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The severe weather that has been happening globally is not natural. Here is how it is done.

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I don't put much creedence in Tucker Carlson, however, he just blew the Ukraine biolab story totally out of the water, a perfect lynching.

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March 12 updates


Update: a reader in Mexio has said he can hit RT with Windows 10 but windows 8 still won't access this morning. This means it might not be windows itself blocking, the blocking could be accomplished via protection software such as Avira or whatever other ones are out there. Or perhaps Claudia's system is updated and as soon as that reader's machine is updated RT won't work. Who knows. All I know is that I can hit RT with both linux machines using two different connections and the windows machine won't hit it at all. The original post follows.
I checked with a Windows 8 computer (Claudia's computer downstairs) and could not access RT. With the exact same connection upstairs RT loads no problem on Linux. I obviously cannot capture the whole site, but if you want to see RT as of 5:30 AM ET on the 12th Here it is.

March 11 updates


After the bioweapons hearing at the UN, the Cayman Islands, where many of the members of Russian parliament had financial assets stached (along with the rest of the world's top people) - the Cayman Islands received an order to seize all assets held by Russia and Russian officials, and they did. Seized them all. It appears all assets, even those held by private individuals are being seized worldwide.
There was some rumor that the seizures were based upon how people voted in the Russian parliament, but it now appears that even those who had no political power who held assets outside of Russia are having them seized, even little things like shops on main street, rental properties, and vacation homes. Any asset outside of Russia at all is being seized.
Therefore Russia has every right to seize every asset on their turf also even if it is privately held
These seizures happened after Russia revealed that the West planned to knock out entire ethnic groups by implanting diseases in migrating species such as birds, migratory insects (monarch butterflies for example) and other migratory animals (caribou would be an example of that) but Caribou would probably not be used because they are North American, that's just an example. A locust swarm could be used etc.

So what in effect has happened is that Russia busted the United States for setting up a plot to make horrific plagues completely appear to be acts of god, totally untraceable. How do you trace a disease spread by a spiked population of migratory critters? You can't. It would just look natural. Maybe even Corona was released via migratory bats.

Russia got completely nailed all the way from top to bottom for revealing this. And then got called liars by the liars. There really is only one way to respond to this because if no response happens, then the demon gets bigger and what's going to happen with the next seasonal migration???

Why did Fauci vanish when Russia went into Ukraine?

I have asked this question before and there are two possible answers. 1. The pfizer document dump that absolutely busted the vax and quite clearly pointed out what it was really for (to destroy people) AND Russia went into Ukraine and rooted out a bunch of illicit biolabs that Fauci HAD TO have had his hands into very deeply. So after the whitewash that just happened today at the UN, people are asking hard questions about why Fauci suddenly vanished from the limelight. Not a surprise actually.

The summary reciepts for the construction of the Ukraine biolabs (a couple of them) are below this next report. America and the rest of the west lied and shoved dirt down Russia's throat while lying. NOT GOOD.

Seeing how the U.N. handled Russia and how much the west continues to lie, it appears the only way forward is world war 3.

A nuclear war would be a far better way to do "the great reset" than whatever Klaus, Soros, and the rest of that tribe has planned.

One that wipes out the "New World Order". One that sends tsar bomba to antarctica three weeks after everything is "calm". If the people who perpetrated the Covid/vax scam are permitted to exist in any way whatsoever, they'll only repeat catastrophe. Now, I'll be the first to say Russia is CRAP compared to what America was in the past and that China is even worse. But the good people of the West sat complacent for so long that they allowed an infection to grow that has consumed every last refuge of decency their nations once represented and now there's only one way forward. Evil prevails where good men do nothing to stop it, and now the entire West is a prime example. Nothing can be touched without getting covered in filth. I'd like to say that elections that are not rigged could fix this, but even small things like fixing vote fraud are beyond wish.

Just checked Infowars, Alex is talking world war 3 also.


Final conclusion: The U.N. conference to discuss the biolabs was a disaster. The U.S. and allies did nothing but lie and only Brazil and China supported Russia, which happened to tell the truth.

They are keeping the presentation of evidence of biolabs by Russia at the U.N. secret. The meeting is now underway and IS being televised but they are instead bashing Russia at this point and explaining why they should not allow the evidence to be presented. It is an absolute sham. And they are telling Russia to withdraw.

It is so disgusting I can't watch it. I have a fault I will admit to: Despite my work I simply cannot sit through demon speak. Can't handle it. I am not watching this. A two minute sample across a couple speakers is all you need to hear to know where this is headed. The guy from Ghana did not look overtly evil, but that woman from britain looks like she eats kidney beans that actually are kidneys from babies. UPDATE: CHINA IS NOT GOING ALONG WITH IT, THEY ARE SPEAKING FOR REAL. THEY ARE CALLING OUT THE BULLSHIT. Ha ha, well, we'll see where this goes. BRAZIL IS BEING WORSE THAN CHINA. Exactly what is needed. BOOM: RUSSIA PRESENTED PROOF THAT THE UN ITSELF IS LAUNCHING ATTACKS AGAINST RUSSIA IN UKRAINE.

The myth about these labs being left over from the old soviet union is a BIG FAT LIE. I have the contracting documents for these labs - for their initial construction and furnishing and they all date between 2010 and 2014. It is not soviet era crap!!!

Here, I'll embed a couple of the contracts for these labs that Russia found in the leftovers of Ukraine's attempted coverup.


Want some cute proof this is legit and not just hoaxed by Russia? Look at this next one - the "United States Defense Threat Reduction Agency" uses a different font!!! At first I wondered why the fonts differed in the documents, (I have a pile of these) but did not look closely enough at first to see that different agencies use different fonts.

Here they say it's for veterenary use. I guess this DOD agency thinks that will help cover up what it is really for despite their name being on it. It's not a biowarfare lab, no, it's a veterenary lab where we'll make sure Barbie's horses are OK!! Most likely this particular lab used the work from the other labs and tested it on animals, to see if they really could be used to spread the diseases to people.



This is such an epic bust it is indescribably epic.

March 10 updates


I saw this last night and considered it to be a low credibility rumor. But I ought to post this anyway. Supposedly last night Putin said to his military commanders "Friday evening will be beautiful for the whole world, we have stared down a road of no return. There will be no working things out with NATO."

There's no way to know what they mean for sure or if this was even said, but my guess is that they have assessed that NATO is such a hive of unabashed liars that nothing said has any merit, no agreement has any meaning. People are speculating everything from a nuclear attack to a grid attack to an internet attack, And I myself am speculating whether anything was actually said by Russia at all. Supposedly this communication was intercepted by the usual demons - The Israeli Mossad, who "warned us about 911" and then DID IT.
Russia may have nothing planned at all. Be careful what you believe if tshtf.

Duckduckgo has announced it will now censor like Google. But there is always THIS   (just search in English, it will work) or THIS. There are more but those two are what I typically use when it's not duck duck. The first link is every bit as powerful as Google and turns up stuff that's hopeless elsewhere. I have used that since I gave up on Google, not only after the war.

Russia has now stated that the American labs in Ukraine were studying how to get birds and insects to spread race specific bioweapons.

Israel has been working on race specific bioweapons in Dimona since 1996, only a couple years after the start of the human genome project. But my guess is that Ukraine was far more talented which would mean a far bigger problem in a lot less time.

Click the image, it links to the report.
If it is censored in your area, click here

HILARIOUS - Sky News reporter interviews fleeing refugee who only wants to talk about legalized pot.

The reporter talks all about terrified refugees being evacuated and when she talks to one who looks war thrashed he's really drug thrashed and only wants to know if cannabis has been legalized in Britain. LMAO. See this.

THE JACKPOT. While the U.S. media spews lies and the Pentagon lives by them, here is the actual data Russia has on the ground in Ukraine.

Remember what I said about militants using the hospital as a human shield? That was only a guess based on known tactics. But I was bang on, and there's so much more than that in the following:

March 9 updates

Lack of power at Chernobyl is not a problem

The only way the lack of power at Chernobyl could be a problem is if someone made it one. Watch for a Chernobyl false flag, where the reactors are turned on with all relief valves shut and then blown up like the first one.

FACT: Chernobyl has been idled for 22 years. It's bone cold by now. It would take forever to heat up, and certainly not in any relevant time frame unless someone wanted it to.

I have ignored the power outage at Chernobyl for this reason. They are blaming Russia for knocking out the power and then preventing the power from being restored. THEY WANT A PROBLEM. Fortunately even the IAEA is saying there can't possibly be a problem there, unless one is wanted.

Right after Russia said they found American biological weapons in Ukraine, the state department tweeted this:

Russia has stated they found biological weapons in the Ukraine labs they raided and has accused the U.S. of violations of the 1972 biological weapons convention.

My comment: This is all playing out as if it is scripted, and it probably is. Look how the west reacted to Russia's invasion of Ukraine. They responded by destroying Europe with high energy prices when the gas has not even been cut off yet. Over $10 a gallon for diesel in Europe. Outrageous prices in Canada. The U.S. not far behind and what has happened in Mexico? NADA. Nothing at all.
So if Russia invading Ukraine really was organic, why is the west answering that invasion by attacking it's own people??

Seriously, the most rational answer is that it is all scripted, and Pelosi, Biden and more gave Putin the green light. Putin and China probably also know. It is playing out like a plot, not reality.

The biolabs in Ukraine just took a very bad turn for the worse

China is demanding answers. What if Covid was really developed in Ukraine? Everyone chased after the Wuhan lab, but the bottom line is that Covid did not show up in China first. And Ukraine was the playground of the "elite" . . . . . keep your projects close to home? Overseen by Zelensky??

The Saudis and UAE refused to talk to Biden when he called to ask them for more oil Guarantee: They'd have talked to Trump, HERE IS PROOF:

This is the benefit of being a legit president!!! YOU TOUCH THE BALL AND DISCUSS OIL.


The MSM is claiming they won't talk because of their war in Yemen, but the reality is that they know Biden is not the legit president. They won't talk to an impostor. That said, while Trump was in the Sauds had no problem because of how Trump handled that war. Such a difference between a fraud and the real deal.


Funny thing, she's arriving just on time to negotiate those jets!!! Was all that pre planned and scheduled? Coincidence??? Probably not, here is a capture that mentions this from a while ago:

Ukrainian forces were using a hospital full of patients as a "human shield" and Russia obliterated it. Obviously the American MSM makes no mention of the fact that the Ukranian military made it a de-facto military base. RT is working fine here and I see no mention of this there.

The CIA is spewing it's usual B.S. about how bad Russia is and how ugly it is going to get as the CIA itself pumps mercenaries and operatives into Ukraine to use hospitals as "defacto military bases" to force Russia to do as the CIA predicts.

There's the usual un-founded "chemical weapons" spew about how Putin is going to use them, but I don't recall them turning up in Iraq or Afghanistan or anywhere else the con job Pentagon, CIA and MSM have claimed they would.

U.S. threatens to sanction China for doing business with Russia

China said "too bad".

My comment: You mean you are going to sanction China after the snowflake left transferred nearly all of the production for American corporations there??? You mean no more iphones, Nikes and big screens? GO FOR IT. Biden is rapidly truly showing that the American people are a HELL OF A LOT SMARTER than the idiots who stole the last election from them.



Somehow, (at least for today) "they" managed to get the price of oil and gold under control. And some states are repealing the gasoline taxes to mask the amount gas prices are going up. That's a good move. NOT A GOOD MOVE: Print billions more in paper gold to drive the price of real gold down. Only an IDIOT would settle for paper!!!! Yes, gold really can vanish like a bitcoin exchange. All it takes is for the holding company to go belly up and ADIOS!!! PHYSICAL GOLD IS THE ONLY GOLD. I won't keep harping this, if people won't listen after being told a second time there's no saving them.

If you have paper gold, it is a fiction, there is NO GOLD TO BACK IT UP, it's like a game of musical chairs in reverse, where everyone who gets a seat loses and the guy left standing gets the gold. It is leveraged out THAT BAD and you won't be that guy left standing, the insider will be that guy.


March 8

Update to below (Polish Migs) After the Pentagon pushed real hard for this over several days, suddenly when Poland said "yes" the Pentagon said "We never said we'd host them!!". Now, I can't say I am disappointed BUT if you ever wanted to push a banana into the American republic, that's precisely how a banana republic is done. "Banana"= "word no good".

The VERY unwise transfer of Polish Mig-29's just got more unwise

They are going to be hosted on an American base in Germany. How could that possibly go wrong???
"The authorities of the Republic of Poland are ready to immediately transfer all MIG-29 aircraft free of charge to the base in Rammenstein and place them at the disposal of the United States."

How could America, Poland and Germany possibly think Russia won't react to this action, which warrants a direct attack against them???

Prediction: The first part of this is NOT financial advice, only a hunch -

They may control the price of oil somewhat, but gold is going up and it is NOT coming down again. I am keeping an eye on this. However, the control of the price, keeping it below 2000 has failed for too long.


You will be better off risking being robbed in your home or subject to asset forfeiture than trusting in any bank or holding company, and safe deposit boxes are no good either, the bank will just rob those. In the United states it is perfectly legal for them to, at first they put the limit at "If you do not visit your safe deposit box for six months the bank can take whatever it is in it even if the box is paid" and moved that to: Any time any agency wants to rob a bank they can, and asset forfeiture makes it happen. They have already robbed entire banks this way, claiming every safe deposit box in the bank was used by drug smugglers.


The above is exactly what you get when a country goes banana rogue. The American system is DONE.

Poland officially gave Ukraine Mig-29's. They won't last, but it does escalate things a notch.

Ukraine is so adamant about murdering fleeing people that Russia is Using armed and armored trains to get high profile refugees out. Priority is given to foreigners in Ukraine.

Coinbase just seized Russian bitcoin

It is foolish to think Bitcoin exchange sites are safe!!!

Biden just said he's going to ban Russian oil.

He said it's a good thing because "We need to move to green energy". REALITY: "You will own nothing and be happy".

Xi has told foreign leaders he opposes the sanctions on Russia

Just did it today. Not old news. So that pretty much says where China is going to be on this issue.

Iran just successfully launched a military satellite.

Yeah, the launch went OK but the satellite will function for at most 3 months because Iran can't get the temperature related stress issues worked out. That might not matter though. Will we all be here in 3 months???
Spooky world when the remaining life span might be less than the life span of an Iranian satellite!!!

Russia is now broadcasting on the only radio station left in Mariupol:

"You are blockaded on all sides. You are in complete encirclement. A unit of the Armed forces of the Russian Federation and the Donetsk People's Republic has reached the administrative borders of the Donetsk region. Your command has fled, the reserves have been defeated, there will be no help. With further resistance you are doomed to death. If you want to survive, abandon your weapons and flee throught the humanitarian corridor"

Observation: If Ukraine has captured so much Russian equipment, how can anyone be sure the Ukranians are not firing on their own people with said weapons, to commit a false flag? They have that as policy, Russia does not.

Biden is once again well over an hour late with his big public announcement on Russia

This is what happens when the government knows they are not legit and the people hate them. True, Trump was late a lot too but it was because he knew there were assassins. They all play this game when they are worried about being shot. That's a whole hour added to the fatigue of anyone who might be trying to nail them. Never give as much as a clue about when you'll actually show, heck, Biden might appear four hours late with how much he's hated both on the home front and abroad.

Until then, the oil prices will not really take off, but this is pretty bad:

China has spoken on the U.S. run biolabs in Ukraine


China is now questioning the United States what the hell was being done in those labs.

Heating up:

Biden's handlers told him to pay for all planes donated to Ukraine by NATO countries 100 percent. Putin obviously says that's an act of war. Earlier today I posted photos of Xi, Putin and Bush all together like best pals. Many web sites have claimed they are wearing freemason robes but they are not. I don't know what they are, and I posted high enough resolution photos to show it's not a freemason symbol on the robes. The leaves in the symbol have somewhat the same appearance as a compass on top, but thats not repeated on the bottom, it's just leaves. The big problem I have is how buddy buddy they were. HOWEVER:
Anyone who has attended any meeting involving multi level marketing can attest to the buddy buddy attitudes shown on the surface but secretly everyone wants to outperform and crush the other guy. The smiles are all optics. Maybe that's what that is? We had better hope so because if they really are buddy buddy in those photos we are getting suckered to infinity and beyond. I would not be surprised but there's just not enough going on in those photos (down the page a ways) to guarantee that's what they represent.
Russia had planned to use gold reserves to help pull through the sanctions, but today the world's largest gold trader banned them. I guess it will be hand to hand transfers then, who needs a middleman? Putin had better confirm the bars are not tungsten before handing them over because I can just see the West making that claim. I can just SEE IT. He'd better be sure.
This was the first non-commodities site out there to post $130 Brent crude. It has come down from that price since I posted it (the capture is down the page a ways now) but I think it is only going to go up and Russia has openly threatened to attempt to put it to $300. All Russia needs to do is pull a few handles and Putin's will will be done. That would crush Europe. Putin's a nice guy, the gas is still on!!! If the roles were reversed, America would have cut the gas long ago.
Gasoline is now 10 euros a gallon in Europe and 10 CAD in Canada. Mexico's prices have not moved at all. They were always right around $4 per gallon and have not moved from that yet. Currently gas is about $1.25 per gallon in Russia, they are swimming in it.

These are VERY odd and unnerving photos (because of how the leaders seem to get along with each other), and they are legit

These are the photos I spoke about at the top of the page. Many people have hoaxed these as a masonic ritual but they are really from an Asian economic summit in 2006. These photos prove the world leaders can at least put on a face with each other but it does not mean they like each other.


I got a pile of mails saying I was wrong, when I had this posted right above the photos:

"Many web sites have claimed they are wearing freemason robes but they are not. I don't know what they are, and I posted high enough resolution photos to show it's not a freemason symbol on the robes. The leaves in the symbol have somewhat the same appearance as a compass on top, but thats not repeated on the bottom, it's just leaves. The big problem I have is how buddy buddy they were. HOWEVER:
Anyone who has attended any meeting involving multi level marketing can attest to the buddy buddy attitudes shown on the surface but secretly everyone wants to outperform and crush the other guy. The smiles are all optics. Maybe that's what that is? We had better hope so because if they really are buddy buddy in those photos we are getting suckered to infinity and beyond. I would not be surprised but there's just not enough going on in those photos (down the page a ways) to guarantee that's what they represent."

FINAL ANSWER. And I'll look at the situation in Ukraine like this: - yes, the leaders are all part of one big club but it's more like a multilevel marketing scheme where the people in the club might actually hate each other and back stab constantly. The United States would definitely go out into the parking lot and cut brake lines. Russia would be more likely to flatten tires so what they do is less dangerous for everyone.

I will remove the one photo that has someone elses bullshit explanation typed into it so people don't get confused.

Look at Bush in the next photo. The psychopath element is pretty thinly veiled. I would not trust that guy.

My day got wrecked by an electrocardioSCAM

As part of Claudia's ongoing cancer ordeal she has to have occasional electrocardiograms. The last one was two months ago and it was totally normal. This morning she went in for another one and came back absolutely bawling and when I saw it, my first reaction was "You'll be dead by the end of the week" and then I thought . . . . . wait a minute, it actually looks like a total IDIOT was running the equipment. But the diagnosis came back doom anyway because the lab tech did not notice what I noticed.
I am not a cardiologist, but electrocardiograms are really just oscilloscope readouts and I know ALL ABOUT osciloscopes and the results you get when a MORON uses one. So we immediately scheduled another cardiogram at a different hospital and I went with her because there's no way to be sure she was not going to die on the way there. The other hospital gave her a perfectly clean bill of coronary health.

The following is the screwed up electrocardioSCAM that scared the daylights out of Me, Claudia, and Claudia's doctor. It shows a heart with a left side so unstable you might as well be legally dead. And it was BULLSHIT. It wrecked the day's work because THAT took immediate priority. I had to IMMEDIATELY confirm the guy running the equipment was a moron. Thankfully I was right.

March 7


NUCLEAR FALSE FLAG PREVENTED. They wanted to say a Russian cruise missile did it

This is confirmed legit and not a hoax. I thought it had to be a hoax, it was not. The story line from my perspective because I was onto this days ago:

Nato had an upcoming massive false flag scheduled for Ukraine. Kamala has a visit to Europe scheduled for 9 through 11 March. It ended on march (3) - 11. I concluded therefore that there was going to be a nuclear 911 on 3-11 done by NATO in commemoration of the 3-11 Fukushima explosions.


I have a guess as to what type of reactor the militants were planning to blow up, but obviously I cannot confirm it. MY GUESS: It was a 100 watt zero pressure open water student reactor used for training reactor operators which contained a total of about an ounce of nuclear material. The reactor was to be for show, PURE SHOW to give NATO a harmless excuse to go to war with Russia. The scamming MSM was going to play the ignorance of the public to make it all fly. And it would have flown. It has probably already been stopped.

It might have been a bigger reactor than that, but since it was called "experimental" and not medical, it probably was one of the little training reactors. But ANY reactor will work for headlines.

Oil is going crazy and gold broke $2000 briefly. Posted in the AM before bed.


Russia has stated that anyone assisting Ukraine with fighter jets or anything else is declaring war on Russia.

MY RESPONSE: Captain obvious made that response.


Decent Russian oil

AFTER Russia invaded Ukraine I bought this for two reasons:

1. My transmission hated Valvoline, which might have even damaged it
2. For the last transmission service a few months ago I bought this Russian fluid because I figured it would work if it was Russian. It did. It saved the day.
The transmission is not fully recovered but at least it works fine in drive now, with the valvoline you could forget drive, it was L1 only and spooky L1 at that. It does not appear to be progressively failing anymore with the Lukoil so I got more (Russian) fluid for the war preps. I'll do a re-learn on the transmission and change the filters again. Hopefully that will finish "fixing" it.

For the record, I have not tried Lukoil engine oil, but judging from how it worked in a CVT transmission my guess is their engine oil is one of the big boys, like Castrol or Valvoline. I already purchased engine oil into the future but I certainly would not be hesitant about buying any Lukoil product. It is probably all good stuff. THANKS RUSSIA!

The common consensus of the aware:

My take on the above:

Canada just jumped the shark. into true tyrannical waters. Canada detained Russian citizens just for being Russian, while Russia never attacked Canada. I don't think there is a history of a nation that ever did what Canada just did.

Canada just detained Russian citizens just for being Russian at the Yellowknife airport when Russia never attacked Canada. GET THIS: During World War 2 the U.S. detained Japanese citizens, but they only did so AFTER the Pearl Harbor attacks, while we were fighting Japan during world war 2. These Russians did NOTHING and their country did NOTHING to Canada.
I tried to think of a country that would do this to the citizens of a country they did not like when the country did not attack. Even North Korea won't do this. I don't even think a drug cartel would do this unless they had some other motive like a ransom. Doing this "just because you can and you are mad" puts Canada into uncharted territory. Countries are expected to have some level of decency, even the Norks.
The situation in Ukraine should be over soon but it appears that despite claiming the neutrality, those controlling Biden are doing all they can to make good and sure Ukraine gets all the weapons and help it needs to give Russia a bloody nose. Like the good general in the video above said, the Ukranian forces are completely beaten and have resorted to taking shelter among the civilians, thus making a high civilian death count inevitable. Who knows how long this will drag out.

The War Candle, now done and fully assessed.

CONCLUSION: Don't bother with normal candles, not even cheap ones. Go out and get a couple cans of crisco instead. Here is what you do:


I am going to post an opinion about what I really think is going on -

First of all, there are spurious reports about gasoline not even being available at some stations in some parts of the United states. REALITY: supply lines don't dry up that quick, someone is playing games. So russia cut the gas, ONLY NO. FACT: If Russia was supplying ALL of America's gasoline, there is no pipeline from here to there, only ships, which means there is no way in hell there could possibly be a shortage because the last ships would only be 30 percent done with their voyage to America since Russia went into Ukraine. The timeline is too short. It's all a BIG FAT LIE.
And I'll throw out another whopper: Before Trump was overthrown America was supplying OTHER COUNTRIES with gasoline. America was producing above and beyond it's needs and when the usurpers seized power they shut the pipelines and oil fields down. You want to know what I really think? I THINK THE BASTARDS WHO SIEZED POWER IN THE UNITED STATES ARE COOPERATING WITH ENEMY POWERS TO DESTROY THIS COUNTRY. I THINK THAT FOR THE MOST PART, THOSE RUNNING AMERICA ARE THE ENEMY POWERS.



Here is more "captain obvious", A U.S. Army general will never be allowed on Fox again because he told the truth:

CONCLUSION: We are in a state of "high tension" with Russia who might actually be legit, or might be playing along with a sinister plot. Who knows.

Old non-war related headlines (mouse over the buttons)

March 5 - as far as I can tell -

Russia has all but completely wiped out and taken Ukraine's military and the only people left shooting anything decent (more than rifles) are foreigners that went into Ukraine and are firing foreign made weapons. They are having some legit success with downing aircraft but not enough to make a difference. Example 1 example 2 example 3 Foreigners with foreign weapons actually being used for this is only a guess but it seems apparent considering the abject incompetence displayed by Ukranian forces before they were wiped out.
The Western MSM is beginning to acknowledge that many stories out of Ukraine are hoaxes, including the Ghost of Kiev and I noticed that in one day the number of Russian casualties dropped from well over 5,000 to 200. There are more skirmishes now so that number has climbed as high as 500.
The horrible shooting video of the husband and wife being killed by Ukranian forces on a snow covered road is legit, and Russia is attempting to take action to stop Ukranian nationalists from killing people as they attempt to flee Mariupol. The Western MSM, has taken a serious beating from that video which went viral despite enormous efforts to stop it. In response they staged their own - Russia fires on Reporters from Sky News" and it is clearly fake, with precision shooters making good and sure the bullets landed close but no one got hit. The behaviors of the reporters was completely different than the legit reaction of the husband and wife.
Britain seems to be ramping things up, begging for a direct confrontation with Russia. Obviously. We all know who owns that place.
Gasoline prices are going through the roof and food prices are soon to follow. Obviously nothing should be out of stock in the U.S. but Russians are mobbing the stores. Russia is succeeding well in keeping items stocked. Somewhat generous purchase limits have been placed in Russia which basically amount to "No more than 22 pounds of rice at a time". That's approximately where the limits are set.
Russia has banned the export of agricultural fertilizers and from what I have seen said but not directly looked up, Russia provides over 80 percent of America's fertilizer. That could lead to big problems.
Pfizers own numbers showed that their death shot kills 3 out of 100 people outright and is supposed to give the remainder significant health issues which seem to center around neurological/cognitive problems and fertility (on paper) with a hefty side dish of heart issues playing out in real life. They seem to imply life expectancy after the shot is 2 - 5 years. That's why they need a world war - to cover that up. I don't know if they need everyone boosted to make that happen or not. The documents are enormous and hard to interpret due to the sheer volume of data. The only obvious thing is that the shots were not intended to cure or treat anything, they were only intended to maim or kill. Now they are desperately attempting to cover it up.

NUCLEAR 911??? Kamala's upcoming visit is scheduled for the 9th through the 11th of MARCH (3)


We'll have to wait and see. Even a goat ought to be able to see this, 9-11 for the WTC and 3-11 for Fukushima equals a nuclear 9-11. No kidding. Her visit actually "ends" on 3-11. They have actually scheduled this in a way that the two worst doom dates in history are embedded in the dateline for her visit!!!
For anyone who needs help with this, the 3 is march, she's staying from the 9th to the 11th (9-11) and leaving on 3-11. That bothers me.

Ukraine targeting it's own people, not the Russian army.

We all know this is true, but it is nice to get on the ground confirmation. The west was expecting this reporter to whitewash it, and she did not. And obviously the video at the top of this page certainly supports her statement.

Aaaand after that she'll no doubt be a "war casualty of Russia" dead or alive because "they" cannot allow "that" on the air.



This is done to all people caught attempting to flee mandatory conscription in Ukraine's armed forces.


I think a Putin "shock and awe" might have been a better idea. I hope Putin sees this and takes appropriate action.

Most videos you see here come off my own servers. You can right click to save them. This war crime is definitely one of those.

They are just pulling people and shooting them on the spot, leaving their cars abandoned and bodies strewn.

MAJOR ESCALATION: B-52's are in Hungary. They will not be empty.

Russia is considering a policy which, if passed will automatically conscript war protesters into the military.

WAIT A MINUTE . . . . .

The U.S. angered India by sanctioning them for abstaining on the U.N. resolution against Russia. India is a MAJOR nuclear country, WHILE China is very upset with the United states over Taiwan, plus how Ukraine was handled (they are falling more in line with Russia) and are a major nuclear power, while Russia is a nuclear power and Pakistan is not all that friendly as a nuclear power and North Korea now has missiles that can hit at least Hawaii with really well made nuclear bombs . . . . .

While even despite the upcoming war, the people who stole the last election again voted to keep the keystone pipeline shut down and the oil fields shut down, WHILE SAUDI ARABIA is siding with Russia and Turkey is leaning Russian while the U.S. sanctions Iranian oil . . . . .

Do I need to math tabulate that for you or can you see the message?
How about if I leave a hint: America is likely to be nuked while gasoline is not even available to flee the mushroom cloud. I cannot believe the American gun owner is letting such corruption stay in power. The brainwash REALLY WORKS!!!!

Covid is canceled nationwide.

That's because the war will do the trick now. And they want you to forget all about how they did their damndest to maim every last man woman and child they possibly could. Who is "THEY??" Well, the Holocaust memorial in Kiev WAS NOT destroyed by Russia like Ukraine claimed. A holocaust for me, and none for thee!! No matter how many of YOU WE kill!!!

Zalensky has fled to Poland.

While he has his citizens murdered at gunpoint on the road and back roads for trying to flee. Typical!!!

Only Zalensky is actually fleeing the Russians. The Ukraine people are fleeing Zalensky!!! And they are doing that when Zalensky is claiming "The end of the world has arrived!!!". Yes, the end of HIS world. Perhaps he should start backing off on "the end of the world" by not murdering people who are trying to escape HIS tyranny.


What happens when you add a war to corruption, price gouging, plus an agenda? YOU GET: the sky is the limit. $20 or more gas. Fill up whatever cars plus containers you have because the prices are NOT going to come down. And then don't drive, the car is for emergencies only. Don't drive the truck, drive the little car.

I KNEW this was going to happen. I prepared by getting the right car. If I don't go over 60 mph it will get 115.6 kilometers, or 70.5 mpg. My routine driving without being careful nets 55 mpg. It shames a Geo Metro. Smart equals: You get snickered at. That'l change when the land yachts get beached. I hope most of my readers were smart enough to at least have something efficient to fall back on.


By the way, that price in that capture is not the highest in California. It is the highest in Los Angeles but there is a town that frequently gets outrageously priced gas and this is not that.




BUSTED: Anti-vaxxers WERE NOT conspiracy theorists, AND, is Putin playing ball to help those who maimed the west with a ruinous shot cover it up with other headlines???

This is devastating and PRECISELY why they want world war 3.

Be skeptical of "eyewitness accounts" of activity in Ukraine now, chances are they are MSM hoaxes.

There is some connectivity but not a whole lot in some areas.


AS I SUSPECTED, NOW CONFIRMED: A large number of the explosions in civilian areas are merely what Ukraine has been doing to it's citizens for 8 years - bombing them. That's modus operandi.

UPDATE: More than this: Ukranian forces are now confirmed to be openly shooting Ukranian citizens for photo ops.

In addition to the above being a media lie about Russia bombing citizens, the guy in the following video sums up the media lie but also misses a key point: The old military vehicles he's seeing abandoned are 1970's because they are Ukranian, not Russian. But it is also true that Russia is using it's oldest lowest crap right now so if a bigger war kicks off they still have the good stuff. If Russian troops have low morale it might be because they were sent in with the crap.

BOOOM, HERE IS A GOOD ONE: A vet says exactly what I am thinking (The Ukraine coverage is B.S.) and explains why, PERFECTLY.

This is just so beautiful.

A GOOD WARTIME CANDLE (this is a well studied post)

I have, after years of occasional experimenting, come up with a perfect makeshift candle.

It is a reality that practically no one is going to have enough candles when the lights go out, and cell phone flashlights are only going to work for a little while. Here is a fantastic well studied candle you can make with crisco and a napkin. I strongly recommend people just by the cheapest vegetable shortening they can get and do this rather than wasting money on candles because it is cheaper and works better. 1 big can of crisco will give you light and could warm your coffee for months. For this experiment I used the cheapest generic stuff I could find.
There are many candle ideas out there that work, But for this post, my requirements were that the candle had to run perfect until it was completely consumed (this is assumed from behavior, I have not burned this all the way down yet), be able to be snuffed and re-lit and re-light perfectly and most imortantly NEVER need ANY attention at all to successfully burn all the way down. If you have never experimented with home made candles that use random junk and NOT WAX, you don't know how difficult that is to accomplish. Yes, anything will light for a few minutes but getting one that will go all night without messing with it is a challenge. So here's how you do it.
Get a coffee cup, preferably a white one so it throws the light better, and pack it completely with crisco or whatever you can get that is a cheap equivalent. Poke a hole in the crisco, all the way to the bottom with a pencil. Then open up a napkin and tear ONE of the 4 folds out. Roll that fold into what looks like a thick string. Twist it tight. Drop it into the hole in the crisco you made with your pencil, making sure about 1/4 inch or 1/2 centimeter is sticking out above the top of the crisco. This will be your candle wick. VERY IMPORTANT: Prime the wick with crisco before you light it or it will just burn like paper. It has to have crisco all over it and you can do that after you drop it in the hole. The crisco around the wick will quickly melt and go down the hole you dropped the wick into which will soak the wick and set it in place, as well as form a well around the wick that will prevent it from flooding and snuffing itself out with melted crisco when it is lit the first time.
I tried this first with a whole napkin and got a flame that was way too big. 1/4 of a napkin worked great. I ran it for about 5 hours which is far longer than it takes to clog and go out if there would be a problem and then successfully lit it the next morning and it started like a high quality candle does.
Prior to this I tried used motor oil. It lit, but clogged and went out in a few minutes no matter what wick material I tried. I also tried it with used cooking oil and the same thing happened. I then tried it with several types of new cooking oil, and it still clogged all wick materials I tried, it just took longer. The same was true for new motor oil. The only thing I ever found that actually performed like real high quality candle wax and a real high quality wick is crisco with a rolled up piece of napkin. Doing this with crisco is probably better than a high quality candle, and costs 1/10th the price of even cheap candles. It is the cat's meow of survival candles.
If you get smoke, the flame is too big. This is true of all candles. You should have only one wick per candle or it could go out of control. This is true of all candles. If you want a bigger flame, just experiment with different amounts of napkin until you get what you want. It would probably work to shove a birthday candle in the crisco and light that, and if I did that I'd use the ones that re-light themselves because those will make a taller flame because the wick is thicker. If you don't use the birthday candle trick, just use a napkin twisted into a wick, it will work just as well.


It appears to be an old but well maintained cargo carrier with a capacity of about 5,000 tons.
The MSM is trying to spin it as "Russia forced the ship to travel ahead of their warship so they would have a clear path through a minefield" but the Estonian ship was anchored and not moving at all when it was struck, Russian warships were nowhere in sight, and NO ONE did any rescues because they did not want to go into a minefield.

Obviously then, what really happened is Ukraine placed their mines right next to this ship and somehow one was not anchored correctly and drifted into it. That's how an anchored vessel gets hit by a mine. But the MSM is never going to say that. Once it was struck, NO ONE went in to rescue the crew even though there were good communications and there was plenty of time, the ship took hours to sink. The latest reports are that everyone survived.

So the new way of doing things is to blame Russia for ships Ukraine sinks with their mines. I did not think mines were even allowed anymore. They are at least taboo for this exact reason.
I have picked up a sense that the story line is going to be that any ship Ukraine sinks is going to be Russia's fault, because just by being there, in the proximity of Russian ships they can hit mines and accidentally be struck by missiles and torpedoes. Russia is not commandeering or ordering any ship to be a "human shield". Ukraine just sucks at hitting the right target.

RUSSIAN AMBASSADOR: Trump was the legitimately elected president and was overthrown.

During a speech in front of the U.N. The Russian ambassador to the U.N. just said that Trump was the legitimately elected president of the United States who was overthrown

Well, that's obvious. Russia knows exactly what the problem is and who they are dealing with in America. The same people who overthrew Ukraine overthrew Trump.

A great way to skip the all new Ukraine draft: Pretend you are a woman!

Taiwan is facing repeated massive power outages

There is little question saboteurs are at play with Taiwan's grid, with all major cities experiencing massive power outages from Taipei on the northern tip to Tainan in the south.

The following is apparently legit. This would be a major escalation.

Well this looks flattering for Ukraine. They are anything but "unified" against Russia the way the scamming MSM implies with the Donetsk army saying this. Fat chance THIS will make the MSM:

Emergency statement by the official representative of the DPR Army
According to the operational information received, in the city of Mariupol, on the territory of the Azovstal plant, the commander of a separate special forces detachment "Azov" of the 12th Armored Forces of the National Guard of Ukraine is preparing for a mass provocation with the death of civilians. For this purpose, the civilian population is brought to the territory of the Azovstal plant, which is placed in mined workshops and office premises. Military equipment is placed in the courtyard of the enterprise. In the event of a breakthrough in the defense of the city of Mariupol by units of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, the nationalists plan to blow up the plant's buildings with further accusation of the Russian side of destroying civilians and civilian infrastructure with artillery fire.
In the basement and premises of school No. 34 on Gastelo Street, 17, more than 60 civilians are forcibly detained, of which more than half are women and children. All civilians who tried to leave the city through the provided humanitarian corridors are forcibly brought to the school.
According to the information from the teachers of the Azov State Technical University, located along Universitetskaya Street, 7, the militants from the Azov unit started mining the building, as well as the approaches to it with controlled explosive devices.
My comment: I knew it. Yes, the Ukranians are fighting dirty dirty dirty, as dirty as dirt gets. To frame Russia, for being "dirty". This equates to a false flag.

If RT is down in the U.S. with a "403", it is now running smooth as glass in Mexico.

CONFIRMED: RUSSIA REALLY IS FIRING ON SCHOOLS. Now here is what the MSM won't show you with regard to that:

OBVIOUS CONTROL MECHANISM: China has gone full Covid retard again, this video claiming to be of citizens in Shenzen locked in their apartments is confirmed legit (I hunted things down to make sure this is not a hoax) they really are all locked up and going nuts. Nice looking apartments are obviously not everything. You can tell they are mentally breaking up. Worse: It is virtually assured that China is using the lockdowns to keep dissidents in place so they can be arrested. It sounds creepy, totally in contrast to how nice the place appears. Wierd.

"THEY" are actually going to ban the sale of Russian wheat. Now THAT is STUPID.

Important to note above: Russia produces 29 percent of the world's wheat, with "Ukraine not far behind". What does that mean when Russia takes Ukraine? Are they going to sanction that too, and cut world supply in half???

Former Japanese prime minister has called for Japan to host nuclear weapons after the Ukraine invasion

What, to make it all formal? Japan would be stupid to not have a few of their own hidden away by now.

Multiple sources are claiming the U.S. is preparing to invade Ukraine. I cannot get anything solid on this but it is being repeated too much to ignore.

Confirmed: Yesterday "CIAnonymous" attempted to hack Russian satellites. Not confirmed: Anonymous subsequently got taken out by Russian "Killnet" hackers. The CIA will pick up the tab and re-boot Anonymous, probably with a scolding for leaving something vulnerable.

CONFIRMED: Russia is now warning the cities they approach to surrender on the spot or they will be destroyed. That's different from their initial "We don't want to break anything" attitude the American MSM milked as weakness.

Want to see a classic piece of war propaganda? It does not get any better than this.

Anyone with more than a few functioning brain cells would know the ghost of Kiev is fake. And we have heard all about Russians poking holes in their gas tanks and abandoning their stuff but when it all washes out, it's almost always Ukranian vehicles used as props, or Russian stuff the broke down or got stuck. Leaving that does not equal desertion . . . . But sometimes the propaganda actually comes off as real. SO NOW, MAY I PRESENT TO YOU: Ukraine Juan
Ukraine Juan left Mexico and went to Ukraine to fight hard for freedom!!!

Only, NO.

Thermobaric weapon bigger than a MOAB used on Kharkiv airbase. Russia said theirs were 5X what the United States has, and it sorta looks like it. Airbase obviously no longer in use. Looking at the time it took for the shockwave to dissipate, this has a kill diameter just short of a mile across, probably about a 700 meter kill radius. Nasty. The camera was at about 7000 feet distance, the kill radius was probably about 2300 feet.


Not reported this way but I know it is true and will say why: The EU/NATO is canceling all promises of giving Ukraine fighter jets. This is being whispered and I think it will be reality. REASON: Russia is in fact kicking *ss so badly that the people providing the jets know those jets will be marshmallows dropped in a fire. Why waste them?


Images are now surfacing of completely empty stores in Ukraine. FACT: Russia did nothing to stop the stores from being re-stocked, this is the work of the new world order zionists. The stores could not have possibly emptied out to zero this fast without the you-know-who's in charge of the food chain, even local stocks in local warehouses should have lasted longer than that!!! Obviously someone wants a "humanitarian crisis" to justify a NWO invasion.


India is not drinking the MSM kool aid and their media is reporting that though Russia has taken losses, they are not nearly what the West is saying AND THAT IT IS EVIDENT the CIA failed to give Zelensky hollywood war clips to lie with.


Looting has started in Ukraine. Question: Are they looting designer clothes and electronics, or food??? I'd bet the latter.


BADLY NEEDED: Russia FINALLY blows up a lie spewing POS TV station in Kiev, and Americans beg for Putin to do it here. (true American sentiment, not what Twitter permits to be posted) UPDATE: Twitter is flaky with this at time of posting, but it shows the TV station being blown to smithereens to kill the staff while all the transmitting hardware is untouched.




ALL RUSSIAN BANKS ARE NOW OFFLINE after CIAonymous vowed to rob them. Smart move. Want to prevent that type of cyber attack? PULL THE PLUG. Make people walk up to the window for their money. You don't need an ATM or an internet vulnerability, waiting in a line is better than having everything stolen, RIGHT? It's a war. Shitcan a little convenience, it's not worth your life. Wait it out.


Youtube censored RT and Sputnik across Europe. Because the war is going SO WELL the Russian side of the story need not be heard.


FACT: Ukraine is the second most corrupted cesspit in the world, and it was being run exactly the same way as the most corrupted cesspit - Israel.

Israel routinely shells the palestinians (and more) and the Palestinians just have to eat it. Ukraine routinely shells it's own inhabitants the same way Israel does, and they just have to eat it.
Israel was created out of thin air by decree And so was Ukraine, which was created out of thin air and has leaders who were put there, not wanted there.
Israel cuts off water to their "unwanted inhabitants". Ukraine has cut off water to their "unwanted inhabitants" and Russia blew the dam the corrupted trash running Ukraine built to make that happen.
And it is interesting the attitude both places have towards the people they claim are within their borders, they are both the same deal. Ukraine is literally like Israel's fingerprint.
And more: While Israel is the Jewish cabal's headquarters, Ukraine is the rest of the cabal's headquarters, many of which are Jews. I HOPE RUSSIA DOES A GOOD JOB OF CLEANING THAT CESSPIT OUT. __________________________________

People are noticing that all, (every last one) ALL captured and destroyed equipment showing up in Ukraine videos as Ukraine victories is lacking the white Russian Z. It is literally as if the Russians are taking zero losses and everything for Ukraine is faked, HERE IS A PRIME AND HUMOROUS EXAMPLE from someone who got sick of the lies about "the ghost of Kiev". Here he takes out a tai fighter. Might as well make "the ghost of Kiev" a REAL hero, right?

Anonymous has told Russian citizens to empty their bank accounts because anything in them will be given to Ukraine on 3/3. That's a straight up act of war by American intelligence, false flagging under the identity of "Anonymous". The only thing that could ever do that would be American/Israeli intelligence with CPU level back doors, as I have mentioned recently, and repeatedly in the past. There is no way that could happen to "all Russians" outside of high level action. No hacker group could ever do that, that would be possible compliments of Operation Talpiot. If this actually happens, Russia has the right to spread the hot war outside Ukraine.

In the video, "Anonymous" proves ignorance by lying about the situation on the ground. If they are that ignorant, they can't be legit. THEY ARE NOT THAT IGNORANT, THEY ARE THE CIA.


Ukraine is winning SO BIGLY that they released convicted murderers and other criminals from prison so they could fight the war. What will be left when they are gone?


Ukraine's super pilot "Ghost of Kiev" now has 15 kills.

Remember "Good Ol' Shoe" from Wag the dog??? THAT.


Supposedly "toothless Russia" shot up a convoy of evacuating Israeli citizens, "situation grave".


Ukraine is offering Russian soldiers an amount equal to about $65,000 USD to desert. Where's that money coming from?


A spectacular piece of war propaganda so hoakey it makes me want to vomit.

AS IF a lost cell phone would really have a lengthy text chat that showed a russian soldier constantly saying "momma" and saying all the talking points the West would ever want heard - "We were lied to", The Ukranians don't want us," "We are killing civilians" "We are bombing cities" "I am afraid momma" and then the soldier is dead and they find the phone with that on it, conversation still open. BULLSHIT!!!


Anonymous is a probable CIA front where "the world's best hackers" use established back doors into microprocessors and operating systems that were intentionally put there by American and Israeli intelligence to "magically" get into anything right when needed. Russia's payment system got hacked like it was scheduled right after Russia announced it's allies could dump euros and dollars because those currencies cannot be trusted. HOW?? Minix and Microsoft, and a trillion dollar budget, that's how! Even if they don't use microsoft it won't matter with the processor level back doors.

Russia can't do anything to retaliate because it was not the CIA that did it, no, it was a nebulous group called "ANONYMOUS!!!" Anonymous - out there working hard, staying organized, staying funded and striking the hardest targets down, from MOM'S BASEMENT. RIGHT. -----------------

Zelensky is trying to get Ukraine into the European Union. We'll have to see where that goes. If so, the EU approves of leaders who incessantly shell their own people for years on end.


It appears to me that Putin had his ducks in a row before making this move in Ukraine. Nothing the West is doing is having any real impact on Russia. Sure, Russian planes cannot land abroad but who needs tourism in times like these? The west simply can't do anything of substance that will actually inflict pain it seems. Every time they think they have it, Putin just squids off in a different direction.

Putin is telling Ukranian citizens in Kiev to evacuate NOW. The Ukranian military is doing all it can to prevent people from evacuating because they want to use them as human shields (knowing Putin has morals)

China has announced that they are going to step past making consumer goods and will begin going after "True high tech".

Pakistan will sign on to Russia's alt banking system and start buying oil.


HA HA, like hell the average Ukranian wants that!!! What, is the WEF using the Ukraine incident to sell the New World Order or what?? Not a good selling point I'd say. Straight from "tinfoil nut job hatter conspiracy" to proud bragging on FOX. My oh my how things come around when the mask comes off.

I hate to say it, but it really looks like Putin is the irrefutable good guy in all of this. And he's frustrated by "the empire of lies". "Empires of lies" happen when universities get infiltrated and kids are taught by the tribe that the truth is not what matters, what people believe is the truth is what matters. Imagine a news agency or politician with THAT as the moral foundation . . . . . what do you get? "An empire of lies". The KGB may not have been nice to deal with, but they did not operate on falsehood. They were blind to a lot. Putin is not going to accept "the empire of lies" very well. INSIGHT:
Some of the top KGB people paid a visit to Brigham Young university in the 1970's. They stood on top of the arts building and looked down at all the cars in the parking lot. They said "Wow, the staff has really nice cars". They were corrected: "Those are the student's cars". They did not believe it, and instead believed the United States took cars from all over the country and parked them there for a fake show. They, even being what they were, did not believe the United States could possibly be like that. They were honestly in error. They were not liars. There's a big difference between being honestly wrong and a pathological liar. And, to top it all off, Putin's not even wrong this time around.
Putin has morals, and he's cornered by "an empire of lies". What will he do? Time will tell but I'd start with cutting off oil and gas to Europe if the West gets any friskier.

PUTIN WAS KICKED OUT OF THE WEF. That's a REAL GOOD sign. If he was the enemy of all of us the way Biden is, he was not "good enough" at it.

Cornerstone report:
Fukushima SABOTAGE!

Remote controlled Germanwings Airbus A320 crash? All evidence points to this.

California drought: DAMS DRAINED ON PURPOSE