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January 28 2016

Would I trust Bill Gates?

Would I trust Bill Gates to secure my data with an operating system? NO!

Would I trust Bill Gates to vaccinate the children in my neighborhood? NO!

Would I trust Bill Gates to provide vote counting software? HELL NO! But folks, this is exactly what is happening, read it and weep!

North Korea kept it's information away from the NSA

The recent news that North Korea is going to try a space launch soon, along with the way this space launch was learned about proves beyond a doubt that the NSA does not have perfect data penetration in North Korea. If the NSA did have information superiority in NK the same way they have in the rest of the world, the news of this space launch would not have come as a surprise, and additionally, it would not have needed to come from spy satellites.

Now the thing to watch is whether or not the U.S. decides to blow North Korea's rocket up with some sort of laser, EM weapon or interceptor, because it is certain that if NK kept the NSA out of their pants this well, NK is smart enough to use a launch system that can't be stuxnetted or hacked to cause a crash, which makes success a lot more probable.

Gunman carrying Quran arrested at Euro Disney?

If you saw that report, is a HOAX, Muslims DO NOT CARRY THE QURAN EVERYWHERE, it sits at home, on a shelf, just like a bible does. But if you want to frame up Muslims in a hoax psy op, you will finde Qurans, Prayer rugs (which always stay at home also, they don't carry those,) convenient passports (which also stay at home) and gosh, what's next? A hookah? Why not make the load easier during all these psy ops and just fall back on the oh so convenient anyone can yell it "Allahu Akbar"? After all, if people are stupid enough to think a psy op crew can't carry a quran, absolutely anything will work, why make things difficult for yourself?


On the heels of the zika failure due to the widespread exposure of the fact that it can't possibly be Zika causing birth defects and subsequent questions about why the WHO lied about this, Kikedom is making up lost ground with Quran packing would-be shooters at Euro Disney, and "Islamic suicide kangaroos!"

That is quite the bit of humor, if this story is even real I beg to question what type of simpleton the police manipulated into hatching that particular plot? In this plot, serious technical problems would need to be addressed, such as how to control a giant jumping rat well enough to even get explosives placed on it and then deliver the payload in any predictable way, and how to get the police to care about something as mundane in Australia as a squirrel?

And oh, in this plot there is also a beheading, and an IS symbol which makes it the perfect "chicken soup" to feed minds as gullible as the simpleton that came up with it all, IF this is even real to begin with. After all, how do you paint a discernible IS flag onto a wild animal anyway when you can't get the tranquilizers to knock it out and make it possible?

I don't know if the terror scammers got desperate with this one, or if they just tried to be funny.

January 27 2016

Finally back online

Numerous problems, and not online for long. Gotta make this quick:

The face of evil, in a photo

Take a look at this photo of Hillary.

This is who the elite want to have as President. If there was ever a face saying "I am an evil baby butcherer who sold America's most sensitive secrets to the enemy with payoffs made to me via my own charity, this is it.

Yesterday I unsuccessfully tried to post a report about how the people who nailed planned parenthood are now going to face 20 years in prison for "accepting aborted baby parts" as part of their investigation of Planned Parenthood, all the while Planned Parenthood itself will not get punished and will instead be awarded billions in federal funding. If you want a good look at the face of the kind evil which makes this possible, just look at Hillary here, that is certainly it!

Yes, Hillary indeed qualifies as the next Diebold counted NWO appointed president who will oversee the final death of the United States. Trump would obviously be a godsend by comparison. Hillary, to me, looks like some sort of demonic freak show.

Fox News covered the planned parenthood court case here: and allowed Planned Parenthood to respond with whatever lies they wanted. FOR THE RECORD: THE PEOPLE DOING THE EXPOSE ARE GOING TO JAIL BECAUSE THEY ACCEPTED BABY PARTS FROM PLANNED PARENTHOOD and not because they made the videos, which irrevocably proves beyond all doubt Planned Parenthood is fully guilty regardless of what kind of garbage they spew about the whistleblowers "breaking the law". If the whistleblowers face 20 years, Planned Parenthood should be shut down and hundreds of their staff should be jailed.

But you won't ever see Planned Parenthood punished, because they have the same face of evil showing on Hillary here, have made their deals with the devil, and are "too big to jail". Killing children in satanic rituals really does work to protect the wicked, deals are deals and if anything can prove the legitimacy of the scriptures as well as anything, it is the fact that the elite really can get favors by pledging alliance with darkness, and sealing the deal with blood.

Quick mails:

The box was secured, so some good stuff got through:

Farganne sent a video link about a talent scam in the NFL that did not click through and I did not have time to figure it out (just posting this to let him know he got through after probably trying 9,000 other times.

Anonymous sent: Hello Jim...please help. The word needs to get out. MSM blackout right now. Many sites have servers under attack. Bundys arrested. One dead, killed with his hands up...shot three times execution-style. Eye- witnesses all there, about six people witnessed the execution of LaVoy.

All the militias call for action... all shut down. Government taking down refuge tonight with women and children still inside.

They shutdown the internet on this. A civil war is likely very soon. Pray for us, Jim.

My response: I warned everyone I could to go dedicated IP and no .com extension. What more can I do, other than post what you sent?

Rick sent

Jim, I'm aware of at least two recorded interviews where Bill Gates stated his goal for vaccines was population control. In none of those interviews did the interviewer pause to question the seemingly contradictory statement.

At what point in time did he morph from software geek to Doctor Evil? Was he always focused on this goal and simply busy working on operating systems, or was this a new hobby during semi-retirement from the business?

My comment: Windows 10 ought to tell you ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW about trusting Gates with any sort of medically related topic!

Anonymous wrote:

US CORP murdered a free, sovereign, independent man at the Oregon standoff. All over Hillary promising the Hammonds land and it's uranium to Russia. Fucking murderers.

My response: I have no doubt the land grabs are for the sole purpose of selling America off to foreigners to ensure America's final death, and that people like Hillary have no problems with murdering whoever they need to to accomplish it, (see above photo.)

Answer to a mail: Only use, I can't get into the jstonemail box because I lost the passwords at Tutanota, long story. Anonymous sent: Most US Presidential canfidates are as fake as Hollywood film characters. It's possible that Donald J Drumpf could be the Charlie Stillson of President's with his eagerness to use nuclear weapons. Then again the decision has already been made for the Bilderberg Group.

This mail from Quartz proves the box has indeed been secure for the last little while:

Intel may be a security and privacy nightmare riddled with malicious backdoors, but even AMD is no better. Read and weep... AMD used to be great, but I suspect greatly that after Intel's sabotaging of AMD, very likely supported by the NSA and associated ilk, AMD was probably approached by the NSA and given an offer they couldn't refuse, also probably laced with plenty of ominous threats. So, AMD caved in to their demands... cannot verify that this is the case, but in my mind it seems pretty damn likely, considering what you can read in the about FAQ...

So, what options do we have? In my opinion, Coreboot and Libreboot-supported motherboards are a great start, but you may have better advice than me. ;)

Cheers, Quartz

My response: I have recently started saying AMD is probably not trustworthy anymore, because the creeping mold is getting into everything now. My advice is to get an original Athlon 64 of any configuration, including quad core, or an original Phenom, put a huge heatsink on it, clock it down so it never gets hot, and have a few motherboards around so you can use that processor with XP or Linux to infinity and beyond. Those are the last of the AMD processors I'd ever really trust (though my A6 seems to be OK also) it is hard to confirm, because definitely my laptop can get a persistent bug that lasts until I take the battery out. But at least that can be done, so an A6 3400M can definitely at least be reset and cleared.

Anonymous sent a report about the WHO saying the link to wrecked baby brains and Zika is circumstantial. LET ME SAY THIS A LITTLE BIT BETTER: SINCE THEY KNEW FROM THE BEGINNING THAT A VAST MAJORITY OF BABIES HAD NO ZIKA, THE LINK IS FRAUDULENT, NOT "CIRCUMSTANTIAL"

Anonymous sent:

Muslim man, 23, is arrested for 'planning a massacre at a Masonic temple' after buying machine guns from undercover FBI agents

My response: Why was a Muslim nailed for trying to do this? Geez, are they the only ones with any balls?

Here is the real message: The FBI knows Muslims are taking a hit now, so they are making it look like attacking the Masons would only be done by a violent "Muzzie" nutcase. Therefore, go to sleep sheeple, after all, only "Muzzie nutcases" get out and do anything real. Meanwhile, Hillary goes out and___________________

On that note, Anonymous, while warning me my site is not accessible in Germany wrote:


My response: Chuckle.

Lots of other good messages got through but I am out of time and hopefully the box is still secure, gotta go, quick site debug and out of here.

Jan 26 2016

New line: It's not zika, it is a mosquito Gates released, OOPS, no, it is not that, it is an STD!

The zika scam is falling apart, because Brazilians have proven it is not zika causing the birth defects. So the people who caused the problems to begin with are now toe dipping various scenarios in the hope one of them that is not the real truth gains a foothold in the public conscience.

First it was Zika. Then it was a genetically modified mosquito Bill Gates released (that alone should get Gates put away but figure the odds of something great like that happening,) and now they are saying it is something new that is being spread via sex. And if you go out into the infosphere, it is all being pushed simultaneously, (gee gotta look for the new line today) but one thing you will never hear is that Brazil got a new Tdap shot for only pregnant women that coincides perfectly with these new birth defects, and is the only probable culprit that is present in 100 percent of the cases.

I have already consulted a very reputable doctor here who I will not mention the name of to protect him, and he himself fingered the new vaccine as the probable culprit when I told him Brazil received a new Tdap shot that coincides with the timing of these new birth defects. He stated in no uncertain terms that there is no conceivable way the zika virus could have ever caused a birth defect and that something else that was not natural was at play, and he was suspicious that it was indeed caused by the intent of evil people.

He was well aware of the new secretive vaccine formulations being used to re-program the macrophages in the immune system to be aggressive against the body and do many types of damage, (especially brain damage) and that this was being done in a clandestine way. He then warned to never get a flu shot, the whole 9 yards, (I was actually surprised because he is very well papered) and that speaks volumes, because it indicates that even the well papered doctors are waking up.

One thing of interest in all of this that should be front and center for everyone is the fact that Gates did indeed release a totally new genetically modified mosquito which is based on the Ades mosquito, which happens to be the world's most dominant variety of mosquito. This means that you will almost definitely at some point in your life be bitten by a mosquito that is the creation of Bill Gates. The only two countries in the Americas that don't have the Ades mosquito are Chile and Canada. How arrogant does someone have to be to release something that pervasive into society? Good question.

In all of this, remember one thing: Gates may be Jewish, but he seldom (if ever) sees a synagogue and probably does not give a damn about the greater Jewish community. In the case of people like Gates, it would be foolish to assume he would not do something evil just because a Jew might be affected by what he does, he is the mountain of evil above it all and even the Jewish community should be very afraid of that particular man, and if there is one single event that can prove Gates is no friend of the Jewish community, his release of this new mosquito, harmless or not, ought to say it. He made even them his guinea pigs in a way that showed an arrogance which was reckless beyond belief, what more can I say?

Jan 25 2016

Do not miss the Zika virus update in today's news,

There is someone who keeps mailing me about "excellent quality video" from Apollo 11 that was captured in Australia and lost. He keeps asking me to post this.

I have not posted it because Apollo 11 only had a black and white video camera with low resolution and 10 frames per second. So whoever keeps sending that is either misinformed or trying to get me to debunk my own self with critical thinkers who know what went on with the Apollo missions.

I have to make this update really fast (it is an attempt to secure the mail window) so I am just going to post this:

Darla sent the following interesting tidbit. I do not have time to fully verify this, but a lot of this is definitely true:

Hi Jim,

Thanks so much for all of your hard work. Below is an email I had a very hard time forwarding. It's the first time something like this has happened to me.

Be well & take good care,

**Personal note--"SOMEONE" does NOT want this info. out. It took me EIGHT TRIES to get the text at the bottom completed but every time I'd look at it again, it would be gone. It only worked after I sent it to someone else & asked them to send it back, then I added the rest. The most sensitive part they don't want you to know (that kept disappearing) is about the FBI & elected officials being FOREIGN AGENTS. It's from a commenter (at bottom, in blue) below the vid. Post far & wide!

*BLM, is actually classified as an: Agent of Foreign Principle, under the intergovernmental Personnel Act. (They DON'T have authority & neither does the FBI)

BURNS, Ore. (INTELLIHUB) Although a plethora of information can be found on about the constitutionality of the Oregon Occupation and the root of the problem, the FBI can't seem to find any information on what's really going on and is unwilling to investigate federal agencies, period.

We are putting this video out there as an open letter to the federal government hereby requesting investigation into the unconstitutional wrongdoings currently taking place in Harney County.

During a phone meeting with the lead FBI negotiator known only as "Chris," Ammon Bundy said:

The FBI does not have anything really to do with the situation it is the people their county and their land. The federal government simply needs to adhere to the Constitution of the United States, adhere to the rules in Article 1, 8, 17 and comply. Bundy explained to Chris how the locals are not happy that the FBI is there.

"You have a standing army in town," Bundy said.

At one point the negotiator even threatened Bundy with an investigation of his person, rather than to even focus on the task at hand.

Additionally the FBI negotiator failed to provide his last name upon Bundy's request.

"Get your investigators out here. Get interviewing these ranchers," Bundy told the FBI.

Main page image credit: Via shuff1111/YouTube First commenter below Bundy's comments posts something VERY REVEALING:

Ideas Time wrote:

Here are a couple of comments I picked up off the internet that I think are worth sharing. Hope Bundy can use the info.

"BLM is a Foreign Corporation.

BLM is actually a sub-corporation of UNITED STATES INCORPORATED,

a private foreign owned off-shore corporation since its last incorporation

in 1925, copyrighted, trademarked and registered in Puerto Rico.

Under the Reorganization Act of Washington District of Columbia, by it's own private business charter, neither the BLM, nor any other federal/corporate agency has lawful/legal authority, jurisdiction or interstate nexus within the 50 state geographical landmass.

*BLM, is actually classified as an: "Agent of Foreign Principle", under the intergovernmental Personnel Act.

*In other words, they don't represent the Constitutional Republic or the interests of the American People but rather, a foreign owned principle i.e., the international banking/military corporate cartel of London City, England known as Crown Corporation as their supreme authority. Principle, under the intergovernmental Personnel Act.

*In other words, they don't represent the Constitutional Republic or the interests of the American People but rather, a foreign owned principle i.e., the international banking/military corporate cartel of London City, England known as Crown Corporation as their supreme authority.

AskALL Law enforcement, FBI and Elected Officials for a copy of their FARA, Foreign Agent Registration Act, Failure to Produce upon request is a Felony Crime, Punishable by 5 years in prison and a $ 250,000.00 dollars Fine, + 5 years in prison and a 250,000.00 for every year they have Failed to Register,
Once a Oath of Office is taken Citizenship is Relinquished, and must register as a foreign Agent of the United Nations.
USC Title 8 sec 1481,
USC Title 5 sec 331, 332, 333
CFR, Coded Federal Regulation, Foreign Relations, 92-12, 93-12
You may Arrest them for Failing to Register.

Brazilians not buying Zika excuse for babies with shrunken brains

Over 4,000 babies have now been born in Brazil with shrunken brains since November 1 2015. Brazil normally gets approximately 150 cases of this type of birth defect per year, which means that if this all happened in less than a three month time window, abnormal births of this type have increased by approximately 13,000 percent. HERE IS A KEY REPORT FROM THE BBC, WHICH PROVES EVERYONE WHO IS SAYING THE ZIKA VIRUS IS CAUSING IT IS LYING, IT CANNOT POSSIBLY BE ZIKA, THEY KNOW IT, AND THE BRAZILIANS ARE NOW LOOKING FOR ANSWERS ALL THE WHILE THE MSM AND GREATER MEDICAL COMMUNITY IS STILL TRYING TO SCAM IT OFF ON ZIKA.

From the BBC on Jan 21 2016:

Brazil says the number of babies born with suspected microcephaly or abnormally small heads since October has now reached nearly 4,000.

In the worst affected area, about 1% of newborns have suspected microcephaly.

The Brazilian authorities believe the increase is caused by an outbreak of Zika virus. Just 150 babies were born with microcephaly in 2014.

The brain condition can be deadly or cause intellectual disability and developmental delays.

Colombia's health minister has advised women there to delay pregnancy.

Brazil's health ministry says there have been 3,893 suspected cases of microcephaly since October, when the authorities first noticed a surge, up from 3,500 in last week's report.


The link with Zika has not been confirmed, but a small number of babies who died had the virus in their brain and no other explanation for the surge in microcephaly has been suggested.

Now I will translate this: There was a zika outbreak in Brazil. There was a huge surge in shrunken baby brains in Brazil. ONLY A SMALL NUMBER OF BABIES WHO DIED HAD THE VIRUS IN THEIR BRAIN. This means A LARGE NUMBER OF THE BABIES WHO DIED HAD NO ZIKA IN THEIR BRAIN. OUTPUT: The zika cases were coincidental, with the real problem completely unknown. This quote from the BBC blows the zika scam wide open, the next line of the BBC report is accurate:

Zika is generally mild and only causes symptoms in one in five people. It is spread by the Aedes aegypti mosquito, which also spreads dengue and chikungunya.

My comment: Ok so a do nothing virus is going around that only makes one in five people get mildly sick, with no symptoms in 4 out of 5 people. This virus has been known about since before 1948 and has never been known to cause birth defects. Since this is a proven mild virus with no history of causing birth defects, AND because a LARGE MAJORITY of babies with the new birth defects have no zika, then Zika is not causing it and someone is definitely beyond all doubt just using Zika as an excuse for something else, which strongly suggests a motive, and who would have a motive for blaming a huge surge in birth defects on a known benign virus that is not even present in a majority of cases? YOU GUESS, the answer ought to be obvious.

Since it can't possibly be Zika with a majority of the affected babies having no virus, let's look at a real possible cause then: A new TDAP shot Brazil made mandatory at the beginning of 2015, which coincides with perfect timing with a whole bunch of newborns being born with defects. That's right, in late 2014 the Brazilian minister of health announced a new Tdap shot to become mandatory for all expectant mothers as soon as Brazil received it, which ended up being in early 2015. No zika found in a majority of messed up babies, but ALL MOTHERS WITH MESSED UP BABIES GOT THAT NEWLY FORMULATED SHOT WHILE PREGNANT. Troubleshooting 101, the answer is obvious.

The fact the papers are scamming Zika as the culprit should say it all, "GEE, it was not the World Health Organization, the Gates foundation, or anyone else in the New World Order that craves a stupid subservient population, NO, it is this practically benign virus doing it all, NO, DON'T EVEN LOOK AT OUR VACCINE, WE HAVE THE ANSWER, IT IS ZIKA, ZIKA, ZIKA and to HELL with the fact that a majority of the messed up babies had NO ZIKA. We won't consider that because WE NEED OUR SCAPEGOAT."

I find it interesting that this new shot was formulated for ALL PREGNANT WOMEN after the vaccine/autism scam broke partially mainstream, and I would bet that in America, there are countless cases of shrunken brains, but in America practically all pregnancies get looked at via ultrasound, and when a defect is seen, the mother is practically ordered to get an abortion thanks to "Obama care" and federal funding of "Canned Parenthood". Practically all will. This won't hit the stats, and the ones who do get born can just be subverted via a scamming press - who needs to report it anyway? A few "Zika" stories can be fronted by the press to cover for any cases that do get spoken about. I am actually amazed the scale of this was allowed to make news in Brazil, evidently the media containment there is not final.

So now they will get their stupid vaccine destroyed babies, (the ones partially brain damaged but not enough for it to actually noticeably shrink their brains, which would be the majority) and they can truly and duly blame genetics, after all, the baby really was born stupid.


This has to be stated because it did happen -

Anonymous sent:

Hello Jim...zika virus is being caused by genetically engineered mosquitoes, placed in Brazil by Bill Gates, et al. to combat dengue fever. Sent you the link a couple days ago... it is legit. Since Brazil is the B in BRICS, this is the big payback...pinheaded children. Just shameful. And the rest of us could be next victims of a new virus simply from getting a mosquito bite. Please check out what I am telling you. Hope this gets through...

My response: Gates did release a new GMO mosquito in the affected areas, so this cannot be ignored, and people need to know about it. I still think it is the new Tdap shot because there is no zika virus in a majority of the affected babies, which is why I have not focused on this mosquito. HOWEVER (and it is a BIG however,)

The mosquito Gates released was likely to be a long term dream of his he had for forced birth control and forced vaccinations, which he has been working on since 2003. In the forced vaccination scenario, the mosquitos are genetically programmed to produce the "vaccine" permanently once released into the environment, so they would not have to release new mosquitos again EVER, their effects would simply become part of nature.

It is CLEARLY CLEARLY not Zika causing the shrunken brains, the tests have already proven that, and all that remains of the zika scam is planted doctors and media trolls that are pushing it. I do not believe Gates or any of the rest of the global "elite" would actually release a weapon that could bite them and cause these problems, which is why I have fingered the Tdap shot. Could I be wrong on this, and could it really be the new Gates mosquito that is delivering something other than the proven phoney zika? Let me just say this: If Gates really was arrogant enough to release something that nasty into the wild, he and every association he has should be put in a meat grinder and fed to pigs. That is the only thing that type of people understand.

Anonymous wrote:

(this is a message to the flat earthers and moon hoaxers)

Are these people for real, or are they a bunch of paid trolls?

For those who believe in the 'Hollow Earth Theory', I say this:

How do you explain Plate Tectonics? No plate tectonics means no earthquakes. A Hollow Earth could not have plate tectonics, and not all planets have plate tectonics. Also, If anyone wants to convince the world in the existence of a hollow earth, then they need to dive into a volcano while the rest of the world can see what happens to them.

For the 'stupid person' who believes that the Van Allen Belt is too dangerous for astronauts to pass thru, I say this:

Yuri Gagarin and the guys from Project Mercury did it during the 1960s BEFORE the Apollo Missions- and all lived to tell about it!

Yes, there were other space missions before and after the Apollo Missions:

Other than Project Mercury, there was also the Gemini Program. Also, doesn't anyone remember all those shuttle missions that took place during the 80's and 90's? Is the International Space Station an illusion too? In recent years, a crew had to go up to fix the lens on the Hubble Space Telescope. Oh how people forget these things, or just wish to ignore them... or because of their limited knowledge they only know about the Apollo Missions.

The Flat Earth Theory is easily proven wrong every day in this modern world, thanks to international commercial flights. Besides, we haven't heard of any adventurous sailors going over the edge of the world, have we?

I guess "Bat Boy" is all grown up and there is nothing more to report, so these disinformation agents are out of work now, spending their worthless time freelancing their bullshit and trolling websites? It is a sad world indeed if the masses are duped over these ridiculous claims. People are led to believe that mankind never had the capacity to achieve great things and never will.

Yep, there are those who wish to push mankind back into the dark ages, and there are too many people who are gullible and dumbed down to let it happen.


I have come to the conclusion that the flat earth ruse and possibly moon hoax ruse is being run by an AI program that can only spit out what it is programmed to say. So it spews easily proven fallacies in the hopes people won't dig AT ALL to reveal them. This is to damage the alternative media, which could not possibly get hurt more than the result of having perfectly clear photos of all Apollo landing sites come in from foreign countries that have no interest in NASA.

Now that the moon hoax is over, as proven by what is farther down this page, PLEASE CONSIDER WHO WAS CREDIBLE, I took a lot of damage (as far as I know) for staying the course, rationalizing things out, and closely observing what the hoaxers said, and then calling B.S. on all of it, never publishing an ounce of it. The Mars rovers are a totally different story, they might be fake, but beyond all doubt Apollo was perfectly syntactically stated as it happened.

Because the flat earth hoax is practically definitely being run by an AI program, there is only ONE response you need to give to any flat earther to slay them - "SHOW ME A PICTURE OF THE EDGE." When they go off on some tangent, simply post again: "SHOW ME A PICTURE OF THE EDGE". Just keep hammering for a picture of the edge. THE ENTIRE EARTH IS MAPPED, SHOW ME A PICTURE OF THE EDGE.

And that is enough for both topics, I only addressed "flat earth" because it is such a pervasive psy op, there is an obvious motive with it, and I believe that motive is unabashed slander against any forum or comment section or other public space that can be poisoned with it. It is nothing but damage to any web site it lands on. Who would benefit from damaging the alternative media with flat earth? The same people who are saying it is Zika causing the birth defects, that's who. After all, it will take the alternative media to bust them, RIGHT? The MSM, which they own, will never say a word. If they slander the opposition out of existence, then the MSM, and the tyranny it supports, wins.

Jan 24 2016

Anonymous sent:

While you're killing the moon clowns...lets try 911....flying aluminium cans cutting 25mm box steel at one metre spacing cutting a roadrunner shape even at the,s laughable.A bullet leaving a gun flies faster with more density and doesnt penetrate steel.

My response: I don't think any commercial airliners hit the WTC. I am not part of the no plane crowd, but come on now, clearly no commercial airliner did that kind of damage. Something hit that was rigged to do a huge show, and it was not a 767/57 type aircraft. Add a few special effects to cover up what really went on (as the nose out video proves, that really slays them) and the illusion is complete. IF it even was an airplane at all that did that much damage, it had to have been re-enforced somehow, I'd buy a big hole where the main fuselage hit and two holes for the engines but to break beams with the wing tips too? That really is laughable, NO WAY.

PePe wrote:

Hi Jim, love your work. - I've been following you since early 2011 from Italy. First time I write to you. I'm linking and article by Pepe Escobar. Maybe you already know him, he's an excellent author. The subject is economic but with the potential to tear up the world as we know it expecially the US. First time Pepe writes something like that. I think it is worth the time reading it. Good luck, Peaceful Man.

My response: Here is my three line state of the union address: Clearly there is some kind of economic war going on right now as the criminal elite try to save their behinds. At this time we are probably facing World War III as these criminals continue to destroy America's future with child destroying tainted vaccines, and jockey for strategic positioning via a war on public perceptions while selling America down the river, lands and all. The end game is the death of America, and the American people are not taking actions appropriate for stopping it.

Global Warming: Anonymous sent: Snowing on Tropical Fish in Taiwan

Wow, it's snowing over much of Taiwan for the first time since the 1890s!

My response: There are freezing temperatures on occasion right here in the tropical zone of Mexico, for the first time anyone can remember. It is not hitting the news, but the cars are warning people to watch for ice because the weather is tripping the environment sensors to do so, and not by just a degree or two celsius, they are doing it by 3 - 5 plus degrees Celsius, which means the warnings are reality. I am going to put out some water to see if there is ice in the morning, it should not take many attempts to get it. When has that ever happened in the tropical zone of Mexico?

Jan 22 2016

My insisting Apollo was real destroyed my reputation? NOT HARDLY, READ IT AND WEEP HOAXERS!


Crystal clear photos of ALL SIX successful moon landing sites have now been photographed by space probes from INDIA, CHINA, AND NASA. THREE STRIKES, THREE DIFFERENT COUNTRIES, THE MOON HOAXERS ARE OUT!

My saying the NSA had the telemetry from Apollo is NOT the same as claiming I was in charge of telemetry, I WAS NOT EVEN IN THE NSA DURING APOLLO, so if you see a moon hoax site saying I said I was "in charge of Telemetry", it is just another lie like they have always told.

With the proof that is on this page now, questioning the authenticity of the moon landings is in the realm of religion, where in defiance of perfect proof to the opposite, the hoaxers still peddle their disinformation wares like snake oil salesmen at a revival. They can't cope with what is here, so now, they are taking my statement that the NSA had the telemetry and twisting it to say I said "I was in charge of telemetry for Nasa while at the NSA" and therefore I am full of it with everything I post because that can't possibly be true. REALITY: THE NSA HAD THE TELEMETRY AND STILL DOES, 45 YEARS AFTER APOLLO, it is simply a stand alone FACT and has nothing to do with when I was there.

DEAR MOON HOAXERS: Rather than hit me with unfounded credibility assaults, go troll another info corpse out of the gutter - be it fairies or flying elephants and STICK IT, YOU ARE BUSTED AND THIS WILL NEVER BE FIXED. Shutter your hoax sites and go to H_LL, Thank God this is now over, READ IT AND WEEP.

let's get this party started.

Anonymous sent "Last time I'll ever interact with you. This moon thing of yours is quite seriously fucked up. For a long time now, I've had nothing but high regard for you and thought you were one of the last holdouts of honesty and intelligence, but this moon stance of yours is sickening, and unfathomable. At this point, the only possible conclusions to come to regarding you are negative ones. Sad day.

My response: Who's "F*ed up? Take a look at this picture of the Apollo 11 landing site and decide.

Anonymous sent: Jim, your insisting the moon landings were real is really destroying your web site, you are getting destroyed by others who have cold hard proof it never happened, and I'd have to agree - I can't understand how you could produce the Fukushima report and then not look at the evidence and acknowledge the moon landings were false.

My response: I know photography very well, and the analysis provided by the moon hoaxers is not done with any degree of professionalism, I can go through their photo sequences saying it is all fake, and clearly see their own photos prove it is real, all they while they say the photos prove it false. And oh, by the way, please look at this probe photo of the Apollo 12 landing site:


My response: The Van Allen belts were theorized in the 1950's, proven by space probes in the 1960's, and spacecraft that protected from that radiation were developed by the end of the 1960's. Obviously I am full of it though, as this next moon probe photo proves:

Anonymous sent: Apollo all happened in a studio. This is clearly proven. You are just a troll for NASA. You say all kinds of stuff that is true, and mix it in with false info like all the other disinfo web sites, and you are the best at this, your shilling for Nasa proves it.

My response: Please then explain how a lunar probe from another country captured proof of a "studio session" on the moon. I have repeatedly said there were indeed studio sessions, on Earth, where the astronauts practiced their moon routines many times on camera before actually doing the mission for real. I guess by your logic, NASA got all kinds of studio workers up to the moon then and had the studio there, as this next photo must indicate:

Anonymous sent: re: moon - answer one question and maybe this can shake out the mind - how does anything get past the thermosphere at 1600 degrees back in the late 50s/60s when its acknowledged we didnt develop materials resistant to those temps until what appears to be the early/mid 80s? 50s/60s tinfoil doesnt hold up...(cosmic lmao on that one)!

the russians faked it first, the americans one upped them and then the miraculous happened when the black ops world actually developed something that could go there and did, basically back filling the con with some substance.

My response: Who the * trolled for that level of stupidity? The Aztecs, Mesopotamians, Egyptians, the Greeks, the Romans, and ALL OTHER CIVILIZATIONS had materials that could withstand temperatures of 2000 degrees celsius, THEY ARE CALLED CERAMICS, they COME FROM THE DIRT, and yes, Nasa used CERAMICS to resist the super high temperatures, as their own records, as well as this next probe photo proves:

Ok, to satisfy the people who understand science, we all know that the real answer to this is that at the altitudes those temperatures exist at, the atoms at that temperature are spread so thin that they can't heat up anything. You could have a solid object in the middle of it all be at -200 farenheit because it lost it's heat by emitting infrared, and a few spurious high temperature atoms or ions simply can't replace that lost heat, and therefore at this stage in the mission, the key was keeping heat in, not protecting from it.

But consider the level of intelligence I am combatting here, to them a high "temperature" is a static number attached to a reference they live with every day, and the only thing that matters. Such people won't ever understand ion temperatures and the fact that you could be sitting in a million degree temperature zone, where if it was diffuse enough you would still freeze to death. So I gave a wrong answer about the ceramics, which were only used for re-entry and not to protect from this high temperature ion zone because it was the only type of answer the stupidity of those who ran the moon hoax web sites could get traction on, clearly they don't "get it" and never will.

I can't believe anyone with enough brains to run a web site would be lacking in basic science to that level, but then again, we all saw the moon hoax web sites have their day so either someone got a fat paycheck from the CIA to front this, or someone who had a drool resistant keyboard managed to type for a while.

Anonymous sent: Stanley Kubrick filmed the moon landings, The Shining is his confession. Only an artist could have taken those iconic photo's. They had bases on the moon before Kennedy challenged NASA in '62. Obama has teleported to the moon when he was known as Barry Soetero. It's pretty obvious the astronauts know something but can't talk. You're a pretty smart guy but you can't just figure everything out, you're not connected, you're not on the inside. "The truth can be stranger than fiction"

My response: Obama is so stupid no alien with even perfect fool proof technology would take him anywhere in space, he's worse than Jar Jar, Iconic photos? Well, they were taken in an iconic place, as this next probe photo proves:

I won this one hands down. I won it because I understand photography, science, the whole 9 yards and never fell for an ounce of B.S. spewed by the hoaxers, I guess people can believe what they want, but as far as the moon hoax religion goes, it now faces many stiff battles as more and more nations send probes, go into space, and prove it happened. The sheer stupidity of some of the people running moon hoax web sites is mind boggling, AS IF China would not spike the football in the end zone to prove NASA faked it if they could . . . . . but China can't do that, because they won't be the last ones to see this, as India has already proven.

The bigger question is, WHO DESTROYED AMERICA SO THIS CAN'T HAPPEN ANYMORE? Common core had it's objectives, and thus far has met every single one.

This is an interesting message, unfiltered, take it as you will:


I wish to apologize for the frantic and spammy nature of my posts yesterdays. You were probably annoyed as all hell by that point. I agree to drop the whoole implant thing completely. However, I would like to summarize these conclusions about surveillance technology in general:

-The entire continent of North America, most of Europe, and probably Asia as well, are under complete high tech AI assisted surveillance from the sky to deep underground.

-Biometrics algorithms and supercomputing technology eliminate the need for RFID chips and other physically based tracking methods.

-The best satellites can observe everything on the ground, in extreme detail, in every part of the electromagnetic spectrum, and in stereoscopic 3D if multiple satellites are present.

-The fracking industry is a clever ruse to cover up a whole bunch of different organized crimes. But it also provides a great opportunity to pepper the land with miniature stake sensors, which shoot electrons into the earth and come back with accurate details about what's in the ground below.

-DARPA possess' scary surveillance techonology that goes way beyond the realm of sci fi. This combined with all of the alphabet mafia's work on the ground provides a live 24-hr all encompassing surveillance network that is nearly impossible to hide from.

My response: The fracking earthquakes don't make any sense to me, I suspect there is something else going on, perhaps massive explosive charges to hollow out underground bases. As far as surveillance technology goes, if I can still walk through a major city, find a random computer, and re-set the passwords and subsequently successfully boot trolls and censors off the server, it cannot possibly be that all encompassing, but I must also say that the worst of the worst is going to be in America, Mexico would be an afterthought.

Jan 21 2016

Not much in the news today, I guess I'll make a few quick comments.

Here's a good one:

Millard sent:

"Not much in the news", yes Jim, you are correct. The Sarah Palin endorsement of "Donald the Magnificent" is pure advertising and shoveling horse poop. Traitor in Chief still occupies the Oval office, meanwhile, back at the Bush ranch, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Kindasleazy, are partying it up, Vlad was hilarious, Assad was more reserved, and they all played their cards. Obama, he doesn't know whether to $hit or wind his watch, maybe he'll $hit on his watch.

A reader sent:

Last time I'll ever interact with you. This moon thing of yours is quite seriously fucked up. For a long time now, I've had nothing but high regard for you and thought you were one of the last holdouts of honesty and intelligence, but this moon stance of yours is sickening, and unfathomable. At this point, the only possible conclusions to come to regarding you are negative ones. Sad day.

My response: I will not budge from the truth. Not. One. Inch. No matter who hates me for it. The Chinese probes photographed the Apollo 11 landing site, footprints, rover tracks and all. Where are the moon hoaxers on that little tidbit? If there is one unnecessary stupid hit "conspiracy theorists" do not need to take, it is the moon hoax hit.

UPDATE: If you can't see what they are talking about in the video, play it at a higher resolution, or go to the Chinese web sites and view the original photos there. I saw the Chinese probe photos a couple years ago and mention them from time to time.

Try arguing with China's space program saying Apollo was real because they photographed the landing sites themselves! Saying Apollo did not happen after this type of evidence is shown is credibility suicide. The NSA had the telemetry. We all saw the rockets go up. Now, many years later China photographed the landing sites with a probe. And the moon hoax trolls are LOVING EVERY MINUTE they keep real "truthers" away from this info.

If you hate America so much you can't believe anything great ever happened, well, can you at least believe in China?

FACT: APOLLO ASTRONAUTS CARRIED DOSIMETERS, AND NONE RECEIVED MORE THAN 40 MILLISIEVERTS OF RADIATION FROM THE VAN ALLEN BELTS, WHICH IS AN AMOUNT FAR BELOW ANYTHING DANGEROUS. This is because the radiation in the van allen belts is proton and electron radiation, which is easily blocked by even polyethelene, and not nearly as dangerous as neutron radiation.

YOU READ THAT RIGHT: Nasa and all other nations use simple Polyethelene - the stuff garbage bags are made of - for radiation shielding in their spacecraft because as it turns out, the high number of hydrogen atoms in polyethelene makes polyethelene a great shield for the type of radiation astronauts face. Is three millimeters of plastic too much to launch?

Six feet of lead to block Van Allen radiation as some fools are saying? HA HA HA, that would protect you from a nuke in your bedroom if it did not vaporize. Stopping space radiation? How about 3 millimeters of plastic! Yep, that's how astronauts stay on the ISS for months without getting whacked! Don't believe it? See this:

Anonymous sent: Hi, Jim,

Sorry for the backlash your way. The "we never landed on the moon ... VanAllen Belt ..." articles are always convincing even to educated people. Yet we hear from "super soldiers" and too many people who don't even know each other that we have been to the Moon and Mars and have had bases on them for decades. I know nothing, but I have to believe all the people who say they have been there themselves. The technology we get to know about is at a very minimum 20 years behind the real state of the art technology, probably 30 years, maybe even 50? My own professor who negotiated the Salt II talks told our class that, hey, class, the Bionic Man and Bionic Woman and Clones have been real for quite awhile now, and that was in 1970. I am sure we did go to the moon. We have may had fake PR/TV sets to show it, I have no way of knowing, but that does not mean we did not really and truly go to the moon.

As far as the flat earth goes, I go with what I read by Mike James that there has clearly been a pattern of disinfo building up to get us to accept a lot of things, including [not his words, mine] the blue beam Jesus et al we've also been hearing about??? Part of a pattern of dumbing us down to not believe we are smart enough to go to the moon or anything else? Very strangely, even a physicist/mathematician friend of mine believes the planets and earth and the sun are discs????? I'm beyond puzzled by those brilliant people who think this way. I have read and viewed the information, but it makes no logical sense to me, and my logic or perhaps more at intuition, though is confounds most people, has always proven me right, much tot he chagrin and embarassment of these brilliant people.

My response: I am sure I have taken a hit for standing my ground on the moon landings, but this is not a pop culture/cult web site and I am not here to pump ratings by going with the latest B.S. theory someone spewed. And I am hated for it, just try posting a link to this web site somewhere and see what happens . . . . . that should say it all, (if you don't get autobanned and the link actually sticks, you found a good web site that is not part of the problem.)

A reader sent this, saying I'd probably put it up - he was right.

From will want to republish this :-)

My response: That was good. People should read it.

A reader has asked where I got the Canadian crude at $8 a barrel from -

My response: Not all oil is created equal. The most valuable oil is the stuff going for just below $30 a barrel now. This is called light crude, which refines to fuels and other useful products easily. The $8 a barrel stuff I mentioned is low grade garbage from a tar sand dig that you'd be hard pressed to sell as bunker fuel IF it could even be used for that, it might not even be that good. That type of oil, if it is going to become fuel, requires an extensive cracking process that burns a lot of fuel to begin with. So it's value out of the ground is quite low.

Implants: I dropped the implant topic for a good reason

And it is because it was allowed while all the mail censorship was going on. Someone keeps writing to me about his high ranking military uncle, who, "back in the 90's" "accessed the Pentagon's satellites through a cell modem and an AOL browser while "out in the middle of the woods with a laptop during a family gathering" and pulled up tons of high definition pictures of people on the ground". That was the last straw that made me pull the implant report, because absolutely no such data would ever be allowed to be transmitted through a joe blow cell connection and an AOL account, if such cell connections even existed then! That tripped me to saying I was definitely being manipulated, so I dropped the entire topic. UPDATE, they guy who said this quickly sent this response after I posted the above:

I hate to tell you how deep the rabbit hole goes Jim. My uncle was a lieutenant colonel in both the pentagon and NORAD. My family has a very extensive history of electrical engineering. I am the one who wrote (when the message window was first started) about my family having extremely high ranks in both the corporate and military world. Im not trying to scam you with this one Jim, Im only trying to report about what I have seen with my own eyes in my insane life. I cant remember if was a cell connection, or 56k line, I was very young back then. But my uncles knows all sorts of things that could get him killed on the spot within a matter of hours. He gives us a tiny sliver of a breadcrumb of what his job involves, but when it comes to ANYTHING that has ANY importance whatsoever, you will not hear ONE SINGLE WORD out of his mouth. And I dont give a flying fuck if they are watching me type this right now. Ive had way too much of this crap and it all needs to come to a stop now.

My response: I'll let you have your say but the implant stuff is gone anyway.

Quick response to all the angry moon hoaxers:

You are part of the flat earth crowd, ADMIT IT, and I don't care if I make someone mad by saying it.

1. I have said many many times before that there is approximately 10 times as much studio footage of the apollo missions as there is actual moon landing footage, because all of it was practiced in a studio multiple times in a way that mimicked the moon situation, including over pressuring the space suits to mimic the feel of the suit being in space, everything, except the gravity difference was the same. These video reels were re-played to the astronauts before the mission so they could see what they did wrong, how they did it wrong, and correct their errors. These studio sessions were even broadcast over the major news networks, to show people how the astronauts prepared for the real thing. So YES, STUDIO FOOTAGE DOES EXIST. Big deal, it was not any sort of secret back then!

2.Someone wrote and said "if they need all that support structure to take off from Earth, they need it on the moon too. My response: The landing stage functioned as the take off platform, they left that behind.

3.Someone wrote and said, yeah, about an hour to go through the van allen on the way up, but what about the way back? ANSWER: Same amount of time, they hit the atmosphere fast and needed a really really fancy heat shield to avoid burning up. Remember that part? Super easy to get up to escape velocity from the moon, and only a few percent of the way back, earth's gravity takes over and you fall home, and rip right through the van allen belts in practically no time.

Someone calculated my age at 75 years old if I know all about Apollo. That's an exaggeration to say the least.

Someone said I was an idiot for stating that at 1 g of continuous acceleration you will hit light speed in just under a year, because aliens can do it instantly! My response to that is: What does that have to do with an acceleration equation, which happens to be correct? Even if you can't do it instantly, that is fast enough to make the entire galaxy yours in a time frame much shorter than the "five year mission" in the original Star Trek. You know - your time slows down greatly as you approach the speed of light, which makes that reality possible (just don't expect to return home as you remembered it).

Someone asked what telemetry is. Telemetry is a complete record of the status of every sensor on a space craft, which is transmitted back to mission control continuously the whole way, and even Ham radio operators picked it up. But the moon hoaxers are even saying the Ham operators that picked it up are full of it or got spoofed, I digress, what about the NSA that picked it all up too? Apollo was big talk at the NSA while I was there and they did not fool every swinging Tom at the NSA with some sort of hoax! The NSA also had superior receivers to what Nasa had during the space shuttle disasters, and provided NASA with the final signals after the antennas burned off the transmitters on Columbia, a full 30 seconds after it completely broke apart.

And so, I don't care about the hoaxers, if you believe it was a hoax and you are going to hate me for it, one hoaxer even said I am "gaining favors by going along with it" all I can say is Go walk your flat earth, if you can't see the logic or reason in what I am saying, you don't need this site, go hang out at the type of web site that focuses on flat earth and other such things . . . You can read and believe whatever you want at such places, I am not going to pet you, this web site is not about the latest fad or pet religion. I am not budging ONE INCH, science just is what it is.

Not much in the news today

I have a few comments though.

Important: As I originally said, WAY BACK IN THE BEGINNING, Hillary really did have thousands of classified documents of the highest order, which she sold to the enemy and received the payments in the form of donations to her foundations. Every now and then the truth surfaces again, like it did on Drudge today, and it keeps getting sunk, but then refloats, then gets bashed and sunk again, and THEREFORE, HILLARY WILL BE APPOINTED PRESIDENT, the fact she has not been atomized to some form of microscopic dry dust proves it. I don't usually make predictions here, so my stating Hillary will be appointed President is an oddity. And if I am wrong about that one, who on earth will be upset about it anyway?

Crude oil: Oil is now cheaper than the barrel it comes in. Some are saying that it is because Iran is dumping cheap oil (even I have said this) but with the lowest grade of Canadian oil going for $8 a barrel and the premium stuff going for, well, I might as well say $20 because it will be there by the time anyone reads this, I think something else is at play -

I think the so-called "elite" robber barons are in fact trying to rip the rug out from under Russia and Iran. Why not? They bilked the world for over $100 a barrel for a very long time and can now dump it cheap with all the money they made, and blow the finances out from under those who are not behaving at this time. Russia actually needs oil money to fund it's war machine, and it would also do Iran a lot of good to have it now, and those two countries simply can't flood the entire market by themselves. Something else is at play, and I'll call it economic war.

Moon hoaxers I received tons of mail from people upset about me once again re-iterating that the moon landings were real, as proven by the telemetry. I'll add to this the fact that the different perspectives in the photographs taken as the astronauts drove around with the rover proves they were in a 300 square mile studio. On the moon, of course. And I understand cameras, am a solid expert, and have the authority to call bullshit on the so-called photo analysis of the hoaxers who prey on whoever they can with their bullshit.

They say you can't get through the van allen belts, while never admitting the huge rockets of the time got people through the radiation zones in absolutely no more than an hour and 40 minutes, which resulted in a net exposure of a total of 40 millisieverts, when it takes a whole sievert to make someone sick. There won't be any science with the moon hoax group, they just don't "get it", or worse, I think the core of them does know the landings were real and have been tasked to try to fool the public into believing it never happened, to quarantine our aspirations to the realm of a prison planet, never looking upward, never looking outward, never dreaming, and of course, therefore denying the reality of how great America once was. America was indeed at one time the stuff dreams are made of.

And now I will cast an insult, and say it the way it really is: The progress of the moon hoaxers went like this: First they said the moon landings were faked. Then they said satellites were not real. Then they said there are no pictures of the earth from space. Then they said there is no such thing as nuclear weapons or nuclear technology, and that it was all hoaxed. Then they started the stupid flat earth ruse. Now hollow earth. If the average public can't see what is going on with the sequence of how they pushed this nonsense, GOD HELP US ALL, they truly want a return to the dark ages. Them on one side, common core styled education shoring up the other.

Question: Who benefits from a population so stupid the earth is flat? BRITISH ROYALTY, ROCKEFELLERS, ROTHSCHILDS, SOROS, YOU KNOW THE BUNCH, it is real easy to control a hive of total morons, much more difficult to contain those who can shoot for the moon, and more so, realistically aspire to return and go beyond.

All it takes to traverse the entire universe in your lifetime, according to the theory of relativity, is a propulsion system that can maintain a continuous 1G of acceleration for 11.679 months. That is how long and how much you have to accelerate to reach light speed, which when reached stops the progress of time from the perspective of the traveler. True, the world you left behind will expire if you stay at or near light speed for long, but you would still be alive, traversing the cosmos. I'd bet Darpa already hatched that propulsion system. Do you really think the control freaks of the world would want the peons to have it, or even know about it? For them, flat earth / moon hoax is much better, RIGHT?

Here is some VERY OLD news for some readers, but it is worth a recap:

Anonymous sent:

The cockroaches of humanity who call themselves Jews are actually Khazar Gypsies. They spread throughout Europe and Eurasia where they stored gold for people, in return for paper receipts which were traded for goods. These receipts became the first paper currency.

These Khazar Gypsies discovered they could issue many times more receipts than they had gold stored since seldom the receipts were presented in exchange for physical gold. Using this scam "jews" bribed leaders of nations into allowing them to issue fiat money through their central banks.

Those who call themselves Ashkenazim Jews are all Khazar Gypsies claiming to be Jewish. DNA tests prove they are Khazarians, not the true Jews mentioned in the Bible whose identity they have hijacked to make a deal with England for financing the war, in exchange they would receive the land of Palestine. Israel was created to establish a military base of operations for the protection of their central banks.

Funded by the US taxpayers, Israels military forces have grown to become one of the most powerful in the world. Through the theft of nuclear weapons from the USA , Israels nuclear arsenal has become the third largest in the world.

Israel continues to deny possessing any nuclear, chemical or biological weapons when it is a well known fact they possess massive stockpiles in each category. Israel also refuses to sign onto any international weapons treaties while refusing to allow any US or UN weapon inspections. Even while receiving over $25 billion every year from the US taxpayers, plus trillions in electronic dollars from the Federal Reserve, they refuse to allow US inspections.

Israel uses their free dollars to buy the US media and political system. . We must know who the enemy are and unite to defeat them. They are few and we outnumber them 1000 to 1. It is time to take back our nation and the world from these Khazar Gypsies.

My response: Bang on, portions of which the Jewish community itself will not deny.

There is more tomfoolery in the box saying I deny the Jesuits did it all! HA HA HA, Jesuits = CRYPTO JEW. Why bother with splitting what the guilty party does down to tiny sub groups? Go away!

More old news (for the aware) I'll put up

Just in case there are a few readers that do not know this, Sidney wrote:

Hi Jim,

If you could post this on your website showing how our tax Dollars go to the Rothschild banking dynasty family:

"You Tube video (only 4 minutes long) that shows City State Of London is owned by bankers mostly Rothschild and that they own CRA (Canada Revenue Agency) along with 384 other tax agencies from around the world:

So when we pay tax the money goes to the bankers then they in turn "lend" the money back to every nation with usury "interest" hence the artificial national debts and the slavery and misery we live in."

By placing "CRA" as in Canada Revenue Agency in the below websites we will see that CRA is a private "company" and not owned by the Canadian government. As when someone pays a one time or year subscription fee they will find all the details about such a private business including the fact it's owned by City State of London in London, England. So all 384 tax collections from most nations around the world are head quartered there.
and a very powerful website on alternative news:

Be sure to click on other categories.

This even shows you that even the law courts are for profit corporation owned by the those Rothschild bankers:

I copied & pasted the relevant info (which is half way in the above link:

"It is all about the money!

Why do you think you can plea bargain a court case? It is a commercial transaction they just want to make some money. Most judges retire millionaires because they get a royalty from every admiralty maritime law court case they rule on. If it was the law that you had to pay some fine, it would NOT be negotiable.

Even jail is voluntary!

Every court in the country is listed on Dunn & Bradstreet as a FOR PROFIT CORPORATION. They all charge filing fees and a big part of those filing fees is for errors and ommissions insurance for the so-called judges. Think about it. If you go in there as a US citizen, you go into their courts with no rights, and you are making them money too! They can do anything they want because you can just appeal it, and even if they lose the insurance will cover it (pay you off).

It's all in the name.

If you are in court, they ALWAYS spell your name in all block capital letters#. At common law, a proper name is NEVER spelled in all block capital letters. That is the US citizen or strawman. If you understand the law, IT IS NOT YOU! For anyone that is in jail, the judge is sitting up there making a bid bond, and the payment bond, and a performance bond. The judge is up there creating law merchant contracts by which the living soul is the surety for their fictitious entity.

Then they hold the living soul in the warehouse (jail) until the debt is paid by the International Monetary Fund. These bonds are circulated on Wall Street and the banksters also get into the act.

There are people who have found their criminal case number trading at Fidelity Investments worth millions of dollars. The judges and the prosecuting attorneys are making royalties off every case they do. It is just another form of Inquisition, and it has been going on for thousands of years.

They are getting the living soul to be a surety for their fictitious entity.

Doesn't the Bible tell us not to be the surety for any man?"


Read through this comment someone sent, it does not end the way it starts!

I'm a mechanical engineer, "R" value is the resistance to the transfer of heat, certainly. But it's effectiveness is a factor of the temperature difference across the insulating material's surfaces. An R-value of 3 is almost useless anywhere. The typical new construction home has attic insulation equivalent to between R-18 and R-40. And that's just to help keep heating and cooling costs down. The foam fire-retardant that is sprayed onto steel beams in construction is there to protect the beam from prolonged exposure to high temps, but it usually has an R-value of at least 10-15. And even THAT will not protect against 2000 degree flames from jet fuel. Which, by the way, was not present. No residual trace of J-1 was found in any of the independent tests. The buildings were brought down by squibs placed on the girders weeks in advance by operatives of the CIA. Fact. Not guesswork. Fact known and shown to me by insiders with access...high level above top secret

My comment: R3 is in fact a lot, when compared to zero. You know how things scale . . . and my original assertion of R3 on the beams was an intentional understatement, allowing people like you room to move in and claim higher numbers. All I intended to do is prove a point - an Igloo cooler has an insulation value of approximately R-3, how on earth could you heat up a giant steel beam through that much of a barrier in only an hour or so? If you do the math (I know you can), you will find my estimate of less than a 50 degree Celsius temperature rise on any steel part in the WTC is accurate, even in a worst case dragon breath scenario. Even R-3 would stop more from happening, and I am secretly confident the temperature of the center support columns did not rise EVEN ONE DEGREE.

Can't accept reality?

Jb wrote:

This interview is a milestone of an example on how a very intellectual endowed and intelligent person is unable to grasp that his Government is a traitor and enemy of the US people common good! - people have mental blockades to accept treason... and treason is a extremely conspicuous (aka really COWARD... see Judas) Satanic mode of operation.

A German Magazine interviews Seymour Hersh and he clearly states he can't figure out why the White House supports what seem to be US enemies and their cronies... it is worth reading to see how his mind refuses to reach the proper/obvious conclusion. Link here to English translation from Russia Insider:


My comment: I have often stated that many good thinking people can't believe the conspiracy is real, simply because their brains can't comprehend that level of evil. Let's hope Hersh is that type, and not an intentional player.

Here's a really good one:

Anonymous wrote:

Why Do Jews Think They Are Special???

Hi, Jim,

Just thinking back, reflecting, musing and sharing. Two categories.

One: The FBI has been operating illegally outside the US for decades, I don't know how long, but my classmate and friend at the time wrote her PhD Dissertation on how on purpose we put thousands, tons of weapons into places where the Israelis could come and easily snatch them -- we had no particular thought of winning a skirmish or war, it was cover to arm Israel. Her father was a ranking FBI fellow who sounded like a great guy and this info came directly from him. At that same time, professors in various university departments were dual Israeli citizens and science professors who proudly shared with me that our government gave people like Mark Taper (Mark Taper Forum in LA) tax writeoffs and the green light to give jets to Israel for free!!! Treachery has been around since the beginning of the world, and the US has always given Israel a free ride. I should add that the year I graduated, our beloved Middle East (very American white) professor either retired or WAS retired the next year and the international relations department put in a Jewish chairman who it was proven had plagiarized his own PhD thesis at Harvard -- he was a nice guy and okay teacher, but not nearly as literate in history as he should have been. Further that same year, the university deleted its Arabic language class which was taught us by the woman who designed the course for the Army Defense Language Institute, and replace it with Hebrew. This is so anti American, anti intellectual. I would have LOVED to learn Hebrew as well as Arabic. I made it a point in all my classes -- for which we did very extensive reading, research analysis -- to read 90% of the opposite opinions as mine, so I could be sure to know the truth. By excluding all anglo (sorry, I do not consider Jews to be anglo) and non Jewish information, they reveal themselves in the negative. Like you, I attended synagogue with friends and loved my time there, only to find that the minute you disagree with anything your Jewish friends say, they will ostracize you.

It seems the Jews are always and forever EXCLUSIVE -- they do not want to share, give credit, be part of a group. They must be controllers of everything and everyone.

Two: I am forever pondering why on earth my jewish friends put themselves as superior in all ways to us non Jews??? We never speak of the hundred million non Jews killed in WWII while they say we killed 6 million of them who were actually killed by their own, just as happened by the Bolsheviks in Russia. They take credit for all the inventions and patents and companies actually made by non Jews. And my one friend is forever trying to maintain that the Jews were the original Celts. So I love it that Mike James exposed all the lies since discovered, like "We now know that the ancient Gaels of Ireland developed Sanskrit and a prototype of the Hebrew language." She would have us believe the Jews invented those languages!@#$%^&* She says the Jews were the Celtic Druids because druid sounds like jew, I retort NO that's a false cognate, be aware of false cognates so abundant, the Celts were NOTHING like the druids!!! Bless her heart, she wants so much to be honored and marry out, alas, like most Jews I've known at least, she wants her heritage to replace our true heritage, all the while demeaning and diluting it. I don't know if I am clearly expressing this phenomena or not. She says the Celtic laws came from Jews, because only Jews are intellectual and make laws. I retort once again. NO, read Saint Columba, Saint Cuthbert, Saint Peter -- they were NOT Jewish, and they were as intellectual as they get. The foremost law of the Celts is individual honor and truth! She says only the Jews seek the truth, but that's erroneous, as they ignore anything that vaguely goes against the myths they have adopted. I don't see the Jewish people changing ever, they are taught from the cradle all their fables and myths and readily adopt the victim mentality.

My response: There is no status more powerful than that of the victim, a fact Jews use to gain control of and usurp everything. Good thinking people will help the victim, and if Jews can maintain that status it is assured they will win, for when the victim is in fact the predator, that predator will be welcomed as a charity into the house of the good to destroy and consume everything in it. Such predators they are . . . . .

Jan 20 2016

Here is what a portion of a normal day's mails looks like when I manage to secure the in box and actually get my mail:

Walking Turtle wrote:

How the HoloWeb Works (in One Easy Agency-generated PDF)

Hi Jim - It's Walking Turtle.

So at last a FOIA by the ACLU on the NSA apparently yields and reveals the whole technical mystery in an easily-comprehended step-by-step infographic manner. Fascinating - and disgusting, at least to YT. Please DO post this if you agree.

is the place to grab a copy. (WGet works from commandline as well as viewing from any browser.) If this doc helps ANYONE see how best to secure their system against such a STINKING "Man-on-the-Side" exploit, Heaven bless 'em! (I'm still skulling the scene+system out.)

Opinion: Where there's a will, there's still (likely) a way... And that is all. 0{:-|o[

My response: I did not look over this because I don't have time, but posted it because everything you have sent is good. If any of your past mails went un-posted here, they were probably censored, I put up practically everything you send. Thanks for writing!

Lupe wrote: Very Important, from Lupe, Monsanto is threatening to force GMO corn on Mexico - and other about new GMO potatoes -

My response: Very evil people want Mexico - the birth place of corn - wiped out. This is precisely why Monsanto is doing this to Mexico. This is your last chance for clean non GMO corn had easily - Go to your grocery store and look for popcorn made in Mexico. This went through about a month ago, which means you have approximately 3 months to find made in Mexico popcorn before it is a fairly safe bet even Mexican popcorn is contaminated crap.

ExOrthodoxMonk wrote:

Hello Jim.
This May be helpful.
Wide Awake Gentile | A fine site
The unit purchased spying material from Israel The equipment procured from Israel, locks onto a cell phone tower and picks up mobile phone conversations at random. It cannot zero in on a particular mobile phone and when a recording is happening, the cell phone network in the vicinity gets jammed which can alert the enemy. Source IBN THIS EQUIPMENT WAS ALLEGEDLY USED TO SPY ON INDIA POLITICIANS Israeli spying equipment is notorious for backdoor software allowing them to retrieve or scuttle info and after 2008 I can't find anything new from Mike James - Will Zionist Jews Kill Mike James? Holocaust Questioner Dismissed As 'Insane'

& this; I Know is kikePedia: Cormac Murphy-O'Connor - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Murphy-O'Connor, in a speech delivered on 17 May 2012 in Leicester's Anglican cathedral, said, "In the name of tolerance it seems to me tolerance is being abolished." He had strong words regarding the effect that secularists have had in the UK. "Our danger in Britain today is that so-called Western reason claims that it alone has recognized what is right and thus claims a totality that is inimical to freedom", he said. "No one is forced to be a Christian. But no one should be forced to live according to the new secular religion as if it alone were definitive and obligatory for all humankind." and "The propaganda of secularism and its high priests wants us to believe that religion is dangerous for our health. It suits them to have no opposition to their vision of a brave new world, the world which they see as somehow governed only by people like themselves."

& Jim be carefull & found this: Concordat Watch - Germany | Reichskonkordat (1933): Full text ExOrthodoxMonk.

Anonymous wrote:

Bee Collapse

A friend of mine just related that when he lived in Vacaville CA a few years ago, the planes would fly over at dawn every morning laying the white lines and almost immediately the ground would be absolutely covered with dead bees.

My response: Years ago, bees seemed invincible. But over the last decade I myself have seen countless sick bees not make it to the hive at night and be dead in the morning.

Anonymous wrote: Robert David Steele, former CIA, was just on Alex saying the Pentagon lies to the CIA, the CIA lies to the Pentagon, everybody lies to one another. This is Crazy Insane! No where no time was lying or any forms of it such as exaggeration, mischaracterization, or deception ever okay in my family, circles or town. It is not a Christian or indigenous people characteristic, it is a Jewish behavior. Any instance of it by anybody we knew would have been instantly isolating and that individual would never be believed or listened to again, no the wolf cried three times, once would suffice. I for one think until and unless we adhere to that and punish liars, we will not survive as a nation or world.

My response: Let's hope the lies cause the Air Force to bomb the CIA.

Anonymous wrote: What do you think about this article Jim It ties in with what you've said about the evil bastard sorros, the way the refugees are being manipulated ,and the scandalous tpp thing the us govmt is trying to push on us here in england.

My response: No time to read it but the text in the link looks good, up it goes.


Phil wrote: Hi Jim:

I haven't written in awhile and thought I'd get your take on something that is bugging me. It's not terribly important in the realm of topics you normally write about, yet I feel it's another brick in the wall.

I live in Washington state, grew up in Seattle. I have started watching Seattle Seahawks football, NFL again recently, after many years of not watching, in response to their recent success. I watched the recent playoff game Seahawks vs. Carolina Panthers, and couldn't help thinking the game was scripted to produce an exciting game with a predetermined end result. I also know billionaire Paul Allen owns the Seahawks, one of the founders of Microsoft, whose middle name might as well be "manipulation". Finally, I can't help thinking of the quote I heard some years ago, "If there isn't a conspiracy, why isn't there one". (Wish I could remember who said it.)

The games could be manipulated to produce more exciting games to boost a particular market, tv viewership, or for betting purposes. I just thought I would ask you your thoughts on it.



My response: The games have been rigged for approximately 10 years now, getting worse and worse as the years go on. Now, football is synthetic. Let's face it: The worst NFL team is so good it can totally fake a win against even the best team if it is in the script. Now it is just the WWF. WWF wrestling is all an act and always has been. The people train for what happens and it is all scripted. Yes, they get thrown, Yes, they get the crap beat out of them, but it is all stunt work happening to a script. So now goes the NFL, ADIOS, who wants to watch an act when it is not even something apparently done for children to watch?

Eric wrote:

Eric the Healer Dadmehr sends you healing blessings of love and compassion. Keep up the great work (I am on the inside at Food Drug and Radiation Safety [sic] which is Oxymoronic.)

My response: Yep, nowadays trusting a Federal agency to do what is right really is "moronic".

Anonymous wrote:

The "fact" that all of the outbreaks of salmonella and e-coli at Chipotle are from "unknown sources" is a bald faced lie!!! Every lab around the world HAS to have a DNA "record" of the specimens of bacteria/viruses that they work with and these are so DND specific that the authorities can tell what lab produced these strains. As usual, simple minds and sheer stupid people getting what they deserve for ignorance and apathy. And I bet the majority of the people reading these posts of the kikes and Monsanto poisoning the sheeple on purpose will be labeled as "conspiracy"!!! Hopefully the brain dead will be killed off and those that know what is going on can then do something about it.

My response: Yes, that is solid rationale, however, the investigation has to look in those places to realize it came from a lab, and if they do not it will just be identified as a bacterial type without pedigree. You can bet the investigation did not check for a clandestine source, as trustworthy as our investigative processes are now . . . . .

Anonymous wrote:

British musician David Bowie passed away a few days ago. His last album conatained a song called "Darkstar". The video, which can be viewed on youtube, is satanic and creepy as hell. In past interviews, he allegedly has admitted to being part Jewish and a pedophile. If this video is any indication, we can add satanic high priest to the list.

Anonymous wrote: Jim, what do you think, what are they going to do to Iran? Will they start bombing under some pretext?

My response: Due to the fact that I am not John Titor, I can't answer that, but would like to think Iran really could issue a response like they keep touting. Perhaps they can, and if they can, don't expect a bombing run any time soon. And Russia has nukes. Perhaps too afraid to do the right thing though . . . who wants to waste the motherland?

Anonymous wrote:

You are truly wonderful. really god given. you are the only source of all these good and valuable info like the Chipotle. God Bless and be careful. is that hoverboard a real one or just a drawing?

My response: It is a real item but it does not hover like back to the future, it instead uses Segway technology to deliver a similar ride. Lots of faceplants despite segway technology I am sure though . . . .

Anonymous wrote: Hi Jim, I would be interested in knowing your opinion on the US navy vessel captured by the Iranian government. Thank you

My response: The sailors peed their pants, looked so great in front of Iran that it made the Navy look weak, and then they got a lifetime of brainwashing dissolved by reality. If I was the Iranian government, I would have loaded them onto a plane, flown them to the center of all the great stuff and then taken them on a week long bus tour of the country from that point, to show them what they have no doubt been told to destroy. THEN, UPON ARRIVAL BACK TO THE NAVY, THE U.S. GOVERNMENT'S MOST PROBABLE CHOICE WOULD BE TO MURDER THEM, BECAUSE THEY WOULD KNOW THE TRUTH AND BE OUT OF THE MATRIX.

Too dangerous to have that walking around. I really think they would be killed after seeing that, not that I'd want them dead.

Seriously, I really think they would suddenly all die in a "Helicopter crash" just like other people have.

Bob and Julia said "Hi"

Greg wrote:

Soros is probably the one funding the buying of all those new rubber boats that are being used to cross the Med. Next time you see a pic of one, check out how new and shiny it is, just like all the others seen in pictures.


My response: That is all but confirmed. What is not from SOROS? Stupid poorly made fiberglass and wood super pontoons that break up and drown several hundred if not a thousand at a time. Gotta have your cannon fodder arrive intact.

Anonymous wrote:

Anyway, I'd bet Soros is every bit as much our enemy as the Knesset, Rockefellers and City of London, and that he is indeed the most evil man on the planet.

WHAT? Are you that stupid?

My response: YEP.

Anonymous wrote:


Do you think Mr. Soros would live if he had anything to do with anything against Jews? Look what they are doing to people who worked for prison camps and what not. Mr. Jemjanuk was 84 years old. He was acquitted twice in USA. Then he was charged in Israel and was acquitted. Then he was charged in Germany and he had to die for them to stop.

Your Fukushima piece was brilliant. But you seem to easily fall for clever Jewish propaganda. Cant you see this "official truth" about Soros is nothing but a propaganda for getting sympathy for Jews and to show that 'he hates America because he hates Jews' theme? Can't you see he is a member of the Jewish cabal and a front for Rothschild? Who gives him all the money to subvert poor countries that has money based on Gold reserves, like Thailand and Indonesia and Malaysia and Burma etc.? Only Federal Reserve Bank and Bank of England can move that much money instantaneously to subvert these nations

Then you say Soros bankrupt Bank of England. What? Bank of England is England's version of Federal Reserve Bank. Nobody, not even GOD, can bankrupt Bank of England or Federal Reserve Bank. Both can create unlimited amount of money instantly. Because dollars and pounds are not supported by anything other than Rothschild's dreams. Why you even re-print this piece of propaganda? Soros can bankrupt Russia because Bank of Russia is a private bank owned by Rothschild. It can print Russian money only upon deposit of an equivalent amount of American dollars with American Federal Reserve Bank. (Russian Ruble is supported by American Dollars). Putin had the power and support and opportunity to nationalize Bank of Russia. But he did not. Because Putin was raised and made president by Jews like Obama was. Putin bought an apartment in Jerusalem for his 84 year old Jewish teacher few years ago. There is hotline between Israel and Russia and Putin does not do anything contrary to the advice of Netanyahu. (Just like Obama). Putin enacted tough anti-Semitism laws including one against anti-Semitic Biblical interpretation. That means in Putin's Russia it is 20 year Jail term for saying Jews killed Jesus. Russian Orthodox Priests say Romans killed Jesus and the word Jews in Bible is an error in translation (it should mean some bad people who lived in Jerusalem at that time. Jews are too holy to do anything bad). Go figure!

Many Stupid Americans believe Putin is going to save Christianity and the white race and the whole world because he is a good Christian. Can�t you see Putin vote the same way as America does in UN? Including sanctions against Iran and delayed delivery of s-300 until Israel developed counter measures to s-300? Pope, Obama, Putin, Gordon, etc. are all puppets of Jews. Open your eyes Jim and stop propagating Jewish propaganda.

My response: Please read the Soros post again, and most importantly, the disclaimers I mixed in with it, saying some of it was not credible. But there was certainly stuff in there that was quite intriguing, which is why I put it up.

Anonymous wrote:

Re Taharrush phenomenon

I see it as you see it, that's for sure, but, then, I know the arab peoples. The fact you have received so much vile hate mail about your post should tell anybody that it is not the real muslims responding but it is [Israel] those who are in sync with all the myths and fables perpetrated by Israel. I do not wish to offend anybody, not my jewish or Israel supporting christians or ignorant Americans, but they need to ask themselves Who Might Gain from these operations? Not us, not the US, not Europe, not the Middle East. ONLY Israel stands to gain by destabiliizing the world, moving in, usurping as they do, taking control and making a total mess of the world, so they and only they can control it all. Of the many myths of Israel is that they are "poor little unprotected put upon me in a giant swath of anti-Israel/Jewish folk" pretty much across the board. They think they are so much smarter than the rest of the world's populations. Unfortunately most, at least in America, are still believing that all of the George Soros type of operations are actually committed by arabs or muslims. Just try to fathom a group of 1000 males of any group joining together to rape women. It would never happen. It could never happen, absent some sort of mind control via chemicals or EMFs. I you go back over All of the Wars over All of the World over All the Eons, it is always the same group of individuals who perpetrate war, because they want All the Money, All the Science, All the Land, All the Control, All, All, All, as the little girl in the TV ad says! I agree and admonish all DO NOT BUY INTO IT! We avoided war in Syria initially, we must continue to do the same all over the world!

My response: I know what I have posted is spot on, and I recently figured out the vile hate mail was paid trolls who intercepted real mails while they were in the "new" folder (which the mail program has not accessed yet) and dropped their own text into the mails, while they sat in that folder and deleted all the real mails. That is why it looked like it was all vile hate mail but as it turns out, EVEN IN MY IN BOX, IT WAS ALL A FALSE FLAG AND TODAY, WHEN IT WAS ALL SECURE, PROVED IT.

Anonymous wrote: Hello Jim. I tried to send this message several times already. It has been one year since I moved to a meat and eggs only diet, doing basically the opposite of what most mainstream physicians and nutritionists tell us. I've never felt better, slimmer, stronger and manlier in my entire life. There are several books out there from reputable (and courageous) medical doctors explaining that the whole cholesterol hysteria is bullshit, and what foocks us up is refined carbohydrates and grains. Yes, grains. By the way, we are not evolved to eat grains. Meat is the only food that comes out of your stomach already completely digested.

I strongly suspect the anti-cholesterol, anti-saturated fat, anti-meat, pro-grains, pro-vegan propaganda that has been plaguing us for a few decades now is a Jewist-led brainwashing effort to make people weaker, fatter and the men more submissive (if you don't have enough testosterone, you become submissive, and you won't have enough testosterone if you don't eat enough cholesterol).

My response: Complex carbohydrates, and not meat, are the only thing that leave your stomach completely digested. As for the rest, BINGO!

There was a super long bible post that was not trollage that I did not put up because it was too long, and I am putting this line here to say it was not missed.

Anonymous wrote: Jim,

If I understand your position correctly, you're saying that the Muslims in Europe are not raping and not doing violence to women. Islamic culture does not tolerate this kind of behavior.

Yet media is reporting these assaults as are citizens of these countries. (

The government by its silence, effectively is saying that these assaults are not happening.

So are you taking the side of government on this one? Seems unusual considering that normally when mass shootings happen in the US you're quick to take the opposite side of the government and the media and say that there was no mass shooting and dismiss it as a false flag incident.

If these assaults are happening in Europe and the government didn't want anyone to know, then you'd think the media and the government would cover it up.

My response: RT is no more credible than much of the MSM, (perhaps on par with Infowars as far as credibility) and the reason why the governments did not go along with the rape games is because it was proven that the photos of the beat up women, (up until this point) are old photos from years ago that someone dredged up as "evidence" for the "rapes". Obviously the governments were not involved with these false flags, so why go along with it when it has been proven so well the photos are all old, and fake as presented? The photos were from fights that happened in German night clubs over the past few years.

Anonymous wrote:

Hi jim,

A second request. Can you please post the Donald Drumpf article you posted, it's now gone.


My response: That was an embed that forced Henry to load a page to this web site every time someone hit it. That would be good for his stats, but I took it down to save him bandwidth. I will hunt this down and post only the link later. Peter wrote:

hi, peter/pierre here.

first time I have had an email to you bounce back , thought you'd like to know.

*********A message that you sent could not be delivered to one or more of its recipients. This is a permanent error. The following address(es) failed: (ultimately generated from host [] SMTP error from remote mail server after RCPT TO:: 554 5.7.1 Service unavailable; Client host [] blocked using; Client host blocked using Barracuda Reputation, see

Reporting-MTA: dns;

Action: failed Status: 5.0.0 Remote-MTA: dns; Diagnostic-Code: smtp; 554 5.7.1 Service unavailable; Client host [] blocked using; Client host blocked using Barracuda Reputation, see

********** anyhow, this was my original message. ***

hi, that photo there with the squillions of bags of Fukushima contaminated soil. First time I have seen them with the ocean next door. I bet sooner rather than later they will make another tsunami and have it all wash into the ocean, problem solved, like they did with the incinerators and radioactively contaminated tsunami waste. *** cheers peter

My response: If that all got washed out to sea, yes, that would be a mess. I doubt Japan would willingly eat another tsunami though.

Anonymous wrote:

Here is another good example of the absolutely ridiculuous horse-shit that American homeowners have to go through in order to enjoy a "quality" home.

"The ISO Fire Suppression Rating Schedule figures into homeowners� premiums for property insurance. Ratings start at Class 9, indicating the lowest level of protection. In order for a community to receive an ISO rating of Class 8 or better, and for homeowners to enjoy a benefit on their insurance premiums, there must be a water source available that can supply 250 gallons per minute for a duration of two hours. "

-God forbid that all the houses are built out of stone, steel, or concrete -God forbid that all houses had rainwater collection and large cisterns that stay filled all year -God forbid that American wake up and realize they are being skinned alive through their taxes and being herded into managed communities where they have ZERO freedoms

My response: In addition to having mandatory (regardless of who says otherwise) wood construction as the norm in the U.S. be something they can just shoot through and kick in, the real bonus is that once people are herded into the compact cities, "cleanup" will be as easy as a few matches, no extensive demolition efforts will be needed.

Anonymous wrote: Jim, you were fooled by another hoax. Soros is not anti-jew and he did not go around confiscating the money of Jews and killing them. There were 3.50 million Jews in all of Europe before the war, according to their own Census. There were 3.75 million after the war according to their own census. All this s tory of Soros confiscating money of Jews and killing them and breaking the bank of England etc, are all invented history. Soros is part of the jewish Kabal. Steve kroft and the entire 60 minutes and their bosses are all part of the same Kabal. I cannot believe you re-published all that worthless garbage to promote the poor-jews getting robbed view point and holocaust etc. Jim you were fooled big time by names you respect for some reason (steve Kroft)just like you were fooled long time ago by people whom you respect , about the moon walk hoax.

My response: I clearly stated in the Soros report that some of the info was dubious. Please read things more closely, and regarding the moon landings, I am old school, understand a few things, and TELEMETRY FROM SPACE CANNOT BE FAKED AND DOES NOT LIE. Sick of the moon hoaxers. Common core wins AGAIN!. How the heck can someone with a poor education ever understand the significance of telemetry? Oh I know! WATCH THE MOVIE TWISTER. Then maybe you will know what telemetry is!

Here's an interesting one, for readers to verify:

AM wrote: Hey there Jim, I have an odd one for you...

I-phones are projecting some sort of dark satanic sounds when you unplug your headphones. It's a super dark twisted sound that I have only remembered the likes of which during the times when I used to have severe possession based nightmares. I think they are trying to do some kind of phone possessions... Thats my guess anyhow... Long story short I have heard this same report from multiple friends as well. One of my friends is an older lady and the sound scared the bejesus out of her and she literally thought the world was ending... She called me shaking... Not sure where proof of this is other than eyewitness testimony but it's happening... Keep up the good work... A M

Anonymous wrote:

Hi jim, hope you are doing well. Long time reader, was hoping if you could give me some insight if this is disinformation or not. What do you know of agartha and the hollow earth theory? The coincidences and connections are fascinating to me. The Nazis, Antarctica, admiral Byrd and his diary after he died. The Tibet and Romania connection, the books, the religions talking about it. Cool stuff. Have you seen the pictures? What do you think of them? What about the flying over the poles thing? Thanks jim, for everything.

My response: If a hollow earth really does exist, (which is possible, the earth could in fact be geodesic as evidenced by how seismic waves travel through the core) the surface around the hollow portion would be really hot and runny, and I mean REALLY HOT AND RUNNY, as in, 5000 degree celsius radioactive nuclear bath with an atmosphere consisting of vaporized tungsten, or whatever other heavies get preference. No "Agartha", the laws of physics WILL BE OBEYED, SORRY!

Even the models of stars have the fusion reactions happening in annular layers surrounding the core, and not in the core itself simply because of how gravity works, (the most intense gravity influence is not in the core, it is approximately mid way to the surface, long story on how that works.)

(Please do kindly obfuscate my name) wrote:

I think you ought to look into the Nigerian situation, now greatly overrun by Zionists. Code words: Nnamdi Kanu. Radio Biafra. IPOB (Indigenous People of Biafra). Seems some scum of the earth are planning to cause a war there via the agitation of the Igbo (South Eastern) people spearheaded by the figures above mentioned, who most likely are Agent Provocateurs.

A friend of mine earlier in 2014 August used your posts (on VitAMIN C) to avert the about-to-be Ebola Epidemic tragedy. Now the craze is of Lassa Fever & Bird Flu, as well as calls for Mass Vaccinations..

More details later

My response: Thanks for this update, I had no idea this was going on.

Here's a good one:

Kerr wrote:

Over the course of the last several months, leading up to a few years, Chipotle had displaced McDonald's at number one, for whatever classification they fall into' "Fast Food", "Places guaranteed to give you the shits", "Processed food paradises'". Anyway, while absorbing all news sources (MSM propaganda as well as sites like yours), it sure seemed "Building 7","Mohammed Atta's pristine Passport" and "Fukushima just blew up" funny that within a week of these ratings came out, Chipotle suddenly started getting poisoned, eeerrhhh, I mean, they found bacteria, uhm, well, yeah.

On an unrelated note, does "V-Core TSBC07004673" ring any type of bells with you?

I have a Samsung 700 Laptop and use a Verizon Wifi connection. My wifi is the only thing my Laptop SHOULD pick up within my home. This Laptop NEVER leaves my home. I have all of the "discovery mode" settings turned off, so it will only connect to my single VZW Wifi connection. My closest neighbor is about 200 yards away, and they have an encrypted wifi of their own. I walked over there and asked them if I could look at their computer to see what came up when they logged onto their Wifi, and it was something totally different than the whole V-Core thing. They also didn't have anyone visiting with a wifi enabled vehicle recently.

The other day, I went to connect to my wifi and along with the usual "Verizon Wifi connection available" I see one below it that says "V-Core TSBC07004673" exactly as I have typed it, as though it were ANOTHER wifi connection available. For the record, there has NEVER been anything "available" besides my VZW wifi. There were not any vehicles driving down the road, (to preclude the wifi from them) and I have no frigging idea where the hell this could have came from, unless it is either internal to the computer, or "somebody" used a booster to attempt reaching my computer. I'm still kicking myself for not getting a screen grab of it. I have a sticky note stuck to the top of my screen now to catch it if it happens again.

My response: V-core obviously could mean v-pro core, but I cannot say for certain if that is what it is.

Anonymous wrote: Mr. J. STONE it is possible for you to open a discussion on this?! Example: {-I never going to be tired of repeating this until Humans start to have their act together...- How Psychopaths operate and how to deal with them:

As humans, we need to confront this threat and DEAL with it. We need to remember that cooperating with evil, on ANY level, is a MISTAKE and it will ultimately come back to bite you. So why we spend so much ink and time to explain how to American (Predatory) Capitalism works?! When relationship with reptilian host is killing us

{WW3 WILL BE THE Reptiles & Psychopath VS. Human}

{ }

Defense against the Psychopath full length version How Psychopaths operate and how to deal with them: Thank you for your time and dedication to us

My response:

Original capitalism, as was in America in the late 1800's early 1900's was not predatory, it benefited all. Interesting mention of the reptilians, which I see as tenuously spooky, perhaps, and, Bitly links - NEVER USE THEM, Bitly is a censorship scam. As if people can't copy/paste their own links and need a link manager! CENSORSHIP TOOL!

Here is a good one, sorry to offend the sender but it made me laugh

Ok so how can nuclear waste burn through the earth aka china syndrome but not through plastic bags? I am starting to wonder if the danger is all hype?

My response: Once you spread it out, it is not hot anymore, it all has to be really really close together to get hot, and 9 plus million bags weighing several tons each with a gram of reactor 3 in each bag sort of squelches the possibility of anything melting through anything.

Bob wrote:

Hi Jim
I responded a while back about your comments on growing popping corn, as I had tried it and agreed with your thinking. I read lately how it is now GMO'd, so be care full about what you buy. Any way I would like to suggest sprouts be included in ones prepping agenda. They are probably healthier than most veggies you can get these days and they store well. Try have been sprouting alfalfa for 40 years. (love em) You ROCK

My response: Get your popcorn while the getting is good, make sure it is from Mexico and get it soon, because Monsanto is moving in. How can Monsanto move in after the people so firmly say no? Well, that is what globalist tyranny is all about. Anyway, people can peruse the sprouts you posted and prepare as needed but I think at least corn seed storage ought to be mandatory, it is just too cheap and easy to excuse skipping.

Several people asked what happened to the alternative news banner. I took it down temporarily because it had a script that made page loads slow. I think I will put in a static link for that one.

Holland wrote:

Hello again Jim,

I just noted your last posting, ending with...


And yes, thank heavens it's not working. However, the population of Europe not so much wants the blood of their local leaders, for they are with their balls against the wall (I don't really think they are as oblivious to world events as people are generally made to believe). Remember, they are litterally *in the middle* (USA on one end, Russia on the other end).

No, Europeans are figuring out things at an accelerated rate almost as much as Americans are. If they want blood, it is that of those very same evil men you describe. Nearly any nation past and present has been a victim to their global practices one way or another. (Though they're not too pleased with the current inception of the Euro super state as designed by the Evil men, though a plan that backfired and now warrants weakening by them.

I felt I needed to help you see right on that bit.

Greetings from Holland :)

My response: Thanks!

Anonymous wrote:

Hi, Jim,

A recent link, "Brazilians panic as mosquito-borne virus is linked to brain damage in thousands of babies", on and his exuberant support of Trump, among other shilling diversionary posts, about wraps up any doubt regarding which side he represents. His site was for sale, though it was likely an announcement for a big dollar auction for the remainder of his integrity. No longer linking to his site.

My response: No virus is doing it. I spoke to a very good doctor here who thinks it is the vaccines also, (this doctor called B.S. on the zika virus right from the get go). It is in fact a new Tdap shot Brazil introduced for all pregnant women in 2015, and the results are now starting to show.

DuRon wrote:

What in the world is going on with El Chapo, Sean Penn and the Mexican Government? Any ideas/theories?

My response: Yep, said it day 1. Now that Trump is obviously in Israel's back pocket, he is qualified to be President and no longer needs to be shot by El Chapo. American intelligence could have nailed him long ago and it was American intelligence that nailed him now.

This concludes a majority of the good stuff from a day's mail when there is no hack on my server (some was omitted by reader request), the censors had this down to 3 or fewer messages per day and it was a relief to see this to say the least.

Jan 18 2016

Chipotle Restaurants most definitely under attack for saying no to GMO

FACT: No source of any of the E-coli food poisonings and sickenings of people has ever been found. And Chipotle had zero problems EVER prior to their announcing they were going to go completely non GMO. How easy is it to destroy a restaurant chain? It is as easy as having a band of saboteurs hire on, walk in from a war department with various diseases and put them in the food on purpose. And I'd bet my life that is exactly what happened to Chipotle, and that it was done by the masters of poisoning - you ought to know who.

Consider this: With no source of any of the E-coli related problems found, it can only mean one thing: All problems walked past the time card reader and into the establishment through the back door, by people who had access to this stuff, and were assigned to deliver it. If this happened any other way, it would have been found somewhere in these restaurants, yet it was not, which means a package or vial was opened to deliver it. It takes high clearance to get access to diseases, and the only two probable venues are Jews, who have a long history of this sort and would have access to the diseases, and Monsanto, who has no history of this, but could probably scrape up a batch of E-coli from somewhere.

And it would not be too difficult to nail a batch of tomatoes with salmonella to provide some variety of problems.

Throughout 2015, Chipotle Mexican grill experienced a multitude of E. coli outbreaks at various locations across America, giving the restaurant a less-than-favorable reputation to the masses. This is unfortunate for this restaurant in particular, as it is one who has committed in the past to remove controversial genetically modified ingredients from its food items, while moving toward healthier alternatives overall.

Here is a timeline of Chipotle’s terrible luck with food outbreaks in 2015:

In July, 5 people in the Seattle area were sickened with E. coli. The source remains unknown.

At least 234 people were sickened with the norovirus in Simi Valley, California. The source is unknown. In Minnesota, 64 people fell ill with salmonella in August and September. The source of the outbreak was found to be tomatoes served at 17 of the state’s Chipotle establishments.

Around October 9, 52 people contracted E. coli at establishments in California, Illinois, Maryland, Minnesota, New York, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, and Washington state. None of the sources were ever known.

Dime to a dollar: Chipotle was sabotaged, pure and simple.

The Jewish community wants GMO to become the standard, with all heirloom varieties wiped out. They are 100 percent for it overall. This is also the goal of other evil elite, and the reason is because if you can program the DNA of a plant, and force this on the people under the threat of starvation if they refuse, you can then program the plants to produce mind control compounds so no matter what you do, you can't escape being drugged into submission. Either be drugged or starve.

This, and the terminator genes are probably the sole reason why gardens are becoming illegal rapidly in America, and why heirloom varieties are becoming harder and harder to find. Many GMO varieties are programmed to have sterile seed that cannot be replanted to grow more.

It is all about drugging the people and control through food, and I am confident Chipotle bit the dust over it by not watching their backs while making a stand.

Who is George Soros?

I pulled this off of Beforeitsnews, which I have not visited in months and found through a link. I don't know the full pedigree of this info beyond Steve Kroft, but it appears to be at least partially accurate and is eye opening to say the least:

FROM STEVE KROFT (“60 Minutes”)

Glen Beck has been developing material to show all the ties that George Soros has through the nation and world along with his goals. This article is written by Steve Kroft from “60 Minutes”. It begins to piece together the rise of Obama and his behavior in leading the nation along with many members of Congress (in particular the Democrats, such as the election of Pelosi as the minority leader in Congress).

If you have wondered where Obama came from and just how he quickly moved from obscurity to President, or why the media is “selective” in what we are told, here is the man who most probably put him there and is responsible. He controls President Obama’s every move . Think this is absurd? Invest a few minutes and read this. You won’t regret it.

Who is Obama? Obama is a puppet and here is the explanation of the man or demon that pulls his strings. Its not by chance that Obama can manipulate the world. After reading this and Obama’s reluctance to accept help on the oil spill you wonder if the spill is part of the plan to destroy the US? “In history, nothing happens by accident. If it happened, you can bet someone planned it.” ~ Franklin Delano Roosevelt

Who Is George Soros? He brought the market down in 2 days. Here is what CBS’ Mr. Steve Kroft’s research has turned up. It’s a bit of a read, and it took 4 months to put it together. “The main obstacle to a stable and just world order is the United States of America.” ~ George Soros”

George Soros is an evil man. He’s anti-God, anti-family, anti-American, and anti-good.” He killed and robbed his own Jewish people. What we have in Soros, is a multi-billionaire atheist, with skewed moral values, and a sociopath’s lack of conscience. He considers himself to be an elitist world class philosopher, despises the American way, and just loves to do social engineering and change cultures.

GyÃrgy Schwartz, better known to the world as George Soros, was born August 12, 1930 in Hungary. Soros’ father, Tivadar, was a fervent practitioner of the Esperanto language invented in 1887, and designed to be the first global language, free of any national identity. The Schwartz’s, who were non-practicing Jews, changed the family name to Soros, in order to facilitate assimilation into the Gentile population, as the Nazis spread into Hungary during the 1930s.

When Hitler’s henchman, Adolf Eichmann arrived in Hungary, to oversee the murder of that country’s Jews, George Soros ended up with a man whose job was confiscating property from the Jewish population. Soros went with him on his rounds .

Soros has repeatedly called 1944 ”the best year of his life.” 70% of Mr. Soros’s fellow Jews in Hungary, nearly a half-million human beings, were annihilated in that year , yet he gives no sign that this put any damper on his elation, either at the time or indeed in retrospect”. During an interview with “Sixty Minute’s” Steve Kroft, Soros was asked about his “best year.”

KROFT: My understanding is that you went out with this protector of yours who swore that you were his adopted godson.

SOROS: Yes. Yes.

KROFT: Went out, in fact, and helped in the confiscation of property from your fellow Jews, friends and neighbors.

SOROS: Yes. That’s right. Yes.

KROFT: I mean, that sounds like an experience that would send lots of people to the psychiatric couch for many, many, years. Was it difficult?

SOROS: No, not at all. Not at all, I rather enjoyed it.

KROFT: No feelings of guilt?

SOROS: No, only feelings of absolute power.

In his article, Muravchik describes how Soros has admitted to having carried some rather “potent messianic fantasies with me from childhood, which I felt I had to control, otherwise they might get me in trouble.” Be that as it may. After WWII, Soros attended the London School of Economics, where he fell under the thrall of fellow atheist and Hungarian, Karl Popper, one of his professors. Popper was a mentor to Soros until Popper’s death in 1994. Two of Popper’s most influential teachings concerned “the open society,” and Fallibilism.

Fallibilism is the philosophical doctrine that all claims of knowledge could, in principle, be mistaken. (Then again, I could be wrong about that.) The “open society” basically refers to a “test and evaluate” approach to social engineering. Regarding “open society” Roy Childs writes, “Since the Second World War, most of the Western democracies have followed Popper’s advice about piecemeal social engineering and democratic social reform, and it has gotten them into a grand mess.”

In 1956 Soros moved to New York City, where he worked on Wall Street, and started amassing his fortune. He specialized in hedge funds and currency speculation. Soros is absolutely ruthless, amoral, and clever in his business dealings, and quickly made his fortune. By the 1980s he was well on his way to becoming the global powerhouse that he is today.

In an article Kyle-Anne Shiver wrote for “The American Thinker” she says, “Soros made his first billion in 1992 by shorting the British pound with leveraged billions in financial bets, and became known as the man who broke the Bank of England. He broke it on the backs of hard-working British citizens who immediately saw their homes severely devalued and their life savings cut drastically, almost overnight.”

In 1994 Soros crowed in “The New Republic,” that “the former Soviet Empire is now called the Soros Empire.” The Russia-gate scandal in 1999, which almost collapsed the Russian economy, was labeled by Rep. Jim Leach, then head of the House Banking Committee, to be “one of the greatest social robberies in human history. “The “Soros Empire” indeed.

My comments:

Soros is the one funding the transfer of Muslim "Immigrants" to Europe. He is probably the one paying for the psy ops, including the "rape game". I would not be one bit surprised if he is the enemy of my inbox, and the entire alternative media. He probably has 10,000 trolls contaminating forums and comment sections. It seems fitting he would have Nazi tie ins, but the report above supports the holohoax, which is just that, largely a hoax. YES the Jews were indeed rounded up, but there was no systematic killing operation for them. Same as America did the Japanese.

Anyway, I'd bet Soros is every bit as much our enemy as the Knesset, Rockefellers and City of London, and that he is indeed the most evil man on the planet.

The mail is so manipulated that I deleted the implant post and won't be posting any more mail until I believe to some degree it has been secured.

Anonymous wrote: Hello Jim, I am a frequent reader and really appreciate your work. I live in Germany but have not seen the events but of course read and heard a lot.

I have now done a very quick and brief google search (dated) and links were present starting 2012. Probably this can be faked as well, but for example here the al-taharrush is described in its many variations: (topic 19). or this one from summer 2015 (ok, not long ago...) but then this from 2008: search in this article for "Group Assaults".

I value your work and I am sure you have a reason why you did not mention this, perhaps the source was not reliable or it was back dated?

I would be interested in your opinion as I don't know what the real answer is. However I tend to see this as an organized even of some agency to cause a civil war as it happened in many cities, mainly Germany but also, Zurich, Vienna, and they tried it in Helsinki I read somewhere.

I don't see it in which would support your hypotheses.

Sorry for questioning that, I just want to get closer to the truth. Thank you. Best regards, Martin

My response: Now that I posted your mail, will get a complete update on this topic. Do you understand what I am saying?

And on that note, let me once again explain something clearly:

The Jewish community and/or war monger crowd DESPERATELY needs the support of the American and European population for war against Russia and the Islamic countries. THINK BACK AND DO NOT FORGET: All this fevered pitch crap, immigrant problem, "Taharrush" ALL OF IT started ONLY AFTER RUSSIA STARTED BOMBING ISIS AND KICKED AMERICA OUT. Someone wants people so upset in America and Europe that they will support going to war with Russia, which at this point is supporting Muslim countries, and kick Russia out of Syria. If you want to know where the "rape game" has its roots, just look at the headlines that say "Russia hit 100 ISIS targets today" and other things, such as Iran's new oil war, where they are slamming the market with cheap oil which is now absolutely screwing the elite money makers. Between Iran and Russia, enough has been done to furiously flame the tempers of very evil people who solve their problems by killing millions in foreign lands, and the rape game is the bet of these evil people - their hail mary - to get the white populations of America and Europe to beg for mindlessly blowing Muslims (and hopefully Russia) away.

I stand behind the Taharrush report 100 percent, I busted that scam to completion. And there is nothing but hate mail in the box, and Taharrush is dead. The only people talking about it now are clueless dupes in comment sections, and I guess Wikipedia still has their lies up. They might try to resurrect their dead zombie at some point in the near future, (they sometimes make a second go at a failed scam.)

Canada wrote:

Windows 10 spook show!-- all you have to do is disconnect IPv6 on the computer you are using in the adapter LAN, WIFI and voila the session no longer passes the information even if the service is running in the background...that's it folks. Jim, do you agree?

Cheers from Canada

My response: Obviously I do not agree. What about all the reports this web site and others have done about the CoreVpro processors, and many other processors since even the Centrino being able to hook up to the cell network straight from the guts of the CPU? Who can prove AMD is not in bed with these folks also? How are you going to disable the CPU and then run the operating system? You can't just unplug the web and call it good.


Jonee wrote:

Hi Jim,

I have not written in a long time, but offered some help that did not materialize when you just got to Mx. Your F report has always been one of the very few sources for information that is independent. My old man built those plants for a German company, so I grew up with this thing.

Recently there was some info here and there that a NRC report from 2011 painted the "loss into the atmosphere" by the fuel pools was just a scenario, not a real event.

See this video where the supposedly misinterpreted information is discussed.

Perhaps you have mentioned this one and I missed it. I am highly skeptical that any of the official information is worth anything.

Please let me know where to look to get a better idea about the fuel pools.



My response:

No fuel pools burned. They did boil, but they were gotten to on time before they boiled off with nuclear reaction stopping borated water, at the expense of the lives of the first people to work the scene around reactor 3. This water was brought in via pumper trucks that pumped directly into the fuel pools. Once they figured out that reactor 3 was out in the open, which was an instantly lethal situation, the entire subsequent initial cleanup was done via remote control. This is all completely factually documented in the Fukushima report, and if the links that prove it are dead, you have to read the PDF that has the original articles that prove it captured.

The reason why the burning fuel pool story was hatched is because reactor 3 was blown completely out of it's containment by Magna BSP's Mossad provided nuke cam, and when that happened nuclear material peppered a huge portion of eastern Japan, and the cleanup of this has been massive and now proven by millions and millions of giant five ton black bags that are holding the contaminated soil, bags which are all over Eastern japan now, stacked in huge piles.

An identical "nuclear blackmail" camera is pictured here to the above left that might actually be a real camera because the cameras are more deeply embedded into the nuke gun barrel than what went under reactor 3. They had to have some be real to provide plausible cover for getting their gun nuke under reactor 3. The version of this camera Magna BSP put under reactor 3 could monitor the condition of the reactor, had an always on internet connection straight to Dimona Israel, (which is also fully documented in the Fuku report) and is definitely what launched reactor 3 skyward when conditions were prime, according to the will

of Israel.

I got trolled over the entire nuke cam story by people who did not read the Fuku report and went on stories from others because "there is no conceivable way you could hide a nuke in a camera". Well, that is the camera on the side of a building, and its size and shape is identical to a gun nuke.

Pictured to the left here are the cleanup bags that now hold the guts of reactor 3. They had to hatch the burning fuel pool stories to cover this up, they CANNOT admit reactor 3 was blown completely out of the containment because too many people would ask questions. I think at least the power structures of countries like Russia and China know reactor 3 was nuked already though.

Jan 16, 2016

SCAM KIKE Albert wrote:

the right wording is:
al-taharrush /el-taharrush
it is a rape flashmob, organized by smartphone using social media.

My response: Yeah, I found that PDF and it was released right before the so-called rapes, and despite talking all about the past it is totally and completely new, and the ONLY place on the web that ever mentioned taharrush before this event in Europe. So it is an obvious plant. You can take Wikipedia and flush it also.

It is obvious by your wording of your message that you are a skilled manipulator, who will use the power structure to accomplish your goals of violence against innocents if you can't find a way to do it yourself. So let me carefully state this in a way that can't be used to activate that power structure against even me if you don't manage to get your war on Arabs:

You are not going to get away with this type of crap for much longer. In fact, I am aware enough of how you run things to go completely dark to the surveillance efforts of the Jewish community if I so wished and did not have to give myself up daily by running this web site, and I could do it effortlessly. What makes you think no one else can, or (at least) an insignificant number of people can?

Your people can only live as parasites, needing a host for all intellectual advancement, all technological advances, and all financial advances. Even Einstein ripped off the theory of relativity from a Frenchman. Where is your Edison? You have accomplished nothing of significance on you own other than a mastery of manipulating others. And master that you have. But you have a problem. Not everyone is totally oblivious to it. Not everyone is going to eat the "taharrush" stupid pill.

I am sure you hit alexa and see my web site is "insignificant" there, and that therefore if you can just flip me with your "Taharrush" bullshit you win the game. But Glenn Beck has answered to me. CNN has answered to me. Wired Magazine has answered to me, and with the children on trains story, the entire Latin American press, European press, and American press at all levels answered to me. HOW CAN THAT BE? I'll tell you how that happened even despite the fact that Alexa says it is impossible for that to ever happen -

The Jews know that people use Alexa for knowing if a web site is bullshitting about traffic to get a high price for ads. The Jews know that if high numbers show, a web site can get good funding. So they bought out the at one time credible Alexa, and now use it to scam their own venues upward, and have to all effect removed mine completely as well as seriously damaged others. But that won't help them one bit in accomplishing their main objective - damaging this web site and other truthers so much they slip out of existence. Want to know why?

Because I and many other truthers can live on a shoe string. I live a moral righteous life and don't blow a single penny on anything other than feeding myself, housing myself, paying for servers, and doing the basics. There is no smoke money, beer money, drug money, club money, stupid vacation money, or even fishing pole money in my budget. And someone who can live like that is damn difficult to do away with when the web site they run has over a million pageviews a month on the main server alone, with a similar additional number coming off the others I have. And I can't even track re-posts people do but know for certain they add up to at least an order of magnitude more pageviews than what show from my own servers.

Alexa won't show you that anymore, but this web site kicks ass and it shows in who is forced to respond to what gets put here.

And now onto the good news for "us", and the horrible terrifying news for kikedom.

The intellectual upper class reads this web site. When Alexa was honest, 80 plus percent of the reader base was college educated and professional, and you can bet that has not changed even despite Alexa now saying this web site caters to only welfare women, (obviously to make ads here worthless). But I don't need ads here, because due to the sheer scale of this web site I can get by fine even without begging my readers a whole lot. Yes, it irritates me that an actual $50,000 plus USD per month in ad revenue venue produces practically zero, but I am not in this for cash, I am in this to kick your ass and am doing quite a job.

The doom: YOU HAVE A LOT TO FEAR, DEAR KIKE. You see, from your perspective the wrong people read this web site. None of them are stupid feeders. None of them spend the day faceplanted on facebook. Practically all of these people actually get out and do things, and because they are far above average, they are the ones who have the ability to stay off your radar, make a difference while doing so, and they know the truth.

You cannot track everyone, I estimate that at least 50,000 readers of this web site are smart enough to stay off the radar, and know the problem is you. And this is only one web site, there are others. And we have already won.

Just look at an uncensored comment section on any of your news outlets when the mods are not wiping true public opinion. I believe this web site was one of the pivotal ones that made that happen. You have already lost control. Any luck getting guns out of the hands of Americans lately? All it takes is 5 percent of those to add up to an army of 15 million. And at least that many are aware of the fact that the Jews caused virtually all problems Americans face.

You are walking on thin ice. Yes you will fool the turds with your "terror rush" bullshit, and might even win a couple that are not drooling retards by saying social media is how they arranged the rapes. But you can't fool everyone, and are rapidly driving many towards an armed revolution. Don't expect it to stay out of your neighborhoods when so many truthers have successfully worked so hard to wake people up to who is really causing the problems Americans face, yes, your cycle of being pathetic outcasts running for their lives appears ready to turn a page once again.

Virtually all Jewish holidays are in commemoration of a disaster they caused themselves by doing to people precisely what they are doing to America and Europe now, let's pray for another Jewish holiday soon!

Windows 10 spook show!

Anonymous wrote:

OK windows 10, I bought two identical laptops not so long ago, one for me, one for the wife, My chassis has since give up the ghost. I plugged my HDD into the wife's laptop, hmmmmmmm, Windows 10 now needs re-registering .............. wtf is this OS knowing so much about my HW that it knows its plugged into an identical but different computer?

Makes you think if they can do this with HW, what can they do with SW

My response: That is spooky. And the way Windows 10 does this is the exact same way the holoweb (in the next post) can be shut down. The fact Windows 10 is doing this proves beyond all doubt it is not a benign OS, and I know exactly how they did this.

Every piece of hardware in your computer has, for the purpose of NSA forensic analysis, it's own unique UUID that is issued by the main controller chip on a particular piece of hardware. If you send anything over the web, your UUID for at least your network interface controller goes out over the web. This permanently identifies hardware as yours, regardless of what you do to wipe it. Windows checked the UUID's on your hardware, and that is how it knew it was placed in a different completely identical machine.

If you want to shut the holoweb down, all software has to do what Windows 10 does, and have a routine that confirms the UUID of the hardware in the server it is going to access, complete with hardware configurations, the whole 9 yards. That way a security token can't just be copied by the NSA and used to spoof your computer when the NSA re-directs you to their holoweb in Maryland, they are also going to have to know all hardware configurations, all UUID's and spoof those also. Since that particular type of environment is dynamic, it would be hell for them to spoof you to an identical looking page which rather than running on the web, is running at spook central. All it will take is for the server you are trying to access for real to report what it's true ID is and peraps other information, such as flagged sectors on the real server's hard drive (which is dynamic and impossible to predict) and have that be a failure option for a security token. There are many ways to get the job done, but the way things are now, (all in the software world) it is all too easy for the web to be sent down a rabbit hole.

The mail has been badly hacked/censored for the past couple weeks

They actually let the mail work for a few days during the last couple weeks, but cut it off again after the rape game post farther down this page. AND, I suspect there is a new hacking system that works with Google Chrome.

When 1. I logged into Paypal with google Chrome today, it really looked like Chrome now cooperates with a spy apparatus hand in glove. This is what happened:

It looked like Chrome went straight to Paypal at first, it all looked normal. Then, after I typed the account name and password, it quickly showed the correct paypal screen, then white screened, hung for 20 seconds, then showed a slightly different version of the same paypal screen, then blanked that to a white screen again, then hung for about a minute, and then chokingly put up a paypal screen. After that, I logged into the web host to take care of account issues, and the exact same behavior happened again. It looked like it loaded 3 separate sessions rather than one.

SO, I sent the billing department this, which I know for certain (absent Chrome ever even doing this) has been happening for a while - the NSA is running a holoweb out of Maryland for many many people. If you are on their list, you never see the web for real at all, it is all cached in Maryland and runs from there, with all the access information showing at the top of the browser spoofed to look real. Anyway, here is what I sent the billing department:

Invoice number 34*** was billed twice for the same order. It should have been billed only once. First billing was with Paypal ID **************** €****** The second billing was with paypal ID ***************** €****** One of these payments needs to be returned, whatever is easier for you, Additionally, I know this happened because the NSA has your server cached in Maryland, and one bill came from your server, and (most likely) the other came from their clone of your website in Maryland due to a synchronization problem they don't have worked out yet. They hate you, and they have put a new system in place that duplicates any web site they think is the enemy and they just serve everything from their own equipment for a perfect forensic capture. I saw what looked like a hijack of this session when I logged in here today, I believe you are hacked FULL TIME. hopefully this message is not futile.

Hopefully they have things plugged in well enough so that the second charge did end up back with you, but I would not bet on it. If you have no record of this double billing, my only recourse is to publish what the NSA did. I am not upset with your service at all.

Also, forward this on to tech support: Google chrome has been rigged to make it impossible to use Cpanel on your server. Even if you cannot see it, this is definitely happening. I have tried Chrome on over 30 different totally separate computers running on different routers being served by different web providers with computers running different operating systems, and have confirmed beyond all doubt that Google Chrome has been intentionally rigged to make using Cpanel on your servers, and ONLY YOUR SERVERS (other hosting companies work fine) but with your company Chrome denies anything be done at all.

So does ABSOLUTELY ANY computer running Windows 10, even without Chrome.

Someone wants you destroyed and is at war with you, are you aware of this?

End of message.

I am confident now that if you log into Gmail, you probably still get Google. But if you log into any other mail box, all you get is the NSA, which works in lock step with Google. Also, I AM COMPLETELY CONFIDENT PAYPAL DOES NOT RUN FROM PAYPAL, IT RUNS FROM THE NSA OR SOME OTHER PLACE SIMILAR and from there, spooks steal whatever they want and holoweb whatever it takes to make everyone think all is well. There are things they obviously can't get away with stealing but I am DEAD CERTAIN a majority of the financial support to the true alternative media, true alternative medicine, and anything else in the real fight against tyranny is getting robbed.

The world's engineers need to figure out a way to figure out when the NSA or other organization is running a holoweb, and how to deny it from working or we are all doomed. An engineer may think it is all cool, and that honorable people own such systems. But that is not an assured reality, and engineers instead have to think: What if an evil power structure gets control of it all, and then turns around and wrecks my career, my friend's business, or wrecks my way of life? Should I really go along with it all? Am I sure evil really won't prevail with the code I am writing, while I sit here typing "anti terror" code, blindly believing it will only be used to do good?

There is probably a way the holoweb can be wiped out. And it will probably have to do with tracking processor and hardware configurations rather than security tokens. If the request is supposed to be answered by an Opteron 12 core on a single processor computer and it instead gets answered by Xeon CPU#538 rack 7 card 3, it is an obvious hijack in progress even if all routing information plus the security token show as being ok. Right now, there is nothing in civilian hands that can confirm this type of hijack is not happening, and we need it badly.

Anonymous wrote:

Hi, Jim,

Re your Paypal screen experience, thanks for posting it, it explains why, after I viewed a certain post last evening re the Oregon BLM problem and back arrowed to view other BIN articles, the BIN site kept deleting that post on their list of articles. I was able each time to retrieve it from history, only to have the same deletion keep occurring several times in a row.

As always, Thanks!

My response: Bin is a perfect site to get holowebbed, to take care of posts the tribe dislikes that get mixed with all the garbage. Bin occasionally does get real stuff but with no accountability stream, Bin is also a perfect venue to wipe out that way.

"Rape Game post to stay on top for a couple days -

A couple quick things - I consulted a $500 peso doctor about the zika virus in Brazil. He was aware of it, and said this: (which is exactly what I said), Zika is similar to Dengue and cannot possibly cause a birth defect in any way shape matter or form. The claim it caused 2,400 shrunken skulls in Brazil is fraudulent, and because genetic defects can't account for that many shrunken skulls within a two month time span in newborns, there has to be something else doing it, (perhaps) a sabotaged vaccine. He then said to never get a flu shot, especially during pregnancy So now the zika virus report is approved by at least one (very good) doctor.

Environment sensors in cars tripped ice warnings in Central fully tropical zone Mexico, where even at low altitudes temperatures dropped into the mid-30's farenheit. How can that be if things are heating up? I bet that won't end up in any official public record.

Justin Bieber went up on the "no access allowed" Patriarchal pyramid, which in native culture represented the patriarchy for the entire world, and after being told to get down once, he got up on it a second time, stripped completely naked, and urinated on it in wide open public view. That is the part of the story you have not been told. No arrest and no jail time. That says a lot about how the "Elite" think, and what type of crap they can get away with.

Jan 15 2014


This is is getting re-posted in many places. Obviously the readers liked it, yet in the in box there was 100 percent hate mail and nothing else. This can only happen if the box is totally controlled and they wiped everything out but hate posts. I am going to post a couple of these hate mails below this report. This report totally pissed them off because it starts with the banker's current desperation, then explains how they are hatching the non existent Taharrush rape game to get the West to support a war on Muslims so they can save their sorry behinds by blowing things up, and then . . . well, I gotta laugh, this is a good one:



Anonymous sent:

Scottish Bank: "Sell Everything"

Washington Times January 11, 2016

The Royal Bank of Scotland has warned clients to sell everything, anticipating a cataclysmic year for markets.

Sell everything except high quality bonds, the bank's credit chief, Andrew Roberts, said in a note to clients this week. This is about return of capital, not return on capital. In a crowded hall, exit doors are small.

The note said the current situation was reminiscent of the 2008 collapse of Lehman Brothers, which led to the global financial crisis. This time China could be the crisis point, The Guardian reported.

China has set off a major correction and it is going to snowball. Equities and credit have become very dangerous, and we have hardly even begun to retrace the Goldilocks love-in of the last two years, Mr. Roberts said.

He said European and U.S. markets could fall by 10 to 20 percent.

Analysts at JP Morgan have also advised clients to sell stocks on any bounce, and Standard Chartered has predicted a slide in oil prices to as low as $10, The Guardian reported.

My comment: I bet this won't trickle up to the Rockefellers and the Rothchilds. I wish they would all jump.

And oh, the drop in oil prices to $10 just proves the markets are totally rigged at the whim of these people, who want the price at $10 to give Russia, Iran, and Venezuela a nice kick in the teeth. They are the ones who will be impacted by this the most, not any paper pushing fake wealth robber baron.

Ever heard of pump and dump? That used to be part of an ordinary 8th grade education in America, outside of economic war motives that is all this is, same old same old.

I'd like to see China get through it all, needing only to do a large load of laundry, and for the current power structure in the west to loose it's behind instead.

With what the zio clan bankers and traders have brought us to that would be nice to see, and it really would be convenient if they all just jumped which would be a lot easier than shooting them.

And I can tell you another reason why oil prices are so low: THEY WANT WAR. And what better way is there to get war than WAR PROPAGANDA?

"Taharrush" rape game is badly wanted war propaganda and does not exist.

This word in the context it is being used by Western media did not exist in any form up until about a week ago. And Google has been rigged to lie about it. I deep dredged the term, and have proven up to this point that if it ever existed at all, it means "sexual harassment", but due to the fact that there is absolutely no reliable source related to the word, that is hard to confirm.

Here is the type of difficulty I am dealing with, and why I believe the word is entirely fake:

To the left here, there are the results of a Google search that is restricted to return results from over 10 years ago. Normally, in the past, when you wanted to figure out if someone was lying, you could do a dated Google search to see if something really existed before the current meme. But with a very restrictive Google search of the term "Taharrush" FROM DATES AUGUST 1 2005 TO 1 OCTOBER 2007, which should pull NOTHING but results from that time period, there is absolutely no reference to that word at all that are actually from that time period, and instead Google is tagging fake dates to the term and all links talk about the so-called "rape festival" that supposedly happened on New Years eve 2016. So a dated search from 10 years ago talks only about 2016. IMPOSSIBLE if the word was real, and also IMPOSSIBLE if Google was "doing no evil".

The newness of this word proves there is no "Arab rape game", and google's complicity in this proves that it is someone very powerful doing it that WANT WAR.

Arabs do have words to describe things like sexual harassment after witnessing what Israeli soldiers do to women in Palestine. But those words don't ever get used by scamming zion because they just don't sound good enough to fulfill zionist political motives, which often use word schemes to blitzkreig the public conscience with words that sound intriguing and mysterious, - "Taharrush" OH I GET IT: SUB TONE IN THE MIND: TERROR RUSH, yes, Muslims who are terrorists get a "TERROR RUSH" from raping women. They just gotta get their dose so we better hurry up and nuke them all. They are all rapists anyway, gang raping in the streets, THAT is what the Arab world is, and who could ever be sorry about destroying that?

There are other examples of this type of word manipulation - did you know "Hamas" is actually "Charity with excitement" in Arabic, (but the web has been flooded with lies now and that is practically impossible to figure out, with some sources now authoritatively stating it means "violence".)

Another word that has been butchered is Jihad, which is nothing more than a struggle to improve yourself, which has no war undertones to it whatsoever. The real word for war in the Islamic world is Al-Harb. But "Jihadi John" is a much spookier sounding villain than "Harbin Harry" so jihad it is.

Rape game? If the word taharrush did exist at all prior to December of 2015 (which is really difficult to confirm because of the air assault going on right now in the MSM and the TOTAL disinfo on Google, ) it DEFINITELY means nothing more than sexual harassment. But the oh-so reputable Wikipedia has a different take, OBVIOUSLY:

Yep, someone needs a war, that post on Wikipedia, along with the obviously manipulated crashing prices of oil pretty much say it all . . . . .


OOH, it looks like the above post got someone mad!

Anonymous wrote:

RED, BLUE and Gold, got it, Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn!!!!! Which proves the cross is pure evil as are you! this is what people should know but nooooooooo, you spew shit instead, truther my fucking ass you little male SHILL!! Hence why you refer to the Creator as god, and is not, BUT DID CREATE the little cocksuckers! You are one sick puppy, you fucking pigs! Just like your filth to hide behind a web site and spew puke! WE WILL TAKE YOUR FILTH OUT, the children of the Creator will wipe the cow shit up with your faces! tell your dutch-german whores masters that you are the worst at what you are suppose to do, yet think you are so smart, just like the evil in this world...but hey go talk about trump who means NOTHING in the big picture, go talk about how fucking cartoon names have changed you OBVIOUS PIECE OF cockroach shit, your filth are not even the cockroach you weak, cowardly piece of NOTHING, cuz that is what your filth will be..NOTHING but whores who will serve their weak cowardly evil whores for an eternity and nothing like you can imagine you fucking COWARD! you best stay in your hole, come out and I will shoot your head off like a fucking gopher you lying pig face COWARD!! maybe stick a grenade or two in your big fat mouth and one up your fucking NOT A MAN Ass! We have distributed so much info BECAUSE OF YOU, it is you who motivated so many to get involved so again, tell your masters you suck at what you are suppose to do, and instead will suck their dicks, you will need the practice pig whore, cuz for an eternity that is what you will be doing for the evil you serve now!! My response: If that was more coherent I'd be able to respond, and distribute what you will, If you have done so well because of what I have posted, why are you pissed?

Anonymous wrote:

Muhammad was a rapist and murderer and anti the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

I can agree with you "we" "seem to be" being manipulated into war by very malevolent cabals. But get over the fact Islam are not white knights in shining armor.

Muhammad was not someone you, Jim Stone, would want to sit and dine with. Even if most of his followers might live mainly respectable lives, it is not the religion of peace, it remains one face of anti-Christ dogma.

My response: Thank you, that was coherent. Now on to the debunk What does Mohammed have to do with anything I posted above? Did I ever even mention him? NO. I mentioned 1. Banker trouble. 2. A totally fake rape game to justify war. 3. Google complicity in making the rape game stick. 4. Jewish word play, for the sole purpose of fronting a lie, and 5. JUMP YOU F*ERS. I don't think I ever said anything about Jesus or Mohammed. But obviously you have a motive to try to "convince" me I am screwed up on the topic of religion all the while you cannot either read or process what you read well enough to issue a relevant response.

And I will say it like it is. You are rock F*ing stupid about religion, and I mean the volcanic type, spewing flames, damaging everything touched. Muslims are REQUIRED TO ACCEPT CHRIST, VIEW CHRIST AS EQUAL TO MOHAMMED AND BELIEVE HE WILL RETURN AGAIN TO RULE THEM JUST LIKE CHRISTIANS DO, BUT SINCE MOHAMMED BROUGHT THE QURAN, HE GETS ALL THE ATTENTION. But Jesus in Islam is equal to Mohammed even though he is not mentioned much because they believe the bible is corrupted and if it is, they cannot use it for religion. Mohammed gets all the attention because the original Quran still exists and verified syntactically accurate copies of the Quran are all there is. Geez dude WAKE TF UP.

"Rapist and murderer" does not apply when the bench mark is 20th century "statutory rape". People got it on early in Mohammed's time, because life was short. Mohammed NEVER took any woman that did not want him, so once again, you are totally out of touch with reality and need to WAKE TF UP. So-called "murder" happened in he-said she-said revisionist re-written conflicts otherwise known as war. By that benchmark, you are a murderer because you paid for the murder of millions of Muslims via your taxes, and NO DOUBT LIKED IT (other than the smaller paycheck) and it is a FLAT ASSED GUARANTEE that NO Arab ever hurt you or threatened you or your country, so that makes your complicity in murder 100 percent verified. That puts Mohammed ahead of you in that context. If you are so far out of the loop you think 911 and the other so called false flags were real, why hit my web site? There are idiots out there to harvest, why try to convince someone who is too knowledgeable to ever win with?

Here's a really good piece of classic clueless hate mail:

Anonymous wrote:

See "stone"..dutch boy, when others are telling truth and you lies, YOU EXPOSE YOURSELF, not them...YOU and so many truths make you out to be the liar you are and WE KNOW WHAT YOU ARE AND MANY DO the other topic you push for the roggenfeddlers is aliens, aka: MK ULTRA a illuminati satanic LIE!! A TRUTHER EXPLAINS asshole: ALIEN PROGRAMMING SCRIPTS

My insert: There were 9 pages of this crap I omitted because it was too much to wade through, now the closing comments:

YOU PUSH aliens fuck face and that alone PROVES you are a fucking cowardly pig face whore of the elite...AGAIN DUTCH WHORE...GOTCHA!!

KNOW MANY NOW KNOW AND ARE WATCHING YOU...WATCHING JUST YOU and the bonus is they are people in high places who are not corrupt but know their govn't, judiciary system and law enforcement is and so many are waking up,you wouldn't believe it if we told you, who, so again, FUCK YOU WEAK COWARD!! There are some police that are so awake they are recording all you write, and researching so much that they are enveloped in it and want answers and are getting them, which motivates them more to keep connecting so many dots,or shall we say butterflies for you whore! We have so many people on this and on YOU, that the truth can NEVER BE STOPPED now and the communication, distribution will never be seen with spying evil pig eyes!!

So roggenfeddler boy...YOU LOSE! YOUR FITLH FAIL AGAIN!!

My response: Umm, what?

Jan 12 2016


The "Muslims did this Muslims did that" memes that are getting fronted are all such a load of cr@p it makes my blood boil.

War propaganda pure and simple.

Someone is losing their behinds and NEEDS WAR.

So they are paying for the transport of millions of Muslim immigrants, and then making up horror stories the "immigrants" in no way did. All to get Europe to go to war. If they can pay for the transport of millions, they can also pay a few hundred actors to make huge scenes everywhere, and I am certain this is exactly what is going on. Only an idiot Muslim or a totally blind Muslim would go to Europe with all this going on, but if 10 million more are going to be flown in, I guess there is a sucker born every minute. Useful dupes.

This speaks volumes about the governments that are allowing this to happen and causing it to happen and even paying for it to happen against the adamant will of the people, if anything says it is time for a revolution the migrant situation is it. Unfortunately the real culprits will probably peacefully eat Matzo balls and revel in victory at the synagogues through it all, it would not be the first time, what's new anyway?

Rape games? Traffic blocking prayers in the streets?

Muslims won't do these things, there is no rape game, but a billion dollar budget can get many many paid actors out in public doing preposterous things.

The last thing Muslims would ever do is block traffic to say prayers, there are certain criteria that must be met and blocking traffic violates all of them, there is no way that happened outside of actors doing it, if there is one way to prove it all fake, the blocking traffic for prayers story is definitely it.

FAKE FAKE FAKE hate FAKE hate FAKE let's all HATE. Then go and fight a hate war. For zion. After all, why would the chosen tribe of "ZION" do it the honest way when stirring hatred can accomplish the job for them?.

Facebook Faceplant

Anonymous wrote:

Some 7 years ago I worked for a large International Defense Contractor ( not in the USA) for about 9 years. The work invovled was sometimes of a restricted nature and I was under the official secrets act and therefore not to discuss anything related to the type of work we did, which I have never dislosed to anyone, then or now, outside of the people involved.

Having a Facebook account (knowing full well the sewer it is) and not being a radical poster, just keeping in contact with friends, I kept my details to a minimum and had no problems for years.

I did not give them my cell phone number and only used it when required, usually having it turned off. Then they started to pester me continually for my phone number which I would not reveal.

Next they start to ask me questions about an American Pen-Pal I had some years ago who was fairly well off and a successful businessman. How did I know him? Where did we meet? etc. I did not respond.

Next I started to get requests from Facebook to invite me to contact/make friends with people they had found that I had worked with many years before and they even had their phone numbers,both cell and landline!

They suggested people that I hadn't seen for years,did not at anytime socialise with, did not know their home addresses or ever have their e-mail or phone numbers! But they knew it all.

So I have concluded that it does not matter what you do to regarding your own privacy because whether it is phones, e-mails or anything else, they know it all!

Welcome to 1984! Simple cure? Get rid of Facebook!

Anonymous wrote: Jim,

In response to the Netflix letter I want to share a similar experience. I have been to a friends apartment several times sometimes bringing my laptop from work with me but I have never used it at his place. One time he asked me to look up the address to the management office of his complex while at my house. I start typing in the name of the complex in google and before I finished typing in the first words "commons at" google had listed the correct complex as the first choice. I do not have or use any google service, facebook, nor use youtube. I can only guess that my computer knew it had been at that location and that information was forwarded to google. WE are definitely tracked at all times. Examples such as these confirm it conclusively. Anonymous wrote:


The message regarding hulu and cable gave me the creeps. My partner and I noticed after we bought a Shark Vacuum, we started seeing commercials for them on our tv. I didn't think anything of it until I bought boots from DSW shoe warehouse online and I started to see commercials from them. My partner is medically compromised and orders his diabetic itms from a mail order company connected to his insurance, sure enough after we receive an order we see commercials for diabetic supplies.

I am beyond convinced every tech we have is connected and mind controlling how we purchase everything from groceries to eating out. I suspect the new debit cards we got that have RFID chips are the culprit. We don't allow our phones in the bedroom or bathroom for that reason, it even alarms me to have it on and be in a personal conversation and know someone is listening.

Here's an interesting one:

Anonymous wrote:

Read the Georgia guide stones: There will be 50 million Jews and 500 million Goyms to serve them. Everybody else will be culled. GMO foods, tainted vaccines, resistant pathogens, WMD, FEMA coffins and DHS hollow point bullets. God is on their side. God let jews genocide several civilizations and leave nothing that breathes. Jews are God's chosen. Don't try to find protection in Jesus. He was a Jew to the core. Jesus said he came for the lost sheep of the house of Israel only. He called the Canaanite woman a dog (Goym). All crying and praying to him won't do any good. Jesus won't take his children's bread and toss it to dogs (non-Jews).

Jesus said on that day many will come saying: Lord Lord (God, God) haven't we done miracles in your name...then Jesus will say, I never knew you, you sinners, depart from me (Matthew 7:21-23 KJV). The people who call him "God" are Christians. Why would Jesus tell Christians to go to hell? Because they called him God. That is blasphemy. He did not even like being called "Good". When somebody called Jesus "Good master", he asked: "why you call me good, there is only one who is good, that is God in heaven" (Matthew 19:16, KJV) . You Goym (non-Jews) you are going to be culled...

My response: By that logic, Ashkenazi Jews (the main luciferian sect) are going to be culled as well, because clearly they are not from the "house of Israel." I guess the Arabs win.

A change to the herbal reports:

I have received several messages from people who do not like the way I am doing it because it is too difficult to find everything in a recipe, too confusing with preparation, etc. So I am going to jump to the last step first and post individual plants and what they can treat by themselves, including geography (where they are located) and how to prepare them. I had planned to do this from the beginning, but that part of this project would have taken a year to get to, and it does make sense to list the plants first, and advanced formulations using multiple plants later.

In the town I am in, you can go into the city center and you will find these medicine men all over the place, selling the natural herbs they found and prepared themselves. If you go into the more established businesses, the medicine men have adapted herbs from other parts of the world also, and combined them with the Aztec/Mayan herbal treatments for a more complete variety. I will be doing both, a complete list of everything everywhere. I am going to focus on North America first, because it is the United States that is suffering under the world's worst medical tyranny. It will be a huge project.

I'd also like to repeat a past post: It took going to Mexico to discover how horrific the American medical establishment is. Let's say you get cut and need 15 stitches. In America, you go to the emergency room, often the only one within 15 miles, go through whatever process it takes, and leave with a $3,000 plus medical bill, IF you can get medical at all, and if you have Obamacare, you already usually paid $10,000 in advance to get those stitches via an "insurance policy".

In Mexico, there is no such thing as health insurance, because if you are not being ripped off you don't need it. Want to know what happens when you need 15 stitches (or even 50) in Mexico? You go to the local pharmacy, always within a mile. There is a doctor there. He charges 80 cents a stitch, so 15 stitches cost $12. He then writes a prescription for whatever antibiotics you need, and you buy them right there, at the pharmacy and are out the door for a price that would never exceed $30 USD. DONE. No life ending debts over a stupid accident, no huge premiums to pay,

Let's say you need an ultrasound. That will cost you $15 and they hand you a DVD with the complete video of the entire process so you can watch it at home, take it to another doctor, etc. An X-ray will cost you the same, be two feet across and a foot and a half wide, and they hand it to you, to take to another doctor. A cat scan will cost about $150 U.S., an MRI will cost about $350 and you get every last frame the machine captured for other doctors to look at.

Need a complex urinalysis to diagnose a health problem? That will cost you $20, and everything is handed to you to take anywhere you want. There is no secret file locked in a doctors office that you can't get your hands on. And all of this is if you don't want to use state medical, which most people have.

In Mexico, you can use the entirely private medical system to solve medical issues that would put you in debt for life in America, almost always for less than $50. American medical is nothing but an extortion racket, a secondary tax, an opportunity for evil people to enslave you for time immortal under a huge mountain of debt just because they can get away with it. And it all happened with the complicity of the courts, the FDA, you know - the great American crime syndicate known as DC. If they really had your best interests in mind, Mexico would not beat American medical, in America I used to worry about medical - what would happen if something happened. It is not that way in Mexico, medical is excellent and so cheap no one ever worries about the cost of getting hurt, they might worry instead about the pain, or something else relevant.

To sum it all up: ONE insurance payment for ONE month in America will cost you more than having a serious accident every month of the year get patched up by Doctor Simi in Mexico for $30 USD a pop. If all you have is something like pneumonia or an infection, Dr. Simi will cost you $2, and you will get the correct medicines prescribed, for a total out the door cost of less than $20. Even with "insurance" in America covering an accident, you still got ripped off because with technology in this day and age, MEDICAL SHOULD BE PRACTICALLY FREE, making any need for insurance completely irrelevant.

If for any reason "DR SIMI" or many of the other similarly priced competitors can't handle your problem, all levels of medical are available in Mexico for a little bit more, but almost never over $50 USD for a complex doctor visit that would include X-rays and everything else in that price.

I am mainly doing the herbal medicine reports to give people in America, who are getting ripped off, knowledge of medical options that might be a simple as the "weeds" in the front yard. Soon the medical tyranny in America will be full spectrum, where if you are not on the "preferred compliant sheep" list, a visit to the doctor will be your doom. In the near future he will turn you in as crazy to take your guns, while giving you a shot that will render you irrelevant forever. That day is coming and people will need other options.

This article at RT is well worth the read and though it does not mention the real culprits in the European invasion, it comes within a millimeter of doing so and says plenty.

Here's a creepy one:

Hi Jim

Not sure if this will get through but this one is weird. Proves that the technology is more advanced then we think and that they can triangulate a lot more these days via cell phones and wireless connections. I recently traveled to CA from the East Coast and went to my friends house. I have a Android phone and a Netflix account at home on the East Coast. So, I am sitting in my friends apt and waiting for him to get back so I peruse through his Netflix account and see all of his movie choices which are Indian as he is Indian and all titles I have never seen. Love stories, action, drama etc. So, I watch a few minutes of a few of these titles at his house on his Netflix. When I travel over 3,000 miles to get home my girlfriend and I are sitting on my couch with my Netflix account and lo and behold all of this titles are showing up of Indian movies in my feed. Some are being recommended as things I would want to watch and two of them showed I watched them? I never did here and don't even know those titles as they are movies based in India. So, somehow my phone must have picked up what I was watching at his house and transmitted it or some sort of technology that tracked me to his house, tracked me on his Netflix account ( I never logged into my account in California) and then started recommending them to me. This is freaky. We would have never noticed if they were American movies but the titles are Indian and a lot in Punjabi which we don't speak, nor are we Indian. What do you make of that?

My response: Did you log into Gmail from the device that you saw the Punjabi movies on? That would do it.

If not, it was done via voice recognition and location correlation, in a way I did not think was possible. If that is what happened, it means a very intelligent AI in your phone listened to everything and decided you wanted Bollywood. Most likely however, you logged into Facebook, Gmail, Youtube, or some other spy outfit and that is how the correlation was drawn.


Anonymous wrote:

It seems that Trump is being given just enough rope to gain popularity with ppl across a broad spectrum. His stated positions will get him the happy clappers (being an Israel firster), corporation-firsters, and war-firsters. He'll definitely get the "build a wall" ppl.

Interestingly, he has dropped just enough alternative position bombs here and there to convince some ppl who don't get their news from the MSM that he might be ~the one~. Straw graspers? Maybe. Time does appear to be running out.

Anyway, it's a pretty wide swath he's being allowed to cut. By comparison to Ron Paul's presidential candidacy and coverage, Trump has been given absolute carte blanche. He's being center staged for a reason, and it behooves us to figure out that reason.

Given the field, Trump might indeed be the best part of a bad deal. But I think Judge Dredd is exactly right to remain guarded about Trump and whoever his media enablers happen to be. I would actually like to read more fully JD's thoughts about the...front runner. More information is always better than less! Anybody with me?

My response: Trump makes me nervous.

Jan 11 2016

DO NOT MISS THE POST "Folks, I think we might have a blockbuster", Scroll down.

A few quick things


I received a lengthy message from JudgeDredd about Trump, about how his real name is Drumph and how it was changed, how Trump cannot be trusted, how he is a total sellout to zion and will definitely wreck the United States.

The letter is too long to post with everything else I have up that I want people to see, but I will add my own comments:

Chapo is back in jail. In my opinion, that most likely means ONE THING: Trump sold out and no longer needs to die. You can't expect one man to know everything, but Trump's willingness to boost the NSA, eliminate Muslims in America, his Jewish wife, his allegiance to Israel, and the fact he made payoffs to Hillary in the past all does not look good. I really don't know what to say. This same guy also knows the past vaccines cause autism, and Trump is probably why they released the new autism baby destroyer in the Tdap shot all to be blamed on a mythical "Zika" virus that never caused such problems in its long history. Trump caused reactions. No one else did. But I am nervous about Trump for President, because I really do not know what is behind door number 2.

I believe tainted baby destroying vaccines are now the number 1 threat to the nation. If Trump puts a stop to all that, will the rest of what goes along with the package be worth it? Who knows. . . . .

Muslim posts

I have received numerous messages from people telling me I am all messed up and that Muslims really are bad, and Muslims thanking me for being one of the few telling the truth.

My comment: Someone wants war. It is not the American people, and it is not the Muslims. But if that very special "someone" who is more special than the whole world combined, so special they have infiltrated and destroyed virtually all media outlets, - if that someone wants war, and no one else does, that someone has to stage countless psy ops and front them through a rigged media. Did you know that in the German party the so-called Muslim "rapists" were on video drinking alcohol before getting rowdy? Interesting that is, because Muslims don't drink alcohol. But oh yes, trolls for zion went all over the map of the Arab world, saying Yeah, alcohol is not permitted but they all get it and are all a bunch of drunken slobs. YEAH RIGHT.

Out of all the Muslims I have known, I have not seen one beer, one bottle of Jack Daniels, or even a clandestine bottle of mouth wash. IF you see propaganda fronting drunken Muslims, expect it to be a HOAX. Also, Muslim men cannot wear jewelry, except for a silver or other non-gold wedding band. Practically all the psy ops show Muslim men wearing jewelry, including the ISIS beheading videos. Trolls say they wear jewelry. REALITY: They do not. It is forbidden. In Islam, only the women wear jewelry, and they can wear whatever they want, in abundance. Another way to spot a psy op is men wearing gold or any other jewelry that is not on the ring finger. Muslim men are not permitted to, and simply do not.

I had another guy write to me and say all the Iranians he knew in college were jerks.

I have a GREAT ANSWER, and it is a BANG ON non-Islamic themed answer.

DID YOU KNOW: Goldman Sachs combs all the universities around the world, looking for corruptible people from all regions of the globe and recruits them to do their dirty work everywhere. When people are recruited, Goldman Sachs tells them of the "Golden chains" they have to wear, and that if they ever step out of line, they will be destroyed. But if they stay obedient to whatever corrupt or evil things they are told to do - if they live without a conscience, that those golden chains will pull in wealth for their entire lives.

Goldman Sachs combs the Iranian universities also. And from Iran, they pull the worst filth the country can possibly muster up. People who will back stab their own parents. And these people then get pulled out of Iran and dropped into Western universities, subsequently go into the work force, and back stab and glory hog their ways to the top. They were pre-profiled ahead of time to be exactly the type that will do it, so if you have seen "Really bad Iranians" in college, this is most likely the reason why. Only a few ever leave Iran, and these will often be the worst of people.

Additionally, Iran has a very large Jewish population, and the Iranians you have had experience with behaving like that are highly probably Jews.

Mayan/Aztec medicine:

People have once again asked the proportions of each plant in the mix. That is why the pictures are so clear, so you can see exactly what is in the mix and figure that out. ALSO: People are asking how to prepare it. Generally, you throw the mix in boiling water, let it boil for about 10 minutes and then shut off the heat and let it sit. But the process varies, so I have to get the details on that, (this will be embedded in the slides later). This is an ongoing lengthy project that will eventually break out every single plant referenced and specifically state what that one plant does, how to prepare that plant, etc. This will take over a year. What I am posting right now is just the introduction.

Folks, I think we might have a blockbuster:

UPDATE: I have received a couple mails saying things did not go well with John Parks, I have not confirmed things went bad but will say this: It is risky to go against a corrupt system that is in no way following the law, no matter how right you are.

About this topic, Wayne wrote:

Jim, Regarding the article you just posted by Anonymous, about Federal Jurisdiction and Income Tax. This is not something new. I explain this very point in my book, It's Not The Law, and I believe I explain it clearly. People just need to read it; perhaps two or three times. Our only hope is that more people will figure out the simple truth, and stop believing the lies of our enemies.

Lately I have been thinking a lot about the fraud I discovered in federal gun laws, and how so many gun owners are behaving like complete dupes in believing dumb stuff they are told. Exposing this fraud was the reason I set out to write that book, but nobody seems to "get it." Rather, they choose to believe attorneys, and wicked judges.

The Second Amendment was never meant to be something a judge could override with a ridiculous interpretation. With a little more understanding more of us would be laughing in their faces.

Wayne Barbuto

Blockbuster post follows:

True "Income tax" and "Federal Jurisdiction loophole found, and it appears to be something that will actually work:

Anonymous wrote:

I just found your site a couple of days ago by a link someone put in a comment. I am writing for the first time. I don't know if you know about this or have ever covered it, but I feel that the whole world should know this information.

I found some very valuable information that virtually no one is covering that would put an end to many problems in our country (ie. Hammond case, Bundy case, taxes, gun control, loss of rights, etc.). It could take down the Federal Reserve and our government, at least partially, through the court system. The link I have contains a very long explanation with PDF linked documents.

In a nutshell, a man in Texas, named John Parks Trowbridge, Jr., had an IRS tax case. His ranch had a lien placed on it. He went through the court system all the way to the supreme court and has apparently won. What he found out is that the federal and US district courts, both criminal and civil, have no jurisdiction outside of DC and the Territories (Guam, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, etc.).

How he did this was in the following manner: He petitioned the court to prove jurisdiction, and the judges did not respond. Basically they were pleading the 5th by not responding. He took this case to the supreme court twice, and they refused to hear the case both times. For any of these judges to respond, would prove fraud on their part because they know they cannot prove jurisdiction. This would amount to a death sentence for them for treason to the Constitution.

The reason this fraud has gone on so long is that when the US incorporated itself, congress changed the meaning of the word "state" in the laws . So when "state" is used now, to them, it means United States, Incorporated, making you a resident of DC. Since no one in the general public is aware of this, when we use the word "state", we mean Alabama, Minnesota, etc. However, because we don't know this and proceed to do business with the feds we are consenting to being a resident of Washington, DC.

The key here is that, according to a supreme court case that he located and presented to the court, you cannot reside in two places at once. You cannot live in both your town in a state and also live in DC at the same time and the feds cannot treat you as such (as long as you make them aware that you know this secret). So you must never use the word "state" in written documents or verbally with the feds or they have you trapped. As long as you let them know that you know, they will never continue a case, because to do so would let the cat out of the bag, and the public would be informed of the enormous fraud.

Can you imagine the impact this would have on our county? How many people would no longer have to pay taxes to support the federal reserve bankers? How many people would be let out of prison? How much property would have to be returned to the people? How angry would the American public be for the fraud perpetrated on them their entire lives?

This information needs to spread far and wide. How fast can we take back our country? As fast as this information can be circulated throughout this country.

Jan 10 2016

Mayan/Aztec Medicine reports extremely difficult to do

This next slide happened with incredible difficulty. There was no post dated yesterday because of it. I had to come up with a new strategy to get it done. If I have one of these slides loaded on the computer while the computer is online and try to work on it, somehow, mysteriously, no file saves work, and all the bandwidth gets deleted off the modem, all the while Google spits up wrong images and runs slow as a three legged hog. I had to plot last night how I can get this done, and figured it out. I am not going to help the enemy by saying how I circumvented their efforts to stop this.

I am ABSOLUTELY POSITIVE that if I was not consulting real medicine men for these formulas (so I know when google is fooling me) these would be impossible to do. The medicine men are providing the formulas, complete (as you see them pictured) with clear explanations for what is in them and what they treat. That makes it really difficult for Google to spoof me when I look for whatever else I need to complete these slides.

Click the slide to view it full sized (when in this page they show smaller than they are.)

Jan 8 2016

Muslim post removed because it upset too many people. I'll condense it down to a couple lines:

IF Muslim men have NO fidelity, and Muslim women have high fidelity, HOW TO MUSLIM MEN FIND WOMEN TO CHEAT WITH?

The trolls are proven ROCK STUPID or a COMPLETE FREAKING LIARS by a simple math equation - ONE PLUS ONE EQUALS TWO. It takes TWO TO TANGO, and since whorehouses and prostitution are flatly disallowed in the Muslim world, the entire concept of one sided fidelity is flatly impossible. The rape stories are PURE B.S.

Ok, so I said the good stuff. Now the bad:

Let's take 300 of the top minds from Yemen, and 300 of the top minds from Silicon Valley, and see who launches a satellite first.

Muslim nations DO NOT ADD UP THE SAME INTELLECTUALLY. Cold hard fact, and I am not a jerk for saying it.

And I had the line before: Iranians are intellectually equal to Americans. They are an exception. I'll add to that line: Even when auto imports were banned and Iran was forced to make its own cars entirely, they did just fine and have decent cars in abundance. Now that the sanctions are lifted, foreign auto companies want Iran to start producing cars for them. All the while all technology was blocked, Iran developed amazing drones (not counting the design they captured from America, they had other great drones already,) supercapacitors, graphene, excellent missiles, and damn near made it to orbit. ALL ON THEIR OWN. America stole the supercapacitors and graphene from Iran. So Islam does not make people stupid, but on average Islamic countries are seriously technically lacking and to deny that and be offended by it is the same as playing the ostrich with it's head in the sand. There is no technical equal to Iran anywhere else in the Islamic world and because the refugees are not from a country as advanced as Iran, Europe may well be doomed.

Judgedredd wrote:

You removed a post because 'it upset too many people'???? That in and of itself proves that that post should have stayed. Its not like you, James, to remove a post because 'it upset too many people'. Since when is truth upsetting? Since trolls and idiots took over the internet. Your Muslim post was factual, informative and to the point. Since when is that upsetting to anyone apart from those that DON'T WANT THAT INFO KNOWN (so that they can control us with their lies)?

I actually liked that post and it put a very different opinion into my Universe about Muslims. My respect for them went UP not down.

Here's another thing. My sister's husband is a Muslim (an Ismali Muslim) and they have bought up their son as a Muslim. My sister is Roman Catholic! So my esteem went up even more for my brother in law. One of the nicest guys you could ever meet too. So please stop pandering (you don't do that either!) to those who belly ache and can't handle truth and leave the truth to those who can.

Since I have never seen you pull a post because 'it upset people' I wonder if it was actually you that pulled that post.


Anonymous wrote:

You are fantastic as usual.
Iranians are ancient Persian Empire. Even though they believe in Islam, genetically they are different from Arabs and Africans and Asians. They have been smart for long time. In ancient times when wars were fought with swords and hand to hand combat, they had a chariot with a long scimitar mounted on a long arm that can move left to right, in front, sticking out, to mow everybody down in its wide path. Alexander the Great, perplexed by this strange contraption, ordered his men to get out of the way when these chariots of mass destruction come towards them. Arabs on the other hand are kept stupid and uneducated and poor by their crypto-Jewish kings put there by American-British forces. King of Saudi Arabia is listed in the Israeli register of famous and powerful Jews in the world.

My comment: The house of Saud is actively working to destroy Saudi Arabia via the colleges, where feminism and man hatred is pushed without end. Saudi men are no longer marrying because the women are so mind wiped they can't be in a relationship. That will destroy Saud, which is what the Jews want. The "Oppressed Saudi woman" is simply not a reality in any form whatsoever that goes beyond keeping a hood on while shopping.

D wrote:

Jim, would you please describe Halal meat? I've wanted to learn more -- there is much, much confusion on the subject as I attempted to research the topic online.

Many thanks, D.

My response: Here it is in a single perfectly accurate line:

Halal meat is that which has been slaughtered in the name of God, with the sharpest possible blade and a quick cut to the throat. It does not matter what religion does it, as long as it is done that way

Better explanation: By taking the animal in the name of god (which is stated aloud during slaughter) it gives proper respect to the animal. When the sharpest possible blade is used, the animal sometimes does not even know it has been cut, and goes peacefully. By cutting the jugular, the animal is drained of blood, which makes the meat more clean and acceptable for eating.

Contrast that with what happens in America:

"All is not right at the IBP Inc. plant in Pasco, Washington, one of the nation’s biggest slaugherhouses. According to workers, meat at the plant is routinely contaminated with cattle feces because workers on the processing line are not given enough time to wash their hands. Under pressure from aggressive plant managers, meat that falls on the floor, which is often littered with meat byproducts and entrails, is often immediately placed back on the line without being cleansed. Cutting tools and conveyor belts, workers tell CounterPunch, are also regularly coated with pus from abscesses and tumors that haven’t been properly cut out of the meat. Meat cutters at the plant also told me that often cows are not rendered unconscious before being sent down the line. Instead,workers say they often hear cows frantically mooing as they are skinned and dismembered alive."

Now, what would you rather eat? And if anyone says anything different or adds to what is above in any way that changes the basics I stated about Halal meat, it is not accurate. It really is all that simple.

Mexico captured El Chapo, which means Trump is sucking up to zion well enough to not need to kill him.

If Hillary goes to jail, she will just be President from the big house, instead of the white house.

About that NK H-bomb

It is a really small H-bomb. I am going with my own independent estimate of 150 Kilotons. That would be a really big fission only bomb. And I think I might know why Kim Jong went for the small H-bomb

H-bombs are implosion bombs, which are difficult to make. But they have an advantage - when they are designed extremely well they do not need as much fissionable nuclear material as a standard gun type atomic bomb.

Here is why: All atoms have have electrons circling them in distinct rotational paths called valence shells. These "shells" increase in size as the atomic weight goes up, and are in layers, (not all electrons are on the same layer). These shells determine the actual size of an atom, the electrons and the nucleus are puny by comparison. But the rapid orbits of the electrons in the valence shells have enough force to give the atom a specific size, regardless of how much pressure is on them (up to a certain threshold). The valence shells keep the nuclei separated from nuclei in other atoms in a very predictable way. This means that even if you squeeze a fissionable material quite hard, the nuclear reaction characteristics remain the same, and you can predict how a nuclear material will behave because the distances between the radioactive nuclei remain the same.


If you can crush a radioactive material enough, the electron valence shells get compressed enough to bring the radioactive nuclei closer together, which lowers critical mass and allows a nuke to function with less material. Kim Jong therefore has obviously gone with implosion nukes, where an explosive charge is so precisely detonated that it applies even pressure to the nuclear material at the core of the bomb to a level that is sufficient to lower the critical mass. That way, Kim Jong can make more nukes with less material. To make up for having less material, he is spiking the core with tritium and has a device that is precise enough to get temperatures high enough to cause the tritium to fuse. That makes it a hydrogen bomb, even if technically all he has is a boosted nuke. Same concept, both use fusion to get more boom and both go boom really good.

It is sort of a double edged sword - doing this proves he might have very little nuclear material, and has to get the best boom for his buck. So on one edge, it may reveal a weakness. But it also means Kim Jong has accomplished a major technological work, and it proves North Korea is not a stupid common core country. I'd challenge the common core crowd from America to re-invent the hydrogen bomb. FAT CHANCE. This also proves Kim Jong can sink the U.S. Navy, and when that only takes a few decent nukes, even a limited amount of nuclear material can produce quite a deterrent.

And yes, I know, despite the fact that Kim Jong "is a god," other people handled this, he most likely never picked up a calculator and could not have done this without the help of mere mortals.

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Remote controlled Germanwings Airbus A320 crash? All evidence points to this.


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