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The severe weather that has been happening globally is not natural. Here is how it is done.

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War with Russia just might happen if the latest RUMOR is true.

I gotta say, I like rumors because they allow the posting of really interesting reading without getting nailed for being wrong if properly labeled, and they often come true.

According to rumor, the rebels in Kazakhstan had their sh*t together well enough to identify and arrest Karim Massimov, who was Biden's operative (cooperating directly with Hunter) to rape as much as they could out of petroleum deals in Kazakhstan. Massimov was behind the recent gas price hike in Kazakhstan and used his position in intelligence to accomplish it. If this is true, it means Biden won't get what he wants and won't be profiting anymore, and THAT might be reason enough in Biden's mind to take action.

After all, there was that pipeline deal Bush destroyed Afghanistan over and there's plenty more Biden corruption in Ukraine, which was allowed to continue after that stolen election, an election that would have shut it down absent a coup in the United States.

This is perhaps the most serious development as far as war with Russia goes, Biden is definitely going to want to go into Kazakhstan to "put things right" now, and Russia is not going to play that game.



Today you get the answer, calculated with precision, for a chip the size of a Coronavirus, an Ebola virus, and lastly, a red blood cell. This calculation will be spot on accurate.

This calculation will not include a power supply or interfacing hardware to make it work. This will be only for the CPU core.

Ryzen CPU's now use a 6 nanometer process, so that's what this math will be based on.

Coronavirus - 250 nanometers. 250/6 = 41.6 transistors per line, for a single layer processor that has 1,733 transistors. If 10 layers were stacked, the processor could easily have 17,000 transistors and still fit within the profile of a coronavirus.

Ebola virus: 1.3 microns. 1,300/6 = 216 transistors per line, 47,799 transistors per layer, which in this case could easily be stacked 30 high for a total of 1,404,000 transistors.

If the chip was the size of a red blood cell, today's tech could:

10 microns - 10,000/6 = 1,666 transistors per line, for a single layer that had 2,776,666 transistors, which would not be a challenge to get 50 layers of with the thickness a red blood cell would allow (for a price, of course) for a total of over 100 million transistors.

QUESTION: Are we there yet? Could THAT small of a chip be made with that many transistors and actually be separated from the rest on the die and then function? I doubt it, but 10/10th of that is probable, And who needs the chip to be as small as a red blood cell when 1/10th the thickness of a human hair would not be noticed in a shot? Clearly the tech is there now to chip a shot in a way no one would ever notice.

Aaah, but that would be found under a microscope, RIGHT? Don't bet on it, because there is a problem with finding one - Do you know how vast the viewing field would be under a microscope that had to inspect an entire milliliter of volume down to that level of detail? How about: One drop of blood, which is only a fraction of that, (a small fraction) can be spread across several slides that would take an hour to inspect each. Looking for a chip the size of a blood cell in that much volume would be a daunting task, and would require quite a bit of luck to find.

QUESTION: Why are the Jews trying to destroy us?

Answer: Because they feel challenged by Christianity and western civilization - they are afraid the Christians are correct before God, and they want to prove THEY are correct by destroying everyone but themselves - an act God would not permit if they were not number one.

It is as simple as that.

They take religion seriously, and therefore have to PROVE they are the champs.

Caveat: God told them to be a beacon to the world, - to win the hearts of the world over by setting such a good example it caused them to be adored. So you know where THAT is going!!! ---->FAIL.

RUMOR: People of Khazakstan arresting vax center people

I think this is true, but the MSM is saying the people are rebelling over high gas prices. The government has been expelled. The rumor is that the vax destroyed so many people that there was a huge rebellion over a mandatory vax mandate and everyone working at the vax centers got arrested, and the homes of government officials were burned. They have either been arrested or have fled the country.

My take is that the official story does not make sense, and that the rebellion probably really was over the vax mandates. The MSM cannot allow this to be known, it will instead crush the truth to prevent Kazakhstan from leading by example.

click to view.

Cliff face falls on boats in Brazil

This happened at a reservoir lake West of Rio near a town called Capitolio. Normally I won't post non conspiracy items, but this one is shocking, a large section of cliff fell off and smashed at least one boat. When it is your time to go, it is going to happen regardless . . . .

There is absolutely nothing to report today, so here is some B.S.

Supreme court B.S.

Sotomayor sat the bench as a "supreme court justice". That's B.S. because she's not qualified for the job despite the title, she is SO BAD she even got "fact checked" by CNN, a network desperately strugging to claim it has credibility after backing up and supporting every leftist lie in the book. SEE THIS.

Hologram B.S.

Want to see some REAL B.S.?? I admit, I got punked by this type of crap before . . . .

I got punked a few years ago when I posted a holographic lion that ended up just being a TV overlay, and here is another example of a totally different "not real" holographic event. If you see this or anything similar, the only people who saw this were watching TV, it did not happen in real life.


How about ANOTHER probable fake, this time posted to Drudge:

The story goes that an airline stewardess was where she did not belong (in the cockpit with the pilots) and she saw a trianguar UFO and shot a picture of it:

Gosh, that's awful good for a night time cell phone pic through a window you can't get close to because the pilots are in the way. Why was she even there??

FACT: "they" hoaxed the world with a fake shot that did nothing to prevent Corona, which by itself is questionable, during a pandemic no one would have known about if the TV did not exist.

FACT: After seeing how the suckers gobbled up their Corona story line, they absolutely could, without question, punk the whole world with a UFO ruse just by the TV alone, they don't need project blue beam, all they have to do is hoax up some footage and call it real and enough people will believe it to hit a home run with bases loaded. Even while people who were "where it happened" say, "Gosh, I missed that!!!"

Bitcoin B.S.

"They" are trying to crash Bitcoin with fake headlines about it soon "suddenly plummeting in value". Question: How would they know that?? ANSWER: They can't. The recent rips against bitcoin, claiming it will soon drop to near zero really are nothing but attempts to shake people into selling it so it DOES drop. That's criminal market manipulation - using mass media in this way is DEFINITELY a crime - what would happen to the media if suddenly all of them, as they did with Bitcoin - suddenly said "we have firm reason to believe Microsoft is going to fall to zero this week, SELL, SELL, SELL??? The answer is obvious. They'd be sued into oblivion and possibly fined out of business.

NEW RUMOR: Only un-vaxxed eligible for kingdom of God

Doubt it. If you come across this theme that is now becoming widely prevalent, here's my take:

In revelations (not looking up where) there is a line "Those who gained victory over the mark or the number of his name" and the context appears to be (may not be) but appears to be those inadvertenty stuck with it (innocent early jabbers) could somehow get victory over it but it is quite obvious that it will be difficult. The best course of action is to "flee to the wilderness" or the mountains or whatever . . . . . and avoid it altogether, even if doing so means you will die.

Will the wilderness be safe? Chances are it will be. Chances are that if you believe in God and go there explicitly to avoid the mark you will be protected. The period where the mark is the status quo and everyone knows about it is seven years. That's how long the beast system will last before it collapses under the weight of it's own corruption. And there WILL be people who live through those 7 years but they will have to sacrifice a lot, if not everything to accomplish that.

Jab-er walkie: Vaxxed, and now connected by bluetooth.

Concept sent by a reader. I'd say it hits the nail on the head.


Proof Microsoft siezes every product it is put on:

Microsoft teams crashes Android phones when people try to dial 911. Why would that be? Easy answer: Because Microsoft siezes complete control over the device and Android was programmed to not give up control when emergency numbers are dialed. This led to a "divide by zero" type loop that crashes Android phones whenever 911 is dialed with Microsoft teams installed.

Obviously even Breitbart will not "go there" with their conclusions, but you can safely bet this is exactly what was going on, and that Microsoft is 100 percent to blame. The closest they came was:

"We determined that the issue was being caused by unintended interaction between the Microsoft Teams app and the underlying Android operating system." Translation: Microsoft hijacked total control of the phone's communication hardware and locked the Android system out, while forgetting to integrate 911 into the Microsoft hijack. Because Android "knew" it owned the phone, it did not give up when asked to dial in a way Microsoft skipped over and instead crashed everything.


The trucker who opted to hit cars rather than a barricade had sentence reduced 100 years by Coloado governor

He opted to take out others rather than accept his lethal stupidity and take the barricade. So this is a heated topic. see this.

Basic moral principle: If, due to your own stupidity you put others in danger, YOU accept the damage, you don't push it off on others.

Today is the day the supreme court hears (and possibly decides) whether or not the shot can be forced.

Update: The decision thus far is to make no decision, thereby keeping the mandate in place until a decision. Lovely.

This should be an open and shut case, but rather than be justices, the court has been stacked with several agenda pushers.

My guess is that they will say it CAN be forced because all of them, except for Clarence Thomas are zio trolls enforcing agendas and vote fraud rather than constitutional law. If they actually follow through with the corruption, the tone will change here and I will start posting a long list of "conspiracy" testimony gathered from around the web. As is, I'd say we are probably done for anyway eventually but a fraudulent ruling will certainly accelerate it.

A well defined and carried out study proves the vax is installing bluetooth

I have not hit the bluetooth topic hard because all of the studies done so far were not done in a way that could truly pin down what was going on in a scientifically credible way. But for me, today that changed. I finally stumbled across work by Dr. Luis De Benito that was released a month and a half ago that proves it is indeed happening, and the proof was arrived upon in a way that was properly done.

There is no question the elite are using the vax to put the mark of the beast into people. We are there, at that phase in the timeline that is in the bible. Dr. Benito never mentions this, he just says people are identifiable from 20 meters away, but we all know what that means. Usually on this site I try to get all the facts out, everything relevant, with a short read by editing stuff down to the basics and only writing what needs to be said. I am not going to do that this time, the doctor's entire statement will be posted IN FULL, don't worry about the long read because despite the intro, the read is worth it.

Read this, ALL OF IT, to the end. There's no way out of it, the shot is not a vax, it is an attempt to get everyone wired into "the internet of things".

Dr. Luis Benito: The vaxxed are definitely transmitting

A video of Dr. Luis giving this testimony is HERE and you know this one is not a psy op because he's not some sort of kook.

I'm going to tell you today the findings of this summer, which go along the lines of what may be behind all this attempt to vaccinate.

Why so much interest in jabbing? What's the reason? I'm going to tell you.

The international organizations that are also investigating this matter asked me for a brief report on what I had done during the summer. And I'm going to read it to you as it is. I'm going to make glosses of what I'm saying. But this is what I've written to them. And the different teams that are investigating this are seeing what part of it is right and what part is not. They're translating it into several languages. I say this because, probably, by the 31st it's going to be made public in other places or whatever.

It's been hard for me to get here to read it. Do you know why? Because it does weigh a little bit the fact of taking out of the medical issue. All this, you know, started as a channel to discuss the evolution of the pandemic, the affected, the treatments, the virus, how the ICUs were. Well, and this no longer makes sense. All that's part of the past. And now, what we're going to is a recognition of a desire, on the part of the authorities, to take away freedoms from human beings.

I don't care if you think I'm raving or not. But as I have a moral obligation to report what I have done, I tell you today. And whoever wants to believe it will believe it, and whoever doesn't will judge, criticize and compare it. As I say, I've written it, and I have already sent it to the teams that are studying this subject in different parts of the world.

If from the medical point of view there's no need to administer any preventive measure for a disease with the lethality of 2 per thousand, why so much insistence that everyone should be inoculated? What's the vaccine going to give me that I don't already have? Well, this experiment arose from this reflection.

Although there are many consultations, during the summer of 2021, in the afternoons, I was the only operative. There wasn't even administrative staff in the afternoons in that building. Under my office, there was occasionally parked an ambulance from SUMA, from the emergency service, because they have a base there. Those were the only "interferences" I detected. Most of the observations were carried out without that artifact. I started the consultation at 15:00 and had patients listed every 20 minutes.

Due to COVID measures, it was recommended that they come alone and, if possible, at the appointed time. Not before or after. Before starting the consultation, I'd connect the Bluetooth application on my cell phone and invariably check that there was no device available to contact. There was no electronic device in range to connect to. When a patient appeared, often already up the stairs or at the beginning of the corridor, about 20 meters away from the practice, on my cell phone, I could see if one or two devices to connect to with Bluetooth appeared. One or two or none.

On my phone, I could check to see if the Bluetooth was detecting something or nothing. And if it was something, it was a device with a MAC Address (Media Access Control) code. This is a unique identifier that electronic device manufacturers assign to a card or item that can be networked.

After attending to the patient's medical requirements, I'd ask him whether or not he had been vaccinated for COVID. If the answer was affirmative, it was usually quick and without hesitation. And if it was negative, it was often accompanied by a certain wariness, if not anger at the question. A reaction that explained to me that, in general, those who hadn't wanted to be vaccinated had been subjected to some kind of adverse social situation. After reassuring the patient, whatever his response, I'd write down on a sheet of paper the answer he gave me.

None of the 137 patients I asked refused to answer. If the answer was affirmative, I'd ask them what type of vaccine they had received, when, and if they had had any adverse reactions. I'd then ask them if they had any cell phones or electronic devices such as wireless headsets or tablets on them, and if so, I' ask them to turn it off for a moment. When they turned it off, on my cell phone, usually, one of the devices that registered to Bluetooth would disappear.

Out of hundreds Here are the results.

Of the 137 patients questioned, 112 said they had been vaccinated, and 25 said they hadn't been vaccinated. None of the patients who said they hadn't been vaccinated registered on my cell phone any device available for Bluetooth connection, having ensured the disconnection of their cell phone, if they had one. In 96 patients of the 112 who said they had been vaccinated, 96 of the 112 having switched off their electronic devices if they were carrying them, a MAC code remained on the screen of my cell phone, which I had already noted in my notes next to the patient's medical history.

I interpreted that it was a code that the patient himself was carrying and that, in fact, when he left the office, leaving the building, it disappeared from my cell phone. With this simple observation throughout July and August, I've been able to verify that 100% of the patients who say they aren't vaccinated don't raise any contact device with my cell phone via Bluetooth. But 86% of those who said they were vaccinated generated a MAC Address on my cell phone. These are the observations made, and many doubts and questions arise from them.

Among them, the ones that seem to me be the most significant are:

First, does the signal detected on my cell phone come from the vaccinated person? Well, precisely the isolated environment and not being interfered with by other signals has meant that there's no other source of contamination. In fact, when the SUMA ambulance arrived, apart from other devices such as "SUMA base" and several MAC addresses that I attributed to ambulance personnel who could be vaccinated, I noticed that these signals disappeared when the ambulance left. And when there were suspicions about whether there was some other distorting element, for example, patient escorts in the corridor, accidental operators in the corridor that could be the source or origin of other markers, then I dismissed that case. It's not within the 137 that I have confirmed.

Second, do all cell phones detect Bluetooth devices with equal capability? My answer is no. My experience is that they don't.

Third, does the detectable MAC Address on a person allow interaction with him? To what extent? At least I'm sure of one thing: it allows me to know where he is because I knew that someone vaccinated was coming to my office before he showed up.

The fourth question I asked myself: If the MAC Address is something personal, individual, and unrepeatable, how is it possible that the five people who were injected with the contents of the same vial, from the same distribution of the same batch, don't have 5 different MAC Addresses? Well, I consulted with some computer technicians, roboticists and fellow biologists and engineers, experts in computer science, and nanorobotics. And they advocate the possibility that this code is generated as a result of the interaction of what's injected with the genetic material of the patient. Perhaps not so much with their DNA as with the larger compatibility complex, the HLA's, which are ultimately derived from the genome.

Six, if the MAC address is generated by the vaccine, why do only 86% of those who claim to be vaccinated have it? Different answers have been considered to answer this question.

1. The first one: some of the vials could be placebo.
2. Second: some vials could be denatured.
3. Third: a lack of response. In other words, the expected results are not always obtained when a product is applied.
4. And the fourth, which seems very important to me, is because the patient lies and says he is vaccinated when he isn't to avoid problems or controversies.
I have many doubts. These are the findings that I've made. They're outside my medical knowledge. I simply attest that when you're in consultation with a person in an isolated environment, that comes up on my cell phone. What does it mean? I have no idea. But I don't like it.

My comment: Let's do a little math: 41 out of 137 people did not generate a mac address. that's 29.992 or 30 percent of the population in his area DID NOT GET A SHOT, including those who lied about it. Though that number is a bit low compared to the 40 percent non vaxxed figure I have posted repeatedly, Doc is in a city where vaxxed rates are likely to be higher and that much of a swing fits. Yes, some of the people likely lied about being vaxxed and it is probable that virtually ALL the vaxxed are generating bluetooth, with the few that are not equaling a malfunction in their device.

I am well aware of all the reports about vaxxed babies being different (when they survive) and I have seen the videos, however -

The problem is that whoever is producing these videos also shows 18 month+ toddlers doing superhuman things and saying the vax during pregnancy is what caused it, when there's not enough time between the introduction of the vax and the age of a toddler to make it legit. For that reason I am calling hoax, I need more than alleged videos and definite toddler hoaxes.

FUNNY: Britain went out to look for a Russian sub, and found it by smashing their sonar array on it.

PRO TIP: When searching for Russian subs with British technology, a grappling hook will do.

"It is thought to be the first collision between Russian and Royal Navy vessels since the end of the Cold War. The British Type 23 frigate had been scrambled to search for the Russian sub around 200 miles north of Scotland. It let out its towed array sonar - a cable covered in hydrophones - to listen for sounds from the sub. But the crew was forced to abort their mission and return to port for repairs after the cable, as thick as a drainpipe, was "dragged over the submarine's hull."

YOU CAN'T MAKE THIS STUFF UP. Seriously, a grappling hook would have done a far better job, you are not supposed to find submarines by smashing your sensors into them. Either the British sensors are absolute crap or the people listening have their heads up their butts. I bet they heard the collision loud and clear.

How to get Ghislaine Maxwell off the hook:

They are now claiming the jury was biased because someone on it was sexually abused as a kid, and because of that, convinced the other jurors to convict. They want another trial because a sexually abused juror wanted to hang a sexual abuser!!!

I bet she walks. JUST WATCH.

Biden is trolling the Jan 6 psy op big time

Taking every opportunity to call Trump a usurper and himself a legit president. If Biden is still dwelling on the election, he obviously stole it.

Brietbart: Celebrity obsessed people have low intelligence

Obvious. I have never seen an intelligent person who was obsessed with celebrities. Never happened. Kids who have a star athlete or other "hero" are an exception, but intelligence drops with the length of time it takes to grow out of it. Being a fan of a certain actor and going to see their movies is not the same thing as being obsessed with celebrities and actually dressing like them.

Now let's project this on the average CNN viewer: They wear the opinions and words of the CNN "celebrities" like a badge of honor, and I have NEVER been impressed with that. That's a sure sign of being someone I'd NEVER hang out with. I have seen it when forced to in public, but that's about it. Instant reject.

I did not know Geraldo had ethics

He does at least to some degree. He admitted his own shots were worthless. He then apologized to the unvaxxed he ridiculed, but TikTok cut that off.

Family courts: Divorced parents to lose visitation if not vaxxed

Corruption takes the ultimate turn. They discovered that it is usually men not getting vaxxed, so to force them to, they don't get visitation with their kids if they do not vax.

"Here the court is not stepping in and making a decision for the child that the parents can't make. The court here is stepping in and making a decision for a parent regarding themselves, as a condition of their parental rights"

In addition to being an unprecedented dive into a bottomless pit, which shows the ultimate depravity a judge could exhibit, this is one step away from "If parents do not vax, the state can take their kids". Slippery slope!!

Error: The man in the video was not Carlos Tejada. However, Carlos Tejada DID get vaxxed, DID brag about it, and DID die that same day.

All his social media posts bragging about getting the shot are now deleted. People look different with beards so I did not realize it was not him.

The capture at the end of the video was from one of his social media accounts. You cannot find that anymore because it has been removed.

There is a complete report about this, including good captures of his social media AND the now broken links HERE and I missed this when it happened so all I'd be able to do is copy what is on that site and I won't, just read it there.

Update: If that site did not post that video, the video is probably put together out of context. It won't be going back up.

TOO FUNNY: China tells U.S. to not count it's wind generators as missile silos

I gotta say, the size of China's new wind generators had me wondering how big they could get. ANSWER: If the spindles that support them are actually ICBM silos, they could get really REALLLY big.

This is just one blade of a giant wind generator

China's current largest wind turbines are 869 feet tall. They can house a missile silo easily.

Today is supposedly the 5G switch on

Don't hold your breath, that infrastructure has been active for over a year. Whatever the story about it being switched on today is all about is probably BUNK, don't expect any huge changes in anything. I don't believe it.

By the way, this is not 5G. If you are going to rebel against 5G, don't be stupid!

A family member supposedly got Omicron (positive test)

Here is how it went: Yesterday he got a little sick. Last night he got a fever. This morning it was over, but he went in for a test and came up positive. For what it is worth. I think it is all bunk and it is just the flu and cold but if that actually was Omicron, that is how it goes. Claudia congratulated him on "getting the real vax". He said "No, I don't want my DNA changed". Claudia then went on a long spiel about how Omicron was brewed up in South Africa for the sole purpose of shutting down the NWO plot with an aerial spreadable vax. That's the most plausible story for Omicron at this point.


FACT: I would take an injection from a street person LONG before I'd take that vax, and I have never been high in my life.

REALITY: A hyped out meth addict who sh*ts on the streets of SanFrancisco is more trustworthy in this case than the government. That's a cold hard reality.

Not much in the news today (but the area51 video posted below from yesterday is GREAT) so a few quick headlines and then watch that -

RUMOR: I stumbled across a rumor today that claims women are waking up, realizing the vax is causing infertility, and then lying to men about their vax status to avoid being rejected. Though I think this is going to be an issue in the coming months, I don't think it is actually happening a whole lot yet especially outside the ranks of the aware, who would not have gotten the shot to begin with.

I tried looking this up on numerous search engines and there's nothing about it (possibly due to censorship) but there are LOTS of search terms coming up saying "Yes, you can have sex with the un-vaxxed BUT . . . . which is absolutely ridiculous, I'd never consider any sort of relationship - even casual platonic - with anyone who's vaxxed. In my case that happens by default because I simply don't associate with the type that would run in for a shot just because the TV said so or be incapable of observing there was no pandemic. There is certainly an enormous pile of people out there who think the same - a pile that represents the top intellectual class who ought to disproportionately dominate the web and NOTHING comes up, NOTHING AT ALL. Censorship. Don't go to the web for answers I guess. This is not the 90's.

NOT RUMOR: Fauci is pushing for a re-defining of terms. He wants to abandon the term "fully vaccinated" with "up to date vaccination". That can be defined as "Are you up to date on your phone bill??" Did you get your montly shot? Pay your dues!! GET YOUR SHOT because if you miss a monthly or quarterly shot, your social credit will be BAAAD, pay your bills to society ON SCHEDULE or you can't shop or work or nothing, no no no!!! People with "bad credit" don't qualify for food no matter how much money they stuffed in their mattress in anticipation of the banks being cut off. Up to date on your shots . . . . . . yeah, that's it. Because you cannot be "fully vaxxed" when there is only a weapon called a vax.

France to complete the process of expelling non-vaxxed from public life. MY COMMENT: 10 years ago I never thought the separation of the wheat from the chaff would ever look like this. Be the chaff. Go get vaxxed. The scriptures laid it out fairly clearly - that you'd have to accept being a total reject to NOT become the chaff in the last days and HERE WE ARE.

The vax pushers are resorting to mockery of the un-vaxxed, I am seeing this a lot lately. Here's the deal:

If you choose to not take this shot, you will be flushed out of society. It is clear that is where this is going. Make sure you have a shovel when you bug out. Even a small one will do. With a shovel, you can build a shelter extremely easily, it won't take more than a couple days. All you do is find a place that has a bunch of rocks, then level off an area that is slightly higher than it's surroundings with the shovel, and then start stacking rocks into walls and fill the cracks with mud. You can do a house anywhere in a couple days this way and who cares what it looks like? Chances are you'll be chased off in a few months anyway but heck, you got it for free.

REALITY: Houses don't need to cost anything. All of this expense people go through is strictly because of regulations. There are many many places that have enough rocks of the right shape to stack into walls and once the cracks in the walls are packed tight with dry mud, they will be strong. And damn near anything can be the roof. You could use a downed tree that fell in an advantageous way for the apex, even if it was still alive. Building it under a living evergreen that was blown over and fell nicely would REALLY hide it from drones and satellites. Just make sure the roof is strong enough to have dirt thrown on it - First you put the branches and logs, then you throw the leaves or sod or whatever on top of that to seal off the holes and then you throw dirt. After that you try to get something to grow in that dirt so it does not wash away in the rain. If you get that far, that roof will last for years. You don't need shingles!!!. If you have a tarp, never leave it exposed to the sun, it won't last. But if it is on top of leaves to protect it from the branches or whatever forms the roof structure and under a little dirt, it will last your whole life. Your survival house, (a really good one) only requires a shovel and a tarp. The floor can just be flat stones arranged so they are level and walkable. That's all it would take.

There are ALL KINDS of walls that are made only of stacked rocks all over the place in Mexico and they stand FOREVER even with no dirt packed in them. Can't beat FREE, can you?

I never liked Iphones because they don't have a back arrow. However I might try one now that you can get an Iphone 13 for FREE because it has 5g.

By the way, a fully vaxxed fully isolated group in Antarctica came down with Covid. How does that work???

CONFIRMED: Area 51 playstation game from 2005 has the entire Covid plot laid out verbatim.

I thought this had to be bunk so I set out to prove it wrong, only to find the complete set of "secrets" that say this and ten times more.

The entire plot is there, including chips in a DNA vax launched as a result of the New World Order attempting to get the world population to submit to a global government. The few clips in the video below are only part of the story, I found the rest of the clips from the game and they lay out the ENTIRE PLOT we are going through now sans mention of Covid, but lots more no one knew anything about is there. It is possible that in the 17 years since this game was released some of the details have changed, however, They HAVE TO tell us what they are going to do to us as part of "the deal" which, if we accept it, makes us willing accomplaces in our own demise and what is in this game still qualifies for that. Watch this video below. It's only 5 megs worth, all the clips that lay out every last detail of what is happening NOW take 46 megs which I cannot serve to everyone from here. It is on the voterig server if you can guess your way to it . . . . . No doubt this is going into the censor bin as soon as big tech figures out people discovered this. I have embedded a short version here.

This has to be the actual plot, because the CDC and WHO are called out specifically as helping the plot, and Sony would have been sued for this if it was not provably true.

Want to see the entire thing? There are many other clips that are just as revealing. The whole damn plot is there. It's pretty easy to figure out how to watch them. Just look at the address to this embedded video and add the word "full" to the file name. That will get the full length video to those who are really interested without eating the whole server. DO NOT LINK TO IT, if it gets linked by a large website that thinks I am Youtube I'll have to shut it off. This also came off Youtube but I did not even consider linking to that because without question, once Youtube figures out what this is, they'll ban it. The large complete video was posted in 2017.

A few quick items:

Citing censorship, Rand Paul quit youtube. He chastised conservatives for sticking with platforms that seek to destroy them when they are at least half the population, a number large enough to support legit services. He said the only time he'll post to Youtube is to point out their censorship or to point them to a legitimate service elsewhere.

Youtube is great for "cat videos" though.

RUMOR: Credibility low, but still tasty: Theaters and other venues to be converted into Covid care centers and morgues. I don't know where this got started but I do know that before this rumor got going, it was preceded by another rumor that said theaters would stop showing movies in early January. That was a low credibility rumor too. But it is being said, so I guess I'll post it so people know I did not miss it.

Not rumor: Funeral director John O'looney who blew the whistle on Covid vax deaths came up positive on a covid test, was immediately detained, kept under guard, and was somehow freed by friends. He is now out and talking after "they tried to kill him" with phony and hazardous treatments.

NOT RUMOR: Britain removed the traffic cameras from Trafalgar square and outside Parliament. Obviously this would be done to avoid having those cameras capture an incident they don't want reported, and know about beforehand. They were not merely turned off, they were removed entirely in multiple locations.

This is a STUNNING peer reviewed post to the National Library of Medicine that proves Morgellons is real and gives all the details about what it really is. That one surprised me, and it is 7 years old to boot!!! It explains the fibers, the whole 9 yards and proves it is all legit, and that the fibers are not "textile fibers" while it explains how the illness builds the fibers from keratin and collagen.

Confirmed: Betty White died right after the booster.

Drudge: "USA, million Covid cases in a day." I doubt that. Such a number is not possible. I sure hope those are not ADE cases pushed off to another cause.

200+ Amish men move a pole shed

Canadian doctor locked in mental institution for exposing vax related stillbirths

Yes, there is a huge coverup underway, with a random few doctors who were heard above the censorship stating women are miscarrying and having stillborn babies en masse after getting vaxxed, and this shows in the population stats where births are lower than they have ever been, despite lockdowns that should have increased births enormously. Where did all the babies go? To pfizer heaven???

A Canadian doctor who was not alone in exposing this was put in a psych ward when he did his part, just like soviet Russia used to do to dissidents. Canada is no better now, (that's actually a serious statement) I became aware of Canada going right down the ol'shitteree 15 years ago, and it had nothing to do with my experience at that synagogue. I was simply aware of unrelated issues that really tipped me off to just how bad Canada really is. Far worse off than the United states, Canada is about 20 years ahead of America's decline into tyranny and it is all painted over pretty.                                                                                                                 produced by

Back to the main topic - the doctor who pointed out all the stillbirths who got locked up to silence him - the facts are facts:

I remember when the above capture was first reported. Yes, Vancouver's main hospital had 13 stillbirths in one day. NO MORE REPORTS FOLLOWED. QUESTION: Do you think they dropped to zero the next day??? Obviously they did not. The hole in the information crucibel was plugged and the deaths just keep on piling up, unreported. That one hospital alone has seen well over a thousand stillbirths that are directly vax related by now, and they are not saying jack, instead they are locking up the doctors who expose it, in addition to revoking their licenses and doing whatever it takes to enforce compliance to the genocide agenda. There's little question this is happening at ALL hospitals in the United States and Canada also, this is not isolated and only proves there's a massive coverup of an enormous pile of deaths in both the born and unborn.

YES, AN ENORMOUS PILE OF BABIES ARE DYING IN VAXXED MOMS. PRACTICALLY ALL. HERE IS PROOF: After the lockdowns which should have exploded birth rates, here is the very first data that has leaked out with regard to what happened in 2021. When people are forced to stay home, they "do it" and that is a cold hard reality. There is always an uptick in births after things like snowstorms force people to be home for an extended period of time. Bored people simply "do it" more. YET WE HAVE THIS:

This is for 2021, when Biden let in a sh*tload of immigrants. That means in reality, America went net negative by a lot.                                                                                                                                      produced by

What happened? Just read the first capture. The babies are all dying at birth or before birth. At least with all the vaxxed moms, and there are a LOT of those now. Everyone who was anyone said the vaxxes would be doing this, and they were right. THERE ARE THE STATS.

I can't wait for the future headlines: "American birth rates plummeting and no one has answers". "Why are America's birth rates falling?? Scientists are trying to figure it out!!!". Facebook and more who know the truth inside and out because they see all the doctors and nurses shouting from the rooftops bury the cold hard truth by banning, de-monetizing and slandering anyone who speaks up. There are no doubt hundreds of whistleblowers we never heard about because they got blown away a minute after posting. Just try to get the truth out of even Fauci or Kamala. You won't. It is their agenda to destroy the United states for the "great reset", working hand in hand with Facebook and more as MAJOR players in the genocide. It is an intentional act proven by what is outlined in the next report:

Facebook "fact checker" confesses to ditching the truth

If you ever wondered why you could post perfect truth and have it vanish as false, you probably thought "They just made a mistake". That's not the case. Fact checkers in big tech in reality follow an agenda script and routinely label reports they know are true as false because they do not fit a leftist agenda. They do it on purpose. See this. This is obviously the same reason why Snopes consistently labels factually accurate reports and rumors as false. They all do it. "fact checks" only have value where people have ethics.

Ghislaine Maxwell booster watch

IF she is getting the real shots (and that is a BIG IF,) we'll be looking at her getting one from a bad batch soon. Let's see if they make it her ticket out after a judge said "she could have a booster".

Life insurance deaths

Since this went viral, I have to cover it. I was going to ignore it.

There is a massively circulated report about "life insurance claims in young people" being up by 40 percent. I skipped the report because it is a limited hang out lie.

The actual amount the claims HAVE TO be up by, just from collapsing sports players alone, 2,000 percent. I'd bet it is up 6,500+ percent. The ball fields are not lying. The people falling over dead on camera are not lying. That stupid New York Post reporter bragging about the jab ON VIDEO and then dying that night IS NOT LYING. The jobs stats are not lying. Deaths are up by thousands of percent, and I guess since I have learned to shed the abuse by the media when I see them flatulently lie to cover up how bad it is - 40 PERCENT??!!?? I just puke the report into the ether and forget about it. why bother people with that? Yes, I could have a lot more posted here if I turned my crap filter down a notch. No, life insurance claims are NOT "up by 40 percent in young people", people who re-post such garbage really need to start donning crap filters. I won't name them because they are only trying to do good, but how much good is it to parrot the scamming left while it understates the real numbers by about 100X???


It will take a while for the markets to ajust as those stuck with the old ones have to sell them for the old high prices to avoid losing their shirts. However, the following is NOT an anomaly. The cheapest way to get them is bundled as bare cells that make up a 12v 6 amp hour battery pack. But if you look past the obvious errors at the link clicking this image takes you to, you can also see that even conventionally shaped batteries have absolutely plummeted in price. This is clearly the end of the lead acid battery.


UPDATE: When you scroll through those, there are conventional ones (look like a gel cell) priced for a LOT less than gel cells, PLUS they come with the charger.

A revolution in batteries has clearly happened, - the type of revolution it will take to make electric cars viable. Right now, the electric car market in China is absolutely booming, so prices on these batteries should be at an all time high. Why are they now so cheap? Probably the same reason why neodymium magnets have become priced as cheap as ceramic.

Either Afghanistan is providing the materials, or somewhere there was an absolutely enormous lithium discovery that blasted the prices of these batteries into the cellar. I never really thought I'd see the day when these were cheaper than lead acid. On the high end they still cost a little more than lead acid, but on the low end - where gel cells are - they now cost half to 1/3 what gel cells do. That's a shocker. That's more than a shocker - it is an impending revolution in battery tech. It won't take long for this to sweep all battery categories.

Here is a comparison of an old battery someone is trying to get rid of for the old price, in contrast with a new battery at the new pricing. The new battery costs $203 for a total of 100 amp hours (that would be 3 and 1/3 of these new batteries which in this case are 30 amp hours, vs 1 of the old type at 100 amp hours.

In case you missed it over christmas:

A guy called Biden during the Norad Santa tracker gig and punked Biden into saying "Let's Go Brandon". PRICELESS.


Biden's wife is WAY TOO GOOD for him, that's far more of a mismatch than Trump and Melania.

New York Times editor dies from booster

This is actually old news which I ignored at first because I did not realize this guy made such an assinine video and then immediately died. For that reason this is news, lots and lots of people like him are dying and this is only news because of his over the top jerky attitude.

He obviously believed his own B.S. and got the booster on the 17th. As he walked out afterward he made this ridiculous video. Then died that night. His wife's post is from the next day.

I believe, after he made that video and seeing what happened, his level of mockery was key in the decision to end his life, from wherever those decisions are made. God's people need warnings like this, and in one short video we see both the media con job, and that many in the media actually believe it, AND the results of compliance. All you need is to be a little bit spiritually aware to receive this message. Clearly those stuck in the MSM, a group which far more often than not denies God, will not receive this message.

Just a comment:

The new "covid pills" appear to be triggering reactions as bad as the shots. This is to be expected when it was done in lieu of ivermectin. And now, there is a chip that has been approved for use in pills to prove you took it. This approval just went through and it is openly talked about as a compliance enforcement measure. That's all it is for.

So since people are resisting the shots, they now want people to take a pill, and it has a chip that proves your compliance.

". . . . A soma a day keeps the jim jams away!!"

New Cameroon variant???

So what's with these African variants, and whatever happened to that new variant in China that was causing hemhorragic fevers??? Anyway according to the myth the new variant started in France among a community imported from Cameroon. According to myth it is SO NASTY it is landing 30 percent of the people who catch it in intensive care.

Here is the header for the original post for this new "variant". Just on time for ADE from the clotshot to kick in real good.

Father in law update:

First of all, I picked up problems from his shedding, and they are proven real. This was with Astrazeneca, double jab. A little history for anyone who missed it: he got double jabbed and was told that if he got ANYTHING but CanSino he could not come to my house. He got double jabbed with AstraZeneca despite the ENTIRE family (I got the whole story, it was not just one or two people, ALL OF THEM right down to the bottom of the family were smart enough to NOT get anything but CanSino and then it was only one other that did that)

Anyway so he got into the car double jabbed, went with me, went to my house, said it was AstraZeneca, immediately triggered backlash and got kicked out (not by me) but I had to drive him back too, 20 minutes in the car. After this my eyes felt like they were being stabbed by tiny needles, and my lips did too. Now, obviously one could call that the placebo effect, but . . . .


I have never had a cold sore in my life, and now I have one. That's NOT placebo effect. Something really did happen from his shedding, and I am upset. He was explicitly told that if he got any of the bad vaxxes he was not welcome and he went ahead and did that without telling me until it was too late, and he did it when he was FULLY HOT.

No one else in my house has had a reaction they are aware of, HOWEVER, today I got the ultimate details. When I said he went back to a more tolerant family member, as it turns out they kicked him out too, the ENTIRE EXTENDED FAMILY, EVERY LAST ONE kicked him out and told him not to come back with his "shedding B.S." and they made it clear that they all warned him to NEVER get vaxxed with what he went ahead and got, and that he's now a threat to everyone. I could not believe it. I NEVER talk "conspiracy" with anyone but Claudia, it's not like I indoctrinated everyone, they banned him with their own knowledge. 100 percent of well over 100 people gave him the boot. That's HUGE.

So now I am popping hydroxychloroquines trying to lessen the damage. I am very upset. I was not imagnining the "tiny needles", I really was getting burrowed into with whatever was in that damn shot if now I have a cold sore. Shedding is for real. He's a goner. There's no way he's going to make it. I am sure he is not happy with getting exiled by the entire family on top of it, but what is the family supposed to do? Accept that????

Now I am hoping that getting shed on is less serious than actually getting the shot, and that I'll get over it. It would make sense for that to be the case as long as it is a limited exposure because the people behind the shot frequent Starbucks and they cannot accept the risk of being around a shedder for a length of time similar to what I was, or risk flying in a seat close to one . . . . . limited exposure probably wears off.

A great read for New Years

The Magneto protein the vax causes cells to grow is what pigeons navigate with

The people doing genetic engineering are only hackers, splicing bits and pieces of what God has made to "create" new organisms that are only hacked together pieces of various originals. And because of this, I knew they never came up with the assembly code for ferritin, (the magneto protein). That means that protein had to come from nature. What would have it, naturally, in them somewhere? Monarch butterflies; Pigeons; All migratory birds; Whales; Deer and elk; and even fruit flies, as it turns out. People don't have it naturally.

As it turns out, all of the above and no doubt more, like sea turtles and salmon, have it. And as it turns out, when it is made in THEIR bodies the result is a free spinning sensor in a specialized navigational cell (or cells). I doubt that is a product of "evolution". So I was pondering this on New Years and looked it up, and sure enough, there are reports about this preceeding the vax. The vax has in it code hacked from at least one type of animal, to tell cells to start building this "sensor" in them, even when the cells are useless for navigation. As a result, these "sensors" get built indiscrimanately throughout the body, including the brain and these sensors respond to magnetic fields. The sensors don't care WHAT magnetic field, they are only sensors. And when placed in brain cells they absolutely can pick up a signal and tell the cell to behave in a way it normally would not. That is what the mice/ferretin studies were all about.

The entire plot - to take a literal biological sensor which is the same as any sensor we'd make for our electronics, and use the DNA from that to force cells that were never intended to have them make them throughout the body, to force the body to build the "infrastructure" needed to interface with electronics. Probably 5G. That is what the shot is about. That is why magnets stick. And more - the sensors have their own magnetic fields that self align, which is why anything ferrous sticks to the vax site also. They are actually very powerful magnets for their size.

The above was easy to conclude after seeing many magnet stick vids, including metal objects that were not magnets, after seeing many people get sick and some die, after seeing how the vax suppresses the immune system (it has to, to do it's dirty work on the cells) after seeing the stats say the vax provides no protection at all, published by various state agencies in various countries while the medial then lies and says you need it for protection -

The vax is a dark evil plot to get everyone integrated into an electronic system and they know there will be many many deaths due to immune suppression needed and the way the vax has to rape the blood for all that iron, but they also know there will be survivors and that is all they care about - all they want in their great "post reset" world.

Here is some great reading that explains the magnet stick vids - what is really going on with that vax.

This report mentions several species that have the magneto protein and exposes the "disagreements" in the scientific community about whether or not this exists (they ALL know it exists) but those behind the vax several years before the corona scam want to bury it (the report does not say that but it is obvious)

Here is another report from China

This report from 2019 is a bit behind but shows they were onto this -

Here is a great report that proves they had the DNA already stripped out of whatever species they decided would work the best, and already implanted it improperly in brains to remote control them in 2016. This is what that vax is about, and the advanced state of this report only proves that "they" have known about this for decades and have kept it a secret as well as possible.

Dead quiet new years

Not one yell, not one pop, not one loud stereo, - NOTHING. Our celebration was the opposite of Christmas, it was just us. And we crashed at 12:04. I did not notice at the time but when I got up I realized there were no shouts from the neighbors, no parties, no honking horns, no fireworks, no NOTHING. And we hear all of that when there is a ball game. Usually New Years is a lot louder than a ball game. The only thing I did notice was leading up to New years there were a few street fireworks going off but last night there was nothing.

Maybe it was just my area??

A reader sent the following

I have said this repeatedly but it is always nice to get pointed to a new "before it happened" source.

I would not be surprised if they took the line of code that helps a pigeon navigate out of a pigeon's genetic code and put it in the vax, to cause as many cells as the vax can possibly invade to create the part that helps a pigeon navigate, without the supporting hardware, because the purpose for that sensor is something entirely different from the original intent.

I have said repeatedly that Americans are forced to build with wood for a reason.

HERE IS THAT REASON. It is called "Easy removal with out effort", this would not be possible in Mexico.

When they move the people into compact cities, they absolutely WILL burn the existing cities like this.

The obvious unstated reality about mandatory repeat shots:

Everything will be fine until you "misbehave". Then you will die. This is so transparent and obvious. No society should EVER submit to mandatory shots because that's precicely how genocide happens. Netherlands going to a mandatory 6 shots per year simply means all "problems" vanish in two months.

NEVER EVER EVER allow any government to put anything in your body on a pre-set timetable.

Update to my post about a hemhorragic fever in China (from a week or so ago:)

They locked down the entire city of Xi'an so hard they welded people's doors shut and that seems to have taken care of it. There's NOTHING about this in America's MSM. A few readers were worried that people traveling from China would spread it around the globe, but I don't think that is going to happen anymore, especially when the entire city it happened in is locked down so bad it will take an angle grinder to get out of the house . . . .

China's extreme reaction may be based on the fear of a biological attack from the United States. Outwardly they downplayed this, and inwardly they welded doors shut to absolutely prevent people from congregating. Not all of China is locked down, only the city of Xi'an where the hemhorragic fever broke out. All of China is watching, this is big news there.

WOW, Look at this Snowfall in Japan

Japan got such a bad snowfall it looks like a scene out of "the day after tomorrow". I don't think their structures are made for this. Japan does get heavy snowfalls on occasion, but they are clearly not equipped for one like this. Weather warfare???

Several significant things I have been too drained or busy to post -

1. People are receiving e-mails attempting to blackmail them over the sites they visit.

This is scaring a lot of people, but is easily accomplished simply by sending threats, while knowing nothing about the recipient. Virtually all of these mails, if not all, are total hoaxes. If the mail does not specifically mention what sites you visit, it is automatically a hoax. If it DOES list the sites you visit, that's more of a trick to accomplish but so what??? Ignore those mails.

2. This is a much bigger issue I have noticed - lagging keystrokes and other odd computer behavior

I thought they were only spying on me, but other people, even readers sending mails, have noticed this. I have noticed that even the Linux machines are:

1. Clicking stuff I did not click.
2. Highlighting and deleting text on their own.
3. Running unbelievably slow.
4. Reacting to the desktop in places where the mouse pointer is not.
5. Refusing to open certain web sites but several tries gets you in.
6. Opening non-spam web sites I usually visit when I am trying to go somewhere else. Wierd. It is not spam bots. It is normal stuff I usually open when I try to go somewhere else, like someone clicked the wrong tab.

7. Obessively re-setting the local IP and kicking me off the server. That happens occasionally anyway but lately it has been bad enough to seriously hit productivity.

It is NOT crapware doing this, it is obviously someone running a remote desktop who is not skilled enough to hide their actions, so your computer simply does what they click instead of what you click. If you have evern shared a desktop with permissions, this is what is happening, and it is OBVIOUS.

Windows machines are also, in addition to doing all of the above:

8. Not responding to text input until entire words or sentences are typed.
9. Being reluctant to save files. Saving a file does not mean it is saved. This has always been a problem but is worse in the last couple days. That could just be Windows though, even with good processors windows machines are always crap. So bad I cannot even use them and be productive at a level needed to run a site like this. They are toys. Ever since windows 8 for productivity they are worse than the very first 8088 I had because at least on that when you hit an A, an A showed up on screen instantly, it did not sit there and think about putting up an A. When you went to save a file, the floppy came on and it saved instantly. There was no delay getting in the way where you know damn well a spook got your file first, and when permission was granted THEN it saved. But that's another topic.


I don't use Android on the site a whole lot, but when I do, I really notice lagging key strokes where entire sentences can be typed before they show up on screen. That has not been a problem with Android before.

I normally skip posting stuff like the above because I am so used to that garbage happening, I know they live on my machines and I don't want to sound like a broken record, HOWEVER, when a large number of readers and even people who don't hit this site but are obvious truthers posting elsewhere notice such things, it means attitudes have changed in elite circles and they ARE paying attention now. And they are not good at it, their crap stands out like a smashed foot. You are not supposed to know they are there. When everyone from grandmas to dissidents to ex pats and casual commenters and people who don't even have high exposure notice these things there's something wrong, a heck of a lot more than just the top of the alt media pyramid is receiving special attention now. A simple mailing list will do it.

About 35 percent of Germans have not had a single Covid shot.

So what does a stat like this say???

It says that due to statistical averages, you can omit the 4 percent part of this figure and say the vax IS OMICRON.

Harry Potter writer JK Rowling won Guardian "person of the year"

And the Guardian canceled it all because "she's an anti trans hater".

She went right to the top in the poll as #1 and because of her politics got canceled, the Guardian simply deleted the poll. Seems to me like the politics of the people are simply not permitted.

This is worth watching.

Vax death induced Deagel 2025 forecast. We all wondered how so many people would vanish. Now we know.

NEVER take the Covid drug Fluvoxamine

If the chemistry ends up tweaked even a tiny bit from the version taken as an antidepressant, it will end up having such a long half life it will wipe out your free will for an enormous length of time, possibly the rest of your useful life. Since that's what the vax is supposed to do (destroy you) I'd be very suspicious of an alternative offered by the same people. And gosh, it costs only $4 for a full course!!!

Iran successfully launched a satellite

My opinion: I have looked over their satellites in the past with a sympathetic eye, and despite that have concluded that they launch consumer level garbage with inadequate protection. Expect (at most) a three month life span, IF it works at all.

"Nothing can hurt it, it is only space". Yeah, how about having absolutely ZERO infrared get reflected back towards the components like it would on the earth, even in the coldest place in Antarctica??? They don't consider that. It won't last. Temperature stability is simply not considered.

Are we going into the hockey stick?

This is not yet intended to be actual news, but I have noticed very numerous posts to all the forums about how multiple vaxxed family members have started feeling sick, with lots of deaths to boot. This trend is overflowing into my in box, with completely new posts there also that are not anything I saw out in the wild. So are we heading into a horrible die off?? I am not going to answer that. I will only tell people to keep their ear to the rail for the sound of impending doom. We are not there yet, but it is looking damn suspicious.

Yes, as a kid I DID put my ear to the rail, and you really could hear trains 10 minutes before they arrived. That trick actually works. Keep your eyes open and do everything you can to prevent people from getting the shots. It looks like the train really will come into the station, right now we should be attempting to minimize the damage.


Cornerstone report:
Fukushima SABOTAGE!

Remote controlled Germanwings Airbus A320 crash? All evidence points to this.

California drought: DAMS DRAINED ON PURPOSE