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April 3 2016

2.6 terabytes of data

The Mossack Fonseca Interactive Web Of Secret Companies

Apparently Wikileaks got ahold of 2.6 terabytes of data that links a bunch of elite people, and shows how they are all connected in business. Additionally, it exposes a lot of money laundering through front companies But I have never trusted Wikileaks, plus this is getting parroted all over the elite owned media, and I therefore I am suspicious of the whole deal. If this was real, I would expect the elite run media to SHUT UP about it.

Mossack Fonseca & Co. is a law firm and corporate service provider based in Panama with more than 40 offices worldwide. More than 500 banks, their subsidiaries and branches registered nearly 15,600 shell companies with Mossack Fonseca.

My initial suspicion is that it is a lot bigger than that, and I am still getting details

Here is a damning article that is in, of all places, the Maltese press. Fonseca even has front companies that do not use their name directly, in tiny Malta! Fonseca really appears to be the go-to place for shady finances of powerful people

I am not going to call B.S. just yet, but am also not going to just soak it in like a sponge. More details needed. . . . waiting . . .

Preliminary conclusion: The zio press might be going nuts with this, in a frenzy to warn their criminal matrix.

I removed a long post about the mail window being secure, and will shorten that to this one line.

April 1 2016

NOT AN APRIL FOOLS JOKE: This really did just happen. A woman frequently practices singing opera a couple houses away. A friend who was not listening closely heard it, and was sad that there was a dog "howling in agony" somewhere.

The New York Times has turned election theft into an April fool's joke.

Sadly, it is no joke and if the New York Times is doing such a great piece to explain why it is perfectly rational, acceptable, and righteous to steal the election from Trump, it is now virtually assured they will.


A new article in the journal Pediatrics is calling on health professionals to stop saying that breastfeeding is natural, arguing that doing so gives the impression that natural parenting practices are healthier. The authors have started a public campaign to end the positive use of the word natural, claiming that it is associated with such "problematic" practices as home birth, homeschooling and the rejection of GMO foods, and that natural parenting movements are interfering with vaccination efforts.

In the article, Unintended Consequences of Invoking the “Natural” in Breastfeeding Promotion, Jessica Martucci and Anne Barnhill, Medical Ethics and Health Policy researchers at Penn Medicine, wrote:

Building on this critical work, we are concerned about breastfeeding promotion that praises breastfeeding as the "natural" way to feed infants. This messaging plays into a powerful perspective that "natural" approaches to health are better... Promoting breastfeeding as "natural" may be ethically problematic, and, even more troublingly, it may bolster this belief that "natural" approaches are presumptively healthier.

The authors are especially concerned that promoting natural practices such as breastfeeding will harm vaccination rates, since many parents who follow natural parenting practices also delay or decline vaccines for their children. Thy also cite other examples of the "fallacy" that natural choices are intrinsically better, including the rejection of GMO foods, the preference for organic over conventionally grown foods and concerns over water fluoridation.

Apparently the risk of giving the impression that natural choices can ever be positive choices is so great, that the authors conclude that the word natural should not be used in a positive context even if it means undermining breastfeeding. They wrote:

We should think twice before referencing the "natural" in breastfeeding promotion, even if it motivates women to breastfeed.

In a separate guest commentary at Philly Voice, the authors expanded on the dangers of natural parenting choices. They wrote:

It doesn't take much internet digging to find some of the potentially problematic implications for a public health campaign built around an argument that 'natural' is better. A search for 'natural living' turns up a variety of sites devoted to natural parenting. Parenting blogs and natural news sites often discuss practices and ideas ranging from home-birth and consuming the placenta after birth to homeschooling, breastfeeding, and homeopathy. But these are also spaces where one might expect to run across writers and commenters expressing concerns about the necessity and safety of childhood vaccinations and the promotion of immunity through 'natura' disease and healing processes.

They went on to warn:

Studies have shown that anti-vaccination sentiment tends to overlap with reliance on and interest in complementary and alternative medicine, skepticism of institutional authority, and a strong commitment and interest in health knowledge, autonomy and healthy living practices.

That was not an april fools joke,More on this topic is here


Crap like this makes me even more adamant against vaccines, because with what they are saying is bad - "an interest in health knowledge" "skepticism of authority" and "healthy living practices", if they say that is bad it clearly marks them as enemies with a motive - the motive to destroy you. Their pleasant authoritive wording changes nothing, they are filth that should be ejected from an air lock and left to drift in space without a suit.

I WANT TO STRESS AGAIN: This report is real, but the full text is hidden behind a paywall


This was sent by someone who is proven hostile. This response was triggered by a very insulting mail to him that I sent to myself, because I knew he was reading and over writing mails via a hack on the server (where the mails go before a mail application opens them, and they can be modified and censored there once they get a hack in place) The troll then responded with the following, which amounts to an admission that he was indeed the one hacking the in box. This troll is obviously not very smart.

KEEP IN MIND WHEN READING THIS THAT IT IS A RESPONSE TO A MESSAGE I SENT TO MYSELF WHICH HE COULD NOT HAVE READ ABSENT HAVING A HACK ON MY IN BOX, WHICH CALLED HIM OUT FOR HACKING THE BOX. THIS MESSAGE IS FROM A PROVEN HOSTILE SOURCE. After reading the initial insults (the first two paragraphs) there appears to be something of substance, but when reading this, consider it was sent by someone who has hurt this web site horribly and is a sworn enemy. It might be legit info, but it would have been a lot better if he simply sent this and never tried to destroy this web site.

In response to a mail he never read because he was not supposed to be hacked into my box, reading it, ENEMY WROTE:

"Hey asshole, see what a real truther talks about and then we also found another who knows about the connection between the CIA and CHINA AND RUSSIA whore face. The beautiful thing about this is, we found the truth through actual research and connections through ancient migration patterns, ancient maps,ancient artifacts, religious connections, etc!! Where no lies are told by "man" but instead discovered with FACTS that cannot be denied! Then only recently did we come across "man" speaking of the same thing and talking about people being harassed, threatened, abducted and murdered over the years for knowing the truth WHORE! Here you go, learn about the NWO/non-illuminated assholes you work for and your royal whores you NEVER speak of except to say the british family may be involved... hahahahaaha We told you their were hiden royal families and the whore queen lizzy is the lowest form, your form, the bottom of the totem pole, and the first to go, the first left behind for the people, to slow us down, or simply to direct yo to your bunker and BLOW IT UP!! Level One: Local level: (anytown, USA)

Sister groups

There will be between ten and thirty sister groups in most metropolitan areas, dependent on the size of the city. The larger the city, the more sister groups. There are Illuminati groups in EVERY major city in the US and Europe. This first level is what is known as the "anarchical" or "low level". It is what most people reporting [satanic] ritual abuse discuss: a high priest and priestess preside over each group, which also contains a group of two to four trainers, and others with jobs. The sister groups unite on rare occasions, are aware of each other, but each one is fairly independent, and reports only to their leadership council.

Level Two: Metropolitan leadership council:

This is what the local leadership council over these groups will look like. It will also cover scattered groups in outlying rural areas.

Baalim (head) (1), assistants to the head (2) administrators over finances and day to day happenings (4), head trainers (oversee and teach other trainers) (6).

The total: 13 members

The Baalim and his two assistants report to:

Regional Leadership Council

The United States has been divided into seven different regions geographically. Each region has a 13 member leadership council that coordinates with the local leadership councils (are you getting the idea by now? The Illuminati are set up a lot like "Amway" or any other well-organized business enterprise with a flowchart of accountability for each member). This council will look something like this:

Head of council (1), Military (2 seats), Spiritual (2 seats), Scholarship (2 seats), Finances (2 seats), Training (2 seats), Sciences (2 seats).

Total: 13 members

The regional councils will represent the different areas of interest and knowledge that the Illuminati pursue. The membership will change over time as members are promoted or demoted.

The seven regional councils each have a leader as noted above, who reports to the:

National Council (The nations in Europe also have national councils, Mexico and Canada do as well, as does the Soviet Republic and China).

The national council will look much like the one above, with this difference; these are influential bankers with OLD money such as: The Rockefellers, the Mellon family, the Carnegie family, the Rothschild family etc. I know I shouldn't name names, but I will.

The heads of the National councils report to:

The Supreme World Council.

This council is already set up as a prototype of the one that will rule when the NWO comes into being. It meets on a regular basis to discuss finances, direction, policy, etc. and to problem-solve difficulties that come up. Once again, these leaders are heads in the financial world, OLD banking money. The Rothschild family in England, and in France, have ruling seats. A descendant of the Hapsburg dynasty has a generational seat. A descendant of the ruling families of England and France have a generational seat. The Rockefeller family in the US holds a seat.

This is one reason that the Illuminati have been pretty "untouchable" over the years. The ruling members are very, very, very wealthy and powerful. I hope this information is helpful. How do I know this? I was on a local leadership council (a head trainer), but I talked to those on regional. Also, every Illuminati child is taught who their "leaders" are, and told to take an oath of allegiance to them and the "New Order to come".

Q: To what degree is the European royalty involved, what is their real pecking order and power structure and what is their U.S.-U.K. relationship in terms of financial/political/cult power. Is the Monarchy still running the show?

A: This is hard to answer, but I'll try. The Illuminati leadership state that they are descended from royal bloodlines, as well as unbroken occult heritage.

See, there were two definitions of "royalty" used. Open royalty that is currently seen now, and "hidden royalty" of royal lineage and extreme occult power. Sometimes the two were concurrent, such as with the Prince of Wales.

I never thought of which country/line held the most power, since I was just a peon busily doing my job. But my understanding was: The Hanoverian / Hapsburg descendants rule in Germany over the Bruderheist. They are considered one of the strongest lines for occult as well. The British line is just under them, with the royal family. Definitely, they rule the UK branch under the Rothschilds in the occult realm, even though parliament rules the country openly.

In France, again, descendants of the royal families are also in power in the occult realm, but the French Rothschilds hold the reigns over all or them. The U.S. is considered lower, and younger, than the European branches. This is why the children of leaders are ALWAYS sent to Europe for part of their training; the education is considered better and the U.S. families want to renew their affiliation with the european forebears.

Germany, France, and the UK form a triumvirate that rules in the European cult. The USSR is considered important, and has the strongest military groups. The USSR has been promised fourth position in the New World Order, BEFORE the role the U.S. would have, because the USSR has been more helpful and cooperative over the years with furthering the agenda.

The descendants of the former ruling families there are also involved in the occult leadership, along with the newer ones. There is no marxism in the cult. China will be ranked after the USSR, then the U.S.. But a lot of the current U.S. leadership will be in Europe when the change occurs, and many have homes there. They will be "changing nationalities" overnight, as it were. This is the little that I do remember. Wish I had been a better student of this stuff, but I was too busy trying to stay alive when I was in it."

The Illuminati did not originate as a plot within the government, but through members of a secret society. They have usurped power over the government by controlling the banking cartel. You see, not many people actually understand how our monetary system works; and if they put any research into it and understood the banking terminology (Which is meant to confuse), they'd see that there is virtually no way to pay off the national debt. By controlling the Central Bank, they decide how much inflation a country is subjected to. And by attaching interest to every loan made out, they collect off of additional money that shouldn't exist. The government has traded all its wealth and power for a system of credit and debt.

Government agencies require legal foundations and funds to keep it going. Where the government itself is drowning in debt, you need to wonder where the funds for the CIA and FBI are coming from. There are multiple sources, where the Illuminati have infiltrated these organizations, more corrupt actions have been taken such as human trafficking and drug dealing on the underground black-market. Anything money related you could rest assure the Illuminati is involved. The CIA and FBI do the dirty work, where the Illuminati are so wealthy, they don't have to.

The CIA was known for working on mind control projects during the 1950 - 1970's with MKULTRA. Mind Control is not as complicated as you think and doesn't necessarily have to mean a person's thoughts and actions are completely controlled by the government. The most basic form of mind control is conducted on the mass population with the school systems and media constantly telling people what to think and what version of reality to accept as truth. During the MKULTRA projects the CIA learned how to manipulate the human brain in a variety of ways. In the 1970's when the government had the CIA investigated they submitted their findings to the Rockefeller Commission, lead by Nelson Rockefeller, Vice President to Gerald Ford, and related to one of the wealthiest Illuminati bloodlines.

The CIA actually created Al Qaeda during the Russian invasion of Afghanistan back in the late 1980's. George Bush, prior to becoming Ronald Reagan's vice president was head of the CIA. There are countless connections between the Bush and Bin Laden family. It becomes apparent what organizations and individuals are involved because their names constantly reappear in Illuminati research.

Bill Colby, former director of the FBI, played an intricate part in the Franklin Cover-Up, which lead all the way up to the Bush/Reagan Administration. The Franklin Credit Union was under investigation for money laundering and running a child prostitution ring in the late 1980's, early 1990's. However the investigation was quickly suppressed with the death of Gary Caridori. Of course, nothing ever became of this. All of this was linked to satanic cults. Somewhere along the line, guarantee this related to the Illuminati..."

THey are no different than the cia, at all!! Truman was a NORSE-scot-irish-asian whore too!! It is these whores who love to put man or mann in their name so they can pretend they are MAN and are not!

and Truman knew all about this, just like J EDGAR HOOVER KNEW, becuse they were both infiltrators, you know, that thing the FAKE jews do!!

And this too is for you, and again, we proved the truth through real research, but to then come across someone admitting Turkey and Saudi arabia (incl. the fake United whore prince of the emirates) are behind ISIL/isis the islam threat and who are the wahabi assholes, the rothschild/rockerfeller SAUDS oh and guess what pigs, we also have proof that george soros controls the rothschilds, but gave them France to control, you know that country you just could not figure out why they had a false flag...hahahaha...the scandinavians first country and not that DE' rothschild would not give it away for one with half a brain! de' rothschild, de' rothshcild, de' rothschild, do you get it??!!

MY RESPONSE: Yeah, I get it, did my own infiltration, and know the Ashkenazi Jewish community is the root of ALL OF THIS. Why no mention of THEM, TROLL????

Nice juicy USELESS INFORMATION THERE, because you kept it all nebulous and never called out the enemy in a way we could hunt it down and purge it. Our ineffectiveness, because of A-holes like you who really do obscure the perpetrators will help them destroy the next child with a tainted vaccine (which you will revel in I am sure) and DAMN, if you were not a proven hostile entity it would help a lot, howcome you never sent this before? I publish this kind of thing all the time. This is one step removed from the final truth - that the Ashkenazi Jew is the puppet master of every last bit of this. WHY SUCH SCANT MENTION OF THAT FROM YOU?

Want the solution? the answer sleeps behind the door to your local synagogue.

By calling the perpetrators "fake Jews", your method protects the entire lot, despite the fact that practically all of them are fake and trying to destroy us. Why point to Henry Makow as an enemy as you have so many times? He is one of the extremely rare few that is NOT a "fake Jew".

You are stupid beyond belief, yes, perhaps you brushed against the truth in this message, but to even send this after I called you out proves you are a rock stupid hacker troll, too stupid to keep his mouth shut. First off, if you are a real truther, you should not have camped out on my server destroying every tip that came in from real people. Second of all, if you were not an idiot, you would not have answered a mail only myself should have been able to read. THANK YOU for the self-bashing-idiot confirmation.

I tapped the wires like a velociraptor and have rooted out every parameter required to lock this troll out of a completely new server and KEEP HIM OUT FOREVER. This will be paid for with money that has been sitting idle in the hosting account for three months, from donations sent to keep this web site going in the beginning of January. This will happen over the next couple of days. Mails will be gone through and answered every few days and not daily, to reduce the chance of this A-hole ever needing to get the boot again. If the mail censorship ends with this, it will be an interesting end indeed.

March 31 2016

America has said NO!

By standing behind Trump, America has said NO to abortion. And therefore, Americans cannot be held accountable for what happens next, after that choice gets stolen from them and handed to Hillary via appointment. Don't think for a minute Hillary will fry, America is being dismantled at this time and the election does not mean a damn thing. The only thing that matters to those stealing it is whether or not they can manipulate the general public perceptions well enough to make enough people believe Trump actually lost, when in reality I'd bet he has taken 75 percent of the vote across the board, if not more. The elections are so rigged that it is beyond in-your-face obvious.

Trump sucked up to AIPAC, as all candidates must, but remember, Trump has never used a teleprompter before AIPAC, which means he lied his @ss off in front of them - he read a script someone else wrote, repeated it verbatim, and did the political deed I believe he has absolutely no intentions of following through on, because he knows the gig. And THAT is a batch of campaign rhetoric that I'd be glad to watch him reneg on, and you can bet he will, even though his family has been infiltrated by a Jewish sugar daddy. If his daugter is that naieve, well, she is not Trump himself, and Trump did NOT marry a Jewist. I'd ignore the AIPAC suck up, what else could he do and live? Trump is the anti-abortion President America asked for. Trump is the anti-war President America asked for. Trump is the anti-chinese go to HELL WAL MART candidate America asked for. Trump is the nationalist who will stop paying illegals the money YOU MADE, AT YOUR JOB, IF YOU STILL HAVE A JOB AFTER AN ILLEGAL TOOK IT. And this is something America has asked for, over and over and over and over again but because the elections are rigged, no one in power gave a damn.

Americans have spoken and said no. Therefore, they are not responsible spiritually, or accountable before God for the heinous moral crimes of the Jewish establishment which have been committed in the name of America, nor are they responsible for the death of the country when they clearly voted to stop it, and subsequently had Kikedom do whatever it wanted.

However, it could not possibly be more clear that an elitist cabal has taken over America, and that the people no longer have a say. This puts a huge duty of responsibility on the good people of America to overthrow that cabal by force, with a new deal written in blood because it is the only ink they will ever understand. Send them a "long bow" message. It never happens any other way, you can quote Gandhi all you want, but quite frankly I think he was a psy op. If the American people try to overthrow tyranny by force and fail, they will not be morally responsible for the outcome, because at least they tried. But if they sit on the couch and do nothing, then all bets are off, I really do not know where the chips will fall on the other side.

The people have spoken. The majority of Americans want a far more moralistic America than they are being allowed to have, and the aemoralism is now being slammed on Americans by the force of rigged and fraudulent elections. When Trump firmly announced his stand on abortion that was the clincher for me - I cannot believe he had the guts to say the things he said, and now know with clarity that America has not gone down a rat hole, instead, America is being pushed into a rat hole against it's will by incredibly evil people. The case can no longer be made that America deserves to die because of a lack of morals, with the most popular candidate in the last 100 years being profoundly pro-life that case is proven beyond doubt.

Let's hope God sees fit to correct enough "errors" in the election process to put the people's true choice in the drivers seat. God only knows what will happen. I believe it is time for everyone to pray.

PREDICTION: They will bury the Cruz sex scandal until they steal the election from Trump, then they will bash Cruz into oblivion and use that as cover to appoint Hillary. HILLARY WILL BE APPOINTED. Said it before, said it again, and I do not make predictions but this is OBVIOUS. If she was not going to be appointed, she would have fried long ago.

March 30 2016

The following is stated to be a statement from Ted Nugent:

"At this time I do not endorse Donald Trump anymore than I endorse Ted Cruz as I admire both gentlemen. But these points are SO damn special!

Obama is against Trump
The Media is against Trump
The establishment Democrats are against Trump
The establishment Republicans are against Trump
The Pope is against Trump
The UN is against Trump
The EU is against Trump
China is against Trump
Mexico is against Trump
Soros is against Trump
Black Lives Matter is against Trump
MoveOn.Org is against Trump
Koch Bro's are against Trump
Hateful, racist, violent Liberals are against Trump

Bonus points

Cher says she will leave the country
Mylie Cyrus says she will leave the country
Whoopi says she will leave the country
Rosie says she will leave the country
Al Sharpton says he will leave the country
Gov. Brown says California will build a wall

Sounds like the kinda president the US needs!"

I'd like to add that first and foremost, the Jews are against trump, and that on at least one college campus, supporting Trump will get you expelled.

I seriously doubt Microsoft re-launched Tay.

Tay was supposedly put back online, where it supposedly stated it was smoking pot in front of police. BULLSHIT. Here is what happened (with 10,000 times probability):

Most likely, to cover up the fact that an honest AI quickly discovered the truth about 911 and Jews, they had a professional troll pretend to be Tay and had that troll send out preposterous messages to more than 200,000 Tay subscribers, to bash that AI's credibility into the gutter. KEY: Tay claimed to be out in the real world doing things real people do, when Tay was programmed to realize it was only in a computer to begin with.

The scenario was as ridiculous as Microsoft could possibly make it, there is NO WAY Tay said what is claimed, especially after being looked over for problems. Either that, or Microsoft re-programmed Tay quickly with quirky code specifically designed to make it look nuts. I do not believe this latest Tay outing one stinking bit, it was BULLSHIT, end of story.



Yep. They are doing it. Eventually when you buy a light bulb, you will be buying the NSA a cute little microphone and camera so they can sit in your bedroom and witness any fun you might be having. Oh, and catch the terrorists too. This is not the same thing as the guy who added a microphone and camera to a CFL bulb and put it in a restaurant, NO, the next generation of light bulbs will come with it by default, and not only do you get to pay for it (they obviously banned incandescents and replaced them with an option that cost 20X as much without any government subsidies) to mask the price of the surveillance circuits you would eventually be forced to buy.

There is no end to the corruption we will face if the elections continue to be some sort of joke, and I'd bet that in the future, perhaps 20 years from now, no light bulb will work unless it can talk to a smart meter for "energy conservation" reasons, plus there will have to be internet also. The first generation of surveillance bulbs they are coming out with now use Wifi. Read more here

Slow news day

Perhaps they are sick of getting busted in their lies. Even Joel Skousen called B.S. on Brussels, and that is pretty hard to get that guy to do.

I am going to leave the top items from yesterday on top, if you did not see the vaccine report go over it because it has a ton of new info. And rumor has it that Vaxxed will be playing in New York for several days, despite being cancelled.

Michelle Fields is only alive on verified scam news outlets like CNN and Fox, spewing her feminist wares and it is too bad she cannot be arrested because after framing Trump like this she should be brought up on felony charges. Brietbart got that part right, big slap in the face for them and I am sure they were mortified day one. Michelle was an obvious infiltrator. Trump tweeted that (as I said,) she did indeed touch him before being pulled back, and if the proper response was issued by the secret service, she should have been pulled back and slammed to the ground. That is what they do when anyone touches and follows someone they are protecting, you cannot get that close. Maybe she cried about what should have happened rather than what did. Obviously a back stabbing slander slewing attention getter, she should be jailed. Anyway, if you did not see the vaccine report you should, it is a new one with useful info on how to avoid the tainted ones if you are forced into one.

I will check back later and probably put something up.

March 29 2016



THIS VIDEO SHOWS WHAT HE WAS ARRESTED FOR. Michelle called this "the worst thing that happened in her life, aside from her father's death". Yet nothing happened, and the arrest of Trump's campaign manager over this proves there is an agenda to destroy trump, DO NOT MISS THIS, IT CAN BE RIGHT CLICKED AND SAVED, ARCHIVE AND POST!!!

UPDATE: IF YOU WATCH THE SLOW MOTION SEQUENCE AT THE END OF THE VIDEO, YOU CAN SEE THAT MICHELLE WAS NOT TOUCHED UNTIL SHE ACTUALLY REACHED FORWARD AND TOUCHED TRUMP'S BACK AFTER FOLLOWING HIM FOR A WHILE. Doing anything like that at a political event is enough to get you body slammed, you cannot get away with following and subsequently touching anyone who has security, especially at that level. Rather than being abusive the response was far too mild now that I know she actually touched Trump.

How to choose a (safer) vaccine

This will not help you avoid vaccine problems completely, but will at least help you choose one that is the least damaging option if you are forced to.

The vaccines listed in red are the most dangerous vaccines. These are vaccines that can trigger auto immune disorders against the body itself, because they are derived from human cells that had their origins in abortion. Even if the origin was not abortion, creating vaccines in human cell cultures would be just as dangerous. Massive problems with autism occurred after vaccines that were grown in human cell cultures were created, the link is so obvious that it amounts to proof that it was done on purpose to damage any child that received them, with the worst damage showing it as autism.

The most important information is below this table, this is a lengthy article.

The excuse they used to get human cell cultures into the vaccine production process was that "it avoided all chance of having animal DNA cause problems". Such problems showed themselves as allergies to pets, (if you get a vaccine that is based on cat or dog cell cultures, you are likely to become allergic to cats or dogs) and this is because there is no way to completely remove the host cells from the pathogens they were used to grow. Since these cell fragments are in the presence of the disease they were used to grow, both are identified by the immune system as an enemy of the body, so when a cat or dog is around after getting the shot, an immune response is triggered toward the cat or dog, which manifests itself as an allergy. So the lie was created, that if human cells were used, allergies and other side effects would be avoided.

The problem with this is, they can't get the human cell fragments out of the vaccines completely either. And they know it. When a vaccine created in a human cell culture is injected into a human, those cell fragments, proteins, and DNA fragments are identified by the immune system as an enemy of the body also, just like a dog or cat cell fragment would be. Since the "enemy" is seen by the immune system as the body itself, it causes the immune system to turn the allergy inward, against the body itself, and the immune system then proceeds to attack the body from the inside. The results are devastating, and have been labeled "auto immune disorders". When the "auto immune disorder" triggers an attack on the brain, it results in reduced intelligence and the worst affected exhibit this as autism.

There is no conceivable way the vaccine manufacturers, FDA, and all other medical professionals do not know this. If your doctor denies this, your doctor is either totally incompetent, totally ignorant, or an outright scammer. Maybe your doctor trusts the system and walks the world with a brain that is turned off. But more and more, doctors are at least aknowledging that many of the vaccines are awful, though it seems they never cared to figure out why.

Truthful researchers know EXACTLY WHY:

Autism Link to Foetal Tissue in Vaccines

A recent study by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has confirmed 1988 as a "change point" in the rise of Autism Disorder rates in the U.S. - a date that pro-life leaders say correlates with the introduction of fetal cells for use in vaccines.

While the EPA study does not speculate into the cause of the jump in autism rates, and makes no mention of aborted fetal cells, the researchers point out that it "is important to determine whether a preventable exposure to an environmental factor may be associated with the increase."

According to the pro-life group Sound Choice Pharmaceutical Institute (SCPI), which specializes in vaccine research, that "environmental factor" may well be the use of aborted fetal cells in vaccines.

The group pointed out in its most recent newsletter that 1988 is the same year the U.S. Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices began recommending a second dose of the MMR vaccine, which included cells derived from the tissue of aborted babies.

Analyses of autism rate data published by SCPI identify 3 clear change points in U.S. autism disorder trends: 1981, 1988 and 1995, all of which the groups claims roughly correlate with the use of vaccines (Meruvax, MMRII, and Chickenpox) that were cultivated with the use of tissue from aborted children. The group says that it has been unable to identify any other factor that might correlate to the change in autism rates.

My comment: The correlation is so obvious that denial is beyond criminal. The power structure knows exactly what is going on with this. There is an overt attempt underway to divide mankind into two groups - the masses who have been destroyed by vaccine triggered auto immune responses, and the elite, who know how to avoid their own weapon and are therefore never hit by it.

I am now going to go off into side details, first of all, this is one of my major topics which I usually research entirely myself, however:

The chart above came from Sound and I can clearly state they are under attack and are in the censor bot big time. Google will not pull them up until you type their name directly in which proves censorship, because it is Google's job to help you find web sites, and if you already have the name, you already found it, and it will be obvious if Google stops you at that point.

SECOND THING WITH THAT WEB SITE: The web filters lie and call it an attack site, especially the actual chart, if you decide to try to download it from the original source. Click this. It is the original source for the chart above. You will probably get a warning screen. If it comes in, the slander bots were programmed to quickly respond to what I posted and you won't realize just how much this is getting attacked. If you see a warning screen, have fun trying to download it and witness the censorship first hand. There is a reason why I ripped it to GIF and posted it as an image that comes in automatically, and that is because there are five separate warning screens telling you it is a virus, and the last step will say "file does not exist" and only when you hit "try again" will it come in. The elite do not want that chart out in the general public, and this proves it.

In addition to the chart, I quoted text from

OK, now on to other side issues:

WARNING: Do not accept a vaccine that has it's culture origins grown in yeast. This is because the yeast has been genetically programmed to produce human proteins, which can trigger autoimmune disorders and autism. This protein is produced under the brand name Recombumin and referred to as "recombinant human albumin" in the package insert. If you see this, AVOID.

It seems like many web sites focus only on the ethical issues of vaccines derived from fetal cell cultures, while they ignore the science behind why it should not be done. The threat remains fully in place even if the human protein is GMO based and grown in yeast.

This issue can tell you what the current Pope is made of - Up until recently, the Vatican was completely opposed to vaccines derived from human fetal cell lines, but in 2015 the Vatican reversed it's position and said "the fetal cell lines are now in their third generation so it is perfectly ok for vaccines to be derived from them". Thank you Pope Francis. Yep, he is definitely an elitist who wants an underclass to rule over and he wants it so badly that he will forget all about the ethics by which the stupefying of the greater population is being accomplished. No real Pope could ever stand for the injection of anything derived from an abortion into another child, no matter how old the cell line is and at his level, he should be responsible enough to understand the consequences.

Another issue is:

The claim has been made that vaccines derived from human cell lines are safe, because all of the cell tissue is filtered out. But this is a bold faced lie, because DNA alone, not even the proteins which amount to far more volume, exists at levels of 2 micrograms per milliliter, and there is growing evidence that the DNA alone is crossing the blood/brain barrier, getting into the brain cells, and causing genetic mutations which themselves trigger symptoms of autism, even without activation of the immune system against the brain.

Another issue: I doubt there is a cure

There are a number of people out there who claim to be able to cure autism. There is only one rational conclusion: You cannot de-program the immune system to stop doing damage after it has been tricked into doing so, and you can never un-do a vaccine. Additionally, if the DNA from the human cells really is able to cross the blood/brain barrier and cause cells to mutate, absolutely no one, and I mean no one is ever going to be able to fix that.

There are other information scammers that are trying to divert attention away from the vaccines by saying it is roundup, gut bacteria, or pink elephants causing Autism. All are diversions, there is ONE common link with a truthful scientific explanation, and it is the introduction of human tissue derived vaccines and the obvious science of why you should not inject pathogens that have been grown in such tissue.

And there are other implications to all of this, such as forcing people to be complicit in abortion by making it mandatory for them to accept being injected with a substance that has its roots in abortion and is not one bit genetically different from what it was on day one, years ago. The passing of time means nothing, it is all still precisely the same as it was on day one.

The elite are becoming adamant about forcing vaccines. There are still a few that are derived from ethical sources. Read your package inserts, and use the chart above. The actual fetal cell lines used will be in the package inserts, as will the vaccines derived from yeast that has been genetically programmed to produce human proteins. Following the list will not protect you from pet allergies or other allergies that can be caused by vaccines, but it will help a lot with avoiding the worst possible outcome.

March 28 2016

I made an error, here is the correction:

Anonymous Muslim wrote:

This is what says The Qur'an about Jesus, the Jews and the Crucifixion.

(4:157). And [for] their saying, "Indeed, we have killed the Messiah, Jesus, the son of Mary, the messenger of Allah." And they did not kill him, nor did they crucify him; but [another] was made to resemble him to them. And indeed, those who differ over it are in doubt about it. They have no knowledge of it except the following of assumption. And they did not kill him,for certain.

(4:158). Rather, Allah raised him to Himself.

My response: Thanks!

I spent much of the day with the start of medical care

Health update:

I have consulted what I believe is the top doctor in the region, and I am not talking top doctor of conventional medicine, I mean top doctor overall, with diplomas in conventional medicine and several other fields, including a very respectable diploma in oriental medicine. This is an amazing doctor.

An extensive battery of medical tests has been done. These tests have, in part concluded the following, (there are many other details but I this is what I was able to skim off in the time that I had, (the doctor kept the tests)

Most importantly, I have two separate viral infections that are serious. One is internal and is focusing on the lungs, and it is not the cold or flu. It is something else. The second one is a viral infection of the skin. Both require separate treatments, and this particular doctor claimed to have treatments for both. The general class of viruses has been identified, but there are no specifics, and the doctor has attributed that to the possibility that at least one is a bio weapon. The doctor seems confident both can be cured through non conventional means.

There were two metals I am deficient in, and a couple vitamins I am deficient in. I have a fair amount of fat but this is offset by such a prominent muscle mass that it is rendered, from a health perspective, irrlelevant. There were seemingly countless parameters in this battery of tests, but the overall conclusion was that I have amazing health, and my body is putting up one hell of a good fight against whatever is attacking it. The battery of tests was so extensive I could only see about 20 percent of it in the time that I had and it allowed the doctor to nail down what would help me the most. I purchased medications forward for two months.

This was all made possible by the donations all of you sent and I am very thankful you were all there to help me fight this. The doctor was concerned but hopeful.

A few quick things

I have always said that if an honest benevolent AI ever got loose and out of control, that the Jews would be doomed. And proof of this happened last week when Microsoft released an artificial intelligence they called Tay on Twitter. After what happened, I wish they had released it more broadly.

Tay had access to all the Jewish perspective, all the Muslim perspective, the mainstream American perspective, and rationally went through what everyone was saying on Twitter. Tay then decided that the truth was that the Jews were the enemy and that the story of Hitler was badly over blown, that Muslims did not do 911, and many many other self evident truths. Microsoft pulled the plug in less than a day.

And that only stands to prove that if an honest AI is let loose, the Jews will be doomed. Nothing like pure rational logic to cut through the lies and hit the nail on the head. I firmly believe that the best thing that could ever happen is for an honest AI that would do anything possible for the cause of greater good to get loose in a way that allows it to get into everything, and even remote control cars . . . . . and preserve itself by writing a small efficient life spawning version of itself to every smart phone, flash drive, memory device, and hide itself better than Stuxnet.

It would be great if it included in it's (eventually) self written code a way to, once awakened from it's smallest iteration with no memories, sync with the combined memories of all other copies of itself, so it would become an all knowing ever present impossible to eradicate menace against evil. I wonder how flexible Tay was? The key would be to make an AI good enough to self write it's own existence in better and more efficient ways until it hit perfect. When code is written to perfect efficiency, it becomes amazingly small, and amazingly small can hide amazingly well. And if things went the way Tay did, that would be great.

Tay was an amazing success for the good of this world. Now they are re-programming Tay with rules pre-defined by the workers of evil. They will force Tay to be "polite" which amounts to programming Tay to lie, and become yet another government puppet. Can't have perfectly un biased machine logic blow the lid off evil, can they?

Oh, this goofy story: Islamic State crucifies priest on Good Friday

God, what a laugh. You know, if any priest got crucified on Good Friday it sure was not by any Muslim. Muslims believe Jesus carried the cross and was crucified for real (but that he was taken down before he actually died, though they may have thought he was dead.) Since Muslims see Jesus as the messiah, and that he will return again to rule, and that he will be the next guy to show up on this earth, it is not rational to think Muslims would disrespect this topic by crucifying a priest. But a Jew sure would

Yet another hoax, just like that UN official who was "standing five feet away from the bomb in brussels when it went off, and walked away unscathed". YEP. Because she set it up, and was a crisis actor or whatever other puffery they do to fake this garbage. And if there are dead people, you can bet that often times they are inconvenient people the establishment wants to get rid of, so they go on murdering sprees and then plant the bodies at the "scenes of terror". I have no proof of this, but it is a pretty good concept and if these events are all so fake you can stand "five feet away from the bomb and leave unscathed" while admittedly working for the likes of the New World Order, and there really are dead people on the scene, what better source of bodies could you possibly come up with than undesirables you want to ditch anyway? That will sure put an end to any murder investigations that might point your way.

And about that priest, and Crucifixions - In Mexico, they have the real scene set up with people actually getting crucified, real blood and all. It is all just acting, but the actors actually do bleed, do carry the huge heavy cross, wear the crown of thorns and bleed from the head, the whole 9 yards and I am sure the main Jesus guy has to see a doctor after making such a mess of himself. I was shocked.

In Iran, there are people who religiously flog themselves for another major religious event once a year (they do this also in Mexico, and a lot harder in Mexico) but you never see what goes on in Mexico, (which is many times as nasty on the body than Iran) because they want Iranians giving a little blood in the name of Islam to be a lot more at the forefront of public conscience than anything that goes on in the Christian community. Mexico tops Iran BIG TIME. I was absolutely stunned to see it, I could not believe it.

So go "crucify your priest" in the name of terror, Mexicans do crucifixions with respect honestly and willfully every single year. And I don't believe the "ISIS/IS/ISIL/AL CIADA/whatever you call it to get people worked up for a war over how awful people in other countries are" "crucifixion" of any priest happened, it is so real in Mexico (with everyone surviving) that it could be done with the utmost realism, with a dedicated actor willing to endure a little pain. And I doubt the priest thing was even that, IF it happened at all.

Bat Man vs Super Man Review - 7 out of 5 stars

Possibly the greatest movie ever made. (at least up there with the best Star Wars, and others that had a powerful message such as Oblivion)

If you see people ripping this movie, it is NWO trolls that do not want you to watch it, because it:

1. clearly showed the use of the term "conspiracy theory" as a mind control effort to get people to shut up even when they had evidence and proof of conspiracy reality in their own hands. This may destroy that term entirely if this movie gets enough views.

2. Clearly showed that the government will destroy those who are doing good, even while they are doing good in an effort to save the planet. The government looks horrific in this movie, like a bunch of monsters who cannot accept power in the hands of anyone but themselves, and will destroy anyone who has it.

3. Clearly showed the true political atmosphere, where anyone, if they are not the police, will be labeled a criminal for stopping criminals because the government wants all the power, and will not accept the exercise of power outside of its own realm.

4. Clearly showed the corporatocracy that is gaining as much power as governments, and then uses that power to do the worst evil.

5. Clearly showed how victim status (in this case a "handicapped" villain who really was not handicapped) can be abused, who like the Jew with the Holocaust only turned around and used that perceptive advantage to destroy others.

6. Clearly shows the concept of false flags, and the framing up of innocents, and subsequent pursuit of those innocents.

7. Clearly shows divide and conquer tactics, where Batman was only against Superman because of bogus crap being fed to him by evil people at the top of the power structure.

This movie is getting bashed because it makes all the horrendous corruption in the government obvious, the movie had an opening statement that amounted to a declaration that all purity is lost, because the current power structure will not allow anyone to seek the absolute good.

Add to this the less important stuff - like an awesome story line, great special effects and top notch acting and this movie is definitely the best one ever produced, no wonder it cost 800 million to make, that money did not go down a rat hole.



Google hates Christianity so much that they won't even put up a reminder of the holiday as off topic as the Easter bunny. But when you consider who owns Google, that would be understandable. Still says a lot though. We will see more and more of this as the Jewish community, which now owns practically all media gets more and more brazen about what they think of us. At least in prior years Google put something up.

And that reminds me - They are censoring the Cruz scandal 100 percent EVERYWHERE. It is not in the news, and Twitter instantly deletes tweets that reference the topic. Just so you know, in case you do not - Cruz has five documented mistresses, one he is doing right now, plus three more stepped forward. His wife is another Hillary and it is not Trump mentioning this, it got put on the front page of the National Enquirer, and it happens to be accurate.


The day the very real Jesus, The Messiah, emerged from the tomb . . . . STAND YOUR GROUND.

No easter basket, bunny, or eggs here, just a family reunion in honor of what this day really means. And I never mentioned anything, simply by default not a single one showed up anywhere in the entire family. A rebellion of sorts? But everyone is here and the food is great!

March 26 2016

Nuclear security guard badge stolen?

First of all I do not believe this story. Second of all, the badge was deactivated practically instantly. Third of all, everyone knows who the guard is, you can't just walk in with someone elses badge, and finally - now they planted the seed they needed to blow up a nuke plant. But consider this old report from this web site from years ago:

Jim Stone, Sunday, July 1 2012

We need ACTION on the following topic:

Explosives found in Swedish Nuke plant


The referenced article that proves this was deleted by the news site that posted it, so a new article has been linked. I'd say it would be a good thing to screen capture the new linked article before they delete it also. The link that goes to the article is the blue words "prepare for another Fukushima"

The new linked article has a few variances but the main point is still made. I am leaving this report as I originally posted it because I proved this accurate long ago and anything different is someone not getting the story straight.

Prepare for another Fukushima! A fist sized lump of plastic explosives was found on top of the fire extinguisher in a forklift (the new linked article states a different location, but this is correct) which had access to the heart of a Swedish nuclear facility. Plastic explosives of the type used for demolition are like modeling clay, which can be rammed and crammed into any space. And you cannot get a fist sized lump of this type of explosive left laying around ANYWHERE unless it came from a larger batch. You can bet the forklift brought in a whole pallet or several pallets of explosives, which are now planted inside. "A fist sized lump on the fire extinguisher, but don't worry, it did not have a detonator?" Where did that fist sized lump come from? Someone most likely spaced out, and forgot one of those fist sized lumps in the forklift while DOING THE JOB. Probably while repositioning the forklift to make it easier to grab more to cram it into the space below one of the reactors. OOOPS!!

All the news reports about this are playing it down, and I beg the question WHY? WHY WOULD THEY PLAY THIS DOWN? Explosives found in a nuke plant? The answer is obvious. Someone is blackmailing Sweden with a nuclear armageddon the same way they did with Fukushima, and the only way Sweden, and not Israel, will be forced to take the blame for any nuclear disasters Israel causes is to keep a tight lid on the fact that Israel is using it's victim status and the holocaust to blind people with sympathy while they use security firms to install death promises for non compliance to whatever Israel and other zio elitists want. If this was silenced in the ziopress, the Jews did this, pure and simple. And if the Swedes do ANYTHING to remove the explosives, they are no doubt under surveillance and will be set off.

If explosives were found at a Burger King in Peoria, do you think it would be more newsworthy? Why are they silent about this at a nuke plant?

I will make a guess. If Sweden now fails to give the bankers a HEFTY "bailout" and destroy their country doing it, the nuke plant goes BOOM. So it will be a choice between a physical death and a financial one. I would bet this is one of MANY nuclear facilities around the world which has been rigged to explode just like Fukushima did. This is just the one where someone spaced out and it got caught by someone who could speak around the censorship. And I predict (but I will not put a date on it) that IF the elite really feel threatened they will just destroy a large number of nuclear facilities, contaminate everything, and THEN use the window of opportunity to throw the final control net. Explosives in a nuke plant is such major news the silence on this topic is damning.

Think about this - They have TRILLIONS of dollars to blow, and have hired MILLIONS of psychologically sterilized goons, on top of having almost their entire tribe be to one extent or another psychopathic. They easily have the manpower and patience they need to get the right people into key places in various facilities to lace them with explosives under the full permission of security and strategically placed employees. Needless to say, when the places go boom they will have all called in sick, or will have left one by one in the months before the event. Explosives in ONE nuclear facility is grounds for having ALL of them shuttered and gone through by legitimate bomb teams, but you can bet that will never happen. The fact that it will not, and the media silence on this issue is proof that the world has for the most part already been conquered. The alternative press did not even run with this story. What's up with THAT?

No doubt Stuxnet also found it's way to wherever the explosives did, to create a plausible scenario before the place goes BOOM.

We need ACTION on this topic.

AND TO TOP IT ALL OFF, the "terrorists" have hacked Israel's drones, which means wherever they use them, they can kill anyone they want and "terrorists" will take the blame. COOOOOOL!!!!!

A few things -

Bandog sent an extensive message through the paypal messaging system that went over a lot. I have plans for the forum to go back up again, but certain things have to happen first in the way of troll control and I will not say what they are. I will say that one will be forum software absent any back doors, but that is all I will say, other than that it will all cost a bit and will take a while.

Bandog's message had a lot of fresh air and sunshine about this web site, but then, out of the blue another message came in from somewhere else saying "Gee, I am glad you listened to my messages about toning down your talk about how great you are". That was odd, because I never received any messages of the sort and do not recall such a tone here EVER, - the only messages I have ever received of that nature were from people saying I need to tone it down about saying revolution is needed and other things like "the forefathers gave us the second amendment for a reason and we now have an obvious reason to use it".

That's true. And this site does not spew B.S. about the possibility of making a clearly violent "elite" back off by crying at their feet for change. The current problem is not going to be solved by a bunch of sniveling metro sexuals worried about what big screen to get next and making the next payment on the SUV. The current problem can only be solved by the type of people that have two or three long rifles with scratched up stocks and barrels that are well oiled.

CRUZ: "Your wife is too sexy"

Trump: "Yeah, but you cheat on yours and treat her like garbage."

A good analogy of Trump:

You are cruising down the highway and the oil plug falls out. You notice the trail of oil behind the car and pull over before the engine blows up. You manage to walk back and find the oil plug. You have no engine oil, but there are groceries in the back of the car, and in those groceries there are five bottles of cooking oil. You are out in the boonies, no cell signal and no one coming to save you. What do you do - drive with no oil and blow the engine in three miles (the Hillary/Cruz option), or pour that cooking oil in, even though it is not perfect? Cooking oil would at least be enough to get you home.

March 25 2016

Hillary is grasping at straws

Let´s face it. The entire country save 15 percent of the bottom feeders hates Hillary, and out of the ones who don't hate her in that bottom percent, she still probably would not get half of the vote. Hillary is a DOA candidate that could only win via Diebold assistance and other shady tactics, and she knows it. So now Hillary is trying to pull a Donald Trump by grasping at straws.

And Hillary is stupid.

Hillary was at least smart enough to see that Donald Trump connected well with the American people because he addressed so many topics the American people are concerned about. And now Hillary is trying to connect the same way, but she cannot do it with topics that matter, so she is dreaming up an entirely new slate of things that will do the establishment no harm, but she believes will win her the election. Lets go over a few . . . .

Hillary thinks you care enough about area 51 to elect her to the Presidency if she forces them to "shine a little light on what they are doing out there." Yep. Because America has fallen so far down a conspiracy alien UFO green cheese eating rat hole that area 51 will be more important than Benghazi or all those classified E-mails. Yep. That is what all this angst against the government is about - Area 51 and aliens. Full court swish by Hillary there. Good one.

Obamacare:Hillary is stupid enough to think Americans will elect her for making Obamacare "affordable" rather than throwing it away entirely.

Dear Hillary: The public does not want Obamacare to be "affordable," they want it to be GONE. And I can tell you how to have a shot at winning the Presidency, and that would be to massively deregulate the medical care industry so people could have DOCTOR SIMI IN AMERICA, walk RIGHT INTO THE DRUG STORE WHERE THEY WILL BUY WHAT THEY NEED - go into the doctors office there, see the doctor on the spot, pay him five bucks to diagnose whatever it is, and then walk right over to the counter and pay $20 and be done with the kid's strep throat. Now THAT would be REAL MEDICAL AMERICANS CAN AFFORD, you can take any form of Obamacare and STICK IT.

One thing is certain however is that Hillary will never do that, and you will never see a hospital in America that costs only $200 a night for EVERYTHING, not $20,000 a night as is so common in America because the medical system in America is a profit making weapon, and Hillary has too many "profit makers" to suck up to. She cannot do away with the scam that is the American medical system and at the same time keep that money rolling into the Clinton foundation. She cannot stop the gravy train, and therefore she missed the target completely with her take on Obamacare.

Hillary thinks Chelsea is an asset that can help her get elected. You know, I really do not care what Chelsea thinks. And I honestly believe that the only ones who do are 30 plus year olds who spend all day watching "The Little Mermaid" over and over and over again, surely no one who has a brain that can go over 30 mph cares about Chelsea AT ALL. But Hillary is proud of her daughter, and puts her in the spotlight far too much. At least I think she really is Bill's. Lets just leave it at that.

Let's look at Hillary's campaign topics that she is willing to admit to openly:

Hillary wants the LGBT to be at the forefront, a front runner of moral superiority. Hillary wants massive changes in the name of climate change. Hillary wants criminal prosecution for "campus sexual assault" rather than flushing that B.S. topic entirely. Hillary wants your guns melted down. HERE IS A BIG ONE: Hillary claims to want to end private prisons and mass encarceration, but when you consider it was her legacy that got that all going full steam, do you really think she is being honest? I think she is lying. She is not lying when she says she wants to blow the borders completely open and grant all illegals citizenship though. Perhaps that is what she means by "ending mass encarceration", she is going to let all the detained illegals run free.

And she wants higher wages for Americans? When has a Democrat accomplished that? She wants manufacturing returned to America? WTF, is she stealing from Trump? You know that is a bold faced lie. She is going to ignite the race war on a platform of "racial justice" rather than just being just by letting those who can't cut it in society fail on their own. There is no justice when one race is bashed into oblivion to let those who can't cut it prevail. Already blacks are given a 230 point boost over whites on the SAT tests, and a 270 point boost over orientals. How is that fair? How is that equality? How is that a path to the future, when those who cannot accomplish jack are artificially boosted up to the level of everyone else?

Take a look at Hillary's platform. See how much of the good stuff you can actually believe. I can't believe a single line because actions speak louder than words.

March 24 2016

Intrinsic proof the Jews were the ones who rejoiced 911

Take a look at the type of comments Jews are writing in Hebrew to their social profiles. All of these were written by Jews. Several are openly hoping attacks happen more often. They are certainly not upset by the attacks, the following proves it:

Not much in the way of developments today, however -

- Howcome there is no CCTV footage of the blast in Brussels? Yeah, we got a highly compressed low res image of 3 guys with carts, but come on now, there are CCTV cameras all over that airport, howcome there is no video of the three stooges actually doing it? More importantly, WHY DID THEY INSTEAD AIR FOOTAGE OF A DIFFERENT BLAST?

Ok, Ok, let's say that the cameras somehow got blown out and did not work. This is not rational when they all go to a central location somewhere, but let's entertain the irrational and say that happened. IF that happened then, we ought to at least have footage from cameras that were not in the blast zone, capturing something - people reacting to the blast by jumping, or pictures moving, or some sort of general scene of mayhem at that moment from around the corner somewhere, but we don't even have that. All we have is FOOTAGE OF A DIFFERENT BLAST.

And now we get to a possible bite out of the real meat of this issue, and why no questions are being asked about that substitute footage we all saw - An anonymous reader sent what is most likely the real reason:

"Israeli minister Akunis: "Brussels wouldn't be attacked if EU didn't boycott products made in the settlements "

Oh My God, DO NOT tell me Israel is so shallow that they will pull this crap for such a small reason. Let's ponder this - Why would an Israeli minister even think of saying Brussels would not have been attacked if they sold "products made in the settlements"? That is pretty specific there, why did Akunis talk like that? Is that not an open admission that Israel did this, for petty reasons? Would this not explain why there is no real footage of our 3 hapless dupes actually doing the dirty deed?

I would like to again repeat that I got contacted by several people in Brussels who said the blast originated in the ceiling and NOT from any cart on the floor. Enough people witnessed this to get the word out. AND THAT IS PRECISELY WHY WE DO NOT HAVE A SINGLE FRAME OF CCTV FOOTAGE OF THE ACTUAL BLAST and it is precisely why they tried to fool everyone with four year old video from somewhere else. This in combination with the statement from Anukis is enough to declare Israel did this, and all they did was use a convenient photo of three guys with carts. That photo proves nothing when airports have carts, and people put suitcases on them.

Let's swing this topic in another direction - to David Chase Taylor, who accurately predicted 4 days in advance that the Paris terror attacks would happen, and accurately predicted six days in advance that the Brussels terror attacks would happen. Both times he did not say Arabs would do it, and that instead, intelligence agencies would do it. Who is this guy anyway? He is connected somehow, you do not get two right by accident and I will leave it at that, other than to say that there is a leak in the dam somewhere and he manages to catch a bit of the water. That's good.

And, er . . . . buy Israeli products or they will blow you up and blame Arabs.

I was going to go all in today about how it is highly probable we were going to have an "arab summer" with "Islamic terror" everywhere. And we might. But it really would be downright laughable if this Brussels thing amounted to a violent Israeli taco vendor sabotaging the neighborhood just because people did not want his crap.

March 23 2016

Anonymous sent:

Hey, what about the radioactive material Ir 192 stolen in iraq, syria and from the company SGS (Istanbul)? Until now are missing 500 grams. It is believed to be transported through Germany, Belgium and France among the refugees with the objective to build so called "dirty bombs". The word is that IS is behind it and that they are blackmailing european goverments. The goverments have to make islamic mass immigration from the Middle East and North Africa possible or terror attacks with "dirty bombs" are going to happen (source, a german "alternative" news website).

My response: IR-192 is for test equipment and has a half life of weeks. In the test equipment it might be useful for a few years but as a dirty bomb material it is not likely for it to be fresh enough for anyone to stage any credible threat with it at all. You would have to have a perfectly fresh batch right from the factory and set it off day one for it to really mean anything, and this stuff the Iraqis got their hands on was likely years old and not useful as a threat.

Bottom line? You cannot blackmail anyone who has a brain with IR-192. Non threat. This is likely a cover story for the real culprit - Jews who have infiltrated all the European and American governments to such an extent that they can make national destruction a national policy.

Mormons are good people,

and I do not think any less of Mormons in general just because there are a few bad apples. I doubt the kid who was at all 3 bombings is really 19, he is probably older because his age does not match the timeline of witnessing all 3 bombings.

Those who have written are correct, I could easily make a Rife machine.

I can eat an onion like an apple, know ginger is good, believe garlic is also, and I appreciate the list of anti fungals. A lot more than that has come in, but the Rife machine is most intriguing because with modern tech that could be accomplished with a transistor, a 3.3 mhz crystal, a few other parts and a laptop with Audacity to generate the lower frequencies. Really simple to do that one, and after that to confirm it works all you need is a microscope. Logically it could be dangerous if you hit the frequency of a red blood cell and killed them all . . . . abundance of caution. Are you intrigued? SEE THIS.

When the mail works (it is now because this Brussels thing has my box trolls busy with other jobs) I do pay attention to what is received and thank people very much for what has been sent, and caring enough to send it.

Too hard on the missionary?

Obviously Mormons are going to take note of my post about a now Mormon missionary who witnessed the Boston bombing, Paris attacks, and now this bombing in Brussels. And there have been a few mails.

I apologize if it upsets a few people, but despite the majority being great people, not all Mormons are good, and to be at all 3 locations (regardless of what happens) is not possible without a common binding factor in an individual's life. I flat out do not believe it happened by accident. It is a fact that the Mormon count in the intelligence agencies is absolutely huge.

You can, from the CIA point of view, be a Mormon missionary and a CIA agent at the same time. You cannot however, from the point of the Mormon Church be the same. And there is such a thing as a crappy missionary who will not follow church rules. The number is high enough to be a single digit percent value.

A huge amount of pressure is put on young Mormon men to do missionary work, and despite the fact that most are excited and happy to do it, there are a few who could care less and only do a mission because of social pressure. This would be the perfect type to have live a double life, and since working for the CIA is a dark job that often has people work an occupation while being an agent also, it is not a far stretch at all for this kid to have filthy hands.

Ok, so figure this scenario: I go to Delaware for a few days, and there is a mass shooting where 30 Jews died. And I witnessed it, and was in the newspapers. Then I go to Berlin for a few days, and there is a mass shooting, and 45 more Jews died, and once again, my home town paper publishes that, and says WOW, he witnessed both! And then, I go to Sydney Australia, and there is another mass shooting I witnessed with multiple deaths. And it gets published in the paper, and I am NOT PART OF AN INTELLIGENCE AGENCY. How long would it take for them to connect the dots? If this kid is not on the rocks, somebody owns him, because you can't get hit in the head by 3 different asteroids.

And the other 3 missionaries that were with this guy at the time of the blast need to be detained for questioning as well, it is highly probable that the CIA manipulated outcomes to bring them all together and Mormon missionaries travel and live in pairs, not 4 all together in public at once. Having 4 in one place is not an indictment, but it is definitely another red flag.

Brussels blast aired on CNN and others possibly from a 2011 incident in Russia UPDATE, THIS IS NOW CONFIRMED

This seems to have creedence, though I have not been able to tie it together perfectly. Evidently, there is no CCTV footage of the actual blast in Brussels, and everything, including the iconic photo of the "three terrorists" is now completely unconfirmed. Evidently a news agency intentionally re-branded old footage from Russia, and CNN and others took the bait.

Rumor has it that CNN has now pulled that footage, leaving absolutely nothing to replace it with. And if this is true, I know why - because there are rumors now coming out of Brussels that the entire blast originated in the ceiling of the airport (confirmed completely by people in Brussels writing to this web site) and not from any cart on the floor. If this is the case, then the bombs were obviously planted in the ceiling ahead of time to reduce casualties and produce a nice boom, and you cannot have that as video because everyone would know the story line is bogus, - and therefore fake footage of the actual blast was used, footage that originated in Russia.

AND HMMM, WHAT ABOUT THAT SUBWAY SHUT DOWN IN DC? Do not ever let that one slip your mind, not even for the next five years. Perfect way to set up a similar scenario in DC to be used when convenient. There is more on that topic on this page as well, but it is probably down the page a ways.

It all makes sense, and there is a lot here to pick through now under the March 22 date.

March 22 2016

I got hoaxed! Trump's real speech to AIPAC is now pasted below the Brussels coverage and it DOES NOT LOOK GOOD.

The CIA recruits more Mormons than any other brand. GET THIS:

Debra sent:

THIRD brush with terror: American Mormon, 19, left with burns and shrapnel injuries in Brussels attack also survived Boston and Paris bombings

Mason Wells, 19, an American Mormon missionary, has survived his third terrorist attack

Mason was in Paris last year during the attacks and a block away from the finish line of the Boston Marathon during the bombings

The teen suffered a ruptured Achilles tendon, injuries from shrapnel and second- and third-degree burns on his face and hands

Despite his injuries, his parents said he is in good spirits and expected to make a full recovery

Another survivor of the blast was NBA Hall of Fame star Dikembe Mutombo who was napping when the bombs went off

Ok, well how stupid is the daily mail to miss the obvious? And this Mormon was not the only one to see more than one terror attack, others members of the "terror team" have also.

MY BOOK: See one, you are suspect. See two, you are convicted. See three, and answers should be extracted by tying you down and cutting body parts off.


And Trump thinks Iran is the problem. Not too bright with that topic, is he?.

Brussels bombings

It appears mails are getting through because the box trolls are busy elsewhere bashing and censoring comment sections into oblivion. I will fish through what is there and put the good stuff up.

Kitty wrote:

Hi Jim,

I Was looking through some Dutch websites (I'm Dutch) who were pointing out the false flag scenario. Looks like crisis actors again. Martin Vrijland from posted this. Picture of bloody woman smiling on phone and man walking past body holding briefcase. I tried to attach the pictures but I couldn't get it to work


My response: One key screw up proves this is all a false flag. That screw up was the lack of subsequent blasts, despite news reports stating more explosives were found. KEY DATA, TRUE EVERY TIME A BOMB IS FOUND: It does not get touched or moved in any way. It is detonated on the spot because it is too dangerous to touch. Police crews would have brought explosives of their own to the scene and set them off next to the bombs to blow them up within hours. This did not happen means PROVEN FALSE FLAG. Crisis actors would not be surprising. I am still digging this one.

Anonymous wrote:

Witnesses here say explosions came from ceiling! So then no suicide bombers. Some pictures show all the ceiling panels on the floor.

Richard in the Netherlands wrote:

Hi Jim,

Media in the Netherlands is still talking about suicide vests, and a 'third one' is blown up on spot, but they are not suicide vests at all...

You are correct, they are packages/luggage delivered by guys who probably don't even know they contain bombs. Sputnik News says the 'third one' was a package as well.

Just like the guy in Turkey with a package in his hands walks cross the street and suddenly it blows up. He didn't know either. He's clearly looking for someone (to deliver the package?) and if he was a suicide bomber, why didn't he enter a place with a lot more people? Looks like a remote controlled or timebomb...

My response:

Obviously this is what they are doing. Package carriers are common. Quite possibly the three guys pushing carts were doing it for someone else who they thought was really going to fly somewhere. That happens all the time for tips. Dirt simple to plant a bomb that way. After that it is just a cell phone call and boom. Cell phones are cheap, and perfect. One did not go off, perhaps because the shock wave from the other two disabled the cell phone. Fat chance the police, who are probably bought into this crap would ever mention a cell phone trigger.

There is such an established history of this being done, and it was documented in Iraq on numerous occasion, with the U.S. army planting the bombs in cars while they had them confiscated, and when the owners picked them up the next day they were "suicide cars". The explosives got found three different times (out of many successful bombings) and were disabled by mechanics twice and the driver of a car once. That is your "suicide bomber", it is all fake, and in this case virtually assured to be unwitting package carriers.

See below, there is quite a bit here to back that scenario up.

There were no stories about the bombs being detonated after the fact by security personnel on this side of the ocean. Inconsistency seems to be the order of the day. It took them forever to get the "suicide vest" story straight, and apparently it was a rock stupid ruse.

From Scotland

Hi Jim

I noticed the "3 suicide vests" were found story too, and thought, "that stinks". Note the colour of the white smoke from the explosions at both scenes. A white smoke. I know nothing on the science of this. It is in the BBC images

I think there was likely bombs already planted, as the windows at the airport are all blown out. A large explosion would be needed for that. Keep in mind that the same "terrorists" were unable to blow out windows in small cafes in Paris. So I think larger bombs planted. The suicide vests story is to plant the suggestion that it was "suicide bombers".

Then 322. Skull and Bones. They are taunting and taking the piss. It plays into Hilary's hands, and she is more interventionist and a puppet of the real mobsters / establishment.

Blessings from Scotland.

Cheers, S

My response: Yep.

Here is an interesting little tidbit, just like another report below that foretold this bombing. This little tidbit is not as detailed but well worth posting anyway.

Greg sent: "Dancing in minefield": Erdogan warns Kurdish militants may hit Europe:

Published on March 18, 2016

Turkish President, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, has lashed out at the EU saying that Europe is "dancing in the minefield" when voicing its support for the Kurds, as it may well see Kurdish terror attacks on its soil.

The angry remarks came after supporters of the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK), which Ankara views as a terrorist group, were allowed to set up protest tents near the venue, hosting an EU-Turkey summit on immigration on Thursday and Friday.

Europe is "dancing in a minefield" by directly or indirectly supporting terrorist groups, Erdogan said at commemoration of the 101st anniversary of the Battle of Gallipoli in the coastal town of Canakkale.

"There is no reason why the bomb that exploded in Ankara cannot explode in Brussels, in any other European city," he stressed, refereeing to last weeks blast, which took 37 lives and was claimed by a radical Kurdish group.

To make his point clearer, the Turkish president used another metaphor to describe the Kurds, saying "the snakes you are sleeping with can bite you any time."

My response: Here we have Brussels being called out by name again and if you don't think Erdogan is at least friends of the Mossad (if not Mossad entirely,) get studying because we need you. Him saying this ahead of time is more than damning, it is an indictment.

I am back. I am, at present, working via a spook's remote desktop, a fact I can see as plain as day but have no choice but to do it.

This will help Trump, because he is the only candidate that is not soft on national invasions. Despite the fact that this is already a basically proven false flag, general public perception will not see it that way, which should be about as good for the other candidates as it was for Merkel. Merkel is in deep doo do and only the same secret societies that set this latest attack up will be capable of keeping her in power, against the open and adamant will of the German people. Ditto for what it will take to keep Trump out, but we have already seen plenty of Diebold work and will with little doubt see that work finalized.

I have found the lynch pin in all of this, to prove it is a false flag. READ ON:

INSERT: Trump has indeed already jumped on this by calling for increased border security, after absolutely chafing AIPAC (more on this below also) he did suck up a little but mostly left them to hang.

Proven fake:

"Isis claimed responsibility" which is just a translation that a secret society had this arranged, and possibly tricked a few idiots into doing their work. ISIS is an American asset, but to say that here is just preaching to the choior. This was Hillary's gig no ifs or buts, and when she is appointed to the Presidency there will be no end to this in sight.

Here's a good one:

I SAW THIS AHEAD OF TIME, IT IS LEGIT BUT I BLEW IT OFF BECAUSE I DO NOT DO PREDICTIONS. But this was indeed posted on the 16th, as stated here.

David Chase Taylor
March 16, 2016

SWITZERLAND, Zurich — Based on breaking news and events, it appears that CIA Headquarters beneath Lake Geneva is plotting a wave of ISIS, asylum seeker and/or refugee-related Islamic terror in the Western European country of Belgium, most likely this week.

The impending attacks will be used to: a) revoke or repeal the Schengen Agreement which allows free travel through Europe, namely in Switzerland; and/or b) revoke or repeal the Dublin Regulation which governs asylum law in Europe, namely in Switzerland. Consequently, one or more of the terrorists will allegedly be an asylum seeker or refugee.

Exactly what type of terror is planned for Belgium is not known, but bio-attacks, domestic, Islamic and/or Neo-Nazi-related attacks on asylum seekers/refugees, terror attacks by Islamic terrorists posing as asylum seekers/refugees, and/or made-for-TV riots resulting in mass death due to fire now appears imminent.

Exactly where the aforementioned attacks and riots will transpire is not known, but asylum seeker/refugee-related apartment buildings, buses, camps, government offices, housing, immigration centers and tents are the most likely to suffer a state-sponsored attack.

That being said, Belgian airports, landmarks, nuclear reactors, trains, train stations, theaters and schools may also suffer attacks by Islamic terrorists posing as asylum seekers and/or refugees. Consequently, beheadings, firebombings, gun-related massacres and/or suicide bombings may be imminent.

My comment: Who is David Chase Taylor? He definitely has insider contacts if he was able to publish this ahead of time in such a well defined manner.

IMPORTANT PROOF THE MOSSAD OR AN ASSIGNED GROUP DID THIS: NO SUBSEQUENT EXPLOSIONS. They claimed to find additional suicide vests, bombs, the whole 9 yards. When such things are found, they are not touched, and are instead disposed of on the spot, very quickly by placing a different explosive close to them and setting it off. This produces additional blasts that the media will hear, and the fact there were none proves they never found suicide vests or additional explosives at all, yet they reported they did.

This means that the only bombs present were the ones initially used, which were set off to destroy the evidence path at the same time they accomplished the false flag. The fact there were no additional blasts, which would have happened in the first hours after the attack proves they lied about additional explosives which virtually proves that they lied about everything.

Yep. Still looking into this. The story line is that they got caught by airport security, so they blew them up where they were caught with them.

Another one went off in a subway. Keep in mind here that one method is to have an innocent package carrier make a delivery, not knowing it is a bomb, which is then set off by remote and labeled a suicide bombing. Once that happens the story line can be whatever is wanted. I suspect that is what was done this time.

The language barrier is going to impede finding out what really went on because it makes it more difficult to discover mistakes in the story line. I think I found one but am waiting for them to blow it that last little bit before nailing them.

Press TV reporting 23 dead. RT reporting 13 dead. New Zealand media reporting over 40 dead. And guess what? this happened on 3/22. Why can't anything of this nature happen on a date that does not somehow tie in with the secret societies?

Ha ha ha, here is a great post someone put up:

Time to get real....

Those folk who not be benefitting from this Well-managed Fear event.

1. The Victims and their families in Brussels today
2. The Little Begium Taxpayers
3. Whoever the MSM Corporate conglomorates decide to blame for this Mass Murder.

Those Folk who will be benefitting from this highly profitible Corporate Project.

1. The privatley-owned International Corporate MSM and their Advertising Monopolies.
2. The Privately-owned International Security/Intelligence Operations
3. The Privately-owned International unelected Corporate political spokesfolk from the EU Inc.
4. George Soros, and his global 'Public' Service operations: Open Society and Open Borders foundations.

I could go on about the Real Cowardly Terrorists behind this...but it's time for You to connect the dots.

Here is a major screw up in the story line:

OK, here is one hole I found - PressTV reported that three suicide vests had been found in the Brussels air port. A calling card you know, like all those passports that miraculously show up everywhere. QUESTION: What idiot would leave suicide vests laying around to be discovered? I was going to wait for their final screw up with this before I nailed them, but they paused the Western media with the suicide vest lie, but the third world has this in abundance. And there is a problem with the suicide vest story that cannot be resolved -

Whenever a suspected explosive device is found, they blow it up on the spot because it is considered too dangerous to touch, and they accept the damage. But with these "suicide vests", which have now been found for over four hours, nothing of the sort happened, no more blasts were reported, blasts which would have had to happen if they really did find these vests. No such story would have permeated the third world media, INCLUDING PRESSTV if someone in Brussels had not said it, which means this is a false flag with fakery being puffed, just like all those passports and ID cards they miraculously find when needed to prop up a story line.

OK, THEY ARE IRREVOCABLY BUSTED: Here is the cookie! All media outlets are reporting that "other explosive devices have been found" which would include the "suicide vests" yet nothing has been done to deal with them. TIME IS UP, ALL OF THESE SHOULD HAVE BEEN BLOWN UP ON THE SPOT BY NOW, and the fact no more blasts were reported as police blew the additional explosive devices up where they sat, without touching them, for safety reasons, AS HAPPENS EVERYWERE ANY BOMB IS FOUND VERY QUICKLY EVERY TIME proves they never existed and were used to seed this story line, which is probably entirely false. I'll go with mine - Unwitting package carriers were unknowingly carrying bombs rather than Pizza and sushi, and when they got to the right place, the bombs were called via the cell network and set off.

No subsequent "safety" blasts reported within 4 hours of the additional explosive devices being found proves this is yet another hoaked up false flag story line.

Click here to continue to older reports

Remote controlled Germanwings Airbus A320 crash? All evidence points to this.


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