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The severe weather that has been happening globally is not natural. Here is how it is done.

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The gaming sabotage has been stopped and I'd like to know why.

Take a look at this. They finally allowed legitimate performance. YES, YOUR OLD CRAP HARDWARE WILL RUN THIS. We got conned, there's no way out of it.

View that full screen. You'll never see what they did at a lower resolution. Click play where I have it land (that's the most efficient use of your time) what you will see is actual gameplay.

They are finally allowing gaming to look decent now. I was an early gamer (heretic, quake, doom) and knew where gaming was headed. This level of performance should have happened in 2004. Want proof? How about Myst, which had scenes like this, in full 3d, in 1995?

The following image is from Myst, a full 3d game released in 1995.

What took them so long to allow it to look significantly better? The Matrix clip linked above can come off both Xbox and Playstation! Any legit gaming rig will destroy both. We had it all along and they stifled it into oblivion.


A few quick items:

A reader wrote and said that in 1984 the federal government made it illegal to criticize vaccines. He said I could probably get more info on this than he could, and get it quickly. That said, I won't bother BECAUSE THAT WAS THE TIME FRAME WHEN THEY STARTED PUSHING THE SHAKEN BABY SCAM AND SIDS (all that started right around 1987) so obviously this law was written to make damn good and sure the newly sabotaged childhood shots stayed secret, under threat of prosecution.

That makes so much sense I don't have to look it up!!!

Smollet found guilty. Possible stiff sentence. Let's see if he walks even after that. With a corrupt judge, he very well could. Even a jury with minorities on it found him guilty.

Ukraine: Top military brass has stated they will open the national arsenal to the people if Russia attacks. Question: Why would they need to do that? Surley that would not be an issue in the United States . . . . . let's see this happen and then backfire on the lockdown/vax tyrants.

Take a look at CNN's latest scare. Obviously left unsaid is how many are dying from the vax alone, while CNN pushes the vax HARD.

Cold weather states having difficulty hiring snow plow drivers. Here is why: Lots of unreported vax deaths plays into this, but there's another HUGE reason. That reason is that pickup trucks are now expensive, and fuel is now expensive, and plowing snow beats the hell out of them. If you want to wreck a truck quick, strap a snowplow to it and have at it. That even goes for the larger trucks, snow plowing is doom for the truck and anything old enough to be sensibly usable as a snow plow has been regulated out of existence. The type of truck a snow plow should go on will be the smoky one that is 30 years old. If you strap one on anything year 2000 or newer, you lost your money and with the value of trucks now, even 90's trucks are out. It just is not worth trashing a truck unless you get paid big bucks to do it, and towns are not ready for that.

As I have always said, the migrants are not walking across Mexico because they make it too quick. A semi truck full of them flipped and killed 53. I figured this would just stay on the forums, but Drudge had it so I figured I'd put it up. In a CNN/Trump world, Trump would be responsible for this but obviously Biden's immigration policies are not.

Proof the shipping crisis is manufactured: Amazon sidestepped it by privately contracting ships, and THOSE ships come right into port immediately. So what makes them special?

Zillow collapse: Well, let's hope all these companies that bought up all the homes at far over market value go kaput. Let's see prices and availability down regulate to normal. Everyone suspected they were going to turn around and rent these homes in a world where "you will own nothing and be happy" but was there a failure at some point? Is someone going to step in and pick up the slack? Let's hope not!!! THIS VIDEO ABOUT THIS IS PRICELESS!!! (click past the ad). It is going to be GAME OVER for the real estate con artists that blew the prices to the stratosphere.

Vax awakening: An obvious trusting leftist wakes up after getting hit hard by reality.

The new "normal"


Who heard of Bells palsy before the vax?

Who heard of Myocarditis before the vax?

Who heard of "Cannabis use disorder" being a cause of heart attacks? I heard of drugs like coke or meth doing that during severe overdose, but pot? No.

Who heard of a kid dying from a heart attack before the vax? REALITY: It really never did happen.


They know kids are going to start dropping over from heart attacks and strokes left and right after the shot, so they are running ad campaigns that make it look like it was always that way. Leftists who are not fully stupid + idiots will accept this signage and say "Oh, kids have strokes" and not even give it a second thought. This sign shows the future. The people behind the shot know what is going to happen.

About the "beast statue" the U.N. put up in New York

It is called "The guardian of international peace" and is built to spec, to perfectly match the beast in Daniel. I ignored this for several reasons.

1. Anyone can build a statue to match what is in the Bible, and do it just to mock.
2. The beast in Daniel is alive. It is not a statue.
3. Everyone calls it "huge". It is not. It is a minor statue. I don't mean tiny, but it could go in the back of a pickup truck no problem. It is not an amazing feat of architecture.
I quite frankly don't think this statue means anything, other than a mockery of Christians. Anyone can get a bible and make a copy of a "beast" as a statue.

Now, the fact that they did this obviously means THEY are rotten to the core, and there's no doubt they'd breathe life into this beast if they could and perhaps they soon will with genetic engineering, but as far as the beast in Daniel goes, this thing does not give me the creeps, because it is obviously not the real deal. After seeing 9,000 others post this, I figured I ought to so people did not think I missed it. I did not. I knew about this several days ago and opted to not waste the page on it.

Wake me up when this is real. It probably will be one day in the near future.

Someone should put a ball in it's mouth. One that will expand so you can't get it out.

A TELLING Boris Johnson video

IN THE COMMENTS: "The Brits would queue up for roasted dog turds. Why should we expect them to push back on death clot jabs for Christmas?"

After releasing a few pages of the pfizer docs, the FDA now claims it will take 75 years for the rest of them.

That's the same as not releasing any at all. The scam is obvious.

They took only 108 days to review all the documents and approve this crap, but it's going to take 20,000 days to release them??? That's how a failed state runs. America is banana like no other.

If they had nothing to hide, there would not even be a "release", the docs would have been public while the FDA reviewed them.



I called this a month ago. I specifically stated that the schools will do this, because their explicit purpose is to destroy parental bonds with kids and the entire school program is run to make the kids hate and question their parents. The teachers use advanced mind control tactics the kids are no match for and own them 100 percent. Own them SO WELL they actually expected to get away with this. Don't cry for the school being caught, because they ABSOLUTELY WILL GET AWAY WITH THIS. The system is too corrupted for any parent to do anything about this. Yes, it was a felony for the schools to have done this.

It all boils down to who the kids trust. Since the teachers have them the whole day and Mom is on chit chat, it is no contest.

The real story is that this is without question not unique, I will continue with this prediction and NOT go out on a branch by saying at least half the schools are doing this - not out on a branch because it is definite, not speculative.

HEY, there's even a "pizza" theme in this!!!


DISCLAIMER: This is probably not true, but what if?

Do not re-post this as fact, but I am going to throw it out there just because it is a way competing GMO teams can end each other's pandemics.

The rumor goes like this: Omicron was developed in a South African lab and subsequently released in Botswana. The purpose: Release a radically changed virus with extremely mild symptoms that created permanent immunity against Covid, give it enough tweaks to make it completely vax resistant, and make it spread like crazy. Did this happen? If so, South Africa really screwed someone's plot. They can't come up with examples of Omicron killing anyone, all the deaths we are seeing are clearly vax related.

IF this rumor is true, we might be going into a period of time where competing powers continuously release new strains of viruses to fight off the other guy's virus. IF the rumor is true, it would mean Omicron performs the role of a legit corona vax.

I am skeptical.

I can see how this would work, but did it happen? And what about all the vax deaths? I strongly believed Omicron was just a way to cover up vax deaths. If that is true, even if someone in South Africa did do this, the boogie man of Omicron is going nowhere.

On the surface the story makes sense. South Africa produces something and releases it in Botswana, just across the border to the north, to give them time to react before it hits South Africa if it ends up being a screwup. 32 mutations is an awful lot to get right. Did somebody do it? We'll probably never know for sure, one way or the other. That makes good rumors!!!

Another thing that makes it such a good rumor is that it absolutely would work. Hey, let's give them all "cowpox" so when smallpox comes, nothing happens!!! Same idea. Only spread aerially by a cure that spreads WAY better than the virus being fought. That would indeed be brilliant. South Africa still has the technical knowhow for this despite the chaos to boot.

Another big problem is that Omicron was named a long time ago. It was supposed to happen in 2022. How would somebody's cure subsequently be given the same name?

The story sounds good but there are big problems with it.

A FANTASTIC page on the Sandy Hook scam

If one kid is proven alive, how about the rest?

My comment: Aside from being used for unauthorized medical purposes, why would communists want to support the infrastructure needed to provide people with smokes?

Update: Claudia wants to move now. I told her "No" because unless we give up everything and I quit the site, they'll find us on a whim anyway. The best thing to do is simply post what happened. We moved to a gated community after we got robbed in the other place a year ago. The cost of living in the gated community is still cheaper than being robbed. To have this happen in a gated community is not possible, someone set this up.

Here are a few links. I guess I should not have removed yesterday's Jew post. Germany: New chancellor placed because Merkel was not bad enough. New York: New sculpture really is the beast described in the book of Daniel. Exactly. Spot on accurate. PFIZER has announced that a third dose of death juice protects from omicron. That's because you won't be around to complain after getting that shot. Australia: Actually not a joke: Penalties for coughing. Very strange. This is the "nose in the tent". India: Helicopter carrying India's defense chief crashes. If this was caused, it is anyone's guess as to who did it. China is not pleased. Enough corruption is elsewhere to do it too . . . . Britain: TV show posts poll asking people if they would support a mandatory vax and then deletes it when it comes up 89 percent no. VAX TOXICITY NAILED AGAIN Here is conclusive proof, this time laid out for all 3 major American vaxxes proving specific lots from all 3 companies are intentional poison. It is mass murder pure and simple.

This is too important to not actually post.

Following actual death rates, a 35 times increase means the human life expectancy has been reduced to 2.3 years. I'd like to call the vax the rapture, but it seems the percentage of anti-god types facing the rapture is off for that.

I removed the Jew post, it was up for long enough.

It is too bad that ended up being the reality, because one on one they are very decent, and they treated me more than great. It sucked to leave. But I just could not stomach the thought of gaining at the expense of everyone outside the tribe.

At least they shut up with the inbox over that post. I have no grudges against anyone in that community, everything expressed was toward the tribe as a whole Except for that female torah scribe, which cannot exist and EVERY sensible rabbi will agree with that. The Jews have their own problems with leftism. However, I will say this:

How can you (the Jews) expect to be considered among those who honor God when you are destroying his creation with that shot? Do you think you are so special you can just wipe out a majority of mankind and get away with it? Do you think you are so special that living a lie is going to get you blessings, just because those the lies are directed at are not directly part of your tribe? God is truth and satan is lies. God won't lie to those outside the tribe, why should you? Have you not considered that playing the part of the serpent could backfire? You call yourselves peaceful, while you provoke others to attack each other. That amounts to violence committed by you via proxy. How sure are you that you are SO superior God won't care? You had better look inward.

And now, I am going to expound on how Muslims don't hate Christmas after the initial mails stating Muslims wrote that horrible letter:

A picture is worth a thousand words. How does THIS pan out for the myth that "Christmas is so illegal You'll be killed for carrying a bible"?? yet another lie spewed by you know who . . . .

Update to below: A Muslim wrote: "Thanks for that Christmas lights post. Muslims are taught to respect holidays of other religions, especially Christians and Torah Jews, and to keep good cheer during adversity. Christmas lights are beautiful during these sad times. Sounds like a Talmudist letter for sure. Cheers.

A reader wrote and said:

"The letter about the Christmas lights was from 2020" - I don't think that makes a difference - and that "The area is a Muslim area, so the letter was written by Muslims". I suggest anyone who thinks that to read that letter again. No Arab writes like that, and neither do the tribes of Kilimanjaro. That is a highly educated upper class WHITE FEMALE written letter. And by the way, Muslims do not hate Christmas lights.

Christmas lights on a mosque:

I stand by my comment. That christmas letter was either from Jews, or by someone who got brainwashed by what they pushed, which makes it exactly the same thing.

Read the following carefully. It could not be more clear: They HAVE, (they are not seeking) they have a way to remotely control multiple brains over the internet at once.

Zombie time. Yep, this is what the vax is about, it spread that magneto protein all over people's bodies, and they now have the "implants" in their brain, accessible wirelessly. Cell phone zombie is going to take on a whole new meaning.

To be frank, I never really took this seriously even knowing what was going on and here we are - advanced control, with feedback from the brains. If the brains did not talk back wirelessly this would not work. HERE WE ARE. Now I really don't want that shot.

You will own nothing, and you'll be happy. Because you'll be commanded to be happy via remote!!!

I hit "Smiley" and you're not happy?? MALFUNCTION!!

Yum Yum.

Much better crisis management from a far less infiltrated/subverted time

A JEW writes a Christmas note.

I was probably right about the turkeys

Here is what I think happened: A pervert bought them all, contaminated them all, and dropped them back onto the market. This is because a couple months before thanksgiving all the turkeys vanished, and then suddenly they all re-appeared and there were no shortages for thanksgiving.

A reader wrote who preps his turkey the same way every year. This year things went different, and when he brined the turkey an enormous pile of gook came out, with lots of it being small translucent balls. He washed the turkey extremely well, whatever that gook was came from inside the turkey. I'll say something here:

If your turkey has on the label something to the effect of "with tasty juices and spices deep inside" your turkey was injected with a solution because that's how that "great flavor" gets "deep inside". And you don't need that for a great turkey. This reader knew it was an injected one.

What it all boils down to is whether or not you trust whoever produced the turkey to not sabotage it with whatever they put "deep inside". In this day and age, I trust no one.

To make it clear: My advice to wash your turkeys very well was probably irrelevant, because washing them did not cut it this time. It might have helped a little, but this reader washed his turkey extremely well and still got a couple kilos of gobbledygook coming to the surface of the brine pot.

If you do a turkey again, make good and sure it's just a straight turkey with NOTHING "deep inside". Butterball is famous for that, and in the past they were really good. I would not trust THAT anymore.

Off topic, but probably important:

Last night I looked up magnets, and though you can still get ceramic magnets, they are fading out of supply because (never mentioned in the news, obviously) there must have been a huge breakthrough or discovery of rare earth materials and neodymium is becoming just as cheap as ceramic.

Due to the issue with magnets sticking to the vaxxed and magnets sticking to many meats, I ordered a bunch of ceramic magnets to hand out to people so they could test for it, and they cost $15 for 200 good sized magnets, not quite an inch across. Last night I looked up magnets again because my supply is getting low, and neodymium and ceramics are the same in price. Very wierd. Now you can get 120 neodymiums that are almost the same size and definitely a lot stronger for the same price.

I have a gripe: Yes, strong magnets are cool, and I guess everybody wants them but when I bought those ceramics, I also got some neodymiums and they are AWFUL. They are to do a job, they are NOT for putting on the refrigerator or carrying in your pocket. They were only N35's and they are WAY TOO MUCH. Magnets are clearly going to evolve into something that can't be played with.

But the real curiosity is how did this happen? How on earth did neodymiums become so cheap? Is it because of the way Biden pulled out of Afghanistan? Did China go in there and take the place over and start mining it? Clearly, clearly, something did not make the news that should have.

"Be kind to him, he just accepted his 7th booster shot"

Funeral director from Milton Kenes speaks up again

This is a must watch. He has the look of someone who is desperately trying to stop disaster and is failing. He looks rough.

This video is ominous, just from how he looks. There is clearly a disaster in progress.

Many deaths from vax damage and destroyed immune systems. He said the deaths are following the predictions and the brainwashing is so well done the people that are dying from failed immune systems believe the shots are what they need to stop it and that they are going to willingly walk off the cliff. Darwin is playing out.

Israel just carried out airstrikes on Syria's Latakia port

I forgot to mention that Bob Dole died.

He died at 98. A nice long life, as promised, when you "make the deal". When you "make the deal" you trade a long and prosperous life with everything you could ever want for your soul after death. Or so they say. That's why the people who are destroying everything never seem to die. Only, eventually they do, baby blood transfusions only take you so far. Even lengthening telomeres only takes you so far.

My take on the recent "white supremacist march" in DC:

Yes, I know they were ALL taken away in U-haul vans and that the march was 100 percent fake without a single tag-along left at the sideline after all the FBI trolls got in and rode off. But why is that news, when this 300 man FBI supremacist march was not significant enough to even make the front page of Drudge? The march did not make the news because not even a single legit person showed up, they ALL got into Uhauls afterwards, totally against all traffic laws, (you can't do that) while the capitol police watched.

And they subsequently flopped in the MSM.

Why bother with an FBI/CIA make work project??

There is no "white supremacist" front in the U.S., and that march proved it.

But I guess I'll mention it even happened simply because a few threads on a few forums refuse to die. I'd have never known it happened at all absent that. But you can bet I am a "white supremacist" in someone's black book.

HEY FBI: DID YOU CREEP YOURSELF OUT WHEN YOU DID NOT SUCK IN A SINGLE "WHITE SUPREMACIST" WITH YOUR BULLSHIT? Yeah, you announced this march and NO ONE outside your ranks showed up. How creepy is THAT???

The vaxxidents topic is taking off again

I kept paying attention to this topic and here's how it went in Mex -

Vaxxidents seemed to take off back in April, and then suddenly traffic all went back to normal. My guess is because people in Mexico figured out which vaxxes were bad and stopped them early on, as reported widely in the MSM, they will at least admit immigrants and foreigners from the south refuse the vaxxes. There's a good reason and it is because Mexicans communicate with family well and are very well connected, and they talk, which means Facebook cannot censor them.

However, I have noticed something. If you look up "idiot driver" and car crash videos, a year ago there were only a few remarkable ones that had accidents in them from the previous years. Now there are stunning numbers of car crash videos, really serious stuff with multiple crashes in each video being released every week. The sheer volume of it all strongly indicates there has been about a 20X increase in serious accidents this year.

I never blew my time looking at this, however, I do remember when vaxxidents was first a topic that type of video, where people capture accidents on their dash cams, was always old or a repeat or from previous years or whatever. To suddenly now have multiples every week is a paradigm shift, I'd have to say the vaxxident topic is totally legit and can't be explained away as "more people having dashcams" because dashcams have been a thing for well over a decade, everyone who wanted one had one a decade ago and we really are seeing a new situation on the roads.

So that's where the vaxxident topic went - WORSE THAN EVER, but old news.

Take a look at this Analysis of the ad for the metaverse

Usually things are more efficient in print, this is not one of those cases. So much good info is given here that it is a 10 minute MUST WATCH. WATCH IT. There are long ads before it that can be skipped. Embeds are not possible here because Youtube uses them to halt this site.

I got a reminder to post about how a judge ordered the FDA to release the pfizer docs immediately, rather than 50 years from now.

So they released the first 30 pages or so, and they read just like a conspiracy site, just like what I and others posted over a year ago. Yep, we were right, and they KNEW we were right the whole time. They ran this as a scam, in full living color, the WHOLE TIME. They know damn well what those shots do, they always knew it, and are still trying to stick it to people even after being exposed.

Want to know how a failed state - a banana republic operates? You're seeing it. Wherever a glimmer of hope exists, wherever the corruption did not permeate to the base metal the truth can come out, IN FULL, for everyone to see, and the machine keeps churning the same way it always did, with NO CHANGE AT ALL. Yes, we are corrupt. Yes, we are doing this to you. Yes, we know it and we know a lot of you know it but we'll keep doing it because there are enough ignorant dupes out there for us to keep making "progress" and NO ONE, NO ONE AT ALL will stop us because we own the part of the system tha could. LIVE WITH IT.

Don't even think about taking action, or we'll use the FBI or whoever else to crush you. LIVE WITH IT.

Bloomberg attacked VAERS and said it was not accurate

They claim "anyone can post there" and that people filled it up with anti-vax B.S.

Reality: 99 percent of the population does not even know VAERS exists and can be reported to, a vast majority of the posts to VAERS are done by medical professionals who don't have time to, so they avoid it and often hospitals tell them outright not to spend time on it.

The muting effect of this sentiment is multiplied by the fact that another vast majority of the population does not even know shots can hurt them, so they never even draw a conclusion that a vax damaged them when it did. That leads to an under reporting to VAERS also

When someone ends up being smart enough to know a shot damaged them (which is practically never) they then go back to the medical system that gave the shot and get filled with B.S. about how the "shot can't do that, go home, we have treatment for X, which is a condition with no known cause."

Cold hard reality:

Due to several factors - hospitals telling nurses and doctors not to spend time reporting, ON TOP OF doctors not wanting to take responsibility and then resorting to blaming "mystery" illnesses, ON TOP OF most of the population not even knowing about VAERS until recently, ON TOP OF most people never even realizing a vax could have damaged them, The reporting to VAERS ends up being HIGHLY credible, and under represented by about 99X.

Just like Twitter not being able to handle having the American Heart Association lie down the heart conditions caused by the vax by about 260X because they still reported 0.25 percent of the truth by saying "there is an anomaly", Bloomberg can't handle 1 percent of adverse reactions that get reported to VAERS because it shows one percent of the truth which is 4X worse than what the American heart association did.

0.25 percent of the truth and 1 percent of the truth is WAY TOO MUCH TRUTH for those who want NO TRUTH AT ALL, that's what is going on with this. All Bloomberg did by attacking VAERS is solidify their alliance to a satanic level of deception. That's all we get now from those behind the shot, which is to be expected when people start emitting bluetooth and have metal objects stick from something that is supposed to "prevent Corona". It is as if that vax is a goverment "infrastructure" budget with 1,000 non infrastructure extras attached. How far away are we from having Bloomberg admit THAT when they attack VAERS for reporting clots? Don't bother waiting.

Yes, this shot cures corona, and while doing so you get the "tool buddy" for free. Just stick your tools to your arm. You'll never drop a crescent wrench again!!!

Enjoy your new bluetooth feature. Nothing bad will happen to you, we would never hurt you!!


The system is broken. So they say Astrazeneca is not MRNA and "that must mean it is safe". That would be a lie. It is still a clotshot, even Johnson and Johnson is, which means regardless of what they are claimed to be made of the objective is the same, and they are probably the exact same dope.

I WOULD NOT get Can Sino, Sputnik, Pfizer, Cuba's shot, Iran's shot, NO ONE'S SHOT because infiltration is a reality, and NOTHING AT ALL can be trusted. Not even tetanus shots or a lowly vitamin D shot. We have entered an era where absolutely no injection whatsoever can be trusted, evil rules the medical community and absoulutely nothing is without doubt. Yes, I mean the flu shot too. NOTHING, and I mean NOTHING can be trusted.

At this point avoiding ALL medical, and I mean ALL OF IT is everyone's safest bet, unless it is something like an oxygen mask and your tank comes on the same truck it always did.

We have lost the medical system. That is a catastrophe. But the fact it is a catastrophe does not mean we did not lose it. People need to face a new, hard reality. The medical system is a weapon. Little to no good comes out of it now, legitimate medical now boils down to doctors operating outside that system fixing broken legs. No other type of medical is medical anymore, it is all weaponized fakery.

There is a reason why people are forced to buy insurance now, and that reason is because force has to be applied to get people to pay into a system that is now little more than a weaponized scam. They had this planned over a decade ago. They knew it was going there. They knew they'd need a way to forcibly float the corruption when they ran the current pandemic scam and they put it in place. No one with an ounce of wit would support this system without being forced to. NO ONE.

Alec Baldwin

He deserves a post, despite not being what I'd usually post about, because he's as big of a liar as a vax agent. GET THIS: This bastard had a gun in his hand. It went off. It killed someone, and he has no remorse and said he never shot the gun. That is the EXACT EQUIVALENT of the people behind the shot. They are knowingly murdering and maiming people, showing no remorse, and claiming to have done nothing.

Yet they have.

And are.

And will continue to.

Until either every last target they have is dead or they have been dealt with.

If anyone thinks the shots are safe because "no one would ever lie like that" all they need to do is look at Alec Baldwin. THAT is the exact same spirit entity that is behind the shot, one which will lie to you straight faced after killing someone right in front of you.

Even the minimilization of what the shots are doing is not allowed

The American heart association said the shots are increasing the chance of heart problems by 25 percent. Everyone has probably seen that by now, and it was significant because even the corruption the American heart association is composed of admitted to some problem with the shot. Twitter could not handle even the minimalized truth from the American heart association and labeled their site "unsafe" despite it falling far short. The math is already settled as reported earlier by the man who created the optical mouse and Infoseek and I then posted here - when he ran the number crunch which he was well beyond capable of, the actual rate of heart failures in athletes has increased by 65X, or 6,500 percent, not 25 percent.

Why is it important to get the numbers right? Because it is the difference between a snowfall and having five pound hail stones break every window and smash roofs. People need to know the shot won't be a snowflake and they might get their heads bashed in if they don't get missed by the hail because they got saline. 65X vs 25 percent is a difference of 260 times. So while it is OK that the American heart association at least scratched the surface of the issue, it was far from adequate or accurate, and Twitter could not even handle that and now calls the American heart association an "unsafe web site". Big tech is the enemy of the people, nothing has ever been more clear.


The Boston Marathon committe is requiring all runners to be vaxxed. One of THREE things will happen:

1. They will cancel it.

2. Everyone who is going to drop dead will drop dead in training, not at the marathon.

3. Lots of people are going to one off this without training, and drop dead along the route. There will be various reports about this that get quickly buried.

HORRENDOUS vax damage coverup scam in Britain.

They are blaming the massive numbers of vax induced heart failures on "Post pandemic stress disorder".

I wonder, seriously, just how many layers of lies they are going to attempt to front to cover up what they did. One thing is certain: They are NEVER going to accept responsibility, they absolutely WILL expect us to just eat the lies. This one is a serious OMG.

Take a look at this, and realize - when the corruption gets this deep, the only thing that fixes it is war and bloodshed. You cannot repair corruption at this level by working within the system.

I gotta say, that attempt at deception put me in a rage.

American Heart Association: "We conclude that the mRNA vaccines dramatically increase inflammation on the endothelium and T cell infiltration of cardiac muscle and may account for the observations of increased thrombosis, cardiomyopathy, and other vascular events following vaccination" - The American heart association, which is, in and of itself a deceptive pile of dung at least had the honesty to say that much. They lied about the numbers, but at least they poked the monster. Too bad for Britian, they can't even get THAT much honesty. How big a POS is the royal family anyway? After that spew, I hope the queen is dead.

A HUGE volcanic eruption has happened in Indonesia

Not a Krakatoa but probably at least a VEI4. Made LaPalma look like a joke. Details are still coming in, if there are a lot of deaths it will probably be because people built too close. Some people are going to need to use GPS to figure out where their land is.

LaPalma looks fierce and cool and is a real attention getter because it went off in the middle of a city without blowing the city to smithereens. It is significant, but not dangerous like what just happened in Indonesia.

LaPalma has offered some real photo ops.

To be clear: The following 3 images are Cumbre Vieja in La Palma:

Photo ops happen when volcanos go off in the right spot.

Opinion: Rather than look "shockingly real", this robot looks to me like pre-programmed crap.

It is making moves it was programmed to make, and making expressions it was programmed to make, and not actually thinking. Can't walk. Can't even navigate on wheels. Yes it has the parts in place to make a face look expressive but probably took two weeks of programming to be able to totally thoughtlessly do it. There are many many more advanced robots out there than this, and even if you gave that face to them, they would not be able to live-manipulate that face to create meaningful expressions in unpredictable scenarios "out in the wild".


Gee I wonder why. Everyone wants to hear how Santa is a white supremacist who shows up at the 11th hour to take all the credit for the work female elves do while the vax is pushed and the holocaust invoked.

This movie is so bad it is getting an IMDB of 1.1 out of 10 stars while the widely hated child pedo Netflix "cuties" got 3.2


HEY EVERYBODY: Did you know that when it gets cold out people start dropping from blood clots and heart attacks? Looks to me like that "vax" is well tested, and they know what is going to happen this year.

I am suspicious of the Omicron coverage

REMEMBER: They are only going to say what benefits their agenda. Their agenda is to get everyone jabbed. And now they are saying that it is the "vaxxed" that are the super spreaders. And it is popping up EVERYWHERE. Seriously.

Now, a rational mind would say: Heck, the first vax did not work, why would I want to go get it if there are so many rumors of problems? A leftist mind will say: LOCK EVERYONE DOWN AND FORCE THEM TO GET AN ENTIRELY NEW VAX AFTER WE BLEW IT WITH THE LAST ONE (if that particular leftist is stupid enough to believe they actually "blew it" and it was not all done on purpose, with a known "NOT" vax. Is a full lockdown until everyone receives an entirely new shot the goal? Probably. Only it will be a beefed up version of the old shot. They can't hatch a new one that quick, c'mon man!!!

The reality of the great pacific garbage patch

You'll never hear anyone say this EVER, but it is the truth:

Barnacles absolutely WILL grow on whatever is floating. They can be very large. Then other critters like clams will start living on whatever is floating. Barnacles and clams have a larval stage where they will find floating objects and attach, where they will usually stay for life. Eventually anything floating will crust over like a coral reef and sink. How long will that take? Definitely no more than 10 years for things like bottles and containers. The Pacific garbage patch, IF it even exists, will self clean in about a decade and NOTHING that lives at the depths the garbage will sink to will care. I call B.S. on the entire concept. The oceans absolutely will clean themselves.

Tulsi Gabbard: No to Mercks new Covid pill

One minute video. She says it's a mutant/variant factory and she's probably right.

Condo collapse imminent in Waukesha??!!??

Sort of like that condo in Florida, that likely had McAffee's hard drives?

A condo in Waukesha is being evacuated because it is in the process of "imminent collapse". QUESTION: How did they determine that? Is the timing not fishy? What, does somebody have info related to the parade massacre that someone needs buried??? Was someone going to take action, someone that could not be killed, and they needed to disturb everyone to make that "someone" vulnerable?

How to select a good cheap inverter

Are they lying to you about the specs, or are they going to give you more than what you paid for? There are some easy ways to know.

I have 3 inverters for my survival setup. I got a bargain on all of them. One is a 5000 watt pure sine wave inverter I picked up new for $270 off Amazon, only to later discover it's actual price was $1,500 and for some reason a guy in China must have wanted to be recognized so he let the first ones go for that. Normally I would not have trusted such a low price, but I knew what I was doing and everything checked out, and when it arrived it was for real. Another one I bought 10 years ago for $30, it has 180 watts and has been reliable. The third one is rated at 1000 watts but can obviously run continuous at 1500. That one cost $50. How did I do it? Easy. And you can too.

Look on Amazon or at your truck stop (which is likely to have them cheap.) Here is what you look for.

#1. How much does it weigh? 2 pounds equals 500 watts (modified sine) 4 pounds equals 1000 (modified sine) and 5,000 (10,000 peak) watts pure sine equals 50 pounds. If the inverter you are looking at does not weigh out like that for it's rating, it is virtually assured to be fake. Efficiencies can only be so high, and weight equals heat dissipation. There is no way out of it, there's no such thing as a 500 watt inverter that will fit in a shirt pocket and weighs as much as a walkman.

If you can't get the weight rating of the inverter, don't buy it unless the amps add up. If it does not draw the correct number of amps, it cannot meet its rating.

#2. The real truth teller: How many amps does it take from the battery? I am not a believer that somehow, somewhere, perpetual motion is not possible. There is likely an arrangement that got buried, even if the device is tapping the ether and only appears to be perpetual when really it is not. Inverters are NOT THAT WAY. If you don't draw 1000 watts from the battery, you don't have a 1000 watt inverter. Here are the guidelines, and never buy an inverter unless you can get this info:

If the inverter is rated at 1000 watts, 2000 watt peak, and runs on 12 volts, it HAS TO, without exception, have at least 160 amps worth of fuses. The one I recently picked up for $50 has 200 amps worth of fuses. It has 8 25 amp fuses. The huge pure sine inverter I picked up runs at 24 volts and has 500 amps worth of fuses. Those are distributed inside of it in 10 different places and are all socket mounted. When they are not lying about the rating, they will ALWAYS tell you how many amps the inverter will take. Sometimes they will claim a false rating and say how many amps it takes an count on people to simply not know better, Amazon is full of 500 watt 12 volt inverters with 40 amp fuses and that won't happen, 500 watt inverters take at least 80 amps if they are legit. Lots of 1000 watt inverters claiming a 2000 watt peak with 60 amp fuses. That's bunk.

#3. A good indicator of whether or not an inverter really is a 1000 watt inverter is whether or not it has a cigarette lighter plug. If it does, FORGET IT, it's a toy, anything 1000 watts and up that is real won't have that because just pulling the capacitors up to voltage in a real 1000 watt inverter might blow the cigarette lighter fuse. It won't matter if you don't intend to use more than what a cigarette lighter plug can deliver, just hooking it up might blow the fuse. Lots of sub 1000 watt inverters also come with the battery clips. FACT: If ANY inverter can actually hit a 2000 watt peak and run at 1000 continuous, it won't have battery clips. It will have battery lugs. You have to screw those down because you cannot pull enough continuous current from clips without melting them to hit a legit 1000 watt rating. All of the legit high power inverters on Amazon come with lugs/terminal hookups. A lot of the toys on Amazon come with clips. If it comes with clips and is rated high, look at the fuses. There will be your answer. Yes, some vendors will sell inverters that will melt the clips. Those lead to bad reviews: "It worked fine and died" and people can't figure out the clips are shot.

If your inverter is 2000 watts and up, it HAS TO ship with more than one set of LUG TYPE connectors (those are not clips, they actually bolt onto the lugs on the battery. There's no such thing as a legit inverter over 2000 watts that does not have more than one set. The 5000/10,000 watt monster came with 3 sets, and you HAVE TO use ALL OF THEM because the setup has to be able to handle continuously delivering 500 amps (it would be 1000 amps at 12 volts but that's a 24 volt inverter) and you'll never get even 500 through a single wire even if it is "huge". If it does not have more than one, it might be legit if the instructions tell you one is not sufficient for full power draw but that would be chincy.

Anyway, did I bore you with that? Then you are not considering emergency power backup, and you ought to!

By the way, I posted this while running on that $50 1000 watt inverter, and with a laptop plus a desktop plus a large monitor, it is reading zero kilowatts (yes, it has a meter, albeit crude if it can't see the computers) because that's not enough for it to detect. I bought that inverter the RIGHT WAY, even though it is only rated for 1,000 and it says 1,000 right on it, it says in the manual it can be run continuously at 1500 watts but it is "not recommended for long time periods" but if you overload it, it will shut down and be ok. The circuit board says it's a 1500 watt continuous inverter right on it. THAT is what happens when a 1,000 watt inverter has 2,400 watts worth of fuses (200 amps) and I knew that and was not surprised at all when the manual said that. Sometimes people take pride in a rating, even at $50. It weighs 6.5 pounds and ran cool when I tested it with an 800 watt hot plate. Testing means: Disassembled and actually poke around to see how hot individual parts are while running. It aced that.

Weight and amps matter!!!

If you want a good cheap inverter, This is probably it, I did not test this one and there are no specs for amps but the reviews are good, and the weight is enough of an indicator that it is probably not trash.

Well, that does it for Kraft. If they are this way about peanut butter, what are they like with mac and cheese?

How about Velveeta?

Gag me with a pitch fork. Or how about a butter knife?

SUPER VALUABLE VIDEO points out the most toxic vax batches

The most toxic Covid vax batch numbers end in 20A or 21A

This does not mean the others are OK, it just means that those two are the ones that make people complain. But based on Britain's stats, they are ALL bad. Just some are (a lot) worse than others, to such an extent they look like they are probably outright weapons given to "the right people".

Since there are now known to be 3 different vax variants - one for politicians and "elite", one for general nobodies, and one for "bad people", it is probably safe to assume that you can delete 2/3 of the vaxxes from the column he shows and conclude that your personal chance of getting a bad one are much much higher than it looks on screen. The killer batches are probably produced in higher numbers than the rest of the batches also, And remember, this is from Vaers, which means for real world numbers you have to multiply by 100.

Austria's chancellor is stepping down amid vax backlash

This will be positive, unless Klaus, Soros, or someone else needs someone worse than Schallenberg in power. If this was a people powered change, it is all good. Time will tell.

I killed a brown recluse this morning

There is no question that is what it was. It was full size. It came in under the door and ran behind the christmas tree. It was fast. Fortunately I could still get right at it, and when it noticed me it went at least 5X as fast while I desperately tried smashing it with my stocking feet. I was not going to let THAT go in the house. It was a tough spider, I smashed it good twice and it STILL ran. Got it on the third smash. It was this big:

It was an event. I could not believe how fast and how tough it was. Normally when I "get a spider" I get a napkin but this one was way too fast for that and I did not want it to get away, it was the type that would find a new hiding spot in a second flat and then there would be THAT to deal with in the house . . .

Received in the inbox: FINALLY we have the reason for why the left is allowing smash and grab robberies without consequence

It is to force stores to install locking shelves that only open when you put your forehead or hand up to a sensor. This short video shows it, and could not possibly explain it better. WE ARE GOING THERE FOLKS.

Yep, this is it. SMH.

Obviously this system will interface with bluetooth. How about that!!!

The units do not even let you see the items inside, instead they are displayed on a video screen that is built into the door. You will not be able to smash through them even with a sledge hammer. The costs of running a store this way will be very high, but hey, everyone will own nothing and be happy, and obviously the costs will be lower than smash and grab. Try getting out of a store without paying for an item now!!!

The supreme court is hearing a case from Mississippi that could overturn Rowe V. Wade.

My comment: What do "they" need abortion for, now that the shot is sterilizing 78.2 percent of the women that get it? Multiple doctors with private practices are reporting that live deliveries are down by more than 40 percent, with only a little over half the population vaxxed, AFTER a time period when there should have been an enormous baby boom due to people being stuck together during lockdowns. Sex is one of the few things that would not be boring . . . . so why is there an epic baby bust occurring?


If they ban abortion it will only be because the "elites" need to have something left after that damn vax!!!

There's no way the shot is experimental, and no way it was not stockpiled years in advance.

My perspective on this is not popular. I have posted this numerous times on forums (I post a LOT of what I put here on forums, often on forums first) and one thing I have posted lots but not really pointed out here (due to backlash in the comments) is that there's no way this shot is experimental and that they have been working on it for 40 years. Here is what I think.

I think morgellons was a test bed for integrating un-killable cybornetic systems in people, and that it started in the early 90's. I think they learned from a multitude of morgellons tests about how to get systems to integrate with the body. Some of the tech from that testing eventually made it into that shot, even if morgellons told them what they could or could not do with a shot. Consider this:

Morgellons caused an obvious affliction that was so perfectly clearly an affliction it was absolutely undeniable, and doctors, immediately, without even hearing the patient say "morgellons" looked at it and on the spot called it "delusional parasitology". I believe this is because people who got morgellons were selected for it, and the doctors they went to for it were already known by those doing the tests. So guilt and "you are crazy" was used to keep people under control.

The same thing happened with the MMR shots and other childhood vaxxes, and they tried to put mystery into the vax deaths by calling them SIDS - "sudden infant death symdrome". And they always pointed the finger at the parents when the term was used. As with morgellons, once again guilt and accusations were used to keep people under control: "Your kid was fine. what did YOU do to cause this? Shaken baby "syndrome", where the parents try to wake their child up only to discover it dead was also invented, to inflict even more guilt, point the finger away, and blame the parents. And for the death jab, they even came up with SADS, - Sudden adult death syndrome - to explain why adults are now dropping dead after the shot. If that does not make a light go on for what SIDS really was, people are brain dead.
                                                                                                                                                                    produced by

One thing is certain: The way they lied about Morgellons, the way they lied about SIDS, they way they then called the same thing happening to adults who got the death shot SADS, the way they filthily accused parents with abuse via "shaken baby syndrome" while they killed many and maimed an enormous portion of the population with childhood shots only proves they are filth of the lowest order and that YES, they probably really have been prepping this death shot for 40 years.

I AM CALLING IT AND I DON'T CARE WHAT PEOPLE THINK: THAT SHOT HAS BEEN IN DEVELOPMENT FOR 40 YEARS AND IS NOT EXPERIMENTAL. They probably did the testing of the actual death jabs in American prisons and on Palestinian captives. That's what I think they really did. This shot is NOT experimental. They know EXACTLY what it does and have perfected it down to a refined product. If not, how TH are people dropping over in droves, while magnets stick and some start transmitting bluetooth? It is time for people to WAKE TF UP about this. There is no experimenting at all. This is the biggest scam ever perpetrated.

So what triggered me to finally put on the front page what I have been avoiding saying, due to backlash in other places I post? THIS:

People need to wake up. There is no Corona shot.

There is a shot they have been working on for 40 years and have probably been stockpiling for 10. The ground work was probably done via morgellons and childhood shots, and subsequently refined on prisoners. They needed a scare so they took "Corona" - one of the most benign families of infectious viruses there are, one that could "not kill anyone" and pumped it up into a monster that really scared the kiddies. People then went in for shots that did not provide immunity and instead maimed people.

IDIOTS say: "Oh, the shot did not work because it is experimental". I SAY: The shot does not work to prevent infection because it's not for that AT ALL and was never intended to be.


Cornerstone report:
Fukushima SABOTAGE!

Remote controlled Germanwings Airbus A320 crash? All evidence points to this.

California drought: DAMS DRAINED ON PURPOSE