 200 people will walk by, and another minute, 500 may pass by you, it all depends upon the surges in traffic and your web site, which has the world as a corridor will have exactly the same short sample time interval traffic fluctuations. If your hits stay at 300 +-10 a minute every minute minute after minute, your web traffic HAS TO be at least partially synthetic. That is exactly how a stupidly programmed computer will fake it. This is how I nailed them faking hits to this web site, I have always watched the traffic monitor frequently and noticed it suddenly stayed at 300 hits per minute +-10. When I checked the IP's that were accessing, they were still apparently random but HAD TO be at least partially faked which means the web site is heavily blocked but the overall traffic looks normal if you do not pay attention to detail.

IMPORTANT TO NOTE: you cannot confirm your web site is offline to a huge portion of the world by calling friends, family, acquaintances or even changing locations and if you think a proxy is going to help you you are LOST. They know what your range is based on your file, they know who you will call for troubleshooting based on what is in your file, they will PREVENT YOU FROM EVER GETTING THE ANSWER based on what is in your file, they have a body slam on you and you will NEVER figure it out, if you fly from Houston to Orlando to check from Orlando they will know you bought a plane ticket and make it work where you are going. ALL WARNING E-MAILS AND COMMUNICATIONS FROM PEOPLE YOU NEVER KNEW WILL BE CENSORED, and you will NOT be notified.

Folks, I thought I was just going to have to settle for trying to explain this by talking, but got an unexpected bonus: ALEXA PROVES THIS IS HAPPENING IN THE MOST PERFECT WAY. The zio clan controlled FCC is CLUELESS when it comes to pinning down the details, this ought to screw their little censorship operation ROYALLY.


To sum it up: There is a good chance your web site is being blocked to most of the world, but everything still looks normal to you because the zio clan is generating fake hits to your web site at totally normal historic levels from a massive IP list while blocking real readers from ever seeing your web site. You won't be notified because your mails are censored and everyone in your circle of acquaintance that you might call or message (to have them check your web site) will be allowed to access it as normal. The NSA can track you, either via plane ticket records, where your cell phone is, where your car's ECM is, and make your web site work perfect wherever you go as well to deny you any proof that you have been wiped out. THIS IS ALL REAL, IN THIS CASE DISBELIEF AND SILENCE ARE AS GOOD AS A BULLET IN YOUR HEAD.


Two mails got through, but my responses were blocked.

I will post my responses here:

Emil from Southern Mexico wrote saying she saw the types of problems I talk about above yesterday.

Tom wrote:

Hi Jim,

A lot of people who sell on eBay think eBay has been manipulating its web traffic dishonestly over the past several years in the same ways you describe: spoofing traffic while denying access to real viewers, generating fake item views and fake item watchers, and so forth.

In my own case I tend to get clumps of orders from one geographic area and nothing from other areas in sporadic fashion, which has been reported by many others as well, and the site does not seem to generate the sales that it used to. I attribute the long term downturn 1/3 to world economy and 2/3 to changes in eBay search engine practices.

Others reporting these suspicious gaps in sales have called them 'rolling blackouts" and there are other terms used in various fora to describe what we sellers are having to deal with on this. The suspected "rolling blackouts" are only one of many other things people on eBay have mentioned. Among many, there were two others that stand out in my mind: Operation Guardrail and Operation Quick Decline. Tens of thousands of sellers have been purged by eBay over the last few years as a result.

It is almost as if eBay is trying to destroy its own business, and I have always wondered if eBay has always been nothing but a huge trojan horse aimed at anyone who does commerce outside the corporate system.

A lot of this really began to bother people after eBay replaced its original text-based search engine a few years ago with a new one called Cassini, which uses a wide variety of non-product related factors in its algorithms such as shipping cost and many others, and which has been a disaster for most eBay sellers.

To me it looks like the bad guys came up with some new spoofing tech, of which stuxnet is just one manifestation, that they are able to deploy widely against all sorts of things such as alternative news and non-favored eBay sellers. This thing is rearing its ugly head in all sorts of areas.

Best Regards,


I have not much to say about Ebay, other than that it really started to chew donkey about 3 years ago. It used to be easy to log in and check prices on things (to see if something I was looking at elsewhere was a good deal) but suddenly it just all got mixed up with a bunch of irrelevant garbage and the searches were not clean anymore. Amazon now throws Ebay in the tank big time. Hmm, merger? I wonder what will happen . . . . I bought lots off Ebay when it was good.

I have no doubt Ebay has been rigged to favor privileged sellers and that it is a rigged game now, I have no doubt Ebay would play dirty if someone on the inside wanted a good deal on an auction of something valuable like a piece of art. I have no doubt at all an internet version of "stuxnet" is in use but unlike the industrial version, people can sit and study and figure things out when a reactor is not getting ready to explode . . . . . Internet Stuxnet was busted above in my opinion, no questions asked. .

Mexican news reported that the vaccine damaged babies in Mexico all had vaccine induced neurological problems. White wash says contamination, but COME ON NOW, THIS AMOUNTED TO A VACCINE BUST BIG TIME. All neurological problems? ENHANCED AUTISM? We have reached a point where vaccines are the intelligence litmus test.

Those who were smart enough to not sleep out in the open 50,000 years ago usually avoided getting eaten by hyenas. THEY WERE SMART. 50,000 years later, those who avoided being stupid about the obvious with vaccines will be the ones who continue mankind after the luciferian zio clan wipes the stupid ones out to such an extent those who remain are not sufficient to support the zio clan.

At that point, the zio clan will cry about how they got cheated as they till the earth, unable to control large swaths of land with free range cattle people who are once again free from tyranny because the zio clan no longer has the numbers among themselves they need to keep tyranny in place after half or more of them starve simply because they did not know when to stop looting and stealing as slave masters, and destroyed those who supported them.

Then the history books, if the zio clan writes them, will cry once again about how Israel was cast out to walk the earth, cheated and downtrodden and oppressed by "anti semites" while never mentioning the fact that if a parasite has no sense about when to stop taking, the host gets killed EVERY TIME.

Vermathrix wrote:

Some hard nosed forensic-proof to back up your reports on vaccine damage...

My response: A close acquaintance of mine is a doctorate of pharmacology, who said all this and that is the basis of what is on this web site. It cannot get any more forensic than that. This site is the tip of the spear with many things.

Emil wrote:

Hi James

This is a mail to confirm your page HEADS UP TO THOSE OF YOU WHO CAN . . Yes, I have received it and understand your logic that if their systems are working, I would be receiving this, however I have endeavoured to mail you several times to both of your addresses on April 24 and 25 and repeatedly got the message

"An error occurred while sending mail. The mail server responded: KxE21q0084gGHPW01xE3Tl message rejected due to spam or virus. If you believe this is in error please login to your portal or contact your ISP support team.. Please check the message and try again."

I am sending again do not know if this will reach you. This is definitely something associated with mails to you being blocked as I have never had a similar message when mailing anyone else.

Kind regards


My response:

I actually did manage to finally get my mail boxes secure, and the tribe responded by using spam filters to prevent anything from arriving at all because they could not get in to do selective deletes (which were pretty broad no less).

Thanks for the heads up. Working on it.

How to get clean water in the wilderness

(If you are caught totally unprepared) which means practically everyone.

Surprisingly, if all you have is a pair of blue jeans with good fabric they can be used to filter water and will catch practically all bacteria down to about 1 micron. This assumes quality jeans that are not worn out. However, despite being great for water filters when in perfect shape, they should be viewed more as a flavor improver because they are likely to have flaws. Water from the wild often gets a nasty film on top of it when you boil it without filtering it, and sending it through jeans before boiling would get rid of that mess. Jeans would be far better than drinking water straight without boiling it.

Coffee filters will work to some degree but with a pore size of about 10 microns and unreliable manufacture they are not that great against bacteria. Use at least 2 stacked. HOWEVER, most water borne bacteria are large, 10 microns will catch amoebas and most protozoans. And obviously a coffee filter would be 50x better than nothing. If used to pre filter before boiling, they will improve potability drastically but I would not drink from them straight with questionable water if I was not absolutely desperate.

If you happen to be lucky enough to have garbage bags with you, you can tie them over dense vegetation that has direct sunlight and the bags will collect a lot of water from the plants as the leaves heat up and perspire water. Even without sun this still works but you get less water. If you had 10 garbage bags to do this with, and you set them up properly (with the low point that collects the water out of the sun) and the bag tied off to keep the humidity in and force condensation to occur, you would easily get enough water to survive. Obviously avoid poison sumac, poison oak, and poison Ivy, and remember that any holes in the bags would render them useless. This idea is much easier and works much better than a solar still.

ISIS attack today? meh.

I am staying on top of this, first 2PM Eastern time, now for 2Pm EDT which was what was actually stated, waiting. 20 minutes left.

BUT FIRST: Here is the deal with regard to the web site attack covered in detail farther down the page - a perfectly static level of hits is coming through to the site (minute by minute) which is not possible. It really is as if the normal traffic is getting spoofed at a pre determined rate while getting mixed in with a few permitted legitimate hits. The normal traffic is high enough so that it could be spoofed 95 percent and thousands of people would still see the web site be normal but they would not fluctuate the stats because the spoof is so dominant. Minute by minute samples of traffic should look like: 300 hits one minute, 500 another minute, 38 another minute, 700 another minute - traffic fluctuates widely when it is natural traffic and only a machine would peg hits to within 10 a minute every minute. THIS IS ONE THING ALTERNATIVE MEDIA NEEDS TO LOOK FOR, but I have found a much better way to prove it, which is why I stated this knowing whoever is doing this will fix this particular hint and not make it SO OBVIOUS. Basically by saying this, I just gave them a hint about how to fake it better. I would like to avoid doing that again, but people need to know and I have better proof via different means anyway.Now on to that "ISIS" attack

I laughed off the attack scheduled for 2PM EST today as a forum hoax, so I did not even mention it. Low and behold, Drudge put it up! HA! (only one HA though) because what if? Anyway if it has not happened yet the Jews are usually punctual and if this is late it is only because of an extenuating circumstance such as Pammy G. has not yet figured out how to make toilet cleaner explode when she thought it would work super easy according to internet instructions so there have been delays. She might have to settle for a dry ice bomb, and NO CAMERAS, only audio. Nothing at all worked just fine in Texas, audio of an exploding 7up bottle would be a vast improvement for her!

Take a look at the following, with regard to this scenario IT FITS PERFECT!


This time I let them hang themselves good. Here it is folks, A TOTALLY COMPREHENSIVE POSTING OF ALL MAILS FOR THE JSTONEMAIL.COM MAIL BOX SINCE LAST MONDAY. If you sent a mail and it is not here, it got censored! Additionally, all donations for the past week are embedded here as well. If yours is not here or listed above, it got STOLEN, THANKS FOR TRYING, GET A REFUND. Obviously I will find another way to circumvent the censorship.

If you are new to this web site and do not know what is going on here, normal mail logs even during heavy censorship that cover the same time span often have 300 mails and I cannot embed them in the front page because they are too long. This here proves massive censorship.


North Korea may have just successfully completed a submarine based missile launch. If this happens to be true, NK would be able to hold a successful nuclear deterrent against America. I'd watch out though, a sub based missile launch is not easy to do, it would be an almost impossible feat for NK to advance that much so quickly AND IT WOULD PROVIDE PERFECT COVER FOR AN AMERICAN BASED NUCLEAR ATTACK TO BE PAWNED OFF ON NORTH KOREA.

I am sitting the fence with this one, I actually seriously doubt NK could ever do it.


And the reason will shock you

Colorado backed out of Jade Helm because both NORTHCOM and NORAD were not allowed to be involved, which indicated that Jade Helm was clandestine because any real military drill the size of Jade Helm should include them by default.

Colorado backed out because if these agencies were not involved, it could only mean that Jade Helm really was an excercise in crushing the American people and could not possibly really be for "homeland defense."

It appears Colorado has been deliberating this since April 15 but today it became official.

My comment: Let's see how long this lasts, IF it is even real.

Plane crash

A brand new Airbus A400M crashed in Spain while on it's delivery flight to the Turkish Air Force. Only Airbus employees were aboard. Early on reports said it hit a Coca Cola factory and that 10 people died, but now it is obvious that it crashed in a field with 3 confirmed dead. Airbus seems to have a lot of crashes, but I wonder how many really are their fault? Perhaps someone did not want the Turkish Air Force to get this plane?

Oriana wrote:

Why did you write "taken out" when you know what that implies?

I wish you'd change that headline, it gives the control monsters at the NSA a reason to call you a threat (and by default those who follow and support you). You must know that the term 'taken out' is commonly used to mean murder. Surely that is not what you meant to say. please clarify.

My response: Intelligence agencies will read more than just a headline and know it is a request for them to do the job. If there is any decency left in those agencies, they absolutely will take her out.


The term "murder" could not possibly apply to filth as low as Pamela, other terms are more appropriate, such as "sanitization", "stain removal" or "finding a cure". "Murder" is what happens to innocents which Pamela is clearly not, and I am certain Pamela got her hands on a few of those missing Central American children who were supposed to be on trains for her rituals. If not, CPS provided them after stealing them from Mormons. If Molech was not an all guy thing, Pamela would at least be a candidate for queen of the grove.

On 2015-05-09 12:06, Oriana Spratt wrote: > Hi Jim, > > I wish you'd change that headline, it gives the control monsters at > the NSA a reason to call you a threat (and by default those who follow > and support you). You must know that the term 'taken out' is commonly > used to mean murder. Surely that is not what you meant to say….please > clarify. > > Oriana

Wayne sent a correction to my Jews, guillotines and Christian Patriots post:

Wayne is the author of It's NOT the LAW (the book I have advertised on this site) and a very good friend. I STRONGLY recommend his books, and the following stands as a good example as to why:


You don't miss much, but I am upset over a mistake you made in your, Why guillotines will be used to kill American Christians article. Namely:

"So when they go to kill the Christians and Muslims, which Jews have a profound hatred for because they claim the same God as Jews (and Jews believe they have a monopoly status on God)."

No, they do not claim the same God as Jews. This is another lie from the Jews, and it is a big one. They pretend to, in order to deceive others, especially the Christians.

In my chapter titled, The Harold Wallace Rosenthal Interview, Walter White, who did the interview was hung up on this and kept asking Rosenthal about it. In my introduction to this chapter I mention this subject:

Some have questioned how anyone would be so foolish to admit the things Rosenthal did in this interview. At times he veers widely from arrogance to insecurity, not at all atypical of these people. At one point, he says Jews have made plans to pack up and flee. The fact that he made so many unflattering generalizations about Jews has caused some to doubt, but anyone who has studied these people as I have comes to realize they often admit their faults openly. This is a common trait among them, though unusual to the rest of us. Many examples of this will be revealed later in this book. The tone of racial arrogance also rings true. I don't doubt its legitimacy. The idea that Walter White Jr. might have faked this interview is ridiculous; he didn't even seem to know what he was being told at times. In regard to this, pay attention to Rosenthal's referenced to "Our god" and "Your God." White obviously did not comprehend what he was hearing and this caused Rosenthal considerable frustration and he finely stated:

"We are god's chosen people . . . Most Jews do not like to admit it, but our god is Lucifer - so I wasn't lying - and we are his chosen people. Lucifer is very much alive."

Later, Walter White Jr. made an interesting observation regarding Rosenthal:

"Hindsight suggests that there was a greater Force compelling this man to reveal what has been written here."

What is upsetting for me in my research is to find so many who are attempting to expose the Jews, who fall for too many of the Jew lies.

This is due to ignorance of who the Israelites really are, and ignorance of the Old Testament.

People tend to accept the Jew lies regarding who they are, and who the Israelites are, because they do not know any better.

They are not Israel. They stole that name to deceive us.

They are not God's chosen people. That false idea is based on simple word-crafting, and I am covering that in a chapter in my new book titled, Was Jesus a Jew?

They are in fact the only people God in fact professed an everlasting hatred for.

Following is from my Introduction to this new book:


This is a book about a people very few are aware of, who take their marching orders from the devil himself, and are hiding in plain sight by calling themselves Jews, a people most are afraid to mention in a negative way. And, as you will soon discover, they planned it that way.

The simple trick of stealing the name Israel for their stolen "homeland" and calling themselves Israelites has fooled most Christians, who feel they should look the other way regarding the dirty deeds of these devils, as they are the chosen and all. But they are not.

They call themselves Jews, but they have little, if any connection to ancient Israel. Nor are they "Gods Chosen,"quite the opposite, as most of them descend from the very people God himself professed a hatred for.

A major purpose of this book is to provide convincing evidence that these so-called Jews are responsible for virtually everything that is wrong in the world today. This isn't so difficult to prove as you might imagine -they admit as much, and they are so arrogant that they can't resist the temptation to brag about it. As a bonus I will explain why, and this is very important to understand.

To them we are considered Goy, or cattle, useful idiots, provided for their use and abuse, and abuse us they do - to a degree that would amaze most people.

They are such experts at deception that they easily get others to look the other way, and fail to see the obvious - it's like a game to them.

This book might be called, "Demons Among Us," as the people I am writing about truly set the standard for such a descriptive term as "demons." All fictional examples pale in comparison.

A number of discoveries fell into place before I felt the need to write this book:

Discovering that our judicial system is privately owned and the owners have no respect for the Constitution for the united States, led to many important discoveries, as explained in my previous book, It's Not The Law.

Discovering that an estimated 98% of the Communists responsible for, and involved in the Bolshevik Revolution were Khazars—self-proclaimed Jews due to a forced religious conversion.

Hearing a rumor that Adolf Hitler had a large picture of Henry Ford Sr. on his office wall behind his desk raised an important question.

Hearing a fascinating story about an assassination attempt on Henry Ford Sr., by Jews whom he believed were his friends.

A friend, Jim Stone, who told me about spending a couple of years attending a synagogue up in Canada, until they made the mistake of informing him as what they were really all about. They certainly made a serious mistake with that.

A musician in Czechoslovakia telling an acquaintance of mine that he should read a book by David Duke.

These events were all keys that led to questions, and I have learned that to identify a question is to be half-way to an answer.

These experiences led to important discoveries I might have otherwise missed. Three important examples of these are provided as the first three chapters of this book, which, if not for their importance might have been placed in the appendix. These are keys to prepare for a basic understanding of the subject I am about to introduce.

I have read well over one hundred books searching for details presented here. I hope that you will take advantage of my research, and not have to spend years figuring out these things for yourselves.

Hang on for an eye-opening ride.

Wayne Frank Barbuto©

Wayne Barbuto is such a serious Patriot he is among the few to get back stabbed by the BATF and have an absolutely beautiful machine shop (where he manufactured gun parts for sale) get illegally and unlawfully destroyed by them. His books are a GREAT read, I highly recommend them, and you can see what he has HERE or click the ad below:


I really did not pick up on mainstream Jews worshiping Satan when I was with them, but I did see oddities that make perfect sense to this effect, which are:

1. They really did, (to an unbelievable extent) revere this existence (on Earth) and clearly and cleanly in no uncertain terms stated that it was to be enjoyed, and that no matter what you do in this life, there will be no consequence after death and no day of judgement. I found this strange if they really believed in God.

2. Their most sacred of all numbers is six, and the most sacred combination of this number is 666, and this is true to such an extent it permeates everything in Jewish life and even got perfectly embedded in the Israeli flag, where the star of david has six points, six lines, and six triangles. The flag of Israel has 666 embedded in it in PLAIN SIGHT.

3. Their Kol Nidre prayer, which is considered the highest of all Jewish prayers is undeniably a statement that says: (to sum it up) I am telling you right now God, in no uncertain terms, that I will not be bound to tell the truth in anything, that I will not be bound by any contracts or agreements I make, and in doing so, I cannot be held accountable for lying, stealing, cheating, because I never said I would not and am therefore not obligated by any sort of spiritual contract or agreement to be honest in any of my affairs. The sub meaning is that: Because I said right from the beginning that I would not be honest or ethical in my dealings with others, I was never obligated to be, and therefore cannot be punished for not complying with that which I did not agree to! It was this prayer that caused me to leave, because it was too similar to what would be done at a satanic ritual and left the door open to the most heinous of behavior, right from the root of the religion!

There were other oddities, but those are the relevant three which cannot be explained away.

When you approach the Jewish community, they are so decent with you and among themselves that it is practically impossible to believe that they could ever be responsible for the evils they do, but it is all real. They manage us like cattle and the scenario is that of a farmer, who puts on a kind face to his cows so they love him, all the while he keeps them locked in a barn, milks them for all they are worth, and when they can't be milked for enough he sends them straight to the slaughter for that last bit of profit.

In the Jews mind, we are here for them to take from, and it does not matter AT ALL how much they destroy us for even a small return, provided they make at least a little profit. They have a drug addicted crack head attitude towards us, let me explain:

Let's say someone puts a beautiful $5,000 vending machine where a crack head with a pry bar discovers it. That crack head knows "there is AT LEAST $50 worth of quarters in that thing!" and a few candy bars too! So to get $50 he destroys $5000 in value, ripping the machine all the way down to the coin box, and then STEALS an amount that is worth 1 percent of the damage he did to get it. The Jews will cash out societies just like a crack head will cash out a vending machine, and think absolutely nothing of it. Their behavior is beyond parasitic, they have no conscience whatsoever about what they do to get anything.

This explains the man made Japan Earthquake, tsunami nuke and Stuxnet attack on Fukushima, which they did to get a huge forced payment from Japan to the World Bank, and TO HELL with the Pacific, the reactor guts will never reach Israel anyway! This is exactly how they think, they will trigger an earthquake somewhere, (prime example Haiti) just so they can do fundraisers and steal money from the relief efforts, which are never done. Just look at what Bolshevik Hillary did in Haiti! The examples are numerous if you look for them.

I strongly recommend you read Wayne's work, his book "It's NOT the LAW" woke even me up to a huge number of things I never knew about, and it all ended up being completely true. Wayne is one of the best out there, his web site is HERE

Dear McDonalds:

DEAR MCDONALD'S: (perhaps not so dear anymore,) Adding an exotic green leaf to your menu WILL NOT fix your sales problem. But I know what will: Stop filling mechanically separated pink slime meat with soy, adding silicone and other garbage that gives me a headache and sore muscles for three days and START SERVING CLEAN CUT HAMBURGER MEAT WITH NOTHING ADDED. That will drive up sales, regardless of what you think, PEOPLE REALLY WILL NOTICE. Obviously your "new generation" skim every last dime idiotic forget the old school and "gee they did it the expensive way in the early days" management WILL NOT GET IT, and you will FAIL. 35 years ago McDonalds was GREAT. NOT ANYMORE!

If you want to survive, study In-n-Out burger. They don't keep secrets, it is public they serve Harris Ranch beef, their food is GREAT AND CHEAPER THAN YOURS! Oh, but that will cut profits by 10 cents a customer! Can't do that, CAN YOU?


Pamelea Geller needs to be taken out



Pamela Geller represents such a threat to American society and your own future it is imperative you take her down. HERE IS WHY:

Anonymous did not find any ISIS in America. Do you know what "anonymous" is? Anonymous is absolutely ANYONE making a claim and planting "evidence".

Now, I am sure there are many hackers out there working anonymously, but there is a cold hard reason why ISIS had over 70 agents on American soil and the NSA did not know about it, and it is because these 70 plus agents live in Pamela Geller's mind, spew from Pamela Geller's keypad and she is also ALSO "Anonymous".

If you want to take the real terrorists out with ease, LOOK WITHIN PAMELA'S CIRCLE OF ACQUAINTANCE AND HER IMMEDIATE FAMILY. Pamela definitely thrives as a shiny bubble at the top of the cesspool that is drowning America, Pamela definitely knows at a personal level the people who perpetrated 911, Sandy Hook and other frauds against America AND THIS IS NOT A LUDICROUS CLAIM BECAUSE:

We have NO BLOOD and NO BODIES in Garland Texas. Not one shred of evidence or photo of any ISIS attack ever hit the news. It was all on Pamela's word, and that of a few scammers at one of her "art festivals" and a couple liars in the parking lot.

THERE WERE NO GUNMEN and therefore there are no bullet holes in cars, no mob of police showing up in any photos, zero ambulances in any photos, zero dead bodies in any photos, zero blood in any photos, there is NOT ONE PHOTO OF ANYTHING other than a car the FBI blew up themselves with explosives to provide camera fodder.


Through all of this, Pamela got totally national news coverage complete with terrorist profiles without a shred of fact checking from anyone and that puts her at the peak of the pyramid. She even got the director of the NSA on board spewing his own form of scam before there was any investigaton of the "Anonymous" tips at all, which proves Pamela called the shots, all the way up to the top of the NSA. This proves corruption IN the government from OUTSIDE the government, all the way to the highest levels.


Pamela belongs to the EXACT central vampire hive that is sucking the life blood out of America. This is easily proven by the fact that the ziopress took everything she did, said, and "discovered" and ran with it like a herd of stampeding bulls, not questioning anything AT ALL. They instead played the roll of devil's advocate, spinning every lie to make themselves appear "tolerant" in a way that had maximum influence and caused maximum hatred and division in the nation AND PAMELA CAUSED IT ALL IN TEXAS, THE ONE STATE MAKING A STAND AGAINST THE DREADED JADE HELM. If you want a look straight into the eyes of the enemy of freedom, look no further than Pamela Geller.

Pamela Geller is the golden turd of tyranny sitting right on the surface of the mother load, if you wanted to clean up America and get maximum mileage with minimum effort, all any intelligence agency, police force, military unit or ANYONE ELSE WITH THE MEANS would need to do is DIG THE GROUND AROUND HER, and I am certain they would find absolutely everything they need to WIPE TYRANNY OUT.

Pamela blew it with this one, the Garland charade was so over the top ludicrous that it totally blew her cover and endangered those around her. Did she really expect absolutely NO ONE TO THINK?

UPDATE TO THE ABOVE (this one is good!)

STUDY: Cell phone radiation exposure is very likely to damage developing babies

"The experiment worked like this: Taylor and his team of researchers exposed one group of 42 pregnant mice to a muted and silenced phone that had been turned on and was actively receiving a signal, and, to compare, they also exposed a second group of 42 pregnant mice to a cell phone that was turned off and not receiving a signal. Otherwise, all environmental conditions, including food and accommodation, were identical. The pregnant mice were exposed throughout their entire pregnancies and then their offspring were tested when adults.

What did Taylor and his colleagues observe? Compared to the mice who had not been exposed to cell phone radiation, the exposed mice had decreased memory, were more likely to be hyper active, and, in Taylor's words, "didn't have a care in the world. They were very different from the mice who had not been exposed." He likened their behavior to that of children with attention deficit hyper-activity disorder (ADHD or ADD), which is a common and increasing diagnosis for young children. In fact, the exposed mice had different electrical activity in their brains."

My comment: Have any doubts about my numerous claims that your own cell phone can be used to beam you and disturb your life? Time to wake up! READ MORE HERE and no, I don't need to tell you that if it will damage a baby en utero it can affect you as well, do I?

Here is the kicker: The quote: "In Taylor's words, "didn't have a care in the world" is VERY DESCRIPTIVE of the media mind wiped tech attached zombies you encounter and try to bring the truth to, RIGHT? What if the cell phones and wifi were put on the frequencies they use JUST TO PACIFY THE PUBLIC AND MAKE THEM LAZY AND APATHETIC? AND CONSIDER THIS: An awful lot of computer processors have the same clock frequency cell phones use, EVEN THE PROCESSORS WE USE WILL PREDOMINANTLY HAVE THE SAME EFFECT.

Could EVERY computing device be a clandestine weapon the elite are using to squelch all tendency for rebellion? I BET BEYOND ALL DOUBT THIS IS PRECISELY THE CASE. I do not think it was any coincidence that cell phones, wifi, and computer processors all evolved to run in the same frequency range, even this is likely to be an act of war by the elite against the people.

Why is it no one seems to care about all the obviously vaccine damaged babies or even questions why autism went from one in 50,000 babies to 1 in 65? Could it be that most people are electronically pacified and no longer capable of caring about anything at all, as long as they can at least eat?

An EXTREMELY GOOD Fulford blurb

An explanation of the gold holdings Fulford quotes: If you calculate the gold holdings based upon the currencies of the countries referenced, Fulford's numbers work, the gold values are obviously not in U.S. dollars. I think it is funny Fulford did this, it is a subtle way of saying the dollar is now meaningless.

I ask people to discern for themselves with this, but if you read it you will know why I consider Fulford to be an ally. Really good read, even if not totally accurate (and it could be.) This is a solid read that hits certain truths like a sledge hammer, I think this is among the best Fulford has ever put out.

Chaos is increasing inside the United States as the US Khazarian controlled faction of the Federal Reserve Board continues to be shunned by most of the world. In response, the Khazarians are desperately trying to provoke race riots or otherwise get arms bearing US citizens to fight the US armed forces and police. At the same time, the US armed forces and agencies are moving against both Israel and their US based Khazarian proxies, notably the Bush/Clinton/Rockefeller crime family.

In what Pentagon sources say was a direct message to the Rockefeller family, Dave Goldberg, the Chief Operating Officer of Facebook, died in mysterious circumstances at age 47 last week.®ion=bottom-well&WT.nav=bottom-well&_r=1

Facebook is owned by David Rockefeller grandson Mark Zuckerberg. Pentagon sources say this was a message by the armed forces to the Silicon Valley oligarchs that from now on the high tech industry in California would be under military control.

To understand the frenetic power struggle now taking place in the US, it is worth taking another look at the secret history behind the ongoing US corporate government's bankruptcy. More of this was revealed at a meeting last week between representatives of the White Dragon Society and Chinese royal family members. The Chinese royals presented documentary evidence that will force a change of how 20th century history is written. The documents describe secret agreements between US Presidents Franklin Roosevelt and Harry Truman, Chinese Nationalist ruler Chiang Kaishek and, members of the Manchu royal family.

The documents show how Roosevelt, Truman and US Secretary of State George C. Marshall, over time, took 20 ships laden with Manchu gold to the US and fraudulently used the bullion to finance Roosevelt's New Deal and the Marshall plan. The gold was taken to the US starting in the 1930's under the promise it would be used to finance the development of East Asia and the creation of a federation that would include Manchuria, China, Korea and Japan, the royal family sources said. The Americans also gave the Manchurians plates to allow them to print US dollars.

The two current heirs to the Manchu gold are Kim Young Hee (金英姫) and Zhang Sheng Zhi? (張勝植). They claim there have been numerous attempts to kill them and replace them with look alikes so, as a security measure, they have asked that their pictures be published as seen below:

DSC_0287 Photographs of their ears have also been taken as an extra precaution. My insert: If curious go to Fulford's site for the pictures but I will state this: The file name "DSC_0287" is 100 percent consistent with this being 100 percent real, and having Fulford be 100 percent connected directly with these people he is talking about. It could not possibly be more credible than this, Fulford is FIRST CONTACT after the photos were taken on a very new camera and the file name proves it. This is not a regurgitated rumor ripped off Facebook somewhere!

The reason these two people claim they are being chased is that they have the legal rights to gold worth about $30 trillion. What is happening is that, at the highest level of global finance, paper and numbers written on bank computers are not accepted as currency. The owners of the US branch of the Federal Reserve Board (Bush/Clinton/Rockefeller etc.) are being asked to pay their debts to the rest of the world in gold. For that reason they are desperate to try to stake a fraudulent claim to the Manchu gold they stole all those years ago (and have long since used up). They will not get it because the whole world is sick and tired of their criminal antics.

In fact, looking through a gold lens sheds a whole new light on many recent historical events. First of all, the Lehman shock of 2008 came because the corporate government of the United States failed to make a gold payment that was due. That led to a temporary cut off of US trade. The US Corporate government then managed to get a large gold loan from the Ming dynasty faction in Asia on the promise that Barack Obama would be made president and the US would reform itself. After Obama's actions showed that he was no better than George Bush Jr., the Ming gold dried up. US cabal staged events since that time have all been in search of gold and financing.

The red shirt movement in Thailand, for example, was really aimed at getting custody of the huge historical Thai royal gold stash. The "Arab springs" in Tunisia and other Arab counties were also aimed at the gold stashes these countries had. The invasion of Mali was staged to seize gold mines there. The tsunami and earthquake attack on Haiti was also aimed at getting gold mining rights. The invasion of Libya was an unsuccessful attempt to steal Colonel Muammar Khadaffi's gold. The March 11th, 2011 tsunami and earthquake attack on Japan was also aimed at extorting Japanese imperial gold.My insert - this took form of a $100 trillion yen "bailout" to the World Bank that is now expunged from Google but I wrote about in connection to Fukushima when it happened.

So now, the cabalists are frantically hunting royals with claim to historical gold troves. The reason the Obama regime has suddenly been sucking up to Iran so vigorously is because the Persian historical gold trove is worth $46 trillion, according to the current heir to the Persian throne. My insert: Perhaps all that gold is providing the support for the unbelievably beautiful Iran photos? Required Muslim zakat on THAT MUCH wealth would certainly build an amazingly beautiful country! The Iranians have responded to this US foot kissing by publicly blaming the US government for 911 and telling many other truths. In any case, the heirs to the Persian fortune have made it perfectly clear the US cabalists will never get their hands on their gold.

One recent new indicator of the world wide boycott against the US based Khazarian cabalists was the National Association of Credit Manager's report that successful US loan applications since the end of March fell by more than 40% year on year. The fall was almost entirely due to a stoppage of trade credits, according to the association. The US government later forced them to "revise" away this ugly truth.

However, the fact that over 6000 US retail shops have recently been closed illustrates how the US corporate government and their American debt slaves can no longer borrow money to buy trinkets from the rest of the world. More proof of bigger than Lehman US economic collapse can be found here:

That is why rent a mobs are being paid with Fed funny money to try to start race wars in Ferguson, Baltimore, Seattle and elsewhere. The Feds are hoping to use the unrest to trigger a civil war in order to distract attention from their own problems.

There was also a big push on the internet to use cabal controlled web sites to push "Jade Helm," a psychological warfare operation against the American people and US military. There was further what seems to be an attempt to give some credibility to widely discredited fake opposition blogs and radio shows by staging what appear to have been murder attempts against two of them: Stew Webb and Jeff Rense.

Just before the apparent attack on Webb, somebody contacted this writer and told me Webb (who I had never heard of) slandered me by calling me a "disinformation agent." MY INSERT, THIS IS IMPORTANT I can confirm 100 percent that THIS HAPPENED, BEYOND ALL DOUBT, I witnessed it myself. Amid all the mail censorship I received this report about Fulford from Stew Webb and ignored it. What to make of it beyond this is up to others to discern. Webb may have been trying to be honest, but I knew too much about Fulford already to get on the bandwagon.Fulford continues:

My response was to quote the Arab saying: "the dogs bark but the caravan rolls on." However, in retrospect it now seems this was an attempt to get me to say something hostile about Webb just before the "attack" on him. Jeff Rense has also highly discredited himself with all the nonsense he has spewed out about Fukushima. My comment: I could NOT POSSIBLY AGREE MORE, Rense really slept with the dogs with regard to Fukushima! Fulford: However, I tried to contact him to confirm if he had really been attacked only to find out I was no longer allowed to e-mail him.

My understanding, based on a lot of different evidence, is that Rense is a front for the Bush family and, until I hear from him otherwise, that is line I will take. Nonetheless, as a journalist who has had many colleagues killed and who has personally survived multiple assassination attempts, you may be sure I am vigorously opposed to the murder of journalists and even propagandists.

These two "murder attempts" by the way, came at around the same time a scheduled major US radio broadcast by me on the show "Caravan to Midnight" was cancelled at the last minute due to a "major server attack." In any case, these increasingly clumsy attempts by cabal agents to start race riots, promote attacks against the military and spread confusion in the alternative media are all signs of desperation.

My comment: I think Rense probably was the victim of a murder attempt, because even though he blew it with Fukushima, he has plenty of other stuff well worth killing him for, MAINLY THE VACCINE COVERAGE which he is doing a great job of right when the cabal wants to use their most cherished weapon -"herd" culling brain eating vaccines.

The desperation is becoming palpable now because of what just happened to Saudi Arabia, one of the US Khazarian factions' last sources of money. The Pentagon and the Iranians forced Saudi's new king Salman to fire crown prince Muqrin and Saud Al Faisal (who has been Saudi foreign minister for the past 40 years). My insert: THIS POWER CHANGE DID INDEED HAPPEN. They were fired to remove Bush influence from the Saudi regime and to force an end to the attacks on Yemen, Pentagon sources say. The Pentagon sources are saying they are still seriously thinking of allying with the Yemeni Houthis to carry out a complete regime change in Saudi Arabia.

The other cabal slave regime that is in trouble is Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's government in Japan. As predicted, Abe read a humiliating speech in front of the US Congress and Senate last week that made it clear he was not a Japanese Prime Minister but just a US cabal paid actor reading a script. The US military needs to hurry up and clean up its act in Japan or else lose the regime there to Chinese control. The pentagon knows who to contact to prevent that.


If Anonymous really did find out about the ISIS attack before the NSA did, it is only because they either:

1. Hacked Pamela's mail, and knew it was being set up -OR-

2. Hacked a government mail box or file and found out what the NSA knew about but did nothing to stop because it was a CIA OPERATION.


They need a rescue for this psy op, and are floating anything they can in the manure pit with the hopes of finding something that won't sink into an ocean of crap.

Why guillotines will be used to kill American Christian dissidents

The religious basis for Jewish use of guillotines, rooted in hard fact.

This is a rebuttal to David Hodges' claim that Muslims will be doing the beheadings. Think again, this is DEAD WRONG

I was in the Jewish community for two consecutive years, and learned enough while there to know beyond all doubt why guillotines have been chosen as the killing method for Christian American patriots.

Muslims do not do beheadings despite what you may believe about ISIS. Fortunately many people are not stupid about who ISIS really is. But that is another topic.

FACT: The guillotines were bought and paid for by NWO Jews. To circumvent this cold hard fact and try to pin it all on someone else is sheer lunacy. And the reason why guillotines will be used (when really it would be cheaper and easier to just put a bullet in the brain because you can just walk people up to the trench, shoot them and have them fall in) rather than drag them there without a head has ONE SOLID REASON, and it is shocking:

Jews have the belief that the condition your body is in at the time of death is what you will have for all eternity after death. So when they go to kill the Christians AND MUSLIMS, which Jews have a profound hatred for because they claim the same God as Jews (and Jews believe they have a monopoly status on God) they want as many as possible to be walking around in the afterlife without a head as a punishment for making a false claim to God and worshiping with what they believe is a false religion. This is a cold hard fact, like it or not, believe it or not.

That is the ONLY REASON FOR THE GUILLOTINES, it has a religious basis, rooted in the dark halls of Judaism. If you knew how "out there" some of the Jewish beliefs are you would be shocked, compared to Christians and Muslims, Jews really are stone age with their belief of freakishly illogical dogma. And guillotines fit it PERFECT.

Hodges is perfectly correct about the Mormons being targeted however. That is a cold hard fact he did not miss.

My point is that Muslims are not going to be involved (as a religious edict) with the mass killing when it happens. There will probably be brainwashed Muslims in the killing crews, along with brainwashed Christians, Buddhists and Hindus, whoever can be manipulated, but it will not be a Muslim directed effort.

Mormons will be targeted for a huge reason: They are preppers, to such an extent that stores in Utah all have a prepper section (even Wal Mart) where you can buy 50 pound bags of oat meal for $8, 25 pound bags of sugar for $10 etc and Mormons take advantage of it and are usually stocked up for Armageddon. Two years of comfortable eating is the norm among real Mormons.

Tyrants HATE THAT, they want an easy kill and that is why Utah is red.

Final answer:

There was no terror attack in Garland Texas, and Pamela is intentionally and willfully playing the provocateur to "justify" a total police state smack down on America during and in the aftermath of Jade Helm. There is just no other way to put it.

Even if there were no injuries and only dead terrorists, we should still have the bodies on the ground in the press photos, and there is absolutely nothing. No blood, no bodies, only fake FBI profiles and bogus staged tweets.





Pamela Geller would be able add murder to her list of slam Islam tactics, that is IF ANYONE DIED, AND IT IS VIRTUALLY ASSURED NO ONE DID, NOT EVEN THE "Jihadists". This is very difficult to piece together because no news report has all the details and they are widely separated, but HERE IT IS:

Pamela Geller was holding a "paint mohammed" festival in Garland Texas. Low and behold, TWO Islamic "nutcases" crashed her event and started shooting. And THESE EXACT DEAD SHOOTERS NOW CLAIM AFFILIATION WITH ISIS VIA TWEETS!. Caveat: They showed up shooting, but NO ONE took a bullet but the shooters, and BOTH died! Can you say B.S. FALSE FLAG NEVER HAPPENED BOSTON STYLE? I KNEW YOU COULD!

It really looks like Pamela staged this phony ISIS attack to help her dry her tears ONLY FOUR DAYS after the New York Transit system banned ALL political ads to block her from posting her banner ad here to the left on buses and in the subways. The blocking of her ads, which were previously approved by a judge, no doubt gave her a setback she could not cope with, so she went for the slam dunk, AN ISIS ATTACK AGAINST HER OWN EVENT! in a city a thousand miles away! HA HA HA HA HA, HOW TRANSPARENT IS THAT? No wonder why the MSM refused to put the pieces together, and instead left it all as a cattle trail of incomplete and deceptive reports. But it is my job to put it all into a cohesive picture, which in this case clearly states: PAMELA, YOU SUCK AT FALSE FLAGS!

And Pamela, IT IS VIRTUALLY ASSURED YOU STAGED THIS. If anyone really was injured, YOU are responsible and will hopefully do jail time. That would shut you up!

UPDATE: Zero hedge has all the details of what (supposedly) happened in Texas HERE so I do not need to fish up a bunch of MSM reports. It takes approximately 6 alert neurons to add New York to Texas and accurately output FALSE FLAG, this was a damn brazen stunt for Pamela to pull.

And how will this stunt be used? Well, figure this: Pamela managed to inject into the public conscience an "ISIS" attack on American soil right as we were going into the dreaded Jade Helm. No doubt the FBI and CIA and all others will know Pamela scammed this, but since they are all about subjugation of the American people and false flags anyway, they won't prosecute, they will THANK HER and use this to screwball the American people. Pamela Gellar is therefore, in my opinion, PUBLIC ENEMY #1, and the VERY FIRST to be definitively identified on a personal level as a destroyer of freedom for the American people. This time, we have a face, location, name, and organization to pin the tail on the donkey with.

In Pamela's version of a false flag, TWO armed terrorists showed up with blazing AK-47's and full body armor, gave an unarmed security guard a mild ankle wound, and were shot dead in seconds by a lone police officer with a handgun. Pamela can't dream up a plausible plot to save her life, PLASTIC KNIVES AND BOXCUTTERS ANYONE? Scenario matches THIS: Two paid actors nailed third unarmed actor "security guard" in the ankle with wad from blank while shooting at the ground. Sore spot only, no blood lost, looked at and immediately released from hospital. No one died, pure fiction after that.


I bet the Baltimore riots were done to justify the types of curfews that are so loved by police states. Look at every tyranny that ever existed. Curfews are the norm, and with the chief of Police saying the rioters were from other places, and the Mayor ordering the police to give these imported rioters "room to destroy", it is OBVIOUS that Baltimore had IMPOSING CURFEWS perhaps as their only purpose. THIS IS A BIG BAD IMPORTANT THING TO NOTE:


Sure, infrared night technology is very common, but not every militant cop has it, a vast majority do not have it and therefore the prospect of having people bugging out or changing locations at night has to be smacked down RIGHT NOW, with a false flag precedent - the riots!

Alex nailed Alexa, YEP, this web site took the plunge at exactly the same time, WAY MORE than the hit Alex got. LETS BALANCE IT ALL OUT NOW, PEOPLE, DOWNLOAD THE ALEXA TOOL BAR IF YOU ARE IN AMERICA. Internal stats show America is 75 percent of this web site's traffic, but Alexa says it is only 8 percent! This is how they nailed this web site, but it is very easy to hit back.

Alexa has a toolbar you install into your browser. This toolbar is completely safe. Alexa will know you hit a web site if the toolbar is installed, and will increase that web site's ranking accordingly. Alexa seems to be accurately metering the rest of the world, but is totally lying about the lions share - America. If you are in America PLEASE DOWNLOAD The Alexa tool bar here. If enough people do this, it will skew Alexa upwards, right now they are not counting 90 percent of the American visits to this web site, so 10X the normal representation is needed to strike a balance. This is a great way to help this website that won't negatively impact your computer and as a bonus, all other truth sites you visit will see a boost in their rank as well. Thanks!

New mail box and .is mail boxes BOTH BLACKLISTED FOR SPAMMING,

No mail was EVER SENT from the jstonemail box and the other .IS mail box only sent replies! All the spam filters say it is not blocked, but everything bounces, with the message: Sending box blacklisted!

I am working on a war plan, I can definitely return the favor if the mail header information is not needed to blacklist someone. And I intend to fix this, I cannot just keep changing mailboxes.

Here is cold hard proof they are lying about the blacklists and using them as a clandestine political weapon:

Take both my web site IP address: and the web site address: and what it says is the mail server address at and drop them into the blacklist search window at THE AUTHORITY for blacklist checking - MX embedded here (works from this page) and you will see I will not come up as listed (to fool the public and make me look stupid for saying I am,) and then take a look at the return information for my mails, which is below this search window.

click here to test this because the embed was affecting the way this web site runs


554 No SMTP service - IP address is black listed (what did I just read? Take that IP and drop it into the blacklist search window and it will not come up listed anywhere. THERE REALLY IS A HIDDEN BLACKLIST!)

From To reduce email spam reception, we use popular RBL ("Realtime Blackhole List") lists. These lists contain dynamic IP addresses and IP addresses currently known to be spam senders. In addition to this, we manage our own RBL lists based on various criteria. Please contact your system administrator and/or email provider who should check if the IP address they use is listed on one of these lists and who should then contact us as needed.

Here is the mail that triggered this spam block:

A message that you sent could not be delivered to one or more of its recipients. This is a permanent error. The following address(es) failed: host [] SMTP error from remote mail server after initial connection: (mxgmx102) Nemesis ESMTP Service not available 554-No SMTP service 554-The following IP address ( is black listed. 554 For explanation visit

------ This is a copy of the message, including all the headers. ------


Received: from localhost ([::1]:34616 by with esmtpa (Exim 4.85) (envelope-from ) id 1Ypips-0025vI-RG for; Tue, 05 May 2015 19:48:56 +0000 MIME-Version: 1.0 Content-Type: text/plain; charset=UTF-8; format=flowed Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit Date: Tue, 05 May 2015 19:48:56 +0000

From: To: peter tra Subject: Re: MOSSAD VIDEO SCREEN SHOT In-Reply-To: References: Message-ID: X-Sender: User-Agent: Roundcube Webmail/1.0.5

AAAHHH yes. Can't let Germany see the truth.

On 2015-05-05 15:25, peter wrote:


Blacklist mail box war plan: Let's screw the perpetrators long and hard . . . . .


OK, so here is what you do. Take this directory of synagogues, click their web site link, go to the "contact" link to get their E-mail address and black list every one of their mail boxes. EVEN MORE EFFECTIVE: GET THEIR WEB SITE IP ADDRESS AND BLACKLIST THAT, IT WILL DEFINITELY WORK AND TOTALLY SCREW THEM. THEN, blacklist EVERY ISRAELI EMBASSY WEB SITE. Then, DO IT TO SOMEONE ELSE YOU HATE, for example, if you hate MONSANTO that would be good. FOX NEWS, CNN, YOU NAME IT. As various web sites adapt to clear blacklists, just proceed to other Jewish owned companies and other blacklisting web sites, this can go on forever~! It is WAR TIME, SCREW EVERY ENEMY YOU CAN THINK OF. YOU WILL DAMAGE THEM BADLY BY WRECKING THEIR COMMUNICATIONS. You will get away with this because you don't have to identify yourself or provide any proof whatsoever. If you want to get in the game and fight these pricks that are destroying us in a way that won't come back to bite you, GET BUSY, let's make such huge waves that un accountable back stabbing cannot be done, if you screw with these types of people they will demand it to be impossible to blacklist them without any proof of wrongdoing, and there will be a way provided (in the future) to rebut a blacklist. Right now, NO SPAM BLOCKER WILL EVEN ADMIT I AM BLACKLISTED, YET THERE IT IS IN PLAIN TEXT AND THAT MAKES THE "REBUTTAL PROCESS" PHONY.

Here is a message I sent to Spamhaus:

Face it. I never spam, and you allow people to back stab and blacklist people for purely political reasons. What's worse? You conceal the blacklisting.

I have a total combined reader base, between the main web site and mirrors, of millions. You and others will never cope with that if I instruct these people to start blacklisting perfectly legitimate web sites to get even. Perfectly legitimate web sites that happen to be the enemy. What comes around goes around, I should not be on any blacklists and YOU KNOW IT.

If you fail to hold yourself accountable to bogus blacklisting, I will wipe you out, and you can't stop it, I am out of your jurisdictional reach, have a zillion web sites and will just pop up somewhere else and keep doing damage.

Eventually you will be seen as a useless service that can't get its act straight with regard to blacklisting.





It would all be great if you were who you say you are, for now, I am already proceeding to make your service TOTALLY USELESS.

Have fun!

NSA speech to text for keyboard searchable words?

For those of you who do not know, I am former NSA. A few years ago, (right after Fukushima when I changed my web site from photography to events coverage) I stated in no uncertain terms (WAY BEFORE SNOWDEN) that ANY cell phone made 2006 or later had always on speech to text, that had the cell phone sitting there using only standby power to convert everything said around it to text, and then it would send everything said to the NSA in neat little text packages that would not kill the battery or airtime and be totally unnoticed by the user.

And I was told I was full of it, a nut case idiot - whatever, and that "they can't and won't do that".

When Snowden came out with his "revelations" I repeated this - that the cell phone did not need to be "on" to record everything said around it, convert what is said to text, and send it to the NSA. I also (long before Snowden) said the NSA had every phone call in America on permanent archive, starting right around 2002. And no one believed it. But now that is at least partially admitted.

Now the speech to text aspect of NSA surveillance is in the spotlight again, from a more "official" source. FOR THE RECORD: If you are on the red list, your cell phone is definitely recording everything you say at all times even when "turned off", converting what you say to text, and putting it in your file at the NSA. This is not a joke, and though this new "official" LINKED FROM DRUDGE report does not take this far enough, I can once again say:


And after you read that limited hang out frog in the pot to get you warmed up for more later so you don't jump report, HERE IS THE REAL REPORT, IN A SINGLE LINE:

The NSA has, on file, in text form, provided BY YOUR CELL PHONES already converted to text before sending, EVERYTHING you have ever said around them, across ALL PHONES you have ever purchased since 2006.

CALL ME B.S. AND WAIT, JUST WAIT FOR THE NEXT MSM WARM UP and by then, if you say what you should not around your cell phone because I AM FULL OF IT, WELCOME TO THE RED LIST!

I find it very interesting that the first "ISIS" attack on U.S. soil corresponds so neatly with the start of Jade Helm.

Enough said.

China building first fully robotic factory.

They are calling it a breakthrough. But what about Ford, Toyota and others that did this over 20 years ago? How about this - One of the most surprising things I have ever seen was in a very small business that custom built electronic circuits for special applications. They had a robot that built these circuits, and they were complex circuits with hundreds of different components. The robot had cameras for eyes, precision stepper motors for its movements, a hand which amounted to an index finger and a thumb, and it was able to completely assemble, FROM SCRATCH, approximately 3 circuit boards an hour, complete with all electrolytic capacitors and diodes facing the correct direction, all integrated circuits properly soldered in place, EVERYTHING DONE on very complicated circuits and could be left alone to work by itself all night.

The man who owned the business had the comment: When you look at it working, it seems slow. But it does at least finish a circuit board every 20 minutes, which is as fast as any skilled person and I can leave it running all night and it will have 50 done when I get back, and it does not screw up. It does not need to be baby sat.

He then showed me how all it did was run a software program that had the circuit perfectly mapped out and precision did the rest, but it had to be set up properly to begin with. For example - if you put the wrong parts in the wrong slot for it to grab from, it would install them in the wrong place so you had to set it all up perfect, but once you did it was an automatic machine function after that.

What was really most interesting however is that it could look at the job and compare the result to what it had in memory and if anything was not correct it would know it and stop. But it could not fix what was wrong and make things work if initial setup was not done right. Additionally (and amazing) is if something odd happened (such as a stepper motor somehow missing a step, which messed up the hand orientation) the camera would give good enough reference to have the robot automatically correct the error and keep going. So it was not totally stupid either. It had a much more advanced "hand" capable of grabbing various shaped parts than what is in the photo to the left (a different electronics assembly robot.)

The robot was not as advanced as these two robots to the left, but 10 years have passed . . . .

Robots have been excellent for a long time if all they have to cope with is one little circuit board a foot or less across or a few welds on an auto body, or any perfectly predictable assembly setup that takes no thinking, only correction when orientation is a little off.

This robot factory in China, which is being hailed as a breakthrough is not any sort of breakthrough, America has been doing this for decades and with 200 employees still needed in this Chinese factory "all robot" is a false claim. Most people do not realize just how advanced robotic manufacturing really is, I can't think of an assembly job more complex than an electronic circuit, if robots have been doing that without supervision for over a decade they can do any factory job there is.

What about Asimo - the robot that can handle random? Asimo is a humanoid robot made by Honda that can walk in crowds of people without bumping into anyone, can do random, (such as kick a soccer ball to President Obama) and can operate in a fully three dimensional environment with random references without screwing anything up. That is actually an advanced robot and despite the fact that it is still bad at random thought, Asimo is worlds ahead of any assembly robot. Asimo is one step short of Chappie, and though Chappie is fictional robots are a lot farther along than most people realize. Chappie will be here sooner than people think, my guess is definitely less than a decade. These photos of Asimo are new ones (2015) Asimo is still being improved and plenty of Youtube videos exist.

May 4 2015

Back from a one day vacation that started at 4PM yesterday. It was good.


This is a complete compilation of security video which was put together after a Mossad hit in a Dubai hotel. Regardless of what any trolls on the web say, this video was corroborated with other evidence by law enforcement and is totally legit. It runs a half hour. If you want to see the Mossad in action, it does not get any better than this. This operation had more parts than a swiss watch and ran just as smoothly.

Click here to view

MANY people have notified me of the Deagel forecast

Many people are aware of the forecast of a U.S. population reduction to 64 million by 2025. I covered this at least a year ago, but this topic has recently come to the forefront again. Whether or not it is legit remains to be seen, HOWEVER, SOMETHING NEW IS THERE:

UPDATE FROM DEAGEL.COM, the forecast has gained a little credibility. Due to the huge internet stir their web site caused, they have posted an official explanation of America's numbers in 2025. Here is the most relevant paragraph:

"The key element to understand the process that the USA will enter in the upcoming decade is migration. In the past, especially in the 20th century, the key factor that allowed the USA to rise to its colossus status was immigration with the benefits of a demographic expansion supporting the credit expansion and the brain drain from the rest of the world benefiting the States. The collapse of the Western financial system will wipe out the standard of living of its population while ending ponzi schemes such as the stock exchange and the pension funds. The population will be hit so badly by a full array of bubbles and ponzi schemes that the migration engine will start to work in reverse accelerating itself due to ripple effects thus leading to the demise of the States. This unseen situation for the States will develop itself in a cascade pattern with unprecedented and devastating effects for the economy. Jobs offshoring will surely end with many American Corporations relocating overseas thus becoming foreign Corporations. We see a significant part of the American population migrating to Latin America and Asia while migration to Europe - suffering a similar illness - won't be relevant."

This is worth looking at again, hoax or not. The description of what will happen to America is posted below the chart and is FAR MORE detailed than what I posted here. T

The relevant page at is HERE And it is interesting to note - Deagle is not forecasting a massive intentional kill off to get America to those numbers all by themselves (though they do say this will be a major factor), the site is more focused on people leaving America on their own.

I am sitting the fence on this one, it all seems a little far fetched to me. But not too far out there to mention . . . .

May 3 2015



"CRISPR/Cas9 makes it possible for nearly any scientist to edit DNA in nearly any cell. In the last couple of years, scientists have used it to edit genes in adult human cells"

A reader in Mexico wrote: As I've mentioned in previous e-mails, I also live in Mexico, and after seeing your video I decided to go take a look at the Chickensaurus drumsticks you saw at Soriana. Wow. They really are huge. And ashen colored. Not enticing at all.

My comment: People commenting on the Youtube video just don't get it. I am not a child, and KNOW WITH ABSOLUTE CERTAINTY that these cannot possibly be natural, there is no chicken that big, not even on serious hormones, these are like drumsticks off a turkey. I am not inexperienced with food! I do not try to eat hormone free natural foods, I just buy what is cheap. Not this though! There is OBVIOUSLY SOMETHING WRONG. WRONG COLOR, HUGE BONES, 4X OR MORE OVER SIZED.


In a report released by the LA times today (Sunday, May 3, 2015) it has been admitted that Scientists have already made genetic changes to thousands of organisms, and that a new technology had been developed that allowed common scientists to design and implement changes to DNA of ANY ORGANISM that are permanent and passed along through the generations.


All they did was keep the fact that they were tweaking practically everything (thousands of species) hush hush until it was way beyond too late for the public to protest. Now that the genie is totally out of the bottle and can never be put back in the bottle, they are informing the public. I had already warned people about the permanently genetically modifying T4 nanobots in earlier reports, Now the LA times is breaking the news to the idiots who would never find a web site like this, and it is probably game over. WARNING: IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO BECOME WHAT AN ELITE GLOBALISTS WANTS YOU TO BECOME, NEVER GET A SHOT EVER AGAIN IN YOUR LIFE, THAT IS HOW THE GENE MODIFYING TECHNOLOGY GETS INTO YOU (this was not stated in their article but I already know after being told by friends in the medical community,) and HOW ELSE could it happen anyway?

No wonder why they are now making it illegal or impossible to say no to vaccines in so many places - They want to convert the world population into their servant species. If this was not the case, they would not be trying to make resistance futile! Got your bug out plan? I think it is time to go with it if under force you HAVE TO get a shot!

I am positive I have shot video of genetically modified chicken in the video - now that the LA times is admitting it has been done thousands of times, I can't possibly see this any other way.

May 1 2015

The new method of web censorship

Glitch wrote: Tptb realize that they cannot censor the web via government controls and regulations, nor through corporate takeover and control, so that leaves them with one last option: a Trojan Horse. Not a Trojan Horse virus, but an actual Trojan Horse ploy. They will play upon everyone's fear of their privacy being compromised to lead them right into the meat grinder. How so?

I noticed a while back that Chromium (and all derivatives, i.e. Chrome) and Firefox are making it a pain in the ass for people to browse websites with self-signed certificates. You now have to go through 6 (at last count) clicks in chrome for EVERY self-signed certificate on a website. What's more is that they are making self-signed websites sound REALLY scary to normal users now when they see that prompt box come up. I know this was not coincidence, and this latest piece of news from Mozilla proves it:

To put in Layman's terms, what they are proposing to do is to start disabling new rendering engine (Gecko in this case) features from working on plain non-encrypted web pages, and to eventually completely drop support for them. Now how does this tie into the the self-signed certificate-fuckery in Chrome and Firefox these days? In order to have a web page with HTTPS, your HTTPS certificate has to be signed, and trusted by the end user. Modern web browsers keep a list of root Certificate Authorities (CAs) that they trust, so any certificates signed by those CAs are considered valid. The thing is, those certificates, while a small cost for just about any company, are very expensive (comparatively) for individuals to buy, especially hobbyists.

Furthermore, CAs are actually more dangerous than self-signed certificates, if you know what you are doing, because now all it takes for someone like the NSA to intercept your secure communications (and everyone else's) is to acquire the root cryptographic key and forge signatures, enabling a classic MITM attack. Also, CAs do not have to sell you their certificate signature, as they can simply refuse your business, which again, ends up in your censorship if no one will visit a self-signed website in the first place.

Consider this whistle blown,


My response: I noticed something got flaky a while back, this is already in progress in earnest. Keep an eye out for this, we may need new open source browsers if they make this reality and I have no doubt at all they will try.

I accept being associated with Stew Webb, Jim Fetzer and other VT defectors

Maxine sent: From Jim Fetzer:

Delighted to hear from Jim Stone via you! I am forwarding this to Stew Webb and to Chip Tatum. They will be equally pleased. Duff is clearly the enemy of truth, justice and the American way! Situation unreal. Jim can write and have a radio show with us. Just let us know what Jim would like. Warm regards,


My response:

Glad to be here and consider me to be aboard, however, due to time constraints managing so many things on the web right now, I will give you prominent link ads on my site, to help you get plugged into more of the truth movement.

Rense assasination attempt

My note, before proceeding - the more I hear about this, the more I think it is absolutely real. They really did try to kill Rense. My opinion is that Rense may be wacked on the Fukushima topic, but with the rest he is extremely valuable, and "dangerous."

And now on to the original message:

James if you drive a car with anti-lock brakes, Disable them by removing the anti-lock braking power fuse. Jeff Rense got "Lady Dianed". All cars made since 2009 and on some earlier models have remote control cell phone chips installed in the cars black box cpu engine control system. It cannot be disabled by design. Rember all of the Toyota's with stuck gas pedals??? If the car is pre 2009 then they re-flash the cpu with a ram based virus that tells the brakes to pull left at high speed. It is loaded by the cars engine diagnostic port located under the steering wheel on most cars. It is stored in ram so when the power goes off it gets dumped so no prof of sabotage is left.

The only defense is to install a kill switch on the engine cpu and on the anti-lock brakes. If the car goes nuts hit the panic button. As for Jeff it happened to fast to react. This is how they got Lady Diana back in France. They rigged the cars braking system by plugging in a Automotive Performance chip into the cars ECM connector. You can get them on EBAY and program them your self if you are good at machine code programing.

Thanks, Jeff Smith Before I forget --- Please BE SAFE in this time when yet two more (Rense and another) had assasinations attempted on them!!! Prayers your way!

"ISIS" psy op is causing busts of other people, this time the CIA!

Peter wrote:

thru Les Visible's smoking mirrors

thought youd like it...

cheers peter

My response: Yep, you were right

Unknown wrote:

Have you ever followed this fellow, "Mr. Cati"???

Do you have any sense of or information re time manipulation, CERN and that we may be being time manipulated? Because I felt all March and part of April that time was way off???

Just wondering. Mr. Cati is a bit way out there but intriguing!

My response

The time distortion is probably not real, HOWEVER, I personally think it is Haarp and other technologies that are making our perception of time go out of whack.

If I can get away from all the cell towers out into the true wilderness, and then spend a day there, it lasts forever the way the days did before, PLUS, when I sleep I actually dream and the night seems to last forever and I wake up feeling great. I think the "elite" are jacking with our perceptions via the EM spectrum when we are in populated areas.

April 30 2015

China definitely invented impulse drive, and Nasa may have come up with warp drive.

I have read up on the reports and discarded the disinfo and fluff. Here is the skinny:

By taking a standard microwave oven magnetron and placing it in a cone shaped metallic structure, the Chinese, beyond a doubt, have come up with an impulse drive that could, if powered by a nuclear reactor (obviously with a much larger magnetron) get a large spacecraft to Mars in less than a week, as it is RIGHT NOW. There is a lot of fluff trying to cover this up by quoting only thrust levels from Nasa's far less successful efforts that would get to mars in 90 days.

It would be able to do it with only nuclear fuel, with absolutely nothing expelled from the spacecraft. The only limit to travel would be how long the reactor and thruster lasted. This system could get to the nearest star (other than the sun) in about 8 years, AS IT IS NOW, not the 90 years Nasa quoted.

To compliment this, Nasa probably has the beginnings of warp drive

Nasa scientists have noted a temporal distortion in front of one of their latest projects (which appears as a mirage effect) that is 40 times in excess of what the input power could account for in terms of a distortion created by a mirage due to heating of the air. They are guessing it is a real compression of space / time. The power levels they are using are so low that scaling them up to something useful would be easy. They will be testing this in a vacuum, where if the mirage effect still appears will prove it really does work. This, if successfully coupled to the already proven successful and fully explainable testable and observable chinese "impulse drive" would make star trek like space travel a reality, with the impulse engines providing the velocity needed to make a warp bubble useful.

You sort of have to be a trekkie to know what I am talking about with regard to a warp bubble . . . . .

At any rate, it will all be good if it worked, ONLY IF the "elite" could avoid being the destroying aliens on independence day. Don't hold your breath for hope, I really do think they are that bad. We'd be galactic parasites if not full blown terrorists if they found a way to make it happen.

How fast is the speed of light? Actually, not very fast. With a standard acceleration of 32 feet per second (1 g) you would hit the speed of light in less than a year. Any real thruster technology would do that with ease. The Chinese impulse drive will probably eventually hit that level with refinements. The thrust is real already, not just a fringe effect with theoretical hopes.

Speed of light at 1g: 32x3600x24x365/5280 = 191,127 miles/second with 1 year of acceleration. Speed of light = 186,000 miles / second. Even impulse drive would be super useful at 1 g, Alpha Centauri, fully parked, in 5.5 years!

Bugging out? What is the minimum for a useful solar setup?

Let's say you are bugging out and everything you take with you has to fit in a car, on your back or with whatever limits you have . . . . Obviously electricity would be wanted, but if you are not going to bother with refrigeration and air conditioning, how much electricity do you really need? Here is the bug out breakdown for various needs:

A 10 watt solar panel would need a 20 amp hour battery to store a day's charge. The panel and battery would fit in a backpack and would be able to run 2 10 watt CFL bulbs for 2 hours at night, and keep 2 android tablets fully charged and in use all day as well as keep at least 3 cell phones and other items, such as MP3 players, flashlights, portable radios and digital cameras going. 10 watts is where it all starts, don't go with less and don't go with crap, make sure your setup is polycrystalline, not amorphous and remember that with polycrystalline if even a blade of grass casts a shadow on the panel in even one small spot, it won't work, these need clear and open sun but they work GREAT.

A 10 watt solar panel will be completely wiped out by an inverter if it is left on all the time, with that small of a panel you would use a very small inverter (300 watts or less) and only have it on as needed. Turn on the inverter and charge everything at the same time.

Roughing it easy - a 50 watt solar panel. This is small enough to easily go along with a motorcycle, ATV or other small bug out vehicle. It will need a 100 amp hour battery. Once you have this, you have options. But options with hard choices. You could run all the CFL lights you want for as long as you want, as well as could warm your coffee and cook breakfast with an electric hot plate for 15 minutes per day, OR run a modern 32 inch LCD television for at least 6 hours a day, or keep a modern high performance computer going all day, or run super basic refrigeration in a small cube style refrigerator, - take your choice, a 50 watt panel will keep all your gadgets charged, lights going, plus ONE of the convenience items listed. If all you wanted to do was run an electric hot plate, a properly managed 50 watt panel would glow it red for 45 minutes a day. 10 minutes to warm breakfast without lighting a fire could be done with ease. Since tiny cube style refrigerators only take 100 watts and if kept out of the sun will only run a total of 3 hours a day, a 50 watt panel would handle that if not drained off with something else.

If I had it as a bug out option, I'd go with a panel that had between 50 and 80 watts. That is actually a lot of portable power. This is into the range where you actually have to use it if you make it or you will destroy even a large battery by boiling it off. Absent refrigeration, if you use fire to cook, this would make life look normal. And a panel of that size is still fairly easy to manage if you have to change location for any reason and you don't have gas.

A 50 watt panel will still need consideration of inverter use, the inverter alone would chew a lot of available power if left on all the time and a small inverter (300 watts or less) would still be appropriate.

SIDE NOTE: That 45 watt solar setup Harbor Freight sells is an outmoded piece of trash. Don't bother. It can be done a lot better and easier than that, and not even the basics of a proper solar outfit were considered with that particular setup. Nowadays, it can all be done with ONE small polycrystalline panel, a deep cycle battery and a 300 watt inverter, and it will be a setup that actually has a small element of "robust" to it. If you took only the panels off the harbor freight setup and ditched everything else, you might accomplish something with them but then you would have to deal with 3 panels. Not fun.

Let's say you have a 4x4 with a camper and 2,000 pounds of supplies going to a cabin (a bug out dream.) In this case a 250 watt panel might be sensible. This will put you into a range where as long as you don't waste power with incandescent light, don't need air conditioning, don't do a lot of cooking with electricity, in other words, if you have a power conservation mentality a panel of that size, along with five huge batteries, would do a lot.

It would run a well pump with a pressure tank setup so you could have running water (provided it was not a power hungry well) at the same time it ran a medium sized energy efficient refrigerator, at the same time it ran all the lights and computing devices, you could have a microwave (with a big enough inverter) it would be life as normal. Depending on various choices you made, you might still have to hand wash clothes but if everything was kept super efficient a 250 watt panel would even give enough juice for a couple loads of wash per week (and that is a biggie, hand washing is a terrible waste of life, believe me, I learned that one!)

Inverter use would be a matter of choice at this point, a 250 watt solar panel would, even without any battery left, still be enough to charge the batteries at the same time a modern energy efficient full sized refrigerator was running (provided everything else was switched off). Modern refrigerators only take 150 watts or so. As long as everything is kept energy efficient, 250 watts would do life as normal.

Above 250 watts - At this point life will be normal if you do not need air conditioning. Anything below 500 watts will still need consideration of conservation. However, 500 watts even if not managed correctly would provide 3 KWH per day. Look at your electric bill. How many KWH do you use in a month? If you want no compromises and want life totally as normal, just calculate from that. 3KWH/day equals 90 kwh/month. However, a 500 watt setup, if optimally managed, (moving the panels twice per day) would hit up to 150 kwh/month

A little side note here - Plasma televisions are energy hogs. Even a small one takes 600 watts. If you are going solar, a sledge hammer would be a great option for a plasma television. However, a 32 inch LCD television will only eat 45 watts at full brightness if it is a modern one.

War in the truth movement

There is a huge war going on with Veterans Today right now. I have had my own war with Duff that I never asked for, where he has done nothing but slander me while plagiarizing my work in a really greasy way - I will nail a truth, and two or three days later the duffer will publish the exact same topic making the exact same points perfectly reworded and spun in with so much crap it is seriously damaged and obviously with no credit given to the source - Duff is an enemy.

Fortunately I have a huge influence on my own and don't need Duff as others do. Duff has lots of writers that have to toe the line or get the boot. A large number of his better writers got sick of it all, and there is now a mutiny underway. They are asking others to join them, and This is my offer to join For some reason I cannot get ahold of these people, this is my first and only notice, they can contact me directly, if they take me on the only thing I can offer is recognition of them across 3 separate Alexa top 100,000 web sites (that is very high status on the web) it would do them good. Anyway, if I receive no notice in the mail after posting this, I will ignore what is going on. I just hate Veterans Today. Such a load of crap the duffer is. Here is a portion of what the rebellion there is putting out:

Veterans Truth Network (4-28-15) Gordon Duff Roast

Published on Apr 29, 2015

Stew Webb, Jim Fetzer, Dean Henderson, Gene Tatum, and Bruce Campbell come together in this 3 hour special to give the proof that Gordon Duff is a lying fraud that only wants to try to control the alternative media so he can put out his known lies. Gordon Duff has put out lies such as vaccines are good for you, Jade Helm is no big deal, Jesus never existed, he protects Lee Wanta, he runs security for Africa and that he would never censor his writers!

All patriots and veterans should now go to which is 100% uncensored and run by patriots who have been blowing the whistle and taking action for DECADES!

Like I said, if you want me aboard you will get at least a blurb, I have lots of pokers in the fire with this web site and can't do much more than just be around occasionally. AS A SIDE NOTE: There are assassination attempts as part of this story, with Jeff Rense being a target as well. This is actually a huge issue, but I omitted a lot of text from the original message, just watch the linked Youtube video.

April 29 2015

Apple watch needs to see your blood before it works!


Here's something interesting and creepy beyond belief - the Apple watch needs to see your blood and know it is being worn before it can receive calls and notifications, OR before it can be used to do any online transaction.

On the back of the Apple watch there is a light that has to penetrate your skin and see your blood before the watch will accept the fact that it is being worn. This is part of the heart monitor function. At first I thought this had to be a hoax, but the apple blogs confirm it is real. Apple refuses to comment.

Because of this, people who have tattoos on their wrist cannot use the apple watch to do much of anything, not even make calls or receive notifications because tattoos block the watch from seeing their blood. They can't make online purchases or do anything that requires security because the apple watch wants to see your blood to prove it is you wearing it, and if it cannot it will not enable even basic features.

I will never buy an apple watch or anything else like it, it is just too creepy for me. Why on earth would any gadget need to see my blood before it will function? I believe Apple knew the watch would have this problem, and specifically designed it to so the yuppie crowd would buy this gadget, later discover it works this way, and then accept future biometric technologies that function a similar way.

Not for me, not now, NOT EVER.


Cell phones can be hacked and have their transmitters be modulated in a way that interferes with your heart and can trigger a heart attack. This has been discussed in detail on this web site before. Let me explain a little for people who have not seen this here before - Via AM hetrodyning of your cell phone's transmitter, it is possible to cause a voltage to be generated in your body, to a depth of a little more than 10 centimeters. If a cell phone is close enough to your body, this voltage can be used to trigger a heart attack. This is not science fiction, it is cold hard reality.

SO, IF YOUR WATCH IS A HEART MONITOR THAT IS COMMUNICATING WITH YOUR CELL PHONE THIS CAN BE TAKEN ANOTHER STEP, WITH YOUR WATCH CONFIRMING YOU ARE DEAD AND YOUR CELL PHONE SENDING BACK A SUCCESS REPORT. The success of assassination via this method is about to get a steep increase. Obviously Apple never thought of this, this is NSA/CIA stuff, however, the Iwatch is


NBC NEWS releases SCAM headline report about Pamela Gellar "Hamas killing Jews" ads

Here is what they are publishing as a headline after the MTA banned Pamela Gellar via banning of all political ads:

"MTA Votes to Ban All Political Advertising After Judge OKs "Hamas Killing Jews" on City Buses"

Considering they are talking about Pamela Gellar's ad to the left here being banned by the MTA via a blanket ban on all political advertising after Pamela pulled this stunt, and NBC news presenting it in a way that STRONGLY IMPLIES THE MTA BLOCKED HAMAS FROM POSTING "HATE" rather than reality - zionist Pamela Gellar getting blocked for just being herself.

NBC news is nothing but a scam front that could not report the truth in a straight way even if threatened with being nuked.

Just look at how they reported Baltimore and everything else, Seriously, in the day of the internet it is only a matter of time before escalating public awareness relegates such media scam tactics to a buried layer somewhere under the Jurassic period that archaeologists have to dig for.

I have a great response to Pamela Gellar here, all ready to go, that is STILL RELEVANT. Download this, print it, and throw it everywhere, on buses, the subway, store bulletin boards, the whole 9 yards and give Pamela a little backlash. This will work anywhere in the country, not only New York and in addition to the Iran slideshow at the top of this page which can be used in Android devices to wake people up, finding a flyer like this one about Netanyahoo laying somewhere could be the wake up call a sleeping zombie needs.

This will print very clearly up to a very large size and still be good as a half sheet flyer. Click it to download.

Bloods and Crips go public, stating they did not do riots

All circumstance points to the CIA importing paid government thugs to trash Baltimore

1. The mayor told the police to stand down and allow the "protesters" room to destroy. This would be the modus operandi for a staged op.

2. The Bloods and the Crips went public along with the smaller gangs, all stating that they did not do the riots, never gave an order to "kill all cops" and that when they saw their city being torn up, it was they who tried to put a stop to it while the police did nothing.

3. Police Commissioner Anthony W. Batts made open public statements that all the violence was being perpetrated by a small minority of people who were not from Baltimore. The sub implications were that any locals arrested were tag-along "me too" types that were stupid enough to get involved in a staged event. I think the Police commissioner knew it was all staged and did not agree, but he can't say the hardcore details of what went on and keep his job.

4. Jade helm police state exercises are underway now and though Baltimore is out of the Jade Helm area, the National Guard was still called in to "stop the violence" which according to the police commissioner was imported violence not from his city.

This reeks of an agenda driven police state scenario so strongly I'd prefer the smell of an overloaded porta potty at a state fair. Seriously, we are really getting into the strong smell of filth in the government with this one.

Interesting it is that this open public statement of non involvement at a coordinated meeting of gangs that normally want to kill each other (which alone is news, they all got together without a gunfight to say they did not do it) is seriously pressworthy, yet NOT A PEEP about this in the MSM? Perhaps because it does not suit a dark agenda? Take a look at this meeting - it is a real eye opener, if you know anything about the gangs this should be impossible. I guess the enemy of the enemy is a friend, and these gangs all saw a common enemy in the government that framed them for doing what they did not do.

IT IS VERY IMPORTANT TO NOTE HERE THAT they must have had explicit approval from their respective leadership to go public in this way because doing so without permission is an automatic death sentence. This meeting in the video for the most part stands as irrefutable proof the gangs did not do this to Baltimore, and if not them, WHO DID?

Texas monitoring Jade Helm

Texas Governor Greg Abbott has ordered members of the Texas Military to monitor federal troops in an upcoming two-month training exercise planned for the Lone Star State.

"During the training operation, it is important that Texans know their safety, constitutional rights, private property right and civil liberties will not be infringed," the governor wrote. "I am directing the Texas State Guard to monitor Operation Jade Helm 15." Read more here

April 28 2015

Tesla released a home powering battery

I got bad info on this and have rescinded the first report. The 10kw battery in fact costs only $3,000 for 10 years of use, not $13,000 and at that price it might make sense. This is because it has over a 10 year life span, does not take up much space, and is pretty much plug and play. Though trolling batteries would still be 1/4th the price, over time (because trolling batteries will wear out) the Tesla battery would be cheaper and up front would be a LOT less work.

My conditions for buying would be: $1800 price tag (provided I had the cash), I own it, no strings attached AND NO REMOTE CONTROLLED BRAIN. If you found a way to slap that thing on an E-bike you would do the tour de France on one charge! Additionally, with such a battery home tinkerers could easily do viable DIY electric cars. I hope Tesla makes it with this one, a $3,000 price tag for that nice of a battery is actually really cheap (but I am still too cheap for it, I would need something really cheap.)

Iran has stopped and detained a U.S. cargo ship with a Marshall Islands flag

Update: Here are some interesting new details:

Rumor has it that Iran got intelligence from a spy in Turkey that this ship was being used to resupply ISIS and other Islamic militant groups with weapons being used to oust Assad and cause mayhem in Yemen, compliments of the CIA. Though the details on this are sketchy, they do make sense and YEEHAW, it is an American ship and if Iran finds what they are looking for, TSHTF and it will be the END OF ISIS. The U.S. dispatched a destroyer to confront Iran over this . . . .

The news on this is too new for details (first report 8 minutes ago) Al Arabia and CNBC have reported that the ship is being held in Bandar Abbas port with 34 crew. Most likely they had a good reason to do this, who knows what the outcome will be?

UPDATE: FARS now reporting that the ship entered Iran's territorial waters without authorization, which is impossible to do by accident in today's world with GPS, and ADDITIONALLY IMPOSSIBLE because Iran only claims 12 miles, which would mean the land would be in clear view, making an intrusion obvious to the ship's operators. This was either an intelligence gathering ship or it was done on purpose by the U.S. to make trouble.


UPDATE: It was the Maersk Tigris, pictured here

UPDATE: Ship U.S. owned, but Marshall Islands flagged (all of them are) because the Marshall Islands do not put a bunch of strict regulations on vessels and do not tax them to death. All the U.S. carriers flag their ships Marshall Islands.

Most likely the most current breaking news on this will be HERE

Ha! Many people are saying it is the Marshall Islands, so it does not matter. Think again!

April 27 2015


Mayor commands police to give rioters free reign and help them loot and burn by stopping owners from defending their property while not interfering with violent rioters in any way!


Kerr wrote:

You may not read this email in time to listen for the real fireworks, but, I have been following the Baltimore Police scanner "live" off and on and it is pretty much verifying everything you said, which I agree with wholeheartedly. Several times about an hour ago I heard a Sergeant in an angry and heated tone of voice telling his patrol officers NOT to leave their cars and only drive around and report on what they saw regarding the 50 or so looters removing objects from a Target store.

Baltimore City Police Special Event Live Audio Feed I just LOVE that title, 'Special Event'. or Not sure if the top one will link.

I listened to the same fiasco play out in Ferguson with the protesters. This will probably go on for a few nights of MSM hyped up coverage, so just make sure you listen after dark in Baltimore, that's when they really get wound up.

Gee, simply amazing that this is all starting exactly on the day that Loretta Lynch was confirmed as Holder's replacement. Nothing like following a script! Quick everybody, forget about Eric Holder and all the bullshit he pulled! Look, Look at the other hand!

There is only one way to fix all of this and what needs to be pulled ain't a lever in a ballot box!

As we all know, Problem, Reaction, Solution.

UPDATE: I CALLED IT - The scenario in Baltimore is unfolding EXACTLY as I outlined it below.

The police have been ordered to not stop the violent rioters, and instead have been ordered to stop people from protecting their property from rioters by arresting and detaining those who protect their property. Baltimore is an intentional setup for martial law. THE NATIONAL GUARD HAS BEEN CALLED IN TO MAKE IT HAPPEN.

Mayor of Baltimore Stephanie Rawlings-Blake admitted in a press conference that she gave instructions for police to protect protesters, including "those who wished to destroy," and to give them some space.

People who were victimized by the rioting have reported being detained in a baseball park as rioters looted and wrecked their homes! That's right - at the heart of the rioting, homeowners were detained in a ball park while the mayor ordered the police to not only permit violent protesters, BUT TO PROTECT THEM as they looted and smashed the city all the while non-rioters were detained to prevent them from stopping the damage! UPDATE: Riots have since spiraled upward to apocalyptic levels.

Her public statement is here, At the 7:30 mark and if this vanishes it is too late, people all over the place are onto this and it won't get buried.

So now it is perfectly obvious, we have direct proof:

The riots are, in effect, government sponsored and what will be the outcome to "problem, reaction, solution?" YOU GUESS.

And how about this for the full scenario:

1. Have paid off thugs parading as cops kill a few innocents to spark race hate.

2. Publish these killings with a broken record script, repeating over and over and over, to whip one race into a frenzy against the other.

3. Send agent provocateurs to spark violence during protests to get ordinary protesters to riot and start destroying

4. Order the police to not only stand back and let anyone smashing, burning and robbing to do it uninhibited, ORDER THE POLICE TO STOP ANYONE FROM PROTECTING THEIR PROPERTY WHEN THIS HAPPENS, ORDER POLICE TO AID AND ABET THE RIOTERS.

5. Then have a police state smack down, with more surveillance and more police state control over normal decent people.

That is how tyranny is born folks, and this time is the first time we can watch it as an established government act. UPDATE: THE NATIONAL GUARD HAS BEEN ACTIVATED, IT IS FOLLOWING MY SCRIPT TO THE LETTER.

Global warming scam imploding . . .

The following graphs are not from a single ground station, they are from a satellite relay station in Puerto Casado, where satellites relayed composite global data back to Earth (for the later portion of the graphs). The left of the graph has the average global temperature in degrees celsius.

This is what Al Dork tried to push:

And this is what really happened:

Both graphs quoted the same data. However, the top graph is a lie, which intentionally misrepresented the data. You were not delusional. It really has been cold. Read more Here

April 26 2015

Could Cern be responsible for recent disasters?

Many people have written to me asking this. My answer is, For as long as it is used as originally designed and stated, NO. However . . . . .

If a magnetic device the size of Cern was intentionally set up to synchronize all the individual fields in a destructive way, the answer is a solid YES. You could easily flip the earth's magnetic poles (given enough time) and do all sorts of weird stuff. I have also previously stated that DC power distribution lines (the DC portion of the power grid, which has DC power lines spanning hundreds of miles) could impact the planet as well, but these are not optimized even a tenth of a tenth of a tenth of a percent as well as Cern is. I really don't know what the outcome would be for clandestine use of Cern, but obviously if the many many absolutely giant magnetic fields cern has were used in an abusive way I believe it would have dire consequences.

Cern's magnetic fields are supposed to be modulated or of very short duty cycle (each) during operation, to accelerate an atomic particle like a giant rail gun. But if they were not run in sequential order and were simply all turned on in patterns or simultaneously, that would be an abuse of the system that was never put on paper (officially) and I really do not know what the outcome would be, obviously there would be military value.


Earthquake in Nepal now all but confirmed man made.


If you are not familiar with this from past web site history, you need to read mails from Japan, the real perspective, which is linked below in this report.

UPDATE: KEY INFO - SHALLOW DEPTH OF 11 KM HALLMARK OF EARTHQUAKE MACHINE - Nepal, at 20,000 plus feet means that the "earthquake" really originated only FOUR KILOMETERS - 2.5 miles below sea level! IMPOSSIBLE!

The man made quakes and natural quakes are not the same in the way they feel. People familiar with natural quakes do not at first recognize a man made quake as an earthquake at all, they just wonder why the earth started feeling like it was spinning, or that they felt like they slipped on grease, or that the world was suddenly made out of jello.

When I felt the man made quake with an epicenter in Chiapas, it felt greasy and liquid, and first moved East, then North, then West, and it felt like I was being slid. I had felt other earthquakes before, and it did not feel the same. Within a day it was revealed that the Chiapas quake had a drill scheduled for the exact same magnitude, time, and location as the quake, and people were in the middle of an earthquake drill, outside, when it happened. THE KICKER: President Obama's daughter was at the epicenter. To the lower left here is the notice of an earthquake drill that was published two weeks before the quake in Chiapas.

Interesting it is then that a week before the quake in Nepal, there was a huge international earthquake conference to discuss earthquakes in Nepal a week before this quake happened. LOOKIE HERE!

And today I got the kicker - a facebook post from someone who was there, which reads:

"Here in base camp we initially felt minor tremmors, then the ground began to feel like jelly as waves passed through the rocks beneath our feet. Climbers appeared from tents all over camp to try to start to comprehend what they were feeling."

Gee - take a look at what people sent me from Japan, during that "earthquake"

"HI James. This morning we got M 6.7 quakes. Again, it was weird motion."

"One thing, I remember the first 'bump' on the 9th. I was sitting in an office full of Japanese. I said 'jishin'(earthquake)...they said 'no, it isn't'....but it was...just a kind of rolling motion."

The Japanese know what a normal quake is, and specifially said it was NOT a quake after feeling it. This measured a 7.4 richter. So what moved the ground so much it measured a 7.4, and the Japanese did not call it a quake?

"Yes, gooey is a good description. I have lived here for 17 years and felt every sort of quake, but never gooey, liquid quakes. Many people suffered nausea and symptoms of vertigo...dis-orientation for many weeks. I noted that when I took a bath, and I was afraid to do even this, the water was vibrating in the tub...constant vibration. I could see this in my fish tanks, too."

My comment: An earthquake machine can just be left on, and keep things vibrating as long as they want. Read more eyewitness accounts of the 3/11 Japan earthquake Here (this is well worth a read because it will help people know when an earthquake is natural and when it is a man made scam.)

April 25 2015

Earthquake in Nepal

I was suspicious it was man made, WELL LOOKIE HERE!

I think the volcanic eruptions in Chile were also artificially triggered but have not found the tie in . . . . . . .

An Italian wrote to me confirming what I thought about the refugee boat from Libya being torpedoed, along with all the info about "zionists" luring refugees to Europe for organ theft and slavery. Long story . . . . . I have something I am working on now and will get to this bust later (probably for release on Monday)

I am at present working on the red pill.

April 24 2015

There is a lot of ground to cover today

Many people have asked me how to convince people there is a conspiracy. I have the answer, a single undeniable way that will blow the matrix wide open, and even if your brain washed subject denies it at the time, the illusion they live in will eventually shatter. I will post this later, after I finish it.

Holograms in the sky? There are too many reports of sky holograms to skip over. So I will touch on this.

There is a US DOD program called Project Blue Beam that can put images in the sky. It has already been used during the Iraq war, where U.S. forces put an image of God in the sky that spoke to Iraqi soldiers commanding them to surrender. If you ever see anything like this, IGNORE IT, this is now an old technology and you won't see any projector beams going up to make it, it will look TOTALLY REAL, three dimensional, and it will be completely fake. The recent sightings of barcodes and cities in the sky are most likely all just tests of this technology.

I believe this is very important for people to at least know about, and to not fall for a scam rapture or "call from God" that comes through your eyes and ears rather than your heart. It will be freaky when (or if) you ever see it, and very difficult to ignore. Just remember if you do see something like this that it has already been convincingly used during warfare over a decade ago. Lots of images and info HERE and it will be mixed with kookery to discredit whistleblowers, but IT IS REAL, dig through the info and discern for yourself.

Glitch wrote

The malls in Tehran blow away American malls even, it's not even close. And they're not even greedy consumers like Americans&Israelis.

The middle one to the far right is a perfect comparison point to the Mall of America. It makes the MoA look like a children's play set in comparison. The floors are taller, there's more of them, they're more spacious, and that's only one wing.

Erich wrote James, Tainted Nightmare article on Most Read nonfunctional Thanks, fixed Larisa wrote:

they have destroyed all religious and cultural heritage of Islam. now they are working on throwing away the dead body of Muhammed from its resting place.

why America and Israel want to destroy and conquer Yemen. Yemen does not attack anybody, it has no army, no oil, no wealth.

The reason is its strategic location. Yemen is crucial to America as Crimea was crucial to Russia in control of vital sea lanes. The one who control Yemen will control the Horn of Africa sea lanes. Without Suez canal traffic, Russia will have to circumnavigate Africa to get to Iran, Asia, etc. Control of Yemen is to cut off Russia from reaching its allies. Russia will have to circumnavigate Russia to deliver missiles or other help to Iran. That will add 3 months to their journey. In case of attack on Iran this could mean decisive. If By denying these shipping channels, China could also be restrained or cut off from its markets.

they razed everything to ground in the name of wahabism.

My response: There is no doubt the house of Saud is Jewish and fully intends to slam Islam into the sewer, being the host to Mecca where they are now opening a sex toy shop, right by the grand mosque! If that does not say it all, what will? The house of Saud is a scamming load of crap that ushered in feminism to Saudi Arabia, and now the women are totally un marryable. Saudi men are not getting married anymore because the women have horrific tempers and attitudes, learned in college which all attend now. Who wants to live with a woman who is always right, hen pecks, and can never be satisfied with a "stupid" man? Forget the burqua, there is nothing a man would want underneath it there anyway, Just perfect for destroying the heartland of Islam. Why is the veil law in Saudi Arabia? to keep a sense of normalcy while the substance of the woman is shredded, out of sight, beneath the veil.

You probably won't find this referenced anywhere, but I have known Sauds personally and what I have stated above is certifiable fact, there is a serious crisis in Saudi Arabia because the men refuse to marry the feminist destroyed women. The burqua is a piece of fabric, not a piece of magic that automatically makes the woman under it good to be with.

I always hated the house of Saud, scamming lying sellouts to zion, and that is at best, when they are not outright plants and usurpers. However, before they destroyed Yemen I ignored them. Now they need a solid bashing.

milton wrote

My response: I saw that, pretty good reverse psychology there but I think they should have used more than one picture of Tehran. Still good for a chuckle though.

Mike wrote:

Might just be me, but this Jade Helm thing kinda, sorta looks like the land that La Raza wants to occupy in the Name of Mexico.

I haven't seen this point brought up anywhere. It does add up in a wicked sort of way when you think about it though.

My response: Jade helm is indeed taking place on disputed ground.

As it turns out, after reading both Mexican and American history, that really is for the most part stolen land acquired on tenuous grounds. However, by now eminent domain would be the rule I'd say.

Glitch wrote:

This stuff is finally coming to light, and hopefully stops not just in Wisconsin but all of the other states. Wisconsin is far from the only place where this shit is done.

This pretty well sums it up: "The Left kept chanting, 'This is what democracy looks like,' and in Wisconsin, democracy looked like Scott Walker winning again and again."

Anette wrote:

Hi Jim, I recall several months ago, or longer, that Hurricane Andrew was touched on. I recalled reading a very upsetting article about what actually happened....couldn't find the article. Better late than never, here you go. Very eye opening 1st person account.

Deadly Silences - The Hurricane Andrew Cover-up my response The hurricanes in America have amazingly low death counts that are purely synthetic. The hurricanes do far more than stated, and there are additional accounts that also state the the hurricanes are often cover for vanishing undesirables.

Charles wrote:

Hi Jim,

I'm a big fan, and a friend of mine turned me on to you (Bob Nelson, I think hes emailed you before).

Anyway, Im a USAF veteran and am WIDE awake. I live in NY, about 25 minutes North of NYC, and have a very hard time waking other people up. This is mainly due to the local Jewish population that scream anti-semetism whenever you point out the obvious.

I want to do something to affect my local area, and am trying to think of the cheapest and most effective way possible. What do you recommend?

My response: CHECK BACK IN A WHILE, I AM WORKING ON THIS, thanks! Bradovarius wrote:

The two gellars

My response: That was a hack. It was up for way too long!

Helen wrote:

Larisa wrote: I have recommended your site to many people. they all complain about the same thing: They do not understand what you are talking about.

You are capable of writing understandable articles. But on your blog, you assume everybody who comes to your site has the same knowledge and information and enthusiasm as you.

Even I do not understand what you are talking about. Take an example:

'The Libyan refugees had to have been torpedoed.'

What refugee, what ship, what are you talking about?

People will not understand you. They will go away and never come back again.

My response:

A clarification on the migrant boat

A few days ago a boat loaded with 1,400 migrants trying to leave Libya for Europe was reported to have capsized, killing 900. PROBLEM: No boat capsized, this seems to be buried in the American press - here is what had to have happened, according to what was shown on the Mexican press:

Someone torpedoed a boat carrying 1,400 migrants and killed 900 in the blast. How do I know the boat did not capsize? Because there was substantial video on Mexican television showing the disaster scene and the boat was nothing but small fragments floating on the water with living people holding onto the pieces. There were many people holding onto pieces of boat with hundreds of survivors. There is no way that boat capsized or broke up normally, someone blew it up. The lies in the ziopress are a pretty good clue as to who did it.

Escalating the hate: Pamela Gellar (HA! HACK FIXED) spits on reality

Permalink: The following is going to be the permanent front page at but due to security reasons I cannot post this there until later today.

Take a look at this hate ad against Muslims Pamela Gellar is having posted all over New York: (I fixed the sign for her to reflect reality a little closer in the image to the right)

Obviously Pamela Gellar wants people hating Muslims so they go and destroy Iran. Yemen just was not enough (the house of Saud is so obviously Jewish after what they did to Yemen it makes me want to puke, I had my doubts prior)


Since you obviously hate Muslims so much, I'd like to initiate a little contest here: WHICH CITY IS MORE BEAUTIFUL, JEWISH TEL AVIV, OR MUSLIM TEHRAN?

This will be done in a completely un biased manner. There will be no way to fake this, it is just going to be reality.

First off, a Google image search of Tel Aviv and Tehran, general returns, first three lines (all following image sequences will be done the same way)

Let's get a good look at both cities

Tel Aviv:


My comment: Tel aviv has a free advantage because of the Mediterranean. But as for the actual city, they both look good, ADVANTAGE: Tehran - same quality infrastructure, 3 times the size.

A city is more than just buildings and roads, let's now take a look at what each city is actually like to live in. Seeing what the parks are like is a good indicator.

Tel Aviv park:

Tehran park:

My comment: Tel aviv parks are nothing but a mowed lawn. However, Iranians obviously prefer to make their parks beautiful, SOLID WIN: Tehran

Now let's take a look at other aspects of societal beauty a city would exhibit, how nice they make things is often reflected in the flowers. Tel aviv flowers:

Tehran flowers:

NO SHOW: Tel Aviv. No competition win: Tehran. Iranians obviously like to make things beautiful, what more can I say?

I guess one could argue that parks and flowers are easy to do, any tyrant can enslave the people and make those beautiful, but what about a mall?

Tel Aviv mall:

Tehran mall

My comment: First off, at first glance they are equal. But with a closer look, you can see that the Iranian malls are on a mega scale, with vast open spaces and the Israeli malls look like ordinary malls in America. As far as investment goes, Iranian malls obviously win here upon second look. Caveat: Tehran is 3 times the size of Tel Aviv. A larger mall would be expected. But since the ziopress lies about Muslims so much, you would not expect Tehran to have a mall at all. Since what Tehran has is equal to or better than Tel Aviv, SOLID WIN: Tehran, just because the Jews lied about it.

What about the children?

Tel Aviv playground

Tehran playground

My comment: I do not know what to make of this. The Iranian playgrounds look exactly like American playgrounds. Tel Aviv playgrounds are different. What would a kid prefer? Well, what do kids do when they see a McDonald's play room?

Tel Aviv fun

Tehran fun



Pamela Gellar wants you to believe THIS:






April 22 2015

Two things are being covered up BIG TIME

And there is a third one that is spooky to say the least -

First two, the Iranian relief ships and the sinking of the large boat carrying Libyan refugees -

There are no images of either. And I found out why.

The Libyan refugees had to have been torpedoed. I cannot find any images on Google that are related to the sinking that actually showed the boat. But the Mexican press has been repeatedly airing photos of the boat, or what is left of it. all that is left of the boat is tiny fragments, with the largest being approximately 12 feet long. The boat was made out of fiber glass and wood, and as a result it did not sink. So on the mexican press there are photos of the disaster scene, and it amounts to a huge amount of floating debris mixed with people. If a boat broke up naturally, there would be large pieces. In this case, it looks like shrapnel of a boat, random small pieces everywhere and I would be willing to bet that the 800 or more who died actually were killed by the blast from whatever destroyed that boat.

So the refugee "sinking" was in fact a war/murder scene.

The other oddity is that I cannot get pictures of the Iranian relief ships headed to Yemen, but I think I figured out why I cannot get them -

The "armada of war ships" is in fact several large freighters that are being escorted by small Iranian patrol boats. Google won't allow access to any Iranian web site that is talking about this, it shows the links but you can't get on the web sites. From Google's small text blurbs you can figure out that it is freighters and small patrol boats (Navy speaking this means the patrol boats are about 70 feet long) It is so obviously not an aggressive move by Iran that the zio press cannot have pictures of what is really going on out there, because if America sinks these relief ships or if Saudi Arabia attacks and it is obviously just a red cross type effort, it won't sit well with decent people

Additionally - CONFIRMED: Israeli war planes are bombing Yemen. Saudi Arabia is doing most of it, but as it turns out, according to Iranian sources Israel is in on the action DIRECTLY as well. That should say it all! And I'd trust Iranian media a lot more than the zio press any day

The third interesting thing - spooky

A U.S. marshall who was disguised as a normal police officer smashed a woman's cell phone for taking video of police activity in the Jade Helm region. The woman was taking the video because the police had a large number of people from her neighborhood detained and lined up. When they discovered the woman videotaped them with their line of people, they smashed her phone. PROBLEM: Other people were video taping them smashing her phone and when they figured out that they had been busted, they let the people they detained go.

It is possible then that they are now rounding up Americans to be shipped to the detention centers as part of Jade Helm and they don't want any video footage of this happening. If others did not catch what they were doing (others they realized were there after smashing the woman's phone,) it is my guess they would not have let the people they detained go.

Here is the article that talks about this and though the article mentions nothing about jade helm, fema or anything else, if you read between the lines here, the police and federal marshals were not on the up and up with whatever they were doing, which means a connection to Jade Helm and detention of dissidents is rightfully suspected. They certainly would not have let real criminals go just because someone videotaped the bust, they would only have let regular citizen dissidents go because they could be identified by the videos being taken, videos that could answer the question: Hey, where did Bob go? Any such dissident round ups are supposed to be TOP SECRET.

It will be interesting to watch the blogs and see if anyone surfaces to talk about this.

April 21 2015

Iranian supply ships: Something horrible is happening to Yemen

Forget the usual tribal warfare in the ziopress, where the first casualty is the truth, The ships being sent by Iran are humanitarian aid only and there will be no weapons. However, on warfare terms, food is a weapon because it helps people survive. Most likely, if Iran is sending these ships (especially after announcing it so prominently) it is because there is a seige and American/Israeli/Saudi forces are trying to starve Yemen after destroying food supplies. This is the only thing that fits. Iran would not be doing this if lives were not on the line. Something horrible is happening in Yemen at the hands of the American alliance, bet on it!

My guess is that America will block Iran, stage a false flag attack, and then declare war. It is all the zionazi war dog is capable of, do not expect any decency here.


I hate to say it, but I have looked at a lot of different factors and variables, and firmly believe it is not Russia or communists or anything else controlling America and making America such a rabid dog around the world. This all started after World War 2 for the most part, and I really think all the aggression started out as real Americans trying to combat communism, but for the last 35 years it has been 100 percent Israeli/Rockefeller/Rotchild zio front aggression, with America functioning on their behalf as a zombie state. They hate America as much as anything else, but if America has the guns, they have no qualms about manipulating the American public into using them.

I would not pin American aggression on any control element from Russia, though it is often guessed the profile simply does not fit. America and Russia were both aggressive up until the wall fell, and after that only America remained aggressive. America just kept blowing up countries everwhere. Thank God Russia has nukes. Too bad we can't have the old America back, SIR ROTHCHILD: I would like a refund on all that anti terror/homeland security/patriot legislation now that we know we were only tricked by the zio clan on 911 and that Muslims did not bring the towers down, FALSE ADVERTISING EQUALS REFUND, RIGHT?




Let's see what the ziozombie filth in Washington DC does to Iran over this humanitarian aid.

Food for thought: . . . . .

The Ziopress is all full of how some countries are "puppet states" with "puppet" presidents as long as Israel does not control them. Such states get adorned with titles such as "axis of evil", regime, dictatorship . . . . .

BUT THEY ALWAYS SKIP OVER THE MOST IMPORTANT STATE DEFINITION OF ALL: THE ZOMBIE STATE, where external control is so complete the public is for the most part completely brainless about it because all talk about it or evidence presented gets sidelined under the crushing heel of a totalitarian external media. America's media, save for a sliver in the alternative media, is 100 percent zionist zombie wash for the zombie state, and when you combine "war dog" with "zombie" the outcome is catastrophic.

April 20 2015

South Africa

I wrote to Helen in South Africa asking if the movie "Chappie" was an accurate portrayal, and got a surprising response:

"Sorry for late response, loadshedding is a

SA is falling apart. It always has been though, the PTB are taking whatever they like, always did, that is why they started the Boer War; with Cecil Rhodes filling his pockets, the locals were rounded up and put into camps by the invading British; since then settlers have been used to point fingers at.

Chappie is not accurate, It appears to be an attempt at approval of AI and trans humanism; and very Americanized; our criminals are not so exotic; or they are white collar. We have organized bombing of cash machines; I would guess in preparation for cashless society; they are assured of $20000 and no blue dye.

Some criminals are really polite; they just want the cash or the phone.

Johannesburg is the worst city to be, especially in the poorer areas. The big problem at present is the "xenophobia" which is obviously manipulated; the police simply like using weapons. We have Somalis who have opened shops here and sell good stuff really cheap, the Chinese also have cheap shops here. The locals feel that the jobs are going to the foreigners; they are not. The locals have grants and too many children, they get paid per child.... hello.

We have corruption in areas of authority, drug busts get seized and sold on. Courts are open to the highest bidder.

I have a friend, an MP, her husband was jumped and roughed up by the Metro Police. Murder for hire works well here, vehicular hijackings occur frequently, either they want your phone or the car and they are armed. With cars; the thieves have a shopping list, they box you in; so avoid getting boxed and crawl through the traffic light, don't stop; keep escape routes open.

We all have weapons, small arms, '38 or '45.

Taxi wars are ongoing for route supremacy; they have AK47's

South Africa has had 21 years of "democracy" and people still moan that things are unfair; 'cos they are and always will be. SA is easy to manipulate for profit and has always been a center for the cabal. We have a large Jewish community and many Russians on the one side, and poor black disenfranchised on the other, 'twas always thus. SA is corporate owned and manipulated; and a member of the commonwealth. We have a large Moslem community and a lot of anti Jewish sentiment. During the apartheid era we were independent somewhat; with a nuclear programme and bio weapons and sanctions; so we disarmed; blackmail I guess; now we have a different color running the show for the same bosses. Conflict of interest is rife.

I think that we are being prepped internationally for economic collapse and civil unrest, all intentional; chess pieces are being moved around the board, anything local is used to trigger, immigrants, racism, unemployment and the biggy, money. So transfer remaining wealth, trigger unrest, kill off the mob, job done.

On the plus side SA is beautiful; lovely beaches; spectacular mountains and great people, the climate is Mediterranean with only 3/4 months of rain and cold. My conclusion is that left to it's own devises; humanity would get on really well together; but we are so manipulated by corporate lies..... very sad.

Stay safe."

April 19 2015

one with permission from unscrupulous mail providers, and the other via keyloggers sent in mails that somehow implant themselves even if I click nothing in a mail.

Jade helm:

About the recent acronym hoopla surrounding Jade Helm, after looking into this for quite a while, the jade portion JADE: "Joint Assistant for Deployment and Execution" really has been around since 1961 as a future plan, but I can find no confirmation for the Homeland Eradication of Local Militants portion of the statement.


Upon receiving a mail from Kerr, (in which he sent me the closing statement made during an April 14th Frontline episode during which they aired a documentary from 1985 titled "Memory of the Camps",) I was doing some fact checking and came up with a secondary bust of the holocaust story. Kerr confirmed the following statement really was the closing statement of a 1985 world war 2 documentary:

"At least 6 million people died in Nazi Germany's system of camps, more than 3 million were Jews."

As I hunted this out, I confirmed - PBS aired the old version from 1985 because they had it in archive. The netflix version has been updated to: "11 million people died in Nazi Germany's death Camps, 6 million were Jews." so PBS BUSTED THE ZIO CLAN WHOLESALE SIMPLY BY AIRING AN ARCHIVED VERSION OF THIS DOCUMENTARY THEY HAD ON FILE FROM YEARS AGO THAT SLIPPED PAST THE REVISIONISTS. And other people noticed this and are posting it everywhere now, it was not only Kerr.


When I was searching this out, I came up with another blunder. And it is the cover up involving the World Almanac debunk of the "holocaust", A little explaining here - The World almanac showed more Jews after world war 2 than before. And the world almanac clearly stated that the entire Jewish population of Europe in 1939, before any "death camps" was 5.5 million. So there were not even six million Jews in Europe to kill.

Knowing they were in a pickle, the Israeli/zio front then started reverse wiping history on the web, stating that the almanac was wrong, claiming to post directly from it, and stating that according to the almanac there were 11 million Jews in Europe prior to the war. I knew it was 5.5 million but could not do anything about their lies, . . . . . . UNTIL TODAY, you see -

PBS once again busted the holocaust myth with far more accurate history. Go out on the web and look at the Jewish lies in their "debunking" of the World Almanac, where they say there were 11 million Jews in Europe prior to the "holocaust" (thus leaving room for 6 million to be killed) and look at what I found on PBS just now, in the screen capture below:

And now A little rant:

There were Jewish survivors of the prison camps. If six million died, there would be no survivors according to these PBS numbers. And not all Jews were even caught. And many fled Europe to other countries. Six million dead is flatly impossible. And here is a lesson:


The Jews want eternal victim status, because the guilt they can inflict on society translates to money and power in their hands. Good hearted people bow down to help the victim, and never suspect the victim, and the Jews KNOW THIS ABOUT GOOD PEOPLE and will use it to control and manipulate them. This is the ONLY REASON FOR THE HOLOCAUST HOAX, it gives the Jew "moral superiority" enforced by victim status. It gives them "the right to write hate laws" that will punish anyone from pointing out the facts about them, while they rob, loot and victimize societies all the while they only allow people to look at what "victims" they are. YOU CANNOT POINT THE FINGER OF CRITICISM AT THE "VICTIM" and that status gives the world's worst tyrants a free ride away from all criticism of the evils they commit.

More on Fukushima sabotage, (a few words say it all)

Mike wrote: "Hey Jim,

I've been reading your stuff since a little bit after the nuke induced tsunami they created off the coast of Japan. I was looking at that total detonation that destroyed reactor 3 and thinking, that must be most of the spent fuel that got turned into that brownish greenish dust column going up and making the mushroom cloud. Is that right? The spent fuel was in tanks directly ABOVE the reactor, right? What a nightmare come true. There must have been tons and tons of the stuff, all pulverized into nice breathable sized nano chunks! Keep up the great work and thanks for having the cajones to speak the truth!"

My response: Yeppers. All the Fuku engineers and executives knew day one that cloud was pure spent fuel and they issued huge warnings saying the radiation from the facility was immeasurable and an unprecedented catastrophe had happened. The ziopress passed along NADA because it proved sabotage, and that the hydrogen gas story was absolute bullshit.

I have said this from day one, and that over 50,000 homeless people provided by the Yakuza mafia died in the cleanup. This is perfectly documented on the old web site (which is still up for archive purposes).


All the reports, all of them documented, are on the main site.

Mike replied back: "Yeah, I have personally worked with hydrogen and it can only detonate when it is mixed with O2 and it has to be a certain ratio which only happens on purpose. People who think hydrogen is capable of pulverizing tens of tons of MOX fuel rods, 12 foot thick nuclear reactor building walls gone, are deluded, maybe beyond deluded. Brain dead!"


A response to my post about Chinese ghost cities and Jade Helm:

China's future agenda 21 "districts?"

Kerr wrote" "You mentioned China and their "ghost cities":

Of course, I didn't save any of it, but, a few months ago I read a number of articles describing that the Chinese Government were, (and still are), moving 250,000 people per week into these Ghost Cities. I'm pretty sure that was the number, it was a very large amount. It struck me that it would take less than a month to drain Detroit of the same number of people.

The overall plan was that since a majority of the Chinese population still lived out on farm land, autonomous regions and were self sufficient with each village having their own livestock, gardens, etc., they were quite independent from the Central Party and its control. Because of this, the Chinese Communist Party realized that they couldn't control them by the usual means, (starvation, domestic terror, fill in the blank here for standard worldwide government population control methods),and, were not getting any revenue from them, (the free and independent villagers).

Along with this, the major industries are along the coastline, where many people have already moved to for work. But, over the last decade or so, people are demanding higher wages. Oh, you want better working conditions and higher wages, OK, we'll just move all of out production facilities out further and create yet another mass workforce. Kind of like fighting a fire by digging a fire line, with another behind it. If the first one doesn't work, make sure you have a secondary, fall back one.

So, they built the ghost cities, and now the government and military are forcibly moving millions of these people out of the country and into these ghost cities for the purpose of putting them to work in factories, forcing them to pay taxes and basically become good little tax slaves. Now, they are proper batteries like in the movie The Matrix.

I particularly enjoy how they are building many historical world tourist type sites, exact in every way, in China. Why allow your citizens to pay to travel to New York City when they can stay in China, spend their hard earned money within the country and they will still learn every thing about NYC for the eventual mass immigration/invasion?

Yes, it is all tied to the Agenda 21 bullshit of moving all of your good little communitarians into large, metropolitan areas so they are easier to tax, monitor, control and kill off.

Sorry I don't have any links to the articles on this I have read. Shouldn't be too hard to dig up more information if anyone wanted too. Once I got the gist of it, I closed that chapter of inquiry in my mind.

Just my two cents, Now I'll put my Tin Foil Fedora back on, snicker, snicker.

My response This makes perfect sense. These cities might be China's future Agenda 21 "districts". PERFECT SENSE.

MAIL CHANGED AGAIN (see full report down the page a ways)

I have concluded that a stinger has been set up in my area to steal all site log ins, and this is the actual method used for censoring mail. I kept this quiet while I was figuring out the details of the issue, but I proved my security was as good as I could possibly get it already by leaving the area and using the exact same computer and modem to change all site passwords. The mail started working great the second I tried this, which means there is nothing wrong with my Linux Live machine or cell modem tattling anything and also that the .IS web host has not let people in to back door rape me.

I cannot go out every time I need to work to get away from the stinger because it is too expensive to sit somewhere else for all those hours, so I am going to split the mail (which is actually what is suffering the most damage) away from this web site. THE NEW MAIL IS: This will be a test at first, and now a little info:

An Android phone running a simple app will work as a cell phone stinger site, there will be no white van and it is actually really cheap and easy to do.

All it would take to spoof a cell tower and steal anyone's log in data and everything else they send is an android phone running the correct app to configure it as a cell tower bridge. Android already has most of this functionality built in with the wifi hotspot function, and from there it's just toggling a few bits to use the cell phone hardware as a hotspot which misidentifies itself as the local cell carrier for the person targeted.

It is obvious that this is what the intelligence agencies are using, the stinger is NOT GOING TO BE NOTICEABLE, all it takes is a payoff to the correct neighbor to agree to have that android phone and you are nailed. AND EVEN MORE IMPORTANTLY: Your own android phone could easily be set up as a stinger for all other non android phones in your home, all the NSA has to do is back door it and it is mission accomplished. This probably has been arranged with the Iphone as well, and could very well explain the many Iphones and android phones suddenly only having an 8 hour battery life - the power needs would go up drastically with this being done.

If a basic android phone cannot be placed close enough to have its signal be stronger than the cell tower, ALL the intelligence agencies have an alternative that looks like an old brick phone of approximately 1998 vintage. It is much bigger than a modern cell but is still small enough to take everywhere without any troubles. The extra size of this phone is used for an over sized power source and over sized transmitter with more power than a normal phone. This is something I know for a fact, android aside this is indisputable.

Bottom line? YOU WILL NEVER SEE THE STINGER, and it is dirt cheap and easy to do, it's not like they have to spend a million on one, this could be done for $200 but due to the $700 toilet seat factor they probably pay a couple thousand for one. Chump change when it comes from a "voluntary" tax anyway.

A post I made to a popular forum where libtards were crying about us destroying the planet

"We actually take very good care of this planet and the libtards are whack jobs. This is easy to see -

We are the only species on the entire earth that realizes the earth needs to be protected. Other species, and I MEAN ALL OF THEM simply eat until everything is gone if that is possible for them.

Look at any parasite, which will kill the host every time if not unchecked, any disease which will do the same, and among the predators, ALL will hunt their prey to extinction if they are able to do it, the only reason why they fail in doing so is because as the number of prey diminish, they starve and vanish.

And if you eliminate the predators, the herbivores will explode in numbers and consume all plants until everything is dead. Mankind on the other hand can survive the loss of any species and won't vanish just because a single host species is gone, yet mankind has made good and sure ALL SPECIES make it, which is why that rhino is under armed guard and the Iranians have security protecting crocodiles.

Name one other specie that would ever do that,

Libtards need to get a life, and I MEAN SERIOUSLY, or AT LEAST more than 3 connected neurons, yes, some people really are stupid enough to hunt a species to extinction which is WHY THE SMART ONES HAVE TO CREATE THE BALANCE. Ever see a fox hit a hen house? They sport hunt and kill every chicken, eat one, and leave the rest to rot. Where is the balance in a pack of wild wolves?"

April 17 2015

A few quick things -

The only thing a tyrant understands is force, and there will be no change without the use of force.

Interesting it is then that the state has claimed a monopoly privilege to violence and exercises it freely, while destroying any "citizen" who is proven capable of it.

Too good to pass up: Stabbing ends Apple / Android smartphone debate Two room mates were arguing about which of the two phones is better and it ended in a stabbing. More here

A new retina scanner mounted to a police car has successfully identified someone while following them via their side view mirror. This is a spooky development, more here

Hillary Clinton will be President because Diebold says so, and flying home "coach" won't change that after her past spending habits!

Here's a good one pulled from a comment section: "If illegal immigrant labor is so bad for union workers why do unions support Democrats? They are supporting their own hangman."

Very interesting Wal Mart invistigation by the MSM (ABC news)

1. The Midland Texas location was in the top 10 Wal Marts nationwide. Closing this was a major event, we are not talking crusty strip mall locations with these closures.

2. When Midland Texas closed, they had on that exact day freshly stocked the entire store with perishable goods that as a result went to waste.

3. Upon closing, the store produced records of 150 plumbing problems in the last year, but upon investigation, the last time Midland Texas ever had anything done was 3 years ago, with no plumbing repairs or problems noted since and even at that time 3 years ago all they did was install all new infrared flush sensors and infrared sink sensors.

4. IN ALL LOCATIONS, there were small stores not owned by Wal Mart renting space in the front of the Wal Mart, and without any warning they were all given five hours to leave. None of these locations ever knew of any plumbing problems or ever saw a plumber. Plumbing was not the original explanation given for closing the stores also

5. Not included in the ABC reports are: The Midland wal mart closing happened in the absolute richest part of town and it was an amazing Wal Mart.

6. There were other wal mart closings at the exact same time, but only the five stores originally mentioned ever got mentioned. This is bigger than what is being reported.

7. In many comment sections there are people who say they have union experience and some even worked in partially unionized wal marts and that these closures do not match the union scenario.

Make of this what you will.

The page has been cut here because when it gets too long it crashes Ipads. Click here to continue.

Remote controlled Germanwings Airbus A320 crash? All evidence points to this.

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