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TAKE A PICTURE OF THIS IP ADDRESS: AND USE IT TO HIT THIS WEB SITE IF EVERYTHING GETS SHUT DOWN, AS HAS ALREADY BEEN THREATENED REPEATEDLY BY HILLARY. Once you get here, you will be able to get anywhere even if it is all "shut down". I am not showing my cards yet, this will be activated when needed and remember, if things do get shut down and they block the IP address, keep hitting it and it will eventually work because they can't block it 100 percent.

September 13 2016

There is a lot to cover today.

First of all, I am sticking with my take on what is up with Hillary. I know it is not being reported widely in the MSM, but at least the fringe MSM reported that a Hillary body double was used an hour after she was carted off. Here are other details: Many MSM outlets, including an anchor station for ABC, and other anchor stations for other major networks, reported Hillary died and suddenly their broadcasts were pulled.

This did indeed happen. Trolls hit the forums and blogs saying in every case it was just a minor affiliate screwing up, FACT: In every case, it was a cutting edge anchor station announcing it and someone arrived with a baseball bat within seconds and whacked them a good one to shut them up.

CONCLUSION: We won't ever see the real Hillary again, either she is in jail and was reported as dead to cover for that, or she is permanently incapacitated and they covered for that, or she really is dead. NO OTHER WAY. They announced her "dead" and that is the end of it. It will be software and body doubles from now on (and that would not be new with the software part, she has already had at least one software assisted "appearance" in Nevada.

When we see Hillary again (and we probably will,) it will be Hillary(tm) and in the current political climate, where presidents are just Soros puppets or they won't be president, an AI president or body double will do just fine.

Why you should be against the ICANN handover

"Hillary herself said she'd shut down Alex Jones and Brietbart. How would that be possible with today's internet? It would not be possible. But Hillary was not talking about today's internet, she was talking about the internet after her inauguration, which is AFTER THE HAND OVER. And if ICANN really does get full power with no oversight, the likes of Hillary really will get their wish. It will be ADIOS to ALL OF IT."

Here are the BIG indicators that the internet handover will be bad:

1. Google and Facebook are for it. And what are Google and Facebook? Nothing but tech parasites who contributed nothing other than control and censorship to the internet. So what if Aunt Edna can post her brownie pictures to Facebook and Clarita can post baby pics for FREE when those types of things mean NOTHING to an evil control freak, who will then turn around and block all political truth and true public discourse? Let's see something go truthfully viral on Facebook that is not Jew approved. The mere thought is worth a laugh.

Here is a Google internet experience, in a nut shell: Surf porn? Bingo, You will get it in droves. Google loves you to waste your life with that. But the nanosecond you start surfing out political topics, or tech topics, google turns into a massive funnel that produces nothing but Jew and elite friendly results, and for anything technical, bashes you straight into pay walls or totally fake fronts that do nothing but try to funnel you into favoring certain products. You will get nowhere with Google if you do anything like try to figure out the chemistry of ___________________.

10 years ago, you could get the answer to anything like that, and now Google will funnel you straight into bold faced lies specifically crafted to engineer failure in all of your efforts no matter how benign. And that is a serious threat to Western civilization, yes, if you don't have a billion dollar budget, you will not be designing much of anything if you don't already have the facts as to how that can be accomplished. Google really will funnel you straight into failure.

How did I figure that out? Because years ago I was experimenting with asymmetrical capacitors and got the facts on the dielectric constants of practically everything. The king of all dielectrics was barium strontium titanate (BaSrTi03) and now Google will only produce fraudulent results that tell you that Barium Titanate alone holds the top spot, and then list the old results for barium strontium titanate in place of Barium Titanate. That is a specific detail that I knew for certain, and Google frauds it, ON PURPOSE. Zero legitimate results for BaSrTi03 film, plates, powder, sintering temperatures, NOTHING. - and if you did not know the truth ahead of time, you'd never know Google produces only fraud now. That proves they are EVIL. And if that kind of evil wants ICANN handed over - the kind of evil that goes way beyond politics and will lie about science, the ICANN handover cannot possibly be good.

Perhaps Google will (temporarily) fix that one topic because I mentioned it. But what about the 5,000,000 other topics? ADIOS.

Do I really need to go into how Facebook frauds and censors everything, and why their favoring the ICANN handover can't possibly be a good thing? Facebook might possibly represent the death of the web, even if there was no handover.

2. The handover is the "brainchild" of Obama. No one asked for it. No one pushed for it. No one even thought of it, until one day Obama announced it would be done. And on who's authority? NO AUTHORITY. The President can't just do that, yet it got done, which means it is a shadow government move. A New World Order move. Why would anyone want that?

Congress can still block it but it looks to me like that won't be happening, despite all the news reports to the contrary. Congress is in bed with the shadow government, and like Obama and Hillary, is working hard to destroy freedom and kill America off once and for all.

FACT: All of Congress is against Trump, because Trump is not an "insider". That's their only reason - "He's not one of us". GEE, WHAT DOES THAT MEAN? - "one of us?" Ohh, I get it, he's not the shadow government, and might undo a ton of "progress." Progress in their efforts to destroy America. THAT'S IT, so don't bet on Congress doing jack to stop the ICANN handover from passing, if Congress does manage that it will prove the infiltration is not complete. Don't bet on it.

Here is the future of the web with ICANN handed over: Say one difficult truth about the Jews, and you are GONE like a CNN reporter who said the truth about Hillary's health. If you do want to stay online and you are not political, count on huge licensing fees and a massive wall of red tape, where getting online to post anything at all will be like applying for a home loan with full background check. Perhaps you will be able to post to Facebook no problem, but if you step out of line, you will be vaporized and possibly visited by INTERPOL. I don't know why the world is not freaked out about this.

Hillary herself said she'd shut down Alex Jones and Brietbart. How would that be possible with today's internet? It would not be possible. But Hillary was not talking about today's internet, she was talking about the internet after her inauguration, which is AFTER THE HAND OVER. And if ICANN really does get full power with no oversight, the likes of Hillary really will get their wish. It will be ADIOS to ALL OF IT.

Sep 12 2016

As I figured

The press has been quiet about Hillary today, with not a single update anywhere. So far so good. I do not believe she had a medical episode yesterday, I instead think everything anomalous happened in relation to her being arrested. They were so certain she is gone they even used a body double for an appearance shortly after the incident. The details are on this page, scroll down.

Congress can still stop the internet handover

The U.N. did not ask for it. The American people did not ask for it. There was no petition for it. Obama simply decided it was going bye bye. And "bye bye" will definitely be straight into Israel's hands if Obama made the decision to do it all by his lonesome self. It cannot be good. At least what we have now works, this site can still be accessed if placed in the correct location on the web.

I did not know the handover was that tenuous and thin. Congress can still stop the transfer, WE NEED A PETITION TO CONGRESS TO STOP IT.

How much worse could it be to get Trump in, who would most likely make everything right, only to lose the web? that would SUCK, people need to take note of what is happening and STOP THIS while we still can.

I am not aware of any petitions in place to stop it from happening.

UPDATE: Google is not helping, and no other search engine is helping with this. You CANNOT GET GOOGLE TO GIVE YOU A .GOV LOCATION FOR A PETITION TO CONGRESS. All Google will do is send you to scam .com petition sites. Google WANTS the internet handover to take place. HOW IN THE * can anyone place a legitimate petition when Google, Bing, and others won't give you a legitimate page for it? I am working on this.

Obama's petition page at the white house comes up easily, because you can't petition him to go back on his illigitimate handover. But you cannot get a petition that actually goes to a real Congress location. You cannot even start a petition, because the search engines are stopping people from finding the correct place to do it in an official way. Don't bother with the scam petition sites, if it is not a .gov location, it is irrelevant.

Here is the web site but it is huge and it is going to take some searching. Here is the Senate web site

Since no one can trust the Clinton campaign or the MSM, and it looked like an arrest yesterday, that is what I am sticking with.

I have a little life story to tell. And it is about a rash on Hillary Clinton's neck that suddenly appeared, which was exactly like something I saw before.

Decades ago, I was working for a technology related business. That business had an accountant that used company funds to pay for her student loans, pay off her mom's car, and several other things. The tab was over $50,000 (which decades ago was a lot more than it sounds now, so let's update that to at least $100,000)

Anyway, one day, the BIG BAD UNEXPECTED AUDIT CAME. And her theft from the company budget was obviously uncovered. And her throat broke out in a rash, just like Hillary Clinton had. The company did not have her arrested, they gave her the option to pay it back (if possible) and then she was dead. Gunshot wound to the stomach. Supposedly a suicide. I wonder. But that is beside the point - what is important is THE RASH. It was the SAME RASH HILLARY GOT right before her "bout of pneumonia" she supposedly had at the WTC memorial. YOU KNOW, THE KIND OF RASH I HAVE SEEN BEFORE, A STRESS RASH ON SOMEONE WHO DID SOMETHING REALLY BAD, AND KNEW THE GIG WAS UP.





They would never admit it was an arrest, but I'd like you to watch THIS 18 SECOND VIDEO and conclude it was anything different. Between seconds 11 and 13, right before they stuff her into the van, what appears to be handcuffs being released can be seen CLEARLY.

I went over this video many times. It is not something in the van showing through, or any other environmental item. What really appears to be a handcuff is indeed coming off Hillary's left wrist. Inexplicably, she is waiting for the van with her hands behind her back. If she was in physical trouble, receiving help, she would be held (as she was in this video) But her hands would have been to the front, not clasped behind her back because it would increase physical stress if she really was in trouble and then VOILA! the "handcuff" appears as it is coming off.

Clearly, CLEARLY, Hillary's hands really are in handcuff position behind her back as she waits for the van, and then what appears to be cuffs appear right when she was stuffed in.

If Hillary was arrested, don't expect the MSM to admit it, EVER. If she is jailed, it will be a "hospitalization" and no other explanation will ever be given. It would be body double from now on.

I do not have the bandwidth available right now to watch more than an 18 second video. I need to go over more videos to see what led up to this. But according to others on two different forums, all the other videos show the same context, where she is walked to the van with her hands behind her back, and then the cuffs come off.

There are rumors flying around now about Hillary being permanently out of commission. Sky News has said she is "indefinitely incapacitated". I guess the morning news has to break for any definite updates, but if she was arrested, they will say she is "incapacitated" or whatever they need to say to avoid admitting it.

Body double used at Chelsea's apartment.

The woman is thinner than Hillary and remarks about what a beautiful day it is. She is wearing a coat that Hillary would not be wearing if she just got overheated. They are now buying time with body doubles, BET ON IT.

Here is a tweet of an ABC news report that said she died. That would be a major OOPS if she did not. But since she will just be a puppet anyway, a body double will do. So they could keep it hush and it would not matter. Or, if she got arrested, it would be better to say she died.

Today ought to be interesting with the news. My guess: She got arrested and they are going to spew anything but the truth about that.

Sep 11 2016

I was tempted to post nothing on 911

This is the day anyone with more than a single firing neuron knows we were all scammed.

The wackiest "911 conspiracy theory" of all

The theory goes like this: On September 11, 2001, 19 arabs with box cutters and plastic knives conspired to board 4 airliners without ever showing up on the flight manifests. All 4 airlines were successfully hijacked by these conspiring arabs with mere plastic knives, and at most 1 inch metal blades, and flown by failed cessna pilots like experts into 3 of the targets, while the 4th airplane hit a field and left a crater but no debris.

The attack came as a total surprise to the Air Force and Norad, who never saw it coming, and remained blind to it all for a full hour after all planes hit their targets, with the final target being the greatest military command headquarters in the world. Norad suddenly could not see airplanes if their transponders were switched off, thus proving active radar is a hoax.

Somehow, despite being fully rated to take a full speed impact from the similarly sized and faster flying 707, both world trade center towers fell into their own footprints (rather than off to the side in one direction like you would expect if an airplane impact weakened one side of them) because Arabs are magic and Allah was with them. And out of sympathy, while mourning for the loss of it's two big brothers, WTC 7 which never got hit by an airplane at all, cried itself to death and fell down too.

And we know this is a true story, because despite never having seat back phones or any satellite uplink available, calls were made from cell phones (which could not connect at speeds over 120 mph because they have to arrange which tower will take the call from a moving object next, and could not do that on time from the planes which were going 550 mph.) But we know it worked anyway because after Cee Cee Lyle's "plastic knives and box cutters" cell phone call ended, her coach told her she did a great job and if she did not do a great job, the entire Arab plan would have failed. And if you don't believe how GREAT CeeCee did, just listen to her boss tell her how great she did! Her boss would never lie!

So there you have it - the official story. The wackiest 911 conspiracy theory of all!

The entire 911 story hinges on CeeCee Lyle's phone call from flight 93. But if you actually get ahold of this phone call, you can clearly hear it was faked, because CeeCee's coach is in the background saying she did it great!

911 Flight 93 phone call busted. CeeCee Lyle read her arab incriminating yet fully scripted phone call from the ground, in a call center, and if you listen to the call, you can hear her coach say "that was great!" after she finishes speaking. You can also hear a coach or manager say "allright" in the background of the enhanced version, and AFTER THAT you can hear her coach say "sorry" for saying "that was great" too loud and possibly having it be audible in the message. CeeCee Lyles flight 93 911 phone call enhanced and original This kills the entire arab/911 meme, obviously the calls were faked.

Here is the best I have for 911. This has been, for many people, myth. Resurrected from the dead:

Carl Cameron's BANNED 2001 911 Fox News Report linking Israelis to 911 RESCUED!

This series by Carl Cameron,which Fox News released in 2001 was supposed to have 12 parts. Only 4 parts ever got broadcast, and all 4 are in this ONE MP3. Even these 4 parts should be enough to wake your sleeping zombie sheep, they prove Israel is raping the U.S. and was heavily involved in 911 And it all went out on FOX NEWS, IT IS ALL HERE, ARCHIVE AND POST!!!

Note: Much of the super damning stuff is in the second half.

This was broadcast on Fox News Carl Cameron's expose THIS IS A MUST LISTEN, IT TOTALLY BLOWS ISRAEL OUT OF THE WATER and after seeing this I can't believe Fox News ever got this published.

Key points:

1. After 911, Israeli companies tipped off perpetrators of 911 to when the FBI, CIA an other American intelligence was onto them, so they could immediately change their identities and prevent the investigations from proceeding. Additionally, once the investigations started, the perpetrators were given the ability to wire tap all of the investigator's phones and other communications via Israeli owned companies and spy infrastructure, to totally circumvent capture. If this does not by itself prove Israel did 911, I do not know what possibly could.

2. Israeli companies tip off Israeli drug dealers to when American investigation efforts have pinned them down, and like the perpetrators of 911, the Israelis then provide even drug dealers with wire taps on the investigators in pursuit of them, to help them completely evade capture.

This Fox News report is SO DAMNING I wonder if Carl Cameron is even alive. This series was shut down 8 out of 12 segments early, because it NAILED THE TRUTH. Much can be extrapolated from even these 4 segments, they prove Israel is America's ENEMY NUMBER ONE, ARCHIVE AND POST!

I really want people to consider this, I am not joking about it

Take a look at this picture of the very large aircraft hitting the bridge in Taiwan. From this photo below, you can clearly see that the aircraft had a very strong wing drag on the road surface, only to have the guard rail snap off a very large section of wing. This picture proves that the bridge took the full brunt of a hit that put the full strength of the aircraft's wing into that guard rail.

It is the entire end of the wing snapped off, and after looking at this photo which clearly shows this fact:

I want you to again take a look at the road and the guard rail in the next photo. Initially I thought the top of the guard rail was ornamental aluminum or stainless steel. But from this photo, a nice clear one, you can see that THE ONLY PIECE BROKEN ON THAT BRIDGE WAS MADE OUT OF PLASTIC. There is no trace of any damage anywhere else on the bridge whatsoever, so I want to once again ask a serious pointed question toward the Dimona tribe:


Take your pick with what you believe I guess, but as I see it, there is NO DAMN WAY a normal Boeing did that damage to the WTC.

If airplanes did the WTC, they would had to have had armor plated steel wings or they would have had to have had their wings packed with explosives from wing tip to wing tip, the size and flight parameters of the Taiwan plane were too close to the 911 planes to have no damage to that bridge other than to a plastic piece on top of the guard rail if the 911 planes really were as stated. Obviously they were not when the Taiwan plane did absolutely no damage to anything solid on that bridge and the 911 planes cut super strong solid steel beams in half and pulverized concrete to boot. I CALL B.S. ON THE PLANE IMPACTS, THOSE WERE NOT AMERICAN AIRLINES PLANES, THEY WERE EITHER ENTIRELY FAKE AND GREEN SCREENED IN OR THEY WERE HEAVILY FORTIFIED WITH IRON ARMOR PLATE AND WING LOADED EXPLOSIVES.

Airplanes really do come apart like aluminum foil when they hit anything solid at all, they fly because they are light and dainty and engineered to handle ONE THING: AIR, with which concrete and steel have no common traits. Even a bird can crash a jumbo jet for Gods sake!

I have a boat load of other 911 stuff I could put up, but why bother? Either you know 911 was a false flag psy op, or you are too stupid to be saved. I have all of it - building 7, the micro nuke stuff, explosives in the building yada yada yada but other people have that too, what I put up here is what I have that can't easily be found elsewhere. Anyway, if Hillary is allowed to scam her way in, 911 won't mean jack anyway.

Trump is the candidate that will ensure 911 remains the worst day in American history. Hillary will certainly strive for more!

September 9 2016 September 6 2016

September 5 2016

Media quiet after FBI release

It seems like all they have to say is people are picking on Bill, and Russia is influencing America's elections. Most of it is also quiet about the obvious strike on a spaceX rocket. I guess those who did the attack on the rocket were not expecting a camera to be filming it that had a frame exposure speed of at least 2,000 - which captured whatever shot the rocket way too clearly for comfort - they can't pawn it off on an accident or bug or bird, and I am certain the attackers moved whatever shot the rocket through the frame so fast they did not expect any camera to see anything at all. Five clear frames of video. 0.083 seconds of it total at 60 fps. I do not know the actual frames per second of the video, but all cameras of the caliber that took the video shoot at a baseline of 60 FPS, which means whatever the object was, it was going so fast that whoever was operating it did not expect it to be seen, and instead be blended into the background as a totally unidentifiable blur.

So now they are moaning about what this means for spaceX. Any topic but Hillary, who seems to be out of the news for the day.

For curiosity sake - some people might wonder why any video camera that shoots 60 FPS would ever need to expose each frame in 1/2000 of a second or less. The answer is that even though it obviously would not need to shoot that fast for most situations, if you want to film action it will make the video far more clear because things that are moving won't blur. And I am a little annoyed at the MSM outlets calling the video "blurry" when it is in fact crystal clear, so clear it showed whatever destroyed the rocket when there is not an Iphone or pocket cam on the planet that ever could have. Anyway, enough of that topic.

There is lots about Hillary on this page, and as far as I see it, saying the truth is not "tampering with an election process" unless criminals are out to rig it. If the truth hurts, those who are lying and covering up are rigging the election, and that means America's MSM, NOT RUSSIA. Thank you Russia, for helping America have more transparency! Yeah, when you go over the MSM today, all the cold hard proof in the world is being pawned off as "allegations" and conspiracy. Yep, that again.

Potential military coup in Mexico?

This morning it was a police freak out on the main roads, with the Federalis going nuts, and also the local guys. And then I found this.

The report says the military is all stirred up about how the meeting with Donald Trump went, But it is not the meeting with Donald Trump that started Pena Nieto's problems. Instead, what has happened is several other things:

The big trigger was when it was revealed two weeks ago that Pena Nieto forged his way through law school by plagiarizing other people's work. That's a big no-no in Mexico when it comes to being the President. Pena Nieto is also facing heat for never letting the price of gasoline drop below $3 USD per gallon, despite the supply side making prices below $1.50 USD per gallon possible. This has triggered a recession because fuel is the life of any economy and having everyone else in the world get cheap gas while Mexico is stuck paying twice as much has hurt Mexico's competitive edge in product pricing for export.

Pena Nieto has been running tons of publicity ads that are obvious political pandering, where he is (for example) talking to a student, and getting personal, then a handicapped person, or an old man (one per ad) to "show how good his heart is" and that might work with the underclass but it is not fooling anyone in any higher social class.

To add to his worries, his main political opponent (Morena) has been running political ads ripping Pena Nieto for the price of gas, and more recently for the price of electricity (which is dirt cheap, so that might fail, electric here costs only $15 or so per month for most homes if you don't run air conditioning) but even still I guess the price has gone up at least a little, and every peso counts. So Morena is having a heyday with all of this.

I am not going to give an opinion with all of this (for obvious reasons) but there is another huge thing going on with Mexico that Pena Nieto called for, which is Reforma 2. Reforma 2 is a social movement which is supposed to be cutting down on political corruption, but on the ground here it is noticed as More government control of everything. Your everyday Mexican is oblivious to why that would be bad, but any American ought to know! So obviously I am not in favor of that, and I have a hunch Morena and any military coup would reset a lot with regard to reforma 2.

Drudge linked an MSM report about a possible drone strike on Spacex

Remember my post about a UFO or government white hats taking out the spacex rocket that had the $150 million Facebook satellite aboard? Well, Drudge linked this MSM report that only talked about what people were saying and more importantly, did not debunk it.

The report instead took my approach and said the debunkers would say it was a bird or bug. The report did not take sides (I did, because to me this is obvious.) If you were skeptical of my take on this, look again, I have bumped it back to the top after Drudge gave it credible air. and will re-iterate that I am absolutely confident either off world help or white hats in the American black op community destroyed this rocket to keep Facebook evil grounded.

The Spacex rocket that blew up with a Facebook satellite aboard was definitely not a technical glitch

It looks like a UFO took it out, REMEMBER, UFO does not mean alien, it just means it is not identified and could be ours.

(September 1 2016) a spacex rocket with a $150 million dollar Facebook satellite that was a creation of Zukerberg and Israel blew up during testing, and not during launch. Before it blew up, a UFO showed up, fired something at the rocket, and then quickly flew away. The image here shows the UFO quite clearly. If Spacex can't explain what this UFO is, then I am going to say that either off world help arrived to keep Facebook grounded or white hats in American intelligence destroyed this rocket to keep something evil from being launched.

This UFO appears to be between the rocket and the camera filming the explosion, and the similar focus on the rocket and the object proves the object was close to the rocket and not close to the camera. It is not a bird, insect, or balloon or anything else of the sort. Its speed has been estimated by some people to have been about 500 MPH. It entered on the right hand side of the frame, fired something at the rocket when it was immediately in front of it, and exited the left hand side of the frame.

Obviously there are those trying to say this was a bird or insect or whatever, but this is one case where we got an image that quite clearly shows that cannot possibly be what this was.

This explosion started at the top of the rocket, right where the UFO was, and not near the bottom, where virtually all rocket explosions start. No malfunction caused this, if this started at the top of the rocket only a fuel tank breach in an upper stage that was not being tested could have caused this, and that means the rocket was most likely shot with something. ADDITIONALLY, if someone knew how the rocket was built (U.S. intelligence would,) and they wanted to make darn good and sure the satellite was completely and totally destroyed, hitting the fuel tank immediately below it would be the most rational place because it leaves the least to chance.

Important: Original reports were that this happened when they were test firing the main engines before launch, and not during refueling, as is being said now, which could (tenuously) be used as an explanation for this. But original reports said nothing about refueling, and that there was an engine test underway, which means an explosion at the top of the rocket due to a glitch is not in any way plausible.

There are a few people in the alt media that are claiming that there a war going on in space, and that something off world is trying to help us. If this object is from off world and it blew up a Facebook satellite, I'd have to say someone is trying to help because I can't imagine what was actually on that rocket if it was a completely Jewish/Israeli project and cost $150 million. That would be a GOOD rocket blast as far as I see it, and as far as I see it the only question is, who did it?

I find it interesting that this particular object looks like a text book UFO. Obviously the video of this is going to get edited.

UPDATE: The original video that had this has already been blocked on Youtube, I can't get to it anymore, with links saying the connection failed. At least this is a nice clear screen capture. And I'd bet that if this video does appear again, the UFO will suddenly have flapping wings or some other B.S.

In the original video however, what you see in this frame is what it was.

Some people are speculating that it was someone like Soros who blew this rocket up because they do not want space to be privatized. However, my take on this is that if this was a 100 percent Jewish project that was destroyed, no one in the world's power structure (which is now almost entirely Jewish) did this from the top down. I could be wrong, maybe there are disagreements, but I think it is far more probable that this was done by white hats, or "outside help", because nothing could be worse (or wanted by the elite) more than scamming Facebook going orbital compliments of Israel. We don't know what that satellite really was.

I have gone over the video again, and still say a UFO took out the Facebook rocket

It was NOT a bird!

There are five video frames that have the UFO in them despite the UFO going across the entire field of view. And all the video frames show the UFO quite clearly. This is only possible with an extremely high end video camera that had an expensive lens and super fast shutter. Why does this matter? Answer: Because it proves the UFO was very close to the rocket, and not a nearby bird. I'll go into this in detail:

Cell phones and cheap video cameras have tiny CCD sensors behind small lenses. This makes it impossible to get a clear image of a small fast moving object because the CCD needs time to gather enough light to expose a frame, and any fast moving object that crosses the entire frame in only five frames will look like a blur, and not a defined object. Why does this matter? Well, because:

Super expensive video cameras have large sensors behind expensive multi element optics that focus within a specific range the camera is set to focus on. The large sensor and wide open optics allows a fast shutter speed, which will put a clear image of a fast moving object in each frame. That is what we have with the UFO video, which proves an expensive camera filmed it. WHY IS THAT IMPORTANT? Because that alone proves that whatever this UFO was, was close to the rocket, and not a nearby bird. If it was a nearby bird, it might not have shown up in the image at all because the lens on that type of camera has a depth of field, which blurs anything that has a distance significantly different than what the lens is focusing on. Since the focus on both the rocket and the UFO are virtually identical, it proves the UFO was much larger than any bird and close to the rocket. Any bird that was close enough to the camera to show up that big would have been so out of focus it might not even noticeably show up in the frame if it was moving that fast. The way this was captured alone proves this video frame capture is legit. Now onto other details that are far more obvious:

The biggest giveaway that this is not a bird in any of these frames is the fact that the object looks the same in all frames and has a straight path across all frames. Birds flap their wings, and if it was a bird, that alone would have changed the appearance of the object. If any bird went across that large a distance without flapping it's wings, it would have fallen noticeably. Additionally, no bird could possibly fly that fast across a frame, relative to it's size on the frame. A bird would have had to have gone more than 100 mph to go that fast through the frame. There are no birds that can do that in straight and level flight.

Additionally, scam spam videos are rapidly being produced with a bird in the frames. That is not what this was, no ifs or buts. If it was a bird, this would not have been needed for debunking purposes.

This capture has an image of either a totally new type of drone, or an alien UFO. You take your pick, but whatever this was, it destroyed the rocket and that is all there is to it.

How do I feel about this? PRETTY FREAKING GOOD, it means we have powerful friends that hate Facebook.

September 4 2016

Much of the alternative media is under attack today,

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September 3 2016

Here's a warp speed censored beauty!

Twitter VAPORIZED this post within minutes, good friends of the truth they are!

And WHY would Hillary drop out after the FBI release? How about "they pulled no punches and said her mail server was hacked by a link in a mail that was soliciting porn!"

That mail also proved she was using TOR, and is NOT computer illiterate, as she has claimed repeatedly to cover her butt!


Why is he in jail after doing the world such a favor?

September 2 2016

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August 31 2016


1. The DHS will be breaking the law and seizing the electoral process.

Gee, what could go wrong with having the DHS take over the elections, in full violation of the law? How about: NO PRIVATE PARTY EXIT POLLS WILL BE ALLOWED, AND NO ONE INVESTIGATING ELECTION FRAUD OTHER THAN THE DHS. Gee, what could POSSIBLY go wrong with that?


2. Republican candidate for Florida House District 86, Laurel Bennett, was a bit shocked over the weekend when she discovered that a local West Palm Beach NBC affiliate, WPTV, reported that she had lost a race even though votes hadn't been cast yet. Why do we need voters when it's far easier to just skip straight to the results?

The actual vote was cast on Tuesday, the 30th. She was announced the loser on the 28th!

AND YOU KNOW WHAT I DID? When I heard that I said "too hell with life" and ate an entire box of generic fruit loops at 2AM cst, along with a half gallon of milk. This is already a fruit loop election, FAKE AS HELL and it seems the system is so far gone that there is nothing we can do about getting it stolen, just like every election after Reagan. Yeah, people might have been blind enough to put Bush 1 in, but Clinton and the rest? NO WAY IN HELL. Lead is going to have to fly. A threat of true law enforcement and subsequent law enforcement by, of, and for the people is the only chance we have left. Sorry I had to say it.

Trump is going to Mexico

Today, (Wednesday) Trump is going to Mexico to meet with Mexico's President Pena Nieto and he is bringing along other top political figures from America, including Rudy Giuliani. No details given about the trip, and Trump is going to try to dodge the press.

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