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Fukushima SABOTAGE!

Here is the Biden 3d render that proves he's fake (click to view)

They have done plenty to try to "prove" this guy is president, but it is not coming off very well. I still can't figure out why the American people are accepting this nonsense.



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Texas governor Abbot is investigating immigration facilities in Texas

I have been over several reports on this topic, here's basically what is going on -

There was proof of child smuggling, child exploitation via selling them as sex slaves (for an hour, or permanently) and piles of piles of abuse allegations all being done at an official level, not by the migrants. This got so bad that Abbot has shuttered at least one facility while an investigation takes place.

My only thing with this - It had better be a real investigation or it will be a case of "I just saw the boss turn off the highway, he's gonna be here in a few minutes, hurry up and hide this". An actual investigation will bust them anyway, but don't bet on that happening. And then afterward, back to the games.

It is not surprising that this is going on under Biden, because he likely put his own people in those places and everyone ought to know what the results of that will be. FACT: Latinos are often considered absolutely prime or near-prime "child real estate" and there's money to be made. Don't expect Psaki or anyone else to reveal this, they are, for the most part, in on it. You can expect immigration facilities to become like CPS - a secondary path for feeding children into the sex slave/child exploitation/ frazzle drip/ matzo ball realm. That's exactly where an enormous portion of, if not all the "prime" kids are headed.

Boston doctors call for "racial justice" and giving whites lower quality care

These doctors don't need to worry about me. I have already pegged them as scamming mechanics and only a fool would not avoid them.Remember who they are, your life might depend on it.

No reason to be sympathetic towards Iran anymore

I hit their 4 top papers today and saw nothing but "We are happy with the vote fraud, Biden is great, we are siding with China" mixed with mundane crap about Israeli missiles and not even one mention about the world going to hell under Covid tyranny. A lot of good they are. So if you decide to hate on Iran, do it because of that and not because of B.S. stories like THIS: ISIS bride blows herself up with her child at wedding - Iran has a LOT more than total B.S. fabrications like that to be hated for now.

Ok, Ok, they have their reasons but are going to be eating lead soon because at least Trump was not going to do THAT. How stupid are they to be rejoicing about a little cash when they now face destruction because of vote fraud? The ISIS story proves the CIA is fast at work trying to destroy them and everyone similar all over again.

I seriously was not thinking they'd be stupid enough to rejoice over a stolen election in ANY country, let alone one that's going to blow them off the map once it all shakes out.

Britain's top modeling agency says Most people hospitalised in the third wave are expected to have received two doses of a vaccine


Remember that MP3 I posted that had a doctor warning about this exact thing? HERE IT IS.

TIP: Oximeter readings are subjective

If anyone tells you "you must have corona" because an oximeter gives a reading of 90, you got conned and I saw that in a social media post today. Claudia's oximeter readings are always 100. Mine never hit that, they are always between 88 and 96, and when I am more active the oxygen levels go up, not down. So if I was waiting for a doctor and had a reading of 88, I would not believe the doctor's claims of something being wrong, and you should not either unless you are familiar with an oximeter and that's not your normal level. If your oximeter readings drop below 70, that's something to worry about. If they stay above 80 you're in the clear with 70-80 being a gray area.

I did lots to get my blood oxygen levels up after that and only moved them a couple points (if at all). If I hyperventilate I can get them up to 100 easily but I don't need an oxygen buzz. The structure of people's fingers also makes a difference, if I put it on my pinkie I get a higher reading than my index finger. Lots plays into the equation.

Update to below: The requirements for "corona compliance" basically equal shutting down the church. They supposedly allow churches to run at 15 percent capacity, and then regulate all aspects of that down to the letter. One mask off for a second = shut down. One person walking the wrong way and violating social distancing = shutdown. But they'll let Wal-Mart pack in 3 layers deep!!!


Pre-emptive covering of tracks. It's the fault of the virus!!!

Look at the latest from CNBC - 1 in 3 Covid survivors suffers neurological or mental disorders, study finds

Now why would they come out with this practically immediately after the prion bust? Answer: Because the first early cases of this are now showing up, and they need to lay the groundwork for blaming the virus entirely for whatever the "vax" does. If any of this is legit it is a bad omen, because it would mean the virus was not stable enough to hold onto it's prions and even those who had no symptoms from the original may have a looming prion disease that's going to show it's face in a few months.

For those who have not seen this, as it turns out the protein the virus uses to bond with cells is the prion from mad cow disease, and the "vax" commands your body to make that prion. And that did not happen in a lab . . . . . Things are going to get real interesting real quick, say, from this point in time, 3 -4 months when the first cases start popping up.

My guess is that the virus does not disintegrate in a way that will give people a prion disease when the immune system takes it out, and it is all the vax, because if the virus did disintigrate there should be a lot of cases of mad cow by now and there are not. Maybe the virus does not disintigrate sufficiently for it to take off quick also, that's another consideration for this.

When did they start pushing the zombie meme, to get people ready for this? The Walking Dead first aired in 2010, which was also the first year any documentation for Covid-19 showed up, and at that time it was supposed to be a prion disease that caused people to go "mad cow" and die. Having it be a coronavirus infection was a twist in that plot, with the coronavirus carrying the actual prion. It all ties together. Watch the video Alex released that is linked down the page a ways. They have been working on this since 2010 and Covid-19 was originally a prion disease. They ended up needing a viral carrier. "Getting over coronavirus" may mean nothing if it plants the seed of future doom.

So now everyone knows the MRNA corona vaxxes program the body to produce the prion for mad cow disease. Here is what is not so well known:

"Covid-19" itself has the prion for mad cow disease programmed into it. The entire time this was going on, they were saying that the protein the virus used to bind with cells was unique in a virus "So an MRNA vaccine could be made to combat the virus for that reason". What they did not say is that the protein was unique because it just so happened to be the prion from mad cow disease. THAT ended up in a virus NATURALLY . . . . . YEP. And it ended up in the virus in the worst possible spot . . . . . YEP.

So now (reported fully down this page a ways) they claim to have "fought the virus" by creating a vaccine that genetically TELLS your body to produce the prion for mad cow disease, "because it will confuse the virus and prevent binding". . . . . YEP, and meanwhile, the shot that supposedly "made you immune to corona" gave you creutzfeldt-jakob disease and you're gonna go down like a mad cow from the shot once that prion takes hold in your brain, - right around six months to a year from what they say.

We now have a vaccine developer for Astra Zeneca who died of creutzfeldt-jakob disease (a coincidence I am sure, because that's such a common affliction) *oh, it will be* now that so many people got that shot - AND we have a virus out in the wild that uses the prion from mad cow disease to bind with the cells it's attacking.


I'll tell you how cute: You had damn well better not have gotten this virus, because even if you showed no symtoms, you got trillions of those prions in you and if ANY of them dis-connected from the viruses you'll eventually go down from this like a mad cow once the prions take off. It might take a while, I don't know how many would actually detach from the virus but I can say that anyone who got the virus played the lottery a trillion times at least. And the media buried this, even though the prion was documented right from the beginning RIGHT HERE.

You can't tell me they did not want to kill EVERYONE with this virus if they put that prion in it. that's a major "Oh No!"

I was not going to even bother with Derek Chauvin until I hit this:

The first time around with the Derek story I could tell the knee was not really pushing on the neck and called it a psy op. I did not believe anyone died and that it was all an act to kick off riots (and still believe that, despite the "Floyd was in the middle of overdosing and died" story lines which I never believed) - I believed it was all an act and still do - anyway -

As part of the final act with all of this, the "defense" has now released video from another angle of view that shows Chauvin with his knee on Floyd's shoulder the entire time. Camera angles may be tricky but even the first time around I did not see how his knee could have choked Floyd. And that would kill the official story, which the left needs to kick off more riots now that the truth about the corona vax has come out - a truth that will kill it.

With only 20 percent of America vaccinated (see the next report) they did not get the numbers of vaccinated they needed to kill off the country with their prion shot - a shot too many people know for what it is now and they'll never get it - So now they want another round of race riots to happen to de-stablilize the country a different way. ENTER THE TWITTER CENSORSHIP, to prevent minorities from seeing exactly why Chauvin is going to be "acquitted".

It's just all so dirty. I don't expect much from Twitter anymore, but this time I just gotta say, Seriously?? you mean to tell me Twitter is SO AGAINST THE TRUTH they won't even allow people to see why Chauvin is gonna walk???


The latest figure I heard was that 40 percent of Americans have been jabbed. But reality shows that the actual number of people jabbed is approximately on par with how many actually voted Biden. New Mexico has the highest vaccination rate in the country, at 25.56%. Utah has the lowest vaccination rate, at 12.88 percent. 30 states have a vaccination rate below 20 percent. The average vaccination rate is right around 17 percent. SEE THIS. So when the prion strikes, it will be highly visible, but it won't wipe out society. We will predominantly lose people who either could not see the light or valued their job more than their life.


RIDDLE ME THIS: How did that happen? I'd bet he guinea pigged himself off the books. I MUST RESPONSIBLY TELL YOU: All the "fact checking sites" are calling B.S. on the spike protein being a prion so I am just hoaxing y'all . . . . . OOOOOPS, MAYBE NOT!!! We all know who the hoaxers are, and it's the "hoax busters"!!! Gee, how did Covid 19 end up being the ONLY VIRUS EVER DISCOVERED that has a mad cow disease prion as the spike protein it uses to bind to cells, to provide cover for the MRNA vaxxes to give everyone mad cow when those vaxxes tell everyone's bodies to manufacture that prion to get "immunity to corona"???? What a lovely "coincidence."

Ouuch, let's all hope mad cow disease is not delivered by that virus also. That had better stay bonded to the viral body or we are all TOAST.


YEAY!!! I can only hope Mexico pays attention to this site, and that he got tipped off to Alex from here. That's highly probable, and even if that's not how it went down, that is AWESOME NEWS. There's little question he'd have received a jab from the lower end of the spectrum of "all shots are not created equal," he's one of the few remaining good guys.

Obviously the MSM won't utter a peep about this in the U.S, but I can say Mexico will have 4 more good years.


PRECURSOR: Just so people know right off the bat what this is about, the MRNA corona vaccines don't fight coronavirus, they instead command your body to start producing the prion that causes mad cow disease.

I spent a while pondering the new revelations about the corona vax and figured out a key item that cinches the topic

First of all, for those who did not see it, over easter weekend Alex did an emergency broadcast about the corona vax being specifically formulated to cause your body to produce the prion that causes mad cow disease. If you scroll down a little bit, it is there and it is all documented. Here is the revelation I finally had -

The ONLY reason why the Corona vax is an MRNA vax (and the first one to boot) that programs your body rather than triggers an immune response - the ONLY reason for this is because if they injected the prions they probably could not put enough of them in a reasonable shot to do the trick, and because a conventional vax cannot be made to force your body to start producing it's destruction. A conventionl shot can be very destructive, but to make it bad enough it would have to be too devastating too often early on. They wanted a shot that would cause delayed devastation and death and there was no way to formulate a conventional vaccine to do that without killing too many people up front

However, if they instead made a vax that, for the first time in history caused your own body to make something, (under the ruse of being protective) - if they caused your body to do that it would not do it immediately, time would have to pass before it finally got programmed well enough to produce the destructive agents - agents that were not even in the original DNA vax to begin with - your body made them - so there's another layer of deniability -

This is precisely why the Corona vax is an MRNA vax, lots of people wondered why with this new disease we were given a totally new tech when the old tech ought to work, and now we know.

So they openly stated it's a vax that causes your body to produce a spike protein, and if analyzed I guess there are ways to prove the different variants of that vax would indeed produce a spike protein, and the false advertised that it was a spike protein that would give immunity to the coronavirus - quality checks could prove the spike protein would be consistent across different vaccine brands, but it would not be so easy to realize that it was the prion that causes mad cow.

Alex got ahold of the elite documents that lay it all out. The corona vax does not fight a virus, it instead programs your body to produce prions so on a delayed timetable people start going zombie or start having seizures or whatever (depending on what part of the brain the prions build up in first) - and we end up with, a year down the road, a modified version of the walking dead where the zombies don't necessarily bite you (but plenty of scary stuff is visible) and they also don't live very long.


ONE LINE EXPLANATION: The Covid vax programs your body to produce a spike protein, which just so happens to be the prion for mad cow disease.

It was a trap. The entire Covid ruse was a con job to get people to accept a shot that would cause their body to manufacture the prions. The Americans who got the shot will die from this or become non- functional in about a year. And they intend to blame Trump for it.

Watch this hour and a half long Alex vid NOW. He cuts to the chase right in the beginning, this video is not some guy wasting an hour to say a sentence of relevant stuff.

A white hat got all the elite documents with regard to the entire COVID plot and handed them to Alex Jones. HERE IS THE COVID GAME PLAN:

We all know the "covid vax" re-programs your DNA to produce a spike protein that's supposed to fight "covid". Alex got the real dirt on this, and the spike protein your body is actually programmed to produce is the prion that causes Crutzfeld Jacobs disease - otherwise known as "Mad Cow disease". Once you get the shot, you're a goner, you might as well just sit down and eat 10 mad cows.

HERE IS THE KICKER: Lately in media reports, they are already starting to report mysterious and un-traceable pockets of mad cow disease popping up in people in geographically separated areas, with no way to draw a link to a contaminated food source. Alex did not say this, it is something I noticed but did not even think about posting because mad cow disease is an old topic. Soon it will be the ONLY topic.


Once Alex got this tip off, he was able to go through old journals that talked about this plan 10 years ago, and originally Covid-19 was being discussed as a prion disease that is the same as mad cow disease. Their original outbreak plan did not use the coronavirus, it used prions and THAT is why the shots were ready so soon, they have been working on them since at least 2010 - a prion shot that goes in, produces no symptoms for six months or so, and then BOOM, your brain is GONE.

Updates for April 5


"According to an exclusive report from The Epoch Times, leaked emails proved that UN human-rights officials give the names of Chinese dissidents to Beijing before these dissidents are set to testify in Geneva against the Chinese Communist Party's (CCP's) abuses. Despite UN denials, the practice is viewed as "usual practice by all involved" and continues to this day. Beijing has used the names that the UN provided to prevent the dissidents from leaving China. At least one dissident died while in detention. These dissidents include those who are concerned about Tibet, Hong Kong, and the Islamic Uyghur minority in Western China. If the dissident has already left China, Beijing will frequently threaten or even kidnap and torture the person's family."

My comment: I already knew the U.N. was a POS and this makes outrageous comedy out of how they usher in "refugees" that are not refugees at all, and then openly seek to destroy those who should actually be refugees before they can testify in court. NOT LMAO, POLICY MY @SS.

Missouri has now joined Florida in banning "vaccine passports".

Now all we need is Tennessee and Alabama to join the fray and everyone will be able to enjoy the ocean, the Misssissippi, and the Ozarks!!! It is my opinion that if such a combination of states joined in on this, it would be fatal to the entire concept of "vaccine passports" because there would literally be nothing lost for the states that did it. You'd get ocean, mountains, lakes, the whole 9 yards so travel anxiety would not happen. Tennesee has better mountains than Missouri but the Ozarks are very nice also.

A new eruption in a new location just started in Iceland, giving birth to at least a new volcanic cone, if not an entirely new volcano.

The live feed has moved to this new occurrence, which just happened an hour or so before this post.

People are saying Green Screen is out, and Harris is in.

At exactly a length of time it took to get people to forget the green screen incident, he's "out" when in reality he has not ever been IN. My guess is Dominion placed a corpse, and the green screen/ 3d AI did the rest. AFTER ALL, THERE WAS NO ONE AT HIS INAUGURATION, WAS THERE. WAS THERE. WAS THERE?????

Anyone who actually believes "Biden went to the hospital today" is LOST. And BECAUSE an AI faked his appearance, whoever put him in that AI was wise enough to put in all the biden-esque glitches. I really think that's where we are at folks, he still "glitched" to make it all believable and his shitty speeches are the fault of Psaki who probably got a Biden voice overlay, or whatever, you know - Vaccines are safe, and THE ELECTION WAS NOT STOLEN..

A new eruption in a new location just started in Iceland, giving birth to at least a new volcanic cone, if not an entirely new volcano.

The live feed has moved to this new occurrence, which just happened an hour or so before this post.

Real estate prices are going to drop

Well, we already know they wanted their genocide, and if 1/3 of Americans have already received an MRNA shot as advertised, they are going to get their genocide if it really does cause the body to produce the spike protein for mad cow disease.

So they hoaxed us, and now there will be an endless supply of empty homes and apartments if what Alex said is true. The entire landscape is going to change. Most likely that's why they want so many immigrants coming in, because they probably wiped out half of white America in one whack. If the vaxxes cause mad cow, it is already a done deal. There's no going back, it is over.

China will not be impacted by this -

China's sinovac does not use MRNA, it is a traditional vaccine that uses weakened virus. Maybe it is even safe. Who knows. But I still would not trust it, if China wants to take over the world (and there's a good chance that's the case) who's to say all shots will be created equal? That said, if I ever get cornered and FORCED and the Chinese vax is a choice, I'd certainly take that one, it would without question be the safest.

But then again, "safe" in the vax world could be defined as riding on the bumper of a 4x4 off road while it does jumps, and your safety harness is a hang man's noose hooked up to the trailer hitch. That's literally how bad vaccines have been compromised.


First thing he did was ask if they had a warrant. They did not. And then he "Alex Jones ranted" them out of his church. Very unbelievable, and exactly what everyone should be doing.

Saturday headlines

It seems they have taken a new twist on the false flag. The first step is to blame "white supremacists" and then make everyone believe it was real by stating it was not, as in the last case where the guy who supposedly crashed a gate in DC was nation of Islam. I don't believe any of it anymore, from a media that still adamantly claims the election was not stolen. If they failed 100 percent WITH EMPHASIS on that key item, they fail period. Anyway -

According to Brietbart the Godzilla vs Kong movie is a dud. I did not see how that would work, but kids like it.

Trolls are ripping Florida badly, saying DeSantis is trying to enslave and control them all with his executive order preventing vaccine passports from being issued or used in Florida. Trolls are saying that's bad because it will prevent people in Florida from leaving the state.

MY COMMENT: WHAT AI DID THEY CONSULT FOR THAT??? Florida sounds nice to me. Who cares, unless people live right on the border they practically never even think about leaving their state anyway. To avoid the vax, Florida is an awful nice safe haven. As long as you don't crave mountains.

I saw a few people commenting on how expensive Vegas has become. $300 for one meal for a family of 4. My memory of vegas is excellent cheap buffets that you only eat from a couple times and the rest is fast food. If that's not reality now, something changed. All I remember about Vegas is the hotels are all cheap and nice and a buffet costs $12. $25 would still be OK for those. I also remember that you can actually win there, it is not all rigged. If that's not reality now, Vegas is killing itself. People will go and it will be the last time they do. And that got me thinking - Vegas may be a key future predictor - this is bad -

Let's say you have a city full of enormously expensive casinos that won't have a customer base in a year or two because everyone got culled. By a vax, which according to myth (I hope it is myth) has now been taken by 40 percent of Americans. IF that vax is as bad as stated by some of the world's top doctors and it really does trip a massive die off the next time a virus goes around, the smartest thing you could do to extract at least some value from your casino investment would be to totally rape and screw everyone who walks in the door. You're not going to see them again anyway, they'll all be dead so why not cash out the great reputation Vegas built for decades if nothing is going to be there two years from now??

Vegas is owned in large part by elites who know the plan and know what is coming. If they are now totally changing the nature of vegas into a giant money grabbing rip off where you can't afford to have a good time anymore there's a reason for it, a reason THEY know. If the pandemic was legit and nothing bad was planned, they'd still need to provide an affordable experience so their customers return for vacation in the future. What if they know those customers won't likely return before they die? The incentive to encourage that will be gone.

There are rumors that the marines went through the containers on the Ever Given and freed a bunch of kids. My knowledge is that they never offloaded the ever given and you can't get into containers until they are offloaded because they are right up against each other. My knowledge also includes some facts, like the Marines would NEVER be allowed by Egypt to conduct any sort of police action on anything civilian, which the Ever Given is. If anyone went through the Ever Given, it would be Egyptian forces, not the marines. So I am skeptical of any reports of nukes or WMD's or freeing slaves, because it all started with "the Marines", which would NEVER HAPPEN, NOT EVER.

There's the usual stuff, like Trump getting banned everywhere, including Facebook, where NO ONE is allowed to post ANY of Trump's speeches or interviews, but since Facebook, Twitter and more participated in the coup, what do you expect? Do you really believe you can use enemy infrastructure that JUST DID A COUP to allow it's victims to congregate and say the truth? Perhaps a few people still need to wake up.

Survival tip: How to escape ANY choke hold in one second flat

Less than a minute. Watch it to the end, the last second shows the trick.

I am well aware of the rumors about a nuke aboard the Ever Given

The rumor goes that white hats grounded it for that reason and that it is being searched now. I have a hard time with that one. Tough sell. But it is being said and I did not miss it.

REMEMBER: These were the results AFTER all the fake ballots were submitted and as many Trump votes as possible were thrown away. Trump probably took every state in the union absent ALL fraud.

Sidney did not make this up, OAN posted it and that's what she tweeted. This map is precisely why Youtube is doing a final purge of anyone who questions the official lie at this time, the democrat/communists know they are absolutely hated, and that they are absolutely not legit.


Ever given not allowed to proceed until one billion in damages are paid to the Suez Canal authority

Ever Given will not be allowed to proceed on the Suez canal until damages are paid, and it is in the great bitter lake, with Suez canal on both sides. The canal authority is demanding compensation of one billion dollars because of the blockade that lasted for days and will only allow the Ever Given to continue once an agreement to pay damages has been reached.

They are claiming losses of 14 to 15 million dollars per day as well as the days of work with dredgers and tugs to recover the ship. It is estimated that a cargo worth $ 3.5 billion is on board. The Canal Authority is demanding pay for saving the ship and it's cargo and have no intentions of allowing it to leave without an agreement for compensation.

My comment: A billion is steep. I'd settle at about 100 million in payment for lost revenue, plus about 50 million to get it un stuck and about 300 million in punative damages. About half a bil. That's reasonable. However, that was done intentionally so I won't weep if they soak the bastards that grounded it for a billion. I'll laugh.




Georgia passed election reforms in an attempt to stop their elections from being stolen like the last one was (and everyone, including the baseball players KNOW THAT,) they ALL know the election was stolen and that these measures were only taken by Georgia in a (probably fruitless anyway) attempt to stop the next election from getting rigged in their state like the last one was. In response to this, the league canceled their all star game in Georgia!!! Of all the gall, THAT's a foul ball and they can take that ball back to the dugout where they can just sit and rot, If they obviously support vote fraud they JUST STRUCK OUT. And they can take their game and shove it.

In a counter move against the Communist smack down, Governor DeSantis of Florida just banned the entire concept of COVID passports.

Someone just crashed the gates at the capitol and just got shot (as of 1:10 PM April 2)

That's the story anyway, and IF TRUE, then the wrong cops were on duty and did not realize they were not supposed to shoot the guy they were going to use to justify a "multi billion dollar" pork barrel fence project.

HA HA, that's what everyone is saying, it's not just me!!!!

We know how these b**tards roll!


Mike Lindell launching a new social media platform that "can't be canceled" or censored -

It has not launched yet, but for now, the domain is and he is claiming it can handle up to a billion simultaneous log ons and can't be censored or de-platformed.

I'll tell you how to know if that's true or not -

Once he gets this going, if you do a whois lookup it should say "hosted by frankspeech". If this is going to work, he has to set up his own server farm and then hook it up to a whole bunch of super high speed fiber optic connections right on an internet backbone, and everything in the data path has to be his. He will also need a direct IP manager that switches the site over the way this one switches over. If he does not do it that way, he's a goner even if he gets hosted from Iceland and I am not sure Iceland could handle serving a site as powerful as Youtube, and even if he lets Iceland handle the servers, he still needs direct IP that functions without user request the way this site does or all they'll do is remove him from the DNS servers and POOF, he'll be gone.

It is not easy to prevent a site from being removed from the web when "they" want it gone, you really have to cross your T's and dot your I's, this site might be the most robust on the web as far as "difficult to remove" and Lindell needs to do it a step better by not having a host at all.

If he does not do it as I stated, his site will either be a censorship hell hole, troll farm, or whatever else - successfully destroyed even if only by infiltration with no cooperation from him - or they won't let it live. There are many ways to shut a site down and this one is set up to go around every last thing except ONE, and it's up to Iceland to give that protection. I cannot pay for a totally independent internet backbone and run without an ISP, I could probably build a suitable server but having the actual line into the internet is not an everyday thing.

Who knows - maybe he'll have it all sorted out. We'll know he got it sorted out if his site stays up for more than a month or two.

UH OH, this does NOT look good. This had better not be his final arrangement:

Naiomi Wolf gives a stern warning about the vaccine passport

Despite working for Clinton, Naiomi appears to be a white hat. From a very good position, status, and as a CEO of a tech firm she's saying this - avoid the vaccine passport at all cost, prevent it from being implemented ANYWHERE because once it is implemented you can kiss Western civilization away.

This is more than just a warning, she gives the details about the system, how it technically works, and exactly WHY it is total doom that must be stopped at all cost.

Naiomi got de-platformed 5 times over this message alone, it's the real deal.

Download MP3

Watch video

If the video disappears, the MP3 will still work. The MP3 will be far more mailable than a video if you want to send the entire file.


A clear cut Chinese looking communist speaks:

"The vaccine is your ticket back to pre-pandemic life. All these states are re-opening - they are re-opening at 100 percent. We have a very narrow window to tie re-opening to vaccination status. If everything is re-opened, what's the carrot going to be? So the Biden administration has to come out and be bolder, and say, "If you are vaccinated, you can do "all these things", here are all these freedoms that you have, because otherwise, people are going to go out and enjoy these freedoms anyway."


I saw this same communist hack say this earlier - and she makes it clear: Their goal is vaccine compliance, and if you don't agree to get vaccinated, vaccinated again, and then re-vaccinated when they say, you're a prisoner. They do not want you to have any freedom.

So to "get freedom" which will be on THEIR TERMS, you have to agree to regular DNA modifying shots that will kill many many people and maim multitudes more, but the ones that actually get through the conversion process for whatever their goal is will meet the New World Order standard. And as the Georgia Guidestones make clear, they could care less if they hit a 95 percent overall kill rate to accomplish it. Actually more like 93 percent, if that matters.

They will probably succeed in coercing people to death if they simply issue vaccine passports and then deny people the ability to buy or sell or have a bank account if they are not up to date. And all the while, in the midst of their lie about the vaccine being totally safe and totally protective, they skip the fact that if that was true, anyone who was vaxxed would have absolutely nothing to fear, and the onus would be solely on those who refused the vax. There would be no reason to quarantine anyone.


With a pleading message: These updates really are from the manufacturer!!! Time for a factory reset!!! MARK MY WORD: I NAILED THIS TOPIC AND THEY WERE NOT EXPECTING ANYONE TO.

NOT April Fools:




Blue Screen's 2.5 trillion infrastructure project (up from 2.3 trillion earlier today) only has 183 billion in it for infrastructure and already, lots of it is for only ripping out interstates

They are calling the interstates racist, and will be ripping them out for that reason alone. this is not an april fools joke. For starters, once the interstate in Baltimore is ripped out, there will be no interstate between Washington DC and New York. They'll be ripping one out in New York also, to kill traffic worse. Several others in absolutely key areas are also already slated for death. I am not making this up, it is happening.

This is not april fools. I am not making this up. The actual total transit outlay is a little over 300 billion with some of that going to dead end rail projects and other assorted busy work. The remainder of the 2.5 trillion goes to paying off corrupted officials. Of the 300 billion actually going into supposed infrastructure, 120 billion is going into rail, and a starter amount of $20 billion is going directly into destroying roads. My guess is that ALL 180 billionwill go into destroying roads and $0 will get spent putting new infrastructure in, the infrastructure bill is probably about destroying the United States manually so they don't have to drop bombs to get it done.


Biden's infrastructure bill is not about building new infrastructure, it is instead a budget to destroy what we already have. They are not brave enough to say this yet and have only admitted to a portion of the money going to nothing but destruction, but just watch, here is what will happen:

"Racist" interstates will be destroyed because they are "racist" and no replacements will actually be built because "three toed tree frogs" are in the way. 100 percent of the money that is being hoaxed as actually for putting in new infrastructure will be dissolved into the 2.2 trillion they are stealing outright. If 90 percent of the infrastructure buget is theft, graft and pork barrel, expect 95 percent of it to be that instead, and 5 percent of 2.3 trillion can pay for the total destruction of everything if it is all focused on key locations, a trillion is a LOT.

An Enemy took over America via a stolen election, and is promptly proceeding to destroy the country as rapidly as they possibly can. Only your worst enemies bomb roads and bridges, and that's exactly what these people are

And the snowflakes will never see it, because the "bombs" will be planned demolitions and jack hammers, - they will not be dropping them from the sky. In today's America, they don't have to. They'll give an AMERICAN a fat paycheck to destroy his own country, and he'll do it.

So, do you think I am full of it? Do you think this will "never happen"? QUESTION: When have I been wrong on this type of thing? I don't sit around making B.S. predictions.

An enemy pulled a coup on America. America did NOTHING. Now watch America watch porn and face chat about fashion and pet cats while it is all dismantled. It won't matter I guess, enough people got the vax already for a catastropic population collapse, and after the genocide so few people will be left it can all be handled with goat trails. They might as well use the population to "clean up the mess it made and return everything to nature" before the genocide, that way THEY don't have to, and they can laugh at us while we wipe our own selves out.

The Jews will then declare America "A land without people for a people without land," hand it all to China, and return to Tel Aviv where from they'll use rigged processor architecture to keep China under their thumb as slaves. White guys were too rowdy, they want POLITE slaves. Xi's "divine mandate" will be issued from Shin Bet.

Elon Musk: Robots will be taking your jobs

He lays it all out - robots will do everything and we'll just be accepting handouts to get by. But he never says the real story: They are not going to bother with handouts long term, which is why the vax is designed to cull the herd. They don't want to deal with us, they want robots for THEM, doing the work, and we go in the trash. That's the future if they get their way, bank on it.

They are probably creating crisis in Brazil to oust Bolsanaro like they ousted Trump

Bolsonaro stood up to the New World Order the same way Trump did. Who's next? Obrador???

I do not believe the death stats coming out of Brazil. Many Brazilians are reporting the same types of things - deaths from all causes being put down as COVID to fake the stats. This is happening worldwide but where countries "behaved" they do it less. They'll never make it zero though, that's not "good politics".

Brazil is turning out to be every bit as compromised and corrupted and infiltrated as the United States is, I would not trust one line out of anyone's mouth except Bolsonaro's, and even at that, like Trump, he can probably be fooled, and then say stupid things.

Bolsonaro should, if he has the power to, crack down immediately, it will be Brazil's Jews doing this (it is them doing this everywhere) so that's a great start to getting a shoe horn into the heart of the corruption and expunging it. We are losing because NO ONE can accept it could possibly all be getting done by da poooor wittle Jew, all the while every damn last treasonous bastard that's pushing this crap is openly and overtly Jewish. My god, how blind can people be?

I guess Green Screen is not open about it, but you can damn well bet that whatever came before green screen was crypto!

Even Elizabeth Taylor was Jewish her whole life and fronted as a Catholic. And the moment she died, she recieved a prompt and private Jewish burial in a private location in a Jewish cemetary while all the people who were conned by her being Christian showed up for her burial at an entirely different graveyard days after she was already buried, only to have a no-show. When that happened I was TOTALLY on top of it.

I would not be surprised at all if every Dem in Congress and everyone who got put in via voter fraud was a Jew. They corrupted the sh*t out of everything, and REMEMBER, if you don't get your JEW Bill Gates shot, you'll not be allowed into a JEW OWNED Wal-Mart. See how that works??

We now know why they came for the gardens

If today's headlines were released on April 1, even two years ago, people would brush them off as jokes.

Johnson and Johnson had 15 million doses of "vaccine" made in Baltimore, and it was wrecked by a "formula error". And it crossed my mind that this was intentionally done to make the shots non-destructive and someone caught it. Seriously. It is not plausible that the shots actually got formulated wrong as a result of error, I firmly believe it was deliberate. Any way you cut it, it was not a disaster for us

I am not going to say anything "Biden" anymore, whatever front is pretending to be him wants everyone vaccinated by May. How are they going to accomplish that when at least half the population is saying HELL NO?

HERE IS SOMETHING WORTH A HEADLINE: If you have not stocked up, you need to stock up NOW.

Because if Wal-Mart and others really do, at a corporate level, plan to enact their own vaccine passport, you soon won't get food. And this has already been announced. You have a small time window to get things done.

Here is how it will probably go: First, Wal-Mart, Target and other large chains will require your "vaccine passport" to enter their stores. Competition will then pop up, probably at IGA type stores and farmers markets, to pick up all the customers Wal Mart and others locked out. And then, very quickly, the correct assassinations will take place to shut down all the stores that suddenly increased capacity to take all the Wal-Mart customers, and if you don't accept the passport, you starve.

The war on gardens ties directly into the vaccine passport.

For years, people were suspicious about why so many cities said you can't have private gardens, and why so many banned them. And all the Karens made damn good and sure they ratted out any neighbor that had a garden. So, for the most part, all the gardens are gone. And as a result, the "elite" are now going to be able to easily starve people out when they refuse that vaccine passport.

Mike Lindell released another vote fraud video

What's the point in even mentioning this when no one is going to do anything about this anyway? We got our answer from all of this about what the American people are going to do to take their country back, and it's a BIG FAT NOTHING. Last night I picked up Alex on short wave and he sounded all optimistic, stating the left played it's cards too soon and about how "they are weak". But if they can steal an election without consequence and then starve everyone by shutting down Wal-Marts and others because they infiltrated them and own them all, that's power. And they'll just murder anyone who threatens that monopoly now.

I wonder how many people are already dead.

So I read over the distressing headlines today that are the same as yesterday, all the lies, and wish April Fools was real. Imagine today's headlines being released even a few years ago when nothing was going on - everyone would just accept them as a joke, yet here we are and it is real.


I guess "whatever happens in Vegas" is going to be a big secret now, because I'll never know. If they are going to pull this crap, I'll never go there again.

Wal Mart is considering doing this too.

People need to prepare for this. I don't want to repeat a 100 line item list I have done a ton of times before, people ought to know by now. It appears the time has started to arrive. Once it starts, it will all slam down quickly.

Dejavu??? Ship does the exact same thing facing the exact same way in Britain

Let me tell you, I am beyond skeptical about the legitimacy of these ship incidents.

The most important video you'll ever come across

Take the time to listen to this. The video is 22 minutes and my audio version is right around 17.

I have converted this to straight audio to make it easier to serve and share, Click here.

In this video Dr Vernon Coleman goes over exactly what the vaccine is for, and that it is very likely to trigger a mass extinction event in the winter of 2022. Not only are the vaccinated likely to die, but they'll be super spreaders of a new virus their bodies are manufacturing right now, which will nail those who did not get vaccinated.

I edited the audio version I posted down to key points to make it a lot more listenable and less time consuming. It is far more likely to spread that way.

A photographer in Iceland lowered his drone into the volcano until melted and malfunctioned from the heat

The first thing to stop working was the camera, and he was able to hit "return home" and it did, despite being partially melted. He got by far the most dramatic volcano footage ever done. His drone also recorded the sound of the volcano, and that's just as dramatic.

Best post I have seen in over a year: With regard to the satan shoes -

"Lil Nas X must be a kabbalistic number. i would decipher it but they didn't teach me numbers in school, only to hate my whiteness"

Youtube is sending test notices to people with regard to removing the dislikes count

Biden is so unpopular they are calling his dislikes counts "targeted attacks" rather than actually admitting he is that hated for stealing the election. As with the rest of the "mainstream" sources, there is yet again as close to no honesty as they can possibly get away with.

Breaking911 had this, but Twitter deleted it.

Maersk says it's not over yet

The world's largest shipping company said it had about 45 ships that got delayed and that it will take a week before just over half of them can get through the canal due to the traffic jam that was caused. As a result, they already routed 15 around Africa.

Maersk says we have not even started seeing the problems the EverGiven caused, and that it will take months for everything to stabilize. See this.


It is not up and running yet, but he'll supposedly e-mail people when it is up. I don't know how well that's going to work, they'll have him in filters for sure.

There is a new elite bloodline that probably is legit

Look into the Payseurs. This is probably legit

They are likely above George Soros and are probably feeding him everything he needs to wreak havoc. Soros had to get his money from somewhere, and they probably arranged ways for it to happen. They have also branched out into different names after being exposed. This is something I'll be looking into more closely.

They are preparing dead bodies for the Corona headlines

One is still smoking a cigarette

I don't know what the video is actually about, but it is enough to make you think!!! It is just too easy to fake these things.

There is SERIOUSLY something wrong with the vaccine agenda.

Take a look at this. If there was a need for the vax and people wanted it, they would not have to push it THIS FREAKING HARD. This is spooky.

Nike sued Little Nas X

All 666 pairs of his satan shoes sold out within an hour or so of release, at over $1000 a pair.

Nike is being stupid about this. They already announced they had nothing to do with this and that another company modded the shoes. They don't need to sue, and I doubt they'll succeed because they have no grounds. How can they sue when it was openly stated they did not do the shoes, even by the guy who had this done?

At most they might have success suing media outlets that did not get their facts straight and said Nike did this, but that was not me.

AI produced fake video??? Very weird: "RT video" suggests Scientists are studying what happens to people When they travel at 600 mph

What is this? Was the video produced by AI or what? People travel at 600 mph all the time. The old school 707 cruised faster than 600, I can't believe they need to study what the effects of that speed are on people, this has to be a joke.

This video discusses pods that are moved through tubes carrying people at 600 mph, but 600 is 600, there is no reason to study what happens at that speed because we already know nothing happens. It is up to them to design the systems in a way that don't shake people to death.

It looks serious on the surface, but the linked video has got to be a joke. If it is a joke, it is an example of what AI can do. If it is not a joke, it is an example of the kind of results we get by hiring foreign rather than American, and the results of common core followed by universities that do not teach anymore.

Starship 11 exploded at the exact same time all the others did

There is either a saboteur at Spacex or Stuxnet on board. If Musk can land all the other stuff, why not the Mars ship? Easy answer: Someone does not want Mars. My belief is that Musk never had a failed Starship landing he caused, most likely ALL the starship explosions were not the result of any design issue.

If Musk does not solve the virus/sabotage issue, he can kiss it away. Whoever is doing this won't blow up their own stuff, so when he launches THEIR stuff, that will be a success.


According to the new approach to forcing people to get the vax - If you reject the vaccine, you are undermining the government. AND THE ELECTION WAS NOT STOLEN. Never forget - all sources saying the vax is safe and killing/ruining NO ONE also adamantly state the election was not stolen. And yes, at this point the government should be "undermined" because it is not legit. So you might as well kill two birds with one stone.

Nothing in the headlines, so I hit Drudge for jokes.


Scared of what??? The people waking up to the B.S.??? And she put on quite the drama show. To that I say: Did you realize Princess Lea in reality never went into space?

All the while the American con job is pushing the vax, claiming no one ever got hurt or died from ANY vax, Canada suspended the AstraZeneca vax for anyone under age 55. Drudge at least had that topic in a headline. Let me translate that headline:

Canada knows damn well the jab is screwing people over, so they suspended it for anyone under age 55 Because the socialized medical system is expensive, but under 55's are still too economically valuable to throw away for that reason.

MEANWHILE, the U.S. has said to hell with everyone and started giving it to children and newborns.

I guess it's better to be Canadian, eh?

Pitch a bitch Mitch wants all Republican men to get the jab


I suggest EVERYONE take medical advice from a clear cut treasonous A-hole. The fact he's pushing THIS fraud after supporting VOTE FRAUD is not surprising, after all, fraud is what fraudsters are most familiar with pushing.



Basic income excludes white people - This is a surprising Drudge headline, because it has an ounce of honesty. And here is the goal: Tax and fire all white people until they are homeless, and take every last bit of their assets and give them to other races, but predominantly to the Jews, who skate on "whiteness because . . . . well, F*** OFF. Anyway -

It is clearly obvious that what they are going to do is deny whites any way to make an honest living, and then cut them off from basic income too so they get killed off. The white population in the U.S. is equal to the Deagel death stats. Think about that.

Here's a really dumb headline that got posted at more than just drudge: "Mysterious disease killing young California bears in Tahoe. One symptom: fearlessness"

MY RESPONSE: That would be rabies or a close variant. Rabies does not always make animals go nuts, sometimes it only makes them fearless and they come to you happy, drool on you, and then if you don't get a shot you're toast from the drool alone. THE DISEASE IS NOW "MYSTERIOUS" BECAUSE THE STATE FIRED ALL THE WHITE MALES WHO KNEW WHAT THE **** THEY WERE DOING.

Wicked stupid Drudge headline: "Roller skating making a comeback".

J.Snopes says FALSE. If that was true, it would mean the roller rinks would pop back up, and how's that supposed to happen during the Covid con? Add to that the fact that I had lots of experience rollerskating, and when roller blades happened, they made roller skates look absolutely idiotic. There's not a chance people would go back to that.

Me thinks someone who needs to sell something got ahold of a whole bunch of surplus roller skate parts and paid drudge for a one line ad. Or whatever paper the headline is on, with the goal of having it hit Drudge.

Strange distant space object sending out ultra low frequency

My response: That's what a pulsar does. It is NOT ALIENS, low frequencies are USELESS to advanced civilizations, try clocking a CPU at 20 hz.

DRUDGE: Mexico's true Covid toll is 60 percent higher than official stats

My response: How about a little truth here? In this family alone, THIS FAMILY, OUT TO COUSINS AND UNCLES, 3 people "died of Covid", only, NOT. They died from other causes and the CON ARTISTS listed them as COVID deaths. Both Drudge and whatever that headline linked to mixed crack with acid.

Nike claims no involvement with the satan shoes

I might as well post this, with clarification of what is going on

Rapper Little Nas X took 666 pairs of expensive Nikes to after market apparel modifier MSCHF and had them change the shoes to the following, and yes, they do contain real blood mixed with ink in the air sole:

It is hard to really put a finger on whether or not Little Nas X is that evil or if he is trying to make a statement, the same apparel modifier also did Nike Airs with holy water in them.

This is EXACTLY how communists operate - if you are against the vax, you're a government undermining far-right extremist.

They call all opposition "far right", "extremist" or whatever other title they think will work, "extremist" is defined as "Exactly the same paragraph and story in ALL WAYS but one letter has been changed, they said Yoghurt instead of Yogurt. That's "extremist" when total compliance to the last letter is demanded. If you do anything else, you are "undermining the government". So now we have THIS:

"Far-right extremists in the US move from 'stop the steal' to stop the vaccine

Extremist organisations in the US are now bashing the safety and efficacy of coronavirus vaccines in an effort to try to undermine the government."

So there you have it. If you resist the vax, you are undermining the government. Sedition is another word for that. This is the precursor for jailing people for refusing their kill shot, and that's exactly what it is. Despite massive censorship efforts, word has leaked out that at least the Moderna shot is so tuned to de-population that even (at least some) post menopausal women who have not had a period for over 10 years get massive bloody periods because "Eject the baby" is turned on so damn hard. Remember the georgia guidestones. Think they were not serious?

They can do all they want to keep the media totally clean and sterilized away from the truth but they can't stop word of mouth and every damn last far left facebook page that was on their approved list from noticing a sudden period after the vax means the vax is not a vax!!!




The Ever Given was successfully pulled free.

They are taking it to the Great Bitter Lake for inspection

This was pure luck, and I am sure someone is not happy.

It appears Biden is going to mandate a vaccine passport

It does not matter how communists get it done, if they can do it using a "medical excuse" that's just fine for them. And if you don't get vaxxed, and it is not on your "passport" many businesses are now stepping up and saying they won't permit you to buy or sell.

Don't expect the supreme court to stop anything. If they won't stop obvious blatant proven vote fraud, they partook in the coup and anything goes, including the constitution out the window.

Back end of Ever Given un-stuck

The front end is still hard aground, however, they managed to swing the back end around using 10 tug boats. Reports of it being un-stuck are not entirely accurate. It is not fully un-stuck, they only were able to swing it. There may be a chance some smaller ships can get around it now however.


Despite massive efforts to censor everything, word is seeping out about what is really going on. The MODERNA VAX is SO BAD and so obviously a shot that sterilizes women that there are now (quickly censored) social media reports of women getting periods (one enormous horrible one) AFTER MENOPAUSE when periods have stopped for over a decade. That's not possible unless the women are getting totally destroyed. That could only be caused by an incredible hormone shift towards 'A lot less fertile than even menopause"

I am probably just preaching to the choior. Simply finding a site like this one is the equivalent of passing an intelligence test, YOU are not going in for this crap, ARE YOU????

The leftie: "This report must mean the Johnson and Johnson vax is ok, I'll go get that instead!!!"

Tennessee getting nailed by spectacularly severe weather

Usually I don't report weather, but this is noteworthy:

Massive widespread flooding
Continuous tornadoes
175 mph winds

Nashville is "not getting hit hard" and it still looks like this.

We will have to wait and see on this, right now it is such chaos no one can put a finger on what is actually happening as a result of this. People are saying (at the very least) that this can't be natural. My hunch is that it probably is not natural. I never heard of 175 mph winds inland.

First country impacted by canal blockage: Syria.

Syria will be the first country to hit $10/gallon most likely, SEE THIS.

About the Nike shoes dedicated to satan

This is an older post that got lost.

If you have not seen this, Nike really did team up with a rapper to produce 666 pairs of satan shoes bearing a hexagram and transparent "air" soles that have a drop of real human blood mixed with a bunch of fake blood, so you're running on blood.

One VERY KEY THING with these shoes however is that inscribed on them is Luke 10:18. I have not had time to look into why that scriptural reference is there on anything honoring satan and have to go now, (guests are waiting) but the shoe might be intended to be a reminder rather than purely evil.

As for the shoes themselves, this is VERY poor taste (obviously), did not need to be done, and would only be done at this point in time because it looks like satan is winning.

UPDATE: This got extended to 2 days, another party. -I got put in charge of food for my father in law's birthday and that is why I did not post today. Just as guests started arriving, I got time to post the following, which is probably by far the most important message/event of the day. They are rubbing our noses in it and just sent a message.


THAT is what mockery looks like. NO FREAKING WAY.


Offloading it completely will not re-float it.

RUMOR: Russia has declared the grounding of the Ever Given "An act of terror done during war".

I have not confirmed this rumor, (source not good enough yet) but it might be true and obviously Russia knows this was no accident.

The cost of this grounding is a whopping 3.6 trillion on an annual basis, not including damage done by having oil prices go stratospheric.

The CHEAP timing belt (because it just HAS TO be cheaper)

Yesterday I replaced the spark plugs and wires as a matter of general maintenance. While I was at it, I checked the timing belt. Bad news - it was chewed. Very odd, (but not really) because the last time I put it together the cover was so broken (from the last 10 times it has been gone into because it's an old car) - it had a huge opening debris could get into and debris did get in and it chewed the belt. I figured there would be no troubles because it was open at least partially as bad since I got the car and all the covers on the bottom of the car are there . . . . anyway, debris got in.

So I had to go get a new timing belt IMMEDIATELY. I wanted a Gates belt (these cost about $20 and they are the best but Autozone had ONE option - Duralast and it said RIGHT ON THE SCREEN it was a XengTime made in china belt that was re-branded to Duralast. And then the price - $6.53 (YIKES). I asked the guy why they totally discontinued carrying Gates and he said "Duralast has been around for 40 years" and I said "XengTime has NOT been around for 40 years, and that's what that belt is, stop kidding me. And then he said, DON'T WORRY, IT HAS A FULL 90 DAY GUARANTEE.

I said "If that thing breaks it's going to cause $1,500 damage to the engine, SURELY I did not need this $20 part for $6.53, what if it breaks? And he said "We replace the belt". And I said, "What about the destroyed engine that happens if this part is broke bad enough to get a replacement" and he said "That's not our worry". He literally said that! An 90 day guarantee on a timing belt!!! YIKES.

I HAD TO get it. It proudly said "Made with Japanese Tech" on it, - you know - like all that American tech the Chinese copied so well - but that said it did look decent - but that said, a fake Rolex looks ok to . . . . . I once got one of these Chinese belts with a cheap timing belt tensioner a while back and THAT belt looked spooky. At least this one did not look spooky . . . . anyway, the car is running fine. For how long? well, if not for 90 days at least I'll get $6.53 back!!!

A timing belt is for those times when you really, truly, would rather pay $20.

This problem took me about an hour (I replaced this belt between reports today) and cost $6.53 (I am quick with timing belts) I am not going to change this belt just to "feel better", I am going to run it like normal. I fixed the hole in the cover to stop debris, (lesson learned).

WHY does something like this HAVE TO be "cheaper"??? WHO MADE THAT DECISION? Obviously someone who did not know a one digit number was not needed if it might mean a four digit fix!!!

Major volcano in Caribbean threatening to explode violently

The Caribbean has lots of volcanoes but they are not well known about. This one is located on the island of St.Vincent and is worth mentioning simply because so many other volcanoes are going off at this time. This volcano does not have a history of exploding but the possibility is there because a recent eruption seems to have choked the volcano off, and there's now seismic activity indicating another eruption is on the way.

These islands are small, there's no way to escape a bad eruption if it does happen.

Lots of silly ideas circulating on how to get the ship un-stuck

Here is mine, and it may or may not even be possible -

Back two nimitz class aircraft carriers into the canal side by side. These probably have the most powerful engines in the world (by far). Two put together would have over a half million horsepower, which would create a minimum of 7.5 million pounds of static thrust. Hook both of them up to the back end of the ship , take the slack out, and then full throttle them. They'd create a MASSIVE current in the canal while pulling on the ship very hard, and they'd simply erode it free. It will take something like that to get this ship out.

$50 bet that would work if you could actually pull on that ship that hard without destroying it, let alone come up with chains or ropes or cables strong enough to handle that. It absolutely would come loose just from erosion alone if you could hold the aircraft carriers in place. It would make a mess out of the canal though, but lots of ships would still make it through while it was dredged.

Even if this would work, don't get your hopes up. Don't count on the Pentagon to be so willing:

The Pentagon takes, steals, over-charges and blows people up. They help no one. They won't fix this problem unless it was for war even though I have little doubt they could.

Another take on the ship in the canal -

This happened right when NATO is desperately searching for the Russian sub Rostov-on-Don, a Kilo class sub that disappeared a week ago. This sub is a very nasty one that is fairly small, and could have gone through the canal submerged. Right now they have the entire mediterranean sealed off to prevent it from getting away, which is somewhat far fetched when they don't even know where it is.

I think it is far fetched that they'd have opted to do this much damage just to find a hidden sub, but the sub is indeed missing and might have been that important. Who knows. It would be a LOT easier to get it through the strait of Gibraltar. And why would they even need to send it through the canal in secret?

It is plausible that they jammed the ship in real good to stifle war efforts, the U.S. could cope with this problem in a war FAR better than China or Russia would.

Did they stuxnet the ship to draw that pretty picture and then jam it, while the crew was oblivious? You'd never figure out what you were drawing on the water while playing poker and spraying the floor. If the pilot was not really paying attention and someone did this, and he did not care about the ship moving when it did not need to, even the pilot would not know what got drawn. Sorta doubt that, but it is possible this was 100 percent stuxnet.

Would the U.S. or Israel stuxnet a ship to gain strategic advantage? Well, that answer is obvious and if they did, they absolutely would hatch some ridiculous cover story like "the wind did it" when the area is always windy and no ship has ever been grounded by wind in that canal in over 100 years. The computer should have corrected any wind induced navigational errors faster than "instantly."


Two commuter trains collided head on in Egypt, right when a massive ship is stuck in the canal, obviously on purpose. Stuxnet train switch? I doubt this is coincidence, Egypt is probably getting messed with.

Al Jazeera: Suez Canal to be closed for weeks, (if not months)

This is one of the chaos events communists will use to rise to power. The only story regarding this event that is true is that it drew a cock, balls and *ss and then immediately drew a straight line to doing this. This was intentional no if's or buts, it was not cross winds as the official lie goes. Aside from ships that were intentionally scuttled to block it during war, this is the only time any ship became jammed in the channel, and it is the most horrible ship to jam a canal with, intentionally jammed in the most horrible way possible.

Now all shipping, totally unexpectedly, has to go around the horn of Africa. That's not a safe route. And THEN all shipping has to go around the southern tip of Africa, which while not being the most dangerous waters are not great. Add to that a TON of distance that needs to be covered. Oil prices are going to skyrocket just from the unexpected initial delay. Tankers are going to have to be in service for longer times per trip, which means there will be a tanker shortage.

Here is how it goes: Let's say you have 50 trucks that have to drive 500 miles to deliver a fixed amount of goods. And they are adequate. These trucks cannot be sped up and always operate at max useful speed. Suddenly the route changed and now the trucks have to go 2,000 miles and you have the same 50 trucks that travel at the same speed. What will happen? 25 percent of the products will be delivered, that's what.

To suddenly have to go around Africa for everything means we need 4X as many tankers as we have. DOOM ON.

If that ship is not miraculously cleared before everything goes off like a nuke, there will be $10 gas. AND BIDEN (Green screen) ABSOLUTELY WILL NOT ALLOW AMERICAN OIL TO PICK UP THE SLACK. American oil would totally solve the problem. But with Biden, you can forget it! Trump would see a business opportunity. The image of Biden will see a way to destroy. Vote fraud is going to do us in.

How bad is the ship stuck? I can calculate fairly closely

An unofficial proposal by God knows who:

Probably the next FBI patsy.

It appears that the efforts to get it unstuck are lackluster and for show. This ship should have been offloaded by now and a dredge should be there. Nothing of the sort is being done.

About Green Screen's speech today: All the media people were there, it HAD TO be real . . . . . and the election was not stolen. Yes, they'd cover for this. The all know the election was stolen as they sit there and lie, they were pivotal in the steal and after that, anything will be done. Some people are saying he looked OK because he was drugged, others are saying it was an actor, and I SAY GREEN SCREEN. It's all the same any way you cut it, this government is a coup, it is NOT LEGIT so who cares about how they fake it once that is established? That said, it did not look like Biden at the presser at all. It looked like a double, and at that age it seems every one they come up with is expired. Maybe they dolled the wrinkles and age out a bit and made a few other things for a more appealing green screen, who knows. But it simply did not look like him. Close, but not.

The Pentagon knows the election was stolen, all the way from whoever cleans the toilets to whoever watches the nukes to whoever gives the orders to kill people and break things. THEY ALL KNOW, this election theft was not a secret and that makes the Pentagon the enemy of the American people as they sit there and not only do nothing about the fraud, they take orders from it!

I warned everyone repeatedly that if you don't keep it at home, you don't have it.

"Secure silver storage" or other precious metals storage outfits IMMEDIATELY sell your physical silver for cash when you hand it to them and they only keep a minimal amount on hand for the occasional individual who might go in and get it. But for all practical purposes, your precious metals will not be there, they sold it and ran their own investment schemes with it and/or stole it outright with what was in reality a front. When you use such places for your "safety" all you do is hand your precious metals to thieves who immediately cash it out. The "fractional banking" ruse works for as long as no more than 10 or so percent of the people ask for their metals back, AND HERE YOU GO:


First come, first served!!!

You'll do far better with a medium sized safe that cost $150 placed on your concrete slab or in your basement, loaded down with 400 pounds of buck shot with the best weight you can put in it being the ability to hide it and keep a secret. Only a prepared thief would get it. No casual thief is ever going to get that or cut into it and the buck shot will never be worthless.

Iran DID NOT fire a missile at an Israeli cargo ship

Iran would not be that stupid, no matter what the headlines say.

Here is a REAL headline (When you hear THIS ONE, believe it:)

Iran smuggled a powerful cruise missile into Israel and scored a direct hit on the Knesset, 135 top government officials dead, including Nut Yahoo.

THAT would be a real headline. For as long as it is bottle rockets and hits on cargo ships, it is not real. Israel can comfortably fake those.

Ship still not loose

Last night I came across an MSM report that said they got it loose and it was underway. I called that rumor because I did not believe it, AAAND, this morning it is still stuck. They are claiming it grounded accidentally due to wind, but that's a lie, this is the first time this ever happened in the entire history of the canal, no ship EVER wedged sideways like this EVER and the cock and balls screwing a butt trajectory it took proves this was no accident. If you did not see this, scroll down, the ship literally drew that in the water and immediately after doing so went on a straight line into the canal and blocked it like this.

I have noticed a lot of reports trying to downplay this event by stating only 10 percent of the world's shipping goes through this canal, but the reality is that the ships are huge, carry 30 percent of the world's cargo, and a high percentage of that cargo is oil. You know - ALL THE OIL. If the oil tankers headed for Europe don't want to go around the horn of africa (nasty place and way out of the way) they have to go all the way across the pacific, through the panama canal, across the atlantic, and then to Europe.

It is no coincidence at all that green screen attacked American oil, "they" did not want American oil stopping crisis when they planned it. Who knows how long they'll play this out.

If they start sending goons around taking guns, DO THIS:


Take a motion activated yard light and screw in a bulb base that has a power outlet on it. Run an extension cord to a light by your bed. A BRIGHT LIGHT. Make sure that light does not false trigger and only goes off when it should. Don't have a switch on that light, wire it direct. When they come to kick your door in, a light will already be on in your room before a boot touches the door. That will give you both light AND the precious seconds you need to grab your gun and at least get a few rounds into them. An AR will not be ideal, they'll have body armor. Use: .308, .270, 30.06 or at the very weakest, a 30/30. A .223 has 1300 foot pounds at the muzzle. A 30/30, which is a kid's gun, has 1,902 and a .270 starts at about 2,800 and can have over 3,200. A .270 is far more powerful at 500 yards than a .223 right at the muzzle. If you have a .270 or 30.06 use them.

The .223 is for un-armored targets. You want to win, right??? Obviously if a .223 is all you have, USE IT, they are not shabby. Just not the best goon slaying option.

It might also pay to hook that motion sensor light up to a UPS in case they get wise and start cutting people's power first, and also, it might be wise to drill through the wall behind the light and pass the "switch" back that way because they might just pull the extension cord out (but by then it would have switched on) so the UPS is probably more important.

When they go around taking guns, they'll be kicking in doors during the dead of night, ambushing sleeping people. You WILL NOT wake up and grab the gun on time. But if you get woke up by a light and then have the light already on, you absolutely WILL be able to react on time to teach them about what is proper behavior.


If the light keeps false triggering, don't switch it off, ADJUST THE FALSE TRIGGERING PROBLEM AND MAKE IT WORK. Your wake up light should not have a switch on it AT ALL.


Here are all recent donations. THIS IS GOING ANONYMOUS NOW.

Anonymous sent: $100 AUD, $250 USD, and $1000 USD, thanks! And if you would like to donate and make sure it made it, add pennies to the end of the dollar amount so you'll have more recognizable digits to prove it made it. Many thanks!


RUMOR: Biden is going to ban guns by executive order

That's a plausible rumor. But having them actually get turned in is not plausible.


Take a motion activated yard light and screw in a bulb base that has a power outlet on it. Run an extension cord to a light by your bed. A BRIGHT ONE. Make sure that light does not false trigger and only goes off when it should. When they come to kick your door in, the lights will already be on in your room before a boot touches the door. That will give you both light AND the precious seconds you need to grab your gun and at least get a few rounds into them. Don't bother with an AR, they'll have body armor. Use: .308, .270, 30.06 or at the very worst, a 30/30

RUMOR: The ship stuck in the Suez canal has been pulled loose UPDATE: THAT ENDED UP BEING RUMOR

LIE: The ship was pushed aground by strong crosswinds. If so, why did it do such pretty art work on the way into the canal, and why did no other ships experience trouble? If that was plausible, ships would ground in that canal all the time!

9th circuit states you can't carry a gun in public??!!??

That's ludicrous, they state the only place you can have a gun is in your home. Forget the car, and you can forget hunting and everything else too. Let's see if SCOTUS upholds this. I would not be surprised if they did. Then what? your guns will be declared illegal, (that's what) and they have already stated 100 million of them are. With nothing to support that claim AT ALL.

Whatever the commie says, is whatever it will be for as long as the people allow it.


CONFIRMED: They are going to be causing all kinds of intentional mayhem to wreck the world economy. Jamming this ship is a prime example of this and no one can tell me this was accidental if it drew a cock and butt before getting stuck in the canal!!!

This ship is probably wedged in INCREDIBLY well, they probably full throttle jammed it in and grounded it solid on purpose. If you have ever seen pictures of perfectly floatable ships stranded on islands and abandoned, it is because if they ground with any speed at all, no one can ever get them un-stuck even if they are successfully unloaded.

Egypt should rightfully seize this ship and take every last thing on it. And if they have to, then cut it up and scrap it with zero apologies. This grounding was, without question, an act of war. If they get it un-stuck they should take it anyway.

AAAAND here we go: The FBI set up the Colorado shooting

You have to have experience and be able to read between the lines.

It is perfectly clear when THIS REPORT is sent through my fact-tabulator that the FBI sought out another simple minded patsy, provided him with a gun, and sent him out on a shooting spree. The FBI does this ALL THE TIME. It is how they make "progress".

All the elements are there: SIX days before the shooting, a "mentally unstable" guy who was known to be unstable by everyone, on top of being ROCK STUPID and easy to fool, SIX days (6) Did I say SIIXX?? days before the shooting he gets his gun with no background check (he can't pass that) and then goes out and does a shoot up.

You know, the usual.

"It is not known where he purchased the weapon". Obviously, because he could not pass a background check. That's where the FBI stepped in after being his influential "friend" for a little time and "sold it" to him for $8 fully loaded while he showed them how he could ride a bike with no handlebars.

You know that's the case, because mommy took the gun away while he was playing with it. She did not hide it good enough I guess or so the story goes.

Proof of communist revolution:

Take a look at this report on Revolver.

If you ever attended a Donald Trump campaign rally, any other similar rally, OR, if you ever expressed doubt in the official narrative, OR you ever tweeted Q-anon, OR, you ever said Russia was a hoax, the election was stolen and a plethora of other things, OR if you believe there are 2 genders, a God, or read the bible and they find out, you will soon be banned from holding ANY government position.


Because obviously, since you know the election was stolen and do not agree with what is going on now, you are a threat to the TOTALLY NEW government that is not the government of the United States. No communist government anywhere tolerates Christianity or any other competing beliefs, if people don't stand up and fight (and they won't, as long as they can eat) it will be GAME OVER.

YES, Michael Moore really did tweet this.

He's more than just disgusting to look at.

Right when Trump was talking about setting up his own platform -

Facebook started talking about un-banning him. You know - so they can continue to hold the ban hammer over his head. Considering how ridiculously STUPID Trump has been so far with this type of thing, he'll probably fall for it. Let's face it folks, Trump can be suckered BIG TIME, especially when he puts his trust where it does not belong.

THIS is stuck in the Suez Canal REAL GOOD,

If this is a manufactured crisis, it could trigger $10 gas. FILL UP EVERYTHING NOW BEFORE THE RESULTS OF THIS GO BONKERS.

Was this done on purpose to create a crisis? It sure looks that way, how on earth would they ever get it sideways SO PERFECT by accident?

This is stuck so bad it could trigger a global supply chain crisis. I don't know what gets used more, the Suez canal or the Panama canal, but if they don't get this un-stuck it's gonna be bad. Count how many containers tall that thing is stacked. It's a monster, WAY bigger than a Nimitz class aircraft carrier. This ship is 59 meters wide and 400 meters long. A Nimitz class aircraft carrier is 333 meters long. That pretty much sums up how huge this problem is.

This is a serious obstacle with no easy way to manage. Nothing can get past it. There's already a massive traffic jam. I am fairly certain they can't get it moving again because they poked a hole in it and it's firmly planted on the bottom. BIG PROBLEM.

Prediction: They will up "mass shootings" to several times a week

They might just AI blue screen them all, like they did Biden,

And all of them will: (Pick one per shooting:)

1. Promote the Covid agenda by making it look like gun nuts are anti-mask/anti-vaccine "fruitcakes."

2. Promote the race hatred agenda.

3. Support a war on the Arab world.

4. Promote banning of all guns. A variety of weapons will be used, they will diversify away from assault weapons to "justify" banning all of them. If they get down to air guns, there will be mass shootings with those.

All of this will be fronted by the FBI, or at a bare minimum, never be called out by the FBI which will know they are all either totally fake, or totally staged with brain wiped patsies.

Watch it happen. They'll hatch such a trail of damning B.S. that even avid gun owners will cry for it to stop. only it won't really be happening at all, we do, after all, have a blue screen "president".

With all shootings that are too convenient, nothing is to be fully trusted

As the story goes now, the "Colorado shooter" had a facebook page they made sure got deleted before they let his name out. I don't know exactly where they want to take the story now, but the deleted facebook page now proves he was a Muslim who hated Trump. However, they don't need "white supremacist" to accomplish a gun ban, they just need a shooting, so I am skeptical, it appears instead this shooting was entirely fake and that this facebook for the patsy either did not jive with what they wanted so they deleted it, or it is fake too. You decide I guess, either way they'll get their gun bans even if it was totally crisis acted.

To be ignored until . . . . Florida base jumper dies when chute fails to open

I ignored this at first because I figured it was just a chute failure the way the MSM makes it sound. Then I actually read the report and saw it was a case of bad reporting, combined with raw stupidity.

Here are the basics of base jumping: If a building does not have at least 30 LONG stories (not short stories and there's a big difference) and you can't jump from the top, DO NOT BASE JUMP.

Short stories can be as little as 8 feet and are used in hotels and apartments. Usually they are about 10 feet.

Long stories have, on each floor, above the space below, an additional level on the same floor that's in the ceiling that allows people to go up there and install things that are used in the office below. That space is typically about 4 feet but sometimes it is tall enough to walk around. That's a long story. Those are usually about 12-15 feet per floor.

This "base jumper" jumped from the 14th floor of a HOTEL because it "looked high" and was obviously stupid for 2 reasons:

1. He never read up on how long a parachute actually is once it opens.

2. He never read up on how fast he had to be going before wind speed would open a parachute, let alone how long after opening would be needed to slow him down.

The minimum is right around 400 feet if you don't have the wind speed from an airplane to help, even if you have experience. THERE WAS NO CHUTE FAILURE. Saying "the chute failed to open" the way the MSM is saying sure ignores the laws of physics.

After Biden GREEN SCREEN got "embarrassed" by the migrant situation, he -

Gave 86 MILLION to a "non profit" to provide 1,286 hotel rooms to migrant families for six months. How much per night does that work out to? $371.00 PER NIGHT.

That "nonprofit" is NOT a "nonprofit" though I'd have to say that if it was the Clinton foundation, that would be a remarkably good use of the funds compared to normal.


Here's reality: They probably got a contract with Motel 6, are probably paying around $80 per night and they pocketed $56 million with their "nonprofit". FIVE (5) new synagogues got built to the highest standards in prime areas.

Yahoo is lying about Sidney Powell

They claim she said "no one with a brain would believe her" after Dominion filed a lawsuit. Here is what she actually said:

"reasonable people would not accept such statements as fact but view them only as claims that await testing by the courts through the adversary process"

That's lawyer talk. And it in no way states "anyone who could think reasonably would not have believed her". She's only stating that the claims are so phenomonal they would be hard to believe without being proven in court. But you know where the left takes things.

We all know the election was rigged. We all know Dominion made it possible at the level it happened. We all know there was a coup, and now that the enemy is in charge, that enemy HAS TO go back over the fields they burned and plow them under so they can deny it ever happened. That's precisely what they are doing now.

We all know the election was rigged. We all know Dominion made it possible at the level it happened. We all know there was a coup, and now that the enemy is in charge, that enemy HAS TO go back over the fields they burned and plow them under so they can deny it ever happened. That's precisely what they are doing now. Only, this time it won't work. And they know it. They are doing their damndest to FORCE people to accept the fraud so strongly they begin to deny the fraud, but THIS TIME that's going to take a genocide. It was too blatant. Nobody believes their crap, including their allies.

Woke math: This is not a joke -

Oregon has claimed math is "white supremacist" and that an answer, such as 2+2=22 is a correct answer because minorities have difficulty with math because whites made it difficult on purpose, to shut minorities out. Obviously we are at war, and the goal is to destroy the sciences so technology gets crushed. The people doing these things know what they are doing. They know they can't get away with bombs, so they subverted and moved straight to victory without them. The end goal of any war is to totally annihilate the people you are targeting, you don't necessarily want to kill them all outright.

Boulder shooting, all you need to know in one line:

Boulder had an assault weapons ban that was in place for two years and a lower court judge struck it down. It was then challenged and to be put before the Colorado supreme court. 4 days after that happened, and before it went before the supreme court, "assault weapons were used in a mass shooting".

Like clockwork. It's another fake shooting to influence the courts. Predictable. It could not possibly be more predictable.

No one would magically come up with an assault weapon complete with ammo during an ammo shortage and shoot'em up in four short days, when most people would not even know a judge ruled in their favor. Most likely this is another case of crisis actors.

There are many con job reports about the "side effects of the Covid vax"

These reports list ridiculous side effects claims, and are specifically intended to make anyone who claims to have been damaged by the vax look like nutcases. After all, they have already succeeded in screwing over a major portion of the British population and all they need is one more deceptive push making people look like fools to, for the most part, get them all.

I have seen many such reports lately, but today I hit one that was such a prime example of public manipulation to get people to go in for the shot that it really took the cake. It is here. Here are a few example quotes of the kind of manipulation being done:

"Physical effects that were more closely related to medical issues but seem extremely unlikely to be linked to a Covid vaccine included excessive blinking (one), eyes changing colour (four), growing teeth (six) and losing teeth (one).

Thirty-nine people said they lost weight after the vaccine compared to three gaining weight.

And 102 people reported flatulence - passing wind - as a potential side effect, while 558 simply said they had been "feeling abnormal" but did not explain how."

My comment: So if you think the vax did anything to you, you're just complaining about your farts! HOW CUTE.

And now, in comment sections, whenever people "complain about the vax" they Always say, "I am fine now, and it was WORTH IT." Without fail. I am seeing that everywhere. Tell that to Tiffany Dover and Marvelous Marvin. I am buying NONE OF IT.

Project veritas photos from Inside migrant facility BIDEN BUILT

They show migrants being treated so much worse under Biden, (green screen) in a facility BIDEN (Green screen) HAD BUILT that it is indescribably worse than anything under either Trump OR Obama. "Kids in cages" was PARADISE compared to this crap. Totally unbelievable. This must stink to high heaven.

No blankets, only sheets of clear plastic AND mattresses in plastic, packed in like sardines - like you just threw people like trash on the floor. THIS IS WHAT VOTE FRAUD LOOKS LIKE. This is what it looks like when criminals (truly,) are running a country. How much are they bilking the taxpayer for this level of horrific treatment? I'd bet it is something like $300 per day per kid for treatment that should cost less than $5, food included.

"Kamala cannot be president" is making the rounds after Biden's 3d render glitch

Here are the facts regarding Kamala: She really cannot be president. Both her parents were non citizen foreigners and her dad was Jamaican, which automatically, according to Jamaican law, made Kamala Jamaican at birth.

Here are the facts regarding the world we now live in: There's no such thing as law. Thieves and thugs have seized the federal government. They are so tasteless and unqualified that when in front of top world leaders they appear like club scene stoners with dyed hair. That belongs at Shanique's salon, NOT AT A GLOBAL CONFERENCE. We are being insulted by those who stole the election.

Here is the reality we live in: We have a trans and obviously evil assistant secretary of health, making decisions about children. We have an election that was run on broken law, where in all important areas the entire foundation was fraudulent, and then the fraudulent foundation was used to steal it and the courts would not even acknowledge that the entire foundation it was run from was fraudulent, with rules put in place that happened totally outside the legal process. For that alone, it's not a legit election, and THAT is what blue screen Biden, not qualified to fill the role Kamala, Miss Purple Hair on the world stage and the trans secretary of health rode in on. It's all fake, and all a fraud.

IN THIS SITUATION, DO YOU REALLY THINK KAMALA NOT BEING QUALIFIED TO BE EVEN VICE PRESIDENT WILL BE BLOCKED FROM BECOMING PRESIDENT? I don't think so, because the law has already been 100 percent broken, it will be whatever those who staged the coup want. Kamala CANNOT be even Vice President because that position may require you to become president and you HAVE TO qualify for that. You can forget the American gun owner making a difference too. Evidently all we are going to see as far as action from gun owners is more FBI fronted fakery with their paid goons to justify taking the guns.

Obviously Green Screen wants war with Russia. Probably because green screen wants to solidify it's position and I think green screen is probably Soros. Funding predominantly from Soros and Gates paid for this election. I don't think Soros likes to share, and I think Gates is fine with that, as long as he gets to corrupt the entire genome. America is being run by cartoon level super villains. Do you think they'll do nuclear war, to destroy the country Soros absolutely hates, and made it clear he did? All the way back in the 90's he openly stated he wanted to destroy the United States. Who's really in charge if Biden is not, and they want to fake him on green screen? Who's taking action that could end in the total destruction of the country? I'll leave it at that.

FACT: The Pfizer CEO has not had any Corona vax yet, let alone the Pfizer shot. All for thee, and none for me!!! I won't even eat cake.

A few quick, but very important items

First of all, we have exhibit A which appears to be some sort of biological creation from a lab. looks for all the world like the first crude yet successful attempt to build a truly mobile man made life form that's not totally a chimera. Obviously I could be getting punked with this, but I don't think so, after studying this video fairly closely everything adds up, including the fact that it does not move in a way anything of this size that is natural does, this looks like it uses the type of mechanism a spider uses to move (spiders are hydraulic) combined with what looks like a squid. This would be the easiest way to make "your first crawling life form". I bet they did.

Everyone walked out after exhibit A, there will be no exhibit B today.

RUMOR: Russia to go to war soon Russia has opened it's bomb shelters, which, unlike America's bomb shelters (which have mostly been bulldozed by now) can hold the ENTIRE Russian population AND feed them for a lengthy time frame. Obviously if the DOD has spent trillions WE at least get a hole in the ground with food, RIGHT? Actually, NOPE. The leftists made damn good and sure that money went elsewhere. Funny thing: The leftists are the ones who are going to die without them, "the rest of us" are smart enough to either get out of the way, BE out of the way, and prep.

Toyota has warned, and is continuing to warn the world not to switch to electric cars too fast

Toyota is stating straight up that there's no way the electrical infrastructure is going to be able to handle having everyone driving electric cars, especially with leftists shutting down as much generating capacity as they possibly can. Toyota is also stating that electric cars are going to continue to be expensive into the forseeable future. And Toyota is also pointing out that only 2 percent of the U.S. car fleet is electric at this time, so real problems are being totally obscured by this.

I believe Toyota is absolutely right. I'll add to that "what if it is a trap, and once all the cars are electric, they'll just pull a Texas on us?" But there is one thing that is making things not look so bad - cheap solar panels.

In Mexico, you can get 400 watt panels brand new on the (real) market, (not Home Depot) for about $130 USD. At home depot, even in Mex, that same panel costs over $600 from the exact same manufacturer. So it will be key to not get ripped off for this -

Let's say you buy an electric car for $30,000 because the price dropped a bit. IF you then turned around and bought $3000 worth of panels that were priced fairly, you'd get 10,000 watts of generating capacity and your car itself would be the battery, you could skip that cost. Such a solar array could be arranged to provide whatever DC voltage the car was set up to accept (and that can be done, very easily.) With such a setup, you'd get about 45 miles of driving from one hour of charge at Tesla's ratings, and there are other electric cars that would go farther. These panels would not be on the car, obviously. But if you pushed that out to an entire day of charging under good conditions, you'd get the equivalent of about 6 hours of full sun, and put hundreds of miles of range on the car in one whack for nothing but a small additional expense at time of purchase.

Additionally, if your car was in use during prime charging time, you could put a grid tie inverter on those panels and send the power out during peak hours and then take it all back at night, for free. Solar panels may become a standard add on to any electric car purchase in the near future. If you can skip the storage part of the solar equation and use the car for that, solar (can be) very cheap to do.

Trump just made a very important statement

He says it clearly here in a way that can't be refuted even if the courts refused to hear the case - the election is not valid, and it does not matter if the courts refused to hear the case, it was not valid anyway.


Investigators looked at the data in the car's computer and it shows the brake was never pushed and the gas remained pushed, all the way to the time of impact. I don't think Woods was suicidal, nor do I believe he could have fallen asleep within two minutes on a windy road.

Someone has something to hide. They are not telling the truth. If they had succeeded in killing him, the story would have been the usual: He got drunk and crashed.

Woods has likely stated what actually happened, but in a world where the president passes through microphones you'll never hear it.

Remote controlled Germanwings Airbus A320 crash? All evidence points to this.