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Feb 21 2108

Shooting took place at 2:19 yet Hogg interview of students during shooting happened at 9:32 AM?

There are no videos left on Youtube of Hogg interviewing students during the shooting. They have all been purged. I just searched for them at length and cannot find a single one, and did not save any because I did not realize I ought to. Well, I should have.

Evidently Hogg (the idiot in the other videos here, CNN stooge), while "interviewing students during the shooting" said the actual time he was filming and it was 9:32 AM. That would not be possible if the shooting was real, and happened at 2:19 PM.

So what we would have here (if this pans out) is a major continuity glitch in a scripted plot for an event that never happened, and as a result all the videos of Hogg in the classroom with the kids during the shooting have been pulled offline by Youtube, (which is your enemy, don't kid yourself with that for a minute) while the videos are either sent to the memory hole or "fixed."

Unfortunately I did not save that particular video. I will be trying to get my hands on it throughout the day.

You can bet the fat man is going to be singing about this if it is legit, keep an eye on Alex also.

Well well, it looks like the official story is springing leaks everywhere:

Fox News: Florida House aide fired after claiming Florida shooting survivors are 'actors'

An aide to a Florida House lawmaker was fired Tuesday after he said that Parkland students who were speaking out on gun control after Wednesday's mass shooting were paid actors.

Benjamin Kelly, the aide to Republican Rep. Shawn Harrison, emailed Tampa Bay Times reporter Alex Leary to claim that two Marjory Stoneman Douglas students who appeared on CNN weren’t actually survivors of the attack.

An aide to state Rep. Shawn Harrison, using state email, sent me this: "Both kids in the picture are not students here but actors that travel to various crisis when they happen." Kelly reportedly emailed the newspaper. When the Tampa Bay reporter asked for proof, the House aide sent a follow-up email claiming the same student who appeared on CNN, David Hogg, was in another state hundreds of miles away.

My comment: If Fox reported this or even mentioned actors at all, the wheels just fell off. The rest of the Fox report, (very detailed) is here.

Twitter purge of Russian bots: False flag media hoax?

The following appeared in The Metro. But a follow up with the facts does not appear to make any sense.

The Metro, in a mocking tone, published the following:

"Today, our thoughts and prayers are with the #MAGA brigade, as they howl in despair after half their Twitter followers vanished overnight.

The reason? Those 'cruel leftist libs' at Twitter just purged a load of Russian bots, it seems - leading (hilariously) to right-wing Tweeters losing their sh*t.

They think it's some kind of left-wing conspiracy, whereas in fact, Twitter appears to have just deleted a bunch of non-existent fascists controlled from St Petersburg.

Not seeming to realise the irony, many are sharing their agony online with the hashtag #TwitterLockout. Try not to laugh, please, now is not the time to gloat."

My comment: That is exactly how the text will be worded when conservatives actually are kicked offline, but my question is, did it actually happen? There are a few cases the Metro quotes where Twitter users are asking where their followers went, but in relation to Trump? I don't see it, Trump has always had (in recent months) 47,000,000 followers. It looks like this purge did nothing at all to Trump, so did a purge even happen?

If nothing happened, but the media can plant in the public concience that Trump got wiped out 50 percent by a bot purge, will it hurt Trump even if there was no purge at all? YOU BET, spread this, the public needs to know this is probably a fake false flag "purge".

You don't need a shooting, you just need to say there is a shooting and you can accomplish an agenda.

You don't need sexual harassment in the work place, you just need to say it is happening, and you accomplish an agenda.

You don't need a Russian bot purge, you just need to say one happened, and it wiped out the President by 50 percent, and you accomplish an agenda. This game has been played in one form or another for a long time now, this does not surprise me at all.

Look who wants you disarmed

The following is making the rounds on social media in various forms. Here's my take, with my tweaks.

Criminals want you disarmed

Globalists want you disarmed

The UN wants you disarmed

AntiFa wants you disarmed

Rabid Feminists want you disarmed

Fema wants you disarmed

Brainwashing leftist professors want you disarmed

Tyrants (who intend to RULE you like subjects) want you disarmed

The Red Chinese want you disarmed

The Jews want you disarmed.

Old world Bolshevik communists want you disarmed (and they killed millions)

The Leftist racists (the REAL racists) want you disarmed

The Propaganda centers (MSM) want you disarmed

The children who have no life experience, no knowledge of history, and no understanding of the Constitution want you disarmed

The Leftists pushing civil war want you disarmed

So, do you think it's a good idea to make yourself weak and helpless, now that the whole fucking WORLD has been brainwashed into hating you?

That would be suicide.

Very odd - CNN witness caught rehearsing his lines

My question with this - How on earth did this video ever get out? Someone at CNN is onto something and hates the program, this type of footage does not get out unless someone is pissed. In my opinion, it would not prove the witness is lying, until it got released like this, there's no freaking way this got approved, someone wants the story BUSTED.

This is the normal .3gp format I have always posted, right click to save, this is a really damning piece of video. HOW ON EARTH did this ever get out?

Ha ha ha, if this kid was speaking about something that actually happened, he would not be tripping all over his sh*t, he'd just recall it from memory and say it outright. A drill? with police firing blanks? You mean, like what he said clearly in the other video, without slipping and stammering? YOU BET

Ok, so that video was cool, right? this is better.

He was at CNN headquarters right before the shooting, was probably never at the shooting, and probably said it all from CNN fakery headquarters!!! Son of an FBI agent? THAT FITS!!!!

I might be getting back to normal

Judging by how much I got posted in a short time, that is probably the case.

Time is passing slowly this afternoon and a lot is getting done. That's the way it used to be before all the crap happened. For the last days I was taking at least 12 grams of pure ascorbic acid per day and never hit bowel tolerance, which means my body was using it to fight off something awful. The last 3 gram dose is not going well with my system and my mind is sharp as a tack, which means I probably beat this.

Here's a little advice that I learned from this: I have NEVER been able to take so f much vitamin C (up to 20 grams a day) and I mean, I have never before been able to handle even six grams a day without ending up on the toilet purging it, that's what bowel tolerance means - if you get too much vitamin C you get Diarrhea, and that's the signal you got enough.

No matter how much vitamin C you take (and I was taking straight ascorbic acid in one gram tablets) if you never get Diarrhea you need more vitamin C to fight what you have. I stopped where I stopped because it was an unimaginably high amount, but in hindsight I'd take more. There is no doubt I needed it and it pulled me through.

When your body is fighting an illness, your vitamin C needs are much greater, this time I'd bet I had some sort of hemorragic fever because you can get them in Mexico and I can't imagine anything else that would use so much vitamin C. I had a high temperature also that went up to 105 that I brought down with huge doses of ibuprofen and you don't start bleeding with that type of illness until after your vitamin C is totally wiped out by it. I have no idea what I had, but it sure was not the flu or a cold, it attacked my lungs badly and they hurt horribly yet all I ever coughed up was clear, none of it ever had any color. It hurt so bad it was hard to breathe, and I could tell the pain receded after every large dose of vitamin C. It broke this morning. Now the only pain I have is sore stomach muscles from coughing so much so forcefully, and a gut ache from the last 3 gram dose of vitamin C, which my body is not taking.

Tomorrow will tell the whole story, but right now I feel great. Typing lots like there is no problem.


Let's hope this is a political ploy. It would take an act of congress to actually do it, he can't just give a verbal order and have it be so. And if he actually does want them banned let's hope it is a play, like DACA, to keep the rest preserved. However there is nothing the left wants more than a gun ban, so they might see this as the camel's nose in the tent and go for much much more.

When it comes to Trump, everthing he does is carefully calculated to get the most benefit at minimal sacrifice, evidently he believes this shooting really happened, the censors did indeed do their jobs well when as far as I can tell, my server was the predominant center for the video clips that really reveal what actually happened.

When I grabbed those clips, I was always in the first 20 viewers, and with one, the fifth viewer of the clip which means the censors were deleting them absolutely as fast as they could possibly find them. Within minutes. None of the clips were over 10 minutes old by the time I had them captured and re-posted here.

There is little question they kept Trump trapped in an information bubble.

As far as bump stocks go, if they really do get banned, I see it as no big deal whatsoever for several reasons. 1. You can't shoot straight with one. 2. You should not waste that much ammo when you are not going to be re-supplied. 3. I don't know of anyone, even avid gun owners, who totally support fully automatic weapons in public hands. Consider this: If it comes down to a civil war, semi auto is going to be the way to go because the public is never going to be re-supplied with ammo, every bullet has to count, and a carefully aimed bullet is at least 100 times as effective as bullets spewed during rapid fire with the gun bouncing everywhere. In fact, the best possible option for ammo savings in the public would be bolt action rifles (though in a combat situation a semi auto and a 30 round mag would probably be tops) because you could center on the target after firing much faster.

If I woke up one morning and there was a war going on, and without notice all I had was 80 rounds, I'd most prefer to have them be .270 rounds I was going to put in a perfect condition well sighted semi auto with a 7 round capacity. No body armor would stop a .270.

Main Stream Media: The truth does not matter, what you can make people believe is the truth, does.

I do not believe any shooting at all happened in Florida. They set up their story line, hired their crisis actors, set up the scenario with a complicit media (if the media was not the outright sponsor) and they did their psy op. As far as they are concerned, if they accomplish the job of getting weapons banned without killing anyone, they have committed a holy task and done it in a totally righteous way.

For them.

Now, today's media hoax is about sexual harassment in the workplace, and men are so bad they'll even sexually harass women during a surgery. No kidding. Get a load of this B.S., I don't believe a word of it actually happened:

From NBC News "Inside a bright operating room, Dr. Christina Jenkins gripped her surgical clamp, ready to remove a skin graft.

With her was a scrub tech, an anesthesiologist, and, across the operating table, the attending physician - a veteran trauma and burn surgeon.

Jenkins, a resident at the time who was just beginning her career, dug her surgical instrument underneath the skin graft. She was almost finished spreading apart the patient's staples when, she said, the attending physician leaned over so his face was uncomfortably close to hers.

"You know how to spread good," he whispered through his surgical mask over their anesthetized patient. "That will teach you how to spread."

Astonished that she had been sexually harassed in the middle of an operation, Jenkins quickly finished the procedure.

My comment: The picture they used was a Latino woman. Jenkins is not a Latino name. A Latino woman would not understand the statement by the doctor, even after going through university, because what was used by the doctor was an American verbal colloquialism that no Latino could be expected to understand ever. Obvious: This article is a piece of scripted bullshit just like the shooting in Florida, only this was dreamed up by a pathetic loser "bashed into a shell" white male who would know that colloquialism - and then spew a load of bullshit to continue the divide and conquer tactics that are ripping America apart. Divide and conquer tactics that rooted in his psyche at the behest of a phleghminist hate America "professor" who programmed people rather than teaching them a damn thing.

I don't believe it. I don't buy it.

For the most solid dose of bullshit you've seen in a while, SEE THIS.

I discovered an enormous horrible problem with the official story out of florida!!!

HA HA HA, CHECK THIS OUT Look at my search terms. It probably was a drill, and nothing happened at all. That would be a great reason to tear the building down, RIGHT? No bullet holes in anything, no evidence, you got your psy op, TEAR IT DOWN SO NO ONE FIGURES IT OUT. Perfect. Just PERFECT!!! Simply not enough there for those rather direct search terms, am I right?! I mean like what? How many kids were running around with cell phone cams and THIS IS ALL WE HAVE?? Yeah, RIGHT. And when you use single words rather than the three I chose together, it drops to even less!

I am now going to declare it a hoax, and the kids who were fooled did not know what a crisis actor is! the only way no unique cell phone pics hit Google is if this was a controlled situation from start to finish. There is no question they Mk'ed the "perpetrator" into a controlled confession.

Medical price gouge!

A sleazy doctor ordered a urine test for a back surgery patient that should have cost $100. But rather than ask for what was needed, he tacked on testing for many different types of drugs, and the lab gouged the price of every single additional test by a factor of at least 20. Final bill? $17,800. Blue cross cried foul, and refused to pay, sticking the patient with the bill. This is precisely what is wrong with American medical - horrendous price gouging and corruption, rather than honest pay. See this.

The DNC refused to comply with a dossier-related Subpoena, they got hit with some REALLY BAD NEWS

Buzzfeed sued the DNC for evidence related to the dossier, and how it came to be. The DNC did not play ball, and now Buzzfeed has hired a former FBI agent to put things right. see this.

Very interesting:

911 cameraman found a safe that had been emptied prior to the attacks, and another with obvious signs of forced entry.

He filmed it all and never turned in the footage. He knew right away his footage would be destroyed so he kept it. His wife ended up dead less than a year later. He has been tried five times for killing her and was found innocent all 5 times. He is now in Argentina, and the U.S. wants him extradited to go on trial for the same thing again. This report by The Sun is well worth a read, see this

Just like Sandy Hook (where the building was torn down to hide evidence) the school in florida is coming down too!

My comment: As if a fire hose with hydrogen peroxide would not be cheaper than a whole new building, unless, of course, the story is not straight!!!

I crashed for two days and woke up with the flu

I am back to being able to post, but got so over worked and over stressed with various issues that I crashed for two days and slept the whole time. And when I awoke, there was this beauty, all ready to post!!!!

CNN video proves the Florida shooting coincided perfectly with a police drill for a mass shooting!!!! ARCHIVE AND POST!!!!

At first students thought it was a drill and did not react because they were told ahead of time the police would be firing blanks in a mass shooting drill at the school, which coincided perfectly with the actual shooting. FIGURE THE ODDS, this, in conjunction with the other two videos here proves this was a shadow state op, and Cruz had nothing to do with it.

To save bandwidth and not max out the main server, this is a low res .3gp that will play on phones, Linux, and most other systems. If it does not play, try it on a different computer. This can be right clicked and saved.

BREAKING: Mueller indicted 13 Russians on charges for supporting Donald Trump!!!

This news is less than 10 minutes old at time of posting. Let's see where this show goes.

This is not a hoax, The indictment is here.

I doubt the charges are legit, but this just goes to show that Mueller is the shadow state and Hillary will never fry, no matter what. READ THE FOLLOWING, AND LOCK AND LOAD. If the government is this corrupt, it is war time.

When guns were in school

My experience with guns in a real American school (Jim Stone)

When I was a kid, guns were in school, and no one ever got shot. First second and third graders were not allowed to bring them, but in fourth grade they were allowed for show and tell.

My second grade teacher made gun safety a common topic. Guns were such an integral part of American life that all schools taught gun safety. I'll never forget his story about him being with his brothers when they found their dad's shot gun. They were pointing it at each other playing games, not realizing it was loaded. He said he worked the pump and a live shell flew out, and it was only by luck he did not pull the trigger when playing. Lesson: Every gun is loaded, never point a gun at anyone.

Another part of his gun education for second graders was one time he brought a hand gun into class. He showed it to all the kids, telling them not to worry, because it was not loaded. He then began to spin the chamber saying, "this is perfectly safe to do, because the gun is not loaded. Spin, click. Spin, click. All the kids were fascinated, really paying attention, then spin, BOOM. HE HAD A BLANK LOADED AND FINALLY HIT IT. Everyone was out of their seats. He put on a show, like it was an accident, and we all believed it. MESSAGE: Never point a gun at anyone, because ALL GUNS ARE LOADED. Imagine a teacher doing that in a second grade class nowadays! The principal was laughing.

On to fourth grade, and guns were brought in occasionally for show and tell. You could bring the bullets but they could not be in the gun, so you could show what type of bullets your gun took. After that, there were no guns in classrooms, because by then everyone was familiar with them, and how to be safe with them.

On to 11th grade. In band class, we decided to do the 1812 overature, and you know, that song needs cannons. So one of the kids who was a snare drummer (and an avid hunter) who often bragged about his .410 in grade school brought a 12 guage shot gun to band class, and we had to practice with it before the concert. He had blanks loaded and the band director told him to point it at a music stand so the paper wadding would not hit anyone. Test it. BOOM, the music stand went flying. Students laughing. Band director: Back up a little so the muzzle blast does not knock the music stand over. He had to back up about 25feet and was shooting it past the Timpany and the tubas in the back. He had to be a good shot to not hit anyone, and everyone trusted him because he was. That is what the real America was like, what the hell did we allow our nation to become?

Intelligence agencies obviously run the media. Here's proof.

From the daily caller

"Intelligence officials can selectively release classified information to trusted journalists while withholding the same information from other citizens who request it through open records laws, CIA lawyers argued Wednesday.Intelligence officials can selectively release classified information to trusted journalists while withholding the same information from other citizens who request it through open records laws, CIA lawyers argued Wednesday.

In a motion filed in New York federal court, the CIA claimed that limited disclosures to reporters do not waive national security exemptions to Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests. Intelligence and law enforcement agencies frequently deny records requests on the basis of protecting sensitive national security information, one of nine exemptions written into the federal FOIA law.

The case stems from lawsuit against the CIA by New York-based independent journalist Adam Johnson, who had used FOIA to obtain emails between the agency’s public information office and selected reporters from the Wall Street Journal, the Washington Post and The New York Times. The emails the CIA provided to Johnson were redacted, leading him to question why he was not allowed to see the same information that had been given to uncleared reporters.

My comment: Yes, but . . . . . arent the reporters supposed to be members of the public? Obviously they are not, if the CIA can give information to them and no one else!

How to make an assassin out of anyone

This is an extremely well produced video by Darren Brown. It is the length that is made to fit a one hour TV time slot. So tonight, instead of watching "funniest home videos," watch this instead.

Supposedly they got their patsy to confess!! I guess the above video is right on target! They can get him to tap dance for all I care, and it will never un-do the damning eyewitness videos that prove he did not do it.

Gun owners of America issue official statement on Florida

Executive Director of Gun Owners of America (GOA) Erich Pratt stated the following after the tragic shooting in Parkland, Florida:

"This tragedy breaks everyone's heart at Gun Owners of America, and we send our sincere thoughts and prayers to everyone affected. It is disturbing to see a coward attack students who are so treasured by friends and loved ones.

However, it is disgusting to see media pundits and politicians calling for gun control as the knee-jerk reaction to this tragedy.

The fact is this tragedy happened in a gun free zone, where sadly over 98 percent of the public mass shootings occur.

Furthermore, anti-gun liberals tell us that these types of shootings don't occur in other countries. But that's a lie. The U.S. is not even in the top ten when one compares international death rates resulting from mass shootings.

Some lawmakers may seek to implement more restrictions on the right to keep and bear arms, such a the misnamed 'NICS Fix' legislation. However, no form of gun control will help prevent these tragedies.

Instead, GOA calls on Congress to immediately pass the 'Safe Students Act,' legislation introduced by Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY), to repeal the Gun-Free School Zones Act, which enable evil doers by leaving teachers, school administrators, and parents unable to protect students. In fact, 81 percent of police officers support arming teachers to stop school shootings.

Lastly, GOA calls on state legislatures, including Florida lawmakers, to pass Constitutional Carry legislation to remove the unnecessary legal barriers to carry a firearm."

$70 million reward for anyone who locates MH370

That is enough of a reward for mechanics to start cross referencing part numbers on seldom replaced parts that are also hard to replace, on all similar aircraft everywhere, even in Tel Aviv or the Mojave boneyard. I'd be going for the prize if I had access! They still believe it is in the water somewhere I guess, but that's Malaysia, not the people who remote hijacked it.

See this.

Due to the value of what is here I am going to keep it parked on top. this needs to be copied and sent. The censor bots are really going to screw with this one.


A guy named Gandalf is doing repeat posts of the following video to Youtube to keep it from vanishing, yes, youtube kills it and it "magically re appears". I found this re post when it was 3 minutes old and it had five views, by the time it finished playing and I hit reload it had 83 views. So people know about this, and it is getting censored.

My comment: The girl is ditzy at this point and did not figure out that if Cruz did the shooting, he should have had guns. So you have to look past her blindness and figure it out.

Right click the picture to save the video, double click to play. This has been compressed down to less than a megabyte and is in 3gp format, which plays on phones, Knoppix, and usually in Windows.


After this little tidbit of info, I need not say more. Florida was done by Soros/CIA/whoever, to put a shooting on Valentines day, to embed it in the public concience like 911.


Supposedly Cruz did this with an assault rifle. Howd he hide that from her when she was walking beside him? That kills the second shooter angle of this!!! This was so damning I knew it would be deleted, so I am going to serve it from here and deal with whatever bandwidth issues happen.

The following video comes in as a highly compressed but perfectly usable 3gp. This will play on phones and usually on windows and always on Knoppix. Right click it to save, double click it to play.

Nicholas cruz did not do the shooting and a bumbling media blew the whole psy op clean open

"She said, Hey I just heard shots fired, I'm surprised it's not you. Just kidding. And then he had this reaction like "what?"


Here's a social media comment on this video - PRICELESS:




School shooting in Florida.

My comment: Unlike Sandy Hook, this time around real people are dead. However, it was definitely a state run event, set up most likely by the CIA. Obviously we are going to have tons of theories until all this pans out, but here's where we start:

Real people dead, and the media reporting what web sites this kid visited FAR TOO EARLY. Impossibly early. When anything "impossilbe" happens, the state definitely had a hand in it. Swat arrived impossibly quick also. That's where we are at right now with uncovering exactly who did this, this time they apparently did not go for "patsy dead", he's still alive.

Muslim?!!? GTFO!
Rumors are now surfacing he was Antifa! Expelled from school.

I have to put the drill theme back up because it looks like it has legs. A girl was on Twitter saying there was a drill for a mass shooting underway,only they did not shoot blanks, they shot real bullets. This is unconfirmed, but now more people are saying it started out as a drill.

Gates crashed at NSA world headquarters

Two men dressed as women tried to crash their way OUT of the facility in an SUV. One is now reported dead, (they tweaked the report to say he was injured but I'd bet he is dead, (politics you know) and the other is probably soon to be dead. It may be possible to crash your way OUT of where the cars are parked, but I would not try it.

Now the big question is, why would two men dressed as women try to crash their way out of the NSA?

Did they have Hillary's data??!!??

Something big had to have gone on behind the scenes with this, they may have had a classified reason for pulling this stunt.

Again: NSA warns against buying Huawai phones (So I use Huawai exclusively for this site!)

The following quote is from CNBC, and I have a perfect answer, almost God given perfect:

"Six top US intelligence chiefs caution against buying Huawei phones The directors of the CIA, FBI, NSA and several other intelligence agencies express their distrust of Apple-rival Huawei and fellow Chinese telecom company ZTE. During a hearing, the intelligence chiefs commended American telecom companies for their measured resistance to the Chinese companies. Huawei has been trying to enter the U.S. market, first through a partnership with AT&T that was ultimately called off."

My kick them in the teeth comment:

A few years ago I was on the subway in Mexico city. I have both ZTE and Huawei modems I do this web site with. Well, a funny thing happened. I ended up bumping into an engineer from Huawei. I asked where he was from (China) and he said he worked as an engineer for Huawei and he had to do something in Mexico. He hated ZTE because "They were not secure" and Huawei products were better. He asked what I had, and I pulled both a Huawei and a ZTE out of my pocket. They were in my pocket together. He got pissed when he saw the ZTE. He did not even care that I had the Huawei, he was only pissed about the ZTE. Conversation over. I was like, OH MY GOD, they are VERY jealous and territorial! There must be a hell of a competition going on with these people.

So let me correct that quote from CNBC:

If that engineer was upset I had both Huawei and ZTE modems, there's no way those two companies are working together. If he was an engineer hating the other, there's no question the product architecture is different. And I switched over to using entirely Huawei (the ZTE modems are still there for whatever emergency reasons) but the Huawei modems get used because THEY NEVER GET HACKED. When I use the ZTE modems, there are constant perpetual problems that appear to be security related.

Is anyone out there really stupid enough to believe the NSA would tell anyone how to keep anything secure, when they are the greatest spy outfit in the world, planting intentional bugs in products at the manufacturer level? Obviously those "SIX" Intelligence chiefs are against Huawei because Huawei makes it too difficult for them to play!

This is in the headlines again today, and I

Obama painter sneaking sperm into paintings (READ THE PUNCH LINE)

I doubt it. There is a viral theme on the internet right now where a portriat painter who did official paintings of obama for official government purposes snuck sperm into the paintings. However, this is only an internet hoax. I found the original portrait this was taken from, and it is just not there.

The original portrait is here, do not fall for this hoax.

A large number of alt media web sites have picked up on this, including highly reputable ones. I called it B.S. point blank and did not post it to begin with, but since so many fell for this, I figured I would make note.


The small photo has obviously been enhanced by someone to really make note of what it is, but in the original portrait, it really is there.

Dragged out of a hearing for exposing oil interests

A woman was dragged out of a political hearing for exposing corrupt politicians taking bribes from oil companies. This only goes to show just how rigged the discussion is.

see this

Watch a couple of advanced robot dogs open a door

These two robot dogs, that are very advanced, learned how to open a door by themselves, and worked as a team to get the second one, who had no appendages to open a door with, through. Very creepy, if these things can learn like this, it is going to be hell on the battlefield.

see this

Amazon Echo creepy

A reader sent:

I totally busted Amazon and Echo last night while have a phone conversation with my brother. We were talking about home brewing and I asked him a question about the carboy (but I couldn't remember the name of the part). About 5 mins later I got an email from Amazon with a carboy ad. it was timestamp 3 hours earlier. I looked at the header and the timestamp on that was current. BUSTED! My brother was standing next to his Amazon echo. He did NOT allow his phone Echo app to access his contacts but at one time he did. Voice recognition and searched his contacts and sent the email to me and spoofed the timestamp. What a bunch of Rats. I have screen shots of everything.

Also, I hope you're doing better and the family situation is settling down. Worried about you dude.

My response: It was so bad I opened an investigation in the church. Now I will do absolutely nothing but watch what happens. As far as my heart, it is now totally smooth, painless, and quiet, and I have a strong pulse. Coffee has no effect on it. So back to regular (perfect) health and confirmed no damage.

Unilever threatened Google and Facebook for too much "conservative news"


From the damndest of all places, CNN!

Unilever is threatening to pull its advertising from digital platforms that it says have become a "swamp" of fake news, racism, sexism and extremism.

The forceful warning to digital platforms such as Google (GOOGL) and Facebook (FB) will be delivered at an advertising conference in California later on Monday.

"We cannot continue to prop up a digital supply chain ... which at times is little better than a swamp in terms of its transparency," Unilever marketing boss Keith Weed will say, according to a copy of his speech obtained by CNN.

Unilever (UL), which owns brands including Dove, Lipton, and Ben & Jerry's, is one of the world's top advertisers. It has an annual marketing budget of roughly €8 billion ($9.8 billion), and 25% of its ads are digital. Weed will say that a proliferation of objectionable content on social media -- and a lack of protections for children -- is eroding social trust, harming users and undermining democracies.

"This is not something that can brushed aside or ignored," he will say in the speech. Unilever would no longer advertise on platforms that create divisions in society or fail to protect young people.

Facebook and Google have dominated the online ad market for years, thanks to their massive reach and vast amounts of data. The companies are estimated to have gobbled up more than 60% of digital ad spending in 2017. It's a situation that advertisers are not entirely happy with. Google has already come under fire from companies that discovered their ads were being shown alongside objectionable videos on its YouTube video platform.

Facebook, meanwhile, has faced a groundswell of criticism for enabling fake news, filter bubbles, foreign election meddling and social media addiction. The company, which sources 85% of its revenue from corporate posts and videos, announced in January that it would prioritize posts from friends and family over news stories and content from businesses.

Facebook also revealed that users are spending less time on its network after it chose to show fewer viral videos. Facebook said in a statement that it supports Unilever's commitments and is "working closely with them." Google did not respond to a request for comment.

"2018 is either the year of techlash, where the world turns on the tech giants -- and we have seen some of this already -- or the year of trust," Weed will say. "The year where we collectively rebuild trust back in our systems and our society."

My comment: Well, at least CNN covered it.

Julian Assange(tm) "lost" appeal agains arrest warrant

My comment:

Ok, then he can make a balcony appearance. Just do it at random. Someone will notice, no snipers will be there to nail him at random, and someone will definitely get a picture. Arrest warrant in place and no balcony appearances? I'll tell you where this is going - his "health will deteriorate" from always being inside a small area, and he will die. Only he's already dead. Maybe. Or in Gitmo.

Hey, it's the official "that is definitely not the original "Assange" twitter. A while ago they swapped his picture out for this other guy, and he was all there was, but now if you hit his twitter they have the real one and this fraud layered on top of each other. If Julian ever does "Appear again" He'll be this "other guy". They are obviously trying to get the greater public acclimated to the switch.

High ranking government official comes clean on Illuminati

"You have a got secret cabal that's actually running the world and they've managed to keep this technology under wraps until they can cash in the trillions of oil assets that they've got. - Paul Hellyer

Mr Hellyer claims the technology to reverse climate change has been developed, but it is supressed by the Illuminati, as most of its key members have big stakes in the fossil fuel industry which they wish to continue for as long as possible.

He said: "You have a got secret cabal that's actually running the world and they've managed to keep this technology under wraps until they can cash in the trillions of oil assets that they've got.

"And it's not going to change until hundreds of thousands of people band together and say look 'you've got to come clean, tell us what is going on, and change your priorities to save the world for further generations instead of blowing it on wars'."

Mr Hellyer joins the ranks of world famous conspiracy theorist David Icke, the former footballer and BBC1 Grandstand presenter, who came out as a so-called "truther" in the 1990s.

He describes the Illuminati as a cabal and the "Hidden Hand" in lectures across the globe.

More here.

My comment - Sounds about right to me. Why the bias? Gotta keep selling that oil for the carbon tax!

Israel is testing the waters of opinion for an attack on Iran

If you see pictures posted today of filthy Arab toilets, opressed women, and "mud huts" keep in mind that Israel is very interested in attacking Iran as soon as possible, and propaganda is always a forerunner of such efforts.

Israel may have destroyed a Russian passenger jet over the downing of an Israeli F-16 in Syria, (taken out with an S-200 missile) which obviously means the S-300 ad S-400 are probably hacked because none of those have worked yet. They are blaming Iran for it, and rather than understand that when you conduct bombing runs in foreign nations you should expect consequences, they are only focusing on a story line that Iran provided the missile (maybe they did, maybe not) and are now beating the drums of war with absolutely ridiculous anti-Muslim propaganda.

Fact: In Iran, there are no water restrictors on the taps in the kitchen, so they can fill their sinks in 30 seconds rather than 10 minutes the way it takes in America. Another example of them not being backwards is Corelle dishes are sub grade there, the poor might buy them but the rest of their stuff is finer. Corelle is high grade in the U.S.

In Iran, a majority of kitchen counter tops are granite or some other hard stone, not wood and plastic like the U.S., and the home itself will be solid concrete. The cities sparkle, the parks are amazing, there are many ski resorts, the world's biggest malls are there, and the highways are awesome. Yada yada, said it all before here many times, but figured I'd remind people that when they see Iran portrayed as 3 oppressed women, a man, a camel and a tent in filth, it's just the Jews lying again for sympathy and public support of planned conflict.

Few people believe Trump was not improperly surveiled

From Breitbart

Despite the disgraced American media's best and most cynical efforts to bury the truth, and to even stop the truth from ever seeing the light of day, this poll (and another addressed below) demonstrate that the American people are almost entirely tuning the partisan, mostly-hysterical news media out and looking to alternative media for the truth.

There is simply no other way to explain these poll results, which unambiguously prove that a majority of the public believe the exact opposite of what an unceasing, coordinated media campaign wants them to believe - which is that President Trump colluded with the Russians to win the 2016 campaign and that the heroic FBI is being unfairly smeared by Trump's eeeevil defenders.

Well, despite more than a year of this relentless propaganda coming from all four corners of the mainstream media's fabricated reality, here are the results from all four corners of actual reality...

A clear majority of 55 percent believe it is "likely" that the Obama administration "improperly surveilled the Trump campaign during the 2016 election." That includes 31 percent of Democrats, 87 percent of Republicans, and 55 percent of Independents.

A clear majority of 54 percent want a special counsel to investigate "whether the FBI and the Department of Justice improperly surveilled the Trump campaign during the 2016 presidential election." Only 44 percent said no. The partisan breakdown shows that 74 percent of Republicans and 50 percent of Independents want a special counsel - as do a full 44 percent of Democrats.

My comment: Interesting article, though I'd like to see the positive numbers higher. There is more at the Breitbart link above.

The NY post is afraid of shut down

Now that the Trump genie is out of the bottle, unlikely to return, the New York Post FINALLY produced a truthful article.

Peeling back the layers of Hillary Clinton's deceit

From the New York Post

For law enforcement, Congress and even journalists, exposing misdeeds is like peeling an onion. Each layer you remove gets you closer to the truth.

So it is with the scandalous behavior of the FBI during its probe into whether President Trump's campaign conspired with Russia in 2016. One layer at a time, we're learning how flawed and dirty that probe was.

A top layer involves the texts between FBI lawyer Lisa Page and her married lover, Peter Strzok, the lead agent on the Hillary Clinton e-mail probe. They casually mention an "insurance policy" in the event Trump won the election and a plan for Strzok to go easy on Clinton because she probably would be their next boss.

Those exchanges, seen in the light of subsequent events, lead to a reasonable conclusion that the fix was in among then-Director James Comey's team to hurt Trump and help Clinton.

Another layer involves the declassified House memo, which indicates the FBI and Justice Department depended heavily on the unverified Russian dossier about Trump to get a warrant to spy on Carter Page, an American citizen and briefly a Trump adviser.

The House memo also reveals that Comey and others withheld from the secret surveillance court key partisan facts that would have cast doubt on the dossier. Officials never revealed to the judges that the document was paid for by Clinton's campaign and the Democratic National Committee or that Christopher Steele, the former British spy who compiled the dossier, said he was "desperate that Donald Trump not get elected."

A third layer of the onion involves the revelations in the letter GOP Sens. Charles Grassley and Lindsey Graham wrote to the Justice Department. They urge a criminal investigation into whether Steele lied to the FBI about how much and when he fed the dossier to the anti-Trump media.

The letter is compelling in showing that Steele said one thing under oath to a British court and something different to the FBI. The contradictions matter because the agency relied on Steele's credibility in both the FISA applications and its actual investigation. Strangely, even after it fired him for breaking its rule forbidding media contact, the FBI continued to praise his credibility in court.

If that were all the senators' letter accomplished, it would be enough. But it does much more.

It also reveals that two former journalists linked to Clinton, separately identified as the odious Sidney Blumenthal and a man named Cody Shearer, created and gave a State Department official additional unverified allegations against Trump.

The official passed those documents to Steele, who passed them to the FBI, which reportedly saw them as further evidence that Trump worked with Russians. But as Grassley, head of the Judiciary Committee, and Graham write, "It is troubling enough that the Clinton Campaign funded Mr. Steele's work, but that these Clinton associates were contemporaneously feeding Mr. Steele allegations raises additional concerns about his credibility."

The State Department official involved in the episode, Jonathan Winer, wrote an Op-Ed in the Washington Post Friday in which he confessed to the senators' chronology while offering a benign description of his motives. Winer also admitted he shared all the unverified allegations from the Clinton hitmen with other State Department officials.

There are many more layers of the onion to peel, but here's where we are now: It increasingly appears that the Clinton machine was the secret, original source of virtually all the allegations about Trump and Russia that led to the FBI investigation.

In addition, the campaign and its associates, including Steele, were behind the explosion of anonymously sourced media reports during the fall of 2016 about that investigation.

Thus, the Democratic nominee paid for and created allegations against her Republican opponent, gave them to law enforcement, then tipped friendly media to the investigation. And it is almost certain FBI agents supporting Clinton were among the anonymous sources.

In fact, the Clinton connections are so fundamental that there probably would not have been an FBI investigation without her involvement.

That makes hers a brazen work of political genius - and perhaps the dirtiest dirty trick ever played in presidential history. Following her manipulation of the party operation to thwart Bernie Sanders in the primary, Clinton is revealed as relentlessly ruthless in her quest to be president.

The only thing that went wrong is that she lost the election. And based on what we know now, her claims about Trump were false.

More is at the NY post link above.

My comment: "brazen work of political genius???!!! How about, actions of a totally corrupt, over powering criminal!!! Yes, they went light on her with that, but at least they are telling a lot more of the truth here, obviously because the dossier was released, and they are cornered!

Pope Benedict forced out by Obama, Soros and Clinton?

I would not doubt it. I have reported before that Soros put Francisco in.

This is posted all over the web now, but I never saw it before:

George Soros, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton orchestrated a coup in the Vatican to overthrow the conservative Pope Benedict and replace him with radical leftist Pope Francis, according to a group of Catholic leaders citing evidence from various sources including WikiLeaks emails.

Pope Benedict XVI reigned as Pope of the Catholic Church from 2005 to 2013 before unexpectedly resigning in unusual circumstances. Becoming the first Pope to step down since Pope Gregory XII in 1415, Benedict is widely considered the first to do so on his own initiative since Pope Celestine V in 1294.

However the group of Catholic leaders cite new evidence uncovered in emails released by WikiLeaks to claim the conservative Pope Benedict did not actually resign on his own initiative, but was pushed out of the Vatican by a coup that the group of researchers are calling the "Catholic Spring."

Soros, Obama and Clinton used the United States' diplomatic machinery, political muscle, and financial power to coerce, bribe and blackmail "regime change" in the Roman Catholic Church in order to replace the conservative Benedict with the current Pope Francis - who has since become an unlikely mouthpiece for the international left, stunning Catholics around the world.

Now the group of Catholic leaders have sent a letter to President Trump urging him to launch an official investigation into the activities of George Soros, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton (and others) who they allege were involved in orchestrating Catholic Spring that resulted in their goal of "regime change" in the Vatican.

My comment: I knew this all along, even without Wikileaks, but never knew Trump had actually been petitioned for this. It would be a great time for someone to start up a white house petition on this topic and hope it does not get censored.

I found this HERE.

Here is a great list of Obama's accomplishments.

This is floating around the web and I don't know who to attribute it to. Good job!

1. First president whose own formally published biography - overseen by his literary agent in Chicago and certainly authorized by him - claimed he was born in Africa.

1b.First President to be photographed smoking a joint.

2. First President to apply for college aid as a foreign student, then deny he was a foreigner.

3. First President to have a social security number from a state he has never lived in.

4. First President to preside over a cut to the credit-rating of the United States.

5. First President to violate the War Powers Act.

6. First President to be held in contempt of court for illegally obstructing oil drilling in the Gulf of Mexico.

7. First President to require all Americans to purchase a product from a third party.

8. First President to spend a trillion dollars on "shovel-ready" jobs when there was no such thing as "shovel-ready" jobs.

9. First President to abrogate bankruptcy law to turn over control of companies to his union supporters.

10. First President to by-pass Congress and implement the Dream Act through executive fiat.

11. First President to order a secret amnesty program that stopped the deportation of illegal immigrants across the U.S., including those with criminal convictions.

12. First President to demand a company hand-over $20 billion to one of his political appointees.

13. First President to tell a CEO of a major corporation (Chrysler) to resign.

14. First President to terminate America’s ability to put a man in space.

15. First President to cancel the National Day of Prayer and to say that America is no longer a Christian nation.

16. First President to have a law signed by an auto-pen without being present.

17. First President to arbitrarily declare an existing law unconstitutional and refuse to enforce it.

18. First President to threaten insurance companies if they publicly spoke out on the reasons for their rate increases.

19. First President to tell a major manufacturing company in which state it is allowed to locate a factory.

20. First President to file lawsuits against the states he swore an oath to protect (AZ, WI, OH, IN).

21. First President to withdraw an existing coal permit that had been properly issued years ago.

22. First President to actively try to bankrupt an American industry (coal).

23. First President to fire an inspector general of AmeriCorps for catching one of his friends in a corruption case.

24. First President to appoint 45 czars to replace elected officials in his office.

25. First President to surround himself with radical left wing anarchists.

26. First President to golf more than 150 separate times in his years in office.

27. First President to hide his birth, medical, educational and travel records.

28. First President to win a Nobel Peace Prize for doing NOTHING to earn it.

29. First President to go on multiple "global apology tours" and concurrent "insult our friends" tours.

30. First President to go on over 17 lavish vacations, in addition to date nights and Wednesday evening White House parties for his friends paid for by the taxpayers.

31. First President to have personal servants (taxpayer funded) for his wife.

32. First President to keep a dog trainer on retainer for $102,000 a year at taxpayer expense.

33. First President to fly in a personal trainer from Chicago at least once a week at taxpayer expense.

34. First President to repeat the Quran and tell us the early morning call of the Azan (Islamic call to worship) is the most beautiful sound on earth.

35. First President to side with a foreign nation over one of the American 50 states (Mexico vs Arizona).

36. First President to tell the military men and women that they should pay for their own private insurance because they "volunteered to go to war and knew the consequences."

37. Then he was the First President to tell the members of the military that THEY were UNPATRIOTIC for balking at the last suggestion.

I feel much better now. I had been under the impression he hadn't been doing ANYTHING... Such an accomplished individual... in the eyes of the ignorant maybe.!.

Science fair project proving superiority of races pulled!

This Fox Newsreport is totally unfair to hispanics because there were lots of them in the magnet program, but is otherwise bang on.

A kid in California did an excellent science fair project, where he posted an IQ test online and invited people of all races to take it. He then tabulated the results, and they explained clearly why only 12 black people were in the magnet program with a total of 500 people. There were 80 hispanics, and Fox claims that also proves Hispanics are stupid, but I'd say no, 80 is enough to prove they are not (and they are not stupid, I can say that for certain being in Mexico.) The balance consisted of 100 orientals, and whites. It's a great report for Fox news, but I disagree with their opinion on hispanics.

If I am guessing right, you can communicate securely via Flashcoin

A 50 character message can be sent with any transaction. It appears the message is stored in the blockchain. So by sending small amounts, you will be able to communicate without being censored. Here is my first example:

Obviously 50 characters at a time won't allow you to send "gone with the Wind", but for emergencies it ought to work great!

Trump probably just killed vaccine mandates

After taking care of his first batch of issues, he progressed onto the next by establishing a new federal office for vaccine freedom, which has the purpose of providing people a way out of vaccination easily via religious preference

OH MY GOD, READ THE TEXT. The legal text uses the words "unalienable rights", rather than "inalinable rights" which means this agency will operate under actual law, rather than legalese. This is a topic covered in Wayne's book Its Not the Law. It does make a difference, because if this wording is being used it probably means Trump's next step will be to kill off false statutes that operate under the color of law, rather than actual law. AWESOME. Bye bye asset forfeiture!

Take a look at this! HA HA HA HA HA, he's delivering! The Dems and the American bar association are going to puke.

Ok, so here's the difference: If the word "inalenable" is used, it means you are (basically) in a maratime court that can walk all over you. But just switching one letter, the i to a u, suddenly you have constitutionally enforceable rights that the court can't simply walk all over. This is EPIC, I cannot believe Trump did this so well. Let's see this sweep across all legislation. If it does, Americans won't be peons anymore!

Blood on top of the Georgia Guidestones? this is interesting

The Georgia Guidestones are 19 feet tall. It appears there are repeated blood stains on top of them. Even if a human sacrifice never happened on top of them, it would not be impossible to kill someone nearby, take their blood, and pour it on top. The tops really do look like sacrificial altars, this is very odd to say the least.

9 Feb 2018

Receive benefits, and you are denied citizenship

In my comments during the state of the union address (which I bought a second sim for to pop in when the first one died) I posted this comment, as the President said it, and said it made the dreamer package a GREAT DEAL. Yes, allow 1.8 million people in, who want to work and be productive, and deny the 45 plus million immigrants who collected welfare EVER, citizenship. President Trump was an absolute genius with that, it is well worth accepting almost 2 million people who want to be good Americans if as part of the deal you expel the chaff. Here is what President Trump said on this subject.

Here is how I covered it: This is an EPIC state of the union address, there is absolutely no political correctness. WOW 10 minutes now on illegals murdering people I cannot believe it. BOOM: ON THE FOLLOW UP, HE'S BOOSTING BORDER PATROL and is now slaying the democrats for dropping the ball, this is classic, they can't stop him now without cutting their throats.

He's offering dreamers a 12 year path to citizenship, 1.8 million of them, but they have to stay off welfare, get an education, and get a job. If the do not, they are OUT.

He is using the momentum from the dreamers to get approval for a wall, and did it well.


AAAAAH, he is ending chain migration. This will stop one person from dragging their whole family here. THIS IS SO MUCH WIN. It won't matter if 1.8 million dreamers stay if he gets the rest of this. Unbelievable how harsh he is being with this, you can tell from the tone of the applause that the dems are seething.

He finished by telling the dems to put politics aside and get the job done.

Here is how the MSM is covering it now. blah blah blah.

Here's the type of thing I always expected was going on:

Nuclear engineers busted mining cryptocurrency with supercomputer

From RT A powerful supercomputer located at a Russian nuclear research facility in Sarov was reportedly targeted by a pair of engineers who wanted to use it to mine cryptocurrencies.

“There has been an attempt of unsanctioned use of workplace computing capacities for personal gain, including for so-called mining,” the press service of the Sarov nuclear weapons facility told Interfax on Friday. The statement said the employees involved have been arrested and are facing criminal charges.

The remarks, which didn’t provide further details about the case, came in response to reports on social media on Thursday saying the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) had busted two nuclear engineers. The men had apparently attempted to set up an internet connection on the top secret supercomputer in Sarov to use it for mining cryptocurrencies.

The Sarov facility, which is usually called Federal Nuclear Center, is Russia’s counterpart to the Los Alamos National Laboratory. It’s a historic developer of nuclear weapons that is still very much involved in keeping Russia’s arsenal ready and up-to-date.

MY COMMENT: Way to go, it's MILLER TIME!

Latest Iphone source code release

People within Apple released the most basic code, central to the Iphone's existence, to Github in unencrypted form anyone could read. This is the code the NSA puts their bugs in, and now, no doubt, there are droves of programmers going over the code to reveal exactly how bad it is compromised. The exact operating system the code was for is IOS 9, which is a recent version, but not the latest IOS 11. 9 is probably good enough to tell all.

The media is focusing on how this can be used to jail break phones, but the real issue here (that they would never talk about) is the fact that you can bet foreign governments are combing their way through the Iphone's source code to see exactly where the NSA put their back doors in, and where the back doors might lead to.

This clearly demonstrates the risk companies face when they cooperate with intelligence agencies to produce products that are penetrable for some people, and not others. All it takes is someone who cares about the public more than they care about their job and the deep state to blow the whole thing wide open. Obviously the linked article does not say this will pull the pants off the NSA yet again and instead stays on the sideline talking about jail breaking phones - but who would expect them to tell the public what is really going on with this?

The code that has been released is the exact code that allows them to keep the phone's microphone and camera on when it is turned off. It is the code that will allow the NSA or others to plant "evidence" on your phone, or read everything on it in the background, without you ever noticing. It is the code that will allow them to place specialized software on your phone without you ever knowing or seeing it, in case they want to add features to their spying abilities, such as applications that would cause the phone to continue recording it's location via GPS while you are out of reach of any cell tower, and then, when you are back in reach, send them a map of everywhere you went, what you said, and what you saw. Out of box the phone probably does not have that ability simply because it would be risky when it ate memory space in the phone - astute users might notice, so the NSA would only use such applications in special cases.

Obviously they are not going to tell the public about this in any way that would really allow the public to know what is going on, but they can't stop the Russians, Iranians, and whoever else from getting a boost in their state security.

A few quick headlines.

Chris Steele, originator of the Trump dossier has disappeared.

My comment: Why does the no fly list miraculously fail right when you need it? He did not get the ankle bracelet on time I guess . . . . .

In some wayse, Elon Musk bested Apollo

Though his rocket was smaller, it was enormous, and when you consider he did it on a budget that was a single digit percentage of an Apollo launch, he wins hands down. At a little less than half the LEO payload of a Saturn 5, it is a fantastic feat, and could easily put astronauts through the van allen belt quickly enough for it to be safe. When Nasa announced it was impossible to get to the moon because the van allen belts would kill the astronauts, this was based on using a feeble rocket that would keep them in the radiation zone too long because the journey would be so slow. With Musk's heavy lift rocket (at almost three times the payload of the space shuttle) this problem would be negated.

So now there is a Tesla roadster flying through space, and I really wonder what an alien civilization would think if they came across it.

Very interesting: The Spacex Falcon 9 set to launch today has the total explosive potential of a 2 kiloton nuclear weapon

It is capable of putting 64 tons into orbit, in one launch. Musk will be putting a Tesla roadster with a dummy in the drivers seat on the rocket as a test payload, with cameras aboard to transmit the launch. If the launch succeeds it will go into a huge orbit that includes the outer planets. That ought to be an interesting "asteroid".

Musk is apprehensive of the giant rocket exploding on the launch pad however. If it does fail close to the ground, the event will be absolutely epic. The launch is set for 1:30 PM EST today. Let's hope there will be a Tesla on an oddyssey when all is done.


Interesting it is that the DOW went down by 666 yesteray, and after hitting 6666.6, bitcoin bounced back up and did not go that low again. Both markets are probably rigged.

I had stated earlier that Flashcoin rebounded after an initial drop. It did, but with this current bitcoin crash it FINALLY lost approximately 30 percent of it's value, while increasing against Bitcoin BIGLY. It did not slide in the ranks at all either. Keeping an eye on this . . . .

Feb 5 2018

Ron Paul: What the Fisa memo tells us about our government

From Ron Paul

The release of the House Intelligence Committee's memo on the FBI's abuse of the FISA process set off a partisan firestorm. The Democrats warned us beforehand that declassifying the memo would be the end the world as we know it. It was reckless to allow Americans to see this classified material, they said. Agents in the field could be harmed, sources and methods would be compromised, they claimed.

Republicans who had seen the memo claimed that it was far worse than Watergate. They said that mass firings would begin immediately after it became public. They said that the criminality of US government agencies exposed by the memo would shock Americans.

Then it was released and the world did not end. FBI agents have thus far not been fired. Seeing "classified" material did not terrify us, but rather it demonstrated clearly that information is kept from us by claiming it is "classified."

In the end, both sides got it wrong. Here's what the memo really shows us:

First, the memo demonstrates that there is a "deep state" that does not want things like elections to threaten its existence. Candidate Trump's repeated promises to get along with Russia and to re-assess NATO so many years after the end of the Cold War were threatening to a Washington that depends on creating enemies to sustain the fear needed to justify a trillion dollar yearly military budget.

Imagine if candidate Trump had kept his campaign promises when he became President. Without the "Russia threat" and without the "China threat" and without the need to dump billions into NATO, we might actually have reaped a "peace dividend" more than a quarter century after the end of the Cold War. That would have starved the war-promoting military-industrial complex and its network of pro-war "think tanks" that populate the Washington Beltway area.

Second, the memo shows us that neither Republicans nor Democrats really care that much about surveillance abuse when average Americans are the victims. It is clear that the FISA abuse detailed in the memo was well known to Republicans like House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes before the memo was actually released. It was likely also well known by Democrats in the House. But both parties suppressed this evidence of FBI abuse of the FISA process until after the FISA Amendments Act could be re-authorized. They didn't want Americans to know how corrupt the surveillance system really is and how the US has become far too much like East Germany. That might cause more Americans to call up their Representatives and demand that the FISA mass surveillance amendment be allowed to sunset.

Ironically, Chairman Nunes was the biggest cheerleader for the extension of the FISA Amendments even as he knew how terribly the FISA process had been abused!

Finally, hawks on both sides of the aisle in Congress used "Russia-gate" as an excuse to build animosity toward Russia among average Americans. They knew from the classified information that there was no basis for their claims that the Trump Administration was put into office with Moscow's assistance, but they played along because it served their real goal of keeping the US on war footing and keeping the gravy train rolling.

But don't worry: the neocons in both parties will soon find another excuse to keep us terrified and ready to flush away a trillion dollars a year on military spending and continue our arguments and new "Cold War" with Russia.

In the meantime, be skeptical of both parties. With few exceptions they are not protecting liberty but promoting its opposite.


The FBI spied on all members of the Trump campaign, before the election, during the election, and after the inauguration.

An excellent find by Sharl Atkisson (see the rest here)

The recent findings prove the FBI led spying operations against EVERY member of the Trump campaign, to the benefit of Hillary. We all knew this intrinsically, but what probably won't be said is that the spying no doubt went against everyone in alt media also. We all know they are doing that crap. At any rate:

The biggest of all BIGGER story aspects to the HPSCI Memo, in all coverage, has been overlooked by all Main Stream Media. The Department of Justice FBI FISA request was for "Title I" surveillance authority. This is not some innocuous request for metadata exploration - the FBI said American citizen Carter Page was a "foreign agent of a hostile foreign government"; the FBI was calling Carter Page a spy.

To present a methaphor, under Title I FISA authority, Carter Page was essentially 'patient zero' in an Ebola pandemic. Labeling him as a foreign agent allowed the FBI to look at every single person he came in contact with; and every single aspect of their lives and their activities in growing and concentric circles; without limits to current time or historic review.

It appears the entire reason to label Mr. Page as a Title One "foreign agent" was so the DOJ National Security Division and FBI Counterintelligence Division, could use Mr. Page's short contact with the Trump campaign as an excuse to monitor everyone else within the campaign before, during and after the election.


Feb 4 2018



Even after 30 rounds at the rate fired, an AR will get hot. 100 rounds at the rate fired? BLISTERING HOT. 500 rounds at the rate fired? barrel glowing orange and drooping. You can't get away with sending as much through any rifle as Paddock's rifle supposedly handled in such a short time. BUSTED.

All the news reports claimed Paddock did it all with the same gun, but he had other guns laying around. BUSTED.


Other than that I did not watch it. All the clear channels in Mexico were clogged with it so the TV was off.

Supposedly Antifa tried to make a show, but from how it seems so far the cops were having NONE OF IT and nothing happened.

I guess Justin Timberlake had a half time emergency with Prince . . . . . he does not look like a kid anymore.

No kneelers. Non event. Who won? I'll have to check Drudge for that.

I would not go to the super bowl.

There are unconfirmed reports of wikipedia pages being updated with people's deaths before the super bowl. Many of them. This could just be pranksters, but it is enough to wonder about . . . . . a search of GoFundMe did not turn up any pages related to terror at the super bowl.


An Amtrak collided head on with a freight train. This is all there is on this at 4AM:

A train carrying 147 people has collided with a freight train in South Carolina, according to reports. Emergency responders are attending the scene.

The Amtrak train, which was operating between New York and Miami, had 139 passengers and eight crew members on board, NBC news reports.

Update: It is off the tracks as would be expected.

Update: There are fatalities

Deep state update: Amtrak now has a new line of "disposable" trains, yes, you really can afford to crash 3 in a month!

My comment: In this day and age of computer control, head on collisions are only possible where intentional. Who was on that train? They will no doubt talk about "how this section of the tracks did not have _____ " but it will be a load of bullshit, either someone was important on that train, or they were testing to see what happened when the collision was worse than last time.

Threat against the President:

Former CIA official Phil Mudd threatens Trump: The FBI people, I'm going to tell you, "are ticked" and they're going to be saying, I guarantee you, "You think you can push this off this?" ...You better think again, Mr. President. You've been around for 13 months. We've been around since 1908. I know how this game is going to be played. We're going to win.

My comment: 1908? The Presidency has been around a lot longer than that. This statement only proves the attitude of the intelligence agencies - when Trump acts legally, they will "win" if it takes committing crimes to do it.

Don't fall for the crap about the FBI being 90 percent good people in the "rank and file". The "rank and file" is what does the dirty work, and nothing gets done without them.

Whatever you may rightfully think about the prison camps in Germany, they did in fact exist, and were operated by "rank and file" under command from the top. Don't buy the B.S. that the "rank and file" in the FBI is any better than the upper management, they all do the same job, accomplish the same ends, and not a damn one of the "rank and file" ever spoke up.

The FBI flew it's reputation into the world trade center, and threw whatever scraps remained at a concert in Vegas. Time to trash the entire outfit and NOT start over.

Chris Kitze has set up a crypto currency/exchange

Chris is a good guy, a major player in alt media and I suggest people try this. You can sign up at

My flashcoin address is


Lady Gaga was probably destroyed by vaccines

People at her level belive the vaccine bullshit, and get every shot they can. Now she has fibromyalgia, which is an auto immune disorder that causes the immune system to attack the nervous system and cause severe pain. It is one of the new "mystery illnesses" that is becoming widespread, and I'd bet the Gardasil shot is a prime culprit.

Interesting it is that fibromyalgia became known about in 1987, just after human tissue began being used as a culture medium for vaccines. There's no way real professionals would not draw a correlation in this, but the medical world is full of idiots with paper, too stupid to question anything, diagnosing by rote while a few evil people guide the system.

I was never fond of Lady gaga, but it at least should be stated: the snakes eat their own, and keep their secrets. The little snakes are clueless about what the big ones are up to, and Lady gaga is now out, cancelling concerts because she's in pain, with little doubt she should have believed the "conspiracy theories" to avoid being destroyed. And because she's likely to keep going back in for the next new jab, she is OVER.


It is the contract solicitation for a FEMA camp supervised by the Navy in Guantanamo Bay to house 13,000 illegal immigrants at a time, life span 50 years, ordered by Trump. They'd be held in tents placed on concrete slabs. The purpose of the camp is to prevent them from getting back into the U.S. easily and putting an end to "catch and release".

Here is the relevant portion of the document, the link pulls in the whole thing.



You are not getting shadow preferenced as MANY, and I MEAN COUNTLESS sellers have suspected, people are in fact hitting your ebay with the descriptions you put up, BUYING ITEMS RIGHT OFF YOUR ACCOUNT, and overwhelmingly probably the sale and money THEN goes to someone else and you never even know a sale happened. They can program Ebay any way they want to enable this. It is the ONLY WAY the following could have taken place:

I found two ghost auctions that were not linked to anything that were getting piles of hits and generating zero visible sales. They were for $100 and $200 versions of flash Linux. I have not sold ANY, not even one in the last three weeks, (I shuttered the listings when I suspected theft, but the templates were there) and there is no way those should have been posted so I deleted them. suddenly, when I deleted them, someone changed the password for Ebay and I was completely locked out. So Ebay is (very probably) programmed to shadow your account and use it to give sales to people working internally, WHILE PEOPLE REALLY ARE HITTING YOUR ACCOUNT. They left the $40 auctions alone, because it is a lot of work to generate flash drives, plus packaging and mailing, plus a second mailing that is a decoy, plus have the flash drives be good ones so they did not want to mess with that for $40. I have no idea how much got stolen via $100 and $200 auctions for January, but it was probably a lot because practically everything usable comes from those and not a single one sold.

I don't know if a password reset can kep the thieves out, it seems like the types of thefts would have to be done via back doors in Ebay.

SO HEADS UP: IF YOU DO EBAY, AND HIGH MARGIN ITEMS GET TONS OF VIEWS AND NO SALES, especially when they had a firm history of selling well in the past, YOU MAY BE GETTING REAMED. I just confirmed Ebay is VERY LIKELY to be doing that crap, in this scenario they would use your resources to call in customers and then hand the sales to someone else, and the customers really do hit your Ebay and buy from "you", and then no sale ever shows up. And if the people screwing you are thrilled with the results, they will suddenly change your password to prevent you from removing any of the other listings they loved, until you reset it. THIS DEFINITELY HAPPENED TO ME WITHOUT QUESTION, I WITNESSED IT MYSELF. As soon as I deleted two multiple listing auctions that were clearly being raped, my password got changed and had to be reset. That is a crime if it is Ebay that is directly responsible (I bet it is,) but With the way the NSA has all the processors back doored who knows. Since the whole thing is run by KIKES, I BET THEY ALL KNOW AND DO IT ALL THE TIME. That would not surprise me at all. Everything for them, and subsistence for you. Come on now, think about it - do you really think a kike owned service that could be programmed any way they wanted would actually stay honest for decades? FAT CHANCE.


A reader sent:Comment on Tracy Beanz youtube about train: "I live a few miles from where this train accident occurred. Actually, I have trash pick up service with this company & have for many years. The owner lives just down the road from me. They are all the nicest people , even offering a senior discount to people like me & my husband. I do know this happened, because I spoke to the lady who works the front desk this morning & she was so broken up, crying on the phone. I truly believe this was a false flag. It makes NO sense for that truck to have been on that track @ that time.

This wasn't one of the regular trash trucks like pick up @ my home, but one of those huge tandem trucks. Whatever was done to cause this infuriates me. I am aware how vehicles, trains, planes can be controlled & I say, ' may the ones responsible burn in hell !"

HERE IS THE MEMO. Due to the fact it was released in an inefficient format, government servers are crashing.

I rendered it to a file size 8 percent of that of the original, so share this one. I don't think my servers will have problems, (I have many to put this on.) It will be worth it to blow secrets over this if need be.

One sentence summary: All this does is prove Trump has no ties to Russia, and that people acted illegally against the Trump campaign.

Yes, it is worse than watergate but I think this has been white washed anyway. Wait for tweets to see if it is complete or not. Sit on Twitter for all the representatives and see if they post anything about this being redacted. (you are going to have to be vigilant because Twitter will work overtime to bury any tweets about this not being complete.) Also keep an eye on any other social platforms.

To save this, click here and you will get a file that is still very small, but as clear as the original posted by the white house. If you want to serve it somewhere else from this web site, use the one that is showing on the front page.


CHRIS AND ANOTHER PROGRAMMER SIGNIFICANTLY INVESTED ME IN CRYPTO SO I WATCHED THE RECENT EVENTS LIKE A HAWK. FLASH COIN GOT HIT AS BAD AS THE REST, BUT NEVER DROPPED IN RANKING, AND IS NOW BLASTING UPWARDS IN THE RANKINGS HAVING MADE A 65 PERCENT RECOVERY. HIT FLASH COIN BEFORE IT GOES TOTALLY NUCLEAR AND BUY AT LEAST A THOUSAND COINS. FLASH COIN IS UP 22 PLACES OVER YESTERDAY. IT WAS DEFINITELY, OBVIOUSLY STABLE. There is probably no better option in Crypto, you can get a firm foot in the door for a small amount of up front cash. Get your wallet here: PREDICTION: Flashcoin is definitely going to outlive and out perform Bitcoin. Bitcoin is doomed for ONE REASON: Processor overload. The world just can't compute enough to keep it alive.

I can tell you exactly why Bitcoin is having problems: About two years after it was launched, the "elite" made a decision to keep processors for "little people" weak. They used the excuse of power consumption. As a result, the brand new computer I bought 3 months ago is an AMD A8 and it is only 15 percent faster than the A6 I bought in 2011. It should have been 1,200 percent faster if the progress in processors was allowed to continue the way they were when Bitcoin was created. If processors continued to trend upwards the way it was predicted (at the same price point, equal for equal) Bitcoin would be having no problems. But that is not how it went, the elite simply decided there would not be any more high GHZ processors for a majority of the market. Flashcoin is based around efficiency and is not dependent upon mega processing, which will keep it alive in the future.

Feb 1 2018

Perfect re-enactments of dead people are possible.

I saw this a couple years ago, but people need to see this. If Trump gets killed, they can produce a fake Trump and have him say whatever they need him to say in real time. This was done with Hillary during the campaign. If you have never seen a demonstration of the software that does this, SEE THIS, this is critical information you cannot skip seeing, regardless of how bandwidth limted you are.

Rumor has it there are at least 4 additional memos to release, and they are worse than this one

I'll be happy about that only after they release this one. Trump and the rest of the decent people are sitting in a hole in the ground right now, from which they can govern. Sitting there with their families. Gee, I wonder why. But it would all be a LOT BETTER if they would get the ball rolling and at least release the first one. But whatever, this is interesting:


I'd like memo 2 to be Uranium one.

I'd like memo 3 to be pedophile roundup.

I'd like memo 4 to be a real 911 disclosure.

I'd like memo 5 to be vaccine disclosure.

I'd like to throw an investigation into child sacrifice and how the CPS enables it by stealing kids via whimsical charges against decent parents.

I'd like memo 6 to be a roundup of corrupted college professors.

I can't ask for more when we don't have even one released yet, but if I could, how about an FBI investigation into Google, Facebook, and the American bar association? Yeah, THAT. Truth be told, I can't put it on a page, but baby steps at first I guess.

"Set to release the memo" does not cut it. RELEASE THE G** D*** MEMO. NO redactions, NO edits.

Quit puffing around, I AM TIRED OF IT.

Well well, here it is - what may be the most important tweet ever issued by anyone.

This was only up for 14 minutes, and he removed it. That was enough.

Ha ha ha, this is too good, I am putting it on top.

January 31 2018

A GREAT IDEA: Knoppix Crypto

Mike sent the following: "hey Jim, I think this Knoppix bootable drive is a great idea. I plan to use it to create and store my private crypto keys. Think about it...this can be your hardware wallet, you don't need to spend 150 bucks on Amazon...learn some crypto cli commands and create the wallet yourself and put the stick in a fireproof safe. I'm not actually sure how to do this yet myself but I'm just starting out learning crypto.

Keep up the great work dude! - Mike

My response: If this is done correctly it can work. However, I need to do some checking with file system compatibility because block chains are long, and Knoppix runs Fat32 which won't handle a blockchain more than 4 gigs in size if it has to be resident (as it would be in a flash wallet), and if so, the flash drive will need a dual partition. Flashcoin already has a 3 gig blockchain. I don't know if the entire blockchain needs to be on your device with Flashcoin, it might have some improvements over Bitcoin that way, I have to find that out. Maybe Chris can send a message through ebay about it.

If the blockchain needs to be resident, then it should be put on a 64 gig drive that has room for growth and has a dual partition, NTFS and Fat32. I'll get the details worked out. Obviously if you want it as a wallet it would be foolish to use it as an operating system full time, the OS would only be on the drive to support the wallet, not to use. If it was only used to boot a computer to access the wallet, I can't imagine you having security issues EVER. Knoppix, as I ship it (if it is a bootable version) is supposed to be locked so no one can write to it or change it, not even a virus. So the chances of getting the writable part of the drive hacked in the short time you boot to access the crypto are really really small if there's no way the OS can get a virus.

Another day, another project . . . . . I am intrigued. I'll get this figured out.

I predicted the memo would be released on Thursday. Fox News has confirmed it will be. UPDATE: I am beginning to think that due to threats made by the shadow state it will not be released at all. If it is not released by tomorrow morning (friday) that will be the case.

It just made sense. Republicans had to prepare for it. Now, after the failed train wreck, people are joking at David Rothchild and all concerned parties are safe in their bunker. GAME ON.

Here is the transcript of a discussion about releasing the memo. It is not the memo, but you can get a good idea of what is in it.


Adding to the credibility of the theory they were fleeing a threat is the fact that they had family members aboard the train, including children that should have been in school.


UPDATE: CONFIRMED - They did not turn back, they continued on to the safe facility in buses, including the injured. THAT THERE ALONE SAYS IT ALL.

Here's the story, which is all now 100 percent confirmed.

A majority of Republican congressmen who voted to release the Fisa memo, which exposes an enormous amount of deep state corruption, were on an escorted train when they were supposed to be in session, with all roads closed ahead of the train (for security reasons) and the train receiving helicopter escort.

Despite all the roads being closed, the train hit a garbage truck while going 70 mph. The front wheels of the front engine derailed, but the rear wheels stayed on the tracks. With all the roads closed for security reasons, the only way the garbage truck could have gotten in the way of the train would be if it was done intentionally.

Even some Congressmen are now saying the accident had to have been staged, and that it was an attempt to kill a large number of congressmen who voted to release the memo. Large numbers of deaths would have occurred if the train did derail, (as planned) but with the will of God it mostly stayed on the tracks and none of the cars or engines tipped over. If that had happened at 70 MPH the results would have been devastating.

HEADS UP: Rogue factions in the United States government are attempting a violent coup with "plausible deniability. Fortunately only minor injuries happened, but having this end up being minor defies all probability, it was supposed to be a disaster and it was definitely, without question, not an accident.

My original coverage of this topic follows:


Uh oh! "Choppers were following the train and the rail road crossings were supposed to be shut down for the senators to have priority per Rachel Campos Duffy, wife of Sean Duffy R-WI on Fox"


The photos of the accident scene are a little misleading, the train in fact hit the dump truck at the prior crossing, and carried it to the next crossing. the train did not just stop on a dime.




Most likely the train was sent into a truck that had been hijacked via remote and driven with precision straight into the train's path. UPDATE: It is now confirmed the train did not hit the brakes, which means they were probably disabled via remote.

UPDATE: It now appears that TWO trucks were involved. The initial hit was an 18 wheeler, and the second hit was a dump truck at a different crossing. That is why the dump truck is close to where the train stopped. This still needs confirmation, but it is the only thing that matches reports, senators are saying there were two impacts, and they are reporting the big hit was a semi. Two separate trucks is not yet confirmed.


UPDATE: The attack was (SORT OF) a failure. It is obvious the deep state wanted a 70 MPH derailment so the cars would flip and kill people. That did not happen, the train stayed on the tracks.

UPDATE: People are speculating that the truck was electronically hijacked and shut off when it was on the tracks. I'd say that is highly plausible. Here's how that would be done: The train's location and speed is known. All the garbage trucks have chips in them to let central management know where they are. So the speed of the train and the velocity of the truck was matched (via remote) to create a collision where it looked like the truck driver was trying to beat the train. He's dead and can't speak up. Case closed.


Everyone was thrown from their seats, and there are mixed reports about injuries, people who were on the train are tweeting that many people got head injuries because the impact was severe, and that one has a broken leg. Rumor that the train engineer is dead. Confirmed the truck driver is dead. That way he can't talk.

This is an obvious setup. The train hit a very heavy truck. Since it was a fleet vehicle it overwhelmingly probably had a tracking chip, and anything less than 14 years old now can be controlled via remote. OBVIOUS: After Trump's state of the union success and memo release, a hit was put out on Republican lawmakers and someone sent the Amtrak they were on into a truck in an effort to kill as many as possible, all at once.

They were on their way to a retreat on a specially chartered Amtrak, all in one place at the same time, and someone made an attempt to kill as many as possible. I am gathering details now.

Folks, this is an obvious setup. There's no way such an event happened by accident with such perfect timing, THIS IS AN OBVIOUS SETUP, someone wanted as many Republican lawmakers taken out of commission as possible, all with "plausible deniability."





State of the union comment:

After pondering exactly what happened in the state of the Union address, it is pretty obvious the Democrats are finished if we can prevent the 2018 elections from being rigged. There's no question they are out, and there is good reason to say that.

Without attacking any political opponents, Trump presented situations, examples, and solutions to problems which will be acid on the Democrats that will eat them all the way through, because they are traitors to the United states, and Trump boxed them in with no escape, simply by stating realities that prove what they really are. They are doomed.

With the craftsmanship of a fine watch maker, Trump proved, without even saying it, that the Democrats don't hate him, they hate the United States and are against him only because he is trying to save America from a destruction they set up. And he did it in a way that they can't issue a rebuttal for because facts that even morons know prove Trump out. Facts that even the most limp wristed commie twisted snowflake knows prove Trump out. The dems are dead.

Here's how "bad" it was.

I learned something from this - that a lot of "trolls" on social media are not paid. Some of them are actual people. This was proven after the state of the union speech when people I recognized as "rabid trolls" against Trump FLIPPED AFTER THE STATE OF THE UNION, and were saying things like "wow, that was shocking, I never knew" and "gee, that made a lot of sense, he's right" and "I think I am a Republican now".

The state of the union was a phenomenon that traitors to America will only overcome with murder and blatant theft. They lost a huge amount of their base last night. We know they are up to murder and theft, and now need to stand our guard and make sure the will of the people is realized.

Jan 30 2018

Stormy Daniels has issued a new statement saying she is denying having an affair with Trump not because of a settlement but because "it never happened."

After hammering home the greatest State of the Union in American history, the President has announced that the FISA memo will be released in it's entireity, and I assume that means NO REDACTIONS. He said this as he was walking out of the SOTU.



The following embed starts the state of the union from the beginning.

I missed the first 10 minutes due to problems with the live stream. My commentary follows:

Start of commentary

he's claiming small business has never had a better time to start. That can't be true, because you can't stop state, county and city interference with business from the federal level, and that is where the real problem for small business is.


He's doing a very honorable job addressing the veterans, and it is obvious he means it.


He just looped back to blowing sunshine up his ass, but what he is saying happens to be true. Lots of manufacturing really is returning. So it is not that bad. READ THE FREAKING MEMO! GET ON WITH IT!

He called out the medical community for pricing things so high that Americans have to travel abroad for care. I don't know how far he can take this but it is worth noting. Now onto expensive prescriptions, he's talking about how cheap the drugs are abroad now also in comparison to what they cost in the U.S. He's calling it an injustice and he's right. He promised to bring the prices down.

He's talking about fair trade now. This address is taking the form of organized sequential mini speeches that are quite good.

HA HA HA, he's now ripping excessive regulation on building, and used the empire state building (which took a year to build) as an example, and said nowadays the regulation is so intense it can take 10 years just to get the permits. Wow, 1.5 TRILLION dollars to be assigned to infrastructure. Let's see him try to slip that past the dems!

He's getting nothing but huge ovations. That must be noted. Not one BOO, it is all strong and frequent applause.

Family leave for emergencies.

Prison reform

Wow, he's ripping illegal immigration, and HOW MUCH THEY MURDER PEOPLE, WHOAH, HOLY******* OH MY GOD.

OH MY GOD I CANNOT BELIEVE WHAT HE JUST DID. And it is true! A huge segment about how these illegals enter the country and kill people Oh, he's calling on congress to shut it down and the pressure is ON. He's calling on Congress to support ICE and using the violent crime illegals commit to ram it right up the Dem's rectums. There's no way they can stand in his way now without destroying themselves. ENORMOUS ENORMOUS SEGMENT ON THIS.

This is an EPIC state of the union address, there is absolutely no political correctness. WOW 10 minutes now on illegals murdering people I cannot believe it. BOOM: ON THE FOLLOW UP, HE'S BOOSTING BORDER PATROL and is now slaying the democrats for dropping the ball, this is classic, they can't stop him now without cutting their throats.

He's offering dreamers a 12 year path to citizenship, 1.8 million of them, but they have to stay off welfare, get an education, and get a job. If the do not, they are OUT.

He is using the momentum from the dreamers to get approval for a wall, and did it well.


AAAAAH, he is ending chain migration. This will stop one person from dragging their whole family here. THIS IS SO MUCH WIN. It won't matter if 1.8 million dreamers stay if he gets the rest of this. Unbelievable how harsh he is being with this, you can tell from the tone of the applause that the dems are seething.

He finished by telling the dems to put politics aside and get the job done.

He is onto illegal drugs. Boring topic as far as I see it.

WOW, he really did a nice piece on a police officer adopting a heroin addict's baby

Holy smokes - he called Russia and China enormous threats and called on the expansion of the military. Russia and China have got to be very upset about this, he was not polite at all. He's calling for a restoration of the nuclear arsenal which is still a deterrent, but in shambles. He called for the elimination of nuclear weapons but said we are not there yet and because of that we need to beef up our nukes

He's now doing a misguided stupid ISIS rant but whatever. He did a really nice honor piece for the military and cited how one soldier did CPR for 2 hours and saved someones life. He returned to rip America's policy of releasing captured terrorists (and probably does not realize that it is the shadow state that pays them, obviously they are going to release them) I don't know how much success he's going to have with this, he's up against the shadow state.

WOW what a great address, the stupid ISIS stuff did not hurt it much

HA HA HA, he just ripped how America is sending aid abroad to people who hate America and vowed to end it.


North Korea rip. Don't need to say more. Oh maybe. Onto Otto Warmbier, but he probably does not realize Otto probably really was an agent, and that he probably bit into a failed suicide pill.

He's doing the type of talk to set a precedent for war against North Korea

He complimented the American people very well. huge applause.

WOW, he finished with America being a nation under God, and God bless America!!!!

FINAL SCORE FOR TRUMP WITH THIS AS FAR AS I SEE IT: AMERICAN TOPICS, 10. FOREIGN TOPICS 6. OVERALL 8.5, WHICH WOULD PUT HIM IN THE #1 SPOT SINCE KENNEDY. VERY NICELY DONE BUT HE NEEDS TO BE MORE AWARE OF THE TERROR RUSE. He also was very inappropriate with Russia and China, that was really bad politics. But the rest was so great he's obviously number one.

GOP representative Matt Gaetz (R-FL) called on Trump to read the memo during the state of the union address

That would be a REALLY GOOD IDEA because it would prevent hacks, redactions, and emergency intervention to stop it from being released. It would be absolutely epic if he did read it.

Ben Swann got fired for trying to bring back his reality check segment to CBS 46 Atlanta

Let's see how much he gets called "fake news" after the Fisa roundup. PREDICTION: Fisa is just playing, the big stuff is yet to come. All the current roundup is going to do is eliminate a few on the cutting edge. That will weaken the rest of the structure, so phase 2 can happen, BET ON IT.

After roundup 4 or 5 is complete, Ben will get his job back because there will be no scammers left to fire him.

People are very worried about a false flag today

Though I believe one is possible, I do not think one is likely. False flags take a long time to plan, and the Fisa memo release was a blindside, no one saw it coming.

If there is a false flag, I believe it will be done with nukes that have already been pre positioned for the day they would be needed. The problem is, this was such an ambush that too many Jews would lose too many posessions because they don't have enough time to move their stuff. On top of that, they might not even be able to get out of the way on time, even without their stuff. They will probably do nothing because they simply were not prepared to have a nuke go off. If they had been given even a month to prepare the story would probably have been very different.

Rumor has it that Pelosi is going to have a few "dreamers" in the front row during the state of the union address. I'd say they had better check Pelosi's purse, because without question, if she could, she'd be likely smuggle a glock in and hand it to a "dreamer" . . . . . . heads up for that type of scenario.

It would also not be beyond Israel or someone else in the deep state to send a cruise missile. But absent Trump getting shot, I think the state of the union address will go just fine. Trump had better be behind glass, not having that at this point would amount to negligence.

Bitcoin has not crashed

Additionally, there are no cryptocurrencies that have legitimately crashed. Lots of people are crying about Bitcoin dropping by a little less than 50 percent. But that can't be called a crash if people played common sense. Obviously crypto currencies are extremely volatile, and looking back through Bitcoin's history is proof. What else is out there that could have been bought for pennies less than 10 years ago, and is worth over $10,000 today? No matter how you cut it, that's not a crash by any means.

The same trend is happening in ALL other cryptos, with the only question being which ones will come out on top. I don't think any will be losers long term, only that some will do better than others.

CRYPTO COMMON SENSE: Do not go into debt for the sake of turning a profit. Doing so is simply not a good idea. Using crypto as a payment platform is perfectly OK, as is buying up anything you think might do well with TOTALLY EXPENDABLE CASH.

I have never claimed to be a crypto expert, but consider this: Over it's lifetime, Bitcoin has returned 100,000 percent gains per year. And if you go over the charts, you'll see that Bitcoin hit 1,100 in January of 2014, only to drop back down to $300 Jan 2015, only to rebound to $20,000 in 2017. The current dip back down to $10,000 is only 25 percent as severe as the dip that happened in 2014, and after 2014 Bitcoin rebounded in a way that could only be described as epic.

Rt did a report warning people to not go into debt to invest in Bitcoin, and I'd have to say I agree entirely. But in the same report their own expert believes bitcoin will hit $50,000 by years end, and when looking over past history, that does not seem far fetched at all.

Israel forces black immigrants to be injected with permanent birth control

My god, I can't believe this was in Forbes!

So Israel wants Europe and the United states to be wiped out by massively reproducing invaders, but when actual Jews arrive in Israel they are sterilized just because they are black! No one would believe this, even I would be skeptical, but low and behold, Forbes has it. AND THAT IS BEING DONE TO PEOPLE WHO ARRIVE LEGALLY. Low and behold, if you are an asylum seeker in Israel, Israeli citizens get $9,000 for turning you in!

Yet the exact same Jews who write such laws for their own country do everything they can to stop Americans and Europeans from having any enforcement at all. PRICELESS.

The cheapest and best solar panels will soon be made in the U.S.

I thought solar was going to go down the drain in America, because Trump slapped an enormous tariff on imports. Chinese solar panels were made to fantastic high standards and were excellent. And when Trump put the tariff on them American manufacturers obviously started drooling because they were now without competition.

Well, there is now good news on this topic. Chinese manufacturers are going to get around the tariffs by building their solar factories in the U.S. I'd call that winning. The source of this information was CNN and I won't link to them. Obviously they ended the report with a slam, and said this was bad for America!

Fisa memo to be released. Let's hope it is not a pile of redacted crap. WAITING . . . . . .

January 29 2018

Update: The doomsday planes were launched yesterday, and I have not found any updates on this. Here is the original report


Obviously if that is the case, the government is expecting an enormous false flag. The planes launch with key people aboard for the continuation of government. Having all 3 in the air at once is an unprecedented serious issue. If the swamp is on those planes, Trump is going to be killed. The problem is, we don't know who is on them - the good guys, or the shadow state.

Heads up: If the shadow state is on those planes, there will probably be a "nuclear attack" and that is not an empty statement.

If Trump and white hats are on those planes, they are on them to avoid being killed.

Take your pick, it is anyones guess.

McCabe out

Deputy FBI director Andrew McCabe stepped down from his position today, forgoing retirement, on "terminal leave". Technicall it is not "terminal leave" but that is what they are calling it. There are mixed reports. Some are saying he stepped down voluntarily (MSM) and others are saying he was forced out. "terminal leave" strongly suggests his behind is in a sling, no, it probably left the sling and is on it's way to a painful landing. My guess is this is probably related to deep corruption in the FBI, and he was forced out. With the FISA memo in the limelight, that would make the most sense.

My guess is that Trump will not read the Fisa memo at the state of the union address, because that's not how he plays things. I'd certainly be glad if he did. But I'd bet it is going to drop later this week, maybe Thursday. The house vote to release the memo will happen at 5PM EST. Heads up for that, it will be a key indicator for how much the current power structure will stand by the American people. There is a high probability they won't vote to release it, and then it will be up to the President to release it, because it is within his power to do so. But keep in mind, that's not how he plays things, if there is any benefit whatsoever left over from not releasing it, Trump will definitely let it play out. It will, however, eventually be released.


Just goes to show how college does not really matter anymore, when any lame brained nitwit can get a piece of paper that says their opinion matters!

If you are a regular donor to this web site, please set up Flashcoin

If I understand what is going on, Flashcoin is either run by or heavily influenced by Chris Kitze. That would make it highly credible. My communications are cut so I can't get details on anything other than reading through the flashcoin web site.

It appears however that at a minimum, Flashcoin is what crypto should have been - it is simply a payment platform and not a casino. It is the only crypto I know of that has an exchange in Mexico (which will eliminate all the problems Bitcoin had) and it also appears that Flashcoin is not going to end up being screwed by an inefficient blockchain that requires a separate hard disc just for a locally kept wallet. You can't mine flashcoin either, it just is what it is.

From my perspective, I could care less about a "casino" and simply want something that works.

I do not yet have a flashcoin wallet set up because I have been running off the same 1 gigabyte data package for more than a week (obviously this new (very old) AMD laptop is preventing data theft) but it is finally running out and if there is anything that even eats a few megs, I will have to get more data, rather than get things posted this morning. I'll be setting this up tonight when I get more airtime.

I am going to try to accept donations with this, and will only make it official after testing makes sure it will work from end to end. It does look like a definite positive prospect at this point however. This is not Bitcoin, which never worked in any way whatsoever for me here, this actually has a chance.

I cannot at this point know for sure if Flashcoin is going to be the answer, but it does look like a great prospect.

About this old AMD laptop -

This is actually important.

It appears the older AMD cpu's use far less bandwidth online than the new ones do. This would strongly indicate that the newer ones are bugged, but I never got information to prove it. Here's the scenario:

Since the Fukushima report, I worked on the same AMD A6 I bought in 2011 right when I discovered that the Fukushima report resulted in a permanent disaster. I took the cash I had on hand and bought a decent laptop to get me through it. Finally, after almost 7 years of being an absolute battleship, it gave symptoms of instability so I figured I'd replace it.

I bought an AMD A8 that was in the same quality range. I figured I'd give the Microsoft OS a chance, but quickly discovered it was eating 300+ megs a day. THAT was a problem. So I switched it over to Mint, and it still ate just as much bandwidth. The old A6 never ate that much bandwidth. So then I switched to Knoppix, and the bandwidth usage dropped by about 40 percent. I figured I probably solved the problem with Knoppix. Evidently I did not.

Two weeks ago I was looking for a new documentation camera so I walked into a pawn shop that might have one. That pawn shop had gotten ahold of the garbage totally non functioning computers a company abandoned, and they had a few old AMD laptops in the mix. I bought one for about $15 USD, and discovered that the mother board needed to be baked. That's iffy, so I figured I'd go back and get another one so I'd have two chances. The second one was alive, with no hard disc. So I put one of the Knoppix live flash drives in it and BOOM, IT WORKED PERFECT. So I have been using that.

This is VERY IMPORTANT: This AMD laptop is from 2010, and with Knoppix on it, it is eating less than half the bandwidth as the new AMD laptop purchased in 2017, doing the exact same work. How important is that? All you need to do to get the answer is ask one simple question: For what possible reason would the EXACT SAME OS use twice as much bandwidth on one computer as it does on another, when there is absolutely no perceivable difference in performance?

I am not using less "because the one from the pawn shop is slow," it is NOT slow. I can't tell the difference between the new one and this old one. Why would the old one be eating a lot less internet?

Obviously the new AMD processors have back doors in them, and the NSA does not give a crap about how much they increase bandwidth usage because they are assuming things are so fast now anyway that no one will notice. PROBLEM: When you are like me, on a limited connection, having the expertise to actually monitor what the * is going on, it is PRETTY DAMN OBVIOUS.

So I'll get a stack of those computers and start baking motherboards . . . . .

Here is my new computer recommendation:

Though it appears the old A6 did not have back doors, due to the fact that it is quite obvious some A series computers are bugged, to keep it simple, here it is:

Any AMD system produced prior to Amd's A series that at least has a 64 bit processor, 2 gigs of ram, and Knoppix. SECONDARY: Most likely, due to experience with this, any of the original A series computers that were produced up until definitely mid 2012, and probably through 2013. I have no information on when the bugs went into the AMD processors, but it is obvious that they are there with the newer processors because the bandwidth usage I am seeing with an up to date processor proves it. It took the perspective of using an identical OS with a new one and an old one to prove it. SAME FLASH DRIVE, SAME OS, DOUBLE THE BANDWIDTH USAGE WITH THE NEW PROCESSOR.

Fortunately, since Knoppix has no stifleware (it does not get crippled with so called "updates",) old computers run extremely well with it, so well I can't tell the difference, not even with graphics production.

The story about the tour boat that saw the nuclear flash

A while ago (during the false nuclear alarm in Hawaii) I posted a video about a tour boat that was 100 miles off the coast of Hawaii that witnessed a nuclear flash when the missile was destroyed. There were over 20 witnesses who corroborated the story exactly. It was far up in the sky and did not affect the boat, except for the flash. There is land based corroboration for this, because a light house attendant on the coast of Maui also said there was a bright flash over the ocean. Obviously only a nuke would do that, but it was far enough up to not be a problem on the ground. So since this story is making the rounds again, and people are acting like they have never heard it before, I figured I'd mention it again. The last time this was posted the video was linked but it is late now, maybe I'll re-dredge it tomorrow. Maybe that won't be necessary though, because from what I can sense, people are not stupid enough to believe the official story anyway.

Hillary at Grammys: "reading Fire and Fury, about Trump being poisoned!"

QUESTION: Why the * did the Grammys drop Rock music, and have that old sandbag occupy a time slot instead? What on earth is wrong with these people? That's like what happened at the Sundance film festival putting a film about the stresses of homosexual lifestyle in the top spot. It's not like they have a shortage of entries, why put that at the top? WHY THAT? And Cher just HAD TO chime in about Trump's hair, and what Fire and Fury had to say about that! How pathetic are these losers anyway? Why do we even watch them?

Back to Hillary: She should be getting a visit from the secret service over that comment. But she probably won't because if Trump had not hired his own security force, the secret service would have offed him by now anyway, by themselves. I am looking forward to much higher quality entertainment tomorrow night, when hopefully Trump reads the Fisa memo during the state of the union adress. Look for a blue screen claiming "technical difficulties" if he does.

Flashback to fire and fury: It states right in the introduction it is a work of fiction, and it was later admitted that not a single appointed member of the white house staff was interviewed for it. But fiction works for a backstab when you are liberal I guess.

Jan 28 2018

Black ops operator comes forward and tells all

Cody was offered the job of blowing up the Murrah Federal Building in OKC and turned it down [Hillary's records and Gulf War Syndrome records were stored there]. Many attempts on his life and the Clintons were hip deep in all of it. Cody is coming forward now that the Clintion's and Bush's are out of power.

He names names, dates and places and times. Goes into Mena Arkansas and shows how Bill Clinton along with George Bush were hip deep in drug running for the CIA, ect. Whitewater, Rose law firm with Hillary, Saddam Hussein CIA asset, weaponized anthrax, Gulf War syndrome, goes into what happened at Waco and who was on scene and how different events weave together, ect.

Anyone who has already taken the 'red pill' won't be shocked but anyone who hasn't, well this is another truth bomb that will be too much for many.


Melania Trump called the "Trump porn star" story FAKE NEWS!

In a groundbreaking report that marks the first time the AP has ever told the truth, the following words were printed:

WASHINGTON (AP) - First lady Melania Trump's office is fed up with speculation about marital strife in the White House.

Mrs. Trump's spokeswoman, Stephanie Grisham, took to Twitter Friday to blast "flat-out false reporting" about the first lady that has emerged in recent days.

"BREAKING," she wrote. "The laundry list of salacious & flat-out false reporting about Mrs. Trump by tabloid publications & TV shows has seeped into 'main stream media' reporting."

Grisham added that Mrs. Trump is focused on her family and role as first lady, "not the unrealistic scenarios being peddled daily by the fake news."

The tabloid Daily Mail reported Friday that Mrs. Trump has spent a number of nights at a D.C. hotel in the wake of reports of allegations by adult film star Stormy Daniels that she had an affair with Donald Trump in 2006, shortly after he married Melania.

The Wall Street Journal reported that Trump's personal lawyer brokered a $130,000 payment to Daniels in October 2016 to prohibit her from publicly discussing the alleged affair before the election. Daniels, whose real name is Stephanie Clifford, has scheduled an appearance on ABC's "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" following the president's State of the Union address Tuesday.

MY COMMENT: Not so dear AP: You must really be worried about the FISA memo. What are you trying to do? Soften President Trump with accurate reporting the minute before the bell tolls?

Gee, maybe a porn star aged out of a career, and pulled a stunt to get one last burst of cash before checking out. Would it be beyond a porn star to take a payout for going on Jimmy Kimmel RIGHT AFTER THE STATE OF THE UNION ADDRESS? Sheesh, how transparent could all of this possibly be?

If "stormy" did this to the Clintons, she'd be DEAD.


Update: The poll below is only a picture. You have to click it to get to the real poll, and then vote there.

Jan 27 2018


It was up to 3.68 million, got a huge amount of attention (which should have given it a huge boost), and suddenly dropped to 2.8 million! BUSTED. HA HA HA, twitter absolutely SUCKS. Hannity probably has 10+ million actual followers, this is probably not the first time they dissed it.

I am standing by my statement on Hannity's tweet.

IMPORTANT HOWEVER: Gateway Pundit also looked at this same timeframe in history, and discovered King Charles 1 was killed on January 30, 1649. January 30 is when President Trump does the state of the union address. However, there was no "form" on that date, so though I believe Trump should pay attention to the threat of assasination on Jan 30, FORM SUBMISSION 1649 COULD REALLY MEAN HE'S GOING TO READ THE FISA MEMO DURING THE STATE OF THE UNION ADDRESS, because it would match the application of the treason act of 1649, (another "form") which is explained in the following report:

Since the 1649 tweet, Hannity has now stated Monday is going to be a big day, TICK TOCK. That makes me think my take on the following is far more probable:

Hannity Tweet shutdown (there is a lot here on that topic now)

Ok, so the tweet that actually triggered the shutdown said "form submission 1649". What could that mean?

The Treason Act of 1649 or Act declaring what offences shall be adjudged Treason was passed on 17 July 1649 by the Rump Parliament during the Commonwealth of England. It superseded the Act declaring what offences shall be adjudged Treason passed about two months earlier on 14 May 1649.

The act was deemed necessary because the Commonwealth was a republic, so treason against the person of the king had no meaning and there were specific threats that faced the Commonwealth that this treason act helped to address.

So what Hannity may have been saying with this is that the deep state is going down for treason against the United States and Trump is going to be at the sidelines because even though the deep state wanted to take Trump out, they did it in ways that were treasonous to the Republic and can therefore be wiped out for that reason alone. The treason act of 1649 did not make it unlawful to speak against the king, but it did make it unlawful to openly try to damage the state itself. American and British commonlaw were virtually identical for a long stretch of history, and Hannity may have referenced this for that reason.

If that is what Hannity meant with that tweet (and it sure seems probable) it would be a signal that he knows the people trying to destroy the United States are loyal to the City of London financial district and have the treason act of 1649 deeply rooted in their psyche, it signaled the last major time they were taken out.

There are many theories floating around about what the tweet really meant, I think my explanation is plausible.

Interesting it is that the treason act of 1649 was passed by the "Rump Parlaiment", which is only missing the T, For TRUMP!

However, due to the seriousness of the issue, a king being killed on the same day in history should not be overlooked.

This either means Trump is under threat, or the deep state is going to get flushed.

Sean hannity Twitter takedown revealed a deep state troll tactic

There was outrage on Twitter last night after Hannity's account suddenly completely vanished, and was replaced by a message that said "this page does not exist". I covered this, and as it turned out in the morning, RT covered it also. Twitter was forced by public pressure to restore Hannity's account, and then trolls took over and blew their cover in an epic way when not only this site, but RT had it covered. Here is the troll tactic:

Trolls hit the forums and blogs saying everyone was delusional, and that Hannity's account never disappeared, claiming Hannity simply started up a new account and everyone was hitting an expired page.

PROBLEM: I never follow links anyone puts up other than to initially see something. Once I see the point they are making, I back up and re-enter via references given by a search engine. That way, if someone was mistaken I don't end up posting crap. And when RT had the same report this morning, it completely proved the trolls were lying, Hannity did not start a new twitter account, and the one people are seeing now is the same one it always was.

So an important lesson was given to EVERYONE for free:

When the deep state pulls it's bullshit, and discovers it is too unpopular to get away with, they will back off and tell everyone they were delusional for thinking something happened; SEE! IT IS WORKING, EVERYONE WAS WRONG, IT WAS SIMPLY MOVED, SHUT UP WITH YOUR "CONSPIRACY THEORIES".

Don't fall for it, something really did happen.

Twitter deleted Sean Hannity's page

Update: As of this morning, it is back up. It is the exact same one that was down last night, found the exact same way:

UPDATE: As it turns out, RT was onto this at the same time I was.

I have confirmed this is real. When you pull it up on a search engine, it confirms it should exist, and when you click the link, it says "sorry, that page does not exist". Twitter deleted Sean Hannity's account, with 3.2 million followers, WITHOUT QUESTION.

It is not saying suspended or anything else, it is simply GONE after an intense episode regarding the Fisa memo, followed by a cryptic tweet that simply said "form submission 1649". There is a freak out currently underway on Twitter over it. And that's the way it will go the more and more brazen the people who run social platforms become. They don't want anyone conservative at all on their platforms.

Now that the axe is finally falling on the corrupt, we are going to be seeing a lot more of this, they'll shut down social media to try to stop their arrests.

BLOCKBUSTER: Chris Kitze is starting a financial exchange in Liechtenstein

This is great news. I know Chris is going to see this, so I need to warn him that there (MAY BE) not definitely, people in his circle of association that will sabotage him. Chris is an obvious confirmed good guy but for whatever reason I never got anything to work at (This could happen if the deep state hated his guts and used the Intel processor exploits to inflict random damage.) Now that the truth about how bad they were is out in the public, I am betting that is it, HEADS UP CHRIS AND WATCH OUT FOR IT.

Ok, so with that issue aside, Chris Kitze is going to set up his own financial exchange to help people in the truth movement. This is probably the best hope for financing alt media that there is. Chris sent the following message which has been posted exactly as I received it, without edits (so if anything got changed he will know)

"Your message window is down. Starting an exchange in Liechtenstein that's fully licensed and with a bank partner there. Get a account (web wallet or QT) Post the address on your site along with btc, ltc address, going to support independent media with crypto. run the wallet yourself, don't CK The message may have been cut off here

My comment: I'll certainly try to make this work, thanks for the heads up AND SEND DETAILS if you have any.

Mexican media gave the President a fair shake

Here is what really happened at the World Economic Summit

Donald Trump stole the show and blew everyone away. He was BY FAR, orders of magnitude, more popular than and more well recieved than anyone else there. The European cameras had the colors set right (from what I could tell here) and he was not orange. But the American cameras were tweaked to show him orange, and they screwed up because anyone Donald was with showed up orange also.

Donald Trump is not orange. I was fortunate enough to have an education good enough to cover Communist tactics, and what they do to smear people. If you ever see anyone show up orange it means the communists hate that person. Orange is the worst color you can possibly put on a face, and all the old communist posters always showed their opposition with orange tinted faces. It was really interesting to see the Mexican newscast switch between different cameras, where about half of them showed him with his true colors - (he is perfectly normal) and the other half showing him orange, with obvious juvenile quality fakery where everyone else was orange also, (but you are just supposed to think Trump is orange and not notice it is really a poorly tweaked camera)

Anyway, the Mexican media did not show Trump deceptively (at least on the Imagen network). They showed the "boo" episode and it was B.S. They showed all the top world leaders and people treating Trump respectfully, he was the major center of attention for everyone and he was very well liked. There was one media source that made the comment "My god, he's like a rock star" but that does not mean he's liked, lots of people hate rock stars!!!! I kid you not, they actually said that!

They showed enough of his speech to clearly prove he absolutely OWNED, AND I MEAN OWNED the economic summit. It was amazing. They then showed how the American "three rat" media portrayed Trump in a very biased way. It was really noteworthy and gave me a good chuckle, I was very surprised the Mex media said it like it really was.

This appears to be a legitimate illuminati page

Their agenda is all laid out, and it looks good, but it is pure communism and anyone with a beyond common core education will know where that leads.

The agenda reads like it is great and high minded. But the problem with anything like this is that there really are good people and evil people, and the evil wreck the system. If people were perfect, communism would work. But the world is a mix of dispicable tyrants and passive sheep. Communism cannot work because the sheep in the system, which form the majority, get eaten. With that in mind, this is well worth a read, if only for an education into the type of brainwashing that always goes into any campaign for communism.

Quick comment:

Considering the flaws in Intel processors, crypto is probably DOA now that the NSA's secrets got out. All the hacks against crypto traders are probably (most definitely) happening via exploits that can never be sealed up. If you are not going to lose your butt, it might be a good idea to at least partially pull out.

Bitcoin was a good idea until Intel screwed it. Zero security is zero security and that is that. If you think you can trust the NSA to not rob you, when they can just blame hackers, you will be among the losers.

NFL: No Football League

The NFL one upped itself by denying an ad in support of veterans during the super bowl which asked people to please stand. If you were among those who thought it was karma that no teams with kneelers made the playoffs, and were going to gleefully watch the superbowl, consider this - the ENTIRE LEAGUE is anti American, kneelers or not.

They absolutely suck.

SOROS at the World Economic Forum: Trump building a mafia state

"Trump is a danger to the world and wants to create a mafia state" - George Soros

MY COMMENT: That's all I need to hear to know:

George Soros is a danger to the world and wants to create a mafia state. This is exactly what his ilk does - a mind twist called "displacement", where you take your own evils and place them on others with baseless empty statements.

In addition to this statement, Soros also said Democrats were going to win the next U.S. election and will put the world "back on course" in 2020.

I'd call that a threat, which will be an empty one if Trump manages to secure the election process. The only way Soros and his ilk will EVER win again is via successful mafia style fraud - they committed failed fraud in the last election and it was not enough, Trump had better plug enough holes to make sure it is not successful next time.

I guess we all know who Soros is, so ranting is pointless, but I gotta say - if anything could show what a naked fraud that old vulture is, his speech at the world economic forum was definitely it.

North Korea "hoax ski resort" is probably a HOAX

The report about an NBC reporter who was spoofed into believing a ski resort in North Korea was real is probably fake. I'd bet the resort is in fact real.

QUESTION: How the * did the chairlifts get put in a fake resort, complete with totally normal looking nicely groomed runs? and since they are there, why can't the people use them?

The hoax media also stated everyone had the same coat on and that proves it is fake. But they don't all have the same coats. That lie is transparent as hell.

Iran has 19 ski resorts and it is a fat chance the media would ever admit that either. Several of them are world class, matching or beating anything in Colorado. Iran has the world's best snow, and they exploited it.

The first thing to die in war is the truth. SEE THIS, it sure looks like a real ski resort to me.

More crazy:

In the name of "women's rights", a French legislator has proposed legislation that would fine men $350 for asking for a girl's number. This also extends to asking her name, or talking to her at all. There is no other precedent for the fine, all he has to do is ask for her number, ask for her name, or try to talk to her. The legislation is worded in a way that makes it appear to be "fighting sexual harassment" or "ensuring equality", but the real reason is obvious:

There would be no reason for this law, other than to separate the sexes by making men too afraid to approach a woman at all. The next step would be for the state to arrange all male/female partnerships. Tyranny wants that, imagine the worst level of control anyone could possibly take things and you'l be closer to understanding why the state has brainwashed everyone into being a "victim" to justify laws like this. They are claiming that 100 percent of women questioned have been sexually harassed, and that justifies this law. BULLSHIT. It is all about state regulation of relationships and nothing more. see this at RT.

The missing text messages the FBI lost (and are now found) will be a big nothing.

They will be FULLY expunged, and have nothing of value. The only way to ever get anything incriminating on the FBI is to get it BEFORE IT GETS "LOST". I predict, for a very good reason, that the newly found FBI texts will have absolutely nothing useful in them. You cannot expect the FBI or anyone associated ANYWHERE IN GOVERNMENT, no matter what side they claim to be on, to be honest about anything. The texts only surfaced after a team of people deleted every trace of sedition and treason.

Jan 25 2018


A couple weeks ago, Google announced that it's chrome browser would start blocking malicious ad types, if a "truth agency" determined them to be malicious. At that time, I specifically stated that this meant Google was going to start blocking ALL ads to alt media if alt media sites found alternative ad servers after, simply because of what they reported, Adsense denied them ads. I WAS RIGHT.

THE LIE: Google claimed they would only use Chrome to block ads that 1. Locked the screen or mouse, 2. Made you click them before you could see site content, or 3. Started up audio automatically.

GOOGLE LIED (but at least I knew it was a lie RIGHT FROM THE BEGINNING)

Fact: It does not matter if the ad is only a static Jpeg that does nothing at all, IF IT COMES FROM A COMPETING AD SERVICE, AND A "TRUTH COUNCIL" HATES YOUR WEB SITE, CHROME WILL NOT ALLOW THE ADS TO LOAD. HERE IS PROOF!

The "hate" article that had it's ads blocked was about a Target security guard who got fired for catching a Sheriff's deputy shoplifting, and reporting it! AND CHROME BLOCKED THE ADS! WHAT A FARCE!


Ahh yes, but the Google parasite slurps this web site once every five minutes or so, (to see what the AI needs to auto ban elsewhere) so it will see the words "google" and "smart bomb" associated with each other, alert a living troll who will read the associated report, and they'll fix this ONE SINGLE LONE INSTANCE so they can continue to go right on being the scammers they are.

Here is the DOJ's excuse for not releasing the memo.

I killed the quality of the text due to temporary server issues, (I'll have it nicer again tomorrow)

Franklin Graham warns of deep state coup against President Trump

From Fox News

One of the nation's most prominent Christian leaders said he fears President Trump is facing a grave domestic threat by forces who want to take over the White House.

"I believe we are in a coup d'etat," Franklin Graham said Wednesday on the "Todd Starnes Radio Show." "There are people in this country who are wanting to destroy the president and take over the government by force."

Graham revealed his concerns as congressional Republicans ramp up accusations that deep state actors within the FBI and the Justice Department may have been plotting against the president.

The evangelical leader did not name names, but he suggested the mainstream media was complicit in the silent coup. Click here to listen to the shocking interview.

"They are not going to use bullets. They are using the media - to plant thoughts in people's minds that he's incompetent, that he's dangerous, that you can't trust him with nuclear weapons, that he is mentally unstable," Graham said.

Graham and other Christian leaders have been targeted in recent days by the mainstream media for their unwavering support of the president. Many have been accused of hypocrisy for backing a man who is accused of cheating on his wife and using profanity.

"I have a very simple admonition at this point," Michael Steele said on MSNBC's "Hardball." "Just shut the hell up and don't ever preach to me about anything ever again. I don’t want to hear it."

Steele, the former head of the Republican National Committee, was furious at evangelicals.

"After telling me how to live my life, who to love, what to believe, what not to believe, what to do and what not to do and now you sit back and the prostitutes don’t matter? The grabbing the you-know-what doesn't matter? The outright behavior and lies don't matter? Just shut up."

Tony Perkins, president of the Family Research Council, drew fire after he said evangelicals gave President Trump a second chance.

"Yes, evangelicals, conservatives, they gave him a mulligan," he told CNN. "They let him have a do-over. They said we’ll start afresh with you and we'll give you a second chance."

Both Graham and Perkins pointed out that Trump's alleged sinful transgressions occurred long before he took the oath of office. On the other hand, Bill Clinton’s admitted indiscretions not only happened during his presidential term - they literally happened in the Oval Office.

So how does Graham respond to Trump's admitted sinful past?

"We are all flawed people," he told the "Todd Starnes Radio Show." "The president is a sinner. Franklin Graham is a sinner. We are not perfect people."

He called the accusations against the president unfortunate and distracting. "Has he had scandals in his life? Sure he has," Graham told me. "These scandals happened a number of years ago. That doesn't make it right. I don't condone bad language. I don't condone adultery."

But for now - Graham said he still supports President Trump.

"He's not perfect, but he's our president," Graham said. "He said he didn't do it. I have to take his word over that of the media - that is trying to lynch him."

However, should evidence come to light that Trump had engaged in such behavior while in office, Graham said he would speak out with condemnation.

"We need to pray for those that surround the president that God will protect them and keep them safe," he said.

"I believe that he's the president of this nation because God allowed it," Graham. "And I think on election night, God intervened. He wasn't supposed to win -- he was supposed to lose. And I think it was God who worked in a mysterious way on election night to turn the tables."

During the 2016 presidential election, Graham declined to endorse a candidate. He also held non-political prayer rallies at every state capitol in the nation. There was a reason for that.

"The only hope for this country is God," Graham said. "I don't have any faith in the Republican Party. I don't have any faith in the Democrat Party. The only hope for this nation is God."

My comment: They know damn well Trump saved their butts.

If you want to see what a Soros/NWO future looks like, this is all you need to see.

I have vetted this as completely accurate, it is for real folks.

6 month prison term for offering anyone a straw without them asking.

Ian Calderon wants restaurateurs to think long and hard before giving you a straw.

Calderon, the Democratic majority leader in California's lower house, has introduced a bill to stop sit-down restaurants from offering customers straws with their beverages unless they specifically request one. Under Calderon's law, a waiter who serves a drink with an unrequested straw in it would face up to 6 months in jail and a fine of up to $1,000.

My comment: Obviously I thought this was spoof parody fake news from a humor section somewhere. PROBLEM, THIS IS FOR REAL. Oh my GOD!!! SEE THIS.

Hey hey hey! Let's pack the prisons full of slaves! Six months sounds short, until you realize by that time your car and home will be reposessed, your job will be gone, and everything you have will be lost!

BOOM: Cover story released for why we won't be seeing Assange now that he's free!

Fact: 1. Pamela Anderson brought him lunch, and later stated that after eating it he was "not feeling well".

2. That night, a black van pulled up in front of the embassy and sat there for 3 hours, while Assange was talked out of the embassy most likely for medical care to save his life. This ALL WENT OUT OVER PERISCOPE, AS IT HAPPENED, LIVE.

3. THE VERY NEXT DAY, ASSANGE HAD NO INTERNET BECAUSE "THE EMBASSY CUT IT". Gee, maybe he really was not online because he was not there anymore!

4. No legitimate balcony appearance has happened ever since, Assange has only been interviewed since, which could be faked with ease.

5. At the same time Assange was obviously poisoned, ALL (every single one) of the other top people at Wikileaks died.

6. And now, just in the nick of time, they are claiming assange has heart problems to explain why he's not going to be seen by anyone, even though he is technically now "free". YOU CAN'T MAKE THIS STUFF UP - LOOK AT THIS REPORT FROM THE GUARDIAN: "JULIAN ASSANGE HEALTH IN DANGEROUS CONDITION" YEAAAAH, RiiiiiGHT!

We'll be hearing about his "heart attack" soon.

January 24 2018

Remember this?

The DOD has a virus that attacks the part of the brain responsible for connecting with spirituality. Well worth a watch.

The NSA data center in Utah is a decoy

The surface buildings are a decoy. There is nothing of significance there. The NSA ALWAYS, and I mean, WITHOUT EXCEPTION uses decoys in the form of surface buildings 100 percent of the time. The real base will be deep underground, at the end of a very long tunnel.

The information I have on this is confirmed. And I believe I know where the real underground facility actually is.

Back in the mid 1990's President Bush launched what was called "the millenium project" in the state of Utah. Utah was, as part of this project, slated to become the backbone of the internet. Huge amounts of fiber optic cable went into the ground alongside highway 68. It was stated to be many thousands of times the capacity of the entire internet combined, and completely capable of handling all internet traffic for the entire world thousands of times over. Low and behold, that's precisely where the NSA data center in Utah was built.

Ok, so we have the highest capacity cables in the planet being put in place ahead of time by President Bush. Now in the same place there is a huge "data center". So there's no doubt the NSA data center is at least close to where the decoy buildings are, the question is, precisely where around those buildings is it?

I happened to spend a fair amount of time in that area after the millenium project (now completely expunged in all forms from the internet) - a fair amount of time after it was completed. Lots of stuff kept happening in the area, with massive earth moving projects happening constantly. So I have a really good guess as to where the data center actually is.

One time, I took a side road that went along the west side of I-15 because there were alt radio reports of black hawk helicopters ascending from the hill below (where Camp Williams was) and scaring drivers on I-15. I wanted to see how they were popping up "out of nowhere". I parked and looked over the edge, and it was a stunning enormous drop, and there was an absolutely enormous hole being dug, out of sight, over the edge that you could not see from the interstate itself. It was amazing to look at. I checked it a couple years later, and it looked like a parking lot. This does not show up on Google earth.

Above this, immediately on the other side of the interstate was a gravel mining operation called Geneva Rock. One time, after hours, I stopped by to see if I could get some pebbles for landscaping. Security said "all you have is a car with a wheelbarrow in it, you can't possibly take enough for it to matter, go in and take all you want, from anywhere, and they let me in. That was good for a chuckle. I found a place pretty far back in where a separator had separated out some nice looking pebbles. I climbed to the top of the pile and looked down the other side to see what was making a large amount of noise.

There was an enormous conveyor that was moving at about 45 mph, with giant car sized rocks, going into a tunnel that went straight into the side of the mountain, downwards at about a 20 degree angle. I thought to myself, "gee, that is a huge investment, and there is nothing it could lead to other than deep inside the mountain." I also noticed that it was totally mundane crap the conveyor was carrying to the surface, it did not appear to be valuable. And due to the volume of what was coming out, it was obvious there had to be a giant cavern on the other end of that conveyor.

The conveyor's output all went to giant separators, that made piles of material like the one I was standing on. But the mountain itself was made out of the same materials, why on earth would they invest in a conveyor that went under the mountain, where obviously they'd have to pay for a structure that supported the mountain as material was removed, so it would not cave in? Now that time has passed, the answer is easy: Most likely, the NSA data center is located UNDER the "point of the mountain" in Utah, AND THE EXCAVATION FOR IT WAS DISGUISED AS NORMAL BUSINESS ACTIVITY FOR GENEVA ROCK.

Most likely, it is over a thousand feet lower than the entrance for Geneva rock, and a mile in, which would mean it has a mile of material on all sides of it, top, sides, front, and back. No nuke is ever going to take it out.

A couple miles away, on the other side of Camp Williams, are the decoy buildings. There is probably a tunnel shuttle to the actual facility. ALL NSA facilities have such a tunnel. They do not put their stuff on the surface. The NSA wants everyone's cars parked far away from the actual facility, and will always put up buildings to justify where the cars are parked. But no one will actually work in the buildings.

There is a possibility there is a small auxilary facility in the mountain to the West of both Camp Williams, and the decoy buildings because there was a lot of activity going on there during the time frame this was all being built as well.

The image below will post in a higher quality again when I get it moved to the backup server.

America is approaching failed state status

People in other nations cannot understand how the President can give an order, and then have state governments and cities openly defy the order and the law. There are three great examples right now:

1. Washington State has told the DMV to not cooperate with ICE in arresting illegal immigrants who show up there.

2. The democrats had a huge open women's march in Las Vegas, where they had Canadians register to vote in Nevada elections. This can't possibly happen in any nation that can still function.

3. In defiance of all federal orders, California is now handing illegal aliens drivers licenses, and then accepting them as proof they can vote.

Add to this the sanctuary cities, which are totally violating national law, the fact that when the elite have been busted people who try to publish it get attacked only to have the evidence be completely and successfully flushed out of public sight, and the writing is on the wall. We had all better hope Trump has a magic ace up his sleeve, because the United States is now so overcome by corruption at so many levels that the authorities will not even enforce the rule of law, even at the level of state governors. That's really bad.

And I did not even mention the intelligence agencies, which have gone totally rogue, and the inability of the state structure to have major influence over Google and Facebook, because they have become so powerful they can just shrug it off, and then destroy whoever went after them with censorship and other forms of information warfare. We have easily approached the point where the military is needed to clean the mess, but Obama screwed the military ranks over so badly by firing all the generals who actually care about the United States that it will be impossible to do anything that way either.

And all of this is going on while unspeakably evil elites are wiping out the next generation with tainted vaccines, after having successfully mortally wounded the last one the same way. The list is endless. What a mess.

Asset forfeiture on steroids

Dutch police now confiscating clothes from kids who appear to be "dressed above their level"

This is just like African countries, where the police take anything they want. Plain fabric clothes are then given to people so at least they are not naked. If this persists, it will evolve to one thing: If you are not in the elite class, you'll be stripped by police.

"Police in the Dutch city of Rotterdam have launched a new pilot programme which will see them confiscating expensive clothing and jewellery from young people if they look too poor to own them.

Officers say the scheme will see them target younger men in designer clothes they seem unlikely to be able to afford legally - if it is not clear how the person paid for it, it will be confiscated. See this, at the Independent

My comment: This is a slippery slope if I ever saw one. Just like asset forfeiture in the U.S., the police will develop a taste for what they take, and will escalate this to full blown stealing. It will not stop with "kids", it will eventually evolve to taking things from anyone, just like the police do in African countries. Who carries receipts with them to prove they own everything they have on or are carrying?

A comment on this topic, that sums it up nicely:

" Who carries around receipts for their clothes or even keeps the receipts once the return policy window is over and what about people who are gifted clothing for Christmas or their birthday. Who decides who is poor and on what criteria since they are just going off of someone's looks which leads to a lot of misconceptions and unfounded biases about one's morality, intelligence and worth as a human being. Europe is slowly decending into an authoritarian hellhole. "

We are probably all in much worse trouble than we think

What happened yesterday was very strange

I don't know if we can win. The breach in Intel processor security is so complete, and very evil people are exploiting it on countless servers everywhere. Here's what happened yesterday, probably as a result of the breach, and this is not a guess, it happened.

Alex Jones got the real FISA memo, which would put Clinton & Co in jail. He tried posting it, and got more than one computer fried. I don't know exactly how many, I just know it was more than one. But he did manage to get it put up. Then I tried to access it, and this computer shut down. I got it started again and everything was scrambled - only parts of what the computer was supposed to do worked (for example, it booted but with system monitor I could not look at bandwidth, it was gone, I could not look at open processes, they were gone, and I could not do screen captures, that did not work . . . .

And I tried to access the Fisa document again and BOOM, shut down. I tried a couple more times, and then something on the side of the computer burned me. I realized the flash drive with Knoppix on it was now getting so hot it could burn. If that was a real hard drive (from whatever they did to get it to get so hot) there's little question it would have fried.

So finally, after about 40 minutes of getting shut down and rebooting I managed to get back to the Fisa memo again and it worked without a hitch, and was old outdated crap I saw the day before. Someone switched it. Alex probably does not have the real document anymore but it is a damn safe bet he did. Today, there's not jack squat out there, Fisa is not being discussed anywhere on social media. Obviously blown off the web by AI

The flash drive survived, but ran hot the rest of the day yesterday. Today everything is normal.

So it is obvious that even if the FISA memo does get released, the shadow state, which owns everything now, probably won't let it be read. I don't consider what happened to this computer yesterday to be any sort of actual breach, because when you hit things on the web you are at the mercy of whatever you bring in. There is no way to avoid that.

January 22/23 2018

Linus Torvalds, original creator of Linux, said (some of) the same things I have been saying with different words:

"As it is, the patches are COMPLETE AND UTTER GARBAGE," Torvalds said in a message posted to the Linux kernel mailing list on Sunday.

"All of this is pure garbage. Is Intel really planning on making this sh*t architectural?" he asked. "Has anybody talked to them and told them they are f*cking insane? Please, any Intel engineers here - talk to your managers."]

Torvalds said that the best possible solutions for the company would be to recall two decades worth of products and to give everyone free CPUs. But instead, Intel is trying to avoid huge losses and further damage to its reputation, and intends to continue shipping flawed hardware with software protection which will be turned off by default, he explained.

"The whole IBRS_ALL feature to me very clearly says 'Intel is not serious about this, we'll have a ugly hack that will be so expensive that we don't want to enable it by default, because that would look bad in benchmarks,'" Torvalds wrote. "So instead they try to push the garbage down to us. And they are doing it entirely wrong, even from a technical standpoint."

My comment: He's probably not into conspiracy and does not know how deep this rabbit hole goes. When he says "are they really planning to make this sh*t architectural" he does not understand that Intel HAS TO, because the back doors are architectural so any fix has to shut the compromised architecture off. He has not figured out it was intentional. But at least he knows it is a hell of a lot worse than stated, and that a sledgehammer is the ONLY ANSWER (give everyone free CPU's). He's also wrong about "two decades", it is instead 15 years to be exact but admittedly, that is splitting hairs.

The original report is on RT here

FINAL COMMENT FOR THIS LITTLE PIECE: He's expecting Intel to suddenly barf up an entirely new CPU architecture to make up for it. They can't. The back doors are such an integral part of the system they can't just delete a few items and end up with something that works on the next die. It will take Intel approximately 1.5 years to get around this, and when they do, they'll suck. We are now witnessing the well deserved death of Intel.


RED ALERT: Republicans have introduced a bill that will require full time biometric identification of all Americans, and allow the illegals to stay.

All they need to do to stay is be fully biometrically identified!

Here is the link to the bill that will require full biometric identification of Americans. It is an ENORMOUS bill, hundreds of pages.

It is obvious they are going to use the illegal immigrant issue to try to get Americans to accept full biometric ID.



Alex had a couple computers fried while working with this document. Mine had enormous problems but Knoppix was immune to being destroyed, but when I clicked on the document it shut down the computer. Rebooted. Clicked again. Shut it down again. I cycled this several times and then it finally worked, and it is old crap. There is zero doubt someone switched the document and attacked anyone who tried to get the real deal, until it was removed and replaced with crap. After that the flash drives ran blistering hot, and the modem refused to stay connected. After a few times pulling the power cord out without proper shutdown things are better.

Waiting on a rebound!

A reader told me to set up a Gofundme for this site. ANSWER: I can't set up a gofundme because the site is auto banned there.

After this latest processor debacle, I backed up to using a 10 year old AMD laptop to do this web site. It works GREAT with Knoppix, I am not having any performance issues at all, not even with graphics creation. I never got any dirt on AMD but am being careful anyway.

I am going to quickly go over the real reason Intel is having problems (again) for those who do not know.

I have mentioned how Intel intentionally put back doors into all their processors for the NSA numerous times over the last 7 years. Problem: Someone inside the NSA did a job 500X worse than Snowden, and released all the hackware that exploits these back doors to the general public 8 months ago. I did a short report on it and left it at that. The media stayed predominantly silent because it was not any sort of snowden game, it was real damage. All the world's hackers have these tools now, and the "wrong people" are now getting hacked.

So a huge stupid reason that blamed all processors for the "problem" was made up and a dream story about some idiot reading "thousands of pages of Intel processor manuals" and finding the bug was made up. But I knew that was a lie (intrinsically simply knew) because I knew about the prior enormous breach at the NSA and know how much American intelligence lies and back stabs. They'll drag AMD and ARM into this just to cover up a pet project they had going with Intel. I was waiting for this to happen, because it had to.

Low and behold, through a screwed up press release, they admitted that the problem was not how the processors write to memory, WHEN THEY STATED THE FIX MADE CHANGES TO THE BIOS THAT WAS NOW CAUSING ENORMOUS PROBLEMS WITH INTEL PROCESSORS THAT RECEIVE THE PATCH. if it was a memory caching issue, that would be handled by a patch to operating systems (as the original lie stated), NOT THE BIOS (which the "fix" actually ended up being for.) By modifying the bios they can instruct parts of the computer to not work, (thereby "fixing" the problem,) but the holes in the system are so huge that the processors can't properly cope with closing them.

As it is beginning to turn out, the problem is not fixable, and any server, desktop or laptop anywhere can be raped on a whim. It will never be possible for me to secure the message window, Ebay can't secure their stuff, NOTHING can be secured and the world is now at the mercy of not only the intelligence agencies, but now also random hackers. The following report explains how, and what the real solution to the problem is.


Gee, I wonder why. Perhaps because there is no legit fix so why bother! I am not going to link the article I found that references this because it ends with a hideous lie that tells people to ignore the problem and I won't link that type of report, I'll glean the relevant info and drop it. The article at least reveals ALL PATCHES ARE FIRMWARE PATCHES, NOT SOFTWARE PATCHES, WHICH PROVES WITHOUT QUESTION I WAS RIGHT ALL ALONG - INTEL GOT BUSTED FOR VULNERABILITIES RELATED TO IT'S VPRO CORE AND ANYTHING THAT HAD CENTRINO TECH ROLLED INTO IT, WHICH MEANS CORE2, I SERIES, AND ANYTHING ELSE (EVEN THE ATOM AND CELERON) RELEASED AFTER 2008. THIS BUG IS NOW IN PRACTICALLY EVERYTHING INTEL. Software patch? MY ***!!!

None of the fixes can possibly work, because they are like trying to attach a fifth piston in a 4 cylinder engine. Intel processors are designed to function fully subservient to the NSA and now that they got busted for it, there is nothing they can do to fix it. The "patch", which has now been revealed to try to fix the problem by tweaking the BIOS (and not the operating system, that was a lie all along and I said that all along because I knew it all along) causes the computers that get them to behave like they are drunk, with random crashes, reboots, and total general instability and for some reason, once the "patch" is applied, it cannot be undone because it screws the BIOS. CUTE.


Obviously you'll have your AMD machine ready with all your files before you implement the fix. I'd mothball the Intel or give it to the kids. You can still take parts out of it if you don't smash it.


As a closing comment - Having Intel replace the processors is not good enough when the damage done is beyond EPIC. A class action lawsuit won't work either, because Intel does not have enough total assets to pay for even five percent of the damage this has caused countless innocent people. And no one ever had a chance of knowing why their song ended up on TV, or how their invention suddenly showed up in a store, or why they never made contact with someone after an agreement was made because it was all part of the system, a system specifically set up to place every last significant victory squarely in the hands of the Jew.

There is a cold hard reason why the Jews have won every significant victory for the last 10 years, Intel made it happen.

This page is normally several times as long, but due to temporary server issues it has been shortened to here, I will try to get it back to normal tomorrow (it is too late at night to fight a battle with a computer right now)

Remote controlled Germanwings Airbus A320 crash? All evidence points to this.


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