Israeli spy devices found in DC

Fifteen years ago, it was discovered that Israel had a spy system deeply integrated into the Washington DC land line phone system (the part that was supposed to be secure) and it was so complete Israel did not miss a single call . . . . that got busted and ripped out.

Now Israel got busted again for putting in bogus cell phone listening devices to catch all cell conversations, especially in the white house. And obviously Trump knows this. Politico has a report on this HERE

Politico claims Trump is lax on security and that he did not scold Israel for spying on him. My take on that is that Trump knows who did 911 and knew it would not be wise to stir a hornet's nest so he let it slide. But Trump knows. Which likely means all we need to do is wait.

Trump has repeatedly stated the white house has done it's own internal polling and knows Trump has the next election won, and that worries me because it seems like Trump is playing an 8 year game plan. I don't think Trump realizes that the entire Jewish community is going to be voting early and voting often, and because of that he does not have a chance. There won't be an election. They'll make their numbers reality come hell or high water, even if it means an 80+ percent steal. Taking action against Google won't cut it, he needs to take action against the synagogues. And with Kushner there, you can bet he will not.


I did not know a complete record of this interview with Trump existed, I thought all of it got expunged. Low and behold it surfaced today and Youtube has censored it entirely. They did not delete it as far as I know, but it's a fat chance you'll ever find it and they refused to serve it to an Android device. Maybe by the time I tried it on a phone they wiped it out? TOO LATE, I already saved it and will serve it from here. RIGHT CLICK TO SAVE, and I only have enough bandwidth to serve this one about 60,000 times so make sure you SAVE IT.

HERE GOES: the most damning case against 911 ever stated was stated by our own president.

Click to play, right click to save.

Since 911, we have been lied to about how the World Trade center was built, and Donald Trump, one of the greatest architectual people of our time stated the exact opposite of what the MSM said.

MSM: The steel beams on the outside of the building were merely ornamental and a plane could go right through them.

Donald Trump: I was taken through the WTC personally by an engineer that built it. The steel beams on the outside of the building were incredibly strong, and were the strongest part of the building. It seems impossible a plane would ever go through them. Bombs must have been used in addition to the planes.

The newsletters now display properly, Newsletter 1..... Newsletter 2

Newsletter 3

I am not going to post a bunch of crap about 911 that everyone already knows. I'll just say this:

911 is when the Bush family, PLUS zionist Israel, and likely the globalists, "used Arabs" to set the precedent for destroying the United States, and it worked.

Compare EVERYTHING to what it was in 1999. The police. Travel. Overall freedoms. Your medical. Look at all of it. What country would you rather have? Today's America, or the 1990's?

"They" got what they wanted, and it all started with people going along with the 911 ruse, they got the ball rolling and PUSHED IT EVERYWHERE. 911 was the excuse for back dooring EVERYTHING and data raping everyone blind and so much more, don't ever forget that.

About the "Arabs celebrating 911"

I have known LOTS of Arabs and Muslims. On 911 they were horrified and did not celebrate. They knew there were going to be problems. The MSM then kindly aired Eid festival footage and said it was Muslims celebrating 911. Some of the Muslims noticed however that the Jewish community held huge parties, danced in the streets and celebrated, and there's supporting evidence of this from the five dancing Israelis. They got noticed because they did not do that in an exclusive community.

I am not going into details on 911, lots of people are doing re-hashes and I'll just say this: If you have not figured out it was the greater Jewish community, Israel, and Bush that did 911 for the sole purpose of destroying the United States with policy, don't bother reading this site unless your job is to go troll somewhere.

Arabs were not the ones who pulled building 7 and then talked about it on public television, inserting false blips into the radar during an amazingly coincidental NORAD drill, OR DANCING ON A DAMN VAN.



FACT: If you see that video pop up somewhere and subsequently vanish, something is screwy.

If Dorian was as stated, the number of dead in the Bahamas will be 10, 000+ with 50, 000 being a realistic number

And now, days later, we are FINALLY seeing the actual demographics in news reports, with the government stating "up to 50 dead", while the MSM focuses on the "lack of shelters" for displaced people. That may be true, the storm surge wiped out a lot in low lying areas. My guess is the actual number of dead is more than 100 but less than 1, 000 and it will be almost entirely storm surge related, whoever made this storm accomplished at least a decent storm surge by parking it in one spot for so long.

Is it not interesting that Trump fired Bolton the day before 9/11? Considering the video above, it is not too difficult to draw the connection . . . .


There (may) be an enormous number of deaths due to storm surge at Abaco Island

This originally aired as rumor so I am not stating it for certain yet. Down this page a ways there are some photos of a large number of beach houses that got washed away by storm surge in a town called Marsh Harbor on Abaco Island. This may be the disaster they needed from Dorian, and is a direct result of Dorian being parked for two full days which allowed it to build an enormous storm surge and beat everything with it for an enormous length of time not seen in normal hurricanes. Yesterday I did not post about this because someone posted on Twitter that there were 3, 000 dead in the community I posted pictures of, while the government was stating the death toll was below 50. I am still waiting on a final number of actual deaths. I doubt the government there is going to lie about this.

Still waiting.

And at this time, virtually all, if not all deaths were caused by storm surge, and I stated (at the time of stating that Dorian never got past cat 2) that there would be problems in the storm surge zones, especially after it was parked for so long.

We'll have to see where this goes.

I have kept an eye on the power, and right now, as a historic average, they have it at 83 percent restored and it is pretty much staying there. It increased by a couple percent today, but now a clear picture of the power situation is surfacing.


The Epstein story appears ready to blow up

So far it is only rumor but the story goes like this:

There is a fight going on between federal agencies and the DOJ, with some of the agencies claiming Epstein is not dead, and that he was taken from the prison alive. They came up with proof, including Epstein being removed from his cell and someone else being brought in on a wheelchair In combination with camera failures ALL OVER THE PRISON, not just the ones that were supposed to show the status of Epstein. Federal agents are rumored to be asking serious questions about this.

The bottom line: It was not Epstein on the gurney. The facial profile and ears did not match. The guy on the gurney looked similar but was not Epstein and there's no way out of it. So even before this latest (rumored) blowout in the intelligence community, anyone who looked at the evidence and thought Epstein was dead had to be nuts, even mentally disabled people could conclude this fairly easily if they could tell the difference between the letter A and the letter C. That would leave believing Epstein was dead up to the total lunatics. They really blew it with that gurney pic.

We'll have to see where this particular rumor trail goes to. Hopefully to a place where I'll have a good laugh.

My most HATED man in politics is GONE

Trump has sacked John Bolton. John Bolton was a despicable war monger with little moral fiber. The image alone of him made me sick in my stomach, I did not need to hear him or smell him . . . . . GOOD RIDDANCE. He was probably worse than McCain.

About the "vans in Baltimore loaded with gas"

They are B.S. This is not happening. Here's how I know:

You cannot just walk up to anything and say what it has without draining everything and measuring it. So they said a van had 1000 gallons of gas in it. How did they know? I'll tell you how: There was another one today that had "660" gallons in it. That's a tribal signal that the report is fake. And conveniently, van #1 was leaking the gas. That's not believable, AND:

You cannot just pull up to a gas station and get 1000 gallons of gas. And I doubt someone hand poured 1000 gallons five gallons at a time. They'd have made a scene at the gas station going there 200 times to get it. The bottom line is that this story just does not work. You can't just walk up to anything like this and spit out an accurate number about what it has unless YOU DID IT YOURSELF, and what agency does crap like this? THE FBI.

Now the story is planted that there are "vans full of gas" EVERYWHERE and that precedent can be used for a 911 attack. I am not saying they are going to do it, but if they do, you can bet there is legislation already written for new controls on gasoline. The did this story line for a reason, there was either NEVER a van with 1000 gallons OR the FBI did it, and there is no van with 660 gallons no matter what.


What kind of pathological fruitcakes are these people when it can be proven Trump was right? How does it make them look when it can be proven that he was only stating what the MSM itself said with just an image search? FRUITCAKE TRUMP RABID LIBERALS.

Trump bringing back incandescent lighting

Good move. My experience with LED, CFL, full power fluorescent and incandescent:

LED: With a bad brand, you need 5 to see detail well as 1 incandescent rated the same. With a good brand you need 3. For light in the halls and any place you don't need to see detail, they seem as bright for an equal rating against incandescent and are cheaper to use, but when anything detailed is needed the difference really shows.

CFL: No matter what the CFL, you need about 7X the rating of incandescent to see detail. For just walking around and doing unimportant things, the ratings match incandescent fairly well.

Old school fluorescent, especially the G.E. power groove - no incandescent could possibly match the performance of a Power Groove and you can see all the details too. Other old school huge long fluorescents were OK too until recently, when they seem to have gotten "Gored".

Incandescent: It is as bright as it looks, and ONE 100 watt bulb in any room makes seeing detail easy. You had better use 2.

If you are running solar power, use LED for practically everything except the kitchen, any workshop areas or anywhere you need to see detail. In those places use incandescent.

Let's see if Trump actually makes this happen. If he does, I STRONGLY recommend EVERYONE stock up and get a supply of at least 100 100watt incandescents and then use them wisely, they will be banned again. Lower wattages won't give you the full benefit and the crappy bulbs you'll always be able to get can do their job, even if you need to use a couple to match an old 60 watt.

One thing with incandescents was how much light you got per watt - a 100 watt would always put out at least 1710 lumens, and a 60 watt, using more than half the power, almost never put out even 700. Get the 100 watt bulbs AND THEN USE 2. You'll be back to the "good old days" with that light switch. There's absolutely no way you could ever get that much light from LED or CFL, no matter what the circumstance even if the ratings said you'd get 5 times as much with whatever you tried.

Update to the update below:

Iran's (proven) oil reserves are so huge they could pay off the U.S. national debt 1.5 times just from what has already been discovered and tapped, and Iran's GDP is high enough to withstand $400 billion in Chinese investment without significant threat to the country. IF they play it right. If they are retards about it, they could end up in trouble but I doubt they will.

UPDATE TO BELOW: The deal has changed. China is sending even more people and investing up to 400 billion.

I hope that is not a mistake for Iran, Iran can suck up 80 billion no sweat but 400 billion is starting to push it. China might be trying to usurp the country with this, the Iranian leadership had better be reading the fine print.

HUUUUGE development with China and Iran -

China is going to invest $80 billion into Iranian infrastructure and energy, and in exchange, Iran will sell them oil for cheap. In exchange, China is going to place 5, 000 people in key places as human shields to prevent Israel and the United states from bombing them. They did not use the words "human shields" but come on now, that's obvious. China will then provide secure escort of all Iranian tankers to China and pay Iran in Yuan, which Iran can then spend on "Huawei phones". Iran has ENORMOUS oil reserves and it is great stuff to boot, this is the big ticket. China can take all Iran can give.

I am sure the Pentagon is pleased. If this deal goes forward to completion, they won't be able to hit anything meaningful in Iran without killing Chinese people. How are they going to handle that scenario? In my opinion, China trumps Russia BIG TIME.

I don't think it is wise for the Iranians to let China that far into the tent, but given what they are up against it is obviously a LOT better to accept a soft Chinese presence than deal with a destroyed 1 gigawatt reactor and lots of other disasters. Israel and the Pentagon did this to themselves. They can kiss those sanctions goodbye.

The following excellent piece is floating around the web under the name of "Tim Allen"

No one knows if the actor Tim Allen actually wrote this, but someone with a similar intelligence definitely did. If you see this trolled because it was not the "real Tim Allen", ignore the trollage, whoever wrote this was SPOT ON.

From : Tim Allen Here are some interesting points to think about prior to 2020, especially to my friends on the fence, like moderate Democrats, Libertarians and Independents and the never Trump Republicans and those thinking of "walking away" from the Democratic party.

Women are upset at Trump's naughty words - they also bought 80 million copies of 50 Shades of Gray.

Not one feminist has defended Sarah Sanders. It seems women's rights only matter if those women are liberal.

No Border Walls. No voter ID laws. Did you figure it out yet? But wait . . there's more.

Chelsea Clinton got out of college and got a job at NBC that paid $900, 000 per year. Her mom flies around the country speaking out about white privilege.

And just like that, they went from being against foreign interference in our elections to allowing non-citizens to vote in our elections.

President Trump's wall costs less than the Obamacare website. Let that sink in, America.

We are one election away from open borders, socialism, gun confiscation, and full-term abortion nationally. We are fighting evil.

They sent more troops and armament to arrest Roger Stone than they sent to defend Benghazi.

Russia donated $0.00 to the Trump campaign. Russia donated $145, 600, 000 to the Clinton Foundation. But Trump was the one investigated!

Nancy Pelosi invited illegal aliens to the State of the Union. President Trump Invited victims of illegal aliens to the State of the Union. Let that sink in.

A socialist is basically a communist who doesn't have the power to take everything from their citizens at gunpoint ... Yet!

How do you walk 3000 miles across Mexico without food or support and show up at our border 100 pounds overweight and with a cellphone?

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez wants to ban cars, ban planes, give out universal income and thinks socialism works. She calls Donald Trump crazy.

Bill Clinton paid $850, 000 to Paula Jones To get her to go away. I don’t remember the FBI raiding his lawyer's office.

I wake up every day and I am grateful that Hillary Clinton is not the president of the United States of America.

The same media that told me Hillary Clinton had a 95% chance of winning now tells me Trump's approval ratings are low.

"The problem with socialism is that sooner or later you run out of other peoples money." - Margaret Thatcher

Maxine Waters opposes voter ID laws; She thinks that they are racist. You need to have a photo ID to attend her town hall meetings.

President Trump said "They're not after me. They're after you. I'm just in their way."

Read that again.

Pass along these truths!

Someone is conducting final stage censorship testing on ME.

Who would have guessed? They are not blocking people from seeing the site, but they are using Telcel with an individual banning system to prevent me from looking at Drudge, Infowars, and many other sites including even Paypal while any site they do want me to see (or did not block) works. They selectively took all the locations I use to gather data and blocked only those. And it is only ONE number and ONE sim on Telcel that is blocked, all others that other people have work. Just the one I use is blocked.

Net impact on this site? I'd give it a +1, because I have other devices that work just fine, can get a new sim with a new number for $1.50 and I got a heads up on a first person tip that confirms that the future will involve banning INDIVIDUALS from seeing certain sites, while the rest of the people can see them. ONLY Trump's twitter is also blocked, the rest of Twitter works. So there ya have it. Fun stuff.

Dorian update:

It appears that in the end, they used the storm surge via parking Dorian for two days to get the images they wanted despite the storm not cooperating as well as they wished. Just like the Japan tsunami, there was virtually no earthquake damage in Japan away from the shore, but the tsunami images were so horrific everyone accepted the story line. Dorian is a repeat of that, sans nuclear disaster.

And, by the way, as I stated earlier the creators of Haarp did it specifically for experimentation into atmospheric and ionospheric heating. They said it themselves. Haarp had no other purpose. Since heat drives the weather, anyone who claims weather mod is not possible is NUTZ. It is time to just say it like it is, and this tech is precisely what they used on Dorian to get it to track and behave as desired (obviously via "Haarp version 11.6 revision 3."

RUMOR: Epstein "buried" in unmarked grave

The following is now confirmed accurate, they really did scam it this openly:

This got linked and reported via highly reputable sources but it is too "out there" to believe offhand (and it is late) so I'll confirm this tomorrow.

According to highly credible sources Epstein was "buried alongside his parents" in an un-marked grave, and for privacy's sake, they removed the parent's names from their tombstones.

If this is true, it confirms Epstein flew El-Allolita to Tel Aviv and has likely already received the necessary surgeries and identity re-assignment. He'll be back out on his island no doubt.


Boeing's NEW wide body version of the 777 by default developed via "diversity" had an ENORMOUS mishap

To have this happen at this stage of development of this particular aircraft is OMINOUS, forget what the MSM is saying, this type of event simply DOES NOT happen and proves faulty engineering or very poor manufacture. When that happens to a test model that gets the utmost scrutiny, it is DOOM ON.

Boeing developed a new wide body version of the 777, called the 777X, and did it (overwhelmingly probably) without the assistance of their legacy engineers that developed the other jets. At least a lot of the 737-800 tech was done by the old engineers, the wide body modifications for this variant of the 777 was not. I did not get the full details on how it was done, but during pressure testing on the ground, with a plane body that was never going to fly anyway, one of the cargo doors exploded. And I can't imagine it would have if it was properly designed and built.

Here is a comment from a Boeing employee who posted to Youtube: "Never heard of a door blowing out before on one of these tests. I worked at Boeing for 30 years and saw the quality of the work force decline in recent years. Everybody spends more time on their cell phones, than doing the job they were hired for. Work ethics have spiraled down hill"

My comment: Add to this affirmative action +Apu, and if they did not learn from the 737 MAX, Boeing will likely go bye bye. This type of failure does not happen when the design is done right. It is safe to say that if this happened, there is more wrong with this airframe than door problems. What's going to happen when it hits turbulence and all the passengers drink coffee off the ceiling, and then the carpet for 500 miles straight? The old planes could handle that and arrive totally unscathed, with injured passengers. If a blowout happened while it was just parked, regardless of conditions because being parked is IDEAL CONDITIONS, - if, despite being pushed to it's design max it blows out while parked, that spells doom, how reliable will it be after "coffee on the ceiling"? That's something Apu never thought of.

AP: NOAA has come right out and said Trump was correct about Alabama

That's surprising but evidently they got cornered by statements they really did make on the record, that the MSM buried in hopes of another successful Trump bash. To that I say: Read it and weep, the Trump curse strikes again!

CONFIRMED: The Boeing 737 MAX will not be permitted to fly this month,

Or next month or the month after that. The verdict is still out on whether or not Europe will ever allow it to fly there again. One airline (American Airlines) has expressed confidence it will be allowed to fly in December but most are saying some time in 2020 (If ever.

And that's what Boeing gets for being cut rate "fire all the legacy engineers because we don't need them anymore because they already answered every question and we have all the answers written down" - "farm it all out to the lowest NON WHITE bidder instead" - "The new face of Boeing is diversity" - SJW slave driving bottom dollar MORONS.

I'll state a clear and evident fact: You can't hand a Chiltons manual to even a literate jungle dwelling pygmy that has never seen a car before and expect a good engine rebuild. Boeing screwed it's roots to oblivion, and a "jungle pygmy" is exactly what they traded their roots for. If they don't find a way to apologize and get all those engineers back, or if they are too stuck in leftist land to cope with that reality it will be ADIOS BOEING. And Soros will probably laugh.

I found the most clear and significant Dorian destruction picture by far today

It is of a location called "Marsh Harbor" and Dorian did wipe it out badly. However, obviously with a name like "marsh harbor" we are talking about a low lying area that I said all along would be wiped out by storm surge. Here is where all those houses ended up. These are wave washed houses, washed into a pile with quite a few broken by waves and not ripped to shreds by winds. If it was a cat 5, there should not be whole houses mixed in.

If people don't think about what they are looking at with this, it will be convincing. And I am actually surprised this picture was possible. What does it show? Temporary beach houses plopped down haphazardly like ice fishing shacks that are not normally occupied that got washed away by storm surge. Look at the first linked picture closely - there are very few cars in the "before" half of the picture, which means these were not likely to have been homes that were actually used for living. The Bahama's GDP per capita of $26, 900 ensures everyone has a car. Cars would get stuck in the sand there constantly. And the "houses" are plopped down in nonsensical ways you see out on the lake in the winter. They are obviously not legit homes. Look in the destruction picture - all the permanent structures that would have been destroyed by a real cat 5 are lined up on proper streets and are still there including one large building that has an all fabric roof, still perfectly intact. These "houses" that were destroyed were built right on the sand and were obviously not well made. This is typical of the storm surge damage I said would happen, but there is no significant wind damage outside the storm surge zone, with wind damage consisting of lost roofs and in extreme cases on very few homes, some walls knocked down. That's cat 1.

The new story line:

"Everything is destroyed and people are shooting each other for supplies"


They lied going into this, they lied during this and they will continue to lie and tell the story. After all, what other reality could there possibly be if the story they first spewed was true? FACT: Dorian knocked out 47 percent of the power in the Bahamas, which is already half restored on a continuous ongoing basis for an average "power on" of a little over 75 percent, with periods of restoration hitting 83 percent. What's more damning? The power in the Bahamas is not stable, they often lose 10 percent of it which means when it hit 83 percent today, it got to within 7 percent of what is often considered normal. This puts today's peak level of power restoration to within 7 percent of what is normal or expected in the Bahamas. I have it all documented, it is all proven, just wait until a little more time passes (and I take the site out of "combat mode") for the proof to be posted.

HEY EVERYONE, TODAY THE BAHAMAS HAD POWER RESTORED TO WITHIN 7 PERCENT OF WHAT IS OFTEN NORMAL. Sorry, but that does not compute out to "people killing each other for supplies and everything destroyed" hell, that does not even add up to a cat 1. A category one should have knocked the power out worse! It had to have been a WEAK cat 1, or it had to have had the worst winds miss the most populated areas entirely.

Yes, and for the U.S. all they could do is park a Jeep on the beach for a little bit of inevitable drama because nothing got wrecked in the U.S. by "the worst storm in history"

Obviously there's one hell of a mess in the Bahamas after some scum sucking leftists with "haarp" toys parked a cat 1 there for damn near two days. I am actually quite surprised things are in relatively good shape despite them doing that. I figured so much time with significant winds would wreck it a lot worse, I did not think there would be anything left at all in the storm surge zone, but anything intended to be permanent is obviously still there.

I am surprised at what caused the most troll uproar in my Dorian posts . . . . .

What caused the most uproar? My pointing out that in a 90+ percent black country, everyone featured in the MSM was white, which proves they were brought in for the show. Obviously that said, the knew Dorian was going to be too weak to get locals to go with the script so they imported actors they knew would not be put in harms way. It's damn well proven by probability alone that's exactly what they did. And by the way, I NEVER take what I post here and put it elsewhere. Sometimes I'll take what I posted to a random forum and put it here but NEVER the other way around, if you see what is on this site posted elsewhere it was not me and this is actually important because:

The way the trolls have gotten this site banned in so many places is to say I am a serial spammer. That goes for the mails too, they claim I am a serial spammer when I have never sent out bulk mailings AT ALL. Anyone who reads this site ought to know that. Other people post what is here and I encourage that. It ends up EVERYWHERE. Last month this site got 750, 000 unique visits, and ended up on top of that getting what is read here by millions of people via re-posting on other sites. You can't see that on Alexa because this site's security methods prevent Alexa from seeing it in a way it can be rated. I think Google knows what is going on but they are not going to say it.

If anyone trolling this site actually thinks it gets "put everywhere" because "I do it" they are sorely mistaken, I don't have time to do that, and I don't need to.


And my guess is that my saying it was fake and harrped up overall, being far weaker than stated - my guess as to why THAT did not generate as much troll outrage against this site directly is because LOTS of other people noticed it too. No one noticed the news was hoaxed with actors because they did not know what the demographics of the Bahamas were. I knew those demographics, knew the news had to be B.S. by who showed up on it, and only linked and posted the demographics to prove it.

I read on one of the forums that it is stupid for ANYONE to deny weather mod tech when the operators of HAARP themselves, decades ago, told everyone it was for atmospheric heating. How stupid do they think we are if they, after a statement like that, say we are "conspiracy nuts" when atmospheric heating and temperature differential is what drives the weather?

Ahh yes, "White privilege" is what got all those SJW news outlets to feature ONLY WHITES in an almost ALL BLACK nation. White privilege. THAT'S IT!!!

In the absence of news today, I figured I'd cover a new topic:

Beware of CIA planted "Christians" that make Christians look extreme

I am going to show a solid example, debunk it, and give a few other examples.

Here is the example of a Christian frame up:

Christian Hate Group 'Repent Amarillo' Terrorizes Texas Town, Harassing Gays, Liberals, And Other 'Sinners'

"An evangelical Christian hate group called "Repent Amarillo" is reportedly terrorizing the town of Amarillo, Texas. Repent fashions itself as a sort of militia and targets a wide range of community members they deem offensive to their theology: gays, liberal Christians, Muslims, environmentalists, breast cancer events that do not highlight abortion, Halloween, "spring break events, " and pornography shops. On its website, Repent has posted a "Warfare Map" of its enemies in town.

Calling Repent an "American Taliban, " blogger Charles Johnson notes that the group's moniker "Army of God" is a rough translation of "Hezbollah." Led by a man named David Grisham, a security guard at a nuclear-bomb facility called Pantex, Repent first gained media attention in Texas following a campaign to boycott Houston for electing a gay mayor. The group, which is associated with Raven Ministries, collaborates with other Christian groups as well as forced pregnancy advocacy associations like "Bound 4 Life."

My comment: Oh, so you are trying to say someone can do this crap and keep a job guarding nuclear weapons. HA. Maybe if he works for the CIA. That there alone, if true, proves beyond a shadow of a doubt he's fronting for intelligence and has a clearance, you can't guard nuclear weapons and get away with running a group like this unless the group is an intelligence op, especially with that logo.

How about a few more examples of CIA plants that make Christians look nutz?

You have ALL seen her - that KuKu nun who stands at street corners screaming about Jesus that you HAVE TO get past without a word, or she'll start screaming at you about Jesus and then look totally crazy. There was one I had to go past frequently and finally one day I got sick of it and yelled loud enough for everyone to hear: YOU ARE A CIA PLANT AND YOUR ONLY JOB IS TO MAKE CHRISTIANS AND TRADITIONALISTS LOOK NUTZ, I HAVE HAD ENOUGH OF YOU AND WILL POINT THIS OUT LOUDLY EVERY TIME I PASS.

She vanished, never to be seen again, ANYWHERE, and if she was really a legit whack job, saying that in the way I did would not have affected her at all. She'd be too "passionate about Jesus" to quit. But if someone loudly points out a real CIA plant, that's the end.

I had a harder time driving the Jews for Jesus out but I did eventually succeed at that. There's no such thing as a "Jew for Jesus, " that's like saying "Christians for Vishnu". I got rid of them by constantly confronting them about Palestine and when I had no time, I'd shout "MOSSAD". It took about a week to get rid of all of them. The last thing Christians need is to be fooled into thinking there are Jews who are sympathetic towards Christians.

I'd love to walk up to Antifa and point them out. Somewhere in whatever group one of the people is not going to be a useful idiot. I'd probably get attacked over it, but I would not worry about it, all the videos of them beating people up show whoever they beat up was a pacified limp wristed wussy. That would not be me, there'd be brain surgery cases over it.

CIA plants do the following to make Christians look nutz:

Place old ladies to shriek about Jesus at stoplights,

Post crazy stuff online to make Christians look nutz

Protest in front of new age shops with bullhorns - no Christian is going to bother with that.

I am not fooled by any of that crap.

Legit Christians are pretty much only going to protest abortion clinics if they even do that much. In today's society that's all legit people are really going to have time for, they do, after all, have to pay the bills like everyone else. "KuKu nun" pays the bills too. How would that be accomplished (outside of welfare) if she's out there yelling about Jesus 9 to 5? She won't be out there at 7!

Jeep left on Myrtle beach through hurricane made it

The basic story is that the owner let a cousin borrow it, the cousin got it stuck on the beach and was too afraid to tell the owner what happened, the waves came and beat it significantly and a window got broke and the front bumper was ripped of.

My guess is that vandals broke the window and someone ripped the front bumper off trying to pull it out. At any rate, if anyone was paying attention to this, it did not get washed out to sea.

As of 8 AM CST Sep 6, the Bahamas have 80 percent electricity restored



If that hurricane was as stated, the Bahamas should be BLACKED OUT. They are not, they lost about 30 percent of their internet service. This is one to watch - how long before they get ALL of it back?

There is a rumor going around that the U.S. offered an Iranian tanker captain MILLIONS

The rumor goes like this: The U.S. offered the captain of one of Iran's high value tankers MILLIONS to defect and take it to where it could be legitimately seized. Since I have found no solid evidence of this happening, I'll leave it as rumor, but if the story is true, it proves Iranians are patriots because the captain said NO.

I have lost interest in Dorian. However, since I did the work on this earlier, I might as well post this:

CNN and others used crisis actors for Dorian, and I can prove it.

I'll cut to the chase in ONE LINE:

If the Bahamas are 90.6 percent black, and 2.1 percent black/white mix, WHY were all the poster children white/latino?

Here are the poster children that got all the press:

That said, there WAS some damage from Dorian, typical of a cat 1 hurricane. A Chinese seaport got wrecked by waves and storm surge, and Drudge had that posted on his front page. Also, the beach areas got messed up and will need to be cleaned. But this photo below - the worst of the beach area photos clearly shows something: Despite the mess, ALL the homes and structures in the background are intact and that's not possible with winds that were 40 mph faster than the Joplin tornado.

We don't even need to use an extreme case like Joplin to make a point, here is Homestead Florida after 150 mph sustained winds. Compare that to the Dorian pics above

The trees are totally wrecked, there's no power lines left, and the homes are not in good condition. That's with 150 mph winds. Dorian was advertised as 70 mph worse. Really, the only difference between the photo of homestead and what came out of Joplin is the pieces of the houses are bigger in the homestead photo. Here's a picture of Joplin, which Dorian "exeeded" by 40 mph.

I guess I am preaching to the choir with this at this point, but there's one final thing I'd like to say:

What is going to happen when so much trust is lost in a scamming government that when a warning is given, people don't listen when they really should? How much mayhem did they cause with this hoax cane Dorian? They disturbed the lives of 10 million people with this hoax. Even the Cajun Navy was going to launch over this hoax. And you can bet, that just like "category 6" Patricia, which I eventually drove to to confirm what really happened was an even WORSE hoax, Dorian is going to go into the record books as a legitimate devastator with 220 mph winds and the record alone will "legitimize" the carbon tax.


There are other sources of info that will make up for it, I will no longer use the global wind map. The global wind map is now stating Dorian is a cat 1 hurricane, but I have confirmed the strongest winds in Dorian at the time of posting are 63 mph, which does not qualify. AND WORSE:

There is a new tropical depression named Gabrielle forming in the nursery off the west coast of Africa that has confirmed max sustained winds of 32 mph, and the wind map now has them overstated to 45 mph. That's a significant difference, AND it means there's going to be another DEVASTATING CATEGORY 5 THAT BRINGS THE APOCALYPSE.. I did not yet get around to posting the final Dorian pics, but Drudge had one up showing a mess left after Dorian hit a sea port, and left the impression that all of the Bahamas looked like that. The reality is that outside the storm surge zone, practically nothing is damaged at all, with such minor storm effects that ornamental plants got through it - ones that would be destroyed before trees got destroyed. The big news is the new one is going to be Gabrielle, and it is sure to be a LOT worse than Dorian. Check for lightning folks!

A few quick items

Alex Jones posted a report about black south africans killing blacks from foreign countries and all I can say is that now that over 60 percent of WHITE south africans have left, they need another target. Whitie took the hit first. Included in the Infowars report is a video of them burning a black foreigner to death in the street while hundreds watched.

Architects and engineers for 911 truth produced a new report that proves building 7 was controlled demolition. With Larry Silverstein saying pull it RIGHT ON PBS I don't know why they bothered with this, everyone who's not some sort of amoeba or mushroom knows Israel and the Bush family did 911 and that Silverstein was directly involved, from that one video alone. Who needs more than that video?

It appears Canned Parenthood just lost federal funding, AS TRUMP PROMISED

The Pentagon has approved and agreed to pay for the construction of 175 miles of NEW border wall. That's significant considering 60 were already built, and lots of the border has a wall that was improved but was not "totally built new".

New Epstein court docs to be unsealed. Not a story. Who cares. Epstein is relaxing somewhere, possibly with 5 young girls and a frazzledrip. I had a hard time believing he would sink as low as a frazzledrip but the bloody mattress pic pretty much says it all. Anything goes I guess, and therefore someone else stood in for him on the gurney.

If Epstein walked, will anyone be called to account? Comey and Barr have that answer for you.

There really is NOTHING new in the news today

Youtube deleted another 17, 000 "mentally deranged patriotic hate spewing bigoted holocaust denying" sites today.

Wal Mart came out strong against guns today, (this is baffling, since that erroneous Fox news broadcast proves they cooperated in the shootings from the top down. As a result, I have put a permanent boycott on Wal Mart and Claudia was not happy about that at all. I'm not doing business with that, thank you. Wal Mart is worse than Gillette (and that does not excuse Gillete).

The NRA was deemed a "domestic terrorist threat" by a bunch of "high minded intellectuals" in California.

Seriously, there's nothing in the news today I did not expect.

An app crashed and caused a bunch of Tesla owners to be locked out of their cars because they stopped carrying keys and were using only the app . . . . . that's the snowflake version of the darwin award.

Bugatti has announced a new $8+ million dollar limited edition hyper car they call the Centodeici. It looks cool.

The 11th NYPD officer has now committed suicide. Someone is just tying up loose ends, that's all. Business as usual. Lots of cleanup to do after that episode with Weiner's laptop. And Epstein walked.

A liberal college released a "flawless study" that proves leftists have a higher emotional intelligence than conservatives. What else would you expect them to say? Certainly not this: "Obviously, those with a higher emotional intelligence know where a cock goes and will have the discipline to not hop on every pogo stick in sight.". No, in leftie land the emotionally intelligent know for certain that a rectum is a suitable abode for everything from hampsters to light bulbs to fists, and that as long as it does the trick for someone, anything at all goes. Forget about anatomy, FEELINGS COME FIRST. But only if you are "emotionally intelligent" enough to pop a few female hormones, parade about as a woman and then rob real women of a rightful win at a sporting event. That's perfectly acceptable, ESPECIALLY if second place goes to either another trans, or a "racist bigoted hateful" conservative girl! That's emotional intelligence I tell ya!

President to set up a "social credit" score?

There was an article in the Daily Caller that stated President Trump was going to approve the use of devices such as cell phones, Amazon's Alexa and the Iwatch to spy on citizens to determine a mental health score. Ominously, the phrase "HARPA" has been coined as an acronym for an all new government agency that would specifically seek ways to spy on people to determine mental health. None of this has come to fruition yet, but it does look ominous. There's not a whole lot more information than this now, but it does appear the entire world is going straight towards a Chinese style "social credit score" and you can safely bet the communists will be in charge of it.

Question: What if someone refuses to use any of the spy devices or Google or anything else? What then? Will such people be punished for "fleeing investigation"? This is obviously an enormously dangerous path to go down . . . .

I cannot find any damage pics from the Bahamas that "prove" what "happened".

The hardest hit island was supposed to be Grand Bahama, which is where Dorian got parked during it's peak winds. But there are significant problems with proving it, because the only pictures available are shoreline pics where the waves did the damage, damaged roof pics, and flooding pics from storm surge. There's nothing that indicates winds got over 110 mph anywhere, and pictures that are supposed to be from the 220 mph wind zones often show no damage at all, only flooding. The situation is so bad that to get "damage pics" some MSM outlets are posting pictures of other weather disasters. The Bahamas were hit so little that there's not even a large number of uprooted trees away from the shoreline, it looks like tropical storm damage, not hurricane damage, even on Grand Bahama.

Yesterday I said I had a BIG BUST that I was going to post today. Here is what it is: All the MSM reports used WHITE PEOPLE in their disaster photo ops and disaster interviews, and NO BLACK PEOPLE. Problem: the population of the Bahamas is 90.6 percent black, 2.1 percent black/white mix, and only 4.7 percent white. How did all 4 of the main players in the U.S. MSM end up being white then? Obviously our main actors were taken there for photo ops. I'll get all of this posted soon.

This will probably be the final Dorian update

They parked Dorian over the Bahamas for more than 36 hours, hoping for it to do credible damage. I have not seen any new videos out of there, however, I now have secondary confirmation I am not going to post (to protect it) that Dorian really was only a cat 1. And Dorian did not want to be even a cat 1 without assistance outside of nature.

Dorian had lots of lightning, which is a symptom of weather modification tech, which attempts to use doping agents (in chem trails) coupled with signals from the ground that phase cancel to drop their voltage into the air as a bias voltage to turn the atmosphere into a giant transistor that can take electricity from the ionosphere to ground, thus heating up the air in between. There is indirect reference to this in a report by Nasa titled "electric hurricanes" which questions why recent hurricanes have had so much lighning when normally they have none at all. This report by Nasa is linked in the reports below.

There's only so much they can get it to do on the scale of a hurricane (they can make nasty thunder storms easily) but hurricanes have to be prime for tampering for it to work well, and Dorian was not prime. They did not get their strong hurricane.

As a result, since they could at least stall Dorian they did, hoping for weak winds to do credible damage over time. However, my guess is that they were 25-30 mph too weak to EVER do the damage needed, even if given 36+ hours to do it. The Bahamas will look like this:

Lots of water damage near the shore. Perhaps destroyed houses that got bashed to pieces by extended storm surge plus wave action near the shore. Immediately upon leaving any area the ocean got to you will see:

Trees stripped of leaves and small branches, but the main part of the tree will be standing there naked - the wind was enough to over 36 hours strip them totally clean. But they will still be there. You will also see lots of homes standing perfectly intact, but stripped clean of shingles. There will be debris everywhere consisting mainly of branches, garbage, sheet metal and shingles.

What you will not see outside the ocean zone: Blades of grass driven through pieces of wood (Dorian was rated as bad as an F-5 tornado, which will do that every time). You also won't see cars in trees, or homes smashed so badly the largest pieces are a foot across. You will see no damage at all that is classic damage associated with only tornadoes, despite Dorian "hanging on to F-5 tornado winds for 10 hours straight" over the bahamas because Dorian in reality never hit the force of a strong F-1 tornado. Dorian hit F-0 to low F-1 and nothing more. There will be no classic tornado damage and you can totally forget even F-2 damage.

I predict they failed with Dorian so badly that for the most part, where the waves did not reach, everything will look like it has been through hell (because they kept Dorian in one spot for so long) but despite looking like things have been through hell, almost everything will still be standing. And that will be all it will take to prove they lied about Dorian, if a hurricane was a legit cat 5 pushing 220 mph winds, it could blow over the Bahamas in 45 minutes and destroy absolutely everything. An F-5 tornado needs only seconds to wipe everything out.

They are going to say the devastation is absolute, but that will be a lie.

You will have to see video proof, not tight photographic shots or someone's word, the MSM unabashedly lies about everything including the weather now, the motive is the carbon tax and they are going to protect that like a religion. What was advertised to have happened with Dorian will not just destroy a percentage of homes, if it actually happened, ALL HOMES EVERYWHERE should be gone without a trace, and the death toll should be similar to a war time death toll where a city got wiped out.

Yesterday's report follows. New reports will be in the main window below.


Top posted Dorian update:

This analysis of the Joplin tornado DESTROYS the Dorian hoax.

As of the 10AM CST update, Dorian is weakening significantly, so significantly I think they are losing it. That's what they get for trying to coax an ocean that did not want to cooperate because it was simply too cold.

My final answer on Dorian - compare Dorian to Joplin

They went so overboard (brainlessly) with Dorian that they put the wind speeds far beyond the worst tornado disaster in recent American history. So now it is time to shred this hoax.

In the main window below there is an analysis of Joplin done by weather experts that the Weather Channel posted. I have it captured if they change it (now posted on the left) Dorian, as advertised, had higher winds than the Joplin tornado, and Dorian stayed in one place for 500X as long as the Joplin tornado did, and covered an area hundreds of times larger than the Joplin tornado. If the Bahamas don't look like chocolate pudding, without a trace of civilization anywhere except for random metallic shapes that are what is left of the cars, they hoaxed Dorian and that's all there is to it. The devastation should be complete if winds really did hit 220 MPH like Zero Hedge claimed. As bad as Joplin was, 83 percent of the devastation was caused by winds of 135 mph, with only a small portion of the damage being done by 180 MPH winds right on the tornado's eye wall.

If Dorian was as stated, the aftermath should be Joplin times about 50,000 (300 times the area X 500 times as long X far more intense winds.)

Dorian is a classic example of having the method of telling a lie so big everyone will believe it FAIL, only ignorance will get them through this one, hard times in leftist land, they'd have been better off ditching it in the Atlantic than lying like they did.




Anything built worth a crap was not damaged AT ALL. There is no video evidence whatsoever, even after they stalled this storm for max damage, there's no evidence of anything over a cat 1. I suspect the NWS, which has an influence over the wind map, hoaxed it up to a cat 2 but could not get away with more.

The hoax is not holding, and public opinion is coming out flatly against the MSM lie. This video shows one of the "hardest hit" areas. Very little happened other than damage to low lying areas from storm surge. Obviously storm surge is going to wreck the shoreline, possibly even from just a mere tropical storm.


The mayhem the scamming MSM and Noaa caused is worth a MASSIVE CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT.


MY COMMENT: Yes, that is happening even after Dorian moved on, when there is no storm surge. Question: HOW??!!?? The ocean is right there. How is the water just magically levitating where it would normally be far above sea level? EASY ANSWER:

If you pull on the water the same way the moon does to create tides, you are not likely to trip an earthquake and you can heap it up high any way you want. My guess is that quantum physics HAS provided the answer to gravity, but we, the little people, are not being told. And this tech used more harshly is likely what is used to make volcanoes erupt and also to trigger earthquakes.

We have a living example of this RIGHT NOW - even the immediate coast of the Bahamas has stayed flooded, it is not water getting trapped. That's flatly not possible absent tampering.

Look through the photos of the Bahamas - there are a few areas with damaged trees but none with piles and piles of them down, and no forests got wiped out. The wind was so damn mild in a lot of places where it was supposed to be 200+ that even the tomato plants survived in good condition. But there's water there. Very odd. If Dorian was as advertised, there should not be ANY ornamental plants left AT ALL, let alone the palm trees. But someone needs a story, so the water is going to be kept right where it is, when the laws of physics dictate that they should have gone back out to sea as fast as Dorian brought them in, now that Dorian is completely and totally gone. They need the water to front the hoax, and it is getting obvious, it can't just magically stay there but it is.


Long after Dorian has left the area, the storm surge is still there.

The storm surge should be GONE. Yet large portions of the Bahamas are still under storm surge, with no water movement at all going outward even directly on the ocean. I don't know what is up with this but it is an anomaly to be noted, and I beg to question what is causing it. The earthquake machine is a reality and does pull on the earth's surface. What if it was used to create an artificial storm surge? The storm surge with Dorian was totally unrealistically enormous, and it is staying AFTER Dorian is gone. IF DORIAN IS GONE AND THE STORM SURGE IS STILL THERE, RIGHT ON THE OCEAN, WITH NO CURRENT OUTWARD DORIAN DID NOT CAUSE IT. What did and continues to? I'd like an answer to that.

FACT: Leftists pushing "climate change" go for photo ops, and hope no one pops the big question about the circumstances surrounding them. They got LOTS of photo ops of storm surge, with no sign of Dorian - Storm surge perfectly in place on waters as smooth as glass. That looks GREAT in a picture if no one uses their brain and pops a big question: How the hell is that happening?

BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE. I have ANOTHER huge Dorian bust. And I'll wait until there's no way out of it for them before I say what it is. They can't even begin to guess what it is. I am going to ROAST THEM.


Burning boat story does not add up, and sounds like a hit job

Last week end a California scuba diving boat burned 150 feet off shore with a large number of people trapped in the hull who all died because they could not escape with the flames blocking their way out. There's a REAL PROBLEM with this story, so much so it sounds like a hit job.

Here's the story: All the passengers died, and all the crew survived. The crew, which was not sleeping where the passengers were sleeping all jumped ship when the fire started and the people in the sleeping area could not escape because the door was locked. They had to sit there and wait for the wall to burn through before they could get out, and by then it would be such a fire storm . . . . . forget it. Here's the problem that makes me think it was a hit job:

Why would the door to the passenger area need to be locked at all? Why would they be intentionally trapped into a space like that? And the boat was not huge. It was only 75 feet long which means that if there was a sleeping area able to accommodate 45 people the door to it had to have been readily accessible somewhere that would be easy for the crew to get to.

What crew abandons ship and lets everyone burn like that? That is another weird part of this story. Perhaps it was 1 selfish j****ss captain and 4 illegals, or maybe it was a paid hit. No matter what the story, the crew needs to fry for this, it should be definite long term jail time. You don't just let 30+ passengers burn to death when obviously if you could get off the boat, you could have unlocked that door also with the help of a couple crew mates pushing the fire back with fire extinguishers the boat was required by law to have, and definitely had. They did not need to put the fire out totally, just push it back enough to get in there and at least give the passengers a chance to run through a burning door.

It has been confirmed that the crew members and the captain were all awake at the time of the incident, and simply jumped off the boat rather than let anyone out. It is also confirmed that this particular boat had a lot of high profile customers, often Hollywood celebrities. 33 people were in the sleeping area, ALL ASLEEP, none laying awake reading books, listening to tunes, prepping scuba gear, calling mom, NONE. Every last one was asleep while the entire crew was awake and no one smelled smoke or knew fire broke out . . . . RIGHT. This is an obvious hit job.

I flatly don't believe this scenario as presented. It is too much against common decency and logic. I instead think we ought to know who was on that boat, to give someone a reason to pay the crew off to cause this, plus lose their boat. The boat was made in 1985 if I remember right, it was well maintained but it was not new. Great for an insurance write off, provided there was an additional payoff in this somewhere.



"Rockets won't work in space"

I keep seeing this on social media in many places. Here is the correct answer:

This is ball park, because rocket engine designs vary. However, with the space shuttle as an example (the liquid fuel boosters) were 21 percent more efficient in space than at sea level because the atmosphere stifled the acceleration of the propellant. The faster it can leave, the more efficient the rocket will be.

The myth about rockets not working in space because "there is no atmosphere to push against" actually works in reverse, in reality, having atmosphere behind the rocket prevents acceleration of materials from working as efficiently as it could. A rocket works by accelerating materials, not by pushing on anything.

A good example of this concept is a duck hunter in a row boat. If a duck hunter shoots his shotgun, the boat will move in the direction opposite to where the gun was pointed and the net thrust for the short time it existed was far more than the (slightly less than) the 14.5 PSI the atmosphere could push back on a 12 guage gun barrel at sea level. Acceleration of the shot gun BB's is what causes the kick that moved the boat. In a rocket, acceleration of the exhaust gasses is what provides the thrust, rather than bb's.

If anyone has been fooled by "rockets don't work in space", I suggest they consider the row boat example, the atmosphere cannot account for how hard a 12 guage shot gun kicks. The reality is that rockets work better in space.



Five people are now confirmed dead in the Bahamas. And during the same time frame, 8 people were shot to death in Chicago.

I am finally seeing new pics out of the Bahamas, of "pure devastation" to a strong minority of houses that had roofs blow off. Basically, outside of the storm surge zone nothing significant happened. Now would be a GREAT time to get work re-shingling roofs that got hit by approximately 100 mph winds.

Just like I said from DAY ONE, Dorian did not add up, if Dorian was worse than the Joplin tornado while being over a hundred times as wide, there should be no fewer than 30, 000 dead. The real death stats should be in a range between 30, 000 and 80, 000. FIVE dead means:

1 cancer case, 2 heart attacks, a stroke, and a drowning.


Here is all the proof needed to prove Dorian is a weather mod storm and not a natural hurricane

Hurricanes did not have lightning prior to the 2000's. Most still do not. However, for political reasons, you sometimes get a Dorian, CHECK THIS OUT!

It is not a guess that Dorian is a synthetic storm with this happening. Even Russia noticed this. And for all their effort, Dorian STILL SUCKED because the Atlantic was not willing to do it's part at all . . . . during the "hottest year on record". Yes, this video puts the hoax into "climate change".

The new method for hurricanes: 1. Invent a scenario and write the script ahead of time, and stick with it no matter what happens.

2. Use weather mod tech to at least get the hurricane to go where you want it to, while you play back the script, no matter what happens.

3. If you have to ditch the mainland part of the script because your hurricane was just too lazy to cooperate, ditch it somewhere, and re-enforce the script for at least where you did use it, to the end, come hell or high water.



They are obviously trying to get Dorian to kick up a costal current and have the water wash houses away. Given enough time in one spot, it definitely will do it. Dorian has now been parked in the same spot for 17 hours.

They are not going to be able to get Dorian to do significant damage after moving it on to Florida but there's little doubt they are hoping for it to miraculously strengthen if they keep it parked over the water. The ocean just is not hot enough to contribute enough to do it.

Observation on Dorian:

They are keeping it parked over the Bahamas for HOURS AND HOURS without it moving to maximize the damage they can get from approximately 100 mph wind. THE JOPLIN TORNADO DID IT'S DAMAGE IN UNDER A MINUTE AND MOVED ON, AND WAS RATED LOWER THAN THIS HURRICANE. If there's more than mud left of the Bahamas after this, without a trace of civilization in sight, they hoaxed this. If their ratings are accurate, absolute annihilation is only thing possible with stronger winds than Joplin, hundreds of times more area than Joplin and 500X the time to do damage.

Robot pole dancers a crude joke

When looking for the latest Dorian hoaxes, I noticed headline on Drudge: "Robot pole dancers" and checked the subject out. Here is what these robots are:

They are totally non sentient mobile props that could have been done in 1951 if someone was audacious enough to do it back then. They are not significantly more complex than a dancing dash board hula doll, performing nothing but repeat motions like a washing machine would. The security camera enclosure heads with LED "faces" top off the creep factor and at least whatever tinkerer made this got a reasonable hip movement while the "robot" stays tied to the pole because it can't balance, can't do any unique movement, can't think at all, and has 3 motors on repeat, one moving the hips, one moving the arm and one moving the head.

As a joke to draw curiosity seekers they'll work, but they are not robots, they are just stage prop level contraptions. The Chuck-E-Cheese animatronic band any Chuck-E-Cheese might have blows these robots away from a technology standpoint and has for 30 years.

They got Dorian up to a category 2

It looks like they might get it up to a category 3. My guess is that it is going to hit whatever is the biggest target that will provide the best photo ops because they got it "strong enough".

Let's put Dorian in perspective:

This is the best call on this bluff I can think of: Compare Dorian to the Joplin tornado.

Let's put this in even more clear terms:

They are claiming Dorian is equal to the tornado that hit Joplin (an epic devastator tornado) except with a damage path 100+ miles wide. Check out this in depth analysis of the Joplin tornado, done by meteorological experts. By their numbers Dorian is outperforming the Joplin tornado significantly, plus doing it with a damage path 200 times as wide. If we don't see THAT kind of damage where Dorian makes landfall, across the entire length of a 2 hour drive, they lied about Dorian.

I have obviously captured that article because they'll back wipe it once they figure out it blows the lid off Dorian. The damage Dorian did in the Bahamas was nowhere near as bad as the Joplin tornado, with 185 mph sustained winds and gusts to 220 as claimed, Dorian should have totally out performed the Joplin tornado, which according to the NWS had max wind gusts of 208 mph, but experts have concluded the Joplin winds never broke 200 even in the worst gusts. Compare the Joplin damage to the Dorian damage. Dorian is NOT EVEN CLOSE, which proves the cat 5 rating is a BIG FAT LIE.

What they are saying about Dorian makes it an F5 tornado more than 100 miles across. The devastation should be absolute, with the ground scoured to oblivion and not a trace of human habitation left AT ALL.


Dorian hit the Bahamas and did cat 1 damage, just as I said, with the worst video being of the ocean shore. Away from the ocean virtually every house is intact and some are not damaged at all, not even the shingles after a direct hit. That's not possible with a cat 5.

Look at this video from the Bahamas

Dorian scored a direct hit here. And the damage is typical of a strong cat 1. No hurricane is play time, cat 1's do significant damage. Note in the video:

There are many houses TOTALLY UNHURT, not even missing shingles. There are lots of houses missing shingles. There are a couple that got wrecked. Those probably had termite damage. It is obvious 90+ mph winds hit, but it is also obvious those winds were NOT 185 mph as stated.

The Bahamas have CAT 1 DAMAGE after taking a direct hit from "cat 5" Dorian

Except for where the ocean did the damage, houses in perfect line of wind are still standing, missing only their shingles. That's cat 1 damage.

Update to below:

I bet I spotted a flaw in that satellite that will cause it to fail within a half hour of deployment - look at the wires in the upper left hand corner, where they hook up to the solar array -two of them are stretched as tight as a banjo string. My guess is that they will break when they plummet to below -250 farenheit and contract.

Heh, good one:

A couple days ago trump tweeted a picture of a failed Iranian launch that destroyed a satellite. Today, one of the top Iranian tech gurus posted a selfie of himself with the destroyed satellite perfectly intact. It's not ready for launch yet, not even close. Looks like a hunk-o-junk but then again a borg cube did too. It looks like a classic low budget masterpiece. Maybe it will do it's intended job well, maybe it will survive in space, and maybe the U.S. will blow up whatever rocket it is on - when it comes to Iran and space launches, YES, they launched a chimp and got him back alive and they have done other stuff in space but well, look at that satellite. Style was not considered.

Zero Hedge is claiming Dorian had max sustained winds of 220 MPH when it made landfall in the Bahamas

That's a full blown F5 tornado by +20 mph over the minimum to be called an F5. And as I predicted, there's no damage at all of the sort, instead, damage indicates wind gusts up to 120 mph and NO MORE, with sustained winds below that.

The Youtube videos have houses with shingles missing, no broken windows, with the houses totally intact. There is a flipped over car in one, but a 120 mph wind will do that. No category 5 hit the Bahamas, the damage is category 1, as I stated it would be. FACT: IF THERE WAS A CATEGORY 5, NO ONE WOULD HAVE BEEN ABLE TO POST TO YOUTUBE FROM THE BAHAMAS, THEY GOT A DIRECT HIT.

Drudge is claiming Dorian has wind speeds of 185 MPH

If that be the case, then when it makes landfall, wherever the eye lands there should be nothing but dirt left. No homes, no roads, no signs, no NOTHING left, except BARE SCORCHED EARTH. If Dorian is really packing 185 mph winds, there will be only snapped off tree stumps left and no trees AT ALL, it will look like a nuclear aftermath minus the fires. Let's compare what they are claiming about Dorian to nuclear blast effects:

With a nuclear bomb, the initial blast wave is not what causes the most damage. What causes the damage and strips everything clean is a 200 mph wind that gets produced at ground level, and goes outwards (from let's say a 5 megaton bomb) for about 30 miles before it dies off. Everything in that zone will be GONE. If Dorian really is packing such winds, there will be nuclear apocalypse type damage. Not "destroyed homes" everywhere, Dorian ought to produce NOTHING LEFT, INCLUDING DESTROYED HOMES because they were entirely erased, EVERYWHERE.

There's no place to hide from such winds, the destruction should be scorched earth TOTAL. If anything recognizable is left where Dorian makes landfall, it will not be as claimed and if there's a lot left like "There's bob's house, wow, it is damaged bad" Dorian did not have 185 mph winds, no ifs or buts.

Let's put this in even more clear terms:

They are claiming Dorian is equal to the tornado that hit Joplin (an epic devastator tornado) except with a damage path 100+ miles wide. Check out this in depth analysis of the Joplin tornado, done by meteorological experts. By their numbers Dorian is outperforming the Joplin tornado significantly, plus doing it with a damage path 200 times as wide. If we don't see THAT kind of damage where Dorian makes landfall, across the entire length of a 2 hour drive, they lied about Dorian.

So we'll have to wait and see now . . . . .


I will be precise about how they are fronting the scam:

Back in the good old days, before anyone could measure winds up inside the hurricane, all the hurricane ratings were based on ground wind speed, which made sense because that's what matters. Either via destruction of intellect via common core or intentional scamming, in recent years (ever since the carbon tax went in) they have been using the highest wind speeds anywhere at any level to rate the hurricane. That's how they are claiming Dorian is cat 5. The wind map WILL show cat 5 wind speeds in Dorian but they don't count if they are not low enough to affect the ground. And it is flatly dishonest, we are not comparing apples to apples anymore, and if that's how they are going to do things, what does it mean when every category 1 can be read as a cat 5 if you throw procedure and precedent out the window?

What they are doing with Dorian is comparable to calling a funnel cloud, which never touches the ground, a full blown tornado, or claiming the fact that the jet stream has 300 MPH winds means the weather on the ground is going to be dangerous. Obviously with ground wind speeds of 90+ MPH now, people ought to get out of the way of Dorian but cat 5 it is not.

Dorian is FINALLY a strong cat 1, approaching cat 2.

As I said earlier, if any hurricane at all was coming I'd bug out. Maybe an exception for a borderline cat 1, maybe not.

If a hurricane is what it is advertised as, I have no problems with stating it. Dorian is going to make landfall as at least a cat 2 if it keeps building the way it is. Before this, it was not a hurricane and I had no reservations about stating that. Dorian's top sustained winds are now 92.4 mph and that's enough to do bad damage.

I am skeptical about Dorian being a genuine natural storm however.


Dorian is full of lightning. Here is proof natural hurricanes don't have it, at least not in abundance. Dorian has LOTS of lighting, and you can see it here

Katrina, Rita, and Emily were also loaded with lightning. It was an anomaly. And Dorian having lightning the same way strongly implies someone is playing games.

And it is not cooperating well, because the water is simply too cold after "the hottest year in recorded history". Need I keep saying carbon tax?


I did not think they would lie about the pressure Dorian had, and they have stated Dorian is down to below 950 millibars. Fortunately they have to do that to front a cat 5 hoax, and like the winds, it is a hoax. The global wind map allows you to know everything about a storm, including it's pressure, and right now Dorian is sitting at 1003 millibars (which happens to be about 15 millibars lower than the surrounding ocean. That's why Dorian keeps going back and forth between being a tropical storm and a hurricane, there's just not enough differential to really make it go.

To view this, open the window in the lower left hand corner and click MSLP. There, you can get the pressure reading on the storm. This is secondary confirmation on why Dorian is so weak and it is good news, because such a high pressure reading means:

There won't be a whole lot of storm surge.

There won't be a whole lot of wind.

there could be nasty rains and the wind map provides enough data to allow you know how much rain it is actually going to drop (if you know how to calculate it) but I have not played with that enough to give answers as far as rain.

If they decide to crash Dorian into Florida watch for the damage levels on the following items:

If the storm is as stated, cat 4+, there won't be any leaves or branches left on any trees, . If there are no pictures of MILES AND MILES of completely destroyed trees where all that's left is 10 feet of the trunk with no branches, it was not cat4+

If there are no pictures of entire cities without a single house standing, - if it does not look like a giant trash pile the way hurricane Andrew did it, it was not cat4+

What you'll see with a cat 1 -

Entire trees uprooted in mostly one piece, blocking roads. Strong hurricanes shred trees after tipping them over, there won't be any green left at all. Knocked over trees (in abundance) begins at 70 MPH.

Houses standing but missing shingles and having a few broken windows. If that's all there is, there was not a cat 4.

Billboards shredded and destroyed, and gas stations knocked over. That's cat 1 stuff. Cat 4+ will rip the billboard frames out and won't just wreck the print. Cat 4+ is not likely to leave a tipped over gas station roof where it is, it will instead be scattered for blocks in pieces.

That said, I am not encouraging people to ride the storm out, I'd bail on even a cat 1, hurricanes of any category are universally nasty. If it is for real, there's no such thing as even a nice cat 1.

I would not leave over a tropical storm.


About a thousand miles to the east of Dorian they have (probably one of several) weather machines focused and you can see it in action, trying to work up a new hurricane. The area is turning up green on the wind map and has a large zone of rising wind with NO ROTATION. GET WHILE THE GETTING IS GOOD, YOU CAN SEE THEM DOING IT NOW zoom in on Dorian and scroll right. You'll see it. Check it at different atmospheric levels by clicking the box on the lower left. Clearly they are causing this with something active at multiple atmospheric levels, this is not a natural rising of warmth of the ocean, it goes WAY TOO HIGH. Then, go back to surface level and look at the West coast of Africa where hurricanes get their start. There's NOTHING in the nursery AT ALL, this is a totally dead year for legit hurricanes. Which means it's not the hottest year ever recorded, that's a bold faced lie if no hurricanes are forming naturally and that's something no troll can allow to be noticed..

One final Dorian comment (for now) Dorian is likely a synthetic storm and they can't get one part of it strong enough once it was pointed out that it was unrealistic to have one part of the eye wall with strong winds and another part passable by canoe. If they can't focus their weather maker in one spot of it, they cannot get any part of the storm strong enough to live up to their claims and they'll probably ditch it to the north without it making landfall so they can maintain their global warming myth. That is what I suspect will happen, and if so, they hoaxed 10 million people with this POS failure.

Over the last few years I have not seen ONE legit hurricane that was not at least accompanied by several tropical depressions or storms or hurricanes, and all of the Atlantic is nothing but a sea of glass both in front of and behind Dorian. That is not normal, but what I would expect if someone just could not have an entire season go without a single hurricane. If they ditch Dorian in the North Atlantic they can have their myth of their 2019 "monster" and how we "all got lucky". Hell, with Jedi troll out there, they could have nothing at all happening anywhere and simply wag the hurricane, why not wag 7 if the wind map is bullshit?



Wind map updated.

Dorian moved West and weakened from 88 mph to 78 mph, a HUGE drop. It is now a marginal cat 1.

There was no 6 AM update of the wind map

That is an anomaly. Still stuck with Dorian in the exact same spot and the exact same ground wind speeds of 81 mph (which would be a legit hurricane now, but I DOUBT IT IS, my debunk of the trolls surrounding my reporting on Dorian was too good, and somebody probably pulled some strings and corrupted that map.

What they did with Dorian is disgusting and irresponsible

How much panic did they cause with this storm by lying about what it is? Yesterday trolls decided to say I was misinterpreting the wind map "because buoys can't get accurate readings in hurricanes" all the while they missed the fact that there are no buoys at the elevations the wind map goes to. I debunked that below, and this morning was treated to Dorian actually being a cat 1. DOUBT IT, after the past lies in addition to the past behavior of this storm, it is probably still sub cat 1 and the NWS used whatever influence they had over that map to feed it false data. That's where we are at with this, you can't trust ANYTHING this government produces with Epstein flying El-Allolita after a prison stint and Comey not being prosecuted.


THE LIE: The wind map is not accurate because it works off of bouys that overload after there's too much wind.. OK then, I'll post ONLY results from 400 feet off the water. There are also separate measurements for other levels of the atmosphere. I guess someone figured they'd find any way possible to make people believe I am mistaken, but the wind map gives readings from 100, 000 feet also. How does a bouy work up there?

POST THIS EVERY WHERE TROLLS ARE SAYING THE WIND SPEEDS ARE FROM BOUYS, THEY ARE NOT. NOT A SINGLE DAMN ONE. This needs to trip bans wherever it was posted. I am NOT misinterpreting that wind map.

Someone is drawing bullshit out of a hat or throwing darts to figure out what to say in response to this site, - someone is writing up total B.S. they hope will stick because they can't answer what is here, like the latest DORIAN update:

LATEST DORIAN UPDATE: As of 10 PM CST Dorian had max sustained winds ON THE WATER of 63 MPH, AND 400 FEET OFF THE WATER WHERE NO BOUYS ARE, (but this does not count for actual hurricane rating because it is off the water) 400 feet OFF THE WATER Dorian's max sustained winds are 73.2 MPH. That would be hurricane force at the absolute bottom of cat 1, but because it is not on the water, it does not count.