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The severe weather that has been happening globally is not natural. Here is how it is done.

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France: People being blocked from a supermarket because they cannot show their covid passports.

This is disturbing. "We are just following orders"

Australia will die over this. They are clearly using violence, if Australians do not talk back in the same language, they are already TOAST.


People laugh at Fauci during moderated public session

This is a very impressive show of just how little credibility the system has now.

VERY INTERESTING: Covid deaths caused and managed by AI? probably true.

"Covid" patients are likely being murdered by doctors forced to follow the instructions of an AI called "Epic". This is totally new info for me and I'd bet it is legit. Doctors cannot give the treatments they want to give, because if they don't follow what the AI says they are immediately fired. The video is only 3 minutes and I'll call it a mandatory WATCH THIS.

So, is the "covid epidemic" taking place via the mind of an AI that is pre-programmed to ensure the correct people die in the correct numbers the correct way? I'd bet so. I believe this, having an AI manage killing people would be perfect. And they can escape accountability, claiming it was a software glitch that did it.

UPDATE TO BELOW: They just evacuated Times Square due to another "bomb threat". This was posted WHILE they were evacuating, waiting for updates on the next hoax.

SCROLL DOWN to other items posted today, I had to bump this bomb B.S. to the top now that they are doing another one in Times Square.


UPDATE: It is now confirmed that this is part of the rumored "terror attacks" because supposedly this idiot is "waiting for his patriot brothers," talking "revolution" and wants Biden on the phone!!!

UPDATE: ABC and CNN finally picked up on this but it looks like this story is going nowhere. A lame, limp, failed psy op.

UPDATE: His last name is "Roseberry", he has a black pickup truck with open bed, he's livestreaming on faceplant and claims to have 4 other bombs.

He claims to be using coins as shrapnel and threw a whole bunch of money on the street. It just looks so stupid.


OK, supposedly this false flag is going down near the library of congress. IF THAT THING BLOWS UP, ASK YOURSELF: WHO WANTS HISTORY DESTROYED? WHO? I REPEAT:WHO??? Easy answer: The communists, who want a great reset. They'd LOVE to get rid of the Library of Congress!!!


99.9 percent of the books would survive in the rubble, but they could take care of that EASILY with "problematic" fire response. You know - like that museum in France if I remember right, where the fire response arrived hours late, in a literal lone mini van. They got a couple lines on it, 3 hours late and dozens of lines short!!!

The only thing that remains to be seen is if they want a donut for the cameras or an entire wedding cake.

Ok, this has now jumped from Twitter to CNN.

This might die because people called B.S. too quick (in the first five minutes). You know - because people who are going to blow stuff up ALWAYS, like in a hollywood movie, SAY THEY HAVE A DETONATOR. Congress is on vacation. There's no one in DC anyway. And why target a library anyway, unless you want to wipe out a nation's reference? This stinks like a seething carcass. I am betting they are going to cut the power and pull the air plug out of this shitty story. You know, like that C-17 in Afghanistan.

I removed the post about the C-17 in Afghanistan being a fake decoy plane and put it here because it would be too easy for "them" to make me look stupid by pulling an Amazon

I will define "pulling an Amazon" as: "Showing completely different realities to two different people who are accessing info from separate computers". It would be too easy to do and last night I had the WORST night's sleep, like something terrible was happening that was directed only at me.

From what I can see where I sit, the plane in Afghanistan that had everyone running alongside of it was clearly a very well made at least partially inflatable rollable decoy. The entire Afghans on the runway story is probably a psy op production. I double checked all of it and could see (when I specifically looked for it) that other people noticed also but did not find anyone in alt media that figured it out. So I figured I had a legit blockbuster story, but what if someone was "pulling an amazon" and I was in reality looking stupid for what I posted? Therefore, I took it off the front page, mostly because how horrible it was to sleep last night.

I am removing myself from this story. Don't say I wrote it if it appears as absolute bullshit from where you sit. It is one thing to get ahold of a government document or whatever else that's easy to prove legit news coming from a location you can double check, and totally another to get a video that looks absolutely real, but someone could be pulling an Amazon. After all, if Amazon can show people totally different realities when hit and everyone knows that site is real, Youtube certainly could. Then again, I am serving the relevant portion of that video myself, after pulling it off Youtube so it ought to go out the way I see it. But what if no?

That said, everything about that report could be TOTALLY observable by everyone, and "they" might be violently pissed off about someone pointing out another Sandy Hook, and THAT might be why last night was so horrible, like being poked through the chest straight out of the ether.

I have mixed feelings about why I felt so awful, and that's why it is off the front page but can still be seen here. If it looks like bullshit from where you sit, consider this intro.


My estimate on this rumor coming true is probably right around 50 percent likely IF WORD IS NOT SPREAD. HEADS UP:

The deep state's COVID con job is failing. Let's put a rumor related to this to bed. If people had spread such info two days before 911, they'd have never done it. SO HERE GOES:

This rumor states that the deep state, in an effort to save their covid con job, will be staging false flag murders of nurses and attacks on hospitals, blamed on "the radical right" who "want to stop the covid vax". Under normal circumstances, with a rock stupid public they had the privilege of screwing over prior to 911, they'd absolutely do this. But word is out now, and we can put the screws to them before they even think about doing such a thing.

Here is exactly why the alt-right would never do this rumor, as it is circulating:

NOT DEAR AT ALL LEFTIST FROG IN THE POT CON JOB: The alt right would never do this because the alt right fully understands that a vast majority of the nurses go along with this due to trickery and deception on YOUR PART. Unlike what you want to say is true, the alt right is NOT STUPID. If the alt right did anything at all, and it was legitimately done and not just and FBI con job, it would be directed at the top of the pyramid and it would be successful. Not the lame *SS bull**** the FBI always does that has no effect at all other than to evoke sympathy, you know, LIKE THE CHRISTCHURCH SHOOTING AND SANDY HOOK.

Kid yourselves all you want, but WE ARE NOT STUPID.

All these girls who "died at Sandy Hook" were alive for a reunion photo later. And every last one of them is probably in a top flight position or headed for one, at OUR SOCIETAL EXPENSE.



I was wondering myself why that plane did not have Americans but figured there must have been some detail. THERE WAS NO DETAIL, and Trump got suspended for pointing that out.

Someone in the Biden admin WANTS A HOSTAGE SITUATION.


Flash mobbing of forums to post covid lies

I noticed this on a popular forum: A whole bunch of liars tag teamed with supporting "overloaded hospital" bullshit to totally take ownership of the topic. On many other forums, people are doing back-up checks to see if the hospitals are actually overloaded, and all such reports are coming back that the hospitals are empty, just like last time. There is no third wave mayhem going on right now AT ALL, don't fall for the bullshit folks, stay frosty.

FACT: Just like last time, the people who are actually going around to the hospitals shooting video to prove there's nothing going on ARE NOT LYING. Anyone can shitpost or crisis act for the MSM but the shaky cell phone camera that gets posted one hour before the twitter delete RULES.

One method of judging the quality of a forum: Do people actually put boots on the ground and fact check? YES OR NO. There are a LOT of forums with enough members to have people who do exactly that and if the mods are not agenda driven no one gets banned for posting the truth. And those forums are CALLING B.S.

Kamala and Pelosi will probably be president and vice president soon.

They are going to use Afghanistan as a pretext

That was the end game all along. They always knew Joe was a vegetable and placeholder until they had him in long enough to make the switch seem plausible. Now they are bashing Joe for Afghanistan, even on CNN, to set the stage for his removal and the placement of Kamala and Pelosi.

All on the back of a more than rigged election.

They are blaming Trump for Afghanistan now, but it was not the withdrawal that caused problems, it was how it was done.

I'll be clear about something:

It has been 8 months since Biden stole the office. BIDEN OWNS AFGHANISTAN. That's all there is to it. Yes, they are doing their damndest to blame Trump but BIDEN OWNS THIS, PERIOD. Or should I instead say his handlers do. They botched this on purpose.


This one is legit and I will use it as a reference for when I do back up confirmation of this

This is not the kind of crap that has been released to date, these are legit doctors with legit equipment doing a legit analysis. The blood, which was drawn from vaxxed patients they did regular blood analysis on before the vax is badly damaged, to an extent that will lead to fatality. They went into this with a full reference of what the blood from these patients looked like before the shot. Their conclusion: " The blood damage is probably fatal. This damage is not an accident, this is obviously the result of a long term plan."

I purchased a microscope that is sufficient for this kind of work for this web site for the purpose of doing what they did (and more) and now that someone obviously did it right I have a reference for what to look for, all I need is a subject. This needs to be done, collaboration is what it is all about now. I will post a couple dark field images from this site's scope. These images were done for an earlier post about "How to spot covid jab blood hoaxes" and are not relevant to the doctor video above. They just show what this site's scope is capable of. If you are using a phone or laptop hit expand, as clear as it looks before expand it is better than that.
Image 1 and Image 2 Needless to say I can do useful collaborative work.

The German Doctor's video was the first one that got my attention because it is the first one I have found that actually shows something legitimate. They knew what they were doing and had the equipment to back it up. Now we all can know for certain the jab really is life degradation and/or death.

Anyone familiar with this site would know that I started calling B.S. on the "vax damage" microscope stuff done by others with shitty equipment and no experience. Though I believed damage WAS being done, I never saw a legit example of it until now. The above makes the grade and is NOT B.S.

About Afghanistan:

I am not going to comment a whole lot when we have a bigger problem than the Taliban pushing a death shot. By the way, the taliban banned the shot, so who is the real bad guy? Are the people hitching rides on planes actually the kind of garbage that wanted vax detention centers set up? Who knows. The hard truth is hard to find nowadays.

I will say something positive came out of Afghanistan: Hatred for Biden. But what is the alternative? a different puppet? At least Biden did not have enough of a brain to fully direct evil. Kamala does.

antiPope Francis has stated "Getting the jab is an act of love"

Who does Pope Francis love most??? Certainly not god.

Australia has handed out notices that "covid" internment facilities will be built.

They have the gall to call it an "Accomodation facility" for MANDATORY internment.

It aint all that bad, it's to "accomodate you", MANDATORILY. at the "center for national resilience"

FLASHBACK: Here is one of China's "Centers for National Resilience."

Australia just handed out notices they are setting up this type of facility, no matter what sanitized spin they put on it.


HERE IS THE VIDEO THE SLIDE PROVING THAT'S A VAX SIDE EFFECT APPEARS IN, It is 8 hours long but clicking this link drops you in one second before that slide appears.




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The people pushing graphene are making the most ridiculous statements, LIKE THIS:

"Graphene is thousands of times stronger than titanium" that would be true in the right circumstance and "Graphene can survive 1700 farenheit" Actually it can take more AND THE PUNCH LINE: "Therefore it makes the virus indestructible, or the vax indestructible, or whatever indestructible". THAT is PATENT BULLSHIT. If the virus or the shot has DNA or lipids as any component, it is a GONER sub 100+ celsius. If graphene makes it indestructible, why the **** would the shot need refrigeration, at -70 celsius???

We don't need the graphene story line to prove anything about the shot being bad, but the graphene story line could CERTAINLY be used to make those who oppose the shot look bird brained and ROCK STUPID. And that is exactly what is happening. I look at the claims and want to barf. They are gallingly stupid. Absolutely galling.

Sorry, I am not sold on graphene, and the claims attached are getting more and more bird brained and LUDICROUS every time the story line gets regurgitated.

MY FINAL ANSWER: GRAPHENE IS A STRAW MAN THAT WILL BE USED TO KNOCK US ALL DOWN WITH. Even stupid doctors would call B.S. on the claims being made.


Is rapper MacDonald's latest "brainwashed" too good to be true? I would like to believe this, but am having troubles with it. Everything is GREAT, but does it support a great reset agenda?

CONCLUSION: This video is only good if it causes people to take control of their own national situations and NEVER allow outside "help" or a new world order. Maybe they meant well and did not see step 11, but then again, look how popular this was allowed to get. Youtube outright dis-allows opposition of this type, why did this bloom there?

Rasmussen Polls just stepped out of bounds and released the real 2020 election results.

Biden got about 10.75 percent of the not-rigged vote. Look at these numbers. It cannot be argued. Even I thought Biden probably got about 20 percent. He did not.

I did not realize it when I did the above post, but there's a statistical math check built right in that adds up to my 10.75 percent for Biden. Look at how many don't regret their vote. Only 11 percent DO. That's too close to 10.75 percent to not call it, while 2.9 percent "not sure" is too close to the 2.5 percent that say they'll still vote Biden. That's a 4-way "parity check!" The slack percentage between 10.75 percent Biden and 81.8 percent Trump is what went to alt candidates. Those who voted alt don't regret their vote, and those who voted Trump do not regret their vote either.

VERY IMPORTANT: The 2.5 percent that would vote Biden again is less than half of the Jewish community, which means a majority of the Jewish community that voted Biden now regrets it. The Jews probably went 95+ percent Biden. Biden's days are probably numbered. Terror attack anyone? FALSE FLAG NEEDED. Get rid of a wart while pushing an agenda forward. Eyes on efficiency!!!

The following about Moderna was written in 2016, before Trump took office. It is obvious from this they were already doing the corona shot.

Ego, ambition, and turmoil: Inside one of biotech's most secretive startups

By Damian Garde Sept. 13, 2016

What follows is just a small snip of This extensive report

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. - At first glance, Moderna Therapeutics looks like the most enviable biotech startup in the world. It has smashed fundraising records and teamed up with pharmaceutical giants as it pursues a radical plan to revolutionize medicine by transforming human cells into drug factories.

But the reality is more complicated.

A STAT investigation found that the company's caustic work environment has for years driven away top talent and that behind its obsession with secrecy, there are signs Moderna has run into roadblocks with its most ambitious projects.

At the center of it all is Stephane Bancel, a first-time biotech CEO with an unwavering belief that Moderna's science will work - and that employees who don't "live the mission" have no place in the company. Confident and intense, Bancel told STAT that Moderna's science is on track and, when it is finally made public, that it will meet the brash goal he himself has set: The new drugs will change the world.

But interviews with more than 20 current and former employees and associates suggest Bancel has hampered progress at Moderna because of his ego, his need to assert control and his impatience with the setbacks that are an inevitable part of science. Moderna is worth more than any other private biotech in the US, and former employees said they felt that Bancel prized the company's ever-increasing valuation, now approaching $5 billion, over its science.

As he pursued a complex and risky strategy for drug development, Bancel built a culture of recrimination at Moderna, former employees said. Failed experiments have been met with reprimands and even on-the-spot firings. They recalled abusive emails, dressings down at company meetings, exceedingly long hours, and unexplained terminations.

At least a dozen highly placed executives have quit in the past four years, including heads of finance, technology, manufacturing, and science. In just the past 12 months, respected leaders of Moderna's cancer and rare disease programs both resigned, even though the company's remarkable fundraising had put ample resources at their disposal. Each had been at the company less than 18 months, and the positions have yet to be filled.

Lower-ranking employees, meanwhile, said they've been disappointed and confused by Moderna's pivot to less ambitious - and less transformative - treatments. Moderna has pushed off projects meant to upend the drug industry to focus first on the less daunting (and most likely, far less lucrative) field of vaccines - though it is years behind competitors in that arena. The company has published no data supporting its vaunted technology, and it's so secretive that some job candidates have to sign nondisclosure agreements before they come in to interview. Outside venture capitalists said Moderna has so many investors clamoring to get in that it can afford to turn away any who ask too many questions. Some small players have been given only a peek at Moderna's data before committing millions to the company, according to people familiar with the matter.

"It's a case of the emperor's new clothes," said a former Moderna scientist. "They're running an investment firm, and then hopefully it also develops a drug that's successful."

Like many employees and former employees, the scientist requested anonymity because of a nondisclosure agreement. Others would not permit their names to be published out of fear that speaking candidly about big players in the industry would hurt their job prospects down the road.

Moderna just moved its first two potential treatments - both vaccines -into human trials. In keeping with the culture of secrecy, though, executives won't say which diseases the vaccines target, and they have not listed the studies on the public federal registry, Listing is optional for Phase 1 trials, which are meant to determine if a drug is safe, but most companies voluntarily disclose their work.

MY COMMENT: Here we have a company being run "like an investment firm" that has everyone sign non-disclosure agreements, will not say what it is working on, probably had the death jab in clinical trials five years ago, and is run by an A-hole.

AND, every time you fire someone for a mistake in a field as complicated as this, you destroy reference and probably could not produce a safe product even if you wanted to. How many rockets blew up before they got it right? The same scientists stayed on the job last century, despite mistakes because you learn from your mistakes. Running things like Kim Jong where you die for your mistakes is no way to get ahead.

We are now getting the results: A clearly damaging product is staying on the shelf, while an INVESTMENT FIRM rakes in cash. There is obviously more to this story than that, but that, by itself, is diabolical enough.


Be ready for firefox updates to ban this site. No, it will not actually be down when you get blocked. It is happening already.


What shows up on Amazon might be social credit score related

A reader sent me a screen capture of the exact same items on Amazon, showing them 100 percent available. When I click, they are not available. When he clicks, they are available. Amazon might be restricting what I can buy based on their secret list.

I already checked other gun sites like cheaper than dirt and they appear to have no restrictions whatsoever on shipping air guns to Mexico. Granted, I did not actually click "buy" but Mexico was on the list of destination countries. As long as it does not use gun powder it does not matter. I had already looked into all of that before I posted about what Amazon was doing.

Additionally, a couple of the vitamin C items are now showing up as "ships to Mexico", however, if I enter in any other item like a motherboard or power inverter, EVERYTHING ships to Mexico. I got the microscope from Amazon. I got everything for the solar power system but panels and batteries off Amazon So why would airguns not ship to Mexico when the exact same models are here? Why would most vitamin C items not ship to Mexico when the exact same stuff is here? Why won't Amazon ship an airgun when other gun web sites will?

Is it social credit score? I will be looking into this more via "totally random computers" because if it is a social credit score thing, when they eventually stop people who have not been jabbed from going to the store Amazon and others might cut them off too. All they'd have to do is say "item not available" and put up a false face, where in reality it IS available.

A lot of people have the plan: If they cut me off from going into Wal Mart not vaxxed, all I'll do is order online. But what if when you do, you get hit with "item not available"? I am seeing this on Amazon in certain categories. I DID try looking for air guns on Amazon a year ago and lower prices than in Mex came up, but I did not actually buy. Now, no prices at all come up, it just says "item not available". Imagine having that happen to you after they shut people out of stores - it may be working now, but will it be?

The reason why I did not buy an airgun on Amazon a year ago when It at least looked like I could was because I could not stomach the thought of buying something I could not put my hands on. I could have bought the gun on Mercadolibre too, but the same thing applied, I wanted to actually handle it first so I looked in town, found it, and bought it. Guns are a sensitive item for me, I have to actually handle them first. Too much crap can happen with one. I want to know for sure it never got slammed in a door or dropped in a lake, returned, and sold as new . . . . .

I am flustered with this. Why was it possible to at least see a price before and now it is not? I will be checking into this. I do not have the answers. I am still scratching my head.

Melbourne (and other parts of Australia) just went under curfew

9PM to 5 AM daily. Additionally, Australia announced today that they will begin regulating and restricting religious broadcasts. Playgrounds closed, and construction and infrastructure projects cut by 75 percent. And don't enjoy your drink on the footpath.

FLASHBACK: Israeli scientists claim it was "pure luck" they were working on a covid vax before Covid was even announced



Can you say subversion??? I knew you could!!

The Mormon leadership has clearly gone the way of Pope Francis. Which church held out longer?

I never really paid attention to Trump's Afghanistan policy, but . . . .

I'd be willing to bet it was substantially better than Obama's if This is happening under puppet Biden and it really did happen - there are Afghans so desperate to leave they really did hold on to the outside of a hopeless prospect of an airplane and were seen falling off.

This is how the video in the first link started: There's no way to hold onto an airplane like that one, the wind speeds get too high.

And yes, Obama is in charge via whoever is his controller. Biden is so far gone he's not even a puppet, he's a mask hanging on a wall. Someone else is doing 100 percent of everything.

The Rutherford Institute says this vax refusal letter will work

And it should, but no one seems to be following the rule of law nowadays. But it might be worth a shot. Or should I say, worth trying it to avoid one . . . .

If you want the above as a PDF it is HERE.

FINALLY DONE RIGHT: Alex Jones take on the document that caused me to post "A vote fraud carjacker in a ferarri:"

He also refers to the staged terror attacks that are upcoming that they will blame on us.

Yesterday I went off on a document the fed released and here is Alex going off over it also. People always said Alex was too theatrical. I always thought that given the situation, he was not sufficient in his rants, until now. This one is up to where it needs to be:

F*** YOU AND F*** YOUR NEW WORLD ORDER posted to my server because it will not survive on Twitter:

The entire thing is on but I never have time for his whole show or the bandwidth it takes. This time the punch line really does it.

The Federal government has now stepped irreparably out of bounds with a document they just released. To that document I respond:

Despite the stolen valor the current vote rigged in regime is claiming from the roots of America's great past, I am not buying it and will call what this government operates on exactly what it is: STOLEN VALOR. A vote fraud carjacker in a Ferarri.

American intelligence has the following message: We, and all government agencies are 100 percent clean, ZERO percent corrupt, and if you argue with that, you're a "malign actor" and a terrorist.

SCROLL DOWN TO THE BOTTOM PAGE, that's where the action is at. IT IS CLEAR: If you sidestep the government to get the truth out, you are a "Russian, Chinese, or Iranian terrorist group, or a home grown extremist who's sole purpose is to undermine the legitimacy of American institutions".

The line in the sand is drawn, and that line is what they will use to label this site and more as terrorists who must be censored and de-funded. It is all a galling bag of lies. Iran and Russia are not spreading "covid lies" abroad and despite best efforts of trolls on line to make people think so, China is not either. All of the lies are emanating straight from American MSM.


MESSAGE TO THE TERRORISTS WHO STOLE THE ELECTION AND ARE USING STOLEN VALOR TO DECLARE THE UNITED STATES PEOPLE AN ENEMY: YOU ARE FULL OF SHIT AND ALL OF US KNOW IT. Thank you for drawing the line in the sand so clearly we now know you truthfully do not represent us, and that there is clearly only one way out of this.


I kid you not, the British crown controlled BBC went there.

The report goes on to cite line item incidents (perhaps not even real) where "incels" were big bad terrorists. If this kind of crap is getting pushed, there's something BIG on the horizon that the elite are terrified about trying to pull off.

The following post is about a lot more than Haiti, read it to the end.

Haiti had another large earthquake

NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS, do not give anything to the Clinton Foundation

The Haiti earthquake is what the Clintons extracted the enormous pile of cash from (a few billion) to boost themselves onto totally infallible turf, and for those billions there were right around 20 shitty houses proposed and 3 brought to completion with nothing else getting done. Obviously that foundation is "highly rated" because America's elections "are not rigged."

You know - like "print your own ballots and send them in" in California for that recall election . . . . California's water MUST BE properly mismanaged until the place is wiped out, which will require a "fair" election because the people are not stupid about the water anymore.

Anyway, with regard to the Clinton foundation . . . . . you know, if you hit Mercadolibre in Mexico, you'll see items that cost $20 USD listed for $700 USD mixed in with the exact same item correctly priced at $20 USD. Why would that be? IT IS CALLED MONEY LAUNDERING. you know - the Clintons mastered that - with a nice front that allows them to receive a few billion for 3 complete third world style houses worth about $4,000.

And the ADL hates this site, because I am not "fair" when I post that kind of truth. But if anything can show the truth about what kind of scum sucking devils are in charge, it is how highly rated the Clinton foundation is.

We are clearly in the period of biblical prophecy where evil is rewarded and good is punished.

Good people attempted to resist this for a while, but evil is clearly flourishing against the will of the majority. This is clearly reflected via the agendas being pushed that literally no one supports, via the financial stifling of good while evil gets endless funding, via the agenda to push shots NO ONE wants anymore, and they are going to eventually force them one way or another - Calling good evil and evil good is right towards the end of it all in the Bible, along with mankind corrupting that which God made to such an extent God had to return to fix it - you know - the DNA jab, Monsanto and more - WE ARE THERE. From what Ipetgoat portrays, we are talking a timeline that is over before 2100 and probably before 2050.

Choose what side you are on, and realize that being on the right side of things will require more than just pointing at the other side and saying how bad it is. Your behavior has to match, across the board. I don't want to preach here, but it is becoming obvious that this is a purification period before the end, you really need to decide who and what you are going to be.


This is only opinion, I am not going to state it as fact because I don't know and it is a religious topic- Many people are posting on social media that if you get the death jab, you belong to satan and are going to hell. Or that if you get the death jab, which tweaks your DNA, you are not what God created anymore. Is this accurate? Well . . . . that depends.

Obviously if you get the jab your DNA is tweaked and you are no longer what God made. That's a fact. And obviously the mods are not going well. However, I find it hard to believe that if you were tricked early on you belong to satan afterward. But this is opinion, I really don't know and I'll say why it has to be opinion:

Because early on in all of this, an enormous section of the population knew from the get-go that this particular shot, which is a DNA tweaking shot (they lied and said it could not tweak DNA and it was only RNA) but that's a proven lie now - and an ENORMOUS section of the population knew to not get this shot, right from the bottom of their hearts.

This section of the population is the one resisting the shot now, AND NOW, AT THIS POINT, ALL IS KNOWN.

All those who remain without the shot know it is a killer, plus it probably has the mark of the beast encoded, AND that it changes you from what you were (magnet stick vids) AND that evil people are behind it - If at this point you know all of that and you don't resist until you are dead - death before the shot - it is my opinion that if you get that shot NOW, just to make life more fun and easy, you're going to hell.

YES you quit your job to avoid it. NO, you do not get it to fly or go to a ball game or "get out of lockdown". and YES, you go down in a bi-directional hail of bullets before EVER accepting it if they decide to force it. At this point, that shot is a clear decision on whether or not you'll choose heaven or hell, everyone knows by now it is a kill shot that changes people from what God made, will a righteous people cower down and accept a sword to the jugular?

The LDS church has officially come out in support of the jab.

My comment: Ezra Taft Benson was their last great leader. I'll bet $50 the United Order of Apistolic Bretheren will not be paying attention to THIS (actually, it will get their attention and they will now have proof they were right.) The Sunday Mormons are TOAST. They'll drink the jab like a case of Ku Ku cola.



They have a prophecy that states this will happen, and they had damn well better believe it has.


Apparently true and not rumor

Paypal is now requiring people to enter a cell phone number which it subsequently calls with a 4 digit pin that must be entered before the transaction will complete. I have not seen this yet in Mex but it appears to be so. All I have seen is the 4 digit pin required when logging in with a computer that was not used for Paypal before.

I do not know if people are confused with this, (a security pin) or if Paypal really is requiring every transaction to have phone confirmation. This is still not fully known.


WOW. THIS IS AMAZING. What great people. And he knows the jab is a death shot and will refuse to take it despite knowing he's going to lose everything when he refuses.

This is what it is going to come to folks. Watch the video and learn the future. Will you be ready for this?

I am on backup power

The huge storms never stopped. They have been a daily occurrence (I mentioned this a couple weeks ago) and this time the power really got knocked out. It has been out for over an hour so I decided to go to backup.

Once again, they are obviously dumping America's rain on Mexico. There are all kinds of plant species sprouting up that I never saw in this part of mex before. I guess the seeds lay dormant . . . .

Update: Still on backup power an hour later. No problem, I don't need the grid, (will not ever) and use it as a matter of convenience.

Why do I call it a jab, and refuse to call it a vax? Or even a shot? Because of THIS:

Ipetgoat shows TWO JABS. Since that's likely an elite warning (this came out before all this crap) I'll call it a jab.

That frame out of that video proves all along what "they" had planned.

I'd like people to take a look at this video again. LOOK AT WHAT IS GOING ON. This was produced in 2013, BEFORE any Corona nonsense happened. In this video, (where I have it start) there is the death of America, and control over the DNA of the unborn. It goes on to an evil monitor plugged into the girl's head controlling what she says while data is running in her eyes as she lays there next to TWO JABS. They even have the end of the working man in here, which we have seen with the lockdowns.


No one knew what it meant then. Everyone thought it was figurative, but now we have a shot people fear is interfacing people with a computer system via 5G while it makes people sick as hell and wrecks the DNA of future generations. Ipetgoat 2 lays it all out. HOW? How could it do that? Answer: Ipetgoat is a production of the so-called elite, as many suspected. Want to know the future? Watch it. Even the destruction of Islam is in this video, destroyed by TR3-B's.

Topic now: Injectable microchips.

Some people are now posting about how "injectable microchips" are "finally here". Here is reality:

The original digital angel, the size of a grain of rice, is a mid-80's thing and has been injected into pets for tracking and identification SINCE THE 80's. The change now is that rather than be the size of a grain of rice, they are so small that fully capable ones are smaller across than a human hair. You'll never see or find that once it is in you. You could dig a "digital angel" out. Good luck with the new ones. You'll remove the new ones via amputation. Or perhaps by putting your hand in a microwave for a few seconds with the door switches fooled. However, since they no doubt operate at much higher frequencies than a microwave oven now, chances are a microwave won't do anything to them because that "low" of a frequency won't couple to it well and your hand or arm would take away any overload heat. And what if it is in your forehead?

The bottom line is that the new chips ARE FOREVER. Probably less removable than an "alien implant".

Why are we seeing stuff like this now when we never used to?

She's got bells palsey and is still pushing the shot. And the news announcer brushed it off as "shaking with emotion".

This world is as fake as they can make it. There she is, in THAT condition, working for the dark side even after the dark side destroyed her. This is absolutely freakish, and a sure sign we are near the end of all this, they'll have to accelerate it with force. Obviously this woman said "I can't do this" because she knows the con after being destroyed by the con and look where the scum eating news anchor took it

Obviously you DO NOT go to college now.

On top of the brain wipe, you'll be forced to get your body wiped out. Jab now mandatory.

College is now, in addition to wasted time, money, and effort, a great way to be twitching with Bell's Palsey for time immortal (or at least "until death do you part".) COLLEGE IS FOR IDIOTS NOW, do something else.

If you cannot cope with NOT going to college because it fulfills some insecurity you have, AT LEAST WAIT A YEAR.

Lindell cyber symposium

I have opted to not cover this.

REASON: Yes, he blew it all open. Yes, it is legit, and he did a fantastic job. Yes, the vote rigging is beyond proven, and here's why I am not bothering with it: Because vote fraud was proven without question the day after. If it took more than that, the system is too corrupt to fix it and Mike should not be wasting his time, proving it does not cut it when the corruption is so deep, only action will, and in this case from the American gun owner. If people won't get off their butts to take the country back, I am not wasting my time on this. The priority is the corona scam.

FOUR (4) Broward County teachers who were not vaccinated DIED IN ONE DAY right before school is opening.

CVS started paying people over $1000 per day to give the jab, and this is the result:

Scum sucking bottom feeder: I'll give the jab all day but I aint takin it!

Well, let's hope that video does the world a favor.

Teenage girl being executed in Spain. This is a tough watch.

You know damn well that girl knows. And they got her.

I am not vaccine hesitant. There's a difference between "hesitant" and HELL NO.


If you are having trouble accessing your favorite alt site, and they were stupid enough to set up cloudflare, that's the problem.

I have confirmed this across multiple sites. There were predictions there would be a "web shutdown" today (the original rumor was it would happen yesterday but the date moved to today) and this could be it - the use of cloudflare to block certain sites. They are not messing with Infowars yet.

Cloudflare is enemy infrastructure. If you use it, you are giving them a weapon.

Anyone who has hit this site (for years) knows I have ZERO (0) history of pushing dreadful stuff that does not pan out in the end.

The stuff I post ends up being real, accomplished via tips, vast data collection, and lots of logic. Logic says: Millions are dead. And I'll be right, just wait until it can't be hidden anymore

How about THIS little bit of logic:

A GREAT reason to extend the eviction moratorium - to hide how many people are not paying rent because they are laying inside, DEAD.

With the way American families don't keep in touch anymore, they could certainly pull that off. Families noticed the deaths in Mexico, which is why Mexico is saying HELL NO. And on top of that, deaths have been less in Mexico because Pfizer is not dominant and CanSino does not kill as much.


"We need to stop using hand written pieces of paper." - "Don't worry, wait 3 1/2 weeks".

PROBLEM: People are not running around with fake vaccine cards, not even pieces of paper. REASON: As it turns out, most people who won't get the shot would rather prove they are not stupid enough to get it. Faking a card means you believe and comply. In comments, people are doubling down saying "why would I fake that? I'll just straight up not comply".

I was actually surprised to see that is where public sentiment is headed with this, and THAT is a very good thing. Otherwise, people will hold onto their fake whatever and get picked off "when discovered" rather than have some huge D-day arrive that can be met with consolidated resistance.

They have to move quick because their primary enforcement is getting wiped out by the shots. I actually do believe it is millions dead and that the job stats I posted yesterday support that. How else can you explain a total lack of workers IN EXCESS of those on unemployment right smack dab in the middle of a LOT fewer jobs available? There should be well over 10 million surplus workers begging for anything even after those on unemployment are subtracted, yet instead there are 10 million openings not being filled? Something does not wash. I think there's an apocalypse underway.

About the kids with myocarditis

I went over a bunch of reports at different times, so I am only going to throw out a ballpark on what is going on:

Of the teens getting jabbed, 80 percent (80 percent of those actually tested) had elevated levels of tropinin which gets produced during a heart attack, and this was the case even when nothing bad was noticed. There's a lot of obstruction of data, which makes it extremely difficult to get the actual stats. However, I am betting there is literally no truth out there in the MSM when there's stuff out there like this, that I posted earlier.

In my searching on this topic, here's what I discovered:

Results come back like this:

A medical center will have an alert out because they had 20 or more cases of the same thing walk in their door. The picture I posted above mentions 60 in one location. But these types of reports are countless, there's no way there have only been 360 teens afflicted with this jab damage when individual medical centers are typically reporting seeing about 30 - 50 kids each. The actual numbers of kids damaged enough to get hospitalized has to be at least in the six figure range.

We are not getting honest data from the MSM on this. Is anyone surprised?

When the job stats are showing a lack of workers, tons of open jobs (millions) during a severe economic downturn, and only about 20 percent of total "missing" on unemployment, something is seriously wrong, there HAVE TO be millions dead. If so, then when they start doing teens these stats are going to be at least partially mirrored, AND THE DIFFERENCE - the teens get noticed because they are not going back to their places of residence and dying or laying in agony alone.

A GREAT reason to extend the eviction moratorium - to hide how many people are not paying rent because they are laying inside, DEAD.

Open Letter to the Unvaccinated - Doctor Angela Durante (and 7 others)

You are not alone! As of 28 July 2021, 29% of Canadians have not received a COVID-19 vaccine, and an additional 14% have received one shot. In the US and in the European Union, less than half the population is fully vaccinated, and even in Israel, the "world's lab" according to Pfizer, one third of people remain completely unvaccinated. Politicians and the media have taken a uniform view, scapegoating the unvaccinated for the troubles that have ensued after eighteen months of fearmongering and lockdowns. It’s time to set the record straight.

It is entirely reasonable and legitimate to say 'no' to insufficiently tested vaccines for which there is no reliable science. You have a right to assert guardianship of your body and to refuse medical treatments if you see fit. You are right to say 'no' to a violation of your dignity, your integrity and your bodily autonomy. It is your body, and you have the right to choose. You are right to fight for your children against their mass vaccination in school.

You are right to question whether free and informed consent is at all possible under present circumstances. Long-term effects are unknown. Transgenerational effects are unknown. Vaccine-induced deregulation of natural immunity is unknown. Potential harm is unknown as the adverse event reporting is delayed, incomplete and inconsistent between jurisdictions.

You are being targeted by mainstream media, government social engineering campaigns, unjust rules and policies, collaborating employers, and the social-media mob. You are being told that you are now the problem and that the world cannot get back to normal unless you get vaccinated. You are being viciously scapegoated by propaganda and pressured by others around you. Remember; there is nothing wrong with you.

You are inaccurately accused of being a factory for new SARS-CoV-2 variants, when in fact, according to leading scientists, your natural immune system generates immunity to multiple components of the virus. This will promote your protection against a vast range of viral variants and abrogates further spread to anyone else.

You are justified in demanding independent peer-reviewed studies, not funded by multinational pharmaceutical companies. All the peer-reviewed studies of short-term safety and short-term efficacy have been funded, organized, coordinated, and supported by these for-profit corporations; and none of the study data have been made public or available to researchers who don’t work for these companies.

You are right to question the preliminary vaccine trial results. The claimed high values of relative efficacy rely on small numbers of tenuously determined "infections." The studies were also not blind, where people giving the injections admittedly knew or could deduce whether they were injecting the experimental vaccine or the placebo. This is not acceptable scientific methodology for vaccine trials.

You are correct in your calls for a diversity of scientific opinions. Like in nature, we need a polyculture of information and its interpretations. And we don't have that right now. Choosing not to take the vaccine is holding space for reason, transparency and accountability to emerge. You are right to ask, 'What comes next when we give away authority over our own bodies?'

Do not be intimidated. You are showing resilience, integrity and grit. You are coming together in your communities, making plans to help one another and standing for scientific accountability and free speech, which are required for society to thrive. We are among many who stand with you.

Angela Durante, PhD
Denis Rancourt, PhD
Claus Rinner, PhD
Laurent Leduc, PhD
Donald Welsh, PhD
John Zwaagstra, PhD
Jan Vrbik, PhD
Valentina Capurri, PhD

Rumormillnews took my advice, Set up direct IP, and it works.

Japan has started to accept the jab

On June 1, less than 1 percent of Japan's population was jabbed. Two months later, they are 31 percent jabbed. So about two months from now Nippon Airlines is going to have hundreds of canceled flights daily, when to date they are still not canceling flights the way other carriers are. Just wait. AND WATCH. October/November or so . . . .

And no, they are not smart enough to accept their neighbor's Sinovax either. They are doing the Pfizer.

By the way, Iran is about 5 percent vaxxed, Russia is only 12 percent Sputniked, Venezuela is totally clean and Egypt has basically opted out also, at about 2 percent jabbed. None of those countries have any COVID issues.

But those countries will tomorrow, because someone pays attention to this site. They'll have to rebut it through "official channels".

WeakNews: My dad died of COVID AFTER he got the shot, but I'm happy the shot made it less painful!!!

This one takes the cake. Newsweek is actually saying get the shot so when you "die from covid" it won't hurt as much.

To find out what we are in for, WATCH ISRAEL

Their community maimed us, so to provide cover for that THEY have to be "first" with all the "damage". In their case, NO DAMAGE because they did not get the kill shot. A "German Nurse" administered them. To cover for what they did, they will scream and cry FIRST about what they know will happen to US, while they claim it happened to them first. And they'll even weep and sympathize. Oh, WE went through that too! Look at the headlines! We DID NOT do this to you!! My god, We ARE DEVASTATED.

Israel is now talking about OUR future, pay attention to what they say, but don't believe for a minute it really happened to them. They are running this scam with the full presence of THEIR media lying tooth and nail, Who owns Twitter, Faceplant, Google and more? WHO? Why are they stopping us from saying what Israel is now declaring? I'll tell you why, BECAUSE "THEY" HAVE GOT TO BE VICTIMS TO PULL THIS OFF. Nothing unusual for them, actually.

Israel has LOTS of "german nurses", don't believe a word they say about "what is happening to them because of the shot".

A german nurse gave 9,000 shots of saline instead of the death shot

She is now being hung for saving a medium sized city worth of people.


Get into the system, do the shots, and make damn good and sure they are only saline. Screw the records if possible to make sure the people you saved cannot be hunted down.

Rand Paul got Banned by Youtube

He was hitting truths that were, as they say, "disinfo". Disinfo is now defined as "Any information that is not approved" even if it is 100 percent accurate.


There's no question the guy's a sleezeball but if they are ditching him, it can only mean they needed a bigger sleezeball.

I came across a doozie, and it is legit.


The following was posted to social media and I do not know what the original source was. This NAILS IT, this is where we sit: Probably 10-20 million killed or disabled by the shot. Don't think so? Read it and weep.

To clarify before you read it, the employment, unemployment, and jobs stats strongly indicate there are many millions dead, there are huge holes just like the number of cell phone subscribers that dropped by millions in China while the government lied about why. The same type of data is in America's work stats. This is legit. READ IT AND WEEP.

"With a glut of millions of people out of work and over 20 million illegal aliens in the nation also looking for work, why are there signs up everywhere that businesses are asking for new employees?

Answer; the covid pandemic and the covid shots have killed off so many people that the system is about to collapse for lack of workers. How is this possible? The death of people the past 18 months has not been fully documented. On one hand they reported too many illnesses from covid to get people to get the vax, and we only had an estimate of the dead. But once the covid shots were available and people by the thousands started to die, those death numbers were then not fully documented properly.

The death of a loved one is a private and personal event that a family handles internally. They grieve, they talk among themselves and accept that burden of sadness and recovery, then they fade away back into society as another cog in the machine - and the true number of dead is never presented by the CDC, the government or the news media.

The true number of dead will never be known. If it was true that the economy was recovering and that there were lots of people ready for jobs, there would not be more jobs available than unemployed! It is just that simple. The numbers don't lie. People are missing...where did they go? THEY DIED. And there isn't enough trained people available to take their positions in factories and businesses of all kinds. Is this why the democrats brought in millions of illegals? Because they knew millions of Americans would be dead from a pandemic?!?

Ask yourself why the article below states that there are more jobs available than unemployed. In the world we have been shown all our lives, the very opposite should be the case. Because of the poor economy, many companies shut down, we should still have millions of unemployed that would need jobs. But this is clearly not the case. The experts tell us that there isn't enough people in the US to fulfill job positions across the nation.

It is obvious that more people died during this pandemic and the covid shots than they are admitting to. The citizens swallowed their lies hook, line and sinker. The powers in control killed off millions, hid the true numbers, and now push for mandatory shots to kill off even more. Just how obedient and accommodating do citizens have to be? Who will speak for the dead? Will even a whimper of a complaint rise up against the masters?

My comment: This ended up being true. Whoever came up with this then linked to a report from Zerohedge that showed the statistics that prove this.

LOOK OVER THIS REPORT CLOSELY. Though this zerohedge report does not even mention dead people, you'll find it totally shows millions have to be dead for those numbers to wash. You'll find that this is BANG ON. Millions of people are missing. At least 10 million. Add the illegals not charted, and it is probably 20+ million.

The MSM is saying there are tons of job openings because no one wants to work. But when you go over the stats and who's on unemployment, there are not enough people alive or on unemployment in the U.S. to fill the jobs available, even after the economy has imploded and there SHOULD be large numbers of people available.

In order to hit that kind of an employment deficit there have to be around 20 million dead or disabled people.

Here is how I see this, and how it is 20 million disabled or dead -

1. The economy contracts due to lockdowns. 50+ million jobs vanish.
2. Lots of businesses die, and 30 million jobs vanish permanently.
3. Huge numbers of people go on unemployment (50 million or so)
4. Economy re-starts in earnest and perhaps 20 - 30 million jobs come back.
5. Some people opt to stay on unemployment and treat it like welfare (8 million)
6. There are then over 10 million job openings that cannot be filled.

7. 50 million lost jobs, 20-30 million jobs came back, 8 million decided not to work, the rest wanted to work and there's 10 million surplus jobs. 10 million unfilled positions -8 million who don't want to work = 2 million people automatically missing from that alone. Add 10-20 million jobs permanently wiped out - It has to be 12 - 20+ million dead.

How bad was that genocide anyway? I WILL SAY THIS: "They" wanted a total wipeout of America, and had ENORMOUS SUCCESS. They were so successful at killing off millions with their death shot that they are not willing to throw in the towel yet. They have met resistance. Practically no one wants that shot, despite the media pumping it and it is because SO MANY PEOPLE ARE NOW DEAD THAT PRACTICALLY EVERYONE KNOWS SOMEONE WHO DIED FROM THE SHOT AND NO AMOUNT OF MEDIA HYPE WILL FIX THAT. If that shot did not devastate families and circles, with all the media hype out there, people would be lining up for it in droves. The extent to which it destroyed society is too obvious for people to go along with it, even with the MSM lying 24/7 and not uttering a peep about what has really happened.

BOTTOM LINE: All those body bags people talked about are being used.

If what I said is not what happened, there should not be a single job opening anywhere, too many jobs are gone forever for that and there are not enough on unemployment to account for openings.

I personally know of 3 different people I'd see at family parties or other parties plus 2 I would eventually see that died directly from that shot, and the shot was not distributed in Mexico to anywhere near the extent it was distributed in the U.S.

The damage in Mex stopped quickly, early on, because people talk here, if ONE gets maimed a hundred will automatically know and then NO ONE will go in for the shot. They got a few people early on until the results came in.

A couple brief items:

They are claiming they are out of ICU beds in Arkansas because of COVID.

REMEMBER: This is the same medical system where a majority of the doctors did not get jabbed while gleefully pushing it on everyone else. The same medical system that is totally dishonest enough to charge 1000X the real price of what they give people (Rememer Anascorp lady who got billed $180,000 for two doses and "other related "care"?) That stuff costs $50 (FIFTY) a dose. RETAIL. They make it in Mexico and re-brand it for the U.S. - in Mexico it is called Alacrex. The EXACT SAME scorpion is in both places. How did it increase from $50 to $50,000+ per dose in one quick border jump? Actually, it is less of an overcharge than the $0.01 aspirin that costs $12. Try getting an aspirin THAT CHEAP in an American hospital.

So the heathenously dishonest medical system is saying suddenly, overnight, their ICU's went from about 70 beds occupied to over 1,300 in Arkansas. ALL WITH COVID. Do you believe them? Ask them the price of Alacrex!!!

When dealing with this level of dishonesty, a medical system THIS DISHONEST, don't believe a word they say. The jab alone is proof the American medical system is not only un-ethical, it is anti-ethical.

I do not believe there is a SINGLE ICU bed in Arkansas being occupied over LEGIT Covid.

Texas Supreme Court at least bats a guy to first.

I threw in the towel a couple days ago when an activist judge said the Dem senators who ran away in Texas could not be arrested upon return. That has now changed. The Texas supreme court over-ruled and not only CAN they be arrested now, they probably will be.

Where do you get the sinovax?

A reader wrote to me asking for advice on how to get down to Mexico for the sinovax "because the shot would be mandatory in the U.S. and he wanted something other than what was on offer."

MY RESPONSE: Don't worry about it, because as soon as they make it mandatory and the right people get pinched, the correct neighborhoods would get burned and they'll back off. NO SHOT is ok, and nothing else qualifies. We know the shot is not what they said. If even Joel figured that out, STOP BEING PATHETIC AND RESIST FOR ONCE.


Don't bother. Hold your ground, and if your phone cuts off or your power goes out or you can't buy food or ANYTHING ELSE SIMILAR HAPPENS, THAT will be when you go into the correct neighborhoods and put things right. You don't back down for this, doing so would be absolutely pathetic.

CUOMO: Why would they hang a sleazeball? Did he say no to Covid passports??

Crop failures imminent.

I am not paying attention to Mike Lindell because nothing will come of it

The people who stole the election know they stole it, know we know they stole it, and nothing is being done. What can Mike Lindell accomplish? NOTHING. EVERYONE ALREADY KNOWS AND NOTHING IS BEING DONE. No new details will change that.

##!@??! THE FOLLOWING CHECKS OUT, it looks like this really did happen.

Covid and masks are social conditioning?

I find this hard to believe, but it does look legit.

Remember, these people in charge of the schools are teaching critical race theory to destroy the country, they are in on the big secrets and if this is real, they just indirectly let one of those secrets out with the following:

FACT: If the pandemic was real, "mask breaks" would not be a reward. I find this hard to believe but it does look legit.

FACT CHECK: This looks ridiculous, but echo ministries really does have an affiliation with this school and both do shoe and sock drives.

Just like last year, there are no flooded hospitals

When people go to check how busy they are with all these new "covid cases" they are empty like they were last year. EXCEPT FOR AUSTRALIA. Readers in Australia, PLUS people from Australia who are posting to social media, BOTH are saying that Australia is grabbing random people off the street who are not sick at all, and forcing them onto ventilators. Details beyond that are sketchy and I don't know how many people they are actually killing. There are a few that escaped to tell about what is going on there. It is these people Australia is using to produce their "covid hospitalization stats" - NONE of these people have covid.

WORD ON THE STREET IN THE U.S. is that hospital employees are quitting in droves. We all know the pilots are quitting in droves, or being incapacitated in droves and that's the reason for the flight cancelations. However, there is a clear point to make about the hospitals-

They will claim that the hospitals are short staffed, and they actually will be. But it will not be because of a "surge of covid cases", no, it will instead be because so many nurses quit rather than get jabbed, and so many nurses died or were maimed by the shot that they are not available anymore.

Yes, they'll accuartely state in the MSM that the hospitals are overwhelmed and short staffed, but they will never be honest about why, and should I also throw in "Short staffing them to begin with so they can push their profits even higher than how ridiculously high they are already?"


IF, in 1980, before the medical system went to sh*t a hospital had a staff of 300 nurses, and THEN by 2015 that had been cut to 180 to boost profits, and THEN you jabbed 70 or so who were not aware enough to avoid the jab and subsequently lost a percentage of those, and THEN the remaining 110, after seeing what happened to the 70 walk off the job rather than accept the jab, obviously 50 or so nurses will not be enough and the hospital absolutely WILL BE "OVERWHELMED." And that is exactly what The U.S. is looking at now, probably to accurate numbers to boot. Hospitals that are sitting 70 percent vacant while being "overwhelmed" because they are short staffed by 83 percent compared to 1980. And the scamming MSM will blame Covid!

DEAR JOEL: IT IS WORSE THAN EVEN THAT, but that's at least enough to do the trick.

There are a couple "conspiracies" coming due.

August 11 is supposed to be when they turn the internet off, and Sep 11 is when they are supposed to make the jab mandatory. Though both will likely happen at some point, I'd say the jab will be mandatory before they turn the internet off.

Also, the New York vax passport on this page is one I did, I did not make it look real for a reason. There were actual blank cards I could have put that on so it would have looked real. But I would not be surprised if it ended up looking something like what I did.

The only reason I did that card was to support the meme C.C.P. - Covid Compliance Passport.

And as far as I see it, China is actually being less tyrannical about this than the U.S. is. When China says the shots America has are so bad they made their own, that's saying a LOT. Thus far, CanSino (Mexico's name for Sinovax) is not wrecking people the way Pfizer is. That does not mean I am interested in getting even that though. I am sitting on ZERO for all of them.

On another note, I am highly suspicious of the Sputnik jab

Russia is having absolutely insane car accidents right now. Perhaps that's just their culture? But there are no older videos I know of that are anything like the new ones coming out of Russia, - Vaxxidents? Those have continued in the U.S. but Russia is really the star performer with those right now.

There are Russian Youtubers getting the Sputnik jab that I have paid attention to, and when they do, they vanish for a week and are not the same at all when they come back. Sputnik is probably really awful. What type of Russian Youtube would I pay attention to? Check out Garage 54. I don't watch TV but I find that channel to be entertaining.

Notice I say JAB. Because I don't know what the * any of them are, only that they are not a vax.


OK, I'll disclaimer this and call it "rumor". DOUBT IT.

3 choices: 1. Pilots are dead from jab. 2. Pilots are sick from jab. 3. Pilots will not get jab.

C.C.P. - Covid Compliance Passport

About the jabs -

If the MRNA jab has lipid nanoparticles, a suspension medium (polyethelene glycol) plus a carcinogenic industrial solvent loosely related to ether, plus an enormous pile of "messenger RNA", how much room is left in that shot for graphene? Certainly not 99.7 percent, a concentration of graphene (oops, Graphene oxide) or whatever the claim is would render it solid and totally impossible to inject. And any claims there is a liquid form can only be supported by it being suspended in a suspension medium, that is not graphene oxide and would prevent it from ever being 99.7 percent of any shot because you'd have to count the suspension medium too.

What am I saying with this? Be careful with who you believe, who you re-post, and how stupid you might look. It does not matter at all what is in the shot when we know it is maiming people, don't go jumping off a bridge. It does matter how stupid people look. You would be better off not even talking about what is in the shot when it does not matter, what the shot does matters. That is something you can point at and prove.

How about using the phrase "A hammer smashed my hand". People will believe that. You do not need to say "iron, nickel, carbon, vanadium, molybdenum, and manganese in the form of a hammer smashed my hand" and that is literally what people are doing for "the next big scoop of bullshit" click bait on this shot, NO, I WOULD NOT WANT A GRAPHENE INJECTION but saying the shot is 99.7 percent graphene is gonna get you laughed at by ANYONE who knows ANYTHING AT ALL. So much patent bullshit is getting spewed on the graphene topic that if anyone steps forward with anything real on that topic now credibility is already blown. Maybe the shot DOES have graphene as one of many ingredients. So what. Going for clicks on the topic won't help a hammer smash your hand any better and if you are wrong, you'll get upgraded to a sledge.

And a quick comment about the spoiling of clinical trials

When I posted on that topic, I posted it as rumor. Rumor as I see it is something interesting and probably true that I don't want to walk down a cattle trail for and it could be completely wrong. As it turns out, that particular rumor did not end up wrong, but the rumor I got was that Johnson and Johnson plus pfizer intentionally spoiled their trials. As it turns out it was Moderna and Pfizer. Who's shot is now being canceled? The one that did not wreck it's clinical trials. Anyway, when you go in to get your shot after whatever you do that wiped out most of your brain cells, remember: Clinical trials WERE done, DID give results someone did not want, and WERE subsequently spoiled and THAT is what you will get. There's another term for what you will get: DARWIN AWARD.

Another tidbit about this jab:

Back in 2012 I looked up Israel's autism stats and they were 1 in 80,000. I published that and it got repeated and linked out to many places. AND SUDDENLY, SIX MONTHS LATER, Israel's autism stats were exactly the same as the United States.

So they say they jabbed most of their population with the same stuff we got and are even smart enough to follow social trends and say only the jabbed are getting sick now. HOW CUTE. They are covering their tracks, don't believe a word of it. They did not point their own weapon at themselves.

And OH, another thing - take a look at this poster



ALL videos I found posted (that were new) "instructed" people to put the oil down inside the air chamber where the spring or piston is. That will destroy the rifle. And I believe it was intentional. To safely diesel a pellet gun without wrecking it, use a q tip to put a thin film of oil on the back of the pellet, NEVER put the oil inside the rifle. Some people made less of an error of putting a whole drop of oil on the back of the pellet, and while that's not as bad as pouring oil in the compression chamber, it is still not good. You only need a thin film of oil on the back of the pellet, so thin you could prep a tin of pellets and leave them that way without the oil flowing off.

The method I have told people will be the difference between 800 fps and 1100 fps on a .22. Yes, putting oil in the chamber might give you 1500 or more FPS but why? Why wreck the gun for that? They are supposed to last more than 50 shots! You'll get the full life span out of the gun doing it my way. It will be very noticeably more powerful and it won't shorten the life at all.

A reminder about Mercola's site: He was not ordered to shut the site down, he was ordered to delete a lot of reports.

People are calling hoax because the site is still up. Of course it is still up. That is not a surprise. But all the good vax related stuff is gone.

ALL of these people are far enough up the chain to know the truth, check out Obama's Maskless birthay bash


The games have been so ridiculous that in CENTRAL MEXICO, south of the tropic of cancer, it has been so cold for THREE ENTIRE MONTHS that today was the first time in THREE MONTHS I actually went to the shade. Prior to this it has been so cold I never even thought of doing that. It did not happen once in 3 months. Date? August 8.

I guess they'll fool Europe and the U.S. because it is so hot there, hot and really weird weather.

Zerohedge posted an awesome world history map

This is why they want us to throw away old publications - because accurate and complete history is preserved in them. This is from the 1930's.

I tried to clean it up and make it more readable. The original image from Zerohedge is Here.

Click the image below for a large cleaned up version that is easier to read.

It is not perfect but at least Zerohedge posted it well enough to extract this from.

Do not save the image you see on the front page and then try to read that, you have to click it for the big one and then read that.


The FACT that Apple is now scanning everyone's phones and data for evidence of "child abuse" is COLD HARD PROOF that ALL, (every single one) and I MEAN ALL Apple devices never had any security at all.


You might as well take your most sensitive documents and throw them out on the street with all the passwords included (for credit cards) because EVEN WHEN ENCRYPTED apple has ZERO security, the encryption is a hoax if, as they state, they'll be looking at all your encrypted stuff, fully decrypted, too.


They are NOT looking for "child abuse", don't kid yourself with that - they are looking for tactical data and ways to destroy any business that does not mandate covid passports. They are looking for all vax resisters. IN SHORT: Apple is scanning everyone's devices for the intelligence (someone) needs to complete their genocide. It's that simple folks.

What makes today's conspiracy different from other "conspiracies"?

This time around, they are actually killing people and trying to force people to go in for something that might kill them. I have no idea why a certain parasitic community has seen fit to murder it's host, but they are going ahead with it right now. I don't want to keep repeating who they are, or how much people should prep, or whatever else at this time because it has been said so much it is like a skipping record. But people should at least be aware that the carrot is not on the table anymore, a big stick is, and they intend to start beating people with it.

I'll tell you how I'll handle this: If they even do the lockdown again in Mex, if that's ALL THEY DO and there's not even a jab mandate, Claudia has already stated we are going to the mountains. I was surprised by that. Yes, we have a place to go to out there . . . . . easier said than done though. . . . . . buy more bullets or in my case, more pellets.

There is a rumor going around that I am worried is true:

The rumor is that both Johnson and Johnson and Pfizer, during clinical trials, were worried about having the vaxxed group show far more long term problems than the placebo group that out of schedule, they called in the placebo groups and gave them the real shot. I think this rumor is true. However, I will call it rumor. But there is a problem:

Now, with the current jab levels in the general public there are again two groups. A real shot group with perhaps up to half the population getting one shot and about 35 percent getting both. The group refusing the shot is the equivalent of the placebo group. With a vast majority of people in hospitals now being from the group that got the actual shot, it is not looking good for the people running the covid con job because there is far too large of a placebo group for (their) comfort remaining to prove the group that got the shot got maimed and everyone who avoided it is OK. And this is why they are pushing so hard to get everyone jabbed - because if they do not, the damage the shot did will become too obvious

They need everyone destroyed the same way to destroy the evidence that they destroyed everyone, - they need EVERYONE destroyed to "prove" the jab saved everyone who survived it from "the horrible outcome" the jab caused all along. They need EVERYONE jabbed so they can say the damage was caused by a "new variant" and can't have a large "placebo group" out there to prove it was not. If there is a placebo group equivalent out running around, representing about half of society, the people who jabbed so many are going to be totally busted when the ugly truth about what they did with that shot becomes unavoidable.

I have little doubt they are panicked. They are panicked and they want mass deaths and they do not want to get busted for causing it. That shot is the equivalent of bullets fired in a hot war, an equivalent which requires a cooperative target. And the target is not cooperating. Not anymore at least, and desperate people, especially desperate criminals, and ESPECIALLY desperate groups desperate for genocide will do desperate, and this time no doubt horrible things.

What will that be?

California shop owner: If you are born with a dick, you are not a chick.

He had that sign up, and a boy who thinks he's a girl got mad.

I have kept forgetting to post this important item for years. Now is the perfect time to remember:

If you are forced to flee into the wilderness, you should carry a staff

Do not bother with getting a staff now, because if you have to flee, there will be all sorts of them readily available. A proper staff is 1.5 times your body height. If you are a six foot man, a 9 foot staff is good. Why should you have one? The reasons are far more numerous than you think. Here are a few:

Let's say you have an obstacle to get over and you cannot find a foothold. All you have to do is place your staff in a position to push off on and you'll climb right up it, even without a foothold. Even a vertical surface after you get practice.

Let's say you have to cross a river, and it is something you'd never want to fall into and the way across is tedious. Being able to jam your staff down to the river bottom to provide balance might be the only way you can do it.

Let's say you are on a trail and come to a wash out where the trail is gone, and it is a huge drop and the trail is the only way through? As in the first item, if there is anything at all within reach you can push off on, your staff can hold you on a vertical surface provided you have the strength and you can push off on it good enough or if the trail has turned into a ravine chances are your staff will let you vault across.

You should have a staff because it will allow you to go into areas you'd need a 9 foot long leg to get into. Monks and others with staffs can get into places that seem amazing and are easily explained if people consider how they did it.

Perhaps you encounter a rabid skunk. It wants to chase and bite you. Would it not be nice to have something already in your hand you can keep it 9 feet away with? How about a bear? Obviously you'd want more than a staff, but would you rather try hitting it with your hand? You'd actually stand a pretty good chance of turning a bear away with a staff. You would not beat it in a fight, but you could certainly make it a lot less interested in you, provided there were no cubs around.

A staff should be strong, lightweight and have one end that is abruptly heavy like a club. That would be the top of the staff. There are sticks like that all over the woods. Keep trading up until you get something perfect.

Staffs do not make walking easier. That is not their purpose. They should be as light and as strong as possible, in the max length that is not too much of a hindrance to carry. Even if you opt not to carry one at all, remember this if you encounter a raging stream with a way to cross that is "too dangerous", or a missing trail, or a rock face you just cannot get up. Chances are something useful will be easily found, if you think of looking for it.

I do not think a staff should be a prep item, because absent immediate need all it will do is take up space and it is too easy to get one in the woods to bother with one as long as you are not in the woods.

Here is how the vax passport is taking place, and you need to reset everything and be ready for it.

I do not watch the news in the United States but I have read plenty from people who have, and they are observing what is going on and are figuring out how this is all going to go down.

The government will not be requiring vaccine passports, however that same government is working closely with private companies to force people to show vaccine passports before entering anything private, including grocery stores. Those companies WILL require it. They are saying so straight out. If you will not present proof of the jab at the door, you will not be going in.

Fake documents might work for a while, until all the businesses sync and can spot fakes. And then what? You'll be guilty of faking federal documents which will mean a long time in the slammer, and private business will be what reports you, no one will hunt you down for it. They'll just detain you on the spot.

From the way the media is coalescing on the topic, that's the only place all of this is headed. The government won't force you to get the jab, but without it:

No groceries.
No supplies.
No gas
No access to public spaces
No welfare
No drivers licenses
No VA benefits
No building permits
No business licenses
And possibly no crossing of state lines.

Sounds bad, but here is how to handle it:

If "they" are going to deny those smart enough to avoid the jab EVERYTHING, including food, then those who avoided the jab, who are the majority, can:

Cut the power.
Deny access to the stores to EVERYONE.
Take care of the police
Shut the water off
Shut the roads down
Need I say more?

It is as simple as this: IF WE DON'T EAT, YOU DON'T EAT.

And the average person smart enough to avoid the jab has more food on hand than practically any fool that would get it. The idiots would feel the heat sooner than any prepper if the preppers decided to put things right.

If "they" cut the food off, don't wait for your supplies to run out, immediately combine with others who have their food cut off and get the food turned back on any way possible even if that means cutting off food to the vaxxed. Even if it means looting. Once these companies go there, you are not BLM looting, you are instead actually putting things right. Oh, so you don't want your food paid for? You don't want it to go out the door peacefully? FINE.

If those who refused the jab get their power cut off, that's easy - go to where the lights are on and put them out.

This battle will now move from politics to hard action. Playing politics accomplished a lot for evil. But how long will evil be willing to push back against hard action?

Just like 911, the jab is a controlled demolition. This time, of society

They could not get the guns. And they knew that if they went around forcibly taking people they'd never get away with it. But what if they could crank up a lie factory to spook everyone into getting a shot instead, so rather than a noisy shot everyone would hear, people would instead quietly die in their homes? In all reality, no one knows what the death toll is because there are probably undiscovered dead people everywhere.

They could not do it all at once. They had to do it secretly, quietly. A shot that took time to work. Some people reacted quickly and died, others took two shots to die, others could simply handle two shots of legit poison, and some who had two shots actually got no shots so they can laugh at everyone who is talking about being damaged - that is what the saline that kept turning up was for . . . . It is still out there but they have gotten smart enough to not report it. Can't have everyone down right away because it would be noticed. What time frame do they actually need? How many injections to get us all, and get away with it? Today they announced it will be five.

Normally when you look at tough stuff to get across while hiking, there are challenges mixed with a lot of beauty and if it is going to be a tough hike, there is a little apprehension but you know you'll probably get through it. That's not how this covid jab scenario is. Looking at what is in front of us now, I see a trail of disaster with absolutely nothing beautiful along it, it is all nothing but dread. And the trail goes past a horizon we cannot see. No one knows where this trail is going to lead and no one with a brain would ever get on it willingly.

Telling people to prepare is a worn out topic now.

Saying exactly who is behind all of this is just as worn out.

The neighbor across the street got the second pfizer jab, changed totally after the second, drove her fiancee off within 2 weeks of the second jab when they were getting along great before it and now things are so different over there I think she's dead. But I can't prove it. That is what "they" are counting on in their silent 911.


The claim is that they'll be searching them for evidence of child abuse, but we all know what this means

Communists ALWAYS use Children as an excuse to screw people over, because if they are "doing it for the children" no one can argue with it. If you argue, you admit you hate children.

So they'll be bankrupting data plans I guess in their effort to feed the government with photographic evidence of who might be resisting tyranny right now. If anyone thinks this means anything else, they ought to stop kidding themselves

Happily, earlier today I told Apple to stick it in an email they sent to me, asking to post guest articles about apple products on this site. It was not spam, they knew the site IP address and used the name of the site and the IP address in their request to post their crap sent to a mail in Gmail. A spam bot would never connect the two.

I was sent a mail asking me to help Americans produce fake vax passports

That will not be happening. Because that is something I can be shut down for instantly, and I don't have any knowledge that could help on that topic anyway.

Mercola threw in the towel right away. So easily I was shocked. I will not be doing that, I will run this site in a way that prolongs it's time online, during which I will fight tooth and nail. Helping fake vax documents could end this site instantly.

The U.S. women's soccer team got a "disappointing" bronze.

Yes, I am DISAPPOINTED because those worthless America hating pieces of trash did not deserve to bring home even copper.

Even Drudge stated Newsom is losing in an independent poll by double digits.

Dominion will make the difference. Don't bet on him being out, he's doing too good of a job of destroying the state.

He's the one who oversaw 4 years of water drained to the ocean on purpose. California should have 4 years of water LEFT for the WORST drougt.

They will not permit the people to oust him. He did a fair amount of dirty work for "dark winter". He has proven who's side he is on. He will be protected. The only way he would ever be out is if the replacement is yet another troll.

Rand Paul: Resist! They can't jail all of us.


They can't arrest us all. They can’t keep all your kids home from school. They can't keep every government building closed - although I've got a long list of ones they should.

We don't have to accept the mandates, lockdowns, and harmful policies of the petty tyrants and feckless bureaucrats. We can simply say no, not again.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi - you will not arrest or stop me or anyone on my staff from doing our jobs. We have all either had COVID, had the vaccine, or been offered the vaccine. We will make our own health choices. We will not show you a passport, we will not wear a mask, we will not be forced into random screening and testing so you can continue your drunk with power rein over the Capitol.

President Biden - we will not accept your agencies' mandates or your reported moves toward a lockdown. No one should follow the CDC's anti-science mask mandates. And if you want to shutdown federal agencies again - some of which aren't even back to work fully - I will stop every bill coming through the Senate with an amendment to cut their funding if they don't come to work.

No more."

My comment: He then goes on to talk about how bad it is to make kids wear masks in school, or to keep them out of school. He went wrong there in my opinion - the schools are so horrible with critical race theory and "common core" that we are better off with them shut down.

Well well, it looks like my site stat obscuring stopped working

Someone somewhere got accurate analytics because an Apple rep wanted me to post about the Iphone and IOS. I told them to stick it.

Obviously they did not even look at this site to see what it covers, they just got a stat from (somewhere, I don't know where) and figured "That's worthwhile!".

The direct IP switch when you hit this site has thus far served to give it a rank of ZERO. A site NO ONE hits. At present it gets about 600,000 visits a month (not Infowars, but still significant) which should put it at a decent rank and value of a couple million. But it is worth ZERO due to the "social credit score" so I did not care if it could not be ranked. Looks like somehow, somewhere, it happened.

To be frank I am a little bit uncomfortable with telling them to stick it but I did hit send and it is not all bad. I don't want "guest written Apple articles" on this site! I'd certainly accept being paid to place an ad. I cannot get ads, my social credit score is too low!

Now, I don't hate Apple. I see them as a company that makes very fine products I'd never pay for. I take my finances too seriously to consider Apple. I don't drive a BMW either.

Rampant flight cancelations

In the past month:

Jet blue: 51 percent canceled or delayed.

American Airlines: 34 percent delayed or canceled

Southwest: 39 percent canceled or delayed

Air France: 21.3 percent canceled or delayed

Spirit Airlines: 33 percent of flights CANCELED OUTRIGHT

I figured that was enough of a sample from jabbed pilots.

THE KICKER: I decided to look over Japan's Nippon airlines because Japan refused the jab. I could not get complete data, but after looking over the records of 100 individual flights, ZERO were canceled or delayed. what does THAT imply??

Now, I realize I did not take a huge sample here, but everyone knows the flights are a mess, littered with cancelations and delays galore, EXCEPT FOR JAPAN. Can anyone figure out why?

The Workplace Mental Health Institute released this infographic outlining the signs of an abusive relationship

This is a shocking outline of what the government is doing to the people now.

I had a hard time believing this was for real because it matched the corona con job so perfectly so I took the time to hunt down the original. This image evidently gets banned frequently.

How serious has the weather mod drought been? Here's how serious:

99 percent of the bread wheat crop was in drought stricken areas and has predominantly failed.

97 percent of the Durum wheat crop (used for pasta) was in drought stricken areas, and has predominantly failed.

80 percent of the retail alfalfa crop (for feeding cows,) was in a drought stricken area and has predominantly failed. However, the dairy areas are outside of the drought zone and virtually all of those farmers grow their own alfalfa, they just won't be able to buy supplemental alfalfa.

Significant losses of approximately 75 percent of barley and oats.

A lot of corn is grown OUTSIDE the drought stricken areas but enough is grown in drought stricken areas for it to matter.

When will we seriously know in the markets? Right around September, after the harvest should have come in and been distributed.

How bad are the losses overall? Data is sketchy but I am guessing between 40 and 60 percent crop failure. Since Obama destroyed the strategic grain reserve, there might not be enough food to go around. WORSE: Canada is a MAJOR producer of grains, and Canada had the same problem with weather mod. Both Canada and the U.S. are facing all time record low harvests. And it gets worse from there:

Even the prime grain regions of Russia were hit with weather mod, (see this jet stream chart) and though their crop failures were not as bad as the U.S. and Canada, they were still bad. I don't have the stats on Russia, they have been hush hush. China was the dumping ground for most of the water, and they had so much that too much water triggered crop failures.

Now here is what reminded me to do this report:

I received a mail from a reader that I have confirmed is legit. As it turns out, 7 years ago calves were born with a 7 on their heads. This is the only time that has happened, it is not a normal occurrence. I checked all other numbers and for 7's outside this time frame and it does not happen. All calves with 7's were born on the same year in the same spring. The warning goes that 7 years after these calves are born, there will be a huge famine. Now, I cannot specifically state that's going to happen, but 7 years does indeed come up for the harvest of 2021 which is clearly failing.

IF, when I had fact checked this there were calves with 7 from other years, or calves EVER with any other numbers, I'd have called bunk. But as it turns out, this is a unique phenomenon and it is worth reporting. The reason why the warning lands on September of this year is because of how the Jewish calendar lines up and progresses forward against the Julian calendar. September is the month things ought to go to hell if there's anything to this, and I think there might be, despite my hesitance for posting what is usually "superstitious crap". The conditions to support this coming true are TOTALLY in place, in abundance.

1. Obama destroyed the strategic grain reserve.
2. Historic crop failures due to a drought at a level never seen in the U.S.
3. Historic crop failures due to a drought at a level never seen in Canada.
4. Historic crop failures due to a drought at a level never seen in Russia
5. Historic crop failures due to excessive rains at a level never seen in China

All happening when:

6. They are running a corona scam and restricting activity as much as possible
7. Doing all they can to force people into a poison jab
8. Doing all they can to destroy economies

How does all that add up? Well, for now I'd say buying several cases of pasta would be a VERY GOOD IDEA.


The test is probably not issuing accurate "real world" results.

HINT: Answer it 100 percent honestly for a high score (that's probably not reality but they are handing it out), it's probably a lie detector test because I said I DO criticize the government on social media and I DO violate traffic laws and I WOULD hang around with people who had low social credit scores even if it would lower mine, and despite that I scored good to excellent with all the perks. I did not max it, but was still in the green all the way to the right.

Don't believe the results of this test for a second, because with the way this government acts, they actually want lying scamming scum bags in the highest places and the test is just there to placate decent people and lull them into believing "Hey, this ain't all bad, I'm for it!!

I don't believe that test for a nanosecond because I answered it exactly the way I live my life and I am banned EVERYWHERE. They are lying. The test is not issuing realistic answers.

I tried this test on two different devices with two different IP's and answered it exactly the same both times and got exactly the same score. That means the outcome is not pre-determined.

AND WORSE: I got 1,200 pellets for the survival rifle today, and encourage everyone to buy as many bullets as possible for whatever they have, up to the MAX CALIBER. TABULATE THAT.

Update to below:

Another reader wrote and said he had no trouble off-lining Mercola's site. The problem with this however is that the site has been gutted now, JudgeDredd probably got tons of errors because the site was in the process of being killed when he tried. Now there is nothing of value there, it really did get stripped out despite still looking normal on the surface.

The following took an interesting turn and is well worth a read. This started with a message I front paged for JudgeDredd:


Mercola, at has been ordered to delete his site in 48 hours OR ELSE.

(if you can) Back up Mercola's site and hopefully I will be able to put it on another server from what you get. Make sure it runs locally perfectly before quitting file acquisition, I do not know how you are able to do that when you don't own the site.

Check out the response, and remember what I told EVERYONE about cloudflare MANY TIMES in the past:

"Hi Jim,

I saw your message around 2AM and went to work to see if I could mirror/rip M's site and ater checking and inputting all the parameters I found that it was impossible. The culprit? Cloudflare. It was preventing me from copying files via the program I was using (HTTrack)

So because M does not understand the way things are on the 'net he has screwed himself.

Thanks for the message, that was interesting to read, that's for sure!"

My response: well, that does it then because I cannot spend a month hunting down everything on his site to re-build it. Adios to him (and I cannot blame him) even "experts" don't know about cloudflare and how it totally destroys your survival on the web, yes it can stave off attacks but there's no way Mercola needed that. Alex probably does with the way his site is set up but 99 percent just use it because it is "free" and "cool".

Anything that can stop "attacks" can be rigged to prevent you from being seen by anyone. If you in alt media, I suggest avoiding cloudflare like the plague unless you have a multi million dollar budget and multiple full time web admins like Alex has. Those people will notice any f***ery going on (that said, when they FINALLY flip the switch they WILL on Alex, and cloudflare will be a key item making that happen.) However, when that happens to a site as big as Infowars, Alex will be on the run anyway if he gets a chance to start running. He probably will not, they know when and where he sleeps.


JudgeDredd sent to Mercola's girlfriend:

"Hi. I specialize in saving websites from being censored. Would it be possible that I can speak directly with Mercola about his websites? I would like to first save them and mirror them elsewhere or at least have them archived. My phone number and Email are ________ thank you!

Response: "Hi. Yes, they have already deleted everything so nobody can save anything. It is so sad and I'm pretty upset today as you can imagine. They already deleted everything and you can get nothing from Mercola has offices in several nations with hundreds of employees and they have made sure there are no back up copies. It's all gone from the wayback machine.

I have thousands of messages today and CNN top news anchors outside the door so I will be back.

Here is the comment that strongly indicates Mercola got a threat far beyond the usual: He doesn't want them published anywhere ever. Anyone who does will be getting a takedown notice I guess. Very sad times".

My comment: well, I guess we'll all soon find out just how resilient this site is, I cannot believe this happened. First they came for Mercola . . . . he had one of the best sites out there. His site still runs, but it is missing a lot.

Why worry about being banned from ball games and concerts? I'd bet 10:1 most of my readers would not care.

I have recently seen a lot of people (or bots, it's hard to tell nowadays) trying to convince people to get the shot with posts like this:

"People who don't go out in public ever are fucking weird.

Get out once in a while. Living the hermit life is boring."


You're one of 28 people in society who is a socially retarded hermit. They don't give a fuck about any of you. Be free down at the creek collecting rancid water, talking to the possum and eating weeds. No one gives a fuck about you or whether you're free to chop wood or throw your back out while looking under the hood of your 1992 Ford ranger for the 4th time this week."

Here is my take:

People who don't go out in public EVER are the reason why you have electricity, your car, your computer. Did Tesla spend evenings at the bar? What about Edison? Would they have accomplished what they did while high on coke? Getting smashed drunk or popping ecstacy has never been my thing, I have never frequented bars or given any of what the left is trying to use as a reason to get vaxxed any value.

Back in the day, it would make sense to go to a concert because you would not get hammered with politically manipulative crap. Back in the day, I might consider a ball game when the players did not hate their roots, (actually, I got turned off when I figured out there's a lot of fakeness and often whoever wins was assigned to win) but that's another topic, what REALLY got me is these losers kneeling. I'm DONE with that. The left is making a mistake if they think punishing the resilient with denial to venues THEY WRECKED is going to have any impact on the target getting jabbed, if they wanted leverage from that, they should not have wrecked it all to begin with.

None of it has value anymore. I could not care less.

A nurse wrote:

There seems to be nurses quitting everywhere.

My hospital has cut down nurse staffing levels so severely that each nurse has 9 patients and no help, on her own for 12 hours. These are critical and complicated patients that need one to one monitoring. It forces nurses to stay past their shift another 4 hours to chart. A grand total of 15 or 16 hours with no break.

6 of my 9 patients last night were 300lbs plus and dead weight, constantly pissing themselves or trying to crawl out of bed and fall. Each one on the call bell 8 or 9 times an hour. The other three were critically ill, on complex time consuming drips and interventions.

Management has also taken away aides, phlebotomy, cleaning staff and lab techs, and outsourced catering to a horrible company that dumps out trays and then takes them away before a nurse can even get around to all her people and make sure they eat.

My comment: Why would they hire enough nurses and actually deliver value when the prime directive at an American hospital is to loot and steal? Remember, 9 patients LIKE THAT in a hospital likely made that hosptal between 500,000 and 1.5 million that night. When they charge that much, their only objective is to steal, and they proved that by getting rid of techs and aids and forcing YOU to take on more patients than you should even if you had help.

FACT: American hospitals are so corrupt that at this point their main directive is to rob everyone that enters them broke and liquidate their assets, plus stick them with bills forever. You are only there to provide enough legitimacy - a platform - for them to do this. Why would they care beyond that?

Claudia is getting private care in Mexico in the best places for cancer and we have been able to pay for it without insurance and ONLY from donations to this site. Obviously people have donated generously, but in the American system it would not have been enough to have the American medical system tell you your shoe size. The American medical system is an act of war that's begging for stolen valor to be handed to it as some form of charity. There is simply nothing more to the American medical system than that nowadays. Too bad for those stuck working the lower tier.

FOUR ships in the persian gulf have been electronically hijacked

They have lost steering control. Most likely Israel is doing this and Iran will be blamed. I'd say someone's COVID con is not going well enough so they are now looking for a consolation war prize elsewhere.


UPDATE: I have confirmed they really do have only ONE (1) small loader doing the cleanup and that it already has a lane cleared. The interstate is already passable in one direction with the weakest effort possible and the road was not hurt. Let's see what the election thieves bilk us for.

Why is it that EVERYTHING the current government "takes care of" now is a con job?

The drone video makes it clear: That's not a national disaster" level rock slide - the Glenwood canyon clearing is a two day job including enough road repairs to operate one lane in both directions IF someone wanted it done UPDATE: The road is proven to not be significantly damaged now that the (puny little) loader has cleared a lane, that's a four hour job then if someone wanted to make it one with real equipment. A traffic jam, not a national disaster

Instead, someone sees an opportunity to screw the country over yet again, so it will be "weeks".

"Stay away from me, you are not vaccinated!" "You got the vax, right?" ", "yes". "A vaccine is supposed to protect you from the disease. If you are not protected, the shot was not a vax. "Until we all know what that shot was really for, STAY AWAY FROM ME."

"Vaccinated" Linsey Graham "now has covid"

DOUBT IT, but I will say that saline works wonders. There's a reason why saline shots kept getting mixed in with OUR shots for a while. When identical vials with a secret somewhere on them to identify them are shipped with the real shots so the privileged can fake it real well, under those conditions, mistakes can happen and it is the ONLY way such mistakes can happen, the saline filler is not in the same section as the death jab filler, BET ON IT. There should have been ZERO saline incidents, why did those happen?

Linsey did not get either covid or a shot, it is all theater.

The CDC has reported that 70 percent of the population has had at least one shot

That's a bold faced lie. The purpose of the lie is to apply peer pressure to the remaining "30 percent" which is actually right around 60 percent. FAR LESS than half the U.S. population has had even one shot, and this bold faced lie by the CDC is merely an attemt to marginalize the majority.


This is how criminals get a failure "under control".

A reader sent:

"Just had my house painted by hispanics.
In "confidence they "confessed" that they refuse "vaccination" because "It's a kill shot". "The elite want to kill us all".

Unless things are vastly different in Texas, that woman is lying about the vaccination rates."

My comment: Mexicans are all well enough connected to know when the shot killed family members, including this family. One and perhaps two in this family got killed by that shot, plus 2 at a church in Mexico City and the husband of one boss that's not in the family, but close enough. That's 4 people that this ONE Mexican family know of for sure, plus one they suspect but no one knew if he got it because he was in the U.S. AND WORSE: As soon as everyone found out these shots killed people, NO ONE went in for them, THE ONLY PEOPLE that got the shot, ALL OF THEM, are dead.

It is not as if most of the family got the shot or most of the church got the shot and a few people died, PRACTICALLY NO ONE got the shot and only those who are confirmed to have had the shot died. And it was not a nice death for the direct family member we know died from it. He was in agony all the way down.

This family was already aware of the childhood shots wrecking the kids, everyone warned the one family member not to get the shot, he went ahead and got it anyway and now he is dead. How's that gonna wash when everyone knows everyone and it all trickles down? That said, all the dead were from the Pfizer shot, I won't promote CanSino but we don't know of anyone who died from that particular shot. Still a no-go for me though (or anyone else) no one is that stupid anymore.


This goes in cycles. A little scare every couple years and a huge scare every 10. REMEMBER THIS, THAT USED TO BE ON THE TOP OF THE PAGE??

ENOUGH SAID. I am not wasting breath on this idiotic topic this time, which goes like: "The elite want to kill us off while they buy up essentials to get through an upcoming disastrous cosmic event." No, actually, the elite are simply evil and want 11 tribes wiped out. It is religious. There's nothing more to it than that. Maybe they want a nice cache of supplies for themselves so they can have time to adapt after killing most of us off with their "white hate", covid hoaxes and kill shots but that's pretty much the end of it.

I did not fall for the 2012 scam, why would I fall for an all new "something similar?"

Wash, rinse repeat --->ELE (clicks) wash rinse repeat . . . .

Brazilian president: Covid is being used to implant tyranny, I want ALL Brazilians armed

He went on an extended and detailed rant, saying tyranny was everywhere in Brazil just waiting to pounce and that to avoid that happening under the cover of the corona ruse, the Brazilian people needed to buy guns IMMEDIATELY.

A Russian research module attached to the ISS and accidentally fired it's engines

The ISS began to roll and tilted 45 degrees. The telemetry data says the module used a LOT more fuel than needed to do only that, so they are still trying to work out what needs to be done because the orbit of the ISS has obviously been changed.


Many Americans are stating that they remember the lockdowns would only last two weeks and that it was a one time deal. CNN and all other MSM media outlets are calling these people "conspiracy theorists".

America, DO NOT comply

This woman NAILED IT: our compliance is our doom. She saw that postal workers quit and forced the shutdown of a postal office because enough people quit their jobs to avoid the jab, and then it dawned on her: Everything is going to malfunction so badly the government will fail if enough people quit working avoid the shot. And this would also only affect employers who are assinine enough to require one. Then legit Americans who refused the jab will be able to take over the failures and run things properly.

DO NOT make it a goal to "get thin as a rail"

I am confident the health guidelines put out by the government are actually "starve you quick when the hammer falls" guidelines. Here is a cold hard fact:

A six foot guy who weighs 160 pounds will be dead in a month or so without food. However, a six foot guy who weighs 210 is still PERFECTLY HEALTHY and will last 3 months without food. And during that 3 months there will be a 45 day period of full strength once the body starts burning fat, where that guy will be able to do what it takes to make a difference. He won't get weak if he has that much fat available, and he won't be too fat to move. That's the last thing the elite want - a month or more of fully capable "kick ass" regardless of the situation they create.

Whatever your height is, according to the health guidelines you WANT TO be "borderline obese". A six foot guy should, under our current circumstances where the crap really could hit the fan, should put his weight between 200 and 220. It is common sense. I know people have been brainwashed into thinking "thin is better" and under some circumstances (the 1970's) that's true. But Obama really did destroy the strategic grain reserves, and the government really is not legit and not your friend right now. The last thing you want is to be vulnerably "thin as a rail" at their defined "healthy weight". All they are really saying at this point is that they want to be able to finish you off quickly.

However, DO NOT put yourself up to "turbo tanker" because you'll be disabled, and that's just as bad, if not worse than "skinny as a rail". How would you EVER walk even half a mile if you weigh as much as a 55 gallon barrel? From what I see in the grocery aisle, a LOT of people do. They actually DO weigh that much. And that much weight is totally useless.

If TSHTF you HAVE TO be able to walk more than 100 feet into the woods!!! If you cannot walk 5 miles without blisters you'll be toast.

Ammo prices are finally dropping, Wal Mart has .22 for 5.2 cents per round

If you depleted your ammo or never stocked up that price is still high but certainly not high enough to stop you from getting the max 1000 rounds Wal Mart will allow, 1000 rounds will cost about $50 and that is a lot of starvation insurance.

That reminds me - I have to prioritize getting more pellets for the pellet rifle, I only have 750 left from the initial purchase. I'd like to flush that out to 10,000 which is the rated (minimum) life of the gun.

I accidentally got a nitropiston when I wanted a springer because I thought the Mendoza RM3000 safari was spring only but no, if you get the top of the top one it is nitro. I cannot complain, the thing is brutally powerful for a pellet gun and will go through 9 ply 5/8 phenolic plywood without dieseling the pellets, even up high at 7000 feet where it has less air to work with. I don't know if there is anything else out there like that in .22 pellet. So I am not sad it is not a springer but I do consider that.

Everyone says nitro is better. I can understand why. However -

If you are talking a survival rifle, and you know how to take care of a springer, it will last you a lifetime like any powder rifle. If you don't know how to take care of a springer, you could wreck it in a few months. It is virtually impossible to wreck a nitro in anything short of 10 years and it will be more powerful, but when it dies you will get absolutely no warning. A properly cared for springer will take years to fade away and you will notice, with years of warning. So there are pros and cons to both. I might get a low end springer that still hits reasonable fps for backup.

A repeat of a past post: Pellet guns ARE VIABLE for survival.

HOWEVER: I initially stated that they were quieter than a .22 and have found out after using mine that "that depends". When I finally took mine out, it echoed off the mountains loudly. I guess once you get up to a certain power level, it is the power that is loud, not whatever is used to propel the bullet. It was quite shockingly powerful, it behaved just like a normal .22

There are lots of posts on Youtube and elsewhere stating that pellet guns are great if you want a second shot at game because they are so quiet. FACT: You won't get a second shot with mine, ONE SHOT without hearing protection and my ears will ring for 20 minutes. It is FREAKING LOUD, even with it's "silencer". It is NOT a "red ryder", I remember even crossmans years ago were quiet but they'd never penetrate 9 ply phenolic plywood. Mine will go through the genuine super tough marine rated plywood. It will go through ordinary half inch plywood with ease, plus 30 layers of cardboard and THEN chip the wall. Pellet guns are not toys anymore if you buy the right one. You really don't need even a regular .22 if a survival rifle is what you want.

Mendoza is a Mexican brand that is difficult to find in the United States. I do know that Crossman contracts out to Mendoza and slaps their name on it, however, none of those seem to be the top Mendozas. Beeman makes a good cheap rifle and by the specs I could not understand why Mexicans said the Mendozas were so much better until I used mine, it is just like using a 30.06, it has the FULL quality of a serious rifle and the beemans are comparative toys (until you get up to the Beeman PCP, that one is most likely on par.) However, if $99 is what you have to spend, a beeman will certainly do the trick. There's nothing wrong with those at that price. You DO want the .22, don't settle for the .177 (Some of the cheap beemans come with two barrels for both types) and that's not a bad deal. You'll get by with a Beeman, they are not garbage.

One thing to keep in mind with a Mendoza is that their .22 is slightly more than a .22 so if you use .22 pellets from other brands, the accuracy will not be good. You have to use Mendoza pellets to get the most out of one and Mendoza pellets don't work all that great in other brands. That does not matter in Mexico though, where Mendoza totally owns the market.

I removed the link to "the one I bought" because there are too many variants and that matters.


I know about the "American roads being shut down for the military" posts, however, One county road in Michigan being shut down for five hours so military planes can practice emergency landings does not cut it for conspiracy in my book.

TONS of information back stabbing is underway, to feed the (foolish) among the skeptics with enough crap to destroy their credibility forever.

I happened upon this today, from someone trying to point this out, and IT IS PERFECT:

Re: Shattered Disco balls found in the vaccine

Shattered Disco balls found in the vaccine are causing people to get blood clots, bloody poops and much more. PREPARE YOURSELVES. Q ARRESTS START TOMORROW FOR THE VACCINATED.

My comment: THAT WAS PERFECT. You know, I don't know if you are trying to help or hurt with this, but I will say one thing: Graphene is B.S. and an attempt to destroy all legitimacy of the skeptics. If even 0.01 percent of any shot was graphene, it would be jet black. But the idiots keep on pumping the B.S.

Yes, a LOT of skeptic credibility has been destroyed with "shattered disco balls".

Good job, whatever the intent.

Cornerstone report:
Fukushima SABOTAGE!

Remote controlled Germanwings Airbus A320 crash? All evidence points to this.

California drought: DAMS DRAINED ON PURPOSE