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Cornerstone report: Fukushima SABOTAGE!

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Donations needed for October

Due to so much going on (Puerto Rico and the mass shooting in Vegas) I am temporarily having the donation request posted HERE. This month's conspiracy files were a real project that required a lot of time. That is why the donation request went up much later than usual this month

My comments on several conspiracies circulating -

Obviously the shooting in Vegas was not what we are told. I am standing by my particular theory of the shooting happening from the stage.

Obviously the patsy is a patsy, he knew nothing about guns and according to the family was agnostic. That pretty much says it all. That means nothing came from his hotel room, despite the kicked out windows.

On that note, don't forget how damning this Israeli newspaper report is, which happened only 5 hours after the shooting, long before the police could have had any specific answers to report. This bunked news report, released WAY TOO EARLY proves Israel was involved in this shooting:

When a screw up is that grave, there's no getting over it. They called the patsy by his "Islamic name" when his family claimed he was agnostic, and did it before the dust settled. How did the Israeli paper come up with such specific Islamic insights so quickly?

Mandalay Bay was actually missing 4 windows. That's a screw up as big as the Israeli newspaper screw up.

Obviously the MSM is skipping this part of the story.

Yesterday I came across a critical picture. Did you know FOUR windows were kicked out at Mandalay Bay? YEP. Here's the other two, and I'll say how this happened - The idiots who staged this psy op did not even have it thought all the way through, and kicked out windows that would not work for the story line. As stupid as this sounds, the question remains - why are two windows missing on the wrong side of the hotel?

Good question. And it is called "somebody screwed up". WINDOWS MISSING. NO ONE SHOT FROM HERE, and it is a safe bet no one shot from the other two missing windows, it is all part of a partially botched setup.

There are a few people saying the shooting was happening from the 10th and 4th floors, and they are getting mileage. Yet no missing windows, and the windows on these hotels can't be opened. They are saying the shooting happened from these places because they can see muzzle flashes. But it is obviously just reflections of the flashing lights on the police cars that are on the street. Not well thought through conspiracy plot at all. None of the videos show muzzle flashes from where they should have come from either. That's because no one was shooting from there.

My final answer is based on the only hard evidence there was in this event - the volume of the concert in relation to how loud the gunfire was. It's a dead giveaway, no one shot from the hotel, PERIOD. Yes, multiple gunmen. I disagree that they had to be skilled, the target was too easy. They could have been skilled and it would not have made a difference.

So what we have in the end is a total setup, a false flag, multiple gunmen who were not located as stated, a patsy I probably would not have liked in real life but a patsy nonetheless who probably slept up until the bullets started flying (he could probably hear the ruckus below after the music stopped,) suddenly his door got kicked in and it was adios.

And no one could blame anyone for not believing the official story. There are too many consistencies with past proven psy ops. Obvious multiple shooters reported early on (Pulse, San Bernardino, Vegas) only to have one dead patsy who shot himself and now cant talk. It's like all of this crap is being done from the same one page set of instructions by a machine that can't diversify at all, with the only changes in the plot forced into it by geography and environmental factors. It worked in Communist Russia. It is not working nearly as well now.

There are going to be countless conspiracy theories because people know they have been lied to. I have said what I think. But only one thing is absolutely certiain - we have been lied to. This was a setup. It was too conveniently timed with the Puerto Rico scandal. The target was also too perfect, but one thing communists won't realize (because they hide out at Starbucks and worry about things as little as a damaged napkin) is that shooting at the redneck country music crowd won't cause that crowd to shed a tear. At least not on day 3. They are robust. You can't take their guns that way, they won't just hand them in because something bad happened. If the communists want guns from that particular target, they are going to have to take them the hard way even after half of them are dead.

San Juan mayor ties to Hillary

Remember when I said this days ago? Here is backup confirmation.

"Never let a huge crisis go to waste" - Rahm Immanuel

They wanted a white male Muslim bash, so they are not wasting this crisis


The gunfire is too loud over the concert, it was happening at the concert . Windows are easy to kick out later.

HERE IS THE KEY VIDEO THAT DESTROYS THE LIE. This is just a file on this site, which you can right click and save. This video is evidence, there is no way the official story holds up against this. The gunfire was simply too loud and too local in reference to the concert for the official story to hold.


1. If it was originating 1500 feet away at Mandalay Bay, it was not close enough to totally blast over the concert loud enough to cause the performers, who wear monitor equipment to block all sound, to stop playing. The concert was LOUD when the shooting happened. You simply can't outdo a concert from that far away, no one would have heard it over the music, especially the performers, who have equipment that is designed to block the sound of the concert and let them hear only the sound of their instruments, as they are played in reference to the other instruments. The failure of this system is what did Mariah Carey in on New Years, when you are playing that "big" you have to be directly piped to the mixing board with all other sources of sound blocked. This would have prevented the performers from hearing anything. Why did they stop? ANSWER: Gunshots from above them on the same stage would have been loud enough. What happens on stage in the video is a supreme bust of the official lie.

POINT TWO: Audio recording equipment (even on a camcorder) automatically sets the level of the audio to optimal. The concert was LOUD, it is obvious because the crowd cannot be heard when the music is playing. Then gunfire clearly is louder than the concert, even though according to the official story it originated 1500 feet away. The automatic level control in the audio recorder proves the gunfire was simply too loud in relation to the music to have come from Mandalay Bay, it had to have originated above the speakers. That is the only way the automatic level control circuit would not have had the recording level choked back so far that the gunfire would not be heard. The recording should not have had the sound of gunfire so prominent, IF it even managed to record the sound of the gun at all. Obviously after the music cut the recorder would pick up the gunfire from that distance because it would automatically turn the record volume up.


Watch the video. The stage crew cuts everything to black, and then takes the stage lighting, points it directly out at the crowd, and turns it back on to illuminate the crowd. The shooting does not resume until this process is complete. This was a deliberate act that no one would have thought of off the cuff unless it was planned ahead of time. Without a doubt, someone on the stage crew was involved in this shooting. Interesting it is that the concert was called the "Route 91 harvest" and took place on route 91!

Here is what I think happened. The shooters were actually situated above the stage. The windows on Mandalay Bay were kicked out for the story line. I have a video that shows it all unfold. I do not think the singer knew what was going on. I believe it was people planted in the crew that did this.


There were only two buildings - Luxor, which was far away and would have echoed upward due to its pyramid shape and smooth glass, which would make echoes be inaudible on the ground (to any significance, especially over a loud concert,) and Mandalay Bay, which is unlikely because the shooter was shooting away from any surface that could echo (especially that loudly) if the official story is not a lie. There are no echoes, it is two guns with choreographed shooters. They occasionally screw up and you can hear one gun stop and the other start.

They are saying it sounds like multiple guns because it was echoing off "all the buildings". PROBLEM: There simply were no buildings for there to be any echoes off of. This was multiple shooters, who happened to predominantly shoot at the same time.

Once I was able to go over the scene clearly, it is obvious such a shooting was not possible as stated. Additionally, the concert footage in other videos is clear, clearly showing Mandalay Bay and there are no muzzle flashes coming from Mandalay Bay, and no apparent broken windows. The lights above the stage were too bright for muzzle flashes to show if they originated in the same area.

The following portion of this report has been superseded by what is above, which I believe actually nails it. Nice to get a piece of evidence like that video, it clears so much up.

TWO SHOOTERS (OR MORE) IN TWO ROOMS. Just like I said, and everyone said last night. All the eyewitnesses are wrong? WHY YES, because the truth does not fit the agenda!

They tried to lie and say this was one room, but were then forced to admit it was two, so they hatched an assinine story that this guy was running back and forth between the two rooms! My god, the stupid, IT HURTS. Now we know there were two rooms and multiple shooters involved. That sure matches the woman who went into the crowd and warned everyone they were going to die if they did not leave! Yes, a woman and a man went around giving the warning that the crowd was in danger, and rather than listen, security busted them!.

UH OH, HUGE PROBLEM WITH THE OFFICIAL STORY. This picture is fresh, taken this morning. Look at it real close, and compare it to the picture above it. These windows are out on different floors on the other side of the hotel! We are not getting the whole story. This has to be three shooters in three rooms, and someone is not being honest about exactly where everyone got hit.

That's an OOOPS, there was more going on last night than ANYONE has said!

I was up when this shooting happened and stayed focused on it all night and did not sleep. I don't know what the motive was, but something seeped through the cracks that points the finger directly at Israel. The motive may have been to divide America more. It could have been to get Trump to go to war. Or it could have been to distract the public from the communist genocide attempt underway in Puerto Rico. Whatever it was, this time the shooting was BAD. More than another Bataclan.


TOP POSTED BOMBSHELL: 20 minutes before the shooting, a Latino man and woman went through the casino, shouting at everyone that a group of Latinos was going to show up and kill everyone. They made it up to the stage area, and the woman shouted it clearly in a way that thousands of people heard the warning. Casino staff then detained the couple and it was "business as usual with two fruit cakes detained" and then a little while later the shooting started.

UPDATE: There is good reason to believe the Vegas shooting was a Mossad job. Israel posted the full details on the patsy way too soon!

See the full report below.


I have now been through the videos carefully. There was more than one shooter, but you have to go through all the videos to figure it out. There are points in the video where it is clearly and obviously at least two gunmen. I do not think the shooting was done with weapons that were supposed to be fully automatic, the shooting on both guns was uneven which makes me believe were modified semi auto. It appears there were two shooters with one of the shooters not shooting as much as the other.

I have the audio files that prove it - if you listen to the videos you'll probably at first think it is one shooter. But there is audio that proves it is two guns, one with a deep pitch and one with a high pitch, and at times only one (deep pitch) and then the other one (high pitch) are going at a time. If both high pitch and low pitch do not come across at the same time or close to the same time, it is two different guns, and not an echo. But you have to listen to a lot of the audio to catch those moments.

Here's what happened:

Multiple gunmen opened fire from upper floors of surrounding hotels at a crowd attending an outdoor concert at the Mandalay Bay casino in Vegas. My guess is this was staged by Israeli/American intelligence (because an Israeli paper totally screwed up) to cover for an attempted genocide underway in Puerto Rico, as communists in the government block supplies from reaching the people. If you don't know about that, skip down the page a ways.

For me, this is obvious:

1. Communists get busted staging a genocide attempt on U.S. territory.

2. Communists then divert the news cycle to a horrendous mass shooting in a national playground. THIS IS OBVIOIUS FOLKS, and the shooting is definitely not a hoax.


20 minutes before the shooting, a Latino man and woman went through the casino, shouting at everyone that a group of Latinos was going to show up and kill everyone. They made it into the concert area, all the way to the front of the stage and the woman shouted it in front of everyone. It was a ruckus that everyone noticed. Casino staff then detained the couple and it was "business as usual with two fruit cakes detained" and a short while later the shooting started.

Initially this story was one of a Latino/antifa grudge shooting at conservative Trump supporting Americans attending a conservative country music gathering. Then someone figured that was not politically expedient enough, and VOILA, single shooter and he's Muslim. And dead. No mention anywhere about the Latino couple that made a promienent well noted "crazy" appearance is anywhere to be seen in the MSM news cycle. Absent this being told, the MSM is LYING. The final 'Islamic terror' story that suddenly popped up out of nowhere was too convenient I'd say.

Several eyewitnesses told Fox News that there were at least 3 shooters. Fox news then immediately started saying it was a lone gunman. THAT'S PROOF THIS IS A CIA OP, WITH THE BASE STORY LINE OF A LONE NUTCASE. Even in the video, it is obvious there are at least two guns because there is one with a sharp report, and one with a dull report, and at one point the one with the dull report starts shooting first, which proves the dull sound is not just an echo. The Latino couple who showed up to warn probably work for intelligence and wanted to stop it from happening.

We will have to see how this plays out, but for now:

1. The Democrats/communists needed a huge event to distract people from their dirty deeds in Puerto Rico

2. A Latino couple went through the casino and out to the concert crowd, yelling loudly telling everyone they could that everyone would soon be dead, and they had to leave or they would die. They made it to the stage area and gut busted as "fruitcakes" there. So someone knew, and they probably knew because they were intelligence that did not want to go along with it.

3. Shortly thereafter, gunfire from the surrounding hotels rained down on the crowd, and if you listen through all the video, you can clearly hear it is at least two guns because the low sounding gun starts first once, it is not just a dulled echo. UPDATE: There are plenty of times in the videos where only the gun with the dull report is firing. Clearly the guns are AK and an AR or M-16

4. Intelligence agency classic: Media suddenly controlled, not allowing random witnesses, Whitewash complete, lone gunman, patsy dead, no stories told. So classic, it happens that way EVERY TIME. Retard dead. Agents walk.

Once again, I have the critical videos that prove it all cached offline. If they were honest about this, they'd be saying multiple gunmen. The loner story alone proves it is once again Democrats staging this crap through a controlled media. And just like they'll kill off people in Puerto Rico by starving them out on purpose, they'll shoot up a casino in Vegas. From a Bolshevik perspective, everyone is disposable and nothing matters but them getting more control.

BUSTED: ISRAEL reported this WAY TOO EARLY to EVER know!

QUESTION: How would Israel know this, when it happened in Vegas at 10:08 vegas time, and they posted this a little after 3AM vegas time (originally) only to have it get repeated by another paper at 4:20 AM vegas time and get deleted in the original paper? How would the police investigators connect the dots in the dead of night before 3 AM (only to have that news make it back to Israel,) go through the publishing delays, and get originally posted at 3 AM?

Good question. Obvious answer: THIS SHOOTING WAS SCRIPTED FROM ISRAEL. It was probably a Mossad job, and they had their patsy already chosen. If that is not the case, they quickly made something up for the sake of political expedience, They CANNOT have this be an immigrant issue. Current patsy is a loner convert to Islam who's white. CUUUUUUUTE!!!!

All the details on Catalonia quickly -

Catalonia successfully voted for independence over the week end. The final tally was 92 percent for. The police got violent over it and hurt over 800 people. Bacelona is in Catalonia. The secession was very significant.

Catalonia has a large coast line and also borders France. It is in a prime position to prosper as an independent nation. It has 12,000 square miles, which is easily enough to survive with. We'll have to see how this plays out. Puerto Rico is more important right now.

Another Puerto Rico update - THE ROT IS NOW ON.

Well, the communists got what they wanted. After blocking the relief supplies from getting into the country, 3,000 refrigerated shipping containers ran out of fuel. People have been saying the containers have been sitting there rotting, but up until today, October 2, that was not true. Now it is.

Due to an extremely extended blockage of relief into the island, and the communists refusing to re-fuel the refrigeration units, today they ran out of fuel and the food is now rotting for real. Lots of meat rotting. Lots of other stuff rotting. Anything that can rot rotting, and it's a communist fantasy, they finally did destruction for real.

In addition to not allowing food onto the island, they are also not allowing fuel onto the island. Though power has been largely restored already, there are still quite a few hospitals on generator and they are denying any fuel deliveries to the hospitals. The gas stations have not run out of gasoline yet, but they will.

I really don't know what to say beyond this, other than that to gain pure political advantage, Democrats (who are actually communists) have successfully shut the relief effort down and are staged to kill a huge number of people. This is not a union issue. It is being marketed as a union issue, to shift the blame away from the real culprits who are in the government. SUPER IMPORTANT: THESE SAME CULPRITS WHO ARE NOW BASHING TRUMP WERE PRAISING HIM UP UNTIL EARLY FRIDAY AND ALLOWING THE RELIEF AID TO BE DELIVERED. 300 CONTAINERS WERE ALLOWED OUT. THEN DEMOCRATS IN AMERICA (THE SHADOW GOVERNMENT) TOLD THEM TO START BASHING TRUMP AND TO CREAT AN ENORMOUS CRISIS OR ELSE AND THEY DID. This situation is 100 percent government caused. If the refrigerated containers do not start moving in 24 hours, everything in them will be lost.

In case you did not see it yet, a police officer blew the whistle and confirmed my reports here are BANG ON. She even identified the people in the government causing the problem as communists and confirmed there is no problem with distributing supplies other than what the government of PR is causing. YOUTUBE HAS NOT DELETED THIS YET, SEE THIS! And Claudia also translated this video (thus confirming the subtitles are accurate), what she said is below.


A Puerto Rican police officer called a radio station from an official police phone and said what is happening at an official level. It is exactly what I said below. There were a few extra details given.

Claudia translated the video. Here is what the police officer said:

Venezuela and Cuba sent relief but the PR government flat out denied it and refused to allow it through port. America sent a huge amount of relief that the government could not turn back. 9,700 Semi containers have been offloaded and are sitting on the ground in the port.

The PR government got a complete list of what was in the aid package, and it includes all the medications for all the hospitals, food, and other supplies, everything from laundry detergent to electrical transformers and all types of non perishable food.

The puerto Rican government wants to create a crisis for political purposes, and is cooperating with liberals/democrats/communists in the United States to make a disaster happen. They are false fronting a truckers strike. They want to blame the truckers when in fact it was the PR government that gave the orders to not distribute supplies.

At present, people are dying in the hospitals because the PR government is not allowing medications and supplies to reach the hospitals. All of the containers were clearly marked and they know exactly which containers have the supplies, yet they are not allowing them through. This is not a problem caused by having too much to sort through.

The police officer knows she destroyed her future by going on the radio to say this, and did something to her official phone to even make a call to the radio station possible.

It is not an union issue. The truckers are willing to deliver the supplies in defiance of the union, but are under direct orders of the PR government to not move anything. When the foreign cameras are on the relief workers, they pretend to be trying to work, but as soon as the cameras are gone, they have been ordered to do nothing. This is for the sole purpose of creating an enormous humanitarian crisis.

It is important to note that this police officer clearly stated that the ability to get everything to where it needs to go is complete, and that the only thing stopping it is direct orders from the PR government. The roads are open, and all the transport mechanisms on the island are 100 percent functional. This is a purely political crisis that is 100 percent manufactured on order from democrats in the United States for the sole purpose of bashing Trump. Initially the PR government was heaping praise on Trump and they were allowing the supplies through, but as soon as orders from the American shadow government were given, the PR government halted everything. (Claudia did not say the last italicized part, that was previously confirmed by me) and it is definitely what is going on.

I have uploaded the video of the call to the radio station by this police officer to this web site to prevent it from vanishing from Youtube. Here is the Youtube link (for as long as it lasts, they'll probably delete this and ban the poster) and if they do the link to my copy will be posted so people can put it right back up on Youtube. It is in Spanish, so most people in America won't understand it, but Claudia confirmed it is exactly as advertised, and says what is summarized above.

This police officer confirmed that my original post on this topic (below the comments on the video) - the real story on Puerto Rico, is rock solid accurate.

Here are some comments below the video

Then the liberals try to say it's Trump's fault. They're killing Puerto Ricans because they hate Trump and want to make it look like he doesn't care and doesn't know what he's doing. Liberals are some sick bastards.

Youtube censoring this video in 3..2...1...

Send the Marines to kill all socialist communist and help these people....

Make an example of this demonRAT, lock her up, throw away the key, she's responsible for the lives of her people and makes them suffer so she could play politics against POTUS.

whoa wtf this makes me so mad


That's fucking Democrats for ya!

Leftists are the sickest people on Earth, all throughout history they have done the same thing. The rise of Hitler and others is because of this sick ideology of leftists who poison every piece of Earth they step foot in and people become desperate to get rid of them. The world will never know peace until leftists are purged forever.

Brave woman! What a horrible situation. It feels so powerless to be here and not be able to do anything for them but contribute more donations that will be turned away (!!!) at the harbors.

Sounds like President Trump's going to have to send troops in to liberate Puerto Rico from these self-important commie bastards. The left-wing in America will have a yet another hysterical fit, but screw 'em.

My Son is there with the USAF and is telling me they are getting threats if they try and move supplies themselves from people calling themselves FALN

They are stopping people from distributing the food so they can blame a crisis on Trump. I read somewhere the elite government politicians are getting funding from US left-wing groups not to hand out food, so that the news from Puerto Rico continues to hurt Trump. This is SICK!!!

and this goes along with the fact that the number published for truck drivers to call and volunteer was never answered, then a few days later they updated it to text your information....still waiting for a reply........I have been so angry I could cry

Reminder that the PR Democrats are following the orders of the mainland Democrats. The Jews are behind this. Wake up folks

They must not allow citizens to keep and bear arms, because if the mayor of my town tried this bullshit, we would organize and go liberate those supplies so they could be distributed.

holy shit this is absolutely corrupt and insane. Liberals will go to the brink just to make trump look bad. People need to be locked up for this.

"Never let a serious crisis go to waste." -Mayor Rahm Emmanuel

So PR has turned into Somalia. Freaking great. smh

We need to conquer that nation, remove its administration and have the people vote in a new one.


All roads were open, and supplies were being delivered to all points of the island until communists tied to Hillary Clinton ordered the truckers to stop moving.

As of 7 AM CST Saturday morning Sep 30:

All roads in Puerto Rico are completely cleared and carrying traffic. There are no blocked roads. Roads were already predominantly clear, allowing the full three hour drive across the island unhindered, on the morning of September 27. Residents are asking where all the stories about blocked roads are originating. These stories are being told to excuse the fact that there are 9,700 semi truck sized shipping containers that were sent by Trump, packed with food and other supplies sitting in port while the truckers refuse to deliver them to the island, under the cooperation of their union which has ties to Hillary Clinton.

The truckers have been told that if they just sit there, and allow an enormous starvation/humanitarian crisis to unfold, they will receive an enormous payout afterward. Many do not want to cooperate with this, but if any trucker tries to leave the port, they will be immediately fired and removed from their vehicle. The desire to cooperate is far from unanimous, it is to a large degree forced.

The reasons the truckers are being forced to stay in port (one way or another) is because a communist faction in Puerto Rico's government that has direct ties to Hillary Clinton did not want an aid package in the form of goods sent to Puerto Rico, instead, they wanted an enormous cash payout that they could steal. Right now, what we are witnessing in Puerto Rico is precisely the same thing that happened with the Clinton foundation and Haiti earthquake relief. The Clinton Foundation received hundreds of millions of dollars for the Haiti earthquake, and kept all but a fraction of a single percent. Virtually no help showed up in Haiti.

FACT: Everything the Puerto Rican people could possibly hope for is sitting in port, not moving.

FACT: The roads are completely clear and ready for service to all points on the island. Other than having no trucks delivering supplies, and cars having to find alternate routes around a few flood damaged bridges, traffic is normal. CONFIRMED: The entire route that goes the longest distance across the island that normally requires a three hour drive under normal conditions, was possible to commute in three hours on Thursday morning (and possibly earlier,) but it was confirmed by one driver who posted to social media on Thursday.

FACT: The truckers are simply sitting in port (or on the couch) doing nothing while a crisis builds, they are not even doing their normal jobs of moving supplies that would happen if there was no hurricane.

BIG BOLD KILLER FACT: Power is over 70 percent restored to the entire island, with only "A few localized neighborhoods that need to be taken care of". This was stated on social media by one of the over 1,500 military electricians sent to the island by Trump to get the power back on because the power company in Puerto Rico was too bankrupt and corrupt to do it, ever.

FACT: The efforts put forth by the Puerto Rican people to help themselves was so poor that more was accomplished by scrappers going around picking up blown off sheet metal roofing to be turned in for recycling and/or to be re-used than any other effort. Scrappers more than anything are what cleared the roads. The balance was largely accomplished by American military electricians removing downed trees.

All of this adds up to:

Communists in American government and media are lying about the situation in Puerto Rico. Trump's response was excellent, and everything the island needs is there, and the ability to deliver it is 100 percent. But since communists cooperate to create a crisis, and enough of Puerto Rico's government is seeded with communists in the right places, the only thing working unhindered is the American military electricians, who did a lot of road clearing and almost have the power entirely back on.

If the issue of communists (who are all tied to hillary) preventing supplies from moving via choke points in the political instruction chain is not addressed immediately, Puerto Rico will be starved to death while the streets are clean and open, and the power is on all the while the communist media tells horror stories about irreparable devastation and Trump doing nothing about it. That is precisely how communists operate, they would rather destroy supplies and kill people than lose political advantage. They see Puerto Rico as a prime opportunity to gain a political advantage by creating a crisis they can then turn around and destroy Trump with.

One important thing to note is that the communists have dispatched an army of social media trolls to lie about the situation in Puerto Rico from an "on the ground" perspective. FACT: PUERTO RICO SPEAKS SPANISH. YOU WILL NOT HAVE ANYONE FROM PUERTO RICO POSTING TO SOCIAL MEDIA IN PERFECT ENGLISH. And that is predominantly how all the devastation stories are being posted - in English.

You have to wade through a mountain of disinfo to find the truth. It is not easy, the effort to lie about Puerto Rico is well funded and very potent.

Obviously there was widespread damage in Puerto Rico, Maria was, after all, a hurricane. But such massive help arrived under the direct order of Trump that if the communists were not causing problems, it would be back to business as usual by the middle of next week and almost is now. But with the communist ordered truckers strike that just popped up out of nowhere, We're going to see a situation where people are starving with nothing else wrong, other than that they are starving. Starving, while food is right there. just like Ukraine.

Let's cut to the chase

The MSM is being absolutely despicable with regard to Puerto Rico and Trump's response.

Here is the truth.

Rossello and other Puerto Rican officials praised the federal government for planning its response in detail before the storm hit, a contrast with what Puerto Rico has long seen as the neglect of 3.4 million Americans living in a territory without a vote in Congress or the Electoral College, Politico reported.

"This is the first time we get this type of federal coordination," Gonzalez said.

Puerto Rico Gov. Ricardo Rossello praised President Donald Trump for his response to the island after the devastation caused by Hurricane Maria.

"The president and the administration, every time we've asked them to execute, they've executed quickly," Rossello told Fox Business host Maria Bartiromo in an interview on Friday morning.

> The governor said that aid was currently being distributed around the island and that it would be more effective as more personnel arrived.

UPDATE!! BOOM, BIG ONE - I finally found it. A lengthy report from a Puerto Rican newspaper.

No stories of death.

No stories of starvation.

No stories of homelessness,

Only the BIG STORY: ATMS are down and slowly coming back up.

As I said all along, this hurricane was not as stated, and the crisis is a LOT LESS than stated. If the main English speaking paper can't come up with more than "the atms are down" and "cell service is spotty" something is SERIOUSLY amiss with the official story. 12 deaths? How do you even know the hurricane did it with a number that low? A cat 4 should have killed thousands.

So there you have it, the SCAMMING MSM is once again treasonously lying through it's teeth, which is why my subsequent post on this topic is so harsh.

CNN wants to call Trump a racist, and then this happened:

Trump delayed the take off of Air Force One to speak to a black police officer who crashed his motorcycle while escorting the President to the air port. CNN, EAT EVERYONE'S SHORTS, The real truth could not be told any better than this.


Due to other changes, I got right in without combat mode.


It actually did not look that bad and worked pretty good, but if it is going to destroy bandwidth while ram rodding huge files into the machine with every last application it came with uninstalled and all updates disabled and every conceivable thing disabled, it's ADIOS. I 1. Don't have terabytes of bandwith to throw down the toilet and 2. Don't trust what it was doing in any way shape matter or form.

BONUS: I was not paranoid. Here's how I know.

I have already restored the new computer to out of box state three times. I am familiar with the process. This process is not the normal restore, it is the process that takes five hours. THIS TIME, after it was ram rodding files into itself no matter what I tried to stop, it behaved differently when I went into restore and even though I told it to wipe everything, it went into an entirely new routine before rebooting for restore, I caught it at 30 percent (because I was not paying attention) and pulled the battery out without doing any formal shutdown whatsoever. When I put the battery back in and restarted it, it went straight into the normal restore. So whatever came in changed something, and I probably defeated it. That is the cold hard END of that operating system being allowed internet access from now on. I will work with the old computer until things are sorted out, so for now, BACK TO NORMAL.

I had so many crappy bandwidth issues with the Microsoft OS that productivity was badly hampered. Microsoft blows rabid weasels.

WARNING: If you are using a Microsoft operating system on a cable modem with huge bandwidth, and you are a truther, or you are any competition for those who run the new world order, you're gonna get raped. If my connection was not limited to 3g speeds I probably would have never noticed what they were doing. Fortunately an easy to use bandwidth monitor is loaded as part of my cell package, and it blew the whistle. Others will not be as fortunate - WEAR YOUR SEAT BELT AND AVOID MICROSOFT LIKE THE PLAGUE.

CNN and others are using Puerto Rico to destroy Trump

Trump's response on Puerto Rico has been great. But you would not know that if all you watch was the MSM.

First of all, there is no serious crisis to begin with in Puerto Rico. All you have to do is look through the Puerto Rican newspapers and they don't even care about the hurricane anymore. Hurricane Maria, at most, killed 12 people in Puerto Rico and with a number that low you don't know if those deaths could even be attributed to the hurricane. A real cat 4 would have killed thousands in an unevacuated area anywhere with such a direct hit. Clearly, 12 deaths is such a low number a tropical storm could have done it. That many people routinely die in severe thunderstorms.

But they are going to keep pumping and keep pumping and keep pumping up the story about devastation in Puerto Rico to front the global warming agenda and smash Trump to smithereens. Trump is having the military arrive with 10,000 shipping containers full of supplies. He dispatched over 1,500 U.S. military who specialize in electrical to fix Puerto Rico's grid. He has responded to every last request without delay, and Puerto Rico's governor has gone on American television twice now saying Trump's response has been the most amazing exellent response from the Fed that Puerto Rico has ever received. Trump has obviously not dropped the ball with this, yet all CNN can do is keep repeating a tweet Trump made, and say he wasted days tweeting about the NFL rather than fix Puerto Rico.

I'll tell you the solution to the problem in Puerto Rico. And it is five cruise missiles into CNN headquarters, a few into NOAA and a salting of whatever it takes to put the rest of the MSM in line. That's the answer, they are enemy agents on American soil and clearly only that type of action is going to fix their problem. I could also go for a drone strike on a few NFL kneeling parties and whatever box seats are housing the traitors that are causing the teams to do it.

And then we have this stupid story about a Latino woman named Chata grabbing a guy's MAGA hat, and saying his free speech is genocide, and that she hates America. WTF!!! IF SHE HATES AMERICA, SHE SHOULD JUST GO HOME!!! No one is keeping her here! How assinine could anyone be? Take a look at this video if you have not seen it already, this went viral for obvious reasons:

Oh, I forgot to mention - Youtube usually blocks videos embedded in this web site or switches them out for something else. If the video is not of some hate hag with a nametag that says Chata, Click here

The video above shows precisely what happens when communist college professors, who are obviously enemies of the United States working from foreign soil, pump the students full of hate America BULLSHIT right from America's own college campi. I'd vouch for a total exhaustion of whatever is left of America's cruise missile supply (after it takes care of the treasonous media) into the administration centers of all universities that are preaching this crap, because that's what it will take to fix this horrendous problem. Obviously the professors have no limits whatsoever if the brainwashing they do produces the results you see in this video. It is clearly war time, and time for a good cleansing. Obviously the rope is around America's neck tightly enough to prevent any cruise missile launches or action from an official level, but the writing is on the wall, action of one form or another is going to have to be taken or it is curtains.

A California proposal to ban gas cars

A proposal to ban the sale of gasoline cars in California by 2040 has been drafted by California Democrat Phil Ting. It has not been presented yet, so it is anything but official. The proposal is to ban the sale of gasoline powered cars in California by 2040.

I am not against electric cars. I am however skeptical of any proposal a Democrat/Communist puts forward, because there is always a hidden motive when that happens. I am optimistic about electric cars, because already in Mexico there are ads for cheap electric cars that have a 390 kilometer range. That's enough to really do something. It is still not the range of a gasoline powered car, but battery tech is improving so fast that within the next 5 years you'll start seeing electric cars with a 500 kilometer range, and gasoline cars that can't go that far on a tank are not unheard of. That will leave more than 15 additional years to push the range to 600 KM, which is about the max anything does on a tank.

I am sure the communists have a motive for electric cars however. They won't do anything unless their power structure can benefit from it somehow. But I think they are being short sighted. They are being short sighted because electric cars are not tied to oil and not tied to a pump. They can instead be tied to a solar panel, which, over the next few years, even in the most basic silicon configuration, will hit 30 percent efficiency. When that happens, the most modest looking roof mounted solar setup will easily keep a car on the road indefinitely and absent a remote kill option such a car would represent the ultimate loss of control. It will be easy to put 2000 watts of solar on the roof of a car like a Kia Soul without wrecking its looks at all. That's more power than some wall outlet chargers currently in existence for electric cars can provide, and even those lowly wall operated chargers can keep an EV on the road easily for daily commuting.

So I am not against phasing out gasoline powered cars, but I am against mandating the phase out, and I am definitely against having people who are known to be evil supervising the process.

I have had interference posting today again

I had to type this offline and then log in briefly and shoot the morning's post up quickly.

I will try to get going on Linux over the week end. Someone is using about 150 megs of bandwidth a day to put files on this windows machine, when all updates on all apps and the os are disabled. This is even with me constantly pulling the cell modem out to stop it. With a cell connection that's very bad. If Microsoft chooses to behave that way, I simply can't use their garbage.

Sep 29 2016

The Oakland Raiders definitely threw the game

I am going to have to use someone elses work here until I can get this system to behave, because the problems are killing my ability to be productive. This is the best take on this topic out there that I have found.

This report was originally published by Alex Thomas at The Daily Sheeple

A new report from The Armstrong and Getty Radio Show has sent shockwaves throughout the sports world after it was claimed that members of the NFL's Oakland Raiders may have purposefully allowed their star quarterback to get sacked multiple times after he refused to kneel during the National Anthem.

If true, this would essentially mean that an NFL football game was illegally thrown over anger that one of the teams star white players did not believe that kneeling during the nations anthem was the correct way to protest supposed racial injustice in America.

In other words, an epic level scandal.

During the anthem, virtually the entire team was seen kneeling other than the teams coaches and star quarterback Derek Carr. Unfortunately, this may have not set well with the teams offensive line as they were apparently the players who spearheaded the entire idea to kneel as a team in the first.

"This is one hell of a scandal with the NFL, could ruin the whole league," claimed the show before detailing the fact that Carr was sacked two times in a row on the teams second drive and that the teams usually dependable center snapped the ball at the wrong time in three different instances. Extremely capable receivers also made multiple "weird" drops of passes thrown by Carr that T.V. announcers even noted at the time.

The radio show then revealed bombshell "insider information" from an "extremely reliable" source who claimed that members of the Oakland Raiders did indeed throw the game as a sort of punishment for Carr choosing to not use the countries anthem to make a political statement.

"He wants to stand alone, he can stand alone on the field," one of the teams offensive lineman said, according to the shows source. Keep in mind, the offensive line are literally the guys whose job it is to protect the quarterback, in this case the star player who did't kneel.

Amazingly, the circumstantial (and possible direct) proof didn't end there as the show then claimed that this same source also revealed that a local team reporter got wind of the story and asked a team official for comment. What he was apparently told in response has all the hallmarks of a team trying to cover up a major scandal.

"If you report on this, you will be blackballed, you will not get access to the Raiders period," the reporter was supposedly told. "Your career covering the team will be over".

My comment: ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW: "If he wants to stand alone, he can stand alone on the field" and "If you report on this, you will be blackballed, you will not get access to the Raiders period. Your career covering the team will be over".

That really is all you need to know. The Raiders threw the game, period, end of discussion, and END OF THE NFL. You can't have teams intentionally throwing games and have the league remain legit.

We need a petition on the white house web site (for whatever that rigged POS is worth) to have Trump do an executive order to de-fund the NFL, which receives a billion dollars yearly from the Federal government to maintain stadiums. If the NFL is going to wreck the sport like this, then ADIOS, they should be taken off the dole.

Conspiracy Files: Tula Giants

Hidden history

This month's "conspiracy files" DVD will feature the Tula Giants, which are a lesser known and under appreciated archaological site in Hidalgo Mexico. I made a special trip to document them to a quality far better than anything I have seen on the web.

The Tula Giants are the most prominent remnant of the Toltec civilization, which in this part of Mexico came after the Mayas and before the Aztecs. The Toltecs existed from approximately 900 AD to 1050 AD. They were very advanced both technically and culturally. The big curiosity with the Tula Giants is that they appear to be carrying weapons that fire like modern weapons. Another big curiosity I encountered is that two different guides and the state placards told completely different versions of the history of the Toltecs, so it is obvious no one knows what they are talking about. It is all only guesses. I have a hard time believing much of it.

In this month's "conspiracy files" I will discuss all 3 viewpoints I encountered, which only wrap the mystery of what the giants are carrying in their right hands in more mystery than I thought I'd leave there with. Considering the fact that there are petroglyphs all over north and south America that appear to show alien visitors, I would not be surprised if what is in the warrior's right hands is in fact an advanced weapon, as many have guessed. One guide said it was a purse, but that explanation seems daffy when you actually look at what is there, and how the rest of the statues are carved.

There will be all the HD video and photos I can fit on a DVD, and I may have to use two DVD's.

This month's conspiracy files has been slightly delayed because I am not certain about what should be done with this and I am still making decisions. I also need to see from this if I should stick to modern conspiracy rather than covered up or buried history. The Tula Giants definitely fit in the realm of lost and buried history.

An update to the Russian spiral report below

This really stoked my curiosity, so I looked into it further. Apparently the other spirals were the same, despite what my original post said. It is being claimed that all the spirals are being caused by failed launches of Russian missiles, which use spin stabilization and that when the stages disconnect, the second stage is malfunctioning which causes the spirals. I say B.S.

It is easy to call B.S. on this, because by the time any rocket got high enough to make such a widely observable phenomenon it would be moving over 10,000 miles an hour, and if a stage malfunctioned like that, it should leave a clear and obvious corkscrew in the sky, not just suddenly stop when there is no way to stop and then in one spot leave a perfect spiral with nothing else after it. From all perspectives it is a spiral. These anomalies are being photographed from the front, side, and back, and none of the photos show anything corkscrewing, it is always a disc shaped spiral. I call B.S. on the rocket malfunctions, the speed of the rocket during any malfunction should in all cases leave a clearly three dimensional corkscrew trail thousands of miles long.

Sep 28 2016

The glowing spiral in Russia was not a hoax event

Obviously when something like this happens the first thing I'd suspect is a hoax, but I'll at least check to see if it is.

Prior to this event in Russia, there was a spiral in Norway that was caused by a failed Russian missile test, when the rocket malfunctioned and created the spiral. But this differs from the Norway spiral because it has an obviously powerful beam of light exiting it, and I am not going to accept that yet another "rocket launch" caused this particular spiral, because rocket launches that fail, resulting in a spiral, don't project huge bright beams of light. This looks like a classic worm hole special effect from Hollywood.

So obviously I wanted to find out if this was just a hoax. It is not a hoax. Russia said this was a rocket launch. I think they are lying. Make of it what you will.



Duck Duck go is biased and weak. It's like Google Junior. Who cares if it does not track you when it puts up biased results just like Google, and is weak on top of that?

Google uploads scripts to this windows machine, that keep it busy even with google closed, until I reboot.

Bing is less malicious than Google, but it is still biased.

Other search engines use the Google engine and put a different face on it.

There is GoodGopher, which is actually decent, but it is not intended to find stuff out in the general world.

Then there is Yandex. It's in Russian but it is powerful like Google and returns unbiased results. It is thus far proving to be the best option.

I am battling with people deleting words and re-phrasing what I type, compliments of a Windows OS.

I am not illiterate. If there are errors, I have been battling with this, having to go back time and time again fixing things. I did not get out to get an alterative OS last night, there is only so much I can do at a time.

They are messing with things badly. It is not tolerable.

Lifelike robots are probably now reality

Sony has some of the world's best humanoid robot technology. Honda has even better. If this robot was made by Honda, it would have been out with the people walking around in a moving crowd while not bumping into anyone at the same time it was talking to them, Hondas Asimo was capable of that years ago. There is no reason to believe Sony would not be able to put a lifelike face on a robot and simply have it stand in one spot and wave, like this one did (if it was real), especially since Hollywood has been doing lifelike faces for decades. Whether or not you think this is real is up to you. I say it is possible, the only question is if Sony would drop the cash to make such a good prop.

The decision is split in the general public as to if this is a real robot or a human actor. I say it is probably real.

The technology to do lifelike faces has existed since at least the time Hollywood did Miss Doubtfire. That is an old movie. I was actually surprised it took this long for someone to put such a face on a robot. With facial recognition technology what it is by now, having been perfectly implemented in an advanced camera I purchased in 2007, it should be easy to make the robot recognize faces and establish eye contact. The movements the robot did were all simple. I see little reason to doubt it could be done, with the biggest question being if Sony wanted to drop the cash to do it.

This robot appeared at a gaming conference in Tokyo. It was at a booth for Sony playstation games. Sony is a master at making robots, and has had QR10 robots that walk and dance to music, keeping their balance perfectly since 2006, available for a cheap price. Obviously anyone who's had a chat bot app or device knows it is possible for a robot to carry on a conversation, putting that in a lifelike skin would be nothing.

This is not the first time such a robot has been done, there has also been a lifelike doll robot doing appearances in Tokyo as well. So as much as some people don't want to believe it, lifelike robots now exist, and with the tech that is in Honda's Asimo, could easily walk around in public, even in dense crowds, making eye contact and talking to people no problem. For years Honda's Asimo has been able to listen to rooms full of people, know what they said over a period of time, and then go respond to each one individually without them repeating what they said with their voices mixed in with other voices. Asimo can simply hear all at once and separate them out. That's beyond what a human can do.

Anyway, there is a decent report on the lifelike Sony robot (pictured above) that made an appearance in Tokyo HERE

Mysterious towers going up in New York

Mysterious towers are being installed at the entrances to tunnels and bridges in New York. One probable use for them will likely be toll collection, but the response from New York officials was ominous.

The following quote is from a report done by CBS New York

"It's a $100 million MTA project shrouded in secrecy, with 18 of them for tunnels and bridges. So what are they exactly?

The MTA's man in charge of the bridges and tunnels, Cedrick Fulton, dodged Carlin's questions Wednesday.

"I said no comment" he said.


Ok, so we have these mysterious towers going up in New York, and those responsible refuse to comment on what they are for. That can't be good. If the towers were good and benign, they'd be bragging about them.

My guess is they have facial recognition, and possibly radiation sensors, and that they can probably be used for mood altering. The bottom portion has a mesh exterior, which probably means it needs to be left open to function.The bottom portion looks like a big multi directional speaker. With a price tag of about 11 million each they can't possibly be featureless. I seriously doubt I'd want one in my area.

Sep 27 2017


AP said he "knowingly published fake news" that got Trump elected. PROBLEM: None of what AP cites as fake was fake, and now the guy's dead.

They did the typical slander, saying he was a druggie who died of a drug overdose in his bed, but we all know about Scalia. That was not fake news either. This fake news piece by AP that is nothing but a hit piece makes by blood boil, IF THIS GUY WAS NOT THE REAL DEAL, WHY IS HE DEAD? Take the "he drugged himself to death" lie and stick it!

If you want a classic "olde tyme" view of the kind of communist slander propaganda Tass and Pravda published during their heyday, this AP piece is PRECISELY IT.

DEAR AP, When a congressman says the protesters were paid I am very sorry, but it is NOT FAKE NEWS. If you report that it is fake, YOU ARE FAKE.

The New World Order is having major success with the carbon tax

All efforts must go into stopping the climate change ruse, because the carbon tax is precisely how the elite intend to fund the New World Order. If this order succeeds in getting a carbon tax put in place everywhere, there will be absolutely nothing to stop it from rising to power once it gets such massive funding.

Some people may not realize why I hit the topic of hurricane Maria being falsely represented so hard, and why I hit the topic of the damage in Puerto Rico being category 1 damage at best. The reason is because when the climate change agenda is so crucial to the new world order that they use once credible American agencies to front for it with false data, the falsehoods must be addressed head on to at least slow down the progress of the New World Order.

Once they get the carbon tax fully implemented, it's curtains.

Attack after attack after attack

I have been fighting attacks nonstop and it is seriously impacting my ability to do this site. Someone is trying to ram rod a huge file or set of files onto this windows machine, and they are totally stupid about it because they consume bandwidth so heavily I am completely prevented from using the internet at all while the bandwidth meter is pegged.

Additionally the mouse pointer is moving to wherever it wants on the screen and freezing. It is going anywhere it wants, highlighting text and deleting it also. I can't get an alternative operating system on to this computer right now, I have to go out and get it and I have to work on this site now. The problems started again, immediately after a complete system wipe to out of box state. So the problem is provided in the basic OS, you don't need to go out and find a problem on a spurious site or e-mail to be completely compromised. One thing is certain - Microsoft is a porous POS and it is OUT. These types of problems cannot be caused "just because Microsoft is popular and attacked more" because all I did was go straight from a fresh system to logging in to administer this site and I am pre-screwed straight out of box.

HEADS UP: It is now abundantly obvious that caution does not matter, Microsoft products are for FOOLS. If you are not a liberal hate America Communist child raping POS, Microsoft is NOT FOR YOU, clearly this operating system is nothing but a weapon in the hands of evil.


This is a great idea! Pass it on!

How to destroy the NFL. Quickly. And easily. Traffic jams

Hi. former navy nuclear machinist mate here. Born with a decent brain on my shoulders. Trained to use it by the navy.

So, been crunching numbers. NFL is not afraid of a boycott. Because left has deep pockets. Just not enough of us to hurt them financially no matter how long and hard we boycott.

And a veteran's day boycott? It will just drive prices of tickets down. And the left will then buy them cheap and fill the seats. Just making it worse. So, we just can't empty the stadiums with a boycott. No matter how hard we try.

So, I approached the situation strategically. Like a military operation. What could we do to really hurt the NFL? Disrupt them.

And I realized the NFL has a huge weakness.


NFL players want to have a peaceful protest? Well, we can too. Only takes a few people to peacefully protest an NFL game by shutting down traffic into and out of the stadiums. Just park in the traffic stream and pop the hood.

I can see it now. Huge traffic jams caused by cars, trucks, you name it 'broken down' blocking all the routes into and out of the stadiums.

With huge traffic jams... cameramen, equipment, players, and of course fans, won't be able to make it to the games. The stations will be unable to air the games. Even a one or two hour delay will destroy their profits as advertisers won't want to waste ad dollars.

The NFL will be destroyed in... a couple of months.

And there is literally nothing they can do to stop it. Because... it's just a mechanical breakdown, or at most - peaceful protesting.

There you go

My comment: I think a TV boycott would have a huge impact, but that alternative problems would make it even better.

Simulate a real problem. Here's what you do. Find the fuse for the fuel pump ahead of time and pull it when the car is in the right spot. Tie a string around it ahead of time and put it back in, then at the right time by the stadium just pull the string and hide the fuse. If your car is older, find the ignition fuse and pull that. Fuel pump will be less obvious. Also, if you can find a way to jam the wheels on your car that no one will notice (even with it out of gear and the brakes off) DO IT so it can't be pushed out of the way. An easy one would be a 4 wheel drive with all wheels locked, with the transmission set in the low position. It would still be pushable, but it would be awful. Have the tires a little flat too. Check it ahead of time to make sure the ruse works.

Also, if you can get 10 or 15 buddies to cooperate, be together in traffic and have everyone break down all at once. There would be no place to put all the cars without causing a huge delay no matter what.

Also, you could just be a turd, sitting there with a perfectly working running car, and just not move. But you'd lose your excuse to be blocking traffic, but then again, a few people doing it in sequence would cause absolute havoc.

HERE'S A GOOD ONE: Have a whole chain of people "go to the game," get to the gates, and when you are right in the gate to the parking area, suddenly discover you forgot your tickets and just sit there.

There is a LOT you could do to screw traffic into an NFL game, BE CREATIVE.

How about, drop a few pallets on the road. People usually won't drive over them and they are laying around any industrial park to be had for free. You could do that while walking. There is so much you could do to disrupt traffic.

How about, find two telephone poles across the street from each other, and use them to chain the street off with a locked chain or cable? Don't use a rope which can be cut easily. You'd have to string the chain across the road (already locked on one side) and then suddenly pull it up, when there is a gap in the cars, pull it up and lock it on the other side (only when traffic is already stop and go so no one hits it while doing 50) and run. No one would get through until someone got a way to cut it, and no one drives around with the tools for that in addition to the confusion about what is going on and what should be done - that would cause a hellish delay. Heck, people are such stupid rule followers now that even stringing "do not cross" tape between two telephone poles would probably work, people probably would not drive through it or get out of their cars to take it down. The bottom line? BE CREATIVE.

How about, wear a hard hat, (which is a license to do anything) and a reflective vest, and block off the street with portable construction barriers. Even traffic cones would work. Put up a sign with an arrow. Make sure the sign has an NFL logo on it somewhere. Do it right where there is a side street you can divert traffic down - into nowhere. They'll believe it, and think it is official.

Or here's a good one - carry a chain and lock up to an entrance gate, and if the gate can be closed, close it yourself and lock it. This would be so unexpected you'd get away with it the first time, and it would jam everything completely until someone managed to cut the lock off, which could take an hour to arrange.


Carry on, sailors

Sep 26 2017

Why does gas go bad?

I have the answer.

It is by design. To prevent people from storing it. There are lots of guesses out there, and ALL ARE WRONG. I had this proven to me a few years ago when I ripped apart an old volkswagen that had been sitting for 50 years unused after being parked in a field. It sat there so long that the aluminum engine had oxidized down to white dust. Gas was still in the lines and it smelled FRESH FRESH FRESH and got cold on the hands just like perfect gas. No one seems to have the answer because the correct answer is a "conspiracy theory". I do. Gasoline has been sabotaged for 30 years. Just to stop preppers from having it. And I won't accept anyone's answer as to why it breaks down no matter how techie head they claim to be when I saw for myself perfect gas come out of the fuel lines in a half century abandoned car.

Obviously chemicals are added to modern gasoline to cause it to turn to lacquer after a short period of time, so preppers can't keep a supply on hand that is anything meaningful. It is all part of the great American knock down we are currently witnessing in another form, at the NFL.


Puerto rico: The lies continue, but the truth is squeaking through

The New York Times, to satisfy the need of a category 4, said off the cuff power would take 4-6 months to restore.

REALITY: Power is already in every corner of the island, and full restoration to all residences is now stated to be complete within a month. WITHIN A MONTH. That's amazing, when the hurricane was supposed to be a cat 4, and even America's scamming MSM reported this:

Yes, Puerto Rico has the most neglected infrastructure anywhere.


Not so quick with that though . . . . .

There was a report about 55 percent of all major transmission towers being knocked over which has to be a lie, because all power has to go through transmission towers to get anywhere. Yet a satellite photo that was just released proved that even two days ago Puerto Rico had power to every part of the island, with only local repairs needing to be done. It would be a big deal if that many transmission towers really got knocked over, AND THAT would take "months to repair" but the photo below proves that has to be a lie because even though Puerto Rico is indeed dimmer than before the hurricane, power is still getting to all points on the main island.

Now, this is VERY important to note:

The reports ALL said 100 percent of all power was knocked out to PR. Yet the dimmer photo was taken only 3 days after the hurricane, and shows power getting to every region of Puerto Rico. It would look that way even after a category 1, which will knock out power everywhere as a matter of course. So the story of complete outages is bogus, there is obviously enough still going there to take care of absolutely essential needs.

So I perused the Puerto Rican papers. They are not even talking about the hurricane anymore, and are instead talking about crimes, car accidents, etc. So something is seriously amiss with the official story.

HUGE: Direct TV is offering NFL refunds to customers

When you call for a refund, say it is over the national anthem and blatant disrespect for America. I'd also ditch the NFL over players who give a black power salute when they tackle a white guy. If you can't spike a football anymore, you sure as heck ought to not be allowed to do a black power salute"

The baseball strike is the future of the NFL.

I was somewhat into baseball when the players decided to strike. But after that the mystique was gone because I figured the players made enough and cared more about money than the game. They were not out there playing to give the crowd a good time, they were playing for money, and the fact they refused to play during the strike proved it. I never cared about baseball again.

The same has happened to the NFL now, except rather than selfish players, the Jews did it - let me explain.

They started all of this by selling Kaepernick as a legitimate black guy staging a protest against "white supremacy". Reality: Kapernick is a supremacist Jew who is 100 percent semitic without a shred of black in him. The afro hairdo was absolutely stupid and was probably a wig to boot. A massive comical show of "how black he was" but if you looked at the face, it was a dark skinned semitic face, not a black face. Evidently enough people fell for the ruse for it to work, because with the subsequent support of the Jewish media, it triggered a landslide.

The NFL ownership is now predominantly Jewish. And what did I see last night on the Mexican media? NFL teams taking a knee in front of the flag, with right smack dab in the middle of it all, a grinning ear to ear millionaire Jewish owner who set it all up, including the enormous flag on the ball field to really drive it all home. I have little doubt the owner threatened the team players with firing if they did not go along with it, a few of them did not look very happy about it.

So what does this all mean?

It means, without a doubt, that the Jewish community (which hates Trump) is going to try to see what is more popular with the American people - football or President Trump. Their plan will backfire, because one of the major underpinnings of the NFL is patriotism, and if that aspect of the NFL goes out the window (and it is well on its way out the window) the NFL will crash like the Hindenberg and people will pack a cooler and go fishing instead. And if anything could wake up the sleeping masses who have a football plugged between their ears preventing them from even considering a conspiracy is real - these shows on the field, in front of EVERYONE WHO IS ASLEEP, will probably be enough to finally snap them out of their slumber.

I'd laugh if in the end the Jews were out a multi billion dollar enterprise, having traded it for an awoken population. They are well on their way there. With me, the mystique of baseball never rebounded after the strike and I never cared again. I hope that happens with the NFL, what these Jewish owners are having the team players do is destined to wake the people and trigger the ultimate strike out.

Sep 25 2017


UPDATE: I was poking around a bit more and found this AR-15 kit for $319 but it is probably not as nicely finished as the brand new $459 Ruger I linked in the main report below. However, this kit for $319 has 65 five star reviews and nothing else, so it is probably OK.

Not a hoax, these guns are brand new. Via mail order even if ordered as an upper and lower. Gun manufacturers were making parts like crazy pre-trump, and made so many in advance that there is an enormous glut they can't get rid of. Consequently the price on this fine gun is falling into the cellar. There is a deluxe Ruger on this page for $459 plus another version made by PSA for the same price and a kit you get as a pile of parts that makes a complete gun (real easy to put together, can be done in a few minutes by someone familiar with this rifle) for $419. or if you want a complete receiver and complete upper those can also be bought together for less than $500 so if you are afraid of trying to assemble one completely from parts the receiver and barrel kits go together with a couple pins and are legal to mail, because as simple as it is, it still qualifies as a do it yourself assembly.

Anyone who has read this site for a while knows I strongly prefer a .270 over an AR-15, but the AR is still a great gun with very good accuracy, and gun opinions are a dime a dozen because there is no such thing as the "right gun", everyone has their specific traits they want in a gun so the choice is an individual choice. If you wanted an AR but could not fork over four figures for one, now there are several good options for under $500, so if you can, GO FOR IT! I'd take the Ruger but there are plenty of options on the page linked above.

You will want an AR-15 if:

If you want a rifle that is easy to carry, extremely accurate even at long range, semi automatic, has little to no kick, and is very well supported, the AR is for you. It is a stellar varmint rifle. It is not very good for hunting deer. It would be great in a civil war scenario, the round it fires is very bad to get hit with.

THE AR-15, at these prices, is now my TOP RECOMMENDED GUN FOR BEGINNERS. There is no other rifle on the market that is as easy to shoot and has less kick than this for the amount of power it has. For as long as these prices hold (prices that are suitable for beginners) if you are a beginner, you can do REAL from DAY ONE with one of these, and can stay real permanently. This is clearly one of the most respected, if not THE MOST respected gun out there.

Still no devastation photos from Puerto Rico despite what the MSM says

Go to google images and look for hurricane damage photos. You will see:

1. Downed trees (and obvious accompanying downed electrical) with plenty of trees surviving.

2. Flooding (that a hurricane of any scale, including a tropical storm,) would cause.

3. damage ONLY to structures that were predominantly made out of sheet metal. This looks awful in the photos because it gets scattered everywhere, but the truth is that it was crap to begin with. Even totally substandard 1X3 constructed wooden homes were predominantly unscathed sans pop can cheap roofs. Those got ripped off, leaving the house standing. No tin roof qualifies for any storm rating whatsoever.

If American homes in tornado alley, (despite being very poor against storms compared to concrete) were put in Puerto Rico, there would be no damage anywhere other than where trees fell on homes. If 1x3 frames are still standing after any storm, frames so pathetic they'd bring a demolition order in mainland U.S., there were no winds over 85 MPH PERIOD, and the global wind map which is pasted all over this page proves that is exactly what the winds were when Maria made landfall.

The bottom line is that Puerto Rico is out of commission for a while because much of the place sucked to begin with. Some of it was built fairly well and all of that made it, but a lot of it was garbage. Maria made landfall as a category 1. You can't argue with the wind map. It just is what it is. And it, along with what actually survived on the ground - anything at all that was built worth a damn and a lot of stuff surviving that was not built worth a damn - busted NOAA wholesale.

There is a reason why Puerto Rico fell out of the news cycle, and did not get a SINGLE BROADCAST in Mexico at any point that I saw, and I see all the nightly broadcasts. Irma got plenty of notice. Puerto Rico got NOT A PEEP. Someone here figured out the B.S. also, it was not just me. Puerto Rico is out of the headlines because no one in the global warming club wants any real scrutiny, all they want is spot picks where a gust hit and did some damage, not the big picture. They want a carbon tax agenda served and nothing more.


NFL ratings dropped so much even last year that networks had to give advertisers a refund. Then idiots started sitting for the national anthem, and since then ratings have fallen an additional 16 percent, for a total drop of 29 percent. The link is a year old, but it goes to show we do have the power to punish the NFL, and the NFL will feel it.


We just got handed the message that we CAN make a difference. If everyone boycotted football for even a little while, those who hate America so much they can't 'stand' the national anthem are either going to respect the country anyway, or walk away from a BIG FAT PAYCHECK.

"I did not watch the NFL for the first time in 45 years. The mystique is gone - Rush Limbaugh

The NFL is disobeying its own rule book.

All players are required by NFL rules to honor their country before each and every game.

The rules are found on pages A62-63 of the NFL game operations manual:

"The National Anthem must be played prior to every NFL game, and all players must be on the sideline for the National Anthem.

During the National Anthem, players on the field and bench area should stand at attention, face the flag, hold helmets in their left hand, and refrain from talking. The home team should ensure that the American flag is in good condition. It should be pointed out to players and coaches that we continue to be judged by the public in this area of respect for the flag and our country. Failure to be on the field by the start of the National Anthem may result in discipline, such as fines, suspensions, and/or the forfeiture of draft choice(s) for violations of the above, including first offenses."

So there you have it!


I am tired of the same old headlines. All bashing Trump. The one that tweaked me into a rant was "Trump being divisive". The headline was for a report about Trump's comments about the behavior of the NFL.

"Wouldn't you love to see one of these NFL owners, when somebody disrespects our flag, to say, 'Get that son of a bitch off the field right now. Out. He's fired. Heís fired," the president said at a rally in Alabama.

The response? Quarterback Tom Brady (someone who should actually have a brain, but obviously does not,) said this: "I certainly disagree with what he said. I thought it was just divisive." Brady then went on to say the players should be able to do whatever they want and not face any backlash. DEAR TOM: Quarterbacks are usually smart. What happened to you?

Trump was NOT being "divisive". He was saying it like it is. Ball players go out onto the field in what has become a national patriotic tradition, and in an act of patriotism, have always stood reverently for the national anthem. Americans view football as an American sport. Reverence for the country is part and parcel. If you can't express respect for your own country, in front of millions, YOU YOURSELF ARE BEING DIVISIVE, and when the president says you should be fired for disrespecting the nation you perform for, he's absolutely right!.

I am going to laugh if Americans figure out that throwing and kicking a ball around a patch of grass is a lot less important than simply being American and respecting their country. Lots have, millions have alreay, the 8 percent drop in viewership yesterday represents a walkout of millions.

Keep it up Tom, and keep on losing a percentage each month. If you are down to 50 percent by the end of the season I'll rejoice because it will be all whites and patriots you lost, who fund 90 percent of your budget. Have fun eating grass with the cows rather than your team mates, that is precisely where your attitude is going to put you if America gives you what you deserve. Axe body spray and spinner rim ads are not going to feed the NFL any sort of budget, and that's what you'll be down to if white patriotic America walks out!

Patriotic Americans are UNITED. And they despise the "divisiveness" on the ball field now shown by your team mates at every game. If you support your players behaving like that, find another country where football is popular enough to fund your salary (you won't) and curse America from there. I myself won't turn on the TV to watch your B.S. and I'll call any patriotic American who does a fool.


Hillary was the practice run I guess, and they learned from Hillary's failure to rig it enough what the opposition might do to keep an election fair. It obviously took serious countermeasures against the people to keep Merkel in.

Weiner sentenced to 21 months

He has to show up to jail all by himself on Nov 6. That gives him 40 days to bug out. Huma was no where to be seen. Whatever. He won't fry for the other stuff obviously.

The NFL is probably on it's way out.

An organization like the NFL cannot be run cheaply. The stadiums cost money, the players cost money, EVERYTHING COSTS MONEY. LOTS OF IT. And who sends the NFL money? Easy answer: White patriotic males.

So how is black power race bashing after a black guy tackles a white guy, with a special celebration and a black power salute, going to get the NFL the white guy's money?

How is insulting the country during the national anthem going to get the NFL money from a patriot?

Like any business, the NFL runs on profit margins that are only a small percentage of the total budget. If you lose that small percentage, it won't matter if 85 percent of the total is left, you'll crash like an airplane that only had 85 percent of the fuel needed to get somewhere.

Gee, I thought a black power salute after tackling a white guy was cool. Now I'm into auto detailing!

Puerto Rico may be facing crisis for several reasons.

1. The power company was negligent and did not keep the system maintained, as well as installing it poorly to begin with. They filed for bankruptcy this year also, before any hurricane was an issue, so funding is all messed up.

Downed trees broke wires everywhere and caused problems everywhere (this happens in ordinary thuder storms) but the problem is that unlike in the U.S. where this is planned for and trees get cut back if they could be a problem, the power company in Puerto Rico simply let everything grow in like a weed patch which turned what could have been a small problem into a huge problem. The big problem in Puerto Rico is power outages because the hurricane was not strong enough to wreck anything that was constructed half way decent. Puerto Rico is not having problems housing people, the problem is food distribution and power.

2. The second huge problem is that the leadership of Puerto Rico basically runs the country like the Clinton Foundation and steals everything it gets which should be given to the people instead. So there was no emergency plan, only a 0.000001 percent top of the pinnacle fat cat club that sucked all the state energy into a black hole. There are no emergency food supplies, nothing whatsoever on hand to help people out with. Everything was drawn down to zero and running on nerves.

3. The third problem is MASSIVE CORRUPTION in the charities like the Red Cross, which now use crisis donations to pump up the wealth of a few individuals rather than actually using the money to help. Since organizations like the Red Cross are the only way average people can lend a hand, average people get eliminated from the equation when their help goes into a new luxury hideout rather than a loaf of bread and bottle of water. But the Red Cross can at least spend $5,000 out of 300,000,000 to make a great commercial with a few mud soaked volunteers off loading a van somewhere, put that on TV, and fake a presence. It works, so why not use misery to turn a profit?

It seems at this time that ports have re-opened and the U.S. government is arriving with gasoline to put the cars back on the roads Which are being cleared of branches a lot slower than they should be getting cleared but they are predominantly open by now. So people are not likely to starve. But there is another issue at play -

Puerto Rico is NOT MEXICO. If this type of problem happens in Mexico, roads get cleared in hours and power is back on quickly, no matter how bad whatever happens is. I went through Mexico City yesterday, after the earthquake, and it is already completely and totally business as usual. Things were built so well and repaired so quickly I did not see any damaged buildings, it really was the 1:1000 ratio as I originally said. There were some large collapses but overall the city handled a large earthquake amazingly well, and whatever problems did happen got taken care of with amazing speed.

Unlike Mexico, there is a people issue in Puerto Rico even at the basic level, where problems have been created where there should be no problems, and things are slow to be corrected. However, There will probably be no major crisis in Puerto Rico, only inconvenience, because all it will take is for America to arrive with gasoline so food from America can be distributed. AMERICA, not the Red Cross or Clinton foundation. Puerto Rico is an American territory so help that arrives from an official level is not foreign aid. Contrary to what has been claimed, aside from a huge mess made by trees the island was not devastated. Almost everyone still has a home so recovery ought to be fairly easy.

We will have to wait and see what actually happens.

Sep 22 2017


The following is NOT A HOAX

Sunvia has filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission, claiming they have been injured by low cost solar panels. They are seeking a base price of 78 cents per watt, and a tariff of 40 cents a watt. That is drastic, when right now worldwide the price of solar panels is 32 cents a watt.

Here is the FTC's response:

"The U.S. International Trade Commission has determined that Crystalline Silicon Photovoltaic Cells (Whether or Not Partially or Fully Assembled Into Other Products) are being imported into the United States in such increased quantities as to be a substantial cause of serious injury, or threat of serious injury, to the domestic industry producing an article like or directly competitive with the imported article in the United States.

As a result, the investigation will move to a remedy phase.

My comment: This means that by the time the panels hit retail, solar will not be 50 cents a watt as it has been, it will probably go right back up to $3 per watt because Sunvia is hitting the prices at pre distribution level, and everyone has to take their cut along the way. This means solar will probably soon be priced where it was 10 or more years ago. This will be the end of solar power "for everyone" in America, GET YOUR PANELS TODAY.

Yeah, the same protective logic, if applied to the auto industry, would give birth to the $75,000 Ford Fiesta.


Guess what? In 2010 they re-defined what qualified hurricanes for category levels, and threw out the following:

In the past, the diameter of the hurricane mattered for it's rating. If it was a puny thing like Maria it would not go over category one because it does not reach out far enough and therefore lacked a high overall energy. After 2010, only the peak wind speed was considered no matter how small the area covered was, and if they could lie about that, the hurricane automatically became what they wanted. This was done to make it easier to use weather modification tech to scam for the global warming/carbon tax agenda.

Prior to 2010, the environmental effects of the hurriane counted towards it's rating. This means, for example, how much it sucked the water level down in the surrounding area, and not just it's individual storm surge height over a small area. Irma caused the ocean to recede over enormous areas as it built it's storm surge under itself. There were widespread reports about the ocean receding far away from the normal shoreline during Irma, and no such reports for Maria to date, at least none that I have seen. This is because Irma is about 1/4 the size of Jose, and Jose is less than half the size that Irma was. Cumulatively, Maria is just a baby compared to the other two.

Prior to 2010, other things were considered, such as wave height. Wave height is the result of three things. 1. Fresh or salt water - waves get higher easier in fresh water. Ok, now for the other two, that matter for hurricanes. 2: Wind speed and 3. Fetch length. Huge hurricanes make huge waves with less wind speed than small hurricanes can make with higher winds. If high winds only blow on the water over a short distance, waves will not get as high as they would get if the wind blew across the water for a long distance.

Maria had pathetic short waves. 25 feet is NOTHING for a hurricane, in fact, 25 feet is so short that Maria clearly did not qualify as a major hurricane. Even a category 1 hurricane should push waves up to 70 feet or more. Yet 25 foot waves are what hit Puerto Rico, and that speaks volumes.


Chris Kitze was in the Mexico earthquake!

Here is a comment from him, and it mirrors what I have said:

"The building codes have had 32 years to build much stronger buildings, the engineering is much better and while there were some terrible collapses, many of the newer buildings escaped with minor cosmetic damage. All that steel and engineering really paid off. They were well prepared, with earthquake drills so everyone knew what to do when the real event happened. It was really impressive to see.

What struck me about this earthquake was the way the Mexican people handled themselves. There was no panic, everyone very calmly moved away from the windows towards the elevator shaft, even while they were literally being thrown about. People helped each other and genuinely looked after each other. You couldnít miss the compassion and kindness.

Most of the city was back in business after a few hours and by the next day things in this neighborhood seemed back to normal. There are still rescue efforts ongoing, the subway is closed and some people are still without electricity, so itís not over for a lot of people. Compared to the Northridge quake, the Mexicans are much better organized. You could say they go through a lot of earthquakes, but thatís not it. Itís about the moral character of the people.

They really took care of each other. Iíll never forget that, it left a real impression.

Letís have prayers for those who are missing and injured and wish the best to their families.

via Chris Kitze of BIN


This was supposed to post at 2:30 but 3 traffic jams later it is 7:30 and my nerves are shot!

As part of my investigation into fakely pumped up Maria, I made a huge discovery. GUESS WHAT? To front the global warming agenda, and help the new world order get away with faking extreme weather, they have changed the definitions of what storms will do with various wind speeds.

I found a PDF produced by the (honest) old school. FACT: If Maria was as stated, not a single tree on the entire island would have been unscathed yet in the after photos there are plenty of trees in decent condition. There is tree damage in Puerto Rico that is worse than I thought there would be, but it still does not come anywhere near the claims by NOAA. The following image is an excerpt from this PDF, HERE IS THE ENTIRE PDF, it has all the info anyone would need to prove Puerto Rico did not get hit as bad as stated.

The chart below is what actually happens to trees at various wind speeds. This chart is in the linked PDF above. This linked PDF (above) also has a hurricane dissipation chart that proves Maria should have stayed the same strength all the way over Puerto Rico, as well as damage charts that prove Maria at most did category 2 damage at the worst point, which should have been island wide if Maria was a real category 2. This means Maria was a category 1, because the damage was not spread wide enough to qualify for a higher rating in the pre carbon tax era and probably even today. Puerto Rico did not have enough land mass to knock a real hurricane down at all, despite the mountains.

Additionally, the PDF contains a damage dispersal chart that proves ALL of Puerto Rico should have suffered equal damage from a real hurricane, not only "bad damage" where Maria made landfall, fading off to practically nothing as Maria progressed. The massive fade off strongly indicated weather mod tech in use. Real natural hurricanes simply do not die as fast as Maria did, and all of the charts that prove it are in that link. The linked PDF is an absolute gold mine of information, and a carbon tax seekers nightmare because it proves how fake everything has been recently.

Absolutely everything you could ever want to know about hurricanes is in the link above. If you are interested in hurricanes, I strongly reccomend you browse it.

Here is the tree damage chart, straight from the national forest service that proves downed trees can't be used as a reliable reference for hurricane strength. Obviously they know trees! Property damage is the real reference and the quality of the construction matters a lot. As you will see in the photos below, Puerto Rico has very poor building standards and would have been shredded by a genuine island wide category 1.


Drudge reported that Puerto Rico has been stripped of trees

What headlines has that boy been smoking??!!??


Here's a good shot of electrical system damage, but a category 1 or 2 will still do this, any hurricane will. (no hurricane is supposed to be easy!)

NOAA BUSTED: The Saffir Simpson scale is a SURFACE WIND SCALE

I did not know that, and it makes NOAA an EVEN BIGGER LIAR! The scale used to measure hurricane intensity does not take into account how high the winds are up inside the hurricane. I thought it did, because only that could explain how NOAA was rating the hurricanes, but it does not. That means even now, after strengthening, Maria only has 90 mph winds and NOAA is lying.

For real time updates on how huge NOAA is lying, CHECK THIS WIND MAP (it is the same one I have always linked) and watch NOAA spew falsehood after falsehood. The wind map will only be off by a few percent MAX. Click around on the hurricane and see what is really going on.

Here is the definition of a category 1 hurricane (and this is exactly what happened in Puerto Rico:

Category 1 74Ė95 mph

Very dangerous winds will produce some damage

Category 1 storms usually cause no significant structural damage to most well-constructed permanent structures; however, they can topple unanchored mobile homes, as well as uproot or snap weak trees. Poorly attached roof shingles or tiles can blow off. Coastal flooding and pier damage are often associated with Category 1 storms. Power outages are typically widespread to extensive, sometimes lasting several days. Even though it is the least intense type of hurricane, the storm can still produce widespread damage and can be a life-threatening storm

CHECK THE WIND SPEED MAP I LINKED. AT THE TIME OF THIS POSTING (1:45 PM CST) Maria is a category 1 storm regardless of what is on Drudge. The wind speed map is right, and that is all there is to it!



THIS Wall street journal report says the damage in the photo below was caused by "25 foot waves".


Yeah, but 54 mph winds would never peel a roof back, like what is in that photo, RIGHT? Guess again, here is a close up of how poorly constructed the homes are in Puerto Rico! This lived, and it was right on the beach getting the full blast!

I was wrong about one thing though: There are a few destroyed homes and flipped cars in Puerto Rico, because "25 foot waves" were able to reach them. That's not the same as having the wind do it, but I said nothing would be destroyed so I have to correct that because I did not think about wave damage.

The construction in Puerto Rico is so poor it would never be allowed in mainland America, and the photo above proves it. 155 mph winds? MY ***, please subtract 100 from that, and we will have a match both for what happened to such poor construction on the ground, and the Beufort scale.

The wave heights, when contrasted with the Beufort scale, prove what the winds were with a totally objective reference. There is no way NOAA or the scamming MSM will ever overcome what they have reported about wave heights. Once they said that, they provided a reference that cannot be refuted. They are irrevocably busted by the Beufort scale, category 1/tropical storm CONFIRMED. Keep in mind that no admissions will be made, because there is a phoney global warming agenda to uphold, and for that agenda to succeed they need their "super storms". Also keep in mind that Drudge is nothing but a headline parrot who posts bullshit frequently because of that so his sensational headlines are meaningless.

As a rebuttal, before it is needed

It will obviously be argued that my wind samples of Maria on Puerto Rico are irrelevant, because at the time they were taken, Maria was weakened by the mountains. But that won't work because:

During the weather mod portion of the report, where I reported clear evidence of weather mod pumping up Maria, I posted a capture of Maria just as it was making landfall. That capture proves the winds were not over 85 mph (as I stated) because the wind map starts to turn purple after that. Since the capture has only wind speeds up to whatever red will cover, it means these winds were between 59 and 85 mph but there is no way to know exactly what they were because I was only interested in showing the weather mod in progress and not the actual wind speed so I did not sample the wind. Here is that capture that proves beyond a doubt the 155 mph winds were B.S. because the map progresses all the way through purple to white before 155 mph is reached. If it is all red, it is category 1 or less.

Also to repeat yesterday, Magic Box wrote and said the square artefacts were due to the sampling. However, with the exact same sampling, Jose to the North had no artefacts (this is all posted below)

Maria making landfall in Puerto Rico with 85 mph or less surface winds:

I posted the following to a popular forum

It is good enough to post here.

If the power is out in Puerto rico for any more than a week or two it will be caused politically. Since nothing happened of substance, (it is well documented that NOAA lied, and that Puerto Rico had no winds anywhere over 85 mph,) they can at least keep the power cut to create the illusion of "devastation" for the masses outside of Puerto Rico.

The illusion might hold, I was 100 miles away from landfall for Patricia - the "category 6" mega cane that hit Mexico and did practically nothing, and you can go to Manzanilla and talk to people and they brag about their "category 6" that did not wipe out a single home, my god people are clueless and just parrot the authorities even when reality is obviously not as stated by them. Carbon tax Ahoy!

Most of the outages in Puerto rico were caused by poorly strung wires running through trees that were not properly cut away from the wires (like what gets done everywhere, even in Mexico,) because they were too lazy and short sighted to do proper maintenance. Even a brief perusal of Google images confirms this, and also confirms that there was no damage to anything that was not built like a shack.

The other problem is laziness, no one there is going to work hard to get the power back on. There were plenty of real outages simply because proper maintenance in the form of removing hazardous trees was never done. Hazardous trees go down in 60 mph winds. If these were not taken care of ahead of time, you can bet worker attitudes are going to keep the power out a lot longer than it has to be.

Look at how they strung their electrical in the aftermath pictures - a lot of the outages were caused by cheap tin roofs cutting extension cord quality wire while the houses the tin came from are perfectly intact sans tin roof, despite 2x3 construction. They did not even use 2x4's on EXTERIOR walls, yet all the houses are still standing, sans the occasional roof. That would not be possible after a significant hurricane.

Many island states are built the same, perfectly acceptable construction in many is 2x2 walls that end up being three inches thick once the sheathing is applied. Many times island states shoot straight for the bottom because the climate is so favorable they don't need protection from the elements . . . .until a hurricane arrives, which is like, "almost never."

The trollage on the topic is astounding. Clearly someone does not want word of a borderline fake hurricane (that might have been only a tropical storm) getting out, because there is a global warming agenda to uphold.

Just surf Google images, plenty is getting out of puerto rico but the MSM does not want to publish it because what actually happened on the ground does not fit the carbon tax climate change story line of a mega hurricane.

Unfortunately we live in an era where NOAA and the USGS can't be trusted, for example, the Mexico quake HAD TO have been more than a 7.1 but they are not publishing that. It seems that for whatever political agenda there is, we can't get the truth anywhere anymore.

Obama is seeking a SEX CHANGE

Rumor has it he wants to become a man.

Mexico earthquake

As of 9 PM CST Sep 20 the mex media is still nonstop earthquake coverage. They are focusing heavily on a collapsed school where children are trapped. There are lots of individuals helping at this point (still) but professionals are bracing up concrete slabs as they cut through walls. They can hear the kids, but can't figure out where they are.

Competing newscasters are in the same newsroom together and they look worn out. Diez en punto was selected for the joint broadcast because they have an enormous news table and great looking setup but you can really tell the newscasters are burned out. The hurricane was obviously fake at this point, too bad the earthquake was not.


The following proves beyond question that Maria did not devastate Puerto Rico. If the media says Puerto Rico is flattened, they are lying, USE SOCIAL MEDIA POSTS INSTEAD. (keep in mind people will believe any B.S. the media tells them, so they'll talk of devastation while posting crap typical of an event that is not newsworthy.) Puerto rico had a lot of cheap fiberglass and tin roofing panels that got ripped off in the 80 mph zone) and that was the max damage done. Obviously there will be flooding pics also, as happens with any tropical storm.

They lied about Patricia right to the end, and they will also lie about Maria because their global warming fraud depends on it.

UPDATE: Go over the "maria devastation" photos of Puerto Rico! Most striking damage: Fiberglass roofing (the cheap stuff from home depot) ripped off roofs and scattered everywhere (where the 80 mph winds were) PLUS downed trees and a choice photo of where waves washed some crap up on the shore!

Flattened homes? ZERO!
Flipped over cars, stuck 500 feet from a road (cat 5 type stuff) ZERO!
Stripped bare landscapes with not a surviving tree in sight? ZERO!


You'll see only damage that confirms what is posted next!


I should have thought of doing it this way sooner.

The highest ground wind speed in Puerto Rico as of 3PM cst Sep 20, while the eye wall was entirely over the island, was 59 mph. Up in the sky the winds are higher because that's where the weather mod happens, but the ground is virtually unaffected because the hurricane simply did not want to do what the weather tweakers wanted.

Take a look and weep dear fraudsters, BUSTED!!!!


How desperate do they have to be to put a crappy shed in the news feed to justify a story line?

The point is made. If these are the damage photos from Maria, it might not have been a hurricane at all, this is tropical storm type stuff.


NFL ratings are the worst ever, from the beginning. And I'll tell you why. Because people voted Trump, and don't want to see America hating B.S.

The same goes for the emmys. Who wants to see a self gratification ritual staged by people who hate Trump? Yes, you can speak your mind on the ball field by sitting for the national anthem. You can bash Trump and hate on white America all you want in the media. It is clearly anyone's right. But when there is a bottom line to uphold, it is rock stupid to bite the hand that feeds you. They probably won't learn. Let them starve, I could care less.

The recent site loading problems were my fault

I pulled some code another web host put into one of the backup servers that appeared to boost security and pasted it here. It obviously did not work right on a different server.




Magic Box sent a message about it being a sampling error, which clears up when HD mode is selected. PROBLEM: No other hurricane showed this in any mode, and even now what is left of Jose does not have a trace of any grid pattern with the exact same viewing mode. All you have to do is scroll up to Jose with the same link I give for Maria (below) and see this pattern is not in Jose, right on the same page with Maria. A capture of Jose is at the bottom of this report now also. This anomaly is unique to Maria, the mode used simply highlights it better.

The biggest problem with Maria is how the USGS is lying about the wind speeds, it is not a cat 5, it is barely a weak cat 1 trying not to be a tropical storm. Patricia part deux. Total manipulation to justify the climate change scam. Click the wind speed map to see for yourself, NOAA's claims are PATENT B.S.

I blew the chance to point out the B.S. with Patricia while it was happening live. I did not make the same mistake with Maria! PATRICIA PART DEUX!!!

Here is the anomaly that proves Maria is man made

This has been persistent for so long you can probably go see it yourself on the global wind map. As of 12 PM CST this is still showing. UPDATE: YOU CAN SCROLL UP TO JOSE AND SEE THIS IS NOT IN JOSE with the exact same settings being applied to Maria. I kept track of this for five hours this morning, and the gridding stayed even when the hurricane moved. No other hurricane this season has shown anything like this. This is NOT a radar anomaly!!!

Additionally, Puerto Rico will not be devastated (even if the media says so) because the strongest ground wind speed is (as of 9 AM CST) only 60 MPH. THEY ARE SCREWING THIS PSY OP UP BECAUSE MARIA IS NOT BEHAVING FOR THEM, AND THEY THEREFORE HAD TO TURN THE WEATHER CONTROL SYSTEM UP TOO HIGH AND MADE AN OBVIOUS DISPLAY OF THEIR TECH IN USE.


UPDATE: As of 11 AM CST, the eye has moved and the anomaly pattern has changed, but it is still obviously there:

There will be no devastation in Peurto Rico because at present the highest ground wind speeds are 80 mph with most areas getting 30 mph winds. They are lying about this hurricane no ifs or buts. Subsequent media reports will talk about devastation because they will have to. But when you go through photos people post, there will be only downed gas station roofs, billboards, and trees. There will not be significant numbers of wind destroyed homes (these will be limited to termite eaten wooden shacks).

Here is Jose, with the exact same settings that are showing a pattern in Maria. Smooth as glass.

Earthquake CHAOS

The Mexican news for the most part ignored the Chiapas/Oaxaca earthquake two weeks ago. This one is wall to wall coverage on all channels with all regular programming canceled. Mexico City is a mess. The American media is for the most part saying this earthquake happened 75 kilometers away from Mexico City, but that is really deceptive because they are referencing the city center proper, and the city itself (including suburbs) extends very close to the epicenter because it is one of the world's largest cities.

Traffic is totally jammed, there are a large number of collapsed buildings (maybe approximately one in a thousand collapsed,) but the city is so huge that still represents an enormous number of collapsed buildings. The collapse scenes are pure chaos with an ocean of people helping. As we learned from the recent hurricanes, The American government would never allow such a scene, it is literally an ocean of people at the collapse sites removing rubble with wheelbarrows, buckets, passing pieces down lines and carrying injured people away from collapse scenes on mosh pit style hand stretchers and other makeshift stretchers. It is a real rescue effort.

There are so many collapses in total that I expect the final death toll to rise from the current 149 to between 300 and 700. Like I said before, Mexico City was really well built, and it handled this earthquake very well. But you can't have such a huge quake happen so close to such a huge city and have nothing go wrong.

Claudia is furious with the New World Order, and believes this quake and the prior one were man made to distract people from a horrible evil being staged against Mexico right now. My guess is that a substantial part of this evil has to do with the global carbon tax, which is soon to be rammed down Mexico's throat on a grand scale.


As of 12 AM CST Sep 20, the max sustained ground level winds in Maria are 85 mph and max sustained winds at any elevation are 112 mph despite NOAA claims the winds are 175 mph.

IT MATTERS A LOT THAT THEY ARE LYING ABOUT THIS HURRICANE, BECAUSE THE LIES WILL BE USED TO PUSH A DESPICABLE AGENDA. Don't take my word for it, see for yourself. Use this global wind map and click around in Maria to see the actual wind speeds. The map is in KM/h. To convert to MPH multiply KM/h by 0.6. THEN GO TO THE NOAA web site and see how much they are lying. When lies like this are spewed by a government, it is too far corrupted to ever self correct. The people have to rebel and correct it themselves. Absent that, we're goners.

FACT: When Hurricane Irma had max sustained winds of 145 mph, you could poke around in the global wind speed map at different elevations, and find winds up to 230 KM/h. That would indicate Irma had winds of only 138 MPH but I chalked that up to sampling errors in the global wind map. But at least it was within 10 mph, so I said (and many people probably remember it) that Irma was not as strong as they were saying if the global wind map was right. But at least it gave an error reference and was not totally off somewhere in looneyville. Obviously Irma had wind speeds higher than 230 KM/h showing at other times.

Now, with Maria, they are saying this hurricane has 160 mph winds, while the global wind map is peaking out at 183 KM/h at high elevation, which corresponds to 109 mph winds as a max anywhere in the hurricane, and on the ground Maria is peaking at 139 KM/h, which corresponds with 83 mph surface winds. This means Maria is not even a major hurricane by any definition. Yet they are pumping Maria up as a cat 5 monster.

FACT: If Maria really had wind speeds of 160 mph, you should be able to poke around in the global wind map and find wind speeds up to 270 KM/h. Yet the strongest it is anywhere is 183 as of (now) 9 PM CST. SOMEBODY IS LYING AT THE NATIONAL HURRIANE CENTER, and you can bet it has everything to do with globalist politics.

Why would they lie? Because Mexico is going to put in place an enormous carbon tax that is going to make gas ridiculously expensive ($4.50 per gallon) and the U.N. is having a meeting on climate change! They did not lie about Irma, but they are lying their butts off with Maria. When it comes to political motives, NOAA and the USGS are the undisputed CHAMPIONS.

YOU CAN BUST NOAA IN REAL TIME. HERE IS THE GLOBAL WIND MAP. Click anywhere you want on Maria, and remember the speed you are seeing is in KM/h. To get MPH, multiply KM/h by 0.6

Opinion: Texas spraying for mosquitos and telling people to wear mosquito repellent does not equate to chemical warfare on the people.

There is a report out there claiming Texas is carpet bombing it's people with neurological poisons. And in my opinion, that report is VERY BAD for the reputation of the site it is posted on. If you saw that, I did not miss it.



Since I started fresh with Kaspersky on a new computer, the combat mode issues have been resolved, so I'll probably discontinue combat mode soon.

Kapersky's fine products are available HERE. On top are the pay products (that is what I would go for and you can try them free for a month), and all the way down at the bottom there are 12 completely free tools that appear to be great, including virus scanners, hard drive recovery and more. Have fun!


ADVICE: The best Icelandic web host is, if you have been shut down GO THERE.

Ha ha ha dear vaccine trolls, this is getting traction! The truth is speaking for itself. You cannot bury this.

Combat mode is now disabled but don't expect the message window to work.

There have simply been no problems since Kaspersky and a forced static administration IP. Since combat mode is a P.I.T.A, I dropped it, but can re-instate it instantly if needed again.

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ANONYMOUS SENT:Jim I can say with honesty, the best evidence you have had to the truth was your Fox link with Carl Cameron on the covering of Isrealhell on the 911 situation, Can I recommend leaving this link permanently accessible at the top of you web page. Its the key to the lock on us. My response: HERE IT IS.


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There was a large earthquake in Mexico today (Sep 19)


Not in the news, this is family reports: The subway is shut down due to a collapse at a critical point and ongoing inspections. Though many main roads are open (and look ok on the webcams) the reality on the ground is that so many side streets are shut down that no one can get anywhere. Couple this with a shut down subway, and millions of people are walking home from work. Sometimes this can be as much as 30 miles. There is absolute chaos with the transit.

Overall things appear to have pulled through fairly well, but several significant buildings collapsed with people trapped inside. Death toll as of 7:30 PM was 130, though this will probably increase.

Mexico city was built on a lake bed which in Mayan times had a huge complex of floating gardens. The earth under the city suffers liquification during earthquakes, which makes earthquakes more severe than the seismic rating would imply. The building codes are stringent, so there will not be an enormous number of deaths but the death toll is certainly going to be higher than anyone would like.

Everyone in Claudia's family is OK but it took one of the more athletic family members to repair a bike and go around the city confirming everyone was OK because roads are all completely gridlocked and cell communications are jammed. The earthquake also woke up Pocopatepetl which is erupting now.

Details are still coming in. The recent one in Chiapas damaged 1,600 schools and numerous homes. There were very few collapses for an 8+ and an extremely low death toll due to reasonable, (and affordable) building requirements. In Mexico, it is all brick and concrete with the rule being that reinforcements must be placed at regular intervals. They sell the reinforcements at Home Depot, and even at the high prices Home Depot has relative to elsewhere, the steel reinforcement columns (welded in a box shape) that is usually 15 centimeters across and 10 meters long costs less than $10, and most houses don't need more than 10 of those. They really reduce collapses, as the recent earthquake in Chiapas shows, but they can't stop cracking which still happened everywhere.

I don't expect a lot of deaths from the latest earthquake, which ranged anywhere between 7.1 and 7.5, but there will be a lot of stucco work to do. For reference on how well Mexico is built, the recent earthquake in Chiapas killed 83 people, and was an 8.1. The San Francisco earthquake of 1989 (loma Prita earthquake) was a 7.1 and killed 57 people. Both happened near heavily populated areas. Unlike what trolls say, Mexico's construction is not bad, unlike Haiti where a 7.1 killed 230,000 in 2010(according to Haitian government stats). Mexico is built like a first world country. So I don't expect today's quake to have done much.

The reports say this happened 71 miles outside of Mexico City, which means it was still in the city because everything reaches out that far. I felt nothing where I am, and was only wondering why the internet quit working (obviously now that I am back online it went out due to being overwhelmed by families trying to contact each other)

Important to note: This quake happened on the anniversary of the 1985 Mexico City quake that was very bad. So there is little doubt that Mexicans, who are already questioning how an earthquake happened during Irma, will seriously question this earthquake happening on the anniversary date of the prior huge Mexico city quake. Mexicans are well aware of man made disasters, so this will be something to pay attention to.

BLOCKBUSTER UPDATE: There was an earthquake drill underway in Mexico City when this quake struck! Just like the Chiapas quake of 2012. This may well have been a warning from the new world order Of equal importance is initially the depth was reported at 10 KM, but got chaged to 51 KM. This could be to cover up it being man made.


People in Mexico City are saying this was far worse than the quake a couple weeks ago, because the epicenter was so much closer. Even still, damage appears to be minimal. Here is a live cam of part of Mexico City (the city is huge, with many districts like this). This is where I was during the Chiapas quake in 2012

Not a hoax: Solar panel use banned in Florida after Irma

Florida power and light has done such a good job of lobbying a corrupted government that if your home has solar, and you decide to use it during the power outage after Irma, you can go to jail.

The excuse? Because Florida power and light previously successfully lobbied the government to enforce rules that all solar panel systems had to be grid tied, and since they are grid tied, they could feed power back onto the system and electrocute workers trying to restore main power. That's a B.S. excuse, because all homes with grid tie in Florida also were requred by law to install a transfer switch which can simply be flipped to disconnect the solar power system from the grid.

All homes with solar power in Florida have a switch that cuts off the tie to the grid. Yet even if a homeower flips that switch and disconnects the system from the grid, they can't use their solar panels anyway. This means that the excuse about electrocuting workers is a lie, and the rule against using your own solar power after a hurricane is simply a control mechanism to prevent anyone from being self sufficient in any way whatsoever.

There is no finer example of corporate/government collusion in corrupt policies than this ANYWHERE, so the "sunshine state" can just eat crap after a hurricane, even for those who do not have to!

Here is some Great comic relief

To make the following very clear, it has now been published that the flu shot is in fact an anti fertility vaccine.

Due to complete censorship, 500 trojan links, and trollage in the in box, I'm taking this to the max.

Anti fertility vaccines are old news now.

" First they came for the Africans, and I did not speak up because I was _____. Then they came for the Mexicans and I was too busy to care. Then they came for the filipinos, Asian indians, and I had a BarBq to attend. And then I was sterile because they came for me at the local piggly wiggly pharmacy, and CNN did not say jack, and I am 35 and will never have kids because I waited "until later" and this damn shot won't wear off until my clock has completely ticked out.

The topic of anti fertility vaccines is so established it is easy to find stuff like this:

Anti fertility vaccines containing both progesterone and Human Chorionic Gonadotropin have been around and known about since the 80's, and from the beginning it was known that it was the WHO and the U.N. doing it. Early broad scale releases of these vaccines went to Iran and Latin America. This is a super old topic of mine, if people think "hard proof" was found for the first time recently in Kenya, they are new to the topic, this has been going on with HARD PROOF for THREE full decades. Take a look at this Pub Med release dated July 14 1987. New topic? NOT HARDLY!

This Pub Med report dated 1987 proves the anti fertility vaccine is NOT just an "internet conspiracy" and has been around a LONG TIME.

A potential anti-pregnancy vaccine built by conjugation of the beta-subunit of human chorionic gonadotropin to adjuvant-active muramyl peptide.

Schutze MP1, LeClerc C, Jolivet M, Deriaud E, Audibert F, Chang CC, Chedid L. Author information


The beta-subunit of human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) conjugated to tetanus toxoid is being investigated as a vaccine for human fertility control. Initial clinical trials indicated that the level of antibody response induced by such an immunogen was not always sufficient to prevent pregnancy. Therefore, efforts are being made to evaluate new carriers for the beta-subunit and to select adjuvants to yield a more efficient vaccine. In the present report, we demonstrate that conjugates of the beta-subunit of hCG with muramyl dipeptide (MDP), or its nonpyrogenic derivative murabutide, may have potential as an effective antipregnancy vaccine. The copolymer of beta hCG and MDP administered with Al(OH)3 to mice induced a high anti-beta hCG response, better than that induced by the conjugate of beta hCG to tetanus toxoid given with Al(OH)3. Moreover, the antibodies induced by such an immunogen were competent for neutralizing the biological activity of hCG in vivo. Even more interesting, a copolymer of beta hCG and of murabutide induced high levels of biologically active antibodies. This immunogen may represent a promising candidate for the development of an efficient vaccine for human fertility control.

Here are more PubMed links. I'll find a few of these before continuing on to how such vaccines were used to sterilize women via vaccination campaigns that never said what they were really for.

DNA used to enhance sterility after vaccination
Another reference to anti fertility vaccines
This link talks about various methods of inducing sterility via vaccination
This link proves an 80 percent effective anti fertility vaccine was developed before 2011.
This link proves women who have been nailed by one of these vaccines won't notice a thing.
Here is a cute anti fertility vaccine proposal that uses a unique mechanism of action.
HERE IS A GOOD ONE - THIS IS WHAT THE FLU SHOT USES (read the flu shot abstract in the main report below and figure it out,) this is a connection you have to draw by yourself because they sure as * are not going to tell it to you straight up.

HERE IS ANOTHER GREAT ONE, dated 2004 - "The possibility of using a subunit or fragment of human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) as an immunogen for birth control has been actively explored for many years. This proves it was an old topic in 2004!

Here is the original study, that proves they had success with anti fertility vaccines in 1976.

This is the basis of the tetanus vaccine they used to sterilize many third world women. The current flu shot sterilization methods are far more advanced, and were developed in 2005 (see links above).

Here is the abstract for the original effort, dated 1976

Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 1976 Jan;73(1):218-22.

Isoimmunization against human chorionic gonadotropin with conjugates of processed beta-subunit of the hormone and tetanus toxoid. Talwar GP, Sharma NC, Dubey SK, Salahuddin M, Das C, Ramakrishnan S, Kumar S, Hingorani V.


The immunogenicity of the conjugate prepared from "processed" beta-subunit of human chorionic gonadotropin (choriogonadotropin, HCG) and tetanus toxoid has been studied in animals and a human subject. The conjugate elicited the formation of high-affinity (Ka = 10(9)-10(11) M-1) anti-HCG and anti-tetanus antibodies. On primary immunization, the antibody, response lasted for several months. Repeat injection of the conjugate in the declining phase of antibody titers produced a booster response without a lag period. The antibodies reacted with the beta-subunit of HCG and the complete HCG molecule but were devois of significant crossreactivity with human growth hormone, placental lactogen, follicle-stimulating hormone, thyroid-stimulating hormone, and luteinizing hormone at tonic and surge levels. The antibodies were competent for neutralizing the biological activity of HCG in the mouse uterine weight gain assay, the ventral prostate weight gain assay, and the radioligand assay for binding of 125I-labeled HCG to receptors on corpus luteum. HCG (5000 international units) administered to an immunized subject was completely bound by circulating antibodies. Administration of HCG (in contrast to conjugate) was without booster effect on anti-HCG titers.

My comment: This is the vaccine that was used to sterilize third world women. To give it maximum effectiveness, three shots were given (above it says only one, without the boosters, wore off after "several months" but booster shots made it last longer - history has proven out the boosters caused it to sterilize women for 15 years.

I know we have these perverts BUSTED with this, they are using the flu shot to sterilize American women now. Why keep this tech in the third world? They have proven they can get away with nailing American women with this too, (thanks to a scamming MSM that won't report it, so why not! The following covers this VERY WELL.

Remote controlled Germanwings Airbus A320 crash? All evidence points to this.


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