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July 4 2016

Bangladesh "recite the Quran or you are dead" mall party is a ruse, too stupid to mention beyond this. Remember, it is now perfectly legal for the press to make up anything they want and sell it as real. So always be skeptical of any "terror".

The following is an opinion piece, and I bet I am absolutely right.

Do not believe for a minute that ANY antibiotic is "losing it's effectiveness".

We have all heard the convincing stories from doctors saying antibiotics are starting to not work because the bacteria are adapting to the antibiotics. This is impossible. The way antibiotics work makes it impossible for any of them to lose their effectiveness. Most likely, the so called loss of effectiveness is big pharma screwing around with product quality, and keeping the ability of the antibiotics to work on a knife edge, where if they were any weaker they would fail completely. Let me explain -

Most of the modern antibiotics are extracts from fungi that have been around for millions of years. When a fungus takes over a food source, it wants a monopoly on that food source, so it can eat it all. If bacteria move into the food source, then the fungi has to compete with the bacteria for food. So fungi, for millions of years, have produced substances that kill the bacteria so there is no competition for food. These substances, when extracted from the fungi, are what antibiotics are made from. If there was any way for a bacteria to become resistant to an antibiotic, which as been produced by many types of fungi for millions of years, there would be no such thing as an antibiotic that worked now because the bacteria would have evolved to resist antibiotics long before mankind walked the earth.

How antibiotics were discovered (they were not invented)

Alexander Fleming (the man who discovered penicillin) was seeking a way to kill bacteria in a medically useful way. So he had many many different bacterial cultures growing simultaneously so he could study what affected bacteria. One day, one of his samples got an invading species - green mold - and the staph bacteria that was in that sample died. So he ran a few confirmation tests, and every time the green mold was present, the staph bacteria died. He noticed that the green mold produced a yellow substance, which when taken from the mold and placed in a bacterial sample that had no mold, killed the bacteria with no mold present. That yellow substance was penicillin.

Now, decades later, it has been discovered that practically all fungi produce similar substances, and most (if not all) modern antibiotics are based on the substances various fungi produce so they can "have all the food" wherever they are in competition with bacteria for it, and that means everywhere. As a result, there are antibiotics all over the ground everywhere in the wild, and in no place have the bacteria ever won over the fungi, EVER, AT ANY TIME, OVER THE PAST HUNDRED MILLION YEARS. There is no magic there, it is a simple reality - fungi have produced a system of killing bacteria that works, and it would be rock stupid to think that just because mankind discovered it could be useful that the system fungi have had in place everywhere for eons would just suddenly fail within a century.

It makes a lot more sense that big pharma, in an effort to expand profits, is simply producing new formulations that do not work as well as the old formulations.

Saying that antibiotics are now failing is comparable to saying that salt won't kill bacteria simply because the bacteria evolved to handle salt. Yet you can't get an infection from a cut you get while out on the ocean, ocean water will prevent and kill any infection and bacteria have had billions of years to overcome that and have not. Some things are simply impossible for bacteria to deal with. They cannot handle salt water, they cannot handle copper oxide or silver oxide, they cannot handle sulfur, and they cannot compete with fungi for food. There are lots of things bacteria simply can't deal with, and cannot evolve to handle. If they could evolve to overcome antibiotics, they would have done it in the wild a billion years ago. Antibiotics are not formulations man dreamed up, they are biological products taken from the wild, where they have done their job since the dinosaur days. That won't just suddenly fail. Antibiotic resistance has got to be a big pharma myth.

THIS NEW ORLANDO SHOOTING VIDEO automatically blanked out the sound on my computer completely, after it played for a while, from the beginning to the end of the video. Anyone with a lick of sense knows Orlando was an obvious CIA job, and false flag, and gosh, what about that new video? It could be worse than even that! I suggest people see that one!


No press for this, and I'd like to guess why: MY GUESS: Concealed Carry guy takes out a CIA agent and stops another nightclub mass shooting.

If you think anyone is going to "lynch" Hillary, think again.

Hillary's immunity is so entrenched that there are very few possibilities for how such immunity could have ever happened. So let me guess a couple:

1. BEST GUESS Hillary has support that has nuclear weapons planted in New York, LA, DC and other major American cities, and if she really does go to jail, they will be set off. Now that it is being revealed that the Clinton foundation is in fact a 100 billion dollar scam, that witch could pay for anything, and to be frank, with Israel around I don't think she needs to pay anyone. See the report Nuclear Blackmail, YES, I believe Hillary is part of that power structure and that is most likely the reason why no one will touch her. There simply cannot be any other type of reason why America's intelligence agencies, which still have a few patriots, won't touch her.

2. Less probable guess, but it is, from how things are going, somewhat plausible: - If David Icke is correct about the reptilians, and they have decided mankind is going nowhere. They don't want us in space, they are afraid of us, which is why ever since nukes were set off, everything possible has been done to destroy science and education. The movie 2001, a space odyssey, was actually realistic and well calculated. We should have made it to Mars 15 years ago, and I doubt anyone ever will unless that achievement can be rendered irrelevant by programs of destruction that are already in place.

What would those programs to destroy us be?

1. First and foremost, the vaccination programs, which are clearly and obviously being used to destroy our children and future. Interesting it is that the trolls first response to someone against vaccines is to call them scientific illiterates, when in reality, those who are awake and understand science well are those who understand best exactly how the newly formulated vaccines destroy the children. The fact destruction via "vaccination" goes unabated with so many aware people out there to stop it is cold hard proof an enemy that seeks our total annihilation is running the power structure, and David Icke's lizard people are a pretty fine candidate. Only that type of race and society would want to see ours so firmly and completely annihilated. Why on earth would even the most pathetic low life among us seek that?

2. The continued destruction of our educational system, via evermore degraded teaching programs, with the latest being common core. Why on earth would even the most pathetic low life among us seek that? It makes more sense that something off planet is afraid of us having technology, and wants it obliterated.

3. The now near total destruction of our once fantastic printed libraries. We can't get them back and there is positively nothing on the web now that could match what was in a small town 1980's library, and I mean SMALL town, population 1,000. Forget the big city libraries, even the small town stuff is now dead. Why on earth would the most pathetic low life among us seek that? YOU GUESS YOUR OWN CONCLUSION, but it makes perfect sense to me that something off planet wants us wiped out.

And you could also go into GMO's, the climate change hoax, the moral depracation, and so many other things only an alien would want to smash us into oblivion, and I am not going to line item everything. The first three big ones paint a picture clearly enough.

SO THERE YOU HAVE IT. Either Hillary is backed by earth based forces that will nuke it all if any one of them is held to account, or Hillary is backed by "Reptilians" who seek our destruction. Could anyone possibly explain to me how such a piece of abhorrent malfunctioning trash that continually floats a raft of lies on an ocean of bullshit while murdering and robbing and selling out America could possibly still be in a high position in this nation? I'd like an explanation for that, - WHAT, you mean to tell me that absolutely everyone in the power structure, including those in the military want her to still be around enough to not bust her right this minute? I don't believe it, she is living free by riding on top of some sort of nuclear level threat against the nation, NO IFS OR BUTS.



Now that the EU is crumbling, it is time for a re run!

Merkel is an old East German communist

Jim Stone, June 1 2016


Merkel has a history of being a prominent East German Communist, who's parents moved from West Germany to East Germany when she was still a baby, most likely to undermine the Protestant Church. After growing up in East Germany, she was an extremely prominent and positive voice for Russia throughout the cold war.

She has done nothing but leech a ride on the backs of, and good image of Christians for political gain. After riding a Christian horse to power in free Germany, she then felt it would be great to flood free Germany with Muslims. I have nothing against Muslims (I do not believe the B.S. propaganda being spread about them) however, to make it policy to bury the Christian base under a wave of people from a different religion, who were lower class where they came from, reeks solid of an old world communist attack on Western civilization.

Given Merkel's history, where in East Germany she was a member of the East German Communist Party who functioned as a mid-level propaganda commissar for the Free German Youth, (the Young Communists) she cannot possibly pass the sniff test as the leader of a supposedly free nation. In her position in the Free German Youth, she performed the role of secretary for agitation and propaganda. A double whammy. That puts her on Putin's KGB turf, but it is not known if she ever met him when he was a KGB agent, despite the fact that Putin worked in East Germany as an agent at the same time.

In addition to working heavily in propaganda for the communist regime, Merkel also held high rank in the Sozialistische Einheitspartei Deutschland (SED), which was the leading Marxist-Leninist party of East Germany. Members of this party enjoyed a number of special privileges denied to ordinary Germans in East Germany after the Second World War. Among these privileges was the right to travel to "capitalist" and "western" countries and additionally, Merkel was permitted to watch Western television, with a prominent roof top television antenna pointed directly into West Germany. For an ordinary German, having that get discovered at all would mean a trip to the gulag. The only East Germans who shared this privilege were senior officials and closely trusted members of the communist party.

Thousands of East Germans who were imprisoned or killed for protesting against the communist regime did not garner any sympathy from Merkel, who accepted, propagated and collaborated with the East German regime at a high level against the free thinking people in East Germany.

Merkel managed to climb to the highest levels of power after the dissolution of the Eastern bloc, by joining the Christian Democrats (CDU), where eventually she became chancellor of free Germany in 2005 and continues to rule over a united Germany. She flawlessly went from hardline communist propagandist to globalist capitalist virtually overnight, mirroring the behavior of a cold-blooded chameleon.

Merkel obviously seeks the destruction of free Germany

Merkel's immigration policy, which marches forward against the democratic will of the people, is as communist as it gets and shows her roots and intentions of destroying Germany as clearly as anything possibly could. Only a communist dictator will go directly against the will of the people, who have clearly said no to more migrants. By accelerating immigration dramatically as the German people were demanding a stop to it, Merkel has with dictatorial flair signaled the end of the free German nation. A free people have the right and ability to make their country what they want it to be. They have clearly said no to the immigrant invasion, and Merkel in response accelerated it, and buried their protests under communist style "hate crimes" legislation which is a hallmark of Communist behavior.

Anyone with enough brains to keep even a solitary tooth in their mouth can see the writing on the wall: Merkel will definitely destroy the German people, and she will accomplish it via social dilution and hate crimes legislation. And who seeks hate crimes legislation? The Jewish people, who use hate crime bills to make it illegal to criticize anyone, including them. They are willing to do away with criticism of all groups if it means people will be forced to turn a blind eye on their actions. Merkel a Protestant? NOT HARDLY. Merkel is a crypto Jew with parents that went into the Protestant community of East Germany to rip it's guts out, and when she grew up, SHE PROVED THIS by working to propagandize and imprison dissidents. She is no more Protestant than a camel's @ss, beyond what it takes to get her filthy Jewish hands on public policy and destroy a nation.
This puff piece that makes this filthy communist look like an angel actually had several key pieces of info I cut her to pieces with:

Austria re-doing obviously rigged election

If they don't get rid of the electronic voting machines that were used the last time around, they are going nowhere. Electronic voting machines are responsible for many surprise elections of unpopular candidates, which for some reason all love Hillary. This even happened in Iran the last go around, with Khomeini being the only thing standing in the way of the wreckage of that nation.

First fatal crash of Tesla Model S in self driving mode

I think it was probably the semi's fault . . . .

A semi truck cut across a two lane divided highway. It was a white semi against a white sky, and because the self driving feature could see the road continuing under the semi, and could not differentiate between the white part of the semi and the sky, it drove under it and ripped the roof and the occupant's head off.

I think it is the semi driver's responsibility to not force people to brake, but you know how life goes - that happens frequently.

It appears Tesla Motors is being perfectly honest about it, See this

How big is Obama and Hillary's mercenary force? SEE THIS and ignore the "adult video" warning, which is always tagged to something this damning.

Killing of newborns no different than abortion?

Try that as a google search term without the question mark. I had no idea this was pushed into the mainstream so hard. So now so-called ethicists are saying that since abortion is allowed, then killing of newborns should be allowed because there is "no technical difference, other than the location of the fetus" and they are citing it is all perfectly OK because the Netherlands has been doing it for a few years.

So we know where they are going with this, and it is not anywhere towards common sense, which would say that "since there is no technical difference between a fetus and a newborn, abortion should be BANNED." The "acceptance" of abortion does not give grounds for taking it outside the womb!

I spent a little time on this today over a finicky internet connection (today's dilemma) and have dug up a few facts on this topic. And I discovered that all the so called "ethicists" will talk about with regard to killing of newborns in the Netherlands is the killing of those who are severely disabled and/or suffering. They won't touch the fact that the rules are the same as abortion on demand, and there does not have to be anything wrong with the child at all to have it killed. They won't go there in the media, for obvious reasons.

I cannot find the details on how long after birth the killing of newborns is allowed, but in America, the "newborn" phase is officially three months, and according to the World Health Organization, the newborn phase lasts 29 days. So there is some discrepancy there but my guess, as a result of getting the details on this, is that a period of at least 29 days is allowed.

And the ethicists are all bundled up together saying that a fetus and a newborn are not a "person". GEE, nice little piece of word play there, because, a "person" is a fiction which is put on a birth certificate, just like a corporation is also a "person" with the far more meaningful terms "individual" and "life" distinctly ignored. YEP, you have no right to life until your fictitious proxy is officially on paper! Just like a scum sucking lawyer would have it. Truth be damned, THAT is what gives you value, - PAPERWORK, according to the so-called "ethicists".

Anyway, if you want to delve into an appalling topic, SEE THIS and re consider the new age definition of "ethics."

I know about the airport bombings in Turkey, but have not commented because it seems to be the typical false flag crap and no one will care much about Turkey anyway. If it was real, they deserved it for "supporting ISIS" in Syria.

Trump pulls ahead of Hillary? "OOPS, time to change the poll rigging percentages, Hillary just lost 35 percent of her remaining support, and it tweaked her down by 5 percentage points over what we were saying!" - Zio press think tank.


This is SO BAD I am embedding it. Only the real trophies get embedded, and this dear pal, is IT!

UPDATE: I have confirmed this piece is not supposed to be satire.


If they know this is the fifth generation, who put them there? Why not just prevent the next generation with an ounce of bleach? That is all a bird bath would need. And a bird bath is a monument? Was this first published in the Onion?

Latest web site blockages lifted

All I can guess is that the blockages were in the EU due to the time of day they were started. I cannot get specific with countries, because the sample is too large this far into the month. If I want to single out blockages in a specific country, it has to happen earlier in the month.

Since it is running normal now, it is a good time to say this: Even if I am dead, the web site will still be here, because other people have already been assigned to at least keep it running indefinitely. Even if they are gone, it will still (probably) run indefinitely, because it has been set up to keep going practically no matter what. If you try to access this site and it does not come in, and it was not announced ahead of time, it is a blockage pure and simple. I am not just going to shut it down.

Completely censored asassination attempt on Trump

This was complete with a tripod mounted rifle. see this.

Pope francis may have looked good in Mexico, BUT . . . .

I hate to say it, but he can't possibly be a pope. He has now said divorce is OK, and that gays must be apologized to for being treated bad in the past! He is also saying that those who own guns and support gun manufacturers cannot be Christian. Thousands of votes for a Brexit referendum 2 came from the vatican.

If the pope does not get sidelined as some sort of aberrant wacko, it will be the END of the Catholic church. It could not possibly be more obvious that Pope Francis stands alongside satan and the prophecied satanic one world government. Vatican 2 did it's job. FINAL ANSWER.


However, on my end I can still see that approximately 35 percent of the people trying to access this site (worldwide) are being blocked by web filtering.

"Hi Jim. I hadn't looked up your site in a few weeks, and when I tried today it wouldn't load. I searched Google and saw a few links to the site, but none of them work. My first thought was maybe you are now banned by the Australian government internet filter but I can't even see anything using a VPN app. Can you let me know what's happening if you get this email. I am a big fan of alternative news and opinion sites like yours so get concerned when the censors seem to be getting the upper hand."



I can see I have been cut off from a large portion of the world but do not have the details. I will have those details on July 1. When I have those details they will be published. I am not stupid about this and will easily be able to totally bust the offending nations.


More than 50 of the same UN vehicles that were spotted in Texas and New England were again spotted in Nebraska on Interstate 80. These are for use in America, NO IFS OR BUTS. See my report about vote accountability below, IT REALLY APPLIES.

A so called "ISIS" attack just happened at an airport in Turkey. And the U.S. media immediately went to talk about "terror" attacks against "soft targets" in the U.S.

let's see where they take this one.

People need to start planning NOW for holding the Presidential election process accountable.

Here is how it needs to be done, and if they refuse to allow it, lead has to fly ON THE SPOT. Americans are fully constitutionally authorized to keep an election honest with lethal force. That is a cold hard fact proven by the second amendment. What the * else could it possibly be for? And that attitude has to happen this time around, or this election WILL BE SCAMMED. HERE IS WHAT PEOPLE MUST DO, AND HOPEFULLY NOTHING BAD HAS TO HAPPEN TO ACCOMPLISH IT:

There has to be a second ballot box outside every official polling station. This second ballot box cannot be run by either the media or Jews. And if they won't let you - the totally random individual - set that up, it is civil war time, PERIOD.

For this second ballot box, a count has to be made of everyone entering and exiting the polling station so a total tally of people that arrived and cast a vote can be taken. This has to be done, because not everyone is going to cast a second vote as they leave. You will need a total number of people, in case dead people vote at a particular polling station (so you can catch that if the numbers don't add up). additionally, high definition video has to be shot full time at all polling stations, so people who vote twice can be caught doing it by cross comparing videos. A cheap camera that can shoot exellent HD video is the Samsung WB250F. Nothing would stand a chance against that particular camera forcing accountability.

In the exit poll, take the votes, compare those with the total number of people you counted walking in or out, and then compare that number with the number of people reported by your particular polling station, and then see what your polling station reported.

It probably will not be allowed to be done by the people, and not the scamming Jewish media only, absent the presence of lethal force. I hate to say it, but this election is going to have to be a lethal force election or America is going bye bye on the winds of yet another rigged election, which in this case happens to be America's last chance.

Even if Trump is not "qualified", he will at least be an American wanting what is best for his business, and that means THE CRAP REALLY WILL BE BLOWN OUT as well as he can possibly do the job. Even if Trump had no morals (and I believe he does, unlike the rest of them), making him President would automatically be a win, because he will fix the nation, and by doing so he will ensure his future business. His business can't survive any more communist crap than has already been thrown at it. So you can bet whatever he does will be good for EVERYONE except a minority of Jewish scammers.

When it comes to saving the nation, it is now or never, the next election really will be too late.

You can have all the guns you want, and they won't stop an armored UN vehicle from driving straight through your weak shitty mandated wooden house. You live in a house of sticks for a reason, and that reason is because YOU ARE, TO THE ELITE, A "LITTLE PIG". No concrete house for you, and therefore your guns will not be as good as you think when the UN can drive through your walls and start shooting from an armored position, right in the middle of your living room. If for any reason they can't do that, they will simply turn your house to sawdust with automatic weapons fire, and then make sure the hamburger inside has fully bled out. That is how it will happen, and if you think not, you are dreaming.

Hillary will not allow her corporate speeches to be published.

Everyone with a lick of sense already knows this, but it is worth posting because of the way it was said:

Dee said: Americans have got to be the dumbest people on earth.... and I make NO apologies for saying so, when they accept such criminality as being eligible to RUN THE NATION. If Americans are that stupid, they deserve what they ask for. Unfortunately, as goes the USA, so goes half the world.

Americans, you should all be hanging your heads in shame that this woman is even ALLOWED to speak to the country. Hillary Clinton is a liar, a thief, and a murderess. And more than half of America wants this creature from hell as a president?

And the rest of you will vote for a clown prince because he mouths off with words you like, without recognizing that he can't do most of what he promises to do because of those foreign entanglements your first president warned against, and your more recent presidents have all embraced! Oh no, you still think you're a free country!! You never have been! (Neither has Canada) All up in your egos, thinking you live in the best place on earth, when you live in a hotbed of criminal behavior, believing all the bullshit you've been fed for ages!


Seriously, people, joke about others all you want, but the more you allow, the more you suffer, and not only are you not exempt from the damage, you spread your own suffering to others by invading 70 nations since WW2 and telling THEM how they should live in THEIR countries!

Here is why Hillary Clinton Won't Allow Her Corporate Speeches to be Published (GMOs)

"Also, she expressed the wish that: "the federal government could help biotechs with 'insurance against risk,' she said. Without such subsidies, she said, this is going to be an increasing challenge," because otherwise, biotech companies might get bankrupted by lawsuits from consumers who might have become poisoned by their products. She wants the consuming public to bear the risk from those products - not the manufacturers of them to bear any of the risks that could result from those manufacturers' rigged 'safety' 'studies' (a.k.a.: their propaganda).

In other words: the reason why Hillary Clinton won't allow her 91 corporate speeches, for which she was paid $21,667,000, to be published, is the lying political cravenness of her pandering to those corporations there. Each group of lobbyists is happy to applaud her lying, regardless of whether her lies include insults against another group of lobbyists, to whom she might be delivering similar lies to butter them up at a different annual convention or etc."

My comment: Well said, but the American people have not really approved very many of the presidents in the last little while. ALL the recent presidents skated in on the wings of a scamming media and rigged vote. Americans are only stupid because they don't stand outside every single poll taking a second ballot to prove the elections are stolen. The election was in fact stolen from Trump but like Brexit, the people were so overwhelmingly pissed off that no amount of vote tampering could scam the election away.

No one outside of the lowest intellectual bottom trash would vote for Hillary, other than the scamming Jewish community which thrives on corruption, and a few various GMO atrocities that are virulent enough to get out and vote. FACT: Hillary has 15 percent national support MAX, with the balance of her so-called support being fraudulent press.


If the Brexit 2 petition really was posted in May, LONG before the Brexit vote,(which they are now scamming as a story today) HOWCOME THE WAYBACK MACHINE HAS NOTHING PRIOR TO THE SATURDAY AFTER THE BREXIT VOTE, AND OVER 30 PAGE CAPTURES AFTER? If "they" really manage to back paddle and say it was a pro-brexit move, people really need to wake up! The fact that has NOTHING prior to Saturday needs a lot of explaining, (perhaps they might drop some history pages in now) but one thing is certain - is anything but legit, and "they" are desperate for any escape from cold hard proof they rigged the petition vote.



Meet Michael!


They went into the server logs, and changed them in the hopes of triggering a massive back dated charge for excessive bandwidth usage in March of this year. Obviously if they could get that showing for March, it would not be paid for 3 months, which would trigger an instant web site shut down. THEY FAILED. They screwed up, and the web host was able to see the screwup. It was a super intricate but incomplete hack that involved hundreds of data fields to "really prove I used that much bandwidth", which would have ended up being an astronomically high bill. GOOD FAIL, and I'd like to thank the hackers for the mental exercise! I had to go through and find out where, on all points, they hacked the data and (for curiosities sake) why their hack did not have the desired impact. Obviously I am not going to tell them why it all failed by putting that here and now (obviously) for evidence sake the true status of this web site has been archived. All of this ate a substantial portion of the day.

To explain what is going on in the next report:

Right after Brexit passed, a petition was immediately launched to overturn it. This is not in the news anywhere today because over the weekend it got busted completely, and this web site did the documentation needed to prove the petition was staged with phony votes, and it was not 4chan that did it. The following report took a 14 hour effort and apparently painted it all so completely they won't even mention it today. HOWEVER, THE PETITION IS STILL IN PROGRESS AND I BELIEVE THEY INTEND TO SCAM IT THROUGH IN DARKNESS, DO NOT LET THAT HAPPEN, SEE IT HERE AND RAISE HELL. IF IT IS STILL POSTED IT IS NOT DEAD YET, AND THE VOTES ARE COMPLETELY FAKE. If it is still posted, it means they still intend to try to make it stick, even with the scandal that already surrounds it. Ignorance and silence will not be bliss!

Obviously British law makes this petition invalid, but as we all know, very few national governments are following their own laws now so they cannot be permitted to scam this in peace.

The Brexit 2 petition post follows

This report is also getting repeatedly hacked and I have to keep going back through it and re - clarifying it. This is a complex report, if it is hard to understand come back later and maybe you will hit it right after I fixed it again.

JUNE 26 2016: BUSTED: BREXIT 2 PETITION SCAM!!!Vatican City cast over 2,900 votes for a Brexit 2 petition!

UPDATE: Some are saying the Brexit 2 petition anomalies are due to a 4chan prank. That is not accurate. The 4 Chan angle was taken because the real perpetrators were irrevocably busted and needed an out. When I posted this below, it went exactly as said. Now all pages have been returned to the wayback machine that were removed, and they are letting them show many thousands of votes from Vatican city and blaming that on 4chan, to cover up the fact the Brexit 2 petition vote was a sham fronted by very powerful people.

If it gets pawned off as a 4 chan prank, I will be satisfied, because it will go NOWHERE. And now that the Wayback machine has re-posted the original sham numbers Brexit referendum 2 is DEAD IN THE WATER, it is going NOWHERE because it is so easy to verify it is totally fake now that they did that. It will be important to leave the original post up up to prevent them from backing off on saying 4Chan faked this, because as far as I see it, it could not possibly die a better way.


No, instead another update! I can prove this was not a 4 chan prank with hard evidence after all!

Here we have one of the Wayback machine pages saliently saved, (one of the original 25) with "repaired" numbers! Vatican city is, here in this "try to save the scam page code, showing a realistic 10 votes for British visitors and residents. This went up after I busted them in the report below. And low and behold, the latest page has the vatican vote count set at 63 votes. Yet THIS PAGE, (one they invented after the "bust" so they could say it was a 4chan prank) shows the vatican voting 42,000 times! So what we have here, is the original fix the wayback machine did to cover for the original fraud, and then a later update which shows they gave up and decided to blame the fraud on pranksters. I don't know why they switched the Vatican back up to 63 votes (which stretches all credibility but would not be entirely impossible.) As we can see, the numbers are all over the map here and 4chan took the hit. Better to blame it on kids and lose the entire petition than sit there with proven vote fraud! Want to know why they gave up and started playing with numbers to call their vote fraud a prank? WELL LOOKIE HERE: A BUST OF EPIC PROPORTIONS - the original report now follows!

The Brexit 2 petition vote is FAKE AS FRUIT LOOPS and accidentally screwed it all for the New World Order.

They have fixed their screw ups quite quickly, but the damage is done. They can't put this away now. originally cached the Brexit 2 petition site twice, with two pages. And the second page captured the petition vote rigging, where two million votes were simply written in during a ball game. When people noticed the sudden jump, suddenly generated 25 pages of fake petition vote updates, showing a slow increase over two days, rather than a sudden jump that happened during a nationaly televised ball game. PROBLEM: The first of the fake 25 pages was riddled with vote scam proof, which included over 2,900 Brexit 2 petition votes from Vatican City, and only 350,000 votes from Britain, all the while over two million three hundred thousand votes for Brexit 2 were claimed.

But wait, it gets even better . . . . made the mistake of allowing the petition vote rigging that was embedded in the petition web site background code to become visible if it was asked for, (rather than only the rendered petition page, which would never show this). After they got caught with the vote fraud that was visible in this code, they deleted all 25 of the original petition vote fraud ridden pages and replaced them with three pages that were clean, because three is a lot easier to fish the problems out of than 25. But I have the background data from one of the 25 pages they forgot to expunge from the server linked here, with the original petition vote fraud still visible, and the current link can still pull it right off the server.


(UPDATE: They put all the pages back again, with totally new faked data to pawn it off on 4chan so now there are more than 3 pages again.) is a JOKE.


Now they corrected the Vatican down to 10 votes (from British living abroad), but TOO LATE, they are BUSTED!

Additionally, you can see in the same Brexit 2 petition capture that has over two million three hundred and fifty thousand votes showing, the UK only cast 365,483! So the numbers are just written in, and someone screwed the math BIG TIME.

Archive org has expunged all links to any page that can show you the capture above AND WIPED OUT HISTORY, OOPS, THEY MISSED ONE, GET WHILE THE GETTING IS GOOD! -SORRY- removing the front page link won't work when the file is still there for anyone who manages to find an old link (hint, YOU JUST DID.) OOPS! NAILED THEM AGAIN - THEY WILL NEVER GET RID OF THIS ONE!!! http://web/

- UPDATE: THIS FILE, THE WAY I PRESERVED IT, FORCED THEM TO BACK OFF AND BLAME THIS MASSIVE FRAUD ON KIDS. If word is properly spread with what is here, Brexit2 will be rendered dead permanently. YEP, AND BLAMED ON PRANKING KIDS. HOW WEAK!


Note that at the top here, there are two million three hundred sixty seven thousand plus votes claimed. But when you scroll down to where Britain is listed, Britain only cast three hundred sixty five thousand votes! So where do you get the other two million votes from? There are far too many extra votes to be accounted for, even in the worldwide numbers. So where did they come from? YOU GUESS, because COMMON CORE MATH CAUSED THAT SCREW UP, and that type of math cannot be questioned or feelings will be hurt! See the source file this text was rendered from:

""},"data":{"type":"petition","id":131215,"attributes":{"action": "EU Referendum Rules triggering a 2nd EU Referendum","background":"We the undersigned call upon HM Government to implement a rule that if the remain or leave vote is less than 60% based a turnout less than 75% there should be another referendum."

"additional_details":"","state":"open","signature_count":2367548,"created_at":"2016-05-23T23:39:38.957Z","updated _at":"2016-06-25T20:21:39.973Z","open_at":"2016-05-25T11:19:56.925Z","closed_at":null,"government_response_at" :null,"scheduled_debate_date":null,"debate_threshold_reached_at":"2016-06-24T10:48:23.281Z","rejected_at":null, "debate_outcome_at":null,"moderation_threshold_reached_at":"2016-05-24T15:58:22.999Z","response_threshold_reached_ at":"2016-06-24T06:54:57.319Z","creator_name":"William Oliver Healey","rejection":null,"government_response":null,"debate":null,

"signatures_by_country" The Vatican and Britain are near the bottom and are bolded


[{"name":"Afghanistan","code":"AF","signature_count":10},{"name":"Albania","code":"AL","signature_count":9}, {"name":"Algeria","code":"DZ","signature_count":11},
{"name":"Andorra","code":"AD","signature_count":13}, {"name":"Anguilla","code":"AI","signature_count":7},{"name":"Antigua and
Barbuda","code":"AG","signature_count":13}, {"name":"Argentina","code":"AR","signature_count":71},
{"name":"Armenia","code":"AM","signature_count":2}, {"name":"Aruba","code":"AW","signature_count":101},
{"name":"Australia","code":"AU","signature_count":7201}, {"name":"Austria","code":"AT","signature_count":683},
{"name":"Azerbaijan","code":"AZ","signature_count":6}, {"name":"Bahrain","code":"BH","signature_count":65},
{"name":"Bangladesh","code":"BD","signature_count":17}, {"name":"Barbados","code":"BB","signature_count":31},
{"name":"Belarus","code":"BY","signature_count":7}, {"name":"Belgium","code":"BE","signature_count":1699},
{"name":"Belize","code":"BZ","signature_count":9}, {"name":"Benin","code":"BJ","signature_count":2},
{"name":"Bermuda","code":"BM","signature_count":129}, {"name":"Bhutan","code":"BT","signature_count":1},
{"name":"Bolivia","code":"BO","signature_count":6}, {"name":"Bonaire/St Eustatius/Saba","code":"BQ","signature_count":1},{"name":"Bosnia and Herzegovina", "code":"BA","signature_count":8},{"name":"Botswana","code":"BW","signature_count":13},
{"name":"Brazil", "code":"BR","signature_count":160},{"name":"British Antarctic Territory","code":"BAT","signature_count":2}, {"name":"British
Indian Ocean Territory","code":"IO","signature_count":2},{"name":"British Virgin Islands","code":"VG","signature_count":36},
{"name":"Brunei","code":"BN","signature_count":18}, {"name":"Bulgaria","code":"BG","signature_count":184},{"name":"Burkina
Faso","code":"BF","signature_count":1}, {"name":"Burma","code":"MM","signature_count":21},{"name":"Burundi","code":"BI","signature_count":1},
{"name":"Cambodia","code":"KH","signature_count":30},{"name":"Canada","code":"CA","signature_count":3171}, {"name":"Cape
Verde","code":"CV","signature_count":1},{"name":"Cayman Islands","code":"KY", "signature_count":91},{"name":"Central African
Republic","code":"CF","signature_count":1}, {"name":"Chile","code":"CL","signature_count":66},{"name":"China","code":"CN","signature_count":270},
{"name":"Colombia","code":"CO","signature_count":67},{"name":"Congo","code":"CG","signature_count":1}, {"name":"Congo (Democratic
Republic)","code":"CD","signature_count":2},{"name":"Costa Rica","code": "CR","signature_count":22},
{"name":"Croatia","code":"HR","signature_count":38},{"name":"Cuba","code": "CU","signature_count":1},
{"name":"Cyprus","code":"CY","signature_count":585}, {"name":"Czech Republic","code":"CZ","signature_count":328},
{"name":"Denmark","code":"DK","signature_count":674}, {"name":"Djibouti","code":"DJ","signature_count":1},
{"name":"Dominica","code":"DM","signature_count":3}, {"name":"Dominican Republic","code":"DO","signature_count":12},{"name":"East
Timor","code":"TL","signature_count":4}, {"name":"Ecuador","code":"EC","signature_count":12},{"name":"Egypt","code":"EG","signature_count":81}, {"name":"El Salvador","code":"SV","signature_count":2},{"name":"Estonia","code":"EE","signature_count":34},
{"name":"Ethiopia","code":"ET","signature_count":11},{"name":"Falkland Islands","code":"FK","signature_count":9},
{"name":"France","code":"FR","signature_count":15048},{"name":"French Guiana","code":"GF","signature_count":6}, {"name":"French
Polynesia","code":"PF","signature_count":4},{"name":"Gabon","code":"GA","signature_count":7}, {"name":"Georgia","code":"GE","signature_count":14},
{"name":"Germany","code":"DE","signature_count":5612}, {"name":"Ghana","code":"GH","signature_count":18},{
"name":"Gibraltar","code":"GI","signature_count":3369}, {"name":"Greece","code":"GR","signature_count":566},
{"name":"Grenada","code":"GD","signature_count":7}, {"name":"Guadeloupe","code":"GP","signature_count":3},{"name":"Guatemala","code":"GT","signature_count":2}, {"name":"Guernsey","code":"GG","signature_count":236},{"name":"Guyana","code":"GY","signature_count":1}, {"name":"Honduras","code":"HN","signature_count":6},{"name":"Hong
Kong","code":"HK","signature_count":1474}, {"name":"Hungary","code":"HU","signature_count":189},
{"name":"Iceland","code":"IS","signature_count":81}, {"name":"India","code":"IN","signature_count":215},
{"name":"Indonesia","code":"ID","signature_count":74}, {"name":"Iran","code":"IR","signature_count":12},
{"name":"Iraq","code":"IQ","signature_count":11}, {"name":"Ireland","code":"IE","signature_count":2443},{"name":"Isle of
Man","code":"IM","signature_count":365}, {"name":"Israel","code":"IL","signature_count":499},{"name":"Italy","code":"IT","signature_count":1957}, "name":"Ivory Coast","code":"CI","signature_count":2},{"name":"Jamaica","code":"JM","signature_count":15},
{"name":"Nepal","code":"NP","signature_count":9},{"name":"Netherlands","code":"NL","signature_count":2586}, {"name":"New
Caledonia","code":"NC","signature_count":1},{"name":"New Zealand","code":"NZ","signature_count":2134},
{"name":"Nicaragua","code":"NI","signature_count":5},{"name":"Nigeria","code":"NG","signature_count":27}, {"name":"North
Korea","code":"KP","signature_count":3},{"name":"Norway","code":"NO","signature_count":484}, {"name":"Oman","code":"OM","signature_count":58},
{"name":"Pakistan","code":"PK","signature_count":73}, {"name":"Panama","code":"PA","signature_count":9},{"name":"Papua New
Guinea","code":"PG","signature_count":4}, {"name":"Paraguay","code":"PY","signature_count":4},{"name":"Peru","code":"PE","signature_count":46},
{"name":"Romania","code":"RO","signature_count":120},{"name":"Russia","code":"RU","signature_count":85}, {"name":"Rwanda","code":"RW","signature_count":10},{"name":"Réunion","code":"RE","signature_count":14}, {"name":"Saint- Barthélemy","code":"BL","signature_count":2},{"name":"San Marino","code":"SM","signature_count":1}, {"name":"Saudi Arabia","code":"SA","signature_count":107},{"name":"Senegal","code":"SN","signature_count":3}, {"name":"Serbia","code":"RS","signature_count":18}, {"name":"Seychelles","code":"SC","signature_count":4}, {"name":"Sierra Leone","code":"SL","signature_count":7}, {"name":"Singapore","code":"SG","signature_count":907}, {"name":"Slovakia","code":"SK","signature_count":51}, {"name":"Slovenia","code":"SI","signature_count":25}, {"name":"Somalia","code":"SO","signature_count":2},{"name":"South Africa","code":"ZA","signature_count":725}, {"name":"South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands","code":"GS","signature_count":1}, {"name":"South Korea","code":"KR","signature_count":102},{"name":"South Sudan","code":"SS","signature_count":3}, {"name":"Spain","code":"ES","signature_count":9731},{"name":"Sri Lanka","code":"LK","signature_count":21}, {"name":"St Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha","code":"SH","signature_count":11}, {"name":"St Kitts and Nevis","code":"KN","signature_count":2},{"name":"St Lucia","code":"LC","signature_count":8}, {"name":"St Martin","code":"MF","signature_count":1}, {"name":"St Pierre \u0026 Miquelon","code":"PM","signature_count":2}, {"name":"St Vincent","code":"VC","signature_count":4},{"name":"Sudan","code":"SD","signature_count":6}, {"name":"Suriname","code":"SR","signature_count":1},{"name":"Swaziland","code":"SZ","signature_count":26}, {"name":"Sweden","code":"SE","signature_count":1051},{"name":"Switzerland","code":"CH","signature_count":1868}, {"name":"Syria","code":"SY","signature_count":5},{"name":"Taiwan","code":"TW","signature_count":71}, {"name":"Tajikistan","code":"TJ","signature_count":1},{"name":"Tanzania","code":"TZ","signature_count":42}, {"name":"Thailand","code":"TH","signature_count":334},{"name":"The Bahamas","code":"BS","signature_count":14}, {"name":"The Gambia","code":"GM","signature_count":6}, {"name":"The Occupied Palestinian Territories","code":"PS","signature_count":4}, {"name":"Togo","code":"TG","signature_count":3},{"name":"Tonga","code":"TO","signature_count":2}, {"name":"Trinidad and Tobago","code":"TT","signature_count":42},{"name":"Tunisia","code":"TN","signature_count":11}, {"name":"Turkey","code":"TR","signature_count":236},{"name":"Turkmenistan","code":"TM","signature_count":7}, {"name":"Turks and Caicos Islands","code":"TC","signature_count":25},{"name":"Tuvalu","code":"TV","signature_count":13},{"name":"Uganda","code":"UG","signature_count":33},{"name":"Ukraine","code":"UA","signature_count":62}, {"name":"United Arab Emirates","code":"AE","signature_count":1631},HERE IS POSSIBLY THE REAL TALLY: {"name":"United Kingdom","code":"GB","signature_count":365483}, {"name":"United States","code":"US","signature_count":8704},{"name":"Uruguay","code":"UY","signature_count":54}, {"name":"Uzbekistan","code":"UZ","signature_count":27},{"name":"Vanuatu","code":"VU","signature_count":23}, THIS PROVES THE PETITION IS RIGGED AND NOT JUST OVERSEAS BRITS VOTING: {"name":"Vatican City","code":"VA","signature_count":2981}, HOW DO YOU GET 2981 BRITS INTO VATICAN CITY TO VOTE? {"name":"Venezuela","code":"VE","signature_count":12},{"name":"Vietnam","code":"VN","signature_count":79}, {"name":"Wallis and Futuna","code":"WF","signature_count":5},{"name":"Western Sahara","code":"EH","signature_count":1}, {"name":"Yemen","code":"YE","signature_count":3},{"name":"Zambia","code":"ZM","signature_count":15}, {"name":"Zimbabwe","code":"ZW","signature_count":32}],

I truncated the signatures by constituency, they can be viewed in the original source files linked above.


June 25 2016

It has finally been admitted on Yahoo that Google and Youtube automatically censor videos.

It is a puff piece that goes 3 percent of the way towards the truth. Here is reality: For years, if I put a video on Youtube, most of the time anyone who clicked a link to it would receive a message that I removed it. After I pointed this out, it would then just say something malfunctioned and give the static screen. This is very common with truth sites, and Mike Rivero was the first one who noticed and pointed it out. With this method, the IP of the computer that posted the video will work if whoever posted it clicks on it. So it looks like everything is normal. But if anyone else tries to hit it, it is censored. Youtube will also play a secondary trick of inserting obscene videos to discredit a web site, rather than what was really linked.

Another common form of censorship is the ghost ban, where when someone posts a comment, they can see their comment and no one else can. This is to silence people who continuously point out new topics more than it is for average people who are still stuck on "911 was an inside job". Additionally, there is a system which tracks everyone according to their level of knowledge, and will selectively show comments to people based upon what their knowledge level is, so they can still get feedback on comments, but no overall progress for the truth is made.

There is also a central database which operates cross platform, so if you post something to let's say REDDIT that tripped a censor, you will become registered in a central database, and the same censor will automatically happen on Youtube, Facebook, and practically every other site. They don't have to shadow ban you on an individual basis anymore.

HERE IS A BIG ONE: Let's say you run your own forum and you like a poster's comments, and would never ban them. If the individual posting has materials that someone totally unrelated to your forum dislikes, your forum has a back door they can get into it with, be it the operating system, CPU, or forum software itself, and they will sit on your server and moderate your forum for you. This is happening at Rumormill news, and the people running the site do not even know it. This is also proven to be happening to Kerry Cassidy, and it has hurt the quality of her web site enormously. This is probably also happening with most other truth sites, but I sat down and intensively proved it with those two. The owners are completely oblivious to what is going on and I cannot get a message through to tell them.

If you use forum software, Wordpress, or any other publicly available software that runs outside of your control, you are DOOMED. Forget it and pack up. All you will be able to do is scratch the surface of a sensitive topic and you are GONE.

GOOGLE ANALYTICS CENSORSHIP: Google plays a really dirty trick. If you put their analytics scripts on your web site, they will be used to make it run like crap or not work at all if you post anything sensitive. Once you put someone elses script on your site, they can use that script to destroy you, and I have personally seen that Google script wipe out Uncensored Publications (an ad that was once on my site) and they would not believe it and just sat there spinning until they were rendered irrelevant. Their sales dropped to absolute zero. The Google analytics script was used to block their web site from loading, and was programmed to send back a message that the web site did not exist. You had to hit it 3 or 4 times before it would finally be permitted by Google analytics to come in. No one is going to keep trying a dead link, if it does not work on the first click, off they go. It killed Uncensored completely. That is why I do not use Google analytics on this web site, if you post the type of stuff I post, they are an automatic death sentence. Obviously Google is powerful enough to know who is hitting an analytics script, so when the site owner checks the site, everything works fine.

AD SERVER BASED CENSORSHIP: This happened to this web site. I got advertising through Zedo. That lasted less than a week. They propositioned me for ads right around the time of the Philip Wood bust, and never credited a single ad load, and never paid a dime all the while they, instead of sending ads, used the ad script to send viruses to anyone who hit this site. I caught it quickly, and it was BYE BYE zedo. Of course they also send out real ads to alternative news sites that sort of flounder around the truth, but if you are anyone who truly strikes bedrock, Zedo will kill you.

And I am not worried about getting sued for posting these things about Google and others, because I have it documented as proven truth, and they will not want to see this get broader publicity than what is here. A lawsuit might even get published on Drudge.

DNS censorship: Look at what the address bar says when you access this site. Need I say more? If you do not have a dedicated IP for your web site, and you speak the truth, you are DOOMED. This web site did not stay visible by chance!

There are lots of truth sites that post lots of "damning" stuff, all the while it is all linked through to MSM sources that are part of the control matrix. If all a web site does is assemble a collection of stuff that appeared within that control matrix, they are useless and will never be punished (like Drudge). You won't have to worry about getting censored for collecting all of the "worst" sounding stuff that is nothing but entertainment value, and even Google will give you ads and be your friend. This includes Assange, Snowden, and others who sparked a lot of interest, and accomplished NOTHING. If you have a message, and the MSM will print your name, you are NOTHING BUT A TOOL. That is why I stopped paying attention to Snowden, if he got a spot on HBO, he's fake or useless or a tool and that is all there is to it.

A renegade truth site that does not follow any "rules" will:

1. Not have any Google ads.
2. Not run Google analytics.
3. Not ever be mentioned by the MSM.
4. Not run on anything someone else owns (for long) - for example, Aangirfan is real, and has had to jump around 50 times. There are others also that have to keep changing names. But any real truth site that is going to be stable will have to have it's own dedicated web presence, and not be able to post anything for free.
5. Not have any outsourced ads from any other provider that require scripts to run
6. Not run any outsourced processes such as fonts, or Bitly link builder (which is a totally proven censorship tool, it seems to me that clandestine censorship is the only reason Bitly exists)

A real truth site that plays it cautious to avoid trouble (these still count as real) will:

1. Still have dedicated hardware to avoid problems with censors
2. Might have ads from ad servers other than Google or other mainstream sources,
3. Might be able to run google analytics (but it will still be risky)
4. Will not turn up in search engines without the use of direct quotes from the web site or the site address. (also true of renegade truth sites)

MSM parrot "truth" sites that break no ground at all will:

1. Be profitable and highly ranked.
2. Have Google ads and Google analytics
3. Can run anywhere without problems.
4. Be mentioned frequently in the same MSM they call the "enemy"

I guess I typed all of this up today after seeing that worthless Yahoo puff piece about how some video serving sites were going to "start censoring terror". Gee, with how far down the sewer hole everything has already fallen, one could only wish.

So far with Brexit there is nothing to report (as far as I see it)

I do not care if the markets dropped by 160 billion or if the British pound fell, because the stock markets and other markets are all fake, and the Euro stayed above the dollar. The Pound stayed above the Euro, and the Mexican peso did not move an inch. We will have to see what happens to the pound after they allow it to be traded again, Hardly doom. I expected more. Perhaps that will come on Monday.

There were significant credit card outages today, and from what I have heard, Paypal freaked out and started screwing up. But it is all baseless, because the currencies did not move enough to worry about. So don't panic, YET.

I guess Brexit will lead to a punishment of the little people, who were not supposed to do that! I conservatively pinned the real vote down to 81 percent LEAVE by going through numerous online polls, which spanned from 70 percent leave to 95 percent leave. At any rate, despite massive rigging we still got the right outcome. If they wanted this one, they'd have needed to steal it ALL. And now other nations are playing follow the leader . . . . only a mushroom cloud will save them. Perhaps it will happen, on cue.

At any rate, I did not drop in to comment despite checking things repeatedly because as far as I see it, the ones punished most in the markets were the ones who deserved it most. And it is all vapor anyway. I could care less about what happens on paper, as long as the lights stay on and everyone eats.

I see a bright future ahead. I am still worried about the UN, but hopefully Trump will take care of that. The last thing we need is an international police force shoving arbitrary rules from remote corners of the globe down everyone's throats. Good riddance, I hope they all fall apart. And yes, I'd ditch every last Euro, that currency is almost definitely going bye bye.

I guess the real measure of who won will be in which currency lives. I do not see an end to the pound anywhere in sight, perhaps ups and downs, but it is not going away.

At this point everything is speculation until things develop further. I hope enough nations pull out of the EU for the whole thing to collapse with Merkel standing alone, like a burned out lightning struck redwood.


29 percent was still not enough!

It is nice to say the rigging did not work, but a vote scam this massive is still a very bad omen.

MSN poll results Who will you vote for in the presidential race? 31%Democrat Hillary Clinton. 49%Republican Donald Trump. 10%Other candidate. 10%I'm not sure. Total responses: 949,595 votes. Obvious conclusion: ALL THE POLLS HAVE LIED, AND MSN PROBABLY DID TOO, JUST NOT AS MUCH. Trump smashes Hillary, PERIOD and Brexit will only help Trump that much more.

0:05 AM CST June 24 2016: BREXIT IS OFFICIAL.

Bad day for the New World Order!

Trump given a huge warm welcome in Scotland

The way Trump was received proves beyond a doubt that Scotland did not vote to stay in the EU. The vote was simply rigged more there.

When Trump showed up, the truth showed.

FACT: There is absolutely no difference between today and yesterday. If everything crashed, it can only be a punishment to the people from the criminal establishment. The elite will show their true faces now, Brits are going to have to dig in.

David Cameron resigned

And now we really do know he was serving something other than his country. He had no interest in Britain AT ALL. Gotta go somewhere else and either jump off a bridge, or try to find a new way to serve what is left of the New World Order.

Two years before Britain can be out of the EU

Article 50 (which covers nations opting out of the EU) outlines a two year negotiation period for any nation that tries to opt out of the EU. They can cause a LOT of mayhem before then, so heads up for that.

MORE IMPORTANTLY: Watch for economic warfare over this. The bankers are not going to take this sitting down and are likely to cause an enormous amount of pain and grief for Britain. They could easily crash the economy and starve Britain like Venezuela. I doubt the bankers will take it that far, because it would all be too obvious. But it definitely could be done.

Japan froze it's markets over this, gold shot through the roof, and the pound fell into the cellar. But all I can say is this was a Trump style victory, people wanted OUT more than the mathematical vote rigging algorithms could handle. Too bad they were not more honest and that they did not show this as the landslide it was, but enough is enough I guess, and it is GAME OVER for at least the credibility of the EU, if not it's total demise. At this point the lead is too much and the remaining is too small for them to steal without sparking a rebellion. Thanks to all those who boosted Sharpie sales, a vote with a Sharpie cannot be erased EVER.



They are un-officially stating Brexit won. If that ends up being the case, it will only be because "they" were too scared to steal the vote as much as what was needed to accomplish the job. And THAT is why I posted what I did today, to make sure there was un quenchable outrage in enough people if they stole the vote. We still don't know "what tricks they have up their sleeve" as was stated by at least two announcers at the BBC, and will not know until every last vote is in. Let's hope they don't have the balls to steal this. I'd rather see it all go peacefully.

A little before 11PM CST. I am watching this one closely. Here are a few things I can say that prove the vote is rigged badly: Many vote tabulating machines failed to count exit votes and only counted remain votes. That's a huge one, during audits today, many machines were proven to be stacked to only count remain. HINT: That's bad.

Now, twice, BBC commentators have accidentally said "the remain team has a few tricks up their sleeve to ensure their victory". AFTER ALL VOTES WERE CAST. How would they know that? HINT: That's bad.

In reality, just from a general sense of things and noting media screwups such as them stating earlier that two thirds of Britons believe the vote is rigged, Brexit should be ahead by at least 66-33. So what we are really seeing tonight is the running of calculated stealing, where the real knife edge they are showing is at the limits of what they think they can steal without sparking a rebellion. Let's hope they cross that fine line and end up with a few rolling heads. Can Britain get over the prozac, fluoride and vaccinations, and still rise up? You will get your answer if Brexit is stopped, EVERYONE KNOWS IT IS RIGGED.

This is a summary of what I posted today before the vote was counted. It is mostly still true, except that the Brits won't need to somehow acquire guns:

British voting booths as effective with politics as bathroom stalls!

Two thirds of British voters have stated the vote will be rigged, and a full third of them believe British intelligence will do it. That's earth shattering and proves a complete lack of trust. Now, with the poll attendees providing only pencils, and as some have said they have made veiled threats against those who vote with pen, the writing is on the wall. I'd like to see even pen make a difference if MI5 is there to help. If two thirds believe the vote will be rigged, they will be the two thirds that voted for Brexit. That equals 66 percent, and the number is probably higher than even that.


An interesting Trump fact I never knew

Many people know that the Trump campaign took out "loans" for funding. What people do not know, is that the financer of the loans was Trump himself. GUESS WHAT? Trump just canceled all the loans. That means his campaign, from this point on, will be out of pocket, and a large portion of the previous campaign expenditures will now be out of pocket also.

For all his faults, there is also a lot of good. And that cannot be said about any other candidate.



Not that it matters anyway, if a third of Brits believe MI5 is going to rig the vote. A vote rig has obviously already happened, and Brits are now proven helpless in the political process. Their voting booths are as useful in politics as bathroom stalls.

June 22 2016

Iran is the world's 13th largest steel producer

I knew they were not a backwards hole, but I had no idea they matched the U.S. in steel production per capita. On top of that, it is practically all continuously cast steel, which proves it is not crap.

Iran produces more steel than France, Britain, Canada, Poland, Spain, Austria, Greece, Mexico - well known producing nations, and more than 200 other nations below these top producers. And per capita, Iran beats many nations that are ranked higher.

Iran has set its sights on producing 55 million tons a year by 2025. They just might accomplish that. If they do, they will also be ahead of Germany, Italy, Taiwan, Turkey, Ukraine, and Brazil.

See THIS and THIS. They are not only puffing, and I am surprised. Interesting trivia to say the least.

Russia may destroy intelligent robot that escaped the lab twice

I think they should keep this one around for further study. They re-loaded the AI program twice, but unlike the rest of the robots that are supposed to be identical, this one waits until it can escape, and takes advantage of any opportunity. It is not programmed to do that, so they are calling it a malfunction! See this

74 megs of hacked Hillary stuff. It could be good, get it while you can!


ARMED FEDERAL AGENTS: 200,000. Number of U.S. Marines? 182,000. Gonna bring about a change . . . YES WE CAN!

Due to Russian aircraft being banned in Western airports, Iran was forced to sign a $25 billion deal with Boeing

Iran wanted a fleet of Sukhoi superjets. They were cheaper, and proven equal to Boeing. But Russian made jets are banned from landing in Western airports - economic warfare - so Sukhoi lost the deal. That's right - most people don't know it, but aircraft made in Russia are not allowed to land in European and American airports, no matter what their safety record is. This is to ensure a western monopoly on aircraft manufacturing. Just like all airports are required to have Israeli security so Israel can have a monopoly on terror. By simply banning Russian aircraft, for no reason at all, the entire airline market can be kept firmly in the pockets of America and Europe. That's economic warfare at it's finest.

So before you go believing Iran is groveling after Western technology and aircraft, consider that, they are not, the reality is that they have no choice but to buy into the regulation imposted Western monopoly.

The NWO/Illuminati "elite" are not going to stop with gay and trans

They will keep going until inter species marriages become accepted, bank on it. The latest:

Pedophiles should be treated as victims because pedophilia is a sexual orientation, the same as gay/straight! And the slippery slope continues . . . . . gotta save that British royalty from ridicule!

Paedophilia is a "sexual orientation" like being straight or gay, according to a criminal psychologist.

The idea that sexual attraction to children is an "orientation" is highly controversial as it suggests that offenders cannot change.

But, writing on the Reddit networking website, the psychologist said it was possible to treat child sex abusers on "the understanding that the attraction may always remain".

The psychologist set up the "ask me anything" thread on Reddit. Their identity was not revealed but was verified by the website.

Asked "can paedophiles actually change?", the expert wrote: "I believe Paedophilic Disorder is a sexual orientation with individual that are attracted to child features. In other words, an individual with paedophilia has the same ingrained attraction that a heterosexual female may feel towards a male, or a homosexual feels towards their same gender". "With that being said, it needs to be said that sexuality is more of a spectrum than a finite category. We know that heterosexuals may engage in homosexual behaviour, and deny they are bisexual or homosexual." READ MORE My comment: Going the whole 9 yards. Even heterosexuals have homosexual relationships, eh? Well aint that cute. That particular article is a real zinger, take a look!

Intrinsic proof from the MSM that the CIA did Orlando

Cops were ordered NOT to pursue Orlando gunman during massacre: Officer says he was told to wait while victims lay dead and dying and Mateen fled to club bathroom

Officer Brandon Cornwell, 25, from Belle Isle, has given an account He says he was at Pulse within minutes of Omar Mateen's arrival on scene But he says he was told to wait for SWAT team and eventually withdrew It is not clear how many of the 49 victims were killed while cops waited

And there you have it! The cops were told not to pursue, because as his buddy said in California, Mateen was not supposed to die. Having the police, who were not in on the plot get involved would foil the plot, so they were told to do NOTHING! Then SWAT arrived and screwed up and killed Mateen. The other gunmen walked though.

Here is the rational conclusion: The CIA can control SWAT, but not all the police knew it was a CIA job. The CIA did not want their guys killed by cops who were not in on the gig. Take a look at this report in the Daily Mail, I may hate them, but this time they probably got it right.

China has the "world's fastest computer"

After doing the math, and calculating out the actual number of chips needed to do the job, China's new super computer is looking pretty good. It uses very weak processor cores, but China managed to put 256 of them on a single chip, which means each individual chip can, due to the fact it has so many cores, beat Intel's top processor which has only 10 physical cores. If MTBF is calculated per chip, then China's new computer is probably reliable.

I doubt it is the worlds fastest computer. It is the world's fastest "public" computer, which means that many nations no doubt have intelligence agency computers that are more powerful. After doing the math however, I'd have to say China's new machine is beyond respectable.

They stole the technology from the U.S.A??!!?? They did not. They paid Hillary Clinton IN FULL for it! And since I am speaking on a Chinese topic, take a look at this Google AI ad bot failure!


(CNN) - "UK citizens are poised to vote on a crucial decision about whether to stay or leave the European Union (EU) -- but the debate has been stalked by the fear that one big terror attack in the UK before Thursday's poll could influence the outcome.

My comment: WHY would one big terror attack affect the outcome? Why even mention that????? HHHHHMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!

I remember a silly episode of the Beetle Borgs, where a "miracle mechanic" girl could fix any car problem including the tiny delicate screws on a carburetor with only one tool - ONE GIANT WRENCH. That wrench, for the elite, is the TERROR ATTACK TOOL. And this comment about Brexit PROVES IT!

The latest "terror scare" at a mall in Belgium was fronted by a guy wearing a suicide vest made out of bagels and salt shakers! . . . . . . Bagels, . . . . . HMMMMMM . . . . . perhaps leftovers from the Saturday kiddush at the synagogue.

Do not allow a third party candidate.

I am going to talk straight here about Trump. He's a political idiot. However, he is real. And he is the only one that is real. He will probably be a president who is an idiot savant, - a master of some subjects and a total idiot with others. For better or worse, Trump is the only one standing between America and the New World Order. If the New World Order manages to stop Trump, America will be dissolved. Trump is our only choice, and he is the only real choice America has had for over 50 years. That makes Trump the best thing many Americans have seen in their lifetimes.

I am skeptical of the polls saying Trump is losing. I do not believe a 9 percent third party candidate ate into Trump as badly as what is being said. And I don't for a minute believe Hillary has an honest 10 percent support. She is definitely single digit. But if the scamming zio press can succeed in fronting illusion, it will provide them a way to fake in their cronie, be it via a third party face or a fake third party spoiler I never even heard of before today. And I am not going to even mention the name here because I am not going to advertise for the enemy.

Trump is clearly America's choice. Considering the alternatives, Trump is an amazingly great choice, - a godsend - and if the people's will is denied in this election, no matter how the zio press fakes it, bloodshed is the only option. There simply is no other option.

What a stolen election this time around means:

1. It means America will definitely be flushed by a non elected enemy (even if that enemy has a third party face) into the New World Order.

2. It means there will be a gun ban, and remember, before the Bolsheviks took over Russia, Russia was as free as America and was that way until the Bolsheviks managed to ban weapons in Russia. Once they did so, they murdered between 30 million and 70 million people. Hillary is a definite Bolshevik communist. And if they get their gun ban in America, the numbers killed will probably be a lot worse than what happened in Russia. Forget Hillary being Methodist, she is a crypto Jew which is the only way you can get the unabashed support of the Jewish community she has.

3. Having the election stolen this time around means you will not only be forced to tolerate homosexuality, it will mean that you will be forced to openly accept and support it, and if you refuse, you won't have a job. Your job will be handed to what is now an illegal alien, or phased out by robots and if you are white, you will be flushed out into the streets, arrested for vagrancy, and probably sent to a FEMA prison / death camp.

4. Having the election stolen this time around means the police will become fully weaponized. Already in Oklahoma the police can pull you over and for no reason at all they can drain all your bank accounts to zero via any bank cards you have, even without your passwords and pins. They first started with stealing cash via asset forfeiture laws, saying if you carry cash it is for drugs because "cash cannot be traced". Now they are saying that if you have cash in a savings or checking account that it is for drugs also, even if they find no evidence and you have no prior history, and if they have a way in - your bank cards, they steal it down to zero. They have already done this hundreds of times during traffic stops, with a near total blackout on this topic in the controlled media.

Trump will put a stop to this, and if he is stopped after already obviously winning, this will go mainstream in all states. It will be used to target and destroy white people by draining all their finances to zero once they are targeted to be taken out. Acceptance of asset forfeiture in its earlier forms paved the way for this, and if you are white, heterosexual, and a Christian, you will be doomed by this. They will know who you are because the NSA got all your phone calls and your smart TV reported all your conversations. You will be easy to target for a pull over, and then your accounts will be drained. It will be a key weapon the New World Order will use to take out that which they fear most - educated white America. You will lose your job for standing your ground, and after you do, your accounts and assets will be seized. Just like communist Russia.

If Trump gets in, this will probably not be allowed to happen. It is the holy grail of a national takeover, and anyone who is a victim will be labeled by the idiots as "somehow deserving it, because they don't do that to good people!" and you will be without help. Even if you are not taken to the death camps, you will wander about until you starve to death. Mission accomplished. Trump is not stupid, and is our only hope for defense against this already dawning reality.

5. Having the election stolen this time around means Monsanto will win, and you will be forced to accept whatever GMO they dream up. It will also mean that you will be forced to accept vaccines that modify your DNA and destroy you, 10,000 generations into the future. Trump has already spoken out about this, and if he somehow takes office, there will be prosecutions against those who have already perpetrated it. NO SHT they don't want him in, Trump will be like an honest cop showing up at a murdering gangster party with a rape in progress.

6. If Trump is prevented from taking office (as he has already won it,) there is a strong possibility that America will be split, and a huge portion of the country will be handed to Mexico. The rest of the nation will become Mexican also, as the white people are wiped out via social policy.

All of this only skims the surface, there are many many more ways America will be destroyed. The idiots will always sit around and do nothing for as long as they can eat. The idiots will even enjoy seeing good people wiped out just because "it is not happening to them, and therefore they are better." A few smart good people will retreat to remote locations, only to be eventually taken out by ever persistent drones combing out all remote areas. NO ONE GOOD WILL MAKE IT. Your retreat does not mean jack when technology exists to send you death via a large flying synthetic insect. And if that is not in the budget, there are drones that even YOU can buy that could be outfitted to accomplish the job.

We live in a world where your worst nightmares are going to come true if the evil people of this world are not stopped from making it happen. Trump is at least not evil, at least not that evil. Trump really is our only hope.

From how things look right now, Trump's only way into office will be via the barrel of a gun. This is a cold hard reality any time a nation falls into the gutter as far as America already has. And if the people fail, all will definitely be lost.

June 20 2016

The Dawn of the Homosexual Police State

Henry Makow posted an excellent commentary about the emerging homosexual police state in America. The following is the first comment below that report. FOR THE ACTUAL REPORT CLICK HERE it is well worth a read.

The following is only a comment from that report, to read the actual report you have to go to Makow's site.

First Comment from Dan: I noticed last week that flags were at half mast everywhere in this city. The banks, post offices, the regional Boy Scout headquarters - even the local VFW (Vets of Foreign Wars). I found the last one truly 'cucked', that an organization of combat veterans would do that. That's put the deaths of soldiers in combat on par with bystanders killed while out cruisin' for cock.

Of course Obama gave the Presidential order for lowering the flags, and the Governors of fifty state complied. But I was glad to see that one County Commissioner, in Alabama, did not. Tucker Dorsey of Baldwin County released a statement that reminded me of when local elected authorities did their job by the letter of the law. He said:

"I have been asked why the County Commission has not lowered its flags in respect for the victims of both the Paris and San Bernardino terrorist events (and now Orlando). The Chairman of the Baldwin County Commission has the privilege of setting the flags at half-staff, and I, serving as chairman, have deliberately chosen not to lower our flags. Please allow me to share those reasons.

Lowering the flags to half-staff after mass shooting or terrorist event is not a valid circumstance or memorial as specified in the U.S. flag code (, Section 175, paragraph (m). I realize that the President and Governor may make the order, but I believe and interpret their order inconsistent with the adopted flag code.

Secondly and principally, our flag code specifies that 'no other flag shall be above the flag of the United States', and I characterize that as US citizens holding our head up with courage above all others. When the flag is at half-staff, our country's head is figuratively held low, and quite frankly, I am not willing to hang my head down because of a terrorist attack.

Read the actual report here

Nothing new has surfaced today that has any credibility once it is sorted out.

My final answer is that Orlando was an act, up until the end, and then if people did die at that time it was due to SWAT taking out Mateen who was "radicalized locally, in the U.S." because he was CIA and they are not saying the CIA part. Mateen is definitely dead. Most likely SWAT was responsible for all deaths while Mateen role-played for the CIA. It's all here folks, if you have not seen this yet, it could not possibly be any more clear than this. There is a substantial panorama of information here, all confirmed, and all of it proves we were lied to about what happened in Orlando. Why else would there be gag orders on everyone?

I am going to let this sit for today so Monday's readers can see it all and then move onto other things.

June 19 2016

BLOCKBUSTER: Patsy to police: The CIA killed Mateen, and they will kill me!

Quick explanation: The man arrested in Santa Monica with bomb material and automatic weapons to "attack a gay pride parade" actually turned himself in to the Santa Monica police for protection after he heard Mateen (who was part of his CIA team) was killed in the shooting! Get a load of this, it appears to be the false flag bust of the century!

"The real truth of the story was released to a former Los Angeles County prosecutor who works for Get Off the BS by two Santa Monica police officers that have been issued gag orders under threat of Federal prosecution for further talking about the incident.

According to two department sources, Howell called the Santa Monica police on Sunday morning claiming that he needed protection from the CIA. Howell further elaborated to the dispatcher stating that he "had been set up by the CIA - they are going to kill me."

According to Howell, he was in LA to meet with another person in a collaborated attack on the gay communities in both Florida and Los Angeles.

Howell additionally stated that, "everything has gone south. Dan was gone when I got here. They killed the leader of the Florida attack this morning. They are going to kill me. I need protection."

According to sources within the police department's investigation Howell indicated to officers who first made contact with him that Howell claimed he was one of five people involved in a planned Sunday attack on both the east and west coasts.

Howell stated that he was supposed to "hook up" late Saturday night with his contact in LA who was suppose to have more weapons and chemicals to mix with the Tannerite he was in possession of.

"When I got here, Dan was gone. I went to his apartment and he had cleared out...I tried calling him but he never answered me," said Howell.

My comment: "Dan cleared out" when he found out the CIA killed one of the guys on his team!

When questioned about the other four people involved in the plot, Howell was only familiar with the first names of three of the alleged suspects, naming his contact in LA - Dan and two of the three contacts in Florida, Omar and Brandy

Speaking of the suspect killed in the Pulse Bar massacre in Florida, Howell stated, "Omar was not suppose to be killed. They lied to us - Omar and Brandy were supposed to get away."

When Howell was questioned about how he and his conspirators knew each other, he said that,

"We were all familiar with each other through an online fundamental Islamic knowledge seminary course[1] - we were recruited through the course and trained together at a camp in Virginia - we were taught how to shoot and make bombs - everyone knew their part - something went wrong..."

Before the officers could further question Howell, agents working for the Los Angeles office of the FBI quickly swept in and took over the case. Santa Monica detectives were never allowed to talk with Howell.

In summary, it appears that Howell was on his way to "hook up" with another conspirator (Dan) to set off explosives and shoot people at the gay pride parade in Hollywood California on Sunday.

Finding his contact missing when he got to LA and having heard that Omar Matteen had been killed by a FBI SWAT team in Orlando, Howell determined he had been double crossed by the CIA and feared for his own life.

Howell was taken in to custody by the FBI before Santa Monica police officers could further question him about the motives behind killing gay people on both coasts of the US on Sunday.

However, in absence of further information and or anyone who will officially go on the record, there is no doubt that the American public is not being told the truth about the Orlando Florida shooting and the arrest of Howell on Sunday.

It is a shame that the Fed's got to the Santa Monica police chief on Sunday before she could speak and was silenced, however we are very thankful that at least two officers have risked their jobs and freedom to reveal what she would of most likely Tweeted had the Fed's not got to her.


Well, what are the chances of the police actually miraculously getting a call about a stalker knocking on windows, (as the official lie goes) only to find out he was armed to the teeth, within hours of Mateen dying and connected to Mateen? ZILCH.

This story washes clean, it makes perfect sense, the guy knew the CIA would kill him when they were done with him and CHICKENED OUT. And the MSM then hatched their bullshit.

And I'd also like to add that this just shows what kind of crap people work for the CIA, all was well and he did not care how many people died, as long as it was not his own @ss.

June 17, 2016



I rushed this up before it was done because TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE

This baby is most likely headed to the chopping block. Get a load of this story!

Here is what happened:

A 14 year old girl who was raped and chose to have the baby rather than abort it gave birth to a baby boy she named Braelon on Monday of this week. It was perfectly healthy, and she wanted to raise it. She had full parental support to help her raise it. Everything was already set up at home to accept the baby. There were no problems and the hospital staff said she was doing great.

All day on Wednesday, they were told by nurses, the nurse-practitioner, and the hospital social worker that mom and baby could go home as soon as the visit from the state social worker happened. They thought they would go home by lunchtime. They all thought they were just waiting for the formality, because that is what they were repeatedly told.

Mom and baby were completely healthy, with no medical issues. The grandmother made an appointment with the pediatrician for the follow-up visit. All was well.

At any rate, the hospital forced her to stay there until CPS showed up and took the baby. It was taken without warning. There was no reason for it at all, and now the state is not talking to the family or anyone. The state just dropped in out of nowhere, with no investigation or court order and vanished the baby into a black hole. Due to repeated requests from the mom and grandparents about why the baby was taken, the state has made threats for them to shut up or there will be consequences. UPDATE: THE CONSEQUENCES HAPPENED.

AND THAT IS PRECISELY HOW THEY FEED THE CHILD SACRIFICE MILL. You can bet with 500 percent certainty this baby will probably die tonight. They won't wait long to use them in a ritual, and tonight is PRIME TIME.

UPDATE: This young mother and her twin brother were being raised by the grandparents with full state approval without any issues whatsoever, until this story hit social media. As a revenge hit after this story broke, the state raided the grandparents home, took the kids under armed threat (the kids did not want to leave and were told they'd be tazed if they did not) and additionally the police used firearms during this raid and would have used them if they met any resistance. How cute. AND THIS DAMN "SOCIAL WORKER" IN THIS PHOTO TO THE LEFT ORDERED IT ALL!.

Time is of the essence to save this baby

A protest is being arranged in front of the Shelby County Court house TODAY

It will be at the Shelby County Courthouse at 112 N Main St, Columbiana, AL, on Friday, June 17. The Shelter Hearing is scheduled for 1pm, and supporters are planning to be there by 12:30.

Call Alabama Governor Robert Bentley’s office at 334-242-7100. He may also be contacted here. He is also on Facebook.

Senator Cam Ward is the Senator for their district. He may be reached at 334-242-7873, or contacted here.

Representative April Weaver represents their district. She may be reached at 334-242-7731, or contacted here.


She has an apartment at: 14101 RETREAT LANE, BIRMINGHAM, AL, this is confirmed, I pulled it straight out of the Alabama state social worker registry. However, there is a 95 percent certainty she also owns a home at 7400 HUNTLEY LN, COTTONDALE, AL 35453-3974. It appears she bought the 1500 square foot home outside the big city (possibly for a weekend retreat) for $20,000 in 2015 after her social workers license expired in Georgia and she moved to Alabama for work. The timeline fits with precision. If she thinks it is so cool to move to another state to snatch babies while giving no reason other than "protocol", (and that really is what she said,) I'd like to bring a little hell to her door. You can't mistake that face, if you find her it is going to be OBVIOUS.

Hopefully by posting this, the state will be forced to BACK OFF, and I HAVE A GREAT CONCEPT:


It's called BUBBA'S JAIL. How Bubba's jail works:

It is just a concrete hallway 10 feet under the ground out in the woods somewhere, and THE PEOPLE OWN IT, not the state. This can be done many ways, but underground and CHEAP is probably the best.

Since the police are now doing nothing but enforcing the will of tyrants, every single one of them who supported this social worker needs to be ambushed by a bag over the head, and wake up in Bubba's jail. And you don't worry about them standing in a little water or any sort of comfort, just make sure they don't die and throw a little dog food down a hole once in a while, to make sure they don't die of starvation. Have a hidden speaker in the jail constantly pipe them crappy sounding music, while an over dubbed voice tells them, in a droning tone, why they should actually be public servants rather than state tyrants.

Then, after a good long time (long enough to make sure they lost everything in their lives, the same way they do to everyone else with bullshit asset forfeiture and an overbearing jail and prison system, not to mention aiding and abetting tyrants like this social worker) taze them unconscious, re bag their heads, and drop them off at a random ditch, completely naked except for the bag.

That's BUBBA JUSTICE, and it is HIGH TIME for the American people to start using it.

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Remote controlled Germanwings Airbus A320 crash? All evidence points to this.


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