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The severe weather that has been happening globally is not natural. Here is how it is done.

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I lost my temper at Wal Mart and got Claudia mad

We had to go get tempera paint because despite quitting her job Claudia is "Still a teacher" and she needed it for something. I did not want to spend a whole lot but wanted it in volume (liters, not the one ounce jars), and figured we'd just get the primary colors because those can be combined to make any color. YOU KNOW, PRIMARY COLORS. RED, BLUE AND YELLOW. If anyone is selling tempera paint, those are MANDATORY. Unless you're a stupid snow flake making decisions at corporate and do not know why the hell you'd need the PRIMARY COLORS. Blue and yellow make green. Red and blue make purple - you know, THAT, and anyone with a functioning brain ought to know that, especially at CORPORATE.

So we got to where the school paints were, and the large containers were FUN COLORS. Colors for IDIOTS. Idiots who don't know yellow and red make orange, but once it is orange, there's no going back. Yes, THEY HAD ORANGE. They had PINK. They had BROWN. They had sparkly fun fluorescent colors. But did they have the basics? NO. Because to some idiot in corporate, those were "boring" obviously. Some IDIOT who waves a big diploma I am sure, and never learned jack.

So I stood there in shock, looking at four or five different brands of paint, and the primary colors could not be represented EVEN IF YOU MIXED BRANDS AND TYPES. I about flipped out. And I got (sorta) loud, not really loud, but you could definitely tell I was disgusted, and I said: "Do you want proof our civilization is getting flushed down the toilet? LOOK AT THAT!!! THERE IT IS. Across ALL BRANDS the F***ING snowflakes who ordered the paint were too stupid to include RED YELLOW AND BLUE. You could not get that combination even if you got different brands and tried. Oh, Pastel colors are COOOL. NOT.

And I started to mope and complain because I was so upset about how that made it so obvious our civilization really was being degraded to such an extent crap that was known five thousand years ago is obviously not taught in the schools now, and I'd bet the paper trained idiot that put useless colors in the store has a big phat diploma in art. They did not even have that combination in oil paint!!

So Claudia got upset and pouty "Because I started yelling" and that is not right . . . . but I did not back down. I went in a loop trying to make it clear why it was worth getting upset over because if you have 75 colors to chose from across several brands and can't get red yellow and blue even if you sacrifice and combine brands that right there PROVES total societal degradation, IMAGINE THAT in the 70's. It would not happen. People back then were not stupid. In 2020 those colors are "boring" so let's just skip them! If there ever was a glaring proof we have gone down the intellectual shitter THAT IS IT. Wal Mart is an American chain. Americans were THAT STUPID. THAT is politics in school instead of teaching. THAT is "common core".

Some people are obviously going to think "Oh, that's just because of Corona! No, IT IS NOT. because if you can get the fancy colors, YOU HAVE TO HAVE THE PRIMARY COLORS, covid did not cause that. There was no empty shelf space for missing red yellow and blue, they just did not stock it. Back in the day if anyone carried that type of paint a majority would have been red yellow blue and ther would be 50 of each of those and off to the side there might be a few hard to make custom colors that sat there for a while. That obviously changed. Maybe it was a local thing, but from the way the inventory was I doubt it. IDIOTS.

At least the one ounce sets put together by the paint manufacturers had the primary colors, ALL OF THEM DID, but what good is an ounce of paint?

Fortunately we were able to find legit colors elsewhere. WTH happened to Wal Mart??

Fortunately we were able to find legit colors elsewhere and things cooled off quickly. WTH happened to Wal Mart??

If you have

3 rifles, 2 shotguns, a handgun and NO PELLET GUN you have made a mistake. You will go hungry while you sit there in fear knowing the moment you shoot your rifle you'll be located and done away with, while the "loser" with ONLY A PELLET GUN is going to be eating. That said, go with a springer and not a nitro or you'll have the same problem as the guy who's going hungry. Probably not as bad, but still a problem.

Enough said.


They will NOT comply with the vax mandate, AND I FOUND OUT WHY. IT IS AS BAD AS THE PILOTS QUITTING.

From what I can find, here is what is happening, and why they are quitting:

Truckers, who can communicate via radio and totally bypass big tech censorship as well as MSM censorship, have discovered that when people in their families die from the shot they cannot communicate this via social media but that does not stop their radios. Conversations have popped up among the truckers, and they are discovering they are not alone when their family members die, and that practically all of them have had family members die from the shots. DIE FROM THE SHOTS, IN ADDITION TO ONES WHO GOT MAIMED AND ARE NOT DEAD.

Because this corroborates what I know from Mex, at this time: TWO family members took the Pfizer shot and promptly died. ONLY TWO got the FIRST shot, and they died from it. Additionally two more people at the church in Mexico city got Pfizer, ONLY TWO, and both died. Claudia's former boss had her husband take pfizer, and HE promptly died. Now, the neighbor took Pfizer, (both shots) and is not dead yet but things are not going well. That is SIX PFIZER JABS, FIVE DEATHS. None of them made it to the second shot. I bet they have those batches labeled and everyone I know who died got the black box edition.

I am guessing that's more deaths than usual on a percentage basis and it sure helps me believe the truckers have connected via radio and know damn well what has been censored from the MSM and big tech, and they are NOT getting the shot come hell or high water.

To sum this up in a sentence: Practically all the truckers have had family members or others close die from the shots and they cannot be censored once they key their radios. THEY KNOW WHAT IS UP AND ARE GOING TO WALK OFF THE JOB TO AVOID THE JAB BECAUSE THEY DO NOT WANT TO BE AMONG THE DEAD.

It is good that they know, but the consequences are going to be VERY BAD if Biden does not back off on the bullshit.

No truckers.

The top 50 percent of air force pilots gone.

WHAT NEXT? How do you fight a war when you do not even have people willing to transport materials? The people who are causing this are NOT STUPID FOLKS, this is probably strategy to make damn good and sure America loses.

Does meat really rot in your colon? An experienced digestive doctor destroys that myth

A digestive doctor who has worked extensively with colonostomies says the truth: From what shows up in the bags, meat never makes it half way through your small intestine. It never shows up in the colon at all. What shows up? VEGGIES. Un-digested veggies are what really rots in your colon, which is in part why Vegans always look sick.

This is a must watch, it is PERFECT. Doctors and nurses agree: Colonostomy bags tell the truth!!

A reader wrote and said people in Australia were cut off from E-mail

That is not what I have observed, there are people in Australia that still get through to me. However, this is definitely something to keep an eye on. I think I will make a few cold calls to Australia to see if I can figure out what is going on.

Do not believe the crap about the election being invalidated

I noticed this spiel going around this evening and it is BUNK. If Biden was able to cause an enormous portion of the military to go AWOL with his horriffic leadership and the military agreed and enforced it, Biden is going NOWHERE. Even if the election is invalidated. And it will not be.

A big part of the communist takeover of Russia was a campaign similar to Q-anon, that gave people hope so they would not react to the takeover until it was too late. This evolved into "The military is on our side and will put it right" which was the second part of the soviet tactics used to get people to not react, because every day they were re-assured the military would stop the takeover until the takeover was permanently and irrevocably complete. At no point ever was the Russian military going to stop the takeover, the right infiltrations were done and the correct levers were pushed. The U.S. is exactly the same, and will swirl right down the toilet bowl because people are still in large part stupid enough to actually believe Trump might somehow take over and the military will put it right. Forget this, forget 2024, it is NOT HAPPENING. Instead, our military is being gutted so it cannot put up a resistance against what comes next. They'll do just fine going door to door taking guns though.

About the page below: The picture is coming into view. HERE IS WHAT IS PROBABLY UP:

Forcing the jab on people to get them to quit their jobs is probably a setup to cause America to lose a war. If half the military pilots really did walk off the job to avoid the mandate Biden foisted on them yesterday, and if on top of that an enormous pile of people in the work force quit to avoid the jab, there is a perfect storm brewing to cause America to totally lose a war. This storm has just short of half of the military missing, with the remaining seriously damaged ON TOP of so many people not working that the work force needed to provide supplies during a war simply is not there. A double whammy. A one two punch. And so, read it and weep, this page is awful.

I quit for the day. God I hope so, there had better not be another disaster today.


If any "terror attacks" do happen, well, we were expecting a false flag so all we can really do is wait this out. I received nothing specific with regard to any attacks but in this case, common sense can do a LOT.

The crap I had to post today is SO BAD I forgot tomorrow is 911.

There is already talk about war with Iran floating around, perhaps someone will front a terror attack by Iran. And the story goes like this: for the first time America will be attacking a sophisticated country with decent weapons that knows how to fight. So it will be NASTY. What if it is all a setup to get China or Russia to fight us after I was tipped off to the following:

About below: It is not just top level pilots. Pilots at ALL LEVELS walked off the job. I am distraught. I quit for the day. Time to spend time with Claudia.

America is being fed into the shredder alive. And it seems like no one can stop it.


Obviously the MSM will not be honest about this, but I'd like at least some indication this is actually accurate from evidence on the ground before it goes viral. HERE GOES:

INSIDER INFO: (UPDATE, it is probably NOT erroneous:) 10,754 air force pilots walked off the job after Biden's speech to avoid the jab

I am putting a disclaimer on this because it is so hard to believe, even though it appears to be a legit tip. DISCLAIMER: Everything you are hearing about "pilots quitting" on the web is base by base - how many pilots quit at a particular base. There are over 300 Air force bases, so no matter what it is adding up to thousands of pilots, not 28 or whatever else you might have heard. Even if the stated number is off by 75 percent it is still far more accurate than anything else out there, the Air Force has approximately 20,000 pilots and half of them quitting to avoid the jab would not be a surprise because pilots are not stupid. REALITY: Biden just maimed the military. It will never be the same again.

My guess is the total number of pilots quitting will grow because this is ONLY AIR FORCE and all branches have pilots.

I only added the disclaimer because I know people are going to have a hard time believing this.

Everyone has heard about 20 fighter pilots here, a couple more there, but all the stories people have heard are about what happened on INDIVIDUAL BASES. It's not 20 or 30 quitting, it is thousands.

The damage:

Over half of the F22 fighter planes are now grounded due to lack of pilots.
A vast majority of F-35 pilots are off the job.

Half of the B52 pilots and their accompanying support are off the job.
An incalculable pile of cargo and transport planes are grounded as are a majority of re-fueling planes.
A majority of fighter jets of other types are grounded.
The Air Force does have more pilots than it has planes, so I am sure they'll still be flying to some degree but this is a major blow, if Biden does not back off STAT we are going to be in deep sh*t. It appears he maimed the military to ensure we lose a war. My data is either spot on or close to accurate and I will not back down if someone cries foul or the MSM plays coverup and spews bullshit.

Individual cases in point have some air force bases totally shut down (not flying). The Air Force can probably launch about half of the planes it could before so many pilots quit.

I got no data for the Navy, Army or Marines, but I bet it's not cute.

The bottom line is that Biden issued an order for everyone to get jabbed or face court martial and a massive portion of the U.S. military quit. Biden just committed the largest strike against the American military that has ever happened by orders of magnitude. America may as well have been nuked.

And what about those who did get jabbed? I am sure they won't be able to fight very well.

Biden and the sleeper cells Obama put in the upper ranks of the military activated, enforced Biden's treasonous B.S. and decimated the U.S. military. This is as bad as it gets. If it is as bad as I have been told, we are EFFED, I was told straight up that the U.S. would be defeated in a war no questions asked if China and Russia attacked and that the U.S. might not even be able to fend off one of the two.

I don't know what to say. I am depressed. I want to sleep. Because I know this is the end. America cannot withstand such a maiming, NO WAY.

That said, if you are STILL in the Armed Forces and facing a jab to stay, QUIT. For God's sake QUIT at least until this lunatic giving orders and the treasonous upper ranks are shut down.

YOUR PLAN, going forward. Here's what I have decided to do.

Actually, I have more than "decided", I for the most part have this nailed.

1. Buy enough various foods to last about a year, even if they are just cheap crap that can be stored. The pancake mix really is the best option as far as I see it but you pick what you want. Something similarly cheap with lots of calories, plus enough storable side items to not get totally bored. The advantage to pancake mix is that it can be purchased in sealed plastic bags that will not get bugs. Do not buy boxed pancake mix.

2. Get onto Amazon or Ebay or wherever you can find them and buy heirloom seeds. Get acorn squash, potatoes, sweet potatoes, corn, tomatoes, carrots, and similar and GET A LOT OF THEM because if the food supply really does get decimated as some are predicting (see the video I posted yesterday about this, I believe it is legit) then starting next year you need a garden. If you have never gardened before you need to get on the web right now and study.

3. At this point you need to, if you do not have it or are renting or paying a mortgage or are stuck in the city - you need to find a place to put your garden and NO, a garden plot in a public park will not cut it. Your garden, if you are going to depend on it for ALL your needs, has to be totally secret and has to be AT LEAST, bare minimum, 11,000 square feet on highly fertile land. That's 1/4 acre, which is well known (at least until censorship kicked in) to be the absolute minimum plot a family of 4 can expect to survive on, and that's if things go perfect. You will NEVER live off a few pots on the balcony.

To have better luck you need an acre, and ideally, five acres so you can keep chickens and goats. More than five will probably not be needed.

You will need a pellet gun for meat if all you have is a garden.

The most important thing you can do now is buy seeds. And I am not talking the tiny Burpee bags unless you are in a situation where nothing more is available, you need POUNDS of corn seed, not ounces and though the other seeds weigh a lot less, you'll never get by on Burpee bags if you truly need your garden to live, unless you get 5 of each or so.

You will probably not get away with watering from a faucet, water has to be available. The leftists will know if you are using the faucet for more than the basics, and they will come and kill your garden. There are no gardens that can produce well without watering even in a wet year. That has to be considered.

If you at least have the seeds there's a good chance you can work out where to plant them when you really have to if you have no space. Don't plant them where anyone can get to them, including well fenced in areas, if people are starving the ONLY thing that will work is total secrecy.

The top item is SEEDS, and yes, popcorn will grow. Better that than nothing if it comes down to it.

If you do a pumpkin this year, save the seeds from it. There's a good chance they will grow and one pumpkin will do a LOT. How about getting a few acorn squash and saving the seeds from those? You do not necessarily have to buy every last seed. A bag of potatoes, kept VERY cool will grow next year if you cut them up and plant each piece that has an eye, - there is no reason to be totally unprepared. You can pick the seeds out of a ripe tomato and save them. Pinto beans will sprout and grow just like Burpee. You have to be careful with corn because lots of it that gets sold as food has been through a dryer that kills it. That never happens to popcorn though. There's LOTS you can do to get seeds, try to buy organic and save the seeds. Get enough and you'll be set for $0 because you need to eat and normally throw the seeds away . . . .

I have the seeds from a few squash and a pumpkin and potatoes and tomatoes and some pinto beans that will sprout and this and that and what do you have? impending death?? Stupidity when you could have at least had a chance by not tossing the seeds out in the trash at this point in the game just might be fatal.

Interesting "intelligence" from social media

This backs up my claims that people are refusing the clot shot and the actual number of jabbed is right around 30 percent. "They" have repeated coercive "me too" lies claiming far higher percentages to make people feel crazy for not getting the shot, but in reality I believe it is more like this.

I do not know who originally posted this, but it really looks legit.

"I am currently working a campaign calling Human Resource Directors. Part of any sales pitch is finding out what the "pain points" are for them, then use that against them to push the sale through.

Reports throughout the country is the HR Directors biggest problem is when they announced they were requiring the clot shot THE WHOLE COMPANY QUITS AT THE SAME TIME. Same story over and over and over.

They are losing their shit over this. Even had one lady break down crying on the phone. The worst hit are anything medical and the schools. Top dogs are having to cover 2-3 job titles as "interim" because they cant find anyone else. I spoke with a nursing home administrator that had to perform cna duties and was wiping asses because there was no one else left to do it.

This country as a whole is absolutely REFUSING to take the clot shot despite the threats. If they cant get it above 50% then they will never be able to institute passports. Right now the real numbers are around 30%.

The lunatic dems plan to force this through employers is an absolute 100% fucking FAILURE.


When assigned this project I was upset knowing it would suck to be calling this service line. Not as much money to be made in the middle of this clusterf***. But the real payoff for me has become hearing how badly the american people have f***ed them off. They will never win."

My comment: The last I saw that I knew was accurate was that 27 percent of the country on average had one shot, and fewer had both. This was at a time when the MSM was trying to say over 50 percent had the shot, to pressure people into getting it via the "me too" or "I don't want to be a nutcase" ruse.

Granted, this was back in June, but at that time Tiffany Dover was already dead and the resistance against the shot was enormous. I find it hard to believe such huge numbers of people subsequently walked right in and blew their brains out. Russian Roulette takes a certain type . . . .

30 percent vaxxed? Maybe. Probably not over 40 percent. Who knows, but it sure is not what they say it is.


Guo, the guy who broke the Hunter files to the world, got onto the graphene topic

He immediately got trolled by con artists with "revelations about graphene" and his case, which was highly plausible, has fallen apart. His original case:

He had connections to Chinese biotech (plausible) because he is a billionaire and every corona shot, and those connections got ahold of him and confirmed the graphene. All shots regardless of the manufacturer have graphene in them as an unlisted ingredient. The original posts, which appear to have been replaced, accurately stated that it was a small percentage of the shot (still adding up to trillions of nanoparticles which is possible as a small percentage) and that the charge on the graphene oxide is what did the dirty work. In his original posts it was accurately stated that the graphene could never be removed from the body once it is in and that there was no detox possible.

Hoaxers immediately hit him like a pack of hyenas and now he is posting detox and "it will interact with 5G and fry you" B.S. and it took no time, the hoaxers nailed him practically the same day he originally posted.

My take is that originally he had a plausible case but has fallen for B.S. presented by professional hoaxers to make good and sure he is completely discredited. He does not know who to believe and got taken advantage of.

My conclusion: Possibly accurate at first, but forget it now. We all know the shot is bad and it is likely to have graphene but that detail is as important as knowing the ratio of antimony to lead that was in a bullet that blew your brain out. It does not matter, knowing the shot is a weapon is what matters.

DO NOT FALL FOR GRAPHENE DETOX B.S., ONCE THAT SHOT IS IN, IT IS IN AND THAT IS THE END OF THE STORY. People profit off the placebo effect and that's all a graphene detox would ever be. Focus on damage management instead, unfortunately, with everything getting censored there is a FAT chance people would ever be able to corroborate as needed to accurately discover how to counteract this weapon. We will not be allowed to know that.

If you do not want to be forced to figure out how to get through the aftermath of a hit from this weapon, stay out of the line of fire to begin witheven if that means having your feet rot off in a filthy trench.

This turned up on the Chans. Take it or leave it.

This is not confirmed but it does look legit. This, if it actually got enforced, would put the U.S. on par with Australia.

Early observation of what is going on after the executive order got released appears to at least partially confirm that even though this cannot possibly be binding because it is so illegal, sleeper cells in the government are making it happen.


She actually said that. And if you scroll past the captured RT report, you'll see a tweet that certainly indicates she's an absolutely heinous monster. You do NOT want THAT "contact tracing you" in a "New World Order".

BIDEN: If governors stand in my way, I'll just remove them!!!

That's not possible. Unless the subversion is that complete. Biden is now on record saying that. If opposing governors now start dying, the evidence trail is already in place. A president cannot just arbitrarily remove governors absent a civil war. If Biden started one, it might be the best thing that ever happened IF it got American gun owners off their butts.

If Trump running in 2024 mattered, I'd post about it.

Yes I heard the irrelevant associated crap. Nothing follows.

Update: People are wondering why I said Trump running is irrelevant. I'll clarify: The only way Trump will "win" is if he got taken by the under tow to the bowels of the swamp. You do not WIN elections in America anymore, you "win" them wink wink

A reader commented: No need to clarify why 2024 and Trump is a snooze fest. We have all caught on by now. Its such a stupid concept.

My response: Well, from what I am seeing some people still need baby food. It is disgusting. Yes, my hope for Trump has evaporated like a freon spill on hot asphalt.

NOT RUMOR: Chinese state media really did label Soros a terrorist

I am not going to bother with links on this because I spent an hour and a half trying to hunt down the official state media release and all that is left is what sites like PressTV posted about it. I would prefer to have captured the actual page with that headline, where they really did say he's a terrorist but unfortunately China did not have the guts to back it up by leaving it posted after facing ridicule and I can say that as well as anyone else. Who, other than a total moron, sell out, or troll would ridicule China for saying something so obvious anyway? Certainly no one with any real credibility would. NOT DEAR CHINA, (but better than the tribe), WHEN YOU GET IT RIGHT, DO NOT RUN LIKE COWARDS AND DELETE IT WHEN YOU FACE RIDICULE. I cannot believe China was gutless enough to chicken out to Soros. Perhaps that is insight all by itself. IF YOU ARE RIGHT, YOU ARE RIGHT, NEVER TAKE THAT BACK.

This is an important tweet

Psaki is held accountable for her B.S. by an unrelenting reporter. Psaki is also lying, because the Biden admin shut down the help line people stranded there were told to use. They can no longer contact anyone to say they are stranded. If you listen to the end, at the beginning it looks like they successfully got the Americans out, but her last line refutes that, YES, Americans ARE stranded there. So why did Biden shut the help line down? I usually don't pay attention to Psaki simply because she makes me gag. I know I am supposed to be "getting the latest" but with her, I can wait.

China is releasing it's own MRNA vax!!!

OUUCH, I will not be going for that even if China happens to be more trustworthy than Pfizer, I refuse to be modded and will go down in flames before accepting that. The book of revelations has in it that mankind corrupted (or polluted) the work of God to such an extent God had to fix it, and my guess is that even if China has good intentions (doubt that very much), but even if so, my guess is that "made in China" will not cut it.

Soros will obviously be behind the next genocide.

It is not only Australia, catastrophe is scheduled everywhere

This is the most important and well done video I have ever seen. It is essential, WATCH IT. "They" bought up all the shipping companies and invaded all sectors of government, and therefore we have THIS:

This video features people across Shipping, energy, and food sectors in America and Europe saying one thing: A disaster is being planned and orchestrated RIGHT NOW. The objective of a war is to control food and energy, thereby gaining control of the people. Usually that is done with bombs and bullets, but this time it was done via infiltration, and this video proves the war is lost. I won't bother with telling you to prepare because it is safe to assume you are not stupid.

To download, hit the arrow or use the 3 dots.

People need to pay attention to Australia

The government there is clearly setting up a genocide. Here is what I think happened there:

50 years ago Australia was singled out by the "elite" as a potential survival stronghold for the white race. They did not want to wipe out the United States and Europe only to have their plans screwed over by "the land down under". They saw South Africa the same way and took action at around the same time, but South Africa was easier to destroy so it is already over with there. Australia was an entirely different story.

The plan with Australia was to keep life looking as normal as possible until the agents of the "elite" (who are the jewish community, I'll not kid anyone here) managed to successfully work as a team to infiltrate every institution they needed to accomplish a police state lockdown with no substantial resistance from the people. This involved the infiltration of all the police departments, municipalities, the national government, the local governments - any place there was a pressure point to apply forceful control, and they got them all. It would take fewer than 1,000 well placed people to accomplish this and the manner in which institutions function would complete the rest of the dirty work by default.

This same effort was applied to the merchant sector, where they put their people right at the pinch points to ensure the merchant sector would comply with orders to murder people via the denial of access to food and other essentials unless the people complied with orders from the institutional sector. This same situation is happening in Europe and the United States, but the United States was a very robust country that paid attention to things well enough to avoid a weapons ban. Australia on the other hand has no defense, and now that the infiltration is complete, we are going to see what the Jews want for ALL OF US. Never forget that it was predominantly the Jews who were the "pirates of the Carribean" as well as the ones running the slave trade, they have a real history of enslaving populations and have mastered the process. Australia is standing out from the rest of the world as a five star example of that process coming to fruition "out of nowhere".

Now that this process is complete Australia is seeing the consequences. There is absolutely no reason for any of the lockdowns but Australians are being punished for resisting the vax more than any other country. Prior to all of this they were only about 5 percent jabbed because they were not stupid. Something had to be done to get them under control and get them jabbed, and we are seeing that now - literally dead airspace above the country with not even parcel delivery of foreign packages happening. A totally communist style system where people are not allowed to go literally farther than you can yell without papers and approval to do so. Suddenly, overnight, Australia went from being a "free country" to a lockdown situation that is in excess of the old Soviet union and East Germany. Even in those locations, historically, you could at least walk all of Berlin and the outlying areas, not so in Australia, where you can now only go 2,000 meters. That's less than a casual fitness bike ride.

Here is proof Australia is going to murder an enormous portion of it's population: If you don't get their jab, (which will kill an enormous portion of the population) you will not be able to work. If you lose your job because you did not get jabbed, you cannot get unemployment. You will therefore eventually starve to death. Australia has already issued the mandate: Get jabbed or die. That has not happened anywhere else yet, and the speed at which it happened in Australia was literally overnight, the Jews merely activated their sleeper cells and threw the country in the waste basket overnight.

As of now, Australia is discussing forcing people to show proof of vaccination to buy food. That's not in place yet but one thing is clear: If "someone" saw fit to simply slam all of Australia into such a filthy lockdown while they successfully, on order, shut down air traffic to such an extent you can't even mail packages in, at the same time they mandated vax passports to even work, at the same time they said if you get fired you cannot get unemployment and therefore cannot buy food, that "someone" clearly plans to commit mass genocide.

The only thing that will stop Australia from matching the other horrific genocides the Jews triggered elsewhere is it's low starting population. Australia can't match Ukraine even if they kill every single man woman and child. That's where Australia is headed if the Australian people do not rise up immediately and put this right, "they" are simply going to toss it in the trash.

Accepting the jab is the wrong answer. All of Australia KNOWS what that shot really is. Only a solid rebellion with consequences will ever stop the monster at their door. Peaceful protest at this point is the best way to die.

New "Arizona audit that will hang them all" a probable psy op

I did not bother with this for a reason but it appears to be going viral so I have to say something. Hate to disappoint you but . . . .

1. Yes the audit was done in the right way and is legit.

2. NO, it will not matter because it was not an official audit.

3. Even the official audit has been shut down. There will be no release, therefore:

4. The audit everyone is talking about today is psy op level hopium that will do nothing but cause people to sit on their butts and DO NOTHING. Arrests coming? HA HA, that's B.S.

So how do I know the official audit will never be released? Easy!!!

1. It was soon to be released in January.
2. It was then again soon to be released in late January.
3. It was soon to be released in February.
4. It was then again soon to be released in late February.
5. It was soon to be released in March.
6. It was then again soon to be released in late March.
7. It was soon to be released in April.
8. It was then again soon to be released in late April.
9. It was soon to be released in May.
10. It was then again soon to be released in late May.
11. It was soon to be released in June.
12. It was then again soon to be released in late June.
13. It was soon to be released in July.
14. It was then again soon to be released in late July.
15. It was soon to be released in August.
16. It was then again soon to be released in late August.
17. It was soon to be released in September.


They will release this when they admit who shot Kennedy. It IS as big of a secret.

Anyone who thinks private boots on the ground doing a private audit will cause anything to happen is LOST. Go do a blog about the Zapruder film.


The Australian government has placed the ultimate siege. No travel allowed. Quarantine in place. Get the jab or you cannot work. You cannot receive at least foreign mail. There are ZERO commuter flights over Australia at this time with a few military flights and a few courier flights. It is perfectly clear the Australian government has issued an ultimatum: Get double jabbed, or get genocided.

It is SO BAD that Americans trapped in Australia cannot even go to the embassy and even if they could, even the embassy cannot arrange a way for Americans to fly out.

Earlier today I reported that the USPS and now confirmed other mail carriers are no longer delivering to Australia. Anything addressed to Australia is being sent back "return to sender". If Australia had a legit plague going on, why would they block incoming deliveries? Answer: There is no plague, Australia is being set up for genocide. Genocide is the only conceivable reason to block all INBOUND deliveries that would be needed to support a population in trouble. The government wants supplies to dwindle to zero without replacement. That air traffic map makes this perfectly clear.


Is the Acapulco earthquake being censored?

Last night there was a 7.1 in Acapulco and immediately, in the first half hour, videos and pictures got posted. Nothing has been posted since. There are very few daytime photos and practically everything is repeats of what got posted last night, in the first few minutes. This is very strange, there should have been endless photos taken by people during the day by now. It really looks like the topic is being censored.

Lots got posted in Mexico City, which did not get shaken badly. Why so little from the epicenter???

I am very suspicious about what is going on at this point. It looks like someone was told to shut up.

All the big Mexican media outlets were on this story, suddenly all at the same time shut down all reporting two hours in, and there's been nothing that I have seen since. Why?

There was significant damage to well built structures in Acapulco, what about the adobe on the outskirts? Something is not adding up. The earthquake was so violent it shattered windows inside malls and stores on the street like 711 and knocked the power out 200 miles away in Mexico city and nothing fell anywhere? Am I in a bubble? What is going on???

A few quick headlines

Believe it or not, there was a George Floyd mural in Kabul, and the Taliban painted it over. Woke no more. I hate to say it, but at least in this sense better people are now in charge.

Survey says: 70 percent of workers in the U.S. that have not been jabbed would quit to avoid it. That's good news. Now, what they do with their time after they quit . . . . just scroll down to the first video on this page below . . .


PATHETIC: JUSTIN TRUDEAU: "All the people who hate me are anti vaxxers who are racist and mysogenistic!!!" I kid you not, that abberation actually said that.

OMG what a pathetic loser, AS IF THE LEADER OF A NATION THAT CLEARLY HATES HIS GUTS WOULD BE STUPID ENOUGH TO SAY THAT. Oh, those deplorables!!! Yes, Canadian elections are rigged too.

Australia -

OMINOUS: Due to the political smash down of the Australian people, and clearly to deprive them of any opportunity to order stuff to survive on during the seige on the Australian people, The U.S. postal service has stopped shipping to Australia. GOTTA STOP THOSE AMAZON ORDERS.

The USPS has discontinued First-Class Package International Service, Commercial ePacket, International Priority Airmail, International Surface Air Lift, and anything sent will be designated "return to sender".

IMPORTANT: This is only the information for the U.S. postal service and I do not know if other countries stopped shipping also. Why would this be done? Probable reasons: The Australian government has put in place a seige to force people to get vaxxed or perish, OR the Australian government's actions with regard to the lockdowns are so severe that mail cannot be sent. Which equals seige. This is ominous, Watch Australia people, because if Americans refuse to start shooting this is exactly where Americans will eventually end up. The commies are DEFINITELY going to commie if the people permit it, and I don't mean say no via a myopic and ignorant totally fruitless hope that peacefully protesting might work. That's going to get everyone killed.

HORRENDOUSLY STUPID REPORT: "Scientists figure out how and when our sun will die"

Why is this stupid? Because the exact same scenario was laid out step by step in Stars, A Golden Guide" that was published in 1957 and updated through the 80's. HERE is the reason why this is news:

Because common core could not believe their ancestors got it right on slide rules, MATHS and all (surely not mathematics) so when they re-modeled it all with absolutely NO talent on COMPUTERS those same ancestors invented, it is suddenly news again. Oh, but they were able to do cooler graphics this time. Back to Tik Tok.


When the cops tackle a fan on the field and start beating him, the referees called a foul, and then the crowd jumps to the field and beats the cops up. THAT IS WHAT THE WORLD WITHOUT GUNS NEEDS TO DO, AND AMERICANS WILL BE FORCED TO UP IT A NOTCH OR THEY'LL BE SHOT FOR DOING THE RIGHT THING. PRICELESS.

Probably not rumor:

The Indian bar association is prosecuting WHO Chief Scientist Dr. Soumya Swaminathan for willfully harming the people of India by posting a tweet that caused India to stop using Ivermectin to treat Covid the day after it was approved for use in treating Covid. The lawsuit as the rumor goes is prosecuting wrongful deaths that could have been prevented and is proceeding as a mass murder case. It looks like all lights are green on this story but I got distracted by the earthquake. They can nail her because she is within their jurisdiction, not hiding out somewhere in Europe at this time.


As of this morning, absolutely no new footage has made it out of Acapulco or the surrounding areas, it is all just repeats CNN got out of there last night that were captured when they were broadcasting live for some other reason. They stopped that broadcast and started walking around with the cameras and that's all there is this morning. There is lots of new footage out of Mexico City which was not hit badly, but nothing out of Acapulco.

LAST UPDATE AT 2 AM CST SEP 8 - No video other than a CNN broadcast that was happening live during the quake has made it out of Acapulco while many videos are making it out of Mexico City which was not hit hard. I suspect no one is posting from Acapulco because it is not possible.

UPDATE: DEFINITE HUGE DISASTER, high magnitude, very shallow, poorly built area.

Epicenter in a poorly built area on the outskirts of well built Acapulco. We did not feel it here. Here's the deal, I have good insights into this that will take days to come out elsewhere -

There are lots of updates which get worse as they go along.

Acapulco proper will be basically unscathed because the construction standards are very high, and there will probably be 10 deaths in Acapulco proper. However, immediately outside Acapulco it turns to jungle, and over a hundred thousand very poor people live immediately outside Acapulco where there are no code inspections whatsoever and lots of their houses are built just like Haiti. So though nothing is making it to the news yet about extensive deaths, if the outlying areas got shaken real bad that story is likely to change. That's where the info is at right now, No one reporting on this knows about the very poor outlying areas that are built very poorly and it probably will not be a good situation.

It shook Mexico's grid so bad that the large distribution power lines touched each other and knocked all power provided to Mexico City from the state of Guerro out. That's not the only place feeding Mexico City, but early reports say about 4 million do not have power.

There was a small tsunami about 2 feet tall that was buffered by the harbor and observed as 1.6 feet in Acapulco.

UPDATE: VERY BAD: The epicenter was directly under one of the most poorly built and heavily populated areas of Mexico (what I mentioned above), there will be lots of deaths even if they are not in the news now.

Mexico has extremely good building codes, until you get into the outlying areas where people are too poor to follow the rules. In such areas the construction is predominantly adobe, which is VERY BAD in earthquakes. I estimate 500 - 3000 deaths just because I know exactly what is there. The earthquake could not have possibly hit a worse place in the entirety of Mexico. It hit the bullseye. If there are not an enormous number of deaths from this, it will probably be because Obrador went in there and fixed the place. He made such action a goal that he did follow through on but I don't know if he specifically gave attention to that area. My info is from what I saw there 10 years ago.

UPDATE: The earthquake was shallow enough to exert a lot of force on the surface even as only a 7.1 and a lot of very well made structures in Acapulco suffered serious damage. There will probably be thousands dead total with up to 100 dead in Acapulco proper.

One thing about earthquakes: How deep they are matters. A 6.0 that happens two miles down will devastate extremely well built areas immediately above it in a circle with a five mile radius, while a very deep 7.0 100 miles down might not wreck anything at all in the same well built area. The rating is not all that matters, how it shakes and how deep it is means a lot too. I did not even look at the depth yet but I know it had to be shallow to do the damage it did to the well made structures in Acapulco.

UPDATE: The USGS has confirmed it was a very shallow earthquake that happened at a depth of approximately 13 miles (20 KM) so it is going to be BAD, especially since the epicenter could not have been in a worse location.

My solid prediction: up to 100 dead within the proper limits of Acapulco, with thousands dead on the outskirts.

UPDATE: The earthquake completely toppled GIANT (the super huge) multi-gigawatt type main distribution power lines, the power is DOWN FOR THE COUNT. This was not due to bad construction, it is simply what happens when an earthquake of 7+ happens so close to the surface. If it toppled those, the Adobe houses are GONE GONE GONE.


A lot of people are saying we are headed into 7 years of famine, 7 years of hardship, etc and it makes sense. If you read the book of revelations, you will discover that the period of the mark of the beast is 7 years, which is matching up with what many people are saying. I do not endorse these theories about whatever is going to happen over the next 7 years because as far as I see it, they are all guesses. However, it must be considered that satan will be given full power for a period of 7 years where his mark is in place, and therefore what is being said by quite a few people at this time is quite easy to notice, even if I don't go for it 100 percent.

Remember that in the book of revelations it does say "Those who gained victory over the beast, and his image, and the number of his name, (and the mark) so there will be those that do and actually make it through the "hell period" after which the entire system satan put in place collapses under the weight of it's own corruption. It will be possible for the true people of God to get through this, but the correct decisions and sacrifices must be made, with an obvious one being to avoid the vax. And even if I was among those who did get the first or second shot I'd still try to make it. But clearly, getting more is pure folly and probable doom.

Ivermectin holy grail

If you post this at Beforeitsnews, DO NOT use this giant image as a thumbnail no one could possibly read (which will throw 500 gigs straight in the trash) USE THIS INSTEAD and then embed the huge image where people will actually read it, or you can also link it.

A few quick headlines

March of 2020: "It has been revealed that Fauci was involved in gain of function research"

And it is in the headlines today like it was just discovered. Ridiculous. And everyone is talking about it like it is some huge revelation. And Fauci is going to burn. Only NO. He's cabal and he will not fry. If he did not fry then he won't fry now, we knew about Wuhan, the Canadian connection, Gates Fauci and more before the election got stolen. Round file. There's no reason to go at this again like it is new.

Lots of people told me about Protonmail, I tried it, and discovered it was cabal years ago. Protonmail never was any good, it was probably worse than Gmail but they sure front a good illusion. And this just got proven. Protonmail "did the impossible" when they handed all of someones information over when asked. Gee, if they are not keeping anything on anyone and if they are encrypting everything and it is all total privacy, HOW DID THAT HAPPEN? Answer: If I don't promote it, it is not real. The only company I have consistently promoted is which, when THAT gets shut down it will be because everyone else is already toast. ON THAT NOTE:

Godaddy shut down a pro life web site because that site set up a page that allowed people to report people who were violating the new Texas heartbeat bill. As I always said, Godaddy is trash and there's no way out of it, how many other sites has Godaddy already trashed the same way that did not make the news?

Do not believe Israel's claims of being hit hard by Covid, the Vax, or anything else.

Israel and associated people are the ones censoring the media, censoring big tech, and running the Covid con job. Now Israel is saying their kids need to be vaxxed because the KIDS CAUSED COVID CASES TO EXPLODE. And it is a lie. How do I know? I know this because back in 2012 I pointed out that Israel had autism at a rate of 1 in 80,000 and linked to their own documents that proved it. I pointed out that they were therefore not giving their kids the same shots. And suddenly a few months later all those documents were flipped to 1 in 45 to "prove" they had the same problems everyone else has.

Israel does not want it revealed that it is THEM and THEIRS that are maiming the world right now with this death shot. So the best way to cover up that fact is to say THEY are noticing things first and THEY are suffering the worst an THEY are doing everything the rest of the world "is supposed to do" at a rate and level that exceeds what anyone else is doing. And it is all a lie, I caught them with their pants down over autism and Covid is not going to be any different.

Therefore the real news is: HEADS UP: Israel is fronting a lie right now that is going to be used to push jabbing the kids elsewhere. They cannot kill off or destroy the entire gene pool unless they get all the kids too, right down to birth, because they CANNOT run the covid con job for 10 more years, the world is waking up. THEY HAVE TO GET ALL OF THEM, NOW.

Agency blah: "Extremists" to attend capitol rally

That means "agency blah" is hosting it, and the party will go their way. It won't matter if you go there saying "I am not an extremist, I am a nice guy, please ram my butt" you WILL be pegged as an "extremist" and if you do go, it had better be for the sole purpose of staying on the far fringes with a super zoom camera to document whatever "agency blah" does to frame up legit Americans. Legit Americans are still too busy making a living to even bother with a stolen election. Everyone is expecting a false flag soon, and having the media say a rally is going to be attended by "extremists" is a real red flag.

"Extremists" are now defined as: Beer belly Joe who is worried about a shot and wants his vote to matter. It takes no more than that, and they are willing to frame up Joe with some real action to put him in a gulag.

A clarification on the IRS $600 limit

People are getting this wrong. The IRS is not tracking transactions down to $600, The IRS is tracking $1 transactions on any bank account that has had more than $600 in it. All transactions on EVERY bank account that hits $600 total balance. It takes realizing it is that bad to know where someone is likely to go with all of this. "they" want a complete crush on everything, all the way down to a candy bar. It will take an AI to track all that. This is the AI Elon Musk warned us about. "More computing power" is not what the world needs, I can say that much.

I am in the process of going over the headlines, this post is not done

A word about the vaxxed:

1. Aside from the early victims who were not warned (other than that they ought to have known better) anyone getting the jab at this point is weak willed.

2. At this point, anyone getting jabbed is more worried about compliance than personal well being.

3. At this point, anyone getting jabbed probably does not have a "third eye" and is more likely than not:

A. An aetheist
B. A homosexual or trans (seriously, third eye blind)
C. Mentally disabled.
D: Under someone elses medical direction, and THAT person is a fool
E: Knows the shot is bad but is an absolute weakling that can be bullied.
F: More materialistic than in posession of common sense

4. Someone who is so trusting of the system they actually think 911 was arabs with box cutters or the election was not stolen, that blows like a kite in the storm of MSM lies.

OR, 5: Someone who knows all of the above, is not stupid, knows the jab is possible destruction and gets it anyway due to being forced for a job without which everything will fall apart for OTHERS, and it is done as an act of concern for others with a gamble that everything will be allright.

We are in category 5 and said no, if we actually lose over it, that's the way the cookie crumbles. I will do my best to handle everything. They can take that shot and STICK IT, and if we do suffer undue hardship for saying no, I'll get even, you can bank on that.

If you fall into category 5, what are YOU going to do??

I am in a condition of diminishing sympathy for those who are immoral enough to not have a third eye, stupid enough to believe the media that is screaming "water is dry" or weak willed enough to bow to pressure - willing to play Russian Roulette under peer pressure at a party, these are the types who are getting the jab now and it is well known those types are defined as crazy.

NO ONE WILL RESPECT YOU IF YOU BLOW YOUR BRAINS OUT AT A PARTY, HOW ABOUT THOSE CLOTS? They accomplish the same end if you hit chamber 6.

Those types might as well base jump without a parachute and hope to have a full dumpster break their fall.

My sympathy is running out.

Wait no more, TSHTF

Everyone was wondering when it would finally happen, and missed it when it did. But it could not be more obvious it did happen, and we are now living in a true SHTF scenario.

Governments around the world are imposing horrendous lockdowns while pushing a killer shot. How much more SHTF could it be than that? How about how the rigged election, and the kind of governance that followed? Would that not qualify? How about how we all found out the courts were rigged after that? Does that not qualify? At the same time all of this is going on, we have the government doing clear and obvious weather mod, in a clear and obvious effort to destroy the nation. Does that not qualify? We have practically all of the productive regions of the United States and Canada in a horrific drought that is clearly caused. And this is repeated in the productive regions of the other top global producers. Does that not qualify?

How about the supply chain shortages where manufacturers cannot even make cars anymore, which I verified is true globally by talking to dealers outside of the United States? Would those shortages, for no legit reason, not qualify? One might make the case if China shut down production of chips, but they did not. What happened? And why is meat so expensive? Corona did not kill all the cows, meat prices should be stable. What happened? TSHTF is what.

We are living it, right now. Record low employment with so many people disabled or dead that even the far fewer jobs that exist now don't have people available to fill them. How did that happen? We now live in a world where 30 of America's "top gun" pilots opted to stop flying their jets and quit to avoid a clearly killer shot that's being forced on everyone. If that's not SHTF, what is??

In a SHTF scenario, you'd expect the government to shutter churches to kill the Christian faith. IT HAPPENED. We all knew they'd eventually do that here when China started bulldozing Christian churches and just like magic, within two years of China doing that, suddenly the churches elsewhere are no-go zones, by mandate??? Yes, shtf happened.

The SHTF so bad that an enormous pile of doctors and nurses quit to avoid death jab mandates (if anyone would be pro vax it would be them,) AND THEY QUIT OVER IT after they saw what the shot does? Come on now, if it's that bad TS has definitely hit TF. And all that did was set us all up for an EVEN WORSE SHTF scenario because we don't have the first responders in adequate numbers anymore, and those we do have left are probably maimed

We live in such a SHTF situation that any election can be stolen because a false premise is being used as an excuse for elections to be run via mail in, in a system where voter ID is not required and anyone can send in anything until the election is "fair" rather than accurate. That's a "game over" deal and there's no end to it in sight.

Just wait for the REAL SHTF. It won't be long.

The consequences of SHTF are about to be seen. When all those crops that were never harvested hit the store shelves. TS already hit TF and set us up for that. If there really are no grain reserves, (there might be enough for a little while) but what if there are not? TS hit TF the moment Trump got out and they knew they could get away with anything, and subsequently used weather mod to parch America's agriculture and more. No Canadian backup. Russia and Ukraine are TOAST. China's wrecked enough for them to not export. Where is THAT going to put us? As a punctuation mark on the guidestones? There's a good chance the answer is YES.

So have fun predicting when TS will hit the fan, And when you are done predicting, WAKE UP.

Chagas in the Pfizer shot???

That's the latest. I find it hard to believe. But I guess the method of delivery would be correct. Chagas is caused by the protozoa Trypanosoma cruzi. In the wild, this is spread by kissing bugs that have bitten animals that have the disease. The bugs then bite you and poop out the Chagas protazoa, and if that poop gets in the bite injury, you will catch it. Obviously it could therefore be spread via injection.

I tried to look up if Chagas could possibly survive the temperatures the jab is kept at and came up empty handed, that data is not out there but it is possible it could exist as far north as Nebraska (it can) and NOT be cold tolerant because it infects warm blooded animals that would keep it alive through winter. So there's no telling, maybe it could survive the cold out in the environment and maybe not.

My main problems with the prospect of Chagas being in the shot are that the shot has nasty chemicals that would probably kill it, and the shot is stored at temperatures that might kill it, (Chagas is predominantly tropical) but if it can survive in Nebraska who knows. Additionally, Chagas has huge asymptomatic incubation periods and won't usually kill within 10 years, IF it hits one of the 25 percent of all people who's immune systems will not fight it off.

Like graphene, I find the prospect of chagas in the jab to be hard to believe, but until it can be proven it would never survive the chemicals and cold, anything is possible. Certainly the delivery method would work.

A Chagas (Trypanosoma cruzi) parasite in a blood sample:


They said it was because Gateway Pundit publishes misleading clickbait. But what about that doctor that blatantly lied about emergency rooms being flooded with people who took ivermectin, when the hospital chain he said it happened at issued a rebuttal, stating they don't have a single person anywhere in their system that came in overdosed or with any bad reactions to ivermectin, and that the doctor was a subcontractor that did not even work for them? Rolling Stone and many others totally funded by Google are keeping that proven lie prominent and won't be de-monetized. Why? BECAUSE THEY SUPPORT THE AGENDA.

I will say that I was never a fan of Gateway Pundit because too much stuff was sensationalized and not presented actually as is, but they were 50 shades of gray BETTER than those Google promotes, why not start by de-monetizing Rolling stone, and after CNN and everyone else is gone, THEN worry about Gateway Pundit? Google is a total fraud, but am I insulting the intelligence of my readers by posting that? Everyone knows water is wet, grass is green, and falling hurts, "Google fraud" is so basic it ought to be an insult to tell anyone who has a mind at all about it.


If one Islamic organization is saying this, they are all saying this, they don't vary by much if AT ALL:

YES, GOOGLE DE-MONETIZED GATEWAY PUNDIT FOR BEING SENSATIONALIST AND CLICKBAITY, WHILE THEY ALLOW ROLLING STONE AND OTHERS TO GET AWAY WITH ABJECT FRAUD LIKE THIS and here is what the hospital that fraudulent doctor said this was happening at Had to say about it. Google should burn for the level of fraud it supports, and it's aggression towards publications that actually try to get it right.

Anyone who reads this site ought to know that I issue prominent retractions after making errors. Let's see the MSM match that, after it is proven in the following report that they "got conned."

I'd bet they DID NOT get conned and they set it all up as an intentional bash of alt coronavirus treatments.


SOUTHEASTERN OKLAHOMA, Okla. (KFOR) - A rural Oklahoma doctor said patients who are taking the horse de-wormer medication, ivermectin, to fight COVID-19 are causing emergency room and ambulance back ups.

"Dr. McElyea said the patients are suffering from nausea, vomiting, muscle aches and cramping, and that’s only in minor cases.

"The scariest one that I've heard of and seen is people coming in with vision loss," he said.

The hospital he worked at said he's a temp, and has not been there for 2 months.


This lie got spread from horizon to horizon. I did not report on it because I just saw it as another media corona lie and there's so much of that it would amount to littering if I posted it all. But this is such a salient case I'll do it for this

A FULL DAY after the hospital came right out and said this doctor lied, MORE than enough time to fix this, the MSM still has this posted because THEY WANT TO LIE:

Take a look at what a con job leftist looks like. I have seen this before.

A reader alerted me to an error in Tesla autopilot post yesterday

I did not pull the report, I fixed it.

Yesterday I stated that Tesla autopilot is not marketed as autopilot by Tesla. However, they do use that term. However, they use that term within limits and do not consider it a true autopilot.

Tesla is at level 2 "autopilot" which still requires attention from the driver. They have two more steps to go before they get level 5 autopilot, which they will consider a truly autonomous autopilot. They do not market the current autopilot as a fully capable system, it is still marketed as a high level driver assist, requiring input from and attention from the driver.

Yesterday an MSM report came out where they blamed a Tesla for a crash in a headline, and then admitted later in the report that "autopilot" was not engaged. I am sick and tired of B.S. Tesla reporting, where everyone and their dog blames Tesla for everything.

Teslas don't burn as frequently as other cars, are safer in a crash than other cars and have a driver assist that Tesla never claimed was fully autonomous or a true autopilot that works so well people think it is. True autopilot will come at level 5. And it is probably not far away. It is a fact that when Teslas DO burn it is quite a show.

Am I a Tesla fanboy? Not really.

I am not really a fanboy because I consider everything about a car, including ALL COSTS. Teslas are ridiculously expensive to repair. Minor incidents can easly cost more than a brand new car like an inexpensive Toyota that will be just as reliable as a Tesla. And when that happens, you have to wait weeks or months for repair parts. And you can't get them anywhere but Tesla, there is no aftermarket. And from everything I have seen posted about Tesla, they still suck for road trips, even the latest long range models. That said, the rest is pure gold. They are awesome cars. Just don't put dents in them or go cross country and you'll be fine.

Student snaps and rips gay pride flag off. Look at the girl in the foreground, you know she agrees. Everyone does, except for the fruitcakes.

I have updated the site with a new video player.

It seems to work on everything. To download a video, right click the arrow or the three dots(whatever shows up on your system) and select download. After a few times doing this I won't post these instructions. If it does not work on your system a link ought to show up but if it does not, click this.

It is much easier to do it this way than the other way.

THE NEW LINE OF B.S.: The shot is Radioactive!!!

I stumbled across it this morning. I did not even bother hunting it down. The case is well presented, and like the "graphene" bunk, is presented by "scientists".

The case presented: The graphene in the shot turns radio waves from tech devices into ionizing radiation, which then nukes people to death. And some people really are stupid enough to fall for this crap.

Hell, they had success with graphene, why not take it a step further?

Graphene--->Radiation--->tinfoil hat.

I'll be elementary here: IF the shots have ingredients that turn radio waves into ionizing radiation, EVERY LAST VAX CENTER WOULD SET COP CARS OFF, and they'd get swarmed by cops. An extremely large number of police cars have radiation detectors, and people returning home from medical treatments that involve radiation get pulled over frequently when they set the detectors off. If the vax really did have ingredients that could turn radio waves into ionizing radiation, it would be impossible to ship it.

I am calling it: This story had a source. I am not going to track that down. But if ANYONE IN ALT MEDIA REPEATS THIS SH*T, GET ONTO STARLINK AND NUKE THEM FROM ORBIT. Yes, YOU CAN NOW NUKE THEM FROM ORBIT, right from your keyboard.

The people behind this bunk are only slandering the legit anti-vax movement. To them I say:

A few quick headlines

Things I did not miss but are irrelevant or repetitive

ITEM #1 - 240 people busted in Georgia, 202 busted in Arizona and lots more in other states busted via various public cameras stuffing millions of ballots into drop boxes They were busted the day after the election and Republicans finally admitted they had the footage . . . . and did nothing with it.

Many Dems moving to Republican That's so they can sneak into office and commit sabotage, a no brainer. See item #1. I knew the item #1 footage had to exist, and worse: It only captured part of it, there were not cameras on every box. And Americans will just sit there eating microwave pizza.

Londoners are going nuts over new lockdown announcements RIGHT NOW They even bashed their way through a thick line of cops when the cops tried to trap them in a train station for arrest. Not news, because as long as you stick to protesting, no one has to listen to you. Kill a few of "their" kids and they'll start listening. Until then, enjoy your stupid picnics.

Diner: If you voted for or support Biden, don't eat here They posted a sign that said that and had to close because they got slammed so hard the food ran out. That only proves the election was rigged, but it does not matter, nothing will happen. See item #1

The power is still out in practically all of southern Louisiana Just a reminder. With today's common core incompetence on the job, a three week timetable is laughable. Back in the good'ol days, the lights would already be coming back on and "three weeks" would be where the last light came back on. Robots will NEVER do that job either. NO WAY.

Texas heart beat bill: Lots of trolls are freaking out saying Taleban Texas over this. Here is what I have to say: Even if the U.S. supreme court bans abortion, it is a carrot I will not eat because NOTHING can make up for how they aided and abetted the theft of the election, and ultimate destruction of the United States. BANK ON IT: If the supreme court takes what Texas did and bans abortion, it will be 50 years too late AND ONLY A WEEK BEFORE THEY KNOW CHINA IS GOING TO WIPE US OFF THE MAP. And after that, China will over-rule it. If the supreme court backs anything good, it will only be because it won't stick. Seeing what they did with the election is all I need to know, and they did it knowing full well and having 100 percent evidence of fraud, SEE ITEM #1

Another Tesla auto pilot death Actually, NO, the system was not on this time and the media is lying. Additionally Tesla never called it a fully capable autopilot. It is advanced driver assist, it is not marketed as fully capable auto pilot, the public CALLS IT full autopilot because it works so well when Tesla never said it was, and even at that, it drives better than most people. Tesla has a very good "driver assist" system that is at "level 2" as they call it, and "level 5" is where they plan to have actual fully autonomous auto pilot. But Tesla will take the heat for people not using it as instructed I guess.



Let me ask a question: Do you think, even after all North Korea has been ripped on, any government organized well enough to produce a nuke would be stupid about the shot? REALITY: North Korea has not been infiltrated successfully enough to make a sabotage shot available even to the idiots who would take it willingly, NORTH KOREA SHUT IT OUT. Is anyone out there really dumb enough to not see how important it is that a nation that is not heavily infiltrated issued a flat out NO? I'd say there ARE idiots that would take that shot, even there, and Kim just did them a favor.

An ISS astronaut did a good job of photographing the southern lights

The above photo has an additional cool feature in it, if you look right on the horizon you will see the terminator boundary, which separates true night time from evening. The terminator boundary is the cutoff where the last of the sunlight is gone. This is also observable from aircraft at 30,000+ feet.

Newsom will "win" the recall

Allowing the printing of ballots at home to "avoid covid" worked.


That's how you know their case is BULLSHIT. That's a reasonable request in any court case, not an "affront." It is only an "affront" if those records cannot be produced.

They will not present the records come hell or high water. All it will take is a righteous judge and the case will be hung on this one request. Don't bet on the case being heard by anyone righteous however, after how the election theft was enforced by corruption.

Sandy Hook was a staged event done at an abandoned school that was already scheduled for demolition. If the hoaxers can't produce the records, they are DONE in court. Demanding those records is an affront to their bullshit case, not the "families!"

Never listen to ANYONE who claims there is a way to detox from the vax

I am going to just say it like it is: The people who formulated this shot took years doing it, and there was no safety testing. They at least know what is in it, and have not published that. If the FDA takes 12 years to approve a shot on average when they know what is in it, how is some charlatain fraudster going to be able to recommend a detox procedure when the contents of the shot have not even been made public? WORSE:

You cannot detox wrecked DNA. If anyone tells you they can un-do the damage from the shot, they are a con artist pure and simple. I cannot possibly say this clearly enough: If you come across anyone saying they can detox graphene or whatever, that person is a LIAR. The shot makes PERMANENT genetic changes and does it practically immediately. How can you cure a lemming of being a lemming? YOU CANNOT, don't jump off a cliff over this B.S.

Here is what I believe such con jobs are intended for: They are intended to make people less resistant to getting jabbed. They are intended to make people believe if I get damaged, I'll just detox!!! I can get through taking the shot, there's a way out!!! And that is EXACTLY the type of thing the CIA is tasked to do - deceive people into being destroyed.

There's no way out. There's no detox. There is NOTHING you could possibly do to undo what the shot does once you get it, you're PATENTED. A PRODUCT. An entity different from what you were before. You cannot "detox" yourself out of being "your new self", - what the shot turned you into is PERMANENT.

So what if Graphene is in the shot? How could ANYONE out there know how to detox someone of graphene when that is something we have NEVER had to deal with before? The graphene story is only a month or two old, and someone has a cure??? That's so stupid on the face of it all that the people who created the shot have GOT TO be finding humor in it. Graphene is literally indestructible. Graphene is something your body has never dealt with before. How on earth would your liver or kidneys even know what to do with it? Graphene is something that is NEVER supposed to be in the body, yet evidently there are plenty of people out there silly enough to get hoaxed into believing there's a way to make your body get rid of it. Where are the 12 years of testing for that? Did someone live 12 years in an acid trip during the last two months?? THAT is how stupid all of this is.

If you got the shot, don't get conned. We know there is clotting. Clotting is handled by aspirin for $0 and I don't mean the 20 mg heart attack aspirin, I mean a gram a day. More might not be a good idea. But I am only guessing. I don't know. But at least apsirin is proven to prevent or reduce clotting. That's a fact. So if you got jabbed, that's a potential way to survive. Forget the detox, it is not going to happen.

The ONLY ANSWER is to not get jabbed if you have not been jabbed, Don't get jabbed again if you have been jabbed, and if you have been jabbed, anti-clotting should be a prime objective and aspirin is the most readily available item for that, and as a bonus, it is under normal circumstances highly effective. The only problem is that we do not know what normal is anymore. But it would be worth trying.

Do not get conned. There is no detox. There has been no time to figure out anything regarding that yet. Perhaps if someone did long term trials there might be an answer 10 years from now, but even that answer would never fix your ruined DNA. BEST DETOX POSSIBLE: DON'T GET TOXIC TO BEGIN WITH.

I am done getting the supply chain info from the car dealers and also got good video of the way Mexican stores are stocked

UPDATE: I cannot get the store video off the phone I did it on to post it. I guess I learned a lesson: USE THE SPY PEN. Nothing lost, it is easy to go get another video.

I can just say what is going on. The store I shot the video at was my fav (Soriana). The store is 100 percent stocked in all items, from bicycles to flat screens to pants to antifreeze to you name it. When checking the shelves, they are completely full, all the way to the back. Though the car situation is the same as the U.S. it appears the situation in the stores is not the same, every one from all 6 chains, (Ley, Wal Mart, Chedraui, HEB, Commercial Mexicana and Soriana) are fully stocked and today when I actually checked it for real at Soriana because I was shooting video, all items on all shelves were as deep as the shelves could take, they are not just front filled shelves.

If anything you can find at Wal Mart is not stacked to the rafters and to the back, someone is causing it and I have heard some real doom stories lately. I believe Mex will hold out longer than any other country because Obrador really does love the Mexican people and B.S. is clearly not being tolerated. Kudos.

I am going to go back and get another video, if only to show people just how beautiful Mexican stores that Mexicans actually own really can be. Soriana often destroys Wal Mart when it comes to how beautiful the stores actually are. Wal Mart has zero examples of a nice Soriana. There are crappy old ones, but anything new is very nice.

Here is what the car dealers had to say, with the only exception being Volkswagen

They are ALL having a hard time producing cars due to parts shortages, so this is not myth. However, when I spoke to the Chevy dealer they said they are making an enormous pile of cars in Mex, and practically all are getting sent to the United States. He had 20 cars on the lot and said that normally they have 1,000 on another lot (a storage area) and that lot was completely empty. If you wanted a Suburban there were 3 to choose from and if you wanted an Aveo, there were 10 to choose from that you could drive off the lot with that day, but you could not get a truck or any of their other models, even though they were there because they were demos. And there were no blasers at all.

Volkswagen had a much better inventory available despite the impacts. Same with Toyota. However, Mercedes, Porsche, Land Rover and many others including even Pugeot had practically nothing, just glass and empty floors. I did not ask the Dodge dealer but they have had cars to buy the whole time, (I get exposure to that dealership because we have a FIAT.) Nothing drastic, but we need occasional things like filters.

That reminds me, Claudia crushed the oil pan so bad I was stunned the car even ran and it raised the oil from "full" to significantly above "full" because the dent is so huge. But whatever, I'll fix that when I get around to it, it is running OK. That said, I have never seen an oil pan that bad on a surviving engine. That happened when she pulled over while reaching for a ringing cell phone . . . .


The following is not rumor. A reader sent the following info:

Australia will soon be implementing a house arrest system to enforce Covid lockdowns. The system works by sending people text messages, giving them 15 minutes to take a geotagged selfie to prove they are satisfying the house arrest requirements. If they fail to send a selfie, the police are immediately dispatched to their location to arrest them.

With this system, Australia can essentially turn the entire country into a prison camp without investing in infrastructure at all. If you are not where you have been ordered to be when the call comes in, you are EFFED.

You cannot circumvent house arrest by turning off your phone or leaving it behind, from the moment they try to send the text the clock is ticking, even if it does not go through.

Another obvious application of this system will be to locate the bodies of people killed by the jab. If there's no answer, the police will be sent to check and then in many cases it will be possible to get rid of the bodies secretly.

"Biblical floods" in New York??

UPDATE: A reader who was in the area sent a message, saying it WAS biblical and not just plumbing problems. The reader stated that it had to be weather modification because weather events happened that are not possible in that area. That's probably true. I'll explain something -

Tornados do not just happen "anywhere". Tornadoes need vast open spaces to develop and do not hit mountainous regions because mountains disturb the airflow too much. So when a giant tornado hits in a mountain region, there is a good chance it is due to weather mod.

THIS is 1 (ONE) of the large tornados that hit New Jersey.

The movie "The Day After Tomorrow" had a scene where tornados shredded Los Angeles, and everyone called B.S. because that's not possible. A tornado like this in New Jersey is LESS POSSIBLE than what happened in "the day after tomorrow. This was caused, no ifs or buts.

That's a full blown tornado alley champion there. That's the reason for this site graphic:

There have been tornados in Utah, but they have all been small, weak, and of short duration, and most of all they did not happen in the mountains. New Jersey does not have vast open spaces for tornadic weather systems to develop, so when they get a slew of enormous tornados, it is fair to question if they were natural or not. And I'd bet 500:1 odds they were not natural.

It is not possible for Ida to make landfall on the gulf coast and wreak havoc on New York. If that happened, it was caused.

Perhaps I was asleep at the wheel on this one. Yes, I heard of tornados in New Jersey and blew it off as "impossible". It cannot happen. Yet obviously from the photos that have been posted, it did, and it was BAD. Bad even for tornado alley. How???? There's no damn way a natural Ida caused that. NO FREAKING WAY.

Today I will be going around to car dealers to get photos of inventory to see if Mex is matching the United States.

My hypothesis: The chip shortage is a hoax, the car shortages are a hoax and what is really going on is that the banks don't want to finance high ticket items for people they know will soon be dead. Therefore the supply lines have been disrupted. That is what I really think is going on.

The last thing they want is to have millions of new cars out there that will never be paid for. If they end up being plentiful in Mex, we will know the U.S. is targeted. If they are not plentiful, we know the world is targeted.

All I know is that food is plentiful in Mex and the stores are all packed 10 deep and to the rafters across all item categories. Not one thing is missing, everything from freezers to stoves to beds to weight sets to bicycles to air gun pellets to YOU NAME IT is available in many models, in many brands, in abundance across the board in Mex. All parts to all cars (except probably Tesla) are available also.


IMPORTANT: This post may have errors. After looking into this closely, YES, Pfizer really is working on a "Covid pill" to be "Used along with the vaccines" but I could not find a dosing schedule. Therefore, "twice a day forever" is not confirmed. If it ends up being real, NEVER ALLOW IT EVER, I am leaving this up as a warning.

The original post which may have errors follows. I am leaving it up because too many times I have taken stuff like this down and it ended up being real. This is so grave people have to be aware of this possibility. I will not take it down, call it fiction if you want - but "1984" became real and was then surpassed . . . .

I was waiting for this, because they know damn well people are dying from their shots. Pfizer has "invented all new pills" you must take twice daily, FOREVER, after you get jabbed. They are claiming that a combination of shots and pills are now needed to "fight covid" but I'll tell you what I think it really is, I was waiting for this and can't believe it happened:

As people get jabbed more and more, to accomplish whatever the shot is supposed to accomplish, they will clot more and more and die in greater and greater numbers from clots. to conceal this, pfizer is now stating that after jab 3 you have to take two pills per day to "fight off covid". ONLY NO. THE SHOTS ARE NOT FOR COVID AND THE PILLS ARE ANTI CLOTTING AGENTS. And if you don't take them daily, you absolutely WILL die and it will all be blamed on COVID.

The shots are so devastating that the only way to have them not kill off everyone while accomplishing their totally un-stated purpose is to give people supplementary medications to offset the havoc the shots unleash.

I know I am the only one saying this, but MARK MY WORD: I AM RIGHT. Pfizer claims the pills are anti-viral, but anti-virals are not taken twice daily, they are taken (up to) twice monthly after the starter dose. This clearly proves the pfizer pills are NOT anti viral and if they are not as stated, what are they? CLOT BUSTERS.

How much will pfizer rake in? What will the eventual price tag be? ANSWER: How much is your life worth to you? Something like that.

They know what is going to happen with the third jab, and supplemental meds are going to be the only way to keep the Covid lie factory churning. Absent them, there will simply be too many people to bury after the third jab for the damage the shots do to ever be hidden.

3 big "doom" convergences happening soon.

1 is obvious. 9/11. This might just come and go because they know everyone is watching out for it, but then again, they did fund the taleban with cash and goodies so who knows.

2. The 7 calves I posted about a while ago. The end of 7 years will be on September 8. That's when all hell is supposed to break loose if this holds any water and it seems it might. These calves were all born in September of 2014, there are no other incidents of this happening in other years, and there's an "end of prosperity" doom prophecy related to them.

3. The biggest thing of all is that the vaxxed, with now known wrecked immune systems are going to be with us for the first time going into cold and flu season, which will probably kick off early and with one hell of a bang if people are in a condition as bad as some, including major big names in the PRO VAX community - are right about what the jab is doing to people.

One thing is certain, we are going to get an answer soon. And I have this never ending feeling of high tension, like what I'd have if I was stuck on a runaway bus I could not get control of. It really feels like all will not be well, and that there is no way out of it.

Wait and see I guess, the road could be straight for the next 100 miles or throw us a curve at any time. But that road WILL run out while the bus is moving, there's no way out of that.

Cornerstone report:
Fukushima SABOTAGE!

Remote controlled Germanwings Airbus A320 crash? All evidence points to this.

California drought: DAMS DRAINED ON PURPOSE