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Cornerstone report: Fukushima SABOTAGE!

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I came up with a major dig!

G4S security is featured in a MAJOR WAY on and that certainly does not look good. But wait, it gets better! SEE THIS: "a growing number are military specialists dispatched by the company into what are delicately known as "complex environments" to take on jobs that national armies lack the skill or the will to do" That certainly fits his ex-wife's description of him being evil and violent. yada bada bing! Hey, he worked for a featured "security firm" but where did he actually do his security work? I'd bet NO WHERE, and that he did gigs, and was the fall guy for this particular gig.

Now we have the perfect explanation for why witnesses at the scene reported 3 shooters and other helpers, and the MSM is saying nothing!



It is a doozie!



I might as well put item 8 on top, because it confirms everything that follows that I reported earlier. The man who wrote this post obviously does not know about false flags, and that most likely ALL non patsy shooters returned to CIA/Mossad headquarters unhurt. He thinks they are not letting the public know about the other two shooters who "got away", when really, they "got away" because they were not the assigned patsy and are not part of the story line. This explains the high death toll, and other reports about it being more than a one man operation.

It was an obvious false flag and beyond that, who knows what the real truth is?

People are pursuing the crisis actor/drill angle with this. I will say this:

1. Is it not interesting that this happened right in the middle of the Bilderberg meetings?

2: Hmm, remember one of the other shootings, where the shooter's dad was running for President in an arab state? Well, this also got reported in relation to this latest "shooting", that the shooter's dad was running for President in Afghanistan. That is too coincidental, I think the same idiotic psy op team or AI was in charge of this shooting as well. I don't believe this was anything but staged, real blood or not.

3: Wait a minute: Why were so many of the injured paraded down the exact same path in front of the cameras? Just like Nick Vogt, who went back and forth in front of the cameras FIVE TIMES with his legs blown off, rather than straight to an ambulance. Now it is looking fishy.

4: Here is a big one: If you youtube "pulse nightclub orlando" you will see that people constantly make cell phone recordings in the crowd. Yet not one cell phone video of this shooting starting from the crowd in the night club has surfaced yet. AND THAT WOULD BE BECAUSE THEY CAPTURED MORE THAN ONE SHOOTER ON VIDEO, AND GET BLOWN OFF THE WEB THE SECOND THEY ARE POSTED.

Shooting victims are being listed under fake names. WHY? See this:

The picture is a link. The quote I captured is under the timeline of 6:10. and it is certainly odd!

6: Obama: "We" are to blame, not Islamic terrorism, for massacre" MY TRANSLATION: You have guns. You refuse a gun ban. It is your fault, and I will fix that!

7: At least a third person had to have been involved in the night club false flag, because a witness was on the air saying someone was outside holding the doors to the night club shut while the shooters did their work. His testimony ended when he was cut off abruptly by the censors. That would make 2 shooters (minimum) and one outdoor accomplice (minimum). That kills the official story dead, THIS CORROBORATES CODY AGNEW'S TESTIMONY ABOVE, A TOTAL BUST OF THIS FALSE FLAG: see this

Ok, so we have no pictures from inside the club. We have no video from inside the club. We have witnesses saying the "victims" cannot be located, because they are using fake names. We have the shooter's supposed dad already apologizing, and running for President of Afghanistan. We have a shooter who worked for the world's largest mercenary providing security firm. We have ridiculous camera placement catching footage of every victim going by. We have a witness saying there were two shooters. We have another witness saying there were three shooters. We have an entirely different witness saying someone was holding the doors shut. And it is all happening during the Bilderberg meeting. I am not going to state an opinion about this being yet another total false flag, but I will ask people to think! (ok, that position is becoming a joke I admit)

I made a few mistakes early on, but I can at least post the following portion of my original report (it survived my mistakes) while I sort things out, and I'd also like to say that if whoever staged this thought it would do any good, all it will really do is increase support for Trump.

One thing to consider about where they took the Orlando night club shooting:

Is it not interesting that it serves Obama's gay agenda and Obama's gun control agenda in one event? And in the new story the guy shows up with an ASSAULT RIFLE? Why are all these attacks gun attacks? When are we going to finally see a variation in the official story, such as "Man pumps up Weed-B-Gone sprayer full of gas and flame throws night club?" Come on now, the "assault rifle" meme is getting a little bit repetitive. Assault rifles are really not the norm among gun owners, why is it always THAT? And if anything did happen at that night club and it is not all a false flag, it was almost certainly an MK patsy. Time to comb craigslist for "gigs" and look for terror training drills in Orlando. Yep. That again.

Ok, so we have a patsy and an escaped controller. The handler escaped, early reports said there were two people, and now they have dropped to one. That would be because the patsy was set up by the handler, people witnessed two people, (the handler got noticed) and now they have to drop the handler out of the news because he needs to get back to Israel. Just like I said in the first paragraph: SAME OLD SAME OLD, CREATIVITY IS A PERPETUAL FAIL NOW. Just always assault rifles and suicide vests. They can't have a pissed off homosexual in the mix if they want a war on Islam to proceed.

I see this crap and say OH, not another one. Same story. Bat Man. Sandy Hook. San Bernardino. The "art festival". Orlando. Patsy dead.

Oh, and their variance this time I guess was that instead if innocent children getting shot by an ASSAULT RIFLE, it was the poor little gays getting shot by an ASSAULT RIFLE. Yep, they are the victim now, No one can ridicule anymore because THEY ARE THE VICTIMS and gee, if you hate gays, you will go shoot up a night club the way ISIS(tm) did. Yep. Milk it 500 ways. You can bet they will use this to silence anyone who is against the gay agenda.

I'll believe it is real and not pre planned when someone takes out a synagogue over the high holidays. That is something they would NEVER set up.

Oh, how cool! He was "ISIS" and he attacked the GAYS with a SUICIDE VEST and ASSAULT RIFLE. So if you are anti-gay, you are just like ISIS and you are a potential terrorist. That is how they play this crap. . . . .wait for it.

What they will try to get from this: 1. Hate crimes legislation. 2. Increased surveillance. 3. A gun ban. 4. An increased hatred for Muslims, thus justifying more wars, all the while the other head of the hydra talks "tolerance" to bury the fact that the hydra hatched it out of thin air.

Here is another great take on this:

Former CIA false flag director David Steele comments on Orlando shooting

This is a doozie!

"The entire world just spent the past week celebrating the life of Muhammad Ali - and Ali's religion, Islam. It was the best PR week Islam ever had.

What's more, we didn't spend the past week celebrating "house Muslim" Uncle Tom style Islam. We just spent an amazing week cheering for Muhammad Ali, a Muslim fighter, a truth jihadi, a man willing to sacrifice everything for truth and justice...a man who famously cheered on armed Palestinian resistance with the immortal words:

"In my name and the name of all Muslims in America, I declare support for the Palestinian struggle to liberate their homeland and oust the Zionist invaders."

For the people behind the Islamophobia-based "clash of civilizations" - and the long list of false flags that created it - the past week of Muhammad Ali adulation was the ultimate PR nightmare. Meanwhile, during the exact same week, the Zionists have been panicking, fearing that Obama is going to take his revenge on Netanyahu by helping the Security Council pass a resolution essentially recognizing and officially establishing the State of Palestine within its pre-1967 borders.

The usual suspects may have responded with a massive publicity stunt in Orlando designed to make us forget Muhammad Ali ... and make it much harder, if not impossible, for Obama to force the Israelis to withdraw from the territory they stole in 1967. In other words, this keeps the Clash of Civilizations going, and Israel expanding.

And who benefits from that? No Muslims that I can see.

Will the alleged perpetrator be interrogated to find out what he did or did not do, what his motives may have been, and who his associates were? Apparently not. Once again, we see the "perp shot dead, will never be interrogated or tried" syndrome. If international terrorism sponsored by groups like ISIS were really what it is made out to be, obviously live captures of all suspected terrorists would be the top priority, so interrogations could take place and terror networks taken down.

Another major indicator of "false flag" is the scale of the carnage. More than 50 dead? Only one shooter? And the guy was not even a special forces professional, but a flaky security guard?! (Who just happened to be on all the National Security radar screens, like so many others now-proven patsies.) Sorry, MSM, that doesn't pass the smell test.

It's funny how almost all "Muslim terrorists" are either ridiculously ultra-competent supermen able to take down skyscrapers and blow up the Pentagon using a couple of package-openers as their only weapons; kill ludicrously large numbers of people in mass shootings without any military training; or otherwise perform amazing feats of mass carnage ... or else they are the world's LEAST competent destruction-wreakers, dufuses who can't get a match lit to try to blow up their own shoe, or who pack their underwear with sterno camping fuel and no detonator and somehow expect their crotch to explode.

Aside from the handful of supermen, practically every wannabe Muslim terrorist in the USA since 9/11 has been a total dufus. As Trevor Aaronson writes in The Terror Factory, almost all of the "Islamic terror plots" in the US since 9/11 have actually been FBI terror plots sold to some hapless patsy - a homeless street person, a retarded teenager - by a professional con artist.

Real terrorism usually falls in the middle of the bell curve: A handful of people (if any) get killed, and/or something of fairly modest size gets blown up. This is the pattern with the 94% of terrorist attacks that, according to the FBI, are not committed by Muslims, but rather by radical Jews, hispanics, leftists, animal rights activists, and so on.

But Muslims...whoah! They're either supermen, defying the laws of physics to make skyscrapers disappear at free-fall acceleration through the path of most resistance or shooting huge crowds of people with a single Glock pistol...or they're retarded kids, homeless people, schlemiels who couldn't succeed in stepping on an ant if the FBI bought them size 20 shoes and released an ant colony next to their feet.

Statistically, the odds that Muslims would almost always either be way-too-lethal or else way-too-incompetent, while all other categories of terrorists would fall in the middle of the bell curve, must be about 20 trillion to one. Go ahead, pull up the statistics and do the math. The inescapable conclusion is that most plots and attacks attributed to Muslims are PR stunts concocted by the FBI and the Deep State, respectively.

We were told, almost immediately after the Orlando shooting, that "the shooter had pledged allegiance to ISIS." Robert David Steele remarks: "The tape pledging allegiance to ISIS is patsy perfect." And since ISIS is a Western public relations operation, a 4th generation warfare psy-op, the ISIS pledge in itself pretty much proves that the shooting was an inside job. (For details, see the section "Who is ISIS" in Another French False Flag.)

Mateen's parents were born in Afghanistan, and he was 'on the radar' of U.S. officials for some time, but was not the target of a specific investigation, law enforcement officials told ABC News.”

If the deep state had been running him, setting him up for an event like Orlando, he would indeed have been "on the radar" - but his handlers would have made sure he wasn't targeted by any specific investigation. This is what happened prior to 9/11 when Lt. Col. Anthony Schaeffer of Able Danger was ordered by his superiors to put yellow sticky pads over the faces of Mohammed Atta and other future "9/11 hijackers" and forget he had ever heard of them.

So if the carnage in Orlando is real (and I haven't yet seen any indications that it isn't) how might it have been produced? The two obvious possibilities include:

(1) Professional killers i.e. multiple shooters may have done the damage and/or assisted the patsy, as appears to have been the case in many other false flags including the Fort Hood shooting, the Batman theater shooting, the Sikh Temple shooting, and the more recent Paris and San Bernardino shootings. Robert David Steele remarks: "Multiple shooters are detected by proper forensics on all bullet paths and all spent rounds. I doubt responsible forensics will be done (if 50 real bodies) am pretty sure that if it were, it would identify multiple weapons not found on the scene from the spent round signatures. This is all way too pat."

(2) The patsy may have been given the equivalent of special forces training, perhaps with the aid of MK-Ultra style hypnotherapy, obviating the need for professional assistance.

Of course, it's always possible that yet another Muslim-named super-terrorist just appeared out of nowhere and decided, for unfathomable reasons, to stage a murderous PR stunt that would erase "Muhammad Ali Week" from the public mind and help Netanyahu resist the international push to force Israel to withdraw from the Occupied Territories.

But though it's still to early to know for sure, the above-cited circumstantial evidence suggests that we should place the Orlando nightclub shooting in the "strongly suspected false flag" category.

Courtesy of Robert David Steele

The Jehova's witnesses look the same in Mexico!

There was a tap at the gate, and I looked out and low and behold, it was instantly noticeable that the Jehova's witnesses were there! The culture gap did nothing, they looked exactly the same, only it was Mexicans. So I went out and they handed me "The Watchtower", in Spanish. It always has something worth reading in in it (it is a decent publication) but I will walk my own way.

Anyway, I was surprised by how they looked exactly the same in Mexico and were so instantly recognizable. Religion might trump culture.

Scam "Snowden" video on VICE

There is a scam video done by Snowden on Vice, which proves he is fake. In this video, Snowden "removes parts from a cell phone to make it go dark". YEAH RIGHT. There are so many problems with this video it is off in the realm of Looney Toon hoakery. How about if I name a few, (since I am myself former NSA that will never be put in the spotlight because I am not a tool.

1. Cell phones are all made with the parts mounted on flexible plastic and paper thin multi layer boards that can only be assembled by automated processes. If you think you can use a soldering iron or any other tool in a cell phone to do anything more than repair the headphone jack, (and even then you have to be an ace) you are dreaming, a soldering iron will vaporize the delicate parts in a cell phone on contact. And if you do not heat up the correct parts you will never get them out. Forget a heat gun as well, in practical real life that's a pipe dream, even if you hit the magic temperature where the solder melts without destroying the whole thing, you have limited time to work before the heat kills it all, and no one has the coordination needed to deal with such tiny parts that have so many pins absent having special equipment only a factory would have.

2. Cell phones come from many different manufacturers that use parts from everywhere, they all look different even if they do the same job and most are not marked clearly enough to read. You won't know what you are doing in a random cell phone. That alone makes Snowden B.S. because you have to know what you are dealing with before you can do anything at all.

3. Cell phones all have startup diagnostic routines where they check their parts. Most part failures will cause the cell phone to hang on boot and never start up at all. That alone will make pulling parts out that are important enough to make the phone "go dark" a death sentence for the phone, once you get them out, if you managed to without killing it all, you will notice your phone won't work anymore - it will basically blue screen and the same is true for just pulling connectors loose. All of it will simply hang the phone or render it inoperative.

4. Any parts that are in a cell phone that could possibly cause it to go dark if not present will render the phone inoperative, because parts in cell phones do multiple tasks, and you can't just get the NSA out without getting rid of other things the phone needs to function. And even if you somehow found that magic cell phone that had a part arrangement that made it possible for it to go dark, it would not be able to receive calls while idle and the moment you tried to make a call, you would become visible with pinpoint precision no matter what and the cell towers themselves would report your location. So why even have a cell phone then?

5. Even if you had the schematics and mastered a particular model from a particular year from a particular brand, such work, as Snowden is stating, is outside the realm of even the far above average Joe who can fix anything. If you ever wanted to do what he makes look simple (because it is fake) it will only be done on special work stations with magnified viewing and mechanical hands that take your large movements and turn them into small movements . Those are common in manufacturing, but do you have that type of setup at home? Well, if you won the lottery, perhaps. The most you could ever expect to do at home is replace the screen.

Here is reality: If you want your cell phone to go dark for real, tape it to the train tracks and wait. Snowden's video is a police state scam, specifically intended to make people feel inadequate, and that is why they are spied on. GEE, if I only knew how to do that, I would not be listened to! And HBO is great and the free press is GREAT because they were open and honest and told me some really cool stuff. And THAT WOULD ONLY HAPPEN IN THE GOOD OL' FREE U.S.A., See, they are not so bad after all!

Bottom line: Snowden got on HBO because he is full of *hit. They would never let anyone real on, not in a million years.

Junk Cleanup or Space War?

Why have there been so many bright and obvious meteors lately? It seems lately that we are seeing many many huge meteors, all the while under normal circumstances they arrive at a rate of a couple per year. No one can tell the difference between a meteor and a spacecraft burning up, they both look the same, and I think something is up.

One possibility would be a garbage disposal program that no one is talking about, where a specialized spacecraft is going around with an Ion or EM engine, attaching itself to old and defunct satellites and slowing them down enough to get them to drop into the atmosphere and burn up, rather than staying in orbit as a space junk hazard. This would be a benign program, but it would definitely also be kept top secret because if such a satellite does exist, it could be used to remove perfectly working satellites belonging to opposing nations, and if it has EM or Ion drive, it could just keep going until it got rid of every satellite that exists. If such an item is in use, you can bet that due to it's military potential it would be kept totally hush.

Kinetic kill weapons, such as what China has talked about, would be a senseless and damaging option because they would put a large amount of shrapnel and debris in orbit, and would eventually trigger a chain reaction like what was presented in the movie "Gravity". It would not progress as quickly as that movie, but eventually, over a few years, there would be too much trash and shrapnel in orbit to make use of space. And the use of kinetic weapons would not result in whole satellites falling to earth and making a huge fireball for all to see.

I have no insider information on this topic. But from what has been going on, it is starting to look to me like there is indeed a satellite that is removing others from orbit and dropping them into the atmosphere to burn up. And if that is happening, I would not be surprised if some of what has been seen belonged to North Korea. Fat chance they'd report losing contact with a "pride and joy" item though. Initially their first satellite was tumbling in orbit, but 3 days after launch they managed to stabilize it and it began working perfect. A couple more glitches and now it is stable again. The second one worked without a hitch. And since they can't really strike back, and their satellites do pass over the U.S., I would not put it past the U.S. government to remove them.

North Korea aside, there are many many satellites that need to be dropped. Remember back in the day when people had giant satellite dishes 10 or more feet across? Every last one of those satellites is a floating derelict now, and the dishes are trash. Even if the satellites that fed those dishes are perfectly working electronically, (and they are still perfect that way) they need fuel to power small rockets that keep them stable. They have to fight against the solar wind, and even though that is not very powerful, it is still there and needs to be compensated for constantly. once they run out of fuel, they will point random directions (however the feeble solar wind pushes them) and they will be useless. So satellites that get launched have a life expectancy of about 15 years, which is how long it takes for them to consume their fuel reserves. Having a trash collector with superior motor technology go around and get rid of them would be a sensible space clean up program. But as I already said, due to the obvious military implications you'd never hear about it.

We'd never hear about it, but are we seeing the results?

June 10 2016

Infowars Bilderberg reporters searched and threatened with arrest before anyone even arrived

Bilderberg Cops Detain, Harass Reporters, "Mainstream Media" Nowhere to be Seen

Infowars reporters Rob Dew, Paul Joseph Watson and Josh Owens were walking back to their hotel after dinner only to be suddenly surrounded by police, with more vans full of police arriving within minutes.

Police detained Dew, Watson and Owens along with other independent media and cameramen, before taking their passports and demanding to search their bags on the street. Individuals were taken one by one behind a police van to be searched.

Police said that any further "distractions" would result in arrest. When pressed as to what exactly constituted causing a "distraction," police said that "causing trouble" would not be tolerated.

Cold hard proof remote control of cars to crash them is possible

Old topic here, but if you want to show your brainwashed buddy a glimpse of reality he can't deny, just show him this, and ask him what "over the air" must mean.

Then say, well, the car's engine control computer is part of the same system, and can be accessed the same way. He might balk, but eventually it will probably sink in.

I moved the gay items down the page a ways, they were too disgusting to have right on top.

You can't tell me Hillary has broad support when Bernie won California in a landslide, only to have over 65 percent of his votes not counted! And with Hillary collaberating with even Fox News to announce what the results would be more than a day before the "election" you know darn well the media is fully complicit, and needs to be the target of any rebellion the same way Washington would be. They cannot be allowed to feel safe while they play an active role in killing the country.

And I can say this: There is a huge push for a gun ban in the U.S. for ONE REASON: The government has been usurped by the enemy, and they are deeply afraid of getting shot, as they well should be. If Trump is not allowed in after he has clearly ALREADY slapped this victory home by a margin of 300 percent, it HAS TO BE GAME OVER, and a new level of the game, a heavy metal level. If people allow him to get slapped under by an elite supported fraudster felon who sold America out via an open server, and who also had to steal the election from a far less popular candidate than Trump, and the media was complicit in ALL OF IT, there is only ONE OPTION standing between life and death of the nation. And that option is the wiping out of the elite minority by force.

They can't get away with this. They are already caught. If they go through with handing it all over to Hillary (as I said they would from the start) there will be only ONE option, and it sadly won't be a peaceful option because they said NO to the peaceful option. Whatever happens after they steal the election which is America's process for a peaceful transfer of power is their own fault, PERIOD. No guilt on us for whatever happens, NONE WHATSOEVER.


They are going to "play Trump" farther and farther down a rat hole of lies, to make him appear diminished to the popular world media, all the while he shines like a super nova. If they succeed in obscuring reality to that level, and people actually let 5 percent of the population steal the nation, GOD HELP US ALL.

Calling Hillary "Hildabeast" or "HillBillary" as you sit and cry in your beer won't cut it!

This is noteworthy - check the likes and dislikes here!

It would be fun to really nail this. Click this and go vote! This is not a youtube embed, you have to click the picture, which will take you to Youtube, and then "vote" a few months early by telling her how much you like her and POTUS.

This is pretty clear evidence that Trump is not losing popularity, and that the zio press is simply faking the polls to bury how obviously the election is going to be stolen. No one wants Hillary if this happened on her own channel, which good thinking people will predominantly avoid. Her situation is actually a lot worse than even these numbers show because people don't visit web sites run by people they hate. If the numbers really landed like this on her own youtube channel, she is a 5 percent popular pariah. I do not believe for a minute Hillary has double digit national support. She will be a Diebold president.

The crime of aggression

This is a letter that is making the rounds, and landed in my normal mail box uncensored. Evidently "they" are not afraid of this and are allowing it to be said. It is well worth a read.

Dear Pastor Baldwin,

The Crime of Aggression is inspired writing ( As you say, the crime of Aggression is the most serious that a nation can commit, in both Natural and Divine Law.

It is impossible for any thinking, sentient person not to be implacably opposed to the lying fanatics guiding USGov domestic and foreign policy since 1945. The respected 'saviour of the civilized world' has, in the short space of 70 years, become the 'demonical enemy of the civilized world' through the actions of corrupt, self-serving, satanical elites.

The roll call of historical USGov crimes against humanity, in a multitude of sovereign nations that have resisted USGov attempts to coerce and impose imperial hegemony upon them, is in itself enough for ordinary, sane, God-fearing people to repudiate USGov and its allied psychopaths in Israhell and Western Europe.

I fear the worst is yet to come. One example: unrestrained development of humanoid robots equipped with artificial intelligence looks set to replace 90% of ALL employment for humans in just the next 9 years. As an example, just last month in minimum-wage China, Foxconn, which makes consumer electronics for Apple and others, announced it will replace 70 percent of its human workforce of 60,000 people with AI robots by 2018. It has already commissioned a fully robotic factory in Chengdu. The storm has arrived already, yet NO government has responded to this apocalyptic event for humanity with any plan of any kind.

What work will be left for humans? How will humans support themselves and their families? How will they pay for their robotic security, robotic medical care, children's robotic education, cell-housing, robot-grown food, water, sewage disposal and treatment, robotic garbage collection, driverless car, insurance, holidays and so on? How will elected Governments then survive with virtually no tax base and massively-reduced consumer spending? Then, faced with mountains of robot-produced goods that no-one can afford to buy, the ruling corporations will be faced with the choice of decommissioning their unproductive robotic factories and services or 'decommissioning' the unproductive 90% portion of humanity. Is this not truly apocalyptic for all of us?

UNLESS we can quickly enable the rise of honorable, intelligent and God-fearing leaders to overthrow the despots that are leading us to the precipice, it seems inevitable that in just the next 9 years ALL humanity will be forced into armed struggle and/or destitute serfdom, scratching out a subsistence living under the total control of corporate elites. Look at your children and imagine how this is going to play out for them. Then atleast have the courage and smarts to boycott ALL products and services from the corporations and their government sponsors responsible for this Total, All-Points Aggression.

My comment: If Foxconn is replacing that much of their work force with robots (I mentioned this about a month ago, and it is true) it probably does spell doom, like a hurricane on the horizon. And I believe the elite absolutely will dispose of 90 percent of the population, once they feel safe in doing so. And it is not far off.

June 9 2016

The following report has now been clarified as to what types of credit accounts the police will rob. It is not only pre-paid credit cards as claimed by them.


This is not an isolated incident or any sort of misunderstanding, Oklahoma police have already drained hundreds of bank accounts on the spot with no proof of any crime and no court process at all.

Now that they are draining checking accounts, savings accounts, asset secured credit accounts, and pre-paid credit cards, it proves "asset forfeiture" was NEVER ABOUT STOPPING DRUGS TO BEGIN WITH. It was always straight up theft, pure and simple!

Now some police in America will scan your bank cards and drain them to zero!

Here is how it works: The police pull you over, and have a polite conversation with you that you cannot opt out of. If you do anything to keep your personal details private, and they find out about it, they handcuff you to "prevent you from getting violent" while they take all the cash you have on you, plus your credit cards and bank cards, and drain them to zero with a special bank card machine that will do it even without your passwords and pins. They do not need to find drugs on you, or have any evidence of a crime.

After robbing you blind, they then tell you to explain to a court why you have a legitimate reason to have your money or you won't get it back. "explaining to a court" is the new bench mark, not whether or not you committed a crime. Obviously nothing will be returned because history has already proven this with the prior asset forfeiture laws, and because they get to keep the money and use it for their own purposes. If you try to get anything back, you will additionally be stuck with court costs. This is up there with the highest levels of corruption ever seen in any state or nation ever in the history of the world. It is fairly safe now to say the police are an enemy that can be dealt with as harshly as any street thug on sight. SEE THIS:

"Now, the Oklahoma Highway Patrol has a device that also allows them to seize money in your bank account or on prepaid cards.

It's called an ERAD, or Electronic Recovery and Access to Data machine, and state police began using 16 of them last month.

Here's how it works. If a trooper suspects you may have money tied to some type of crime, the highway patrol can scan any cards you have and seize the money.

"We're gonna look for different factors in the way that you're acting," Oklahoma Highway Patrol Lt. John Vincent said. "We're gonna look for if there's a difference in your story. If there's someway that we can prove that you're falsifying information to us about your business." (my comment - why is your business their business anyway, and why would you have to tell them anything, outside of a court of law? Their take on this is just a scam to justify theft.)

Troopers insist this isn't just about seizing cash.

"I know that a lot of people are just going to focus on the seizing money. That's a very small thing that' s happening now. The largest part that we have found ... the biggest benefit has been the identity theft," Vincent said.

"If you can prove can prove that you have a legitimate reason to have that money it will be given back to you. And we've done that in the past," Vincent said about any money seized.

MY RESPONSE: You have to prove your "legitimate reason" in court, which will cost you dearly. And the statement "we've done that in the past" really means: FAT CHANCE YOU WILL SUCCEED, BUT SOMEONE DID, ONCE.

In the quotes, the cop said "This is most useful against identity theft". I'd like an explanation for how that can be true. What do you mean? If someone is driving around with someone elses bank cards you drain those too? The "identity theft" ruse is a BIG FAT LIE to lend some sort of legitimacy to them robbing total innocents blind. How can you determine "identity theft" on the spot during a traffic stop that had no huge investigation lasting days at the police department? YOU CANT.


It is not just savings accounts or checking accounts and prepaid cards, if you have any card linked to any funds at all that are secured by an asset, including retirement accounts, revolving lines of credit, or money that was just transfered to a bank card for any sort of loan that was secured by an asset, they will charge that to the max as well, strapping you with whatever debt or losses that go with it. For example, if you took out a loan against the house, and that loan is sitting in a place that has a bank card attached to it, and you have that card on you when they pull you over, the police will take it and drain it because your house will make sure no one who is "too big to jail" will lose a dime. They will simply foreclose if you refuse to pay back the theft the police did, and that will be that. All it has to be is any sort of fund available in your name that SIR ROTHCHILD won't have to worry about losing if you refuse to pay it. And if you have multiple cards, They will drain every damn one of them and could easily strap you with enormous debt. It is REBELLION TIME, the police now have absolutely no right to be safe anywhere they are, even in their own beds. They now have the status of TOP CRIMINAL.



A simple attempt at privacy where you deserve to have privacy in a free society will get you robbed into oblivion. My God, the American police totally overshadow the WORST Mexican gangs and drug lords, let alone the Mexican police, who, in the worst areas, might want a bribe of $50.

This is going to be an absolute catastrophe, as if a bombing run during a war destroyed everything people have.

The world needs to take note of this and plug it into the next world "freedom index" ranking. If you do not have the freedom in America to even be safe carrying a bank card, America has to be #265.

You can't make this stuff up, who would have thought!SEE THIS


This is obviously the precursor for robbing undesirables blind once the mark of the beast is in place and you can't stop them from accessing the chip.

Planned Parenthood: Trump a "bully" for banning abortions

I really wonder how out of touch the so called 5 percent Jewish minority really is with that crap. Anyone who is against gays is a bigot. Speak out against abortion, you are a "bully". State the facts about crime statistics and who does the crime, and you are a racist. Mention one thing the Jews are doing, and you are an anti semite. And as far as I see, America is not represented by the 5 percent.

I really think they believe the bulk of America wants trans gender bathrooms, because they are so caught up in their own delusions they can't see three feet in front of them. And it is obvious they are luciferian, which means that they would also know that if all of what they wish was true actually was true, we'd all go to hell with them. Reality is decidedly different.

I have said it before - they have failed. If two gay guys kissing in public will make a majority of Americans squirm with disgust, they failed. Because they have been pushing the gay crap since the 1970's and that is way too long to still have the majority squirming if they had any success at all. And it also means that if judgement day is anywhere near now, a lot more people are going to make it than fail.

I believe it is safe to declare at least a partial victory over the evil that has been foisted on America for decades. And if Trump actually shuts down even one thing - their abortion mills, America will have won such an enormous victory against them they might feel tempted to pull the samson option to make themselves feel better. Probably not, but remember, that embassy of theirs in New York really is practically glowing for some odd reason, a fact uncovered during a federal sweep for nuclear threats. It would not be that that way for no reason at all, would it? How would Trump respond to that reality, if he finds himself face to face with nuclear blackmail after he takes office?

Let's hope and pray to GOD the diebold magic does not work, and they really do end up with Trump being unstoppable. Let's hope Trump has the balls to sacrifice a city for the sake of telling the real truth just once during a state of the union address. Let's hope and pray Trump is the "bully" we have been waiting for, the only people that will get "bullied" are those who are too brain dead, or soul dead, to see the light of day anyway. We can do without the 5 percent, or even the 10 percent opinions ruling the majority. It is long past time for "friends in low places" to speak their numbers, and take America back. Here is to hope they will finally be able to do it.

Bilderberg in Dresden tomorrow

Alex Jones is going to be covering this and will probably do the best job. That said, Paul Joseph Watson is a proven spinning turd of zionism, and I would not eat anything that flew off him, even with a grain of salt. Mixed bag that outfit is, sort of like a dirty cat box that was accidentally spilled into a bag full of donuts. If I ever manage to fish a clean donut out of that web site, I am hesitant to link it for fear of getting everyone sick with all the other crap.

Alex will probably definitely do a great job with Bilderberg, but I won't call him a god for it.

I am suspicious Richard Simmons was MK ultra'ed

Word of Richard transitioning into a woman surfaced on the National Enquirer, which has been a lot more accurate with this type of topic lately than it once was. Richard has a spokesperson who denies this, but there is a huge confirmed story behind all of this that needs to be considered. This is something I have written about in the past:

I did a report a while back about how Richard Simmons was kept locked in his home by obviously very abusive people no one ever saw before, who controlled him heavily and would not let him speak to outsiders. This all started about two years ago. People who tried to visit saw a Richard in severe distress, and he was obviously afraid of the people in the house. He could not get rid of them, and no one was able to clearly figure out who they were.

Now Richard has stepped out as a woman. And I don't buy it, I know damn well whoever was there was powerful, corrupt, and far far above the law. I have absolutely no doubt the people who were handling him were there to destroy him, and it looks like they succeeded.

From what few visitors who actually saw him could perceive, he appeared to be under some form of physically and mentally abusive psychological re-programming and his handlers did not let anyone talk to him for more than a couple minutes, and visitors were always kept at the door with a handler right there listening to everything said DESPITE THE FACT THAT RICHARD WANTED TO LET THE VISITORS IN, BUT WAS NOT ALLOWED TO. Something does not wash with this, and I won't take his "conversion to being a woman" as anything genuine at all. MK ULTRA ALL THE WAY.

But it will be reported as a natural conversion - that works GREAT for the KKKIKE press that won't ever touch even the faintest stain of truth. I always figured the same thing happened to Bruce, but in his case no one got the word out because he was a forgotten athlete. Simmons was much more popular and still on TV frequently at the time they made the decision to destroy him, so people noticed something was seriously amiss when it was going on.

Now he has been described as a "soft spoken woman". Yep. A totally broken zombie. Simmons was ANYTHING BUT soft spoken, he was a hyperkinetic freak. Choosing a gender change would not zap the life out of him, "soft spoken" after being brain wiped fits perfect.

I will try to see if I can dig up that old report, it was less than a year ago when I got onto Richard being in trouble and it is very well documented. He was programmed, NO IFS OR BUTS.

And to the "spokespeople", if you want to clearly irrefutably deny this is going on, LET HIM OUT OF THE HOUSE. Let's see him live on TV, AND NOT JUST A STUPID PHONE INTERVIEW, WHERE HE SOUNDS TOTALLY OFF FROM NORMAL. Let's see him LIVE ON TV, "sweating to the oldies" on the stage with Oprah, chipper as ever.

Anything less won't cut it at this point, it has been more than two years now. You can put MK ultra on the phone, but you could never fake a live appearance from THAT GUY with brain manipulation. Either he is out dancing and hopping, or he is HOSTAGE. A hostage can talk on the phone JUST FINE.

Diebold magic cinches it for Hillary

Need I say more? Maybe two things - I am certain Hillary will enjoy victory while receiving less than 15 percent of the votes, and she did collude with the MSM to announce her victory long before people even started voting. She got 30 percent fewer votes than last time around even with Diebold spiking it for her.

If I said anything more appropriate regarding this topic, the secret service would have to get on an airplane and pay a visit. Rigged elections SUCK.

Trump turned down $200 million!

Trump said NO to NEWT GINGRICH despite being offered $200 million to take him. And then Newt started crying and calling him a racist. In the next post, "Donald Trump speaks out" you can read what Newt Gingrich construed as racism. I am not an expert on Gingrich, but have been told by others he'd be a disaster and if Trump was offered $200 million to take him, I'd have to say probably and if Trump turned down that kind of money, it builds his credibility significantly and I think he would probably pick a great VP.

Donald Trump speaks out

As I was writing the pirate / La Raza judge report, Trump was also writing about the court case. If you combine the history of the judge with what Trump said, it ought to totally slay the topic. Trump did not mention anything I said, for obvious political reasons and I think Trump is going to come out on top with what he has done to prepare for this. His message is solid gold:


- JUNE 07, 2016 -

It is unfortunate that my comments have been misconstrued as a categorical attack against people of Mexican heritage. I am friends with and employ thousands of people of Mexican and Hispanic descent. The American justice system relies on fair and impartial judges. All judges should be held to that standard. I do not feel that one's heritage makes them incapable of being impartial, but, based on the rulings that I have received in the Trump University civil case, I feel justified in questioning whether I am receiving a fair trial.

Over the past few weeks, I have watched as the media has reported one inaccuracy after another concerning the ongoing litigation involving Trump University. There are several important facts the public should know and that the media has failed to report.

Throughout the litigation my attorneys have continually demonstrated that students who participated in Trump University were provided a substantive, valuable education based upon a curriculum developed by professors from Northwestern University, Columbia Business School, Stanford University and other respected institutions. And, the response from students was overwhelming. Over a five year period, more than 10,000 paying students filled out surveys giving the courses high marks and expressing their overwhelming satisfaction with Trump Universitys programs. For example:

Former student Tarla Makaeff, the original plaintiff in the litigation, not only completed multiple surveys rating Trump University's three-day seminar "excellent" in every category, but also praised Trump University's mentorship program in a glowing 5 plus minute video testimonial. When asked "how could Trump University help to meet [her] goals", she simply stated "[c]ontinue to offer great classes." Once the plaintiffs' lawyers realized how disastrous a witness she was, they asked to have her removed from the case. Over my lawyers' objections, the judge granted the plaintiffs' motion, but allowed the case to continue.

Art Cohen, a lead plaintiffs in the litigation, completed a survey in which he not only rated Trump University's three-day seminar "excellent" in virtually every category, but went so far as to indicate that he would "attend another Trump University seminar" and even "recommend Trump University seminars to a friend." When asked how Trump University could improve the seminar, Mr. Cohen's only suggestion was to "[h]ave lunch sandwiches brought in" and make the lunch break 45 minutes.

Former student Bob Giullo, who has been critical of Trump University in numerous interviews and negative advertisements from my political opponents, also expressed his satisfaction, rating Trump University's programs "excellent" in every category. When asked how Trump University could improve its programs, Mr. Giullo simply asked that students be provided "more comfortable chairs."

Indeed, these are just a few of literally thousands of positive surveys, all of which can be viewed online at

For those students who decided that Trump University's programs were not for them, the company had a generous refund policy, offering a full refund to any student who asked for their money back within 3 days of signing up for a program or by the end of the first day of any multi-day program, whichever came later.

Normally, legal issues in a civil case would be heard in a neutral environment. However, given my unique circumstances as nominee of the Republican Party and the core issues of my campaign that focus on illegal immigration, jobs and unfair trade, I have concerns as to my ability to receive a fair trial.

I am fighting hard to bring jobs back to the United States. Many companies - like Ford, Nabisco, Carrier - are moving production to Mexico. Drugs and illegal immigrants are also pouring across our border. This is bad for all Americans, regardless of their heritage.

Due to what I believe are unfair and mistaken rulings in this case and the Judge's reported associations with certain professional organizations, questions were raised regarding the Obama appointed Judge's impartiality. It is a fair question. I hope it is not the case.

While this lawsuit should have been dismissed, it is now scheduled for trial in November. I do not intend to comment on this matter any further. With all of the thousands of people who have given the courses such high marks and accolades, we will win this case!

Donald J. Trump

June 7 2016

The judge "prosecuting" Trump for Trump college is a Jewish plant with pirate ancestry!

Ok, this evolved a lot today. First I only wanted to track down the fact that Curiel's parents lived in a Jewish community in America. Then Google, once it figured out what I was doing, took Curiel's childhood house and threw it 20 miles north from where it really was and from where it originally showed right in the middle of all the Kosher shops. So I had to ditch that, because Google was not going to play honest. Low and behold, that forced me to dig deeper and as a result I found his prior history.

Curiel is a Sephardic Jewish Marron. His ancestors caused problems in Portugal, and eventually got thrown out of the entire area around the time of Columbus. !! THEY THEN SETTLED IN JAMAICA, WHERE OUT OF KINGSTON THEY RAN THE "PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN" PLOT !! (fancy Disney ever being honest with that little tidbit) until there were no more Spanish galleons filled with their own pirated Aztec gold to be robbed. Obviously it all eventually splintered and perhaps the generation marking his great grandpa settled in Mexico. They then came to America, where his dad lived as an illegal alien up until his death in 1974.

Well, it probably does not matter that his ancestors were pirates other than the fact that proves he is Jewish. WHAT DOES MATTER IS THE FACT THAT HE IS NOT ONLY A KKKIKE, his OWN DAD was an illegal who worked illegally in the U.S. until he died. It is foggy about whether or not his mom was ever legal, but that does not matter anymore because 1. He is a Latino and 2. he is a jew and 3. he is working a lawsuit against a presidential candidate who wants to kick Latinos out of the country all the while the Jews want to keep latinos here. See a conflict of interest there? Never mind the seedy ancestry, which alone should say it all!

REMEMBER: 16th century began in 1501 and ended in 1600. Here it is: The judge presiding over the prosecution of Trump is a sephardic Jew who's ancestors were kicked out of Portugal at around the time of Columbus.

Judge Curiel's ancestors were kicked out of Portugal, and settled in Kingston Jamaica where they ran a massive pirate outfit, and Curiel's family eventually ended up in Mexico after that fell apart. THAT IS THE HISTORY, the fact Google censored where he lived in Chicago is NOW MEANINGLESS.

When you look into his background his parents were not U.S. citizens, they came from Mexico, both were Jewish, and he was an anchor baby. "La Raza" Gonzalo Curiel is a Latino Jewish judge. It may be difficult to pin him as Jewish (he probably is a crypto Jew) but I never checked to see if he openly admits it.

The question is, if a lawsuit is legitimate, how does the judge end up being hispanic, which hates Trump, and Jewish (the entire group also predominantly hates Trump) - this is obviously a trumped up lawsuit which will be presided over by a judge who at best definitely was an anchor baby. Forget about whether or not he can even legitimately be a judge, with his parents being Jewish that won't matter. If there ever was proof this lawsuit is entirely fake and politically motivated JUST LOOK AT THE JUDGE. Forget about him being affiliated with La Raza (another reason to disqualify him) just look at his parent's history and the fact he is Jewish. That ought to say it all.

But you won't ever hear jack squat about this in the MSM, and IT WILL NOT MATTER. WANT TO KNOW WHY? Because the public is waking up to the Jewish shenanegans, and any Trump supporter will clearly see this for what it is. Additionally, Trump University had a high approval rating, and what I have seen "come out against" the university is lacking substance. The only way such a lawsuit would ever succeed is with a scam judge and a jury packed entirely by latinos and others who have been cherry picked, and they will be. Look for the jury to be 100 percent crypto Jew as well.

And even if Trump gets his butt kicked in a frame up, he won't be going to jail, he'll just have to pay out 40 million, which he has. So what?

But there is a problem, and it is this: During all the media play, the Jewish media will be stating that the public support for Trump is waning, even when it is not. And come election time, they will say the public turned against Trump, and then they will squeak hillary in by handing her 100 million "diebold votes" all the while she gets ZERO in New Hampshire. They will wipe out 51 percent of Trump's votes, and transfer them to Hillary. The "victory" will be by a hair, and Hillary will receive her appointment, delivered straight by scamming KKKIKEDOM.

Let me be your prophet on this one. THAT IS THE PLAN, MARK MY WORD, DO NOT LET THEM GET AWAY WITH IT.

And let me make another thing perfectly clear: Jews live in tight little enclaves. Which means that if you see a synagogue, or a kosher store, everything in the area will be Jewish, you won't have to guess what is what if you decide to make your presence known. These people are stupid, MY GOD they commit such crimes against us and live in a way that would make it all so easy for us to put things straight. THEY ARE ROCK STUPID.

And oh, GET THIS!!! (this is a good one)

Message on payphone after call denied: Jim Stone is a BIGOT and a WILDCAT

I have been calling a friend in the U.S. quite a bit lately, and I have to use payphones because any other way is too expensive. Want to know how to know you are hated? When pay phones quit working after you use them. Impossible? NOPE - let me explain, and I have proof of this now.

The NSA takes a voice print of every call made, and Amdocs in Israel can also trace down any call made anywhere in the world. They know who is calling who, when, EVERYTHING. And they figured out I was calling this friend a lot from payphones, and they were killing phones off, not allowing them to connect. So I had to keep changing what payphone I used.

Yesterday I went to one they already killed because it was in a convenient spot and I figured I'd try it. All these phones have digital screens. And when I made the call, it connected, took the cash, started making a high pitched noise through the earpiece and said this on the screen:


I was surprised they were so brazen about it, and found another payphone and made the call. My friend said the first call connected and it all sounded normal on his end, but he could not talk to me. He did not hear a high pitched tone, he just heard me saying "hello, hello".

I was surprised they called me a "wildcat" instead of a pig or a donkey or some other insulting animal. "Wildcat" is not an insult. So while talking about this afterwards with the friend I first tried to call he said: Trump is a "wildcat" they can't predict. They called you that because they can't predict you. It solidifies the message, and makes it clear it really was directed at you. Then he said "you should have got a picture". And I was like . . . . . well, I did not have the camera with me, it happened quick, and it scrolled across on one line and had to be read as it went by . . . . . and taking a picture never even occurred to me because I was too shocked they were THAT brazen about it.

And it was probably AMDOCS that sent that message. All phone calls, no matter where they are made in the world, first get routed through Amdocs in Israel. They can permit and deny any call. The actual audio probably also goes through Israel. If you call the neighbor across the street, the call goes to Israel first, then back to your neighbor. Israel can allow or deny or censor any call, and what happened yesterday proved it.

Israel probably does not know what number is on every payphone in a usable way, so even though it was the same company for the next call, it worked. It has taken 3 or more calls for them to figure out I am using a specific payphone to communicate. All the correlations are possible by tracking what phone is calling what numbers, and then drawing patterns out of the matrix.

I was surprised they were that brazen, because they let go of a lot of key info by sending me that one message.

1. They proved that they will cut off any company, even if that company has no problems with giving you service.

2. They proved they track voices and do voiceprints and voice identification, because that is the only way they would have known it is ME calling out of this area.

3. They proved they actually get involved with the calls enough to hijack a payphone with a digital screen, and put on the screen what they want (certainly THAT message was not part of the phone's firmware)

4. They proved that they draw associations with all phones, to track who is calling who and how people relate in chains and groups. The friend I called is also politically active, and would already be flagged for this.

5. Most importantly, they proved that they will try to track me even with payphone use, and that I am hated and targeted by them and that it is personal because they used the term "bigot". And I am proud of that title, because it proves I am NORMAL. If you think gay is disgusting, you are a BIGOT. If you believe in God and won't back down, you are a BIGOT. If you are against abortion you are a BIGOT. If you have problems with a hispanic Jewish judge with pirate ancestry putting an American presidential candidate on trial, YOU ARE A BIGOT. And I am not going over all the ways I am a BIGOT, I'll say it all the simple way: I am a BIGOT BIGOT BIGOT BIGOT BIGOT BIGOT BIGOT BIGOT BIGOT BIGOT BIGOT BIGOT BIGOT BIGOT BIGOT BIGOT BIGOT BIGOT BIGOT BIGOT BIGOT BIGOT BIGOT BIGOT BIGOT BIGOT BIGOT BIGOT BIGOT BIGOT BIGOT BIGOT BIGOT BIGOT BIGOT BIGOT BIGOT BIGOT BIGOT BIGOT BIGOT BIGOT BIGOT BIGOT BIGOT BIGOT BIGOT BIGOT BIGOT BIGOT BIGOT BIGOT BIGOT BIGOT BIGOT BIGOT BIGOT BIGOT BIGOT BIGOT BIGOT BIGOT BIGOT BIGOT BIGOT BIGOT BIGOT BIGOT BIGOT BIGOT BIGOT BIGOT BIGOT BIGOT BIGOT BIGOT BIGOT BIGOT BIGOT BIGOT BIGOT BIGOT BIGOT BIGOT. And I would not have it any other way, because the antithesis of BIGOT is LUCIFERIAN.

I hope they are proud of themselves for not being like me!

AND FINALLY: THE BEAUTIFUL SATANIC JEWISH NUMBER 6: They don't have enough brains to keep their mouths shut about when they are screwing someone over - that was NOT done by an intelligence agency that would have kept hush hush hush, NO, SOME IDIOT in the private sector figured they'd pop off a message and tell me what they thought. No intelligence agency would have ever blown it's cover by telling me they are denying a call. If an intelligence agency did that it would have all simply been dead, with 100 percent plausible deniability and no suspicion generated at all, "Oh, the call did not work." No eyebrow raised. What actually happened means the assault against this web site and against me personally is happening at a corporate level, HELLO FACISM, this is cold hard proof! That is exactly what happens in facist societies, corporations get the power of governments, and abuse that power. There is no way on earth any corporation should be authorized to track people so well they could do what happened, but they have reached that level due to never being held accountable by responsible government.

I am in a good mood today, because they hung themselves out to dry, and TOTALLY DID IT TO THEMSELVES. Nice to know what ilk hates my guts and how they are accomplishing the screw job, that is key info I'll never forget which will be very helpful with strategy.

June 6 2016

I would not be too concerned if we really are living in a simulation

Jim Stone, June 6 2016


Cern has revealed that we most likely do indeed live in a simulation. This is because the "god particle" or "Higgs Boson" that they were after was indeed observed, and surprisingly it had no mass. That is, of course, if observations were correct. Why is this significant? here is why:

Because quarks, neutrinos, all of the really small sub atomic particles have mass. And that means things that weigh something (which are made up of these particles at their most root level) have to have a mass equal to all of the tiny particles that are in them. If, with the Higgs Boson they really hit bottom (the smallest of all particles that makes up the larger particles) and that particle has no mass, then anything based upon that particle has to also weigh nothing. If what is based upon that which equals zero equals more than zero, it can only mean that the universe is not real, and the base beneath all of it is only either a thought, or a piece of software which assigns arbitrary values to everything.

Why would I not worry? Well, a good reason is that you can't do anything about it anyway. And if, for all we can perceive it is all real, what is the difference anyway? We have to exist within something, (after all, where did everything come from, it could not have all come from nothing). And most importantly, for all we know, the entity, computer, whatever it is we exist in, could simply be the mind of God. The bible is specific about everything originating from "God" or "the mind of God." If that be the case, base reality, which ended up being the "god particle", would simply be what we were always told since the time of ancients - that everything is of God, and a product of the mind of God.

It would also mean, if we really exist inside some sort of mind, that heaven, paradise, the afterlife, is all real within this construct. There would be no reason to terminate a life program just because the body died. It would also make your book of life, another major theme, a total reality. After death, your book of life is supposed to be opened, and everything you remembered and forgot played back in front of God before the decision to send you to heaven or hell is made. And the existence of such a "book" would be made entirely possible if this entire universe was running as an entity, rather than true physical matter as we all perceive.

The "god particle" did one thing: it proved to us that we really are in fact very likely to be the product of an infinite entity - "God", just like we were always told - "Everything is of God". So I would not sweat it. Nothing changed. Live life, and be good.

San Jose protests against Trump only 400!

Only 400 protesters means they were paid to show up. The media made it look like something huge, where tens of thousands showed up to protest, but it was only 400 which is a super easy number to pay to show up. And supposedly the 250 police that were sent to "control the protesters" "could not do it!" Those numbers prove fraud, 50 real police who are really doing their jobs could have handled any protest of that size no sweat. All they'd have to do is pepper spray 8 people each. That can happen in a second.

And the fact only 400 people "showed up to protest" in one of the biggest latino hotbeds in the nation proves that even Latinos in America are not violently against Trump. How much is 400? NOTHING. If there were even 400,000 latinos in the immediate area (and there are, no sweat, there are in fact over 10 million in SOCAL, but even if there were only 400,000 it would mean that less than a tenth of a percent showed up to protest Trump. That number is so small it seems impossible it could ever happen, and that a so-called protest could be so pathetic in number.

It is all just a game of perceptions. And the scant number that showed up to protest and how violent they were makes THIS the only possibility:

There is a big jerk named Soros, who ran a few ads and sent a few goons out, to fake they were Pedro and get all loud and violent. Average Latino Pedro only knows that there is a boogie man named Trump. He does not know the schedule, does not follow politics, and was clueless Trump was even going to be nearby. And he has an attitude of sitting on his butt with anything political anyway. Heck, for all we know the "latinos" that showed up were second generation college students who had been brainwashed and they all drive Smart Fortwos and needed to make a payment so they went to a gig somewhere. Only 400 protesters screams that loud and clear, it could not possibly be any more obvious with a number that low. Any real grass roots protest would have generated a crowd a thousand times as large.

Rumors of a No fly zone where "asteroid" came down in Arizona

Nasa declared it was an asteroid 10 feet in diameter. But if the no fly zone is real, it would mean it was not really an asteroid, and that something of military significance came down. I can't say for sure what is going on because I cannot find a reference to the no fly zone in any major media. But then again, this next topic - about what Putin said in regard to Istanbul is confirmed, and never hit the MSM either:

Putin threatened to make Istanbul back into Constantinople

This happened a while ago and I overlooked it. I thought this was a hoax, but it is true, and the MSM is having NONE OF IT. Only alt media sources in Russia covered this, as far as I can find even RT did not and from the few others that did cover it it slowly dispersed and then faded. But it's a good one:

While addressing the Russian Orthodox Church, Putin stated the following:

"Should Turkey not stop supporting al-Qaeda's Syria branch, I am indeed eager to end the job the late Tsar Nicholas II left unfinished. During the World War I , He sought to restore Constantinople (Istanbul) to Christendom and protect Russian maritime security by liberating Dardanelles and Bosphorus straits but fate prevented him."

During this same speech, he declared a strong alliance with Ukraine, and praised his soviet roots! That would be an uh-oh. You can laugh at Russian tech all you want, and even I laughed when the door handle came off a new Russian military SUV right in front of Putin on national television, but you can't laugh at Russia's nuclear arsenal, it actually works and would be the BIGGEST of big problems . . . . . .

Sweden is in a satanic/Illuminati death grip

"Two things Americans must understand about Sweden, is that it's against the law to question anything - even in the most meek, apologetic terms. Boys of Swedish ancestry aren't wanted at all by the Swedish government. Showing normal male character traits at all gets boys turned over to school psychologists who prescribe medication.

News is heavily censored in Sweden, to the extent that Swedes have been lied to about the reason they've gone from being a traditionally rape free society thirty years ago to be the 'rape capitol of Europe'.

This is well worth the read and is on Henry Makow's site here

An unwanted Windows 10 update burned gigabytes over satellite uplink in Africa . . .

A team of wildlife protectors, who need to stay in touch while out in the African boonies hunting poachers got burned by an unwanted windows 10 download which chewed gigabytes over a feeble and expensive satellite uplink. They thought they had all systems protected, but the pervasive nature of windows 10 won out and now they are scrambling to secure numerous laptops against the same problem.

Remember one thing: Just because you do not allow it to install does not mean it did not force its way in and chew gigabytes of bandwidth, only to sit idle. I am sure most people have it sitting dormant, waiting to spring into un-stoppable action some day. See this

The American College of Pediatricians has labeled transgender indoctrination as child abuse:

You can click the embedded article to go to their page.

If Trump was the worst president in the history of the United States, he would still be the best president since Kennedy because at least he would be real.

America has been without a president for 50 years, with only people who have been appointed to destroy the nation while wearing the title, and no, I will not cut Reagan any slack just because he seemed to be a nice old man.

Click here to continue to older reports

Remote controlled Germanwings Airbus A320 crash? All evidence points to this.


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The End of the California orange? Probably, Dams drained on purpose

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All the problems we face are secondary to what is really a primary biological problem. When the primary biological problem is addressed, the other problems will disappear. The primary problem is parasitic infestation, kill the parasites and problems caused by the parasites disappear. You do not extinguish a fire by collecting the smoke in bags . . .