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The severe weather that has been happening globally is not natural. Here is how it is done.

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Finger in the air -

>feeling for what new B.S. COVID story they are going to run with to lock down the kiddies.

Too many bogus stories are out there. So many that I think they are using social media and AI to figure out what story line to run with because it is being believed fractionally more than the other lines of B.S.

1. ISRAEL IS BEING HIT HARD. REALITY: Israel was not hit at all and is not vaxxed, at least not with what the rest of the world is getting. IF they are getting anything at all, it is the white vial. It is essential for Israel to get hit harder than anywhere else, and vax damaged more than anywhere else, because that will prevent people from pointing out that this is their game and they did it. By way of deception . . . . .

So we now are hearing about a new virus that has "32 horrifying mutations" . . .

We are hearing that they won't have a vax for it for "100 days." That's optimistic when they don't have a vax at all, they have a "by way of deception" gene therapy shot that is dropping sports players like flies, let alone Grandma. It is not for Corona because it has done zero to stop it, at least according to the story line. Am I preaching to the choir? Yes. I'll stop boring you.

So the new variant is Nu? Is that what they are running with? 500 times more contageous than Delta? How could that be? Delta could nail you if you lived in a plastic bubble. Nu must be so contageous it can launch itself and get astronauts. I am aghast at the stupidity of it all. What kind of ludicrous BULLSHIT do they actually expect us to eat? Oh, I forgot, it's thanksgiving week end, and I guess they think that as a result we'll eat anything. GOT IT. Actually, no. How about a BSL suit to protect you from the vaxxed? That's what it is coming to, the people doing this are not stupid.

Real headline: New tweak to the DNA code delivered in the vax. 500X worse than the last one . . . .


There must be something in the outer juice that is not inside the turkey itself if the CDC is telling you not to wash it. How ludicrous! You ALWAYS wash chicken and turkey. ALWAYS. What do they want there that can be washed off???

UPDATE: This post by the CDC has gotten attention and people who prepped their turkeys without washing them are now wrecking the preps they already did, and SANITIZING THEM. People don't trust a word from the CDC and I agree. Whatever they say, do the opposite. They are the new war machine. They are as dangerous as a tank in combat.

"What did they do? Douse the turkeys inside and out with the digestible form of the VAX? I'm scrubbing that bird to within an inch of it's life now!"

Why are street lights turning blue? I just figured out how they did that.

It was probably done on purpose as a clandestine way to get a system installed that will show at a glance who has and has not been jabbed. If you wanted to intentionally do this and get away with it, here's how:

In this case, the LED's need filters to stop them from being blue. Here is how that is done: There are materials that can convert light frequencies that are normally used as fabric brighteners. Yes, you CAN decrease light frequencies (actually change them) by using brighteners, that's why quality laundry detergent makes fabrics bright and cheap ones come out dull. Quality laundry detergent has brightening agents that take the invisible part of the blue spectrum (just into the ultraviolet range) and lower it's frequency so it becomes visible. Fabrics then appear to be "brighter than life". We are all used to that now, but it was not so in the past -

In the case of these LED lights that are turning blue, here's how it was accomplished: They used ALL blue LED's in the lights. They then used materials that changed the blue to red and green (to make white light) - materials that would degrade and eventually allow all blue light to pass through. And in this case, the "blue" was damn near "black light" blue. It has the same effect.

So they were able to get blacklights installed everywhere without anyone ever ordering blacklights. That way they avoided "conspiracy theories". I believe it was done on purpose.

Now the only factor in all of this is whether or not municipalities get irritated enough with the blue to change the lights. That certainly could be done. But you know how some people are - "if it is working" - why change it? Yes, it's ugly but it is working . . . .

By the way, there are NONE of these lights in Mexico. NOT A SINGLE ONE. Since Mexico obviously uses the same suppliers, why did this happen only in the U.S.? It really was probably done on purpose.

There is another way this could be done also. Build LED's that change color with voltage changes and have a power supply that switches the voltage after a while . . . . but it appears in this case they simply used materials that degraded on purpose. These lights are simply too perfect in their new form.

AZ AG sticks it to the left: Have you had an STD?

He makes the case that AIDS is deadly and the government made no mandates against having sex (especially the type the left is fond of) when AIDS was a big thing and did not require people to report if they have had an STD so why is Corona and the vax different?

Chris Kitze is onto the 5G vax thing

If Chris has taken an interest in the subject it is something to pay attention to, he's an expert programmer who has launched several online platforms and he's not going to be easy to bluff. If he's saying it is going on, it probably is. I was already suspicious. In case you don't know, (impossible for anyone to not know) but just in case - vaxxed appear to be emitting bluetooth signals with unique ID's. People with multiple jabs often emit several signals. This would not be possible unless the vax actually makes your body build circuits (if the signal is strong enough to be picked up by common devices, it would deplete a microscopic battery in minutes) so it has to be building something just to get power from even if the actual chip is in the vax, and it may not be. Yes, they could inject enough code to get your body to build it. Somehow it is getting power . . . .

The mark is to be IN your right hand or forehead, it does not have to be visible, and I think emitting a bluetooth signal qualifies. I have yet to test this.


Two others in vehicle. Who were they? His CIA handlers?

Pilot uses storm winds to land giant Airbus at practically zero miles an hour.

That has got to be a world record.

FANTASTIC 10 minute video

Pfizer employee Karen Kingston lays it all out: If the vax is going to cause a large portion of the military to quit, and the lost of 80 million jobs, it is an act of war and then goes on to state how the vax is destroying people and a whole lot more. She lays the entire conspiracy out.

How about a few lines of straight talk?

Are the shots killing people? Are they a weapon? Of course they are. Any time the people who are referred to as "elite" decide they need a kill off, they always explain it away as "Mysteriously the grain is gone" or "We can't figure out why the dam broke" or another variant: There is an imminent threat, GET YOUR SHOT. They will never admit they took the grain or they breached the dam or they have a death shot, it all has to look like a lethal emergency. Don't expect them, for one minute, to do anything but look you straight in the eye and lie. They want their culling. They will not be questioned.

AUSTRALIA: An Aboriginal leader speaks up: "They are killing us"


I removed my comments and instead posted this capture to show what is going on, the woman's screaming (at the link above) is legit.

They started resisting the vax after one of their leaders was killed by it:

Take a look at the pay scale for the trolls the JIDF hires. They have GOT TO hate this info getting out, so HERE IT IS:

By the way, if they REALLY want to "battle antisemitism" and "hate speech" BY FAR the best thing they could ever do is re-consider stealing elections and back off on the clot shot.


The "Elite" shot is cloudy off white. The death jab is clear yellow.


The jab the elites/government/Jews get is off white:

The off white vial above is obviously what Pelosi got.

Now look at the instructions for mixing the Pfizer vax. If it is the safe one, it will be off white.

Once again:

The death juice

What the "elite" get.



That said, would I get the shot if it was the color of Pelosi's shot?? Answer: NOPE. All we know from this is that there is more than one formulation when all should be identical. There may well be a cloudy white death shot also.

I wish I would have discovered this six months ago. I guess it is better late than never. I never even realized there was a cloudy white version until I came across those pfizer instructions. Somehow Biden's cloudy white shot slipped past me.


The smallpox vaccine is not injected. It looks like a square patch that is pushed against the skin many times and a huge thick scab develops where it was put. If there is a smallpox outbreak and the government says the vax everyone has to get is a shot, DO NOT GO IN FOR THE SHOT.



Take a look at this page from the Johns Hopkins web site. If Biden promised a "dark winter", Smallpox is on the way, if it has not already been released.

They are NOT playing games, they really are going to do this if they have not already.

An Ontario school district is going with "weighted voting" to nullify the opinions of whites

Read this tweet stream, it is too much to embed and it is priceless.

The windows machine was gifted with a keylogger after I posted the following. It "saves draft" every 10 characters typed and can no longer be typed on with any degree of usefulness. The Linux machine is totally normal. Clearly someone wants every word "I thought I'd post" and then deleted.
Australia's Jews are going with prison camps after meeting too much resistance to the genocide jab. Go ahead and sleep on that, get used to sleeping as practice for nice long dirt naps. That's what peaceful protest will get Australia at this point.

Don't entertain the ruse that Israelis all got the jab, that's FAKE FAKE FAKE, they are not suffering, stroking out, and dropping dead as advertised. Israelis are dropping dead, and the 2020 election was not stolen.

HERE IT IS FOLKS, READ IT AND WEEP. Like it or not, this is BANG ON.

The governments are beginning to go totally rogue because peaceful protest does not cut it.

People are sending me emergency messages from Australia (where this site has thousands of readers) saying they are starting the roundup and opening the camps. An australian that did not write also posted to a forum, slamming the forums for banning anyone who speaks about taking direct physical action to stop the roundup on the grounds that they are "promoting violence". All anyone posting about taking action is doing is trying to find ways to push back tyrants with force because at this point they have to if they want to stay alive. For god's sake people - anyone who has a public communication venue WAKE THE HELL UP TO WHAT IS HAPPENING AND GET ON THE RIGHT SIDE OF HISTORY. Saving a forum is not worth allowing a genocide.

I am going to say it like it is: ANY venue that bans people just because they say they have to now use force to stop their governments from killing them are on the side of history with Mao, the Bolsheviks who did Ukraine, and all the others that did horrendous genocides. PLAY TIME IS OVER. EITHER YOU ARE ON THE SIDE OF THE PEOPLE OR THE SIDE OF TYRANNY.

If your government is going to take you to your death, you stop them with any means possible, and I mean ANY MEANS. Playful protest at this point is going to get you killed. It's exactly what tyranny wants, because for as long as thing stay peaceful, tyranny has nothing to fear. PEACEUL PROTEST IS USELESS WHEN THEY ARE ROUNDING YOU UP. DO WHAT IT TAKES TO STOP IT. ANYTHING GOES. PERIOD. END OF DISCUSSION.

If the people of Austria, Australia, Germany, or any other soon to be shithole country don't stand up and stop it from becoming a shithole, WITH FORCE, a shithole is what they deserve and what they will have. FREEDOM IS NOT FREE. Gosh, everyone's been getting it for free and NOW IT IS TIME TO PAY OR IT WILL BE CANCELED along with many many lives. Take a chance to put it right, or cower and die. Those are your options, don't be the horror movie girl that crouches in the corner and screams (like a peaceful protester) without lifting a finger to stop doom.

The stuff I am getting out of Australia now is awful. They don't scream about "nothing", this is the first time EVER for anything like what they are saying, the government is ACTUALLY DOING IT NOW. The camps are OPEN.

Yes, they contact traced out the dissidents, are accusing the dissidents of having COVID and ACTUALLY ARE now rounding them up plus anyone that did not break contact with them. It's not about Covid, it NEVER WAS.

That is the kind of stuff I am getting in the inbox, Australians are suddenly frantic. Anyone in Australia, go back up to the paragraph that starts with "If your government" and read it again, REPEAT AS MANY TIMES AS IT TAKES TO REALIZE THAT TO EVERY THING THERE IS A SEASON, THE SEASON OF PEACE IS OVER. Trying to maintain it will result in the loss of EVERYTHING for EVERYONE.
I have seen a few re-posts of what is above and they are loaded with commas. They have so many commas they are not readable. I do not load my writing up with commas, that's just another game they play like inserting typos when they really hate a post. From my vantage point there are not excessive commas throughout the statement above when viewed directly from this site and the source code is clean . . . .


RUMOR: Harris to be replaced as VP

This is not possible. A president cannot just re-assign a new VP, no matter how incompetent or how much a liability the VP is. If it happens somehow, they'll probably try to put Hillary in so Biden can resign and Hillary can take over. Think it can't happen just because it is patently illegal? Well, consider the 2020 election and how that went. No one will stop it, illegal or not.



He was out on bail for running someone over on purpose already!!!

A well polished music video by the attacker titled "Murder Vehicle" has surfaced that basically cinches this, there's no way that was possible without CIA type assistance. SCROLL DOWN, IT IS ON THIS PAGE.

SUV rams parade in Waukesha Wisconsin

UPDATE: There is a concerted effort underway to portray the guy who did Waukesha as an Obama hating right winger. But the guy in those videos is not the same guy. I found a shocking music video done by the real guy that even has the SUV in it, and he's clearly not the right wing Obama hater.

UPDATE: the MSM is re-writing the story line and big tech is deleting videos to cover up what happened.

There was perfectly clear video of the SUV intentionally running over a marching band . The intent to kill people was obvious. Now they are trying to frame this as an accident!!! I never thought they'd have the audacity to lie like that, so I did not save that video. Hopefully it will surface somewhere.

IT DID. Someone captured it on a phone and put it back on twitter. not the best quality but here it is, don't let this little tidbit of history get erased.

Does that look like an accident to you? The MSM is trying to say it was.

Surprisingly, the guy they have in custody has a well done music video titled "Murder vehicle". Seems too good to be true, like a well funded SOROS setup. FIGURE THE ODDS. The video is PRO. Figure the odds.

This is the "murder vehicle" video done by the Waukesha attacker

Also, the casualty count is WAY TOO LOW. Watch them get it down to two dead to match Rittenhouse! Also, the social media for the driver clearly stated he was BLM. That's been expunged also.

The original post continues here.

It is probably fallout from the Rittenhouse case. Three black men in a Ford Escape drove right down the parade route at about 50 mph and ran over many people.

I suspect they might have been running from a crime scene and ended up on the parade route, but the timing with the Rittenhouse case is suspicious. They apparently have one of the guys in custody but I would not bet on that.

The SUV was parked at a random house where it did not belong and may be stolen. That's why I am not sure they have the people who did this in custody. I would not be surprised if Soros had this done, if so, everyone's going to walk, except for those hit in the parade.

Instant Karma: Woman screams "F*** AMERICA" on courthouse steps and instantly goes into a probable vax seizure

Pfizer's new Covid pill Costs $500 a pop.

Must have cost a lot to develop something that could destroy someone's DNA via the oral route. No, it does not actually work against Covid, as proven by how well the shot works.

It cost something to develop a pill with 50,000 nanobots that will bore into your intestines FIRST, and then deliver the injected form of the vax!!! That's probably the reality of it, a pill won't get me to take that shot via the intestinal route.

A reader from Austria said

The protests were far more massive than the media reported and that they had to shut the subways down to prevent them from becoming even larger. That's bad. Here we have a government so pathetic they have to shut down infrastructure to control the people. FACT: Austria's government SUCKS. Clearly they don't give one crap about the people. It is all about control, proven by the fact that they are locking down both vaxxed and unvaxxed. It's not about the vax or Corona AT ALL, it is about control and screwing the people over, possibly out of their lives.

The inbox exploded like a civil war.

A scientist wrote and sent a whole bunch of studies showing Covid as isolated and identified, which would require a sample large enough to call "quantified" because you can't use a microscope, too many coronaviruses look too similar and you need enough of a sample to extract the DNA from to actually identify it. It was a lot of work sent, too much to post. And that loops back to: If others were doing this, why did the FDA fail to get their own legitimate quantified sample before authorizing the tests and shots for it? Answer: Results are in and the shots don't work. This scientist had to have spent several hours on that mail and if I had not already posted so much on the topic, I would put the whole thing up. Many thanks!

I got every opinion under the sun in the mail box, so I did the following to put things straight. Viruses are real, my beef with the FDA report is that they did not use an isolated QUANTIFIED sample to base everything they did with Covid on. If they did not do that, there is a motive, there's no excuse whatsoever. This is why I believed it proved there's no such thing as Covid-19, if they could not get a quantified sample it HAS TO be bullshit. And if they could have and did not, they desired bullshit results. That is why I said Covid was probably fake. Their document said they had a sample, but it was not quantified so they synthesized everything to produce the test and vax. That's NOT BELIEVABLE for a real scenario where they legitimately want the best answer. FINAL ANSWER, and now I present this:


They need to go a step further and enforce them to NOT be implemented by anyone who tries.


Fireworks went off, from people telling me there's no way I should have redacted this. The general consensus, written real well by one reader:

"The letter sent to you is nothing more than a well written but false debunking".

My take on that: My redaction was issued on a technicality, which is why my statement of redaction was worded the way it was. It satisfied the technical requirements for a redaction while doubling down and shoving it up their butts. It's a beauty.

So since this has hit a lot of people like a hot poker, I suggest everyone read over this so you can see what the other side is saying and how it is being debunked and then use my statement of redaction to stick it to them wherever they "debunk"



I went over a lot of new stuff this morning because of a mail that arrived, and yes, according to myth, they have in fact isolated the corona virus but just have not gotten a "quantified sample".

That's below par for a global pandemic where they are force jabbing everyone and destroying the world economy, so though I am redacting the original "no virus" post, I'm still going to stick it to them.

Here is the correction. Someone typed it up for me and made it easy.

Anonymous sent

I'm sad to see you taking on that 'no virus exists' line. The 'no virus' idea comes from scientifically ignorant people mis-reading this line: "Since no quantified virus isolates of the 2019-nCoV were available for CDC use at the time the test was developed ..."

Lots of people carelessly reading "quantified virus isolates" and just skipping over the word 'quantified' like it means nothing. That's the root of the mistake.

For the PCR test to return a measurement of concetration of the virus, it should be tested with a solution having a KNOWN CONCENTRATION of the virus. That's what "quantified virus isolate: means. As opposed to "virus isolate" that just means a solution with viruses in it.

But a precise concentration is actually hard to create. They had plenty of the virus. Notice they are talking about which segments of the viral RNA they are using as targets. And btw, recall that this virus was the result of spending many millions on developing it (especially the modified spike protein) as a bioweapon. So they definitely had the virus and had its entire genome sequenced.

They just didn't have any way to create a sample in fluid of exactly n millions of virus particles per uL or whatever. This is quite understandable.

So all they are really saying is, they had to create a calibration standard some other way.

The 'no virus exists' idea's origin was most likely deliberate well poisoning. People injecting bullshit into the discussion to throw honest pople off the trail.

For instance, anyone deciding the virus doesn't exist, is then going to quit hunting for those responsible for designing and then deliberately spreading it. The concept also brain-jams investigation of what the spike protein (from the vax) does to people. Since 'no virus, no spike protein.'

I wish you would clear that up. People who do understand this will think less of you for saying 'no virus exists' and then as evidence quoting a text that says no such thing.

Unvaxed and staying that way. Unlike virtually all my friends and family, including my two adult children. So I expect some very sad years ahead. From Sydney Australia


My response:

I looked into this and the inability to get a quantified sample is an anomaly, they do have that for other viruses and it should be the standard, especially when they are mandating jabs and locking down the planet. However

Their sloppy work aside when there's no excuse for it for something this serious, when you ignore their sloppiness and inexcusable behavior, YES, AFTER READING MORE ON THE TOPIC IT APPEARS YOU ARE RIGHT.

So, I am redacting the following, with this caveat: THERE IS NO EXCUSE. Yes, this below does not say the virus is nonexistent, it instead says THE FDA SUCKS AND CAN'T DO A JOB RIGHT EVEN WHEN THE WORLD DEPENDS ON IT. And I bet there's a motive associated with that sloppiness.

How about that??

Yes, I made an error. But this is a prime case of an error not making any difference to the reality of it all.

We don't know how much we have, we just know it's there. BULLLLSHIT.

End of statement of redaction. Original post follows.

FACT: NO CORONA VIRUS HAS EVER BEEN ISOLATED BY THE FDA. If they never isolated the virus, they CANNOT recommend or approve ANY cures for ANY OF IT, ESPECIALLY VACCINES.

Furthermore, if even the FDA could not isolate a sample, coronaivirus is patent bullshit, there never was such a thing. WE ALL GOT CONNED BY THE FLU!!

I am not joking. The original pdf I took the capture from below is here. NO JOKE: THEY REALLY DID NOT ISOLATE THE VIRUS, WHICH MEANS IT CANNOT EVEN EXIST.

NOT POSSIBLE this far into a pandemic with "millions dead", they should have been able to isolate it from patient zero!!!

This is a July 2021 document, and it STILL CLAIMS they have not isolated the virus!!! NOT POSSIBLE IF IT IS REAL.


In closing: Yes, that was an error and they claim the virus has been isolated. Not that I believe it, but this captured document does not say the virus has not been isolated. But if they are not putting the effort into getting quantified samples, why TF do they even exist?? The sloppiness is inexcusable.


New posts start here.

Rittenhouse was right handed with a right handed AR and he shot it left handed?

There are posts about this going up now. That's not impossible at all. Any well made gun will allow that. The little Umarex I recently posted allows that. It is perfectly accurate right or left handed and fully operable right or left handed. I don't see anything anomalous at all with Kyle switching to left hand simply because positioning required it.

I had a bolt action .270 that would be a nightmare left handed. Such guns are common. But many are not that way.

Oh, but he was just a kid and could not have mastered that. Actually, anyone who starts shooting at a reasonable age ought to have right/left shooting mastered by age 12 if desired.

The jurors stood their ground and Rittenhouse was not guilty on all counts.

Obviously. Any other outcome would have been rigged. Now let's see what the left does to "compensate". MSNBC already tried to get the jurors killed.

This was actually needed to give gun owners enough guts to defend themselves, (a theme which seems to be lacking). However, this case was so obvious it crossed the border into ridiculous, there was no case against Kyle at all.

Don't let this verdict lull you into thinking the justice system is trustworthy, this might have been done as a payoff so they can get away with stealing the next election via totally corrupt "law enforcement" backed by even more corrupt courts. This event with Rittenhouse did not fix that. Everyone needs to keep an eye on the ball.

AUSTRIA UPDATE: It appears Austria is going to make the vax mandatory, however, on the bright side the police have stood up and said they won't enforce it. Protest party tomorrow (Saturday) people in Austria who read this site BE THERE AND BRING YOUR FRIENDS.

An interesting relevant section of scripture from the book of Matthew, chapter 24

Look at this:

14 - The gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world to all nations, and then the end shall come - This word was only recently spread to the Americas and ALL NATIONS. The ALL NATIONS part happened in the last 130 years.

15 - The Abomination of desolation standing in the holy place may be the DNA shot that removes the name of god from your book of life.

16 - Once the gospel of the kingdom is preached to all nations, judea is in effect global.

17, 18, 19 20 - You are going to have to abandon everything to avoid the abomination of desolations and small children will be a huge problem because they can't survive hardship well, and you had better hope you are not forced to flee in the winter.

21-22 - It will get so bad that if God does not cut the days short, absolutely everything will be destroyed but if you are among the "elect" who stand with God, are willing to abandon all, and then put up a good fight for survival, you will make it to start everything over when God puts a stop to it all.

Here are the verses. These definitely apply to this time, the time immediately after the gospel made it to every nation on earth and was preached for a relevant length of time.

14 And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the end come.

15 When ye therefore shall see the abomination of desolation, spoken of by Daniel the prophet, stand in the holy place, (whoso readeth, let him understand:)

16 Then let them which be in Judaea flee into the mountains:

17 Let him which is on the housetop not come down to take any thing out of his house:

18 Neither let him which is in the field return back to take his clothes.

19 And woe unto them that are with child, and to them that give suck in those days!

20 But pray ye that your flight be not in the winter, neither on the sabbath day:

21 For then shall be great tribulation, such as was not since the beginning of the world to this time, no, nor ever shall be.

22 And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved: but for the elect's sake those days shall be shortened.

And it is fairly clear here that your best chance of survival will be had if you "flee into the mountains", staying behind in the city won't cut it.

It is also fairly clear that prepping and actually setting up a refuge ahead of time is probably a good idea.

The Corona vax is likely based on a PZP contraception vaccine

This was mentioned on Reddit, and a search of the topic seems to confirm the vax is at least similar.

There is a single dose version and another version that requires strong refrigeration and has two initial shots plus a booster. Dosage levels (ml) are the same as for the corona shot. The shots all use the same lipid nanoparticle tech. I think the single dose corona shot is probably more nasty than the single dose PZP version because when you go over the data on deer, not enough died. However, another variant of the shot that has a dosing schedule the same as the pfizer shot it does mention animal deaths

So the question is, is this the same as the Corona shot? I'd say there are probably similarities but the corona shot is probably worse. Yes, the corona shot probably sterilizes people but there is something else in it intended to cause early death also. And at this point, it is clear the corona shot does not prevent or treat Corona at all, so what is it??

The lethality levels on the shots used for wildlife are obviously lower than the shots used for people because the animals get monitored and you can't have 30 percent of the herd lay down after the shot. If that happens in the wild, death comes quickly. People can lay down in their homes after such a shot and have the comforts of civilization prevent death. So it is highly probable the shots for people are a lot worse - no one monitors them after the shot, no one records their deaths and disablings, the media covers it up, etc and the goal is destruction. So I think that the tech in the spayvax might be similar, and the Corona shot may sterilize people, but it's not the same thing, "they" would never do that to a herd of deer.

My conclusion is that when they developed the corona shot, they pulled tech from many areas, and it is not surprising that an anti fertility shot used for controlling animal populations has some of the same tech. There is going to be crossover to other products by default. But I also believe that the corona shot is not for a virus at all, the results showing up in the hospitals prove it. You are worse off with the shot. Which means it's not as stated.

I am really glad that whole Brandon thing took off. Talk about a backfire on the con job media . . . .

While vaxxing your kids without your consent, American schools are pushing this off on your kids, without your consent.

I have lost interest in Cumbre Vieja, however -

I have at least paid cursory attention to it and it must be pointed out that the earthquakes have increased in number to match what was going on before it erupted to begin with, and have a higher intensity this time around. I view what is going on there as a run of the mill eruption that had some good moments, like when it threw magma to over 2,000 feet. I have seen no mention of that being a record but it was. It topped Kiluea's best by a few hundred feet, with smaller volume than Kiluea. Maybe a tourism payoff buried that. Even so, Kiluea is still the champ in my book.

We will have to wait and see what the new earthquakes bring . . . .


Austria, not Australia, though you'd think it is Australia from how bad this is.

Dear Claudia and James,

I cannot donate at this time. I got layed off work and the job center does not pay until February. And I have a lawsuit to cover, due to the unfair termination of my emploment, which lasted over 30ys. I will though, once it gets lighter, also I have preps for winter here and that was that then, only small steps right now.

There is rumor of the planned blackout come March. (when the snow usually hits the last time here and it is too soon to turn off heating)

Yes, we have INSANE reglements here from this Monday forward and Austrians are on lockdown (the un-jabbed). There is talk of a general lockdown and they play the numbers game galore. Those numbers are unreal, but effective in daily news. They fiddle the hatred between jabbed and un-jabbed, declaring healthy people as health danger and unfair people who put jabbed in health danger. They do this pretty well, families divided, friends divided, social contacts destroyed since the jabbed people buy the agenda, everyone jabbed starts defending the jab, wonder how they do this, that many people can not become like that after having received the praise all jab ?

All over a sudden, pos. tests rose to justify new steps, it is an idiots game and they hold the entire country hostage. We had a face change at the chancellors seat, who needed to step aside due to text messages which were very unclean and also showed that public opinion polls were bought and doctored to fool the people. Now we have a member of a blueblood family in the chancellors seat, who is the puppet of his buddy, the former chancellor. Between him and the health minister, they play a uncontrolled game of new reglements, where it shows that A does not know what B does and the news outlets are mirroring this chaos.

We have entered a new level of corruption and manipulation. People are fed up and demonstrate, peacefully, while the chaos course is getting more and more obvious, state payed propaganda blasts people on every channel.

They say intensive care beds are full with unvaxxed, which is a lie, it is double jabbed or other cases not related to corona. They shorted medical for 130 million and take patients from other countries, docs are payed to lie on tv about the shortage of beds, while it is a shortage of staff which is the reason, - we all know why - they will not get jabbed they all have seen too much. Docs who insist of writing the adverse jab reaction into the hospital files are fired.

They pressure people into the needle, workplace, jabbed or healthy after an infection, but that is invalid after 6 months, then you count as unjabbed. The plan is 1G = geimpft =jabbed. those papers are seeping out and not even under discussion.

The unjabbed are treated the same way as Jews back then in the Nazi era. No movies, theaters, concerts or soccer games no restarants , cafes or bars, no nightlife, there are historical signs to view the same texts. A man made a public statement in relation to this, and had to go to court and pay a hefty fine. Not allowed to compare the reality then and now or even point a finger to the same hidden ideology. Open timeloop to 1933 to 1938 ? One wonders.

they managed to get 800 policemen to control shopping centers, restaurants and cafes; fines are high, same as workplace, both employer and employee have to pay fines.

So unjabbed are allowed to pay taxes, go to work (one more week with a neg. test - then one must be jabbed or stay home, or be fired ) To go see a doctor you have to have the jab, (certain docs will not treat unjabbed people) to get your daily food shopping, while first supermarkets have a new service, staff goes shopping for you and delivers, for a higher price. Visit the pharmacy, and that was it - oh wait you are allowed to go for a walk but if you are held up by the police and they decide to fine you, can you explain why you were out?

We are back to - at the mercy and mood of a trained person who acts out the agenda, be it in police uniform or white doctors coat.

Austria is an experiment right now with Germany watching if all that will work to just install the same rules.

Politicians have outlived their shell lives and just need to be non existent, these forms of political parties which are all corrupt finally need to end, direct democracy would be the way but the know how and the right people are missing.

At this stage, I guess we all just wonder how this is going to end? In this day and age, information is all one needs. People will find it.

Here things are heating up and they will announce mandatory vaccinations for everyone probably tomorrow Friday; and change the law according to it some insider from high rank gov is leaking things out on social media. There might be another lockdown for everyone, which will make the jabbed go insane, they sold their health for freedom and get to stay home as well.

They know masses will peacefully protest on Saturday, so they have it all lined up to quickly press a new law though overnight, so they demonstrate too late to doing anything. Law suits are already out in regards the unvaxxed lockdown. They are yelling and screaming in Parliament, it is getting more and more obvious.

So the police are harrassing people in shops buying winter clothing demanding to show the green vax certificate, if you are caught as an unvaxxed it is all from 500 Euros over 1.000, Euro in fines, people are now really fed up, many of the policemen of the original force have called in sick, the number of the ones who need to check on the population are shrinking, and many will march with the peaceful protesters on Saturday in Vienna, they will try to incite violence as they did before by hearding them into spots where they can not move away in small side alleys and then cook it up on media, they did so before.

People are warned and only one political Party is marching with them all. Freedom Party.

All other Parties are just beating the agenda drum doing nothing for the people. It is obvious, no Christmas shopping or get togethers, no Christmas Markets for un-jabbed, no mulled wine, they will cancel Christmas and New Years, and drag it with soft and hard lockdowns until Easter and restrict family contacts again. Wonder if people will still obey; Some say the planned blackout is said to be in March, just when snow hits the last time.

600.000 households can not afford heating their homes fully this winter; Oil for heating went from 58 Euros/100liters to 88 Euros/100l Heating Gas prices are still unknown. Electricity is also going up so they say for an average household it will be +500 Euros this year. They could split the tax in half to help people but they do nothing so far. Heating season is already in full swing.

Let's see what the bigwigs will try to cook up tomorrow and over the weekend, seems like lockdown for all will be announced on Monday. Hospital numbers are constantly blasted over all propaganda media, they blame the unvaxxed but real data does not exist, because even if recorded, it is not used. But they do not record how many vaxxed are now testing positive, just beating the positive test numbers. If one watches the regular channels one could go nuts, and many people do, many suicides, but no one talks about that, only some policemen share via social media or open letters to politicians.

God with us, we with him.

My best wishes to you and Claudia, we just must get through this madness, with eyes open and staying sane;


My comment: At first I thought it was Australia, I had no idea Austria had gotten so bad. Many thanks for writing, SMH.

There you have it, - hopefully there will be enough open rebellion to shut the agenda down.

OPINION: Smallpox vials a cover story

I would bet that the vials found were "found" on purpose, by someone sent to "clean a freezer" and find them. I bet those vials were fakes. However, they will now serve as a cover story that goes like this:

"Smallpox was supposed to be in only two locations in the world. The fact that these new samples showed up means that's not the case." Meanwhile, Gates&cohorts get smallpox from one of the two places it is actually known to be kept and release it, depending fully on the cover story to cover their tracks.

That is what I really think is going on. Someone at one of the two locations it is kept is going to let someone take some to be released on the public, and therefore this story was needed to put in question what the actual origins of the new outbreak were.

MSNBC got banned from Rittenhouse trial

They followed the Jury bus on the direct instruction of upper management and attempted to dox all the jurors. That's pretty serious. There is not a whole lot out there on this now.



#1 Here is ANOTHER VAX DEATH that perfectly matches the featured story (where the kid suddenly fell ill at school ad died), no mention of vax obviously
#2. HERE IS Another obvious vax death, on a basketball court

Clearly the schools are vaxxing kids without parental consent, and the fallout is all a "mystery".


How could a school keep that secret? EASY ANSWER: CRITICAL RACE THEORY and other similar control seeking methods where teachers feign being "best friends of the kids" while they portray the kid's parents as being disposable hicks. The teachers steal the loyalties that belong to the parents via brainwashing, and the kids won't utter a peep. SEE THIS:

Texas Instruments to build $30 billion chip making plant in Texas

Tesla's giga factory in Texas (which really is massive) will only cost $12 billion to build. What does that say about what Texas Instruments plans to build, when they are only going to produce chips? $30 billion says "We are sick of technology theft, bye bye china".

I have my doubts about this getting built. Because too many people are going to stroke and clot out. But I guess if half the world's people survive, that's still a big enough market to support something like this if China gets shut off. Heck, maybe this is getting built so China can't back door the upcoming Matrix.

Want more proof the vax is a weapon?

You'll have to wait 55 years for that!

When the government has something so bad they cannot EVER disclose to the people what it is or does, they delay the release for 50 plus years, you know, like all the data they have on the Kennedy assassination that they never let out. This time they are assassinating the whole country, so you won't get to know what they did with this shot until 2076!!

The government HAS TO eventually release the data, and the spirit of the law that requires them to is for them to do it at the time it is relevant. That all changed with Kennedy. Now they do the same as not releasing it at all.

The Rittenhouse case

I have not ignored this, but am not commenting because I do not know how it will go given the level of corruption involved in this judicial system. Yes, the media is not reporting the case, they are merely reciting leftist cult chants, and the judge appears to be on Kyle's side, and even the prosecution was proven fraudulent, - all of that is well known, what is not known is what the final answer is going to be. It should be: Kyle gets paid for hours spent in jail, plus paid damages for media slander, plus walks scot free, plus gets legitimate protection afterward. The pay should be that of a top notch doctor or lawyer for the entire time he was in this mess (that would include the damages.) I'd say a cool $350,000 would be about right, tax free. And if any media doxxes ANYONE in the case, payouts are instant and start at 7 figures.

But that won't happen in this system.


Yes, the natural progression of things under communist style tyranny has now manifested itself. You did not think they were going to stick to COVID lockdowns, did you? No, those were just social conditioning, and now we have proof.

The vax mandate enforcement has been suspended

OSHA has now made it official.

If your employer is forcing you to get the vax, you can now say NO. And if you are fired and your original contract for employment did not have a mandatory vax agreement in it, you can now sue.


The vax deaths are kicking in on schedule

This is going to keep getting bigger and bigger and bigger until the streets reveal the truth. It was not only me, many have already said long ago that this was going to start happening at about this time. I tried looking up the reports where I said this, but there are so many vax reports on this site that it became a not worthwhile task when this has been so well said by myself and others it is pointless to dig up old reports.

I'll sum all the previous reports up in a paragraph:

We are now in phase 1, where people who developed ADE or hypersensitivities to Covid caused by the vax, are now dying from that and other infections due to their immune systems being too confused to know how to deal with illnesses, PLUS blood clots adding up - NEXT STEP, (actually two steps that will probably happen pretty much simultaneously) - the spike protein, which mimics mad cow disease and already killed a Pfizer CEO who was working on the vax, is going to have people dropping dead from CJD, at the same time people start dropping dead from immune depletion caused by the vax (aids, so to speak.) That phase of vax deaths is going to be really visible by early to middle of next year. But for now, we are in phase one ON SCHEDULE (many others and this site) said it would be October/November/December for this step, and WE ARE THERE. Unfortunately, the next two steps are far worse.

QUESTION: What if they blame the upcoming vax holocaust on a smallpox outbreak or use smallpox to cover it up??? The seed for that scenario has now been planted.

Merck was caught with unauthorized vials of smallpox in Philadelphia

The vials were unauthorized and had no paperwork.

All vials of smallpox are supposed to be held by governments, not private companies

Bill Gates just talked a lot about a smallpox release, AND WORST NEWS OF ALL:

The FBI is "investigating." That means WHOOPS, gotta bury this!!!

The seed has been planted. So when the news comes out about how smallpox got released by a tehhhhrorhist, (might I add Iranian,) remember where it showed up first, and who was talking all about it right before it did.




People do not play games at a Merck lab either, that's a major company with major BSL protocols in place, those games DO NOT GET PLAYED. That's the most serious thing of all with this, it was not done by pestilent children tending a fast food drive through. If they were labeled that in a Merck freezer it probably really was smallpox. No matter what the FBI "discovers" the vials were probably real. and in a very wrong place.

Those vials had to go from Atlanta to Philadelphia. How many were there at the beginning of that trip? No one knows. Smallpox may have already been released.

Mail from reader:

Anonymous sent:

Here in Ontario I am amazed and disgusted at how many people are getting the clot-shot. It seems the closer to the city the more prevalent "it" is. The rural areas don't pay as much attention to the fear mongering. Wife and I don't know anyone who died of the flu last year but know many people not feeling well or having an emergency after the 2nd shot. We know several second hand stories of people passing away shortly after.

We hosted a meeting with whistle blowers (doctors, nurses, provincial prosecuting attorney) attended by first responders, teachers, nurses etc. the attorney said she would sell everything and live in a camper before getting the shot. Many people are fleeing the city to the countryside, up north or to Mexico etc.

I farm here and the crops were excellent for the most part and prices are high. They were having trouble getting containers in last season to ship out non gmo beans, (soy white, kidney etc) input costs will be going up a lot nex year. Food stores and hardware are normal so far but parts for trucks and equipment are getting sketchy. Heard of one dealership with 50+ newer peterbuilts down because of slow parts.

A good friend of mine is a cop in the city and said about 20 percent who are left will quit before getting jabbed but the mandates keep getting extended. My sister is a sargent and she is smart but brainded and jabbed to. :( Just a few tidbits from where we are. A big thanks to you and Claudia for your ability to do what you do.

My comment: Stay in the country if possible and if possible, find a way to block off all views and bury the driveway if tshtf. The country is where the communists do not get good control, but part of that is keeping hidden. If the house is in plain view from the road, try to find a spot in the "back 40" to build a shed that can be lived in. Make sure the house looks abandoned and prepare to have it burned. There is a better than 50 percent chance of that, and they'll do it to "fight terror". It will be real sketchy for a year or so but then it will settle down and they will stop hunting people so much. You will need to get through that period.

It will be critical when tshtf to have the driveway look like it is just a field with a continuous fence. If they don't find a place to enter, they absolutely will skip it, 100 percent guaranteed but it has to look like nothing is there, with no house visible. If you can't do that, then abandon the house and stay in the back 40, making sure your survival area is continuously fenced with no roads in, just fields and woods. Woods that border the road are no good without a fence, they will go in if there is no fence. "woods" that border the road have to look like an area for cattle. The ideal would be all fields along the road with perhaps woods on the other side of the field (that's what the "back 40" means, that's where the woods are)

This is absolutely legit advice, given from studying communist takeovers. People hate them and they murder so many people that at first their resources are stretched too thin to bother with walking across open fields. Once the takeover is complete they get lazy and only bother with putting out fires. Don't become one, lay low. Obviously the shed has to be below the tree line, hopefully tucked in among the evergreens because there will be drones. It has to be fairly well hidden. One note to readers - Ontario is far enough east to have avoided the weather warfare being waged last summer, Ontario was able to grow.

Thanks for writing!


I was skeptical when I posted the picture of gas for $8.99 a gallon in Lancaster California, only to have it confirmed true and then followed up on with a new photo from Los Angeles, showing it at 5.99.9

Read'em and weep. Better have an efficient transportation device behind the shed somewhere. Time to wipe the bird crap off the bike seat.



In an effort to get FIVE YEAR OLDS vaxxed, NYC Mayor DeBlasio is offering a $100 incentive to kids as young as FIVE to get the vax. That was easy to confirm, what was not easy was did he really say "$100 buys an awful lot of candy"?? ANSWER: YEP, HE DID.

Low credibility: Rumors of Klaus Schwab arrested

This is probable B.S. and I only mentioned this story because it got too much traction and I don't want to look like I missed it.

Rumor: He was arrested at his home by Swiss police for fraud related to Covid.

Reality: I'd say NO. And I only posted about this because trolls are debunking it on dates based when he appeared in Dubai for the "Great Narrative" on Nov 12 and the rumors of his arrest in Switzerland go back as early as Nov 12, with confusion between the 12th and the 13th. Dubai is so far ahead on the clock that there's a slim chance he could have flown back to Switzerland to have it actually happen on the 13th (which many reported) and have the arrest be reported on the 12th in the U.S. due to the fact that there's about an 8 hour leeway between Switzerland and California. However It is extremely improbable. My guess is that he will show up just fine somewhere soon, people at his level do not get arrested no matter what they do.

So to sum it up: Trolls debunked it based on a dateline that might not add up, and when I noticed that I posted about it and still think it is bunk, but the way the trolls had at it sparked my interest. I thought for a while before hitting "save changes" because it is such a low credibility rumor.

How about this: If Klaus Schwab DID get arrested, I'll go buy a boxed chemistry project in the form of "pop tarts" and "celebrate" by eating the whole thing. Which I never do, those are SPOOKY. But they taste ok and a party is a party . . .

Vancouver has been completely cut off from the rest of Canada

Probably due to a weather mod attack

Yesterday I saw a post by someone saying they were going to get 15 centimeters of rain in Vancouver in a short time and that he was getting ready for it. it always rains in Vancouver, so I did not pay it a thought. Today the results are in, and it was a LOT more than 15 centimeters of rain. It was so bad that every bridge and road into the entire Vancouver metro either washed out or got covered by a landslide. Even the rail lines are destroyed. There is no way in or out of Vancouver at this time. I don't believe that could happen naturally, Vancouver is well equipped for rains and has precip levels well above practically all rainforests. They had extra water handling capacity like no other place and this STILL happened.

I blew this off and was not paying attention just because Vancouver is so rainy, so I have only suspicions this was man made, it is going to be tough to prove. But it sure matches the unprecedented deluges that have happened elsewhere in the past year. I would not be surprised if they dumped California's water on Vancouver to accomplish this.

The internet is out, so not many pictures are making it out of there. Here are a couple:

HERE IS A NEWS REPORT FROM KELOWNA that has a lot of details.

OPINION: Canada could probably have Vancouver accessible within a day or two if the corruption was not so extreme that opportunists will rub their hands in anticipation of money rather than focus on getting things going again.

There is no way to get gasoline into the city at this time with the pipeline shut down and railroads washed out, on top of roads gone. Most stores can only take cash. Most ATM's are shut down. This is a developing situation.

Definitive proof the vax is a scam.

Gibraltar is almost 100 percent triple jabbed, and they are shutting down for Christmas over an "outbreak". Also, look at Pitcairn. Pitcairn is the last place on earth anyone would ever want to be. It is a small island that was mined to oblivion for fertilizer and the landscape is wasted. Fewer than 50 people live there. 50 people who were an isolated pocket that would never have gotten Covid, yet all are double jabbed and 12 are triple jabbed (just do the math on the numbers posted). Pitcairn proves that someone is so hell bent on wiping out humanity that they could not even leave Pitcairn alone. That right there, on this chart, is proof of how grave the situation is, and how hard "they" are going to push this shot.

Alex nailed in Sandy Hook case, in a very sleazy way

He got nailed by a default judgement because the judge ordered him to give a full income statement. He gave the full statement. The judge then stated it was not the full statement and demanded he hand over the full statement. Since he already did, there was nothing he could submit and when the time frame expired the judge issued a default judgement based on something that had nothing to do with the actual case.

That's as sleazy as it gets, and the only way Alex could be forced to "lose", just like Biden "won" the election. The facts did not matter, what could be enforced by corruption is what mattered.


We finally got the real number, and it was provided by MIT graduate Steve Kirsch. Who is Steve Kirsch? He's a high profile multimillionaire, and one of the most qualified people in the world for crunching numbers and getting the facts.

What was his actual number for the increase? He did a MASSIVE and detailed number crunch, and resolved it to four digits. It cannot be more precise than this:

So how do these numbers add up? HERE IS THE SHORT ANSWER: With only part of the population vaccinated (about half, you can't trust the published numbers but half is a good guess now,) and a baseline of 800,000 heart attacks in an average year in the U.S., after the vax, with only half the population vaxxed, there HAVE TO BE 51,000,000 heart attacks in the U.S. alone from the vax. If you calculate that out to how many people are vaxxed, 1 in 3.5 will have a heart attack, or have had one.

This is damning stuff that is hard to argue with. I would not argue with this guy's numbers, he has, after all, worked a slide rule. He is probably the most qualified man to have ever stepped forward on this issue.

In case you missed the link to his extensive report on this topic HERE IT IS again.

Perhaps I am guilty of confirmation bias, but his numbers pretty much match what I have always said - 20-30 million dead which has caused a shortage of workers, even in a depressed economy. With an economy this bad, there should be at least 40 million unemployed. 10 million jobs won't cover that, and there is STILL that many open. Those numbers are at least ballpark to what Kirsch has come up with (because I am not bad at math either). I just used a different data set to get approximately the same numbers. He used athlete casualties, I used the employment stats. That's like results cubed (two separate and independent data sets analyzed by people who don't even know each other producing similar results does a lot more than doubling or multiplying credibility, it more approximately cubes it.)

It not only is a catastrophe already, it is going to get REALLY BAD from here on out.

Will the vax be used for mind control?

Remember what I said in the beginning? About the vax causing the body to rob the blood of iron (which traumatizes it and causes the clots) and that iron is then moved to the vax site where something gets built, which is why magnets stick? That was the very first thing I said and I have not changed what I think about that.

The original (until the graphene stole the show, and I think graphene is a lot less important) - the ORIGINAL theme was that the vax commands the cells to start building magneto proteins, which will be distributed throughout the body, but enough will be in the brain to interact with 5G wavelengths. And that's why magnets stick to the vax site within days of the shot. Via this, the vax will absolutely enable mind control, they already tested this on the lab rats. This was all discussed well before, and now the vax being for mind control is surfacing as a topic again. Here is what I think:

What is going to happen if after taking substantial brain damage (which lowers your energy for everything) - brain damage caused by the blockage of micro capillaries to the outer portion of your brain, where the best of you is - those little folds and wrinkles on the surface - what's going to happen if that all gets shut off, and the central "reptile" brain is allowed to therefore become dominant (to pick up the slack, something's gotta function to keep you going) - if the outer portion is de-activated by tons of micro clots in the capillaries - WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN when the weakened remnant of the brain which can't think as well then starts receiving pleasure and displeasure signals via all the magneto proteins that will be all over the brain interacting with 5G?

Yes, that would probably be able to take over a compromised brain that is not really capable of thinking a whole lot anymore, and mostly functions simply to react to environmental inputs, and pleasure and pain. Yes, I am talking zombies. I believe it will happen. I believe that was the plan.

Initially everyone (including me) thought the social distancing was in place for tracking people, - so their cell phones could be separated enough to ensure the tracking was accurate. But what if the secondary function of "social distancing" is to ensure that a 5G cell tower that is tracking someone via their phone location can use that location data to perfectly and accurately beam their magneto proteins with whatever signal the elite decide they are going to get while sending a different sigal to someone who is nearby but properly "social distanced"?

The heart can beat autonomously, but it is also greatly affected by the brain. What would happen if the brain received a singal to tell the heart to shut down? What would happen if the brain received the "fear" signal? What would happen if the brain received pleasure whenever the behaviors the controllers wanted was exhibited, and pain when there was resistance? What if they could actually beam voices in? That's not a "what if" anymore, and has not been for a couple decades - but surely, having millions of little antennas distributed through millions of brain cells ought to make that a whole lot easier.

There HAS TO be a reason why magnets are sticking to the vaxxed. It is not the graphene, there's not enough in a shot for that. But the magneto proteins could certainly do it, they could even transmit if the other appropriate stuff was present, stuff the graphene could do.

Think about that. And if for some reason it does not take, and you don't get what they want in you and you continue to misbehave, there's always that next booster, that next opportunity to do something about it . . . .

Fine future we are heading into.

Obviously those wise enough to avoid the vax this far into the game probably won't be getting it. So at this point "don't get the vax" is preaching to the choior. But those who are not vaxxed ought to be aware of what is probably right around the corner - true mind controlled zombies that may even appear to still be sentient - via expressing what the controllers want. Those who avoided the vax ought to be aware of this possibility - people actually appearing normal when in fact they are merely biological robots. Probably with at most a three year warranty. Be careful who you trust out there in the wild from this point forward.

YES, I WAS MAIMED BY THE VAX, BUT YOU SHOULD STILL GET IT, I WANT MY BOOSTER!!! We have all seen it by now. Is that really the real person talking???

Very suspicious:

Russia blew up a satellite with their new anti-satellite system, and now the space station has to be evacuated for a debris threat. The satellite they blew up was launched in the early 80's and weighed 2,000 pounds, and shares a very close orbit with the ISS. Maybe Russia wants to nullify space to prevent "skynet". Why else would they blow up a large satellite orbiting slightly higher than the space station? That's perfectly positioned to take damn near everything out in a chain reaction, including Starlink.

About the 4th wave "covid surges" in highly vaxxed states and countries -

This is becoming a theme, and I do not believe it. I find it interesting how Covid cured the flu. You don't need a real pandemic, all you need is a coordinated press and sleeper cells planted throughout a society to back up that press.

This has happened before. Old school elemetary education: During world war 2, the U.S. ran propaganda in Japan via media outlets the U.S. had sufficiently compromised, telling the Japanese that America had an earthquake weapon, and that the number of earthquakes in Japan was increasing dramatically. There were no more earthquakes than usual (but Japan has plenty) and there were enough to make the Japanese believe it was true. This was part of the reason they surrendered so easily after the nuclear attacks. And since people so easily trust even a scamming media, there were enough flu and cold cases still happening to exploit and make people all over the world believe there really was Covid.

I therefore do not believe there is any such thing as a second, third, or fourth wave.

What we have in the hospitals now is legitimate vax damaged people and people who got shed to. And it will be unprecedented. It will be called Covid. Places like Austria are going to lie and impound the non-vaxxed while claiming the vaxxed are not getting sick, so they can still run around. All lies, too many leaks have happened proving it is the vaxxed that are flooding hospitals now. No matter how much Austria, Australia, Germany or California lies, the hens are going to come home to roost with the vaxxed, they are on their way out.

That reminds me - Drudge had a stupid headline a couple days ago saying three out of five vaxxed families will not allow un-vaxxed into their homes for Thanksgiving. I DOUBT IT. I'll tell you what I have done. I have openly stated that if ANYONE gets vaxxed, they are not welcome. We even told that to Claudia's dad, who stayed with us for a couple months. If you get vaxxed, YOU ARE OUT. Fortunately spike proteins are not going to be a problem because this entire extended family is well ahead of the curve and was simply not stupid enough to believe in the vax - they were not stupid before one of the stupid ones went in and got the vax and died, followed by another a few months later. With them already knowing the conspiracy (very very unique situation here where a huge chunk of people are aware) - they were all suspicious about the vax, then I blasted like a clarion and two people, the ONLY TWO stupid enough to get the vax died promptly from it. Add to that the husband of Claudia's boss (not the idiot who took credit for her work) plus two people who worked for the church dying when they got it and it's clear: No one wants even CanSino, which (might) be OK but no one is going to risk it.

So despite my rule: NO VAXXED CAN EVER ENTER THIS HOME, it's not going to be a problem over the holidays because the only people in this family stupid enough to join the vax cult and drink the kool aid are dead. Sort of like that cult in French Guyana, that drank the kool aid too.

No, there is no fourth wave. All there is at this point is corrupted sleepers in infiltrated governments spewing bullshit in the hopes of getting the last few stragglers to drink the kool aid while people begin dying from it en masse.

Portugal passed a labor law making it illegal for bosses to contact you outside of work hours

Americans can only wish.

The instant connectivity has, in many cases, made it possible for bosses to continue the workday after everyone goes home. In many cases this leads to taking advantage of people's efforts for free. Before claudia left over the vax mandate and health issues, this was a continuous problem, even in Mexico. Portugal said NOPE.

And about the situation with Claudia - she had a situation where a superior was taking credit for all her work, and when she left he could not do it. So after he failed completely to perform the work he told everyone he was doing, he got moved from a very high position to maintenance. They are now begging Claudia to come back because everything is going to hell. She was a cornerstone. That was the final fallout of the vax mandate plus health issues. She can still be somewhat active but there's no way she can work like she did before.

Top flight engineer taken out by vax.

The key phrase in his statement: " I was no longer treated as a human with feelings and a life. I was nothing more than a covid vaccine human guinea pig and the doctors excited to participate in my fascinating progression unto death. If you want to know more, please ask my wife.

It looks to me like this was done on purpose, and the doctors logged his decline with great interest because they knew what was going on, and were gathering data for how well the weapon worked. That statement sure looks like that to me. Here is the entire obit:


There is a code designation for those who were offered the vax and said no, so they can be "dealt with in the future". This is a huge development. SEE THIS.


There is an argument about whether or not these gas prices are real.

Granted, Lancaster has an insane gas station that does this and is always the highest in California, and California is the most expensive state, but this looks crazy.

A woke military Is a dead military.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the California state line:

I received a message from Judgedredd and Christine Beadsworth

JudgeDredd knows about the Neanderthal/Khazar/Ashkenazi connection and has questioned whether or not the Ashkenazi, which draw their roots back to the last surviving pocket of neanderthals in what became Eastern Russia (this is a fact, I published this years ago and may publish it again, the Ashkenazi are proud of this and believe the neanderthal genes are superior, and they kept no secrets about it until there was backlash) ANYWAY,

The question came up: Do the Neanderthals have the name of God written throughout their DNA? There's a good chance they do not, and THAT is the reason they want us destroyed and us to have that wiped out of our DNA.

He laid it all out well but I have not decided where I am going to take this story. I am going to see if I can dig up my previous stuff on this topic.

UPDATE: As it turns out, I handled that info well and it was easy to find, before I get into this topic, I suggest people do a little reading. Front paging this could cause major problems for this site, but people need to know. I doubt the publisher will mind because this will result in a lot of subscriptions for them, but I am sure Shin Bet won't be pleased. This information is ACCURATE, I already had a LOT of this documented with my own knowledge before I stumbled across this fantastic work. I have every page of this particular publication saved (including front and back covers) just like this.

Item 1

Item 2

If you want to read ahead, just remove the last number of the file names and replace it with 2,3,4,ect, I had a great camera at that time and it banged every shot perfect so doing that will work. I did not confirm the entire sequence is perfect but if it stops going just increase the number, it goes all the way to the back cover.

Once I am certain people have had enough opportunity to go over this material, I will post Wayne's letter because it will then be understood. The publication I posted is BANG ON, it is 100 percent in sync with what I already knew and is fabulously presented.

The most noticeable after effect from mega dosing ivermectin

A while ago I took enough to completely treat about 4 large cows over about a 1 week period. It was so far over the "max recommended dosage" for people it made those limits downright laughable. I noticed no side effects at all. What I have noticed is that I no longer have any constipation. My guess is that if people are constipated, it is probably caused by parasites. Also, my mind has been a lot more clear (it is like I stepped out of a fog I never noticed.) I have more energy. Yes, there were noticeable parasites clearly visible, many people can't see anything come out because a lot of them are microscopic. I probably had those too, but there were noticeable ones also.


I originally skipped this because it has no power, unless

Unless it gets major coverage and low ranking people in the military make it happen.

Operators, Brothers and Sisters,

Open Letter to U.S. Special Forces and SOCOM

As you know, our country is under attack and the unconventional warfare tactics being executed against us have escalated to a breaking point.

As we have made clear in our previous statements and videos, we know that the proven ineffective and harmful mRNA nanotech injection mandate is the greatest failure of military leadership in United States history, at best. At worst, it is the most treasonous and devastating attack against the U.S. military and American people ever.

To be 100 percent clear, from this point forward, anyone who continues to be involved in enforcing this unscientific, unconstitutional and fascist mandate will be held personally accountable for treason and Crimes Against Humanity.

The Supreme Court has made it very clear that it is up to the individual to know which orders and laws are unconstitutional and unlawful.

All of us have sworn an oath to protect the Constitution of the United States. Therefore, if you are still complying, you are now derelict in your duties.

Incompetence can no longer be a legitimate excuse.

If you serve in Special Forces, SOCOM or the Intel Community and you are still somehow unsure about what is happening, please contact us and we will brief you on a mountain of evidence proving systemic Crimes Against Humanity that have already resulted in over 500,000 unnecessary American deaths and well over a million people suffering serious health issues.

Over 12,000 doctors and scientists have now officially signed an evidence-based Physicians Declaration accusing COVID policy-makers of “Crimes Against Humanity.”

The imminent approval of proven harmful immune system degrading mRNA nanotech injections for OUR CHILDREN is a red line that we will not allow to be crossed, by any means necessary.

This must stop now.

We have reached a point where any sane person must engage counter-offensive operations and surgical strikes to save our families, communities and the United States of America against enemy combatants.

We have an All-Star team of Global Operators, active duty soldiers, Marines and millions of Combat Veterans who are ready to roll.

SOCOM, with all due respect, do your ****ing job!!

The top of the Chain of Command is in danger of losing all credibility and has become a pathetic disgrace to the uniform.

As a first step in restoring integrity and faith, you must hold Anthony Fauci accountable now.
If you do not, we will.

To all the real warriors -- Operators, Soldiers, Marines, Law Enforcement, Marshals, Veterans and Patriots from all walks of life -- you know exactly what we are saying. When the top of the chain is compromised, it is up to us to defend the Constitution, our families, our communities and our country.

Look in the mirror.

Search your heart, mind and soul.

Meet with your brothers and sisters, look them in the eyes and come up with a plan.

If “leadership” fails to act in a timely manner, we are a days away from all being decentralized guerrillas in defense of our families and the Constitution.

Lt. Col. Scheller was right. We all know it, leadership is now derelict in their duties. If they do not restore accountably now, they are fully exposing themselves as treasonous enemy combatants.
We can’t afford to wait any longer. Now is the time for everyone who has sworn an oath to stand up.

We are obviously boldly standing up right now with this statement.

We have also been very clear in our previous statements and videos.
We fear no one.

We will not be on the wrong side of history.

We will not allow our people and our children to be slaughtered by a small group of genocidal “New World Order” fascists who clearly rather kill off millions of people and enslave billions of people than give up their tyrannical hold on power.

The pathological shortsighted greed and obscene arrogance of terrorists like Fauci, Gates, Fink, Schwab and their fascist NWO cabal is utterly grotesque, inhumane and absurd.

These power-drunk genocidal maniacs are too blinded by their power to even know what we are capable of.

We’ve already infiltrated their security forces.

We all know that the skies above have become the Wild West.

We operate the most advanced weapons systems and satellites.

We can make it rain lasers on any chosen millimeter of this planet, with zero collateral damage.

Have you watched our videos?

Our weapons matrix is truly everywhere.

We have refrained from counter-offensive operations thus far because we have been hoping and praying that leadership would come to their senses to uphold their oath and defend the American people.

We know the horrors of WAR all too well.

We want to stop the violence and restore peace. To do so, we need accountability and justice, and we need it now!

We are under attack. Our families are under attack.

We have no choice.

All aware and sane people are on the same side now.

In this statement, we are holding out an olive branch.

Unless we see concrete results, we are done talking.

We will give you a brief period of time to get your shit together.

Your continued dereliction of duty will soon lead to us acting surgically in decentralized units to restore accountability and justice in a Constitutional manner.

Think very carefully about every word we say.

The compromised and proven treasonous “biden” administration is a paper tiger in a Potemkin village, and we all know it.

Please, for the love of God, get off the fascist New World Order sinking ship before you go down with it.

Tick tock.


It is IN the right hand or forehead, NOT ON

I never noticed this, but I came across a conversation where someone mentioned that all the bibles are changed to say the mark of the beast would be ON the right hand or forehead. That is not accurate. It is IN the right hand or forehead and the bible makes no point about whether or not it is visible.

I looked this up, and they are right. A majority of the translations are completely corrupted. Here is the real, original translation the way it would have been 300 years ago:

If you see anything substantially different, it has been corrupted, probably on purpose. This way of saying it is not open to nit picking or interpretation, there is no way out of how this is said. This is very important, because it means the mark is probably not going to be visible, and that it will get there via direct surgical placement or injection. I would not be surprised if the vax is smart enough to eventually build it there.

CNN firing staff?

That's the rumor, and I hope it is true. Supposedly they are going to revert to being a "100 percent news channel". Opinion: TOO LATE. CNN was an icon for two generations, and people WERE paying attention. Everyone saw them lie about the election, lie about Trump, lie about everything and that is the image that has been set in stone. The trust is broken so badly I don't know if airports even have them on anymore and even if they do, they cannot support CNN all by themselves.

How is CNN going to revert to being "all news" when the only things they can report accurately are things like volcanic eruptions and average precipitation? Their bias is so bad they cannot report anything political, medical, nutrition, energy, or even science related with any level of accuracy, When a horse gets a broken leg, YOU SHOOT IT. CNN has surpassed that by adding to it blindness, bloat and bot flies. There is no conceivable way the viewership is high enough to justify the ad revenue needed to support all employees at even minimum wage, and we all know they sure don't make that. The only way CNN could possibly make it is if they are being funded as a psy op agency like the CIA, and they probably are.


They have found their out. When kids die from the vax, the diagnosis is going to be "cardiac arrest from marijuana use". I KID YOU NOT. They are actually running with that lie.


Mike, dead from the vax, wants this message distributed. It was written by his wife.

Michael, a longtime resident of Gilroy CA, passed away on November 1, 2021. Never a kinder more gentle man did I know than my husband, Michael.

For those who knew Mike, you know that he was a good and honest man. He was kind, considerate, and always polite.

Mike was adamant that people know what happened to him that caused his early and unexpected death.

Message from Mike: "Many nurses and non-nursing staff begged me and my wife to get the truth out to the public about the Covid-19 vaccines because the truth of deaths from the vaccine was being hidden within the medical profession. I promised I would get the message out.

So, here is my message: I was afraid of getting the vaccine for fear that I might die. At the insistence of my doctor, I gave in to pressure to get vaccinated. On August 17th I received the Moderna vaccine and starting feeling ill three days later. I never recovered but continued to get worse. I developed multisystem inflammation and multisystem failure that medical professionals could not stop. My muscles disappeared as if to disintegrate.

I was in ICU for several weeks and stabbed with needles up to 24 times a day for those several weeks, while also receiving 6 or 7 IVs at the same time (continuously). It was constant torture that I cannot describe. I was no longer treated as a human with feelings and a life. I was nothing more than a covid vaccine human guinea pig and the doctors excited to participate in my fascinating progression unto death. If you want to know more, please ask my wife. I wished I would have never gotten vaccinated. If you are not vaccinated, don't do it unless you are ready to suffer and die."

BOOM! PERFECT: CNN publishes a PERFECT lesson in communist propaganda.

By now, we all know what the truth is, RIGHT? You know - that people are quitting their jobs in droves over vax mandates, with over 40,000 medical workers, that one profession alone, in NEW YORK STATE ALONE. That adds up across all states and all career fields, and CNN missed it, no - according to CNN, they ALL QUIT FOR BETTER JOBS..


And THAT is how you do a report to explain why there are so many job openings, while never reporting an ounce of truth!!

Johnson and Johnson is splitting up into two companies

Basically the vax division is separating from the band-aid division. Most likely because when the vax lawsuits happen they want to be able to salvage part of the company.

HEADS UP: In addition to shutting down pipelines, the Biden admin is now draining and exporting the strategic oil reserve at a pace never seen before

They are cutting off imports AND draining the strategic reserve. Not only are they draining it, they are doing so faster than it has ever been drained and shipping the oil overseas.

They are clearly committing treason and setting up a planned implosion. Stop imports and EXPORT the reserves??? This one is more than obvious folks!!

Soviet style propaganda: Check out this Washington Post piece

FACT: The system was not broken before someone stole an election and promised to "build back better". While the people promising to "build back better" do their dirty work, they have to make things SO BAD by breaking things that anything - ANYTHING AT ALL will look like salvation - ANYTHING AT ALL that is not abject sabotage.

So they will blame American business for doing this, when really it is their sleeper cells activating within the system to shut it down. There is absolutely no reason for supply chain problems other than the fact that a few at the top want them. They are pulling the feathers off the chicken now, knowing damn well that chicken will worship them while it walks around bleeding just because they plan to, at some point, throw the chicken a little grain to regain control of it. Don't know what I am talking about? Scroll down to the Stalin quote.

The Washington post, with it's cute interactive displays and photos and primped up text is committing fraud with that report, just like Tass and Pravda did to cold war Russia. It is no different - spew all about the problem and never ever EVER touch the real reasons why it is happening. Just spew some B.S. and scratch your head like a scamming mechanic who pulled a spark plug out and then "can't figure out the problem" - but it will cost you dearly, - enjoy high prices, possible starvation, and a dark winter.

Explosions all over China, and the communist government is covering them up

I knew about a couple of these but had no idea it was that many. There are probably more that are not covered in this report. They are not stuxnet attacks, there is something else going on with this. Maybe a rebel front is getting testy with the Corona crap? Anyone's guess. You won't get the truth out of Xi, that's for sure.


Somebody knows something, smallpox has been eradicated for 40 years!!




Not much in the news today

Glenn Beck did a popular piece on the left trying to bankrupt coal, oil, and gas but I don't know why it is popular because it cites no text in any bill and is therefore toothless. But people seem to like it and there's not much else out there -

Also - Ted Pharmacy in Loudun county Virginia gave 110 kids the adult corona vax dose. That's almost not news because there's no such thing as a corona vax, only a eugenics jab and the goal is to wipe out the kids anyway with the parents serving as the intelligence test. Sad to say, but that's what is going on. I am sure NONE will have any adverse reactions to boot.

Also - I am noticing that even the MSM is all over the satanic activity that went on at the Travis Scott concert. If they are even touching the topic it must have been pretty blatant. But I know what they will not touch: The fact that all the musicians who are given actual airwaves are combed and groomed to be like that now, And another thing they won't touch is the rumors that well over a hundred are dead after stroking out from the clotshot while they were standing for a long time. There are a lot of people saying that's what really happened there - that people were simply falling over dead from cardiac arrests and that it was over 100, and the media won't touch it - they are calling it a stampede incident instead.

That all makes sense, but it obviously has to be thrown in the rumor pile. Let's say it like it is - if they all had to be vaxxed, and there were thousands there, you can damn well bet 100+ stroked out. How would the media bury that? by harping about "satanic rituals" and screaming "stampede", that's how. I'd bet absent the stress of the vax they'd have all walked out of there. But that's just hearsay. It will never be reported, even if that's exactly what happened. LOTS of people are claiming exactly that.

What else is out there on a "no news" day?

HMMM . . . . the judge at the Rittenhouse trial accidentally had his cell phone go off and the ringtone was "proud to be an American". I see that as a red flag. I would bet that was done on purpose, and that even if Rittenhouse continues to make a damning case, he's gonna get flushed. That's only a guess, but I simply don't believe that ringtone would have happened any other way. They want to make good and sure the public thinks the judge is not corrupt before sticking it to Rittenhouse. Maybe I am being a bit cynical with this? I will say I am not too sure of that, and have a hunch he will walk, but if he does not at least I mentioned this possibility.

BLM is saying they will riot if Rittenhouse is let go, but why would they? Everyone Rittenhouse shot was white and probably FBI. So what will likely happen is the government arm of BLM will call on the troops . . . .

There was a compelling slave video from mister "air bubbles" but I won't post that due to the source To much is compelling that ends up being B.S. Also, there was a video of "magnetic materials in an antibiotic tablet" that's not worth posting because it looked like a setup. I don't miss this stuff, I just don't trouble people with it.

There is a project Ocasio dreamed up that will supposedly remove "the amount of greenhouse gas produced by about 3 million cars" from the atmosphere in Iowa and other places in the center of the grain belt. That's because the left wants to trigger famines, and is far too stupid to realize that such a project launched in the grain belt won't have an impact on food production at all. Greenhouses do the opposite - they take the Co2 from the boilers used to heat them and route it to the plants, to trigger explosive growth.

If you wanted a project to remove greenhouse gasses to actually work, it should be put somewhere in Alaska, north of the arctic circle. FACT: Antarctica gets so cold that Co2 crystals can fall out of the air as dry ice. If you REALLY wanted an efficient air cleaner, you'd put it there because the effort to extract C02 is practically zero. But it is all a hoax, there is simply nothing to any of this. Just a way to screw America over by throwing money down a rat hole while massaging weak intellects.


If you were wondering what the outcome of the pfizer shot for kids would be, or why the CEO of Pfizer suddenly started screaming about how "vax disinfo" was a crime,if you were wondering if Pfizer would have the audacity to destroy the kids too, HERE IS THE ANSWER:

The kid is only 5 years old.

MY COMMENT: "MINI HEART ATTACK" LEADS TO 4 DAY COMA. EVERYTHING BECOMES "MINI" WHEN IT IS ONLY A FIVE YEAR OLD KID!!! Imagine him looking like that after a dispute at home! The vax goons just walk away from it!!!


Facebook deleted all their support, and when it popped up on Twitter it got deleted there too. The Sandinistas, who have been in power for decades and are very well liked, managed to connect with people anyway and tell them that unlike the claims posted by facebook, they were not bots. They then won the election AND NOW BIDEN IS ACCUSING THEM OF STEALING IT!!!

POT. KETTLE. BLACK, only the Sandinistas are stainless steel!!! what a bastard that "brandon" is.



I knew there were a few but did not realize it was this bad. Here is an incomplete list. I am looking for more right now, because if the list is this bad, obviously some were missed.

I do not know the source of this capture below, but confirmed the list is accurate AND INCOMPLETE. On my first search I easily found:

UPDATE: Christian Erickson did not die, he suffered cardiac arrest and was recovered. On June 12 Christian Erickson from Denmark collapsed on the field from a cardiac arrest.
Iceland's Emil Palsson had a cardiac arrest on the field
Sergio "Kun" Aguero, a striker for the Barcelona soccer team collapsed on the field -

The above 3 were found on the first page of search at Duck Duck AND NONE OF THEM MATCH ANY OF THE NAMES BELOW. Folks, do you realize how bad it has to be to have this come up this way, and none of the names matched the list below? It means that list is only scratching the surface!!

MY CONCLUSION: American athletes are not getting the jab. They are getting saline. They cannot be jabbed because there are FEWER soccer players out there than players in American sports, and if this many collapsed in the U.S. it would get noticed IMMEDIATELY. These all happened in the last few weeks! Also, when you look up high school sports, there are large numbers of American high school football players collapsing with cardiac issues but the vax is never even mentioned.


Travis Scott

Since the Astro World stampede has become extremely prevalent news, I guess I'll say what I think -

I doubt he was intentionally running any sort of satanic sacrifice ritual on the crowd, and I doubt he tried to get audience deaths up as high as possible, however, I do think he was probably stuck on himself to such an extent it blinded him to what was going on, and I doubt he has any real remorse. He was probably being stupid.

That said, I also would not be surprised if he was intentionally inspiring and/or being led by demons. At this point there's a lot of "bubbles in a microscope slide" going on with this story so it is really hard to say what is legit and what is not. I don't know if they kept the show going on purpose while knowing all hell was breaking loose, or if it all got buried under loud speakers and people paying attention to their equipment and jobs rather than the crowd, even if the music is crap it takes a lot of concentration to make it come out right.

So I am not certain anyone intended for anything to happen, but also won't cut Travis slack, he was on the stage and should have been able to see what was going on, and he alone could have stopped the show just by telling people to over the mic. They'd have obviously received that instruction if he had given it.

I was right about In-N-Out

They are the only major restaurant chain fighting the COVID B.S. and absolutely will shut down before they comply SEE THIS.

PROBABLY TRUE RUMOR: Natural News has posted that hospitals are maxing out with babies that have cardiac problems


So they are going to finish off everything they can by having kids as young as 5 vaxxed, and then depend on vaxxed moms to destroy the under 5's. Let's see how patient "they are" because getting them all will take 5 years that way. Let's see if the move the timeline forward again.

The first babies from fully vaxxed moms are being born now, and according to the rumor, they are suffering extremely high rates of cardiac problems. That fits. I would expect it. And there is ZERO chance the MSM would ever cover this, because those who run the MSM need to protect their weapon. So the neonatal ICU's are all filling up, and THAT EQUALS PROFITS. If you are going to run a vax con job, what could possibly be better than that???

People had damn well better wake up QUICK. Unless this is an intelligence test and "they" are using that vax for eugenics.

LaPalma had a 5.4

If that volcano is really settling down as some have said it is, then why that earthquake? Yes, it was a magma quake. 5.4 magma quakes do not happen over nothing.

Celene Dion was probably taken out by the vax

She "suddenly and without explanation" fell into badly declining health and cannot do even her scheduled concerts because she's having continuous uncontrollable spasms that are progressing towars paralysis. There has been a LOT of "unexplained happenstance" since that vax.

Not many of the aware are too saddened by this, she did, after all, have a satanic clothing line. But I will say this: IF she really was taken out by the vax, then a lot of the "satanic elite" are probably expendable. She's not a J, and is probably not protected as a result.

Idiots and "debunkers" are saying "This is not because of the vax, she's only having muscle spasms" which is exactly what guillian barre is, and that's caused by the vax. Lots of neurological problems get caused by the vax. She will be one to keep an eye on just to see what happens.

I probably need to repeat: DO NOT BELIEVE for a minute the actual death shot was widely distributed in Israel. If there is one thing those people understand, it is that if the are going to run a scam and not get caught, the have to live it also. They cannot have people pointing fingers asking them "Why are you not hurt" after all of the vax repercussions boil out, THEY have to be the biggest "victims" even if not a single one of them got touched at all. By way of deception thou shalt do war.

I can just see it: "Celene, if you utter a SINGLE PEEP about what that shot did to you, you will be pulled from the airwaves and will have your remaining CD's flushed out of the system through Dollar Tree." They did that to Cat Stevens when he converted to Islam, Celene will be no different if she even thinks about uttering a peep about what has really happened to her. IF, (of course) she's able to see through the B.S. and realize the doctors are lying. If she does, she has every reason to keep her mouth shut.

I AM NOT happy Newsom is OK, but I will say I did not drink the kool aid.

People were so miffed by me "missing how Newsom got arrested" or "missing how Newsom was vax damaged" or "missing how Newsom was dead after that booster" and all I can say is that if I don't post it, but I post about the rumors while I say DOUBT IT, THEN DON'T DRINK THE KOOL AID. Too bad. A lot of people are no doubt disappointed he showed up alive and well today. INCLUDING ME. I certainly don't wish that bastard well.

I am going to get a little tougher: I was appalled by the bullshit being spewed, to be honest. I was pissed at the competition posting made-up click bait because it happens so often, and when it comes to clicks, getting it right never competes well with BULLSHIT. I just hate that.


Now being widely reported: Pfizer CEO: "Those who speak out against the vax are criminals"

It is hard to throw a funny spin on that, is this a durability test for the intellectual elite, launched by the power elite? Or are these desperate words spewed by a criminal afraid of being called to account?

This guy tastes as good on the soul as mustard on mashed lima beans. EAT THAT.

A statement made in 1981 by French economist Jacques Attali who is still calling the shots - (GET A LOAD OF THIS!!!)

"The future will be about finding a way to reduce the population. We start with the old, because as soon as they exceed 60-65 years, people live longer than they produce and that costs society dearly. Then the weak, then the useless that do not help society because there will always be more of them, and above all, ultimately, the stupid. Euthanasia targeting these groups; Euthanasia will have to be an essential tool in our future societies, in all cases. Of course, we will not be able to execute people or build camps. We get rid of them by making them believe that it is for their own good.

Overpopulation, and mostly useless (sic), is something that is too costly economically. Socially, too, it is much better when the human machine comes to an abrupt standstill than when it gradually deteriorates. Neither will we be able to test millions upon millions of people for their intelligence, you bet that!

We will find or cause something - a pandemic - targeting certain people, a real economic crisis or not, a virus affecting the old or the fat, it doesn't matter, the weak will succumb to it, the fearful and stupid will believe in it and seek treatment.

We will have made sure that treatment is in place, treatment that will be the solution. The selection of idiots then takes care of itself: You go to the slaughter by yourself. "

My comment: I found this statement posted on a forum and tried to hunt it down to it's source. That led me to This report at but when going to where LewRockwell links it is called "spam" (which it obviously is not) - they are obviously attempting to expunge something real to keep it from blowing up.

Funny thing: I just posted about this getting rid of the idiots earlier today, scroll down to the eagle.

I also posted about this exact same thing - that the shot is proving to be an intelligence test - prior to that post also. Very strange to see this outlined that way, all the way back in '81.


Not said in the report: An overthrow was sought because the Sandinistas did not drink the COVID kool aid

The U.S. government gave the order to Facebook: Wipe out the Sandinista's in the upcoming election. So facebook deleted all the favorable media for the Sandinistas, claiming "Everyone posting in favor of them was a BOT that needed to be removed". The people who got deleted then got on Twitter saying what happened, and Twitter deleted them too. There is very good mouth to mouth communication in Nicaragua, so the Sandinistas were able to tell the public what Facebook, on behalf of the U.S. government did, and what Twitter followed up on. The Sandinistas then proceeded to overwhelmingly and stunningly win the elections.

The Sandinistas are well liked and have been in control for quite a while. The U.S. government wants them shut down because they did not swallow the Covid blue pill. It was the Sandinistas that said NO to vax mandates, NO to lockdowns, NO to everything Covid related, they agreed to wear masks but that was the end of it, and as a result Nicaragua came out of the Covid con job smelling like roses.

The response? "Overthrow the Sandinistas!" "We can't have an independent thinking country out there". HERE FACEBOOK: DO OUR DIRTY WORK. We can't go in there with guns again because the world is watching, but if you can blue pill that election for us, we'll get the job done in an "acceptable" way!

Fortunately for Nicaragua, the people are not short sighted, short minded, or short on connections and the public was alerted to what happened. Facebook then did a faceplant.

So how will American intelligence "handle" this? With a "terror attack???"


Cornerstone report:
Fukushima SABOTAGE!

Remote controlled Germanwings Airbus A320 crash? All evidence points to this.

California drought: DAMS DRAINED ON PURPOSE