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Cornerstone report:
Fukushima SABOTAGE!

No matter how Coronavirus plays out, this is the most relevant statement ever issued and it will remain top posted. I am going to cover other stuff now, you don't need more than this no matter what they claim as a new development.

IF the virus is real (doubt it) they are letting it spread without precautions whatsoever in any Western nation. We will definitely have to wait and see what happens with this one, and the statement above even covers this statement, it is PERFECT.

Due to repeated requests, I am going to post the solar newsletter again.

HERE IS YOUR MOST IMPORTANT WUFLU UPDATE OF THE DAY it looks like someone "caught the flu".

Welllllllllll How about THAT! They look pretty healthy to me!


Solar newsletter update.

This is a bit of a mess because Telcel decided to play games, I'll fix it and put it on top later.

The following is a 24 volt system. It has the right panels for charging 24 volts with the right inverter and right charge controller for 24 volts. Going to higher voltages gets you nothing but increased price, going with lower voltage increases expense also.

Here is another good inverter option

Here's the bottom line for your inverter: It should be pure sine wave to be guaranteed to work with everything, and I don't suggest you go below 3, 000 watts. The solar report below suggests wire size for 3, 000 watts. If you want to go larger on the inverter, it won't be a problem. For the house I am in now, I'd settle for 2400 watts, but it won't have to run an air conditioner.

The solar setup I have outlined below ought to be able to handle a small window air conditioner (part time, shut it off at night), but would never do central air.

A note on the inverter I linked below: It has a substantial shipping charge that puts the final price to just below $450. It is the right one anyway.


I'll dig through the original solar newsletter and post what is still relevant in addition to what is below this evening sometime.

I figured I'd risk buying a Telcel data package that was 1 gig for 15 days (they have a history of simply deleting packages, so I'd buy them for only one day) but this time I bought a larger one and they deleted it with 30 megs used at 2.5 days. I have to use Telcel to do the top part of the page because the IP is static (long story) so due to this ambush, I can't put the solar report on top right now

I'll finish this later I guess. The following is a perfectly matched system. It is the exact correct inverter with the exact correct charge controller with the exact correct panels to maximize bang for the buck and not waste anything anywhere. You'll need to get your SEMI truck batteries from whatever source you find (I suggest a truck stop) and they ABSOLUTELY MUST BE WET CELLS WITH VENT CAPS, NOT AGM OR LITHIUM AND THEY HAVE TO BE DEEP CYCLE (ONES FOR KEEPING THE LIGHTS ON) and you'll know they are the right ones because they should not cost over $100 for an absolutely GIGANTIC battery that would never fit in a car or pickup truck. Higher amp hours is better, LOWER CCA IS BETTER, you don't need cranking amps for a solar setup and with the right batteries that rating is always low.

I hit the truckers blogs and they talked about how to get such batteries for $50 each, you'll need at least 10, get as many as you can budget. Huge does not equal expensive in this case. The key to life span is only using about 35 percent of what the battery can deliver before recharging the next day. If you can keep it to 35 percent or less, you'll probably never replace them but you'll need a lot of them to do the job.

I'll fix all of this later, YES, I can believe Telcel simply wiped out the airtime, they do it every time I purchase a better plan and I was hoping that after a year of recharging the minimum daily they'd not do that but nope, they did. Fortunately it was cheap anyway but what an annoyance!

Due to repeated requests, I am going to post the solar newsletter again.


One of the big problems, (and I mean BIG) with getting properly priced solar setups for the home was finding a solar charge controller that was not a ripoff. If you go to your local solar supply store, they'll want $1, 000 for this piece, which in my original report I said should cost only $20 or so, and then I suggested a suicide design that should ONLY be used on wet cells (a charge controller easy enough for people to build, not what I'd build), ANYWAY PROBLEM SOLVED.

I found out there's a Taiwanese company making the exact charge controller you'd need for only $35.00 and it is available on Amazon. So you don't have to buy a Chicom built controller, or bother with building one yourself, you can just buy THIS:

Nice 24 volt charge controller for wet cell battery banks

The above is not just "any old charge controller", it is a 100 amp 24 volt charge controller suitable for solar systems with up to 2400 watts of panels. It is a nice one, which will handle the 1, 550 watt system I now suggest to get total system cost below $2, 000

Now, keep in mind that any idiot that buys that controller is going to give it a negative review because they won't understand it is a bargain. Also, keep in mind that this controller will only work for the exact system I have described and won't do lithium ion or sealed batteries, this is for wet cell only (which is what you want because they are orders of magnitude cheaper and will last forever if you never discharge them below 35 percent used, (65 percent full)

I also noticed that people who are ripping people off are pissed about this controller, saying "it burned my house down" and that's B.S., they claim it burned their house down because the manual did not specify what size wire you'd need to handle 100 amps, not because the controller blew up.

What size wire do you need for this controller? 6 guage. And you might have to trim the end to get it to go into the controller, don't worry about that. Between the controller and the inverter, you'll need 4 guage, and the controller needs to be right by the inverter. In your system you must keep all wire lengths as short as possible, if you have to go long for any reason to your panels, you'll need 4 guage for them too and that's going to cost a pile.

For your solar setup, you'll need a decent inverter. It needs to run at 24 volts for my suggested system. It needs to NOT be a rip off. Here it is: 3000 watt PURE SINE inverter for less than $300:

PROBLEM: You now need CHEAP solar panels that are not sourced from Chicoms after their little genocide, so the price went up a little but is still not too bad. Get five of these Taiwanese panels that will give you 1, 550 watts of panels for $1040.

Donations needed

Due to significant health problems and medical bills lately, the request this month ended up being quite large. This appears to be a one time event at this point.

What came in will be updated later today, many thanks to everyone!

This list is not complete, it is clear I do not have all the data. I will (try to) fix this tonight. Mathias sent $100 USD, thanks! Marc sent $50 USD in the form of Pesos, thanks! Jeremy sent approximately $10 USD in the form of Pesos, thanks! Jeffry sent approximately $28 USD in the form of Pesos, thanks! Rebecca sent $100 USD, thanks! Ralf sent $20.79 USD, thanks! Marco sent $25 USD, thanks! Claudia's new work computer has fully updated Windows 10, and it "stays secure."

Feb 19-20-2020 The date is not always updated, when it gets updated all depends on when I can get into the top part of the site to update it.

Remote controlled Germanwings Airbus A320 crash? All evidence points to this.


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