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This morning, at 8:30 AM CST, Maria has 109 MPH peak sustained winds at high elevation, and 83 mph peak sustained winds on the ground. THIS HURRICANE IS B.S. LIKE HURRICANE PATRICIA WAS

FACT: When Hurricane Irma had max sustained winds of 145 mph, you could poke around in the global wind speed map at different elevations, and find winds up to 230 KM/h. That would indicate Irma had winds of only 138 MPH but I chalked that up to sampling errors in the global wind map. But at least it was within 10 mph, so I said (and many people probably remember it) that Irma was not as strong as they were saying if the global wind map was right. But at least it gave an error reference and was not totally off somewhere in looneyville. Obviously Irma had wind speeds higher than 230 KM/h showing at other times.

Now, with Maria, they are saying this hurricane has 160 mph winds, while the global wind map is peaking out at 183 KM/h at high elevation, which corresponds to 109 mph winds as a max anywhere in the hurricane, and on the ground Maria is peaking at 139 KM/h, which corresponds with 83 mph surface winds. This means Maria is not even a major hurricane by any definition. Yet they are pumping Maria up as a cat 5 monster.

FACT: If Maria really had wind speeds of 160 mph, you should be able to poke around in the global wind map and find wind speeds up to 300 KM/h. Yet the strongest it is anywhere is 183 as of (now) 9 PM CST. SOMEBODY IS LYING AT THE NATIONAL HURRIANE CENTER, and you can bet it has everything to do with globalist politics.

Why would they lie? Because Mexico is going to put in place an enormous carbon tax that is going to make gas ridiculously expensive ($4.50 per gallon) and the U.N. is having a meeting on climate change! They did not lie about Irma, but they are lying their butts off with Maria. When it comes to political motives, NOAA and the USGS are the undisputed CHAMPIONS.

YOU CAN BUST NOAA IN REAL TIME. HERE IS THE GLOBAL WIND MAP. Click anywhere you want on Maria, and remember the speed you are seeing is in KM/h. To get MPH, multiply KM/h by 0.6



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Kapersky's fine products are available HERE. On top are the pay products (that is what I would go for and you can try them free for a month), and all the way down at the bottom there are 12 completely free tools that appear to be great, including virus scanners, hard drive recovery and more. Have fun!


ADVICE: The best Icelandic web host is, if you have been shut down GO THERE.

Ha ha ha dear vaccine trolls, this is getting traction! The truth is speaking for itself. You cannot bury this.

Combat mode is now disabled but don't expect the message window to work.

There have simply been no problems since Kaspersky and a forced static administration IP. Since combat mode is a P.I.T.A, I dropped it, but can re-instate it instantly if needed again.

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ANONYMOUS SENT:Jim I can say with honesty, the best evidence you have had to the truth was your Fox link with Carl Cameron on the covering of Isrealhell on the 911 situation, Can I recommend leaving this link permanently accessible at the top of you web page. Its the key to the lock on us. My response: HERE IT IS.


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Here is some Great comic relief

To make the following very clear, it has now been published that the flu shot is in fact an anti fertility vaccine.

Due to complete censorship, 500 trojan links, and trollage in the in box, I'm taking this to the max.

Anti fertility vaccines are old news now.

" First they came for the Africans, and I did not speak up because I was _____. Then they came for the Mexicans and I was too busy to care. Then they came for the filipinos, Asian indians, and I had a BarBq to attend. And then I was sterile because they came for me at the local piggly wiggly pharmacy, and CNN did not say jack, and I am 35 and will never have kids because I waited "until later" and this damn shot won't wear off until my clock has completely ticked out.

The topic of anti fertility vaccines is so established it is easy to find stuff like this:

Anti fertility vaccines containing both progesterone and Human Chorionic Gonadotropin have been around and known about since the 80's, and from the beginning it was known that it was the WHO and the U.N. doing it. Early broad scale releases of these vaccines went to Iran and Latin America. This is a super old topic of mine, if people think "hard proof" was found for the first time recently in Kenya, they are new to the topic, this has been going on with HARD PROOF for THREE full decades. Take a look at this Pub Med release dated July 14 1987. New topic? NOT HARDLY!

This Pub Med report dated 1987 proves the anti fertility vaccine is NOT just an "internet conspiracy" and has been around a LONG TIME.

A potential anti-pregnancy vaccine built by conjugation of the beta-subunit of human chorionic gonadotropin to adjuvant-active muramyl peptide.

Schutze MP1, LeClerc C, Jolivet M, Deriaud E, Audibert F, Chang CC, Chedid L. Author information


The beta-subunit of human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) conjugated to tetanus toxoid is being investigated as a vaccine for human fertility control. Initial clinical trials indicated that the level of antibody response induced by such an immunogen was not always sufficient to prevent pregnancy. Therefore, efforts are being made to evaluate new carriers for the beta-subunit and to select adjuvants to yield a more efficient vaccine. In the present report, we demonstrate that conjugates of the beta-subunit of hCG with muramyl dipeptide (MDP), or its nonpyrogenic derivative murabutide, may have potential as an effective antipregnancy vaccine. The copolymer of beta hCG and MDP administered with Al(OH)3 to mice induced a high anti-beta hCG response, better than that induced by the conjugate of beta hCG to tetanus toxoid given with Al(OH)3. Moreover, the antibodies induced by such an immunogen were competent for neutralizing the biological activity of hCG in vivo. Even more interesting, a copolymer of beta hCG and of murabutide induced high levels of biologically active antibodies. This immunogen may represent a promising candidate for the development of an efficient vaccine for human fertility control.

Here are more PubMed links. I'll find a few of these before continuing on to how such vaccines were used to sterilize women via vaccination campaigns that never said what they were really for.

DNA used to enhance sterility after vaccination
Another reference to anti fertility vaccines
This link talks about various methods of inducing sterility via vaccination
This link proves an 80 percent effective anti fertility vaccine was developed before 2011.
This link proves women who have been nailed by one of these vaccines won't notice a thing.
Here is a cute anti fertility vaccine proposal that uses a unique mechanism of action.
HERE IS A GOOD ONE - THIS IS WHAT THE FLU SHOT USES (read the flu shot abstract in the main report below and figure it out,) this is a connection you have to draw by yourself because they sure as * are not going to tell it to you straight up.

HERE IS ANOTHER GREAT ONE, dated 2004 - "The possibility of using a subunit or fragment of human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) as an immunogen for birth control has been actively explored for many years. This proves it was an old topic in 2004!

Here is the original study, that proves they had success with anti fertility vaccines in 1976.

This is the basis of the tetanus vaccine they used to sterilize many third world women. The current flu shot sterilization methods are far more advanced, and were developed in 2005 (see links above).

Here is the abstract for the original effort, dated 1976

Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 1976 Jan;73(1):218-22.

Isoimmunization against human chorionic gonadotropin with conjugates of processed beta-subunit of the hormone and tetanus toxoid. Talwar GP, Sharma NC, Dubey SK, Salahuddin M, Das C, Ramakrishnan S, Kumar S, Hingorani V.


The immunogenicity of the conjugate prepared from "processed" beta-subunit of human chorionic gonadotropin (choriogonadotropin, HCG) and tetanus toxoid has been studied in animals and a human subject. The conjugate elicited the formation of high-affinity (Ka = 10(9)-10(11) M-1) anti-HCG and anti-tetanus antibodies. On primary immunization, the antibody, response lasted for several months. Repeat injection of the conjugate in the declining phase of antibody titers produced a booster response without a lag period. The antibodies reacted with the beta-subunit of HCG and the complete HCG molecule but were devois of significant crossreactivity with human growth hormone, placental lactogen, follicle-stimulating hormone, thyroid-stimulating hormone, and luteinizing hormone at tonic and surge levels. The antibodies were competent for neutralizing the biological activity of HCG in the mouse uterine weight gain assay, the ventral prostate weight gain assay, and the radioligand assay for binding of 125I-labeled HCG to receptors on corpus luteum. HCG (5000 international units) administered to an immunized subject was completely bound by circulating antibodies. Administration of HCG (in contrast to conjugate) was without booster effect on anti-HCG titers.

My comment: This is the vaccine that was used to sterilize third world women. To give it maximum effectiveness, three shots were given (above it says only one, without the boosters, wore off after "several months" but booster shots made it last longer - history has proven out the boosters caused it to sterilize women for 15 years.

I know we have these perverts BUSTED with this, they are using the flu shot to sterilize American women now. Why keep this tech in the third world? They have proven they can get away with nailing American women with this too, (thanks to a scamming MSM that won't report it, so why not! The following covers this VERY WELL.


. The natural miscarriage rate is between 13 and 14 percent every year. This is confirmed outside of this study. No matter how anyone trolls this (and it is getting heavily trolled everywhere, even when others post about the same topic the same way I did without reposting what is here, I mean separate independent reports,) the 7.7 number represents a 77 percent miscarriage rate after two subsequent flu shots.

After the first flu shot, the miscarriage rate jumps to 37 percent, after the second it jumps to 77 percent which proves the flu shot is in fact an anti fertility vaccine, and anti fertility vaccines need more than one dose to become highly effective. They are always administered as an initial dose and two or more subsequent boosters. This correlation of increase between subsequent flu shots fits the profile exactly for historic incidents of administration of clandestine anti fertility shots in nations other than America.

There is no difference between the flu shot given in America which is now a proven veiled anti fertility vaccine, and the tetanus shots which were also revealed as anti fertility vaccines administered to women in the Phillipines, Africa, and Mexico. It is the same old story in America now, and the new vector the elite are using is the flu shot. Folks, it can't get any simpler than this, READ IT AND BE AWARE:

Vaccine eugenics trolls are ALL OVER THIS. They have to protect their weapon from the light of public scrutiny at all cost, clearly they expected this report to stay buried deep on page 49,355 and never expected it to see the light of day. On top of it, the report was done by pro vaxxers who for whatever reason produced the real numbers and then ignored them, instead burying them under unbelievably wide error margins. It stayed buried for five years until someone shed light on it.


Two subsequent years of receiving the flu vaccine boosts miscarriage rates from a baseline of 14 percent to 77%

Pay no attention to how they whitewash this, because they actually gave the real numbers, which speak for themselves.

More than just the abstract was hidden behind a paywall, but the abstract had all the key info!

The abstract proves that every time you get the flu shot after the first shot, it is only a booster shot to make the anti fertility component work even better. This study only shows what happens after two subsequent years of getting the shot.

FINAL OUTCOME: Normal miscarriage rates are 14 percent after pregnancy is confirmed (when you are not calling induced abortions miscarriages.) After ONE flu shot, a woman's chance of miscarriage increases to 37 percent. If the next year she gets another flu shot (which is obviously an anti fertility vaccine booster shot), her chances of miscarriage increase to 77 percent. The study did not go to the third year of getting the flu shot.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you use planned parenthood's numbers which are greatly overstated and plug them into the numbers in this abstract, the miscarriage rate would have to be over 200 percent (which we all know is not possible) because Planned Parenthood calls induced abortions miscarriages. Planned Parenthood has successfully polluted the infosphere almost entirely with their B.S., but the study used the actual real miscarriage stats, which I confirmed with a little work. So if you decide to try to verify this, make sure you use clean numbers because planned parenthood has wrecked almost all data sources with fraudulent miscarriage stats.


Association of spontaneous abortion with receipt of inactivated influenza vaccine containing H1N1pdm09 in 2010-11 and 2011-12

James G. Donahuea, , , Burney A. Kiekea, , Jennifer P. Kinga, , Frank DeStefanob, , Maria A. Mascolac, , Stephanie A. Irvingd, , T. Craig Cheethame, , Jason M. Glanzf, ,

The original source is at ScienceDirect, HERE

Abstract introductions

Inactivated influenza vaccine is recommended in any stage of pregnancy, but evidence of safety in early pregnancy is limited, including for vaccines containing A/H1N1pdm2009 (pH1N1) antigen. We sought to determine if receipt of vaccine containing pH1N1 was associated with spontaneous abortion (SAB).

My comment - the bolded text means that this was a study to see if the flu vaccine really was an anti fertility vaccine, hence the phrase "spontaneous abortion methods". This proves they had a reason to be suspicious, because they only did this study to see if the flu vaccine was an anti fertility vaccine, which causes spontaeous abortions.


We conducted a case-control study over two influenza seasons (2010-11, 2011-12) in the Vaccine Safety Datalink. Cases had spontaneous abortion and controls had live births or stillbirths and were matched on site, date of last menstrual period, and age. Of 919 potential cases identified using diagnosis codes, 485 were eligible and confirmed by medical record review. Exposure was defined as vaccination with inactivated influenza vaccine before the SAB date; the primary exposure window was the 1-28 days before the SAB.

My comment - This paragraph establishes the legitimacy of the test, by stating the test conditions.


The overall adjusted odds ratio (aOR) was 2.0 (95% CI, 1.1-3.6) for vaccine receipt in the 28-day exposure window; there was no association in other exposure windows. In season-specific analyses, the aOR in the 1-28 days was 3.7 (95% CI 1.4-9.4) in 2010-11 and 1.4 (95% CI 0.6-3.3) in 2011-12. The association was modified by influenza vaccination in the prior season (post hoc analysis). Among women who received pH1N1-containing vaccine in the previous influenza season, the aOR in the 1-28 days was 7.7 (95% CI 2.2-27.3); the aOR was 1.3 (95% CI 0.7-2.7) among women not vaccinated in the previous season. This effect modification was observed in each season.

My comment: The above states the ratios of what happened between unvaccinated women and vaccinated women, with the maximum possible error swings also stated. The error swings are reported in a way that is way out of whack to leave near mentally deranged margins of error. In this case the margin allowed was 2.0, when the normal rate of miscarriage was 1.4, which represents a margin of error that allows a result more than double normal miscarriage rates to simply be called "error" to help conceal how bad the damage from the vaccines was. This fails because the damage was too much to bury even with that huge error swing allowed.

The first numbers outside of quotes - 3.7 followed by 1.4, shows 3.7 as the rate of miscarriage after vaccination in the first year (before their "error margins" were applied, and 1.4 as the baseline miscarriage rate (which is 14 percent) in unvaccinated women for the same year. For the second subsequent year of women getting the flu shot, the rate of miscarriage in vaccinated women was 7.7, and the rate of miscarriage in unvaccinated women was 1.3 (13 percent) due to small yearly variations in natural miscarriage rates


Spontaneous abortion was associated with influenza vaccination in the preceding 28 days. The association was significant only among women vaccinated in the previous influenza season with pH1N1-containing vaccine. This study does not and cannot establish a causal relationship between repeated influenza vaccination and spontaneous abortion, but further research is warranted

My comment: It is clear they tried to lie here by leaving margin of errors so high that they buried the first year stats, but in the second year the damage was so much they could not hide it, no matter how they fudged the data. After showing an increase in miscarriage from 14 percent to 77 percent, they then say it is no big deal and can be ignored until further research proves the vaccine is actually a veiled anti fertility vaccine. But the numbers more than obviously speak for themselves.

This abstract was discovered by Their report is very different from mine, because I saw what they were talking about, and then re-did all the confirmation my own way, in much easier to understand terms.

The problem with their report, (even though they stated the same thing in a different way) is that if anyone tries to confirm what they said, and then gets mired in a pool of Planned parenthood fact rigging bullshit which dominates the infosphere, they won't make any sense of the abstract because inserting planned parenthood's numbers into it would put the miscarriage rate after two years of flu vaccination at over 200 percent, and almost every source out there is using planned parenthood's numbers.

But Greenmedinfo found this buried abstract to begin with and should be commended for that, and may have made the mistake of not clearing up the issue of planned parenthood fact rigging because they know planned parenthood has obscured the real miscarriage stats badly and as a result never got ensnared by them and then had to filter fact from bullshit. You can read their report HERE Their report is well worth reading also, because it goes into the politics of the issue, and my report was a basic fact check.

SO MY FINAL NUMBERS: The flu vaccine, after two subsequent years, boosts the miscarriage rate to 77 percent, which is a 592 percent increase over normal. Green Med Info came up with a final answer of a 640 percent increase. The difference is negligible. Two decent sites looked at the same abstract and reached the same conclusion. OBVIOUS ANSWER: There is no way the flu vaccine is anything but an anti fertility vaccine, and I'd bet the kids who do get through pregnancy after their mom takes the jab have a hugely higher autism stat.

The original abstract is at ScienceDirect, HERE USE IT EVERY TIME A VACCINE TROLL SAYS YOU CANT HANDLE SCIENCE. That is the control mechanism they use - to call you ignorant. This will shut them up!

Mexicans are skeptical about recent environmental events

Claudia is in contact with a lot of different people, with many of them being very important in Mexico (including past presidents) so she is well connected which makes this quite the heads up. Here is what she told me this morning -

Extremely high ranking parents (and their kids) do not believe the recent earthquake and the hurricane were natural. This belief also fans out to more average Mexicans. They are asking serious questions about how such a huge earthquake happened at the same time as such a huge hurricane, and they strongly believe the shadow government staged both to provide a distraction while they did something horrendous. They do not know what it was exactly, but they are well aware of created diversions and much more open to conspiracy than Americans are, this is a mainstream Mexican view.HERE IS THE KICKER -

I told Claudia that I looked at the evidence surrounding the earthquake, and everything indicates it was natural. That is why I did not talk much about the earthquake other than to mention it on this web site. I had to force the issue to even be able to say that, Mexicans are so sure the illuminati or other dark forces did both the hurricane and the earthquake that they don't want to hear anything else! What a shocker. IF ONLY it would be so easy with Americans.

Things I did not miss:

The bucket bomb - Questionable. An obvious prop. For those who have not heard about this, the story line is that someone set off a mix of chemicals in a five gallon bucket in a london train this morning and it created a flash fire. But no evidence was left in the train, not even smoke damage, so I am wondering what is really going on with this. And with intelligence agencies doing so much now to create problems, I suspect that is what this was, only they were not so intelligent, because this one was so rock stupid.

North Korea missile North Korea tested a low class missile, even for them. Yep, it went over Japan, but if the Norks are going to have anything land in the ocean, it has to go over Japan and in cases like this it is normally internationally recognized as not hostile - provided whatever it is makes it to space before going over a country. Since the Nork missile was in space when it went over Japan, this launch is nothing.

Biggest story of the day: Cassini ditched. The Cassini probe, which was investigating Saturn, ran low on fuel and the decision was made to ditch it. Cassini outlasted its mission life span of 2 years, and functioned perfectly for 13 years. Rather than have it possibly contaminate a moon with microbes from earth, the mission was cut several years shorter than it could have gone by expending the probe's remaining fuel to cause it to burn up in Saturn's atmosphere. Sad ending, but it was a great mission that went on far longer than expected and had to end at some point.

One of the great mysteries of Saturn Cassini found is that Saturn has a color changing hexagon at it's north pole. No one knows why such a perfect hexagon formed, nor can anyone explain why it changes color. Only suppositions have been offered to explain it. If you see images of this hexagon and they are different colors, it is not false color, the colors simply changed between photographs.



This following quote is obviously from Sorcha, but it is also absolutely correct:

"On 12 May of this year, this report details, the international whistle blowing organization WikiLeaks released the latest installment in their Vault7 Series that detailed two CIA hacking tools dubbed 'AfterMidnight' and 'Assassin' that target the Microsoft Windows platform providing these US spies with total access to anyone's computer or cell phone they so choose.

Upon Kaspersky Lab experts examining these CIA hacking tools, this report explains, they discovered a backdoor embedded in all Microsoft software named PsSetLoadImageNotifyRoutin that sadistically prevents antivirus software from finding computer virus malware - and that Microsoft refused to issue a security patch for with their stunningly stating: "Our engineers reviewed the information and determined this does not pose a security threat and we do not plan to address it with a security update."

With Microsoft failing to protect their software from this CIA backdoor, this report continues, Kaspersky Lab created their own fix for it, this past June, which they then placed in their global anti-virus software product called Kaspersky Total Security.

My comment, worth repeating again:

Years ago, (2012 or so) a Norton programmer contacted me and told me that both Norton and McAfee had people permanently stationed at Microsoft, and their only job was to cooperate with Microsoft and make sure their system security products did not close any NSA / US intelligence backdoors that Microsoft put there on purpose. This is cold hard irrefutable fact, not internet rumor.

So do you think I am going to listen when American intelligence tells me to avoid Kaspersky, WHICH HAS NO PEOPLE SITTING AT MICROSOFT, cooperating to make sure no holes get plugged? Also of note: This programmer made no mention of Trend Micro, so maybe Trend Micro products actually work too.


I'd like to thank American intelligence for confirming this even further by issuing such an accusatory statement that even Best Buy dropped Kaspersky, like newbies at a scrimmage drop a football. Best Buy is either stupid or cooperatively malicious. Remember that past report about the Geek Squad planting bugs for American intelligence? YEAH, THAT DEAL. It figures they'd cooperate and drop a security product that actually works!


How much would I pay for the new Iphone X, with all the advantages it has? At most, $350 but I have never paid more than $65 for any phone, and even at that price they were not for me. I pay a max of $15 for ones I (might) use myself. Those are plentiful in Mex. ANYWAY

There are great 5.5 inch 1.2 ghz quad core 8 gig dual camera android phones in Mex for $59 USD (converted from pesos) in Mexico. That was the price of the last one I paid for and it was because Claudia dropped her $50 smart phone in the toilet and she had to have a new one immediately. Both had no performance issues WHATSOEVER. They did everything perceptibly instantly and were every bit as smooth as any Iphone. The only difference I noticed was an Iphone had a better camera.

I got a case for it for $10 and told her: Dont tell anyone what phone it is, and they will think it cost $500. All her students have looked up stuff on it and they think it is a high class phone, because seriously, there is absolutely no difference between the $59 phone and the $400 phone other than the camera. The guts are the same. It has the same CPU, (1.2 ghz quad core) and a gig of ram. How much does a phone need anyway?

So what could possibly justify the price of a new Iphone, which is $999 in the U.S., and a converted $1,250 in Europe? What the * is in that phone that could possibly justify such a price?

and now I'll rant. $1250 Iphones are going to be for, as far as I can tell, these types of people. 1. The ultimate low class that spends whatever money it does get foolishly just because they can say they have it and "look great" in front of everyone and then miss paying the bills.

2. Snow flake liberals who were handed everything on a silver platter by enemies of the American people because they are enemies of the American people, and therefore get rewarded with ludicrous pay by globalist employers and can pay for it like buying a twinkie. They will then turn around and say "Conservatives have all the money" and cry into a silk hankie while waiting for a flaming platter to arrive at their table rather than caviar because "they are too poor for that" more than once a week. Yeah, $1250 for an Iphone. Why not?.

3. On rare occurrences, you might get a conservative buying one of these if it is required for some reason, or has a specific feature that somehow justifies the price because of a particular need they have - but they will grimace while paying that much and will check every other option first.

I will never have an Iphone. I can say that with certainty. Because there are so many cheaper options and for the life of me I can't see a bit of difference between a $59 phone and a $500 phone other than the camera, and I carry a REAL camera at all times anyway. The latest and greatest cell phone camera cannot keep up with a mediocre pocket camera even now, despite what the reviews say. There is only so much you can do photographically with a device under a centimeter thick. ZERO add up, and zero would cut it. I am going to make a point here:

The following images were taken on sub $500 year 2000 vintage 2 megapixel pocket cameras. Find a cell phone that can do this with 17 years of "improved tech", and then really think twice about forking over four figures for an Iphone!

An Iphone will not take macros as good as the first two photos here. It won't even get photos that are not macros crystal clear all the way into the corners, (macros with clear corners are unusual with any camera, the blurring is called bokeh and is wanted) it won't get nearly the dynamic range of any of these photos without blowing the highlights to pure white or dropping many of the shadows to black.

All these photos come in large when clicked.

SERIOUSLY, these photos are digital and taken on POCKET cameras that would now be 17 years old! They were then compressed down to a file size of about 200K! The original files were up to 2 megs in size, and were more clear than this. Find an Iphone that can do even these compressed for web quality photos without extensive extras, even with files approaching 10 megabytes!. There is only so much you can accomplish with an iphone that has less than a centimeter of thickness and a lens the size of a pea!

Here's a couple more 2 megapixel shots from cameras that died a decade ago after years of great use.

For the art, the shadows in the red sunset photo are black, but they did not have to be. I'd love to see an Iphone bag this red sunset photo!

This was taken on an Olympus C-700 ultra (4 of these photos were)

Let's see ANY cell phone, at any price, bag a photo with as much dynamic range as this next photo. There are so many intensity gradients in this photo that absolutely no cell phone would ever do it. This was also taken on a 2 megapixel Olympus C-700 ultra.

NO SLR CAMERAS WERE USED FOR THE ABOVE. Every last one of these was taken with year 2000 vintage 2 megapixel pocket cameras (and a knowledgeable photographer.) Moral of the story: Megapixels are for the most part only a file size inflating rating, and the latest Iphone (most likely) got its butt kicked by devices that cost half as much 17 years ago! Certainly the last one did. Who would pay for that? As far as I see it, only super low class types after an icon to root their insecurities in, and overpaid liberals.

Drop the price to $400 APPLE. At that price I still would not buy it, but at least I'd be less appalled!

When it all comes down to apples, the question is, WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU PAYING FOR? HEY APPLE: FOR YOUR PRICE I'd MUCH RATHER get a $59 android call surfer, and a decent SLR!

You can get 12 great software tools (including antivirus) from Kaspersky for free now

Kaspersky responded to slander from the U.S. government by releasing 12 great tools including antivirus for ABSOLUTELY FREE, and on top of that, they released their source code to prove there were no back doors that favor Russian intelligence. LETS SEE MICROSOFT DO THAT!!!

People are wondering how to get to the actual Kaspersky page that is not sabotaged or crap (because all the search engines are diverting people) HERE IT IS. On top are the pay products (that is what I would go for and you can try them free for a month), and all the way down at the bottom there are 12 completely free tools that appear to be great, including virus scanners, hard drive recovery and more. Have fun!


95 percent of homes on island destroyed by Irma (including wealthy homes) while Trump's property was virtually unscathed. SEE THIS

It has been discovered that Bluetooth is wide open and even disabling it will not secure it.

My prefacing comment: It has now been shown that bluetooth is an open gateway into any device that has it, which allows full administrative control by default, and even if you turn off bluetooth completely it stays on and allows anyone (originally American intelligence, OBVIOUSLY, but now anyone) to access your bluetooth at will and get complete access to whatever device has it, plus all devices around it that have it. By complete access, I mean top level privileges that allow bypassing of passwords and permissions to install whatever app the attacker wants on your device, and to stream everything from the camera and all other sensors to the attacker. Obviously full file access, keylogging, EVERYTHING is part of the deal, which the NSA no doubt made happen.

This vulnerability is present on all bluetooth enabled devices, and can even be used to hop from one bluetooth connection to another until the attacker finds yours, an unlimited number of hops in. It is obviously an intentionally set up vulnerability. The vulnerability is so bad it basically destroys the viability of bluetooth. See this:

"Researchers disclosed a bevy of Bluetooth vulnerabilities Tuesday that threaten billions of devices from Android and Apple smartphones to millions of printers, smart TVs and IoT devices that us the short-range wireless protocol.

Worse, according to researchers at IoT security firm Armis that found the attack vector, the so-called "BlueBorn" attacks can jump from one nearby Bluetooth device to another wirelessly. It estimates that there are 5.3 billion devices at risk. If exploited, the vulnerabilities could enable an attacker to take over devices, spread malware, or establish a man-in-the-middle to gain access to critical data and networks without user interaction, according to the company. The attack does not require the targeted device to be paired to the attacker's device, or even to be set on discoverable mode... since the Bluetooth process has high privileges on all operating systems, exploiting it provides virtually full control over the device."

My comment: It is claimed that Google and Microsoft are already issuing patches, but I DOUBT THEY ARE MEANINGFUL. Seriously. Who would trust them? Drooling Bob? All devices from Apple, Microsoft, Google, and those running Linux are vulnerable. Even with the patch, android devices will not be fixed 55 percent of the time, and Linux devices will not be fixed 80 percent of the time. Microsoft is not saying how effective their patch is, which means they don't want this patched as far as I see it, they probably worked with Norton and MCafee on this to ensure no holes would be plugged!. A very detailed report on this is HERE



Fema is also not helping, they are letting people in the keys go to hell. The Cajun Navy and others are not going to stand idly by while they receive calls for help, they are going to bust the FEMA barricades and go in fighting.


"A CALL TO ACTION & A CALL TO ARMS: What's happening in the Keys is absolutely despicable. I'm currently volunteering logistical support with three rescue groups including The Cajun Navy & the US Civil Defense Force, we have 100's of fully qualified, ( US Navy ) vetted & certified volunteers with teams of rescue workers who've brought their own resources, equipment & supplies.

FEMA has stopped our teams & are currently refusing access into the Keys.

We've received hundreds of calls & requests for help, we have tickets on our system(s) that are over 3.hrs old and FEMA absolutely refuses to let our teams in to help.

We are planing on rallying at Phantom Fireworks in Key Largo in the morning.. & 2.nd Amendment exercise. In a show of force we plan on crossing FEMA's roadblocks & checkpoints with or without FEMA's blessings.

We are inviting all 3% Conceal & Open Carry citizens to join us at the rally point tomorrow morning.. This is an open S.O.S. for the people trapped in the Florida Keys.

There are people in desperate need of our help & we are not going to sit another day waiting for permission to assist. Americans do not need FEMA's permission to exercise their first and second amendment rights. we will assemble & we fully intend to render assistance.

We are currently holding 'live' USCF Action Team meetings on the android zello app in the Hurricane Irma Rescue & relief channel.

We shall not go 'Quietly'. They kicked us out of Hurricane Harvey they will not 'kick' us out of Irma.

AJ has been in the channel ripping it up so we expect this Call to Arms to go live across many of the alternative media outlets in a little while but I doubt we'll see this on any of the lame stream media.

My comment: If Fema is blocking help from arriving I would not put it past them to vanish as many people as possible. Katrina was very suspicious with this, as was Andrew. Good luck guys, all I can do from here is help spread the word.

Here's a GREAT explanation for how a laser could channel energy from the ionosphere and steer a hurricane, but I still disagree

Anonymous sent:

Lasers - arround the beam forms ionized air, which can channel electricity as a wire. They say they can bring the sky energy down this ionized corridor. And someone else says, that it can be used to channel ionosphere energy down, as it will work like a transistor...

There is almost unlimited power at the ionosphere available.

So the laser is not a source of energy to transport it elsewhere, but just to create a ionised channel, by which other source of energy can flow.

Final energy transfer is not related to the actual energy of the laser...

My response: That is absolutely correct, but there is a problem that proves a laser did not do this, and it is called an uncontrolled cascade that would take the form of a lightning bolt from hell.

The laser would take a perceptively infinite amount of energy from the ionosphere and channel it down a path with a cross section no bigger than a laser. If they did that, there should be a stadium sized crater somewhere, and it would produce a light show that was absolutely epic, as the ionosphere simply discharged itself like a flash cube because a laser path is all or nothing. That did not happen. So for another reason (that is not nearly as stupid as I initially thought) there is no way lasers were used to steer Irma because there would be no way to control how much energy you actually channeled, and even if it did dissipate in the clouds there would be such a light show from the electricity flowing where a laser fired from space was still concentrated in 40 miles of thin atmosphere above a hurricane that it would turn night into day over an enormous area. Shooting a laser upward would not work at all, because the heavy atmosphere near the ground would dissipate it too much before it got anywhere.

The phase cancellation of radio waves through a suspended doping agent (chem trails) is how it is done, because it can be controlled like a class A amplifier. If you are getting too much, you can simply turn the volume down before there is an enormous armageddon style lightning bolt. Using phase canceling radio waves to drop electricity into the atmosphere to create a bias field would trigger the same type of lightning bolt a laser would if you pushed it too hard.

However, thank you for sending this message, I did not actually read this particular story, I don't know who published it and instead responded to several messages in the in box that did not get down to specifics. I simply knew a laser could not be used to do this. Yes a powerful laser will conduct electricity beautifully. No, you had better not use one to tap the ionosphere unless the goal is to wipe out Moscow without using a nuke. A strong enough spaced based laser (perhaps 500,000 watts) might do the trick.

It might also be possible to make a star trek type short range phaser with only the burning lasers out of a cd burner. You would need two lasers for negative and positive and a souped up tazer power supply to provide the charge. Lasers with that low a power rating would have to be heat sinked and substantially over driven for short periods of time. There are youtube videos of people burning paper and lighting matches with them. My guess is that is probably enough to conduct electricity but the range would not be huge because the lasers would dissipate and spread out fairly quickly in the air.

Most likely the only reason why this is not discussed much is because it is so easy to do that the DOD probably does not want Kim Jong getting his hands on common burning lasers (the type used to laser burn wood) and easily fabricating a battlefield phaser. The DOD wants things to stay as difficult as possible, so the illusion of needing a huge budget to get things done is maintained. But a 50,000 watt electrical source and two common high powered lasers is absolutely all that would be needed to electrically burn the crap out of things and create mayhem on the battlefield, and substantially lower power would take out people with aplomb.

One final detail - The camber of the lasers has to be such that both beams gain slightly greater distance from each other as they travel outward. The rules are the same as a Jacobs ladder but with lasers it can all be kept far more precise with less spread over distance to make it work. The camber will prevent an arc from forming close to where the lasers originate.

Things an inquiring mind would like to play with over a long week end . . . . . .

On that note, I'll rescind my scathing remarks and apologize for being so nasty because yes a laser could indeed be used to trigger an electrical cascade from the ionosphere. The fact they conduct electricity has been known for quite a while. However, I still don't agree that lasers were used to steer Irma because the control would simply not be good enough and the environmental effects would be too obvious.

Paul Harvey, from 1965

Interesting it is that this came true!

If I were the devil

If I were the devil ... If I were the Prince of Darkness, I'd want to engulf the whole world in darkness. And I'd have a third of it's real estate, and four-fifths of its population, but I wouldn't be happy until I had seized the ripest apple on the tree - Thee. So I'd set about however necessary to take over the United States. I'd subvert the churches first - I'd begin with a campaign of whispers. With the wisdom of a serpent, I would whisper to you as I whispered to Eve:'Do as you please.'

| To the young, I would whisper that 'The Bible is a myth.' I would convince them that man created God instead of the other way around. I would confide that what's bad is good, and what's good is 'square.' And the old, I would teach to pray, after me, 'Our Father, which art in Washington...'

And then I'd get organized. I'd educate authors in how to make lurid literature exciting, so that anything else would appear dull and uninteresting. I'd threaten TV with dirtier movies and vice versa. I'd pedal narcotics to whom I could. I'd sell alcohol to ladies and gentlemen of distinction. I'd tranquilize the rest with pills.

If I were the devil I'd soon have families that war with themselves, churches at war with themselves, and nations at war with themselves; until each in its turn was consumed. And with promises of higher ratings I'd have mesmerizing media fanning the flames. If I were the devil I would encourage schools to refine young intellects, but neglect to discipline emotions - just let those run wild, until before you knew it, you'd have to have drug sniffing dogs and metal detectors at every schoolhouse door.

Within a decade I'd have prisons overflowing, I'd have judges promoting pornography - soon I could evict God from the courthouse, then from the schoolhouse, and then from the houses of Congress. And in His own churches I would substitute psychology for religion, and deify science. I would lure priests and pastors into misusing boys and girls, and church money. If I were the devil I'd make the symbols of Easter an egg and the symbol of Christmas a bottle.

If I were the devil I'd take from those who have, and give to those who wanted until I had killed the incentive of the ambitious. And what do you bet? I could get whole states to promote gambling as thee way to get rich? I would caution against extremes and hard work, in Patriotism, in moral conduct. I would convince the young that marriage is old-fashioned, that swinging is more fun, that what you see on the TV is the way to be. And thus I could undress you in public, and I could lure you into bed with diseases for which there is no cure. In other words, if I were the devil I'd just keep right on doing on what he's doing. Paul Harvey, good day.

-Paul Harvey, 1965

I am suspicious Irma was over hyped

The reason for this is because the highest speed I ever saw in the wind map at any elevation was 225 KM/h, and if Irma had winds of 180 mph, the highest should have been around 300 KM/h. During the hurricane however, I just figured the USGS got better readings at more precise altitudes than were showing up on the wind map. But now, after seeing what happened on the ground, I am starting to think the USGS may have lied.

The USGS would definitely lie if it helped the global warming fraud.

Dengue is now in my area and it should not be.

The central portion of Mexico is too high and too cold for Dengue bearing mosquitos to exist. And they did not exist here until the zika scam was launched.

When they were pushing Zika hard, very large super crappy looking orangish red rescue type helicopters went through the area, and it looked like they were dumping boxes of mosquitos out the bottoms of the helicopters. Obviously one helicopter could release billions of mosquitos. It was not spraying for mosquitos, the releases looked like they were blowing grayish sand that quickly dispersed before it was more than 20 feet below the helicopters. It looked like what was being released was alive.

Right before this happened, trucks went around spraying for mosquitos, and all the normal mosquitos were gone. And then, suddenly after the helicopters there was an entirely new type of mosquito. The species of mosquitos in the area changed from a very large sluggish easy to find and kill type of mosquito to a super tiny mosquito that was extremely difficult to hunt down, and super hard to kill even if you did find it. Dengue and Zika are spread by a very small mosquito that cannot live at this elevation for very many seasons. I would bet that is what the helicopters were dropping, and why zika supposedly spread so rapidly.

Now, in this city (Leon) which is not supposed to have Dengue at all, large numbers of people who have not acclimated to the virus are turning up at hospitals, and there have been deaths. A lot of babies have died of confirmed Dengue. IMPOSSIBLE!

The moral of the story is then, I guess, not to trust anyone to put their new varieties of mosquitos in your area. Practically anyone well funded enough to dabble in this is today, by default, evil. It appears that these new, nasty, persistent biting always hidden so well they might as well be invisible torment your nights mosquitos are all there is, I have never seen what was a normal mosquito before the crappy helicopters turn up again, EVER. There is no doubt they killed off the indigenous species and replaced it with something else.



Gee, I would love to return the site to normal! Here is what may have happened: After hackers released all the NSA hackware files, Kaspersky went through them and plugged all the holes. That would explain why American intelligence is telling people to avoid Kaspersky.

Let me repeat an old story on this site . . . .

Years ago, (2012 or so) a Norton programmer contacted me and told me that both Norton and McAfee had people permanently stationed at Microsoft, and their only job was to cooperate with Microsoft and make sure their system security products did not close any NSA backdoors that Microsoft put there for the NSA. This is cold hard irrefutable fact, not internet rumor.

So do you think I am going to listen when American intelligence tells me to avoid Kaspersky, WHICH HAS NO PEOPLE SITTING AT MICROSOFT, cooperating to make sure no holes get plugged? Also of note: This programmer made no mention of Trend Micro, so maybe Trend Micro products actually work too.

Anyway, testing the waters here with Kaspersky (and hopefully not testing fate!)

I will certainly keep you updated.

First post from the new system

Still testing the water to see what is going on.

It will take a little while to see if this new system can be secured, I set everything up for max security, and will have to wait and see if it holds.


Russia test fired an ICBM

This is the first time they have done that in a while. And regardless of what anyone says, it is NOT a provocation. see this

National Guardsman threatened to assasinate Pence if someone paid him enough

He has been arrested, see this

Alex Jones: Trump is being drugged

MY COMMENT: I AGREE, thankfully I am not the only one saying it anymore:

"Ladies and gentlemen, I was told this by high level sources and it was evident and especially after Reagan was shot in his first year in office when he was acting like Trump, and doing the right things, that he never really recovered. They gave him cold blood, and his transfusion that causes brain damage. They slowly gave him small amounts of sedatives. It's known that most presidents end up getting drugged. Small dosages of sedatives till they build it up, Trump's such a bull he hasn't fully understood it yet.

But I've talked to people, multiple ones, and they believe that they are putting a slow sedative that they're building up that's also addictive in his Diet Cokes and in his iced tea and that the president by 6 or 7 at night is basically slurring his words and is drugged. Now first they had to isolate him to do that. But yes, ladies and gentleman, I've talked to people that talk to the president now at 9 at night, he is slurring his words. And I'm going to leave it at that. I've talked to folks that have talked to him directly...

Now I'm risking my life, by the way, to tell you all this... They drug presidents because the power structure wants a puppet. The president needs his blood tested by an outside physician he trusts."


My comment: It ought to be obvious something is amiss. Thank God Alex has brought this up so I am not alone saying it. After Bannon was fired, Trump changed. And the drugs he is getting will wreck him permanently, they won't wear off for years.

EXPLAIN THIS: New TSA pat down touches crotch 8 TIMES!!!

I'll explain it: In order for a totally out of controlled planned police state to break the will of the public completely, it has to commit grave personal violations and get away with them with the full approval of the state. There is no reason to touch anyone's crotch when the body scanners do that job, this is harassment and conditioning NO IFS OR BUTS.

POLICE STATE: New artificial intelligence knows your political affiliation from face recognition

I know who is liberal and conservative at a glance. It is something I can just see in people. Now they are programming artificial intelligence to do it, and it is working. This is dangerous turf, because it means drones can be programmed to find the opposition just by recognition of traits and kill that opposition. No doubt that is the end goal, see this>

I have to admit, I am skeptical as to how Irma suddenly turned North

There is suspicion by a lot of people that Irma was man made. I see nothing of the sort with Irma other than the rapid start, it was time for another big hurricane, but I am highly suspicious of the track Irma took, I really think it was steered. I saw no reason whatsoever for it to suddenly turn north, Europe's own weather association saw no reason for it to suddenly turn North, and said the USGS was wrong, and Voila! It turned north.

I bet I know the reason for the path it took.

First of all, do you remember the news from a couple weeks ago where American political workers in Cuba said they all got beamed and damaged by it? That's a laugh in itself - as if the U.S. government does not do that - it happens here all the time. When it happens they beam the sh*t out of this house so bad you can take a piece of crumpled up (and then partially straightened out) aluminum foil, put it on the bed in the dark, and it will have glowing blue ionization flashes all over it that are extremely faint but noticeable in complete darkness with eyes ajusted to the dark. The ionization glowing is what happens if the energy is not high enough to create a bright flashing spark. That is what is happening here, and it simply means they are not being casual at all with the beaming. If you can notice a glow of any sort, they are being completely careless with the energy levels.

Last night they started this crap at 3 AM and Claudia and I both lurched awake, I was fully energized and wide awake for the rest of the night and Claudia got a "stroke headache" - it was that bad. ANYWAY, that was a little off topic but the point is that the U.S. can do this to anyone and it's ok, but if cuba does it THEY GET A CAT 5 MONSTER RAMMED UP THEIR BUTTS WITH PRECISION. Or at least it sure looks that way.

So people are speculating and asking questions about how you could direct and build up a hurricane. They are questioning how Irma turned north so abruptly. Here's the probable answer. It has been posted on this web site for years. Since this report is already refined, there is no reason to change anything, I'll just re-post.

Haarp technology - When the Evil play GOD.

This update has replaced the original Haarp report.Permalink here.

I am well aware that Haarp proper has its limits, and can't modify the weather as many people claim. I instead and cite the real source I believe is used in this report while calling it Haarp technology because Haarp is what people relate to (like Kleenex)

If you are a fence sitter with regard to Chem trails and weather modification, that is understandable because "no one" has come up with "hard proof" that this is going on. But today ought to be the day that changes, because I have cold hard proof that HAARP technology is exactly what people say it is along with a precise technical explanation for how Haarp technology works and this will post today.

Digital Stepping in the Aurora Borealis - Understanding the technical side of Haarp

It is a cold hard fact that even if the entire electrical grid output was used for weather modification, there would be insufficient power available to do much of anything. The distances are too wide, volumes too huge, and locations in relation to a transmitter seldom ideal. Yet weather modification is a reality. How? This article explains how it can be done, from a scientific perspective, and also provides direct evidence from Nasa that Haarp intensified hurricanes Katrina, Rita, and Emily.

Jim Stone, Freelace Journalist, Feb 5 2012 (Extensively updated April 26 2014)

Most everyone has heard that silicon is a semiconductor. A semiconductor only permits current flow when the conditions are correct.

In a typical silicon semiconductor, it's current flow characteristics are determined by the addition of doping agents - these are mixed with the silicon and become part of it's molecular matrix during the manufacturing process. The two most common doping agents are arsenic and boron.

Doping agents cause the silicon to have an excess number of electrons in the P doped regions, and a deficiency of electrons in the N doped regions. A small electronic charge applied to the junction between the N and P regions will cause a cascade effect of a much greater magnitude if a power supply voltage is applied to one side of the piece of silicon, and a load is applied on the other side. That is what makes a transistor, the heart of a basic amplifier.

How HAARP technology works, and a possible real reason why there are "chem trails"

Most people do not realize this, but common air - the air we all breathe, is also a semiconductor, and it can be made to behave just like a piece of silicon if the right doping agents are added to it.

If you wish to modify the electrical characteristics of the atmosphere, you need to use an aircraft to disperse the doping agents at a high altitude. If you then take a pair of huge transmitters, such as haarp, and transmit a frequency to a specific region which is timed to phase cancel against the opposing transmitter the frequencies they transmit will vanish and leave a standing DC bias voltage in the atmosphere at the selected region.

This voltage is the electrical equivalent of the electronic charge applied between the N and P regions of a silicon transistor. The chem trails are the doping agent, and the ionosphereis the power supply.

A flow of current is then is triggered from the ionosphere to the earth below. Because the ionosphere has virtually endless power to give, it is possible to take a transmitter pair with a radiated power of only a couple of billion watts, and use it to trigger a cascade of trillions of watts. That is enough to heat the atmosphere, and trigger a change of climate, storms, ect. It is very important to make sure you do not exceed certain limits, or "clip" the atmosphere, or you will cause a lightning bolt of a sort not ever witnessed. But if kept below certain thresholds, a great amount of atmospheric heating can be caused and no one on the ground would ever notice a thing.

This of course would cause very odd electrical readings in the atmosphere. So someone should have been able to detect this, right? Nasa did. They noticed several hurricanes, including Katrina, were not electrically normal. These were the only 3 hurricanes to ever be that way. This could be done using the method illustrated below.

The following illustration is a drawing of how a Haarp type system could be set up to work.

Considering the precision modern weather modification systems have, giant installations such as HAARP can't be doing it all

Now onto WHY ON EARTH American cell towers have so much juice going to them.

What if thousands of cell towers with over 50, 000 watts each were used rather than a pair of big Haarp arrays? Multiple signal source locations would allow the drawing of patterns, patterns which many people have noticed in weather radar

How much is 50, 000 watts, compared to what is really needed for cell service?

In America, computer wifi is limited to 20 milliwatts transmit power and often even with that tiny amount you can connect from hundreds of feet away with no special antennas or hardware. Your cell phone can transmit 300 milliwatts. That's well over 10 times the power of wifi, and the range of your cell phone is that much better. All that is needed to make a great cellular node is a 10 watt transmitter (to make sure it gets real good penetration into the surrounding buildings, ) and a receiver that is more sensitive than the one in your cell phone because you are talking back with a lot less than 10 watts.

10 watts is 500 times as strong as your wireless N router that comes in perfect everywhere. A lucky neighbor might snag your unsecured router with only 20 milliwatts of output from over a block away with just a cheap netbook. Why then, since 10 watts will clearly do the job, are there these ENORMOUS out in the open giant goose invading "cell towers" in America that are obviously capable of pumping many thousands of watts?

It's because the cell towers in America have a totally different purpose than stated. Sure, the tower does indeed accomplish the job of supporting cell phone service, but it is not needed at all for that purpose. They are there to hide something clandestine right in the great wide open.

A reader sent the following:

"My company also erected many cell towers, and I always wondered why they had us bring so much electrical power to these cell towers."

He NAILED IT. As a technical type, I paid attention to the cell towers, and noticed that they always seem to have a 400KVA or bigger transformer feeding them (I was never able to get close enough to look at the data plate but they were obviously way too large). 400KVA is approximately 400, 000 watts. And I never really thought about it, why on earth they always got fed so much juice. Sometimes you just need to wake up and start thinking. Mexico confirms this - many cell towers are obviously low powered, with thin wires and tiny tower mounted amplifiers. A perfectly functional node can be fed less juice than needed by an average laptop and run on a small solar panel. These are common in Mexico.

Another comment came in stating that American cell towers in fact only get anywhere from twenty thousand to sixty thousand watts, complete with verified documentation that that is "all it is". Ok, Fine then. WLS AM radio in Chicago which is well known as the GIANT clear channel monster in America broadcasts through the night with 50, 000 watts, and with a good radio you can hear it anywhere in the world when conditions are right. To sometimes pump even more than that into a single American neighborhood via the local tower which is serving only a two mile area is far beyond suspicious, It is case proven. Those cell towers ARE NOT WHAT WE HAVE BEEN TOLD and I am certain that even 60, 000 watts would be a conservative estimate for many of them.

Why pump so many watts?

The antenna arrays on the cell towers are highly directional. That's obvious. So since the signal from them is confined to a zone, rather than going out omnidirectionally, whatever is in that zone will get extremely high R.F. levels. Maybe you need that much for mind control, but I seriously doubt it. With such an ability to confine the signal to within a zone, I would expect a mind control beam to not need more than a couple thousand watts. Where is the rest of that power going?

My guess, is Japan, Hurricane Katrina, or Chiapas Mexico. Whatever earthquake or disaster "they" need to accomplish a political objective. And there is something you need to know about radio wave propagation - it can be steered. So just because a cell tower appears to only be able place all it's RF output within a confined zone, it does not mean that signal cannot be diverted and sent elsewhere. This is because a neighboring cell tower can be synchronized in such a way that it steers the output from surrounding towers to a new remote area. And that is how modern Haarp technology works.

American cell towers then, I believe in this order, have multiple purposes. The first is EMF mind control. Ever wonder why on some mornings EVERYONE seems to be happy, and on others EVERYONE seems to be grouchy? People don't just naturally fall into a mold like that, yet you see it all the time. And you never used to. This is a new phenomenon. Back in the 70's and 80's moods were totally random. Not anymore. There are happy days when everyone is happy, and grouchy days and indifferent days. If you have not noticed this, start paying attention. People's lives are random, and there should be absolutely no reason for their moods to all be similar for any reason other than outside manipulation.

The second purpose is an occasional one - I believe that occasionally the towers will be switched up to full output to eat a nuclear reactor in Japan via a phony earthquake scenario, or to make good and sure a hurricane is useful for a social experiment in New Orleans. But you cannot have them humming away at full output all the time without it becoming obvious, so the ability is likely saved for special occasions. Furthermore, with as many as there are around, it probably does not take more than a few percent of them at any one time to pull off something big. And this is exactly why, as my reader also stated, "Later, the Army Corps of Engineers would install frequency amplifiers connected with HXXrp. I believe they can control the weather." Why, pray tell, would the Corps of Engineers show up and install something in a "civilian" cell tower? Think about that. We all know the "elite" can trigger earthquakes. We all know they can tweak the weather. The question is then, since there is no GIANT UFO in the sky doing it, where is their system located?

Geometric patterns prove it has to be the Cell towers doing it.

If you set up two transmitters, their phase collision zone will happen in a straight line. But as my reader from Brazil has stated, they had a perfectly square shaped drought area. And if you look at the pictures of the haarp caused drought in California, that pattern happened along two straight lines that formed an L. And then there are circles and other patterns people have reported, and this means that the effect is not being accomplished with two transmitters, it has to be using multiple transmitters creating multiple collision zones to start drawing shapes. THAT is where the cell towers come into play.

The more signal sources you have to create a zone, the more patterns and shapes you can make, with each transmitter pair in whatever Haarp grid you fire up being responsible for their own little area. Let's say your little grid uses a thousand cell towers in the Houston area - this would allow 500 different points, each getting at least 100, 000 watts of bias current each, with a total of 50 million watts to trigger a bigger cascade from the ionosphere. This would be the reason for all the shapes people see, true, there are radar errors that can cause patterns to appear as many meteorologists will state but that won't cause a consitent drought causing L shaped high front off the coast of California to appear and stay put for months on end.

It is very easy to confirm that cell towers have cell service as a totally secondary purpose, just walk up to one and see how much power it is getting fed. If there is any more there than 100 watts for amplifiers, another 200 or so for lights and I'll give them another 500 to play with just in case there is something like a computer and monitor in a little building at the tower base, if there is more than that present something is seriously amiss. Having large liquid cooled transformers at every tower is a dead giveaway, the towers are NOT what we have been told they are.

I believe what we are witnessing now - the horrible tornados and floods, is also the result of weather modifications. I believe they want to bring untold disaster to this nation, to cause extreme trouble before ushering in an ID system, a new currency, and global governance.

Direct environmental effects can be observed when Haarp type systems are in use if you get lucky

Mysterious booms, powerful auroras, you can see and hear it all if there is a break in the clouds, or booms if they push the system too hard. This is the reason for all the mysterious booms peole are hearing around the country now, google that if you have not heard about it. And the volcanic eruption to the left I believe was a threat against the nation of Japan. Such pictures are common now. But think back to when you were a kid. We had cameras and volcanoes then. Why did we never have pictures like this in National Geographic in the 60īs 70īs 80īs and 90īs? HMMMMM??? That's not special effects, that really happened and is obvious Haarp in action. To see more, like it CLICK HERE the elite are OBVIOUSLY now making MANY THREATS.

AND THEY CAN, because in the words of Defense secretary William Cohen himself, dated all the way back to 1996, Cohen himself stated:

"Others are engaging even in an eco- type of terrorism whereby they can alter the climate, set off earthquakes, volcanoes remotely through the use of electromagnetic waves.

So there are plenty of ingenious minds out there that are at work finding ways in which they can wreak terror upon other nations. It's real, and that's the reason why we have to intensify our efforts, and that's why this is so important."

Cohen himself said this in a Pentagon press briefing in 1996. THAT means all this technology is real. Cell towers and Haarp emit radio waves, which are just another name for electromagnetic waves. WAKE UP PEOPLE, THERE IS NO ROOM FOR DOUBT - regardless of the systems used, this warfare is a reality and Cohen's statement proves it. If you have any friends who are doubters, show them this page. Don't send it via mail which will only be censored, show them directly on their own computers.

I have observed weather modification myself.

In Vancouver BC in the winter of 2007, I personally watched the sky during extremely odd weather at night, and through a hole in the clouds which occurred between violent downpours saw an aurora borealis stepping up and down in discrete steps as if being digitally switched between various intensities. I have spent plenty of time observing real auroras, and this one obviously had a synthetic origin. It was extremely bright, the brightest I have ever seen by far, and auroras do not just step up and down in intensity like that. They fade up and down. I even wondered why it was in such large steps, with modern technologies it would not need to be. Perhaps they don't care about how obvious it is, or perhaps they thought the clouds were solid enough to hide it.

I knew when I saw this, in concert with clouds that appeared to be formed along grid lines in symmetrical patterns that the weather in that particular case had to be man made.

As usual, if anyone can point out inaccuracies in this article, please e-mail me with recommended changes; Weather modification is so classified that details are sparse and you sometimes just have to guess. I hope I connected a few dots here.

1AM CST 9/11 2017: Irma is a category one.

If Irma does not head out over the caribbean now, it will be either a storm or depression by Monday morning. That would be good.

Yep. It is 911.

I'll think of what to post in the morning when I get up. How about, would'nt it be great if Trump stood up tomorrow and called B.S. on the whole charade? Maybe I'll at least dream about that happening. That's probably as close as we'll get.

China to ban gasoline powered cars

China is the world's largest auto market. And China is trying to come up with a timeline for banning gasoline powered cars, in an effort to get automakers to switch to all electric vehicles as soon as possible. That would wreck the petrodollar.

China has not given even an estimated date for when the phase out will become mandatory, and has only announced that they are discussing a ban.

In Europe, there are many plans by both automakers and governments to phase out the introduction of new models of gasoline cars by 2030, with only existing models designed around gasoline engines to be available after that date, and a complete ban on production by 2040. If China follows that timeline, it will really shake up cronies that derived power from the petrodollar, and Saudi Arabia will go right down the garbage chute. The fallout from that ought to be interesting to watch.

Hurricane Irma, what actually happened.

Everyone made their predictions. The most erroneous was CNN. Irma defied even the USGS forecasts multiple times, and even now. Currently Irma is over Central Florida. The European Center for Medium Range Forecasts had Irma hitting Louisiana. I figured it would go into the gulf but did not make any predictions as to where landfall would be. I avoided naming landfall locations because there was simply no way to know.

What actually happened? Irma devastated several Caribbean islands, Cuba, and the Keys. Cuba took so much life out of Irma (due to the mountain ranges in Cuba, ) that when it finally made landfall on the southwest tip of Florida it had lost a lot of it's potency. I have seen posts from several people claiming to be in Florida, and they are saying it was not as bad as expected. Daylight will tell.

My guess is that almost everyone in Florida who had permanent homes in the damage path will have a home to return to, unless that home is in the keys, and anyone who lives in the keys ought to expect a hurricane to wipe them out. A tradeoff for the great atmosphere. The biggest damage may come from looters.

Power outages are widespread, and will probably last days or weeks. Overall it appears at this point that the worst did not happen (at least for the U.S.) but Cuba was hit badly.

Red Cross is a scum sucking money pit

What would you expect from something the Rothschilds set up?

Houston city councilman, in official session, begs people not to donate to Red Cross

"Now, my last rant will be on the Red Lost... I'm sorry the Red Cross. Because the Red Cross - if anybody wants to donate to the Red Cross, please call me. I beg you not to send them a penny. They are the most inept, unorganized organization that I've ever experienced. I've been in Kingwood fighting this thing and we have not seen one person - not a single person from the Red Lost, yet every time I turn on the TV they're receiving multi, multi, hundreds of millions of dollars. What are you guys doing with it? How many contractors are you helping us with? So, to this day, many days after the hurricane hit, I have not seen a single person in Kingwood or Clear Lake that's a representative of the Red Cross. You know who opened our shelters? We did. You know who sent water and supplies? We did. People didn't have cots - we got them blankets, we didn't get a darn thing from the Red Cross. So, if anyone wants to send them money, don't waste your time, don't waste your money. Send it to other causes."

My comment: SO THERE YOU HAVE IT. The same goes for any charity that is owned by scamming liberals. Watch the video with him saying this (and a lot more about others he's not happy with) HERE


As of Saturday morning, nothing has changed with the post below

The wind currents did exactly what I said they'd do overnight, and I don't see how Katia is just suddenly going to do a 90 degree turn. If it does, the wind map is obviously not how anyone decides where something will go. But it sure looks like Irma is going into the gulf now that Katia is gone.

PREDICTION: The death of Katia means Irma is going into the gulf

The global wind map tells the story. Once Katia made landfall, all the currents changed. All currents at all levels are now pushing Irma into the gulf. If that happens, Irma will then become the strongest hurricane ever recorded.

Could I be wrong? YEP. But when it comes to the weather, predictions are all there is, and it is not the same as making other types of predictions.

Ok, it is time for me to explain this wind map, which I have spent hours on by now, and figured out how to use well.

Keep it zoomed where this link has it. In the lower left hand corner, there is a button that says EARTH. Click it. This will open up a window that has several options. One of the options is height. The height option sets the level in the atmosphere (in millibars) where the winds are being measured. The first is sfc for surface, the next is 1000 millibars, which means about 400 feet up, the second is 850, which corresponds to about 5000 feet up, then 700 for about 10, 000 feet, 500 for about 18, 000 feet, 250 for about 32, 000 feet, and 70 for about 60, 000 feet. IN ALL CASES, AT ALL RELEVANT LEVELS, ALL WIND CURRENTS ARE PUSHING IRMA INTO THE GULF. If that's the case, where's Irma going to go? INTO THE GULF.

The trajectory cone keeps changing, directing Irma more towards the gulf. You can clearly see what I am talking about in the linked wind map, by following my instructions. There is no brick wall stopping Irma from entering the gulf if at all levels the wind is pushing it there, and it all changed when Katia bit the dust. Katia was producing a draft that was pushing Irma north. That draft is not there anymore. Irma will (probably) now, as a result of Katia making landfall, start heading due West. If that happens, WATCH OUT, it is going to be a hurricane freak show.

I had a lot of interference today including a power outage that made posting early impossible.

MASSIVE social security and obvious vote fraud!

Fewer than 35 people in the world are age 112 and over. Yet the social security office is paying out benefits to 6.5 million over the age of 112!!!

This obviously means there are that many more below the age of 112 used as fraud accounts!

The claim is that it will be too much work to find the fraudsters. That's a lie. If you can pay a claim, you know the address, and can go there looking for someone seriously elderly. BUT THEY WILL NEVER DO THAT, AND I KNOW WHY.

1. Because that's too much money being handed to the likes of George Soros and Hillary Clinton, who pocket the money and then:

2. Use it to put falsely identified people on buses, to rig the vote 6.5 million times over! Or simply collect the cash and do mail in votes. SO THEY COLLECT THE CASH, AND FRAUD THE VOTE. BUSTED BUSTED BUSTED, and at least the amount of fraud is documented, see this FOX NEWS REPORT. which is actually a total white wash, they blow right past the obvious like a party balloon caught in Irma.

Do you think Trump can drain that swamp? NOT HARDLY, that swamp needs to be drained with the second amendment.

Remote controlled Germanwings Airbus A320 crash? All evidence points to this.


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