New virus likely to be released Sep 18

Update: The actual window is (likely) to be between Sep 18 - 21.

Claudia had to take an 8 hour "returning to normal after Coronavirus" course (for her work) that was issued by the Mexican government. So obviously Mexico wanted to go in a direction opposite what Australia is. The resistance to the virus here was quite strong, the only place "mom and pop" got wiped out was in areas that were unilaterally shut down even for the large corporations. The elite did not get what they wanted with Mex, so are they going to release their new punishment in Mexico first??? I know one thing, I'm taking precautions like never before this time around.

Mexico's goal was to return "life to normal" for everyone by January 1. Let's see if that happens, if Suckerberg, Gates and Fauci get their way, (along with a plethora of other evil schmucks) I DOUBT IT.

At this time, Mex is mostly normal but the schools and churches remain closed.

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Israel is locking down for no reason at all on the 18th which likely means they know something they are not talking about. This is something I covered yesterday and this morning I noticed it picked up steam and will be a prominent story. Here's the beef, in a few short words:

Bill Gates promised us a new virus "that will get attention" ON VIDEO, where he praised Australia and implied that the rest of the world needs to be punished. He set a date line that implied September of this year. AND NOW ISRAEL, OUT OF THE BLUE IS LOCKING DOWN.

Can you add? If so, you had damn well better get your REAL gas masks out and ready, because if Israel's actions imply anything at all, they imply that they absolutely ARE going for it. Whether or not chloroquine will work for the new bug remains to be seen. It all depends upon how well the viral programmers were able to scramble for something new.

The probable goal is to create such chaos the polls in the U.S. will not open on election day, because there really will be piles of dead. Then again, they could hoax it all. There's no way to know until it happens, I myself will take extreme precautions. I firmly believe they are going to DO THIS.

You knew there was no reason to wear your mask, and many people wisely rebelled just like I did. This time around, it is highly probable there will be VERY GOOD reason to go beyond N-95 and protect yourself for real.

Israel is not doing this for fun and games. They have insider info.

BOOOOM: After Oregon's fire marshal (Jim Walker) pointed out that most of the fires were arson, THEY FIRED HIM AND PUT IN A LATINO ANTIFA SUPPORTER.

The police, the fire marshal and lots of witnesses are saying Antifa is lighting the fires, and the FBI says they are not. Considering the fires the FBI lit on 911, including to their own world headquarters in building 7, who are you going to believe? Police, eyewitnesses, or them? Why did they force the fire marshall to resign immediately and put in his place an Antifa sympathizer???

I kid you not!!! Antifa lighting the fires soaked through the censorship like cheese cloth and now Oregon TOOK ACTION and has a female hispanic fire marshall in place that will not mention arson. TOO LATE:

Two antifa were spotted in gas masks lighting a hayfield on fire.

Three other Antifa were spotted by power crews lighting fires as they tried to repair lines that Antifa downed.

A BLM/Antifa activist who has been protesting since 2014 was busted as he lit a fire on Highway 167

CLACKAMAS COUNTY, OR—Heard over the Police Scanner: "Suspicious Vehicle (Subaru) With Texas Plates Throwing Molotov Cocktails." that will get a fire going quick

Iran hangs pro wrestler after Trump told them not to.

The official story: The Iranian regime sentenced him to death for protesting. The real story: he was looting during a protest and killed a security guard. This was caught on surveillance video. he's getting nailed for killing someone. And since it is Iran, ANTIFA DOES NOT WALK.

Israel going back into lockdown

Very strange. Leading their scam by example??? The new rules: Big corporations stay open as usual. Mom and pop close. Intermediate restaurants can have up to 10 people or 30 percent of their staff (which ever is larger) and do take out only. All cell phone stores stay open. No one is allowed to go more than 500 meters from their home unless there's a solid reason to.

Why would Israel do this lunacy, when Corona was never bad there and there's no second wave yet? Starts Sep 18. All will enjoy. But why???

Meanwhile Fauci is spouting again about lockdowns, to give the economy a nice second thrashing it will never get over. I don't know how well that's going to be received in the U.S.

Cool video: Group of guys use chain saw to release two deer with locked antlers

Mass arrests of the swamp "about to begin??"

How many times have we heard THAT before? It is all over the place today, and I call BUNK.

Clackamas county sheriff who pegged Antifa and leftists for starting fires now suspended.

UPDATE: Now there are LOTS of arrests of arsonists, and they are all BLM/Antifa. I don't think it is going to last because antifa did not have enough discipline to walk out into the woods in remote areas and do it for real (away from witnesses), and several people have videos of them lighting the fires. My guess is that faceplant and everyone else will censor the videos, but it looks like the sheriff was right and suspending him for saying it was Antifa is not going to play well on the stage of public opinion.

Now arson arrests are being made in connection to the fires. I guess the sheriff was right, but that won't help when the county government is likely involved in supporting Antifa.

The initial reports about Antifa lighting fires (that I saw) had them cutting utility poles with chain saws. That probably happened and the media is refusing to report it.

Social media not getting participation like usual??

It seems to me that a censorship engine may be creating little worlds that groups or individuals live in. Recently the diversity of participation across all social media has been greatly reduced. The feedback numbers are the same, but the actual participation those numbers would support is very thinned out. I am not sure of what is going on lately with this, but I am suspicious. Here's the basics of what is going on out there if what is in your connection sphere dried up:

They are lying about Biden again, absolutely desperately lying, by producing headlines about "Trump gaining on Biden" and all that nonsense, and it is all for mind control and no one I can see on any platform is issuing any sort of rebuttal to this obvious fakery. Here's how the mind game works:

"Trump gained on Biden again" - This tricks the mind into believing Trump was behind, on a base level, and that those delivering the news are saying something positive about Trump, So they can't be lying. Trump must have really been behind, and therefore has a chance of losing.

See how the trick works? And all the while, the reality is that all opposition to Trump is so far buried under the ashes of Antifa you'd have to dig them away to realize anyone was even there.

Don't fall for their "dark jedi mind tricks", tricks are all they have, there's no substance or support for the communist/Bolshevik faction that has subverted America totally. If there was support they'd have done everything, including the child murders and pedophelia right out in the open from the beginning. If there was support for their crap, they would not have needed to use subverted courts to block Trump at every step. If there was support for their crap, the FBI would have openly admitted Antifa started the fires in Oregon and THEN done nothing.

If there was support for their crap, people would have cheered Epstein and the Clinton body count. I don't see that happening, yet Biden is "winning"???

Clackamas county sheriff: Antifa and/or leftists starting the fires

After the FBI said "No it is not Antifa," a Clackamas county sheriff has spilled the beans on video. THIS WILL VANISH FROM FACEPLANT BUT I HAVE IT SAVED AND WILL RE-POST IF IT DOES.

Lefties are watching this video and saying the sheriff does not say that at all, but he in fact does, right toward the end. The left wingers are also saying the right is lying about Antifa doing the fires but now that this sheriff has at least said it to a degree, that's confirmation that the FBI lied. But after 9-11 who would expect more honor than that from them???

Here is how Anifa is starting the fires: They are cutting utility poles with chain saws and are also lighting them directly. THE SCAMMING FBI THEN SAYS NO, IT IS NOT ANTIFA, IT IS 'DOWNED POWER LINES". Yeah, I guess that'l do when you're a Fraudulent Bureau of "Investigation". Yes, technically "downed power lines" are doing this, but the devil is in the details!!!


Let's be clear here: I never for a minute believed Osama did 911. Well, except for the first three months after, when I was stupid. But I got over that stupidity quickly. And here we have a letter from Osama's niece confirming that indeed, she has far more compassion for the United States than anyone on the left, and is totally conspiracy woke. What a shocker, HERE IT IS, and I'd like to add: I'd bet Biden&Co wanted this released in the Western press so they could scream HEY, LOOKIE HERE, OSAMA'S RELATIVES SUPPORT TRUMP SO TRUMP MUST BE BAD!!!! and they made this prominent on 9/11.

Mark my words: This is going to backfire badly, the left has spun down the toilet SO HARD and SO FAST that now "terrorists" love America more than they do. NEVER FORGET THAT, READ IT AND WEEP LEFTIES!!!!

How about that!!!! She's 50 times as bright as Biden and WITH AMERICA 500 times as much as Pelosi is, let alone Kamala. That's gotta hurt!!!


Massive pro vax push underway now

It is all over the blogosphere, and the typical lead in now is "science based facts support vaccination" and "anyone who disagrees therefore needs an education". Same old crap. And I have a response:

"Anyone who is smart enough to understand the science of vaccination ought to also have a thorough knowledge of eugenics programs. Prove your "vax" is actually a "vax" and not a shot for turning people into Morlocks (which, by the way, would require far more "science" than a genuine vax.")

START POSTING THAT AND SIMILAR, I have had enough of this "science" BULLSHIT.

If they state how credible the world health agencies are, then bring up the topic of subversion but by that point they'll be frazzled anyway.

I did not want to bother with this, but it blew up: Netflix Cuties

There is an extrordinarily raunchy Netflix release called "cuties" that shows sexually explicit dances done by 11 year olds. My opinion: Though the movie is sort of done documentary style, and in a surface way does not condone this, the scenes are over the top and are definitely there to normalize pedophelia. If Trump retains the presidency despite the attempted steal and the subversion is somehow overcome, the pedophiles are going down and I believe this movie was explicitly done to soften the judgement when that happens.

It is indeed disgusting and does qualify as a movie for pedophiles. People online are directly blaming the Jews for this and asking what court house this was filmed under . . . . . it really blew up and people are sick of the underlying sub culture that made such a production possible.

Female Antifa gets taken out by cops

After they arrest her for spitting on them, she requests a female officer. The response: "How do you know he does not identify as female?'


Linked report: Use synthetic motor oil on your gun and clean it with transmission fluid

That makes a LOT of sense, and I'll add: If your gun has a lot of play, use a higher viscosity oil to tighten it up a bit while keeping it working well. I always used regular gun oil but synthetic motor oil makes a lot of sense. One thing however is that motor oils typically contain detergent that will make the oil go away if it gets wet, and then the gun will rust. For storage I'd use straight non detergent 40, 50 or if you come across it, 60 but I would not shoot with that if my gun was not really loose. An AR ought to really love a light weight synthetic.


I could not get a close shot of this because Wal Mart won't permit it. So I had to get this from out in the parking lot (wal mart will pop an aneurism if you try to get a photo in one of their stores, and the security guy was right there, making sure everyone got scanned.

Antifa lighting forest fires???

There have been a few reports about suspicious fires in Oregon being lit by Antifa. If that be the case, I would not be surprised but it has not been confirmed. Other fires:

I don't know why Dutchsince vanished for a long period of time a while back but apparently he has returned and he is claiming the fires in California are being started by directed energy weapons. This does seem plausible, it is possible he documented one going into California from the ocean and one coming into California from Nevada but I am not completely convinced. It is interesting enough to mention though, and considering Dutch, he's probably right.

It looks like The Atlantic fell on it's own bayonet and got a dishonorable discharge from public opinion after they attempted to rip Trump as hating the soldiers and calling them simpletons and losers, only to be corrected by even the leftist segment of the military that said their report was BUNK. But nothing will happen to them because they were ripping Trump. When will it end?

The woman who took the kid's Trump hat hit with hate crime charges

My comment: An eye for an eye I guess, but ALL hate crimes charges are juvenile. At least the charges are being pressed for a kid, so that much matches.

I want to post a food hypothesis I came up with -

Recently I had a BAD gut infection that I ignored because I did not think it could possibly be real, or maybe it was a virus, or whatever. Then I noticed it produced both red AND black blood in my stool. That means it was BAD, so I took some antibiotics I had laying around like everyone should have laying around, hit the right one and killed it off without a doctor visit. Here is where the theory comes in:

I was trying to nurse my system back to health with nice agreeable foods and yogurt and other various nice stuff, and it was not working. I then remembered: The raunchiest spicy thing there is here that I actually enjoy is a junk food called Takis. And every time I thought I felt something starting in my guts, I could stop it with Takis and a coke if I hit it early enough. So I figured why not go and get the spiciest crappiest chips I could get ahold of in Mex and eat those? So I bought four small bags, and sure enough, my stomach settled down.

I wanted bigger bags to really hit my system and ended up at Wal Mart, where I managed to nail them with a Profeco type complaint for mis-labeled product pricing and got out of there with 4 giant bags of cheese puffs for practically free. I ate those and my digestive system made a beautiful recovery, this morning I woke up feeling great.

The theory:

If that stuff is bad for you, it is worse for bacteria that don't have a gall bladder, liver, and kidneys. I FEEL GREAT NOW.

The New York Post is responding to pressure:

It's now looking like the lockdowns may have been a huge mistake

My comment: The only error was in guaging public reaction, if people had gone along with this crap it would be full speed ahead. And though the NYP does admit that corona was not particularly deadly, they still vastly overstated it.

Here is what the NYP did not say: That Corona was launched by the most filthy elitists the world has ever seen, to allow them to destroy their competition and profit hugely while they transformed the world economy into a monolithic communist enterprise. We can see other things they wanted from this scam, such as universal ID and ID to travel, even within a country and that was a hallmark of the old Soviet system. This would have all been plausible if they did not pull the contact tracing and ID crap. There were too many obvious add ons riding the Coronavirus Omnibus.

So now they are apologizing and backing up. Too late. WAY TOO LATE, they played their hand, got flushed, and the next one is not going to be so easy.

As a result, prepare for massive civil unrest in the United States, they did not get away with Corona and they desperately want a fall back.

There are bloggers out there saying that we should not confront the protestors because doing so goes against the tactics that are in the book "The art of war". And the case is plausible - if the police are against you and with the protestors - if the police are going to arrest YOU for defending yourself it really is a foolish combat decision to confront the protesters. But I find the alternative - retreating and letting them burn it to the ground to be quite unpalatable, and will instead say: Art of war: If the police are the enemy, right in there with the protestors, providing them support and backup, then whatever action you take must be done well enough to avoid all contact with the police while you get the job of shutting this shit down done.

That means: Small caliber, noise suppression, hilltop or other clear line of sight, huge distance and whatever you do, make damn good and sure it is not done from your home or business. If you're a shitty shot hang it up now, we need those who can hit an apple with a .22 at 200 yards consistently and there are LOTS AND LOTS of those types out there in the great Americana. It is beyond easy to mask the sound of a .22 which is not a loud gun anyway. You'd mask the sound of a .22 down to oblivion by merely shooting through a hole in a 4X8 foot sheet of plywood, or whatever else, preferably foam backed. The cops need to have a mystery to solve, for god's sake don't just be the idiot that hands themselves in by shooting from your own turf, loud and proud.

So that's where we are at. Covid failed. You don't get reports like that in the New York Post unless someone threw in the towel, and believe me, they are NOT SORRY. They are definitely going to immediately go to plan 2. You had damn well better be prepared.

FACT: In this current hostile environment, where the government itself, which is supposed to be your protector, is enabling the attackers and punishing you for defending yourself, it is up to YOU to borrow your buddie's .22 and defend your home from as far away as you can possibly see it (and what is going on) and still get a clean, private shot. You need to do that from "under the blue spruce that's up the street, 3 blocks away." Even something as simple as shooting from a place like that would mute a .22 down so far everyone would be clueless provided the end of the barrel was well under the tree.

Use your buddie's gun to protect your home, and hand him yours. That way identification of what did what will be difficult if it comes to that. I'm not joking when I say the lowly .22 is the gun for this, you are not likely to kill anyone (it's possible but not like an AR) and I challenge even the Hulk Hogan from the 80's, in THAT SHAPE, to continue looting and burning shit with a .22 in the ass. They'll ALL QUIT over that. That will be my compromise: Hey, we're not trying to kill everyone, but we ARE trying to restore order and look, I can prove it, I had a 30.06 and instead grabbed the Marlin tube feed.

Save the 30.06 or AR for the Chinese invasion. There, you'll need it.

Mark of beast scanners at Wal Mart???

Wal Mart got a very creepy looking thermometer that everyone has to pass, which requires you to lift your right hand up to face level so it can scan your wrist. That's probably not all that thing is scanning. I am going to go back with a decent camera that will allow me to reach in there and get video of what is going on with this (they don't allow cameras) so I'll get it from the parking lot.

I was at Wal Mart to begin with to get junk food because any time I ever have a severe gut disturbance (like what I am pulling out of) junk food is the only thing that really pulls me out. (junk food and yogurt) and my guess is that there are so many preservatives in the junk food they kill the remaining bacteria while giving my system bulk to work with.

ANYWAY - I HATE WAL-MART because of all the jade helm type crap and the elitist owners with their six pointed logo and got even today. They had it clearly marked: 2 big (BIG) party sized bags of cheese puffs for $1. That's about 25 pesos. Anyway, they were by far the cheapest cheese puffs I had ever seen at any point in my life ever, in a good brand, and I was like, that's exactly what I need now so I picked up two bags and some yogurt and headed to checkout, where the regular price scanned. I said, no, these are two for $1. The casheir said NOPE. So I violated all the corona crap and walked backwards through the express checkout, grabbed 2 more bags for a total of 4, PLUS THEIR SIGN for the deal, and walked out with 4 giant bags of cheese puffs for $2. They can't argue, if they put that in the aisle Mex won't let them say no. I was laughing. It was good.

Trump and the vaccine -

Lots of trolls are going over how Trump is pushing a new COVID vaccine, and are using that to bash Trump as a "pro vaccine" president. Many readers would have seen this happening. Here's my take -

Trump is bluffing. It is politics. He knows the dems will be against anything he pushes and wants to get even with them bashing his coronavirus response. There will be no vax, but there will now be plenty of opportunity for Trump to say, "Hey, we have the vax, why vote by mail, AND GEE, THE DEMS WERE AGAINST IT. Why would the Dems be against you "staying healthy???"

There will be no vax for as long as Trump can stop it, just watch.

Strange things happening lately

I'll keep this short. I think I am getting stalked and having an accident arranged. Several times now in the last two days there have been impossible and lethal traffic situations occurring with the only thing stopping them being my attentiveness. The latest? A traffic light was perfectly green my way for about 3 cars and I'd have been the middle car through the light, with more behind. A large and new Dodge Ram diesel blew the red for the other direction in a side lane at about 120 KM/h where the speed limit is 50 and I only did not get nailed (it would have perfectly nailed me) but I always look up that street before crossing, I was not speeding, and managed to hit the brakes hard enough to not even enter his path at all. I almost had a chain accident behind me over that because everyone was trying to get through the green on time.

There were other very odd traffic situations where I had to rapidly make sequential decisions to avoid accidents. These two events really stood out as "never seen anything like that before" with the first one seeming like a football team trying to induce a foul. And the driver of the truck was staring right at me the ENTIRE TIME, even when he was a half a block up from the intersection, and he did not stop. It was a white guy driving.

I am going to leave the following on top for another day because it is important.

There are some things that add comic relief to doing this site. The following is one. This should be front paged on every site out there (and a lot of them did pick this up after I revealed that they faked the database error.) GO AHEAD. THE CAPTURES ARE NOT WATERMARKED AND YOU CAN EVEN RIP THEM AND SAY IT YOUR WAY. Solid gold.


I came across this a couple days ago and it had been "debunked" as a database error. I posted this and removed it. But then I started thinking: No proof was offered stating that this was any sort of database error; what had in fact been done is that once this got discovered, the WTA suddenly generated an identical page for 2019 and 2017, when originally there was only a 2018 page that worked with THIS LINK, WHICH NOW GOES TO A GENERIC MEDICAL KIT. HA HA HA THOSE DUFUSES,DID THEY REALLY THINK I'D FORGET AND QUIT WATCHING???? If there was nothing to this, why did they not leave it alone? Why did they have to remove all references to Covid-19?

Here is what obviously happened: Since they were clearly and plainly busted, they faked a database error by generating duplicate pages with one number different in the page name that made it look like whatever year you typed, this came up. I figured that if they did that, I'd bust them later, and I SUCCEEDED. THEY ARE BUSTED.


IN THE VIDEO: Antifa has a mishap.

Trump erases Biden's 5 point lead???

All headlines to that effect are mind control. The meta talk is: "We are not lying about how popular Biden is, because if we were, we'd never state that Trump gained in popularity". REALITY:

There have been no states which (with corrected stats now) Trump has not had 78 or more percent support, and in most states Trump leads Biden by 84:7 with the balance being losers who can't answer a question right.

But it's all about plausible deniability with an election steal, lie lie lie lie and lie right up until election day, and when you steal it, say, SEE, WE TOLD YOU SO, LOTS OF PEOPLE WANTED BIDEN. Or whatever it takes to rig Congress to lame duck Trump if something goes wrong with their presidential steal. They steal EVERYTHING.


One thing I would like to point out is that not a single mail has arrived about Claudia, the web site, Paypal, or anything else, not one offer for Western Union or anything else at all, IT IS ALL BLOCKED.

Most likely to make it look like I am nuts, they allowed two donations through, one from Louis (Thanks!) for $25 and another from Sharon (Thanks!) for $20.00 I can't even guess at what happened with regard to this when not one mail arrived about me getting such a bad gut infection I had both black and red blood (proof of a catastrophic infection) and Claudia ended up at the hospital twice and two other doctors over that spider, it's not rational at all, the system is totally compromised, and THAT is what people's donations are going through. Actually catching two they screwed up on cinches it, I HAVE HAD IT.

There won't be any more donation requests.


There's actually more to Claudia's story than I said. I think there is witch craft going on, because: She did not want me to post this but I am going to. four days after she got bit by that black widow, (a giant plump one with egg sacks to protect, confirmed because the hospital found 4 bites) she got nailed on the temple and on the wrist by one of the poison scorpions we have around here while taking clothes off the line. FIGURE THE ODDS, and it happened at around 12:30 AM

Once again she did not even feel the stings (she did not feel the bites from the spider either) and we did not know why she suddenly started having neurological problems (I said she must be having a stroke) but she found the stings and was pleading, "No it is not a stroke, I have to go get antivenom again".

So at 3AM we were driving around looking for a hospital that could take her when we had no cash because F***ING Paypal got robbed and we ended up at one of the Children's hospitals I mentioned was rigging the Corona stats in an earlier report here, they took her in, noticed the stings right away and gave her 2 shots of Anascorp and did not charge a dime. So that gave that hospital an image boost with me . . . . . .

I have a question: Absent some sort of curse how in the **** did Claudia get nailed by two critters at the exact same time I got nailed by something else that was so bad it triggered bleeding far enough up in my digestive tract to have there be black blood? WTH is up with that? How did all that go on right when I had to ensure this site would stay online? Yes, I really think they tried to do a takedown and they probably frazzle dripped a few kids for those favors. I am confident the curses work now. A while ago the MSM was focusing on the topic of Wicca and what the witches were doing to "make sure the bad people lose". There might be substance to that.

White Jewish professor who built her career as a black woman comes clean

Now THAT is an interesting read. Pretty much says it all.

UNCONFIRMED RUMOR: Michael Forest Reinoehl Shot and killed by U.S. Marshals

UPDATE, this is not rumor. The NYT now has the story and no one is sad.

Reinoehl is the guy who shot the Trump supporter in Portland. His sister turned him in. His family evidently hated him for the Antifa B.S.

The rumor states that Reinoehl was shot and killed when authorities went to arrest him. The arrest was made possible by people on the Chans who identified him.

Once again, this is rumor but I'd sure like to say it is true. That would be the first win we had in all of this mess.

Here is the original text:

Portland antifa shooter Michael Reinoehl has been killed by law enforcement. Details to come.

Michael Forest Reinoehl, who killed Portland Trump supporter Aaron Danielson, died in Lacey, Wash. My sources are telling me U.S. Marshalls went to arrest him.

Antifa accounts in their secret group chatrooms are calling the killing of antifa shooter Michael Reinoehl a police "execution."

Antifa encampment spotted in Portland

Every time BLM burns a city, they are staging an election rally for Trump. The dems cannot possibly be that stupid, obviously they plan on stealing the election and are doing the setup for draconian policy now.


From his Twitter. Ha ha, this is GOOD:

"Based on the massive number of Unsolicited & Solicited Ballots that will be sent to potential Voters for the upcoming 2020 Election, & in order for you to MAKE SURE YOUR VOTE COUNTS & IS COUNTED, SIGN & MAIL IN your Ballot as EARLY as possible. On Election Day, or Early Voting, go to your Polling Place to see whether or not your Mail In Vote has been Tabulated (Counted). If it has you will not be able to Vote & the Mail In System worked properly. If it has not been Counted, VOTE (which is a citizen's right to do). If your Mail In Ballot arrives after you Vote, which it should not, that Ballot will not be used or counted in that your vote has already been cast & tabulated. YOU ARE NOW ASSURED THAT YOUR PRECIOUS VOTE HAS BEEN COUNTED, it hasn't been "lost, thrown out, or in any way destroyed". GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!

My comment: Better yet, there should be a system in place to see if the ballot was not flipped.

Richfield airstrip: An elite gathering?

A large number of large private jets landed at the municipal airport at Richfield Utah. No one knows why, but they came in last night, about 7 total. None of the stories being told can explain why they are there when there are other airports in the area that would be better for that. It really looks like a group of people "bugged out" or is having a meeting in the area. Not one jet of the type that landed there has ever landed there, and suddenly all in one whack there are 7.

A few years ago, Richfield, which is a small community of about 5,000 suddenly got tasked with the job of building an enormous airstrip from city funds and no one knew why because no one there had an airplane that could justify such a facility. No large aircraft ever landed there. Now this . . . .

While this is happening, New York mayor Cuomo is telling Trump that if he comes to New York he is going to need a massive security detail. Cuomo said this after Trump cut funding because New York was allowed to become a shithole.

While that is happening, women across the country are flipping out over Nancy Pelosi's hair salon visit, this is something I was going to ignore, however, due to the fact that it hurt the Dems badly this is something to look at because Dems were already losing the battle for public opinion very badly, and desperate people do desperate things, please explain those jets . . . . please explain the death threats against Trump . . . . that kind of thing happens right towards the end . . . .

Washington State Police have a new quarantine app

If you are supposed to be in quarantine, the app gets put on your phone, which subsequently gets called at random. When called, you have to send a picture back that is geo-tagged, proving you are in quarantine. That's the future if the communists get their way.


This tripped instant bans on popular forums which I wanted to post to so I could get it onto this site without using Claudia's computer (which is kept separate) I finally found one that did not instantly ban this post. I know for certain this type of instant ban gets put in place when a topic is globally censored, like "tsunami bomb" was at the time of the Japan earthquake.

Apreciado Jaime:

You can NOT imagine what gov pretends here. Intel is coming out directly from military personnel who so terrified about orders received, involving to act against the people, they have become involuntary insiders.

In Spain extermination plans started with elderly during the first 3 months of this year; so researchers have realized the 30.000 dead is very conservative figures. We have testimonials of elderly caretakers, in nursing homes, who received orders to closing doors and many of them escaped from these nursing homes because the could not resist the screams of elderly asking for food and water while knocking doors till the y all died.

Second extermination plans is just starting in September, target: children, via fake PCR and AI vaccines.

September also will see a new massive lockdown starting th 18th


possible borders closure


First, main big supermarkets and Second small groceries closing due to lack of supplies, which means disappearance of fresh products like fruits and vegetables.

Army trucks will deliver canned food, some infected with new strains of botulism


Possible internet closing to avoid people ask for help abroad Mass detentions, concentration camps, FEMA like Water, gas and power outages of indeterminate duration Food and water shortages

This is what they WANT TO DO, another thing is they will not be able since cabal is sinking here and there, but probably they will try to harm as much as possible.

Dale Recuerdos a Claudia y se mejore lo antes posible. Un fuerte abrazo

My comment: What could possibly be in that message that would trip auto bans on major forums? Can you say "Tsunami bomb"???

Clearly, someone has something to hide.


IT IS TOTALLY CONFIRMED PAYPAL IS NOT TRUSTWORTHY AND I HOPE TO GOD I MAKE IT WITH ONLY THE ALT INCOME PLAN. I do not want to post any more donation requests now that I know what is really going on. Claudia's pay is still cut by 70 percent. She might as well quit. It is a safe bet Paypal will be a non-option for as long as mass arrests are not made.

I am standing by this rip on Totalplay, and if they want to bitch about it and drag me into court over it, I'll back this up with PROOF.

Besides, what do I have to lose? AFTER this site got bashed to pieces and BEFORE the traffic was as much as it is now, (it is 3x now) this site was assessed a value of $200,000 when similar leftist sites had a value of about 2 million. NOW it has 3X that traffic so it should be worth about 6 or 7 million but it's worth ZERO because it goes against the Bolsheviks. The traffic will not show up on Alexa because the switch to direct IP that happens every time this site is hit totally hides it from Alexa and other analytics platforms. Trolls ought not assume this site has no presence, I'll kick their asses with this thing, JUST WATCH, I'll stop this SOB from going down despite what they have done to kill it off. And if totalplay wants to sue me, WTF are they going to get out of it? They'd be better off simply not being plugged into the universal AI.

I have been working alt income plan 2 all day, time to get back to that.


We had service from Movistar, Unefon/At&t, and Telcel. All was well. We then needed more bandwidth because Claudia had to teach students online, so we got Totalplay. AND THOSE BASTARDS INSTANTLY HANDED ALL OUR INFORMATION DIRECTLY TO OUR POLITICAL ENEMIES. F*** THAT COMPANY, it is a good thing I never planned to use it directly for the site but I suspect that's how Paypal got totally raped. Was it Totalplay raped? Were they the ones that did that???

Most likely, THEY are the ones that robbed Paypal. I was trying to figure out how that happened. I was thinking that perhaps, because Claudia was managing it at the same time I was before that there was confusion when I thought donations were missing, so maybe they were not missing. This time around I managed ALL OF IT and therefore noticed that some donations really were stolen. On August 1 we got 3 donations. The first one is listed. I was going to list the other ones later, and when I went back to Paypal they were gone, and the bank transfers were gone. Perhaps this has been happening all along, but I also would not be surprised if Totalplay itself went into Paypal and made arrangements to have those transactions vanished. Obviously they are not a clean company if their intelligence is so strong that everything on all web sites I hit with other services and random devices auto fills when I am using a clean device, that is "totalplay only" and was never used on one of the other connections. Kids tablets from other families were the real test, when you hit a random site on a 4 year old's tablet and shit starts auto filling something is seriously wrong, they may not have robbed paypal but for certain I know Totalplay is totally fucky.

Totalplay is exactly how the FBI tip line autofilled EVERYTHING identifying us into a form when I went to report the kiddie porn mails. I then noticed that this was happening on all other web sites also. And it was not only identification information, it was subjects, and random topic related items also.

Most likely, THEY are the ones that robbed Paypal. I was trying to figure out how that happened. I was thinking that perhaps, because Claudia was managing it at the same time I was before that there was confusion when I thought donations were missing, so maybe they were not missing. This time around I managed ALL OF IT and therefore noticed that some donations really were stolen. On August 1 we got 3 donations. The first one is listed. I was going to list the other ones later, and when I went back to Paypal they were gone, and the bank transfers were gone. Perhaps this has been happening all along, but I also would not be surprised if Totalplay itself went into Paypal and made arrangements to have those transactions vanished. Obviously they are not a clean company if their intelligence is so strong that everything on all web sites I hit with other services and random devices auto fills when I am using a clean device, that is "totalplay only" and was never used on one of the other connections. Kids tablets from other families were the real test, they may not have robbed paypal but for certain I know Totalplay is totally fucky.

Now I am pissed because if we back out, we have to pay for the F***ING modem.


Absolutely nothing of this sort happens with AT&T/Unefon (which I'll mention specifically because AT&T is in the U.S.) - with that company clearing your cache clears everything.


So I dutifully put my face rag on and put my hand out and she scanned the back of my hand. There's an interesting Mexico specific sub-story to why they do it that way now -

A few months ago someone successfully started a rumor that they were not taking your temperature at all, and those no-contact infrared thermometers were really hitting people's brains with radiation to cause them to go along with "whatever" or you know - "whatever" and I laughed, that was so ludircrous, that's the type of thermometer we have and all the doctors have - and as a result of this stupid rumor that went around to EVERYONE she only checked my hand, on the back of the hand, and I went right in.

I got back, crashed for a couple hours to get ready to go online and here I am.

As a precaution, I took LOTS of Quina, so much I probably ought not take more . . . .

So I went over a few headlines and all I can say is there is trouble on the horizon. Last night while I was sick I slept 8 full nights in between bathroom visits and had the most vivid dreams of Epstein's island and all the corruption and "the evil bastards". At least despite getting up a lot I felt well rested. But I am worried about all of this, today they arrested a woman in Australia for organizing a lockdown protest on Facebook and all I can say is without question, Australia is the model, any nation that is forced to go along with the Corona nonsense is going to be just like Australia and WHAT DID BILL GATES SAY????

Remember that video I had posted a while back where Bill applauded Australia and New Zealand for their coronavirus actions, and that the rest of the world did not follow their model but that they would, because "The next virus WILL get people's attention??? Remember that??? What did Bill Gates do to ensure that? He was awful sure of it, how could he be? What? Did he send in the warranty card for his last virus and get a new replacement?

I probably won't post a whole lot more than this today but I can at least think clearly enough to lay down in bed and push parts into a breadboard. Yesterday I got a new one that was the best name brand one I could locate and it has two +- power rails which will allow me to use 2 batteries and isolate the circuits well enough to get rid of stability issues. Plus I can use 741 op amps (the standard to go by) now that I can run a split supply and that's going to alleviate a pile of problems that crop up when you try to push an LM358. I expect the final circuit to use two 741's two opto isolators and 1 transistor. It is not going to be cake walk easy no matter what, everything "easy enough for everyone" simply did not cut it. However, my advice to get a mixing board for this is going to alleviate the need for people to build anything at all, if you spend $50 on a mixer and build the microphone I am going to post, you'll still do this.

September newsletter:

Update to below: After playing for a couple hours with a perfect compressor circuit and 3 stages of perfect amplification that's clear as a bell, I have concluded that I need to go out and get a better bread board to alleviate stability issues.

And if I get a better bread board, I'd be better off running +- supplies and using a 741 op amp so I'll have a decent power supply for a large diaphragm condensor mic plus a much much better op amp to work with. +- can be accomplished with 2 9 volt batteries. This time they will be alkaline.

Tired of it. The bottom line I guess is if anyone can build this, they can handle using 2 batteries. That will solve problems.

I have a hunch that the mixing board suggestion below is going to smash it, that will get tons of people the ability to do this without tinkering with electronics at all and I am sure there are people out there with mixing boards that have phantom power already, they just need the right microphone and that's going to be part of this. I wanted this finished today but Claudia's spider bite ate two days I was going to use for this. Hopefully I'll have it by Sep 3.

Something important I thought of for an alternative method of making a karenator that requires no bread board work AT ALL. Absolutely ANYONE CAN DO THIS:

This was going to be part of this month's newsletter, and since I can type it up right now, I will, to at least get part of the newsletter up, make a suggestion:

I believe it will be possible to make an embassy busting Karenator out of any professional or semi professional mixing board that accepts microphones that need phantom power. I despise behringer, (I have a mackie that will work if this works, but a church has it and I can't get it now to test this.) I don't like Behringers because they sound thin and rip the body out of everything you put through them, despite claiming to copy Mackie. There are no such issues with my Mackie.

I am now looking up candidates for this. Obviously the Mackie will work but it is expensive.

The whole concept behind using a mixing board with mic phantom power is to get a very large diameter condenser microphone fed with 48 volts to drive the input with a monster signal. That alone ought to bust an embassy (IF) you take the channel the microphone is on and route it to the input of another channel to get another stage of amplification, and as a bonus, lots of good mixers have built in compressors. I am looking up candidates, please wait. This has to be done before the election or it WILL BE STOLEN, PERIOD, and especially if the election gets stolen people need to be able to root out snitches.

From the reviews this appears to be a solid option. It has 48 volt phantom power (not lower voltage) which likely makes it a solid option.

Cheaper solid option: (under $50) From the reviews, this appears to be the best super cheap mixer.

Here is Another super cheap option that has more channels than the one above, which might be important if you need multiple stages.

Don't bother with other options you find, Yamahas get noisy when really pushed, the cheap Mackies will not cut it, and if it does not have phantom power, it's the wrong mixer.

I am at present putting the compression stage into a fully discrete perfectly working Karenator that I'll try to post today. I'll try to post the op amp version tomorrow.


Proof of censored mail:

Not one mail came in to Claudia's box mentioning the black widow bite when for something like this there should be quite a few

If you sent a mail mentioning this it did not make it. The post regarding this is now down the page a ways.

A quick run down:

Yesterday morning Claudia got bit multiple times by the worst type of black widow in the area, and it was a big fat healthy one. She did not even know she got bit but she did see the spider and after I took care of it she started having difficulty breathing, interference with her heart, and poor balance. This happened within 5 minutes of the bites which is very unusual, she must have gotten the full dose. The hospital found the bites, we did not know they were there at first. She received antivenom and was released and was starting to do better and we figured it was over. But this morning during an online class it hit again, and we had to go in for a second antivenom shot, and one of the other family members paid for a specialist outside the state medical system, which we went to at 5:30 this afternoon. She seems to actually be doing better now. All of this cost nothing, the employer's medical coverage at the state hospital paid for those two visits and the family member who knew of a specialist paid for that visit.


A few idiots are saying "Rittenhouse" is a Jewish name and Trump is siding with the Jews. NOPE. Rosenstein is the Jewish name in all of this. Anyway, that said -

Trump is openly supporting Kyle in press meetings. I just hit his Twitter and did not see anything about Kyle there, however, he did have this Biden quote:

"Joe Biden: "Covid has taken this year, just since the outbreak, has taken more than 100 year, look, here's, the lives, it's just, when you think about it."

HA HA, that sounds like:

Way back in the beginning when CD's just came out, they had error correction and the CD players could interpret it and would not skip. Then the elite (or whoever) had that error correction tech removed and now they skip on a pinhole. I was out with some friends with a Top Gun CD that I had just bought and accidentally destroyed, and ALL the CD players could still play it, so we were trying to see how bad it could get before it could not be played. I eventually cut it like a pizza and made sure the scratches that denoted the "slices" were about 1/8th of an inch across, from center to edge, and one of the CD players we had could still play it. So I threw it and one of the guys hit it with a bat and broke it from edge to center. THEN nothing we had could play it. So we went to a high end store and put it in a CARVER and that thing played it like there was nothing wrong. So I snapped a piece out of it and we tried playing that. Once the CD was in that bad of a condition, where about 20 percent of it was completely missing, the Carver sounded like Joe Biden.

Want to see out of control cops? HERE IT IS

At the link: One minute video: white man runs from cops who threw open the back door of an unmarked police van and shot him more than 50 times IN THE BACK, OVER A TRAFFIC VIOLATION.

Not a joke. That's really what this was over - A WARRANT FOR AN UNPAID TRAFFIC VIOLATION

The original news about this topic excuses the police because "he was armed" but now it is revealed that he was not armed. These are the Israeli trained gestapo police I have been talking about, they need to be done away with ASAP. This type of police is exactly what the riots are intended to make the American people beg for.

Possibly the most fantastic golf putt in history

The flip side of mail in ballots

This is a social media post that really got my interest. This actually could happen so people need to be ready for it:

The Dems have to know that Biden doesn't stand a chance against Trump. So, what if the whole goal of mail in ballots is to flood Trump with all the fraudulent ballots, Trump wins in a landslide, and then they accuse him of stealing/rigging the election. They would have the proof that the election was rigged in his favor with all of the fraudulent ballots, therefore he must have done it.

They already don't have a problem accusing him of any number of things, with no evidence to back up their claims. They have investigated him for 3+ years, even impeached him. Why wouldn't they try a stunt like this?

Remember when a shit ton of AOC-tards flooded his campaign with requests for tickets to his rally in OK, that they never intended to go to? They seem to have no problem getting a ton of people to do their bidding. So, the word goes out that all nefarious ballots will have Trumps name on them. How would Trump combat this? How would he convince the populace that he wasn't the one behind it? What would he do? This is possibly why the ex-military guys wrote that letter to Gen. Milley. They would want the military to step in and remove Trump when they accuse him of stealing the election. This has the potential to be a huge SHTF scenario.

My comment: Strategy: flood so many fake ballots into the system that the total exceeds voters available, with Trump getting a smashing win, and then scream fraud. People need to be ready for this, if this is what happens you can bet that will be how it happened.

The CDC had to revise their corona death stats down to 9700 (from 150,000)

Someone kicked butt at the CDC and cleaned up the records. All the false death reports and scamming got removed from their hoax. Now we know: 9700 corona deaths. Er, probably flu deaths but whatever. Once ALL the cases where something else caused the death of someone who "tested positive" for corona with a test that is now a known hoax - once actual Corona deaths ONLY were counted, the CDC could only "prove" 9700 were from corona. That's less than 7 percent of their original 150,000, which obviously means there probably were no deaths from "corona" at all.

Could we have been punked that bad? Could EVEN I have been punked that bad? Early on I was punked a good one by this but figured it out months ago, but even then I figured out the chicoms were culling dissidents and blaming this hoax for all the missing people.

Yes, I did get punked in some sense. I'd say that since all reporting of flu deaths for the most part vanished, that not only were there not a whole lot of corona deaths, there was also a very mild flu season on top of it so there were not many deaths from even that.

Back from the second emergency room visit

This is all being handled via Claudia's employers medical (she hates that) but as far as I can tell, they did quite well. In this particular case (for this particular type of incident) her employer's medical was tops. One of her brothers (the most key person at Gamuzzi) is going to have a specialist outside the state system look at her at 5:30. So far this is something her employer's health package covered. Claudia thinks it is the end of the world but the bottom line is that a super bad black widow bite is very bad and the symptoms last 5 days and she's just going to have to get through this. Today it was clear that the antivenom shot was not enough, but it was the last one they had and she'll probably be fine. The specialist has more antivenom.

The spider bit the hell out of her. She has multiple very clear bite wounds, and she did not even know she was getting bit. Yesterday she wondered why I wanted to take pictures of them (and did) and today she had to send pictures of the bite wounds to the other doctor. We had to photograph them again with her cell phone and they were still there. Most likely she felt nothing because the black widow has a neurotoxin that may have numbed the bite.

Claudia got bit by a black widow

In this case it was a nasty one. She did not feel the bite and got bit several times by a huge fat one. She saw it by the washing machine (which is out back in a sheltered spot) and called me to get rid of it, then walked upstairs and started having neurological problems. She must have gotten a big dose of whatever the spider had because within five minutes she had difficulty breathing and it was affecting her heart.

We went to her hospital and they administered antivenom. At that point the hospital found the bite wounds and administered antivenom. They said that this area has a really nasty lethal version of the black widow (not all in this area are that bad) but there's a variant here that kills people frequently without the antivenom. They gave her a long list of meds to deal with the symptoms also and she needed all of them.

This particular spider was much much larger than the usual black widow (10X the body mass or so) and in addition to the hour glass there were two lines that follow the hour glass. The red at first glance is seen as red but if looked at longer has an orange tinge to it. That's the bad one in this area. I got a good look at it because I washed it down an open drain and it was robust, it could fight a current that went completely over it.

It had two big egg sacks and at least one male present.

So yesterday I took care of Claudia the whole day and today she is doing a lot better and is teaching online . . . . . I went around and got ALL the black widow webs (there were only 3 others, one out front and two on the roof) and I did not see more living spiders.

I really could not believe how fast the poison from this spider worked, within five minutes Claudia was down, she managed to walk to the car with support but was clearly in trouble, usually black widow bites take a half hour to an hour to show real problems . . . . . she did not tell the hospital she was having difficulty breathing because she was afraid of becoming a corona fatality . . . . . luckily she got treated right away.

The left's new strategy: Claim Trump is responsible for the riots because he's "fanning the flames"

Actually, NO. Having CNN fan the flames by lying about Trump is more accurate. Now they are claiming that it is Trump fanning the flames when all their lies about him are what is fanning them. I'm not stupid enough for that bait, are there any takers out there?

Portland shooting and more -

There are lots of violent attacks against white people going on now, and I am not going to cover them all on an ongoing basis, but I will say this - that this is obviously a move of desperation by the unhinged left. There is a strong possibility that the only way to put this down is to go after the mayors and governors that are enabling it. The left has very small numbers of people doing this, to make this possible all they need is the governors, mayors and prosecutors. That is all.


It is not about justice. It is about strategic tactical planning. Antifa is a paid militant branch of the Bolshevik left. Antifa is a very weak military force that would be destroyed by a real response instantly. Since a basically gutless military task force is all the Bolshevik left can get away with fronting, all efforts have to be made to ensure they get ZERO casualties. To accomplish this, anyone who defends themselves, even from death, and succeeds has to be hung out to dry as an example of what happens to people who have the guts to defend themselves.

The appropriate response to this type of action by the Bolshevik left is to now escalate, and snipe from the shadows when they start burning and looting. Dress the way they do to avoid being caught and prosecuted.

If you let them get close enough to threaten you, they will be close enough to get you on a cell cam so an AI can hunt you down and you'll be just like Kyle. The enemy of this nation owns the AI. Since Antifa has now taken the step of killing people that never threatened them (good thing they screwed up and killed their own) but the bottom line is that the bullets that took out Rosenbaum were meant for Kyle and now that this has happeed, it is OPEN SEASON. We know their intent and ALL ARE GUILTY as enemy combatants. You would not let the Chinese military walk down your street, they would be shot on sight and now Antifa is on the same page.

If people don't see it that way, they had damn well better start writing invitations to XI because HIS form of communism is a LOT BETTER than what the Bolsheviks have waiting for you. And if their goons walk in and shoot your kids, and you kill one of their goons to save your last kid's life after they killed the other 3, you're doing life and they will walk. We know the rules now. We just saw them with Kyle. Our tactics have to change.

On that note, there are LOTS of trolls saying "Civil war is what the communists want, and if you shoot back you're helping their plan." THAT'S BULLSHIT. Here is what the communists want: They want you to roll over and die. If they had you targeted, they want you to passively tell them where to shoot you next to make damn good and sure their next bullet kills you. They want you to sit there paralyzed in place like a scared rabbit so they can get a clean shot. They want 200 million Americans dead. THE LAST THING THEY WANT IS AMERICANS SHOOTING BACK TO STOP THEM. If defending yourself by shooting back is what they want SO MUCH, why are they trying to take everyone's guns?

HERE IS WHAT KYLE IS GUILTY OF: NOT ACCEPTING DEATH WITH A SMILE WHEN A COMMIE WANTED TO KILL HIM OVER PUTTING OUT A DUMPSTER FIRE. They wanted to roll their burning dumpster into some cop cars and when Kyle ran by and squelched it with a great shot from a fire extinguisher, they immediately wanted to issue a death sentence.

If they had not been pansies handed a toy daddy never taught them to use, Kyle would be dead. Antifa is a HORRIBLE shot. Now we know. To sit back and let such people kill you just because you're afraid of a lawsuit is EXACTLY WHAT THE BOLSHEVIKS WANT, aggression must now be met with aggression, NOT DEFENSE as kyle did, or we're toast.


Rosenbaum lit a dumpster on fire, and they were going to roll it down the street into some police cars. Kyle then put the dumpster out with a fire extinguisher. This pissed off Rosenbaum, who then pursued Kyle, while Kyle was being shot at by other Antifa for putting out the dumpster fire and being identified as a Trump supporter. Rosenbaum then got shot by Antifa at least twice, he had 5 rounds in him and Kyle only shot 3, and if I got the story right, all 3 shots from Kyle came later, when they were trying to get his gun away from him. Even if he did shoot at Rosenbaum, he did not kill Rosenbaum. The fatal shot to Rosenbaum came from behind.



Kenosha police became suspicious when a blacked out school bus, a mini van, and a bread truck, all with out of state plates stopped and started filling up a large number of individual gas cans. When the police checked on the people doing it, they discovered the vehicles were loaded with gas masks, helmets, bullet proof vests and other riot gear. OBVIOUSLY ANTIFA WAS GOING TO GO BONKERS ON KENOSHA AND BURN THE PLACE TO THE GROUND, the question is, who paid for all that?

And after discovering this, the police arrested them and they were subsequently released with apologies and sent on their way. I KID YOU NOT. They claim to be peaceful, and call themselves "the riot kitchen".

Obviously my oil filter silencer and instructions on how to use it got the attention of the FBI, which WANTS THESE PEOPLE BURNING KENOSHA TO THE GROUND, that's why the hero is now in jail awaiting being hung and these A-holes are out in the public again, gas cans and all. DO NOT LET IT HAPPEN, GET OUT AND STOP THIS SHIT.

They may laugh at Kyle but it would be totally different if 50 people showed up at once cell phone free and dressed like Antifa so they could not be identified, and THEN took care of business.

HOW ABOUT THOSE FACE MASKS??? Want to know why they are mandatory? Easy answer: Antifa needs to avoid identification. Prior to Corona, you could not walk around in public with your face obscured like that.

Here's a good one: Antifa gets coned.


Kyle's charging documents have been released.

Even these documents, which are supposed to be charging him with a crime, claim at every step that he was acting in self defense.

We'll see how this goes.

Here's something interesting:

Dr. Kelley of the Milwaukee Medical Examiner's Office conducted an autopsy on Joseph Rosenbaum. Dr. Kelley indicated that Rosenbaum had a

1) gunshot wound to the right groin which fractured his pelvis, a

2) gunshot wound to the back which perforated his right lung and liver, a

3) gunshot wound to the left hand, a

4) superficial gunshot wound to his lateral left thigh, and a

5)graze gunshot wound to the right side of his forehead.

My comment: That's interesting, because Kyle was in front. How'd Rosenbaum get shot in the back? Let alone the rest of it looks dubious, I doubt a .223 would merely graze and there's no such thing as "superficial" with that round, the "superficial" hit to the thigh was likely from a hand gun.

And worse? Kamala Harris is saying the riots are not going to stop, EVER. How would she know? Is that a threat or more of a promise?

An important read: The Daily caller gives an extremely long and deceptive account of the shooting in Kenosha

They claim to have been there and give a "first hand testimony" of what happened, and it is bullshit, there are too many videos showing what actually happened for them to get away with it. Across a large number of pages of text, they failed to point out:

1. Antifa shot Rosenbaum in the head by accident. Instead, they say that shot was pointed up into the sky

2. They fail to even mention the moltov cocktail, which, if they did not witness, means they were not even where the first shooting happened and are going on hearsay. They don't even mention it from the angle the liars took, that it was a brightly colored bag that looked like fire.

3. They claim Kyle killed everyone but can't explain why the first man shot had a hole in his head, when if Kyle had done that, there would have been no head. His rifle would have blown Rosenbaum's head to pieces. Additionally, Rosenbaum's head had a hole in the side, and when shot, he was facing Kyle. That alone proves Antifa shot Rosenbaum.

And then, the Daily Caller did not allow comments. Instead, they posted childish smileys and asked you to click one. That's because they did not want to pay a staff to censor a landslide of comments calling BULLSHIT.

I only posted this because The Daily Caller has influence, and they are clearly trying to land Kyle in prison when in fact he deserves a medal of honor. He got out and actually tried to help society, and even when he saw Rosenbaum get hit by a bullet that was supposed to have his name on it, he kept his cool and did not shoot until it was absolutely necessary.

The following may seem a bit extreme, but with Kamala promising never ending violence in the streets (with glee) this has to be said.

Due to what has happened to a hero, I am going to post something here that the FBI absolutely hates, and would nail me for if they could:

Since it is well known that every effort will be made to hang the heroes, including lying scamming reports like what is in the Daily caller, all the while the deep state militants shoot whoever they want without consequence and do so much more . . . . IF you try to maintain law and order and protect your city from these creeps and freaks, there's only one way you can do it because the subverted "authorities" will hang you for it. Here is how you do it and go home without a trace:

You get a long skinny oil filter and put it over the end of a .22 rifle. You won't need more than a .22. The filter has to be placed so that it is at least an inch onto the barrel and 3 inches past the end of it. Drill a hole in the bottom of the filter for the bullet to pass through.

You use a scope. It will be tall enough to look over the top of a skinny filter. Don't bother with the peep sights, especially at night. You set up 200 yards away, minimum and HIDE YOUR ASS. Wait for the first broken window or fire bomb, and then start picking them off with ass shots. That'l end the riots, no one will know where the shots came from, and no one will get killed if you don't hit an artery.

THAT IS MY RESPONSE TO THE DAILY CALLER, if they are going to lie like that while claiming to be witnesses, they can stick it.

Yes, an oil filter makes such a good silencer that the American intelligence apparatus gets all fruity when someone mentions it. OIL FILTERS MAKE HOLLYWOOD QUALITY SILENCERS. IT REALLY CAN BE THAT GOOD IF YOU USE A .22, IT WILL BE HOPELESS. The filter will squelch the sound of a .22 beyond hope. LAW AND ORDER WILL BE MAINTAINED, AND CAN BE MAINTAINED, BY YOU. And the day after, you can have a bar-b-q rather than a prison meal.

DEFEND YOUR NEIGHTBORHOOD. DEFEND YOUR LIFE. GO TO PRISON. Who'd have thought??? But it really does not have to be that way if you are smart about it.

America already lost the war. Or at least is in the process of losing a hot active war. If there is a government in place that jails you for defending your home, your business, or your life while it does absolutely nothing to the attackers, it means the attackers are their soldiers, and if you get captured after defending yourself, you're a prisoner of war. There is no other reality possible. They infiltrated the entire government infrastructure in secrecy, and now reality is proving they are there. They are there so well they can send in their goons, WHITE PEOPLE rioting in the name of "black lives matter", WHITE SOLDIERS WITH A FALSE FLAG OF BLM, and those soldiers can kill whoever they want, and burn whoever they want, and destroy whoever they want and walk totally scot free. If you can't go after the people who sent the soldiers, you have ONE CHOICE: Stop the soldiers, and do it in a way that maintains your privacy as well as the privacy of the people who sent the soldiers is maintained.

A few more quick items:

It has been determined that the fire aboard the U.S.S. Bonnhome was arson. What has not been stated but I believe to be true is that an Iranian likely did it in retaliation for Soleimani, the Natanz blast, and the Ukraine jet shoot down. At the time the Bonnhome was on fire, it was being upgraded and there were large numbers of contractors on and off the ship. They are trying to blame a U.S. sailor for the fire but I seriously have my doubts, I think it was one of the contractors that did it, maybe even food delivery and don't think a welder did it. At least at this point the Navy knows it was arson.

The Bonnhome was a very valuable ship, which at the time of the incident I stated was effectively an aircraft carrier with enhanced abilities (the ability to launch amphibious ships that docked in it's belly) and now the MSM is finally coming around and saying the same thing. The damage was so bad they are thinking about scrapping it and ordering a replacement, to the tune of about $5 billion.

While I am on the topic - the Natanz blast

Iran has now ruled the Natanz blast to be an act of sabotage or a deliberate bombing. And they are fingering Israel. My big question with this is why they wasted so much time figuring out what I stated point blank on day 1, and I was not even there. Israel did this via infiltration and sabotage. Some things are obvious. Why wait to come out and say it?

Belarus election riots

Well, Lukashenko took it BIG TIME and both pre election and after election results proved it, they matched. But someone's not happy about that because they wanted Belarus invaded and "culturally enriched". The people of that nation said no. Barbara Specter says YES. So now there are huge "protests" going on and Lukashenko has called on Putin to intervene according to pre-established defense agreements. Evidently they have Antifa there too, under a different name Putin said "we'll watch, and if it gets too far out of line, we'll fix it for you.


Here is how the first one (36-year-old Joseph Rosenbaum) happened, now that all the video has surfaced:

The crowd discovered Kyle was a Trump supporter. They then began screaming "That guy is a Trump supporter". Kyle started running away. Shots were fired at him and missed. A moltov was thrown and missed. He then cut into the cars and ANTIFA ITSELF, a terrible shot, hit Rosenbaum, who was pursuing Kyle, in the head. The bullet was meant for Kyle. It hit the wrong guy, JOSEPH ROSENBAUM. So how about that!!!! Antifa shoots and kills their own, a JEW, and the next day, guess what? No riots. The death of a Jew ended the riots that very night, after that it was OVER, and Antifa itself killed him. Kyle continued running until he tripped, they caught up, and ONLY THEN, after witnessing them shoot a guy in the head, did he defend himself by shooting.

Could not have happened to a nicer Rosenbaum, that's like saying Cohen!!!




A few quick items

DeLorme maps:

I don't know what the situation is anymore but they are still produced and used to be at Wal Mart, truck stops and more. DeLorme, (which is now owned by garmin) makes the most amazing maps at the state level, there is one for all 50 states. Years ago when I bought these they showed EVERY spring, every source of water, every mountain and trail right down to stuff only a 4X4 could handle and if tshtf you'll do a lot better with such a map than you ever would with GPS. They are in book form and have over a hundred detailed maps per state in each book, zoomed down to a small part of the state in large two page flats.

DeLorme maps taught me about tidal springs. These are springs that only flow when the tide is high. The moon affects the water table the same way it affects the oceans, and if you are in an area that has semi arid or arid conditions, many of the springs will only flow at certain times of the day. Several times I showed up to various springs listed in a DeLorme map only to discover evidence of VERY recent water flowing at high volume, but no river. I was confused by this. And then, during such an encounter one that was "dead" started up and released a LOT of water. That's crucial survival knowledge there, if you arrive at a spring in the desert and it is not flowing, and you really need water, wait for it. It could take hours, but eventually, (especially if the river bed is wet, which was the case every time) the spring will start up, often twice a day.

The other obvious value for a DeLorme map is that it will show you every possible passable route available when the roads are jammed, and/or you need to flee for some other reason, like avoiding a mandatory vax or Fema camp van.

Rumor: Disney waking up to getting "woke"

I cannot confirm this yet, but it appears Disney is going to fire all the SJW's who male bashed and patriarchy bashed and reality bashed and whatever else . . . . . because going SJW has wrecked their bottom line so badly they might go bankrupt. The new approach will be to simply make good movies rather than front agendas, usually at the cost of quality and public approval. According to rumor, the upper management at Disney actually believed we wanted to see Yoda take it up the butt and that we all hated our dads so much that even Luke could not have honor, and I don't believe it, they were not that stupid.

Here is reality: From the top down, once the Jews bought the place, Disney tried to crush American society and culture, knew they had a great platform to do it from, and then proceeded to use that platform to make it happen. Only, American culture was stronger than Disney, and now they have damn near killed themselves trying to kill America. Now that they are so close to death they need a "recharge", they'll back off for a while to call us back to the theaters by making movies that don't piss everyone off. Once they get their strength back, they'll go right back to hitting us again, exactly the same way. THREE STEPS FORWARD AND TWO STEPS BACK. F' em. Yes, the orgasm troll doll with g'spot button in her crotch went over the line, (that was not Disney that did that) but it did aid in people catching onto the crap overall. Disney was the first to fold at least. Let me guess: Any collectors that snagged THOSE will fetch a good price in the future, they were quickly recalled due to public outrage.

Supposedly the NBA is on strike for "black lives matter"

That's OK, I did not even know until I stumbled across it. I was done with the NBA when they stole the title from the Utah Jazz (it was obvious) just because Utah's market was not good enough. I was done with baseball after that strike in the 90's. I was done with football when they took a knee, frankly I don't give a damn, I never cared for sports much anyway.

China has decided to cut America's medical supplies over Huawei

IF I get a decent phone in the future, it will be a Huawei. I fear a chicom a lot less than the FBI, yes, the Chicoms may be evil in policy but they are no where near the FBI, the Dems, the CIA, the NSA, and the deep state. And worse? No matter what phone you buy it will be made by them, Huwawei or not. So why split hairs with Huawei? Why is the American intelligence apparatus, which bugs everything, so against Huawei? All they do is increase the temptation to buy one with that B.S.


Musk's Neuralink

At Comdex 1994 (this is a giant tech show in Vegas) Sony introduced a brain interface with which all aspects of a game could be controlled, on the old crappy consoles even back then. Suddenly it vanished from the news and never hit the market. Obviously the military took it, or whatever - the tech was simply not allowed.

Whatever Musk is introducing is likely to not be any better than what Sony came up with long ago, this is the tech they hid. Real brain interfaces can probably (by now) rape a mind entirely. Well away from the public eye, a program so classified it is likely out at area 51 . . . . .

UPDATE: I looked at what Musk is doing, and he's stuck in the 80's, the sony interface did not need electrodes, you just put it on your head. You had to train the Sony device to work on you, (it did not just work automatically on everyone) but once it recognized what your brain did for a particular move in a game, it could interpret that. The people watching the presentation could not put it on their heads, they were demonstrated by people who had already trained them. Back then I probably would have if I could have. Not anymore.

Update: They are lying about hurricane Laura

As Laura approaches landfall, both Ventusky and are not showing any sustained winds anywhere in Laura that are over 100 mph. Ventusky is showing gusts up to 135 but hurricanes are rated by sustained winds, not gusts. Laura is not a major hurricane but I guess we can call it that if it satisfies an agenda.


FACT: Laura is a modest hurricane with 93 mph winds MAX.

Fist hurricane I mentioned. Leftists are looking at 150 KM/h and claiming that's mph. Even is not lying about it this time. Both and Ventusky agree: This is not a major hurricane which, in it's most potent areas, is a weak cat 2.

There's no weather mod going on with this one, so I am not very interested. What IS going on is reality mod. They are lying about this hurricane.

Let's see what it does at landfall. If there are no tornadoes in it, this hurricane will be trailer park safe. Well, maybe not quite that, if it gets a direct hit on one.

Here are the images of the Kenosha Shooter

UPDATE: Prosecutors want Kyle in prison. That might be a hard sell because

HERE IS THE VIDEO the prosecutors do not want people to see. Right click to save. I managed to hunt that down. The linked video shows the first conflict. Trolls are trying to say he was never threatened and no moltov cocktail was ever thrown. The video (cached here because they'll censor it) clearly shows he was running for his life, got a lit moltov thrown at him, and then ended up getting cornered in a car lot and was forced to shoot his way out of it.

A LITTLE TRUTH HERE: Kyle was obviously being pursued to be killed. Kyle obviously tried to solve the situation by fleeing. Kyle was then cornered and had no options other than to accept death or shoot. He shot. I'm sure leftist loonies will say a moltov is not a death threat, and the guys who cornered him AND the guy who threw the moltov only wanted to play dodgeball. After shooting his way out, he was then pursued a second time and a man who claimed to be a paramedic caught up to him and tried to shoot him with a hand gun. Kyle was faster than the hand gun and blew the "paramedic's arm off, gun included. Skateboard guy was trying to de-brain Kyle with the board.

It does not get any more clear cut than this, we will see if the communists manage to ram this down America's throat and get away with calling their goons the victims while Kyle fries. If he does fry, LOCK AND LOAD, we will have received our answer.

Remember: In a war, if you are the target of those with the upper hand, it is illegal for you to stop yourself from being killed. If that's what this ends up being, there will be no options, it will be do or die.

I don't know how they are going to spin this yet, but so far outlook is not so good, the MSM is a full on lie factory, the prosecutors are dirt bags and the system is rigged with phony judges and likely phony hand picked juries.

UPDATE: More video has surfaced proving Kyle was completely innocent, including video that (apparently) proves BLM shot the first guy in the head, not Kyle. I'll have to go over that more closely on a computer with audio but from what I can see the claims appear to be legit.


This evening authorities announced (even on CNN) that Blake (may have) been the reason for the 911 call but there was not complete confirmation that one of the women did not call for a restraining order violation on someone else. However, it could have been for Blake. Additionally, there was a knife in the car on the floor of the passenger side but Blake did not touch it before or while being shot. No description of the knife.

I just figured I'd throw this out there, I still am not even a little bit convinced the shooting was justified and fully believe it was a paid hit to "justify" riots. Soros definitely got what he wanted.

GUARANTEE: Soros, Obama and others partied huge over Blake and the fallout. Money well spent.


Kenosha: They are going to nail the kid to the wall

Despite it being a clear cut case of self defense, prosecutors are going for first degree felony murder and a life sentence. If this be the case, don't bother with the riots, They can shoot and kill whoever they want without consequence and burn whatever they want without consequence, they are paid for and supported by Bolshevik Jews, which means if anyone is going to do anything about this scenario, the riots are not the place to do it. The gated communities ARE the place to do something about it. Whatever is done has to be done in secrecy, silence, and behind the scenes. And no, you do not need to enter a gated community to get it done, most such communities are not more than 400 yards across.


Blake shooting update:

This is all an obvious problem/reaction/solution, with the solution being a top down thug boot police state.

Once again, agitators are going through the conservative community trying to convince them that shooting Blake was the right thing to do. MY TAKE: Not in the back, not when he had no gun, not when he threatened no one (despite a short skirmish with police another video revealed) NOT with kids in the car, and NOT all the way to an empty magazine. When the police shot they had no idea who he was or what his record was, and most importantly, the cop shot him in the back while pulling on his shirt. If the cop could pull on his shirt, he was not a threat, PERIOD and the cop knew it. You can't get that close to a real threat. The cop would NEVER have approached a threat closely enough to grab a shirt and hold someone in place while putting holes in him.

The cops were DEAD WRONG here, ON PURPOSE, that cop was paid by Soros to do that no ifs or buts and from the looks of things, Soros got his money's worth. Don't fall into the trap of supporting that kind of police behavior, support for that behavior is EXACTLY what the communists want, and they are going to use the riots they staged themselves to convince people such cops are needed.




It does not get any more clear cut than this. To see what happens you have to view the video full screen. It is a very clear video. The police arrive AFTER the guy puts a gun in his mouth and pulls the trigger. The riots in Minneapolis were over BULLSHIT.

Does that mean we get a refund on the next one? Probably not.

I saved THAT before Youtube pulled it, you know they will. Too much truth is BAD.

It looked like a .22 or other low powered pistol to me. Enough for the job if put in your mouth.


Hurricane Laura: All along I said Laura was a cat 2 and when it made landfall, they (for some reason this time) had to admit it.

Laura was the magically polite hurricane, that suddenly dropped it's wind speeds by 50 MPH the second it hit land. It also ditched most of it's storm surge out at sea because you know, that is not nice. Let's hope this truth at landfall was because some of the swamp got cleaned up.

Last year they were lying about this stuff all the way to the end zone for a final spike and this year they for some odd reason told the truth when it hit land. There were no sustained winds in this hurricane that were over 100 mph at any point ever, and what do we see on Drudge today? THE TRUTH. How???? A little exaggeration is all Drudge posted, not a full on lie. This was not a major hurricane.

WANT TO SEE STUPID?? Look at this "damage video" where Laura made landfall

A cat 5 is so bad ALL trees will be ripped out or snapped off. There are no pictures of that type of thing from this "hurricane", and ground zero looks like damn near business as usual.

AND NOW, FOR THE LAST FEW STRAGGLERS WHO DID NOT SEE THIS, just because Paypal went wonky like it did when I posted the temple:

Epstein's Island has received MAJOR upgrades AFTER "Epstein died in prison", including an all new ceremonial area, new buildings, a new tennis court, lots of new trees - it is an order of magnitude better than it was and if so, is the deep state really on the run? Is Epstien really dead? Probably not.

LEFT IMAGE (click to view full size) Epstein's island as it was a month before "he killed himself." Right image: How it is now. I don't really need to explain this more, people should know what this means. The linked images can be expanded HUGE and give a pixel accurate view of the situation. There's no question about what is going on.

Hurricane opinion

Many readers may have noticed how I conspicuously ignored every single hurricane and tropical storm so far this season. I'll tell you why: In short, the weather machine is aimed at China and North Korea. Resources are limited and there is too much other work for the controllers to do to bother with hurricanes. I am not going to bother with a tropical storm that knocked out lots of power either. That is not a hurricane.

The problems: The derecho and other obvious weather anomalies showing up, such as never before seen frequencies of sprites, lightning, and odd weather happenings in the U.S. and China. I think it is tit for tat right now, and obviously America's stuff works better than China's. Hurricanes are simply not of interest now.

Kenosha was a psy op

align="left" width="350">

From social media:

To the left here is a screenshot of just one of many legitimate reports witnessing hundreds of people who were immediately "dispatched" to "riot" in Wisconsin. These lowlifes are "at the ready", any time there is a controversial shooting. They are funded by Soros and various other sources. All of this is 100% manufactured for a much larger, sinister agenda. Somehow, we're able to track Covid-19 patients and lock down cities without a hitch. However, for some strange reason we're unable to track or stop paid agitators and rioters who are continuing to destroy cities? It's long overdue for law abiding citizens to stand up to these terrorists and this nonsense.

You know damn well that if these terrorists were straight white Christian males that had conspired to cross state lines to incite mass civil unrest which would be used as cover for DOMESTIC TERRORIST ATTACKS disguised as "PROTESTS" nationwide, they would've been WACO'd by by FEDERAL AGENTS faster than you can say RUBY RIDGE, just for thinking about doing what these terrorists have actually done!

My comment: There are lots of trolls trying to stir up white people to rage over the riots, by calling Jacob Blake a "career criminal", a "domestic abuser" and whatever else, to de-fuse what the cop did. Reality is that Blake did have an incident where he brandished his gun at a bar while drunk and there was a warrant out on him for that but that's the end of it, he did not shoot. Additionally, there were not as far as I can see any domestic violence incidents, the cops responded to two women fighting and Blake must have known them because he stopped his SUV to intervene and calm them down. The cops then showed up and did not even know who he was when they shot him. As I said had to be true yesterday, he is paralyzed. That's the straight dope on what happened, THE QUESTION IS WHY. I KNOW WHY:

Soros needed an incident and had hundreds of people ready to pounce on this incident the moment it happened. That's the only way you can suddenly get hundreds of cars in a formation, ALL OF THEM with their license plates covered, heading straight into Kenosha where they then burned it to the ground. And as proof this is all set up, THE COPS HAVE BEEN TOLD TO ARREST ANYONE WHO DEFENDS THEMSELVES WHILE THEY LET ARMED ANTIFA GO, Here is a video of cops busting 6 heavily armed Antifa committing a burglary during a looting and arson spree and they let them go, WITH THEIR ASSAULT RIFLES. And the cop laughs. He's thrilled about it. That says it all, this is staged and the cops are complicit.


The people running this psy op handed the black community a legitimate grievance, and then sent in their goons to make damn good and sure that "grievance" was answered. And then what did they do? While making whites think Blake was some sort of heathen repeat offender to curtail all sympathies, (when really, he got stupid while being drunk once and the cops that shot him did not even know that) - the trolls are stirring up the whites to anger over the results as much as possible, and then trying to pin blame on Trump that is associated with that anger.

Classic classic psy op folks, done with precision, the shooting, the video of it, all perfect, the reason for the shooting not justified, the goons at the ready, with ALL OF THEM arriving in one group of at least 200 cars complete with their identity obscured, folks, it could not possibly be more obvious. And what did the mayor of kenosha do? He made it illegal for people to defend themselves and told the cops to arrest anyone who "used violence to defend themselves" and now is trying to make it illegal for anyone to call the cops if the reason for the call was caused by anyone who is black.

Who lost? The black community, they burned their own shit to oblivion so badly that even their food stores are gone. Obviously the paid agitators made that happen, it sure did not go down where Jews would take a hit. And the Jews will laugh, laugh and laugh while everything burns, and claim innocence because THEY THEMSELVES did not light the fires, they merely tricked and agitated others into doing it for them. That is exactly how Jews get it done, they trigger scenarios that cause others to destroy themselves, and then preach about how great and law abiding they are.

THE FBI AND NSA COULD BUST THIS IN A HEART BEAT AND NAIL THE RING LEADERS IN FIVE MINUTES AND THEY WILL NOT, BECAUSE THEY WON'T BUST THEMSELVES. Or those who have control over their agencies and want this. The FBI is not there for YOU, it is there for the Jews, a tool of destruction.

Just look at the law enforcement in Kenosha now. That's how the law is going to be enforced on election day when fraud is discovered, they won't go after the perpetrators, no, they will instead arrest anyone who reports vote rigging.


TAKE A LOOK AT THIS SH*T. IT IS A HEXAGRAM LOGO, AND HE EVEN CALLS IT THAT!!! Now we know what happened to Millie! Alex probably sent the damn state after her himself. He disowned her after shadowgate, you can damn well bet I am right about who informed the state as to what she was doing if this is his logo now.

Even if he chickens out and stops this exposure of himself, the genie is out of the bottle, THIS IS IT and it will not go back in the bottle. Now we know how he paid for that expensive armored truck.


An attack on this site may have loaded trojans into Firefox

I have now gotten rid of all outside resources, if the problem persists it is man in the middle. This site has nothing that can load anything but graphics on it. It is that way on purpose, if there's a trojan it is being externally applied.

It has been HELL since I posted that Epstein report, that has GOT TO be important, if you did not see that it is here. The report proves the deep state is definitely going to continue business as usual and Trump is not even a speed bump to them. Epstein's island is American territory and no American agency did anything at all there to shut anything down, there are new buildings, a new ceremonial area, new trees, a new tennis court and the island is an absolute showpiece now. That would not be possible if Epstein "killed himself". IT IS ALL DOCUMENTED, this is not rumor.

Update to below: Kamala Harris is even worse, with a peak support of 11 percent and an average support of 8 percent.



Google Trends is a hole in the lie right now, if you Click this, it takes you to Google Trends which is inadvertently showing the cold hard truth: Biden's PEAK SUPPORT is in Delaware, where Biden has 25 percent support to Trump's 75 percent. There are only THREE (3) states where Biden has 20 percent support or more, and all other 51 regions (including Puerto Rico) support Trump by a margin of 81 percent or more. Even California wants Trump by 83:17.

At first I thought the system was broke because I went to the end of the list and everything was showing 84:16. But I then realized that Trump held such a smashing lead nationwide that it simply said that or similar everywhere else, except for the 3 states where Biden had over 20 percent support.

See for yourself. Click the link. If the election is not rigged, Trump will smash this election far beyond anything that ever happened in history.


The Kenosha rioters Were apparently provided with a pile of broken concrete

There's no construction in the area, how did THAT get there?????


Kenosha riots

A man was driving down the street, noticed two women fighting, stopped to break up the fight, the police arrived and shot him to pieces in front of his 3 kids that were in the car.

You won't hear that stated in the MSM but that is exactly what happened.

This video of the police shooting clearly shows the police are trained SS thugs now. However, the riots were also not an appropriate response because they were directed at totally innocent targets.

AND, this is a classic example of NEVER CALL THE POLICE NOW, because they will only make the situation worse. This guy stopped his car to break up a fight between two women, was not even involved in the original problem, and the police shot him 8 times with three of his kids in the car. Even if he's alive, shot 8 times in the back mean's it's game over, he's at a minimum a paraplegic.

Clearly the cops were scum but the rioters were equal because they set fire to tons of innocent people's stuff. America does not need cops like this, and it is highly probable that they were trained to be total trash in situations like this one for the sole purpose of giving minorities a great reason to go nuts. Once enough cops were Israeli trained to shit all over the American people, they did their "American spring" and used totally heavy handed police tactics like this to justify it. There was simply no reason for that shooting whatsoever, especially 8 DAMN TIMES.

IN THIS SITUATION, THE COPS DID THIS AND THEN THE MAYOR ORDERED THEM TO DO NOTHING TO STOP THE RESULTS OF THIS. THE GAME IS OBVIOUS: USE THE POLICE TO TRIGGER RIOTS AND THEN DON'T LET THE POLICE HANDLE THE RIOTS. THE MAYOR SHOULD BE DRAWN AND QUARTERED. If the mayor's veins seal and prevent bleeding to death, then take the torso and head and stake it to an ant hill. My God, I hope this type of thing starts happening to those who permit the riots sooner rather than later. I'm sure this got votes for Biden (not) but it will get votes counted for Biden.

If you think it's OK for the cops to shoot people just because they gave an order to stop, and they will shoot anyone, including totally random people who are deaf or wearing headphones what on earth would you vote Trump for? Such police behavior does not even happen in China, Mexico, or anywhere else other than history, with Hitler and Stalin. Clearly the police have been trained to anger people over the edge.

Post office problems in California a probable scam

There are reports about Californias USPS being in a shambles after a "Trump supporter" cut their funding and shut down fraudulent mail sorting machines that had been rigged to steal the election by tossing mail in ballots for Trump in the trash. Reports claim animals are dying and food is rotting. I call B.S.

The "Animals are dying" part of this can only happen if postal employees either don't give a damn or are ordered to not give them even basic water. I never heard of mailing animals anyway but I guess it can happen. If any are dying, it is wilful neglect and cruelty to animals on the part of the employees and lower level management, that wants a huge Trump bashing show.

FACT: If animals are dying it is being done on purpose. If food is rotting, it is being done on purpose. Food and animals DO NOT GO THROUGH THE MAIL SORTING MACHINES THAT GOT SHUT DOWN, they are on a separate channel and if there are any problems with that channel, the employees let it happen. So let me put this story in the proper light:

After firing all the white people who might care, the post office, under leftist control, put in easily manipulated minorities who, once things were not perfectly as the management wanted, let things go to hell because of bad attitude and heartlessness for the sole purpose of making a show. My guess is that 75 percent of the postal work force in California is doing little to nothing, and intentionally causing the situation to explode. A TEMPER TANTRUM.

Kim Jong in coma?

Evidently his sister may be taking over. If that be the case, WATCH OUT. As much as little Kim got bashed, he was an absolute best case scenario. It could be a lot worse and I think we are about to see it.

Chinese organizing American riots from their embassies?

That's what has been going around town lately - THAT. Salient question:

If so, how did the Chinese get American police departments to drop off pallets of bricks for the rioters? How did the Chinese get American cops to start some of the fires? How did the Chinese get American police to stand down and allow the rioters to do whatever they wanted?

Obviously there's no answer for that which will fit the "China did it" story line, so anyone who pushes the "Chinese did it" B.S. is either stupid or on the team that did the riots. No way out of it, CASE CLOSED.

Every once in a while they try to run the "China did it" B.S. and hope for a few intellectual carp to suck on it. My take: Obviously China is not happy with the U.S. right now so there probably are Chinese efforts at gaining the upper hand on the U.S., however, when cops support the rioters on orders from WHITE JEWISH MAYORS and a few minority tag-alongs China is a hard sell, in fact, saying China did it is beyond a hard sell, it's a laugh.

So who is doing the riots? Well:

I can't say I can definitely conclude this is legit, but a vast majority of people are seeing death to America in this logo, including a baphomet and satanic signaling. So I figured I'd post this.



Claudia was haunted by the first one (the only one that got clicked on because it was a not labeled ambush) - it haunted her because the kids were totally happy and in perfect shape, as if they grew up in a totally different reality where what they were doing was completely normal. That's Epstein's world, I am certain she got sent the high level stuff straight from the deep state.

OK, so howcome Google did not censor THOSE mails???

I went to the FBI web site to report them to themselves and as soon as I clicked the "leave a tip button" a form opened with all of our data already filled out for us!!!

So here is my message to the FBI: I reported you as spam. Do not continue to send kiddie porn to Claudia's box. Also, come clean on building 7, YOUR WORLD HEADQUARTERS which you rigged with explosives so Larry could "pull it" right on cue. Why not bust Hillary while you are at it? I know why not. Because you are a Fraudulent Bureau of "Investigation" with "investigation" in quotes because that's the last thing you ever do, you are nothing but a frame up fraud farm that destroys anyone who opposed evil, LIKE, YOU KNOW - TRUMP.

I'll tell you what the FBI is now: The FBI is a tax funded arm of the deep state that does nothing but investigate the deep state's opposition and jail it. To give them an illusion of "legitimacy" they invade the lives of retarded patsies and trick them into "terror plots" and when even a retard can see it for what it is, they'll drug the retard and get it done anyway. You know, like that theater shooting. And when there's too much of a hoax element to even that, they'll demolish the entire location where it happened to avoid having critical thinkers go in and solve what they did.

To avoid having a "boring topic" hog the front page when it really needs to be posted, I'll cut the new epstein report down to the absolute basics:

The deep state has every intention of kicking your butt and I CAN PROVE IT.

Epstein has got to be alive, well, and out of jail with the full knowledge and complicity of the FBI and more. Obviously then, the deep state will go right back to business as usual once they ditch Trump. That's huge news, and I have proof of this.

Take a look at Epstein's island as it was when he "killed himself" and look at what it is now. A WHOLE NEW CEREMONIAL SITE IS BUILT plus a tennis court, improved roads, lots of new trees, lots of new buildings, a new dump, and all the old dilapidated stuff, including the temple, is fully restored. Google tried lying about this, saying to other people that my captures were from 2017. But a documented image from 2019 to compare it to proves major stuff is going on out there, and that the deep state really is not on the run. Once they ditch Trump it will be business as usual, and as pissed as they are, conservatives had better be getting ready to more than duck and cover.

Here it is folks: Click the left image and you'll see how his island was a month before he "killed himself" Click the right image to see how it is now, look at how improved the island is only a year later, and consider what this has to mean. This obviously means you had damn well better prep if you're not some evil pervert.