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Cornerstone report:
Fukushima SABOTAGE!

Site (attempted) hacks today. I only knew because the server warned me.

This site occasionally gets messed with to prevent updates from showing. If the page has not updated for a while, open a new private window (not just a new tab, open a private window to turn off your cache) or if that does not work delete your cache entirely and then click here

BOOOOOM! Probable cause of site outage found


From my perspective, the site was down today. I checked it with two different providers, and it was down, so down I could not even get a log in screen. But Claudia's Huawei phone worked on the site like normal. So I went to a cyber cafe, and it was down there too. So why did Claudia's phone work?

So I called tech support and they were befuddled and said there was a "network problem" they were not sure of, and they would get to work on it.

I checked with the laptop again a while later. Still down. Then I tried the Goophone and it worked, because it has a pirate Huawei OS on it, and the browser is not a Google, Firefox, or any derivation of any mainstream browser but it works fine. AND THE GOOPHONE WORKED.

So I posted with it via combat mode - saying there was a site problem and what I suspected it was caused by, and POOF, as soon as I did, everything went back to normal with no response from tech support saying they managed to fix anything (they eventually responded saying all is well)

What would clandestine browser based filtering be? Short answer:

When your browser gets updated it receives a database of sites it's not supposed to hit, and sends back the message that the site cannot be reached, even if it can be reached. Google likely handles this even without updates by forcing the first thing Chrome does to be to go to Google and hit a small file with the most important banned sites. Chrome likely does this without updates. Chrome always hits Google even when I don't want to hit google and then displays nothing. Why?

I looked over everything for the cause of the site outage. NOTHING HAPPENED. Nothing at all happened. Iceland's internet is perfect and there's no indication anywhere that anything at all was wrong. A very old chrome tablet worked fine through everything also. Anything that was either not Huawei or was updated in the last couple years did not work. Anything that was old, or Huawei, worked fine.

After a while, tech support said the issue was resolved but I wonder if they actually had to do anything because the problem vanished the instant I got in through combat mode with the goophone. I don't want to put who tech support is on the front page because I don't want problems with hoaxers calling them but they are EXCELLENT. THE BEST.

Anyway, just a heads up: I have noticed odd behaviors before this, where Google's browser would not hit an alt media site, but other browsers would. If you have problems hitting this site or any other, dredge up your oldest piece of crap that's never been updated or your sleek modern Huawei device and hit it with that. I bet it will work.

BY THE WAY: BEFOREITSNEWS IS DOWN NOW FOR EVERYONE ALSO. I thought it might just be from here, but when resolving the site problems today I got a message that BIN is now POOF. Very odd, that one. That's the last one I figured would ever go down because the admins are TOP NOTCH.

If they took out BIN, all I can say is I doubt I am better at this than they are.

Jan 25-26-2020 The date is not always updated, when it gets updated all depends on when I can get into the top part of the site to update it.

Remote controlled Germanwings Airbus A320 crash? All evidence points to this.


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