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The severe weather that has been happening globally is not natural. Here is how it is done.

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I completely removed the "Jews bugging out of New York" notice because it got enough attention to shut it down if they were planning a false flag. NEVER FORGET: 911. ODIGO. THEY DO IT, AND THEY KNOW.
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People are noticing that all, (every last one) ALL captured and destroyed equipment showing up in Ukraine videos as Ukraine victories is lacking the white Russian Z. It is literally as if the Russians are taking zero losses and everything for Ukraine is faked, HERE IS A PRIME AND HUMOROUS EXAMPLE from someone who got sick of the lies about "the ghost of Kiev". Here he takes out a tai fighter. Might as well make "the ghost of Kiev" a REAL hero, right?

Anonymous has told Russian citizens to empty their bank accounts because anything in them will be given to Ukraine on 3/3. That's a straight up act of war by American intelligence, false flagging under the identity of "Anonymous". The only thing that could ever do that would be American/Israeli intelligence with CPU level back doors, as I have mentioned recently, and repeatedly in the past. There is no way that could happen to "all Russians" outside of high level action. No hacker group could ever do that, that would be possible compliments of Operation Talpiot. If this actually happens, Russia has the right to spread the hot war outside Ukraine.

In the video, "Anonymous" proves ignorance by lying about the situation on the ground. If they are that ignorant, they can't be legit. THEY ARE NOT THAT IGNORANT, THEY ARE THE CIA.


Ukraine is winning SO BIGLY that they released convicted murderers and other criminals from prison so they could fight the war. What will be left when they are gone?


Ukraine's super pilot "Ghost of Kiev" now has 15 kills.

Remember "Good Ol' Shoe" from Wag the dog??? THAT.


Supposedly "toothless Russia" shot up a convoy of evacuating Israeli citizens, "situation grave".


Ukraine is offering Russian soldiers an amount equal to about $65,000 USD to desert. Where's that money coming from?


A spectacular piece of war propaganda so hoakey it makes me want to vomit.

AS IF a lost cell phone would really have a lengthy text chat that showed a russian soldier constantly saying "momma" and saying all the talking points the West would ever want heard - "We were lied to", The Ukranians don't want us," "We are killing civilians" "We are bombing cities" "I am afraid momma" and then the soldier is dead and they find the phone with that on it, conversation still open. BULLSHIT!!!


Anonymous is a probable CIA front where "the world's best hackers" use established back doors into microprocessors and operating systems that were intentionally put there by American and Israeli intelligence to "magically" get into anything right when needed. Russia's payment system got hacked like it was scheduled right after Russia announced it's allies could dump euros and dollars because those currencies cannot be trusted. HOW?? Minix and Microsoft, and a trillion dollar budget, that's how! Even if they don't use microsoft it won't matter with the processor level back doors.

Russia can't do anything to retaliate because it was not the CIA that did it, no, it was a nebulous group called "ANONYMOUS!!!" Anonymous - out there working hard, staying organized, staying funded and striking the hardest targets down, from MOM'S BASEMENT. RIGHT. -----------------

Zelensky is trying to get Ukraine into the European Union. We'll have to see where that goes. If so, the EU approves of leaders who incessantly shell their own people for years on end.


It appears to me that Putin had his ducks in a row before making this move in Ukraine. Nothing the West is doing is having any real impact on Russia. Sure, Russian planes cannot land abroad but who needs tourism in times like these? The west simply can't do anything of substance that will actually inflict pain it seems. Every time they think they have it, Putin just squids off in a different direction.

Putin is telling Ukranian citizens in Kiev to evacuate NOW. The Ukranian military is doing all it can to prevent people from evacuating because they want to use them as human shields (knowing Putin has morals)

China has announced that they are going to step past making consumer goods and will begin going after "True high tech".

Pakistan will sign on to Russia's alt banking system and start buying oil.


HA HA, like hell the average Ukranian wants that!!! What, is the WEF using the Ukraine incident to sell the New World Order or what?? Not a good selling point I'd say. Straight from "tinfoil nut job hatter conspiracy" to proud bragging on FOX. My oh my how things come around when the mask comes off.

I hate to say it, but it really looks like Putin is the irrefutable good guy in all of this. And he's frustrated by "the empire of lies". "Empires of lies" happen when universities get infiltrated and kids are taught by the tribe that the truth is not what matters, what people believe is the truth is what matters. Imagine a news agency or politician with THAT as the moral foundation . . . . . what do you get? "An empire of lies". The KGB may not have been nice to deal with, but they did not operate on falsehood. They were blind to a lot. Putin is not going to accept "the empire of lies" very well. INSIGHT:
Some of the top KGB people paid a visit to Brigham Young university in the 1970's. They stood on top of the arts building and looked down at all the cars in the parking lot. They said "Wow, the staff has really nice cars". They were corrected: "Those are the student's cars". They did not believe it, and instead believed the United States took cars from all over the country and parked them there for a fake show. They, even being what they were, did not believe the United States could possibly be like that. They were honestly in error. They were not liars. There's a big difference between being honestly wrong and a pathological liar. And, to top it all off, Putin's not even wrong this time around.
Putin has morals, and he's cornered by "an empire of lies". What will he do? Time will tell but I'd start with cutting off oil and gas to Europe if the West gets any friskier.

PUTIN WAS KICKED OUT OF THE WEF. That's a REAL GOOD sign. If he was the enemy of all of us the way Biden is, he was not "good enough" at it.


A lot of people have been spewing crap about what is going on with Russia right now. It is impossible to know. Therefore I am going to call this my flavor of crap and I'll point out where I am not guessing so you can come up with your own crap.

I am not guessing: No nukes went off since the start of the attack, the last ones to go off were ones I posted a couple weeks ago and they were probably a warning. The crap circulating today is recycled blasts from the past along with some possible fuel tank explosions, but no context, not even photographic context, is given. When I have called things nukes, they definitely were because the full context is there and it is obvious.
I am not guessing: The U.S. government knew a nuclear threat was underway and after the two nukes went off that were prominently posted here a couple weeks ago (wherever they were, I am thinking Siberia now.) Right after that Pelosi and half of congress left the country and Pelosi bee-lined for the Knesset where she gave a speech. After that she went to Europe with no set date on her return. It's all proven by a leaky Jewish paper that let the cat out of the bag and it is reported down the page a ways. No matter what is presented to prove she's in the U.S. (nothing has been since the Knesset speech) but if they decide to fake it, Pelosi is not in the U.S. along with much of the government. Her splitting after those two nukes went off pretty much proves Putin is not happy with her. 2+2, the math is too simple, not guessing.
NOT GUESSING: Russia's losses are exaggerated. Drudge stupidly posted that Russia lost 160 tanks and that it was a "devastating loss" and he took it down right away. Russia's war plan IS TO LOSE "160 tanks", that would not be a surprise or a problem if it happened. Russia has a S***load of tanks, they produced them, produced them, produced them, and when they were all done producing everything they could possibly need, they produced more. I don't know how many thousands of tanks they have but it is probably right around 12,000 with a total number of armored vehicles that might be called "tanks" sitting at 27,000 They are not great, but they are not garbage, they are good enough to get the job done.
It is obvious America's anti tank weapons work fine against Russia's tanks but that said, America's tanks are also killable by Russia. Russia has superiority in this area just because what they have is "good enough" and the numbers are massive. THAT SAID, did Russia really lose 160? Probably not. There were probably a fair number of Ukranian tanks mixed in with that because you can't tell the difference. Ukraine uses Russian tanks.
NOT GUESSING: It looks like all of Europe is getting on board with re-supplying Ukraine with weapons to use against Russia. That's BAD NEWS because it makes them a rightful target and Putin said he'd strike. NOT GUESSING: Russia is going to get kicked out of SWIFT, IF the threats are followed through on and it already looks like that is a done deal. NOT GUESSING: The bragging about "freezing Russias assets, totaling in the hundreds of billions was a load of CRAP, Putin knew this was going to happen and he protected those assets and they are not frozen. The people moving to freeze them assumed they'd win. They did not. So that's going to be a problem for NATO.
NOT GUESSING: Russia totally obliterated Ukraine's air force in the first hour and they only had ONE plane left that flew to a neighboring country to land because all airstrips in Ukraine were destroyed in the FIRST HOUR. It was so bad that Ukraine only got ONE plane in the air, the rest were destroyed on the ground. Therefore, NOT GUESSING: Russia is in fact kicking ass. NOT GUESSING: Russia also sank Ukraine's entire navy in the first hour. That's also kicking ass. NOT GUESSING: Therefore, idiots in the western media calling Russia toothless can't really be idiots, they are lying and they know it. THEREFORE: NOT GUESSING: Take the entire dietribe from the western press and toss it.
NOW FOR THE GUESSING: Rumor has it that the not so great offer of a large number of MIG 29's by European countries come with a great offer - that they'll be flown by European pilots and supported by bases outside of Ukraine. NOT GUESSING: Russia knows all about the MIG 29 and can take them out of the sky like pigeons. THEREFORE, A GUESS: My guess is that the offer may have included MIG 29's but they won't be flown over Ukraine. Instead, the most advanced American weapons with American operators are now going to be over Ukraine and the MIG-29 story was B.S. to cover for why so many Russian targets are soon to be getting blown up "from out of nowhere". MARK MY BEAUTIFUL GUESS: AMERICA IS GOING ALL IN AND WILL NOT UTTER A PEEP ABOUT IT.
Guessing: America will use decoys to fool Russian air defense systems into thinking they are shooting down those migs so ordnance is wasted and there's a plausible excuse for why stuff is blowing up when American systems are put to use.
ANOTHER GUESS: My guess is that China is going to figure this out or probably already knows, and when America's assets are distracted they'll take Taiwan. A GUESS, FROM CLAUDIA: China is going to use Russian cover to set off their own nukes where they see appropriate and they'll blame it on Russia. MY GUESS: Israel is going to have a heyday doing the same. Remember the spider art work I posted a couple years ago, where the spider's body literally looked like it was probably housing a nuke? That art work circulated all the important countries and was probably a threat to allow Israel to place their own nukes (that are not in spiders) in the victim nations and Israel will be setting those nukes off also (that were left behind after the spiders were gone, representing it's "eggs",) where Israel sees appropriate. Maybe even to start a nuclear war with Russia. Russia will scream "it was not us" but what are they going to do when their radar is full of approaching ICBM's? Israel will get the perfect samson execution, to cover for their damn vax catastrophe. By way of deception . . . . . and they'll have most of their nukes left because everyone elses got used.
Guessing: Israel wants nuclear war so bad that they'll inspire it themselves with a few false flags if Putin cannot be pushed into it. There are mixed stories out there, some saying Putin is bluffing and others saying he is serious, but Israel is the wild card, they could really milk this situation and they have a history of that . . . .
Guessing, but it's pretty obvious: Gas prices are going to go through the roof no matter what happens, even if not a single nuke goes off. Everything is likely to crash. There will be CHAOS.

China has given "or else" with regard to Taiwan

Sweden has just given 5,000 shoulder fire rockets, 5,000 body armor kits and 135,000 MRE's to Ukraine. THAT would be an escalation like no other.

The Netherlands has just given 50 anti tank launchers with 400 rounds, 100 sniper rifles with 30,000 rounds and 200 stinger missiles to Ukraine.

Denmark has offered 2.700 anti-tank weapons

Russia probably IS at about DEFCON 1.5 with 0 being launch.


Defcon levels are not national in the U.S., if ONE base abroad goes to defcon 2 it does not mean Norad will. The U.S. still is officially at Defcon 3-4 despite some bases going to defcon 2. I don't know where Norad sits right now. I think the whole country should be at Defcon 2 but you know who's "running the country". OR NOT.

Russia does not use the DEFCON system, but if they did, that's approximately where they would be. However, IF it trips from 1 to zero that will happen instantly, there are no shades of gray.

More war updates

HALF OF CONGRESS HAS BUGGED OUT AND IS NOT IN THE COUNTRY. Where did they go? a lot of them, including Pelosi, bugged out to ISRAEL. AIPAC canceled their April 2022 meeting OVER A YEAR AGO. Why? was the entire scenario mapped out? Did the Corona plot expire a couple months early?? HOW DID THEY PULL THIS OFF? I HAVE SEEN NO NEWS ABOUT PELOSI BUGGING OUT, BUT RIGHT WHEN RUSSIA TOOK ACTION SHE HAD A MEETING SCHEDULED AT THE KNESSET AND SPOKE THERE. THIS SEEPED THROUGH THE CRACKS ON THE INFORMATION CONTAINMENT VESSEL. And "following her Israel visit, she's going to Germany and the UK. WHILE THE U.S. IS FACING NUCLEAR WAR. How sweet!!!

The propaganda has gone SO over the top now that it's a subject in itself.

First of all, Putin is not weak, and Putin is not defeated. Word on the street is that Putin used his junk at first and will pull out the good stuff if NATO attacks. And it seems legit, there were a few good cruise missiles used but most of what got used really was not Russia's best.
I have seen lots of crap about Russian tech being "50 years behind the United States" and it is always from a war monger that probably wants Americans to believe victory will be easy. But even if America's tech is better, it is going to be used by a military that was recently maimed by a death vax. The playing field is probably quite level.
50 years is a lie to boot.Russia's tech would not be "50 years behind America" even if they never updated a Mig 29, which is their 80's plane that's damn near abandoned. Their tech in reality is a mix of "30 years behind" with a nice pile of "15 years behind" all the way up to "Ahead of the United States" when it comes to anti aircraft systems and cruise missiles. Does your 15 year old computer still do the job? With modern warfare systems, I don't think 15 years matters when the tools are in the right hands, 30 years does, but not 15. Lots of America's military stuff in use right now is a mix of the same - some of what America uses is 40 years old too. But it was so far ahead of Russia at that time that 40 years is not a deal breaker.
The bottom line is I don't think Russia's stuff is outdated enough for it to even be a factor. What WILL be a factor is how it gets used and whether or not it can be hacked.

American in Kiev hotel explains the B.S. in America's MSM from the perspective of being in Ukraine. 20 minutes, well worth it.

COMPLETELY UNCONFIRMED RUMOR: A large number of U.S. warships have entered the Taiwan strait.

Financial director for Gazprom - Russia's largest company - committed suicide???? DOUBT IT, but that won't make him less dead.

JIMMY SCHUTO TO WOLF BLITZER ON LIVE TV: WOLF: "The Ukranian forces are doing a great job of slowing down the Russian army" Jimmy: "Yes, it has caused the Russians to outrun their supply lines". You can't make this stuff up!!! When fighting a war, make sure you don't kick butt so bad your supply lines can't keep up!!! Yes, the truth has a way of seeping through the cracks.

Credit cards that draw from Russian banks have been reported to have stopped working abroad, but they still work in Russia.


There is a rumor that a Russian army major has been captured in an ambush, but the rumor might be morale boosting crap for Ukraine.

Two different journalists in different cities - a French journalist in Donetsk and a rumored second I have not been able to track down yet have witnessed Ukranians shelling their own people (what's new? That's a big reason why Putin went in) - - - NEW is that now they are blaming Russia because Russia is there to blame. REPEAT: This story is obviously true and is probably happening "everywhere" because Ukraine has been shelling it's own people for most of 10 years now. That's so "not new" that trolls claiming the reporters are lying look stupid.

Ukranian soldiers are blocking roads and preventing people from leaving some of the cities now. "Human shields??? or draft fodder?

The French detained a Russian ship that was carrying cars as it passed through the English Channel. The reason was "sanctions enforcement". They are hitting Russia so hard even cars are banned. One interesting thing to note is that all proposed sanctions end before August 1 2022. Why??

Chechnya is deploying (at least) 12,000 troops to Ukraine as an ally of Russia

As of the morning of the 26th the war propaganda is in such full swing that it is difficult to make heads or tails of what is actually going on. The only thing solid is that last night there were negotiations, which ended with Russia resuming the war in full.
The only thing I can see that is a solid development is the west attempting to get weapons in that will allow Ukraine to strike Russia. And the real reason why Russia took Chernobyl was revealed - because Ukraine wanted to use it to make dirty bombs. Or so the rumor goes . . . . Russia wanted that threat eliminated.
So far Russia has managed to not knock out the power and has kept everyday life pretty much normal, but if they encounter too many problems they are going to have to start playing dirty.
There is no one left putting up a resistance to banning Russia from Swift. Putin said a ban would equal nuclear war. Today might be the day they shut it off. I would not put too much creedence in Chinese support, the chinese serve their own interests so much that they could hardly be considered an asset to rely on. Xi will not be thinking "How can I help Russia", he will instead be thinking "What can I get out of this?". Russia will not be in a good position if Swift gets cut.

REMEMBER: The Hunter foot job, the billion plus bribe China gave top U.S. government officials, the whole 9 yards, China is likely to screw Russia over totally.

One thing I have noticed is that cyber attacks are not having a huge effect. Both sides have taken shots at this and only inconvienence ensued, no one is offline and the most substantial thing I heard was that Russia, for a short time knocked Uber Eats offline to "Hit Americans where it really hurts". The cyber attacks thus far have been a joke.
Maybe someone has a trick up their sleeve we have yet to see, but I think it is going to take cutting cables to really do anything.


Cyber attacks have started. American companies having site issues. False flag? Probably.

Power stations around Ukraine are now being either destroyed or taken offline to goad NATO into attacking Russia. FACT: IF IT WAS RUSSIA DOING THAT, THEY WOULD HAVE HAD ALL THE POWER IN UKRAINE KNOCKED OUT IN THE FIRST 40 MINUTES. Russia does not want the Ukranian people to hate them. A good way to accomplish that is to knock out the power. Since the Ukranian leadership and western media has already done lots to try to make the Ukranian people and the West hate Russia, they are the prime suspects and obvious cause of the power outages.


Shocking remnants of a destroyed tank. I don't know what side. I never thought anything could blow a tank to pieces that bad.

The Ukranian forces are taking advantage of the war and are killing drug dealers and other similar types they want gone. That's a new one but apparently Hunter's connections are drying up.

The cost to ship crude anywhere near Russia has increased by at least 7X since Russian actions in Ukraine. That's going to have an enormous impact on prices all by itself even without sanctions.

Merchant ships are being attacked in the Black Sea. Western MSM is blaming Russia, but you know how that goes . . . . . about as accurately as the crushed car claims by the New York Shitpost.

RUSSIA IS ABOUT TO BE BANNED FROM SWIFT. Putin said he would consider that to be the same as a nuclear strike. In response, Russia increased the amount of cash issued to banks so their ATMs don't go empty even if there is a bank run.


Overall things seem to be escalating towards world war 3 (probably nuclear in the end) fairly rapidly. They are cornering Russia economically quite well. That will demand a strong response.



RUMOR: Russia took Ukraine too easily, because the people, including a significant portion of the military, hated their "Israeli Citizen" president and "Western cabal" dark leadership too much to bother with putting up more than just a show fight (enough to prevent being punished if somehow Russia lost.) When the 4 top people in the U.S. government have kids working for Ukraine oil companies, it really says a lot. The Ukranian people HATED being "the hang out".

Russia has conducted an amphibious assault on the Sea of Azov and has landed thousands of troops. Russia appears to be wiping out Ukraine with only 1/3 of committed forces. Forces committed to this battle, not the entire Russian military.

OFFICIAL: The Council of Europe has suspended the Russian Federation from it's rights of representation in the Committee of Ministers and in the Parliamentary Assembly with immediate effect.

TANK RUNS OVER CAR. Arguments as to who's tank UPDATE: Confirmed Ukranian. If you see this, the western media is misrepresenting it. I cannot get it to post. HERE IS WHAT HAPPENED: The tank was being shot at and the driver freaked out. He was trying to avoid being shot. Running over the car was not intentional. FOR PROPAGANDA PURPOSES, THE VIDEO WAS CUT BUT THE TANK WAS LEAKING OIL AFTER BEING HIT AND THE PEOPLE GOT OUT OF THE TANK AND EXTRACTED THE DRIVER FROM THE CAR. THE DRIVER LIVED. You will not see that part of that story because it shows the real context and propaganda is propaganda.

Turkish president Erdogan who wisely shitcanned Adnan Oktar is saying Nato is not making good decisions in it's handling of Russia. I KNOW WHY. I have the WHOLE STORY ON THAT. Most likely this is Russia setting off two nukes in Siberia as a warning shot less than a week before taking Ukraine. At first I thought it was probably Israel nuking Syria, but Russia's actions in Ukraine explain this a whole lot better.

RUMOR: Russia threatened Sweden and Finland with military consequences if they support Nato in an attack on Russia

HOW STUPID: The CIA (probably) is attempting to say Putin is using ISIS to attack Ukraine. You can't make this stuff up, looks like someone in American intelligence has jumped the shark!!!

BLOCKBUSTER: CHINA IS NOT SUPPORTING RUSSIA. CHINA STATE BANKS ARE RESTRICTING FUNDING FOR RUSSIAN COMMODITIES. It looks like Biden's Beijing crack pipe is paying off!!! A deal is a deal and a footjob is a footjob don't ya know!!!

Dead people and no blood? People are saying some of the footage has to be fake because of a lack of blood. However, when someone dies from a blast, there is no blood unless there was shrapnel and there is not always. Also, what about directed energy weapons? Same deal. Russia is probably using them.

Twitter and other social media have cracked down on reporting from Ukraine. They want the official narrative. We'll see how decent I can keep this despite that.


TOP LINE ON RT: Ukraine ready to discuss surrender

Ukraine successfully hit Russia with several ballistic missiles. However, they landed in non critical areas.

NOT RUMOR: The "President" of Ukraine is an Israeli citizen. No wonder why the place got run like the West Bank which triggered this action by Putin. WEF politics aside, an enormous segment of Ukraine begged for Russia to do this after getting shelled for years.

NOT RUMOR: Russia is taking the capitol now.

RUMOR: Russia attacked Ukraine to get rid of bio labs there. My thoughts: That's certainly not all they went in for!!!

RUMOR (Ridiculous rumor) Russia threatened to de-orbit the space station over the USA or Europe. DOUBT IT, EVERYONE WOULD HATE THEM FOR THAT. Now, a false flag would be possible . . . . .

Russia has apparently gained control of the sky in Kyiv, where they shot down a Ukranian SU-27. Rumor has it the shoot down was of "The ghost of Kyiv" but that's awful hard to back up.

Opinion: The "ghost of Kyiv" - Ukraine's "Red Baron pilot" who has "shot down 7 Russian fighters" with outdated Soviet crap is probably a morale boosting hoax.

FOX NEWS: Ukraine has banned all men aged 18-60 from leaving the country. Someone needs an army I guess.

Britain is considering supporting banning Russia from SWIFT.

Taiwan is supporting Russia sanctions.

The reason why Russia took Chernobyl has been revealed: Because Ukraine had already shelled a waste repository and increased the background radiation by 50X. It is still possible to be there, but barely. Ukraine obviously blamed Russia, but smart money says NO.

Ukraine completely took Hostomel airport back.

Biden just completed a disastrously toothless and incompetent press conference. It really made the U.S. look like a paper tiger. No hard actions, only cyber attacks. And 2 can play that game.

Anti war protests have happened in at least 40 Russian cities, and Russia responded with the "Trudeau treatment" on DAY ONE.

RT IS FINE IN MEXICO. There are reports of RT being down, hard to access or messed up in the United States.

POWER OUTAGE IN KIEV ACCORDING TO FOX NEWS UPDATE: Random localized outages, not the whole city at once.

RUMOR: CNBC has stated nuclear war is being considered as an option.

Russian ministry of defense web site down

Biden decision: Stuxnet attack the hell out of Russia and try to knock the power out, derail trains, and more.

Chernobyl now secured by heavy firepower and not just Russian ground troops (surrounded by tanks)

Biden has announced he will be protesting peacefully against Russia with "devastating packages of sanctions". But what about China? SANCTION THAT.

Russia has now accomplished such a level of superiority it can fly cargo into Ukraine, with 12 large jets landing at Anatov Airport

Russia has announced it met it's "war schedule" for day one, and is now beginning day two.

Russia has officially captured the Chernobyl nuke plant. That's good news (Ukraine will not be able to use it for scorched earth)

The North Atlantic Council has decided Peaceful protest is the way to handle this. What a stupid letter.

Dubious rumor: the Ukraine military blew the dam at the Pecheneg reservoir.

Ukraine successfully captured an entire Russian reconnaisance platoon. That would be about 50 soldiers.

Biden has told Americans they are "on their own" in Ukraine, just like Afghanistan.

Russia is now taking over Ukraine's power stations.

Russia used 75 heavy bombers to carry out the attacks, and kept them off radar so well that their ruse of "nothing in the air over Ukraine" worked!!! Even the U.S. did not see them, NO ONE DID. UPDATE: This is NOT RUMOR, Russia really did pull that off.

EARLY REPORTS: Ukraine was attacking hospitals and residential areas to frame up Russia for wrongdoing. CURRENT REPORTS: Ukraine is claiming Russia attacked hospitals, but is not mentioning the attacks on residential areas it is clear they did (scroll down, there is video of them using a MIG to do exactly that)


It appears to me that Russia has just proven that "politics" are inefficient.

Ukraine is flying in double digit ll-76 planes (18 reportedly) these are turbo props similar to a C-130. They have to land somewhere. Arriving with permission????

The UK has kicked out Russian ambassadors

The predictable cyber attacks have now started, directed at Russian government web sites.

Russian ground vehicles are now seen throughout Ukraine and nothing is stopping them.

Russia (might) be banned from SWIFT. But Russia has China . . . . AND GERMANY IS NOT GOING TO SUPPORT THAT. Rumor is the EU won't support that either.

The Kremlin web site went dark.

Price of gas in Europe up by almost double.

U.S. F-35's have arrived in Lithuania, but they will have to overfly Belarus to get to Ukraine if they are kept there.

EU diplomats are proposing sanctions on Russia while the white house considers options. SANCTIONS. SANCTIONS MEANS "Oh sh*t". Russia might simply enforce this with it's nuclear deterrent.

Russian troops are now seen securing multiple airfields in Ukraine, if not all of them. The few Ukranian fighters that have been spotted are probably flying in from other countries.

There is now active fighting at Chernobyl, with rumor being that nukes are hidden there and Russia is going to get them. Other rumors are that Russia wants to prevent "that dirty bomb waiting to happen" from being used for exactly that.

The U.S. is now speaking up, saying Moscow is focusing on taking Kiev and decapitating the Ukranian government (duh)

Highways are bumper to bumper "bug out" and Russia is leaving them alone.

The usual war propaganda is in place, with both sides calling each other "bad". The difference between now and other wars? Twitter.

There was a small anti-war protest on Novosibirsk Russia that was quickly put away. Novosibirsk is a large city in Siberia with a population of 1.6 million.

Rumor has it that Putin has officially declared war

Last night Russia claimed to have completely destroyed all of Ukraine's air force, but today Ukraine has planes in the air.

Last night there was rumor that Turkey helped Ukraine in the initial hours of the current battle, and today a Turkish cargo ship was hit by a bomb in the black sea

Video has now surfaced of a Ukranian jet attacking Ukranian residential areas to back stab Russia. So you know who's in charge of Ukraine - the white house.

Rumor has it that Russia is trying to take over Chernobyl BECAUSE NUKES WERE STACHED THERE, with the lingering mess there being used to conceal them.

Rumor has it that China is going to take Taiwan now, and it is not rumor that Chinese jets are repeatedly entering Taiwan's airspace.

This is not rumor:


Corrections may be made frequently because this is all progressing so rapidly now.


Russia has launched so many cruise missiles that there are many clear videos of them flying by. that takes a LOT of missiles.

A UKRANIAN SU-27, perhaps the only one they managed to get airborne was forced to land in Romania because Russia destroyed every landing strip in Ukraine.

Confirmed: Russian ground vehicles are already crossing into Ukraine (APC's and tanks)

Confirmed: Fox News reporter killed.

Russia is now claiming it completely neutralized Ukraine's entire air force before Ukraine managed to get a single plane off the ground.

Actually cool: Perfectly captured video of a Russian cruise missile flying by A CLASSIC "lucky shot"

Bug out traffic jams in Kiev. Bugging out last minute does not cut it!

America's doomsday plane has taken off

Amphibious landing at Odessa UPDATE: Apparently rumor.

Nato invoking Article 4. This means they are going to have a powow but no decision to react has been reached yet.

Russia knocked CNN's reporters offline in Kiev

America has moved the government into bunkers

One Russian jet shot down

Ukraine is claiming 5 Russian jets shot down. UPDATE: Russia has stated they have not used airstrikes at all, everything that has exploded so far (three hours into this) has been due to artillery, cruise missiles, and ballistic missiles. That means Ukraine probably shot down NOTHING.

RUMOR: An hour and a half into the attack, Ukraine's entire navy has been sunk. UPDATE: NOT RUMOR, all ships sunk and Russia is now, less than two hours in, occupying all naval bases.

Not rumor: Russia has blown up so many ammo depots they can't even be kept up with.

2.5 hours into the attacks and Russia has declared Ukraine's entire military disabled.

It appears many Ukranians hate the U.S. "occupation" so badly they did not fight at all. Why would they when U.S. backed groups routinely shelled them?

Only two hours into this, and Russia is already beginning to capture Ukranian officials

OBVIOUS: Russia is one-upping "shock and awe" MASSIVELY, to let the West know hands had best be kept off. Shock and awe was not like this, not so fast, and Ukraine was far better equipped than Saddam.

FACT: Ukraine is getting wiped out like dirt off a windshield.

Everyone is calling Biden weak, and saying this would never have happened under Trump.

Biden has promised "tough sanctions" in response to Russia wiping Ukraine's entire military out.

It took them 45 minutes to shut down several airports including the military airfield in Kiev, a Nato airfield in Boryspil, with live fire and within an hour they took over the airport in Kyiv with boots on the ground, fully occupied. It happened with mind blowing speed. So I put on a pot of coffee, I think I'm doing the late shift.
An hour or so after the initiation of the full on assault, live cams are going down all over Ukraine. I was watching one with 4 different cameras at once and it looked like nothing was going on and blip all 4 went down simultaneously. And other people are reporting more than that down.

Massive explosions in Mariupol

Military base in Chuhuiv was destroyed. Destroyed??? Russia is going ALL OUT.


It appears Ukraine has been able to return fire to Russia, with explosions reported in the province of Belgorod


Well, the alt media has been onto this, and if this coach is having vaxxed players die in the hospital then what we are seeing on the fields is only scratching the surface. I am not going to even bother with posting that chart again, (at least not for another month) - we should be going into the hockey stick by the end of Feb and will be WELL into it by the end of April. And the MSM won't utter a peep, you are just going to have to notice it yourself.

BUSTED: A major gene sequence that made Covid "Covid" has been found in multiple Moderna patents dating back to 2015.

This is not only the smoking gun, it is the entire ammo can. It is amazing this stayed buried for so long.

VERY IMPORTANT: PENTAGON BRIEFING LIVE STREAM. Watch this even if it is over if you want to cut through whatever B.S. people invent about it.

This starts at the beginning of the talking as clicked, hit play.

Looks bad to me. I'll say nothing more, there is no reason to. It speaks for itself.

How to get through a nuclear blast

People are probably curious about this now, so I'll mention this. If you survive the initial blast, there will be fallout. Fallout is most dangerous in the first hour. After 3 days most of the threat is gone.

When the bomb goes off you'll notice. If you are far enough away to avoid the fireball and the house is still standing, AFTER that you have 20 minutes to prepare for the fallout.

The atmosphere is a decent radiation shield. None of the ionizing radiation from a bomb will project out more than two miles from ground zero. This means that in most cases, if you survive the initial explosion, you will have no radiation exposure immediately after the blast. However, lots of highly radioactive debris will get sucked up into the mushroom cloud, and when that comes down there's hell to pay. This takes about 20 minutes.
If you are lucky enough to live in a country that allows real houses to be built, you'll likely have a place where you can be surrounded by concrete on all sides, above and all around. If you are really lucky you'll have that type of house and it will have multiple floors or a basement. If you have a basement in such a house, just go in the basement and wait it out. You have it easy. Get water or whatever you think you'll need down there and wait.
If you are in America, like it or not you don't really have a real house and when fallout hits the roof, you'll get no radiation protection from the house at all. Hopefully you at least have a basement. Before going down in the basement you need to move as much furniture as possible to the area directly above where you'll be hiding out. Anything at all that has mass. If you are lucky enough to have a stressed concrete garage that has a room under it, that will be the best spot to go, provided the back wall of the house is not above ground. (you don't have a walk out basement) If you DO have a walk out basement you still have to go under the garage but you'll need to drag as much stuff as possible into that area and put it between you and the not submerged back wall of the house. And you only have 20 minutes.
Everyone mentions how bad it is to have all the radioactive material settle on the roof of a wood house, where the radiation can penetrate with full strength, but what no one mentions is how being at ground level with no barrier will allow all the radioactive materials that settled on the ground to project sideways along the ground and develop an intense cumulative radiation field. It's one thing to get hit by a thin layer from above, and totally another to have a mile of material to the side of you shooting it all right at you. Side protection is far more important than protection from above because of this. And a home built on a slab will give you NO protection. If that's what you have to use, then prioritize being protected from the sides more than from above. Get everything possible that is heavy and put it around you in the center of the house, in the center hallway and the other side of the hallway walls if it has a hallway and hide out there. That won't be good but it will be better than nothing.
YOU HAVE 20 minutes. Because that's how long it takes for the fallout to start coming down. When it lands, the radioactivity of whatever falls gives up most of it's energy in the first hour. It is important to stay well protected for at least 3 days, but if you mess up the first critical hours you're a GONER. For those first few hours you DO NOT "Go upstairs because it is probably OK", you stay in the basement, making sure you are below ground level for AT LEAST a day. Next day it will probably be safe to go upstairs "for a pack of hot dogs" for 3 minutes and come right back down, but if you try that when it's all at max hot, even 3 minutes might do you in.
Obviously if you get fallout on your clothes, you strip at least to your underwear at the door and leave them outside. Then quickly get your hair clean and hide. If you don't get your hair clean your hair will nuke you, hiding won't matter.
Don't use your car for protection, cars offer no protection at all.Your car absolutely WILL run after a nuclear blast, the EMP knocking out the cars is hollywood BULLSHIT. If the EMP from a blast took out cars, Nevada would have been an EMP junkyard. HOWEVER, The only way you'd want to be in a car is if you were trying to beat the fallout and get away from it. In the right situation that absolutely would work, a car would outrun it but what if you encounter a road full of people trying to do the same thing?
Idiots who had accidents caused a lot of disasters in the California wild fires. This is something that has not been discussed a lot, but MORONS who had minor fender benders in several cases stopped where they were and started arguing about the accident, while they blocked people behind them that were trying to get away from the wild fire. The exact same thing is going to happen if you try to run from a nuclear blast, people really will be THAT STUPID. They will not get their cars out of the way for the "greater good", they are instead going to block the road and bitch while everyone trapped behind them fries. So I would not try to outrun the fallout if I had a better option.

Scamming MSM implies Near death experiences are just your brain re-playing stuff before shutting down

FACT: There's no way brain scans of dying people have never been done before. Brain scans of this type have been around since at least the 1960's and there's absolutely no way no one ever intentionally did them at the time of death. The results were probably classified. But only childish stupidity would think the study of brain waves at death was not a well established topic. And when brought forth this time, it implies there is no afterlife, your brain is just "reflecting inward" to cause near death experiences.

Why report this now? During an obvious satanic takeover? I probably don't need to answer that.

Border guards to the west of Donetsk have abandoned their posts

That's all there is to this, - abandoned probably because they don't want to be killed by something random (possibly from even their own government looking for excuses)

The obvious: Fill your tank with gas.

Russia did not cut off any supplies, other countries did because that's what their infiltrated governments have wanted all along - no gas. So as soon as they had an excuse, they turned the pipelines off themselves. To "sanction Russia"? How does cutting your own throat "sanction Russia"? So enjoy the high gas prices and possibility of freezing in Europe if this continues. Oh well, at least we are on the downward side of winter.


This is actually a SERIOUS PROBLEM: Putin: Ukraine is an American colony

Great reset game or not, there's going to be a war.

Democrat representative Ruben Gallego: IMPOUND THE TRUCKS AND "GIFT THEM" TO THE DESERVING

Gallego said the DC convoy is a perfect time to impound and give the trucks to small trucking companies looking to expand their business"

A lot of people responded, saying that would be a violation of the fourth amendment, and joked, saying "Take from free enterprise and give to free enterprise?? but I say: Asset forfeiture is a complete violation of the fourth amendment and that's been going on for 15 years now. And the trucks would simply be asset forfeiture. Yes, the government would do it. AND IF THEY DO:
Here is the slippery slope: It's not just the protest, This is one small step away from taking the trucks away from all truckers who refuse the vax, and give them to people willing to get the shot. It is too close to taking them from ANYONE who refuses to drive. And if they take the trucks from the truckers protesting the shot, it's too small of a step to believe they would not do exactly that. But there's more:
All the truckers, ALL OF THEM, have the great American spirit which says:
1. Arrive on time.
2. Don't steal the load.
3. Be efficient.
4. Be responsible behind the wheel
That does not come easy.
If Gallego had his wish:
1. There would suddenly be a shortage of truckers, and who will the companies he gave the trucks to hire? The people the trucks were taken from? How's that going to wash? Answer: It won't. SO the next obvious step:
2. Due to a malfunction in the leftist brain, the leftist will hire illegals, retarded lowlifes, ANYONE they can scrape up to drive the trucks, they'll solve the "emergency" of no truckers by handing the keys to anyone because "anyone can drive, the trucks are no big deal."
3. Within a few weeks, at least 15 percent of the trucks would be destroyed in horrific accidents, with many lefties being killed. Lots of good people too, but lots of lefties will be mixed in. And the lefties won't figure it out, they'll just scream about a rash of horrific accidents and never be honest enough to admit that "conservative trucker they hated" - "the stupid guy" probably was not so stupid. They'll never go there. They don't have the wit for that.
4. So many loads will get stolen it will blow their minds, because one thing that is not appreciated by the left AT ALL is ethics, they just think everything functions on schedules and paper. They would never factor in the idea that some idiot from sub saharan Africa would probably opt to steal an entire truckload of Iphones and sell it for $10 million and then retire, rather than deliver it. It takes ethics to deliver a load like that, which is a major factor in keeping the country running.
5. This is little and obvious: The truckers we have fully understand what it takes to get a load to where it is supposed to go ON TIME and AT THE CORRECT SPEED. If the job was suddenly handed to a bunch of people who were actually stupid, the way leftists think the truckers are, here's what would happen: The drivers would screw off too much, get behind, and then play make up by driving way too fast. See item 3, where at least 15 percent of the trucks would be destroyed in horrific accidents. It would happen, no ifs or buts. It would happen because the "guy from Tanzania" watched a couple extra movies, or slept in, or saw a lot lizard, or YOU NAME IT.


Gallego is supposed to be educated. He's supposed to be smarter than you. He's supposed to be able to calculate anything, after all, he's a representative, right? Unfortunately, ALL OF THAT can be swapped for "leftist", and when that happens we'd be a LOT better off with a "stupid trucker" in his place.

The near complete communist agenda for America:

Incrementally and imperceptibly change society into one where no one is capable of independent thought, everyone is unable to and is prohibited from relying on themselves, and where everyone is required to rely on a monolithic, impenetrable totalitarian bureaucracy.

They can foget having Americans pledge loyalty to it absent a genocide, but Americans are indeed walking right into it.

Robots are going to take over all cooking duties at many White castle locations

They will cook the fries and make the hamburgers. Probably at least 300 - 500 employees displaced. And here's how White Castle is sugar coating it: "The improved workflow allows for the redeployment of team members to focus on creating memorable moments for customers."
MY COMMENT: The last thing I would think of at a fast food place is how the workers there could "create memorable moments," WTH are they going to do to accomplish that? Scream at me to wear a mask? Perhaps go around hopping on one foot with the other shoe off???
Yes, "The improved workflow allows for the redeployment of team members to focus on creating memorable moments for customers" is just a stupid platitude uttered in advance of the words "YOU'RE NOT ON THE TEAM ANYMORE."

As I said it would be earlier, Trump's social media platform is indeed garbage

Full of technical problems, and if you mention one thing bad about the vax, you're BANNED. You quite literally cannot be alt media AT ALL and stay on the platform. No one MSM is "alt". MSM that represents fake opposition does not count.


It is all about controlled genocide and nothing more. So go get boosted, and get that canceled also, IF you live long enough to have that happen.

Get with the program people, WE HAVE A SCHEDULE to meet!!! Don't make the results we want by 2023 happen in 2025, that will set us back to 2030!!!

Arrests in Ottawa not real?

This has to be filed under "rumor" but I am really suspicious about all this -

I don't believe the arrests are not real. Some might not be, but there are over 300 people missing, and a high profile organizer is being held without bail. That probably made news because she was so obvious everyone noticed. But what is happening to "little guys" no one noticed? 300+ estimated missing does not fit "catch and release".
A big problem with communist revolutions is that no one knows who actually vanished. People are missing, that's all anyone knows. Families are reporting people missing but there's no centralized structure in place to tally them all. The only thing making press is one high profile case that cannot be ignored. But there's a LOT more than just that going on.

Repeat: What caused radiation burns in Australia was not an acoustical LRAD.

People are repeating the same error over and over again saying LRAD deployed in Australia caused radiation burns. That's not possible. If people got radiation burns AND DID NOT GET CATARACTS the burns were caused either by some sort of high intensity UV weapon or outright ionizing radiation. LRAD's are acoustic, they can't cause radiation burns, and if millimeter waves were used, the people who got burned would have known it instantly and there would still be the risk of cataracts. The only types of radiation that fit what happened is high energy gamma or x-rays, OR high intensity UV. You could stand there and get toasted by those and not know it. There's nothing else that could do what happened unless there was a terahertz weapon used, - that could break down DNA like ionizing radiation and give the similar symptoms and not trigger cataracts but technially "those don't exist" . . . . . unless they do.

Who knows. Maybe Australia is the testing ground.

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Cornerstone report:
Fukushima SABOTAGE!

Remote controlled Germanwings Airbus A320 crash? All evidence points to this.

California drought: DAMS DRAINED ON PURPOSE