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The severe weather that has been happening globally is not natural. Here is how it is done.

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MASSIVE blood clot from nose - There are TONS of videos out there like this now, showing what the vax does to people

This video is probably legit because there are many comments from vaxxed having exactly this happening, and after searching every last blood clot in the nose video out there, there's nothing like this. After the vax they start getting nose bleeds that end in clots just like this one. This just happened to get caught on video.

Yet the vax keeps getting pushed by con artists and deviants. Watch at your own risk, this one is nasty. Is there another one like that in her brain? You know, like that other brain dissection video I posted? The clot is EXACTLY THE SAME IN BOTH VIDEOS.

The original high credibility link to this video is HERE and the one below is coming off my own servers because I do not know how long it will last where originally posted.

Here is a capture from the video that showed the exact same thing in a vax victim's brain.

It is becoming perfectly clear that we have a legion of perverts in the government, not just ours, all governments, from Australia to Zimbabwe pushing this straight from hell shot on people, and I have zero doubts they know exactly what it does. Don't be a fool, these people that have stolen their way into power know EXACTLY what they are doing with this shot.

SOS FROM AUSTRALIA: Australia has gotten so bad that even refugees are asking to go home.

In the video, a woman who has been to Covid prison issues a plea for other countries to offer asylum to Australians. People who sought refugee status in Australia are now saying the situation is far worse there than anything they escaped by going to Australia.

YOU CAN'T MAKE THIS STUFF UP. Australia now ranks below shithole countries, even according to the refugees who came from them!!!

Putin has jumped on the climate change bandwagon.

Not long ago he was a staunch opposer of the entire concept of man made climate change. Now he's singing a new tune and people are asking why.

Take a look at this RT report and here are a few choice comments:

" He's playing the game. If you can't beat the zio bankers join them and take advantage of the deceit."

"Putin did not become a climate cult believer. Even a dimwit knows: "If your enemy is destroying himself, don't interfere." And Putin is no dimwit. Why not speed up the process by encouraging their self-destructive behaviour? While the ruling classes in the West are on their net-zero suicide mission, Russia can sit quietly on her vast energy resources, and also expand her nuclear power infrastructure."

"The entire solar system has been heating up: Mars, Neptune, even Pluto. CO2 makes up .04% of the earth's atmosphere; That's less than 1/2 of 1%. The climate is always changing to varying degrees as the earth goes through its processional year of about 26000 years. Some of these corporate climate experts today were calling for a mini Ice Age in the 1970's (did not happen either); the artificial 30 year period adoption of climate is akin to looking at One second during an hour and claiming the Sky is Falling. Now Pollution is a problem as clean air and water are paramount to good health. But this carbon trading scam is just that , a scam to take more from the masses."

" Putin is also fully onboard with CONVID so this isn't helping. I no longer trust the man."

" Would seem, as some suspected, that the Russian President is indeed part of the "club"."

"Putin is a shrewd politician. He has probably realised that a "carbon" import tariff will hurt Russia and he cannot block it alone. He's now developing a strategy where he can recover some of the losses and minimise tariffs by getting money back for planting trees.

As western economies destroy themselves he will turn to China and other expanding markets to sell the natual wealth of resources. Encouraging the West to destroy themselves is a winning strategy anyway. That is why China signed up to Paris Agreement, which destroys the west while leaving China free to expand."

FORGET THE VIRUS, the lockdown caused psych damage to so many people that About a third of the population has problems with making decisions now

It is not what the virus did, it is what the lockdowns did.

Gee, not able to even decide what you want to eat? That's great!! the options in a covid commie breadline are limited enough to help you decide!!


100,000,000+ not working report that is making the rounds

I was going to skip this until I saw it on Drudge with a huge red headline. The report reveals nothing but normal statistics. There are always about 160 million working and 100 million not working. These would be retired people, house wives, under the table types and mom's basement.

What I will say however is 100 million is a nice big number to throw the VAX dead into, while you bait out those who normally would not work with better and better pay offers.

AWESOME: School administrator tells it like it is: "When we say we are not teaching critical race theory, we are lying. Keep looking."


MIXED INFO ON THE TRUCKER WHO WON THE NEW JERSEY SENATE SEAT - Some sources are saying he's in while others are saying the corrupted dem is not resigning and is "federal reserving" ballots up out of thin air. Obviously the trucker won. It cannot be allowed to have it go this way every time a dem does not want to let go. Their issues with vote fraud being how they win have got to be put away RIGHT NOW.


Though it makes sense, I can find absolutely no confirmation from official geological sources. That makes it suspect. I will put the post back up later if needed. One would think that all the live cams would at least take interest but none have.


I did not post this until I had it confirmed. Hospitals all across Australia are completely overwhelmed by people who do not have covid, they have multiple organ failures, blood clots, strokes, heart attacks, and are overwhelming the medical system in a way never seen before. WORSE: There are areas that never had a single case of Covid and the same is happening there. But lots of people got their shots.

Clearly it is the shot doing it, and even this high level a-hole in THIS VIDEO is completely refusing to admit it is the vax and is instead blaming "covid people never knew they had."

The leadership of Australia is a domestic enemy hell bent on killing or maiming the entire population. If that was not the goal, why else would there be the level of dishonesty they are showing with regard to the hospitals being packed??

WORSE: What is going on in Australia confirms all the stories about the same happening in the United States. Unlike Australia however, America had the corrupted police force and medical systems needed to cover it up. The same HAS TO have been going on in the United states for six months AT LEAST, the vax is NEW in Australia, it is the same vax, how could America be any different?

What is happening in Australia now offers strong support to the theory that businesses in the United States cannot get enough workers because too many potential candidates are dead.


Dems are digging up enough votes to oust him. I kid you not. It does not seem possible at all for him to lose, (he is up 4 points against the incumbent criminal) but having a trucker in a position that many depend on for corruption to flow is not something they are going to accept so now "new votes are turning up". WOW, what a fine addition to the following:

Make no mistake, leftists are perfectly happy with stolen elections.

They are happy because they are smarter than you, know more than you, and are more righteous than you. They won't let stealing get in the way of "more righteous". They won't let "being smarter" get in the way of how stealing elections is not how democracy works. Oh, I am going to make a turn here: WORLD'S LARGEST EUGENICS PROGRAM UNDERWAY

FACT: At this point, those who get the vax are rock stupid. Those who get the vax tend to be leftists who cannot intellectually unlatch from the MSM tit. They need their brains baby fed, and baby has no control over what mommy MSM brings. Because leftists tend to lack critical thinking, they:

1. Don't know what goes in what hole,
2. Cannot figure out the two genders are Adam and Eve, and anything else is a malfunction,
3. Take the vax at far higher rates than the right does, because the right is not brainless
4. Cannot figure out why it is not a good idea to destroy America and run with China
5. Cannot figure out who actually ran the slave trade unless they are the leftists who are guilty of having actually done it.
6. Cannot understand why it is wrong to tell a white boy he's privileged, and then proceed to destroy him at a young age.

I will quote a leftie and "circle back" to the two main points: Leftists cannot figure out the genders or that the vax is destroying them. What, as a result will happen? EASY ANSWER:

The vax will perform the role of a eugenics plan just as well as if not better than any focused government project intended to would. The vax, at this point (which is long after the time when unsuspecting people who had brains were nailed), is killing or sterilizing or ruining idiots at a ratio of at least 10:1 vs those who actually have brains and buckled under pressure.

Humanity is getting a painful upgrade. The elections will not continue to be stolen for long. While the right was all worried about stupid leftists stealing power until capable of enacting a gun ban that would make it impossible for the right to throw them off, the stupid leftists lined up for a shot which will probably make using guns on them unnecessary. The American gun owner might just get away with sitting on his butt for a reason no one ever predicted.

"Let's Go Brandon" is nice, but "Leftie Stole It" would do more good.

Project Veritas uncovered vote fraud in the New Jersey governor's race. Leftie did not win, Leftie STOLE IT.

Republicans did NOT mop the floor in the elections

Here is reality: A majority of positions were still taken by dems, many through abject theft, (New Jersey governor) and the only one screaming about a "red wave" is the leftist media establishment trying to pre-empt more people confirming vote fraud.

It is not only the elections, the MSM acts this way elsewhere too. Look at Kavanaugh - he was THEIR GUY all along and they staged one hell of a show to convince people he was not, and that him getting on the supreme court would be a disaster. Kavanaugh then went on to enforce vote fraud via the courts at the federal level, and now, he's a FULL BLOWN LEFTIST, screwing America over on even the basics.

I was surprised the MSM did not rip Barrett getting on the supreme court more than they did until we all found out that she too supports vote fraud and worse. They ripped her only enough for plausible deniability of her being their gal.

If there is one thing people need to learn, it is that the left is now SO DISHONEST it screams about losing when it successfully stole damn near everything. THAT is what I saw with this last election. Red wave? Don't be fooled!!

Vaxxed probably really are flooding emergency rooms

I have seen countless posts about the emergency rooms and hospitals filling up with the vaxxed now, as was predicted would happen at this time back in March of this year. Is this true, or are people hoaxing to fulfill previous predictions?

80 percent of Ventura County hospital admissions are vax injuries
In the hospital with others who had vax reactions
Australian nurse speaks up about vax injuries
Nurse drops vax truth bombs

Nurse questions vax policy when only 4 percent of patients are Covid

This is the winner. Because after you see something like this, you know the other reports cannot be fake. In there with other people who have the same thing? in the SAME EMERGENCY WARD? Yep, I'd say this confirms a lot:

Claudia asked why I did not post a picture of her shooting.

She said "blur my face first". She is cute, but you can't see that anymore.

Believe it or not, she's deadly accurate when standing just like that. She is better like that than supported, which is a big surprise. She did not like the image I messed up by blurring so I posted another that does not show things as well but did not need to be blurred.


You gotta be kidding me. Two kids got the adult dose of the "corona vax" over the week end, three times the amount they were supposed to get. One had "moderate side effects" and "the state of the other is unknown".


A few quick headlines

Bergen County New Jersey had Republican Jack Ciattarelli winning governor in the largest county by 4 percent with 100 percent of votes counted, and then at 1:54 AM it flipped to 87 percent of votes counted and all new votes went to his opponent so he "lost" that county. Don't go thinking Virginia is any measure of what really went on, in fact, even in Virginia the vote fraud was rampant but simply was not enough. New Jersey will probably be a different story. We have a hoax government with hoax elections and it is baffling to sit here and watch Democrats get away with this crap EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. FACT: "Democrat" areas are those that can be successfully stolen, including California which went red in 2020 and required about a month of "counting votes" to fix.

San Francisco has MANDATED the covid vax be given to children down to 5 years old.

Great Britain has put in place legislation that allows up to two years in jail for anyone publishing "false information" about vaccines. "false" is obviously defined as anything "they" do not want known.

PROBABLY NOT TRUE: All adverse reactions are from bad batches representing 5 percent of vaccines. DO NOT FALL FOR THIS. This is a con job - a "middle of the road" con job where they are admitting there was a problem with the vax,but don't worry, it was only 5 percent of the shots and we really did not mean it. This hoax story was no doubt the product of an AI or think tank that concluded "people won't consider 5 percent a serious problem" so that's the number they put out. YES, THERE WAS DAMAGE, BUT ONLY FROM 5 PERCENT OF ALL SHOTS.

They then go on to state that only a percentage of that five percent triggered adverse reactions or death. That cannot be true, because in my circle of association, five people got five shots spread out over a year adding up to FOUR DEATHS on the day the shot was given with one dying after suffering for 3 weeks. That's 100 percent, Five shots, five deaths that I know of. How can that happen if only 5 percent of the shots came from "bad batches?" Outside that circle, the neighbor across the street who got pfizer looks like she'll soon make it 6/6. She was vibrant and alive before but now she looks like a walking Sophia robot with a stability glitch. Screwed her RIGHT UP.

The WEIRDEST thing has happened. Communist China told it's people to stockpile food in their homes.

And what does America's government do? It literally tells Americans to have a 72 hour kit and if you have more than that, you're a terrorist conspiracy HOARDING NUTCASE.

So all the blogs and talk talks say COMMUNISTS want people to be vulnerable and unprepared so the people can be manipulated on a whim, and then China goes and does this . . . . .

Is corruption the problem instead? Yes, communist governments have a history of really bad acts, but that does not mean they will always be bad all the time, unlike America's government, which is ramming a lethal shot into people while it robs them blind via trillions in "bailouts" that go mostly to the elite, while it destroys even the military with that same shot WHILE THEY THEMSELVES, ACROSS THE BOARD ARE EXEMPT . . . . why exemptions for Congress and not for us?

I don't think I need to explain this a whole lot - right now organ harvesting dissident killing detainment central is NOT pushing a lethal shot on it's people and is NOT trying to set them up for failure by ridiculing preparedness, no - China is doing the opposite of what their opponent - a child sacrifice to be eaten on the spot after a fine butt rape lethal jab commit a seige bury the death stats destroy the military sell American tech bash white boys into a thimble clearly out to destroy EVERYTHING as an internal enemy American government is doing - How can China actually be better than that after all China's evils?

EASY ANSWER: Because at least China's government is not actively seeking to kill off it's people and cut it's own throat. The Jews are confident they own China, the Jews are confident the Chinese will make better slaves, the Jews own both sides of the equation and want the more "difficult" side dead so they are sucking the last of America's life juice away and will discard the remains like a bottle on the highway before monkey branching off to China. It's that simple.

UPDATE VIRGINIA: As of this morning, it looks like "they" were under too much pressure to get away with stealing Virginia.

Do not be fooled, all the J's did was throw righteous rage a bone so they could say "SEE, we don't steal everything and then in the mid terms, they will vote early and often, on top of running ballot mills, on top of running ratios (fractional voting) on top of outright deletions in the tens of millions ON TOP OF button flipping touch screens, while they scream about how stupid and easy to manipulate conservatives are with their scamming MSM, and that includes OAN and FOX. The fact they had to let Virginia go means NOTHING, their theft machine will not just go away. No one went to jail over 2020 or 2018 which means their stealing machine is in top notch condition and will be switched on when it is really needed. They obviously let go of Virginia for optics.


It sure as hell does not belong there. I have no problem saying it, but I needed legit proof. HERE IT IS.

It is in Spanish, this is what it says without using a translator (because for some odd reason the page will not translate to English as of this posting:

We tested 4 brands of the Covid vax and found graphene in all 4. We located what we suspected was graphene in 110 samples with a microscope and when we checked those samples via spectrometry 28 were positive.       produced by

IMPORTANT: It does not say they tested 110 vials of vax, it says they tested 110 samples, where multiple samples could have come from the same vial. This is important because it does not mean 28 out of 110 vials had graphene, to get results this positive graphene was likely in every single vial. Bluetooth anyone? There has to be a reason it is there and not listed in the ingredients.

Does this really matter? Short answer, NO. Because the SMART people or THOSE WILLING TO MAKE SACRIFICES AND IMPORTANT: THOSE WHO WERE NOT PRESSURED EARLY ON avoided the shot like the plague. I seriously doubt Tiffany Dover had a fair chance, it was too early at that time to put 2+2 together. There are plenty of innocent victims. But from this point forward, if you get the shot you are an IDIOT.

I am working on the capture of the abstract, which will be linked to the source, please wait.

About the Virginia election:

There are no elections in the United States anymore. No matter what the media might say about "Republicans were victorious" or "Biden Backlash" or The Dems won BIG or NO MATTER WHAT there was no election and anyone who voted wasted their time and needs to grow up and get over it. Whatever happens will happen in a way that benefits the New World Order and the MSM will tell the people what the people want to hear, if hearing what is said forwards the agenda. That is what it all boils down to, - elections are hoaxes, don't be a sucker for a story line no matter what the "outcome" is.

I am beyond caring. Drudge headline: "Virginia in for a long day as polls show dead heat". BULLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLSHIT. There is no dead heat. The left is getting ratioed 20:1. NO ONE WANTS THEM. There are only appropriate lies being spewed for the hope of fronting "plausible deniability" in yet another theft. If anything is "not stolen" it will be because the NWO/vax tyranny has their guy on both sides of a race. I am not even following this bullshit because I know how it will go. What's the point?

Another Drudge headline: 50 percent of Republicans doubt vote will be counted accurately". MY HEADLINE: 100 percent of "ME" believes the vote will not be counted at all. The tabulators will be present only as props.


Alex nailed this one: Army Flight Surgeon Who Urged Pentagon To Ground Vaccinated Pilots Testifies to Senate Panel

The report covers all the bases in text, you do not have to watch the video if you do not want to.


100 percent of Covid vaccine deaths have been caused by 5 percent of the shots that were from a bad batch.


WE FIXED IT!!! Now go get your damn shot.


You don't have multiple people dying in multiple countries over multiple weeks and months and soon to be years from ONE BAD BATCH representing 5 percent of shots. Whoever dreamed up that steaming pile needs their head examined for even suggesting it.

RUMOR: Blacks getting different shots than white people

The rumor goes that a woman said she was white and went to a white area for her Covid shot because she was afraid of the one the blacks were getting. When she got there, they declined her because she was not white. MY BET: TWO POSSIBILITIES:

1. There's a chance this is a made up attempt to stir racial hatred by making blacks believe whites are out to get them. However, I don't think they will fall for that, because the blogs are littered with tons of damaged whites, and if blacks were aware enough to even hear a rumor like this, they are aware enough to know whites are getting hit worse than any other group.

2. FAR MORE LIKELY:The story is real and the shot is a race specific bioweapon which is tailored to do it's job on each race in a customized way, so blacks will be refused shots for whites because the damage won't hit right. That's highly probable and if the woman's story is true, it would be a safe bet.

If you have ever tried to send me a news tip, it probably did not make it

I am one of those where my INCOMING mails are censored to stop me from publishing what people send. This has been tested repeatedly. I can get chain mails or junk mails and that is pretty much all, anything with real content gets wiped out. This was something I tested back in 2016, where I set up a private messaging box that worked for about a month. During that time I got over 200 unique and EXCELLENT messages per day and it really made the site excellent and a lot less work because I did not have to hunt for stuff. After a month or so of that "they" figured out how to shut even that down and it became useless, just like E-mail.

So I was discussing setting up a server and running it totally raw, with no administration panel whatsoever. No applications for anything. No domain name at all. Just stuff I wrote myself to make it go, and direct IP. I chatted with someone about it and also talked in front of the phones AND VOILA, THROUGH GMAIL (OMG UNBELIEVABLE) I RECEIVED THIS, (probably as a consolation plea for "oh god don't throw us something our goons can't use cookie cutter software on) THIS IS THE TYPE OF SH*T I GET WHEN MESSAGING IS NOT CENSORED. Only one, but it is prime.

MESSAGE: "I know there are tons of these stories, but just a few from my side"

I bumped into a friend the other day, (who was, the last time I saw her) slim and healthy and in her early 40's. She told me she got the pfizer shot and 2 weeks later had a stroke, lost her memory almost completely and then started having epileptic fits. She has now been medically boarded for a year.

Another friend who doesn't believe in the Rona at all got sick and went to the hospital where they followed the Covid protocols and put him on a ventilator which after 3 weeks of fighting finally killed him.

Another friend got vaxxed and went to the hospital with brain bleeding and died. This happened in Ireland and she's about 50.

Another one who really should have known better because we have had many talks over the years got vaxxed and a week later got horribly ill with 'Covid' and nearly died but thank God never went to the hospital. She recovered but get this - she's always been super energetic, enthusiastic and spiritual but she said now she is flatlining and has no enthusiasm for anything and that she can say with certainty that the body she has now after the vax is not the same one she had before. She said it felt like she was literally being invaded by something when she had the shot.

Just thought I'd let you know . . . .

My comment: On my list are only people who got the shot when there was ignorance. All dead. 1. The dad of the wife of my brother in law. 2. Claudia's dad's nephew who was 43 years old. 3. The husband of Claudia's old boss. 4 and 5 worked at the church in Mexico City. 5 shots, 5 deaths. NO ONE ELSE GOT THAT DAMN JAB and there have been no other deaths in the Covid timeline. I would have expected EVERYONE in the family to not be stupid enough after the first death because I was going around with a megaphone mouth, but it took the second one to really rein in the sheep. They probably all know people who died that I did not list, these are just the ones I know of directly.


Headline on Drudge: 1/3 of NY firefighters remain unvaxxed

(volunteers needed)

My comment: OK, so now we know at least 1/3 of them are not vaxxed. That is a significant number that is surely larger. CALLING ALL MORONS: WHO WANTS TO GET VAXXED SO THEY CAN GO VOLUNTEER FOR THAT JOB???

New York is going to be short firefighters, but why would that matter when Soros and cohorts are cashing America out? The only people who will care are those in the system that are not compromised, and the scamming MSM out to grab headlines.

ANOTHER drudge headline: Labor shortages loom for the holidays

My comment: How can that be, when it is going to be "the most expensive thanksgiving ever) (and obviously, therefore, the thinnest Christmas ever) at the same time we are in a major economic downturn? Gee, at this time the headlines should read: "Surplus of workers eases stress on holiday vendors" but no, there is a SHORTAGE of workers. How can that be?

Ask my neighbor across the street that I just saw for the first time in 3 months since she got the second dose of Pfizer, and moves and talks like a 75 year old lady at 40! She was vibrant and active before that!! Those days are OVER, and THAT would cause a labor shortage, figure the odds of the MSM ever reporting THAT.

My Pfizer vaxxed neighbor

She got the booster shot about 3 months ago and then vanished like a hermit.

I just saw her for the first time in 3 months. From across the street, she looked like an old lady, and when she called for her dog, she sounded like an old lady. It was very strange. She then came across to our driveway to get her dog, and she still looked 40!. Terrible shape 40, but 40. I was wondering if her mom came to visit at first, but nope, it was HER.

I was worried about her shedding but played social instead, and only "social distanced". She's a nice lady, sad to see this happen.

There is a lengthy shitpost from a "career trucker" explaining why no goods are moving.

If you have seen this after "everyone" re-posted it, it is a super long screed where a 20 year career trucker BLAMES THE INFRASTRUCTURE FOR THE PROBLEM.


FACT: If infrastructure caused this problem, where trucks wait forever for ONE CRANE to load and unload over a hundred, then all these problems would have existed pre-covid and they did not, everything moved smooth as glass, so smoothly that "just in time" inventory worked.

Remember "just in time" inventory, which required shipping to run like a swiss watch? It did, for 20 years pre covid. THAT TOOK INFRASTRUCTURE. That infrastructure did not catch corona virus and fall over!!!

CONCLUSION: If you come across that steaming pile of bullshit, it was posted by either a hoaxer or intelligence doing the job of blaming the people for these problems. OH GOSH. WE SHOULD HAVE INVESTED IN MORE INFRASTRUCTURE. What was that you said? "Just in time"???? We never heard of it!!!

REALITY: If there really is a problem moving goods now, it is caused by:

1. Too many dead truckers.

2. Too many government regulations that snapped into place during the Corona nonsense.

3. People who took over the supply lines by buying them out, and are staging a siege by not placing orders.

4. People who took over trucking or the ports, and they simply gave the order to not move anything.

The supposed 20 year trucker post is an abject hoax - an absolutely steaming pile - to cover up the fact that a certain group owns too much and subverted too much and infiltrated too much and monopolized too much and and is now, with all the power that gave them, committing a siege.

RUMOR: Australian military training for forced vax.

Apparently they are training to go door to door injecting people at gunpoint. Not confirmed, but I would not be surprised. I would not believe the actual numbers of willingly vaxxed people they are putting out either, because if the shot spreads to those who did not get it they could back off on this and not push it so hard. They probably reached that threshold in the United States.

12,000 Air Force people refuse shot??!!??

Nope. It is 40 percent, as a starting number. But 12,000 can be made to look fringe, so 12,000 is what it will be. They need a way to explain why so many people left if this is enforced, and all they'll say is 12,000 and MOST OF THEM HAPPENED HERE, ON THIS FRUITCAKE BASE. Repeated across all bases.


That one annoyed me, I could not believe even the MSM hopped on board for it. I removed that pointless post and left my pluto rant.

My Pluto rant:

If something is having a gravitational influence on the other planets that can be observed, PLUS it shows up in freaking old not fancy at all by today's standards telescopes when it is out past Neptune, it is a planet. And when the sun is predominantly as smooth as a baby's bottom, THERE WILL NOT BE X CLASS FLARES.

I believe Pluto was demoted from planet status by subversives for the explicit purpose of upsetting the old order and NOTHING MORE, it is a planet, PERIOD. There are 9 planets, PERIOD. If they want to call it a dwarf planet, FINE, but it is still one of the 9. Try finding any of the other objects that far out with anything but the Hubble or newer. You will not. Pluto was picked up by crap made in the 1920's or earlier. The guy who just said that is very suspicious of any "scientific observations" that could potentially be used to accomplish political objectives and that includes "halloween super flares". Politics are literally all we have now, the institutions can no longer be trusted.


Update: Someone mailed me, saying I was full of crap and that there really was an X class solar flare. MY RESPONSE: I never said there was not one. What I said is that there is no sun spot available in the right place to have sent one towards earth. An X30 could go off with zero consequence on earth if it was pointed away, and this one was. So the whole notion of power outages on Halloween is total B.S., if it happens, it is caused and that is what I am documenting with the photos.

Also, I am well aware of other sites posting solar data, if I can post my own I still will to give another point of reference to help people sort through the B.S.

UPDATE: I managed to get the solar filter before sunset and was able to do a hand held shot.

Nothing is showing prominently because `1. There's not a whole lot going on (certainly not a "mad enough" sun to do an X flare, at least not in our direction,) and 2. Because I did not have time to grab the tripod and do this right before the sun set. All I had time for was to place the filter and do a few hand held shots.

Despite this, I got a good enough shot to prove there's nothing serious going on, X type flare? MY *SS.

Despite the poor conditions under which this was taken, you can still make out two other sunspots through the blur, and NOTHING where it should be if it really did spawn an X class flare. This picture is bad, but no where near bad enough to cover something like that up. The sun is literally as smooth as a baby's bottom. If an earth threatening x class flare really did happen, there should be something OBVIOUS between the arrows. The type of sunspots that produce those should absolutely show up in a pic like this even if it is not a good one. Pretty good for hand held though . . . .

This is a full frame image. Right click to save and examine more closely. A better one will post tomorrow.

I obviously have to set up for real and do this for real, but it really looks like HALLOWEEN POWER OUTAGE HOAX.

Just in case they are planning on turning Haloween into 2021's "911" I am going to make one of my cameras capable of solar photography. Doing that NOW.



That's how communists roll! There they sit, saying "Global cooperation is needed to prevent human data from getting into the hands of a powerful few" while for the past 10 years DNA sites have been collecting that data and labs in Dimona put it to use in a shot that does exactly that.

HERE WE HAVE 60 minutes "warning people" they will be hacked WHILE THEY PUSH A SHOT THAT MYSTERIOUSLY, ACCORDING TO SOME, MAKES PEOPLE START SHOWING UP ON BLUETOOTH. I am not certain on that, I have not proven it, but I have a hunch it is legit.

Here is a short quote: "The future could see the world's human data, delivered through the rising power and reach of artificial intelligence, in the hands of a powerful few - a recipe for a dystopian tomorrow populated by "hacked humans," says Yuval Noah Harari. The world-renowned author tells Anderson Cooper nations must begin cooperating to prevent this by regulating artificial intelligence and the collection of data across all nations." A short quote is all that is needed. Because the jab is doing exactly that.

How about a more legitimate headline: WE are now tagging humanity to hack their human data AND put it into the hands of a powerful few so WE can build our dystopian society, And we DO NOT WANT COMPETITION.

How to tell a lie people will believe:

Drudge: 5% of Americans quit job over jab. It is a LOT more than 5 percent, but that headline alone isolates anyone who quits as a freak.

I do not know what the real numbers are, but I am guessing that when faced with that, 40+ percent quit. 5 percent will not make hospitals "critically short staffed". Not even 20 percent would. 5 percent would not "cause supply chain problems" but 40+ percent would. But you will NEVER see the headlines say the truth on this, because the truth is more likely to be the majority rather than 5 percent, and if they are going to steal the next election they need people to be completely clueless about how much support there is for the side that "lost".


Halloween solar flare headed to earth?

I bumped this to the top after figuring out the story was suspicious AND found the following image, posted by a private astronomer, who's calling BULLSHIT.

I am now prepping one of my own cameras to confirm this. Update: That failed, I have to actually go out and at least get a welder's glass.

He posted the following, showing what is really going on today, to ImgUR. There's no way there was an X class flare, there is nothing going on that could possibly produce one:

Should I start screaming FALSE FLAG?? Drudge plus the STUPID MSM are baiting people with "lights out on Halloween". My lights won't be going out, that much is certain even if all the others do for "some mysterious reason". The HALLOWEEN FLARE, the day it ALL ENDED, a spooky day no one will forget JUST LIKE 911. WHO CAN FORGET 9/11? No one. And no one will forget "the halloween flare" if someone decides to make it into one. But there's a BIG PROBLEM:

If you are old enough, you might remember when Ed Dames was on Art Bell. at that time, the sun was churning out x class solar flares, x10 and greater, and yes, they were huge but even Ed Dames said those were not enough for "the kill shot", a few of them would have been very bad if they pointed towards earth but still would not have been "kill shots". NOTHING HAPPENED.

How is an X-1 flare going to knock out the lights if they did not go out when Ed Dames was in the limelight and the sun really was acting up?

HOAX: Woman gets Covid shot and This happens

I am calling hoax because she does not speak and the damage ends below the shirt line. I'm guessing horrible sun burn or deep fryer explosion. Something like that. Then next in the tweet there is a snake camera video where they put it down in someone's lungs. They are not in great shape no doubt and even have obvious advanced mold growing but again there is no context. My conclusion: Someone came across a couple nasty videos and posted them as "covid vaccine damage" that was "posted by a doctor". I SAY: Hoaxer video posted by mister clickbait. And click people did.

When no context is given to the videos themselves and nothing is in the sound track confirming a video is legit, remember, there is such a thing as a hoaxer and this appears to be it.

Another item - In-N-Out burger under pressure to vax wants to leave Cali

So Florida is inviting them. Here's the deal with In-N-out - The quality is not a mistake. They have exclusively sourced providers, especially for their meats, and those providers are in California. One of them is Harris Ranch Beef. If you go to an In-N-Out, that quality comes from proper sourcing and quality control. They absolutely destroy McDonalds, Wendy's, Jack in the Box and even Carls Junior and it is not a mistake. My guess is that In-N-Out is so focused on quality that they'll shut down before they move, they stayed out in California for a reason, and that reason is because they could not source the quality they have from elsewhere.

This is not an ad, and I am accurate with what I have said here, it came straight from them, and not off the web. My info is over a decade old but I am assuming nothing changed.

Burger King and others might talk about quality, but I'll guarantee you that talk is coming from the marketing department rather than reality. In-N-Out truly nailed the quality.

Another thing I will throw in here is that the level of quality In-N-Out serves can only have it's origins in high ethics, and the same ethics that resulted in that level of quality are too high to allow the forced jabbing of anyone. They'll quit first, BANK ON IT.

Because there's not a whole lot to post today, World's greatest vaccine advocate rants. Is this comedy or what??

A few quick items

Just a warning that we are going into the hockey stick. Everyone, including this site, (or at least anyone worth at least a boogered hankie) was onto this all the way back in February. Anyone worth anything at that time was stating that the vax damage would start to surface now. Everyone that was worth anything was stating this is when we would see it.

Everyone who was worth anything was saying masses of people would start dying of organ failure now. Blood clots, strokes, you name it, And now the MSM is reporting that hospitals are filling up with thousands of sick people with all kinds of organ failures and more, AND THEY DO NOT KNOW WHY.

For God's sake, for your sake, please do not get that shot. It is all downhill from here folks.


Now and ANTIDEPRESSANT cures COVID!!! OMG. THE COVID CON JOB FAILED. SO NOW THEY ARE TRYING TO GET THE POPULATION TO EAT THEIR BULLSH*T BY PUSHING ANTIDEPRESSANTS. In an elite discussion on the golf course: "They are figuring it out!!! they are going to know en masse the shots were deadly weapons. THEY ARE GOING TO REBEL, OUR LIVES WILL BE IN DANGER, DRUG THEM.

They are blaming TikTok for a "new nervous disorder" in girls

They are saying 'TikTok is giving girls Ticks". I kid you not. They are saying TikTok is giving girls Tourette's syndrome. This is fact checked. I actually went through all their crap and confirmed that YES, MAJOR MSM SOURCES REALLY ARE SAYING THAT TIKTOK GIVES GIRLS TICS. Idiots will soak it up. But critical thinkers will look at that, laugh, and say, "What other societal factor is giving people Tourett'es syndrome EN MASSE??? EASY ANSWER: The Pfizer shot, or any of the other "served in the USA" variants.

Gee, girls in the U.S. are developing ticks!!! Let's blame Tik Tok!!! Who did they consult for that? 4th grade gym class??? EEEEWWW!!! Ronnie has COOTIES!!! and you can damn well bet that now that the MSM is on board with this crap, they will ram it into you sideways, with a twist. Want to argue that? Forget how stupid it is, YOU ARE A TEHHHHHRRORHIST!!!

NON STORY: Racine county Sheriff reports widespread election fraud. Non story because the system is too corrupt to have any action taken, even if the sheriff points it out. At most, they will dredge for ONE technicality on the Republican side and hang someone innocent so they can claim to have handled "vote fraud".

Biden's new tax plan will put people who make $4.90 an hour under federal scrutiny for tax evasion. I kid you not, that is what it all boils down to. If your accounts move a total of $28 per day or more, you make the cutoff. To have that little cash flow, you can only make $4.90 per hour. That is "soaking the rich" I tell ya!

Rumor: This is only rumor, so don't repeat it. Yesterday I saw a few social media posts that stated Jill Biden wants Kamala Harris impeached. There is good reason to impeach both Kamala AND Biden, and if that happens, guess who's prez?

Rumor: China has made a bioweapon that can target both race and ethnicity FACT: This tech was nearly perfected in 2004 at labs in Dimona Israel, and was subsequently stuffed with genetic data from countless millions of people via con artist geneology sites like 23andme. Anyone who sent in their DNA populated whatever AI there is in Dimona with whatever it needed to properly build race specific bioweapons. BUT HERE IS THE CLINCHER:

They got this tech down so well that now it's not just race specific, (because Jews have too many races mixed in with them between Sephardic, Ashkenazi and Hassidic,) so they HAD TO add the ethnicity component. What would the ethnicity component be programmed with, that would work? ANSWER: DIET.

PRO TIP: DO NOT EAT PORK. And look for Kosher labels. Better yet, seek out Kosher stores in Jewish districts and EMPTY THEM. Look for what the Jews eat, and you had better hope Matzo balls are not a required food. Because everyone knows what is in THOSE, right???

Mexico weather update:

Here is what happened this summer, now that it is over and Mexico will be going into a natural cool period. My observations were correct all along.

Ignore the official records, which have been doctored. This is just a continuation of past posts, the last of which was a couple months ago -

This entire year, in an arid region of Mexico that most Mexicans think is a hot area, (not nearly as hot as areas to the north) but still above average for Mex, it never got hot enough, even on the hottest days, to melt butter. Most of the year it was so cold that butter that was left out for days would not spread on bread without being nuked. It was a very cold year where no one sought out shade to park because it was better to just let the sun warm the car up. 2020 had normal temperatures. 2021 by contrast was an absolute freak year.

Every single day saw rains of about an inch. There HAD TO have been 200+ inches of rain, in a location that sometimes has very little rain for years on end. Everything is green when normally it might be green for a month and then go back to brown.

Thinking of ways to confirm it really was freakish weather, I noticed there were no mosquitoes at all from February, to all the way through September. This was because it consistently stayed too cold for them to breed. October warmed up to normal october temperatures, and there was a absolute mosquito explosion. That confirmed that it really was low temperatures that kept the numbers low, and not them being missing for some other reason.

How did America get burned and dehydrated while central Mexico soaked and damn near froze? It appears to me that this was accomplished by using weather mod to manipulate airflows and move the cool air from the north, AND the rains, to the south where the water America should have had got dumped and totally wasted where it would not be used. Now that the damage is done, the weather is returning to normal. Recently there were rains in california that were timed perfectly to be completely useless, while allowing enough time for the leftists in control of the water systems to drain them to the ocean rather than keep them captured for use next year.

I am going to start getting a little more preachy with this site because it is time to now. And I am going to say it as I see it. The book of revelations talks of the end days when the weather would be messed up, there would be wars and rumors of wars, and earth's geology would be in chaos. I firmly believe that all of this will be caused by the so-called "elite" using climate and geological manipulation systems to cause adverse and freak weather, volcanic eruptions, and earthquakes. The earlier systems did not work as well as what we have seen lately, now it is obvious, from the freak floods in Europe, China, and more, and the massive drougts in the bread baskets including Ukraine, Canada and the United States, to the unbelievably weird weather in Mex where in my area it stayed too cold to melt butter and even the mosquitoes did not breed - all of this was written before it ever happened, and it is happening now.

All happening, while clearly heinously evil people are pushing a shot that removes the code of God from your book of life.

Yes, the scriptures do state that God's work was going to be corrupted, and that he would have to return to fix it. It is ALL IN THERE, people have talked about "this is the end" in the past, there have been numerous scares that were in error. I do not think that's the case this time.

Prepare yourself. If there is anything in your life you need to put in order before you will be permitted to enter the kingdom of God, PUT IT RIGHT. Some Christian faiths say faith in Jesus is all you need, I believe that repentence is also a key element and that you should not go through your life increasing the weight Jesus bore in Gethsemane. A lot of the effort involved in "making it to heaven" is up to you. Now is the time. There really are not a whole lot of tomorrows left and many people are going to need time to lift themselves up. Even if you are in a high place at this time, now is the time to really clean things up and get ready.

Do it.

Divine image destroyed video by Christine Beadsworth:

I took this down because the server maxed out after less than two days, (the video is that good). I do not have unlimited data because anything really powerful will not have that and I need more than a basic setup. I will put the video back up on November 1. People have posted it to bitchute but since the original creator is also hosting it the way I did, I figured that might be a no-no, and when you see that video you will understand why. It is clearly sacred. I also will not link directly to the video on her server because this site will body slam it. If you want to front door her site it is HERE and I am almost reluctant to even link it that way because even that kind of link from a site like this one might crash it. She has a nice site, (she is not selling oils) that's just the graphics.

It is time to make a solid spiritual stand. Clearly we are in the last days, where only lies are permitted. People who fight to keep the truth visible are going to be done away with, I do not know when, I only know sites like this and hers are still running and I do not know how long that will last. The video she has is EXTREMELY important, -

How about I put it this way - All along I knew that vax was a disaster. Right from the center of my existence. I could not put my finger on why, I just knew it was bad and could see the devastating consequences slip through the censorship, but was never confident about the root reason why that shot should be avoided. When I saw that video, all doubt with regard to this vanished and I knew. I knew. That shot is to remove the name and word of god from your genetic code, which the human genome project revealed is indeed there. God left his name and record in the code, with the record stored in the "junk DNA" with his name repeated throughout the entirety of the code. Get the shot and you will lose that, which is why so many people report seeing the people who get the shot change so much personally afterward.

Probably not just a prediction on Biden's "pre capital gains tax" -

You have probably heard about Biden's tax plan already, but what I have not heard people talking about is how it is an obvious plan to completely collapse the markets by ripping out the base on which America's economy is being propped up.


What are all the heavily invested people going to do with their market assets if they have to pay taxes on them while they sit there, having never actually made a profit yet? Historically, taxes have been paid when they are cashed in, and you profit or lose at that point. If you profit, there are taxes. If you lose, there are no taxes. Biden's plan states that if you lose, you pay taxes, and if you gain, you pay taxes. There is not an idiot on the planet that is going to stay invested in such a system.

It is highly probable therefore that like the Covid con, the new tax plan is an outright act of war intended to crush the economy before everything gets "built back better" under a new world order. The one thing remaining, propping everything up, after many on the lower end of the spectrum lost everything in the lock downs, is market capital. America's markets have traditionally been where everyone wants to be in part because they were run fairly and taxed when assets were sold. This allowed people to turn a predictable profit, or at least a profit at a lower risk.

The new tax plan will destroy everything with the scenario: You lose, the government wins. You win, the government wins. 100 percent of the time you will be taxed, and the government wins. No one is going to go for that. They'll just pull out and try to take the profits now before they lose money, even on losses. The new tax plan is offering losses stacked on top of losses. No house plays that way, it is guaranteed failure. There will be no gamblers in that house.                                                                                                                       produced by

The pre capital gains tax is SO BAD it is a clear and obvious act of war. But with the people who stole the last election in power and unchallenged, what more would anyone expect? They want America destroyed and replaced come hell or high water, and if that is going to happen first you cut out the bottom (lock downs), maim the middle with a kill shot and then cut off the head, which at this point literally is the capital gains market.

Yes there is a crash on the way, a tax like that means GAME OVER.

Very intersting 2003 Simpsons episode shows southwest chunk of LaPalma gone

Right where the current eruption is happening, that entire section of the island is gone. Pause this at 15 seconds and look. Very interesting.

The following report has been updated with an identical experience I had with a known Jewish doctor who acted the same way.

This morning I looked this report over and then thought, "Wait a minute, this exact same thing happened to me too."


THIS is coming to "everywhere" and THIS is EXACTLY how Ashkenazi Jews act when enforcing corruption. I identified her just by her looks and behavior.

If you EVER question them, this is EXACTLY what they do even when they are completely in the wrong. The woman totally rightfully records her and the Jew is 100 percent adamantly anchored and 100 percent certain she will get her way no ifs or buts even though she is arrogantly breaking the law.

THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT WE ARE UP AGAINST. Covid is their weapon and they are going to wipe us out with that shot come hell or high water. If you did not think that shot is a weapon just look at how that effing kike acts in this vid. I wanted to rip off her head and sh*t down her throat. Sadly, all I can do is post. It is clear and obvious there is MUCH MORE than Corona going on with her attitude about that shot. If any location data was in that vid I would dox her ass just by looking up her synagogue.

UPDATE: This video reminds me of a story I posted in 2020, about the action a Jewish doctor took against Claudia, her dad, and me directly.

We had to go to the doctor because my father in law fell and was having pain, so they did brain scans. She told him he was in PERFECT condition, remarkable for his age, and then he screwed up and for some odd reason started talking to her about the Jews and Covid, how it was all fake and being used to gain world dominance. I was like, Uh OH.

The appointment was clearly over when he did that and I said "We had better get out of here". She flipped out totally, screaming at us that Corona was real and that he had a brain problem no matter how good the scans looked. She attempted to detain us in the hospital by having every door locked before we even went one floor down to exit. The staff, which was oblivious to what was going on was totally puzzled why all the doors were suddenly locked. Obviously because that doctor wanted us detained and locked in the covid ward so we could be ventilated to death.

I was surprised by how quickly the staff, which was puzzled by why the doors were locked, opened a staff only entrance which we exited through. When we got out, the police were already there, but they did not know what to go after, so we made it to the car. Right when we got into the car, someone who had a very rich looking car pulled behind us to prevent us from leaving the parking space. It was either pull forward into a 10 foot deep canal or back into him, he had us trapped. Right when he did that, a guy selling tamales and another who did parking help started screaming at him, telling him he could not block us in. He did not want to move and dialed his phone. They screamed even louder and looked like they were going to attack him (it was very odd, I could not believe it) and he then finally allowed us to leave. All of that with the car happened in under a minute, before that doctor could coordinate the police to get us, which was a stroke of luck. There was no need for him to be there at all, he clearly blocked us in.

That doctor, which we knew was Jewish, acted exactly the same as the one in the video. And it is not just this one experience, I have had plenty of run ins with the Jews and even if you do nothing at all, the moment they see anything they don't like they scream and call the cops. Just look at how fast that woman in the video devolved to that, it was not minutes, it was immediate. They use the threat of law enforcement to get a hell of a lot done. Manipulating and corrupting law enforcement is a primary tool.

Even if you don't think that's a Jew, use the linked video as a lesson about how adamant those pushing this horse shit are about it. Can you imagine anyone who's not one behaving like that? She is pushing WARFARE. Who, from among us, ONE OF US, would ever act like that? NO ONE that I have ever seen. Only the Jews will act like that, and I have had plenty of encounters. It is interesting the translation is in Russian. In Russian, because someone there downloaded it before it got it's original post wiped.

By the way, after the Divine Image Destroyed vid, I would not take Sputnik or CanSino. I would not take ANY Corona vax at all. I sure as hell would not trust China with ANYTHING God related.

Divine image destroyed video taken down

It was so popular it took a completely fresh server and wiped out it's data allotment in less than two days. It was viewed over 70,000 times. I have had videos get viewed 500,000 times without wiping out a server, but that one is 15 minutes long which is much longer than what I usually post. I cannot wipe out more servers until I get more servers to wipe out or this site will crash. I will post it again on Nov 1. I figured that would happen because the video is long and it should be seen by everyone. I figured the server would last longer than that though. I cannot say I am sad, it means it got watched and will be watched again. To those who linked it out, wait until the first and it will work again.

This kind of crap reporting is why I know we are doomed like never before.

They talk all about it without EVER reporting any truth.

And WORSE: The above never even mentioned how farmers have been paid to destroy their crops as a potential cause for not being able to feed dairy herds. The bottom line is that America is being liquidated as everyone thinks about their car payments and worries about a shot.

Australian state of Victoria: COMPLY OR JAIL

2 years in prison for protesting or not wearing a mask, and $90,000 AUD fine. Remember what I said when the last slime ball was ousted? I said: They needed a bigger slime ball. And that's exactly what happened.

It is clear that Australia is finished if the regular people don't start visiting the Kosher stores. And no one will believe it, which means they really are TOAST. They are going to get vaxxed and whacked into oblivion. That is obvious now.                                                                                                                      produced by

One of the key things in any takeover is to brainwash the people over time into believing violence is wrong, and the Jew is always the victim. And that's the situation down under, they are so far beyond toasted it's two years and $90,000 for not wearing a mask. It will go to million AUD fines and life in prison just before "shot on sight" and it will go there too. Obviously the end game is total extermination via bullets or the vax, clearly demonstrated by $90,000 and a lengthy prison term. There's little more than that before outright killings in the street. The removal of white people and replacing them with Chinese is what the Jews have wanted in Australia for the last 30 years.


MARK MY WORD: THE JEWS WANT CHINA TO EXPEL WHITIE AND TAKE EVERYTHING OVER, AND THEY ARE STARTING WITH AUSTRALIA FIRST. THEREFORE $90,000 AND TWO YEARS FOR NOT COMPLYING WITH THEIR COVID HORSE SH**. It is only going to get worse from here, and that will get the death jab into EVERYONE while the Chinese arrive "fully vaxxed" with a real shot, not sabotage.



A PRIME EXAMPLE of Bolshevik communist style propaganda.

Click the capture of the NPR report below to see the whole thing. It is a CLASSIC example of communist propaganda. What you will see:

1. All the side effects of the Covid vax listed as reasons for why people are flooding hospitals, without the vax being mentioned.

2. Repeat reference to hospitals being short staffed, with no mention at all as to why - because hospital staff walked out over the vax

3. The article claims medical workers want to leave because of the overwhelming workload caused by Covid, Without mentioning the real reason - staff quit over the vax                                                                        produced by

4. They claim hospitals are seeing people who are "sicker than they have ever seen" because everyone was too afraid of the hospital during the lockdowns, and then predominantly list what the vax does to people as the reason, without ever mentioning the vax.

In communist run news organizations, you get the who, when and where, but you NEVER get the WHAT WHY AND HOW. That leaves people with no answers, it's all just a mystery. The truth falls right through the cracks. Just wrap your crap up in cute phraseology and fluff, and let the cream puff intellects get a sugar high over how great they are for knowing what NPR is rather than what the hard truth is.

GET A LOAD OF THIS, my capture with comments is below but the original report is far more fluffy and lengthy, click the capture to go there.


Cornerstone report:
Fukushima SABOTAGE!

Remote controlled Germanwings Airbus A320 crash? All evidence points to this.

California drought: DAMS DRAINED ON PURPOSE