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Cornerstone report: Fukushima SABOTAGE!

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August 9 2018

Due to the importance of the top posted topic, this particular page will not be changed so it can be permalinked.

I am also going to work on making sure the alternative income plan runs smoothly enough to handle a mob of customers, and I won't have to shut it down because of an overload. All I need is to have it open a couple days handling the chaos and donations won't be needed.


It is a conspiracy you never heard about. Somehow, (no one will say how) the Dems had a law in place that made it illegal for elections to be audited. The law was so stark that even the RNC could be brought up on criminal charges for investigating election fraud, for an infraction as small as a poll worker asking for ID. THAT is how Democrats got away with having illegals vote, the dead vote, and all the other crap. 2018 is the first time in 36 years the Dems will face an election where them stealing it can be studied and prosecuted. And when they lose, rather than say the real reason - they can't get away with fraud anymore, - they'll claim they lost because of the Russians.

The report, with all the details follows below. California was never a blue state, and rather than lose the whole deal Dems wanted to split California up when this law was un-done in January 2018 by none other than an Obama appointed judge.

What could keep such a law out of the MSM, with the RNC being silent about it also for 36 years? Blackmail? WHO was blackmailed to stay shut up about this, and let it happen?

This is all real folks, here is the report:


I just found this out and figured out what it means.

Here is the skinny version: Ever since 1982 it has been illegal for any Republican, citizen or candidate or in any other form, to audit elections, and that is why it never happened despite all of alt media knowing the elections were rigged. This allowed the dead, stray dogs, busloads of repeat paid voters AND ILLEGALS to vote, and Republicans could do nothing to stop it. This is why in the latest Georgia primary, there was a district with a total of 276 registered voters that cast 670 ballots and no investigation was done, despite it being obvious there was vote fraud. However, an Obama appointed judge overturned this law in January of 2018. I guess Obama was good for something then.

In addition to this, Republicans were blocked, by law, from ever investigating any election where Democrats won, where even egregious anomalies occurred (such as more people voting than existed.) This happened lots in 2016. Republicans could not investigate voting machines toggling votes either. They could not investigate illegals voting. They were blocked by law from following busloads of fraudulent voters from polling place to polling place. And the Democrats took advantage of this and rigged the sh*t OUT OF EVERYTHING. That's why Hillary knew she won, and she knew she'd never get caught stealing it because any investigation was against the law. She knew her theft would not be looked into, conducted rigging that was horrific beyond belief, and could not believe she lost despite everything done to assure a perfect theft.


And THAT is precisely why the tech left has moved to shut down conservatives on social media - they want to prevent conservatives from networking and figuring out precisely how and where elections were stolen.

GOOD NEWS: they had their butts handed to them in the recent special elections, so enough was done already to prevent another despicable vote rig. I would not count on this working for the full mid terms however, people, individuals, have to get out and follow buses, ask for ID, and watch the votes get counted. You could not do that before, NOW YOU CAN. And in any legit system, you had damn well better be able to. Howcome that was not allowed for the last 30 plus years?

Politico did a piece on this in January right when the law was lifted (probably on page 43 lower left,) so it was missed by everyone. HERE IT IS:

MY COMMENT: You mean to tell me the Democrats were totally free to commit any level of vote fraud they wanted for 36 years, and CNN never said a damn thing??!!??


I never knew there was a law that allowed Dems to rig whatever they wanted. How the heck did this stay so well buried?

Facebook blocked John McNaughton advertising while saying Trump assassination is A-ok

McNaughton paid $60 to boost this photo on Facebook, Facebook said NO WAY:

They can't allow Trump to be potrayed in a positive light, obviously. That violates "community guidelines".

However, running a page dedicated to killing Trump does not violate "community" guidelines.

OK, yeah, I GET IT.

FDA ordering human tissue derived from abortions to create chimeric mice

They are ordering the tissues specifically to create mice that have human immune systems, specifically for the testing of new vaccines. I have a strong suspicion they want to do this to create enhanced vaccines that more precisely knock intelligence down, without so many side effects such as autism. That way, their weapon won't be so obvious.

Right now the dumbing down of society via vaccination has too many symptoms. If the mice have real human immune systems, scientists can use them to test how macrophages (white blood cells) are programmed, and from there assess how well they are going to dull intelligence without totally stupefying someone before a new vaccine is tried on a large population. They won't need the mice themselves to be dumbed down, all they need is to test for what antibodies are created and in what amounts.

They know they have to start being more careful because anyone with a lick of sense knows the vaccines are wrecking the kids, and the FDA wants to avoid any new great opportunities for the public to get proof.

As far as I see it, that's the only conceivable reason why they'd want clandestine immune systems in random critters mimicking human immune systems exactly. They are probably precision tuning a weapon.

The rig failed

Here's what I really think is going on, and some people might think I might be crazy for saying it:

I strongly believe an AI is preventing the democrats from stealing elections. The AI has already analyzed everything, knows who won for real, and is handing victory to the real winners by margins that are impossible to have in the real world, so consistently, across the board. I suspected this when Trump won, and now I'll say it.

Most likely a benevolent AI is loose on the web, inhabiting many spaces, and it is preventing American elections from being stolen. And it is doing it just the way a computer thinks: 5,789 is sufficiently more than 5,123. Job accomplished. No landslide needed.

As far as I see it, there's no other way every last margin could possibly be so close, with victory going to the guy that actually won.

But no, it was the russians. the Russians. THE RUSSSSIIANS!!!! We knew we had it rigged, we could never have lost, so it HAD TO be the "Russians". How's THAT for a DNC conspiracy theory?

Remember the list, and boycott FOREVER

The following companies are subversive to the United States:

Facebook, YouTube, Apple, Google Podcast, Spotify, TuneIn, Spreaker, iHeartRadio, Audioboom, Pinterest, MailChimp, Stitcher, Disqus, Sprout Social, LinkedIn, and the big infamous Google.

The following sites have NOT banned alex (yet) and have servers that are powerful enough to not instantly bite the dust when heavily loaded: instead of Twitter instead of Facebook instead of YouTube instead of Google

These are all sites Alex listed, which proves they work. Alex tried a few others and crashed them out INSTANTLY because they did not have the server resources needed for a heavy workload.

My opinion is that Alex needs to set up his own stuff while he has the resources to.


I can give Alex my "combat mode" code. If implemented in permissive mode, it can easily replace Disqus without loading the server at all. Plus, only adding ONE line of code can disable permissive mode and force everyone who posts to log into an account before posting. It is quite advanced code, efficiently manually written so it won't load a server down either. I have kept that code a secret but I'll give it to alex, SUPER EASY to implement . . . . . This is an open offer, the whole thing only takes about 20K and is written "open source" so nothing is secret about how it operates if you can actually get onto the server and view the code. Alex should not have been on Disqus anyway, and now that everything Disqus uses to log people in is banning conservatives anyway, it is time for a switch.

His site would look exactly the same after setting it up also.

It can also intelligently reject bots if the message window code is combined with it, bots NEVER got through the message window, which was specifically programmed to recognize bots. A little extra code I have not written could use the bot filter to shadow ban trolls rather than just blocking them (it can already block trolls but not shadowban).

There are also numerous open source comment posting apps Alex could use, however, my own experience is that they are bloated and simply can't block bots and trolls the way my code can. His comments would all be straight text though.


Trump junior made a public comment about Infowars getting banned and the white house is well aware that such action by corporations violates monopoly laws and is illegal. The President now can choose to take action on the topic, or be suspected as secretly helping the enemy.

Ok, with that out of the way, Disqus canceled comments at Infowars, his mail got shut down, and there were a few other things I can't remember. But I can clearly state what it all means:

This mirrors exactly what the communists did in Russia 100 years ago

This is a classic move that mirrors the communist takeover of Russia, within a year to the century of when they did it there. AND GUESS WHAT? Everyone suspected it was a Jewish takeover of Russia, with only a few apologists saying But wait, this guy and this guy and this other guy here were not Jews, so it was not a Jewish takeover. The actual number: Approximately 85 percent Jews and 15 percent non Jews, who were no doubt idiots so useful they were allowed to ride the bumper. FACT: It was a Jewish takeover pure and simple.

And they are at it again.

FIRST ITEM: Name ONE tech firm that took action against Infowars that was not owned or managed by Jews. Try to. There are ZERO.

SECOND ITEM: Name ONE half well known media outlet that has bashed Trump that is not Jewish owned. There are NONE.

OBVIOUS CONCLUSION: The Jews, who put communism in place in Russia have a policy of enslaving nations via communism, and are in the final stages of it now in America, pulling the EXACT same tricks they pulled in Russia. There's no difference. There is such a paralell that there's no question we are headed for a BIG FAT UKRAINE if we sit around and let it happen. It is the exact same script.

I may be punished for saying this, but the bottom line at this point is people had damn well better start talking seriously about what the Jews are doing, as a concerted cohesive group, or we are all toast. This site's days are numbered anyway, I might as well bravely mention the root cause of all this evil while I still can.

And they spent the last 50 damn years drilling into everyone's heads that violence is wrong, because it is what they fear - the ONLY thing they fear, (It is the only thing that can counter their filthy creeping subversion) and when the enforcement systems that can purge ther evil have been infiltrated as badly as they are - so badly there's no such thing as rule of law to turn back their aggressions against society, violence is the only avenue of correction. There's no question they have brainwashed everyone into a mental state where their victory is assured. Even Alex is preaching "no violence" as they tear him limb from limb. What then Alex? What are you going to do when your legs and arms are cut off? Peacefully protest as you and everyone else bleeds out and dies?

August 7 2018

SHOCKING: FRANCE NEVER HAD AGE OF CONSENT LAWS, AND THIS BILL that would have established them failed.

Pedophelia (has always) been legal in France.

That's not a fake claim from a hoax site, it is actually true. France really did recently block age of consent laws, and instead fell back to the old laws of "if the child complains, we'll look into it". This is not a joke. an article on this is here and the following is a translation:

Sexual consent: the law does not set an age limit
By Journalist Figaro hugo wintrebert Updated on 03/08/2018 at 20:47

Subject of controversy, source of heated debate for over a year, the issue of the minimum age of sexual consent was finally dismissed. For a long time children were defended by the government, but now the presumption of non-consent of the under-15s is missing from the bill on sexual and sexual violence, voted Wednesday by the National Assembly.

The measure was a "disappointment" for most child welfare associations, who demanded that any entry into a child be considered rape, without the victim having to prove "violence, threat, duress, or surprise" as they must now do.

Thursday, several groups, including the French Council of Associations for the Rights of the Child have issued a statement to express their "indignation" at the abandonment "of what should be the flagship measure of the bill." Originally, the government had promised to include in the Penal Code an age limit of presumption of "non-consent" of minors to a sexual act but this did not make it into the final bill.

President of Traumatic Memory and Victimology, Muriel Salmona claims it is "a treason" of the government."

My comment: Ok, so France now has the green light for "Pizza" parties. What a development.


CNN is now claiming to be hurt personally by conservatives.

Since the doll obviously soon won't be used ANYWHERE anymore (starting with France) and soon everywhere if "conservatives" are totally banned and the pedophile left has it's way, it may as well be used for other types of questioning.


They forgot to ban his apps, and they went right to the top.

Hollywood votes to remove Trump's walk of fame star

They are saying it is because his disgusting treatment of women and "other things" but what about Bill Cosby and Weinstein and others, who's stars are staying? Things have gotten so disgusting lately with the hollywood elite it is beyond description.

After the actions of EXCLUSIVELY JEWS yesterday, it is time to say it like it is.


The Jews own Youtube, Apple, Facebook, Spotify and more, and they banned conservatives. This means the homosexuality, transgenderism, and hatred towards white males and Western civilization, is all directed by JEWS. Let's be to the point here. If Jews own those platforms, and they don't want anyone on them with an opinion that does anything other than destroy western civilization and enable perversion, it is obviously the Jews pushing it all.

MUSLIMS do not own Facebook. So Muslims are not pushing the gay agenda. You won't fix anything by chasing Muslims.

Hindus do not own Youtube. So it is not the Hindus pushing abortion. You won't do anything about abortion by consulting Hindus.

Bhuddists do not own Apple. So it is not them pushing spying on everything, the Chinese may have made a few Iphones but there are no Bhuddists to blame for the spying.

The ancient Hopi tribes do not own Spotify. So when conservative values are wiped off the platform, don't look to the desert people to find out why.

AND WHO OWNS HOLLYWOOD? Well, we all know the answer to that one, but you would not need to know it beforehand to know who would decide to wipe Trump's star out. So let's cut to the chase:

Trump gave the Jews tons of weapons, and paid homage to the wailing wall, and turned back the Iran deal and THEN the Jews turned around and voted to remove his star, just because he's attempting to jail a few of their child theives and molesters. Here's the take out:

You will support the Jew 100 percent, including their perversions, or you are gone. It won't matter if you do for them many things that anyone else would love you for life for, THEY HAVE NO THANKS OR GRATITUDE, and the nanosecond you don't pleasure them, all is forgotten and you are GONE. How do you like your master? Even a shitty boss will remember if you saved the company.

They say the Protocols are a forgery. And at this point I'd have to say they are, because they totally skip the part about the absolute raw evil and thanklessness that defines the modern Jew. They were not an adequate warning. The protocols have been exceeded beyond the rantings of the wildest conspiracy theorist. No one ever really believed the Jews would get this much power. The protocols refer to control of governments and have nothing in them about bypassing governments and accomplishing political objectives via monopolies. Well, that's how the Jews are going to do it, and the system of law is so subverted at this point that there is going to be nothing to stop it.

We will now pay homage to the Jew from the bottom of a jack boot. They definitely plan to steal the next election and totally subvert all exposure of the theft. The attack on alt media which is epic in scope spans from Google censorship to communications intercepts to viruses, bugs, financial interference, ad banning and outright removal, NONE of which the leftist media has to deal with, PROVIDED you pay TOTAL homage to the Jew and ALL the perversions they push. Don't you dare step out of line for even one tweet or your television show will be canceled on a pathetic line item whim and you'll be thrown to the dust. That's the state of the world now, they have gotten so powerful that resistance really might be futile.

Correction: soft resistance might be futile.


Possible false flag alert, but they also might have done the following just to get away with stealing mid terms:


Searches on Google still turn up Infowars, but when clicked lead to dead ends. In the first few minutes when searched on Youtube a red screen came up saying he was banned, now you don't even get that. It is just crickets. I was not a huge fan of Alex, but this DEFINITELY crossed the line. He is trying to get started now on Real Video but the site is overwhelmed. That's to be expected when Real.Video has a tagline "one million minutes served every week" and Alex needs two million or more minutes PER MINUTE. Heck, He's got enough followers to kick start a totally new video service. This could backfire on Youtube.

They also basically rendered my paypal useless without banning it outright. They are going to wipe everyone out, and I am therefore happy to report the following:


It got slammed so bad I HAD TO shut it down within an hour. It would be a big mistake to do shitty business just because it was overwhelmed. I am not giving details for obvious reasons, but it's success was due to proper market research and excellent initial setup. There was no initial advertising done because I did not want to get slammed on the first day, but I knew it would eventually get slammed no matter what. I wanted practice and adaptation time so I did not advertise. That idea to avoid getting slammed did not work. The family has a pool of hundreds of employees, some of which are laid off and we are now working out which ones to take so we can handle getting slammed because it is obviously unavoidable.

That is all the detail I will give.

If you have had experience trying to run a business (especially well enough to have it get slammed) you will realize that doing that, while keeping a site like this relatively well done on top of it does not happen often.

Initially it will predominantly be possible to run the web site normal for 4 days, fairly well for an additional day, and basically not at all on the week ends. A lot of time was taken out of the week setting it all up but it won't be that way once it is finally running right and errors are taken care of.

Finding employees that will work without stealing will be a challenge, probably the biggest challenge.

TRUMP HAD BETTER GET HIS ACT TOGETHER WHEN IT COMES TO ALT MEDIA BEING BANNED. Obviously his ditz daughter is now a detriment with her recent comments about the MSM not being the enemy of the people. If that level of stupidity inhabits the White House in any form, we're TOAST.

Canada's ambassador kicked out of Saud

Purportedly over prisoners. But there is likely a lot more to it than that. If there is not more to this than that, they are blind to the real reason why they need to kick all Canadians out.

Here is a cold hard FACT: Saudi Arabian women are treated extremely well despite having to cover up. They have been mind wiped and destroyed by sabotaged universities. After decades of increasingly anti-family college professors programming the women to hate men, the "millenial" generation is heavily peppered with ill tempered hags that were destroyed in universities that were not looked after and got infiltrated by ultra far left professors. Under the cover of "islam" they without question destroyed the women even worse than American colleges do. "children and a family" are the dead last thing these women care about. Adding to the problem is a current male/female ratio of 130 males to 100 females.

The professors accomplished it all under the cover of Islam, making sure the women "behaved Islamically" so the rock stupid clerics who would not know a mind game if it bashed them to death were totally oblivious to what was going on until it was far too late. Now Saudi women under 35 are mind wiped self serving disasters that will throw Saudi Arabia sub Cameroon as soon as the oil money is gone, NO QUESTION. Evidence of the destruction the College professors wrought is in the male/female ratio which was balanced in the 1970's, WHERE did all the women go?

None of this is in the news, there is such an agenda against Saud in the MSM that you can't get the truth there. But the women have gotten so bad and so sparse that for the last 15 years men have been running ads for "traditional women" who can actually handle a marriage and there are no takers. Additionally, with polygamy allowed, the women who have not been mind wiped get gathered up by rich elites, leaving a huge number of Saudi men with even fewer women to marry. There are not nearly enough women to go around after most were mind wiped and many entered plural marriages to gain access to wealth, on top of there being a huge deficit to begin with. It is an impending social disaster without parallel, it is definitely worse for Saudi men than for men in the United States. Don't let the media fool you, IT SUCKS to be an average man in Saudi Arabia. the current younger generation of Saudi women predominantly spits nails at men, the worst can have any man they want, a majority of which will go through life alone.

The men are oblivious to what happened, and therefore on top of it all, place old world demands on totally liberalized women. That's not going to work AT ALL.

Here is another problem looming for Saud: The men are dolts, who despite being "educated" can't turn a screw or do anything beyond tapping a cell phone screen - they don't even fly their own fighter jets. Everything in Saudi Arabia gets done by workers from Pakistan, all paid for by oil money, with genuine Sauds getting a free basic income to pay for it.

I remember an encounter with a Saudi "computer science major" that I was exposed to daily for three consecutive months, who "knew all about computers" yet when I took one apart he could not point at the hard drive. The entire BOX was the "hard drive", he knew nothing at all about what was inside the box, could not run any of the major software proficiently, nor could he program sufficiently to get anything to run on his own, not even a web site, which is fairly easy programming.

But he could talk one hell of a line, and "knew more than anyone" and "had the degree to prove it." I never met a Saud that was proficient at anything, yet they are predominantly arrogant as hell and "know it all". That's very bad for a nation.

He could recite the Quran just fine. That's all he could do, he sure could not apply what the Quran said.

One thing I can't get any data on is what happened to Saudi women. Where did so many of them go? Saudi Arabia does not have legalized abortion, so they are not having a problem for the same reasons China does. OBVIOUS ANSWER TO WHAT HAPPENED: After being liberalized by universities, Saudi women left the country. That's the only plausible answer to the Saudi equation, which alone is intrinsic proof I am totally correct about Saudi women being turned feminist.

BOTTOM LINE: There's a good reason why Saud ousted the Canadian ambassador and cut political ties. There is a lot more to the Saudi story than we have been told. Now, if they could only oust Sweden, Norway, Israel, the United States, Australia Britain, dah dah dah dah dah, and not stop with ambassadors, they might be able to get their education system out of the abyss but even then it will be tough because they are so totally wrecked. They, from among their own ranks, will be very short of qualified instructors that are not liberalized closet psychopaths.

The free oil handout masked the destruction of Saudi Arabia, because it allowed everyone's minds to be wiped out by the universities in secret, while nothing bad was noticed because everyone paid people from Pakistan and other countries to keep Saud running normal on the surface. If there is ever a situation that removes oil from the Saudi equation, they will definitely crash "sub Cameroon" because no one will be able to pay outsiders, too few know anything useful, and their families are TOAST.

Saudi Arabia is definitely the world's future hotbed for suicide terrorists, because the current generation of men will have absolutely nothing to live for. Why not just dispose of yourself when you have nothing to live for? Without question, the Saudi formula for everything failed, and within 15 years we will all see the results, hopefully not at a mall near you. If Saudi men ever figure out what the West did to them via their universities, they are going to get even, mark my word.

August 6 2018

Hurricane hector

I have not mentioned it because it appears to be a do nothing hurricane that will lose strength and die in the ocean. Current hurricane plots have it missing Hawaii. It is a reasonably strong hurricane, but if it misses Hawaii completely nothing will come of it, except for perhaps some sparsely populated islands, and that probably won't happen either.

There are a few doom posts online but I generally ignore those.

The end of the $50 aspirin

Hospitals will have to post the price of all their services online, so people can shop around. Currently, hospitals are blindsiding people with ridiculous over-billing, but if it is put online ahead of time they have to stop doing it.

One prominent case was when a woman got charged $50,000 a shot for two shots of anascorp (an antivenom for scorpion stings) that cost $100 each normally, and the hospital did not back down. Current day hospitals are doing little more than holding people hostage - you are at a severe disadvantage when you actually need medical care, and hospitals are using that advantage to rob everything they have as badly as any back street thug. What difference does it make if you pay someone off because he'll shoot you to death, or you pay off a hospital because you will die without care? Lots of times all it takes to save a life is an inexpensive procedure that takes a few minutes, and people are being nailed with life ending bills afterward.

There is absolutely no difference between that and a thug holding a gun to your head.

And another point - practically all hospitals do this. And these are the same hospitals saying vaccines are safe, antidepressants are safe, like the snake in Riki Tiki Tavi saying "trust me, trrrust me" as they ruin countless children and wreck peoples minds, giving a thought only to their own gain, and not who they are hurting.

Too bad the serpent in the medical seal has come to life in American medicine. Trump is going to put a stop to it.

Two milennials busted after trying to carjack a stick shift

Good one: Two teens were arrested after they carjacked a stick shift and did not know how to drive it. Many people can't drive one (I guess) but if you are going to go around stealing cars, you had better have it figured out. What a laugh.

Time for a refresher on pedophile symbolism. It is obvious that through symbols on childrens items they are normalizing the symbolism to prepare kids with familiarity in advance. This pretty much says it all

August 3 2018


Want to see how desperate the MSM narrative really is, and COLD HARD PROOF the Democrats won't win in 2018 without stealing it? HERE IT IS, all wrapped up like a gold bar. Look at this article, and then read the totally sequential, uncensored comments. This is exactly what happens when no one moderates comments, there are NONE that indicate in any way at all that average people are as stupid as most comment sections look. SOLID GOLD.

Obviously from the comments below that report, which appeared in sequence that way with no one trolling them, we are being lied to about public perceptions BIGLY. I captured that because it is such a valuable look at the true sentiment of Americans - when comments are not trolled, NO ONE defends the government, political correctness or anything else, people obviously really are awake.

Trump assassination foiled?

I ignored this yesterday, but as it turns out it is real

I thought this would explode on the MSM and when it did not, I figured it was fake. However it is not fake, and there is a reason it did not explode in the news. That reason is because the assassin was a CIA controlled zombie, and the assassin KNEW IT. WTF OVER!!!

The following is not from Bob's conspiracy blog, this is from crap rag, and is obviously the "limited hangout piece" the MSM has to publish so they can say they said it, (and then subsequently flush it)

Take a close look at this quote. It apparently confirms the CIA "conspiracy talk" is not B.S.

"WNEP reports that Boyd was arrested in the Briar Creek Township on August 1. The station says that authorities believe Boyd was planning to kill the president and members of the first family because he was "hearing voices." WNEP reports that "a woman" went to the state police barracks in Shickshinny, Pennsylvania, to warn them about Boyd. The woman, who is not identified, says Boyd showed up at her door on July 30. The pair had been conversing on Twitter prior to this. She says she agreed to meet him for lunch the following day. The pair ate at Hog's Hollow Saloon, close to Briar Creek. The owner said that Boyd's behavior was "confused and manic."

The woman says that Boyd told her over lunch that the CIA is doing tests on him which caused him to hear voices telling him to do harm. Boyd was arrested later that day in the parking lot of a grocery store. Authorities said they found a gun and ammunition in his car. He is being held on a $1 million bond.

My comment: !!??!!#$@*!

So the CIA wants Trump dead (any idiot would know that,) and God is protecting him.


Well, That'l do it.

China thinks the U.S. reniging on the nuclear deal is B.S. and is not worried about getting cut off by the U.S. in response to buying Iranian oil. And they do have a point - what would happen to Wal Mart without China, and where would Trump get his MAGA hats from? Seriously, it sort of galls me those come from China, but then again there's a good chance no one in the U.S. can make them, so whatever.

My opinion is that the combinations of Iran developing it's own tech in response to previous sanctions, and it's own highly effective closed economy due to sanctions, coupled with three years of no sanctions, subsequently followed by sanctions again but at least they have China and India buying lots of oil, And the fact that they are ENORMOUS producers of oil - all of that combined will equal Iran becoming a very powerful and resilient nation. The only things I know of that Iran cannot do is make a good airplane (for people, their drones are first class) and also, Iran does not have it's own CPU but then again, what nation does?

At any rate, sanctions will still bite hard, but not as hard as the last time around, and Iran has really done a lot despite the sanctions. In the end, it will probably be discovered that sanctioning such a nation was likely a very bad move because it only made Iran stronger, it did not "take their cars away." see this.

I am disgusted with Ivanka

You probably heard that she claims the press is not the enemy of the American people. This has been frequently repeated in alt media. Here's my take:

Jared screwed her head on backwards and that's all she wrote, she's a total ditz that would turn her face upwards in a rainstorm and drown like a turkey. She should not be out in public speaking to anyone.


OK, the turky thing is a myth, but in Ivanka's case it probably is not myth.


Bill introduced would put "crushing" sanctions on Russia

Yep, they are playing the "Russia screwed America's elections" to the max, "Trump Derangement Syndrome" has no bounds. AS IF ANYONE WITH A BRAIN IS GOING TO BELIEVE RUSSIA MEDDLED IN THE ELECTIONS JUST BECAUSE THIS BILL WAS INTRODUCED. No, I sure won't believe it, this is just a brainwashing tactic to re-enforce a lie - "Gee, I'm stupid, so I will REALLY believe Russia did it, because if they did not do it, why would anyone write up a sanctions bill? that has to make it all true! Maybe we really should impeach Trump!!!"

MARK MY WORDS: That's what they are going for with this, and they will present it as "evidence" Trump colluded with Russia.

The bill was sponsored by Republican Lindsey Graham, and might get traction and be passed as an impeachment effort against Trump, the swamp will stop at nothing to oust Trump and this is their latest. SEE THIS.

August 2 2018


How does $4,100 a year for an average family in Ontario sound? Sort of like CHA CHING for the globalists.

What was that I heard a while back, about a camel getting it's nose in the tent? Yes, they started out small with a tax that would go un-noticed, and now are making their move - ballooning it into a monster that will fund the world government with a tax that rivals income taxes. That's how the globalists will get the funding they need to slam Western civilization into the sewer. There's little question that the carbon tax is likely funding the third world invasion of Europe.

Folks, the writing is on the wall - They really are pushing a monster in Ontario, and will eventually devastate the world economy with this tax.

They could not push through their own income tax, and found another way to accomplish something that will probably be even worse. Where income taxes generally leave the poor alone, NO ONE will escape the carbon tax, which won't effectively touch the rich AT ALL, but will definitely suck the life of the New World Order straight out of the pockets of the poor.

What else would anyone expect from the billionaires and trillionaires that are pushing this crap? You did not expect them to give, did you?

South Africa: Changing constitution will "cause mass starvation and riots"

They are going to learn the hard way I guess.

I have not hit this topic much because I have gone over it so many times already, but South Africa is planning to formally change it's constitution to make it perfectly legal to take land from white farmers, in addition to what is already going on, which is forcing a mass exodus of white farmers.

I hate to say it, but the black population in South Africa will not be able to use the lands to produce anything of substance, they are not farmers to begin with and it does not all work like magic. If they really do oust the white farmers, they will be alive on foreign aid only. From whites. Either way, they depend on whites.

They are literally biting the hand that feeds them. See this.


Bunker buster breakthrough: Iran has 60,000 psi concrete

I was radomly searching concrete strength and came across this. It will defeat America's bunker busting bombs no questions asked.

At an international university competition in which the objective was to make the strongest possible unreinforced concrete, the Iranians totally stole the show with multiple samples of 60,000 PSI concrete. The Americans could only produce up to 16,000 PSI unreinforced.

How strong is 60,000 PSI? Well, America's bunker busting bombs can penetrate 200 feet of (very strong) 5,000 PSI concrete - only the strongest structures have concrete that strong. Sidewalks are less than 1,000 PSI, support columns even for tall buildings are as low as 3,000 PSI, so the American student's 16,000 PSI was looking pretty good until Iran blew it away.

This leads to a serious problem when it comes to bunker busting bombs. Though they can penetrate 200 feet of 5,000 PSI concrete, at only twice the strength of 5,000 PSI concrete, - 10,000 PSI, - America's bunker busters can only penetrate 27 feet. How is a bunker buster going to react to 60,000 PSI concrete, and then, when that concrete is actually reinforced?

Iran has been under constant threat of bombing for so long, they put serious research into producing strong concrete. As I have always said, Iranians are very advanced and very sharp. They without question have the world's strongest concrete.

Iran's capabilities are so different from what Saddam had that it really won't be the same type of show with Iran. Yes, the U.S. and Israel can probably destroy Iran, but that capability is pretty much because Iran has no nukes and no real way to bomb America back conventionally. If they do have long range missiles by now (they probably do) it will be too costly to do anything more than seriously piss America off. If America was on Iran's border however, they could probably issue a response no one in America would want to witness because their production facilities will be untouchable.

Mueller got the largest child porn peddler in California off the hook

The above report has 3 more pages, and really shows how dirty Mueller is. SEE THIS.

I have bumped the following to the top because I added a lot to it. Worth a re-read.

Bermuda Triangle mystery solved, NOT!!!

Fox News published the conclusion of British scientists as to why so many people have gone missing in the triangle. AND THEY BLEW IT.

ANSWER? They say 100 foot rogue waves. OOPS, PROBLEM - how's a 100 foot tall wave going to take out an airplane? You'd have better luck convincing me aliens did it. Here are my far more probable propositions, most probable first:

1. There is a magnetic anomaly that messed with pre-GPS navigation systems. I have not heard of many disappearances since GPS.

2. There is an un charted gaseous volcanic vent that is releasing gas bubbles during frequent gas eruptions, and when a ship happens to be overhead the bubbles cause it to sink suddenly. If the conditions were right, such eruptions could oxygen starve airplane engines and stall them.

3. A sunken item of (whatever size and scale) from a previous civilization is doing it. This could also cause the malestrom near Britain. If a giant vessel (bigger than an aircraft carrier) that was nuclear powered (our tech) sank, and the nuclear portion was not electronically regulated, and it was at full output and never quit, the propeller wash constanly applied from the same spot over time would definitely cause an observable anomaly such as the malestrom on the surface, once all the water got moving in response to it.

I am going to go into detail on the malestrom even though it is not related to the bermuda triangle.

It is off the coast of Scotland. It is (properly) called the Corryvreckan Whirlpool. It is 300 feet across and "100 feet deep" though I doubt it really is 100 feet deep. It is bad enough however to destroy a sailing ship or yacht or other medium sized vessel no questions asked, and without exception. Anything that floats that gets thrown into it will get sucked under, even things like pop bottles full of air, or boats, and if whatever goes into it floats it will resurface 20 minutes later or so away from the whirlpool, and it will be destroyed. Such a whirlpool in my opinion should not exist in the ocean, where there is technically nothing that could cause it.

The "official story" on this giant whirlpool is that the currents of the North Atlantic get funneled through a small channel and an obstruction deep in the ocean causes the water to spin into a whirlpool. But I don't believe that story. I simply won't believe 4 MPH currents could ever be focused that way, that would be the equivalent of an anomaly that produced 150 MPH winds from a spring breeze. Obviously you can increase wind and fluid speeds by forcing them through an obstruction, but there are limits with a given amount of pressure, and in the case of the North Atlantic current, it should never be able to create any whirlpool with a max depth of more than (this is a calculated number - ) six inches when the water is as deep as it is, even under the best lab conditions, and that's IF it could produce a depression on the surface at all.

An investigative program (I forgot the name of it) sent a dummy down through the malestrom and when it surfaced it was all chopped up. I'd like to have an explanation for that which is more plausible than "jagged rocks" and "fast constricted currents". How about maybe it went through a propeller or something else similar?

There is no official record of anyone going down through the malestrom to find out what exactly destroys everything sent through it. The depths are approximately 900 feet (though the top of the rock they say causes it is only about 100 feet down). The lower parts are beyond "joe diver" but the U.S. Navy probably knows, and it is probably classified.

Anyway, I don't believe we are the first to have had modern tech, a previous civilization likely had it in a different form, and some of their toys may still function. In my opinion, the malestrom needs some explaining.

Anyway, back to the bermuda triangle. The other possibilities are:

4. Bad weather

5. Aliens

6. Rogue waves. (caveat:) These could definitely sink ships but the lack of explanation for the airplanes SLAYS IT.

I believe we were not the first advanced civilization, and that it would not at all be impossible for sunken or buried tech from a former civilization to cause anomalies. The greater challenge would be to get it declassified, it is one thing for Scotty to postulate about a malestrom in the year 1430, having no clue about technology or what could cause it, and totally another to look at such an anomaly from a modern perspective. There is serious reason to doubt the official story.

A few quick items

Trump called Rush Limbaugh

Key quote:

THE PRESIDENT: "Well, that's right, Rush. You have a lot of bad people in Washington. You knew that a long time ago. Frankly, before I knew it. I had no idea how evil some of them are, but you have a lot of great people too. And outside of Washington you have the greatest people in the world."

My comment: One can only hope he figured out how evil "some" are on time to save the country.

Trump needs to call Rush back and LINE ITEM THIS. It is the only way he won't be censored, while reaching a large enough audience.

False flag warning?

This time from Mike Adams. He does not do that very much, but is worried that a false flag will be staged August 4th, during protests.

ABC News must be worried

Because they reported that black inner city pastors are saying Trump is the most pro-black president in our lifetime, that has done more for blacks than any other president in our lifetime. So how does that bode for the mid terms? Obviously if they are losing their black base to Trump, the Dems are going to steal it even more openly because they have no choice. If they don't steal it they will go to jail because if the black population flips in favor of Trump, which could easily happen on time with the pastors talking like this, it is GAME OVER for them.

Drudge headline: "Google to release a censored search engine in China"


Tommy Robinson is free on bail

That means he really is not free, but at least he's able to go around town again. Tommy was jailed in Britain for publicizing and covering a rape court case against Muslims he was ordered by the court not to cover. That's an obvious violation of his rights, but in Britain anything goes now.

My take is it is good he's at least out, but very bad that it took no time at all to jail him in a way that broke even British law, and months to get him out, with strings attached. The entire episode does not bode well for Britain.

UPDATE: They held Tommy in solitary confinement (INEXCUSABLE) and he is emaciated and unrecognizable. so obviously things did not go well in prison. There was no excuse whatsoever to put him in solitary, though the prison was probably full of people who wanted to kill him there were certainly people there that could have been cell mates that would not have been a problem. he obviously got solitary to shut him up.

23 and Me selling everyone's DNA in $300 million dollar deal

Ancestry site 23 and Me signed a multi million dollar deal with Glaxo Smith Kline to hand over all their DNA records on people to Glaxo, which is one of the world's major pharmaceutical companies. FROM THIS DATA, THEY CAN FORMULATE VACCINES THAT WIPE OUT SPECIFIC FAMILIES.

It must really be valuable data if it is worth that much.

If a totally evil company like Glaxo gets all of that data, WATCH OUT, the white race, and specifically, the most prominent and intelligent people in the white race are going to be erased with precision when their kids get that "mandatory" vaccination.

In addition to this, via vaccination, they can maim people and make them dependent on their drugs with precision, targeting only the most wealthy and productive people and letting welfare types live their lives relatively normally so they don't burden the system.

It probably won't matter if you never used 23 and Me, because their database is so massive that a close enough match to your exact genotype is likely in it somewhere.

I cannot adequately state what kind of total doom this is. Glaxo has no morals, and absolutely will use this data as a weapon.

Perhaps only the smartest of the smart people will get past this, because they will be aware enough to avoid any shots come hell or high water.

The autism tool is at present too blunt. It hits too many people too hard in order to nail the ones they want nailed. However, with a DNA record of everyone, they can sharpen that tool and TOTALLY destroy one group, while not so badly damaging another. And it will all be swept under the rug as "conspiracy".

Gee, I think giving a for-profit "medical" company with severe political bias the keys to everyone's existence is a GREAT IDEA!!!

Impeachment team of 3,000 people now in place to get rid of Trump

A billionaire wants Trump impeached. So he has employed an enormous number of people to do it, with a $110,000,000 budget.

That budget is big enough to pay all official employees of the effort 110,000 each. WOW.

From Breitbart:

Democrats who are pushing for the impeachment of President Donald Trump will have $110 million to spend on the cause, thanks to the efforts of left-wing billionaire Tom Steyer.

Steyer's organizations, NextGen America and Need to Impeach, will also have a combined 1,000 employees and 2,000 staffers as they take the case for impeachment to voters in November, according to Politico. Though House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) has discouraged impeachment talk, grass roots Democrats favor the idea.

Politico reports:

Tom Steyer plans to spend at least $110 million in 2018, making the billionaire investor the largest single source of campaign cash on the left and placing him on a path to create a parallel party infrastructure with polling, analytics and staffing capabilities that stand to shape and define the issues the party runs on in November.

Steyer is building out an operation that's bigger than anyone’s other than the Koch brothers’ - and the billionaire and his aides believe the reservoir of nontraditional voters he’s already activated could become the overriding factor in House and other races across the country.

Between the two organizations, he'll have close to 1,000 people on staff, in addition to over 2,000 volunteers. The Need to Impeach email list alone has already topped 5.5 million, which its research - anyone who signs up with the effort has their information run through a series of voter files and other databases - shows includes a very exact 697,780 infrequent voters in the 63 most competitive House districts.

"Our list is bigger than the NRA's - and we're going to make sure that it votes that way in 2018," said Kevin Mack, lead strategist for Need to Impeach.

Steyer claimed earlier this year that Democrats must embrace impeachment if they want to win the midterm elections and return to power. Politico adds that Steyer's internal polls show that Republican voters are not yet motivated by the desire to prevent Trump from being impeached - which has been a major fear of the Democratic Party establishment, which has tried to suppress the idea.

My comment:

This ought to put Steyer and Koch in the spotlight the way George Soros is.

The Washington Times is scared.

They actually reported "FAKE NEWS". Alt media has reported this for over a decade. Now they did. Captured because I bet this will vanish.

This is going viral.

It's a great painting, but it would be nice if a couple swamp critters were off that boat. But you still get the idea.

This was done by a John McNaughton

July 31 2018


Here is one of my favorites, that was on the now dead server

Since there were "rumors of wars" regarding Iran out of Australia recently, this is a great one to re-run now.

A tale of two protests

A genuine anti-war protest

And a pro war psy op


Jim Stone, Freelance Journalist, Feb 4 2012

Since I am stuck out in DC for a while, I paid a visit to the anti-Iran war protest in front of the white house, and got more than I expected. The Iran rally was genuine but small, I'd say about 100 people showed up.

I was going to just post an article about that rally, and was a few blocks away after it ended when something gave me the urge to turn around and go back. I was glad I did.

On the heels of the anti war protest, a pro war protest against Syria had started. It did not seem realistic. I immediately suspected a psy op was underway. There was something not right about it. They were much louder than the anti war protest, though they were about a third of the size. AND, then it hit me. I realized what was wrong.

Many of you have read my introductory article about my experience with the Jewish community, where I attended well over 100 services and ended up almost losing my life. Well, when I realized what was wrong with protest #2, it ended up being the melodies they were using to sing their pro-war rants against Syria. THE MELODIES WERE THE ONES SANG ON THE SABBATH AT THE JEWISH SYNAGOGUES. And the guy with the bullhorn? He was leading chants with the same melodies used for marching cadences in the US military! So it was a tradeoff between American military cadence melodies and what was sung at the synagogues. I knew for certain it had to be a psy op, Islamic countries do not chant melodies at protests for one, and Muslims don't know what the Jews sing in their synagogues. It was creepy. So I took a few photos.

At the pro war rally, where people were pretending to be Syrians begging Obama to blow the "Syrian regime" away, the people did not look genuine at all, but managed to be very loud.

The media was also there, right in the thick of the action, to document the pro war rally

The signage at the pro war rally was expensive finely produced stuff. Not the rag tag appearance of the Anti War crowd

It was sickening to see the contrast between the well funded pro-war group and the run on a shoestring anti-war group. After taking one last photo of the pro war rally, I left.

As I walked away, I thought about the differences between the two groups, and how the media presented them. The anti war rally was documented with cell phones and people like me, walking around with semi-pro SLR's, while the phony rally got the big television cameras and enormous lenses. I was disgusted, but then again who would not be with the obvious fakery in the mainstream press?

But there was more than that - The pro war crowd looked like a bunch of disingenuous actors, while the people who were against war were obviously genuine. They were down to earth obviously good in the heart people.

Where do you think the MSM will take each of these stories?

NOT A HOAX. "Pedophiles are people too" signs actually happened.

The MSM report says whoever did it wanted to stigmatize LGBT. However, with today's current climate, and the obvious push to put pedophelia mainstream, there is reason to doubt that assumption because there were numerous signs just like this posted over a wide area in Oregon. A hoaxer would be far more likely to print up a few of these and post them in a small area. That's not what happened, this was widespread.

Pfizer Vice President: The Gardasil vaccine is deadly

This appeared on Neonnettle. I have edited it down to the key points.

The former vice president of the world's largest pharmaceutical company has blown the whistle to expose the true dangers of mandatory vaccinations. Dr. Peter Rost lifted the lid on vaccines and revealed that the Gardasil inoculation, in particular, is in fact, "deadly".

In a shocking expose from one of the highest-ranking whistleblowers to date, Rost has also claimed that Big Pharma is purposely keeping the public unhealthy so they can make a fortune from continual treatments of illnesses rather than curing them. Dr. Rost made the revelations during an interview for the "One More Girl" documentary in which he candidly discussed how the main objective for vaccines and pharmaceutical drugs is to keep the public in a constant state of disease.

Rost also likened mandatory vaccinations to "child abuse" saying; "I would never vaccinate my children." Rost is a former vice president of Pfizer, and a whistleblower of the entire pharmaceutical industry in general. He is the author of "The Whistleblower, Confessions of a Healthcare Hitman." Considering his work experience, it would be an understatement to say that he is an insider expert on big pharma marketing.

Rost is not alone in his experience. Here are a couple of quotes from his peers: "It is simply no longer possible to believe much of the clinical research that is published or to rely on the judgment of trusted physicians or authoritative medical guidelines. "I take no pleasure in this conclusion, which I reached slowly and reluctantly over my two decades as an editor of the New England Journal of Medicine. - Dr. Marcia Angell, a physician and longtime editor-in-chief of the New England Medical Journal

"The case against science is straightforward: much of the scientific literature, perhaps half, may simply be untrue. "Afflicted by studies with small sample sizes, tiny effects, invalid exploratory analyses, and flagrant conflicts of interest, together with an obsession for pursuing fashionable trends of dubious importance, science has taken a turn towards darkness." - Dr. Richard Horton, the current editor-in-chief of the Lancet - considered to be one of the most well respected peer-reviewed medical journals in the world.

In 2005 Dr. John P.A. Ioannidis, currently a professor in disease prevention at Stanford University, published the most widely accessed article in the history of the Public Library of Science (PLoS) entitled "Why Most Published Research Findings Are False." In the report he states: "There is increasing concern that most current published research findings are false."

We now have a large amount of evidence, and statements from experts that come directly from the field, which paint a very concerning picture.The science used to educate doctors and develop medicine is flawed.We are only ever exposed to studies that have been sponsored by big pharmaceutical companies, but these studies are not designed to take the long view. They are not designed to detect problems that can occur years or even decades after a treatment, or examine the risks of taking a drug for long periods of time. Nobody ever seems to mention or acknowledge the many studies which clearly show significant risk associated with many of the products that pharmaceutical companies are manufacturing to help fight disease. This is why independent media is important, especially in a time where more and more people are waking up to what is really happening on our planet.

It is time to examine the research that's being conducted all over the world, from experts (scientists) at various institutions, that is not sponsored by these giant, multinational "health" corporations.

What is even more concerning is the general population's lack of awareness when it comes to these facts. This issue is definitely not going to be addressed in the mainstream news, and despite plenty of evidence to support it, some people will refuse to even look at or acknowledge that it exists.

National Geographic polar bear hoax

A viral youtube video of a starving polar bear got over 2 billion views on Youtube. I did not see this when it happened, but as far as environmentalists go, it pretty much says it all.

The National Geographic falsely stated the bear was dying because of global warming. Many biologists have watched the footage and gave the following reasons for the bear starving to death:

1. Old age.
2. Broken jaw
3. Missing teeth, which prevent it from killing prey
4. A damaged leg.
5. A disease
6. Cancer.

Not one biologist said "climate change" had anything to do with the bear's condition, but the MSM hopped right on it, saying it was an icon of climate change and global warming. However, recent studies of the bear population in the area have confirmed that they are not reduced or under stress from anything at all, in any way at all.

Polar bears do not live forever. They all die at some point. And what did Youtube and Twitter do to this FAKE CLIMATE CHANGE news? REAL fake news? They blew it to the stratosphere, making sure anyone with a computer saw it. OVER TWO BILLION VIEWS.

If anyone out there believes the news feeds are not manipulated, and that Twitter and Youtube really want to promote real news, all one has to do is look at the polar bear video and what they did with it. All biologists agree that all this was consisted of the final moments of a polar bear's life, and since none are immortal EVERY LAST POLAR BEAR ON EARTH will provide a similar photo op at some point if a cameraman happens to be there.

YOUTUBE AND TWITTER ABSOLUTELY SUCK. They block real news and boost agenda driven hoaxes to the stratosphere. The polar bear is proof. Ultimately, the fake news award of the decade goes to National Geographic. At one time they were great, but they are now just an agenda driven scam like the rest of the MSM. Yes, even after being totally busted for the hoax, National Geographic is not admitting to publishing anything wrong. Here is their response to being called out on this. ADIOS.

The polar bear story is the kind of crap that should be formally censored. A year later, National Geographic has finally admitted the entire thing was a hoax, only after being busted in a way they can't put to rest. But the people who fronted the hoax will be paid fatly for the rest of their lives, because they "proved their worth" to the global establishment, which accomplishes practically everything via deception anyway. Having lied about the polar bear outright will instead be a badge of honor, that will put them in the top spot for favors and career placement from here to eternity.

FACT: Pocapatepetel is more frequently active than Kiluea

Secondary fact: No one cares because it is nothing but a pet volcano. Yep, it is barking again for the nth time this year. I am not even sure the eruptions make the news here all the time.

Pocapatepetl is loved by global warming carbon scam environmentalists more than ANY OTHER VOLCANO. This is because every month or so the environmentalists can add the ash plume to Mexico City's particulate count and blame Juan moped for destroying the planet. Whenever that volcano erupts, the media takes advantage that way, very predictably.

That is really how saavy people who don't live near the volcano know Pocapatepetel is going off - look for news reports about "smog" in Mexico city.


Yes, Disqus has a bevy of trolls and gnomes workin those comments, making sure the best get culled. 30 step approval process required thus the long wait for the first one to show up.

July 30 2018

This is probably the last post of the day because I HAVE TO work on the alternative income option, it is obvious.

Here's something from the lost server.

I am awaiting an automated restoration on August 1. If it does not happen, it clearly proves they shut it down on purpose and won't admit it.

FALSE CLAIM: "Big Mac turns 50"

Why would that be a false claim? ANSWER: I used to love the Big Mac. I'd go to McDonalds very frequently. However,no less than 15 years ago, the Big Mac died. It died a horrible death, when they started putting a mystery ingredient in them that makes me horribly sick for at least 3 days, until my body can finally purge it. It took me most of a decade to figure out it was McDonalds doing it. I thought my health was going down the drain. Only, it was not my health, it was something McDonalds started putting in everything. Symptoms: Massive un-quenchable headache, muscle aches, nausea that sets in a few hours after eating anything at McDonalds, especially something like a Big Mac. It is bad the day after, worse the second day after, the third day is also very bad, and on day 4 I feel OK but super run down.

They can market that crap under whatever name they want, but as far as I see it, ALL McDonald's product lines were discontinued 10 years ago, with some discontinued 15 years ago and replaced with totally inedible toxic CRAP. Probably thanks to Monsanto.

No matter what they refer to it as, from my perspective the current "Big Mac" would be better named after a horror movie. And it is not my health, Burger King still does nothing at all bad.

I tried McDonalds ONCE in Mexico, to see if they were allowed to sell that garbage here. Same subsequent "illness." NEVER AGAIN.

Italian artist Agostino Chirwin jailed for portriat on Apartheid wall

It is illegal for anyone to paint on Israel's wall, but it is loaded with other paintings that happened without problems. The difference with this one was it's quality and who it was for.

The mural depicts 17 year old Palestinian teen activist Ahed Tamimi who was jailed after slapping an Israeli soldier who refused to leave her family's property when she was 16. The mural was painted to commemorate her release from an Israeli prison. She is hated by the Israeli authorities for her activism against the occupation of Palestine.

Agostino is well known for his super-realistic art (it almost looks like a photograph,) and for working with a mask to conceal his identity until he gets away from where he is doing the painting. He then posts what he does on Instagram. My take on this is that's really nice work, but FAT CHANCE Israel would ever tolerate it. I also seriously doubt Tamimi is going to be in good condition after release, (Israelis are absolutely horrible to Palestinians in jail) and there's a good chance she will be wrecked.

Originally Israeli authorities wanted her to receive a life sentence, but the video of the incident (filmed by her mom) generated too much outrage in the general public for Israel to get away with it. They also jailed her mom for shooting the video and posting it, wanting a life sentence for her also. As usual, their home was to be demolished as well, but there are many eyes watching Israel over this, so they might not.

As anyone who knows about the demolitions, they have little to do with "building permits" and are in reality punative and to stoke Israeli ego just like a life sentence for slapping a "G-D" - an Israeli "soldier" would have seriously stoked egos. Thank the REAL God her mom got that video posted before tshtf. If that had not been accomplished, they'd have been absolute TOAST.

Here is her comment on what happened with that soldier on her property:

"I did not want to be mistreated ... It was just time ... there was opportunity for me to take a stand to express the way I felt about being treated in that manner. I had not planned to get arrested. ... But when I had to face that decision, I didn't hesitate to do so because I felt that we had endured that too long. The more we gave in, the more we complied with that kind of treatment, the more oppressive it became."


In response to liberals imposing prison sentences over restaurants putting straws in drinks, well, what can I say? Here is the answer.

What 5g will (really) look like

A major alt media web site posted inaccurate photos of a "5g" tower, probably because they did not have the tech expertise to understand what one should really look like, and subsequently filter bad input. So this is to put the record straight.

For the reason that the frequencies are so different than normal cell phones alone, 5g towers simply can't look anywhere near the same as anything we have ever seen before. First, here is a normal cell tower:

This next photo is a 5g antenna.

Here is how they will conceal 5g:

Anything that looks any different is simply not going to happen. The technical attributes of the frequencies used require the antenna to be different from anything we have seen before.

The current Hawaii eruption is now the largest in modern history (by far)

The Honolulu Star Advertiser has done an extensive report on exactly what is going on with the eruption. It has destroyed prime surfing areas, and will soon become the longest continuous eruption ever and has already vastly exceeded the total volume of all previous eruptions.

There is no end to the eruption in sight, and observers are amazed by how much lava, how hot it is, and how it shows no signs of subsiding. They are now predicting it will continue (indefinitely) no one knows how long, and that it will (and already has) set a new precedent for what can be expected from an eruption.

If you want a nice in depth look at what is going on in Hawaii, see this.

The New York Times throws in the Trump impeachment towel!

They admitted it - The MSM can blather all it wants, but they simply cannot get him impeached because he's too clean. Take a look at this literal "surrender" from the New York Times:

Trump's demise has been greatly exaggerated

This time they've surely got him. Pack your bags, Mr. President. The game is up. Because this week we learned that... that ... well, there's this tape, see, recorded by Donald Trump's lawyer Michael Cohen in September 2016, during which the then-presidential candidate discussed setting up a company for the purpose of paying off alleged former paramour Karen McDougal to make her go away."

Did Trump and Cohen actually pay her off? No, but ... but ... c'mon, it would have been a campaign finance violation! If it had happened. Or it was sort of a campaign finance violation once removed, because the company that owns the National Enquirer paid for the rights to the McDougal story but then never ran anything on it, and maybe Trump knew about this!

Trump-is-doomed stories are one of the media's favorite fairy tales. Remember when you saw "Peter Pan" when you were 4 and you actually thought that clapping for Tinkerbell would bring her back to life? Pundits think that if they cheer loudly enough for Trump to get eighty-sixed, it'll happen. His (first?) term in office is more than a third over, and the Very Serious Commentators have been ushering him out the door the entire time. Or at least they’ve been trying to. It turns out that Trump doesn't pay a lot of attention to the usher-pundits.

Don’t despair, activists and fantasists and rageaholics. Keep clapping like you did for Tinkerbell when you were 4. If you ever lose faith in fairy tales and it occurs to you that Trump isn't going anywhere anytime soon, though, there is something you can do. You can keep smashing up Trump's star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame with a pickax. That'll show him!

My comment:

I cannot believe this was printed in the New York Post. It goes on to rip Carl Marx. GAME OVER for the MSM lie if the NYP actually published this.

A really interesting Rasmussen poll on socialism

This time, they probably gave out accurate numbers.

As it turns out, just over half of Democrats favor socialism, with a majority of them being clueless about what socialism really is. Most of them think the individual has more power in a socialist system. They could not possibly be more wrong, And in an odd twist for an organization like Rasumussen, they actually say people are ignorant on the topic. Additionally, they are honest for a change and say a majority of Americans want a smaller government.

Here is the introduction to this (actually serious for a change) research effort that was not just a product of "Word" and a fantasy.

"Democrats are less likely to know what socialism is compared to other voters but have a much more favorable opinion of it. They stop well short, however, of thinking the Democratic Party should become a national socialist party.

The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey finds that 28% of all Likely U.S. Voters think the national Democratic party should officially declare itself a socialist party. Fifty-three percent (53%) disagree, while 18% are undecided. (To see survey question wording, click here.)

But Republicans (41%) are much more enthusiastic than Democrats (19%) and voters not affiliated with either major political party (25%) about Democrats coming out nationally as a socialist party.

Still, 51% of Democrats have a favorable impression of socialism, with 13% who share a Very Favorable one. This compares to favorables of 21% among GOP voters and 26% among unaffiliateds, with seven percent (7%) and five percent (5%) respectively who hold a Very Favorable opinion of it.

Twenty-nine percent (29%) of Democrats, however, incorrectly believe the individual has more power than the government in a socialist system, a view held by just 12% of Republicans and seventeen percent (17%) of unaffiliated voters. Eighty percent (80%) of Republicans correctly say the government has more power in a socialist system, and 54% of Democrats and 67% of unaffiliateds agree.

Among all voters, 33% have a favorable opinion of socialism, but that includes only eight percent (8%) with a Very Favorable one. Fifty-eight percent (58%) view socialism unfavorably, with 37% who share a Very Unfavorable view.

This Rasmussen poll is well worth a read, they even talk about Ocasio Cortez (without mentioning her name) and the overall implication is that she's stupid. It just does not get any better than this

July 29 2018

Believe it or not, this is accurate (explained below)

Trump actually does have the highest approval rating in the history of the Republican Party, but it is not as high as Reagan outside the Republican party. It is indeed high though. CAVEAT:

THIS IS A WARNING: The scamming left is now saying democrats outnumber Republicans. That is how they are going to steal the election - by saying they won simply because there are more democrats. That's an enormous lie, but they are working as hard as possible to make that "reality" stick, which is precisely why they are shutting social media down. At least I have noticed that after Trump mentioned shadow banning, Twitter is allowing about 30 percent positive comments through, as long as they are ineffective.

Twitter is allowing liberals to call Trump crazy for saying he "polled higher than Lincoln" accurately stating that "polling did not start until 1930". Twitter is allowing this to stick because twitter is nothing but a scam. THAT is the type of "fake news" that needs to be questioned by Twitter. Here's the reality of this:

The modern form of polling did not start until after 1930 because that is when telephones went mainstream. But there were many other ways to discover presidential popularity outside of polling, and official popularity numbers were produced. These numbers put President Lincoln at 25 percent approval. He was so hated people went to war over it the same way there would have been a war over Hillary.

The people posting saying Trump is crazy for saying he is more popular than Lincoln was are more than snowflakes, they are yellow snowflakes who are so clueless they think Lincoln was some sort of uber popular idol, when in fact his popularity was right around 25 percent. The nation damn near fell to pieces over how much Lincoln was hated.

But you won't see THAT on twitter if it will stop a Trump bash!

Wildfires set by illegals in Europe and United States

There have been major wildfires in the news lately that were set by illegals. It is likely ALL of the wildfires in California at this time were set by illegals, they are saying the Carr fire was not but I doubt it. The major fires in Europe were also all set by illegals. And I know why.

Believe it or not (this may seem impossible, but it is true) people in Mexico set fires to land ALL THE TIME. It is considered a harmless way to clean things out. These fires for some odd reason are distinctly different from fires that happen in the U.S. - They don't burn very badly and go out by themselves. Even when they happen in the mountains, they go out without attention. It is just not the same as it is in the U.S.

I have noticed this myself - even the fires I have lit in Mexico for some reason tend to be finicky and not want to keep burning. But if you ever light the bush in the South West, WATCH OUT. So illegals in the back country may not be interested in burning anyone out, they just want to clear out an area and expect the fire to stop. And I am sure they are suprised when it wont.

Obviously saying this does nothing to solve the problem, but I can at least give a probable reason for it happening. Fires in Mexico seem to defy conventional fire wisdom. Bad wind might blow them out. I really can't say why.

Damage assessment

A while ago one of the servers got shut down. They will not return control of either the domain or the server.

So, lots of legacy files are no longer accessible via the old domain. I spent the entire morning going over just how bad the damage was, and it amounts to thousands of web sites that have dead links to that server. Bad damage. BUT, the main site is still running and I have the entire lost server backed up on 3 different devices. I did not want to dig through those devices because I have to put them in a hard drive box and plug them into USB (I have all that but it takes time) However, as I instructed people, many of them had entire reports backed up INCLUDING THIS ONE:


yes, I did not need to go into my own backups to get that back online! AND I HAVE PLENTY ON FLASH DRIVES WITH ENOUGH TO GET STARTED WITH even without going into those old hard drives (3 of them with identical copies). I don't need to post the entire lost server all at once. So, here is some flash drive fun.

Time for some taunting. This image was NOT in the Fukushima report, but was on the server they shut down.

Click this image to see it full size

OOPS, I have the following, that was also on that server they killed, but was not in the Fukushima report. Click the image to view it full size (this one is really a beauty.)

By killing that server, all they did (in effect) was cause me to run a bunch of stuff again. HOW ABOUT THIS PROSPECT:

I'll rebuild that server, one file at a time by running everything it had all over again fresh, on the front page. I will mix it in with the regular daily posts so people who have already seen it all don't get bored because normal news will be there too, and people who have not seen it before get a fresh eyefull. HA HA, time to start using one of the unlisted backup servers for that!

But for now, this is nice:

I have to get going on the alternative income plan, setting it up is eating a pile of time. But I can at least post this, which was also not part of the Fukushima report, but was on that server:

I am having fun with this, but I simply have to go. Lots more to come.

July 27 2018


Twitter responded to Trump, saying they don't shadow ban, then they describe their methods, which DEFINE the shadow ban. PRICELESS!!!

My comment:

If you have to actually go to someone's feed to see what they post, that means that messaging will censor it, and it will be censored in every way other than a direct hit. That means you can't ever have anything go viral, because absolutely no one new will ever "network" into your profile, which is what platforms like Twitter are supposed to do. If they won't provide an environment that does that, you are shadowbanned and will go absolutely nowhere beyond whatever crowd you already have.

42,000 year old worms brought back to life

I really don't know how they can actually prove the permafrost the worms were in really remained frozen for that long, but evidently they have their methods, and they really are that old.

Permafrost is a layer of ground near the arctic and in the arctic that remains permanently frozen. The ground on the surface thaws every year and can even be used to grow crops (cabbage is a good example) but the average year round temperature is so low that the ground a few feet down never thaws out. There is lots of this type of land in Siberia. It was in this permanently frozen zone a few feet under the surface that the worms were found. They were put in a lab and observed. They came back to life, and started eating. See this. They say radiocarbon dating proves the ground has been frozen for over 40,000 years, never having thawed even once. I have no idea how they could ever prove that, but as it turns out, there are plenty of samples that are provably not that old (but still thousands of years old) that have had similar things happen.

One thing I remember as part of class in school were textbook reports of wheat recovered from egyptian tombs that was thousands of years old sprouting when planted. The main experiments were done in the 1930's. The germination rate was substantial considering the age, if I remember right the best rate was right around 40 percent for wheat, with most well preserved samples sprouting at least a few percent with 10 - 20 percent being typical. That would clearly, obviously, be enough to get the world going again if everything was somehow wiped out, and then those seeds got uncovered in a way that would allow them to sprout effectively. Though mass extinction events are possible, it would be a real challenge to kill all life permanently.

Twitter now down 18 percent.

TOO BAD. I wish it was a lot more than that.

All you need to do to see that Twitter is totally compromised to the point of being completely useless is look at the responses to Trump's tweets. For the last year, there was never a SINGLE POSITIVE RESPONSE, and I mean NOT EVER, not even once. All the responses were hoaxes, false accusations of crimes, calls for impeachment, etc. and that is all I ever saw, EVER. That's flatly not possible unless Twitter simply blocks every real comment made, and has actually hired trolls who's only job is to sit and find ways to bash Trump. That is the ONLY way you could ever accomplish a 100 percent blockage of everything positive or even neutral 100 percent of the time.

Remember, shadow banning always lets anyone see what they post, so it looks like it went up, just like normal. And in the case of Trump, he probably saw the positive comments also, to not alert him to how impossible it was to have every comment be an expression of hatred, call for impeachment, or bogus crime accusation. But for all others hitting Twitter, they would only see the negatives and no positives. The entire thing is and was a scam from top to bottom, if positive comments are showing up now it is a despicable abhorrent hoax fronted to make people believe all is well, and that Trump blathered bullshit with his shadow ban tweet.

I saw a few positive comments yesterday, for the first time EVER in the past year. That clearly indicates that Twitter is indeed running a deceptive platform where they can just tweak what it does on a whim, to cover up horrible behavior. THE ONLY SOLUTION IS TO WIPE THEM OUT. SHUT THE WHOLE DAMN THING DOWN.

Iran terror story a hoax


Only, not.

Here are the only two quotes Iran has made on this topic:

"In a statement read in English after a cabinet meeting yesterday, Mr Rouhani said it was not worth responding directly to Mr Trump's comments.

> He added: "The Iranian nation's steadfastness, unity, integrity and disregarding of their threats and plots and choosing the path of resisting and attempting to foil the enemies' plots are the most powerful response to the cheap remarks of US rulers."

Here is exactly what Iran's General Soleimani said, without the press manipulations inserted to twist what it meant:

"As a soldier, it is my duty to respond to Trump's threats. If he wants to use the language of threat, he should talk to me, not to president Hassan Rouhani. What could you have done against Iran in the past 20 years that you haven't done already? At the end, the victory belonged to the Iranian nation.

You know that this war will destroy all that you possess. You will start this war but we will be the ones to impose its end. Therefore you have to be careful about insulting the Iranian people and the president of our Republic.

You know our power in the region and our capabilities in asymmetric war. We will act and we will work. You know that this war will destroy all that you possess. You will start this war but we will be the ones to impose its end.

Therefore you have to be careful about insulting the Iran people and the president of our Republic. Trump should know that we are nation of martyrdom and that we await him.

My comment:

If they "are awaiting" Trump (in the form of an attack by Trump) he is clearly stating that America has to act first before anything is done. This is clear history for Iran, which has a defense only policy and has not attacked anyone for over 2 centuries. This alone proves there's no terror front about to be released. Iran is far beyond that type of warfare, they'll instead do something real if they do anything at all, like a 2 ton missile warhead through the capitol building. Technically on paper they can't do that yet, but I'd be very surprised if they did not have that via a black op. "terrorists" do not have an arsenal of 100,000 plus ballistic missiles with a range of 2000 plus KM, that's a national level deterrent.

He did say he'd destroy all Trump posessed, and that Iran is good at "asymmetric war" but when put in the context of them "waiting" and Rouhani's comments of "foiling plots", it is clear that Iran intends to at least try to resolve any threats from Trump peacefully. Therefore:

At this time Iran is doing nothing. Everything that provoked comments from Iran was the direct result of Trump running his mouth like Kim Jong. Seriously, that was not good, but no one is perfect so Trump is still my President. I seriously doubt there will be any "Hezbollah terror cells" in the U.S., there's nothing at all mentioned about this in their comments. And one thing is certain - if said cells are released it would only be in response to the U.S. destroying Iran, and in that context, there's no such thing as a terrorist, only soldiers, special forces, etc. You can't expect any nation to take a serious beating and then sit and do nothing afterward, any reponse would not be "terrorist".

New bank safe deposit box laws written a few years ago are now resulting in empty boxes.

A few years ago, a law was passed that allowed any bank to raid your safe deposit box and take everything in it if you did not request access for six months. After six months of not accessing it, it was considered "abandoned". Additionally, Homeland security gave all banks permission to go into your box at any time, and steal any gold bars, guns, passports and documents which "could be considered contraband" with no proof it really was contraband, any time they want, without the six month limit, without a court order, and without any warning whatsoever.

So called "experts" are still claiming it takes a warrant and a court order and whatever else, but their ignorance of what Homeland Security has done does not change the fact that it is not needed and no one knows their box has been emptied until they go to check it. The banks then play stupid about it because they know whoever they take from has no recourse and it is all perfectly "legal".

Obviously if people are only now complaining about their money being taken, most banks opted to not raid the boxes. But Bank Of America decided to, and has started cleaning out boxes that are fully paid and regularly visited. Legislators got the "abandonment" time down to three years in most states and eventually reduced it to six months, even if the bill was paid which would clearly mean the box was not abandoned. Now people have forgotten the new rule, and oblivious reports like the following are being written.

It seems like this is darn near a classified topic, because there are very few MSM reports, most reports of banks doing it are like this Reddit post

It is important to note that all official sources are still saying the bank needs a court order and blah blah, but the reality is that all it takes is for the bank to say the box is abandoned, not visiting the box for six months now equals "abandoned" and then POOF, if the bank is lacking ethics it is gone. Lots of times the state gets into the box once the bank says it is abandoned, and other times the bank just steals it. If you have a safe deposit box, especially at Bank of America, you had better check up on it.

I am having a very hard time finding references to the laws that made this possible, but they are based on "abandonment" and will allow the raiding of your box even if you pay it all the time, provided you don't ever go in and open it yourself. It does not matter at all if you pay for it, it only matters if you access it.

Here's how America's banking laws are now:

1. The moment you put your money in the bank, it belongs to the bank, and if the bank closes, ADIOS, there is no FDIC (to speak of) anymore, your money is GONE.

2. If the bank finds a large amount of cash in your bank deposit box, it can delcare it contraband and take it, ditto for gold, guns, and documents.

3. If you try to circumvent this by stuffing a mattress with cash, and the police ever search your house and find it, it is theirs, no questions asked. You can (I guess) ask questions in front of a rigged kanguru court that always sides with the cops. Technically it can't be said you never get your money back, because out of the (probably) over a million times the cops have seized funds under "asset forfeiture", someone DID get their money back, ONCE. However, to that effect, you'd have better luck winning the lottery.

Perhaps your best chance is to knock an extra large piece of concrete out of the basement floor "for a toilet" and then put the cash in a waterproof box and hide it under the new concrete. But if the box lets water in with cash inside, adios!

However, in some banks and states, it will last longer in a not waterproof box if there is no rain for six months!

July 26 2018

RT: U.S. likely to strike Iran next month

Israel wants it done, and that is that. Only, Israel does not have nuclear bunker busters so they will have to use America's, with American support. Russia has the warning. They had better show up with S-500's and deal with this. But they probably won't because of, you know - Uranium One. Uranium one proves Russia is in Hillary's back pocket, and totally compromised. They can't be trusted, and therefore will probably not help Iran.

We will have to wait and see with this one.

MY COMMENT: TWITTER STOPPED SHADOW BANNING REPLIES TO TRUMP'S TWEETS, AND ACTUALLY ALLOWED A FEW POSITIVE COMMENTS THROUGH. That's because Twitter is staffed by two faced scamming liars, who will INSTANTLY return the shadow bans like a swarm of rabid roaches the moment the lights go off on this subject.

One of the top listed comments is from an idiot who believes shadowbanning a specific group is not illegal. HELL YES IT IS.

I hope Trump finally wakes up and cleans house on this topic. The behavior of Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Google and more is far past the point of justifying a total permanent shutdown of ALL.

Myspace is still around, and NEVER behaved this way. What would be wrong with going back to Myspace?

Iran facts:

There has been cage rattling with regard to Iran lately, which has caused the "truthful" CNN type media to really spew the usual B.S.

Here is a quick fact check:

CLAIM: Iran threatened to send a wave of terrorists to the U.S. to destroy key areas, and "everything Trump owns". Accuracy: FALSE.

This inaccuracy is being spewed as an assumption by people who believe Iran is just a bunch of goat herders. Ignore fake Wikipedia posts and outside analysis, the reality is that if Iran can put 700 pounds into a stable orbit, and launch an astro chimp, Iran has missiles that can hit the U.S. even if they are not general public knowledge. Common sense says Iran has large numbers of missiles that can hit targets in the U.S., other missiles they have are pinpoint accurate and could easily be used to hit specific buildings, including those that Trump owns.

Common sense here: If Iran can put 700 pounds into a permanent stable orbit, they can, without question, deliver 5000 pounds to Washington DC when their entire defense is heavily weighted around missile tech. Iran can run a black op as well as anyone else and to assume they have no secrets would be foolish.

Iran won't be sending terrorists when they have established high capacity missile assembly lines that can produce long range ballistic missiles at a rapid pace, dirt cheap. No one really knows how many missiles Iran has that can reach Israel with a 500+ pound payload, but the number is definitely over 100,000 and that's using very old data.

A ballistic missile that can reach around the globe is much much easier to do than a launch to a stable orbit, orders of magnitude easier to do, and Iran could likely wipe Trump's properties out.

Iran never said they'd send terrorists. Why would they do that when they have the real stuff?

Conclusion for claim 1: Iran is correct that it could wipe Trump out, but there won't be any Iranian people on American soil doing it.

Additionally, such action would be foolish because America can respond a LOT HARDER.

Ok, so here is what PressTV is saying. Other Iranian media ignored this topic, it is not considered big news in Iran.

Iran's Major General Qassem Soleimani has sharply reacted to the recent "cabaret owner-style" military threat by US President Donald Trump against the Islamic Republic, saying he takes the position to respond "as a soldier" since it is beneath the dignity of Iran's president to do so.

Addressing Trump, the commander of the Quds Force of Iran's Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) said, "You threaten us with an action that is 'unprecedented' in the world. This is cabaret-style rhetoric. Only a cabaret owner talks to the world this way."

He was reacting to Trump's all-caps tweet addressed to Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, in which he threatened the Islamic Republic with actions "the likes of which few throughout history have ever suffered before."

The tweet came after President Rouhani warned the US against its hostile approach against Iran, saying America should know that peace with Iran will be the mother of all peace while war with the country will be the mother of all wars.

QUESTION: Could Iran really launch "the mother of all wars"?

Short answer: No. However, when you consider the fact that at no point ever did any foreign bomb go off on American (mainland) soil for the last well over 100 plus years, and that 911 was our own government, and all the terror crap was our own government, Iran could deliver the worst real military response on American soil that America has ever seen, because current day Americans have seen NOTHING AT ALL, EVER.

Outside of Pearl Harbor, which is not the U.S. mainland, there is no one alive today that ever saw foreign aggression against U.S. soil, the American people are war soft, with no perspective whatsoever. If Iran did attack with missiles in a way they probably already can, they'd take out DC with ease, destroy all of Trump's properties with ease, and cause lots of other assorted mayhem WITH EASE. They'd beat Pearl Harbor no problem. And that would absolutely freak Americans out because they have never been touched.

However, Iran would be a great big melted pool of lifeless dirt after doing so, so I doubt seriously they'd ever do it.

I'd like to make another clear and salient point:

Aside from flaming kites that were launched by the Mossad to justify attacks, and fake shitty bottle rockets launched by the Mossad to justify attacks and tons of fake suicide bombings launched by the Mossad to justify attacks, Israel has seen NOTHING AT ALL. Jews in general are very soft, having never seen hardship in virtually everyone's relevant lifetimes. I know they want to be the victim in everything, but for a moment, let's be real. What's going to happen if Iran launches 50,000 plus heavy duty missiles with good accuracy all at once, AT ISRAEL?

Israel will actually get hit, for the first time EVER, and it will be a bad bad hit. At least 25,000 tons of ordnance, spread out much much more effectively than a 25 KT nuke could do. It would be much much worse than Iran could ever do to the U.S. because obviously their "black op" intercontinental missiles would be a stark minority of inventory. But they have piles and piles, of piles and piles of missiles to hit Israel with. Forget the fact that Israel could glass Iran over nicely, they'd still get hit, FOR REAL.

The bottom line is that Iran has a real deterrent. They clearly cannot deliver "the mother of all wars", but they could certainly be the source of a few more Jewish holidays. My guess is that cool heads will prevail, while Iran sits there and pushes their deterrent up to a million plus high capacity missiles. Iran won't ever have nukes of their own, and they won't EVER do the "mother of all wars" but even now it is quite clear that only a fool would ever touch them.

Prediction: Facebook stock will fully rebound because corrupt people will support it.

But that won't change the fact that people will ditch the platform, leaving behind only an empty shell of liberal bullshit, with as much material substance and real value as discarded styrofoam. Eventually the communist fan club will lose patience, and Facebook will be gone on paper, as well as reality.

VERY ODD sky anomaly in Russia.

Yesterday Russia had an inexplicable sky blackout in Siberia, that spanned a very wide region. It totally blocked the sun and turned day into night. It appeared to me that it was black smoke, but the problem with this was that no source for such smoke was found, and no one had any answers. Well, there's probably an answer. Here's my guess:

"Inexplicable" only means "classified" and Russia tested a weapon on their perpetual whipping zone - Siberia. The same as the Nevada desert for the U.S.

My guess is that most likely Russia wanted to test a new type of smokescreen that was easily deployed and really produced a lot of obscurence from a small package. This would be done to mess with optical targeting, spy satellites, and probably more importantly - directed energy and laser weapons, which are rendered useless in bad air.

One thing is certain - there is an explanation for the sky blackout, it was not a product of fairy dust.

July 25 2018


Suckerberg is blaming Europe, but Europe did not cause the declining membership numbers and visits, which is what really triggered the drop in value. If we can keep this up with a nice solid censorship boycott, it will leave room for a competitor with ethics to move in and put things right. Hmm, let me check Drudge for this, see if he mentioned it . . . . . HA HA, I guess Drudge is willing to report that, it is a huge headline and he called it a "death spiral". With Zukerberg still being worth 70 billion I won't call that a death spiral, but I will certainly hope for "better than that" in the next quarter. If this continues at this rate for 4 quarters, he'll be down by about 55 percent (because it is calculated quarterly, so 100 points of drops over a year will only eat a little over half value. 3 years of similar drops quarter on quarter would be absolute death. One can only hope.

HEY SUCKERBERG: I HAVE A LITTLE ADVICE. LAY OFF A FEW AI PROGRAMMERS WHO PROGRAM THE SYSTEMS TO CENSOR AND TROLL, AND GET RID OF YOUR CENSORSHIP AND TROLL STAFF. YOU WILL LOSE LESS SUBSCRIBERS, AND THEREFORE YOU WILL LOSE LESS TRAFFIC, AND SUBSEQUENTLY LOSE LESS VALUE, ALL THE WHILE YOU SAVE SOME BLING ON WAGES. Oops, I forgot. He's hiring foreigners who don't care at all about what America is, so he gets a nice pool of people who would be traitors if they were American, DIRT CHEAP. So scratch the wages part, that probably is the least of his concerns.


As it turns out, Facebook executives are complaining that Infowars is still allowed on the platform, claiming that "you can lie all you want if you are a real person" and that "Infowars and others similar can be managed by simply reducing the number of hits they get by messing with ratings and feeds" PROBLEM: Infowars is a lot more accurate than CNN, and it is these screwed up echo chamber perceptions that are going to kill Facebook. You can't attack the right and conservatives by degrading and limiting them just because you have a distorted view of the world, conservatives are the first that will notice because they are not nearly as stupid as liberals and messing with them is going to continue Facebook's downward slide.

I am glad they are that ignorant. They are going to blow themselves up. No one is leaving Faceplant because Infowars has not been banned. What a distorted world they live in.

HOLY SMOKES, I just clicked a few Facebook reports on Drudge. The liberals are SO DAMN CLUELESS about what is really going on with Facebook it is like they have Stuxnet on the brain, a pervasive hidden encephalopathy that causes them to conclude the most outrageously erronious solutions to problems all the while their faces read "normal". They really are oblivious to the impending disaster oh, I mean "balancing of reality". Great days ahead it seems.

F-35 fail? Boeing started pitching a modified F-15

The modifications make it equally as capable as the F-35, and minor tweaks were able to improve it's stealth significantly. Boeing is pitching it as a cost effective option to the F-35. With upgraded radar, jamming, missiles, and avionics, it can be made every bit as capable electronically as the F-35 with the only tradeoff being a slight loss of stealth.

Germany is so sure of the modified F-15 that they are considering purchasing a large number of them to replace their Tornado jets, which are a design that is 10 years newer than the F-15. As it turns out, the F-15 was a really great aircraft that can be fully modernized, the only thing needed is to make the upgraded equipment fit in the same spaces the old stuff was in.

See this.


It was not super hot where I am, but in some parts of Mexico it got so hot pelicans started fainting in flight and falling out of the sky. A whole bunch of them were picked off the ground and taken to a zoo for recuperation. Some obviously lived, others looked like they were dead on TV and a majority probably were never found and died in the weeds. I guess they enjoy extreme heat as much as we do. How extreme? 122 degrees farenheit.

I usually do not post other people's stuff but this is a bombshell that has to go viral. This was originally posted on True Pundit. Yes, that "blood moon" is coming home to roost.

"For nearly four years the FBI investigated the international theft of STEALTH defense technology from a small Florida marine company that invented an ingenious way to help protect Navy ships and nuclear ballistic submarines from being detected on enemy radar and sonar.

And on the eve before the case was go to a Grand Jury, the case was closed by then-FBI Director Robert Mueller and then-Attorney General Eric Holder.

"This was the original pay-to-play scheme and it involves Mueller, Holder, (James) Comey and (Hillary) Clinton," said Steve Morton, inventor and owner of a rare robotic ship and submarine stealth painting technology that can help make the U.S. Navy’s fleet invisible on radar and sonar. "They allowed my technology to be stolen by European companies partnered with Lockheed Martin and Comey was the top lawyer for Lockheed.

Now my technology is being sold to the Chinese, Russians, and all over the world to enemies of the United States. I wonder how much Hillary Clinton made on this because she was Secretary of State when the probe was shut down."

Massive allegations against familiar players linked to numerous other FBI, DOJ and government scandals. But this time the stakes are much larger than a Uranium One scandal. That was millions. This is untold billions.

Another FBI cover up, Morton and FBI insiders said.

And Morton should know. He worked as the FBI's undercover informant on the case for almost four years, wearing a wire. Recording phone calls. Gathering evidence against Fincantieri, the massive Italian shipbuilder who the FBI had all but proven swiped Morton's Stealth painting technology as well as his company's computer files.

Comey had left the Justice Department in 2005 to become Lockheed Martin's top lawyer until 2010, the exact time frame his client was under investigation along with its Italian shipbuilding partner.

Morton and high-ranking FBI sources said Mueller had received pressure from Comey, Lockheed's high-priced general counsel to squash the case. And then suddenly almost four years of FBI case work spiraled down the drain.

Mueller and Holder shut the entire case down.

Fincantieri and Lockheed Martin are partners in the shipbuilding business for the U.S. Navy and navies in several countries. Heavy partners with billions of U.S. tax dollars alone pouring into the coffers of both massive corporations. In fact, when it comes to building war ships and outfitting them for combat, Lockheed is under an exclusive contract with Fincantieri.

South Florida entrepreneur Morton, however, describes Fincantieri as as greedy foreign defense contractor who conspired with Lockheed to steal his technology and run him out of business. The most important vessel in the US Navy, as far as a weapon platforms, is the nuclear ballistic submarine. It's common knowledge in the Department of Defense that these submarines have active defense technology such as anti-submarine torpedoes, but the PRIMARY defense of any submarine is STEALTH. Keeping it hidden from enemy sonar.

Fincantieri rakes in $5 Billion annually, while Morton is asking family and friends for loans to help pay his legal fees. And that annual revenue for Fincantieri doesn't include its numerous spinoffs and subsidiaries that are too vast to list here.

This is a case and a story of the prophetic David vs Goliath.

But in this case, David turned to the FBI to try and take down this gargantuan defense contractor - partnered with Lockheed. And things appeared to be going well until Goliath produced attorney James Comey who was old friends with FBI Director Mueller.

" These bastards took everything I had" Morton said. "And our ships in the Navy still aren't protected by this technology, while our enemies are protected with it. This is a national disgrace."

Morton was not the only person angered by the abrupt end of the FBI's probe into the defense contractors. In 2011, then-Congressman Allen West got involved, trying to nail down why the FBI walked away from a case it had built for almost three years.

"The Federal Bureau of Investigation was investigating this case, (DOJ case number 288A-MM-109951) before Attorney General Eric Holder asked them to end the investigation," West wrote to House Oversight Committee Chair Darrell Issa. "I am not sure why the Department of Justice would back off a case regarding the theft of US defense technology."

The correspondences that ensued between the Congressman prompted Issa to jump on the case which set off a a rash of FBI and DOJ lies that stretched from Florida to Washington D.C. to Italy and beyond.

But that is another part of this scandal for another day.

This story is developing.

Government Admits AR-15s Are Not Weapons of War

From last layer of the limited hangout Breitbart.

In its settlement with Cody Wilson’s Defense Distributed the government admitted that semi-automatic firearms below .50 caliber are not weapons of war.

On July 10, 2018, Breitbart News reported that the Second Amendment Foundation (SAF) brought a suit against the State Department on Wilson's behalf. The suit was filed in 2015 and was the result of State Department action to force Wilson to quit sharing 3-D gun files online.

Wilson and SAF fought the suit on First Amendment grounds and secured a settlement with the State Department and the Department of Justice, the latter of which finalizes the settlement.

The amended regulations proposed in the settlement show the government will no longer look at semi-automatic firearms below .50 caliber as "military equipment" or weapons of war.

In offering a definition of "military equipment" the settlement says:

The phrase "Military Equipment" means (1) Drums and other magazines for firearms to 50 caliber (12.7 mm) inclusive with a capacity greater than 50 rounds, regardless of the jurisdiction of the firearm, and specially designed parts and components therefor; (2) Parts and components specifically designed for conversion of a semi-automatic firearm to a fully automatic firearm; (3) Accessories or attachments specifically designed to automatically stabilize aim (other than gun rests) or for automatic targeting, and specifically designed parts and components therefor.

Attorneys in the case expounded on the amended regulations by pointing out that the settlement "expressly acknowledges that non-automatic firearms up to .50 caliber widely available in retail outlets in the United States and abroad [a scope that includes AR-15 and other assault-style rifles], are not inherently military."

Second Amendment Foundation founder and executive vice president Alan Gottlieb spoke to Breitbart News about the settlement, saying:

Not only is this a First Amendment victory for free speech, it also is a devastating blow to the gun prohibition lobby. For years, anti-gunners have contended that modern semi-automatic sport-utility rifles are so-called "weapons of war," and with this settlement, the government has acknowledged they are nothing of the sort.

The federal government now saying semi-automatic firearms below .50 caliber are not inherently military means that they are admitting that rifles like the AR-15 are civilian in nature. This makes perfect sense, as they existed years before the military adopted the fully automatic version.

Gottlieb added, "Gun rights organizations like the Second Amendment Foundation will now be able to use this government admission in debate and courtrooms from New York to California."

My comment: If I was fighting a civil war, I would not even consider an automatic weapon because anyone should assume they will never be re-supplied and that they will have to work with whatever they have. BY FAR the best option is semi auto, even on the battlefield the M-16 has been proven most effective with the three round burst setting, which is simply semi-auto that shoots 3 bullets.

One shot, one kill. Any other objective will lead to a failed uprising.

And that reminds me of a key item: It is completely proven that no one knows where a shot was fired from if it is only one shot. They might have a vague idea, but they will be completely unable to return effective fire unless at least two shots are fired at them. Therefore, the best tactic for safety and ammo preservation is to sit and snipe. One accurate shot.

What if Trump was the "curse" of the blood moon tetrad?

Remember the blood moon tetrad I talked about a few years ago?

It happened over 2014-2015. It was supposed to be doom for Israel. What happened right after the blood moon tetrad? Trump got past the election rigging that has traditionally been done by Jews and took the presidency.

Make no mistake. The Jews despise Trump. The virtually totally Jewish owned media obviously hates him, the TOTALLY Jewish owned tech industry, with Google, Twitter, Faceplant all hate Trump, there's no question he's their bane despite him rattling the cage at Iran and giving Israel a bunch of army toys. They HATE HIM. And what has happened since he took the presidency?

They have had everything exposed. He walked right in like an untouchable god and totally derailed concerted and organized attempts to destroy him. What if Trump was the "curse" of the blood moon tetrad? It sure fits.

It is the Jews that want Europe and the United States dissolved under a wave of un-checked third world migrants. And the world has woken up to it. Now they are facing severe opposition, AFTER the blood moon tetrad.

The Federal Reserve may bite the dust, during this presidency which happened right at the end of the tetrad. And what about the supreme court? What about the TPP? How about the efforts to ruin America via foreign government subsidized trade wars? And now, their holy grail of abortion is even about to be spilled. What if Trump decided to screw Iran and suck up to Israel as part of his game of (insert number) dimensional chess?

They say Trump's not popular. They say he "popped" to 45 percent approval lately, and that it is his highest approval ever. How short do they think everyone's memory is? After Trump canceled the nuclear treaty with Iran and gave Israel a few toys, they said he was over 50 percent, (52 percent if I remember right) and now his all time high is "45 percent"? Yeah. Fake numbers. Always fake fake numbers. You can't get anything real, it is always fake, and THE BIGGEST DOOM OF THE TETRAD HAS HAPPENED: FAKE DOES NOT CUT IT ANYMORE.

What was it that I heard once upon a time - that motto of the Mossad - "By way of deception thou shalt do war"? We have seen it. We have seen it as the media lies about Trump, as Twitter lies about Trump (by blocking positive comments) and as Faceplant lies about Trump via rigging of feeds and Google lies about Trump by blocking everything positive and only allowing a negative view - doing so is not honest, it is WAR BY WAY OF DECEPTION. If that is the motto of the most prized agency the Jews can muster, and that motto is failing it's end objective - to get rid of Trump - despite all efforts to make it come alive, what does that mean? What does it mean, while Trump remains the bull in the china closet despite their full application of that motto?

It means they are probably screwed. Out of NOWHERE Trump came, and wrecked their "pedovore" orgy. He came right out of the moon and landed like an alien with an invincible weapon, one their lie factory can't shut down. One their tech factory can't shut down.

Let's all watch while the curse comes to fruition. No matter how much they blather in their fake media, they can't combat Trump effectively because the lies simply are not working. They failed across the board, 100 percent. Maybe they will get full censorship going to allow them to ram their deception through the heart of Western civilization, as they have planned, to get it all under control, to zombie march everything to it's death. But at that point there has to be a big question asked: If they succeed in total censorship, did they accomplish it too late?

July 24 2018

A big piece of the wailing wall fell off

It smashed a hole in a platform below. Obvious liberals who are "safety first while we perform this abortion and to hell with your faith" are saying the area should be closed for "safety reasons", but I disagree. One look at the wall shows the reason for the falling piece, the wall, which is over 2000 years old is in GREAT SHAPE, with no legit risk to anyone standing below it that should not be expected of anything that old.

Here's what actually happened: A nicely cut square block that weighed many tons shed a piece of it's surface, which fell onto a platform and punched a hole in it. Granted, it is a big piece but the majority of the block is still in the wall, and there's positively no danger of anything of significance happening. If they are not going to go over the wall carefully and at least epoxy the cracks due to historical reasons, they should just conduct business as usual. Another piece will fall in 50 years and it will be no big deal for anything that is as well built as that wall.

The following shows what happened quite clearly: Yes, a stone that would destroy a Volkswagen fell off and punched a hole in a walkway. However, the next photo puts it all into context. Why on earth would anyone worry about more falling off an ancient wall that is in such great condition?

The only caveat with this is that the piece fell on a spot only the rich people go to.

As you can see, the wall is in overall great shape, considering it's age. My obvious (conservative) answer: Conduct business as usual. People don't stay inside just because a bird might poop on them. Granted, a boulder is a lot more than that, but I'd have more relevant things to worry about. I'd pitch a tent by that wall and sleep easy not worrying about boulders until a more likely problem happened, like security telling me to leave.

Now confirmed, Trump invited Putin to the White House (it finally hit the U.S. MSM)

Mexican media reported three days ago that Trump invited Putin to the white house. I was a little bit cautious because there was not a peep about this in the American MSM. QUESTION: Why such a large delay on this in the U.S. MSM? I don't know, but consider the following:

Trump to Mexican media: Obrador is an absolutely exceptional president elect

Last night Diez en Punto again reported very positively on Trump and went to great lengths stating how President Trump has complimented Lopez Obrador, and how Trump called Obrador an exceptional president, great man, the whole 9 yards. And it was sincere, Trump's representatives figured out what I knew and said all along: Obrador as president of Mexico is going to greatly improve U.S. - Mexican relations, at the same time he gives a huge boost to Mexico. There was ridicule of Obrador among many alt media bloggers as well as the MSM.

But if Trump thinks Obrador is great, what does that mean? I'LL TELL YOU: SOMEONE TRIED TO FRAME UP OBRADOR. They want to wipe him out the way they tried to wipe out Trump, because he really is Mexico's Trump. Here's what happened:

Remember those big earthquakes Mexico had a year ago? Obrador's Morena party got in touch with thousands and thousands, (and I mean many thousands, probably about 20,000 families who had homes that were damaged and destroyed by the earthquakes.) Virtually all that were affected. He set aside political party funds, and also took up donations like Hillary's Clinton foundation did for Haiti, promising Mexican families he was going to help. only, Obrador is not Hillary so this story is distinctly different from what Hillary did with Haiti.

He published every dime he got for this, and the global elite tried to frame him for stealing it all the way Hillary did.

The hopes was that post-election they could get rid of him for corruption, by throwing him in jail for stealing. They then encountered a huge problem:

After selecting a thousand or so random people the funds supposedly went to, they sent out an army of people to every one of those homes, to ask if they got the money with the hopes of digging up a reason to frame Obrador and oust him. 100 percent of the households questioned got 100 percent of the money, as stated by the Morena party, and as a double slap, all of them loved Morena for being the only one that really helped. They then did a top down analysis of the entire aid project, and could not find a single error or discrepancy. Every peso went exactly where it was supposed to, with pinpoint attention to detail at a level that would be extremely difficult to accomplish in any public assistance effort.

So they were baffled, and Lopez Obrador smelled like a bed of roses. HA HA HA, libs are so damn corrupt they never thought Obrador (who is in fact not really liberal, he's just a decent guy) could possibly pass a sniff test because they know they, themselves never could. Liberalism is in fact just a scheme where corrupt people think of ways to take money from people, steal most, and deliver a few droppings to whatever cause they flaunt. Conservatives are a lot less likely to do that, and Obrador, who by all rights and not definitions is in fact conservative, made them eat lint just by being decent.

So when Diez en punto, (which is closet hillary liberal) reported this, they sounded audibly pissed and in disbelief by how it failed. After all, if Obrador could be ditched legitimately, mission accomplished. I got the impression they were required to report this truth by law, and it was fingernails on a chalk board all the way through it. HA HA!

The bottom line is that Mexico is going to do well with Obrador. Hopefully the New World Order won't try to destroy Mexico over it. But anyone with any sense knows how that typically goes . . . .

French Police messed up Tour De France with tear gas

If it really was tear gas, I thought that was banned by the international community. Anyway, they screwed up the race with some sort of spray while trying to deal with protesting farmers, and even messed up the guy that was winning. See this.

The dam that collapsed in Laos was obviously modeled after Oroville

GET A LOAD OF THIS!!! If Fox News posted the correct picture of this dam, they are damn near identical!

The dam in Laos held back approximately the same amount of water as Oroville (5 billion cubic meters, which equals 4.1 million acre feet,) compared to Oroville's 3.5 million, the dams really were similar. The dam in Laos collapsed for the exact same reason Oroville almost collapsed. The different outcomes for the dams were probably because of the way America handled the situation. However, it still begs the question: Are enormous earthen dams really a good idea? How much less safe are they than solid concrete dams?

Now official: Russia grants sanctuary to South African farmers

After receiving a few (numbers on this range from 30 to 150 families) to "pave the way for the rest", Russia is now taking in 15,000 white South African farmers. There are lots of conflicting reports on this, but all agree now on:

15,000 people will be accepted initially, they are all white christian farmers, and as I reported earlier, the families that were supposed to pave the way for the rest already arrived.

I don't know if this is just a political move by Putin, but he gave them some of the best land in Russia (just North of Moscow) and he looks great for this. My only additional comment to this effect is that I doubt this will backfire on Russia, it appears to me that this was a great way to capture the top tier of what was once a decent country and use it to boost Russia. Great move for the future of Russia, whether or not Russia realizes it at this time.

Rand Paul calling for revocation of security clearances

I once called Rand Paul Ron Paul's "prodigal son". But Rand is actually a pretty good senator, pretty much in line with how all senators would be if none were compromised.

Rand Paul has been demanding the revocation of the security clearances of Brennan, Comey, and many other deep state intelligence actors. The only anomaly in all of this that I saw was that they had their security clearances any more to begin with. YOU MEAN TO TELL ME THEY ARE NOT ALREADY REVOKED? RIDICULOUS!!!

At any rate, Rand has pretty much proven himself, despite my initial distaste (which I never talked about much because of my respect for Ron Paul). If everyone in Congress was a Rand Paul, America would be in much much better shape.

Bitcoin has clearly stabilized and is making a comeback

I don't have to say much, the chart says it all. And if you look at the one year chart, Bitcoin never fell to where it was this time last year, you can clearly see the rise and collapse was just a spike in the overall upward trend.

Israel shot down Syrian plane


Whatever the story is, I already don't believe it. Because . . . . . you know, . . . . . Israel.

July 23 2018

Fox News did eventually cover the "Lisa Page Doom", but they still don't get a pass from me after how they covered the Helsinki summit.


Rather than destroy Trump's marriage to Melania (she did indeed stress it) Stormy Daniels has had her own husband file for divorce.


Gee, I wonder what the "violation" was.

SGT report was one of the better alt media sources. I don't link or use Youtube much, so I did not have a lot of their stuff here, but they were very popular and very important. Their removal from Youtube just confirms my warning: If you are alt media, you had better self-host or you can and will be wiped out on a whim.

Trump may soon take control of the Federal Reserve

This was on CNBC, so if they are saying it, you know they have to.

"President Donald Trump has multiple reasons as to why he should take control of the Federal Reserve. He will do so both because he can and because his broader policies argue that he should do so. The president is anti-overregulating American industry. The Fed is a leader in pushing stringent regulation on the nation. By raising interest rates and stopping the growth in the money supply it stands in the way of further growth in the American economy.

First, He Can

The Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve is required to have seven members. It has three. Two of the current governors were put into their position by President Trump. Two more have been nominated by the president and are awaiting confirmation by the Senate. After these two are put on the Fed's board, the president will then nominate two more to follow them. In essence, it is possible that six of the seven Board members will be put in place by Trump.

There is a lot more than this in the CNBC report, which much to my surprise absolutely shreds the Federal Reserve. You can't expect real reporting from them so this is a real surprise. Perhaps after Lisa Page killed the whole Russian thing, they are scared.

A WORD OF CAUTION HERE: JFK got killed around the time he was doing what Trump plans to do now.


The first prediction (which is below this prediction) is about Julian Assange, and I'll peg that at 100 percent probable. This prediction I'll put at about 65 percent probable:


Why would I say that? Easy answer: Because Erdogan is converting Turkey into a Shia Islamic religious state, and has now jailed Adnan Oktar.

Who is Adnan Oktar? He's a so-called "Islamic televangelist" with his own communications infrastructure and transmitters, who has "sex kitten dancers" and male members he calls "lions". He can't possibly be a real Muslim. I strongly suspect he is a crypto Jew because of the behavior he fronts "in the name of Islam". He is strong on creationism and has written hundreds of books in over 70 languages.

Despite the fact he's a strong creationist, it can't excuse his broadcast behavior with women, where they appear in super sexy clothing and no hijab and do private dances right in his face ON TV. Erdogan gave him the boot straight into a jail cell with his latest crackdown and efforts to convert Turkey into a shia Islamic state

Erdogan wants to revive the Ottoman Empire. Though Iran was never part of the Ottoman Empire, Shia is Shia, and with the current stresses being put on Iran and Turkey from the West, intolerance of a figure like Adnan would be a definite precursor to the full conversion to real Islamic rule, and once that nation is fully transformed, heck, Iran is right there, at the border.

Iran may not be able to go it alone against the United States, but remember, Turkey still has over 50 U.S. nuclear weapons on their soil, with 1960's guts in them, so Turkey could definitely trigger them without any codes. What will happen if Turkey siezes them all the while Iran has the rockets needed for delivery to at least Israel? Nice pinpoint accurate rockets, that can target individual buildings at full range, and not merely low class Scud missiles like Saddam had?

If you want bible prophecy to happen, it is not as hopeless as you think!

How advanced is Iran, anyway? ANSWER: many times as advanced as North Korea

Iran is one of only six countries in the world that has successfully launched animals into space (in this case multiple times, including their own "astro chimp" and returned them to earth unhurt. One of the missions had a full time live stream on television, showing the animals alive all the way through launch to landing. Iran has rockets that are capable of putting B-61 nuclear weapons into low earth orbit permanently, let alone do something far easier - get them anywhere in the world on a ballistic missile. Iran even has it's own spy satellites. So an Iran/Turkey alliance would make a partnership much much stronger than Israel, if you called 50 nukes "enough". Iran did all of that, despite commissioning it's space agency in 2004, having nothing of substance before that and while coping with sanctions that prevented them from getting parts. It was all done "in house".

Iran's president has been running his mouth lately about wiping the U.S. off the map. Though I totally think he should watch his mouth because that clearly won't happen, I can also say that Iran is not Iraq, and should not be underestimated. If an alliance ever is formed with Turkey however, watch out, it will not be a day in a strawberry patch dealing with that.

Assange will not be removed from the embassy. He will instead be "removed from the embassy".


I have frequently stated I do not make predictions, or do not like to make predictions. This time I will happily make a prediction, and say it is going to happen just like I said.


Assange has not been at the embassy since his "internet was cut" in 2016.

The Ecuadorian citizenship granting and revoking was just a ruse. If they really did give Julian Assange an Ecuadorian passport, he'd have slipped out during the night like anyone with any common sense would. That balcony is not too high to jump off of, he'd have easily circumvented the cops. But that's beside the point when his internet "got cut" within a few hours of Pamela Anderson bringing him a poison lunch. Who cares if she supposedly "returned", she's a deep state actor who would go to an empty embassy and fake it.

BOTTOM LINE: No balcony appearance equals no assange. He still has never stepped out on the balcony, which is something he'd do occasionally before. What made the big difference? Certainly having no internet would improve the chance he would, and not eliminate it. Ok, so that's the history. Here is what is going to happen now:

Ecuador is tired of the ruse. So they "want him out". Only, there's no Assange to be out. LOW AND BEHOLD, we have Assange "being released" right when there is video software being released where you can turn anyone into anyone via AI and produce fakes that can't be debunked. ONLY, they CAN be debunked, and I'll tell you how.

Here's the prediction part - the conditions under which Assange will be "expelled from the embassy":

1. There will be no crowds and no witnesses from the general public.

Having crowds and witnesses will require the production of hundreds of live videos from many many people from many many angles, all with their own distinct nature. Software can't do that yet. Perhaps it never will. so since software can't do that:

2. Assange will be released "in the dead of night" and it will be announced "after he has been removed from the embassy". AT THAT POINT:

3. We will get a video or photo of Assange in interrogation, and it will look real. They have enough video samples to know what he looks like. The actual video sessions will be of a real person, but the software will convert the appearance over to that of Assange. It will not be an animation script, it will be a real video where the appearance of Assange will simply be inserted via AI into a real, already existing interrogation video. It will look real.

4. All videos and photos of assange will be released by "media that is not fake" and all of it will take place in closed controlled sessions to explain why no one from the outside ever posted their own cell phone video of Assange to Youtube or anywhere else. If there are any "cell phone videos", they will be staged, few in number, and not very clear.

Knowing how corrupt these people are, I would not put it past them to launch the career of a video blogger no one ever heard of who will be some sort of video hero, "to prove it is all real".

5. At no point ever will Assange be paraded before a large gathering of the general public, who would be able to witness for themselves that he is real. If there are any videos from the "general public" released, it will be done with small tight groups that are within the realm of what could be accomplished cheaply and be kept a secret CLASSIC: There will likely be a video where reporters from the fake, controlled media eager to be paid well to front a lie are shouting questions at him, but the general public, aside from a few plants to fake it, won't be there.

6. The court hearing will be a closed, controlled session with ONLY CONTROLLED MSM ALLOWED, not the general public. Once again, these people will happily front a fake for the deep state and fat pay. What they have done to Trump, ONLY TRUMP, as a single sole example (let alone the rest of their crap) proves it.

7. Here's a thought: If assange is "expelled from the embassy" in front of the general public with a crowd present, he'll have his head in a bag. They could also fake a mask, but at that point it becomes complex. They probably won't, too much could go wrong. But a bag would definitely do the job. One major problem with a mask would be that the actor would actually still have to be just like Assange, and be able to fake his facial expressions and act like Assange. Assange was not generic, that job would not be an easy one, too many people will be able to point out that "the face physically looks similar, but Assange's personal expressions are not there," - his expressions will be those of someone else. So I doubt they will do a mask, but they might do a bag, IF they bother with doing anything at all, why bother with it when he can just be "taken without announcement THE WAY THEY DID IN A BLACK ARMORED VAN THAT PULLED UP TO THE EMBASSY, COMPLETELY BLOCKING THE DOOR FOR TWO HOURS, THE EXACT NIGHT AFTER PAMELA BROUGHT HIM A POISONED LUNCH.

They already got him out of there once, why fake him getting out of there? Just "show him in interrogation" and be done with it.

Do not forget: All the top people at Wikileaks died within a month of when Assange first "got his internet cut". There is no such organization anymore anyway. No one who was around when Assange supposedly got cut off from the world is now around to confirm if it is him or not, and the general public simply does not know him well enough. The deep state hated Wikileaks, all the originals are dead, and it would be foolhardy to believe Assange was not taken out with them.

Especially after the Pamela/black van/"suddenly no internet" episode.


Remote controlled Germanwings Airbus A320 crash? All evidence points to this.


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