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Dec 26 2015

Force Awakens review

I went to see the force awakens, and it was not as bad as I thought it would be.

Four word review: "It is worth seeing".

I thought it would be a politically manipulative romp in political correctness and it was not. The fact that the new character was black was not played in any sort of way, other than that now there is a black character in Star Wars.

My main criticism is that the acting during the first part was very poor. There are totally legal 10 peso movies available at Wal Mart here (that is about 60 cents for a movie) and among the 60 cent regular price DVD's there are many many many totally second rate movies with very bad actors. If the special effects were not as good as they were in Star Wars, the first part had horrible acting that was similar to what would be found in the mega cheap failure movies, and the acting did not get good until Harrison Ford took back the Millenium Falcon, at that point the movie became "real" and it stayed that way to the end.

Without blowing the movie:

The new death star was not a constructed death star, it was a hollowed out planet that housed a super weapon that could suck in all the energy from a star (killing the star in the process of doing so) and then direct all of that energy at planets far far away, at a speed far greater than the speed of light. The beam could be split and the weapon could destroy multiple planets at one time.

The super villain threw temper tantrums when he did not get his way or when anything went wrong, and when he threw temper tantrums he did it with his light sabre, and in one instance intentionally cut up and destroyed a complex control room in his own starship, display panels, buttons and all.

Very interesting key point: The emblem for the new evil empire is the hexagram version of the star of David. I was absolutely stunned when I saw that, and tried to get a picture of it but my ailing and aging pocket camera that has been through nightmares during it's long life tripped a memory card error and I could not take a picture of the screen on time. There was one epic back drop loaded with hexagrams right before the super weapon was fired for the first time and there are no pictures of this scene in Google images. I don't think the Jewish community approved of that, because it was such a stab at that graphic form they use so much, putting it in such a negative light that there is no conceivable way a Jew would ever portray it in representation of a crushing evil empire the same way Hitler put swastikas everywhere. I laughed. Good one. Perhaps a hidden message.

There were repeat themes, including a droid with an important file, (just like R2D2), the death star, heavy duty light sabre battles, the garbage chute referred to, etc but it also had plenty of original stuff and was done quite well. Other critical reviews that said it was like a giant video game in my opinion are being too nit picky, all I saw was original star wars type stuff with similar themes, a little bad acting at first, and 2 immature childish acting main actors (who were mixed in with other main actors that were not so immature). It was not enough to critically damage the movie, and though Jar Jar Binks did not bother me much in the other star wars episodes he did bother a lot of other people badly. Other movie reviews say the new black hero was as bad as Jar Jar, and there is no way that is true. Jar Jar is in a league of his own, you'd have to try to do that again.

My conclusion: See it.

You will clearly see the difference in quality between the old school actors (luke and Hans) and the common core educated new people who just can't do as well, but started doing OK after the old school actors showed up and showed them how it was done. The special effects are second to none, and there are plenty of decent new themes. Overall, I'd give the movie an A- simply because the new actors just don't get it, bad acting may work well for the Avengers but simply sticks out in Star Wars, yet somehow does not kill the movie because the kid actors started catching on early enough.

I expected to leave the theater angry and offended by political agendas and PC garbage, but there was none of that. Instead I left the theater thinking, Well, that was worth the price of admission and will sell a lot of toys. Thank you for not wrecking the series. I'd say in this order:

Return of the Jedi: #1.
Original Star Wars, #2.
The Force Awakens: #3.
Empire Strikes Back: #4.
The rest? Not memorable enough to rate. This latest one was a step up.

Merry Christmas!!!


Dec 25 2015

This is worth mentioning:

Almost ALL of modern medicine is based on old Aztec/Mayan herbal cures. The Aztecs and Mayas had amazing medical technology based on plants. For almost everything in big pharma now, there is a plant based original that is far far better than the big pharma cure. The only mainstream things modern medicine has that is unique to itself is mold/fungus based antibiotics, the first of which was penicillin, and vaccines. Those are big ones, but I think they pale when compared to all the other medicines that came straight from the Indian civilizations of the Americas.

I recently had a huge discovery on this topic

Before the common core and outcome based education scams were pushed on America, (you know, back when education was real) American schools taught the origins of "modern medicine" and that all of the medicines, from blood pressure to pain relief to skin infection cures, basically everything out there, originated with plants the former American civilizations used. American medical companies went to Latin America, consulted the traditional medicine men, found out what plants did what, then isolated the compounds in those plants that actually had medical value, and then would NEVER, AND I MEAN EVER, release that "newly discovered cure" to the public until they figured out a way to synthesize the compounds in industrial processes (rather than get them from plants.) Once they figured out how to manufacture the compounds, they could then patent them and charge huge amounts for medicines, which in their original plant form were usually incredibly inexpensive and to top it all off usually worked better in plant form.

Guess what? The medicine men are still around, and these medicines are all over Mexico, and they work.

Even the little store just two doors away has them. I thought they were different types of spices, but as it turns out, the little store right here has liver problem cures, kidney problem cures, worm/parasite cleansers, blood pressure regulating medications, everything that will completely cure or solve approximately 24 unique serious medical conditions. This can cover a lot - such as even menstration problems, nerve problems, blood thickness problems, folks, it is all there just in one little store, the type of store that gets repeated over and over again, usually several times in just one small Mexican neighborhood.

If the little store does not have what you need, there are many many many larger stores that are specifically dedicated to the original herbal medical cures, and also there are medicine men in the streets in the center of town that also sell these cures in droves, and I mean you can't miss them, and I just thought all this time they were selling traditional spices. Nope, the real cures, the original cures, the stuff that got copied and sold in pill form for BIG BUCKS is all here, on main street Mexico. Figure that! And you know, I can certainly consult all of these stores and medicine men, find out what does what, and publish it all. I think I will.

Dec 24 2015



Drudge posted a huge headline about Christmas eve being as warm as July, and then linked to this temperature map, and I'd like to pop a big question: When was all of Idaho, Nort Dakota, South Dakaota, Minnesota, Michigan, Iowa, Utah, Colorado, Montana, Wisconsin, Nebraska, and much of California, Washington, Oregon, New Mexico, Arizona, and many other states below freezing on the 4th of July? This is not a hoax or joke, it is an outright lie, with Accuweather backing it up, saying "Parts of New England will be as warm as they were on the 4th of July." But anyone who was not a victim of common core education ought to know this is normal, because the temperatures in coastal New England are almost entirely determined by the direction of the wind coming off the Atlantic. What Drudge has done is a clear cut example of hoax journalism, where just because one spot is warm it has to be abnormal all the while temperatures everywhere else are normal with a few areas colder than normal, which is normal.

Yeah, it is warm in New England but even Nevada, out there in the middle of the desert, has a temperature that is 26 degrees below freezing as a high temperature for the day. That does happen from time to time in Nevada, but you can't make the case it is "as warm as July" there or anywhere else!

Drudge headline correction: Due to a weather anomaly out east, which brought warm wind in off the ocean, in a couple spots on the coast Christmas Eve will be as warm as the coldest July temperature on record. There. Fixed.

Dec 22 2015

PressTV started working in Mexico again, first noticed at 0:15 AM CST Dec 22

According to one reader, the entire report about Craft mercs doing the shooting in San Bernardino has now been expunged. Maybe that is why they are back online . . . . . . HA HA HA, THE ARTICLE IS STILL THERE even though it is de-linked from all visible pages and you can't search for it anymore. Update: The .com version of this article got wiped overnight. The .ir version was still there this morning.

So many people have written to me saying it does not work and they can't get to it that It is obviously getting messed with so I captured it and embedded it below: UPDATE: THIS GOT DELETED OFF THE SERVER IMMEDIATELY AFTER THE FIRST TIME I POSTED IT AND CAUSED A DEAD IMAGE! WHOAH SOMEBODY HATES THIS!!!!

OK, OK, so someone hates it. And in the comment section below this report on PressTV, that "someone" had troll teams including "weapons experts and medics" saying this guy knew nothing about weapons, "because a .223 does not leave a huge mark when it hits someone." They then used that as a straw man to debunk the whole report. Well, I have news for you, the .223 is WICKED when it hits someone, this is what .223 injuries look like:

and the fact the trolls went to the PressTV report and lied so brazenly only proves the report to be 100 percent accurate, because if it was not accurate they would not have needed to invent a fake reality about the .223 to debunk it, they would instead have simply stated facts.

Anonymous wrote (in reference to what is farther down the page:

Jim: It is not our job to forgive women who have had abortions. There is really no excuse for having had three of them and while it is awful, what can you say? How stupid does a woman have to be to end up like this? She has no one to blame but herself in the end. People need to take responsibility for their actions rather than blaming others, no matter who else has blood on their hands (and I agree that many others certainly DO have blood on their hands).

Ultimately, we are responsible for the choices we've made, brain washing or not. That is more "empowering", if you will, than pointing fingers and assigning blame to everyone but ourselves. We've not only allowed this, but clamored for it.

Women tend to have a collectivist mentality, and this one is no exception. There is a Zen saying "drive all blames onto one", which means that whatever happens, we need to look for the place where we are responsible. That is the only way to change anything and be healed. This woman believes she will feel better if she gets into some activism around abortion but this is the collectivist mentality again. While she may be right that abortion is terrible (and I agree that it is), this will not solve her problem.

Mail box full of trollage, but there is some real mail mixed in . . . . .

I cannot run a site like this and keep everyone happy. But I will make a correction due to a decent mail correcting me about Catholics.

According to one reader (and I have no reason to doubt this) Catholics do not believe in the rapture. If this is wrong, I stand corrected, and it is an important detail. Additionally, no Muslims wrote to me on this topic, but I am not certain Muslims believe in the rapture (which is actually a bit of a detail) either. But I can still state with certainty that BOTH believe in the second coming of Christ, and the thousand year reign of Christ on Earth. This is crucial to know with regard to Islam because it proves beyond a doubt they have a lot in common with Christian beliefs and that the war propaganda saying they worship Satan is hoakey and fake as can possibly be.

Another thing that people have forgotten is that even up until 100 years ago, Christian women often covered their heads the same way Muslim women do now. It was never widely enforced in Christianity (not a required part of the faith) but it was very common, if not the norm in some areas and even today, Catholic nuns are still required to dress like Muslim women are supposed to. That is an obvious parallel.

Here is a more usual example of what is now allowed through the mail:

Always been a fan but lately your ignorance has been astounding. I doubt you are even the real jim stone.

Russia is the leader of the free world despite all its shortfalls and corruption. Christianity is not dead its last stronghold remains in Orthodox Christianity in Russia , Putin has revived the state and purged most of its previous bolshevik elements. ( Not by peaceful means of course ) Communism exists in a more pure form in America then it does it the current Russia.

Your cold war paranoia is showing.

I would suspect after all the so called "revolutions" aka coup d'etats you should know how a so called peaceful protest can have radical elements and subject motives. - Euromadian clashes

My response: Let me dissect this.

"Always been a fan but lately your ignorance has been astounding. I doubt you are even the real jim stone."

My response: "Always been a fan" means even now, if you doubt I am even the real "Jim Stone" I guess that is over with.

"Russia is the leader of the free world despite all its shortfalls and corruption. Christianity is not dead its last stronghold remains in Orthodox Christianity in Russia , Putin has revived the state and purged most of its previous bolshevik elements. Communism exists in a more pure form in America then it does it the current Russia. "

My response: Russia is the leader of no one right now, other than dreaming ideologists hoping to God the new image is real. As far as I see it, Christianity has it's last stronghold in Latin America, and Putin can play the Christian card all he wants and end up trumped by the fact that Russia still has the world's second highest prison population, surpassed only by America, and still surpassing that of Communist China, which has many times the population to draw prisoners from. Surely you jest about "righteous Russia," the prison stats alone blow that notion straight into the gutter and the abortion map farther down this page rips the entrails right out of any confidence that might remain in the "righteous Christian Russia" meme. Russia is still 100 percent pro abortion at an official level. How does that weigh in to the "moral superiority new Christian state" myth?.

Yeah, I guess Putin is now building the world's tallest Jesus, a small thing for a massive national budget to accomplish and very cost effective I'd say for use as a tool to undermine what is left of Christian America's morale and hopefully make that gun toting Christian base look up to Russia and perhaps not shoot during an invasion. I can't say I'd cry about an invasion, because you are right - America is now more communist than Russia but I'd also like to question exactly what you would expect to get from Russia in exchange when the countries are virtual twins with an enormous amount of the needed proof in the prison stats. What on earth would the trade be, really?

I'll tell you what the trade would be: They'd get Hillary back and that is all the Bolshevik any nation would need to return to full blown commie, not all Bolshevik elements have been expunged in your own words, and I am confident even if there is a freedom faction in place in Russia now, they'd get stuxnetted, NSA'ed and CIA'ed into oblivion within six months of "taking ownership of America". The Bolsheviks would dust off old bookshelves upon return home and then Alaska would be returned to Russia, and while heading West would drag the rest of America with it.

I never believed Russia actually fell, it was all just too easy and too convenient and not enough changed to prove it. The fact they are playing good enough to look up to now in reality only shows just how far into the cesspool murk America has slid, even the current Russian system is NOT THE ANSWER. Putin the savior? You jest!

"Cold war paranoia?" NOT. Just a little bit of a broader look at reality, sans the rose shades.

Regrets . . . .

This message came in from a reader, and I am going to post it because that is probably the best thing I can do to help.

Hi Jim, We don't have planned parenthood in Australia. However, we have the multitude of many for people to pick from. Im mad...a crazy mad woman and my fingers are ready to do some harsh (and effective) communications. Im 38 now and prior to the age of 25 I had 3 abortions. I worked for a dirty bank in the CBD of Sydney and "thought" I had to focus on my career etc at that time in life. WOW....ARENT I A SUCKER FROM ALL SIDES. It saddens me deeply...deeply that I was a victim to the abortion atrocity.

I am 38 now, childless and will need to look at alternatives for bearing children. Not to mention that adoption here in Australia is practically NON-EXISTENT, which is an interesting fact in itself - approx. 300 children per year. I looked at the US Planned parenthood site and I really ...just really couldn't believe my eyes. THEY ACTUALLY ASK FOR DONATIONS on the front page of the site. Its quite sick. They do not have an email address listed for any correspondence to them - which isn't surprising, any help you can give me to start emailing my arse off to whom you think is best to DRILL OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER again on the abortion BS.

My response: By posting this here your message will reach more people than you could ever E-mail, and the right people will get your message by default.

The brainwashing is absolutely astounding to make it all happen, and I am not pointing fingers, I am stating fact when I say abortion is 100 percent Jewish implemented and caused, it was them that set up Planned Parenthood (with 3 original Jewish women as the front, but you know it is much much more than that) and it is them pushing for legalization in all countries. It is them pushing the brainwashing, them fooling the young girls, them erasing the morals, them destroying Christianity via subversion of Christian communities to make it all possible, and THEY will definitely get the message from this web site as well as many many other people. None of it will be stopped until they know the world knows who is doing it, and they have a reason to believe the world will compel them to stop pushing it all. That is all I will say, because people get nervous when I state things more clearly than that.

A while ago, I started forgiving women who regretted having abortions once I figured out just how effective and potent the brainwashing is. Though it all seems like an obvious no to many of us, one must understand that when the brainwashing comes from a trusted college professor and tons of "official" sources some people might actually be legitimately fooled long enough for serious mistakes to be made. As I see it, the key is in whether or not those who make the mistakes ever manage to break free of the trance and are subsequently sorry and repentant about it and then go the extra mile to stop other women from making the same mistake. The rest is up to God. Obviously I am dead set against it.


Dec 21 2015 "Allow me to say Thanx to all that have helped the cause ! Times are tough , but one thing everybody can do is turn somebody on to this site . Not like infauxWars , drudge , dahboo777 ... Where they mix fact with some bs . Thanx Jim , keep on truckin` !"

My response: I am not error proof, but I am error resistant and correct errors very openly and loudly when I make them. Other than that, well, I am definitely not fake opposition and make every effort to pick every last bit of distortion and garbage out of what I put up. There are lots of sites out there that put up earth shattering truth and mix it with lunacy and distortions to make it all look nuts and/or divert people off onto an old logging road so they go nowhere, that won't happen here, bet on it!

Heads up: Several readers have told me PressTV is blocked where they are, and it is blocked here as well. Hopefully it is only because they had the guts to say Craft Mercenary Inc. did the shooting in San Bernardino and not because there is going to be a huge Christmas "attack" that needs to be pre-censored.

U.S. Support of Gay Rights in Africa May Have Done More Harm Than Good

There was an article in the New York Times today that surprised me, because I never thought I would ever see anything like it get published. The article talked about how U.S. embassy workers and diplomats were being used openly to push gay rights in Africa and that The overall project, when the Arab world is included (outside of Africa) has thus far cost $700 million. Yep, you heard that right, the U.S. government has blown 700 million trying to get the third world to accept gays. Great justified expenditure there.

There has been enormous backlash to this effort. Rather than accept gays, Nigeria has imposed strict anti gay laws with the maximum penalties being 14 years in jail.

Usually the U.S. government uses "Non Government Organization" fronts to push agendas such as this one, and I guess the most surprising thing is that this time they were brazen enough to put their name on this particular agenda. This has caused hatred for the U.S. directly, there is now no question whatsoever who is pushing cultural changes everywhere, and the people of Africa are questioning why they can't just be themselves and have their cultures and identities left alone - to be what they want them to be - rather than what is imposed from abroad.

The backlash in Africa makes me think luciferians may fail.

If the end result of the U.S. effort to get acceptance of gays in Africa ended up triggering laws including 14 year prison terms, the NWO crowd is not nearly as good at corrupting the world as we might believe. Yes, they corrupted America and have corrupted and destroyed Europe by opening all borders to third worlders who do not understand what it took to make such societies great, so we can clearly see the damage, from our perspective, on our own home turf. They did indeed succeed in mostly wiping out the true Christian base in Europe and America as well.

But obviously, when it comes to going abroad and destroying the third world from within, it is obvious they are having limited success and if the prophecies in the bible, which they are clearly attempting to make happen require the entire world to go down the rat hole with them, they are obviously failing - you can't just wipe out America and Europe and call it mission accomplished.

In order for the bible prophecies to come true Islam has to be wiped out the same as Christianity, with the best one line proof being that Muslims, just like Christians, believe in the rapture and the thousand year reign of Christ. That makes them the clear enemy of the Luciferian clan. And that is not even mentioning the fact that half of the third world population that is putting up a huge resistance to the corrupting influences of the West is Christian. All the corrupting efforts have done with near complete effectiveness is scrape Christianity and culture out of America and Europe, so it all looks really bad from that perspective. They have also done a good job of weakening the Hindus and Buddhists. But the entire Arab world and much of Christian Africa and Latin America is getting through it all in fairly good shape, yes there is damage here but it is nowhere near the magnitude of what has happened in America and Europe, and that represents a huge failure on the part of those who seem to want to swirl the world down the toilet bowl.

One of the best ways to show people how effective the West has been at corrupting the world is to look at an abortion map. If you look at this map to the left here, any country that is not green has restrictive abortion laws. Any country marked red has abortion being totally illegal. They did manage to get an abortion clinic put into Mexico City without it getting shut down, but I have gone there several times to see the situation and it does not get used. The rest of Mexico has no abortion clinics.

This map shows the failure of the luciferian agenda quite clearly. Most of the world's population has not fallen for it. True, by geography and the looks of things, it really looks like a lot of the world has been overtaken (and it has,) but a second look also reveals that at least half of the world's population has rejected that agenda, with the only huge population country to have accepted it to be China, and most of the green represents vast tracts of land where no one is living. Outside of China, most of the portion of the world that has fallen for it represents Western civilization.

I guess the last answer then for the tribe if all efforts fail would be to just kill the part of the world that is resisting well. And I think the "Ebola" scam was an early shot at this. As it turned out, the entire scam was launched via two venues - tainted vaccines and poisoned water, with the more successful of the two being poisoned water. That is why many of the "ebola victims" had no lesions, in fact, pictures of people with lesions at all were nonexistent, all we had was stupid text stories about lesions, but no photographic proof. Practically all water consumed in Africa now comes in plastic bags which are sold at a price even poor africans can afford, which means there were choke points in the water supply that could be exploited for mass poisoning efforts. People figured out the bagged water was poisoned with formaldehyde and stopped it. I do not think the tribe planned on that happening, and it happened very early on so they did not get a huge die off. This is why the entire ebola meme just faded away and also why there were no outbreaks anywhere else, despite air travel getting plenty of the "infected" out to the rest of the world.

If people continue to put a stop to their murder scams the same way they stopped the "ebola" scam, how are the elite going to get the mass die offs that are outlined in the bible? If the "elite" do get their world war 3, how are they going to justify killing off the red part of that abortion map, all of which has to go before they can win? True, they could wipe out some of it, maybe 15 percent of it, but what about the rest? I think the luciferian agenda as outlined in the Bible will fail. Somehow, in this timeline, it is evident they will fail. The bible clearly states that NONE of it has to happen, if people resist and repent. Are we really doing that well, mankind as a whole? Consider this: It is 2015, and the bad guys are at best breaking even. And the part of the world they have gained victory over is waking up . . . . . . .

Anyway, the New York Times article I mentioned earlier is HERE and it speaks volumes, ENORMOUS volumes about what I said above here, the agenda to corrupt all of mankind has definitely hit a road block.

Russia jailing protestors

Anonymous wrote:

About Putin:

Russia begins imprisoning peaceful protestors

What happened:

Recently, a Russian activist was given 3 years of jail time for participation in protests that were not authorized by the state.

This is the first person to receive jail time under a new law that criminalizes violating the government's tyrannical public assembly rules more than twice in 6 months.

What this means:

You know things are bad when peaceful protest is officially a crime.

This shows just how nervous the state is of losing power, and is an admission on their part that they are acting against the interests of the people.

The European Court of Human Rights would agree with this statement, having cited Russia for 122 cases of human rights' violations in the last year alone.

Conveniently, Putin has just signed a law to overturn any of their rulings in the future... so basically he can keep on doing what he likes.

My response: The same laws are in place in America now, where first offense EVER can get you a lengthy prison term, and I have always maintained that people need to keep an eye on Russia, if you think communism/tyranny is dead there and it is any sort of a haven you are badly mistaken. That being said, Russia's laws and punishments regarding protest are a LOT softer than those in the U.S, where it seems any excuse is used to stuff the prisons with cheap labor.

Dec 20 2015

There is a family reunion today, I will try to update this web site today at some point . . . . .

Drones will need to be registered now!

If your drone weighs more than 8 ounces, you have to register it! Now there will be a market for sub - 8 ounce super drones. I bet that can be done! In Mex you can still get a five pounder off the books . . . . .

I bet there is a loophole. This is what will be done: You will get the airframe, motors, battery, under 8 ounces to get rid of paperwork, and then there will be bolt on accessories you can add such as cameras and add on piggy back batteries that won't be considered part of the official weight. This will mean that drones will still weigh up to a pound, the FAA is sort of like that - accessories for some types of aircraft are not considered part of the airframe weight, only what it takes to get it in the air is counted. If the camera cannot be removed and it won't fly without the extra battery however, it will be considered part of the aircraft weight.

This is just a guess by me however, based on past knowledge of FAA policy.

Dec 18 2015

Ralf wrote:

Hello Jim, As I took advice and just ordered "They live among us", I just dropped you also 30 over PayPal and hope that it'll make it through. Sincerely hope to raise more funds in the future, you should earn really A LOT of money for this incredible work. It's about ten months I know your site now. About February 2015 a small part of the fuku-report was translated on a quite good German site, with a link to you. Soon I got the impression that yours is probably the most important site ON THE WHOLE INTERNET. Good luck that you got the brain and guts to do what you are doing! We must stop them.

Best regards Ralf

My response: Money gets made by liars, if I am ever inaccurate it is a legitimate error. Despite being influential enough to trigger responses in the MSM overnight this site is not money based at all, it is "get by only". It stays online mostly because I am an advanced web admin typing manual code only who can stop all attacks and never needs to ask others to solve problems. This makes it so that I don't have to have a huge budget to pay thousands for a "server" like other truthers do, because "server costing thousands" really means "I get attacked all the time and have to have someone babysit the web site constantly". That is not the case with this web site, I ditch all attacks practically instantly myself which helps keep costs to a bare minimum.

If I could get ads here and was not blackballed current traffic would pay for a large staff and more. This web site has, on just the main server alone for the past three years continuous been much much higher up the ladder than several MSM outlets but miraculously after the FCC took over was wiped off even Alexa. Anyway, it is still powerful and still getting over a million pageviews a month though no one, not Alexa, Google, or anyone else will acknowledge it anymore.

Donations are predominantly blocked, YES, THEY DID TRY TO STEAL YOURS because all of the confirmation paths were wiped out (no mails made it to ANYWHERE,) which means they tried to steal it but screwed up because I happened to hit Paypal just as you sent it and basically saw it come in before they wiped it, all the while they did succeed in wiping out all the confirmation messages to various boxes Paypal sends confirmation to. I am not kidding when I tell people they have to use the message window to confirm donations they send, and that if they don't show up at the top of this page they were taken by someone else. This site still depends on donations almost entirely.



Take another look at this capture to the left here, even without image modification of any sort. This is a direct frame capture from the video which was shot from the road, which claimed this SUV was being driven by the shooters. Look real close. THIS IMAGE IS NOT MODIFIED AND THIS VEHICLE WAS GOING THE FULL SPEED LIMIT DURING THIS FRAME. If you look real closely, you can STILL SEE THE DRIVERS SEAT IS EMPTY, EVEN WITHOUT ENHANCING THE IMAGE AT ALL.

When I posted this, messages through the message window stopped, ALL mails sent to this web site by individuals were completely censored, and Paypal ground to a halt. I was surprised to see your donation make it because I had confirmed Paypal was TOAST. And it is, because all confirmation mails were censored, which means they meant to take it but by luck and timing they failed with yours.

WHY WOULD THIS IMAGE FREAK THEN OUT SO BADLY? The answer is simple, and has several points:

1. Because this image has no driver, it proves remote control of cars is possible, in proof positive terms.

2. Because this image has no driver, it proves that they will murder people, stuff them in a car, shoot up that car and then claim those in the car did something horrible, even though they did nothing at all. This image is an absolute killer of credibility for the MSM, the government, for everything official and it is so damaging that an attack on this web site, which is obviously of a magnitude intended to kill it entirely so nothing like this can ever break again here, was the only thing they could do (as well as everything I stated above, about the honey pot women and stalkers, they actually went to ground action over that photo.)

I did not mention the attacks until they went to ground action, because I can manage all of that so well and it happens on a regular basis anyway, why bore the reader with a constant diatribe of how tough it is to keep this site up?


4. Because this image has no driver, it proves the government really can just murder people with their own cars by taking them over via remote, flooring the gas, and crashing them. Just disable the antilock brakes via remote, floor the throttle, and in most cars now, spin the wheel. Game over for the "undesirable" and that photo proves that this is happening now, without question. Revealing this is worth killing someone for. And they obviously did not think anyone would be able to snag this from the video they released, but I picked through all frames until I found the one they missed . . . .

5. This image is important, because anyone can download the source video, which is now echoed all over the web, go frame by frame, find this frame, and prove I did not just make this up. This is easily to forensically prove to be cold hard fact by anyone with a media player and a willingness to take the time to do it, and that screwed them royally.

One might think I enjoy doing this, and I admit that when I nail them as badly as I did above, I laugh for hours, and chuckle intermittently for days. But truth be told I hate doing this site, it is a duty more than anything and it totally screwed my life up. I really wish I did not have to do it, but am afraid that if I do not keep this up, "they" will win that much faster. I can only hope to forestall what seems to be the inevitable until hopefully, before succeeding in the final smack down, they drown in their own river of Styx.

Once again, I'd like to make a reference to Wayne's new book, "They Live Among Us"

They live Among us is a very well studied expose' of the Jewish community that was more than five years in the making. If you enjoyed Wayne's It's NOT the LAW, you are sure to enjoy "They Live Among Us." Due to the rapid decay of the internet and evident possible shutdown, I told Wayne to release this book before it is too late because it had already taken an enormous length of time due to the fact that the book is substantial and Wayne is meticulous about accuracy. He is still working a few details into the last chapters, and if you order it now, you will be able to read the updates as the final lines are completed. Wayne woke even me up to a lot of the conspiracy with "It's NOT the LAW", and I am sure many will find "They Live Among Us" to be a similar wake up call.

Rush Limbaugh dumped on the Republican party!

Take a look at what Rush said yesterday! After the incident with his hearing he had, I thought they got rid of him before 911. Perhaps not, the following is solid gold, and it is likely to awaken a huge number of people to the conspiracy. REQUIRED READ, DO NOT SKIP THIS ONE!

RUSH: The country was just sold down the river again by your very Republican Party.

I have a headline here from the Washington Times: "White House Declares Total Victory Over GOP in Budget Battle." That headline's a misnomer. There was never a battle. None of this was opposed. The Republican Party didn't stand up to any of it, and the die has been cast for a long time on this. I know many of you are dispirited, depressed, angry, combination of all of that. But, folks, there was no other way this could go. Because two years ago when the Republican Party declared they would never do anything that would shut down the government and they would not impeach Obama, there were no obstacles in Obama's way and there were no obstacles in the way of the Democrat Party.

When you surrender the power of the purse -- and that's the primary power the House of Representatives has. Not a penny of money can be spent in this country by this government without the House of Representatives authorizing it. Obama can spend all he wants, but if the House doesn't give him the mechanism, he can't spend any of it. But the Republicans squandered that. They gave up the power of the purse. The reason they did that is because for some inexplicable reason, they are literally paranoid and scared to death of even being accused of doing something that would shut down the government.

So to avoid even the accusation that they were going to or would ever even think of shutting down the government, they signaled that whatever Obama wanted to spend, he would get, because they figured that had less damage to them politically than the allegation that they were shutting down the government. So, very simply, ever since the Republican Party became the party of keeping the government open at all costs, we get bills like this. There's simply no stopping the Democrats. There's no mechanism. Every constitutional mechanism found in the power of the purse, Separation of Powers, the Republican Party years ago gave it away, in total fear of the media.

Now, there's also a factor that needs to be mentioned, too, and that is that many Republican donors want every bit of this money spent, and they have donated voluminously to key Republicans in order to get the money spent. So it's not all Republican fears. It's not all Republican caving. A lot of it is Republican fealty and loyalty to some of their donors. Some people today looking at this, and this is 2,009 pages. It's said to be a spending bill. Among the things that it does, it fully funds Obamacare.

It fully funds Planned Parenthood. That, to me, is unforgivable, with everything now known about what goes on behind closed doors at Planned Parenthood, and that the federal government, led by a Republican Party, sees fit to pay for it. It is beyond comprehension, and it is a total squandering of moral authority to fully fund the butchery at Planned Parenthood. This spending bill fully pays for Obama's refugee plans, fully. This spending bill, this budget bill quadruples the number of visas Obama wants for foreign workers. This is even a slap at American union workers. Not the leaders. The union leaders seem to be in favor of it, but blue-collar people, known as working people, have been sold down the river along with everybody else here.

lots more:

MY COMMENT: Both parties were all communist all the time, heads on the same hydra. A little late to the game here if you did not see the teamwork being played to flush America down the river. But at least now it is evident you were not just tooting a toy trumpet for the GOP!

Once again, I'd like to make a reference to Wayne's new book, "They Live Among Us"

They live Among us is a very well studied expose' of the Jewish community that was more than five years in the making. If you enjoyed Wayne's It's NOT the LAW, you are sure to enjoy "They Live Among Us." Due to the rapid decay of the internet and evident possible shutdown, I told Wayne to release this book before it is too late because it had already taken an enormous length of time due to the fact that the book is substantial and Wayne is meticulous about accuracy. He is still working a few details into the last chapters, and if you order it now, you will be able to read the updates as the final lines are completed. Wayne woke even me up to a lot of the conspiracy with "It's NOT the LAW", and I am sure many will find "They Live Among Us" to be a similar wake up call.


Another warning to not use anything Google - I cannot administer this web site with ANY GOOGLE PRODUCT WHATSOEVER.

If I try using Chrome, regardless of what computer it is on (and I have access to countless cyber cafe computers so I know this is not a machine issue) Chrome limits my typing speed to 1 letter every 15 or more seconds, because with every letter I type, Chrome reloads the entire administration page before echoing the letter back to the screen. This could only be done by an intelligence effort that trips a notification in ALL chrome browsers as to what web site is being accessed (and how) so they can then turn on monitoring and begin letter by letter capturing when the browser trips an alert. If they capture in this fashion, it can only mean they want to know every letter I typed as I type it, so they can make guesses as to what I thought I was going to think, what I think, and what I used to think. In other words, Chrome echoes every letter to a remote computer before it is allowed to show on the screen, for a perfect forensic capture.

Due to the fact that it is slow to do that with a secure connection, it is OBVIOUS when it happens. Additionally, if I use Android for ANYTHING, it will allow me to type until I get anything damning typed, and as soon as I do, it wipes the entire document out. If you are a truther, Chrome is an absolute fail, even Internet Explorer looks like a catholic nun compared to Chrome, which is a comparative ED209 killer droid. Avoid all Google products like the plague, I see things here at a level practically no one else ever gets a chance to and what I see with Google is NOT GOOD AT ALL. I am confident that if anyone using Chrome makes the wrong discovery, they will be car crashed or blackballed or suicided - you can't use Google products in this day and age, GOOGLE IS THE NSA and PROBABLY WORSE.

Dec 17 2015

Observation: Recently, Drudge Report has looked exactly like a Bolshevik communist information node, with precisely the correct ratio of articles to make people "think" they have been informed when really there is nothing there. Drudge now has: 1. Surface MSM reporting about a spending bill that passed, 2. Odd stories, including one about an "earthquake bed" 3. Links to MSM reports that anchor in the latest false flag, and 4. links to fake opposition sites, that make suggestions but don't really say the truth at all, to provide a "balance" for the MSM reports. In actuality there is nothing of substance on Drudge at all, only what it takes to keep someone who is totally out of the loop in a chain of thinking they are informed . . . . a perfect communist style granola mix, enough to really get my attention.

Here it is!

FBI said shooters did not use social media which means ALL the facebook and other posts were PHONY.

Now, why would these posts be phony? BECAUSE:

Three tall white men did the shooting

I'd be one to believe no one died, but at least our patsies did, because their lawyer made this statement:

"Where the couple was found, from what I understand, is that they were handcuffed, lying face-down in this truck, shot up."

And finally when they did get buried, FBI agents guarded the burial and a secret location was chosen, to "prevent anyone from digging the bodies up" which sort of digs the lawyer a little bit because you would want a secret burial place to "prevent the bodies from being dug up" if there were none to begin with anyway . . . .

Interesting it is that No one was driving the SUV during the final shootout, we all know about remote control and why leave things to chance? If you want real dead patsies you might miss when firing the first shots at your drill partner, he might floor it to get away once he realizes you are shooting for real, and therefore it is a lot better to just shoot your drill assistants and handcuff them beforehand just in case they wake up after being shot and wonder why they are going down the road with no one behind the wheel . . . . . . ANYWAY:

It is also quite salient that someone stepped forward and said that Craft international mercs did the shooting, and that PresTV went down for days after posting it (they are still down which is why I linked this elsewhere).

But that is impossible, because The neighbor bought the weapons the shooters used, OOPS, I GUESS NOT, Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina said something interesting during an appearance on the Morning Joe Show on Thursday:

"If you listen to your reporter earlier, what he said is the ATF believes that someone purchased this gun on behalf of the police department and somehow that gun ended up in the hands of this guy, so it actually does not sound at all like this man purchased a firearm," she said.

How did a firearm destined for a police department end up in the hands of a suspected mass shooter?

Where does the neighbor fit into that equation, HMMMMM?????

And all of this inconsistency is what you would expect if America was not a constitutional republic, not even a democracy but an oligarchy instead. Once again, the web site that posted something huge - that a Cambridge study concluded the U.S. is an oligarchy and that "the preferences of the average American appear to have only a minuscule, near-zero, statistically non-significant impact upon public policy.'" the web site that posted this went down also, but that might be temporary.

I have cached it here and linked to the web site that broke this READ IT AND WEEP:

Princeton study concludes: America is an oligarchy

Study Finds US Is an Oligarchy, Not a Democracy

"Researchers from Princeton University and Northwestern University have concluded, after extensive analysis of 1,779 policy issues, that the U.S. is in fact an oligarchy and not a democracy. What this means is that, although 'Americans do enjoy many features central to democratic governance,' 'majorities of the American public actually have little influence over the policies our government adopts.' Their study (PDF), to be published in Perspectives on Politics, found that 'When the preferences of economic elites and the stands of organized interest groups are controlled for, the preferences of the average American appear to have only a minuscule, near-zero, statistically non-significant impact upon public policy.'"

My insert:

CommonDreams went down when they published this, maybe they will be back up later, here is the link: Here is the text from the abstract page, the study itself is behind a paywall and costs $30 to read:

Testing Theories of American Politics: Elites, Interest Groups, and Average Citizens

Martin Gilens and Benjamin I. Page


Each of four theoretical traditions in the study of American politics—which can be characterized as theories of Majoritarian Electoral Democracy, Economic-Elite Domination, and two types of interest-group pluralism, Majoritarian Pluralism and Biased Pluralism—offers different predictions about which sets of actors have how much influence over public policy: average citizens; economic elites; and organized interest groups, mass-based or business-oriented.

A great deal of empirical research speaks to the policy influence of one or another set of actors, but until recently it has not been possible to test these contrasting theoretical predictions against each other within a single statistical model. We report on an effort to do so, using a unique data set that includes measures of the key variables for 1,779 policy issues.

Multivariate analysis indicates that economic elites and organized groups representing business interests have substantial independent impacts on U.S. government policy, while average citizens and mass-based interest groups have little or no independent influence. The results provide substantial support for theories of Economic-Elite Domination and for theories of Biased Pluralism, but not for theories of Majoritarian Electoral Democracy or Majoritarian Pluralism.

To read more, you have to click this link and pay: Dec 16 2015

Posts from Iraqi war vets are now circulating the web

These posts are being made to get people to think carpet bombing Muslim countries is justified.

Here is one such post, and my response:

Tonight's Republican debate asked some fundamental questions about whether or not Carpet Bombing Muslim countries crosses certain lines. Well, as a Combat Veteran I can tell you that the woman and children that are in ISIS strongholds are there supporting their terrorist counterparts. There are no civilians in these cities... These are people that believe in Jihad and support barbarism in the name of Islam. Now you can say that these woman have no choice because they are being forced into supporting Jihadists but don't be so quick to judge. What would you do as a woman? Would you kill countless others to save own your life? Would you keep your children in that environment? What means more to you, your life or your conscience?

As far as I'm concerned they are all guilty!


My response:

We have a right to "carpet bomb" them IF AND ONLY IF they totally destroy a city the size of Houston, leveling every home there and killing everyone in the entire city, along with leveling every building, blowing out every power station and destroying every road and airport completely for a distance of at least 100 miles out, which is EXACTLY WHAT YOU DID TO THEM IN IRAQ.

Dear sht head op, Because you did this to them, they live for Jihad and if you can't understand why, you should be locked up in a nut house.

Carpet bombing them might have been justified if Iraq or Syria ever did anything to America, but they did not, all you did OP and the other vet was go into a foreign land that did NOTHING at all, and kill over a million people who did NOTHING to deserve it at all while the remainder wandered looking for loved ones in dust and ashes. You call them "barbarians" just because a few of the survivors sent bullets your way from the rubble you turned their lives into. What a malfunctioning piece of trash you are for ever blaming them. Even if Muslims had done 911, Iraq had nothing to do with it which makes your crimes on par and more, due to the sheer magnitude of what you did in comparison.

Rather than two city blocks worth of buildings in New York, you went into a land full of nothing but innocents and almost entirely blew everything in that land away. NO SHT they want to kill you, and you deserve it, ignorant or not.


Ever wonder why 80 percent of American combat soldiers now fight while high on government issued psychotropic drugs and meth? I have an answer: it is to get you into a mode where you will thoughtlessly murder and destroy with a mindset those you destroy could never get into. You surpass any "jihadist" by an order of magnitude in mind alone. The American Soldier - now the ULTIMATE Jihad brainless killer that makes the worst of the worst so-called Arab look like a saint.

What would be a fair trade on American turf after what you did to countless innocents as a doped up machine for the DOD? the total annihilation of New York, LA, Chicago, and every other American city flattened to dust would be a good start, provided the destruction only affected you and those who gave you orders. A use for a parallel universe, which you clearly belong in. You sought total annihilation against complete innocents and deserve nothing but annihilation in return and due to the extent of what you did and your subsequent attitude, it is people like YOU that need to be "carpet bombed".

The Arrival of the American navy and supporting forces is like the death star that destroyed Alderan. Interesting it is that a new Star Wars is coming out as you post that comment, interesting it is, the parallel there. EVIL EMPIRE? THAT YOU ARE.

ODD: Alt media news synchronisity

All alternative media, plus drudge, plus RT, plus Farsnews and sites like Infowars, Global research, World Affairs Brief and many others, plus all the forums have the exact same stories posted, with very little variance in what is up. I have never seen such a unified front of identical news in the alt media EVER, for the first time EVER if you hit one site, you hit them all, JUST LIKE THE CONTROLLED MSM. PressTV is not coming in where I am also, Pravda has a little variety but has mostly the same as all others, it really seems like something weird could be going on.

I might as well put up what I believe is a good warning about American made weapons since so much alt media has the same on repeat today:

With all weapons such as missiles, smart bombs, aircraft, tanks, drones, you name it, (anything that has a brain) you can't trust made in the USA, or made in Israel, or for that matter, made by any country other than your own.

If the U.S. has a back door into every non military privately owned computer and cell phone, which has no military purpose, believe me, America has a back door into any missile system America has ever sold, into every cruise missile, into every auto targeting system, into EVERYTHING that can be accessed to shut them down so they can't be used against America. I am confident this is precisely why America kicks Arab butt so bad even if the Arabs have "modern" U.S. weapons and missiles - because if such a missile approaches a target such as an American aircraft, it will see a beacon from that target telling it to shut down or miss.

As far as I see it, this entire topic is a no brainer. It would be so stupid to design an advanced weapons system that could be turned against you eventually without any back doors in it to shut it down that I can't fathom any possible way America would ever do it. Additionally, I firmly believe that if a Russian weapons system uses an American designed CPU, it can also be shut down even if the Russians do not know about it. There are so many back doors into everything now that the only weapons systems that will work against America are those that are totally home grown from the ground up, including the software, the CPU, and all sub-processors.

My guess is that the back doors are so firmly in place that the U.S. could easily auto crash any F-16 sold abroad without even firing a missile at it. Even tanks made for the last 35 years have had an engine control unit it is virtually assured could be shut down with the right access code. And if Russia is stupid enough to put "intel inside" they have a rude awakening awaiting them, they had better have a "Baikal model 30 no cache 16 bit 2.4 MHZ miracle processor" in their S-series missiles (if that is all they can manage to make) because it would at least work within design limits when asked to. No Russian missile system can match even the original Aegis system even today, so such a processor would definitely work because it is all America had when Aegis was first put in service. Since Russia can at least make a processor that good now "home built" is what they better have because it just does not take a lot of CPU to look for a dot in the sky and go for it. Remember the line drawn black and white video game Tempest? THAT.

Anyway, I figured I'd put this up as a warning to people using American built weapons: If you are using anything "advanced" from America or ANYONE ELSE, INCLUDING RUSSIA, THIS IS UNIVERSAL, If you can't make it all yourself and you have to depend on others to make it for you, don't be surprised when it all goes kablooey when you need to use it against those who made it, NO ONE is stupid this way.


Trump is a wild card. With his recent comments about "who funds ISIS" and his knowledge of and public statements that vaccines cause autism, he is an unpredictable wild card and it is impossible to know what is going on in his head and what the outcome of his becoming President would be.

KEY: I think Trump is honest. Wanna know why? Because he at least had the guts to half finger Israel for funding ISIS. HEADS UP: Trump is honest AND PARTIALLY AWARE "partially aware" is not a good thing for the global elite scammers, because "partially aware" has a really steep slippery slope to TOTAL AWARENESS. And what would happen if Trump was president, was honest, and became TOTALLY aware? Here is what I think:

Practically all the drug company executives and bio science experts would be arrested and slammed into prison for life for the tainted vaccines (and they should be). America would suddenly flip and blow ISIS off the map, rather than fund it. Common core education would be vaporized instantly. And I think Trump is already up to that level of knowledge, you don't have to be totally aware to know these things would be the right things to do and I think even if Trump did not take it to the "prison level" it would all at least definitely be stopped. And "they" are watching him, twitching and nervous . . . . .

I have a wish, a prayer: For Trump to be HONEST, at least partially aware, and then somehow, miraculously, overcome the "Diebold" vote rigging apparatus. Kicking behinds would follow, provided he did not get shot. If Trump was fully honest, fully aware, and had ethics, he could blow the entire NWO scam to smithereens with ONE state of the union address, resistance in Congress be damned. He could wipe out the vaccine scam without even producing legislation to punish the drug companies simply by stating what they are doing to the children via a national broadcast. He could easily trip a much needed rebellion with only a few words, and there is no hope of this happening elsewhere, Trump is the FIRST major figure to finger Israel for anything, let alone funding ISIS. In more than one way he is a step beyond Ron Paul, Let's all hope . . . . . and if he does get elected that it is not just an illusion.

Dec 15 2015

A gun in the hand beats a cop on the phone!

The anonymous man in Turkey managed to get a long message through

If you want to see the opinion of what is obviously a high intellectual in Turkey, this is a good read

You probably saw the ISIS/hacker/Britain report on Drudge

In that report, hackers traced ISIS back to the bowels of the British government. Britain quickly responded by saying they sold the government owned IP addresses the hackers pegged ISIS with to Saudi Arabia and that the databases had not been updated yet to reflect that and the hackers were therefore misguided. I DOUBT IT.


This following extensive Fukushima update is going to stay top posted for the next day or two (but I'll throw a few items on top as one liners for people to pick through)

9 million bags of Fukushima cleanup material confirm my Yakuza mafia/dead Japanese homeless report (as well as the original Fukushima report) was BANG ON.

How bad was Fukushima blown away? So bad that an entire section of Japan had to have the first three inches of top soil stripped from the ground by workers, countless numbers of which have died, and these people who have died were Japan's homeless, who were pulled from the streets by the Israeli controlled Yakuza mafia and forced to work until the radiation killed them.

Unlike the heroic pilots who died in Russia with honors after putting Chernobyl out, Japan's dead will be buried in the homeless stats.

Obviously such a story would eventually have proof evident everywhere, despite efforts to contain it. Well, to blow the lid off and prove that countless workers really have been stripping the top three inches of soil off of a large section of Japan all you now have to do is google "black bags fukushima" and images of these cleanup bags will now be prominent. I guess they figured the topic had cooled off enough to let this level of truth out.

All the stories about seepage into the pacific are straw man reports that are out there to hide the bigger reality - millions of times as much radiation is getting into the Pacific via rainwater runoff from all over Eastern Japan, where reactor 3 is now laid out like pepper.

The original Yakuza mafia Fukushima cleanup report now follows:


50,000 workers doing Fukushima cleanup DOCUMENTED, with over 800 dead from radiation poisoning DOCUMENTED

Fukushima cleanup workers given death threats by mafia


NEW BOMBSHELL: JAPAN LIMITING ISRAELI VISAS TO KEEP ISRAELI MAFIA OUT . . . . Israeli travelers now using fake passports from other countries to enter Japan.

"I submitted a visa application to the Israeli consulate in Tokyo, but was informed that a visitor's visa is usually not granted because the Israeli mafia is growing rapidly in Japan"


I know the above headline sounds too incredible to be true, but it is definitely true. Organized crime is usually tied to intelligence agencies at the top, and it is the Israeli Mossad, the same group that fronted Magna BSP, that is now handling Fukushima "cleanup" via control of Japan's Yakuza mafia. The Yakuza and the Israeli mafia formed an alliance with each other in 1990. Take a look at what is here, it may sound too "out there" to be true, but it definitely is true.

All of what is spoken of on this page is now properly referenced.

UPDATE: CONFIRMED BY REUTERS - over 50,000 people now doing cleanup of radioactive debris from reactor 3. FINALLY the real numbers. Unconfirmed blogs say medical professionals have recorded over 800 radiation deaths of cleanup workers (as of March 2014) and have been told to keep their mouths shut under heavy threat in the name of "national security". THAT MAKES SENSE.

Updated Dec 14 2015

For now, there are an officially claimed 5,000 workers doing fukushima cleanup, at least that is the number the ziopress is willing to admit to. I guess they think that is a believable number that people can cope with. But there is a huge problem with this number. And that is -

Over 700 different registered companies and at least 50 unregistered companies are involved in cleanup of radioactive debris left in the wake of the reactor 3 explosion. Virtually ALL of these companies are Yakuza mafia run. And if over 700 of these companies add up to 5,000 people, it means that only seven people per company are working fukushima cleanup. That is not a believable number. It is my guess that the real number is between 50,000 and 100,000 people are working on Fukushima cleanup, numbers so high that they would result in hard questions being asked by the greater nuclear community and that is why the real numbers are being kept silent.

The official story right from the beginning is that the explosions were hydrogen gas explosions which would be harmless and incapable of spreading a lot of radioactive material. That is the only thing that can match a realistic scenario for boiling water reactors. You cannot, with such a reactor, get expulsion of hard material up into the atmosphere. Due to the inherent nature of the system, the only disaster scenario that can happen is melt downs and not explosions and expulsions of reactor cores. And since having huge amounts of radioactive debris spread over miles cannot in any non warfare, HARDWARE ONLY related situation happen, it is the job of the scamming ziopress and fake alternative press to hide the reality that this indeed happened, a reality which resulted in the need for an epic cleanup effort.

Reactor 3 never melted down before the explosion. It was destroyed by a nuclear weapon while still fully functional. This is the only thing that matches the scenario for what actually happened.

What proves this to be the case? It is the large amount of dust from the reactor core, dust which is now being cleaned up by thousands of admitted to, and probably upwards of a hundred thousand people. Reactor fuel pellets in a boiling water reactor are composed of uranium oxide dust which has a zircon cladding around the dust to keep it in pellet form. If the reactors had melted down before the explosions, there would have been no dust, the fuel would instead have been in the form of a liquid that would not have spread so readily and floated on the wind.

Furthermore, it took an extreme kinetic event to pulverize the fuel pellets and send the uranium oxide dust inside them skyward. To do this, first the explosion had to penetrate a final thick concrete shield immediately surrounding the reactor that is inside the inner containment. It then had to completely blow away the reactor pressure vessel, which is several inches of solid steel thick. After that, it then had to blow apart the core, to get to the fuel pellets, and THEN have enough energy left in the shock wave to pulverize the fuel pellets and send them skyward in the form of dust. There is no conventional weapon on earth that could do that, only a nuclear weapon could, and the proof that this event did indeed happen via a beyond conventional explosion is the fact that much of Japan is now completely covered in this dust. Neither the hardware of the reactor itself or conventional weaponry could create such a scenario.

And the bigger point is that if the reactors had only melted down, there would be no cleanup needed outside of the power facility. Yet melt downs are the only scenario the laws of physics support with the given materials and hardware absent a nuclear weapon blast, so melt downs are what scam sites like ENE news and others are pushing with regard to the dead starfish. And melt downs and open air gas explosions would never have destroyed or breached the inner containments, only explosives would, so why are these containments now leaking?

The key to keeping the lid on all of this now is silence from the workers

And that is precisely why they are being given death threats for speaking up about what is really going on with all of this. Obviously after the explosions, whatever was left of the reactors melted completely down. But at the time of the explosions there could not possibly have been melted reactor cores, the hard material now being cleaned up over 20 km away could not have come from that scenario.

The Japanese Mafia, which is under Jewish control at the top, is handling the cleanup

Make sure you scroll FAR down this page to the links that prove the Israelis are in full control of Yakuza, this particular report is huge

And HOW IN THE HELL DID THE ISRAELI CONTROLLED YAKUZA MAFIA GET THIS JOB? I will tell you how - If you want to cover up a crime scene, have criminal organizations in charge of the cover up. People are dying left and right out at Fukushima because there is so much nuclear material laying around in the open compliments of reactor 3's core ejection. Since we have a scenario that could not have happened absent an act of war, criminals have to handle it if it is to remain a suitable secret. If anyone speaks up, BOOM, they are dead. If anyone steps out of line, a bullet to the head. And Tepco could not possibly get away with this, they are not the ones in charge of it. All this criminal activity is taking place under the radar, via mafia controlled subcontractors with Jewish overlords at the top.

Japan is absolutely screwed

The contamination ended up being exactly what I said it would be from the beginning. But I was wrong about something - and that is that rather than abandon land, the Japanese are actually going to clean it up. This will involve the removal of all vegetation from thousands of square kilometers of land, and the top five centimeters of soil from all of that land. The cleanup does not only involve the exclusion zone, it extends all of the way through Sendai.

And the big question is, WHY is this only coming to light NOW? I will tell you exactly why. It took this long for the public to mostly forget that officially, the fukushima disaster was only a little steam and a little loose gas. And Tepco could not and did not front a lie like that, the lie HAD TO come straight from the ziopress. Tepco initially stated that the radiation released was, in their own words "immeasurable" but the ziopress and nuclear blackmail silenced them within two days of them saying it. Now, over two years later, the public concience is sleeping on the topic and it is FINALLY safe for the ziopress to tell pieces of the truth, first starting with obscure news outlets such as AlJazeera because with an event that far back in the past people won't care about the details and Tepco has been successfully blackballed.

They now have to begin telling at least pieces of the truth, because the scenario on the ground has become too obvious for the official lie to cover up. They are obviously calculating what information to release at what time to avoid having too many lights go on all at once.

The least influential people in Japan are doing the cleanup

The mafia contractors are taking the drug addicts, homeless, and other extremely disadvantaged and unsophisticated people and using them exclusively for the cleanup, especially at Fukushima proper. They are not having geniuses go in there. And there are reasons for this - this low economic class will produce the fewest complaints after being destroyed by the radiation, and this particular class of people will mostly lack the ability to question what is going on and what really happened to those reactors. It is also because These people are largely isolated and disposable, and few people, if any at all will notice if they die. The fact that death threats are being issued at all, the fact that the Mafia is involved with this at all should say it all.

In order to cover up a war crime this big, a police state style management had to happen to keep the people silent, which Japan does not have via the government. The mafia had to be brought in, and you can't tell me the Japanese government is unaware. The Japanese government would not permit the cleanup via the mafia to happen as it is happening, but they are allowing it to proceed the way it is because they are under threat, which is:

In Magna BSP's own words, with only 12 employees, IDF front company Magna BSP is handling the security for ALL of Japan's reactors. Magna has to be an IDF/Mossad front company, because 12 people could not possibly either protect or threaten that many reactors. 12 claimed employees means it can only be a mafia style protection racket that is "protecting" Japan's reactors, a "protection" racket which is run by the top criminals in the highest political places outside of Japan - and if Japan steps out of line, Stuxnet and more nukes go hot and it is BOOM to more reactors.


Working in Tokyo for the Israeli Mafia

This is the account of a witness to the Israeli mafia in Japan. It is indeed there and in control of the Yakuza

Note - I lived in Japan for almost a decade. The Israelis have had a strong presence there for at least 2 decades. On the cover of the Japan Times, circa 1990, there was a small article stating that the Israeli Mafia and the Japanese Mafia had formed a pact.

I knew an Iranian who sold drugs for the Japanese mob (Yakuza). He said some Iranian Jews he knew were selling jewelry in Tokyo and making $2000 a day - in actuality, they were selling hash and meth to the Japanese. Some (not all) of these Israeli street hawkers are really in the drug trade. More than a few of them get jobs in Tokyo through connections in Bangkok at Israeli run guest houses, like the ones on Khao San Road.

There are better ways to make a living.

It’s said that a fool and his money are soon parted. And that’s exactly why there are so many Israelis selling jewelry on the streets of Japan – they’re making it even easier. But the good news for the traveller in search of a buck is that you don’t have to be Israeli to hawk fake Rolexes and silver rings to the Japanese. I did it and I’m as uncircumcised as the next goy.

The boss once asked me: “Tom, are you Jewish?”


“Well, nobody’s perfect.”

Yes, you will be working for the Israeli mafia and they’ll suck all the work they can out of you. They’re lying, corrupt sleazebags but at least you won’t have to kow-tow to some nerdy Japanese boss. The Israelis have all the pitches on the streets sewn up these days so there’s no choice but to work for them. At least you don’t have to bring any stock yourself and they take care of all the practical stuff for you. All you’ve got to do is sell.

The set-up is like this: You get yourself to Japan and the Israelis will find some cheap accommodation for you. If you’re hard up they might even lend you a bit of money for the first week or two. Then after a few days of hanging around the stalls of the other sellers, learning the tricks of hard sell and some basic Japanese, you’ll be given a pitch of your own. You’ll be driven to work every day and set up four boards of jewelery and one table for the fake watches. For every item there is a minimum price, but you get 40% of the gross so you sell them for whatever you can get away with.

And then you’re on your own. For the next 10 hours you do your best to lie, flirt, bully and manipulate by any means possible anyone and everyone who passes by into buying something. “Please, sir! Come and look at my shop! Looking is free only! I make you good price! Buy something for your girlfriend!” Sound familiar? Yes, you have to become just like all those merchants and hawkers who drove you crazy all across Asia. Believe me, you’ll feel more sympathy for them in the future.

You’ll fleece drunken salary men returning from a night out at a blowjob bar, bimbos looking for a new Gucci accessory, and naive teenagers who want to buy their first Rolex. And if you can’t agree about the price? Well, this is a society of Samurai, after all. Looking some defiant student in the eye, I’d draw back my shoulders and say:

“Are you a man?”

“Yes, of course!”

“Then let’s play junken!”

Also known as scissors, paper, and stone, this ancient game is sacred and few lacked the honour to pay your asking price if they lost.

But whatever you do, don’t convert the prices into dollars in your head because you’ll die laughing. You can sell pieces of purple string to put around the wrist for $15. It all depends on your confidence. Once, my friend told me, our boss was hanging around his stall and he set down on the table some lighter that he’d bought at 7-11 for two dollars. Some drunken businessman came along and fell in love with the thing. He was talked into buying it for $100.

Of course, the business is not exactly legal. I was working on a busy shopping street over Christmas, and in 10 days the police closed me down 35 times. They’d march up to my stall and shout angrily in Japanese I would pretend not to understand. They’d make me sign some form in Japanese, then I’d turn off the lights and look sorry. When they were out of sight, I’d open up again. They couldn’t believe I kept coming back.

“He’s a real tough cookie, this one,” they must have mumbled.

And if it wasn’t the boys in blue wearing me down with their clipboard and forms, it was the Yakuza. They’re paid off by the Israelis of course, but there’s always some drunk criminal who wants to scare a gaijin ( any foreigner.) Usually it was just some young, Mafia wannabe punk out to prove himself, but once I was fooling around with some pissed old guy who came to me on a quiet night.

“I am businessman!” He told me and held up his left hand with the missing little finger. When the Yakuza fuck up, honour demands that they cut off one of their finger segments to atone. As a guitarist, it was a horrific sight. All I could say was: “Yes, sir! No, sir! How many bags full, sir?”

On a good day, selling silver in Tokyo was like stealing food from a paraplegic, and I couldn’t believe how a nation of such hopeless suckers ever got so rich in the first place. On the bad days, though, when rain came with the cold and random street aggravation, I hated the work as much as my own corrupted soul for sinking so low as to take such a job.

Still, I was lucky. Over three months I managed to save about US$3,000, but others I met only managed to cover their costs. This is definitely a job best suited to pretty girls and good liars

Other links proving the Israeli Mafia is running the Yakuza mafia, and therefore Fukushima cleanup

"I submitted a visa application to the Israeli consulate in Tokyo, but was informed that a visitor's visa is usually not granted because the Israeli mafia is growing rapidly in Japan" My comment: Yeah, with billions of dollars in Fuku cash they ought to be growing rapidly!

The first paragraph of this one pretty much nails it: Read the first paragraph, the Israeli mafia is obviously well entrenched in Tokyo

These are good:

This one is cute!

These collectively show that there is a very strong presense of the Israeli mafia operating in Japan, and as far back as 1990 the Israeli mafia had united with Yakuza. Given the skills of the Jews in taking over everything, simple logic would dictate that 25 years later, and current Japanese restrictions on Israeli passport visas for the sole purpose of keeping the Israeli mafia out, that Israel now owns Yakuza. If Yakuza and other mafia (Israeli) are providing a majority of the workers for Fukushima cleanup, it then follows simple logic to conclude that the orders for silence (or face death) threats given to workers have their origins in Israel, which is a nation in deep militarily strategic need of the best cover up possible.

Here is the Japanese reality about Fukushima

Radiation in Japan much higher than stated in the MSM, workers likely issued death threats by Israeli Mossad front companies

This is to once again re-state that Northern Japan is basically ruined and the hype about radioactive water leaking into the ocean is practically meaningless when put in contrast with the massive shot of radiation the Pacific got from the explosion at reactor 3.

I am not going to be like CNN and Fox, sitting around saying only a little steam got out, nor am I going to say that the Pacific is dying because of Fukushima. This is mostly because all the anomalies in the Pacific are simultaneously occurring in the Atlantic. The starfish issue is not related to Fukushima, something else is amiss. For something that is actually true about Fukushima and damn spooky, Click here, and remember, the readings of 1,000 times over normal are OUTSIDE THE DECLARED DANGER ZONE just like I said it would be. Crazy stuff indeed. Watch for ENE to parrot this.

Obviously, since the reactors used uranium with a half life of many millions of years, and Plutonium, with a half life of thousands of years, and this stuff is dispersed evenly over a large area, there will be no practical way to clean any of this up. If you bury it, erosion will eventually expose it, and how can you scrape up the surface of every mountain, valley, field, or other terrain features and dispose of the entire top layer of the earth? That cannot happen, Japan really is screwed.

On the other side of the issue however is the Pacific. Ordinary people are going out with their own geiger counters and finding nothing wrong. No damning radiation stats are forthcoming from the starfish crowd. Oceanographers are calling it a massive viral outbreak involving both the Pacific and the Atlantic. And I therefore believe there is a huge effort underway by usurpers of the truth movement to get people all scared over Fukushima, never tell them Israel did it, blame Tepco and the nuclear industry, and side track the truth movement AWAY from the real issues, such as Stuxnet at home, tainted vaccines, the encroaching police state, the Obama care disaster (and NO, you CANNOT opt out so I did not link that crap) and many other issues we should all be focused on.

The big dirty at Fukushima already happened, and it happened when reactor 3 had its guts blown into the Pacific compliments of Magna BSP and the IDF. If there is a radiation problem in the pacific right now which I seriously doubt, it came from the big blast and not from a little ground water seeping in from the shoreline. It came from the big blast, which was carried by the wind into the ocean. This horrible contamination in Japan is the result of whatever dust was laying around after the big blast in the immediate vicinity of reactor 3 and then subsequently carried abroad. Had the wind currents been different and had the entire core been dispersed over land and not the ocean immediately following the blast, it would have literally cut Japan in half.

There is no doubt a lot got dumped into the Pacific, enough to make the water beneath the initial dust trail from reactor 3 240 times the safe limit within 10 miles of the coast. That has since dispersed. But that is a comparably small area, and I do not buy that it would contaminate the entire ocean. The starfish have had trouble off the coast for years now, even before Fukushima ever happened and it takes more time for the ocean currents from Japan to even hit the west coast than the current starfish die off can support, this die off started happening too soon for that. True, the water should be arriving at the coast right around now, but this starfish die off has been ongoing for two years.

Oceanographers are saying it is a virus and not Fukushima doing this. So are they all bought out by the Israeli Mossad too? Did Israel go into damage control mode and pay all of the oceanographers to shut up? Oh, I get it, TEPCO PAID THEM ALL OFF INSTEAD.

If anyone believes the west coast is frying from fukushima while the oceanographers say nada, I would say it is time for the thinking cap. If ENE and Infowars can say the ocean is destroyed with a web site, the oceanographers can say so as well. No one is shutting anyone up over this. Why are the oceanographers saying it is not Fuku then? How did the Pacific ocean currents carry Fuku fallout to the Atlantic to kill the starfish there as well?

And about the latest propaganda row over how the workers are treated at Fukushima, blame it on Israel. Find out who is running those subcontractor companies. I bet a dime to a dollar they are all Mossad fronts, issuing death threats against workers to NOT talk about how it could not possibly have been hydrogen gas that destroyed the place. If any are smart enough to figure out what really went on there, it is shut up or die, straight from the mouth of the Mossad. COUNT ON IT.

Dec 13 2015

A Russian warship fired warning shots toward a Turkish ship that was evidently going to ram it on purpose. Nothing more happened.

Climate change conference

As it turns out, the climate conference was a bust for the climate scammers because real scientists showed up and called their bluff. Who knows what the New World Order will do with the carbon tax in response, but it is now obvious to far more people that the climate change plot only existed to de-industrialize civilization and line the pockets of the super rich. As if we did not know. Anyway, good news from the conference, it was not limited to lies only and let's hope Volkswagen eventually gets a refund. At least Volkswagen had the guts to do something about the climate lies by making their cars "run too good" and break the law while doing so. How could that break the law? Ask a high level climate scammer, they all know at a high level that it is all a fabrication and we should support Volkswagen because they really did do something right with the TDI, even against orders.

I now actually think this might be real and that the Nasa rovers might be on Devon island

I believe the rovers saw a clearly carved stone face (as I reported a year ago) but it might not have been where we thought they did. They might have photographed an old Viking relic. Right from day one I called the first two rovers fake but I had hopes for the second two. Now I think there is a high probability that the second two are also fake, it would explain EVERYTHING, ALL ANOMALIES, the quarters, the lemming, the polar bear cub, the carved stone face, the water marks, the zero bit dropped in sky in everything. Take a look at this, it would explain everything, Including why the Viking lander took a picture of Mars that actually had a real sky in it along with a huge amount of detail despite having a lesser camera, and these rovers never have done that. All 4 nasa rovers return nothing but one bit zero gradient sky and horrible low contrast low detail image quality that defies analysis. A zero gradient sky is not possible on Earth, let alone Mars where the sky would have a much steeper color gradient than earth because the atmosphere on Mars is thinner.

Take a look at that linked report, he did a GREAT job, read it carefully, this guy could easily be right.

Dec 12 2015

Tom wrote:

Hi Jim,

Seems to me one cannot go dark on the NSA unless they stay hidden indoors. It's my belief that they video everything from satellites in hi rez.

I think that is good, because movements of the false flag perps and war criminals have been recorded from above.

Best Regards,

My response: You won't need to worry about the satellites unless they are watching you already. Yep, the capability is there and potent, and I mean very potent but fortunately it is not yet "omnipotent" and even if it was "omnipotent" it would still be possible to bug out, no satellite is going to see you in an evergreen forest.

PressTV link

Why can't you keep at least a link to the 'Craft Intl mercenaries carried out San Bernardino shooting' article if it is credible? Is this a matter of personal safety for you? I'll make a donation shortly. You have a phenomenal site. Thank you.

My response: The link to the article is still there, I just removed the embed. It is only polite to embed for a day because I will eat PressTV's server uselessly with more.

Burner phones

Jim, I was reading your post about staying off the electonic grid. What say you about "burner phones"? The prepaid cellphones you can buy at Wally World?

My response: You can't "go dark" with a burner phone. Reason 1: If you buy it in Candada, Canada's security agency will give you a call and get a voiceprint of you saying "hello" and then the phone is identified as yours, your voice print is on file. At least that is how they did it a few years ago. No one responds to your hello, they just grab it and hang up.

Reason 2: The NSA is not polite enough to give you a welcoming call, they just record everything and you are pegged. And who you call will tell them who you are anyway.

Reason 3. All cell phones can be triangulated now (in the past they used GPS exclusively but now they just triangulate and they will know every place you called from right down to the inch.) All stories about Arabs buying anonymous "burner phones" for terrorism are hoakey, there is no such thing as an anonymous phone anymore! One call can give them 1. Your voice print. 2. Your home address. 3. Your most called person (if that is who you dial) and by the time you make 5 calls you are totally irrevocably pegged.

Absolutely no phone needs to be "registered" for them to know it is yours from day one, come on now! That is so "80's!"


Lionel Richie's "Easy like Monday Morning" is now "Easy like Sunday Morning!"

Maybe I morphed universes again due to a drone strike after my rip yesterday . . . . .

More Mandela Effect!!??!! : Trump went back to probable good guy overnight!

During a morning news program on MSNBC, Trump basically called out Israel for funding ISIS!

During the MSNBC program called "morning Joe", Trump walked right up to the edge of the line, made it clear to everyone he does not support Israel supporting ISIS all the while the program hosts beat around the bush trying to get Trump to say ISIS was only Arab. Trump held his ground extremely well, and made it very clear that the only reason why he did not directly indict Israel (without even mentioning Israel) was that he had a "lot of relationships with people" there. After this program, Trump canceled his trip to Israel which was supposed to happen two days later, obviously (as far as I see it) for the purpose of staying alive.

Trump just might be a good guy, it is really hard to tell because he plays the game so well.

Take a look at the key part of the interview:

Donald: Right now, you have things going on, you have so called people that you think are on our side, they're not reporting it, they're not talking about it, and in some cases they're involved with it. I mean look: I'll give you an example.

Some of our so-called allies that we work with and that we protect militarily, they are sending massive amounts of money to ISIS and to al-Queda and to others.

Joe: So, who are you talking about there?

Donald: You know who it is. What do I have to bring it up for? You know who it is.

Joe: Because you're running for President. Are you talking about the Saudis?

Donald: Joe. Hey Joe. Other countries are giving massive amounts of money. People from other countries are giving massive amounts of money.

Joe: So are you saying the Saudis are doing this?

Donald: Of course they're doing it. Everybody knows that.

Joe: Okay, any other countries?

Donald: There are, but I'm not gonna say it, because I have a lot of relationships with people. But there are. And you know that. And everybody knows that. And nobody says it. Nobody talks about it.

My comment: What other candidate will talk like that? This is not some sort of game he is playing for the idiots, who would never understand what he is referencing, these statements are to be understood by people who know what is going on. The average Trump supporter does not know what is going on. In that context, this is quite a big deal indeed. The fact that Trump canceled his trip to Israel after this is the icing on the cake!


EVERY BIT OF THIS IS REAL REGARDLESS OF TROLL "EXPERTS" WHO MIGHT HIT THIS TOPIC: If you have an old cable TV box or ANY cable ready TV plugged into cable, get rid of it and get rid of cable even if everything you have is from the 1980's. Even if you don't have a smart TV, the speakers in many televisions can be used as microphones to transmit everything said back to the NSA the same way a smart TV will, and many old cable boxes will as well. Almost all Scientific Atlanta cable boxes that were ever made can.

If you have any car 1998 or newer, consider it bugged even though it might not be, and anything 2005 and newer IS BUGGED AS A REQUIREMENT OF FEDERAL LAW. This requirement was announced briefly in 2004 and then went "off the books". If you have a less than 10 year old car and a need for information security, Ditch it.

Don't tell me you still want your cell phone! DITCH IT.

HERE IS A BIG ONE: ALL, AND I MEAN ALL land lines have been completely bugged since BEFORE 1960 EVEN IF HUNG UP. THIS WAS A HUGE TOPIC AT THE NSA, we were warned to never say anything classified around such a phone because the phone system was designed to never hang up, all it does is cut the ear piece off so you can't hear anything and the microphone stays active full time, always sending everything said in the house back to the phone company. Some of the new cordless phones and touch tone phones actually do hang up, but many will not even if bought new today and absolutely none of the rotary phones or old touch tone phones ever did. The NSA is totally in bed with the phone companies, and has this nailed. And even at that, they were worried about other countries listening in via these phone lines as well, which is why they were considered dangerous and made a topic of discussion regarding keeping classified information secure.

If you think you can go "NSA dark" while using the internet, well, perhaps you can if you only use public computers that have no web cams while keeping your mouth shut, never access any online accounts you might have, and NEVER EVEN THINK ABOUT USING A TABLET, PC OR LAPTOP YOU OWN.


Almost all digital cameras now have a link back to the NSA, and I mean dedicated digital cameras that are not used for communication at all. Most of them now have wifi, and most of them now have GPS. Additionally, many memory cards have wifi as well. Even if you never connect to wifi, the neighbors wifi WILL SEE YOUR CAMERA, a secret connection WILL be made, and everything said around that camera and every picture and video taken can be sent straight back to the NSA via your neighbor's equipment, all the while your neighbor is totally oblivious to anything going on AT ALL.

This is also true for laptops, ANY laptop that has a wifi card will snitch through your neighbor's connection even if you never access it yourself, any computer that has CoreVpro or any of the newer processors will snitch via the cell phone network, . . . . .

Going NSA dark means NO PHONE, NO LAPTOP, NO COMPUTER, NO CAMERA, NO NEW CAR, NO TELEVISION, NO SMART APPLIANCES, Basically going "NSA dark" means GOING AMISH, seriously, they have gotten so invasive now that is practically the only way. And this is important to know because GOING DARK IS THE ONLY WAY WE HAVE A CHANCE OF TAKING THE COUNTRY BACK.

I am sticking this on top for a while because it is so important.

Regular updates will drop in below.



From THIS VIDEO I captured the SUV as you see it to the left here (it is in the very first part of the video where the SUV is being filmed from the street, where the scenes are changing so fast they are practically flickering) and I then pulled the capture into GIMP which is a free image editor that is as powerful as Photoshop (if not more powerful) that you can download for Windows, Mac, and Linux HERE for ABSOLUTELY FREE and prove I am not making this up. With the levels editor in Gimp I pulled all 3 arrows down to the dark end of the dynamic range with a small space between pointers and then moved the center slider around until it hit the correct range in the capture to show the seat was there, and empty. The levels adjustment, when used this way, expands the dynamic range to make subtle differences you can't see in the image when viewed normally pop out of the murk. Trolls smashed the inbox saying I faked the seat image. FINE. All I can say is if anyone is too lazy to download a video, pause it in the right spot, capture that frame, and pull it into a free image editor I have linked here for them so they don't even have to look for it I can't help them and they can stuff it.

As you can see from the processed capture below, THE DRIVERS SEAT IS EMPTY.

This is the other item that has someone pissed:


This vehicle could not have possibly been acquired and driven by our patsies because the front emergency lights are flashing white in the video. Only police vehicles are allowed to have that ability, normal cars are required to flash YELLOW, BY LAW.

QUESTION: How did our Muslim terrorists manage to drive a restricted "law enforcement only" vehicle?

Click here to continue to older reports

Remote controlled Germanwings Airbus A320 crash? All evidence points to this.


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