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There are several big issues now. The first: Weinstein.

There is zero doubt that Weinstein was busted on sex charges only, and I mean only to distract people from Vegas and dupe Americans into believing something might actually get done about pizza gate style child molesters. Folks, nothing got done, he spent time in "rehab" for only a week, no prosecution whatsoever, and no definition of what "rehab" actually was. For all we know, his rehab consisted of marshmallow roasts with four year olds. The fact he's out and walking already pretty much says it all.

Hollywood is biting the dust over the need to have Wonder Woman say "a man is not needed for pleasure," having jack off cum end up in the main actor's hair only to be seen as hair gel and rubbed in by the lead female actor, having a cock hole rammed into an American pie, and just having to, as a basic requirement, have an obligatory fag or minority in everything.

The fact that Weinstein walked after such a huge distracting public show says it all, with what Hollywood rams down everyone's throat it just fits.

Oh, and in your glee that something finally got done, please forget about Vegas.

And it does not end there, Hollywood has become the mouthpiece for every new world order agenda. Take, for example, their latest movie Geo storm.

I'll tell you how I am going to review Geo Storm. I am not giving Hollywood a dime. I am going to "Movie Pimp", getting a pirate someone took in a theater with a 1998 flip phone (movie pimp ought to have that by now) and watching it that way. I don't do pirates, but in this case I absolutely will.

Here's the plot, according to people who posted spoilers on the web:

AMERICA destroyed the weather by not going along with the climate agenda. So to get things under control, a Haarp type system was set up to fix the climate. Then an evil AMERICAN ensured so much damage happened that even that system lost control, and then all hell breaks loose.

Anyway, according to rumor, that's the plot. And if it ends up being that, Hollywood might as will stick a 100 million loss up their butts, I am not going to reduce that loss by even $1. I'll instead watch all the "amazing special effects" through a dirty lens held by a shaky hand thanks to movie pimp.

Like I said, I don't do pirates. The last movie I sat through (last week end) was "My little Pony" because the family wanted to take the kids to the theater, and that happened to be what was there when we showed up. I'll pay to sit through a blockbuster like that given the right circumstance but I sure as * won't pay a dime to see any more manipulative political crap no matter how good the special effects are.

On that note, My Little Pony bested Shark Boy and Lava girl. The only problems with My Little Pony was that they introduced too many sub plots for little kids to follow, and some of the monsters were unreasonably spooky for the context of My Little Pony. They'd have been good in a Ninja Turtles movie. Some of the characters were solid Disney quality.

So yeah, I will definitely take a pony flick over GeoStorm simply because I don't want to be insulted and lied to. If Geostorm actually told the truth, and was about a weather mod system that screwed everthing up after evil people used it to drought California, I'd be all in for it. But if it is about America being some huge culprit, I'd prefer to have Hollywood keep the fantasy in cartoons.


There is no such thing as a food in Mexico called "Chili". Chili only refers to hot peppers. This is true across all of Mexico, and what Americans refer to as "chili" does not exist in Mexico in any form whatsoever.

Even better: A vast majority of Mexicans have never heard of a Burrito. And across a vast majority of Mexico, burritos do not exist under any name whatsoever. The only place burritos exist is just south of the Texas border. The burrito, for the scant few Mexicans that know what one is, is considered Tex-Mex. Across practically all of Mexico, if you ask for a "burrito" you are asking to be served a little male donkey.

All Mexicans know about tacos, tostadas, and quesodillas. So if you go to Mexico, ask for only that, or you might get laughed at. Also, from what I have seen, Burger King, KFC, Little Caesars, and Churchs chicken are cheaply priced, and sell top American quality across every location I have ever tried. If you are clueless in Mexico, seek those out. Wal mart always has a great rotisserie chicken, but the other Mexican supermarkets are clueless, especially Chedraui. Avoid McDonalds and others not mentioned.

Something is seriously amiss with the recent California fires

UPDATE: Many people have messaged me saying this happened on 911 also. I was skeptical, until now. If the engines and rims were melted on 911, it was obviously the same thing happening.

Some people have seen this type of report elsewhere already. However, I have discovered something new, and also proven the melted cars are unique to the recent fires.

It was not just this year. The same anomalies happened in 2015

What anomalies? Let me show you something.

Lets start with a couple examples of cars NOT burned in California wild fires, to show that what is happening in California is very strange.

This is a Jaguar that was NOT burned in the California fires. Look at the rims. Look at the ground around it. No melted metal. Even though the tires burned completely off the alloy rim, the rim is still there. The white stuff on the ground is the fire foam used to put it out.

Ok, so a Jaguar might have special alloy rims that won't melt in a fire, right? Well, what about this Ford truck then, that got completely consumed, including tires burned perfectly off the rims. Rims are fine. The engine is not melted. This truck burned so badly the body vanished and it looks like someone stripped it, yet the rims and engine are still there.

The rims did not vanish. Not on the truck, not on the jaguar. The bodies on both of these vehicles vanished because they are aluminum. That would be explainable, because body metal is thin enough to vanish. I chose the first two pictures because they are the most extreme examples of burned cars I could find, with sections of the bodies gone, yet the aluminum engines and aluminum rims are still there. Why did they not melt, flowing out onto the ground? Not being in a California wild fire is not an acceptable explanation for the engines and rims staying intact. If they are intact in these two extreme cases, there is no way they should be melted all over the place in California.

Ok so here's a burned slug bug after a california wild fire. The engine melted. It is flowing down the road. What on earth is in a slug bug that could cause it to burn like that?










Important on this next photo - this is from a 2015 California wild fire.

The rims melted on this car (below), and there is absolutely nothing around it to indicate it should have burned so hot. You can search Google images all you want for burned cars, and aside from those that burned in California wild fires in recent years, you won't find examples of the metal flowing away from them like this. And what's worse? This car is isolated. There was not enough around it burned to cause it to melt like this. Look at the pavement, even away from the car. It is simply too scorched to believe a burning car did that. Yet it is not burned far away from the car, which proves heat from a fire on the other side of the road did not do this. Yet this photo is confirmed to have come from a California wild fire. INEXPLICABLE!

It is obvious some sort of energy weapon did this.

How about this next photo. This is very odd. Here we have an obviously totally melted engine. If the engine in the Ford truck above did not melt (and it was aluminum, just like the SUV in this photo,) I'd like an explanation for how a car that burned a lot less had this much melted metal flowing out of it. And this is not an odd example, there were countless cars just like this one in the California wild fires this time around. What on earth was in the slug bug (above) that would cause it to burn so bad the engine flowed away? That is not a car loaded with plastic and other combustibles. Burning the fuel tank would likely not do it either. I have never seen an engine flow away just because a gas tank caught fire - I have never seen that happen PERIOD. So WHY THIS?

It was not just the car anomalies that is making the California fires extremely anomalous. This next photo is explainable. This is what happens when in America, people are only allowed to build with wood, and then a wild fire comes through. The big problem with this photo is the fact the houses burned at all, simply because the rules said they had to be built with materials that burn. That would be a tyranny problem.

But this next photo needs some explaining. Here we have totally isolated structures, with nothing burned in sight, yet they just decided to pop themselves off. There are lots of photos of burned homes right in with perfectly intact trees, (which looks suspicious but could be tenuously explainable) but this here takes the cake, I don't buy this, this beyond all doubt had to have been done as an act of war, with a directed energy weapon. And I would bet that is why we have inexplicably melted cars also.

I at first figured that when cars with alloy rims burned that it was normal for them to melt and flow away from them. But when you search Google images, the only examples of this happening are all from California, and associated with these wild fires. I beg to question why. Perhaps here is a hint, from someone who lived through one of these fires in 2015:

"It wasn’t even a fire. It was like fluorescent evil," Whispering Pines resident Bill Gavin told the Press Democrat. "I saw sections like football fields go up in four seconds."

Readers of this web site sent messages, saying the air was electrified, to the point of being visible and affecting their heart beat. This was covered in an earlier report. So at that time, it was basically proven that directed energy weapons were used for the recent fires. But I did not believe it melted the cars until now. Search Google images for an example that comes from a source other than these fires. There are none that I found, and an endless stream of examples from california, and these fires. The cars really are a unique feature of these fires that prove something is seriously amiss with how these fires are actually starting.

It seems to me that someone used wild fires as cover for a weapons test.

Trump to release JFK files

"Subject to the receipt of further information, I will be allowing, as President, the long blocked and classified JFK FILES to be opened."


My comment: liberals are freaking out over this in the twitter comments below. I don't know why, because what we get will be nothing but a re-hash of the official story. Getting the truth would be nice, but I don't think that would ever happen in this late stage of the toilet swirl.

Huffington Post: Trump linked pastor claims child sacrifice in Hollywood

Huffington Post tries to make it look crazy and then make Trump look crazy. Sad to say, the pastor is not crazy.

"These people are full of the devil. These people can't even be reasoned with," Rodney Howard-Browne said in a sermon over the weekend. "They have already given their soul to the devil. Are you with me? These people go through seances, these people drink blood, these people sacrifice children."

In a clip posted online by Right Wing Watch, Howard-Browne added:

"They sacrifice children at the highest levels in Hollywood. They drink blood of young kids. This is a fact. That's why the next thing to be exposed will be all the pedophilia that is going to come out of Hollywood and come out of Washington, D.C. The human sacrifice and the cannibalism has been going on for years.

Many of the Hollywood actors that you go see on a screen, what you don't know, they bring a witch, they do a big seance right there on the set and they worship devils and they allow devils to come into them before they take the part of what they're going to act," he said. "It's a fact what I am telling you." See this, it is well worth a look

It is hard to say Hugh Heffner was a good man after he produced Playboy magazine.

But after he died, Playboy is now going to publish nude photos of a transgender model. So yes, Hugh was "good" compared to that.

The widow of a vet who died in Afghanistan released the entire phone call

This is not the same widow of the man who died in Niger, but Trump's call to her does show a bit of reality on this issue.

Natasha Alencar was so upset by the lies told by the media with regard to how Trump treats combat widows that she released the entire audio of a call Trump made to her..

Here are the key parts:


"I am so sorry to hear about the whole situation. What a horrible thing, except that he's an unbelievable hero."


"Thank you, I really, really appreciate it, I really do sir."


"If you are around Washington, you come over and see me in the Oval Office. You just come over and see me because you are just the kind of family ... this is what we want. Say hello to your children, and tell them that your father is a great hero that I respected."

And after this, the liberals are now asking what happened to Bill Clinton's flip out couch, and if Trump is going to have it put back in, with anticipation of her arriving!

They just never quit!

As I predicted, the Uranium One scandal will not be investigated.

UPDATE: they did a screen delete and I had to redo this!

Jeff Sessions blocked all of it by keeping in place a gag order on a key witness. This is what it looks like when your government has more than failed, and has been completely taken over by an enemy.

Yesterday, a lot of people probably thought I was full of it when I said nothing at all would become of this because the FBI and the rest of the government is too corrupt, and it was all a distraction from vegas. Today I am getting screen deletes. All I can say is you don't need any sort of time machine to know what is going to happen with what is called our "government."

The only "way forward" for this government, which consists of communist infiltrators, is the death of the United States. Trump probably does not have a chance, there will be no investigation and as soon as Vegas is forgotten, this will go straight in the trash.

Trump can't do anything about it. I can't say it took too long for Americans to wake up, but it did take too long for Americans to realize the commmunists had totally usurped the voting process. Americans woke up to such an extent that Trump got in despite a massively rigged vote, and I am not talking by a few percent, Trump likely got 87 or more percent of the popular vote. If the vote had never been rigged at all, the Clintons would not have had a chance even 25 years ago. That would have been soon enough to save the country.

Step 2 is that the witness who has a gag order will be so depressed about it that there will be a suicide, via three gunshot wounds to the back of the head. And it will probably happen at the same time the gag order is lifted.

Theresa May agrees to $40 billion payoff to EU

It is not formal yet.

That is double the previously agreed to amount. 11 billion of that amount is going to pay the pensions for a small number of EU officials that screwed them to begin with. HOW BIG ARE THOSE PENSIONS??!!?? On average, $2,727,000 GPB each, and Britain is being unfairly weighted, with a demanded payout of 6,470,000 each for those Britain is supposed to be "accountable" for. And there we have a precise answer for why Britain really should get out of the EU!

After this, they have to go through the economic agreements, where Britain is destined to get screwed even harder.

Britain ought to just cut ties and pay nothing. The EU is being so nasty with Brexit that it is probably worth risking sanctions by skipping all negotiations and simply cutting the EU off for a sum total of $0.

Jesus Campo

Other than the Hillary revelations (which I believe will not go anywhere at all, and that the FBI is a treasonous hoax) all anyone wants to talk about is what I believe is another FBI hoax - Jesus Campo.

Here is what I really think. Jesus Campo never existed. He was invented out of thin air. The entire story is a big fat hoax. There is so much wrong with it. Let's go down the list.

1. Why would you shoot some guy through a door who had no interest in what you were doing, and was only walking down the hall?

2. How would you know where to aim? The hoax story said Paddock had security cameras, but the other part of the hoax story said he was jamming the camras, so WHAT??!!?? and I mean WTF??!!??

3. No one heard 200 shots go into the hotel.

4. Who counted the 200 shots? and the FBI cannot claim they counted those in the door because:

5. They claimed he used an AR-15 to put the holes in the door, and the AR-15 despite using a small projectile has fantastic power at that close of a range before the wind slows the round down, and it will fragment and rip massive holes in things that close SO:

6. After even 20 rounds there would be no door left to count holes in if the bullets landed right and you can forget it after 50 rounds completely so:

7. If there was no security video to go back over to count the rounds, and no door left to count the rounds (yet the FBI had to kick the door in to shut paddock down) and no one heard that many rounds, how did the FBI claim Paddock shot that many rounds at Jesus? How did Jesus only get hit once? The entire hall, which the door faced down, should be an incredible dead zone. Only got hit once, eh?

8. Why did Jesus disappear for so long, only to suddenly surface on Ellen?

ANSWER: 9. Because it took them that long to find a body double for pictures of some guy they pulled out of nowhere and probably killed so he cant talk, the body double is close, but he is fatter and his head is sloped a little more and his ears are different and his neck is thicker and he does not wear glasses and his nose is slightly off, but he looks pretty good, and then they had to teach him how to go on the air with Ellen, (pre taped, certainly not live) so they could do 300 takes and get it right, then FBI approved, and then aired.

ELLEN. Need I say more? ELLEN.

The only chat to be had EVER. So they can just flush it all away. How nice.

So I looked for other stuff to post and there was not really anything out there that was fitting for this web site. Yeah, there's the go nowhere bury vegas Hillary FBI story but that's about as likely to come to fruition as a cocktail served somewhere by Jesus. You won't see him at a casino, back at work in his "regular job" any time soon, even if the MSM heralds it, and Hillary will not be prevented from eventually walking into the sunset on that "broken toe," I promise!

THIS SOUNDS LIKE VACCINE DAMAGE and a few people in the comments know it!

Sadly, the latest Hillary/Russia collusion crap hitting alt media now will go nowhere.

I am going to basically repeat what I said yesteray about this. The FBI and Attorney General are only saying they have made recent discoveries about Hillary and Podesta and collusion with Russia to get millions in kickbacks via the Uranium One deal and that they will be in jail soon to covere their butts on Vegas.

They know their pants are on fire with Vegas and need a distraction. The MSM will not cover Hillary and Uranium One. They won't cover Hillary collusion with Russia for millions in bribes also, and the FBI KNOWS IT.

So to re-establish an air of legitimacy, the FBI is talking about Hillary, ONLY to the crowd that was not too stupid to see what really happened in Vegas. The soccer moms will hear none of it if the MSM avoids it. It is nothing but damage control. And after the FBI is confident people will forever look away from Vegas, they will say there is nothing to see here with Hillary, move along, and go right back to the status quo. We have all known about Hillary and the uranium deal for what, five years now? Do you really think the FBI missed that? Obviously they did not. They knew all along, and will only play games with this.

Technical difficulties today

It all started with a lost radiator cap. I won't say the brand of part because it could be my fault, but I replaced the timing belt when I got the car, and at that time replaced the water pump. The problem I mentioned a couple months ago was related to the water pump that I put in failing. Maybe I got the belt too tight. Well, the new one I put in a couple months ago failed also, and I don't think I got the timing belt too tight. Anyway, it has a slow leak. A few ounces over a few hours driving. So I checked the level this morning and added a little, and was in a hurry and forgot to put the cap on. It boiled over and blew about a quart of coolant out right when I parked it. I then discovered the missing cap.

So I went looking for the missing cap and found it in pieces. You can't drive even to the parts store without a cap, so I searched the house for something temporary and figured out a McCormic mayonaise jar lid fit. Ok, so good.

So I went online to do the site, and the cell modem instantly ran out of airtime. The way Telcel does their modems, there is an always on wifi connection anyone can hook up to and you can't shut it off. More profits for them I guess. So the neighbor kids constantly steal wifi and robbed it to zero.

Not to worry, because I got a new 10 inch android 7 dual sim phablet (as part of The new connectivity options I mentioned a couple days ago) for $95 from a Chinese "junk" dealer and it works GREAT. I'll never buy a Samsung tablet because the idiots at Samsung (and everyone else) are too stupid to let you put a cell sim in them. As if. If you want a real phablet you have to go generic Chinese. The stupidity of the major manufacturers burns. Anyway, it allows you to secure the wifi and is as fast as greased lightning, I was stunned. It looks silly when you use a 10 inch tablet as a cell phone but that part of it works absolutely great also. So I figured I would set up a secure wifi connection and use the laptop through it. Done. But then I realized I disabled wifi in the laptop via the bios, and temporarily forgot the bios password.

The screen on the tablet types like a dream, so I figured I'd just use the tablet then. But then I discovered that the At&t sim I put in it uses a dynamic IP, and I can't do the site with it. So I had to go to the store, put more time on the Telcel chip, and am now sitting here with the laptop with the neighbor kids stealing the connection, as usual.

Anyway, I have to get to work.

Was it Jesus Campos on Ellen?

First of all, why would any thinking individual show up on that sleaze pit for a first appearance? Anyone ought to see that choice has an agenda behind it, IF it was even a choice.

I can't confirm if it was him though, because ALL search engines back wiped all images of Jesus Campos that got posted before the Ellen show, other than one hyper blurry photo that does not have enough detail to tell anything. SERIOUSLY. Just try it. Try looking up Jesus Campos on any search engine, and getting a picture of him before the Ellen show. Even photos that show up with an earlier date are from the Ellen show. WHY?

There is one photo that is listed as older, that shows him with a white shirt. Only the white shirt is a camera blowout, it is still from the Ellen show.

The Ellen show does not answer even the basics either. That anchor of the dark state would go along with any lie. If the only clear pictures we can get of campos now are from the Ellen show, what does that say? It means one of the most filthy people in media has set the precedent for the narrative.

STILL UNANSWERED: Was Campos ever real? If so, why did he vanish for so long? If he was real, has he been getting programmed for two weeks? Howcome there is such a lack of anything photographic related to Campos before the Ellen show? WHY THE ELLEN SHOW? Folks, it just does not get any more hoakey than that!

FBI pulling fake face game with Hillary and Pizzagate

The FBI proved itself in Vegas. They are the enemy of the people, no ifs or buts. So what do you do when you look THAT BAD, to get the people to think you really might work for them? ANSWER:

You do a fake wikileaks release, talk about uranium one, say Hillary might fry, suggest pizzagate will fry, and tell everyone you are working on it, and then get big radio hosts to talk about what you are doing to stop all the corruption. Once your team of 9,000 trolls has tested the water and have decided the people have cooled off on Vegas, you drop everything, and go back to business as usual, while the shadow state is totally untouched.



Yeah, I admit, I took a sip of the latest round of kool aid, but can at least say I did it with caution. And today I puked it up, the answer to what is going on now is OBVIOUS, we still have the same FBI we had in Vegas, a false flagging kill americans bolshevik protect Bolshevik Hillary at all cost keep the shadow state in the shadows style FBI, and they are hoping people will be stupid enough to believe they'd actually do something other than openly set up false flags and kill Americans. That is precisely what they did in Vegas, no ifs or buts, and they did not suddenly change over night.

The job of the FBI is to dismantle the United States and hand the pieces over to the New World Order. And they are going to do anything it takes to accomplish that job, including giving Americans false hope. If they ever succeed in making you think otherwise, you drank the kool aid.

Highly probable but not proven: Syria scored a hit on an Israeli F-35 with an S-200

FACT: Later the same day, Israel permanently de-commissioned a brand new F-35 due to a "bird strike".

The following is an old story, but it was so buried I just became aware of it now. Israel actually permanently retired an F-35 after this.

WARNING ON THIS TOPIC: A virus tried to hit this computer when I was digging up links, so this topic is a mine field. This appears to be a safe link, BE CAREFUL.

It is already well known that Israel got a hack into Russia's S-300 and S-400 missile systems, which contacts the missiles and tells them not to hit the plane. This was probably put in place by Jews in Russia's DOD. But Israel probably has no such hack on the S-200, which is old but still capable.

So the question is, did Syria bag an F-35? Here are the story lines: Israel once again violated Syria's airspace, and scored a hit on a Syrian missile battery, which before the bombs arrived managed to fire off an S-200 which registered a hit on the Israeli F-35. Probably due to advanced stability controls, the F-35 made it back to Israel and landed.

A few hours later, the Israeli media released a report that stated a brand new F-35 was going to be decomissioned due to a bird strike that happened during training. PROBLEM: The F-35 is well designed to handle bird strikes, and actually scores very high in this area. And when has Israel done anything but lie? The report was careful to say the strike happened weeks before and the f-35 was decomissioned after careful consideration. But if Syria really did hit it, there is no way, even on the other side of HELL that Israel would ever admit it and by doing so allow the Syrians to know they have a chance, I'd say it is highly probable that the S-200 is not hacked, and actually scored a hit.

Here's my best bet: A missile strike blew a large chunk of the plane off, and only computerized stability controls allowed it to get back to Israel and land. It would not be the first time this happened, an Israeli F-15 landed with one wing due to the automated stability controls keeping it from tumbling, there's no reason to think the F-35 would not be able to make it back, in pieces. Anyone who says it would not be possible for an advanced plane to make it home after a very bad missile hit does not know enough history.


Still nothing on the following, Drudge removed the headline, so a probable burial is underway, or it was a hoax:


I do not believe all is well with Assange, but Hillary's gonna fry.

It is too early to know what will happen, and with 650,000 files to dig through, this is simply too much to comment on right now. However, the following was posted to 4-chan, and it deserves attention:

"Remember when I said you won't see Hillary go down for pizza, but you will see her go down for big shit?! Then, I told you if you keep looking for her being charged for pizza, you'll miss all of the big wins and REAL HAPPENINGS?! This is exactly what I was referring to.

This is Assange's final release (to the EXACT DAY, A YEAR LATER) of his promised, pre-election "October surprise". He was set to release it on 10/21/16 and since 10/14/16, you've hardly seen him since the embassy and his Icelandic HQ went dark, with the rest of his employees other than Jacob.

Like I said in the thread before, these are the Weiner files the NYPD mirrored/retained as evidence before handing the hardware to the FBI. Some of the files are pizza-coded creepy, just like Podesta's. Don't get me wrong but, the NYPD recovered ALL of the files on Weiner/Huma's computer.

MY COMMENT: It was revealed that Comey had Hillary's pardon papers all written up months before any investigation was ordered. And obviously the FBI destroyed all the evidence, and worked as smoothly as they did in Vegas (where they are now killing witnesses and the security guard is nowhere to be found). Most likely the FBI figured it had everything successfully stuffed away in a bricked off closet. However, if these files were hacked from when the NYPD had the laptop, the skeletons are gonna come out in zombie mode.

Now back to the chan post:

The majority, are directly tied to ALL of Hillary's dirty Secretary of State Middle East dealings and her backdoor foundation profits thanks to hundreds of millions in cashed payroll checks for their dirty "cooperation". Yes, the pizza will burn, but she will ultimately go down for the shade she threw to our nation, as our Secretary of State.

Just want to be clear... you're not getting 650k of pizza related files. You're getting 650k of NYPD recovered files from Weiners/Huma's computer that will mostly focus on their EXTENSIVE international/Terror funding and fueling crimes. As you read through the files, yes, you'll see a bunch of creepy Podesta-style, back and forth files/communications, sprinkled in between. PLEASE don't let yourselves get so excited over pizza that you completely miss the actual fucking happening you're being given in this release."

CIA ANON: >> [link to (secure)] "CIA insider here. THIS IS REAL. Screencap this post."

US MARSHALL ANON RETURNED: >> [link to (secure)] "72 hour readiness protocol now in effect. Agents in multiple locations on standby. No direct orders have been given or indicated. This does not happen often, but when it does..."

MY COMMENT: If nothing becomes of this, it will be because this guy is NOT ASSANGE.

"They" follow their own stupidity and expect us to be stupid also.

I have noticed something with the message window. If I ignore it for a while and don't post anything from it, it suddenly becomes relevant and follows what I post on the front page, with comments from readers that are relevant, and ZERO trollage. It is also allowed to build a large file.

If I begin posting messages from that window, it is suddenly cut from 20 or more pages in length (due to past built up messages) down to usually a page or less, and what little is there will not follow anything I talked about and will instead be nothing but insults and deceptive trash, loaded with "tips" that dead end on virus pages.

One would think that if messing with the message window was an assigned task, or anything anyone was dedicated to, that it would be permanently wiped, and never recover. My looking at what is in it and/or posting what is in it should be irrelevant to the level of destruction. It should be toast always. It is not.

And then I thought about how the Jews run the media, expecting everyone to forget the lies told the week, or even day before and just accept the new line verbatim and run with it. If the Jews, who own the media, really expect people to be too stupid to remember the last thing they said, this same attribute probably runs through the Jewish community. And that would explain the message window, - as long as they are not being poked by it, they won't remember to screw with it. They really might be that stupid.


THEREFORE, NEW POLICY: I will not post that anything came from the message window. I totally ignored it for a long time this time because it was simply too loaded with well engineered morale busting crap. Low and behold I checked it just now, and it was chock full of USDA #1 CHOICE BEEF. A LOT of it. They did their last delete on October 10 and did not touch it since (the message window embeds data points that tell me when people wrote), and since October 10 there was enough legitimate genuine text from readers, absent any trollage at all or mega long posts, to equal 25 percent of the New Testament in length.


I am going to use it as a resource, and not mention where anything that came from it came from. If you see your message posted here without credit, I am not trying to rob anyone, I am simply trying to not alert the censors and have the box get wiped. I was shocked by how much came in. There is so much good stuff I can't possibly post it all, if I tried it would take two days just formatting that much text for the web. When your message goes into the message window, it does not have the tags it needs to make sense on the web, it takes a while for me to go through it and add what it needs to show up on the page correctly. And even if I could just copy and paste the whole window, this time around it would be too much anyway.

So when I saw the window this time, I was happy. And it dawned on me - Maybe when the Jews lie in the media they don't think we are that stupid, no, they probably post what would work to fool themselves. If they can't rememer to censor the window just because I did not post from it for a while, MY GOD, THEY ARE STUPID, a classic example of "I can't remember what happened five days ago!"


The spiral formations that are appearing around the world have my attention pretty much over everything else.

Something BIG is going on. Either one or more nations is testing new technology, or we are being visited by a civilization that could care less about being subtle about it. Ok, so let me explain something here -

These sky formations are not rocket launches, despite what the powers that be say. They are merely hoping for ignorance by saying that. These formations are happening fairly close to the ground. I don't know how close, but my guess is between 5,000 and 15,000 feet. There are two types. One type develops as a spiral that develops in concentric circles that evolve into forming a flat disc despite having a three dimensional aspect to it when it is developing. As it develops, a second section forms at a 90 degree angle to the disc. And when it is fully finished developing, it looks like this:

Ok, so look at this. There are key things about this that prove it is producing it's own energy to get it's bright appearance, and that it is not a rocket launch. The main point is that it is Brighter towards the ground This means, without question, that it is not sunlight lighting this up before sunrise, because if it was, it would be brighter at the top and not the bottom. ALL night time rocket launches, and I mean all of them, get brighter as the rocket gains elevation because as the rocket gets away from the earth the sun starts to hit the plume made by the rocket, which produces a brilliant light show against the night sky. Since the sky is obviously dark in this picture, and this anomaly is bright towards the ground, it is not the sun providing the light and lighting up a rocket launch.

Secondly, the color of the light proves it is not ground lighting producing the light, only to be subsequently picked up by a sensitive camera, because ground lighting is predominantly orange in color, and the light from this anomaly is obviously very strong in the ultra violet. These anomalies are bright enough to be picked up by old flip phones and other photographic garbage, with shots like the one above coming from a good camera.

Here's a look at the Norway spiral from the other side of it, shortly before it evolved as shown in the picture above. It is obvious in this picture that this type of spiral is the source of its own light. A very similar spiral opened up over Australia also, which proves it was not a failed Russian ICBM launch unless Russia had an identically failed test over Australia too. Doubt it.

Now let's look at a different type of spiral that appeared over Russia. Identical ones appeared over China and Israel (and probably other places) In this case, this type of spiral is more obviously a portal of some sort that is letting in a large amount of light from the other side of it, and that light is what is making the portal visible. It is obvious this is being lit by something other than itself because it is emitting light from it's center, that is spreading out in a cone shape. I would expect this if this really is a portal, and wherever the other side of it is, opened up next to a star like our sun, and that light is shining through it like our daylight. That really is the only possibility with this.

So that is really something to chew on, especially since both of these types of spirals are showing in the petroglyphs, as outlined in the Tula Giants report. Since they are recorded in ancient historic record all over the world, it is probably not us making these.

General news / no big headlines

It seems like a whole bunch of boring stuff today. Wiki(dead) "released" a bunch of Hillary mails. Hillary canceled a bunch of TV appearances. Hillary, if she's even alive is warmed over foot fungus. Who called on Trump supporters to respond to a dog whistle. And if Wikileaks exists at all, it is via white hats that took up the cause.

REMEMBER: Right when Assange lost his internet, his attorney was killed, the top guy mysteriously died, and someone else (I forget who for now) was dead. All 4 people who got simultaneously disconnected from Wikileaks (including Assange) were the top people. Don't forget history with regard to wikileaks compelling evidence is out there that it, in it's original form, is dead. That's why I am considering the latest release of hillary mails/dead man switch to be a non story. People ought to remember the other Wikileaks dead man switch! Can't really happen twice you know.

Empty stadiums Breitbart did a report about how many NFL stadiums were almost empty. More than normal I'd say. But you can get lots of pictures of empty stadiums dating back to the 70's. So that is not a bench mark. What is a bench mark? Officially, when you dredge all numbers, the NFL is down by about 20 percent since Kaepernick took a knee. Officially. That means the NFL is really down by about 35 percent. My guess anyway. And seriously, if you have a boat or a gun or ATV or snowmobile or anything else (if you have a paraglider you should be SHOT if you ever watch another NFL game) seriously - a fishing pole and hip waders beats the NFL (and always has, as far as I see it,) there are much better options, I just named a few.

I'd like to see the NFL down by 70 percent. But the reality in that is that not enough people have enough brains to walk out to that degree, the couch is just too easy.

Then again, a snowmobile, ATV, and boat will do all the hard work for you, and seriously, if you had a boat right there, on the water, what would you rather do?

Wifi another big headline making the rounds is about a new Wifi hack. Evidently it has never been secure. Just like I said. So the media lagged by what? more than 5 years? Such a non story there will be no changes around here. Someone has to sit outside your house, snag your signal, and hack the crap onto it. How likely is that? With me, quite likely I guess but what about the average joe? I always knew there was nothing that could be done about it and who cares? The Navy has a special submarine they use to install spy nodes on undersea cables. If they have that, all the land cables have hacks every 10 miles. Your router is hacked. Your operating system is hackware. That trumps WIFI hack, and there is positivily nothing you can do about it and absolutely nothing practical I can recommend to solve the issue.




Also, there was absolutely NO shooting from the Luxor. I have been to the Luxor at least 10 times. First of all, you'd never get away with it, the area around the sphynx is a beautiful plaza with tons of places to sit and there are people all over the place. Any shooting from the Luxor would have been noticed by hundreds of people. There is no room for speculation with this. the Luxor is enormously popular and packed all the time. The plaza with the sphynx is absolutely wide open space. There is no freaking way anyone would ever get away with it.

SECOND OF ALL - There is no way to get into the Sphinx and set up a shooting position without being totally noticed by about 5,000 people. The inside of the pyramid is absolutely enormous, and totally wide open with a 200 foot high ceiling above everyone. Anyone saying someone managed to set up a shooting position in that environment is so full of sh*t it just pisses me off. If someone started shooting from there, people would have bailed on Luxor so fast you'd have 500 trampling injuries from there alone. As IF the valet parking people would not have noticed!!!

If you want a little intrinsic proof I am completely right, pull up satellite view on the Luxor and look at it, compared to Mandalay Bay. The Luxor pyramid covers more area than the entire Manalay, plus the wave pools. And that entire covered area is for gambling and recreation, under an unbelievably enormous open space. It has to be the biggest open area in Vegas. You can't panick that many people by shooting from there and not have it be enormous news.

Therefore, since I have been to Vegas no less than 100 times, (not for vacation, it was because business required it) and to the Luxor at least 10 times (not for gambling, but because other people wanted to see it) I am calling flaming BULLSHIT on any shooter at Luxor, it simply would not happen and that's the end of it.

The only place I ever saw the Skyvue towers was on Google Images (I have not been to Vegas since Dec 2011,) but it is obvious that is where the second shooter was, because NOT ONE THING has changed with the Luxor, and I can state with certainty that any story that involves shooting from there simply could not have happened.

Additionally, there were more than two shooters. The FBI is trying to deceive people down to a two shooter scenario, but people got shot under the stage, and there is no way any shooter at Skyvue or the Mandalay could ever nail people under the stage. Due to the high bleachers, it could not have been done under the stage from the Luxor sphinx either. Any stories of shooting from where the beam comes out of Luxor are wacky, you can't be there. Someone was on the field itself or in the bleachers themselves, shooting at people right there. The fact people were getting shot under the stage, and even under the bleachers by itself proves none of the official story washes at all.

There are going to be very realistic videos released to convince people that 1. The windows were missing from the Mandalay during the shooting, 2. There was muzzle flash from the Mandalay, where it should be, 3. Anything else I did not think of because 4. I have already seen fake video of Jason Adelan singing right up to the end, and it looks swear to God real. Hollywood can fake anything, and people's a-holes are burning so badly over this shooting that from here on out, you can expect only Hollywood's finest.

This is what the Tula Giants conspiracy files are about:

This volume is significant, because it has extremely strong evidence that ancient civilizations accurately recorded visits by alien civilizations world wide, and that they are in the process of renewing visits to us now.

Someone is opening portals that look like this all over the world. This one appeared over Australia.

The explanation is that they are failed Russian missile tests. This is an obvious lie. Not only do they look nothing like failed launches, they have also appeared in far too many places, and above far too many countries over the last few years. Interestingly enough, petroglyphs all over the world have these portals, along with what appears to be alien visitors in them which remain consistent in appearance whether the petroglyphs are found in Africa or the Americas..

Conspiracy files volume 2 shows two different types of these portals which have opened up in over (at least) five different locations in the last few years, on earth, all 5 clearly photographically documented. It shows how ancient civilizations made accurate petroglyphs of both types of portals in numerous locations worldwide. It also covers a compelling piece of evidence that these alien civilizations may have visited the Toltec civilization in Hidalgo Mexico and either were their warriors or gifted their warriors with an advanced weapon, which is engraved in massive statues that represent Toltec warriors. Of all civilizations another civilization would have trusted with such weapons, the Toltecs were at the top as a candidate, they represented the peak of civilization in Central America approximately 350 years before Cortez arrived. The Aztecs that took over the area after drought wiped the Toltecs out were a step backward culturally.

This report will certainly make people think twice about the world they live in. This report has compellingly proven there is hidden history, and that history is extremely likely to begin repeating itself, now, within our lifetimes.

ANY DONATION VIA FUNDRAZR WILL GET YOU ACCESS TO THESE FILES. I'd like to post them on the main site if there were no problems with donations, but it has become obvious the donations need an audit path that having people "getting something in return" will provide. To donate via Fundrazr, click here, thanks!



AP released the sound Cuba is using to supposedly disable diplomats.

WASHINGTON (AP) — It sounds sort of like a mass of crickets. A high-pitched whine, but from what? It seems to undulate, even writhe. Listen closely: There are multiple, distinct tones that sound to some like they’re colliding in a nails-on-the-chalkboard effect. The Associated Press has obtained a recording of what some U.S. Embassy workers heard in Havana in a series of unnerving incidents later deemed to be deliberate attacks. The recording, released Thursday by the AP, is the first disseminated publicly of the many taken in Cuba of mysterious sounds that led investigators initially to suspect a sonic weapon. The recordings themselves are not believed to be dangerous to those who listen. Sound experts and physicians say they know of no sound that can cause physical damage when played for short durations at normal levels through standard equipment like a cellphone or computer.

MY COMMENT: It sounds too much like the MP3 I released years ago that has an approximation of the wave form the U.S. government uses against it's own people. If American government employees don't like it because they are supposed to be immune to such harassment, but it is OK for the rest of us, they can KMA. If I am wrong, HOW did I get something that sounds like someone elses version of the same thing? Let's call the cuban version Coke, and the American version Pepsi! And quite frankly, Cuba's version is outdated obviously, because the American version is a hell of a lot worse even though what I have is only something I synthesized with audacity to approximate what I get put through lots!

Oh, and I forgot - The government employees have a team of mourners wailing for them, but if any non government Americans mention it, they need a "tinfoil hat!"

My god having AP bitch about this just because the "wrong people" got targeted really pisses me off, I deal with this every day!

Fires in California were not "wild", they were caused.

At first I was skeptical, but I went over numerous social media posts several videos, and a few messages and it appears the fires were set by an atmospheric weapon.

First to clear something up - the manner in which the cars burned was normal. But there are some instances with what went on that prove a weather weapon did this.

Weather weapons work by using multiple transmitters to create a collision zone where differently phased EM waves cancel each other out, and drop their electrical potential into the air (which is a semiconductor) where they cancel. This is the equivalent of biasing a transistor. Semiconductors won't simply break down and start conducting just because a bias field is applied, in order for them to conduct in a controlled fashion they need a doping agent. In silicon the doping agents are arsenic and boron. In air, the doping agent is most likely whatever is in the chem trails. The ionosphere is the power supply, and earth is "ground". Everything in between the ionosphere and the ground will heat up.

If enough voltage is applied to a semiconductor, it will suddenly discharge it in one big burst. This is seen in the air as lightning. The weather/geoengineering systems try to avoid this. But this time around, in California, the effects of excess voltage were readily observed by MANY MANY people, and it manifested itself in more than one way.

Evidently the people running the geoengineering systems have become more bold, like a thief that steals more and more and more, the more the thief gets away with stealing. The same is happening with weather warfare, and this time around in California, they got bold enough to push the system hard enough so that the effects of the system in use were easily observed.

1. Some people got heart palpitations from having their bodies charged.

2. MANY MANY people saw electrical flashes that made no thunder in perfectly clear blue sky, and worse, some people even saw small blue sparks everywhere in the air around them.

3. MOST DAMNING: People are reporting that their electronics malfunctioned before the fires hit, with the most pronounced and spoken about malfunction being at a hotel (The silverado resort and spa), where ALL of the electrical systems in the hotel malfunctioned, including the electronic access doors, forcing people to jump from windows (because they could not leave their rooms) to escape an approaching fire that instantly appeared out of nowhere in perfect weather.

It is very important to make note of the malfunctioning doors, because a simple power outage will not stop those from working. Something jammed the circuits in the doors. Simultaneously the hotel lost main power, generator backup, UPS backup, and local battery backup. Not even the always operational emergency hall lights worked. . That would be totally consistent with a massively potent EM weapon causing complete electronic malfunction because not even the circuits in the emergemcy backup lighting that turn it on (which operate independent of everything off of a small battery right in the light itself), not even circuits at that small level worked.

There are people trolling social media (perhaps because they don't understand how things work, but perhaps not) and they are saying there is no way the air could have been so electrically charged that sparks would be everywhere because it would electrocute anyone standing in it. This is not true at all. Tesla proved it. There are lots of photos of Tesla sitting on a chair with an electrical storm all around him, because it does not take much to make a show (relative to what the body can take, because the body is a much better conductor than air.)

Additionally, the frequency at which the air is charged makes a big difference, once the frequency goes beyond approximately 40 khz the body won't conduct it deeply due to an electrical effect known as the skin effect, where electrical charges travel on the outside of objects rather than through them. All the unbelievable Tesla photos were the result of super high voltage low current electricity traveling around the outside of objects due to the skin effect caused by that electricity also being at a high frequency.

So how would this start forest fires? the answer is an easy one.

1. a dry leaf is thin, which eliminates the benefit of conduction via the skin effect, and

2. A dry leaf will try to be an insulator, which will force all of the electricity that flows through it to turn itself into heat. And additionally, if the air is sparking everywhere as some witnesses said, one of those sparks would probably set off dry tinder somewhere.

POOF, instant fire, there should have been several cases of exploding dry trees where there was no fire there before at all. Lots of people are saying these fires suddenly "exploded out of nowhere" - no hint of any previous fire, no lightning, no NOTHING, just a sudden high wind happening at the same time the forest nearby suddenly burst into flames. That would be a telltale sign of a sudden massive electric field heating everything up (everything that could not conduct electricity very well, which means air and dry leaves) There are people saying spaced based laser systems are doing this, (and that absolutely would work, so I "get it",) but I still believe they are using phase cancellation of radio waves to cause a bias field, because whatever happened when a laser was used would not be easily controllable and would too easily result in the creation of massive ionosphere to ground lightning bolts. That is not happening, which is why I am sticking with the EM wave approach to this. Maybe as they get more brazen and not caring about noticeable effects, they will start using lasers, which would be a whole lot easier.

How could you possibly get 66 widely spaced massive wildfires appearing instantly with no natural weather causing them, growing rapidly, with perfectly calm weather before, sudden massive winds at the initiation of the fires, blue sparks in the air, malfunctioning electronics, and in some people heart palpitations? My answer: just ask Darpa


Mike Adams bullet trajectory analysis, when pegged down to a specific location, matches the abandoned Skyvue towers perfectly.

The skyvue towers are what is left of an abandoned ferris wheel project that started five years ago. They are the supports that were supposed to hold the wheel. For whatever reason it was not deemed econimically viable and they abandoned it. The towers stand 200 feet tall, and have mechanical access doors and an interior stairwell inside of them for providing service access to the ferris wheel hub.

VERY IMPORTANT: Trolls are trolling the towers badly, and I always use troll behavior to guage the validity of a topic. Trolls are doing everything they can to divert the public away from these towers. These towers are so close to the concert that they are considered to be at near point blank range for a basic 5.56 round (not even an updated boosted one.) Their much closer proximity to the concert would explain why the gunfire was so loud. Their position also would explain why people in the videos appear to have had temporary shelter in front of the stage until gunmen opened fire from other angles. Their position also would explain why the performers and people back stage said they first became aware of the shooting when bullets started hitting the roof of the stage.

Trolls are preying on ignorance, hoping people can't get a concert perspective on how the towers were actually positioned, and are then saying the towers were not tall enough to give a shooter a vantage point to see the crowd from behind or above the stage (gee, that sounds familiar, I said right in the beginning the shots probably came from above the stage). Trolls are calling the towers "mounds of dirt", torn down, full of rebar (so no one could shoot from them) and all other manners of lies about them, and I can probably guess why. The answer is obvious, and now trolls are not going to be able to bury these towers because I hunted down a perfect perspective of where they are and posted it here, (above and below) which pretty much means the end of their work on this.

IMPORTANT: People posted to social media that the police had the entire area around the towers completely sealed off after the shooting. Obviously it would be to make sure all evidence of shooting from the towers was cleaned up perfectly, with no one to witness the cleanup, let alone wander into the area later (which only has a mundane chain link fence surrounding it) and finding proof part of the shooting happened from there.

Obviously since the shooting was a deep state op, all the shooters had to do when they finished is call it miller time and wait while the situation on the ground below cooled off. After that, it was a short walk to an industrial area to the south west of the towers and into the air port for an easy getaway.

Let's force Google to do good for once.

Click the screen grab below to go straight to the scene and "walk around" yourself. The Mandalay as a shooting location is laughable by comparison.


GET THIS!! After the FBI already went through Paddock's home looking for evidence and not finding what they were after, it got "broken into", and now they are going back to search it again! And obviously when that happens, they will get everything they need to prove the official story true. They will throw in a few plot twists and revelations, and then mop their butts clean with a fairy textbook dream come true happy ending for the police state.

Ha ha ha, it does not get any more transparently B.S. than THIS.


Paul Craig Roberts posted a letter from a military surgeon that specialized in treating gunshot wounds. This surgeon remarked about how the patients in the hospital videos were obviously not shot. The people in the "hospital videos" probably were indeed not shot. But they were most likely never at the concert at all because it was a fake hospital video. Most likely, the people who were actually shot were never interviewed by the press because they would interfere with the official story. What would be worse than having a real witness of the event get on camera and blow it for the FBI?

After finding a totally obscure video that shows it all clearly, I now affirmatively know the shooting was real, and that everything I said about real people being left to die overnight is accurate. I found a perfectly clear video of the shooting in progress, a video that was buried up until this point. I also now affirmatively know that the media never interviewed real victims, they interviewed actors who were complicit in the shooting that would not spill the beans on the official story

This video clearly proves the gunfire originated on site, and not from far away. It clearly proves there is blood everywhere, because it did not rain yet the pavement has huge wet areas. It clearly shows an unconcious girl with a huge head wound dripping blood on the pavement as people try to get her to safety. Keep in mind that at night a camera is not going to make blood show red on black pavement. Blood color is so close to black from an actual light absorption perspective that cameras just cant discern the color at night, especially a cell phone.

The doctor that sent the letter to Paul Craig Roberts was probably being honest, and giving an honest reaction to what was obviously actors in a fake hospital video. But what he most likely did not know was that the media was most likely interviewing fake people from a fake hospital location, all the while real victims were never spoken to. They won't be spoken to, because they would spill the beans. The video clearly shows the people know where the gun shots are coming from, and are trying to make a strategic exit without getting shot themselves. If all the people in the hospital videos were cheery and leaving within days, they CLEARLY, CLEARLY were not the people in this video.

THIS VIDEO IS SO TELLING THAT IT WILL NOT COME UP IN SEARCH RESULTS. It is obvious all the hits are from people linking into it that happened to have known about it, I tried searching for it by its exact title and Youtube would absolutely not allow it to show up.

Dead security guard

A man who was staying in room 31234, next door to Paddocks, said police shot the security guard. Why would Mister Hodge say that, only to have the story change to the patsy shooting the guard? EASY ANSWER: Because the security guard went up with the police, and saw that none of the windows were missing from the room. For that, he had to die.

You know what I really think? I think there was never even a death scene set up at the Mandalay, and it was probably staged in a mock room elsewhere. For the daytime photos (to satisfy the press) they had to kick a couple windows out for show but they are probably already fixed by now, if they are not it is for show.


I never saw proof of what Paddock's room layout looked like, and did not want to say anything because on the top floors the vista suite does wrap around to include both broken windows. But as it turns out, the floor plan finally got published, and on Paddock's floor, the vist suite ends before the second broken window, just as people have been saying the whole time. Until I found proof, I did not want to say it myself. This means that to do the shooting, Paddock had to kick a wall out and join the two rooms. WHY IN THE * would anyond do that, when it would provide no strategic advantage at all? The answer to that question is below, in the next report.


As a direct result of the destruction of America's schools, absolute morons are entering the intelligence agencies and screwing up big time. This won't do anything to stop them from killing people like they did in Vegas, but it does a WHOLE LOT to make the truth come out about what they did, because the screw ups are so massive the entire contrived aspect collapses in on itself.

Ok so he jammed all the security video but watched it himself. That's a fault of the colleges, which are supposed to teach people to think, and more importantly, convince people that other people really might be able to think. Obviously not much thinking happened in the Vegas psy op, which used the most ridiculous conflicting crap anyone could imagine, and anyone who could think would reject outright.

The plot had our patsy using "massive internet bandwidth" also. But thinking people will see right through that, because there is very little reason to use a lot of bandwidth for ANYTHING OTHER THAN VIDEO. Why would he want video to get streamed to his room in abundance for any reason other than entertainment, rather than monitoring hotel security via some stupid hack WHEN THE OTHER PART OF THE STORY SAYS HE JAMMED ALL THE SECURITY VIDEO. If he jammed it, he sure as * would not be able to use "massive internet bandwidth" to watch it.

Common core only needed to explain why the intelligence agencies can't provide a shred of legit video. ANSWER: HE JAMMED IT. FORGET THE DETAILS, HE JAMMED IT! YEAH, THAT'S WHY THERE IS NO VIDEO TO PROVE OUR STORY!

Maybe his "massive internet bandwidth" was from constantly streaming netflix in HD. That would do it. Common core educated people won't think of that explanation, which is too mundane to care about, because common core leads to toddler type thinking, where only what is right there in your hand needs to matter. Nothing at all common core comes up with will add up in a way that would fool even a semi functional old school adult so jamming the security video and then using massive wifi bandwidth to watch it works just fine in la la land.

Since common core math is done in such a confusing way, no one who set this up could add well enough to figure out how many bullet casings should be left on the floor of the room for the photo op. Or how many magazines. So a few magazines and a pocket full of spent casings ought to work just fine in common core land. They just figured saying "he had 20 guns" would cut it, when 20 guns equals 20 magazines for 600 rounds, a number far too low to accomplish what was done (and they did not even have the aftermath of that much on the floor, not even close!.) Common core simply said "everyone will think 20 guns is a lot, so that will make the story hold up".

In the latest common core flop, supposedly while jamming the video he had video so clear he used it to shoot a security guard right through the door, a guard who was on his way to another room and was just casually walking by, showing no interest in Paddocks door whatsoever. A double whammy, where they recently doubled down on stupid. Shooting a guard who could care less about your room may work in common core la la land, but anyone with a brain is going to ask a serious question - if the guard was only walking by, which is expected, why shoot him for that, right through a closed door? Common core just says "believe what you are told". That's the only way the latest ornament on the fable that is the official story could possibly not fall right off the tree.

The stupid is so deep that even minor details in the story line have unlimited worm holes in the logic, that lead to such a leaky story it can never be patched.

Here's a good example of one of those worm holes:

FACT: COLD HARD FACT COMMON CORE TYPES WON'T EVER KNOW, AND MUCH LESS, PUT IN A STORY LINE: Casinos have thousands of cameras everywhere to catch cheaters and trouble makers. The only thing that can handle SO MANY CAMERAS is fiber optic, which can't be jammed, absent the microwave magnetron I suggested, which would blow the circuits in a camera rather than jam it (and only kill one camera). Common core types will never in a million years understand why you can't put 1000 plus cameras on a single wifi channel, and then have the whole hotel surf that wifi to boot! All common core types know is when they plug their stuff in, it works.

If you are going to believe the official story of Vegas, (if for any reason you want to,) to help swallow it I suggest first finding a way to block your breathing with a pillow until you pass out, then ovedose on 5 different drugs, plus alcohol, and then disable the air bags and try to get more brain damage in a car wreck. A few vaccines ought to help with that too. Maybe you could find a few of the old mercury batteries and swallow them after cracking open a few mercury thermometers and making a cocktail with that also.Or you could just attend a modern American school, get programmed to be stupid, and skip the actual brain damage.

There is a silver lining in the reality of America's horrible schools. And it was the story that came out of Vegas. For those who do not have damaged brains, or brains that were disabled via a sabotaged education system, the out right crappy quality of the story line actually resulted in full government disclosure and transparency in what really went on, even though they tried to avoid it at all cost.

Alex Jones finally mentioned multiple shooters in Vegas

Maybe it was not the first time. I don't follow him closely, and there's a reason: Here's the deal: You can't be called a truther if you mix 70 percent MSM bullshit with 30 percent of what people have discovered is true. Either you take one side or the other. There can't be a lone shooter and multiple shooters in the same story. If you can't decide what is what, in my book you are OUT.

Remote controlled Germanwings Airbus A320 crash? All evidence points to this.


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The End of the California orange? Probably, Dams drained on purpose

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