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Cornerstone report:
Fukushima SABOTAGE!


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It was all a huge psy op to dupe people into unwittingly accepting something they otherwise never would have.

IT IS ALL A HOAX. People need to wake up to that. If magnets are sticking to the vax site, it is ALL A HOAX. they never told you their shot would do that, did they? Do you think they did not know that? ARE YOU STUPID?

AAAAND they are going to skate on this saying the shot was "experimental". Like hell it was!!!! They knew exactly what they were doing. They probably tested this sh*t on detained Palestinians!!!

If you have not seen this picture before, scroll down to where it appears again and read everything above it and below it.

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Pakistan is going to disable the cell phone of anyone not vaxxed.

And I posted that for two reasons - one, because it shows they are resorting to punative measures, and 2 - Because it proves how rock stupid people are - see this quote:

""We are doing all we can to compel people to get vaccinated. The government cannot allow individuals, who do not want to get vaccinated, to risk lives of those who are already vaccinated"

QUESTION: Then what is the vax for, if those who deny the shot are "risking the lives of those who got it?" It is time to end this lunacy. How stupid are people anyway? That only proves the vax is not for Corona AT ALL.

The report where the magnetic vax was proven on live Mexican TV starts here.

UPDATE: I got the latest on how they are trying to debunk this:

They are saying cells naturally generate a frequency with their movement, and therefore cell phones and magnets stick. Only, not hardly!!! Did you know you could stick a cell phone to your arm without the shot???? Yippee, No one needs a holster or pocket anymore. "Holy Sh*T, I am sorry I took your phone, I did not know it stuck to me!!"

Yes, a frequency can induce magnetism and if timed right can make non-magnetic metals stick. But that does not include a random spoon or cell phone, those types of systems have to be tuned to work. The timing of the hysteresis in the material has to be known in advance and accomodated with absolute precision or it will not stick. That's not possible with the random items people are using, something else is at play here, Trollage FAIL.


On my mind all night: Mexican television proves the Corona vax is using hidden tech, there's no other way

The following will stay top posted for a while because it is important, new reports will fill in below this report.

Cell phones are sticking to the vaccination sites. That's not possible with conventional technical explanations. Take your cell phone and put a magnet up to it. All 3 I tested plus a tablet would not stick to a magnet except for right where the speaker is. Yet random cell phones, in any random orientation are sticking to the vax sites. There is no conventional explanation for how this is happening. If the actual conventional magnetism we are familiar with was that powerful no one would be able to get into a car or open the fridge. Cell phones are relatively heavy and are mostly non-magnetic. WTH is going on here? I tested 3 cell phones and a tablet with powerful neodymium magnets and they did not stick AT ALL.

This needs more testing and examination, however, from how it looks at this point that vax is causing the body to build something that represents a technology we have never been permitted to have access to. There's nothing in conventional tech outside of magnetism that can explain a cell phone sticking, and if cell phones are predominantly non-magnetic, a technology is at play that we were never allowed to have access to.

This is "Philadelphia experiment" level tech, and the vax re-programs your body to build it. There is simply no other way this could be possible:


UPDATE: Claudia watched this. She knows what program this is, who the announcers are, said she does not like that program, and said the announcers were very surprised the vaxxed people actually were magnetic.

She said this is obviouslly 100 percent legit.

This won't stay on Youtube for long! They made fun of the claim the vax was magnetic, called people from the crowd who had been vaxxed, the first two had nothing stick and then . . . . TOTAL FAIL. That's the last thing they want going out over a live MSM broadcast.

You can tell the hosts are scared by this and they cut the segment short, less than a minute after it was confirmed true.

Another update, my comments:

Cell phones do not stick to magnets. And spoons are sticking to people. It seems like anything that has any metal at all sticks. That can only mean the vaccine is forcing people's bodies to create something that is literally a dark technology we have had stolen from us. The body has to be creating a frequency for non magnetic materials to stick, and they are sticking via induction or I'll be frank here, I don't know what the hell is going on here.

If cell phones are sticking to people that is very serious, how much does a cell phone weigh, and how strong would the attraction have to be to do that? And HOW? In the early part of that video they showed a woman showing how her cell phone sticks to her. OK, that might be explained by however that phone is made, maybe it has a lot of iron or something else in it. But the announcer stuck his totally random phone to the guy and it stuck too. I just tested magnets on 3 different cell phones and they DO NOT STICK except for one small spot where the speaker is. That is not enough to hold the phone on an arm, especially in any random orientation. WTH is going on??? There is an attraction being made by the vax sites and it might not even be a magnetic attraction. I really don't know how the announcers random phone stuck to the guy.

And they cut it short. DAMMIT. THEY CUT IT OFF once the result was not what they wanted. They wanted to poke fun at people and ended up eating it. AND THEY CUT IT OFF. Blew an enormous opportunity to put things right on national television. That is inexcusable when obviously they were not in on whatever con job that vax really is.

Well, this takes the cake. Click the headline to view

Meanwhile, a McDonalds in China banned black people.

That's actually not surprising, the Chinese do not like black people.

Remember my post yesterday when I said the massive number of above value home purchases were funded by COVID relief?

HERE IT IS, that's what the FED is operating on, and that's where the money to pay everyone above market value is coming from. I WAS RIGHT. READ THE WHOLE TWEET SEQUENCE, IT IS ALL THERE.

They really are using the massive COVID relief funds to buy up everyone's homes and force them to be renters after the great reset.

No one will own anything, and everyone will be happy!!!

They are installing communism in the most filthy clandestine way, and yes, there are laws against how that covid bailout was done to prevent things like this from ever happening. But you know, the election was not stolen, no enforcement was needed there either!!!

It is called subversion. . . . . Subversion!

Hungarian soccer team refuses to take a knee for BLM while . . . .

The Hungarian section of the stadium booed the Irish for taking a knee.

And WTF is black lives matter politics doing in an Irish/Hungarian soccer match anyway???

The Hungarian team then released this statement - "The basic values of the sport are equal opportunities, respect for the teammate and the opponent. Football may have become the most popular sport in the world because it belongs to everyone. The Hungarian national team not only follows the international rules and norms in all cases, but also pays tribute to everyone - be it an opponent, a fan or anyone else. MLSZ has been fighting all forms of hatred for years as part of the "Hate is not a track" campaign. The rules of UEFA and FIFA do not allow politicization on the pitch and in the stadium either, which the MLSZ not only accepts but also agrees with. The national team will not express its condemnation of any form of hatred by kneeling before the matches."

In the latest news, the Hungarians are helllpping Tehrrorhists build a BOMMMB!!!

I'd bet there are fewer than five people at the top of the pyramid pushing this "take a knee" crap and that Bill Gates is one of them.


The story is credible: Hospital staff ordered (under threat of firing) to not allow any reports of adverse covid vax reactions to be put on file. That's against the law, but they are doing this to keep the numbers down and falsely claim "nothing officially happened". The numbers are bogus. They are NOT being reported, and yes, the medical system is that corrupt.


Ok, here is the entire story (which came to me in pieces), because the guy that did the linked video did not get the entire story. I held off on posting this as fact because I did not have the video.

The entire story:

At over 100 universities in China, CCP agents simultaneously hit them ALL while students were on lunch break and they raided the cafeterias. All the students were ordered out of the cafeterias during lunch, were ordered onto white buses, which arrived in numbers sufficient to take them all away. Anyone who resisted was immediately arrested and hauled off a different way.

I came across rumors of this yesterday but was too skeptical to post it it as fact. But it ended up being true - the CCP just nailed it's universities while the kids were concentrated in the cafeterias and took them all away and it was a huge extended operation that went well into the night. ALL THE KIDS, either willingly or under arrest.

If the video I linked which clearly shows this happening (it's not blurry UFO footage) - if it disappears that was the problem yesterday, even the alt video sites are hunting down this video and deleting it post haste. I don't expect it to survive on Bitchute. I have it downloaded and it is on my server now but I am not going to link it from here because it is large, damning, will go viral and could crash the site. But if it keeps vanishing I'll certainly link it with the instructions to download it and distribute it.

Most likely China is going to war, a HUGE war, and they are grabbing the kids for that reason. Perhaps they are going to a survival shelter. Perhaps they are being preserved. Whatever happened, let me guess -

1. Either China is expecting a nuclear war and is taking the kids to a safe shelter to preserve them and start over with, OR

2. There is a new outbreak or something else terrible and they are taking the best, youngest, and brightest to safe shelter somewhere, OR

3. For some reason there's a "political need" to kill them all or re-program them all (I seriously doubt that, I think 1 or 2 is true because this was far too random and complete)

And least likely:

4. They need foot soldiers for a war. NOT LIKELY.

The problem is that they grabbed both boys and girls, and they were in the top intellectual class that would be necessary to preserve in a war. College is also a bit old to grab for military reasons, where 18 year olds are preferred because they are easier to program. They could get all the foot soldiers they need from the general public. Something else is amiss here, and it is probably very bad.

Doctors surrounded a 12 year old kid and tried to force him to get a covid shot

This is probably happening lots, his mom, who was occupied at the reception desk noticed and stopped it.

"Why I left and I'm never coming back" A STUNNINGLY PERFECT RANT by famous mechanic Scotty Kilner

Careful Scotty, you might get de-monetized for that rather extended tidbit of truth!

In the video he absoutely slays New England for on top of astronomically high taxes, charging people to use bridges and roads. He then moves on to rants about cars, all of it is GREAT.

That's the last thing I ever expected to see from him, FREAKING GREAT!!!

Remember when I said Totalplay dropped Nickelodeon in Mexico?

AS IT TURNS OUT, They modeled the blues clues cartoon drag queen after a real drag queen, and then presented the real drag queen!!! At first I could not understand why Totalplay dropped Nickelodeon in Mexico, and then they did the Blues clues drag queen:


Gag me with a pitch fork, Nickelodeon proceeded to go WAY OVER the top, FAR above what they did earlier on Blues clues. Well well, that cinches it. Sad to say Nickelodeon is TOAST. Now I fully understand why they got dropped in Mexico, (at least on the most popular service) They might still be on Megacable, where every video package has at least one porn channel.

Rabbi offering all faiths religious exemptions for the vax?

Well, I guess that proves (they) don't have to get the shot, and that there's still an "Aaron Russo" or two around.

This was on Big League Politics

Rabbi Offers Religious Vaccine Exemptions for All Faiths to Avoid Experimental COVID-19 Shots

A prominent rabbi is offering to give religious exemption waivers to help anyone of any faith avoid having to take the "yellow star" of mandatory vaccinations.

Rabbi Michoel Green appeared on Big League Politics Live where he talked about the oppression he has endured for opposing COVID-19 lockdowns and mandatory vaccinations.

He is galvanizing patriots in his Chasidic community as well as the rest of America to resist experimental COVID-19 vaccinations.

"I've reached out to fellow patriots. People of all kinds. We have to network and we have to be willing to stand up for each other," Green said.

"One thing I've been trying to explain to people in the (Unmentionables) community is that we have to understand that everything they've been telling us, all the fearmongering, and all the misinformation we have been fed by the government, it's all being done as a guise, as a pretense, for them to inflict tyranny upon us," he added.

My comment: WOW, that's a stunning admission. Aaron Russo 2!!! We'll have to see how long he stays alive.

There's more at the source linked above.

Want proof enemies are running the country?

MSNBC: Last week end I saw dozens of American flags, which was "just disturbing".

And below: Don't underestimate the "trump threat"!

Bugs on the car

We went to a neighboring city last week end. I have to do maintenance on the car so I was walking out of Autozone today with some transmission fluid and wheel grease and noticed the front of the car was totally full of bugs. I have not seen a car like that for years.

Many people in the U.S. have noticed that the bugs have gone away, they are not all over the car anymore and I believe it is probably because of Monsanto. Wherever anything monsanto gets planted, everything dies. There will be no bugs. And I believe it is possible this is because monsanto genetically programmed their plants to be poisonous so they can "reduce the amount of pesticide needed" AND THEN PEOPLE EAT THAT CRAP.

Yes, this stuff is SO TOXIC it killed every bee that touched it, and I'm gonna eat it. You should too. Chop Chop.

The monarchs are disappearing in North America and are down to low single digit percent numbers of what they once were. That's directly because Monsanto products are killing all the milk weed with roundup being a big one. And it must be more than just that, because only a percentage of the land is planted, so milk weed should also be elsewhere, RIGHT? What else is at play here? The big variable nowadays is Monsanto and GMO. So what else is going on? It is not only the monarchs.

Don't worry though, it's perfectly OK to kill off every last monarch in North America because there are still some to be seen in bug collections and imported populations elsewhere, in locations like New Zealand. That makes it OK, right???

I would not call the cicadas a litmus test either. Cicadas grow up over several years in the forest, far away from monsanto. They don't drink from flowers or gather pollen. They are in the category of "creepy crawly" for most of their lives and there's still plenty of those types of bugs. Earth worms are being diminished in some regions because of a predatory slug that got imported but most of the ground dwellers are doing OK still, because what Monsanto is screwing with is simply something that is not part of their lives.

I guess they'll let the creepy crawly stuff live, sort of like those iron spikes the corna vax puts in cells but the butterflies and bees can go to hell.


I am seeing lots of chatter on social media about how food prices have skyrocketed in the U.S.

Mexico and the United States are tied into the same economic system, and food prices in Mexico have not changed. If food prices are skyrocketing in the U.S., it is political.

The only thing that has changed in Mexico is that the American chains are playing games with the price of meat.

I used to buy meats at HEB because they were the cheapest. Now, the "expensive" Soriana is 1/3 the price of HEB, and at 1/3 the price, the quality is the same as it always has been at Soriana, which was more than a notch up from HEB. Soriana does not play around with meat, there's nothing better.

Soriana's cheapest meats vary from "better than HEB" to "the best you can get anywhere". This pack of hamburger from Soriana is rated 80/20 but Soriana, no matter what you buy fries up as 95/5 or better (when it is not on sale), and this was no exception. Sometimes it will be marked 80/20 and you'll get 80/20 but usually it is either 95/5 or a straight up 100. This stuff, at 80 pesos a kilo came out to $1.82 per pound and ended up being the highest grade 100 hamburger.

I usually like 80/20 because it does not fry up dry and I'll usually just eat hamburgers. This particular batch would be perfect for spaghetti because it fries up bone dry.

IMPORTANT: THIS WAS NOT ON SALE. This was regular price.

"Especial" is not referring to the price, it is referring to the type of hamburger.

At Soriana, when they sell 80/20 for regular price, it's really at least 90/10 or better. When they discount the 80/20, it will be for about $1.50 a pound and it will actually be 80/20.

So I have a question:

Why is the same grade of meat now over $6 per pound at HEB when HEB used to be cheaper than Soriana? I ought to go there and photograph the prices. And actually, HEB does not go this high with the quality. The sticker will be on the pack making claims, and it simply won't match Soriana. WHY does an American chain, at it's best, only hit average at a Mexican chain and then cost three times as much when they used to be cheaper, at lower quality, but the lower price made it worth it? And I am not even going to bother with Wal Mart, their meat by comparison to a Mexican chain got pulled out of a Chinese sewer. Wal Mart meat does not qualify for comment and it is now multiples higher priced than Soriana. WHY?

I am a little bit surprised that at least in the meat section, the American chains prices are exploding while the Mexican chains are normal, the way they always were. WHY??? Politics???

Outside the meat department -

Even in the American chains in Mexico, a loaf of bread is the same price it wast 2 years ago, and Soriana started making sliced bread that is phenomonal quality at $1 per large loaf. Wal Mart's brand of sliced bread is a little cheaper but it is not as good and not as large but peanut butter is cheaper at Wal Mart.

Ramen noodles? Same price as ever across the board. Milk, yoghurt, butter and other dairy is all the SAME PRICE it was 2 years ago, it did not budge. Ditto for peanut butter, catsup, oranges apples, - eggs are up a little but only by about 20 percent. Pancake mix went up by about 10 percent but syrup came down. Mac and cheese is normal. Coffee did not budge anywhere.

At the checkout, prices are the same on average as 2 years ago, provided you don't buy meat at an American chain. If Americans are suffering with high food prices, someone is playing games. There are 20 pesos per dollar right now and a kilo is 2.2 pounds. Go up to that pack of meat and do your own calculation of how badly you're getting screwed, that stuff is NOT 80/20!

Election audit update:

Though it is true huge problems have been found, nothing is going to happen. I don't want to keep recycling garbage on the front page. The same goes for Fauci - Fauci has been discussed a LOT lately for his knowledge of many things regarding COVID that proves he was in on the con job and should absolutely be in prison, but there again, nothing is going to happen and I already said all this as much as it needed to be said months ago. I don't care anymore, it is clearly demonstrated that no matter what is revealed, no one is going to be unseated and nothing but the plan is going to happen from here forward unless gun owners make the changes. The same goes for Trump. If Trump looked the way he did during his last public appearance, there won't be a 2024 run, with De Santis or not. It's just not happening. And I therefore don't want to bother with it. They'll have him totally wiped before anything like that happens, so why bother? That's a full Nibiru away in the political time frame anyway, and I don't think nibiru is happening.

And Oh, I forgot: There has been a LOT of talk lately about ivermectin stopping covid AND STOPPING DAMAGE FROM THE JAB. Don't fall for that pile of horse crap - if you had the shot I guess it would not hurt to try it but it appears to me that scammers are literally pushing ivermectin as total protection from the shot, to con job people into taking it. Hey everyone! Go and get the shot and neutralize it with ivermectin!!!! HA HA, not hardly.

Trump will be president again when we see THIS in the sky:

That nibiru pic is exclusive to this site, I had it done a few years ago.

Bezos plans to go on his own space ship's maiden launch

That will be great for marketing if it works. He's putting Amazon completely in other people's hands two weeks before . . . . . .

It is not really a real space ship as far as I see it but it is damn close to being one. I personally define "space" as 200 KM up, not 100 KM. miles. If a satellite cannot operate at that low an altitude it is not spacein my opinion, pure and simple. But Bezos will be close enough for it to in a practical entertainment sense not matter.

I would actually myself define a legit space ride as the minimum Elon Musk has planned. Bezos will be off the ground for a total of about 10 minutes. Here is the trajectory Bezos will take. It barely qualifies and would not be suitable for satellites. Bezos does deserve kudos for going on the maiden flight though. That takes balls.

Magnets sticking to meat?

I don't believe this (yet), but it is something to be aware of and keep an eye on -

I tested the meat we have and this did not work on the meat purchased in Mexico that we have. This has to be tried on the Wal Mart crap. My test condition: It had to stick to frozen meat that was separated from the magnet by the saran wrap. That way it was not just sticking to the meat - everything sticks to raw meat and it is because raw meat is sticky. So in my opinion the test in the video is not valid, despite it looking very convincing, And it could be real. That goes beyond the stickyness I'd expect. But it still could be and is therefore not a valid test.

Take a magnet to the store and test this on sealed packs of meat that do not have any wetness on the package. Frozen is fine as long as there is no liquid condensation and only ice crystals on the outside of the package. Also, if the magnet does stick, put it completely upside down for a few seconds to see if it falls off, if it is magnetism it never will. If it is stuck for some other reason it is likely to fall.

Additionally, it may be that they are putting the raw materials the vax uses in the food supply and if you are not vaxxed, it won't nail you. That is only a guess though, and yes, even though I am not convinced yet my food is going to have to pass the magnet test now. It is easy enough to do. That will not be a problem in a Kosher store!!!

Mexico's elections -

Obrador slipped a little but still held the majority. So Mexico is safe for now, but idiotic commercials about smashed violins and beaten women, (paid for with American cash fronted by Soros orgs) did do at least a little damage by manipulating the minds of mushrooms and other assorted idiots. There was probably a fair amount of fraud involved also, but not on an American scale.

Obrador has been branded a leftist but is in reality mostly a classic conservative. His opposition consists of actual communists using tactics of "displacement" to sucker the fools. His power is reduced after the election, but the communists did not take the country by a long shot.

You know you are dealing with communists when you see slabs of concrete smashing violins, followed with "Obrador's party did that" and then the sounds of battered women, followed by "Obrador's party did that". And the mentally challenged, who should not be voting at all can be manipulated by that. Fortunately, overall, Mexicans are not that stupid. Maybe they scammed a few people in with that crap, but my guess is there was a fair amount of fraud also. Fraud is 100 percent guaranteed to occur to the max extent possible when Jews like Soros are funding ads of smashed musical instruments, the only thing that stopped a total theft was security in the election system.

At least the country survived.

Cicadas -

Yesterday we went to a neighboring city and they were so loud along the way that they sounded like a mechanical failure in the car, which has a CVT and would sound like a cicada if it failed. So it is not only people in the United States with these critters now. They have never really bothered me but it was a little bit weird to have the sound of a failing transmission the whole way. There are none in the city so it took me by surprise out in the country at first.

Most likely the trillion dollar "Covid bailouts" are being used to buy real estate

If you receive a phone call from a realtor offering far above market value for your house, DO NOT ACCEPT because you will not get another one.

Word on the street (every American street) is that homes are selling for far above market value, instantly, cash paid. And it is ALWAYS outsiders buying the homes and never anyoene local. How can it always be people outside the community buying the homes? How can it always be that they are selling above market value? EASY ANSWER: The bailout money - the lions share that did not go to the American people - is being used by whoever received it to buy up the homes in preparation for the "great reset" where "no one owns anything" and we are all slaves.

Think about it - the market is not realistic. Someone is doing this on purpose to corner the entire market and get the homes off the market. If you have a home and are made a big offer, DO NOT SELL, it is a trap and word on the street is that people are accepting call-in offers on their home - realtors are cold calling people and offering HUGE sums of money for their homes that look GREAT so they sell, only to discover they can't buy anything once it is sold because they can't compete with people who have been handed trillions to swipe houses off the market.

So they say no one has money because they can't work or won't work because the corona con job destroyed the economy. And at THIS TIME houses are selling for far above market value? Someone is screwing everyone over if that's the case. Houses should be cheaper than ever absent someone pulling a leveraged and assisted scam on society.

I usually do not post stuff like this, but Take a look at the comments!!!

You have probably seen the video of the guy filling the back of his truck with gas and then driving like an idiot causing it to spill all over the road. This has been posted several places. But what is not being allowed everywhere are the true comments about this from people, which "" is allowing. Dominant consensus: The corona vax wrecked his brain. Well worth a look for the comments alone.

It really is hard to believe this is real. The guy was SO STUPID he did not even try to come up with a way to prevent the gas from sloshing out.

Do not believe "they are sticking everywhere" magnet vids, unless -

There are now videos of "magnets sticking everywhere" surfacing, and all I have seen so far are probable hoaxes. I can get a magnet to "stick" to even myself if I am sweaty and put the magnet where it appears to be straight up on camera but in reality is not.

The first video I saw of this type was done by a girl who claimed to have become magnetic because someone shedded and she picked it up, but all she was doing was placing them on her breast and her breasts stopped them from falling off because anything would stay there.

Another I saw was of a nurse who "had been vaxxed," and she was showing how they stuck to her face, while she was leaning backwards in bed.

I would be cautious about believing such videos, though it was not 100 percent conclusive that the nurse was faking it, the first girl certainly was. Basically the litmus test I'll believe is someone showing a magnet sticking to both arms at a 90 degree angle they can fall right off of, and would have no chance of staying put absent glue. Obviously the video I posted earlier of random people in public being asked to do the magnet challenge is legit because they sure as heck were not walking around with their arms pre-glued and it was clear the magnets were not glued either because they fell right off a majority of people. This is a real phenomonon and having people do fakes will undermine it. That's exactly what those who made these shots would want. Anyone who fakes this unwittingly is only helping the enemy.

As this issue takes off I am willing to bet that eventually people will have magnets sticking far away from the vaccination site, but we are not there yet and a majority will probably die before it gets that far.

My final say on Trump's latest appearance -

Leftists who hate him memed the heck out of the backwards pants. IMPORTANT: There are only still photos with a fly showing, the video has no fly, and it's easy to photoshop a still. It's not so easy to remove a zipper from so many frames of video and this posted immediately after the event. That pretty much cinches it -

I am 100 percent pro-Trump but I also believe he's been manipulated, drugged, the whole 9 yards to get him to do and say things he'd never do or say in his right mind, one of which is the continuous support for the vax. I'd bet he has not seen a single magnet stick vid. He's in bad hands and is being manipulated.

I believe Trump is in trouble. He looks 15 years older. That cannot be denied. He sound 15 years older. He's walking 15 years older. Everything about him is 15 years older and if this keeps up, he'll be dead in months.

I also believe those who want him destroyed are going to bury the pants on backwards, everyone knew Trump was not in any way gone like that and they don't want people investigating how on earth that happened so suddenly absent foul play. I believe there is foul play. And I am not going to change my opinion just because the Daily Caller and a couple others posted a photo of normal pants. The video says it all. You can put pants on anyone and a zipper on anything in photoshop and to get people to ignore something could be seriously wrong the enemy press certaily would. It's not so easy to do that in a video that shows several angles, including movement, including walking, and every frame has no zipper and pants on backwards. That was not a trick of the light.

I believe Trump is in serious need of rescue, and those destroying him have every asset available to prevent anyone from doing anything about it. They also don't want anyone to believe there is a reason to until the job is done.

UPDATE: is claiming this is all myth and his pants are on right and they posted photos to prove it. All they did was post photos where his suit made shadows, and when you do curves in photoshop to remove the shadow, the pants are on backwards. Metro posted another one that appeared to have been enhanced to show the butt seam as a zipper. But it's just a butt seam. This cannot be argued. The way the pants fit says it all. They are obviously on backwards.

This is an important topic because it proves Trump is being handled and the people handling him are not trustworthy. This also proves the MSM does not want people to know this, so everyone asks no questions while they finish Trump off. If you look at the video and then at what Metro posted, it is obvious they darkened the photos to make pushing their angle easier. But the video says it ALL.

The following post is not popular. But this has to be said because it is obvious Trump is in trouble - Trump is not suddenly 15 years older in only 5 months for no reason at all.

If this does not get called out, we are going to lose him.

Trump is in trouble. They obviously got him.

He looks destroyed, was wearing a diaper and they put his pants on backwards and he did not notice. his voice is thin and shaky and at least once he word gaffed like Biden.

There is no way that kind of a decline happened normally so quickly, he's either destroyed by the shot or by something like polonium.

Here he is, wearing a diaper with pants on backwards. LOOK AT THIS, the way the pants fit says it ALL. That' BACKWARDS.

They clearly did that to him on purpose. It is clear he's not able to dress himself after whatever they have done to him. This proves sabotage, even if he did have to wear a diaper now the fact his pants are on backwards is proof those who have him now are destroying him. If he was in good hands they'd have caught that. Instead, he's probably drugged to delerium and they did it on purpose. That should never have happened. It is probably too late.

If Trump takes over again it will be because they know they have him sufficiently destroyed. Sad way to go.

Metro's piece on the bloggers who pointed this out - for what reason did they do that? Still photos they debunked this with do not equal video, a trick of the light does not stay consistent across 1,000 frames.

If people sufficiently call this out, they might back off and he might look OK in the next appearances, it all depends on how they managed to make him look so much older and in such bad shape. People seem to have forgotten how full of life he was, even 5 months ago. He was a plausible companion for Melania, CLEARLY. He's not anymore. Why is he suddenly obviously wearing diapers? He was not wearing diapers when he called Biden out for vote fraud. Communists do this to people, you can't go through a coup like that and come out of it alright if you don't have trustworthy people around you and Trump did not. If this was a test run to guage public perceptions maybe he's not permanently damaged, but if people accept this he certainly will be, if not already.

Giant explosion at steel mill in Iran?

If you come across this story, there was a massive explosion at a steel mill in Iran. However, it was a spill that was likely caused by a crane operator error, and when you spill steel if there is any water on the ground where it lands it will explode. This did not damage the steel mill or kill anyone but it was definitely dramatic.

They had time to run before it blew up and everyone knew there was a problem. Not stuxnet or any other attack.

World's oldest woman located in India - age 124.

I guess they did not dig through the Democrat voter rolls!!! She'll be on them after that shot.

I am not working on the site much right now because I have the car apart is back up

It was completely off the web after the founder died, and now it is back up. It does not look as good as before, and I don't see where the forecasts are.

Vaccine centers shutting down, bring on the aliens

Posts on social media indicate vaccine centers are shutting down because people are simply not going in for the shots. That's not what you'd believe from all the trolls claiming they just got theirs (herd mentality play) and "they are OK" - saline or abject lie - and these types of posts are reaching a fevered pitch across the infosphere -

The reality is that too many people have woken up to the vax. If you have guys from India among the crowd with all of the western countries saying the vax is a disaster and people are avoiding it there's a major problem for the vax agenda and today I came across posts from people who said their jobs at those centers got canceled.

I don't think they hit what could be called "critical mass" with their vax agenda. What they are going to end up with now is a lot of people who were vaxxed dying over the coming months, and they are going to need a way out of this so they are not held responsible. How would they accomplish that type of distraction? EASY:

Project blue beam. Alien invasion.

And actually, project blue beam is probably the old retired name. It is probably done with new tech now.

How to fake an alien invasion, NO SWEAT -

The chem trail layer is at a perfect height to use projectors to fake an incoming alien ship. All they need to do is set up large projectors around a city, and to conceal the fact that it is projectors bouncing off the chem trail layer, all they need to do is have multiple projectors so the beam going up is not visible like a spotlight. multiple projectors would also allow the creation of a completely realistic holographic 3d ship.

You are not a monkey or technologically deprived ancient tribesman. Don't let a stupid tech trick fool you. This CAN be done, and it HAS been done in Disney's haunted house at disneyland for at least 50 years, if you have ever been there the ghosts flying around the chandaleir are EXACTLY THIS. They look real. And it is only a projector bouncing off of fog. The chem trail layer is PERFECT for this.

I know about United's new supersonic jet proposal but am so skeptical I won't even issue a technical comment on it.

IF that gets off the ground it will be what the elites use to claim they are gods as they soar high above the injection stupefied womp rats while the rest of the jets that used to get used are scrapped.

A couple things I came across last night -

Mitt Romney's teen age nephew who was very athletic has blood clots

He's obviously been rendered an invalid and will probably die. The shot was astrazeneca and his mom's comment was "I saw all the warnings people were giving but I trusted the system. You are supposed to be able to trust the system. It is not my fault, my trust was violated".

Another thing I came across last night was a Mex newscast that said a million doses of Johnson and Johnson single dose jabs were given to Mexico and will be administered in the northern states . . . . .

And that's what happens when groups are not kept in check and take control of too many parts of a society, with no checks and balances. They can formulate poisons, adminster them as medicine and no one calls them out because they own the part of the societal infrastructure that would. So Mitt Romney's own nephew can be on his way out from the shot, while other variants go to Mexico like nothing happened.

Lumber prices in Mexico -

There is once again a huge ruckus in the U.S. over lumber prices. I specifically went to Home Depot to photograph prices on Tuesday but held off on posting them. They are on the Huawei phone I don't want to turn on (by the way, the ZTE is going to India and the Huawei is going to Russia - that's who I decided on - another topic - ANYWAY -

A stud grade 2X4 is $4.00 A 3X3 fence post is $5.00 A furniture grade 1X2 is $1.50. The blue phenolic plywood at 3/4 inch is about $35 a sheet (a little less) maybe $33.50 (it was more than 600 pesos but less than 700) Surprisingly, that OSB chip board that's a cheap pile of crap in 5/8 is $20 a sheet, (ridiculous) and the most expensive plywood was 1 inch with a furniture grade side and it was about $60 a sheet.

MDF was available in various thicknesses and I have tested this - it was the good stuff that can get rained on and not dissolve - that was approximatley 7 a sheet for 3 millimeter and $10 a sheet for 1/4 inch. A while ago I got 5/8 inch formica particle board for $10 a sheet (during the crisis but earlier) now it is $20. That stuff explodes instantly at first contact with water with it's life preserved only by the formica.

Treated lumber: Treated lumber is more expensive. It starts at about $7 for a 2x4 and goes up to $35 for something like a 2X10X12. A nice 1X12X10 (those were nice) cost about $17.

Screws are still as cheap as they ever were. The cheap DAP caulk is $2.10 a tube. 100 percent silicone caulk is approximately $3 a tube. 175 feet of single conductor 12 guage THHW all copper wire is around $20 a roll in the brand IUSA. If you want the shitty copper coated aluminum stuff you can get 300 feet in 10 guage for $20 and that's not at Home Depot. I did not check romex because it is not popular in Mexico.

So, that's it for that. Those prices are from Tuesday. They are higher than they were, but not exploded, I'd say the prices in Mex overall went up about 35 percent. Mex was higher to begin with but did not go up so much.

If the prices I listed are not fairly consistent with what is going on in the U.S., you are being ripped off because that lumber comes from the United States.

If anyone wants to come down to Mexico for those prices (I actually don't know how those prices stand up but I think they are substantially better) try to contact me first via E-mail and I will shoot and post a video of Home Depot's lumber section so you can make a better decision, and not a possible mistake.

About Nut Yahoo - the only way he would get cast out is if a replacement more evil was found. Watch what Israel does now.

Nut Yahoo's probable replacement looks like an evil cone head.

UFO's are in the news too much, today even on Drudge

Don't fall for it. I don't believe anything has changed with regard to UFO's but I do believe that in the middle of a failing covid scam they'd be used as either a distraction or a false flag. They obviously exist, I remember now expunged video where they made a hell of a show above the zocalo in Mexico city while it was absolutely packed with people, and they were filmed by thousands of people, crystal clear. Those particular videos (I can't find them anymore,) they were mid 2000's and they proved UFO's obviously exist but I don't believe any aliens are going to change policy just because someone needs a story line. The ones that were over Mexico City looked like mostly spherical bright shiny metallic mushrooms. They were clearly not ours, and the video people captured was CLEAR.

There's no question UFO's are for real and that civilizations outside this earth exist, and no, that does not conflict with the bible, which never states this earth is the only place. Other abrahamic scriptures state there are many worlds. And that is obviously the case. Don't fall for bullshit about them suddenly taking interest, if they were going to do anything they'd have done it after the first nuke went off, not 75 years later.

China in Australia? Independent journalist warned by police to not cover a protest

They showed up at the door at night to deliver a warning for him to not cover a covid protest, despite him being a true reporter that never caused problems. The action was taken because the people running the covid scam did not like his previous coverage and wanted the only perspective to be from "authorized sources". Just like China. What next? Will he be an "organ donor?"

Search results on the following have been suppressed, for obvious reasons.

I caught the tail end of "searchability" on this on time to do this post, and now I can't get anything. It started as "Wow, this is stunning" and devolved to "Did this guy ever exist at all".

Update, if you saw this earlier, scroll past the first image, there is a stunning update below it.


LOTS OF TALK and then nothing ever happens, Until perhpas now - Did Russia really totally dump the dollar?

We have heard about it lots, and nothing ever materializes. However, this is the strongest talk yet, it looks like Russia might actually go ahead and do it. From Sputnik:

"The Russian Ministry of Finance will introduce changes to the structure of the National Wealth Fund within a month, as the share of the US dollar will decrease to zero and the share of yuan will grow to 30 percent.

"Just as the Central Bank, we made a decision to reduce the National Wealth Fund investment in dollar assets ... We made a decision to abandon the dollar assets completely and to increase the share of euro and gold instead. The share of dollar will amount to zero, euro - 40 percent, yuan - 30 percent, gold - 20 percent, pound and yen - 5 percent each," Siluanov told reporters at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF)."

According to the finance minister, this will happen "quite quickly, within a month."

My comment: Really, the only words I see here is "quite quickly, within". And that is still fairly meaningless. But what happens if it is true? My guess - if no one else climbs aboard with this, nothing will happen except for Russia paying extra to do transactions with nations that still use the dollar. It will take more countries doing this for it to matter.

AMBUSH: California government draining all the water into the ocean ON PURPOSE.

I busted them for doing this in 2012 or so - the photo to the right is a leftover from that report. This time they flushed half of a 7 year supply of water during the covid scam. If they are up to this again, well, remember what that guy from India said yesterday? If you missed that, scroll down, if they want a drought to destroy the food supply the way that Indian guy said, they would have to drain the dams, and they are.

UPDATE: Oroville still has about half it's water, but it is indeed being drained quickly

700 feet does not mean 70 percent of water is left, the top 200 feet hold about half.

Lake Shasta is also half way drained

Though it says it is at 955 feet when max is 1067, empty is at 550 feet, with the top 100 feet holding half the water when full at 1067.

FOLKS, THIS IS WHAT VOTE FRAUD LOOKS LIKE - dams in California being drained ON PURPOSE to create disaster. An enemy stole the election, not only the federal election, but the California governor election also. They hate you. They want America destroyed. What will they do as a result? Drain the dams! That's a lot less visible than blowing them up.

If they blow them up, the gun owners will be mad. But gun owners won't do anything if they can drink beer until the day the last drop of water hits the ocean! There ain't no conspiracy, I can drink my F***ING BEER!!! If there was a conspiracy, I would not be able to drink my beer!!!

I am aware of the videos of people who have taken the vax freezing in place

One is of a woman who glitches out and freezes and the other is of a guy who freezes in place while walking and is taken away on a stretcher.

I decided not to post them when I saw this yesterday because it cannot be proven, unlike the magnet stick vids that are completely proven. The pro vax people are desperate to find a way to debunk the people who are aware of what the shots really are, so I would not put it past them to stage these videos.

We could not figure out why Totalplay dropped Nickelodeon in Mexico. We just found out why -

They got dropped because Nickelodeon went full on SJW gay, and Mexicans were having NONE OF IT. Take a look at the words from a song they put out on Blues Clues last week end. I found out about this via The Federalist.

UPDATE: This was so horrible I am serving it from here, because when they take the heat for this, it will vanish. THIS IS THE END OF NICKELODEON AND BLUES CLUES, I always thought that show was run by perverts anyway, something about it always gave me the heebie jeebies and now we have cold hard PROOF as to why.

This cuts off on "families go marching 8 by 8" probably because at that point they acknowledge that if you have a mommy and a daddy, that's ok too. I don't know for sure, that's just a guess because that is always done to curb outrage, and they'll usually, as a mind control tactic, say something correct after the psych slam. The damage would not be complete without it because it puts people into acceptance mode and whoever cut the video off there probably did not realize that was important to note they did.

This family has two mommies, they love each other so proudly. This family has two daddies, they love each other so proudly. These babas are nonbinary, they love each other so proudly. Trans members of this family all love each other so proudly. Some people choose their family, they love each other so proudly. Ace, bi, and pan grownups, you see, can love each other so proudly. All families are made differently, they love each other so proudly.

This is worth canceling Nickelodeon over, and if you cannot do that and keep cable, it is worth canceling cable over and/or seeking out a different provider that does not have Nickelodeon. Like I said - we were surprised Nickelodeon got dropped by Totalplay in Mex, but I think we now know why that happened.

How much damage did this do to countless children who were watching the TV while mom was out of sight posting nail photos to facebook? Probably irreparable damage. You cannot trust children's programming anymore, if blues clues did this you had damn well better supervise that remote.

They probably did this while expecting a majority of parents to not see it.

NEVER allow an unsupervised television near your children, EVER. It is a dangerous weapon, and this proves it.

Iran's largest warship mysteriously caught fire and sank

YOU KNOW, like deep water horizon!!!!

Anyway, it was 70's vintage but appeared to be well maintained. It was for combat support. Iran has two other similar ships, one of them brand new in 2021 so they are down, but not out.

I'll place my bet on space based or aircraft based laser.

AND, ships do not sink like this because of fire. If not the laser, someone torpedoed it (or similar). To sink, the hull must be ruptured and fire is not going to do that.

I am sure the Israeli backed MSM (worldwide at this point) will be honest and straight with this.


These will be for sale for $5000 USD each.

UPDATE: After posting this, EVERYTHING dropped dead. Fine then. If they won't let me have communications to stop anyone from getting these, I'll just drive on over to a few embassies and let them have the phones for the low low price of FREE. What's a totally bugged Huawei Y8S worth to me? NOTHING. It's a 100 percent functional BRICK. Someone had better make me an offer and stop censorship of my mails, or that's exactly what I'll be doing. No, I won't chit chat, cash talks and there won't be chit chat. If whoever did this does not want me making offers like this, don't put that sh*t on MY property I can sell or give to anyone I want!!! My god, you are trying to F*** with former NSA here. How could you have expected anything that would not be appropriate?

When it was only one, I was highly suspicious but had some doubt. But THREE???? HA HA HA HA HA, IDIOTS.

Update: I noticed you stopped blocking e-mail, now stop blocking paypal. I actually need the $5,000 you morons, blocking Paypal won't cause me to cry and say NO to that, it will only encourage me to go after it.

The history of the phones - 1 was used as a modem and very rarely for viewing news sites. It never had an app installed. It is a cheap STF fractal.

1 is a Huawei Y8S that never was used for surfing the web and never had an app installed. The only internet the Y8S ever saw was Paypal via Wifi, it was purchased as a camera and used for that. Most of it's life it did not have a sim.

The second phone is an STF fractal that was used as a 4G modem (extensively, and it shows) and was only used on the web directly a few times to view news sites.

The third one is a ZTE blade A5 2020 that was never used for anything other than Paypal and when new (day 1) it was used by Claudia to view a couple facebook videos and never had an app installed. After that, it was exclusively for Paypal via wifi and had no sim except for the first days when it was newly purchased.

These phones are being sold for investigational purposes and should be considered to not have any other value. You will not be buying a phone, you'll be buying an opportunity to extract what is on them and analyze it. They all received bugs while being predominantly turned completely off (they were accidentally left in standby a couple times) and had no sims installed. Two of them were never even used on the web except for Paypal (and Claudia hit facebook once with one of them) and the third (STF) that was slightly used on the web only hit news sites and nothing else. That phone is beat up because it was taken everywhere and used as a modem, but not surfed with regularly, and then only news sites.

Do not buy these to use, or as souveneirs!!!

The only way HARD factory recovery was disabled on these devices is if someone with military grade software hacked them because they knew they were mine. The first one down was the Huawei, which was explicitly used for Paypal and nothing else. I routinely factory reset it anyway (the power button and volume up method) and was familiar with the process. That quit working three weeks ago.

I then started using the ZTE for Paypal because the power button/volume reset method still worked and was frequently used. This morning it kicked me off, reset, asked me to log into Paypal again, I then tried the power plus volume up factory reset and it was then disabled on that phone too. When I went up and checked the STF, they nailed that one too. All 3 of these phones definitely have a high level government sponsored bug that did not get on them from bad apps or surfing the web. They were explicitly placed by an entity.

All 3 of these phones are valuable for intelligence purposes. When I say they were not used as normal phones it is not a joke, these phones have a completely clean history and were not used for ANYTHING that ANYONE normally buys a cell phone for. These phones were never loaned out, not handed to kids, not carried anywhere (in the case of the Huawei and ZTE) they should never have gotten a bug. The Huawei was never touched by anyone but me.

This is your chance to get a shot at cracking a bug that is probably from one of the world's top governments, probably Israel or the United States. You're not going to get a look at malware from an app, even if it is disguised as such. If it is, that's your intelligence tip.

Since the selling price is $5,000 per device I'll post video of exactly what is going on with these before you buy (scratch that, you'll get a photo of the device only because after this was posted they should not be turned on again or they'll get wiped or sabotaged). I will send them to any entity that drops $5,000 in Paypal, including North Korea. I mean any entity, I don't care who.

They will be kept turned off and I suggest getting either the Huawei or the ZTE because one only hit Paypal in it's entire life, and the other only hit Facebook and Paypal in it's entire life. And during that time, all got hard reset multiple times which should have cleaned them of everything possible. There's no conceivable way they got malware from anywhere other than something very high level that is worth getting intelligence on.

When you receive this device, it should be turned on only in a secure facility that cannot receive any form of outside signal so that when it is booted they can't wipe it or instantly re-flash it with crap. All devices are 4G, they'd flash whatever they wanted onto them and/or wipe their bug in an instant, and you can damn well bet they will if they get the chance after this was posted.


Final summary: All 3 of these devices were used exclusively for work and never hit any site other than news sites (1 item,) Paypal (1 item) and Paypal+1 hit to facebook (1 item) and when I say that, I mean they NEVER hit the Android store or anything else. You are getting totally clean items that could only have a government agency or similar high level bug that was put in place permenently via disabling the button initiated factory resets. They'll still "factory reset" via the android menu, but anyone with 3 ounces of horse shit for brains has enough brain power to know that won't work for real security!!!

AAAND, if this is ordered back by any entity I believe is hostile to this site, or mailed to any zone I consider potentially hostile to this site, it will be mailed AFTER 90 days, when a re-claim to Paypal cannot be made.

Hostile zones: Europe, Australia, United States, Canada, Israel, and any other subverted state I did not just randomly think of right now.

To those who think it's cool to cut everything off to stop this: I'll do it just to get even, without being paid. Stop screwing with my sh*t. Be aware that this is going to happen EVERY TIME you pull this crap. How stupid were you to think I would not notice this happened to THREE PHONES?



There have not been covid deaths in India, all the dead have died of starvation caused by lockdowns. All the dead floating in the river were people who were starved to death. They locked the farmers down, did not permit them to work in any way, including tending their animals, and now they are starving. He also goes over what is going to happen elsewhere, they are gearing up for total genocide and he's already seen this first hand.

I don't like repeating myself,

but a not troll got through with a message about the nuclear facilities I have said before, so I might as well touch the topic again.

He put a new spin on it - many of the nuclear plant workers are likely to have been vaxxed, and are likely to be on their way out. So that will compound the following issue with America's nuclear facilities: WAY TOO MUCH stored fuel

And now my repeat: The following was told to me during an interview I held with the lead engineer that designed reactor 3. This information was a lot more important than anything he said about Fukushima.

In the late 70's when America's nuclear industry was off to a good start, the original plan was to use the fuel in reactor cores multiple times. The "closed loop nuclear cycle" had been invented, where the fuel, when consumed in one type of reactor, looked like fresh fuel for a different type of reactor which made it usable again, and when the second reactor was done with it, it could go right back into the original reactor as new fuel. Reactor cores were supposed to last 10 - 20 years because of this closed loop cycle and president Carter completely and arbitrarily banned it based on lies that those who stole this last election decades later told. People think Carter was a 'do nothing' president, but his ultimate reality will likely be the complete destruction of the continent of North America.

Back then, the people seeking to destroy the United States knew that the enormous investment the nuclear facilities represented would not be abandoned just because they banned the closed loop nuclear cycle, and that they'd continue to be operated by being continuously fed new fuel. Since the second reactor was not available to make the fuel re-usable, once used it got put in fuel pools that were only designed to permanently and safely handle a couple cores, even if the nuclear facility was abandoned. Enormous safety margins were built into the original designs-SO-

They started using the safety margins to store more and more totally active cores, which had many re-use cycles of nuclear potential in them. Approximately one per year, when the projected target was 1 every 20 years or so. They had to install cooling systems to keep the now overloaded fuel pools from boiling off. Now they are SO FULL of fuel that if disaster happens and the cooling systems cannot run, the fuel pools will boil off in a few days. After that, the fuel will catch fire and it will be FAR WORSE than 40 or 50 chernobyls, the American reactors were much larger, and PER REACTOR there's about 150 chernobyls of disaster waiting for the right event to touch them off. Multiply that by 100 or so nuclear facilities with a couple reactors each in this condition and then calculate THAT disaster for the United States.

The absolute best thing that could possibly happen - if our government was not usurped by people hell bent on destroying us - the BEST thing that could happen is for ALL the reactor cores to be ditched in the finger lakes of New York. There's enough water there to keep them cool, they'd be hundreds of feet down in fresh water that is well contained. You'd have to say ADIOS to whatever lake they went in, but that would be a hell of a lot better than losing the entire hemisphere and their disaster potential would be perfectly contained, maintenance free, for millions of years.

That won't happen, somewhere, the same people who made the death vax are absolutely giddy with the prospect of having this particular disaster get touched off and it was these people who stole the election. The coup is complete, and THEY are in charge. There will be no way out of this.

This disaster will happen. It's not a question of if, it is only a question of when. If China took over the United States, they'd put a stop to this and rejoice over the free fuel. Absent that, one day we'll be kissing it all away.

Trolls in the in box and nothing in the news.

I won't call the fact that the warehouse in Fulton county which was housing the ballots for the audit was left wide open and abandoned by a sheriff that had direct lawful orders to protect it, thus spoiling the evidence news. Such events are so common in failed states that after the coup, things like this are not news anymore, so why bother? We know we have been subverted, that there was a coup, and that the corruption is too deep to do anything about if Americans refuse to get off their butts to stop it, and it seems so.

Supposedly there's a new cartel in Jalisco that's killing cops in Guanajuato. I'll be frank here - there's no such thing as the Jalisco cartel (at least there was not any such thing) until the election in the United States was stolen and Biden put in place destructive border policies that helped the cartels blossom, on top of sending them enormous money via NGO's in an attempt to boost corrupted opposition to Obrador so they could oust him.

Jalisco is not a cartel state. It is not known for that AT ALL. So how could this be happening? Blame Biden, he's the only thing that changed and is documented to have funded the bastards DIRECTLY and in plentiful amounts via "non government entities" that are soros backed and are funding the political parties PRI, PAN and PRD under which the cartels flourished in the past. Someone wants a "return to normal" after Obrador started to straighten things out.

A NOT TROLL sent a mail a couple days ago, telling me I was bang on about Belarus.

And I am. So I am going to re-post the following which was posted over the week end and might have been missed by some readers:

The story about Belarus intercepting a flight to capture an activist won't die


The opposition activist was a new world order troll that was undermining Belarus, and should be executed, that's why. Belarus is one of the few countries on earth the kikes have not pile driven into the dirt. I am happy the flight got diverted and their pervert got busted. That's the normal defense strategy for a nation that is still alive, and not some horrible thing that happened. The fact the media just won't drop this topic is cold hard proof a pile of tribal filth got busted.

If the Jews had this happen more often, perhaps they would not actively seek to destroy nations so openly and overtly. You can safely bet that if there's any covert capability growing like mycillium in the fabric of belarus society, the Jews are going to put every effort into enhancing that growth wherever it is not possible to find it and hit it with bleach. Actually, it is possible to find it, but people need to have the guts to stand up and say "it is ALL of them.

So lately, I have had the most horrible feelings and thoughts about their insidious and despicable vax, which is an act so low absolutely no one other than the most filthy sci fi or comic world villains would ever do it.

This vax goes beyond Jabba the Hut. I don't even think the star wars emperor would do this to a civilization, he'd instead be more honest and blast them like alderan. The Jews actually had the audacity to launch a Covid con (and I am not even EVER going to report on this site anymore about how it was the U.S. or China that did this virus - THERE IS NO VIRUS, there is a prion bioweapon that without question came from Kikedom and the virus is a diversion. They have us chasing a virus when it is something totally different being used to destroy us. How can you fight when you don't even know what the target is?

Their damn vax, which is despicable beyond belief merely commands the body to build more of their bioweapon so people spread it and they don't need to worry about getting busted for dispersing it. Instead, they will profit from it.

I am going to cut to the chase here and lay out just how filthy the Jews are with this -

They are SO FILTHY that they had the audacity to genetically modify people to cause growing iron spikes inside cells to be a normal function of the non-jewish body. You can damn well bet they did not take that shit, whatever they are doing in Israel is a "me too" dog and pony show, these a-holes are the masters of fakery and hiding who the enemy is. THAT ENEMY THINKS IT IS COOL TO GIVE PEOPLE SHOTS THAT MAKE MAGNETS STICK BY STEALING IRON FROM THE BLOOD, AND THEN LIE ABOUT HOW THE CLOTS ARE FORMING. Look people, in India where people are not subjected to their bullshit and can see with their own eyes and talk with their own mouths, the people who issue these shots are being attacked and cast out. That's what reality world will do to these shots, A G** DA** CELL PHONE OR BIG SCREEN FED BY THE JEWS IS NOT REALITY. People had damn well wake up soon, and I mean NOW as to what these shots are and who is really behind them or the entire world is going to be toast. And that's exactly what the Jews want.

And I'll tell you another thing that's been irking me - I know why there is a chip shortage.

There is a "chip shortage" because the Jews are stockpiling them so they can be inserted into robots they are going to use as their servants after they wipe us out.

IRREFUTABLE FACT: This shot proves the Jews hate our guts so bad they want us gone. Completely. They are a self centered killer death cult that wants us annihilated. And in their "Jewish only" world, their slaves will be robots OUR civilization made possible. Our civilization was too great for them to mimic, and they want the luxuries our civilization provided. So they are going to have robots do it all, and THAT is why there's a chip shortage, they are stockpiling the chips because it takes OUR civilization, FULLY ALIVE, to make them. Yes, the Jews "make chips" but if there's a shortage when 1,000X more are made elsewhere, they know they can't cut it and they are taking them all to build a stockpile they can use over the coming millenia.

We are all supposed to believe the "chip shortage" is some sort of mystery no one has the answer to. They want us to believe the CIA, FBI, NSA, FOX, CNN and the rest of the conning news outlets can't come up with an answer for why there are no chips, while China's economy has expanded at a record pace after Corona. The chips are being made at a record pace, yet suddenly there's such a shortage Ford and others can't complete their cars. And there's no explanation. WELL, THERE IS, and any time we have these mysteries "no one can figure out" it's just the Jews using their media power and subversive elements to do a cover up.

And so we have this shot that I cannot believe even they, in all their filth, had the audacity to do. Who the hell would have the audacity to genetically re-program people to grow literal iron filings inside their cells and in the process devastate their blood so bad to get that iron it kills them? And this is coming home to roost in irrefutable terms, because there are now people who are having this iron enter the stratum cornicum like I said would happen, and when it does, it appears as black blotches. Those blotches will soon combine into a huge spot, that will grow as big as it can before killing the victim. There's likely to be enormous necrotic sores on people in the coming months. Cells are not made to harbor iron spikes so huge they push on the cell walls and stretch the cells out because there's no room left!!! Who in the hell would have the audacity to do that to people? EFFING WHO????

And I have another doozie to say about this (all of this was going through my mind in Mexico City) - Did you know that these damn iron spikes look exactly like the claw marks for the Monster energy drink? What are those claw marks? They are the Hebrew number 6, AS THEY WRITE IT. The 3 monster energy claw marks in the logo say 666. Why did people's DNA need to be programmed to have their cells build THAT? Would a sphere not be easier??? Of course it would, yet 6 it is. How cute!!!!

The most pressing issue, probably until the end of this civilization will be whether or not the people who got the shot are contageous in a way that makes magnets stick to those who refused.

Self spreading "vaccines" were the goal, and it appears they reached that goal. However, if this went SO FAR that those who refused the shot yet were around the shedders end up having magnets stick to them, the world needs to find out PRONTO.

This cannot be ignored. People who have been around shedders need to make sure magnets are not sticking to them, and if they discover they are, they need to blow the story to the moon. I'll tell you one thing: If this ends up being legit, I am going BSL4, quarantining totally, and painting the door frame in blood like passover.

If the non-vaxxed start coming down with this, play time is over and people ought not be running around all proud of not wearing a mask. You had better isolate and quarantine to protect yourself from becoming whatever this new species is. For many who have received the shot it is already too late.

They are prepping the story line for excusing their way out of destroying millions with the vax.

Skip to 2:30 in that video, the beginning is not really fluff, you will know Israel is behind the con in that 2:30 but it's not needed for the core message.

Let me sum up the excuse they are going to use to back paddle their way out of destroying so many people with that vax. Here it is, in a single sentence:

"We caused everyone's body to produce only the spike protein while not realizing it was the spike protein that was doing the damage, NOT THE VIRUS." ONCE AGAIN, YOU SAW IT HERE FIRST, that's EXACTLY what they are going to say.

They are not going to ever explain how that spike protein is shedding and self replicating in people that never had the shot. They are never going to explain how the hell magnets are sticking to people. They are never going to admit there was never a virus, and the spike protein was the entire weapon. They are never going to tell the truth, NOT EVER, but at least now we know what the story is going to be, and that is: "The vax was experimental and everyone was told that, and OOOOOOOOOOOPPPSSSS!!! WE SCREWED UP. But we warned you, so you can stick it, and you had damn well better accept our next concoction too.

I find it even more galling and more damning that they are choosing to beta test this story line by releasing it on an Israeli program first. That ought to tell you who's in the know, and they just had to fake it even harder by saying the symptoms are mild and Israelis are suffering from them too. But they are not, there's no damn way they did this to themselves, before I pointed out their autism stats were near zero they were 1 in 80,000 and as soon as that story broke they launched B.S. upon B.S. about how Israel has such a horrible autism epidemic. They lie about everything, the ultimate "mee too" because they don't want the rest of us pointing at their numbers and questioning why they are not suffering the same fate everyone else is.

Magnets sticking to un-vaxxed people who were exposed to shedders?

There's a video of this out there now and I am skeptical because the people doing it don't come off as honest, and the manner in which it was done could have been faked. However, HEADS UP, watch out for this stuff to make good and sure it is not true. Because if that video was true (I am not going to link it, if it is legit more will surface if people are paying attention) and if it is true, EVERYONE needs to go to BSL4 or quarantine the hell out of themselves OR ELSE. The only way cells generate iron particles big enough to attract magnets is if they are not coded with their original DNA. It's that simple. This really needs to be watched out for because if shedders are indeed causing this via shedding alone, there needs to be the most massive separation of groups that has ever happened, EVER.

Roger Stone has stated they'll criminally charge Trump before July 4

This is plausible. He has stated the charges will be bogus but that they have to be made to offset the results of the Arizona audit. The MSM has labeled Roger a "political trickster" for stating this, but it is the same press that conned millions into poison shots and aided and abetted the coup on the United States. Surprisingly the Daily Fail, which usually has a thread of honesty totally dredged the cesspit on this topic as badly as the rest of them.

China to allow 3 children now?

This is legit. Why would China suddenly start allowing 3 children? Obvious answer: The government wants a replacement population started for either a world war or a global takeover after the corona vax wipes everyone out. China is not highly vaccinated and on top of that had their own vax that was probably just for show and tell. China is absolutely laughing about the Corona virus, and though the report with that title has been carefully scrubbed, the reality is that they simply did a political culling in Wuhan, cleanup elsewhere, and then continued life as normal. Anything they are saying now is political theater.

China also has a serious problem caused by the one child policy - parents opted to have boys as the one child, and there are 118 males for every 100 females in the most key age group of 16 - 21 years old. There are not enough women to go around. Normally there are 100 women for every 96 men (approximately) for various reasons so that's quite a skew in the numbers. These numbers are a lot less skewed than before (earlier the ratio was about 135:100 and were probably corrected via the corona scam and the destruction of Falun Gong and uighur males. They obviously won't like me saying that, but the truth is what it is, they eliminated a lot of males and that balanced out the ratios somewhat.

So the reason for the all new 3 child policy is going to be an equation that takes into account a large population loss to "political cleanup," a possible world war, and them wanting a population to place across the world in place of people who were murdered by a shot that was supposed to be for "a virus they are laughing at". Hard to believe? Well, sadly, it all fits.


Sidney Powell squelched a q-conference with frost

The military is doing nothing to re-instate Trump, the audits are going nowhere, and even if they did, Trump will not be put in. Just like what I have said all along, what we saw was a coup and until the system that allowed that coup is fixed, the next election won't fix it. It is GAME OVER. The system was NOT fixed, and Americans don't have the balls to do what it takes to fix it, even though they could, overnight if they'd just use their damn guns. They will not. That's already proven.

Inventor of Mrna vax getting banned on Twitter for posting about it

It might be a good idea to walk around in BSL4 gear.

So here we have a creator of the Corona vax getting a comment banned on Twitter for even suggesting people shed, even when he says it can't possibly harm anyone else. CUTE.

Obviously then, the shedding IS THE ISSUE the elite are counting on to take everyone out, even the "vaccine hesitant". If it was not, they'd allow this comment which is saying it happens but is harmless - yet they want a total blackout of ALL statements on shedding, even from a creator of the vax. Why???? It might be a good idea to walk around in BSL4 gear.

Additionally, Claudia's doctor had an office in the Jewish district, where it is practically all Jews. That's suspicious but he did not appear to be one. ANYWAY - ALL OF THEM were completely un-protected outside at the starbucks, which was 100 percent occupied by kippa wearing Jews. If there is a spike protein going around and they are not worried, there must be some other form of protection and it is probably hydroxychloroquine or ivermectin.

I think I'll pop a couple now for good measure.

200 Indian Villagers Jump Into Saryu River To Avoid Forceful COVID-19 Vaccination

May 24, 2021

When the Health Department team arrived at the Sisoda village in Uttar Pradesh to vaccinate them, the villagers ran to the shore. When the team surrounded them at the shore almost 200 villagers jumped into the river Saryu to escape forceful COVID-19 vaccination.

Sisauda is a village with a population of 1500 people located in the Terai, 70 km from the district headquarters of Barabanki.

There is so much awareness about the adverse events from vaccine and post-vaccination deaths in this village that when the Health Department team arrived here for vaccination, about 200 villagers ran away and reached the shore of river Saryu.

When the Health Department team got information that the villagers were out of the village towards the river, they went to convince them.

Seeing the team coming towards them, the villagers could not find a way to escape and jumped into the Saryu river to avoid getting vaccinated forcefully.

This testimony (below) was posted to this site
earlier and this report confirms it is legit.

Seeing the villagers leap into the river, the Health Department team requested the villagers to come out but the villagers were not ready to move out.

Later, Ramnagar SDM Rajiv Shukla and Nodal Officer Rahul Tripathi reached the spot and told the villagers that would not be vaccinated, only after which they came out of the river.

Regional Indian media is full of such incidents. There is a very high level of vaccine hesitancy mostly in rural India.

There are also cases where the Vaccination Team is not even allowed to enter the village. On the other hand in many villages the Health Team members were beaten up with sticks and stones.

In a village in Gujarat, the entire vaccination drive had to be stopped after the villagers demanded that the government take responsibility if anything happens to them after being vaccinated.

My comment: Keep in mind that these villagers have no internet or computing devices or telelvision because they are too poor, and they behaved like this 100 percent from seeing what the vax did to people in their village that had already been vaccinated.

This is what it looks like for the vax when everyone knows everyone and nothing can be hidden.

There is a lot more at the link to this report, it lays it all out quite clearly -

When there's no brainwashing, the people unilaterally say HELL NO to this shot that is not a vax at all.

A full year after I drew the connection to the e-cigarettes China is asking questions

About a year ago I pointed out how the e-cigarette story and the original form of the Covid con job were a perfect match, which indicated Covid was in the U.S. months earlier than stated. Now China wants answers and is pointing the finger at Ft Detrick. If I believed the covid con I might say China is onto something but I have grown beyond that, - yes, the two events were probably the same thing but when a vax is causing cells to sprout iron spikes I think the vax is now a far bigger issue.

It is still nice to see China figure this out however, despite being a literal 20 media years behind the Americans (as usual with everything)

How many people are going to speak up about vaccine deaths of their loved ones if a big chunk of money could go bye bye if the insurance company finds out?

Another 3d AI blunder, Kamala Harris boards a plane that is not there.

Well aint that cute. It continues to all be fake. The original video of this has been banned and Twitter is banning all posts about this as fast as they go up. In the original video she gets to the top and there's no plane but she does not fall.

Here is what happened. The plane was not put in place of the green screen. It was a total screwup.

This is NOT Kamala getting on the plane, but this is what happened, and someone screwed up and forgot the plane in Kamala's case.

Remote controlled Germanwings Airbus A320 crash? All evidence points to this.

California drought: DAMS DRAINED ON PURPOSE