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In this new year, date everything with the full 2020 or someone else will be able to add any year in this century to the last 2 digits. Don't just date things /20.


Well, in that context fair's fair I guess. Iran just learned a lesson. This is Trump's definition of "no strike on Iran". That was correct. It was a strike in Iraq that had the same results a strike on Iran would have.

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23 sins that will keep you out of the kingdom of God. This is a near complete listing though some listed (such as hatred and wrath) are not necessarily sins when they are justified.

The following sins were found on a messianic Jewish site. I believe they were posted as an attempt at manipulation because the site basically commanded Christians to bow down to and worship the current day Israel (which has a six pointed star on the flag, rather than the menorah) so there is something funky with that. That said, these are excellent (though not complete) and I dissect them below. I consider the site a threat to the greater good however and won't link it because I believe it is a menace that will lead people astray with excellent wordcraft. That said, the following list is quite good.


IDOLATRY. Idolatry is defined as a servant of, or worshipper of, an image, a false god, or anything other than the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

WITCHCRAFT. Witchcraft is defined as sorcery, witchcraft, or magic (literally or figuratively).


COVETOUSNESS. Covetousness is defined as desiring something that does not belong to you; dishonest gain, avarice or greed.

EMULATIONS. Emulations is defined as the stirring up of jealousy, envy, or malice in others, because of what we are, or have, or profess.

ENVY. Envy is defined as a feeling of discontented or resentful or ill-will longing aroused by someone else's possession, qualities, or luck.

HATRED. Hatred is defined as a "heart" sin, and any hateful thought or act of hostility is an act of murder in God's eyes for which justice will be demanded, possibly not in this life but at the judgment.

VARIANCE. Variance is defined as the acts of anger that result in quarrels, strife, discord, or contention. Variance often results in division, sects, divorce, and even church splits.

WRATH. Wrath is defined as an emotional outburst that's violent and fierce, but short-lived. It occurs stops as suddenly as it flared up.


EXTORTION. Extortion is defined as the practice of excessively grasping or obtaining something through force or threats, such as money, valuables, or property.

HERESIES. Heresies is defined as opinions held by individuals or groups that ran divergent from clear biblical teachings that resulted in divisions, schisms, and factions.

LIARS. Liars is defined as a spurious witness, a bearer of an untrue testimony, a false witness.

MURDERS. Murders is defined as the criminal, or at least an intentional, act if taking another's life, i.e., homicide.

REVELLINGS. Revelling is defined as people going wild without any moral restraint, such as in "wild celebrations or partying," "rioting," "orgies," etc.

SEDITIONS. Sedition is defined as a forced or superficial commotion caused by a group of people, that rise up in opposition to law or the administration of justice, with the intent of overthrowing that authority, and resulting in disturbing the general peace of the area, land, or country.

STRIFE. Strife is defined as conflicts, arguments, quarrels, hatred between people.intrigue, faction, contention, contentiousness, strife

THEFT, Theft is defined as stealing or taking something from someone without their permission.


Sexual Sins.

ADULTERY ("cheating" or "having an affair"). Adultery is defined as having an intimate relationship with someone other than your spouse.

EFFEMINATE (or CATAMITE). An Effeminate or Catamite is defined as a boy or youth who is in sexual relationship with a man.

FORNICATION. Fornication is a general term for any form of sex outside of the marriage bond, that includes sex between an unmarried man and a woman (called "hooking up"); adultery (sex with someone other than one's spouse), beastiality (sex with animals) or incest (sex with one's family members).

HOMOSEXUALITY. Homosexuality is defined as sexual relations with someone else of the same sex or gender.

WHOREMONGERS. Whoremongers is defined as either one who frequently consorts with or has sex with prostitutes ("a John") or one who sells a prostitute ("a pimp").

UNCLEANNESS. Uncleanness is defined as "moral lewdness" or physical impurity, and could include sex with a woman during her menses (Leviticus 18:19; Ezekiel 18:6). Physical Addictions:

LASCIVIOUSNESS. Lasciviousness is defined as any uncontrolled indulgences of physical pleasures; this can include any physical addictions (food, sex, drugs, etc.).

DRUNKENNESS. Drunkenness is defined as being intoxicated with some substance, usually alcohol or drugs.

FORNICATION. Fornication comes from the Greek word porneia, and it's the source for the English words "porn" and "pornography." Porn and pornography are not innocent pictures, but they are a form of sex that begins as mental/emotional images and fantasies that will harm the image and expectation of one sex with another, and if over-indulged, it can make one dependent on it in order to sexually perform.

Here is where my commentary on the above starts.

First thing to point out - it missed blasphemy and also missed usury, which are both clearly laid out major sins. That said - a few line items here:

Context is everything. Time for dissection:

Hatred: God gave you feelings in part to trigger self defense, and there's nothing wrong with hatred toward those who have actually caused you intentional harm. It is perfectly OK to hate someone who forced you to vaccinate your kid, and then destroyed your kid. Or to hate someone who wrecked your family, robbed your home or business, or did anything else that caused you harm. Not acting on that hatred, if taken to an extreme, is to discard your responsibility to put things right. You have a right to self defense. There is no commandment anywhere that tells you to let people cut your throat.

Wrath: There is absolutely nothing wrong with delivering wrath to people who have earned it. It is all a matter of context. Don't go around potato gunning the neighbor for a loud radio. DO use wrath to put things right with those who have subverted your country. It is all a matter of what it takes and excessive action against petty infractions is obviously wrong.

Here is why I would not link the source site:

It is because the Jews in Israel and elsewhere do the following as a matter of course with near total unilateral acceptance as a way of life, and the site strongly promoted Israel. What do they do? Here it is:

Adultery: This matter is handled with a small payment to a rabbi. Obviously it's not good for a relationship also.

Subversion: In our society, for the purpose of subversion which is a component of sedition, the Jews are more than promoting, they are in effect indoctrinating and forcing the following sins on us: Homosexuality, Lavaciousness, unclealiness (see "rusty trombone")

The following sins are the religion of the modern day Jewish people- it is the only way to describe the state of their religion:

Variance: The Jews do everything they can to sow discord in populations and set people against each other.

Sedition. Through sedition, the Jews have infiltrated the nations of the world, even the CHRISTIAN nations of the world, and subverted them against all common sense with regard to the greater good. That is a serious sin, which gave them the power to enforce the next sin:

Extortion: Extortion is defined as the practice of excessively grasping or obtaining something through force or threats, such as money, valuables, or property. HOW ARE YOUR TAXES DOING? In the original constitutional United States, you did not have to worry about having your property stolen because you refused to be extorted via property tax, your valuables taken via "asset forfeiture" or your wages siphoned off via "income tax" which if run as actually defined - an "income tax" should not be able to touch wages anyway.

The taxes are paid to the Jew. They go nowhere else. The Jews take a majority of "taxes" and use it to feed another sin - usury to pay "interest" towards their "central bank" they got put in place via sedition and subversion. Much of what little remains after the usury payment gets fed into a "welfare" system that is used to manipulate people into further enhancing Jewish efforts toward sedition and subversion of targeted nations. That's what the entire refugee and immigration scam is based on. essentially all of the remainder goes into America's military that gets pointed like a zombie at any enemy the Jew points out, and wreaks wrath on nations and people that never asked for or deserved it despite Americans believing they deserved it after the scamming lying media finished off the truth.

Anyone foolish enough to believe taxes are not extortion ought to try not paying them, and American history proves the taxes we have today are not needed. All national needs were met with taxes on imports and exports. All taxes since that have been implemented by pure, raw extortion for the benefit of the Jew, and that is a sin the modern day Jew has exploited with aplomb.

I don't need to go into the sin of being a liar much, which defines the modern Jew. Just look at the MSM.

Murder: Anyone who goes counter to Jewish efforts and is successful with it spontaneously suicides. That's also modus operandi for the Jew.

When the Torah was delivered, it was not delivered to Israel. All of the Abrahamic scriptures were delivered in the wilderness to "all who would receive them". And nations which followed those scriptures were promised peace and abundance. Prior to the Jewish sedition that destroyed the United States and other Christian nations who received the Abrahamic scriptures and lived them, aside from two Jewish inflicted world wars the Christian nations did indeed have peace and abundance. Due to Jewish sedition and subversion of these nations, what is left now is the remnants of that reward while everyone not Jewish is stuck like rats in a cistern, swirling ever deeper into debt and desperation while they get ripped off at every turn, having "lots of money" but no peace while ALL OF IT gets thrown into scam after scam, nowadays in huge part the medical and mega priced housing scams. Just price the medical so high that even insurance is a financial disaster and crank the property values up into the stratosphere to justify an exhorbitant "property tax".

Which leads to the ULTIMATE Jewish sin:

EMULATIONS: Emulations is defined as the stirring up of jealousy, envy, or malice in others, because of what we are, or have, or profess.


They then did everything they could to stir up envy, jealousy, and malice in all communities that were not specifically theirs, for the sole purpose of gaining superiority, even though the root of their religion was promised to all who would receive it.

Aah yes, Emulations - The good old divide and conquer. Setting up scenarious that cause people to be divided and malicious is modus operandi for the modern Jew, it is a key tool of the destroyer. And they believe they are commanded to do exactly that, so their nation is the only nation that exists, from which they will rule with an iron fist.

The bottom line:

The modern day Jew is going to hell. How much more clear does it need to be than the old testament in the Christian bible? It's an identical match to the Torah, and NONE of the Jews can deny that Christ was Jewish, ONE OF THEIR OWN, DOCUMENTED. What the hell went wrong in that community that made them feel they had the right to destroy the followers of Christ, a DOCUMENTED JEW, and then proceed to destroy Christian nations and Christian people by behaving like a satanic cult? What made them believe it would be OK to adopt the worst sins as a way of life to accomplish it? They are TOAST.

Remote controlled Germanwings Airbus A320 crash? All evidence points to this.


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