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Iran report, three days in. There's a LOT here, it is not just a one issue ramble.

To win this game, Iran only needs to not play. They are totally and completely winning now.

There are now reports that China is arriving to give Iran military support. Considering how China treats Muslims, Iran had better tread lightly on this. China was looking good for a while a few years ago, but now obviously is some sort of sleazy monster. I find it interesting that monsters are happy with themselves as monsters as long as the secrets stay locked behind barbed wire.

One important thing to touch with all of this is the threats Iran is spewing now. Can they live up to them? Surprisingly, I'd say yes, absolutely. If Iran goes nuts and actually uses what they have it won't be a case where a few things land in Israel and "all is destroyed", it will instead be a case where a few hundred thousand pounds of high explosives land in Israel, and actually levels the place for real, with millions dead.

Here is the Iranian missile equation:

First of all, to be clear, Iran does not have a few beleagured scuds. Iran has improved and upgraded almost all their ballistic missiles to hit within a 50 foot circle at ranges that make it possible for even the little ones to reach Israel. So they have a real deterrent.

Iran has (possibly more than) 250, 000 missiles capable of reaching Israel with at least a thousand pound payload, and some with up to a 4, 000 pound payload. Their "little ones" still carry 1000 pounds of explosives. That's like an American cruise missile an they have them in huge quantities. This data has been expunged recently, I cannot search it out anymore but I remember from 2012 they had over 100, 000 and were working as fast as possible to build their arsenal to an enormous scale. Any way you cut it, it is well known that Israel does not have enough of a missile shield to stop that or anywhere near as many missiles in their entire inventory. So here's the worst case math:

There's probably 250 kilotons of possible delivery by Iran, and that's yield in TNT. There's lots of explosives worse than TNT, and they would obviously be used. It's not irrational to say Iran could possibly deliver a megaton of yield to Israel. Here's the kicker though:

If that yield is delivered in small pieces it will be far more destructive than one big blast. Actual destruction capacity would probably rival 10 megatons worth of nukes, because every last one of those missiles can destroy or seriously damage or kill out to at least five acres of total area. How big is Israel? One thing is certain: Iran is not bluffing when they say they can flatten Haifa and Tel Aviv, aside from the lack of fallout it might as well be a nuclear war. This will not be a case where a few destitute scuds fail somewhere over Saudi Arabia.

To top it off, if Iran decides to strike the Knesset, Dimona, or any other prime target, they are going to hit it. Their missiles are accurate to within 50 feet. Iran could even wipe out Israel's submarines if they knew where they were.

So there's a real deterrent there, and it is one Iran does not want to use because it is, like America against Russia, mutually assured destruction. They'd really nail Israel but they'd die in the aftermath.

So what is the situation like now in Iraq? Not good for America. Iraq voted to kick the United States forces out and the response was: "After you pay for that air force base we put in". That's the wrong attitude, Iraq's response should be: We'll be peaceful after the millions of people you killed on our turf after we did nothing to deserve it and you waged a war of lies are brought back to life, and all our broken families are put back together".

American forces can cry all they want about "thousands of soldiers dead" but they do so from the perspective of being heavily armed paid gangsters that walked into a stadium and shot it up and then cried because a few security guards managed to kill a few soldiers. It does not matter if Iraqis targeted and killed a few thousand Americans when the Americans were there blowing away Iraquis by the hundreds of thousands repeatedly.

FACT: Saying Iraqis were bad for killing American troops is equal to saying any American who fires on the U.N. or Chinese when they invade is a terrorist. And Americans WILL BE CALLED TERRORISTS WHEN THAT TIME COMES. Just wait. The tables will be turned. The "terrorists" are whoever the global deep state wants killed.

So we now have a situation in Iraq where Iraq wants Iran there, not the U.S., and has voted to kick the U.S. out (which they were authorized to do) and the U.S. reniged and said no. And more - the U.S. said "sit down and shut up and take our beatings, or we'll wipe you out".

The situation could not possibly be worse. And here's a nice little tidbit:

As it turns out, Soleimani worked with American forces as an ally when he was useful to U.S. interests and after Obama created ISIS he became the enemy. See the following which (surprisingly) I found at Wikipedia (they'll expunge this post haste now that it is not politicaly expedient for the destruction of Iran)

The 2001 uprising in Herat was a coordinated insurrection and uprising in the Afghan city of Herat as part of the United States war in Afghanistan. The city was captured on November 12 by Northern Alliance forces as well as Special Forces of the United States, the United Kingdom and the Islamic Republic of Iran.

The U.S. Special Operations teams consisted of U.S. Army Rangers and Delta Force under the command of CENTCOM General Tommy Franks. Iranian forces consisted of agents of the Quds Force under the command of Major General Yahya Rahim Safavi, commander of the IRGC, and Major General Qassem Soleimani, the commander of Iran's Quds Force. The Northern Alliance faction consisted of over 5, 000 militiamen under the command of Ismail Khan, a commander in the previous Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan and former governor of Herat before the Taliban came into power in 1995.

UK Special Forces for reasons of national security remained anonymous and did not reveal their formal command structure

Ok, so when useful, Soleimani was an ally. If killing him the way he was killed after he did not serve the immediate agenda is the status quo for the U.S., then the entire world needs to take note of how the neocon mind works. Killing Soleimani, especially the way this happened, was VERY BAD for America's future when cooperation of allies might be needed.

Kenya: It appears there are spillover attacks in countries other than Iran, with a major attack on U.S. assets in Kenya. That is the consequence of the type of strike that was done by the U.S., it triggered enough widespread outrage for people who would have never considered becoming involved to become involved.

Perspective: Why did Trump allow this killing to happen? Probably for politics.

The attack on the Iranian general was likely a pre-requisite from the deep state to allow Trump to finally at least clean out his cabinet, right after Soleimanei was killed they allowed Trump to fire all the Obama holdovers. That was probably not coincidence, there is a lot more to this story than we are being told.

Immediately after Iran said they would not attack the U.S., the U.S. embassy in Baghdad received rocket blasts. Obviously that's Israel false flagging things, now is false flag prime time because Iran really is justified in attacking and that will make any "attack by Iran" believable.

It is my opinion that the red flag Iran hoisted is B.S., they are way too smart to actually follow through with that.

The Iraqi government has officially stated that if the U.S. forces do not leave, they will be considered to be an occupying force (an official target of aggression). That is actually true. If the U.S. does any military actions in Iraq now, it will be very bad for America's image, and it will add to the already bad damage done.

Trump saying he was going to wipe out Iranian culture and historical sites was very poor, is he even in the white house? Did he get drugged or what?

Possible (VERY BAD) rumor:

There is a rumor going around that the U.S. invited Soleimanei to peace talks in Iraq, and that the U.S. shagged him AFTER he flew into Iraq, fully identified and not under cover at all. He was traveling in peace time mode to get to peace talks and according to rumor (not confirmed) the U.S. knew this and did a kill that would have been possible for even a Chicago street gang to do. If this rumor is true, it speaks volumes. I'll go into this a little:

IF he really was invited to peace talks only to be killed once traveling with no cover at all it means:

The U.S. cannot be trusted, and the hit, if ordered by Trump, just might be the impeachable offense the Dems are looking for. If it happened according to rumor, it was a grave violation of international law that will tarnish America's image for decades. IF the rumor is true, it will mean that no one from any state that is a declared enemy of the United States will ever be safe to fly anywhere for "peace talks" and that's one hell of a precedent to set that makes America look like absolute crap. If the rumor is true, Trump drove the tractor into the manure pit.

If the rumor is true, you can forget any more Trump chats with little Kim.

If the rumor is true, it will mean that Iran really is justified in war. But their best move is not to play, this hit was such a disaster for America's image that Iran had their general cached out for 100X value in sympathy and support from the rest of the world. My opinion was that this was a huge mistake, even if the rumor about him going to peace talks is not true. This is Trump's first real blunder, and it could be a catastrophic blunder. Time will tell.

More perspective:

Iranian caller on TV: "America has no hero that we can target... It's a huge country but no real heroes... Who are we going to assasinate there? Spiderman? SpongeBob?!"

Emotional appeal from a former US Hostage in Iran on news Trump may bomb 52 cultural sites in Iran for the 1979 hostage crisis:

"Mr. President, if you are listening, please don't bother yourself on my account. Because I want nothing to do with it."

Iran President Rouhani: Iran will inevitably defend the sovereignty of Iraq as it did in the past. It is imperative to stand firmly for the sovereignty and security of the Iraqi people

Iranian military official Brig. Gen. Hossein Dehghan: "We will not enter into an all-out war with America under any circumstances and we will respond appropriately to the U.S. strike. Iran's response will be based on wisdom and reason and will be deterrent and influential." My comment: I would not be surprised if Iraq merged with Iran, the stage is set for it.

I'll keep an eye on things and post updates to this as needed. The bottom line:

It might be possible to impeach Trump if Trump gave the order to kill Soleimani, especially if he was killed on the way to the (uncofirmed rumor) peace talks.

Trump saying he'd destroy historic and heritage sites, along with culture, was such a bad move I can't believe he did it. Is he actually the one tweeting?

Iran came out on top. To win, all they need to do is sit down and shut up. And that victory will stick for decades. Even if they don't take this laying down, they still won. It's a win win win win win for Iran, who on earth would have done something as stupid as taking Soleimani out, especially this way? This is likely Trump's first legitimate screw up.



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