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Cornerstone report: Fukushima SABOTAGE!

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Fukushima Recap: Hard facts that prove the earthquake was fabricated, and Fukushima was a Stuxnet/nuke attack

Facts unknown by people who have not read the Fukushima report, yet were fully certified by the World Nuclear Association.

1. Fukushima never lost off site power, which made the "flooding of the generators" irrelevant. You read that right, Fukushima had power the entire time. However, there was an "anomaly" which caused the transfer switches (that were above the tsunami line) to cut external power into the facility. Long before there was any disaster at all this problem was found and the off site switch gear was replaced, but even the new switch gear, which was SCADA controlled, refused to engage and provide power to Fukushima. What would do that? the Stuxnet virus, under control from Dimona, that's what.

2. Fukushima had 11 back up generators. Several of these were in the basement of the turbine building. The turbine building did get some water, but it was not enough to flood the generators there. Four of them which started automatically mysteriously switched off and could not be re-started, however a fifth one stayed running but could not be used because the Scada based switch gear that transfered it's power for facility use would not engage, so it sat there, running uselessly. It was sufficient to power emergency systems at all reactors by itself and if it could have been connected it would have prevented all disaster. But the "Dimona Dozen" said no.

3. The roads into Fukushima were totally un-damaged, so very early on (within the first couple hours, when it was clear there was something seriously amiss with the transfer switches,) massive flat bed semi mounted "portable" generators were driven into the facility and hooked up. Alas, the Scada controlled switch gear was not allowed by some mysterious entity, to engage. And you can't "just hook it up" by hand, you need specialized switch gear to handle that much power or there will be an explosion when it is connected. So they were stuck.

4. Fukushima had control power the entire time. Control power is what the computers and small non motorized devices run from (small devices, such as electric valves, relays, etc.) Control power alone was enough to save Fukushima from destruction, however, the engineers in the control room were not getting accurate readings, and all commands sent to valves were declined. If they had been able to open any of the pressure release valves, they could have saved the facility with high pressure pumper trucks (that could rapidly pump water into the reactors at the normal reactor operating pressure of 1050 PSI, but the valves, which should automatically open at 1058 PSI (and vent the reactors out the huge white "smokestacks") were electronically held shut, despite all attempts to cut power to them and force them to open. When the trucks arrived to try to get water into the reactors, they encountered pressures above 2700 PSI which was the limit they could pump to. This meant that not only were the pressure relase valves refusing to open, but the reactors were far far above maximum operating temperature (with temperature directly correlated with steam pressure)

They decided to send people in to cut the wires to the valves (which would then allow them to open) but before the final decision was made, 3 of the reactors exploded.

5. Reactor 4 was under maintenance and had it's core removed, yet it exploded anyway.

6. All 4 reactor containments were pre-purged with nitrogen, which made hydrogen explosions impossible, and the official lie - "hydrogen explosions" could not have destroyed the containments because they were simply too robust. Additionally, the only way hydrogen could get out of any reactor was through the smokestacks, there was no way for it to get into the containments to begin with. Seismic readings at Fukushima proper were 6.02, and the facility was designed to withstand local seismic events of 8+. All reactors were shock absorber mounted, the whole 9 yards, there was no damage that made hydrogen explosions possible.

7. YET HUGE EXPLOSIONS, NUCLEAR EXPLOSIONS, HAPPENED AT REACTORS 3 AND 4, AND REACTOR PRESSURE VESSEL EXPLOSIONS, AT 3000+ PSI HAPPENED AT REACTORS 1 AND 2. These were pressure vessel explosions (boiler pressure vessel explosions) - nuclear reactors are in effect giant boiler pressure vessels - explosions of such boilers are really nasty (nasty enough to ruin containments) but nuclear weapons are worse, and I HAVE PROOF.

8. Here is the big bad naughty thing this site is hated most for - a picture of the nuclear weapon, fronted as a security camera, that was placed under reactor 3 by Israeli "security firm" Magna BSP. A different one went into reactor 4.

Gun type nuclear weapons are very large, but nuclear facilities are huge, and there was space under reactor 3 for it. Yes, those are street lights on that tarmac, here is a picture of this type of "camera" (which in this case happens to be a real camera) mounted to a building, for reference:

(Notice on the one that went under reactor 3 that the cameras are externally mounted balls, and on the real camera (obviously done to make a convincing fake for a picture) the cameras are totally cut into what would be the gun barrel. WHY THE DIFFERENCE? You guess!

No significant earthquake happened in Japan, 3/11 was an event where a man made earthquake measuring 6.6 was used as a front while nuclear weapons dropped in the Japan trench by the U.S. Navy, (which thought it was dropping sonobouys) were used to create an enormous tsunami, which did horrific damage. The USGS, which is a totally corrupted agency handled the paperwork for the earthquake but pissed off Japanese seismologists sent me the actual seismogram for the quake, and the reading is Richter, here it is:

They put the fake epicenter out in the ocean, to satisfy the official story, while showing what the actual readings were. There was no earthquake in the ocean at all, even the man made quake was 100 KM inland and the ZioPress simply scammed the news. I wonder if the seismologists who published this accurate seismogram are even alive anymore. DOUBT IT.

This is all documented in the Fukushima report (which this site is permanently banished for) because I refuse to take it down. The world needs to know just how damn dirty Israel really is. Japan was destroyed because they agreed to provide nuclear fuel to Iran, and refused to make a huge payout to the world bank.

Oh, for the heck of it (I guess) I'll post the picture that proves no big earthquake happened, and the tsunami really was nuclear. Everything is in perfect shape here, as the tsunami rolls in.



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