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Fukushima SABOTAGE!

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It is once again time to remind people exactly who stole the election. Who rigged it, who infiltrated on all levels, who paid the poll workers, who kicked the poll watchers out -

As it turns out, Bill Gates was at least partially involved in paying the poll workers who rigged the election and it has now been revealed that the actual election stealing software Dominion ran was produced by Microsoft.. What religion is Bill Gates? As it turns out, Zukerberg did all he could to censor and assist in the stealing of the election also. What religion is he? What religion owns CNN? What religion owns the rest of the media, including even Newsmax? What religion runs Hollywood? What religion is George Soros? Answer these questions, and you'll know who stole this election. If that specific group did NOT steal this election, they'd use their media outlets to shout the theft from their rooftops. Instead - Crickets. Back stabs. Extra work done to seal the steal. Regardless of whether or not Venezuela was involved, it was ONE group of people who stole this election, and they continue to do so, outing themselves EVERY DAY with what they spew through their media outlets. IF THEY DID NOT STEAL THE ELECTION, WHY WOULD THEY CENSOR ALL WORD OF WHO WAS INVOLVED IN DOING IT?

Never forget WHO is actually behind this steal, people can finger China all they want but the MSM which is trying to enforce the steal is owned by ONE GROUP, a group that believes it is above "humankind" to such an extent they can destroy civilizations with all the wanton abandon of an alien race, hell bent on destroying the world for whatever reason - and I know the reason after being in their community and seeing it from the inside - the reason is simply to prove they are superior and there's nothing more to it - They will CRUSH US with total carelessness and arrogance, believing they served their God by doing so. Or should I say their G-d, they skip the vowel when they write for whatever reason, (that is something I never figured out).

This "Alien race" as some confused and befuddled people claim must be behind this because "no psychopath wants all of mankind wiped out so they have to be alien" lives among us, in their own private enclaves, and will cry straight faced to you about the destruction of society while they stab you in the back. They are THAT EVIL, and their "great reset" will be what delivers them their ultimate superiority over mankind. If you are wondering why their "great reset" will be realized when no one outside their group owns any property it ties into their prophecy of each of them having "1,000 goy slaves" and SLAVES DO NOT OWN PROPERTY. GOT IT?

There. I said it. At 2:30 AM because I could not sleep, tossing, turning, flipping over what the F***ING bastards are doing, trying to trigger a genocide, just look at what they have written lately about "The enablers of Trump must be dealt with" and "white privilege", going into a "great reset" - do you think that will end well? Do you think they are bluffing?

IF they manage to backstab Trump out of office - IF they steal this, don't shoot up a sonic burger, for GODS SAKE do NOTHING AT ALL other than take your greivances to where they will actually have an impact when expressed. Failure to address the enemy where it sleeps and quickly will definitely result in genocide.

As was the case in China, the genocide will be buried in the COVID stats. The "dark winter" will be very dark indeed.

THE CEO OF NEWSMAX DONATED ONE MILLION DOLLARS TO THE CLINTON FOUNDATION last year! this is a RECENT donation, and precisely why you should not trust Newsmax.

Arecibo will be demolished

It started having suspension cable failures, and during attempts to repair it, it was determined to be too dilapidated to mess with. It basically rusted out. Perhaps a replacement will be built.

I am sort of ho-hum on the topic, it was VERY old (57 years) and I did not expect it to last forever.

HEADS UP: If "They" get cornered, they might release smallpox.

No one has any immunity to smallpox anymore. It is considered a dead disease - eradicated. But they kept it alive in the labs. So what if they release THAT? If Trump's success ends up as good as it is looking now, they just might. Smallpox beats Ebola HANDS DOWN.

Here is what the CDC says about smallpox communicability: " Smallpox patients became contagious once the first sores appeared in their mouth and throat (early rash stage). They spread the virus when they coughed or sneezed and droplets from their nose or mouth spread to other people." And obviously, it can spread on contact with surfaces and things like blankets. But the basic protocol for smallpox will be to wear a mask if they do release it.

Given Trump's success at stopping the steal, I think I am going to put together a positive pressure bio suit over the next week or so. I still need the actual filter but have the rest. I suggest other people make the first precautionary steps now, because if Trump does nail this, they'll get vicious over it, they really do want most of us dead and they really do want their "great reset".

Now that I have mentioned smallpox, look at what happened in Senegal:

Fishermen in Senegal returned with pimples on their faces, headaches, high temperature, dry lips and red eyes. About 500 fishermen contracted an unknown disease after returning from the sea in Senegal , Ousmane Gueye, the national director of health information and education, told local media on Thursday . The senior health official assured that the people were admitted and quarantined to receive treatment. "It is a dermatitis associated with an infectious disease. We continue with studies and hope to find out soon what it is," he explained. In addition, he said that the Senegalese Navy will take samples of the water for analysis.

The symptoms match the first stages of smallpox. Obviously I cannot say it is, but this is recent and we don't know yet. Hopefully this story will fade into obscurity.


I have all the parts but did not bother with it.


NOT THE ONION: Cnn produced a report so stupid and self canceling it proved the point they were trying to refute.

I'll put this one on the "confirmation bias" pile, whoever wrote this was CLUELESS about what it meant after calling every legit piece of "conspiracy theory" B.S. - you'd have to be totally clueless to not connect the dots on the page you wrote yourself and that happened at CNN, here it is:

In this report, CNN confirmed that the CEO/Chairman of George Soros owned "Open Societies Foundation" - you know, the one that does the color movements and sends ANTIFA your way - was deeply involved in the voting machines, and that the Clinton foundation was too. They also prove Venezuelan citizens really were involved in it all. Read it and laugh! This is a good one, and to be clear, Smartmatic is a subsidiary of Dominion voting systems so them claiming Smartmatic is only used in one state is IRRELEVANT, Smartmatic and Dominion are the SAME COMPANY. So here we go - here is your daily laugh:

I did not really believe Venezuela was involved in stealing our elections until this piece by CNN. Now I'll say OF COURSE THEY ARE, and they tied George Soros in so beautifully here - you mean to tell me they don't know what the open societies foundation does and who controls it??!!?? That's like not seeing a semi while you accidentally drive under one. How clueless are their writers anyway? And anyone worth their salt knows George Soros OWNS VENEZUELA, it is his happy space. If things fall apart for him in the U.S. (and they just might now) he's going to Venezuela and nowhere else, IF he manages to escape. And they hung Hillary Clinton at the same time. PRICELESS!!!

If you can grab ONLY one gun on your way out the door, what do you grab?

EASY ANSWER: your .22 There is lots of discussion going on right now about what gun to grab, and "industry expert this" and that . . . .

I am going to put it bluntly. I have shot thousands of rounds and owned many guns. I have trekked woods endlessly and hunted a lot. The biggest pain in the rear is the bullets. No question. It's not that hard to carry a gun, but the bullets are VERY NOTICEABLE. Even 20 rounds for a 30.06 are VERY NOTICEABLE, let alone a 12 guage. You'll get a little relief from .223's but you'll still only be able to carry 40 of those when you could have instead carried about 1000 .22 rounds for the same grief.

Here is the most BLUNT PART:

When are you going to get re-supplied after you bug out? Who's going to give you more bullets when you run out? How heavy will 200 rounds be from one of the larger calibers? 200 rounds in the larger calibers will equal about 4,000 rounds of .22, what do you really want with you?

FACT: The .22 is a lethal round. Even at 200 yards. Lots of "experts" say the .22 is only useful to 150 yards, but if you're any sort of a shot, that's bunk and if you get a good hit at 500 yards (which admittedly would be a miracle) you'd still kill. Realistically, if you sight a .22 in for 125 yards it will not be difficult at all to be accurate at 250. The problem is, no one does that. The general attitude is that a .22 is for squirrels and rabbits, so at most they get sighted in for 50 yards. Obviously then, long distance shots won't work out well. But if you sight a .22 in like it's been re-purposed for combat, and put the same scope on it you have on your AR, you're going to kick butt with one. The disadvantages will not even come close to the reality of heading out with 4,000 rounds rather than a couple hundred.

Everyone is living in a fantasy land about "what it will be like". Here is what it will be like:

After an hour or two of actual combat, your truck is going to be a melted pile of goo and "you left all the bullets there because my god, who could carry all that?" And when you go back to get more bullets, you're all done. Too bad you did not grab the .22 with THOUSANDS of rounds in your back pack!

Here's the real long term battle plan that will help you be a gaping wound on the face of communism long term: Make damn good and sure your primary weapon is a .22. Obviously you can keep the larger calibers for heavier work if needed and you get lucky enough to keep them available, - but by far the best plan is to treat a straight shooting .22 with respect, with a decent scope on it, and LOTS OF PRACTICE getting it accurate at 250 yards. That will be the real practical limit if you take the gun seriously. Nothing but head shots, against body armor a .22 is going to be an insect but then again, an AR-15 won't work against body armor either.

Also, in the usual combat scenario, you do not need stopping power. You need injury power. If you can injure the guy rather than kill him, you cause a WHOLE heap of trouble for the other side because they have to stop everything and get that guy to medical. You need to injure bad enough to kill the guy without medical care, and that's the end of it. Why worry about the heart when a lung will do? A .22 is perfect for that. And once again, a .223 won't be any better than a .22 against body armor, you're going to have to get a head shot anyway.

Additionally, .22 is the most popular round there is. You'll find it EVERYWHERE.

Yeah, there's glory in a big boom and on a shot by shot basis, it will work better. But for how many shots? That's the big thing when you'll not get re-supplied. My method would be a well sighted .22, lots of practice if needed, and a fuel or oil filter as a silencer, You'll easily silence a .22 but good luck with the larger calibers.

The good news is that it is starting to look like we won't need to worry about any of this . . . . . wait and see . . . . AAAND an important point:

What if there will be no combat at all? What if they instead launch smallpox? They might have if the story out of Senegal is true. What then??? THAT will equal BUGOUT TIME, and in that scenario, I guarantee you can keep the larger calibers but you'll still use the .22 more than anything, if you were smart enough to buy a few thousand rounds.

Highly probable: Woman destroyed by Coronavirus vax

A participant in a Coronavirus vaccine trial is likely suffering from severe genetic damage. As a result, within weeks of being the guinea pig, her feet are falling apart. It is important to note that in order to take part in any medical trial, you have to have perfect health. No diabetes, absolutely nothing wrong with you.

This is what happened to a UK woman who took part in testing the corona vax I have repeatedly posted on this site - the one where they are requisitioning an AI to handle all the people who get wrecked by it.

OK, so do I really believe this was from the vax? I'd say highly probable but there is no way to absolutely prove it. But that is DEFINITELY enough to jump to my death over to avoid it. (spoiler, I would have anyway without this post) but what happened to this woman solidifies it.

Yes, mess with someone's DNA and crap like this can happen, she was probably a jogger and started running on feet that had been modified by worm DNA. Everyone knows you cannot step on a worm.

I'll hedge my bets that is NEVER going to heal, she'll need her feet amputated, as will many more. I guess that's one way to fix stupid, ANYONE who participated in a corona vax trial would have to be.

It is hard to say whether or not this was a reaction to the polyethelene glycol or the DNA modification, but it is definitely tied to the vax.

Serious problems posting. HOT TOPIC


I have been trying to post the following through what is now FIVE REBOOTS. Someone (for whatever reason) does not want this spread:

Kavanaugh, Clarence Thomas, Barret and Alito have been assigned full control over the circuit courts in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan and Georgia. This is a new development that just happened today. This marks an EXTREME escalation in the election fraud issue, and as a bonus, today it was revealed that it was indeed Trump that seized the server and his team has it.

Even the first try just posting this text above got jammed and I had to open a dual session and paste text quickly to do it. I'd have had this story a lot sooner absent the problems.

VERY IMPORTANT: Justice Roberts, who is not considered trustworthy, cannot get in the way of the election lawsuits after these re-assignments.

This is the development of the century. It means the election lawsuits WILL be put before righteous judges.

IMPORTANT NOTE: An extremely high number (if not all) deep state trolls have changed their Twitter profile pics to black and white, including even Obama. This is a message of some sort, and it just started happening today. What for? A false flag? Or are they getting arrested? Who knows. The only certain thing with this is that it is obviously a message.

Here is the Full text of the corona vax requisition where an AI is part of the deal because they know an AI will be needed to manage the mayhem

The Dominion fraud company has turned to vapor

UPDATE: It appears they may make a show for political reasons but that's hard to say.

They did not show up in court and are rapidly vanishing from existence, with no one's name tied to anything. No actual people to prosecute. Biden can now say he's innocent and that foreign actors rigged the election without him knowing it. No one will remain to be prosecuted. All real easy to do with a shell company that fronted nothing but fraud.

Now watch the MSM go 100 percent and call "Dominion" a conspiracy theory that never existed. JUST WATCH.


Somewhat surprisingly, Tucker Carlson outed himself as a deep state troll

Carlson was nothing but ridicule over the amazing press conference below, demanding evidence and stating it was not credible without it. Sidney Powel rebuffed it well, saying (basically) that Tucker himself had the means to uncover the evidence and then report it, and that she was not going to spoil her court case by giving out what they had. After all, if Tucker was legitimate and FOX was legitimate, they'd be reporting it, and they are not. They would have done their own investigations, and they did not. So they have no grounds whatsoever to call the charges "unsupported".

As expected, Fox had a gran mal over the press conference the same way the rest of the MSM did, and the exodus from those platforms needs to be complete - clearly, obviously, America will go nowhere but down a whirlpool with them. I am stunned by the extent to which Tucker came out of the closet when he really had to - he's a bona fide POS just like the rest of them - a hoax actor "fighting for the truth", waiting in reserve to dash it's last credibility into the great white hope of corruption. Hopefully hope he did not drag too many viewers into it. I suspect not, they are waking up and the numbers at Fox prove it.

I am OUTRAGED by Tucker's reaction to that press conference. He should have been THRILLED if he was really "one of us", but no, he just melted into the cesspool with the rest of them. Telling Powell and Rudy they had nothing. That ought to finish FOX for good.

A great social media comment: "FOX has gone full Drudge and moved completely over to the dark side. As if the MSM needed another clown show."

I have made an observation about the Corona vax that needs to be stated

It is well known by now that the predominant forms of the Corona vax modify your DNA to such an extent the virus does not recognize you as human, so it will not infect. But what is less known is that most variants of the "vaccine" contain HCG, which will make a vast majority of women (about 97 percent) sterile, and a majority of those sterilized will remain sterilized for life because the sterility component of the shot lasts 15 years (as proven by other Gates vaccines). Anyone over the age of 28 will usually be rendered sterile for life. Why would the people developing the vaccines make sure kids could not be born after it? EASY ANSWER:

Because if the vax works by modifying everyone's DNA so much the virus does not recognize you as human and therefore cannot infect you, you have been modified to such an extent there's no telling what will be born.

So there's this "Operation Warp Speed" being talked about now - to "get everyone in America vaxxed within the same 24 hour time frame". The marketing for this is so that the virus can't mutate on time to react to the vaccine. The reality of this is that the vaccine is so devastating they don't want 30 million people screaming about how they were wrecked, while 290 million are able to listen.

FACT: The vax, from all vendors, modifies your DNA.
FACT: The vax, from all vendors, causes infertility.
FACT: The vax is SO BAD an AI to manage public perceptions is part of the plan, right from the get go.
FACT: This vax is a key component of the "great reset".
FACT: The vaccines, (all of them) have ingredients that have never been tested on a wide scale, and are absolutely insane. Polyethelene Glycol? - Used to make sure there is major swelling of cell tissue because in that state, the cells accept the DNA better? WTF, OVER!!! You'd NEVER inject that SH*T for ANY REASON precisely because when injected it is so poisonous it damn near kills you. You can drink milk, but if you inject it you're DEAD. Just because PEG can be eaten in small amounts does not make it safe for injection at all.

I know where I stand on that vax - The trust has been broken. All these years we have witnessed our kids being destroyed by the vaccines, which are obviously weaponized to cause autism. AND YESTERDAY, WE SAW AN AMAZING PRESS CONFERENCE, which should have shook an honest media to it's core. WHAT HAPPENED? Even Tucker bailed, AND IF THE MEDIA CANNOT BE HONEST ABOUT AN ELECTION, DO YOU THINK THEY'LL BE HONEST ABOUT THE REAL CAUSE OF AUTISM? They know. They DAMN WELL KNOW and the Corona vax is not going to be reported on any more accurately than any of the rest of the bullshit they spew.

Aaah yes, "we need more research". That's a PRIME MSM spew, More research into these allegations". Oh look, the research is complete. We don't care if your cute little "basketball bobby" can only drool on a stool after the vax, The "science is settled" and it says you're full of shit!




That will not work.


They confirmed the server seizures were true.


It was HISTORIC and I just discovered what was NOT an error that prevented the link from showing. I know damn well I did not make that error. So all the time I figured people were watching it via that link, they were not. That's OK, you can watch it now.


It is a LOT worse than Trump or anyone else let on, but they have it -

Many districts had 300 percent voter turnout. Some precincts, where they brought in the 4 AM ballots, had so many votes it exceeded the TOTAL NUMBER OF PEOPLE IN THE DISTRICT by 200 percent.

THIS PRESS CONFERENCE IS GAME OVER. It is the nuke we have been waiting for.

Rudy went extensively into the topic that it was teamwork and massive corruption on a national scale. This is a total nuke. He also mentioned the compromised states used Venezuelan voting machines. He also specifically stated American people voted for Trump, they did not vote for Biden. He's going ALL THE WAY.

THIS IS TOO HUGE, The livestream is here




A few more things. Rudy Giuliani went to bat for us in a way I never expected, cancel what I said before about him not being one of us. He totally attack dogged the media, stating the lawyers quit because their livelihoods, families and lives were threatened and he clearly stated they received death threats, and he talked directly to the media representatives that were there and said they were responsible for it.

When the statements of state officials were brought up, Rudy said they had no credibility because they had the vote counted in Germany by a Venezuelan company, and that no citizens in their state even knew about it. He refused to give ANY state official an ounce of credibility to comment against because they were all totally corrupt and rotten, and you can't have a discussion with that. It is now totally confirmed: THE SEIZURE OF THE SERVERS IN GERMANY DID HAPPEN. I was TOTALLY WRONG ABOUT THAT.


Rudy just kept telling the media to "stick it" in lawyer speak. It was just too good, PRICELESS. He openly stated they were part of the scam that was as as bad as the actual election steal.

I could babble half a new testament over this press briefing, rather than do that, I am just going to tell you to WATCH IT.

WOW. German doctor arrested on livestream for un-approved discussion of Coronavirus

There you have it folks, this is BIG TIME. How many other times did this happen without it being captured? Probably LOTS.

The police arrived, kicked in his door, and busted him live on camera. Welcome to the great reset, which according to the New York Times, is conspiracy talk, even though "they" are bragging about it and not even keeping it secret.

A few quick items -

I have noticed that HEB and Wal-Mart are arbitrarily raising meat prices against the Mexican market. If all you did was shop HEB or Wal Mart, you'd think meat prices skyrocketed. But that is not the case -

The Mexican store chains that are direct counterparts to Wal Mart and HEB have kept their meat prices steady. Wal-Mart and HEB tripled their prices in contrast to Soriana, which still has high quality hamburger for $1.50 a pound. And that is also reflected in the mercados, which have also not increased in price at all.

I have seen numerous posts from Americans claiming meat prices have increased drastically, and some items are now becoming scarce. This is agenda, and not reality. The New World Order globalists want Americans and Europeans eating less meat, so it is arbitrarily priced very high, meanwhile even the beef imported from America sells for cheap in Mex.

If meat is expensive in the U.S. it is all arbitrary, actual reality cannot support the prices. Welcome to the new agenda.

Rudy Giuliani was supposed to drop a bombshell today.

Not even a party favor went off. And my posts lately have been very pessimistic because there is clearly the exact same static that stopped Trump from draining the swamp still happening now. There was, however, one key development -

Trump fired several top military people who were traitors, and also put the civilian spec ops under entirely new leadership, with ZERO oversight from America's treasonous "intelligence apparatus", it in fact works the opposite now, with the military doing the oversight in reverse. No one at the FBI, CIA, or NSA will be receiving ANY info on what Trump has the special forces do now. And as a result, fist bump Lindsey PANICKED. So that's a little bit of good news thrown in with the smoke of a blown engine. Hope is the only thing that will get America home now . . . . unless Trump can pull one hell of a pit stop. Maybe. This was not the move of a lame duck president, he totally shook down the CIA with this and basically made the agency an irrelevant subordinate that gets no info.




Michigan is no longer certified. Wayne county Republicans rescinded their certification of the election, stating they were forced to certify it under threat. This just happened this evening. . . . .

I removed the Coronavirus vax post because it's base is polyethelene glycol, not propylene glycol.

Polyethelene glycol is WORSE, but it is late and I'll work on this at another time. Obviously you would not inject polyethelene glycol but they are doing it because it totally penetrates cells and can drive the DNA modifiers into them. Never mind the fact that it will cause HUGE reactions, which is why the following AI is going to be needed to manage the crisis that follows the administration of this vax. I'll leave it at that for now, there is NO FREAKING WAY ANYONE SHOULD ALLOW THIS. The following post is the requisition for that AI.

More has been released about the server seizure in Germany

I have been skeptical about this because it "cannot happen". However, if it DID happen, it ONLY happened because somehow, somewhere, there was a complete chain of people that were not compromised. A lotto win so to speak - MAKE ME EAT CROW PLEASE.

I am still too skeptical to say more. Hopefully that will be what Rudy covers today, But the fact remains that the system is so compromised that even if this does break it is doubtful anything will be done about it, even in the supreme court.

NewsVax covered this, but I refuse to link to an outfit that speaks the truth out of one side of it's mouth while issuing vaccine death out the other. I don't trust them and believe they absolutely would push hopium to squelch public outrage until it is too late.

Recent developments have made how bad it is obvious.

This is a fact, and no one can deny it: Our current political situation is so bad that the people in charge are prepping the United States for genocide, and the entire "white privilege" thing is part of it. I did not realize this, but yesterday I happened across documented proof that before communists commit genocide, they have always, every single time, called the targets of their genocide "privileged."

So now we have an obvious fraudulent vote certified in Michigan, where they KNEW it was fraudulent and certified a count that had more votes than voters, AND THEY KNEW IT, we have a situation where a communist who has stated 220 million dead Americans twice will likely be vice president and is fist bumping Lindsey Graham, who we desperately need to have on our side, - a situation where another aspect of communist takeover - police who support the thugs and looters is now the norm, a situation where Ocasio can openly call for the complete destruction of Trump "and his enablers" and not be forced to clarify - a situation where the people who are going to do the genocide can go on national television and say that everyone who voted Trump is logged as doing so, and will not be around to vote in the next election, ALL OF THAT has been run through this site and the people saying these things are in charge of the government. They are the ones Trump has to have say this election was rigged and then approve of action to correct it. THAT WILL NOT HAPPEN. And as a result, we get Michigan certifying a vote that clearly has more votes than voters, and no one among the communists bats an eye.

We are in trouble.

It is not that there is not proof of rampant fraud, there is. It is not that there is not proof America did not even tabulate its own election on American soil - There is. It's not that there is not proof the probable incoming president hates the United States and is guilty of treason - there is. And no big truth bomb is going to fix that at this point, every damn person who could do something about this already knows all of this, and no one is doing anything to stop it. No one is doing anything to stop it because the infiltration of the United States by communists is THAT DEEP.

People need to consider what has happened thus far. We are clearly in a system so corrupt these people could be caught in broad daylight robbing banks or even wiping out a stadium with a flame thrower, be fully identified as the ones who did it, and the media would bury it, the prosecutors would not prosecute, they would release, and tomorrow would look the same as today except for the dead and maimed. And all of this is obviously going to land in a supreme court controlled by a swamp critter. Every safety, check, and balance is ruptured.

So "The Kraken was released" and Michigan certifies a known fraudulent vote, that EVERYONE knew was fraudulent. And the media rejoiced. So Rudy is supposed to do a huge drop today that is going to fix everything. Don't bet on it, BET AGAINST IT, no matter how damning it is, we are, after all, now living in a system that can openly call to destroy us without consequence, take action to destroy us by burning cities without consequence, - a system so bad the police place bricks for the rioters, without consequence, - and people still have hope that some big drop by Rudy is going to change anything? WAKE UP.

Everything about the communists, including stuff I already did know, - every genocide they ever did, is documented here in incredible detail - including the fact that when it is all finished, they then kill the people who assisted in killing everyone else. The leftists are giddy over the prospect of "wiping out the evil conservative sociopaths" and don't even realize that during the cleanup phase, the communists take out the trash who destroyed their own country. The communists know only the worst of people will do that, have zero trust for them, and dispose of them like used toilet paper even after rewarding them greatly the moment before their job is complete.

The leftists are laughing. That will last until two minutes into the day their work is complete.

Only the American gun owner is going to change this outcome. The system of change is completely compromised. If Trump is not inaugurated this January, it will be up to the American gun owner to solve this and that gun owner is going to have to shoot the police and the neighborhood Karen before a single high level thug can be taken out.

ANOTHER indescribably horrible thing happened today:

Wayne County Michigan had 130,000 more votes than people available to cast them. They announced that they knew that, held up certification for a couple hours, and then they certified the vote anyway.

And I know how THAT will be accepted. Just look at the next post - "Something indescribably horrible happened today"

Something indescribably horrible happened today

The spookiest thing for America since 9/11

We got proof Lindsey Graham is a deep state leftist working to destroy Trump.

If that is not the case, how the * do you explain this video, where he fist bumps Kamala? that looks like GAME OVER to me. This is exactly why no matter what Trump tried, he could not drain the swamp.

That is by far the spookiest video I have seen since 9/11. Don't be surprised if Rudy is playing Trump the exact same way.

Lindsey is a full on two faced deep state scam.


Now he's admitting it was wrong to censor the Hunter Biden story

MY COMMENT: Don't sweat it, you accomplished your objective and are absolutely no better than any thug who begs for sympathy after committing any crime, "Oh, I am sorry, it was wrong, but it is ok to admit that now because the election is over. But if it was not over, I'd just keep doing it. But I am sorry, really.

HANG THE BASTARD THREE TIMES, once will no longer cut it.

NewsVAX. That's the name because they are not letting up.

I saw a few comments yesterday about Newsmax being set up by CNN to trap conservatives into the same overall agenda of getting everyone chipped, except with a conservative slant. I did not have time to ferret that out, but the left plays that game constantly, and I have known for a long time that NewsMax was Jewish, (right from the beginning)and this is why I never mentioned or paid attention to them. Obviously that cannot end well. The Jews do play both sides of the coin toward the same piper . . . . ANYWAY,

Here is how you get OAN for free:

If you have Pluto TV, and click "News" on the left hand side, OAN will be one of the channels. Try channel 242 first. It probably will vary by market but it will be embedded in Pluto TV somewhere.

I am serious with this. If all the conservatives go over to Newsmax it may feel good at first, but it will, in the end, be the same trap Fox was.

My only concern with OAN is that they fly a little too loose and are not always accurate. However, unlike Fox and the rest of the MSM, (now including Newsmax) OAN is not staffed by people who lie on purpose. "Flying a little loose" is a HELL of a lot better than being liars.

I will repeat a common theme: ANY OUTLET THAT PUSHES VACCINES, WHICH ARE NOW WEAPONS AND NOT FOR HEALTH ANYMORE, - ANY OUTLET THAT PUSHES THEM IS EVIL. You can bank on them not being stupid, the flimsiest most pathetic effort will instantly reveal the vaccines are devastating, even the product insert will. I'd like to ask Newsmax why an AI for subverting "every line of text" written by those who get damaged by the new Coronavax is right there in the original price quote for it, complete with the reason why they want it. Newsmax will not go there.

Scroll down the page a little, it is there. I am not joking. The Coronavax is SO BAD an AI is right there in the original price quote to ensure "No text regarding adverse reactions is missed". QUESTION: MISSED WHERE? Obviously out on forums and blogs, that's where. They want an AI to manage and destroy anything anyone says that is not approved and it is IN THE INVOICE, PAID FOR WITH THE SHOTS.

Biden "legal team" seeking $30 million . . . . . to pay the judge

Why bother with all the legal details when you can just pay the judge?


So now the big question is, why does Biden need THAT MUCH to defend an accurate and lawful election?

Biden screws up and says voters don't matter, $30 million is what matters if he's going to be "elected" regardless after his fraud scheme was busted.


Today I spent the better part of an hour trying to get photos of the Million Maga March. And what happened? Bing had 2 images, both of them hoaxes. They censored it to zero. Google and Duck Duck merely repeated images of the event from before it even started. Then I hit and at least real images were there, but when attempting to get anything for re-posts, the computer would continuously lock up, even if it was only a screen capture. After a few re-boots it became obvious there is a devastating attack on the truth, where the left does not want it spread NO MATTER WHAT.

If you go to Infowars, you can at least see two different images, one of the main rally, and one of a side street, both packed. But what "they" don't want you to know is that the attendance was so huge that MANY side streets were completely packed with people to such an extent the roads looked like a sea of people. Many many different roads were also packed. It was not just the central plaza.


But they want you to feel like you are. They want you isolated, contained, "a zealot", believing in hoax rallies where "only a few thousand attended" but you're delusional if you say it was over a million, because there's no proof of that because they buried it, just like there's no evidence an election was stolen. And if somehow you find a way to break their seal on the truth, - if somehow you find a way to real info, fat chanch you'll spread it because they will lock up your computer and do every last thing possible to prevent you from spreading the truth. They want you to be alone, feel alone, ISOLATED, and as a bonus, shuttered away in a "covid lockdown" where you can review your pathetic life alone in a deep soul search of just how pathetic and delusional you are. Million MAGA march? F*** you, you're dreaming.

To the left, the FILTHY SCAMMING LEFT, burying a truth equals YOU ARE A NUTCASE if you believe it ever happened. Is this the future we are heading into? No, it is not. Because it is NOT the future, it is NOW.


This was done over Biden having the prosecutor fired after Biden scammed Ukraine. Biden is so clearly not qualified to be president that now even Ukraine wants him. Thank your scamming MSM for allowing this man to threaten national integrity. And Kamala is even worse, even if she managed to keep "clean".

The MSM is lying about the million maga march

They are showing pictures from before the event was even scheduled to begin and claiming only a few thousand showed up. Take what they are doing and apply it to their already low "credibility score".

I quite honestly did not expect them to lie at that level of magnitude over something that is so easily proven otherwise . . . . but then again they did say no vote fraud too . . . . acclimating . . . .

Ukraine 2.0?? This is the kind of "off the streets" intel I'd expect for that:

Update to below: It appears both Americold and XPO logistics now have the problem. If that be the case it is a probable attack on their systems.

"I won't name the specific company, but they have 250+ sites across the country specializing in refrigerated and frozen storage and shipping. All sites systems are down and they've shut their gates so trucks can no longer enter to pickup product. I know this because I'm the supply chain director for a food company that sells refrigerated dairy products. We use this company as a third party logistics supplier and I'm completely unable to ship Thangsgiving orders from any of their sites across the country. I've got a rough day ahead of me workwise to figure out to mitigate any of this.

Follow up: "I can answer questions because I work at the place he is talking about and I can confirm all systems went down yesterday at 1600. I haven't talked to anyone today yet."

And the original was not blowing smoke, the company is XPO logistics and they have 400 locations, not 250.

Hopefully they'll get this sorted out soon, but it has been a day and that is a LONG TIME or something like this.



That's proof right there that they are not genuinely legit, they are only a limited hang out that is still pushing for the holy Certification Of Vaccination ID plus whatever maiming it happens to come with. Too bad. Here is their phone number: 1-800-485-4350 call them and tell them they can STICK IT.

Surprisingly, before their surge, this site had more reach than they did. I did not expect that, but I never cared to look either. Infowars dwarfed them. And as soon as they got traffic, they flipped. WORTHLESS. Fox took years to flip. Newsmax took a week.

These vaccines re-write your DNA with that of a worm to change the receptor sites to something not human, so the virus no longer recognizes the host. How bad does a re-write have to be for THAT??? I would not accept a dolphin re-write, let alone a worm. And how many worm diseases will people become susceptible to as a result of making them genetically look like one?

There is no "mega hurricane" brewing

Hoaxers are trying to claim tropical storm Lota is a cat 5. Actually, as of Monday morning, it has top wind speeds of 62 mph. Put your mouse pointer over the storm for wind speed.

Congress has issued a formal announcement: There is no president elect at this time

And they went the ENTIRE way, officially stating that the media does not select the president.



You can't make this stuff up. They actually expect the number of damaged people to be so high they need a special AI to handle it, (which obviously means to troll and bash victims into the ground, plus squelch public uproar). The capture is from Vaxxed 2.

Also, the autism inducing MRC-5 cell line is being used to do the vax, and the trolls have gone from "Vaccines don't cause autism, no, there was no human tissue used that could cause that" to "Oh, wake up, that's been in all the vaccines for the last 25 years!" That's "progress". Leftie style, "Yes, we are making great progress with marching the lemmings off the precipice".

Look at that capture again: the AI is to make sure no details from the "adverse reaction text" are missed. What does that mean? Obviously people are going to be posting text and they don't want a single detail missed. NO ONE would need an AI to handle static text someone wrote in advance, obviously the AI is for ensuring not one detail anyone posts is missed and not trolled. There's no conceivable other reason for an AI to be assigned to this.

They know it is going to be SO BAD that trolling everyone who gets damaged to shut them up is part of the package. It is possible that this particular AI will only do deletes (rather than troll) because the objective is to shut people up.

Stupid Canada guillotine hoax circulating

As it turns out, this post killed this hoax, so I am leaving it up.

MAJOR alt sites picked up this hoax. Someone is launching hoaxes to make alt media look STUPID. If you come across the guillotine story, here are the specs on the guillotine: Cutting width: 24 inches. Minimum cutting height: 3 inches.

THIS IS A PAPER GUILLOTINE ORDER, can't people read a simple requisition form? Evidently NOT. I am not even going to bother linking the original posts on this topic in, if you come across this B.S. just read the requisition form. Sorry, it is lengthy.


Now, I gotta admit, the Frankfurt server story was enticing. But it takes more than that to get something posted here, in addition to inticing it has to be accurate. I won't say I am perfect, but this one was quite transparently, via logic alone, false.

It is not that servers were not seized, it is not that the Trump team did not put together that electoral map I have posted below - They do have the data and they did put together that map. That's not the issue at all - the issue is where all of it actually came from. And it was not Germany.

I called BUNK on a server seizure in Germany from second one. Instantly. Why? Because that's not the way it works. No foreign power can simply seize anything in another country. And all this time, the computers that stole the election were sitting comfortably in Maryland. Not that it matters -

Today Giuliani did a substantial interview on "We had better tell the truth now and let people talk because we are going to be usurped to Newsmax" FAUX. That sort of galled me, - how they are OBVIOUSLY AND CLEARLY aiding and abetting the enemy and THEN, FOR ONCE, do an honest interview when the backlash hit. During his interview this morning, Giuliani DID say that the election was tabulated overseas, but that Venezuela and leftists were involved and it was handled by shell companies to cover for the fact that the election was not even managed by Americans - it was Venezuela - and there was not a peep about Germany.

I can fully understand why Maduro would want Trump out, - because illusions are illusions and he does not realize the leftist American snake actually bites.

I am also sure Iran wants trump out, for the same idiotic illusions. Under Trump, Iran lost one guy. Under Hillary, Iran would have been lost. I cannot for the life of me figure out how the mullahs, supposedly "guided by God" can't figure that out.

Normally I hate to see machines get wrecked, But this was satisfying. Leftist gets instant karma.

Worst hit possible. Bent all the suspension, wrecked the transmission (obviously sheared the output away from the input), and the cops arriving immediately was the frosting.

This guy was continuously going in a circle harassing and spitting on Trump people until this happened.

I do believe an accurate map (as the vote stealing system saw it) has surfaced.

Trump actually won more than this, but the vote stealing system can't detect poll workers handing out sharpies, or falsified ballots, or ballots tossed in the trash, or dead voters.

SCYTL raid:

Let's all hope it was for real. I am permanently skeptical, but supposedly this believable map was drawn up based on the pre-steal server results. This may have also been yanked from Maryland, or may be drawn up from what Trump witnessed in the SCIF on election night. But this is the real map, as I figured it would be based on my own polling. And if this is indeed coming from a verified source, heads are going to roll.

I called B.S. on the Frankfurt raid before anyone else knew about it or posted about it or Gohmert tweeted about it and did not post about it (other than for anyone to believe it they'd have to huff unicorn farts) but I figured people would consider it not credible and I figured it would not grow so I did not save any of the original tweets. Well, HERE THEY ARE.

There was no credibility to back up the tweets. That, in conjunction with the fact that the U.S. army cannot conduct raids in foreign countries (like Germany, where they can't be pounded into oblivion like Syria) , and that Merkel would certainly not allow her army to conduct such a raid when she hates Trump, and well, unicorn farts. Manure spreader. BULLSHIT.

If by some off fraction of a single percent chance I am wrong about this, it won't matter anyway. But I consider this story dangerous because it will serve to placate the American gun owner into believing that somehow even the unicorns are on their side, so they can just crack a beer and relax. FAR FROM IT.

U.S. Army conducting raids in Germany? Even the German army conducting raids in Germany?

I DO believe a server got seized, but not in Germany. The Germany story would be a diversion. And if it was, it is too late for team Biden to do anything about it now, the real election map, as the computer saw it, is now out of the bottle.

Here is the story in a form I'd believe:

German police detectives, working on data provided by the NSA, located the servers that were used to rig the U.S. election (no they are not in Maryland as it turns out) but they are, But I'll humor this -

Working on a tip from the NSA, a police unit in Germany that happened to be pro-trump raided the facility that housed SCYTL's servers and confiscated them. American troops were present to take posession.

Under the radar they were smuggled out of the country . . . . . THAT I'd believe, but sorry, the Army story is BUNK. If I am wrong, I'll laugh with glee until I pass out. I'd gladly eat so many crows the Atkins diet would be the only way to accomplish it.


Fat chance the MSM will say it.

Here is where we sit as of Saturday morning

Whatever happens from this point will be determined entirely by whether or not there is enough of America's original fabric left to initiate a response that will spare the contry from the communists. That is basically it. It appears also that the CIA was directly involved in rigging the vote.

All of the major networks are stating Parler and Gab are becoming platforms for zealots that "threaten democracy". Actually, the platforms threaten those who are destroying democracy by rigging an election, and enforcing the steal. But don't expect the truth from them any time soon.

They are calling us "zealots". That's displacement. REALITY: Zealots will censor opposing views, as THEY have. Conservatives have censored NOTHING. Zealots spend 40 years subverting every form of media and communications to totally shut the majority out and that is precisely what those who are screaming "zealot" at the majority did. Trump supporters are by no means zealots, those who burned the cities, did the riots, enforced the scam of "white privilege" and call a burning car a "peaceful protest" are the zealots and we all know who they are. They cannot find a single honest pinpoint in their souls, if they could and they cared, Trump would be called president in three seconds flat.

Once again - Sydney Powell DID say the Kraken will now be released. Let's all hope there are LOTS of them.

An update on a new type of computer virus

The day after Trump gave his election night speech, where he specifically stated they were going to bring ballots into the swing states at 4AM and steal the election with them, I tried to download that speech and it had the most filthy virus ever conceived embedded in it. The damage was worse than I thought. It 1. Re-flashed the motherboard bios and it had to go somewhere, so it wiped out the overclocking section (which I did not use) but still, it is gone. It 2. Re-flashed the XMP profiles on the Ram sims and cannot be removed from there. 3. It re-flashed the firmware of the DVD drive, so it harbors the virus. 4. It re-flashed the firmware on the Wifi controller, so it harbors the virus. 5. It re-flashed the SSD drive and bricked it. 6. It re-flashed a cell phone that was only hooked up to USB for about 10 seconds. I can only assume it re-flashed the CPU as well. That was OBVIOUSLY the high level CIA sh*t. THEY ARE SERIOUS about shutting Trump down.

Readers sent enough for another computer and I was hoping to be able to use at least a few parts out of the one the virus hit, but I am not going to take any chances. The computer now functions after I tried to re-flash everything and replaced the SSD, but it is not back to normal so it cannot be the primary machine anymore. I am lamenting the loss of a nice motherboard. The rest of the stuff was bare bones in that system but I am still not happy about it.

So I looked up whether or not it was possible for that virus to get into the monitor. I'd say not likely. There is simply not enough flashable space in a basic monitor but it is there. And I am skeptical about even using the power supply . . . . I'll take that apart and see if there is anything in it that could harbor a virus.

So for the tech experts: Conventional wisdom says there's no such thing as a virus that is so universal it can infect every single part, because vendors are all customized and code specific. But there is definitely a universal code in everything that can be exploited by American intelligence, and I hope to God Trump shuts their @sses down. If they manage to finalize the steal, we can all just throw in the towel.

UPDATE TO BELOW: Billionaire Guo is now covering this on his site - I am still skeptical because getting the cooperation needed from Germany to make this happen is as far flung as the best flying piece out of a manure spreader. I franky don't believe it. Merkel HATES Trump, she was as rigged into power as Biden may be, and I don't believe she'd allow action to be taken that might save an American election. She's in the thieving liars club. If this DID happen, she sure as hell either did not know about it, or made damn good and sure the servers were modified to support the "facts".


I heard about this earlier today or perhaps even yesterday but called BUNK: Dominion servers seized in Germany. I still call 50/50 bunk (too good to be true) and highly improbable because Germany, which hates Trump, would need to allow it and also allow the use of their military, along with the U.S. military. I frankly don't believe that would ever happen. But one can wish, and supposedly credible people are saying it.

Gateway Pundit has a huge writeup about this and it even got covered on Newsmax and other conservative outlets but I still doubt it, even with this tweet:

Regardless of how credible that looks, I know the chain of info for this, it started in a very not credible tweet (not the one I linked) and grew from there. No one got solid info on this, everyone repeating this is high on hopium. Either that or I think someone's huffing unicorn farts. That's why I did not post this earlier. Can I say I hope I am wrong? This is one time I'd love to be the fool.

To be clear: I saw the original tweet for this that happened LONG before Gateway or Newsmax covered it, let alone the tweet I captured here because I figured it was TOTAL BULLSHIT. Now, considerably later there is a ruckus about it. I have to cover it now to not look "out of it". Hopium indeed.

One thing DID happen - Sydney Powell DID say the Kraken will now be released. We'll have to see how THAT goes.


Got election fraud proof to send to a friend? Anything Trump might have said? CHECK THIS OUT, your text message WILL be censored and the censorship is quite comprehensive, covering multiple wordings. This is full blown soviet. It even says the message was delivered successfully.

So THAT's the world we live in. Perhaps they won't care when this falls apart via word of mouth AFTER Kamala is sworn in.

Take a look to the left here, this is a notice that went out to Delaware County (PA) poll workers

Delaware county has a population of 570,000 people. AND THEY BORKED THE ELECTION SCAM THIS BAD. There are extreme tabulation errors, where the number of ballots don't match the machine count and LOTS MORE. This would be a problem! Is this notice the result of an audit? I HOPE SO.


Here are the 234 pages of sworn affidavits from poll workers confirming election fraud

Keep in mind: This is ONE COUNTY of ONE STATE. There are thousands of pages from other counties and states.


Elon wanted to get to the bottom of the Coronavirus issue, so he got tested 4 times in the same day, by the same nurse using the same machine. As it turns out, the test is B.S. because under a scientifically controlled condition, two tests came back negative and two came back positive. The test is BUNK. It is simply a 50/50 calculation, like flipping a coin with no process whatsoever behind it.

The "elite" behind the Corona scam therefore KNOW IT, and used this scam to create a plausible scenario where poll watchers would not be permitted. Selectively of course, only Republicans not allowed.

This is yet another nail in the coffin of this hoax election, which in reality did not take place at all.

We have un-opened Trump ballots in landfills (new video, scroll down), we have poll watchers not allowed, we have the crematorium next to Total Landscaping burning ballots, we have ZERO TRANSPARENCY. NO TRANSPARENCY. And SHARPIES to boot. Handing out sharpies at polls, and poll watchers insisting people use them ought to have been a class A felony. What will happen with that? Evidently, whatever gun owners enforce and NOTHING MORE.

Elon's little bust is as bad as the President of Tanzania's bust, Elon proved in a scientific way beyond all doubt that there is no coronavirus test, it is ALL PURE B.S.

UPDATE: When I first did the capture, the comments on Twitter were all "Well, Elon proved it is B.S." and now, it is 100 percent troll posts calling Elon a poor scientist who is irresponsible. FACT: ELON DID THIS IN A SCIENTIFIC MANNER. THE TEST IS COMPLETELY IRREVOCABLY BUSTED, but you would not expect the same trolls screaming the election was not rigged, when the rig largely depened on this hoax, to be truthful, would you???

This just absolutely galls me. And it shows exactly what kind of lies will be told about "corona deaths" when "trump supporters who must be dealt with" are "removed from society", even AOC is onto this now, calling for aggressive punishment of "Trump's enablers" if Biden gets scammed in. The writing is on the wall people, once the "great reset" is underway which will obviously include a massive genocide to accomplish it - no matter WHO comes to the door, even if it is the police, insist on answers before opening and if they are not good enough answers, shoot them through the door. It is as simple as that. If you do not do that or it is anything corona related and they come to your door after you voted Trump, it WILL be to kill you under the cover of Coronavirus - you'll be added to the stats and there will be "no genocide, only corona deaths". My god, we are headed for the edge.

I cannot even begin to describe how the trollage against Elon that suddenly popped up galls me, HE SAVED OUR ASSES WITH THIS, and THAT is what the trolls say? Anyone with a lick of scientific knowledge would know Elon busted the scam to cold carp status, F'EM, LOCK AND LOAD. ZERO COMPLIANCE, PERIOD.

The genocide will not happen via "storm troopers", no, it will be hidden under an N-95 and "medical van".

We have Ocasio saying "Trump enablers" must be pursued and destroyed after the "election," we have Kamala Harris saying TWICE 220 million corona deaths, we have numerous others saying "Everyone who voted Trump must be removed from society so they cannot vote again", we have the Deagel report stating for years it would happen now, AND WE HAVE THIS VIDEO FROM CHINA, WHICH LOOKS EXACTLY LIKE A DISSIDENT PURGE UNDER COVER OF "MEDICAL HELP". What more do people need? We had damn well better shoot.


The corruption is simply too rampant. It really is and has been obvious that gun owners are the only solution to this problem.

Fox News FINALLY mentioned "the great reset".

This means they believe enough final damage has been done to bury the election steal so they'll talk now. But this should have been talked about BEFORE the election and BEFORE they believed all hope was lost, RIGHT??? A lot of good this does now, and it only proves they always knew. Trump had better be able to pull a fast one now but I have a hunch that the announcement from the intelligence community yesterday - where they claimed this was the most secure and accurate election ever, was supposed to be the big bust and they punked him.

And predictably the IDIOTS are saying Ohh, Fox is doing good with this, because now everyone knows. A LOT OF GOOD IT DOES NOW, IDIOTS!!!

Amy Coney Barret is about to be proven, This is well worth keeping an eye on

BLOCKBUSTER: Bulldozer operator (and all his co-workers burying trash at landfill finds ballots cast for Trump

He says his boss is telling them to not take them, not do ANYTHING with them but bury them and they are ALL TRUMP VOTES.

The landfill workers need to get out of their rigs, and dig up all the ballots while their boss screams they are fired. If he stops them, they need to hog tie him and beat him to a pulp. Why the hell are they going along with this???

Remember those mail sort machines I told everyone were being used to separate out all probable Trump votes by merging voter registration databases with addresses, and having the mail sort machines simply ditch the ones with Republican addresses? And then they said the Sonoma dumpster was bogus when it was not??? What about this??? There is SO MUCH FREAKING FRAUD in this election it is UNBELIEVABLE.

BLOCKBUSTER: Top U.S. cybersecurity official Christopher Krebs HAS BEEN FIRED because he was supposed to be documenting the vote fraud and either did not record it, or deleted it afterward.

After destroying the evidence, he made a major announcement stating the election was "the most secure in history" and "totally fraud free".

I sure hope this does not wreck Trump's ability to prove the fraud. If so, it should be court martial and firing line for Krebs, even if it is not handled within the judicial system and someone else puts it right. HEAR THAT? We have to start thinking that way at this point or there WILL BE A GENOCIDE.

People need to get a firm grip on how bad this is, and realize that it is highly probable we'll need to shoot our way out of this. There is SO MUCH corruption from so many people in that linked statement that we really might have to shoot our way out of this.

HERE YOU GO EVERYONE! Start pinning this to the bottom of your tweets:

Change the file name so they can't AI it out right away.


Response: "Peaceful is white supremacy" and he gets violently attacked.



I am beginning to see a LOT of people adding "president elect" to their screen names. I really hope that goes viral!

HUUUGE: Moffat county in Colorado just used the emergency alert system to send a Covid-19 warning

Normally this system is for doing tornado warnings. Witnesses say it was the exact same tone used for severe weather and other emergencies, and it was instead used for a Covid-19 announcement, telling people that coronavirus cases were exploding and to seek shelter immediately.

I KNOW WHAT REALLY HAPPENED: massive vote fraud was about to be uncovered, so they did THAT. That'l shut up all those d*mn Trump supporters!!!

They actually had the audacity to use the emergency alert system for Covid. HEADS UP FOLKS, this might be coming to your area, DO NOT BE FOOLED.

This is obviously not in any papers yet, but it happened at 12:30 PM mountain time and people are posting about it on social media.

Not a whole lot going on today, other than Trump tweets

Yes, there are more witnesses stepping forward, but we have enough. Now we need action.

Not much in the news, but there is a stop the steal caravan

And there is, at least, this:

There are mountains of proof an enormous pile of people need to be arrested RIGHT NOW, and nothing is happening. Nothing but the same old promises we always got. And the consequences of no arrests will be beyond extreme, especially if they actually do manage to steal Trump out of office. From where I sit, I see only doubled down efforts to continue the steal, while even obviously blown open fraud like Sharpie gate go unanswered - Sharpie gate, where poll workers handed out sharpies to republicans to prevent their votes from being counted, (and even responded in rage when they refused the sharpie) - this type of thing going totally un answered does not look good at all and if it succeeds the only option will be "violent." Remember, when you are trying to stop a genocide there's no such thing as violence, there is only what it takes to stop the genocide.

And it is very interesting that Biden's entire coronavirus task force is staffed by people in favor of euthenasia, making claims that no one should live past 75 years old . . . . The stage is set for Biden's coronavirus task force to stage a genocide, and no one on it will stop it because they are ALL for killing people. This really does not look good folks.

We have been told by several leading democrats now that Trump's supporters, which they now reduced to "enablers" need to be removed from society. And we have a Biden coronavirus task force that has no qualms about killing people. How does that add up? It adds up to white vans with medical people taking "coronavirus victims" who happened to coincidentally be "enablers of Trump" who "must be removed from society" away in the dead of night, only to have their existence monitored from that point on by a task force that has no compunctions about killing people.

I have already said this: EVERY communist revolution, without exception, has had a genocide. Outlook for the United States according to Deagel? 220 million or so, the exact same number Kamala Harris blurted out TWICE, at two separate rallies: "220 million Americans dead from coronavirus". They are telling us to our face, as their "contract with satan" requires. Inaction against it to them equals permission. In the end, in the history books, they'll have killed "no one", it will all be written down as a "coronavirus disaster".

Trump tweet indicates the nation is under the siege of corruption

That does NOT look good at all. And we all know it!

There were problems with the internet worldwide that were predicted and did happen. However, it appears the good guys won.


Well, by now they have tossed Trump's votes so it probably will not matter. Other avenues must be pursued.

Remote controlled Germanwings Airbus A320 crash? All evidence points to this.


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