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Cornerstone report:
Fukushima SABOTAGE!

There is a lot of new virus info today, however -

Due to a remote desktop hack someone managed to place, while I had everything in tabs ready to post during an actual server log in, the remote desktop hack got barfed on by the server and I had to shut it all down so I am going to summarize at first:


Evidently the Oracle data I posted yesterday was too complex to overcome trolling. Lots of people "got it" but an enormous pile were successfully trolled. I am going to post a simplified version of this data that will be much more clear and therefore harder to troll. But it won't be as damningly defining for those who could understand the original data. Here's the short version:

The Oracle internet intelligence map clearly pointed out that there were only about 5,000 people online in all of China. In order to realize Oracle was clearly showing this, you had to compare the data signatures to island countries with very low populations. Because other data was included that proved China's internet was working perfect but practically no one was using it, trolls took the "perfectly working infrastructure" stats and used it to mis-represent what was really going on. Here is what is going on:

China's internet infrastructure is working PERFECT, but all ISP's have been told to not allow anyone in the entire country to actually get online, other than CCP officials, so only the story the CCP wants presented is ever seen. This story includes "doctors that vanished", people getting carted away, the whole 9 yards so it all looked legit yet was a deception.

Due to this deception, it is rational to conclude that China may be rounding up dissidents and hiding a genocide in an "outbreak".

This is why there are no deaths outside of China to report yet, other than ONE Chinese guy who might have died from something else. Even the disinfectant shows might be a hoax, but one thing is certain, they are definitely grabbing people and also barracading them into their homes. Maybe the outbreak actually happened but then, there's an interesting tidbit from Zerohedge that plays right into the following report from blogger George Eaton -

Zerohedge has stated that XI claimed the current outbreak will end up being good for China's economy. I REPEAT: Xi has claimed the current outbreak will be good for China's economy. Think about that. HOW CAN HE SAY THAT? Well, perhaps George is right, SEE THIS, and simplified Oracle stats will follow:

THINK THE UNTHINKABLE: China Faced A Domestic Disaster Months Ago If Something Wasn't Done...

By George Eaton

In typical research on the economic health of nations, their political situations and possible military options I noticed a few months ago that China factories were starting to cut back. In addition to this downturn in China, due to the global slow down, I heard a comment made by a official that China needed to provide millions of new jobs every year, for the fresh new workers pouring in from the countryside. This meant that not only did they have to get their factories started for those being laid off, they needed to provide tens of millions of additional jobs each year, or else they would face a human catastrophe.

I continued to monitor the Chinese economy from that time forward ,and instead of getting better, the economy for China got even worse. China has a population of 1.4 billion people and the government makes it mandatory for people in the work force to retire at 50 years old, so it opens up new job positions for the younger generation. This means that with a higher standard of living and the Chinese living longer the government had to provide retirement checks to more people that weren't in the work force. But how long can a communist system work when they start running out of other people's money? Something has to give.

With the recent outbreak of a new flu virus, a germ weapon created in a bio-lab, it requires a person to ask themselves who benefits? As I saw video after video of Chinese police hauling healthy people off, never to be seen again. I had to ask myself why? In a recent video a man, a man over 50 mind you, gets a knock at the door, and he asked the police why they are there. They tell him they are concerned about his health. He says, I am fine, I'm not sick. They respond, but we need to check for sure, open the door. He is talking to them through a type of screen door. They can see he is healthy, and able to talk with him in full strength. Then they break the door down and forcibly take him away. Why?

Consider the unthinkable for a moment. Consider that the Chinese communist government realized they had too many people that weren't working. And, consider the fact that the global economy was faltering and not expected to reverse its course anytime soon. The Communist leadership study the problem and determine that the only way they can function efficiently for the future is to get rid of a few million retired people so they can employ the younger Chinese worker. This solves several problems - one being the reduction of retirement benefits going out to so called "useless eaters'. And, it provides jobs, reduces food shortages and limits those that have time on their hands to protest against a totalitarian government. The communist leaders tell themselves that if they trim the fat, get rid of the extra population they don't need, they can continue running a well oiled machine of factories to compete in the future. To explore that possible mindset lets look at the history, behavior and benefits that would prove or disprove that point:

•Has this government at any time in the past killed off millions of its own people to maintain its power? Yes.

•Has this government ever run prison camps against dissidents and killed them on a wholesale basis? Yes.

•Has this government exercised human rights abuses, exercised bias against religious groups? Yes.

•Has this government operated a abortion campaign to kill off citizens? Yes.

•Has this government used prisoners to sell their organs for profit? Yes.

Has this government pursued weapons of mass destruction and shared them with other communist nations? Yes.

•Has this government carried on a massive spy campaign against free nations and stolen biological weapons? Yes.

•Has this government been gathering up citizens without charges and those citizens go missing? Yes.

•Has this government lied to the public and the rest of the world about the true death numbers on the Coronavirus outbreak? Yes.

•Has this government shoved sick people into the same large rooms and simply let them die without medical help? Yes.

•Has this government been burning dead bodies for several weeks? Yes.

•Has this government sent their own citizens to western nations to steal the Coronavirus and bring it back to Wuhan, where the outbreak took place? Yes.

It looks like by the evidence, that it is very possible that the Chinese leaders decided to pull the plug on their own population, slim their ranks, and pretend it was only an epidemic that killed off people.

After all, dead men tell no tales.

They are old people, who needs them.

The good of the many outweigh the good of the few.

The end justifies the means.

What we are witnessing is the deliberate purging of Chinese citizens that by no fault of their own were targeted by an evil government that seeks power above all else. The Chinese people under communism obeyed their government and trusted them. They put their time in and worked as a common citizen and made it to retirement age, and what do they get for it? They are suddenly thrown into a hellish environment of death. Husbands and wives separated, thrown into vans, never to be seen again. The sick suffering in large groups without medicines, all waiting for death. The Chinese people have been betrayed by their own communist leaders. And, instead of living out their lives in a promised utopian society they are suddenly gathered up by legions of demon troops and thrown into a crowded room of suffering hell until they die. Such is the quick end of a trusting people, a disarmed people, that trusted their government.

There is a disease in China alright, more than one type of disease - a plague from a created germ warfare weapon and the diseased plague of communism that promotes lies and murder. What a diabolical combination. When the communist government came into power they killed tens of millions of their own people. Now history repeats itself with another kind of purge, but a purge nonetheless. Walk the streets of Wuhan, I challenge you. Smell the putrid stench of burning bodies. See the vans approaching you from all sides ready to take you away - "because you are sick" and the government wants to "help" you. They want to help you alright - help you die as soon as possible so they can continue their reign of terror and death.

What can Americans do? Never let a lie stand. And, never look the other way when human rights are violated and people murdered - and if those things do happen, for god's sake, don't buy their designer tennis shoes.

Here are the simplified Oracle stats. The complete stats are down the page a ways.

OK, so China is not allowing ANY citizens internet access. That's proven. QUESTION: WHY? Answers: 1. possibly to prevent people from communicating about a genocide. No one there is being allowed to know anything, AND 2: So the communist government of China can get to control all international dialogue on the topic. They don't want Zhou showing anything that conflicts with their official story so they shut it all down. To their credit they at least showed they were getting nasty, but in a real outbreak scenario they'd have to and the rest of the world would know they would have to, so there's that.

If you are "chatting with anyone from china" CUT THE CONNECTION, you're talking to a psy op that is probably not even based there.

And low and behold, I caught a whistleblower post about an American company shipping cadaver bags to China, because China ran out. I lost that due to interference here, I'll try to dredge that up again.

Story line: China placed an overnight order for American made body bags, which were susequently shipped from an American company to China. 40 pallets. I don't know how many a pallet holds but that sounds like a lot. The company was linked. The employee stated China "nearly cleaned them out". Now that China finally "bought American" it's sad to see it was for this!

And if this story is actually true, there are probably other companies in India, Korea, Canada, the U.S., Europe and elsewhere shipping body bags to China. This situation is FAR WORSE than we have been told, I doubt China had fewer than a million in stock to begin with.



It would be best to let this sit for a while so everything can clear and I know where I sit. I have enough for the dental and other near term things and am clueless about what has actually come in, in relation to expenses. That's not the norm, things have been very different and hectic to cause this but it is certain I can at least do the dentist. I'll add it all up soon now that the request is down and Paypal security does not matter. Many thanks to everyone!

There have been significant complications that will cause this to be the second month when more than usual is needed.

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