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Dec 1 2016

Anonymous sent:

Guns and Roses is free to express their opinions about Trump or anyone else. It does not make them "enemies of the people" That is a nasty phrase that is used by oppressive dictatorships. Stop using it.

My response: It DOES make them an enemy of the people. Either you support what helps you or boycott what is opposing you, or you will go down in flames. Americans have tolerated this kind of slack attitude all too long. And why is it that so much of what we get is this crap, when the majority so clearly thinks otherwise? ANSWER: Because an "oppressive dictatorship" Jewish community is running a proxy media dictatorship that forces this crap down our throats. If you don't accept it as a performer, you are OUT OF THE BUSINESS. That's dictatorship for you, like it or not. Dictatorships practically NEVER represent the will of the majority, and that's Hollywood in a nut shell, with their gay gallavanting ernie and bert magic bed rides ad nauseum in many forms EVERYWHERE. ONLY A DICTATORSHIP COULD MAKE THAT HAPPEN, WHEN THE MAJORITY DESPISES IT. And I am the one using language from "oppressive dictatorships?" Look around you and WAKE UP!

An overwhelming majority of American moms agree: This sh*t DOES NOT CUT IT:

And I am a "dictator" for telling people they should boycott it?

Boycott Guns and Roses

Guns and Roses are confirmed enemies of the people. Surprisingly, those who voted red are their biggest listener base. But with them coming out solidly against Trump, to such an extent that they are beating an effigy of him during concerts in Mexico, they have shown they need to hit the dust bin of oblivion. Same thing for Madonna and so many others.

I cannot go down the entire list of Hollywood people and musicians who either stabbed Trump or were for him, but can suggest people look into who they like the most and see how they behaved. If they were dirt, MAKE THE MEDIA GREAT AGAIN and TRASH THEM. Support only those who are on your side of key issues. Enough is enough, it is more than time to draw the line.

Not surprisingly, Styx, which is my favorite group is highly patriotic and supports Trump. With songs like Suite Madam Blue which protested the downfall of America, and Blue Collar Man which protested the loss of jobs in America very early on, when it first started happening, having Styx be in favor of Trump is practically a no brainer.

What performers and actors do you like? I suggest you type their name and Trump, and see where their political leanings fall. Now is a great opportunity to give moral turds a nice clean flush.

Do not fall for the electoral college hoax

FACT: There is no big swing of electoral college voters away from Trump. Thus far, to date, there are a total of 15 electoral college voters who have said they will not vote for Trump. PROBLEM: 14 OF THOSE ARE DEMOCRATS, SAYING IT IN STATES THAT WOULD GO TO HILLARY ANYWAY. #15 is a turd no one is saying the name of, who is "supposedly supposed to vote for Trump".

The Alt media did a very poor job of fact checking this story and widely reported that Trump was losing a lot of electors just because a few MSM sources said so. Well, THE MSM LIED, and this is well proven down this page a ways.

Pennsylvania blocked Stein


As most people are still trying to figure out exactly what Jill Stein is doing and why she's doing it, a judge in Montgomery County Pennsylvania, just north of Philadelphia, has decided he's seen enough. After hearing arguments from attorneys representing Jill Stein's campaign and the Montgomery County Board of Elections, Judge Bernard A. Moore dismissed the petitions of voters in 78 precincts to recount votes or forensically analyze voting machines due a lack of evidence and improperly filed petitions. Per The Times Herald of Montgomery County:

"What we keep going back to is that our voting machines are not connected to the internet," said board of elections Solicitor Nicole Forzato. "Montgomery County takes great, great pride in being concerned about its infrastructure for IT generally, and they have gone through a vigorous process to make sure our technology general, including voter services technology and the voting machines are safe and secure to use."

MY COMMENT: As I said (after I figured it was too late) Jill Stein had to get over 25,000 petition signatures for the recount. In the end, it was harder to do than even I thought. Pennsylvania has an immune system. For that reason and more, they did not even hear her case, they just gave her the boot!

Montgomery county has a population of 812,000 people. This was a MAJOR rejection!

Nov 30 2016

RUMOR: Trump to investigate Clinton Foundation

I have a little story. After the Haiti earthquake, Hillary sent out lots of people to campaign for donations to the Clinton foundation, which was then supposed to give the proceeds to Haiti. Her people came through my area and had the Latino community involved with gathering donations. My best friend's daughter who was a four year old girl at the time went with them to one of the fund raisers, and all the daughter did all the way through was say "THOSE PEOPLE ARE UGLY, I WANT TO LEAVE, THEY ARE UGLY." Yet to an adult they looked like normal people. Obviously she could see their spirits, as a child. And well over a billion was raised, and virtually NOTHING made it to Haiti! The little girl was right!

Yeah, Trump played nice, and they bit him like a SNAKE. GO GET'EM PAL!

Chris wrote:

"Julian Assange

I know dang well Alex Jones reads your site everyday then rants on what happened to Assange, not ever mentioning the details that you pointed out some time ago. He knows but won't say for some reason? It would be nice if you could straighten his ass out so you are both on the same page if possible? What MSM has going for them is they are united where alternative media is not. If alternative media won't work as a team it won't ever convince all of the public. It's time now to unite as one voice just like MSM has done. That is what has made them successful, and only that.

Just trying to help. Chris"

My response: I do not think people realize what it means to have a web site hit the true secret blacklist like this one has. Alex cannot ever mention this web site because if he does, his income will be VAPORIZED. No one who needs an income has ever gotten away with mentioning this web site. Henry Makow was toasted completely by Rense for posting an article from here. I got on the air with another Rense affiliate who I warned to not have me on. He had me on anyway, and Rense pulled the plug on the program 10 minutes in and made threats to destroy him.

It is not just Rense. I recently mentioned another major figure who sent a big donation (in the donation confirmations above, briefly, for a couple hours) and did not realize he did not want me to post his name. Even though I removed his name quickly, within two days he had significant trouble. No one can mention this web site and get away with it. I am certain Alex has received warnings to never mention this web site. The elite want it contained at all costs and will destroy people over it. So I do not blame Alex ONE BIT.

Many people have called this web site "the tip of the alt media spear" because I have stories finalized a day or more before anyone else in the alt media even knows anything is going on. It happens over and over and over again. This site produces original content that all too often cannot be refuted, and is totally out of control and then it hits the mainstream alt media and mushrooms like a nuke. I bow to NO ONE. Accept payoffs from NO ONE. Answer to NO ONE. And that equals BLACKLIST. I trigger more responses from the MSM (and have even triggered responses from the Mexican MSM) and am all over Snopes, with Snopes spewing lie after lie in response to this web site to undo political damage more than anyone else in the alt media.

I would not survive the secret blacklist if it was not for the following reasons:

1. The readers support this site very well.

2. Unlike what the ranking web site Alexa says, this site is very large,(510,000 visits this month alone, with over a million page views) which means I don't have to beg for donations constantly (simply mention what comes in instead) because there are enough dedicated and committed people out there to make finances come out just fine despite this web site being secretly blacklisted. Add to that the fact that I am willing to live a frugal life style to keep this thing going and the secret blacklist becomes a lot less effective.

3. I have a huge number of skills that happen to be beneficial to a web site so I don't have to pay ANYONE to do ANYTHING, NOTHING AT ALL. Just my work on the infrastructure of this web site (to keep it online) would take more than one normal IT guy and I am skilled and efficient enough with it to do it as an after thought. Ditto with graphics, there are a lot of custom graphics that pop up here that I do myself. And it is all just an after thought. Most of my time goes into digging up dirt and posting it. And if I did not have web admin skills, I'd be dead in the water with that because I'd have to use Blogger or Reddit or Wordpress or someone else who makes it all easy and they'd flush me like a bad turd so fast they'd break the handle. If I did not have the web skills I have I'd go nowhere because I'd either get banned on a controlled venue or be killed off financially because Google won't give me ads, and no one else will either unless they are filled with viruses or do not pay and how well would that work if I had to give people MARKET VALUE paychecks?.

Because I have a unique situation here, where I can be one man show handling all of it, I do not have to worry about making financial deadlines the way people like Alex have to. YOU CANNOT BLAME ALEX FOR BEING QUIET ABOUT THIS SITE WHEN HE NEEDS TO HAVE A LIFE TO DO WHAT HE DOES BEING AS BIG AS HE IS. He can't afford to hit the real blacklist. That would totally kill him.

My honest opinion: Despite my frequent frustration with what he does not say, I like Alex. Because he has gotten good at walking right on the edge of the real blacklist while still saying enough to at least get people into third grade conspiracy. He can't say it all, he can't even think about going where this site does or he'd be gone in a flash, and then what? That would SUCK.

Ann wrote:

"Dear Jim, I am the same person who writes you from time to time from the suburbs of DC. I don't have a LOT to say, but what I have been thinking about all day is: you are spot on hitting the target with your exhortations to pray. Prayer is at least one of the most powerful things we can do. I have found that it seriously WORKS. It is never wrong to remind people of that. Thank you for all that you do. -- Ann"

My response: Nothing is going to sour a satanic sacrifice ritual worse than a good spirited individual, praying somewhere, for God to be there to comfort the victims and take them to heaven. NO ONE can tell me God is not real and that prayer does not work, because the people who do the child sacrifices say those sorts of things to get people to not pray, when they KNOW IT IS REAL SO WELL THEY KILL OVER IT IN THE NAME OF DARKNESS. Can't have the prayers of the "imbeciles" wreck a nice ceremony!


FIGURE THIS: Satan does what he can for those who give him honor and ask him for help. God is more powerful and does the same thing when people ask, YET SATAN IS WINNING BECAUSE NOT ENOUGH PEOPLE ARE PRAYING. Say your prayers folks, SAY THEM NOW, not after all is lost!

I am not going to post anyone's predictions, and the constitution is real.

Perhaps the message box is compromised again because nothing of value is coming through it (UPDATE, after I mentioned this it started working at least partially). Every last thing sent today has been either a prediction or outright fake news, and my readers are not like that. Fake news almost never makes it, the people who read this site can spot it.

I know about I pet goat. However, not one dated doom prediction anyone has had has come through. Every day I see doom scenarios get posted everywhere and when 283 don't work out in a row, guy 284 will be called a God when he gets lucky. Yes, on one day in the future someone will win the lottery because on one day there will be doom. The lucky winner will be GOD until the subsequent 18 predictions from the same guy do nothing.

With that said I am worried about Trump making it to the presidency to such an extent it seems like an impossible dream. Yes, he's picked up a few parasites but is still healthy.

The big threat to his health is: He's keeping jobs in America at the same time he's questioning vaccines at the same time he's attacking the social programming in schools and legitimizing home schooling, at the same time he's killing off the TPP, kicking out illegals, destroying obamacare, cleaning up American intelligence, taxing the rich, attacking the Federal Reserve, spelling doom for the media monopoly, issuing death threats to the EPA - an outright MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN FANTASY and the shadow government wants NONE OF IT. If Trump makes it, it will be only be with the blessings and breath of life from God, every last demon out there wants him DEAD and I see that as a huge problem - they will stop at NOTHING to eliminate him. We had better pray.

WANT TO SEE A "PREDICTION" THAT WILL COME TRUE? Scroll down the page to where I posted David Hodges. That is a doom scenario that absolutely will become reality if Hillary gets in. Like I said, we had better pray.

Stein must file by 2:05 PM to get a recount in Michigan. Let's all pray for her to have a disaster that stops her.

UPDATE: she filed on time.

Anonymous sent:

War is coming AS PROPHESIED for hundreds and thousands of years. DC is one target. Rome is another. London is another. If this happens before Jan 20 there will be NO GOVERNMENT for Trump to be sworn in too. If it happens after Jan 20 same effect. You are too 2 dimensional to see it."

My response: DC and London have never been named by anything other than supposition and imagination. There is not one bible prophecy out there that actually named either. If Trump is not sworn in, it won't be because of any sort of prophecy, it will be because the elite are scared to death of a president who knows vaccines are a scam and is most likely going to hold them criminally accountable for ruining millions of children, on top of being a business guru and a financial genius who will bash them into oblivion for crimes on many fronts. Add to that Trump's full awareness of the social war taking place in education and on the home front, and the elite, who don't want to let go of their victory just as it was being realized might want to destroy the world rather than have it escape their grip at the last minute. That's the real issue.


Just keep an eye on Jill Stein, hole digger.


Summary: Unvaccinated kids are healthier and have far fewer neurological disorders and allergies:

Formal delclaration of war on Syria by Turkey?

This was making the rounds yesterday but I did not post because it was not confirmed. Not even by Iranian and Russian sources that I could find. However, it appears to be true - Erdogan has labeled Assad a dead man and declared war. And if Russia attacks Turkey, there will be a problem because Nato will be legally bound to go to war with Russia. Many are saying the recount efforts are failing, and death threats against the electoral college are not working, so they pulled this stunt - perhaps World War 3 will do the job.

Yeah, anything from the filthy shadow government is possible I guess.

Turkish troops have indeed entered Syria but not much has happened yet.

I am watching this and will comment as needed, at least now it is time to give a heads up.

Wisconsin hand recount formally rejected

"Madison - Green Party candidate Jill Stein paid $3.5 million Tuesday to clear the way for Wisconsin's presidential vote recount but had a judge reject her lawsuit to require all Wisconsin counties to do the recount by hand.

Dane County Circuit Judge Valerie Bailey-Rihn said the effort to force the hand recount - which was backed by Democrat Hillary Clinton’s campaign - did not meet the state's legal standard for prohibiting the use of machines in the recount, saying that the two campaigns did not show a hand recount, though more thorough, was necessary or show there was a clear and convincing evidence of fraud or other problems.

Bailey-Rihn said there were good reasons to do a hand recount but no legal basis for her to mandate it.

My comment: HA HA HA! SEE THIS


Take a look at this!

I will be holding a major news conference in New York City with my children on December 15 to discuss the fact that I will be leaving my great business in total in order to fully focus on running the country in order to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN! While I am not mandated to do this under the law, I feel it is visually important, as President, to in no way have a conflict of interest with my various businesses. Hence, legal documents are being crafted which take me completely out of business operations. The Presidency is a far more important task!

My comment:

The Jews have monopolized many business areas so much that it would probably be better if Trump to use his presidency to leverage himself to trillionaire status. I'd rather be ruled by proxy by him than a disgusting kike!

However, I understand why he is doing this, because he'll never get anything done with the scamming MSM constantly accusing him of leveraging his business, so this is, sadly, what he must do. BOTTOM LINE: You can bet your cankles that Cankles Clinton leveraged a lower position to steal more from the American people directly than Trump's business empire could possibly make. But the MSM won't report that, so Trump just has to suck it up.


Team Hillary: You need better hackers. They are AWFUL sloppy when they cause a situation that tells me to re enter passwords right in the middle of a session. I am not that stupid, GOOD GOD!

To my readers: My main internet routing has been getting intercepted for two months, but I have been able to circumvent it if I can get logged in and on a secure connection fast enough. NOT SO ANYMORE. NOTHING WILL CHANGE with this web site other than that updates will happen perhaps twice a day only so when a story breaks I wont be on it instantly like usual, but when it does hit it will be very well developed. I guess we will see where this goes, but I must say it is a WEAK effort by team Hillary which requires either a terribly configured stinger or cooperation of the ISP.

OK enough of that boring stuff, I have to make this quick

Due to brilliant negotiating by Trump, Carrier air conditioning is keeping manufacturing in America. I had a carrier once and it was good.

Jill Stein now has a goal of 9 million



The source has not been vetted because I do not have time due to the unexpected connection ambush. However, I knew this already, so even if the site is "fake," the content is true in this case. SEE THIS and I will have this updated tomorrow. FACT: Trump is a HUGE anti vaxxer, and this is part of why the corrupt are so scared. If Trump stops that and autism drops to near zero, elite scum is going to boil in the microwave.

Gotta go. I will try to get a secure connection and post frequently but it looks like that will not be happening and I will only be posting twice a day.

Nov 29 2016

Homes burned, trees unhurt

An old "snack friend" sent the following:

"Jim, check the aerial photos of the burned homes in Gatlinburg, the trees all around the houses that are burned down still have multi colored fall foliage on them. How can a wildfire burn a whole neighborhood to the ground but leave the majority of the trees un-burnt? Something fishy going on here. From your transmission shop owner friend in Bako"

My response: Some of the home fires do look suspicious, but as I stated in the earlier report, that type of thing was intended to happen. Out in the wilderness there was a very intense brush fire, but that should have been stopped when it hit lawns, and in populated areas the fall colors on the trees pretty much say the only way the fire spread in the city was by jumping from building to building with sparks - the downfall of wooden construction. Absent that it would have taken intentional setting of fires, but I think the precedent for this was set well enough via the building codes.

It is good to hear from you - I am glad to know you are still out there. Thanks for writing!

It is a near certainty Pizzagate is 100 percent legit.

I am bumping to the top what I have completely confirmed is 100 percent legit.

Podesta brothers near perfect match for police sketch of Madeline McCann child snatchers

Police sketches are created with software that is fed descriptions from witnesses of what people looked like. This most certainly nails the Podesta brothers as child snatchers as accurately as could ever be done with a "no original photo" render of what people looked like.

Now that some new info is coming out, I am going to run with these photos, which I have had for a while.

Ok, so why would I post this? Because in a report farther down this page I discussed the death of Monica Petersen, who was investigating a child snatching ring being run under the cover of a fake gold mine in Haiti by Hillary Clinton's brothers, and Monica got arkancided last week. It is now fully confirmed that Monica was investigating Hillary's family in Haiti and was onto something, most likely linking to Comet Pizza, Hillary Clinton, the Podesta brothers, and DEFINITELY child smuggling conducted by Hillary's family all together in one neat little package, and then she died. She was in her 20's.

It is suspected that she tied it all together, but did not live to tell about it. The agency she worked for confirmed she operated under cover and had conducted a two year investigation, got onto something big, and died. They confirmed it during a memorial service during a live stream from Haiti on Friday.

I finally posted the Podesta brothers police sketch photo (I have had it for a while) because now it appears that the Podesta brothers were in Portugal the day a little girl named Madeline McCann went missing while on vacation from Britain in 2003, and were confirmed to have been within a mile of that disappearance which is to this day unsolved. With the Podesta E-mails being what triggered the entire pizza gate pedophile bust, Hillary's brothers running a child smuggling ring in Haiti with the subsequent death of the investigator that was onto it, the Podesta brothers obviously being featured in a police sketch of a child disappearance in Portugal on the day they were there, well, things are starting to unravel. Hillary herself said that "if Trump gets elected we're all going to jail," and it appears there might be significant substance to that statement.

NOTHING has changed on the recount in Pennsylvania

I was 100 percent right. Jill can't request a recount. She did it better than I thought she would, but is so far out of whack with the timing it is hopeless. Additionally, there was no voter fraud that did not favor Hillary. Pennsylvanian election officials are saying there is no evidence of fraud whatsoever. Pennsylvania is absolutely crucial to flip. It will not be flipped. It will also not be stalled. Pennsylvania is the hang mans noose on the entire deal.

Jill has to do something because she collected the money, but you can cry all you want and nothing comes back from ashes once totally burned.

My big worry is that George Soros has a spoiled three year old and/or chimp and definitely psychopath intellect that just can't accept no for an answer. He is very dangerous. And I have little doubt he'd do something heinous for revenge, and that he might already be burning Gatlinburg.

Keep your eye on the ball, and not Gatlinburg. Nail every last detail you can about the attempted election steal because the only possible way they can do anything is via completely overt paid off corruption.

Gatlinburg is burning to the ground

This could provide the media cover needed to distract Americans in the middle of an election theft

My suspicion is it was Soros paid rioters / operatives that set the fires. The MSM is blaming winds, drought and downed power lines but I do not buy that especially since they are proven fake media that serves the agenda of the elite.. According to people discussing this online, people who live there, 30 percent of the downtown area has burned already with no end in sight, hundreds of homes have burned, and thousands of resort cabins have burned. That is unspeakably huge. And there is not a peep about the scale of this in the MSM yet (6AM CST). Either they have a motive to keep quiet if they are not saying it like it is or they have not woken up yet.

As I have said all along, the wooden construction in the U.S. is going to be very bad for the American people. For almost 100 years it was against all codes to build a house out of anything but wood (brick homes had only a facade supported by wood that was required by code to collapse if the wood was gone) and the only purpose was to make a Gatlinburg type fire possible if the elite ever decided to ditch the country and render the American people helpless. This madness with wooden homes is repeated nowhere else in the Americas except Canada, another nation the elites would love to ditch.

Americans are in a very weak position. No one even realizes that if it comes down to war, all the elite have to do is get 15 houses burning at once in different places, which will overwhelm the fire departments and if you don't put a house fire out, in most areas that will chain reaction to all the other surrounding houses. The whole city will burn to the ground while the fire departments save 20 houses. That would stop an armed rebellion in it's tracks. I strongly believe this is the final insurance the elite have against the second amendment. South of the border, no one worries about fire. America was definitely set up for catastrophe on purpose.


Nov 28 2016

Jill Stein sued for perjury in Wisconsin recount!

Green party journalist and radio host Don DeBar alleges that the false statements may have induced the state to fraudulently conduct a recount and caused thousands of people to donate a reported sum of $6 million to Stein's effort. DeBar has filed a lawsuit for fraud and perjury against Jill Stein. SEE THIS


George Soros has his key attorney on the job! SEE THIS


I said I'd say it at 10 PM, but this is the TOTALLY UN SPOKEN OF road block that would have killed her efforts no matter what:

1. Any candidate running for a position of power, except a level 1 candidate (which is city level) in Pennsylvania CANNOT CALL FOR A RECOUNT OF THEIR OWN ELECTION. The only way it can happen is for an individual who never ran for office to file, and THAT INDIVIDUAL must submit a petition for a recount that has NO FEWER THAN 25,000 HANDWRITTEN SIGNATURES.

HA HA HA HA HA!. Not going to happen. Game OVER. And it was game over a week ago, no recounts can be called AFTER THE 23rd ANYWAY. I am right about this NO IFS OR BUTS, and I waited until later in the day to put this up because I wanted it to be irrevocably hopeless. It is SIMPLY TOO LATE, AND JILL COULD NOT HAVE DONE IT ANYWAY, EVEN IF SHE WANTED TO.

Yeah she's got a lawyer working on it. GOOD LUCK. AINT GONNA HAPPEN.

I thought the final deadline was the 23rd. But the Washington Examiner says the 21st. I don't care. Either way it is game over for her anyway.

Wisconsin rejected a hand recount!

Jillary will sue. What more to be said?

Prophecy of the 44th president

I am not an expert at this stuff, because I don't believe it much so I am not looking up details. Long long ago there was an Indian chief who had a prophecy of the United States sequence of presidents. He accurately predicted all the assassinations and assassination attempts based on the year they were going to happen, including Lincoln, JFK, Reagan . . . . . Anyway, he also said the 44th president would be the last one.

We will see I guess, but it does not worry me.

I don't care about the Ohio campus incident. Probably a setup. Enough said.

Jill can file in Pennsylvania all she wants and it won't matter

There are a few spurious reports that she filed in 100 counties for a recount. It won't matter. The legal problem I have not been specific about means she can file all she wants, and it will go NOWHERE.

Obviously corruption can make anything happen, (that is the big worry) but then, that is when law enforcement of, by, and for the people via the 2nd amendment will come into play.

Prophecies do not cut it for the election steal.

I don't care what Paiute Joe, or Balkan Baba dreamed about, if it is a prophecy it DOES NOT MEAN JACK. Need I say more? A short comment should do it.

someone blew it into the open, so I am going to say it now:

I had this beautifully written up, but somehow it got wiped. I'll be brief:

If any state or states do not cast their electoral college votes, only the percentage matters. There are 538 electors with today's number of states and their populations. If 20 do not show up because their state was jammed by a legal proceeding, then there are only 518 electors, and you then need 260 to win.

Bottom line? They can't screw Trump out of this. The last time this happened was around the time of the civil war. Two states did not cast their votes and the electoral college then just took the majority of what remained. The number of electors needed is not a fixed and set number, it is based ONLY ON WHAT IS AVAILABLE.

The entire 270 to win meme was based on all possible electors present. Now that Hillary is playing games, we probably won't have all electors present, and the system will continue on, like nothing happened.

People need to learn when to be quiet. I am upset someone pushed this into the open too early, but with millions of people out there it was bound to happen.


You know how the government is. Just try registering a car in a new state that you do not know the procedure in. You'll go back to the DMV 5 times, MINIMUM. And Jill is up against something worse. With any luck at all, she won't get it right on time.

The bottom line is that if they want to screw around like this, they should have started 2 weeks ago so there would be time to learn.

It is not the court appeal. She's more than OUT in a far more important way.

People are writing various things, telling me they know what I am holding back on. No one has figured it out, and I am not going to post it until tonight at 10 PM CST because I want the clock to irrevocably run out on her. It is not the court case that is the issue. Impossible? Just wait. You'll laugh, it is GOOD. The last thing I want is to find out at 8PM that she figured it out on time.

Her efforts will be destroyed in a total of 3 different ways, all 3 virtually insurmountable. The first is that she accepted foreign donations for this recount. That makes it illegal, you cannot do that. I'll say that one but as a strategic matter will say nothing more for now because I have high hopes Trump will fulfill his promises and want him to go to the white house. Only an idiot would spill the beans on what I have discovered. And I want the Indian prophecy about the 44th president to also be proven false. False because of a time line shift, not because the Indians were wrong about anything.

This Yahoo headline is a bit presumptuous I'd say!

I just removed a GREAT report because it amounted to giving support to the enemy and I want to wait for all deadlines to pass, then I'll post it. THE BOTTOM LINE IS, IF THEY DON'T PULL THEIR SCAM WITH PERFECT LUCK, TRUMP WILL BE IN NO MATTER WHAT.

I am working on this way more than "full time", and have a triple blockbuster that simply should not go public yet. I will say this, because they can't fix it (but it is not at all related to the triple blockbuster:) Jill can't file anything because she received foreign funds for the effort, which is illegal. On that pretense alone, she's DEAD DEAD DEAD IN THE WATER. Prop at the bottom of the lagoon.

I am still hanging on to the piece of info that is going to hang Jill Stein in Pennsylvania, and NO ONE is reporting it anywhere. After tomorrow, when it is too late, I'll post it. If a judge allows it, that judge broke the law.

They CANNOT recount Pennsylvania no matter what anyone says

A deadline is a deadline, and it passed days ago. Someone wrote me assuring the liberal judges Obama appointed will make it happen. I DOUBT IT.

Folks, it is all very simple. Either they allow a peaceful transition of power as the law demands, or they'll get a violent expulsion. The American people are going to have to assume the role of police officers and enforce the law. Plenty of police officers die in the line of duty, and the American people should expect the same when they assume that job. It just could not possibly be any more simple. You will NOT be breaking the law by enforcing the law because that is what the second amendment is for, which is in and of itself a law. The "official" police can use any manner of violence to enforce even the smallest of laws if that is what it takes. It cannot be different for the American public when they assume the job of law enforcer, as the second amendment has intentionally and clearly made a legal right.

NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS, PENNSYLVANIA CANNOT BE RECOUNTED NOW BY LAW. Even if a corrupted judge gives the go ahead, it won't change the law, and the fact that the judge broke it. It will only be a signal to the American people to initiate their own completely lawful enforcement action. The whole world is watching America go banana RIGHT NOW. This kind of crap happens only in banana republic third world countries, and rotten ones at that. I am absolutely shocked Hillary would drag America through this kind of dirt, pig crap in a feed lot. Now is the time for the American people to wake up and realize that we have been the only ones holding up the agreement between government and people. The government has failed its end of the deal completely. It has been that way for decades, as we sat and watched "America" slip away. And failure to enforce the government's side of that agreement at this point in history will send America forever into the abyss.

RECOUNT IMPOSSIBLE: HERE IT IS, Proof Jillary Stein is launching a dead effort.


BUSTED: Jill Stein cannot ___________ the election in Pennsylvania and also cannot request a recount.

I went over Pennsylvania election law carefully, and discovered Jill cannot do jack because I am not filling in this blank because I will not provide legal advice to a scammer like Jill and I am not filling in this blank either with another detail that can hang her, because I am not giving advice and I want her to trip on everything possible. Pennsylvania has MORE THAN DUBIOUS odds of doing anything, and this proves her donation request was fraudulent, because there was no recount possible in Pennsylvania and she can't even ____________ because of ______________. Pennsylvania has some really good laws specifically set up to prevent a scammer like Stein from hanging the election up in B.S. legalese which is obviously what she intended to try if she was smart enough to know a recount cannot even be asked for. Perhaps she was not aware, because liberals are surprisingly good at worming their way into fat paychecks while being totally incompetent.

HERE IT IS: The Pennsylvania filing guidelines. People need to read and distribute this to prevent scammers in the system from breaking the law and ramming an illigitimate process down our throats.

Anonymous sent the following election deadlines for Pennsylvania.

Election filing deadlines for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania


No later than 5:00 P.M . on this day, the SECRETARY OF THE COMMONWEALTH must issue an order for a recount or re-canvass if it is determined, based on the unofficial returns submitted by the county boards of elections, that a statewide candidate or ballot question that appeared on the ballot in every election district throughout the Commonwealth was defeated by a margin of 1 percent or less.


Last day on which a recount or re-canvass ordered by the SECRETARY OF THE COMMONWEALTH can be scheduled to begin.


On this day, candidates receiving tie votes at the election shall cast lots at 12 Noon before the SECRETARY OF THE COMMONWEALTH or the county boards of elections, as the case may be, to determine the winner. (If the fact of the tie vote is not authoritatively determined until after November 23, the time for casting lots will be 12 Noon on the second day after the fact of such tie is determined.)

These guidelines do not have the details that wreck Jill's non-recount prospects and I won't say what they are until after it is beyond every last detail too late (and I think it already is) and only after the maggots have eaten every last hope out of this dead effort and flown away will I say anything else I know. BOTTOM LINE: Pennsylvania knew about scammers like Jill long ago, when the laws were written, and protected the system.


Last day to file petitions to contest the election of any candidate. (Not applicable to elections of the first class.)


Last day for the county boards of elections to file with the SECRETARY OF THE COMMONWEALTH returns from the November election .


State level write-in winners of elections from the November election must file Statements of Financial Interests with the State Ethics Commission, Room 309 Finance Building, P.O. Box 11470, Harrisburg, PA 7108-1470 within 30 days of having been elected unless such person resigns within that time. County and local level public office write-in winners of elections must file the Statement with the governing authority of the political subdivision where they were elected within 30 days of having been elected unless such person resigns within that time.


No later than 12 Noon on this day, a recount or re-canvass ordered by the SECRETARY OF THE COMMONWEALTH must be completed.


By 12 Noon on the day after completion of a recount or re-canvass ordered by the SECRETARY OF THE COMMONWEALTH, but no later than 12 Noon on this day, the county boards of elections must submit to the SECRETARY OF THE COMMONWEALTH the results of the re-count or re-canvass


Nov 26, 2016


BLOCKBUSTER: Liberal media's "Russian propaganda" list NOW INCLUDES U.S. Constitution!

The propornot web site is the one that produced the list that said even Drudge Report is Russian propaganda.

They created a browser add on that warns you when you have hit a web site that is "Russian propaganda" and more importantly, flags the specific links on a web site that are the "Russian propaganda" they are talking about. ON THE WEB SITE FEDERALISTPAPERS.ORG THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES IS FLAGGED AS RUSSIAN PROPAGANDA.

This is not "fake news", this has been confirmed. This really does (or did) happen (they might actually fix this because it too obviously shows their true intentions) and it proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that the MSM, Hillary, ALL OF THEM hate the United States and will claim absolutely anything that relates to the true America that Trump is trying to save is "propaganda". This can happen only if their real goal is to wipe out America as everyone knows America, IN ITS ENTIRETY. Anything that refers to the good of the nation as the nation we grew up in is now labeled for destruction and elimination. This gaffe of theirs proves it completely.


Nothing could possibly prove how hollow the MSM's B.S. about "Russian hackers" and "Russian influence" is more clearly than this, they are FAKE WITH ALL OF IT FROM START TO FINISH. And they absolutely will try to destroy the nation with this level of fakery and will not give up until they are wiped out.


This proves beyond a doubt that Jill was a plant all along, a "pinch hitter" that lied about everything, including her "support for Trump" and "hatred for Hillary". Her campaign might not have even been sincere, I now think she ran only to provide Hillary with a way to call a recount that did not have her name on it.

The margin in Michigan is 5X as high as the largest margin ever overcome by a recount, and the other states are about 25X and 40X larger. If this gets flipped it will be monumentally obvious fraud.


Too late for a recount in Pennsylvania

This is, as far as I know accurate. The only thing Jill can do in Pennsylvania is claim it was rigged. The deadline really did pass.

Rumors about Jill Stein running with the money might be legit. The recount deadline in Pennsylvania has passed. There is a way she can still cause problems, but I am not going to spread it. Remember, we have filthy filthy people involved in this, Emperor of Star Wars type filthy, and quite literally the exact same government filth the Emperor was in charge of. I never heard "child molester" on the Emperors list of filth so what we have is probably worse.


People have written to me saying I ignored Pizzagate. NOPE, all I did was post the irrefutable facts on the topic (and they really are irrefutable.) Do not make the mistake of surface reading this web site, SCROLL DOWN, it is not even far down the page. Pizzagate is set in stone by none other than the Podesta brothers themselves, and I have proof that would hold in court here. And I am not going to water it down with myth and rumor, it is staying the way it is.

It is official, Jill Stein filed for a recount in Wisconsin at 4:31 PM. THE STEAL IS ON.

Nov 23,24,25 2016

Fidel Castro has died

Probably nothing sinister, he was 90. Don't know what to make of it because the MSM lies so much we probably never heard the truth. Not my hero anyway.

Someone may have released smallpox

Don't know what to make of this, but Breitbart is saying it showed up at a refugee camp. Zika did not cut it for forced vaccinations. Smallpox would!

I sent this mail to Prop Or Not, (the center for listing that huge "propaganda" web site list that even included the Drudge Report:)

Subject: Why am I not on your list?

You sure miss a lot.

You can't depend on Alexa to know who is worth posting, My site is SO RUSSIAN Alexa refuses to rank it!

How big is it? During statistical analysis when Alexa and everyone else still ranked it a couple years ago it was 20 percent more popular than the Southern Poverty Law center, and now is 7X as popular as it was then.

THERE IS A REASON WHY I SET MANY OF THE TRENDS, and end up with my stuff on Drudge, Infowars, and half of the other sites you listed (without reference because that is too dangerous for them) - I AM HUGE, GOOD, AND RUSSIAN (according to you, which just means I speak the truth, uncensored.)

Good luck with your censorship drive, I have not been able to get Google Ads since 2011! I am THAT GOOD. And I am proud, I often say "They don't DARE post the really good sites on ANY publicly readable list." But all the other sites know about me anyway, so I get re-posted and read a LOT more than anything Russian, and I do not require people to reference my work (though I request it) because I know it is banned and get a shitload of traffic anyway.

I have attached the stats top four countries for this month. And this month is not even done yet. And there were visits from 243 other countries that substantially add, but the top four will make the point just fine. I am NOT a small potato, and REALLY deserve to make your list. PLEASE PUT ME ON IT. And by the way, the stats may be from the main server, but it is only 1 of 6, the site is actually a LOT more traveled than this. And don't bother putting my mail on a spam list, it is already on the not public blacklist that is a LOT worse than a spam list. They'll just laugh.

Thank you,


PREDICTION: You will NEVER see this site on any publicly readable list because it is GROUND ZERO for too much stuff, not the least of which is Fukushima truth - the REAL HARDCORE TECHNICALLY ACCURATE AND DOCUMENTED TRUTH that is absolute poison for Israel.

Election recount in progress: They could not swing the electoral college even with violent threats, so now team Hillary pinch hitter Jill Stein has opened the door for the final steal.

Everything of concern regarding the steal is covered on this page:

1. Six electors DID NOT switch away from Trump, this is a bold faced MSM lie that everyone, even Infowars fell for. Reality: They switched away from Hillary.
2. Trump DID NOT say he would not prosecute Hillary, he in fact said the opposite and the MSM lied again, to undermine Trump's support.
3. A bot paid for the election recount, which was documented on this site while it happened. Jill Stein did not raise 3 million for her entire campaign. How did she raise 4.5 million for the recount on THANKSGIVING DAY which is among the slowest internet days of the entire year?

All of that and much more is on this page.

To the deniers who do not believe a recount will happen, HERE IT IS the official request for Wisconsin.

The election steal bot went on a perfectly predictable pattern

(Nov 24)

This pattern was nailed with precision up until noon CST, and then they shut it off right around 2:30 before it could hit the next "waypoint" at 6:10 PM. Just back calculate. She hit 4,000,000 at noon. She started it up at 1:30 the day before. That is 22.5 hours. Divide four million by 22.5. It comes out to 177,000 dollars an hour. A few people chipped in during the day, to add a little to the top of what the bot continuously ran at - 160,000 an hour (as shown in earlier reports on this page.) Ok so she has so far raised almost 4.5 million on THANKSGIVING DAY and the night before. FIGURE THE ODDS when her entire campaign did not hit 3 million. Yet she did THAT on THANKSGIVING??!!?? WTF, OVER! Now that they switched the bot off you can see the difference, donations are only creeping in now. I don't know if they figured she had enough, or they figured out we knew what was going on.

I have a deep deep dread and anger. Project time.

I usually do not post work from other people, however, this is really good:

Serial Killer Hillary Will Steal the Election-Millions Will Die in the Aftermath

David Hodges, Nov 24 2016

Bill and Hillary Clinton are two of the greatest serial killers in American History. I have frequently stated that Hillary Clinton will become known as the FEMA Camp President if she were ever elected or is able to steal the election. The following paragraphs and video will illustrate the truthfulness of this statement.

As Jim Stone has pointed out, Jill (how much was paid by the Clinton Foundation) Stein has demanded and been granted a recount. Stein is clearly operating as a proxy for Clinton. The rumor is she has been offered the Secretary of the Interior, or the Director of the EPA if Clinton is named the President on this appeal. This rumor has a great deal of credibility, Why? Because Stein, from an election point, has nothing to gain from this recount. The only beneficiary is Hillary Clinton. This is obviously a case of tit for tat.

Subsequently, Hillary Clinton has gained, through proxy, a recount of Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania. Hillary is indeed going to steal the election if we permit it.

When Hillary steals the election you can count on a false flag followed by martial law. Martial law will be used as an excuse to begin to murder and incarcerate her political enemies right down to the alternative media and their followers. You can take this to the bank, if Hillary Clinton is able to steal the election, she will do away with, in Bill Ayers fashion, her opponents. Then, she will preside over the breakup of the United States (Calexit, Cascadia, Reconquista Atlzlan, etc).. This will be culminated by her getting what’s left of the US in a third world war with Russia in which the US is devastated.

Therefore it is time to remind the country of who and what the Clintons are, two of the biggest serial killers ever. It is this kind of legacy that will lead to the following:

The immediate future of our country depends on Hillary not being successful in stealing the election. If Hillary Clinton manages to steal the election, she will not hesitate to do away with all dissidents who oppose her.

America, many of our lives depend on us making this a rallying cry. If we are silent, many of us will not survive.

My response:

You are dead right. This will not be a "business as usual" election loss. Everyone has been freaked out about the FEMA camps for over a decade. Hillary is THE TICKET TO ADMISSION. And much of it will happen in silence, with white vans coming in the dead of night, or people disappearing when stopped for traffic violations. She'll fill the abandoned homes with illegals and no one will know anything happened at all.

Communists take out groups, not individuals. This was proven in Bolshevik Russia. Because when you remove an individual, there are people asking questions and communists hate questions. The NSA will figure out all the associations, and take out entire trees, all at once. And when people's homes are abandoned (in the interim, before others arrive to fill them) it will just be called a foreclosure and the neighbors will chuckle about how great they are because they did not get foreclosed on and then immigrants will arrive to a nice new home, your home. They won't question anything at all. They will just think America is great and they get a free home. That is all that will come of it.


I missed Thanksgiving!

I got so freaked out about the recount I missed it! (plus in Mexico the equivalent is on a different day) so in the U.S. Happy Thanksgiving!


Six electors DID NOT flip away from Trump. Six democrat electors flipped away from Hillary, and the MSM lied and said they switched from Trump in the hopes of causing a chain reaction. A democrat elector cannot switch from Trump, because they won't vote republican normally anyway. The MSM lied outright about this. SIX ELECTORS IN COLORADO ALONE, PLUS ONE IN WASHINGTON STATE FLIPPED AWAY FROM HILLARY. ONE elector might flip away from Trump. Do not let the MSM fool you, they fooled Pravda, PressTV, RT, Infowars and everyone else, even sites like zero hedge. They did not fool me, I caught the deception. Another deception they pulled was that Trump was not going to prosecute Hillary. He never said that. I have the full transcript of what happened with that near the top of this page, and the full report about the electors that flipped away from Hillary is (way) down this page, I covered this days ago.


This is VERY REAL, 3 plus million dollars was raised in only 18 hours to pay for the recounts and accomplish the steal. EVERY DETAIL IS COVERED HERE, THIS REPORT IS WELL DEVELOPED, I got onto this within 10 minutes of it being official and have worked non stop. See the numerous reports and updates on this page.


By the math, and watching the progression, she will have 3.5 million dollars at exactly 12:05PM CST if only the BOT contributes. It is so fraudulent it can be calculated with precision! (If it happens before that it will be because real people chipped in, but it certainly will not be after 12:35! My original calculation still stands: 4.5 million by no later than 6:30 PM CST. This is covered in more detail on this page, (scroll down)


Yesterday the New York Times lied, and said Trump would not prosecute Hillary. Due to undeserved trust in the MSM, even Trump staffers repeated it, because they believed it!

Here is what was really said:

Maggie Haberman: Kellyanne Conway talked about not prosecuting Hillary Clinton. We're hoping you could talk about exactly what that means - does that mean just the emails and the foundation, and how you came to that decision.

Trump: Well, there was a report that somebody said that I'm not enthused about it. Look, I want to move forward, I do not want to move back. And I don't want to hurt the Clintons, I really don't.

Matthew Purdy: So you're definitely taking that off the table?

Trump: No, but the question was asked.

MY COMMENT: The lie about Trump going back on this promise was staged by the MSM to undermine Trump's support in preparation for an election steal that is now underway. Think it is fiction? NOPE. Normally the margins would be too large to allow for a recount, but the ploy is that TRUMP hacked the E-vote machines, and they are investigating a hack. With Soros in control of the machines, a "hack" WILL be found, and Trump could be in huge trouble.

Web site shut downs in progress

Maryann sent: "Many websites shut down. Daily Sheeple was false-flagged and shut down last weekend; a propriety video sent directly to site, bypassing web admin, now has 'domain for sale' page up. DC Clothesline - no new posts since 11/22. *uckerberg's 'no truth media' policy is in force - still looking for a site to repost your vote count info, tried only those 2.

Prayin for you.

My response: I'll have to check into that. They tried to whack this web site last night by hijacking the log ins and were unsuccessful because the server warned me, AND because I am using a very uniquely set up laptop that runs off of an unhackable ROM chip and has no hard drive. Additionally, I offshored and am located in Iceland. I warned everyone to do this. I have (if I remember right) 6 backup servers and 12 backup domains and 3 dedicated IP's located physically in 3 different countries. Shutdown of this particular site will not be easy. That is probably why it is still online considering what it is, they definitely want this one dead. Now would be a good time to tell people to TAKE A PICTURE OF THE IP ADDRESS in your address bar above, because if this site gets removed from the DNS servers that IP will still work. Iceland will NOT comply with a shut down order, that has been made very clear. Additionally two of the IP addresses are in jurisdictions outside of the reach of ICANN, including the one that automatically loads in the address bar when you hit this site. ICANN is not the omnipotent god of the web, though the scamming MSM would like you to think so.


A bot is pulling cash from a central fund, and giving it out at a pre determined rate.

Go to Jill Stein's fundraiser page and watch the progress. You will see that her funding is coming in at a PERFECTLY CONSISTENT 160,000 an hour. I watched this yesterday and last night carefully, and noted that at night, when everyone is sleeping and right through the time when the whole world slows down, her donations for this came in like clockwork, with no deviation from the steady pace whatsoever.

The only way that can happen is if a bot was set up to fake her getting donations from multiple people, and whoever set it up did not consider the fact that practically everything would come from America, and practically everyone is asleep at 3AM. LAST NIGHT IT SHOULD HAVE SLOWED DOWN. IT DID NOT. IT JUST MARCHED RIGHT TOWARD THE FINISH LIKE AN OBEDIENT SOLDIER. It went straight to 2.65 million by six AM. I can calculate: IT WILL GO TO 4.5 MILLION IN 28.125 HOURS. Oh, a few people will pitch in for real, so I'll say 27 hours.

EASY MATH. JILL STEIN WILL GET THE 4.5 MILLION SHE NEEDS BETWEEN 4 AND SIX PM TONIGHT, DEPENDING UPON HOW MUCH REAL PEOPLE PITCH IN. Actual math progression based on the steady rate lands squarely on 6:10 PM tonight, but I am guessing a few real people will pay in.

Don't be fooled by the slick language on the donation page, if those donations did not virtually stop at night they are not coming from the American people.

Yes folks, we are watching the election steal as it happens. They could not do it by threatening electors, so now we have this. And it is all based on false claims, because Michigan CANNOT BE HACKED. Michigan has a CERTIFIED VOTE. There is NO WAY THIS IS LEGIT. And that means ONE THING - there are liars doing it, powerful liars who know in advance they are going to find what they are looking for.

Anonymous sent:

It's over, folks.

They are absolutely taking this from Trump. If you were able to see these stories they already have prepared for us to start running next week, your jaw would hit the ground.

They are going to "find" that the results were indeed "hacked". They have everything set in place, and have been ready to play this out for over a week.

All 3 states (Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania) are going to be reversed and awarded to Hillary Clinton. Speculate on who is pulling the strings, but this is going to happen.

Start preparing for the news to come, NOW.

My response: Michigan had all paper ballots and cannot be hacked. But that won't stop liars of the caliber we are up against. Michigan has a different vote counting process than other states. First, Michigan does a quick count. Then, automatically, they do a certified count. That count was certified today. It is an un-hackable process. If Hillary takes Michigan when Michigan can't be hacked, and the vote is certified, it will prove fraud of the highest order.

Pukable swiss commentator ripping Trump on Mex TV at 1AM. Good time slot.



She raised enough to trigger a recount in Wisconsin, and the other two states are cheaper. She's got it.

Trump may have taken Michigan today, but that will not make a difference. Jill Stein demanded a recount, and the election WILL be rigged.

They have had ALL THE TIME they need to fill out a whole bunch of blank ballots and throw the election to Hillary. No one was watching. It happened, GAME OVER. All 3 states, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania will be thrown to Hillary. IT IS OVER.

So that is how they planned to steal it all along, since election day at least. And Hillary can skate free, saying I DID NOT DO IT, when you know DAMN WELL she did.

Every last request Jill Stein has will be answered, and every last request Trump asks for will be denied. There will be absolutely nothing that can be done to stop it, because they would not have done this unless they knew for certain they had it in the bag.


They had a bunch of fake computer consultants state there were voting anomalies in favor of Trump, and that they proved Russia rigged the vote. On these grounds, green party candidate Jill Stein called for a recount, and was handed all the money she needed to do it in a single day. In the background, leading up to this, (obviously) they wrote in a huge number of fake ballots for Hillary. The recount will discover all these new votes for Hillary, and she's going in. AT A BARE MINIMUM, THEY WILL APPOINT SOMEONE OTHER THAN TRUMP. They would not be doing this unless they knew they had it in the bag.

They are saying the election was hacked, when Pennsylvania does not even have a way to hack it. They are BRAZENLY lying about everything. The MSM is backing them up, and Google is destroying dissent. And ALL the comment sections are open for a change, with 100 percent trollage in favor of it, (or when real opinion is allowed, they have it perfectly answered and bashed into the ground.)

This is such a brazen steal they would not even think of doing it unless they KNEW FOR SURE they have it in the bag.

About Trump going back on his promises:

Anonymous sent:

Perhaps your opinion that Trump is being quietly drugged is right. The decisions he is making go counter to his own rhetoric promises. It might be his own family doing it. Jared Kushner is using Trump for his own goals. Lame Cherry has a post about this. Kushner's family is apparently a mafia type one not to be trusted. We still need Trump. We had no other choice. But I don't think Trump's faithless team is in the game to MAGA. Thanks for all your warnings. What you post isn't what forum admins want to acknowledge."

My response: Probably more than possibly.


I am sure you are a nice guy, but must say (because I care) that you are walking on thin ice. Already, in the American market alone, there are over 10,000 DJI phantom drones that could be outfitted with the active parts of a hand gun, fly to your house and kill you from far out of sight. But there is something worse. I know what you know - about a suppressed technology.

Nasa ran an obviously poorly designed B.S. experiment that made the asymmetrical capacitor look like a fringe effect. But inadvertently in that experiment NASA proved it would work in a vacuum and released that info to the public, which proved the much better results from others are not from ions pushing on air. Others have only gotten up to a gram of thrust from their designs, because the plate material they are using is very poor and the dielectric is very poor. HOWEVER -

If the dielectric material was switched to barium strontium titanate doped polymer film, the effects would be magnified by 250,000 times, and if activated carbon derived from palm trees was used as the plate material, that would be improved by a minimum of 30X. I know this. I am NOT STUPID. And I am not the only guy out there that is NOT STUPID. Why on earth all the public experimenters have not taken it past where they have when the answer is so obvious is enough to make me shake my head, I have a hunch they got censored and/or taken out.

DEAR GEORGE SOROS: DO NOT STEAL THE ELECTION VIA JILL STEIN. I am not the only one who knows about BaSrTiO3 doped film, plenty of people out there have enough knowledge to develop a totally silent endless output thruster that will allow them to hover over wherever you are indefinitely, and blow you away the second you show your dear and beautiful head. Rather than walk around in your grand illusion of Godhood, I suggest you instead figure your real odds against the greatest intellectual public the world has ever seen. You are not pulling your sh*t against Zimbabwe this time.

Weak weak THIN ICE, when 10,000 Americans already own a drone that can take you out if they are willing to cut apart a Glock. I do not have to be right about the asymmetrical capacitor for you and your entire family to come face to face with doom no matter how good your security is and I'd sure hate for that to happen.

Oh, and obviously I myself won't be doing anything from where I am, because I can't and because I love you. But I think you should be aware of what others might be planning, and factor that into your "election results". And oh, I only know so much, there might be numerous chaps out there with better things thought up than I would have ever considered to warn you about.

The most common cheap capacitor dielectric out there is barium titanate, and that alone can hit a dielectric constant of 15,000 if sintered correctly. That alone would allow a soup can sized thruster (if used with palm tree derived activated carbon as a plate material) to produce 900 pounds of thrust (based upon the results people are getting with air gapped crap). So even not having anything ideal ought to work "good enough". Things to dream about, things to sleep on, rest easy George.




You thought they'd just let Trump walk right in and pull the plug on the swamp? WHAT A LAUGH, IT IS GAME OVER.


They could not swing the electoral college, so now team Hillary pinch hitter Jill Stein has now ensured a violent, bloody revolution.

I have been watching this, and the trolls are hitting it hard, saying everyone voted for Hillary and no one can believe any of those states went to Trump. And absolutely no comment is being allowed in any comment section that is speaking against this, or asking any questions at all about it. Total 100 percent controlled media smack down.

Hillary to claim the e-vote machines were hacked for Trump??!!??

Not fringe, this was posted on Breitbart. People need to pay attention to this!

See this on breitbart and all I can say is it was Hillary that hired election hackers, SEE THIS:




You won't see THIS on CNN!

Hillary's "electors" don't want to cast even a meaningless vote for someone as filthy and corrupt as Hillary. So what did the MSM do with this? They turned around and used the Democrats as examples of what the Republicans "should do" or "are doing" for Trump, AND STRONGLY implied that the democrats defecting from Hillary would reduce the electoral college totals for Trump, when that is impossible.

If you want to see MSM desperation well into the realm of madness, just read the next report - "MSM busted in a flurry of lies."

Nov 22 2016


NEVER link them. Do a capture of their page and embed enough of it in yours to prove your point but NEVER LINK. Because when you link you fund the enemy. Google is out to kill us and help the liars live. Deprive them of Google income by letting them eat static, wondering if anyone is out there, DO NOT HELP THEM GET PAID BY SENDING THEM TRAFFIC.




FACT: Even though Politico spun their report to imply Trump is losing six electoral college voters, the reality is (according to their report when you read to the bottom) Hillary is losing six electoral college voters in Colorado alone with another being lost in Washington state. Trump might lose ONE. 7-1 = Trump +6. I also busted in the same lie, where they referenced Politico.

Here is what DO NOT CLICK THAT LINK AND GIVE THEM AD REVENUE, I only posted it to prove a source) said Politico said, (which is a lie, Politico did not say this, they lied a different way)

"At least six electors - members of the Electoral College whose votes actually elect the President - have vowed to cast ballots that don't align with the popular vote results of their states, Politico reported Tuesday. If they carry out their intentions - in effect, becoming "faithless electors" - they would narrow Donald Trump's margin-of-victory in the Electoral College over Hillary Clinton.

One elector, Michael Baca said in a statement that he wouldn’t vote for Trump. My comment: He can't vote for Trump anyway, because he's Colorado, which went to Hillary! HA HA HA HA HA! What desperation the MSM is showing!

Added elector Bret Chiafalo, who along with Baca is part of a small group called Hamilton Electors, "All we’re trying to do is honor what the Founding Fathers gave us." MY COMMENT: YEAH, BY VOTING AGAINST HILLARY I GUESS, BECAUSE BRET IS FROM WASHINGTON STATE, WHICH WENT TO HILLARY!


Do I need to mention it is illegal for these people to flip, and punishable in 29 states? Probably not, because they are FLIPPING AWAY FROM HILLARY, NOT TRUMP, SO THE ELECTION WILL NOT END UP GETTING FLIPPED BECAUSE OF THIS.

Ok so how disgusted does the democrat party have to be with Hillary to get SIX people in ONE STATE to defect from her, even after she lost and it won't matter anyway? HOW DESPERATE DOES THE MSM HAVE TO BE TO BE SO MISLEADING, STATING OPENLY TRUMP LOST ELECTORS THAT COULD HAVE ONLY BEEN LOST BY HILLARY? Folks, I dug with this and made sure I got it right, the reality in all of this is that Hillary lost electoral college voters, NOT TRUMP, and the states mentioned by as having flipped voters are democrat states (Washington and Colorado) that went to Hillary. The only way they could flip is to Trump or third party, so this "Trump is losing six electors" meme is a SOLIDLY PROVABLE MSM HOAX.


Donna McCartney: Trump cannot re-vitalize fossil fuel industry, "train has left the station"

EPA administrator Donna McCartney has issued an open statement, saying Trump will fail to re-vitalize fossil fuels and that clean energy will take over no matter what. She's DEAD WRONG.

FACT: If you took the entire Mojave wind farm in California, with hundreds if not thousands of giant wind turbines and used them to run the electrical equivalent of a large blast furnace and steel finishing line, it would not cut it. You HAVE TO use coal for that, and no green fantasy is ever going to change that reality.

The biggest enemy of American industry and "American greatness" is the EPA, which was used as a weapon against American industry to make it impossible to get anything industrial done by imposing stricter and stricter emissions standards on coal, until it became impossible to run industry. The EPA needs to be disbanded, DONE AWAY WITH TOTALLY.

Let me give you and example of why:

In America, if you want to run a blast furnace, the EPA got so invasive with emissions that you have to have the following systems: 1. A hydrofilter. This is a giant container of marbles that have water sprayed on them constantly while they are partially suspended by the force of the exhaust from the industrial process. The smoke gets stuck to the wet marbles and washes out a waste pipe and then goes to settling tanks, which is another huge system. SOUNDS GREAT. Here's why it is NOT GREAT: You have to have a GIANT, and I MEAN GIANT electrical motor to run a blower system strong enough to push the smoke through the filter. That costs an enormous amount of money in electricity. And the settling tanks have their own motors, and huge systems similar to a wastewater treatment plant for a large city. That is not cheap!

You also have to have bag houses. These are rows and rows of hundreds (or thousands) of fabric bags 30 feet tall that yet another huge blower has to force the smoke through. The fabric is woven tight enough to catch the smoke particles and the bags are shaken, and the smoke falls as a black powder into catch bins below them. Aside from the money it costs to maintain these systems, the electricity costs alone will kill a business, AND THE EPA DOES IT ON PURPOSE, TO DESTROY AMERICAN BUSINESS. I HAVE PROOF:

Back in the good old days, when the EPA was just getting going, industrial processes like blast furnaces started using electrostatic precipitators. And the effect was DRAMATIC, and I mean DRAMATIC, with 90 - 95 percent of emissions knocked out by that one device alone. That one device alone, which was CHEAP to operate was enough to get rid of practically all the smoke. That one device alone, which was CHEAP TO OPERATE turned the city sky blue again. Ditto for the cheap to operate catalytic converters on cars, which were introduced at around the same time.

But that did not cut it for the EPA, and it should have been enough if the environment was the objective. But no, the EPA instead sought out (with obvious intent only for the purpose of killing the country) tighter and tighter emissions standards that required ever more complex systems to meet the standards. In the end, things got so complex (even in the 90's) that 60 to 70 percent of the cost of running industry in America was emissions cleanup. That destroyed American competitiveness, and made it possible for a bunch of comparatively pathetic Chinese to overtake America economically.

People are quick to blame America's high wages for the jobs getting shipped overseas. Folks, that was NOT IT. Americans are so productive and intelligent at work, and produce such high quality that the wages can be paid NO SWEAT, and America before the EPA became weaponized proves it. It was BOOM TIME. After the EPA was allowed to run amok, emissions cleanup ALONE often exceeded total wages paid to employees by a huge margin. High wages demanded by American workers was NOT the problem because the American worker was worth the high wage. The real problem was the EPA.

And I have personal experience which proves the EPA was the problem

When I worked at a large steel mill (at an advanced level in automation and electronic controls) one job I had was to, on occasion, switch emission control systems because due to EPA regulations, you had to have two parallel systems in case one went down. And occasionally you had to switch one off for maintenance. These systems used SO MUCH POWER that we had to call the power company first, and warn them one was going to be started because if we did not, and they were not ready to increase their output it could trigger a blackout. There were individual motors in the system that by themselves created start up demands of over 50 megawatts. Once spun up, they'd only draw 7 megawatts or so, but WOW, what an electric bill for ONE motor! There was nothing else like that in the entire facility. And yes, the system ran so clean you could not tell anything was being made, there was no smoke AT ALL.

Here's the punch line: The EPA was threatening the facility with shut down, because they could walk around the premises with hand held sensors that could tell there was an industrial process happening, even though the average person would see no smoke and not smell jack. Every one of us knew that their only intention was to destroy American industry, because the only way to make it "cleaner" was to cut our throats and shut it down.

FACT: The EPA is an enemy on American soil, which seeks only to destroy the nation.

FACT: No country on earth has ever had industry survive as long as America's did with such tight environmental controls. And only American ingenuity made it possible for it to survive as long as it did.

FACT: All of America's competitors, who can somehow do it "better and cheaper" are allowed to run straight stacks and spew smoke like an 1800's locomotive. AT MOST, (in a few countries) they have to use afterburners (which are practically free) and electrostatic precipitators (which are virtually banned in America because they are "not good enough".) Reality - they are just too cheap to operate, and won't kill industry which is the true objective of the EPA.)

FACT: Industry makes a mess. But the most basic of efforts will get rid of 95 percent of that mess. Efforts that any business could survive. But 95 percent is just not "good enough" for the EPA, AND IF 95 PERCENT IS NOT GOOD ENOUGH, WHOEVER IS DECIDING IT IS NOT GOOD ENOUGH IS AN ENEMY OF THE STATE. That much should be OBVIOUS to anyone.

FACT: The EPA is run and inspired by communists, who are probably foreign agents on American soil that have only the objective of destroying America so communism elsewhere can take over. The only way to handle the problem is to shut down the EPA and repeal American emission standards to where they were in 1979, if not 1973. It was already good enough at that time. An electrostatic precipitator paired with an after burner really is good enough.

FACT: Get rid of the EPA, and the American workers can show their worth and get paid a high wage, rather than having all their pay get siphoned off to pay for ridiculously meticulous emissions cleanup. If one thing shows Democrat hypocrisy, it is the EPA they worked so hard to make so ridiculous, which made things so expensive that the American worker (who they claimed to support) got the shaft. That alone proves the "democrat" leadership, at the highest levels, cares about no one at all.

Nov 21 2016


They thought they were going to get instructions on how to deal with Trump and get their press credentials for the white house, and instead got what some called a "Trump style firing squad (see the following capture:-)

Trump will get America OUT of the TPP

In a Youtube video he released to get around the scamming press, Trump has stated his first executive action will be to get America out of the TPP.

What can I say? He's one of us! I strongly urge everyone out there to let him make his mistakes and correct them. He's the first president I know of that let his voter base select a huge portion of his cabinet. Some people are worried about a few things, but for the most part everyone I have come across online is for the most part impressed with Trump's discernment in who he is selecting to fill key positions. The potential for sabotage is still there, but I don't think we are in any danger of an acid bath. First truly good news in decades on the political front as far as I see it.

Trump to ban imports of Saudi oil

That's actually good news, and a great move. I absolutely HATE the Sauds, (long story there, and not the usual) it is based on knowing Saudi royal immigrants in America, where they abundantly showed how freaking stuck up and intellectually worthless they are, despite having pages and pages of credentials. But they have money so that makes it OK. ANYWAY:

There was a GIANT oil discovery in Texas, that is un doubtedly the largest discovery of oil on American soil in America's history. Even with it not totally prospected out, there was enough oil discovered to keep America's cars running from that ONE DEPOSIT ALONE to put 183,000 miles on every car, truck, van, and SUV in America if the average MPG with all of them bunched together is 25. Let's say this differently: The average American car gets 12,000 miles a year put on it. THIS ONE DEPOSIT IN TEXAS ALONE, BEFORE IT IS EVEN FULLY PROSPECTED OUT (so it is bound to be even larger than this) is enough, with average American driving, to keep everyone in America on the road for 15.28 years.

That's without even tapping any other American oil or importing from countries other than Saud.

So Trump really can tell the Sauds to stick it, it won't mean a thing for the American economy. GOOD MOVE. 50 laughs. Now let's see the Sauds try to find a way to pay for all the terror mayhem they so arrogantly cause in the middle east. PREDICTION: 17 Bugatti orders CANCELED.


Jim Stone, Nov 21 2016

Go ahead and call the alt media "fake news". Go ahead and have Google continue denying ads to this web site (as has always been the case,) and advance that to wiping out others, and go ahead and switch on the censor bots. The Alt media will beat you anyway. Want to know why? I can sum it up in a phrase:

People are not stupid.

All anyone in the alt media needs to do now is log onto youtube and get the facts straight from the President himself, as he records his own addresses and posts them for the public to see, without them getting washed by you, because he knows you are all proven liars. Oh, but I'd bet Youtube will ban him. So what. He's the President, and can just set up an equivalent and serve the truth from it. Do you think you can stop that? Anyone who blocked that with a spam filter would get busted by the NSA which is now under his control, and be jailed in minutes.

Overnight, the entire alt media can be credentialed as much as you are, and ALL THEY HAVE TO DO TO KICK YOUR BUTTS INTO THE GUTTER IS TELL THE TRUTH AS TRUMP SAID IT IN VIDEO, UNFILTERED. That is something you will never do, and Trump could make it so easy for the alt media to crush you just by doing that. GUESS WHAT? He's already doing it, one of those videos is already linked on this web site.

Rather than meet with a bunch of filthy lying despicable media whores, Trump can just do a state of the union address every single day. How are you, the scamming MSM, going to compete with that? What would anyone but an IDIOT do? Spend an hour with proven liars, or just sit in front of a web cam for an hour going down a list of daily items and posting it in full form? What would YOU DO if you faced your own meat grinder? Don't lie. Oh, forget it, that's too much to ask.

I make a serious effort to make this web site a prime hit of the most avoided relevant topics

And I try to keep it all accurate, and believe I hit 90+ percent accuracy, which is unusual considering the topics are often either obscure, extracted from conflicting lies to hit a correct outcome, or totally cutting edge where no one else has them until they find it here and re-post. A prime example of this was the Newsweek report, which I had confirmed and proven accurate 2 days before anyone else mentioned it. There have only been two things lately (in the past month) that I did not nail out of the many topics covered, and one was a spoof report about an FBI agent and his wife that were added to the Clinton body count (that I accidentally posted for a day and pulled), and Hillary did not die and or was not irrevocably detained without bail. However, the body double is still a reality. But the body double would not have "smelled like a goblin" and started attacking people on election night and I'll call that confirmation that in some venues (but not all) we still get the real Hillary. Too bad.

Anyway, I'll eat a crow wing over Hillary, but not the whole crow. There was a serious attempt to appoint her as President, (like I was saying months ago but not recently) but that attempt has thus far failed. Let's keep it that way and stay on top of her blatant threats to the electoral college electors. Additionally, we need to make sure they stay the same people and are not mysteriously switched out under the radar. Now is NOT the time to take a nap.

Fukushima got hit by a 7.3 earthquake

The cooling systems failed on reactor 3 but it did not matter much because there is practically nothing left there to keep cool anyway. Non story.

Nov 21 2016

Gold in Coal? As it turns out, YES.

I was surprised by this report from Russia that claims Russia now has a way to extract gold from burned coal. So I looked into this topic, and as it turns out, gold is often in coal deposits, evenly dispersed through it. If concentrations of an ounce per ton are common, that exceeds the concentrations that are often mined for in rock. So why would that be interesting?

It is interesting because according to the conventional model, coal is plant based, so there should not be any gold in it at all. I have always had my doubts that coal really is plant based, and instead thought it was just a carbon deposit. Carbon is a common element, so why not? Sure, you will find examples of plants that have been fossilized and reduced to carbon, but there should also be plenty of examples of carbon simply being a deposited element, and I think the Russians have proven that by finding gold evenly dispersed in it, which would be impossible if it really was 100 percent plant based in origin.

Podesta brothers near perfect match for police sketch of child snatchers

Police sketches are created with software that is fed descriptions from witnesses of what people looked like. This most certainly nails the Podesta brothers as child snatchers as accurately as could ever be done with a "no original photo" render of what people looked like.

Now that some new info is coming out, I am going to run with these photos, which I have had for a while.

Ok, so why would I post this? Because in a report farther down this page I discussed the death of Monica Petersen, who was investigating a child snatching ring being run under the cover of a fake gold mine in Haiti by Hillary Clinton's brothers, and Monica got arkancided last week. It is now fully confirmed that Monica was investigating Hillary's family in Haiti and was onto something, most likely linking to Comet Pizza, Hillary Clinton, the Podesta brothers, and DEFINITELY child smuggling conducted by Hillary's family all together in one neat little package, and then she died. She was in her 20's.

It is suspected that she tied it all together, but did not live to tell about it. The agency she worked for confirmed she operated under cover and had conducted a two year investigation, got onto something big, and died. They confirmed it during a memorial service during a live stream from Haiti on Friday.

I finally posted the Podesta brothers police sketch photo (I have had it for a while) because now it appears that the Podesta brothers were in Portugal the day a little girl named Madeline McCann went missing while on vacation from Britain in 2003, and were confirmed to have been within a mile of that disappearance which is to this day unsolved. With the Podesta E-mails being what triggered the entire pizza gate pedophile bust, Hillary's brothers running a child smuggling ring in Haiti with the subsequent death of the investigator that was onto it, the Podesta brothers obviously being featured in a police sketch of a child disappearance in Portugal on the day they were there, well, things are starting to unravel. Hillary herself said that "if Trump gets elected we're all going to jail," and it appears there might be significant substance to that statement.

I will get to more details tomorrow, I am still waiting for things to develop on this. I am being extremely cautious with this, because I know there are many people working overtime to feed disinfo into the alt media. However, what I have written so far is 100 percent confirmed and I held off until I hit "critical data mass" to call it real.

People are having a hard time believing that the entire DNC is a band of pedophiles (with plenty on the Republican side as well) so that is stifling the spread of relevant information. But to those who can't believe it, all I can say is if it is true of the upper leadership of Britain, and people in the French government have written books about it, well, why not in America also?

OBVIOUS: Google, Facebook, Twitter and others are cracking down on the Alt media now, calling it all "fake" because they are probably, when it all boils down, involved in scandals like this and they want those who would speak up smashed before hand now that there is a government in place that will likely do something about it. For what other reason could it possibly all be for? They are aiding and abetting known proven felons of the highest order by damning the alt media. QUESTION: WHY?


UPDATE: There is something suspicious going on, and that is that all the "real" news sources that are saying Soros is alive and well are also saying Soros is not funding the riots, and that Soros does not have anything to do with America's voting machines. They are also saying Soros did not help Hillary and has never consulted with her, and that Soros does not own any foundations that do anything to mess with countries. After they make all of that good and clear, they are saying he's alive and well, and a really nice guy.

So we have full confirmation that the MSM is the fake media, whether or not Soros is alive or dead.


How pathetic is the MSM when they spew crap like that when there is cold hard proof out there on sites like this? There is a reason why they are in the dirt now, and this capture proves it:

But Smartmatic pulled this page a month before the election, which means they don't have tech involved in the U.S. elections, just because average people can't find it on their web site anymore.

So the big question is then, is Soros dead? WHO KNOWS, but I do know one thing - the MSM is so unreliable in such easily proven ways that I won't even consider their take on this.


Take a look at this Inquisitr report that looks good on the surface, until you see the easily debunked Smartmatic B.S. that puts everything else they say in deep doubt. If I can prove so easily they are wrong about Soros and Smartmatic, how reliable are they with anything else? I'm not going to say Soros is dead, but I can certainly show how crappy they are about being "fake" and subsequently absolutely DESTROY Snopes, which is where they got this B.S. from.

BOTTOM LINE: I won't say George Soros is dead, but I can certainly prove beyond a doubt that the MSM is fake, and that they can't be trusted if they say he's not dead.

Snopes has been caught in so many confirmed lies we all know what their opinion is worth. Fulford was one of the latest to post on this, and he said an intelligence contact in the U.S. said it is real, and that it was an assassination. In my opinion, with topics like this, Fulford has a higher credibility than snopes.

Fulford does not like to be blatantly wrong on stuff like this, let's hope this has a thread of truth.

At any rate, people need to know about this rumor, and to be skeptical but hopeful.

On this topic, Mike Rivero at Whatreallyhappened has this to say (but he quoted the MSM link I destroyed the credibility of above.) Even still, this is good:

"Right now there is a war between the establishment Corporate Media and the new Independent Media. As a result, the internet is being flooded with a tsunami of hoax stories in an effort to trick the Independent Media into making a mistake that the Corporate Media can use to discredit us, or worse, sue us.

TO ALL MY FELLOW MEMBERS OF THE INDEPENDENT MEDIA! More than at any other time we must exercise extreme caution to verify all stories. Ignore rumors, innuendos, hunches, and flaky chains of supposition. Report on the facts, from sources on the record.

One such story that is being "pushed" very hard is this allegation of a Clinton-connected pedophile ring. I am being flooded with emails saying I "must" post this story, and that alone is grounds for suspicion! My instincts are telling me this is a setup, to open the door to defamation lawsuits against any Independent Media that accuses any individual of involvement.

I know the Corporate Media has been a vast wasteland of such rumors and malreporting (especially against Trump these last several months) but if the Independent Media is to survive and grow, we MUST exercise more journalistic professionalism than the Corporate Media has done.

This is a war, and the other side likes to play dirty. Keep that in mind when a really sensational tidbit gets sent to you!

My comment: I have no doubt whatsoever that a huge number of fake news sites have indeed been launched by the MSM for the sole purpose of discrediting alt media. I have kept an eye out for this, which is why a LOT of the "big stories" going around lately have not been posted here.

Here is the cover of the 2017 Economist for people to ponder

I disabled auto load for this image to save bandwidth for an expected surge in traffic, click here to see it

Confirmed: Ron Paul really did create this list of the real fake media

I did not believe it at first, but Ron Paul really did publish this on his web site

I disabled auto load for this image to save bandwidth for an expected surge in traffic, click here to see it

And here is proof of what Ron Paul published:

I disabled auto load for this image to save bandwidth for an expected surge in traffic, click here to see it

Nov 18 2016



There are ten important positions he is letting the people decide. Including Secretary of State. I picked Ron Paul for that. There is probably a good position for David Duke also, but I did not think of that before I exited and you can't go back in, it remembers.

You do not need to fill in every position, just place a suggestion in one or more. IMPORTANT: A PAGE TO DONATE TO HIS CAMPAIGN COMES UP THAT IS AN ERROR AFTER YOU VOTE. Ignore that, it is obviously an error.


I disabled auto load for this image to save bandwidth for an expected surge in traffic, click here to see it

Wikileaks confirmed gone, I believe this is 100 percent real

15 of the top people at Wikileaks were nailed at the same time Julian Assange had his "internet cut". I watched the live cam all night and they took Assange away in a black armored van. If he was still at the embassy, he'd have appeared at the window and has not. Now it appears one of the top wikileaks staff has spoken out, and I believe this is 100 percent accurate because it matches my own observations PERFECTLY:

Click the image to enlarge it and read it.


Huge story on the web that might be true:

Monica Petersen, a woman who according to her friends who are searching for answers, was investigating the Clinton foundation for child trafficking and was found dead from "suicide" in Haiti

I thought it would be hoax news. On the surface, it does not look like it. Monica Petersen had a friend named Bella Robinson who has confirmed that Monica was investigating child trafficking under front cover of a "gold mine" in Haiti that was affiliated with Hillary's brother. Monica was a truther, who wrote this blog post. I have confirmed that Monica really did have at least loose ties to the Human Trafficking Center, which investigates child thefts and that the Clintons really were likely to have been running a child trafficking ring under the cover of a false front gold mine in Haiti. However, the Child Trafficking Center has yet to comment on this. Monica's family has not been able to get any details, but Bella claims to have information and is refusing to give the details on how Monica "committed suicide" saying instead that "it is inappropriate to post it" and to message her. So we have a key source of info who probably voted for Clinton that just can't get a grip on the fact that if this is real she had better blow it open now, or she's going to be dead too.

People are speculating that Monica was killed after Hillary lost because she was onto something and was going to land the Clintons in jail once they lost the protective cover under Trump. However, people also need to be cautious because the globalist Jewish community is seeding alt media with fake leads and stories for the sole purpose of creating a reason to smash alt media and call it fake news. Therefore, as real as this may look, people need to proceed with caution.

Hillary camp is issuing death threats to electoral college voters

This story is 100% confirmed.

"Vote for Hillary, or get a gun in your mouth."

The linked article is already captured and saved, this one is not going to get buried.

Not fake news. It is confirmed that Hillary's team is so desperate that they are telling electoral college voters to vote for Hillary or "get a gun in their mouths." It is not an isolated incident, team Hillary is sending out "dozens and dozens" of these threats that have been read, and hundreds more deleted because the deluge is so extreme.

So now we know what Hillary's support is really like. Politics via the gun. Not surprising, given past history and the Clinton body count. That is not the America I would want!

From the The Detroit News

Michael Banerian wants to show that young adults still have faith in the political system, but he said his selection as one of Michigan's 16 Electoral College voters has prompted emails urging him to vote for Democrat Hillary Clinton and even threatening death.

On Dec. 19, the 22-year-old Banerian is scheduled to join 15 other Michiganians to cast their electoral votes for Republican President-elect Donald Trump. But Trump's opponents have deluged Banerian and other GOP electors with pleas and nasty emails to reverse course and cast their ballots for Clinton, according to the Michigan Republican Party.

"You have people saying 'you're a hateful bigot, I hope you die,'" he said. 'I've had people talk about shoving a gun in my mouth and blowing my brains out. And I've received dozens and dozens of those emails. Even the non-threatening-my-life emails are very aggressive."

The Detroit News verified one message containing a death wish and another containing a death threat, in which the person told Banerian he would "put a bullet" in his mouth. Banerian said he deleted the rest of the emails and messages "because as you can imagine they're clogging up my email."

"Even if I could, I wouldn't be remotely interested in changing my vote," said Banerian, a political science senior at Oakland University and youth vice chair of the Michigan Republican Party. "The people of Michigan spoke, and it's our job to deliver that message."

Considerably more is here.

The above is not a fake news report. I thought it was so overboard it could not possibly be true, but have confirmed that the Detroit News is a legitimate web site that is associated with Gannet media and that yes, Hillary's camp really is making death threats.

According to this report they are not taking the threats seriously, but if you consider Hillary's history, I really think they should.

Trump DID call Ford

To clear the trollage: Trolls are claiming this did not happen, Mexican media said it did. Mexico trumps trolls:

Donald Trump did indeed persuade Ford to keep manufacturing in the U.S. that they were planning to move from Kentucky to Mexico. The moving of truck manufacture back to the U.S. was already underway before Trump however, because Ford was losing business because people did not want a Mexican built truck. That is the entire story in a short paragraph.

Regardless of what the U.S. MSM says to keep Trump's popularity down, the Mexican media reported that Trump really did stop Ford from moving car production to Mexico. Mexicans are PISSED.

Nov 17 2016

International perspectives from outside the controlled media

These are relevant stories you are not likely to see posted anywhere.

Pravda: "The Trump Tsunami: Where we stand, and what is to come"

"The sheer arrogance of the western media was demonstrated the day after the election when on Wednesday November 9 it became clear that Donald Trump had won. The front pages of the press and the screens of the TV media were festooned with gloom and doom headlines such as "Oh no!" or "Oh my God!", more befitting a crowd of drunken morons at a soccer match. This was not the case in the Russian media." Read the whole thing.

IRNA (Iran) - "Trump's uneasy road to change Washington's hedgemonic approach"

"On the international hotspots like Syria, Trump's declared stance is in sharp contrast to the policies of his Democrat rival Hillary Clinton. While Clinton called for establishing a no-fly zone in Syria and for creating strong leverages against Russia, Trump acknowledged that US is no longer capable of toppling President Bashar Assad and should join hand with Russia and Iran in fighting the terrorist group of Daesh (ISIS).

Trump repeatedly lambasted Clinton for blindly approving war in Iraq and military operations in Libya, accusing her of having bad judgment.

From this angle, we may interpret the result of the US vote as a big No from American people to Washington's long–standing hegemonic and meddling policies in the world which have worsened living conditions in the US on the expense of American tax payers." Read the whole thing.

Vile and Disgusting Media


Jim Stone, Nov 17 2016

There is a program in Mexico that is produced by MTV called "Ridiculous". And the program is nothing but three idiots laughing at footage of people receiving what have to be life ending injuries. And I am strongly suspicious it has satanic roots. Figure this: For an example of what this program airs - there was one scene where someone driving a front end scoop loader had the scoop full of water and went to dump it on someone, but miscalculated and slammed the bulldozer scoop down on the guy's head and obviously broke his neck or back. We are supposed to laugh at that? Another scene showed a guy cutting a large tree, which fell wrong, hit him and sent him flying through the air from about 20 feet off the ground. Gee. Funny. Other scenes show people getting head injuries, or other serious injuries - where it is obvious they were hospitalized or dead. And we're supposed to laugh. I think I know what that type of programming actually is

Let's say a large number of the people we are supposed to laugh at really did get life destroying injuries or killed - and there are millions of people watching that are supposed to be laughing at that - it would equal a huge, evil, borderline demonic ceremony where suffering and disaster are laughed at and enjoyed for fun. It would strengthen evil in this world. And after seeing the advertisements for the latest episodes I started to think that really is what it could be.

GAY Ernie and Bert - the end of Sesame street

Another thing that really shows how disgusting the media has become is Ernie and Bert on Sesame street. They are a gay couple now. And every episode begins with Ernie's bed starting to dance, and then Bert jumps into bed with him. The bed then flies out the window, and they are flying through the sky, cuddling each other until the bed arrives at the fantasy destination where the adventure starts. It is always a different adventure. When the adventure is over, they fly back to the house in the bed. At least Bert gets out of the bed and goes to sleep in his own, but the picture says it all - it is still disgusting.


The totally hateful MSM

Another thing that really shows how disgusting the media has become is the hate fest spewed daily now, towards everyone who is conservative, (especially white America) on the network news after Trump managed to survive the election rigging. I am so angered by the MSM that even the small amount that gets through to the Mexican news channels is enough to make me want to puke. We're all supposed to be A-holes for wanting to keep America as America. We are all low lifes and scum bags. Gee, thanks. That has made the MSM so popular that Google and Facebook had to enhance that popularity by calling alt media fake, and scamming alt media out of an existence. That's a rant that can go on forever, BUT:

There is one thing that is spookier than anything about this: When they talk about the alt media, they never mention Natural News, Whatreallyhappened, this web site, or any of the others that are on the true cutting edge (many of which were never allowed Google ads at any point EVER,) - they will only mention Infowars, Breitbart and others that are occasionally compromised and controlled opposition that were, up until now, still allowed to have Google ads. It is not the size of the web sites that gets them ignored completely, it is what they cover that does, and the fact that Google and Facebook specifically called out Infowars and Breitbart means that even the controlled opposition has been targeted for destruction. They do not want ANY dissent AT ALL, not even the mushy stuff. And that's spooky.

We have been clearly shown what they intend for us to eat. They want us to laugh at disaster and misfortune. They want us flying through the sky on a gay bed ride. They want us eating line after line of bullshit, picked completely clean of anything that might give us a chance of finding the real truth. And if you are not on board, you are going to be de-funded, de-listed and marginalized. More than ever, that is OBVIOUS now. The question is: Can you at least get off Facebook and sideline Google? Or are you just going to help evil continue to progress by continuing to patronize those bastards?


The Congressional Review Act gives Trump the power to wipe out the last 6 months of Obama's presidency

A little known law called "The Congressional Review Act" which was passed by Newt Gingrich in 1996 to prevent outgoing presidents from trashing the nation upon exit will give Donald Trump - with the cooperation of Congress - the ability to nullify every law and agreement made by Obama in the last six months of his "presidency". Once nullified, the laws can never be proposed again. Obama is going wild writing everything under the sun right now to "wreck America" and create a mess before Trump gets in. And this law will make it possible for Trump to simply nullify everything Obama does between now and getting the boot from power.

If Obama gives all the illegals amnesty, Trump can void it.

The window of opportunity is six months. There is a very detailed report on this topic HERE. This is something everyone ought to know about.

The Jews, and ONLY the Jews are attempting to silence and purge alt media

FACT: The entire MSM, that lied its way all the way through the election is Jewish owned, with Jewish reporters, Jewish announcers, JEWISH EVERYTHING, and they served up a BIG FAT JEWISH LIE all the way through the entirety of the election process, starting 18 months ago. And the alt media kicked their butts with the truth. This cannot be denied right down to any specific point or detail. They scammed us and that is all there is to it.

So, to get even with the alt media shredding the Jewish lies, Twitter is purging the alt media and Google is pulling ads for most of the alt media, to try to make it go dark and starve it to death. Google is pulling adsense out under the excuse they are "shutting down fake news sites" but that is as fake and transparent as any other lie from the MSM. In conjunction with this, the MSM is once again lying and saying it is only "extremist white nationalists" that are getting purged by Twitter when in fact Twitter is purging absolutely anyone who is not popular enough to have it be noticed by more than 100,000 people, and says anything that goes against the "official" MSM lie.

So Drudge and Alex Jones will still be visible on Twitter, because Twitter can't get away with killing them off. But the massive groundswell that spoke so loudly against the status quo - a status quo which was planted and enforced by the Jewish elites, - is indeed in the process of being silenced. And twitter is not silencing truth media based on complaints, they are doing it based on keywords.

So there you have it, after losing an election to the truth, the Jews are pulling out all the stops to shut up the people and flush them into the dark, as they always do, as Bolshevik communist Russia set such a perfect example. That was ALL Jewish, no matter how they try to back paddle and deny it. And they wanted the same for America. They'd have gotten their wish with Hillary, the camps would have been opened, and they lost it all when, with all their tools, they just could not manage to steal it.

Now they are taking any stab they can at gaining dominance in the information sphere by using monopoly powers on the web through venues like Google, WHICH THEY OWN, and Twitter, WHICH THEY OWN, and Whatsapp, WHICH THEY OWN, Youtube WHICH THEY OWN, and Wordpress, WHICH THEY OWN, Gee, ever wonder how they managed to own all of these? The answer is simple, people found out about them through the MSM at first, EVERY SINGLE TIME, and they own the MSM. It is not because they are better than anything a non Jew dreamed up, it is because all these venues were spoken about widely in the Jewish owned MSM to give them an enormous kick start. There is not a chance in hell the MSM would ever mention a media or resource the Jews do not own, because knowing something exists is the main key to getting people to go to it.

So the big question is: Will shutting the truth out of Twitter and other venues, and attempting to kill the truth media off via starvation by refusing to serve the truth ads (as has always been the case with this web site) actually work to silence the truth? MY ANSWER: Did all their efforts with all of their scam venues work to steal an election? Four years is an awful long time to compensate for a loss of Twitter!

In case you missed it,

Russia hit ISIS in Syria as hard as they could yesterday morning (American time) and flew one bombing sortie every 21 seconds for several hours against "well vetted and confirmed" targets including weapons caches, manufacturing facilities, EVERYTHING ISIS related, and the American press did not say a peep. NOTHING. Not even on Drudge.

This has been confirmed 100 percent and the kicker is that before attacking ISIS so hard Putin chatted with Trump for the go ahead and totally ignored Obama. All of this is in yesterday's reports, if you missed this scroll down.

About the petition to get Hillary in -

It will fail. I'll go over the reasons. This is so ridiculous I ignored it, but it is a major topic of discussion so I'll throw in my two cents -

First of all, if any petition like this had a chance, they'd have to get more VERIFIED signatures than Trump's election win total. And it won't have a chance because they can't prove Hillary herself did not sign it 5,000 times or that a bot did not just fake it all.

Second of all, the election is over. Even with all the holes blown in this country by decades of liberal scams, you can't just flip an election afterward.

Third, American gun owners won't have it. And since many many people know it is the Jews doing it, you can rest assured that any GENUINE protests that no one paid a dime into won't be happening in the inner cities, they will happen in the suburbs, with a large number of them taking place in the vicinity of your friendly Kosher store. That will not go over well, you can bet on it. That alone would stop the steal dead in its tracks.

There are many other reasons why they won't have it. They are smaller reasons, like - I bet you did not know that Hillary is so hated that at least two electors Hillary won have already said they won't vote for her. There are Zero on Trump's side that have said that. And what about all the confirmed illegal votes for Hillary that can be dug up to wipe away this "popular vote" nonsense?

What we are seeing with this petition is a bunch of spoiled brats who have become accustomed to scamming everything refusing to give up on what they want even after the store has closed. They are going to have to give up, because the safety systems they planned on scamming to an election win in fact all snapped shut against them, and functioned exactly as they were supposed to. The electoral college worked. It does not matter how many scam votes they can pull out of California, or how high they push Hillary's popular vote, it is OVER, the safety system shut her out and NOT ONE elector I have read about has any intentions of doing anything other than let that system work as intended.

So let them cry and kick all they want. Don't ignore them entirely because they still could be dangerous. They could false flag something. They could try to dream up something new. But the petition itself won't cut it.

Nov 15 2016

Avoid the Trump protests at all cost

I hesitate to post this because I know my readers know what the "protests" really are. Let me explain it in a few lines for those who might not know:

There is a trillionaire, undisputably the world's richest man, above the Rockefellers and Rothchilds. He's evil and he uses his money to fund movements to topple nations. In Mexico, the big Soros movement is the orange movement (Movmiento naranja) and he has bought and paid for "color" movements in nations world wide. He even had an "orange" movement in Ukraine. Soros is paying for the Trump protests, which were initially called "orange" but quickly got the color purple assigned to them, because so many Mexicans know about the orange movement going on in their own country and it was not working right for Soros in the U.S. due to familiarity.

ANYWAY The trump protests consist of almost entirely paid rioters that are being moved around the country on buses. The lowest pay is $180 a day, average pay is right around $400 and top pay is right around $1500. So the people doing the riots are paid a professional wage to do them. If you go into a protest zone, you will be going up against professionals and not legitimate dissent. And they can be NASTY, and it is totally pointless to try to discuss anything with them because they don't care about the cause, they just want to act and get paid.

So don't waste your time, having Trump supporters confronting the protesters is exactly what Soros wants, and hopefully Soros is going to face arrest for doing this to the country when the swamp gets drained. Obviously if they are coming to burn your house, you'd better take any action necessary to stop it.


Defcon 5, as Russia blasts ISIS in Syria to smithereens! That's worth a laugh, and it was lowered to the safest level because Trump won the election, and NORAD knows we won't be going to war with Russia. When Hillary was still a prospect, we were at DEFOCON 3, and almost went to DEFCON 2, with DEFCON 1 being "launch". We were at that defense level because if Hillary managed to steal it there definitely would have been war with Russia.

Instead, Putin talked to Trump a few hours before launching 1 sortie every 22 seconds (an unbelievable number) against "well vetted and confirmed ISIS targets in Syria". That ought to finish quickly, when I did the report farther down this page, Russia had already launched 400+ sorties in the prior two and a half hours.

The details on this are farther down this page.

And THANK YOU TRUMP for making it possible for America to be at rest while Russia cleans up the mess Hillary and Obama made.

Google's move to ban ads on "fake news sites" is nothing but an attempt to kill alt media

Google can't handle a Trump presidential win, so Google is going to wipe out the financial base for practically everyone who busted the MSM and made a Trump win possible by calling them "fake news sites" and using that as an excuse to deny them Google ads.

Google banning ads to this web site (as they always have) will not hurt this web site any more than it has already been hurt. However, it will destroy much of the alt media. All Google has to do is make an arbitrary decision about who is posting "fake news" and POOF, they are gone. Cute excuse to de-fund the entire truth movement that pushed Trump to victory.

Clearly, we still need to fight a war even with a Trump win. Failure to do so will see the end of the alt media, which made a last shot at freedom possible. You can bet that Google is not going to pull ads after the New York times published fake news, even after New York Times admitted publicly to producing fake news all through the election, and apologized profusely for it. Nope. That's not the kind of "fake news" Google is talking about. Google is worried about "fake news" that might make a difference in America's political future. You know - the kind of fake news that discusses America supplying ISIS, Newsweek reports about a Clinton victory days before the election (no Trump version out yet) vote rigging, you know, THE ACTUAL TRUTH.

You know, the kind of news that is REAL. The kind of news the Jews HATE. Google is going to let everyone who reports the "truth" flourish, while it makes every last effort it can to starve anyone who reports the TRUTH to death. The TRUTH is "disinfo" don't you know, because it is the WRONG INFO.

And so this web site will continue to live without ads, as always because I don't give in and actually try to nail the truth every time. I just hope the rest of the alt media finds a way to survive now.


Russia was no doubt emboldened by Trump as POTUS and has launched massive carrier based airstrikes with heavy bombers, cruise missiles, artillery, and infantry in Syria to wipe out ISIS. This story just broke.

Now let's see what Obama's responses are, with U.S. warships within eyeshot of the Russian warships (the Mediterranean is not big enough for both navies).

OK, Here it is on RT


TRUMP WILL END THE WAR ON TERROR. All it will take is a little cleanup and a cutoff of American funding for the terrorists.


And now we witness the end of the Obama-Clinton legacy, before he's even out of office!

Packetsled CEO "resigned"

A couple days ago I reported on the CEO of Packet Sled, who made a credible threat to kill Donald Trump. Packet Sled, which is a cyber security firm that is used by American intelligence agencies was none too thrilled, and with timing that ended up being as fast as possible (report to work, pack your stuff, leave) they got rid of him. So Trump already created 1 new CEO job before he even took over the white house.

The main report on this is down the page a ways.

ISIS at Thanksgiving day parade?

Prepare for another ISIS(tm) false flag attack where a truck mows down people! And you can prepare for that, rather than prevent it, because the New York Post once again failed in it's journalistic duty even while licking it's wounds after the "Trump disaster." How did they fail? By not telling us ANYTHING about ISIS, and who ISIS really represents.

It is not going to do any good for restoring credibility if they fail to tell you that ISIS is a home grown Hillary launched enterprise that America bought and paid for by funds issued straight from your tax dollars by the U.S. secretary of state herself - Hillary Clinton. I doubt my regular readers are unaware of this, but let me humor the casual passer by with a bunch of mundane stuff.

There are lots of different theories on this, so let me just hit the main one that never varies: To create a terror front that would give America a reason to be in the middle east, Hillary and Obama created ISIS, quite literally out of thin air. They have tried to back track and avoid accountability for doing so, but the fact that ISIS is an American operation is proven by the fact that America constantly resupplies ISIS with much needed weapons via air drops in addition to providing support to ISIS with HUGE convoys of trucks being escorted by American helicopters (to make sure they get to where they are going safely) AND HERE'S THE KICKER - When Russia and Syria are getting the upper hand against ISIS anywhere, the U.S. relentlessly bombs them into oblivion.

So when the New York Post mentions that ISIS is going to attack a parade, and they fail to mention Hillary, it is a monumental journalistic failure that proves that even now, they won't tell the whole truth even with a gun to their head.

Earlier today I issued a warning about Trump possibly getting drugged

It is definitely a threat that should be considered, he needs to watch out. HOWEVER,

He chose Steve Bannon from Breitbart for his white house advisor. That was a good choice. Now he needs to make Ron Paul his Secretary of State, which he has not picked yet. If he does that, there is not much that could go wrong. I was seriously miffed when he said the Obamas and Clintons were "good people". And that made me think he might have already been drugged. However, with his choice of white house advisor, he's not going to get kicked straight to the gutter even if things like that do go wrong.

Check out the new sticker on Trump's plane

Click here to see it, I disabled auto load to preserve bandwidth for an expected traffic surge

The National Enquirer is far more credible than the New York times, SEE THIS:


I had not posted anything to that forum for months prior, this really is what the ban was for:

In a thread that was discussing how expensive American medical is, and discussing health care abroad, I posted the following after a troll bashed Mexican health care as "third world" and "third rate".

"Mexican health care is excellent. The hospitals are clean and luxurious. If you are a business executive, your hospital room will have a conference room attached to it so you can have business meetings without leaving the hospital and that type of room is still cheaper than any American hospital room, even if it is a shared room in America.

Trolls want to bash the Mexican medical system, and call it third rate to keep Americans stuck in the illusion that America is better. But I have been to plenty of hospitals in America, and plenty of hospitals in Mexico, and Mexican hospitals beat American hospitals in cleanliness, appearance, luxury and price with ease. And the care is EXCELLENT.

My father in law went into a Mexican hospital totally disabled from a brain injury, had brain surgery, and came out PERFECT. Obviously the troll that is bashing Mexican medical has been assigned to keep Americans trapped in the illusion that everything American is better. But I can solidly state that is not the case, which explains why so many Americans have discovered that it is often better to get medical care in Mexico.

I hit submit and it did not post, a ban screen came up instantly. Gee. I wonder why.

There is a cash cow to protect, and it is the scam of Obamacare, and hideously over priced and under delivered American medical.


There is a hospital five miles from here that uses the same model of MRI in this picture and it only costs $150 USD for a comprehensive scan, post analysis by an expert included. It is the exact same 3.0 tesla short bore G.E. 3.0 tesla MRI that the Advanced MRI center in Cambridge Massachusetts uses, but in Massachusetts you can bank on spending 15 times as much to get anywhere near it. I have seen the machine myself at this hospital nearby, because I still want to at some point in the future do brain scans of people who have taken antidepressants and wanted to locate an MRI that could get an accurate enough picture. A small Mexican hospital had it, and it is just a small, cheap hospital with 10 rooms. Very nice rooms, very nice hospital, but it is not huge and not expensive and not a main attraction AND IT HAD THAT EXACT MACHINE.

Other hospitals have the SAME EXACT MACHINE or something else similar (most have a machine similar to this one plus an open bed MRI) but they ask $250 for a scan. I know this for certain because I went to the hospitals to discover what they had, so I could finish the antidepressant report. There are 4 different hospitals within 8 miles that I know of that have that or similar, but they cost more (about $250.) FOLKS, MEDICAL IN MEXICO IS SO GREAT THAT EVEN THE SMALL HOSPITALS HAVE STUFF LIKE THIS, AND IT IS A BRAGGING POINT FOR AN ULTIMATE HIGH CLASS HOSPITAL IN AMERICA. I found that equivalent machine in Cambridge online by typing into Google what it is after getting the details from that little hospital, and it showed up in this picture in the U.S., at an advanced "research" medical center in the U.S. that is affiliated with Harvard University. So trolls can tell me all they want about how much Mexican medical sucks, and all I will do is shake my head, the lies are so damn obvious. Small Mexican hospitals might have the main attraction from a high class hospital in the U.S.!

This is not an error. I was very specific with that hospital. I knew that was a good MRI machine and hunted it down specifically. This happened 8 months ago. That hospital had it advertised. They opened the door to the room it was in, and THERE IT WAS. I confirmed that it was the 3.0 tesla model. I told them I might eventually return with people who had taken antidepressants for brain scans and they said it could handle it. The price translated to $150 USD per person. Americans really need to come to grips with what a ripoff the medical system is, it is SUCH a ripoff it can only be an act of war. You could go into this Mexican hospital and get 4 MRI's for a typical single payer SINGLE MONTH payment for health insurance in America now. I can't even begin to describe the ripoff Americans are forced into with the medical there.


On that note, I am going to re-post this:

Vaccine damaged babies noticed in Mennonite communities

"They begin walking, then they get the shots and stop walking. It takes them two or three months to walk again, and when they do, their personality is different"

During the election cycle, (which kept me from posting about this because it was off topic) I spoke to a Mennonite man named Keene who was selling Mennonite cookies on a street corner in Mexico. I was surprised he spoke English and asked him why there were so many Mennonites in Mexico. He said that the Canadian government had become so hostile to Mennonites that they have been moving to Mexico in large numbers. I asked him if the same thing was happening in the U.S. and he said yes - the Canadian mennonites fly right over the U.S. and go straight to Mexico, where there is much more freedom than either the U.S. or Canada. He said the American Mennonites are going to Mexico the same way.

He said they are setting up large colonies in Mexico because the Mexican government leaves them alone, and that the Canadian and American governments are becoming very invasive, to the point of destroying them.

I then shifted the conversation to vaccines and asked if the Mennonites accepted vaccines. He said they sometimes did, but that it was becoming less common because the vaccines obviously damage the babies. He said that when a baby that has started walking gets vaccinated, it gets very sick, stops walking for at least two months and when it is able to walk again it is not as smart and the personality has changed.

The Mennonites are, more so than an average American family, more likely to know what their baby was like and are a lot less likely to take crap from a doctor saying the vaccines did not do it. THE MENNONITES KNOW.

OH, AND MENNONITES ARE WEB SURFING "CONSPIRACY THEORISTS!" NOT! Keene was very surprised to meet someone who was not Mennonite who would even ask the question about vaccines destroying babies, it has been HELL for them, THEY ALL KNOW IT, AND MENNONITES DO NOT EVEN GET ON THE INTERNET TO READ ABOUT IT. It is not an "internet conspiracy theory" for them, they have seen it first hand. All they ever get is the same sh*t from doctors, telling them that if they think the vaccines hurt their babies, they are nuts!

REPEAT FROM YESTERDAY: I strongly suspect Trump is being drugged.

Trump's recent behavior makes me think he got hit by an exotic mind control drug that only the intelligence agencies of the top states have. On these drugs, you will not appear to be drugged. You won't get high, you will not exhibit any physical symptoms AT ALL, NOTHING, NO OUTWARD SIGNS AT ALL, but you will be very open to manipulation and spilling your greatest secrets. I suspect he got nailed either when he visited Obama at the white house or by the secret service.

Folks, they can't get away with poisoning or killing Trump now. The only thing they can do is drug him with something the public does not generally know about, and you can bet they will try.

Trump should definitely NOT TRUST ANY JEWS. He should not trust the secret service. He should not trust any government food source. Trump should have his own completely isolated food supply that he himself ensures is safe by having it sourced and prepared exactly the same way it was prepared before he was elected president, by the EXACT SAME PEOPLE he had doing it before, in a completely new secured kitchen. He should not eat out anywhere. I do not think Trump realizes exactly how deep the snake pit he just walked into is.

If he is drugged, it will take approximately two months for it to wear off, provided they don't keep nailing him. The only changes will be that he will be easily manipulated and not be able to keep secrets. This is not a guess, I have an intelligence background and know this is pristine info.

The people who will notice he got nailed will be his family. They will notice that he just suddenly started talking about things he would not talk about before, with people he would have never said such things to before. They will notice he is a LOT more easy going and relaxed, and will do whatever anyone suggests. And those will be the only symptoms.


FACT: Natural earthquakes do not make the sky light up like day. If natural earthquakes made the sky light up the way this picture to the left here is showing, the ancient books including the bible would be full of reports about earthquakes turning the night into day, and there are no references to this. There should be numerous reports of this in American history, Greek, Roman, and European history also, and there are NONE. Forget the trolls saying this has been reality for thousands of years, this is something new. I'd have also heard about it in school, and known this as a kid science buff. Earthquakes have NEVER been known to cause scenes like this picture prior to recent times, WHICH (reportedly) SHOWS THE SKY LIGHTING UP OVER THE OCEAN WHERE THERE ARE NO POWER LINES SHORTING OUT TO CAUSE THIS.

If this is not caused by ground based electrical failures, history proves we have got to be looking at sky flashes from an energy transfer from either a space based, or a ground based weapon system. This is confirmed to not just be transformers and power lines shorting out (which is what I would have said it was, if I was not told otherwise). The official story with these flashes is that it is piezoelectric activity in the earth's crust doing it. That might be possible on land, and close to the ground. But that is an absolute impossibility if these lights appeared above the ocean, which would short it all out and I would never believe any event of this type would be so bright from natural causes, you can clearly see it is brighter over a large portion of the sky than the nearby lights on the houses, which also prove the power did not fail from a massive electrical explosion somewhere and more importantly, that it is not just a long exposure camera trick. Any piezoelectric activity would not have been that bright, and if this did happen over the ocean as reported, if it came from the ground it would have terminated in the ocean. Where are the electric fish kills that earthquakes have caused throughout history if they make so much electricity the water could not short it out and the sky lights up above the ocean?

Welcome to the new world, where mega powers manipulate the weather and the planet itself. And it is all impossible, RIGHT? Impossible for a head buried snowflake to believe because his IPAD says it is not so, and gives a smart sounding reason that is an obvious lie? Yeah, we are so high tech that everything is different now, even the world is doing all kinds of new and unique stuff BECAUSE "I HAVE AN IPAD." And the sky lit up like this because "the moon caused the earthquake."

The moon does trigger earthquakes. That is a fact. But what about this electrical phenomenon? My final answer: The earthquake machine is a reality. The sky has probably lit up like this before from it but no one noticed because it has always been used during the day. Even America's own secretary of defense has stated the systems exist that can do this, all the way back in 1997. The energy has got to get into the ground to cause it if it is an earthquake weapon doing it, and we have the first great picture of this energy transfer happening at night.


I ignored this claim yesterday until Drudge posted it today because it is impossible to sort fact from fiction half the time. As it turns out, a bare minimum of 3 million illegals voted for Hillary. I have figured out the potential fallout from this, and am going to decline to comment.

I WILL SAY THIS: Do not discuss the topic. Discussing it could backfire badly. Trump is TOTALLY IN. The topic of a rigged election should be dropped now or the unseen results could end up being very bad.

We got Trump. What more do we need? We don't need to prove anything now, the best thing to do is SHUT UP.

We can petition for election reform after Trump is able to do something about how it is all obviously rigged.


His recent appearance on 60 minutes has convinced me someone nailed him with a mind control drug he is completely unaware of.

There are specialized drugs that do not make you high, that do not change your moods, but they make you extremely susceptible to manipulation, and can also cause you to talk about your greatest secrets openly. I am almost certain Trump has been nailed by this type of drug already. These types of drugs are put in food and will be completely un noticed. They would be delivered by people who have earned your trust that should not have your trust, such as, in Trump's case, the secret service.

Melania and Trump's kids would notice a change that Trump himself would not notice. They would notice the change even if they were also drugged. Everyone who is legitimate who is surrounding Trump will need to keep a close eye on him for behavior changes. These changes would be, as I have said - openness to external manipulation and an inability to retain personal secrets. These drugs are only owned by intelligence agencies of the top states. Trump had better watch out, I think he might have already been nailed. They take about two months to wear off, it won't wear off in a day.

If anyone can get this warning through, it really needs to be sent through - Trump should not accept any food or drink from anyone. Recently he visited the white house, there is a good chance he got nailed during that visit.

This is something I know of only because I have an intelligence background - this is not something Trump would automatically know about. These drugs cause ABSOLUTELY NO physical side effects, no high feeling, no sleepiness, NOTHING OTHER than making people open to suggestion and unable to retain secrets. It will be practically impossible for someone who has been nailed by them to know it, unless someone told them their behavior changed.

I could not sleep until I posted this, I believe it is of the utmost importance.

Credible assassination threat made against Trump

Matt Harrigan, CIA CONNECTED CEO of Cyber security firm Packetsled has made a credible threat to assassinate Donald Trump with a sniper rifle.

In now deleted tweets he said the following: "I am going to get a sniper rifle and kill the President elect. I am getting a sniper rifle and perching myself where it counts. Find a bedroom in the White House that suits you motherfucker, I'll find you. Bring it on secret service! In no uncertain terms FUCK YOU AMERICA. Seriously. FUCK OFF.

He is now apologizing profusely on Twitter.

A troll who is calling himself "President Shirley" is doing all he can to keep Twitter under control by saying that what Matt Harrigan said is not illegal and protected by free speech! I don't think so! You can't threaten the President like that. It is just one snowflake keeping it cool for another!

My comment to any would be Trump assassins: Don't bet on living long afterward.

Matt was the CEO of a significant company. IF ANYONE IS USING PACKETSLED FOR SECURITY, IT IS NOW CERTAIN THEY ARE THE ENEMY, DITCH THEM. There are lots of other security companies, why go with one you now know is led by a snowflake who certainly has no respect for America and probably has no respect for your security at all?

William Shatner is a confirmed "Deplorable!"

William Shatner (Captain Kirk, from Star Trek) is one of us, no ifs or buts. In a now censored Twitter conversation, this happened:

Conundrum E. Nigma @ConundrumENigma

@WilliamShatner Sorry Bill, our nation is in crisis and your contribution to society has dwindled to nostalgia. Pls enjoy your end quietly.

William Shatner Verified account ‏@WilliamShatner

William Shatner Retweeted Conundrum E. Nigma

"You poor precious snowflake; you didn't get your way so everyone needs to run around like chicken little?"

HA HA HA HA HA HA HA, gotta laugh. Good for now and later. Twitter either wiped this out or is blocking it. So Twitter just could not handle it.

This brings to mind the New York times. Are you going to forgive them, as they asked you to, and actually believe they are going to be honest now? The NYT admitted they lied all through the campaign, apologized, and is now begging for forgiveness. SO ARE YOU GOING TO GO BACK TO THE HAS BEEN "NOSTALGIA" NEW YORK TIMES, OR GET ON BOARD WITH THE CAPTAIN?

George Soros has been sued for the protests

The father of a slain Dallas police officer is suing Soros and Black Lives Matter for $550 million dollars.

The father of the Dallas police officer who was killed by a lone gunman during a Black Lives Matter protest is suing the organization’s activists and George Soros for $550 million. In a separate suit a Baton Rouge police officer is similarly suing for injuries sustained during a BLM protest.

Soros deserved it. I suggest anyone who gets damaged by the current protests do the same thing. Obviously you won't get this story from the MSM, you will have to read RT for this kind of news.

You now have to officially register to use the internet in China

There were rules on the books earlier, but it is now official - if you are going to use the internet in China, you now have to be 100 percent accountable to the government. And it is against the law to suggest a system other than the socialist system China now has.

China has officially labeled Tor and VPN options as "terrorist software". Soros ought to be thrilled with this, NO DOUBT a Hillary presidency would have meant the same in the U.S. and there is a solid reason behind why some in the U.S. media are calling for an assassination of Donald, and solid reason behind why Soros is paying for the protests. They wanted their commie China in America, and damn near cheated their way into it.

Soros paid opposition,

A heads up: Last night there really was a Craigslist ad (if you heard rumors about this) asking for protesters to fake being Trump supporters by wearing read, and "acting against the protesters". But this is already busted because the Craigslist ad got caught. The best thing to do with the protests is to stay home or drive around them. Soros is not going to have people he paid for do a lot of property damage because everyone knows it is him, and he is responsible for anything that happens if he pays for it.

Anyway, the Craigslist ad was offering protesters $35 an hour, paid at the end of the day. I SUGGEST HAVING UNEMPLOYED TRUMP SUPPORTERS, GO TO ANY PLACE ANYTHING LIKE THIS IS PAYING PEOPLE TO PROTEST, SIGN ON, BE A "DO NOTHING WORKER" and cash in. Just take his freaking money. Be all mellow and stuff. Knock the legs out of his protests by being part of them and doing a lousy job, all the while you tell everyone else to "not get violent" and get paid real well in the process. That would squelch the fire real good. And DO NOT WEAR RED.

The Electoral College cannot be stolen now

Arizona and Michigan were suspicious, because they took so long to report. However, now that they have and they went to Trump, you can forget about anyone rigging the electoral college to go against Trump, it won't happen.

First of all, in 29 states electors are bound by the law under threat of punishment to vote the way the people voted. In the rest of the states, they won't be punished but will be replaced with someone who will vote the way the people wanted. Add to this the fact that there are a large number to influence now, and it is an impossibility that it would go any other way than Trump.

The Soros crowd is making false claims that the electoral college was put into place to prevent someone like Trump from getting in. This is a lie. The electoral college was in fact put into place to limit the power of the large states, so they could not walk on the small states. The electoral college is to provide an averaging of power, and give small states a larger voice than they would have with a straight popular vote.

Obviously the Soros crowd would love people to believe their lies, and that electors could vote any way they want, but they cannot, the election is set in stone. Their only hope was to fool people into thinking the electoral college could change things, (with a tiny lead from Trump) and then sway only a few electors in a few places to flip it to Hillary, while issuing massive payouts to prevent anyone from enforcing the law and depending on public ignorance to take care of the rest. However, With so many electors in so many states now solidly in Trump's pocket, that's not going to happen. In fact, if an elector decides to switch sides and go with the majority (which won't change outcomes anyway) they can flip their vote to TRUMP and not be punished, because it will not change the election results anyway. There is a much bigger chance of this happening than anything else.

Vaccine damaged babies noticed in Mennonite communities

"They begin walking, then they get the shots and stop walking. It takes them two or three months to walk again, and when they do, their personality is different"

During the election cycle, (which kept me from posting about this because it was off topic) I spoke to a Mennonite man named Keene who was selling Mennonite cookies on a street corner in Mexico. I was surprised he spoke English asked him why there were so many Mennonites in Mexico. He said that the Canadian government had become so hostile to Mennonites that they have been moving to Mexico in large numbers. I asked him if the same thing was happening in the U.S. and he said yes - the Canadian mennonites fly right over the U.S. and go straight to Mexico, where there is much more freedom than either the U.S. or Canada. He said the American Mennonites are going to Mexico the same way.

He said they are setting up large colonies in Mexico because the Mexican government leaves them alone, and that the Canadian and American governments are becoming very invasive, to the point of destroying them.

I then shifted the conversation to vaccines and asked if the Mennonites accepted vaccines. He said they sometimes did, but that it was becoming less common because the vaccines obviously damage the babies. He said that when a baby that has started walking gets vaccinated, it gets very sick, stops walking for at least two months and when it is able to walk again it is not as smart and the personality has changed.

The Mennonites are, more so than an average American family, more likely to know what their baby was like and are a lot less likely to take crap from a doctor saying the vaccines did not do it. THE MENNONITES KNOW.

OH, AND MENNONITES ARE WEB SURFING "CONSPIRACY THEORISTS!" NOT! Keene was very surprised to meet someone who was not Mennonite who would even ask the question about vaccines destroying babies, it has been HELL for them, THEY ALL KNOW IT, AND MENNONITES DO NOT EVEN GET ON THE INTERNET TO READ ABOUT IT. It is not an "internet conspiracy theory" for them, they have seen it first hand. All they ever get is the same sh*t from doctors, telling them that if they think the vaccines hurt their babies, they are nuts!

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