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Cornerstone report: Fukushima SABOTAGE!

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NUCLEAR WAR? I want to point something out quickly here -

The biggest fantasy George Soros has is a nuclear war between America and Russia, while he sits on a comfy couch in New Zealand. Soros hates Russia. Soros hates America. SOROS WANTS BOTH GONE, AND THE BEST WAY TO DO THAT IS TO PUT HILLARY IN. Are you awake now? I was not. I just figured that out. Soros wants a nuclear war because it will remove the two biggest adversaries to the New World Order, and he will do anything possible to make it happen.


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SO FAR, THIS MONTH ALONE, UP TO SEP 24, THIS SITE HAS HAD 1,257,414 instances where 2,620 other web sites borrowed content and had my (main) server send it, 228,000 direct visits, and 1,512,000 pageviews ON THE MAIN SERVER ALONE for a partial month! This site has a wide reach and a huge impact.

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Sep 27 2016

I am taking care of issues related to the ICANN hand over, updates will be sparse today. The big thing is despite getting wasted by a two part tag team, TRUMP WON and EVERYONE is scratching their heads wondering how the "moderator" could possibly have been such a POS.


Now I know why Trump was visibly disturbed - Over the TV, the microphones all appeared to work. But at the debate itself, over those speakers, they were cutting his voice off, adding distortion, etc and that makes it virtually impossible to speak. THEY SCREWED WITH HIM BADLY and he still won, HANDS DOWN.

The scamming MSM knows that everyone heard him come across fine on the TV, and that they can screw with him with this topic because no one who watched TV could hear what was going on at the actual debate. But from Trump's perspective at the debate, they put him through HELL. That is the type of thing you get from the lowest banana republics. But what would one expect from the tribe, which owns the media? You don't expect fair, do you?

It looks like Hillary had a hidden mic

Yep, it just gets better and better - Hillary may have been getting her responses sent to her over a mic box she was wearing on her back. This is going viral on the web now, she got BUSTED. And with a moderator on her side, giving her unfair time, plus a mic box, plus Trump getting messed with, Trump still bashed her into the gutter in the online polls. Way to go.

And I'd like to point something out here - to excuse off Hillary losing, the time magazine poll (which claims Hillary supporters are more educated, more connected, more social (and therefore have more media communication devices) is implying that Trump is winning because the simple deplorables communicate more, have more devices, etc and that they are stacking the results. So we have a bit of cognitive dissidence here, where the under class is more social and more connected? What a laugh!

September 26 2016

I am not surprised by this Drudge poll, but Trump could have done better. He obviously was not well versed in going up against a scamming political velociraptor. I wonder how they kept Hillary glued together (if it was her) who knows. My guess is that she was VERY drugged. Held together too well as far as I see it.

They showed Trump on Mexican television for a few minutes and he looked great. Hillary looked OK but there was an air of fakeness with her that Trump did not have.

Halfway point in the debate, and Trump has thrown nothing but soft balls.

Do not miss the debate, you will get to see Hillary's body double at 9pm Eastern, (6 PM pacific)

No matter how it "looks" I don't think the debate will be real. What ONE item could Trump present that would destroy Hillary in a single shot? It would be her web site source code, where she is calling the election a hack-a-thon and hiring programmers to get it done.

The fact that this alone has not gotten "Hillary" thrown out of the race stands as cold hard proof people had better start buying bullets.

Hellfire missile used on aid convoy

Anonymous sent:

"Hi Jim, an interesting ZH report 23-9-2016 from commentator on the Moon of Alabama blog, PavewayIV 'reasonably speculation' aid convoy was attacked by Hellfire AGM-114N missile.

"Thermobaric Hellfire air-blasts don't leave craters, and they typically start fires. No craters are visible in footage of the burned convoy...the Russians detected a Predator drone which took off from Incirlik airbase...flew to the precise location of the convoy, arrived before the strike, stayed for a while, then left after the damage was done.

Unfortunately PavewayIV did not offer any official satellite or radar tracking visuals like those produced by Russia after the MH17 flight shootdown, to back up that claim. But the Hellfire speculation is backed by blogger Latina Lover in comments below the article: "The Metal-Augmented Charge (MAC) Hellfire AGM-114N belongs to the thermobaric category of weapons - ones designed to kill/destroy by an extended blast overpressure wave rather than conventional explosive's overpressure spike. A secondary effect of a MAC/thermobaric weapon's hotter, longer-duration blast wave is that it's more likely to set things on fire than a conventional explosive ... the MAC-enhanced blast of the U.S. Hellfire missiles produces an interesting visual effect at night. After the decay of an intensely-bright and well-consolidated blast flash, you can see what look like little sparkles at the edge of the receding explosion. The sparkles are residue of the burnt fluorinated aluminum that undergo a secondary burning, of sorts. It's very distinctive once you notice it. The Russians have thermobaric bombs as well, but they are of a different design and the blast usually looks different - non-existent sparkles because of a micronized metal powder, or long-duration sparkles on very large charges.

MSM-replays of the supposed rebel convoy attack video was edited in a particular way to mask what is plainly an MAC blast. The BBC reports are a good example. Their version is enlarged, shaky and blurry, consistent with the poor head-chopper production standards. But it is an edited version of the much clearer original ABC video. NWO sycophants busted again."

My response: My conclusion days ago was that the U.S. took the aid convoy out. Initially I stated the Russians probably did it to stop an arms transfer, but then I said that was wrong, it looks like the U.S. did it to stop a legitimate aid convoy. I can't remember the reasons why I reached that conclusion but it will be somewhere on this page.


Anonymous sent:

"Hey Jim Here's a video of Trump I had not seen before. He knew there were bombs used. I so hope he gets elected and she does not steal it we may finally get the truth. I think he knows the real truth but like you say if he lets them know he knows it will never happen. Thanks for work to get the truth out."

My response: You know damn well Trump would never get in if he said what he knows on practically ANY topic. There is a reason why "they" are so freaked out about Trump.

Alex Jones

Anonymous sent:

"you know almost all of alex jones' old sponsors were j's.. thats why he went to self funding through supplements..." My response: YEPPERS, Alex got his butt handed to him in a "J" hat by his wife and is still stupid about plenty from what I read there . . . . but he's better than before that hat incident . . . .

Tanks headed to Alaska

Anonymous sent:

"have you heard about the shiny new tanks heading up to Alaska where they will be used to train Ukrainian soldiers according to one of the drivers that he asked when they were stopped. My friend said he saw more than 50 of these in a convoy as well as trucks loaded with airplane starter motors all heading north and those were just the ones he noticed." My response: First I have heard of this. If the soldiers are Ukranian this is Hillary's gig. What was the source on that? This might just be a military movement done by the U.S. but even that would be significant.

Hillary's hacker ad

"I'm surprised that nobody is making a big deal about Hillary blatantly in our face continues to advertise for hackers. If a person goes to hillaryclinton dot com look at the pagessource code. You can easily see the HTML written to produce the page by pressing Ctrl U. Right in front of everyone is the source code looking for people to join the 15 month hackathon.

Some say that she stole her primaries through hackers. You know that. You tell us that and it's true and the source codePROVES it.aul Willer - Founder of Nibiru Countdown"

My response: I covered this about a month ago. View Hillary's page source. There really is a request for top experts to help her hack the election, complete with a link that goes to a jobs page. She's so busted it is beyond comment, yet the MSM is totally silent. TRUMP OUGHT TO BRING THIS UP AT THE DEBATE TOMORROW, HE'D KILL HER WITH THAT.

Putin Tom sent:


Did you see where the voter turnout for the Russia Duma last weekend was only 47%, lowest since Putin came in 1999?That vote was just 3 days after that Deir Ezzor fiasco in Syria while Putin's gloriously arranged sellout was in effect! Tells me lots more Russians see what's going on rather than just being led sheep.

Source is Aangirfan blogspot website, it contradicts the cheerleading hoopla about Putin being admired and respected , since supposedly his United party increased their seats?

-Tom" My response: I doubt Putin is as unpopular as Obama, but one can be certain he's not leaving power no matter what because of who counts the votes. I think he's Putin (tm) anyway, just a figurehead for Russia's own shadow government which is probably a fair shade better than what is going on in the U.S.

Hillary already proved that can be done.


Anonymous" sent:

Assange: I will not reveal the exact date but I can promise you this, will Bring Hillary Down Before The Debate Stage On September 26th."

Well it's Sunday night now and we've heard nothing from him, I doubt Assange would bluff, so what's going on, has he been got at?

On a slightly different tack, I know Clinton has a high opinion of herself but it always seemed to me that the lenient treatment she is getting is a bit more than she rated. A question that I've only heard asked a few times and never tenaciously followed up on is this, who exactly was it that was knowingly sending her the top secret emails to her toytown account. If it was Monkey Boy himself that would most certainly explain everything."

My response: Early on I got notification that it was moles in the NSA that gave it all to her. And it was so far beyond the pale that you can pretty much bank on America never getting over it, EVER

Youtube censorship

Anonymous sent:

"URGENT (this is related to your articles about the end of Internet)

The end of YouTube as a platform to communicate video without in video gangstalking."

My response: Youtube has put in place a new method of censorship where trolls go through Youtube and flag political videos Soros would not want posted. The videos are subsequently vaporized, pretty much no questions asked.


"Colin here again from the above donations. So you know, this is what is appearing on my electronic statement at Paypal after I donated or what I thought was $45.55 US Dollars. You'll see ;PAYPAL *******USA on your card statement. Exchange rate $2.36 USD = $45.55 MXN 1 US Dollar = 19.32 Mexican Peso"

My response: AT LEAST THE BALANCE DID NOT GET STOLEN! Yeah, I figured that was it. And for people who donate, the donations are not received by this web site because when I tried associating it in the past, Paypal vaporized 3 accounts the nanosecond a donate button was posted to them on this web site. So there is a middle man with this, ending with "USA" because that is how it has to be.

Shit shovellers

G sent:

"And can we please stop calling the "elites" elites? Scum, vermin, shit-shovellers would be much better descriptions.

Dear Mr Putin:

Dog bites man, - attack owner, not dog.

Why is soros still a player? Can't you simply take out the owner, instead of thousands of innocent lives?Cheers., G."

My response: Yes, your description would be accurate. For the answer as to why Russia can't take out Soros, I hate to say this but I think I know why.

I visited the Russian embassy in Mexico City in 2012 to check up on a lead, to see if they could confirm it. Obviously they were nervous and THOUGHT THEY WERE BEING SNEAKY WHEN THEY RECORDED THE ENTIRE MEETING WITH SPY VIDEO GLASSES YOU CAN BUY ON EBAY. Yep. That. Not impressive. I said nothing. I let them think they were smart.

OK, so some of that Ebay stuff is pretty good, but if that is the state of Russian intelligence, well, they had better hope their S-500 missile system is a real work of creativity or they are DOOMED.

HMMMMMMMMMM . . . . Get a load of this - Rush Limbaugh might be right:

I never analyzed this myself but Rush is not stupid:

"We've all been fooled. The Hillary 9/11 collapse videos are fake. As you know 2 angles were released of the collapse. There's a video on YouTube of Rush Limbaugh commenting on this because as he points out in one of the videos the van that picks her up pulls up from the right and she gets into the drivers side and on the other video the van pulls up from the left and she gets into the passenger side. People responded to Rush telling him he's stupid and that it's really the same exact video but one version has had a mirror effect applied to it. Rush responded that this explanation doesn't make sense because she is shown getting into 2 different sides of the vehicle no matter how much mirroring was applied. He's right. His conclusion was that 1 of the 2 videos must be fake. My conclusion is that both must be fake. Someone went though a lot of trouble to do this considering how well they positioned the people in each version so that they match up seemingly exactly in both versions. What are your thoughts on this?"

My response: With stuff like this, Rush is not an idiot. No further comment.


Par sent:

..hi Jim! I just meet a small 2.5 year old girl with micro encyphali ..she was glittering with energy and motion but sitting in achild carriage ..I guess for the sake of the father attending her not running off too wildly ..I asked if maybe the mother got vaccine during pregnancy but really the first time in my life I saw it myself.. ..the child was here in the middle of the Norwegian mountainous region where I visit for sales on a market

Par: (Sweden)"

Youtube censorship:

"Hi, This explains how You Tube has created "Heros"; as young as 13 to mass flag thus take down videos, yikes!

I still am not sure how to give you links, but it was an article from a You Tube video maker via 2016/09/24/ titled alt-media-will-be-gone ..."

My response: ICANN to silence web sites like this one, and "little heroes" to take out Youtube. The timing is OMINOUS.

"Jim, Any chance you can give a few ip addresses of sites we can save for future news? Also, what are the best sites you would recommend, besides yourself of course, that you browse without much censorship, as of now?

Keep up the good fight, in the end God will have the last word. CT"

My response: I am trying to get a DNS server set up that will bypass ICANN, but after what happened today I am actually a bit scared.


I don't know if there's something to these things, but now there is a stabbing in Boston that happened an hour or so ago. So early Saturday we have the shooting at the mall in Washington (state) then we have the shooting in Illinois near a college campus, and now we have a stabbing near Emerson College in Boston. Are these sleeper cells being activated or something? I feel like it's weird that it's happening how it is....maybe I'm just seems weird.


I added "deplorable" to my name on FB. It wouldn't let me change my name at all that appears in the biggest font, but it let me change what I had in parenthesis, that's a nickname, to "deplorable". My posts from that time til the time I changed it back to normal had little to no activity. I can't prove it officially to you but I can tell it happened. There's been another shooting at an Illinois college campus at around 230am (25th), at another lovely gun free zone, and I just wonder if there will be more today. It's 327am on Sunday the 25th; it will interesting to see what happens. Are these things distractions considering there is still a scheduled debate on Monday? One more thing, have you seen anything about the "Heroes" program on youtube? It allows anyone over the age of 13 to essentially take channels down if they flag them 3 times, and admin anyone's comment section. Take care Jim. Sam"

My comment: Youtube is finished, and ICANN is going to take care of the rest of the web. It could well be game over.

The DUFUSES saying the ICANN handover is nothing are either trolls, or so stupid they have breathing problems when they try to think because that distracts their brains from physical functions.


Despite how it looks, The Baltimore Gazette really is a fake web site.

The news story of a police shooting of a black man on the front page is a hoax, yet it is already sparking social unrest. The domain was registered in July of 2015, and then parked. It was activated yesterday with a fully complete fake front that is very convincing, and has a race hatred inspiring story as the top headline. ONE PROBLEM: There is no such thing as the Baltimore Gazette.

A quick check of the Library of Congress shows that the Baltimore Gazette opened it's doors in 1865, operated 10 years, closed it's doors in 1875 and has not existed for 140 years. This confirms that the web site called the Baltimore Gazette is nothing but a well crafted hoax.

It got me at first, I thought it was real. I thought there was no way it could possibly be fake. It has EVERYTHING you would expect a legitimate newspaper to have. It definitely cost money to do. Yet it is completely and totally fake.


September 24 2016

The message box

I have too much going on to reply to messages individually. However, the predominant themes were:

1. Trump is fake because he is going along with the official story of 911

My response: Many people in government were fooled and still think it really happened. I do not think Trump believes it happened, but what would happen to him politically, if before the election he came right out and said it? It would be like him saying Michelle Obama is a man. Trump KNOWS Obama was not born in the U.S. but he backed off on the birther issue as well, because it is, with the idiots, political suicide to go there. Trump does not need those issues to win, and he's a business man. He's not going to tell a buyer about how a certain set of speakers has blah and blah and blah after he's sold the product but not to the check out yet, because anything more he says (even if it bolsters his case) can cause him to lose the sale. That's a salesman basic, when you make a sale, SHUT UP.

2. Hillary was a mannequin at the 911 ceremony. Hillary was a body double at the 911 ceremony. It was hillary and she was definitely arrested (my take also, one way or another everything is fake now) Hillary was a body double on the Tonight show. Hillary was a clone on the tonight show. Hillary was computer generated on the tonight show. Hillary is not making appearances publicly now because they don't want another medical trip out. Hillary is not making public appearances now because she is worried about being shot. Hillary is having a body double do public appearances, hillary this hillary that that that that AND THAT.

My response: Hillary, if it was her on the tonight show pre taped it, and there was no audience. This was discussed beforehand, it was pre taped. If she shows up for the debate, watch for body doubles, clones, mannequins, computer generated presence, assassins and medical trip outs. That ought to cover it. If there is any fairness, Trump is going to eat her alive.

Bottom line? Don't fault me when all anyone has is a theory and the MSM is a bath of lies.

3. Apparently I posted a fake CNN site.

If so, I warned people ahead of time that there was a massive attack, trying to get me to post B.S.

However, : Soros really was behind the riots, Russia really did blow up 30 Western commanders in Aleppo, Hillary really is getting faked in everywhere, the polls really are being rigged, ISIS really is an American corporation, the U.S. really did blow up an aid convoy, yada yada yada and TRUMP REALLY IS KICKING @SS. Average: Still over 95 percent accurate. When sorting through lies, that is doing quite well when the MSM, with all the resources in the world, hits 75 percent BULLSHIT.

4. The S-300 is invincible. My response: it is old now. Probably not invincible. What about the S-500?

5. The ICANN handover is meaningless. My response: Why is Obama doing it then? Are people who are saying this DAFFY or what? If it did not matter, OBAMA WOULD NOT BE DOING IT. Interesting it is going straight into the hands of the globalists. Anyone who wanders the web telling people it is meaningless needs to wake up before they drown after puking their drunk troll soul into the toilet.

September 23 2016

"Too big to jail" just means the people have to handle it themselves.

The following Soros post got heavily re-posted by readers, and for some reason is being allowed to stay up on various forums and blogs despite it being very harsh. I was mad when I posted it (and still am) and said it like it is, and I guess there are lots of others out there that agree. This is going to stay on top today.


70 percent of those arrested had out of state identification

That means the rioters were imported. How long are people going to put up with this SOROS B.S. and arrest him and shut down all of his phony NGO's, foundations, and riots? Soros funded this, and is therefore directly responsible for ALL OF IT. I would not be surprised if he paid the Tulsa police to set the precedent on top of it all. It is time for that social pervert to go. He should be among the first removed when tshtf. Yep, when that happens you can run, or you can MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

If direct action is not taken against those who are outside of the visible government - if the shadow government is not annihilated, any effort to put things right will fail completely. The visible government is nothing but the cloak which hides the monster. This monster has been offered a peaceful outcome with Trump. If it refuses, whatever happens next is it's own fault.

Brietbart posted this from a CNN interview:

"Thursday on CNN's "Outfront," Todd Walther, the spokesman for the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Fraternal Order of Police, told host Erin Burnett the bulk of the protesters being arrested in Charlotte were not from North Carolina, but out of state based on their IDs.

"This is not Charlotte that's out here," Walther said. "These are outside entities that are coming in and causing these problems. These are not protesters, these are criminals."

"I'm not saying all the people, but we've got the instigators that are coming in from the outside. They were coming in on buses from out of state. If you go back and look at some of the arrests that were made last night. I can about say probably 70 percent of those had out-of-state IDs. They're not coming from Charlotte."

We all know it is SOROS doing this, he did the same thing in Ferguson and it is time to bag him. If the police refuse to, it is up to us. He's also running a massive television campaign with slick commercials and catchy tunes for a social movement called Movmiento Naranja that no one can get any real finger on what it stands for, (not even Mexico's elite, and I am talking ex-president level elite which I can get direct feedback through a contact if I ask, and I DID ask about Movmiento Naranja) believe me it is an accurate statement when I say no one really knows what the hell it is, they are just shown cute commercials and told to vote for it and it has something to do with "rights" but you can't really find out what other than nebulous blurbs online. This "Naraja" effort by Soros is being run in MANY nations, NOT ONLY MEXICO, Ukraine is another one, Italy another, and it is ALL SOROS. The riots he is staging in the U.S. might be America's version.

He's also running huge airtime for "women's rights" which boil down to destruction of families and the same feminism that wiped out America. One man has no right to do all of this, he can't just burn Charlotte and throw reporters in a fire; he has NO RIGHT TO IMPORT THE DESTRUCTION OF EUROPE, he is NOT the appointed king of the earth, and if he's "too big to jail" it just means the people have to handle it themselves.

September 22 2016




After I blew the lid off their scam, they changed their site graphic to "SIS" but there are still enough references to being ISIS on their web site to prove this is not a hoax: GET THAT? THEIR WEB SITE NAME IS ISIS HQ.COM, - ISIS HEADQUARTERS. How much more transparent could it possibly be? AND HERE IS THEIR OFFICES PAGE I CAPTURED ABOVE: ISIS LOCATIONS HA HA HA, RUSSIA HIT THESE BASTARDS HARD IN SYRIA. Killed 30 of the top people. GOOD RIDDANCE.

Yep. Hillary's ISIS confirmed, IT NEVER WAS "ISLAMIC" AT ALL. Too bad Russia did not figure it out sooner.

RT: US airstrikes on Syrian troops were ‘intentional,’ lasted nearly 1 hour – Assad to AP

This is an important piece. This really was a game changing incident that is having serious repercussions now.

"It was not an accident by one airplane; it was four airplanes which kept attacking the position of the Syrian troops for nearly one hour or maybe a little bit more than one hour," Assad told AP, adding they were attacking a large area that "constituted of many hills" adjacent to where the Syrian troops were stationed.

"The IS troops attacked at the very same time as the American strike. How could they know that America was going to attack that position in order to gather their militants right away and attack it one hour after the strike. It was definitely intentional and not unintentional". see this

The Alt right has been vindicated

The blizzard of B.S. is enough to snow blind anyone.

1.) First, you have Ford building plants in Mexico and moving small car production out of Michigan to Mexico.

2.) Second, you have refugees or the children of refugees launching terrorist attacks in Orlando, St. Cloud and New York/New Jersey.

3.) Third, you have black radicals shooting cops and rioting, torching cities and lashing out at White people in Milwaukee and Charlotte after black cops shoot armed black suspects. Hillary Clinton and the #LyingPress nod in agreement that "white supremacy" and "systemic racism" is to blame.

4.) Fourth, you have the lying press denouncing anyone who raises questions about Hillary's health as a lunatic conspiracy theorist, after the whole country watched her collapse on national television.

5.) In Utah, you have the state's top amnesty activist who denounced Trump for saying illegal aliens are rapists getting arrested and charged with rape.

6.) In Syria, you have Obama bombing the Syrian Army in order to clear a path for ISIS.

7.) Back home, you have Hillary winning the support of 96 percent of Jewish donors, all of Wall Street, and the support of big donors in 9 out of 10 sectors of the US economy. It is not just Wall Street supporting Hillary. The oligarchy has unified behind her.

8.) You have George HW Bush best known for the "New World Order" endorsing Hillary Clinton thereby proving the two party globalist cartel preserves the status quo.

9.) You have Hillary Clinton calling half of Trump's supporters an irredeemable "basket of deplorables" in which she shows her naked contempt for those she expects to govern.

10.) You have a Republican Congress that balks at defending its own voters, and nodding in silent agreement with Hillary and the lying press that its own voters really are "deplorable." These people wonder why they are pilloried as "cuckservatives."

11.) Finally, a leading presidential candidate and its lapdogs in the media have declared that anonymous Twitter trolls swapping images of a cartoon frog - many of them who are still in high school - are the leading threat to the Republic in the backdrop of daily pandemonium on the streets. That's where this country is at today. It is on the verge of falling apart...

See this

I don't care about the latest riots, the internet handover is far more important.

Trump got onto the ICANN handover

I cannot understand why there is not more of a freakout over the ICANN handover. I guess people have been tricked into believing the internet will never be effectively censored. That is WRONG.

FACT: A vast majority of TOP LEVEL DOMAIN web sites on the internet DO NOT HAVE THEIR OWN IP ADDRESSES. The ONLY way to them is via the DNS servers which ICANN will take control of. The DNS servers have all the routing information needed to get to web sites that do not have their own IP adresses. Many people who run their own web sites are clueless about this, they just see the IP address in their Cpanel and figure it will work if they try using it. They are wrong. If they ever copied and pasted that IP address and tried to hit their web site with it, it would produce NOTHING because 50 other web sites are also using it and the server would not know which one you wanted to get to without the routing information provided by the DNS server.



Part of me is surprised my own web site is run with a more robust configuration than Breitbart, but then again, it is not that much of a shocker because it is really hard to hire people that are smart enough to do it right, and Breitbart is not a one man show. BREITBART IS A PRIME EXAMPLE OF A WEB SITE THAT WOULD VAPORIZE COMPLETELY THE SECOND ICANN WANTED IT.

Why would anyone have a web site that did not have it's own IP address? Answer: Because it has worked for practically everyone so far, and it is cheaper. Many people do not even know the difference. Due to the problems I have had keeping this web site up and visible, it has 3 different dedicated IP addresses that can bypass ICANN (as is being publicly stated right now) and work no matter what (SO FAR.)

However, I have picked up on a few un-published rumors that ICANN is going to get more control over the web than just the DNS servers. I have heard that they are going to also get control over IP addresses themselves, and will be able to actually shut down IP addresses. This will only be partially effective, you'd still be able to TOR your way in, and perhaps a few proxies or VPN services would work, but for most people, even IP access will be blocked.

BOTTOM LINE: Don't be lazy, thinking "some hacker or programmer is going to save it all" because that won't be the case. "Hackers and programmers" will probably be able to keep the DEDICATED IP part of the web visible for themselves, but when it goes dark for anyone who is not like them, practically all web sites that get blocked are going to die eventually because traffic is life, and they won't be able to survive with only the 3 percent or so of the population that can figure it out and still get to them. And if a web site does not have dedicated IP, even hacker Joe will have no way in.

Bottom line: The only way the web is going to survive is to stop the ICANN hand over.

Initially, everything will probably stay visible because they won't want it to be so obvious that they just shut it down. But they will definitely be taking baby steps every single day towards getting it shut down, and over the course of a couple years, it will be gone. Failing to stop the handover, (which does not need to happen) equates to kissing it all goodbye, At least Trump is onto this but do not expect him to be your savior when practically all of Congress is as infiltrated as the White House, and even Brietbart (at last check) has been blocked and cannot get the word out.

The only way to stop it is to start screaming NOW.

September 21 2016


I have tried to confirm this as a hoax, but apparently it is not, it is just not being reported in the Western media. Even Russia is quiet about this. Someone on the ground in Syria broke this story and it is being picked up by some of the Islamic MSM:

(Apparently) CONFIRMED: Russia conducted a cruise missile attack on American, Israeli, and British agents who were holed up in caves in the Syrian mountains, from which they were directing ISIS efforts. I cannot confirm this as a hoax story, this is being reported as 100 percent confirmed by Middle Eastern media.

TEHRAN (FNA)- The Russian warships stationed in Syria's coastal waters targeted and destroyed a foreign military operations room, killing over two dozen Israeli and western intelligence officers.

"The Russian warships fired three Caliber missiles at the foreign officers' coordination operations room in Dar Ezza region in the Western part of Aleppo near Sam'an mountain, killing 30 Israeli and western officers," the Arabic-language service of the Russian Sputnik news agency quoted battlefield source in Aleppo as saying on Wednesday.

The operations room was located in the Western part of Aleppo province in the middle of sky-high Sam'an mountain and old caves. The region is deep into a chain of mountains.

Several US, Turkish, Saudi, Qatari and British officers were also killed along with the Israeli officers. The foreign officers who were killed in the Aleppo operations room were directing the terrorists' attacks in Aleppo and Idlib.

Iran's FarsNews has deemed this report credible via several sources. FarsNews is a cautious news agency that has zero history of publishing B.S. and that is good news, because it means Russia has called it right, and started kicking @ss for real.

I have captured it just in case it vanishes, SEE THIS. Given the current geopolitical situation the news could not possibly get any better than this. This is so good I am suspicious it is fake and only went with it because FarsNews covered it as fact.

Facebook ordered people to stop using "deplorable" in their profile names

I have checked to see if this was a hoax, and apparently it is not. Due to the fact that it provided a way for people to confirm Trump has the vast majority of support (in a way they never expected) Facebook has banned users from using "deplorable" in their user names. If people use that term, Facebook will take action against their accounts.


Suckerberg will have to either allow the public to speak, or DIE.

You will want to hit him all 3 ways, so he can't just kill the meme by having Facebook refuse to serve the word "deplorable". Embedding it in the profile photo will work the best, BY FAR, even if the only way you can do that is by taking a selfie while holding a sign with deplorable written on it.

Folks, Hillary handed us the silver bullet needed to shoot the heart out of the werewolf and prove how rigged the system is. It is the word DEPLORABLE, associate it with your identity EVERYWHERE.

CNN has been kicked out of Trump's motorcade

The secret service has branded CNN a security threat, and kicked them out of Trump's motorcade. Gee, I wonder why! Good riddance. see this

Though the secret service said it was because they wanted to tighten security as the election approaches, I'd say it is equally plausible that with the way the media has acted, the secret service does not want the media anywhere near Trump in a trusted position.

Tesla Model S hacked from 12 miles away

Practically everyone knows modern cars are hackable over the cell network, but that privilege is only accessible by the government. However, for the first time a team of Asian hackers managed to hack a Tesla model S "government style" from 12 miles away. They were able to tamper with the brakes and though this report only says they were able to slam the brakes, it also obviously means they could prevent the brakes from being applied. They said nothing about being able to slam the gas . . . . . probably for obvious reasons such as Michael Hastings. Old news of a sort, that puts the writing on the wall. See this.

Alex Jones Rant

Love him or hate him, you will have to admit this one is spot

Israeli embassy attacked in Ankra

There should not be an Israeli embassy there anyway, considering what an enemy Israel is. And it was a stabbing. And it stayed outside the embassy. WHICH MEANS IT IS MORE SYMPATHY SUCKING B.S. Real news: Maybe or maybe not, something associated with the embassy might have happened in the street outside of it but with the way the MSM tries to pull sympathy and make a story WHO KNOWS. Yeah, it will make world headlines for the poor victims inside who were not directly involved and would not know it even happened if they were not told.

UPDATE: This story started as a "gun attack" and an attempt to "storm the embassy" and devolved into a dufus with a knife doing something outside with ONE other guy. Probably the guy he stabbed. So "two people were involved". This is a non-headline which I think in the end will involve only the stabber and the stabbee and being the opportunists "they" (you know who) are, they tried to have this be a story about an attack on the embassy itself, which it clearly was not.

If you hear a huge MSM story about an "Israeli embassy being stormed" my take so far is that it is a hoax fronted by a scamming media.

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