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The severe weather that has been happening globally is not natural. Here is how it is done.



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Let me ask a question: Do you think, even after all North Korea has been ripped on, any government organized well enough to produce a nuke would be stupid about the shot? REALITY: North Korea has not been infiltrated successfully enough to make a sabotage shot available even to the idiots who would take it willingly, NORTH KOREA SHUT IT OUT. Is anyone out there really dumb enough to not see how important it is that a nation that is not heavily infiltrated issued a flat out NO? I'd say there ARE idiots that would take that shot, even there, and Kim just did them a favor.

An ISS astronaut did a good job of photographing the southern lights

The above photo has an additional cool feature in it, if you look right on the horizon you will see the terminator boundary, which separates true night time from evening. The terminator boundary is the cutoff where the last of the sunlight is gone. This is also observable from aircraft at 30,000+ feet.

Newsom will "win" the recall

Allowing the printing of ballots at home to "avoid covid" worked.


That's how you know their case is BULLSHIT. That's a reasonable request in any court case, not an "affront." It is only an "affront" if those records cannot be produced.

They will not present the records come hell or high water. All it will take is a righteous judge and the case will be hung on this one request. Don't bet on the case being heard by anyone righteous however, after how the election theft was enforced by corruption.

Sandy Hook was a staged event done at an abandoned school that was already scheduled for demolition. If the hoaxers can't produce the records, they are DONE in court. Demanding those records is an affront to their bullshit case, not the "families!"

Never listen to ANYONE who claims there is a way to detox from the vax

I am going to just say it like it is: The people who formulated this shot took years doing it, and there was no safety testing. They at least know what is in it, and have not published that. If the FDA takes 12 years to approve a shot on average when they know what is in it, how is some charlatain fraudster going to be able to recommend a detox procedure when the contents of the shot have not even been made public? WORSE:

You cannot detox wrecked DNA. If anyone tells you they can un-do the damage from the shot, they are a con artist pure and simple. I cannot possibly say this clearly enough: If you come across anyone saying they can detox graphene or whatever, that person is a LIAR. The shot makes PERMANENT genetic changes and does it practically immediately. How can you cure a lemming of being a lemming? YOU CANNOT, don't jump off a cliff over this B.S.

Here is what I believe such con jobs are intended for: They are intended to make people less resistant to getting jabbed. They are intended to make people believe if I get damaged, I'll just detox!!! I can get through taking the shot, there's a way out!!! And that is EXACTLY the type of thing the CIA is tasked to do - deceive people into being destroyed.

There's no way out. There's no detox. There is NOTHING you could possibly do to undo what the shot does once you get it, you're PATENTED. A PRODUCT. An entity different from what you were before. You cannot "detox" yourself out of being "your new self", - what the shot turned you into is PERMANENT.

So what if Graphene is in the shot? How could ANYONE out there know how to detox someone of graphene when that is something we have NEVER had to deal with before? The graphene story is only a month or two old, and someone has a cure??? That's so stupid on the face of it all that the people who created the shot have GOT TO be finding humor in it. Graphene is literally indestructible. Graphene is something your body has never dealt with before. How on earth would your liver or kidneys even know what to do with it? Graphene is something that is NEVER supposed to be in the body, yet evidently there are plenty of people out there silly enough to get hoaxed into believing there's a way to make your body get rid of it. Where are the 12 years of testing for that? Did someone live 12 years in an acid trip during the last two months?? THAT is how stupid all of this is.

If you got the shot, don't get conned. We know there is clotting. Clotting is handled by aspirin for $0 and I don't mean the 20 mg heart attack aspirin, I mean a gram a day. More might not be a good idea. But I am only guessing. I don't know. But at least apsirin is proven to prevent or reduce clotting. That's a fact. So if you got jabbed, that's a potential way to survive. Forget the detox, it is not going to happen.

The ONLY ANSWER is to not get jabbed if you have not been jabbed, Don't get jabbed again if you have been jabbed, and if you have been jabbed, anti-clotting should be a prime objective and aspirin is the most readily available item for that, and as a bonus, it is under normal circumstances highly effective. The only problem is that we do not know what normal is anymore. But it would be worth trying.

Do not get conned. There is no detox. There has been no time to figure out anything regarding that yet. Perhaps if someone did long term trials there might be an answer 10 years from now, but even that answer would never fix your ruined DNA. BEST DETOX POSSIBLE: DON'T GET TOXIC TO BEGIN WITH.

I am done getting the supply chain info from the car dealers and also got good video of the way Mexican stores are stocked

UPDATE: I cannot get the store video off the phone I did it on to post it. I guess I learned a lesson: USE THE SPY PEN. Nothing lost, it is easy to go get another video.

I can just say what is going on. The store I shot the video at was my fav (Soriana). The store is 100 percent stocked in all items, from bicycles to flat screens to pants to antifreeze to you name it. When checking the shelves, they are completely full, all the way to the back. Though the car situation is the same as the U.S. it appears the situation in the stores is not the same, every one from all 6 chains, (Ley, Wal Mart, Chedraui, HEB, Commercial Mexicana and Soriana) are fully stocked and today when I actually checked it for real at Soriana because I was shooting video, all items on all shelves were as deep as the shelves could take, they are not just front filled shelves.

If anything you can find at Wal Mart is not stacked to the rafters and to the back, someone is causing it and I have heard some real doom stories lately. I believe Mex will hold out longer than any other country because Obrador really does love the Mexican people and B.S. is clearly not being tolerated. Kudos.

I am going to go back and get another video, if only to show people just how beautiful Mexican stores that Mexicans actually own really can be. Soriana often destroys Wal Mart when it comes to how beautiful the stores actually are. Wal Mart has zero examples of a nice Soriana. There are crappy old ones, but anything new is very nice.

Here is what the car dealers had to say, with the only exception being Volkswagen

They are ALL having a hard time producing cars due to parts shortages, so this is not myth. However, when I spoke to the Chevy dealer they said they are making an enormous pile of cars in Mex, and practically all are getting sent to the United States. He had 20 cars on the lot and said that normally they have 1,000 on another lot (a storage area) and that lot was completely empty. If you wanted a Suburban there were 3 to choose from and if you wanted an Aveo, there were 10 to choose from that you could drive off the lot with that day, but you could not get a truck or any of their other models, even though they were there because they were demos. And there were no blasers at all.

Volkswagen had a much better inventory available despite the impacts. Same with Toyota. However, Mercedes, Porsche, Land Rover and many others including even Pugeot had practically nothing, just glass and empty floors. I did not ask the Dodge dealer but they have had cars to buy the whole time, (I get exposure to that dealership because we have a FIAT.) Nothing drastic, but we need occasional things like filters.

That reminds me, Claudia crushed the oil pan so bad I was stunned the car even ran and it raised the oil from "full" to significantly above "full" because the dent is so huge. But whatever, I'll fix that when I get around to it, it is running OK. That said, I have never seen an oil pan that bad on a surviving engine. That happened when she pulled over while reaching for a ringing cell phone . . . .


The following is not rumor. A reader sent the following info:

Australia will soon be implementing a house arrest system to enforce Covid lockdowns. The system works by sending people text messages, giving them 15 minutes to take a geotagged selfie to prove they are satisfying the house arrest requirements. If they fail to send a selfie, the police are immediately dispatched to their location to arrest them.

With this system, Australia can essentially turn the entire country into a prison camp without investing in infrastructure at all. If you are not where you have been ordered to be when the call comes in, you are EFFED.

You cannot circumvent house arrest by turning off your phone or leaving it behind, from the moment they try to send the text the clock is ticking, even if it does not go through.

Another obvious application of this system will be to locate the bodies of people killed by the jab. If there's no answer, the police will be sent to check and then in many cases it will be possible to get rid of the bodies secretly.

"Biblical floods" in New York??

UPDATE: A reader who was in the area sent a message, saying it WAS biblical and not just plumbing problems. The reader stated that it had to be weather modification because weather events happened that are not possible in that area. That's probably true. I'll explain something -

Tornados do not just happen "anywhere". Tornadoes need vast open spaces to develop and do not hit mountainous regions because mountains disturb the airflow too much. So when a giant tornado hits in a mountain region, there is a good chance it is due to weather mod.

THIS is 1 (ONE) of the large tornados that hit New Jersey.

The movie "The Day After Tomorrow" had a scene where tornados shredded Los Angeles, and everyone called B.S. because that's not possible. A tornado like this in New Jersey is LESS POSSIBLE than what happened in "the day after tomorrow. This was caused, no ifs or buts.

That's a full blown tornado alley champion there. That's the reason for this site graphic:

There have been tornados in Utah, but they have all been small, weak, and of short duration, and most of all they did not happen in the mountains. New Jersey does not have vast open spaces for tornadic weather systems to develop, so when they get a slew of enormous tornados, it is fair to question if they were natural or not. And I'd bet 500:1 odds they were not natural.

It is not possible for Ida to make landfall on the gulf coast and wreak havoc on New York. If that happened, it was caused.

Perhaps I was asleep at the wheel on this one. Yes, I heard of tornados in New Jersey and blew it off as "impossible". It cannot happen. Yet obviously from the photos that have been posted, it did, and it was BAD. Bad even for tornado alley. How???? There's no damn way a natural Ida caused that. NO FREAKING WAY.

Today I will be going around to car dealers to get photos of inventory to see if Mex is matching the United States.

My hypothesis: The chip shortage is a hoax, the car shortages are a hoax and what is really going on is that the banks don't want to finance high ticket items for people they know will soon be dead. Therefore the supply lines have been disrupted. That is what I really think is going on.

The last thing they want is to have millions of new cars out there that will never be paid for. If they end up being plentiful in Mex, we will know the U.S. is targeted. If they are not plentiful, we know the world is targeted.

All I know is that food is plentiful in Mex and the stores are all packed 10 deep and to the rafters across all item categories. Not one thing is missing, everything from freezers to stoves to beds to weight sets to bicycles to air gun pellets to YOU NAME IT is available in many models, in many brands, in abundance across the board in Mex. All parts to all cars (except probably Tesla) are available also.


IMPORTANT: This post may have errors. After looking into this closely, YES, Pfizer really is working on a "Covid pill" to be "Used along with the vaccines" but I could not find a dosing schedule. Therefore, "twice a day forever" is not confirmed. If it ends up being real, NEVER ALLOW IT EVER, I am leaving this up as a warning.

The original post which may have errors follows. I am leaving it up because too many times I have taken stuff like this down and it ended up being real. This is so grave people have to be aware of this possibility. I will not take it down, call it fiction if you want - but "1984" became real and was then surpassed . . . .

I was waiting for this, because they know damn well people are dying from their shots. Pfizer has "invented all new pills" you must take twice daily, FOREVER, after you get jabbed. They are claiming that a combination of shots and pills are now needed to "fight covid" but I'll tell you what I think it really is, I was waiting for this and can't believe it happened:

As people get jabbed more and more, to accomplish whatever the shot is supposed to accomplish, they will clot more and more and die in greater and greater numbers from clots. to conceal this, pfizer is now stating that after jab 3 you have to take two pills per day to "fight off covid". ONLY NO. THE SHOTS ARE NOT FOR COVID AND THE PILLS ARE ANTI CLOTTING AGENTS. And if you don't take them daily, you absolutely WILL die and it will all be blamed on COVID.

The shots are so devastating that the only way to have them not kill off everyone while accomplishing their totally un-stated purpose is to give people supplementary medications to offset the havoc the shots unleash.

I know I am the only one saying this, but MARK MY WORD: I AM RIGHT. Pfizer claims the pills are anti-viral, but anti-virals are not taken twice daily, they are taken (up to) twice monthly after the starter dose. This clearly proves the pfizer pills are NOT anti viral and if they are not as stated, what are they? CLOT BUSTERS.

How much will pfizer rake in? What will the eventual price tag be? ANSWER: How much is your life worth to you? Something like that.

They know what is going to happen with the third jab, and supplemental meds are going to be the only way to keep the Covid lie factory churning. Absent them, there will simply be too many people to bury after the third jab for the damage the shots do to ever be hidden.

3 big "doom" convergences happening soon.

1 is obvious. 9/11. This might just come and go because they know everyone is watching out for it, but then again, they did fund the taleban with cash and goodies so who knows.

2. The 7 calves I posted about a while ago. The end of 7 years will be on September 8. That's when all hell is supposed to break loose if this holds any water and it seems it might. These calves were all born in September of 2014, there are no other incidents of this happening in other years, and there's an "end of prosperity" doom prophecy related to them.

3. The biggest thing of all is that the vaxxed, with now known wrecked immune systems are going to be with us for the first time going into cold and flu season, which will probably kick off early and with one hell of a bang if people are in a condition as bad as some, including major big names in the PRO VAX community - are right about what the jab is doing to people.

One thing is certain, we are going to get an answer soon. And I have this never ending feeling of high tension, like what I'd have if I was stuck on a runaway bus I could not get control of. It really feels like all will not be well, and that there is no way out of it.

Wait and see I guess, the road could be straight for the next 100 miles or throw us a curve at any time. But that road WILL run out while the bus is moving, there's no way out of that.

You can find my comments about the following under "New cracks found in the ISS" farther down the page.


Not rumor. They have special people assigned to go around to all the people who are dropping in the streets as they walk away after the jab. This video only has one street and is not counting the side streets or the people getting in their cars and having problems. There is clearly mass genocide going on in Australia right now.

AND REMEMBER: You are not "vaxxed" until 14 days after the shot, so all those deaths are counted as COVID. If the shot kills you while you walk away from the jab center, or kills you in bed that night, or makes you have a vaxxident 3 days later, or causes you to collapse into a deep fryer 10 days later, YOU NEVER GOT THE SHOT, you died of Covid!!!

The movie Apollo 13 has the answer to what is in Japan's pfizer shots.

The MSM is claiming that the metal in the vials was from needles and the black particles were from the rubber at the top of the vial. Here is how that happened.

Did you ever watch the movie Apollo 13? Here is how they solved problems on Apollo 13: People on the ground went through lists of every single item on the spacecraft to find out how it could be re-appropriated to do something else without risking crashing the spacecraft. They worked out scenarios: We have this kind of tape and we have this flange here and we have this pice of plastic here and we have X X and X, and we can assemble that into X to do X. The same thing happened with a think tank and Japan's pfizer shot.

All they did was say "Let's assess everything available that we could possibly form the thinnest lie with, enough for plausible deniability. They are saying there are metallic flakes. What is in this process that has metal? Oh, the needle. They are saying they have black materials in the vials. What do we have that is black ANYWHERE in this process? Oh, the rubber top of the vial. We will tell the public that it is pieces of needle and rubber from the vial then. Only, there are problems with that.

1. A pink substance has been found in some vials too.

2. You cannot get metal to flake off of a hypodermic needle, they are manufactured too well, that would not happen even once, let alone thousands of times,

3. The rubber at the top of the vial does not flake off when jabbed, that's a medical item that is old school and very perfected, AND MOST OF ALL:

4: This stuff is showing up in un touched vials that have never been opened, they are not noticing this in used vials, they are noticing it in SEALED VIALS that were never jabbed by a needle.

So the con artists assigned to coverup were not as smart with their effort to bamboozle the public with B.S. as the old school Nasa was at solving problems, they are more like the new NASA trying to explain where the budget went.

Plausible deniability as would be interpreted by a mushroom. That's all they are going for with their explanations for Japan.

The real reality with Japan is that the same sabotaged shots with all the same problems the American shots had were sent into an HONEST MEDICAL SYSTEM that had the support of a news media that was not totally compromised, so when something got noticed, something got done. In the U.S. they'd simply kill any nurse who noticed and "be done with that".



Yes, it will be an identification document that you HAVE TO have AND have to present for the basics

I opened it and there's 99 pages. Aside from a summary glance I am not going to read it, because I am not going to get one anyway. Resistance is not futile if you manage to take at least a couple of these people with you on your way out. I will NOT comply and I won't be going to any camps either. If they really want to enforce this, they are going to have to lose Dan and David and whoever else I can nail before they nail me.

This makes the entire objective of COVID crystal clear, it really was the Certification Of Vaccination ID the entire time and as much as they want to deny this, it is plain as the wart on a witches nose.

The genocide will be perfectly papered and perfectly executed.

The U.S. government is officially out of Afghanistan, while thousands of Americans are still stuck there. But they got 10X the number of Afghans out . . . . . .

They never backed down on their actions. Even when busted. Just like that rigged election, busted 100 ways and NOTHING HAPPENED, they just left Americans hanging high and dry. When an enemy takes over like that, why would their behavior in Afghanistan be any different?

I am putting these two items back on top because they are the most important items to surface for this entire year.

These also got messed with to prevent people from seeing them.

French doctors cut open a vaxxed brain right after death and revealed what really happens to the vaxxed

The linked video starts out with the exact same kind of blood analysis the German doctors did (I had them posted earlier and took it down,) and at the end they cut open a perfectly fresh brain that was probably still warm and revealed the clots the vaxxed person died from.


VERY IMPORTANT: Doctors are not allowed to do autopsies on anything corona related, including vax deaths. All of these people are going straight into the crematorium. Having one of the brains get cut open clearly means someone "misbehaved" and probably got prosecuted.

The German doctor video was accurate, NOW WE HAVE THIS from France:

Their microscope blood resuts were EXACTLY the same as the German doctors. AND THEN:

A doctor's rebellion happened in France and they started doing autopsies, ( even though like everywhere else, they were told to not do autopsies and only cremate the remains without examination.) This was never spoken of in America's MSM. During the autopsies of those dead from the pfizer shot, they noticed that every single time someone died, the brain was full of clots. They were so sure of their results that they were able to cut open the next brain of someone murdered by the shot, and there were the clots as expected. They show this at 2:15

Trolls are saying "That's a cow's brain because it is too big to be human" or "brains always clot up like that" and all other forms of absolute B.S., The reality is that when the brain is not supported by the skull and is fresh, it is basically like jello and squishes out when set on a surface so it looks wider. A cow's brain is the size of a baseball to boot. Yes, that's a human brain and the arteries are TOTALLY CLOTTED.


Trolls: Send me whatever you want, including the above video "presented elsewhere as something else", I will NOT BELIEVE YOU.

Those clots are exactly where and how I would expect them to be from a clotshot.


No one has been able to refute this in any manner whatsoever, it is as presented. Additionally, this time, even if someone sends me "undeniable proof" it is not accurate, I will call them trolls. Let me explain why:

Because in this video we clearly do not have an anueurism, brain bleeding, or anything else of the sort, we have massive clots right where the blood enters the brain. If this was a natural stroke, there would have been one clot of much smaller size on only one branch further up in the brain. This particular brain has massive clots right where the arteries hook up and the blood returns.

Additionally, this is not a case of brain bleeding. Brain bleeding usually happens on the outer portion of the brain, and clear problems would have been visible before they cut the brain open. There is no damn way this brain dissection is not exactly as stated. No one gets natural clots so damn huge they block off every last path blood could possibly enter the brain, clots the size of snicker bars.

THAT IS NOT POSSIBLE NATURALLY. What we have here is a sudden death due to sudden massive clotting. Clotting that was intentional, and caused by a weapon. ONLY a weapon could have done it so severely.

Another thing that REALLY DOES IT is you know damn well from the way this video was shot that the doctors that cut this brain open knew EXACTLY WHAT THEY WOULD FIND, and that they had seen this before, so much so that they were able to set up a camera and nail it. That would not be possible with a natural clot because you would never know where it was to cut right into it.

Additionally, this specimen was too fresh for blood in the system to clot like that. Even in cadaver brains that have been put in formaldehyde there's nothing like this, no matter how old the blood gets. Some trolls have said the blood simply congealed after death. Hell no. Not even cadaver brains have that after they have sat on ice or in formaldehyde for god knows how long.

Trolls have also said the blood clots after death, so that's normal. This is a lie, embalmers remove all blood from the body up to days after death by simply hooking up to arteries near the heart and pushing the blood out through veins with embalming fluid. If it was all clotted up, that would not be possible. Try again trolls!!!

There is simply no way I am going to get trolled on this, it is what it is, as presented.

The second item I am going to top post again I'll call WAL MART SHOE SALE

Wal Mart busted trafficking kids as "shoes"? This story will probably explode so I have to post it.

I don't know who discovered this, it was just suddenly on all the forums. Is it really child trafficking by Wal Mart? I gotta say, I'm stumped for another explanation. If you type $5000 shoes into, other single shoes come up also. This is NOT for a PAIR of shoes, it is for ONE SHOE.

Really look over the ad. It specifies "young and junior aged girls", is for ONE SHOE, the sku is listed as "parent", it is not available in store, the brand is "CHINESE dirty laundry" (probably a Chinese girl), the size is 6 (probably for the age) there are no reviews of this product and they have ONE in stock. Why no reviews? Because no one else bought it yet, yet Wal Mart has only ONE in stock????

This story is going to EXPLODE if Facebook does not shut it down, right or wrong this really does look like child trafficking.





There are other lab instruments and methods that are used for identifying elements and chemical compounds, with the most important one being a mass spectrometer. IF THAT IS NOT MENTIONED WHEN PEOPLE POST THEIR B.S., B.S. IS ALL IT IS AND NOW WAIT AND WATCH: PEOPLE WILL START SAYING MASS SPECTROMETER NOW THAT I HAVE EDUCATED THE HOAXSTERS AND THEY NOW KNOW A BETTER THING EXISTS.

Maybe I ought not hand out "certificates of thinkology" because it will help liars dream up the next line of BULLSHIT.

THIS IS HOW IT IS DONE FOLKS, UPDATE: AS SOON AS I POSTED THE LINK TO THIS TOPIC, DUCK *UCK GO CHANGED THE SEARCH RESULTS. Fortunately I discovered that on Claudia's machine and still had the original page loaded on mine so I captured it. I knew the "spanish scientists and their graphene" story was a pile of cow dung because YOU DO NOT USE ANY TYPE OF MICROSCOPE FOR THAT, YOU USE A MASS SPECTROMETER and these un-spoiled duck *uck results PROVE IT.

If what comes up at the link looks the same as this, they switched it back.

And now on to the original post, because "they" are not honest enough to provide accuracy unless I interrupt the page by forcing it with a capture -

This is primarily why I was so rude. "Certificates of thinkology" can't think past microscopes!!! I have held out long enough, they just spewed too much all over again, so I finally STUCK IT to them.

Do a little study. Check it out. I AM RIGHT.

And the Sh*theads that watch my every move are probably shocked because I pulled that out of my behind and searched NOTHING before typing in that search term after having NEVER typed that or anything approximate into a search engine ever, which proves I know. (I removed a line here I considered "providing too much info".)

Actually, they were more than shocked, they immediately took action to discredit this post by spoiling the results when a link from this site was clicked.

More graphene

People are making crap up about the shots that is going to sound preposterous and it all started with graphene. Yes, Japan did discover that the shots had several variants with different crap in them and that it was done on purpose. I urge people to not jump the gun and start saying stuff that is more likely to be false than true, we need all the credibility we can possibly get and spouting B.S. is no way to get that.

Even if graphene oxide is in the shots, it would not be the magnetic material Japan observed because graphene oxide simply is not magnetic enough for it to be observable without precise scientific equipment. I have said all of this several times before, For Gods sake people, don't either spout off with new bullshit or spread bullshit because "they" can kill us with it and are likely doing it on purpose.

What better way to undermine Japan's discovery could there possibly be than to suddenly invent a list of 50 "proven" things in the jab that are not there, while everyone misses the five or so unlisted ingredients that are? There's NO BETTER WAY to doom everyone with B.S. than to do exactly that. Right now it will suffice to say the shots have several variants when there is only supposed to be one. That alone is reason enough to refuse it, and all you have to do is quote Japan, a country with FAR MORE credibility than any blogger.


Absolutely NO ONE, Not even "shit for brains" is going to question Japan.

The Aussie truckers have now shut down at least one major highway.

So something IS happening as they stated.

Not much in the news other than the hurricane, so here's a bunch of quick headlines:

A truck carrying over a million doses of the Pfizer shot overturned in West Virgina, and haz mat along with about 150 lab coats shut down the interstate for 21 hours until they made good and sure every last vial and trace of that shot got recovered. Secrets must be secrets don't ya know. There will NOT be any independent analysis, and that is that.

At the accident scene, no independent reporters were allowed in, and private drones were banned from investigating. If this truck was full of stuff anyone can just be jabbed with at their own will, why the secrecy? I think anyone with 15 working neurons ought to be able to figure that out, - because after the jab you might not have 15 working neurons, IF you have any at all. After all, working neurons need a heart beat.


A wild fire is burning so badly near Lake Tahoe that cell service has been disrupted because the towers burned. I do not think that happened even in the Paradise fire. That's what happens when woke leftists do forest management.


Truckers were supposed to shut down Australia today (the 31'st there) to protest the government actions in forcing the jab, but last I heard they chickened out. The 31'st is not over there yet, LET'S SEE SOME ACTION PLEASE.


Labor day is when unemployment quits so if you are still on Covid unemployment that's a heads up.


China limited children to 3 hours of online gaming per week That would be a good idea, but I think that has been cut short enough to STRONGLY encourage kids to hack their way around the limits, and they will. Even cutting online gaming down to 14 hours a week would accomplish the objective without upsetting the kids too much, what really needs to be avoided is situations where they spend 40+ hours gaming. And 40+ hours it will be, because the kids WILL find a way around what they will no doubt see as "three hour B.S." and then all limits are once again off.


I have noticed a huge pile of Covid lies and B.S. - Now every "truther" anti-vax "broadcaster" is dead, under threat of dying, or will soon be gone because "They are dropping like flies" because they did not get jabbed to be saved. Only, there's a problem - the flip side says the vaxxed are dying more now, and it can't be both ways. That's one reason why everyone knows it is all B.S.


Supposedly 350 white American women got turned away at the airport gate and now the Taleban has them in Afghanistan to be raped and killed, and "They are probably not even alive anymore". Because that's what the taleban does. Kills women. Which is why they all have 10 kids. Because the women don't survive long enough to have them???? More "Covid nonsense" brought to you by the same hoaxers who claim the election was not stolen. IF white American women were taken by the Taleban, I'll tell you what would happen: They'd be put in quarantine to prevent their ideology from spreading, and that would be the end of it. But that won't work for a story line when there's a war badly needed, sadly for whoever hoaxed that pile of BUNK I think it flopped instantly. Stupid crap like that story might have flown on the 90's internet. People were getting smarter and suddenly got WAY too smart for that after a rigged election and covid con job.


Drudge headline: How Newsom went from landslide victory to fighting to stay in office. My headline: Vote fraud got Newsom in, and now they are allowing people to print mail in ballots at home to make damn good and sure it sticks. And it will, by a hair, to make it all "plausible." A hair. Only a hair. If you are going to make a 90 percent landslide slip the wrong way, it had better be by 51 percent or so, so everyone blames their "stupid neighbor".

New cracks found in the ISS Sad to say, I think it is time to de-orbit it. And why not when Elon Musk could replace it without being paid. That's reality. Seriously. The ISS only weighs 450 tons. SpaceX could just load up 3 of their proposed BFR's and put a new one up in a week. And it would be a hell of a lot better. Doing it in huge pieces would improve reliability enormously and why stop at 3 launches? We ought to have a full gravity spinning wheel up there by now. Why not have a space station that weighed 4,000 tons and was actually something real? If Nasa was not just sitting there stealing it could be done in a year with Spacex at the ready. The current setup is a hunk'o'junk compared to what could be done with ease now absent corruption.

I think Virgin Galactics space hops are a joke. Would it not be better to have a hotel section on a real space station and have Virgin up the power a bit and fly people to that? With how cheap Spacex has made launches, it could be done NO SWEAT. The cost has never been about materials and construction, it has all been in the launches. That cost is basically gone now. Why not do it for real?


AP reported a HUGE power surge knocked out the subway in New York and they even updated the report, and then they removed it. How would a subway get a power surge big enough to knock it out? Trains are ROBUST. Why would AP report that and then pull the story? Did someone have a secret to keep? Certainly suspicious enough to mention.


Other than the hurricane, there was not anything really big to report today but there was some interesting little stuff.

This will be the last Ida weather report, (after this it will be political reports because they'll obviously milk this)

I estimated from the wind charts that Ida would be a strong cat 2 to weak cat 3 and that's the kind of damage that is showing up so far. However, that might change. So as far as fakery goes, there's not a whole lot to report, Ida was not a complete fabrication like Patricia - that "cat 6" that hit Mexico and did not even knock the power out. If they are lying about Ida, it would only be by a category, and that's not news, that's exaggeration. And they might actually be honest this time, more needs to be seen.

As I predicted, there's widespread damage and no power. It's not "a million out", it is millions out. However, cat 4 hurricanes snap palm trees off and there's none of that showing so far, so I am sticking with "somewhere betweent cat 2 and cat 3" until I see that. There's way too much damage for category 1.

My ultimate assessment of the reporting on this hurricane: They are under reporting peak wind speeds and over reporting average wind speed. I stayed on top of this hurricane well, and the picture below shows where 175 mph gusts were possible. It does not mean the entire lighter area got gusts that high, but it would have been possible. If it happened, there will be pictures of snapped off palm trees eventually.

Anyway, that will do it for the weather part, ON TO POLITICS. We'll have to wait for that.


The politics of hurricane IDA. We are going to have to wait for this one to develop, but you can safely bet it will be one hell of a story.

POLITICS: Watch two weather channel guys exaggerate the winds while a couple guys stroll by in the background like nothing is going on while one carries what is probably an ice cream cone. In another video, A guy does a cartwheel behind the weather guy. So as the weather channel fakes it, famous storm chaser Reed Timmer goes out and busts through the eye wall. You can tell he's scared, he does not look normal.

Yes, the hurricane was bad, but if you don't get a good spot to prove it from, don't fake it please.

Japan has discovered what is probably 3 different variants of the Pfizer shot

This can't happen if not intentional. Japan discovered: 1. Shots with pink stuff in them. 2. Shots with black stuff in them. 3. Shots with shiny metallic magnetic stuff in them. And it was not just a few shots, it was millions that had EACH PROBLEM. That means it was not a problem.

I saw and ignored a post by "someone who works for pfizer" saying there were 10 different varianst of the shots, each designed to do something different to the recipient. I blew the post off as B.S. However, if Japan found three different "contaminants" in the pfizer shot, and each event had thousands of vials involved, perhaps that post was accurate because that can't happen in a factory if it was not intentional and no individual could ever hand contaminate that many vials. That employee said one of the 10 possibilities was saline. That would mean Japan has discovered 4 out of 10 variants.

I totally called B.S. on this, and ignored it. But it has a good chance of being true now that Japan has discovered there are different versions of the shot (by what they have found in them) and the difference in all of this is that the Japanese were skeptical to begin with, did not have fully controlled lying scamming sh*t bag hospitals and pharmacies and THEN did not have a total con job media hiding stuff like this.

So now Japan is switching over to Ivermectin while the scamming con job American media is calling it "cow paste" and saying people are idiots for trying it AND OVERDOSING. But the reality is that ivermectin is like any other medicine and made for people too. You used to be able to pick it up anywhere. But like hydroxychloroquine, which could also be purchased like aspirin before this scamdemic, Ivermectin is being pulled as fast as they can pull it off pharmacy shelves because "they" want their death shot into everyone. Multiple boosters yearly according to Fauci's latest comedy rap.

HMMM, 10 variants of the vax, with one being saline. That leaves room for 19, delta, lambda, "the New York strain" zimbabwe, and 4 other variants, ALL OF THEM needing 2 shots each. By then, we'll be down to that magical 500 million the guidestones recommend.

Only, it is not going well. So there will probably be the "world war 3" strain, the "patriot roundup" strain, the "woke staff sargeant strain" and the "Al Quaida" strain and don't forget the "dark winter" strain and "supply disruption" strain which Ida will no doubt enhance.

A reader wrote and said her husband got vaxxed . . . .

She said she was in menopause and had not had a period for a year, and the day after he got the shot she had an absolutely horrible period. Remember, the "vaxxed" are shedders. KEEP YOUR DISTANCE, you know, I am not one for the social distancing B.S. but when it comes to the vaxxed, there's a reason.

Obviously she had the period because she was driven from "menopause infertile" to "death valley infertile" by whatever was shed.

Are you a landlord? Here is how you evict someone

The eviction moratorium is over. And jobs are plentiful. There are no excuses. Here is how you do an eviction and get away with it. This idea was posted to social media by a landlord.

This only works because people who don't pay rent when jobs are available are usually totally lazy losers. We are beyond excuses now with all the jobs available. So here is what you do:

To protect yourself legally, FIRST you post a notice with a deadline and you state that the deadline will be enforced. Pay attention beforehand so you know when they won't be there. AFTER the notice has expired, all you do is show up with a locksmith, Don't even bother with entering the place, just have a locksmith open the door, and you then take the door off. Put it in storage. Take ALL the exterior doors off.

They won't want to stay without a door, and they'll be too lazy to even move as much as a bathroom door to the front door and they sure as **** won't buy a door. They'll be out in a day.

You won't need to do anything else.

This post has been abbreviated. Anyone who linked it prior will still get the full report.

This site probably saved this from extinction by making it impossible to censor via the major platforms.

"Understand that when we get deployed in the United States, that weapon is not pointed at a foreigner, it is pointed at YOU. If you do not get in your house when I tell you, YOU become the enemy".

Gosh, the comments I saw everywhere were a LOT worse than what I posted here, and what I posted was BAD.

You have now been warned. What are you going to do if they actually come with this attitude? Hopefully not sit on your *ss.



Twitter then saw fit to delete the tweet!!! but there's this, from earlier:

Twitter has clearly set itself out as an enemy combatant if they are going to delete Pentagon tweets.

We knew about all the guns and weapons biden left the Taleban, but what about the billions of U.S. dollars, in nicely packed $10,000 packets? YEP, that too.

The Taleban has been seriously impacted by COVID, THEY NEED A BAILOUT!!!


"I am 59 years old, in good health, my type is not recommended to get vaccination" SO THERE YOU HAVE IT. If his own shot is safe, why not??

Click to play, right click to save.


That bastard is exactly who I am talking about when I use the word "they" or "elite".

There's a reason this video got censored and no one has seen it.

I just did my first experiment with "survival pancakes" with the enormous amount of mix I added to my survival stache

It worked out well. I will define "survival" as "Made with whatever could be easily stored for 10 years". No butter, no syrup, only heat, the pancake mix, and corn oil. Then eaten like flat bread. IT WAS GREAT.

Update: It has been 3 hours now, and it feels like I ate normal pancakes cooked in butter with syrup. That is important.

This might sound stupid to a lot of people because it is so mundane. But that's the first time I ever did pancakes with corn oil, and this does qualify as 10 year food storage. I was very surprised it came out so well.

This used NO MILK, NO EGGS, NOTHING AT ALL but mix, water, corn oil, and heat. I had considered just doing the pancakes dry, but that's not realistic when oil is cheap enough to be in anyone's survival pantry and can store forever.

A little about oils: You need them, and at this point they are all GMO. So don't bother with avoiding that. The best common oil for the body is olive oil. However, super long term storage will be a problem, plus it is expensive. Canola and soybean oils work for cooking, but one (canola) is poisonous (they NEVER get all the poisons out and it makes me sick every time) and the other - soybean - is absolute garbage. Canola is garbage too, it is beyond garbage. If you want the oil to actually do the job of "oil in the diet" use ONLY CORN OIL and nothing else (except for olive oil) but I will not buy that, especially since corn oil will store "forever" and is very close to being as good. There's also sunflower oil that's not bad but I won't bother with that in my storage.

I won't bother with almond or other super expensive oils, why bother? They will not do any better than corn oil.

You HAVE TO cook with oil because if you don't get oil your health will deteriorate as rapidly as it would if you did not eat meat. And if you're a vegan because "they told you it was the pathway to health", remember: THE SHOT IS FINE, AND THE ELECTION WAS NOT STOLEN. RIGHT? That's what the same people pushing veganism say, and that's a clear and obvious lie. What else would they lie about?

As a throw in here, I'll also add that I bought survival coffee at the beginning of the Covid scam and am not half way through the original purchase yet. I figured I ought to use it and it's still fine even though it does not smell fresh when opening a bag anymore. Not fresh, but not foul either. It tastes the same. It is still good. I will have to do a re-stock soon.

Coffee is important. I have experimented with "life without coffee" compared to life with coffee extensively in the past, and I can affirmatively state that if I do not get coffee, I suck at everything. Not as sharp, not as productive, coffee is the stuff of life. Seriously, I have tried stretches of months without coffee just to prove I was not wrong about it "the last time" and every time I try I slow down to useless and never pull out of it. There is no such thing as a re-acclimation to "normal with coffee" without it. Yes, it would work if all I had to do was water a donkey but for something like running this site, FORGET IT. Fortunately I was all done expirimenting with that more than 10 years ago, I got my answer: Coffee is essential and should definitely be in your survival stache. 10 years worth at least. And it does not take much to make a difference between life and death either, at least with me, even a small amount is enough.

The difference between "Covid" and the flu/pneumonia is whether or not the hospital will kill you for a stat.

"Covid" eradicated the flu. The stats prove it. How did that happen?

If "They" own all the media, right down to the local paper, is it not possible for "Them" to own every hospital, right down to the local clinic?

If you want to know who is behind this "pandemic" just look at who's screaming the loudest about "being victims of covid" or "being the victims of a sabotaged shot". WHO ARE THE WORLD'S BIGGEST "VICTIMS", even historically, like, let's say World War 2 in Europe???

If you want to link to the Wal Mart child trafficking report, (that one is a doozie) USE THIS PAGE because it will stay on top.

Update to below: I originally removed a similar video from "German doctors" because several people wrote and said it was bunk. I did not really believe it was bunk and knew that if it was not bunk, there would soon be other similar videos, (or I could do the confimation myself when I found a subject). Well, we got confirmation. And it even looks like it was done on my microscope in dark field. THE GERMAN VIDEO WAS ACCURATE, AND I WILL NOT BE REDACTING ANY PORTION OF THIS NEW VIDEO, INCLUDING THE BRAIN DISSECTION.

Stupid trolls are saying "That's not a human brain". LIKE HELL IT AINT!!!

Japan tested the Moderna vials, and they are magnetic.

I did not expect the shot to actually be magnetic. Fortunately, Japan is shitcanning them all and is subsequently recommending ivermectin.

The Japanese media is saying the shot is reacting to magnets, yet there's not a peep about that in any English speaking MSM outlet. And, immediately after discovering the shots were not as advertised, Japan's medical association is on national television recommending Ivermectin for covid.

There was a huge explosion at kabul airport

There's no question a false flag will be fronted, but one in Afghanistan won't get the war drums beating. I guess I don't need to say more on this, except to expect more. Because the MSM is talking all about potential terror attacks and comparing joe six pack to the taleban. Until they do their false flag, there's nothing to report beyond a warning.

The Farmer's Almanac has probably been infiltrated by climate hoaxers

Don't trust it anymore. This is the first year I think they published bullshit.

They are claiming the winter will be mild except for huge storms. I say it will be a winter kill winter with up to normal precipitation. A big freeze. Let's see who's right.

Ignore their "winter whopper" headline and Look at what they actually say. I am going to be right: Big freeze coast to coast that lasts and lasts, and the usual storms that deliver UP TO normal precipitation. They can take their "whopper storms" with moderate temps and shove them. The only way that will happen is via weather mod, and what? are they going to deep freeze Mexico to accomplish that? Wait and see I guess, we have had a frigid summer.

Want to see how "out of it" the new generation is? Watch this 10 second video The poor thing clearly does not know how to open a banana.

There's another possibility too: BOOSTER SHOT.


There's no mistake. She clearly said plandemic.

Austraila is, without question, setting up an Australian Auschwitz

Australia is clearly setting up an astounding prison camp and is using absolutely slick marketing to sell it. It has it's own runway suitable for a 747, self contained agriculture and more. Obviously they intend to use it.

"We are not nazis, they used trains. We are going to use planes!!!

Arnold's "screw your freedoms" got him terminated by an important sponsor

Everyone does realize he's from the old soviet bloc and only an actor, RIGHT??

A cop noticed a new street light went in that's a blacklight

Cops have a good perspective. If it is a NEW light that was not there before and it went in as a blacklight, obviously the stories about the blue street lights being a mistake are not true. It is probably intentional. And why would they do that?

A funeral director has come forward and said the deaths are increasing drastically and they are mostly vaxxed.

This is a long tedious video I only looked at well enough to confirm that yes, a funeral director really is asking families if the dead people were vaxxed, and yes, almost all got the jab.

Rumor from phone repair guy: 5G phones have no 5G chip in them

When 4G LTE advanced can hit an (admitted to) gig a second when not throttled, it would simply be too easy to un-throttle it and fake 5G

I am highly suspicious 5G is a hoax, because the advertised technial limit of 4G LTE is 1000 megs a second, Mexican 4G LTE companies routinely hit 300 megs a second and lots of people in the U.S. who "have 5G" cannot even hit 300 megs a second. What if the advertised speed of 4G LTE was a conservative statement and the exact same 4G chips can be un-throttled and fake 5G? A phone repair guy has posted a video showing that could be exactly the case. If so, what are the 5G towers really for?

Because this is a lone video, I'll call it rumor, but I'd say this is probably true

A phone repair guy who does nothing but take phones apart says nothing changed, the 4g phones are identical inside to the 5G. He looks very convincing, which begs the question: Could the 5G towers be a ruse? Could they be for something else? Who needs 5G when un throttled 4G LTE can hit a gig and possibly more we were never told about?

COULD 5G simply be unlocked 4G? Take a look at this:

Now, obviously there are a few factors at play here, such as, perhaps the phones in his area are fake 5G because it does not exist anyway in his area and they might be real elsewhere, (he mentions this, that you might be paying for a future service and improved 4g) but if the people behind 5G see fit to pull this kind of crap at all, who's to say existing 4G phones can't be un-throttled to do more than a gig when they already can do a gig? That's so close to 5G speed anyway that who would ever want to upgrade?

Would the so-called elite, having a 4G LTE system already in place that's throttled everywhere have the audacity to simply un-throttle 4G, and call it 5G just so they could install infrastructure that has a purpose not advertised under the cover of a cell network upgrade? Given how eagerly they have conned us with Corona, I'd say HELL YES, we can't even get elections that are not rigged, they scam everything.

My conclusion: Yes, the 5G towers could be fake and not even for cellular. I cannot say this for certain, obviously, but I sure would not put it past the "elite" when you consider all the other hoaxes they are guilty of.

I think we are going into Revelations 16.

I bumped this to the top because it is the most important thing posted recently.


The original post continues below.

I'll tell everyone how to know if the vax is the mark of the beast and if we really are going into Revelations 16.

Revelations 16 talks about the mark of the beast and a grievous sore that befalls the people who take the mark. I am seeing increasing reports of those who survived the shot breaking out into horrible rashes and blood blisters and *.* related. It all started with people getting blood blisters, and is now evolving into hives that burst open and other skin disorders. This would be caused by the shot blocking micro capillaries and starving the skin of blood, causing necrosis. Not the classic gray rotting necrosis, - a different type where the skin gets at least some nutrients, but not nearly enough. It does not die totally, but it breaks out horribly.

If this becomes commonplace to such an extent you see it every time you go to Wal-mart, WATCH OUT, because it really could be revelations and accepting the shot really could be accepting the mark of the beast.

I suggest everyone read all of Revelations 16 because it really looks like we are going into the first vial and there are 7. The calls to repentance will be obvious. There's nothing subtle about it.


The ones who are still alive when the first vial gets opened will be those who are the most evil (lots of those) and the most good (a few of those). The rest will be dead by then and that may be a blessing. More and more good people will be gone as the vials progress. If you don't make it to the first vial you are likely among the good. It really looks like it is going to be opened over the course of the next 12 months. Wait and see I guess.

I am in stressed freak out mode.

Claudia keeps asking me why I am mad. I am not mad, especially at her. I am stressed. How stressed? Today I found 2 pound bags of pancake mix for $1. I bought them all, regretably only 27. Why pancake mix? Because if you get the stuff that is in the sealed plastic bags, it will keep forever if stored right and will not get bugs while stored. If you get it for close to the price of flour, you get instant bread mix with no fuss or added ingredients. Just add water and apply heat. You'll get bread. It does not have to be pancakes.

I am extremely worried for the United States, Austraila, Europe . . . I am not comforted at all by the fact that Mexico is going to be the last great nation to fall. Today Anaya was attempting to destroy Obrador because Anaya was the pick for Covid and lost. If Anaya had gotten in, Mexico would have already kissed it all away. We'll see how long this lasts. But for now, Mex is in a lot better shape than anywhere else.

I dread sitting here watching a slow motion train wreck, looking at stats, watching declining numbers (has not happened yet) but when it does, I will know the missing readers are dead. That is going to happen, and it is going to be a terrible thing to witness.


A reader who went over the Spanish scientist graphene topic carefully sent a message clarifying things.

I am going to add a clearer explanation than I posted earlier when I was mad because people are still not understanding this.

The shot was reported by someone to be 99 percent graphene oxide. This was caused by a lack of scientific knowledge on the part of those who quoted the Spanish scientists. The scientists claimed the shot was less than 1 percent graphene oxide. That would be injectible. HERE IS WHERE THINGS WENT WRONG:

Whoever did the graphene story failed to understand this one simple item: The Spanish scientists separated the liqid component of the shot from the solid component of the shot, and the solid components, at about 1 percent of total shot volume, were 99 percent graphene oxide (according to them) That makes a HUGE difference because it's like putting a spoon of sugar in a cup of coffee and then injecting that, rather than putting straight un-dissolved sugar in a syringe and trying to inject that

However, despite this correction that they actually claimed 1 percent and not 99 percent of total shot volume, the entire premise was flawed because the claim was that they put the solids from the shot in an electron microscope, and with that determined it was graphene oxide. And that's not how it would be done, chemical tests, mass spectroscopy or even an ordinary microscope would be able to tell if it was graphene oxide, I am still calling bunk on this story, even at 1 percent graphene concentration because no scientists would bother with an electron microscope for a test this simple, someone just said that because they figured it sounded good.

That is my FINAL ANSWER.

If there was graphene, it was at 1 percent total shot volume, represented 99 percent of actual solids in the shot, the shot itself was NOT 99 percent graphene, and I seriously doubt they'd have used an electron microscope for confirmation when even this web site's microscope would have done the trick just fine and a microscope is not what would be used for confirming graphene anyway.

Here is the error that made the topic a laughing stock: 99 percent of the non aqueous portion of the shot was graphene, NOT THE WHOLE SHOT.

Details matter. Getting them that wrong, as wrong as someone reported, did SERIOUS damage to everyone trying to protect us from this shot. It just blew credibility straight into the sewer.

A few pointers on the clotshot that just got "approved"

The actual shot people know of as the "pfizer shot" never got approved. It stayed as "experimental". However, a second jab under a different name "Comirnaty" DID get "approved". Here's the kicker: Under emergency authorization the same old clotshot can be administered without approval until enough "Comirnaty" gets produced, apparently they have practically none, and they have millions of vials of the shot we all know and have come to love ready to go that can be completely used up before the "approved" version, (which is probably an identical weapon) HAS TO be used, with the previous one "discontinued".

And as everyone knows, they threw procedure out the window and even Comirnaty has until Halloween 2025 to complete it's safety studies, all the while it will be administered without them.

When I originally went over the approval document, it was a lengthy convoluted confusing snake speak script ALL THE WAY THROUGH. With an extended decipher done later, the above is precisely what it really says, in reality the "Pfizer shot" did NOT get approved but re-authorized for use until the tens of millions of shots already made are used, and then they'll switch to the "approved" Comirnaty version which has basically no clinical trials done on it, and are instead PENDING 2025.

So that's great. That's all the time they need to get'er done.

Lehi teacher in the Alpine school district fired

Lehi Utah was the town used in the movie Footloose. It is a very conservative area.

I did not bother with posting the video of this particular teacher going on a crazed leftist rant when it was making the rounds, because all she did was represent what a majority of classrooms in America are like now and the only news was that someone shot video of it.

The story became real news when the school district fired her because of the video, when that school district would have NEVER fired her absent that video because they knew damn well what she was doing, it was SOP. That same school district has similar nutcases (bank on it) and this particular teacher was probably #7 or so on the lunatic totem pole there as she would be in practically any American school. She was actually not that bad compared to others I have gotten word of. The alpine school district only fired her because they need to convince the parents that this teacher is an anomaly. They don't want too many home schoolers starting up over the batshit crazy schools, especially in Lehi where max damage is "needed". There's not a chance this teacher would have been fired in a place already successfully destroyed, like San Francisco.

Back in the 80's, any parent could walk into any school totally un-announced and listen in on a classroom. That all changed in the 90's because all the way back then the schools were becoming weaponized and the infiltrated school staffs that were waging open war on the fabric of America did not want parents knowing what was going on. They threw out some excuse like "We can't have molesters walking around" or "Someone could be a threat to the kids" and slammed the door. If you walk into a school un-announced now, chances are you're going straight to jail. They don't want parents discovering what is going on. They have GOT TO keep their agenda hidden. And that is exactly why this very mundane teacher in Lehi got canned. Rest assured, the kids there have been threatened with expulsion if they even think about making a video like that in a classroom again.

I will predict the future.

I'll be frank, I made this up. But this was written - the major plays - as a chess master would plot out a game. Watch it happen.

Here is how it is going to go. I can see it already.

1. Vax will be made so close to mandatory, if not fully mandatory that the extent to which it is not mandatory will be insignificant.

2. Large numbers of people who did not want the jab will buckle, and they'll get about 75 percent jabbed while the remaining percent made the sacrifices and is therefore dying for other reasons.

Throw in war somewhere around here.

3. MOST IMPORTANT STEP: It will be Israel that "discovers the vax is bad, and should be discontinued." Israel will front the illusion of being the most damaged of all when in reality they took no damage, and then will front being the good guys who "saved the last of humanity" by "discovering the shot was bad" and finding the solutions to that problem. All the while, it was them doing it all along, and all they will really be doing is saying what they knew would happen and had the answers for all the way back in 2015. They have planned this longer than that.

4. Israel will then step forward with "magical answers" anyone who was not a piece of wet toilet paper knew all along. They will present as the savior, and out of the ashes, they, (and other Jewish cohorts elsewhere) will rule. The other governments which are fully infiltrated by Israel will declare the massive deaths to be their fault for "not doing enough research," and they'll resign.

5. Israel will then claim to be the savior and will rule the world, with Jewish plants they have all over the place. They caused the problem, they knew the reaction, and they'll be the solution. The "great reset" will then be complete.

This is forward looking, and some people will no doubt call me "crazy" but already, from the way the chess pieces are moving, this is my 17 moves away "check mate". I know I nailed this. Grand masters of chess have opponents NAILED many steps beforehand, and this is the game, as I see it.

Sit back and watch this happen. Of course I left out several steps, such as the mark and more, but those are the BIG steps. Watch it happen.

They are moving on the clotshot at warp speed

The FDA did a hoax pen stroke sans testing approval, and IMMEDIATELY Biden has announced the possibility of an executive order to make the vax mandatory to work or go to the store.

No work, no food, no NOTHING without the shot. You can sit in the weeds and die without it if you wish.

Additional rumor - I will start this one because I have not heard it anywhere, but American troops are about to be re-assigned to administer the shots by force. That's a guess, however, This is based on classified orders given to soldiers for a mandatory and immediate 10 day training prior to a domestic deployment. My tip off is accurate. They are in the process of doing this NOW.

The only rumor is my guess about what this classified training for a domestic deployment is for. Can you add 1+0? I knew you could!!

Australia ought to be an example. NO WHERE ON EARTH was the resistance to the jab as enormous as it was in Australia, and as a result, "they" clamped down HARD there, suddenly, swiftly, and forcefully - Australia is an example. PEOPLE WILL GET JABBED AT THE MINIMUM AMOUNT OF FORCE NEEDED TO MAKE IT HAPPEN. EVEN IF "MINIMUM" IS USING THE MILITARY TO FIGHT A HAIL OF BULLETS. They'd prefer for everyone to just go in like a flock of sheep, but they'll take this all the way to drone strikes if they "have to".

There is nothing at all benign about this shot, and their desire to be peaceful about it will vanish the second they know they won't get it done without force.

Israel is all done with running their "me too" hoax to cover up the fact it was THEM ALL ALONG.

If you confront them face to face they'll INSIST, INSIST, INSIST they are "victims too" but here's a nice additional tip: Claudia worked with a couple Jews at that school, and THEIR ENTIRE FAMILIES "GOT THE VAX", WITH CERTIFICATES, KIDS AND ALL, BEFORE THE VAX WAS EVEN AVAILABLE IN MEX. THAT was a MAJOR screw up that got overlooked. It's all B.S. with them folks, they are NOT GETTING THE SHOT.

They must have sent Mexico the SERIOUS death juice (I was already suspecting that after another family member died from the Pfizer shot last Friday)

Mexican dies 60 seconds after clotshot and it made the news in Mex. MESSAGE: It was nothing. Get the shot anyway.

This guy made the news. Where is everyone else? I can add 5 to that list and I am just one guy.

Needless to say I have that one saved.

The Pfizer approval by the FDA may be a setup to destroy the U.S. military before the next world war

Consider this: Afghanistan may have been done for the purpose of making allies hate the U.S. military

The U.S. military got a serious black eye from the way Afghanistan was handled. The British and other militaries are FURIOUS. So are their countries. And that's exactly what the Biden admin would want if it was going to death/stifle shot the American military before a war that was intended to wipe America and Europe out. Our soldiers will not be able to fight well, if at all after this shot (you know damn well the mandated Pfizer shot will be serious death juice, similar to what Pfizer doled out in Mex that has killed 5 people I know of) and as a double whammy, it is happening right after that military was ordered to conduct itself in a way that made all the allies FURIOUS.

Now our military HAS TO get the pfizer shot. That will be the most significant strike EVER against a military in World War 3. China got Sinovax which is not nearly as bad, if it is bad at all. (jury is still out on that)

I'd say America is probably toast. They ripped us apart from the inside so we will not be able to hold off a direct attack from the outside. We were obviously still doing too well, so they HAD TO destroy the military. Game over, I don't know exactly when, but it is going to be soon enough to capitalize on the Afghanistan debacle AND soon enough to have the jab be an ambush none of the company commanders will be effectively dealing with yet.

I don't like making predictions because they so frequently fail (for everyone) however, if I had to place a bet, I'd bet it will be lights out in 2021, before the end of this year.

There won't be the immediate anger in allies to make use of, or a total unawareness of what the shot did to all the troops in 2022, if the ambush is going to work, they have to do it pretty much now - in the next few months.

I bumped the following back to the top because it is important and week day readers have not seen it.

Another family member died from the pfizer shot, perfect health, died same day, age 47.

The FDA has now proclaimed the pfizer shot is totally safe.

The FDA also claims the election was not stolen.

The pfizer shot has an extremely high fatality rate, at a level that is hard to believe.

The numbers now changed to 6 shots 5 deaths because one of the neighbors got the Pfizer shot and is not dead. Over the week end the nephew of my father in law got pfizer and died the same day. He was in perfect health. One of the neighbors also got Pfizer and is not dead yet.

To be clear: the tally now is:

2 people in the church in Mexico City who got Pfizer and died quickly,
1 - the husband of my wife's former boss, (Claudia quit over the vax mandate), he died after the Pfizer shot but the boss got CanSino,
2 people in this family who got pfizer and died, one on the same day and the other lingered in agony for 3 weeks, both were in perfect health
1 other in the family who died and we don't know if he got the shot.
1 neighbor who got Pfizer and is still alive.

Oh, and it was all "coincidences" and "prior conditions" and "they would have all died anyway" no matter how it looks, IT WAS NOT THE SHOT, and if you think it was, WE ARE GOING TO DEFUND YOU SO YOU CAN'T POST WHAT WE WILL CALL "DISINFO" but HEY EVERYONE: America lost about 40 million jobs to the "pandemic" and "lockdowns" AND WE CANNOT HIRE ENOUGH PEOPLE EVEN THOUGH THAT MANY JOBS WERE LOST. Gosh, how many corpses are rotting away not paying rent? WE WILL NEVER KNOW, BECAUSE OF THE EVICTION MORATORIUM. What if the "eviction moratorium" is just there to hide how many people can't pay rent or the loan because they are dead???


How did we lose 30-40 million jobs, have 8 million on unemployment, and STILL be short 10 million workers for the jobs that are left???? I HAVE THE ANSWER:


I had only indirect influence over this particular family member, it was not my fault.

Update: I got the details. He was a 47 year old nephew of my father in law, perfect health, got jabbed by Pfizer and died the same day.

UPDATE: one family member was required to get the shot because he works for an airline. He chose CanSino on MY advice and lived. All 5 people we know of that got pfizer died. The one that lived would probably be dead if I had not advised him to get CanSino (sinovax) Actually I told him to avoid that one too, but if he HAD TO it would be the one.

THAT MAKES IT 5/5. FIVE PFIZER SHOTS, FIVE DEATHS. We don't know if it is 6/6 on Pfizer because one who died was not known, we don't know if he got the Pfizer shot or not.

However, we now know of 5 people who got the shot and all 5 are dead. There are no survivors. This particular family member knew damn well what everyone else in the family said about the shot, watched TV enough, got brainwashed, went in for it, and died. My father in law did warn him based on what I said, and it was not enough. Still not my fault.

Surprisingly, the dead ones chose Pfizer because it was American and they "did not trust the Chinese shot".

I do not believe the stats. I think an enormous pile of people are dead and that's why there are so many jobs that cannot be filled. How can 5 shots 5 deaths be explained?? It sure as hell is not any sort of "unusual side effect". I think they must be sending the REAL death juice to Mexico.

We kept telling my father in law, DO NOT GET THE SHOT and he was like "Oh, I probably would be safer if I did, the TV cannot be that wrong. And he's the one who just called telling us about this family member who thought the same and is now DEAD.


I no longer believe ANYONE who says "Everyone at work got it and my whole family got it and all my friends got it and everyone is perfectly fine, a few sore arms, that's all, 5/5 calls that out, That's not possible - such types are outright scamming trolls.

Gosh, I was going to post about how cold it is when I got back home (it is FRIGID, peak heat of about 58 degrees in Mexico IN AUGUST no doubt due to weather mod, but I think we have bigger things to worry about now, like that DAMN SHOT.

That said, there's no question they are rapidly moving the upper air south and dropping it to push the tropical air north so they can fry everyone up north.

Now I am beyond stressed out. Claudia does not want to bug out yet. But she's a bit spooked too. One thing is that Obrador is doing a good job of protecting the Mexican people. But that's just one man. What if they get him? What if he holds out his entire term and the corona scam is still going full steam? Mexican presidents cannot serve two terms, THEN WHAT???

They know damn well what they are doing with these shots. There's no damn way they don't know. There is clearly no intent whatsoever to prevent any disease, there is only malice, and attempts to bait in the next sucker.

I have to admit, I feel empty inside over this. This family member was not one I ever met but easily could have. But I still feel like crap. Did I not yell loud enough? At least I definitely saved Marco and my father in law. Marco knew me well enough for my words to actually mean something. But he still has CanSino in him because he "had to". What can I say?

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