An update to the Trump Polonium post

I am NOT saying Trump was actually poisoned, but I will say he's not looking as good as usual, and if they do poison him polonium would be perfect. There's no antidote. A trip back to Israel and an alt identity, and it's done.

I am confident Russia would do it too, despite Putin recently saying Pope Francis is not a man of god. Well, that's correct, but . . . .

If they decide to poison Trump (one way or another) they will use something that makes it look like he has rapidly degrading health, degrading naturally, and when they know they have him weak enough, they'll get rid of him early with one excuse or another, with mental health being one of them. Let's all hope Trump's recent appearance that is simply not as good as it was a short while ago is only the flu, or stress, or whatever, and if he does suddenly fall apart, keep in mind what was posted here.

I don't think Trump is going to be able to fry the deep state even after catching them all. However, if somehow he is able, don't expect it to be an easy going affair, they are going to try to kill him no matter what, and poisoning would be the most likely way. They'll want a story about how old he is and he fell apart and he was a kook and it showed but idiots loved him and we did not shoot him, we did not kill him it was all natural adios THANK GOD order can now be restored . . . . . Plausible deniability . . . . . if this happens, don't be a fool for it.

Polonium would be PERFECT. It will give all the symptoms they want, and progress slowly so people can watch it happen. Polonium is one of the world's nastiest poisons, with 1 milligram able to kill 1, 000 people. And the deep state would simply bury it. Let's all hope he looks like his good self soon, and that this recent rough appearance can be slept off.

Update to below: SEE THIS.


A BLACK GUY managed to put an 8 - 10 foot slash in it. He was very mistakenly arrested for criminal mischief. Doing God's work. So much for the Dems owning the black vote!!! HA HA, it could not have been better, except for the arrest.


This is just pure speculation, however, I noticed a few shots of Trump lately have him looking like crap, and his appearance is what Polonium does to you. I am not stating he got poisoned with this post, it is only a heads up - if he's gone soon polonium or something else with similar symptoms took him out, he's just not been looking good lately.

At first I figured it was from all the stress and from obviously losing the country, but today I got to wondering - perhaps it is a poisoning and he's going to be gone. HEADS UP AND DO NOT ACCEPT THE OFFICIAL STORY IF THIS ENDS UP HAPPENING, let's all look forward to it NOT happening, while having a way to look back if it does.


It is all appearances, he's still performing quite well. But if they have decided to take him out via poisoning and it is polonium, wait a month. If he's still up and about like normal, wait two months. Then you'll know for sure.

Trump may have been poisoned

I have noticed lately that he looks like he got nailed by Polonium. Maybe it is extra stress, but he's not on meds as the trolls are saying to explain it.

Polonium would be risky but the system is so subverted that even Kushner would not utter a peep. You cannot count on any of the normal countermeasures "detecting anything" now.

Perhaps it is just a stressful time. We'll have to wait and see if this clears, but if it is polonium, it won't, he'll be dead soon of "natural causes".

I have had problems posting lately for various reasons, including getting banned by an ISP.

The site has been sparse for a couple days as a result. Today is also a busy day, but I found a few good things that can be posted quickly.

WATCH THIS Slow moving commercial to the end, And I mean, TO THE END. It's priceless, way to perfect to have happened, but it did happen.


Democrats know they have nothing but freaks to offer, so if the nation goes hard left that's more proof of election theft, (not that it will matter, I am now 100 percent confident we are doomed in 2020) but this is worth pointing out.


Old news by now, but ABC news Fired the wrong staffer for blowing the whistle on their corruption in covering up Epsten's pedophelia. They had the goods on Epstien, ordered the story killed, and then fired the wrong person for blowing the whistle.


Trump did indeed say "I caught them, I caught them all", meaning he totally busted the deep state, and I believe he did. However, when Obama poisoned the well with corrupt judges and prosecutors that Trump can't remove, LET'S SEE ANYTHING GET DONE ABOUT IT. What's he going to do? Cry? He's in the position of "catching" 900 thugs with Uzi's" and he's all alone, on a hilltop with not even a pea shooter. In this subverted system, he can "catch them all" and nothing at all will happen. WATCH THIS. IF THERE ARE NO SIGNIFICANT ARRESTS BY ELECTION DAY, PUT A FORK IN IT, IT IS OVER AND THERE IS ONLY ONE WAY FORWARD. One way forward to keep yourself out of the gulag. ONE. WAY.

Every damn last one of these thugs that "got caught" will blame YOU for it, and they will get revenge, ON YOU. You had damn well better stop them if that happens and for GOD'S SAKE BULLETS FIRST. Don't waste time wondering what to do when the door gets kicked in, don't ask why, BE READY AND DO NOT HESITATE. They might get you but if every door kick results in a fatality, they'll give up REAL QUICK.

Don't use an AR and don't use a shot gun, have the 30.06 or .270 RIFLE at the ready. Those are the ones that'l fix'em GOOD, right through the helmets and body armor.


Pay NO ATTENTION AT ALL to Iran being able to "refine five kilograms of uranium a day", when it is only 5 percent enriched I don't even think there is a nuclear reactor that can use it. Maybe the Russians worked some magic for them with that but it is a very low percentage of enrichment.

There are rumors Iran shot down another American drone

There are also rumors it was really an Israeli drone

Nothing will likely come of this.


Trump's foundation was fined $2 million and liquidated by a judge because some of the staff at the foundation made arrangements for a political event and it was ruled that it was an abuse of foundation resources to have it's staff do that.

Meanwhile, the Clinton foundation received $13 billion in Haiti earthquake relief, stole every last dime of it, and is still rated as a top tier ethical charity.

If that's the world we live in three years into Trump, where the law is used as a weapon where "needed", and totally ignored among the "privileged" we're SCREWED in 2020. This just proves the subversion is complete, no election is going to be accurate or fix anything, and that the only way to restore order is war.

It has become obvious that after the latest round of election fraud, it's FULL STEAM AHEAD

The Jewish community (I am not going to even bother with the words communist, leftist, or Democrat) has just received confirmation that they are still so deeply rooted in subversive positions that they can roll over any election they want, and never be held accountable. Thrown away ballots. Shredded ballots. Fractional skimming. Dead voting. They are using multiple methods of stealing that all add up to we are done, put a fork in it.

There's little doubt the Dems Jews would lose virtually every election and only win by stealing. People don't want this crap they are pushing. That would be reflected in the polls of an accurate election, no, fairies don't come out of the wood work and it is not the fault of women voters either. When you add dead voting to illegal voting, to "voting early and voting often" to percentage based vote skimming to shredding ballots, it adds up to a situation where the rigging is simply so much it cannot be overcome even if 80 to 90 percent vote for the "losing" candidate.

We are doomed

I am calling it now. I am calling it because the Jewish community got it's answer after the latest elections - they can steal it ENORMOUSLY and never be held accountable because when the judge is a Jew and the prosecutor is a Jew and the clerk is a Jew and the lawyer is a Jew and any investigation will be run by a Jew, only those on the other side who are guilty of errors will ever go to jail, even without intent, while the elections get stolen right out from under everyone And it shows in the arrogance being flaunted everywhere by these bastards now, over their recent "victories". They fear nothing because they know damn well they have the steal TOTALLY in the bag.

Again I say, WE ARE DOOMED

It won't be fixed by the next election. Everything is going to go completely against the will of the people, and then the Jews, who were PISSED OFF by the fact they failed to steal an election for the first time in decades - proven by how the Jewish MSM acted, Jewish Hollywood acted, Jewish owned tech giants acted over Trump - they defunded everyone, banned practically everyone and censored everyone who ever said a positive word about Trump - their behavior proves that when they steal it in 2020 WE ARE ABSOLUTELY F***ED, they absolutely WILL get revenge, it is going to be bad, and there is simply no other way to say it. The shit will absolutely HIT. THE. FAN.

I don't know what else to say. We cannot win. Anyone who says we can with the current state of corruption and subversion is delusional, and Trump has not done JACK SQUAT to fix this. Probably because he can't, there is simply too much in his way, he just cannot get around the subversion and having Ivanka be married to one of these bastards is the final nail. We're done.

Bevin will not concede Louisiana, and Trump is being a beta cuck

Bevin is citing numerous serious irregularities in the election which saw him lose to a leftist by less than a half a percent, and Trump is telling him he did great, and to let it go.

Either Trump is ignorant to the ends of the world, or he's part of the problem. We had people posting to Twitter how they shredded Republican ballots and laughed about it, yet nothing is getting done, and obvious irregularities are being ignored, even by Trump. That's a BIG PROBLEM.

You do realize that if the system is so corrupt nothing gets done about this, and as a result your kid gets converted to trans after being knocked down 3 notches by a tainted "vaccine" and then gets brainwashed to useless traitor status via the "education" system there's only ONE answer to it all, RIGHT? Obviously, "voting" is not the way out of this.


I am actually a little late with this event, that happened on Monday. Here it is as I see it:

Obama really probably is dead. I am not going to fully state this, but consider the following:

Right around 3 weeks ago, Field said he had an insider contact tell him that Obama faced a tribunal and was executed for treason. I was skeptical (and am still not fully on board with this, ) however, Obama later "appeared". The problem with this is that according to Field, the video released was the same as the Ginsburg videos and Obama really was not alive, it was just old footage. A day later, Field was arrested on three felony warrants, in a way that does not make sense unless the FBI did the tip off.

There are rumors out there that Field was arrested for making threats against people on Youtube and Faceplant. However, the Abel Danger web site is saying something completely different:

Here is a quote from the owner of that web site:

"My initial "intel" on this subject as it concerns Field is that the snakes in Broward County who make a lot of money off of smuggling everything from child prostitutes and white slaves to drugs to tigers to booze, cut a "deal" with Craig Sawyer, one of Field's competitors in the new burgeoning anti-trafficking movement, and that's why Broward County is picking on Field.

Well, if you have two competing groups engaged in anti-child trafficking operations, and you are Broward County, you obviously want to buy them off. And if one of them will take the bait and the other one won't, you obviously want to make the payola flow toward the group that will work with you and attack the group that won’t make a deal.

So the Smart Money is that Field and his group of anti-child trafficking heroes wouldn't make a deal with Broward County (and behind them, the British SES involved in all this crap) to protect the Pedogate monsters, but Craig Sawyer would.

Or maybe Craig Sawyer was simply seen as the lesser of two evils and benefited from being less competent.

This all gives rise to the spectacle of: (A) competition between two shadowy former-agency/former-military groups leading to harm of everyone's efforts to stop child-trafficking; (B) dirty dealing with the dirty quasi-government officials ruling as kingpins in Broward County to allow trafficking to continue in exchange for a cut of the action; (C) petty personal conflicts leading some selfish and small-minded people to betray the best interests of all concerned; (D) agreements by some parties to protect Pedogate criminals in exchange for carte blanch to prosecute lesser criminals in Broward County; (E) some mixture of all of the above.

What I can tell you for sure is that any prosecution of Field McConnell for crimes committed back in the 1970's is dirty prosecution by dirty people. And at the end of the Food Chain, they are high-ranking dirty people, too.

Many men, especially pilots, get into very sticky situations in the course of their professional work. The filthy Agencies that do the dirty work as subcontractors of the Departments of the swamp-dwelling foreign "federal government" subcontractors - are always in need of transportation for themselves, for their agents, and for various kinds of cargo.

Just think of Han Solo and the ET bar scene in the original Star Wars movie. And at the end of the day, it also often comes down to whether a man chooses to work for the good side or the bad side on any given issue.

This much I can tell you - Field McConnell is a good man in my opinion and he has never said or done anything to my knowledge that was less than squeaky clean, intelligent, and fervent. His arrest has caused all sorts of consternation and butt covering in the so-called "Patriot Movement", but not here, not with me.

I’ve been around the block long enough to know an insider "inter-agency" job when I see one. And that is what this is and all it can be. Pray for Field and keep the faith with him. Don't let the rats get away with anything. Keep your attention focused and your brains engaged. He has done enough damage to them by exposing their underbelly that this was, I suppose, inevitable.

My comment: The arrest scenario is not plausible unless intelligence agencies were involved. The police had to have been tipped off as to where Field was, and when to get him. Additionally Now it is litmus test time. Any alt media that is backstabbing Field right now is not one of "us", all the rot surfaced with this one. You can indict a ham sandwich nowadays, and Field was a lot more than that with how he got in the way. No one who is not worth a crap will ever get arrested, I did not follow him much over the years but always knew he was one of the good guys, and see this arrest as a serious credibility booster.

You can get more details including the quote I put up via the Abel Danger web site



Pre comment: B.S. - a lot of good that will do the country now that the damage is done, MISSION ACCOMPLISHED with fall back being OOPS, WE WERE WRONG!!!

Here is the key quote from veteran FBI agent Gagliani: "Here's me, acknowledging my mistake. I was dead wrong. It now seems there was a concerted effort, though isolated, within the upper-echelons of the FBI to influence the outcome of the Flynn investigation.

I am physically nauseous as I type these words. I have long maintained that innocent mistakes were made and that the investigators at the center of this maelstrom were entitled to the benefit of the doubt.

No more.

They have tarnished the badge and forever stained an agency that deserved so much better from them. I am ashamed. The irreparable damage Comey’s team has done to the FBI will take a generation to reverse.


Here's me, acknowledging I got busted. There was a concerted effort throughout the FBI at all levels to hang Flynn, and I played along, though now that I got busted I am physically nauseous as I type up my excuse in the hopes I won't be executed by firing squad. Please believe I thought it was all innocent mistakes, WHICH I KNEW ABOUT AND DID NOTHING ABOUT and I closed my eyes as the investigators at the center of this fraud did their dirty work, about which there was no doubt. I won't do it again.

Then some B.S. about the tarnished image of the FBI, which should not be "reversed, " it should be answered with a ground penetrating nuke. Too bad the subversion is too well entrenched for that to ever happen. The best nuclear war America could ever fight would be to have someone hack the system and give DC a solid glassing over.

DO NOT EVER trust the FBI with anything, if Gagliani had not been ZEALOUSLY AND KNOWINGLY DESTROYING FLYNN, he'd have probably coached the next shoe bomber instead. The FBI needs to be handled the same way the Chinese handle diseased pigs.

WE CANNOT PERMIT THIS ANYMORE. When things like hanging Flynn happen, they cannot be excused off as mistakes and everyone at every level needs to be expunged. I am tired of waiting 50 years for "disclosure" while the FBI works on the next American disaster, which, when called an "oops" is like saying you are sorry about committing arson after all is lost. The FBI could best be described as a serial arsonist agency, burning the foundation out from under America. They must be disbanded entirely, with the correct people executed or jailed.

Things the next day's MSM reports are not saying about the killings in Mexico -

As it turns out, Sorcha's report was bang on. The people were indeed polygamists and at least the MSM is saying that now but they are leaving out the fact that it was a two sided cartel war and that the "American citizens" also had Mexican citizenship and were living in Mexico.

They are also not saying that the guy that did it was tracked down with NSA phone records, cell phone based GPS and drones. American drones were virtually guaranteed to have been used. They are also not telling the whole story when they are saying "The guy was found with numerous vehicles, including an armored SUV." REASON WHY: Because only one guy was who they wanted, the rest who would have used the other vehicles and accompanied him on the hit were probably on the CIA payroll. I don't even know why they ran this story, which really should be: Mexicans living in Mexico who happened to have dual citizenship were shot up in a two sided cartel war and more than one guy was on the job to shoot them up.

There is definitely something fishy with this, and the more the story progresses, the more it becomes evident my original post, which was based on common sense, plus knowing how things work down here was bang on. The MSM lies were obvious.

They likely staged all of this to set a precedent of having American drones overfly Mexico. Once that precedent is set, then all that is needed is to arm the drones and they can then snipe whoever they want on "surveillance only" missions, with it all being blamed on "cartel violence". The Mexican drug cartels are likely the new ISIS - an excuse to kill anyone.

The recent election thefts in Virginia and Kentucky prove they'll steal it in 2020

IF the

GOP Attorney General got 823k votes, the GOP Agriculture Commissioner Got 821k votes and the GOP Treasurer got 855K votes, how can the GOP Governor only get 704k votes and get beaten by the Dem, who got 708 K? That's a little Soros magic that needs to be explained, I don't see how in that one most important race so many people switched their party preference.


If the election theft is going to be that blatant, we might as well put a fork in this country and let the Jews eat it. Like "Democrat", "Jew" is a drop in word for Communist. They invented it, they subvert for it, they implement it and the end goal is to have 1000 goy slaves per Jew, living alone in tiny little cell blocks serving great high living communist masters who live as sovereigns as the rest of us get crushed under Noahide law. That's where we are headed if this problem in Kentucky is not solved, this is the litmus test for whether or not 2020 is going to be stolen. We now have to wait and see what happens.

I have zero doubt Jared Kushner is massaging Trump's intellect at this very moment, saying how great the Republican victories were in Kentucky, and to not do anything because there "was no theft because I know the Jews who ran the election and they are decent". If causing Trump to not stop the rigging and to trust the Jews was Jared's only job, while he did a "great job" everywhere else, it would be more than mission accomplished, what more would they need?

Update to below:

Sorcha is claiming Mitt Romney's family is what got targeted in Mexico, that it was drug related (as I stated it likely was) and if you look at the photos in Sorcha's report, it is obvious (as I stated) that the husbands of the women killed were all cartel. This is therefore a nothing burger despite being as bad as it was, because for the cartels it was business as usual with the only difference being that the American side of the cartel got hit this time.

Claiming direct association to Mitt Romney is not something sorcha would do without a shred of evidence, I'd bet this claim is at least partially legit.

Heh, I gave it a closer look, the report is actually quite good.


Nothing suprising here, move along!

Yes, I don't think my initial assessment was far off the mark AT ALL. It is the next item on this page.

I am skeptical of the story line with the recent cartel killings in Mexico

The story line is that a bunch of women and children were going to a wedding and got killed on the way there by a drug cartel, and there's nothing more to the story at all. I call B.S.

First of all, the cartels are not stupid. If they attacked like this, it is because they got more than one cell phone bugged with a tracker and they only do that to their enemies. This story is not as simple as stated, because the vehicles were burned rather than taken, which means it really was a cartel and not thugs and cartels don't do crap like this unless it is against a competitor.

My guess is that there is a back story that goes something like this:

The husbands or any men associated with the women or children killed were doing deals their wives were clueless about, and to send a message, the cartels took what they could. If that happened to be women and children and burned out cars, it was only because that's ALL THEY COULD DO. The cartels did this via tracking bugs, there are LOTS of whites in Mexico, and lots of American plates in Mexico, why was it this group that got taken out? Answer: Because they had the tracking bug, which was put there for a reason. No other way out of this, cartels don't bother with ordinary people and if this was anything other than what I stated, everyone would have been taken alive and handed back for a ransom.

GUARANTEE: The group was "women and children only" because the men knew it was best to not go along, and doubted the cartels would get this nasty. As far as I see it, CASE CLOSED.

Rumors, and rumors of rumors

There is nothing of substance in the press, and that's a positive thing. It is a positive thing because it means they are not being told anything. It appears Trump managed to pull the plug on the leakers, and I do believe things are going on behind the scenes but in the absence of any stories being told, no one can know. But I'll say a few obvious things -

Hillary has no legit chance in 2020. No Democrat does. And it appears to me that someone, likely a Hungarian billionaire, has permanently staffed approximately 5, 000 hoaxers to show up at events to make it look like there is support for communist causes - (let's just cut to the chase with this, I'm tired of saying "Democrat") - the communists know they have to front plausible hoaxes to justify an election steal. I have zero doubt Trump is getting booed at sports events by paid hoaxers. I don't think there is anything organic about that at all, the numbers of people booing don't match reality and though a lot of it is just microphone play and possibly soundtracking there likely are significant people there at a ratio that does not match actual society. That's just one example of what the hoaxers are getting paid to do.

Bernie got a decent crowd, in fact, Hillary, Bernie, Biden - ALL OF THEM are now getting crowds they never got before, and I find that awful strange when the communists are hated more than ever. And the crowds did not slowly creep up in size, they suddenly appeared as if we woke up to a new world. We did not wake up to a new world, the communists did not suddenly get substantial support. Societies just don't change on fundamentals like that overnight. Someone got the message that having no one show up looked bad, so now there's a pay to play crowd out there who either do it because they hate Trump and the pay made it worth it, or because they are sociopaths who will do anything for a paycheck.

New topic

A while back rumors went around that Obama got executed at Gitmo, and I expressed skepticism but did not write off the possibility. Now, supposed pictures and video of Obama have "proven" he's alive. Though I'll say I am glad I never said he was dead, I'll also say that such pictures and video prove nothing anymore, and he could still be dead. There is no way to know, because the MSM is now lying so much that finding the truth in what they state is like trying to put your finger on a caffeinated grasshopper. Good luck with that. I won't say "finding the truth in what they report" because it is clear they are not really reporting much of anything anymore, they are simply stating what they hope will stick. I also don't believe the original Ginsburg is in the judge's seat, however, Obama had 50 ways to run and tons of deep state support. Taking him down would not be easy. It is more probable that Obama is alive than Ginsburg.

Another thing -

I cannot get over how appalled I am with China's actions against the Muslims in China, who, like the Christians that also got wiped out never did anything wrong. It's not like China's muslims were going around blowing stuff up, the communist state simply said they were not compatible, threw the men in jail because they did not buckle under as easily as the Christians did, and then sent new men into the homes of the wives for six days a week in the hopes "feelings would grow". That's beyond disgusting. I'll NOT be buying anything Huawei after that, granted, their forced abortion policies were also apocalyptic but they stopped doing that as far as I knew. But then this. Cute. Communists just can't seem to ever be decent, and that reminds me -

All along I have said that Russia was likely not dead and that they were only playing nice because they decided a new game was needed to take out the United States. look at what is going on now - the Dems are up to their necks in former communist Ukraine, and they are at least up to their knees in Russia, and I only said "Dems" rather than saying "communists" straight up because a reference was needed - now that it is given I'll say it like it is:

Russia was never dead and the old soviet state is likely not dead, and now the immortal Putin is likely to be going away, in favor of the old style of Russian communism, (or so rumor has it). Interesting it is that this is happening when Trump stirred the communist nest in the United States, only to reveal they ALL HAVE TIES TO UKRAINE AND RUSSIA. Gee, who'd have thunk it. If you have watched this web site over the years, I DID, and I am sure it was not very popular for me to say it. Now take another look, once a few rocks have been overturned - ALL THE DEMS WHO ARE CLEARLY COMMUNISTS HAVE ENORMOUS TIES TO COLD WAR COMMUNIST RUSSIANS. It's all coming out in the wash now, whether or not what is left over will be wearable remains to be seen. I really hope Trump can get it done.


Wash, Rinse, Repeat

The story line says it ALL.

"DENVER - A white supremacist from Pueblo was arrested Friday when he met up with three undercover FBI agents in an attempt to bomb the Temple Emanuel synagogue in Pueblo as part of what he called a "racial holy war" and to wipe the synagogue "off the map" in what the FBI says amounts to "domestic terrorism."

Richard Holzer, 27, will make his first court appearance at 2 p.m. Monday at the U.S. District Court of Colorado. Court records show he faces one count of attempting to obstruct religious exercise by force using explosives and fire.

According to a criminal complaint , undercover FBI agents had been talking with Holzer since September and had been tracking multiple Facebook accounts of his in which he talked to other white supremacists through private messages about attacking Jewish people and other minority groups.

My comment: The "other white supremacists" were FBI agents, proven by the fact only Holzer got arrested. If Holzer had a brain, he'd have known you can't use Faceplant to talk about a non GMO garden let alone terrorizing synagogues. And why did Faceplant allow this kind of chit chat to happen when they censor anything of the sort that actually reaches other people? Chalk this one up to: "The FBI found another retarded shoe bomber to exploit".

Absent the FBI, Holzer would have likely been playing video games and getting yelled at by mom.

Don't give the FBI an ounce of respect for this crap, they busted NOTHING and investigated NOTHING, all the FBI does is railroad retards as they run hoaxes for show to give them "legitimacy" while they try to unseat duly elected presidents and "kill" Epstein. There's no doubt Epstein is sitting in Tel Aviv with Baghdadi (I never thought that was real even if Trump did, and I reported it supportively, ) no, BOTH are chatting with each other next to a pool in Tel Aviv. Lots of people are smart enough to realize the leader of ISIS was Mossad, ESPECIALLY with that line going back to the state department complete with supporting end to end hardware that allowed secure communication over public infrastructure.

See this



I probably won't be buying any Huawei products now, GET A LOAD OF THIS!!!:

The following was reported by Radio Free Asia via under cover reporters. I took the gloss off and said it like it is (no one phrased it the way I did, but it's OBVIOUS what is going on with this)

DISGUSTING. Remember a while back when I posted the photos of China detaining Muslims and putting them in concentration camps?

Due to the one child policy, which caused lots of Chinese to abort their girl babies so they could have boys, China has a shortage of women and is now sending men to live with the 1,000,000 or so wives who's husbands are now in the prison camps because HEY, UNDER COMMUNISM PEOPLE ARE "HUMAN RESOURCES" AND IF MEN NEED WOMEN, YOU CAN'T LET THAT "RESOURCE" GO TO WASTE, RIGHT?

You can't make this stuff up, yep, the communist government of China, to be efficient with "resources", is indeed sending men to live with the women who's husbands are detained, Including sleeping in the same bed.

I therefore declare the following caption accurate:

After all, if it was not accurate, he'd be going home to his wife after being "mentally repaired". But no, he's going to be disposed of, there's no way out of this one.

Sometimes a quick read below the surface is all it takes to expose what is really going on, If these men were ever going to be released, their wives would not have been assigned new "correct thinking" men in their beds, who "only spend six days a week with these women" during which time the Communist government hopes "feelings of closeness will grow".

Communism has indeed evolved. When they can't "save" the men, they know the women are more flexible so this time, they took salvaging people a step further. They assigned men to the wives. That way they don't have to get rid of the women too. That's a new one for the communists. In their mind, I am sure they are "saving lives".


It did not originate on Hal Turner. He was onto it a lot earlier than I was, but it started in the forums and on Twitter. If you doubt Hal Turner (I don't see a reason to, but he does get back stabbed) be aware that this did not come from him originally.


After receiving an early blizzard, which buried crops that were planted late in the U.S. due to heavy rains, farmers were hoping for good weather that would at least allow them to harvest what had matured enough despite getting wrecked a little early. That did not happen. And most crops were not ready at all. After the initial early winter wipe out, cold temperatures persisted and more blizzards followed. The crops in several states are a total loss, with many other states suffering heavy losses. The worst case scenario happened. We'll get through this, but it can't happen again.

Watch food prices, and if they start to go up, STOCK UP BEFORE LEAVING THE STORE IF POSSIBLE. Obviously doing so will make the problem worse but whatever. Ramen noodles are by far the best barter item because they are cheap and very popular.

I am getting messed with today and it is not connectivity related



Here is the message:


The message is encrypted so no one knows what it says, but if there ever was a false flag warning, or a notice that something big is likely to happen, this would be it. I am not going to try predictions with regard to this, but I will say that this is worth standing on toes. We all know there is some serious crap happening in the government right now and I can only hope that this message was sent by Trump because of that photo with all the wires ripped out of the table -


I gotta say, I have not had the types of problems I have had today before despite having perfect connections. Very strange.

To be clear: The ultimate backup of the backups is the radio based military EAS system. This is what gets used to make damn sure everyone gets the message. Anyone can pick it up with the correct radio receiver but no one who is not cleared can know what the message is. This system normally transmits 30 character test packages but today that changed when a 242 character message was sent, which proves a real message was sent, and the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard, Border Patrol and ALL reserve units (and more) got it. We'll have to wait and see what becomes of this.

This has been confirmed via various sources (hobbyists who have the right radios and caught this) it is not rumor and has been posted to numerous forums and blogs.

This does not necessarily mean anything is going to happen, but it does mean people ought to stay awake and in touch. This system is not used for casual chats.

It is official - the Lefties are going for impeachment

They have now launched a soviet style"impeachment resolution" that is totally lacking transparency.

If they want to destroy the United States, their only chance is "secret tribunals" which, if successful, will prevent any need for them to scurry away like roaches to infest the 4 corners of the earth.

Hillary probably won't be generous with her ill gotten gains

Hillary: "Don't call Haiti a sh*thole, after all, after that earthquake I milked the place for $13 billion. It was, in fact, a gold mine.

Yep, an impeachment inquiry because of THIS:

Al Baghdadi's secure line to the State Department. Now that he's dead and the genie is out of the bottle, Pelosi simply has no choice or she's going down.

Keep in mind that the above has been kept TOTALLY out of the media, so people don't realize why Pelosi made her move.

Trump leaving New York

Putting it all together, here is why:

New York is probably the most Jewish infiltrated city on the planet. Tel Aviv does not qualify for this, because there's no infiltration there (other than stolen land to begin with, but whatever).

Trump got harassed to death in New York after becoming president and the tax return item was likely the last straw. If he leaves New York, he's out of their jurisdiction and that is that.

Lots of top level politicians are saying "good riddance" and "Don't let the door hit you" but the reality is that the reverse - having Trump stay and them leave would be far better for the everyday New Yorker.

Anyway, the Jews own that town, let them make it what they want.

There is a "conspiracy rumor" going around about the Israelis setting off nukes in their embassies tomorrow but I doubt it will happen, we are not there yet.

Remember my report Nuclear Blackmail from 7 years ago? That is going the rounds again via someone else who has noticed the Israelis have abandoned a lot of their embassies around the world. It is also a fact that the Israeli embassy in New York is the most radioactive location in the city. Gee. I wonder why. Actually, no, I don't.

The problem with tomorrow for a date on this however is that the Israelis frequently vacate embassies and return, and nothing has happened yet. Then again, the problem with tomorrow is that nicely done photo of Trump with top gov and military officials sitting at a table with the receiving end of Al Baghdadi's state department link ripped out of the table and laying in the open. This means the ax is going to fall, because clearly Trump can't just let this sit and will not let it sit with a photo like that released. It's a doozie, available in the MSM NOWHERE.

Some people are also theorizing that Trump is leaving New York due to the nuclear threat, but I doubt that, the timing fits the tax situation a lot better.

Additionally, if the Jews were going to nuke New York, there would be a mass exodus beforehand, and that's not happening (as far as I know) but then again, there was that vaccine issue with New York's mayor - perhaps that was to front a reason for an exodus that was never reported, like that Trump photo never got reported. If they were leaving, how would we ever know when they own virtually everything that would ever report it?

One thing is fairly certain - If Trump manages to actually start jailing people over Baghdadi, (and he could, he has them NAILED now) something BIG is going to happen and it won't be impeachment. Trump has thus far managed to evade getting killed so Pelosi and gang might have given up on that, and opted for a nuclear option - That reminds me:

Everyone is skeptical of the Deagel report saying America's population would be reduced by 200 million before 2025.

That's not far flung at all, here is how it could happen:

This has also been a major report on this site since 2012 -

All of America's nuclear facilities are sitting on about 20X as much spent fuel as they were designed to handle. The original system for this was static safety - the fuel pools were so huge that even with no cooling systems the few cores they were supposed to have would never cause a problem, they'd just sit there doing basically nothing. However, with 20X the fuel load, if all cooling was lost, they'd boil off and burn. The end result would be about as bad as 20 Fukushimas X 200 nuclear facilities, And this is precisely why the left has succeeded in preventing American nuclear facilities from (for the most part) recycling that fuel, and (almost entirely) from moving it to a safe location elsewhere. It was an act of war, and the ultimate kill shot for the United States.

IF the left decides it is going down, Israel's version of Stuxnet, which was tested at Browns Ferry to make sure it would work before Fukushima was done, is likely in an enormous number of American nuclear facilities awaiting the command to activate. Obviously there were patches for this virus, but what about operation Talpiot, and re-writing things to make them unknown about again? Given this scenario, I'd say the Deagel report might be a bit more insider than stated, if the communists can't get America into the New World Order, they are very likely to pull their nuclear disaster they have been setting up since 1980 and turn the United States into a nuclear hell zone. THAT would get the population reduced by 200 million no sweat.

The bottom line with all of this is that Trump may win, but the enemy, with a "burn it to the ground" attitude may get the last laugh. Israel's samson option is indeed a reality, and I believe there's a lot more to that option than mere nukes at embassies. America can get over being nuked, but it won't recover from 150 1, 000 ton nuclear fuel fires.

I am STILL having connectivity issues, so if it is going on the front page now, it has to be good. I found one. GET A LOAD OF THIS:


File this one under "You can't make this stuff up"

Scientists discover humanity's belief in evil caused by disease

From the Daily Star

Researchers trying to uncover the origins of mankind's belief in evil believe they have stumbled across a bizarre occurrence that could explain it. By looking at regions where high levels of disease happened, experts found people had stronger convictions about agents of evil, such as demons. In many cultures across the globe, the supernatural was used to explain the causes and responses to disease.

The effect would be sufferers of an illness would be viewed as having been corrupted and would be isolated, shunned or even killed to protect other people in the tribe.

Dr Bastian added: "We uncovered consistent evidence that historical pathogen prevalence is related to an increased tendency to believe that there are forces of evil at work in the world." His team found the strongest correlations between belief in the devil and historic widespread disease was strongest in Nigeria, Bangladesh and the Philippines. It also found the weakest was in the Czech Republic, Germany and Sweden.

Dr Bastian said: "Such thinking remains evident in many modern societies, wherein health complaints are sometimes attributed to the will of God or the work of the devil and spiritual remedies."

MY COMMENT: Please note that this report was an analysis of how people think in MODERN TIMES, when the actual cause of disease is known. THAT LEAVES NO EXCUSES FOR HOW STUPID IT IS. Only, I doubt it is actually stupid, it is probably posturing for eventually saying that religious beliefs are a psychological illness. Yep, that's it, because:

The doctor failed to point out that people' beliefs in evil might actually be caused by:

1. Getting carjacked.

2. Getting robbed.

3. Getting raped.

4. Getting ripped off by the medical system.

5. Having to interact with the government in any way, except to receive a welfare check.

6. Passing by an abortion clinic

7. Having a kid obviously get destroyed by a "vaccine" and then hearing what the response is about it from the state.

I can understand why the doctor, who is an obvious leftist, is clueless about what evil is, BECAUSE:

1. If you get carjacked you are probably white, driving around with white privilege and your car got taken by a minority and it was time to pay reparations anyway. Any leftist can promptly point out that the carjacker was just getting his pay. He was therefore not evil.

2. If you return home and it is robbed, see item 1. You were not robbed by someone who was evil, you were only paying back what any leftist will claim you owed.

3. If you get raped now, all the stats show that it was probably by a recent African immigrant, which means it was not rape, it was "cultural enrichment", PLEASE GROW UP FOR GOD'S SAKE. If you are upset about what happened, YOU ARE THE PROBLEM, the guy who did it was not evil. This is precisely what leftists are pushing in Europe now, and by the way, there is no God, RIGHT?

4. If you are an American, you can afford to pay $700 for pills that cost $12.50 in other countries because in America, they are "better" and if you can't you are just being cheap. Please fork over $2, 000 a month for your family insurance and then, if you are lucky your co-pay will only be $125 for those pills, meaning you still, after paying $2, 000 monthly for "insurance" paid 10X for those pills than a Canadian or Mexican would.

And no Mexican or Canadian ever heard of health insurance, hell, ONE MONTH's insurance payment in the U.S. will pay to deliver a kid and fix a broken leg in Mex, OUTSIDE THE STATE SYSTEM, in private care. But if you believe in evil after being exhorbitantly extorted for $750,000 after some idiot did something as simple as the Heimlich maneuver to save your life, (something anyone decent would do for free) you have a "disease" in your brain and just don't know how to be thankful.

And by the way, America's medical has an easy explanation from Nut Yahoo who said they'd drain America until only a dried peel was left. Who owns all the insurance companies and almost all the medical organizations? It's a perfect weapon, enforced by government and the people wielding it are not evil, because there's no such thing as evil, the entire concept of evil was spawned by a bad flu.

5. If you believe in evil after having to interact with the government, after a nasty TSA pat down or having your life savings taken via asset forfeiture, or anything else of the sort, remember, there's no such thing as evil, you're only mentally ill. After all, as any leftist will testify, the government is THERE FOR YOU, and is incapable of doing wrong provided THEY are in charge.

6. If you think abortion is evil, you have a mental disorder and can't understand "choice". Never mind the fact that there was birth control available. Oh, and any leftist will point out the importance of only aborting white babies, if you get raped by an African immigrant, it's not nearly as much your right to abort. If you do, you're a racist who is guilty of discrimination.

7. There is no such thing as vaccine damage. If you think there is, or that evil people are formulating shots that cause damage, you're a flat earth science shunning nutcase with a mental disease. Don't look at cause and effect, if baseball bobby is now a drooling moaning wheel chair invalid after a vaccine, it is BECAUSE YOU ABUSED HIM, no, it was NOT THE SHOT.

Saying it was the shot will give any leftist full reign to declare you a threat, or a "terrorist" and cut off all your finances, (especially if you post about it online or talk about it) but in this case they won't take bobby away from the "abuser" because they can't sell him for a profit. Not all kids have an equal right to be "taken to safety".

If you believe in evil after such things happen, you're delusional, and have been since you had chicken pox.

Yes, it can be definitively concluded that if you believe in evil, and it was not caused by a disease, you're a NUTCASE because in leftie land, there's an explanation for every action that proves evil does not exist.


Take a look at this!!! Look at who McCain is standing with. The guy Trump just took out.

There's no theory any more. Only the conspiracy. Yes, Nancy did indeed go to Syria to meet with her guy, after this photo I'm calling it. McCain died a traitor and Nancy is likely in deep doo doo.

A Hollywood actors union is attempting to force trans hires

A Hollywood actor's union called "Equity" is attempting to force movie producers to hire trans men for acting roles as biological women, and we are supposed to watch these movies with men acting the parts of women with full acceptance. If we don't, we'll all be a bunch of "haters". YOU CAN'T MAKE THIS STUFF UP, SEE THIS

The Russian reports that there was no action against Baghdadi amount to hoaxes

Russia is citing that there were no airstrikes, and therefore the U.S. did nothing. This means Putin is easy to take out, because he does not know that American special forces don't always have air support, and he'll be watching for airplanes while Marine sergeant Mitchell comes up through the floor. Seriously. If Russia is actually serious with this crap, well, forget it, they can't possibly be. They are not that stupid. The reports are probable hoaxes.


And because he did not get warned, he did not think about shutting everything down. HA HA, even Pence, who's not worth anything but a prop looks a little upset about this, (perhaps he was in on it, one can never know anymore).

It is assumed the photo is a photo op to let Nancy know they figured it out. This is earth shattering historic news, this was such a massive slam dunk by Trump that even some of his enemies are likely to cross over, if they did not know this was going on. Now we see why Trump kept the mission a secret, because a direct line to Baghdadi would have had him warned immediately and ensured he was around later to help prop up Nancy Pelosi. It's pretty much game over with this, if we don't see major action now there's a real problem.

I'd say Pelosi and the rest of them will be heading for Argentina and New Zealand soon, before the hammer falls. There's a certain breaking point when it simply can't be buried and you just gotta run. Comey has already announced it.

AAAAAND, the media is TOTALLY silent about both McCain and the discovery that ISIS had special communications channels to the State Department. Set up by Hillary no doubt.

AFTER THAT PICTURE OF McCain this hit on Baghdadi might be real.

Yesterday I said I was disappointed that this hit is all there was to Trump's message that "something huge has happened". However, with this photo of McCain standing next to the guy, that would qualify as huge because it mean the deep state is going down. This was likely a classified photo and the twitter account it was posted to may have been set up by Trump, to let them know he knows all about it.

If the hit was real, there is some interesting stuff surrounding it. One item is how the American MSM reacted, and implied Trump killed a hero, a dad, an overall nice guy who just so happened to have a few bad side habits but gee, you can overlook that RIGHT? Orange man bad.

But the real item, which has me thinking it might all possibly be real, is that this happened right after Pelosi and Schiff went to Syria. That's a BIG DEAL, because it is extremely likely that Trump has totally figured out who was behind ISIS and he probably had her tracked so she'd reveal where this guy, and his replacement who is also now dead, was. What if that's the case? What if Trump tracked their behinds and then took out their guy? That would explain why Baghdadi is being shown in a somewhat positive light in the MSM.

He was likely a crypto Jew Mossad guy and Trump is not quite that awake yet. And I doubt the suicide vest story, most likely he had a grenade put into him at 300 feet per second and THAT blew him to pieces. I'm not buying the suicide vest part of this AT ALL, something else probably happened and the "suicide" was simply expedient B.S.

Any way you cut it, Pelosi's Syria visit before this event says it all, Including how Russia is saying nothing happened. Because if you can send in a seal team or some other elite group and do such a precision strike with perfect intelligence provided by where Nancy went, it's the equivalent of having a gang banger take out another gang banger with NO POLICE CALL TO REPORT IT. Who's going to call the Russians and say this happened, and how would Russia even know? The fact Russia knew nothing about it is irrelevant. The fact Russia knew nothing about it can be pinned directly on the Democrat donkey, which was not informed by Trump that this was going to be done. No one had a chance to leak it and warn the bad guy, and additionally Russia's plant did not get a warning to give Russia either.

Here's the punch line: If Trump kept this secret by not announcing it, he now has a key core group of people he knows he can trust, which has no sell outs in it. He has it in his administration, all the way to a top level military figure that managed this, IF IT WAS REAL. And because of that, I hope it was. He finally has his screwdriver he needs to start prying the deep state apart, and even if the progress is slow, at least he has it.


Baghdadi buried at sea??!!??

ALREADY??!!?? NO WAY. This is mostly confirmed rumor, supposedly it came across Fox News - ALREADY, with no time lapse and no time on ice, Baghdadi was already chucked in the ocean like Osama. This is BAD

According to myth, it's protocol for Islamic militants???

Due to connectivity issues I can't really surf this out to an ultimate conclusion, but if this really is being said, it is B.S. and I am VERY disappointed.

I am still having connectivity issues, even with the other provider.

Today's posts may be sparse until I figure this problem out.

I am going to drop a new clarified paragraph that is going to be in newsletter 5.

If you are going to go cheap, don't get scammed on batteries

Bar none the cheapest and best batteries out there are, like I said in the newsletter while it was up, semi truck batteries. Semi trucks have all the room in the world to use, and all the weight capacity in the world to use, AND need batteries that are beyond durable. They have to be top quality. Additionally, most of them are the easiest of the easy batteries to maintain. If you want bang for your buck plus solid dependability, go to a truck stop and get your solar batteries there. If there are choices, get the heaviest one.

No one doing solar should even consider AGM, Gel Cell, or any other expensive batteries. You'll be so much better off taking the money you save by not getting hellishly expensive AGM or Gel Cell batteries (or worse, Lithium Ion) and simply putting it into more (heavy) cheap ordinary ones and then not draining them down all the way that your life expectancy will be at least doubled dollar per dollar and in the case of lithium, 10X cheaper. The thing that kills lead acid batteries is draining them down far, if you only take them to (less than) 40 percent drained, with 60 percent remaining, you'll probably never wreck them, especially if they were great to begin with. Nothing out there is going to match a semi truck battery except for perhaps a golf cart battery, and then, with the golf cart battery you'll pay a HUGE premium, they are very expensive for what you actually get in power storage.

Be forewarned that anyone involved with selling batteries for solar is going to work VERY hard to get you to buy AGM, and technically, if you don't consider everything, they will be correct - AGM really is better. However, buying AGM specified to exactly what you "need" is a very poor choice because if you drain them down hard "as needed" you'll wreck them much quicker than if you simply bought the huge cheap semi batteries. Good semi batteries weigh 130 pounds and only cost $200. If you have choices, get the heaviest one. The difference in weight makes an enormous difference in lifespan regardless of whether or not the lighter one is rated to be better. It might be, by rating. Skip it. You'll end up replacing it sooner, and if you already decided to save money by not getting AGM, get the GOOD semi battery. ALL GOOD SEMI BATTERIES HAVE SCREW TOP VENT CAPS, AGM IS ALSO SOLD FOR SEMI TRUCKS AND I'D CALL THAT A MISTAKE, clearly a semi does not need an impossible to maintain very costly AGM battery that's going to get un repairably wrecked the moment anything happens that drives off the electrolyte. That's one unspoken problem with AGM - they need everything PERFECT before they'll last, standard lead acid batteries with liquid electorolyte get through disasters a LOT better.

Here is a cost comparison between a good semi battery and AGM:

I'll use a known great top of the line AGM battery - the Genesis NP38 as a comparison:

For $200, you get 2 Genesis NP38 batteries with a combined weight of 59 pounds and a combined amp hour rating of 76 amp hours. For $200, you get a top of the line semi battery with a (ballpark) weight of 130 pounds and an amp hour rating of 170 (which is a VERY low rating considering the weight).

To match the semi battery in AGM, you'll need 4.5 Genesis NP-38, (not another brand's NP-38 equivalent, because all the others are by comparison garbage even if they cost the same.)

That'l set you back $450 for the same amp hour rating, and will weigh 132 pounds. That seems similar to the semi battery for amp hours to weight ratio, but it actually is not because AGM batteries weigh more than flooded batteries, so in reality, the semi battery is going to have about 15 percent more reactive material in it (if it weighs 130 pounds) than even the best AGM battery - the Genesis NP-38.

After that, all things are equal, you're comparing a great battery that CAN BE MAINTAINED, to another great battery that can't be maintained (or fixed after a disaster). You'd better not do anything that will boil off an AGM battery, if you do, it's game over. With a flooded battery, it is $1 in distilled water to top up 3 and be right back to new.

There's a reason for me to have an AGM battery that good, a solar power setup is NOT a good reason and for that AGM battery I built my own precision regulated charger (not the relay idea, which is really crude but OK for flooded cells) because all the AGM chargers I found were CRAP that would eventually wreck an AGM battery, even if they were "made for AGM". That's a real problem you will have to deal with when doing solar, and the AGM batteries will die a silent death with a poorly made regulator that has written all over it "this thing can save the world", and one day your AGM batteries will simply be gone. You'll get an obvious warning of problems with flooded cells and then be able to keep the problem from wrecking them. Quite frankly, lots of chargers that are supposed to be good have no better regulation than the relay I talked about before taking the newsletter off the front page, IF they even have regulation that good. Some of the AGM chargers I have found that claim to be regulated simply shoot for the moon, - the claims are often B.S.

Drudge is a complete sellout

The largest bust of the deep state in history is going on, and all Drudge can do is link negative stuff people have dreamed up to say about Trump.

Drudge will eventually devolve down to "whatever computers have had zero downtime for the last year, with a tab accidentally left open."

The auto refresh on his page will ensure the stats still indicate life.

Howard Stern really did say he'd never vote Democrat because they are communists, And even Snopes had to admit it.

That said, I am still not a fan of Howard Stern. Snopes made good and sure they pointed out that Stern said this a while ago, but that does not matter much when it is so obvious he hit the nail on the head with words that could not possibly be more true today..

The calm before the storm? Waiting . . . .

The days ahead are sure to be crazy, let's just hope Trump did indeed play "5D chess" while talking like a 4th grader.

About that -

Years ago, I don't remember exactly when, but some time back in the 80's I got word that ALL the major news publications plus even magazines like Time magazine published everything at a 6th grade level, because that level (at the time) was high enough to say everything needed, and low enough to be understood by 95 percent of the population. That said - If Trump IS speaking like he's talking to a 4th grader (and I have noticed it does indeed seem that way, it is likely an indicator that his "billionaire intellect" noticed that people really have gone downhill since the 80's and if he does not speak the way he does, he won't be sufficiently understood.

I adjust my language levels when needed also, but don't do it nearly as well as Trump does. I will not do it on this site (I don't intentionally try to speak at a level that will confuse people) but I also don't try to avoid it on this site.

I have noticed something that is unilaterally true however - that "genius" at a low level will not understand the importance of adjusting speech to be understood by everyone, and also won't understand the importance of going through the nuisance of at least combing hair. Top level genius understands both - that your appearances have to at least be acceptable to the majority, and that when outside your clique, it is much better to modify your speech so you don't come across like a dweeb. Trump does both of these, because he's high enough up the intellectual ladder to realize not everyone is like him, and that "sounding smart" does nothing, except to make you sound smart. You won't actually communicate. You won't actually connect with anyone, and connecting with people is something Trump happens to be a master of.

Want to know what it looks like when they cut the power which prevents people from being warned? HERE IT IS (now the second video down)

This morning I posted that when power in California got cut, no one had television, radio, or internet to warn them of an approaching wildfire, thus leaving them only to be warned by cell phone, and the warnings did not go out. So they sat there in their homes with an approaching fire until the fire was RIGHT ON THEM, and a majority of the people were still not panicking yet having cars parked in sleepy driveways with a couple families realizing what was going on and running like hell to get out of there at the last minute.

This is what it looks like when the government is actually seeking to destroy everything, and is a direct result of communist type policies truly going mainstream in the U.S. for the first time.

Edward Snowden and CIA data searches -

He claims he got to look at all of it in the NSA. Here are the cold hard FACTS:

Snowden worked in electronic maintenance. That's a cool job, however it proves he's full of crap and saw NOTHING. Beyond that, the databases he claims to have searched are not accessible from the NSA, and if you are not an operator you can't get to ANYTHING AT ALL. Snowden claiming he did all this as stated recently is cold hard proof he's a fraud, remember, Snowden NEVER said anything at all that I did not already say ahead of him except for a couple system names and:

An SCI facility is full of people who are cleared to ONLY know what is right in front of them. Which in Snowden's case was nothing at all other than the names of the systems he worked on. He did not do the mission itself, and would not have been handed any info of the sort he's now claiming to have seen. He would not have been allowed to search anything at all. Only people cleared to do those searches could have done them and by default, Snowden was not cleared. If he ever was real, he's a hoax now, time for a conspiracy write off.

TO BE CLEAR: No one at the NSA can look up information from the Marines, the CIA, the FBI, the Air Force, those are all separate compartments of SCI security, SCI stands for Sensitive Compartmentalized Information, with a focus on COMPARTMENTALIZED which means George, working at station 3 does not know what Bob is doing at station 4. There's no way for Snowden to have become aware of anything other than specific systems and their capabilities, he did no searches on any topic at all and DID NOT KNOW THE MISSION.

Update to below:

n And by the way Hillary, if that was a deep fake, TOUGH LUCK. I won't believe it was.

Hillary has now claimed the frazzledrip videos on the dark web cost her the election

My comment: No, rumors of such videos are not what did it, the fact they were *apparently* real were.

In the beginning, Huma was standing and Hillary was laying down on a ping pong table in shiny silver spandex tights. So we know Hillary, SHUT UP.

NEWSWEEK: Trump speaks at a 4th grade level

My comment:Speaking at a 4th grade level is precisely how you work the toughest business deals and become a billionaire.


Thanks WeakNews!


Immediately, and I MEAN IMMEDIATELY after the governor said he's going to investigate the court, suddenly the judge issued a ruling that gave the dad an equal say. That obviously means the judge is corrupt and was about to be busted.

As it turns out, Pence is a "never Trumper" and ultimate traitor

I don't know what to say other than that I am disgusted that even Pence has taken a cold hard shot at destroying Trump by appointing a never Trumper to White House cabinet secretary. All Trump could do is tweet about it, saying "It would be really great if the people within the Trump Administration, all well-meaning and good (I hope!), could stop hiring Never Trumpers, who are worse than the Do Nothing Democrats. Nothing good will ever come from them!"

What can I say? a statement that weak pretty much means Trump got back stabbed and cannot retaliate. Pence is a true bottom feeder.

Trump needs to stop taking his time making sure every last fish is fried, and start taking shots. If Pence did this, it is time for Trump to just throw in the towel and take out what he can, NOW.

Scott Israel, the sheriff who likely hosted the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting AND the Parkland shooting, has been Permanently removed from office.

So a little good news today.

In case you were paying attention to the James Younger case -

James Younger is a 7 year old boy in Texas who's mom insists is a girl, and will have him undergo gender reassignment. The dad tried to stop it in court, and failed, and was ordered to cooperate with the gender reassignment. The big news here is that the governor of Texas is now going to investigate the court system that made such a ruling possible, he's calling B.S. and will probably put it right. Waiting for an answer on this, but it does appear to be a positive shift in this story.

You can't make this stuff up!

PG&E and California Edison cut the power to "avoid wildfires". Wildfires started anyway, and people in Geyserville did not get the earliest evacuation notices because their radios did not work with the power cut!

Obviously there are cell phones, and it appears people were eventually warned on time, but that's a crazy one to talk about. Cut the power to avoid a fire, and then have people get killed because there's no radio or TV. CUTE. Only in Leftieland.

Don't trust Tulsi Gabbard yet

At least not yet - here's why

It appears to me she's playing a game with Hillary.There are signs she's for real, however, they have yet to wash out, and even if she is real, she's a communist. Now, compared to Obama, if Tulsi actually did care about the country she'd be better, if Tulsi actually CARED about the country, and not how fast it could be destroyed and flushed into the NWO she'd be better than a lot of what is out there but a commie is a commie, and America simply is not that.

Why do I think Tulsi might, however, be too legit for the subversive elements that basically own America now? Easy answer - Because Google got rid of her, and not only is she not welcomed at the debates anymore, she also does not hit the front page of Drudge anymore. The order was given to give her the "Ron Paul" treatment, where even speaking her name is likely punishable.

It is a safe bet Tulsi is 50 shades better than Hillary, however, when compared to what America needs to make a comeback, that's simply not it, we need more than a change of color, we need an entirely new paradigm.

American based Eminence speaker company probably just became #1

This won't appeal to many readers, but it will be big news for some.

I have paid attention to the best speaker makers in the world and was frustrated that Eminence had not kept up with Faital and B&C on the ultimate high end. Eminence pretty much destroyed them in the mid range pro stuff, but B&C and Faital always held the top spot. I doubt they do anymore.

Eminence has just released a new line of speakers that probably now occupies the top spot in the entire world. I noticed that around a year ago they hired on a new engineer that was very promising, a good ol American boy. They went the smart route and hired an older chap of the caliber Boeing got rid of when they went SJW, and it looks like it paid off.

I have paid close attention to speakers, despite not being able to do much while running this site. It was still a major point of interest.

And to this day, there was no large speaker that could compete with the efficiency of an Eminence Kappa Pro 15A. Neither B&C or Faital had one that could beat it with such a good combination of clarity and efficiency. It was the best thing Eminence had, and only cost $159. Eminence got beaten however by larger higher grade speakers from both Faital and B&C. The Kappa Pro was pretty much all they had that was truly impressive, though their Omega line was quite good also. I have a pair of Kappa Pro 15's and they are brutal, put back in boxes unused except for testing for that magical day I might actually need them. They shattered the cabinets I tested them in with only a 120 watt amp. They need a "real" cabinet. That said -

Here is what Eminence did that was SO GREAT.

They designed a 21 inch woofer that can take 2500 watts RMS (the real deal, a genuine 2500 watts that will trip a circuit breaker type of REAL WATTS before it blows, ) and they put all of that muscle into a voice coil, cone, and basket that is as efficient in the frequencies that matter for a 21 as the Kappa Pro 15 is, which was the previous efficiency champ across all brands, while it was limited to running at a mere 500 watts. Both Faital and B&C could beat the Kappa pro 15 easily with their large speakers but they did it by dumping tons of power and making up for a much lower efficiency by simply driving it hard. With their new line of speakers designed by a good ol' American boy, Eminence accomplished the efficiency to begin with, and FROM THERE made a speaker that can be driven just as hard. They ought to absolutely SLAY Faital and B&C, Eminence never was one to brag, and they openly state their 21 is likely the best in the world. It probably is.

If you are a SERIOUS pro playing large crowds, and I mean the LARGEST crowds, I suggest you give Eminence a second look. They came out of nowhere with this one and absolutely ambushed their European competitors. GOOD JOB. MADE IN THE USA BABY!!!

Please note: If you live in a wood framed home, you cannot really get away with using anything like even a Kappa Pro because it will destroy the walls and probably land you in jail if your neighbors are fussy about it. I had some powerful professional systems back in the 90's and they were only a portion of the strength the Kappa Pros have and even with notably less impact the systems I had could damage (did damage) the house during the ONE time I cranked Madonna's "Vogue". I learned not to do that in one whack. It took the nails right out of the sheet rock. Don't read what I said here, buy Kappa Pros, and then use them in a house. They need a large nightclub or concert venue to be practical. If you want to use Eminence in your house, stick with their Alpha series speakers (which you'll think can open the gates to the bottomless pit) compared to what Sony, Panasonic and others sell that is marketed for use in homes. Anything at all Eminence will be a totally different ball game.

Tulsi Gabbard got blacklisted by Google

Word has it she also got kicked out of several "elite" organizations.

I noticed she's not appearing in the media anymore either, only the candidates that are TRULY crap are appearing in the media, with Tulsi, (who is probably only garden variety crap) left out altogether. Tulsi challenged Hillary. Tulsi then vanished from the media everywhere. Guess who runs the show.

I don't trust Tulsi. She's a "card carrying" communist. However, she's a fair shade better than Hillary and she had better watch her back, especially since she is no longer among the anointed.


Snowden's latest advice is SUCH CRAP it could only be the work of an enemy

I at first doubted it came from him because it is too screwed up. His advice: "Do not use Wifi, because Wifi lets people know where you are, use only a land based wired connection".

My response: I outranked you, and that's BULLSHIT. Yes, I guess if someone went around with a sniffer and sniffed you out they'd figure out where you are. However, with a land based connection they don't even need to do that, they just call your ISP and get told. That database of yours does not actually identify ANYONE. Try to attach a UUID to a random name like Alex Jones FROM WHERE YOU SIT. You can't.

HERE IS HOW TO USE WIFI AND NEVER GET FOUND, IF you think that list he talked about could ever help anyone and you are worried:

Set up a 18 DB YAGI antenna that has a wifi killing structure around it that also blocks GPS in case somehow something you have will rat you out. Point the Yagi at an access point a half mile away. With that much gain it will work from that far PLUS keep the signal so narrow no one would ever DF you. Even being a block away is going to totally screw anyone trying to find you unless you are right there behind a huge glass street level window. Snowden's advice is B.S., if he had any intentions at all of being real, he'd have said what I just did. Gee, he's not blacklisted on Google, but Tulsi Gabbard is. FIGURE IT OUT.


What's worse is that Snowden then said "Use ethernet and a phone. That's a trap.

Ethernet on a phone. YEP. HOW COOL. Because your phone DOES have GPS and WILL automatically rat you out, on top of your ISP double confirming that the phone read the GPS right. A double whammy. SNOWDEN IS A F***ED UP HOAX and NO ONE called him on it. LYING SCAMMING HOAXER. His advice - to use a phone and ethernet is EXACTLY what the enemy needs to pinpoint your location instantly, WITH YOUR NAME ON IT. Using wifi the way I said would keep you safe from a MOAB, you'd be outside the kill zone with no way at all to pin you down accurately enough to hit you with anything other than a high yield nuke. Your UUID does not have your name on it, but your ethernet connection does, and so does your phone. I'm calling it - Snowden is the enemy.

BOTTOM LINE: Snowden is cooperating with someone, he's not that stupid.

Rumors of false flag attacks on Israel (soon) plus over 30 locations in Europe tomorrow and Thursday.

I am not going into details because it is only rumor, however, the Times of Israel already did the setup for the story line of "drone attacks" on Israel. IF this actually happens, I'll fill in the details later but for now just this.

There are not 72 genders

My reaction to the "720 gender" blob they claimed is growing in a French zoo. How do they come up with this crap anyway?

Here are the 4 types of normal reproduction in the animal kingdom, three of which belong to microbes. This does not include spontaneous reproduction, where if you cut a piece off a very simple organism it grows into a new one because that has nothing to do with "gender".

Type 1 - simple mitosis where single celled organisms divide to create a copy of themselves. This is asexual reproduction

Type 2 - Also for single celled organisms is sexual reproduction. This is when a single celled organism has the option to split on it's own to reproduce, or if it's DNA is damaged, it can merge with another organism of the same type and even if the organism it merged with has damaged DNA when they merge they can usually sort things out between their two copies of DNA and produce a good copy of themselves, which then splits into two new organisms with corrected DNA. I am not going to call that "sexual reproduction in the classic sense" because clearly it is not, and if the bacteria has an alternate way to reproduce without it, it would be defined as a separate gender than those that use mitosis only.

Type 3. Sexual reproduction only, which is what a majority of higher organisms use.

Type 4, Communal - which is also for bacteria. If all bacteria in a group that is isolated conclude that their DNA is damaged and they can't find another easily that does not have similarly damaged DNA, thousands of them can dissolve themselves into a big blob that is clearly visible to the human eye, and produce good copies of DNA among themselves, and then hatch out of the blob, good as new. This is a commonly seen in the social amoeba dictyostelium discoideum which is known to most of us as slime mold. These types of organisms have mitosis, sexual, and communal reproductive abilities, and therefore qualify as a 4th gender.

All off the top of my head, I don't know if there is a 5th but I doubt there is, those are the 4 I know of.

So when a leftist comes at you with the 72 gender crap, now you know the truth about it all.



Several hospitals are doing "clinical trials" of the ebola vaccine in the United States today. This will mean (if the "vaccine" is not just a hoax stupefying agent) that everyone who gets the shot will now be a carrier of ebola when prior, the disease was not anywhere in the Americas AT ALL.

GREAT MOVE, don't ya think?


The following is being prevented from going viral. It is getting snubbed and trolled everywhere, because it is BANG ON. So this time I am requesting people to re-post this everywhere, WITHOUT MY COMMENT which will hurt it if people do not know about this site and how this was being said here all along. The fact it is being said the way it is now is enough to carry it beyond the sunset if enough people post this to bust the censorship open, DO NOT LINK BACK TO OR CREDIT THIS SITE, doing so will get it censored that much worse.



They removed him from the embassy and blended his brain for 3 years so badly he turned into a poop smearing invalid and then finished him off in prison. HERE IS PROOF:

The following was posted by a close friend of Assange. Here. We. Go.

Whistleblower: Assange tortured so badly he may soon die

Everybody in that court yesterday saw that one of the greatest journalists and most important dissidents of our times is being tortured to death by the state, before our eyes. To see my friend, the most articulate man, the fastest thinker, I have ever known, reduced to that shambling and incoherent wreck, was unbearable.

craig 6 hours ago

I was deeply shaken while witnessing yesterday's events in Westminster Magistrates Court. Every decision was railroaded through over the scarcely heard arguments and objections of Assange's legal team, by a magistrate who barely pretended to be listening.

Before I get on to the blatant lack of fair process, the first thing I must note was Julian's condition. I was badly shocked by just how much weight my friend has lost, by the speed his hair has receded and by the appearance of premature and vastly accelerated ageing. He has a pronounced limp I have never seen before. Since his arrest he has lost over 15 kg in weight.

But his physical appearance was not as shocking as his mental deterioration. When asked to give his name and date of birth, he struggled visibly over several seconds to recall both. I will come to the important content of his statement at the end of proceedings in due course, but his difficulty in making it was very evident; it was a real struggle for him to articulate the words and focus his train of thought.

Until yesterday I had always been quietly skeptical of those who claimed that Julian's treatment amounted to torture - even of Nils Melzer, the UN Special Rapporteur on Torture - and skeptical of those who suggested he may be subject to debilitating drug treatments. But having attended the trials in Uzbekistan of several victims of extreme torture, and having worked with survivors from Sierra Leon and elsewhere, I can tell you that yesterday changed my mind entirely and Julian exhibited exactly the symptoms of a torture victim brought blinking into the light, particularly in terms of disorientation, confusion, and the real struggle to assert free will through the fog of learned helplessness

I had been even more skeptical of those who claimed, as a senior member of his legal team did to me on Sunday night, that they were worried that Julian might not live to the end of the extradition process. I now find myself not only believing it, but haunted by the thought. Everybody in that court yesterday saw that one of the greatest journalists and most important dissidents of our times is being tortured to death by the state, before our eyes. To see my friend, the most articulate man, the fastest thinker, I have ever known, reduced to that shambling and incoherent wreck, was unbearable. Yet the agents of the state, particularly the callous magistrate Vanessa Baraitser, were not just prepared but eager to be a part of this bloodsport. She actually told him that if he were incapable of following proceedings, then his lawyers could explain what had happened to him later. The question of why a man who, by the very charges against him, was acknowledged to be highly intelligent and competent, had been reduced by the state to somebody incapable of following court proceedings, gave her not a millisecond of concern.

My comment: Sad to say it, but you heard it here first, LONG AGO while everyone else was spouting bullshit.

The rest of this writing IS HERE

Trump has a 95 percent approval rating among Republicans, which might be record setting

And because of this, by default, he has at least a 40 percent approval rating among Democrats. There's no way out of it, the deep state is lying about everything in the hopes of having plausible deniability in the next election steal. They'll post bogus stats showing Dems outnumber Repubs and say the "fringe" lost. They'll do this even if Trump gets a 70+ percent landslide. The only thing that's going to overcome the upcoming election steal is a 90+ percent super majority for Trump, coupled with MASSIVE voter turnout so high that the left can't scrape up enough dead bodies and/or will overflow the total number of available voters in too many districts. They are not worried about that in a few districts, but they can't have several hundred do that. For Trump to win, turnout at the polls has to be so high that will happen.


Take a look at Trump's twitter. Right up on top EMBEDDED IN THE COMMENT COLUMN RIGHT IN WITH TRUMP'S TWEETS AND NOT ON THE SIDE BAR, there is a brand new box called "who to follow". In it, there is this:

Barack Obama @BarackObama
Dad, husband, President, citizen.

Ellen DeGeneres@TheEllenShow
Comedian, talk show host and ice road trucker. My tweets are real, and they’re spectacular. @ellentube @theellenfund

Hillary Clinton @HillaryClinton
2016 Democratic Nominee, SecState, Senator, hair icon. Mom, Wife, Grandma x3, lawyer, advocate, fan of walks in the woods & standing up for our democracy.

So on Trump's twitter embedded right in his comment stream in a separately served box you have to scroll past after the first few Trump comments, there's this box with his worst opposition. That's cold, that's low and that's TOO LEFTIST.

In Trump's column, if they did do a "who to follow" it should NOT HAVE THAT if it was legit, it should have Giuliani, Rand Paul and others.

The left has a serious problem. They think we are too stupid to know who those people are and what they stand for. If they did not think we were stupid they would not have done that. They actually think that box will let people know B.S. like Ellen exists, and that people don't already know what she is, along with Obama and Hillary. All I see is an insult, not an awakening, Twitter has gone off the rails and straight into a canyon of stupidity with this.

Viral rumor: Giuliani filed impeachment papers against Pelosi (hoax)

This rumor has made it to a lot of locations and it is a hoax. I saw this last night and ignored it, but it is making the rounds this morning even more than last night so it's time to call it off. If you spread this, you are going to look stupid.

Viral rumor: Giuliani filed impeachment papers against Pelosi (hoax)

This rumor has made it to a lot of locations and it is a hoax. I saw this last night and ignored it, but it is making the rounds this morning even more than last night so it's time to call it off. If you spread this, you are going to look stupid.

Lots of child porn busts

In addition to this, Arizona senator David Farnsworth spoke up and said CPS steals kids and sells them. Immediately, Sen. Kate Brophy McGee, R-Phoenix, threatened him if he didn’t stop investigating the "outrageous claim". Obviously the claim is not outrageous if a threat was "needed". I am holding off on this topic until something actually happens that is going to have a real impact.

I SAID IT BEFORE THE TRIAL: Assange: I can't think properly" and "this is not an equitable trial".

He's been badly damaged, no doubt about it. See my report on this down the page a ways.

Here is an interesting Rush transcript

We all knew a lot of this already, however, Rush ups the ante by saying there are indictments coming. One can only hope. Here is how Rush put it:

Pelosi says no formal vote on impeachment. That has let a lot of air out of that tire. And I told you there wasn't gonna be one. I've been saying from the get-go that she would not commit them to a formal impeachment process. It isn't gonna happen.

Now, I'll tell you something, folks. The news here that Pelosi is not going to hold a formal impeachment vote when everybody was under the impression that she was, the conventional wisdom was that a formal vote was coming. But they're holding off on a full House vote authorizing an impeachment investigation. Now, this is obviously a sign of weakness. The word has been out that they've got the votes, that you don't do the vote 'til you have the votes.

They may have the votes, but she's still not gonna pull trigger. There will not be a vote. The whole thing is an obvious charade. It's been an illusion or an attempt to create an illusion from the beginning. This is not a House impeachment. This is a Democrat stunt. It is a Democrat early October Surprise. What you've got is a bunch of these Democrats thinking they can put Trump on, what, probation? I don't know what their mind-set on this is. But it is a farce.

And here's a little tweet from Ryan Saavedra: "Politico reports that Democrat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and other Democrat leaders are holding off on a full House vote authorizing an impeachment inquiry into President Trump." And one of the people agreeing to hold off is Pencil Neck, Adam Schiff.

I think one of the reasons is that they think indictments are coming. And I too, I must tell you, folks, I'm getting confident that some indictments might be coming down, some indictments from the Barr investigation or the inspector general investigation. I think Pelosi knows it. And I think they're really scurrying trying to figure out how to handle that.

My comment: I certainly hope so. This would explain why even Romney is calling for impeachment now, because every one of them is scared and sees a dire need to "kill the cop".

This report, about unrest in Mexico Is politically motivated B.S.

After you read that, here's what is really going on:

YES, a cartel DID get a victory in Sinaloa, where they freed someone. NO, CARTELS ARE NOT RUNNING MEXICO, let alone even the state of Sinaloa. They are not even actually running a town there. And to boot, there's no widespread unrest in Mexico, as is claimed. There is not jack going on, nor rumor of jack.

If the cartels run Mexico, I'd like them to change the tax structure or import policy. I'd like to see them allocate funding for a bridge or pave a road somewhere. If they are not doing that, it is ALL B.S.

So a cartel forced the military to back down in one incident in one city, on orders of Obrador because Obrador did not want to do a carpet bombing run. He openly stated he called it off to avoid having the military commit a massacre. That's not a victory for a cartel, it is instead a president saying that killing countless people who are not involved was not worth one guy the cartels wanted free. That's all.

The United States has a different policy. The U.S. does not give up EVER, even if it means killing absolutely everyone. And they absolutely will do that, just find a way to confront the government, you know, like at Waco. They killed EVERYONE, every man woman and child. The fact that Obrador does not have the same enforcement policy does not mean he's weak, it means he has a soul.


Everything I have is hopelessly compromised. I have accepted this for a while but today was the last straw. Here's why:

Because any file I generated that went into the newsletter directory, or any new HTML file I generated that did not have a . at the beginning of the file name PLUS a 4 digit file name displayed at 4k on a 1366X768 screen. It took forever to figure out what was going on. I finally figured it out -

Because someone who was incompetent and had my desktop duplicated elsewere was feeding me their desktop, which happened to be at 4k while I worked on their machine via my machine and a remote desktop hack. They had to decide what to feed me normal so I could not see it was monitored, and told it to send any HTML file with a four digit file name (every HTML file people see on this site has a 4 digit name) and to send that at 1366X768. As soon as the file name was changed to anything but a 4 digit name, their desktop echoed back at 4K resolution, which, since the newsletter files are titled NEWSLETTER, which is more than 4 digits, they displayed HUGE on my machine. I went in loops endlessly trying to figure out why they displayed SO HUGE. There was nothing in the coding at all to cause it, even when I copied perfect duplicate code out of a page that was displaying correctly to a totally new folder with a totally new name, if the file was renamed to anything other than a 4 digit name, it displayed huge. What morons. My god, I tell you, there is a very shallow talent pool getting hired now. That's a blunder like no other.

No one who read the site would have noticed this, because they are not on some hack's remote desktop.


I have to change the way things work here because I am sick of it, and for that I need a new computer. I am not going with windows 10 because it is a safe bet that Microsoft will cooperate and however long my security lasts will be the length of time it takes to make a phone call to Microsoft.

It therefore makes sense to go with the operating system and company that has been kicked out of the United States for "security reasons" and that would be Huawei.

Only Huawe's Mate 30 phones do not have hackable android on them, the Mate 30 instead has open source android with Huawei's own operating system layered on top of it, combined with a Kirin 990 that was not part of Operation Talpiot. There are other Huawei devices that would work, but I can only get the mate 30 here. It is available at 3 price points, and I'll probably get the cheapest if it is cheaper enough to justify it.

I also, before doing this, need to confirm I can hook it up to a bluetooth keyboard and an external monitor so it can be used like a PC. Certainly the Kirin 990 is powerful enough and I don't need any custom apps because I hand code everything. EVERY LAST THING. That means I can write a web site from scratch with only notepad or any of a billion equivalents. If it will work with a bluetooth keyboard and an external monitor, it will be a go.

Doing this will obviously require a donation request of more than $350.

Many thanks to anyone who helps this happen.

Assange court date today

Assange who was at one time a brilliant guy was obviously removed from the embassy in 2016 because never made a balcony appearance for 3 years, and then was suddenly back on camera at the embassy fruit caked so badly he was smearing his poop on the walls. REMEMBER THAT? Then Ecuador made a big show and backed up the story, complete with "getting kicked out of the embassy, for $5 billion. REMEMBER THAT? So we went from brilliant guy to smearing poop on the walls. How bad does it have to be for that to happen? He's destroyed. Maybe after a few months of cleanup he might be partially functional like a stroke victim might recover, or someone in a bad accident, - sort of there, but not like before.

Any way they cut this story, they cannot circumvent the fact they had him so screwed up he SMEARED POOP ON THE WALLS and did not show up on the balcony EVER since Trump has been president, and at least a short time before that. Can you ever recover from being messed up that badly? DOUBT IT. He's a goner, just like I always said, an now he's "in court". A lot of good that will do.

AAAH yes, but Pamela is now his girlfriend, when prior to that poison lunch she hated his guts. Now miss Baywatch is the sweet heart of a poop smearing invalid. Can you believe that? I sure as hell do not!

Assange, who was at first a brilliant guy, is likely gone and is now just a prop for show. If he ever does recover, it will be because the damage was drug related and he was given the antidote. But I doubt that will be done, they really need him to be fruitcaked from now on.

If you are in alt media and your stats are "falling off" don't believe it.

I have confirmed the stats everywhere are as rigged as bad as Youtube videos are, so when even in your own stats or stats elsewhere you can observe it appears there are very few reads, consider the fact that a leftist, working through back doors, is wiping digits off or simply posting random numbers that are low, or has configured whatever computer is serving it to only show a percentage of what actually got read.

I have ZERO doubt the alt media is now the dominant media, and that the "MSM" has taken second place. Just look at the Trump rallies and figure it out. They managed to get the synagogues coordinated enough to have 5,000 people show up for Bernie in New York, (certainly not 25,000) but enough to fake a good camera shot for the first time EVER so if you saw that, don't believe 25,000, Alex managed to get a clear picture of what went on there and once again the MSM lied.

Here is the dilemma the left faces: They are getting their butts kicked and cannot let people know it. So by rigging the stats on what gets read in alt media, via back doors given them by Operation Talpiot, they are creating the illusion that alt media sites are only getting a few hundred or a few thousand reads while they get millions. They then call us "fringe". And they have found a way to rig even people's private servers, so the stats on the private servers confirm there are very few reads. But there are ways to know they are doing this:

1. Since contracts are contracts, and gigs are gigs, they can't falsely represent bandwidth requirements so they can't rig the bandwidth stats and get away with it. This site's bandwidth needs are higher than they have ever been, yet reads have "dropped" by 30 percent. I am not posting extra bandwidth eating stuff, so that's not possible.

2. It is impossible to get 10X as many views on a particular file than page views to support it, and that happens here a lot now, sometimes files that are part of pages get viewed 20X as much as the page view count indicates. That's proof of stats rigging right there, leftists are simply too lazy to plant a false picture that can't be debunked by simply looking at the entire story. But lots of people who run web sites are not able to actually take a look at ALL the evidence and put it together, especially on venues like Blogger or Facebook or whatever, where you can't actually get onto the server to truly find out what happened. And everyone out there has witnessed the backwards counting video views on Youtube. It's all FAKE now. And fake is all the left ever goes on.

Fake will cut it when they can then point to alt media sites that actually show how many people read an article. I strongly advise people to not do that. All you are doing is giving a lying cheating scamming left that has back doors into everything a way to call you a loser. To actually track your page view stats, you have to post a new blank background image (simply change the file name to make it appear "new") that no one can see EVERY DAY, and then see how many times it loaded EVERY DAY. If you leave it up for 2 days, people's cache will load it locally and you'll go blind again. It has to be a newly named one DAILY and then you'll know.

DO NOT get discouraged. Chances are, your reads are a LOT MORE than you are actually seeing.


Here we have Pelosi who has a spent bullet brass mixed in with orange beads, that she gives VERY CLEAR attention to during a live broadcast. The video this appeared in is HERE. She starts playing with the bracelet at the 3:40 mark and clearly points out the bullet at the 3:50 mark.

IMPORTANT: In another video taken on the same day, Biden makes it very clear the 17th is an important date. That's when Trump appears in Dallas, where JFK was assassinated. Obviously this did not get missed by team Trump, and hopefully he'll come out OK but it does not get any more obvious than this with Pelosi and regardless of what happens on the 27th, a warning that could not possibly be any more clear has been made. Probably an announcement rather than a warning, I think this has gone beyond warnings.

The closest thing to a true invisibility cloak has been invented.

When you watch this, keep in mind that this is a material doing this, that is working entirely passively with no electricity at all. SEE THIS

I never thought this would be possible.

Trump is more than considering launching a lawsuit against CNN for defamation, SEE THIS.

NEW: Anyone who runs against Hillary is a Russian asset.

You can't make this stuff up. Hillary has called Tulsi Gabbard a "Russian asset" so in the very unlikely event Tulsi becomes president, she'll have to deal with the Russia crap the same way Trump did. GET A LOAD OF THIS!!!

So Hillary is obviously the Russian asset, and she just cannot avoid using the Communist tactic of "displacement", where you accuse your enemies of being that which you are. Fortunately, she's not going to be able to float this after what they did to Trump.

There is now a web site dedicated to the Clintons called

UPDATE TO TRUMP ASSASSIN REPORT (about the guy at the rally)

I never clicked into the report Drudge linked because I figured it would be crap. Later on, I clicked in. As it turns out, the guy Drudge mentioned is not the same guy that was on social media last night, so TWO people got busted, the one I mentioned was let go, and the one on Drudge got arrested.

As I stated earlier, the one that got let go was only approaching the controlled area and was successfully turned back without incident. There is more on this in today's reports below.

NEW CHALLENGE: "Fire extinguisher in the face" challenge

How about a few others, like the boiling water challenge - where people drank boiling water, the Tide pod challenge, where people ate tide pods, the choking challenge - where people choke themselves until they pass out. The fire extinguisher challenge is to put a fire extinguisher hose in your mouth and then set the fire extinguisher off. If the guy in this video breathed in while doing this, he probably died a few minutes later. Darwin award time.

The story of people with solar panels being SOL is making the rounds again

There are some inaccuracies in the reporting. Here is the correction: Only people who had grid tie solar panels with no battery backup are SOL. Those with proper solar setups still had power when it was cut in California (which was practically no one).

Grid tie: Where solar panels are hooked directly up to a grid tie inverter that drops their power directly onto the grid. That's what almost everyone in Cali had. These systems can't be used to drive homes because they have no battery at all. If they had even a tiny battery, they'd work but there is a characteristic of solar panels where if even the tiniest peak load hits them, their output drops to zero and will stay there. Even turning on an incandescent light bulb will produce a peak current load that will shut a solar array off. If even the tiniest battery or large enough capacitor is in the system to act as a ballast the panels would work, provided it never had any sustained surge loads shut them off. To be more clear:

Practically all electrical devices generate a peak in their current that can for a nanosecond be hundreds of amps. If you have a 400 watt panel, it will not light up a 100 watt incandescent bulb that is hooked directly up to it even if it was arranged to have sufficient voltage, because when you switch even a normal light bulb on it will have a super short peak demand of over 400 watts, and that will collapse the solar panel voltage to zero. But if you put a battery in the circuit to prevent the output from the solar panel from collapsing when something is turned on, the panel could then subsequently easily sustain the operation of the device and even charge the battery.

If you want your solar panels to actually provide power when the grid is not there to act as a battery, you need to have your own batteries. If you are not worried about running it all at night, even a tiny battery would be enough to stop the system from collapsing. Sheer ignorance and cost cutting down to the last penny is what caused California residents who had solar panels to go dark when the power was shut off, the most basic precautions would disconnect the inverter from the grid and have it power the house instead, with a tiny battery that only cost $20 to ballast the system. Obviously if you wanted to keep the lights on at night you'd need more than that, but in leftist Commifornia sheer stupidity ruled the day so prominently that the most basic of the basic BASIC things needed to make the solar at least marginally useful as a standalone power source were not done in the government subsidized systems.

Trump Dallas Rally:

Alex Jones rode in on top of an armored truck blasting his megaphone at Antifa. He did it right, no one has ever done it like this. He looked awesome.

. A possible assassin that was supposed to nail Trump did show up The story line may have been that a Syrian who wanted to be liberated from the evil Assad showed up with automatic weapons and blew Trump away. He did show up along with a bunch of Syria protesters, fully armed, but was open carrying and was so obvious he got nailed on the outskirts of the event and nothing came of it. Complete with obvious body armor, an assault rifle, and lots of magazines. This made the rounds on social media last night but this morning there's not a peep about it anywhere.

In Texas you are allowed to open carry (you used to be able to do that anywhere in the U.S.) but obviously if you are approaching a venue where the President is going to speak and are with a bunch of Syria protesters, it will attract interest of security. He got stopped outside the venue and because he technically did not break any rules, they had to let him go.

My guess is that there probably was an assassination planned (possibly not with the guy mentioned directly) but security was so tight nothing could happen. Trump is not an idiot, there's little question that event was on double triple quadruple quintuple LOCK DOWN. Anyway, Trump is still here today. Good news.

UPDATE: THE ABOVE ABOUT THE ASSASSIN IS FRONT PAGE ON DRUDGE, but I don't pay attention to that rag anymore, elswhere it died overnight. Perhaps this story will take off again. The bottom line is nothing came of this.


"This deal could NEVER have been made 3 days ago. There needed to be some "tough" love in order to get it done. Great for everybody. Proud of all!

This is a great day for civilization. I am proud of the United States for sticking by me in following a necessary, but somewhat unconventional, path. People have been trying to make this “Deal” for many years. Millions of lives will be saved. Congratulations to ALL!

My comment: And the BBC claimed Erdogan threw that "tough love letter" in the trash. I DON'T THINK SO! Even if it did physically land in the trash (doubt it) it got the job done.

Now the left can't complain about Trump pulling out of Syria, CAN THEY? HA HA HA, Classic TRUMP.

I am now confident the BBC lied about Erdogan trashing Trump's letter

Erdogan has finished meeting with Pence and Pompeo right now and the details are emerging on the Turkish media right now. Trump is saying countless lives will be saved, which was part of the terms of the letter. That strongly indicates the BBC lied outright because Trump's letter was just too popular. They could not have Trump score one that big. And only Trump's Twitter had word of the agreement with Erdogan in the West. The fake media is not covering it in the U.S. AT ALL. I THEREFORE CALL FAKE NEWS ON THE BBC. Belligerent Bs Con. You don't crumple up such a letter and trash it one minute and then meet with Pence and Pompeo the next and then deliver on the terms the letter demanded.

The terms were: Stop the assaults and stop killing civilians in Syria and we won't wreck your economy. The deal was made. Erdogan backed down. Touchdown for Team Trump.

Trump should cancel his Dallas rally

The reasons should be obvious. Trump should not be out in the open AT ALL anymore.

The BBC is reporting that Erdogan threw Trump's letter in the trash

My comment: PROVE IT. I am not going to link to a story like this when it is posted by a major peddler of fake news. The bottom line is that the letter struck such a powerful chord with Trump's base that you can expect fake reporting with regard to it. If Breitbart made the claim, I might believe it, and even Breitbart is not quite "there" in my opinion, let's see them tell the truth about 911 before I take their word point blank.

And, oh, I forgot - that was not a letter that should be ignored.

Update to Trump assassination Nancy video

Trolls are claiming to have found a way out with this. They are claiming the video is old and she's wearing it to protest gun violence. FACT: The video is from October 15, and there's nothing similar prior on this bracelet. Trolls also refuse to acknowledge the orange beads and orange man bad, the continuous ongoing threats of assassination (with this being the strongest), supporting evidence from Biden, and the fact that this happened right when Trump finally started taking action. It does not help AT ALL that lots of people are posting videos on this without giving the original sources, which allows the trolls to make hay because people have to then search to confirm the legitimacy of whatever someone said on Youtube, which is difficult for many people to do. That's why I posted ONLY the source video, so there's no question and it is already proven point blank. That weakens trolls horribly.

There's such a ruckus going on over this particular video that they'd be fools to proceed with it, but then again, desperation may play into this, it really looks like Trump played his chess against checkers and is finally taking action. Therefore, the bullet bracelet.

I had first guessed the bullet casing was from a .38 special because I had a .380 (which is shorter) and it looked about right for a longer version of a .380 However, some people are pointing out the obvious with this - that it's a .45 because Trump is the 45th president. I still think it's a .38 special because Pelosi is not very big, and a .45 would likely not go well on that bracelet. Depending on camera angles and how things actually fit it could be either, the two bullets are by proportion similar.

Beat on the brat with a baseball bat OH YEAH!

Now THIS is straight talk if I EVER saw it.


I made sure this is confirmed before posting something so brazen

Nancy Pelosi wore an orange bullet bracelet to her announcement that they won't be pursuing Trump's impeachment and she made it an enormous point to play with it and point directly at the bullet portion of the bracelet. The bullet is a piece of spent brass. The bracelet has orange beads. You cannot make this stuff up, IT HAPPENED. It is at 3:50 in THIS VIDEO and when you combine this with Biden focusing on the 17th in other videos, I'd say there's a real problem here. Trump had BETTER WATCH OUT.

Pro Publica got ahold of Trump's tax documents and is claiming major fraud

The problem with this is credibility. Leftists have done nothing but lie and mis-represent everything so why would this be different?

They are claiming Trump had two sets of books, one for investors and one for the IRS. The one for the IRS had increased expenses and less gains. The one for the public had decreased expenses and more gains. However, upon going over this myself, there are ways all of it can be explained without fraud, such as changing insurance policies, and the timing of the changes reflected differently in the different books, based on when they were due, AND, all instances pro-publica pointed out have approximate time frames with nothing pinned down at all. In such situations, if you want to lie about something there are always going to be discrepancies due to timing factors with windows spanning years.

My take:

This is just another leftist scam that won't go anywhere. They are no doubt going to cause a stink and push for "impeachment" yet again, but in court it will all be straightened out and die. But they'll get their show yet ANOTHER TIME. Annoying.

Anyone can take any set of documents and find ways to make it appear there are discrepancies by simply mis-representing what is in them and taking things out of context, as well as comparing years that don't match up, and time frames that obscure reality. I did not even realize these documents were to be released yet, I thought it was all in appeal still. Whatever. This is not likely to go anywhere. Pro Publica is the last venue I'd trust to be accurate with such things anyway.

The Dem debates were spooky

They showed desperation on a scale I have not seen before, to an extent that was threatening.

Here's a few key items: Biden: We desperately need to remove Trump from office. There's an out of context quote of Biden that is being interpreted as "on the 17th" and I don't think they have a goal of getting Trump out by the 17th. However, Trump does have a rally in Dallas on the 17th where Kennedy was assassinated by Bush and others (this is old proven fact, if you don't realize this look it up) and some people are drawing a parallel here, saying Trump probably should not do the Dallas rally. I am skeptical and instead think Biden knows the hammer is going to drop on the 17th.

NOTE: There was no American flag at the debates, it is obvious they want America gone.

We had nutcase Beto openly stating that if we don't hand over our AR-15's they will just be taken.

And this was said at a time when red flag laws recently put in place are being used to commit a large amount of state legitimized gun theft. The red flag laws CANNOT BE TOLERATED, they are merely a way to take everyone's guns one at a time. Frog in the pot . . . .

While this was going on, the Singh brothers - two associates of the Clinton foundation, were busted funneling illegally gotten funds into the Clinton foundation, which has a strong chance of being what busts the Clinton's slush fund scam wide open. This has added to the Dem's desperation.

While all of this was going on, it was discovered that Elizabeth Warren's daughter chairs the board of directors for a George Soros funded "foundation" that is attempting to impede efforts to force voter transparency in the next election. That means they are going to steal it, Soros is paying for the theft, and Warren is likely trying to be the benefactor. From the Free Beacon:

"An organization funded by liberal billionaire George Soros and chaired by Democratic Sen. Elizabeth Warren's daughter is fighting lawsuits brought forth by election integrity groups in a number of cities.

Demos, a New York City-based progressive public policy organization, is assisting unions in pushing back against election lawsuits filed in North Carolina and Florida. The group is also writing letters of interest in another lawsuit in Pennsylvania. Amelia Warren Tyagi, Warren's daughter, chairs the board of Demos.

The Public Interest Legal Foundation, an Indiana-based legal group that litigates to protect election integrity, filed a lawsuit against Wake County, N.C., on behalf of Voter Integrity Project NC, a research organization dedicated to fair elections, after the county had failed to accurately maintain their voter rolls.

The county also failed to provide records related to the maintenance of their voter rolls and possible noncitizen voting, as required by federal law.

"According to publicly-available data, Wake County has more registered voters on the rolls eligible to cast a ballot than it has citizens who are alive, ">

My comment: And that's precisely how Hillary got "more votes than Trump". It will happen again, I am confident the Dems have corrupted things so much that they have enough in reserve to steal the elections no matter what. If more people are on the voter rolls than there are people alive in a given area, it would take such an insurmountable landslide to beat that when only a percentage ever votes that a steal is assured. That's precisely why Hillary could not believe Trump beat her, she knew she had a majority win in the bag via fraud alone. Fraud handed her the majority, which the electoral college prevented from being sufficient.

We have a MAJOR problem in this upcoming election if nothing is done to stop the fraud. The dems clearly did not take the house any other way.


An early blizzard made things a lot worse.

Here are some of the (potential) losses which are probably definite now, and it all adds up:

First, the history of this:

Early this year the rain was so bad that about 30 percent of American farmland never got planted at all. Those who did plant, planted late.

Then another disaster happened: After planting, large portions of the country again received so much rain that farmers could not go out onto the fields to harvest them because they'd sink in the mud. Having this happen on such a broad scale is unprecedented, and I am not sure what the losses were in relation to this, but it is likely a mid single digit percentage additional loss. So let's just randomly put it at 7 percent. Now crop losses, after that, are up to 37 percent. But wait, there's more:

Now the current problem:

Almost all farmers planted late, and had fairly decent expectations of a late harvest being successful. That did not happen - a very early blizzard buried an enormous portion of the grain belt under deep snow, and as a result, an additional 20 percent of America's crops will be lost if all that snow does not magically disappear and leave dry enough ground behind for the farmers to drive on. And that's just for whatever reached maturity, which in the affected zone averaged right around 30 percent mature. The rest, that got killed too early for harvest is a total loss. Even out of that 30 percent that was ready in the blizzard zone, only a few percent got harvested because farmers wait until the absolute best time, and though timing was acceptable it was not optimal. So even the crops that were ready are likely lost, and if that ends up being reality it will add an additional 20 percent of American crops lost because of the blizzard alone. Now we are up to a 57 percent crop loss.

But wait, there's more: Idaho did not get the blizzard, but they froze to oblivion and lost the potato crop. Everyone knows what that means. Idaho is ground zero potato.

Overall, what does this mean? It means that American crop yields are likely going to be down by a double digit number in the high 50 percent range. It was already the worst crop season in American history BEFORE the blizzard, and THEN an additional 20 percent is now set to be lost.

America took severe hits to corn, soybeans, potatoes, wheat and more, and due to the early blizzard, winter wheat cannot be planted across an enormous area, there will be no early harvest next year.

There are going to be a few things that help this situation however -

Farmers were not getting enough for their crops because America was running too much of a surplus with too much in storage. Though the strategic grain reserve was wiped out by Obama, there is still a fair amount in storage. That will help a LOT. Additionally, America vastly overproduced corn for production of E85 gasoline that everyone hates, so it is likely that if things get handled properly, some of that corn which was in the system being wasted on nothing can be diverted to food. Another thing that will help (depending on your perspective of things) was a new variety of GMO wheat that produced 35 percent more per crop, which, out of what survived, will help a little if you're not squeamish about it.

My final conclusion? Food prices are DEFINITELY, WITHOUT QUESTION going to go up, but it is tough to say by how much. I think I'll make a pre-emptive purchase of white flour - maybe 100 pounds or so. If things go wacky with prices, it won't happen across all segments at once, you'll see corn based stuff cost more first, or wheat based stuff cost more first, or potatoes or meat, or whatever, and there will be a chance to stock up on whatever did not shoot up in price yet. The only thing we can be sure of is that it is going to be noticeable in prices in a short while, you can't knock out that much of a harvest and have there be no consequences in the markets.



It has become very obvious that rather than beat us in a war with bullets, the Jews have decided to instead shoot our brains out one at a time via "vaccines".


Bill Gates, the world's biggest pusher of "vaccines" - who is trying to get them mandated and unavoidable, refused to vaccinate his own kids, all the while he was pushing it on all the "little people". Bill Gates knows the plan and the program. And he refused, not once, not twice, but 100 percent all the way through his children's lives - NOT ONE VACCINE EVER. Yet he's pushing them on the world. He's not alone on this, all the Jews are the same way.

NEVER FORGET that when the mayor of New York tried to get the Jews to vaccinate their kids, the Jews shut down their schools instead. They never did get the vaccines and their schools are open again. YET THE JEWS, ACROSS THE BOARD, ARE ATTEMPTING TO GET A 100 PERCENT MANDATE ON VACCINES FOR THE REST OF US.


I probably don't need to answer this for most people because it is so obvious, but for those who do need an explanation, let me start with a question:

The MMR shot is for diseases that are not fatal. Not debilitating. Not ANYTHING of consequence at all. Yet if you don't get it, there will be problems ranging from they'll take your kids to they'll ban you from school, and to top it all off, kids get the diseases anyway So why is that particular shot required?

ANSWER: Because it is not a shot that has to treat anything at all. It is a scam shot that is not even for any of it's stated purposes, and if you are going to front a scam like that, the consequences cannot be that you'll get a fatal disease despite the shot. So they picked mundane crap that every kid gets and if a particular shot only delivers autism and does not work at all, there's no reason to prosecute because the disease it was supposed to stop was harmless anyway. You can point to a disease and diagnose it. Then you can fall back on "the vaccine was not guaranteed to be effective against it". But when mommy says bobby is wrecked, you can't point directly at what caused it, instead you point at mommy and call her a fruitcake flat earth anti-science nut job for claiming the shot did it. She'll cower away, in shame at her pathetic self, and probably take Bobby back for a second chemical thrashing to REALLY finish him off because she can't be a flat earther.

And the Jews will celebrate.

The new batches of "vaccines" are going to be worse than ever. The Jews are not backing off. Seeing what the new vaccines are made with - and that they contain the entire human genome, lays the plan out clear. They intend to destroy us completely so they can then sit on top as gods, celebrating how "great" they are while they are carried by an army of autistic or mentally wiped out moles that have even their basic genetics destroyed for all future generations. View a vaccine like an AK to your child's head, DO NOT LET THEM DO IT.

They are such fanatics that they really don't care if their bad behavior causes them to once again follow a snake on a stick, provided they can claim they are superior. This civilization means NOTHING to them and the shots PROVE IT.

I am going to leave the ABC hoax gun range top posted today despite putting it up yesterday. We may already know the fake media does this, but in this case it is JUST TOO GOOD OF A LAUGH.

Scroll past this for today's posts if you have already seen it.


Explaining the video below:

ABC news actually had the audacity to take a promotional video of a night time automatic weapons shoot that was posted by the Kentucky based Knob Creek gun range and front it as live coverage of an attack on American supported Kurds in Syria.

This "attack video" was done to get sympathy for the Kurds and bash Trump. Only, it's a hoax.

On the upper right is the original promotional video posted by Knob Creek. In it, you can see people are recording it all on their cell phones. If you save this video, it will be in crystal clear 1080P.

On the lower left in this video, you see that ABC cropped all the cell phones out of the video, and then used it as Syria coverage. All of this got expunged from Youtube, ABC, and the Wayback machine, but I already have it cached on the server so if this one disappears from streamable I'll just post it again and serve it from here. If you ever wanted cold hard proof the news is fake, HERE IT IS. I wonder what Snopes will say about this!

ABC: America's Been Conned.

Right click to save this video

When saved, it will play in 1080P

Mini AOC: "We can't let Trump drain the swamp, because that's where Hillary hides the bodies" Three minute video. See this


A Kurdish woman and her hoax "dying baby"

I was awful skeptical of Erdogan's actions against Syria that happened the moment Trump announced a troop withdrawal from Syria, which up to now has only amounted to the moving of 50 troops within Syria. They have not even left, yet we suddenly get this conflict to justify them being there to make Trump look ridiculous for ordering their withdrawal.

It is therefore quite obvious Erdogan is a tool and nothing more, AND WE NOW HAVE A VIDEO WORTH A THOUSAND WORDS.

I don't know what the scumbags drug the kids with, (they do this in Mexico so they can sit with a "disabled kid" and beg, ) but I have seen this here lots, and know exactly what it is. And it looks like at least one Kurdish woman did this for a camera op. NOT GOOD

In this Twitter video a "Kurdish" woman who is probably on a stage somewhere in the bowels of CNN fakes holding her perfectly clean perfect skin tone obviously good health child, who looks just like they do when they are drugged, and curses Trump for her "almost dead" baby. BUT THERE IS A PROBLEM: The kid blinks just over half way through the video and it is the exact same blink the kids will do in Mex when they are drugged.

If someone had to do this for a photo op, the current crisis in Syria is probably just B.S. being fronted to damage Trump.

With the way the kid is being handled, it is not likely the mother's child either, it is likely a stolen or purchased kid that was drugged and used. No one jostles a truly sick kid like that, or any kid at all that is cared about.

AS A RESULT OF THIS VIDEO EXISTING, I'M CALLING IT: THERE'S NOTHING HAPPENING IN SYRIA BEYOND WHAT IS NEEDED TO BASH TRUMP. This sudden "flare up" is obvious hoaxing beyond the pale, and they are using the typical "women and children" tactic communists always use to get a manipulative sympathy established. Don't fall for it.

FACT: If it is making Trump look bad, it has been hoaxed. When has that ever NOT been hoaxed? Hoaxing is the only way Trump is ever put in a bad light, at a ratio of about 50:0 up to now, which overwhelmingly probably makes this attempt 51:0.

If you want to see the video of Trump shooting up the "church of fake news" Here it is

Almost everything the state says is a lie, and everything it has is stolen.

Let's hope Trump can fix the "lie" part.

Keep an eye on Project Veritas

Evidently O'Keefe got an undercover reporter into CNN and absolutely nailed CNN with treason and sedition. I am not going to comment until more is known, but people are very excited about this . . . . . waiting.

There is a rumor going around that Obama was executed at Gitmo

I seriously doubt this rumor, however, if America manages to recover from the assault it is under, then that would probably happen. I'll say this, (with a bit of optimism) -

There is a distinct possibility that Trump played weak when he was not weak. This would be a good tactic for letting all the mold sprout out of the woodwork before hitting it with bleach. This all has to play out and the left definitely has it's subversive assets in place, but if Trump had no chance, they would not bother with blowing their next election cycle on an impeachment. They are clearly in do or die mode and that's a beautiful thing.


Ham radio repeaters are needed by ham radio operators to carry their signals a greater distance when they can't get a good bounce, which is quite frequently. The repeaters were put in decades ago and have served as a last line of emergency communication when all other systems fail. If california wants these repeaters gone, it is a clear sign something is up. The excuse of the bureaucracy is that it is an outdated tech that should be abandoned. However, it is perfectly obvious that it is NOT an outdated tech, and that the real reason is so the state can have a monopoly on communications and information when they cause TSHTF.

What do you do when you are planning to get hostile? Obviously you cut all communications you cannot easily control or monitor

Cell phones and internet are not a threat, because they can be censored easily. The big question is what big breakthrough did they have with cell phones and internet that ensures they can both be perfectly censored when needed? It probably has something to do with a Google AI.

The state has said the repeaters can remain IF the people who control them pay rent to the state for the land they are on, which will obviously be priced so high there's no option other than to shut it all down. They can't charge rent on public property where the repeaters have been so the base excuse for getting rid of the repeaters, which were not costing them anything anyway, is B.S. - this is a communications shutdown and nothing less.

TO BE CLEAR: The repeaters California wants removed cost the state NOTHING. They are all 100 percent privately maintained by ham operators that do the maintenance themselves, and want the system running. California is willing to pump BILLIONS into illegals, yet won't allow a system that costs them NOTHING to stay in place. Let that sink in. Obviously they have something planned, and one possibility is that communist China wanted them to order the repeaters removed so they could stage an invasion without any communications messing it up.

Don't bet on ANYONE at the federal level ordering U.S. forces to stop the Chinese if they successfully remove Trump.

Comments on Twitter pretty much sum it up:

"When they go after comm's it is the beginning."

HAM operators have been God send in natural disasters, by using their networks to keep info flowing.

Not wanting to be cynical ish, but in a governmental disaster, they could be deemed too effective, so by taking out repeaters, it's like Twitter/FB censoring....let that sink in.

Your 'rulers' literally remove life saving survival equipment right before they decide to put you in a do or die situation

Wow. The situation in California is starting to sound very scary...and fishy. Ham Radio is obviously still a benefit to those who use it. Almost like they don't want CA citizens to be able to communicate...

They start cutting off the power. Take away forms of communication. Sounds like things are getting a bit suspicious in the communist state of California.

It looks like California is going to be the staging grounds . . . .

My comment: Obviously something screwy is going on with this. Interesting it is that this came up right after a ban on a popular and inexpensive ($25) hand held HAM radio with a 30 mile range. I guess that was too good, What next? Ban CB radio?