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Dec 6 2015

Gun grab speech today UPDATE: I GUESS NOT. I don't know what that was!

Anyway, he mentioned the anniversary of Pearl Harbor. Ok. So let's see when the next "terror attack" is. Maybe the AI program told his controllers he had better play it cool because too many people knew that shooting was B.S. no matter how forcefully they keep venting the Emu, Ferret and Camel dung through Drudge.


///////delay the following for another up and coming day, they will try the gun ban later I guess:

I'd like people to consider something: We are on the cusp of war with Russia. What nation would want a gun ban in America right before such a war? RUSSIA. I have NEVER trusted Russia. And even if Russia is not the problem anymore, people ought to clearly see at least that it is the cold war cronies of Russia that are in control of the American government now, and even if Russia is not the bad guy now, the fact these cronies in our government want a gun grab right before what looks like it could be a world war means ONE THING: The want America to lose that war. CONSIDER THIS DURING OBAMA'S SPEECH: A gun grab now? ARE YOU KIDDING? who would want that, other than the enemy?

I posted the following to the comment section of a popular news site, and it is a great summary of what is in the report below:

There are a number of problems with the so-called terror attack.

1. The shooter was posting to Facebook during the attack (time records show he could not have done this, so if the shooting happened at all, it was staged by someone else.)

2. When you look at the scenes where the SUV is shot up, they prove the story presented about how it happened to be a lie. Yes, there is a shot up SUV, but all the windows are rolled up, and if active shooters really were threatening police and shooting them from this SUV the windows had to have been rolled down because you can't point a large gun from a space as small as an SUV unless you point it out an OPEN window. The fact the windows are rolled up and shot out in all photos proves no one fired anything from that vehicle and ALL bullets came from police.

3. There is a lawyer working the case for the shooter's family, and he has revealed that both the man and woman were found handcuffed and shot to death in the back of the SUV, which means the SUV had to have been being driven via remote control for the media cameras because you can't drive while handcuffed, shot to death, and stuffed behind the back seat. All of America's cars are now by law at least partially drive by wire and ALL are completely hooked up to the cell phone system at ALL TIMES by Federal law (all models made since 2004,) which makes remote takeover possible. Obviously this is what happened in this case, because dead men can't drive.

There are many many many other huge inconsistencies which proves the shooting was done to make Muslims look horrible and provide an excuse to control the American people, and our Islamic patsy was probably chosen for this because he was a state tax auditor up until a very short time before this happened, (and was transferred to another job for the state) most likely because he uncovered criminal activity. I think someone wanted to get rid of him, and that (along with the fact that he was Muslim) is why he was chosen.

Dec 5 2015


Vac. wrote:

Read your words about the California FF and how the 'alternative media' is simply aping the msm script - quite true. The available sources of real news are getting so slender as to be near extinction. I want, therefore to do everything in my power to aid your cause, but it seems like jimstonefreelance is a real hot potato! On Thursday I cited that url on a western board I was accustomed to using, as an alternative place for readers to go for a real deal look at what's going on. Within 6 hours of so doing, the post was scrubbed, my avatar blocked, and a full scale assault of slander and lies placed in its stead! Unreal. The credibility of all these gatekeeper western "alternative media" sites is unwinding faster than a kite in the wind!

My response: Here is your litmus test. Take all of the sites that are parroting the MSM script and throw them straight in the trash, no matter how good they looked in the past. Take all alternative web sites that are playing people's ignorance, saying no one in the family knew what the female shooter looked like because her head was always covered (as well as other things) and throw them straight in the trash. Take any alt media site that is hopping on the "it was real this time" meme and throw it in the trash.

At least a few people know that countless fake truth sites were set up in the past decade, feeding good info for years, only to gain people's trust so they could be used as weapons at a time like this. If they are parroting the MSM script this time it does not make them right just because they gave good info in the past, it just exposes them as the fake opposition. There are a few good sites out there, but they are like trying to find strawberries in a patch full of aphids. PICK YOUR SIDES NOW, EVERYONE HAS THEIR PANTS DOWN AND IT IS LITMUS TEST TIME.









Pallas cat wrote:

Muslims don't spell "Farook" that way. It should've been Farooq instead. Why? Because K in Arabic maps to "Q" only. Case study: Muslims write "Quran", not "Koran". This just basically proved that the name of the terrorist was devised by someone unrelated to the Muslim faith, and has "koran" in his/her vocabulary.....hmmm

My response: Ouch, that is a painful one for the fakers, you are absolutely right. The fact this was spelled wrong on an ID card speaks volumes. That would never happen and also proves this girl did not have that card made. It has to be a dropped in fake, and the spelling error in the word "REVENUE" on the same card is a similar bonus.

Someone does not get it!

Black cars ?
What do you mean to prove by showing different set of black cars, different types, at different positions, at different place and in different year season?!

Note the sunlight - the sunlit scene is from summer, not from winter... (the horizontal view on FBI sunlit city scene is just a completely different one from the aerial view - someone sent you a bad image?!)

My response: Nope. No mis placed images here . . . . All are still being shown in the same video sequence from the MSM and are still being presented as the same scene. I have re-confirmed this many times and even shot a video of the latest Mexican newscast, to prove the same error is being broadcast even here. They screwed this so seriously it looks like they are testing to see if the flu shots wrecked everyone's brain badly enough for the general population to accept it as one scene!

If you think it is my mistake, it is only because you can't accept that the lies are that provable and that this is not all real. It is a major comedy type screw up.

To see what this guy is referencing, click here

Enough facts are in to paint a very clear picture now

The lawyer that got assigned to this case ended up being a huge problem for the false flag crew because he ended up being a good guy. And he spilled a key piece of evidence on national television - that both shooters were found behind the back seat of the SUV shot to pieces and already in handcuffs. So this opens a huge can of worms that blows a lot of secrets, the story HAS TO go like this now:

The couple was hunted down as they were out and about together, murdered, and stuffed in the back of the SUV behind the rear seat. Subsequently (and there is no other way this could happen) the SUV, which was completely modern and full drive by wire, was then remote control driven "Hastings style" and the police shot it full of holes until a bullet cut a wire somewhere and it stopped. The police reported the couple was in full combat gear, but in reality the wife (who was the only one shown after the police shot up the SUV) was in shorts, high heels, and a short bare tummy blouse.

So the story about combat gear is a lie, and because the couple were already handcuffed, the story about "brandishing weapons and shooting at police" was also a lie, which is subsequently proven by the fact that the windows were rolled up when shot out.

THIS IS PERHAPS THE MOST IMPORTANT POINT FOR BUSTING THIS ENTIRE RUSE: In ALL photos and video, the windows of the SUV are rolled up yet shot out. Yet the police claimed they were receiving fire from assault rifles from this vehicle. If this couple was using assault rifles, they would not have been able to fire them through closed windows because the barrels are too long, it is impossible to be in a car and point one out the side with the windows rolled up because there simply is not enough room in a car to do that. And no one is stupid enough to try to shoot a gun in an enclosed chamber like a car with the windows rolled up, the back blast would be severe. The fact they were up in all photos is cold proof no bullets were ever fired from this SUV, all the bullet damage is from police.

The histories of the supposed shooters may be fabricated. This is because when the reporters ransacked the house, they "found" this ID on the left here, notice how "Revenue" is spelled. There is no reason to have a fake ID like this, this is supposed to be a state work ID and if she did not actually have that job, there would be no purpose in having any ID for it at all. So this ID was forged, probably by the media and/or whoever staged this false flag.

So now we have a fake ID, an impossible shooting scene (they did not shoot from the vehicle as police claimed even if they were not found dead behind the back seat already in handcuffs) and because they were behind the back seat in handcuffs, we also are FORCED TO have a story about a remote controlled vehicle being shown on the news. There is absolutely no other way this can happen. And the fact reporters and neighbors were allowed into the home so soon afterward, before any real investigation could be completed, is the icing on the cake, if this was real this would have never happened, NEVER, IN ANYONE'S LIFE.

Additionally, we have two SUV shooting scenes clearly shown on camera. If there was only one shooting, and one nut case Islamic couple, there would be ONE SUV shot up in ONE location, not two.

There is a lot on this page now, for everything referenced above, complete with photos, scroll down the page. This is important stuff - this HAS TO be spread to bust this scam or the NWO will probably get America to support World War 3, the ALL THE WRITING WE NEED TO BLOW THIS SCAM WIDE OPEN IS ON THE WALL NOW AND YOUR FUTURE DEPENDS ON IT, ARCHIVE AND POST!


Maybe that is why Alt media is under attack - the scammers of this last false flag are busted multiple ways!

Lawyer's testimony (for whatever reason they have one) confirms - those working the case closely and not affiliated with the MSM have confirmed that both were shot dead and in handcuffs long before the police shot hundreds of rounds into the SUV, and the SUV was probably therefore being driven via remote control for the TV cameras, which that particular SUV allows completely because it is full drive by wire. A little "Hastings action" here.

BLOCKBUSTER: CONFIRMED: let me repeat this: The couple blamed were not even patsies and were not the shooters. They were murdered in cold blood beforehand (most likely because as I initially stated, both were state employees and the husband up until recently worked in financial auditing for the state, and was recently assigned to be a health inspector.) Most likely this couple was chosen to be eliminated in this ruse (IF THEY ARE EVEN DEAD) because as an auditor most likely Sayed discovered something "inconvenient."

The lawyer's testimony is on video HERE

The couple's home has been ruined for all forensic work.


Over 100 reporters have been through the house. The neighbors are looting it as well. This most likely proves the couple really was shot to death, and also DEFINITELY proves they are innocent because if they were not completely innocent the police would have had that house on absolute lockdown. After all, there were supposed to be explosives there, RIGHT? Do the police just barn door any place that could have explosives for any old cattle to walk through? HELL NO!

GUILTY OF THE FALSE FLAG AND ALMOST DEFINITELY OF MURDER: The San Bernardino Police Department, Many of the reporters, and obviously this would have all been staged by the Jewish community via the FBI and Mossad for the sole purpose of making Americans hate Muslims, because the Jews are going to kick off world war 3 and want the Arab world destroyed so they can have their ERETZ ISRAEL. This will be difficult to accomplish if Americans do not hate Muslims. This shooting is NOT what they are saying it is folks, the fact the house was not on lockdown PROVES IT.

Here is more on the fakery:

Re San Bernardino Shooting

Channel surfed and caught a bit of the news which I never listen to but wanted to see the latest. Ohmylord, they are soooooo taking advantage of ignorant Americans -- now they are saying that since the woman wore a hijab her brothers in law did not know what she looked like. Are we that stupid??? It's common knowledge that the women of all countries do not wear their hijhab or covering or head scarves in the family at all, they only put them on when going outside. Therefore, this is blarney.

And it points to the likely reason as being she did not want anybody to know what she was up to, because she was either working for the enemy or Israel or .... Otherwise, she'd not have covered up around her family. None of these stories make any sense, and the media/planners/jewish establishment are making fools of everybody who believes it hook, line and sinker as if sleep walking, never any independent thinking. Because of this, as a country we will probably just keep going farther and farther down the drain.

My response: It really is frustrating watching it all, and how ignorant the American population really is. IF the story about her never unveiling in front of family is true, something is definitely screwy. I doubt it, that would be unbelievable and I think it just took them a while to AI a face up or something of that sort but who knows. . . .

I am confident that this staged shooting and the Paris attacks were a direct response to the fact Russia has proven ISIS is run by Washington DC and the typical B.S. that happens when the Jewish community wants people to support a war. If they get away with this, the ONLY END will be glass parking lots all over America, which is precisely what the Jewish community wants. They own Russia to a huge extent, will play both sides, and with gun owning America nuked out of the picture they will then be free to simply take the entire world. Iran is another obstacle, but Iran is a 4 (very large) nuke country, practically nothing is needed to wipe them out. Absent nukes the going would be tough though . . . .

The only hope as far as I see it is miscalculation of world support, before you can pull any scam like this on the people you need virtually unilateral support. If they have miscalculated and do not own even one powerful nation as well as they think, they will lose this. They are walking the razor blade with this one.

I would not take indicators such as Russia banning GMO to mean Russia is the good guy. Though Russia completely banning GMO is a good thing, it could also mean "shadow" Russia is pushing GMO's to wreck everyone but themselves. Who knows. But they were pressured to accept them so that is a plus in their favor, indicating the evil is elsewhere. My great hope is that the evil the world faces all really is centered in England, Israel and the U.S., and that Russia can fix this honestly. But I don't have my fingers crossed, Russia actually being the good guy rather than being owned and played is in my opinion on the far fringe of hope.

More from "Vac"

Jim, you can be sure that your pages are well studied by the kinds of media groups I referred to last message, as the _____________ site has hurried full bore in an attempt to reestablish it's shaken credibility – only to give itself another black eye! They rushed out a story on Friday with the kind of 'breaking news' overtones reserved for the biggest of scoops; Turkish Troops Said To Invade Iraq Near Mosul - only to be rebuked by their own sources, for 'exaggerating' a 'routine rotation of troops' into claims of invasion.This gives us an opportunity to peer deeper into the murky world of 'mainstream' and 'alternative' media distortions – and perhaps even gain some further insight into what they are designed to achieve.

The Turkish government fed a story on Friday to it's media outlets about the presence of Turkish army personnel in a part of Iraq close to Mosul. The various shadings of the story -all of which center on the training of militia groups in Iraq supposed to be fighting ISIL- range from a report of Turkish military trainers being sent to a camp close to that city – accompanied by some 20-25 tanks and a company of troops – to a full scale invasion of that country in order to crush the "Daesh" Islamist extremists which Ankara is under extreme pressure to appear to be fighting – rather than supporting.

Drawing upon an initial report by zionist propagandda asset Stratfor, the ZH story speculated that the report of Turkish armored battalions arriving north of Mosul in preparation for a coordinated attack on the ISIL forces holding that city where in fact cover for an incursion designed instead to protect the oil transport route which which that same terrorist organization has been shipping stolen Iraqi oil through Turkey. The kernel of truth hidden within that surmise apparently resulted in a very public rebuke from the 'intelligence-gathering' outfit which purports to offer balanced and objective geopolitical assessments while really advancing the Yinan Plan objectives of the terrorist state occupying Palestine.

The convolutions of the real story are so great as to offer great challenge to any attempt to cut through the smoke and mirrors of dueling 'management perception' machines attacking from all sides. Nevertheless, it is necessary to make the effort. To do so, first we have to delve into the very murky world of Kurdish politics. An ancient ethnicity whose modern population straddles the borders of at least four neighboring countries in the region, the Kurds are themselves divided – by religious, political, and cultural fracture, into very discordant and competing parts.

The Kurdish part of northern Iraq has maintained a state of quasi independence since the virtual breakup of that country in the aftermath of the purposeful American destruction of its infrastructure and fragile socio-religious detente. They have supported that breakaway status via the possession of richly productive oil fields, the product of which has been shipped to Turkey for domestic consumption for several years now. This economic relationship has also produced a tactical political alliance between the Kurdish faction that has taken over the political leadership of the breakaway Iraqi parcel by refusing to hold elections after the expiration of their elected mandate – and the government in Ankara, which similarly, in refusing to acknowledge the results of their defeat at the polls in June of this year, decided to rule without reference to law or constitution. The result of this is that the KRG of breakaway Kurdish Iraq are allied against BOTH the PKK guerrilla forces fighting for Kurdish autonomy within Turkey, and the PYD militia of the Syrian Kurds who have gained control of large sections of the northern part of that country bordering Turkey.

As a result of this factional infighting between Kurds in the three countries, the Turks have been able to keep their internal and external opponents off balance, and rearrange the political spectrum on their immediate borders in favor of advancing their project of destabilizing and ultimately destroying the Syrian state so as to divide it between themselves and the zionist entity. The KRG government of northern Iraq is in turn a client state of that entity, which has long sought to use the Kurdish independence struggle to assist in the break up of the secular middle eastern states established in the aftermath of WW1 so as to become the dominant military and economic power in the region. Likewise, they have used the neo-Ottoman colonial fantasies of the wannabe Caliph in Ankara to make Turkey a defacto asset in the same plan.

Significant amounts of the stolen Iraqi oil which the Kurds market through Turkey ends up in the hands of the same buyers as the stolen Syrian and Iraqi oil which the ISIL terrorists sell to the tune of $2 million a day – arriving via tanker trucks to ports in western Turkey to be loaded onto tankers which sail to Malta and off-load to waiting ships which then head to the port of Askhelon in occupied Palestine. The Russians have now provided the documentation of the mechanics of this trade with the direct accusation of Turkish management of the distribution network, but the Turks have made sure that the domestic media does not touch that story on fear of more imprisonment on 'terrorism' charges.

This latest media blitz to give the impression that the Turks have joined the coalition's land campaign against ISIL – a fabrication in and of itself – requires that the Sunni militia forces in Iraq under their control are used as a cover for the insertion of Turkish 'boots on the ground' which will later be employed against the PYD forces that are not far away, in that of northern Syria where the borders of the three countries meet. Those Sunni militia forces are a part of the Shia-dominated militia forces which have sprung up under very loose control of the Iraqi government as the primary opponents of ISIL in that country. Because the Ankara regime is run by religious fanatics of the SUNNI kind, they foster the efforts of their religious co-brethren all over to the middle east while working hard to counter the Shia majority nations intent to group themselves into a bloc. Under the pretense of training these Sunni militiamen, the Turks have inserted theselves into Iraqi territory in a manner that they have not dared to repeat in Syria.

If you can get ahold of a map showing Sinjar, in the Ninawa region of northern Iraq west of Mosul, you will see the area of conflict likely to become even more intensely meddled with. The Kurdish breakaway forces fighting under the name of Pershmerga have clashed with Kurdish PKK forces in this area for months, accusing each other of failing to fight against the 'Islamic State' terrorists holed up there. You will see on the map how close to the Syrian border that place is ,and the cul de sac in the extreme northeast of Syrian territory - that can be snipped easily. I previously mentioned that the PYD Kurdish forces aligned with the Kurdish PKK will cross the Euphrates heading west in order to take all the remaining border where Turkey-sponsored terrorists are resupplied in Syria. I also stated that the Turkish army would balk at entering the Syrian theatre. The work around is obvious. By moving forces that are already openly – in effect – free to move around wherever they like on Iraqi soil, over to the border with Syria, they can pose a threat in the back of their Kurdish enemies which will force them to hold back from committing themselves fully to the western thrust. And since their Kurdish KPG friends are more than willing to see the Turks move in to protect their oil racket, against both their Kurdish enemies and their ISIL competitors... the Turks keep themselves free from (valid) charges that they are fighting the Kurds instead of fighting ISIL! All this achıeved without the Turkish army setting foot in Syria.

All these internecine struggles and Machiavellian manipulations must seem endlessly confusing to the reader. And I haven't even touched upon the different political tendencies which split the factions of the Kurdish population, in addition the the religious ones. And it seems that the Kurds are not clean and clear of hegemonist tendencies in the areas of northern Syria which they have taken control of. Reports of ´´ethnic cleansing´´ of minority Arabs and Turks have filtered through repeatedly - though it remains hard to confirm their accuracy. Kurdish Sunnis, Kurdish Alevis, Kurdish Shias, even Kurdish Yazidi, Combine that with Marxist and conservative factions and you have a mess - which the Turks are deviously exploiting to their advantage at every turn.

What does all this mean going forwards?

The project of a greater Kurdistan will be fought for with more Kurdish & Turkish blood. It will remain stillborn but serve the purpose for whıch it was always ıntended - to further fracture the sovereignity of states standiıng in the way of the ´´Project for a New Middle East.´´ If the Kurds can be induced to turn upon each other´then both Turkey and its terror statelet ally wıll be happy to pick up the pieces. Stopping the PYD from cuttiıng off their terrorist proxy forces along the Turkish border is the short term goal of this latest media blıtz. Having the Kurds destroy themselves as an effective opposition is the ıntermediate one. Ultimately - the long term goal is to make Turkey & Syria & Iraq all rump states... reduced to the kind of smouldering wreckage that LİBYA is today. That may seem to be a strange goal for the people running the show ın Ankara at the moment - but there is simply no accountıng for the degree of madness whıch sectarian religious & ethnic hatred can induce in such persons. As the zıonist strıng pullers well know.

A ´routine troop rotation´ or the beginning of ´an invasion of Iraq?´ BOTH narratives are more smoke and mirrors. Everybody has their own agenda to realize in this developing tragedy. There seems to be a great emphasis in the Zerohedge and other western media outlets storylines that ´this is all about oil´ theme. It is not. It´s about blood - at the end of the day. It always is.

Dec 4 2015

I tried to administer this web site earlier today but was not able to log in. Nothing spurious, occasional happenstance.

UPDATE: Hmm, maybe not happenstance, Whatreallyhappened posted the following:

"ANNOUNCEMENT: Yes, the WRH server is being repeatedly attacked, and so are the servers of other Independent Media, which suggests that there is another huge false-flag being planned, and they want to shut off any challenges to the official story. Recall that in the weeks before 9-11, the FBI shut down the websites of Muslim charities so they would not argue against the rush to blame Muslims for 9-11. This appears to be more of the same."

The fact the bodies were already in handcuffs laying behind the back seat does not look very good either!

Media running scam after scam, Facebook page not legitimate

An alias was used to frame Tashfeen, there is no evidence whatsoever she actually set up the facebook page and "pledged to ISIS(tm) yet CNN is reporting it as real when they ought to know better.

With regard to this hoax shooting I am not going to post any of the official story other than to rip it apart

You can get lies anywhere, even Infowars, Zero hedge and others are pumping B.S. on this topic and I don't call it responsible to find the clearest story in the MSM and parrot it. The entire story line is a fabrication, and there is cold hard proof. In the picture below, the Mexican press had a full helicopter fly around of the top scene, and it DEFINITELY is not the second scene, there is no error there, the entire story is fake and rotten to the core AND FOR THOSE WHO CLAIM TO BE "ALTERNATIVE" OR "TRUTHERS" TO PARROT IT AS THE MSM PRESENTS IT IS A DISSERVICE TO EVERYONE AND A BACK STAB TO EVERYONE YOU PRETEND TO INFORM.

I have a message to the "alternative" media: There is no B.S. here and if you want to comfortably sit the fence parroting MSM B.S. just because it is the safest thing and easiest thing to do you have no place, you might as well be them and all you will do is enable world war 3 by failing to apply your brain in even the simplest way. If you are that intellectually tired, GO TO BED, it would be better to hear nothing from you than to hear a scammer's lie repeated!


I am actually scared this time and a little bit sad. Obviously this shooting did not happen the way they say it did, and the massive pounce on the "Islamic terror" meme strongly implies to me that the establishment needs huge public support for something horrible they plan to do soon. And I really think Trump's bantering about "dancing Muslims" was the precursor to this, I think he knew this was going to go down and seeded the public conscience ahead of this storm to cause the hatred to grow when watered . . . . and with headlines like "Muslim newlyweds slaughter co-workers who threw them a baby shower" (thanks anonymous for that tip) well, I think there is a little proof.

I really wish the ostrich tactic worked and I could just bury my head and make it all go away . . . . the way they morphed this story is spooky, if you did not read the full report there is a lot here, just take a look at what they did with this. I half think that both shooters, because they were both on the state payroll, cooperated with this false flag and have now been given new identities for a huge payoff. Newly married, they will now probably cruise off into the sunset, leaving their old world behind. Then again they could have been murdered. Who knows.

This story has morphed in all aspects and is all over the map as "they" adjust it to circumvent discoveries. But I found the photo that proves the current version of the story is a lie.

As I predicted last night, the shooters would end up being a husband and wife team, because the name they originally chose for the female shooter would cause political problems with Turkey. Additionally, This morning, all key elements about the male shooter being a health inspector who was present at a christmas party for autistic and disabled children up until 20 minutes before the shooting are gone because the think tanks could not come up with a way a man in a suit could get mad and then conduct a well coordinated attack in full combat gear with two other people 20 minutes later unless the number of shooters was reduced to 2, and the other shooter was his wife.

Original story line: Sayed Farook, a state health inspector got mad at the party, stormed off, and returned 20 minutes later with two other people and shot the place up.

Current story line: Sayed Farook left with his wife in the early morning and was not seen all day until he showed up at the shooting. Police found them 4 hours after the shooting and shot them to death in their black SUV, and BOTH SHOOTERS WERE WEARING COMBAT STYLE CLOTHING WHILE SHOT BY POLICE. Problem: I found a key photo apparently screen captured out of a video, and fixed the tone curve to reveal what was there. And what came out of the murk proves this is a lie:

The dead woman is in high heels, shorts and short blouse. No blood anywhere after being filled with bullets.

QUICK: Hit Google, read the current version of the story, and then try to explain the way this woman is dressed, and the lack of blood. They will change the story as needed, so get while the getting is good!

San Bernardino makeup shooting after Planned Parenthood attack failed

"Two shooters (now the only suspects) are dead (how convenient) and were shot to death by police in their car. Muslim man and woman. Probably husband and wife. Let's see if they morph the story to two men rather than a man and a woman, because now they already morphed the story from long rifles to handguns and assault rifles and three shooters to two, who arrived in 4 cars and left in one. I am sure situational artificial intelligence has been assigned to comb the web for public opinion and script the story line accordingly, which is why it keeps changing, often in irrational ways".

The Muslim man was a former business tax executive for the state who had changed jobs and was now a health inspector for the state. So in this story line we have at least one guy that may have needed to be gotten rid of.

This picture to the left destroyed the planned parenthood shooting story, which proves all that happened was the abortionists/staff ripped the doorway out with a wrecking bar, (details below, I am scraping up the details on this new hoax (or whatever it turns out to be) ANYWAY they needed a make up shooting after the last one was shredded by the hoaxters themselves with a wrecking bar - hopefully this new shooting was as fake as the Planned Parenthood event and no one actually died.

In this new event we have 14 "dead" and this one is MEGA suspicious because it happened at a government party at 10:59 AM I MEAN AM and it did not break on any major news outlet until three and a half hours later. RT said it happened at a golf course early on.

Someone get onto Craigslist for San Bernardino, go to "gigs" and see if they hired anyone to stage this, dig back a month or so. I can get to craigslist but it is time consuming to dig through and I am looking elsewhere.

Digging . . . . .

JEWISH LIE NUMBERS INVOLVED!!!! BUSTED!!! This shooting happened at a "Christmas party" with "600" people and I think Dec 2 is a little early for that. There was a video being shot from pretty much minute 1, (15 minutes after the shooting started,) there were hundreds of ambulances on scene, a tent set up to handle the shooting complete with lawn chairs, in other words, This was probably a drill.

The shooters have Islamic names. That works perfect for Trump's story about dancing Muslims on 911, when we all know it was dancing Israelis. Trump has gotten disgusting with this topic as far as I see it.

The center this happened at has had so many active shooter drills lately that employees just thought it was another drill. There were no roadblocks set up which is very strange if this was real. Local news channels were there, reporting live, WAY TOO FAST, (proving foreknowledge) yet there was a huge delay in getting the news out via larger channels of up to 7 hours, which is why I missed this until now. WHY THAT HUGE TIME DIFFERENCE BETWEEN MAJOR NEWS OUTLETS AND LOCAL NEWS?

Unlike the canned parenthood ruse, this time the shooters are all dead. There were three of them OOPS, now only two, (male and female Muslims) driving four vehicles. That looks like a blooper in the story line. One vehicle was a "van packed with weapons" which is for me a stupid line that sounds great because after all, how can the original 3 people carry enough weapons on them to "pack a van"? but that works for the OOH AAH factor I guess and is subject to change . . . . UPDATE, IT DID, READ ON AND IF THERE WERE 4 VEHICLES INVOLVED, WHY DID ALL 3 SHOOTERS LEAVE IN ONE?LONG GUNS WERE USED THIS TIME (OOPS, THIS CHANGED ALSO, now it is assault rifles but could end up being a mix) to provide a way for the government to go after hunting rifles. And you can only really carry 2 long guns, they are heavy and I'd challenge anyone to shoot with more than 1 extra strapped across the back, I have never seen that done with long rifles, so this means the "van packed with weapons" story was written by a fool. But that story line is fading as AI corrects it.

"The San Bernardino PD's SWAT team was training nearby when the call came in of multiple shots fired just before 11 a.m. local time, Lieutenant Richard Lawhead told KTLA. They were already suited up and "ready to roll," allowing for a rapid response time." This shooting supposedly took place at a party for disabled people which were predominantly autistic. So the story line is: SHOOTERS SHOOT DISABLED AUTISTIC CHILDREN, DOUBLE SYMPATHY WHACK!, another near promise this is all a set up.

People are skeptical. Here are a few quotes from a popular forum:

"So...a Christmas part on Dec. 2nd, 11:00am on a Wednesday. RIIIGGHHHTTTT. Guy leaves, arms up, puts on tactical gear then gets two friends, arms them up and they dress in tactical gear and they all return and shoot the place up? BWAAHAHAHAHAHA! Even the narratives on this crap are stupid and unbelievable. "

"Of course. Just called up a few buddies, donned their gear and joined in for a mass shooting. Seems likely."

"Interesting - there was a Police "Training event" going on "close by." So the response time was very fast! How convenient!!!"

"one would have to be literally Forrest Gump retarded to not see the same repeating pattern".

My response: Yep.

They got a bloody nose from the fakeness of the canned parenthood show, and thus far have only used assault rifles and hand guns in their shooting ruses. So that has a limited impact on the weapons tyrants fear worse - long rifles, of which the best can penetrate practically anything all the while "assault rifles" are comparative wimps. Long rifles often kick very hard which is undesirable in combat, where people go down a lot easier than bears. All this new take on things proves to me is that they want ALL guns now, including deer and big game rifles.

I think I am coming to this conclusion: As part of the police training exercise that was going on nearby, 3 police officers were sent to the disabled center to "shoot it up" as part of a drill so the rest of the police could get a surprise call for a mass shooter, and respond as if it was a real event. They were all dressed in combat gear, (as such police are) and left in a black SUV (as such police would). That is starting to look like the real story here, and to get a Muslim tie in, later they murdered a Muslim man and probably his wife as the drove away from their home four and a half hours later.

Update: As this story morphs, it looks like they are attempting to establish an "Islamic terror" theme with the key shooter being mad about the event serving pork while he was there doing a health inspection for the state! That is wafer thin, what will they think of next?.

Two shooters (now the only suspects) are dead (how convenient) and were shot to death by police in their car. Man and woman "still dressed in combat gear and fully armed after leaving their home over 4 hours after the shooting". Originally the woman's name was "Tayyeep Bin Ardogan" but they rescinded that possibly for political relations with Turkey and they probably want the end theme to be that this was done by husband and wife so they can explain how this shooting was organized and executed so quickly after Sayeed Farouk (the state health inspector) got pissed about pork being served. Names gotta match for that take on the story. Let's see if they morph the story to two men rather than a man and a woman, because now they already morphed the story from long rifles to handguns and assault rifles and three shooters to two, who arrived in 4 cars and left in one. I am sure situational artificial intelligence has been assigned to comb the web for public opinion and script the story line accordingly, which is why it keeps changing, often in irrational ways.

Maybe tomorrow the story line will be: "Husband and wife Islamic killing team murders autistic children over steamed pork fueled rampage." After all, if this really is being handled by situational AI as it sure appears to be, a computer just might spew that. And I fear there might really be two dead people in this false flag - a state health inspector that needed to be gotten rid of, and whoever was inconveniently with him when they shot up his car.

Turkish reader sent the real history of what is happening in Turkey now

This is what is perceived/known by someone on the ground in Turkey. English is one of the primary languages in Turkey, which explains why this is so well written

Jim. Took your advice and moved to a public facility. I don't live close to a town so this one is an irregular opportunity. I may miss some developments going forwards, but will do my best to stay on top of it.

"So a crisis between the military and the government must be provoked... which has to cause the military leaders to be arrested for 'treason'"

Boom. This one is unfolding live time. The western media has picked it up... but as usual not in correct form. ZeroH - using their 'informed sources' ( Seven arrows owned)Reuters, and (state agit-prop tool)Anadolu wire services, advises

"A court in Istanbul has ordered the arrest of three senior army officers, including two generals on charges of espionage and leading a terrorist group in a case involving the search of Turkish intelligence trucks in 2014.

General Hamza Celepoglu was accused of forming and leading an armed terrorist organization and of trying to overthrow the Turkish government. General Ibrahim Aydin and a retired colonel, Burhanettin Cihangiroglu, were accused of forming and leading an armed terrorist organization as well as spying and trying to oust the Turkish government"

These gentlemen are Gendarmerie officers, NOT "Regular Army officers" - the distinction is critical here. Although formally a part of the Turkish Army, this component is the fault line which the faction in contol in Ankara will exploit to gain mentioned objective. Gendarmerie command reports directly to the Minister of the Interior-not Army General Staff, in all but training matters. This puts their command structure not just in a state of potential conflict of interest, but also allows the would be Caliph to open the attack on the Army without a direct frontal assualt. Classic byzantine intrigue and turkish de-light left hook.

Gendarmerie ... by the way... operate as constabulary in areas outside of municipal type policing. Their role could be deemed similar to that of provincial police - or state troopers. Except that they are HEAVILY militarized. Nothin missing from that Arsenal. They are therefore exactly halfway between police and the regular Army. More on that later.

IF he was to arrest a general of the army - directly under General Staff command - it is known that Erdogan would provoke a crisis in short order. Therefore the intermediate road has been chosen to lead to the showdown in increments. Army staff cannot intervene to save colleagues under command of Interior. But they can receive a clear message.

These officers are 'guilty' of no more than attempting to protect members of their down chain of command. A duty and responsibility well understood by military personnel through milennia. The actual search of the trucks - MIT(turkish state intelligence/like CIA)-hired vechicles busted by chance on orders of a local prosecutor- was carried out by local Gendarmerie personnel. Who are already in jail - for carrying out their public duties on direct order of the civil government! The trucks were carrying weaponry destined for "Syrian rebels" - who actually are Turkish members of the "Grey Wolves" Gladio-style fascist gang fighting in Syria while snugged amongst the local Turkmen minority. Though they are usually aligned politically with the opposition nationalist MHP party, the current government has undercut that alliance by directly funding the para's in attacking Syria - using them as proxy tool in a war that their army has refused to countenance.

There will be many army dining halls today where officers walking in will be looking at each other with the silent question - so when does the other shoe drop? They know better than to openly talk about what has happened - due to the abundance of human and mechanical 'listening devices' spread everywhere in their midst. Erdogan has once again managed to find the perfect tool to divide and confuse his potential challengers - political, military or civil. Fear of being caught in invented coup-mongering is expected to keep most of the officer class from starting to talk amongst themselves.

The government will not move directly against the military - yet. Parsing this move for a look forward, seems that they will use the Gendarmerie as stalking horse. That group has the lead role in fighting against the Kurdish 'rebels' within Turkeys borders - the army is for foreign operations - supposedly. The state is actively encouraging/instigating conflict between the Kurdish PKK and the armed forces - formal and informal. Gangs of guys with Islamist style long beards style are showing up all through the Kurdish regions pretending to be police, They conduct assassinations, instigate riots against Kurdish businesses, leave threatening messages on walls. It's not hard to see that a conflict between the Gendarmerie and the state's jihadi paras is eventually going to be 'engineered' - in which those remaining professional elements in the Gendarmerie will be forced to take action against the state's gangsters in order to conduct their duties... and will be accused of 'treason' for doing so! A purge of all the professionals - to be replaced by the complicit stooges already in place below them, will ensue.

Here's the probable scenario that I couldn't get a handle on two days ago. - Kurdish People's Protection Units (YPG) will shortly try (again)to cross the Euphrates River into the western zone that the crazies in Ankara have declared "off limits" - even though it is Syrian territory(!) The goverment will order the (regular)Army to detach forces from regular missions to secure the area - because it's proxy forces in the region have been severely decimated by the Russkie strikes. (Keep in mind that the Air Force component of the Turkish military has been knocked out of the skies as aftereffect of the Russian bomber downing.The Army will balk.

Curiously enough Jim - Gendarmerie General Command is responsibility for some parts of the Iranian and Syrian borders and the whole Iraqi border by law since 1988. But much much worse...they are also tasked with military police responsibilites - eg. provosts with responsibility over the Army! Truly messy, as we watch whom arrests whom... and counter arrests potentially!

Little by little, as the screw turns, the Army will be forced to either watch helplessly, or take up with talk of a coup - which will be turned against them in no time, like is happening now with the invention of a phony Iranian syping ring to hang blanket guilt on these particular generals.. Iran and Russia - lining up together as now 'unfriendly' neighbors on the borders of this tin pot dictatorship. It is getting more explosive by the minute, with Putin laying out a list of sanctions that will drive home the final nail in the economy's coffin. Sinister thing is... most of the effects of those chosen(agricultural and tourism) will be felt in the western region - whose the voters traditionally go with the CHP opposition - therefore undermining the last cohesive base of potential anti-regime grassroots resistance! Lose/lose again.

Think it may be time to start praying that there is some rare talent for strategic thinking amongst those Army guys. We need a coup very very badly now. I say we, in more than just a domestic sense... because the bottom line with these crazies in Ankara is simply this: if we go down, everybody goes! Wıth so many meddlers in the mix in this neighborhood now, Turkey is a gigantic suicide bomber - with the number of a bombs you have pointed out as already in country, the vest that they may well be wearing when they go! Erdogan cannot risk a repeat of the successful Eygptian coup against his muslim brotherhood buddies - he'll try to take all of us infidels down before allowing it. (these are NOT real Muslims... by the way - they have violated pretty much every tenet of that religion... on a daily basis!)

(One more important note to address. There has also been mumbling in the western press about Turkey's "trump card" being their ability to close the Bosphorus to Russian naval traffic. That is a canard. The only legal way that the wanna be Caliph can close those straits - is under a state of declared war! In peacetime, traffic is legally guaranteed by international convetion to be open to all traffic. Short of declaring a state of war against Russia - the ultimate last round in the roulette revolver - he cannot and will not close those straits to Russian traffic. If you see a confirmed report that they are closed... you will know we are truly in for it!)

Question for you! If you follow any of these zerohedge type collapsenik sites at all, you will have noticed how they steer their readers to 'rootin for Putin,' 'death of the dollar,' basically 'death to america' in essence. Seen from outside the fishbowl, this seems kind of bizarre behavior, or more bluntly, similar to suicide bombers and their vests! Seems less a random trend than a constructed meme designed to encourage Amerikans into participating actively in their own final snuff film. What think you about this - who is steering these people towards self destructive fantasies - and why?

Alright. That already seems like a lot/too much? for a message panel. Feel free to advise as to what you see appropriate in length/format. I could do up some stuff focusing on backgrounders like -the usual suspects(aka cryptos)role behind all of this- the religious dynamic, or the case of who these Kurds are. Send off in an email to your address here as word file from public facility, if that sounds good n secure. Be safe... keep up the great job!

My response: Posted in entirety, this is where WW3 might start so everything is important.

Planned Parenthood is doing make up work after the broad scale bust on their shooting hoax

Planned Parenthood has obviously unleashed an army of trolls, posting bible quotes which "justify and legitimize abortion".

The quotes involve "the breath which gives life" and a so-called abortion potion "priests used to use to cause women to abort" that is "written right into the bible".

Here is their primary argument:

All of it is a lie, as presented:

"What if life doesn't begin at conception? What if the Biblical definition of "life" would allow even the latest of late-term abortions? What if right-wing Christians have it all wrong? To figure out if this is the case, it's best to start at the beginning - specifically, in the book of Genesis. Please turn your Bibles to Chapter 2, verse 7:"

"And the LORD God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul." My comment: So that justifies abortion? Quite the twist! "Since the Bible is the word of God and God is infalliable, anti-abortion fanatics have nothing to complain about. Simply put, life begins when one draws his or her first breath. This, of course, isn't the only reference like this. Job 33:4 reads:

"The spirit of God has made me, and the breath of the Almighty gives me life."

My comment: Nothing about abortion there. The breathing quote is obviously figurative. How does that support abortion? And even if the breathing part was relevant, it is the MOTHERS BREATH that gives the baby life in the womb. The breath is still supporting life for both.

Ezekiel 37:5-6 is also very clear on the matter:

"Thus says the Lord God to these bones: Behold, I will cause breath to enter you, and you shall live. And I will lay sinews upon you, and will cause flesh to come upon you, and cover you with skin, and put breath in you, and you shall live; and you shall know that I am the Lord."

My comment: This describes a process, many of which happen in the womb. Surprisingly (not) Planned parenthood skips the first parts and only focuses on "the drawing of breath". In reality, that particular bible quote says life is sacred all the way to conception.

"Once again, life begins upon the drawing of the first breath. Of course, there does seem to be some leeway (where it is acceptable to kill a baby even after the first breath:) Leviticus 27 makes it very clear that babies have no value to God until they are one month old."

MY COMMENT: Here is the relevant portion of Leviticus 27, which they left out entirely, expecting you to take their word for it:

27 And the Lord spake unto Moses, saying,

2 Speak unto the children of Israel, and say unto them, When a man shall make a singular vow, the persons shall be for the Lord by thy estimation.

3 And thy estimation shall be of the male from twenty years old even unto sixty years old, even thy estimation shall be fifty shekels of silver, after the shekel of the sanctuary.

4 And if it be a female, then thy estimation shall be thirty shekels.

5 And if it be from five years old even unto twenty years old, then thy estimation shall be of the male twenty shekels, and for the female ten shekels.

6 And if it be from a month old even unto five years old, then thy estimation shall be of the male five shekels of silver, and for the female thy estimation shall be three shekels of silver.

So in verse 6, since the lowest age mentioned is 1 month, anyone below that age has no value and it is perfectly OK to kill them! HA HA HA, nice perverted canned parenthood twist there! See how Abortionists skew things? And the topic of these bible verses have nothing to do with abortion! AND NOW ONTO THE "MAGICAL ABORTION POTION" NEXT:

"If anything, Christians should only be angry if a child is killed after he or she takes his or her first breath - especially since God gives them a recipe for a magical abortion potion in Numbers 5:11-31:

My insert: They omitted the following verses immediately before the following which read "The Test for an Unfaithful Wife" to hopefully cause people to take this out of context, and cause them to assume the verses prior said something like "how to expel an unwanted pregnancy". As a correction, I'll put them here:

11 Then the LORD said to Moses, 12 "Speak to the Israelites and say to them: 'If a man's wife goes astray and is unfaithful to him

13 by sleeping with another man, and this is hidden from her husband and her impurity is undetected (since there is no witness against her and she has not been caught in the act),

14 and if feelings of jealousy come over her husband and he suspects his wife and she is impure--or if he is jealous and suspects her even though she is not impure--

Those previous verses were omitted so they could twist the subsequent verses to fit their agenda, implying that the previous verses (above) meant the following was an abortion formula:

15 Then shall the man bring his wife unto the priest, and he shall bring her offering for her, the tenth part of an ephah of barley meal; he shall pour no oil upon it, nor put frankincense thereon; for it is an offering of jealousy, an offering of memorial, bringing iniquity to remembrance.

16 And the priest shall bring her near, and set her before the Lord:

17 And the priest shall take holy water in an earthen vessel; and of the dust that is in the floor of the tabernacle the priest shall take, and put it into the water:

18 And the priest shall set the woman before the Lord, and uncover the woman’s head, and put the offering of memorial in her hands, which is the jealousy offering: and the priest shall have in his hand the bitter water that causeth the curse:

19 And the priest shall charge her by an oath, and say unto the woman, If no man have lain with thee, and if thou hast not gone aside to uncleanness with another instead of thy husband, be thou free from this bitter water that causeth the curse:

20 But if thou hast gone aside to another instead of thy husband, and if thou be defiled, and some man have lain with thee beside thine husband:

21 Then the priest shall charge the woman with an oath of cursing, and the priest shall say unto the woman, The Lord make thee a curse and an oath among thy people, when the Lord doth make thy thigh to rot, and thy belly to swell;

22 And this water that causeth the curse shall go into thy bowels, to make thy belly to swell, and thy thigh to rot: And the woman shall say, Amen, amen.

23 And the priest shall write these curses in a book, and he shall blot them out with the bitter water:

24 And he shall cause the woman to drink the bitter water that causeth the curse: and the water that causeth the curse shall enter into her, and become bitter.

25 Then the priest shall take the jealousy offering out of the woman's hand, and shall wave the offering before the Lord, and offer it upon the altar:

26 And the priest shall take an handful of the offering, even the memorial thereof, and burn it upon the altar, and afterward shall cause the woman to drink the water.

27 And when he hath made her to drink the water, then it shall come to pass, that, if she be defiled, and have done trespass against her husband, that the water that causeth the curse shall enter into her, and become bitter, and her belly shall swell, and her thigh shall rot: and the woman shall be a curse among her people.

28 And if the woman be not defiled, but be clean; then she shall be free, and shall conceive seed.

The Big Guy clearly believes in the right to choose — as long as that choice is made by a man. Sure, the potion is magic but it causes an abortion no matter how you slice it.

My comment: At no point does that scriptural passage say any child would be expelled or any miscarriage would take place, and even if a miscarriage did take place she would still be able to "conceive seed" later which nullifies the entire pretext of this which is obviously instead some magic ritual to make a woman barren by magic if she cheated. So what we have here is a desperate twisting of scriptures to justify an agenda, and such a psychopathic desperate grabbing at straws to justify an abortion agenda ought to be enough to get the writer dragged in to see a shrink!

Aaah yes, canned parenthood. What more would anyone expect?

The obvious real agenda here: To eventually make it publicly acceptable to murder newborns at up to one month of age, (every reference given here is done to hopefully at least justify partial birth abortion, where the baby is delivered alive, and prevented from drawing it's first breath while the brain is sucked out) and additionally, justify killing up to one month of age. Why? So these monsters don't have to fear jail time if they ever get caught murdering newborns in their satanic child sacrifice rituals.

Dec 1 2015

UPDATE: I have now pasted a letter from Iran's Ayatolla Kahmenei below the canned parenthood shooting report a day earlier than I was going to post it because it is a MUST READ.

It is official - Abortion clinic shooting was staged by a leftist liberal pro choice transvestite!

Shootout never happened.

* No officer shot.

* CPR dummy used.

* Shooting staged entirely by Planned Parenthood with willing liberal leftist transvestite accomplice with shady sexual history that includes criminal offenses.

* Damage to the abortion clinic is not from gunfire. It is from a wrecking bar ripping the face off. This is supposed to be shootout damage. How did a shootout totally rip the door frame out and rip the face off the building when it was supposed to be all happening through a window all the while there is not a single bullet hole anywhere? ANSWER: They ripped the face off themselves. There is only huge demolition type damage, why? ANSWER 2: Because this was staged by illiterate "never worked a day in their lives except to murder or leech" abortionists who had no knowledge of anything technical whatsoever, and it was beyond their ability to stage a realistic scene.

* No staff shot

* The mug shots of the "insane attacker" are obvious actor shots, this man is not insane, he is a so called "high intellectual" faking it for the camera. Initial impression looks real, but look again, especially in the side shot - there are no lines on his face that match what would be there if he really had that crazy look all the time, in fact the fake expression is pulling lines that should be there out of his face, plus you can see he is faking it anyway.

* Two un-named people dead with only the CPR doll dead at the scene, and in the news videos they handled it like a CPR doll, it looked like a CPR doll complete with matching hairline, which they handled totally improperly for the claimed injuries. The un-named dead in my opinion strongly supports the theory that Planned Parenthood had plans of killing people ex post facto to be blamed on this hoax.

This is the most shallow fake EVER.

I was skeptical when this story broke on a few of the major forums, but am now convinced completely - they really did use a CPR doll and no bullets were fired AT ALL.

IMPORTANT: An "eyewitness" hit my message window this morning, saying that the shooter ran into the abortion clinic for shelter after robbing a convenience store nearby, and that is why no one in the clinic was targeted. This is why I re-secured the mail window, because I knew that was disinfo and absolutely nothing else of substance on any topic came in, All messages (and an extremely short number of them) were written by the same individual across a few topics, with generic MSM info and nothing more. This proved the mail window had been compromised.


So I totally shrugged off the convenience store robbery lie, and now know the reality - this was a leftist pro planned parenthood actor that staged a ruse. No one shot, and no one will be jailed, THIS SHOOTING IS ALL A COMPLETE HOAX.

I read numerous reports, and none talk about a storming of the building with the police ripping the whole face off, or a severe vehicle impact ripping the whole face off, nothing of the sort, folks, they are staging that demolition damage as shoot out damage and have no other explanation which means they are BUSTED BUSTED BUSTED. And because they are a technically illiterate abortion club, they will never understand why.

Take a look at this letter from Iran's Ayatollah Khameinei!

This letter is exactly what you would expect to see from a high charismatic individual shortly before the battle of armageddon. He lays the geopolitical situation out clearly, despite still playing politics. This one actually scares me.

This got put in the censor bots and triggers auto bans on Twitter. I wonder why!

Permalink this letter here

In the Name of God, the Beneficent, the Merciful

To the Youth in Western Countries,

The bitter events brought about by blind terrorism in France have once again, moved me to speak to you young people. For me, it is unfortunate that such incidents would have to create the framework for a conversation, however the truth is that if painful matters do not create the grounds for finding solutions and mutual consultation, then the damage caused will be multiplied.

The pain of any human being anywhere in the world causes sorrow for a fellow human being. The sight of a child losing his life in the presence of his loved ones, a mother whose joy for her family turns into mourning, a husband who is rushing the lifeless body of his spouse to some place and the spectator who does not know whether he will be seeing the final scene of life- these are scenes that rouse the emotions and feelings of any human being. Anyone who has benefited from affection and humanity is affected and disturbed by witnessing these scenes- whether it occurs in France or in Palestine or Iraq or Lebanon or Syria.

I genuinely believe that it is only you youth who by learning the lessons of today's hardship, have the power to discover new means for building the future.

Without a doubt, the one-and-a-half billion Muslims also have these feelings and abhor and are revolted by the perpetrators and those responsible for these calamities. The issue, however, is that if today's pain is not used to build a better and safer future, then it will just turn into bitter and fruitless memories. I genuinely believe that it is only you youth who by learning the lessons of today's hardship, have the power to discover new means for building the future and who can be barriers in the misguided path that has brought the west to its current impasse.

It is correct that today terrorism is our common worry. However it is necessary for you to know that the insecurity and strain that you experienced during the recent events, differs from the pain that the people of Iraq, Yemen, Syria and Afghanistan have been experiencing for many years, in two significant ways. First, the Islamic world has been the victim of terror and brutality to a larger extent territorially, to greater amount quantitatively and for a longer period in terms of time. Second, that unfortunately this violence has been supported by certain great powers through various methods and effective means.

Today, there are very few people who are uninformed about the role of the United States of America in creating, nurturing and arming al-Qaeda, the Taliban and their inauspicious successors. Besides this direct support, the overt and well-known supporters of takfiri terrorism- despite having the most backward political systems- are standing arrayed as allies of the west while the most pioneering, brightest and most dynamic democrats in the region are suppressed mercilessly. The prejudiced response of the west to the awakening movement in the Islamic world is an illustrative example of the contradictory western policies.

The other side of these contradictory policies is seen in supporting the state terrorism of Israel. The oppressed people of Palestine have experienced the worst kind of terrorism for the last sixty years. If the people of Europe have now taken refuge in their homes for a few days and refrain from being present in busy places- it is decades that a Palestinian family is not secure even in its own home from the Zionist regime's death and destruction machinery. What kind of atrocious violence today is comparable to that of the settlement constructions of the Zionists regime?

This regime- without ever being seriously and significantly censured by its influential allies or even by the so-called independent international organizations- everyday demolishes the homes of Palestinians and destroys their orchards and farms. This is done without even giving them time to gather their belongings or agricultural products and usually it is done in front of the terrified and tear-filled eyes of women and children who witness the brutal beatings of their family members who in some cases are being dragged away to gruesome torture chambers. In today's world, do we know of any other violence on this scale and scope and for such an extended period of time?

Shooting down a woman in the middle of the street for the crime of protesting against a soldier who is armed to the teeth- if this is not terrorism, what is? This barbarism, because it is being done by the armed forces of an occupying government, should not be called extremism? Or maybe only because these scenes have been seen repeatedly on television screens for sixty years, they should no longer stir our consciences.

The military invasions of the Islamic world in recent years- with countless victims- are another example of the contradictory logic of the west. The assaulted countries, in addition to the human damage caused, have lost their economic and industrial infrastructure, their movement towards growth and development has been stopped or delayed and in some cases, has been thrown back decades. Despite all this, they are rudely being asked not to see themselves as oppressed. How can a country be turned into ruins, have its cities and towns covered in dust and then be told that it should please not view itself as oppressed? Instead of enticements to not understand and to not mention disasters, would not an honest apology be better? The pain that the Islamic world has suffered in these years from the hypocrisy and duplicity of the invaders is not less than the pain from the material damage.

Dear youth! I have the hope that you- now or in the future- can change this mentality corrupted by duplicity, a mentality whose highest skill is hiding long-term goals and adorning malevolent objectives. In my opinion, the first step in creating security and peace is reforming this violence-breeding mentality. Until double-standards dominate western policies, until terrorism- in the view of its powerful supporters- is divided into “good” and “bad” types, and until governmental interests are given precedence over human values and ethics, the roots of violence should not be searched for in other places.

Unfortunately, these roots have taken hold in the depths of western political culture over the course of many years and they have caused a soft and silent invasion. Many countries of the world take pride in their local and national cultures, cultures which through development and regeneration have soundly nurtured human societies for centuries. The Islamic world is not an exception to this. However in the current era, the western world with the use of advanced tools is insisting on the cloning and replication of its culture on a global scale. I consider the imposition of western culture upon other peoples and the trivialization of independent cultures as a form of silent violence and extreme harmfulness.

Humiliating rich cultures and insulting the most honored parts of these, is occurring while the alternative culture being offered in no way has any qualification for being a replacement. For example, the two elements of “aggression” and “moral promiscuity” which unfortunately have become the main elements of western culture, has even degraded the position and acceptability of its source region.

So now the question is: are we “sinners” for not wanting an aggressive, vulgar and fatuous culture? Are we to be blamed for blocking the flood of impropriety that is directed towards our youth in the shape of various forms of quasi-art? I do not deny the importance and value of cultural interaction. Whenever these interactions are conducted in natural circumstances and with respect for the receiving culture, they result in growth, development and richness. On the contrary, inharmonious interactions have been unsuccessful and harmful impositions.

We have to state with full regret that vile groups such as DAESH are the spawn of such ill-fated pairings with imported cultures. If the matter was simply theological, we would have had to witness such phenomena before the colonialist era, yet history shows the contrary. Authoritative historical records clearly show how colonialist confluence of extremist and rejected thoughts in the heart of a Bedouin tribe, planted the seed of extremism in this region. How then is it possible that such garbage as DAESH comes out of one of the most ethical and humane religious schools who as part of its inner core, includes the notion that taking the life of one human being is equivalent to killing the whole humanity?

One has to ask why people who are born in Europe and who have been intellectually and mentally nurtured in that environment are attracted to such groups? Can we really believe that people with only one or two trips to war zones, suddenly become so extreme that they can riddle the bodies of their compatriots with bullets? On this matter, we certainly cannot forget about the effects of a life nurtured in a pathologic culture in a corrupt environment borne out of violence. On this matter, we need complete analyses, analyses that see the hidden and apparent corruptions. Maybe a deep hate- planted in the years of economic and industrial growth and borne out of inequality and possibly legal and structural prejudice- created ideas that every few years appear in a sickening manner.

In any case, you are the ones that have to uncover the apparent layers of your own society and untie and disentangle the knots and resentments. Fissures have to be sealed, not deepened. Hasty reactions is a major mistake when fighting terrorism which only widens the chasms. Any rushed and emotional reaction which would isolate, intimidate and create more anxiety for the Muslim communities living in Europe and America- which are comprised of millions of active and responsible human beings- and which would deprive them of their basic rights more than has already happened and which would drive them away from society- not only will not solve the problem but will increase the chasms and resentments.

Superficial measures and reactions, especially if they take legal forms, will do nothing but increase the current polarizations, open the way for future crises and will result in nothing else. According to reports received, some countries in Europe have issued guidelines encouraging citizens to spy on Muslims. This behavior is unjust and we all know that pursuing injustice has the characteristic of unwanted reversibility. Besides, the Muslims do not deserve such ill-treatment. For centuries, the western world has known Muslims well- the day that westerners were guests in Islamic lands and were attracted to the riches of their hosts and on another day when they were hosts and benefitted from the efforts and thoughts of Muslims- they generally experienced nothing but kindness and forbearance.

Therefore I want you youth to lay the foundations for a correct and honorable interaction with the Islamic world based on correct understanding, deep insight and lessons learned from horrible experiences. In such a case and in the not too distant future, you will witness the edifice built on these firm foundations which creates a shade of confidence and trust which cools the crown of its architect, a warmth of security and peace that it bequests on them and a blaze of hope in a bright future which illuminates the canvass of the earth.

Sayyid Ali Khamenei

Soros got kicked out of Russia

I read a report on Pravda earlier today that said Soros and every organization he owns is now kicked out of Russia with threat of prison to any employees who continue to work for Soros, publish his literature or do anything else associated. REASON? Because Soros runs non government organizations that do nothing but destabilize governments and is considered hostile. Now only if Europe would do the same . . . . .

And that reminds me of another topic - there were headlines saying that Russia kicked the Church of Scientology out. This is not true, what happened is that one court in one region (a really important region that is over the center of Moscow) ruled that Scientology is a club and not a religion because Scientology's technology center trademarked some of their coursework in America and religions cannot have trademarks according to laws in that region of Russia.

Scientology is NOT kicked out of Russia, but they have a certain amount of time (I don't have the details because there is so much puffery over this I can't tell who is lying about what) but it all boils down to paperwork changes and it will be business as usual. They are not going anywhere.

One interesting tidbit I did pick up is that evidently what started it all is the org in Moscow installed ultra high res security cameras that could keep a perfect eye on everything in the area to a distance of more than 1.2 miles away, and that got someone's undies in a bundle because that org is very close to sensitive government areas. So someone started digging for ways to cause trouble. Anyway, trouble was caused but it does not look like anything serious will happen.

PUNCH LINE: Church of Scientology is FAR MORE desirable than having Soros around!

Once again Pravda is a good read, There is stuff here that is not anywhere else.


In many places in America, if not practically all of America, you will not be allowed to have an aquaponics setup in your yard. This means no aquaponics setup at all. For the rest of the world, the following is interesting to say the least and I think I might try it myself:


Hi James,

Regarding seeds.... something that for some reason I have been doing for at least two years now is that when I eat any fruit or vegetables with seeds in them I remove/save the seeds and put them in a plastic ziplock bag. I have accumulated: honey dew melon seeds, tons of apple seeds - wild and store purchased, grapefruit seeds, asian apple seeds, plum seeds, orange seeds, pear seeds, grape seeds and lychee seeds.

If anyone wants to learn how to grow food FAST in a very small space and have fish protein as well, I have a huge amount of files on Aquaponics - the combination of hydroponics and aquaculture. One can grow about 4,000lbs of food per MONTH on a 1 acre plot. The growing time increases 10x because it was discovered that the waste from fish is perfect for supplying food to the plants and waste from the plants is perfect for feeding the fish. Instead of being scammed for 100's of $$$$ through ads promoting this technology anyone can go here > < to download PDFs on this topic (including one called the IBCs of Aquaponics - the most comprehensive pdf on this stuff that I have found - which originally is free). One can start off very small inside a house/basement and expand.

It has been said that when you have the system running smoothly you can go from a lettuce seedling to having it on your plate in 21 days! Anyway, I would recommend this to those who really want to take control of their food supply. Also, people should start saving the seeds from the food they eat. Its not difficult to do.

My response: I save seeds that way also. Especially when the fruit comes from people's trees and not the store. If anyone tries this, make sure the seeds have dried out completely before putting them in a plastic bag, I use an open container to make sure they really are dry.

I will have to look into aquaponics. If it can be done with sunlight only, that might be a good urban survival option in an area that allows concrete construction (which would make it possible to put it all on the roof, where it is a lot more likely to be left alone.) America at least has large yards for the houses which will make it possible as well, provided you are left alone to do it (which is a doubtful prospect).


Anonymous wrote: I had a small aquaponics system to grow fish and vegetables in my back yard. It was very inexpensive to set up. You have to keep watching it though. It all worked well for a while. I was happy. Then I got a notice from local township for growing food in my back yard which is illegal in Illinois. I had to dismantle everything in 24 hours. I could have gone to jail. It can be set up in basement but it consumes a lot of electricity in basement and the size will be small. You have to have a certain minimum size to make it work.


If you live in America, what the hell would you go to war for? Imagine having to dismantle such a system in Communist China or face jail! HA HA HA, that would NEVER happen in China, North Korea, Venezuela, Cuba, or any other so-called "HORRIBLE PLACE". If you want to know what bad is, just go to America on more than just vacation, be white, and deal with the bullshit!

Come on now, CIA, FBI, DHS, look at this and think! Who the hell are you working for? What the hell are you supporting? WTF are you doing leading attacks against patriots who are the last stand against such a tyranny?


HA HA HA, America puts criminals in jail! Yep, CRIMINALS, and they are trying to get the public to approve of locking even more CRIMINALS in jail. Fish growing veggie loving CRIMINALS! In Canada the slogan is "steal a bait car, go to jail". In America? Grow a garden GO TO JAIL!

Wanna know why? Because they plan on starving the American people out. The Jewish community hates America to the core, you may think they hate the Muslims but beyond having the ability to rape America of all value they absolutely hate America more than any other nation and the "banker bailout" ought to be enough to prove it. These are the Jews in the luciferian illuminati globalist community (which means virtually all Ashkenazi,) so they are making sure everything appears PLENTY while they write law after law against self sufficiency to make sure no one could ever be.

One day they will spring the trap, there will be no gardens, no one who even knows how to grow food, and they will kill the entire nation off in ONE SHOT unless you go into the camps, where they will chip you and permanently render you a slave. AND IF YOU FIND THIS DIFFICULT TO BELIEVE, JUST LOOK AT THE TESTIMONY OF THIS READER, A TESTIMONY REPEATED OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN BY OTHERS IN AMERICA AND FIRE UP A FEW NEURONS. There has GOT TO be a reason why they hate gardens so much, even a tree frog could read writing that clear!

The writing is ON THE WALL and only those who are foolish to the point of illiteracy can't read it!

It appears a decent Immam sent the following about female circumcision, I WAS COMPLETELY RIGHT:


(Male) circumcision was a cultural thing, since thousands of years before Islam. Prophet Mohammed did not prohibit it and did not require it. There is no evidence that Prophet Mohammed himself was circumcised. Muslims continue the practice because Prophet Mohammed circumcised his grandsons on the eighth day (Jesus also was circumcised on the eighth day). However, it is not a requirement for becoming a Muslim.

A person becomes a Muslim when he says 'There is no God besides God, and Mohammed is his messenger.'

When Prophet Mohammed was told that some people did female circumcision, he prohibited the practice saying that women derived pleasure through that part and it should not be removed. Hence Muslims do not practice female circumcision.

Some Christian tribes in Egypt still practice female circumcision as part of their culture. Nothing to do with Islam. - Your Imam (Islamic Cleric)

My response: I knew Muslims did not circumcise women, and it will be very important to make this point extremely clear, because the Jewish community is now trying to make the world believe Muslims are savages and that they do this to women for the sole purpose of getting people to support a war against Muslims. This is why I came out so strongly on the topic, the lie must be firmly smashed or the war mongers just might get what they want.

Thank you for writing this, and making it clear. I must also make something else clear: Absolutely anyone can declare themselves to be an Islamic cleric and then issue fatwas that are not Islamic, to bash the image of Islam into the sewer. Just because someone says they are an "Immam" or Cleric or whatever in Islam does not mean anyone should believe what they say, real Immams study for that position and do not spew absolutely insane B.S. and if you sent a message like this you are obviously real.

Nov 29 2015

There are two very important mails, one blows right through the censorship in Turkey. Here it is:

Jim, I live in Turkey. It's true, it doesn't really matter how you spell his name, as long as you get the backstory right. The head of the bar of one of the largest Kurdish regions was assassinated yesterday. Now all parts of civil society - from lawyers, to journalists to anybody with a twitter account are under attack from the state and its paras. No longer just faced with jail, but actually being gunned down in the street. The homes of Alevis [15-20% of the populace]Turkeys heterodox "Muslim" grouping are being "x"ed in preparation for the kind of attacks which occurred 20 years ago.

When you consider that Kurds are another some 20%, the ethnic/religious potential for chaos between minorities and the Sunni wackjobs holding power is enormous. So, another m/e country wracked by civil war? Almost certain now. What Erdogan must do first though, is finally gain total power over the Army... which is traditionally a force which removes civilian governments when they stray too far in one direction or other. He cannot move to complete his plans to bring all non-Sunni non-Turk citizens under direct attack until he humbles the armed forces for good. And he can't wait around to do it, because the bombing of ISIS is drying up his supply of cash super fast. The economy is in crash n burn mode, and if he cannot pay his thugs and the loyalist supporters he and his government will join it fast.

So a crisis between the military and the government must be provoked... which has to cause the military leaders to be arrested for 'treason'... just like everybody else is being picked up for now. He needs - and now almost has - total control over the media to pull that stunt off successfully. How they will manufacture it is beyond my reasoning ability... but it will be the next move in this game of russian roulette being played out live time. Guaranteed lose/lose for everybody. That's just how the Turks like to play it! You think the 'refugee crisis' with Europe is bad now... just wait till 10 or 20 million Turks with nothing left to lose start hitting the border all the Syrian who will no longer be getting government funded bivvies.

I'm assuming/hoping that this message system give more anonymity from snoopers than an email or other ways of communicating. I can write down a lot more dope about the situation here, but have no wish to compromise my own.

My response: If you post to that message window from a cyber cafe and not your cell or home computer, there is positively no conceivable way you could ever be tracked down If you are not logged into google or any other account you have, which will track everything you type regardless of where it is posted. If used properly, that message window is the most anonymous channel there is anywhere on the web, PERIOD and to top it off, I wrote the code myself, no one else was around to put back doors in and that is exactly how I wanted it. It is a literal black hole.

Here is how to properly use that message window to have it be perfectly anonymous with no chance of you being tracked: Go to a cyber cafe and totally anonymous computer. LOG IN NOWHERE. DO NOT LOG IN ANYWHERE ELSE AT ALL. Hit this web site as your first hit. Drop your message. Hit "submit query". Leave the cyber cafe immediately. You cannot possibly be tracked in any way whatsoever if you do it that way and I set it all up to make it impossible to track people who use it properly on purpose because I knew people like you would use it.

Thanks for writing!

The following is very important (with regard to seed) and something I never mentioned

Pierre wrote: I had a thought yesterday, if worse comes to worse, I have 20kilo bag of chicken food made up of 5 grains, corn, wheat etc. no reason why I couldnt use that as seed to grow for me, or for the chickens.It is around $1 a kilo so cheap, particularly compared to the $3.60 PER SMALL PACKET of organic GMO free heirloom seeds.

My response: This is VERY important: You have to try growing those seeds first. Start a batch now to see what grows and what does not because During processing of bulk animal foods, most grains are sent through dryers, especially corn, which heat the grains up to drive the water out, and this kills them. They are still fine for food but will not germinate.

If you have even tenuous plans of using any grain that was sold as food for seed instead, you MUST MAKE SURE it will actually sprout first. I suggest taking 10 seeds of each type of grain and see what will grow and what will not. Five grain chicken food is super premium for chickens, and If tshtf, I'd just plant it all and let the chickens free range for it, (of course being careful to save out enough for planting later).


Anonymous wrote: Speaking of missing mail, I signed up to Zerohedge but never received my pw by email TWICE. Was jerked around trying to post on VT as someone screwed up their Yahoo login merchanism for several weeks. They said they had had to rebuild that login method on their site after that. And I was banned from posting at RI but their webmaster says there is no record of anyone requesting it.

There is a guy in Geneva who seems to be behind some of this. Jaroslaw Grabowski is the name. He is an attorney associated somehow with Disqus. On RI I had posted a big long humorous insult to various notorious zios like 'Phil Sphincter' using similar pseudonyms for the other 'usual suspects'. That was what got me banned. Yet the RI webmaster says he has no record of any of what happened. You would think he would just restore my posting privileges there via Disqus, but no, not yet at least. Hopefully he is looking into this.

These blockages and so forth are being applied OUTSIDE of these web sites, of that I am sure, because the people running the sites are not seeing any of it happen until notified by a user like me.

My response: There is absolutely no doubt there is a team of censors operating behind the scene, pre banning people before they even sign up to new web sites, and that team also bans people from web sites outside of the administrative process. If you want to know how this happens, all you have to do is thank CoreVpro technology, Microsoft, gigged routers and countless other back door hacks these people have.

I am certain this web site, even this hosting account, has such a troll on it constantly but once they see the code they know they can't get away with whacking it because it is all hand typed and when someone does the web at that level they are best left alone. Take a look at my code - there is nothing cryptic or software generated at all, it is all elegant precise code.

If they planted a bomb here, it would be obvious, I would find it and all they would do is give me a weapon I could turn around and use on them, and they know it. Additionally, they know they can't insert problems I can't solve. They have DDOS'ed the hell out of this site and it has always run perfect because the server is a juggernaut, I have access to all 16 cores, the bandwidth allotment is there to take it, and I am on the ball constantly and catch DDOS attacks early. One time I missed one for a day I admit, but everything ran fine and the bandwidth allotment was high enough already anyway for it to not cost me a dime. And I shut all attacks down myself with ease.

There are many reasons why this web site stays up, and they are all rooted in good administration skills, strategic planning and knowing what is going on. I can't stop the E-mail from being censored because I have no control over what happens to a mail when it hits the web. But contrary to what a troll sent about how stupid I am for thinking the mail window is secure, it actually is (as secure as possible without encryption) because once someone writing hits send, it is a straight shot back to my server, which never sends the message back over the web to be censored. I actually programmed the server myself to do that with hand typed code, not someone elses compiler that could inject a back door. That was not done in HTML!

Anyway - back to the main point - a troll who walks through back doors and bans people on web sites totally outside all official administrative processes - that is how the mail gets censored and what makes the mail window necessary. Yep, they could wipe the file that makes it all possible off the server and I'd just put it back on, but for the many many people out there getting censored for no reason, and getting slammed off of web sites for no reason site administrators and moderators know about, it is a lot more daunting and a problem even I face. I have discovered by default that I end up being a chameleon when using Linux Live and am extremely difficult to keep out of places, but as far as that goes, it is all a matter of methods and not any particular skill, NO ONE can compete with the troll that owns all the back doors.

The following came in through the message window with regard to my post about female circumcision in today's reports:

Female circumcision

African and malay muslims do circumcise their women. It is a major problem among the rats Australia has let into the country.

More research needed before mouth put into gear.

My response: Mouth into gear just fine and proper. I did say "a few tribes in sub saharan Africa" and if I missed Malaysia that would be a small blunder but I seriously doubt it is common there. If it is, it is not limited to the Muslims, it would be cultural because the fact NOT ONE ARAB OR PERSIAN COUNTRY DOES THIS and even Indonesia does not is stone cold proof that female circumcision is a cultural issue, NOT AN ISLAMIC ISSUE and that was the point. The recent numerous blog posts which claim 95 percent of Muslim women are circumcised are war propaganda pure and simple.


Read the following and think . . . . .

There was an abortion clinic shooting hoax in Colorado. Several things don't wash AT ALL. First of all, if a guy went into an abortion clinic to shoot it up, there would be a lot more than "3 dead with two un named". Supposedly this guy went in, held everyone hostage, and only shot outside the clinic from a window!

So far there is one police officer confirmed dead, and the two other dead will be "named later", (after the local abortion/communist/kike community decides who they want taken out, and sends someone into their homes to shoot them tonight) under the disguise of this stupid fake story.


Meanwhile Obama gets his gun ban on extremely dubious grounds, and if the American people permit it, they are all accessories to murder because in my opinion, everyone at canned parenthood should get life in prison if not executed anyway. To stand on the side of a gun ban in this scenario makes, in my opinion, anyone who does accessories to murder. And that is precisely what a bunch of luceferian communists would want, to get as many people damned to hell as possible over how they side on this.

The story is a lie anyway. Let me tell you how I know:

Supposedly this guy held everyone hostage for SIX hours. Not one hour, not five hours, not three hours, but SIX HOURS, which is a Jewish code for "this is a lie", folks, any time you see six in any news report it is suspicious, see it more than once, double suspicious, see it more than twice and the report is a confirmed lie. When you add this highly suspicious component to all the other highly suspicious details in this hoax, it begins to ooze fakeness like a cracked bottle of saccharin.

Here is an example of how to spot a Jewish media lie: "Six armed men went into a Six flags and fired six shots and stole six hundred dollars. Police arrived six minutes later." You will see a lot of this type of lie being done in the ziopress, and when you do it is automatically, any time "six" shows up a staged report or a totally false report.

THEY HAVE A DEAD POLICE OFFICER, AND TWO MORE "DEAD" NOT NAMED. REMEMBER, CANNED PARENTHOOD IS MURDER INCORPORATED AND LOGIC FOLLOWS THAT THEY WOULD HAVE NO QUALMS ABOUT COMING UP WITH THE NAMES OF THE DEAD TONIGHT AT SAY, 3 AM. IF TWO MORE ALREADY WERE DEAD, THEY'D BE NAMED ALREADY, PERIOD, END OF DISCUSSION. Whatever cover stories they come up with about cute little female abortion doctors with their "lives snuffed short at only age 27" don't believe it, this is a totally unscrupulous aemoralistic organization and there is positively nothing to be trusted in absolutely anything they say, or any scenario they front and I believe they absolutely would use a fake event like this as a front for murder elsewhere.

Here is the quote that hangs the official story:

"The gunman entered the Planned Parenthood building around noon Friday and started shooting from a window. Police surrounded the building, and after an exchange of gunfire and a standoff stretching into the evening, the gunman surrendered."

MY COMMENT: Ok, so some "crazed pro life pro gun nutcase" walked into a planned parenthood clinic and started shooting from a window, and not at all the abortionists inside the clinic? WTF OVER, WHAT KIND OF STUPID TURD WROTE THAT STORY LINE? Irrational, illogical, hoax B.S., sort of like how Arabs managed to hijack 4 airplanes on the same day with PLASTIC KNIVES and "BOXCUTTERS" with 3/4 inch blades, and then fly all planes to their deaths in front of the world's most potent air force with impacts spanning a full two hours. YEAH RIGHT, dear canned parenthood, if you are going to hoax this please, rather than insult everyone's intelligence, at LEAST hire a script writer that can tell a fish story!.

DEAR DAVID, WHEN YOU COME IN, GO TO THAT WINDOW OVER THERE AND MAKE GOOD AND SURE NOTHING HITS INSIDE THE CLINIC. We will let the zio press handle the rest, and make up crap about how people sought a safe room and ran out into the freezing cold in tears, every last one of them avoiding being shot after being forced to run past the man who went in to "kill them" and even after running past him inside, he missed them all outside as he shot out the window (poor them) and YES, at least try to kill someone but make sure it is not one of us. We do it all the time, don't fret!.

But aaah yes, as an emergency backup, they still have those two "unnamed dead". Heads up, if you are an influential pro life truther in Colorado, don't turn the lights out tonight, Planned Parenthood just might be coming for their "unnamed dead".

Other stuff I should go over

Kim Jong threatened to nuke Turkey over Erdogan's support for ISIS. No mention was given as to how those nukes would be delivered, but evidently NK has their flag planted on the sun so I'm sure they have a way.

Drudge did indeed tweet that Obama supports ISIS, and has done it several times, once with references to NATO supporting ISIS as well. Drudge is too far up the ladder to get away with this, so the outcome should be interesting.

Female circumcision ruse = war heads up

Yep, they are at it with the war propaganda again. Evidently there are a lot of people out there who can be tricked into believing Muslims circumcise women as a matter of course. NEWS: They don't do this, and if someone did this to a little girl they'd probably get stoned to death. Female circumcision happens only in a few radical sects in Hinduism and a few back woods tribes in sub saharan Africa. If this ever happened in an Islamic country it would hit the news as a child abuse story there, but YEP, IT WORKS TO GET PEOPLE TO SUPPORT A WAR so 95 percent of Muslim women have been circumcised, don't you know!

Climate conference

After murdering a few people to justify a security crackdown that was needed to keep what I believe are the world's worst criminals safe at the Paris climate conference, I am afraid the NWO crowd just might get their carbon tax in place. And now I'd like to point something out:

What they are saying now is that the temperature has hit a critical threshold to release a huge amount of methane into the atmosphere, methane that is at the bottom of the ocean, trapped in ice near the poles. Their theory is that this will trigger runaway global warming, and that it is now too late to stop. But there is a huge problem with this lie also, and this problem is the fact that more than any other gas, BY FAR MORE THAN ANY OTHER, water vapor is the champion of heat retention and the greenhouse effect.

FACT: By volume and percent, water vapor is over 1000 times the greenhouse gas that carbon dioxide is, and it is approximately 10X the greenhouse gas that methane is, WHEN AT THE SAME VOLUME AND PERCENT, both of which put water vapor thousands of times above either CO2 or methane. This means that in real world terms, water vapor in the atmosphere has thousands of times the impact of methane and millions of times the impact of CO2. If you deleted all CO2 and methane from the atmosphere the water vapor would prevent you from measuring a difference in heat retention. This alone lays bare the hoax of man made global warming.

If you want proof of this, just go out in the dry desert at night and take a nap under the stars. Because there is a very reduced amount of water vapor in a desert, you will freeze your butt off quick, the desert gets extremely cold at night because all the heat just radiates out into space. If there is one thing that lays the climate change scam bare, it is water vapor. Water vapor can be present in the form of a percentage of weight and volume in the atmosphere that methane or CO2 would kill everyone with MANY TIMES OVER, and it is the champion of the greenhouse effect. The influence of water vapor so vastly outweighs that of CO2 and methane that it renders both totally irrelevant.

But when money is there to be extorted via a carbon tax, any old lie will do.

Nov 28 2015

Drone Pilots have Bank Accounts and Credit Cards Frozen by Feds for Exposing US Murder

I don't usually just copy and paste reports into this web site, but this one, from the Free Thought Project needs to be spread far and wide

For having the courage to come forward and expose the drone program for the indiscriminate murder that it is, 4 vets are under attack from the government they once served.

The U.S. Government failed to deter them through threats of criminal prosecution, and clumsy attempts to intimidate their families. Now four former Air Force drone operators-turned-whistleblowers have had their credit cards and bank accounts frozen, according to human rights attorney Jesselyn Radack.

"My drone operators went public this week and now their credit cards and bank accounts are frozen," Radack lamented on her Twitter feed (the spelling of her post has been conventionalized). This was done despite the fact that none of them has been charged with a criminal offense - but this is a trivial formality in the increasingly Sovietesque American National Security State.

Michael Haas, Brandon Bryant, Cian Westmoreland and Stephen Lewis, who served as drone operators in the US Air Force, have gone public with detailed accounts of the widespread corruption and institutionalized indifference to civilian casualties that characterize the program. Some of those disclosures were made in the recent documentary Drone; additional details have been provided in an open letter from the whistleblowers to President Obama, Defense Secretary Ashton Carter, and CIA Director John Brennan.

"We are former Air Force service members," the letter begins. We joined the Air Force to protect American lives and to protect our Constitution. We came to the realization that the innocent civilians we were killing only fueled the feelings of hatred that ignited terrorism and groups like ISIS, while also serving as a fundamental recruiting tool similar to Guantanamo Bay. This administration and its predecessors have built a drone program that is one of the most devastating driving forces for terrorism and destabilization around the world."

Elsewhere the former drone operators have described how their colleagues dismissed children as "fun-sized terrorists" and compared killing them to "cutting the grass before it grows too long." Children who live in countries targeted by the drone program are in a state of constant terror, according to Westmoreland: "There are 15-year-olds growing up who have not lived a day without drones overhead, but you also have expats who are watching what's going on in their home countries and seeing regularly the violations that are happening there, and that is something that could radicalize them."

By reliable estimates, ninety percent of those killed in drone strikes are entirely harmless people, making the program a singularly effective method of producing anti-American terrorism. "We kill four and create ten," Bryant said during a November 19 press conference, referring to potential terrorists. "If you kill someone's father, uncle or brother who had nothing to do with anything, their families are going to want revenge."

Haas explained that the institutional culture of the drone program emphasized and encouraged the dehumanization of the targeted populations. "There was a much more detached outlook about who these people were we were monitoring," he recalled. "Shooting was something to be lauded and something we should strive for." Unable to repress his conscience or choke down his moral disgust, Haas took refuge in alcohol and drug abuse, which he says is predictably commonplace among drone operators. At least a half-dozen members of his unit were using bath salts and could be found "impaired" while on duty, Haas testifies.

Read more Here

Nov 27 2015

NO MATTER WHAT they tell you about Mexican drug lords, "terror attacks" in Paris, or any other "horrible place somewhere else in the world," ALWAYS REMEMBER: There is one U.S. city that beats all terror attacks all mass shootings and all Mexican drug lord murders combined EVERY SINGLE YEAR, YEAR AFTER YEAR, and that city is Chicago. The tally for the last 365 days? 2703 shootings and 440 deaths. TOP THAT, "ISIS (tm)" and remember, that is only one U.S. city!

Want to know how big of an impact the Russian jet shoot down had? What can I say other than to take a look at Pravda right now!

Everyone is downplaying this at least a little it seems, the Pravda web site headlines make it all clear, plain as day.


Here is the deal: (and you can't deny this). War is so apparently on the horizon that if you have not prepared in any way whatsoever, YOU SHOULD DO IT NOW.

I'd bet you think it will cost you thousands and there is a mountain of things you need to do. NOT SO! Super basic survival preparation can be done on the CHEAP.

Let's assume you are staying where you are - (practically everyone will,) - for virtually all people "bugging out" is just a romantic idea. Let's be serious here. Ok, so you are staying put. Here is the most basic thing you could ever do that will have zero damage on your image (you won't "look like a nutter") and practically ZERO impact on your wallet.

I have given bug out advice in the past. That is not what this is.

You need calories. At the end of the day, that is what it all boils down to. For meat just eat pigeons or whatever, you can forget getting it in war and you can't really have chickens anywhere in America without a snoot nosed neighbor turning you in. And you have to have them before the war. Damned if you do, and you will be damned without them so accept the catch 22.

Anyway, here is the cheapest solution that will keep you alive possible:

Go to a grocery store, such as Sams Club or (if you are lucky) any other store that sells bulk basics. Did you know you can get a 50 pound bag of flour, all clean and nice and prepared for about $20? Heck, you can even find it for $15 if you are lucky. One of those bags would keep you going for a long time. Get 10 and hide them so no one thinks you are a nutcase. They will hatch bugs in a couple years, but if we are still around in one piece that long from now who cares and a sifter will get the bugs out anyway. With only flour and water, you can make unleavened bread. If tshtf and it all goes crazy, I promise, no street thug is going to take your flour, they don't know what to do with it and probably would not even know what it was. And you have a gun and bullets already anyway, RIGHT? Better say yes . . . . .

In my opinion, unground wheat is a bad idea because it is difficult to prepare and people are not familiar enough with it. Having a few big bags of rice and oats would be good . . . .

Ok, to get it all more edible, it would really help to go out and buy at least five gallons of oil and even though many oils are not the best, ANY OIL AT ALL is a thousand times better than none, just get what you can afford. Salt is cheap, get that. 10 pounds of salt. I'd also get about 20 pounds of BAKING SODA. Do not get baking powder, I MEAN BAKING SODA. If you have oil, salt, and baking soda to go with that flour, you can make survival LUXURY bread. It also would not hurt to have 100 pounds of sugar . . . . remember, the huge bags are CHEAP, they make the small bags (5 pounds and less) look like a total ripoff. Value starts at around 25 pound bags, and sugar is really a good thing to barter with.

No matter how bad things get, if you know a thing or two about plants, you can get enough greens out of your environment. THE KEY TO EVERYTHING IS HAVING BREAD. That is the root of it all, and if you want meat or anything else of the sort after a huge disaster, well, you can have beef jerky food storage fantasies all you want, but if you have not prepared yet it is probably too late for the nice stuff, but you WILL survive on bread. And you will, because you are surviving, find a way to put something on that bread, even if it is just . . . . . . a pigeon.

Nov 26 2015

Happy thanksgiving!

No holiday doom predictions, because thus far "they" have skipped holiday attacks in America.

EMIL WROTE: Erdogan, not Edrogan.

My response: Thanks! Another Su-25, And you know, if it was not for maintaining the credibility of this web site I really would not care, for all I care any noise a blender sucking thick glop down would do for naming that guy, traitor to his people and practically the entire world he is. Think about it, ErdoganEdroganerdogan, the sound of a blender having thick glop bounce up and down inside of it when the top is off . . . . . good enough. And yes, I am confident Erdogan is Israeli Mossad. He is at least definitely Jewish, despite any public face he may put on.

Many thanks to the many people who sent their thoughts my way this thanksgiving, and once again I hope it goes well for everyone!

On another note:

I have been thinking lately, especially for the last couple days that an all out war started by Russia is the only solution to problems now. This is because of the complete and total hypocrisy of the Western countries with regard to ISIS, and their failure to back down after being completely caught. They just keep repeating the same old sound of a failing tire over and over and over again, something is going to blow soon because quite rightfully, good thinking people should have had enough.

I can only hope that this is all not just a stupid totally transparent setup by Communist forces, which probably still own Russia, DEFINITELY still own china, - a setup by them to make the West look so horrible (via their plants in Western governments) that no one cries when the west gets blown away, in a manner which would look totally righteous and deserved. We all know who the "communists" really are . . . .

And on another note - Drudge had a report up about new Chinese war robots called "NOBODY" robots that are the size of large remote controlled cars and totally lethal. China's only fear with them is that they can be picked up by anyone and stolen. They are totally mobile across any terrain, with dual tracks on both sides (a total of 4 tracks) so they cannot get stuck anywhere, and can go anywhere. Evidently they are independent thinking and totally autonomous. Lethal little robots for a sticker price of well under $1000.

Russia blew away a convoy of Turkish trucks after it was confirmed Edrogan gave order to shoot down

This means it was pre planned, 17 seconds is not long enough to call the President of any nation and get a heads up. This undermines the official word from Turkey badly.

UPDATE: This happened before the Russians shot up the Turkish convoy: Erdogan said Russia's reaction to the plane shoot down was "emotional and unfitting!" HA HA HA, and then Edrogan gets whacked for real for being where he should not be . . . . .

So far this has not been in the MSM, (it happened less than an hour ago) but it appears confirmed:

At 6:56 AM Eastern Standard time on Thanksgiving day, the Russian Air Force totally annihilated a convoy of Turkish trucks that were operating illegally inside Syria. Turkey reports that at least seven Turks are dead, ten or more injured. Turkey also claims the convoy was a "relief convoy" and says Russia has now committed "an act of war."

My comment: Things are heating up, and if Turkey is inside Syria after shooting down a Russian plane, regardless of circumstances, all I can say is "Relief convoy?" I doubt it, and fair game because they should not be inside Syria for any reason whatsoever.


There will probably be war, and they want information stopped I let the box sit for a few days, went in, saw a screen full of what looked like great mails. Then somehow I must have back arrowed, went back in, and in the 30 seconds the computer hung every single decent looking mail vanished. This means they have many many people assigned to that mail box, and for some reason did not get into it to wipe everything out until they got a ride in when I logged in. There is no conceivable way one person could have wiped a box that full that clean of all decent content that fast, leaving only spam and garbage and I watched it happen right in front of me.

They screwed up this time and I was able to see it happen. The fact they are doing this and were able to do it all so quickly probably means they have ramped up information control which is a symptom of impending war. They know that if I get anything decent it will be published. Anyway, too late with a lot of it.

Trump saw Muslims celebrate on 911?

NOPE. Here is what happened: The media aired footage of an Islamic EID festival and falsely stated it was Muslims celebrating the attacks, all the while the Jewish communities shut down streets in their neighborhoods and had MAJOR CELEBRATIONS. And if you doubt they would do that, FIVE DANCING ISRAELIS stand in the evidence pool as testimony as well. People I knew that were close to a Jewish area in New York said the street parties really happened. Perhaps that is what Trump really saw.


Nov 25 2015

Early reports said it was an SU-25 which is subsonic. Later reports said it was an SU-24, which is a high performance supersonic aircraft. An Su-24 is an entirely different situation, Russia has a very good reason to get revenge. Putin has called the attack a planned provocation. Edrogan basically admitted the shoot down by claiming he was protecting Turks from bombardment, Turks that are predominantly in a buffer zone Edrogan set up in Syria.

Previous errors I posted are now corrected.

It appears confirmed Turkey has lied about EVERYTHING

It's Christmas at ground zero, there's panic in the crowd. So we'll dodge debris as we trim the tree underneath a mushroom cloud.

Now the surviving pilot has said they received no warning from Turkey, and that they were well inside Syria. A good reason to shoot them as they parachuted down I guess, shucks, missed one! Additionally TURKS OBVIOUSLY CAN'T DO MATH WHEN LYING. According to their numbers, the SU-24 was flying impossibly slow.

A good point has been made by many people about the stall speed of an Su-24, but all calculations I have seen are wrong. This has to be corrected or trolls will bash a totally legitimate point to pieces.

What I have here is more accurate than other calculations out there, which will be important for battling against trolls. More variables are included and no errors made. But everyone is right (even those who made errors are right:) Turkey lied, their story is impossible. Others reached this conclusion with easily debunked errors and when you are trying to force a point in front of trolls and others, errors are crucial. I'll get to this (but first a couple details).

The Turks released a tape of themselves telling the Russian jet to leave their airspace, and Russia then released radar records that show they never violated Turkish airspace. The tape can be faked. The radar records could be faked as well, however, there are many radars in many countries, and only one tape from Turkey. So yeah, perhaps the radar could be faked, but how many times over and how much cooperation would be needed? Nato has now said Russia did go into Turkey, but what do you expect from liars who front outfits like ISIS? And Turks violate the airspace of other nations multiple times daily, with more than 2,400 violations of Greek airspace in 2014 alone. No Turkish jets shot down . . . . Some boys just can't play fair . . . . I'll side with Russia on this one for a very good reason: The math of the situation proves Turkey lied about airspace violation anyway.

Here is the math:

According to the numbers Turkey provided, the jet was in their airspace to a depth of 1.36 miles on a path of 1.15 miles for a total of 17 seconds. Ok, let's calculate this out -

5280*1.15=6072 feet traveled. 072/17= 357 feet per second.

If 60 mph is 5280 feet per minute, that is 88 feet per second. 357/88 = 4.058 miles a minute. *60 = 243 miles per hour. Can an Su-24 even fly that slow? Hmm, let's look this up . . . . . yes, it can fly as slow as 143 mph if a landing is intended AT SEA LEVEL. But as you go up in altitude, stall speed increases because there is less air. At 18,000 feet, average atmospheric pressure is only 500 millibars, which is half that of sea level. Half the lift then . . . . . stall speed now equals 286 mph. 286 is more than 243 mph the Turkish numbers add up to, TURKISH STORY IS B.S. (others made an error here, saying 243 km/h which can be easily debunked,) THE SPEED IS MILES PER HOUR, NOT KM/H but due to the difference in lift at altitude the story still holds.

Additionally, this aircraft in all forms is designed to exceed mach 1 AT SEA LEVEL. Newer versions sacrifice speed for efficiency, and can go a max of mach 1.35 at high elevations. Old versions were much faster, able to go Mach 2 at high elevations. Both can go over mach 1 at sea level. No mention was given by Russia as to what version this was. In any case, there is no conceivable way anyone would have attempted to fly this plane at 243 mph at 18,000 feet unless they wanted to go into an uncontrolled stall and crash. Any way you cut it, 243 mph is below even world war 2 speeds and is completely ridiculously slow.

My conclusion:

Beware of errors saying the plane was flying 243 km/h. This is inaccurate and can be easily debunked and once trolls find a straw man, they use it to bash the truth. It is a coincidence that this plane happens to have a stall speed of 243 km/h at sea level and Turkey's numbers add up to a shoot down flight speed of 243 mph. This has caused confusion.

NOT TO WORRY, Turkey still lied because this jet was at 18,000 feet, which massively increased the stall speed due to thin air at altitude. At the altitude this plane was flying, the stall speed was actually 286 MPH which makes the Turkish scenario flatly impossible, and it is inconceivable even the worst combat idiot would ever fly anywhere close to stall speed even if shot and attempting to dead stick dead engines back to base.

Nov 24 2015

Turkey shot down a Russian SU-24

Update: Pilots shot while parachuting

UPDATE: Rescue helicopter shot down

NEXT: Major war.

Turkey shot down a Russian fighter jet with an air to air missile when the Russian jet was 1 KM away from the Turkish border, operating at 18,000 feet.

The shoot down is a serious issue for a couple big reasons - 1. It proves that America and America's allies fully intend to support "ISIS" to an extent which proves that ISIS is just a smokescreen for American aggression. And 2. The Turks are no ordinary American ally. The Turks are "allies" to such an extent that they have 25 American nuclear warheads at their disposal, ON THEIR SOIL, loaded on their planes, awaiting orders from the U.S. to deliver them to targets in the area. I bet you did not know that, YES, America handed nukes to Turkey decades ago. There are also two very large NSA bases there, in Sinop and another beneath the area around Hippodrome so Turkey is in America's back pocket to say the least.

This shoot down is a huge problem because it delivered with certainty the message that has been long suspected of being true - that America and others in the region will support ISIS even if it involves destroying high value Russian targets. Shooting down a Russian fighter jet is no small issue, and it is likely to only get worse from here - how do you escalate beyond shooting down fighter jets? It is the same as shooting at an aircraft carrier.

I strongly suspect the shoot down orders were given because this particular SU-24 was threatening a totally Jewish/American terror cell, and Nut Yahoo did not want "David" blown up. Israel/America absolutely would escalate this type of conflict to that level if they were definitely going to get their own boys hit by an air strike that did not involve a 45 minute Obama warning (Yes, before America bombs ISIS(tm) they drop leaflets an hour ahead of time) so "David" won't be hurt. The Russians do no such favors.

If Turkey really was in the battle against ISIS, they would have welcomed the presence of a Russian aircraft fighting "ISIS" near their border. This shoot down really does say it ALL.

Nov 23 2015

Two interesting developments:

1. A high ranking figure in Dubai's government has stated in no uncertain terms that the Mossad brought down the Russian jet.

2. Russia has officially stated, not just in back room mumblings, that America is ISIS, funds ISIS, supports ISIS, the whole 9 yards. And that is quite a development, because by saying that it has basically been officially stated that Russia is at war with America, though they are using Syria as a proxy on the ground and only providing material, intelligence, and air support.

I find the hypocrisy of countries like France and England with regard to ISIS to be like a belly full of rotten mustard. And most likely Russia has that feeling, but just does not want to deal with it openly for the time being. But I would not be surprised if Russia's patience with ALL of it ran out fairly soon.

If France was not a bold faced liar in their supposed "war on ISIS", the Bataclan scene would have been different. If the Mossad or whoever could ever pull a stunt like that one and get away with it, it really leaves room to question who really owns France.

Russia calls West's bluff - Nuclear support to Iran and Egypt

Russia will be providing nuclear enrichment equipment to Iran To allow Iran to export enriched uranium back into Russia, and will be building Egypt a new nuclear reactor. Two more nuclear reactors have already been discussed for Iran.

Iran's current gigawatt reactor would be enough to produce the fuel for many many bombs if it was designed for it, it far surpasses Dimona in Israel and could be classified as a reactor of maximum output. If Iran really wants a bomb, they will get it one way or another. Iran has had a private nuclear program with perfectly capable nuclear engineers for decades, why no bomb yet? Sanctions cannot explain that one, the Iranians are not a bunch of pathetic retards and nukes are simple to do now. Any of the modern high speed mosfets are perfectly capable of handling the job of "nuclear switch", and the rest is just having the correct amount of fuel and neutron reflectors . . . . . plus a few other variables that any good engineer can handle. Gun nukes need only basic materials and can do a lot . . . . The fact Iran has no nukes simply means they really did not pursue them. Russia built the current reactor after many delays, and two new ones at the same location are probably on the way.

The proposed reactor in Egypt is similar, and the fact that Russia is supporting a nuclear future for Egypt and Iran speaks volumes about what Russia really thinks of ISIS, and what Russia really thinks of the entire "Islamic terror" meme. If they were worried about "terror" no Islamic country would stand a chance of getting anything nuclear from Russia, and that alone speaks volumes about who the "terrorists" really are.

I wonder what Iran will think when they see the real stuff, and learn that "centrifuges" are partially B.S. without a few cute simple add-ons.

Highly probable: Police shot up music video shoot in New Orleans

The story about 16 being shot at a music video filming in New Orleans does not wash.

Story line:

After answering another call in the area, the police noticed an "un authorized" block party taking place in a park and went over to break it up. Shots rang out.

HERE IS THE PROBLEM: The police did not respond to gunfire, it was not a response to a shooting. Police went, "shots rang out" and no police were shot. Please add 1+1. Thank you.

A Guy Rode His Bike Through Iran, And What He Saw Will Likely Surprise You

Everyone he meets is more awesome than you can imagine.

A blogger and adventurer who travels the world on an old motorbike has just made a fascinating video about his experiences in Iran. Considering the vast majority of us have very limited knowledge of the country and are influenced heavily by negative media representation, it's an insightful and much-needed look at the reality of life there.

Ed March went to Iran as part of an epic trip on a Honda C90 from Malaysia to the UK. He admits he was nervous about going, but everyone who had been said it was a wonderful country. Ed decided to go for it, and it ended up being his favorite part of the journey so far. Basically, Ed quickly discovered that Iranians are amazing people. Everyone he passes wants to give him something for free: a pen, an orange, some food, whatever. They all smile and say hello, they want to know where he's from, they invite him to eat.

"Everyone acts like your friend's grandmother," Ed says, shocked at the sheer scale of generosity and hospitality he's receiving. "And when I say everyone, I mean everyone."

Positive portrayal of Iran (which looks like a beautiful country, too) is pretty much non-existent in the mainstream media. We shouldn't be surprised to hear that Iranians are such warm and lovely folk, but years of misrepresentation have managed to persuade us otherwise. Ed, who has made a film about his trip, gives his opinion on why there is so much negative propaganda against the country. "Call me cynical," he says, "but I think it's so that when America does invade there's not going to be any public resistance, because people have been conditioned to believe Iran is evil."

There is a video at the link:

Nov 22 2015

Trump donned a suicide vest and blew himself up.

What could trump do to blow himself out of the political universe? How about this: After the "ISIS(tm)" attacks in Paris, Trump said we need a more powerful surveillance state so we can "fight the terrorists" better. Yep. Terrorists this week, and you know who next. Either Trump is totally politically illiterate or he is playing the game.

If Trump said this, in my opinion he is out, and I really don't know who can replace him. One way or the other though, a statement like that is political suicide, and it could very well be game over for Trump.

At the time Trump said this, it had already been announced that the "surveillance state" now steals more from the American people via the totally sham "asset forfeiture" venue than ALL THEFTS IN AMERICA COMBINED. This means, that via asset forfeiture, the same state we are supposed to trust to protect us from "ISIS(tm)" steals more from the American people by taking any cash they find people carrying, or any property they can even spuriously claim was "involved in a crime" than every street thug, every bank robber, every car thief, - every single jerk that ran off with someone's generator COMBINED.

"Asset forfeiture" is not about "stopping crime."

If you believe "asset forfeiture" is about stopping crime, get a load of this: A while back I used to 4x4 a lot in the back country (as part of bug out preparations, to be familiar with it all). And I knew very well to stay on the trails, because in my area the police had a history of stealing trucks for practically any infraction, including pulling off the road beyond the pavement on even a paved state highway - ANY excuse to take property was used to take property. The only reason why a huge number of trucks were not stolen was that there were not many police in the back country. But enough got taken to get people talking big time. And this was enough to prove, plain as day, that the "crime" excuse used to front "asset forfeiture" is a load of BUNK And we now need to make these "protect and serve" thugs even more powerful by handing them "increased surveillance?" Way to go, Trump! I hope to God Trump was only being stupid when he said that, but seriously doubt it

A few more quick things -

1. "ISIS(tm)" has attacks planned for today, the most notable being at a World Wrestling tournament. Whatever. If it happens, you can't blame Snowden.

2. Former CIA director James Woolsey says Snowden should hang for making the terrorist attacks in Paris possible. MY COMMENT: DEAR WOOLSEY FOOL: You directed the CIA. That means you can't tell me that Snowden can be blamed for those attacks when the entire Jewish community was warned about them beforehand. NSA failure because of Snowden? IF SO, HOW DID THE JEWISH COMMUNITY KNOW? Dear Woolsey, you can't pull yourself over my eyes, or the eyes of anyone else with any sense, you KNOW TOO MUCH TO SAY THIS HONESTLY if you directed the CIA and are only playing people's ignorance - HA, the Jews knew all about it yet the NSA failed? Don't the Jews RUN THE NSA?

3. All power is out in Crimea after rebels blew the power lines feeding in from Russia in 4 places. Can't say what good that would do from a strategic standpoint, but they did it.

4. Don't believe the war propaganda

There is a classic piece of war propaganda floating around the web that was supposedly written by a veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan, saying how bad all the Muslims are and how "clean cut" looking Muslims you would never suspect of anything rape their children and every woman in sight, with the women constantly cowering in fear, and it goes on line after line ad nauseum.

FACT: Practically all war propaganda involves rape of innocents on a massive scale by the "enemy" that is supposed to be attacked. This is to make the enemy look totally unworthy of all sympathy and totally deserving of annihilation. PROBLEM: In this day and age, a very large number of people simply are not stupid enough to buy war propaganda anymore, especially with the web, so spurting off a piece like that is risky business, plenty of people are going to call B.S.


This is an old classic - During World War 2, the Japanese people were told that before an American man could become a soldier, he had to kill his parents to prove he was heartless enough to do battle. The Japanese propaganda outlets then said: The American soldiers killed their own parents, what will they do to you and your family?

The Japanese believed it, and it showed in the way they fought the war. Kamikaze pilots were common, and it is a fact that the first people to break the sound barrier were Japanese soldiers piloting human guided bombs into American warships. The very first guided bombs were in fact Japanese on suicide drops, with their last acts being to pilot bombs into warships. Why would the Japanese go to such lengths to protect their homeland? Because they believed the B.S. the propaganda outlets in Japan fed them.

So when you hear about all the child rapists in the Arab world, or see an ISIS attack on World Wrestling, REMEMBER THIS LESSON FROM THE JAPANESE, war propaganda works GREAT!

Pardon me while I shred a lie


Before getting going on this, I want to just say something: The Jewish community is going for broke, hoping people never think and never check facts, and if they check facts, the Jews are hoping no one will be able to understand them while they try to put the pieces together. What I have here below is one of their created fabrications, splurted to make everyone believe the Bataclan was not done by the government or powerful people when we have all the evidence we need to prove it definitely was with 1 photo, that totally SHREDS the lie, given as "testimony by a commando". Let's get going.

The lies will be in plain text, My bust of the lies will be in bold.

Ok this lie was pulled from NBC news, which means it is what they are going with officially:

"When elite French commandos stormed the Bataclan concert hall last Friday night, they found hundreds of people laying on the floor, blood everywhere - and an eerie silence."

My bust: Here is the Bataclan scene, to the left. There were not hundreds of people laying on this floor at any point ever, because if there was, the blood would not have been able to flow out in neat streams because people laying on the floor would have blocked it and there would also be footprints and trample marks everywhere, left by survivors as they got up to leave. And if "they" make the excuse that EMT's got them all out of there, they would still leave footprints.

ADDITIONALLY AND PERHAPS MOST IMPORTANT: If survivors really were on this floor, wounded by gunfire, there would be abandoned blood patches everywhere, left by survivors as they got up to leave. The fact there are none proves this entire testimony given to NBC is a bold faced lie.

The only people ever killed were those killed for this photo, and this photo took at least a half hour after the shooting stopped to set up, with dead bodies dragged and placed where they are by someone wanting a horrible scene set up, and not by any "gunmen" who would never take the time to do that. So statement 1 is a lie.

Jeremy, captain of the commandos, revealed details of how the operation played out in an exclusive interview with NBC News' Lester Holt - on condition that his last name not be used.

Among the revelations:

Commandos had to ignore the moans of the wounded to find the terrorists. The jihadis identified themselves as "soldiers of the caliphate." "Negotiations" with the shooters included "classic political demands" about French operations in Syria.

The negotiations were an excuse to buy time to murder innocents.

My comment: How long does it take to "murder innocents" with automatic weapons? With the right clips and an M-16 and a good aim, one guy could technically wipe out 300 a minute. Body count is TOO LOW for this to be true. How long did it take for "commandos" to get there anyway? Does France have commando teams ready for delivery to any location faster than any pizza would ever make it, traffic not even considered? HELL NO, the fact "commandos" were even used in the story proves it is TOTAL BULLSHIT.

"We discover like a hell on earth," Jeremy said. "No sound. Nobody was screaming. Nobody were moving because they were afraid of the terrorists."

MY BUST: Your story has THREE terrorists, NOT five, NOT 8, 10 16 or whatever it would take to keep control of such a crowd, and your lie also then proves that the FIVE people standing at the top of the bataclan photo were NOT TERRORISTS, all standing there, doing nothing while people bled out on the floor, WHO WERE THEY THEN?

You can't say they were terrorists in that photo, because if they were, they would still have "hundreds of survivors laying on that floor, cowering in fear". WHO WERE THEY? I'll guess. They are Mossad, or better yet, ISIS INCORPORATED, an American death contractor and they murdered all the people on that floor below and set up this brutal photo, THAT'S WHO.

Uniformed police first to respond to the scene had managed to shoot dead one terrorist, but two more remained holed up in a second-floor room - with hostages.

Jeremy's unit - the BRI - systematically and carefully went room to room. That meant the commandos had to ignore the pleas of the dying and wounded — which was brutal, Jeremy said.

"A lot of people... ask us to help them because they were wounded, bleeding and we had to say no — we have to find first the terrorist," he told NBC News. "It was difficult for the guys, for the men on the team."

My comment: Though this is all said in a way that sounds plausible, it does not match the photo in any way whatsoever. the photo of it all proves this really is not what happened and there are logical fallacies all through the so called "testimony" which prove the events surrounding this testimony never happened.

The article is very long and contains other total logical fallacies, such as "the terrorists were buying time to kill people" and then "Commandos stormed a room with 20 survivors, and where shot at over 20 times" which has to be false, because if the "terrorists were buying time to kill people" they would have simply emptied the 20 plus bullets into the people they had in the room the police stormed and moved on to kill more people elsewhere. A THREE YEAR OLD WROTE THIS LIE FOR NBC NEWS, MY GOD, HOW STUPID ARE THEY TO EVEN PUBLISH THIS?

FACT: Nohemi Gonzalez was CONFIRMED ALIVE and UNHURT long after these attacks were over, and ended up dead. This can only mean she was taken into custody, murdered, and used to get a correct body count BY THE FRENCH GOVERNMENT AND NO ONE ELSE. It is physically and tactically impossible for it to be any other way, the laws of physics WILL BE OBEYED, you can't just send a bullet through a time warp, Nohemi Gonzalez is the END of the official story, but they have to say something, ANYTHING, - the lie must go on because the survival of the French authorities depends on it. They did this, they screwed up, and they HAVE TO keep on spewing B.S. "OR ELSE."

FACT: The Bataclan NEVER does ANYTHING with just a bare concrete floor, they have movable floors and movable seats, and can arrange the theater any way they want, but it NEVER EVER EVER and I mean EVER has a bare concrete floor for ANY show because the honor of the theater is always maintained, which means that the concert was over, the floors and seats were pulled back, people were murdered on bare concrete to avoid screwing up a beautiful floor MUCH LATER, LONG AFTER ANY PRETEND ATTACK ON A CONCERT, and then this photo was staged.

I BET: Since it is easily proven via the mysterious death of Nohemi Gonzalez that they brought people to the scene and murdered them there, I would bet that France also, among those bodies, has a fair amount of political undesirables they rounded up and used to stage this photo. MOST LIKELY, NOT ALL OF THE BODIES IN THIS PHOTO WERE EVER AT ANY CONCERT. I'd bet. I'd bet practically anything . . . . .

Nov 19 2015

Do not believe any of it!

The Jews are trying to sell a war on Islam in the name of ISIS, BUYER BEWARE.

1. "Islamic ISIS" did not attack France, but someone definitely did. 2. No Syrians were caught at the Mexican border, as it turns out the story is a HOAX with no one in custody, after nothing at all happened at an official border crossing on the international bridge in Laredo Texas. But most people will just read the Drudge headline and swallow the deception bait, thinking 8 heavily armed monsters were busted on a mountain peak somewhere along the border . . . .

I can tell you exactly what the real source of terror is. And I am going to. Folks NEVER FORGET, NEVER FORGET:!


Originally posted on Sep 11 2015

FBI says 'Australian ISIS jihadist' is actually a Jewish American man in Florida named Joshua Ryne Goldberg. There were no ISIS 911 anniversary attacks in 2015 because they were all set up by this JEW and the FBI busted him just on time!

This Jew also claimed "ISIS" responsibility for Pamela Geller's staged shooting in Garland Texas! Hopefully Pamela is next!

There is a LOT more to this story than that.


UPDATE: I PRESERVED THE ENTIRE AFFIDAVIT IN GIF FORMAT TO MAKE IT EASY TO SAVE AND SHARE. You can also download it directly from the FBI in PDF format ARCHIVE AND POST!!! . . . and now, read a nice salient portion in transcribed type below. This says it all, the biggest bust of the Jews in American history.

Here is the FBI's bust of the Jews as ISIS:

Hello , this is Australi Witness. you might know me for inspiring the attacks in Garland, Texas, where two Mujahideen entered an event mocking the Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) with intent to slaughter the Kuffar in it. When I encouraged the attacks in Texas, my biggest inspiration was the Australian Muslim Human Rights Activist...(MV).. who has worked tirelessly and diligently to outlaw blasphemy against Islam in Australia. Any true Muslim knows that blasphemy against the prophets of Allah (SWT) is a capital crime which cannot be tolerated under any circumstances, and M.V's work has provided me with a great deal of inspiration. All who defame the Prophet (PBUH) must be crushed.

Recently I met two mujahideen online - one in Los Angeles and one in Melbourne - and I have successfully encouraged them to carry out Jihad in their respective cities. Both of these mujahideen will, using guns, shoot up local synagogues where the maximum amount of Jews are praying. The entire thing was my idea, and I helped them every step of the way. I gave them the idea in the first place, I pointed them to local synagogues, I helped them coordinate the attacks. All of this was done over the internet.


For those wondering about me, I currently live in Perth. I came to Australia as a refugee from Lebanon, and my parents were coconuts who have no idea of my involvement with Jihad. For many years I worked at . . .in my last year working at . . . I met some Muslim brothers who introduced me to the Islamic State. I was immediately enamoured with the Islamic State's ideology, and I quickly became a Mujahid. After becoming a Mujahid, I have dedicated my life to striking fear into the hearts of the Kuffar and coordinating acts of Jihad around the world. I cannot disclose where I currently work, but it is a respected human rights organization. I present myself as a moderate in real life, and the police have absolutely no idea who I am. I am widely upheld as a pillar of my community, and nobody would ever suspect me for anything. You have no chance of finding me.

To the Jews: You killed the Rasul (SAW) and he died a Shaheed. Any Muslim who truly loves the Prophet (PBUH) will engage in jihad against Jews in order to avenge his death. The Jews are the worst enemies of Allah (SWT). When Islam conquers Australia, every single Jew will be slaughtered like the filthy cockroaches they are.


Finally, I would like to state with absolute authority, Islam is a religion of violent conquest. Australia's defeat is inevitable. The more you try to fight it, the harder it will be for you. Give up and accept your future as an Islamic nation - a member of the global Islamic caliphate that the Islamic state will create . . . . I have a vast network of Mujahideen around the world, and I will continue to inspire and coordinate Jihad attacks around the world. There is absolutely nothing that you can do to stop me. I am an expert in computer security who uses multiple proxies, and I am also an expert in Australian law due to my extensive work with human rights organizations. Chase me all you want, but you will never find me, and you will also never stop the wrath of Allah (SWT) on the decadent west.

Perish in your rage, Kuffar!

BACKGROUND: From his Mommy's house in Florida, he claimed to be a middle aged ISIS Jihadist in Perth Australia. All the ISIS Australia stuff you have heard (and all the ISIS stuff in America as well) originated with this guy!

This Jewish American troll cooperated in the name of ISIS with Pamela Geller to stage the fake Garland Texas "paint mohammed" shooting and followed up with an attempt to do a real pressure cooker bombing in St. Louis this past 911 as well!

Curious the FBI cracked down on a Jew! Anyone with 3 functioning cooperative neurons knows ISIS is ALL JEW.

The Affidavit is absolutely HUGE and extremely detailed. If you have not read it, I suggest you do. It is a serious education in false flags and stone cold proof the Jewish community really is ISIS, EVERYTHING, EVERY LAST THING ISIS DID IN AMERICA AND AUSTRALIA BOILED DOWN TO THIS GUY, WHO IS JEWISH and ALL OF IT IS IN THIS AFFIDAVIT.

The original article (I know this sucks now after I found the affadavit)but the original article that tipped me off is on and is partially quoted below:



US man accused of 9/11 memorial bomb plot

A 20-year-old whose online identity was 'Australi Witness' - an ISIS agent apparently living in Perth - has been arrested at his parents' place in Florida over plotting a bomb attack at a 9/11 memorial event.

A young Jewish American man has been charged with pretending to be an Australian-based Islamic State jihadist after a FBI joint investigation with the Australian Federal Police based on information provided by Fairfax Media.

Joshua Ryne Goldberg, a 20-year old living at his parents' house in US state of Florida, is accused of posing online as "Australi Witness," an IS supporter who publicly called for a series of attacks against individuals and events in western countries.

In recent days Australi Witness has claimed online that he is working with other jihadists to plan attacks in Australia and the United States. He distributed pictures of a bomb that he was working on with "2 lbs of explosives inside".

The device appears to resemble a "pressure cooker bomb", similar to the type of explosive used in the Boston Marathon attack.

Early on Friday, Australian time, Goldberg, who is non-Muslim and has no real-world links with extremism, was arrested at his home by Florida police for "distribution of information relating to explosives, destructive devices, and weapons of mass destruction".

Australian national security and citizenship laws were strengthened last year to create a new offence of advocating terrorism, partly to stop online recruitment of jihadists, and Prime Minister Tony Abbott earlier this year allocated significant funding to security agencies because "too many Australians are being brainwashed online by this death cult".

However, one of those apparent representatives of Islamic State has now been revealed as an America-based, non-Muslim online hoaxer.

The Australian Federal Police do not intend to apply for Goldberg's extradition, but said in a statement that he faced a 20-year prison term if convicted.

"Investigations by the AFP in June 2015 established no initial threat to the Australian community. When investigations determined it was likely the person responsible for these threats was based in the United States, the investigation became the jurisdiction of the FBI, with the AFP in a support role."

AFP Acting Deputy Commissioner National Security Neil Gaughan alleged Goldberg had "relied on the internet providing a cloak of anonymity".

"This operation again highlights how law enforcement can investigate people in the online space and use our long-established partnerships to work with overseas agencies to bring people to account for their actions".

An affidavit sworn at the time of the arrest says that, between August 19 and August 28, Mr Goldberg "distributed information pertaining to the manufacturing of explosives, destructive devices, or weapons of mass destruction in furtherance of an activity that constitutes a Federal crime of violence".

US Attorney Lee Bentley III, said Goldberg instructed a confidential source how to make a bomb similar to two used in the Boston Marathon bombings two years ago that killed three people and injured more than 260 others.

He allegedly instructed someone how to fill the bomb with nails, metal and other items dipped in rat poison.

Police base the charge on his communication of five web links to sites that provided instructions that could be used to make explosives as part of a plot to explode a bomb on September 13 at a memorial ceremony in Kansas City, commemorating the 9/11 the terrorist attacks.

The affidavit, released by Special agent William Berry of US Customs and Border Protection, says that Goldberg had initially denied to officers that he had any involvement with distributing information on how to make a bomb, but then later admitted it.

"Goldberg further admitted that he believed the information would create a genuine bomb," Agent Berry alleged.

However, Goldberg also claimed that he meant for the person he was communicating with to either kill himself creating the bomb or, that Goldberg intended to warn police in time so that he would receive "credit for stopping the attack".

In conversations with Fairfax Media, which were also cited in the affidavit, Mr Goldberg had said he did not expect any jihadist to actually carry out an attack because: "These guys are pussy keyboard warriors".

Fairfax media can also reveal that Goldberg, as Australi Witness, is suspected of a number of other online hoaxes, including posing online as prominent Australian lawyer, Josh Bornstein.

Australi Witness's online actions might have had fatal real-world consequences in May.

In the leadup to an exhibition in Garland, Texas, at which pictures of the Prophet Mohammed were to be displayed, "Australi Witness" tweeted the event's address and reposted a tweet urging people to go there with "weapons, bombs or with knifes".

Two Muslim men attempted an attack at the exhibition, and were killed by police. Australi Witness then praised them online as martyrs.

Australi Witness also urged followers to target Australian cartoonist Larry Pickering, who has previously depicted the Prophet Mohammed.

The Australi Witness persona fooled members of the international intelligence community as well as journalists, with well-known analyst Rita Katz of SITE Intelligence Group saying the "IS supporter" held a "prestige" position in online jihadi circles and was "part of the hard core of a group of individuals who constantly look for targets for other people to attack".

Ms Katz has previously acted as a consultant for US and foreign governments and testified before Congress on online terrorist activities.

The Australian Federal Police were unaware of Australi Witness's real identity as Goldberg until contacted by journalists working on behalf of Fairfax Media.

In the Bornstein hoax, Goldberg established a blog on the Times of Israel in the lawyer's name before posting an inflammatory article calling for the "extermination" of Palestinians. The Times retracted the article and apologised, and Bornstein went public with the story saying "I deplore racism…I've fought racism since I was four years old".

When confronted, Goldberg boasted he had avoided detection, saying, "That guy has no idea. He thinks [online radical right wing website] Daily Stormer did it." He also said he wanted to obtain Bornstein's real life address, in order to "freak him out even more".

In conversations and in articles written under his real name, Goldberg repeatedly professed to be an advocate for free speech, and showed disdain for organisations and individuals who call for limits on hate speech or hate speech laws.

As Australi Witness, he publicly linked himself to Amnesty International, saying that he used to work there. The fake jihadi also claimed a friendship with anti-Islamophobia campaigner Mariam Veiszadeh, but only to smear her reputation.

In online conversations, Goldberg said: "I wanna smear Amnesty and Mariam Veiszadeh…Amnesty is already in hot water over their links to CAGE, I wanna cement their jihadist connections and ruin their reputation. And Mariam is a Muslim whore, so smearing her as a jihadist should be easy."

Ms Veiszadeh said she was not suprised at Goldberg's arrest, saying she had "fallen within his radar" because of the campaign by an anti-Muslim hate group, the Australian Defence League, who campaigned to "incite hatred and violence towards me from across the globe."

Mr Bornstein declined to comment.

Nov 18 2015

In looking at other false flags, I have to say there was somewhat of a festival attitude because I and everyone else knew they were fake. Sandy Hook, the Boston bombing, the reporter shooting - knowing they were fake and debunking how fake they were was actually fun. But this? This in France? It makes my BLOOD BOIL, yep, Charlie Hebdo proved the French can't do a good job of faking it, so now they actually kill people. Guillotines anyone? I am not surprised France so quickly took this step, straight onto 911 turf.


The Jewish community is going for broke, and getting Muslims planted in all regions for the SOLE PURPOSE of having scapegoats everywhere to blame their false flag terror attacks on, JEWISH TERROR ATTACKS THAT HAVE ONE PURPOSE - TO PROVIDE PLAUSIBLE REASON FOR TAKING AWAY EVERYONE'S LAST FREEDOMS AND TO INSTALL A TOTALITARIAN/COMMUNIST SYSTEM IN EVERY COUNTRY.

This is it folks, I am confident we are watching the final hour come to a close. And we CANNOT permit the Jews to get away with it. The Jews fear exposure badly, but what they fear worst of all is the possibility of being confronted face to face for their crimes against us. And we CAN do something about it.

If we fail to do anything at this time, we will be slammed into the darkness and never escape. This may well be mankind's final hour, and if we fail in this hour, we will face a technologically based tyranny unlike anything in world history. THERE IS ONLY ONE THING THAT WILL STOP THEM NOW, AND THAT IS THE DIRECT THREAT OF BEING HELD ACCOUNTABLE ON A PERSONAL LEVEL BY INDIVIDUAL PEOPLE FOR WHAT THEY DO TO ACCOMPLISH THIS.

They must be stopped.

The only thing I can think of that will work is for a personal message to be delivered to every synagogue, taped to the door, shoved under the door, put under windshield wiper blades, taped to telephone poles in the area around synagogues, to let them clearly know they are not doing all of this in secret, and that a lot of people know who is behind it all.

IMPORTANT: If you get caught by a Jew putting these out anywhere, they will immediately call the police and say you attacked them, and you won't be able to run away, you will get nailed even if completely innocent. Make sure you have a video recorder going at all times while putting these up to prove you were never violent, and if you live in a "hate crime" area, you really just have to drop a few and get out of dodge.

The bataclan photo in its best resolution was horrible, so you are just going to have to print this as is. GET BUSY, SEND A MESSAGE, and by the way, black and white will work just fine and will be cheap, and would work great for spicing subway cars and other public transit with . . . . . it would not hurt to put these EVERYWHERE.

I HAVE A SOLID DIRE WARNING: The FBI has proven there is no ISIS in America, other than what the Jews have perpetrated, so all terror threats from "ISIS" are in reality direct terror threats from the Jewish community. They have a reason for doing these attacks - to gain final power and control over all of us. IF WE SCREW THIS UP BY LETTING THEM SLIDE LIKE FILTHY SNAKES UNDER THE DOOR, WE WILL BE DOOMED, the only thing that will stop them is fear of retribution, this is no sort of joke, GET BUSY AND LET THEM KNOW THEY WILL NOT GET AWAY WITH THIS.

IF YOU LINKED INTO THIS SITE FOR THE PARIS ATTACKS, SCROLL DOWN THIS PAGE OR click here indexbkdec12015.html Click here to continue to older reports

Remote controlled Germanwings Airbus A320 crash? All evidence points to this.

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