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Fukushima SABOTAGE!

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If there ever was an image that explains the riots in South Africa, this is it.

In this image we have every type of item from every type of store, plus a lot of the drywall from the structures that are not even in the pictures strewn about like trash, while a semi trailer is open and finished being looted as the front trailer, which they cannot get into, is being ripped into from the top.

Click this image, it is very detailed and if you scroll through every bit of the image at full size you'll see there are over a hundred people there digging through the scraps on the ground. What a sight.

South Africa is not all black. There are lots of whites, Asian Indians, and Chinese. LOOK WHO IS IN THE PICTURE, 100 PERCENT. They supposedly did this to "get even with whites and Indians" regardless of what the media has said about a political uprising, The political uprising is a lie to excuse what happened, my sources say the riots were racially motivated and were black on white/Asian Indian/Chinese.

25 percent of South Africa IS NOT BLACK. Pointing out who is in the photo is not racist, the facts simply are what they are. If this really was politically motivated, there would be more groups represented in this photo.

SO NOW, THEY ARE STARVING BECAUSE THEY DESTROYED THE STORES THAT FED THEM AND ARE OPENLY CONSIDERING CANNIBALISM TO EAT. THAT IS CALLED PLANNING AHEAD!!! They took a perfect, beautiful country WHITES built and trashed it totally HOW QUICK??? Africa is "Africa" for a reason and saying so is a simple fact. Facts are not racist, they just are what they are.

And a little known item is that THIS is the result of "critical race theory", the Jews used South Africa as their test bed for the United States. I don't think it is going to go this well in the United States, because in the U.S. if the riots do kick off like this it will be limited to their neighborhoods. The riots in South Africa screwed over EVERYONE.

Where is the food going to come from now? I bet they did not think of that!!!

OVER 24,000 sites went down due to DNS problems with the internet

Remember, this site does not need DNS to work. In addition to DNS, this site has direct IP. If it goes down, type ONLY THE NUMBERS with no www: and you will go direct to this web site even if DNS does not exist for anyone.

You can book mark any page and then delete everything but the part that has the numbers to get the latest page. Numbers only = latest page. The server will automatically plug the rest of what is needed to hit the latest page into the IP address. And remember, the latest page changes at least daily so after a day (at most) you'll have to hit it with only the numbers again to see the latest page.

This has already saved this site, they tried to vanish it in 2017 but failed because too many people knew how to hit it with direct IP plus any link that is made when people copy the address bar has that embedded also. Traffic only dropped 40 percent, which is a total fail if the objective is to get rid of someone, 60 percent alive does not cut it.

Widespread consensus: Another lockdown is coming

Yes, they'll do it because they need their "dark winter".

Obviously, because that's part of the communist plot. They cannot front a "dark winter" we all knew was coming because Biden said it himself, and this is his first chance. No "dark winter" would be plausible without a serious lock down either. They already set up the crop failures and they are not even reporting it. hey have set up:

1. A major drougt in northern China, a key agricultural area.

2. Major flooding in the rest of China, to drown crops and induce crop failures that way.

3. Major drougts in Russia's key agricultural areas.

4. Totally scorched the living hell out of the prime grain producing regions of Canada.

5. Scorched the grain belt of the United States.

And Forbes does not even mention why, other than that the "weather is messed up". And how can Forbes know it will not be fixed, into the forseeable future like their headline is claiming? ANSWER: Because Forbes is an insider publication, they know weather mod is being used to wipe out crops, and that's the last thing they'll ever talk about.

Meanwhile, predominantly, the entire MSM is mentioning nothing. Why is there relative silence about all of the completely unprecedented droughts in multiple locations, simultaneously, with multiple floods in multiple locations simultaneously? Because they want everyone ignorant right now so "dark winter" will work. If not this year, certainly next, and they are impatient. The clock is ticking.

It does not mean the earth is heating up if Mexico is incredibly cold and there is absolutely no tropical storm weather going on, It was so cold the mosquito populations failed, and I was not mistaken because this week it finally at least partially warmed up and the first mosquitos are now appearing. AT THE END OF JULY. That should have happened at the end of March!

Yeah, they'll report "climate change" but they won't say why, in typical communist fashion they'll blame the victim of their weather warfare so they can slam everyone into the gutter. That's exactly what they are setting up, and they want us to blame ourselves for causing it. Meanwhile, there's that photo of them jacking the weather, right there!

Get your barf bag ready, and THEN CLICK THIS.

I avoided the need by backing out of that idiotic leftist "artistic tear jerk" puff piece in under 3 seconds. YES, THE BIRDS ARE DYING and anyone who writes like that is clueless.

I did not read past the first few lines. But I'll tell you what is going on with the birds, it is OBVIOUS.

IF it is not 5g screwing with their "I know where I am now" birdie sensors, then HERE IS WHAT HAPPENED:

A crow ate the leftover portion of a bagel from "Vaxxed Valerie", got the spike protein, spread it to all the other birds and that's all she wrote. GAME OVER. Or, Vaxxed Val threw her leftover bread to the ducks, and THAT'S ALL She wrote, GAME OVER.

Let me say this more clearly: PEOPLE THROW THEIR LEFTOVER BREAD TO THE BIRDS ALL THE TIME. How many of them were vaxxed? LOTS AND LOTS, there's your biological connection, and how the birds got a plague that is now killing them. They all flock, one bagel sickened bird will shed the spike protein and wipe them all out.

Rhetorical question: Would The Atlantic get THAT part of the story right???

In addition to generalized poor health the birds are dying from a neurological condition, having seizures. That sounds an awful lot like what the jab is doing, how many people have posted videos of destroyed nervous systems? How many with face paralysis and continuous uncontrollable shaking? If that's what the birds are dying from it seems like there's an AWFUL EASY ANSWER to it all to be had. The shot is not species specific, in animal trials that spike protein killed everything it touched. How about those birds?

Massive floods in Turkey

Surprisingly, in the comments, a large number of people are out of it enough to think this is "climate change". Oh, yes, it is man-made "climate change" but not because of Carbon emissions.

If they are going to drougt the largest country on earth, RUSSIA, plus the midwest and Canada, (the second and fourth largest countries) all that water has to go somewhere and China, Germany, Mexico, and now Turkey appear to be the dumping grounds. Anywhere they need a disaster I guess.

Watch this Alex Jones video where the Covid vax program director admits the vax destroys the immune system.

You might have to use the down arrow to get to where the video is actually embedded (I have to at least)

Just the first minute or so. Alex cuts right to the chase with this one. The director of the program says directly: After the second dose, the vax reduces immunity to infection by 7x almost immediately, and more and more as time goes on until it completely drops to zero. He also said that ONE jab does the same thing but not as badly, and even ONE jab may wipe out your immunity completely over time.

He said that will make continuos shots necessary every time there's a new illness going around because your immune system will not work anymore and you'll be completely dependent on shots. and worse? He's OK with that!!!

To be clear: The shot destroys the immune system so badly that it is equal to or worse than (eventually) having AIDS. You'll need a shot to cure EVERYTHING.

VAX FOR THEE, AND NOT FOR ME: British speaker of the house of commons says vax passport is needed by everyone except them!

I listened through this several times because I could not believe it, and yes, it is so.

You can't make this stuff up. "It would be ridiculous to ask us to go through a medical procedure before we can represent the people" right after "All the common people need to show a vax ID to do anything!"

SO REMEMBER: Those forcing Brits to get jabbed are EXEMPT and they came right out and said it.

The following is problematic because it is one of those cases I said is probably real

I captured this off Rense to save time. This image is legit jab damage, there is no blood disease or blood condition that looks like that, this is totally new.

And now I am going to continue with showing people how to know if someone claiming vax damage with a microscope is getting it wrong.

Here is a dark field photo from this site's microscope

By the time I got to this photo the blood on the slide was getting old and showing problems that will help clarify some of what people are posting as "vax damage" that is simply old blood and not vax damage. This was on the slide for a little over an hour before I switched the microscope over to dark field (that's an advanced item to have) and the microscope can do both bright and dark field. Anyway here it is.

No one is going to be posting dark field images with that kind of resolution, normally it takes an electron microscope to do that. I really did my homework and got the right microscope. Anyway -

Continuing with how to spot errors people make with vax damage pics -

Here's a REAL pet peeve, THE AIR BUBBLE. It just galled me to see people post crap like this calling it a huge blob or something nefarious, yes, air bubbles have detail, like this. Don't get hoaxed by something this basic please.

Here are some common blood disorders. Don't get hoaxed by these either!

Weather Warfare: Three collapsed dams in China and more . . . .

China is not suffering from "failing infrastructure", there are between 90,000 and 100,000 dams in China. A lot of people said China builds their stuff like crap so the dams failed, probably thinking China might have 50 dams or so . . . .

While this was going on, Germany was also experiencing severe problems with flooding, and in Germany's case, it was caused, just like the water shortages in California are caused. In California, they simply let the dams out. They are approaching empty at a time when they should, based on 2019 levels, have 4 years worth of water left.

In Germany the opposite is true, the dams were kept completely full when those managing the dams were told to drain them because heavy rains were on the way, and they did not drain them. They instead kept them at max so they overflowed.

China had a totally different scenario - They were managing their dams correctly, but got so much water they were overwhelmed anyway. China had the most apocalyptic scenes, where as a result of dam breaks they had flooded subways and metal factory explosions that were caused by having water from dam breaks flow into molten metal furnaces.

What is causing all of this? Should I remind people again? And I'd like to show you all something. Take a look at this!

Where the air is hot or cold all depends upon the wind patterns. They have changed the wind patterns to freeze/fry/drench as "needed" to accomplish their agendas and the Atlantic ocean is proving that in spades.

They inflicted drought on California, and drained the dams. They kept the dams totally full in Germany, even when continuously warned there were record rains on the way, and flooded the hell out of Germany. WHILE: at the same time they have continued endless and horrible rains in China, which got the worst disasters of all, despite China trying to manage the water correctly.

What does this mean? Easy answer: They want to collapse everything.

China is so wet it cannot grow crops, while Russia, the United States, and Canada are so dry they cannot grow crops, While the Atlantic and Mexico are cold when they should be hot. The so called "elite" have not picked sides, they are simply trying to destroy EVERYONE.

Are they going to make monkeypox the new scare?

Claims of it popping up in the U.S., and now one death in China????

If the people who pushed the corona scam do this, they are like street actors with a worn out spot who expect the same bored passerbyes to look again because they put a different colored sticker on one of the juggling balls.

Do not put yourself in danger by back talking the vax goons at your door

I will repeat this: When they come, tell them you got the Johnson vax and you are fine. PLAY STUPID. Sound as stupid as possible. Treat them like the good guys. Whatever vax you want to claim, say it stupidly. Oh, I had to go back of a second shot and I don't remember the vax, or I got the one where it was only one shot and I AM FINE. Tell them thanks.

Don't tell them to get lost. Screw up their data instead while you protect yourself doing it. If they ask for proof, start scrolling for it on your phone while they can watch you scroll for it right on screen and then say Oh, your spouse (who is not there) must have the phone that has it or "Oh, the phone that has it is in my desk at work" or whatever.

The objective is to screw their stats while you protect yourself. That will work for now, but they'll know they got screwed eventually because they know how many shots went out and it will not match if enough people have brains and do the right thing. Then we will all have to deal with the next step, but at least it will all be delayed, and right now, time is not THEIR friend, they need to con everyone before the mass deaths kick off.

If you decide to add squash to your survival garden, grow acorn squash

When you compare acorn squash to the other varieties, it is vastly superior. It has better flavor, better nutrition by volume, lots of vitamin C, and is a cake walk to grow. If you really need to depend on it, it will work best when planted in buckets or other containers off the ground, with a way for the vines to climb. Any bucket that is as wide as a 5 gallon pail and at least a foot deep will work. That way pests that normally attack the squash will not be there because they come out of the ground.

There is a ground beetle that just loves to eat the young budding plants and the blossoms that produce the squash. That beetle needs to be considered because it is a major threat to squash. The best way to avoid it 100 percent is to simply grow the squash plants in buckets and then cause them to climb so they are off the ground. That will work great where space is limited, you'll get to grow your squash vertically so other plants can use the flat ground, and acorn squash produces a lot and is awesome food. Make it your first pick if you intend to grow squash.

To eat it, all you have to do is bake it and then cut it in half. Or, if you want, cut it in half first and remove the seeds, it does not matter, and the seeds are edible too. Put them in salt water and then bake them. The walls of the squash are thick and meaty, there's so much more there than inside other squash varieties that when you compare them in a survival situation you'll clearly see that by comparison, the other varieties are literally worthless. And don't even bother with zuchinni or cucumbers, there's nothing in them, other than as an accent to foods they are literally worthless. In a survival situation calories are what matters, and that means acorn squash.

I know this. I grew squash. The only ones that mattered were the acorn squash.

There are plenty of people who do not know jack about survival or gardening that give all kinds of tips about what to grow, "Hey, green peppers, peas, lettuce are GREAT!!!" Actually, NO. Peas produce practically nothing of value in comparison to work and land usage, and lettuce and green peppers produce nothing at all. You will need to stick to growing what is actually going to feed you - potatoes, corn, and (acorn) squash, and as your side items that don't do much but make things nicer, - tomatoes, onions and carrots. Those don't do much as far as calories, but at least they do something.

I can just see some idiot saying: "Hey, Peas have X number of calories and nutrients PER CUP, so they are just as good as" . . . . .NO. Because you'll only get 10 cups from an area that would yield 500 pounds of potatoes, for the same work! Peas are to be grown only if you have excess resources and time to blow on them, and chances are, you will not.

Look at the cheapest foods in any store. The ones loaded with cheap calories. THAT is what you grow. Low price equals LESS WORK.

I'll skip wheat because it is labor intensive and needs a lot of space. It is only cheap when it can be bulk harvested by machines. Corn is not labor intensive at all and is easy to plant. It still takes space but is a lot more worthwhile to hand plant and hand harvest than wheat.

If you intend to grow survival foods, you had better practice before disaster. Because if you have zero experience, it will not happen like magic.

Even if where you are right now the plants will not mature on time, practice can still be had, if you can at least get the plants to grow a foot tall you'll know you have it because by that point all it takes is water. For practice you'll only need to learn how to successfully plant a couple. It is not difficult but they all have their own needs.

Acorn squash will not store as well as some other varieties, but you can get it to last longer than 3 months if you store it in a cool place that does not freeze and they are not all stacked together in a container. They should be on a shelf so if one rots it won't wreck all of them. They will not last 5 months though. But they'll be the first ones gone anyway, they will get eaten.

Potatoes can all be thrown together and stored the same way. That's what the old root cellars were for (those are not all that common now) but an un-heated part of the basement will probably suffice. Don't put dried corn in the root cellar, corn should be in a drier area (root cellars have high humidity, which preserves squash and potatoes) and if you cannot accomplish high humidity, things like squash will not store well.

Why have I not said a peep about the recent launches by Branson and Bezos?

Because they are not legit. That's not space travel no matter how you slice it. Only SpaceX qualifies. And that's by a LONG shot. The others are launching plastic toys for minutes and therefore I don't care, the only time I'll report on an amusement park is when disney gets caught diddling. Meanwhile, there's a car launched by the real guy as a joke likely out past Jupiter now .

If that toy guy who killed himself a few years ago simply because he did not get the stability systems right (that's DJI drone level tech) had made it, he'd have gone almost as high with a back yard project.

Severe propaganda clash between British, American, and Indian MSM proves it is all lies

At the same time: 99.7 percent of new covid in the U.S. is not vaxxed, 60 percent of new covid in Britain is not vaxxed, and 87.2 percent of new covid in India IS VAXXED. Gee, how does that work???

Several days ago Britain announced 60 percent of covid cases were vaxxed. Now they are saying OOPS, 60 percent are not vaxxed.

Problem: That's still 40 percent of covid cases are vaxxed. And in the United States, they are claiming only 0.3 percent of the vaxxed are getting sick while India claims 87 percent of new covid cases are vaxxed.

First this, from Britain.

Now look at what the American MSM is saying. Can you see a problem here? Even if Britain started lying a little, the ratio of people not getting vaxxed getting Covid is off by a factor of 125X, that's not percent, that's TIMES different. 99.7 in the U.S., which means three out of a thousand cases of covid are among the vaxxed vs 400 out of a thousand in britain.

That's quite a clash, which means we are being lied to. And there's still a BIG PROBLEM: It was not only Sir Patrick saying 60 percent yesterday, Britain has been saying this for over a week. All he did was parrot what everyone else was saying, and suddenly he's wrong???

NOW look at what India is saying! 87 percent of new cases are vaxxed!!! Folks, it does not work that way unless each region has it's own agenda, and the plague is fake.

Can someone who is a master at common core math please tell me how all of that equates? Because "science" certainly would disagree with those numbers existing at the same time being possible.

U.N. armored trucks are parked outside of a massive pharmaceutical building in Ontario

To top it off, it is literally a secret facility hiding out in the open.

What does Trudeau have planned? I know one thing, - they will not be honest about it because the building is MASSIVE and only ONE (1) person works there!!! That is a secret facility.


The original creator of MRNA tech spoke out against the jab and . . .

Was expunged from history online. He then posted this to twitter:

I am now working on "how to identify hoaxers and/or the innocently uninformed people posting "vax blood pics". This will be a huge report that will take a lot of time, so for now I have the following

I removed the microscope post I put up last night at 3AM, please wait for it to go back up.

Here is the first part of the "identify hoaxers and those in error" corona jab blood post.

These images are from a college course. The post that comes after this will be "How to know someone is spewing B.S. or making obvious errors."

Please wait for the next image, it will be a while, perhaps not even today.

I stayed up until 5 with the microscope then crashed. There's a whole lot to post, but I'd like to get something out of the way quick -

Trust Pfizer??!!??

Someone wrote to me claiming what I wrote about the shot conflicted with Pfizer's report about the shot, and therefore what I posted was false. To that, I'll say this:

Back in 2009 I spent so much time on Glaxo Smith Kline's web site that I (accidentally) got into the classified section on Paxil. I got into their actual clinical trial research they did not publish. In this clinical trial, they told one group to take Paxil and rest. In another they were told to take paxil and live with normal activity. In the third, they took them out and ran the hell out of them, exercising them vigorously while on paxil. They were only on it for a few weeks while this was being done.

They then tested all groups at three months, six months, and a year after discontinuing paxil. ALL 3 groups were still damaged a year later, with light but detectable damage in the resting group, more noticeable damage in the moderate activity group, and significant damage in the group they ran hard, with a few of the participants in the trial saying they were changed drastically and were not the same, all kinds of emotional problems, mental problems and general wellness problems, - And when they subsequently gave recommendations for the use of paxil, they said people should stay active and exercise while on it.

They actually ended up partially de-classifying that and eventually published it with redactions, but here is what did not get de-classified at all:

They then had access to the classified data for zoloft, made by pfizer and compared how much Paxil could be used to damage people to how much damage zoloft could do. They considered paxil better at damaging but also seemed to actually feel threatened by how much damage zoloft accomplished. Both companies lied about the trials and kept two sets of books on what their antidepressants actually did to people, and both companies issued usage recommendations that maximized the damage.

So if you are stupid enough to believe Pfizer told the truth about their corona shot, well, HAVE AT IT, at this point if people are stupid enough to get jabbed they are not needed in the gene pool anyway.

When you KNOW the people issuing these shots are up to no good, you have a legitimate moral obligation to say no. And that goes for ALL shots now, especially any "vaccine", I do not believe we can trust any of it, not even a tetanus shot. You can treat tetanus with antibiotics anyway.

You are supposed to be the way God made you, and not whatever some goon with a motive dreamed up!

The antidepressant files were on the U.S. based server that got shut down, I still have them on multiple back ups but we have bigger things to worry about now. I won't get sued for posting this because they will NOT want THAT dragged into court! they'd much rather have it languish on the back waters of the internet as "conspiracy theory".

Oh, one other quick thing - Claudia is now officially OUT as a teacher because any form of the vax is a NO.

Also, I did not want her blowing her days teaching with the medical issues she has. She'll do better absent that anyway. She's actually able to get around fine and the tumors are drastically shrinking with the treatment and I did not realize how thick it made her neck over time, her neck has shrunk enormously. We are clearly winning this but it is not over until it is over.

If you HAVE TO get a vax, go with CanSino.

Obrador knew that the jabs from the U.S. and Europe were destroyers, so he got CanSino into Mexico to use on the teachers, and none of the teachers we know of that took it had any complaints and we know of quite a few. CanSino, from China, is clearly not as bad as the others. However, there is still this one nagging issue - a hoax pandemic being used to push it. If CanSino is not actually for a pandemic, WHAT is it for? That's a good question, I know I do not want even that.

I'd avoid Sputnik like the plague. My guess is that Sputnik is more nefarious than CanSino but not as bad as the others.

Youtube banned the Arizona senate hearing for the Maricopa county election audit.

That is how you know communists run the place, and remember, if you somehow manage to post that, you are guilty of spreading "disinfo" and could be banned across all platforms!

The military is creating huge underwater blasts off the coast of florida

A rational explanation for what is really going on: The U.S. is hunting a Russian submarine and is setting off huge explosions to sink it. Originally I thought they were testing a ship sinking weapon, but they might be merely hunting for a submarine.

Sky News ripped open the fakeness of the goverment management of covid

A very interesting watch.

Here is how people in France are taking it. You will not see this in the MSM and even Sky News missed it:

The above is what PSAKI and others want banned on social media, and they are doing it NOW, see the next post:


I have noticed, because a computer I have that has an assigned IP they know is mine that I never hit or post anything with got auto banned everywhere along with any computer that even tries to use that connection.

Fortunately the computer I do the site with is totally fluid and is impossible to ban and does not use that IP . . . . . but that's not what this post is about. First, the details:

For a quick study on the topic of a federally based kill switch, which they had when Psaki announced it "should exist" Read this

For those who already know about this topic, for a refresher, here is what Psaki said: "Americans who spread "misinformation" should be removed from every single online site that exists now and in the future."

When Psaki said this, it had already been in place for at least two days because that happened to my static and immovable ISP that required registration info to set the account up. Anything that goes through that account is now banned everywhere and there is no way to circumvent this, even if the site I try to hit does not want me banned.

To confirm this kill switch got flipped, I went to those sites with other devices that cannot be traced and saw that their "who is online" counters are showing that about half of the people who would normally be there are gone. It is not only me. It is clear and obvious someone put in place a system that auto bans anyone everywhere on social media sites that have a cookie cutter type banning system built into their software.

The Auto-ban is not only going to be for Facebook, Twitter, and others who agree to cooperate, it is going to extend to sites that never considered banning you. Be aware of this, it is definitely coming.

I did not know this was going on.

I was watching a video about a guy getting speeding tickets from a traffic cam while parked in front of his house, and THIS popped up. Destroy yourself with the vax for YOUR chance to win $100K!! That is the first time I have heard of this.

Burger King just did what Mcdonald's, Wendy's and Jack In The Box have done - poisoned their food.

That may be a bold statement, but hear me out.

For the last 15 years McDonalds food has given me un-curable headaches that last 3 days, complete with absolutely horrible muscle cramps. Ditto for Wendy's and Jack In The Box. So I just used Burger King, which did not use whatever it is that does that. Yesterday I went to Burger King, had two basic $2 for 2 hamburgers and fries. That is all. I have a good reference, Burger King has been the sole go-to fast food. Everything was fine for 15 years until yesterday. It felt just like McDonalds - instant gut discomfort that evolved into a headache that even 2 grams of ibuprofen did absolutely nothing for.

Too bad. Burger King is now OUT. What did they change? And I know exactly why some people get ripped off by the medical community for horrific migranes, and it's called McDonald's, Wendy's and Jack In the Box.

Once I mention this and then have people test this, quite often the exact same thing happens to them when they actually test it, and THEN they figure out where those horrible headaches came from. I have no idea what chemical is in the food that does that, but Burger King was 15 years behind the rest of them. I'd bet In-N-Out is still OK. That reminds me, Sonic does it too.

Major flooding in Europe, especially Germany


All that water that is supposed to be falling in the United States has got to be dumped somewhere? RIGHT? AAAND, AN UPDATE:

Germany and Europe have had epic flooding that has killed over a hundred and may have killed over a thousand so far due to the high missing count. That's not supposed to happen there, welcome to the new form of warfare.


The elite are clearly trying to invoke famine, because Russia is getting hit as bad as the United States. All that water that is supposed to be falling on Russia and the United States is getting dumped in Europe and Mexico. SEE THIS, (which will NEVER be reported in the "let's get the culling going) MSM:


August is our most expensive month of the year and I do not want to keep mentioning medical issues in detail. Many thanks to those who help. It would not be possible to do this site without it.

Anonymous sent $71.27 USD, thanks! Anonymous sent $200.76 USD, thanks! Anonymous sent $345.67 USD, thanks! Anonymous sent 1,082.80 pesos, thanks!

South Africa riot robocalls: Go to white neighborhoods and Indian neighborhoods and kill them

You probably know about the riots and looting in South Africa. Someone in alt media is lying about this, saying black politicians are telling the blacks to go into white and Indian areas, kill them, and burn their homes. Black politicians are not saying this at all. Here is what is actually happening:

Someone, (probably in Israel because it could be done from there, and if not, some other sh*thole country) - someone set up a robocall machine that is cold calling numbers in South Africa from a list and in these calls the blacks are being told to go to white and Indian areas, kill everyone, and burn them to the ground. That's a serious development and I strongly encourage anyone in alt media who is saying otherwise to correct this now.

To those who are using this topic to race bait for clicks: You don't need to stoke white/black race hatred by lying and saying black politicians are causing this. Unless you do not belong in alt media.

FOR THE RECORD: Black politicians in South Africa are NOT telling other blacks to attack anyone, they are instead referring to robocalls that are telling people to do this and they cannot shut the robocaller down, (obviously) because the calls are not originating in South Africa.


I am not saying it is Hillary and Soros, but well . . . . ya know.

Take the vax deaths, liquefy their bodies and use them as fertilizer???

Apparently so. And if that be the case, it only proves the tribe considers us animals. I'll make something perfectly clear here:

The Jews are very picky about what condition they are buried in. It HAS TO be a proper burial. And now THEY are saying it is OK to liquefy non-Jews and spray them on crops as fertilizer???? That's worse than what Hitler did. 2+2. Think about that.

That's not where the video takes this but that's what I thought. Their take on it is just as bad. FACT: Liquefying people rather than properly burying them shows complete contempt and a complete lack of respect. But there is a LOT MORE TO THIS:

Why in the world would anyone consider simply feeding bodies into a homogenizer and disposing of them in this way, unless there are going to be so many dead that proper burials will not be practical? How else would they get enough widespread acceptance for this disposal method to even mention it? I guess it would be better than having 70 percent of New York stacked up in the streets making maggots. Is that what they are planning for?

FACT: If they are discussing such a thing, it means they want tax dollars going into this NOW to provide funding for the machines that are going to be liquefying people. Heck, for the genocide why not just feed people into such machines alive? No one would ever prove that happened post mortem!

Now THAT is something to be aware of. 2+2.

Yes, it has been proven Georgia was stolen from Trump

However, I am not going to focus on any of that, because the system is so corrupt nothing will change. If people are not willing to go out and make it happen, it will not happen. Nothing at all will change, Trump will not be president until the American people MAKE IT HAPPEN. And doing so would not be pretty, it would be bloody and violent, and everyone is too brainwashed against violence to even consider it. GET THIS: HOT WAR IS VIOLENCE. No one can figure that out. And so we sit. In part because "bubba" has to make a truck payment and if he does the right thing, he won't be able to!

Yesterday Psaki slipped up and openly stated the shots can kill people under the age of 27. Another gaffe.

Psaki may prove that there really are clones/cyborgs. All modeled after Mark Zukerberg, with the only significant difference being the program running and whatever hair is installed.


The biden vax brigades ARE doing shots on the spot.

That's soliciting. They are out soliciting. They are not only "informing" as they claimed, they are soliciting if a shot can be given immediately. The only positive thing in all of this is that they are "frustrated" that SO MANY PEOPLE do not have the shot. I think they are discovering the lie. I'll correct that:

At a time when they were claiming over 50 percent of Americans had the shot, once I checked for real, the actual numbers ranged from 11 percent in Utah up to about 35 percent in some eastern states, and that was for ONE SHOT. It came out to a national average below 25 percent. Since at that time almost anyone who would be aware already was aware that the shot was horrible, I find it hard to believe they subsequently got much over 5 percent more to take the FIRST shot. Most likely the actual number of injected people is right around 33 percent or so, probably not even 35 percent, and this is now showing once these pushers get out into the actual public where the media cannot lie to them.

Don't forget - a couple months ago so few people were takers that they had to ditch 70,000,000 doses of (one) brand of the jab (not even counting the other brands) because no one went in for the jab. Some of that crap got pushed off on Mexico.


Now let's hear the rest of it DRUDGE, like how he was assassinated because he was going to do a huge exposure of what the jab is really for. FAT CHANCE that will happen.

The video of the woman with glowing veins is FAKE

If you see the video of the woman with glowing veins after the covid shot, it is a disgusting hoax done by a very evil woman. The video has a little girl holding a UV flashlight. When the UV hits the woman's arm, the vaccination site glows and the veins in her hand glow. PROBLEM: She traced the veins out too wide with her UV pen. There are UV marking pens available that show up under UV light only and that's what this is.

So this video made the rounds a few days ago and I ignored it as B.S. but today it is getting better coverage than before. This is another "graphene" event, Anything, and I mean ANYTHING is better than the truth with these shots and if they can have us chasing B.S. they'll do it any chance they can.

You know, there's a chance the shot DOES show up under a UV light but after THIS video got posted, which is super easy to debunk just by watching it, the entire topic is going to be derailed. We are in a time where the shot pushers are inventing any easily debunkable lie possible for the purpose of setting up straw men - here is the plan:

THE PLAN: Set up tons of total B.S. discoveries as "straw men". Mix them with the real discoveries and real statements people have made. Throw out and ENORMOUS PILE of them. Then, when any hard scrutiny hits in any way that can be accountable, present ONLY the straw men, say "it is all just a bunch of conspiracy crap", PROVE it is "all just a bunch of conspiracy crap" and then NEVER, EVER EVER give any of the legit stuff the time of day, don't even bring it up, just knock over your straw men and say LOOK, EVERYTHING we have checked is fake, there's no point in checking the rest of it.

And then continue injecting, destroying, CULLING.

Rather than go viral, that woman should be dragged through the streets and lynched. SEE THIS.

ADDITIONALLY: to support this hoax, the pushers of it are quoting an antibody test that glows when it hits a spike protein, implying that blood, when taken, glows under a UV light. That's not the case. The test causes a CHEMICAL REACTION with the antibodies/proteins and the resulting chemical glows. The shot does not glow all by itself, you need the chemicals in the test to cause it.

That does not mean the test itself is not alarming however because it can tell who has been jabbed with a simple blood draw, and do it instantly for $2. THAT is a big problem, because such a simple and easy test can be done on the spot, out in the field, and used for enforcement as simply and easily as a breathalizer.

The following list of jab side effects appears for a split second at 2:33:40 in this video. The video was an FDA presentation on October 22, 2020

This proves the shot is NOT experimental, full testing was done and they knew EXACTLY what it does.

The list appears for a split second. It was scrolled through and not presented properly. This proves they knew ALL the effects of the vax in October of 2020, and like I was saying a little earlier - they probably got those answers by testing it on palestinians. This shot is NOT experimental. They knew exactly what it does. Knowing this, they then proceeded to allow it to be used. Technically they can say they showed everyone this because in their book a split second counts.


I don't think this video will survive, so I am putting it here.

In this video, senator Dick Durbin says, in a fruedian slip:

"Here's the reality:

We have millions across the world who have died of this vaccine.

We may never get an accurate count."

That is too much of a statement for it to not be real, HE KNOWS, and he had a brain cramp and spilled it out.

Click to play, right click to save.

Remote controlled Germanwings Airbus A320 crash? All evidence points to this.

California drought: DAMS DRAINED ON PURPOSE