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                Cornerstone report:
Fukushima SABOTAGE!

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Parler de-platformed

They are going for EVERYONE. This is a total communist smack down. It is suspected that they are attempting to stop Trump from speaking because he is going to drop the goods and they want him totally censored. Tonight he was supposed to go live somewhere at 7, that somewhere never got revealed and then Newsmax said they'd have him and it has not materialized.

No one knows what is going on, other than that the left is PANICKED, why do they want to impeach him so badly when he only has 10 days left?

If Trump has something, he had DAMN WELL BETTER DO IT NOW.

PREDICTION: The MSM is harping about the nuclear codes because they intend to use nukes if Trump makes his move to bust them all, and they want him blamed.

Where would the nukes actually come from? China and Israel, and perhaps Russia. Remember those really weird spiders that made temporary appearances in all major cities? Those were likely placed to ensure another nuke could be placed. Those made their rounds during that mysterious shortage of helium 3. You have to be an old timer on this site to remember that.

Highly probable: They already have the fake launch video made, and have threatened to use nuclear weapons if Trump does anything more to put the election right. They are blabbering about the launch codes and how he's not stable enough to have them because they intend to use the nukes themselves if necessary and want the public conscience and momentum already set against Trump if they decide to.

RUMOR: Pelosi's laptop was seized during raid on capitol


Rumor has it that General Mcinerny is saying that's why pelosi is freaking out, trying to impeach immediately.

PROBLEM: WHAT HAPPENED TO THE KRAKEN, AND THAT SERVER IN GERMANY??? That said, if you want to toke on a little hopium, Here he is talking about it. This is what I'd call barely credible enough to post, considering how corruption has smashed everything and they are blabbering about nuclear codes now. Fat chance anything will happen, Trump probably will bend under the threat of them nuking the country in his name.

Big tech has made it's move. LET ME REPEAT:

This report is MY EXPERIENCE, either you follow it or your site is dead.

1. Firefox has, for a long time, been a rigged browser. No details, other than that team mozilla has a few problems and has had them since about 2015.

2. Google Chrome is as bad or worse than team mozilla, but Google is a lot more discreet about it and focuses more on making sure independent media does not get money than they do on censorship but they have both features built right into the browser. Just because your browser is telling you a site is not there does not mean it does not exist, if you insist, Chrome still lets you in on about the third try. But if someone never hit a site before, the three tries ruse works.

3. DO NOT USE CLOUDFLARE. When you do, you are counting on evil people to protect you, and they can shut ANYONE out at will, including your readers. They have your IP, so obviously they'll make it look to you like all is well, all the while there is serious atrition.

4. DO NOT use Google analytics. They used to be far worse about this, back around 2014 they were AWFUL about hanging sites with the analytic script but they backed off. That weapon is still there however.

5. DO NOT use Bitly. I have busted Bitly many times with censorship. Trust me, you do not need your links shortened. That's a false need. Who cares how long a link is? it is in the background code anyway. Here is how Bitly works: You give them a long link. They give you a short link, TO THEM. You put that short link on your site. People click that. It goes to Bitly, gets matched with the long link and then you go to wherever the long link would have sent you. PROBLEM: If Bitly does not like what you linked to, it will work when YOU hit the link but it won't work for your readers. Why TH would anyone compromise the information path by so needlessly putting someone else in the chain? I am sure that's the only reason why Bitly really exists, the entire context of that place is in my opinion STUPID anyway.

6. Wordpress has already shown it's hand clearly and irrefutably. For years I was warning people to NOT use Wordpress for ANYTHING. Oh, but I am only using their sitebuilder, so I don't have to worry, RIGHT? well, NO. Even if you don't use the Wordpress server for your hosting, YOU ARE TOAST. They were all about censorship all along, and they whacked EVERYONE they hated, (or are finalizing that process now).

If you have your own hosting, why would you ever even consider using the Wordpress sitebuilder? ALL HOSTING COMPANIES HAVE SITE BUILDING SOFTWARE RIGHT THERE ALONGSIDE WORDPRESS IN CPANEL. You don't need to use wordpress just because it works like Facebook. You do not need it THAT EASY when they have already proven that if you step out of line, they are going to blow you away.

7. BIGGEST ONE OF ALL: IF THERE IS NO REASON FOR YOUR SITE TO BE SECURE, DO NOT, FOR ANY REASON, USE HTTPS. IF YOU ARE NOT TAKING CREDIT CARD NUMBERS AND BANK INFO, DO NOT USE HTTPS. HTTPS IS THE BIGGEST CON JOB OUT THERE FOR NEWS SITES, THAT WANT EVERYTHING ON THEM KNOWN BY EVERYONE. THEY CAN SHUT YOU DOWN WITH HTTPS IN A NANOSECOND. Hey everybody, I have Cloudflare, HTTPS, Wordpress, and EVERYTHING ELSE "people in the know use" AND IT IS ALL SWITCHED OFF. I have BETTER SHIT THAN ANYONE, More options available than ANYONE and I only use what no one else uses, DIRECT IP ROUTING. No one has that, you have to pay extra for it, it is not a freebie, it takes more than word processor level skills. GEE, I WONDER WHY I CHOSE THAT AND ONLY THAT to keep this site visible. If you are wondering, the answer is BECAUSE IT ACTUALLY WORKS. This site has been saved by that TWICE now. I'd have blinked out in 2017, they tried to kill the site off already and that stopped them because they could not just delete me off the internet by taking me out of the DNS servers.

No one who hits this site needs to be told about Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or any of the other obvious ones, RIGHT? You're smart enough to not be in diapers, RIGHT? I have said ALL OF THE ABOVE repeatedly since about 2014 when I figured it out, and now that everyone is being vaporized perhaps, since no one listened they'll use it for troubleshooting.

And now I'll say THIS: Now we are going to get to see what happens to everyone when the election theft proved to us there is no system of law in America. What kept your privately hosted site from being nuked up until now? Fear of prosecution, that's what. But with the courts proving they don't exist with this election, they are likely, once Trump is out, going to play their hand, break the law EVERYWHERE and will simply totally and illegaly wipe everyone off the DNS servers and/or simply ban their PAID FOR accounts. WHO IS GOING TO STOP THEM? Come on now, you saw how this election went, WHO IS GOING TO STOP THEM?




I am keeping an eye on the situation. A lot of sites are on and off intermittantly. I can understand Parler now that Trump has moved there, but the rest are odd.

TOP ITEMS on this page:

These are the important items on this page that you should scroll down to if you have not seen them yet.

1. Nancy's son in law led the raid on the capitol.

2. VP Chief of Staff Marc Short was likely the one who shot Ashley in the capitol

3. Trump surrendered. UPDATE: There is good reason to believe he was seized physically and is in custody.


Trump's twitter has been permanently suspended


Trump did NOTHING they claimed he did. I still have his tab open. There is NOTHING WRONG with what he said.


Donald J. Trump · @DonaldJTrumpOfficialPresident
6 hours ago ·
The Corrupt Democratic Media is trying to bring me down, but I will come back stronger than ever!

Just joined Parler and I love it! Echo this post so everyone can follow me! @DonaldJTrumpOfficialPresident

Parler seems to be jammed. Gee, DDOS? Or Trump, the DDOS simulator?

I have carefully looked into the post I put up and removed. Hush Hush.

"Trump" tweeted he won't be at the inauguration. HOW CONVENIENT. They probably really did already get rid of him.

I suspect Trump is not in control of his twitter, and his account will now be used as a psych warfare weapon.


Very suspicious circumstances surrounding Trump

1. Nancy led a fake raid on the capitol that she did not inform everyone about beforehand and this is guaranteed because her son in law was one of the organizers.

2. As fallout from the raid, Twitter suspended Trump's account only to have what may be a deep fake of him speaking be the only thing posted since "he was allowed access" It is a good deep fake but it lacks the clarity of original video. People have dissected this quite well, and have found where the video repeats the exact same facial expression with the body in two different positions. It does indeed look sketchy and it would be expected during a communist coup.

The following shows two different frames from his "concession video" that were spaced about a minute apart and I agree, this does not look right.

Please note: I did not create this gif, it was posted anonymously by "trumpy" to However, so many people are screaming deep fake that I don't think this is going to be debunked.

We all wondered how we'd spot a deep fake once they started doing it for real. Answer: they are easier to bust than faked photos. If there was a screw up like this when it really mattered, deep fakes are simply not there yet, and likely never will be.

3. At the exact same time Trump got suspended, his entire family went silent on social media. This would match having the communists seize everyone simultaneously so no one could get the word out. It is how they do it.

There are rumors Trump went into hiding and is safe with the military, plotting a way to save the country. But those are only rumors, what I believe this matches is the bolshevik revolution, where everyone was flagged bagged and tagged, and seized at the exact same moment so no one could warn anyone about what was going on. They'll probably release a few more deep fakes and attempt to let the entire topic of Trump fade into obscurity.

To summarize the above: Nancy led the raid. It was not a secret to her. Trump posted a twitter video condemning the raid and calling for peace. I saw it, and at the time believed the raid was real and ridiculed Trump for what he said. Twitter deleted that video, called Trump violent which was an abject lie, and suspended his account. Simultaneously Trump's entire family went silent. A supreme court case scheduled for the 7th never happened and Trump would have had to have been there. And then the deep fake video of Trump "conceding" got posted.

One of two scenarios is possible: 1. Trump and family went into military protection all at the same time, or 2. They are captured the way communists always do it, and could already be fish food. Time will tell. ONLY time will tell.


That's pretty weak trollage when Twitter can delete tweets! OBVIOUS: If they can delete them, they can add them!

The communists are ALREADY calling for ethnic cleansing in the United States

They are minimizing Trump supporters by only counting the votes they claim he had. But even with that said, there were only about 150 million votes, which means Trump, at a minimum, took 47 percent of the country. That's over 160 million. We all know it was rigged, so Trump in fact has at least 230 million supporters. That matches the number Deagel said was going to die.

Trump is not even "techinically" out of office, and ABC news has already said this:

FOLKS, WHEN YOU SEE THAT TYPE OF THING PUBLISHED FROM A NATIONAL SOURCE, AND YOU HAVE GUNS, YOU START KILLING. That statement even by itself proves the election was stolen. THEY got rid of Trump, we did not. And now, THEY are going to get rid of you. We already have a deep fake of Trump posted to Twitter, he's probably gone, and next, if you don't start shooting, it will be YOU.

Let me guess what the story line will be: "In a rage after his election loss, Trump murdered his whole family EXCEPT FOR JARED and then killed himself." Or perhaps they'll add variety by claiming there was an accident, like a plane crash, where Jared was not aboard. Or a bombing Or a boat accident. Or whatever. They have to get the Jew out of the situation somehow!

"You must understand, the leading Bolsheviks who took over Russia were not Russians. They hated Russians. They hated Christians. Driven by ethnic hatred they tortured and slaughtered millions of Russians without a shred of human remorse. It cannot be overstated. Bolshevism committed the greatest human slaughter of all time.

The fact that most of the world is ignorant and uncaring about this enormous crime is proof that the global media is in the hands of the perpetrators."

~ Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

AND NOW THAT MEDIA IS USING THE WORD "CLEANSE". Only a moron would not see what that means.


I was wrong about RUSH, he DID say what I would say. KUDOS!!!

And he's not wrong, This time the corruption needs to be overthrown with violence SO BADLY our genetic code depends on it. Consider the consequences of allowing this kind of corruption to proceed. We can't. We simply can't.


In all fairness, it did look spooky and she was trying to break the door, BUT READ DOWN THE PAGE A WAYS: THIS RAID WAS DONE BY NANCY'S SON IN LAW. Even Nancy kept her secrets in this coup, which is why the capitol police were with the rioters, escorting them through the capitol building even on this video that shows the most intense moment.

Rumor: Rush going live for a final show

LET ME GUESS: Rush Limbaugh will go on the air today and tell everyone to accept the steal, not be violent and that they can vote their way out of this mess. I bet I am right. I never could understand why Rush destroyed Ross Perot. If he does what I think he will do today, we'll know why. Let's hope Rush does not destroy his legacy today. I sure hope he will not, but with ALL traitors coming out of the woodwork now, today we will know. "Traitor" is not a word I want to put on Rush until he proves it.

COUP COMPLETE. Trump surrendered.

"Even though I totally disagree with the outcome of the election, and the facts bear me out, nevertheless there will be an orderly transition on January 20th. I have always said we would continue our fight to ensure that only legal votes were counted. While this represents the end of the greatest first term in presidential history, it's only the beginning of our fight to Make America Great Again!

He did not say he conceded. However, that looks like the end.

If he could not "Make America Great Again" from the inside due to the extent to which every institution was corrupted, how will he ever do it from the outside? Forget about ever getting a real president again, if anyone who is not establishment talks about being president and gets even a small amount of attention, there will be a remote chauffeuring at 120 mph off a cliff and they'll use their killing to push an agenda on top of it.

Meet Michiel Vos

Nancy's son in law led the raid on the capitol. She obviously did not tell Pence what was going on!


The House judiciary committee is attempting to invoke the 25th and have Trump ousted IMMEDIATELY. They have made a formal, detailed appeal to Pence.

Pelosi controls the DC police who allowed Antifa in.

They had Antifa stage an attack so they could shut down the proceedings, and now they are going to attempt to eject Trump. They were obviously going to lose, so they are pulling out all the stops and trying to get rid of Trump. Gosh, his twitter is shut down. HOW CONVENIENT. COUP IS ON

IT IS OVER. The military has now started ignoring Trump and is only speaking to Pelosi, Pence, Schumer and McConnel. IT IS OVER FOLKS. OVER.

The military is not going to be there for us. Today we finally got a complete look at the corruption, and it included the DC police, Rand Paul, Pence, and now the military. We cannot overcome that, it is OVER. Trump never had a chance. Now is when we finally found out just how bad it really was. Pence was a rattlesnake planted in Trump's heel the entire 4 years.

Update: The bastards are back in session. Yippee. This is NOT AN AMERICAN SESSION.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: I have edited this page now that it is known that Antifa crisis actors "stormed the capitol" with the full permission of the police, who shot only a pregnant woman who was not an actor they could be sure of. THAT'S RIGHT, THE PREGNANT WOMAN WAS NOT APPROVED IN THE CROWD THAT "STORMED THE CAPITOL" SO THEY SHOT HER IN THE NECK.

The electoral college was stormed BY ANTIFA. The DC police let them right in and they nuked Trump's twitter over this video.


Update: There is, in addition to the video to the left, Another video that shows the police resisting in a different location. The linked tweet says this was the "exact moment" but there was more than one location. Not all of the police were corrupt, just the ones that let Antifa in.

The two videos do not match. The sidewalks do not match. In one, they resisted. In another, they let them in willingly. So not all the police were corrupt, only enough to do the job I guess.

Also, Twitter absolutely HATED this Trump tweet and it probably contributed to the nuking of his account, along with this video to the left here.

I am serving this video from this site because it obviously won't survive the wild, I fact checked this and Antifa was let in through the western barricade at the capitol building. This video is confirmed to be legit and actually what happened.

When this got re-tweeted on Trump's account, they nuked it.

We now know that today's storming of the senate was planned executed and staged to make Trump supporters look bad (to the leftists, I don't think any real patriots would have been against this), however, as a psy op it detracts from how horrible the steal was. It will also be used against him to censor him and slander him. I guess his approach today to "go home peacefully" was the only card he had to play.

Trump told everyone to be peaceful and go home. If he won't now initialize the military it is over.

Pence was a traitor through all 4 years of Trump's presidency.

Want to know who the leaker was that Trump could never seem to root out? It was Pence. Pence was a traitor from start to finish and Trump never figured it out. And an interesting thing happened today. When the capitol was stormed Pence ordered the activation of troops, NOT TRUMP, and the Pentagon said NO. We had damn well better hope that means they are on our side and will follow Trump's orders or we are doomed, that is IF Trump gives the orders and after his lilly limp wristed response to the storming of the capitol it is hard to discern whether or not even he is a troll. That response was the WORST thing that could have ever happened to the country. We will know if even Trump is compromised by whether or not he at least tries to have the military save us.

Pence IS THE TRAITOR we feared.

Check out Twitter's treasonous claim on this tweet:


Electoral college progress:



UPDATE: At first, it looked like Republicans got in. Now it is proven they were all CIA backed antifa that were sent to disrupt the proceedings that the nation was vomiting over. So it was done to bash Trump. I don't think it worked, too many people supported it, including me (until I found out with 100 percent certainty that it was a setup. The people they sent in enabled ridiculous photo ops that made Trump supporters look like crap, especially "viking guy".

In the subsequent portion of the "capitol storming psy op" You'll no doubt hear "we are saddened. This is not who we are as a nation" on repeat DAY AND NIGHT. THAT WILL BE A COMMUNIST CON JOB.

This is what happened before the CIA pulled the plug on the electoral college:

Arizona was objected. Alaska and Alabama were not objected. The show will now begin. This has to proceed alphabetically. Ought to be an interesting day.

Pitch a bitch Mitch has claimed NO FRAUD. He's swinging for Biden now. Hopefully he'll swing from something else later.

Interesting tidbit: This really can be stopped if fraud is suspected. Early on, fraud was suspected and Aaron Burr got rejected after "winning". Who took office instead? Thomas Jefferson.

Schiff accused Trump of attempting a coup. We are watching whether or not America lives or dies today. There are so many traitors present it is almost impossible to watch.

Trolls are out in abundance saying "You'll have another chance to vote in 4 years". Which will also be stolen. THIS. IS. IT. if the fraud is not successfully contested today, it is OVER.

Newsmax and Fox business cut Cruz, but let the commie traitors have their FULL SAY. I said right from the beginning Newsmax was a limited hangout Jewish front and am still nothing but RIGHT. People know by now the Fox is in the hen house . . .

It does not appear anyone is going to be able to save Trump or this nation today. Trump's head is not on a platter today, OURS IS. Trump can just fly off to anywhere and do OK, this is not a fight for Trump, it is a fight for the survival of the country.

It is beginning to appear like we will need the military to arrest Biden and Harris for treason, the normal processes are so corrupt they clearly don't function.

The people stealing this nation are going to be afraid of the American gun owner after they do so. And I'll once again say that outside of Arlington, the target gun owners must seek out is right in their own town, it is not a huge drive, it is RIGHT NEXT DOOR, over there by the synagogue.

Interesting: Even after being totally exposed for massive vote fraud, Georgia locked poll watchers out when they stole the runoffs! This system is beyond comically corrupt.

VERY GOOD AWARENESS BUILDING: Israel training American police

This is what we are up against folks: Police who have been directly trained by Bolsheviks to believe Christians are the enemy, and that America's founding fathers are terrorists. They are NOT LOYAL TO AMERICA.

Alex had this in his video 911 the road to tyranny but that was not the original source. This was captured by an officer in training in Utah.

Trump supporters are posting on various venues that the police are TOTALLY favoring Antifa in DC, while they bash law abiding Trump supporters. And this is causing America's best patriots to turn against the police forces, which are clearly, without question, completely pro-communist. Remember the Israeli training an enormous pile of the American police got? That is the problem, and GEE, it all started with Israel! BOLSHEVIK CENTRAL. Who would guess?

FACT: If a communist revolution is to be squelched, these worthless cops (and that means ALL OF THEM, including those that give tickets to raise revenue and follow orders they KNOW are wrong, (THEY KNOW IT IS WRONG) but they do it anyway, and that is ALL OF THEM in EVERY CITY AND TOWN NATIONWIDE, - these cops need to IMMEDIATELY lose all public support at this time and be considered enemy combatants by the American gun owner because that's precisely what they are.


Various online polls, even the conservative ones, do not believe Pence will pull through today at a rate of about 75/25.

The deep state is SO BAD that a super majority of the public, even including leftists, don't think Pence will save the election today. That means practically everyone, both left and right know the corruption is too deep to stop. Leftists are OK with that.


Take a look at this tweet. Why on earth would Trump need to tell Pence to do it if they were on good terms and on the same team? If Pence was with Trump, it would be assumed! Trump is applying pressure here, where he should not have to.

Great Britain is now going door to door and killing everyone's chickens, even at farms.

This was reported just after the Dems stole Georgia, complete with votes flipping on screen, just like last time.

FACT: Communists of the Bolshevik type ABSOLUTELY DESPISE private ownership of chickens, because chickens reduce their control. They are claiming they are doing it to stop the spread of a virus, but that's just a B.S. excuse.

Georgia runoffs: The Republicans were winning BIG and suddenly, just like last time, they "quit counting votes" for the night. Trump is waiting for the big dump that flips the results, SEE THIS.

Confirmed. They had 117,000 possible votes available in DeKalb county and dumped 171,000. Dems won. Obviously they are so confident in their corruption they'll go right ahead, even when everyone is watching and expecting it. Trolls are out in force repeating the same rhetoric they did for the big steal


FACT: For two months all they did was throw out evidence via corrupted courts while they "updated" all the software, ran the shredders and blew up Nashville, while killing inconvenient people. THEY DON'T NEED 10 DAYS TO INVESTIGATE ANYTHING "BETTER". Their chances are gone. Run the vote, and then activate the military. It's as simple as that.

If they actually pull this sh*t, if Pence actually goes along with this, 3 million people ought to go out to Arlington and burn that sh*thole to the ground. Arlington is where those bastards live. If Americans don't make a last stand in Arlington after they pull that kind of crap, WE ARE DONE.

Arlington is where the zombie deep state lives. ARLINGTON IS WHERE IT'S AT, VENT YOUR GRIEVANCES THERE. Show your patriotism in Arlington and DO NOT BE NICE, After all, those who would recieve the attention have ADAMANTLY INSISTED that when ANTIFA burns everything to the ground it is just "peaceful protest!"

A civil war will not be won without the total annihilation of Arlington. Forget the capitol!

Want to delay the EC vote? GO FOR IT and DITTO for finalizing the steal. I am just going to sit here and keep repeating "Ignore DC, ARLINGTON IS WHERE THE DEEP STATE LIVESremember their definition of "peaceful protest!"


Scamming CBS news just fronted a story claiming Iran wants to crash a jet into the capitol building tomorrow to avenge Soleimani. That's BULLSHIT. If they wanted to avenge soleimani, they'd crash it into the Pentagon or White House.

I have a BRILLIANT observation (not really, because the average middle school playground group could figure this out) but I'll call it BRILLIANT sarcastically: Observation: Considering what the U.S. did to Afghanistan over 911, it would be poor social planning for the well being of any nation's people to crash a jet into the U.S. capitol, and it's a no brainer to conclude Iran is not stupid enough to do it. Trump refused all out war with Iran and compromised by taking out Soleimani. Biden is not the same deal, and I'll bet with 50,000:1 odds that this latest "threat" by Iran is PURE CRAP that will be staged to "justify" blowing Iran off the map under a Biden administration.

WOW, Cool, I went online to hopefully find something good to post and Voila! there it was, compliments of the MSM. HOW CONVENIENT. Are they going to cancel that big important meeting tomorrow now? They say it was not credible. Let's see if all the swamp creatures are no-shows.


There is little to no hope the senate or anyone else will prevent Biden from being scammed into office. If Trump does not have the military fully on his side to immediately begin launching arrests after tomorrow, all you can do is prepare and pray. Get ready to bug out, to the south is better than to the north, and at least buy a tent, matches, and a pellet gun would be good too so you can hunt in secret. Better have 50,000 pellets. In the U.S., a Beeman nitro that can take BB's (which will be cheap enough for you to get tens of thousands immediately,) plus that beeman will take pellets - as many as you can get - that is going to be the right choice because you can't walk around the woods letting everyone know you are there, even with a .22 and BB's will at least get squirrels and pigeons.

If Biden is scammed in tomorrow it will only prove that America was lost before Trump was even elected, and he only delayed the inevitable for 4 years. Biden and many others have specifically stated their actions will be immediate, and that America will enter the darkest period in it's entire history, starting January 21. They have openly stated this. They openly stated everything, including Biden stating outright that he did not need our vote to get elected. They have openly stated ALL OF IT and the election part already happened. Think they are lying about the rest? Sit back, relax, and enjoy the results of not taking this seriously.

It would be comical if it was not so grave, Biden is such a bad guy, supported by such rotten people that he can openly brag about "America's darkest time" after he was elected - he's bad on the level of Darth Vader and the emperor, begging everyone over to the dark side. He's so confident in his evil he's openly announcing the results before he even takes office. He has substantially upped the ante on "the dark winter" and has upgraded it to "The darkest time in America's history". He is saying it openly. And no one is taking action. Think about that. This is serious stuff.

Quick note: A lot of Beeman rifles breach load pellets and can also take BB's through a BB feeder on the gun. At least in Mexico. However, if you have a rifle in .177 caliber that only takes pellets, you can make BB's work in it by melting a candle and rolling the bb's in the wax. Don't get too much wax on the bb's, only the minimum needed to prevent them from rolling down the barrel. Pellets are highly preferable but a BB loaded this way is quite powerful at short range. It will probably diesel and break the sound barrier, if this happens try to use less wax.


WHY, YOU ASK? Because Pence has the power to reject proven fraudulent electors, and Grassley does not. So to save the steal and save face simultaneously, Pence has to not be there. And he does not want to be there. He IS THE SWAMP. He won't show up to protect the country.

I can just see it. Grassley "Oh there's definite fraud. Wow, this is not a legitimate election. OMG, this is BAD, but sorry folks, I have to do the final certification BECAUSE PENCE IS NOT HERE TO STOP THIS.



Update Trump knows about this

Dominion machines are down ONLY IN REPUBLICAN PRECINCTS, with poll workers promising to "scan the ballots later".

THIS IS WHAT WE GET WHEN THE SYSTEM IS SO BROKEN THEY JUST OPENLY BRAZENLY STEAL IT, EVEN WHEN EVERYONE IS WATCHING. If this is what we get, even now, when everyone is stirred up like hornets it is GAME OVER.

Georgia is now showing us cold hard proof that if we don't take the nation by storm after this election and get rid of the thieves, it will be lost permanently.

Why is Twitter so nice to Lin Wood?

Absolutely everyone else gets vaporized on Twitter when they post what Lin is posting, yet there's not one "this claim of election fraud has been disputed", not one "this is sensitive content" not a single warning, ban - NOTHING. Why? There has to be a reason. And I am going to postulate -

WHAT IF it is all a game, twitter knows everything Lin is saying is true, but Lin is positioning for one big discrediting lie to make the rest of what he said "not valid"? That's a common discrediting tactic. WHAT IF?

I don't even pay attention to what Lin says anymore, because he's been allowed to talk too freely, and that spells TROUBLE. I certainly hope I am wrong.

Tomorrow is the big show.

Tomorrow kicks off the last round of "will America survive or not". Trolls are out in droves saying Trump is committing treason, trying to "rig the election results" - they have not backed off at all, and at least from what I can see the general response from the public to all that is "Trump is only trying to ensure the true vote is honored". Trump is not trying to "overturn" anything.

Don't get your hopes up on tomorrow, it will be the exact same sham we have seen so far. What happens in the subsequent two weeks will be all that matters. Is Trump actually going to be able to pull out all the stops and save the country, or is the country already cooked? We will certainly know soon.

Telling your idiotic neighbor who called you a conspiracy nut that you were right when they put both of you in the van is NOT GOING TO CUT IT, being right at that point, after all is lost, is simply not going to cut it. At least we tried I guess. New York is already proceeding with this plan, they will soon be opening their "covid camps" for a fake outbreak that did not affect overall death stats anywhere in the world and somehow mysteriously cured gun shot wounds, flu deaths, and motorcycle accidents. The fact New York is setting up covid camps SAYS IT ALL, that's where YOU, the conspiracy nut, and your neighbor who called you bullshit are both headed, if not now, certainly before 2030.

"Conspiracy theorists" WERE the protectors. They protected all the people who just could not see the light. Not believing in conspiracy theories is not going to stop the wolves from eating those who never woke up, they'll be eaten along with the aware that screamed the warning for decades.

Part of the whole New York covid camp scam is to seize the assets of anyone put in the camp and put them under "protection". Just PERFECT for the great reset. Yes, we are protecting your assets. For ourselves. IF you ever get out of that camp, those assets won't be yours and if you manage a "jail break", forget it, we took your house and everything else and you'll have nowhere to go. Gosh, if you'd have only taken that shot you would still have your house . . . . until EVERYONE gets the shot, then that motivating factor for us to not take your house will be gone, and we'll take it anyway. Gotta get that "great Goy reset" done, slaves can't own ANYTHING. Don't worry, it will be cool. You'll LIKE IT.

Trump's speech tonight will be Here

Trump has said an awful lot with only about 2 weeks left for it to all happen within. 2 weeks is enough I guess if something actually does happen.

Joe Biden got 7000 views tonight after the MSM continuously pitched his show. Trump has over 175,000 on one channel alone when the media never uttered a peep about it.

To the atheists out there who claim Jesus was just a story:

Notre Dame had the crown of thorns Jesus wore on display up until leftists burned the place. The crown survived unscathed. What do you have to say about that? That crown is on a calendar the hardware store gave me when I went to get new locks to replace the ones that got destroyed yesterday. And it got me thinking. Any leftist who reads this will suffer cognitive dissonance, and go into denial all the while there's no substance to an atheist's beliefs that they can put their hands on, Christians at least have that crown. And the left failed to destroy it.


Big important speech by Trump tonight

That means the MSM probably will not cover it. Supposedly he's supposed to reveal the real election results tonight, but even if he does, don't get your hopes up. Rumor has it he has prepared a flight to Scotland on the 19th and they have been told to be ready.

The rumor goes like this:

The air port in Prestwick scotland has been told to be ready to receive a high profile person on January 19. This could be anyone, however, the primary speculation is that it will be Trump bugging out before the communists have a chance to jail him. Communists have a long standing history of jailing and murdering totally non-criminal political rivals. I'd call this a good plan if Biden actually does get scammed in. Biden has already made it very well known that all hell is going to break loose once he's in.

I suppose I should mention Trump's phone call

Everyone should know what actually happened there. The media got ahold of a very lengthy phone call that went on for an hour, chopped what they wanted out of it and re-assembled it into 30 second sound bytes that do not represent what was said in the call at all. Since they are lying about the actual context of the call - a context that would never deliver what they are claiming, what can I do except say that once again, they are lying? What's new? I probably should not have wasted text and everyon's time to post something so blatantly obvious, like if you walk in a barn blindfolded you'll step in poop, in this case BULLSHIT.

Family covid update

Every day we drive by the house where the man who "died of covid" after getting the flu shot everyone knows he died from lived. Today, they were outside and across the street, going to shops in the area and NONE OF THEM were taking any precautions at all, they know damn well the shot killed him to such an extent NO ONE will wear a mask unless forced to. No masks today. That's the first time I saw that many, usually it is only one or two you might see when passing by. Even someone I did not recognize waved.


ANNOUNCEMENT: The leftists won't be shuttering their hotels after all! Gotta house the troops.

CUTE. Leftists now shooting at those doing the Georgia audit

They even found the receipt from China for the ballot printing, it was damn near like finding the 911 passports - stuck by static to the inside of a shredding bin along with two ballots that are proven forgeries. or maybe not like 911, maybe a patriotic employee made that happen

Lin Wood's continuing tweets have convinced me he is either dead, vanished, drugged, or possibly a Dem planted sleeper cell.

UPDATE TO LIN WOOD: I went over his twitter thoroghly and it looks like a lot of good stuff mixed with very strange stuff. I'll give him a 25 percent chance, but while doing so will state that his tweets are DAMN ODD for a lawyer. Why on earth would a lawyer do this outside the court room? I may have my biases getting in the way, I am skeptical. Read it for yourself I guess.

My original post follows.

Hold your friends close and your enemies closer?

He has gone totally off the deep end. It all started when he posted what I believe to be an absolutely true tweet about Justice roberts. Now they are destroying the credibility of that tweet by posting all kinds of obvious spurious and outrageous B.S. on his behalf either via his drugged brain or directly or possibly even by him, after he stopped being a sleeper. There's no other way as far as I see it, he was PERFECT and then suddenly, after nailing Roberts, went totally off the deep end. You know - that deep state "cause and effect" thing, that may have followed a double tap. Maybe he's alive but if I was Trump I would not let him anywhere near anymore, except to deliver those keys if they are legit, and then judge but on the surface something appears to be seriously amiss.

lawyer and would be smart enough to never post it, even if true. A lawyer would understand optics.

There is also a chance he was a traitor all along, (he's a dem) and suckered the public trust with stuff everyone knows is true, only to now, at this most critical time, awaken like a discrediting sleeper cell. That's also possible.


Not so sure she's going to be VP, is she?

Want proof they cheated? That is it!

We had a break in


We have figured out who the top people are (above the ones that broke in) and know how they knew when it was "safe" to do it. This was made possible by the neighbor's surveillance video and a few other things I won't mention. This is going to be fun. Meanwhile they are using the computer they stole to access Claudia's accounts (she is receiving log in notifications)


We have figured out who the top people are (above the ones that broke in) and know how they knew when it was "safe" to do it. This was made possible by the neighbor's surveillance video and a few other things I won't mention. This is going to be fun.

UPDATE: After looking everything over, they really did just take an old drill and Claudia's work computer. I had a spare laptop on reserve for this site that had a broken screen and sat a couple years that I resurrected with the screen out of another one that had a bad motherboard. Finally got around to that today . . . It is superior to her work laptop and she just needs to take it in and have the school's IT set it up with whatever the school uses. So that's good news, we don't have to worry about that. So it feels like we are only out an old drill. Very very very strange robbery. Now they know how big the truck needs to be . . . .

The neighbors caught it absolutely perfectly in full HD. It was 3 teenagers and they looked for cash (dumped out all the dressers), took Claudia's work computer and (very strange) took an 8 year old drill I have that I used until the original battery pack died, and then kept going by electrical taping a 12 volt gel cell to where the original pack was supposed to be.

They picked up and looked at an expensive camera and did not take it, nor did they take any of the computers I use for this site and there were 5 of them in plain sight and I know they saw because the drill was there. I'd assess this as minimum damage, however, now we have to move because they know about everything we have. This ONE TIME I let Lucas run around outside because we were only going to be "gone for an hour or so". Broad daylight.

Claudia is VERY upset. I am not happy, but can't believe all they took was a crappy Lenovo and a worn out drill. I can't believe it.


Well, Pelosi is back in as speaker

Those who were too chicken to accept the consequences of voting were not present.

NTD news: China can kill it's own soldiers via remote signal sent to combat helmet

Jennifer has never been wrong on Chinese issues, see this

Don't even get me started on this one. People are already laughing and calling it a new American weapon. You mean to tell me that Chinese soldiers have something in their own helmets that can kill them on command? Yep, they now do.

China has had factory workers plugged into brain wave reading helmets for about 7 or 8 years now, so they know if they are upset or whatever and it is safe to say the Chinese soldiers have a more advanced version of this tech in their helmets also. Too afraid to fight? BOOM. Gone. Thinking about defecting? BOOM, GONE. Hey Zhou, did you get captured? BOOM, gone. The CCP is claiming the remote kill option is to "uphold the soldier's dignity". You know, like, YOU HAD DAMN WELL BETTER FIGHT LIKE HELL, OR BOOM, you are GONE.

Meanwhile, American teenagers are trying to figure out how to hack that . . . .

UPDATE: It looks like this news was carried on Chinese MSM CCTV and Jennifer simply re-posted it. OUCH! America now has a GREAT weapon against China, we just need to figure out how to use it.

No one knows what is going on with vote fraud or the 6th, let's be straight with this.

So many people are puffing back flipping B.S. that changes by the hour that I am intentionally staying off the topic unless there is something provable, like this next item:

Pitch a bitch Mitch had his house vandalized like Nancy's. PERFECT.

I don't think people have ever taken it that far before, that's seriously one step shy of a proper burning.

Rumor has it that Pence flipped again and is back

Supposedly he's going to do the right thing on America's judgement day. We'll have to see about that . . . . . I have a dream. Don't quote this as fact. But yesterday he was aboard a plane that was not air force one or two. And I'll speculate he got shown the light on that plane. Maybe I am dreaming, but it is true that before that little air plane ride he was going to ditch Trump, and afterwards he was a born again whole new man. HEH. One can dream about what went on up there . . . .

Lots of senators are now on board with challenging the obvious theft of this election also.

By the way, the thieving Dems and J's ought not expect China to hold on to any promises the minute those promises are not beneficial, I'll flatly guarantee that Hunter and Joe have a true social credit score of zero, as do the Jews that sold this country out through the media and more. They are totally disloyal and the Chinese know it. How far will proven disloyalty take them once China sees no usefulness in them or any other democrat? They'll go straight to the gulag if China can make it happen, China does not tolerate traitors among their own, and they'll have no use for a "no longer needed" foreign traitor who won't be so foreign if they take over the United states . . . . the Dems had better be careful, including those at Shin Bet.

And I'll also repeat: If the Chinese do manage to get the upper hand it would be a godsend compared to what the Bolsheviks will do, at least the Chinese will understand the value of conservative America and if they can take the best people and wall them off in one of those fancy cities they have sitting abandoned over there, you can darn well bet they will, and they'll be given plenty of perks to pursue new tech, the way the captured German scientists were when the U.S. took them. China will not destroy those people, they'll isolate them, make them feel at home, and then exploit their talents. The bolsheviks on the other hand will simply kill them. The bolsheviks don't care about advancement, they care about superiority and they'll kill anyone who is intellectually above them to accomplish it. This is likely one of the big reasons why Russia simply could not match the United States at anything, the Bolsheviks killed all the geniuses.


Corona vax developed from computer model and not from virus sample

I have been trying to post this for about an hour and a half and it took that long to find a way to get this info without the computer locking up. I am preserving it here to prevent future deletion.

This was posted at and I have posted it here because it locked up on hive blog and pegged all 4 cores, (it took me about an hour and a half to save the captures below) plus if it is here it will not be deleted. I do not know what this will do on Windows or Mac.

EMAIL EXCHANGE WITH UK MHRA - Exposing the genomic sequence of SARSCov2


When I read the Wuhan study in Feb 2020 I was mortified by the monkey kidney & foetal cell-lines which were used as a "culture" before rt-PCR amplification.

Isolation was never satisfactory at any stage thereafter.

I honestly felt sick. The genome sequence was computed from this.

I set about proving that the vaccine has been created from a computer generated genomic sequence & not one isolated from an infected person, either in Wuhan or anywhere else in the world since.

The Pfizer BioNTech vaccine was approved by UK MHRA (Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency) & I initiated a polite exchange of emails with them as follows:

She got banned for stating the DNA template did not come from an isolated virus from an infected person. That would be a pre-requisite for a legit vaccine, would it not? ----->BAN.

Very interesting stuff going on

I am going to break from my usual restraints (of the last few weeks) and say what I think. There is trouble. Trump is under severe threat and it is not only from Iran. I think he put a double in the white house and ditched Pence. I actually think he ditched Pence. This could be totally wrong, and all it would take to prove he did not ditch Pence would be to have Pence show up business as usual. However, I am not the only one who is suspecting this, it is actually quite widespread.

MY MAIN HUNCH: Trump has already given the military activation speech. They all saw it. The entire military knows the election was beyond fraudulent, it was shockingly fraudulent. And if the EC goes awry, all hell is going to break loose.

I don't like saying stuff like that because it's a great way to end up being a retard. One good example of this happened to David Wilcock, who got bamboozled by people who obviously wanted him discredited, and tricked him into saying major actions were going to be taken that were not taken, and nothing happened. In his case, "contacts" told him things and they basically committed fraud to get him to trash himself. It did work. He got a real kick in the teeth that was not deserved. So I am super reluctant about making predictions, and no insider contacts told me anything of the sort. All I'll say is something in the air . . . . . the smoke of a not so distant fire. We are going to know exactly what that fire is burning soon, hopefully it won't be the constitution.

Now back to my headline: Very interesting stuff going on

First of all, there is credible rumor Pence resigned. There is also credible rumor Trump has a body double in the white house right now. A photo surfaced that does not look like Trump in the white house, and aircraft tracking had Pence aboard a plane other than airforce 1 or 2.

Trump has promised damning new proof of vote fraud to be presented before the electoral college. There are piles of rumors and suppositions floating around right now, it is hard to know what to believe but one thing is certain - things are heating up. I don't want to be among those making random guesses but I will at least say that the next few days are going to be VERY interesting and I'll try to keep on top of it all.

There is one big problem with Lin Wood however, it looks like he has gone "off his rocker" and I hope there was not a major deep state removal of key players, including Trump. The body double is suspicious, I hope nothing happened of that sort.

Nice: "Antifa" substantially vandalized Nancy Pelosi's house with well written graffiti, a pig's head, and fake blood. Nice to see her hens come home to roost with those she has supported so well. Very nice.

A few quick items on New Years:

Some of these are just general consensus comments which are the result of a lot of guaging public opinion, where I think the opinion is legit.

1. Georgia was told to keep their ballots for audit, and immediately called in shredder trucks and shredded them all. So much for the 22 months required by law.

2. Lin Wood started out GREAT yesterday and then suddenly went Koo Koo and I wonder if they nailed him or not. Time will tell. The best way to destroy him for pointing out cold hard facts about Roberts would be to kill him or drug him and then post total nonsense on the same twitter that skinned Roberts alive. I think that may have happened.

3. Pence is doing everything possible to be a total traitor, TO THE MAX. He is resisting all efforts to get the election judged appropriately and is sabotaging Trump left and right. He was a real swamp critter and now Trump is just finding out.

4. at least 140 house members and an unknown number of senators are going to object to the election theft. Trump is openly calling for an enormous march on washington, and in preparation for making it as miserable as possible, the left is shutting down every bathroom and hotel they possibly can. If 10 million people show up and all the bathrooms are closed, they absolutely WILL get away with pissing and crapping all over leftist businesses that did this, who is going to arrest them? It won't be possible. I would not be against this. Send those bastards a message about vote fraud that THEY have to clean up.

That said, eat crackers or whatever will plug you up starting the day before so you don't actually need to crap there. Getting away with pee is easy.

5. Priceless: Dominion machines were hacked live during a hearing, and as a follow up, they were hacked AGAIN and the second time they were hacked, they started generating web traffic to China!!!! That's bad, considering no vote machine is supposed to even be able to access the web at all. HA HA HA, "no evidence of vote fraud". None. And take that vax, it is good for you!!

6. Very noteworthy: Enormous numbers of very prominent people are presenting evidence and proof of vote fraud at a pace so fast with content so broad it is impossible to keep up. But there is a problem: We had all the evidence we needed to round up hundreds if not thousands of people the day after the election and jail them on the spot, and nothing happened because the national immune system has been totally compromised.

Let's look at this problem the way a computer would. On day one, we hit logic state 1, which should have activated every police force, the FBI, every prosecuting attorney, EVERYTHING, on DAY ONE, and nothing happened. Since day one, 100X the evidence needed to do that has been added to the equation, but that still only trips logic state 1. A computer can't see anything more than 1 at the binary level . . . . everything should have happened with 1 percent of what is know now, So no matter how good a case so many people are presenting at this point, it's not going to make any difference to increase that 100 to 1,000 when logic state 1 is all that can compute, this crap should have been over with completely by Nov 7.

Clearly, clearly, rebellion is needed, but how is that going to happen when EVERYONE IS FLUORIDATED? The people who stole this election made damn good and sure everyone who might resist got fluoridated one way or another for a reason, it was all part of the plan and it is stopping the rage people need to get to to actually start making things right. Before the fluoride, bar fights happened every week end in my town. When they brought in the fluoride, all that stopped . . . . . how is that going to reflect on the prospects of people getting mad enough to fight outside the bar?

7. Iran is now "threatening to assassinate Trump". I doubt it. There is something else going on with this. How about, the deep state issued the threat and pinned it on Iran, so millions of pissed off Trump supporters support the war the swamp always wanted?

8. Claudia's sister did not get the flu shot and is now starting to feel better. The same cannot be said for the 3 dead people that DID get the shot.


How about that fluoride?

German doctor goes bonkers before parlaiment It's a killer vaccine and I suspect the "flu shot" in Mexico is actually the corona vax.

This is probably a joke. Sad thing is at a glance you'd never tell a joke from reality with the current government Rand Paul really did post this.

Trump to "overthrow Biden's win"???

That's a lie. Biden did not win. Yet we see all kinds of headlines: Trump to attempt an "overthrow". Trump to "subevert the election" Trump to "steal" Biden's "Win". Trump trying to "overturn results".

Dishonest headlines. All of them bold faced lies.

Trump won this election by approximately 23,000,000 Biden to 105 - 110,000,000 Trump. And everyone screaming "subversion" KNOWS IT. The supreme court KNOWS IT. The state courts, CNN, NBC, FOX, AND EVERY OTHER LYING DIRT BAG KNOWS IT including EVERY member of Congress, the FBI, CIA, and Pentagon.

Saying biden won is nothing but the communist tactic of wearing people out with lies. And they are spinning it in a legitimizing context that is absolutely galling. The TRULY PROFESSIONAL method of lying. Every lie stated to trip up the subconscious into an automatic "yes" only to have the conscious vomit on it over and over and over and over again. WEAR US OUT. KEEP REPEATING THE LIE, and hope people finally get worn out into acceptance even though they'll never actually believe it.

Once people get worn out into accepting a lie THIS BIG, the genocide and camps will be easy, with everyone broken like a beaten slave. People had damn well better not accept this sh*t.


We will not be invoking a "refund" in 2022, if this one is not corrected, there will be no chance to have an accurate election ever again.

A hero intentionally spoiled 500 doses of Corona vax.

Hero for a while at least. Extended the value of 500 lives for whatever time it takes to get the shots replaced and bait more idiots.

No, Kamala did not get hers. Watch the video if you come across it, the plunger on the syringe does not move past where it was when first pulled backwards from the completely forward position (which proves it was empty to begin with) in open air. Right on video the nurse pulls the plunger out with the needle in the open air before "injecting" Kamala, which means she'd have injected air. The nurse then returns the plunger to the same position it was before she pulled it out in open air. That one was clearly and obviously not legit. No doctor is going to inject air, you cannot pull a syringe handle back without introducing air, all involved were actors, including Kamala.

The linked video has comments that totally miss what I saw. You NEVER pull a syringe plunger backwards with the needle in open air without then purging the air before injection. Kamala's "shot" is certified fake by that one item alone. The syringe was obviously empty the entire time.

Look at all the nice new stuff on Epstein's island and look at how it was when Epstein "died". He's not dead, that's for sure!

A clarification of what is below: The hospitals cremated both family members on the spot, at the hospital. This cost the family nothing. There will be no funerals now because everyone is too afraid to get together. Claudia's two friends/associates in Mexico City were not our concern at all, we just know what happened. Confirmed: 3 flu shots, 3 dead "from corona". The fourth death has not been attributed to the flu shot or corona. But the other three have the family freaked out. Everyone in the family is aware of all 3 deaths. Everyone knows it was the flu shot blamed on "corona". Everyone is afraid the NWO is spreading the new coronavirus through the flu shots. This is not an ignorant family, everyone knows what is going on including the kids and old ladies. Everyone is surprised the man that died got the flu shot because he knew better. In every large family there's always a stray I guess. So now there are a couple hundred people totally awake and totally united against the shots. That's a good situation. My worries will be limited to trying to prevent anyone who does get sick from dying, at least I don't have to deal with ignorance.

People are writing sending condolences. This is NOT THAT.

The people that are getting killed by the flu shot that we know directly were not close. We'd see them from time to time but it was not close. What is happening is stressing us out, because we know Mexico is under attack, I'll not be convinced it is anything else when every damn last one who got the flu shot is dead. This is news. The family is more than scared, the family is bordering on panic. Everyone knows it was the shots and no one can do anything about it. Everyone is afraid the disease spread into the family from the shots and no one knows who is infected yet. Mexican families have HUGE get togethers, it is a BIG problem.

We do not need condolences. Yes, we'd attend the funerals if it was possible, but in both cases it is not possible. The family has gone into lockdown. And "both cases" are not all there is, people we know that are not even family have died from this shot. It is BAD. Both people from this family are already cremated. No funerals.

The shot is the "regular" flu shot, only this time, it is definitely NOT "REGULAR". Something is up with this shot, at least in Mexico.

I have a hunch the new "outbreak" is going to be from Mexico, it is OBVIOUS the New World Order bunch has done something serious here.

If Claudia has to get any shots to keep her job, she's just going to say "go ahead and kill yourselves" and she'll quit. NO ONE is going to be getting ANY shots after this, and I mean NO ONE. Even Claudia's mom, who's scared to death of coronavirus fears the shots more.

Georgia Secretary of State printed TWO sets of ballots, one for dems, one for republicans

The ballots even had different document numbers!

AND GUESS WHAT: The ones for Republicans had intentionally mis-printed alignment markers that caused the Dominion machines to kick out EVERY SINGLE ONE for ajudication, because the machines could not figure out where to start reading the ballots. SEE THIS and yes, Twitter is saying this is also "disputed" which is a bold faced lie. This is a MAJOR BUST.

To make good and sure the good people got the good ballots, and the bad people got the bad ballots, they even had different document numbers when ALL BALLOTS SHOULD HAVE HAD THE SAME DOCUMENT NUMBER.

Aaah yes, and the courts will STILL say there's no evidence of fraud, because that's just how communists do it.

Sweden is jumping on the corona lockdown bandwagon

Sweden has been an island of sensibility in the river of Corona madness, up until now. Now sweden is enacting legislation that will allow the government to shut down anyone it wants in the name of coronavirus. That is not a good development. Perhaps they got word of Covid 21?

I am suspicious Covid 21 is killing people now, and if so, it is definitely being distributed through the flu shot.

MEGA stressed

Normally I plow right through disturbing crap, but I am extra disturbed right now.

I try not to repeat rant anything, but this is worth a repeat because it is SO BAD it is almost disabling. I laid down for about an hour to de-stress before re-writing this:

The flu vax in Mexico is killing people outright this year. Claudia's brother's wife's dad - on the in-law side, got the flu shot and IMMEDIATELY afterward did not feel right. By evening he was down. The next day he was in his death bed, where he stayed until it got moved to the hospital where he died. It is SO DAMN OBVIOUS the flu shot killed him and the hospital wrote it down as a covid death. Everyone in the family told him not to get the flu shot but he was stubborn and did it anyway. GREAT RESULTS. At the same time this was going on:

Two of claudia's friends in Mexico City, who were for some stupid reason not aware of the fact that you should NEVER get the flu shot, got the shot and also died. While this was going on, claudia's sister's husband, which we did not confirm got the flu shot, also died. WTF is going on?

Yesterday I stated that Claudia's other sister was also sick as h*ll but with today's update she is feeling a little better, but that's a moot point when we don't know if she got the flu shot. This is not the corona vax, it is the flu shot and it is confirmed that ALL 3 PEOPLE WE KNOW FOR SURE GOT THE SHOT DIED.

I apologize for the site not being up to par for the last little bit but this was disturbing. Now NO ONE in the family wants to get together for anything, they all know it was the shot but they are spooked that the shot had the disease and that it is spreadable. All of them know about Soros, the NWO, EVERYTHING. So that's an issue too, now that the flu shot killed someone in the immediate family that was right there among us when everyone knows what is happening in the big picture everyone is freaked out . . . . except me. I'm not freaked out. I am stressed out. Mostly because of the election. I am not scared I'm sitting on 20 pounds of quina and anyone in the family can have some. If the disease is communicable after the shot I'll handle this. There is not going to be a funeral, no one wants to get together for one and the hospital cremated him on the spot because "he was contaminated with corona". What a mess.

I guess the big problem with all of this (the biggest problem) is that there's a very strong possibility the NWO is releasing Covid 21 through the Mexican flu shots, and they picked Mexico because Obrador told the NWO to stick it. Good man. I agree. but while agreeing, won't forget just how dirty those bastards are.

And then there was that power outage . . . .

Supposedly an "imbalance" in Mexico's grid tripped it. I say FAT CHANCE. I say a sensing error tripped that 20 state power outage and it was done by Covid&crew. Obrador is resisting their evil crap and I am worried they are about to serve up a major plague with a side of power outage. We actually prepped for both, so if the power does go out I'll still be doing this site but what about everyone else? The NWO absolutely would shut down Mexico's power to get people pissed at Obrador.

And then there's the election.

I have a hunch 2021 is going to be a year to remember, and not in a good way, the entire year will be like a never ending Sep11. I really don't know what is going to transpire in the U.S., all I know is I'll be sitting here stressing the hell out, probably watching good people vanish while trying to keep the site relevant enough so a few good ones make it. That's what I think is going to happen, absent a miracle between now and the 20th, and at this point, even a nuclear war would be a miracle. Why? because less people would die in a nuclear war than in a communist genocide, and those that did die in a nuclear war would be heavily weighted towards being the right ones to get rid of.

WE, THE PEOPLE, would survive a nuclear war. But we'll never get over a communist genocide.

Yes, I have been stressed.

The Daily Fail did a report about the Nashville bomber's girlfriend

She talked all about how he practiced making bombs in his motor home for over a year before. But there are problems with that story -

If he was supposed to be a loner, (all the patsies are) - loners don't have girlfriends. AND everyone, even huge sites like Infowars figured out it was not his RV that showed up at the bombing scene, which happened to be very conveniently and purely coincidentally right where Dominion voting machines were sitting awaiting audit . . . . .

That reminds me - Yesterday I started to think we might have to throw in the towel and start preparing for a full on communist takeover.

The problem is that we needed the audit to happen, and the left blew it up. The Nashville explosion may have finished America off. IF the FBI actually got into that facility and took those machines, we can probably throw in the towel.

This election proved every conspiracy theorist 100 percent correct. There was subversion. There was a takeover underway. And it was the communists (and I won't bother with saying who they are this time because that gets old). And every institution, from the universities to the courts to the election office is subverted and destroyed, there is no value in any of them anymore and this election proved it.

Main street America is at least partially in for a rude awakening soon, the communists are going to pounce and like 1917 with the spanish flu, they have coronavirus this time around, people really ought not overlook that. This time around they had the tech needed to actually build a threat, I don't know if they are administering it 100 percent through shots the way they did in 1917 or if they want actual spreaders but the theme is the same -

As far as the 1917 outbreak goes, It is hard to know just how deeply rooted those who support communism were in the world back then. But it appears they were at least rooted well enough to get the right people placed in the medical system to ensure the spanish flu happened. In case you are not aware of what I am talking about, see this.

One thing I noticed when searching that particular topic this time is that all the top hits say the story is false, when even a week ago the searches did not come back like that. Somebody has something to hide, and it is obviously true. I disagree that it was "an experiment gone awry" and instead believe that the same communists that took Russia at that time were in the American system but less prevalent, and that they did this intentionally. Nothing went awry, they did it on purpose. If not, how, in the middle of the next communist revolution do we have a similar thing being spread via needles that has already, in the last couple weeks, killed 3 people we know right after they got the flu shot?

It would be worth it to look into how the spanish flu was done, because communists are consistent, they always work from the same bag of tricks.

Georgia runoffs: The Dems will "win".

They will take the seats via fraud only, especially ater stealing this election which people totally hate them for. The same voting machines AND scammers are in place, don't expect accurate results, instead, expect "fair" results.

The goal is to get Biden in with a majority in the house and senate (without) sparking a civil war, so they will be able to destroy the country without any hindrance. Certainly the corrupted supreme court won't stop anything.

The only hope is for them to be afraid of being held accountable for stealing the election (probably won't be, the courts are proven totally corrupt) and for Trump to get another term. Absent that, you can kiss it away on Jan 20. You had better get good at raising chickens out in the bush.

Trump alone won't cut it, we need the senate or they'll just oust him.

The senate blocked the $2000 coronavirus check

People are saying they are digging their political graves. I'll call that a joke, because Dominion will make sure that never happens. All I am doing is hoping Pence is not a traitor and that Trump will prevail. No one knows which way it will go, if anyone claims to they are only puffing. Most likely NOT for clicks at this point, - seriously - no one knows.

UPDATE TO BELOW: Claudia grounded me!!! No, we are NOT GOING OUT.

Two deaths in the family in four days with a third possibly on the way. One of them definitely from the flu shot. We are trying to get flu shot confirmation on the others. Claudia is in shambles.

VERY IMPORTANT: Two of Claudia's associates in Mexico City also got the flu shot and "died from Covid" in the last week. it is confirmed they got the flu shot and died. I blew that off until people in the immediate family started dying. It is not just this family. This is obviously widespread death caused directly by the flu shot.

Ok, more details. The first death happened four days ago in the United States and they did not call it coronavirus. I'll also point out that he was there on business and was not illegal. He was the husband of one of Claudia's sisters.

The second death was today, and it was the father of Claudia's sister in law. This death specifically started with someone who felt perfectly fine and then got a flu shot and descended into "hell on earth" immediately and then died. They DID call that death "coronavirus" and everyone knows it was the shot Another one of Claudia's sisters is also dying now and I am attempting to find out if that one was gullible enough to get the flu shot too, but Claudia says that question is "too sensitive" to ask! The current one on death watch KNEW BETTER. She was NOT STUPID. I think claiming the topic is too sensitive is ridiculous - we need to know if the flu shot caused it.


It looks like there will be three deaths within the immediate family within about a week's time frame. WOW. Claudia is scared because she strongly believes they are spreading a new virus via the shots. That was her idea, not mine. She started saying that after her friends in Mexico city who got the shot died. I can certainly say I would not be surprised. She is afraid the people getting the shots are contageous, and that's how they will kick off Covid round 2.

Obrador said Mexico was not going to be allowed to be wrecked by coronavirus and refused to give shut down orders. QUESTION: Did the New World Order decide to punish Mexico by distributing the new virus via shots administered here? Do they have a plot to use Mexico as the starting place for a new outbreak? My answer: I would not put it past them, Gates did, after all, at least indirectly say he'd do it.

It would not be the first time. It is now proven the spanish flu was caused by tainted vaccines, and guess when that happened? DURING THE BOLSHEVIK REVOLUTION. What worked before can work again! Just bury a little history and call everyone stupid.

FACT: The last time there was a HUGE outbreak like this, the communists used it as a front for taking over Russia. Now, with the vaccine ID they are doing the same damn thing, ALL OVER AGAIN. Lock everyone down. Kill the economy. Take over. It is EXACTLY WHAT THEY ARE DOING, and they are obviously, just like with the spanish flu, spreading the excuse for their takeover via the shots.

Contrary to rumor, Iranians are not dropping dead from Coronavirus

Additionally, they are developing their own vaccine, and it is actually supposed to work. I'd take an Iranian made vax before any other, especially if they are using it on themselves.

CONFIRMED: Iran's coronavirus vax is much safer than the crap being pushed on Americans. Iran's vaccine is an inactivated vaccine, meaning that it is made of a coronavirus that has been weakened or killed by chemicals, similar to how polio immunizations are made. And they expect it to be effective against viral mutations as well.

QUESTION: Why does Iran get a MUCH safer vax that is using proven methods and tech, and America and Europe are getting an experimental chemical cocktail that will alter their DNA - a vax SO BAD that many question whether it is a vax or an intentional poison shot? QUESTION: Who has the better government? By this measure, that's awful damn easy to answer.

One thing is certain: After Iranians get vaccinated, it will NOT be possible to scan their wrist veins to pick up the fluorescence caused by having the DNA of a glowing jelly fish integrated into the permanent genetic code of the vaccine recipient!

Resist lockdowns and CPS will take your kids!

Now we know how communism will go. Either you obey orders, or "child protective services" will take your kids. CPS was never about "protecting children", though in spurious incidents it may have served the purpose, in general it is a system of abuse that is used to punish people who go against the state. CPS could care less if the home is actually good for the children or not, they instead care if the home is "good for the state" and this example in Oregon proves it.

The left is Pushing tiny homes again.

My take: The left will only push "tiny homes" that fit into their agenda, any time the homeless try to make them, they get demolished and I can guess why - . because in reality, the people at the top of the leftist pyramid want EVERYONE either homeless or in a slave cube. They, in reality, should have been ALL FOR the tiny homes, which in this case were built in an obscure location and AS IF there's not enough desert around Vegas to make something like what they demolished work -

The report in the headline pretty much sums it up: They want a couple to have 200 square feet to live in. This fits in perfectly with what they were saying back in the 1990's - that everyone should get 100 square feet of floor space in a 10X10X10 cube. Yes, in your little sh*thole there can be a loft. How much is actually enough? That varies.

If you are desperate and lost everything, the smallest tent from Wal-mart will cut it, at about 40 square feet. There are loners that can tolerate living in a van, at about 60 square feet, not counting driver and passenger seats. But for an actual life, where you have a bedroom, dining table, bathroom, and a couch, in all reality even 700 square feet SUCKS.

How much square footage does the average peak of the pyramid leftist have? That's a tough guess for an average, but the range is 5000 - 20,000 square feet and possibly more. PER HOUSE. Bill Gates has a 64,000 square foot mansion and for privacy he bought every house around it for, (in one whack) a total of about 110,000 square feet. For ONE RESIDENCE. And that's only one of five such residences Gates has in the United States alone. Gates is not even remarkable for homes, many leftists have double digit numbers of homes that are similar. The top of the pyramid leftists who are telling everyone to cram into a tiny home have double digit numbers of homes that combined easily top a 500,000 square feet. After all, if you fly to France, you need a house there, RIGHT? And a time share won't cut it. It has to be GOOD. It has to be YOURS. And to hell with everyone else, you just HAVE TO be superior, 200 square feet for a peon couple is a threat.

"If you give them more square footage than that, they might start inventing. They might start preparing. They might start making stuff to plot an OFFENSE. With only 200 square feet, they'll never keep ANYTHING hidden and can be raided and inspected with ease. Give them more and things get tough! We have to make sure WE ARE IN CONTROL - no one can fight from the inside of a tin can that can be fully laid out in one swift throw, and therefore, that's all we can allow them to have. America SUCKED. We cannot EVER allow that to happen again!

Meanwhile, WE need 64,000 square feet in our primary abode because WE DESERVE IT and NONE of the others should have less than 7 or 8 thousand so we get a warning if anyone comes for us, and can slip out the back . . . . . . .

THAT is what life under communism will be.

Since it is in the headlines everwhere, we were not affected by the blackout

It could have been caused by a virus attack because suddenly and without explanation, 7.5 - 10.5 gigawatts were not available due to an "imbalance in the system" and automatic shutdown occurred as a result. There's no confirmation of any virus attack but the situation surrounding this is odd.

The actual amount of power that vanished is up for dispute but is within the range I posted. This was a weird power outage, as if a UFO hooked up to 2 out of 3 phases and sucked them dry. Nothing sighted . . . . such an imbalance in the system could be caused by a short across 2 out of 3 phases but one would think that would cause one hell of a show that would not stay a mystery. My guess:

Since the shutdown was automatic and there was no BOOOOM anywhere, most likely this was a measurement or software or virus created glitch in the control software, which showed a non-existent imbalance and followed it's code to shut down. . . . . or a UFO. Take your pick and if you pick "UFO" you can be happy knowing they got more than enough juice to get to mars.

MY HUNCH: Globalists, who are no doubt upset with Obrador may have probed Mexico's electrical grid to see what could be done to confuse the system into believing there's a problem that it should shut down for. I don't think anything legit happened at all, it was probably all software. They may be considering screwing with Mexico's grid to anger the Mexican people, because the state fair is setting up and today we saw a movie, when EVERYONE is supposed to be cowering and crying in a corner over the BIG CORONAVIRUS MONSTER. There's little question they don't like Obrador, who has taken a firm position and is clearly stating Mexico is not going to be allowed to die over coronavirus rules.

If they attack him this way, I'll certainly be a loudmouth pointing out what the REAL cause of the problem is. it is certainly NOT OBRADOR.

I follow the rules here and make sure everyone else does also, while I tell them that they have to be very thankful Obrador kept everything running rather than sucking up to the NWO, and the least we can do is help him by following the rules, even if they are not really needed. How hard is it to wear a mask to keep the state fair, movie theaters, malls, restaurants and everything else open?

So the NWO wants to get even with Obrador. Wrecking the grid via back doors into software and outright virus attacks is something they have already done elsewhere, why not Mexico? I hope those in charge of Mexico's grid read this, it's the best tip they'll ever get.

Watch the world's greatest con man get cornered on vaccines

Surprisingly, even a scamming MSM news host at least gently tries to make him answer honestly. He does not.

Not much in the headlines today other than outright lies and spurious crap. I'll start with one of the outright lies.

Report from "News Channel 5 Nashville"is PERFECT lie

Read through that report. They have it all, the whole "official lie" sewn up all cute, but the very last line says there's a "conspiracy" about the voting machines being there, and they claim there is no evidence of this. LET ME DEFINE "NO EVIDENCE:

"No evidence": This happens when there's a pile of it, but social media goons successfully manage to expunge every last shred of "evidence" from their platforms which B.S. news sources then "search", find nothing, and then declare there's "no evidence".

"No evidence" means "official sources have expunged it all" but there are those pesky items that persist in screen captures and photos that just won't die. You know - like THIS:

PLEASE NOTE: This is NOT a tweet, (my bad), it was sent in a tweet:

So there you have it. Evidence DOES EXIST, but if it has been expunged from the "official sources" it does not exist.

And obviously no "legitimate news source" is going to point out the discrepancies in that motor home!

There is lots of other stuff going around today like "Pence is going to be arrested" and "Biden is going to be arrested" and other things produced by bored minds wondering what to do with such a dead news cycle over the holidays, and I won't entertain them, bottom line is that no one knows what's coming and we can only pray. The only solid item we have was there was an explosion in Nashville done to shut down an audit, and they are milking both sides by stopping and audit and then framing up a preferred patsy for political gain and lying about it - that's all there is.

I'll check what is out there and maybe there will be something this evening. Everyone is holding their breath, including me.

I got scolded because the "tweet" that confirmed the Dominion machines went to Nashville is a facebook post and not a tweet

My response: It looked like a tweet, was embedded in a tweet and the info is legit tweet or not. Yes, it has the facebook thumbs up. Missed that. Nothing changes. The left blew the place up to stop an audit and that's the end of it.

There was another mail I'll comment on, and it stated that the blast was supposed to be much larger and the white hats stopped it all. My take is that at this point everything is conjecture, except for the wrong motor home used and the fact that it was done to stop a dominion audit. The FBI on scene immediately proves they did it also, and with them there I doubt white hats handled this. My thoughts are all the FBI wanted was to trigger a "fire drill" so they could steal the machines. But who knows.

VERY STRANGE: Multiple motor homes used in photos?

Are the environments fake?

I knew the FBI blew up a competing agency to stop an audit of Dominion, and now we have solid proof their entire story is SO WRONG they had to have done it themselves. Not the same motor home, it's more than just the pin stripes, it is a totally different model. The patsy they murdered for this job had a nicer model with a higher roof and better utility hook up that had MORE ROOM FOR PIN STRIPES. Someone "donated" a motor home and then received an upgrade in exchange.

UPDATE: What caused this discrepancy? The FBI presented the picture below as evidence, PLUS another that matched the one they used. Both motor homes are sitting in the same parking place. From one side, posted on Heavy, it's a match. From the other side, it is not a match. Somebody screwed up, now we know there were two motor homes pictured in the same spot and don't know which one belonged to the patsy. But we do know which one survived! no matter how you cut this however, THIS TWEET destroys the "official story" anyway.

YOU READ THE ABOVE RIGHT. They are calling AIDS a "side effect!" That's one hell of a "side effect".

And it is not only one Corona vax doing it, now at least 4 are doing it. THAT WOULD BE CALLED A CONSPIRACY, RIGHT??? So it is not real. Leftists can feel confident taking it because it's only a "conspiracy". RT is nuts anyway. Fake Russian propaganda. Oh wait, Trump is having them say this . . . . . to kill everyone who avoids the shot . . . . . make them die of Corona! Yeay, I stitched that one together. Beat CNN to the punch.

You will notice the patsy I posted is not the one they are claiming now. But since he's the original and the official story is a lie anyway, I'll keep the original patsy posted.

5G paranoia!

So that's where they are taking this. AND THE GUY WAS SO PARANOID 5g WAS GONNA GET HIM, THAT HE MADE SURE HE DIED IN THE BLAST. You know - a mouth breather that could drive and build a bomb, but was too stupid to realize that when you do something to save yourself, dying is not supposed to be part of it. He sat there and pushed a button to make it go off because he was smart enough to rig a speaker that played a recording for a set time but could not figure out how to not be there when it went off. 5G was THAT SPOOKY to him, he knew he could only do this one big job but like the coronavirus, 5G was going to keep coming back for the next haunt, so he HAD TO die and not face the horrible future. Actually, no. The audit of the election machines was going to happen in the facility across the street, the machines were there, and this stopped it all IF the FBI went in and stole the machines and I bet they did. Why else would they be there ON THE DOT, without delay? They probably had the audacity to take the machines out BEFORE the blast but since they knew it would happen, they probably waited for the fire drill. They certainly were not destroyed, all the signal equipment stayed online, the blast only knocked the power out and the equipment in that center kept running until the backup power quit. Trump will get the word that the machines were destroyed in the blast and to give up, and he'll believe it.

THE PATSY HAD TO DIE IN THE BLAST, BECAUSE HE WAS LIKELY GENERATED BY AI AND HIS DEATH ENDS ALL INVESTIGATION INTO WHO REALLY DID THIS. WHO DID THIS? TEAM BIDEN. YOU CAN TAKE THAT TO THE BANK AND CASH IT. Maybe they strapped someone inconvenient into the bomb and continued the legacy of arkancide. Who knows. But you can safely bet NO ONE did this because they were paranoid about 5G!

Come to think of it, I can predict the chain of events because I know how NSA facilities get evacuated. If you look at the building across the street from the blast, you will notice it has no windows. It is a hardened facility that blast did nothing to, other than wreck the power lines going to it. There is no place visible to park around there, which means it, like many NSA facilities, has a tunnel going to it and people actually park in an underground parking garage that is a little bit far away but a walkable distance. Here is what most likely happened:

The blast went off. Everyone inside felt it. As a precautionary measure, similar to a fire drill they evacuated through the tunnel. Some NSA facilities have multiple evacuation routes but this one probably did not because it was not big enough and there would be questions about where all the people came from if they emptied out into the street. While they were evacuated via the tunnel for approximately an hour the FBI went in and robbed the place through a secondary entrance that did not use the tunnel, - the tunnel is only there to obscure who really works there in this case.

You'll never hear that in the news but that is EXACTLY HOW IT WENT. The only way the voting machines did not get taken is if someone had the balls to override the evacuation order and stay there, armed, guarding them. That probably did not happen. No one would have thought of that.

Final take: The NSA had people who could actually be trusted to do a legit audit. They were in the facility along with At&t people. That's actually quite common. Trump was going to have trusted people in the NSA who were not corrupted audit the machines, and the FBI said HELL NO. Now all the MSM has to do is declare the patsy dead, say it was over 5G and re-iterate their claims of "no evidence of election fraud" and with adequate plausible deniability the corrupt supreme court will enforce it.

Quite predictably, after the blast in Nashville stopped a Dominion audit, gun toting white supremacists were blamed.

This story is developing, but that appears to be where they are taking it, by using a photo of a "white supremacist" with an AR-15 as a scapegoat. Milk it from both sides. Stop an election audit, and ban guns. That's how the left does it, everything is a BIG FAT LIE to make "double efficiency" possible. Kill two birds with one stone. Stop an audit, and bash gun owners. Those BASTARDS. Story developing, but here's the photo they chose to use.

This is the original patsy. I like him better than the new patsy and have declared him a keeper. Since it is all B.S. anyway I won't bother with the new one.


This can no longer be found because the account has been suspended. They are trying to say this tweet is not legit, however, the fact that it is a photo and not a screen shot proves it's legit, you can put new text into a screen shot fairly easily because the white background is perfectly uniform. You only need to match the font. However, millions of gradients in a photo plus the nyquisting from the pixels on the screen make flawlessly inserting text impossible. This is legit as it gets.

Update: Lin Wood and Sidney Powell are now onto this. It is not going away.

The FBI and the rest of the left is SO TRANSPARENT with their bullshit everyone KNEW "gun nut" is where they'd take this, YES, RIGHT WING GUN NUTS ARE SO STUPID THAT WHEN THEY FIND OUT WHERE THE VOTING MACHINES ARE THAT ARE GOING TO BE AUDITED SO THEIR COUNTRY WON'T BE STOLEN, THEY GO AND BLOW THE PLACE UP. HELL, THEY EVEN SACRIFICE THEIR NICE MOTOR HOME TO DO IT, WHEN THEY ARE JUST POOR HICKS. Oh yes, the left and FBI had motives which make blaming gun owners laughably stupid.

* Enforce election theft
* Ban guns
* Save the FBI's @ss by preventing a second Trump term
* Make motor homes look like a tool of destruction, so they can be banned too. Everyone knows the left HATES THOSE.


The FBI WAS ON THE SCENE IMMEDIATELY, NOT EVEN SECONDS AFTER THE BLAST, ON CHRISTMAS MORNING, A FEDERAL HOLIDAY, WHICH MEANS THEY DID THIS. They could not possibly have arrived quickly on a federal holiday, let alone instantly. If they did not do this, they'd have taken time to arrive ON CHRISTMAS MORNING. Their INSTANT ARRIVAL on christmas morning says it all. FBI DESTROYED AN AT&T / NSA FACILITY THAT WAS GOING TO AUDIT VOTING MACHINES. THEY DID IT ON BEHALF OF THE SCAMMING LEFT AND IT'S VOTE FRAUD TO MAKE SURE THEIR BUTTS WOULD NOT FRY. And quite predictably, they blamed the American gun owner.

Rumors of this being a "white hat" operation are BULLSHIT.

The FBI entered that facility during all of this and removed the machines. the election audit is probably over.

Yes, the left has elevated election theft to violence, destruction and murder. No one died at the blast site, they played a speaker telling people to stay away but prior to this they have been killing people.

Yeah, they are nice people. They warned everyone to reduce deaths before they destroyed a facility that was going to be used to stop them from genociding millions.

The Nashville mayor was laughing about this bombing on television. He's a Dem. Now we know why.

We have a situation where the people throwing America into communism are committing violence to protect their election steal, while the useless gun owners and others sit and do NOTHING. Sounds like winning! THE LEFT KNOWS VIOLENCE IS THE WAY TO WIN, ALL THE WHILE THEY SCREAM ABOUT HOW BAD IT IS. Nashville just proved that.

Wars are fought for a reason. Because violence works! The good guys had damn well better WAKE T.F. UP.

UPDATE: THE FBI WAS ON SCENE IMMEDIATELY, ENTERED THE BUILDING, AND SEIZED ALL THE MACHINES. So that confirms what this was, and there will be no audit.

Remote controlled Germanwings Airbus A320 crash? All evidence points to this.


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