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April 24 2016

I toned down yesterday's message a notch because it caused a few extra hops that made it impossible to administer the web site (all I had to do was get to a clean machine to get rid of the extra hops) and if anyone did not like how I originally stated what is under APR 23, I quite frankly do not care.

What is with all the pro gay transgender incest animal sex headlines lately??

Not much to say today that would be outside of what I posted yesterday. All I can say is when you read the headlines, they are obviously getting more and more bold and brazen with the in your face aemorality (gee, a few days ago Drudge had a cute article posted that promoted sex between mother and son, saying it was GREAT!!!), yeah, . . . . . DRUDGE, a must hit that just galls me half the time with the B.S. he posts. I really cannot figure out if Drudge is the enemy or if he is only nuts.

It seems like all we are getting out of the news now is a blizzard of sticky poop that tries to get into your soul. They can post whatever they want, which makes me seriously question why they post what they do. The entire world is not into animal sex, mother son incest, transgenderism, gaydom, shared bathrooms, intelligent sex toys and robots, and no, we are not just machines and gee, vaccines really are not safe no matter how they push it but fat chance there is for truth about vaccines or elections when they cannot even tell the truth about the real public perception of even gaydom.

They are going full thrust with the full frontal lobotomy of public intellect with the most ridiculous transparent assault on all of us and yes there is a better story to tell but they refuse to do it. And I think the frog is about to jump. I cannot be convinced that topics that make everyone I know of squeamish could possibly represent the mainstream, or any type of behavior that could ever be normalized. Even their holy grail- gay men, make virtually everyone squeamish when they kiss in public which proves beyond all doubt that what they want everyone to perceive as normal amounts to a huge fail, they failed even with gaydom if the chips are truly allowed to fall where they may. Fat chance you would ever see that admitted on an evening sitcom.

And before even getting a solid base at step 1, they want to take it three steps more. Yes, the heat is coming on too strong, and for many, the frog has indeed already jumped as the media's public confidence scores clearly show.

How about a follow up rant?

An unborn child is NOT part of a woman's body. The luciferian clan has gained a lot of mileage with the "my body my choice" ruse, but science clearly shows that an unborn child is NOT part of a woman's body. Oh, but I am sure I have a bevy of feminists and other assorted fools out there with boiling blood over that statement, but FACE IT:


Abortion is murder because: If the mother did not want to get pregnant, she should not have had sex.

Abortion is murder, because she could have had sex, while using the pill.

Abortion is the result of irresponsible ghetto trash intellect which cannot associate consequence to action, or even be responsible enough to take a pill.

In the name of 1 rape, 50,000 pregnancies that are the sole result of simpleton level irresponsibility are aborted.

The Jews and other occultists and luciferians revel in the filth of abortion, and many abortion clinics perform wiccan rituals to reap the power granted by the dark side in exchange for the abortions they commit.

After all, a woman should have the right to murder her child, as long as that child is really young and really innocent, RIGHT? 100 percent of luciferians WILL AGREE. . . . . . . and draw power from it.

Three Jewish women founded canned parenthood. Gee, PLANNED PARENTHOOD. Sounds SO RESPONSIBLE. SO RESPECTABLE. A pretty face on murder, Gee tommy, I did not plan to be a parent, BYE BYE!

Plant a seed and have it pulled like a weed.

Cavort and abort! How responsible!

Abortion allows a woman a way to keep a clean public image wrapped around a filthy soul.

And I don't care if I pissed you off by stating the truth here, and if you did have an abortion and are crying now, LEARN FROM THIS AND DO NOT DO IT AGAIN. There is such a thing as repentance.

Responsibility will end the "need" for 100 percent of abortions. TAKE A PILL. It is THAT SIMPLE.

April 23 2016

It took them a while to hack the mail window this time. It will not be secured again until some time tomorrow.



If Americans really do sit back, cry, and suck it up, it means THE GAME IS OVER. Second amendment rights, when granted, assumed people would use them if any election was stolen the way this one was. If people do not take action to correct the problem, America will once and for all be lost. This election was a pivotal event that proved that completely, and any fool who refuses to take action to stop this deserves the loss of everything he has. I am doing what I can with this web site but sometimes think all I accomplish is the confirmation that all is lost. I dont want messages from people saying I am being too pessimistic, from people who will confirm my pessimism by DOING NOTHING TO TAKE THE COUNTRY BACK WHILE THERE IS STILL A FAINT CHANCE IT MIGHT HAPPEN IF PEOPLE AT LEAST TRY.


If anyone states online that you can "work within the system" to fix the country, whoever says that is a troll trying to stall for even more time to SEAL YOUR DOOM

There is no system at all to work with and THIS ELECTION PROVED IT.


April 22 2016

To the Nibiru folks: If Nibiru was real AND enough of an influence to trigger all of these recent earthquakes, the ocean tides would be messed up. At last check they were normal. Totally. Do I need to explain why that matters?

I am suspicious of the Pemex blast(s) in Mexico

I think it was stuxnet or a variant of Stuxnet that did it. And it seems the truth about this is not getting out. There were over 40 killed and hundreds injured. It was not one blast, it was three blasts that happened simultaneously, in far separated parts of the facility.

There is no way you can have three separate simultaneous blasts in any facility unless something causes it. And these blasts were caused by an out of sequence mixing of chemicals. Yep, three separate people screwed up at exactly the same time. Right. That is precicely the type of thing Stuxnet was designed to do.

Recently (yet again) Mexico said no to the privatization of Pemex, (which would allow European interests to hijack the petroleum supply in Mexico.) And the last time Mexico refused, there was, (mysteriously) a massive blast at Pemex headquarters that happened in an office building no where near any refinery (and I mean more than 30 miles away from anything handling petrol) yet it was called a 'petroleum explosion!'. Cute one for the zio press I guess. And since it happened at Pemex, every mountain indian and even some of the city folk believed you could have such a blast in an office complex just because it happened at a Pemex office! God forbid.

The last one was obviously a dirty job done by someone, which makes it all the more reasonable to say this one was a dirty job, big oil is after Pemex and YOU KNOW WHO OWNS STUXNET.

Message window still working. Remember, box does not work AT ALL, use the message window

Anonymous sent:

Nervous system manipulation by electromagnetic fields from monitors US Patent #6,506,148

SUMMARY: Computer monitors and TV monitors can be made to emit weak low-frequency electromagnetic fields merely by pulsing the intensity of displayed images. Experiments have shown that the 1/2 Hz sensory resonance can be excited in this manner in a subject near the monitor. The 2.4 Hz sensory resonance can also be excited in this fashion. Hence, a TV monitor or computer monitor can be used to manipulate the nervous system of nearby people.

Hmm reminds me of the "tinnitus.."

Jim sent:

Jim from Arizona---

Jim, we have been getting pounded by chem-spraying daily. The coverage is usually 90% complete and the color is no longer whitish, but more prominently yellow brown. They have even started spraying at night which leaves me to believe it has more to do with infecting us, than weather control. Everyone I know here, which is a lot as I teach at a large school, has either severe allergies, the flu, or some super bug that antibiotics wont kill fast enough. I got sick and was sick for 10 days with the nastiest cold I have ever had. And I eat healthy, take silver and avoid GMO etc. My sister is in California and is reporting the same spray patterns. She is well aware...My gut says they are preparing the way for 1) weaken the population and then 2) electromagnetic mind control before the election. If Trump does get in they will use this as a scapegoat to bring in the collapse and run riot warfare....

My response: They are not likely to be spraying anything they either do not have the antidote for, or anything that is not for environmental modifications. If what they are spraying now is a different color, they are getting more bold because the old stuff could always be blown off as contrails or normal haze. They cannot do that with anything brown colored and get away with it for long. Yellow brown is also the color of smoke from forest fires. If that is not what this is, they have changed methods for some reason.

JB wrote: Hi Jim

Reading last Farganne's message I was so sorry that people just have forgotten knowledge brought about as far back as the Middle Ages (kind of systematized by with Thomas Aquinas). Any good Moral teacher will tell you that the Devil can only tempt us and in more extreme cases get into our imagination, even thoughts (obsession) and control your body... but HE CAN"T CONTROL OR TAKE OUR WILL (God will not allow it)... unless we allow him or call upon him to do it ('summon'). The Elite knows this very well (because they're subjected to their master abiding rules) and they try to circumvent this with Hollywood Predictive Programming (a way of getting twilight zone like 'informed consent', aka 'We told you, you have been warned and did nothing!') and try to destroy you with vices like pornography, drugs, etc. Even the Mark of the Beast will only work for those that willingly and knowingly aware of possible consequences will accept it 'freewilly'.

Another moral rule derived form this is that the responsibility of a given human action can be given to its author only if it was done under his will. If someone obliges you to Mary another one under the gun, that marriage is invalid. In other words: the ONLY ACTS that can put you in Hell forever are those done WILLINGLY and plainly aware of their evil nature. And the End Game of all this is for Satan to gather as many souls as he can and destroy mankind physically because his time for doing so came to its END. He really hates the Idea of coming Millennia in a situation where he simply will be prevented form interfering any more with Human Life and History. It is THE END of his kingdom and its minions what this generation is going to see in these 'End-Times'. It is the end...Yes! - But only the end of Evilness in Human History.

I guees Farganne juts found the value of Prayer and invoking God and Good Angels and calls it 'spiritual firewall'... well, what about Holly Water, Blessed Salt and Candles... wellcome to the not so dark 'Middle Ages'.

Here is an important one (even though I do not smoke pot, this speaks volumes

Anonymous sent: Jim, once again I will tell you there is something weird going on with marijuana. It is not the same weed as it was, it is GM weed. Look at who has most research and patents on it (Israel), and this GM weed is getting promoted and being used by many "mainstream" people. I have almost 35 years experience growing my own stock which is not tainted by the "new" breeds, and the effects are different. You laugh your ass off like in a Cheech and Chong movie, not sit in a vegetative state with no energy. I think this new weed is a delivery system for something else. The people who promote it inhale and immediately exhale, not like the old days where you hold that smoke in as long as you can. People like this woman are promoting weed (

Remember Farganne says to destroy free will the people have to do it themselves.

As always, keep vigilant

My response: I have seen the effects of both the new and old weed on people and there is a huge difference. When people smoked the old weed, they could come off of it and be normal. The new weed does permanent damage. When people did the old weed they could still drive without being spooky. Not so with the new stuff, I have seen people forget where they are driving. And most likely, weed is now being legalized because it is becoming just as damaging as antidepressants. Once it goes GMO, that plant can be programmed to produce anything any totally corrupted bastard wants.

I WOULD AVOID POT LIKE THE PLAGUE. WHO CARES IF IT IS LEGAL when something is definitely amiss.

Anonymous sent: Clinton - "Fighting for us" ... You thought, that it means, the SHE will fight FOR YOU...? No, the opposite is true, exactly what is written: electing Hitlary Clinton will mean fighting for you, YOU will fight the WWIII for her and for her jewish lords... And that is the election about: select fighting world war, or select peaceful growth with Trump...

Trump - and his AIPAC speech. The major sentence of that speech, the sub-surface announcement of it, was: "I know, how to make a deal". That was a deal with jewish. But he makes a deal with people too, saying what people want to hear... And his contribution to the future is enormous, regardless whether he will be elected or not: if they get rid of him, people will finally see, how much they are controled and how the "US democracy" is phony... If he will be elected, he will not be able to fulfil all what he promised, because one king president cannot overfight the existing establishment. But people will finally recognize, what all they wanted and what all they did not get, which will wake up the public movement, which _only_ can change things...

About "King president": the countries, that first had the democracy, still retained its demoversion 0.9 with kings, or king-like president with too much authority, and legalized corruption by sponsoring deputies - that would not be possible in countries with democracy version 3.5 ... Here in eastern Europe, the city mayor can be withdrawn and must resign, if it gets proved, that he received a minor sponzorship gift for his campaign from an industry oligarch, considering that a bribery... The political system in USA is awfully and over any european imagination corrupted...

Magic Box message confirmation

This ought to make it pointless to censor it (the message window has indeed been kept secure)

Hello Jim, for what it's worth, I've sent an email to mr. Farganne to confirm. I'm not too sue whether he received it or not, but I'll await a reply.

I've really gotta work on this communications platform I've been tossing around in my head for a while now, but I feel time is limited and development would take too long. Instead I might attempt to run an ASPX site, I'm still looking into things.

MagicBox, Holland.

To the guy who was worried about how he gets routed to this web site: It is actually physically located in Iceland now. That explains all of it. This is not an American based .is web site, it really is overseas.

This next one is important - Malcom sent:

"Jim Wrote: After reading the initial insults (the first two paragraphs) there appears to be something of substance," ............... After the last 2 paragraphs the text changes because it is plagiarized from NWO whistle blower SVALI. She did a great deal of harm to the organisation because she gave away so much of their inner operations. Your troll was the author of the insults but nothing else. Cheers, Malcolm My response: For those of you who remember that post, this makes perfect sense. It seemed too rational and well laid out to be from a troll, and that is why I posted it despite the introduction, which apparently really was from a troll.


Anonymous sent:

(this appears to have gotten scrambled so I fixed this)

I worked in pathology, testing the pertussis victims in the first pertussis outbreak EVER where I live in Australia, in a city of 45,000. This city achieved a 90% vaccination rate against pertussis. There was a 100 percent failure rate of this vaccine, which has been in use since 1995.

These kids get 5 pertussis jabs by age 5. This vaccine failed 100 percent within 10 years. The first kids jabbed in 1995 (with the final jab in 2000) were by 2010 the first batch of 100% failures of the vaccine.

Add to that the fact we swabbed throats of other kids, with working vaccine (ie no symptoms) they had pertussis in their throats, and they were spreading it............... kids were spreading pertussis without showing symptoms!

Pertussis is now affecting over 1 in 30 kids each year, and that statistic does not factor in that most people don't bother to report it.

As for USA, UK? Your epidemics will begin to hit bigtime in another couple of years. You are 9 years later in introducing the aP vaccine. The current UK stats are identical to Australia's rise in pertussis 9 years ago.

My response: Yeah, but it brought the autism stats up, which makes it a smashing success! Having a vaccine cause the epidemic - is that a new theme? I do not think so!

A very left field mail, I do not know what to make of this but I guess I will put it up. Anonymous sent for your perusal:

Jim, glad we can get through to you again. It must be a lonely road you walk. It's quite poignant to see how many of us are out there when you can suddenly open your mail again and show us what's out there.

You've had quite a few interesting mails (and countless more I'm sure) since I last checked in. Tonight I would like to respond to your Irish reader re: curses.

I will try to make this short, as it has been painted as 'new age' and readers can do their own research on the topic. I'm talking about Shamanism. I will not post links because I learned 'in the field'. There are many great sources of information out there, and I believe most of them are in print as opposed to online. But basically, Shamanism is the forgotten 6th sense that we all still have dormant within us. It is the inherited right of all mankind but it is like any other muscle; without exercise, it has no strength.

As a practicing shaman, you learn and confirm that dreams are more than twitching brain activity. And beyond that, you learn that reality as we perceive through our eyes is merely 'reality-conforming-to-certain-parameters'. What we experience with our daily mind and senses is literally only one layer of the onion.

'Shamanism' operates with ethics and codes of conducts, more or less. It is a discipline designed to help you access and use your spirit body, while at the same time providing tenets to live and operate by, so as to prevent against 'human pollution' in other realms. But Shamanism is a human practice, designed for but also limited by HUMANS. There are many others out there who play by their own rules.

FACT: We all have a spirit/dreaming body, whatever you wish to call it. FACT: There are countless other entities out there who are physical SOMEWHERE, and energetic EVERYWHERE ELSE. (Humans included)

FACT: You never take a step if you never try to lift your foot. There are many ways to fight back, without having to shoot someone. The forces controlling the world right now are obviously employing more than just money to achieve their ends. They have made deals with Satan (who ) and other demons/negatives/etc because they bet on that side to provide more power.

The bottom line: THE UNIVERSE IS PREDATORY. These 'elite' have made deals without realizing they are mice in a bowl surrounded by cats, smiling and nodding and shaking hands. Humans are at the top of the food chain ONLY ON EARTH.

I'm probably starting to sound insane so I will get to my point. What your Irish reader did was perfectly correct for nullifying the curse. It was self-defense, but it was correct and it worked because it was AGGRESSIVE. Praying to God in the name of Jesus did not have the same kick because it was DEFENSIVE. What we need to do is take the next step.

Now that everyone knows they are a Shaman if they choose to realize that potential, we must take the step from defense to offense. Make no mistake, this war is being fought in the physical world, but on a much grander scale it takes place in the unseen realms.

We all need to adjust our intention. It will take a while, we will all have to work hard and be vigilant, but I believe we can turn the game around if we stop letting ourselves get shit-kicked like a losing B-team and START PLAYING OFFENSE. I know there are very many crazy things happening on Earth right now but the root is deeper and this is what I have to offer right now.

My parting thought is this, and I suggest you all learn to live it if you want to make an advance on this field: Praying to shrink the tumor, quell the pain, or heal the body is useless. YOU MUST PRAY TO KILL THE CANCER.

I'll leave it to you to post or not, I know it's pretty left-field. But basically we all need to start working and acting like Trump, in the Astral realm. They have a huge army and a huge plan but they wouldn't need all that if they were Unstoppable.

Thanks for your time Jim, you're a very special human being. Cheers.

I had to cut it here, with a majority of the messages not even looked at because it is too much to get through when the mail window actually works.

April 21 2016

I was not able to post anything today, other than this.

Prince is dead and I do not know what to say about it. He was more aware than most, and may have gone to meet Michael Jackson, who was beyond all doubt murdered. Remember how John Denver died? They said it was because he took off drunk and did not have any gas in his airplane. But what they will not say is that about a week before he made a comment about how as he flew around the wildlife never looked better, with huge herds of elk and an obviously vibrant ecosystem un affected by man.

Prior to making that statement he was a huge voice for the environmental movement, but John Denver woke up and turned on that movement, saying it was B.S. and the Al Gore crowd wanted none of it. About a week later he was dead, defamed as a flying drunk.

Too much has happened to overlook any conspiracy story, especially when Prince was only 57 years old. They are dragging AIDS into the Prince story to defamate him, and frankly I do not buy it. Found dead in an elevator??? YEAH RIGHT.

And just like with Princess Diana, Prince will get top honors in the media, false cover for those who murder prominent people. Speaking of Diana, I saw that car crash practically as it happened on TV. Somehow they got television cameras there within 5 minutes, and she was alive, expressing with her hands a gesture 'how did this happen'. I figured she would live, she did not look that messed up. I think they offed her after the fact to prevent an Arab (Dodi) from making too much positive press before the elite kicked off the war on Islam. They obviously murdered Diana, and gave her a five star burial. But a burial is a burial, stars or not.

The un told part of the Princess Diana story was that the driver and guard in the front of the car were both wearing crash suits and worked for Israeli intelligence. Both survived. Interesting detail that is, and I would guess that after laying low for five years both got their $600,000 payoff, the standard Jew pay for a prominent black op.

Anyway, today's post was scant, but at least something to chew on. Tomorrow will not be so hectic, more will be up and I will try to get BSD running once and for all, so posting can return to normal.

I clicked the larger mails before leaving and found this from Farganne

The mail window has obviously been secured, and though it can still be breached it is easy to re secure for real. SO, this got through -

Farganne again. I decided to sit down and attempt to give you an overview of where I'm coming from, so you know I'm not wild-eyed and ranting. I'm on to something here, and I know this because I earned the knowledge through years of suffering, divine guidance, divine protection, insight, and eventually, discovery of technique.

As far as I'm concerned, psychotronic mind control -- both on mass and individual levels -- is now an established fact of modern existence in this realm. I also believe that the technologies -- nanotech interfacing with EMF, etc. -- are only part of the picture. In short, the physical tech is not sufficient in and of itself to get mankind where they want us: 100% golemized, 100% stripped of free will, 100% controlled. Not 99.99%. 100.000%. Nothing less will do for them.

In order to destroy our free will, they have to get us to do it to ourselves. Sound familiar? Did something just click? It should, because this ties in with your work.

For a long time, "elite" science and technology operated under the reductionist assumption that "the mind is what the brain does" -- in their lingo, they would say that the mind is simply "an epiphenomenon of the brain". No spirit, no soul, nothing outside or beyond the physical body, nothing beyond the grave. In their view, we are biological robots and nothing more -- hence, in theory, from that view of reality, it should be possible to hack the mind and turn the individual into an automaton -- in the Jewish parlance, a golem.

But the ones who fund the scientists have always known that the materialist / reductionist world view is profoundly ignorant. Childishly so. This was analogously borne out in the world of logic and mathematics when Kurt Godel destroyed and demolished Bertrand Russell's attempt to cage the universe in one comprehensive logical system that would, again, encapsulate and account for 100% of reality -- not, 99.9999999% -- 100.00000%. Godel showed with his imcompleteness theorems that the great globalist Russell, the greatest "philosopher" of his time, was also one of the stupidest men who ever lived, and that his magnum opus, the Principia Mathematica, was nothing but a fool's errand. Godel proved mathematically, ONE HUNDRED PERCENT, that you can't put God in a cage.

Take this mathematical proof and extrapolate it to other fields of elitist endeavor -- e.g. the GOLEMIZATION OF MANKIND. Our free will capacity is divinely endowed. Can they destroy it directly, by way of violence? You might say yes, they can turn us into vegetables with any number of things. But if they do that, it's meaningless. To the mad scientist wanting to turn the body into a robot by any means necessary, it's fine. But to his occult masters, that's not good enough, because in destroying free will capacity through direct violence, they are, true to that word, VIOLATING divine law and divine justice, and they WILL BE HELD TO ACCOUNT. The reason they get away with destroying so many through violence is because they have ORDER FOLLOWERS under them to do the actual deed and take on the guilt. I know this because I have studied the occultists' worldview and principles. I'm telling you, this is what they believe.

It's a long story, but what they really want to do is to prove that we are defective and deserving of destruction because we can be manipulated into bringing it on ourselves.

I believe that I have detected and learned how to neutralize perhaps the most devious, deceptive, and cunning forms of manipulation that they deploy. It is a form of torture. It has a technological basis, but also spiritual aspects and implications. It interfaces with all other vectors of manipulation, and it attempts to get targets to destroy themselves, or at least go insane.

Just as the vaccines turn the body against itself, this form of torture turns the mind against itself, the spirit against itself, the soul against itself. I think that one of its primary objectives is to get people hopped up on psych meds and destroyed. If the target decides to go to the shrink, and requests a soul-destroying drug, and has the prescription filled, and goes home, and makes the decision to take the drug, just to get some relief, then technically, he or she has used his or her own free will to effect or at least contribute to its destruction. To the occultist mind, they cannot be held to account if it happens that way.

Again, I am just the messenger. That is indeed the way they think.

As you recall, I survived all that, and I have been tortured virtually non-stop for years. Then, one day, a few weeks ago, I received divine assistance and insight which enabled me to put the torture to a stop. I call it the Spiritual Firewall. I want to share this knowledge and technique. My idea at this point is to produce a PDF document which you could then provide on your front page for people to download. I have to go to work, so enough for now. Please let me know what you think.

My response - This is probably completely accurate. My list of weapons they are using includes cell phones, cell towers, vaccines, and all the high tech gadgets such as smart televisions (I am not going to list them all). But it is a fact that, to state how bad it is, even most digital cameras that seem totally innocent can be used to emit frequencies that can mess with people. Obviously fluoride and antidepressants are on the list, and oh, for depth, RE READ WHAT FARGANNE SAID.

Gotta go.

April 20 2016

This message was SO GOOD I am putting it on top:

Here is another good response to yesterday's main post:

Please spare Africa the ridicule!

A. from Africa wrote:

Hello Jim

Been visiting your website for a while and think some of your insights are very enlightening. Africa is a pit hole and got to that point after 6-7 centuries of continuous rape by your white people and your sworn enemies the Jews. This was an externality for America then, when others were being raped. Unluckily for your dear USA, like every parasitic organism, "they" start feeding on themselves when they have killed off the host.

What is happening nowadays everywhere in the EU and the US is the case of parasites consuming their host. So please spare us Africans in your rant against the stolen elections in the US. We have our true issues and are still reaping the fruits of the parasites who still continue to rapes us to this day. However, as rape victims, we are small fry today and they are going for the ultimate.

You are right. The US is just a third world country now, stolen elections and all. What is left is for the infrastructure to meet third world status. Welcome to a struggle we all know too well. May be you will get to understand the mix of apathy, rage, helplessness and frustration we feel constantly in a struggle against a formidable foe who has a grip on the soul of mankind regardless of race.

Keep up the good fight. It is a long battle and we may not live to see its end but it continues.

Good luck.


My response: Good one. SO TRUE.

7.1 quake in Japan probably not nuclear

It is being reported by some that the 7.1 in Japan was caused by a nuke going off. After reviewing the seismograms I disagree.

It has a preamble that nuclear quakes do not have. It would make a great story to present this as a nuclear quake, but as you can see from the seismogram below, the peak intensity happens 10 seconds into the quake. If this was caused by a nuke, the peak intensity would have registered less than a half second into the quake. The only reason why some people have mistaken this quake as being nuclear in origin is because the most popular seismogram (shown below) has a compressed time scale that makes the quake look suspicious if people ignore the time graph at the bottom of the chart.

I would certainly chase a story with this topic, but in this case there is no story to be had. I'd like to say Japan tested a nuke so they could get even for 3/11, but I sadly cannot report what would be happy news.

Popocatepetl doom not the type stated

Do not worry about Popocatepetl going off, it has been going off on and off continuously for a very long time. What you should worry about is that when Popocatepetl went off this time (this started about a month ago, not last night) the NWO/carbon tax crowd blamed the ash clouds on cars (they blamed the Mexican people) and severely restricted driving in Mexico city, falsely claiming all the "air pollution" was from cars. And the Mexican people have apparently believed that B.S.! Now THAT is something to worry about!

Sebastian (who was in the Ecuadorian earthquake) wrote: Hi Jim. Thank you very much for your response.

I ask some people about the M7.8 earthquake and here are some answers. First, in Wikipedia they said the epicenter was in Muisne, 20km, 7.8. The Geofsico Ecuatoriano said that it was in Pedernales, 20km, 7.8, they use information from USGS. I will use Pedernales as epicenter, 106.8 miles straight line from D.M. Quito.

In the north part of D.M. Quito, it was like a boat for more than 3 minutes, no sounds just light post cables hitting each other. In the south east valley of Quito, they feel like an oscillatory movement that increase in intensity and then decrease for like a minute, no sounds, and again like a boat in the sea.

In the north-east valley from Quito they feel like an oscillatory movement for like a minute and a half, no sounds, like a boat on the sea. In the central part of D. M. Quito this person was in a car, so he feels like waves, like the car was a boat, the traffic lights were moving, no sounds, like a minute, then he has to continue his way. In San Vicente, Manabi Province, 51 miles straight line from Pedernales, the things in the house like refrigerator, kitchen furniture, they walk to the center of the kitchen, mirror breaks from the bathroom wall, glasses to the ground, light post to the ground and some houses. They hear the ground cracking.

According to the Geofisico in 16 April 2016 before the M7.8 we have 3 earthquakes M3.6 Pichincha M3.3 Napo M5.0 Coast of Ecuador, the 17th we have 140 earthquakes, the 18th more than 80 earthquakes almost all near the coast of Ecuador. So, if this is all man-made how they do it? They hit us once (7.8) and then the others are just replicas because they destabilize the ground? Today there were 2 more M6.2 earthquakes 3am Ecuador time. The last today was at 9:54am M3.9 Near Coasts of Ecuador. Some are natural others man-made? Or they send waves continually to create this other small quakes? Thanks again Jim, I know you will give me a great explanation so I can talk with my relatives about what is really happening in my country. Regards, Sebastian

My response: This is what a real earthquake feels like that is not machine generated - This is what happened in the Northridge eartquake: People bounced out of their beds and hit the ceiling. There was nothing boat like about it. If the construction was not earthquake proof, Northridge would have been nasty. People found their kitchens with cupboards completely empty and knee deep kitchen debris on the floor. Televisions thrown on the floor. Couches overturned. Refrigerators flipped. Real earthquakes have huge sudden jolts that throw things. The "liquid quakes" are not real, read THIS testimony of what people in Japan said - none of the quakes in the days leading up to 3/11 were real, and the Japanese knew it. In these mails, the Japanese describe what you are describing - "liquid quakes" that feel like you are on water or a spinning top. That is what the earthquake machine feels like, it is the tell all.

Important: In the days leading up to 3/11, there were many many quakes that the Japanese people did not perceive as earthquakes, because they had no jolting feeling, just the "liquid" effect you are talking about, and the fact that there were many artificial quakes leading up to the big one in Japan is consistent with what you had in Ecuador. The artificial quakes in Japan are spoken of in the E-mails from Japan (linked above).

Here's a good one:

With regard to yesterday's top post, Anonymous sent:

You are completely right. The same situation in Russia before communism. The white population was easy to take advantage of. Look at the porn today. It is all made by Jews. It shows extreme degradation of white women. But whites are kind of stupid as a whole. They do not perceive what is going on. God created cows to be taken advantage of by humans. God created white people to be taken advantage of by Jews.

My response: Sounds about right. White people tend to have ethics, which makes them easy targets of predators who have none.

Here is another good response to yesterday's main post:

Please spare Africa the ridicule!

A wrote:

Hello Jim

Been visiting your website for a while and think some of your insights are very enlightening. Africa is a pit hole and got to that point after 6-7 centuries of continuous rape by your white people and your sworn enemies the Jews. This were externalities then when others were being raped. Unluckily for your dear USA, like every parasitic organisms, they start feeding on themselves when they have killed off the host.

What is happening nowadays everywhere in the EU and the US is the case of parasites consuming their host. So please spare us Africans in your rant against the stolen elections in the US. We have our true issues and are still reaping the fruits of the parasites who still continue to rapes us to this day. However, like all rape victims, we are small fry today and they are going for the ultimate.

You are right. The US is just a third world country now, stolen elections and all. What is left is for the infrastructure to meet third world status. Welcome to a struggle we all know too well. May be you will get to understand the mix of apathy, rage, helplessness and frustration we feel constantly in a struggle against a formidable foe who has a grip on the soul of mankind regardless of race.

Keep up the good fight. It is a long battle and we may not live to see its end but it continues.

Good luck.

My response: Laughing now. SO TRUE.

Greg wrote:

Many Americans don't even realize they no longer live in that 'democratic republic,' but under the jack-boot heel of Jew tyranny. They think they're patriots, but they only thing they know about patriotism is the few minutes before the 'Big Game,' of football or baseball or basketball or race where they play the national anthem over the PA and people get all teary-eyed without realizing why. As soon as the music stops and the 'Protocols' game starts, the 'patriotism' they felt is kicked out the door and their minds get put on cruise control so they can enjoy the mindlessness of some glorified sport, while washing down their GMO altered hot dog with watery beer.

They shed tears during the national anthem because deep inside, a part of their being realizes their country has been hijacked by a motley collection of thieves, liars, back-stabbers, crooks, murderers, false flag artists and traitors that has been slowly sucking the economic, military and spiritual life out of this nation and shipping it to Israel.

But don't try and explain that to others in a comment or blog post, because you'll be crucified for being anti-Semitic. Try being an American for America and the Jew MSM will jump all over you, with plenty of help from their GOY traitors who make a luxurious living selling out their country to a group that got the title 'nation wreckers' a long time ago.

A good example is that former Congressman from Illinois, Dennis Hastert who is being tried not for sexual assault and rape of minors in his charge, but for moving too much money around. Hastert went from a paltry high school coach salary to getting paid as House rep from Illinois who was able to pay millions and millions in blackmail to the boys he violated and get hold of that kind of money in less than 20 years.

That shows how lucrative it is to turn traitor and switch your loyalty to Israel and her fiat money banks. You'll be rewarded with huge sums of money. After all, it doesn't cost the Jew controlled Federal Reserve anything to print out OUR money and have their sayanim give it to American traitors, so they lavish it on Congress.

Keep up the excellent work


Here is an important one:

GM Mosquito: Yes Jim, I would have to agree that I have seen similar fast, persistently aggressive and very agile mosquitoes in Malaysia for the first time this year up in 20th floor of condo! But they are larger and dark-coloured than you mention, not small and not stripey-legged. I have noticed that they fly directly to the upper body, not flying gently around the ankles. Since January 8th there have also been 5 cases of dengue reported in the same condo complex, the first time this has ever happened in the condo so far as I know. After reading your excellent reports and analysis on the likely causes of the anomalous public health issues in the Americas over the last 12 months, I went ahead and bought metal fly screens for all the windows and doors and put heated insecticide liquid on timer from 4 to 8 AM and PM in bedrooms and living areas. This won't help much against target-seeking mini-drones by the anti-humanity elite driving USGov.

My response: The mosquitos are not Aegis Aegypti. These are small and uniformly dark colored with no stripes, which makes it very easy for them to hide when they land on dark objects. These are practically impossible to kill because it is practically impossible to find them, and when you do find them they are so fast you cannot nail them, even with the mosquito racket ready. They do not seem natural and do not have any of the natural flight behaviors of mosquitos.

These will dart back and forth like a fly will, and do it 10x as rapidly. Mosquitos normally fly in a straight line. These do not. They are fully evasive. For details about this, scroll down to the GMO mosquito post from yesterday.


Now this sounds like the real Farganne, and I think this proves the mail window really is secure:

Farganne again. You said this window is secure. I say FAT CHANCE. We'll see about that. I NEED TO GET IN TOUCH WITH MAGIC BOX. No, not because I'm a spook pretending to be Farganne, but because I am the same Farganne who has been TORTURED FOR YEARS by a system that I tried to describe to you via emails in 2012, emails that you NEVER ANSWERED because you NEVER SAW THEM because they were all INTERCEPTED and TAMPERED WITH. I know this because I stress tested the interception system at the time and I saw exactly how they did things. There is an agenda to GOLEMIZE MANKIND, OK? And millions of people on this planet are test subjects providing feedback to the technicians, and I am one of them. The system involves nanotech delivered via vectors of aerial spraying, food, water, pharmaceuticals, etc, teraHz frequencies, remote neural monitoring tech, GWEN, cell towers, HAARP, and on and on. It's all a BioAPI network to turn surviving people into biological robots devoid of free will. I saw this in 2012 when we were in constant contact via email, and IT WAS THE ONE GOD DAMNED TOPIC I COULD NOT GET THROUGH TO YOU. NOW IS THE TIME. THE INFORMATION IS BLEEDING OUT ALL OVER THE PLACE. And I have found a way to KICK THEIR ASSES. Do you hear me? I NEED TO GET IN TOUCH WITH MAGIC BOX. Publish my email address if you have to.

I am not fucking around here. I have found a way to build a firewall. Answer me Jim.

Due to a computer outage, I have to cut today here. If your message was important and did not show up here, please re-send because when the message window works I get buried and just cannot get to it all in the time that I have. I will try to get the computers up and running on BSD but things have been so hectic I have not had time. BSD would be easy if I could just wipe out a hard drive, but that is not an option right now.

And to the troll who wrote saying I had to be an "FBI front" to get that seismogram from where I got it from (it aint easy), GET A LIFE, I do not sit here "magically" informing people by being some sort of derp. Oh, here's an even better one:

April 19 2016

Message window was secure and worked perfect again. I will hit a few important topics and cut to mails, which are always decent for posting when they are not messed with.

Things might be difficult today because the random computer of the day has a messed up character set, complete with missing programming characters

New york polls messed with

I am going to say this differently than others have.

FACE IT: America is not a representative republic anymore. Kikedom has converted the government above the once great America into a sub Saharan African masterpiece. No african country has elections as rigged as America's are now. You cannot find one craptacular country in Africa that is run as poorly and at the same level of corruption that America is now run at, and the ONLY THING HOLDING AMERICA TOGETHER IS THE WHITE POPULATION THE JEWS HATE. The American white population is so dedicated and works so well that it affords the scamsters in Washington the means to rape, pillage and mis manage a nation far worse than could ever be accomplished in Africa.

American politicians can run america far more poorly than they could get away with running ANY African nation because in Africa there is no educated working white class providing the support from the ground to keep it all running, mis-management be damned. African governments cannot get away with this because far fewer people will work even if they can, and if they do work, they do it on a continuously belated and pathetic schedule with no stress whatsoever about quality results and timely delivery. White America is ALL THAT, 100 percent, and has therefore provided enormous support to a corrupt power structure that clearly does not deserve it.

The Jewish community is doing all it can to complete the africanization of America, which they have already accomplished at all levels of government. Just look at what happened in New York today and try to deny it. Where else would you EVER WITNESS POLLS BEING RUN LIKE THAT?

You would not see it in Holland. You would not see it in France. You would not see it in Mexico. You would not see it in Bolivia. You would not see it in Argentina. You would not see it in Spain. You WOULD see it in Sierra Leon. You WOULD see it in Cameroon. You WOULD see it in an out of africa toilet hole like Bangladesh BUT I DOUBT YOU WOULD SEE IT IN EVEN NIGERIA or Kenya and you would NEVER SEE IT IN ANY OF THE ARAB STATES.

When I am saying 'America is being run like an African nation' I mean THE WORST AFRICAN NATIONS, this election cycle has shown it with aplomb, NO WONDER they do not want Trump in, he is the antithesis of the absolute bottom feeding third world gutter trash that they are. Bleach to the mold and rot.

Who knows who Trump really is. There are lots of conspiracy stories out there. But I gotta tell you, I KNOW what the current status quo is, and if you ever dreamed about Africa, you can go there over the NEXT FOUR YEARS without even getting off the couch if this election, like so many of the past elections, is again allowed to be stolen.

Gates mosquito probably planted

JB wrote:


DO you know what Mexican entomologists say about this mosquito?? The general name 'mosquito' can be applied to distinct families of Diptera:

- Culicidae: true mosquitoes and usually larger, the smallest ones being genus Microculex - Ceratopogonidae (biting midges) - quite small, can also feed on insect haemolimph - Psychodidae: Phlebotominae (sand-flies) - very nasty, vectors of Protozoan diseases (Leishmaniosis) - Simulidae: black-flies.

I'm asking because these have distinct larval ecology. If those Gates beats are true mosquitoes, they might not be very fit in the larva stage and be predated... these things usually cannot compete with forms tested by Natural selection for ages. The larval stage will be the most vulnerable because they spend most of their life span in it. So they might be just set free as adults already. Can you pick one (with insecticide) and post some pictures??

On the same topic, Carl wrote:

Hi Jim, in regard to the really small mosquitos, I've seen a few here in new zealand too. Never seen them before anywhere here or overseas. Thought it was an annoying little fruit fly the first time i saw one, but they still move like mozzies. can't say one has bitten me yet, maybe i'm too fast for them...

Cheers bro, Carl, nz.

My response: I had some suspicion that these were released. I will try to kill one with the mosquito racket and post a picture, but getting one is difficult because they are so fast and evasive. Over the course of a week I have only managed to nail 3 of these. The temperatures have been high enough long enough for all the native breeds to be prevalent now, and yet there has not been a single one of the normal mosquitos yet. Very odd, everyone has noticed this, not just me.

Quartz wrote:

Maybe I am stating the obvious, but I thought I'd say it anyway. Trump... the way he is acting... it almost seems to me as if he's merely acting as a mirror for what the People want. He's so popular, despite some of his controversial statements, because he listens to what the people want and acts according to what they most want. He's a wild card, unpredictable, and as the statement from Ted Nugent concisely states, if he so universally hated by the Establishment, top to bottom, he MUST be doing something right.

He's the kind of Leader that the USA needs, precisely because he listens to what the people want. He doesn't seem to be telling them what they want, but the exact opposite...

And he had every right to state that if the election doesn't go the way the People want, there will be chaos. Not because he will have caused it, but because the People will know that something is seriously wrong with the voting process. So many of the American People are for him, many more than ANY of the other candidates, as far as I am aware, that its almost literally insane to think otherwise.

The others merely pretend to care. Its obvious in their attitudes, the way they act, the way they do their campaigning, the paid "protesters" against Trump, the paid fake "support" for Clinton and Cruz. They're desperate to knock him out of the race. He's a massive anomaly to their carefully considered plans. If he wins, it's almost basically game over for the Establishment. Even more so if he then "mysteriously" gets assassinated. The People don't seem stupid enough to fall for that Lie, otherwise, Obama and Bush would have been easily assassinated due to their horrific, evil slaughter in the Middle East.

Kind regards, Quartz

My response: we know what the alternatives represent, and NO ONE with any wit wants more of that. Everyone is going to know the election was stolen, and those who will not admit it WANT IT.

Magic box wrote:

Morning Jim,

I noted that you got the donation, but this "I have to go secure the message window server, someone got in via the machine I am on now. But the key here is that it can be secured." makes me wonder whether you received my longer post before, which talked about the complete EM weapon system consisting of the ground based stations and the honey grate mesh of satellites to route EM beams to a muzzle satellite. Also been running numbers on IM products and power ratings, basically stripping down HAARPS functionality to the bottom. Negative feedback loops. If you did not get it, I can write it down again from memory. I did not make a local copy. But I can see 'they' were adamant on that info not getting out.

MagicBox, Holland.

My response: NOPE, got nothing of the sort. This gives the answer to a perplexing question: How can they get enough energy out of a satellite to accomplish the sort of job you are talking about? I got nothing from you on this topic. And this makes sense.

It makes sense, because you cannot beam enough energy up to one satellite to be useful because the atmosphere will attenuate so much. You cannot get enough energy from a satellite itself to be useful, because solar panels will not do it and you cannot get a big enough nuclear reactor into space to do it. But you could definitely beam lower amounts of energy up to multiple satellites, and have them relay it all to one big collector satellite without any losses in space. And when beamed back down for use, the energy will be much more efficient because it will go through the thin atmosphere first, and do its dirty work far above the thicker atmosphere at ground level.

This is an interesting prospect, and it would probably be the only way to make efficient use of EM weapons from space.

Anonymous sent:


The post and related posts about Jewish 'friends' and gifts, got me thinking about a theory I have had for sometime, that being that our 'tribal' friends are tasked, or have tasked themselves with monitoring 'x' number of goyim. Working in a field that is dominated by this group, and having attended related university programs (also dominated by this group, I am frequently struck by: 1) the shallowness of their communication, that they 'check in' from time to time, but when I follow up, I never receive a response. These 'odd' patterns of communication were most pronounced when tribal friends reached out to me after the Japan 3/11 earthquake (I am based in TKO). Offers of sympathy, offers to help, offers to make introductions for work in other locations. When I, in great need wrote back, gratefully accepting such offers, I never heard another word. I had earlier noted that school colleagues of this ilk would pro-actively write me from time to time. I would respond with pleasantries, and attempt to 'make conversation', only to never hear from them again. Yeh, people get busy, but I have not noted this behavior in any other group. Curious if you, or your readers have had similar experiences.

My response: RE READ THAT ABOVE. YES, THERE IS A LOT THERE IN A LITTLE SPACE. Read that at least 3 times and LET IT SINK IN, yes, they are all niceities and do all they can to reap the benefits of being 'nice' while delivering NOTHING, after all, why would they do anything good for those they are at war against? But oh, they will put on a cute face. ZERO follow up unless there is a profit to be made.

Aononymous wrote:

Re: Genes influence the age at which you lose your virginity

Mr. Stone,

As the lame stream media promotes a profound discovery, I have to ask what else is discovered on their way to this glorified, sexually motivated news release?

It is amazing our genes are connected to such acute characteristics...?

My response: Anything they can do to make anything more 'acceptable', provided it meets certain criteria . . . . . DO NOT blame your own behavior, it was all in your genes. YEP.

April 18 2016

Gates mosquito?

There are new tiny mosquitos in this section of Mexico now that people have not seen before. And their behavior is not what people have seen before. And the bites are not what people have seen before.

1. They do not fit the Ades Aegypti traits. These are fast fliers that have supreme mosquito intelligence. They can dive bomb and bite instantly, and there is no way you can swat them. When you get after them they have super fast darting motions and immediately land on something dark colored to obscure where they landed, and / or quickly find an object to get under, where they patiently sit. Due to their tiny size and super fast direction changes it is practically impossible to follow them with your eyes, even when they are against a totally white background which makes them easy to see. It is as if a re-programmed hybrid type of mosquito has been released that was specifically designed to be impossible to kill. They are loud. So you know when one is coming but if you do not have a mosquito racket you can forget avoiding a bite - they WILL BITE and they WILL GET AWAY.

2. The bites are horrible. They leave huge trenches. One tiny mosquito will easily cause 500 times it's body weight in skin to dissolve and turn into a scab. This is without scratching anything. I have never seen any mosquito bite cause a scab unless skin was scratched off to get rid of the itch. NOT SO WITH THESE, these will cause scabs even if you never scratch the bite. And I'd like to know how on earth the characteristics of a mosquito bite changed so much in one year.

3. Mosquitos this small exist on the Mexican coast near the ocean, but not in this area. So people are wondering how on earth these got here. The small mosquitos near the coast are slow flying and easy to kill. IF they can bite at all, nothing happens, they are too small to leave an irritating bite. So obviously the new arrivals are not simply brought in from the coast.

Some people are stupid about this and do not care (beyond the fact that there is something new and annoying), but I am worried and we are now sealing off the house as tight as a freeze dried food bag. And most puzzling of all: ABSOLUTELY NONE of the normal mosquito varieties are around this year. 100 percent of all mosquitos so far are these little fighter pilots that avoid every swat and get away every time. So this would indicate that even in the wild, against other mosquito breeds these little devils are competitive and predatory.

We will have to wait and see what the results are, but from looking at where they are taking the Zika lie, they now have their scapegoat and as far as I see it, ALL BETS ARE OFF.

Here's a good mail

Hi Jim, I do check your site once and a while , and read your piece about the Kumamoto earthquake as being induced by an even stronger machine than HAARP, and the next day you had removed it and replaced by something like:

I have now had a good look at the latest Japan earthquake, and the damage looks about right for a natural shallow 7.3

What's the matter? Did you "chicken out"? Were you threaten to write that "it was a natural quake"?? Something to do with Ben Fulford?! I'd like to know, because it is OBVIOUS that this earthquake, like many others in recent years around the world, was "machine induced"! Now, whatever weapon they used, is irrelevant at this point....But remember; Japan is still a target for the cabal, especially with this TPP stuff and much more, not to mention that it has been a ground for testing ever since the Meiji Era (take over by the Rothschild's, till the end of WWII, when it went into the Rockefellers & Co. Hands...and a bunch of American military bases made themselves "at home" here!) Kyushu has a few of them for that matter====And it is known that the region is not prone to such "natural earthquakes", like others are in the rest of the peninsula.

Hope you'll have some explanations for me!!うらやましい

PS: I have been living in Japan for almost 30 years...Just in case.

Best wishes,


My response: I first stated it was too shallow to be natural. And history shows this is virtually assured to be so. However, what happened simply does not match the previous iterations of the earthquake machine. What happened matched a natural geological event. And Japan has earthquakes up the wazoo anyway. You cannot cry foul on every stinking thing out there and maintain your credibility. That is why I only post suspicions when I can overwhelmingly prove something is amiss. The shallowness of this quake says man made. What happened on the surface does not. What happened on the surface looks to me like the top layer of rock broke. That would be natural, and it would explain why it was so shallow

I cannot be correct about everything all the time because I do not get to read the play book. Maybe I am wrong for siding with nature this time and I am paying attention. What happens next could say it all.

I am very suspicious about the earthquake in Ecuador however, still looking into that one.

Ecuador quake probably man made, (I will explain the difference in how they feel)

Sebastian in Ecuador wrote:

Hi Jim. An earthquake M7.8 struck Ecuador yesterday, well, 10 earthquakes and more than a 100 replicas. I feel the movement like a hammock for like 3 minutes. No big sounds like rocks ripping apart or ground moving,just a movement like a boat on the sea.

I watch Dutchsinse videos and he explained that because the really high activity in Japan, where more than 5 earthquakes struck the islands on Friday the compensation energy was the result of the "terremoto" in the coasts of Ecuador. I live in Quito by the way.

I also read in Infowars (I know, I know what is Infowars) but they write an article saying that a huge earthquake will hit the world because of the high activities in earthquakes and in volcanoes around the world. By the way here in Ecuador we have 2 mayor volcanoes activated, Cotopaxi y Tungurahua. Any idea if it was man made or just another natural disaster...

Regards, Sebastian

My response: And here we see the difference. The quake in Japan was sudden and jolting. But countless witnesses in Japan on 3/11 confirm: The man made quakes are greasy liquidy swaying feeling - "boat on the ocean" as you said. Additionally, my own witnessing of the huge Oaxaca quake (which impacted Chiapas the most, because it was basically in Chiapas,) coincided perfectly with an earthquake drill right down to the minute, including the reported magnitude, was the liquid greasy feeling quake. Additionally, the Oaxaca quake was a threat to Obama, who's daughter was in Chiapas at the time. SO, I will call the Ecuador quakes game playing and the quakes in Japan natural (for now). The devil is in the details with these things. . . . . Here is an old report:

Mexico quake verified MAN MADE

A reader sent me a mail with a link to a report by Dutchsince, which claimed that the march 20 quake in Mexico was man made. I was skeptical, but then took a look at his report which documented that a very well planned and advertised earthquake drill matching the exact same scenario at the exact same magnitude at the exact same time had taken place. if you look at what I said below - it felt like accelerating back and forth, not a violent movement, and in mails I also added that it had no vibration of any sort. This matches the descriptions that came out of Japan. Furthermore, if you read my mails from Japan, in there my writers said that all the quakes were happening at a depth of 10 KM and because of that, and the way the quakes felt un natural, they believed the quakes in Japan were from an earthquake machine, the existence of which is documented in the Fukushima report. Well, the USGS said this quake happened at a depth of 10 km, which matches Japan exactly. Usually quakes are much deeper, and this similarity with Japan is suspicious ESPECIALLY CONSIDERING

THIS!!! (now censored, but the backup is linked below)

To Lavoz Del Norte and others who will bury the facts when they are inconvenient, Now you know what will happen on this site; (explanation to readers on the next line . . . . .

Note - The newspaper La Voz Del Norte, which posted this article has banned all access to it and all others on their site related to it. SO,

It's a good thing I made a back up!

. . . . . . After a while in this business of busting lies and cover ups, you learn to do that!)

This text article is dated March 13, and verifies that indeed, this quake HAD TO BE man made.

It is verified truth the quake in mexico was indeed man made, the depth, which matches the suspicious quakes in Japan, and the fact it coincided with an earthquake drill matching the exact same scenario puts it over the top into the false flag terror category. Many of my readers are well read enough to know that on 9/11 there was a terror drill covering the EXACT SAME SCENARIO happening nationwide, including at NORAD, which caused them to fail to address and react to a very real situation, and the London train bombings, where the same thing happened. Now that terror in the name of Arabs has failed, they are attempting a new approach - terror in the name of the environment. You would think they would come up with a different bag of tricks, the whole "drill coincidence" theme is getting a little obvious. I made good and sure I got the real info from the real source before posting this, and now, I applaud Dutchsince for the WONDERFUL work!

And now, since this is proven, I am going to make a real good guess. I would be willing to bet that a gravity wave, or gravity machine has been invented. This would be prime for triggering earthquakes, because if you could put a gravity pull on the crust of the earth, in a direction other than down or up, it would indeed move the earth back and forth the way I felt it. I think that is what we are witnessing here and I would bet 500 pesos the Mexican government was not in on this particular joke.

Anonymous sent:


About natural earthquakes, this guy from Croatia - Igor Kostelac - has found a way to predict the possible occurrences of natural Earthquakes: it has to do with Moon phase, aligned with the Sun and/or other planets or passing by comets. If you know people or researchers interested in quakes, please make them know the work of this guy:

I also would to recall Carlos Muoz Ferrada, a Chilean astronomer who became famous for predicting exactly the day and approximate hour of one of the more devastating earthquakes in Chile's history, based on solar activity observation. he is also the first one to postulate the existence of a comet-planet:

My response: There is a totally legitimate science behind (natural) earthquake prediction which uses calculations based on the position of the moon and sun. Obviously, if the moon is at apogee or perigee, it's gravitational influence will be perfectly added to that of the sun, and the most stress possible will be put on the earth's crust, to an amount that dwarves anything any planet alignment could ever do. The sun and moon will pull perfectly opposite or exactly the same directions in this scenario. The biggest stresses are during total lunar eclipses and total solar eclipses. This this is an obvious earthquake trigger and it has happened.

I have to go secure the message window server, someone got in via the machine I am on now. But the key here is that it can be secured.

April 17 2016


This one bumped to the top because it is so creepy (just came in)

Hi Jim, I have just read the email from the lady in Ireland about the "gift" from a jewish friend. She also mentions the Irish Census due to take place on Sunday the 24th. What she does not mention is the company that will be processing the data on behalf of the Irish Census is not other than CACI UK, a subsidiary of CACI Limited, the company that was prosecuted for abuse at Abu Ghraib. Nothing like handing the Military Industrial Complex every detail about the people living in Ireland. Also in the link she included it states that they are not shoving Census forms through the letter boxes, this is because in fact by handing the census form to the house holder they are being served legal documents. All under the guise of a friendly census enumerator. This is outlined in this radio interview and well worth a listen to by anyone living in Ireland. They discuss what the census really means to the men and women of Ireland.

My response: SCROLL DOWN TO THAT REPORT IF YOU DID NOT SEE IT, (I repeat this multiple times on this page, it is long and entirely bolded,) and VERY IMPORTANT.

Industrialization and atmospheric Co2 is NOT causing earthquakes and volcanoes!

Anonymous wrote:

Do you seriously think that it is "plausible" what Mike claimed? (eg. "Earthquake and volcanic activity is increasing due to rising levels of atmospheric CO2 caused by runaway industrialization of the planet".)

So this stupid CO2 fraud is now responsible for earthquakes and volcanoes!!??

How could you push this obvious garbage on your otherwise excellent web site?

CO2 is a essential gas and is necessary for life on the planet to exist. Presently it is at a MEASLY 400ppm (which is 0.04%) and all scientists agree that humans only produce about 1-3% of the CO2 on the planet (the oceans produce the vast amount).

The global CO2 rises and falls over the life of the planet and it FOLLOWS natural temperature variations throughout history. Historically CO2 has been as high as 7000ppm and the earth has gone into one of it's many ice ages when the CO2 levels were about 4000ppm.

I've been a supporter of yours for a while now (financially when I can) and I try to turn as many friends on to your site as possible, but for you to now actual support the MORONIC claim that CO2 is now responsible for volcanoes and earthquakes rather than berating the guy mercilessly for being an idiot and pushing government agenda propaganda being an IDIOT is simply NOT ACCEPTABLE.

My response:

No, obviously it is not plausible. It is out there with the flat earth menality stupid. I read that mail after you mentioned this and it really is there. But I did not see that yesterday. I wonder how I missed that?

Of course I know CO2 cannot do anything as claimed, and know global warming is B.S., and no I have not flipped on this issue. 1. I do not recall that being in that mail yesterday.

2. Just because I post a mail does not mean I agree with everything in it. Had I noticed that mail said that (hard to miss, so I have doubts about that but maybe I missed it) I would have blown off that mail and skipped it as spam. I have left it as posted in case others saw that and were wondering, and:


With regard to the very interesting Jewish curse mail that is down the page a ways:

Unhived mind wrote:

Some might call this the use of a Dybbuk spirit but to gain a better understanding you might do better to study Islamic teachings mentioning the Djinn realm. This once again proves how evil this Synagogue of Satan really are and how they're so devious. Ask one of these Talmudists about their evil book and all you'll get is the following line; "I get my inspiration from the Talmud." Now if a being says such a thing to you after asking a question on the Talmud then you'll know they're on the side of ancient evil. Also beware of any of their forks like those in white gloves who ask "Are you a traveling man?" These people aren't dealing with God as they claim but instead they are messing with the Djinn realm. The Djinns wish to remove mankind from the Earth and they're utilizing this Synagogue of Satan and its Sabbos Goy slaves to achieve the goal. The Djinns defy God's wishes so look for people who do the same and practice the Kabbalah.

My response: All three abrahamic faiths have this, and all are correct about it. However, only Judaism actually uses the demonic side to accomplish its goals when "needed". I would like to repeat: Never keep a gift from a Jew because it is likely to carry a curse, but always accept them. Play the politics. Both refusing to accept, and keeping a gift from a Jew is equal to wishing yourself disaster. If you missed the mail on this topic, it is a HUM DINGER OMG type mail, this stuff is real and the Jews play for real, SCROLL DOWN TO IT, it starts out with very bolded text saying "this is a long and interesting read". I'd say it is a MUST READ.

Earthquake machine

MagicBox wrote:

EM resonance of minerals (iron) in the crust is how it's done. 'They' might have found a way to create an EM push-pull configuration on iron layers, enabling them to translate magnetic resonance into physical movement. How, I would not directly know. Geology experts with intimate knowledge of EM may shed light on this. Most will be under their control or otherwise be shut up.

A low-power version of the single ended version is already used for years to map mineral fields and densities in Earth's crust.

My response: You are partially correct, but because Japan is almost completely volcanic, Japan has virtually no iron, they have to import all of it. The earthquake machine does not depend on ferrous materials. The earthquake machine most likely uses either 1. Gravity technology we have not been told about, or 2. Nuclear magnetic resonance frequencies, in conjunction with low frequency EM. All atoms have a nuclear magnetic resonance frequency. And all atoms have a magnetic field. The reason why most materials are not magnetic however is because the electron spins never line up in most of them, and as a result they perfectly cancel. However, if you hit the atoms with their natural nuclear magnetic resonance frequency, they will all line up like a magnet and then can be pulled on, as if it was iron. At least if I understood all of that correctly years ago . . . . . so in this scenario they would simply bias the predominant elements in the ground with a high frequency, and then pull on them with a much lower frequency.

You cannot mail people saying the earthquake machine pulls on ferrous deposits and then use that in reference to Japan, because Japan does not have that, and anyone who knows geology fairly well will know (this was general knowledge for me, I did not look this up) and it can therefore be assumed that many other people know this. And they will be the ones who will make a difference if they are convinced this is all real. Based upon what has happened already it cannot possibly be done by pulling on deposits of magnetic materials.

I do not know exactly how the earthquake machine works, but those are my two best guesses.

Magic Box responded:

"so in this scenario they would simply bias the predominant elements in the ground with a high frequency, and then pull on them with a much lower frequency."

That has to be it. The ELF waves can theoretically be created with HAARPS like devices through plain intermodulation. I've once read about someone pointing out the variance in frequencies of the individual antennae, to which it was said that was no more than accuracy error margin. But I think this is no error margin. It'll most likely be extremely accurate, where the frequency differences between the antennae are the actual wanted and intended IM products. We hate it in audio amps. They adore it to get ELFs without needing antennae the size of an Earth's lapse.

My additional response: It is my best guess. Can't think of any other conventional way it could be done.

Raymond wrote: Hi Jim. I sincerely hope you're health is improving. I've sent this message a few times, I'm sorry if you already received it. It seems the message window is working definitely so I'm sending again. Though you are probably aware, I just wanted to alert you to the benefits of vitamin C in high doses for viral infections and how it is potentially curative. Much info on internet. Dr Thomas Levy has some great info on it. Im a medical doctor in Australia and I know that this has been suppressed heavily in medical circles. Doses need to be much higher than RDA, anything up to 100-200g per day, but even a few grams a day would help. I would suggest 25-50g if you can get it. Ascorbic acid with lecithin can be made into a liposomal preparation, which is enhanced with the use of alcohol as a solvent (vodka adequate), you only need a blender to achieve this (see Oral doses without the liposomes cause diarrhoea at about 15g for most people, but this varies, so taking Sodium Ascorbate powder orally mixed in a drink also is okay (oral absorption is about 20% so you'll get a few grams this way which is very helpful). I am just genuinely concerned about your health and I hope you receive this message. God Bless you.


My response:

The doctor had advanced equipment, ran a gazillion tests (I mean pages and pages and pages,) and then determined that I had two super hard core viral infections, one internal and one in the skin. The doctor stated they were not natural infections (were probably GMO) but viruses have classifications and at least that much could be identified. I was then prescribed many different medications that would not be considered mainstream (but were not from herbal sources). All the sicknesses including the mushroom came back (I was warned it would) and then suddenly died. This all happened within a week. And there are three months of medication left to go.

The medications were designed to make everything go hyperactive, and then take advantage of that to kill it. It took a lot of faith in the doctor and I was really spooked at first (worried about sabotage) but as stated, it all died. This is a remarkable doctor and I am not going to say anything more, because I do not want this doctor to be hunted down and done away with.

This did not use vitamin C, or anything else I was expecting. Thanks for writing!

Remo wrote: Thank you for what you do on your site Jim. It's the most informative site I know of for truthful information. The msm is just lies and propaganda for the most part. Please be extra careful at all times... especially around strangers.

One question I have for you... do you have any insight into "the Hum" that people.. including myself can hear? It varies in intensity and is not always present but sometimes it is very noticeable. It can be very annoying at it's loudest.I live in a mountainous area of N.Ca. and can't really pinpoint anything that may be causing it.

My response: If your hum sounds like this, it is from cell towers and other devices (such as your cell phone) that are emitting heterodyned frequencies in the 2 Ghz range. (best answer) this is the "tinnitus" everyone has. It cannot be coincidence and I believe it is intentional and for mind control/mood setting. Tinnitus can be at any frequency when it is caused by a genuine physical condition. WHY does everyone have this tinnitus?

Anonymous sent:

Very pleased to learn that you have "sorted" out the health problems

We rate your site very highly. what an interesting well informed source. truly brilliant.

we share the "curse" text. in fact we would never eat anything that came from subjects who gave us that creepy feeling and we never accept anything from "satanists" and this was way back

so we strongly support the writer. Wish we could explain better. Share you "feeling" there is so much truth in the post we thank you 4 all the great info - truly amazing

Kind Regards

My response: To those who did not scroll down to see that post, SCROLL DOWN, it is an important one!

Terrahertz wrote: one line removed)

Hi Jim, The phrase 'tax freedom' is an oxymoron - as I'm sure you know. But to logically prove taxation is slavery, here's a great article from Truth About The Law:

I currently am trying apricot seeds (vitamin B17/Laetrile) to cure a cat of cancer. See my page if interested.


Here's a creepy one:


Further to Kurt's point - I accidentally left power on one night and the sound on. At mid-night, bang on, I heard my machine start up. I was not sleeping well that night and was restless at mid-night. I got up and there it was fully operational. I pulled my power pack and killed the m/c. About 2-5 minutes later a van with antenna on top rolled up to my front door. A searchlight was turned on and into my bedroom (interesting they knew where my bedroom was) and the light flashed twicw. I guess two bullets in the head metaphor.

Regards, elderlyrstaff

My response: This is made possible by Intel CoreVpro technology. This is not a joke. Intel CoreVpro is the end of all pretend security. It is so much worse than we have been told by Snowden, even Intel promotional pieces make that clear. That is why all I have ever said with regard to Snowden is that he is a day late with all of it. Probably a controlled release. Or not really on top of things with the NSA despite being there, (which the compartmentalized clearances are set up to accomplish.)

I am surprised the van was that audacious, but the exact same thing happened to me when I bought an I5 processor, I turned it on and within a few minutes "they" parked at the corner with a similar obvious van. And I mean it was OBVIOUS, (this was shortly after I did the Fuku report so I already had their attention.) I returned that computer to Office Depot and went AMD ONLY from then on.

Jack wrote:

Jim, I cam I see backward 45 years & American life was not like this. People were well spoken,all Americans had sense. Now the news shows just talking animals, no sense. In 1970 there was only Playboy Bunnies. Now you can see depraved degradation. Beautiful blondes being joyfully debased. What exactly the tribe is doing to the American Mind includes a wasting away of morals & sense of goodness. I don't have a clue, but it's ugly.

May Life bless & protect you, Jack.

Too much came in to get to once again, I am going to have to cut it here because my time for today is up (all computers destroyed, have to use cyber cafe's for now, will get through this by thinking because the hardware is all technically good.

April 16 2016

Finally at a computer that can do the mail, (the message window has not been censored lately) HERE GOES.

Here is the spookiest and possibly the most important mail that came in:


Today I was shaken harder than I have been shook in a long while. I am the one who sent that lengthy message about the homeless in Seattle.

I was on the way to a job site in downtown Seattle. When I drove under a the 3rd Avenue Bridge in Downtown, I saw two vans parked next to an empty homeless camp on the sidewalk. It looked like the cops had cleared the people out only minutes earlier. And ALL OF THEIR BELONGINGS WERE LEFT BEHIND, IT LITERALLY LOOKS AS IF 15-20 PEOPLE ALL JUST GOT UP AND WALKED AWAY FROM THEIR STUFF AT THE SAME TIME.

Of course all the Goyim driving by do not notice and are only worried about their slave-jobs. And they're just happy to see all of the filthy dirty stinky homeless people being taken away from their condos.

What really creeped me out is that the vans were marked with "KING COUNTY DEPARTMENT OF ADULT AND JUVENILE DETENTION". Seems like a clever name for wholesale kidnapping.

I had to drive around a second time and get a photo of the vans. It looks like they had already packed up alot of the camp into the trailer, in the 5 minutes it took me to drive in a circle (I HATE city driving). It was taken with my phone while driving, so it's not the greatest quality. SEEING THIS IN PERSON IN SHAKES YOU RIGHT DOWN TO THE CORE

My response: I am going to continue to state (as I have before) that the homeless problem from people getting knocked out by this economy is being hidden by the hauling off of people to detention centers, and that the camps are already open. Here we have complete non criminals being "detained" in bulk. That speaks volumes. Rather than admit to how bad things are right now, they are sweeping the problem under the rug. Thank you for documenting this.

Kurt wrote:

(this is a bit cryptic so I should sum it up in a sentence) - Kurt figured out how Intel based computers are now transmitting everything out, even if you do not have internet. He blocked this communication path, and they cut his internet off. HERE GOES:

Today you said "malware � did not come in through the mail." That reminded me of my experience two years ago that I had written you about on the RB security forum. But since we've both had problems getting out the truth, in case mine didn't reach you then, I'll paraphrase and update it now. Originally, I put a 1.9 Ghz shunt from the heat sink of one of my computers to chassis ground (I had been talking with walking_turtle about this idea at the time) and less than a week later my internet with four computers (two dual boot) was throttled to zero (monitored with conky). I removed the shunt a week later, left the state, used two machines on another LAN, and returned home in a month to a working internet.

Looking at my machines carefully I found a folded unipole 4 x 16 mm (~60 mm OA) antenna in the motherboard printed circuit of one next to the CPU, and just oddly crooked traces (maybe fractal?) on the third. I've also noted that the cases each have a large rectangular hole (almost square, rounded corners) underneath the CPU (mw path out?). Years ago all I remember seeing were solid there.

Just for the halibut I did a ping to (a Google DNS server) and found the RT times were mostly, i.e. the statistical Mode, +/-2, of 54 ms, but occasionally up to 110 or 300. Don't know what it was before. A traceroute to there showed 13 hops with the 9th to � NETBLK-COX... which explains a lot. Does anyone else see that in their traceroute (tracert in W)?

Methinks they compare what they see on the net from your MAC address to what they see in the machine and punish if they think you're cheating them(!): If they can't see in (to your motherboard), you can't see out. Privacy is expensive.

In my syslog (LM17 and LMDE partitions in a homemade tower) I captured three occasions where the log restarted after midnight. I'm always asleep by 11. (Usually I keep my machines unpowered overnight, but I know I've slipped at least once.) I saw three other messages in the LMDE gz logs, but when I went back to document them their data types became "unknown" � so they became unopenable. These were all cases I found by searching for ""] start". (Remote r/t interference?)

I truncated this here, MY RESPONSE:

I did not receive anything on this topic from you ever. I knew the board mounted antenna had to exist. Your description is exact, and I MEAN EXACTLY what it would have to be. This is good info which proves the message window is not censored right now.

Mike wrote:

It's technically possible and practically feasible for scientists to choose the location where earthquakes will most probably occur. Earthquake and volcanic activity is increasing due to rising levels of atmospheric CO2 caused by runaway industrialization of the planet. Therefore scientists can now use coordinated HAARP electromagnetic waves to interfere with seismic processes and direct earthquakes towards an enemy�s territory. Scientists can use HAARP to produce heat and water vapour in specific regions of the ionosphere and stratosphere. Expansion of the heated gases and vapour that forms in these regions causes these gases to push outwards into space and that creates an equal and opposite pressure down on the earth�s surface. Repeated cycles of these HAARP pressure effects eventually induces fatigue cracking in the faults of the earth�s crust releasing swarms of small earthquakes that will regularly relieve the stress and strain accumulations along some sections of the tectonic plates so that stress and strain will build up in others sections. In other words they focus the accumulation of stress and strain at the location where they want a big quake to occur. The principles and techniques for doing this are all available and just require a top secret project to be strategically planned and executed under cover of a �sensitive science/military research program.� Absolute secrecy would probably be the biggest challenge of all - not the technique of sending an earthquake to an enemy country, but the lengths to which the directors of the program would have to go to keep the program away from government scrutiny. That�s difficult when several scientists in different countries would be required for successful execution and cover-up.

But consider the following - think how easily psychopathic mad scientists were employed in the secret military project for spraying and destroying millions of acres of rain forest, billions of animals, insects and birds and thousands of innocent people with horribly toxic chemicals in Vietnam. Or exposing sailors to nuclear radiation to see how the body reacts. Think how easily psychopathic mad scientists were employed in the secret geo-engineering projects 16 years ago for modifying waste water disposal and engine exhaust systems of modern jet aircraft to induce additional high level clouds in the stratosphere for cooling the earth. These vapours enhance HAARP atmospheric pressure effects. So this shows how easily psychopathic scientists can be recruited to do things like causing an earthquake in your enemy�s territory.

Further evidence - Historical data shows frequency and number of smaller earthquakes are increasing much more so than larger ones.

USGS information shows smaller earthquake frequencies increasing in the US only since about 2005.

There are dozens of articles blaming shale gas fracking for the recent increasing number of smaller earthquakes. I believe it�s caused by HAARP pressure effects aimed at either keep large US cities safe from earthquakes or targeting enemy territories.

My response All plausible.

Anonymous wrote:

"An impending sense of doom. The Jews have hit critical mass. They have won." Etcetera, etcetera, ad nauseum.

Jim, your recent work on vaccines is brilliant as usual, nobody does it better than you most times. And I have always backed you 100% since the Fukushima Report. But you are also completely off track sometimes and full of hubris at those times amigo.

Who died and made you God? Because only "God" could possibly know when the Jews have actually finally completely forever won. Doesn't the fat lady even have to sing? Lol.

You are starting to sound "flatulent", "anal-retentive" or just plain irrationally negative... like, notably, George Carlin, Jeff Rense, Jordan Maxwell and Alan Watt. This typically happens to "truthers" that are "beyond their sell-by date". Just go listen to Eustace Mullins, who, if it weren't for him, you and I wouldn't know shit. He is arguably the founding father of the truth movement and NEVER became seriously negative, because when that happens you become almost worthless to your audience i.e. those you are attempting to help (deprogram).

Because if the Jews have won, there's no use fighting back. It's like the Borg motto: Resistance is Futile. Why would anyone listen to you? Or give a damn what you say? It's all over anyway. Boo hoo. That's even worse than the usual Christian thingy: "Don't worry, God will take care of it".

But it's not even that! You are flat out 100% wrong on this whole subject. We have only had the internet for a short time. We are just now barely getting warmed up. Who knows what might happen when the sleeping giant (N.America) truly awakens and gets insanely pissed off. Every tyranny fails eventually. Our job is just to deprogram people and keep on cheerfully learning more and passing it on. That's all we can do i.e. the masses have to do the rest when the time comes. But we need to get them ready - and if we are fatally negative now then all really IS lost because it's a self-fulfilling prophesy when all hope is lost. And when all hope is lost, that's arguably THE definition of Hell.

You empower people by giving them knowledge AND hope, amongst other things. Sometimes hope is all we have on this prison slave-world of ours. And our world is a very unpredictable and dangerous place cosmologically. Shit happens and everything that can happen, will happen in the long run. And man, I can think of lots of various things that could happen that could derail the illuminati train. But, of course, maybe we really HAVE lost. I do not know. And neither do you. And even if you DID know (which you don't), why would you tell newbie truthers something completely negative like that? You are an instrument (a psychologist, a master deprogrammer) - and you have to be careful how you use that powerful instrument. And even if we HAVE lost (which we haven't) it's still important to maintain positivity so we can deprogram everyone i.e. it's better to live in a prison where everyone at least realizes they ARE in a prison.

I could even see the illuminati successfully bringing in their whole "New World Order" thing and then it doesn't last long, but breaks apart like their EU is threatening to do right now. Lol. These Satanists are not particularly smart (they just have unlimited funds). If they were smart, they wouldn't be doing ANY of the things they're doing right now. We could all live like billionaires. Fly to Hawaii on an anti-gravity ship for lunch, and it wouldn't cost anything for fuel. It's all a great pity, but eventually we can overthrow them if we don't get negative, lose hope and give up.

You've been traumatized like hell. Don't forget that. In my opinion, you need a long long rest from this whole diabolical enterprise. But every time I go on your site I always smile because I know they haven't managed to do you in yet. Unknown numbers of people listen to you now, Jim. And they care about you, as do I. Try to give them a positive message of hope, and solutions and teach them to replicate themselves, network an help each other out. That's just as important as the specific knowledge you are so generously and selflessly dishing out. And no-one out there is doing it better than you are. Keep it up if you can but know when to back off or even quit for awhile. You embarrassed their last assassination team, so they will maybe come at you with all guns blazing nest time. Just stay alive. Shoot first and run like a maniac. Cheers.To send a message type here and hit the button.

My response: Let me vent once in a while. Getting to the bottom of the septic tank is overwhelming at times. Most people need to be told they have lost it all before they will get off their buts and do something, usually too late. Saying it is too late once in a while is what most people need before they will do anything. I am still here.

Trent wrote:

Jesus said "as often as you do this, do it in remembrance of Me." He said it during a Passover Seder.

I've recently come out of the churches and found great satisfaction and deep spiritual enrichment in keeping God's Holy Days as a way to call to mind the promises God has kept and will fulfill to the utmost through the ministry of the Messiah.

As I gain appreciation for the Holy Days, I marvel that people keep the feasts in ignorance of the Hebrew Messiah who is the Passover Lamb - given up for our sakes. The Hebrew nation eats and drinks in unbelief and rebellion.

The churches of men are not much better off, since they have altogether conspired to expunge what is written about these things, and leave the churchgoers in abject ignorance whilst using pitiful pagan practices in place of what is written and easily understood by anyone brave enough to give it a sincere attempt.

I guess I am saying all this to encourage you to take another look at it if you haven't done so since departing the Jewish community. There are blessings to be found by those that seek them out, as I can report from experience.

Ripening for the harvest,


My response: Virtually all churches have been infiltrated by the CIA and now serve as control mechanisms. This is why virtually all provide nothing but feel good sessions that produce misguided people who believe everything is great "just because they believe in Jesús". So they never work to actually become Godlike. ManyAnd have poor behavior. And as would be expected of any externally derailed organization, many are nothing but money funnels. Too bad, what you have said above is true and the "conspiring" happened compliments of the taxes you paid.

Anonymous wrote:

I can't understand what you are saying. the mushroom has damaged your language skills. Re-write in a clear and understandable manner:

[This earthquake proved that Japan was not earthquake proof, and seriously points the finger at how on earth was there almost no damage from the 3/11 quake other than tsunami damage. Today's earthquake was a 6.5 and I'd like an answer as to how a 6.5 did more seismic damage than a 9.1, and NO, TSUNAMI DAMAGE PICS DO NOT COUNT. Let's see seismic damage from 3/11. AND NO, THE OCEAN DID NOT ABSORB THE QUAKE ON 3/11, THIS IS IMPOSSIBLE but boy did that lie work well to fool the Japanese and "explain" the lack of seismic damage on 3/11. Forget about how such a huge quake would have collapsed buildings in Korea, China, and Russia if it was real in Japan.]

My response: No, I have pretty much gotten over the mushroom with very good medical care made possible by what people sent in for it. In this case, I made the mistake of assuming you read the Fukushima report, which provides the full background for the statement you did not understand. The Fukushima report documents that there was only one seismically collapsed structure in Japan from the 3/11 quake, and that was an old welfare shelter near the true epicenter, at seismic station MYG004. All other damage was tsunami damage. That alone proves no 9.1 happened, and that the 3/11 tsunami was artificially triggered, with the most probable scenario being with large nuclear weapons dropped in the Japan trench.

My point made is how can an earthquake with a thousand times less energy do more actual seismic damage than 3/11?

HA HA HA, this one is short and sweet:

Anonymous wrote: Now they have organized McDonald workers against Trump. He does not own any McDonalds. But he is made responsible for low pay of McDonalds workers.

In Germany animal rights groups are telling grocery stores to put pork in Halal section. What has Halal got to do with animal rights? they did not ask pork to be put in kosher section!

Now, ted has announced that there will be a floor fight and he will win on the second or third ballot at the convention. ted stole all delegates from three states already.

My response: FACT: Trump pays EXCELLENT wages. But he expects EXCELLENCE in return. Paying for excellence and receiving excellence will cause success, because the result is excellence at a fair price. If you don't produce excellence after being paid to, Trump will cut you away like anyone would cut away a leech. Trump expects to get what he pays for. If you worked for Trump and made the grade, well, that would certainly look good on a resume!

But suck buttox liberals who are spiked heavily with Jews who simply collect paychecks while screwing people (especially the tax payers) when Jews work government jobs in a way that will destroy the people - these types who produce practically zero while getting paid up the wazoo will never understand what excellence is, and why in a capitalist society excellence is needed before you deserve to get paid more than Jack. Most McDonalds employees have gotten by only, and should be paid accordingly. If they organized against Trump when Trump has nothing to do with them, well, how bright is that? They are where they are as their abilities have dictated.

Anonymous sent:


Columbia U and NY State U both did double blind studies that concluded that negative ions are MORE effective than SSRIs at treating depression, with ZERO side effects.


The most effective form of negative ion generator is simply running a water fountain in your bedroom 24 hours a day (with distilled water). The negative ions will also latch onto any particle in the air (including chemtrails) and force it to the ground.

My response: I knew the presense of naturally flowing water Works as you stated, but that playing back the sound does very Little. Enough said?.


This is a long and interesting read about curses that can be left in your home. I am going to bold all of it so you can easily skip it if you want. I bet you wont

Dear Mr Stone,

I wrote to you once before, I think it was regarding the mandela effect.

I read your website regularly, thank you for all the work you have done especially on exposing vaccines. I have not vaccinated my daughter and that is mostly thanks to you.

The reason I am writing to you now is, I had a very strange experience through having a Jewish friend leave a book in my home. After that I experienced a kind of spiritual problem which I have never heard of from any Christian source, the only websites dealing with it are secular.

I managed to get rid of this problem by burning the book. I wrote a blog post about it for my blog site, and as you are one of the few people drawing attention to the problems Jewish people are causing I thought you might be interested in it.

I am also concerned about the recent census sent to me for filling up. I live in the Republic of Ireland.

Everyone in the Republic of Ireland was recently delivered, by hand, a Census Form which must be completed on 24th April 2016.

We must identify how many people live in our house, our names, dates of birth, places of work / education, the job title of our occupation, whether we own our house or rent, how much the rent / mortgage every week / month is, and what religion we are.

This Census Form must be filled out correctly and completely and it is a legal requirement to do so.

"After the last census in 2011, there were five successful prosecutions of people who refused to answer the 35-question survey."

It is interesting that Jews no longer have to identify their religion on the 2016 Republic of Ireland Census Form:

"The forthcoming census - on April 24 - will offer residents of the Republic a nice menu of 'religions' to choose from. You can identify yourself as Roman Catholic, Church of Ireland, Islamic, Presbyterian, Orthodox (Greek, Russian, etc), any 'Other' religion or 'No religion'.

Although one of the most universally famous characters in world literature is an Irish Jew - Leopold Bloom of Joyce's 'Ulysses' - the Jewish community in Ireland is now such a minority that it does not rate a category of its own. It is significant that Islam is now the third most-important ranking among official Irish religious categories."

Underneath the "Other" religion box there is a space where you are asked to insert the name of your "Other" religion. I presume this is for all the Methodists, Pentecostals, Baptists, Hindus etc that do not have sufficient numbers in Ireland to warrant their own religion box to tick, to fill in.

I must state upfront that I was brought up to have no problem with Jewish people. My mother used to own a small business, part of which involved selling jewellery, and a Jewish agent used to sell it to her. She always said to me that she never had to check the invoices she was sent or the amounts of goods she was sent, as they were always correct, unlike local wholesalers who had to be constantly checked as their invoices always were wrong to some degree, and mainly in their favour.

My mother always said, the Jews were the most honest people she dealt with in business.

We did not know any other Jews as there are none where we live. So I had and still have, no prejudice against Jews.

However I had a Jewish male friend who I had a relationship with for a while some years ago, and that is when a problem arose which I feel I must write about and bear witness to.


Basically, after breaking up with my Jewish friend, we remained friendly and he came to visit me once. He was sitting in my kitchen and I went out of the room for some reason. When I came back in rather unexpectedly I found him standing on a chair and putting something on top of one of my kitchen cupboards. He seemed a bit surprised that I had returned so soon and told me that he was giving me a housewarming gift (I had moved in just before that) which was a small book of the Bible Psalms written in Hebrew. He explained it was a good luck thing.

I was a little surprised that he didn't tell me about this before he put the book up on the cupboard. My kitchen unit cupboards have just a small space between them and the ceiling. There is a wooden rail in front of them, and I cannot see what is on top of them without standing on a chair and twisting my head to look behind the rail, and normally would never look to see. But at the time I innocently thought it was a nice gesture and thanked him.

Anyway not long after that I began to have a strange feeling about my kitchen. Many times I would be cooking or listening to music and I would have a strange feeling of being watched. I also often felt I could see dark shadows out of the corner of my eye. When I would turn around there would be nothing there. It was odd and also strange that from that time onwards, my daughter refused to go downstairs at night without turning on all the lights. She also insisted that I talk to her all the time as she was downstairs by herself. She was frightened of being downstairs at night on her own and would race up the stairs before turning off the lights. This went on for years but I didn't associate it with the book my ex-friend had positioned on top of the cupboard, as I had forgotten all about it.

I decided my daughter must have watched something frightening on TV and rationalised that as I am aging my eyesight may be getting worse. However I should have thought more as to why it was only in the kitchen I briefly would see these dark shapes which quickly vanished when I tried to focus on them. I prayed about it but didn't get any response. I tried praying as soon as I saw a shadow, but they were gone by the time I started to pray.

I was worried about this but had so much going on in my life that I didn't pay it the attention I should have. I kept thinking I should have my pastor over to bless the house, but he lived a long distance away and it was difficult to arrange a suitable time. Also my problem was so non-specific and sounded so imaginary I felt embarrassed to draw attention to it. So I just prayed over it myself. But the shadows still appeared in my kitchen, coming and going, regardless of my prayers.

Anyway, last winter, I decided to paint the kitchen and in preparation started washing the walls. It was only then I noticed the book was still there and remembered him putting it there. I had forgotten all about it. It had been there a few years. I looked at it, it was all in a foreign alphabet. I realised that I had no idea what might be written in it. I didn't have a good feeling from this book. It was small so it burnt up quickly in my fire that evening.

Since the book being destroyed, my daughter has had no problem going downstairs in the dark. And I have not seen any dark shapes.

You may well be thinking, now her daughter is now much older and probably was going to grow out of the problem of being afraid of the dark at some stage. As for the dark shapes, they were all in her imagination anyway.

I have also pondered this. But I know I did see these dark shapes, many times, and I am definite that they were demonic spiritual entities of some kind. Something was able to gain access to my kitchen, thankfully not to the rest of the house, due to that book being there. I have not seen them since destroying it. This proves to me that it was not my failing eyesight. Nor was it my daughter's over active imagination.

Since then I have read of shadow people on many sites. Wikipedia even has a page about it and unusually even allows a Christian to comment on their spiritual nature:

"Hollis describes shadow people as dark silhouettes with human shapes and profiles that flicker in and out of peripheral vision, and claims that people have reported the figures attempting to "jump on their chest and choke them". She believes the figures to be negative, alien beings that can be repelled by various means, including invoking "the Name of Jesus"."

I would agree with the figures being negative and probably demonic. And of course I prayed to God in the name of Jesus about them immediately I saw them, which is probably why I never had such an attack as others have reported, and I never even got a good look at them as they would vanish almost instantaneously.

There are many sites about shadow people on the internet, here is a good one:

"At first, they appear only out of the corner of your eye, furtively darting out of view when you turn to look straight at them, but are now gone. Did you really see them?

Shaking the image out of your head, you assume that it was some peculiar anomaly of your eyesight, however the feeling still lingers that someone continues to watch you. For weeks, months or years, the fast dark movements in your peripheral vision are dismissed until it finally happens without warning. You see the shadow directly in front of you: face to face, blacker than black, darker than dark, like a void that has punched a hole into the inky fabric of night itself."

I never saw a shadow directly in front of me, probably because I would pray as soon as I saw one. However all the prayers I made to protect my house, didn't work for my kitchen as they were definitely able to come and go to there at will and I now believe it was because of that book being there that this presence was enabled. I must have enabled this by allowing the book to be present, even though I had forgotten all about it.

The Jewish Book of Psalms seems to have constructed a type of demonic Faraday cage, basically. The many prayers I said had no effect over the part of the house the book was in. I could pray away the shadows whatever I saw them when I was in the kitchen, but I obviously was not able to stand guard in my kitchen 24/7.

It was a very cleverly disguised satanic gift to give to a Christian, a book of Bible Psalms. Most Christians would never think to suspect a book from the Bible as being the cause of demonic infestation. Probably to put the book there in secret, was the main reason he visited me.

Since getting rid of that book, I have learned, from some rather odd websites, that specific psalms from the Book of Psalms, are ritually used for magical purposes and place both blessings and curses on people. This is not a subject on which I care to dwell. I am quite sure that God never meant for his Psalms to be misused in such a manner. But the fact that many pagan websites contain spells which involve reciting the Psalms, is noteworthy. One pagan site mentioned that historically, witches were taught the use of these Psalms in magic, by Rabbis.

Anyway I wanted to record this incident as I have come to believe because of it, that there must be something Satanic about present day Jewish worship if it can manage to attach such demonic entities to a book. Also it was very sneaky and deceitful of him to try to put the book there out of sight behind my back while I was out of the room. I am quite upset that he would do such a thing, I believed that our relationship was mutually cordial and we stayed in touch for a long time after that. I now believe he was ensuring to remain in contact with me, in order to monitor the effect of the book.

I was very stupid to trust that it was a benign book though, especially as I could not read what was in it. I suppose this is a cautionary tale which illustrates the old adage, "Beware of Greeks bearing gifts", except in this case it could be amended to, "Beware of Jews bearing gifts".

I would have thought before this, that anything I brought into my house, or was in my house, could be rid of any negative spiritual associations by my praying over it. However this incident has made me think again, I no longer will accept gifts from friends, without praying over them first, and I now monitor what happens, and am very watchful for recurrences of shadows, with any new item I am given, or purchase and bring home.

I find it interesting that my prayers were able to protect the rest of the house, but not my kitchen, which was the location of the book. There must have been something about having that book present in that room, that bypassed my prayers and allowed demonic access. Yes, I was praying them away as soon as they appeared. However they should not have been able to gain access in the first place. The fact that these demonic entitles were allowed access, indicates a legal rule exists in the realm of spiritual warfare which I have found mentions of in various Christian websites, including this one which identifies many weaknesses which can allow demonic ingress, such as sins, including ancestral sins, unforgiveness, demonic vows, and the one which I believe allowed demonic access to my kitchen, the possession of a cursed object:

"Cursed objects: Physical objects can carry spiritual value, such as idols, occult books, rings, movies, charms, etc. If you brought any Indian or pagan religion artifacts into your home, you could be opening the door for demons to enter and bother the people within your home. Land can also become defiled by the sins of it's owners (Leviticus 18:27).

The remedy? Burn, destroy or get rid of any physical objects that you have located that could be cursed. Isaiah 2:18, "And the idols he shall utterly abolish." It is Biblical to burn cursed objects. Repent for bringing such objects into your home if you are responsible for them! Land can be cleansed by prayer and repenting of the sins of the previous owners."

In the past I have had many secular objects such as unChristian movies, charms and jewellery etc, in my home. NONE of them ever allowed demonic access to my home by shadow people. That only happened after I had a Jewish Book of Psalms put in my kitchen.

I'm not saying it is a good idea to have pagan objects in one's home. However I did not have any spiritual problems until I had that particular book put on my cupboard.

I have had Muslim friends over the years, many visited my house. NO Muslim ever left a cursed object in my home.

I think I did have some spiritual warning of this man before he did this as once he was talking about going to synagogue, he was religiously observant. He remarked on the fact there is no synagogue near where he lived, but there was a congregation of "Jews for Jesus". I asked if he could not pray with them. He said that to him and other Jews, that would be like praying to the Antichrist!

So to Jews praying to Jesus is like praying to Antichrist.

Yet Muslims have respect for Jesus and think of him as a prophet.

We are all supposed to think Muslims are to blame for all the problems re ISIS etc, I don't believe any of this. I now believe Muslims are being blackwashed by Jews.


NEVER ACCEPT ANY GOOD LUCK CHARM FROM THE JEWS, OR ANYTHING LIKE THIS WOMAN TOOK. FACT: Jews only give such things to non Jews they are in competition with and are seeking to destroy, I have always told everyone to get rid of any talisman or anything else of the sort given them by Jews. Somehow these ítems ruin you, and I have not figured out exactly how other than that they are cursed.

Here is a good way to destroy competition at work, that is not satanic: Give your competitor a gift that is supposed to sit on his desk, be it a little water show with swimming fish, or some other distraction. You will quickly discover that if your enemy accepts it, he will fritter the hours away staring at it, and give you a huge advantage while you actually work to kick his butt, rather than sit there doing nothing.

As far as the satanic side goes, I have no doubt that Jewish book caused your problems, and that it was put there to destroy you. They do that crap all the time and it actually works. As I said, NEVER accept a key chain or ornament or anyting else of the sort from a Jew, chances are it will be a curse like the "swimming fish display" except the curse will be from the spirit world and not your desk top.

There are hundreds of excellent mails. I cannot get them all up and time is limited.

Catherine wrote:

I'm a long-time naturopath (20+ years) and a committed reader (5 years or so), and I think you are one of humankind's great heroes. I read what you had to say about stevia and I was surprised. I have never heard or read of stevia being referred to as an artificial sweetener nor of it causing sterility. Personally, I have used stevia for about three decades, almost daily. It doesn't raise blood sugar and is directly extracted from a plant leaf, so that's why I substitute it for other sweeteners. Stevia comes from a shrub in Paraguay originally, where it is a staple of the natives. Now it is grown in many countries. Stevia from China can be low quality (no surprise there). Normal processing is like steeping tea leaves. It is used widely in Japan in many products as a sugar substitute. Years ago, the sugar industry in the U.S. all but had it banned because consumer awareness was increasing and so was demand. Even though it is not in mainstream food products, it is easy to find here in health food stores and health products. It can have an unpleasant aftertaste, but not all brands do. Some brands are just delicious. When I use stevia, I never get symptoms of low blood sugar that I used to get. I would like to know where the artificial sweetener information comes from. I would never touch aspartame for example. From my point of view, the fact that stevia was substituted for sugar would be a positive. It is certainly strange that so many manufacturers did it at once. I can see why you drew the conclusions you did, but my experience has been so positive, and I am an utter purist when it comes to what I eat.

BTW, I've sent mail in the past, but never got the feeling that it was reaching you. I'm thrilled about the new secure window. I have more things to write about, but I'll save that for later.

Blessings, Catherine

My response:

Mike wrote:

Hi Jim really rate your info on vaccines - did you see a little while back that Borat actor Baron Sasha Cohen has given US$1million to 'charity', $500,000 to Zionist David Milliband's IRC & $500,000 to vaccinating Syrian children with MMR - what a sh1t! It's worth noting who runs these charities usually the same shysters who started the war/disaster. You've mentioned the Ebola vaccine link & the US biodefense company (sic) & MSF charity that ran the program - one more charity I will no longer give to setup originally by shyster Bernard Kouchner. When Save the Children USA can give Tony Blair an award you know some things wrong. Lastly don't know if you are aware of Dr Passwaters website - it does sound like a piss take name :-) but he's done some brilliant work on nutrician & illness - Ebola virus dna codes for selenium proteins, most of us are already deficient of this important mineral that the immune system needs so it's harder to fight back without supplementation. Needless to say the Carlyle group taking over Holland & Barrett health food stores looks rather ominous!

Best Regards & Wishes, Mike My brief comment: Borat was the most insulting figure to ever hit mainstream, I hated him, knew he had to be Jewish and that his insulting demeanor was politically based.

I am not surprised by this at all.

There were a gajillion mails I did not get to. I cannot do more than this now. It helps to know people really were censored and that everyone did not just go silent. Totally normal mails. 98 percent not posted, there was just too much, thanks for writing!

April 15 2016

I have now had a good look at the latest Japan earthquake, and the damage looks about right for a natural shallow 7.3

Tax freedom day?

Keep in mind that the so called "tax freedom day" in May is a lie, because it does not include social security tax, or the Obamacare tax. It does not include what your employer pays just to have you. It does not include sales tax or import and export tax. It does not include telephone tax, vehicle registration tax, or any fines you had to pay. It does not include any inheritance tax you may have had to pay, or property tax. It does not include gasoline tax either, It only includes Federal and state income tax, and if you included these other taxes that are not on your tax form the real "tax freedom day" would in reality land sometime in September, not May. There is a reason why you have to blow so many dollars to get anything done, and it is called hidden and forgotten taxes. Enjoy.

Michelle Fields

Just in case you missed it, Trump's aide is off the hook for criminal charges because a lengthy video from minutes before the incident shows that Michelle was already warned repeatedly by the secret service after going inside the no go zone previously. She chose to act like an indignant drunk and went inside the zone again later, and actually touched Trump, as I said weeks ago, long before it was officially stated. The multiple camera angles now made public also prove she was not bruised, and that her bruise photo was either make up or self damage done later because the bruise was not where she was grabbed.

But as any good phleghminist knows, reality need not apply in civil court (which can be just as damaging) and that is where Michelle is taking this next. Civil courts live for the lie, and enforce consequences based on whatever anyone spews, even when it is proven the truth is entirely different. Good little feminists use the civil courts to get their way no matter what. How cute.

Reported: "The CIA is investigating companies that are mining your tweets and instagram photos"

NOT REPORTED: The company that is the best at it will receive a contract!

Historic Trump writing: "let me ask America a question"

If you missed this it is a required read SEE THIS

April 14 2016

I am finally online, please wait for updates.

I am experiencing technical difficulties due to problems with computers. This will require only thinking to get through, I won't spend a dime but will be running with BSD from this point on, (problems not with BSD).

Quick note on the new Japan earthquake that happened today -

This earthquake proved that Japan was not earthquake proof, and seriously points the finger at how on earth was there almost no damage from the 3/11 quake other than tsunami damage. Today's earthquake was a 6.5 and I'd like an answer as to how a 6.5 did more seismic damage than a 9.1, and NO, TSUNAMI DAMAGE PICS DO NOT COUNT. Let's see seismic damage from 3/11. AND NO, THE OCEAN DID NOT ABSORB THE QUAKE ON 3/11, THIS IS IMPOSSIBLE but boy did that lie work well to fool the Japanese and "explain" the lack of seismic damage on 3/11. Forget about how such a huge quake would have collapsed buildings in Korea, China, and Russia if it was real in Japan.

Nature is doing favors I guess. Great world we live in.

Anyway, today was not one of those cosmic "illuminati" dates, so this is what a real 6.5 will do to Japan. Their stuff falls down just like anyone elses. At least send a thought of well being their way today. It was not a disastrous quake but it was still serious and they still had losses.

Crappy windows machine wiped out by attack (what's new in the windows world anyway?)

I am going to have to get two computers (the one that got trashed about a year ago) and the one that got trashed yesterday up and running on BSD. There will be gaps in my updates due to the fact that I am down to a computer that just is not up to the job as well as I need to do things quickly. Once I can rape the hard drive on the windows machine with BSD (for whatever is not encrypted yet) I'll clean it and format it and get a fresh look at what a "new" computer looks like. You know how that is. . . . .

There will be more updates later because I have shortened this page enough for the gutless emergency computer and I can spend time going over things now that it won't crash trying to do this.


It will probably remain that way permanently. An enormous volume of great messages got through. I am going to try to get them posted tomorrow. I cannot give out details other than that an entirely new "location" was purchased for the sole purpose of securing the mail. It was purchased from a trustworthy provider that is not in the U.S

IMMEDIATELY AFTER GETTING THE FINAL BUST ON THE VACCINE SCAM, I got hit by encryption malware. It did not come in through the mail.

That is the reason for posting late today.

It did not come in through the mail. It was sent into my machine at random. And I know why - because last night at 3 AM I came across two very comprehensive listings (one absolutely complete) of exactly what is in every vaccine made, screen captured it in 36 pages and had it all in a file on the desktop. From that information it was easy to know exactly what vaccines to avoid and why. They could not let that live.

UPDATE: I managed to find both huge listings again, no thanks to Google!

I must repeat: It is certifiable fact that this malware did not come in through E-mail, and instead was rammed onto my computer while it sat idle with this damning information on it. (I fell asleep after capturing and studying all of that). When it was sitting idle, the malware uploaded. This was many reboots and days of running after I opened any mails with that computer, because it is worthless for that anyway (all it does is blow security) So there is malware out there that does not need to come in through the mail.

I found the listings with IXQuick. It helped to have the terminology to search with (I was working with this for hours)

The top list (which makes it all easy to understand) proves that indeed many vaccines, including the MMR vaccines do contain human tissue, just as I said, all along, and it is even listed in the vaccine ingredients. IMPORTANT: I also found the page on the CDC web site that deals with this, and the vaccine ingredients match perfectly. Even the CDC says human tissue is in many of the vaccines.

There are many vaccines that have human tissue in them in the first list below. Look at the MMR vaccine made by Merck and marketed as ProQuad. It has human albumin (which may cause liver problems because the liver has to synthesize albumin and fight the immune system's response to wipe it out. Human albumin (most importantly) transports hormones and buffers PH. Wipe it out, and you can ruin reproduction. And obviously, if your body cannot keep human albumin regulated, your PH will be off, and that alone can cause cancer rates to skyrocket. HERE IS THE BIG ONE THOUGH: This MMR vaccine by Merck (which you can find below in both lists) also contains residual components of MRC-5 cells (including DNA and protein.) So not only does the vaccine have human albumin, it also has actual human cell tissue from the abortion derived MRC-5 cell line, DNA, protein and all. That alone will destroy many babies, and we are now witnessing the results at Wal-Marts everywhere.

There is a separate scroll bar inside the window below. Use that scroll bar to scroll down, because I have that web site embedded in this one, and it has its own scroll bar.

You will clearly see that I am not making anything up when I say most of the new vaccine formulations contain human tissue, which will definitely screw up anyone who receives them. This HAS TO BE ON PURPOSE, these medical companies are not stupid.

So-called "Doctor Wile" is correct when he says "However, anyone with a modicum of training in biology will tell you that it is impossible for vaccines (or any other injected medicine) to contain human tissue. The reason is simple: if you are injected with anything containing tissue from another person, your body will immediately recognize it as an invader and begin attacking it. This immune response is often quite radical and can easily lead to death!" but "Doctor Wile" is dead wrong when he follows up and says not to worry because "vaccines have no human tissue," Because he is a PhD of Nuclear Physics, NOT a medical doctor! My contacts actually work in the business and I have not spewed B.S. as a result! And because he spewed the way he did, Google put him right on top because it helped the NWO agenda.

Scroll this down as instructed above and look at all the crap in these vaccines! The worst is human albumin, and the human cell lines MRC-5, and WI-38. These make the formaldehyde, aluminum, and mercury irrelevant in comparison. The column on the left shows what was used to grow the pathogen, and the column on the right shows how well they got it out before shooting it into people AND THE DANGEROUS STUFF IS IN BLUE. BIG FAIL.


I guess Kikedom has to have a quick all inclusive check list to know how to stay safe, so they used our taxes to make sure they could.

Now read what the evil vaccine trolls are writing to combat this information:

April 12 2016


I have been tipped off by someone in the medical community about where an important vaccine scammer (Doctor Wile) is going to be, including his schedule. Take a look at what this guy posted. This is a heartless manipulation, and YES, it is Google approved, all you have to do is type "human tissue vaccines" or any variant of that, and THIS window comes up:

Yes Google is giving this guy the special treatment, and you can see why:

Doctor Wile: There is no human tissue in vaccines

"Of the many lies told by anti-vaccination advocates, this is one of the worst, because it hits on a real moral issue. However, anyone with a modicum of training in biology will tell you that it is impossible for vaccines (or any other injected medicine) to contain human tissue. The reason is simple: if you are injected with anything containing tissue from another person, your body will immediately recognize it as an invader and begin attacking it. This immune response is often quite radical and can easily lead to death! This is why blood from a donor to a recipient must be carefully matched before the recipient can receive it. Thus, there is no human tissue of any kind in vaccines. Unfortunately, the anti-vaccination movement (and even some naive pro- life groups) will try to convince the uninformed that vaccines contain tissue from aborted babies and that abortions must be continually done to supply this tissue to the "evil" drug companies. This is, of course, a bald-faced lie. Unfortunately, this lie is particularly evil, in that it targets a person's morally correct view that abortion is murder.

For any lie to be successful, there must be a grain of truth in it. This lie is no exception. There is a tangential connection between some vaccines and abortion. The hepatitis A vaccine, the rubella portion of the MMR vaccine, the chicken pox vaccine, and the shingles vaccine all contain viruses (weakened or inactivated) that were grown in human cells. A virus must be given a medium in which to propagate. Many vaccines use viruses that can propagate in several kinds of mammal cells, but some viruses are so specific that they can only propagate in human cells. The viruses used in the above-listed vaccines are that specific. Thus, they must be grown in human cells."

Dear Doctor Wile, you are not a medical doctor. And you do not know jack about how they get the pathogens separated from the host in a vaccine. It is absolutely impossible to get all the human tissue out, and as your lie accurately states, the results are devastating, SO DEVASTATING HUMAN TISSUE SHOULD NOT BE USED AT ALL. It is SO DANGEROUS TO GROW VACCINES IN HUMAN TISSUE THAT IT SHOULD NOT BE DONE AT ALL. Question, WHY ARE THEY DOING IT?

THE FACT DOCTOR WILE GOT MORE THAN TOP POSTED ON GOOGLE TO LIE ABOUT: The vaccines have a large amount of human materials in them, they cannot prevent that. And as Dear Doctor Wile accurately stated, the results of that are devastating.

Ok, so an enemy of your child left his pants down. He has a schedule. Cool, he's a big name in home schooling! How the hell could he be this stupid? False front? Behind the scenes back stabber? HOW ABOUT THIS PROSPECT: Home schooling has been usurped by the enemy, and this guy is at the forefront of the usurpation. You see above what he said, HOW could he be a real advocate of education, which the elite seek to destroy, just like they do with vaccines now? At any rate, Google loves him so much he comes up no matter what you type in an in your face box with a deceptive tie in that you cannot ignore, this means he is an elitist (Google will not do this for just anyone), especially a home schooler.)Doctor Wile is obviously behind an agenda. If your child has been destroyed by a vaccine this guy has helped make that possible, almost definitely willingly, PAY HIM A VISIT:

APACHE Homeschool Convention
April 15, 2016 - April 16, 2016
Grace Presbyterian Church, 8607 N. State Route 91, Peoria, IL, United States Map
More InformationSECHE Conference
April 29, 2016 - April 30, 2016
Sioux Falls, South Dakota Map
More InformationFort Wayne Area Homeschool Annual Resource Expo
May 13, 2016 - May 14, 2016
Allen County War Memorial Coliseum, 4000 Parnell Ave, Fort Wayne, IN 46805, United States Map
More Information LDSHE conference
May 25, 2016 - May 27, 2016
Turf Valley Resort, Ellicott City, Maryland Map
More InformationUHEA Conference
June 11, 2016 - June 11, 2016
Salt Lake City, Utah Map
More InformationCALIFORNIA Homeschool Convention
June 16, 2016 - June 18, 2016
Ontario Convention Center, Ontario, CA Map
More InformationLDSHE Western Conference
July 28, 2016 - July 29, 2016
Utah State University, Logan, UT 84322, United States Map
More InformationOmaha Home Educators Network
August 6, 2016 - August 6, 2016
Wildewood Christian Church, 1255 Royal Dr, Papillion, NE 68046, United States Map

Dear Doctor Wile: There was absolutely no abortion agenda in my publication of the facts about vaccines. I just said it like it is and let the chips fall where they may. You cannot get over a web site of this size posting what you stand for along with your schedule. Enjoy the consequences of seeking to destroy everyone.

And as a side note, this site's reader base would have been your best customers if you did not prove yourself to be part of a subversive agenda. Yeah, you will probably get a visit or two (to the third power). This site has successfully shut down agenda driven venues before.

An impending sense of doom

The Jews have hit critical mass. They will now win, because the anti-violence psy ops worked so well they can steal an election and never have anyone do a damn thing about it. They can tell you to your face your vote does not count, and no one will do a damn thing about it. They can go on a rampage, destroying children with intentionally sabotaged shots, (AND NO IT IS NOT NAGALASE) and no one will do anything about it. You can say anything you want, as long as there is nothing rational in it that can be applied to an outcome . . . . .

They have won. Let me give you an example: They own all food manufacturing and every major store. They did this as an act of war, and now they can choose which products you buy, and every last one will be a Jewish product. And if every product is a Jewish product, every food product can be sabotaged. They will buy GMO only, and ram it down your throat. You can't legally grow a garden in most places anymore, they did away with that and you can forget keeping animals for food.

I came face to face with a reality of contaminated foods yesterday, and it was a real eye opener: I frequently drink orange juice and pineapple juice. And about three months ago, the brand I always drank suddenly had artificial sweetener. I checked, and sure enough it had Stevia, which is "The drink that would make a woman barren" spoken of in the Bible with regard to sodom and gamorrah. Stevia is an incredibly effective natural sterilant.

I do not go for any of that crap, so I chose a different brand. Then a few weeks later, the different brand had stevia. So I chose another brand that did not have it. Then, a week later, that brand had it. I then checked all brands and all variants of products, and every single one of them had stevia, every Mexican brand, every American brand,even with items that are NOT the diet alternative stuff, stuff marketed as totally normal 100 percent juice was spiked with stevia for no reason at all. This is puzzling, because absolutely no brand of fruit juice had stevia or any other artificial sweetner 3 months ago, how did they accomplish a complete smack down in only 3 months? A new brand I never saw before showed up, and it was so cheap I doubt it had any real juice. But stevia was not listed in the ingredients. So I bought it, and low and behold, it had stevia, but it was just not in the ingredient list.

I beg to question why.

Actually, there is no question. The reason is that there is a depopulation agenda, and they want everyone to be unwitting participants in a birth control program. And it does not matter that I hate the taste of stevia and would normally avoid it just because of that, but cannot if there is absolutely no alternative without it whatsoever. The only option then is to say fruit juice does not exist. And the only way you could get uniform placement of stevia in every single variant of every single product, both generic and mainstream is if the enemy cornered the entire food supply and forced it on you through 20 different faces.

If they have that much power, WE ARE SCREWED. There is no way out of it. The truth will not be told in the MSM, your vote will not matter at the polls and even normal "not corrupt" law enforcement will follow orders and destroy everything, including their own futures because the enemy controls the top of their command chain and as part of their job, they do what they are told. Give them a fat paycheck to ensure they value their job, and they will do it "well".

The tribe does not care if they dispose of the intellectual potential of billions of people via tainted vaccines if they want practically everyone dead anyway. And the info realm is owned by them also, with every damning tweet suppressed, every viral truth that could ever damage them significantly squelched, - we are already rendered practically irrelevant with the MSM sitting there like a demonic clown being the only thing we have unfettered access to.

I can see the writing on the wall. They really did hit critical mass, and Trump was the last thing standing in their way. There will never be another great hope, not ever again, in any election cycle. If things are as corrupt as they are, and people just sit on the couch, we have already lost. and we have.

Someone will be enjoying matzo balls at a table with totally un damaged children, and it will NOT be you.


A woman infiltrated the GOP in Colorado to figure out what is going on. This is what she discovered.

Many people in and outside of Colorado can't believe the voting debacle which took place in the Republican Party State Assembly this weekend. The first thing you need to understand is we’re not living under a Democracy anymore whether it's in the country or within the party which is supposed to be a supporter of Constitutional rights.

You'll also have to understand, I've had to weed out a lot of lies and information that has been put forth to peel down to the truth.

Back in December, I had decided to really get involved with the Republican party on the local level because there were a lot of rumors of voter fraud and corruption within the party itself. I figured I had nothing to lose since I've been a lifelong Republican and support Conservative ideas.

I suspected our vote didn't really count and wanted to verify people's claims as well. So I went to the December meeting of the La Plata County Republican Central Committee and volunteered to be a Precinct Captain.

It never occurred to me I wouldn't be able to cast a vote for my presidential candidate, Donald Trump. Who would have thought Colorado GOP State Republican board members would underhandedly take away our right to vote.

stolen votesI met with the local chair, Travis Oliger and he explained to me he had gone to a state run meeting of the GOP and there was a unanimous vote of the board of the party to get rid of our votes and choose unbound delegates so they would be "free agents" and vote for whoever they wanted to at the National Convention. He was repeating the rhetoric from the top brass which told him it would be better this way so they wouldn't be committing to one candidate.

He also said if Coloradans took a straw poll at anytime after February 1, the delegates would be bound and if the candidate which they were bound to got out of the race, all of a sudden we'd lose our delegates and our votes wouldn't count.

Not coming from a caucus state, I thought this was pretty stupid and a dumb way to do things. I definitely disagreed with this process because if I were to become a delegate from my precinct, how am I going to know what my people want me to vote for if I don't ask them?

From December through this entire process, myself and a handful of people from Colorado have done everything in our power to warn people their votes were about to be stolen and given to a delegate chosen by the party heads if we didn't do something.

The Denver Post even wrote a story telling the people of Colorado their votes were usurped by State Chairman Steve House and his board. Either not very many people read it or they didn't get what was happening.

I gave speech after speech, talk after talk on how just 24 people voted unanimously to take away our vote.

reince preiebus 1This move came right after the National Chair, Reince Priebus had said on Fox News, Donald Trump would never be the nominee for the Republican party. The GOPs strategy to take down Trump and his supporters began right when they realized he had momentum and support in this swing state.

When you're in a swing state, voters are divided almost evenly between Republicans, Democrats and Independents which means, the Independents can swing either way, tipping the scales to either party.

As Trump gained momentum, they became nervous and began plotting how to usurp our votes and make sure their candidate would prevail. Since the GOP is able to change it's rules at will, they decided to change the rules, take away our caucus votes and toss us a few local votes pretending as if we were voting on "delegates" from our area and sending them to represent us in the State and National Conventions.

Right. What a crock. In fact, these people who were "elected" as delegates for the State to go to the National Convention are the same cronies the party can control.

What happens in politics is a lot of schmoozing and back room deals. It happens every day, all the time regardless of the party or whatever good intentions a politician had when they started their political career.

republican backroom deals It's the same for delegates. Party big wigs look at their power players and figure out who they can manipulate and who will do their bidding. Sometimes, they may have to actually show their hand but the person being swayed is already corrupt and doesn't care. Others, such as local level delegates, can be easily swayed with a little glitter which is what Ted Cruz did on Saturday in Colorado Springs.

People at the local levels get all excited because they're a "delegate" on an important mission and part of the "process" not realizing they are heading into a little funnel which is already filled with about 50 people already hand chosen by the State GOP execs.

All those people are doing is going through a formality to pretend as if it's some "choice of the people" when in reality it's smoke and mirrors.

They let these local chairs and boards feel as if they're important by giving them some menial responsibility making it seem as if they matter. Sometimes it might be just strategically asking a local chairperson to sit on the Rules Committee or lead the Pledge of Allegiance at an "important" event.

This is the wooing of the delegates and the local chairs to get them in position to be able to tell them whatever they want, spoon feeding them their "decisions" as a great thing.

This is exactly what happened.

As we neared the March 1 caucus, it was clear, the votes of the people meant exactly zero. You go to the caucus, elect a few people to represent you to the county who don't have any idea what the precinct wants - good luck with that.

These delegates from the Precincts go to the County Assembly at the county levels and sit in chairs, listen to a few resolutions if there are any, all the delegates who want to go to the State Convention put their names in and if they make that, there still isn't anyone who they represent because they don't know who they're voting for. Basically, it's another free-for-all without direction.

These people who are delegates elected at the County, show up at the State Convention, put their names in the hat for being a National Delegate and as we were told, were supposed to remain unbound once again to the National Convention in Cleveland. And still, they aren't representing the people in their areas because they supposedly have no idea who the people want to have as their Presidential Candidate.

Why in the hell would we elect people we have no idea what they think, to represent us in an extremely important election which is a critical year this time, in the history of the United States?

Do you really think the people of Colorado are that stupid? I'm going to say most of us are not, but I can't speak for all of us.

Now we've got these 37 delegates who are basically a free-for-all which the state chose before we even got to the State Convention.

How do I know this? Because they were running campaigns to be the National delegates before we'd even been to the State level. The people sending out their propaganda had just been elected by their counties to go to the state. Why would these people spend this kind of money to send mailers out to local chairs and vice chairs as if they were running for a Senate seat if they weren't fairly sure they were going to be elected?

We're talking about a lot of money here.

Delegates are supposed to pay for their own way to go to these events with the National Convention costing each person approximately $10,000 in fees and expenses. Do you really think a local yocal who is into politics, believes in the Democratic process, can afford to spend $10,000 or more to go to the National Convention? No.

Therefore, you can bet, the only people attending the National Convention are the elitists who are in the #NeverTrump camp. It's been planned and we're the Guinea Pigs for the entire nation.

What is amazing to me is that Cruz has the nerve to stand there in his rallies and say Donald Trump whines when he doesn't get the votes. He forgot to tell the audience we didn't get to vote. We never had a say. How do we even know how the delegates would have been proportioned? We have no idea because 24 people decided we couldn't vote and then 37 delegates decided to go with a liar and a thief in Cruz.

I can assure you, we have many, many Trump supporters here and we are going to expose these people for the corrupt entity they are and we will either restructure the entire GOP party or it will be done. I am done with this debacle and the corruption and I intend to be very loud about it.

Listening to these people on Fox try to lump all of us into some sort of group with the 24 people who decided this violation of our rights is really getting on my nerves. Laura Ingraham is wrong! These pundits haven't even uttered the words "24 people decided for the entire state of Colorado!" Again, media lies.

Krauthammer is also wrong. We the people never got to vote on whether the rules should change. This has been a slap in the face to all the people in Colorado!

I'll be publishing the names of the delegates shortly and you can bet, there are a lot of people who are going to be contacting these people.

The entire system is unfair and there should be no caucuses. In truth, our vote doesn't count in a Primary either if you follow the dots. These delegates are only bound on the first vote. After that, you've just lost your vote again!

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