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Cornerstone report:
Fukushima SABOTAGE!

The following list of jab side effects appears for a split second at 2:33:40 in this video. The video was an FDA presentation on October 22, 2020

This proves the shot is NOT experimental, full testing was done and they knew EXACTLY what it does.

The list appears for a split second. It was scrolled through and not presented properly. This proves they knew ALL the effects of the vax in October of 2020, and like I was saying a little later - they probably got those answers by testing it on palestinians. This shot is NOT experimental. They knew exactly what it does. Knowing this, they then proceeded to allow it to be used. Technically they can say they showed everyone this because in their book a split second counts.


I don't think this video will survive, so I am putting it here.

In this video, senator Dick Durbin says, in a fruedian slip:

"Here's the reality:

We have millions across the world who have died of this vaccine.

We may never get an accurate count."

That is too much of a statement for it to not be real, HE KNOWS, and he had a brain cramp and spilled it out.

Click to play, right click to save.

Update to the "freedom phone post: It is probably just another one of these FBI phones READ THIS LINK. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT AND STRAIGHT FROM THE JUSTICE DEPARTMENT.

The intelligence agencies do this all the time, and in this case the "freedom phone" is probably a product produced by the Biden admin for tracking patriots, which he has labeled an enemy.

In the linked report (above) which links straight to the justice department, the FBI launched a phone company, marketed the product to "drug dealers" and anyone else they could sucker into it, promised "encryption" tracked everyone, and then busted a fair number of them. Be damn careful about what phone you buy and if you do buy one, PUT IT ON A MAJOR CARRIER.


In my freedom phone post below, I have provided a link to a guy who documents real "google free" phones, which will ALWAYS still use a normal cell phone provider. They just will not have the Google spyware on them. That's all you can ask for these days, it is safe to bet the FBI or other intelligence apparatus is behind anything more.

They have OPENLY announced Trump supporters and all other patriots are their enemy. They have an established history of producing "secure phones" that are part of sting operations used to sucker people. They claimed a "huge drug bust" from these phones, but from what I see, from the number of devices sold, a majority of the people that bought these phones were innocent dupes who got suckered, and now that the "sting" is complete they are stuck with bricks because the FBI, not interested in being a legit carrier, shut it all off.

FRUEDIAN SLIP - Millions have died from the vaccine.

I'd say that is accurate and it is a fruedian slip. These people will lie straight faced with the truth running parallel to the lie in their brains while they lie, and OOPS, in this case truth and lie converged at the mouth. That's what a fruedian slip is, AND:

Thank you very much!!!

What if the entire reason why investment companies are buying houses off the market instantly at above value is to conceal the fact that there's no one left to live in many of them - (buy them and take them off the market.) Perhaps they cannot have the public know the real vax death stats, which would be revealed if suddenly there was an enormous glut of houses causing property values to crash. I will not say for sure that is what is going on, but it definitely is possible.

Lightning struck a George Floyd / "pride" combination mural in Toledo and destroyed it

That's the first time I ever heard of lightning causing a collapse that serious, but apparently the story is legit.

New Freedom Phone is a probable honeypot

There's a new cell phone running the "freedom OS" that is "supposed to be secure" and totally Google free. If you decide to get one of these, do it because it is de-googled and for no other reason because it is probably produced by an intelligence agency, and I'll show you what tipped me off:

Look at that response. We have 3 intelligence agency tip offs in one sentence. Tip off 1: An insult. Tip off 2: "this phone has been in development for" . . . . and therefore if you don't know about it you are IGNORANT, Tip off 3: The INFAMOUS tinfoil, which absolutely no truther would ever dump on another truther, that's an intelligence agency and they are protecting their baby. That alone is CASE CLOSED.

Another thing that is an intelligence agency tip off is that the phone is too expensive. It is using an inexpensive (but reasonably decent) processor and even if the cameras are OK, I'd never pony up $500+ for any phone, the most expensive one I have EVER bought was the Huawei for $230 and that's because I needed a "clandestine" camera that was decent. Anyone marketing a legit product would realize it ought to come in under $200, even if it meant having an expensive phone and a cheap one running the same OS. That phone was developed by phat paychecks that cannot relate. Who hands out PHAT? The FBI and CIA.

Another thing that is a big tip off is the name - FREEDOM PHONE. The intelligence agencies sold us our destruction under the banner of freedom and patriotism, case in point: the PATRIOT ACT. The intelligence agencies waved the flag and chanted FREEDOM, FREEDOM, FREEDOM while they ripped our guts out, and where are we now? Quarantines and jab brigades. Fake staged shootings. THE IDF CLEANING UP CONDO "COLLAPSE" DEBRIS. An arrogantly stolen election. That's where we are at.

I'd like to say I would not trust that phone as far as I could throw it, but I could probably throw it pretty far, so NO.

WANT A PHONE WHERE YOU'LL HAVE A CHANCE? Listen to this guy. He's legit.

It is ****ing COLD in central Mexico

I have mentioned this already, but it needs repeating: It has been raining constantly, at least 120 inches in the last month and a half total and the daytime temperatures are frequently not crawling out of the 60's. I am confident there is weather warfare going on.

Why would it be 110 plus in Canada and not getting out of the 60's in Mexico? How would that be possible? Have they set up an atmospheric conveyor belt of some sort that is taking the air from the northern regions and dumping it on Mexico? I quite frankly do not know how this can be happening, but I'll tell you what it is like:

It is SO COLD that butter that is left out of the fridge which would normally melt to complete liquid this time of year has, for the past month and a half stayed so solid it cannot be nicely spread on hot toast. It can be spread if you sort of wreck the toast but even the hot toast will not melt it. You can forget about spreading it on untoasted bread. It is too stiff. And it has NEVER gotten warm enough since the heat wave in the north started to spread it on bread AT ALL, not even during the peak heat of the day.

This is a TOTAL weather screw up for Mexico, and as a result so damn much rain is falling due to the cold air that nothing ever dries out. It is raining so much that half the time we don't need to pick up dog poop because the rain is destroying it. Normally it would turn to 1/4 weight 1/2 size "easy pick up" pieces in a couple hours this time of year, but no, it's disaster clean up IF it needs to be done at all. Something is causing this, because it is not natural.

To top it all off, we live in the hottest location in this area. There are places nearby that are not climbing out of the 50's. Usually it will hit the 100's here occasionally and the 90's in the cooler areas. We are so much colder than normal it is spooky. At this time of year I am normally on top of the blankets with thermally induced insomnia. But now I am burrowed in like a hibernating squirrel. Lucas started peeing in the house constantly because he does not want to go out into the cold and rain even with a doggie door. That's another problem. He still poops outside during breaks in the rain though.

The sun only gives so much heat to the earth. If someone wants to fake "global warming" and they can control the wind patterns at different elevations in the atmosphere - they cannot create that much heat out of nowhere - but if they can control the wind patterns they sure can take heat from where it's supposed to be and put it elsewhere, and cold from where it is supposed to be and put it elsewhere, "THEY are frying, WE are freezing, That is NOT POSSIBLE unless someone is manipulating things.

So today I went over some farmers blogs. They are posting pictures of soil moisture levels and dying crops. They are saying (en masse) that if the drought in the grain belt is not stopped soon, they will have complete crop failures, AND THEY WILL, because some a-hole is dumping all their water they'd normally get on DESERT CENTRAL MEXICO. You know - where prickly pear cactus trees are the most common ones. ALL the "dry" rivers are alive! No fish though, they cannot support that kind of life because it's the desert!

I have not seen anything in the media predicting crop failures in the U.S. But then again, why would they report that? the farmers blogs are saying it ALL - we are facing never before seen levels of crop failure in a country that saw Obama destroy the strategic grain reserves. While going into what will probably be a "dark winter" as Biden put it. At a time where they are sending jab goons out to convince the skeptical masses to get a kill shot. They'd be THRILLED if the food ran out to boot!!!

And yes, it is raining now. It never stops!!!

We probably know approximately where the base is in Antarctica now

I am not the first to come up with this information, however, this is the first time it has ever popped up automatically on Google maps to be located precisely.

UPDATE: I have confirmed nobody spoofed Google to get it to say this, if you hit google maps independently RIGHT NOW and zoom in on the area I have pictured below, the name will pop up automatically.

UPDATE: This is probably what "rothschild peninsula" (possibly an ice shelf with an island) looks like in the summer time (please note: There is a Rothschild island in the area also, which means it might not be a peninsula and Google may be showing an ice shelf with an island in the middle.

It is at no point suitable for agriculture. Nothing useful will grow there, but it is not totally desolate either. They picked a place that never gets terribly cold and never gets terribly windy. But antarctica is antarctica.

BLOCKBUSTER: LOCATION OF ANTARCTICA BASE NOT SECRET ANYMORE There is NOW a perfectly positioned peninsula in Antarctica named Rothschild. This was NOT NAMED THAT BEFORE

We now have the only notice we need as to all the antarctica "conspiracies", The gays came out of the closet with "we'll convert your children", and now the Rothschilds are so sure of their "victory" a prime piece of Antarctica real estate bears their name.

This peninsula (or possibly ice locked island) is strategically located to be as warm as possible in antarctica while avoiding the worst winds. You could winter in this spot no problem due to the heat of the ocean, and it does not get extremely windy in that spot.

I studied every settlement and name in Antarctica in depth SEVERAL TIMES in the past, and this was not there before. The fact this change is now officialy recognized is the holy grail of conspiracy info. THERE IS THE ANTARCTICA BASE, RIGHT THERE. Somewhere on that peninsula, within a short distance from the ocean.

IMPORTANT: If "they" allowed this to be named, it is only because they are damn good and sure they have won with the corona B.S. and that we will not be capable of doing anything about it ever again. It is possible the shot has already done so much damage they do not see us as a viable contender anymore.


Does the American media even care about reporting anything other than their pet agendas anymore? NO. Because they have not reported:


They will too. They have serious, legitimate, and well kept grudges and they even mention them in this video.


Biden is "president" for SIX MONTHS and this happens. Would this have happened with Trump in charge??? THIS IS WHAT VOTE FRAUD LOOKS LIKE.


They are really ramping up the vax pressure.

At the same time Geraldo is saying "no jab, no life" Macron is saying "no jab, no life," CNN is saying "no jab no life" Merkel is saying "get the jab to get your freedom back", - at the same time the president of Haiti was likely assassinated over refusing the jab, at the same time Australia is going into epic lockdowns because only 2 percent of that population accepted the jab, at the same time Argentina is hunting down people and forcibly jabbing them, Biden is sending out jab goons. What's the big rush, anyway? And how hard are they going to eventually be putting the pressure on?

My guess is that the pressure will be put on hard enough so that if you don't get the shot, you will lose your home, your job, your kids, you'll lose it ALL. It sure looks like we are heading that way. As people resist more, pressure is being applied more. Something will eventually snap, and my guess is that it will be the patience of tyranny that snaps. They'll finally do whatever it takes to accomplish their agenda. They'd like us to just go along with it but it appears that's not going well enough. The "elite" have ONE solution in that case.

That reminds me - yesterday there was a rumor that some of the Mormons got the inside scoop to what is immediately on the horizon, and they are very clearly stating that we are right there, on the edge, IN CHURCH MEETINGS. That's actually serious. Mormons are not fruitcakes, they are probably the most in touch and aware of all groups, their warning should not go without being noticed, READ THE FIRST PARAGRAPH AGAIN, ALL THAT happened in the present - the immediate news cycle. Like it or not, that is significant.

Prepping does not need to be painful, just buy what you usually eat that can be stored. Buy ahead. Forget the perishables, now is not the time for that crap. The so-called "elite" can simply snap the trap in a day. What then? If you are not jabbed you will not be going shopping and if you are not prepared, your time to expiration will be no longer than anyone who has been jabbed. They'll get you one way or another. My guess is we are probably no more than 2 months away from that. More likely no more than 3. Certainly no more than five. "They" are wearing thin on their "patience", "they" are obviously VERY EAGER to be done with this.

They really did follow an accelerated time line

How long ago did they start banning gardens? Not long ago, and we are already facing a situation where if you don't accept a death jab you probably won't be eating. OOPS. NO GARDEN EITHER. Do you think that might have been a plan? Britain even went around and killed everyone's chickens!!! But that means nothing, RIGHT?

Remember when sitcoms were funny like this? Now it is all just a laugh machine propping up politicized agenda crap.

Was it possible the president of Haiti was assassinated over the vax?

YES, absolutely. However, the president of Burundi, who died in June of 2020 clearly was not, there was not even a vax available yet. So to claim 3 presidents (Tanazania, Haiti, Burundi) were killed over the vax amounts to setting up a straw man argument to be knocked down. Two presidents, yes. Third for a straw man.

Dems to be arrested?

UPDATE: The Texas house voted 76-4 to arrest them, it is ON LIKE DONKEY KONG. This means a WHOLE LOT because without even holding an election THEY ARE OUT.

The Dems in the Texas senate ran off to prevent a vote on election security. Governor abbot has stated they will be arrested upon return for doing that. FAT CHANCE. They would not have done this if they did not know they'd get away with it. If they did this, the system is subverted sufficiently for them to pull it off. The dem's actions happen in a majority of failed governments. Failed governments behave like that, and there is never any punishment.

This video about Covid being "New world order" is quite good.

This starts with the Australian "new world order", don't hit back arrow when you see that, there are many many more. 2:20 long. This video is not my style, but it ended up being good. It would probably wake up the most indoctrinated leftist. It is a SLEDGE HAMMER. I found this HERE. and the page this was on is well worth a read also. Don't be put off by the repeating voices at the beginning, watch it to the end. It really is good.

Graphene is a dilution tactic

It does not matter what is in the shot. Anyone with two brain cells ought to know the vax is to be avoided at all cost, so why would it matter if it had graphene in it anyway? Does it? I seriously doubt it. Everyone went over this already and there was no evidence of graphene in the shot early on when the real ingredients were revealed - an industrial solvent to traumatize the cells enough to cause them to accept the new DNA and polyethelene glycol were two. But even that does not matter. HERE is what matters:


Dilution of the accuracy of information.

If graphene in any form was in the shot, it would be opaque. It is not. It is a clear liquid. And it serves evil quite well to have people spewing bullshit about graphene because they can just sit back and laugh at us, saying "What do they know?? They are crying "graphene", IDIOTS, look at the IDIOTS, there is no graphene in that shot and therefore the vaccine skeptics are all a bunch of hickish losers. If they got such a simple thing wrong, how can they claim the shot is bad at all?

I strongly advise everyone to stop passing on the graphene bullshit no matter how tasty someone makes it, "Doctor here said" "Doctor there said" "Doctor in Argentina said" Magically, right when that video about forced vaccinations in Argentina started circulating - some con artist said "YEAH, Argentina, let's say there's a doctor there too shouting GRAPHENE" bullshit and we'll REALLY get the idiots worked up, and REALLY discredit them even more so we can document their stupidity and ram the shots straight up their rectums -

And we'll really get the idiots worked up, and REALLY discredit them even more so we can document their stupidity and ram the shots straight up their rectums - WHAT THE HELL DO THEY KNOW ANYWAY, IDIOTS.

All of this stuff really matters when you are dealing with tyranny. Tyranny is intimidated by accuracy and laughs at the fools - the shot was FULLY EXPLAINED before some A-hole, (and I'll stick by that) claimed the shot was 99 percent graphene and when it was pointed out that graphene was a powder that could never be diluted by 1 percent of anything and still make it through a needle, the story changed to "graphene oxide" which is still a solid that can't pass through a needle in high concentrations and whatever other variant needed to push the B.S. and they kept right on trucking along with it -

For God's sake stop passing along this bullshit, it is the last thing we need AND IT DOES NOT MATTER WHAT IS IN THE SHOT WHEN WE KNOW IT IS BAD ANYWAY.

Is it not enough to just stick to the basics of "This shot will clot you up and destroy your DNA?" That is 100 percent accurate and cannot be debunked. Is that not enough? If not, what is?

The Arizona Audit has been complete how many times now? Three that I know of, and now a fourth!

It is supposed to be complete this week! But that happened two weeks ago, a month ago, and two months ago also. ANSWER: Someone is re - auditing until the results they want are produced,

Here will be the final story: We found several irregularities amounting to X number of ballots and no hint of (serious) criminality anywhere, in fact, we found where a few people tried to rig a few votes in favor of Trump, and he still lost.

It is over folks, we must proceed to the next step which is not a pretty one. And no one will. Therefore, kiss it away.

I saw a video of a few Biden vax door to door goons today, and they are getting SERIOUS heat, they looked scared sh*tless. So rather than "get the message" the government will, as I stated would happen, send them out with police escort. Because, you know, the vax is harmless AND THE ELECTION WAS NOT STOLEN.

For as long as people do not push back forcefully, they are just going to keep marching in.


One note to below: Say you got the "Johnson" vax, not "Johnson and Johnson" because you are supposed to be playing stupid.

Updates will fill in below this top posted item

NEW METHOD: Don't create suspicion. Answer the door cheerfully and make it go like this:

Sample conversation (improvise)

Them: Hi! I am from the Vax Brigade! How are you doing?
You: "I am short time right now, what do you have?" (Make sure you say WHAT DO YOU HAVE?)
"We are here to inform you about the vax".
"Oh, I just had the Johnson vax in June, and I am fine, thanks for your concern!" (MAKE SURE YOU SAY THANKS FOR THEIR CONCERN)
"Have your neighbors been vaxxed?"
"I don't know about all of them but I do know (point at the leftist troublemaker's house) that they are skeptical. I don't know why, I had no problems". (MKE SURE YOU SAY YOU HAD THE VAX AND HAD NO PROBLEMS)
"Insert additional random question from vax goon"
Your response - "I have a lot to do" or "I have to go pick up the kids" or "I am in the middle of cleaning" and "THANK YOU for chatting!", (MAKE SURE YOU TELL THEM THANK YOU AGAIN.) Take any promotional crap they might have and tell them you'll share it, and THANK YOU. Then be done with them as politely as possible.

If they ask you for proof of the vax, pretend to look for it, even on your phone and say, "oh, I was not ready for this! Even take this part as far as letting them scroll your photos and when nothing shows up, say, "Oh, it is probably on the other phone, my spouse (might) have it." Your spouse, (if they really push it) does not have to know where the "other" possibly even nonexistent phone is. Make sure your spouse knows you'll be answering the vax goons this way, and be on the same page.

Coming off as ROCK STUPID rather than smart will also help enormously, you do not need to impress them.

The American DOD (or similar) is staging a fake white resistance in South Africa.

The following video (at the link) is not possible. In this video, we have whites firing off dozens, if not hundreds of shots at blacks, with ACCURATE weapons, and not a single black guy gets hit. That means this is fake, and merely a psy op to boost racial tensions even higher.

This load of CRAP is impossible to believe, this psy op is completely transparent. They should be PILED UP after that, and NO ONE got hit.

(Somebody) clearly wants the blacks to rise up and annihilate whitie there, just like what they are trying to stir up in the United States with their "critical race theory" (now called "equity training") and more.

The response to this was epic looting sprees unlike anything the United States has seen. Stores were COMPLETELY destroyed, with absolutely nothing left but debris on the floors. Somebody got what they wanted, looting and riots at this level could easily completely wipe out the country.

Formerly gay Milo Yiannopoulos has come out against the gay men's choior

He has stated that the video was loaded with sex offenders and believes they were downright arrogant for doing that video. That's obvious, it is good to see he's on the right side of the issue.

Not looking into the future anymore? Neither am I.

I used to look into the future. Plan, - say "we are going to do this and that" and whatever - and for some reason I am not inclined to do so anymore. And the opinions being expressed on social media indicate that there are a lot of people in the same mode of thought. Many people are expecting something disastrous soon, so disastrous that nothing will follow.

Is something big about to pop? If so, what will it be? Massive vax deaths? I will say this - a lot of people in the U.S. are claiming there are supply shortages - people in trades saying they cannot get electrical parts, paint, - the chip shortages for cars (totally synthetic, there's no way that is real) - inability to get parts for everything from air conditioning units to dishwashers - lumber prices through the roof - why would this be going on? It is NOT REAL. Everything is totally and instantly available in Mex, you name it you got it, so why is the U.S. being cut short on everything?


Because if "they" know about an upcoming disaster that "they" are going to stage (or have already set in motion with the shots), why bother with feeding the peons with parts, supplies, cars, or building materials? That will just add up to more of a mess "they" need to clean up after they kill everyone off. Why even bother with that?

So in the U.S. there are tons of shortages. All synthetic and caused. WHY? Well, if there is no future and "they" know it, if "they" know they are not going to get paid for that car because the guy driving it is dead, why allow them to even be built to begin with? Ford is sitting on an enormous pile of cars they cannot finish because they cannot get the chips. WHY? That would be a good question if the answer was not so obvious.

The United States and many other western countries are standing right on the precipice of disaster. And it is clearly showing. The only thing I see people wondering about is if the culling is going to be 100 percent shot based, or if the "elite" that live right within reach in YOUR TOWN are going to grow impatient and find other ways to do the job a lot quicker. Who knows? Time will tell I guess, and we are definitely not going to have to wait long.

The disaster America is facing right now is due to infiltrations at the state and local level, prominently shown in America's schools.

All of the elite infiltrations are totally local by now. If this was not the case, there would be many municipalities that are totally awake to the covid con job and NONE are showing up. Enough of the population is against the vax for there to be sanctuaries somewhere, and there are none that I know of. WHY? BECAUSE THE ENEMY, THAT INFILTRATED EVERYTHING, IS RIGHT THERE, at the same stop light as you. That is the only way the vax smash down and unilateral destruction of the schools and more could be possible. I don't want to continuously do Jew rips, but they are the ones doing this, and they are RIGHT THERE, IN YOUR TOWN. Oh, but there are only 10 million of them in the U.S., they could never do that, right? They sure could, if they have unified as a group and put 100 percent of their population into the schools as teachers and into all the key city, county, and state positions and they have.

Have you ever wondered why ALL the government jobs pay so well now? It was not that way 40 years ago. What changed? "THEY" got in, and they can't be the peons!!! Don't listen to the bitch being pitched about all those "poor teachers," the BASE SALARY for a teacher in the United States is $51,000 and that is BASE SALARY. almost ALL the teachers make more than that, did you know that??? How did that happen??!!?? They are being paid VERY well to destroy your kids with "white privilege" indoctrination and "critical race theory". They are not doing THAT for free, and the same is now magically applying to ALL the positions in goverment that are unilaterally destroying the country, they are paying themselves an ENORMOUS pile.

NOT SO DEAR :"TEACHERS", you are getting paid what to turn our kids against their parents, their own race, and this country??!!??

Corruption pays well I see!!!

So well it has bred the ultimate arrogance. Oh, so you don't want us teaching critical race theory so much you have made it illegal? (many states just did) and the teacher's union response was: FINE THEN, we'll just band together and teach it anyway, under the name of "equity" training!!!

FACT: Main street JILL is NOT going to teach "critical race theory", it is predominantly the Jews in administration and teaching roles doing this as an intentional, overt act of war. Why are they being allowed to get away with this??

The teachers we have now are NOT the teachers who earned your respect. All the good ones got flushed out and fired. What Americans have now in the schools is their WORST ENEMY, the WORST possible influence that is specifically working to destroy America's future via enforcing ZERO real education and 100 percent America hating race hating god hating integrity hating indoctrination. We have traitors running the most important institutions in our country, and if it is not stopped NOW it is GAME OVER.

This is PROVEN by the fact that after a couple decades of pure warfare in the schools, America is now getting body slammed by China. HOW THE HELL DID THAT HAPPEN ANYWAY? Ask your kid's teacher!!!

The ULTIMATE proof America's teachers are the ENEMY:

None of the kid's parents gave approval for this vaccination center to be set up, nor did the school announce they were going to do this, and VOILA!! THERE IT IS, totally illegal and clandestine Covid vax with military presense doing it behind the gym!!! How turned agains their parents would the kids have to be for the school to get away with this??? THEY OWN YOUR KIDS, they have perfectly implemented mind control to accomplish this in secrecy.

WHO did you turn your kids over to, for hours a day? Your kids are OWNED.


Any shortages in goods are created and not real.

Once again I have noticed that people are getting worked up about severe shortages of goods in various areas. I do not know how legit these claims are, because everything is totally normal in every single store in Mex.

I walked into a wal mart yesterday with spy glasses and documented the whole store. Something that blatant cannot be done, even with a cell phone. I totally got away with it. I have not gone over the video yet and it will need to be compressed for posting. That will take time, I'll probably do that later today. Update: I went over the spy cam video and even though they are way better than any of the spy cam glasses footage I have seen anyone post, I need to learn how to use them better in low light and I also need to get accustomed to the zoom ratio, which is not wide angle. They are semi telephoto. I have to go back and do it again.

I got a couple spy devices for inventory checks or whatever else might be needed for the site (everyone keeps saying everything is sold out in the stores, and if so, I want to put whoever is causing this in the fire)

I picked up a pair of spy glasses on Mercadolibre for $20 and was worried, because all the "great spy glasses" that cost a lot more on Amazon show totally pixelated crap indoors, even in good light when sample video is posted in the reviews. But when I tested these, they don't pixelize at all. They stay good when the light is not perfect but if you move quickly it turns to mud. So I have to go back, knowing this and then the video will be bang on.

I have a purchasing method that works quite well: When, in a product category EVERYTHING seems to be garbage, BUY THE CHEAPEST ONE, and you'll more often than not win. When I bought the glasses I also got a $35 spy pen, and on Mercadolibre the sample videos people posted of this particular pen were stellar. So I expected it to be good, and when tested it shoots near iphone quality video. But the problem is that if it is clipped to a pocket, what you want never shows up in the frame no matter how well it is aimed. It always shifts position. It will take some practice. But the pen is an impressive device no doubt. That's a must have for what I do.

My conclusion after all of this and seeing what is posted on Amazon is that the good stuff is not allowed in the U.S., what I got on Mercadolibre totally smoked anything anyone posted to Amazon like a bar-b-q, it is two different worlds. The spy pen will record 3 and a half hours of near iphone quality video on one charge (tested it is for real, that's going to be a dash cam) and the spy glasses are not nearly as good but still impressive and will record a full hour and a half in one whack (tested to about 70 minutes with life left). Nothing on Amazon does that. Why? Good question! If you decide to get one of those pens off mercadolibre, only order what I linked because the circuits in that pen are from 2020 and lots of the other similar ones have guts from 2005. If you do not get exactly what I linked, you'll probably end up with crap. Four stars happened to the reviews because some idiot did not realize that the camera saves the video in five minute segments (this is universal for this type of device, every dash cam does that) and all you have to do is stitch them together in an editor)

Related topic - the gas shortage

Nothing has happened yet, and that was to be expected because all the stations, according to the rumor, still got their week end gas. If there are going to be any problems with this they'll start showing up mid week. If you see fuel trucks out delivering gas for much longer, the rumor will be bunk, however, the fact there is gas right now will not mean the rumor is bunk, because it would not have run out yet.


When they knock on your door, be polite, ANSWER but do not give a good view of your house. If they ask to enter, say you are in the middle of cleaning and keep them at the door without saying no. When they say who they are smile and tell them you got the Johnson vax in June and had no problems. In addition to this, if they ask about your neighbors, rat out the leftist (this will be the problem maker) and say they are totally anti vax. SCREW UP THEIR DATA AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE.

DO have a no soliciting sign and that is all. When you are cheerful at the door, it will prove double acceptance of what they have when they see the no soliciting sign, which we already know they will ignore.

Get on their good side and screw up their data as much as possible. As long as they do not enter, they do not need to know you are anti vax, no, you are PRO VAX. Stay off the books!

Do not let them enter, especially if they have police escort. Once you let the police in they WILL hunt for "problems" and chances are you'll go to jail for something they invent, any money they find will likely be taken and your guns will probably be gone. The sky will be the limit for whatever they decide to do, America has the most corrupt police outside of Africa (comparable to Africa) - Mexican police are total angels by comparison regardless of what you are told. I have seen both, Mexican police are a LOT LESS corrupt than American cops were even 10 years ago. American police are so corrupt that other nations issue travel warnings and I MEAN EVEN EUROPEAN COUNTRIES. NEVER let a cop in without a warrant, EVER, and don't mention that they need one. Play stupid, busy, and "not enough time".

I have had plenty of encounters with Mexican police. I have been pulled over 5 times now and it is not the same deal, it is just simply not the same. I was scared the first couple times but after that realized they are leagues above American cops. If you EVER get an American cop at your door over a vaccine issue, you had damn well better walk on eggshells and DO NOT let them in NO MATTER WHAT.

ADDITIONALLY, if you let a vax goon in or any other goon in other than the cops, and then the cops show up, the goon can let them in, even without a warrant or your permission. NEVER LET ANY OF THEM IN, NO EXCEPTIONS.

Sample conversation (improvise)

Hi! I am from the Vax Brigade! How are you doing?
"I am short time right now, what do you have?"
"We are here to inform you about the vax".
"Oh, I just had the Johnson vax in June, and I am fine, thanks for your concern!"
"Have your neighbors been vaxxed?"
"I don't know about all of them but I do know (point at the leftist troublemaker's house) that they are skeptical. I don't know why, I had no problems".
"Insert additional random question from vax goon"
Your response - "I have a lot to do" or "I have to go pick up the kids" or "I am in the middle of cleaning" and "THANK YOU for chatting!", take any promotional crap they might have and tell them you'll share it, and THANK YOU. Then be done with them as politely as possible.

If they ask you for proof of the vax, pretend to look for it, even on your phone and say, "oh, I was not ready for this! Even take this part as far as letting them scroll your photos and when nothing shows up, say, "Oh, it is probably on the other phone, my spouse (might) have it." Your spouse, (if they really push it) does not have to know where the "other" possibly even nonexistent phone is. Make sure your spouse knows you'll be answering the vax goons this way, and be on the same page.

Coming off as ROCK STUPID rather than smart will also help enormously, you do not need to impress them.

This is WAR and those who sent these people intend to harm you. Honesty is stupidity while facing this kind of threat. Help everyone. Screw their data. Garbage in, garbage out.

A report about 3 dead presidents will probably go viral, and it is B.S.

I got banned from a prominent forum for pointing out that one of the presidents listed in the report, which claims "all 3 presidents who refused the corona vax for their countries are dead." However, there is a problem, one of them died in June of 2020 before there was even a vax.

Why did I get banned for pointing that out? Obviously because someone wants B.S. to propagate for an easy to discredit "vaccine resistance" knock down. If you see this story repeated, which correctly claims the presidents of Tanzania and Haiti are dead only to soil it by saying the president of Burundi was killed for refusing the vax, don't re-post that, yes, you can say that for Haiti and Tanzania because those two are suspicious but the all too convenient straw man has been thrown in, which means SETUP.

HOWEVER: Prophetic David Dees nailed the Vax police, it is now happening in Argentina JUST LIKE HE ILLUSTRATED, EXACTLY.

Remember that Dees cartoon that showed the vaccine police? Rense got ahold of a video from Argentina where the vaccine police chased a guy up to his roof to nail him and got him, right on the roof. The video is FREAKY AS HELL, Argentina is TOAST.

David Dees already nailed this topic, DAVID DEES WAS RIGHT!!

THIS is now happening for real in Argentina. Don't bet on this not happening in the United States.


There is an extremely high probability Russia is slated for a knock-out because it is a predominantly white nation. I was always suspicious of that, and now, a Russian politician Has said this.

The exact same things were being said after the shot in the U.S. until the shot came under a lot of scrutiny. Then they shut up, but nothing changed. Seeing this warning come out of Russia is ominous.

That said, all the teachers at Claudia's school (except Claudia) plus other teachers I know of got the CanSino vax from China and none of them had any ill effects at all. But the problem is that the shot is for something that does not exist. Can CanSino be trusted? Want to play Russian Roulette?

The We'd like to come completely out of the closet vid got hit over 70,000 times on the voterig server.

I still have over 80 percent server left. So let's get more hits. Right click to save, and RE-POST.

They would have been able to bury this if I had not resurrected it after they killed it. People in alt media got it off this site, re-posted, and that was all she wrote.

This site forced them to make it viewable again. May they NEVER recover from this, the zombies needed a wake up call and THIS WAS IT.


It says right on it to ignore "no soliciting" signs, which is why one like the one I posted is needed, it covers everything. HERE IS THEIR SCRIPT. No tresspassing, private property signs/ do not knock signs are what will be needed, no soliciting will not cut it.

This is a partial document. To get the whole document, click it.

Idaho is illegally using the military to vaccinate kids AT SCHOOL, this is proven, they are nailed on video from the 23 second mark to the end of the video.

They are lying to all the parents, saying the kids are not being vaxxed or harassed for the shot, NOTHING is being done with the shot, and WOOP, there it is. LIARS. All made possible by the "hate your parents white privilege" mind wipe. The soldiers are following orders and breaking the law. The kids are saying NOTHING.

And I bet it is happening many places, if not everywhere. Idaho is probably not an exception.


Yes, I did mark this on my calendar

They came right out and said it during a covid broadcast.

I find it VERY interesting that the san francisco gay choior released "We'll convert your children" at around the same time this "new world order" comment went out across Australian news.

The comment appears to stand by itself because the remainder of the covid broadcast does not apply globally.

How to embed a Bitchute video

Go to Youtube and copy THEIR embed code. Then go to Bitchute and copy the video address and replace the Youtube video's address with the Bitchute video address. Then change the word "video" in Bitchute's address to "embed". This worked the first time I tried it.

Important new vax info

First of all, something I stumbled across that I believe is a major problem

I cannot find the original source because it was one of those things you stumble across and then can't search later due to censorship -

From what I read a few days ago, one thing the vax is doing is causing the blood platelets to become stiffer. Despite how small a red blood cell is, many of the capillaries they have to go through are smaller, and sometimes red blood cells have to squeeze down to less than half their original diameter to pass through the super fine capillaries. When one of the modified platelets encounters the same situation, it cannot squeeze down and it then blocks the capillary. Then any cell along that capillary becomes oxygen deprived, but not enough to kill it.

This is what I think is really blocking the capillaries, and now I will move on to another doctor's work which has revealed that yes, indeed, the fine capillaries are being blocked (but he probably did not come across what I came across because he thinks spike proteins are growing in the capillaries and that is what is stopping the red blood cells from passing through). That's sixes anyway, a detail, the bottom line is that the fine capillaries are being blocked off, and that is leading to all sorts of problems such as cognitive decline, heart failure, and more.

Here is exactly what he had to say -

Here is what he's saying, in layman's terms -

Your lungs have trillions of micro capillaries that get plugged when you get the covid shot, and this happens to 63 percent of the people who get the shot. Once these capillaries get blocked you will get tired very easily during any sort of exercise and your heart will have to work like crazy (constantly) trying to pump blood through lungs that have clogged up capillaries. This causes the blood pressure between your heart and your lungs to go absolutely crazy high, which will trigger very early heart failure.

AND WORSE: This high blood pressure will not show up during a blood pressure check, because a similar condition is not happening in the rest of your body to such a high extent.

He thinks the spike proteins are restricting the capillaries, I am more inclined to believe the platelets are now stiffer, which causes them to clog the capillaries, but it really does not make a difference, the problem is that the capillaries are now clogged. And anyone with this condition is doomed.

So this gets back to another point I made earlier. Remember when the magnet stick vids first came out, I said that 60 percent of the people who had the shot have the magnet stick, and 40 percent therefore obviously got saline? Now this doctor is saying 63 percent of the people he's testing have these micro blood clots. That is WAY TOO CLOSE to 60 percent, and that probably means that if the magnets stick, you have this problem too.

One quick note: I am not going down the graphene path. There is something else a lot more serious going on.

The Gay Choior has redacted the video, saying it was satire.

THAT would be a LIE.


When the gay community is pushing it's agenda in our schools, running drag queen story hour in the libraries, staging totally disgusting parades right on main street, putting gay pride into even television shows like blues clues WE ALL KNOW DAMN WELL this video was not satire.

YOU FULLY INTENDED TO COME TOTALLY OUT OF THE CLOSET WITH THIS, and when it backfired YOU SCREAMED VICTIM LIKE YOU ALWAYS DO. You are dishonest aemoral scum bags with zero respect for our families, with hatred for our families and as it turns out, some of the people in that video were kiddie diddlers to boot. You cannot lie your way out of this by calling it satire, -

YOUR BIG, FINAL, ULTIMATE CLOSET BURNING FAILED. AND NOW YOU ARE SCREAMING "VICTIM!!!!" That fits, there's not an ounce of honesty in you and we all know it.


Here is how you handle Biden's door to door vax goons WITHOUT getting put on a list -


Obviously the best thing to do is not answer the door at all, but you might not get the chance to avoid them. So in addition to that plan, post a sign.

Post a very prominent "no soliciting" sign on your door. Go for the large size, totally visible from the street. Add to this NO EXCEPTIONS.

When the vax goons come just say "I do not talk to salesmen, READ THE SIGN. NO SOLICITING" If they persist point to "NO EXCEPTIONS." If they keep pushing say absolutely nothing at all, just slam the door in their face.

Don't say "I do not want your vax". Treat them like door to door salesmen that are being rejected. Do not even address the product being pushed. And if they shout "We are not salesmen" shout back: IF I DO NOT KNOW YOU, DO NOT KNOCK MY DOOR, READ THE DAMN SIGN.

Never, at any point indicate that you even paid attention to what they had to say or push. Never say anything about the vax, say only ONE THING: NO SOLICITING, NO EXCEPTIONS.

Here is an appropriate sign. Print this in 11X17 or larger, (go to a print shop or Sams or Costco if needed) if you cannot find a very similar one to buy. This is exactly what you need, and this image I cleaned up will print PERFECTLY.

Right click to save. This will print PERFECT if the print shop does absolutely no conversions or scaling. Do not add borders, print right to the edge because the border is included in this graphic.

Other good sign ideas: Private property, do not enter. or No unexpected visitors." put up anything you can to drive people off without even discussing the vax.


If you can handle foul language, watch this - "They are coming for your kids"

A British military vet expresses the exact mindset we need RIGHT NOW, complete with details.

An investigative journalist totally nailed the current corona scenario in 2014

He cuts to the chase right in the beginning of the video and then explains with the rest of it, so it is not a huge long watch to get the basic message. It is obvious we are following a totalitarian script.

Well worth a look: Giant 3d cat.

Really looks real. But this is totally explainable - the building has a curved screen attached to it and the cat stays within the borders of the screen. Good lighting effects in the image finish the illusion.Coming to a chem trail layer near you!!! Just rememer, you saw this and now know what can be done with totally explainable tech.

People need to see this so they are not so easily hoaxed with that "alien invasion", that screen can display anything. Having the atmosphere be the screen, compliments of that white chem trail layer would make that type of thing possible in the sky.

In the case of the cat, the illusion is given away when they wrap 2D text across the image. You can then clearly see how it works and that it is not an internet hoax.

Dr. Bhakdi: "The vision is so horrible and so awful and terrifying that I myself I don't even want to know what happens next."

Five minute video. He efficiently lays out an entirely new future based on the latest data. I cannot even describe how awful the consequences of the jab are. It is quite clear he nailed it.

Basically, to sum this up, if you get exposed to the virus after getting the jab or get a third jab your immune system is going to eat your veins and you'll totally clot out. Your veins contain a clotting agent that gets released when they get injured (to stop the bleeding) and when your immune system starts eating the veins from the inside out, you'll clot up and that will be the end of that. He goes over the exact process that will occur to cause this, which we have seen in earnest so far compared to how bad it is going to be.


UPDATE: Take this with a grain of salt, but it could not possibly hurt to fill the tank anyway . . . . we will.

THE WARNING: Flying J, Pilot, and all of their subsidiaries have been told that the next shipment of gas will be their last shipment, and to shut the pumps off when they reach 10 percent. Secondary confirmation said Cenex, which is not associated with Flying J/Pilot got the same message. SEE THIS:

This video is new and was posted the afternoon of July 8.

If this is legit, we are in for a REAL show. Supposedly there have been "too many explosions" lately, a point I have made for the third time (including this time) now. Not surprisingly, this guy knew about all those explosions too.

My opinion is that all the explosions that have happened recently are not the cause of the gas shortage, and that somebody wants a shortage so they are jumping the gun with the gas shortage before something else big happens. An oil tanker was attacked in the port of Dubai yesterday and it might also be possible that this tanker was a primary source for Pilot/flying J but who knows, there's probably a lot more to this story than that. If they were told to shut off the pumps at 10 percent that implies to me they want enough on hand for law enforcement, which would mean everybody else is going down too.

Deer eat meat. In nature, there's (probably) no such thing as a true herbivore, no matter what a vegan tells you.

This is something I always knew. Field and Stream even did a piece on this. And here is a video of a deer eating a hawk, mis-labeled as "deer saves rabbit". The deer did not care about the rabbit, it simply knew the hawk was distracted, nailed it, and ate it.

Don't let a leftist fool you - we are not made to go without meat, unlike deer we have canine teeth, which only go on meat eaters. Deer do not even have canines and they occasionally eat meat.

People are saying the video of the San Francisco Gay Men's Choior singing "We'll corrupt your children" is parody. It is not parody. That choior actually exists.

UPDATE: THEY MARKED THE VIDEO, (which is linked even from their web site) PRIVATE OVERNIGHT SO YOU CANNOT VIEW IT, - ONLY, YOU CAN due to their poor planning, Off my server.

HEY YOU BLATANTLY AGGRESSIVE HOMOS, DID YOU REALLY THINK MARKING IT PRIVATE WOULD STOP ANYTHING? HA HA HA, fools. They marked it private after it got downvoted approximately 2000:1.

DO NOT JUST WATCH THIS, RIGHT CLICK TO SAVE THIS AND PUT IT ON OTHER PLATFORMS because we cannot afford to have such a clear message vanish into the dustbin of censorship.

Yes, even the web site is so "out there" it "can't be true" but every place and event stated on it checks out. THAT is the level of depravity they are now taking things to.

Heat waves: I keep forgetting to mention Mexico is colder than a zombie's *ss right now

If any online records or reports say things are normal, they are being falsified.

There is clear and obvious weather mod going on. During a time of the year when Mexico should be a sweat factory it is so cold I have to intentionally warm the house up with the stove and at night full blankets are needed. It is in fact so cold that mosquitos are not even breeding (at least in our area) there are ZERO. NADA. ZILCH mosquitos and they are not going around spraying for them either. It's just too cold for them to breed.

This is not a short term condition. It has persisted for so long that there are no mosquitos, despite the fact that everything is soaked all the way through from rain - it has been raining persistently for over a month, I'd say about 100 inches total in my area for the last month and a half. Clearly we have at least exceeded yearly totals by 3X in the last month and a half alone.

If temps were normal, we should be breathing mosquitos with this much rain.

There are endless stories about "how hot it is" in various places, and about "how all records are being broken" with heat which "proves global warming/climate change" is real. But here is the real story: The earth gets a certain amount of heat, and if they are going to use weather mod to screw the climate they have to take the heat from somewhere, and they are somehow changing wind patterns to divert all the heat to where they want it for these serious weather anomalies. The area where I live is one such area they are stealing the heat from. It literally is as cold as a zombie's *ss. Enough to disturb the natural order to such an extent that there are no mosquitos. IN MEXICO.

They are somehow exporting Mexico's heat to somewhere else, PLUS taking the rains from somewhere else and dumping them here. Weather warfare is a cold hard reality, something is amiss, there is no way out of it.

Actually, it is really nice to have no mosquitos and the cold does not bother me much and the rain is good for the shrubs but knowing what this means elsewhere is concerning. Much of Mexico has been lot colder and a lot rainier than Vancouver for the past couple months.

YOU'RE DONE: Watch what happens when concerned parents address a Pennsylvania school board on critical race theory

There is a 2 minute 30 second introduction that does give good info and the real action starts after that. It is appalling.

They are doubling down on critical race theory with the obvious objective of destroying the country. Yes, the people pushing it are the local Jews. This is literally what it is going to be like to be ruled by the Jew. The full power of the police state wielded to shut people up. You cannot continue after he says "You're done" or you will be arrested.

I could not watch this all the way through, I got too upset.

ANOTHER mysterious explosion

A couple days ago I posted about how there were far too many huge explosions recently. This time it was an oil tanker in the port of Dubai

Someone is doing this, obviously. Look at the initial blast and the type of smoke that is produced. The origin of that blast was not petroleum based. The smoke is white (at first), similar to what many explosives produce.

VAXXED cooking instructor has massive stroke and dies on live stream

Update: It was the AstraZeneca vax this time.

This is a tough watch. She clearly has a major stroke and as she lays on the floor is unable to speak and has the voice changes associated with a near instantly lethal stroke as she dies.

If you want a nice clear look at how people who are vaxxed are dying suddenly from blood clots, it could not be any more clear than this. Haunting tough watch.

Trolls are saying there's no proof this is as presented. There is plenty indicating there is. If she had a history of passing out like this she would not have had the confused look and would not have fallen on her face on the stove. It is clear this is the first time this ever happened to her. There was a full four seconds for her to get away from the stove and not fall so badly and if she had such a history, she'd have known she had to react differently.

Obviously not all shots are created equal

Why is it that it is the billionaires like Warren Buffet predicting a pandemic "worse than covid"?


"We'll convert your children" - A message from the Gay community

You think we're sinful
You fight against our rights
You say we all lead lives you can't respect

But you're just frightened
You think that we'll corrupt your kids
If our agenda goes unchecked

Fine, just this once, you're correct.

We'll convert your children
Happens bit by bit
quietly and subltly, and you will barely notice it

You can keep them from disco
Warn about San francisco
Make them wear pleated pants we don't care

We'll convert your children
We'll make them tolerant and fair.
And much more.

This probably will NOT get deleted from Youtube.

Haiti is blaming the U.S. for their presidential assassination

The rumor there is that the DEA went in and assassinated them. I doubt that. My guess is it was Arkancide and if they were "DEA" it was costumes.

Anyway, all hell is breaking loose there now, the embassy is under siege.

THIS is how pathetic our "resistance" is: FBI seized fully constructed LEGO SET from militia guy!!!

YES, a LEGO SET. Oh the horror. If you want a great look at what communist propaganda looks like, just read the linked report. Yes, if you buy a LEGO SET and then have the audacity to fully assemble it, YOU ARE A TERRORIST.

They then go on, in the report, to describe in detail all the horrors the guy committed by pushing cops. Look at the wording they used. How they set up perceptions. If your brain is not on questioning this while reading it, you'd actually think something horrible happened when in reality, literally nothing at all happened. No officers got crushed. The crowd simply pushed it's way through (allegedly) but anyone with 3 brain cells knows by now that this was a setup done by the capitol police and Democrats themselves. I guess they found a simpleton to hang who is not among the "privileged" who get to stage crap like that riot and walk away from it with a paycheck! This guy's problem is he was not on the payroll!!!

Trump pay Giuliani?? HELL NO, Giuliani should be jailed for fraud.

Trump not paying Giuliani is now being pushed in the MSM. But Trump should not pay, here is why.

Trump realized it was all a con job, Just like I said at the time, Giuliani could not be trusted and he screwed the hell out of Trump with intentionally executed incompetence, done for the tribe. Why should Trump pay for that?

Giuliani's law license suspension was a press announcement and NOT a formal proceeding, he's still a fully licensed lawyer. They HAD TO say they attacked Giuliani for "helping Trump" to maintain the illusion that it was all real.

Here is what I posted, right when Giuliani was screwing Trump over in early January:

"I think at this point it would be prudent to consider Lin, Powell, and Giuliani with great skepticism and caution. Obviously since none of the cases even got considered to the point where evidence could be presented they have not actually ever been tested. Would they pass the test? My guess is probably 2 out of 3 would not. There is treason at every turn, and Sidney's "kraken" was pure destruction. If she's a lawyer, she should have been WAY too smart for that.

Here's another one I posted in January:

" Many many people are aghast at how "Billionaire Trump can't hire a decent lawyer". I am not surprised. Trump trusts the Jews, and is getting funneled into the worst legal situations as a result, and even if he did not trust the Jews, the bar association is such a corrupted entity that there's not an honest lawyer in the bunch that will actually help Trump. They have their marching orders to destroy and not a single one of them is going to step out of line, even Giuliani raped Trump with a weed wacker. This is what it looks like when war is the only way forward.

What can I say? Trust nobody?

Here is ANOTHER ONE I posted in January:


I repeatedly stated that Giuliani was involved in the 911 coverup and therefore could not be trusted to handle the election fraud case. Now, Joel Skousen at the World Affairs brief has an insider tip that proves it.

Joel is way too careful with stuff, so much so that he occasionally misses whoppers. But he did not miss this:


Patrick Byrne, the former CEO of has spent the last six months helping and financing the work of several researchers, technical analysts, lawyers, and others examining and documenting evidence of election fraud since the 2018 election. After the blatant election manipulation of 2020 unfolded, his group quickly went to work gathering and analyzing data showing widespread fraud. Eventually they offered their evidence and help to Sidney Powell, and then to Rudy Giuliani who was in control of Trump's legal team. They were astounded at the disarray, slow leadership and incredibly bad decisions made by Guiliani and his team. Despite his respect for Guiliani going into these events, Byrne's notes reveal not just incompetence but likely deliberate sabotage by the man Trump trusted to lead one of the most important legal efforts ever. Byrne's summary of events is shocking and eye opening. From his unique vantage point he has written what could be the definitive expose' of Giuliani and his staff. It will be shocking to you how blatant their actions were.

My comment: Joel will NEVER SAY THIS because he's too careful, but I will: THE JEWS SABOTAGED TRUMP VIA KUSHNER, STOLE THE ELECTION VIA WELL PLACED CORRUPTION AND FRAUDULENT JUDGES, AND THEN SEALED THE FRAUD BY SABOTAGING TRUMP WITH GIULIANI. Joel probably knows this but he'll never say it. WOW, all my suspicions about Giuliani just got confirmed. BASTARD. A total act!

And I was right, which is why Trump is not going to pay Giuliani. Who else was right early on? Absolutely no one. All others drank the kool aid. Finally, by the time it got to the last post I made, others started catching on but even now, most have not.

Should Trump pay Giuliani?? HELL NO. Giuliani should be jailed for fraud.

I was the only one who was accurate with regard to this early on, and was even called a kook for it. But how did this wash out in the end?? With a subverted nation, that is now being destroyed. It is what Giuliani, mister 9-11 coverup, wanted for the country. 9-11 was the litmus test, fail that and you are the ENEMY.

McAfee's wife released a statement

President of Haiti assassinated

Was it Arkancide? Was he trying to reveal the billions the Clinton foundation got for earthquake relief, only to arrive with 3 outhouses and a shed total? Probably something like that.

China planning asteroid deflection scheme

23 of their largest long march rockets. Why 23? What do they know that we do not know? Perhaps just a Chinese variant of a Nasa exercise?

If we had to depend on China to save us from an asteroid after the United States got wiped out by what is going on now, would it work? I'd say YES, because even the worst crap they make will at least turn on and function for an hour or so. That's all the time you need to get to orbit. By the way, I finished assessing that microscope and there is nothing wrong with it, it is impressive. Sorta bitter sweet, America used to make that stuff . . . . . .

On another note, Musk is about to launch Spaceship 1 to orbital heights

Musk is absolutely DESTROYING China's space program. To date, Musk's biggest actual functioning rocket that has been used successfully can lift 64 tons to orbit, while China's biggest actually functioning rocket can lift 25. China is working on the Long March 9 that is projected to lift 150 tons, but Musk at this time is already building one that will be the tallest rocket ever launched, and has others that are larger than anything China has planned and not launched yet on the drawing board.

So we'll have to see how all of that goes . . . .

Elsa followed the track they said it would and is at this time insignificant except for the rain.

Evergreen did a 550 million dollar payoff for Evergiven

It is now underway. I never believed the "secrets about Evergreen's cargo" but do believe it was intentionally grounded.

If there was any food with any sort of expiration aboard . . . . . yuck. Container pressure wash. That was more than the "slow boat".

UNDENIABLE: Fauci has been replaced by someone wearing a mask

You will see it in the first 10 seconds of the video. Either he was carted away for crimes or he was not going along with the plan.

Messed up world we live in no doubt . . . . it is amazing how well that mask works except for the fatal blooper in the neck area.

Graphene oxide in the shots?

I feel compelled to once again mention I do not believe this, and that I instead believe this is a hoax to make "anti vaxxers" look kuku.

What difference does it make anyway? We all know by now the shot is bad and ought not need to latch onto every last piece of "negative" B.S. that gets circulated - doing so only opens up weaknesses our enemies can exploit.

I thought it was a joke, but it is not, Now we are on to the Lambda strain!!!

The Delta variant must not have been spooky enough, so they invented a whole new one! HA HA, vomit.



Yeah, they bloopered and said two jabs would work against "delta" in Europe but not in India and need the next shot, called a "booster", into all the fools so LAMBDA it is. Or whatever they need to hatch next. Maybe they'll move on to "ebola."

ALL BUT PROVEN VAX AFTER EFFECTS: Cats dying all across England, and a B.S. explanation given.

Feast your eyes on THIS load of USDA #1 BULLSHIT

"Cat owners and vets have been left devastated as a usually rare disease has been causing severe illness and deaths in hundreds of cats across the country.

Pancytopenia occurs when a cat has a very low red and white blood cell count, meaning their immune systems are severely weakened and their body is unable to clot blood, causing uncontrollable bleeding."

My comment: YEAAAY I was able to read a "big" word, aint I great! But sadly, "Pancytopenia" is NOT A CAT DISEASE. It is a description of a symptom with no cause explained. The BIG WORD means: A situation exists (one way or another) that has reduced ALL blood cells to levels that are not survivable, with the condition that caused it not necessarily defined. And a Dolphin, cow, possum, platypus or EVEN YOU can have that happen, it is NOT a cat disease.

Here is how you know the shot caused this: Because they appealed to totally deficient leftist intellects that can read a big word from an official source, be told that "big word" is the entire problem, and then be happy that they "learned something" - Oh, Pancytopenia is a cat disease that is killing all the cats, I KNOW that is what it is because CNNNBCMSNBCFOXMAILBBC said it and therefore if you think the shot caused it, YOU ARE A WHACK JOB. Only, NO. It is NOT a cat disease. Cats can get it (I guess, if they are dying from it) but it could be caused by a chemical in the pet food or (most likely at this point) breathing in prions from their owners.

We have ALL heard by now that those not vaxxed pick up symptoms from people who are. We all KNOW by now that the vax wrecks people's blood, and now we have cats dying of an un-defined blood problem. A problem that points straight to the vax, or perhaps tainted pet food from China.

It would not be the first time pet food killed pets, a while back "Beneful" from Purina was killing dogs left and right and rumor was that during that time period they were having it made in China. My father in law's dog died from it, with the vet stating "something dissolved all his organs". I kept saying the dog food obviously did it and NO ONE listened. Then a month or two later that story broke on the web, I was right. So it is either something like THAT or the shot spike protein that is killing the cats. There is no defined disease like distemper or any other cat disease, "Pancytopenia" is just a word they threw out to massage the brains of know-it-all fools. And if you say the spike protein is doing it, said fools are going to shove that word down your throats like tin men with a degree in "thinkology".

West Indies Cricket team BRAGGED about being 100 percent vaxxed

Two days after all players got their second Pfizer shot, two of them passed out on the field and started twitching. This was on Infowars.

It was all shown live on camera. Supposedly the "girls are fine now" and went online to specifically state that, but you know, there's THIS:

The cricket players saying they are fine could have easily been faked like Biden was a while back.

How much can we trust the MSM to be straight with this? They absolutely would fake those girls saying they are fine, and if it took killing the whole team to maintain silence, they would do that too.

Anyway, it does not matter. That team will be out of sports now anyway.

So on Infowars, the trolls hopped right on this and said girls "faint" during the cricket matches all the time to gain favor from the refs. However, when you do a search for women fainting during cricket matches, this is the first time it has ever happened, as evidenced by the fact that absolutely no other incidences come up, as well as no reference to that being a cricket strategy. Yet there it is, right in the comments at Infowars. That would be AUDACIOUS trolling. They don't care who they maim, they just want their jab into everyone and are willing to spew whatever lie it takes to quell public outrage and get the job done. And they obviously want a super high death toll to boot.

TWO JABS in I pet goat. Those videos are significant, that cricket team just proved it.

You can feel comfortable with getting the jab! It is "safe" because "clinical trials will be complete in 2023" or whenever the agenda is accomplished.

China's TomTom live traffic data is gone

China would remove that data for 3 reasons:

1. New lockdowns and they don't want stats getting out.

2. A planned genocide, and they don't want the stats getting out.

3. China will be going to war soon, and they don't want to give out any internal data, TomTom would help track traffic jams caused by massive military movements and they do not want that data readily available.

Take your pick, all picks are bad.

Drudge Headline BUNK: Biden marks "independence" from Pandemic

To become "independent" of something, you needed to at one time be dependent on it, RIGHT? You know, like "Dependent on supplies from Britain" and "Military and logistical support" from Britain. I'd like to see where Biden thinks we actually were depending on the pandemic? or WHO was depending on the Pandemic? Was somebody depending on the pandemic? Why would that be over? Because the shot will do the trick now???

Just like the movie "Independence day" - which on it's face had a good title because we defeated the aliens on July 4th, thanks to their forgetfulness about circuit breakers . . . . anyway, That movie stretched credibility when we were "gaining our independence" from the aliens by beating them. How does that work? What did we ever need them for anyway? I cannot even begin to describe how stupid it is to declare you were ever dependent upon something being used to destroy you. How the * were we EVER "dependent" on that "pandemic"??!!?? How stupid is Biden for implying that?

Pandemic "independence": Score: 0.5 because someone might have been depending on it to accomplish an agenda. But the aliens score a flat ZERO and land squarely on the same "destroy America" page Biden is on.

And by the way, rather than shooting a beam, that thing is trying to suck out a brain and it is getting NOTHING. It is a brain eater starving to death.

The absense of hurricanes or even tropical depressions indicates weather mod

How was there a record heat wave in Canada when it has been chilly in mexico, and when you look at a global wind map the only thing that even qualifies as a tropical depression is Elsa. Look at this wind map. Expand it out to global. There are no tropical storms or hurricanes, and only Elsa, which at this time is a mere tropical depression. Look at a global wind map. There is NOTHING going on. Very strange. How can that be, if we are supposed to be burning up?? There are usually a few tropical storms or hurricanes somewhere on earth during the month of June, but we are into July now and have only Elsa, which is barely holding on. Why then is there a record drought and heat wave inland??? LET ME GUESS.

Elsa might land as a cat 1 or tropical storm and no more. Cuba totally knocked the wind out of Elsa and might disperse the storm entirely.

I did not see it stated anywhere, but at least they appear to be honest about this one. They have been lying the hurricanes up lately but are not doing that now. However, when you look at the cone, elsa appears to be heading into a very good area for growth and might end up striking as a legit hurricane.

Headline: Guy refuses Covid shot and regrets it after catching covid

REALITY: Idiot fooled by common flu mis-labeled as covid sad about not killing himself first.

That headache was really a bell ringer!!!

Here is the real headline if you read between the lines: "We are short of our goal of destroying people, so let's spook them by saying they'll regret not getting the shot.

The FBI is posing as the "white supremacist group" Patriot Front

Take a look at this! They could not come up with a real white supremacist group, so they hoaxed one. The heat became too much and they bugged out in rental trucks.

First, three FBI agents. Look at the style of their pants (not the color, the style) and the style of their shirts. That's their uniform.

Now look at this video (which is disturbing on many levels) of them marching as the "white supremacist group" Patriot Front. Look at the clothing style, look at their body types, they are clearly all field active FBI agents. From the body types alone (zero beer bellies) these are clearly not any civilian based group:

FBI acting as white supremacists. They get attacked too hard and bail.

Stunning video: "You are stealing my house".

The Arizona audit results were supposed to drop last week.

NADA. What happened? Obviously it did not go well, so subversion took over from there. If they did not announce the results IMMEDIATELY the audit proved the election was stolen and now the right people are being killed to shut it all up.

The audit proved fraud, so now they are, after expungements and deletions that are going to take MONTHS, stating we have to wait 8 more weeks.

The audit is complete, and a certain tribe did not like the fact that they failed to subvert the results. Therefore, stop gap sleeper cells stepped up to the plate and delayed the publishing of results until other sleeper cells make the results "fair".

That is EXACTLY what is going on with this. Lots of people who witnessed the actual results have to die now.

There was a HUGE chemical plant explosion in Thailand

In the last WEEK (7 days) alone, there have been FIVE major industrial blasts. Something is up.

Today's blast destroyed an area two kilometers across, (one kilometer radius) This type of thing has been happening a lot lately. And I believe it is probably a war being fought with Stuxnet or similar. Everyone notices the price of everything going up and no one has explanations - last week there were two similar explosions at chemical plants - one in Illinois and one in India - there are only so many chemical production facilities. They do not grow on trees. If you destroy enough of them around the world suddenly you will not have the building blocks you need for the rest of the stuff.

Recently (this last WEEK) we have now had (not counting the battery fire because that can be explained):

The Rockton Illinois Chem tool explosion This explosion shut down the manuacture of lubricants for industrial machines. Take a look at the first paragraph on their company page, and then (try) to wonder about why the globalists would want that destroyed. You will not have to try too hard.

The blast in Thailand This factory made the precursors to polystyrene (styrofoam). This was a huge explosion, with a blast damage zone two kilometers across.

The blast in India This facility made the precursors to polystyrene also.

This week there was also a refinery explosion in Romania. That was not specifically a chemical plant, but there was also another major petroleum explosion in Azerbaijan.

That is FIVE major industrial explosions in ONE WEEK. Three in chemical facilities and two in oil facilities. I have not seen that many explosions in such a short time before, something is probably up.

Since the countries are all spread out it does not look like an attack until one realizes that there are globalists who want things shut down and the prices pumped up, once the problem is globalists, the whole world is the target.

This would all be so easy to do from deep under the Negev desert with an internet connection and Stuxnet. There are plenty of idiots out there with compromised PLC's that do have a way into them, five major explosions is too much for one week I'd say.

This is a VERY important audio clip

Steve peters lays it all out.

"These people want you dead. They want to inject you, they want to kill you. There is no mincing words. They want to line you up and they want to slaughter you, and rather than using a firing squad, - they know they can't get away with that because there are 300,000,000 guns. - So they made everyone so afraid of something that many went in willfully for a death shot."

About three minutes long. Spoken very succintly and to the point, this one is PERFECT, listen to it.

The largest teachers union in the country has banded together to push critical race theory

Approximately 14,000 schools will be affected by this. The public has made it clear it does not want critical race theory, yet it keeps marching on unabated. From "central command" that is not part of the government but has government powers. The people cannot vote or scream their way out of it. But they could shoot their way out of it. No one will.

Covid jab seizures, How often is this really happening?

You won't see this guy at Wal Mart because he cannot go there like that. So what is the real tally of people like this? Remember, it is NEVER the shot that does this. It will therefore not be reported. Also, at the time of posting, there were 134 confirmed views of this video, yet it is stating there were only 43. Don't be fooled by "low views" on these types of videos, (preaching to the choior I guess) anyone who reads this site ought to know they do that.

Yahoo and Google: We HATE the competition, so we will SHADOW BAN IT

This is something I have said repeatedly - Google and many other mainstream companies will ban any mail from their competition, where they can get away with it. That means they don't hate Protonmail much. Protonmail censored everything I sent, and blocked everything I was supposed to receive once they figured out who I was. That's why I do not use Protonmail. Yes, you will get the confirmation mail from Protonmail in a Gmail account. Proton mail "complies". Maybe I'll try Gettr. See how that goes. I know anything sent to my servers gets banned, (cannot use them for mail) because they are on a s*** list.

There are more examples like this one at the link in the headline.

I think "they" blew this oil refinery in Romania up. This makes no sense any other way.

If you are going to "win" a war, don't declare war. If you declare war, those you are attacking can defend themselves. But if you can sneak in with Stuxnet or a sleeper cell, well, only a successful air raid would accomplish this if you were being honest about it! And why bother with shooting everyone when you can just infiltrate and screw them over via the school system, courts and more???

Australia - no jab no pay

A reader in Australia sent me the real figures. 4 percent of Australians have had both shots, and 35 percent have had one shot. They obviously all learned from the first shot, except for the bottom 4th percentile.

Australia is a predominantly white country, slated for destruction along with the rest of the white countries, so obviously 4 percent "fully vaxxed" is not going to cut it. Australians are refusing the shot by more than "in droves", If you are in the top 96 percent, you're either not going to get the shot, or not going back for a second there.

So what are the Jews, who want this jab into everyone going to do? I'll tell ya - They are pushing con jobs via trolls claiming China is the one forcing the shot on Australia, while THEY are going to refuse everyone paychecks via their sleeper cells in the pipeline until YOU go in and get the shot. Get the shot, or LOSE EVERYTHING sucka, no, we won't walk up to you to FORCIBLY deliver it, but you can waste away to ash, homeless and penniless if you wish, and you absolutely WILL if you don't get it!

It's called subversion, and their sleeper cells are everywhere.

And that reminds me -

They are claiming in the U.S. that over 50 percent is "fully vaxxed" and I do not believe it. The last reliable stat I got was that 23 percent have had ONE shot and a smaller number have had both. Now, this was quite some time ago, (a couple months ago) so I imagine the numbers are substantially higher by now, but how high? 23 percent with ONE jab was going on when they were already claiming 50 percent to put the pressure on to "be with the majority", and after that they had to abandon 60+ million doses because people were not going in for the shot and the shots expired.

I cannot tell you where the actual numbers sit, but I believe their current stat of "over 50 percent" is far fetched, and they lied about this before. My guess is it is sitting somewhere around 20 percent fully vaxxed and 35 percent with one shot. But it is a difficult guess, you have to wade your way through the lies to come up with anything because one thing is certain - they are not being truthful.

With Australia ramping up the pressure to force compliance, it only goes to show the shot is rigged and there is no outbreak. If there was a legit outbreak, it would be like the movie outbreak with people clamoring and screaming for the shot. THAT AIN'T HAPPNEN, WHASUP???

This looks OK

This was probably 400X and it looks OK but the higher powers are going to take some tweaking. This already makes the grade at low power but I have had better at high power. I'll have to play around a bit.

The iris obviously has a problem (which caused the uneven lighting), but if I call them for warranty and they see this image, they'll tell me to get lost. I am going to take the iris out and see if there's anything I can do myself.

Red blood cells are about 5-8 microns across, so to show them this clearly this microscope has to have pretty good resolution down to about 800 nanometers at this setting. It is rated for 380. I have not gotten it there yet. Nice wide field though. Not stuck with viewing 5 at a time.



Yes, after you have COVID your blood is not normal anymore!!! That's what did it, TRUST US, it was NOT THE SHOT YOU MUST HAVE HAD COVID, GEE, YOU ARE LUCKY YOU GOT THE SHOT OR IT WOULD BE WORSE OH MY GOD GET THREE SHOTS MORE!!!!

I cannot see how those bastards can survive screwing the public like this. I doubt God would grant them such favors. Who else would?

The following report will stay top posted for the rest of the day, updates will fill in below it.

Well, the IDF now says no survivors will be found. Because if they are found they won't make it out alive I guess.

Israel in charge of this is all you need to know at this point.


A con job Miami Herald report + Google censorship + hoaxers saying it was the pool that did it + the IDF doing the "rescue" + a few other reality based tidbits gave me all the clues I needed to conclude:

The Mossad detonated the place and the MSM, GOOGLE and 5,000 online trolls are running cover. Think I am full of it? THEN TAKE A LOOK AT THIS!!!:: BUSTED.

Take a careful look at this and not just a glance. Take your time. Read all of it, including the small print and look closely. It will be worth it. You'll see I am absolutely right. - the building was definitely blown up and the only question is who did it. I can certainly make a not-so-wild guess.

Those election audits must not have been "fair" because they are trying to jail Trump before the results are released.

Somehow they dreamed up a bogus lawsuit and his Jewish "lawyer" played along by declaring guilt. Where there was none. We'll have to wait and see, this is the same "criminal" crap they were spewing when they tried to ditch him the first, second, and third time around.

They busted the woman who wiped out the Tour De France


Well, I guess the MSM is bumping it up a notch. Who owns and controls that MSM??? Not a question, actually.

The headline is a link.

(Jewish) Gene Simmons of the Rock Band Kiss: Don't come to our concerts if you are not vaxxed or believe in flat earth.

Well, I guess he can kiss off.

"We're looking to going back out on tour now that the world is getting out of the pandemic. By the way, vaccinate yourselves so you can come see us and fly on airlines. I dont care what you believe, you ain't getting into the shows if you're not safe. You're not going to risk somebody else's life because you think the Earth is flat. I don't care what you believe, I want everybody to be safe."

But if you're vaxxed, you are safe, RIGHT???? Idiot.

MY COMMENT: Remember, the freak who said that is an Israeli! How cool. NOT. He was the first guy I knew of that would eat a damn bat, is that not what some are claiming caused the problem??? HA HA, he wanted everyone to be safe so he bit the heads off bats!!!

I got a decent microscope for the web site, and it did arrive.

UPDATE: I took a careful hour and set it up right. It is now very good up to 2,000X and will probably make it to perfect. One thing that surprised me is that even at 2000X the image is reasonable without oil.

This microscope has a light source with precision optics, and if they are not set up right the top part of the microscope will not deliver good results. The bottom optics have adjustments that change how much depth lands in the optics above, you can set the light source to cause the upper optics to show you either the whole cell or a fine slice of the inside of the cell, plus how much contrast there is. It would definitely give a nice view of a magneto protein. It is a really nice microscope. We are all going to know (probably within a couple weeks) what are vax hoaxes and what are not. The big issue will be Claudia's availability, she's still finishing out the school year and I will need her to handle papers for people while I run the microscope.

With the adjustments so far, I have managed to get this microscope to show perfect flat focus from edge to edge with perfect light consistency at all magnification levels. I actually don't like binocular microscopes but there was nothing in this performance class that was not binocular (things change over the years) and I guess it does not matter anyway, the camera can be on one side and my eye on the other . . . . .

When it all washes out, if I am not happy with how any of it performs, it can all be switched out with upgrades but it looks like the optics that came with the microscope are quite good. That's one thing about this particular microscope - since it is a real lab scope it is exactly like an SLR camera that can take standardized lenses. I am not stuck with what it has, 2500X can be had, or it can take lenses from Nikon or anyone else if I decide to go there. It absolutely will get the job done.

My original post for the microscope follows.

Initial assessment: At least the lower powered magnifications work properly. I need a bit more tinker time to make sure the higher magnifications do as well. I am not 100 percent certain they do, but if they do not I ordered them as an upgrade for the previous microscope that was blocked and if they got sabotaged on this microscope I'll just put the other ones in because they arrived even though the (lesser) previously ordered microscope got blocked. Either way, I have this nailed.

Fully assessing the condition of this microscope, which should be new, will take a couple days. Everything was opened and I don't know if it was by customs or a saboteur. It is working well enough to ensure I have this nailed with parts ordered for the other microscope if anything bad was done.

This is what I got for the site, it is a big heavy lab scope that is beyond crystal clear (proven already) up to 400X. 2000X is yet to be proven.

This will be used for corona vax blood samples and appears to already be working well enough for that but I have not tested it with blood yet so I do not know for sure. MANY THANKS to everyone for sending enough donations for this to be in the budget.

From the initial look, it is absolutely fabulous and the stage is downright divine. I don't like the iris adjustment and think that might have been sabotaged because that HAS TO be right for there to be no chromatic abberations at the medium and higher magnifications, and there are chromatic abberations at 800X and up. But that could just be setup too, I only had about 15 minutes with this microscope so far and it is not set up well yet at all. The highest settings are oil immersion also or they'll abberate straight to perdition, and I did not do oil immersion yet.

Another thing is that it seems dark at the higher settings and once the iris is set to kill the abberations it is REALLY dark. I have to play with this a bit to determine if that's just the way it is or if it got sabotaged. I'll certainly fix that one way or another and HELL NO this will never be mailed anywhere or handed to anyone EVER if there is a problem. I can handle it myself from where it is now.

Bill Cosby released from prison

Everything was overturned.

Like I said at the time, Cosby was guilty of nothing and his takedown was merely part of the communist action of destroying all legacies in a target country.

I am actually surprised they let him go. Yes, all the women were lying, just like I said. It was a setup to get rid of him so he could not be presented as an icon of white acceptance of black people. They needed him gone so they could push race hatred, and once he was flushed that is EXACTLY, AND ALL THEY DID.

I am VERY surprised they let him go. Perhaps they figured the damage to race relations was adequately done.

FACT: If the Pfizer vax was mostly graphene, it would be JET BLACK.

In fact, if it had even one half of one percent graphene, it would be JET BLACK. It's a clear yellowish liquid in the vials, I am not even going to the graphene topic, it is PURE BULLSHIT.

HERE IS LIQUID GRAPHENE. ENOUGH OF THE B.S. ABOUT IT BEING IN THE SHOTS, my god whoever started this hoax was really praying for stupidity.

The hoax story goes like this: Graphene is magnetic, and is what is causing the magnets to stick. That's a load of crap. Graphene is PARAMAGNETIC and does not exert enough of that effect to show up in a practical sense at all. Someone is laughing their butts off at the people that are passing the graphene shot hoax along because you can look right at the vials and see they are not black, and/or have no black sediment in them. Any photos of liquid graphene that might be transparent ALWAYS has the graphene settled out in the bottom of the vial, to be shaken when used.

Someone wants the legit magnet stick vids fully discredited, so they are launching hoaxes like graphene in the shots and then falsely claiming graphene is highly magnetic when it is exactly the opposite, and weakly the opposite! Someone is throwing a hail mary into the path of ignorance and hoping for someone to trip.

To add insult to injury, whoever fronted the "magnetic graphene" hoax probably relied on this report or similar which clearly states that though graphene CAN be made to become magnetic, it can only be caused to at extremely high pressures. You know, like what is in a vaccine vial? NOT. And high blood pressure won't cut it either!!! I do not care if the words "scientist" and "electron microscope" were used, or where it was published, the story is patent CRAP.

One point they make in the story: The shot was 99 percent graphene. Graphene is a solid. Even in powder form it is a solid. That will NOT pass through a needle. If it ever takes a "liquid form" it has to be suspended in a liquid, and any real scientist would have known not to count the liquid as graphene even if they called it "liquid graphene", which is not possible. To be "liquid" it has to be suspended, and the suspension medium is an ingredient that will prevent the shot from ever being 99 percent graphene. That is another way to know the story is PURE CRAP.

I have warned my readers constantly to not fall for hoaxes with regard to this vax, those who want the magnetism discoveries discredited are working overtime to front the most salient bullshit imaginable.

I am very surprised this did not get deleted overnight and trigger a ban for the Babylon Bee.

Well worth a watch, it SAYS IT ALL. A while ago I posted an opinion sorta like this . . . .

More on the building collapse -

Right now we are seeing 1000 explanations for what went on, from flooded parking garage to the cell tower on the roof. And I heard rumor that one of the survivors heard 3 blasts, with the first one being "like a thunderclap but 100 times louder". I am now leaning towards "Perhaps McAffe's dead man switch was in that condo, and they are not rescuing anyone until they find those hard drives". IMPORTANT: This is sheer speculation but it sure fits. It would explain everything.

So now they are saying the parking garage flooded so much cars would float. I call 100 percent pure unadulterated BULLSHIT, there's no way people who own million dollar condos would EVER, EVER, in a million years accept that. That's a bold faced lie. A lie told because obviously, anything but the real story is better than the real story. If the concrete spalling ever got even 10 percent as bad as it needed to be to trigger a collapse, it would look so horrific that absolutely no one would tolerate it. I flat out do not believe it.

What I DO believe: A bunch of rag tag arabs with box cutters hijacked planes . . . . . oh wait, that story is BULLSHIT too!

If it was not Jenga, it was explosives. And I was not pushing that, or even considering that which means I am, even now, being fully subjective and analytical when I now say that explosives probably really are the best explanation, and there is something in that rubble worth killing everyone over, even the Jews. Somehow they had it down to where the sound conduction through the supports was louder than what was heard out on the street or in the portion that did not fall. That would be easy to bury if you posted lookouts to make sure no pedestrians would be possible witnesses, and as long as it was not too loud outside the parking garage, the people sleeping in surrounding buildings might not figure it out. Close the parking garage doors to block a majority of the sound and get'er done.

How likely do I think it was explosives? I'd say over 50 percent probable just from the post-collapse handling of the situation. And if they suddenly "clear it like heroes now" there should be no forgiveness, they are past the expiration date, everyone has died of thirst by now which would mean mission accomplished. Why wait anymore?

Found on Infowars and good for a belly laugh:

THAT is a bird brain if I ever saw one.

180,000 pounds of lithium batteries on fire at recycling facility

Social media is all there is for now, except for this one MSM post

Update: This story is taking off now, and people are talking about how the firefighters should just walk away, like they do for BLM rallies.

I imagine that would beat a tire fire. That would be a big financial loss to boot.

Can't fix stupid: Guy gets run over by his own squatted truck while filming a tiktok video

He was walking along side of it with it in drive and moving, got too close, and got sucked under the rear tire. If anyone can get ahold of whistlindiesel on Youtube, he really needs to see this (he bought a squatted truck just to destroy it and ended up feeding it into a chipper).

Many reports of people who are "out of it"

Many reports of birds dying from neurological issues also

I'll get the birds out of the way quickly: What if the species barrier got broken and the spike protein in the vax made the jump to birds and is absolutely lethal to them? You can bet Darpa and Gates never plugged that equation into their math-tabulators.

Many kids are now saying their vaxxed parents are out of it. This is starting to go around the web and I do not know where it got started. but the rumor is that the parents have changed so much they are not the same anymore, they are distant from everyone including their kids, plus fatigued with no energy. I'd say that is plausible.

The rumors are spreading to the office, where the vaxxed also seem to be out of it and the vaxxed bosses are more like robots now that are only maintaining the status quo rather than actually being bosses.

I do not accept the official numbers with regard to how many are vaxxed now, however, even with back channel type info it appears the number is at least above 35 percent and could be as high as 50 percent with well over half of whites vaxxed. Actually, it is not a vaccine but anyone with a brain ought to know that by now.

Surprisingly it seems like the black community is the one not stupid enough to go for the shot, the "social experts" are all saying the blacks are not adequately injected (below 15 percent) because of WHITE PRIVILEGE but I'll hedge my bets that they were simply the least programmed and could therefore see the obvious before the majority got wiped out. That goes for the Latinos too, who are remarkably less shot up than the white crowd. "education" gets you nowhere (I guess) when it has devolved down to paying to become a programmed idiot. Some "privilege" that is.

New excuse for condo collapse: LEAKING POOL DECK.

They could not push it off on a sink hole, so now they are blaming the pool!!!

FACT: If a leaking pool deck could cause condos to collapse, they'd all be down by now. AND: The pool was over 100 feet away from the building. Someone is seeking excuses. That means either someone knows they are responsible (perhaps a contractor that removed too many walls) OR this was a hit job and they are trying to bury it. Take your pick, I am very suspicious of the paltry rescue efforts, (probably not even paltry) I don't think they live up to the standard of "paltry".

Just watch. Right when they know the correct people are dead, the debris will suddenly be cleared in short time. JUST WATCH.

NOT A HOAX: Trans crowned "Miss Nevada" and will compete for Miss USA

Well, they got the face to be somewhat convincing, but the body? That's a man baby!!! A slender man, but still a man.

Best comment: "We used to go to carnivals to see the freaks". Not anymore!!!

Sister tower showing signs of collapse?

Too many people playing jenga.

All the mods to the units have to be reviewed.

The tower that collapsed started with 199 units and was down to 135 or so. How many walls gone? Buildings of this sort can be bombed to oblivion in wars before they collapse like that. Jenga is in effect the exact same thing.

It is all fairly simple, with one thing to consider: The complete lack of concern for rescuing anyone. That makes it all look like a hit job.

How to prevent vax posts from being immediately found and deleted by AI


The lock downs are to prevent people from meeting to "prevent the spread of false information". Right click to save the video.

The video makes it clear via the meta talk: The lockdowns are more for preventing people from talking than anything else. If that is an objective of the lockdowns when everyone has internet, how bad is the internet censored??? Clearly, if the spread of information is a key issue, Covid is about Soviet style communism and little else, right here, in this video they admitted Covid was a pretext for shutting people up. Who's tool is it then?

Who made this entire scenario? what is it for, now that it is proven spreading info is more important to stop with the lockdowns than the spread of a disease?

This was the ULTIMATE FIVE STAR BLOOPER. This guy just blew the entire lockdown plan for Covid: TO SHUT PEOPLE UP, even if it means using lockdowns to prevent people from talking by meeting in groups. He actually said that!! What a bumbling fool!!!

FOUR DAYS (4) FOUR DAYS after the condo collapse, the rescuers are SO AFRAID of lawsuits only 9 bodies out of a total of 160 are out of the rubble

Are they REALLY afraid of lawsuits, or is it something else? This is starting to look like a hit job. At this rate the "rescue" will take 71 days, a timeline only made possible by wanting EVERYONE DEAD. This is taking so long it really looks like this was a hit, EVERYTHING, and I mean EVERYTHING should have been cleared away two days ago if there was any objective at all of saving people, and it could have been done with the right cranes, there are plenty of mobile cranes up to the task, probably at least 50 within a 20 mile radius. Even 3 of those would have cleared this mess by now.

There's no excuse for this, clearly the order was given to kill everyone there by leaving them stuck in the rubble. Who was there? I am starting to wonder!!!

The extremely sluggish response clearly means killing everyone is an objective, and it really seems like it is possible that somehow supports were compromised down in the parking garage late late at night, . . . . . carefully, quietly got the job done . . . . .

We know you're dead, we can pull you out now!!!

LET ME GUESS: How about: The person they want dead somehow has a working cell phone (some of the Huawei phones can go a month with internet switched off) and that person is chatting and they are waiting for that person to die. That's what it seems like at this point. They know the person they want dead is alive and they are waiting for starvation and thirst to kill that person off. If it is something like that, obviously the NSA would be tracking it and not giving the go-ahead.

If it REALLY IS THAT BAD, the Army should be in there doing rescues. WHY NOT??? TWO WORDS:


Here's an interesting comment by Alan Dershowitz on Giuliani's disbarring:

"I taught legal ethics for, I don’t know, 35 years at Harvard Law school. I think of myself as a leading expert on legal ethics. I’ve never ever seen a case where a lawyer was essentially disbarred ... without a hearing," Dershowitz outlined. "I mean, the most basic concept of due process is you don't deprive somebody of his living, of his freedom, of his ability to work without a hearing. And then the criteria under which they suspended his law license is so vague. It says in the course of representing a client, a lawyer shall not knowingly make a false statement of fact or law to a third person. In other words, if he goes on your show, or he goes on my podcast, or he goes on Fox or anywhere else, and he makes a statement which turns out to be false, and he had reason to believe it was false, he could be disbarred. Do you know how many lawyers we'd have left if we applied that standard across the board? ... We have case after case after case where prosecutors, defense attorneys, lawyers of every kind, have made statements... which turn out to be untrue, and they're never disbarred. And certainly not without a hearing. And so, this is a first. ... The atmosphere is such today that if you defended President Trump in any way, they're out to get you. And they're certainly out to get Rudy Giuliani."

My comment: I did not know they disbarred Giuliani that way. So the entire disbarring is either hoax theater or a new precedent has been set, which is the 100 percent full on police state zero justice precedent. That's possible, we need to watch for this happening now.

Want a snack? You're going to have to work awful hard (impossibly hard) to eat it

This magnetic device is attached to two molars and makes it extremely difficult to binge eat. If you want to binge eat, you are going to have to constantly cope with your jaws snapping shut AND it is going to take an awful lot of strength to pull the magnets apart to begin with. Most likely magnets were used to prevent the teeth from being ripped out if there was some sort of accident.

This was tried on 7 obese women in Australia. It only allows your jaws to open 2 millimeters, supposedly only enough to allow liquids to pass.

It would obviously still be possible to cheat by not sticking to the liquids, but it apparently did work to enforce behavioral changes in diet. The women they tried these on were not the fattest possible, averaging 274 pounds and they on average lost about 14 pounds over 2 weeks. That's a pound a day!!!

Usually I don't report this type of thing, but take a look at what the snowflakes said about this: "It's a medeival torture device!!! "This seems highly unethical"!! and obviously it is not either of those if someone actually wanted to try it.

As I predicted, yet again today (the 27th) NO ONE is moving rubble

They stirred it up enough to get a few more bodies out and that was that. In the old school America, that rubble would have been gone in a day and a half and whoever made it made it. They are instead letting everyone die to avoid liability.

The people buried reaped what they sowed. The people who are trapped were the ones that pushed this society away from where their rescue would have been assumed if possible. I do not have sympathy.

Tour De France wipe out

What looks like a leftist got totally stupid for a selfie and caused a 100 bike pileup. Whoever did this ran. You get a REALLY GOOD look at this about 2/3 the way into the video at the 45 second mark There is no question about how this happened.

Jewish community calling out for help to rescue Jews trapped in the rubble

I CALLED THAT RIGHT. What did I say? And STILL no one is admitting this happened because idiots were playing Jenga with their rennovations.

There were inspections that did show deterioration, but NONE of them indicated anything like this could possibly happen. That's because they did not go around knocking on doors! The fact the inspection cited maintenance ONLY needed, and not major repairs or any need at all for evacuations has spawned lots of controlled demolition theories. I doubt that scenario.

As a side note: As of about 3PM on Saturday, cleanup crews, with cranes ready, were just sitting there waiting to get the go-ahead for picking up large pieces. IN THE OLD SCHOOL AMERICA, Bubba would have taken his 1976 Ford F350 Truck and started ripping the debris away with the winch. He'd have lowered the death toll by 30 and not been sued!

The following image of weather mod in action was taken from the space station in February of 2019

This then got buried for the most part. I do not think this image was supposed to get out. The cover up reports were all stating "Gosh, there's so much about our weather we do not know, and this proves it" However, clouds do not form at that altitude naturally, let alone with a perfectly symmetrical ring shape. There's nothing about our weather we do not know until high level governments switch things on. This type of lightning bolt is exactly what I said would happen if they pushed the system too hard in my Haarp report, where I stated "It is very important to make sure you do not exceed certain limits, or "clip" the atmosphere, or you will cause a lightning bolt of a sort not ever witnessed". And even the shill reports stated that type of bolt is exactly what this was.

Yesterday there was a rumor that London was going into lockdown in two weeks. I predicted it would go global but called it rumor and today (low and behold) . . . . .


High Rise collapse excuse con job incoming:

UPDATE: I am just going to cut to the chase, because I am sick of all the idiotic cattle trails with regard to the building collapse.

1. A Navy ship caused it.
2. A sinkhole caused it.
3. A roofing crew caused it.
4. It had been rusting for years and that caused it.
5. It was built with beach sand that was not washed right, and that caused it.
6. McCaffe's hard drives were there, so they blew it up.
7. An energy beam caused it.
8. It was a controlled demolition
9. A hurricane weakened it.
10. The Mafia built it and cheated.

And what is not going around is the fact that it had about 20 fewer condos in it than when it was built. WHERE DID THEY GO? into BIGGER CONDOS, SUBTRACTED WALLS, and some moron pulled the last jenga piece.

My story is NOT going to be different, but I will say the aftermath is being handled horribly, are there really Jews in that rubble? My guess is it is being handled horribly because NO rescue worker wants to get sued and they cannot be sued if they sit on their butts. They are not lifting slabs and moving rubble because of threat of lawsuits. Who wants to be a hero when every buried survivor that might be alive is a chance to get sued? Oh, you pulled that slab up wrong and crushed my legs!!! I am gonna SUE!!!. There's no predictability at all in a pile of rubble.

The people buried in that pile of rubble belong to the group that turned America into the most letigious society ON EARTH, and now they are reaping what they sowed.

The final outcome of the investigation will go as such: Whatever story works to reduce liability for "Important person A" and push it off on some poor sucker.

Original post follows

Supposedly a model was looking outside while on the phone while talking to hubby, saw a sinkhole form which sucked the pool in and the whole place then collapsed. BIG PROBLEM WITH THAT LIE:

1. The pool is still there. And 2. The entire underground for that property is parking garage, so if a sink hole did form, it would not have been visible from the condos. Parking garage is STILL THERE, part with debris and part with cars.

Let me guess: Someone with a lot of cash knocked the wrong wall out to "increase value" and did not want to take the blame. The sink hole story is pure unadulterated BUNK.

More plausible is that the roof was being worked on and someone put too much weight somewhere. That I'd buy, (possibly) but the sink hole is OUT.


Crews were working on the building at night. Actually, NO. But they are going to spew 900 things to get the blame away from whoever is actually responsible. Apparently according to this rumor, crews were working on the roof during the collapse. However, there is CCTV footage from surrounding buildings that show the collapse, and there was nothing going on. The place was dark.

Maybe not a con job: Intentionally triggered collapse.

But I doubt that. Lots of people are asking how it fell into it's own footprint. I'd say, GOOD QUESTION. I don't know how likely it would be to happen that way without help. But if enough people knocked out walls, as the original rumor went, that could indeed happen. No reports of explosions, it just fell. How would they hide the explosions?

RUMOR: They are going to lock down London again within two weeks.

I don't know what to make of that rumor, but I'll start another one that is 100 percent IRON CLAD guaranteed to happen: They are going to lock down Britain. Why did I just repeat the previous rumor? Well, because the vax is going to start killing people and they are going to blame variant #3. This will domino to who knows how many other countries, BANK ON IT.

I suggest everyone go have fun while they can, go to the ocean, whatever you can do without getting jabbed because if you do not, you'll be wishing you had.

I was taken aback by the timeline the rumor for Britain has however, I did not think they'd do it so soon. But it's on the way, you can count on that.

Building collapse update:

150+missing, 4 dead,and a claim that it had been "sinking for decades". That is probably not a legit claim. You cannot have "sinking for decades" with near 100 percent Jewish occupancy and a per-condo ticket price of $1,000,000. I don't doubt the death toll is going to be high, but it was caused by people knocking out walls that should not have been removed. Any sinking leading to collapse over decades would have left obvious cracks in everything long before there was any collapse. Someone in a key area knocked out a key support column "to increase value" leading to rapid failure. That's the only story that works, and they'll never admit it because they are PERFECT and it will be harder to sue someone. What are they going to go after? A rich individual, or a whole contracting company?

I never heard this one before: Baphomet is the original trans

That would fit though, since Baphoment represents Satan, the corruptor of everything. Have you noticed how when perfectly normal people decide they are gay, they suddenly sound gay? Their voice changes? How is that possible? Posession?

I'd say YES to that.

But I never heard of Baphomet as the original trans. Baphomet was not drawn like this originally:

Israeli critical race pusher stabbed to death by a black man in Chicago.

Justice served. If you can't take the hate, don't push it. Got bit by her own weapon. Obviously the linked source did not see that, but that is exactly what this was, it is HER GROUP using this as a weapon and she knew it. Could not have ended better.

Pro tip: When running psy ops to destroy nations, stay totally clear of the repercussions you cause!!!

Claudia and I will be going into full protection mode

To protect ourselves from the vaxxed.

I have now designed a fully protective face shield that uses forced air. The difficult part was getting it to be practical. And it is. It looks like a regular baseball cap combined with face shield, but up in the cap there is a 2 inch squirrel cage blower that's a half inch thick that draws air through a two stage filter (first stage paper, second stage glycerine or oil soaked filter paper that is dry enough to let air pass, and on the output of the fan there are magnets to draw any of the magnetic spike proteins or skin cells or whatever to them. It then vents on left and right sides of the face shield to create an air curtain. It runs on 4 AAA NIMH batteries with a five hour per charge duration. IT LOOKS TOTALLY NORMAL AND IS TOTALLY QUIET. You just look like you are wearing a "cool" face shield, not like a fruitcake. So that's what we will be using, along with gloves.

In addition to that, no mercados without a real suit, no fairs, no high concentrations of people but we will not actually quarantine. We will just do things where there are not tons of people.

Will stay down?

When this site got taken down direct IP saved it, and the takedown attempt lasted 3 days because they had to give up with direct IP keeping it about 60 percent alive. I lost a server and that was all. Will they do the same thing with Iran, when still works? Takedowns only work if the target is killed. If they are going to give up, we are going to know soon.

LET ME DEMONSTRATE INCOMPETENCE: THIS IS DOWN. And THIS IS NOT DOWN. How stupid were the people who planned this anyway??? PRO TIP: If you cannot take ALL OF IT DOWN because your actions were illegal and lacked enough support, DO NOT TAKE ANY OF IT DOWN.

As a side note, right on the front page they have their new president getting a custom corona vax. I really don't know how that's going to work for a probable fake entity, but I will say this -

In Mexico, Obrador made sure Pfizer and Moderna and others were not mandatory shots, and when any pressure at all was done (for teachers, etc) he used cansino. Claudia said no to that also but has at least been allowed to complete the school year via "paper blunders" that delayed her ultimate final date.

This is a LOT MORE than just "MAGA", look at some of the crap listed here.

They have every great thing the white race has ever done to get along with other races here listed as "supremacy". This is "backed into a corner" self canceling BULLSHIT, a clear and obvious attempt to do nothing but destroy. When even "pull them up by their bootstraps" is listed, it cannot be denied that this is purely an attack that teaches NOTHING but hatred.

Lingerie vendor not hiring female models anymore

Victoria's "secret" is that "she" has a p*nis!!!

Vaccine police in California????

If this is true people need to be warned.

If you see a different video of a woman who is now "scannable" where the vax is, they are fronting a hoax, she has a chip for a pet in her rolled up sleeve and that's a pet scanner. They know they are lying, and the woman looks like an evil POS. She is.

Once again, "they" are doing all they can to discredit anyone who comes up with credible info on how bad the vax is, and hoaxes are going to be part and parcel of this. Do not believe everything you see. On that note - Rense did something TOTALLY LEGIT, here it is:

Rense went around with a magnet and tested foods

Yes, the meat is magnetic now.

I have already done this and had no luck in Mexico. Rense tested various foods with no luck and then went to the meat department, where he did the test correctly, and the magnet DID STICK to a LOT of the meat. He did the test EXACTLY as I said it should be done (he probably reads this site) and with it being done correctly (totally vertical meat, with perfectly dry plastic wrap that is slippery to a magnet) the magnets stuck. There's no way out of this, the meats ARE, WITHOUT QUESTION, CONTAMINATED.

I will continue to do these tests in Mexico. If they don't stick here and they continue to stick in the U.S., it will continue to prove meats are not naturally magnetic and the American meat is sabotaged. I certainly hope this does not start happening here.

No, I would NOT EAT THAT MEAT. People need to start magnet testing ALL THE MEAT. Even the hamburger is not safe.

I am glad Rense did this, it was definitely done correctly and completely proves there's ONE HELL OF A PROBLEM.


People need to be VERY CAREFUL of hoaxes, which are now intentionally being done. HERE IS HOW: Yesterday Claudia did the magnet test on her face and upper chest. The "magnets stuck". I have continuously warned people to not trust magnet stick vids that use the face or chest/breast region because there are too many contours on the face and chest and there are slopes, not verticals, which will cause this very sweaty region to hold onto anything small.

At first it was convincing to me with Claudia but it did not seem rational, so I got a piece of paper and once that was put between Claudia and the magnets, nothing stuck at all and it was perfectly clear there was no magnetism. I then grabbed plastic items and they stuck too. So people need to be VERY CAREFUL with the hoaxes.

The magnet stick vids are real, but cannot be done on the facial region or collar bone or chest area which is almost always sticky on most people.

There's lots of totally legit vids of the magnets sticking to completely dry and vertical arms, plus cell phones obviously sticking, AND NOW: Plus strong magnets producing observable effects on the skin, and clearly show the skin pulling out towards the magnets.

What is going to happen is the only things the people who are working hard to destroy everyone with this shot will show will be videos that can be easily debunked as sweat, slope and stickiness. The only thing that will get published officially will be lies. The people denying the magnets stick (in the MSM) know full well they are lying and are making the lies as perfect as possible. Don't give them help by posting videos that are debunkable.

A few quick items

Aside from the collapse, nothing surprising is in the news. Here goes:

British MP says "important people" should not need to obey quarantine rules. This is not surprising, it is how corruption functions.

BIDEN: YOU DO NOT NEED THE SECOND AMENDMENT BECAUSE THE GOVERNMENT HAS NUCLEAR WEAPONS AND WILL KICK YOUR BUTTS ANYWAY. Seriously. Biden said that. His reason to get rid of the second amendment is because the people can't act against this particular goverment with only guns. THAT IS SPECIFICALLY WHY THE 2A SAYS "SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED. The 2a actually says people can have nukes or whatever else it takes to keep the goverment in line, and the problem is that the 2A NEVER said small arms, it said "SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED." That means anything the government has. But it did not work out that way, did it?

Biden's statment on this issue may have been totally against policy, and proves he's not fit to be president, but it was at least honest. If you DARE rebel, we'll just nuke you and get it over with. Sad day for the country indeed.

A foot brige collapsed in Washington DC.

It was poorly maintained, scheduled for removal, and then a semi hit it.

Fox News claims Biden's approval is at 56% I'll tell you how that happened: They asked a question like: Biden LOVES Ba-b-q'ed chicken. DO YOU? YEAY, 56 percent of the people approve of Biden!!!

Seriously. That's how they get their hoaxes. Biden's actual support is in the 20 percent range, if not lower. All this means is that FOX needs to be bulldozed.

Giuliani's law license suspended

For lying in court they say. But the detail they will not provide is that his "lies" came in the form of saying whatever it took to bury Trump while making it all look good. But since the illusion of helping trump was firmly planted, they ditched him. No one said that, but that's the story, BANK ON IT because if anyone believes a key player in the burial of what happened on 911 actually stood up for the country they are LOST.

NEVER FORGET: Giuliani STILL SAYS it was Arabs and will NEVER mention Silverstein's "pull it", mention Odigo, or say anything at all about the 5 dancing Israelis. I don't know why people fell for Giuliani's hoax as the "good guy", I never did, and always remained skeptical. Pulling Giuliani's license is all optics, he's old anyway, he is probably feigning injury while going into retirement.

A large building has collapsed in a Jewish district of Miami

UPDATE: MOST LIKELY WHAT HAPPENED - too many occupants were knocking out walls to get wide open spaces to "increase the value of the units" and someone near the 8th floor knocked out a critical support that caused the collapse.

Obviously since they were all Jewish the MSM is not going to touch that topic, but that's what happened. and then they started soaking sympathy, saying "this is what hamas rocket attacks look like". YEAH RIGHT.

It had 200 apartments (or condos) in the $1,000,000 price range. And these idiots are all over the forums saying "Oh, it's just like rocket attacks in Israel!!!! I KID YOU NOT, and I am telling them to stop spamming.

Here's a "Hamas rocket attack" in a nutshell: 4 D motors or larger in a paper tube to push it real good up to about 1000 - 3000 feet elevation and perhaps a mile or two over. Model rocket motors cannot deliver explosives. And the rockets do not explode. Which means Israel is bringing rockets in, probably in the armored bulldozers, and supplying Israeli sleeper cells with stage props that look great on TV.

Yes, they can STOP SPAMMING.

The ENTIRE MSM is reporting a "suicide". Probably not though . . . .

Priceless. I found the following at Dailyexpose' - health insurance really will not cover you if you have problems after the covid shot.

THIS SAYS IT ALL. If that shot is actually benign, this chat with an insurance provider would not have gone like this. This has been rumored true, denied, re-rumored, denied (by MSM) and now, YEP, IT IS TRUE. Just like the magnet stick vids the MSM keeps denying.

McAfee is dead

Right after he was ordered to be extradited to the United States, he was found dead in his prison cell.

It was widely rumored McAfee was the one that got the drone footage of Epstein's island. The tax evasion charges were a bogus reason to jail him for that without admitting it. Now he is conveniently gone before he could defend himself and say it like it was.

I am convinced that I probably figured out how the vaxxed are contaminating those not vaxxed

We all know by now that magnets are sticking to the vaxxed. That means the magneto particles are in the skin. They are probably elsewhere also but at least we know for sure they are in the skin. Most of the dust in houses consists of skin cells that have fallen off as dust. If you live or work around someone who is vaxxed, you then breathe in that dust, and BAM-O, you got the magneto protein in you. That "spike protein" then starts replicating in you like a prion and suddenly you become magnetic too.


Solution: All face masks should have some type of magnet incorporated in them to capture the skin cells that would obviously be magnetic.


"not a single person doing these magnet tests now have ever spent time checking a magnet to different parts of their body prior to this year. So we don't really know if this is a phenomenon that has existed for a long time and has a completely different explanation, or is caused by the vax/5G/nano bots/spike protein shedding/etc."

REALITY: ALL of the iron in the human body gets converted to a form that absolutely will not attract a magnet. MRI's look for hydrogen atoms. Magnetic iron would make doing MRI's a whole lot easier, with very small magnetic fields.

Once iron is monatomic it is not magnetic anymore, and that is how the body uses it. Therefore, MRI's image with the reactions from hydrogen atoms.

People become magnetic after the vax because their DNA gets modified into something that takes the monatomic iron and assembles it into large pieces. If a magnet sticks, you are effed and it really is a good measure for who has genes that are still pure. At least with this shot. It might not be so easy to figure out who is wrecked after future shots. We got lucky this time.


Take a look at this six minute video where a guy Goes in for a corona shot with a hidden camera and then slays the health care workers with their ignorance

They did not even know the shot was an MRNA shot!!! How stupid are these people???

Israel tried to stuxnet Bushehr

At least someone did. That leaves guess who? I suspected this day one when they had to scram the reactor and shut it all down a few days ago but today it was confirmed. And if it was possible to both know about the attack AND shut it down, someone took my advice!!

In addition to the text, look at the old school guages and the computer screen. It says it ALL. That is exactly what Stuxnet does.


What do the Iranian media seizures mean? Easy answer: Iran is about to be blown away.

The various world governments that are about to cooperate with Israel's new conehead in the destruction of Iran can only shut down what they have on their turf, but they cannot shut down the servers that are completely contained in Iran under the .ir extension. That won't matter, because those servers are likely to be bombed out of existence soon.

If your are going to destroy a country, you cannot have them screaming to the world about it via outlets they have elsewhere. So you FIRST have to shut those down, and THEN the bombing starts, starting with whatever abilities the country has to inform the world via their own home based resources.

There is definitely a plan afoot to blow Iran to smithereens in the IMMEDIATE FUTURE, and someone wants full control over the narrative. That is what all of this means.


Iran may only be the tip of the iceberg, the big shut down may now be underway.

UPDATE TO BELOW: The U.S. government may start seizing other alt media sites, including this one. If you do not have the IP address saved, do it now and remember there's another server for this site at

Update: about an hour and a half after the seizure, noticed and is informing people of where the site is available elsewhere. UPDATE: and .TV are now down. Also, Tasnimnews is a .com and is not seized yet, IRNA knows of the PressTV seizure now and is notifying people in Arabic and Farsi but not English yet and FARS is still unaware. PressTV is stating the Iranian television channels have also had their sites seized(confirmed, the Iranian MSM is not on the web anymore), so this is not over yet.

THIS PROBABLY MEANS WAR ON IRAN IS IMMINENT. Israel will not want Iranians to be able to tell the outside world what is going on.



And therefore, PressTV has been seized.

If there ever was proof Israel was about to torch Iran, that would be it.

Hats off to the conehead. (no not really). This just proves I was 100 percent right about THIS CREEPY BASTARD.

BUT WAIT, THERE IS MORE!!! is hosted at: Department Of IT-IRIB- P.O Box 19395-3333 Jaame Jam.St-Valiasr Ave-Tehran-Iran, tehran, tehran, IR. THIS DID NOT GET SEIZED BECAUSE IT IS OUT OF U.S. JURISDICTION.

BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE: The server the United States seized is in New Zealand! does not even know the .com server is seized yet, there is nothing there about it, and this could be for two reasons. 1. The seizure is too current for them to react, (I react like lightning, but they would have beurocracy in the way, getting approval for the statement) or 2. Because it would be possible for the United States to spoof any accessing from Iran to make it look like all is normal, and they have not figured it out yet.

It looks like Iran probably learned a huge lesson about where to host stuff from this!

And oh, they are about to get nuked.

I did not really remove the microscope post, I put it down here where no one would see it.

DO NOT sabotage the microscope

I ordered THIS microscope for the web site, and "they" figured it out.

It is common practice for the Jews to intercept shipments of this sort and destroy them when they are going to the opposition. I know all about microscopes and will confirm if it is usable or not within two minutes of it being delivered and will do so in front of a $1000 camera that is already set up waiting for it to arrive, and will do so before the delivery guy even leaves.

Make me look like a fool for posting this please, because if it does not arrive in 100 percent working order it will make an awesome report about how items get intercepted by Jews who work in shipping with intecepting and tampering with things being their actual job, and sabotage which is made possible by the tracking data. You won't get away with it.

I ordered this microscope to make it possible to independently confirm pathogens and vaccine damage. This micrsocope will easily resolve large viruses such as ebola. Coronaviruses are out of reach.

If this arrives damaged, I will: 1. Get a great fully documented report out of it, 2. Return it for a full refund, and 3. Buy the exact same one from a laboratory supply company that is right here in town, for a higher price. If that's what it takes, I will definitely do it.

You won't get away with destroying the primary lenses with sand paper, you won't get away with dropping epoxy on the prism, you won't get away with wrecking the mechanical stage, the fine adjuster or damaging it in any way. I can check for ALL THAT in 45 seconds.

Like it or not I am not an idiot with a microscope, no matter what anyone who thinks they'll screw me and have me wondering might believe. I have significant experience with microscopes in this category which ought to be proven just by what I bought. I said I would do this if the donations were sufficient, and followed through on that the nanosecond it was possible.

The performance of this microscope is as such if not damaged: On the lowest power setting it will show (visibly) thousands of crystal clear red blood cells at once, all about the size of a dime in a 48 megapixel frame viewed at full size. At the highest power, red blood cells will be possible to image "larger than a basketball" with completely crisp focus on a 4k screen. This microscope will provide fantastic imaging all the way to about 350 nanometers with the stock light source. It will show an ebola virus (not pretty but good enough to identify) without modification.

If that's not what shows up, it will be published, the microscope returned and bought local. I went through ALL the samples posted by real doctors, this microscope totally kicks *ss. This microscope is far above the one someone used to show damage to red blood cells after the vax.

One thing I keep skipping -

MANY MANY sources are running scams about the coronavirus now, to convince people it is all real for the third wave, and even much of alt media has fallen for it.


"Unearthed video of Peter Daszak Describing ‘Chinese Colleagues’ Developing ‘Killer’ Coronaviruses"

"Google & Usaid Funded Wuhan Collaborator Peter Daszak's Virus Experiments For Over a Decade"

South America Now Covid Hot Spot, 8X Global Death Rate -

There is only one positive I can pick up in the back chatter and that is that Bill Gates has not been seen a whole lot lately. Some people are speculating he's only hiding assets during the divorce, while others are speculating he's on the run because the corona scam failed / or he was busted for creating it / or he's (fill in the blank). Take your pick, but there's still a lot of higher ups pushing the con job so I would not place bets on the demise of Gates.

I will say this however - if the rumors about Melinda flipping on Bill and walking out over "his virus" and divorcing him over it and coming clean are true, she's not in questioning, she's being prepped for "suicide."

There are going to be MANY MANY headlines written in a way that confirms the coronavirus is real. HOWEVER: This virus has never been found, even in an electron microscope. It has never been isolated. It is not even proven real. There is ONE THING proven real: The spike protein.

There is a GMO SPIKE PROTEIN going around that replicates like a prion and is in the shots. The shots tell your body to make it. Do not be conned into getting the shot. And subsequently, you have to protect yourself from the vaxxed to avoid having that get into you. Contageous mad cow disease of sorts.

They are obviously pumping up a con job to scare as many people as possible into getting the shot. And when you, in the near future, realize many people are dead, you'll be glad you never got it, RIGHT???

Oh, I kept skipping this because after reading it, it is like sitting in on elementary math. My readers cannot possibly be "out of it" so far that this was of value, can they??? Maybe I'll delete this post, or at least try to bury it down the page a ways . . . .

I'll say this much: Claudia and I are quarantining over the vaxxed, when we never bothered with the "virus". We took a few precautions over the virus, but did not make significant lifestyle choices. To avoid the vaxxed we have.

Trump does NOT have a chance for 2024

There's lots going around on this (STILL.) I am just going to cut to the chase:

The system is subverted. The supreme court is enforcing the subversion. Trump will not become president even if every single state including California suddenly jumps up and admits the fraud openly (Trump won California by an enormous margin) and no one even dares to mention that.


He's also not getting in unless he's compromised and in the closet like Barrett and Kavanaugh. It could happen if he is like Kavanaugh, a snake hiding in the garden. If DeSantis gets in, with or without Trump, it only means he's yet another one man sleeper cell like Kavanaugh.

Here is what is probably going to happen:

They are going to dissolve all national fabric with the corona scam, and by the time the election comes around everyone will be so devastated by the shots and shedders and the dead that they won't care enough about the election to stop the final, ultimate slamming of the United States into tyranny. Heck, maybe the hedge funds are buying up lots of houses just to conceal how many people are actually gone. What if you suddenly dropped 500,000 houses on the market because the vaxxed are dead? That would make it all too obvious.

Anyway, don't even bother with Trump anymore, if he got flushed when he in reality got at least 75 percent of the vote, and the criminals are now writing the rules without any restrictions, you can kiss it away. He might as well be a rotting carp on the beach. If Americans will not stand up and say hell no, (and they will not, that's proven by now) just kiss it away. The criminals will simply wipe everyone they don't want out with poison shots and have their world their way. That is what people should be aware of and planning for.

Remote controlled Germanwings Airbus A320 crash? All evidence points to this.

California drought: DAMS DRAINED ON PURPOSE