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Cornerstone report: Fukushima SABOTAGE!

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The NWO got busted for Zika and need a new scapegoat ~ pesticides ~ to take the rap for vaccine damage

Tdap shot and other vaccines being fingered by doctors as the real cause of problems


The doctors in Mexico are on to the scam. They have proven that Ades mosquitos are turning up in impossible areas and have to be getting air dropped.

They did this by doing precipitation and temperature analysis, and have proven that in the areas the Ades mosquitos have shown up, there has been both inadequate precipitation, and temperatures that are a full 10 degrees celsius too low for Ades to hatch, or even live when released alive.

This is first hand information from speaking to the doctors directly.

Additionally, there have been large numbers of crappy looking 30 plus year old giant helicopters no one has seen before flying low over neighborhoods in Mexico, and when they fly over, the mosquitos show up. Even I have seen these. They look like old RAF Sea Kings that have not had maintenance for 20 years. They looked like they flew out of a junk yard. It is obvious this is where the mosquitos, which clearly do not belong, are coming from.

The doctors have stated also that it is obvious the mosquitos are being dropped, because areas go from high levels of infestation to zero infestation in only 2 days, because the winter temperatures are too cold and are killing the released mosquitos outright. The helicopters have shown up in even my neighborhood and the mosquitos subsequently showed up in my house that afternoon, but were killed by the cold overnight.

They have also said there have been cases of microcephaly in Mexico, and that not one baby born with it had been exposed to Zika. They are investigating the new Tdap shot.

They are stressed out, and are blown away by the fact that they have proven that even the world health organization is involved in a political scam to scare the masses, and are additionally stressed out by the complicity of the media, which keeps parroting the lies despite being told in no uncertain terms what is really going on.

When I conducted similar interviews a month ago, they were interested. But this time around, it was like their world was shattered.

This is current info, I did the interviews on the 11th. The helicopters and mosquitos showed up on the 8th.


They got busted for Zika and need a new scapegoat ~ pesticides ~ to take the rap for vaccine damage

The New World Order has been busted for what it did in Brazil via the medical system and vaccination programs, and it woke up doctors everywhere because it was too easy to prove Zika was not the cause of the problems. This has made doctors question why the "official" story is still Zika. The World Health organization, media, and many other scam outlets have taken a major credibility hit. The doctors clearly know it was vaccines that caused the birth defects, and know it was done intentionally. This is the main reason why "their worlds were shattered" as I mentioned above.

To cover for vaccine damage, certain people in high places are pushing a pesticide scam to divert attention away from the vaccines. They do not care if people know it was not zika, but they DO care if the greater public becomes fully aware of vaccines doing it all. They are not focusing on fooling the doctors, who know the pesticides being blamed are in use everywhere, not only Brazil, and that there is no way the pesticides are going to pick Brazil only, or suddenly morph into birth defect monsters when they have no history of causing problems on such a massive scale.

The NWO info hoaxers are also now trying to diminish the impact by undermining reported cases of microcephaly and pawning it all off on statistical variations. Be aware of these scams, the NWO has been totally busted and they may be able to fool the general public, but they are now going to have to kill an awful lot of doctors to keep it all buried.

Zika will turn back mankind by two million years??

Now we know what the goal of the NWO is!

Take a look at this report, and keep in mind that not only is the dumbing down of populations via sabotage of vaccines and destruction of education taking place, We now know Zika is a probable scapegoat for it all, and how they are going to front the scam. This report is basically a red alert, and now I will repeat an old report that lays out precisely how vaccines will be used to destroy mankind:

NO MATTER WHAT the story, DO NOT get vaccinated, a new bioweapon is being distributed via vaccines

The first T4 bacteriophage was seen under an electron microscope in 1940.

However, this does not change the main thesis of the bacteriophage report, which remains accurate in the fact that phages are what has been chosen in "vaccines" which are really biological warfare weapons. Unlike ordinary viruses, which can infect or live in several species of animal, bacteriophages, which prior to being engineered to do otherwise, only infected bacteria and additionally were so selective, they only infected one bacteria sub group. This could be compared to a dog disease that only killed golden retrievers, while leaving a golden lab untouched

This selectivity that phages are capable of has been used in Israel's race specific bioweapons program, and additionally, can be used in brain eating vaccines which contain "viruses" that only attack a specific type of neuron. So though the main thesis is accurate, and was brought to my attention by people in the medical community who were very alarmed by the adaptation of phages for clandestine use, the T4 itself is not an Israeli creation and this context will be removed from the bacteriophage report.

There have been many reports about genetically engineered nanobot viruses being developed that will destroy people. Once these viruses are received via a tainted vaccine, they insert DNA into your cells which instructs your own cells to produce more copies of themselves and THAT is how they replicate. And they NEVER back off, they simply order your own cells to keep producing them until your cells die from being over worked doing exactly that.

The elite are now going for a huge push to get genetically modified bacteriophage based "vaccines" put into the entire world public via mandated injections AT ONCE. And I suspect they are going to use a phony Ebola outbreak to scare the people into accepting shots laced with these genetically modified viruses, with everyone receiving the shot within a short period of time.

Anyone who is with it enough to find a web site like this one ought to know about the NWO plan for global depopulation and the establishment of compact slave cities that can be managed with ease. What better way could there be to manage a massive depopulation than a fake outbreak, with the real disease being in mandated shots, peddled as vaccines that are supposed to protect? You can bet the elite do not want to actually release something that could kill them into the wild in the form of a real outbreak. They would instead opt to use all their ill gotten tax dollars to formulate a shot and inject it into their victims, with a certain percentage of the shots being non hazardous, perhaps 1 in 10, and the rest representing the end of life for the recipient. If the disease is a managed disease that is completely non contageous and can only be received via a shot, they can rest easy while the world dies around them.

And THIS is why they are pushing vaccines so hard, and now actively working to destroy completely legitimate dissent.


The real threat to our future is the T4 nanobot Bacteriophage

An alarming development regarding the topic of viral phages has occurred

To provide a background on this, I have a really close friend who is a doctorate of pharmacology and an expert in the related microbiology fields. While having lengthy discussions about the future of weaponized medicine, this friend went on and on about how bacteriophages were being re engineered to attack our brain cells rather than their normal host - bacteria, implant DNA directly into our cells to change us immediately and forever change future generations by delivering a DNA payload to the egg cells in the ovaries and also to the male reproductive system. This would have a permanent impact on the future of mankind. Once this type of phage was received via a vaccination, those vaccinated would have the vaccine induced traits passed along via DNA insertion by the phage to all future generations.

Though phages (which are viruses that attack bacteria,) of various types have been around virtually forever, they have thus far been harmless to anything other than bacteria, and are even highly selective in the exact type and species of bacteria they will attack.

When discussing this topic, I raised the question WHY were they modifying phages instead of common viruses that have a history of attacking people. One answer is in the fact that phages, more so than ordinary viruses which can cross the species divide, are highly selective in their targets and are programmed to only attack precisely what they were designed to - a bacteriophage will prefer only one variant of a particular type of bacteria. For example, there are many different types of salmonella bacteria, and among salmonella bacteria, a particular phage will attack only one variant while leaving other variants of salmonella alone. In the brain, not all neurons are identical, but all are similar so when administered via an intentionally tainted vaccine, the high selectivity of a modified bacteriophage can be used to target precisely the type of neuron a sabotaged vaccine would be intended to wipe out.

Another reason why bacteriophages were chosen as prime candidates for brain and DNA modification is the fact that they are not designed to attack people to begin with, so if any make it into the wild, re infection of people who never received the tainted vaccine would be impossible - a phage would not be likely to make it through the lungs or skin and into the blood stream simply because it was never designed to breach those biological barriers. But a needle, injecting it directly into the blood stream would bypass those barriers. So the elite, who would either want us emotionally numbed, dumbed down, or genetically altered would have little to fear while being amongst their victims, even as the disease raged inside them.

I cannot stress how freaked out my friends in the medical community were over this technology, one basically said it represented the end of mankind because it was in the hands of evil people, and that it would be used to divide humanity into two different groups - one which was rendered inferior by permanent DNA replacement, with the new DNA becoming a permanent part of what is passed on through the generations.

There are two modes of action phages operate with, one is the active assault, and one is a dormant mode. The active assault type of phage, called a lytic phage would be used for immediate personality modification of individuals, and the lysogenic type, which simply invades and makes changes to DNA while leaving whatever it is attacking alive, would be used for genetic modification of people, modifications that would span generations and be permanent.

And now onto this spooky robot like six legged fully hexagonal T4 phage that now totally dominates the web - I would like to know why the people who are pulling this tainted vaccine scam off on the people have somehow made this particular variant so dominant in the public spectrum. So let me ask WHY is this thing almost completely dominant online, when MANY different types of phages exist and why no pictures of this thing were ever in Google images prior to September of 2007?

Let me take a WILD EYED GUESS. It´s a matter of national pride. A form of cult like religious orgasm. All phages depicted now not only have six legs, but they also have a star of david body. This is NOT NATURAL, BLATANTLY OBVIOUS, AND DOWN RIGHT DANGEROUS. You know what the future holds now? It is something FAR MORE SPOOKY than any micro drone - it is the brain eating phage, specifically engineered to eat your emotional neurons and render you incapable of free will. I have been told (long ago, in 2010) it is being developed as a vaccine additive to be administered under strict controls and not be something that can survive outside the body, because that certain six pointed group of individuals has the same genetics as the rest of us, so they have no doubt made it certain that their own weapon cannot leap out of the wild and haunt them.

Tainted Nightmare needs an update, because it only speaks about vaccine adjuvants. This entire phage thing is something new, four years advanced beyond that article. I suggest you take Alex with a grain of salt and watch this video, it really is dead on.

I suggest everyone save a copy of the photo to the left of a different type of natural phage, because through expungement of history "they" no doubt want to drool in a religious stupor over how their little hexagonal leg patterns and star of david phage bodies wreak havoc on the rest of mankind. And on that note, I may have stated above that the reason for re engineering a phage to do the job rather than a known infectious virus would be to make good and sure it could not spread to other people in the wild, but I can´t help but imagine that such a profoundly Jewish looking micro organism would not be selected simply for its appearances. That stupid phage has six points on the body when viewed from above, six points on the body when viewed from the side, and six legs. PERFECT, DON´T YA KNOW!

. . . . . But I am sure it is just coincidence . . . . . . . .



The following discusses an OBVIOUS test run of this nanobot.

Doctors say "it´s like your brain is on fire"

READ THE FOLLOWING REPORT CLOSELY: It is OBVIOUS the Gardasil vaccine is not for Papaloma, it is for attacking the emotional centers, and the following report PROVES IT.

"PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – It’s a mysterious, newly discovered disease that strikes mainly young women, and it’s often misdiagnosed. Doctors who discovered it, here in Philadelphia, say it’s like your brain is on fire.

It starts with personality changes, and then young women lay dazed, restrained in hospital beds, acting possessed and then become catatonic. They’d been so normal, when suddenly their lives went haywire.

“One minute I’d be sobbing, crying hysterically, and the next minute I’d be laughing, said Susannah Cahalan, of New Jersey.

My comment:

Personality changes? That is EXACTLY what will happen if your emotional centers, which largely control personality, get attacked. And HOW can doctors just blatantly state that "it´s like your brain is on fire" if they were not in on the program and had no insight into what was going on? Furthermore, IT STRIKES MAINLY YOUNG WOMEN, THE GROUP THAT WOULD GET THE GARDASIL VACCINE. They state later in this rag article that "It´s an autoimmune response, where the immune system is attacking the brain" but oh so responsibly omit the fact that it is blatantly obviously caused by vaccines administered to a controlled group, and that vaccines are responsible for virtually ALL auto immune disorders.

The fact that this is a controlled administration of an illness is proven by the fact that it is so selective to "young women", not middle aged women, teenagers, boys, children, men or anything else, just YOUNG WOMEN. YOUNG WOMEN GET THE GARDASIL VACCINE FREQUENTLY, WHICH IS VIRTUALLY BEYOND QUESTION, JUST BY WHO IS IMPACTED BY THIS ILLNESS, THE MEDIUM THAT CAUSED THIS "DISEASE" IN PHILADELPHIA. Philadelphia no doubt got a custom batch.

Further deepening the pile of B.S. in the CBS report is the fact that the doctors called it an auto immune disorder at all. There is no way they could know that for certain, unless they knew there was a trial vaccination campaign happening locally to Philadelphia, and they assumed it was auto immune. My guess? My guess is this little six legged monster was being tested in a trial run, with a controlled group of the elite´s primary target - young women, to see how well it destroyed them. No doubt any woman who got these vaccines has it in her medical record, and they will use that record to see if "after complete recovery" from this illness she becomes the perfect wage slave they want her to be. They will no doubt track EVERYTHING she does, from the number of abortions to how many days her children spend in daycare, and how well she follows the programming inserted into her life via various media control mechanisms. Obamacare will be PERFECT for that.

“I was very paranoid and manic. There was something wrong. I thought trucks were following me,” said Emily Gavigan, of Pennsylvania.

And it got worse for Emily Gavigan, who was a sophomore at the University of Scranton. Hospitalized, and out of it, she couldn’t control her arm movements. Then there were seizures, and she needed a ventilator. Her parents were watching their only child slip away.

“It was life and death for weeks,” said Grace Gavigan, Emily’s mom.

“We were losing her. This is something that I couldn’t control,” said Bill Gavigan, Emily’s dad.

Doctors also couldn’t figure out what was wrong with Susannah.

“I had bizarre abnormal movements, would leave my arms out extended, you know, in front of me. I was a relatively normal person, then the next minute I’m hallucinating and insisting that my father had kidnapped me,” said Susannah.

Turns out, Susannah and Emily weren’t mentally ill. They both had an auto immune disease called Anti-NMDA Receptor Encephalitis, when antibodies attack the brain, causing swelling.

My comment Cool name for it - "Anti-NMDA Receptor Encephalitis" and let me quickly explain what that means. NMDA receptor encephalytis means swelling of NMDA receiving axons in the brain. Anti is spurious. It gives absolutely no indication of AUTOIMMUNE, that is B.S. The bottom line, from that terminology, is that something caused swelling of the nmda receptor sites.

And now I got my weapon, to clear the BS with

Those doctors know exactly what caused this. Wanna know why? Because they said the NMDA receptors swelled up, and there is NO WAY YOU CAN KNOW THAT, UNLESS YOU DO BRAIN SURGERY AND REMOVE SOME OF THOSE RECEPTORS TO PUT THEM ON A MICROSCOPE SLIDE AND CONFIRM THEY ARE INDEED SWOLLEN. Those doctors KNEW this was a test, and that it would CAUSE those receptors to swell up. They KNEW THERE WAS A BIOLOGICAL EXPERIMENT GOING ON, AND THEY WERE THE OBSERVERS, ABSENT A BRAIN BIOPSY THERE IS NO OTHER WAY FOR THEM TO SAY WHAT THEY DID, OTHER THAN FOREKNOWLEDGE OF WHAT WAS REALLY GOING ON. No biopsies were ever spoken of. Conveniently, the probable death part of those receptors was left out.

Anything regarding "doctors could not figure out BLAH" is smoke and mirrors, if they spat an answer too quickly someone might ask how they knew. And the fact that this subsided after a few weeks proves that it was NOT any sort of autoimmune malfunction as this article states, because autoimmune disorders do not go away in a few weeks. Something other than auto immune caused this. I believe this was a GM bacteriophage virus test, where the virus phages went in, did their job, and when complete those receptor sites were not transmitting random trash anymore because they were DEAD. END of symptoms. Dead is SILENT.

The fact that such obvious fallacious statements from the doctors made it into this CBS report without getting caught proves that CBS is not qualified to cover topics of this nature. Autoimmune disorders clearing up in a few weeks? YEAH RIGHT.

Susannah says this is how doctors explained it to her parents, “He told them her brain is on fire. He used those words: ‘Her brain is on fire.’

If you did not watch this Alex video, I strongly suggest you do, it really is dead on.

You can see the original article here, the one released before everyone parroted it. However, this CBS news site runs like garbage. Feb 11 2016

An important Zika update: The medical community in Mexico knows someone is releasing mosquitos for this

I talked to the same high class Mexican doctor (Not a doctor SIMI, which is OK too, but some doctors are better than others, and the highly respected doctor said that the upper level of the medical community in Mexico has rejected Zika as a threat. He said it is perfectly clear that it is all a public manipulation and political game, and that there have been zero cases of pregnant women with zika in Mexico. He also knew there was absolutely no tie in with zika and birth defects in Brazil. The doctors that matter are not stupid about this, and that is a good thing to know.




Anti God troll

I had an anti-God troll message me, saying the line in Revelations saying "All will bear witness to the horrors in the last days" was a tribal meme, and not global, and that everyone would bear witness because no one was, from a tribal perspective, going to be out of sight of what happens. I guess they will get mileage out of that line of bunk, because some people do not realize a very important point:

The book of revelations was written at the peak of the Roman empire. That empire knew a huge portion of everything, and there is no conceivable way people were so naive at the time the book of revelations was written that they would not know the world was absolutely huge, and far too large for "all to bear witness" even back then. You can´t tell me Rome did not know about China and India, I am simply not that stupid.

A way would have had to have been made (like the internet or HDTV) for "all to bear witness" even back then, don't be duped by trolls playing on people´s lack of awareness.

Not much in the news, here are some of the headlines:

Nasa says meteorite did not kill guy in India

Just like I said from day one. The situation does not fit. An explosion at an engineering college equals ONE THING - students screwing around. And as it turns out, to do the type of damage that happened at the college, the meteor would have needed to weigh 10 pounds. Less than an ounce, as police reported, just does not fit. My take? Students were probably playing with alkaline metals. That and hydrogen filled balloons are the two most probable ways to have "fun".

Oh GOD anything but a vaccine!

After the brain destroyed babies in Brazil were proven to have been destroyed by a vaccine, countless counter conspiracies have been hatched to shift the blame away. The first was the zika virus. Then it was roundup. Then it was a pesticide. And you will see 50 other causes. BUT IT WAS PROVEN TO BE A VACCINE. All these other variables being named are the same variables practically every place on the globe has to deal with. But only in Brazil was the new formulation of the Tdap shot, and there was also a newly formulated MMR shot. Both of these were fingered by this web site, because they were the only two Brazil specific variables. To take other variables that had no impact outside the destroyed baby zone and blame them is to lack observation skills, and the people peddling roundup and whatever pet cause are, in my opinion, either blind, stupid, or CONTROLLED OPPOSITION, Oh GOD, anything but a vaccine, we need people to stay ignorant to vaccine damage until the job is DONE.

Anonymous wrote:


Recent footage at sunrise, and around 2:30 one can see a smaller more reddish hue star (Nemesis, the postulated Brown Dwarf Sun sister star) and even later some of its planetoids. This is now being document all over and especially above the Ecliptic. I don't really think there is going to be Olympics here in Brazil and much less Elections in the US...we'll see.

My response: I recently purchased welders glass for the sole purpose of making solar observations. I can look at the sun with perfect clarity, plus blow it up 120X with a super zoom camera I have. And I have seen nothing but a normal happy sun. Not exactly Nasa quality when shooting handheld with that much zoom, but here it is. No twin there.

Gold rush?

Not hardly. Show me a swing in prices of double or more and I'll take notice, single digit percent changes do not mean anyone´s life is going to change.

Gravity waves

What a bunch of fear porn click bait! Hey people, they just proved gravity waves exist, can see them, they are heading this way and we are DOOOOOOOOOOOMMMED!!!!

Yep. We sure are. Because we can see them now.

Australia will be releasing a GMO vaccine via chem trails

Their stated purpose is to combat cholera. And their claim is that all DNA will spontaneously destroy itself after a certain time frame. Sounds good to me, what could possibly go wrong with that?

And I had a thought this morning on the topic of the Tdap babies and autism babies - people who have been destroyed on purpose; - If they really knew the technology, why can they only make themselves superior by making others less? If they really knew what they were doing, dumbing down the world's population would not be the objective, the objective would be to use genetic manipulation via vaccine programs to make themselves superior by making their own selves better.

For as long as they cannot win by making themselves better, for as long as they can win only by destroying others, they are idiots who really don't know how to make anything, they just know how to break what exists.That does not show a mastery of a topic, it instead shows a band of psychopaths who can only play with what currently exists. Since humans are the top of the spectrum, with their current understanding everything they create has to be human or less. Only a fool would play by those rules, and fools they are.

Bundy arrested

My comment: With a government this corrupt, what more could anyone expect? And I am sure they did it properly, making sure procedure was followed to perfection. "procedure" is the new form of freedom.

Trump: Unemployment worse than in the depression

If anyone could say it accurately it is Trump. With billions to work with, he can hire tens of thousands and you can bet for sure, Trump can see reality, for sure. When he says real unemployment is around 30 percent, that statement will be accurate.

North Korea calls closing of industrial park an act of war

I mentioned this yesterday - South Korea had a large industrial park inside of North Korea, where 55,000 North Koreans worked. In response to Kim Jong doing a successful space launch, SK closed the industrial park. Kim Jong has called it an act of war. And I think South Korea closing the park is ridiculous, who cares if Kim Jong launched a satellite? Kim Jong says it is "earthward looking" but I´d like to ask then, what is on it? A super zoom camera from Best Buy?

A few really quick things:


The FBI reported Pete Santilli's car stolen to the rental company, asked them for the onstar codes, and bugged the car. Two women are driving it now, and it is not stolen. Santilli remains in jail and I don't think it is a psy op. Additionally, some are now saying the U.N. is in Oregon, "helping" with the situation.

I have stayed off the Oregon topic because the box is so hacked and trolled I don't know what is real, and everything online is slanted and rumorous. I'd say there are two scenes, a visible one with crisis actors and a real one where all is not well. We will not be allowed to know what is really going on, bet on it.

South Korea

South Korea closed a giant industrial park that was being operated inside North Korea's borders, with North Korean employees. 55,000 North Koreans will now be out of work. North Korea is re-starting all nuclear reactors and is now proceeding to make bomb material as quickly as possible.

IMPORTANT: Now experts are saying NK has 20 nuclear weapons similar to the one they tested recently. This could only be possible if NK achieved very high tech in nuclear weaponry, and is now able to make ultra efficient and clean nuclear weapons with precision explosive timers that are able to collapse the electron shells in the fissile material, which allows more bombs to be made with less material.

This also means then, if true, that NK has lightweight nuclear weapons that are easy to launch on missiles. I would not doubt this, because they have their ducks in order well enough to now do successful space launches of successful satellites with completely home grown technology. I also think that the soon to be launched in the wrong direction "satellite" by the U.S. is going to be tasked to collide with and destroy North Korea's satellites. That would be the only reason to launch in the opposite orbital direction.


Hillary will be assigned President, and they will use the myth of 30X voting illegal aliens to accomplish it. NO ONE is voting for Hillary. The entire election is a sham, and if they are going to use "super delegates" to ram rod her in, the election is a fraud pure and simple. POPULAR CONSENT: I saw this posted in a comment section today: "Electing Hillary because she is a woman is like eating poop because it looks like a tootsie roll". YEP. that is the only thing "real" with Hillary in politics

Dolphin safe and the TPP

I have a rant. Call me a bleeding heart because I care about the dolphins. I do, and I am no sort of liberal, because there really is such a thing as right and wrong when it comes to (at least) dolphins, which have brains far above Chimpanzees and are within a few percent of being on par with people.


Here is my rant: The tpp will be making it illegal to label tuna as "dolphin safe" because "some countries cannot make their tuna dolphin safe, because the fishermen are too poor, and we have to be fair to everyone".

GUESS WHAT? If you go into a Wal Mart here in Mexico, the ONLY TUNA that is not labeled "dolphin safe" is the Wal Mart store brand, all others take the effort to do dolphin safe.

What is "dolphin safe" tuna? Here is the kicker, and it might surprise you. Dolphin safe tuna is two things:

1. If the boat operator is a self serving dink, he will spend days baiting the dolphins to get them to hang out around the boat. When a school of tuna arrives, he will know because of how the dolphins behave. The dolphins will begin to chase the tuna, and cause the tuna to all go one direction. The boat operator then positions his boat, drops the net, and catches everything, dolphins and all, paying no attention to how long the dolphins are trapped under water, and will drown a majority of them, which he baited just to use them to catch more tuna. Mortality rate: Close to 100 percent. With any tuna labeled "dolphin safe" this is not allowed.

2. Dolphin safe has the additional requirement - in addition to not using the dolphins to actually corral the tuna to begin with, you can't have your nets in the water for more than 30 minutes, and any dolphins captured have to be released. Mortality rate: Close to zero.

Question: If dolphin safe amounts to simply having respect for life in the ocean, rather than simply raping it, how does a "poor" fisherman weigh into that equation? ANSWER: It does not, it is all a matter of being selfish and finding a way to profit that last little cent, nature be damned. The TPP is horse dung on this topic, and it fits - after all, the TPP benefits the big guys, and at least in Mexico, Wal Mart is NOT DOLPHIN SAFE.

To actually make it illegal to say you have respect for nature by putting that dolphin label on a can - a label a lot of people actually pay attention to - just so some high ranking A-hole can avoid being shunned for scamming every last dime out of the ocean at huge expense to the life there just fits. After all, if tribe owned Wal-Mart does it in Mexico, it matches the vaccine destroyed babies caused by the rest of the clan, NO RESPECT FOR LIFE ANYWHERE; IT JUST FITS ALL TOO PERFECT. Who will the TPP benefit? By dolphin logic, only a few.


Anonymous sent: "The girl holding the microcephaly child has many tattoos, she is probably a satanist faker" MY COMMENT: No, the BOY holding the microcephaly child has no tattoos, THIS WEB SITE IS AT LEAST PARTIALLY INTERCEPTED AND CHANGED FOR AT LEAST PARTS OF THE WORLD.

Holoweb here we go, Kim Jong the USA!

This is a recent development, this morning I noticed very few pictures were going out, probably because the New Hampshire primary screen capture proved the election was rigged, and "they" cannot have that be known in a way that cannot be discredited.

Feb 9 2016

The following report absolutely incensed people who can only be considered to be the enemy. It activated practically every, if not every enemy this web site has ever had as well as new ones, even though the NH primary is over there is more than that topic here, ARCHIVE AND POST!

If this woke even old forgotten about enemies up, that is precisely the thing to do.

From Feb 9 2016, 9:20 AM CST



I have confirmed this is not a hoax, Fox News already ran the election AND POSTED THE RESULTS THIS MORNING AT 8:11 AM EST. and many people out there got screen captures of the election in progress. If you look around the web, you can find them. Never mind all the baby steps, HERE IS THE FINAL RESULT WITH 100 PERCENT OF PRECINCTS REPORTING:

Please note: The results for each precinct are in, individually, along with this main screen, which Fox has now blanked.

Ok, so this can't match now, because if it does it will be too damning. And this cannot be excused off as "testing a system" because even I can run polls on this web site without any prior testing. The testing days for stuff like this were FINISHED in 1973. Everyone knows how everything works in the new millenium, computers are no sort of secret. I think this was put up by someone who was pissed about vote rigging, and wanted people to know that this is what they had already decided the public would believe is the worst Trump could do without raising too much suspicion.

AND BY THE WAY: It has been announced that ANYONE WHO IS NOT APPROVED TO DO EXIT POLLING IN NEW HAMPSHIRE WILL BE ARRESTED ON THE SPOT IF THEY TRY. Ditto for vote count witnesses, they will be arrested also.

and so it is, in the oh so transparent completely honest with the public "jew counted" vote. Make it illegal with the threat of jail for ANYONE who tries to bust them! We need a revolution. We need it because there is NO ANSWER for how the * anyone could ever be arrested as a criminal for trying to confirm an election is not rigged. If they steal this election, it has to be the election that kicks off war, to wait any longer will be to throw away the last chance America has.

A quick reminder about God trolls

There has been a huge up tick in activity by obviously luciferian trolls who have worked out what they believe is the perfect line for debunking God. The last one that annoyed me was "We Jews invented God, and we can destroy God because God only exists as long as our minds make him exist and we can change what God is as we see fit. If we declare God dead or non existent, he will vanish".

This attitude then expands to "If we think your children have no value, but ours do, the universe makes it that way" and many many other permutations that justify anything of deviance that can possibly be dreamed up because "The universe bows to the will of the Jews".

I have a one comment debunk of that entire meme they are now pushing so hard, to convince people God is fake and to turn away: If God was fake, how did the prophets of the past predict war would be waged with "fire and brimstone", with brimstone being the main ingredient of gun powder? How did the prophets of old ever know that "all will bear witness to the horrors" when back then HDTV and the internet, which has made that possible, did not exist? How did the mark of the beast ever get predicted in such a way that people could know about getting chipped, and avoid it? If it really was all fake, and at the whim and will of whatever a Jew dreams up, why is today consistent with what was said in the past?

I suggest making errors on the side of caution.

Remember when I sad Zika was going to be used to ram rod abortion into Latin America? I WAS RIGHT!

Never mind the fact that Zika is now a proven scam, if the corrupted people in the various governments and totally rigged media can still ram rod the lie down everyone's throat. This is what bloody revolutions are about, when things get this corrupt and this dishonest, revolution is the ONLY ANSWER.

Feb 8 2016

I have partaken of the GMO "Chicken not so little"

Status: Not recommended.

About a year ago I did a report about giant "GMO" chicken pieces being sold in Mexico by a store chain called Soriana. I pledged never to eat it at that time.

Well, curiosity got the best of me and Soriana had it for sale, already deep fried in the snack bar. So I figured, "Well, they have been serving this for about a year now and no one is dead, maybe I'll give it a try."

First of all, some readers wrote to me, saying it was fake and plumped up by water injection and that it was not GMO. I can now affirmatively say "I beg to differ." After deep frying, the legs were still absolutely enormous, so enormous that the deep fryer barely got them cooked all the way, they were acceptably cooked but not nicely cooked because there was too much mass. The meat was in copious amounts, absolutely unbelievable, and I thought to myself, "not bad".

But then some odd things happened. A few hours later I walked up some stairs, and my leg muscles hurt. I tried to think about what I did to make them hurt, but I did nothing to make them hurt. That night when I laid down to bed, my back hurt so badly that I was stunned, I never have back pains, I have no back problems at all, but my back muscles hurt horribly. I dreaded the next morning, but when I woke up there were no muscle pains at all, just a mild headache that persisted for three days.

I know that when I eat McDonalds food, the same types of things happen. The muscle aches from McDonalds food last much longer but are not quite as severe as what happened with this chicken. So I'd have to say that chicken, despite being chicken, is the ultimate crap food from the gutter, and I won't be eating it again.

A few quick things

Did anyone watch the SuperbOwl?

That's right, Super Bowl really is an anagram for Superb Owl, and if, as Aaron Russo claims the sports really were made to keep the men distracted while they had everything ripped out from under them, Superb Owl really seems like the type of word play those dreaming up such a plot would use. Anyway . . . .

Anonymous sent:


I watch football regularly. Ive seen the Panthers dominate all season long. That sambo QB gave the superbowl game away. He did not try. If anyone has eyes and a functional brain, you saw the game given away. As you have already said, this game is as rigged as the WWF. And now sir, i concur! What a joke.

My response: I have never watched sports, only seen games in progress other people watched. About 10 years ago I noticed something - that there was a change in how games progressed and that they started to look rigged, with the winners being in the most profitable markets.

It is extremely easy to rig games when all players, even on the worst teams, are skilled beyond belief. The worst team can beat the best team and look realistic doing it, which means games really can be rigged, and you have to look at the refs and other indicators, rather than player skill, to see when it is happening. WWF wrestlers are incredibly skilled and do nothing but a show. I guess that is the future of all sports now. All the more reason for me to ignore sports as I always have.

Here's a good one

Anonymous wrote:

Hi Jim,

You seem to be one of the very few to get how the build up to yet another phony war in the middle east is pushed via incremental steps which mold public opinion to buy into the scam 'reasons' for such "Desert Storm" style adventures.

I've been paying some attention to this lately, since the San Bernardino "shooters" psy-op, and there has definitely been an uptick in blatant efforts to push the envelope. It's interesting to see how they have refined their technique to get this message into the heads of even the people who you would imagine least likely to buy the b.s. - via 'truther' sites with a long reputation for stories that counter the predominant AIPAC-driven news agenda.

This was underscored last month last month by two sites that cater to those who imagine themselves to be the most informed - or shall we say - the least manipulated readers! Zerohedge ran a piece from the bowels of the Beltway's biggest, baddest Israel Lobby "foundation" racket - polling American Muslims with leading questions designed to make them all look like jihadis. Judging from the comments, readers took it straight up, no critical assessment of sources at all, while the usual planted trolls had a field day spouting the hate agit-prop. Man things have changed from even five years, and not in a good way! Dissenters seem to have folded up the tent and disappeared.

Second gem is an even better - or worse, example. This site in England that is virulently "anti-jewish" - ON THE SURFACE - has been pushing a hard core Muslim-rape meme for weeks by using stories from shady sources which have turned out every time to be total fabrications. It's a total joke, but the dumb western readership seems to lap it all up and beg for more! No retractions, no apologies, just double down and produce even more outrageous lies.

So when do we actually do something to fight back against the campaign to get another phony war(along with full Police-State Amerika) going? How come the enemy is always organized and setting the agenda, while "we" are silent and disorganized? How come people against phony psychopathic-driven wars are no longer able to do a damn thing? Full spectrum mind-control? I just don't get it.

But I do what I can anyways. I busted this trash site from England completely here, - as well as digging the dirt on the hedge's descent into zio-agit-prop. We need to work out a way to hit back at these hate-porn fear merchants somehow. With all the readership you have, it seems insane to remain so disorganized.

My response: The readers of this web site alone have numbers large enough to trash every troll venue in existence simultaneously. I can see this is true when people who read this site hit the various forums and repeat, often verbatim, what I have said here. We can destroy the trolling efforts with this one web site alone, all you need to do is plant a seed of doubt when B.S. is spewed and the ball will roll from there. You will never shut a flat earth AI program up, but you can confuse it horribly by asking for a picture of the edge, and I started seeing that happen everywhere when I posted for people to just harp that at any flat earther. Such types have no right to destroy forums and comment sections, and it is good to shut them up.

The rape meme is another that needs to be shut up, and I suggest people use the example of the 13 year old Russian speaking girl in Germany who said she was raped for 30 hours, to explain to her mommy why she was out so long. As it turns out, she was with a German guy friend the whole time and the entire story was a lie. How much mileage did the "rapefugee" trolls get out of that? Did you see a single one say OOPS, that story was B.S.? Obviously not, because rape is one thing nations will go to war over, and the NWO wants war. Consider the war motive EVERY TIME a horror story about anyone comes out, and thanks for writing!

Meteor kills janitor in India?

I doubt it. There are not supporting stories of seeing anything come in, and a meteor that can hit the ground is daytime visible. My guess is that someone was playing with sodium, potassium, or one of the other alkaline metals and blew the mop closet up (or whatever, the details are sparse) but where it happened means everything, and since it happened in a science related department of the university I'd look towards student pranks before blaming something from outer space.


Since Zika is now having a hard time taking the blame for birth defects in medical circles, with doctors saying it can't be and subsequently looking elsewhere, the new mode is to deny the birth defects are outside of statistical norms, and to try to sweep it all under the rug before anyone stumbles on the real cause with certainty.

I believe this will fail, so the only recourse possible then will be a media blackout on all possibilities other than Zika being the cause, while the doctors sit and scratch their heads over why the media is scamming the topic. Even in the beginning of this topic, Mexican doctors were connected well enough to know it could not possibly be Zika causing anything, and they were already suspicious that it was vaccine damage.

We might see an expungement of the birth defects reports, because trolls are already trying to say it is "increased awareness" and "statistical norms" when that could not be farther from the truth. The NWO crowd that did this has to keep it buried to avoid having their vaccine scam front companies sued out of existence, and since they own all sides of the topic, including the media, they just might succeed in keeping it buried, just like they have managed to keep the real cause of autism buried.

Those who are calling Zika a scam are BANG ON however, it is true that it is absolutely nothing and when wading through all the B.S. being fronted out there it will be important to focus on keeping Zika and brain damaged babies in separate arenas. If you see people associating the two with each other, I suggest politely posting comments that correct such "errors".

Hopefully having the truth surface will at least get them to back off.

Here is another interesting mail

Anonymous wrote:

Well Jim, you may have a point in saying that NK people are very smart. I have spent some there. From the looks of what I saw, people have less of everything but they are happy to be alive and very proud to keep their freedom. They are not trying to escape or run away. Many of the things you heard about NK is true.

There is no public lighting. Very little electricity anywhere for anything. No refrigerators or washers and cars or TV sets. People live using sun light and moon light. There is some limited public transportation. They do not even have abundance of bicycles like in China. Forty years ago China's national goal was to have one bicycle per family. China abandoned that goal before achieving it. In NK people live close to their work and walk to work. They do not have high tech manufacturing or super computers. (I have no information if they have any secret military manufacturing facility) Food is very simple primitive kind. Cooking gas comes in cylinders and is rationed to every family in limited quantities.

No fast food, no soda, no cigarette, no alcohol, no DVDs, no internet (except in some schools and work) , no YouTube, no pornography, no sex magazines, no newspapers (they post news on bulletin boards in designated areas), no beggars, no prostitutes, no homeless people, no unemployed, no soup kitchens, no processed or packaged food. You can walk to a farmer and buy some milk in your own container and walk back home to give your child. B&W TV sets are available in some homes and TV broadcasting is limited. Radio is more common place. Programming is limited and not all the time. They have computers running their own operating system that is hack proof and will not run YouTube or do email outside their designated contacts. People are very friendly. There is a great suspicion about foreigners because foreigners drop off illegal TV sets and satellite phones and video play machines and video cameras for citizens to contact South Korea for defection purposes.

People do not worship Kim Jong as reported in media. They respect their leader like Americans respect Obama. They are not slaves but they have to live under strict control because of the continuous overwhelming outside threat.

All their oil supply used for electricity generation to making plastic comes from china: through one single 1 inch pipe. That is controlled and does not always supply oil. Chinese are very stingy and strict with NK and will give oil only in return for export of raw materials from NK. Russia had not given NK anything since the Soviet Union. Everything NK has done has been done with their meager income and resources and ingenuity. They get no income from tourism or export of anything because of embargo. Only export is raw materials to china.

This is my opinion based mostly on what I have seen and heard from people inside NK and also from outside sources.

My response: Some of this is probably bang on, but it can't be that bad if they can make nukes and do successful space launches. I would say none of the oil is used for electricity and practically all electricity is hydroelectric and nuclear. They can definitely melt steel, so they have coal also.

Thanks for writing!

Feb 7 2016

Rape as a weapon of war

Anonymous wrote

Hi Jim. Sorry but really need to get this over although you may feel it would cause you difficulties should you mention it one your webpage so I lleave it to your discretion.

No one would deny that true rape is a terrible thing, however, in the UK we are seeing an overwhelming increase in men sentenced to huge sentences for rape and sexual assault where there has been NO supporting evidence, and you can add to this the ever growing number of historic claims and further sentencing, again without ANY evidence for support.

Regardless of the courts findings regarding innocence or guilt, it also appears that every 'victim' receives a significant amount of criminal compensation. Does it not seem strange that at such a time, the government also withdraws much if not all legal aid thus ensuring that an ever increasing number of innocent people are unable to obtain suitable legal defense and find themselves facing life terms in prison, oddly in most of which are private prisons.

Many of the unemployed and working classes are coaxed into pleading guilty when finding themselves in such a dilemma. For the innocent among them, strangely most plead guilty at the behest of their legal counsel. In every case the accused will be told by their legal counsel that they WILL be found guilty as no proof is needed. Desperate and confused they follow this very basic and limited advice only to find they have been duped.

Once incarcerated( in Private Prisons)they are denied every opportunity to maintain their innocence and are set on a program whereby they must be repeatedly attest their guilt. The programs follow a regime and cover such time that the whole process may be considered as form of mind manipulation or control. They are also forced to repeatedly witness in depth descriptions of the most horrific crimes perpetrated by fellow inmates, especially those on children. Many men struggle to control their hatred of their fellow inmates.

My insert - here's the clincher -

For a considerable time, it has been easy to acquire loans. These loans have allowed the less well off to enjoy a few of the finer things previously out of reach, but at interest. All too soon, not only did we suffer the national debt but soon personal debt, also became overwhelming. As in the US, we too are experiencing so called austerity measures and those who can no longer look to the loan companies need to search elsewhere. The criminal compensation offers another way out and in more ways than strictly financial. When an unscrupulous individual wants a huge payout to settle personal problems, an unwanted or disagreeable husband/partner, aged relative needing care, overly strict father, objectionable brother, hated teacher or work colleague or just the guy across the road - anyone will do for accusing of rape and will most surely make you a profit.

Finally, we have the worst of all, the scorned or rejected love interest. They can take a mans life away in one fell swoop. The private prisons (for profit) continue to increase and expand and in doing so, make some people very rich at the cost of not only just the convicted, but their family and everyone close to them. Although women are also accused and some convicted, this mostly affects men.

Little boys as young as 6 years of age are now being entered on a sex register at school for touching or kissing a girl albeit they have caused no distress. It simply needs to be witnessed by an adult. Almost everything even Disney portrays in their films could be classified as sexual in the school playground so we should bring a stop to Disney too, but I do not think they will be so eager to do that. We now have clinics which will take a swab from any female and keep it without limit in case the 'victim' feels in 10+years time that she wished she had not taken part in sexual activity. There need be no violence or force, a simple change of mind is enough to lock a man up much later.

Personally I believe there is more to this but this is the intention they presently state. We must absolutely must get the laws changed regarding rape and sexual assault. Yes, for a true victim, it can be terrible but for many they were as much in agreement as the other party.

Our justice system in the UK admits that the law weighs heavily against the man in all matters regarding rape or sexual assault. I have 6 grandsons, I'm terrified for their future. I believe this to be one of the greatest attacks on the worlds male population, by stealth, as its destroying the family unit and society as a whole. Sadly, the less informed amongst us are supporting it with gusto. Rape has always been used in war to destroy a race or culture, its now being used to destroy nations. Jim, Massive thanks for all you do.

My response: This is coming to a country near you, probably yours. The UK is the first to take the hit because the evil is emanating from there most strongly, and yes, the goal is total destruction and nothing more, no "victim" is even considered when compared to the magnitude of the greater political agenda. I just hope Americans use their guns before it is too late, but heck there is a great big ball game today, RIGHT?

NK does a successful space launch

I sort of think the timing of the nuclear tests and the space launches was done to let America and Japan know they should probably not interfere with launch. Many many things have to be true now, that we are not being told.

Let me outline some facts about North Korea that have to be true:

1. North Korea has an excellent education system that rivals what America had in the 1950´s. If they are setting off home grown nukes and doing successful space launches, nothing else can be true. They are not getting the rockets and nukes from elsewhere, sanctions are heavily in place that prevent that.

2. North Korea has high tech manufacturing. There is no other way this can be, if all rockets they have are by America's propaganda definition "Scuds provided by (fill in the blank)." Scuds cannot even come close to achieving orbit, they are point and shoot, have horrible guidance systems, and completely lack all hope of hitting speeds that are needed to put a satellite into space.

Since sanctions are in place on North Korea, it means that North Korea, despite these sanctions, successfully built their own space program from the ground up including all technical aspects, parts fabrication, and assembly. This can only happen if North Korea has advanced capabilities on par with the rest of the world super powers and it simply cannot be any other way. Take all the nations that managed to do their own technical work and get into space, put them in a basket, and throw NK in with them, because this successful space launch proves that they are capable on a repeat basis (This is not NK's first successful space launch, after this was a success it is once again being stated that they did this before, in 2012.

3. Since the first two have to be true, reality 3 also has to be true: We have been lied to about North Korea. It cannot possibly be a backwards nation in the way we have been told. I doubt North Koreans all have their own cars, and I doubt North Koreans have all the gadgets Western countries have, because the sanctions have made that impossible. But if North Korea can build successful nukes and go into space, their problems are overwhelmingly likely to be externally caused, you can't have those two achievements be a reality and be a nation that is on par with a banana republic or a mis-managed hole in sub saharan Africa. North Korea has to be a first world class nation that is simply being punished into third world status. Look at NK on a map and see how small it is. How did such a small nation ever accomplish anything?

Maybe they had their accomplishments and overcame being bashed by the world because they do not have a Rothchild owned central bank. Maybe they were able to over accomplish in two key areas because they are "evil" and out of control. No doubt the Jewish community is deeply afraid of them simply because they are out of control, and able to have significant accomplishments despite being put at a severe disadvantage by the outside world.

I doubt know if I would want to live there, but one thing is certain, we have to have been lied to about North Korea. You can´t just crap a rocket scientist from out of nowhere. I don't think I would choose to worship Kim Jong as God, but how do we even know we have been told the truth about that? Chances are his people are not forced to if so many other things we have been told are bunk.


Anonymous wrote:

WAY more details emerge from (barely) 18-year-old Victoria Sharp (who was in the car with LaVoy Finicum, going to sing gospel music at a community meeting in John Day, when they were ambushed & the truck shot to smithereens, in hopes 'they' would leave no witnesses). But they DID survive & the only two *free* witnesses-- (Ryan Bundy is still in jail)-- two VALIANT/BRAVE women, have given their independent testimonies & they corroborate perfectly, attesting to the TRUTH being told.

I just learned that the ambush scene has been totally SCRUBBED....**WHY** would they do this, if they were really interested in revealing the truth of what happened?? The first link is with a constitutional attorney, Victoria, some ex-military people & others and is quite long, so you may want to listen in the background. The second link is much shorter. This information is SO important to get out to the public, as the mainstream media is not telling the whole truth (besides reporting/repeating outright lies). PLEASE help to get these truths out to the world. If we don't act now, it may be forever too late. THIS IS HISTORY-MAKING STUFF. Please share FAR & WIDE. Thank you for caring~

My response: My not giving this much air has several reasons - First of all, they were going to sing gospel music? COME ON NOW, that sounds like B.S. So we "know" where they were going, but where they came from is far more important. What about that? And lastly, there is solid evidence it is all a bunch of crisis acting, and that this was a cover scene. Truck totally shot full of holes and two people were not hit? COME ON NOW!!! I side with crisis actors/total B.S. psy op, yeah, there are some inconsistencies here but to be blunt, there is so much cow dung mixed in with this entire Oregon thing that I cannot make heads or tails of it.

My take, for real? There were a few suckers mixed in with crisis actors, FBI, CIA, the whole 9 yards and this was a dog and pony show put off by the FED. If this was like Waco, where no one in the compound was CIA or FBI, these people would have been blown to the stars and beyond in 15 seconds flat. But that did not happen, which means none of this is "as seen on TV."

The Reptilians

Anonymous wrote:

This is very telling.

We must not be able to provide for ourselves. We must not eat anything unadulterated with pesticide. We must depend on the government and the economy for food. So when the economic collapse happens, it will be another Holomodor.

If an anarchist society starts gaining traction they'll drop the ball like Catalonia 1936.

There is a group of billionaire psychopaths whose goal is nothing less than creating a dystopian earth. I've suspected weaponized vaccines do terrible brain damage which led to my ADD (probably just extreme toxicity of the body). The whole Tdap vaccine microcephaly horrors occurring in Brazil reveals their true dystopian motives. Kill everyone on the planet (they know we won't submit to them as slaves because we have had freedom, and life without liberty is not worth living, at least anyone who is consciously aware of the elites' activities) and replace us with a new race of tiny brained dwarf humanoid goyim.

They will be supreme, over a race of able bodied, small minded slaves. They don't need a supreme race. They just need to make sure children from now on are born with birth defects by weaponized vaccines. Then they will truly have a new world, where any opposition is not possible, plausible, or even an idea in the mind of a Goy.

We really are all in the hands of wolves in sheep's clothing. A question I do not have the answer to, are they really human? They are most likely an entirely different species, humanoid-esqe but with an entirely different carnivorous nature. Double speak.

My response: With regard to them being a different race, I do not know. I think the entire reptilian/other race meme is actually plausible. However, just put fans from two opposing teams in the same room, get them drunk, and see if there are any fights. Most of us have seen fights over sports. If people can get worked up over something meaningless like sports, to the point of stating superiority quite often, how far will a mind go into a superiority meme if it spans generations and remains unchecked? That is where we are with these elite psychopaths now, they would not need to be a separate race to wish total destruction upon all but themselves.

Feb 5 2016

Too few details on Trump's jet

I have tried looking into Trump's jet, but as it turns out there are no details whatsoever, only that it reported engine trouble, landed safely, and Trump continued on to Arkansas on a chartered plane.

I will say this though: No doubt the shadow government is very upset with Trump for stating the elections are rigged, and doubly upset with Trump for being the catalyst for ID checks in the New Hampshire primaries. Now they can call his jet a hunk o junk and crash it at will. Par for the course, I am confident they will make every effort to kill him if they think he can circumvent their efforts to stop him, and if they believe he has a real shot at becoming President.

Becoming President is Hillary's assigned job, after all, if it was not, she'd already be washing dishes in a Federal prison.

Donald, watch your back.

Mach 7 cruise missile ordered by INDIA??!!??

There is a new game in town that I did not know about, and it is a new Russian cruise missile capable of exceeding 5,000 mph. The development is so close to completion that India has placed orders for it and will become the first nation to have it.

If this had hit my inbox I would have ignored it as hoax spam because at this time, common core educated American engineers cannot even design a functioning mach 7 scram jet, let alone produce a finished product that can be propelled by such a jet. It is one thing to produce a rocket, which can easily hit such speeds at high altitudes, and a totally different thing to produce a cruise missile that does not need to be at the edge of space to hit such speeds.

To top it all off, the missile is such a giant that the Sukhoi 30 that is slated to carry it has to be modified to take such a heavy load. India is calling it the war winning cruise missile, and if it can carry a nuke, that is probably true. read report here


We all know it, but surprise surprise, Russia is also now pushing American type war propaganda!

I had to do a double take on this one because right now trolls are stuffing my in box with misleading bunk that looks good and seems to be true. But the RT report referred to here is not bunk, READ IT AND WEEP:

Saudi Muslim wrote:

200mn women victims of genital mutilation in 30 countries, cut before age of 5, UN says Published time: 5 Feb, 2016 07:19

That means another major war is on its way in the name of this report. The whole report is a lie: because it says 1. It is wide spread in Saudi Arabia. Being a Muslim from Saudi Arabia, I can assure you that there is no such practice in Saudi Arabia or any other Muslim countries because Prophet Mohammed prohibited such practices.

2. Report says, the practice cause birth defects. That is an impossibility. Genital mutilation is not genetic mutilation. Birth defects are not caused by removal of flesh from mother's body.

3. 200 million women cover a large area. The few countries named do not have that many women.

4. Countries that have already been destroyed like Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Syria are not mentioned as countries where these things are practiced.

So, let us start a new war to save the women. saving the women starts with killing all men, women and children and destroying all infrastructure.

My response: YEP. That's how it is done.

Feb 4 2016

By request:

A reader wanted the reference to the following:

"Of the 4,200 reported cases of microcephaly, only SIX (6) you read that right, six babies had been exposed to zika virus. This proves the fraud, just like I said it from day one. Low and behold, all 4,200 moms got that new Tdap shot while pregnant!

Lets not mince words here. Just say it like it is." Jim, could you please tell us where you got these stats from? A reference would certainly give such a statement more punch, don't you think? [If I missed the reference somewhere, I apologize.]

My response: When an article states a truth, and then buries it with lies, I typically will not link it because I want to avoid having people be confused. That was the case with this entire topic. To satisfy your request, I have now linked one such report (which is one of many) that distorts everything, and makes the truth seem like an elusive fairy that just might visit someday, but not today.

Even since yesterday they have morphed this story to be more and more confusing, and salted it with lies. There are in fact 4,200 confirmed cases of shrunken baby heads in Brazil, ALL were tested for zika (not 700 as stated here) and Only six had zika.

It is, as I see it, my job to just hand people the facts while trimming away bullshit. You can find many references to this in the MSM, which rations out facts like meat in a cheap TV dinner, mixed with enough artificial hoax flavors, fillers, and fakery to make the fact that there is 1 percent real meat irrelevant.

Anyway, if you want to see one such report that throws ONE morsel of meat in with an entire bag of GMO rice, here it is:"

And after reading that, REMEMBER: in reality there are 4,200 confirmed cases and SIX proven to have Zika. Even if the real number of analyzed babies was 700 as this hoax report states, ONLY SIX BABIES WITH ZIKA is still less than one percent, and cold hard proof Zika is NOT DOING JACK.

And I'd like to make another salient point here: SIX IS A JEWISH LIE NUMBER, and they are using it through all of this. I would bet there are not even SIX CASES OF ZIKA IN THESE BABIES, WANT TO KNOW WHY? Take a look at this! Miraculously, EVERY STATE THAT HAS ZIKA HAS SIX CASES OF ZIKA. Not three in Texas and 12 in Tennessee, five in Arizona and 9 in California, NOPE, EVERY STATE HAS SIX CASES! THAT PROVES THE JEWS ARE FRONTING THIS, AND IT IS A TOTAL SCAM:

I cannot do a screen capture, but (at least temporarily) you can find in this Google link, SIX CASES OF ZIKA in:

1. The brazil shrunken head babies
2. Texas
3. Australia
4. Portugal
5. California
6. Florida

Folks, that's not possible. That happens to be an impossible "coincidence" brought to you by the lying ziopress fixation on the number SIX. I have discussed this before, it is not the first time.

Now, why would they blame Zika off the cuff at the beginning of all of this, without doing any analysis at all, analysis, which when done, proves it cannot possibly be zika? Why, after giving even slanted reports, which within their own context clearly show it cannot possibly be Zika are they still slamming the zika scam into the spotlight? ANSWER: BECAUSE THIS WAS CAUSED ON PURPOSE, AND SOMEONE ABOVE THE MEDIA WANTS IT BURIED AND PERHAPS EVEN MILKED TO FRONT AN EVEN GREATER SCAM LATER, (SUCH AS FORCED VACCINATIONS) IF THEY CAN GET AWAY WITH IT.

And they are counting on "common core" math to be effective in keeping people too stupid to sift through deceptive slanted reports and figure that out. This linked report is in fact, no matter how it is spun, confirmation that the zika outbreak is a lie. How many people will realize this after reading it, after how they spun it? That is why I don't link their crap half the time.

Superbowl terror?

Just had to say it. I have been messaged about many types of predictive programming regarding the upcoming super bowl on Sunday. I'll cover this quickly: 1. The NFL is now scripted like the WWF, so the game will be more of a show rather than the bone lurching americana that was on TV 30 years ago. No one was sensitive back then, and no one cared who´s feelings (or leg) got hurt. The idea was to win, the refs were real, and that was all. Now there is a certain cream puff "cant be real" scripted aspect to it, it just is not the same now, I can see it myself, and I never sat through an entire ball game EVER and I can still see it.

2. No ISIS terrorist is going to visit this super bowl. If anything happens it will be because of you know who. Oh, and this slipped under the radar too fast, so I figured I´d re-post it:

Remember that girl who got raped for 30 hours? I told you it was fake without saying anything!

I think I'll put the story about what really happened on top again:

Muslim teen rape a proven and now admitted lie.

Almost all people saw the story of a Russian girl in Berlin who claimed to have been "raped by Muslims for 30 hours" but you did not read that here, because when I saw that, all I could do is sigh. I knew it was a lie, and had already spent a lot of page on calling the train station rape fest a hoax. Well well, I will cover the next hoax now, with a laugh:

A Berlin teen who claimed to have been abducted and gang-raped by migrants, sparking angry protests and an international row with Russia, has admitted making up the story and was found to have been staying with a German man instead, an official said Monday.

The 13-year-old girl -- a member of Berlin's Russian-speaking community -- made the rape claim to police when she returned after a 30-hour absence last month. She alleged that three men of Arabic and Turkish descent had dragged her into a car at a train station and abused her.

Stories of the girl's ordeal circulated in Russian media and on social networks, prompting street demonstrations by Russian-German communities and right-wing groups.

Even Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov weighed in, accusing German authorities of a politically correct "coverup."

But Berlin prosecutor's office spokesman Martin Steltner said the girl withdrew her claim after a medical examination showed that she had not been raped."

My comment The outrage this lie caused, all because a girl did not want to get in trouble for staying out too long, ought to say it all. And I have another comment: At least the man she was with did not do anything to her physically. It is a good thing he did not, because it proved she hoaxed it all just so mommy would not be mad! Good she got nailed by a medical exam!

America's ongoing homeless holocaust

Don't believe the story about "24 homeless people being relocated for the super bowl", this is what is really going on.

I stated at the time of Jade Helm that they were going to use the homeless to practice for Jade Helm (they would serve as the detainees) and that their future release would not be certain. And they are STILL MISSING. Where they are going no one knows, but the real (not public stats) for the prison population in the U.S. are now between 6 and 7 million, and it is probable that the homeless are being used to stuff the for profit prison system in America.

So with this in mind, Anonymous wrote:

I have received more intel from my homeless friends.

What the City of Seattle is doing is allowing large tent camps to build up under highway ramps and overpasses. Then they kick everyone out once a week or two, forcing everyone to relocate. When they're kicking people out, they bring in a paddy wagon to take away certain people for "drug charges". This is complete and utter horseshit, because Seattle's "Belltown" is ground zero for one of the most competitive high-stakes crack markets on the planet. You can literally drive for blocks and see ultra-sketchy dealers standing next to the entrance of multi-million dollar condo towers, waiting for the next trophy-wife or burned out tech exec to buy from him. The Seattle PD has 100% control of this market, by arresting some dealers and protecting others. They actually couldn't give a damn about marijuana because that's a little game for little people.

Once these homeless have been taken in the paddy wagon, NOBODY EVER SEES THEM AGAIN. This is a normal occurence going on everyday all around the city, and every major American city at that. They need to constantly shuffle the homeless around for two reasons, one is to hide all of the dissapearing people, number two is to hide the sheer volume of people that are going homeless every single week, because the economy is completely trashed and you can only survive if your a psychotic, schizophrenic, violent, sex-addict who will gladly betray anyone(this isnt even a joke).

There are several city sanctioned homeless camps, but you have to sign in and out of them. Most of the homeless are now resorting to hiding out in "The Jungle" to avoid being hassled by the police or disappeared forever. "The Jungle" is a 100 acre stretch of undevelopable, wooded, hilly, area that streches from Chinatown/downtown to the end of the Rainer Valley neighborhood (the worst area in the City of Seattle). The Jungle is a hot spot for drugs, rape, prostitution, satanism, murder, gang meetings and initiations, and the worst that humanity could possibly bring you. The entire 100 acre area is also considered a 24/7 no-go zone for the police, unless a large number of people have been killed/injured. This recent story represents probably 0.1% of the actual crime that occurs there.

Most of the city remains blissfully unaware of this. When you walk around the bar-districts on Friday and Saturday night, you see people getting absurdly trashed so they can forget they live in America, and you see every kind of immoral behavior gladly welcomed and encouraged. The people are so fucked-up that they literally look like zombies. People are blowing all of their money just so they can get drunk/high/sex one more time, partying like theres no tomorrow. There is also no culture and no sense of quality to anything. Art is now nothing but abominations that need to be thrown into the center of the sun. The new buildings are complete crap.

With a population that is broken, broke, sapped of energy, life, and hope, it is extremely easy for people to fall through the cracks and end up on the street. A normal story for my generation is someone gets amazing grades and goes to a "good" college. Then they get introduced to the LGBTBBQ, feminism, radical liberlism/conservativism, degenerate modern art, and the wonders of hard drugs. In a matter of weeks they go from someone with huge potential to a drug fiend sex-addict who is scouring the streets looking for thier next fix. And many have become very good at hiding this while still going to work/college.

This is exactly what the universities and the city planners want to happen too. Once your amazing new lifestyle gets the best of you, and your forced to street, you become a ghost to the world. And if you happen to disappear for good, nobody will notice, and nobody will care. Hollywood and Madison Avenue show American cities as a wonderful places full of opportunity for anyone willing to do their part, but in reality, American cities are literal meat grinders that systematically and quietly kill off the population (especially through hospitals). And nobody knows any better.

My response: A majority of the homeless are not drug addicts and have no criminal records. There are huge numbers of people hitting the streets now simply because America is in a depression and cash ran out, and they are just average people who not so long ago were welding, punching a calculator, working on an ad campaign, you name it. I noticed something was amiss even 5 years ago because suddenly there were fewer homeless visible and there was no economic reason for that to happen. Now, with things much worse, it really looks like someone is scraping up a huge slave labor pool because there is no way the streets are not totally packed with the destitute who lost it all. Everyone I have talked to says there are fewer and fewer homeless to be found. They all went somewhere, and I think your message pretty much says where.

MMR vaccine fingered as the cause of microcephaly in Brazil.

There has been an independent study done that states the MMR vaccine caused the microcephaly cases in Brazil. I still think it was the Tdap shot that was newly introduced, but I am going to link the study because it proves that doctors in Brazil know darn well it is not Zika causing the damage and that they instead know it is vaccine damage and they are seeking the real answer.

This is an easy read for me, (I don't know why, other than being exposed to a similar language for a while) but it might be because it really is an easy read. It is very long, and I am not certain about how right it is to finger the MMR (I originally did, but could not find the supporting evidence and then got the Tdap bombshell). I am posting this to provide additional insight for people who are looking for leads. Click here to continue to older reports

Remote controlled Germanwings Airbus A320 crash? All evidence points to this.


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