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Worse technical difficulties have messed things up around here, we'll have to wait and see if I manage to get anything meaningful posted.

Yes, I am still out running around after what happened yesterday, probably because I managed to post what happened. All the phones "updated" after that episode at that hospital, so it is a big "wait and see", needless to say there's something major going on if the reaction was so severe, if the outbreak was real and you said it was not and there was no motive behind it, it would not equal getting locked into a hospital, getting lucky with staff allowing another way out, only for there to be police afterward and someone attempting to prevent you from backing out of your parking spot. Fortunately there was a Tamale guy and parking assistance right there yelling saying "What the hell are you doing, you can't block him in" and the cops had not zeroed in on me because they did not expect me to get out.

Block me in until the corona ghost shadows arrive . . . . .

Anyway, there's a big writeup about this down the page a ways . . . .


We went back to the neurosurgeon with my father in law's brain scans. Everything with that came up OK, and then, he started talking about Bill Gates and corona being manufactured, the WHOLE 9 YARDS and I thought, UH OH. She assured him he was paranoid, was beginning to evolve the conversation to "maybe there is something wrong with you" and I then intervened and said I have direct contacts that introduced me to people who had their kids killed in the hospitals with it falsely registered as covid. At this point she started tapping her phone furiously.

She fired back saying NO, it is real, I know people who are working with this and I responded back, no, it is not real, I know of a kid who got stung by a scorpion and died of covid, another who had a broken arm and promptly died of covid, and a mother who had a difficult delivery and when the kid died, got offered a large sum to register the death as covid. At this point the doctor damn near freaked out and started saying the doctors are Catholics and blah blah and IT IS REAL.

I then said people die of pneumonia with the flu, and that despite this one being fake the next one that will arrive in october will be real because the fake one did not get the results the communists wanted, so they are going to do it for real this time, don't throw away your mask. She asked how I knew all this and how I got this info, and I said "It is my job".

We then left and she followed us out hounding us about how it was all real and I told her "Believe what you want". The entire time she was in her phone rapidly using it like it was some sort of emergency. She stayed on the floor her office was on.

HERE IS THE KICKER: When we got down to the hospital lobby one of the things she did with her phone was have the hospital locked down so we could not leave. Another thing she did was call the police. Another thing she did was have my car barricaded in it's parking spot.

So the hospital staff was befuddled at how the doors got locked, they were not told anything, and let us take a clearly marked unauthorized route out of the hospital. When we got out to the front, the police, with no one behind the glass to bust (that's when we saw them) quickly left. We got to the car and it was blocked in it's spot, with a drainage canal that had a six foot (or so)drop into it in front, and a guy saying "No, I will not move my car, you have to WAIT. Wait for what? there was nothing preventing him from moving, and parking lot assistance forced him to move. I knew what was up by then and tipped him 20 pesos and on the way out security was watching us and totally active communicating.

I figured we'd drive for a little while and get pulled over. I at least got back to type this.

I am confident the reason why more people have not spoken up is because "hospital staff did not allow trapped people to take the unauthorized staff only" way out.

I strongly suspect that if we had not quickly been allowed that, I would not be typing this, those doors are NEVER SUPPOSED TO BE LOCKED. They were the ones we entered through both times and left through last time and the staff was wondering what the heck happened with the doors.

How to cure fibromyalgia in a majority of cases

I am going to come right out and say this, and it definitely is medical advice. This will work in a majority of cases. I know it is illegal to claim to provide medical advice, but I am not selling anything so they can stuff it.

First of all, I am going to state the two SOLE causes of fibromyalgia that the scamming medical community will never admit because they want to rake in cash on your misery. They are the enemy, even the corona scam proves this (with false reporting of stats and outright murder to get them on top of it) no, you cannot trust your doctor.

The two SOLE causes of fibromyalgia and all ailements simiar, in people who were previously healthy are vaccines and quinolone based antibiotics. There is absolutely nothing else causing it. The medical community knows and it is being done on purpose.

What are quinolone based antibiotics? The two most well known are Cipro and Levaquin but there are many more. They are DNA disruptors and the only antibiotics which actually have an aknowledged ability to destroy human DNA, and before that the mitochondria in cells. They impact mitochondria more than human DNA, but they do both. Because they do this, they should be banned yet doctors hand them out like candy for mundane urinary infections and it is malicious, there's no way out of it. One course of cipro for one week is enough to damage most people forever, but some people will get over it. Repeat doses or longer courses are near certain doom.

Symptoms of being wrecked by quinolones:

1. Always tired.
2. Loss of strength (but you may still feel OK)
3. Continuous pain in joints and tendons.
4. The above may appear to be neurological, but it is not neurological and the doctors know it. They'll call it that to cash in and may even dope you with antidepressants.

How do you easily fix this? First, an explanation of what is going on in your cells after quinolones -

The main problem is caused by the shutdown of mitochondria in the cells that make up joints and tendons. Cipro and other quinolones interrupt calcium signaling which is essential for metabolism and all other cellular processes to take place. Calcium is literally the spark plug in the engine of a cell. Taking more calcium after getting damaged by quinolones will not fix the problem, the calcium channels are permanently destroyed. However taking magnesium which is a calcium antagonist somehow provides an alternative path for signaling, and mitochondria can then function again. Once they can function again, cells are again able to replicate, repair themselves, and produce energy. It is not a one time fix, you have to occasionally intentionally replace the magnesium. This can be done by taking a few grams of magnesium sulfate, or magnesium chloride at the same dosage and re-dosing with a couple grams per week thereafter.

Cipro and Levaquin are the two most common antibiotics that cause this, but there's a huge list. GUARANTEED: If you took ANY of the drugs on this list, have not been vaccinated in the relevant time frame and have fibromyalgia, the cure to EVERYTHING is to dissolve 1 level teaspoon of epsom salt into a glass of water and drink that 3 times (once per day for 3 days) and then whenever needed afterward. You also have to eat lots of meat to give your cells what they need to heal themselves. I recommend making it a weekly ritual to take at least one teaspoon per week this way. The two types of magnesium that work are magnesium sulfate and magnesium chloride.

Where do you get those? The easiest is to simply buy unscented epsom salts, which are bath salts. I have a hunch the entire "bath salt" scam was based around shutting down this method of curing cipro/quinilone damage, a bath salt bath will drive enough into you to fix the problem also. If you cannot locate unscented bath salts or magnesium chloride (available at some health food stores) you can get away with drinking the scented salts but it will be yucky.


If they can't wreck your life with a vaccine, (which is intentional, they definitely do it on purpose) - they'll wreck you with cipro, Levaquin or whatever other variant of this type of antibiotic they decide. Ignore all the cute "lots of people have no ill effects" bullshit, if you take these long enough they'll get you EVERY TIME and there are plenty of people who get wiped out with a simple 3 day course.

Once you get away from the MSM and into the alt web, you'll find out there's an enormous pile of people who are onto this. But it is not easy to make that break. To get started, use the search term "calcium signaling mitochondria cipro" and have at it. This is definitely what causes fibromyalgia and other closely related ailements.

No matter what your doctor says, if you were not vaccinated and have had any of the new life degrading ailements that are either called fibromyalgia or anything similar hit you out of the blue when you were healthy before, you were damaged by a quinolone antibiotic. Even if you don't remember taking it. Follow the instructions above, they are so easy it could not be easier, so safe it could not be safer, and damn near free. Your recovery, if you eat meat to help your cells recover, will be either complete or so close to that you won't care about the differences, you'll at least get your life back.

How did I figure this out? Remember the leg infection I talked about earlier this year? In the first few days of realizing it was an infection and not "getting old" I started treating that with cipro I had laying around (never taken) and in a very short time did significant damage. After lots of other antibiotics failed to clear it completely the zapper finally drove the infection out but I thought it came back and it did not come back, the pain was caused by cipro damage and I fixed it completely by remembering to take some magnesium sulfate I bought early on, after initially realizing I got damaged by the cipro. I wondered why the zapper seemed to not work this time. The answer was that an infection was not the problem the second time around, it took months for the magnesium to deplete and need to be replaced. Magnesium works so good to fix cipro damage that you'll forget you have to take it, (at least I forgot)


July 19-20 2020


Remote controlled Germanwings Airbus A320 crash? All evidence points to this.


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