Rudy Giuliani is screwing up big time by not posting the files

Here is a podcast he did that discusses a bit more than most people are posting about

Here is a transcript of another video Rudy did.

This is a document that you will not see anywhere, at this point. If you want to view it with me, as I'm discussing it with you, go to, where it's posted. And the reason I'm doing it this way is because there will be every effort to censor, block and stop you from hearing this information from the social media, from the Democrats and tragically, from most of your networks, that have for over two years been covering up crimes at the highest levels of several governments.

The one I'm going to talk about right now is at the highest levels of the United States and Ukrainian governments but in future days, you will see texts, emails and photos that demonstrate crimes committed by the Biden crime family in China - probably most of all - Russia and several other countries.

But in seeing these, you're going to wonder how was the money distributed? What happened to all these millions and millions and millions of dollars, that went from the crookedest man in Ukraine to Hunter Biden, who at the time was not just a recovering crack addict but a crack addict - an actual crack addict.

Or the vast amount of money that went from China to Hunter Biden, when he was also suffering from being - I don't know how to describe it, it's unfortunate that he has this - thing - but it's also unfortunate that his father put him in the positions he put him in - and China of course has all of the photos that we have, which means he is a really massive National Security threat to the United States, since his father lies about all of this, it's an easy area of extortion and should have been discovered...before the Trump administration by the Obama-Biden administration.

In fact, when you see these texts and when you see these photos, you're going to say to yourself, "Do we have a National Security service?" and if they don't have them, why don't they have them? Because we know that China and Russia has them. Or they really wouldn't be much of a worthwhile adversary, would they?

When you see these, what you're going to see, in summary - and this is just a summary - are the following: Every time Joe Biden was named Point Man by Barack Obama, Joe Biden negotiated for the United States. Each time he negotiated he failed. Each time he negotiated the Biden crime family got millions of dollars from that country.

In Iraq, which was the first one, his brother James who, for many many years had been running an illegal lobbying operation, in which money was going to James and James was using it, in part for James and in part, for Joe.

James got into the Big Time. James went ahead and got into a housing contract in Iraq when Joe was the Point Man in Iraq, approximately one third of a $1.5 billion contract. Like Hunter, James had no experience, at all in housing. He just got into a $1.5 billion contract in Ukraine.

As you know, Hunter Biden was hired by the crookedest man in Ukraine for approximately, anywhere from $8-14 million dollars, some of it laundered; documents that show that.

The question is, why did Joe Biden lie about it? The New York Post, in his front page demonstrates with a text from Hunter Biden, that Joe Biden was fully aware of Burisma and has been lying about that for 7 years. That's a lot of lying. That only happens when you commit a crime - and Joe Biden certainly committed a crime, because some of that money from Ukraine - illegal money for bribes - went to Joe Biden.

And finally, for now, China. China has so many different transactions, it's going to take a couple of days, if not a week for us to sort all through them. But we have them. And basically, this is money that goes to Hunter Biden, James Biden, Sarah Biden and the Biden family, otherwise known as the "Biden Crime Family".

Now, you're going to want to know what is the scheme that they use for distributing the money? Well, there just so happens to be a text. The text is in the hard drive of Hunter Biden and it is from Hunter Biden to Naomi Biden, discussing money. But in it, he makes a very big mistake. He explains the distribution scheme that the Biden Crime Family has had for years. It reads as follows - and again, you can see it on my website. It reads - this is from Hunter to Naomi Biden [his 25-year-old daughter]:

"I love you all but I don't receive any respect and that's fine, I guess. Works for you, apparently. I hope you all can do what I did, and pay for everything for this entire family for thirty years."

Why was he paying for everything for the family? Because, he was getting the money and they were keeping it from Joe, so he wouldn't have to report it. But he paid, for example his half-sister's entire college education; paid for a lot more things. In fact, in his own words, he paid for "everything".

But then, it goes on to say, because the boss - remember the Godfather - the boss has to "wet his beak". The boss has got to get his money. The boss, here is "Pop":

"It's really hard. But don't worry, unlike Pop [that's one of the names for Joe Biden, Democrat candidate for the United States Presidency] I won't make you give me half your salary."

OK, Left-Wing Press! What are you going to do with that? That's about as clear an admission of what I've been saying for two years as you can get.

And here's what happened. Real simple. You can also see this: This is Iraq, Ukraine, Russia and China. Iraq: one-third of a $1.5 billion housing contract to a man who knew nothing about housing when Joe was named Point Man by Obama. So, half of that went to Joe, the other half, he kept and also used for the rest of the Biden Crime Family.

Next one: Ukraine. Well, we know Ukraine. A crooked man in Ukraine hires Hunter Biden - at the time a guy suffering from extremely serious drug addiction, which we can prove - don't want to have to prove it, but we can.

No one would have hired him in the condition he was in, no one. He had been thrown out of the military there's no way he would have been hired for two dollars much less $8 million. Half that $8 million goes to "Pop" - the Boss. The other half stays with Hunter and he uses some of it to support the family, where he was paying for everything.

And then we get Russia. Russia is a bit of a mystery we have a $3.5 million payment from the widow - wife, then widow of the Mayor of Moscow, close associate of Putin. $3.5 million going to Hunter. You can be sure some of that got to Pop, the Boss of the Family.

But remember, Joe Biden denied this in the debate with president Donald trump. We still don't know what the $3.5 million was for. Believe me, if there was a good explanation, we would have heard it. And what good explanation could there be, for getting $3.5 million from a good friend of Putin? For whom the Democrats, including Biden tortured President Trump for three and a half years of a phony, fraudulent, concocted investigation?

And lo, and behold, they're the ones getting money from Russia. Gosh, if that doesn't make you angry, it doesn't get to your sense of justice and injustice - it does mine!

And then, finally, we got the payoff of all: China.

China, as I said, too many transactions for me to summarize them. The $1.5 billion commitment to the private equity fund that was owned by Hunter Biden, John Kerry's stepson and Whitey Bulger's nephew.

I said Whitey Bulger's nephew. For those of you who don't know who Whitey Bulger was, he was one of the most notorious organized criminals of maybe the last 30 or 40 years. What is Hunter Biden doing in business with him? In fact, Hunter Biden has been in business with some of the biggest crooks in the world, including in China, Ukraine and the United States. That's the Biden Crime Family.

So, we have that going to Hunter. Half, back to the Boss, some of it used to pay for the Family. And then, we have just found numerous other transactions, involving Hunter Biden that we are going through. One involves a million, another involves 10 million and one of them involves all three of them. It involves the whole Biden Crime Family, unless we're missing a few: James, Hunter Sarah, all get big money from China. You're going to see it in the texts. Not making it up.

So, what does this all amount to? This all amounts to numerous federal crimes at the highest levels of our government. Clearly, should be prosecuted. Been covered-up for two and a half years. The Justice Department, in the person of the United States Attorney, in the Southern District of New York had this evidence back in October-November 2019 - or he had some of this evidence brought to him by a well-respected lawyer on behalf of four or five Ukrainians.

He chose not to investigate it but instead, to open the phony investigations of a lot of people, including, I'm told a phony investigation of me, which has never resulted in anything, except to try to intimidate me. They don't.

Also, I delivered these facts - or many of them - in an outline to the State Department in early mid-2020, March 2020. Ignored. No one investigated. I delivered these facts at the request of the Attorney General to the United States Attorney, in a district that I'm not allowed to identify.

He's interviewed one witness - really, a meaningless witness - and done nothing. And the hard drive at the core of this was delivered to the FBI at or about the same time and the FBI has conducted no - zero - investigation of it. Very, very similar to the way in which they buried the note from Brennan to Obama, saying that basically, the "Russian Collusion" was a Hillary plot and it was done to cover up her crimes, with regard to her emails. Much as they covered that up for four years, they covered this up.

So, we've got two problems, here. We've got a man running for the Presidency of the United States who's a cold, stone crook. Big time crook, multi-million-dollar crook, with a whole family supporting it. And we've got real problems inside our government.

First of all, all these photos of Hunter Biden should be in the possession of our intelligence agencies, because every single one of them can be used to extort Joe Biden, Hunter Biden and others. The Chinese have these photos. The Russians have these photos and probably even friendly governments have them, ready to extort the heck out of a guy who's easily extorted: Joe Biden. If the Obama administration didn't have these, then they were covering up for Joe Biden.

Second, Obama kept appointing him "Point Man". He kept getting millions for his family. Why did Obama never stop it? Actually, was suspected and written in the newspapers: Why didn't Obama stop it or did he know about it? Not such a crazy question, when you consider that there's a very similar scheme on the part of the Clintons to sell the office of Secretary of State.

And finally, just how often has he lied and made a fool out of you? And just how bad is our media for having covered it up? And doesn't this have to be fixed? Of course, it has to be fixed.

Really, really he doesn't deserve to be a candidate of the Democrat Party. The Democratic Party is better than Joe Biden and it's better than Hillary Clinton and it's better than the thieves who presently run it. Most Democrats are decent people, they're good people, they're honest people. I was a Democrat, once and I hate to say it this way, because it's always used as a cliché but some of my best friends are Democrats - and a lot more were, because a lot of them have gotten crazy on the subject of Donald Trump.

And I'm going to tell you why this is covered-up, because there's a hatred that's gone abroad in this land it's the hatred of Donald Trump. You know who that hatred damages more than anything else. You - the person who has it.

I've seen hatred right up close. And what it does is it blunts your conscience. It destroys your reason and it makes you justify things that would otherwise be illegal and immoral, in the name of "I'm saving the country." You're not saving the country. You're destroying this country.

The truth saves this country. The truth is that Joe Biden is a crook, has been for years and why are you so surprised? If a man starts off by plagiarizing in law school, cheats his way through law school, plagiarizes the first time he runs for President? Is it possible he's a fundamentally dishonest man?

Well, it turns out he is.

Thank you very much. Please take this very seriously. Share it with your friends. Before you vote, everyone should listen to this and also go to and go through episodes 1-7 and 8-11. Listen to them.

You don't have to rely on me, you can see the witnesses, you can see the documents and what you can say to yourself is, "No one from your Government has ever interviewed any of these people and before you can say they're not telling the truth, don't you have to interview them?"

I've been in this business a long time. This is the biggest cover-up I've ever seen and it's the biggest government scandal I've ever heard of.

Thank you. We'll see you very soon.



Nationalfile did an awesome bust of Biden vote fraud including MANY photos of them doing it.

No enforcement agency does anything about it and it is clear almost every dem is rigged into office.

There has been a huge development with Trump

Today at his North Carolina rally, he looked up into the sky and thanked God for all his success. He then said someone said he was the most famous person in the world. Trump then said several times no, I'm not, no I'm not, and paused and said Jesus Christ is. Then he looked up and said I'm not taking any chances. It's Jesus Christ and I'm not afraid to say it I'll look up and I'll say "It is not even close". He then went on to discuss Amy Coney Barrett

THAT is a HUGE development. Practically immediately after this, Youtube did the final conservative purge and every last remaining alt media that was anything is now gone.

They are trying to drop the curtain of darkness as Trump throws light like a supernova. It would be a good time to pray.

As I stated jokingly yesterday, "the media is reporting Biden surged ahead by 20 points in all polls because conservatives felt sorry for him, and today they are doing exactly that. Not "20 points" but surging ahead? YES.

It has been a wild past couple days.

New info:

FBI to computer repair guy: "In our experience when stuff like this happens nothing ever bad happens to people that keep quiet"

The FBI told the computer repair guy to keep quiet about what he saw on that laptop and that they would handle it. After a year of them doing nothing, he spilled it to people who were not traitors. He cannot be prosecuted because when the laptop was not picked up, it and everything on it was his. he was well within his rights to make backups. He is worried he will be killed now but I doubt he will be, the FBI avoids making martyrs.

Prices rising??

The peso has stayed at parity with the U.S. dollar and NOTHING HAS GONE UP IN PRICE HERE. You must seriously consider this problem. If everything is going up in price in the U.S. it is all rigged to go up, there is no reason for it. If the peso is not gaining on the dollar after that "bailout" and a peso still buys the same, the dollar should still buy the same, something is seriously amiss.

Since I am remembering this now, if the left does steal this election we know quite well what the Deagel report means - it means EXTERMINATION, hell, half the left is now openly calling for "the removal of all Trump supporters from society". Gee, how would they accomplish THAT? So we now have our answer. If they steal the election the Deagel report will happen. If they fail to steal the election, crumple it up like a hoax, the threat will be over.

Now back to work . . . .

Another day, a scolding, and the antics have not changed.

Thanks for the 7 extra ballots California!

Extra ballots have been happening WAY TOO MUCH, the steal is on. How about that California? What if the Dems are so upset with Biden this ends up backfiring? Add to that Virginia, Massachussetts, Minnesota, Pennsylvania and a majority of other states?

Right click to save.


The best of a day's Biden hunt

Disclaimer: REMEMBER THE CIA WHISTLEBLOWER, this whole Biden thing is likely being done to save the rest of the deep state. Since this is what has meat now I have to run with it but DO NOT FORGET the CIA whistleblower, I think this Biden expose is the softball pitch.

That said, this is good:

Giuliani says he's going to release over a thousand devastating photos off that laptop over the next five days. Click to play, right click to save (I am serving everything good from here now due to the way it always seems to vaporize)

I gotta admit, that was fun.

OOHH, UPDATE: Giuliani released more fun!!! Biden set up all these deals for his kids, in exchange for half what they got paid!!! (Don't worry, the kids still got a LOT) but WOW, daddy is now TOAST because it proves he not only knew about their deals, HE DID THEM because if he did not, he could not make such demands. Here is one o tomorrow's headlines:

EVEN MORE FUN: Watching the leftist damage control troll twitter and everywhere else trying to say this is a fake story. But it looks like NOT.

I FOUND ONE I LOST. I was saving this and the power went out. After the outage, when I went back to where it was on the web it was gone.

This is the best one from the House Judciary committee - it is not from Cruz. They are deleting this as fast as they can. Even this one was expunged from the web when I went for the high quality version, but I managed to salvage a thumbnail and make it readable, it is a good thing I already knew what it was. Here it is!

This is quite precious, I never liked Cruz, but, well, lookie here!

These are nice:

The following is important because initially Biden denied this entirely. Then he slid on it, which means "incoming asteroid". And you can bet there is an incoming asteroid, we already have crack pipe sex with hookers ON VIDEO, damning emails that prove Biden lied about Burisma (thus disqualifying him from being president entirely) and people are speculating the remaining data includes Epstein and child trafficking. I won't go there yet, let's all hope Giuliani survives the Hillary Hit squad. He had damn well better drop it all, AND QUICK.





I know a lot of influencers hit this site, so to them I would like to give a heads up: The following about Hunter Biden's laptop was probably a permitted release of data done for the sole purpose of burying the CIA whistleblower story that broke two days ago. That is probably why the New York Post was at least partially honest about Hunter's laptop.

You are quite correct to be giddy with excitement over this laptop but I see this as an attempt to sacrifice Joe and the election for the greater purpose of salvaging the rest of the deep state from the CIA whistleblower, KEEP YOUR EYE ON THE BALL FOLKS, THE CIA WHISTLEBLOWER IS FAR MORE IMPORTANT because with what he has, we get them ALL.

This is good:

Hunter Biden's CURRENT (as of 2019) laptop was abandoned at a repair shop and after the repair shop contacted him numerous times, they took it, and it is GOOD.

The New York Post also got ahold of it, and they at least partially reported the truth.

Here is a quick summary:

Someone took Hunter Biden's laptop to a repair shop in 2019 and then abandoned it. If after a certain length of time you don't go back for your stuff without paying, it is gone. That's well known. So the repair shop took posession of the computer and had a look at what was on it. They discovered it belonged to Hunter Biden and it was LOADED with tons of incriminating crap against Joe.

The repair shop called the FBI and handed the laptop over, but not being stupid about it, made backups of the hard drive because you know - anyone who runs a real business probably knows the FBI is corrupt and would never do anything about it. They did nothing about it. After waiting for a little time, the repair shop then turned over a copy of that hard drive (probably one of 50 if they can think and had the means, and both are probably true) - turned it over to mayor Guiuliani's lawyer. Then Steve bannon found out about it and delivered a copy to the New York Post.

Most likely the New York post is whitewashing this but they are at least saying enough to destroy Joe, and even if they do whitewash this they are not the only ones with the info (so they have to say at least something), REAL PEOPLE HAVE IT, OUTSIDE THE CIRCLE OF CENSORSHIP, GAME OVER.

So now we have the seal team six story exploding and THIS, at the same time. Hopefully the laptop is a double hit, and not just a way to make people forget about that CIA whistleblower, they might sacrifice Joe and the election to save the rest of the deep state. Wait and see.

Man gets kicked off Southwest airlines flight for wearing "Black votes for Trump" hat

The excuse was he took his mask off but that is permitted when you are eating. The left has already vowed to "Get trump supporters removed from society" when they finish stealing this election and with this video you see exactly that. Fortunately the people on the plane spoke up loud and clear but he still got kicked off for no reason at all.

We know Trump knows about the seal team six whistleblower now

We had better not hear crickets.


DISCLAIMER: I do not know the context of this video which appears to show a man being forced to get a coronavirus shot.

I found this on a popular forum. The way it was embedded made it impossible to even figure out where it was hosted. There was no context given. I managed to at least get it to run independently by going into the page source and ripping what I thought was the file out of it. I then dropped it into a Russian download site that was all Russian because every last English download site failed, and it found it and downloaded it. It ended up being on Bitchute but I searched for hours and could not find out where on Bitchute. It may be a private video.

Here is what can be known from the audio of the video:

1. The guy being forced to get the shot called an ambulance.
2. The doctors are forcing him to get the shot because he has a cough.
3. The guy getting the shot has a cell phone and was able to upload the entire incident, and the doctors had to know it was happening.
4. Two of the doctors that actually restrained the guy for the shot were wearing body cams.
5. It is possible this happened in a nut house, but why the other context? How did the guy end up in this situation from an ambulance call? If he was insane, why would he be allowed to have a phone to cause mayhem with?
6. He was clearly not getting psych meds, the shot was for something else.

7. The guy getting the shot sure did not sound insane.

Despite having the Russian download site be able to snipe the video, I cannot find the original page it was on to get context. So I am posting this just for thought. It took HOURS to finally download this. Why was this obscured so badly?

Even if the guy was "declared insane" that's such an easy label to apply that with a simple mandate from the government, this could happen to anyone. Don't want your shot? You're a paranoid NUT CASE, we have a world to save!!!



Now if nothing happens, we really are screwed. This is the biggest story of the decade:


If nothing happens as a result of this, it will be a catastrophe. If something happens as a result of this, the guilty parties will create a catastrophe. There's the right way out of this (a catastrophe they cause to cover this up) and a wrong way out - (nothing happens).

This one is SO BAD I ate comfort food before posting, and then went back for more comfort food. I then listened to Styx Boat on the river about five times while eating the second round of comfort food and am listening to it now as I post this. This drop is THAT BAD, there's no telling what will happen now.

Here is the basic story in a paragraph: Iran "gave shelter to Osama Bin Laden" who may have been fictional at the time. While Bin Laden was "in Iran", Obama sent seal team six in to nail him in Afghanistan. Only, he was not there, and to cover it up Obama, Biden, Brennan, Hillary, the entire apparatus approved the murder of every member of seal team six via a missile shoot down of their aircraft to cover it up.

They are already expunging the videos for this but I have them saved. This one is still alive.

An agent for the CIA who was involved with it all did not agree, and managed to bag TERABYTES (and I am talking TERABYTES of audio and video of the entire event,) including all the documents and he held onto them until this critical time when America was about to be smashed via a rigged election. This CIA agent then was the final speaker at a very high profile political conference with lots of important people there and he actually played the most damning video evidence at this conference. It cannot be covered up.

So now supposedly someone in Congress has ALL OF IT and will present it to Trump tomorrow. At least supposedly show it.

It is confirmed that the whistleblower is legit, the documents are legit, the video is legit, the audio is legit, and there's even more - proof that Hillary and the rest of them ordered the murders of everyone at Benghazi.

But wait, THERE IS MORE:

So Iran caught news of them "getting Bin Laden" when they knew he was not there, and blackmailed the Obama administration to keep it all secret, and that's the reason for the $150 billion payout Obama did for Iran.

The big question now is will anything happen? There's little doubt that ALL OF THEM know they are busted. And a lot of people (including me) are worried about what they will do to distract the public from this massive "containment breach", perhaps I'll wake up tomorrow and everyone at the conference will have been murdered with zero reports, all the video proof it happened expunged from the web - but if not, there's no telling what such evil cretins will do to save their behinds. Perhaps stuxnet a nuclear facility . . . . some are speculating the samson option . . . .

Despite this being confirmed legit and Trump re-tweeting it, there's not a peep about this on Infowars, instead Alex posted that Trump did a gay dance at the last rally, and wanted to kiss all the homosexuals. Only, that's not what happened, Alex went the way of CNN, you know, that six pointed logo of his that now shows up in his tab really does mean something.

Anyway, - Confirmation hearings are underway for Barrett. I am quite surprised. She's the anti-matter counterpart of Ginsburg. Never thought I'd see the day.

FOX showed up for a Biden rally and was amazed by the fact that no one showed up. WTF, OVER, they are supposed to know the FACTS - like it is a communist takeover and everything is FAKE. NO ONE WANTS BIDEN and they can't figure it out. GET THIS: A MAJOR NEWS ORGANIZATION CANNOT FIGURE OUT EVERYONE HATES BIDEN, AND THE THE POLLS ARE COMPLETELY FAKE. What the hell kind of bubble do they live in??? The news announcer was so shocked she appeared disoriented. HOW THE HELL COULD SHE BE THAT FAR DISTANCED FROM REALITY????

How many people do you think would go to a beach that was clearly known to have lethal levels of cholera in the water??? That's Kamala.

So Gretchen Whitmer is going to "get it right" and she's with Kamala. She is going to make damn good and sure all the time she needs is taken to ensure "people with an agenda" don't win the election. She's going to count those mail in ballots until "people with an agenda" do not win. She'll make sure the only beach is Kamala's beach. And then "Brunch will be over" as Kamala put it.

As it turns out, the people who were going to "nail Gretchen" were leftists and the rest were FBI. That means Gretchen set up the whole damn thing as a sympathy ploy because she knows damn well the entire state hates her guts and wants her OUT. SO SHE PLAYED THE VICTIM CARD and will ensure all those mail in ballots are "accurately counted" so "people with an agenda", you know - people who rightfully hate her guts, can't oust her. Keep counting and re-counting until you "get it right". That's exactly what she said today. Got it.

Denver shooting: As it turns out, the "security guard" was Antifa and he shot a Trump supporter. Originally the media said the shooter was a "right wing terrorist" who shot a poor poor Leftist. But now that all the cards are on the table, here is the real story:

NBC news hired a "security guard" who happened to be Antifa and was not a security guard. That security guard grabbed for a Trump supporter's pepper spray and got slapped. In response to being slapped, he pulled out a gun and shot the Trump supporter, who had the pepper spray ready and was using it while he got shot.

NBC THEN SAID THE SECURITY GUARD WAS A RIGHT WING NUT JOB, and launched a huge "white supremacist" bullshit spiel. Then the police, who dragged the "security guard" in on first degree murder charges fully identified him, discovered he was not a security guard at all, and that he was leftist and Antifa.

Developing: A Soros planted DA will get all charges dropped, and "first degree murder", now that they know the guy was Antifa, will evolve down to "We are sorry we inconvenienced you, please move along to the next riot.

New Madrid fault zone getting attention

Recently large numbers of people have been reporting a sulfur smell over a wide region. They are claiming it smells like gunpowder. Dutchsince got onto this and is stating it is a genuine anomaly that could foreshadow a major earthquake.

The New Madrid region is famous for occasional mega quakes that makes the San Andreas look like child's play. I am not going to say anything is going to happen but this is something to at least know about. The threat is definitely legitimate and sulfer smells do indeed sometimes appear before quakes.


As it turns out, all the mail in ballots have already been cast for Biden, and you have to cancel yours to take it back from Biden. The mail sort machines were set up to trash ballots to avoid collisions with votes "already cast."




The person in front of me was told that she had already requested a mail-in ballot; but with her consent, the clerk invalidated her mail-in ballot (via computer) and gave her an in-person ballot.

Thus, the safest course is to vote early, in person."




I did not get that part of the story, or perhaps I misunderstood that the ballots are being trashed so they don't collide with a "vote by mail" already registered for Biden.

WANT TO FIND OUT THE SITUATION IN YOUR STATE? Just go to the polls the day they open in your area, and try voting.


I have seen this scam while working elections.

Dim Activist Number 1 is a Clerk at Early Voting.

Dim Activist Number 2, who is well known to #1, comes in, claims to be a voter, flashes an ID which is NOT the person that he is voting in place of, and is allowed to cast a vote.

Note that voter ID laws mean NOTHING if they are not enforced!

When the real voter shows up, he/she is told, "You already voted". There is NOTHING that can be done at that point to fix the fraud. Its a done deal.

Go to Early Voting on the first day and cast your ballot! They cannot steal it if you already voted it.

Take all of your family and friends to vote as well.

MY COMMENT: This is EXACTLY what is happening with the mail in ballots, but unlike the situation above, you can cancel your mail in ballot and take your vote back.


A PERFECT comment from a poster on Infowars

In response to a report about how Pompeo is finally going to release all the deleted Hillary e-mails, there was this very salient response:

"Even if they are released, NOTHING, is going to happen to any of those involved. EVER!!!!!! Hillary will NEVER be arrested. Words mean NOTHING.....No matter who is crooked or TREASONOUS, this government will NOT prosecute their own. There is a two tier justice system in this country. One for the rich, which get away with everything, and one for WE THE PEOPLE, who get shot for j-walking with headphones.

My comment: BANG ON, but I will add that it can only be that way for as long as American gun owners allow it . . . . . if they DO steal this election people had damn well better lock, load, and let it fly.

Trump appearance on Rush Limbaugh:

I was able to listen to this on the new computer purchased for the stop election theft project. All I can say is that though Rush was very respectful (as respectful as ANY non-rigged media source should be,) and Trump had his say, I was left with the feeling that if we can't stop this election from being stolen - If we can't stop what will obviously be an outright coup, you can kiss it away, Barr, the courts, the FBI, the NSA and every last agency has been subverted and has the specific targeted objective of destroying the country. Trump literally is the only hope, short of total warfare and there had damn well be a properly directed war if need be. Here's a little news:

The FBI just recently busted six guys who were going to nail Gretchen Whitmer. Really, it was not six guys, it was ONE guy who got his life destroyed by the corona scam and was living in the basement of a vaccum repair shop. He happened to be stupid enough to get suckered by FBI agents who were going to "help him put things right". I HAVE A LITTLE ADVICE:

When you take action, you tell no one. You leave the cell phones at home. You don't type about how you are going to do it, or make phone calls, or be some other form of MORON, they have every last American flagged bagged and tagged with 20 microphones and 5 cameras each. If you tell ANYONE you're dead before you start, when the war kicks off it has to be 100 percent lone wolves and there needs to be a million of them - that will overwhelm all efforts by those who have destroyed America to keep track of it all, and if the targets are correctly chosen the war absolutely will be won. That's the only way, militias are BULLSHIT.

My objective is to stop this before it HAS TO happen, and well, the other side has already not played nice AGAIN, see the following:

Stop election theft plan update shocker:

I was preparing to launch that today, and those F***ERS sent a text message, (before I even made a single call for this project) saying my phone was now authorized to receive incoming calls only, I will not be allowed to dial out. So I tried dialing out. It then says with a voice: You are allowed to receive calls only. This is with a fully paid phone, with unlimited international airtime for the next 14 days.

So, I'll get a new provider and try using the goophone. My guess is that a pirate Huawei is not high in their hacker database and a new provider might not comply. Time killed, yet again. Exhausting. AND THAT is precisely how an election gets stolen. All you do is cut communications for anyone trying to stop it, destroy whatever equipment you possibly can, and if that does not work, well, I wonder what comes next. OOPS, NO I DONT. Good luck with all that. The next step can't be done from a keyboard.

Microsoft may start using Linux for it's next release, because it is cheaper to do, and Linux is superior

That just proves Microsoft SUCKS.

After 30 years of dominance via theft of other people's tech, and over a trillion dollars in profits, Gates, who hired FOREIGNERS, not white guys to write his programs, could not come up with an operating system better than what was thrown together by rag tag bands of unpaid rogue programmers.

Gates NEVER cared about doing it right, he instead focused on being a thief and getting away with it in corrupted courts, and when that was profitable he refused to hire Americans to actually do it right. He instead simply destroyed American programmers by stealing whatever they came up with and then hired foreigners with no loyalty to America at all who primarily focused on how to implement what was stolen and then rob America's data and keep it secret.


If Gates could not beat Linux, he's a traitor and that's the WHOLE story.

FACT: After all the trillions Gates got to "do it right" a free operating system is so superior he's throwing in the towel. WE GOT ROBBED, if Gates ever intended to do more than rob the public, Linux should be in the dust bins of history.

Be ahead of the curve, and ditch his sh*t NOW.


I don't usually post stuff like this, but this is unbelievable.

A very brave cat and a (not just a baby) bear cub.

YES, THAT HAPPENED, WHICH MEANS THE LEFT, WHICH THINKS IT HAS THE ELECTION STEAL IN THE BAG HAD BETTER WATCH IT'S BEHIND. Don't underestimate what a pissed off America might do to put things right. Cats do not chase bears after all, DO THEY?

Well, it looks like Trump's "Space force" is getting teeth.

The U.S. military has asked SpaceX to deliver military cargo via space. Musk is claiming he will soon be able to do military missions (at 77.5 tons payload) for only a few million bucks

As it turns out, Musk has made space travel so affordable that the Pentagon has become interested in using rockets to get military payloads anywhere on the globe within an hour. And whatever you can fit in 77.5 tons, Musk could do for a few million. At that price and that quantity, it actually does look feasible. In some cases, it would be the cheapest thing you could ever do. Imagine the cost of the support that would be needed to get supplies to a group deep inside hostile territory - if a rocket could simply drop it to them from space, well, 77.5 tons would be one hell of a drop.

If there was a way to put troops on that for a one hour flight, sure, it would be risky and it would be butt holes and elbows, but heck, you're the "space force", right? Musk could easily drop 500 troops into an area, fully supplied for a couple weeks and imagine the hell that would be for someone. That's so much payload you could drop 500 150 pound troops and have almost 200 pounds of supplies for every single one of them. Would that be worth it for a few million bucks? Try doing that cheaper. You won't.

Obviously there's one huge caveat: War mongers. If such an ability was abused, it could be horrific beyond belief.

Additionally, the re-entry capsule would weigh at least something and would cost something and be one use only, but if every effort to keep weight and cost down was made with modern materials, it would all be feasible. High temperature ceramics are cheap when there's no thievery going on.

Headline: "Coronavirus" responsible for throwing 100 million into severe poverty

Correction: "The first phase of the communist takeover has already thrown 100 million into severe poverty. The virus did nothing of the sort, how it was managed did the damage and every aspect of the management was communist in nature. This could have come and gone without any headlines if there was not an agenda behind it.

After seeing the debate with Kamala, it is obvious Pence is a better politician than Trump.

Pence said it like it was, and Trump was too chicken for it. That does not make Trump a bad president, but he could sure be a lot better politician. Pence looked GREAT.

The dems are NOT winning and they know it. If they knew they were winning, they would not be bothering with the 25th amendment. Pelosi is squawking about the 25th becase she knows, without question, they are going to lose even while doing their damndest to steal it.

Trump is going to be hosting the Rush Limbaugh show tomorrow, if you can pick that up I would not miss it, and, -

I had a great degree of success today with my plan to stop the election from being stolen but I cannot give the details or "they" will shut it down. This is going to eat a pile of time, and a pile of cash, please keep that in mind and I will say nothing more on this topic, other than occasional reminders that it is being done and is subtracting from my time on this site.

One thing I noticed - We stopped getting beamed a few days ago and that is important because other than the night I was upset over the computers getting fried, I have been sleeping like a rock. And when that happens, I can do more in an hour than I can do in an entire day after not sleeping for about 3 days. That's when the wall hits - 3 days of no sleep so if things look more normal around here than usual despite my not spending a whole lot of time on the site now, that's why and if this keeps up because they have higher priority targets I ought to do quite well with both efforts.

Anyway I have to run, I may or may not post more later. There's a LOT to do.


Stupid trolls are saying "That's just unsolicited junk mail". PROBLEM: Unsolicited junk mail goes out to the curb and to the landfill, with at most one per trash bag, mixed in with stale fritos. NOT TO RR DONNELY FOR DESTRUCTION, ALL ISOLATED DOWN TO ONE ITEM - BALLOT REQUESTS.

Obviously these videos will be destroyed, just like those ballot requests, and all those completed and stamped mail in ballots for Trump that were in a Sonoma county landfill dumpster so I am serving them from here. This is ANOTHER HUGE ELECTION FRAUD BUST, this is where Trump's campaign cash went to - straight to a corrupted leftist's shredder.

Click the images below to view the videos, right click to save.



Have grocery prices gone up dramatically in your area? Here is my latest analysis.

A few days ago I did a detailed analysis of grocery prices across several stores in Mexico. The three big stores were HEB Wal Mart, and Soriana. plus I included two small local stores and Mexico's version of "dollar general" that is called "Waldo's". I also threw in some mercado prices. I did not post about this because I ended up getting frustrated by attacks on Intel processors, which destroyed them. I then built an AMD which did not get attacked and it is great. But that's not what this is about, -

So today I got reminded of that by a poll on a popular forum, where 93 percent of the respondents said "yes, grocery prices have gone up dramatically". So I'll post what I discovered down here in Mex.

First of all, the price testing conditions: I don't blow money when I shop, I go bottom dollar. If I can't tell the difference between Economax rice and 5X over marked yuppy bullshit, I will not buy the BS. I won't even pay 20 percent more for "BS", if I don't pay bottom dollar there has to be a reason, (like the slightly more expensive one is not GMO). The prices I am going to post are what you'd be forced to pay in Mex no matter what.

Rice has gone up in price by 8 percent, no matter what.
Corn based products have gone up in price by 17 percent, no matter what.
White bleached wheat flour has gone down in price by 5 percent. The actual products made from them have gone up, but did not have to go up because the bottom dollar versions are priced the same as before, across all types.

Meat prices have not gone up, and even sale prices go as low as they used to. You have to get lucky to nail those but I noticed at Soriana that despite HEB looking a little higher (and I never check Wal Mart because even in Mex they sell the worst crap imaginable) - Soriana had meat prices as low as they have ever been with specials being GREAT. I did not have the store card and Claudia could not find it in her purse so I missed out -

Eggs: Wal Mart and other large stores now rip you off, but in the mercados and small local stores, they have gone back to being cheap again. That would not be possible if there were problems.

At Wal mart and other stores, chips and junk food went up, but in the small local stores the prices did not budge AT ALL, they are the same as they always were, to the exact peso.

Refried beans - about 7 percent less than the lowest I have ever seen, across all brands, it was not a pricing fluke.
Oils - all went down in price across all types by a few percent.
Peanut butter went up but I still managed to get Economax as cheap as it ever was.

Pastas (at the base line) were the same price as always, but the "premium stuff" tripled from their already much higer price. I can't tell the difference, why would I pay that?

Surprisingly the box mac and cheese went down in price overall but I skipped that because I can do it cheaper and better my own way.

Condiments and dairy were all priced EXACTLY the same as they were a year ago. Fresh milk did not budge, not even by a single peso, across all brands and neither did the products made from milk.

Perishable produce: These prices always went up and down and it varies daily by what you want to buy. However, overall they are as cheap as ever, you can still get oranges here in Mex for about 20 cents a pound. Apples will set you back about 50 cents a pound. Potatoes are about the same. Strawberries always fluctuate in price (up to $2 a pound) but the last time I saw them they were about 50 cents a pound. Tomatoes were 33 cents a pound the last I checked. A cheap mexican version of tomatoes called tomatillos were about 20 cents a pound. All of those are normal prices, NOTHING CHANGED IN PRODUCE. Those are mercado prices, not Wal-Mart but if you can hit a mercado they will BLOW wal mart away in every way every day. If the prices seem low, all I can say is that's normal.


At first, when I saw the prices on the yuppy products go up considerably, I was scared and I was going to report doom. But when I closely looked at things the way I would buy, NOTHING OF SIGNIFICANCE HAS HAPPENED, surprisingly, wheat flour and oils and beans actually went down. Overall the average is about the same. If you are seeing significantly higher prices in the U.S., that's simply opportunists ripping you off, LOOK FOR THE BETTER DEAL.

There's a reason for the next debate to be "virtual" and that is because a "virtual" Biden will do better than a real one.

They can just do a face and voice overlay if it is of someone that is not in the same room. Trump is right to not agree with this.

Another comment about the fly landing on Pence being CGI -

If you look at the videos of that fly that are all over the web now, the fly fades in over 3 frames. I find that highly improbable.

Let's talk about crappy video cameras, and professional ones for a minute here -

Crappy video cameras, and I'm talking any cell phone or even Gopro cameras, cannot possibly shoot the best possible video because they have small sensors and small lenses. This forces them to use long exposure times (per frame of video) which will tend to blur high speed events in the video.

Professional video cameras are a totally different deal. They make high speed action scenes clear by using super short capture times per frame of video. That costs money, but when it's on a billion dollar network, $100,000 is peanuts. Even mundane "for broadcast" cameras used by local stations will set you back $10,000 or more, with the type CNN has costing lots more. On the really good ones, (like what are used for professional national broadcasts,) their capture times per frame are VERY short and that's why HD TV always looks better than your own camera even if your camera has the same claimed spec. Due to the quality of broadcast television cameras, and the fact that their capture times per frame are very short,there should be at least one frame, or several frames, that have the fly's wings frozen in flight as it landed on Pences head. At a bare minimum there should at least be a blob approaching in one of the frames, (if lighting was difficult) but that's not what happens, the fly simply fades in over several frames. That can't happen with pro gear unless you're shooting in a church lit by candles. They obviously put that there via CGI, and had it managed across networks via AI.

Lots of people are shitposting about frames and all the other bunk, but reality is that flies are simply not that fast, and on professional gear they won't fade in over 3 frames. NOTHING DOES, each frame is a perfect photo on such cameras.

Why would they make a fly land on Pence? For the same reason they turn Trump orange. And I would not be surprised if the fly that landed on Hillary was not the same game being played. Figure the odds. I figured Hillary's was real and it was just a fluke until this happened to Pence, now I believe both were fake.

Hillary did not react to her fly, and Pence did not react to his. I am calling BULLSHIT on both. At least the conservatives did Hillary's fly right, you can see it approach (perhaps little too clearly). Unskilled leftists totally borked Pence's fly.

So, during the scant moments of presidential debates over the last two elections, we had 2 flies land on people's heads. Question: Has a fly landed on your head this month? Figure the odds of this happening twice in a controlled area that's supposed to be predominantly bug free, over a total time frame of a few hours. They don't shoot presidential debates in a barn.

There is good reason to believe the fly that landed on Pence was CGI. Domain registered for that fly within 3 minutes of it landing on his head

I have gone over this well this morning and it still appears to be legit, but the site was actually registered seconds after the fly left Pence's head, not 20 minutes before as I originally posted. I believe that is impossible unless the fly was known about beforehand and someone was ready to simply hit the pay button when it did.Obviously then, the fly would be CGI.

I had to change this post to reflect the actual timing this morning. Yes, technically it might be possible to register such a domain within 3 minutes, but it's not probable. To pull that off, you'd have to have all your information already entered, have already decided you wanted to register a site, you'd have to react to that fly, check if the domain was taken or not, the whole ball of wax, and in the real world that can't happen in 3 minutes. That could happen in a half hour or so, but not within seconds of it leaving Pence.

The earlier post was inaccurate because it said it was registered 20 minutes before the fly landed on Pences head.

I still say this is a hit, like building 7 on 911, where they announced it's collapse early, but I can't prove it because if someone was already sitting on the hosting site and had all their data entered and was going to register something else, they might be able to check the domain name and after that one action, hit send. Highly improbable, especially from Washington DC.

I do not believe that could have been accomplished within even 15 minutes after the fly landed, yet here we have a domain registered within seconds, (not minutes) of the fly leaving.

There is no low the left won't sink to, including graphically pasting a fly on Pence.

Someone knew that fly was going to happen. Some are saying the fly was a drone because of this, but I just think it was a graphics trick.

I believe someone knew that fly graphic was going to happen, so they registered that domain. Now, rather than talk about how Pence booted Kamala into the gutter, it's all about the fly.


There's no darn way Kamala did that well.

They are lying about hurricane Delta

I have watched this "hurricane" and in reality, it might still be a tropical storm. Then I found this post to social media, it speaks for itself:

"For some reason the Hurricane Center has decided to put out complete bullshit when it comes to Hurricane Delta.

They claimed the winds were 115 mph when the actual recon was far, far below that. They are still lying as they claim the wind speed is 100 mph. Meteorologists are parroting the lie with great ease.

The actual wind speed is 75 mph, according to the actual recon stats.

BTW, there is also a 20 m/s winds shear on its north side which is just enough to produce further deterioration.

The NCH used to be pretty reliable, fudging only a little to be on the safe side. But with Hurricane Delta, they have abandoned the truth to sell an agenda.

My comment: I was going to wait for it to be approaching landfall before I said anything because I figured they might be making projections, and the gulf is warm enough to beef up hurricanes. Looks like another Patricia however, it is very small and already being lied about. Patricia was called a cat 6 and made landfall with 70 mph winds. It was not even a hurricane.

FBI director Wray to step down

UPDATE: WRAY SAYS HELL NO. I was right! (original report follows)

TOO LITTLE TOO LATE. The FBI will not be fixed on time to do a proper investigation into election theft and once Trump is out, it's over. It is up to us to save this, and 80 million replaced ballots (thanks to the mail sort system and endless time allowed to write up new ones) say that's going to be a tough job, especially when Tass and Pravda simply moved their offices to CNN, FOX, MSNBC and other American news outlets when the so called "collapse of Soviet Russia" happened. We'll never get the truth about 911 AND WE WILL NEVER GET ACCURATE POLL NUMBERS, let alone any hard truth about the massive vote fraud going on even right now. They'll keep it limited to rogue postal carriers who threw away ballots and a few cases of "oops" while Shin Bet, Beth Tikva and 5,000 other hives of fraud make the election "fair".

NBA caves. Too little too late

After posting the most dismal finals viewership in NBA history, with viewership down by about 60 percent over the previous year, the NBA has decided to do away with all the social justice crap and simply play basketball.

Two big problems with that:

1. People do not forget that crap and the NBA faces a 20 year recovery. Merely stopping the insults against your viewership will not bring it back like flipping a switch.

2. The public was already stressed with rigged referees and having all the "champions" be from the biggest markets where the most money would be made. I TOTALLY lost interest in basketball and saw it for what it was 25 years ago when they intentionally and obviously rigged a game to steal the title from the Utah Jazz, just so more money could be made in a bigger market elsewhere.

It is not like there were not already problems when they started the woke B.S., and prior problems are going to make those who were already skeptical not want to return that much more. If it is all rigged anyway, with actual merit meaning little, you might as well just watch someone play a video game.

Trump has been announced "completely free of coronavirus symptoms".

Well, so much for my worries about them killing him. And I am suspicious about it all.

My guess: Trump is going to start cracking down on the deep state, the deep state got word of it and for some reason Trump needed an excuse for better security. He was "moved to Walter Reed" while actually being out on the ocean, they produced a ridiculously flawed video, people figued it out, and it got called off early. There's work to do, and he can't proceed if he is still "sick". As a bonus, the treatments he likely never received have been given a gold bath.


CNN TYPE "TRUMP" HEADLINE: CA Governor Newsom wants Californians to choke to death.

Actual report, as CNN would have stated if Newsom was Trump: CA governor Newsom has stated Californians must wear masks between bites at restaurants, while instructing them to take their masks off as little as possible. This will force people to take HUGE bites, which will result in choking deaths. Trump Newsom wants Californians dead.

WE HAVE PROOF. See the following Newsom tweet:

Trump just "declassed" everything.

And it is B.S. because it is so redacted it is not readable. Declass means NO REDACTIONS. Predict: NOTHINGBURGER.

Everybody went giddy when Trump did a "huge declassification" of Hillary's crimes (and more) but the problem is that the wording of it states that it is by his permission, it is not an order. Trump explicitly stated "no redactions" but what I saw was so redacted less than 15 percent of the text remained. That's not declass!!!

However, Trump did tweet this, which is encouraging:


Too bad the MSM won't pick it up.

Will It blend? Amazon Echo.


The Michigan supreme court said no to the Corona bullshit, and THIS WAS THE RESPONSE FROM THE COMMUNISTS. Here is the snake speak and procedure for the final destruction of states and nations, outlined BEAUTIFULLY, by the Bolsheviks. LEARN FROM THIS.

They intend to use the COVID "emergency" to execute constitutional powers to "protect the public" by locking the public down and taking whatever property they want. They did this AFTER the supreme court said no.

I'll try to rip this and post it as they did in powerpoint

Authority and Actions Under the Public Health Code to Prevent and Control the Spread of Disease

Presented by:
Denise Chrysler, Director
Office of Legal Affairs
Michigan Department of Community Health

Protection of the publics health

"The public health and general welfare of the people of the state are hereby declared to be matters of primary public concern. The legislature shall pass suitable laws for the protection and promotion of the public health.

Const 1963, art 4, § 51

Michigan Department of Community Health

"Pursuant to section 51 of article 4 of the state constitution of 1963, the department [of community health] shall continually and diligently endeavor to prevent disease, prolong life, and promote the public health through organized programs, including ... prevention and control of diseases..."

MCL 333.2221(1)

Michigan Public Health Code

"...shall be liberally construed for the protection of the health, safety, and welfare of the people of this state."

MCL 333.1111(2)

Powers of Director of Michigan Department of Community Health

If the Director determines that conditions anywhere in this state constitute a menace to the public health, she is authorized to take full charge of the administration of applicable state and local health laws, rules, regulations, and ordinances

MCL 333.2251(3)

Director's Powers Imminent Danger Order

"Upon a determination that an imminent danger to the health or lives of individuals exists in this state, the director immediately shall inform the individuals affected by the imminent danger and issue an order . . . . The order shall incorporate the director's findings and require immediate action necessary to avoid, correct, or remove the imminent danger."

MCL 333.2251(1)

Powers of Local Health Officer

The Director of the Department of Community Health has statewide jurisdiction.

Under Part 24 of the Public Health Code, local health officers have most of the powers granted to the Director to respond to public health emergencies within the area served by the local health department

For example, MCL 333.2451 authorizes local health officers to issue imminent danger orders within the local health department's jurisdiction

Director's Powers Emergency Order to Control Epidemic

"If the director [or local health officer] determines that control of an epidemic is necessary to protect the public health, the director, by emergency order, may prohibit the gathering of people for any purpose and may establish procedures to be followed during the epidemic to insure continuation of essential public health services and enforcement of health laws."

MCL 333.2253; MCL 333.2453

Violation of Director's Orders

A person who violates a rule or order of the department is guilty of a misdemeanor punishable by imprisonment for not more than 6 months, or a fine of not more than $200, or both. MCL 333.2261

An individual may be arrested if violation occurs in the presence of a police officer, or the police officer has reasonable cause to believe individual has violated a rule or order. MCL 764.15(1)

Director's Powers Warning Notice Against Carrier of Disease

Allows director or local health officer who determines "that an individual is a carrier and is a health threat to others" to issue a warning notice requiring person to cooperate in preventing or controlling transmission of disease.

Must inform the individual that if he or she fails to comply with the warning notice, the health department shall seek a court order

Must also inform the individual that, except in an emergency, the individual will have a right to a hearing before the court issues its order

MCL 333.5203

Director's Powers Petition Court for Order Against Carrier

"If a department representative or a local health officer knows or has reasonable grounds to believe that an individual has failed or refused to comply with a warning notice issued under section 5203, the department or local health department may petition the circuit court for the county of Ingham or for the county served by the local health department for an order..."

MCL 333.5205(1)

Director's Powers Emergency Action Against Carrier

"To protect the public health in an emergency, upon the filing of an affidavit by a department representative or a local health officer, the circuit court may order the department representative, local health officer, or a peace officer to take an individual whom the court has reasonable cause to believe is a carrier and is a health threat to others into custody and transport the individual to an appropriate emergency care or treatment facility for observation, examination, testing, diagnosis, or treatment and, if determined necessary by the court, temporary detention."

MCL 333.5207(1)

Department's Powers Inspection or Investigation

State and local health departments are authorized to inspect or investigate: - A suspected outbreak or exposure - Any matter, thing, premises, place, person, record, vehicle, incident, or event MCL 333.2221(2)(d), MCL 333.2241(1), MCL 333.2433(2)(c), MCL 333.2446

Department's Powers Inspection or Investigation

State and local health investigators are to be provided with medical and epidemiological information pertaining to individuals who have, are suspected of having, or may have been exposed to a disease or condition of public health significance

Communicable Disease Rules, R 325.174(2)

Departments Powers Inspection or Investigation

"[The communicable disease rule] which requires that personal medical information of an individual with a disease shall be provided to an investigator of the Michigan Department of [Community] Health or a local health department, is within the statutory authority granted to the Department of [Community] Health by the Public Health Code to make investigations of reported cases of diseases."

Op Atty Gen 1986, No 6376, p 336

Department's Responsibilities to protect private health information

"Medical and epidemiological information which identifies an individual and which is gathered in connection with an investigation is confidential and is not open to public inspection without the individual's consent or the consent of the individual's guardian, unless public inspection is necessary to protect the public health as determined by a local health officer or the director."

Communicable Disease Rules, R 325.181(2)

Director's Powers Maintain Court Actions

To compel compliance with Imminent Danger Order

To compel compliance with Emergency Order to Control Epidemic

To obtain warrant to inspect or investigate and to seize property

To obtain an injunction

MY COMMENT: So seizing property helps contain a disease. GOT IT. sounds about right.

Director's Powers Maintain court action to obtain warrant to inspect or investigate and to seize property

Application for warrant may be filed by State or Local Health Department

Issued by Magistrate based on facts stated in affidavit

May authorize property to be seized

May direct law enforcement to assist health department in inspection or investigation

MCL 333.2241-2247, MCL 333.2446

My comment to the above: They are using the laws for restaurants as an excuse to take people's homes in the name of Covid.

Director's Powers Maintain court action to obtain warrant to inspect or investigate and to seize property

Application for warrant may be filed by State or Local Health Department

Issued by Magistrate based on facts stated in affidavit

May authorize property to be seized

May direct law enforcement to assist health department in inspection or investigation

MCL 333.2241-2247, MCL 333.2446

Director's Powers Maintain Court Action for Injunction

State Health Director or Local Health Director may maintain action

May seek court order to restrain, prevent, or correct:

- A violation of a law, rule or order that health department has duty to enforce

- An activity or condition that health department believes adversely affects the public health

MCL 333. 2265, MCL 333.2465

Once again, they are using the rules for the food service industry to establish a Covid tyranny where they take your property. It is not legitimate at all, but that's how communists get it done. If they can steal power this way, even if totally mis-applied, they will do it.

Directors Powers Quarantine, Isolation, & Immunization Police Power

The power of government to impose restrictions on private rights for the sake of the public welfare, order, and security

Subject to constitutional limitations, especially to the requirement of due process and right to equal protection

Director's Powers Quarantine, Isolation, & Immunization

Compagnie Francaise De Navigation A Vapeur, 186 US 380 (1902)

Jacobson v Massachusetts, 197 US 11 (1904)

Rock v Carney, 216 Mich 280 (1921)


Campagnie Francaise de Navigation a Vapeur v Louisiana State Board of Health, 186 US 380 (1902) Quarantine held to be:

Legitimate exercise of police power

No violation of Commerce Clause

Immunization Jacobson v Massachusetts, 197 US 11 (1905)

Involved mandatory vaccinations, not quarantine.

Based on earlier quarantine decisions, valid exercise of state's police power.

Expressly recognized power of local administrative agencies to develop and implement health regulations.

Jacobson v Massachusetts

"The liberty secured by the Constitution of the United States to every person within its jurisdiction does not import an absolute right to each person to be, at all times and in all circumstances, wholly freed from restraint. There are manifold restraints to which every person is necessarily subject for the common good"

Quarantine & Isolation Rock v Carney, 216 Mich 280 (1921):

Plaintiff quarantined by local authorities for 12 weeks. Lower court upheld exercise of police power.

Supreme Court reversed, but recognized:

"That the power exists in the boards of health acting through their respective health officers to quarantine persons infected with these diseases either in their homes or in detention hospitals, such detention to continue so long as the diseases are in their infectious state . . ."

Quarantine & Isolation Rock v Carney, continued

"When sufficient reasonable cause exists to believe that a person is afflicted with a quarantinable disease, there is no doubt of the right of the health authorities to examine into the case . . . remembering that the persons so affected are to be treated as patients, and not as criminals."

Thank you for your attention.
Denise Chrysler
(517) 373-2109

So there you have it. All the powers they could possibly need to steal everything you have and slam you into an "isolation camp", but don't worry, you'll be treated as a patient after they do that, not a criminal and you'll "get to leave" when they say you can.

Here is how the "Elite" will get their shots in front of everyone -

The needle is spring loaded, (is not really a needle) and it retracts into the handle. When the plunger is pushed, the liquid circulates backwards up into the handle. It looks totally real.

Click to play.

So when you see them "get theirs" it is actually "No, not really."

Natural News: Coronavirus vaccine trial subjects report extreme exhaustion, shortness of breath, day-long headaches and shaking so violently that one of them cracked a tooth"

I am only going to comment, Go there to read it

My comment: I doubt ANYONE who took that vaccine is actually talking. The comments from people, (even the guy who shook so violently he cracked a tooth) are ALL POSITIVE, and "it was worth it" and "it only lasted a day". That's BULLSHIT. If ANYONE shakes from a reaction so bad they start breaking teeth, IF they don't die, they sure as hell won't be over it in a day. Obviously, the testimonies are fake. And I bet I know why:

This stuff is being said because it is known by the vaccine pushers that this one's a devastator, and they want to condition the public to say "no matter what happens, it was worth it, even the guy with a broken tooth said it was worth it" AND "It only lasts a day, so if I think it lasts longer than that, I AM NUTS." This is perfectly obvious. The vaccine is a total devastator and they are trying to con us into accepting it. "Hey sally, I feel SICK AS HELL, so sick I am having convulsions, there's something wrong here" Sally: Oh, there's nothing wrong, that's all conspiracy. You were supposed to be over it in a day, WTF is wrong with you??? I am going in for my shot NOW.