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Cornerstone report:
Fukushima SABOTAGE!

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Well, the IDF now says no survivors will be found. Because if they are found they won't make it out alive I guess.

Israel in charge of this is all you need to know at this point.


A con job Miami Herald report + Google censorship + hoaxers saying it was the pool that did it + the IDF doing the "rescue" + a few other reality based tidbits gave me all the clues I needed to conclude:

The Mossad detonated the place and the MSM, GOOGLE and 5,000 online trolls are running cover. Think I am full of it? THEN TAKE A LOOK AT THIS!!!:: BUSTED.

Take a careful look at this and not just a glance. Take your time. Read all of it, including the small print and look closely. It will be worth it. You'll see I am absolutely right. - the building was definitely blown up and the only question is who did it. I can certainly make a not-so-wild guess.

Those election audits must not have been "fair" because they are trying to jail Trump before the results are released.

Somehow they dreamed up a bogus lawsuit and his Jewish "lawyer" played along by declaring guilt. Where there was none. We'll have to wait and see, this is the same "criminal" crap they were spewing when they tried to ditch him the first, second, and third time around.

They busted the woman who wiped out the Tour De France


Well, I guess the MSM is bumping it up a notch. Who owns and controls that MSM??? Not a question, actually.

The headline is a link.

(Jewish) Gene Simmons of the Rock Band Kiss: Don't come to our concerts if you are not vaxxed or believe in flat earth.

Well, I guess he can kiss off.

"We're looking to going back out on tour now that the world is getting out of the pandemic. By the way, vaccinate yourselves so you can come see us and fly on airlines. I dont care what you believe, you ain't getting into the shows if you're not safe. You're not going to risk somebody else's life because you think the Earth is flat. I don't care what you believe, I want everybody to be safe."

But if you're vaxxed, you are safe, RIGHT???? Idiot.

MY COMMENT: Remember, the freak who said that is an Israeli! How cool. NOT. He was the first guy I knew of that would eat a damn bat, is that not what some are claiming caused the problem??? HA HA, he wanted everyone to be safe so he bit the heads off bats!!!

I got a decent microscope for the web site, and it did arrive.

UPDATE: I took a careful hour and set it up right. It is now very good up to 2,000X and will probably make it to perfect. One thing that surprised me is that even at 2000X the image is reasonable without oil.

This microscope has a light source with precision optics, and if they are not set up right the top part of the microscope will not deliver good results. The bottom optics have adjustments that change how much depth lands in the optics above, you can set the light source to cause the upper optics to show you either the whole cell or a fine slice of the inside of the cell, plus how much contrast there is. It would definitely give a nice view of a magneto protein. It is a really nice microscope. We are all going to know (probably within a couple weeks) what are vax hoaxes and what are not. The big issue will be Claudia's availability, she's still finishing out the school year and I will need her to handle papers for people while I run the microscope.

With the adjustments so far, I have managed to get this microscope to show perfect flat focus from edge to edge with perfect light consistency at all magnification levels. I actually don't like binocular microscopes but there was nothing in this performance class that was not binocular (things change over the years) and I guess it does not matter anyway, the camera can be on one side and my eye on the other . . . . .

When it all washes out, if I am not happy with how any of it performs, it can all be switched out with upgrades but it looks like the optics that came with the microscope are quite good. That's one thing about this particular microscope - since it is a real lab scope it is exactly like an SLR camera that can take standardized lenses. I am not stuck with what it has, 2500X can be had, or it can take lenses from Nikon or anyone else if I decide to go there. It absolutely will get the job done.

My original post for the microscope follows.

Initial assessment: At least the lower powered magnifications work properly. I need a bit more tinker time to make sure the higher magnifications do as well. I am not 100 percent certain they do, but if they do not I ordered them as an upgrade for the previous microscope that was blocked and if they got sabotaged on this microscope I'll just put the other ones in because they arrived even though the (lesser) previously ordered microscope got blocked. Either way, I have this nailed.

Fully assessing the condition of this microscope, which should be new, will take a couple days. Everything was opened and I don't know if it was by customs or a saboteur. It is working well enough to ensure I have this nailed with parts ordered for the other microscope if anything bad was done.

This is what I got for the site, it is a big heavy lab scope that is beyond crystal clear (proven already) up to 400X. 2000X is yet to be proven.

This will be used for corona vax blood samples and appears to already be working well enough for that but I have not tested it with blood yet so I do not know for sure. MANY THANKS to everyone for sending enough donations for this to be in the budget.

From the initial look, it is absolutely fabulous and the stage is downright divine. I don't like the iris adjustment and think that might have been sabotaged because that HAS TO be right for there to be no chromatic abberations at the medium and higher magnifications, and there are chromatic abberations at 800X and up. But that could just be setup too, I only had about 15 minutes with this microscope so far and it is not set up well yet at all. The highest settings are oil immersion also or they'll abberate straight to perdition, and I did not do oil immersion yet.

Another thing is that it seems dark at the higher settings and once the iris is set to kill the abberations it is REALLY dark. I have to play with this a bit to determine if that's just the way it is or if it got sabotaged. I'll certainly fix that one way or another and HELL NO this will never be mailed anywhere or handed to anyone EVER if there is a problem. I can handle it myself from where it is now.

Bill Cosby released from prison

Everything was overturned.

Like I said at the time, Cosby was guilty of nothing and his takedown was merely part of the communist action of destroying all legacies in a target country.

I am actually surprised they let him go. Yes, all the women were lying, just like I said. It was a setup to get rid of him so he could not be presented as an icon of white acceptance of black people. They needed him gone so they could push race hatred, and once he was flushed that is EXACTLY, AND ALL THEY DID.

I am VERY surprised they let him go. Perhaps they figured the damage to race relations was adequately done.

FACT: If the Pfizer vax was mostly graphene, it would be JET BLACK.

In fact, if it had even one half of one percent graphene, it would be JET BLACK. It's a clear yellowish liquid in the vials, I am not even going to the graphene topic, it is PURE BULLSHIT.

HERE IS LIQUID GRAPHENE. ENOUGH OF THE B.S. ABOUT IT BEING IN THE SHOTS, my god whoever started this hoax was really praying for stupidity.

The hoax story goes like this: Graphene is magnetic, and is what is causing the magnets to stick. That's a load of crap. Graphene is PARAMAGNETIC and does not exert enough of that effect to show up in a practical sense at all. Someone is laughing their butts off at the people that are passing the graphene shot hoax along because you can look right at the vials and see they are not black, and/or have no black sediment in them. Any photos of liquid graphene that might be transparent ALWAYS has the graphene settled out in the bottom of the vial, to be shaken when used.

Someone wants the legit magnet stick vids fully discredited, so they are launching hoaxes like graphene in the shots and then falsely claiming graphene is highly magnetic when it is exactly the opposite, and weakly the opposite! Someone is throwing a hail mary into the path of ignorance and hoping for someone to trip.

To add insult to injury, whoever fronted the "magnetic graphene" hoax probably relied on this report or similar which clearly states that though graphene CAN be made to become magnetic, it can only be caused to at extremely high pressures. You know, like what is in a vaccine vial? NOT. And high blood pressure won't cut it either!!! I do not care if the words "scientist" and "electron microscope" were used, or where it was published, the story is patent CRAP.

One point they make in the story: The shot was 99 percent graphene. Graphene is a solid. Even in powder form it is a solid. That will NOT pass through a needle. If it ever takes a "liquid form" it has to be suspended in a liquid, and any real scientist would have known not to count the liquid as graphene even if they called it "liquid graphene", which is not possible. To be "liquid" it has to be suspended, and the suspension medium is an ingredient that will prevent the shot from ever being 99 percent graphene. That is another way to know the story is PURE CRAP.

I have warned my readers constantly to not fall for hoaxes with regard to this vax, those who want the magnetism discoveries discredited are working overtime to front the most salient bullshit imaginable.

I am very surprised this did not get deleted overnight and trigger a ban for the Babylon Bee.

Well worth a watch, it SAYS IT ALL. A while ago I posted an opinion sorta like this . . . .

More on the building collapse -

Right now we are seeing 1000 explanations for what went on, from flooded parking garage to the cell tower on the roof. And I heard rumor that one of the survivors heard 3 blasts, with the first one being "like a thunderclap but 100 times louder". I am now leaning towards "Perhaps McAffe's dead man switch was in that condo, and they are not rescuing anyone until they find those hard drives". IMPORTANT: This is sheer speculation but it sure fits. It would explain everything.

So now they are saying the parking garage flooded so much cars would float. I call 100 percent pure unadulterated BULLSHIT, there's no way people who own million dollar condos would EVER, EVER, in a million years accept that. That's a bold faced lie. A lie told because obviously, anything but the real story is better than the real story. If the concrete spalling ever got even 10 percent as bad as it needed to be to trigger a collapse, it would look so horrific that absolutely no one would tolerate it. I flat out do not believe it.

What I DO believe: A bunch of rag tag arabs with box cutters hijacked planes . . . . . oh wait, that story is BULLSHIT too!

If it was not Jenga, it was explosives. And I was not pushing that, or even considering that which means I am, even now, being fully subjective and analytical when I now say that explosives probably really are the best explanation, and there is something in that rubble worth killing everyone over, even the Jews. Somehow they had it down to where the sound conduction through the supports was louder than what was heard out on the street or in the portion that did not fall. That would be easy to bury if you posted lookouts to make sure no pedestrians would be possible witnesses, and as long as it was not too loud outside the parking garage, the people sleeping in surrounding buildings might not figure it out. Close the parking garage doors to block a majority of the sound and get'er done.

How likely do I think it was explosives? I'd say over 50 percent probable just from the post-collapse handling of the situation. And if they suddenly "clear it like heroes now" there should be no forgiveness, they are past the expiration date, everyone has died of thirst by now which would mean mission accomplished. Why wait anymore?

Found on Infowars and good for a belly laugh:

THAT is a bird brain if I ever saw one.

180,000 pounds of lithium batteries on fire at recycling facility

Social media is all there is for now, except for this one MSM post

Update: This story is taking off now, and people are talking about how the firefighters should just walk away, like they do for BLM rallies.

I imagine that would beat a tire fire. That would be a big financial loss to boot.

Can't fix stupid: Guy gets run over by his own squatted truck while filming a tiktok video

He was walking along side of it with it in drive and moving, got too close, and got sucked under the rear tire. If anyone can get ahold of whistlindiesel on Youtube, he really needs to see this (he bought a squatted truck just to destroy it and ended up feeding it into a chipper).

Many reports of people who are "out of it"

Many reports of birds dying from neurological issues also

I'll get the birds out of the way quickly: What if the species barrier got broken and the spike protein in the vax made the jump to birds and is absolutely lethal to them? You can bet Darpa and Gates never plugged that equation into their math-tabulators.

Many kids are now saying their vaxxed parents are out of it. This is starting to go around the web and I do not know where it got started. but the rumor is that the parents have changed so much they are not the same anymore, they are distant from everyone including their kids, plus fatigued with no energy. I'd say that is plausible.

The rumors are spreading to the office, where the vaxxed also seem to be out of it and the vaxxed bosses are more like robots now that are only maintaining the status quo rather than actually being bosses.

I do not accept the official numbers with regard to how many are vaxxed now, however, even with back channel type info it appears the number is at least above 35 percent and could be as high as 50 percent with well over half of whites vaxxed. Actually, it is not a vaccine but anyone with a brain ought to know that by now.

Surprisingly it seems like the black community is the one not stupid enough to go for the shot, the "social experts" are all saying the blacks are not adequately injected (below 15 percent) because of WHITE PRIVILEGE but I'll hedge my bets that they were simply the least programmed and could therefore see the obvious before the majority got wiped out. That goes for the Latinos too, who are remarkably less shot up than the white crowd. "education" gets you nowhere (I guess) when it has devolved down to paying to become a programmed idiot. Some "privilege" that is.

New excuse for condo collapse: LEAKING POOL DECK.

They could not push it off on a sink hole, so now they are blaming the pool!!!

FACT: If a leaking pool deck could cause condos to collapse, they'd all be down by now. AND: The pool was over 100 feet away from the building. Someone is seeking excuses. That means either someone knows they are responsible (perhaps a contractor that removed too many walls) OR this was a hit job and they are trying to bury it. Take your pick, I am very suspicious of the paltry rescue efforts, (probably not even paltry) I don't think they live up to the standard of "paltry".

Just watch. Right when they know the correct people are dead, the debris will suddenly be cleared in short time. JUST WATCH.

NOT A HOAX: Trans crowned "Miss Nevada" and will compete for Miss USA

Well, they got the face to be somewhat convincing, but the body? That's a man baby!!! A slender man, but still a man.

Best comment: "We used to go to carnivals to see the freaks". Not anymore!!!

Sister tower showing signs of collapse?

Too many people playing jenga.

All the mods to the units have to be reviewed.

The tower that collapsed started with 199 units and was down to 135 or so. How many walls gone? Buildings of this sort can be bombed to oblivion in wars before they collapse like that. Jenga is in effect the exact same thing.

It is all fairly simple, with one thing to consider: The complete lack of concern for rescuing anyone. That makes it all look like a hit job.

How to prevent vax posts from being immediately found and deleted by AI


The lock downs are to prevent people from meeting to "prevent the spread of false information". Right click to save the video.

The video makes it clear via the meta talk: The lockdowns are more for preventing people from talking than anything else. If that is an objective of the lockdowns when everyone has internet, how bad is the internet censored??? Clearly, if the spread of information is a key issue, Covid is about Soviet style communism and little else, right here, in this video they admitted Covid was a pretext for shutting people up. Who's tool is it then?

Who made this entire scenario? what is it for, now that it is proven spreading info is more important to stop with the lockdowns than the spread of a disease?

This was the ULTIMATE FIVE STAR BLOOPER. This guy just blew the entire lockdown plan for Covid: TO SHUT PEOPLE UP, even if it means using lockdowns to prevent people from talking by meeting in groups. He actually said that!! What a bumbling fool!!!

FOUR DAYS (4) FOUR DAYS after the condo collapse, the rescuers are SO AFRAID of lawsuits only 9 bodies out of a total of 160 are out of the rubble

Are they REALLY afraid of lawsuits, or is it something else? This is starting to look like a hit job. At this rate the "rescue" will take 71 days, a timeline only made possible by wanting EVERYONE DEAD. This is taking so long it really looks like this was a hit, EVERYTHING, and I mean EVERYTHING should have been cleared away two days ago if there was any objective at all of saving people, and it could have been done with the right cranes, there are plenty of mobile cranes up to the task, probably at least 50 within a 20 mile radius. Even 3 of those would have cleared this mess by now.

There's no excuse for this, clearly the order was given to kill everyone there by leaving them stuck in the rubble. Who was there? I am starting to wonder!!!

The extremely sluggish response clearly means killing everyone is an objective, and it really seems like it is possible that somehow supports were compromised down in the parking garage late late at night, . . . . . carefully, quietly got the job done . . . . .

We know you're dead, we can pull you out now!!!

LET ME GUESS: How about: The person they want dead somehow has a working cell phone (some of the Huawei phones can go a month with internet switched off) and that person is chatting and they are waiting for that person to die. That's what it seems like at this point. They know the person they want dead is alive and they are waiting for starvation and thirst to kill that person off. If it is something like that, obviously the NSA would be tracking it and not giving the go-ahead.

If it REALLY IS THAT BAD, the Army should be in there doing rescues. WHY NOT??? TWO WORDS:


Here's an interesting comment by Alan Dershowitz on Giuliani's disbarring:

"I taught legal ethics for, I don’t know, 35 years at Harvard Law school. I think of myself as a leading expert on legal ethics. I’ve never ever seen a case where a lawyer was essentially disbarred ... without a hearing," Dershowitz outlined. "I mean, the most basic concept of due process is you don't deprive somebody of his living, of his freedom, of his ability to work without a hearing. And then the criteria under which they suspended his law license is so vague. It says in the course of representing a client, a lawyer shall not knowingly make a false statement of fact or law to a third person. In other words, if he goes on your show, or he goes on my podcast, or he goes on Fox or anywhere else, and he makes a statement which turns out to be false, and he had reason to believe it was false, he could be disbarred. Do you know how many lawyers we'd have left if we applied that standard across the board? ... We have case after case after case where prosecutors, defense attorneys, lawyers of every kind, have made statements... which turn out to be untrue, and they're never disbarred. And certainly not without a hearing. And so, this is a first. ... The atmosphere is such today that if you defended President Trump in any way, they're out to get you. And they're certainly out to get Rudy Giuliani."

My comment: I did not know they disbarred Giuliani that way. So the entire disbarring is either hoax theater or a new precedent has been set, which is the 100 percent full on police state zero justice precedent. That's possible, we need to watch for this happening now.

Want a snack? You're going to have to work awful hard (impossibly hard) to eat it

This magnetic device is attached to two molars and makes it extremely difficult to binge eat. If you want to binge eat, you are going to have to constantly cope with your jaws snapping shut AND it is going to take an awful lot of strength to pull the magnets apart to begin with. Most likely magnets were used to prevent the teeth from being ripped out if there was some sort of accident.

This was tried on 7 obese women in Australia. It only allows your jaws to open 2 millimeters, supposedly only enough to allow liquids to pass.

It would obviously still be possible to cheat by not sticking to the liquids, but it apparently did work to enforce behavioral changes in diet. The women they tried these on were not the fattest possible, averaging 274 pounds and they on average lost about 14 pounds over 2 weeks. That's a pound a day!!!

Usually I don't report this type of thing, but take a look at what the snowflakes said about this: "It's a medeival torture device!!! "This seems highly unethical"!! and obviously it is not either of those if someone actually wanted to try it.

As I predicted, yet again today (the 27th) NO ONE is moving rubble

They stirred it up enough to get a few more bodies out and that was that. In the old school America, that rubble would have been gone in a day and a half and whoever made it made it. They are instead letting everyone die to avoid liability.

The people buried reaped what they sowed. The people who are trapped were the ones that pushed this society away from where their rescue would have been assumed if possible. I do not have sympathy.

Tour De France wipe out

What looks like a leftist got totally stupid for a selfie and caused a 100 bike pileup. Whoever did this ran. You get a REALLY GOOD look at this about 2/3 the way into the video at the 45 second mark There is no question about how this happened.

Jewish community calling out for help to rescue Jews trapped in the rubble

I CALLED THAT RIGHT. What did I say? And STILL no one is admitting this happened because idiots were playing Jenga with their rennovations.

There were inspections that did show deterioration, but NONE of them indicated anything like this could possibly happen. That's because they did not go around knocking on doors! The fact the inspection cited maintenance ONLY needed, and not major repairs or any need at all for evacuations has spawned lots of controlled demolition theories. I doubt that scenario.

As a side note: As of about 3PM on Saturday, cleanup crews, with cranes ready, were just sitting there waiting to get the go-ahead for picking up large pieces. IN THE OLD SCHOOL AMERICA, Bubba would have taken his 1976 Ford F350 Truck and started ripping the debris away with the winch. He'd have lowered the death toll by 30 and not been sued!

The following image of weather mod in action was taken from the space station in February of 2019

This then got buried for the most part. I do not think this image was supposed to get out. The cover up reports were all stating "Gosh, there's so much about our weather we do not know, and this proves it" However, clouds do not form at that altitude naturally, let alone with a perfectly symmetrical ring shape. There's nothing about our weather we do not know until high level governments switch things on. This type of lightning bolt is exactly what I said would happen if they pushed the system too hard in my Haarp report, where I stated "It is very important to make sure you do not exceed certain limits, or "clip" the atmosphere, or you will cause a lightning bolt of a sort not ever witnessed". And even the shill reports stated that type of bolt is exactly what this was.

Yesterday there was a rumor that London was going into lockdown in two weeks. I predicted it would go global but called it rumor and today (low and behold) . . . . .


High Rise collapse excuse con job incoming:

UPDATE: I am just going to cut to the chase, because I am sick of all the idiotic cattle trails with regard to the building collapse.

1. A Navy ship caused it.
2. A sinkhole caused it.
3. A roofing crew caused it.
4. It had been rusting for years and that caused it.
5. It was built with beach sand that was not washed right, and that caused it.
6. McCaffe's hard drives were there, so they blew it up.
7. An energy beam caused it.
8. It was a controlled demolition
9. A hurricane weakened it.
10. The Mafia built it and cheated.

And what is not going around is the fact that it had about 20 fewer condos in it than when it was built. WHERE DID THEY GO? into BIGGER CONDOS, SUBTRACTED WALLS, and some moron pulled the last jenga piece.

My story is NOT going to be different, but I will say the aftermath is being handled horribly, are there really Jews in that rubble? My guess is it is being handled horribly because NO rescue worker wants to get sued and they cannot be sued if they sit on their butts. They are not lifting slabs and moving rubble because of threat of lawsuits. Who wants to be a hero when every buried survivor that might be alive is a chance to get sued? Oh, you pulled that slab up wrong and crushed my legs!!! I am gonna SUE!!!. There's no predictability at all in a pile of rubble.

The people buried in that pile of rubble belong to the group that turned America into the most letigious society ON EARTH, and now they are reaping what they sowed.

The final outcome of the investigation will go as such: Whatever story works to reduce liability for "Important person A" and push it off on some poor sucker.

Original post follows

Supposedly a model was looking outside while on the phone while talking to hubby, saw a sinkhole form which sucked the pool in and the whole place then collapsed. BIG PROBLEM WITH THAT LIE:

1. The pool is still there. And 2. The entire underground for that property is parking garage, so if a sink hole did form, it would not have been visible from the condos. Parking garage is STILL THERE, part with debris and part with cars.

Let me guess: Someone with a lot of cash knocked the wrong wall out to "increase value" and did not want to take the blame. The sink hole story is pure unadulterated BUNK.

More plausible is that the roof was being worked on and someone put too much weight somewhere. That I'd buy, (possibly) but the sink hole is OUT.


Crews were working on the building at night. Actually, NO. But they are going to spew 900 things to get the blame away from whoever is actually responsible. Apparently according to this rumor, crews were working on the roof during the collapse. However, there is CCTV footage from surrounding buildings that show the collapse, and there was nothing going on. The place was dark.

Maybe not a con job: Intentionally triggered collapse.

But I doubt that. Lots of people are asking how it fell into it's own footprint. I'd say, GOOD QUESTION. I don't know how likely it would be to happen that way without help. But if enough people knocked out walls, as the original rumor went, that could indeed happen. No reports of explosions, it just fell. How would they hide the explosions?

RUMOR: They are going to lock down London again within two weeks.

I don't know what to make of that rumor, but I'll start another one that is 100 percent IRON CLAD guaranteed to happen: They are going to lock down Britain. Why did I just repeat the previous rumor? Well, because the vax is going to start killing people and they are going to blame variant #3. This will domino to who knows how many other countries, BANK ON IT.

I suggest everyone go have fun while they can, go to the ocean, whatever you can do without getting jabbed because if you do not, you'll be wishing you had.

I was taken aback by the timeline the rumor for Britain has however, I did not think they'd do it so soon. But it's on the way, you can count on that.

Building collapse update:

150+missing, 4 dead,and a claim that it had been "sinking for decades". That is probably not a legit claim. You cannot have "sinking for decades" with near 100 percent Jewish occupancy and a per-condo ticket price of $1,000,000. I don't doubt the death toll is going to be high, but it was caused by people knocking out walls that should not have been removed. Any sinking leading to collapse over decades would have left obvious cracks in everything long before there was any collapse. Someone in a key area knocked out a key support column "to increase value" leading to rapid failure. That's the only story that works, and they'll never admit it because they are PERFECT and it will be harder to sue someone. What are they going to go after? A rich individual, or a whole contracting company?

I never heard this one before: Baphomet is the original trans

That would fit though, since Baphoment represents Satan, the corruptor of everything. Have you noticed how when perfectly normal people decide they are gay, they suddenly sound gay? Their voice changes? How is that possible? Posession?

I'd say YES to that.

But I never heard of Baphomet as the original trans. Baphomet was not drawn like this originally:

Israeli critical race pusher stabbed to death by a black man in Chicago.

Justice served. If you can't take the hate, don't push it. Got bit by her own weapon. Obviously the linked source did not see that, but that is exactly what this was, it is HER GROUP using this as a weapon and she knew it. Could not have ended better.

Pro tip: When running psy ops to destroy nations, stay totally clear of the repercussions you cause!!!

Claudia and I will be going into full protection mode

To protect ourselves from the vaxxed.

I have now designed a fully protective face shield that uses forced air. The difficult part was getting it to be practical. And it is. It looks like a regular baseball cap combined with face shield, but up in the cap there is a 2 inch squirrel cage blower that's a half inch thick that draws air through a two stage filter (first stage paper, second stage glycerine or oil soaked filter paper that is dry enough to let air pass, and on the output of the fan there are magnets to draw any of the magnetic spike proteins or skin cells or whatever to them. It then vents on left and right sides of the face shield to create an air curtain. It runs on 4 AAA NIMH batteries with a five hour per charge duration. IT LOOKS TOTALLY NORMAL AND IS TOTALLY QUIET. You just look like you are wearing a "cool" face shield, not like a fruitcake. So that's what we will be using, along with gloves.

In addition to that, no mercados without a real suit, no fairs, no high concentrations of people but we will not actually quarantine. We will just do things where there are not tons of people.

Will stay down?

When this site got taken down direct IP saved it, and the takedown attempt lasted 3 days because they had to give up with direct IP keeping it about 60 percent alive. I lost a server and that was all. Will they do the same thing with Iran, when still works? Takedowns only work if the target is killed. If they are going to give up, we are going to know soon.

LET ME DEMONSTRATE INCOMPETENCE: THIS IS DOWN. And THIS IS NOT DOWN. How stupid were the people who planned this anyway??? PRO TIP: If you cannot take ALL OF IT DOWN because your actions were illegal and lacked enough support, DO NOT TAKE ANY OF IT DOWN.

As a side note, right on the front page they have their new president getting a custom corona vax. I really don't know how that's going to work for a probable fake entity, but I will say this -

In Mexico, Obrador made sure Pfizer and Moderna and others were not mandatory shots, and when any pressure at all was done (for teachers, etc) he used cansino. Claudia said no to that also but has at least been allowed to complete the school year via "paper blunders" that delayed her ultimate final date.

This is a LOT MORE than just "MAGA", look at some of the crap listed here.

They have every great thing the white race has ever done to get along with other races here listed as "supremacy". This is "backed into a corner" self canceling BULLSHIT, a clear and obvious attempt to do nothing but destroy. When even "pull them up by their bootstraps" is listed, it cannot be denied that this is purely an attack that teaches NOTHING but hatred.

Lingerie vendor not hiring female models anymore

Victoria's "secret" is that "she" has a p*nis!!!

Vaccine police in California????

If this is true people need to be warned.

If you see a different video of a woman who is now "scannable" where the vax is, they are fronting a hoax, she has a chip for a pet in her rolled up sleeve and that's a pet scanner. They know they are lying, and the woman looks like an evil POS. She is.

Once again, "they" are doing all they can to discredit anyone who comes up with credible info on how bad the vax is, and hoaxes are going to be part and parcel of this. Do not believe everything you see. On that note - Rense did something TOTALLY LEGIT, here it is:

Rense went around with a magnet and tested foods

Yes, the meat is magnetic now.

I have already done this and had no luck in Mexico. Rense tested various foods with no luck and then went to the meat department, where he did the test correctly, and the magnet DID STICK to a LOT of the meat. He did the test EXACTLY as I said it should be done (he probably reads this site) and with it being done correctly (totally vertical meat, with perfectly dry plastic wrap that is slippery to a magnet) the magnets stuck. There's no way out of this, the meats ARE, WITHOUT QUESTION, CONTAMINATED.

I will continue to do these tests in Mexico. If they don't stick here and they continue to stick in the U.S., it will continue to prove meats are not naturally magnetic and the American meat is sabotaged. I certainly hope this does not start happening here.

No, I would NOT EAT THAT MEAT. People need to start magnet testing ALL THE MEAT. Even the hamburger is not safe.

I am glad Rense did this, it was definitely done correctly and completely proves there's ONE HELL OF A PROBLEM.


People need to be VERY CAREFUL of hoaxes, which are now intentionally being done. HERE IS HOW: Yesterday Claudia did the magnet test on her face and upper chest. The "magnets stuck". I have continuously warned people to not trust magnet stick vids that use the face or chest/breast region because there are too many contours on the face and chest and there are slopes, not verticals, which will cause this very sweaty region to hold onto anything small.

At first it was convincing to me with Claudia but it did not seem rational, so I got a piece of paper and once that was put between Claudia and the magnets, nothing stuck at all and it was perfectly clear there was no magnetism. I then grabbed plastic items and they stuck too. So people need to be VERY CAREFUL with the hoaxes.

The magnet stick vids are real, but cannot be done on the facial region or collar bone or chest area which is almost always sticky on most people.

There's lots of totally legit vids of the magnets sticking to completely dry and vertical arms, plus cell phones obviously sticking, AND NOW: Plus strong magnets producing observable effects on the skin, and clearly show the skin pulling out towards the magnets.

What is going to happen is the only things the people who are working hard to destroy everyone with this shot will show will be videos that can be easily debunked as sweat, slope and stickiness. The only thing that will get published officially will be lies. The people denying the magnets stick (in the MSM) know full well they are lying and are making the lies as perfect as possible. Don't give them help by posting videos that are debunkable.

A few quick items

Aside from the collapse, nothing surprising is in the news. Here goes:

British MP says "important people" should not need to obey quarantine rules. This is not surprising, it is how corruption functions.

BIDEN: YOU DO NOT NEED THE SECOND AMENDMENT BECAUSE THE GOVERNMENT HAS NUCLEAR WEAPONS AND WILL KICK YOUR BUTTS ANYWAY. Seriously. Biden said that. His reason to get rid of the second amendment is because the people can't act against this particular goverment with only guns. THAT IS SPECIFICALLY WHY THE 2A SAYS "SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED. The 2a actually says people can have nukes or whatever else it takes to keep the goverment in line, and the problem is that the 2A NEVER said small arms, it said "SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED." That means anything the government has. But it did not work out that way, did it?

Biden's statment on this issue may have been totally against policy, and proves he's not fit to be president, but it was at least honest. If you DARE rebel, we'll just nuke you and get it over with. Sad day for the country indeed.

A foot brige collapsed in Washington DC.

It was poorly maintained, scheduled for removal, and then a semi hit it.

Fox News claims Biden's approval is at 56% I'll tell you how that happened: They asked a question like: Biden LOVES Ba-b-q'ed chicken. DO YOU? YEAY, 56 percent of the people approve of Biden!!!

Seriously. That's how they get their hoaxes. Biden's actual support is in the 20 percent range, if not lower. All this means is that FOX needs to be bulldozed.

Giuliani's law license suspended

For lying in court they say. But the detail they will not provide is that his "lies" came in the form of saying whatever it took to bury Trump while making it all look good. But since the illusion of helping trump was firmly planted, they ditched him. No one said that, but that's the story, BANK ON IT because if anyone believes a key player in the burial of what happened on 911 actually stood up for the country they are LOST.

NEVER FORGET: Giuliani STILL SAYS it was Arabs and will NEVER mention Silverstein's "pull it", mention Odigo, or say anything at all about the 5 dancing Israelis. I don't know why people fell for Giuliani's hoax as the "good guy", I never did, and always remained skeptical. Pulling Giuliani's license is all optics, he's old anyway, he is probably feigning injury while going into retirement.

A large building has collapsed in a Jewish district of Miami

UPDATE: MOST LIKELY WHAT HAPPENED - too many occupants were knocking out walls to get wide open spaces to "increase the value of the units" and someone near the 8th floor knocked out a critical support that caused the collapse.

Obviously since they were all Jewish the MSM is not going to touch that topic, but that's what happened. and then they started soaking sympathy, saying "this is what hamas rocket attacks look like". YEAH RIGHT.

It had 200 apartments (or condos) in the $1,000,000 price range. And these idiots are all over the forums saying "Oh, it's just like rocket attacks in Israel!!!! I KID YOU NOT, and I am telling them to stop spamming.

Here's a "Hamas rocket attack" in a nutshell: 4 D motors or larger in a paper tube to push it real good up to about 1000 - 3000 feet elevation and perhaps a mile or two over. Model rocket motors cannot deliver explosives. And the rockets do not explode. Which means Israel is bringing rockets in, probably in the armored bulldozers, and supplying Israeli sleeper cells with stage props that look great on TV.

Yes, they can STOP SPAMMING.

The ENTIRE MSM is reporting a "suicide". Probably not though . . . .

Priceless. I found the following at Dailyexpose' - health insurance really will not cover you if you have problems after the covid shot.

THIS SAYS IT ALL. If that shot is actually benign, this chat with an insurance provider would not have gone like this. This has been rumored true, denied, re-rumored, denied (by MSM) and now, YEP, IT IS TRUE. Just like the magnet stick vids the MSM keeps denying.

McAfee is dead

Right after he was ordered to be extradited to the United States, he was found dead in his prison cell.

It was widely rumored McAfee was the one that got the drone footage of Epstein's island. The tax evasion charges were a bogus reason to jail him for that without admitting it. Now he is conveniently gone before he could defend himself and say it like it was.

I am convinced that I probably figured out how the vaxxed are contaminating those not vaxxed

We all know by now that magnets are sticking to the vaxxed. That means the magneto particles are in the skin. They are probably elsewhere also but at least we know for sure they are in the skin. Most of the dust in houses consists of skin cells that have fallen off as dust. If you live or work around someone who is vaxxed, you then breathe in that dust, and BAM-O, you got the magneto protein in you. That "spike protein" then starts replicating in you like a prion and suddenly you become magnetic too.


Solution: All face masks should have some type of magnet incorporated in them to capture the skin cells that would obviously be magnetic.


"not a single person doing these magnet tests now have ever spent time checking a magnet to different parts of their body prior to this year. So we don't really know if this is a phenomenon that has existed for a long time and has a completely different explanation, or is caused by the vax/5G/nano bots/spike protein shedding/etc."

REALITY: ALL of the iron in the human body gets converted to a form that absolutely will not attract a magnet. MRI's look for hydrogen atoms. Magnetic iron would make doing MRI's a whole lot easier, with very small magnetic fields.

Once iron is monatomic it is not magnetic anymore, and that is how the body uses it. Therefore, MRI's image with the reactions from hydrogen atoms.

People become magnetic after the vax because their DNA gets modified into something that takes the monatomic iron and assembles it into large pieces. If a magnet sticks, you are effed and it really is a good measure for who has genes that are still pure. At least with this shot. It might not be so easy to figure out who is wrecked after future shots. We got lucky this time.


Take a look at this six minute video where a guy Goes in for a corona shot with a hidden camera and then slays the health care workers with their ignorance

They did not even know the shot was an MRNA shot!!! How stupid are these people???

Israel tried to stuxnet Bushehr

At least someone did. That leaves guess who? I suspected this day one when they had to scram the reactor and shut it all down a few days ago but today it was confirmed. And if it was possible to both know about the attack AND shut it down, someone took my advice!!

In addition to the text, look at the old school guages and the computer screen. It says it ALL. That is exactly what Stuxnet does.


What do the Iranian media seizures mean? Easy answer: Iran is about to be blown away.

The various world governments that are about to cooperate with Israel's new conehead in the destruction of Iran can only shut down what they have on their turf, but they cannot shut down the servers that are completely contained in Iran under the .ir extension. That won't matter, because those servers are likely to be bombed out of existence soon.

If your are going to destroy a country, you cannot have them screaming to the world about it via outlets they have elsewhere. So you FIRST have to shut those down, and THEN the bombing starts, starting with whatever abilities the country has to inform the world via their own home based resources.

There is definitely a plan afoot to blow Iran to smithereens in the IMMEDIATE FUTURE, and someone wants full control over the narrative. That is what all of this means.


Iran may only be the tip of the iceberg, the big shut down may now be underway.

UPDATE TO BELOW: The U.S. government may start seizing other alt media sites, including this one. If you do not have the IP address saved, do it now and remember there's another server for this site at

Update: about an hour and a half after the seizure, noticed and is informing people of where the site is available elsewhere. UPDATE: and .TV are now down. Also, Tasnimnews is a .com and is not seized yet, IRNA knows of the PressTV seizure now and is notifying people in Arabic and Farsi but not English yet and FARS is still unaware. PressTV is stating the Iranian television channels have also had their sites seized(confirmed, the Iranian MSM is not on the web anymore), so this is not over yet.

THIS PROBABLY MEANS WAR ON IRAN IS IMMINENT. Israel will not want Iranians to be able to tell the outside world what is going on.



And therefore, PressTV has been seized.

If there ever was proof Israel was about to torch Iran, that would be it.

Hats off to the conehead. (no not really). This just proves I was 100 percent right about THIS CREEPY BASTARD.

BUT WAIT, THERE IS MORE!!! is hosted at: Department Of IT-IRIB- P.O Box 19395-3333 Jaame Jam.St-Valiasr Ave-Tehran-Iran, tehran, tehran, IR. THIS DID NOT GET SEIZED BECAUSE IT IS OUT OF U.S. JURISDICTION.

BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE: The server the United States seized is in New Zealand! does not even know the .com server is seized yet, there is nothing there about it, and this could be for two reasons. 1. The seizure is too current for them to react, (I react like lightning, but they would have beurocracy in the way, getting approval for the statement) or 2. Because it would be possible for the United States to spoof any accessing from Iran to make it look like all is normal, and they have not figured it out yet.

It looks like Iran probably learned a huge lesson about where to host stuff from this!

And oh, they are about to get nuked.

I did not really remove the microscope post, I put it down here where no one would see it.

DO NOT sabotage the microscope

I ordered THIS microscope for the web site, and "they" figured it out.

It is common practice for the Jews to intercept shipments of this sort and destroy them when they are going to the opposition. I know all about microscopes and will confirm if it is usable or not within two minutes of it being delivered and will do so in front of a $1000 camera that is already set up waiting for it to arrive, and will do so before the delivery guy even leaves.

Make me look like a fool for posting this please, because if it does not arrive in 100 percent working order it will make an awesome report about how items get intercepted by Jews who work in shipping with intecepting and tampering with things being their actual job, and sabotage which is made possible by the tracking data. You won't get away with it.

I ordered this microscope to make it possible to independently confirm pathogens and vaccine damage. This micrsocope will easily resolve large viruses such as ebola. Coronaviruses are out of reach.

If this arrives damaged, I will: 1. Get a great fully documented report out of it, 2. Return it for a full refund, and 3. Buy the exact same one from a laboratory supply company that is right here in town, for a higher price. If that's what it takes, I will definitely do it.

You won't get away with destroying the primary lenses with sand paper, you won't get away with dropping epoxy on the prism, you won't get away with wrecking the mechanical stage, the fine adjuster or damaging it in any way. I can check for ALL THAT in 45 seconds.

Like it or not I am not an idiot with a microscope, no matter what anyone who thinks they'll screw me and have me wondering might believe. I have significant experience with microscopes in this category which ought to be proven just by what I bought. I said I would do this if the donations were sufficient, and followed through on that the nanosecond it was possible.

The performance of this microscope is as such if not damaged: On the lowest power setting it will show (visibly) thousands of crystal clear red blood cells at once, all about the size of a dime in a 48 megapixel frame viewed at full size. At the highest power, red blood cells will be possible to image "larger than a basketball" with completely crisp focus on a 4k screen. This microscope will provide fantastic imaging all the way to about 350 nanometers with the stock light source. It will show an ebola virus (not pretty but good enough to identify) without modification.

If that's not what shows up, it will be published, the microscope returned and bought local. I went through ALL the samples posted by real doctors, this microscope totally kicks *ss. This microscope is far above the one someone used to show damage to red blood cells after the vax.

One thing I keep skipping -

MANY MANY sources are running scams about the coronavirus now, to convince people it is all real for the third wave, and even much of alt media has fallen for it.


"Unearthed video of Peter Daszak Describing ‘Chinese Colleagues’ Developing ‘Killer’ Coronaviruses"

"Google & Usaid Funded Wuhan Collaborator Peter Daszak's Virus Experiments For Over a Decade"

South America Now Covid Hot Spot, 8X Global Death Rate -

There is only one positive I can pick up in the back chatter and that is that Bill Gates has not been seen a whole lot lately. Some people are speculating he's only hiding assets during the divorce, while others are speculating he's on the run because the corona scam failed / or he was busted for creating it / or he's (fill in the blank). Take your pick, but there's still a lot of higher ups pushing the con job so I would not place bets on the demise of Gates.

I will say this however - if the rumors about Melinda flipping on Bill and walking out over "his virus" and divorcing him over it and coming clean are true, she's not in questioning, she's being prepped for "suicide."

There are going to be MANY MANY headlines written in a way that confirms the coronavirus is real. HOWEVER: This virus has never been found, even in an electron microscope. It has never been isolated. It is not even proven real. There is ONE THING proven real: The spike protein.

There is a GMO SPIKE PROTEIN going around that replicates like a prion and is in the shots. The shots tell your body to make it. Do not be conned into getting the shot. And subsequently, you have to protect yourself from the vaxxed to avoid having that get into you. Contageous mad cow disease of sorts.

They are obviously pumping up a con job to scare as many people as possible into getting the shot. And when you, in the near future, realize many people are dead, you'll be glad you never got it, RIGHT???

Oh, I kept skipping this because after reading it, it is like sitting in on elementary math. My readers cannot possibly be "out of it" so far that this was of value, can they??? Maybe I'll delete this post, or at least try to bury it down the page a ways . . . .

I'll say this much: Claudia and I are quarantining over the vaxxed, when we never bothered with the "virus". We took a few precautions over the virus, but did not make significant lifestyle choices. To avoid the vaxxed we have.

Trump does NOT have a chance for 2024

There's lots going around on this (STILL.) I am just going to cut to the chase:

The system is subverted. The supreme court is enforcing the subversion. Trump will not become president even if every single state including California suddenly jumps up and admits the fraud openly (Trump won California by an enormous margin) and no one even dares to mention that.


He's also not getting in unless he's compromised and in the closet like Barrett and Kavanaugh. It could happen if he is like Kavanaugh, a snake hiding in the garden. If DeSantis gets in, with or without Trump, it only means he's yet another one man sleeper cell like Kavanaugh.

Here is what is probably going to happen:

They are going to dissolve all national fabric with the corona scam, and by the time the election comes around everyone will be so devastated by the shots and shedders and the dead that they won't care enough about the election to stop the final, ultimate slamming of the United States into tyranny. Heck, maybe the hedge funds are buying up lots of houses just to conceal how many people are actually gone. What if you suddenly dropped 500,000 houses on the market because the vaxxed are dead? That would make it all too obvious.

Anyway, don't even bother with Trump anymore, if he got flushed when he in reality got at least 75 percent of the vote, and the criminals are now writing the rules without any restrictions, you can kiss it away. He might as well be a rotting carp on the beach. If Americans will not stand up and say hell no, (and they will not, that's proven by now) just kiss it away. The criminals will simply wipe everyone they don't want out with poison shots and have their world their way. That is what people should be aware of and planning for.

White woman viciously beaten at "juneteenth" riot

I came across this at the tamest, most well regulated forum I know of on the web so the reactions were an absolute shocker. If this happened on that forum, we know it is an issue . . . .

The back story: A leftist self hating white woman went to a juneteenth riot in New Jersey, probably to apologize for being born and share sympathies, and she ended up getting beaten ruthlessly.

MY COMMENT: If you don't want something nasty to come in the mail, don't order it.

Other people's comments, posted here simply because if the location these appeared has this, this IS the national sentiment, no question:

"Can't help but wonder if she’s rethinking her wokeness after this."

"Coonteenth mob violence and back stabbing murder will be the norm at these annual chimp outs."

"Yeah. I've seen a couple of so-called Juneteenth "celebrations" the past few days where they shot and killed each other too. Didn't bother posting it. You know how they are."

"They are off to a good start for the first celebration of this "Holiday". Just think, they only had a few days notice that this was even a holiday, wait until next year."

"Skin is a uniform that cannot be removed."

"When was the last time there was a Fourth of July celebration riot ?..."

"I fear that this "Holiday" will turn into a riotous BLM holiday, a yearly time to "Burn, Loot, Murder". We will have threads here counting the dead bodies, shootings and detailing the yearly riots like the "Ramadan Bombathon" threads. It will be covered up by the press as much as they can step over the dead bodies and find "Mostly peaceful" celebrations to report on."

"I wonder if her heart still bleeds for the poor, oppressed minority?" - "Probably. If she was dumb enough to be there, she's probably not a quick study."

"What the F---- was she doing in amongst those Heathens. Rightfully deserved. Guess she wants to be one"

"Unfortunately I think it is going to take some serious blood in the street to stop this nonsense. Remember the water canons, etc. during the 60s? All they did was send them idiots underground to come out this last decade or so in politics.

I'm a Christian. I really do despise violence. However, since Biblical times even the Good Lord has ordered troops in to wipe out entire populations lest the survivors come back for vengeance."

THERE IS WAY MORE STUFF IN THAT THREAD I DID NOT DARE TO POST. That's the sentiment, if this happened on that particular forum I am SHOCKED. It is not that type of forum AT ALL.

Mexico has announced the beginning of the third wave.

The Indian "delta" variant. What is the India delta variant? Short answer:

The delta variant had the primary symptom of people attempting to push the vax being repelled from small towns and villages in India by people throwing rocks. The rock throwers, who were mostly out of reach of the scamming MSM drew the connection between the vax killing people and the timing of the "new variant".

Phase 3 Corona will therefore most likely be vaccine deaths everywhere, used to push even more shots that will spawn wave 4.

That is really all there is to this story. If you are spooked, there's always vitamin C, ivermectin, and Hydroxychloroquine. If those get banned there is also quina bark and as a last resort tonic water.



The past Iranian president WAS willing to meet with both Trump and Biden but it never happened. The new one has sent a VERY clear message, and I found out about this AFTER I typed the following.

OK, so if Iran will not accept Biden now, what can I say? That's hard to hate. Kudos to the Iranian people.

Obviously the linked report is not going to mention vote fraud because that would blow a hole in the MSM con job. But you can damn well bet that was part of it, a legit Iranian leader is not going to accept a foreign fraudster and that's all there is to it. No legit president would.

Well, MAYBE. Obrador DID meet with this scam administration, but he threw a twist in - he intentionally soiled his suit with food VERY CLEARLY and THEN met Kamala (at least according to Claudia) which is a very serious insult. In Mexican culture, if you arrive looking shabby when you normally look perfect it's the same as calling whoever you are meeting a POS. Obrador gets a solid pass. There's no question he has nothing for Biden and I am very happy to see the new Iranian president does not either. Which leads to the following: Israel is doing back flips over Iran right now.

HA HA, the article I linked above said he rigged the election. LET ME DEFINE RIGGING: Rigging an election according to the tribe that has a habit of stealing elections is "Making the vote accurate rather than 'fair'". If you "rig" an election according to THEIR definition, it means they did not get their guy in no matter how hard they tried to get the dead to vote. When you turn back their fraud, it's called "rigging" the election against them. And that's not "fair!"

Iran has too many ethical people leaning left, there's no way a hard line right winger would EVER steal it, no, he'd instead see the gallows. If you doubt Iran has plenty of leftward lean, consider the fact that they pay 100 percent of the cost of a full sex change for anyone who wants to "trans" and it has been that way for a LONG LONG time. There's no way a right winger would steal an election there, EVER.

I called this right: Nut Yahoo has been replaced by someone even worse, and this report proves it

The report goes over : Buehshehr went into emergency shut down, (probably because of a Stuxnet attack), fine timing with that -

The report claims Iran's new president is a killer who is talked about "how people who suffered at his hand in Iran" at the end of the Iran/Iraq war. Only, NO. There's no way that could have happened. The reality is that Iran was 100 percent defensive in the Iran/Iraq war which saw Iraq be used as a puppet state by the U.S. Iran never crossed into Iraq for that. Iran won that war, and this report is trying to pin dead Iraqis as Iran's fault when they all died on IRANIAN TURF, IN IRAN, WHERE THEY DID NOT BELONG after killing Iranians.

The report is doing the equivalent of blaming Americans for shooting Chinese backed by Russia somewhere in Louisiana.

The report mentions low voter turnout for Iran's last election - FACT: Iran had "low voter turnout for 2 reasons. 1. Covid, and 2. they secured their elections and prevented the dead from making it close to 50/50. Half the voters, the fake half did not show up, therefore "turnout was low".

Read over the linked report. Consider it all lies except for the scrammed Iranian reactor, which was sucessfully shut down probably because after Fukushima they have full analog readouts and fully analog over-ride for shutdowns so attacks get noticed and addressed before there is disaster. Iran has been attacked this way repeatedly. It's not like they are stupid about it.

But the new Israeli leadership, which is screaming about how bad Iran suddenly is, expects YOU to be stupid. Don't fall for it.


Israel has a rabid conehead in charge now, (the cameras are working overtime to conceal that cone) and Nut Yahoo was a tribble by comparison.

Israel's EVIL conehead is so desperate for war, he's faulting Iran for what they did to invading Iraqis in their 100 percent defensive fight against Saddam who was backed by the United States 35 years ago.

Yes, Saddam fought hard for the U.S. as an American puppet and how was he thanked?



COVID VAX: American Airlines is so short pilots due to the vax that they are cutting flights.

70 - 80 flights per day canceled. That equals how many dead pilots?

First, British airways announced pilot deaths and refused to admit it was the vax. Then India airways announced pilot deaths and did the same. Now American airlines skipped mentioning pilot deaths, and cut straight to canceling flights. FACT: if a passenger cannot fly after the vax, how can a pilot? NO BRAINER THERE.

There was never any family featured as a fixture on Sesame street before, why did they start with this???

It is easy for the girl to smile when it is only acting!

Trans New Zealander to compete at Tokyo Olympics


And 4 years after this video posted (possibly more than 4 years after these scientists spoke), they GOT IT. Claudia told me earlier today about how Bill Gates was PISSED with Obrador and wanted Obrador dead over Mexico's Cancina vax (for Covid) which was done because the shots Gates backed were not trustworthy. This video gives enough info to clearly explain why Gates is SO MAD at Obrador - Gates wanted to own EVERYONE.

One of them says "once we get our biological computers inside the cells, we can trigger the death of the cells". Look at his face. He's the director of research. He's clearly deviant, it just emanates from him. That guy without question did the work that went into the Corona shot. No, I do not trust that. He's clearly a demonic sleazeball.

Soviet woman Destroys critical race theory, "equity" and "wokeness" and "fairness" in front of school board

She lays it all out, stating that the only goal of this was to destroy achievers and she calls it Bolshevik outright.

stating clearly it

I was wrong on a supreme court decision

Though I nailed the Obamacare outcome, I also predicted the supreme court would force the catholic church adoption agency to give kids to queers. They voted against that. However, that won't un-steal the election and I guess they have to curtail the hatred towards themselves somehow. So they'll allow one little adoption agency to live to score brownie points while they continue to fail on the big one by aiding and abetting subversion via rigged elections. Besides, on a national level their fail with Obamacare, (perfectly predictable) is a far bigger issue than this little (totally obvious it had damn well better be a win or they are vetted) win for the kids.

Don't eat this supreme brownie. It was sourced from the septic tank and served up by sh*t. Who cares if they got the frosting right on this. They cannot simply do a clean sweep and get away with it I guess.

Man who is "trans" claims doctors offered abortions both times he was pregnant

Cringe alert, you cannot unsee this

And no, they were not real pregnancies, guys still cannot get pregnant. However, the so-called "elite" are claiming women who trans to men and become pregnant are actually men having babies. Only, NO.

Coming soon: Hate speech laws to protect animals. They are moving from "racism" to "specieism"

I removed my comment on this, if you are aware, remember, God does not see fit for **** to be served by animals, so he created animals for them in human form, THE ***. And soon, because to them we are animals, we will not be permitted to declare ourselves to be anything more valuable than crows and possums.

Obviously there is backlash over this, and people are already saying this will never happen. But that's exactly the same response that happened 45 years ago when "they" started bringing the gays out of the closet. Now gays are celebrated in childrens programming on channels "they" own. In 45 more years, they'll have this.

Why do you think you are above the crows? You have crows feet, and WE MADE YOU THAT WAY after all those shots. HOW DARE you look down on what we call "animals", that is our exclusive right!! WE MADE YOU WHAT YOU ARE, HOW DARE YOU!!!!

Quite literally, that really could be the not so distant future.

They lied (not that we did not already know) Cells DO write RNA (the vax) into DNA

I have said this on occasion all along. It is not an RNA vax, it is a DNA vax because that's the only way iron spikes can grow in cells that were never made to make them. The DNA has to be physically altered enough to change what the cell actually is to cause anything like that to happen. You can damn well bet They knew this all along, and all along they fully intended to cause permanent changes to the human genome with the corona vax.

It has happened. And it will take the next generation to show the mods, (what few manage to be born).

There are 10 years left for the "centenial" or "igen" generation. I suggest cutting that generation short and proceeding immediately to something like "Generation app" because that's what your body is after the shot. Perhaps you'll even need to pay licensing fees to have kids, because you'll be spawning another incident of the vax maker's "program".

OMG, they drained Oroville into the ocean so completely they have to shut the hydroelectric facility down for the first time in the dam's history.

There is no drought outside of normal. 3 years ago, all the dams were chock full, above max, which equaled enough for 7 years of irrigation with no rain at all. How could all the water be gone??

The enemy of the United States (and you know who that is, unless you're stupid and thinks it is china - ) THE ENEMY used the same subverted systems they used to steal the election to drain all of California's water straight into the ocean. There should be 4 years of water left. Where did it go?

Watch CNN sit there and lie. They know damn well where the water went, and all they do is LIE LIE and LIE.

Actually, after reading the CNN report, they did WORSE than lie, they said NOTHING AT ALL about what the actual reserve capacity of the reservoiors is, how long they are supposed to last, that they were above capacity three years ago and there's no way there should be a shortage at all, and that all the water got flushed to "preserve the delta smelt" which is an invasive bait fish that ought to be eradicated!!! They said NOTHING AT ALL. Gosh, the dams are empty. And no one knows why, other than a drought that was planned for by the people who set up the dam system in california. When they set up those dams, they never expected the enemy to simply drain them, obviously.

They could keep the delta smelt alive without impacting water reserves AT ALL if that was a legit cause, but it is not legit, it is merely a scarecrow of destruction.

OUTRAGE: CDC claims Whites are racist because blacks get injured in car accidents 3.5x as often!!!

People need to wake up and realize ALL OF THIS is coming from the local synagogue and GO THERE to stop it or we are screwed. The Jews fully intend to fabricate anything at all possible to trigger the annihilation of that which they have singled out as "satan", which is white America.

There's no honesty in any of it. They cannot be honest and fight fairly and win. There's no way to do that, so they sit and dream and fabricate anything possible, no matter how ludicrous. THE LATEST:

Only the Jews would push such a hoax at an official level. When a society is "racist" because the victim group is the victim because they don't wear their seat belts or don't look before crossing traffic IT IS CALLED SUBVERSION.


The sad thing is the Jews know the truth in all this left, right, upside down, backwards and even skewed, and they lie about it, inventing the most ridiculous horse shit for the sole purpose of destroying whitie. Whites absolutely BLEW the Jews away with their accomplishments across the board and they HATE whites for it. They are supposed to be the champs, they are the CHOSEN after all!!!

FACT: THERE IS NO SYSTEMIC RACISM AGAINST ANY MINORITY. If there was, they would not need to invent this BULLSHIT.

By the way, the report stated latinos go to the ER less often than whites after accidents AND I KNOW WHY. Because Claudia is ALWAYS telling me to put my seat belt on, Latinos are TOTALLY into that!!! But there are LOTS of cows!

UPDATE TO BELOW: British airways has confirmed FOUR pilot deaths in the last week, but is denying the deaths are vaccine related.

Don't worry, the "fact checkers" are on this!!! Don't worry, British Airways has 4 pilots die every week, especially the ones that have to pass physical exams and tests and be proven to be in absolutely perfect health. Everything is normal.

Let's do the math on that.

4,300 pilots. 4 dead in a week. 365 days in a year. That's an average pilot life span of about 18 years. How likely is it for that many people in certified good health to die? My guess is on average, ZERO (zero) pilots die per month. My guess is that on average, maybe up to 5 die per year. Where would 4 deaths with that many people per week be normal? On a cruise ship with elderly passengers. Cruise ships have morgues, and with 5,000 people aboard, about 4 people die per cruise, all elderly. The death rate simply does not fit for airline pilots.

British Airways pilots are dying after the corona shots

British airways is so bothered by this that they are considering firing the 85 percent of pilots that have already been vaxxed. Too many mid-flight adverse reactions and 3 deaths in the last week. You cannot have that on a plane and THEY KNOW IT.

Fly British airways, where they MANDATE pilots getting the jab and then fire them because they are no longer fit to fly!!!

IT HAD TO GO THERE. IT HAD TO. Because if passengers are getting banned in some countries from flying after the jab, I'd say the pilot is a LOT BIGGER DEAL.

SOLUTION: Put all the 737's back in service and blame that!!!! The FAA did allow them to take off for a short while but then grounded them again for another reason!!! So just have ALL OF THOSE sent to British Airways so they can use them and blame the plane, rather than the shot!!!

Believing this corrupt supreme court, which enforced the coup on this nation - believing they will ever do anything again that actually benefits the American people in a meaningful way is like praying to "My Little Pony"


China - Blacks not allowed: First McDonalds, and now A Chinese mall

Look at that pathetic white woman at the end. The titles given to what the Chinese are saying are false. China is not blaming blacks for Coronavirus. They were actually saying something else, probably on the order of (you guess) and the people who took the video did not want to admit it.

Want real racism? This is it!.

There is a push now, to as the Bible says will happen, de-platform Satan and deny he exists.

I have encountered a rational effort to deny satan even exists, and to fool people who have not read the bible enough. This has to be addressed, because it is quite well implemented legal snake speak that might fool a few of my readers.

Additionally, I'll also add before getting into this that most of the printed bibles available now are fake and you can assume anything found online is. Good copies are still available but I don't trust anything online where I have seen LOTS of changes, even to the KJV.

So now that I have posted the new approach to denying satan is an actual demon I'll debunk it:

All that is needed for this is 3 verses from the KJV:

7 And there was war in heaven: Michael and his angels fought against the dragon; and the dragon fought and his angels,

8 And prevailed not; neither was their place found any more in heaven.

9 And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world: he was cast out into the earth, and his angels were cast out with him.

That is quite clear. The Devil, Satan, Serpent, Dragon are all referring to the same entity, and though Lucifer is not named in those verses, that's the formal name. The formal name is Lucifer, the knick names are various. DO NOT FORGET THAT, even the KJV lays it all out and it is THE REFERENCE, above all others. When the old testament portion of the KJV was compared against the dead sea scrolls, it was only a couple words off. They confirmed the KJV is completely legit. There's no reason to go beyond that. Satan is an entity, not a "fictional adversary" or anyone who "happens to be an adversary".

And now, I'll take this the whole way:

The Jews have corrupted the meaning of their primary book - the Torah - with over a hundred thousand pages of legal speak, twists, and interpretations in their Talmud, where every good thing they were supposed to be gets subverted. Via this, they have done exactly what that guy in the video does, - they have twisted the real meanings of things to eliminate Satan as an entity, and convert the literal name to a word meaning "adversary" and they consider their "adversary" to be US. They literally walk around calling us satan and are destroying us as if we were, with zero consideration for us.

They have done the legal speak well. Here's how - All the Hebrew names people have can be boiled down to root words that have a meaning. Adam means "man of the earth". John is a word meaning "graced by God". Luke is a word meaning "the one born at Dawn". The bottom line is that many of the biblical names were actual words in hebrew. To take this fact and twist it in a way that takes the name assigned to an actual entity and saying the name is only a word, and therefore the entity does not exist is the sleaziest legal speak there can possibly be.

Do not get fooled by this kind of horse crap!!!!

Yes, the guy in the video sounds rational and reasonable and gosh, you "really learned something watching that", only NO, it is PURE GARBAGE.

Business insider posted something ominous

I only occasionally hit them, but today they had something spooky, "end of the world type spooky" with regard to something Putin said. Why on earth would he say this after meeting with Biden:

""There's no happiness in life," Putin said. "There's only a mirage on the horizon, so we'll cherish that."

What would cause Putin to say that? A death shot? He played a little politics afterward saying obvious lies about "a spark of hope in Biden's eyes", (which would obviously be impossible in his condition) and that was it.

Putin literally said "we should cherish a mirage on the horizon." That's the exact same thing as saying "The only thing we have to look forward to is false hope, there's no happiness in life anymore". Why would the leader of Russia say that??

Here. Let me translate that: "There's a killer asteroid on the way, but the weather is nice, let's pretend all is well and have a picnic!

It's Christmas at ground zero, there's panic in the crowd. We can trim the tree as we dodge debris underneath a mushroom cloud!

Here is a suspicion I am having: The spike protein the vax is forcing everyone who gets the shot to make is spreading out of control to the un-vaccinated, right when the people who caused this lied and told everyone they could take their masks off and/or stop being careful. It has to be something at that level of bad.

The definition of insanity:

Supposedly Mike Lindell has a new video and he believes the supremes will rule 9-0 to re-instate Trump after he releases it.

INSANITY= Repeating the same action over and over again and expecting results that are completely different than what happened all the previous times. The fact it is accurate info is MEANINGLESS.

There has to be clarification given on what is a legit magnet stick video

I am seeing hoaxers do de-bunkable videos now, to discredit the whole topic and the hoax videos are obviously being boosted to the top. Here is how to spot a hoax:

For magnets sticking to people: Boobs, face, and collar bone area do not count. These areas are naturally sticky and mostly not vertical. A legit, acceptable magnet stick vid is to the arm, legs, back, when they are COMPLETELY VERTICAL. Tummy shots don't count because we all know by now approximately how vertical an American belly is.

Magnets sticking to meat:

Anything sticks to meat with ease. Meat is sticky and it does not matter what type. A legit magnet stick vid for meat is:

One where the meat is still in the plastic wrapper, and the plastic wrapper is completely dry with no condensation. The meat must be fully vertical or upside down. If there's legit magnetism the magnet will stick through that thin plastic no problem. If there is not, it will slide right off and GUARANTEE, if after it is proven to not stick with the plastic on, it WILL stick with the plastic off. That's just the way meat is, do not be hoaxed.

The people running the "get everyone the shot" warfare are excellent at running discrediting psy ops, and people need to keep an eye out for them. I have tested the methods described here, and have confirmed all of this, it is not a guess. The magnets really can be hoaxed one way, and are impossible to hoax the other way. Don't be fooled into passing along easily discredited B.S., it is exactly what "they" want.


Take a look at the hoax headlines on Drudge

After telling the cold hard truth in THIS BROADCAST, Sky News, which is Australia's CNN (lucky Australia, they had something real) is now probably going to be flushed.

They went where no media outlet has gone before, not even supposedly real ones like OAN and Brietbart. And it needed to be said. And they will pay for this.

Here is some text from the Corona vax broadcast that triggered this change at Wikipedia and everywhere else.

Some text from the broadcast:

"It's just another sign that there really is not anyone in a position of authority you can truly trust anymore. And therein lies the problem - The global push is towards empowering the clearly un-trustables with even more authority and control over all of us. These people are already re-writing history to suit themselves. They are poisoning our children's minds with harmful and damaging concepts about race and gender fluidity in schools. They are now insisting we submit to a global medical experiment while making little more than educated guesses as to why.

For decades, these totalitarians have been taking baby steps towards their final goal but now they are sprinting towards the finishing line sensing their victory is near at hand.

It is now up to us to put a stop to this madness. We can't rely on government to do it for us because the government is actually a big part of the problem. We need less of them, and more of us - us individuals who ought to be able to make decisions for ourselves, who can wean ourselves off of government dependency and pursue a mission of individual autonomy and de-centralized authority.

WATCH THIS BROADCAST. THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT YOU HEAR WHEN IT IS TOTAL DOOM and if America's media had any credibility at all, they would be saying this, and ONLY THIS, on repeat!.

I don't expect this to last, and have it saved. I'll post this if suddenly "this video has been removed by the uploader" appears.

BEYOND PRICELESS: A not hoaxed close up of Biden's flash cards, crystal clear with a high grade super telephoto

At the top of the card: BLAME TRUMP. I kid you not!!!

A great camera operator with a great camera totally milked a prime opportunity. Priceless.


People are too likely to recover from the shot, probably via the same mechanism cells use to repair DNA damage from radiation, so they have to keep hitting people repeatedly to make damn good and sure it really sticks.

UPDATE: There is no magical five leaf fairy juice you can drink to fix this. Hoaxers are going haywire. Don't believe any claims for "help in recovery" or a "cure", it is obvious very unscrupulous people are trying to capitalize on false hopes.

FACT: This shot is a totally new event. Absolutely no random herbalist or anyone else has jack for treating this, and because it is DNA based, they never will.

I know of 4 deaths that are directly attributable to the shot, and ZERO from Covid. Here they are: 2 people at the church in Mexico City died from the shot, a family member died from the shot, and a husband of one of Claudia's co-workers died from the shot. There is a fifth one in the family I did not get the details on. All were perfectly fine before the shot, all died after the shot and all were registered as COVID deaths.

3 were corona shot deaths, and one was a flu shot death. The flu shot is probably compromised the same way, heck, they are on a roll, why not screw them all now???

After that, the family got smart. NO MORE SHOTS.

Let's put this straight: There are no natural remedies for the corona shot

The shot inflicts genetic damage. That is how it functions. You are not going to fix that with a brew of wormwood and elderberry (or whatever else con artists dream up.)

Hoaxers will jump on the bandwagon to profit from any calamity, and that is happening with the corona shot. I'll say what might fix the problem the vax makes, straight up -

In some people - those who are either very robust or did not get hit too hard for some other reason - their own genetic correcting mechanisms will eventually correct the shot out of their systems, and eventually, due to this, they will not be magnetic anymore. The magnetism is the result of genetic modifications telling the cells to do something they were never designed to do and in some cases, some people will have adequate repair mechanisms to fix what the shot does, at least partially.

An example of another type of DNA damage your cells can fix: Radiation is another way DNA damage can occur, and your cells get damaged by radiation ALL THE TIME. Every minute of every day of your life - and your body has DNA repair mechanisms that stitch the DNA back together when it gets damaged. Radiation damage is not usually permanent. If it does not go overboard, you eventually get over it. We live in a radioactive universe, get bombarded with ionizing radiation all the time, and our bodies were designed to cope with it. There are some regions of Iran where natural radiation is 250 millisieverts per year and the people living in those zones do not turn into mushrooms. They are fine.

The reason why they wanted a continuous string of booster shots was to circumvent having people self-heal and get over it. Many people will not self heal and I would not get the shot expecting I would but if people's DNA is always checking for errors and fixing itself, lots of people are going to be able to self repair with no intervention at all. This will give the con artists plenty of fodder to "prove their cure worked" when it did nothing at all.

There will always be permanent damage from a shot that deliberately attacks your DNA, but if you get over it "enough", the shot will not do the job they intended for it to do. After (quite a while) those who got only one jab might at least sort of be OK.

I drifted off topic. Here is the point: NO ONE is going to come up with a remedy for this shot. Save your grief and money. Don't send anyone a dime. If you are ever going to get over it, it will happen automatically. And if you are lucky, especially if you did not go in for the second shot, you might eventually pull out of it. But the more shots you get, the less of a reference your body will have for returning back to normal. Whether or not you can ever recover will depend only upon how badly the shot damaged your DNA to begin with and how well your body copes with it.


Regardless of what they say, THIS IS A DNA SHOT.

Don't expect some con artist's miracle "natural cure" to fix this, you CANNOT change the operating system of a computer by spilling pepsi on it!!!

Chinese nuclear plant -

Nothing is going on there. I know some people hopped on the fear bandwagon but the gases that are "building up" are not actually "building up" (as in pressure) and they are noble gases. There is a small anomaly but it is within design limits. Remember chemistry? what a "noble gas" is? Helium, Neon, Argon etc?

There is nothing going on (unless the chicoms are lying) and that's always a possibility but I doubt the French, who designed the reactor, missed anything.

That's all I'll post. It is simply a non-story. Somthing like Zhou did not get his hands clean enough 5 months ago during refueling and 0.05 grams of paint thinner are now part of the process in the reactor. And I made that up. In other words, NOTHING.

I guess I should not skip stuff like this because people are curious but when I see a non-story I automatically skip it.

What would be a story, or what could turn this into a story is if the FBI (which is rumored to have disappeared in DC but that's a total rumor, thrown in with all the rest of the "empty building" stories in DC (plausible after a coup) - if they and co-horts are stuxnetting China. That could be done, and would lead to anomalies. But I doubt that's what is going on.

Well worth a watch: FOX news reporter calls out Fox News for corrupted reporting live on air and mentions project veritas

30 second video. She looks a little out of place pushing it and might soon be dead. Definitely out of a job.

Widely accepted "smartest man on earth" Chris Langan tweeted this.

Update: This is legit, it is still up on his GAB.


After his horrible appearance at the G7, Kamala will be scam president #2. It is happening, the timing is not yet known in detail.

So we will have a 1 percent popular DEM candidate be president after a fraudulent election. That fits. It had to go there.

Trump will NOT be returning, EVER. No matter what people say about him returning in July.

During the communist takeover of Russia, there was a Q-anon equivalent dropping seeds of hope and many side psy ops launched to give the public hope that the tsar would activate the forces and save them. This caused the Russian people to sit on their butts waiting for a savior, when the only ones who could have saved it was they themselves. Same bag of tricks, different century.


The Twitter account that has this is in Spanish but the video is in English.

Here is Roger's take: We deny you the right to use our song, "another brick in the wall" to promote and build your wall of censorship, F*** YOU.

He then states that they kept full control of the rights to their music, and therefore have the power to say NO.

CVS workers are now paid $6,500 PER WEEK to give the covid jab

I have now ripped this very important video to MP3, RIGHT CLICK TO DOWNLOAD AND SAVE

It is a carefully generated 7.8 meg file that has the full hour of audio in good quality.

Clearly they are seeking people who are morally compromised and will destroy for a profit. To hear this it is at 7:30 in the video. (or MP3 now) It is for real folks. Pharmacists that would normally get paid about $800 a week are getting paid $6500 PER WEEK to do this. The people doing the covid con job know full well the people giving the shots will be witnessing deaths and maiming, and are paying them very well to bury their conscience and just do it.

This is obviously supposed to be a secret. If you want to watch a soon to be banned hour long video posted by a CVS injector who quit after it was well proven the shot is maiming people en masse, HERE IT IS. It's actually a pretty good video and not an hour of fluff.

I downloaded this and will post the most relevant parts if it does not get enough views before being banned.

We DO NOT like your politics, so You set the COVID DETECTOR off!!!

We do not like your politics. Gee, you are in direct competition with one of the privileged, and doing well. You are a GUN OWNER. We think you witnessed something we want buried. We want your invention. You told your kid that homosexuality is not normal. YOU BELIEVE IN GOD. DAMMIT, no matter what we tried, we could not get your house.

YOU SET THE COVID SENSOR OFF. And now we are going to take care of you.

MIND GAME CON JOB NEWS REPORT: BIG BAD evil Venezuela is making getting the vax difficult!

HA HA, what a stupid pathetic attempt to make Americans feel special and cared about! Gee, what an IDIOT you are for refusing the shot, LOOK, people in Venezuela are LUCKY to get it. They are just SCREAMING for it in "the world's longest vax line!!!"

Yeah, and that crack in the I-40 bridge happened naturally too. Yeah, and there are more than 2 genders. Yeah, and the election was not stolen.

The scamming subversive con-job supremes are going to decide on 5 key issues soon.

If they refused to hear anything on clear and obvious vote fraud, and assisted in subverting the nation, It is fairly easy to make a pretty good guess on how they are going to decide:

Issue 1: Can the Catholich church be forced to use their adoption services to hand kids over to same sex couples? Answer: YES.

Issue 2: Can college campuses decide what free speech is? Answer: Since they need to suck up to the public and not just do a totally obvious clean sweep into tyranny, the answer will be NO.

Issue 3: NCAA athlete compesation: Answer: This is not an important topic, but my guess is nothing changes.

Issue 4: Voting rights - FLAT GUARANTEE. FLAT OUT BEDROCK GUARANTEE: The supreme court will do whatever it takes to make sure the vote can be rigged as efficiently as possible. They aided and abetted the theft of the last election, and will continue on the same path. If they do anything that appears to appease those who want the elections secured, it will be a completely hollow bone thrown.

Issue 5: Obamacare challenge: Window dressing will occur, but will be done in such a way that absolutely nothing is impacted in a positive way and in virtually every case turns out worse for the average American. Obamacare is a dream come true for the corruption the supreme court serves, they will not touch it in a meaningful way. But the media will say they did. But reality will play out to zero sum or net negative.

The bottom line is that we are dealing with a court that has been seeded with traitors (in Trump's case accidentally via fraudulent advisors) and these traitors are doing nothing but working calculations to set the "progress" to rage ratio at the absolute max it can be and get away with.

So however that is seen is anyone's guess, there is my prediction.

They are now changing "COVID" symptoms to identically match the cold and flu

If there ever was an article that made me want to vomit This is it.

AAAHH YES!! a TICKER TAPE PARADE to honor all those who "worked so hard" battling a hoax pandemic that was fronted explicitly to sucker people into getting a death shot. Barf. Vomit. Huuurl.

And the leftists who pushed that con job now want an "environmentally friendly ticker tape parade". Puke me even more.

That level of honesty is all we have ever had with this hoax from DAY ONE. And they opted to take it right over the top in a grand finale. I am sure bubble blowing billy who has been hiding out in mom's basement through it all will be impressed. NOT ME.

This is out:                                         This is in:

I don't know about you, but the new one gives me the creeps a whole lot worse than the old one.

We are going to have to wait and see. Nut Yahoo was not as bad as Ariel Sharon, and I really don't expect the best from the new guy who looks like he could easily be a 30+ year curse. WTH is up with that hat anyway? He looks pretty normal straight on, but not once that cone gets pointed up.

It looks like Texas is being subverted by a bad judge

An obvious plant. Forcing people to get the jab or lose their job. IN TEXAS. WOW.

Either that judge is pure evil, or the judge was stupid enough to ask Google about the vax, and then double stupid enough to believe the response

Google has entered all new territory, lying about the effects of this vax in a way that can be easily disproven by millions of people. Can google survive a hit to it's credibility that comes from co-workers in the office that can show they are magnetic? What, will the non-magnetic workers tell those who can show they are magnetized CRAZY because Google said it was all a hoax? Totally new turf. We'll have to wait and see with this one.

A couple readers sent pictures of themselves magnetized, (yes, there are readers of this site that got nailed)

As I said earlier (and worried about) the effect is spreading to the whole body. I will repeat: There is no way a shot that is 1 ML in volume could cause this from what is in the shot itself. People's bodies are being mined for iron and it is being assembled by the cells in a way that is causing this. And even aluminum sticks.

I want to say something more clearly than before with regard to this -

When I said your body is being made to produce something that is a tech we were never allowed to have, (but obviously we had it if not only is it being shown by all of this, but they could actually get the body to make it) I MEANT IT. This is a stolen and hidden tech. And now I will expain this in an un-trollable way:

Trolls immediately stated that it was a frequency, and induction was causing non-magnetic materials to stick, which can be explained via tech we already have. Now, though it is true that there are indeed inductive systems that can use induction to draw non-magnetic metals to them, the problem is that these systems have to be tuned to react precisely with what they are supposed to attract.

How about some perfectly clear layman terms?

Your cell phone produces a frequency while transmitting, and NOTHING STICKS TO IT. Nothing sticks because the cell phone is not tuned to anything around it, for anything to stick that is not magnetic, it's alloys, size, shape, thickness - EVERYTHING has to match before it can be inductively attracted , and then, that which is doing the attraction has to hit the EXACT frequency, wave shape and duty cycle to draw whatever was specially made for it to be attracted. That's USELESS. It can be done, but is NOT DONE because there are better ways to do things. Here is an example of this being done with a plate that is tuned to the inductive element. This takes 800 amps at (undisclosed) volts to accomplish but it is probably 250 volts or more (hundreds of thousands of watts) and is good only for a parlor trick. Clearly this is not what we have going on with the vaxxed. There's so much EMF from the example I linked it keeps the light bulbs lit.

It would take an enormous pile of power to cause inductive attraction to non-magnetic metals, an impossible amount to ever express within the body without vaporizing people. There is therefore, without any possible alternative explanation, tech at play with that vax that we were never allowed to have, but probably had all along, probably since Tesla.

Too much power needed + tuned systems required = this is not induction, it is stolen/hidden tech. TR3-B stuff. The "UFO's" are probably recreational vehicles for the "elite".

I have alway suspected that is what has been going on, but the vax confirms it, there really is an "all new" tech at play with that vax. And when I say "elite" I am not talking George Soros, I am talking RED DOT. And someone decent sent a donation from beneath the red dot yesterday!!! Oh, I should probably state there's a red dot North and a red dot South, with the southern red dot being Israel but they really can't do a whole lot directly from Israel, they are, as with all things, using a proxy.

The bottom line is that tuned systems that use a lot of power are needed (with conventional tech) to make anything non-magnetic stick. If random pieces of metal are sticking to people who got that shot, it proves, in no uncertain terms, that we got robbed of our best tech and having it show up in a kill shot sure is a sh*tty way to find out.

Another reader said the shot is probably setting us up to be killed by an EMP.

My comment: That is probably not too far off the mark, but it won't go exactly that way.

The problem with conventional EMP as we all know about it is that the frequencies are too low to couple with anything small. An Iphone or watch or whatever else small, including a laptop running on batteries is too small to couple with a conventional EMP. Size matters with frequency, conventional EMP is a power grid level worry.

But there's more to this story -

5G frequencies are high enough to couple with those tiny iron spikes the vax causes your cells to build. And I mean they'll couple PERFECTLY. So I'll tell you a different scenario that could happen -

Your 5G phone is likely to ping the magnetic particles in your body and map your body out. There's enough processor power available in 5G phones for them to map where the particles are in you. And it will know what particles are in your brain and what brain functions those particles can control. And then it will own you. It will be able to place everything from thoughts to your heart rate - and forcing body movements - the whole 9 yards, but there's even worse that will be possible -

Let's say you are one tough cookie and are able to overcome what you are being forced to feel, think, and do? Remember the phased array antenna these 5G phones have? You know - the part of the phone that can send off a beam so confined that it is referred to as a pencil beam? Let's say you cannot be forced to "behave". What's going to happen if they decide to off you because of it? With all those iron particles in your brain cells, it will be possible for a 5G phone to send out a 100 watt or more pencil beam to specific particles in a small part of the brain, heat that area up, and burn it to death.

SORRY, I AM AN IDIOT, because cell phones don't have that kind of power, RIGHT?

Well, in the published specs they obviously do not. But has any manufacturer openly talked about ANY of the back doors they are forced to put into tech items? We all know they are there, and occasionally hackers find them, that's what exploits and viruses are all about - I'll just say it straight:

Once you are dealing with the kinds of frequencies 5G operates at, the sky is the limit for the power levels a small device, operating on a super powerful high delivery lithium ion battery can put out. There is literally no limit. My guess is 100 watts would be easy to do. The actual number is probably higher. And with that, they could simply cut your brain in half if that signal had anything to interact with. After the vax, it definitely does.

Conventional EMP would not be a problem. But that in no way means there is no problem.


I will be busy for the day, but will at least repeat a few items because either trolls or the misled are drifting off base:

The magnetism the vax is causing is not in the shot. There is no material available in such a small amount that can be injected and cause what we are seeing. The magnetism is being caused by the vax re-programming your DNA (and it has to be exactly that, they are lying if they say otherwise - ) the vax re-programs people to have a literal iron spike be part of the normal internal structure of of many cells, if not all cells eventually

The end purpose is to get enough of these iron spikes into people - spread througout their bodies - to ensure there are lots of them in the brain that will be there to pick up control signals. The rest are probably waste. All the studies were done on this. All of them were linked on this site at one time or another - they know the vax is devastating and that it has to attack the blood for the iron and people are dying from the blood damage caused by having the body programmed to mine the blood for iron to build the iron spikes. Anemic people will die. Healthy people who's blood reacts by clotting will die. Only those who have lots of iron plus a reduced tendency to clot will make it.

The mysterious behaviors of the attractive fields created by these iron particles may be caused by an entirely new allotropic form of iron we have never seen before out in the general public, until it was assembled that way by cells. If that is not what is causing such weird attractions of even metals that are normally non magnetic, then the attraction is being cause by some sort of weird borg tech being assembled by the body after that genetic modification they at least told us about in a half *ssed way. Perhaps they want transmit/receive to be a normal part of us. It is hard to say. Anyone's guess. We have to decode the lie.



It was all a huge psy op to dupe people into unwittingly accepting something they otherwise never would have.

IT IS ALL A HOAX. People need to wake up to that. If magnets are sticking to the vax site, it is ALL A HOAX. they never told you their shot would do that, did they? Do you think they did not know that? ARE YOU STUPID?

AAAAND they are going to skate on this saying the shot was "experimental". Like hell it was!!!! They knew exactly what they were doing. They probably tested this sh*t on detained Palestinians!!!

If you have not seen this picture before, scroll down to where it appears again and read everything above it and below it.


Kim Jong Un: Kpop is a vicious cancer that warrants work camps and execution.

UPDATE: Rather than take heat for the following (I figured I would) people are agreeing. Evidently the destructive nature of K-pop is not as obscure an issue as I thought it was.

He's not wrong. I'd forego the executions though. A nice stint in the army ought to straighten that mess out.

Kpop really is a cancer. It absolutely will be a major player in the destruction of South Korea if they don't get it under control. Most likely it is pushed and supported by the same new world order crowd that is out to destroy the United States.

If you look into this topic in America's MSM, it is not being stated for what it is properly. Kim Jong might be afraid of it destroying his power base, but what America's MSM will never say is that even South Korea's "free and liberal" government has already cracked down on K-pop several times because it is constantly pushing the limits of lewd and crude in a way that will de-stabilize and destroy even that country. There's no question it is on the tip of the spear in the culture war. I doubt the roots are Korean at all.

I have kept track of this over the years but have not posted about it because it is not a problem for Europe, America, and other countries I focus on.

No matter what perspective you read in the MSM, Kim Jong is right on this issue. It is a direct assault on civilization itself, most definitely fronted by K*KES


Gee, I wonder why. He hit the nail on the head!!

Pakistan is going to disable the cell phone of anyone not vaxxed.

And I posted that for two reasons - one, because it shows they are resorting to punative measures, and 2 - Because it proves how rock stupid people are - see this quote:

""We are doing all we can to compel people to get vaccinated. The government cannot allow individuals, who do not want to get vaccinated, to risk lives of those who are already vaccinated"

QUESTION: Then what is the vax for, if those who deny the shot are "risking the lives of those who got it?" It is time to end this lunacy. How stupid are people anyway? That only proves the vax is not for Corona AT ALL.

I always give my cat treats off my plate.

This time I did not (because it was eggs), and she is much friendlier than usual. Here, I'll be EXTRA NICE, please don't forget me next time!!! She is a super nice Siberian Calico I got from my father in law as a half grown kitten when he needed brain surgery a few years ago. He is totally OK now but the cat stayed with us and was declared mine by Claudia. She looks exactly like the linked picture, right down to the black on one side above the nose and brown on the other. She's prettier than that picture though, much more amiable and happy looking. And fatter.

The report where the magnetic vax was proven on live Mexican TV starts here.

UPDATE: I got the latest on how they are trying to debunk this:

They are saying cells naturally generate a frequency with their movement, and therefore cell phones and magnets stick. Only, not hardly!!! Did you know you could stick a cell phone to your arm without the shot???? Yippee, No one needs a holster or pocket anymore. "Holy Sh*T, I am sorry I took your phone, I did not know it stuck to me!!"

Yes, a frequency can induce magnetism and if timed right can make non-magnetic metals stick. But that does not include a random spoon or cell phone, those types of systems have to be tuned to work. The timing of the hysteresis in the material has to be known in advance and accomodated with absolute precision or it will not stick. That's not possible with the random items people are using, something else is at play here, Trollage FAIL.


On my mind all night: Mexican television proves the Corona vax is using hidden tech, there's no other way

The following will stay top posted for a while because it is important, new reports will fill in below this report.

Cell phones are sticking to the vaccination sites. That's not possible with conventional technical explanations. Take your cell phone and put a magnet up to it. All 3 I tested plus a tablet would not stick to a magnet except for right where the speaker is. Yet random cell phones, in any random orientation are sticking to the vax sites. There is no conventional explanation for how this is happening. If the actual conventional magnetism we are familiar with was that powerful no one would be able to get into a car or open the fridge. Cell phones are relatively heavy and are mostly non-magnetic. WTH is going on here? I tested 3 cell phones and a tablet with powerful neodymium magnets and they did not stick AT ALL.

This needs more testing and examination, however, from how it looks at this point that vax is causing the body to build something that represents a technology we have never been permitted to have access to. There's nothing in conventional tech outside of magnetism that can explain a cell phone sticking, and if cell phones are predominantly non-magnetic, a technology is at play that we were never allowed to have access to.

This is "Philadelphia experiment" level tech, and the vax re-programs your body to build it. There is simply no other way this could be possible:


UPDATE: Claudia watched this. She knows what program this is, who the announcers are, said she does not like that program, and said the announcers were very surprised the vaxxed people actually were magnetic.

She said this is obviouslly 100 percent legit.

This won't stay on Youtube for long! They made fun of the claim the vax was magnetic, called people from the crowd who had been vaxxed, the first two had nothing stick and then . . . . TOTAL FAIL. That's the last thing they want going out over a live MSM broadcast.

You can tell the hosts are scared by this and they cut the segment short, less than a minute after it was confirmed true.

Another update, my comments:

Cell phones do not stick to magnets. And spoons are sticking to people. It seems like anything that has any metal at all sticks. That can only mean the vaccine is forcing people's bodies to create something that is literally a dark technology we have had stolen from us. The body has to be creating a frequency for non magnetic materials to stick, and they are sticking via induction or I'll be frank here, I don't know what the hell is going on here.

If cell phones are sticking to people that is very serious, how much does a cell phone weigh, and how strong would the attraction have to be to do that? And HOW? In the early part of that video they showed a woman showing how her cell phone sticks to her. OK, that might be explained by however that phone is made, maybe it has a lot of iron or something else in it. But the announcer stuck his totally random phone to the guy and it stuck too. I just tested magnets on 3 different cell phones and they DO NOT STICK except for one small spot where the speaker is. That is not enough to hold the phone on an arm, especially in any random orientation. WTH is going on??? There is an attraction being made by the vax sites and it might not even be a magnetic attraction. I really don't know how the announcers random phone stuck to the guy.

And they cut it short. DAMMIT. THEY CUT IT OFF once the result was not what they wanted. They wanted to poke fun at people and ended up eating it. AND THEY CUT IT OFF. Blew an enormous opportunity to put things right on national television. That is inexcusable when obviously they were not in on whatever con job that vax really is.

Well, this takes the cake. Click the headline to view

Meanwhile, a McDonalds in China banned black people.

That's actually not surprising, the Chinese do not like black people.

Remember my post yesterday when I said the massive number of above value home purchases were funded by COVID relief?

HERE IT IS, that's what the FED is operating on, and that's where the money to pay everyone above market value is coming from. I WAS RIGHT. READ THE WHOLE TWEET SEQUENCE, IT IS ALL THERE.

They really are using the massive COVID relief funds to buy up everyone's homes and force them to be renters after the great reset.

No one will own anything, and everyone will be happy!!!

They are installing communism in the most filthy clandestine way, and yes, there are laws against how that covid bailout was done to prevent things like this from ever happening. But you know, the election was not stolen, no enforcement was needed there either!!!

It is called subversion. . . . . Subversion!

Hungarian soccer team refuses to take a knee for BLM while . . . .

The Hungarian section of the stadium booed the Irish for taking a knee.

And WTF is black lives matter politics doing in an Irish/Hungarian soccer match anyway???

The Hungarian team then released this statement - "The basic values of the sport are equal opportunities, respect for the teammate and the opponent. Football may have become the most popular sport in the world because it belongs to everyone. The Hungarian national team not only follows the international rules and norms in all cases, but also pays tribute to everyone - be it an opponent, a fan or anyone else. MLSZ has been fighting all forms of hatred for years as part of the "Hate is not a track" campaign. The rules of UEFA and FIFA do not allow politicization on the pitch and in the stadium either, which the MLSZ not only accepts but also agrees with. The national team will not express its condemnation of any form of hatred by kneeling before the matches."

In the latest news, the Hungarians are helllpping Tehrrorhists build a BOMMMB!!!

I'd bet there are fewer than five people at the top of the pyramid pushing this "take a knee" crap and that Bill Gates is one of them.


The story is credible: Hospital staff ordered (under threat of firing) to not allow any reports of adverse covid vax reactions to be put on file. That's against the law, but they are doing this to keep the numbers down and falsely claim "nothing officially happened". The numbers are bogus. They are NOT being reported, and yes, the medical system is that corrupt.


Ok, here is the entire story (which came to me in pieces), because the guy that did the linked video did not get the entire story. I held off on posting this as fact because I did not have the video.

The entire story:

At over 100 universities in China, CCP agents simultaneously hit them ALL while students were on lunch break and they raided the cafeterias. All the students were ordered out of the cafeterias during lunch, were ordered onto white buses, which arrived in numbers sufficient to take them all away. Anyone who resisted was immediately arrested and hauled off a different way.

I came across rumors of this yesterday but was too skeptical to post it it as fact. But it ended up being true - the CCP just nailed it's universities while the kids were concentrated in the cafeterias and took them all away and it was a huge extended operation that went well into the night. ALL THE KIDS, either willingly or under arrest.

If the video I linked which clearly shows this happening (it's not blurry UFO footage) - if it disappears that was the problem yesterday, even the alt video sites are hunting down this video and deleting it post haste. I don't expect it to survive on Bitchute. I have it downloaded and it is on my server now but I am not going to link it from here because it is large, damning, will go viral and could crash the site. But if it keeps vanishing I'll certainly link it with the instructions to download it and distribute it.

Most likely China is going to war, a HUGE war, and they are grabbing the kids for that reason. Perhaps they are going to a survival shelter. Perhaps they are being preserved. Whatever happened, let me guess -

1. Either China is expecting a nuclear war and is taking the kids to a safe shelter to preserve them and start over with, OR

2. There is a new outbreak or something else terrible and they are taking the best, youngest, and brightest to safe shelter somewhere, OR

3. For some reason there's a "political need" to kill them all or re-program them all (I seriously doubt that, I think 1 or 2 is true because this was far too random and complete)

And least likely:

4. They need foot soldiers for a war. NOT LIKELY.

The problem is that they grabbed both boys and girls, and they were in the top intellectual class that would be necessary to preserve in a war. College is also a bit old to grab for military reasons, where 18 year olds are preferred because they are easier to program. They could get all the foot soldiers they need from the general public. Something else is amiss here, and it is probably very bad.

Doctors surrounded a 12 year old kid and tried to force him to get a covid shot

This is probably happening lots, his mom, who was occupied at the reception desk noticed and stopped it.

"Why I left and I'm never coming back" A STUNNINGLY PERFECT RANT by famous mechanic Scotty Kilner

Careful Scotty, you might get de-monetized for that rather extended tidbit of truth!

In the video he absoutely slays New England for on top of astronomically high taxes, charging people to use bridges and roads. He then moves on to rants about cars, all of it is GREAT.

That's the last thing I ever expected to see from him, FREAKING GREAT!!!

Remember when I said Totalplay dropped Nickelodeon in Mexico?

AS IT TURNS OUT, They modeled the blues clues cartoon drag queen after a real drag queen, and then presented the real drag queen!!! At first I could not understand why Totalplay dropped Nickelodeon in Mexico, and then they did the Blues clues drag queen:


Gag me with a pitch fork, Nickelodeon proceeded to go WAY OVER the top, FAR above what they did earlier on Blues clues. Well well, that cinches it. Sad to say Nickelodeon is TOAST. Now I fully understand why they got dropped in Mexico, (at least on the most popular service) They might still be on Megacable, where every video package has at least one porn channel.

Rabbi offering all faiths religious exemptions for the vax?

Well, I guess that proves (they) don't have to get the shot, and that there's still an "Aaron Russo" or two around.

This was on Big League Politics

Rabbi Offers Religious Vaccine Exemptions for All Faiths to Avoid Experimental COVID-19 Shots

A prominent rabbi is offering to give religious exemption waivers to help anyone of any faith avoid having to take the "yellow star" of mandatory vaccinations.

Rabbi Michoel Green appeared on Big League Politics Live where he talked about the oppression he has endured for opposing COVID-19 lockdowns and mandatory vaccinations.

He is galvanizing patriots in his Chasidic community as well as the rest of America to resist experimental COVID-19 vaccinations.

"I've reached out to fellow patriots. People of all kinds. We have to network and we have to be willing to stand up for each other," Green said.

"One thing I've been trying to explain to people in the (Unmentionables) community is that we have to understand that everything they've been telling us, all the fearmongering, and all the misinformation we have been fed by the government, it's all being done as a guise, as a pretense, for them to inflict tyranny upon us," he added.

My comment: WOW, that's a stunning admission. Aaron Russo 2!!! We'll have to see how long he stays alive.

There's more at the source linked above.

Want proof enemies are running the country?

MSNBC: Last week end I saw dozens of American flags, which was "just disturbing".

And below: Don't underestimate the "trump threat"!

Bugs on the car

We went to a neighboring city last week end. I have to do maintenance on the car so I was walking out of Autozone today with some transmission fluid and wheel grease and noticed the front of the car was totally full of bugs. I have not seen a car like that for years.

Many people in the U.S. have noticed that the bugs have gone away, they are not all over the car anymore and I believe it is probably because of Monsanto. Wherever anything monsanto gets planted, everything dies. There will be no bugs. And I believe it is possible this is because monsanto genetically programmed their plants to be poisonous so they can "reduce the amount of pesticide needed" AND THEN PEOPLE EAT THAT CRAP.

Yes, this stuff is SO TOXIC it killed every bee that touched it, and I'm gonna eat it. You should too. Chop Chop.

The monarchs are disappearing in North America and are down to low single digit percent numbers of what they once were. That's directly because Monsanto products are killing all the milk weed with roundup being a big one. And it must be more than just that, because only a percentage of the land is planted, so milk weed should also be elsewhere, RIGHT? What else is at play here? The big variable nowadays is Monsanto and GMO. So what else is going on? It is not only the monarchs.

Don't worry though, it's perfectly OK to kill off every last monarch in North America because there are still some to be seen in bug collections and imported populations elsewhere, in locations like New Zealand. That makes it OK, right???

I would not call the cicadas a litmus test either. Cicadas grow up over several years in the forest, far away from monsanto. They don't drink from flowers or gather pollen. They are in the category of "creepy crawly" for most of their lives and there's still plenty of those types of bugs. Earth worms are being diminished in some regions because of a predatory slug that got imported but most of the ground dwellers are doing OK still, because what Monsanto is screwing with is simply something that is not part of their lives.

I guess they'll let the creepy crawly stuff live, sort of like those iron spikes the corna vax puts in cells but the butterflies and bees can go to hell.

Remote controlled Germanwings Airbus A320 crash? All evidence points to this.

California drought: DAMS DRAINED ON PURPOSE