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The severe weather that has been happening globally is not natural. Here is how it is done.

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March 31 updates


There were rumors he buckled going around for the past day and they ended up being a hoax. Perhaps "they" tried to influence Putin by saying it was "back to Euros."

This is actually good news for all I care. That is, of course, if Putin is not just a faker who's really working for the WEF. Who knows. There are so many lies now that sorting through them is like playing pin the tail on the donkey.
Here is reality when they call it "breach of contract": He made that contract with a gang of thugs that broke 50 other contracts. What makes Putin special enough to hold up his side of the deal when the gang of thugs beat the sh*t out of him?
WEST: Make sure you still serve me that hamburger after I robbed your restaurant because I paid for it before I pulled the gun out!!!

Of course the prior agreement is void!!!


I am not alone. got wiped out by the host

Since they did not have a cute "hunter pic" as the excuse, they simply said "If you want to be hosted here, you have to use an updated PHP and WRH won't run at all on it. So now Mike Rivero at needs $15,000 to pay programmers to re-do the site. THAT is a problem I will NEVER FACE. I made damn good and sure I could do it all.

AND THE REASON IS BECAUSE OF BULLSHIT. I'll tell you why "they" want WRH on the new PHP. It is because when you use PHP, the server has to construct the page on the fly and send it out. That means the page can be messed with on the fly. Also, when you use PHP, the problem could be on 1 of god knows how many pages of code and there is no way to know what page of code is being tweaked to screw up what you posted, all the while at YOUR IP from your ISP - wherever you administer the site from everything looks normal because PHP can send something different on an individual basis.


I AM CALLING IT: THE PROBLEM WRH IS FACING IS CAUSED, WITH A MOTIVE. What are the chances WRH is having server problems at the same time THIS SITE is having server problems??? Someone is making BIG changes. Fortunately I just got two new server locations, one in Brazil and one in India because they are NOT COOPERATING with the corrupted tyrants taking control of the West. Iceland IS COOPERATING. That means ADIOS. I specifically put the new servers in countries that are not playing ball. So far it seems like India has it's act together a lot better than Brazil. Time will tell. I (might) have the India location running today.


Yeah. Right. Now state the real reason please. It is posted below in abundance!<

Twitter probably got so pre-occupied censoring the war that they missed a vaxtastrophe post. Totally forgot to troll and censor it. Here are a few of the tweets.

March 30 updates

This is interesting. Look how the ruble rebounded. It started out at 75 to the dollar, went up to 120 to the dollar, and then came back down to 85 to the dollar and is still falling.

Look at how this gas station handled biden sticker vandalism

vandalism of the stickers that is

Now we know why there are so many videos of dead sports players, news announcers, and celebrities dying on the spot. Those cannot be hidden, but the death of everyday joe was hidden, 10.7 percent of the population is now dead, here is proof!!!

WHY ARE REAL ESTATE PRICES THROUGH THE ROOF WHEN AMERICA HAS RECORD VACANCY? ANSWER: Investment firms used "corona relief" cash to buy up all the homes of the dead to hide the vax death induced market crash, and they offered exhorbitant amounts to make sure it happened because it was not their money being used anyway. The census bureau is trying to cover it up but blew it anyway by issuing current housing stats to financers, not expecting the financers to blow their cover. CASE CLOSED.

Burner phones and brick phones are in the news now, here is reality:

There is no benefit whatsoever to carrying a burner phone or brick phone you intend to use long term. 100 percent of all phones were required by law to have full time GPS tracking in 2005, no matter what type of phone it was. Add to this the fact that all your calls and texts and photos are stolen from a brick phone anyway and what's the point?
THE REALITY of the "brick phone trend" is that someone decided - someone who wants to shut everything down decided that the smartphones were too nice a thing for people to have, so they want everyone tracked by piles of crap instead. Eventually phones will have black and white dot screens or less. Going with an old brick style phone is not going to make even the smallest difference at all, they'll still turn on the mic and listen!!!
YOU WILL OWN NOTHING AND BE HAPPY. Why on earth, with such an attitude would "they" care about giving you something decent? As far as they see it, that will be effort wasted.

RUMOR: Vatican bank cracked. They just bought $10 million Euros worth of Rubles to buy oil.

This is still rumor because I cannot find a legit MSM link to confirm it but if it ends up not being rumor this is a huge event. Germany is scrambling right now to secure energy reserves, People do not realize something huge with regard to Russian gas: Everyone thinks that it is about the heat being cut off and homeowners going cold. That's not it at all. The big deal is that electricity generation and industry will be affected. Industry uses more gas than the residential sector. It is even used to make fertilizer. The "end of winter" is relatively meaningless.

March 29 updates

Russia has started turning the gas off. They started with the Yamal-Europe pipeline.

Alex Jones rant about how the Will Smith slap was a false flag.

I was sort of wondering myself. The Oscars have fallen so far so why not boost ratings by making it into a potential fight show?

Kathy Griffin is most likely lying about getting the 4th covid shot.

She's supposedly bragging but dime to a dollar she's not vaxxed AT ALL. After all, she's an insider who hated Trump when Trump was legit, so I gotta say NO WAY. I don't believe it AT ALL. What is known for sure is she's from a clan of unabashed liars. THAT you can bank on. The rest is order of convenience, however it pertains to whatever she perceives.

PRICELESS: NEW VIDEO FROM TODAY: FBI gets grilled over Hunter's laptop

This video proves that at the FBI, fraud is policy. It also clearly shows what a slime ball Jerry Nadler is. The United States is in SERIOUS trouble.



They told the middle east to pick up the slack and start supplying Europe with natural gas. The pipelines to do that do not exist. The equipment to do that does not exist. The wells to do that do not exist. The leaders of middle eastern countries were baffled by that level of stupidity and simply responded "We can't do that."

"Vax Queen" dies from vax.

A lot of people are hoping she goes to hell because she did so much damage. I say "Ignorance is bliss" until it kills you.

Russia demanding payment in Rubles should not be ignored.

Russia has Europe over a barrel (of oil). They need Russia and there's no way out of it, especially for natural gas. If Russia demands payment in gold backed Rubles that is how Europe will pay, and Europe will either pay that or freeze. Let's see if all the European governments pull a "zelensky" and make good and sure their populations are dead just to get their way. They are corrupt enough, they just might.
If Russia has the world's only gold backed currency, guess what people will migrate to? Especially if Russia manages to enforce it. That alone would cause the J backed central banks to "push the button."

March 28 updates

The definition of arrogance: (This is SO BAD it is hard to believe it is not scripted:

Get this: Europe and the United States:
1. Stole Russia's gold.
2. Stole Russia's foreign assets, including private assets, both hard and financial.
3. Kicked Russia out of the world financial system.
4. Cut Russia off economically.
5. Called for the destruction of Russia.
6. Then had the audacity to complain about Russia demanding they start paying for everything in Rubles or gold.

If this is not scripted, SORRY: DON'T ASK RUSSIA TO BE THE "GIVING TREE".




It does not matter if the pandemic is over and the vaccine is proven fraudulent, they are going for it anyway.

This just came into Gmail from a very reliable source. I am going to type in in here and take it verbatim. It is completely legit info.

After June 30 2022
-the European Council has amended resolution 2361 and no longer objects to compulsory vaccination.
-As of July 1 2022 the EU has announced the legislation for the mandatory EU COVID 19 Certificates that deprive you of all freedoms if you do not have a QR covid certificate. If there is a majority of member states sighing the legislation, compulsory vaccination will be introduced.
-at the end of 2022/2023 there will be a digital currency.
-The EU will impose a digital ID on every EU citizen. (The Dutch already have this and are already referring to the EU version on the website)
-All ATMs will be replaced by QR code ATMs in the near future, Belgium is already installing them full swing.
-If these QR code machines are integrated, cash can no longer be withdrawn from banks and/or elsewhere.
-The EU aims to make cash completely worthless within 18 months.
-The EU resolution permanently deprices every person of their physical integrity.
The actual document can be downloaded HERE. Even though it's a foreign language for most, the words are lucky and you can tell what they are saying well enough to know this is for real.

China is likely expecting a false flag bio attack

They just locked down Shanghai claiming it was for a "zero covid policy". But you don't lock down Shanghai for that. Something is up that they don't want talked about. Here are the lockdown rules:
All non essential businesses are now closed. Everyone has to stay home. Food will be brought and dropped off in an isolated spot where people can go to grab it, in order, to avoid contact with others and you have to show your papers to get it. Anyone who can work from home will work from home. All public transport is suspended.

THIS IS IN SHANGHAI, not Wuhan or some other less important city. These measures are more severe than anything issued in Shanghai yet.

Why would China do this? EASY ANSWER: Ethnic bioweapons. Ukraine biolabs. Biden's direct involvement via Hunter . . . . also, to entrap people who are not on "the right side of things" in the current war . . . . the government is actually scared. Mexico ought to worry too!!!
Here we have in China a situation where there's no major outbreak and they locked down Shanghai anyway. It's not like the government there wants to destroy the country the way America's government does, SOMETHING IS UP.
It sounded too bad to be true, because . . . . . Shanghai. So I looked for the source of this info, and RT had it.


Straight from a Government statement, of a type which is not issued often:
All Mexican made products are for the most part going to stay the same, HOWEVER, wheat based products are going to skyrocket in price. This is because Mexico was importing large amounts of wheat from Ukraine and that has stopped. Additionally, many countries are holding onto resources which is causing a wheat shortage because Mexico does not grow a lot of wheat.
Mexico's gas prices have been kept stable because Obrador is tapping reserves to keep the prices down. Mexico is therefore an anomaly on the world stage where despite importing a lot of gas, the prices are stable. Historically Mexico's gas prices have been incrementally (not exponentially) higher than elsewhere and now the people are getting that returned to them by the fact that the gas prices are normal. So that's very good governance.
VERY GOOD: Mexico has one of the world's top 15 economies while having a relatively small population in relation to economic output. (In other words, Mexico does extremely well economically when it comes to production) and as a result, there will be NO corn shortages, NO beef shortages, NO egg shortages, NO SHORTAGES OF ANYTHING that are not tied to wheat prices. Even pineapple and rice are going to stay the same because it is all made in Mexico. Even cars are going to do ok because so many are made here, though for the moment used car values have gone to the moon because America is still taking Mexican production.
The bottom line is that thanks to Obrador not being the enemy of the people the way Biden is, Mexico's going to do OK. America could too if the entirety of the American government was not actively seeking to destroy America. THE PROBLEMS IN AMERICA ARE FAKE AND CAUSED. Mexico is proving it!!!
I was baffled by all the people on social media saying how bad things were getting because I was not seeing it. And that was because Mexico is an isolated pocket of normalcy, possibly the last decent place left on earth. It really is "business as usual" here. How lucky Mexico was to avoid the vote rig and get Obrador right when he was needed most. I suspect the prior election was stolen from him and if so, it was a good thing because Mexico has one term presidents and it caused him to serve his term at the most critical possible moment. As far as I see it, Mexico's doomsday clock is set to go off at the end of Obrador's term. Only God knows what will happen then, there are those who are confident the good guys will win . . . . .

A HUGE gripe I have. Youtube scams video hits not by 90 percent, they scam them by 98+ percent.

I always wondered why when I'd embed a Youtube video from here that I could never generate over 300 or so hits I knew were mine by watching their stat counter. The traffic to the site should have made that tiny number impossible. THEN I started hosting the videos from my own servers. And when they are on MY servers and the stats can't be faked, they ALWAYS hit 100,000 views, often hit 500,000 and a couple have hit over a million.

Everyone who is anyone knows Youtube is scum sucking gutter trash, but the average joe is guessing the flavor wrong, it is a LOT WORSE FLAVOR than ANYONE realizes.

I am also confident that big names that don't do politics on Youtube are also getting scammed by Youtube so Youtube can steal the ad revenue, Youtube won't do it by 98 percent but 65 percent? SURE, they'll scam someone who's on good terms out of about 65 percent.
I know what I am talking about. Practically no one in alt media has bought enough server power to actually get away with serving as much sh*t as I do and use it as a reference for troubleshooting. I have troubleshot the Youtube hit counter, there's absolutely no way a Youtube embed can generate 300 hits and an embed from one of my servers can generate 100,000+ every single time. NO. WAY.
We all know elections get stolen via fractional voting, where some votes count more than others, Why can't Youtube do that with the videos? It's not rocket science and the same tribe runs both. Don't tell us we don't count every video served, we CERTAINLY DO, but sometimes it takes 300 or more to add up to 1!!!
They probably scam alt media to the max because if alt media really saw the value of what they posted, they'd scream more loudly about being demonetized. Hey DAVID, we need to calculate the actual stats on go get F***ed .com. to see if we need to ban them now because they are having too much influence. How much are they ratioed???
It is NOT a myth, there's no damn way I generate a couple hundred Youtube hits to a really good Youtube embed, and hundreds of thousands to even a mundane embed from my own servers. NO. DAMN. WAY. Youtube integrity is a myth.
The same holds true for many of the other alt video servers, the counts on them are WAY TOO LOW. Many of them are probably honey pots and they are not going to let anyone know just how dominant alt media is by letting the hit counters run up fairly. Most likely many of them are legit but that won't stop American intelligence or some other whack job from using a UEFI back door to tweak the hits in the background where the site operator can't see it. I myself have to measure it by bandwdith going out, that cannot be hidden. A 3 meg video that eats a terabyte got served 333,000 times . . . . easy math. I have plenty of terabytes to measure this with. It's not like I have to worry about that. (well sort of but not really) but a LOT goes out and I see it ALL. That one where Zalensky's Ukranian forces shot that married couple who came across previous murders of other fleeing people while fleeing Mariupol got 2.5 million hits I could see on my own servers while it languished at the source with less than 5,000 before it was wiped??? BULLSHIT.

I think I'll prominently post that again. HERE IT IS.


March 27 updates

Will Smith just hit Chris Rock HARD at the oscars

They censored this in the US already but the Japanese did not censor it. No beeps, no nothing, this is not censored.


This is what happens to Russian troops that surrender

The Ukranians shoot them in the legs, knees and crotch. Pretty good motiviation to NOT surrender. Three new Russian POW's arrive at the end in perfect condition and are shot as soon as they get out of the van.


Two big hoaxes going around

One is the latest "letter from Putin" where he says the election was stolen and not to support Biden. Putin DID give a speech calling for the ouster of Biden but the letter itself is a hoax, which is why I did not post it. The other big hoax is a FOX news broadcast posted on the 24th claiming all the criminals who stole the election were in barges off the coast of GITMO. But there's a problem: The actual broadcast happened two days before the 2020 election. At least that's what I have been able to dig up on this. Someone took the recent attention given to Clarence Thomas and fronted a hoax with it.

THE FOLLOWING is not a hoax:


It is epic video which clearly shows the hatred the Ukranian people have for this guy.

This is the guy that gave the orders to murder people who were trying to flee Mariupol and elsewhere, in addition to giving Ukranian forces explicit instructions to set up in hospitals and apartments and fight the battles from them while they were full of "human shields", in addition to tying men to trees with 10 rounds of ammo to shoot at the Russians as they approached because the people would normally not do that because they hated him so much.

This video clearly shows how they felt about it.


There is another video of what people think without Azov in them HERE. and another one HERE.

"HUGE AND URGENT" Chrome browser "update" is probably an alt media filter

Yesterday Google put out a huge anouncement for everyone to get an update to patch a glaring hole in Chrome and they had to do it NOW. They never gave details about what that hole even involved. But it probably has somethig to do with censorship. They need to update that!
When it comes to software "updates" be very skeptical. A reader sent all the screen caps from malwarebytes which is why I sent everything back to the original server. "they" probably got screamed at enough for censoring this one already.


Want to see how realistic a Ukraine deep fake can be? This one is IMPORTANT, A SOLID EDUCATION.

This is on Vidmax so I cannot save it or embed it or anything, you just have to go there and see it.

There are countless things wrong with this video that immediately set my spidey senses off as it being fake, HOWEVER, THERE'S ONE GLARING ERROR YOU NEED NO SPIDEY SENSES FOR: When the girl is walking forward her foot hits a piece of metal and it makes a very loud bouncing clank that you only get when metal is thrown. However, her foot passes right through it and it stays exactly where it was in the frame. That's something anyone can see -

THIS ONE IS IMPORTANT BECAUSE IT LOOKS SO REAL IT WILL BLOW YOU AWAY. real looking, yet easily proven fake in a way anyone with eyesight can see.

It is a stunning bad screwup people need to see before this gets deleted because I cannot save anything off Vidmax. If you are not paying attention it looks very real, but there are other dead giveaways I noticed in video games all the way back before 1995 that are in this despite how real the graphics look. I won't say what those dead giveaways are because I don't want to tip the enemy off to how to fake it better. In this video the metal is such an obvious blooper you can't expect something like that to be repeated and it is something everyone will see. This is probably why video game graphics were held back for so long - they did not want people to realize fakes could be so realistic.

FAVOR NEEDED. 1. Install Malwarebytes.
2. Get screen captures of it blocking this site, if possible all 3 servers.
3. Send the captures.

I am sure that with enough proof there will be an opportunistic lawyer who will sue them and keep 100 percent of whatever is won.

TO WIN: Screencap Malwarebytes or any other "protection suite" that blocks this site or even puts up a warning. Then, load this site and capture the page code. View source, capture, present in court. YOU WILL WIN. Sue them for whatever you want. This site is 100 percent malware free hand typed code. There's no chance of anything bad being in it. If it is called malware, that's a legit lawsuit. I will provide feedback to help whoever tries this succeed. THIS APPLIES TO ALL VIRUS SCANNERS AND MALWARE SCANNERS THAT DO THIS, NOT ONLY MALWAREBYTES.


A reader sent the following. I ask my readers to consider this might be true.

"You know what?
I'm thinking tonight.
Putin was a WEF Young Global Leader trained by Schwab&co. Supposedly he dropped out of the program.......where is the evidence of this?.....oh, I know, the Ukraine war is supposed to convince us of this.
Again, this WAR in Ukraine, was just TOO timely, to quash the covid kill shot narratives. It is a distractionm AND, more importanty it provides a NEW source of BLAME for all of our chain shortages, energy shortages, food shortages, etc,etc. All the things necessary to strip average people of their wealth, to lay the foundation for the GREAT RESET.
And recall that Putin forced a lot of covid kill shots on the Russians too. For what? The common cold/flu??? So Putin was in lock step agreement with this HUGE FRAUD. You never heard of russia using Ivermectin or HCQ which is a known anti-viral, which if used stops all the colds and flus. Don't tell me that Putin is clueless about all this.
Soros has been criticizing Russia.....and now China too. What's up with that? I think it is pure smoke and mirrors.
Jewish Communists CREATED Communist China and Communist Russia.
All the pre-planned sanctions against Russia have been nullified by BRICS countries (China, India, etc.) providing a way around ALL the sanctions. Russia isn't hurting at all.
The US sanctions this, and Russia retaliates with that. Tit for tat.....just a little too even handed. It seems pre-planned and orchestrated.
The sanctions against Russia are hurting NATO countries more than Russia. What's up with that?
We know this Phony war plays perfectly with the Great Reset: to strip everyone of their wealth and kill off a lot of people due to energy shortages and food shortages and other supply chain shortages.....and that all gets blamed on Russia.    . . .Russia is the new scape goat. It used to all be blamed on Covid, but now we have Russia.
The energy shortages, we KNOW Biden is causing them by shuting down domestic energy development. We don't need Russian energy AT ALL!
Same deal with PLANNED food shortages, to cause starvation in NATO and Caucasian countries. Biden Admin paying Farmers to destroy their crops, and punishing them if they don't. Its all part of the planned FAMINE/STARVATION......untimely DEATH.

I think we are being scammed again.

Fool me once, shame on you.
Fool me twice, shame on ME!
Did you really think the covid crap was all there was to this game plan to kill and steal, and roll out the Jewish Communist Global New World Order Dictatorship?
Think again.
I think we are being totally scammed AGAIN.
Putin is no more our "savior" than Trump turned out to be. They are all a con.

Today's war updates start below this line.


March 25 updates:



How about THAT for a false flag??

Click the image to view the video.

Nimitz Class Aircraft Carrier U.S.S. Abraham Lincoln spotted in the South China Sea.

The Twitter I found this on is HERE.

Granted, both the Chinese and Russians have this on their own satellites, probably clear enough to see sailor bob clip his toenails, but this is still pretty reckless of the USGS.


Typical big refinery fire. How convenient!!!

They are lying about the Chinese plane crash.

They are stating everything about the crash with limits placed on technical specifications for an aircraft that has broken up, and they are refusing to state what would happen with a plane that was perfectly intact put into a full throttle dive via a hack that disabled software limits.

Another video has surfaced that proves the plane never broke up, (like they are trying to sell) and it instead crashed at above mach speeds in a perfectly intact dive.


What happened? The plane went at least mach 1.5, and now another video proves it. There's only one way a Boeing can reach such a speed and that is if all software and pilot control is disabled and it is full throttle into the ground. We have all seen these jets flying. Do they EVER GO THIS FAST??? That's a big jet so it will look like it is going slower than a fighter jet, but even with that at play it is obvious it is going supersonic jet fighter speed.

We are dealing with people who do nothing but lie attempting to coverup a bunch of murders plus the use of their classified system to accomplish murdering people whenever it is "really needed". That's all there is to any of the coverage of this "crash".

In the 1970's there was an incident when a boeing jet went into a dive that the pilots did not notice due to visibility issues and other factors, and it broke the sound barrier. I cannot find the account of this incident now, but it got up to about mach 1.2 and they managed to recover it after they came out of the bottom of the clouds. I thought that would be easy to look up but for some reason it is not coming up. It is a fact that if all you want to do is crash a boeing and you have no intentions of flying one, they absolutely will substantially break the sound barrier in a dive. And that's what we are looking at in China now. Yes, obviously the black box is severely damaged, and I seriously doubt it will yield any data at all. The crash was probably enhanced to the max on purpose for that reason alone. The black boxes are not designed to withstand mach speeds.


RUMOR: Polish presidential plane made emergency landing UPDATE: No longer rumor. Now people are guessing at why.

Polish president Duda was on the way to meet Biden. No one knows what happened, or if it even happened. Lots of jokes about Biden's dirty diaper delaying the meeting and whatnot. I say perhaps Poland got tipped off to a false flag.

March 24 updates

I was 100 percent right with what I have said about how dirty Zelensky's forces are fighting, here is proof:

Look at that again. That's how filthy they were - so filthy they put tanks under the civilians and soldiers shooting above them so Russia would have to rack up a huge civilian death toll. That's as dirty as it gets.

North Korea's new ICBM, additional comment:

It can go 4,000 kilometers past any target in the United States. It is 5,000 kilometers short of hitting Buenos Aires. When they say it can "Hit almost anywhere on earth" what that really translates to is that it can hit anywhere Kim Jong would ever consider nuking, Buenos Aires is not on the list.
The spookiest thing however is that now China and Russia or even corrupt people in the United States have a proxy they can fight a nuclear war with, the way the United States was setting up Ukraine to be a proxy against Russia. Several countries, including even the corrupt in the U.S. government could use North Korea as a proxy to nuke the United States, that is if, of course Kim Jong wanted to play ball and with the way the CIA can manipulate and deceive, there's a chance they'd trick Kim Jong into launching an American nuke right back at the United States. How would Kim Jong even know what he was sent? It's not like it is a marketed item. He could probably build multiple rockets now, and just not have the nukes to put on them. He has a few good nukes but definitely not dozens. He's a perfect proxy in waiting.


There is no bonus for being stupid enough to submit to another dose of the "vax", "they" will just laugh.


All planned. All done by intent. There will be a "dark winter" at some point, will that be 2022? Was "Dark Winter" a nuclear winter????
Not worth mentioning: Madeline Albright is dead. No one is sad. At least no one with a soul.
The viral story about the guy with a chicken up his butt is probably a hoax. It was not published in the area where it was supposed to have happened in Indiana and was reported in a lone newspaper in New Jersey. Given the ridiculousness of the entire scenario and the lone source, it was probably a joke.Yes, I put Madeline Albright's passing in the same not headlined small text blurb as a guy with a chicken up his *ss.



Right after that ship supplying the effort was blown up and two similar ships skedaddled. The takeover of Mariupol was mostly launched from the port of Berdyansk which is approximately 35 miles southwest of Mariupol. There is little question the attack on the ships was a last ditch effort by someone, no one is certain who that "someone" was at this point, or at least I have not seen clarification beyond rumor as to whether the missile came from Ukraine or elsewhere.

North Korea just launched an ICBM that can hit anywhere on earth.

It was a high angle (near straight up launch) where it reached 6000 KM altitude. Launched to the side a little instead where it is not only climbing, it would hit anywhere on earth.

IN OTHER NEWS: North Korea has now set itself up as the patsy in a nuclear false flag!!!


A 370 foot long landing ship was struck by a missile in the Ukranian port of Berdyansk.

Sky News said an ICBM hit it (which would mean outside involvement) while others are saying a ballistic missile from Ukraine hit it. It was at anchor, which makes a ballistic missile hit possible. Either way it was a ballistic missile. Claims were that it sank, but Russia said they intentionally scuttled it to stop a chain reaction of munitions explosions. If that be the case they will refloat it, probably with heavy damage. The DailyFail has an enormous amount of video and photos I don't want to pollute the front page with. They are overblowing it and bragging, 370 feet is not huge. Significant, but not huge. Story developing.

47 trillion vs 28 trillion, which will win?

What will happen in a new economic scenario if the world splits? My guess is the west, which is actively being destroyed from within, will lose.

On one side of the equation we have China, India, Russia, Brazil, Mexico, Indonesia, Iran, and Saudi Arabia. I will skip the less important countries in this equation to keep it simple. The combined economic output of this group of countries is a rounded off 28 trillion, (anyone can look them up and do the math)
On the other side of the equation, there is the United States (with a government actively seeking to destroy it) Japan (with a government that's not as compromised) Germany, the UK, South Korea, France, Italy, Canada, Australia, Spain, and the Netherlands, with all of those having governments actively seeking to destroy them, except for perhaps South Korea, and probably even them. How will that play out? Without getting complicated, here's the answer:
Even if the Western governments only succeeded in destroying their countries by 25 percent, their combined number would drop to 35.25 trillion. Even if the countries not staffed by governments actively seeking to destroy them only come up by 25 percent, their combined output would be 35 trillion. And if those countries succeed in getting their own reserve currency going, my guess is that for ONLY THE REASON their governments are not actively seeking to destroy them, they will absolutely smash the west.

So there's a little terra firma. That's where we actually sit. Just a 25 percent shift on each side, which is following the current trend, will put both sides at parity.

Obviously then, it would be foolish for "the lesser countries" that are not self destructing to stay isolated. If they took advantage of this situation, more likely than not they will absolutely come out on top.

March 23 updates

This is the most credible "aids in the vax" video I have ever seen done

It is about an hour long but it is worth it, this is going to go mega viral. No time for it? Put it in a tab and just use the audio while you do other things, do not skip this one.


Here is how that was accomplished: The United States oversaw every murder possible of Ukranians fleeing. One video of this was on this site a couple weeks ago. They supported Zelensky the entire time he had that done. At the same time they supported zelensky conscripting all males up to age of 65 to fight the Russians, including by tying them to trees and handing them a gun with 10 rounds. At the same time Zalensky was doing that, NATO sent in lots of mercenaries with Western weapons, Mercenaries who 100 percent fought from in-use hospitals and apartments to force Russians to fight them there, AT THE SAME TIME The Ukraine forces were exterminating the local population to rack up Russia's "civilian death toll" all the while Russia was only shooting to stop them from killing the civilians, a reality that the Ukranian forces have partaken in for the past 8 years, and the reason why Russia went in to begin with.

So now read America's B.S. accusations, when it was the American side that caused it all. Obama's repeal of the Smith-Mundt act is what made it perfectly legal for the government and media to lie it's ass off, and that's all we are getting. Here is a fine example:


This is the level of honesty we are getting in the Western MSM with regard to Ukraine:


This is exactly the type of thing that will kick off world war 3

Putin is going to set the value of the ruble based on oil.

And the cabal is going to HATE THAT. If anything could trigger world war 3, that's it.

And look at the Twitter account. "terror alarm". Yes, if you trade in Rubles, you are a TERRORIST, ESPECIALLY WHEN IT IS FOR OIL.

There are 4 Russian nuclear subs coming down the west coast of Canada

That's a short coast. The United States may have failed to track them down the Alaska pan handle. Canada tracked them for a while and then lost them. They are probably off the coast of Washington state by now. Once they get close to position they are going to be much harder to track because they are not in transit anymore and can move very slowly which is a lot quieter.


My response:


Right before got shut down I predicted oil prices were going to go up and they would not come back down. Here is what has happened since:

A reader wrote and said that's not really a NATO tank. I know. But it was a pride event in Germany. The Russian tank did not have the Z on it either. It's called making a joke. Yes the "NATO tank" is still useful. It should not be pink.

Home Depot stepped in it big time.

Home Depot IS in my area so I can boycott them (fixed the screw up where I said Lowes)

Look at this really carefully. They have really cornered white males here, there's no way out, WHITE MALES are guilty NO MATTER WHAT. Look at the definition of racism: It's now defined as Prejudice+power. So EVERYONE ELSE GETS TO SKATE!! See how that works?? COOL!!! . . . NOT. This will definitely lead to race hatred warfare when the tribe starts stirring the pot.

The following will stay top posted for the day because it took a lot of work and was on the wartime server where a lot of people might not have seen it. Scroll past it for today's updates


Here ya go!! Confirmation my assumptions about the crash were BANG ON. Trolls are trying to bury this and say it was a different fang fang, but that's not probable when the one on the plane was the exact same age of the spy, a spy who went on to work in finance the same way she did for the politicians.

MY GUESS: Chinese cutie pie probably threatened the wrong people in the U.S. government now that people are waking up. HERE IS MORE:

I have modified the following report because as it was originally typed it obviously rattled too many cages. One of the ISP's we use banned this site right after I posted this. Don't worry, it is still plenty "good".



They (may have) used the same remote hijack system that was used with the 911 planes. The United States is the only country that has the Boeing codes and someone did this. The hijack was unexpectedly caught on a very clear CCTV system, the plane was going far in excess of the sound barrier, my guess is mach 1.7 which a Boeing jet will do in a dive if you don't intend to fly it.

Remote hijack capabilities were put in all boeing planes after 1983 to make it impossible for terrorists to hijack the planes. But that won't stop a corrupt government with a child molesting presidential family from using it during a war. CHINA, IT LOOKS LIKE THE UNITED STATES DID THIS. THERE IS YOUR WAR. Yes, this happened hours after China did not bow down to Washington, and Washington subsequently banned and blacklisted Chinese diplomats from travel. The plane had to have been perfectly intact with no problems to hold together at that speed. This is clear. View it full screen. The United States probably figured there would not be such clear video. This is going to screw the United States out of being able to claim it is a "boeing 737 problem" but they will probably try, even though it was not this model of 737 that had problems.

Did I read anywhere that this was a remote hijack?? NO. But I am qualified to say it was. I knew about that system the entire time I was ____________ but stupidly believed it "made the world a better place". Without any hesitation whatsoever I will openly declare that was a remote hijack, they cannot blame the plane for that but they will probably try. Boeing is going to get on the line with china and pump China's ears full of bullshit.

REALITY: Gaze upon the new face of high tech warfare, that is exactly what it looks like and it is possible with any Boeing plane introduced after 1983.

China found one of the black boxes from the jet. I think it will be useless.


The logical deduction with is that low level employees shut it down and high level employees ordered it back online. But tech support basically called it "bad judgement" on my part/compromise on their part and that I did not meet the criteria for a shutdown. REALITY: I was expected to blink out and be gone and instead they knocked down a hornets nest. OOOPS.

I received another mail this morning that I thought said was going to be banned too but started working again. I am leaving my prior message up just in case it is legit. They sent a hodge podge of confusing stuff I can't figure out until I see what happens.

The following is no longer definite. I don't know what is going on. Claudia thinks lower level employees banned the site without full permission and management kicked their butts. I myself do not know what is going on. It is all a confusing mess. Here is my original post from this morning.


They sent a message telling me ahead of time this time. And they are lying their asses off, this time around they said they were never raided and it was THEIR PERSONAL CHOICE to shut this web site and the other one down over the Hunter pics. Pics which showed no nudity. Pics which showed NO SEXUAL ACTS. Pics which as it turns out have been posted to Reddit, Beforeitsnews and more without getting people banned from free accounts. It looks like I pissed off a Karen who never grew up.
WELL THEN, the site is now HERE.

DO NOT GET HOSTED IN ICELAND, ICELAND IS A HONEY TRAP WHERE YOU WILL BE SHUT DOWN QUICKER THAN ANYWHERE ELSE. FREE SPEECH? MY ASS!! How on earth would you prove Hunter Biden was raping little girls with a stock photo? THEY TOLD ME I SHOULD HAVE POSTED A STOCK PHOTO. I instead posted one that had perfectly legal attire and no sexual acts going on. HEY, I HAVE BLOODY BED PHOTOS WHERE "THEY MAKE NEW HOLES" because a kid can't accomodate an adult!!! HOW ABOUT THAT YOU F'ERS IN ICELAND???. I have the goods. I took it easy and posted a pic which if banned was a political choice, not a pornographic one. There is no reason whatsoever to shut this server down, and the "reason" for shutting the other one down was subjective opinion, not reality.


This page posted March 22 2022 and has posts for at least the previous week. For the latest page, Click here



They used the same remote hijack system that was used with the 911 planes. The United States is the only country that has the Boeing codes, the United States did this. The hijack was unexpectedly caught on a serious HD CCTV system, the plane was clearly going far in excess of the sound barrier.

At the time 911 happened I was fresh out of the NSA and had the insider info on the remote hijack capabilities. They were put in all boeing planes after 1983 to make it impossible for terrorists to hijack the planes. But that won't stop a corrupt government with a child molesting presidential family from using it during a war. CHINA, THE UNITED STATES DID THIS. THERE IS YOUR WAR.


Yes, this happened hours after China did not bow down to Washington, and Washington subsequently banned and blacklisted Chinese diplomats from travel. The plane had to have been perfectly intact with no problems to hold together at that speed. This is clear. View it full screen. The United States probably figured there would not be such clear video. This is going to screw the United States out of being able to claim it is a "boeing 737 problem" but they will probably try, even though it was not this model of 737 that had problems.

Did I read anywhere that this was a remote hijack?? NO. But I am qualified to say it was. I knew about that system the entire time I was in the NSA but stupidly believed it "made the world a better place". After Iceland deleted an entire web site without warning over the hunter pic which shows absolute deviance in the (vote fraud) presidential family, the gloves are off. Without any hesitation whatsoever I will openly declare that was a remote hijack, they cannot blame the plane for that but they will probably try. Boeing is going to get on the line with china and pump China's ears full of bullshit.

REALITY: Gaze upon the new face of high tech warfare, that is exactly what it looks like and it is possible with any Boeing plane introduced after 1983.

Claudia and I have bugged out. All updates will be here, I am going to let the other server sit unless this one gets shut down OR I have an opportunity to do a bulk upload, (Security protocol: one server per computer, the computer I am taking does not administer the other server)


People are saying other sites have had that Hunter pic up and none of them are getting shut down. That is because this was a totally unjustified targeted hit and they were looking for any excuse at all to shut this site down. Add that to the credibility notch, this, of all sites, pisses "them" off.
Make sure you scroll down to all the tech support captures where they claim they were justified. They are important captures, and prove Iceland is not at all a place to put hard hitting truth. Freedom of speech??!!?? They are full of CRAP with that. All they did by banning is prove they support the child sex slave trade the "elite" indulge in by banning those who are effective at getting the word out. How many kids from Iceland get fed into that system? Did Hunter nail one???

bookmark this backup location, is GONE. ALSO BOOKMARK This other backup location because the shutdown was not done ethically at all and this location could vanish too. The battle is probably not over, make sure you bookmark BOTH backup locations.

All the captures that showed how the ban was done are down the page a ways.

Russia's official statement about Hunter's laptop. This is a doozie.

"The New York Times' reluctant acknowledgment of the authenticity of the notes and photographs in the laptop lost by Joe Biden's offspring has a lot to do with the catastrophe of Ukrainian statehood. Drug addict, drunkard, lecher and thief Hunter Biden robbed Ukraine and shared bribes with his father.
Now, when all this has been revealed, the father of this bastard is flooding Ukraine with weapons in order to burn in the fire all possible evidence of the corruption of his criminal family.
I believe that our law enforcement agencies will be interested to conduct a thorough investigation of these crimes by the ruling family in America in order to understand the true motives of the behaviour of the US political elite, primarily the "democrats", who deposed Yanukovych in 2014 and brought Nazi monkeys to power with a grenade in their hand.

INFOWARS: They are going to false flag assassinate Biden

Yesterday I posted about how an enormous amount of law enforcement and more was surrounding Biden's house in Delaware. A couple hours ago Infowars posted that "they" are going to assassinate Biden as a pretext for kicking off a war with Russia.

MY COMMENT: If they assassinate Biden, they are going to have to pro-rate that because Biden is already 90 percent gone.
SO, will they assassinate Biden anyway? My take is that Biden is of so little use at this point that the biggest contribution they could EVER milk out of a Biden presidency would indeed be to kill him and blame the Russians.
UNKNOWN FACTOR: Undeservedly, Biden actually does have a great wife. I don't know if she loves him or not, but I'd say there's a fair chance she'd stand in the way of any assassination if she could. She's the wildcard.

Total site downtime was 26 hours 14 minutes. That's how long it took me to convince "them" it would be best to have it up, read the following for what went on.

Multiple trolls, NOT JUST ONE GUY have tried to gain traction saying the site shutdown was fake or "overblown" Are they right? See for yourself! trolls are what they are after all . . . . and no, it was not 4 hours. I am going to leave this top posted until I am certain it has eaten them like acid all the way through.

Here is the response I sent:

Here is the response they sent:

Here is my final response:

AND THIS IS WHAT HAPPENED: Enough people found the backup server from bookmarks and "Many thanks to others in alt media who linked it" and this happened:

UPDATE: This next chart does not show coming back, this shows how much it recovered when was totally gone. The site recovered this well without at all due to the redundancy I have ready to launch instantly. This is one of the most robust sites on the web.

IMPORTANT: This is an inverted graph. The green is the bandwidth going out, not the white.



Tech support said "compromise" on their part and "no more errors" on my part would mean this site is back up. The decisions were completely theirs and there were no orders from anyone to shut it down, they just figured they'd do it. I FIRMLY BELIEVE MY RESPONSE IS THE REAL REASON WHY THEY OPTED TO PUT IT BACK UP. HERE IT IS:






This is a capture of their tech support screen which I can capture without compromising security. The battle that ensued happened in Gmail and has to be photos because I cannot get captures from the gmail computer to this site without compromising security.

Here is the response I sent:

Here is the response they sent:

Here is my final response:

AND THIS IS WHAT HAPPENED: Enough people found the backup server from bookmarks and "Many thanks to others in alt media who linked it" and this happened:

As a result of this, because I cannot figure out the tech support letters and what they mean, this location is considered dead for quite a while, the site will now be on the wartime server HERE. until I get a good feel for what is going on. It could be back.

TO BE CLEAR: UNTIL IT RUNS FOR A WHILE I CONSIDER JIMSTONE.IS TO BE DEAD, AND VOTERIG.COM TO ALSO BE DEAD. ALL UPDATES WILL BE HERE. Both Voterig and this site might blink out within the next 24 hours, I can't make heads or tails of the tech support letters which are sending conflicting messages.

Claudia thinks, due to the convoluted mess that low level employees decided on their own to ban the site, and upper management said NO. Who knows. Wait and see I guess.

The page beyond this is now a dead stub.
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Today's war updates start below this line.


March 20 updates

Russia's official statement about Hunter's laptop. This is a doozie.

"The New York Times' reluctant acknowledgment of the authenticity of the notes and photographs in the laptop lost by Joe Biden's offspring has a lot to do with the catastrophe of Ukrainian statehood. Drug addict, drunkard, lecher and thief Hunter Biden robbed Ukraine and shared bribes with his father.
Now, when all this has been revealed, the father of this bastard is flooding Ukraine with weapons in order to burn in the fire all possible evidence of the corruption of his criminal family.
I believe that our law enforcement agencies will be interested to conduct a thorough investigation of these crimes by the ruling family in America in order to understand the true motives of the behaviour of the US political elite, primarily the "democrats", who deposed Yanukovych in 2014 and brought Nazi monkeys to power with a grenade in their hand.

INFOWARS: They are going to false flag assassinate Biden

Yesterday I posted about how an enormous amount of law enforcement and more was surrounding Biden's house in Delaware. A couple hours ago Infowars posted that "they" are going to assassinate Biden as a pretext for kicking off a war with Russia.

MY COMMENT: If they assassinate Biden, they are going to have to pro-rate that because Biden is already 90 percent gone.
SO, will they assassinate Biden anyway? My take is that Biden is of so little use at this point that the biggest contribution they could EVER milk out of a Biden presidency would indeed be to kill him and blame the Russians.
UNKNOWN FACTOR: Undeservedly, Biden actually does have a great wife. I don't know if she loves him or not, but I'd say there's a fair chance she'd stand in the way of any assassination if she could. She's the wildcard.

This is what happens when Stupidity becomes an environmentalist superpower



Border patrol Puts news crew in handcuffs with guns drawn while they let illegals stream across the border. One of the film crew members managed to capture it on a cell phone while being detained in the back of a border patrol vehicle. This is an absolutely raunchy bust of the border patrol that totally uncovers the stink. Let's go brandon!!!!

Russia keeps doubling down on the biolabs

Obviously that story is legit. They went into more detail. The details are that the bioweapons were more than race-specific, they were ethnic on top of that. I will explain -
Let's say you have two groups that are nearly genetically identical, to such an extent you'd never be able to have a bioweapon choose who to kill correctly based on genetics, because it's all the same gene pool. Ethnic bioweapons work like this: Let's say some people in the gene pool happen to eat lentils a lot and other people in the same gene pool do not. Or perhaps, in one group there's an enormously popular restaurant chain that EVERYONE eats at, that no one in the other group has access to. For an ethnic bioweapon then, you make sure that whatever is in the food activates the weapon, and as long as no one in the ethnic group you don't want wiped out eats that, they will be fine even if the genetics are the same. Some of the Jewish bioweapons target those who eat pork, with pork being one side of the binary but such a weapon won't take out the Muslims so it is just an option . . . . . the pork weapons were developed right around 2004 so this is old news . . . .


I BELIEVE that Russia just saved the world, and Russia will pay the price for EVERYONE to not be destroyed, they are not only paying the price of saving themselves.

Now, there's no way to know how Americans and Europeans might be targeted, (no way to know what foods are targeted) but my guess is that to at least stay a little bit safe don't eat pork NO MATTER WHAT and try to make sure as much as possible of what you buy has the Kosher label. That means McDonalds and Chef Boyardee are OUT.


Right around this time of the year is when cars get re-assessed by make and model in Mex. It also happens in the fall, (twice a year). Yesterday I went to check to see how hard it would be to get a car for my sister in law and car values absolutely blew up. We retired the FIAT for a couple of reasons and got a new econobox about a year ago and when I checked the value of the FIAT it's an impossible $7500 USD on the low end, and about $12,000 USD on the high end. It is absolutely weird. The econobox we picked up used for about $5,000 is now worth $10,000. It was a smart buy even before that happened but what is the huge surprise is the FIAT. It's not one you can get in the U.S., the Fiat is what is called a "world car" that is what I consider "too good for the United States" so the politicians won't allow it. It is one that can "go anywhere" so well that test drives for new ones were done off road by the dealers. So we kept it as a bugout car but not a daily driver because it is an animal off road. And that one went BOOOM, absolutely exploded in value. So I guess I will fix it up. It really needs it. I deemed it "Sometimes you just have to walk away from a car that's been used to death" but it would still work for a bugout. If that went to $7500 as is there is something BIG going on that a lot of people don't know about yet.

HEADS UP: If you have a car you want to sell, you had better seriously reconsider unless you have the new one already lined up and ready to step right into. You might end up left without a ride, cursing yourself.

We'll keep driving the econobox because after a nice going over to work out the bugs it is now hitting 114 kilometers per metric gallon (70.5 mpg) and that was my plan when we bought it. It was rated the champ that way but needed a little maintenance work to get it back up to that. Gas would have to go to $17.50 a gallon to put that car on par with the cost of driving an F-150 today. Add a little gas storage to that equation and it won't be parked.
When I discovered the value of cars in Mex, it happened this way: First, since the sister in law was asking for the FIAT I searched for "Anything below $2500 USD" and it was all garbage. That was odd, because normally good ones will pop up (old but OK). Then I looked for "Anything between $2,500 and $5000 USD and it looked exactly like the first crap search. THE ACTUAL RATED VALUES BY MEXICO'S BLU BOOK PANEL SHOWED UP FOR ALL CARS, IT WAS NOT JUST PEOPLE GOING CRAZY. It was so weird that even junked out Fiats like the one I have were not showing up at the $5000 price point and I paid $3000 for it 7 years ago. The junked out Fiats started showing up at $7500 USD, and that was the LOW END. Mine probably is not that bad (AC still works, no major problems but REALLY USED) so THAT is when I knew something big happened and really looked into it. HOLD ONTO YOUR CAR IF IT WORKS AT ALL, IT MIGHT BE YOUR LAST.

March 19 updates


Somebody linked this (not expected because there's nothing to this post on this site) but I'll at least link Faceplant for people who want to go there to see it. Scroll down and view the transcript to go faster than the video shows it.

No one knows why yet but it appears to be some sort of contingency planning (to evacuate him rapidly if needed). My thoughts: "We don't need no water let the . . . . . "


Supposedly this was released 2 years ago, when Miles Guo was exposing Hunter's laptop. However, I never saw this before and I was ALL OVER the Hunter Biden/crack pipe laptop stuff. This looks like it was released by an intelligence agency, probably Russia's. This photo was taken in a California mansion Hunter rented for a month or so.
These photos are getting censored at the speed of light. I saved them to the computer I find info with and by the time I logged in with the computer I post with, this was vanished.
Left photo: He's trying to get the five year old girl to pole dance. Right photo: No explanation needed.

Once something like that is posted to this site, the censors can stuff it, this site lets the genie out of the bottle for good.

March 18 updates

BBC: Child traffickers have snatched thousands of children during the Ukraine war.

Yes, everyone knew Ukraine was the home base for the so called "elite" who traffick children as the status quo, and now that the war has disturbed things even worse, they went into overdrive. You can safely bet it is at least 10 times the number the BBC is reporting here.

Nancy Pelosi is farther gone than Biden, And Australia roasted her.

Actually, Nancy roasted herself, you HAVE TO watch that video at that link to truly get a grasp on how far gone Nancy Pelosi is. Biden is a young valedictorian compared to Nancy. STOLEN ELECTIONS HAVE CONSEQUENCES, AND NANCY PELOSI IS PROOF. Biden may still have fun abusing his dogs (He's on dog 12 now since taking the white house) but Nancy?? There's no life left ahead of her for her to enjoy, she's simply too far gone.

There are rumors that Zelensky is going to be replaced by Ukranian nationalists because he fled.

The rumor is that they know damn well he's not there and don't want a "traitor" who deserted ruling from a U.S. base in Poland via ZOOM. Only a rumor, but a good one.

PREDICTION: (Never listen to predictions, even mine, because predictions are B.S.) That said: PREDICTION: Oil will now go up in price and this time it won't come back down.

Why is that my prediction? Because both WTI and Brent have the same damn chart (literally).

Even if the price does not go up, the charts still prove there is manipulation and the price is therefore "whatever someone says they are", not what the market would normally set.

March 17 updates


Update to a previous post: More Russian air force passenger planes are taking off for "safe areas" of the Russian heartland. It is pointless to list them all now.


They claim that if the mercenaries leave alive, they will give up secrets. This order probably came from Zelenski who is from a tribe with a history of using people like toilet paper.



ALSO SEE THIS. (for as long as it lasts)


FOR ST PATRICKS DAY, BIDEN SAID "I MAY BE IRISH, BUT I AM NOT STUPID". He's too brain dead to be out in public anymore.

Served from here because I don't think this will survive the censors. This proves how braindead he is.




HIGHLY PROBABLE: Boris Johnson went to Dubai to be cleared to temporarily suspend 800 crewmembers of P&O ferries (owned by Dubai) so the ships could be used to transport military hardware across the English Channel by people who have security clearance.

The ferries were stopped today for removal of crew. People are saying that's because they want to replace the crews with third worlders but you would not fire every last crewmember over that, something else is at play - probably a re-assignment of the ferries (which can handle tanks and everything else)



Putin has now boldly stated coronavirus was developed in Ukraine

Some of the Ukranian biolab employees defected to Putin and spilled the beans. This goes well with it already being known that the labs were being used to study how to get pandemics to spread via migratory animals - that's why in China it showed up in bats.
Under Secretary of State Victoria Nuland threw gas on the topic by stating "We are now in fact quite concerned that Russian troops, Russian forces, may be seeking to gain control of those labs, so we are working with the Ukranians on how they can prevent any of those research materials from falling into the hands of Russian forces should they approach"
My comment: If Russia went into Ukraine for "no reason", why would those biolabs be any concern at all? The reaction from Nuland really bolsters the claims made by the employees that worked at the labs. Yes, they may have defected but doing that with the actual materials in your hand would be a tough gig and such proof increases credibility greatly. Now we have confirmation from Nuland that there really is something the West wants to hide which greatly negates the need for the whistleblowers to bring to Putin absolute proof (seriously impossible when fleeing Ukranian assassins). Big problem there. Putin really was justified.

So Ukraine and the west at the biolabs are literally "shredding ballots" to cover up their biowarfare programs. They have the expert at document destruction making sure nothing is found before a "Russian audit" happens.

Russia's top people are fleeing Moscow.

It is fairly obvious the West wants nuclear war to cover up vax deaths and Putin is not backing down in the face of massive escalation by the west.
Passenger jets that have only the job of being for passengers that belong only to the Russian air force are leaving Moscow and going to remote locations. So far it has amounted to 2 sukhoi superjets (capacity 85 each) two tupolev 214 (210 passengers each) 1 tupolev 204 (190 passengers) an antonov an-148 (80 passengers) 1 IllyushinII-96 (430 passengers) 1 Airbus A319 (120 passengers. They are all headed to points east of Moscow, well into the Russian heartland.
911 happened in part because the Pentagon had a missing $2 trillion they did not want to answer for, and quite conveniently the computers holding that data were exactly where the plane hit. The same people just got done death jabbing 3 billion people. Think they'd launch a nuclear war to cover that up?

The U.S. has given Ukraine 100 killer drones. That's an escalation Putin probably won't tolerate.

SILLY RUSSIANS: What happens when you feed gunpowder into the air intake of a car engine?

March 16 updates

Zalensky played a propaganda video to Congress

The video shows Russian explosions and Ukranian dead because of Russia while it did not show Ukranian forces murdering people trying to flee nor did it show any of the shelling of Donbass he's been doing for years. Maybe Ocasio Cortez would fall for it, maybe not. It comes off as the "worst scenes" from a careful campaign to not destroy the whole place. I don't know if this is going to fly or not, it seems the less informed and more emotional people are the more they side with Zelensky. But even from this, it is obvious he has very little to work with because the video consisted of things we have already seen and there's nothing new. If he had a legit case he could have filled two minutes with "atrocities" we have not already seen. He can't, which means Russia is doing a DAMN GOOD JOB. SEE THIS. I was really surprised he did not have more than that to show

AFTER THIS, PUTIN DOUBLED DOWN AND ESCALATED. He did an epic rant where he stated the West has installed a "fifth column" in Russia to destabilize and divide the country, and that it would be dealt with.

RUMOR: Biden just offered Ukraine all the weapons they can take.

See the next post for why "they" want World War 3.


Just like the first time around when people stopped showing up at work they blamed it on people simply wanting to find new jobs, the second time around is a repeat. WHAT DO YOU DO WHEN MASSIVE NUMBERS OF PEOPLE DIE AND YOU WANT TO BURY IT? YOU SAY "THERE ARE MASSIVE NUMBERS OF PEOPLE WHO ARE QUITTING THEIR JOBS TO FIND NEW ONES." Such an occurrence cannot be organic, there's a cause behind it and someone wants that cause to not be known.

Welcome to Ukraine war propaganda round two, this time for Covid, if people were not awake to the lies before the Ukraine war they ought to figure out by now that lies are told THIS WAY:

Highly probable: Someone is starting fires to create shortages

Yesterday it was a giant fire in the largest warehouse for the largest grocery store chain in Taiwan. Today it is a massive Wal Mart distribution center. 2 in two days? Not plausible, unless intentional. Throw incidents like these on top of the economic pressure that has already been applied and you get a recipe for economic disaster.

HEADLINE: Putin loses 4th general

MY COMMENT: America lost every last decent loyal general in the entire country under Obama, who replaced ALL OF THEM with un-qualified traitors like Rachel Levine. Levine is not an Obama pick but you know what I am saying. That is why the government can now actively seek to destroy the entire country and the military does nothing to stop it, just like the military did nothing to help at all with the coup that happened after the last election.
Before the American media trumpets how Putin is losing generals, they ought to at least go over what has happened to the United States, which may not have a significant number of legit generals at all.

I have been over everything this morning and a comment is most appropriate.

There have been countless reports of Russian generals being killed and paraded in the streets. As far as I can tell, they are all bogus and those generals go to social media and laugh. Though in any war you are going to have some losses of this type even on the winning side, what Ukraine is claiming is ridiculous and ends up being debunked in the most silly ways possible.
Ukraine has resorted to using cluster bombs on civilian populations. Remember who we are up against - Zalensky, who is an Israeli jew that has only one thing in mind: To drag this out and create crisis to get other nations to go to war with Russia on his behalf. Though the cluster bombing, which killed at least 25 civilians and injured 50 more is well known to have been done by Ukraine, you can safely bet the Jewish controlled MSM is going to take the dead baby pics and say Russia did it. There is no honesty anywhere in any of this with regard to the Western MSM.
As it turns out, now that Russia is positioned for the python squeeze, the Ukranian forces vastly underperformed considering how well they were equipped. Never at one point ever, NEVER ONCE did Ukraine actually issue a defensive response that had a chance of being meaningful. All of the actions Ukraine took were disorganized and isolated, the armed forces never once united nationwide to accomplish an objective. One could say that's because Russia wrecked communications but that's a tough claim to make when all the cell phone providers were owned by Russia's enemies and the cell phone systems kept working. There is no excuse whatsoever for the pathetic performance of Ukraine, which never once scored a meaningful victory or put up meaningful resistance at all.
My final conclusion is that Russia kicked butt on the ground, and the west kicked butt with propaganda. The West has managed to front the illusion of a genuine resistance in Ukraine when in reality Ukraine probably has a couple hundred people in a command chain that is drawing it's life from Western support which is getting minimalistic stuff done by those they can threaten and cause to fight Russia out of fear FOR THEM, NOT RUSSIA, along with whatever idiotic mercenaries were suckered into going to Ukraine by Western lies and propaganda. They are even threatening the mercenaries more than Russia is.
It is pointless to even mention it, but Zalensky has not been in Ukraine for weeks now, all of his appearances are green screen. Early on you could find people debunking him by using the chroma key feature in video software, where the color levels of the green screen background, and the color levels of the overlay are enhanced, and Zalensky was popping out like a red demon. It was all fake. You can make a green screen look somewhat convincing as long as no one starts enhancing the output, once enhanced it was clear Zalensky was never in his garden and that he had abandoned his country. It seems that's all the west is capable of - fakery and lies. The lie is modus operandi.
I find it puzzling that Israel actually admitted to Iran killing 4 of their generals on a Mossad base this week. That's not the 9 Iran claimed but at least it was some measure of honesty. And it is a cold hard fact that Iran took out more of Israel's top military people in a single 20 second missile strike on Iraq than Ukraine has managed to do against Russia during a military campaign that saw ALL of Ukraine's military wiped out. Quite literally, all Ukraine has left is squirrels throwing nuts. It is over. Unless Biden and others outside Ukraine decide to start making a mess. ON THAT NOTE:
The U.S. moved in patriot missiles and they are now perfectly positioned to down aircraft in Ukraine FROM POLAND. 50 miles from the border of Ukraine, which is approximately where you would want them. With that type of system "right on the border" is not as good. Someone wants an escalation. But just in case it does not happen, that "someone" is starting to pump Corona fear again, as the CEO of Pfizer, fresh off reassurances he will not be hung for what he did, starts pushing the 4th shot.
Yes, I think we are looking at world war 3. The West has done nothing but deceive and hoax everything, right down to "We want peace". Like hell they do. Those who control the west via vote fraud, (including France, Germany, Canada, Australia and a whole lot more) want the West blown to smithereens. Let's hope Russia has enough brains to know who the enemy is and what to target. And more: Let's all hope Russia is not that exact same enemy that is merely playing a part to make the world believe this all happened because "Russia was the bad guy" and not because our own Jewish controlled and subverted leadership craved it.

March 15 updates

WOW, An American who escaped Ukraine has one hell of a story

The Ukranian forces are not allowing any foreign volunteers to leave, and countries like Britain have resorted to using medical cover to get them out. If they get caught the Ukranian forces seize them and send them right back to the front line, even if they are foreigners. Once caught Ukraine shreds their passports. Russia is absolutely smashing volunteer forces and all of them are trying to escape.

Russia has left the council of Europe.

Zalensky is begging for a defense agreement with a nuclear armed state.

He started with trying to get an alliance with Britain.

Russia is now moving their modern equipment into Ukraine

So far they have predominantly used new troops and 1970's garbage. Now the good stuff is rolling in and the face is completely different. It looks like a completely modern force now.

Russia is beginning to cut the gas off to Europe and has started with the shutdown of the Yamal pipeline.

The Yamal pipeline is dwarfed by NordStream 2 so thus far this is not that big of a deal. It is more of a threat.


A reader wrote and said this site is blocked in Canada

I am looking into this now. Update, Yes, the damage is bad, traffic is down by about 30 percent. USE DIRECT IP, BLOCKS ARE ACCOMPLISHED VIA DNS. Don't type the domain name, use the IP address instead. It comes up automatically, just look in the address bar. Bookmark that. This is most likely because of my NSA post, scroll down for that it is a doozie AND IF YOU CAN STILL HIT THIS SITE, POST THAT EVERYWHERE AND MENTION THE SITE IS (unsuccessfully so far) BLOCKED. I'll get it moved over to another server and see if that helps.

Would a nuke in space destroy all the satellites?

Short answer: depending on the nuke, most likely everything within at least thousand miles and probably a lot more, (even from a not too big nuke) would be destroyed. This is because nothing will stop the radiation pulse OR the EMP in space. On earth, the ionizing radiation from a nuke is stopped by the atmosphere completely within 2 miles. But in space there's nothing at all to stop that so the full energy of the nuke will reach out an enormously longer distance. Yes, nukes in space will wipe out many many satellites in one whack.

Another evergreen ship is aground

The "Ever forward" ran aground in Chesapeake bay during low tide. Tug boats are assisting and perhaps the tide will lift it when it comes in. That's actually a serious navigational error, unless a storm re-shaped the bottom of the bay.

RUMOR: Russia is asking for Alaska back.

That's too stupid to contemplate but the Daily Mail did indeed post that so it is worth a mention. Yes, it did come from Russian state media. No, it is not legit, it was just some guy with a talk show that had some properties in Italy seized.

Both Claudia and I would have lasted longer than this idiot because we'd at least have taken Russia seriously. 20 minutes? Russia is losing??



China is bragging about "capturing" NSA crapware called NOPEN

Actually, Nopen was also released by a hacker group 5 years ago. Maybe there's something new about what China did.
This crapware can infect any device that uses Linux, from a PC to a microwave oven. People don't realize that Microsoft and Apple are not the champs, LINUX is. Linux runs on every Android device, nearly every file server on the web, every router, your televison, your DVD player, your set top box, your smart fridge Your Window's PC, in the UEFI system, at the processor level you never see - - EVERYTHING runs Linux because Linux is not only more powerful than anything else, it's free. Why would manufacturers pay to use Microsoft or Apple operating systems when there's one just as good or better they can use for free?
In systems that don't already have the Linux back door at the processor level, (processors use Minix for their management engine - a small Linux distro). In processors that are old enough to not have that but still have a Linux OS installed by the user NOPEN exploits SUDO to install. Sudo gets the NSA into the old stuff. SUDO was a BAD IDEA, and was only created to make linux and insecure operating system. 15 years ago Sudo did not exist. Now you have to use it to do anything. That's a long story . . . . a perpetual gripe I have . . . . anyway China may not have been all that creative because NOPEN was part of a huge 2017 hacker release. Maybe the hackers released a stripped down version? I noticed that happened with that release, China might have captured the 2022 updated version in full form . . . .
Anyway this is old news I have harped on over and over and over again and have devolved to only mentioning occasionally - passwords are bullshit. Passwords are to keep "Aunt Edna" out. They don't work against anyone who's legit, there are no modern systems out there now that the NSA cannot walk all over, totally, 100 percent, and crush like a marshmallow. HTTPS is for idiots who want to give pre-schoolers a way to shut them down. There is no safe refuge, not even in mobile processors. Russia may have cool anti aircraft missiles but if they did not address this problem, an F-35 is just going to switch them off. Hell, even an F-16 might. This hack is almost guaranteed to be how the Russian built S-300 Iranian systems failed to identify their own Iranian airliner as friendly a couple years back - the one they shot down themselves. At that time I said they were hacked and that's what caused it. NOPEN ought to be a real shitshow when it really gets used.

BY THE WAY, the MINIX based management engines have THOUSANDS of NSA back doors in them, and those back doors do not all get put into one hackware platform. If the NSA loses one the way they lost NOPEN, they just launch another or even "update" NOPEN with a new list and then keep that as secure as they can, it won't matter what anyone tries to patch.

OMG, now I might "get a knock". Well, not dear anymore NSA, when the government that is your life blood just tried to wipe out as much of the country as possible with a death shot - when you are supporting an impostor president who truly is hell bent on destroying the country and you damn well know it, I'll do as much damage as possible, any way I can. The world really would be better off if Russia won. That does not make russia great, it means YOU ARE ABSOLUTE SH*T.

The Russians really should have developed their own processors for their weapons systems, but no, they were either too lazy or too stupid. How is World War Z going to go when that NSA exploit becomes the missile's guidance system? Just ask Iran. Maybe not. They most likely never figured it out. Russia's going to launch missiles at F-35's and then down their own planes if they are anywhere within range if American intelligence deems that to be expedient and the command will come right from the plane the missile is supposed to shoot down.

March 14 updates

Iran is claiming 9 dead Mossad generals in missile strike on Mossad base in Iraq

Israel is stating 4 dead generals and 7 injured. Iran is claiming 9 dead generals. The base was bombed because the Mossad was attempting to infiltrate the Fordow nuclear facility via tunnels dug under it. They were probably going to blow it to the moon. The U.S. claimed no casualties, however, right after the missile attacks several Air Force medical jets arrived which means the U.S. lied again.
There has been no response from Israel yet, however, nailing ANY Mossad generals is a big deal, let alone 4, and probably more. There probably will be a response at some point.

Russia seized 500 commercial airliners

This is not as big as it seems, because there were Russian airliners outside the country that also got seized elsewhere. However, Putin did score the better end of this deal because they got about 200 of Russia's and Russia got 500 of theirs. Spare parts? I am sure Russia can manage that, they are not stupid after all. Iran managed that too just fine, for a couple decades. So there are two sides to this coin and I don't know which side won the "asset forfeiture" war but 500 jumbo jets is a pretty big deal.

A Leftist managed to get an antiwar message out over a Russian TV channel that has 230 million viewers in several countries

That's how the blue bloods have to get their message out in Russia, the difference is that in America and many other places they own the message and don't have to resort to such measures. I'm sure she'll do time over it and quite frankly don't care - because if Russia shut down up to 30 bioweapons facilities being used to plot the destruction of entire races anyone arguing against that sure as h*** is not on my team. Sometimes it really is best to just shut up.



I made the error of not checking well enough because what are the odds that the dam did a release TWICE that flooded Brisbane badly TWICE?? The other time around (in 2011, which was what the search results I posted were for) it was all dam damage. This time around it was mostly actual storm flooding despite the fact that the dam could have been managed better. That's not the same as an actual intentional destructive release like what happened in 2011. WIVENHOE DAM REPORT REDACTED.

A few quick items

Video: It is over in Ukraine, the Russians have won, therefore a chemical false flag will be done.


General Flynn: Putin has upset the "New World Order" and "they" are not happy about it.


A reader from South Africa has stated that South Africa's currency has been frozen in value due to manipulations the same way Mexico's peso has. It's all fake folks!!!

The Mexican peso has been pegged at 20.92 for five consecutive days when usually it won't stay the same for even an hour. It always fluctuates up and down in the 4th digit and usually in the third.

There was a huge fire at a food warehouse in Taiwan.

I am not too worried because it was only one warehouse out of several, and the French supermarket chain "Carrefour" has already stated the fire was not going to impact their stores. But it was a spectacle and it is in the news, so I ought to mention it.

This guy is now in charge of America's nuclear power plants. How cute.

Western analysts have likely concluded that Russia is going to get an un-answerable and resounding win in Ukraine

(And the best move is to back off and let them take it) Here's why:

Because this morning I saw the lie factory go into overdrive on every topic other than the war. I'll go over a few items related to this:
1. They are again pushing the vax hard. They backed off on it for a while but now the CEO of Pfizer is saying a 4th booster will be needed for everyone, and "they" are letting him run with it. When anyone speaks up against it in various comment sections, the exact same bot drops in with this exact comment: "My friends, family, and co-workers have all had both shots of either Pfizer or Moderna and none have had any adverse reactions". That exact same phrase gets dropped in ad nauseum into every comment section everywhere, be it a news report or a twitter post or a forum, you name it, and it's not possible, first of all on the face it's false because there is no situation where all friends, all families, and all co-workers have had that shot, and second of all, even Pfizer admits there are adverse reactions frequently.
2. Another huge indicator that "they" are screwed in Ukraine is that a lot of the mercenaries are going in and quitting quickly when they see Ukraine has nothing to fight with and they were lied to to get them there. There's very little opposition to Russia in the Ukranian public and they really are down to the last few zelensky loyalists or situations where Ukranian forces will tie people to trees with a rifle in their hands so they HAVE TO shoot at advancing russian forces when in reality they'd rather attempt to use a humanitarian corridor. Additionally, if you want to define "losing" then just take over a maternity ward, kick all the women and babies out, and use it as your military command post so you can shoot at the Russians and then cry in the press about them shooting at a maternity ward.. That happened and that's no sign of winning.
3. Another huge indicator the West has lost Ukraine is stories coming out about the biolabs and "Human hybrid experiments" that have been revealed in Ukraine that don't really have anything to support them but could be true but my guess is that even though this video and more could be legit in some context that it is a game someone is playing to distract from the bigger issues and get people to stop talking about the war itself.
4. Another big un-confirmed story that may be legit and may be to undermine the legitimacy of anything coming out of Ukraine is that Russia uncovered thousands of miles of tunnels (that part is probably for real simply because even Hitler dug a bunch) but what is not certain is that in the tunnels the Russians uncovered a massive child smuggling/mutilation/organ harvesting/ you name it operation. Now, this could be true but the story goes that the children were left behind and they were all alive. That's not plausible. Children usually cannot even do the basics to stay alive and if they got abandoned as prisoners they'd all be dead in about 3 days and it's a safe bet that the people who had the kids bailed out day one. The time frame does not add up but the story certainly would distract from the fact that NATO actually got cornered into a total loss scenario.
5. Another huge indicator that Ukraine is lost is that Iran really did bomb the living sh*t out of a Mossad base in Iraq, and there's literally nothing prominent in the MSM about it. That's the news of the month and NOTHING is being said. Iran probably calculated weakness and was probably right. The strikes were so potent and so accurate that Israel probably filled a diaper or two and opted to remain silent.
6. Another huge indicator that Ukraine is lost, WHILE Western powers attempt to quell outrage in their populations, is the fact that both gold and oil suddenly regulated in price despite all odds, with Brent crude sitting at $109 and gold sitting at about $1960. That's not possible absent manipulation, And there's more, a HUGE impossibility is developing in exchange rates of currencies. I have not checked more than just the peso, but the peso has sat at $20.92 against the dollar for five consecutive days now and that's not possible unless someone somewhere fixed the price of currencies. It is not possible that in this volatile world right now, currencies are not changing value against each other AT ALL. Not even out to the 4th digit. BULLSHIT, that's manipulation pure and simple, and that does not happen unless there's BIG trouble someone wants to bury.
7. There was a really stupid challenge by Elon Musk where he said he'd challenge Putin to "single combat" and "the winner takes all". I'd be fine with that provided Ukraine goes to Elon Musk and NO ONE ELSE, not zelenksy, not Hillary, not Biden, NOT GEORGE SOROS - it goes to Elon and that's the end of it. But that won't happen and you get stupid crap like this happening in headlines when you are losing, not winning.

March 13 updates

It is obvious the markets are under manual control

They cannot perfectly control the price of gold and oil, however they have managed to perfectly control the dollar/peso ratio which has stayed perfectly at 20.92 for 4 consecutive days. I can't say it has never stuck like that before but I CAN say I have never seen it. Predictably, gold is consistently suddenly being held below the $2000 mark which seems to be some form of pre set barrier they will not allow to be broken for long.
All they need to do to fix gold is print paper, all they need to do to set the price of oil is release it or not. ______________
Cornerstone report:
Fukushima SABOTAGE!

Remote controlled Germanwings Airbus A320 crash? All evidence points to this.

California drought: DAMS DRAINED ON PURPOSE