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October 9 2016


Wanna know how it went? Just look at this picture!

Trump is doing much better this time. I am having problems updating (it took a half hour to post this one line) but Trump told her she'd be in jail and the FBI would be investigated if he could make it happen.

He's BLOWING HER AWAY. She's DONE. I will comment on this in depth tomorrow, but this is like an early christmas!

OMG!! Hillary just said "Even if you DON'T vote for me I'm going to be president, and I want to be the best president."

Oh, you mean by making the election a "hackathon"??!!??

3 against Trump. Both moderators were hammering Trump. It is all so corrupt it showed clearly and is going to hurt!

Let's see how much the polls get scammed this time! Any support for Hillary now ought to be out of sympathy.


Over 800 forums and blogs linked to this web site already, in October alone. That is POWER, let's use it!

Go to every forum you know of. HERE IS WHAT YOU POST AS A SUBJECT LINE:

Hillary called her own voter base a bucket of losers!

After that, SAY THIS: "If Hillary thinks Trump supporters are a "basket of deplorables" and her own voter base is "a bucket of losers" then CLEARLY she does not represent America. Who does she really represent? THE ONE PERCENT GLOBAL ELITE, there is nothing else!


Hillary cannot survive such clear proof that she "deplores" the entire population of America, and wishes only to serve the elite. This needs to be spread far and wide, ARCHIVE AND POST!


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Let's hope Trump goes for blood

Trump tapes probably sourced from the NSA, which would definitely have recorded everything he ever said via hacked phones.

I am not happy with Trump's locker room talk. It did not look good. However, it is peanuts in reality. And I strongly believe the NSA will be providing more recordings of Trump. That is the source, BET ON IT. The NSA was the source of Trump's tax return also, BET ON IT. And with the way that backfired, well, it is laughable.

If dirty NSA games, where everything you ever said around a hacked cell phone that could possibly be taken out of context are what Trump is up against, Trump had better not be playing softball today. What could Trump do to wipe out Hillary?

1. Tell the public that Hillary called her own voter base a "bucket of losers" at a Goldman Sachs convention (the next report, scroll down for that) and then pop the question: Who do you want to vote for? A white guy who might hire you, or a WHITE WOMAN WHO CALLED YOU A BUCKET OF LOSERS? That alone would kill her.

2. Trump could point out the fact that Hillary's own web site STILL has, embedded in the source code, her calling this election a "Fully televised 18 month hackathon". If he did that, she'd be gone in one shot.

3. Trump could show the picture above, on this page, showing Hillary with a bunch of Arabs and then reference a few of her mails that prove she founded ISIS. That alone would kill her.

4. Trump could talk about how the Clinton foundation scammed billions for the Haiti earthquake, and paid out effectively $0. That might not be instant death, but it would be a good shot.

5. There are numerous proofs of deviance with Hillary that could significantly damage her.

6. If Trump showed the frames where Hillary is missing from the video, or scrambled in appearance which proves she is a layered projection in her own rally speeches (which are attended by practically no one, which makes this easy to cover up) and then attacked her body double at the debate for being fake, he could probably do serious damage. Anyone who was not a flaming idiot would probably see the light from that alone.

7. The latest leaks show Bill Clinton accepting a million dollar bribe for the Keystone pipeline while he was president and has reams of data with regard to TARP, kickbacks to the Democrats, and "pay to play". If Trump referenced that, Hillary would be GONE.

Trump has plenty of ammo that would blast Hillary to oblivion in a single shot. Let's all hope he uses it!

October 8 2016

Think the "basket of deplorables" gaffe was bad? Hillary called her own voter base a BUCKET OF LOSERS while speaking at a Goldman Sachs convention!

No wonder why they released their best ammunition against Trump at this time! HA HA HA, she's TOAST!


So you now know what a Hillary presidency will think of you! You will not get favored status, or a path upward from this gal!


Ok, this is big. It is a story with several facets.

1. The U.S. government issued an accusation against Russia (with no proof whatsoever) that Russia did the latest hacks, which netted over a million documents that prove massive corruption within the democrat party.

2. This was done after the democrats said the documents were not real. PROBLEM: IF THEY WERE NOT REAL, THEN THE HACK WOULD NOT BE REAL, AND RUSSIA WOULD NOT BE THE SOURCE, AUTOMATICALLY. Problem. BIG problem. The U.S. government, from the highest levels, just told the entire American public that these documents now being released ARE REAL by accusing Russia of releasing them.

3. The documents are more than spicy. Already one of them proves that Bill Clinton, as President, accepted a million dollar bribe for approving the Keystone pipeline. That's huge. And there is lots more.

4. So what did the Clinton team do? It released a recording of Donald Trump "talking lewd" about women. In the recording, trump said "I just start kissing them..Just kiss. I donít even wait,' "Grab them by the pussy" "And when youíre a star they let you do it." So Trump fired back with some of the things Bill has said on the golf course. One that stands out is "Hillary has eaten more pussy than I have". Ouch. That stings. I'd like confirmation on that, but apparently Bill really did say that.

So this is backfiring badly on Hillary, and she's having her troll team - "Correct the Record" - go online with a blaze of comments saying the Republican party is going to cancel Trump's nomination, that Trump is dropping out, and that this is all so horrible, all the while Hillary and Bill are guilty of so much worse it's laughable.

5. All of this is happening against the awful back drop of what is going on in Syria, and Hillary's desperate need to start a huge war with Russia. They were hoping that releasing this against Trump would destroy him. It backfired. And when war is the only other option, that's spooky. -so-

Keep your ear to the rail, something huge might be coming soon.

Hoax reports help confirm Matthew was probably not a hurricane when it reached Florida

A very weak tropical storm is called a tropical depression. They are often the size of hurricanes but lack the power. Above that is a tropical storm. These often have eyes like a hurricane, but are not hurricanes because they lack the punch. And that is probably what Matthew was when it reached Florida.

How do we know Matthew was nothing? When lies like this are told to keep the "hurricane" scam going. Note the publish date: October 7, and the headline which implies the hurricane itself damaged the war ship when in fact this happened days before Matthew arrived:

October 7 2016

Hillary(tm) was just given a $100,000 per plate fundraiser by the Rothchilds.

Leaked Democrat E-mail

This is probably real, so I am putting it up.

This was posted by fellowshipoftheminds, which frequently links this web site.

Monmouth University is a small private university in West Long Branch, New Jersey.

On September 16, 2016, someone (name redacted) sent a "secure email" to Patrick Murray, the director of Monmouth University Polling Institute (MUPI).

Note: On its website, MUPI claims that, "The Monmouth University Poll received an A+ rating from the polling website In 2013, it was the only poll that correctly forecast the outcomes of both the November gubernatorial race and the unprecedented October U.S. Senate contest in New Jersey, leading the Asbury Park Press to call Monmouth's polling 'freakishly accurate.'"

Uploaded to Scribd, the email is described as an "internal memo leaked from a control agency to the Monmouth Polling Group at Monmouth University ordering them to 'change the narrative'" because, based on MUPI's polling data, Hillary Clinton is losing to Donald Trump.

Obtained by, the email describes Democrats as "despondent" about the upcoming Nov. 8 presidential election, akin to how they'd felt about the disastrous campaign of Michael Dukakis. There is a worrisome lack of enthusiasm for Hillary among "minorities" (blacks) and Millennials, who regard Obama as a "failed presidency" and Hillary Clinton as a "lying harpy".

Note: In Greek mythology, harpy is a rapacious monster with a woman's head and body and a bird's wings and claws; a bird of prey with a woman's face.

Though addressed to the director of Monmouth University's supposedly scientific Polling Institute, the email is shockingly, unreservedly pro-Democrat and pro-Hillary partisan, elitist, and contemptuous of the "little people":

* The email openly talks of polling shenanigans, such as over-sampling liberals at 30%, instead of their actual 12%.
* The email speaks condescendingly of manipulating "naive liberals" as useful idiots.
* The email proposes to concoct a "White People Are Racist" narrative to implant into the psyche of Undecideds - Americans who have not yet decided how they'll vote.

Even more interesting - and encouraging for us - is the fact that the email admits that voters are a lot smarter and less easily fooled than in 2012, and that the Alternative Media have been successful in penetrating through the MSM's deliberate obfuscation, as seen in:
* "Birtherism": 73% of Americans say they don't know where Obama was born.
* A majority of Americans, including Democrats, not just think Hillary Clinton is sick, but "Incredibly sick. Probably infectious and terminal."
* A majority of Americans, including Democrats, think blacks support Hillary for free goodies like phones and tablets.
* More Americans think Hillary is secretly supporting ISIS than not.
* A majority, including Democrats, believe that Hillary had called ALL Trump-supporters "deplorables".
* The MSM are in cahoots with Hillary and the Democrats.

Here's what the email says:

It is imperative to create a morale boosting narrative in the liberal demographics. Our last published polling note gave liberals a "week before panic." We must deliver on a turn-around in polls or risk collapse of enthusiasm. The data from our call / email sieve as well as legitimate polling indicates a level of despondency equivalent, roughly, to the Michael Dukakis candidacy. This is due to (a) Trump's successful presidential-narrative surge and (b) a massive lack of enthusiasm on the part of minority and millennial voters who are beginning to view Obama as a failed president and Hillary Clinton as a 'lying harpy.' (word association testing focus groups).

In order to rally the male-liberal base we will need to produce "resurgent" Florida polling. The conventional wisdom is that Florida will be the fulcrum state for the election and if it is seen as lost to Trump then we will have domino defections throughout the other swing-states. Presently, our internal analysis shows the Democratic Firewall in extreme jeopardy. This week the news cycle MUST show Hillary regaining the lead in Florida.


Strengths: Almost none. The voter-registrations in Florida are balanced but we need to have at least D+3 to have a credible story. We also need to greatly oversample women. This shouldn't be hard to manage as they are more likely to answer the phone and chat. Liberal self-reporters are tanking (around 12% in real numbers). We are going to have it at around 30% which we can probably get away with. Below are the target demographics our screens should produce with minimal manual intervention.

Note: In other words, the email urges Patrick Murray, the director of Monmouth University Polling Institute, to over-sample liberals - at 30%, instead of their real percentage of 12%.

Weaknesses: Weaknesses abound. The first is that the birther message is penetrating: 73% of Americans are willing to say they don't know where Obama was born. This was previously locked out via media shaming. Trump is immune so his followers are immune. The Florida geography is also working against us. Hillary has 53+ Field Offices and they're empty of volunteers. This lack of enthusiasm is showing up in the voting responses and it's killing us. The "cell phones" rationale will only hold out for so long.

Opportunities: PPP [Public Policy Polling?] is burned. There have been too many leaks. Monmouth is less well known and less disparaged by conservatives. This is a good chance for you to build your brand both with naive liberals and with some conservative moderates. The general reputation of Monmouth as a party-school will work against you here but we think that will be easy to gloss over with the chaos of the messaging. We also have a chance to build a White People Are Racist narrative. We've got some good story coming out of The Upshot with the headline that "Whites" are keeping Trump alive in Florida. If we can double down on that in the cross-tabs we can strongly insinuate that Whites (who code as racists in the media) like Trump (who codes as racist) and get an Ouroboros-Pattern established for undecideds.

Note: Ouroboros is is an ancient symbol depicting a serpent or dragon eating its own tail. Swiss psychologist Carl Jung saw the ouroboros as an archetype, a collectively-inherited unconscious idea, pattern of thought, or image.

Finally, while we have been forced by intense public scrutiny to accurately report a Trump Surge, we think there is an opportunity here for demoralization by reporting a "counter surge" or "Trump Collapse" that will reduce momentum as the Trump narrative has shifted to talking about the polls.

Threats: People are leaking a lot. If you don't want Enten's gang all over you, we suggest you lock it the fuck down. There are a lot of people poking around the edges that are on to things and a bunch of stuff out on the Internet that is more hit-than-miss. PPP's extremely unwise decision not to disavow the leaks on Twitter has cost us a great deal of credibility and voters are a lot more educated about cross-tabs and skewing and we may not have as easy a time of it as we did in 2012. Finally, we know you consider Quinnipiac a "rival school." Put that aside and stand down your hackers and arson-units. This is a team effort. If we lose this election we're all fucked. Ensure loyalty in your staff by whatever means necessary. Keep appearances up. DO NOT SCREW THIS UP.

This was not the entire report, See this

My suspicions were correct, Matthew was FAKE.

No show hurricane, just like Patricia! There is precedent for this

They need huge hurricanes on the record to continue fronting the climate change scam. So now, we have Patricia, which was a completely fake 5+ hurricane that did not exist at all, (and they just figured they'd get away with it because "Mexicans are stupid") and we have Matthew, which probably was at least a tropical storm or category 1, hyped up to a 5.

From the current observations by people on the ground in Florida, Matthew is not a hurricane. Matthew is at most a tropical storm. Tropical storms can have an eye like a hurricane, but if the winds are not enough, a storm is all they are. THEY LIED ABOUT MATTHEW TO FRONT A CLIMATE CHANGE SCAM, AND GUESS WHAT? IT WILL STAY ON THE RECORD AS A CAT 5.

If you look on the official records, Patricia is there as a cat 5, even after it was proven on the ground it did not exist at all. Patricia hit with less force than a tropical storm, toppled ONE billboard and ONE flimsy roof cars drive under that is always over the gas pumps at gas stations. Patricia did not even knock the power out. Yet Patricia stayed on the record as a category 5+. And you know what that means? It means we have a government that scams everything so badly it will even lie about the weather, and stick with the lie even after it was proven completely false, out in the open, for all to see. Matthew is just another addition to that lie.

I cautiously stayed with the line on Matthew because I did not completely believe they would have the guts to scam the American people so brazenly. but facts on the ground prove they really did have the guts to try to front this scam and I am surprised by how much they did. I "sort of" went along with the official lie because if I told people it was nothing and it actually happened, well, what would happen if someone stayed home and got killed? I did not want that. But I believed it was completely fake all along and ended up being right.


If the media and government will lie about the weather, do you think they will be honest with an election?

Hillary: "Massive hurricane was not mother nature, BLAME MANKIND!"

So there you have it. Lies in the polls about Trump. Calls us deplorables. Claims a totally fake hurricane is proof MANKIND needs to be regulated into oblivion, because "we screwed up the planet." NOAA saying they don't cook their data, when PATRICIA, ABOVE ALL ELSE PROVED THEY DO. And it will continue, just like Matthew delivered 10 percent of the predicted punch, Hillary will take 10 percent of the vote, and with the scamming press and shadow government inflate it to a victory. DOOM ON FOLKS, THIS FAKE HURRICANE WILL BE PLUGGED INTO POLICY THAT WILL BE EXECUTED, JUST LIKE A FAKE HILLARY WIN WILL.

Better replace the "tinfoil hat" with one made of solid steel, you are going to need it when the bullets fly.

Hillary(tm) had a $100,000 per plate event hosted by the Rothchilds

I don't need to tell people to consider this, because it is obvious this election is going to be as rigged as the weather. To say it enough is like playing a broken record. I also don't need to mention that I do not even think Hillary is the real hillary anymore, and that Bill is too senile to notice. He probably would not care if he did know - especially if the replacement was more like Monica.

I retrieved a picture of Hillary at this event, waited a while to post it because it is so disgusting. I finally did, after I figured out a proper caption to post it with. I am so sick of it all.


October 6 2016

Worried about world war 3

But I have nothing of substance to say. I have combed all the blogs, forums, and news outlets and it is all nebulous. I will say this: FACT: Russia did not stage massive nuclear drills without a reason, America really is being aggressive, Russia really did say it is on par with the bay of pigs, Russia really is sending the baltic fleet to the Mediterranean, Russia really did give shoot down orders, America really does intend to defy them and is painting American fighter jets with Russian paint schemes to put the blame on Russia when America bombs civilian targets.

Rumor: Russia has given its troops permission to sink any Nato ship. Russia is prepping for a tactical nuclear war in Syria.

What does it all add up to? A whole lot of panic, with people making tons of predictions. VERY IMPORTANT: According to rumor I never managed to confirm, Joel Skousen - who is one of the most restrained political analysts out there said that the doom date is October 8th. That makes me worry, because he has never said anything like that. As usual, I am not going to make any predictions but I will say this: I am trying to prepare for the start of world war 3 and it has never looked spookier.

Trump is still ahead by a margin of approximately 90/10 and that has very evil people working overtime with trolls in the forums and blogs, saying the most ridiculous things to legitimize an election steal. "THEY" are cornered, and if they think they are going to lose it, things really will go BOOM. Soros wants both America and Russia destroyed. If he can trigger that now, all the better. And Soros knows he had better act now, because if Trump for any odd reason manages to get into power despite the fraud, he can kiss his NWO / death of America dreams goodbye. He won't give up on that easily.

So I have been having a difficult time sleeping lately.

I still do not think Hurricane Matthew will do much to Florida

HOWEVER, one would be foolish to stay within 30 miles of the shore just to find out.

Nothing at all of significance has happened in Florida yet, however, this picture to the left here is from Florida today, and it looks quite ominous. If I was there I'd have taken an Appalachian vacation. Great chance to. And the Appalachian mountain range is very beautiful.

There are reports of widespread damage and deaths in the Dominican Republic and Haiti. And the Clintons are drooling for another charity scam to milk. Nothing new with that.

I still doubt Matthew is a cat 4 now, because NOAA has lied before. But it is probably at least a hurricane, and any legit hurricane is going to be bad.

I do not think Hurricane Matthew will do much

I predict that hurricane Matthew will have the most impact on fraudulent donations to the Clinton foundation, to once again "help Haiti". Bill already asked.

I am not going to definitely state it until it is all over, but I think hurricane Matthew was always a category 1 and NOAA lied about it the same way they lied about Patricia, which was a total fabrication from start to finish. You just can't trust them anymore, they have been compromised for political purposes the same way the USGS has been.

FACT: With the Haiti earthquake, the Clinton foundation received a billion dollars. And only approximately 5 million showed up in Haiti, where it did nothing but go into scamming pockets. The Clinton foundation did not accomplish the building or repair of a single home, no food, no NOTHING. Same with the U.N.

I can say this with certainty because I spoke to people from several religious missions who said nothing was done by the Clinton foundation, the U.N. ended up building approximately 5 homes with a few others incomplete and everything of substance was done by churches who sent volunteers to help. Every last thing supposedly done by a government entity ended up as failures and scams. So Bill is out asking again. For what?

Anyway, with regard to Matthew, I'll have to see it to believe it. Remember: With Patricia they had their media trolls saying how bad it was, so you can expect the same of Matthew. But to bust it, look for pictures of actual damage. Matthew should have stripped vegetation down to the dirt. If there is nothing of the sort, there was no powerful hurricane.

There should be huge numbers of stick built homes completely gone from foundations, vast swaths of stripped vegetation leaving nothing but dirt, completely shredded flags, etc. Absent that, HOAX.

"Guccifer 2(tm) hack that is probably white hats somewhere is now available in full

THE BACK STORY: Yesterday the image of Guccifer (marketed as Guccifer 2) did the first part of a huge data dump on the Democrats, which proves they received kickbacks from the banker bailouts and live by "pay to play". It was erroneously stated to be a Clinton foundation hack so the Clinton foundation took advantage of that and issued a "truthful" response saying it was fake. PROBLEM: it was not fake.

Though it is titled a "Clinton foundation hack", the hack is broader than just a Clinton foundation hack. YES, tons of Clinton foundation documents are there, and tons of documents regarding other democrat crimes are there. I really don't know how it was done, because the data rape was so complete. It had to be the NSA that did this, and the intelligence agencies are now in a tug of war beteen the dark side and the white hat side (my guess, and it is only a guess.) There are no "insider contacts" or "rumors circulating" with this one as far as this web site goes.

How do I know it is real, and how do I know there is a battle between good and evil in the intelligence agencies? SIMPLE:

1. It is extremely implausible that any individual could have nailed so much stuff. This is over a million documents in total, the type of data cache that you won't just find on a single hacked machine. This is a full spectrum data rape of an entire criminal infrastructure, (and yes, it was a criminal infrastructure)


2.It is censored where possible. The huge black intelligence juggernaut was activated yesterday to blow it off the web. Now it is available at Atlantia online with a password of Caligula36 but if you are in the U.S. (and a few other locations) it is censored and will not come in. And it might already be censored at this location for everyone. This is going to be a big whack-a-mole game.

The open public password says it all

The manner in which it was posted (requiring an open public password) proves that it was getting censored when linked yesterday, and the only way to get it public was to put it in a web cache somewhere with a password that Google could not get beyond to notify the authorities it was available somewhere and had to be wiped out. THAT ALONE PROVES IT IS REAL, AND PROVES IT WAS CENSORED because to keep it available anywhere, it had to be hidden behind a password.


It is a primary function of Google to notify the authorities when something they are interested in gets posted. Google hits the entire (meaningful) web (including this web site) once every 8 minutes or so (and I hate that, because google does this web site no good at all, only damage.)

All they have to do is tell Google to look for a string of text that only appears in what they want banned and Google will automatically provide practically instant feedback telling them when something pops up somewhere. Norobots command does not work to stop it. SO GUCCIFER(tm) HAD TO PUT THE FILES BEHIND A PASSWORD, SO GOOGLE COULD NOT NOTIFY THE AUTHORITIES. That is why this time around the Guccifer files were password protected, with an open public password.

All of this means, beyond all doubt, that this data drop is the real deal. If it was fake, they'd shout it to the world and laugh at it. They would not instantly wipe it whenever it is posted, forcing "Guccifer" to keep it out of the watchful eye of Google.




I am getting a little bit worried, it looks like the censorship really is stopping this.

They are now trying to front it as a hoax.

But the problem is that all the social media posts on this topic were exploding last night, and then suddenly just froze where they were 1 hour after this broke. There is no explicable reason for this other than a massive ability to shut it all down from a central location which would never have been used if this was a hoax. Even my message window got shut off entirely, and I can't see where or how that was done. The only thing that works is the front page. Conclusion: NOT A HOAX, and the control over the web is far more vast than anyone ever expected.

Guccifer 2.0 is not the Guccifer that is in jail, and he was asking for server space to host it all because it was too much. This would be expected if it was not a hoax. Someone else did this drop which is why it is Guccifer 2.0 and I suspect it is the Russians or white hats that actually provided the files, and they have to make it all look plausible (like an individual who might have problems getting enough space for all the files online.)

The coincidence with this and Assange yesterday lends credibility to it all. It appears Assange used a front.

Hillary and the rest of the elite scum are asking for bullets to fly their direction by blocking this, and the bullets probably won't be from the general public. They will be from a powerful entity that does not want world war 3. Someone somewhere did the hack and it was not "joe Guccifer". That much is obvious. And that someone will be far more capable of taking direct physical action than "Joe guccifer" ever could be.

UPDATE: It looks like Hillary's team really is using NSA hackware against people, this time to stop this leak from spreading. The method? To attack people's computers and destroy them. The only reason I am still up is because you can't write to the ROM chip my specially configured computer runs from, but they did try to attack and kill the CPU. If I had a normal setup, the hard drive would now be gone and as it is, they already made the laptop produce a burning smell while the CPU fan went to max.

They want this leak stopped at all costs, and have resorted to blowing people's computers out. Thankfully I don't have CoreVpro. This is probably why practically no locations on the web have this leak despite how huge it is.

I have offered "Guccifer" server space (which my readers recently paid for) to get this leak out there, but appear to be getting attacked and blocked.

If Guccifer needs help, get ahold of me (if possible) and if I successfully connect I'll provide log in details so his public front can get busy.

If you don't connect the first time, send again.


October 4 2016

First lawsuit against Saudi Arabia for 911 filed

Either the woman is stupid, or she is a scammer.

On Friday, September 30, a woman widowed when her husband was killed at the Pentagon on Sept. 11, 2001 became the first American to sue the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in Washington DC District Court. She is suing for wrongful death and intentional infliction of emotional distress, and is seeking unspecified compensatory and punitive damages.

A U.S. commission that investigated the 2001 attacks said in a 2004 report that it "found no evidence that the Saudi government, as an institution, or senior officials within the Saudi government funded al-Qaeda. This will be the first time that a US court will be forced to rule if Saudi Arabia was indeed responsible.

Now that the first lawsuit has been filed, we can expect a deluge of similar lawsuits. Saudi Arabia is innocent, and will probably now follow through on the sale of U.S. treasuries and other assets in the hope of damaging America with a huge dump.

I hate to link to Fox, but whatever, See this

Pentagon released fake videos of Muslim war crimes

$500 plus million budget for a few minutes of low grade crap.

Even before I was doing this web site, I called that and said the 2004 Nick Berg beheading was fake. And now we know it was. One of the main points I had back then was that a camcorder is a camcorder, and there is no explicable reason why Arabs would end up with garbage that was so low resolution. An Iphone is an Iphone (Iphones did not exist back then, but miniDV did and it was as good as any Iphone) and it was CHEAP, I bought an awesome mini DV camcorder that was a store demo in 2002 for $220 bucks. Knowing that, I knew there was no conceivable way Arabs would put out garbage that was far below "1981 camcorder" because other than the $30 toy recording devices of that time, there was nothing that would do video that bad.

Then we had the obvious ISIS fakes, where they were cutting the heads off CPR dolls and fronting them as real. Such phoney bullshit that GEE, want to hand me just 0.01 percent of that $500 million and get something better? Not that I'd do it, but you really could have beaten that crap with freeware video editors, old abandoned mannequins and chicken guts in an average kitchen.


There's your "Islamic terror", FAKE AS HELL PHONEY CRAP DREAMED UP BY THE PENTAGON and gee, if it really was real, they would have saved 500 million bucks and aired REAL STUFF.

Remember this when they ask you for help in a war, they are bullshit from start to finish, and a future with Putin would probably be better anyway. How far America has fallen! As good as he looks now, "Putin" is not as good as a dried orange peel from the old America ~

North Korea "super EMP weapons?"

I bothered with this for entertainment purposes only, this is pure crap

Ok, so there is a story circulating about North Korea having two "super powerful miniaturized EMP weapons in orbit". And it is BULLSHIT.

First of all, you can't just take a toroid choke out of a puny computer power supply and destroy the world with it, and that literally is what North Korea would be capable of putting into orbit. North Korea was able to launch two small satellites weighing a few kilograms with limited capabilities. That is an accomplishment because they worked.. However, the smallest possible EMP weapon, even a miniaturized one, needs a lifting platform strong enough for space shuttle type operations - multiple thousands of pounds payload - to put it into orbit. "Going into space" and "putting something in orbit" are two entirely different things, it does not take nearly as much to launch a rocket with a nuke that is going to come right back down as it does to put even a small object into long term orbit.

The story is that the EMP weapons are "super miniaturized". You know, like little moped motors when even the U.S. needs a semi truck engine to get anything meaningful done. Yep.

If North Korea launched an EMP weapon, regardless of what technology was used it might show up as a single static tick on an AM radio. Size does matter, the only thing significant about what North Korea did was that the satellites worked as intended, which means they could relay communications if you would want them to, and would also probably be able to support a nice Nikon consumer level super zoom camera that would probably see an aircraft carrier from orbit. It also obviously means that North Korea is not an incompetent nation.

EMP threat? A joke.

Julian assange is appearing at 4AM Eastern time.

Well, it was nothing. Not a good move as far as I see it.

Some are speculating Hurricane Matthew is weather mod

I did not think so, but it could be. Reasons? It is too small for a cat 5 physically (which means it could be entirely fake, a tropical storm or category 1 being lied about) or it could end up being dry. Hurricane Sandy was a nearly dry hurricane and was provable weather mod. If Matthew strikes and there is not a lot of damage, and not a lot of rain, that will be the litmus test.

Katrina was also provable weather mod (Nasa nailed that, see the Haarp report) but in that case the ingredients for a nasty hurricane were already in place so it was nasty. With Sandy, they tried to force a miracle that could not happen and it arrived dry and weak.

Patricia, the so called "category 6" that hit Mexico was a lie, it arrived as a tropical depression with sub 70 MPH winds and did not even have an eye wall when it hit. There were zero deaths and the worst damage it inflicted was a gas station roof and nearby billboard that fell IN ALL OF MEXICO, THAT WAS THE SUMMATION OF THE DAMAGE other than a few downed trees. It did not even knock the power out where it supposedly made landfall. The global warming crowd wanted a category 6 to plug into the climate change scam and I guess NOAA figured Mexicans would be stupid about what a hurricane is. So with regard to the current hurricane Matthew, they have lied before and have proven you can't trust what they say.

Anyway, wait and see I guess. If the winds are awful and it rains like hell, it will be real. If it arrives dry, it is man made. And if nothing at all happens, (like Patricia) it is fake.

If anyone is thinking about trolling me for Patricia (which happened before) don't forget, I WAS IN IT, spare me the grief! I have also been in crappy tired category 1 hurricanes that blew Patricia away. With Patricia, nothing at all happened, it was on par with a heavy (but not severe) thunder storm.

October 3 2016


He's still doing the document drop. He just wants to avoid a bullet to the head. Hillary did, after all, make a serious public case for drone striking him.

Let's all hope he does this, and has what it takes to finish the haggard she wolf off once and for all.

Well, enough has been released to finish her off if it was not for rampant corruption in the FBI. A while ago I mentioned a six million payoff to Comey. To clarify, it was a pre-bribe done via a military contract in 2010 that Hillary handed to Comey that could land Comey in jail all by itself, and was enough to shut Comey up when it was needed. The entire government is held together with threats of exposing illegal deals, crimes, sex charges, murders, etc. A real house of cards . . . . . fine bunch they are.

Spacex rocket explosion now being investigated as sabotage.

GEE, this was solved long ago. Sabotaged by 1. Darpa. 2. Aliens. FINAL ANSWER. If they can't accept this, they won't ever find the real answer.

It looks like a UFO took it out, REMEMBER, UFO does not mean alien, it just means it is not identified and could be ours.

A spacex rocket with a $150 million dollar Facebook satellite that was a creation of Zukerberg and Israel blew up during testing, and not during launch. Before it blew up, a UFO showed up, fired something at the rocket, and then quickly flew away. The image here shows the UFO quite clearly. If Spacex can't explain what this UFO is, then I am going to say that either off world help arrived to keep Facebook grounded or white hats in American intelligence destroyed this rocket to keep something evil from being launched.

Don't expect honesty on this topic, because arrogance and "it can't possibly be true" and "we are God's chosen so no UFO would ever do this" and "we own the government so that is not it" and whatever else will be stated long before the truth ever is. If it does come down to aliens or white hats, this will be permanently filed as "unsolved."

A whole bunch of quick things I waited for comment on

Google censored the release of Trump's tax return because there was no dirt!

The New York Times illegally published Donald Trump's tax return from 1995. This was the one they released, because it is the one that is supposed to be "problematic". But all it did was wash Trump as clean as a whistle, because THERE WAS NO DIRT WHATSOEVER. So in a scramble to bury it, the topic disappeared from all the forums and blogs, and Google expunged it completely! The only thing Google will show with regard to Donald's tax returns are a bunch of slander reports speculating on what must be on them if "Donald refuses to release them"!

So they finally got a tax return from a hole in the ground somehwere, released it, it got analyzed, there was NO DIRT, so they pulled it and then expunged Google completely! HA HA HA HA HA, WHAT A LAUGH.

On the 1995 tax return, which covered the time frame where Donald took a serious financial hit, there was a 916 million loss claimed. So the New York Times tried to front Trump as fraudulent for using those losses as a write-off in subsequent years taxes. PROBLEM: That is perfectly legal, when it comes to business you can deduct losses from previous years from gains made in subsequent years and there is nothing shady about doing that at all. So Trump came up totally clean, and because of that Google expunged the story from it's search results, its cache, EVERYTHING, it just vaporized it because you know, the truth hurts and Google just could not handle such a happy ending to the tax return story.

The New York Times can be prosecuted for releasing the tax return as well, doing so was flatly illegal without Donald's consent even if they did end up with it.

Deutch bank

Europe is headed for it's banker bailout to the tune of over $70 trillion and only the likes of Soros will profit. They are going to hit Europe harder with this crap than they hit the U.S. and if they really do need Europe to protect them in a war against Russia they don't seem to care much. If it all went under and defaulted, only the 1 percent would take the hit, but yet again, it is the little guy who will instead take a beating. Nothing changed.

The walking dead

Hillary is the #1 candidate in the zombie community, where thousands of dead are signing up to vote democrat. This is happening in so many jurisdictions it is impossible to state them all (Andrew Spieles, who registered 19 in Virginia to "help Hillary" is the tip of the iceberg), and the big story here is that this even made news. Obviously the MSM is not covering it, but the alt media is enough of a force to have an impact on this topic. This ALONE should disqualify Hillary.

Putin bans Microsoft?

I totally avoided this story for a long time because it too is murky. Evidently, due to the obvious Microsoft spy aspect, Russia is going to abandon Microsoft products and replace them with their own home grown products. And evidently, Russia put Bill Gates on a SHT list along with Soros and Rothchild. Is it true? Probably, and that is why I decided to finally put it up. Initially the ban will include the office suite and exchange server, along with Outlook and a few other file serving/communications apps and will evolve into a full blown ban on all products within a year or so.

That would be a good move, it should have been done a decade ago. Microsoft is not doing anything at all that is not easily matched for free elsewhere, Open Office matches anything Microsoft has with ease and when it comes to infrastructure type apps, open source always blew Microsoft away. The transition ought to be painless.

The massive power outage in Australia was a "clean energy gaffe"

All of Southern Australia went dark because it is mostly run on wind power, and the wind started blowing too hard. When the wind blows too hard, wind generators shut down because the generator can only soak up so much power, and the brakes will quickly over heat if they have to slow the blades down much. You can see plenty of pictures of burning wind mills on Google - this happens when the wind blows too hard and the safety systems do not shut it down on time.

So all the wind generators shut off, and the bottom half of Australia went dark. Cute.

Hurricane Matthew

I did not even mention this "at one time" cat 5 because I did not think it was weather mod and it was going nowhere. Now it is reducing in strength and might just peter out without consequence. PREDICTION: Matthew will be the biggest no show cat 5 in hurricane history.

The Jews are wagging the holocaust

Hmm . . . . . sympathy ploy in a run up to another Jew sponsored terror attack? Yeah, apparently Mengele (a prominent nazi) whistled Mozart tunes while he was selecting people to be gassed. And I guess that is because The Rolling Stones had not produced anything yet. Maybe he'd have liked Pink Floyd . . . . or maybe the whole story is BULLSHIT.

Saudi Arabia and 911

I have always disliked the Sauds (And I am talking Sauds, not the many outsiders working there because Sauds refuse to work). Sauds are heavily "educated" and rock stupid. I have seen it myself. They are what is left after you have scraped the bottom real hard. It is a pet peeve, sorry. If they had no oil money, their lack of a real education despite claims to the contrary combined with their laziness would put them far below Yemen. If they had no oil money to pay outsiders to do their work for them, they'd still piss in ditches if they were not too lazy to dig them. Wanna know LAZY? Sauds are so lazy they don't even fly their own fighter jets, they have Pakistani mercenaries fly them to attack Yemen! They could not have pulled off 911 in a million years. What more do I need to say other than that Saudis (the real Sauds) did not do it, and should not be paying out jack? I may not like them, but the entire "Sauds must pay" ruse is an extension of the 911 hoax that is damn hard to swallow.

October 2, 2016

As I thought, the ICANN handover did not result in immediate shut downs (that I know of)

But I would bet that it is now going to get very difficult to register anything new and that sites will slowly blink out, one by one. That would be the tactic, Rush Limbaugh has the term - INCRAMENTALISM.

Thanks to the donations people sent, there is such a huge infrastructure now supporting this web site that it won't go down without a hell of a fight.

The first post in the window about Hillary employing NSA spyware and hit teams to single out and kill the leading Trump supporters who are most effective is staying on top

I have gone around the web and found a 90 percent consensus that it is accurate. That means 90 percent real people, and the 10 percent trolls can't overcome it. It is real, READ IT, CLEAN YOUR SHORTS AND KEEP YOUR GUN IN HAND, A COMMUNIST STYLE SMACK DOWN MIGHT BE UNDERWAY RIGHT NOW.

Arkancide IS a reality, and all the Clinton machine would have to do is bump it up a notch to meet the new objective.

I am definitely paying more attention to what is going around me right now, to say the least.

October 1 2016

Just in case I guessed wrong about ICANN not shutting down the web immediately and did not successfully make this web site immune to shut down attempts, this window will remain on top because it is virtually impossible to kill off. If they make it impossible to administer this site, this window and the message window will still work, GUARANTEED. Custom code they were not expecting that will work "no matter what". . . . . unless I am wrong, which I doubt.


Sep 30 2016

The government has failed.

It is time for people to get serious about this. The complete and total failure of the United States government has already happened, and is not "going to happen". There are countless ways to prove it:

1. We have a government where anyone in power can make a payoff and avoid prosecution for destroying the country. Hillary Clinton paid off the director of the FBI with a bribe of six million dollars, and he then chose not to prosecute her. So many trolls are under Comey that no one is in the power structure that can get rid of him even after this became public knowledge. No one on a police force, no one in the military, no one at the federal level, NOTHING is left in the government that can activate and take Comey out. That is absolute proof of total failure.

2. We have a government that is supposed to have checks and balances, yet Obama was able to hand over ICANN (which required congressional approval he never even asked for and was never given,) completely illegally and totally outside of process. The fact that it is even being considered as able to go through means the government is disabled at all levels by infiltrators who won't perform basic functions of government, and instead we have an open buffet where America is on the menu. It is a total government failure caused by enemy infiltration, an infiltration so deep that absolutely nothing functions well enough to prevent rogues from running totally amok.

3. We have a government that will not enforce anti trust laws which should have activated decades ago to bust up the Jewish monopoly on the media and on America's communications. This should have been a lawsuit decades ago and nothing at all happened, and as a result the truth is nowhere in the media, and even the police can't talk on the phone or it will be intercepted by the Israelis and used to derail investigations (to say the least, it's worse than that, really.)

4. We have a government where the intelligence branches are activated fully against the people, to facilitate the destruction of the country. This is accomplished by stealing everyone's secrets and handing them straight to the Jews, who then profit from stolen innovation, stolen business leads, "lost phone calls stuck on busy signals", intercepted and destroyed e-mails and texts for the purpose of stifling business connections and letting the Jews win every time. Ever wonder why ALL the top companies are now owned by Jews? They did not accomplish this with any sort of honesty, and the government is too infiltrated to even consider activating against it to save the country. All Americans could do is sit and watch as practically all American greatness was carted away to China.

5. We have a government that allows obvious open and proven rigging of elections with no action against it whatsoever. If they would take action, Hillary would already be OUT. And all rigging is done for the sole purpose of finalizing the destruction of the country. This alone proves America has no government, its power has been usurped and diverted directly against the American people and there is no way for the American people to vote their way out of it. This alone proves a total government failure.

6. We have a government that runs colleges and universities that primarily exist to destroy the minds of the women, and put them on a rampage to shred the fabric of the country. Absolutely no government that operated in the best interests of the nation would ever allow such institutions to exist. Their existence alone proves a total government failure.

7. The only "free speech" that exists is on the internet, and that may be gone soon. There is no free speech in America, for over a decade it has required a permit, and could only exist in "free speech zones". Guess what? In the early 2000's, the free speech zone in Boston was under a highway overpass in a ghetto area. That is what "free speech" has been reduced to, just try to speak it in a public area now outside of a specified zone without a permit. You will be carted off post haste. If that is what America has devolved to, it is game over, the government has completely and totally failed.

8. We have a government that is so despicable that the Secretary of State can get away with calling the majority a "basket of deplorables" and STILL be "shown" to be close in the polls, rather than cast aside as an enemy of the greater public. Hillary's attitude against the people ALL BY ITSELF is proof of a complete government failure.

And I am not even getting to complete and total public atrocities, such as government encouraged GMO's, government enforced tainted vaccines, a government medical system that is the enemy of the people, government funded banker bailouts rather than jailings, government fronted false flag terror, government perpetrated 911 un punished, phony wars, the list goes on and on, people, we are TOAST. It is a sad day when RUSSIA looks 100X better simply because Putin does not see the Russian population as "deplorable."

People, it is over. I am calling it, and I do not think I am wrong. Trump is only a hope, he will not happen. Even if Trump gets voted in by a margin of over 90 percent (which he definitely has), he will be shown to have "lost by a hair", a mindset put in place by fraudulent pre election polls that any functioning government would have put a stop to. We are so toast that I can't even begin to state exactly how "toast" we are, because the government has completely failed, AND NO ONE EVEN KNOWS IT.

Sep 29 2016


This made me happy.



YEP. To make Chrome look better (when really it was not) Google sabotaged Firefox by causing Firefox to re-load ads multiple times, which slowed it down badly. Google did this by checking which browser was accessing a web site, and if it saw Firefox, Google would intentionally trip it up with the analytics scripts and ad scripts that loaded multiple times under instruction from Google. There was nothing Firefox could do to fix it because it was external sabotage. So what did Brendan do to get even? He ripped Google's own Chrome to pieces, took out the crapware parts of it, and had it intentionally screw over the GOOGLE tampering.


Way to go. Way to get even!




The details are surprising, this is one report you really should read.

I have discovered a lot over the last week and it is a huge topic. How do I start? I guess I could start by saying that ICANN does not have control over the entire internet. They have control over approximately 95 percent of it, but if people are made aware ahead of time, the remaining 5 percent could provide the spark that brings it all back to life. And as luck would have it, ICANN HAS ZERO JURISDICTION IN ICELAND.

Iceland is an island more than geographically, they are an island when it comes to the internet as well. And if you look for a web site that has an .is extension in the ICANN database, it will not show up. I just discovered this yesterday. I was at first scared, thinking they were going to flip the switch because my own web site was not even listed there, but as it turns out, if you go to the actual ICANN web site itself, their search tool of ICANN registered web sites has nothing from Iceland in it AT ALL. ICELAND IS A SAFE HAVEN FROM SHUT DOWN FOR AS LONG AS THEIR OWN DOMAIN MANAGEMENT PEOPLE REMAIN GOOD.

BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE! This screen capture below says it all!

At present, Alex has this redirected back to a spot on the main infowars server because he does not want to maintain two servers, but he will quickly learn if he goes down to put something at the root .tv location (the way it was a while ago).

Keep in mind that if you search for a web site with anything other than ICANN's own tool, it will show up. Obviously will show up in a domain search anywhere anyone actually registers domains. People who register domains have to have searches which include the entire internet. Prior to yesterday, I did not know the internet had various jurisdictions and that ICANN did not control it all. I am sure that will be an eye opener for more than just me.

What web sites could go down after the ICANN handover? Anything that has a .com extension, a .net extension, a .org extension, .gov - basically the web as people know it can be shut down.

Drudgereport can be shut down. can be shut down. can be shut down.
Rense, Icke, Stormfront, whatreallyhappened, investmentwatch and others can be shut down.

There are scant few people on the web that had the foresight to protect themselves from an internet takedown, and Alex Jones is one of them.

What will happen if ICANN goes rogue? The truth movement will get smashed hard enough to allow a theft of the election to go mostly unreported. The timing is beauty. It sure looks like a plot. But will ICANN really go rogue on day one? Don't bet on it, because they don't want a rebellion. Emergency backups that are sufficient to save it all are in place. Screwing with the web will be a risky endeavor. Only the worst of desperation would be enough to trigger a widespread shut down.

Do I feel comfortable? HELL NO!. Half of what was sent in donations over this issue is already spent, and the balance will also be spent on this even with the good news.

Because even if ICANN does not take action over the portion of the web they do not control immediately, you can safely bet that they will have their fingers into everything eventually, and absolutely will have the world in their death grip eventually. The only thing I am going to change about my tactics is that I am dropping it to 4 servers on 3 hosts instead of 5 servers, with 10 (or so) domains paid out for three or four years, and will (rather than spend on server time in additional locations) instead extend the life of a couple domains out to 10 full years. That is what common sense says should be done, because if new rules go into place that make it too difficult to renew an existing domain, or register a new one, a 10 year life span on an unused reserve domain set up TODAY could be an absolute godsend.


If your entire life boat consists of one domain (which in my opinion is rock stupid) you had better patch the hull because there is a hurricane in the forecast.

The links will be restored to this side of the page if I can actually work now, rather than deal with "problems."