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Cornerstone report: Fukushima SABOTAGE!

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Sep 10 2015



Here we have an almost all inclusive shot of the theater. You can see there is neatly uniformly spilled popcorn compliments of a brainless setup crew that assumed everyone ate their popcorn to the same level at exactly the same time and just had to all throw it the same way, but what you won't see is BLOOD ON THE SEATS (the white spots are "forensic tags", not bullet damage,) as you will see in subsequent photos.

Here we have a shot of the seats with the covers ripped off. The first picture shows a totally intact theater. Why would they rip the seats like that? (I have the answer.) Notice no blood got through to the foam AND MORE IMPORTANTLY THAT THE CLARITY OF THIS NEXT PHOTO PROVES THE SEAT COVERING FABRIC IS NOT OBSCURING ANY BLOOD WITH COLOR OR CONTRAST MATCHING ISSUES, THEY HAVE ONLY THE NORMAL THEATER SPILLS/STAINS AND THAT IS ALL THERE IS TO IT:

Here we have a picture of the bullet trajectory tracing markers (no blood on seats here either) yet there is not one unobscured photo of a bullet hole in any photos released.

AND MORE IMPORTANTLY, in this dead giveaway photo, the metal is not pushed outward around the bullet holes under that thin tape the way it would be if real bullets passed through that metal. WHY? BECAUSE THE HOLES THE MARKERS ARE PUSHED INTO WERE DRILLED WITH A POWER DRILL, THAT'S WHY!

A drill is the only way you can put a hole in metal without putting a dimple in it! To hide the fact there were no bullet holes in fabric (which a drill could not simulate) they ripped the seats up in the previous photo, even though the first photo shows them all perfectly intact (the white spots are "forensic tags", not bullet damage.)

No blood in this shot:



Ok, so there is blood out back. Howcome even the area that would be run across to exit out the back inside the theater has no blood then? Why did it only start at the door, AND, BIG QUESTION: Why did all bleeding people run out the back, but NO bleeding people ran out through the lobby? OOPS, if you look at this photo closely, there is one little spot of blood on the floor. PROBLEM THOUGH: IT IS STILL BRIGHT RED. IF THIS WAS TAKEN THAT MUCH LATER, AFTER THE THEATER WAS TOTALLY EVACUATED, (and miraculously not stepped on) IT WOULD NOT BE THAT COLOR UNLESS IT WAS FAKE OR, PERHAPS IT IS A SALSA OR KETCHUP SPILL.

ALSO NOTE: The spilled garbage can is not laying in a rational position for a stampede and more importantly it looks like office trash, with not one piece of normal theater trash in it. Figure the odds. VERY ODD. Setup team provided?

Here is a large portion of my original Bat Man coverage.

This is all from July/August 2012


Newly released court document STRONGLY supports my case that no one died at the theater

Woman testifies police shot her in her home to get a theater shooting "victim" for conviction of Holmes


"The stunning accusations, dated August 27, reveal a startling story by the claimant as having been visited at home by police chief Dan Oates and Dist. Atty. Carol Chambers where they forced the unnamed individual to testify as a fake victim of the shootings, under the threat of being arrested for prostitution and escort services and charity fraud, for the purposes of garnering an easy conviction against alleged shooter James Holmes. But not before being shot by the police chief in "non-life-threatening areas" of the body, according to the motion, to appear as having been shot by James Holmes himself. The motion also claims that it is likely some of the victims in the theater were merely paid actors working on behalf of the conspirators"

Quoted from The Examiner:

Friday's report by the online version of Denver's Westword Magazine details shocking claims made by, what appears to be, a new victim in a case that has throttled a community still in mourning over the tragic events. According to the court documents an individual, whose name has been officially redacted from the documents, came forward to file a "Motion to Intervene" for the right to be reasonably heard under the Crime Victims' Rights Act (a)(4), for the purposes of presenting newly discovered evidence to the court.

Corroborating much of a recent Conspiracy Examiner story maintaining the situation as potentially being another horrific (rogue government faction) conspiracy and possible false-flag event, the newly discovered evidence, thrown out of court by Judge William Sylvester days later, details stunning accusations against billionaire Philip Anschutz, Police Chief Dan Oates, Arapaho County Dist. Atty. Carol Chambers and, according to the alleged victim, the Illuminati as being potential co-conspirators in the crime.

The stunning accusations, dated August 27, reveal a startling story by the claimant as having been visited at home by police chief Dan Oates and Dist. Atty. Carol Chambers where they forced the unnamed individual to testify as a fake victim of the shootings, under the threat of being arrested for prostitution and escort services and charity fraud, for the purposes of garnering an easy conviction against alleged shooter James Holmes. But not before being shot by the police chief in "non-life-threatening areas" of the body, according to the motion, to appear as having been shot by James Holmes himself. The motion also claims that it is likely some of the victims in the theater were merely paid actors working on behalf of the conspirators and wants multiple individuals involved in the situation to take polygraph tests to prove their innocence.

Claiming that their conscience will not let fraudulent testimony contribute to an improper conviction of James Holmes, the new mystery victim asked that the judge submit the case to the FBI and the US Congress for further investigation into the alleged conspiracy. The judge, however, instead of taking a closer look, decided to strike down the motion as fraudulent, claiming the motion as likely being forged by an individual or individuals unassociated with the events. The judge also suggested the situation be investigated by the Arapahoe County Sheriff's office and those responsible for the motion be taken into custody by the Arapahoe County Department of Human Services and "referred to the appropriate mental health agency."

But it may in fact be the judge that needs the mental attention as all the evidence collected in the case thus far seems to point toward mostly agreeing with the individual who filed the claim, despite the media and the court's attempts to suppress any evidence that doesn't support the official story. Multiple and corroborating eyewitness testimony stated what appeared to be multiple individuals involved in the shooting, including supporting official dispatch audio. Individuals interviewed by local media immediately after the event also claimed to have seen teargas canisters being deployed in the theater simultaneously from two different directions, in addition to side-by-side images of James Holmes prior to the shootings and the orange haired individual taken into custody as the alleged lone gunmen after the event looks startlingly like two different individuals. There also seems to have been two different gas masks found at the scene, in addition to other damning evidence that doesn't jive with the official version of the events.

The individual who filed the motion also added that they wanted their portion of the charity to be donated to James Holmes' prison commissary, after using the money to find Mr. Holmes "real" attorneys who are actually willing to act in the honest defense of James Holmes.

The motion, as certified by the Arapahoe County Dist. Atty. And public defenders offices, was sent via the United States Postal Service, then was quickly denied and subsequently released days ago to the public for reasons yet to be determined.

Perhaps one of the most telling aspects of the circumstances, however, happens to be the creepy dead silence about the motion by the media, especially considering every little detail about a situation like this is normally scrutinized at every angle after being groomed with a fine tooth comb and examined under a microscope.


Here is the related Aurora post, bumped to the top for reference:

All the evidence behind why I believe no one died at the theater

Inconvenient people the government wanted dead were most likely shot at locations other than the theater and blamed on Holmes

Jim Stone, August 22 2012

If you listen to the mainstream press, and even the alternative press, both state that people died at the bat man shooting. I now believe that people probably did die, but not at the theater. I believe that a drill took place at the theater, and inconvenient people the government wanted eliminated were murdered elsewhere and blamed on the bat man shooting. This is in contrast with my earlier posts, where I believed no one died at all. But new evidence has surfaced which includes the nurse who drowned in a lake near her home after tending the injuries of one or more of the victims. Regardless of what you have been told about bird shot, bloody little girls, people hitting the floor, etc take a look at what is here, and consider the evidence.

First, the easy stuff.

At no point did we ever get any CCD footage out of the theater. None for the emergency exit, none from inside the screening room, none from the lobby, none from the parking lot, we got NADA. None from a cell phone cam, absolutely NOTHING. Furthermore, the theater was a very nice modern theater which would have had those things in working order, and what about the mall itself? No footage from the mall either? Think about that. Why not?

On top of that, we got no pictures after the fact from the inside of the theater. NONE, NADA. No bullet holes, no gas canisters, no shell casings, no blood on the floor, NOTHING. Why not?

On the outside of the theater, in the back, there was blood on the sidewalk. But there is one problem with it. First and foremost, the spatters were CLEAN. NO FOOTSTEPS in them. People with some exposure to forensics who have posted on my forum have said that at crime scenes the blood ALWAYS has footprints in it, because it is impossible to stay away from it. Purportedly the blood on the ground was from someone carrying the little girl. In that case, whoever was carrying her would have stepped in the blood while carrying her, leaving bloody footprints and there were NONE. Furthermore, the blood spatters lead TOWARD the emergency exit, not away from it.

The only way these two things could coincide is if a setup team laid the blood scene out and screwed up doing it. This scene could have happened as photographed only if the blood was in a container at the end of a handle, keeping whoever was dumping it on the sidewalk far enough away to not get it on themselves or walk in it. Stupid as they were, they started in the parking lot and worked their way toward the door, rather than starting at the door and working their way out into the parking lot. It's obvious in the following two photos.

So we have photos of blood outside, but none from inside. Perhaps because the theater owner did not agree to having a setup crew make a mess of his carpet.

Another thing that should be easy for most people to grasp that it was only a drill is the fact that the police tapes show that the police were discussing where to put the victim's families and press for photos, WHILE THE SHOOTING WAS IN PROGRESS. At that point they would be clueless as to who the victims families even were, or how to get ahold of them, let alone GET THEM TO THE THEATER AT MIDNIGHT. In fact, why would the families even go to the theater? would the hospital be a better place for that? or do families let Bobby bleed out before getting into the ambulance just for a photo op? This simple statement in the police tapes proves it was all a pre planned setup, with the families and press already on scene before it even started. If you have been bamboozled into believing people died in that theater, you really need to look at the evidence and switch on your B.S. detector.

Now that we have discussed the obvious, let's talk probabilities.

Two of the victims hit the social security death index before the others. They were Jessica Redfield/Ghawi and Alexander Teves

In the case of Jessica redfield, who I have no doubt is sipping on a pina colada somewhere after a multi million dollar payout, we have a damning tweet where she was laughing about making people believe there is gunfire. Right from her twitter account.

I found this during a deep dredge of the evidence. Getting stuff like that is what I am known for.

Ok, now that we have seen this tweet, let's talk about the other mass shooting Jessica supposedly witnessed.

Supposedly Jessica Redfield, a budding media presense, was in Toronto during a mass shooting there in a mall only a month before being "killed" in another "mass shooting". First of all, if she really did witness a mass shooting in Toronto a month before this tweet, why would she laugh? Pehaps if THAT shooting was fake as well? You don't laugh about things like that.

Second of all, figure the odds. Mass shootings happen about once every five years across the total population of the U.S. and Canada of approximately 370 million combined. With mass shootings occuring once every five years in that big of a population, witnessing two in such a short time span is technically impossible. Let's do a little math here. She gets the first one FREE. So over the course of your lifetime there will be a total of 80 years divided by five, or 16 mass shootings. If 150 people witness each one, that's 16X150 or 2,400 possible witnesses. 370 million divided by 2,400 is a 1 in 154,000 chance of witnessing ONE mass shooting. Now let's figure the odds of witnessing a second one. Take that 154,000 and multiply it against itself. That equals 1 in 23 billion (23,710,000,000) and that does not factor in the fact that the two shootings were so close.

So we have two damning things against Redfield, the tweet and those odds. How about a third little tidbit? In her tweets, she talked about moving into a new place with 7 swimming pools and a lake two weeks before the second shooting. She was an intern. How does an intern accomplish that? Perhaps a multi million dollar payout? If I had no morals, I'd love that job. 7 pools and a lake would be great for laying low until things settle down. After that, a facelift and a life in politics, because you proved your ability to keep your mouth shut about corruption.

Now on to other improbablilites. When doing a search of the names from Aurora on even a small search engine a week after the shooting, ALL VICTIMS FROM AURORA HAD:

1. A complete shutout of the first 50 hits on even a small search engine, as proven by this photo. Search engine hits
2. A memorial page on facebook.
3. A donation page, in their honor on facebook.

Let's contrast that with a real murder scene, the Sikh temple shooting.

2 of the people shut out the first 10 hits on Google, and one of them was the father of the Emmy award winning director Arm Kaleka, who was producing a major disclosure movie about government corruption, stealing of energy technologies, and hidden contact. These hits were because the alternative press covered the story. The others who died did not show up on Google at all. Arm Kaleka had received numerous threats that if he did not stop producing the movie, members of his family would be killed.

NONE of the people at the Sikh temple had a facebook page set up in their honor, nor were any donation pages set up. And attributing this to culture is not good enough, because Sikhs attend Bat Man movies, and not EVERYONE at Aurora would have put up a facebook page in the honor of their lost loved one. It just does not work that way unless it's all a pre planned psy op. These pages were made ahead of time, before the shooting and were simply posted at the "appropriate" time.

Let's look at the difference between the photos coming out of Aurora which was fake, and the Sikh temple where people actually died:

This next photo is what a real shooting aftermath photo looks like:

Now onto the harder details.

Let's look into this nurse who died in a lake near her home after tending to the injured from the "bat man shooting". I will tell you where the 10 victims who did not make the social security database early most likely came from. But before doing so, consider this - If the bat man shooting really happened, why would you need to kill a nurse who tended the victims? Anyone who actually got shot in a theater would not know what was going to be said, they would just say it like it was, and there would be no reason for the media to differ on those details and no need for a coverup. But WHAT IF:

What if they staged a phony bat man shooting to frame up Holmes so he would be facing a death sentence at the same time his dad was going to hang the bankers with his testimony at the Libor scandal hearings? What if THEY wanted real bodies? Why have ANY of them come from the theater? Why not just get rid of incovenient people to maximize the benefit from the staged event? If a nurse spoke to someone who was dying, and that dying person,who (for example) had the goods that could have jailed a state senator said something like "I was just getting out of my car after picking up a pizza, was grabbed and shot and now I am here" THAT would be worth killing her for.

Consider the fact that 9 of the "hijackers" from 9/11 were alive later, and consider the fact that representatives from our own governement flew to Egypt and apologized on national television there for this "screw up". The video works, if Youtube says it does not, just click the link above. Youtube often blocks embedded videos on this site:

Consider the fact that NONE of the supposed hijackers were on the boarding logs for the airplanes. There is also no record of any of them even having tickets. And then, ask yourself, if there were 19 hijackers and 9 of them were found alive, WHERE DID THE OTHER ONES GO, IF THEY WERE NOT ON THE PLANES?

911 may parallel Aurora in this way, with the exception of the fact that in the case of 911, someone screwed up and as a result some of the patsies lived. Since the elite have proven that they will vanish people in the name of a psy op as they did on 911, why would Aurora be any different? I believe the bodies they came up with to tag on the bat man shooting were inconvenient people the government wanted eliminated. Once they hit the hospital or coroner's office shot full of holes, who is to say WHERE they really came from before arriving?

This would explain WHY:

There was no CCTV or cell phone footage;
No pictures from inside the theater after the fact;
Why the blood spatters were clean and went the wrong way;
Why the police were talking about where to put the families and press WHILE IT WAS HAPPENING
Why the photos of the mourning family members looked like actors,
How Jessica Redfield witnessed the highly improbable two mass shootings in 1 lifetime,
Why Jessica Redfield hit the SSI database early, after moving to "7 pools and a lake",
The damning tweets,
The dead nurse,
The perfect shut outs on Google and other search engines (IMPOSSIBLE),
WHY the Aurora victims ALL got facebook profiles and donation pages in their honor while the Sikhs got NONE,
AND the fact that there really may have been dead bodies.

The fact that the bankers benefited so much from this alone is damning in and of itself; and really, if people did or did not die in the theater the point is irrelevant when even a drugged llama would be able to see that both of these shootings were government staged, the first to save the bankers, the second to shut down the release of a damning disclosure movie, and BOTH serving the purpose of restricting or banning guns. And if you can't agree with me that it's highly probable that no one died in that theater, at least you should be able to see the other motives. No matter what, neither of those shootings were as seen on TV.

The police tapes are still linked farther down this page, the one of greatest interest is the final one.



Shooting "victim's" tweet throws poison on official story

Jessica Ghawi, one of the "victims" of the Batman shooting had a different name on Twitter. That name is Jessica Redfield. And here is one of her tweets!!!

Why the creepy Buahahahahah response?

Another detail which relates to the above tweet - she was supposed to have witnessed another shooting at a mall in Canada the month before. Said tweet would be an indication that it's an inside joke, anyone tweeting her, knowing her, would never have put the quote in that perspective unless the Toronto shooting was fake as well, and he knew about it! The odds just do not stack in favor of the "official" story - such a response from her would NEVER have happened if she really bore witness to another shooting a month prior. She's fake, and she is laughing about it.

Here is her twitter account: GUNFIRE??!!??

"Make up" shooting at Sikh temple in Wisconsin was probably due to this discovery by this web site severely damaging the entire bat man story

The Libor connection did not do the Bat Man shooting story line a whole lot of good either!

MORE TO COME, I have additional goods on this woman that are being ironed out. Seems like she may have received an ENORMOUS payoff for lying in Toronto, but there are many rabbit holes to find and flood. For starters, she was an intern, and after Toronto, moved to a new place with 7 pools and a lake! (possibly for hiding out after the next gig)


The Synchronicities are VERY WEIRD, FOR EXAMPLE:

We had 2 Alexes, 2 Jonathans, A Jessica and a Jesse, and 2 Sullivans, who were NOT related in any way. Both deaths which actually showed up in the database were age 24. The database does not tell where deaths occurred, so they could have been registered in Sonoma County California for all we know.



Here is how it went down, (or at least. it's a real safe bet).

"THEY" did not want competition in the search engines for their story. They wanted ABSOLUTE SHUT OUT searches, containing NOTHING other than what they wanted to have show up.

So they tasked a computer to do searches of a list/combination of names, until they came up with names that produced NO hits on google.

They then worked those names into the story, and Voila! PURE PSYCHOLOGICAL IMPACT WITH EVERY SEARCH.

It's as simple as that.

Here is PROOF!

So in court, Robert Holmes, who was going to testify before Libor, now has a son with NO MEMORY of the shooting facing a death sentence at the MOST opportune time possible, for a crime that NEVER OCCURRED. But in the world of corruption, actors, and fake news, that won't matter. He will be punished as if it really happened and the bankers are now likely to RUN FREE.





To clarify my position that the Bat man shooting may have never happened at all:

The plot is ridiculous, and at a minimum the event was a false flag. To accomplish a political objective, it did not need to happen at all. Actors could have been in place across the board, and all the blanks filled in by a lying media. Got any other source for this than CNN and FOX? Did they post the police tapes? WHY NOT? I have presented some really good info here that tells a different story than you will find elsewhere. Perhaps there were bullets fired in the theater. In that case, Holmes could not have possibly done it. The entire event was sanitized, there WAS a second shooter, and the following posts and articles, AND the police tapes PROVE IT. The fact that the police DID NOT pursue the other car leaving the scene would indicate that it was all supposed to be a DRILL and the second car was not part of that drill and was therefore permitted to leave, possibly with the real killers inside. Perhaps there was a drill at the same time a real black op shooting took place. Either way it was a false flag and Holmes is virtually assured to be innocent.

Holmes put on trial WAY TOO SOON

Just about everyone knows the line "you have a right to a speedy trial". Fewer people know the line "you will be allowed time to prepare a defense". And in the case of Holmes, this did not happen. WHY?

When I first heard that Holmes went to court within three days of the shooting, I thought that it had to be for a bond hearing. Evidently it was not. Too many questions were asked, bond hearings are short, and if proper procedure had been followed what should have happened in the first court appearance?

Holmes would have been given an amount he had to put up for bail, or been told bail was denied and sent back to jail with a court appearance date a month from now, and if he plead that he needed more time than that to prepare a defense, more than a month would have been allowed.

This did not happen with Holmes, who has been held without bond, and the fact that he is being held without bond proves that he is being rammed through the court system post haste. And there is a reason for it. That reason is, that they want as many of the court proceedings AS POSSIBLE to go by, with Holmes still stoned out of his mind from whatever they drugged him with.

It is obvious that Holmes was heavily drugged before the shooting, and was in a total stupor when arrested; a condition which would have rendered him unable to do it. It is proven by the police tapes linked on this site that there was a second individual in the theater - a fact that got silenced, which means a total of THREE people were at the scene of the shooting: 1. Holmes, drugged out of his mind, sitting in his car, 2. The gunman who shot everything up, and 3, an accomplice to the gunman who opened the emergency exit door and let the gunman in. I think in the original plot (that is, if the shooting even happened at all, see below) Holmes was supposed to shoot up theater 9. There was a drill going on at the time of the shooting that matched the scenario, and that drill had theater 9 getting attacked as well. Nothing happened there.

A brown SUV fled the scene from behind the theater and the police did not pursue. I wonder why? Perhaps that boils down to the fact that that the chief of police was an import from New York, a city famous for major police corruption. It is also possible that the police knew they were doing a drill, and the brown SUV was not part of the drill, so why bother with it?

Had the shooting been real, the police most likely would have blown away Holmes as he sat in his car. Even a casual youtuber would know how trigger happy the police are by now - WHY is Holmes even alive? Was he totally zonked? Not even conscious at all when found?

And then there is another connection. The Libor connection. As it turns out, Holmeses dad was a programmer for Darpa and the credit reporting agency FICO. Rumor has it that his dad had the goods on the bankers, and was going to testify before congress and hang the bankers in the upcoming Libor scandal hearings.

So let's separate cold hard fact from rumor here, so we can know where this all stands:

FACT: Robert Holmes really did work for Darpa as a programmer and really is a senior programmer for Minneapolis based FICO, a company which specializes in credit reporting and has developed special computer algorithms (compliments of Robert Holmes, who wrote them). These computer algorithms were able to track the entire Libor scandal down to the names and addresses of the perpetrators, and deliver it to FICO in a neat little package that could hang powerful people.

Here is his linkdln account:

Robert Holmes on Linkdln

FACT: It is obvious that his son, James Holmes, was doing EXCELLENT in college, and showed up for an exam totally stoned out of his mind, and subsequently dropped out of college, all within a span of only two months. From brilliant straight A's in neuroscience to total stoner flunkie in only two months. Very fishy.

FACT: James Holmes had never touched a gun in his life, knew nothing about them. Supposedly then, from that position, he skillfully booby trapped his apartment while totally stoned out of his mind and ordered an arsenal and paid for it with his credit cards and successfully operated the weapons the first time he ever touched them, well enough to totally shoot up a theater.

Hmmmmmmm . . . . I will tell you from experience, that if you NEVER shot a gun in your life, and then had to use SEVERAL to pump off hundreds of rounds YOU COULD NOT DO IT. Guns are not the hardest things to use, but to do that across several the first time you ever tried to use a gun, and have all of them work is a joke of reason. I remember buying a semi auto .38 handgun once and it took me 20 minutes to figure out how to load it and fire it because the entire top of the gun had to be slid back to allow access to the chamber, and I had never seen that before. THAT is after having MAJOR experience with long rifles. I felt stupid of course, but it did happen. Operation of a new weapon is not always obvious, and from a point of no experience with ANY gun, Holmes would never have figured out 3 in the course of 90 seconds.

THE BAT MAN SHOOTING STORY READS LIKE SOMETHING AN ELITIST IDIOT WOULD WRITE - someone who wrote fiction and had no real knowledge of the variables at hand. A colorful story, to be sold to the masses.

FACT: The entire theme of the bat man movie that got "shot up" involved the villain BANE, who was on a quest to imprison the elite of Gotham, who had ripped the common people off with scams, and Bane wanted to hold them accountable before the people. The parallel to Libor and Goldman Sachs was obvious. What a great theme to have, IF the father of the man who did the bat man shooting really was going to appear before Congress as a key witness who could name names and addresses of the bankster perpetrators of the Libor scam.

FACT: Someone held the emergency exit open, to allow the shooter in, and no alarm sounded. ALL emergency exits are alarmed, and the theater was NOT a poorly maintained piece of trash. Furthermore, ALL theaters have CCTV cameras in them. Why are we not being allowed to see the footage from the emergency door, the INSIDE of the theater, or out in the parking lot? No CCTV footage? Why? Could it be that it was OBVIOUS in the footage that Holmes just sat there in his car, in a drug induced stupor while a pro shot the place up?

FACT: Holmes knows NOTHING about the shooting and is suffering from amnesia. A good indicator of being drugged, and also a good indicator that it was nothing but a drill and he is being held in court under entirely false pretenses. All it takes is actors when the "suspect" has no memory. With regard to the drugging, please read the second link below; I really think that writer NAILED IT.

UNCONFIRMED: Robert Holmes had been called before Congress to testify for the prosecution in the LIBOR scandal.

To the unconfirmed note, I will post these two links and simply state that I absolutely believe this, but cannot confirm it:

Here is a careful take: Careful take

And Here is one that takes chances with accuracy, but I really believe this is EXACTLY WHAT HAPPENED, though it is unconfirmed: Take this creativity to the bank, I bet this guy nailed it!

Addressing the second shooter - An alternate take on Holmes

In the original scenario, the original report, a second shooter shot up Theater 9. That was probably the one Holmes was supposed to hit. And though I do not believe anything happened other than a drill, I am posting this alternative scenario because there is some evidence to support it.

There are some inconsistencies in the initial reports that leave room for an alternate scenario. Of course, this has all been buried since they ironed out the story for public consumption. In the original scenario, there was a second shooter and bombs in theater 9. So Holmes may have been given that one to do, but did not. This alternate take puts that possibility into perspective

The alternate take is,

He met people he thought were friends. They drugged him over a period of time - this can be easily accomplished by spiking food and drinks.

He goes into a black hole haze, and during this time, his hair gets dyed, and they work on him HARD to get him as nutty as possible while stoned. This likely took place over a course of days, during which his apartment is set up with tons of booby traps by a pro who actually would know how to do it, while Holmes, who is living away from people who knew him, people who would know something was fishy with him not being around for days, gets the workover at another location

A package is mailed in the name of Holmes, with all kinds of nutty stuff in it,

They set up the hit.

He sits out in his car and drools through the whole thing because he is stoned, and they could not get him to actually do the shooting.

A well trained hit man, who knows all about the weapons goes in and really does shoot up theater 8.

He takes off in a brown SUV (this was recorded)

Witnesses say the gunman in the theater looks nothing like the patsy, (this happened, but will probably devolve as witnesses are worked on during cross examinations)

Police come, the patsy has been pre programmed to say he did it, (he is still just sitting in the car drooling, that's where they found him)

He takes the rap

That's the alternate scenario. And it could explain why NO ONE got any video, not even the CCTV cameras in the theater. It's all just a black hole. NOTHING came out of that theater. That alone is fishy.

You mean to tell me, that during the opening premier of Bat Man, NO ONE WAS SITTING THERE WITH A CELL PHONE RECORDING IT? Come on now, people do that all the time! And by default they would have captured the shooting, without even thinking about it!



Don't think it's possible for them to Wag the dog with the entire thing? Read this!

CNN caught RED HANDED faking the news

Take a look at this video. CNN is FAKING A NEWS REPORT.

I just hate that agency, which I cannot call news, Oh, the Creative News Network.


Attn, Youtube has a new censorship method. If the embedded video does not work, you can bypass the censorship by Clicking through to it here instead

I had people e-mail me saying this video was "removed by the user". Well, Youtube has a censorship method which makes the video look normal to those who posted it, and to those who embed it, but denies viewing by people who visit web sites by saying the video has been removed. That happened to this video. It's alive and well. So this video is important to them.

And down the page a ways at Youtube, there is a comment - This video is not translated correctly, I speak Arabic. Well, that's a lie, because in Arabic he asks for gunfire, the translation says "just tell him to shoot", he fires one shot, and the news reporter does not jump, he just gets confirmation that the background gunner can get the message.

Furthermore, they are right in the middle of Isha prayer, as evidenced by the soundtrack and you won't have that if everything they mentioned later in the newscast really happened, the mosques would be shuttered and silent, with people praying in their homes.

In Arab countries, the mosques all play the prayers over loudspeakers that are mounted high up in the minarets, and can be heard for very long distances. So you can hear several of these mosques in the broadcast. The fact that this was going on in the background proves that it was business as usual that day, and that this video really was as presented - a TOTAL FRAUD. Towards the end he gets connected and look at what they broadcast!

Ok, here is another video. This one focuses more on Aljazeera. Aljazeera was set up by the Rothchilds, it came out of London, and is a zionist news channel which serves to make the Arabs believe they have mainstream representation. Of course, Aljazeera is not as stupid with Arab issues as CNN, because Arabs know too much about their own world. SO Aljazeera is tuned perfectly to make Arabs believe they have representation, while dis informing them as much as possible. This is an important video:

I am holding my ground about Aurora being a wag the dog

I have received several e-mails now, where people claim to have been witnesses. My take on those mails? First of all, my sites combined only get about 500,000 page views a month. So there is no way so many people from a small community would EVER find my site - 500,000 / 8,000,000,000 people. That calculates down to a 6.25 to the negative 5th power chance that ANYONE who witnessed the Aurora shootings would ever find my site to send me a mail telling me they saw it all. To get several mails means all are b.s.

They have the elitist catch phrases in them, which I am familiar with. That's a red flag. Also, consider the first two videos I posted at the top of this page, which PROVE the media fabricates news. Also, consider the police tapes linked below. And most of all, when you see those photos now of bloody little girls with their feet blown off, I ask you to FIRST send those photos provided by the MSM through the crap filter, after the alternative press caught them red handed using the injured face of a man killed somewhere else in the Arab world and copying those injuries to the face of Osama for mass consumption:

And that's my final answer!

It does not have to be real to accomplish a gun grab if the masses fall for it.

Consider this article as well! I STRONGLY recommend you read this article. Scroll down to it, the tops of Whatreallyhappened pages are long.

THE FOLLOWING ARTICLE caused an ENORMOUS number of attacks against this site

Police radio communications CONFIRM - Bat Man shooting STAGED, PHONY, A DRILL.

I have received two e-mails from people saying that witnesses to the shooting posted their accounts of it at a game forum and at Yahoo answers. I am not changing my take on this, and here is why - It's because the CIA hired over a million goons to go around the social forums re-enforcing stories like this and spread disinfo. If there ever was something that said it's all fake, it's the look on the face of the shooter afterward, and the photo op photo farther down this page. I don't buy it, and even if I am wrong about this and there really was action the rest of the story does not wash, this event was staged, pure and simple. And either way, these police tapes are worth a listen, because they have details which do not match the whitewash in the press. No shootout with the Joker and the police afterward? GET REAL.

In THE FIRST intercepted police radio tape, (which is silent for the first 11 minutes, indicating nothing was being said for those 11 minutes) at minute 11 the police units involved in the drill check in, and say all are present. Then, right around 13 minutes it is discussed where one of the centers will be. Then, starting at minute 14, they are discussing where they will be at the Aurora mall for the start of the drill at the Aurora theater.


I then skipped to the last of these, where they are talking about setting up the press, where to put the ambulances, where to put the "victims" families, etc for their photo ops. This MP3 has the police communications in the left speaker, overlapped with the Fire department communications in the right speaker It's OBVIOUS what is going on here. Keep in mind, that because this is a drill, bodies and injured WILL be mentioned and played as real, but it's ALL FAKE as confirmed by recording 1, and the overall attitude in this MP3, where they are talking about WHERE TO PUT THE PRESS AND FAMILIES AND AMBULANCES FOR PHOTOS!

My original suspicions were confirmed by these tapes. The bat man shooting NEVER HAPPENED AT ALL! These MP3's were posted by, which is begging people to download these and re-post them elsewhere so they do not get shut down. So these are coming off my servers now. I suggest you download them from here to distribute the server load, (I have headroom to spare right now) but if there are any problems they might still be at the source. And I thank for sticking their necks out to spread the truth. Here are ALL files from Aurora. The first and last are linked above (as well as down here), those are the ones I took a peek at.

I took more of a look at these than I planned to. It is mega obvious the drill was not even of primary importance to the police department, it's just a side thing.

1. Setting up the drill
2. The drill in progress (boring police tape with other stuff mixed in)
3. The drill in progress (boring police tape with other stuff mixed in)
4. The drill in progress (boring police tape with other stuff mixed in)
5. The drill in progress (boring, supposedly the shooter is in this one)
6. The drill in progress (boring, a second bomb is supposedly in this one)
7. Where should stuff go for the photo ops?

Bat man shooting CONFIRMED a wag the dog

There are serious problems with the story surrounding the "shooting" in Colorado.

There is no evidence being presented of: DEAD BODIES, A SHOT UP THEATER, NO CCTV FOOTAGE, RIDICULOUS PLOT (How does an unemployed college student get ahold of $20,000 worth of extremely controlled military gear) or anything else he had. You don't need any dead bodies to put an ambulance on camera and have a dozen or so actors cry for a camera. Why ONE BIG AMBULANCE, not many? Easier to manage. Cheaper. WHY were the police there INSTANTLY? This is a WAG THE DOG, COUNT ON IT!!!

And in the end, it will work JUST AS WELL. AND, why this shooting, so close to the previous in Colorado? Not plausible either, unless you have a community there that has been assigned by the power elite to pull these stunts. I do not believe it ever happened. PROVE ME WRONG. Oh, the elite stronghold under the Denver airport - the new base for everything. Cute. Consider that as well.

SO far documented, 1 ambulance 1 fire truck, several police, one Joker getup, a shirt with a bullet hole and a total of about a dozen crying people in photos. No stretchers, No CCTV footage, NO shot up theater pics, No bodies being carried out, NO pictures of people with any bandages or injuries present, NOTHING. This is a lazy cheap fake at best, being rammed down the throat of the public by a scamming media. And after being quickly nailed by viewers of Aljazeera, and having people point out immediately that the dead osama photo published in the U.S. was fake, it seems they did not want to take chances with stock photography and therefore we are seeing NOTHING OF PROVABLE SUBSTANCE.

"No plane theory" anyone? Possibly rightfully so!

Looking over the pictures published thus far, it really does look like a mega stupid fake once you realize the things I mentioned above. Capture this moment, because if people wake up to this they will have countless fake photos made to order. For now, they are resting easy.

And I strongly urge you to watch the following movie trailer for Wag The Dog, so you understand the concept and realize how easy something like this shooting can be faked.

And, by request, here are the screen captures

Ok now that you have seen all that, I'd like to point out one more photo and ask a question: Why did they tear up these seats? In the first picture at the top of this page, the seats are all intact. Why did they rip them up? AND, with the covers ripped off, you can clearly see there is no blood on the foam, another confirmation of a COLD HEARTED MURDERING HOAX, where they destroyed a completely innocent Holmes for this. If they destroyed him in such a cold hearted way, what is stopping them from doing this to YOU?

A message to the perpetrators of 911:

We know you turned off the aircraft identification systems again. Just like 911. We know Arabs did not do 911. You blindsided all of us on 911, but this time we will be watching (and knowing) it is a lie the second it happens. Wanna play a game?

I do not think any refugee child drowned.

I think it was a hoax. On the exact same day that child "drowned" on the beach, Mexican soap opera "A Que No Me Dejas" aired a preview of "tomorrow's" program and it had the exact same beach drowning scene, with a different baby boy. When it aired the next day, the story line went - there was a dispute between parents, and in the mayhem the boy got out of the cabin, went down to the waves in Cancun and drowned on the beach. He got rescued in this case and did not die.

Then I made note of this problem of coincidence in forums and blogs, and when I did, ALL THE DROWNING SCENES FROM THE SOAP OPERA WERE DELETED OFF YOUTUBE AND ALL THE PICTURES OF THAT SAME SCENE WERE WIPED FROM GOOGLE IMAGES. All there is now are the images to the left here because the similarities between the actual Arab boy and the Mexican boy drowning scenes were downright iconic, and with the Mexican boy previewing the same day as the Arab boy hit the news they could not have that so called "coincidence" out there getting noticed.


As it turns out, that little Syrian boy was a setup. I thought the boy's skin looked too bright and alive in color for it to be a drowning, and as it turns out, that boy was NOT on the beach where that photo was taken. Instead, there were multiple takes with that boy in at least two places, and I am starting to wonder if that boy was really yet another life like CPR doll. If not, he was a Mexican soap opera quality child actor. In the Mexican soap opera, the boy acted well enough to fake a real drowning scene, complete with his body getting all covered in sand and seaweed. He really looked drowned. So super great child actors do exist.

However, for expedience in the other act, I would not doubt it was another CPR doll story. They have infant CPR dolls, child CPR dolls, these things come in all age groups and they look real, to simulate a real disaster scene. One thing is certain, these press photographers walked up and down the beach getting the best possible shot for their drowning scene, I find it hard to believe they would walk up and down the beach with a dead baby, throwing it down here and there for the best possible shot and the coincidental timing with that Mexican soap opera is more than food for thought. Downright odd.

I hunted and hunted for the drowning scene and ALL photos and videos have been deleted when they were out there in abundance prior to my making note of this, if anyone wants to try to ferret this out This web site would be a good place to start, and it was aired on Televisa.

Looks like Hillary is winning!

This is all that showed up for a "women's conference" she held. And in politics, what would happen if there was a "men's" conference? This speaks volumes of where feminism has gone, as well as where Hillary has gone. I still predict she will be "appointed" President. And if I am wrong with that prediction it will be a victory.

Sep 9 2015


What more proof do you need that America supports ISIS than this one liner from the Pentagon Press secretary:

"Our concern would be that any effort to bolster the Assad regime right now would potentially be destabilizing," Pentagon press secretary Peter Cook said Tuesday. My comment: WHAT??!!?? Read more here

Also see this: U.S. moves to block Russian military buildup in Syria. QUESTION: Why? If ISIS was a real problem you did not create yourself, if ISIS was not your pet, why would Russians going there to kick a little ISIS butt bother you and need to be blocked? AAAH YES, transparency - these latest actions let us see through ALLL the B.S.!

There is going to be a huge volume of stuff on different topics posted today, long (and good) read.

I do not consider the mail window secure yet because I did not get to a different location and change the servers it is on yet, however, the following came in: (it will take a while to go through it all, it is not all up yet if this line is here)

Haarp technology Technical Explanation of the Technology of Geoengineering

Since you are a technical guy, thought you would find this interesting if you hadn't already heard of it -- is from today's article. You have to click on the video towards the end -- notice the double arrows rt and left -- it is a compilation of the videos of each speaker at a recent conference. Click on the right double arrows to get the 3rd video (each video is about 6 minutes only) which is of former defense industry technician Mark McCandlish who details the processes involved, i.e. how the aluminum is sized to nanoparticles of uniform size and thereafter released into the atmosphere -- and how it works for radar deflection and weather control. Because the nanoparticles are uniformly sized, you can direct specific microwave frequencies (haarp et seq.) to them and get the air to heat up (our drought).

Hot air rises and as it climbs to the colder air it forms ice crystals which at first are small enough, but as you magnify the particles with directed frequencies (again with haarp et seq.) they will fall. Giant convection coil currents are formed, causing the ice crystals to rise and fall many times until, like the many layers of an onion, they form into hail the size of baseballs!!! This can damage airplanes so badly they can crash. You can undoubtedly rephrase this to be more accurate than I may be repeating, but it does explain what is happening. We knew it, but this guy explains it.

Thanks, as always!

My response: Did you know I published far better detail about how this technology works years ago? The report is on the old web site, you can read it here. and the following is an explanation that appears in the report. The full report also proves NASA caught them pumping up Katrina into the monster it became.

Anonymous wrote:

Dear Jim You Are right About everything. Jews are masters of poisoning. They poisoned Prophet Mohammed. He let the Jews stay in the orchard which Muslims conquered. To show gratitude for that generosity they prepared a fest for Prophet Mohammed. One of the companions turned blue and died immediately after putting a bit of the lamb in his mouth. When Prophet Mohammed put a piece in his mouth the lamb talked and told him that it was poisoned. He spit it out. still the effect of the poison was very great it blackened his palette for ever and damaged his liver and within few months he died.

They poisoned Lenin and Stalin. Hitler was poisoned with psychadelic drugs by his doctors , probably a crypto Jew, and he made many strategic blunders and lost the war. Two American presidents were poisoned in connection with opposition to Federal reserve bank.

My response: I did not know that is how Mohammed died, but am not surprised. Now that the Jews have their very own nuclear reactor, polonium poisonings are common as well, that is probably how they got Arafat. They are infamous for poisoning wells, that is one thing they have always done, for millenia is destroy wells. Drugging a bunch of holistic doctors is child's play for them, and if I was in alternative medicine, I would definitely avoid that upcoming wholistic doctor cruise in January . . . . . sitting ducks, NO, ROASTED DUCKS on a boat!

Warning for alternative health practitioners. There is a cruise ship tour for alternative health practitioners scheduled in jan 2016 . think twice before attending that cruise........

This is worth a paste in here:

The Buying of Academia

Natural News today is apparently unleashing secret emails about academia and scientists having been bought out, selling their soul for grant money to back the evil ones. I am seeing the YKW's everywhere taking over and ruining things.

Wayne wrote:

James, I am right here and I check your site multiple times every day.

I sure could use another pitch of, It's Not The Law. This is going to be a tough month without some extra sales.

Regarding my new book, They Live Among Us: The Descendants of Esau-Edom:

I do wish this book was ready. It's about 3/4 completed. I believe that it will be my crowning achievement. I would like to find that it is the best expose of the Jews yet written, but perhaps I am being a bit optimistic.

I have made a number of important discoveries in my research, including many admissions from these devils we are opposing.

One thing different about this new book will be exposing a bigger picture regarding these so-called Jews.

Another major difference will be in not perpetuating the same lies many other writers have.

Normal people, many being true Israelites, simply cannot relate to such lies and assume too much of what they are telling us is true. They are not to be trusted.

I spent well over four years of my life searching for information to complete just one chapter, titled, Defining the term Jew.

Many believe, falsely, that they actually descend from everyone who ever was somebody in the Old Testament. Most of them, perhaps 92% being Khazars, have no connection whatsoever to anyone in the Old Testament. They are (so-called) Jews because of a forced conversion to Judaism, which in itself was a counterfeit (from the Babylonian period) to the beliefs of the true house of Israel. The Jews who do have a connection have descended from Esau, who lost all rights to associate with the House of Israel when he sold his birthright to his brother, Jacob, for a bowl or red lentil porridge, and then married women from forbidden races, creating, in the words of Eustace Mullens, genetic defects which plague the world today.

Jacob's name was later changed to Israel, and went on to father the twelve tribes (of Israel).

Wayne Barbuto

My response: I think you should make the book available now, complete or not, and keep the file name the same so people can download the updates as you progress. That would get cash flow for now to help you keep going.

To my readers: Wayne's book It's NOT the LAW, in my opinion, is one of the best if not THE best book out there if you want to know exactly how America ended up destroyed. In over 500 pages there is little to nothing to fault as well, it is very well researched, cover to cover. It woke even me up to a lot of what is going on.

Anonymous wrote: does anybody read your web site in china? In china as far as I can tell, nobody knows anything about the chemical factory explosions. Nobody, not even a mouse, suspect stuxnext virus. is there any way you inform the chinese officials or public?

My response: I get approximately 8,000 visits from China per month. China is in the top 20 (usually around number 15) countries for this web site, (the U.S. is #1 with a consistent 500,000 plus pageviews). Maybe that is enough for key people to know? Maybe they do know about Stuxnet and are not talking.

Even if it was a million, you would not find many people who knew . . . . China has a large population.


Yvonne Selke a Booz Allen Hamilton employee working on GEOINT was the germanwings target. GEOINT feeds into Jade 2. IPS


I live in Australia and have been unable to access for about 3 weeks. I have used safari and firefox to no avail. The only way to access the site is to use a tor browser. A friend in another part of the country verifies the same. Is this the first evidence of internet censorship for Australia?

My response: HA HA HA, not hardly, Australia censors worse than China. Many many Australians say they have to use Tor or proxy to hit this site as well.

Hi Jim. This is TerraHertz.

I'm not sure if this means of contact is working atm. Hope so. You may find this interesting:

20150908 My post in that thread:


Does anyone else find it odd that all but one US carrier group are tightly clustered around the US east and west coasts?

Consider the following:


From jimstone.

Still a red alert:

The U.S. military has shut down the same aircraft reconnaissance systems that they shut down before 911 as part of a military training exercise, just like before 911, FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER SINCE 911. In addition to this, they did it without announcement and have aircraft controllers very upset for giving practically no notice, when they request months forewarning to such things happening.

This shut down will leave air traffic controllers blind to all incoming threats (via failure to identify what planes are on radar) 200 miles out over the ocean across the entire Eastern seaboard down to Florida, and all airspace above five Eastern states, in addition to Florida. Considering the time of this particular month and the current world events status, I think that is a little bit spooky. HEADS UP! I don't make predictions here, but this is quite the eye opener.


Yesterday China had its FIFTH major industrial explosion in a about a month, this time in Zhejiang province. At least two of the previous explosions were just around 11pm . This latest one is mentioned in news as "shortly before midnight." Like, one hour before, perhaps?

The Zionist bastards do love to sign atrocities with their Satanic "11". Once is bad luck, twice is coincidence, three times is enemy action, 4th & 5th times are outbreak of war.


My wild guess: The US is hammering China, to make it look like the Chinese would retaliate, and is about to stage a false flag 'Chinese retaliation' attack against the USA, as a pretext for extreme martial law. Under Obama as president for life. Why do you think you're being offered a choice between a goofball and a traitor as next President? "Just accept Obama" is why.

So, Jade Helm is still running, right?

The US carrier groups are positioned to manage the fake 'incoming', try to deal with any actual Chinese threats, and provide air support for a USA martial law smackdown of any dissident American patriot resistance after the false flag attack.

My recommended response: China and Russia, please nuke Washington, Cheyenne Mountain and all the NSA holo-net web propaganda control sites immediately. Also run a demonstration of what supersonic radar-stealthy anti-ship missiles and Russian ECM do to carrier groups. Those ones so conveniently clustered around the USA right now, so there won't be any collateral damage to other nations.

The US nuke sub fleet - I don't know, maybe you have some ideas of how to deal with them? Same goes for Israeli nuke forces.

My response: I have a different nuking list. In order of importance: 1. Crater the City of London financial district to a depth of no less than two miles and make sure the ocean fills in the hole and there is a floating queen-k-bob. 2. Crater Brussels and Antwerp in a similar fashion. 3. Crater Tel Aviv, and make sure the ocean fills in the hole. 4. Crater Washington DC, and make sure the ocean fills in the hole. 5. Crater the New York Jewish district, and yes, make sure they swim. 6. Hollywood, 7. San Francisco, 8, Montreal. 9. Denver. Don't bother with military targets, the parasites are not in the military. And oh, it would be nice to get rid of the NSA and CIA, prime targets also.

White house

I have followed your work for several years and I want to say that Thank You. What I would like to ask you is, do you know about the work on the white house when obama first took office. I have it in the back of my mind that he is not afraid of a nuclear attack for some reason. I remember that it sure took a long time and there was no words to be found anywhere of what work was being done.

thanks again, Keith

My response: I was following that at the time, and if I remember right there was nothing clandestine, all he did was pimp the place out. My concern was America's image, the white house does not need "spinner rims". He made a few changes . . . .

Immigration "crisis"

Jim my thoughts on the Syrian/Libyan/ other refugee crisis.

Right now I think you need to look at the information on "greater Israel". This is a 3 pronged attack. Firstly create an influx of people from the area Israel wants to have for itself, into Europe. This will eventually turn the people of the west against the refugees with the press scaremongering the public. In the eyes of the west, these Syrians look similar to Palestinians, this will desensitize them to the ongoing attacks of the Palestinians.

While the refugee crisis is taking place you should watch the Nut nut yahoo (sic) governments ongoing removal of Palestinians while the press is pre occupied. Finally Viktor Orban of Hungary (dealing with thousands of refugees) has recently paid off the national debt to the IMF early and thrown their zionist banker cohorts out. Now they will make Hungary and the rest of Europe borrow billions/trillions to try to pay for the humanitarian disaster caused by the you know who's. Would it not be fantastic if all of these poor refugees turned south in their millions and set up home and claimed asylum in ISRAEL. Ta da !!!!! just a thought.

Scott M from UK

My response: You are of course right here, except the last part - if they even got close to Israel and were not Jewish, they'd be mowed down like an old school slaughter the Brits did in India.

LBGT (UGH) mail box litter from them constantly, . . . . anyway: Jim, we are trying to go to Kentucky to stand with Kim Davis. Mainstream media isn't talking about the rally on Tuesday at all only Breitbart and a few other alternative media outlets that we can find so far. However, if you do a search for lodging at the airports and near that town she is in what do you get? All the hotels have rates starting at $700 to $800 per night for tonight and tomorrow night. According to Huckabee they have heard from thousands and thousands of people from all over the US and world. Churches are sending their people in via buses and vans. It might explain the high yield management that the hotel industry likes to use when there is high demand for a special event or holiday weekend. Or perhaps, the left colluded and booked the rooms or jacked up the rates? However, no mention of the rally or news in the main news as they don’t’ want people to know how big this is going to be.

We think that the LGBT liberal folks have bitten off more then they can handle. They have pricked the sleeping giant that lay asleep. The giant that didn't really care what was going on and were empathetic to gays having civil unions and getting married because the only reason many people supported it is because we have empathy. Christians throughout the world have been known for being caring and having empathy.

The main reason people supported it is to one being on their death-bed with their loved one and the horror that if one died the other wouldn't be able to have the rights to make any decisions or be recognized by the hospital or state. This is how they sold it to us. So we thought, ok, that makes sense. Sounds reasonable. But reasonable is not what the 5% do. (Probably only about 1% for real that live in The Castro and San Francisco and in the "tech" bubble. Those that live on Twitter and those that are the most rude, vulgar, and vocal.) They are not reasonable. If you give them an inch they take a finger and so it begins.... What is next? The pastor? The employee at Apple who doesn't agree with same sex marriage? The high tech worker in Silicon Valley who is conservative and christian who doesn't support their perversion? The teacher, the parent or your child who doesn't support transgenderism or sodomy?

Try fighting a transgender bathroom in CA and see what responses you get. We need to tell it how it is... It is perversion. WE should all start calling it butt F#$$#$, pee pee hole to pee pee hole not the nice sugar coded word "gay." What is next beastality? Perhaps pedophilia will become the norm. In Europe we just read that a nightclub will be dumping blood on all of the guests. Do we really need to come to this? Don't worry it is coming to America soon if people don’t rise up.

However, the tyranny and corruption that we are seeing is nothing like we have ever seen in our time. A woman has been jailed for her faith, an elected official with no hopes to post bail. An elected official voted into office by the people. What about the San Francisco Mayor and Sheriff? Why is he not in jail for his sanctuary city and not following the laws after a woman was shot dead in broad daylight on the Pier in San Francisco by an illegal immigrant who stole a gun from the BLM? The people of the State of CA voted twice in favor of marriage between a man and women and they refused to honor the law and issued marriage licenses anyway even though the majority of the people had voted no we don't support gay marriage. We said no. Right after the supreme court passing happened in June we were in Monterey, CA and there were supporters trying to get us to sign their petition in support of gay marriage and they said even though it passed more than 60 percent of the American public were strongly against it and they were doing everything they could to fight it. We thought that was odd as if one watched the news you would think the whole world was suddenly in support of this degenerate society.

The time has come for the ranks to come together. We need to rise up and take our country back. We have a solution and funny that it was deleted after the online trolls and shills kept commenting on our posts after we posted comments similar to what you were talking about the other day. Boy they were angry, perverted, and gross. Digging their own holes with their pervision such as #Ideepthroat #takeituptheass etc, which is in no way gaining them favors just awakening the giant the sleeps within our society. (BTW, notice that on a paid holiday none of the shills are out on the forums. Because they are paid and they have the day off.)

We need to join together and amend the constitution to recognize that a marriage is between a man and a women. We need to go door to door and get Christians and Muslims to unite as we are all conservative and are sick and tired of this degenerative society that has become perverted. The majority of Americans have been silent, the masses aren't even online nor use twitter or facebook. The sleeping giant has been pricked and awakened and we are a powerful force to be dealt with as we represent the masses.

Kim Davis is our Martyr of our time. We will stand for Kim Davis and we have nothing better to do anymore now that all of our jobs are gone to H1B's taking our high tech jobs and the left who are hell bent on election to ruin this society and are following the communist playbook. Time to rise up. Time to unite and that Jim, they are shaking in their boots. The illegals are conservative so the very hand that feeds them now will be shocked when America is indeed taken over. But that sleeping giant does not like nor tolerate sodomy and a degenerative society. So since we can't stop it, history will and does repeat itself and just wait. . . All of the illegals and Muslims, and those folks from Syria and Sudan . . . they don’t like it. Kenya, Russia, China and most major countries have banned it and just wait and see history will repeat.

PS: Another topic. The whole Virginia shooting. Total hoax for the fact that there are NO SHELLS. Period. End of story. And why is that? Hollywood is afraid of blanks as a few people aka Bruce Lee's son were actually killed by a gun with blanks fired and it is too easy to replace a blank with a real bullet and or screw it up. Hollow bullet points bullets kill on impact and according to his "faxed" manifesto they were hollow point. And the left would never hire a real "gun expert' because they wouldn"t do it, they wouldn’t follow the script. Idiots.

Stuxnet Stuxnet can be used against Hydro-Electric facilities too. Put the generators out of phase and destroy the whole grid and blame the North Koreans, the Muslims, the Russians, whomever, for an EMP attack. Remember when the whole North East (including Ontario) went dark for a couple of days in the summer of 2002 or 2003. All it would take would be about (simultaneous) 3 attack sites, southwest, midwest, and Quebec. Does anyone even try to see if these systems are infected with Stuxnet?

My response: Rightie you are, all Stuxnet would need to do is drop a few huge generators offline for a second, slow them down or speed them up in that second, and drop them back online while holding the breakers shut. Grid down, totally. Blown open electrical lines, huge destruction. There is so much potential energy in a huge spinning generator that it would literally appear to be the end of the world if one was ever put online out of phase. Transformer explosions, no matter how huge, would be tricycles against a semi in comparison. That really would blow the grid.


Really hate to bust your straight going crucade on it, but Jim, you ever heard of this dirty tactic called DIVIDE AND CONQUER? Those damn elites and their Reptilian allies create what people will fall for and single them out for target, whenever they be Christian or Muslim. Ever heard thought of reptoids or reptilians who are secretive in our society? Please share your thought on it.

My response: An invading species that cares not about ours would explain a lot, for that see David Icke.

Re Cell Phone Towers Thanks for all your info and long article. I actually used it to backup why we don't want one installed at the end of my block in a beautiful quintessentially California canyon, only to be told that local governments -- nobody -- can NOT use are prevented from using) dangerous health effects to defeat the placement of towers. Just like we can't sue pharmaceutical companies or Monsanto anymore, either. Luckily, there is an historic aqueduct from the old Mission and we can get it banned on the basis it will ruin that aqueduct.

An international treasure who lives here and coauthored the Bioinitiative on the subject had even sent the interested parties (landowners) her documentation against it. She calls BS just like you do, saying people should keep their land lines. People don't want to read hard science, prefer to go with an emotional reaction "we need better cell service." Stupid!!! Oh, and I should include here that the local board is at least 90% Tribe and I have never ever felt so alien (THEY are alien) in my life, they are sneaky, not to be trusted, will say one thing and quietly secretly do the opposite, came in when nobody was looking and took over. Rude and treacherous.

Do not forget project blue beam! 3. Artificial Thought & Communication – Each religion’s "god" will speak as a hologram to its people in their own language. Telepathic and electronically augmented two-way communication, such-as ELF, VLF and LF waves will reach each person from within his or her own mind, convincing each of them that their own god is speaking to them from the very depths of their own soul.

Sep 8 2015

DO NOT FORGET, EVER: The immigrant situation in Europe is caused on purpose by political criminals, who have usurped the American government and are funneling an average of $10,000 USD per immigrant straight out of American pockets to get these people into Europe. Absent this huge cash stream taken directly from the American people, there would be no immigrant crisis in Europe AT ALL. This is not fluff, Read about it here

HIGHLY PROBABLE AND CLEARLY PEGGED: Ashkenazi Jews commit mass poisoning of alternative medicine doctors

Central buffet table at large alternative medicine seminar most likely spiked to the max with life threatening levels of amphetamines

This is not old news, this hit the news yesterday. I checked on the event host, and it is extremely probable that an event which brought together many holistic doctors had the central buffet table poisoned by Ashkenazi Jews. They gave too many details with this one, anyone in the know can trace down the source of the poisoning easily.


Fire service spokesman Mathias Kohlbrandt told NDR that he had never experienced such as situation.

"Men and women lay with cramps in the garden and in front of the building," he said, adding they did not seem to have knowingly taken a drug.

The patients, aged between 24 and 56, were found suffering from delusions, breathing problems, racing hearts and cramps, some in life-threatening conditions, according to the public broadcaster NDR.

The news magazine "Der Spiegel" described those affected as alternative and homeopathic practitioners.


Read more here

Conclusion: The Jews are the masters of poisoning. Normally for an event like this they will use a slow acting alkaloid poison that takes a couple weeks to show full effects (target is death) but in this case, I think they wanted to back stab the image of alternative medicine and therefore used a mega cheap street drug that acted quickly. First responders clearly stated that it appeared that no one affected knew what happened. With 28 people knocked out by this, it is obvious, and I MEAN OBVIOUS it was an overdose in the food supply, no matter what the rave or what the drug you do not get 28 overdose situations in ONE DAY, and er, ehm, WEILAND!!!!!


Aah yes, the naturopath - enemy number 1 of the Jewish established medical tyranny.

Sep 7 2015

No deliveries. U.S. support of ISIS official.

UPDATE: Russia now has to use Iranian airspace, though it appears the Greek airport is still available.

The U.S. has made official requests to Greece to not allow Russia to use it's air support to supply aid and / or to transport any arms to combat ISIS in Syria. If you had any doubt about who's side America is on (possible for a turnip) this pretty much cinches it. Greece said no to the U.S. and yes to Russia, it will be interesting to see how this plays out.

To sum it up in a sentence: The U.S. has said that Russia can provide food, but in no way provide anything that could ever unseat ISIS. I think Greece is not stupid, so air support to unseat ISIS continues.

And on that note: France is also going into Syria to "combat ISIS". However since France officialdom is the lying scum that produced Germanwings, Charlie Hebdo and a Moroccan wannabe shooter, my guess is that they will do all they can to prevent Russia from unseating ISIS while acting as a proxy for American/British/Israeli/Jewish interests. This could get interesting. Of all government power structures out there, I think it is safe to say France is in the top 5 most deceptive.

Another Chinese chemical factory explosion

This makes 5. I think that China is now experiencing a combination of Stuxnet and chemical attacks. Stuxnet can easily cause chemical explosions at chemical factories. Stuxnet is specifically designed to interfere with fluid control systems, which is why it can so easily destroy nuclear facilities, and also would no doubt be useful against chemical factories, refineries, and even ordinary coal burning power facilities. Steel mills also, anything that has to circulate fluids for cooling or mix materials properly to prevent disaster.

At any rate, I am certain that China is getting a few remote visits from the Negev desert right now.

I still think they intend to assign Hillary as President

If this was not their primary objective, Hillary would be in jail already for her espionage, rather than being compared to Trump in the polls. When an enemy usurps a nation, the crimes of their operatives against that nation's people become meaningless because the nation will no longer have an immune system against its destruction. Therefore, Hillary will never be punished for putting thousands of classified documents on a server, which was easily accessed by foreign powers, and then the payoffs to Hillary were paid as charitable donations to her foundations. That is how she laundered it all, if she has not fried yet she won't fry, and she will very likely be assigned President. I don't make doom predictions often here, but that is one I am sticking with, HILLARY WILL NEVER FRY, AND WILL BE ASSIGNED PRESIDENT. There will only be a side show "election".

Still a red alert:

The U.S. military has shut down the same aircraft reconnaissance systems that they shut down before 911 as part of a military training exercise, just like before 911, FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER SINCE 911. In addition to this, they did it without announcement and have aircraft controllers very upset for giving practically no notice, when they request months forewarning to such things happening.

This shut down will leave air traffic controllers blind to all incoming threats (via failure to identify what planes are on radar) 200 miles out over the ocean across the entire Eastern seaboard down to Florida, and all airspace above five Eastern states, in addition to Florida. Considering the time of this particular month and the current world events status, I think that is a little bit spooky. HEADS UP!

I don't make predictions here, but this is quite the eye opener.

America paying for destruction of Europe?

Austria says America is footing the bill for transport of immigrants to Europe

From This Point Forward, Christians Are Going To Be Banned From Holding Many Jobs In America

This is a very interesting report, READ HERE

Sep 6 2015


Aircraft identification early warning system going offline until October 1!

Think they won't do it again? Where is flight 370 anyway?

WASHINGTON, DC (INTELLIHUB) - Air Traffic Collision Avoidance Systems (TCAS) and Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcasts (ADS-B) will be down or spotty in 5 states, extending up to 200 miles off shore of the Eastern Seaboard, until Oct. 1, according to a NOTAM issued Sept. 1 by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

The NOTAM reads in part:

Due to military activities, the TCAS and ADS-B surveillance may be unreliable in the airspace over Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia and Florida, and extending approximately 200 nautical miles offshore, from 1 a.m. EDT (0500z) Sept. 2 until midnight EDT (0459z) on Oct. 1.

Pilots are advised that the traffic alert and TCAS may fail to establish tracks on nearby aircraft and may fail to receive traffic alerts (TA) or resolution advisories (RA). Operators should be aware that tracks may first appear within close proximity to their aircraft, and may immediately go into TA/RA status.

Pilots are advised to maintain an increased visual awareness in this area. If operators believe that an aircraft should have triggered an alert, the incident should be reported to air traffic control as soon as possible.

Here is the key line that this might be a setup for a new 911:

This is due to a late notice Department of Defense exercise, and NBAA has voiced its concern to the FAA that these sort of significant impact tests need much more notice to operators in the NAS.

This is immensely concerning not only for the safety of passengers and staff aboard flights navigating the affected areas but for the security of our country as well. In fact the last time we saw similar systems go down was during the attacks on the World Trade Center (WTC) and the Pentagon, Sept. 11, 2001.

See original report on Intellihub

My comment: No warning anywhere in America's officially declared international waters off the East coast and Florida? Hmm, the story line then: MH-370 took off from Morocco and suicide crashed in Miami. Boeing just proved the flaperon found was not from flight 370. So it is still out there, waiting for action . . . . . that hoax shooting that never happened on the train in France "proved" that Moroccans are bad . . . . . just on time.

Mysterious booms

The mysterious booms have started again in various locations. The USGS has not reported any seismic activity, but at least one university in Kentucky had a student post that yes indeed, the university seismogram did pick up a major boom felt for more than 30 miles that happened there. If the USGS was honest, they would have reported this, but as many know the USGS is nothing but a political tool now, don't count on them for verification of anything. And if there are booms happening again, and the USGS is mum, something is going on no doubt.

WDBJ shooting debunk "boards facing wrong way" error

There is a new discovery going viral that is an error. In the first person shooting video it appears the boards behind Alison are the wrong direction, when compared to photos released after the shooting. I spent hours going over photos, and the boards are not an inconsistency

It took a while to finally get the correct perspective and a photo with good enough resolution to show it, but the boards are indeed all facing the way they should be. In the highest resolution photo I could find, I cropped out the relevant area that shows this - where "Alison" dropped her paper. You can see here that the boards are being feathered in along a 45 degree angle, and face both directions. But because of the angle the main photo this was cropped from was taken from, it appears (clearly) that all the boards are facing the wrong way behind so-called "alison" simply because the railing is hiding the feather in far enough back, only because of the camera angle. This is an error.

It does not matter what way the boards are facing, this shooting is so debunked it is totally DOA. However, this is the first time I have seen someone make an analysis error, (an understandable honest mistake) and if this error takes off it is all the trolls will ever point to. They can't argue with the rest of it, but they can poke holes in this and I suggest people not give them that chance.

Sep 5 2015

If separation of church and state was equally applied, usury, which is a core tenet of Judaism would be banned, and the Jewish owned Federal Reserve would be done away with! DEAL: You can have your gay marriage as you want it, IF AND ONLY IF, in trade, the not so "Federal" reserve is disbanded and all Jewish owned interest charging banks are kicked out of the country!

Interesting it is that around the time Alex Jones had David Duke on his Jewish wife divorced him.

She was his Jewish handler. Right in the heart of his existence in the worst possible way. And when he went off the edge, as far as she or her instructors saw it, she ditched him. Infowars was shilling for Israel at a substantially reduced rate when she left him. I always thought Alex himself was legit, but that his wife was his handler. The Jewish community no doubt saw Alex as a potential threat, and sent her to keep him in check.

I said this three years ago and will say it again now - Alex was targeted by the Jewish community because they knew he was a threat that could not be done away with due to his extreme popularity and conspiracy aware and suspicious audience, and as a result he received a honey pot wife who was only sent as a controller/handler. Alex did not know enough at the time to avoid her approach. This is a common tactic of the Jews, and the thing I find most surprising is that she did not poison him when he went too far out of her control. Well, the divorce courts will be used to annihilate him, there won't be a gold mine for Alex, NOT EVEN THE SHAFT. Since his divorce was religiously and politically motivated, watch for Alex to get wiped completely off the map by it.

I'd have stuck it to him harder over the way he handled David Duke, but when we see the repercussions, it is easy to observe that he was controlled by outside forces and possibly did this to Duke as a last ditch effort to save his life. He lost. BIG TIME.


The thing to do now is watch Alex from this point forward, to see where he takes his topics and how he handles Israel. There is a good chance he really is one of us, the truth will show itself now that his primary handler is gone.

My "worst of trolls" post is bang on!

Through a mail box, not the message window, Chimeragothic wrote:

In 2004 the people of Kentucky passed a referendum to add a constitutional amendment disallowing gay marriage licensing and also to not give legal recognition to gay marriage. I sent a letter to judge David Bunning reminding him of this and asked him to do his job and let the clerk out of jail and dismiss all charges. I then reminded him that the Supreme Court does not possess the power to legislate from the bench. That power is reserved to Congress and since Congress has NOT legislated a gay marriage statute, THE KENTUCKY CONSTITUTION TRUMPS THEIR VERDICT.

I also reminded him that as an agent of a foreign principal (anyone who possesses a British Accreditation Registry or BAR card), that under the Foreign Agent Registration Act of 1938 he must register as a foreign agent with the DOJ and I asked if he had done so.

I would think he might think it wise to actually follow the Kentucky Constitution. We shall see.

My comment: I was not blowing smoke when I posted the following "worst of trolls" post below, it is BANG ON, AND APPLIES FULLY, just as I said it:

The worst of trolls


The worst of trolls, filthy lying scumbags, are hitting the county clerk topic and attempting to ram rod "contempt of court" through as a legitimate reason for jailing her for refusing to marry gays. They are opening a slippery slope, ON PURPOSE, to completely de-ligitimize Congress and the Presidency, and replace America's lawmaking with only one branch of government - non elected Federal judges. This is a cold hearted effort to subvert the entire nation with a few planted perverts, flaunting the title of "justice".

To combat these trolls, copy and paste this into any thread or comment section where you see them trolling this topic:

It is real easy to make a case when all facts are not presented.

_______________is an enemy troll from a subversive force that has invaded America and wants America destroyed.

There is no Federal judge that can simply make a law and force the states to follow it. This bypasses the constitutional check and balance system, where it needs to pass all 3 branches of government to become law. There is no law in America saying all states have to accept gay marriage. Though legal precedent has been used as an excuse (successfully) in the past to sway subsequent court proceedings, it's use is often dubious and NEVER goes outside of the court rooms where subsequent cases are heard, to use the ruse of "legal precedent" to actually initiate a warrant and force an arrest of people that never saw court is a complete violation of separation of powers.

The trolling on this topic, in support of jailing this clerk is part of an enemy subversion force which has done all it can to make Americans ignorant to the way their government is supposed to function.

In addition to no law enforcing gay marriage, other than that which people allow via ignorance, the county clerk, as an elected official, had a right to object regardless of what any judge said. To disallow this is a violation of states rights, as well as a violation of an elected official's rights to represent the public that elected that official.

These professional trolls are counting on people being stupid, and are counting on the American people simply allowing America to receive the final flush.

It will be a bad bad day, the worst of days, when any judge can write law and apply it to all people on a whim, this is what a dictatorship is, and if these trolls succeed in bashing people into the kind of stupidity it takes to accept this, a dictatorship is precisely what the American people will have. THIS IS A TEST CASE, TO SEE IF THE JEWISH COMMUNITY HAS REACHED A STATUS WHERE THEY CAN JUST HAVE ONE OF THEIR ASSIGNED JUDGES SAY SOMETHING AND HAVE IT BECOME PUNISHABLE LAW, DO NOT LET THEM GET AWAY WITH IT.

To allow them a free pass on this is exactly what will open the Fema camps and be the death of all Christians. To let them get away with this is precisely what will make a true tyranny possible. This is the slippriest of all slopes, DO NOT LET THEM GET AWAY WITH IT.

800,000 gallon Jim Beam disaster leads to $70,000 fine??!!??

The Jim Beam factory warehouse was hit by a severe storm which released 800,000 gallons of bourbon after it was destroyed by the storm. The bourbon was then lit on fire by lightning strikes as it flowed into a nearby stream, and subsequently lit a downstream lake on fire. A fire tornado developed. And as a result of this, Jim Beam is going to be hit with a 70,000 fine for killing fish with the bourbon? WHY? how stupid is that? Read more HERE and I'd bet insurance will not pay. I'd bet the legal action against Jim Beam will be used as an excuse to not pay out insurance for this obvious natural disaster. What is 800,000 gallons of top notch bourbon worth anyway?

Sep 4 2015

Someone attacked the entire web hosting company this site is hosted on and caused absolute mayhem, everyone hosted there had to change their passwords . . . . . AND,

Main laptop working again

The problem with the main laptop I use for this site (to run Linux live on) was broken connections under the CPU on the motherboard, which cannot be fixed, you have to trash the motherboard (which means just get a new laptop.) However, since I figured out that is what the problem had to be by putting the laptop in the freezer, (which would make it work) I played around with it pushing on it in various places, to see how to tweak the case to make everything connect again. I then built a base for it that holds it perfectly stiff and puts pressure on it just the right way, and it has been working perfect for two days now. I went through the routine of at least pulling the memory and other cards out, and it really is a messed up motherboard from all the wear and tear this thing has been through. It will probably work fine for a while now though.

Mail window still whacked,

I will once again try to get this working later today, but it cannot be fixed from home because there is an obvious local stinger here that compromises all security full time. The mail window is permitted to work as well as those who control that stinger let it, and once that fake shooting and Hillary's espionage became an issue, the mail window went kaput. They don't want any whistleblowers getting through I guess, and the box is 100 percent disinfo and trollage, and insult after insult, as well as down to about 30 percent of normal message volume. The way to handle this is to go to a random location and computer far away from here, reset all passwords, put it all on a different server, and let it sit for a couple days, THEN go get the messages. When I do this, I will once again ask everyone who sent donations to confirm it through a known secure message window, (I am confident the people who caused problems for the entire hosting company are the same ones causing problems for this web site) so there has been no real donation confirmation stream other than the front page here with everything whacked.

Jailing of Kim Davis

This cannot be done. You cannot jail Kim for refusing to issue a marriage license to gays on moral grounds, because she is an elected official, put in place by public choice as a protector of public interest, which means that her actions and opinions matter. Jail is not an option, if anyone disagrees, IMPEACHMENT PROCEEDINGS are the appropriate action for defying a judge, and since the public vastly agrees with her not marrying gays, THERE IS A FAT CHANCE ANYONE WOULD EVER GET HER IMPEACHED.

She HAS TO be let out of jail IMMEDIATELY, incarcerating her illegally and unlawfully just to push an agenda is something that can be criminally prosecuted in reverse, whoever is doing this had better watch their steps.

America has an immune system put in place by checks and balances. Kim's elected position provides the balance, no judge can usurp that balance. Wishful thinking and hoping from Kikedom that they will ram rod this without protest, I have put reality on the table here, DO NOT let them get away with this.

Jail a woman for STANDING UP FOR THE INTEREST OF THE PUBLIC FROM HER ELECTED POSITION THAT GAVE HER THE RIGHT TO, all the while Hillary, the number one espionage agent in American history runs around like a chicken with it's head cut off, free to blood stain anyone and anything. That fits when COMMIES RULE!

A solid nuking is the only answer when commie kikes jail women for not fronting for their perversions.

Gaydom is a fringe perversion pure and simple

I am not one bit bothered by calling gaydom a fringe perversion, unlike what we are told, gays are not ten percent, five percent, one percent or even a tenth of a percent of this society, they are lunatic total fringe that only a moron would give creedence to, absent a totally corrupted non representative court system and a good bluff on TV, gays are nothing at all. Consider this: How many openly gay people did you see this month? Perhaps one or two, unless you have an unusual circumstance. How many straight people did you see this month, total? thousands I'd bet. If it was ten percent, as stated, they would be openly overtly EVERYWHERE ALWAYS, and they are not, they are about as common as people on crutches. They truly are fringe, I have only known about ONE, EVER, in any circle of acquaintance I have ever had, and that equals FRINGE. How many have you actually known about for sure, within any circle of acquaintance during your life? There is your real number.

Considering how much impact the Jews have handed them in the schools and other public venues, their poor long term success rates in gaining long term recruits proves they will always be fringe, if they have not won by now they never will because they CANNOT "FIX" NORMAL.

I was right! Russia IS attacking ISIS in Syria

After being scolded for posting it, I redacted it, and ended up being right after all. Russia was silent about it, but is in fact kicking ISIS butt in Syria with SU-35 fighter jets Assad did not have. As it turns out, Russia denied being there, but video footage taken out of Syria clearly shows Russian soldiers using Russian only hardware (stuff Russia will not export) along side Assad's troops in Syria, including advanced fighter jets and other Russian-only tech. And Obama said we need to start airstrikes in Syria today, I wonder why

I am starting to think a solid nuking is the only thing that can fix America's political problems, provided that nuking is quickly followed by a rampage of stampeding gun owners to put it all right after the fact. Hmmmm . . . . . a not so cold war brewing . . . . . just on time for all those September doom predictions I never mentioned. I am sure you have seen a few of those, on that note, consider this . . . . .



Trolls are hitting the forums and blogs lying blatantly and directly, saying that Boeing and others said exactly the opposite of what they actually said, and that the part was after market, and that is why it did not match up with Boeing's records. The part had no identification plates whatsoever, yet trolls are claiming it had identification plates that traced to an after market company. Boeing knows it is their part, but can't identify it to an exact plane. They know it was not from flight 370 however because of manufacturing differences and maintenance records. That is why I screen captured this, just like I knew the part was a plant DAY ONE, I knew there would be denial of this statement by Boeing, distortions, diversions, trollage and possible expungement as well. Not to worry - READ IT AND WEEP!

September 3 2015

Trump picture of "fire demon" was paid fire performers (Plus why he worries me anyway)

I want to repeat this again - the picture of the mortgage burning ceremony was taken with professional fire actors. They must have had a midget in their group for the little demon guy. I doubt this was a ritual but it sure looked spooky. Even still Trump has a few sticking points that would make me want to vote differently.

The good? Trump is the only candidate that will actually acknowledge that vaccines cause autism. That is a big one. And he is the only candidate that might do something to stop the immigration assault on America. I myself know America is a nation of immigrants, (so what can one expect) but I do have a problem with them being used for divide and conquer. And that is exactly what is going on. I do have a problem with them receiving endless welfare. I do have a huge problem with inequal application of the law, and handing everything to them on a silver platter. And I have a huge problem with the fact that it is predominantly the low life gutter trash coming up to America, which will not do an ounce of good for the country. So on that front, I guess I am at least partially with trump.

The bad:

1. Trump is totally pro zionist/Jewish. That should be a death sentence for any President. You cannot split your alliances and keep America first when your primary interest is in serving a foreign nation and people.

2. Trump wants to build the Berlin wall between America and Mexico, and with Agenda 21, the upcoming patriot roundup and mass exterminations that are no doubt on the horizon in America, I think it is a huge red flag to have a Presidential candidate who wants to build something that will equally keep Americans trapped in.

3. Trump wants MORE PEOPLE IN PRISON. This is a huge red flag, America already has more people in prison than China, India and the entire arab world COMBINED. America is the undisputed world champion of prison labor, and with a majority of the prisons now private, and the majority of judges being nothing but stooges that feed slaves into the prison labor system, I cannot see how on EARTH Trump would ever honestly believe America needs more people in prison unless there was a profit motive involved, and who is Trump anyway? Think there might be business associations and a profit motive possible with Trump?

Here is what I would accept from Trump: "We need to put criminals in prison, and release 90 percent or more of the people who are in America's prison system IMMEDIATELY. It serves no purpose to society to incarcerate millions of people who pose absolutely no imminent threat to society, we need to dismantle the prison systems and always make sure the prisons are 100 percent state owned, to prevent a profit motive and chain of corruption from being used to make slaves of completely non threatening people".

But nope, that's not what he has said, instead, he just wants to pack'em in. Cool! What other country still packs'em in (at least partially, about half) the way America does? RUSSIA. Interesting parallel there . . . . .

Aah yes, with Trump I don't think there is any "lesser" of evils. If he wants to, in effect, trap Americans in, pack the prisons even more full, and swear allegiance to a foreign power, he is not my man and that is all there is to it, fire demon or not. Too bad, he's the first candidate to openly state vaccines cause autism. That's a big bonus, but REMEMBER ANOTHER BIG ONE: Trump still says Arabs did 911. At his level, being a building contractor and real estate tycoon, he ought to know about building 7 and you can bet he does, which on the surface, and even deep, makes him an unscrupulous liar.

Trump appears to offer Americans something they have not had in a while - HOPE. However, is the hope real, or do we need to start looking again? I guess we could all secretly hope Trump is hiding his real intention of cleaning house and will actually boot Israel once in, but with his real estate alliances and cushiness with the Clintons, I doubt it.

I am sure people will check the prison stats to see if America really does have more people in prison than most of the rest of the world combined. When checking, keep in mind that between all county jails, city jails, state prisons, private prisons and Federal prisons, as well as all people on house arrest, America, in 1997, had 7 million people detained. They try to hide this fact by not taking all jailing venues and putting them on the same sheet of paper so the real numbers are hard to come up with. And 1997 is when they froze the stats and admitted to no more, all the while countless more prisons have been built and stuffed with at least twice as many. Usually the stat you see (2.1 million) is just government owned prisons (federal and state) with nothing else included. This stat has not been updated since 1997 even if whatever document you find says it is for 2014 (or current). To not include jails and private prisons amounts to a big fat LIE. To not update the stats because it shows an absolute horror that is not politically expedient is a BIG FAT LIE. But what else do you expect? The prison stats are as real as that FAKE SHOOTING and even what they admit to is by far the worst in the world. If Trump wants it worse, he is OUT, America is not supposed to be a prison slave labor hive.

September 2 2015

Trouble staying online

Bullet points: Mail window totally hacked, with zero useful messages for the past five days. This is why the mail window has not been updated. I will try to fix this, but this time trying to clear the hack did not work. I can clear this, and will, just wait . . . . .

Trump fire ritual possibly not satanic

Trump picture with "fire demon" was possibly not a satanic ritual, that little demon looking guy was spooky looking but upon further checking he hired fire performers for the burning ceremony and that guy might have been one of them. The ceremony was still really odd. I am still convinced Trump is not an option for zionist reasons alone, I'd vote for David Duke any day. Why no real candidates?

Russia not attacking "ISIS" yet in Syria

A little wishful thinking on my part, if Israel owns Russia the way I suspect, VERY WISHFUL THINKING

I am going to say it like it is: Obama is pure Ghetto and I am pissed.

Re-name Mount Mckinely to Denali? ??!!?? this keeps going around my head, originally I thought it was a spoof from a satire site. And Obama did not follow proper procedure, he is running the country the same way any ghetto gang leader would, or more appropriately, KIM JONG. Yep, he is in full dictator mode and after seeing the photos of him arriving back from Alaska, THEY HATE HIS FREAKING GUTS and gave him a good ol' time. Understandably so.

FINALLY I AM GOING TO SAY THIS: (wanted to for a long time)

Obama is an embarrassment. He is not up to the level of a yodeling drunk. I cringe every time he is seen internationally, every time he travels abroad, HE IS AN EMBARRASSMENT. I cannot think of ANYONE, NOT ONE SUCCESSFUL PERSON I HAVE EVER KNOWN, HATED OR NOT, THAT I WOULD NOT SEND IN HIS PLACE. Obama is as appropriate to send abroad as the neighborhood drug dealer flunkie unsophisticated riff raff steal your rims ghetto trash he would have been if he was NOT BORN IN KENYA.

Denali? Obama, I KNOW THE AGENDA OF DESTROYING AMERICA, which you are doing a fine job of. Hammering down all those planks of the Communist manifesto, yes, erasing of landmarks and destruction of national identity is KEY.

Yeah, I guess zio TRUMP CARD would be better than that. We are being dealt the worst of hands and I am not in the mood for poker face.

They might hang Hillary

Her usefulness is only as a prop now that she has espionage for North Korea under her belt. Interesting she is not dead yet. Another cute commie that girl is, I'd just love to get ahold of her real hard drive and find her real circle of association. That would be enough to launch appropriate action from and wipe the entire conspiracy out in one fell swoop.


This perfectly explains EVERYTHING, the fact you can still hear her screaming when a real gun would make it impossible, the lack of shells ejecting, the excess fire and smoke AND how the problem of possibly dangerous blanks was solved.

Mike sent the following:

Non Gun used:

Here's an interesting take on the VA shooting. Not blanks used, but a Hollywood prop known as a "non-gun," available for about $100 and which eliminates the dangers that can occur when using blanks. FYI.

"A reader left me an interesting link. It’s a side-by-side comparison video of a real Glock 9 millimeter handgun firing real rounds compared to what we saw on the WDBJ shooting video. I thought you should see it. It’s pretty self-explanatory. Pay attention to the lack of muzzle flash on the real gun (left) and the lack of cartridges being ejected on the fake one (right)"

Read more here:

September 1 2015

Crisis actors!

I thought the reporter thought it was all real. However, if you compare the audio between the shooter's video and the cameraman's video, the woman being interviewed says different words right before the shooting (meaning multiple takes) and Whoa, what do we have here? CRISIS ACTORS!!!!!

This makes my blood boil, she really looked scared and shocked on camera, and was only a bold faced liar. LESSON: Watch that shooting video OVER AND OVER AND OVER again, so you know just how perfectly an unscrupulous A-hole can act like something is real to accomplish a political objective. Yep, this girl is DEFINITELY chillin out with Jessica Ghawi/Redfield now!

August 31 2015

Hillary's Email trail

Regardless of what is said now, I am going to keep hammering the fact that it was over 18,000 classified documents fed directly to Hillary via plants in the NSA, documents Hillary was never cleared for. Now it is figured out how Hillary ran the scam - she left the server open to foreign governments, where they could go and get the classified material, and THEN HILLARY WAS PAID VIA DONATIONS TO HER "CHARITABLE FOUNDATIONS" which laundered it all! Ugh, enough to give me gas. And Obama re-named Mount Mckinley Denali! WTF over??!!??

World War 3 has probably started

(and mum is the word)

There was a major explosion in Dongying China. This would be the third explosion. This one was as bad as the huge one at Tianjin and was felt 50 KM away. Of extreme interest here: The Tianjin blast happened at 11:30 PM. This blast happened at 11:28 PM. These blasts happened within two minutes of each other on the clock. So I am calling it, once is an accident, twice is coincidence and three times is enemy action, and with the subtle message being delivered which is: same time of night so you over there in China know this was US, and no accident. I have no doubt this is aggression against China.

There has been some confusion about this blast and another chemical factory blast that happened earlier. This confusion has been caused by media outlets using stock footage of the other factory blast to show this blast. This blast was a separate incident, and within 10 minutes of it happening, the Chinese government got a lid on it and NOTHING at all is making it out now, just the initial images that hit social media. This is why media outlets are using footage of earlier blasts for this one. China successfully slammed the lid on this explosion, But the western media ran with the story anyway.

My take? The Chinese government knows these are attacks, and does not want the people calling for war.

And as this happens in China, Russia is now helping Assad with airstrikes

Yep, Russia is now using Russian fighter jets with Russian pilots from a Russian base in Syria to attack ISIS, while Israel is now openly conducting air strikes in Syria. Russia also warned Israel and the U.S. that if nuclear reactors in Syria are targeted, the ONLY response will be nuclear war. Now it is litmus test time, Russia knows damn well ISIS is American/European/Israeli and knows damn well it is attacking an American scarecrow and that there will be American casualties. The big question then is: Will the U.S. accept losses to maintain the ruse?

So I am now confident things are picking up, whatever jokes you might have about Russia are irrelevant when they have nukes and excellent submarines. It won't be child's play. One nuclear weapon would wipe out an entire carrier fleet, and if I was Russia, that is all I would do - send things skyward with a nuclear torpedo. All the Navy in the world will not work against that.

Ok, HERE IT IS: The reason why I'd NEVER vote for Trump.

The only man I would vote for would be David Duke, PERIOD, end of discussion. Absent a real choice why vote at all? The game of "lesser of evils" is long over due for a board flipping via armed rebellion.

The picture worth a thousand words. This took my entire morning to post because every time I tried it was prevented and required a full reboot, at least 30 reboots. And you can clearly see why: This picture states fairly clearly just who the "elite" including Trump are aligned with. This was pulled from, from the full report embedded below.

I have a question: Where did they get the demon guy? He is much much smaller than a normal human. I know the elite circles have these types of people at their disposal, but WOW, is that really a summoned fire demon or WHAT??

I could not copy anything from before this LINUX LIVE machine had an apparent remote desktop load, which was not fully compatible and locked everything up. This is a capture of the page that was done after I pulled the modem out as soon as the page loaded on try # (random number) 17. Someone is THAT pissed off about this getting posted.

Below here is the full article, THE ENTIRE ARTICLE IS A LINK, CLICK IT TO GO TO BOLLYN'S WEB SITE, I had no problem with Bollyn's web site yesterday and think that now that I am home the hacks were happening via my own personal local stinger.

HA HA HA! A CHALLENGE: Find a Youtube newscast with either our precious Alison or the shooter, I bet they never existed with any substance at channel 7 before the shooting.


Extreme summary: Someone who sees the real Trump directly doubts it is him running for pres, and the real trump is a total prick.

August 30 2015

Is Trump aware enough?

After posting this, I got confirmation that Trump is totally insultingly against 911 truth. 911 is the litmus test, fail that and you are GONE.

I am starting to wonder if Trump will kick off a civil war, which is clearly wanted by the ziopress, but Trump might cause it prematurely. The Jews have obviously set up Western civilization for a fall via immigration policies clearly intended for dilution and subversion of Western societies and obviously want it to end with civil wars. Consider a few immigration related variables around the world -

First of all, the Arabs and Muslims, outside of the American caused war zones do not have it bad, the people of India do not have it bad and the Chinese do not have it all that bad, despite what we are told in the ziopress. And I can confirm that Mexicans do not have it bad at all. It is actually a great place to live. What is really happening? The answer is a little bit complex, but I am certain I have the answer.

First of all, the CIA is running psy ops in the above mentioned countries, to convince all of these people if they can just get to America and Europe, they will live in a fantasy land. Those who are the biggest losers in their respective countries will be strongly enticed to leave, and infest Europe and America. Once there, because they are predominantly losers who had nothing to leave behind in their homeland, they HAVE TO be given tons of free hand outs and welfare or they won't make it, they will starve. WHY CAUSE A FLOOD OF THE WORLD'S LOSERS TO AMERICA AND EUROPE? BECAUSE THEY ARE EASILY MANIPULATED AND TOTALLY DEPENDENT. In the past, immigration from the above groups was done by the winners, who would never arrive and go on welfare. They were the cream of the crop. This is not what is arriving in Europe and America now.

So what happens when the new breed arrives? Once they get to Europe and America, they go on welfare all the while tons of additional psy ops are run telling them how bad they have it in the fantasy land. They had it bad in their homeland because they made it bad, but they won't realize that because the CIA brainwashing there made them into victims in their homelands that just had to become "refugees" all the while neighbor Jose and brother Abdul did just fine in the same place, and therefore opted to stay. The refugees are losers that can't add 2+2 and see they caused their own losing situation where they were to begin with. And as a result, they cannot add 2+2 as refugees, and can again, where they sought "refuge" be manipulated into thinking they are victims all the while they are given handout after handout, handouts which in fact drain the life blood out of their hosts. And this is a cold hard reality, over 70 percent of illegal Mexicans in America, AND I AM TALKING ILLEGALS suck welfare from the American people, and I'd like to know how that is possible if they are any sort of "victims". The situation is even worse with the Muslims in Europe.

Keep in mind, we are talking TOTAL LOSERS, who are easily tricked into a "victim" mentality. These people exist in all societies - people who cannot see the light of day with anything. These people, because they can't see the light of day are easy to manipulate into hating the host they went to, and can be manipulated into acting violently against that host with ease. All they need is to be filled with rage with lie after lie about how they are "victims" during what I'll call the cooking phase, and then be set off with the right trigger with what I will call the explosion phase. The explosion phase is being set up right now in Europe and America, and it is being set up by the Jews, who have infiltrated Western governments to set the precedent for it all happening.

Since the Jews have a choke hold on the world's media and all Western governments, there is little stopping this from happening. The Jews, which apparently but not probably "lost" in Russia still hate the West, which they sought to destroy via Russia. Dead or alive in Russia, the Bolsheviks failed in that effort and have fallen back to plan B, which is to destroy the West via infiltration and subversion. When did the world see this huge immigration problem take serious root? About 12 years after the supposed fall of Russia. 12 years for the Jews who left Russia to get into all the key positions in Western governments and set up the policies that caused all the immigration problems to begin with. Sure, there were illegals prior to 15 years ago, but the huge huge problems are more recent than that, and I see this as a clear consequence of total Bolshevik infiltration, part of their plan B for destroying the West after they failed to get Russia to accomplish that for them.

Here is where Trump (may) enter the picture:

Keep in mind that the end goal is to destroy the white populations of Europe and America, because it is the white population that totally out-did the Jewish community, which caused the Jewish community to see the white population as a threat (the Jews have to be #1 with everything, or they feel threatened and insulted, because you know, they are "superior" by birthright.) Anyway . . . . . . .

What is Trump calling for, and what will it actually cause? Trump is calling for a wall to be built that is the exact same type of wall as the Berlin wall. The exact same type of wall as the apartheid wall in Israel. The type of wall that has only ever been built (in modern times) by the world's great tyrannies. And what purpose is that wall likely to really serve? It is likely to only serve the purpose of keeping whites trapped in America, for extermination, even if that is not the purpose Trump intended. It is probably too late to get rid of the Mexicans without the "explosion phase" I mentioned above, and with the current hostility towards patriots that is government policy now, it really leaves one to think about just how secure Americans are.

And the same explosion phase has also been set up in Europe, where there are now so many totally brainless immigrants, the total losers, that these losers can easily badly threaten the now predominantly disarmed white populations of Europe. The Jews have set up both America and Europe for total defeat in a war fought by people the Jews imported for what I believe is that explicit purpose and Trump appears to be totally oblivious to the fact that this was intentional.

Now, it would be easy to just call Trump stupid about all of this, but is he really that stupid? Let's consider his take on Snowden - he says Snowden should be executed. BY DEFAULT THEN, THIS MEANS TRUMP TOTALLY SUPPORTS MASSIVE NSA SURVEILLANCE AND A HUGE POLICE STATE. Is Trump really that stupid? Does he really think the NSA stands for the American people? Possibly, but he would have to be really out of it . . . . . Hell, Trump still thinks Arabs are going to get him! That does not bode well for common sense.

Who would I vote for? Probably Trump. Because despite the two glaring holes (which could possibly be chalked up to ignorance) - wanting to basically build a Berlin wall, and supporting the NSA, Trump is by far the best candidate going. The establishment obviously hates him. But Trump needs to wake the hell up on several fronts, if he does not he is likely to simply act as the lesser of three evils. Any way you cut it, the race war is real, we have been set up for annihilation by the Jewish community, and hopefully stupidity is the only reason Trump panders to that community, a pandering which amounts to a third huge hole . . . . . .

My conclusion on Trump? It all depends upon timing. If Trump is too late to the scene of the crime (God only knows) he will be a huge accelerant to the destruction of America. If he is in fact on time, he could save it all, and GOD ONLY KNOWS. He sure needs to wisen up a bit, no matter what the case. How far would Trump need to go to call Snowden the rightful hero he is? GOD ONLY KNOWS. Is Trump a real American, or just another zionist? God only knows . . . . . . but the media hostility toward him at least indicates he'd be a lot better than Hillary or Bush. And if he stopped their setting up of race wars and solved the immigration problem, well, if that is the Jewish agenda and he is oblivious to who is causing it, they would obviously hate him, pandering or not.


Go back over the tweets our "shooter" tweeted after the shooting: Alison was hired to replace him, and he was only fired a short time ago! He tweets about being all mad at them for hiring Alison after she made racist comments. How would he know she made those comments if he was not around to see them? AND IF she did not work there, how did her illustrious boyfriend meet her 9 months ago and how did she become the light of channel 7, as he states, in the short time our shooter inadvertantly confirmed she was at the station? Folks, this is a sucking chest wound of a hole in the official story!


Clarification: His twitter, before it got deleted, confirmed he hired on at the station less than two months ago. Everything he is tweeting about is, when put in context, immediately recent. The newness of the twitter account could mean that it was set up just for this event!

August 29 2015

New York magazine used to break the truth about "MH-370" flaperon

And as it turns out, I was totally syntactically correct on every single point I made!

New York Magazine's article only differs from my report in ONE WAY: They have the statement from BOEING saying their analysis proved it is not from flight 370! It is proven that this aircraft part was pulled from a scrap yard, exactly as I said!

Below this embedded report is my report on proof blanks were used, do not miss it!

Scroll this window to read my FULL VINDICATION issued by the MSM without mentioning my name.

The MSM gets paid handsomely to bring you lies. This web site has the education, experience and guts to shred the lies and bring you the truth. If you were around when I reported on this flaperon and saw the ridicule I got for saying what I did, even as I stood my ground on the topic while the Malaysian Prime Minister lied, consider this New York magazine report. Because this web site stands its ground and nails the truth, I cannot get high paying ads here, and need reader support. Donations will be needed for September, thanks!

I am now going to dig in and state with clarity blanks were used

James wrote:

I watched the alison parker video ... take it from someone (me) who knows about guns ... the shooter had used the gun before with real bullets ... watch as the gun learches FORWARD with each round ... these are blanks ... the shooter is bracing for the inevitable backwards impulse as the gun would release a real bullet ... BUT there is no real bullet so the gun lurches forward with each round because the shooter is reacting to what his instinct would say would be a real round ... but since there is no real round the gun thrusts forward ... watch the video again ... jim

My response: Ok, now I will say this: There is too much smoke and too much fire at the end of the barrel, which proves blanks. To the left here is the frame that proves this is blanks being fired, there is simply TOO MUCH FIRE at the end of the barrel and the color of the flame is totally wrong for real bullets, that is the color of flame from blanks, which is similar to the flame from black powder:

No camera shake also proves blanks.

DURING DAYLIGHT, IT IS USUALLY DIFFICULT TO SEE MUZZLE FLASH FROM REAL BULLETS USING MODERN SMOKELESS POWDER, AND THAT IS ALL THERE IS NOWADAYS. However, muzzle flash from blanks shows up clearly, and this is what we see here to the left. OOOH, SCARY LOOKING, but IT PROVES BLANKS, as does the excessive smoke which I have NEVER seen from any real round I have fired and I have shot thousands and thousands and thousands of rounds and I mean freaking THOUSANDS with hand guns, shot guns, rifles, you name it I have owned it, I have never seen smoke with modern (and I am talking past 50 years) bullets and always see it with blanks which I have also shot. WHAT SMOKES? OLD SCHOOL BLACK POWDER.

This is the difference between blanks, which have to use black powder or something similar because it will explode with no back pressure provided by a bullet. Modern smokeless powder will not go off properly or at all without a bullet providing back pressure to cause it to explode. Black powder will explode without any back pressure, but modern smokeless powder will not. That is why smoky black powder is used in blanks And the gun lurching forward is from vacuum pressure from the gases leaving the barrel and making a forward pulling pressure which a bullet would normally cancel out with a kick. Blanks get weapons dirty quick. It is not the same quality material with blanks. Blanks smoke a lot.

A little correction to the above, when I said "you name it, I have owned it" I mean rifles/shotgun/handgun semi/auto bolt, pump, etc. not every gun made. Never had a single shot, everything I ever bought was intended for more than casual use. Assortment of scopes . . . . believe it or not, I did not like Leupold, my favorite was a cheap Bushnell. It ended up being real bright, real clear, and very accurate. Never had a tritium scope or laser scope (gimmicks). From what I have seen, what makes a good scope is a great stable mount and a huge front objective.

I'd bet the artificial intelligence systems are good enough to know when it is safe to steal:

Hi Jim, Just needed to drop you a line as I think you will be one of the few people who would believe me. I am a middle aged woman and this is the age where we're apparently start putting the car keys in the fridge and such like. Anyhow, I ordered some books off Amazon - a set for my daughter - which duly arrived at our UK address, and a second set for the daughter of an Italian friend. I received email confirmation of my Italian order - confirming the recipient's address etc - later I saw on my amazon account details that it had been delivered. I didn't hear from the friend, but they were away over the summer so I wasn't surprised.

Today I got a message saying the books hadn't arrived. I was pretty annoyed as I had seen that they had arrived - so somebody must have signed for them and not told my friend. I went into my account to get all my facts straight and guess what? No record on my amazon account that I ever made this order. No emails about it in my outlook in box. No record on my credit card statement that I used it to place this order. So either I've gone crazy, or my internet activities are being edited (incidently the info on the UK order now specifies in capital letters that the books can only be delivered in the UK). Either way, time to limit what I do on line.

Just a small glimpse of what your world must be like but it totally freaks me out. I'm tempted to tick the "crazy" box.

My comment: Not sure what the real story is, but I am certain the AI total awareness system is advanced enough to mess with people this way, especially if the books were of a political or scientific nature. I am certain the total awareness system would have known your friends would not be home, and would have been able to not deliver those books at all under this disguise. Then do a cleanup of records and post a ruse. One way to back check this is to really check all finances and what went in and what went out, and from there you could extrapolate what really happened. However, I am CERTAIN beyond a doubt that current AI tracking of people could mess with them this way NO PROBLEM.


Hi Jim i down loaded the shooting video of the reporter opened it in photoshop and made the resolution much better then I could skip through the video .02 of a second each click at around 18 seconds the reporter looks at the gun man to check that everything is in place. Also at that time the man doing the video for the news channel is filming over the balcony so it wouldn't show her looking at the gun man. I also noticed the gun man fires 2 shots and the camera man doesn't even flinch just to make sure he has a good video shot of the reporter being shot.This is defo a fake. keep up with the good work.

all the best from Greg in the UK.

My response: Good work. Definite fake. What can I say? HMM, PERHAPS THIS: True, the news reporter might focus on the subject completely but what about the subject? Sure you could not see the subject clearly in the shooter video, his phone or whatever he used was blocked by the cameraman from getting her on video BUT THE GUN WAS WAY OUT FRONT, AND WOULD HAVE BEEN PERFECTLY CLEARLY VISIBLE BY THE WOMAN BEING INTERVIEWED. You can't tell me she would not have noticed, DING DING DING, another shovel of B.S. thrown down the manure chute.

ANOTHER grand slam!

Two takes for Virgia reporter cameraman shooting. Broadcast version shown on has interviewee saying this up to shot point (****):

"We’re seeing tourism. We want the people that come here to stay, that would****". Takes about 4.2 seconds and cameraman seems to go down first.

Gunman's footage records this, which is delivered in about 3.3 seconds and reporter is being shot first:

"We’re seeing tourism. We want people to come here to stay, what we would****

Even after Charlie Hebdo, people still don't bother to analyse the audio!


My response: SAVE THOSE VIDEOS AT KEEPVID.COM. That alone is proof this never happened.


A good point:

Forgive me for sounding trite, but, this latest shooting seems like an easy one...

The "shooting" of reporters "live" on air, and then recorded AND uploaded to the web was all scripted and done for one MAIN reason (other than the standard by now 'eww, guns are evil' bullshit...)

To send a message to the Presstitutes that they have been getting a little lax at selling THE AGENDA to the sheep and a few of them have actually dared questioning THE AGENDA and to remind them how easily they can be replaced and to fall back in line with THE AGENDA.

After I watched around 20 different news story versions covering this story yesterday and last night, you can just smell the fear thru the TV coming from these reporters. From Local news to BBC/ABC/NBC level, they are ALL scared and have been successfully reminded of who their masters are.

~ Kerr

OUCH! another DING DING DING! The news camera mans footage shows a dark african american man with a beard. But if you saw any pictures of Bryce Williams he never fashioned a beard. I saw his twitter account on the wayback machine (which has now been updated and only shows a suspended page). and anyway he had no beard in any recent photos. Hey Jim, What do you think that "shot" reporter was wearing on her left leg just bellow the knee? Fake blood pack which was supposed to burst but didn't?

This is an interesting one, I bought this movie 25 years ago:

I'll try again to get this through to you. It might have a Planet X connection/forewarning.

Does anyone remember the Star Trek movie 'the voyage home' which came out in 1984. Spock did a Vulcan mind-meld and learned from the whale that the reason that the probe was destroying the earth was that the probe had made an earlier trip past earth and had learned from the whales that they were endangered due to mankind harpooning them. The probe promised to return at a later time and avenge the whales deaths if they had been hunted to extinction.

That explanation, related to Captain Kirk by Spock after he did the mind-meld with the whale, has been deleted from every copy of the movie ever released on VHS or DVD. What is the reason for that deletion? These days everyone who sees the film wonders why the probe is destroying planet earth since the explanation scene has been deleted. No one on the 'Trekkie" forums can answer the question and when the question is posed it gets deleted swiftly. GOOGLE: "why was the probe in Star Trek IV destroying the earth" and you will find that the correct answer doesn't come up at all, even though Trekkies know more minutia about their hobby than do most other hobbyists.

My response: Never saw it anywhere other than the tape I bought, and yes, I did wonder why the probe was doing so much damage. According to how it was going, the probe was pumping so much energy into the earth that it was "ionizing the atmosphere" and I thought that any civilization capable of building such a probe ought to know what the limits were, thanks for the explanation - now it all fits!. And the probe broke off the attack as soon as the whales they brought forward in time responded . . . . and I find it more than odd this would be deleted from trekkie forums . . . . . Hmmmmmmm.

The page has been cut here because when it gets too long it crashes Ipads. Click here to continue

Remote controlled Germanwings Airbus A320 crash? All evidence points to this.

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