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Nov 10 2017



On the 9th I posted a video of the helicopter shooting in Vegas. On Linux, for some reason with how it rendered the vid I came across the helicopter video file and played it on a Windows computer and it is obviously strobes, flashing perfectly evenly.

Therefore, the helicopter shooting video is now corrected and redacted.

There was enough wrong with Vegas to not need a helicopter shooting video anyway, nothing lost but a little embarrasment.


Baltimore's school proficiency rates are proof of a willful intent to commit criminal fraud.

One third of Baltimore high schools have zero students proficient in math

One-third of high schools in Baltimore, last year, had zero students proficient in math, Fox 45 reported Wednesday, citing new state testing data.

Based on 2017 state test scores, 13 out of 39 high school had zero students proficient in math, the report said. Another six schools had only one percent of their students who tested proficient in math.

The city reportedly starting a new math curriculum this year aimed at closing the achievement gap in addition to enhanced teacher training and partnerships that would serve students.

"There is no simple answer that will close the achievement gap for Baltimore's students. Though we all want to see results quickly, the work is hard and will take time," the Baltimore City Public Schools District statement said.

My comment: It is worse than that.

There were no schools that had an acceptable proficiency rate, not even the top level college prep schools, one of which was declared "better than average" with about a 1.6 percent proficiency rate.

There is no way out for this. If the proficiency rates were that low, it was done by intent. If proficiency rates even dropped below 70 percent, the entire school staffs should have been fired. Instead, here is the official statement regarding the issue -

"There is no simple answer that will close the achievement gap for Baltimore’s students. Though we all want to see results quickly, the work is hard and will take time"

WHAT??!!?? There is a very simple answer. The right answer: And it is the jailing of administrators and teachers responsible for this, for the committing of fraud. If you put random stay at home moms with no significant education at all into these classrooms and told them to actually try to teach, you would see proficiency rates of at least 30 - 50 percent which, while being apocalyptically bad would not amount to outright fraud. You cannot hit zero without intent to commit fraud. It actually takes an active applied effort to hit zero, somewhere in those numbers there would have been at least a few kids that cared about learning and were then intentionally spiked to zero via willful and skilled intellectual sabotage.

This is not a normal anomaly. FACT: If rather than send the kids to school, you told them all they were on their own to make their own lives for themselves and that there was no school, at least 10 percent of the total population would have been likely to self study, and get proficient all by themselves, especially with the internet available. You really can't hit zero unless specific well planned programs were in place to destroy even the few that could have done it on their own.

Therefore the comment about there being "no simple answer" to the problem is a lie, when the problem is that bad all you have to do is pull those who have a criminal intention to destroy minds out of the system and jail them forever, fraud at this level should equate to a life behind bars. You don't give the Baltimore school district a chance to fix this with "a new curriculum aimed at closing the achievement gap," no, if they hit zero they did it on purpose and can never be trusted. JAIL THEM.

I doubt it will go anywhere (see next post) but this is worth mentioning

Now Confirmed: Fusion GPS and Clinton campaign paid and colluded with Russian lawyer for an entrapment scheme against Trump.

Anyone with 2 functioning neurons knew this a year ago.

Do you remember the female Russian lawyer ( Natalia Veselnitskaya) that was used to set up the original Trump/Russia story by arranging a meeting with Trump Junior that went nowhere? The plot was written by Fusion GPS (gee, where could anyone be found that knows anything about that outfit) and anyone who could think knew it was bogus. . . . . Except the DOJ and the rest of the police state and media which, rather than go after Hillary's act like they did Watergate, tried to destroy Trump with it when it was patently obviously a hoax setup.

Well, now investigators have "made a huge discovery" and figured out it was all just a hoax set up to destroy Trump. This by itself ought to put Hillary behind bars forever, and result in several hangings, but even being as bad as it is, it is only the kind of "jelly bean" I mentioned in the next report.

When Hillary gets an indictment for selling out secrets to Russia and China - when she gets an indictment for uranium one, and her scamming foundation, - when she has to answer for the body count, then I'll start talking about the possibility of America's intelligence apparatus being legit.

At any rate, the source for this was The Hill, which is such a filthy cesspool I won't send them ad revenue by linking. The only benefit to The Hill reporting it is that they would not do this unless they were being chased by a chain saw. They posted a limited hang out type report, Drudge will probably have it tomorrow, it will all get poo pooed and that will be that.

Just like this next report . . . .

Wars and rumors of wars

The jelly bean prosecution

I have seen several posts now about Hillary having over 100 sealed indictments, that there are over 300 sealed indictments total, and that the swamp is going to be drained. But I have not seen an ounce of substance to support it (it would be that way if all the indictments were sealed). However, I doubt there are any (serious) indictments at all. I think it is all just wishful thinking.

Yeah, Weiner is in the big house for dropping a jelly bean all the while there is blood all around his circle of acquaintance that never got looked at, with probably the most well known about being Vince Foster, you know, the body count. American intelligence won't go after anything big, like brains in the park, but they'll ask about a jelly bean on a little guy (sexting a teenager) while the monster walks free. They gotta look like they are doing something I guess.

Here is all that will happen:

IF Hillary ever has to answer to anything, it will be the marks her shoes left in some wet concrete or something stupid like that. They'll play it up like it is the end of the world, and ignore absolutely everything of substance. She'll have to wipe a table clean somewhere with a primped and primed wash cloth so no little dirties get on her hand, then she'll cry about being picked on and walk out of the room, untouched.

I don't believe the 100 indictments B.S., and I won't believe anything at all got done even if they "hang her" on national television. She'll just become Elvis and pop up in Argentina having never been punished, wait for the American concience to cool off and forget she's dead, and then hit the campaign trail for 2020. Seriously folks, the corruption is THAT BAD.

Supposedly Trump just released 13,000 unredacted Kennedy files.


Of interest so far was one that documented Lee Harvey Oswald was interrogated for 11 hours, yet there are no recordings of it and not even any transcripts. Obviously they did not get what they wanted out of him, and he was quickly killed.

When I tried to click in, it played the "no cipher overlay" game and blocked me out. B.S.!!!!! But you can try.

JFK Assassination Records - 2017 Additional Documents Release
National Archives
November 9, 2017

Washington, DC

In the fourth public release this year, the National Archives today posted 13,213 records subject to the President John F. Kennedy Assassination Records Collection Act of 1992 (JFK Act).

The majority of the documents released today were released previously in redacted form. The versions released today were prepared by agencies prior to October 26, 2017, and were posted to make the latest versions of the documents available as expeditiously as possible. Released records are available for download.

On October 26, 2017, President Donald J. Trump directed agencies to re-review each and every one of their redactions over the next 180 days. As part of that review process, agency heads were directed to be extremely circumspect in recommending any further postponement of information in the records. Agency heads must report to the Archivist of the United States by March 12, 2018, any specific information within particular records that meets the standard for continued postponement under section 5(g)(2)(D) of the JFK Act. The Archivist must then recommend to the President by March 26, 2018, whether this information warrants continued withholding after April 26, 2018. The records included in this public release have not yet been re-reviewed by the agencies as part of that process and have not been reviewed by the National Archives.

To view or download a released file, follow the link in the “"Doc Date” column. You can also download the full spreadsheet with metadata about all the documents. The files are sorted by NARA Release Date, with the most recent files appearing first. The previous withholding status (i.e., formerly withheld in part or formerly withheld in full) is identified in the “Formerly Withheld Status” column.

Bulk Download of PDF and WAV files

You can access individual files by browsing the webpage above and selecting the link in the "Doc Date" column. You may also download the Excel spreadsheet above, which includes links to all of the files. If you need copies of all PDF and WAV files, you can request a compressed bulk download by emailing bulkdownload AT with “JFK Bulk Download” in the subject line.


UPDATE: Evidently someone in American intelligence absolutely hated this RT report, and the RT web site got attacked over it. I am no fan of Russia (as anyone would know) but compared to the crap that goes on in America they are smelling like roses. It is all orders of magnitude I guess - the stench of American intelligence has gotten so bad they probably smell approximately like the Bhopal chemical disaster, while Russia smells comparatively like a pig farm. Both would smell disgusting, but you'd survive the smell of the farm.

A couple months ago I tried Kaspersky and it did not seem right. Things still got compromised. This is probably why:

CIA wrote code 'to impersonate' Russia’s Kaspersky Lab anti-virus company, WikiLeaks says

RT | Nov 9, 2017 "WikiLeaks says it has published the source code for the CIA hacking tool 'Hive,' which indicates that the agency-operated malware could mask itself under fake certificates and impersonate public companies, namely Russian cybersecurity firm Kaspersky Lab.

The CIA multi-platform hacking suite 'Hive' was able to impersonate existing entities to conceal suspicious traffic from the user being spied on, the source code of the malicious program indicates, WikiLeaks said on Thursday.

The extraction of information would therefore be misattributed to an impersonated company, and at least three examples in the code show that Hive is able to impersonate Russian cybersecurity company Kaspersky Lab, WikiLeaks stated.

"If the target organization looks at the network traffic coming out of its network, it is likely to misattribute the CIA exfiltration of data to uninvolved entities whose identities have been impersonated," WikiLeaks said in a statement.

My comment: Assange is probably toast, and white hats picked up the torch. This did not get released by accident.

The official story of Texas is no longer believable.

It all sounded good at first, and came off as the first time I'd believe the "patsy dead" scenario. But now there is a surviving witness that is saying shots were coming from above, and they are going to tear the church down because it is "too stark of a reminder", just like they tore down the theater the bat man shooting happened in. In the case of the batman shooting, it was because the evidence on scene did not support the official story, just like Vegas.

Throw in odd photos early on that were not showing bullet holes in the doors at first (why would there be bullet holes in the doors anyway) and now doors full of bullet holes, and things are starting to not add up anymore.

It is entirely possible that Texas was a false flag with an additional shooter. With the way the official story goes - "shooter leaves church, gets shot, wrecks car during pursuit, now dead" it does not leave out the possibility of a second shooter being there, and being unreported.

With a video of a witness saying that is exactly the case it leaves room for suspicion. Even one such witness can destroy an official story.

Whatever happened in Vegas may have gone to Texas.

Sorry, but Saudis did not do vegas

Evidently think tanks have handled the Vegas story, and have decided that the best approach to clearing the U.S. government for what happened there is to say the Saudis did it.

The basic story line: Prior to this recent near coup in Saud, there was an assasination attempt of a high ranking Saudi official at the Tropicana, and to cover it all up, they shot up a bunch of people at the Harvest festival.

Evidently people are buying this crap, because they are pushing it hard.

And they say the Saudis therefore had gunmen everywhere, and that they all escaped in a helicopter. They shot from the Tropicana. They shot from the ground. They shot from the Mandalay. They owned the floor Paddock was on.

It is all BULLSHIT, The saudis own the part of the hotel above where the verical lights stop. And they do not own even that part in full.

Someone is grasping at straws, hoping people bite. And there is a problem -

Saudis are NOT going around killing witnesses. Saudis do NOT have a heavy influnce over the Vegas local law enforcement that was shut up. Saudis could NOT stop emergency responders from actually helping at the concert venue, and cause the people there to be left to die and bleed out overnight. and if the shooters all got away in a helicopter, how can you explain how the control tower at the nearby airport had gunmen on the runway? If a helicopter brought them they'd have said it. So if you come across the story line saying the Saudis did it, consider that. It is absolute bunk to the point of seriously peeving me.

Recent headlines have been absolutely ridiculous. The following two are prime examples.

$500 fine for texting while crossing the street!!!

Chicago is proposing fining people $500 for texting while crossing the street. Since you can't tell if someone is dialing or texting, cell phone use is also therefore banned. $500 fine!!!

What on earth has happened to America when things like this can happen? How elite is the average government cronie when they really think it is rational to randomly nail the average joe for $500 over a phone violation? How can you even have a phone violation while walking? Yeah, you can annoy people but to make it a crime punishable by a fine of $500??!!??

You know, the Chinese banned jumping in public. I don't know what the fine was (if any) I just know they banned it at least at one time. Perhaps not now. That was a ridiculous rule someone thought would do the public good. And I am sure it did, because their government said so.

Granted, I think people are buried in their phones like idiots now, and hate it when people text and drive. However, texting in a crosswalk is entirely a different issue, and to even consider fining anyone $500 for that only proves the U.S. has slipped off the totalitarian abyss. It seems to me all the police state needs to do is play the national anthem and tell everyone they'd be killed for it anywhere else and they can screw everyone all they want.

I hate to say it, but if you can even be fined for J walking you do not live in a free country. You can't get fined for that in Mexico, the police won't care. If you get hit outside of a crosswalk well, that's on you, and that's the end of it.

In America, if you sell hamburgers from your driveway without permission, you get in trouble. If you do the same in Mexico, it is nothing but a bonus. In Mexico you can end up with a Mariachi band playing full volume by your house at 3 AM on a week day, just because the neighbor thought it would be cool for his wife. Try doing that in America. And if you can't, you do not have freedom.

Back to the main topic: $500 fine for TEXTING WHILE WALKING ON YOUR OWN TWO FEET! IN A CROSSWALK!!! A lot of people would be destroyed by that. But in a police state, you gotta behave, and obedience is beyond required. Once again, I have to be clear this is not a report that came out as a comedy piece in The Onion, it is a CBS report. RIDICULOUS!!!


Not a hoax - Facebook wants your naked photos

Using revenge porn as an excuse, Facebook is asking users to submit naked photos of themselves. Supposedly the photos will be loaded into an artificial intelligence that will recognize when someone posts naked photos of you and block them from being posted.

You'd expect this to be a report in The Onion, but no, it is Fox News.


Earlier today I did a report about how Bob Lutz, director of engineering at GM who said we'd all be in self driving vehicles soon. well . . . I think he's probably ahead of schedule with his predictions.

Self driving shuttle in Vegas hits semi truck

Today was the official launch of a much advertised and promoted self driving shuttle in Vegas. They limited the speed of it to 15 mph "just in case", and that was a good thing, because two hours after it set out on it's first journey carrying people across the city at a sight seeing pace, it hit a semi truck. No one got hurt.

You can't make this stuff up. Too good. SEE THIS on Fox

A short GMO rant

A while ago I posted how I purchased 3 Dove bars, noticed the flavor changed, checked to see if they were GMO and they were? Well . . . .

If they nailed chocolate, it is obvious there is a centralized agenda to get everything switched over to GMO. They did it to coffee. They obviously did it to corn, bananas, and even pineapple. There is seemingly no way to escape it, even medicine is moving towards a trend of "treating illness" by genetically modifying YOU. And that's not good.

I'd like people to consider something, on a seemingly totally different topic - alien abductions. Everyone assumes the alien abductions were being done for at least partially malicious reasons. What if they were not malicious at all? What if, in fact, the "grays" were trying to preserve our DNA before we destroyed it? consider this:

I can't recall a single alien abduction story that happened in even the last 30 years. You know, right about the time the horrendous autism inducing vaccines were released, starting in earnest right around 1986, with them beginning to go mainstream in the early 90's. Maybe the aliens could recognize our technology curve, because they had seen it happen before elsewhere, and knew precisely when we would destroy ourselves.

It was at that time that we were beginning to be able to splice genes into fish, and make them glow, and a few other things. Someone might have noticed our advances with tech, all the while filthy evil people controlled it all, and realized that the evil people would not exercise any restraint and would instead destroy everyone. What if they got all the DNA samples they needed to restore us once the elite destroy everything?

We may have already crossed that point. There is enough GMO DNA floating around out there to wreak havoc with quite a lot of things, if not everything. All being done senslessly and stupidly, like GMO chocolate.

What was wrong with chocolate that made it necessary to change it?

Here's a real GMO chocolate oddity (mentioned in earlier reports:)

Mars, which wants to get 70 percent of the world's chocolate switched over to GMO worked in coordination with IBM to come up with their new GMO product line. Sounds like a great idea, because IBM REALLY KNOWS CHOCOLATE.

Equally odd is how Hershey's jumped right onto the Mars bandwagon, and started buying Mars GMO chocolate for their own products, all the while Hershey's and Mars are top competitors against each other. Supposedly. Such cooperation does not make an ounce of sense unless there is a centralized agenda both are pandering to.

So what if all the alien abduction stories of the 50's 60's and 70's (and perhaps the early 80's) but definitely not the 90's or later, were true? What if they only came to save us from ourselves? The timing could not have been more perfect if that was the real story behind it all.

GMC: Sell your cars for scrap

Bob Lutz, of GMC, claims the end of cars will happen within 20 years. I think he is whacked, because people will want the freedom to change course whenever they want and the type of system he is talking about won't accomodate that.

He claims Google and Amazon will take over transportation because people will trust Google and not Ford or GMC. He claims that when the axe falls on this tech, you'll have five years to get rid of your car, because driving will be banned. I doubt it would ever happen that fast, but they are doing plenty of car attacks to provide the background for banning them so who knows.

This report does read like the onion, only one thing - he is serious and is the head of product development for General Motors, and has held senior positions in a large number of the world's top automakers.

The report is Here.

The people who said the helicopter in Vegas was shooting were right

This is probably the most important Vegas bust.


Due to the way Linux rendered video, it looked like shooting was coming from the helicopter. However, playback of the video in Windows clearly shows it is only strobes.

This post is being left up so people can see what was corrected. It is not accurate. It appeared accurate in Linux. But windows proved this false.

It is not flashing lights on the helicopter. If you only consider the first couple seconds of the helicopter footage, one might make that assertion. But if you carefully watch how the footage ends, right before he pulls the camera away, the light flashes break the "sequence" which an electronic flasher will never do, and prove it is not flashing lights.

The video is clearly showing two different guns on the helicopter. One is mounted high and the other mounted low. They break their sequencing and start flashing totally randomly at the end of the sequence. No electronic flasher is going to do that, and why would a helicopter need 3 bright lights lights on it anyway? The one on the top plus red and green navigational are enough. Putting strobes all over it is not necessary and would be stupid.

Additionally, I went back and checked, and the camera shooting the video was good enough to pick out different colors of lights. The normal red and green navigation lights that indicate direction of travel are too faint for the camera to see, with the only actual light visible being the main one on top. If the camera can pick out colors with everything else, and there's no red or green showing on the helicopter, it just means those lights were not strong enough to pick up at such a distance. THEY ARE THERE, AND NOT VISIBLE.NO HELICOPTER HAS FIVE FREAKING LIGHTS ON IT. It will have 3. White, red, and green. Three white lights also gives this away.

I am joining those who say the helicopters were involved, and I am not stupid about it.

Yes I know what strobes on a helicopter are. That is not what the flashes are from. Watch the video several times, the end of where the helicopter is on video clearly shows it is not digital strobes flashing in a repeat sequence.

As much as I hate Rense, he figured this out also and is saying THE EXACT SAME THING. Are two alt media enemies doing parallel stupid? I don't think so!

There were too many people in Vegas to get away with what the FBI/shadow state did there. Someone went over their vegas videos, and discovered that even though they were not interested at all in where the concert was, they caught muzzle flashes from the helicopter which was way off in the distance. The only reason why this did not get caught from the concert itself is because no one was pointing their cameras up at the sky.

The perspective of this video is one in which the helicopter is not even the main focus, and what it was doing was obviously not realized by who was taking the video at the time it was being taken. They were simply pointing the camera randomly around Vegas.

I think it is hoplessly lost, the FBI just can't kill enough witnesses. This is a prime example.

I have gone over this several times now, analyzing what is in this video. Yes, the helicopter (way off in the distance) really is above the Route 91 festival, and yes, it really is shooting. and yes, I already saved this, because with 253 views this is obviously super fresh and not deleted off Youtube yet.

Once again, I'd like to state that yesterday's elections had to have been rigged.

Virginia "voting in" a transvestite says it all.

In the transvestite's disctrict, there were over 50,000 voters. And last time, they voted in a conservative family values male. There is no way they flipped and let a transvestite in.

All the left did with this election is draw up a script, and then fraud the vote to follow the script. It is that simple. Following on their success of stealing the election, they will ram that script down everone's throats. This election is only proof that Trump really needs to focus on election fraud.

There is more on this topic down the page a ways.

A clarification of what went on with Etherium crypto

There is another post on this topic I put up yesterday, (scroll down for that)

Due to a bug in the system, a developer accidentally took control of hundreds of wallets containing cryptocurrency Ether, and destroyed them in a panic while trying to give them back.

More than $300m of cryptocurrency has been lost after a series of bugs in a popular digital wallet service led one curious developer to accidentally take control of and then lock up the funds.

Unlike most cryptocurrency hacks, however, the money wasn't deliberately taken: it was effectively destroyed by accident. The lost money was in the form of Ether, the tradable currency that fuels the Ethereum distributed app platform, and was kept in digital multi-signature wallets built by a developer called Parity. These wallets require more than one user to enter their key before funds can be transferred.

On Tuesday Parity revealed that, while fixing a bug that let hackers steal $32m out of few multi-signature wallets, it had inadvertently introduced a new flaw into its systems that allowed one user to become the sole owner of every single multi-signature wallet.

The user, "devops199", triggered the flaw apparently by accident. When they realised what they had done, they attempted to undo the damage by deleting the code which had transferred ownership of the funds. Rather than returning the money, however, that simply locked all the funds in those multisignature wallets permanently, with no way to access them.

"This means that currently no funds can be moved out of the multi-sig wallets," Parity says in a security advisory.

Effectively, a user accidentally stole hundreds of wallets simultaneously, and then set them on fire in a panic while trying to give them back.

"We are analysing the situation and will release an update with further details shortly," Parity told users.

Hard fork

Some are pushing for a "hard fork" of Ethereum, which would undo the damage by effectively asking 51% of the currency's users to agree to pretend that it had never happened in the first place. That would require a change to the code that controls ethereum, and then that change to be adopted by the majority of the user base. The risk is that some of the community refuses to accept the change, resulting in a split into two parallel groups.

Such an act isn't unheard of: another hack, two years ago, of an Ethereum app called the DAO resulted in $150m being stolen. The hard fork was successful then, but the money stolen represented a much larger portion of the entire Ethereum market than the $300m lost to Parity.

The lost $300m follows the discovery of bug in July that led to the theft of $32m in ether from just three multisignature wallets. A marathon coding and hacking effort was required to secure another $208m against theft. Patching that bug led to the flaw in Parity's system that devops199 triggered by accident.

Ethereum has rapidly become the second most important cryptocurrency, after Bitcoin, with its price increasing more than 2,500% over the past year. One token of Ether is now worth a little over $285, up from $8 in January.

More at The Guardian

My comment: So who wants a cashless society? Who would write the code for that? Microsoft? What's going to happen in a cashless society when the lights go out? You mean to tell me there is not a backup somewhere they can just restore?

How secure is a system when you can kill a bunch of wallets from one location? And you can be certain that any cashless system would be this way, on purpose, because mistakes could simply be too convenient when needed, just like remote control car crashes.

Nov 7 2017

National Anthem is racist??!!??


This is not a hoax folks, this was published by the Sacramento Bee

When California lawmakers return to the Capitol in January, the state chapter of the NAACP will be seeking their support for a campaign to remove "The Star-Spangled Banner" as the national anthem.

The organization last week began circulating among legislative offices two resolutions that passed at its state conference in October: one urging Congress to rescind "one of the most racist, pro-slavery, anti-black songs in the American lexicon" as the national anthem, and another in support of former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick, who launched a protest movement against police brutality among professional athletes by kneeling when "The Star-Spangled Banner" was played before games.

We owe a lot of it to Kaepernick, California NAACP President Alice Huffman said. I think all this controversy about the knee will go away once the song is removed."

My comment


Ok, and:

I don't recall anything in the National anthem that spoke about anything other than a military battle. Let's take a look here.

Oh, say, can you see? By the dawn's early light
What so proudly we hailed at the twilight's last gleaming;
Whose broad stripes and bright stars, through the perilous fight,
O'er the ramparts we watched were so gallantly streaming.
And the rocket's red glare, the bombs bursting in air.
Gave proof through the night that our flag was still there:
Oh, say, does that star-spangled banner yet wave?
O'er the land of the free and the home of the brave!

If you skip to verse three (which is never sang) it has these lines:

"Their blood has wash'd out their foul footstep's pollution.

No refuge could save the hireling and slave

From the terror of flight or the gloom of the grave"

And THAT is what they are saying is racist! I don't think so, for all it matters that could be a Jewish pep song because they claim to have been slaves at one time.

Ok, WELL THEN, since Kaepernick, who is a Jew gone crypto-black-man is pushing the racism angle on the national anthem, I THINK IT IS A GREAT TIME TO POST SOME JEWISH TALMUD QUOTES.

Hitting a Jew is the same as hitting God

Sanhedrin 58b. If a heathen (gentile) hits a Jew, the gentile must be killed.

Sanhedrin 57a . A Jew need not pay a gentile the wages owed him for work.

Baba Kamma 37b. If an ox of an Israelite gores an ox of a Canaanite there is no liability; but if an ox of a Canaanite gores an ox of an Israelite...the payment is to be in full.

Baba Mezia 24a . If a Jew finds an object lost by a gentile ("heathen") it does not have to be returned.

Sanhedrin 57a . When a Jew murders a gentile, there will be no death penalty. What a Jew steals from a gentile he may keep.

Baba Kamma 37b. The gentiles are outside the protection of the law and God has "exposed their money to Israel."

Baba Kamma 113a. Jews may use lies ("subterfuges") to circumvent a Gentile.

Non-Jewish Children are Sub-Human (MY INSERT: and that is PRECISELY why they unabashedly destroy our children with sabotaged vaccines, now becoming mandatory in many places. Can't have "sub humans" competing with "gods" on the same intellectual level, can they??!!??

Yebamoth 98a. All gentile children are animals. (my insert - Ditto, therefore destroying them with tainted vaccines is simply herd management.

Abodah Zarah 36b. Gentile girls are in a state of niddah (filth) from birth.

Abodah Zarah 22a-22b . Gentiles prefer sex with cows.

Yebamoth 63a. Declares that agriculture is the lowest of occupations.

Menahoth 43b-44a. A Jewish man is obligated to say the following prayer every day: "Thank you God for not making me a gentile, a woman or a slave."

Rabbi Meir Kahane, told CBS News that his teaching that Arabs are "dogs" is derived "from the Talmud." (CBS 60 Minutes, "Kahane").

University of Jerusalem Prof. Ehud Sprinzak described Kahane and Goldstein's philosophy: "They believe it's God's will that they commit violence against goyim," a Hebrew term for non-Jews. (NY Daily News, Feb. 26, 1994, p. 5).

Rabbi Yitzhak Ginsburg declared, "We have to recognize that Jewish blood and the blood of a goy are not the same thing." (NY Times, June 6, 1989, p.5).

Rabbi Yaacov Perrin said, "One million Arabs are not worth a Jewish fingernail." (NY Daily News, Feb. 28, 1994, p.6).

And many more! There are far more quotes than that. So here we have Kapernick, fronting as a black man, playing the victim in the name of blacks, when he's a filthy disgusting kike only trying to shed the blame for destroying the national anthem off on another group, rather than the GODLY SUPERIOR JEWS, where the ENTIRE BLAME belongs. So what if he destroys the NFL in the process.

I do not believe Democrats legitimately swept anything.

Election reform simply did not happen on time because they kept Trump distracted with other things. Hopefully this is the last time the Jews steal an election.

Rigged election puts transgender in office.

Trans woman defeats "family values" Republican in Virginia

Be real. No one of significance voted for a transgender.

From the Washington Post:

"Roem outraised Marshall 3-to-1, with nearly $500,000 in donations, much of it coming from LGBT advocates and other supporters across the country. She and her supporters executed an aggressive ground game, knocking on doors more than 75,000 times in a district with 52,471 registered voters, sitting for endless public appearances and interviews, and maintaining a steady social media presence.

Marshall, who was first elected in 1991, refused to debate Roem, kept his schedule private and declined most interview requests. But he also mounted a healthy ground game; his campaign said this week that they knocked on voters’ doors about 49,000 times this fall.

While Roem campaigned mostly on local frustrations with traffic congestion along Route 28, she also talked about her gender identity when asked. The race took an ugly turn when Marshall and his supporters released ads highlighting Roem's transgender identity and referring to the Democrat with male pronouns.

In the end, that tactic failed, with Roem leading by nearly 10 percentage points with 90 percent of the vote counted, according to preliminary, unofficial results.

See this

My comment: No one of significance voted for a transgender. Rigged election. They got it right this time, Hillary was the lesson. Trump had better pay attention to this and fix the system.

If you have an Etherium wallet READ THIS

You might already know this, but it is today's news, so you might not know. A major new security flaw has been found in the Etherium wallet and it is so bad the entire system has been frozen. The bug allows an intruder to delete everything in your wallet.

My guess is that due to the fact that this is the second major breach of the Etherium system, it is probably compromised on purpose.

From Tech Crunch:

"Today is not a good news day for Ethereum. A vulnerability found within a popular wallet has frozen potentially hundreds of millions of dollars of the crypto currency in a second setback in recent months. Parity Technologies, the company behind widely used wallet service Parity, today disclosed an issue that could enable the contents of a wallet to be wiped. The issue affects multi-sig wallets - a technology that uses the consent of multiple parties for additional security on transactions - that were deployed after July 20. In other words, ICOs that were held since then may be impacted.

Read more HERE.

Hillary might be in trouble (no way to know yet, but . . . )

The MSM reported something I never thought I'd ever see from any MSM outlet, not even FOX. DNC staffers, including Bernie staffers, were all threatened, and told to support Hillary or "there would be consequences". I am really surprised this was allowed out, it is a very telling interview, See this

I may have to issue a correction (not sure yet)

It appears the Saudi prince who granted the robot citizenship only did it to lure corrupt high ranking saudis back home so they could be arrested. The robot was part of a large tech show that was probably an elaborate hoax and all of the corrupt were invited home to explore their future investments in tech, only to get arrested all at once, when they were all there.

If that be the case, Crown Prince Salman was an absolute genius, and it would totally explain why Israel has completely freaked out over it, because their cronies who were undercutting Saud are now all behind bars.

So the robot was probably just a show, and was really not granted citizenship. No word on that now, but we'll probably know in the near future.

Trump: "President Trump: "We're going to have an exciting day tomorrow for many reasons that people will find out."

People are guessing as to what Trump is talking about, because he has not uttered a peep other than this. Some speculate that he left the country so arrests can take place without him being immediately threatened by the power structure here. Lets all hope that is the case. For now, it is only guesses.

Marburg/plague outbreak update

This is to counter a few sensationalized click bait headlines, about a "massive plague affecting tens of thousands for which there is no cure." It is a bunk report, that confuses the issue between two different diseases, combines the characteristics into one, and then says everyone is going to die. Here it is, as it is:

The disease that cannot be cured and kills practically anyone that can get it, that is having an "outbreak" is the Marburg virus, which has infected a total of SIX, (6) people. Since it is only spread via exchange of bodily fluids, it is a great big nothing. It is going nowhere.

The Bubonic plague however has infected about 20,000 people in Madagascar, with very few deaths because it can be treated with antibiotics and people are on the lookout for it. Neither disease is a threat until you give all the characteristics of Marburg to the plague by having them in the same article and then not being clear about anything.

Bottom line? Sleep peacefully, NOTHING AT ALL is going to get you outside of Madagascar, and even if it does get you, if you realize what it is, a cheap antibiotic will solve the problem. I don't call six cases of Marburg (which will kill you) any sort of outbreak that needs to be mentioned as anything other than a curiosity.

The Air Force made a filing error??!!?? DOUBT IT!

An explanation had to be given for how the Texas shooter, who had been dishonorably discharged managed to get ahold of his guns. They can't say the CIA handed them to him, so now the story is that the Air Force not only made a "filing error" which allowed him to buy guns, But that they also let him out of the brig early!!!!



Girl destroyed by getting 8 vaccines at once in 1993

This is news, because it is normal now.

The quoted report is a little off, because all the doctor did was mix 3 other combination vaccinations with the MMR, he did not mix 8 shots. That happens all the time now.

A family from Sussex, UK, is suing their GP for giving their daughter, Jodie, eight vaccines at once in 1993.

The parents had requested only the MMR be given to Jodie, who was 14 months old at the time. Her mother, Pat, had no idea her daughter was being given the polio, Hib, DT (Diphtheria/Tetanus), and pertussis vaccines in addition to MMR until seeing her vaccination record.

According to the parents, Jodie reacted to the shot immediately and was never the same again. She began shivering and shaking and developed a high fever. Once home, the high pitched screaming began - something many parents of vaccine injured children say also happened to their child immediately after vaccines - and she refused food.

She also hasn't spoken since and can do nothing for herself, requiring round the clock care. While she can walk, Jodie rarely sits still, is doubly incontinent, and suffers from many health issues such as epilepsy and autism-like symptoms.

The proof: Jodie was given more than just the MMR. Image courtesy of Vaccine Impact.

In February 1993, Jodie was reported to be in good health, but serious health concerns arose following the unauthorized premixed vaccine given that May. The family visited many specialists to determine what happened to Jodie. At that stage, they had not considered a 'cocktail' vaccine might be the cause.

Interestingly, a letter dated November 11, 1994 was sent in November stating that Jodie was reported to be "well and happy." Yet Pat had reported in September 1993 that Jodie was not normal and was being seen by a health visitor.

As Christina England has shown in her article "Toddler Permanently Brain Damaged by a Mystery Combination Vaccination That Her Parents Did Not Consent To," many strange things have been found in Jodie’s reports, which begs the question, have doctors been trying to cover up what happened to Jodie?

Also, years later, Dr. Jennifer Greenland wrote the below letter to Dr. Andrew Wakefield, who at the time was investigating into what was causing mysterious bowel problems in some UK children.

" My comment: The above is of interest, only because this girl was one of the early ones to be so severely damaged by getting a huge number of vaccines at once. What happened to this girl is normal now.

Also of interest is that this article references the high pitched screaming, immediate reaction, and subsequent disorder that happens frequently now yet it is all denied, that any of this happens after vaccines is never mentioned or discussed by the pro vaxxers EVER and is instead covered up by "well" reports later, which proves the doctors know damn well what they are doing, and choose to cover it up.

The Mexican family here stopped vaccinating in 4 different households after a vaccine obviously wrecked a bright and outgoing 7 year old boy, who immediately after vaccination got extremely sick for a long duration and during that time turned into a less than average recluse. There is a 5th household where the wife is a cheater, and she made damn good and sure her kids got ALL the shots, calling the rest of the family "crazy" and "low class" for thinking a vaccine wrecked the boy, and her two daughters are obviously wrecked with the youngest one showing exactly the symptoms of the destroyed girl in the report above. And she still does not "get it". It almost seems like a pre-requisite to knowing vaccines destroy the kids is simply not being evil.

The report referenced above can be read in full Here

Nov 6 2017

Search engines are now all loading something HUGE onto your machine.

Just loading the duck duck go page eats 5 megs. Google eats the same. Bing is eating 11 megs. The pages are dirt simple. They should in the case of Google and Duck Duck eat about 20 K. What the **** are they loading that is so huge? It is in the background, and it is hidden. And if they are left open on a tab, they continue to eat and eat and eat. Anyone know what is up with this?

A suspended report by this web site has been taken as gospel, and posted everywhere.

If you have heard the report about the 30 FBI agents checking into the Mandalay Bay, quoting me as the source, that report was suspended before it even got posted. I had not even finished it, labeled it as unconfirmed, and put it on a back page with a link, with the link clearly stating it was unconfirmed, but should be looked into.

The source of the "30 FBI agents" checking in originally came from the Intel Hub, and that report is gone. So either it is a real report that got censored, or it was taken down for some other reason. Due to the fact that the original source of the info no longer has it, and no one else came up with it, it is staying in the uncofirmed bin. It should under no circumstances be re-posted as legit by anyone. However, the original doxxing of FBI agents, which accompanied the report was accurate.

Saudi Arabia

Nothing is certain as to the global implications yet, but this is what is going on -

First of all, I need to be clear I think the royal family consists entirely of corrupt idiots. The new crown prince (Salman) is no better than the rest. He's the guy who gave a really simple sub Alexa or cell phone chat robot citizenship. Anyway HE IS DRAINING THE SAUDI SWAMP. No kidding. The elites in America are flipping out because he is jailing family members they were in bed with. Hillary's saudi contacts are gone.

Ok, so why would this be a big deal? Easy answer: Because Israel flipped out and is now having huge military drills of unprecedented scale with 9 other countries. I am not going to say Saudi Arabia will be better off with the new guy, but Israel is not happy at all, and that can't be half bad for the world, unless they go "Sampson".

Saudi Arabia has also claimed Lebanon declared war on them. Doubt it, but whew! Who controls Lebanon? Are they in reality just a dummy puppet for Israel? Probably. So the whole thing is a powder keg, and the new crown prince is sleeping on it. You can't just oust pals of Soros, Bush, and the Clintons and not see consequences.

Bannon at Brietbart had this to say:

"I've got to tell you, for all the elites out in the world, the Party of Davos guys are sitting there today gobsmacked, absolutely shocked. The largest financier in the Arab world, the Muslim world, is Prince Alwaleed. He's got stakes in just about every high-tech company. He's a huge partner of Rupert Murdoch. When he came to the United States back in the early nineties, he was actually a client of my firm as he got into Hollywood; he got into media. He owns a huge stake in Citicorp, he saved Citicorp from going bankrupt."

"People are stunned today that he was put under house arrest, put under arrest yesterday in Saudi Arabia, in this situation of what they called corruption, money laundering, et cetera. People are thinking this is directly tied to the financing of the Muslim Brotherhood, this whole thing about cleaning up Saudi Arabia to take care of this. You're going to see a lot of changes. This thing is far, far from over. You're at the top of the first inning. You're probably at the first batter."

Weinstein hired Mossad

According to a report that just got posted in the New Yorker, Weinstein hired Mossad agents to follow women he was associated with, and news reporters. If this report is true, well, you don't hire Mossad to be friendly. He has a body count.


The NBA is next on the chopping block!

Golden State Warrior Draymond Green said team owners should be called chairmen, so as not to insinuate that they own someone, in the wake of Texans owner Bob McNair's comment that the NFL "can't have inmates running the prison."

"For starters, let's stop using the word owner and maybe use the word Chairman," Green wrote. "To be owned by someone just sets a bad precedent to start. It sets the wrong tone. It gives one the wrong mindset."

My comment: Actually, it does not give the wrong mindset. Gates owns Microsoft. Elon owns Tesla. And somebody owns your team. It is a commodity, an enterprise, that is owned just like anything else.


Air traffic control at the nearby airport in Vegas reported multiple shooters on airport property to incoming planes, blocked all civilian landings, and allowed a military plane loaded with troops to land, to help get the shooters.

They clearly said on the audio recordings of their communications with the planes that they had multiple shooters on the runway at the air port and that they had to go out and round them up.

Obviously what the airport saw was the shooters making a bee line to a plane somewhere there. They probably did not get a chance to bust anyone, most likely the shooters simply vanished into a private jet and hid. That is what I said all along - the airport was the getaway point and now we have confirmation that the control tower saw the bastards.

I have saved this video already (obviously) and will serve it from here if it vanishes. The video is not a hoax, the actual recordings of the tower conversations are there, and they clearly tell planes not to land because they have active shooters on the runway.

The patsy was killed, the eye witnesses have died, The security guard was replaced by a fat clone who has nothing to do with the case, the government doesn't want to talk about it and people are playing blind. Pictures taken on high class SLR cameras clearly show the Mandalay had intact windows in Paddock's room well after the shooting was done. The only emergency response happened at Hooters casino a half mile away, with no emergency response at the concert itself, where people were left to die. We were told it was a lone nut when there were obvious multiple shooters, and now this from the airport, where they reported they had shooters ON THE RUNWAY. FOLKS, THEY DID NOT SCREW THAT UP, THE AIR TRAFFIC CONTROLLERS HAVE A PERFECT VIEW OF THE RUNWAY FROM END TO END.

The media lied about all of it. So now that we had another huge shooting at a church in Texas, I beg to question: Did anyone really get the story on this? ANYONE AT ALL?

Anthony Weiner starts 21 months in jail today

Supposedly for sexting a teenager. Whatever. Howcome that is all they can find on these guys when enough to hang their entire families and put them away forever is out in the open on main street like a rotten whale?

You know the system is messed up when they will only bust the elite for "dog turds in the park" all the while they leave a mess on main street like this:

Donna Brazille is starting to sing about Seth Rich

She said she and Seth were investigating Hillary for corruption and Seth ended up dead.

Nov 5 2017


The biggest question on the Texas shooting:

How did this guy get his guns, when he is blocked from getting them? At least Drudge had a link today saying this guy was clearly atheist, why did the MSM hop on this right away saying he was a bible study teacher?

Trump has been better than the other presidents, because he did not blame the gun, and instead said it was great Americans had guns because it allowed the nearby citizens to shut this shooting down.

None of the media reports are saying the guy who got into someone elses pickup to shut this guy down was an off duty cop, but I suspect he was.

This is the first time the story line actually matched what might happen with an outcome of "patsy dead". But with all the other stories ending so irrationally, the shooter is still probably a CIA controlled patsy. If not, how did he get his guns? The FBI is proven to provide those, as will the CIA. So regardless of how the news covers this, it is very suspicious - he had a dishonorable discharge and a year in the brig before this, which means he can't ever buy guns. Who gifted them to him then?

I was out all day and got back home to find this. Another Vegas.

Gee, I feel a little stupid for telling people Antifa flopped, and not to worry, because if the few that did show up are going to go out and kill it won't take many for a worst case scenario.

After spending a couple hours on the topic, here's the probable scoop:

No matter what the MSM says, the shooter was Antifa/CIA. There was an idiotic Facebook profile posted by him on October 29, he bragged about his gun, identified himself as being Antifa backhandedly by announcing he was communist and part of the same group that founded Antifa, without actually saying Antifa. That profile died post haste but people did get captures of it, I'll round one up tomorrow.

He did not teach any bible courses, unless doing it one time once and never again qualifies you for being a bible instructor. He was in fact an aetheist. But the MSM hates Christians and will peg anything possible on them, so if it makes Christians look like terrorists, they will make sure the public believes this guy was top prophet.

He was shot by a gun owner who managed to escape the church and return with a gun. He managed to get into his vehicle injured and drive away, and was then chased by what might have been a plain clothes police officer (maybe not but likely an off duty cop ) until he got delerious enough to crash his vehicle on a curve. Same story as Vegas - Shooter shoots up conservatives, and can't talk about it because he is dead. Dead shooter is becoming a very old line now.

He was dishonorably discharged, violent, and weak minded. He was a prime candidate for being a CIA patsy. We all know that game by now, I have little doubt he was brainwashed (probably very easily) into doing this. He spent a year in jail after being dishonorably discharged and you can't buy a gun if you are dishonorably discharged. So it was highly probably provided by the CIA or FBI.

He was definitely, without a doubt Antifa. The media has yet to admit it, but his now vaporized Facebook profile that had all the characteristics of a CIA shell profile proved it. So I am going to re-post my safety tips, (summarized).

The few Antifa protesters that did show up are committed and are going to be out killing. Keep food in the fridge, the car topped up, and the guns loaded. Now Take a nice convenient gun with you everywhere you go, because it is going to take mass preparedness to kill these bastards, there are only a few so it will take a lot of vigilance to nail them. Just like "the camera that stays at home misses the great shot", the gun that stays at home will be the one that is useless. That's fine if you have several and bring your favorite. Maybe a small hand gun that is easy to conceal that is with you always to provide escape cover and maybe get lucky with, and a backup rifle or shotgun in the car if you need to get serious.

There is little doubt the CIA is behind this. They probably heavily infiltrated Antifa and have prepped lots of weak minds. Probably lots of self hating whites. Those are a dime a dozen now with the college mind wipe and they will work great for psy ops. Fertile pickings for a naasty agency.

That's all for now, I will get going on this tomorrow.

Rand Paul was assaulted today


Maybe Antifa did do something. But it was his neighbor so who knows. Maybe his neighbor is Antifa. Anyway

Rand Paul's neighbor came onto his property, tackled him, and beat him. Bad enough to break a rib. The neighbor is in jail now. see this. Yeah, if this was an attack by a conservative on a liberal it would be front page news 24/7. But since it is the other way around, it gets local mention only. That fits.

The CIA released thousands of pages of B.S.

Iran is pissed, because the recently released CIA docs claim Iran did 911. How cute. That pretty much says what the CIA delivered then - GARBAGE, and no, I won't be digging through that pile of pure brain damage.

Saudi royal family purge

Mohammed Bin Salman, who recently took the crown has begun jailing and purging his own family members. Nice guy. Obviously. At any rate this is huge.

This is the same Saudi IDIOT who granted a robot citizenship. It is not even an advanced robot like Honda's Asimo, it is a robot designed to help disabled tourists by giving them instructions. It has facial recognition (common on phones nowadays) but does not even look remotely real and has very limited capabilities. But agendas are agendas, and the new thronemaster is an absolute creep. There is one really good thing about this new Saudi development however, And that is that I won't ever have to deal with it. That's their problem.

Bumped back to the top because this should not be missed.

Since this posted here a couple weeks ago, the black plague has made the jump to Africa, become even stronger, and current projections are that 20,000 will be infected in the very near future. So this should be on top again.

New strain of black plague in Madagascar

This may be the next ebola scare

A major outbreak of the black (bubonic) plague is underway in Madagascar. Normally black plague is only spread by fleas, but this variant of the black plague spreads across open air.

Britain has already advised no one travel to Madagascar, which may end up under quarantine.

This may not become a major issue outside of Madagascar because the current variant kills within a day (which slows spreading because people die before they can spread it) and this variant can be treated with antibiotics (Streptomycin). The biggest problem with it is getting people to the hospital fast enough so that antibiotics can be administered.

This variant of the black plague causes severe internal bleeding and bruising which shows up black on the skin. There is no way anyone would get through an international flight without having it be obvious, due to the death window being within 12-24 hours of initial infection.

An MSM report on this is here. they are calling this variant of the bubonic plague pneumonic plague because it spreads through the air. Weapons test?

I stand my ground.

White Americans are the best gun shooters in the world. Many times as accurate as any other group.

American hunters have:

1. The best, most accurate guns, far more accurate than anything in a foreign military unless that military is using American provided weapons.

2. Far more powerful rifles than any military uses to arm their soldiers.

3. A culture of hunting that is virtually exclusive to whites which involves a large amount of practice and actual effort and discipline to carry out. Add to their ranks a huge pile of vets from the best military in the world, and only an idiot would argue that any other nation has an average citizenry that could even come fractionally close to stacking up to white America on a battlefield. I got a few nasty messages for saying this. All I will say in return is if you can't handle my saying that, go join Antifa and prove me wrong.

Even I have a shot pattern of no more than 6 inches at 500 yards, hand held. And I was not the best, one guy I knew could keep a pop can suspended 100 feet in the air with a tube fed .22 until all 17 rounds were gone. I'd like to see any ghetto punk or foreigner do that. Aint happening when even I could not do it because I need a few seconds to aim. This guy could correct the trajectory of the pop can with bullets, to keep it in a sweet spot above him. Unreal. I'd hate to go against that if I was Antifa. A thug would have 5 bullet holes in his head, with 4 of them being corrected shots as he fell to the ground.

An American hunter does not have the option to spray and pray. Therefore, every shot counts. And if you want a little intrinsic proof of how bad a shot an average Arab is, just look at the on battlefield death tolls. Even with only bullets, Americans get a kill ratio of at least 100:1. Look it up. The stats are there. 6900 Americans total died in Iraq and Afghanistan after 911, with over 2,000,000 deaths on the other side. an overall kill ratio of 290:1. Though a lot of that was airstrikes, that few dead truly means Arabs are awful shots. It was not racism speaking, it is just a simple truth.

This obviously does not mean I condone what the U.S. did, in fact the oppsite is true. But it does show quite well what will happen to anyone who goes up against Americans, especially Americans who have had the same guns for years, and have practiced well.

Anyone who would argue that the gun automatically ensures a kill has zero experience. Actually knowing how to shoot will make a single shot .22 more deadly than an AK being fired by a "spray and pray" shooter any day. The only thing spray and pray does is cause people to take cover. It is unusual to score a hit unless the target is something like what the FBI did in Vegas.

The antifa riots have been a flop so far. << I never went to this page, how did that get there? Probably via a remote desktop error made by a spook. Time to take precautions I guess.

Ok, well then, the actual post starts here.

2PM cst and the only stories out there are about how more Trump supporters showed up than Antifa, and that's not saying much when the antifa demonstrations typically drew 0-30 antifa members.

Well, maybe they are all still trying to get out after shaking off a massive hangover from partying the night before. We'll have to wait and see this evening I guess.

So my advice that was below is probably moot, you probably won't need to fill your tank or keep your guns loaded. We'll have to wait and see if the party gets going this evening, but so far, what a flop!

I ignored this because I was successfully trolled.

I got trolled into believing this was a hoax. Shame on me!

The following really did appear in the New York Times, and cost $100,000

I did a lengthy writeup here, but if the Antifa rallies are going to be nothing, I don't need to have antifa riot survival tips posted. If anything does kick off, I can simply back it up a page and that will put the survival tips back on the front page.


Not so dear FBI: You will regain your credibility when you complete the following check list:

1. Come clean on 911. Some people might be stupid enough to believe towers 1 and 2, but absolutely no one is stupid enough to believe building 7, which is sitting in your closet like a rotting dog. No one is going to believe you with anything when you are so blatantly lying about 911.

2. Your credibility cannot survive having Hillary Clinton walking free. Do something about it.

3. Your credibility cannot survive having Podesta walking free. Ditto.

4. Your story on Vegas absolutely reamed your credibility into the gutter, and adding new twists to it won't help. Coming clean on that, with a solid explanation for why you lied to begin with would win a lot of Americans over, even after they were pissed about it.

5. I'd however still ask you to explain how Tsnarev did the Boston bombing when his back pack was not black, and did not have a white patch on it. That's going to take some explaining - and more - a confession.

6. You have some serious explaining to do with regard to JFK. That's another one that is eating you as bad as 911, people cared enough to really call your bullshit so many ways with Kennedy that your credibility simply can't stand up to it. Let's hear a JFK camp fire story from "Honest Abe".

7. You have some real explaining to do with the way you use retarded patsies that you supply with everything they need to accomplish terror, only so you can bust them yourself (or not) like, for example, the first world trade center bombing, where somehow, mysteriously, your retards actually did get into the parking area with a 1,000 plus pound bomb and set it off. You provided the van. You provided the terrorists with a "dummy bomb" that was real. Dear FBI, YOU SUCK. The entire agency should have been disbanded over that event, which clearly shows precisely why you have so many other things to explain.

8. You have some serious explaining to do when you have absolutely no record of stopping any terrorist attack, and only a record of being right at the center of it all. Goading and supplying a retard, who then successfully does what you set up is not how you should conduct an investigation, or solve a problem. We all know you do that. You admit it yourself, like in this affidavit. But there are plenty of people out there who miss it all, due to a scamming MSM. Why don't you circumvent the scamming MSM by making a huge public announcement saying you set half this sh*t up?

9. It is obvious to point out the evil you did directly, but not as obvious to point out the evil you let slip by without investigation. EXAMPLE: tainted vaccines.

One would think that with so many parents complaining about their destroyed children that any agency that actually served the nation would look into it. You did not look into it. It was your job to look into it. And the fact you did not look into it speaks volumes, and proves you serve something other than the American people. When you come clean about both the fact the vaccines are destroying the children, and HOW they are doing it, you'll score a credibility point with me.

10. Another thing you mysteriously missed is treasonous college professors, who are obviously backed by enemies of the United States, and actively seek to destroy the United States. Even one such professor ought to set off alarm bells everywhere inside your agency, yet we have thousands infesting our universities and there is not a peep out of you. It really looks like you want America dead. Do you? If not, explain why those seeking to destroy America never have to answer for it, when you have access to all the info you need to nail them?

11. What about the election fraud you allow to happen unabated? How can you, FBI, with all your investigative assets not stop dead people from voting? It would really help appearances if you put all those skeletons into the grave.

12 How can Antifa get away with so much? They announce WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE, WHY, AND HOW before they do anything, yet everything they do is a big surprise to you. How can that possibly be - How could Antifa have even one successful attack on America if you, not so dear FBI, are legit? Surf's up this week end. Everyone knows it. And the FBI WILL NOT CATCH THE WAVE. I'd like to know why.

The fact that the above items (and a whole lot more) remain totally unanswered amounts to solid proof that the FBI is a subversive agency that is actively working to destroy the United States. And worse? The FBI is funded by plumber Joe, - hard working Americans, and is funded by money taken from the American people that they will subsequently only use to destroy the people they got it from. The FBI is a clear and present pariah, a massive net negative against the American people. And it would be all too easy for them to prove me wrong if they were not.

A clarification of the car hijack cutoff switch is obviously needed.

A few people don't understand this, so I will try to make it more clear. If it is still a mystery after this, don't try it.

Step 1. Find a blown fuse that fits your car. If you can't find a blown one, then blow it. If you don't know how to blow a fuse without damaging anything (simply hook one side of it up to the battery and ground the other side) you should not try this. When you plug this blown fuse back into your fuse box, it provides the open circuit you need, with positive on one side, and negative on the other, that are not connected. The only other way to get this is to cut a wire, which will void your car's warranty. A blown fuse is the same thing electrically as a cut wire. All modern car fuses have testing tabs on them so you can check it with a meter to see if it is blown. The testing tabs are exactly the same thing as + and - when the fuse is blown. If you solder wires to them, all you get is the equivalent of a cut wire you can reconnect with a switch, and it will plug right into your fuse box perfectly without amounting to any sort of modification to your car.

The instructions I gave do not create a circuit that blows the fuse when you flip a switch.

This should be obvious from the drawing, even for people who don't understand the first thing about electronics.

Here's the type of comment I am talking about: " Blast from the past Jimb).(o or are jou burying that BLOW a FUSE debacle? Jesus I think someone starting 2 get the picture, a true investigative reporter would THINK B4 HE WRITES THE WRONG." My response:

You know, maybe I don't need to post this clarification (but I will anyway) but maybe I don't need to, because the only people who troll this site (especially in the insulting way that was done over this,) are brainless liberals who cry and wait when their tire is flat, wait for an "A-hole scum bag conservative" to be nice and put the spare on for them so they can continue to their job where they show their thanks by back stabbing the conservative.

The second fuse that is in my drawing is to replace the blown fuse you plug back into your fuse box. You should not run without a fuse. Hooking up to the hot side of a blown fuse without using another fuse to protect your circuit is the same thing as running an unprotected wire straight from the battery. That's how car fires happen. Hooking up to the tabs at the back of the fuse is the same thing as having no fuse. If you do not have a fuse in your circuit you are begging for trouble.

Looking at the instructions I gave to the left here, I can't see how anyone did not understand this, but evidently someone somewhere in alt media ripped me for this. It is plain as day, and I did not even need to use schematic symbols few would understand, this is such a simple circuit it was possible to just show what needs to be done. So to be clear:

This circuit does not blow a fuse. It is simply an unconventional way to use a blown fuse as an access point from which you can complete a circuit and control it with a switch without cutting any wires in your car. If you feel strongly enough that I am wrong to send insults through the message window you can KMA and my god don't drool on your keyboard because you will need a tech to fix it. The troll who sent the message (above) needs a USB port that looks like a light bulb socket because he can't figure out which way to plug in USB, but he can at least twist the cap off a diet pepsi.

One important note: When you solder your wires to the tabs at the back of the blown fuse, you should only strip the soldered ends back barely enough to solder to because if they are long enough to touch at the back of the fuse, and they do, your circuit won't work. If there are no fuel pump or ignition system problems that would blow a fuse, you'd never have trouble, but if you need to shut it off and the wires at the back of the fuse are touching, it will not shut off.


Ok, so they doubled down on the B.S. last night. Fine then. I'd like them to explain the following items then.


Original from the FBI in PDF format HERE


If "Islamic terror" was in any way real, they would not need to fake it. Islamic terror is a HOAX and that is all there is to it, this is solid gold, RIGHT CLICK AND SAVE, ARCHIVE AND POST!


All this means is that I will leave this up for another full day. Everyone should see this.

Russia bombed CIA base in Syria

Yep. One of the airstrikes hit an area primarily held by rebels backed by the Central Intelligence Agency and allied spy services, U.S. officials said, catapulting the Syrian crisis to a new level of danger and uncertainty

U.S. Defense Secretary Ash Carter said Russia's approach to the Syrian war - defending Assad while ostensibly targeting extremists - was tantamount to "pouring gasoline on the fire"

"I have been dealing with them for a long time. And this is not the kind of behavior that we should expect professionally from the Russian military," Carter said at a Pentagon news conference.

The U.S. and its allies were angry at the Russians on many scores: that they are supporting Assad; that they aren't coordinating their actions with the existing, U.S.-led anti-Islamic State coalition; that they provided terse notice only an hour before their operations; that they demanded the U.S. coalition stay out of Syrian airspace; and that they struck in areas where anti-Assad rebels - not Islamic State - operate.


I hope Russia does more of this. Anyone with as little as 3 well functioning neurons knows the U.S. is ISIS and the CIA is the support for ISIS. There is no way Russia can do anything in Syria that will clean up this mess without hitting American "intelligence" because that is all the opposition to Assad is composed of, no matter what face is put on that opposition.

This is EXACTLY WHY Russia hit the U.S. when going after "ISIS"

Isis is a psy op, run from offices in Washington D.C. and many foreign satellite bases. The fact that ISIS is a psy op staging company is irrefutable, and they do really fake looking beheadings with CIA/Mossad actors, CPR dolls and British rappers.



This time the beheading was of a fictitious TV character in a Turkish television drama titled "WOLVES VALLEY", which was filmed in February of 2014.


You can view this HERE the relevant scene is at exactly 33 seconds.

Claims are being made now by some people in the Arab world that Mossad front SITE contracted out to this film maker to produce the ISIS beheadings as well. However, that would be difficult to confirm and I am not certain it is even necessary. The dating of this trailer to Feb 2014, before any ISIS beheadings happened pretty much sews this up in a body bag. RUSSIA, YOUR CURRENT POLITICAL DEBACLE WITH THE U.S. IS ROOTED IN THE FACT THAT ISIS REALLY IS AN AMERICAN TERROR FRONTING COMPANY!




RUSSIA, when you bomb ISIS and hit the CIA, remember, this web site said it FIRST and I guarantee you, cleanup is going to be politically difficult.

UPDATE: They expunged the ISIS web site from the Wayback machine, but if you Click here you can still see their web site is still in a transitional phase, where everything is still ISIS except the logo, which they changed to SIS. Sorry, but when tabs still say "About ISIS" and it is still copyright ISIS INC. that just does not cut it!

RUSSIA: If you attack "ISIS" now you have a link to the web site that shows you who they really are.

Sep 30 2015

Here's a good mail

Worst case wrote:

Always great to hear from you mate, basically from the hajj report I think is significant proof that WW3 is about to be stepped up well beyond the proxy stage that its at. If the Sauds are going all out to help those criminal phychos in the Mossad to abduct 225 significant people it as I'm sure we will agree is fundamentally an act of war. Iran won't go quietly and the country is aligned with the BRICS nation alliance as we well know.

Basically it will be on like donkey kong as soon as Iran cops any kind of attack which brings me to an interesting counterpoint that Russia has an anything but useless military, it is not the military of 1995 or even 2005. I'll happily admit that some parts would no doubt be antiquated and shit but the core elements of the Russian armed forces have been well updated with Putin spending 400 billion on rearming Russia in the past decade.

Suhkoi produced better aircraft than the US and NATO countries and they have the S400 air defense systems and I actually think this is one of the reasons that the Windsors and all their inbred cockroach cronies in Europe that control the US, UK and EU want it now, it is because with every passing year the BRICS countries fill their technological deficiencies in defense so it means they want it now. At least that's how I read it.

I know you hate the Jews and probably for some good reasons but it's interesting to note the work of Bill Cooper where he explained the meaning of the Lion king. The point is that with all your Jew and Israel bashing your missing the main body of the mystery Babylon followers who have somewhat of an alliance with the followers of the Kabbalah,Talmud and Zohar at least I think that's correct. Your missing all the old European families that established the dirty Zionists and the state of Israel, Albert pike wrote about it in a letter to his filthy colleagues in crime. Anyway that's enough from me, stay safe brother.

My response: I have stated several times that the real zio assault is emanating from the City of London, Brussels, and other locations other than Israel which is really just a proxy. But to keep it all simple, it all boils down to the talmud and British imperialism. Once people realize that, the intellectual chains fall off pretty quickly. Great mail, thanks!

BUSTED: Foley Beheading done with CPR DOLL

August 20, 2014

Here is the relevant portion of the CPR doll video, small enough to send in e-mail

This has also been put on Youtube HERE but I am sure they will wipe the account out if they discover it.

And another good point - the skin color on the dummy does not match the Hollywood head. Hollywood: Do you need a body, or do you just want the head? Mossad: NO, people will be too stupid to see the mis matched skin color, just send the head, we want this cheap.

Israeli Secret Intelligence Service ISIS (That makes sense)

Isis is a psy op, run from offices in Washington D.C. and many foreign satellite bases. The fact that ISIS is a psy op staging company is irrefutable, and they do really fake looking beheadings with CIA/Mossad actors, CPR dolls and British rappers. First class outfit, AND IF YOU DO NOT KNOW ABOUT WHAT ISIS REALLY IS- AN ISRAELI OWNED AMERICAN MILITARY COMPANY, CLICK HERE FOR IRREFUTABLE PROOF.


Isis beheading a psy op - I waited to say anything about this because the Nick Berg video was fake. And this beheading is fake too, COUNT ON IT. The man doing the beheading is speaking with a British accent. That means no journalist lost his head and it is all a show. The related article is linked above, and this would explain why Britian says viewing the video is a terrorist act, because it is FREAKING FAKE. No kidding, British police say watching the video is an act of terrorism and you want to know why? Because it is FAKE AS FRUIT LOOPS.

1. Foley is smiling in parts of the video. 2. The beheader has a British accent. 3. No blood comes out when the beheading starts. 4. It then cuts, and you do not actually get to see the beheading. 5. When the video returns, you see a headless body.

Bottom line, THERE IS NO BEHEADING VIDEO and that is exactly why, in Britain, trying to watch the video is a "terrorist act". The video is such a terrible fake those who fronted it are terrified of having people watch it. They just want you to believe, while never having seen it.

You can watch this HERE, and you can ignore the gore warning, there really is no blood when the beheading starts and it just cuts to an obvious fake, with a perfectly clean cut head sitting on the body with a little fake blood and no spatters on the sand anywhere.

UPDATE: - A couple more points -

Don wrote:


I don't know if you noticed, but look at that Foley mannequin, the forearms, as in NO HAIR. If not a dummy, then either he or his "captors" shaved the hair off his forearms, LOL. Looking at the exposed "skin" of his right leg, looking at how shiny it looks, it definitely looks plastic to me. Does the video show more of the exposed "skin" of his body that gives a clue? I'd look there. Thanks.

admin 10:55AM

What I noticed most is the fact that the face color does not match the dummy. IF he was in the sun enough to get his face tanned, at least his hands should match. SO, what happened here is a silicone head was made or selected to match his face, (a simple task for Hollywood) and they got the skin tone right. But they used a generic CPR dummy for the body and that was a huge screw up. The only reason why I am saying CPR dummy rather than store dummy is because the CPR dummies are made to be like a real body and designed to flop around and have the weight and characteristics of a real unconscious body. This would make it possible to handcuff the hands in a natural position, but the hairless and color mis matched silicone is OBVIOUS, and the head mount is OBVIOUS, and the lack of any blood spatters away from where it was poured from a container is OBVIOUS, No wonder why the British police declared it an "act of terror" to watch the beheading video. With fakery that obvious the scammers who pulled this one had a LOT TO FEAR.


From Mike Rivero at - "Right now the corporate media is shoveling ISIS at us as hard as they can, in an obvious propaganda campaign reminiscent of the similar campaign about "Al Qaeda" and "Osama Bin Laden" that preceded 9-11. Given how desperate the US Government is to revive the war agenda, we should be concerned that a new false-flag attack, bigger and bloodier than the World Trade Towers, is being considered.

Nov 1 2017


if you would like to avoid future commentary like this, it would be best to avoid doing another vegas, and burying 911.

UPDATE: Official MSM report confirms driver was heard shouting "Allahu Akbar" through closed windows on the truck, and that it was not only after he got out, SEE THIS, it proves the official MSM narrative is a load of crap, as I originally pointed out below.

Yep. I don't have to correct anything at all!

Let's fact check this Drudge list

I'll fill in what I know at first and then dredge the rest. Remember, it is Drudge, not Dredge, he's completely incapable of getting to the bottom of anything.

Driver Mows Down Pedestrians, Cyclists... Yes, but who was the driver? the truck is now proven to be one that had cameras allowing a remote driver via a hack.

8 DEAD; 11 INJURED... Check. That happened.

'ALLAHU AKBAR'... False. That could not have happened with the windows rolled up. The official MSM reports said he yelled that as he was driving, AND after he got out. PROBLEM: It is 100 percent confirmed the windows were up until his truck hit the bus, which means no one heard him yell "Allahu Akbar" AT ALL during the actual attack. That makes the whole thing B.S.

Killer Laughing, 'Very Happy'... The source of this is a low credibility crap news web site ( that is heavily slanted liberal and not even technically MSM. Absolutely no source the article supposedly quoted was named. All they did was schlock that sounded good, see this.

School bell rang -- then hell broke... - School was getting out at the time. This is a sensationalist headline that means nothing.

'Found Himself Corridor of Death'... Yeah, a truck will do that, remote controlled or not. And this particular truck had parking assist and trailer backing assist, which confirms it had the cameras needed to drive it via remote.

UBER driver, Uzbekistan native... - Where is that next pipeline supposed to be going? Gotta check on that. HEY PEOPLE, GUESS HOW STRATEGICALLY UZBEKISTAN IS PLACED! Just a quick drive in from Afghanistan, and China and Russia are on the rocks!

Made Dry Runs... - This is a load of crap. He was a Uber driver, who was in the area frequently. So what if his EZ pass recorded him entering that area before. What, does the police state hate Uber because it allows people to affordably travel without being tracked if they leave their cell phone behind? Drudge should filter this crap.

Hero cop stopped killing spree... This is false. The killing spree (whoever it was directed by,) ended when the truck hit a bus. The driver got out with a paintball gun, you can't continue a killing spree with that. I gotta say, that's an oddity that needs explaining, and more an indication he had a joke planned than anything else, and then ended up with an electronic hijack because it was convenient (they track people that well) just like Paddock was convenient in Vegas because he was doing a gun deal for the FBI and they had him pegged and obviously listed as disposable. We need a cover story. What do we have? Well, Paddock is in the Mandalay doing a gun deal, that will work.

And here's a side thought - Perhaps the rental truck had a camera in the cab they hacked (perhaps on the patsy's cell phone), saw a paintball gun laying there, mistakenly thought it was real, said "here is our setup" and THEN decided to remote the truck into the bike path. That would fit because:

Hey folks, get this! Isis provides their jihadis with BB guns and paintball guns! Anything beyond that, and it is the kitchen drawer for the knives! Plastic knives and boxcutters anyone? DEAD GIVEAWAY WITH THAT CRAP! What a bunch of baloney. I'd bet $50 they caught that paintball gun on a cell phone cam or cab cam, thought it was real, and then used this guy.

Feds interviewed suspect in 2015!... - That happens as a matter of course for foreigners. The TSA questioning you qualifies as that. Update: I vetted this and confirmed all the interviews were nothing but the normal immigration interviews, and had nothing to do with any investigation or terror. But for people snatching for provocative headlines I guess that is worth putting up. REALITY: it is the same as saying "I punched in for work this morning."

ISIS Threatened Halloween... - Isis also threatened my fruit loops. Seriously, this ISIS crap is getting that bad.

Chilling image of jihadi flag taken at exact site... - No one confirmed the flag had anything at all to do with the driver, and was probably brought there by the hive of over a million Jews nearby. It was New York after all.

Central Asia Growing Hotbed... - That's what the next target is. Any war with Russia will involve that. Gotta check for pipeline projects.

Trump orders more 'extreme vetting'... - The police state got what it wanted.

Hits Schumer over Diversity Visa Program... - Sometimes a good psy op creates a backlash that goes against Soros.

Considering Sending Terrorist To Guantanamo... - Gotta continue the legacy.

I went over the headlines this morning, and only got further confirmation that this report is probably spot on.

The New York truck attack probably really was remote control. Confirmed: Home Depot rental trucks of the type used have parking assist, including trailer backing assist, where you just put the truck in auto and it correctly backs the trailer up for you, no hands on wheel. This means they have the cameras needed to remote control them down a bike trail. That would allow the type of attack that happened to happen via remote.

A major factor in all of this is credibility, and after Vegas, the FBI and more simply has none. We know they do stuff like this.

The key info that kills this is the MSM is claiming he was screaming allahu akbar as he mowed people down. The problem is that in all the photos, the truck windows are rolled up. Therefore, no one heard anything of the sort (other than perhaps the remote control hijackers hearing it over the cell connection.) Muslims always yell that when they think they are going to die. You can scream whatever you want in a closed up car that is moving, and no one outside will hear anything at all. They definitely lied about this, and if so, what else?

So once again, we have an MSM narrative that is bullshit, with the only question being, how bullshit?

The original post follows.

I know about the truck attack and am not going to focus on it. But I will say this. It may have been remote control. Why? Because the speeds were very high (as evidenced by the smashed to smithereens truck) yet all of the media, both controlled and alternative are all full of crap about the driver yelling "Allahu Akbar" all through it. Ok, let me debunk this real quick.

How loud is New York traffic? How loud is the city in general? Never been there? Well, New York is LOUD. So loud, you'd probably not hear what someone was screaming as they went by fast enough to damage this truck this badly WITH THE G.D.F***ING WINDOWS ROLLED DOWN.

But wait . . . . the windows were UP!

Allahu Akbar? Screamed repeatedly. In New York. And everyone heard it, when the windows were rolled up? Yeah, the other side is the same, the windows were UP. I don't ever recall hearing what was going on inside a car with the windows rolled up, even as it was going 25 mph in a quiet neighborhood. So there's your story killer with this one. That leaves remote controlled crash as most probable outcome, and oh, 6 of the 8 dead were high level foreigners. bagged perfectly as they went down a bike path. So we know how an intelligence agency got the timing right, the foreigners were probably on the trail at the same time on a daily schedule. Like lots of people would be. Terror attack and assasination all in one via remote. Probably. Doubt it was Jihad. Too lucky with those foreigners for that. Have you ever seen those silly office max buttons, where all they say is "that was easy" when you hit them? yeah. That. I am done with reporting on New York.

Thank you.

I pulled a major report because I need further confirmation.

It cannot be on the front page yet. CONFIRMED: There was a huge doxxing of Nevada based FBI agents, (fully confirmed) and it appears 30 of them checked into the Mandalay Bay before the shooting. *not confirmed well enough.

To see it, back up a page by changing the 2 to a 3, and remember this is not fully confirmed yet.

Remote controlled Germanwings Airbus A320 crash? All evidence points to this.


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The End of the California orange? Probably, Dams drained on purpose

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