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The severe weather that has been happening globally is not natural. Here is how it is done.

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Make no mistake, America is being permanently dismantled like a cow in a meat packing plant

Heard frequently: "They cannot replace all these professionals with third worlders"

I have seen this comment going around, as if it was a self evident truth that will save us.

This reality will not save us.

The people behind the jab have no intention whatsoever of EVER replacing 30,000 pilots that walk out, 600,000 medical workers that walk out or ANYONE ELSE including the military that walks out because this is the end of America, they are dismantling the country. No, these people will not be replaced and they are never going to work again.

Worse, when the people behind the jab create the next wave of emergencies, the pilots that DO get the jab will be crashing frequently creating even more chaos and the medical workers that got it are going to be stroking out and screwing up left and right in a system that has been totally set up to fail. Soldiers who were jabbed will be on the low end of the intellect to begin with, who will crack under pressure rather than think rationally like the talent that had the picture well enough to walk out - and they will be further diminished beyond their already previously lower intellect. China is going to pummel America into the ground. It is all by design.

The shot is the greatest weapon ever wielded. Nothing in history has done so much damage. It is not only the deaths and maimings of those jabbed, the damage is so much worse than a pile of deaths and maimings because it has hit the top intellectual backbone of the United States harder than any attack on the country ever has just by causing such massive walk outs. Those who hate America, including Pelosi, Soros, Biden and more - the "elite" are absolutely thrilled by the rampant destruction their mandates are causing. They knew it would happen and as an act of hatred against America, they did it on purpose.

If you wanted to destroy America's military, what better way could there possibly be than to cause a mass walk out of the top 40 percent of the armed forces while the rest of them get a shot that kills and maims a lot of them while it diminishes the rest? No battle, - no entire war has damaged the American military as badly as this shot and the mandate. The military has been annihilated ON PURPOSE.

What attack on ANY country has been so serious it took out 600,000 nurses and doctors? The jab and the mandate did. That's the final number, with 40,000 lost in New York state alone. How much worse could an attack have possibly been?

People had better wake up and smell the coffee. "They can't do that because" does not cut it when if their only objective is to cause the collapse of the nation, there could not possibly be a better play.

America's pilots, engineers, front line medical, emergency response, shipping and everything else critical is being de-platformed right now, and every last thing these people worked for is going straight to the shredder, never to be returned to. It is so far past the time to shoot the bastards causing it that it might be too late already, what good is it going to do to "take the country back" when all of the top people have already been wiped out and probably buried behind a camp? That's the objective, if it was not, then explain why the top is getting taken down first.

Australians have easy access to pure vitamin C, it is not restricted there. If you are in Australia, try these links: (the price is more than I pay in Mex but not bad) is confusing with pricing and ordering, don't pay much over $30 AUD per kilo, N essentials is priced high ($49 AUD per kilo) but not totally ludicrous but I would try to find something cheaper - but if you have to I guess OK . . . .

IMPORTANT: This is not friendly vitamin C. Vitamin C is supposed to be yummy, right? WRONG. Start with half a teaspoon in a glass of water and mix it with sugar if it is the stuff I linked because if you are not careful it will knock your socks off (if it is real)

I am surprised. It is not difficult to get this in Australia.

Outside of fighting off diseases and trying to keep communities alive, 1KG of this stuff taken a gram a week would stop all possibility of vitamin C deficiency for 20 years. It is THAT POTENT. It will go quicker if you use it to fight off an illness though, I'd get more than one kilo.

For long term storage, keep it in the refrigerator in a perfectly sealed container. There will be no significant degradation in 20 years. Heat will wreck it. Too much light will wreck it over time. Moisture will wreck it. I am just keeping mine in the cupboard because degradation in a dark room temperature cupboard is 1 percent per year and it will be gone before that matters.

Many people are now posting about bank changes on Nov 15

They claim to be getting letters from their banks stating transfers from personal accounts will be limited to $1,000 USD total PER DAY, not per transaction, both incoming and outgoing unless it is for their job, then up to 5,000 from their employers can be deposited in one day.

Seems to me they want to limit how much people can take and run with in an emergency, or send to others that have an emergency.

CONFIRMED: My Southwest airlines report was BANG ON

It is nice when confirmation of my reports comes in after the fact, read it and weep: Pilots KNOW the vax and the mandates are tools of war, and are quitting to avoid it.

Practically NONE of the pilots want the jab, they realize this is a war and that America is at war and they will refuse to get the jab. Their ultimatum date is Nov 2. So they are all cashing in benefits and vacation before they get fired. THAT is why Southwest is basically grounded.

Read this column to the left here, it has the WHOLE STORY. Pilots are refusing the vax, cashing in benefits before the worst happens, and that means not flying. THAT is why Southwest is grounded, and even better, if you read the meta talk here it also is obvious pilots who will ultimately refuse the vax on Nov 2 are still flying, the situation is going to get WORSE. If Southwest does not change policy quickly, it will be ADIOS to the company.

Obvious: The Corona vax is the weapon they will disassemble Western nations with.


The pilots appear to be as smart as their profession has a reputation for. They know this is an act of war and that the critical people - pilots, first responders, military - are being taken out FIRST so America has none of that remaining when the rest of us start getting chased by autonomous robot dogs that will shoot you for not having papers.

But the media would never let this happen, RIGHT? Guess again!

In this clip below, Pelosi gets shy when she realizes a live cam caught her telling the media that it was their job to "sell the budget" for Biden and it was their fault it was seen negatively. This is more than a lap dog press, it is an outright tool of war. Try getting THIS PRESS to tell you the real reason why Southwest is not flying, or why (as the next post points out) there are dead and missing soldiers all over Fort Hood (and probably all the others) now.

They are killing the military NOW. This FOX report makes it obvious:

"Rash of military deaths" with dead and missing soldiers all over base??? Looks like FOX reported the symptom without finding the cause (to be expected when the MSM is all an enemy con)


It is easy to hide in the civilian sector, every employer knows sometimes employees quit without a word and it does not mean they are dead!

Military vets getting dishonorably discharged for no vax

I could only handle five minutes before my blood boiled. Ditching these people is a full on act of war, committed by criminals who stole an election. BEYOND APPALLING.

It could not possibly be more clear - the people who stole the election want nothing other than to finish America off. This is the stuff the fall of empires is made of.Direct link. Pass it on.

Total number subjected to this? 546,000 which was calculated by adding up all armed forces and multiplying by .40 because the official stat of .33 is bullshit and needs an upwards estimate, which is probably, in reality, .50 or half the military.

The upcoming shutdown is not a small story

This rumor claims all ATM's and many web sites will be shut down on October 15, or after the 15th to early November - I was partially ignoring this because "rumors are rumors. However, this ended up being a huge rumor because when Claudia came back from one of her doctors today, she said "the doctor said" and told me all about it. So that has me worried. This rumor is not just on a few fringe English speaking alt sites, it is all over the Latin web also. Anyone want to make any bets??

The latin rumor is that they want a disruption and not a total shutdown (this time around) but no one really knows anything about what is really going to happen.

I will make no predictions. But recommend at least filling up the gas tank. That's a harmless prep you can just drive off.


Pills are GARBAGE. GET THE REAL STUFF. I know for sure. I now have experience.

Prior to actually knowing how to get real vitamin C, I was getting Vidanat pills because they were the purest vitamin C I could possibly find. They were miles ahead of other pills. Then I found the REAL stuff, it has more than 10X the potency.

Real vitamin c is HERE. good luck getting it.

People telling other people to administer 20+ grams of vitamin C probably don't have the real stuff, if it was THIS STUFF you'd kill someone. No questions asked, especially if administered intraveinously.


Apparently they are not happy about people taking things that interfere with it's "efficacy".

Get a load of this!!! The Federal government just went against everyone's doctors and blanket told all people over 60 to stop taking aspirin to avoid heart attacks and strokes. It does not get more damning than this. BUSTED.

SURVIVAL TIP: Get a bunch of cheap nasty aspirin from the dollar store (the sour un-buffered stuff because that stuff is REAL and 100 percent effective aspirin) BEFORE THEY BAN ASPIRIN OUTRIGHT.

Both Ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine used to be available like Aspirin. What happened? they were proven effective against Covid (and probably the vax too) so they BANNED THEM. Aspirin is going BYE BYE the same way, BANK ON IT.

If you are force jabbed with the clot shot, you are going to need enough aspirin to pop one a day for possibly the rest of your life.

Covid written the way we write it, when read as one would read Hebrew = DIVOC, or posessed by a demon, in Hebrew. Probably not a coincidence.

Hebrew is read from right to left. There is no question that Covid as we read it is DIVOC as they read it.

Remember the testimony of the priest I posted a couple weeks ago, where he literally said God left and a demon was with him for 40 days after the first jab? I have little doubt the jab is indeed a gateway.

Yes. Go get your Divoc shot.

4.3 million vax deaths in August? CNBC may have blown it

They state that 4.3 million people "quit", leaving 10.4 million vacancies, which was down from 11.1 million in July, but happened despite a net loss of total available jobs. So there are LESS total jobs available, and they are still 10.4 million workers short.

They expected to be 10.96 million workers short and ended up only being 10.4 million short. That means 1 of 2 things - 1. More jobs were lost than expected, or 2. Less people died from the vax than expected. Read over this report and math it out. The answer to what is really going on is right here:

So, if there are so many deaths, how are they hiding it? EASY ANSWER: corporations that have been given enormous piles of "bailout cash" are using that cash to buy up entire neighborhoods. This is old news. And once the neighborhoods are bought up, they just sit on the property. There is a reason why houses are selling above market value nationwide - it is all part of a war plot, to conceal the casualties. If the vacant houses were not bought up, the prices would absolutely collapse which would get people asking why - the casualties would then show and they can't have that, people would be asking questions.

Cumbre Vieja

When the eruption was high pressure (throwing lava 2,000 feet) and low volume (taking days to reach the ocean) the eruption had a good chance of lasting for a while. But a couple days ago it really let loose with high volume lava (similar to Kiluea) so how long it goes now is anyone's guess, my guess is not very long.

Southwest airlines

I just saw a headline (and no truth) on Drudge: Day 4 of shutdown and no one knows why. Southwest airlines is shut down because they mandated all pilots get the jab, and so many were not jabbed and so many walked off the job to avoid it that it shut down the entire company. The company will not budge. The pilots will not budge. Southwest is going down.

This is not rocket science.

They are not being honest with how many pilots walked off the job either. That's an easy calculation. Southwest has 8,500 active pilots. Commercial airline Pilots are not permitted to fly a plane more than 30 hours a week. There are 168 hours in a week. You need 2 pilots per plane. That means that to keep flying, you need 168/30 (5.8) x2 pilots = 11.6 pilots to keep ONE plane in the air 24/7. Let's look at the actual numbers from Southwest to see if my math holds up:

Southwest has 8500 pilots and 718 planes. That equals 11.83 pilots per plane. So my math holds. Ok, so if you have 718 planes and they have turnaround times, and 1085 flights get canceled on the same day while over a thousand get delayed, how many pilots quit? At least half. There's no math that is going to work for that but at least half. They have more pilots than they need to keep 718 planes up - and they used weather as an excuse while at the same time United and American airlines only had troubles with a combined total of 35 flights. So obviously someone does not want to be honest.

QUESTION: If the vaccine scam is being pushed by claiming those resisting the vax are uneducated and "anti science", do you think the MSM is going to admit the real reason why Southwest is such a screwup after mandating pilots get the vax? commercial pilots are one step short of astronaut. Can the MSM actually market the idea that astronauts are anti-science? No. They can't market the idea that pilots are not anti-science either if they are quitting to avoid the jab, so we'll never see the real reason for the problems at Southwest get published, EVER.

In reality, those pushing the covid con know anti-vaxxers are PRO SCIENCE, they are the only ones who know science well enough to be asking questions. You can bash an accountant, a truck driver, a welder, or any other category which by chance has people with a firm grip on the science, but you cannot get away with bashing pilots. So silence and stupidly worded questions is all we will get when it comes to explaining why Soutwest has so many delayed and canceled flights, the MSM won't even touch the topic of pilot walk outs because if they do, they might be asked why. And "science" matters.

The MSM is desperately claiming the problems at Southwest are caused by southwest allowing too many pilots to take leaves of absense for Covid and that they did not call them back on time. But look at the top, where I did the math. Southwest DID NOT HAVE ENOUGH PILOTS TO EVER FLY WITH A HUGE NUMBER ON LEAVE, they need 11.6 pilots per plane and had 11.83. That's why math matters, it proves the MSM is lying about the reasons - Southwest would have always had problems this serious if the MSM was speaking an ounce of truth, no, there were never enough pilots at Southwest to have THAT MANY on leave, they always ran it right on the edge. They had enough pilots for occasional sick calls and that's all.

And when a huge number walked out over the jab, that was all she wrote.

Catholics are not Christian?? HA!

Someone wrote and said that.

Who preserved the crown of thorns? Who preserved the entire concept? Who built Notre Dame? Who did the nativity sets? Sorry about that, (I GUESS) if ANYONE wants to know who the Jews hate the most, just listen to Billy Joel's "Only the good die young". ENOUGH SAID.

The Jews have done the opposite because it takes no work at all to be evil!!


Disclaimer: About my advice with the fire in the basement for a house that has no chimney: I have not done this before, it is common sense. I cannot predict what everyone will do even if they are not idiots. Do that ONLY if necessary and completely at your own risk.

The fact I even wrote something like this indicates strongly that the government of the United States is not to be trusted. However, it is a fairly safe bet such problems will be localized, if at all possible rather than do this go to another area or drive south and camp somewhere. Don't expect that to go easily though.

Don't bother with sending me mails about how "dangerous that idea is", just read the disclaimer again. Would I do it? Not only YES, but HELL YES.

The bottom line is no one has any experience with a government that is out to kill them outright, so a "dark winter" is going to require a totally new way of thinking. What I posted below is exactly how I would think.

The most basic possible preps with a sub $100 price tag TOTAL are a hell of a lot better than nothing. EXAMPLE:

Don't let a marketer or idiot get in the way, this, right here, is the cheapest, easiest, tastiest way to get calories you can actually make during an emergency. Don't worry, if you really are starving you will not get sick of this. Also if you are well prepped, adding a bunch of this won't hurt.

And now, how to survive a dark winter in a totally unprepared modern home with a basement, and by the way, there's nothing wrong at all with ripping carpet out to get to bare concrete. Here goes:

DISCLAIMER 2, FOR ANYONE WHO DOES NOT REMEMBER DISCLAIMER 1: No, I have not done this but I challeng anyone to think of anything better, DO AT YOUR OWN RISK.

The idea below will work because you can control your airflow with windows and doors. too much airflow and you'll freeze, (might as well not even have a fire), too little airflow and you'll get carbon monoxide. You cannot vent the smoke straight out a window, even a basement window and not get found. If found, they WILL snuff your fire and probably detain you. The idea I posted uses the entire house as a buffer to conceal the smoke. Be prepared for the entire house to be ruined.

Let's say you have a basement with a concrete floor, and a cord of wood. Let's say you cannot get away with venting ANYTHING because you'll get caught. If that's the scenario, obviously you won't be worried about smoke damage. If your basement has bare concrete and a window, put down anything that will not burn on top of the concrete (maybe even a charcoal grill, but keep it low to the floor and not at waist height) and light the smallest fire possible in the basement, tolerate the smoke and vent it through an upstairs window on the back of the house. By the time the smoke gets upstairs and goes out a window (if you keep the fire in coals that do not smoke a whole lot) by the time it vents no one will see the smoke.

If you keep the fire VERY small, you'll keep warm and won't get carbon monoxide, it will all rise out of the basement while air comes in through the window, which will prefereably be in a room you can close the door to (enough air will get by the cracks in the door to keep a draft going) and a closed room will prevent the draft from the window from freezing you out.

Important: Fires smoke when they are new. If you have a well established coal bed and throw wood on top of it, it will actually not smoke a whole lot, certainly not more than tolerable, the indians had fires in their teepies all winter long and did just fine. As long as you avoid the upper floors and stay in the basement but have the basement door open to the upstairs so carbon monoxide won't get trapped in the basement, the carbon monoxide will rise to and exit that open window upstairs and won't be a problem.

THAT IS A DARK WINTER SURVIVAL TIP. If they actually go ahead with their dark winter, there's no reason at all to not light a fire in the basement. If you open ONE BASEMENT window, prefereably in a room with a door, and then open another window on the back of the house on the top floor as far away as possible from the basement door and accept the smoke damage, and you keep the fire isolated in a grill or other container as close as possible to the concrete without touching it, and the fire is kept small, all you'll get is smoke damage. You probably won't get caught. Who cares about smoke damage when the bank is going to take the house anyway?

Don't think they will do it? Just look at how many people they killed, damn near killed, or totally screwed over last year IN TEXAS. If they could do that in Texas, what about Montana or Minnesota? A dark winter will not be survivable absent doing exactly what I said about the small fire in the basement, no matter how radical it sounds.

1. Small fire, no more than 10 inches across. That's less than a foot.
2. Natural wood and nothing else.
3. A foot off the floor AT MOST. (don't light the house above on fire!!!)
4. Obviously in the center of the area, not near a wall!
5. Bare concrete only.
6. Maintain a coal bed to reduce smoke.
7. Window to the basement cracked open, (a small crack) or open it and close the door to the room the window is open in, and NO, the fire is NOT IN THAT ROOM.
8. As far away from the fire as possible, on the back side of the house on the highest floor, open a window at least six inches.
9. Don't use the upper floors, stay in the basement or you might get carbon monoxide, it has to rise out of the basement.
11. STAY IN THE HOUSE. You have your preps, RIGHT???

12. Don't do this anywhere but a basement. You cannot have carpet where the fire is. You cannot use a home that is a single level flat, you'll get carbon monoxide, burn it down, or be noticed because the fire is bright and will light everything up. It has to be a basement. Make sure the light of the fire cannot be seen through a basement window too, even the ones you keep closed.

13. Have I done this before? No. But this is common sense. And what else are you going to do? Freeze to death?

Another survival tip during a dark winter: Let's say your house is all cozy in the basement with your cute little fire and you're doing fine. Don't advertise it, you hide your ass, you don't brag about how prepped you are by having every light on in a city without power. You'll get a drone strike. In fact, most likely they'll use infrared drones to find people who have warm houses, KEEP IT TO A MINIMUM AND IN THE BASEMENT IF YOU WANT TO LIVE. No, the kids cannot "go sliding".

If you are worried about a dark winter and might end up taking this advice, get your wood now, a full cord at least, don't chop up the piano!!!

And one final note - such a small fire absolutely will require you to be splitting normal fireplace wood down to smaller pieces. DO IT and be prepared to do it. After a while, most people will figure out how to get that small fire to be smokeless. If done right and airflows are in the right direction and kept to the minimum needed, all the heat will get trapped in the basement and you will be cozy. You will get a LOT more mileage out of your wood than would be possible with any fire place. TRADEOFF: House wrecked by smoke, but who cares if you live?

The above will work because you can control your airflow with windows and doors. too much airflow and you'll freeze, (might as well not even have a fire), too little airflow and you'll get carbon monoxide. You cannot vent the smoke straight out a window, even a basement window and not get found. If found, they WILL snuff your fire and probably detain you. The idea I posted uses the entire house as a buffer to conceal the smoke. Be prepared for it to be ruined.


Amtrak is headed for a vax mandate train wreck.

Amtrak has mandated all 18,000 of it's employess get the jab. No, going to Mex for their version or CanSino will not qualify. And as a result, lots of Amtrak people are quitting.

This will take a while to wash out as far as final numbers, but with how fast things move nowadays, if the media cannot censor this and big tech fails to censor also, the answer ought to be tomorrow.

My guess: 11,000 will quit.

They will not care about service disruptions because they are in the process of destroying the country anyway. Ditto for the air traffic controllers.

They will then hire immigrants who do not have to be vaxxed.

The American media is reveling in how China is approaching 100 percent double jabbed.

Two important items:

1. China is not using an intentional sabotaged death jab, it is actually a real vax (for whatever that is worth, it's not like it was ever needed with so many alt cures available for a far less than widely lethal weaponized virus that only ended up being a scare, AND:

2. China is now a police state that had everyone clamoring to protect their social credit score. It's not like America does not have that (with social media bans and other stuff) but it is not the same in the U.S. yet) the Chinese WILL comply to protect their social credit, when their CanSino shot is actually as close as it can possibly be to benign. I would not run to the woods over that shot, but the Pfizer shot? HELL YES I would. Enormous portions of the medical community, (40,000 in New York State alone) quitting can't be wrong, all shots available in the United States are death jabs and if anyone would know that, the medical professionals would.

So what we are looking at in China is simply not the same, the American MSM cannot say it is without comparing apples to apples, and they surely never will.

I don't want to spend so much page space on Easter Island, but I think I have figured out something important

It is fairly clear the Moi statues are Central American, not polynesian and that the MOI most closely resemble the statues the Toltec civilization made more than anything else on earth.

Take a look at the Tula Giants and compare them to the Moi. Yes, the Tula Giants are more detailed and have significantly different art, but is there any match on earth more similar than them??

The Toltec civilization collapsed somewhere around 1100 AD, and shortly thereafter the MOI appeared. Were the Toltecs driven into the sea, with their only survivors showing up on Easter Island?

I know I have seen the exact art on the back of the Moi before, I just have to remember where . . . .

If you have seen the videos of screws in pill packets, it is fake

This Indian guy did a proper debunk and even if the video was as advertised, it would be pointless. Obviously also, if you shake a pill it should not rattle like it has nails in it, these pills clearly would.


CPR dolls starring in Covid movies again . . .

Click the following image to go to the tweet it came from.

Developing story: Air traffic controllers are quitting en masse to avoid vax

Because air traffic controllers are illiterate back wood hicks who are anti-science, just like all those medical professionals who quit (40,000 in New York state alone), yes, air traffic controllers are anti-science hicks who need to get an education. They are not aware of anything, they are just hired to push buttons like monkeys and are not ultra stable or disciplined in any way.

Therefore, you can ignore why your flight got canceled.

That's what anti-science means, RIGHT???

Anyway, so far word has it that 800 of them quit nationwide. How many are there anyway? It's not like they are checkout workers. I figured each large airport might have 20 or so with 1 or 2 at the little ones that are at least big enough to need them. Most small airports do not have them at all.

WANT TO KNOW WHO IS REALLY LACKING SCIENCE? Just look at who already ran and got the vax. The smart ones waited and now the best and brightest are getting flushed by tyrants.

And I'll throw in a little side note here: ISRAEL IS NOT GETTING VAXXED AND IS NOT MOVING TO A 4TH BOOSTER. The vax is their weapon, they sure as hell are not using it on themselves. But to avoid suspicion, they have to slather the world in bullshit about how they are taking it most, and are the biggest victims of whatever happens. It is all B.S., that nation lives by the lie - by way of deception thou shalt do war, and people would have to be rock stupid to forget that about them, especially now.

A reader wrote and sent a report about how the vax is to wipe out Christian countries

It was fairly well fear stated but to avoid trolling it (because I believe the writers mean well) The vax placements in the report are not entirely accurate, and the mapping of Christian countries is not accurate at all.

FACT: Mexico is the world's most priminent Christian country, and was not mapped as such. Even after the Covid scam church attendance is so high that there are many churches that still have five masses, 8 AM 10 AM 12 PM, 1-5 weddings and then 6 PM mass and 8 PM mass and the seating is quite full. It is not a case of one church I know of for sure, or one church for five million Mexicans either, there are lots of churches and they all have fairly good attendance.

Instead, here is what I see happening, and it is quite obvious:

The vax is specificially for wiping out the remnants of Western civilization. It was intended to target whites. Russia's Sputnik vax is, despite not being an outright RNA shot, one of the bad ones because it still commands the body to produce the spike protein, it just uses a GMO virus to do it. So we have all white countries targeted by nasty vaxxes and the rest of the world having an actual choice . . . . if Obrador is successful at getting Mexico's vax to the people, a vax that Bill Gates pleaded with him to not allow my guess is that at least one major (if not the most major) Christian country will survive the vax until enforcement from elsewhere gets the bad ones mandated in Mexico. They are already in Mex but they are not being forced on people.

I do not hear Gates crying about the Spunik vax, and there is probably a reason.

I doubt China's vax is going to be seriously awry because China does not want to kill itself and Xi certainly knows by now that many of the vaxxes are sabotaged. One thing worth pointing out again is that the battle of Armageddon has the East pitted against Israel. Probably because China figured something out . . . .

Update to RANT:

About this rant: I finally exploded against "influencers" in my in box who were feeding me crap, and hammered this down with 9 inch nails. I am going to post a permanent prominent link to this rant on the top of the page, but for now it is permanently posted here.

The next mail I got on this topic did not say I was wrong, it said this was all confirmed six months ago, so calm down and shut up.

THAT MEANS: I probably was being handled, they knew I was not wrong and tried to get me to go back on this and I do not know if the last message came from "them" but I could not care less if this news is "six months old", obviously it got censored and THEY WANT IT CENSORED. They played my desire to be accurate with everything first, told me I was wrong, told me debunk sites said I was wrong, told me their experts said I am wrong, and Suddenly I am not wrong, "calm down and shut up."

I know how I'll calm down, this is getting another prominent link like the haarp report and I'll take the screaming caps out. How about that??

And now for a RANT I rather enjoy . . . .



Apparently I did not make it clear enough despite posting clearly what a priority date is.








HERE IS THE ABSTRACT. WHAT T.H. is Rothschild's name DOING ON THIS? Does anyone wanna tell me all about how I am wrong about patent dates? THEN EXPLAIN THIS ABSTRACT. JUST TRY. YOU CANNOT. Oh, I am illiterate because I said "WANNA". Is that going to be the next straw man???

Here is the link to the document captured below.

Here is the link that explains what a priority date is. I am not going to bother linking the patent office with the 2020 patent because I guess that was confusing. This, BELOW, shows the screw up and that the Rothschilds had this in mind since 2015. IT IS NOT ARGUABLE. IT IS GAME OVER, DONE, NO WAY OUT.

YOU READ THIS FAR. GOOD. Now anyone who argues with this is simply going to be called a liar.

I do understand that someone has their undies in a bundle over my pointing this out. I understand, and if I twist my mind into a pretzel, can sympathize. Because THIS, ABOVE. RIGHT HERE. ON THE PAGE ABOVE. LOOK UP THERE AGAIN - BUSTS THE SO CALLED ELITE OF THIS WORLD, (trash by another name) - BUSTS THEM COLD and can kill their damn covid agenda in one fell swoop. WHAT IN THE LIVING HELL WAS ANYTHING ROTHSCHILD DOING WORKING ON THIS IN 2015? THE PRIORITY DATE SAYS THEY WERE, how much did they pay to have a bunch of "experts" shit on my inbox in the hopes of having my good conscience and adherance to the truth cause me to destroy this report with my own hands???

THE ABOVE IS BANG ON. They cannot explain away 2015!!!



The official story behind Easter Island cannot support the now currently known reality there. There were never resources available on the island for this.

They could, in a tenuous sense, explain the heads, but there's no way to explain full size statues this large, which is well over an order of magnitude more difficult. UPDATE: Yep, they DID come up with a whole new story, the new take is they never harvested the trees to move statues after all or so they think, how much of our history is supposition?

China is claiming the U.S. is invading Taiwan after 12 troops were sent to assess the damage to a submarine after a collision

The following video is long, but if anyone takes the corona shot after seeing this, they are brain dead.

The following video does a phenomonal job of laying it all out for the brain dead. There's nothing new here for the aware, but it will sure help wake up the sheep. I usually do not post this type of video but this is the best of this type I have ever seen done for the vax. It will get through to the zombies. This video can indeed cause a mass awakening. You probably cannot mail links to this out and have them make it, this is "friends over for dinner" stuff and is a slick enough production to break the ice with the worst idiots.

Source video link

TRUE: Monthly White House visitor logs end in June. Why??

That said, they are there for June and earlier, so it would mean the place was open at least until then, when many were already saying it was not open. BUT IT IS A FACT that Biden is legislating from movie sets that look like the white house, so there's that too.

FACT: Microsoft operating systems are not open source because Bill Gates does not want to show the world what he stole.

And it is not about security, Linux IS open source and 50X as secure.

BILL GATES TO MEXICO: PLEASE STOP YOUR HOME GROWN VAX ("it does not have what we need in it")

Mexico has developed it's own Covid vax called Patria, and Bill Gates started begging Obrador to stop the project

Obrador knew early on something was wrong with the Pfizer vax and others, and began Mexican development of a Corona vax. The vaccine is an antibody vax that is being developed with the use of a castlevirus that is completely harmless to humans, but builds immunity to Covid-19. It appears Mexicans figured out that Covid itself was a bioweapon and that NONE of it in any vax was a good idea, so they found a harmless virus with traits both viruses had and used that instead. Most likely they relized that the spike protein in the Coronavirus itself should be avoided even in a conventional vax, and that obviously, MRNA vaxxes that tell your body to make that spike protein are worse than the virus itself.

And you have never heard of this. The vax is CENSORED. Aside from a few posts as late as April, if you search for it in English with a date filter that will show what is talked about now with regard to this vax, this is what you get:

I did not know about this vax until this morning.

As much as I am in the thick of things trying to find every detail on every relevant topic, I never heard about this vax until this morning, Claudia came to me mad, saying "You know what Bill Gates did? He pleaded with Obrador to stop Mexico's own corona vaccine". She said Mexico's vaccine was probably safe because it was developed by independent people who are not held hostage by the "elite", and because the vaccine did not "do the right job" Bill Gates wanted it stopped at all cost.

So I sat down this morning trying to find something - ANYTHING on this vax, and lately there's ZILCH, all I can find is a few old posts from April that said what the vax was going to be based on, what type of vax it was, how it got named, and when clinical trials were expected to be complete. ANSWER: The vax should be ready in November.

Will I take it? well, this vax was developed with obvious explicit knowledge of many of the other vaxxes not being vaxxes at all - with them instead being weapons, so if the intention was to avoid one weapon while providing protection against another It is probably a LOT safer than any other "vax", including CanSino, but I think I'll stick to ivermectin and other crap I have laying around.

Though I'd trust a Mexican research team backed by a very good president before I would trust XI and 5000 miles before I'd trust anything from Pfizer, or any other Jewish backed shot from America or Europe, and at least a parking lot short of trusting Russia, if I have options to avoid having ANYTHING injected I'll take those first, as honest as the Mexicans may be with this it can still be stated that the trust is broken, how would anyone know there was not a saboteur in the process?

If I was pinned down with a gun to my head, and I already saw they were serious with Juan, I guess. I sure won't walk in for it. That's miles ahead of Pfizer, where I'd simply tell them to shoot me. (and I would), I would accept death any other way than the Pfizer, J&J or Spikevax. I'd rather be dead whole than wrecked, walking, and waiting to "fade to clot". And more, even if I lived, I'll take God's blueprint to the end, not some pirate code stolen by Gates (who stole everything Microsoft had) but that's another topic.



I KNOW WHY. Because Guatemalans are anti-science!!!

This is the right way to handle the Covid psychopaths, as proven by the lack of flouride in the Guatemalan routine. I actually hope that vax brigade swings from branches.

UPDATE TO BELOW: To those who think I can be manipulated by my effort to be correct, don't send me to shitty debunk sites that are known liars. The following is legit, both the U.S. government web site AND the Jewish owned one I quoted have this dated to 2015. No error was made.

Someone asked for links. The links are embedded in the photo.

I have a quirk. I believe people can look at and type in their own links, and providing them that way is FINE. It does not mean that's my standard method but if it is easier I will. I am not hiding anything, this is as presented. AND NOW, LOOK AT THIS:


Though the patent was indeed appropriately granted in September of 2020, the priority date and IDENTICAL ABSTRACT from 2015 BUSTS THIS COLD.


If this is old news that has been "debunked" it is new to me, and I have presented this in a way that cannot be debunked. The "debunkers" quote patents and "whatever" they can fake it with. However, The debunkers CANNOT POSSIBLY handle having the same abstract posted five years apart and that is what I am nailing this down with. It cannot be debunked.

The abstract proves Covid is a Rothschild plot, NO IFS OR BUTS. It does not matter if methods changed 50 times to make the abstract happen. Though the patent dates are important, they can be lied about. They can be misrepresented. The abstract cannot be lied about or misrepresented, it simply is what it is, and is what cinches this.

This is not a TikTok post, this will take time to read. It an affirmative bust of Rothschild involvement in Covid years before it was announced, and they even called it Covid back then. They knew where they were going with this. I have simplified this down as much as possible.

I will not be issuing a retraction.

IMPORTANT: The U.S. patent office also has the original work on this referenced to 2015. They knew the final patent was coming the whole time and are therefore complicit.


If you would like to support this site, please use and Paypal, thanks!


I did not miss the human/pig chimera Alex posted

The presentation: MIT is experimenting with human pig chimeras at farms across the United States. PROBLEM: The video of the Chimera is taking place in a Spanish speaking country, NOT the United States and there's no way the sound track matches anything from MIT. Someone in the comments below this at Infowars said this video is mis-represented and was originally posted as being from Colombia.

My conclusion: Juan will be hunted and shot for this, because the DNA error checking did not prevent cross-species "reproduction" from happening. When this happens in India, they decide who it looks like most and kill them. Infowars got suckered.

The first thing I thought was "Why is this in Spanish??" MIT would NEVER have that in the soundtrack if it really was recorded in the United States. Yep, it is disgusting.


Update: There is a strong consensus that this was probably a false flag. Consider the location: Right in the back yard of both the FBI and CIA. So consider that when going over this. I have repeatedly posted to this site testimony of doctors, CVS employees and nurses getting strong financial incentives to keep giving the shots even though they know the shots are hurting people. IF this was not a false flag, this guy was right, 40,000 medical professionals quitting in New York State alone rather than getting this shot cannot be wrong. they know what the shots do, and this guy snapped.


I have never posted micro air bubbles from my mircoscope because they are fairly hard to make without effort (I guess I could put some coca-cola on the slide which would make it easy) but I don't keep pop in the house . . . . . anyway - All the air bubbles I posted were large ones, because that's what people were hoaxing with. Now there's a hoax where someone posted micro air bubbles and claimed they were self assembling nanotech in the vax.

SO MAY I PRESENT: Micro air bubbles on a microscope slide. People, DONT BE CONNED. Sadly, the guy who gave the hoaxer prominent air was trying to be legit and he DID ask the right questions.

You want to make me mad? Just hoax someone who's trying to do a good job. The woman who did it was probably CIA or some other sham. This video I have here to do the debunk is pre-covid, no, I did not pull out my microscope for this because it was too easy to find. Just put some coca cola on a slide and you'll get this.

And HEYYYYY, look at what happens where the bubbles connect! "A little metallic looking connection point!" Yep, there is your "self assembling nanotech" in the Pfizer shot. Only, in this case that "nanotech" is "self assembling" because surface tension will cause that!!!

THESE ARE AIR BUBBLES PEOPLE, and LOOK, when they touch they make "little metallic connecting points!!!" The hoax video simply did a better job of getting them all the same size so they connected more nicely.

A video with these formed a little better is circulating the web from another alt media source that's trying to be credible, and I KNOW he reads this site. NO ONE WITH ANY MICROSCOPE EXPERIENCE WOULD MISTAKE THIS, TO THE OTHER SOURCE: SHE CONNED YOU. SHE'S A HOAX.

There is absolutely no way she did not know what this is, if she could operate a microscope that well she is conning everyone with this. Take the rest of everything she presented in that video and SHITCAN IT because she's a con artist.

The thickness of the air bubble wall all depends upon how you set the microscope's iris. At least it took a decent one to hoax it so nice.

I was informed that the new health minister in Australia who replaced the corrupted puke was Christian and anti-lockdown. MY COMMENT: BULLSHIT. If so, let's see the lockdowns end. THEY WILL NOT END. Agendas are agendas, and any lie needed to accomplish the agenda will be told. Aahh yes, there REALLY IS A HEALTH EMERGENCY because the new health minster is anti-lockdown, and not a *** and is a Christian and so if you are STILL under lockdown, THERE REALLY IS A REASON, go eat sh**. When monsters rule the roost, it ALWAYS ends like that.

A few quick items

People are saying Facebook went down so they could scrub vax posts but from what I see there's more to it than that. All the major carriers and sites are going down one by one and though I would not be surprised if Facebook did a lot of scrubbing during their hours of opportunity it is not only them, ALL the major sites are experiencing outages and it really appears someone is testing the web to make good and sure everything goes down when they want.


The USPS not delivering to Australia story is making the rounds again (this time in the MSM), a full month after I first reported it. About a month ago I was onto how bad the lockdowns were and stated that the USPS and other countries could no longer mail packages into Australia because the Australian government wanted a total siege on the people and FINALLY, a month later, the MSM is finally admitting it is all true. It is not just the USPS, it is all carriers and all anyone has to do is look at the air traffic maps to prove it. There is not enough air traffic to support Australia's needs, the air traffic in and out of Hawaii dwarfs what is going in and out of Australia, with Australia having 25X the population.


Old news making the rounds again: A plastic surgeon who looks like a classic soy boy wrote his own mocking obituary after getting both Moderna jabs and then died from them. He had previously written about how he could not feel the chip but he can receive radio signals and mocked anti-vaxxers badly. He then fell ill, went into the hospital, wrote his obit (still mocking anti vaxxers) and was dead a few weeks later. The MSM did a huge coverup and said he wrote the obit and died, but never admitted he actually got the shots.


You do not need to be told there is fetal tissue in all the vaxxes, right? I do not even mention that because I assume my readers already know. I was, however, surprised to find out it was in the MRNA shots that use different tech. No, they can never get all of the tissue a vax was grown in out, and when it is human sourced and then injected the results are devastating because it triggers an immune reaction against you being human. All by design. All the shots are bad and have been for quite a while. If you have the right access you can get alt shots that don't have it in them but it is damn near impossible to ask for such shots because they are for the privileged and not highly publicized. There is no reason at all to grow vaccines in human tissue when they can be grown in eggs, cats, chickens, whatever you want and there are no horrific side effects when non human tissue is used. There are only side effects WHEN human tissue is used. There is absolutely no need to grow vaxxes in aborted babies, yet they do, and I beg to question why. They know it is not good because it triggers auto immune disorders including against the brain (autism) and they do it anyway. WHY?? Don't ask, you ought to already know.

Someone "debunked" the pizza shop owner

Update: There is also no 100 employee vax mandate, it was a hoax released in the press with no mandate to back it up. The Federalist reported on this today and yep, it is true. However, I am going to assume this story of the guy firing people IS true, because many companies acted on the press reports rather than reality.

Someone "debunked the pizza shop owner who fired all the vaxxed employees. Supposedly he made it all up. I call BUNK on the "debunk" which is too convenient.

The last thing "they" want is people taking decisive action like this to counteract their B.S. and the FIRST thing they'd do in response to something so viral is call it fake. I doubt it was fake.

Additionally, it would not be illegal to do this as the "debunker" claimed. You can fire whoever you want. He can just shut it all down and fire everyone if he wants. You do not have to guarantee anyone a job. And in this context, firing whoever he chose to fire to meet biden's 100 quota would be fair game. I would do this myself but I would not be making a video about it. I'd slowly atrit them out claiming hard economic times before the deadline and not even mention the vax.

A pile of sites are offline, See this. You can click the sites to see comments and what is going on. There are some major outages now.

Someone is definitely probing systems and seeing what it takes to kill sites, see next post:

Will October 15th be the day?

I have heard rumors and rumors of rumors that all the internet outages are the "elite" testing how to take sites down before a big shutdown on the 15th. RUMORS. I will not state this as fact. However, lately several cell phone providers have gone off line for a while (unprecedented) and yesterday, even Claudia's cell provider went down (never happened before) plus a drone show in China went totally wonky and looks to me like it was a hack, Everyone knows what happened to faceplant and others associated, and this morning Conservativetreehouse was down. RENSE WAS DOWN FOR A LONG TIME, before the Facebook hack -

There is LOTS AND LOTS going on right now and it really is looking like someone is touching the wires like the velociraptors in the first Jurassic Park - will October 15th be the day they get out? It is not as if there is no precedent, day after day things continue to go wonky, sites continue getting dropped and frankly, I have never seen anything like this before.

Why would they be doing this? A fairly obvious answer would be because it is becoming too obvious the Corona shots are weapons. Lately, pictures of the first babies born to vaxxed moms, moms who got the shot after conception but before birth - and the results are horrific. I believe it is entirely possible Facebook got shut down to prevent the photos from propagating. Facebook can search a text string for an auto ban, but photos are far more difficult and the day Facebook went down was the day that topic should have exploded.

My suspicion:

If they cannot get the horrible reports about maimed babies and more under control, they really will pull the plug and the 15th would not be a surprise. Will they? Well, people die from making predictions so I am not going to get on this bandwagon, but I will say it is being said widely and we certainly have precedent.


People started circulating this:

Now, upon reflecting on everything taking place now it becomes obvious we clearly have a world war going on, with the primary hot weapon being a shot. Secondary weapons are the lockdowns, scamming media, and manipulative doctors. If you go over all the nurse testimony, you'll quickly realize that ALL OF THEM are saying that the doctors are refusing to acknowledge anything is going on with the shot, while the nurses observe it every single day. Why would the doctors refuse to acknowledge this? ANSWER: because the moment they do, they become liable for anything that happens. Up until they actually acknowledge the shot is maiming people they can claim plausible deniability and ignorance, and cannot be sued no matter how many nurses tell them. And there is a payoff:

Typically, the doctors who are fully corruptible are in this game for six figure payoffs monthly, to just look away and let it happen. And it is happening. Those two baby photos say it. The unemployment stats say it. Countless nurses say it. The supply shortages and chip shortages for "lack of workers" say it. Countless first responders, and even police officers quitting SAYS IT. Let's face it: If when New York put in place a mandate for ALL medical workers to get the shot 40,000 quit, 40,000 who saw first hand what this shot is doing to people quit, but were corrupt enough to keep doing it as long as it was not happening to them something is SERIOUSLY WRONG and it is about to come to a head.

Things are continuing to go exponentially against the shot. People are waking up. When will critical mass hit? Probably in a week or so, damn close to the predicted shut down date many people are repeating - the 15th.


A restaurant owner has OWNED THE INTERNET TODAY

A restaurant owner with 138 employees was required to have ALL OF THEM vaxxed to comply with Biden's 100+ employee vax mandate. 46 of them were already vaxxed. So the restaurant owner fired those 46 vaxxed employees which brought him down to 92 total employees thus bringing him into compliance.

PARITY CHECK FOR ABOVE: 46/138 = 33.333 percent VAXXED, which is approximately the same number I keep repeating and YES, that sample is large enough. This offers strong support to my being correct on the actual numbers. FACT: A strong majority of Americans ARE NOT VAXXED, don't let con artists fool you.


I have noticed that trolls are telling people to take ivermectin right after you eat because it "works better". That is SABOTAGE. Also, a "pea size amount" from a tube of "horse paste" will not do jack. Here is generic ivermectin advice:

Ivermectin should ALWAYS, WITHOUT EXCEPTION be taken when you get up in the morning (or as long as you want to wait after that without eating) to make GOOD AND SURE your stomach is completely empty. Take it with at least a glass of water and do not eat anything for a full hour.

I may have forgotten to mention this with my ivermectin posts. And no, an adult CANNOT POSSIBLY be poisoned with a single 20 or less gram tube of horse paste but that's more than you would need at one time so I would not eat a whole tube at once just to avoid wasting it. And the stuff I got for myself is not horse paste at all, it is for "everything except humans" - Chickens, horses, goats, pigs, dogs, WHATEVER. Which obviously means humans too but would require different marketing for that. "Human" dosing is .15 milligrams per kilogram but I took it to 3 whole milligrams per kilogram (eventually, after testing lower doses) just to be a guinea pig for this site and could not notice anything at all and I mean NOTHING, nothing was noticeable at all.

Important repeat: I noticed something BIG after my first dose that amounted to 0.25 mg/kg however, and it is probably because dying parasites released toxins into my system. You'll probably feel the effects of dead parasites in their death throes from your first (small) dose but after that, no matter how much I took I could not notice anything at all. I would avoid driving for a day. Claudia (who "never drives") literally ordered me to pull over and she started driving. So it would probably make sense to make your first dose no more than 0.25 mg/kg body weight just to reduce the shock to your system from dead parasites.

ALSO: I did not take ivermectin to "cure Corona". I took it out of curiosity and for the purpose of my first ever in my lifetime parasite cleanse. It worked wonders. There were results. I feel a lot better to boot. After the initial cleanse I took it in larger and larger amounts just to post what happened on this site. Answer: In amounts far beyond any recommendations, and many times more than needed to kill parasites, after the parasites were dead I noticed NOTHING AT ALL.

Take a minute and watch this FANTASTIC video by John McAffe

Everyone should watch this, it is not only about porn. This really lays out the security dilemma extremely well.

Google WILL pass your search results over to the FBI if they meet certain criteria

The so-called "elite" are getting scared, and are issuing threats against parents who are upset about common core and the teaching of their kids to be gay, plus hate their parents, plus hate their country, race, or even themselves (if boys) And because parents know this is going on now and have expressed their disgust, the FBI has been assigned to make good and sure no parent ever presents a "threat" to those in the schools that are doing this.

There are enough of "them" to infiltrate the schools with filth, all it takes is one prominent administrator to wreck the education for a city of 10,000 (a population percentage of 00.001) and when you consider the community doing this has about 8 million people in the U.S. the schools are easy to knock out. They'll get the job done. SO, to make it more clear without actually saying it: the privileged tribe has instructed the FBI to investigate ANYONE looking into the bergs, the steins, THE DAVIDS, (small hats) via Google so that's a fine heads up.

REMEMBER: This applies to Andriod devices using alt search engines, or ANYONE using Google's browser. REMEMBER: Duck Duck claims to not track you, but uses Google. Probably the best search engine out there not tied into what the FBI can demand answers from is Yandex, ignore the Russian and type in English, it will give you English results. Yandex is the only alt search engine as powerful as google and you get TOTALLY different results, if it is censored it is certainly not censored the same way.

Microscope videos

My comment: A lot of highly credible microscope videos of the vax and blood that has been affected by it have surfaced lately. I will not comment past this because I am well enough equipped to do this myself, WHEN I get lucky enough to get my own samples. However, some of the stuff out there is compelling and it appears my posts about air bubbles, what normal blood looks like, blood conditions that can be mis-identified and what blood that has been on the slide too long looks like, (so do not get hoaxed) have had a good effect and legit interviewers are asking the right questions while legit people are being heard while the hoaxers die.

I am not in the mood to occupy a huge portion of this page with this at this time, other things should be on top. However - If that's all this site's microscope will ever accomplish - the killing of hoaxters, it will have shown it's value many times over.

Update to below: It really appears someone is testing the waters with how to hack and shut things down.

Sabotage? Drone show featuring 200 drones in China

Just reported in Mex media - Right when all the drones were above a large crowd, they suddenly all shut off mid flight and fell into the crowd, with many people seriously hurt. There is an investigation underway to determine whether or not the operators made an error, or if it was sabotage via a hack.

It looked crazy, they simply went dark one by one in rapid succession and fell into the crowd.

Update: Other media sources are now saying no one was hurt now that more are covering this. From looking over what happened, my guess is the show was hacked, which fits perfectly with many internet attacks lately, with the latest site attacked that I know of being


Out of the blue, Australia will not be allowing any foreign tourists until 2022.

Why? It is their summer. There will not be any outbreaks. Summer of doom? Yes, they eliminated those who would not cooperate with full on genocide and replaced them, today. Read down the page aways, to my report "The full criminilization of everything" - that is what is going on, BANK ON IT. They had to get rid of someone horrific because she was not horrible enough.

The bad news:

"Millions of front line medical workers, police officers, emergency rescue and more, will walk off the job"


These people, who refused the jab, represent the BEST of the races and their genes will be preserved (provided they avoid the future prison camps) and they WILL carry mankind forward if they find ways to survive the upcoming persecution. In the end, after this eugenics scheme plays out, the best genes will carry forward if enough of them make it to start everything over again.


Yes I have the link, but if you are so stupid you'd actually do this, find the link yourself.

The pitch: All the bad guys are locked out, and only the good guys can use the back door! be patient, this "update" will take a while.

My observation: Gosh, that 100+ meg internet connection you paid extra for is going to help LOTS with those updates, that's enough to send out 30 amazing quality photos per minute or a minute of un-compressed video. THAT will help speed up those "updates", not to mention how much 5G will "help"!

The full criminalization of EVERYTHING

It is beginning to become apparent that the only way to get into a government position is to be a criminal that is part of the club. CONSIDER: All our politicians, even Rand Paul, are pushing a shot that is clearly destroying the population and NO ONE is being held accountable. In Australia, Gladys Berejiklian pushed the harshest forced vaccinations and lockdowns in the world to receive bribes worth millions AND, AT THE SAME TIME not be prosecuted for receiving past big pharma bribes. As it turns out, the harsh measures in Australia were not at all about health and instead had 100 percent to do with corruption and payoffs. HERE IS WHAT WILL HAPPEN:

She will resign her post, and that will be punishment enough, there will be no subsequent prosecution. She was allowed to be ousted because for some reason she was not doing a "good enough" job and even worse and more draconian leadership will follow. That is just the way it is when criminals have taken every post from top to bottom, for some reason they had to let go of her but she will not be punished and the replacement will be worse, just like Cuomo and his New York replacement.

We are witnessing the replacement of criminals who are not doing well enough with better criminals, who WILL get the job done. There will be no investigations and no jailings, NO NOTHING, the system has gone too "banana republic" for any of that to happen. All the while, behind the scenes, the people who paid Gladys Berejiklian to do what she did simply retract into the darkness, only to return with a new tentacle attached to the next criminal mask who will do their bidding.

Big pharma is run by these criminals who openly sought to destroy the population via their shots and when cures were offered for what the shots were supposed to treat, those cures were blocked, and NOW, after too much public outrage, they are releasing patented and very expensive pills that are synthetic copies of the cure, after all hope was lost in stopping that cure. Because the government consists of criminals who are presented and supported by criminals, no one will prosecute these companies that are owned by the same behind the scenes criminals. No one will question the shot. Since the shot itself is the primary objective, it continues to be pushed even while criminals present the alternatives.

Criminals are rewarding criminals

The criminals in the media who were complicit in all the recent scams from vote rigging to climate to Covid, are going to be receiving a $50,000 yearly tax credit EACH, ALL THE REPORTERS, out of the anything but an "infrastructure" bill for their compliance with all the con jobs and refusing to report corruption where found, cures where found, and crimes where found. In the current system, crime DOES PAY, and this payout to the reporters who are supporting crime by never even approaching it is perfect proof of what is really going on, who is in charge, and who serves who.

These criminal reporters push horse dung like this:

"Trump Tumbles Off Forbes Rich List After COVID Pandemic Slashes His Fortune

Forbes magazine has released its annual list of America's 400 wealthiest people and, for the first time since 1995, one name is notable only by its absence - Donald Trump. The ex-president has featured on every single Forbes 400 since 1996 - usually in the top half - but the magazine reported that Trump's estimated $2.5 billion fortune is $400 million short of this year's cutoff to get on the list. Forbes wrote that Trump's net worth has shrunk by $600 million since the start of the coronavirus pandemic because his portfolio is mainly made up of big-city properties that have sat relatively empty for the past year and a half. The magazine added that Trump had a golden opportunity to offload his assets at the start of his presidency and is now paying the price for not doing so. It stated: "If Trump is looking for someone to blame, he can start with himself."

My comment: SAY WHAT??!!?? IF Trump had tried to sell off anything he had while being president, he'd have been impeached for vilation of the emoluments clause, something they held over his head when he did NOTHING AT ALL. THAT, posted above, is EXACTLY the kind of criminal reporting that is getting a $50,000 reverse tax payoff YEARLY, as part of that "infrastructure bill". Where have we seen such lies make it to print before? On the pages of Tass and Pravda, during the cold war. They would lie like that, and it seems the exact same types are now positioned in the American media, where they will cause us GREAT expense with their slander, slant and outright lies, while they receive a payoff at OUR EXPENSE.

Criminals getting criminals elected who support criminals that then turn around and pay off criminals. Obviously if you are NOT a criminal, YOU ARE OUT.

Democracy: A system favored by criminals who "count the votes" and "provide election security" while they pay other criminals to lie to the people and BLAME THE PEOPLE for "repeatedly never solving the problems via the elections, and GETTING WHAT THEY ASKED FOR." Only, no, democracy is only the illusion - the platform - for hoaxing the people into believing they are responsible for the problems criminals cause. That is where we are at, - the people of North Korea have a HUGE advantage - they know their problems were not caused by how they voted. "Democracy" provides perfect cover and a perfect scapegoat for criminals to wave in everyone's face. Don't blame us, you voted for it!

We will never be able to vote or lawsuit our way out of this, because even law enforcement and the courts consist of criminals. We had damn well better FORGET DEMOCRACY and start appointing our leadership via a physically forced revolution, until we do so, until every last one of these criminals has been rooted out and hung, we are going NOWHERE but down the toilet.

Cornerstone report:
Fukushima SABOTAGE!

Remote controlled Germanwings Airbus A320 crash? All evidence points to this.

California drought: DAMS DRAINED ON PURPOSE