New Zealand has identified people who saved the Christchurch shooting live stream and is going around arresting them now. Those arrested are detained WITHOUT BAIL.

QUESTION: Why be so obsessed about this? Why? I'd like them to answer WHY THEY ARE SO WORKED UP ABOUT PEOPLE HAVING COPIES OF THIS that they are going around arresting people who have it? IS THERE A "FRAME 313" IN THAT VIDEO? REPEAT: Why be obsessed about this video SO BADLY you need it cleaned up all tidy and proper so aggressively you're going to arrest anyone who has it and hold them without bail? Obvious answer: FRAME 313. GET IT? It HAS TO reveal something, there's a glaring revelation in it somewhere, and someone wants it buried post haste so badly that if you can reveal something very uncomfortable for the power elite in this video and don't be obedient and destroy it, YOU ARE GONE.


BOTTOM LINE: Someone has something to hide, PERIOD.

Rumor has it a gun confiscation bill is on the way

It is rumor because I cannot confirm it right now with the limited time I have right now. Apparently the GOP is pushing for a bill that will make it possible for anyone to accuse anyone of not being fit to have guns, and if anyone does, no matter what the circumstance, the door gets broken down and all guns are taken and it takes a court battle to get them back - a court battle of the type a man faces in divorce court where a loss is guaranteed.

Such a bill is the same thing as a gun ban, anyone's guns can be taken, that means, in this climate, EVERYONE's guns can be taken and a guilt trip: You're not sane! will be used to take them. Rather than the response of "You can't take them, it is my right to have them" the response will instead be forced to: I'm not crazy, give them back! See how weak that is? It is the exact same thing as an outright confiscation, except you are first called crazy and then they get taken. That is how they will disarm America with only a few confiscation teams. It will take a while this way, but they'll get them. EVERY. LAST. ONE.

If this is actually in the works, HEADS UP, even if you're called nutz, don't even try to prove you are sane, they know you are sane, it is a ruse and they know it. In such cases, anyone who has their guns taken needs to hit the streets warning that the confiscations have started, just like we have feared they would all along. They can't declare a gun ban, this is their work around to confiscating all guns without an outright gun ban and you can damn well bet the tribe will keep ALL THEIR GUNS, heck, they might even get YOUR GUNS donated to them.

And then, Ocasio will RULE and be a GENIUS because every last thing those guns protected will also be confiscated, all voices those guns protected will be silenced, they won't go easy on America - they will kill the whole damn country the nanosecond they know they will get away with it. The tribe HATES America, it was a grand challenge to their supremacy, don't be fooled by the already launched B.S. about how the "tribe" is against this.

Still waiting on word of whether or not this is all real, (the bill is real, launched by Dems but I have to confirm the GOP plans to pass it) I'll search this out later.

There is obviously an asymmetric war with Venezuela going on

There have been three huge U.S. refinery fires in two days. Two happened in Texas, one at the Deer Park refinery, and one at the Baytown refinery. The one in California happened at refinery in Carson. Three large refinery fires in two days? Figure the odds. All happened to tanks, which would be easy to sabotage and Deer Park is going BONKERS right now, with everyone being told to shelter in place.

I am skeptical of the shooting video I posted below

It appears to show a setup before the event with crisis actors. But I am still skeptical, I think at least some elements of the mosque shooting were real. I also think the shooter was an intelligence asset sent out to justify banning guns and stoke a war.

Having Trump release tax returns can be used to destroy his business

There's a good reason for Trump to not release his tax returns, and that is that if every expense is itemized, it is going to tell everyone who his suppliers are, who his business associates are, it will tell everyone the deep secrets of his business. If you were Pelosi, who can get away with murder and run scams and pork without consequence, that's one thing. Having Trump reveal all his business secrets, where strategic planning is part and parcel is an entirely different issue. He could be rendered non-competitive with that info.

Forcing him to publicize it all would amount to an assault.

UNCONFIRMED: Christchurch shooting fake

For however long it lasts, take a look at this video on Twitter. No context is given, however, it appears someone who "died" is in the same position he was in when he "died" and he's texting.

The background on this was that it was claimed to be a video taken before the shooting, where they were practicing with the "crisis actors".

I am skeptical, but I also can't save this like I can other videos and there has to be a reason why they are criminalizing having the original - perhaps they don't want people cross examining things. So for what it's worth Give this twitter video a look, I am a little bit skeptical but it does look like this could really be something.

Christchurch shooter a certified MORON

Yes he could hit a target. No, he had no brains. Anyone that stupid who gets anything done has to have the support of the deep state. He did visit British intelligence before doing this. This seems like he was an FBI type patsy (probably set up by Britain this time) who shot a bunch of people up who were NOT the problem, to make a case for JEWS to exploit. It could not have been better for the Jews. So Guess who?

At any rate, as usual, when the tribe sets another idiot up, he was promptly captured. So once again, let me brief people on how to know when something actually is completely as advertised, which this was clearly NOT

A real attack launched by real people who are as advertised will be completed in a minute or less, likely be totally lethal, and NO ONE will know jack about who they were. A note will probably be left behind to inform people why the attack took place, and then whoever did it will walk among the recipients of the attack later, with no one knowing who did it. That way the demands of whatever was in the note are far more likely to be met. There won't be back stories of anyone visiting foreign intelligence, there won't be a bunch of perfectly packaged crap, there will only be a hit, and then silence. That way the enemy won't rest easy, and might actually think twice about blowing our kids brains out with tainted shots, (or whatever the message was about) that was left behind.

I'll tell you this: You can tell a fool by who gets targeted, and the Christchurch shooter was TOO STUPID TO BREATHE. If breathing was not a reflex function, he'd have self asphyxiated.

I'll tell you how the Jews do it (and never get caught)

Let's say a child in a neighborhood got stolen and then bar-b-q'd. or matzo balls . . . . Ok so you've got a grieving mom who is going nuts running around the town, trying to find her baby. You discover she's starting to get answers. She's not fully on target yet, but she's starting to figure it out. For some reason she's not easy to kill. What do you do? Easy. -

You send "caring and concerned help", you tell her that no expense will be spared, and you are going to help her find her baby. You say you are from a group that finds lost kids. You give her a "friend" who is always there to "help". This friend finds lots of "leads" and gives the mom hope. All the leads lead to dead ends that go nowhere. Everything the mom discovered gets debunked by the new leads, that go nowhere. But hope is given, JUST LIKE Q ANON. And as the weeks and months go by, the pain subsides, hopelessness sets in, and the mom HAS TO get on with her life, with the Jew that was sent to "help" originally becoming a "lifelong cherished friend" who does not call much, but is close enough to divert any further possible leads into discovering what happened to the kid.

That takes energy, but it really works. They'd rather kill the mom, but if they can't get away with that, this is what happens. Getting help from strangers who claim to be friends when a kid is gone is a MAJOR red flag that no one ever sees.

Compare that to what this Christchurch moron did. If he had any brains AT ALL the attack would have been done instantly, taking whatever he got in the first unload and leaving RIGHT THEN, and today, he'd be right back at that mosque offering all possible help for them to get over this and find the perpetrator. He could have left the manifesto and still done this if he was not stupid. The identity of the attacker would have remained a total mystery. That's how the Jews do it, and I'd assume anyone else who has more than an ounce of brains.

WOW, the entire MSM has joined the "right wing shooter" chorus

Want to see a lie in action? Just tune into their coverage of the mosque shooter. He's a far left commie who spoke about it openly, including how he hated Trump's policies, and how much he loves the communist government of China, yet all the media is spewing is "RIGHT WING HATE". They just HAVE TO accuse the other side of what their side did, it is called displacement, where you accuse others of that which you did and are doing. It is stunning how far they are taking this, and people ought to take notice so they can realize just how far gone the MSM really is. Even Fox put on it's true colors with this. SMH.

Fox News is falsely reporting that a "right wing extremist" did the mosque attack

He's an admitted communist who openly adores the Chinese system of communism. But if they can bash conservatives, the all new Fox is proving they are anything but your friend. Crap agenda driven media. They are besting CNN now.

Let's hope this puts the nail in the FOX coffin. Well, it was a "better than CNN at least" 20 years or so, but certainly Fox was never what it should have been if it was totally legit. Where's the 911 truth? Well, they did do the Carl Cameron report which got scrubbed, so maybe they were legit for a few minutes there . . . . . at any rate they are GONE NOW.

Ethiopian air black boxes sent to France

THAT is a mistake. Ethiopia would get more truth going over the data themselves. France, Germany, Britain, the U.S. and more are so compromised politically that you simply can't trust what they say with anything. Probable B.S. about the crash is on the way.

Unlike Trump, I am not going to rescind my words just because a communist shot up a mosque

Trump rescinding his word about good Americans taking forceful action against Democrats was a BIG mistake, when the shooter was a communist who openly sided with China's communist government, and Democrat ideology. Trump should have instead tweeted: TOLD YOU SO.

As it turns out, the shooter was happy with China for arresting large numbers of Muslims.

A brief headline commentary:

Republicans blocked Trump's emergency declaration but this time the margin was not so overwhelming it could not be effectively vetoed.

Trump is ripping the Dems on Twitter for the illegal investigation But it won't matter, after the omnibus spending bill he lost, has no power now, the traitors nailed him and now to me he's coming across as a desperate weakling that lost a fight, and is shouting at the victors from the other side of a chain link fence. He's gone, and only a cleaned up supreme court can bring him back. GINSBURG'S BIRTDAY IS TODAY. Pics or it did not happen!

Ginsburg's birthday is today, PICS OR IT DID NOT HAPPEN.

It did not happen, but after a coup, what can Trump do? Rescind his word because a commie shot up a mosque?


Phoney headline: Harvard researchers uncover DNA switch that allows regeneration Folks, that's a fake headline. it implies that scientists discovered how to cause people to grow new arms and legs. Even the article states that they did not. What the real headline should make clear is that scientists (may have) figured out exactly what gene allows a worm to grow into two new worms if you break it in half. That's an already known about ability of worms, and does not mean in any way at all it means someday scientists will figure out how to get people to regrow anything at all, (even as little as a finger) one of our fingers is more complex than a worm and there's a reason why we don't regrow them.

Mosque shooter: "The nation with the closest political and social values to my own is the People’s Republic of China."

Yet the American MSM is preaching all about how he was a Trump supporter!

Like I said, if an MSM is willing to lie about eugenics shots that are now peddled as vaccines, and subsequently peddle them as vaccines, and then lie about autism stats while lying about attacks on other countries, "hate crimes" Trump and everything else, why would they tell the truth about the mosque shooter? He did something they can use to bash Trump if they lie about it, so they will.


In response to a MOSQUE shooting, she showed her BRILLIANCE again by asking "What good are your thoughts and prayers when they don't even keep the pews safe"

Yes, the three chambers of government thing again.

Some people think she's cute. But for others it takes brains to be cute, and she does not have it. Not so dear AOC: Mosques do not have pews. In fact, they have nothing to sit on at all, you sit on the floor. And nice gaffe on "thoughts and prayers" when you obviously never experienced either!

Most likely Venezuela is being attacked from space now.

100 percent of ALL substations in the state of Zulia and city of Maricaibo simultaneously exploded and burst into flames. Such timing is not possible, either these are now coordinated ground attacks, cruise missile attacks or these substations are being nailed by lasers from space. Once a laser cuts into one of these transformers even a little, it's kablooey. The only problem with lasers is one would think they'd be visible.

One way or another however, this is a clear and obvious war. Someone is destroying these substations no ifs or buts, "lack of maintenance" can't hit this kind of destruction schedule. All this stuff was working fine before the blackout, why would all of it blow up now?

THIS IS ALL THE WORK OF GUAIDO. There's no way Maduro would do it, which leaves ONLY GUAIDO.

Do you want someone who will destroy your country to become your president? It's as simple as that.

And I don't think Trump wants this, Just today he put it all on the line, saying civil war appears to be the only way out of the mess America is in See the following:


To anyone who thinks what I said on the 14th was too extreme, Trump just said the exact same thing with different words on the exact same day during an interview with Breitbart. Interesting it is that the timing was so much the same.

Trump put it differently, saying it was basically up to the police, bikers, and military to save the country. I personally don't think that is how it will happen, but the message was still clearly sent: The coup is complete, and only civil war can save the country. It hit a nerve. There are tons of trolls in the forums calling Trump a "promise breaker" (among other things) that no one should go to war for, and that's a VERY positive thing, they know damn well what Trump said today and are trying to undermine his support any way they can. I HAVE A MESSAGE:,

Trump is without question the cleanest, most honest and most legit non criminal president in modern times, and possibly ever, who did a stunning job considering he walked into a snake pit where everything that moved bit him. Trump never broke any promises, claiming he did is equal to calling a cashier who emptied the register with a gun to his head a thief, rather than the guy who actually came in with a gun to rob the store. It is THAT BAD, there's not a single thing he promised to do that he did not at least try to do, and he did damn well considering the situation. Unfortunately, the snakes won and sealed their victory with the omnibus spending bill. Trump knows Ginsburg is dead. And he knows the system is so corrupted that it does not make a difference. The coup has happened. And Trump would not be hinting at civil war which is the only solution to a coup if the coup was not complete and insurmountable. Trump is not stupid that way, he said it for a reason.


SURPRISE SURPRISE: Oil refineries in Venezuela are now exploding

Also, in at least one district, during the mayhem saboteurs connected oil lines to water lines so when the water came back on the entire water system got wrecked.

There's a saboteur based war going on in Venezuela. A coward's war. Someone is not brave enough to send cruise missiles so they are pulling other B.S.

Fact: Power outages do not mysteriously put oil in water lines at 100 percent concentration! A little skiff of oil might be believable from back flow after the lines lost pressure in a country full of oil but there's no way pure black crude would come out at full pressure instead of water. But trolls are hitting multiple forums and blogs, saying yep, it can, because "Venezuela is so incompetent under Maduro that this really can happen and the country needs a NWO jack boot savior! Maduro ripped the brains out of everyone, he's so bad that suddenly overnight everyone got stupid and can't tell the difference between an oil line or a water line, or an on/off button on a generator."


Study Venezuela

We are clearly seeing a new form of warfare. Study Venezuela and remember, because when the same group wrecking Venezuela tries this in the U.S. it will be helpful to have learned from this. What we are seeing in Venezuela is a combination of virus attacks, small drone attacks where the drones are not shooting or dropping bombs, combined with on the ground saboteurs.

They educated us with Venezuela

I think it is foolish for whoever is doing this to Venezuela to do it, because they are showing Americans the exact same guerrilla tactics that can be used against THEM, - like - All across America there are fuse disconnects on large power transmission lines that are only locked with a padlock, and a simple pair of bolt cutters will get rid of those locks and pull of a handle can knock power out to millions and such things are right out in the great wide open, not secured AT ALL. And it would not damage anything but it would take hours before anyone figured out what happened. Tons of substations are only protected by hurricane fence, and to wipe out a transformer, all you have to do is cut the fence and remove large plugs that are at the bottoms of all the large transformers to drain the oil which acts as an insulator, and they'll blow up without it . . . . . remove one of the plugs and RUN. . . . .this is the kind of crap they are doing in Venezuela, LEARN FROM IT, it will be useful in a civil war.

Stupid stupid morons teaching everyone how to kick their asses on their own home turf. Just to steal a nation's oil.


I'd like to be clear, to anyone reading this in fear: We hate you. The greater American public HATES YOUR GUTS. We hate you for destroying our kids with shots and then claiming anyone who notices is an anti-science moron, while you turn around and write laws to double down and FORCE THOSE WHO KNOW BETTER to destroy their kids with the shots anyway, shots that Italy proved are not vaccines at all. And in Italy, through whatever subversive elements you have in place, you doubled down despite this and forced everyone to get the shots anyway, at rates higher than before. That's war. And our disability and autism stats PROVE IT, how much more do we F***ING need? Oh, but we are stupid for noticing, and you really will make us believe all is well by publishing B.S. claiming unvaccinated kids have autism more than the vaccinated? What do you want? A rope around your neck? A bullet in the brain? That kind of insult to those who have been injured surely justifies it.

WE HATE YOU for running the universities as indoctrination centers. WE HATE YOU FOR SUBVERTING OUR PRESIDENT. And we know who you are, let's not all pretend to be stupid about it.

Finally real numbers on guns came out. At a bare minimum there are 500, 000, 000 long rifles in the U.S. backed by several trillion bullets. And q-anon is there, to make damn good and sure everyone sits on those guns and does nothing, because they expected a savior to do the dirty work for them. Meanwhile families are getting incapacitated by millions of children totally destroyed by autism, and the remainder never reaching their potential because ALL got damaged, just not enough to sit, spin, and blow bubbles for the rest of their lives. Yep, if you can at least walk down the street without getting run over, you're not vaccine damaged despite the fact that you lost your ability to be the next Tesla or Edison. Funny thing, NO NEW STUFF LIKE THAT LATELY. But Hawkins and H1-B visa holders will save us!

I gotta say, Venezuela made it quite clear how filthy the enemies of the American people are, enemies who suck the cash of the country to then use it to destroy both US and everyone else. It is so obvious what went on there, and they just smoothed it over like a glassy crystalline ocean of beauty, and never once did the truth cause a stir on the surface of it all.

That is exactly what we are up against right here, on our own turf, with the vaccine scam, antidepressants, GMO's and everything else, (I tend to focus on the vaccines because they amount to simply arriving and shooting a kid in the head - especially the white males, which the "vaccines" are specifically designed to destroy the worst) and are turning our future into a hopeless mess where we will do nothing but care for the disabled while the rest who were not damaged badly enough to need direct care, won't be able to solve anything because they are too damaged to do more than what they are told to do.

What will the future hold? It all depends upon whether or not the people wake up and realize elections won't work, Q and Q's successor won't save anything, and THE CAVALRY IS US.

Wow, you really can't find information anymore

Up until recently, searches for basic information would return good results. Now there's no info to be had at all. Not even simple non-conspiracy things, like what happens to the body during very high speed impacts, (with exact data). It's just not there anymore. I wanted to at least link impact data to show there would not be bodies left at the scene of the Ethiopian airlines crash. I already knew where things started to get dicey, so I quoted 180 MPH as being the speed at which an unprotected body, striking a solid object, has no significant parts remaining for identification. That's not the same as a car crash, where the car takes away a lot of the impact. However, as speed increases beyond that, the impact becomes so much worse that whatever you are in is a lot less a factor. The bottom line is that the people stating the crash did not happen are either intentionally hoaxing, or don't realize just how bad 400 MPH impacts are.

Update to below to clarify:

In normal airline crashes, you can find body parts and sometimes even entire bodies because the pilots usually can at least try to control how the plane comes down, and they skid the plane any way they can while avoiding huge sudden impacts. But in the case of the Ethiopian airlines crash, it hit nose first straight into the ground at 400 mph. There would not be body parts left to find. At that speed, bodies simply vanish. Yes, you can find bodies in airline crashes in most cases. This particular crash would not have been a "most cases" scenario.

No bodies at the Ethiopian air crash site?

There is a conspiracy making the rounds, saying no plane crashed and it is all a hoax, because there are no bodies. Let's get this straight once and for all:

At impact speeds above about 180 mph, the body vaporizes. You don't even find bones. They said the impact speed was about 400. All of this is consistent with the fuselage falling apart at high speed and low elevation, with the wind grabbing surfaces on the plane that should not be there because it was falling apart, causing a control failure and bad decision by the computer which was suddenly dealing with numbers it was not supposed to ever see, which then slammed the plane nose first into the ground at 400 MPH. Nothing would be left.

The problem was a bad H1-B computer program, combined with a poorly made H1-B airframe. Nothing in the debris is going to "look new" after cratering at 400 mph. Case closed.

Trump: Paul Ryan blocked ALL lawsuits aganst Dems

If you want to know why Trump was unable to prosecute Hillary, it is because Paul Ryan blocked it all. He was working for the Dems. Now that the Dems control the house, NO ONE will be prosecuted.

Failure to clean up the government lands squarely on the head of Paul Ryan and not Trump. Trump actually tried, but hit too much resistance from the Republican side to get it done.

FACT: When it gets this bad, the only thing that works is rope and telephone poles.

We cannot elect a functioning government anymore, everything is too rigged and there are too many traitors. There won't be any lawsuits or anyone jailed now that Ryan screwed everything.

The U.S. government is a system of checks and balances, to prevent one part of the government from getting out of control and taking over. In this case, the "checks and balances" screwed the American people, because the subversion was complete enough to prevent a righteous savior from fixing anything. Trump is playing things to not show his weakness after the Omnibus spending bill took even what limited power the president has away. He's claiming Pelosi does not want to impeach him anymore because he's clean. That may be true, but the reality is that with the supreme court subverted, that spending bill, which is unconstitutional, stripped the presidency of so much power that Pelosi has nothing to fear anymore.

It really is pitch forks time, the coup has happened. Trump is now playing suck up to anyone who can give him some form of power, which is why he's gone rogue on Venezuela.

It appears Venezuela switched Suriname back on

Now it is possible to say the permanent damage to Venezuela amounts to approximately 15 percent of total electrical infrastructure. This will come back slowly over months.



The conductive strand trick is now approximately 15 years old. The U.S. started doing this to Iraq at around the time of "shock and awe".


Low and behold, she said it the very next day!

Indians lack skillsets to be employed, says IBM chief Ginni Rometty

There have been reports that nearly three-fourths of the millions of engineers and B-school graduates are not employable at all.

My comment: That's OK, IBM may not want these people but Boeing obviously does not pay attention to who should be doing engineering and who should not! Considering what I posted yesterday this is PERFECT.

For the rest of the captured report above, Click here.

Here is my Boeing rant, which I am sure some people thought was "insensitive", bumped to the top part of the page after the director of IBM said the same thing (she said it more politely, of course) here is my raw version:


That's what happens when you stop hiring white people and go to the lowest common H1B visa denominator,

THERE. I had the guts to say it like it is, and did it in a single short sentence.

As it turns out, the recent Ethiopian air Boeing 737-MAX crashed due to structural failure, and not a nose down causing pitot tube. I called B.S. on the pitot tube the first time around, and was reluctant to the second time around because it got blamed again and I thought "Maybe". However, the real problem is that the plane is a PIECE OF CRAP that fell apart in flight. Why? Just LOOK HERE.

FACT: Boeing products were without question, NO QUESTION WHATSOEVER, the best in the world until this diversity crap took center stage. Boeing rose to greatness with the work of the WHITE RACE. That is a completely, totally, irrevocable WRITTEN IN BEDROCK FACT. But I'll be a racist for pointing that out I guess. Now that Boeing has called diversity the most important thing they can be a part of, rather than building quality aircraft, we have crap like what just happened with Ethiopian air having a BRAND NEW 737 MAX fall apart in mid air.

It was not the pitot tube. It was not a software issue. Eyewitness accounts clearly prove the airplane simply fell apart in the sky so badly it was dropping "clothes and papers" and creaking and rattling from failing metal.

Now the only question is whether or not Al Bajeeb did not laminate something on the assembly line, or if Phi Bhopar screwed up the engineering somewhere, and ALL OF THESE PLANES need to be thrown in the trash! FACT: The 737 MAX is the first Boeing plane produced with "diversity" being a key component of it all. And what is now happening clearly proves that WHITE LIVES MATTER. THERE. Said it again. And I admit that I am a bigoted racist homophobic intellectually stunted ANTI SEMITE for saying it!

FACT: It takes growing up in the first world to fully understand how important it is to GET THINGS RIGHT. It takes growing up in the first world to fully understand that all of these great inventions DO NOT RUN ON MAGIC and "white boy" did not rise to greatness by screwing everyone and snorting fairy dust. Hiring someone who cooked with cow dung for the first 30 years of life just because a piece of paper said he was qualified does not cut it in the real world, Predominantly these H1B visa engineers are nothing but software jockeys who simply lack the sense they need to see a fatal flaw the software, for some reason, does not point out. AND GUESS WHAT: America invented the airplane, mastered electrical distribution and designed nuclear reactors WITHOUT that software. Go figure. How the hell did that happen? YOU GUESS.


Here are the eyewitness testimonies that prove the all new "strength from diversity" Boeing simply built a horse sh*t product:

"It was a loud rattling sound. Like straining and shaking metal, " said Turn Buzuna, a 26-year-old housewife and farmer who lives about 300 meters (328 yards) from the crash site.

"Everyone says they have never heard that kind of sound from a plane and they are under a flight path, " she added.

Malka Galato, 47, a barley and wheat farmer whose field the plane crashed in, also described smoke and sparks from the back. "The plane was very close to the ground and it made a turn... Cows that were grazing in the fields ran in panic, " he said.


Tamirat Abera, 25, was walking past the field at the time. He said the plane turned sharply, trailing white smoke and items like clothes and papers, then crashed about 300 meters away.

"It tried to climb but it failed and went down nose first, " he said. "There was fire and white smoke which then turned black."

My comment: There is ONE THING that matters: It was trailing debris before it hit and sounded like shaking and straining metal. No reports of explosions (no bomb) just reports of it making loud noises, falling apart, and crashing. That blows control software and pitot tube B.S. straight into the trash. No software update is going to fix this problem!

The white smoke was probably from debris damaging the engines. People noticed the noises of metal coming apart, not the engines, which can only mean the structural failures were so massive they were louder than the engines.

This type of failure was not possible in new aircraft from the original, no diversity, classic Boeing the company built it's reputation on. If this kind of crap is going on, Boeing is now below the quality threshold of 1970's vintage Tuopolev craft, and if they don't stop focusing on diversity and START FOCUSING ON QUALITY, they are going down, it won't be limited to this one POS.

ONLY WHITE AMERICAN MALES ARE GOING TO BE ABLE TO FIX BOEING'S PROBLEM. But no self hating snowflake liberal in the hiring department is ever going to own up to that reality, I predict that once all the aircraft produced before the 737 Max 8 obsolete out, Boeing is history.

Maduro is hoaxing full power restoration

There's no way all power could be restored in Venezuela after all those electrical explosions, and via the trace map, I'd say a random number between 80 and 90 percent is restored. Not bad, considering how bad the attack was and Maduro ought not play "kim jong" by spewing B.S. about a 100 percent recovery when the U.S. and any other nation of significance including allies of Venezuela can look at the entire country from space in real time.

I will declare Guri 100 percent up and running when Suriname gets switched back on. For as long as Suriname is sitting at 25 percent power, there's no reason to say Venezuela got it all back. Above 80 percent restored such a short time after busting virus planting saboteurs is bragging rights, there's no reason to lie and say it is more than it is.

Update: It did become meaningful to post Suriname's data, because they keep removing it from the incident map by falsely reporting it has zero problems (probably because the truth about this has been revealed). I'll get to that later. Yes, oracle will bow down to the deep state and bury data. Too late, I have it.

Suriname was suddenly put back on the global incident map. I have their data captured in case it becomes meaningful to post it.

Venezuela's power has fallen back down to this morning's levels, which were equal to what Guri could produce before it was updated in 2010.

So obviously, the 1980's vintage stuff is working normally, while the stuxnet compatible stuff keeps getting attacked.

Not a wise move with China no doubt knocking to get in to help fix this. What would China do with effectively captured Stuxnet code?

Probably following orders, Oracle took Suriname off their global incident map

This is because their incident map proves Venezuela was giving Suriname over 75 percent of it's power, and that Suriname is impacted as hard as Venezuela is by America's cyber attack. That did not "feel good" for a disinfo clown, so Suriname is now off the map. Don't worry, I have the link which proves it all HERE so you can see what is going on there.

HEADS UP: A NEW ATTACK ON VENEZUELA IS UNDERWAY, AND THEIR POWER MAY GO OUT AGAIN. I am just sitting here waiting for it to happen.

Too bad all their refrigerated food is rotten, so getting the power back for the better part of a day at this point obviously did not help them much.

The new attacks commenced when Venezuela's oil ports opened up again and began filling tankers. Coincidence? What is that?

At least all the phones and flashlights got charged, along with car batteries I am sure.

In defiance of the FAA, which is obviously corrupt and protecting Boeing, Trump signed an order to ground all 737 Max 8 aircraft.

China has backed Venezuela's claims the U.S. took out Venezuela's grid

I have recently noticed Venezuela's power fell back down to 73 percent. To that I'd like to state the obvious: At this point, keeping the cyber attack going will only result in the risk of China getting ahold of the code.

Experts staunchly declare Maduro is to blame for the outage (still) but remember, these are the same "experts" trying to tell Americans that vaccines are safe.


As of 8:40 AM CST, Venezuela managed to get one of the newer Stux infected generators going at Guri. That's a LOT sooner than I expected, GREAT WORK. Power is now, at the time of posting this update, at 77.8 percent.

The times on the chart above are off a little due to the chart producing times based on GMT.

I'd like to state that I am not a fan of socialist countries AT ALL, but have sided with Venezuela in all of this because the U.S. screwing with them is TOTAL B.S. and the U.S. is getting a LOT worse than any socialist country. Facism combined with Pelosi is WAY WORSE.

For what the American people produce and earn, they don't get jack in return. It all gets taken via taxes, fake university induced student debt (and I say fake because the universities are indeed, now predominantly fake). Americans are also badly burdened by a hoax "scamming mechanic" medical system, and exhorbitant totally inexcusable rent and property prices, all made possible by free mason fronted city zoning and building permit codes.

It is specifically the freemasons that managed to get a form of totally uniform tyranny across all city and county governments for the purpose of screwing property values. The Freemasons are the reason why all city codes (which would be unique to each city if not messed with) are basically the same no matter what city you go to. Zoning and restricting building and building codes and permits are far too uniform in America to be for real, when there's no official centralized control of it all. It was the job of the freemasons to accomplish that. The property prices may be explainable in Hong Kong, where there's 120 million chinese trying to stand on the same floor tile, but in wide open America such pricing is an act of war.

Add to this rock stupid high phone, cable, and internet prices and Americans get totally tapped out, the only "good deal" in America is food, and with much of it now GMO who would want it? Lots of the world has banned it!

BOOM: If Maduro is an evil dictator who can't manage power, why did Suriname lose all it's power too?

ANSWER: It was fed by Guri! Almost the entire nation of Suriname was also fed by Guri, Venezuela was providing their power. This has never been mentioned by the MSM EVER. Why is Suriname not in the news with babies dying in incubators, a victim of an evil leadership? The exact same internet map provided by Oracle quoted below to show how much of Venezuela's power has been restored captured the same power outage in Suriname at the same time. None of the power Venezuela was providing Suriname is being restored yet, Maduro is taking care of Venezuela first. Take a look at both maps. There is a LOT more to this story than we are being told.

If Suriname was getting 75 percent of it's power from Venezuela, and Venezuela was such an unreliable crap provider, Why did the media never mention outages in Suriname over all these years? YOU GUESS.

Hint: it has something to do with oil.


As of 10:55 PM CST, Venezuela's power is 69.1 percent restored (up from 16.8 percent yesterday, ) when the Stuxnet virus guys were busted at Guri, subsequently triggering the U.S. to claim Venezuela has started anonymous and unjustified detentions of Americans which was used as a reason to announce removal of American embassy workers which would "allow more options" for the U.S. to "deal with the evil dictator Maduro". A fool could see what that means, cruise missiles are next.

The data is provided by Oracle, so it's not Maduro puffing B.S. As soon as the Stuxnet brothers were busted, Venezuela's electrical problems steadily rose from approximately 18 percent power to 69.1 percent power within a day as shown by this internet access map, which proves 69.1 percent of Venezuelans are back online. That can't happen without electricity.

Problems will continue as drones continue to drop conductive strands into substations to blow them up. This game is not over yet, but at least the virus problem has been confirmed, and obviously handled. There's no way the bust of two American stux spooks and restoration of power was coincidence!

If a virus shut it all down without damaging a whole lot, Venezuela will probably get up to about 85 percent power over the next couple days because it is apparent drones and other saboteurs have done a lot of damage to substations and transformers, it won't all come back up quickly.

My guess is that most of the substation explosions are going to be repairable, it all depends upon where a conductive strand got an arc established from and to. If all it did was blow the top off insulators and eat small transformers, that's an easy fix. If it actually ate a giant 50+ megawatt transformer, that's not so easy and will take a year or so. All such events are so bright you can't really tell what actually happened. But I'd bet that if left alone Venezuela could probably get power back up to about 95 percent restored in about 2 weeks. Many of the substations have more transformers available than they actually needed. Rolling blackout time for some areas. Better by a whole lot than no power at all.

Watch that Oracle map for updates on Venezuela's power situation, it is probably the most reliable reference there is.

There's a solid chance the power failure attack failed. Venezuela was definitely hurt by it, but not badly enough. If the U.S. got what it wanted out of this, it would not be calling the embassy workers home, obviously the war hawks know they lost the power battle and will now proceed in a different way.

Remember when I said drones as small as a DJI phantom can wipe out electrical lines and transformers?

There is a video that likely shows that happening in Venezuela.

As it turns out, Venezuela's transformer and power line explosions are likely to be exactly that. There is video where it appears obvious a drone is dropping conductive strands onto Venezuela's power lines, in the hope of getting a self sustaining arc going. There is video of this happening down the page a ways on this Twitter. The guy who posted the video assumed it was too much voltage doing this, but it is clearly not, the sparks are being caused by conductive strands being dropped. A real over voltage arc would happen in one spot only, and be absolutely immense, not the sparklers all over the place the video is showing.

This appears to be something dropping conductive strands on the power lines, in the hopes of getting a welding arc going. If such an arc is successfully started, it is pretty much game over, everything will get cooked.

Most likely, this is exactly how the substations are being torched off - drones are dropping these strands, which were well spoken about during the gulf war, for taking out substations. Once an arc gets going, there's no stopping it until it burns everything up. It is lucky circumstance that someone captured video of such an attack underway (unsuccessfully) being done, it failed to cause the lines to blow up in this case. However, this video proves foul play in the manner I described, there's no question whatsoever that the substations are being destroyed as an act of war.

So if the virus does not do it, the drones and conductive strands will be used.



Dear Boeing: Fuselage failure has nothing to do with sensors, who made the decision to review the sensors and software, rather than the fuselage? Someone with a H1-B Visa??!!??

TOTALLY MISSING REALITY BASED HEADLINE: Boeing hunts for reasons such as door latches and panel rivet failures to explain why Ethiopian air flight came apart on takeoff and subsequently crashed, as witnessed by people on the ground.

Scroll down, that's exactly what happened, WHY is Boeing chasing sensor issues over what is obviously structural failure, most likely in both crashes?



Not directly of course, but to date Maduro has arrested TWO (2) people he suspected were Americans planting viruses at Guri. Low and behold, the U.S. department of state subsequently issued a warning that Maduro is "arbitrarily arresting Americans". BUSTED. Yep, the people Maduro caught sabotaging Guri were indeed Americans, as now confirmed by a strategic FOOL in the state department. Whoever did something that stupid probably bunks up with Ocasio Cortez.


So he'll get it all up and running after expunging American saboteurs (very quickly in fact) only to have the U.S. go in on Thursday and blow it all up with hard weaponry. U.S. oil companies are already hiring new people to go into Venezuela!!! The reason for ALL OF IT could not possibly be more crystal clear.

I just double checked and it is true: Yesterday the power was almost 100 percent out when Maduro arrested American Stuxnet planters. On the same day these people got arrested, the U.S. announced a pull out from the embassy, in preparation for a hot war. The day after the Stuxnet planters got busted, Venezuela's power is 71 percent restored. THAT IS DAMN FAST SUPER COMPETENT UNBELIEVABLY SKILLED SPEED AT GETTING A GRID BACK UP, that proves, without question, everything spewed by American media is CRAP.

But it won't matter, because on Thursday the day for cruise missiles taking out the electrical grid due to "Maduro's incompetence and corruption" will arrive. Yep, if the U.S. was audacious enough to discredit Maduro over an American launched virus attack, which Maduro actually shut down quite quickly and recovered from at a stunning pace, there's no question at all the next step will be the U.S. simply blowing it all up with missiles. Venezuelans will have power for a couple days at least, and then American soldiers will save them from the aftermath of whatever the U.S. causes by blowing it all up for real.

The audacity and evil the "war for oil cabal" in the U.S. exhibits is breathtakingly satanic. That's why America wanted Trump, but after that omnibus "spending bill" gutted the presidency, we lost Trump, who was pulling out of Syria and proved he, like us, did not want this crap. We are ALL going to get it now, like it or not, and Dems and traitors made it happen. Maybe Ilhan Omar could read up a little and spew with more intelligence in her "correctness" which hit the nail on the head, while only having 10 percent knowledge of just how deep this crap goes.


That's what happens when you stop hiring white people and go to the lowest common H1B visa denominator,

THERE. I had the guts to say it like it is, and did it in a single short sentence.

As it turns out, the recent Ethiopian air Boeing 737-MAX crashed due to structural failure, and not a nose down causing pitot tube. I called B.S. on the pitot tube the first time around, and was reluctant to the second time around because it got blamed again and I thought "Maybe". However, the real problem is that the plane is a PIECE OF CRAP that fell apart in flight. Why? Just LOOK HERE.

FACT: Boeing products were without question, NO QUESTION WHATSOEVER, the best in the world until this diversity crap took center stage. Boeing rose to greatness with the work of the WHITE RACE. That is a completely, totally, irrevocable WRITTEN IN BEDROCK FACT. But I'll be a racist for pointing that out I guess. Now that Boeing has called diversity the most important thing they can be a part of, rather than building quality aircraft, we have crap like what just happened with Ethiopian air having a BRAND NEW 737 MAX fall apart in mid air.

It was not the pitot tube. It was not a software issue. Eyewitness accounts clearly prove the airplane simply fell apart in the sky so badly it was dropping "clothes and papers" and creaking and rattling from failing metal.

Now the only question is whether or not Al Bajeeb did not laminate something on the assembly line, or if Phi Bhopar screwed up the engineering somewhere, and ALL OF THESE PLANES need to be thrown in the trash! FACT: The 737 MAX is the first Boeing plane produced with "diversity" being a key component of it all. And what is now happening clearly proves that WHITE LIVES MATTER. THERE. Said it again. And I admit that I am a bigoted racist homophobic intellectually stunted ANTI SEMITE for saying it!

FACT: It takes growing up in the first world to fully understand how important it is to GET THINGS RIGHT. It takes growing up in the first world to fully understand that all of these great inventions DO NOT RUN ON MAGIC and "white boy" did not rise to greatness by screwing everyone and snorting fairy dust. Hiring someone who cooked with cow dung for the first 30 years of life just because a piece of paper said he was qualified does not cut it in the real world, Predominantly these H1B visa engineers are nothing but software jockeys who simply lack the sense they need to see a fatal flaw the software, for some reason, does not point out. AND GUESS WHAT: America invented the airplane, mastered electrical distribution and designed nuclear reactors WITHOUT that software. Go figure. How the hell did that happen? YOU GUESS.


Here are the eyewitness testimonies that prove the all new "strength from diversity" Boeing simply built a horse sh*t product:

"It was a loud rattling sound. Like straining and shaking metal, " said Turn Buzuna, a 26-year-old housewife and farmer who lives about 300 meters (328 yards) from the crash site.

"Everyone says they have never heard that kind of sound from a plane and they are under a flight path, " she added.

Malka Galato, 47, a barley and wheat farmer whose field the plane crashed in, also described smoke and sparks from the back. "The plane was very close to the ground and it made a turn... Cows that were grazing in the fields ran in panic, " he said.


Tamirat Abera, 25, was walking past the field at the time. He said the plane turned sharply, trailing white smoke and items like clothes and papers, then crashed about 300 meters away.

"It tried to climb but it failed and went down nose first, " he said. "There was fire and white smoke which then turned black."

My comment: There is ONE THING that matters: It was trailing debris before it hit and sounded like shaking and straining metal. No reports of explosions (no bomb) just reports of it making loud noises, falling apart, and crashing. That blows control software and pitot tube B.S. straight into the trash. No software update is going to fix this problem!

The white smoke was probably from debris damaging the engines. People noticed the noises of metal coming apart, not the engines, which can only mean the structural failures were so massive they were louder than the engines.

This type of failure was not possible in new aircraft from the original, no diversity, classic Boeing the company built it's reputation on. If this kind of crap is going on, Boeing is now below the quality threshold of 1970's vintage Tuopolev craft, and if they don't stop focusing on diversity and START FOCUSING ON QUALITY, they are going down, it won't be limited to this one POS.

UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCE: When Trump blocked Iran from receiving all those "nice new Boeing" aircraft, all he did was prevent them from importing CRAP!


Time for a microwave oven rant, since "microwave ovens are bad" is making the rounds again

A while ago, someone (I don't remember who) did a "study" and proved that microwave ovens changed the chemistry of food. Subsequently, another study done by some kids concluded that if you microwaved water before giving it to plants, the plants would die. Time to rip both again (I guess)

FACT: the entire reason anyone cooks food is to change the chemistry, and if you cook it on a burner rather than a microwave, the chemistry changes also. That's why food tastes different after you cook it! GEE, what a wonder. Yep. Microwaves change the chemistry of a lot of things you put in them because that's what heating up food does to it. It makes vegetables softer because the chemistry changed. Meat changes color when you cook it because the chemistry changed. And how about frying some cheese until it is brown? CHEMISTRY CHANGE, ditto with toast, boiled eggs, EVERYTHING, that is why we cook things to begin with.

People will argue that microwaves burn plastic into food so that alone makes them bad. WRONG. Try putting that same plastic container on a gas burner and heat up that food, and then eat the results! The real lesson to be had is that plastic is not good to cook in. Why not put stuff in a bowl or on a plate that is not plastic, (or melamine, that's even worse) and avoid that problem? FACT: Plastic survives microwave ovens FAR better than it does open flame or an electric burner, and people think that just because you can get away with putting it in a microwave it makes the microwave oven "bad". Sort of like that climate change mantra . . . . . same level of not thinking.

How about those kids who proved microwaved water kills plants? Here's the reality with that one: Any time you heat up water, you drive all the nitrogen out. Plants need nitrogen in the water. You will kill them with distilled water too, unless you use a lot of fertilizers to offset the fact that the water is mineral free. And who's to say the kids cooled the water down enough to not kill the plants with heat? Maybe they did, but you know kids! The real way to do the experiment would be to heat up water on a normal burner in a glass bowl and give that to the plants, and then use the exact same glass bowl in the microwave to heat up water, let both cool to room temperature, and give both to the plants. All things being equal, both test groups will either live or die, together. Maybe I'll set that up, the real problem with the "microwaved water kills plants" experiment is that kids are usually not good with scientific processes and keeping everything perfectly equal.

Here's the bottom line: Knowing exactly what a microwave does to cook, I NUKE EVERYTHING. Ok, not "everything", the coffee maker sometimes heats the coffee up and I cook meat and mac and cheese on a burner, but if it can go in a microwave, it does. PERIOD. And you can safely bet that the faraday cage of a microwave oven blocks so much of the 2.4 gigahertz signal that an Iphone or any other cell phone, or even WIFI puts a LOT MORE of a 2.4 gigahertz signal into you than a microwave oven does.


El Chapo gave Hillary $15 million USD!

Maybe this was a huge story I missed? Can't find an American version though . . . . . and zero comments because it was released in Mexico, IN ENGLISH.

The New York Times has separate editions for Latin America, and in their Mexican edition, they clearly printed that El Chapo sent Hillary $15 million USD, laundered through a bank account Hillary had in the Cayman Islands, and then she laundered it into the Clinton Foundation.

UPDATE: It says above the page was archived until March 9 of 2019. but if you actually click through, it only archived in January 2017, all other archive links blank page.

I went to great lengths to see if this story was a hoax, and it is not. It was captured in the Wayback machine and the original appears to be expunged. They killed the entire domain this appeared on, probably over this, now handled via re-direct If you copy the base URL without the MX on it, it takes you to the New York Times. But if you add the MX, it takes you to a generic page, that references in the whois as registered in 2018. PROBLEM: The Wayback machine has this archived Jan 2017, which means there's no way the .mx extension could be a totally freshly registered by someone else, the NYT realy did own this when the Wayback machine captured it. Evidently the New York Times needed to bury this and to save Hillary they killed a URL extension over it. Here is the link to the Wayback machine that proves this existed. Try copying it any way you like right out of the Wayback machine to try to get it to work. It does not. WHY NOT? Did a rogue reporter post this, only to be dripping from a heavy metal head wound the next day? Probably! A search of that reporter referenced by the Wayback machine returns ZERO, for both "The Times" and 'The New York Times". He's dead and deleted. OOPS, forgot to clean that Wayback machine! Here is what the link the Wayback machine captured goes to now.

The captured report above is listed as released for "Mexico and the Americas" which means everything south of the border. This never got published in the U.S., GEE, I WONDER WHY.

  Most likely, the now vanished "Robertson" figured he'd squeak this out through the Latino edition and paid for it with his life. Subsequently, the NYT killed the entire sub domain over it, after all, this is Tsar Bomba on Clinton, a protected item worth killing anything over. Posted in English most likely because Robertson could not translate it nicely, thus explaining "zero comments". There has to be a reason why he no longer turns up anywhere and the Wayback machine did not screw this up. Subsequently the NYT then killed it all, while forgetting to clean the Wayback machine which absolutely WILL delete for the deep state. Damn immigrant hires screwing up and forgetting things like that! That kind of error really blows a cover up!

Dear New York Times: Please hire Americans to do your dirty work, because if you are not from American culture, you won't understand that to cover up A, you need to delete A+B.

Hire American. Because some people do not, and now we know that: The NYT owned this domain in 2017, idled it for 3 months as a blank page (probably to kill this report), sold it in May 2017 after which this continued to be "blank paged" yet still working with the page address, and was then re-registered to someone else in 2018 and that someone else kept the same page address working. The now vanished report does not return a 401, the page still exists, WHICH MEANS THE URL PROBABLY REALLY IS STILL ON A NYT SERVER WHICH IS RETURNING A HOAX "WE DON'T OWN IT, EVEN IN WHOIS, and that's BAD. If they sold that, it should return a 401. They even screwed that part up!


"Food is growing scarce in oil-rich, cash-poor Venezuela, especially when the average monthly salary can barely pay for two chickens."

PROBLEM: According to official stats released by the UN, the average Venezuelan makes $7977 USD per year. According to IMF the average Venezuelan makes $6, 890 USD per year, which will go a LONG WAY in a socialist country, EVEN AFTER TSHTF. "two chickens??!!??" HA!!! The World Bank refused to rate Venezuela so there may be some clues there as to who is really behind the power outage.

The real problem is the power outage, which is becoming increasingly proven to be caused by the United States AND: BLOCKBUSTER:


Yep. After Maduro busted two spooks while they were attempting to re-plant viruses at Guri, and even got their code and took them into custody, America put out a blanket statement that was basically a declaration that the U.S. military will begin strikes against Venezuela in the near future. Here is that statement:

"The U.S. will withdraw all remaining personnel from @usembassyVE this week. This decision reflects the deteriorating situation in #Venezuela as well as the conclusion that the presence of U.S. diplomatic staff at the embassy has become a constraint on U.S. policy." Translation: We need to get the Americans out of there before we blow the place up with smart bombs, rather than electrical viruses because we know the "failing grid charade" is about to end now that Maduro has our spooks and our code. Game on while they are still having seizures over the virus.

So now that the U.S. knows it is busted, and Maduro has the American spooks in detainment along with their virus code, suddenly having embassy staff in Venezuela amounts to a "constraint on U.S. policy"


Just watch: Guri dam will soon fail like Oroville, because you really can cause concrete dams to fail in tropical locations by neglecting them even without there being salt water or freeze thaw cycles, and even when by common norms the dams are relatively new. They just flush themselves when "REGIMES" take control, dams cry "for the people" too I guess, and there are LOTS of tears when they do!

Folks, I'll repeat: The fact viruses can take out Venezuela's grid proves without question it was modern and well updated, CASE CLOSED.


As it turns out, at one point Guri was 70 percent back online and saboteurs nailed it again. I wonder how far they'll get with restoring it all now that they have two people in custody, plus the code they were carrying.

Probably not rumor:

El Chapo sent $15 million USD to Hillary Clinton via a shell account in the Cayman islands, which then transferred the funds to the Clinton foundation. Don't expect the MSM to cover this, it is apparently a buried story that is years old.

Ok, I went over everything and this story is apparently confirmed. The New York Times has owned the archived URL showing in the Wayback Machine since 1994. So it is not a hoax, how is Hillary not getting hammered for this? YOU GUESS. I am going to go out of "combat mode" to post this better.

This is why I am calling Q BULLSHIT:

Remember this Q drop? This was from November of 2017. DID IT HAPPEN?

"My fellow Americans, over the course of the next several days you will undoubtedly realize that we are taking back our great country (the land of the free) from the evil tyrants that wish to do us harm and destroy the last remaining refuge of shining light. On POTUS' order, we have initiated certain fail-safes that shall safeguard the public from the primary fallout which is slated to occur 11.3 upon the arrest announcement of Mr. Podesta (actionable 11.4). Confirmation (to the public) of what is occurring will then be revealed and will not be openly accepted. Public riots are being organized in serious numbers in an effort to prevent the arrest and capture of more senior public officials. On POTUS' order, a state of temporary military control will be actioned and special ops carried out. False leaks have been made to retain several within the confines of the United States to prevent extradition and special operator necessity. Rest assured, the safety and well-being of every man, woman, and child of this country is being exhausted in full. However, the atmosphere within the country will unfortunately be divided as so many have fallen for the corrupt and evil narrative that has long been broadcast. We will be initiating the Emergency Broadcast System (EMS) during this time in an effort to provide a direct message (avoiding the fake news) to all citizens. Organizations and/or people that wish to do us harm during this time will be met with swift fury - certain laws have been pre-lifted to provide our great military the necessary authority to handle and conduct these operations (at home and abroad)."

NO, IT DID NOT HAPPEN. Q is a stall apparatus to get people complacent until the end has arrived and it is too late to stop anything.

The end came with the latest Omnibus spending bill that destroyed the presidency. Even Pelosi has stated that Trump is "not worth impeaching anymore". It is game over for Trump, who is now nothing but a puppet who HAS TO do the bidding of his masters because it is all written into carefully crafted land mines that makes him in violation of the law if he disagrees with anything. It does not matter if the law is not legitimate for as long as the supreme court will uphold it, and that is a guarantee with Ginsburg "still around". You are going to see a different Trump now, and for as long as Ginsburg is "alive" it will continue, Trump is officially powerless and there is no avenue available to challenge it.


It is possible that space based laser attacks are being used in Venezuela

Possible but not confirmed. No matter what, the official story is hokum.

The last electrical explosion happened to a major transformer that Venezuela needed for much of it's grid. The timing is stupid. So stupid I don't believe it. There are a million ways to blow up a transformer,

One is to shoot it. You'd never find the bullet hole because the entire thing would be vaporized, burying all evidence.

Another one is to remove the plugs. All large transformers have oil in them, and if there are any issues it has to be drained and replaced. This oil used to be PCB's (what I mentioned below) which got banned, at least in the U.S. The oil is an insulator. If it gets drained while the transformer is on, Kablooey.

It would not be likely for such a transformer to explode from an overload, unless a computer virus made it happen.

A space based laser could also cause mayhem.

It is not plausible for anything other than sabotage to destroy such a transformer. They all have warning gauges that tell if there is a breach in the casing that could have allowed water in. Even small 500, 000 kw transformers have them. The time delay between the gauges showing a potential problem and Kablooey is months to years. There's no way such a large transformer could have possibly been that neglected.

The only rational answer, given the timing, is intentional sabotage or an attack of one form or another. It was either shot, or had the oil drained (that would be a multiple thousand gallon spill on that huge a transformer, so that's probably not it because it would be too obvious.

The bottom line is that there's numerous ways to cause mayhem with high voltage. And Pompeo is no doubt cracking open the champagne.

Stop falling for the "they are going to do something" B.S.

Every time a story about how something will soon be done comes out from ANYONE (today's was something Sessions ordered is going to lead to prosecution of Hillary next year and if you believe that, I have some deluxe pie filling for you to enjoy, please order it!


About the accident the President's motorcade was almost involved in:

Here's what really happened:

When the motorcade was about to pass, someone slowed to a crawl on the interstate. A woman was probably texting and did not notice whoever it was did this, and whoever it was then swerved in front of her to make sure there was no way around, other than the guard rail. The woman then trashed a nice looking SUV into the guard rail at the last minute, and idiot accident causer drove away. If anyone wanted to kill the president, it was whoever successfully forced her into the guard rail. Unfortunately the bastard who caused it all was not hit. She should have at least clipped him on purpose. 53 second video here

Yes, it was an attempted hit on the president. NO, the woman in the SUV did not plan this.

Venezuela rumors:

It has been speculated that the public has concluded Guiado and supporters in the U.S. tripped the power outage, and Guiado is not expected to be alive for more than the next few hours.


General consensus is that Pompeo and others in the U.S. are responsible and are to be blamed 100 percent for all the problems the power outage caused, including deaths.

The American media can lie all it wants to the outside world about the "poor state of Venezuelas electrical infrastructure but that won't cut it when Venezuelans themselves are right there, in the country, and clearly know they have up-to-date stuff. If Venezuela has any problems at all with energy infrastructure, it would be at the local neighborhood level, not main distribution, which they had totally up to date. Perhaps trees in neighborhoods were not trimmed back from lines correctly (maybe they are, who knows) or perhaps some of the neighborhood transformers are 50 years old (this happens everywhere, including the U.S.) but those types of issues won't trip a nationwide blackout. The bottom line is that whatever this problem is, it was not an infrastructure problem that caused it. Venezuelans are hard working people that would never let main distribution go to hell, no matter who was in power, even if it was old crap.

I don't like socialist systems because they are too ripe for abuse. However, in this particular situation the MSM is "Trumping" Maduro, accusing Maduro of that which socialists (and they themselves do) when in reality, there's no Russian collusion and no crappy power system in Venezuela.

Obviously it is the popular thing to rip socialists because by and large they are crap, but in this case people need to consider other possibilities for this power outage, clearly, without question, with as many MAJOR and I mean major 2010 and newer upgrades that have been done to Venezuela's grid, neglect of the system did not do this. The American MSM plus NPR are lying through a venom dripping tongue.

FACT: Maduro has not been around long enough to cause anything to go wrong with any electrical system. There are lines and transformers in the U.S. that have never had anything done with them at all since the PCB scare of the 70's and things are not going kablooey. Large electrical systems simply work, work and keep on working for decades. They are infrastructure. You don't rip out bridges every two years, and you don't do the same with transformers, generators, switch gear, and power lines either. The entire electrical story as presented by America's MSM in Venezuela is a total war mongering hoax.

Look, OH LOOK: Babies in INCUBATORS are DYING because Maduro neglected the electrical system. Let's all go down there with smart bombs and kick his @ss. Venezuelans will gladly give us ALL THEIR OIL in thanks after we "rescue" them from that horrible horrible man!


Maduro has now stated that the problem is a cyber attack is underway that keeps interfering with efforts to turn everything back on. This would indicate that scenario 2 below is what really happened. In that case, all they have to do is find a way to stop the attack and they will get power restored. Obviously the problem with all of this is that for as much as things are networked, the virus or hackers are just going to go wherever they want, re-infecting cleared gear and/or simply switching it off. The fact a cyber attack could take it all out proves, without question, that it is not the outdated crap that the MSM is continuously spewing like the dripping infection they are.

With all the lies in the MSM there's no way to know exactly what the people in Venezuela think of it all.

As far as the three huge substation explosions that have happened over the last couple years, these are most likely caused by either direct sabotage (someone throwing the right piece of metal on the wires) or a raccoon in the wrong place, getting an arc path started. As bright as they may be, the damage from those is not as bad as it looks in a Youtube video. The U.S. has the ability to kick off such explosions with a small drone that would never be noticed (something as small as a DJI phantom) dropping conductive strands into a substation. All one of those strands has to do is land right, and POOF. Arc welding does the rest.

Here is the line the U.S. is trying to push, straight from NPR:

"The blackout appears to have stemmed from a failure at the main hydroelectric plant in Venezuela, which has suffered from years of underinvestment. "

Problem: I don't call upgrading it's capacity from about 6.5 gigawatts to over 12 gigawatts, while replacing the old generators on top of it in 2010 "years of underinvestment". The real "infrastructure problem" venezuela had was that all of the larger equipment was replaced with the new stuff, totally susceptible to Stuxnet attack.

Obviously there are going to be lies from the U.S. with regard to this, the U.S. sure as heck is not going to admit what was done. It is beginning to come to light more fully now, here's a brief update based on the latest info, a guess, based on how bad the damage really ended up being:

Two scenarios:

Scenario 1: All of Venezuela's electrical grid was analyzed and put in a simulator. All the major transformers, circuit breakers, generators, were put in the simulation, which then ran precise scenarios for what would happen if Guri was pushed out of phase, and all other generating facilities were put out of phase with it, while all of the computer controlled circuit breakers were told by a virus to never trip. They modeled max destruction and had everything pre-routed to the worst possible outcome, where transformer A was at such close power output rating to generator B via the output from generator D (and it's spec plate) that all 3 would kill each other, one of them would not win. Ditto for generators between different power stations, that were connected to the same circuit. Once they had it all figured out, they then ran that program, which basically annihilated Venezuela's grid. It could not have happened if that grid was not state of the art, which it was.

Then blame Maduro for not maintaining it correctly, spew like the worst troll in the worst comment section telling the worst lies, and hope to flip the people of Venezuela against Maduro.

Scenario 2: Once again, all of Venezuela's power grid was put in the same simulator, which, rather than destroy things, was programmed to instead front the illusion of the generators going out of phase at Guri, to explain why everything went dark. But really, in this scenario nothing happened that would take out the power to the entire country, other than a virus sitting in all the switch gear and controls, preventing anything from working. Maduro gets ousted, Guiado gets put in, and then poof, like magic, all the lights come on.

Take your pick, with how bad it is, it is one or the other.

The only constant in all scenarios is the U.S. gets the oil.

Venezuela blackout update:

Some of the power is being restored. As I said earlier, it should be possible to get anywhere between 50 percent and 70 percent of it back after the type of attack the U.S. did, but there will be permanent, years long damage, and it will take at least a week before what is left after the attack can (mostly) come back on. LOW AND BEHOLD:

With perfect timing, massive Guiado demonstrations are happening with "Venezuelans angry with Maduro about the power outage". The problem is that what happened could not have possibly been the result of mis-management, poor maintenance, under-funding, or anything else, what happened is the equivalent of saying that just because someone did not do an oil change, the car got totaled by a semi. The facility at Guri dam was not the same type of scenario you'd have in a coal fired power plant, where if a virus opened the boiler valves there to over-spin the generators they'd quickly deplete the boilers and back off, Instead, Guri had over a thousand square miles of water reserve that would never run out pushing on the generators and when the virus opened the valves all the way, it was game over no matter what. One of two things would happen:

Either you keep the generators coupled to the grid to stop them from self destructing by being over spun, or you just let them go free, until they spin so fast they start throwing pieces. What happened at Guri was a really really filthy, rotten, evil "destroy a nation" attack, all launched by software from a hole in the ground where cowards sat, watched the numbers come in, and laughed at what they did. ALL BECAUSE VENEZUELA HAS AMAZING OIL RESERVES AND IS NOT PLAYING BALL WITH THE NWO

I'd like to mention something also - In reality, it does not matter if your political system is communist, socialist, fascist, or capitalist, What matters is if the people in charge of it all are corrupted bastards or not. As it turns out, the people running Venezuela as a socialist country were not corrupt, (at least not like Hillary and Pelosi) and Venezuela was actually a fairly decent place to live until they got screwed with by sanctions and foreign thieves who wanted their oil.

The big problem with systems that are not capitalist is the weaknesses of people, who after seeing such opportunity to start screwing everyone, subsequently do. It's pretty much universal, it always ends up happening over time. Venezuela was not there yet, it was all running fairly well until foreign tampering screwed the country up. So though I am no socialist, there are examples you can point to where the results are not some sort of apocalypse, and when Venezuela was being left alone, it was not. People were actually quite happy there.

Getting back to Guiado - What happens with him will be 100 percent dependent upon whether or not average Venezuelans figure out the U.S. is attacking their infrastructure via well known viruses and back doors that are so well published and admitted to they are comic book material. They'd have to be stupid to miss the obvious, and they are probably not that stupid. Even Press TV called out the U.S. for attacking Guri, and they are not my favorite. At least they don't lie on purpose, in this case the truth is so obvious not being a liar is all it takes. Pompeo's tweet probably helped them figure it out.

America was great for as long as it was capitalist. But after the Federal Reserve, and the income tax, and creeping socialism which has now been combined with abject fascism, where the fascists are taking over the financial, information, medical, education, and other areas the rule of law is gone and the information sector is simply not doing it's job of reporting anything accurately. I guess if America was actually attacked by Venezuela and the response against Guri was a counterattack it might be justified for the media to lie about it all, but in this case they are FILTH, aiding and abetting a criminal war mongering facist cabal that wants to go into Venezuela and post a bunch of trophy oil wells. And they used your tax dollars, fed to them via the skimming of a socialist tax system to pay for it all. Conquering Venezuela will be done on your dime and they'll then just squat on someone elses turf and rake in the cash.

We will have to wait and see where this goes. "wait and see" with a pretty good idea of where it is all headed, if they played this nasty against a facility that was one of the sparkling gems of the energy world - let me be clear about what Guri was -

Guri is a 12+ gigawatt hydroelectric dam. There are no nuclear reactors that generate significantly more than a gigawatt in the United States. There are very few facilities in the United States that generate much more than two gigawatts total. 12 gigawatts is a MONSTER facility of epic global significance. Guri was the third largest generating station in the entire world.

Furthermore, Guri was not a piece of crap. It went online in the late 80's, and got all new generators and hardware in 2010, under a socialist system. Far from being a disheveled piece of crap like the scamming American media claims, Guri was a STATE OF THE ART BUGATTI. The U.S. has ZERO generating facilities that are that modern, and none that are significantly over 20 percent of it's size, even if they are nuclear or coal powered. I am not talking the third largest hydroelectric dam, I am talking the third largest power station in the world, PERIOD. And some FACIST A-holes after a few oil dollars, went into the facility via some hole in the ground in the U.S. or Israel, planted a virus from a "safe space" thousands of miles away, and blew the place up like a crack head with a crowbar, destroying a $2000 vending machine to score $50 in change. This one pisses me off.

All of the information about what happened at Guri came across Twitter right after the U.S. blew the place up. Numerous people at Guri tweeted out that they suddenly lost all ability to control the speed of the generators and that caused them to go out of phase with the rest of Venezuela's grid. Pure destruction would commence, no if's or buts and there's a kike laughing somewhere, BANK on it.

Now, right by the playbook, Guiado "supporters" are staging an enormous protest, AFTER power came back on (in earnest) and enough communications have been restored to turn America's spy apparatus back on. You can damn well bet that's what the timing of all of this indicates, if there were going to be REAL protests against Maduro they'd have happened when the lights were totally off, not when things are coming back on well enough to give the U.S. it's ears back!

The following Ilhan Omar comments are from the New York Post.

They can STUFF the link.

My bet: SHE'S TOAST, the deep state can't have comments like this:

Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar ripped former President Barack Obama in an interview published Friday, belittling his "pretty face" and saying his agenda of hope and change was an illusion.

She cited the "caging of kids" at the Mexican border and the "droning of countries around the world" on Obama's watch - and argued that he wasn't much different from President Trump

Here is a direct quote of what she said:

"We can't be only upset with Trump. His policies are bad, but many of the people who came before him also had really bad policies. They just were more polished than he was. And that's not what we should be looking for anymore. We don't want anybody to get away with murder because they are polished. We want to recognize the actual policies that are behind the pretty face and the smile."

Yep, she's TOAST. They are definitely going to get her.


Update to Venezuela:

The new troll approach is to acknowledge Venezuela had a great grid, but blame it's condition on Maduro for lack of maintenance. That's hogwash, even without maintenance that type of infrastructure will run 20 years without a hitch and it is only 9 years old. There's now way "lack of maintenance" could cause anything at all to go wrong that fast. It is common for such systems to run for 30 years with zero significant problems.


Rumor has it that rather than combat hackers, the update is specifically for stifling free speech.


You have answered our rightful opposition to what you are doing to us with "hate crimes" legislation. Interesting it is that it took a Muslim to point out what you are doing to us, which you then needed to cover up with "legislation". Fine.

You have only created a situation where our answer to your oppression won't be able to come in the form of "legislation" or an election, or anything else other than personal delivery.

Gee, hate crimes - the HALL MARK OF COMMUNISM. How stupid do you think all of us are, really?

And by the way, how about allowing palestinians who jump your wall to vote in your elections? If we are going to fund your asses with billions in "aid" you had damn well better accept what you are pushing on us on your own turf.








Dear Pelosi: the phoney "ash Wedenesday crap does not cut it, we all know what a crypto jew is.




GAME OVER VENEZUELA. Here's what's going to happen now. All the oldest mothballed stuff Venezuela has is now going to be brought out of mothball and run, because that's all there is left that might be ready to go right away. There will continue to be a blackout for a week or more, after which power will somewhat resume with a total capacity of between 50 percent and 70 percent of what Venezuela had previously. This will mean permanent rolling blackouts for over a year, IF no more attacks take place.

Here is the key Pompeo quote that says it ALL:

No food. No medicine. Now, no power. Next, no Maduro.

MY TRANSLATION: "WE CAME, WE SAW, HE DIED. HA HA HA HA HA. The world's largest proven oil reserves will now be OURS!!!

Update to below:

I re-traced steps looking for the tweets that said the generators went "off frequency" at Guri and can't find them anymore. There is censorship underway. If the generators did go off frequency, power will not be back up to all of venezuela any time soon. Such an event would likely permanently destroy anywhere from 30 - 50 percent of generating capacity in one whack. UPDATE: I just got all the stats. If the generators at Guri were over-spun on purpose to put them out of phase and blow other power facilities up elsewhere (plus at Guri, whoever wins the out of phase battle) the damage will amount to 40 percent of Venezuela's electrical capacity being wiped out for about five years. The types of generators Venezuela would have lost can't be replaced within a year, even without sanctions. My guess is that the news will now be continuously full of reports about how bad venezuela's electrical system is, all reports blaming Maduro.

If that happens, the following report is going to stand the test of time, if Venezuela now goes into continuous rolling blackouts that never stop, here is the reason:


I likely know EXPLICITLY what happened based on posts Venezuelans managed to get onto Twitter, and here it is:

Someone from either American or Israeli DOD got into the PLC controllers on the hydroelectric Guri dam. They attacked the systems that regulated water flow through the valves on the dam that send the water to the turbines. This is precisely the type of attack Stuxnet is supposed to be made for. They opened the valves all the way. They (or whatever virus they planted, probably Stuxnet) then told the engineers, via the readouts, that the water flows and turbine speeds were normal. With an enormous amount of pressure from the dam, the turbines managed to push ahead of phase on the rest of Venezuela's grid, got into an enormous tug-of-war with power stations elsewhere and blew everything up, tripping a nationwide blackout with long term severe damage.

Since people at Guri have stated that they had a runaway problem with the turbines, where they pushed ahead of phase and that's what triggered the blackout, a virus or other cyber attack is assumed. It is safe to assume this because once a power station is locked into the grid, it stays locked into the grid come hell (but not high water, ) - water, which in this case had enough pressure to force the generators to spin ahead of phase no matter what once the valves were simply totally open, controlling nothing. Once the generators were more than 20 degrees ahead of phase, everything would have absolutely no choice whatsoever to do anything but go kablooey. After that, pure destruction would commence. VENEZUELA WAS ATTACKED, this could not have happened any other way, case closed.

My original report follows. It is in part confirmed accurate by the facts that:

They deleted the airtime off the primary data plan (I am on a backup one now, with the old modems) and/or shut it off when I was typing this, PLUS they deleted the Fukushima report from the web site, PLUS the Stuxnet graphics, and then locked me out of the site entirely, with my only way in being the unstoppable "combat mode" which I have not tested yet by hitting "post" with all of this but I bet it will work. I'll get all of the Fukushima stuff put back up when I can finally log in again.

So things got dicey with this one, it's a DOOZIE.


Probable Stuxnet attack underway

At approximately 1:40 PM CST March 7 the Guri dam was cyber attacked, which tripped a nationwide blackout.

Here is a cute one: POMPEO TWEETED: "No food. No medicine. Now, no power. Next, no Maduro.

Given that statement, it can be fairly safely assumed the power outage in Venezuela was done on purpose by the United States. He has since rescinded the comment, but the genie is out of the bottle, THAT ONE is not going back in.

Ok, more details: There have been various comments about the turbines at Guri dam (that must be a huge hydroelectric project) went off frequency, phase canceled with the rest of the grid, and tripped the blackout. FACT: Once a generator is online and synchronized, as the turbines at Guri dam were, there's no way they lose sync and go out of phase unless something causes it. My guess is that most likely someone got a virus into the control systems at Guri dam which gave the engineers a false frequency reading while it opened the valves into the turbines too much and pushed them ahead of phase, which would trip a blackout. Most likely, the generators at Guri dam have been destroyed after they played tug of war with the entirety of Venezuela's grid. AND ONLY STUXNET OR A VARIANT COULD HAVE DONE THAT, now that word has gotten out about what actually happened, STUXNET ALL THE WAY BABY!!!! American/Israeli attack basically confirmed.

And for THAT I got a connection cut, got files deleted, got locked out of the web site and posted this with another connection I had in reserve via combat mode!

explosion related earthquake in NK

I was going to ignore this because it was a magnitude 2.1 which is so small it could not possibly be nuclear, even if the test failed. But it made the rounds too much so I'll comment. As it turns out, the richter/blast yield data has been censored everywhere. I just found this out when I tried to look up the exact stats of what a 2.1 equaled in seismic yield. However, from memory, a 2.1 is so small it can be created by approximately five kilograms of TNT that is buried deeply and then set off.

It is extremely probable that hoaxing is going to start on this topic if the data is expunged, zero searches turned up any results at all with regard to seismic yield of explosives. OK, so since it has been expunged on Wikipedia and elsewhere for whatever reasons, here is a formula that will make it impossible to bury, (this is within a single percent accurate)

A magnitude 1 earthquake is equal to almost exactly 194.7 grams of TNT detonated under enough ground to fully contain the blast. I was totally unable to find that data now. For a magnitude 2 earthquake, take 194.7 grams and multiply it by 31.35. A magnitude 2.0 earthquake will therefore be created by approximately 6, 103 grams of TNT (6.1 kilograms) buried deep enough to totally contain the blast. A 3.0 would be represented by 6.1 kilograms multiplied by 31.35, which equals approximately 191 kilograms. A 4.0 would be represented by 191 multiplied by 31.35, which comes out to 5, 987 kg (5.987 metric tons) of TNT.

Keep this formula so you know if you are being hoaxed in the future. It is my formula, but it is going to be within a percent or two. I tested it and it worked all the way up to accurately calculating the yield of Tsar Bomba. BOTTOM LINE: The "explosives based" earthquake in NK amounted to only about 6.1 kg (13.5 pounds) of TNT. THE STORY IS THEREFORE B.S., NOTHING happened in North Korea, there's no way in HELL anyone accurately picked up such a small earthquake outside the borders of NK.

IMPORTANT: Due to varying ground conditions and how they conduct the blast outward in the form of seismic waves, the actual yield can be several times higher or lower than the numbers stated above, they are for a generalized reference, to help people not be totally B.S'ed. That's why with NK's nuke testing everyone was estimating. The general consensus is that their biggest blast was right around 120 KT. No earthquake measuring less than perhaps a 4.5 is likely to be a nuke test

This was just going to be a three line blurb until I discovered all the seismic yields of various explosions got expunged. Maybe they'll put them back (for a while) now that I mentioned this.

David Duke has backed Ilhan Omar, and has called her the most important person in Congress

I am not surprised. "The enemy of my enemy is my friend" and despite being a polar opposite to her, he would never in a million years miss the importance of having her call out the Jewish control of the U.S. government. Sadly, she's on board with tons of Jewish crap without even knowing it (by way of deception, thou shalt do war) and she's clueless in that regard.

Philadelphia has banned cashless stores

That's a good thing, but there's a catch. Here's the good, first: Money clearly states that it is for settling all debts, public and private. That's printed right on it. So cashless stores are in fact illegal. Obviously you can't exchange cash for web sales so there is an exception there, but if it is a brick and mortar store, they have to accept cash, PERIOD. The fact that some are not only gets done via ignorance of the law and lack of enforcement. Now the bad:

There are so many criminal immigrants working in stores now that going cashless is a sensible move because it stops employees from robbing the till (this, and it is an ABSOLUTE FACT, happens with approximately 65 percent of all people you can hire in Mexico.) A majority will rob it. That's not an overstatement, so one key to success in Mexico is finding employees who, when put in charge of a cash register, won't rob it. Now that the bad ones are running around all over the place in the U.S., and there's no law enforcement that will stop them, it makes perfect sense for stores to go cashless to avoid being robbed from the till. There's more to this though

In Mexico, a large percentage of locations that accept credit cards have employees that will set up two credit card machines. One will read your card data and store it. The other actually works for the business. So they FIRST put your card in the one that stores your data and THEN run it through the legit system. Weeks later, your card data they took (their machine actually copies the chip) and a week or so later they write new credit cards with your data, start charging them, and all the charges hit your card. Pemex is notorious for that, the ONLY time we ever used the credit card for gas it got copied at a Pemex and we never used it there again. We suspected it was copied and immediately called in and put verification via cell on all charges, and a huge number started coming through. We never charged, and we were able to decline all of them. We then (fairly quickly) "lost" that card, had it canceled because we "lost" it, and got a new one. Why mention this? Here's why:

Because those same thugs are now up in the U.S. with their card copying machines, and when they can get away with it they are copying people's data off their cards and using it to make counterfeit cards. So going cashless may help a store avoid getting their till robbed, but it's going to quite frequently screw the customer when the crappy employees who would have robbed the till start copying cards and robbing them, rather than the till.

So there's a heads up, WATCH FOR THIS. Here are the common tactics they use:

1. They will place a card reader over the real card slot on an ATM, and it will stop your card, read it, and then pass it on to the ATM's real reader. It all looks normal, the card reader just makes it look like the ATM has a reader that sticks out more than usual and the delay is not enough to arouse suspicion, a few seconds is enough.

2. When you are in a store or at a gas station, they have two different card readers and run your card through both, claiming the first one did not work "so we'll try this one" and the real one then works. This is how it happens at Pemex, and they do it right in the open sometimes. Other times, they will do it behind dark mirrored glass and ask you to pass your card through slot below the window so you can't see what they are really doing with your card.

So if you are at any store and they have to run your card twice through different machines because the first one did not work, it is virtually assured they stole your data, in a real situation there are not two card readers, either the one the store has works or it does not, PERIOD. Heads up!

I am not going to make predictions on the current subversion situation until more develops

It is impossible to really know how this is all going to work out until it all actually happens. Here's the deal:

If Trump's new AG and deputy AG are any good (if they ever even make it to office, the deep state will probably stop them) but if they do make it and they are good, Trump has a chance. However, if they don't make it or are actually traitors that do make it, you can pretty much throw in the towel, the latest omnibus spending bill was a trap that was pushed through by traitors and Trump never vetoed because traitors he trusted claimed to have read the thousand page document and told him there were no land mines. The entire thing was a land mine that needs an intact supreme court to undo, and until the supreme court undoes it Trump's presidency (and all subsequent presidencies) will be irrelevant. It is no doubt unconstitutional and unlawful but it still takes the supreme court to trash it and until then, it is the law. So Ruth Bader Ginsburg will live until it has done it's job.

Q is phony

David Icke did a good job of summing this up. He said that people can't wait for the hope Q-anon gives, when Q-anon implies that there is a cavalry of white hats that are going to save us all at the last minute. I believe he is right in saying that all Q is doing is putting out dates that never come true (a SERIOUS red flag) and then issuing new dates, where nothing happens. The entire charade is a setup to make the real cavalry, (which is us) delay action until it is far too late, because we believed someone else was going to round all the criminals up for us.

He's completely right, See this 21 minute video (all the relevant stuff as far as Q happens in the first 3 minutes)

I agree with Icke. Q-anon has been spewing arrest B.S. for years now and nothing has come of it AT ALL, other than only people in Trump's circle are going to jail. The whole thing really does look like false hope horse sh*t.

Icke looks stressed as hell, as if he knows that if we don't act soon on our own, we're screwed. He makes it clear the tactic being used with Q was the same stall tactic Israel used on Palestine to give Palestinians enough of a false hope for a two state solution for long enough to allow Israel to build all kinds of settlements on Palestinian turf which now have made a two state solution impossible. The false hope of a resolution only gave Israel all the time it needed to advance and make a resolution impossible because Israel is too entrenched. Q just might be stall kiking all of us until flushing the deep state really does become impossible.

No white hat is going to save you, THE CAVALRY IS US.

I am not going to make predictions on the current subversion situation until more develops

It is impossible to really know how this is all going to work out until it all actually happens. Here's the deal:

If Trump's new AG and deputy AG are any good (if they ever even make it to office, the deep state will probably stop them) but if they do make it and they are good, Trump has a chance. However, if they don't make it or are actually traitors that do make it, you can pretty much throw in the towel, the latest omnibus spending bill was a trap that was pushed through by traitors and Trump never vetoed because traitors he trusted claimed to have read the thousand page document and told him there were no land mines. The entire thing was a land mine that needs an intact supreme court to undo, and until the supreme court undoes it Trump's presidency (and all subsequent presidencies) will be irrelevant. It is no doubt unconstitutional and unlawful but it still takes the supreme court to trash it and until then, it is the law. So Ruth Bader Ginsburg will live until it has done it's job.

Q is phony

David Icke did a good job of summing this up. He said that people can't wait for the hope Q-anon gives, when Q-anon implies that there is a cavalry of white hats that are going to save us all at the last minute. I believe he is right in saying that all Q is doing is putting out dates that never come true (a SERIOUS red flag) and then issuing new dates, where nothing happens. The entire charade is a setup to make the real cavalry, (which is us) delay action until it is far too late, because we believed someone else was going to round all the criminals up for us.

He's completely right, See this 21 minute video (all the relevant stuff as far as Q happens in the first 3 minutes)

I agree with Icke. Q-anon has been spewing arrest B.S. for years now and nothing has come of it AT ALL, other than only people in Trump's circle are going to jail. The whole thing really does look like false hope horse sh*t.

Icke looks stressed as hell, as if he knows that if we don't act soon on our own, we're screwed. He makes it clear the tactic being used with Q was the same stall tactic Israel used on Palestine to give Palestinians enough of a false hope for a two state solution for long enough to allow Israel to build all kinds of settlements on Palestinian turf which now have made a two state solution impossible. The false hope of a resolution only gave Israel all the time it needed to advance and make a resolution impossible because Israel is too entrenched. Q just might be stall kiking all of us until flushing the deep state really does become impossible.

No white hat is going to save you, THE CAVALRY IS US.

You don't need the latest sports car, just buy a Ford F150

A 2013 Ford F-150 was ticketed for going 150 mph in Texas. The only thing faster (that got busted in 2018) was a Porsche.

"Chisholm Trail Parkway: 85 mph over

Second was a 2013 Ford F150 that was stopped about three miles up the road about 11:20 p.m. on Chisholm Trail Parkway near Altamesa Drive in Fort Worth for 150 in a 65.

My comment: 150 is far beyond the speed most governors on cars allow, and up there with the better sports cars. Too bad there are not more details about what that truck had under the hood. It was probably tweaked to disable the governor.


Anyone who thinks Ocasio will see even as much as a questioning session over her diverting just short of a million from her campaign to where it does not belong is smoking a bong.

She's anointed.


That's why I have not even bothered with this story at all. It is all about subversion.

The Bolsheviks are not only inside the gate, they are at present taking over


We are witnessing it happen now.

All of the communist takeovers involve the ouster of the rightful leader. They are doing this with Trump now, and attempting to install a communist government. It is not something that will happen, it IS HAPPENING and WILL NOT GO AWAY. AND THE ONLY ONE WITH THE GUTS TO STAND UP TO IT ALL AND POINT IT OUT IS A FREAKING MUSLIM WHO WANTS TRUMP OUSTED TOO. Go figure!!! Ha ha, I bet they regret putting her in there now! She may be rock stupid on the other issues but at least she got that right!

I am certain my post about Rand Paul and vaccines in general will ruffle a few feathers. I am doubling down

FACT: More illegals have come in under Trump than any other administration, all the while Trump does his best to stop it. They are coming in greater numbers than ever because Trump's opposition, including George Soros, has put it's efforts into overdrive to prove they can out do Trump, and then call him a failure. This is a failure of the deep state, NOT TRUMP. Trump cannot be blamed if the swamp is so entrenched it can eviscerate his efforts, the fact Trump is a PERFECT president is clearly proven by the fact that despite all their unprecedented efforts to nail him, ALL FAILED. No one has ever handled such scrutiny and survived. BACK TO MAIN POINT: RAND PAUL.


I AM RIGHT, and having Rand play suck up politics via the vaccine issue does not cut it, in my book HE IS OUT. Now on to the main post:

Once again, the date above has not been updated because the site is in combat mode. The actual date of the following is March 6.

I am not forgiving Rand Paul

After Rand Paul turned on Trump, he's OUT. Want the litmus test? The litmus test goes like this:

Whoever the media or Democrats are screaming about to get rid of is the good guy, That guy is NOT Rand Paul. Let me state this more clearly:

The deep state is adept at using moles who vote in a way the people want 99 percent of the time, so they can suddenly join forces with those who are obviously against us at key moments. Rand Paul is doing precisely that. And he got busted and started losing popularity. So what did Rand Paul do once he lost popularity over not supporting Trump? Here it is, and it is a GOOD ONE:

He meaninglessly blathered about how vaccines should not be forced on people but only did it in a setting where lots of mics were present and nothing could come of it at all, other than nice public exposure. He then qualified his statements by saying he and his kids were all vaccinated and are fine. But that it should not be forced on people anyway, even if the people resisting it are wrong. PROBLEM:

Rand Paul is old enough so that all his kids got vaccinated BEFORE any of the horrible vaccine eugenics really took off. So he can honestly say (as I can) that he was not damaged by vaccines and never saw anything wrong with them. Little good that does now, decades later, after the vaccines have been weaponized. He has no reference. Yet he probably DOES know the vaccines are destroying the kids. It has simply become too obvious.

Fact: Rand Paul is a politician. Part of that job is knowing what is going on in politics elsewhere, especially in areas in which you comment. And in politics elsewhere, Italy fired it's entire vaccine board, right down to the testing labs and hired REAL people who were not infiltrators working on getting into things to muck them up for decades. The new group did legit tests in legit labs, and found out that the vaccines had NONE of the antigens for any of the diseases they were supposed to prevent (they were all phony) and worse, they did not have ANY of the stated label ingredients.

What Italy accomplished by doing so (and it was recent, Dec 2018) is the uncovering of a eugenics program that was being fronted as medical help. And this shows: Measles is making a comeback in the U.S., and is prominent PREDOMINANTLY IN GROUPS THAT HAVE BEEN "VACCINATED" AGANST IT.

Let's look at the obvious then: Italy was right, the shots were fake, NONE of the kids actually got a Measles shot. You can't have an outbreak in a group that has been legitimately vaccinated, which means the kids who were caught up in the measles outbreak in the U.S. were not vaccinated, the shot was something else, just like Italy proved.

People who still think the vaccines have any legitimacy at all are erroneously claiming the shots themselves are causing the disease. That's not the case, what we are instead looking at is phony shots that don't treat anything at all and therefore outbreaks of the diseases they are supposed to stop are still occurring. IT IS OBVIOUS. ITALY NAILED IT.

Rather than blather in an irrelevant debunkable way, Rand Paul should have stated what Italy discovered, pointed out the fact that the main outbreaks are happening in vaccinated groups and not the unvaccinated home schoolers and stated the obvious: HOME SCHOOLERS ARE GETTING THE MEASLES LESS BECAUSE THEY ARE NOT IN WITH A BUNCH OF KIDS WHO NEVER GOT A LEGIT VACCINE, and if the home schoolers were not vaccinated and are not getting sick, the other kids ARE getting sick because they are in a classroom full of other kids that got sick and were not, in reality, actually vaccinated. QUESTION: WHAT WAS IN THAT SHOT THAT THE STATE WANTED TO MANDATE, REALLY?.

The autism stats clearly indicate the shot was NOT as advertised!

AND EVEN MORE: NBC just recently posted a study saying autism was more prevalent among the un-vaccinated than the vaccinated. That could actually be true, because in COMMIE LAND you don't report that your "un-vaccinated group" thought it was vaccinated and instead got a eugenics shot. They know in advance that was not a vaccine the kids got, and can therefore legitimately count them as un-vaccinated and let the perceptions fall where they may. YES THE KIDS HAD THEIR SHOTS. NO, THEY WERE NOT VACCINATED. Let's let people believe they were, and compare them to the elite group, who got a legit vaccine that actually was as advertised. That way you "told the TRUTH" and get your eugenics accomplished in spite of it.

As a politician, Rand Paul should be on top of this. There's no conceivable way he and everyone else in the U.S. government could have missed the fact that Italy discovered the scam If he actually believes vaccines don't cause autism I'll tell you how his life goes: He puts in shit minimum hours for the government, and then bathes in wine music and song the rest of the time OR receives payouts and bribes to keep his mouth shut. The entire government has to be functioning this way, there's no way in hell such a high percentage of them could be "blind" to what is going on any other way when another first world government blew the lid off of it all. At least Trump has clearly stated the vaccines are F***ING the kids up, and he has done that because he is not deep state. Therefore, Rand has clearly shown he'll stifle Trump where possible. He is, in that regard, worse than Pelosi - a silent enemy.


Gee, THANK YOU NANCY PELOSI, CNN and more - If America gets nuked it is YOUR FAULT and quite disturbingly, I believe that is exactly what you want! Yep, have Cohen spew RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NK TALKS, to send good ol' Kim a message that America is not stable and that if you take Trump out, he's next.

Way to go.

Check out the live cam for popocatepetl volcano in Mexico right now!

It is going off. Looks pretty cool.


Regardless of what it says below

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Things I did not miss that I think will go nowhere:

AOC got busted for funneling almost a million out of her campaign illegally. NOTHING WILL HAPPEN. She's anointed, and that's that. Don't sit around and wait for the sky to rain you wheaties for breakfast. She's going NOWHERE but UP. And she will go upward while she accuses Trump of HER crimes, and tries to get rid of Trump for HER crimes, displaced on Trump - accuse your opposition of that which you are doing yourself, playbook page 1.


As it turns out, CBD oil really does work against (some) cancer tumors. But that's going nowhere, because Israel just invented a new "anti cancer vaccine" that prevents "90 percent of cancers" and if you don't get that shot, you are an anti-science whack job who wants to burden the public with CANCER, via the expense incurred by a state run medical system because YOU REFUSED A VACCINE and then became a CANCER ON SOCIETY. I can see where they are going to take that one . . . . .oh, but ban CBD oil (or at least effectively ban it) by slapping a $30, 000+ annual price on it. YEP, GET YOUR SHOTS.

and by the way

NBC has doubled down on a study which reportedly investigated over 500, 000 kids and concluded that kids that don't get vaccines get autism more frequently

Sometimes a lie just makes me want to VOMIT. BUT ISRAEL JUST CAME UP WITH A SHOT TO PREVENT YOU FROM GETTING CANCER, AND YOU HAD DAMN WELL BETTER GET IT OR YOU WILL BE A CANCER ON SOCIETY! It won't EVER cause autism, "we have that all figured out with a new study." trrrrrust meee!


The Dems finally launched a probe into Trump while ignoring Ocasio Cortez. No headline here because we knew it was coming, and they won't find anything.


Congress is considering pushing through hate crimes legislation over Ilhan Omar blowing the lid off Jews owning Congress and the rest of the government in general. GOOD MOVE, THAT WILL PROVE SHE LIED. . . . . . . . Yep.

And it is probably going nowhere.


The Jewish community is FREAKING OUT over Illhan Omar

They have gotten into forums and are trying their damndest to convince everyone they don't own it "all", all in response to ONE (1) i repeat that, ONE Islamic congresswoman who happened to speak the truth and disagreed with being forced to swear allegiance to Israel, on top of saying their lobbies exert potent control over Congress and DC in general.

I'd like to ask a question:

What's wrong with having anyone in congress point out what Omar pointed out? What's the gaff with that? Is America so much a subject state that it should result in your eviction from congress for pointing out ONE group practically owns it all? To top it off, Omar is a NEVER TRUMPER!!! But that won't do if you speak up about who is really running things and who owns the place. No, instead, EVEN F***ING RAND PAUL refuses to point it out. And he's going to string up Trump with the wall too. Is even Rand Paul a prodigal son? Probably. He's probably sucking a tit on the demon somewhere. When it comes down to the nitty gritty, he's pulling through for the deep state.

So they are taking to the forums and blogs, trying to flush Ilhan Omar and banning anyone from commenting about one solid fact (including me, I just tripped bans EVERYWHERE with this, ) it is a forbidden item, and that item is:


Ilhan Omar is continuing to take the heat for saying the Jews own Congress

Even Brietbart came out of the closet and ripped her, which means Brietbart is just another layer of the subversion onion. They may report more than most, but it is all just managed control . . . .

At any rate, GOOD FOR HER, yes, the Jews and Israel really DO own DC. Nothing anyone does for damage control will make a difference with this, it is a reality. That reality has been painted over. Maybe they can hide a donkey's @ss with a thick layer of paint if they scream hate and anti semite enough, but it won't change the reality of it all. She clearly pointed out who the real enemies of the Republic are. Too bad one is smack dab in the middle of Trump's life, he'd no doubt have gotten farther without that worm RIGHT THERE in the center of the apple. They worm their way into EVERYTHING, there's no doubt Kushner was a targeted hit on Trump, who took Ivanka just to make damn good and sure Trump's billions did not get too far out of control.

Waste of a great girl. He has screwed her head on backwards BIGLY. And Ilhan Omar is a hero for exposing just how deep the Jews are into EVERYTHING.

They may flush Omar over this, but she let the genie out of the bottle and IT AINT GOING BACK IN. Her counterpart, Rashida Tlaib, is a PHONEY just like I always said, and mum's the word with her, she was fine with the Jews owning it all, and with them demanding allegiance because she is one, hiding under the cloak of Palestine. I quite frankly would prefer to not see the real one get flushed, we need whistleblowers and if it took a real Muslim to do it, I am fine with that.


The date above cannot be changed due to the site being in combat mode (and me not wanting to take it off for now) the actual date of the top posts below is March 5.

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It is time to Keep an eye on Oroville dam again

Oroville dam is filling at a record pace, a faster rise than at any time in it's history and the snow pack is incredible. As a result, the new spillway is definitely going to get tested to the max.

By the way, the old spillway was not done by a real engineer. As it turns out, he was a zero experience fresh out of college lackey that was a lackey even in college, who had no experience whatsoever, not even an internship. That's why it got built without rebar and fell apart. I initially said it had to have been blown up, (and that still may be the case because the location of the original point of failure was absolutely prime for it and appeared highly suspect) however, with this new info about the original engineer being fraudulent with no possible way he should have been tasked with something so important, there is reason to consider other possible causes of failure. Supposedly the new spillway was done properly, but you know, Affirmative action, common core, libtard state, SO WHO KNOWS.

After all, you really do have to draw a circle around an apple and shift five peaches to the left, and hit the paper with a cucumber to add 1+5 and it won't work any other way. That's the kind of "engineering" students American schools are pushing out, if there was ONE bad button punch on a calculator they are so clueless they'll never catch the fact they are 10 digits off so WHO KNOWS. Calculators are supposed to be a tool, but if you don't know the math to begin with you won't know where you started, or even approximately where you end up so you had damn well better hope not a single key punch was off. If one was, it will not have been noticed by most of what comes out of college now, they can't run estimates in their head to call B.S. on a number that would be obviously, catastrophically off to an old schooler.

They probably got the new spillway right, and we are going to find out for sure soon. Oroville is already more than 85 feet past "full" and climbing fast, with record water on the way.

Representative Ilhan Omar hit the nail on the head

Her fake "Palestinian" crypto Jew counterpart did not - very important note there -

Ilhan Omar said it was ridiculous for any prospective member of America's congress to have to pledge allegiance to Israel. Pelosi was quick with the anti-semite remarks, but that does not do away with the fact that Ilhan Omar is correct, and was great for calling this out. Pelosi basically back blasted with "B.S. you rotten anti-semite" which means Omar hit the nail on the head, and there could be no other response.

Michael Jackson did not molest little boys

Someone is after Michael Jackson's estate. Now no one who was there saw anything happen at all. This is just a stunt to try to rob his estate and nothing more. FACT:

Michael Jackson was not part of the club and got too popular too quickly to just get rid of. So they mutilated his face on purpose, with every new surgery mysteriously botched. That did not do him in. He had a song "they don't really care about us" that called out the Jews directly in a veiled way, in which he clearly called them kikes (in the original cuts you can't find anymore, that's where I got the word "kike" from, ) and that was the end, before he could make a comeback they killed him and blamed it on drugs. Now they are going to try to finish off his legacy with bullshit lawsuits with no Michael present to defend himself.

And Ilhan Omar is 100 percent correct! She can't be all bad if she is the first one in Congress to ever call them out. She's actually against America getting "kiked!"

The following actually happened


Interesting point:

When NASA de-commissioned the space shuttle, the promise was that space travel would be done better by private companies, and within a few years, private companies would take over. After beating Nasa at it's own game with payload bearing rocket launches, Spacex is about to make this happen 100 percent by launching astronauts fairly soon. I am looking forward to it happening.


Cohen testifying is what wrecked the NK talks, JUST LIKE I SAID

However, just like I said, Cohen is not a traitor and knew his testimony would go straight in the trash because of a book he just released that contradicted it all. Too bad NK did not figure that out on time.

Let's get started with this.

On Sunday at 10 PM, Trump posted:

"For the Democrats to interview in open hearings a convicted liar & fraudster, at the same time as the very important Nuclear Summit with North Korea, is perhaps a new low in American politics and may have contributed to the "walk." Never done when a president is overseas. Shame!"

My comment: there's no question that's what wrecked the talks, here is my original post, done within hours of them failing:

"The Cohen testimony made Trump look weak, and made America look disheveled. Even Drudge has tons of crap about rebellion and civil war on his page today, Like it or not, Kim Jong is not nutz enough to make a deal with a president of such an unstable country. That's OBVIOUS reason #1 the talks failed and perhaps I am the only one saying it

But wait, there's more! While blathering like that in front of Congress, under threat, Cohen held a ROYAL FLUSH on the ENTIRE TESTIMONY. He knew it was going straight in the trash. Cohen accomplished the following two items perfectly:

1. He kept his wife out of jail for 30 years after Mueller threatened to do it if he did not start lying about Trump. This was blown into the open by a Trump associate that was stunned about how bad Cohen flipped. That testimony is down the page a ways. However: Cohen DID NOT FLIP. He played a royal flush against Mueller, and solidified Trump's position and (probably) got Trump re-elected. Here's how, all laid out in another Trump tweet:

"Virtually everything failed lawyer Michael Cohen said in his sworn testimony last week is totally contradicted in his just released manuscript for a book about me. It's a total new love letter to "Trump" and the pols must now use it rather than his lies for sentence reduction!"

My comment: Wait, WHAT??? Ok, so here we have Cohen "spewing like old faithful for the deep state", only, NOT. Cohen KNEW that manuscript was going to be out there in full public view, having already been printed and ready to go, to DESTROY his testimony in front of the senate. Cohen did what Mueller wanted, he kept his wife out of jail, and now Trump was washed totally clean in the aftermath. It looks like that little torture session that happened a couple months ago did not work, Cohen obviously set all of this up to absolutely SCREW Mueller and I wonder if the entire charade is a WWF match where everyone gets body slammed and it is all a highly athletic act. Either Cohen played Mueller like a Stradivarius, or Mueller is in on the gig himself, along with Trump, and they are trolling the deep state like hell. How could this type of thing happen? The only casualty was the NK talks, and those can happen again. Perhaps Mueller is a creep and Cohen royally flushed him but this was just too good, I really wonder what is going on. We'll have to wait for a verdict.

Here are some more Trump tweets to finish this off, really great stuff here:

"The reason I do not want military drills with South Korea is to save hundreds of millions of dollars for the U.S. for which we are not reimbursed. That was my position long before I became President. Also, reducing tensions with North Korea at this time is a good thing!"

"Look how they’re acting now and how we act when we’re in the majority. What the Democrats are doing is an abuse of power. They couldn’t find anything...they took a Fake Dossier & couldn't find any Collusion. Now they have a fake witness in Cohen." Congressman Mark Green, (R-TN)." "After more than two years of Presidential Harassment, the only things that have been proven is that Democrats and other broke the law. The hostile Cohen testimony, given by a liar to reduce his prison time, proved no Collusion! His just written book manuscript showed what he said was a total lie, but Fake Media won't show it. I am an innocent man being persecuted by some very bad, conflicted & corrupt people in a Witch Hunt that is illegal & should never have been allowed to start - And only because I won the Election! Despite this, great success! Virtually everything failed lawyer Michael Cohen said in his sworn testimony last week is totally contradicted in his just released manuscript for a book about me. It's a total new love letter to "Trump" and the pols must now use it rather than his lies for sentence reduction!

My comment: Like I said, I doubt that happened by accident, if Trump really thinks Cohen is a traitor I really think he needs to re-consider that Cohen could not possibly have missed the fact that his book was going to throw that testimony in the trash. I believe Cohen is a good man who played poker really well and royally flushed the entire Dem hack job on purpose.

In doing so, he gave Trump a near bullet proof suit of armor. Where do the Dems go from here, after THAT? Straight to perdition probably.

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The conflict between India and Pakistan is not what we have been told. I am still waiting to come across more on this topic, but it appears the following is true:

Israel gave India a large amount of weaponry and is directing India in their war on Pakistan while providing positive media coverage in favor of India. The end objective is to smash Pakistan enough to use it as a host country in a war against Iran. That would be a game changer.

It is a fact that a large number of India's weapons are Israeli provided. It is a fact that Israel is giving India logistical support. It is a fact that Israel is giving India positive press, and it is a fact that when India attacks, they are attacking "terrorists" in Pakistan. Why that verbage? Add it all up folks AND THEN LOOK AT THIS MAP.

If Israel takes Pakistan via proxy of India, Iran is going to have an Israeli asset right on it's border, and the war will be fought there, while Israel never has to deal with a single bullet. IMPORTANT: One could argue that if that be the case, the invasion would have already happened via Afghanistan. That's not the case. Afghanistan is totally land locked. Getting arms and weapons there on a scale needed to take out Iran is impossible. But with Pakistan, it is an entirely different ball game. Iran will have to fight against a fully supplied enemy on two fronts. If the Israeli side made both fronts a massive effort, only God could save Iran, the area near the Pakistan border is wide open and desolate, it could be taken very quickly for hundreds of miles. They could occupy a huge portion of Iran in only a few days.

See anything fishy with that?

It remains my opinion that the failure of negotiations with North Korea was not for the reasons stated.

Top possible alternate reasons, and a solid fact:

FACT: Kim Jong did not ask for the lifting of ALL sanctions, he only asked for the lifting of the new ones put in place in 2017. So that reason the MSM is spewing is B.S.

Here are the speculative reasons:

1. The Cohen testimony made Trump look weak, and made America look disheveled. Even Drudge has tons of crap about rebellion and civil war on his page today, Like it or not, Kim Jong is not nutz enough to make a deal with a president of such an unstable country. That's OBVIOUS reason #1 and perhaps I am the only one saying it.

2. The summit was abruptly canceled for security reasons because China is too distracted with the situation between India and Pakistan, and did not provide adequate security support for Kim Jong

Whatever the real reason is for the failure of the summit, the media is not reporting it. Trump is saying his relationship with Kim Jong is in good shape, yet the summit totally failed. Out take: Kim Jong trusts Trump, but can't stomach Pelosi, and when a top presidential candidate (Bernie Sanders) openly has an illegal immigrant press secretary, it shows an open defiance that proves America is no longer a stable country. Deals are not deals under these circumstances, so Kim is going to ride this out for a while before proceeding with anything.


Bernie Sanders goes ALL IN on foreign influence of a domestic election - illegal immigrant press secretary!

Bernie Sanders has knowingly hired an illegal immigrant to be his press secretary

An IN YOUR FACE F*** YOU "I am above the law" statement. This would not be possible absent the conclusion of a successful coup, Trump may have never had any hope at all. This cannot happen if "America" still exists, it should not be possible.

Very strange: $100, 000 per night hotel room in Vegas has drugs as main theme

Look at the pictures in This article which is about the world's most expensive hotel room in Vegas.

It is indeed extravagant, but very oddly, drugs are a major theme, with pictures of pills stuck to the glass and windows, even around the pool, and also on the tables and there is a wall with over a hundred pills with descriptions saying what they are.

Pills and butterflies are the major themes. This is so weird I can't describe it. I don't think I'd want that hotel suite no matter how nice it is when like some sort of insult pills are slapped everywhere.

What if the only people who will ever be in that suite are well aware of the medical warfare against the people I have outlined below and they are happy to celebrate it? To get that hotel suite for a night, all you have to do is sell TWO Americans a rabies cure for $50, 000 each that costs $12 in other countries . . . . WHY the pills? Seriously. Why?


The famous gun girl Kaitlin Bennet went undercover as a feminist at UCLA and had people sign a petition to send conservatives to concentration camps. This is the spookiest thing I have ever seen with regard to the downfall of America, This two minute video on Twitter ends with someone of rank at the college being all for it, and telling Kaitlin how to get it done in full detail. SPOOKY.

Clearly from this we can see what the objective of these leftists really is.


SCAM MEDICAL SYSTEM bills woman $48, 000 over a bite from a kitten

Here's another Anascorp scam. They gave her 15 ML of rabies immunoglobulin worth approximately $30 in the outside world and charged her $48, 000.

And worse, American medical typically charges around $20,000!

I have yet again come up with the perfect proof that American medical is nothing but a scam.

FACT: 5 ML of rabies immunoglobulin outside of the U.S. costs $10 with a total treatment cost of about $12, by the American government's own numbers. In the U.S. rabies treatments cost between ten and twenty of thousand (even at the regular price, not what this woman got charged)

HERE IT IS, AFTER BITE RABIES COSTS AS LITTLE AS $10 TO TREAT, EVEN ACCORDING TO The U.S. National Library of Medicine and yes, it is a .gov so you know damn well the FDA knows how badly the American medical system is scamming people. Here is a quote straight off a U.S. government web site:

1388 (46.5%) dog bite victims presented with Category III wounds, of whom 1108 required RIG. 280 were excluded, based on our exclusion criteria, ie. the biting animal was reliably vaccinated, the victim had received vaccine more than a week before presenting to the RPC, or the animal was known to be alive 10 days or m ore after the bite. We did not encounter any serious reaction with ERIG. The cost of a 5 ml vial of ERIG containing 1000 IU is around PKR 1, 000 (USD 10). The dose is calculated per weight of the individual. Hence, a small child required 0.5 to 1 vial, and an adult 2-3 vials. The number of vials of ERIG consumed for 1108 patients was 1261 vials, and cost PKR 1, 261, 000 (USD 12, 610). The number of vaccine vials consumed to treat 2300 patients with TRC id regimen was 2400. (Five patients brought their own vials for IM injection). A vial of cell culture vaccine costs PKR 547. The total cost was PKR 1, 312, 800 (USD 13, 128). The sum of treating 2300 patients with proper PEP (2300 required vaccine alone or vaccine plus ERIG) was PKR 2, 573, 800 (USD 25, 738) or PKR 1, 200 THIS!!!-->(USD 12.00) per patient treated. (Table 2)

Let me translate that: Outside the U.S. the $48, 000 ONE woman was billed would have treated 4, 000 people.

Let's be very clear once again about the above, before continuing: Outside of the U.S., the post bite type of rabies treatment costs a total of $10 for five millileters, ($20 for 10 milliliters) The stuff is not magic or horrendously expensive to produce, it is actually by American standards a very affordable product.

However, in the U.S., the medical system knows it can bilk people with 100, 000+ percent markups and that's exactly what they do. That's the real problem with America's medical system, it is not that medical is expensive, it is that scammers have taken it over and use medical need to "carjack" and rob people the same way thugs do it in the ghetto. Here is proof:

As stated by America's own National Library of Medicine, 5 milliliters of Rabies Immuno Globuilin for post bite treatment costs $10 dollars out in the real world, ($20 for the 10 milliliters quoted by Web MD below, which now, in the U.S. has a wholesale cost of 3, 600 U.S.D, which the hospital then jacks up to 10 times (or more) of even THAT ridiculously inflated price. Read it and weep:

"In 2007, for example, vaccine maker Sanofi Pasteur charged an average wholesale cost of $740 per 10 milliliters for its Imogam immunoglobulin, a purified blood product that is the most expensive part of the rabies treatment. Ten milliliters is the standard dose for an adult who weighs between 134 and 166 pounds.

By 2017, the company charged $3, 612 for the same dose, an increase of 388% over the last decade, according to First Databank, a company that tracks pharmaceutical costs.

HyperRAB, the other brand of immunoglobulin on the market, has seen price increases of 370% over the last decade.

The CDC estimates that as many as 50, 000 people in the U.S need this regimen to guard against rabies each year.

OK, let's do the math, based on all AMERICAN BASED documentation:

In the U.S., the total base price of all post-bite rabies treatments, (before hospitals mark it up) is $3, 700 X50, 000 administrations of it, for a total PRE MARKUP price of 180, 900, 000 and an AFTER MARKUP price of 50, 000 X $20, 000 USD (less than the kitten bite woman got bilked but still out of the park expensive) and that comes out to a cool $1 billion dollars.

However, OUTSIDE THE U.S. where there is no medical scam, to treat the exact same 50, 000 people the exact same way the total cost is $50, 000 x $12.00 which America's own national medical library stated was the full cost of all treatment per individual, for a total end price of $600, 000 USD for all people treated. That's $20, 000 vs $12.00 (because even $600, 000 looks like a lot when all treatments are added up).

Let's put this even more clearly: The U.S. medical system scams people so badly, that the cost of treatment for THIRTY PEOPLE in the U.S. can cover the TOTAL cost of giving the exact same treatment to 50, 000 people elsewhere, and it is all documented from American based sources.

Insurance is not the answer. Charging people between $500 and $1000 a month for mandated insurance under a phoney "national health care scam plan" is NOT the answer. Supporting this hell system by robbing everyone via mandated monthly payments is NOT THE ANSWER. The answer is likely going to come the day the American people finally realize they are scammed and robbed at every turn, and then purge the people doing it by force.

Meanwhile, the thieves and corrupt will wave the flag, tell everyone how America is great while posting FAKE videos of people eating from the trash elsewhere to re-enforce it all, or they will blabber all about how Mexicans only make $2 an hour and GEE BE THANKFUL YOU ARE AMERICAN, GEE BE THANKFUL YOU ARE AMERICAN, while we ROB YOU, shoot your kids brains out with eugenics shots fronted as "neccessary medical care via vaccination" and regulate you into a shithole while you proudly sing the national anthem and get pissed off at kneelers. That's the real issue don't you know, THE KNEELERS. DO NOT look at us, watch that KNEELER. And wave the flag in retailation of that KNEELER. While we screw you.

Trump was going to fix all of this, RIGHT? He tried. He was honest. But wanting to do something and actually getting it done are two different things in a system that has been totally subverted by traitors and outright enemies. They have made it obvious that we are going to have to move beyond Trump and put things right ourselves if America is EVER going to move forward from here, both the open left and those who "claim to be on the right" have now shown their true colors, THE ENTIRE DAMN THING NEEDS TO BE PURGED and it is now obvious we can't vote our way to that reality.



The Cohen testimony destroyed the Korea negotiations

Here is what happened:

Kim Jong believed Trump was sincere, but the problem was that Kim Jong did not think Trump would stay in power to make sure whatever they agreed to would be carried out. Kim Jong is very worried about the condition of America's subverted government, and did not want to make deals with an unstable country - deals he knew would not likely be honored, especially if they do succeed in removing Trump.


Close Trump associate Lynn Patton speaks up on Cohen.

Here is why today happened, in a nut shell: Mueller threatened to jail Cohen's wife for 30 years if he did not start lying.

This confirms my earlier reports that Cohen refused to lie, and was tortured. Torture did not work, but threatening his wife did.


From Lynne Patton's Faceplant:

Lynne Patton is feeling heartbroken.
Dear Haters:

Since so many of you are asking, I am only going to say this ONCE, so please pay attention before any of you start breaking out the champagne:

1) I will be the first to concede that IF actual physical evidence exists that the President directly instructed Cohen to lie to Congress then, yes, it would be the ONLY accusation made against POTUS over the past three years that would worry me. Otherwise, it remains the word of one person over another with ZERO evidence. Period. One of whom is going to jail for perjury & fraud.

2) More notably, it should be known that Donald Trump does not use email and never has. Nor (up until his inauguration at least) does he text. Therefore, the likelihood of some "smoking gun" email or text is slim to none. It should also be known that any/all visitors to the West Wing must check their cell phones upon entry in a secure locker before meeting with the President. Omarosa was not a visitor.

3) Many of you may already know that I considered Michael Cohen to be one of my very best friends. Countless people can confirm that we were virtually inseparable during my employment at Trump - and that he is, single-handedly - responsible for introducing me to the Trump family and effectively changing my entire life. I would be lying if I didn't admit that my heart still breaks for him and for his family, with whom I had grown extremely close.

4) What many of you may not be aware of is the fact that I can personally confirm that the ONLY reason Michael Cohen "turned on" the President of the United States is because Mueller threatened to throw his wife in jail for up to 30 years. Period. She is the co-guarantor of a $20M personal loan that Mueller discovered Michael secured back in 2015 by falsely inflating the value of his taxi medallions - effectively making her part & parcel to the federal charge of "Making False Statements to a Financial Institution, " to which Cohen ultimately plead guilty. This is also the reason why Cohen's longtime taxi medallion partner, Evgeny "Gene" Freidman, was granted immunity.

5) Michael Cohen also told me (after they raided his apartment) that the reason why he elected to pay Stormy Daniels $130, 000 by using his home equity loan - effectively committing bank fraud - instead of easily using the over $5M+ cash he has sitting in various stateside bank accounts is because his wife controls their finances and he simply did not want her to notice the missing money, as many husbands wouldn't considering to whom it went. Period. Moreover, he confessed to me that he never imagined in a million years that Donald Trump would actually win the Presidency and that the misappropriation of his home equity loan would ever be exposed, since thousands of Americans misuse this type line of credit to pay for colleges, boats, cars and vacations every single day.

6) By Cohen's own admission, Trump ceased all interest and communication in constructing Trump Tower Moscow in June 2016. Over a month before officially being declared the Republican nominee for President. To that end, it is NOT ILLEGAL for him to explore - nor deny - any "for profit" construction projects during the campaign, as he was still a civilian global real estate mogul.

7) BuzzFeed, themselves, officially admitted on CNN this morning that they have yet to independently confirm or see ANY evidence that corroborates their story.

8.) Most significantly, Mueller refused to recommend any leniency, nor lack of jail time (as he did for Michael Flynn), for Michael Cohen when he was sentenced to 3+ years in federal prison. This would lead most legal experts to reasonably conclude that the Special Counsel deems information gleaned from Michael Cohen of little consequence or contribution.

9) Lastly, given that Michael Cohen is barred from discussing the Russian investigation when he testifies before the House Oversight Committee, it's safe to conclude that his testimony will effectively amount to nothing more than political theater and partisan fodder for late night hosts simply to embarrass a sitting President over past behavior he may or may not have engaged in as a private citizen.

10) In closing, Michael Cohen always wanted to be famous. Sadly, he has gotten his wish. I personally stopped communicating with Michael when it became known in May 2018 that he was defrauding various companies (from a Korean defense firm to a global pharmaceutical company) for millions of dollars by falsely claiming he could leverage his connection with the President to their favor.

To me, that was the moment I knew our character, principles & loyalty to one another had finally diverged.

Much like the moment I ultimately realized that Omarosa Manigault Newman was lying to me about the existence of an "N-word" tape.

Like Cohen, it is no secret that Omarosa was one of my of very best friends. She and I developed the closest relationship out of everyone during the campaign, transition and newfound Administration.

From sharing hotel rooms to texting and speaking up to 80 times per day, I considered her to be like a sister. Michael Cohen was like my family.

While both of them often declared their loyalty to this President and his family in public, I realize now that neither of them FULLY understood the definition.

You don't give loyalty to get loyalty in return.

You do it simply because it's the right thing to do.

I am not a rich person. Nor am I poor.

People who have known the Trump family for less than a year are now signing multi-million dollar book deals. I have known them for 10. I know what's written in their pre-nups & in their wills. I know what they think of certain people, the details of their family lives - good or bad. I know their medical histories & even the passcodes to their emails, credit cards, computers and homes.

NOT ONCE has it EVER crossed my mind to share that information in exchange for monetary gain. Not even in the multiple millions. Nor will it ever.

Feel free to call me either the dumbest loyalist on the face of the earth, or the poorest member of their inner circle.

I, on the other hand, simply choose to call myself a NORMAL FRIEND.

The Cohen show BACKFIRED

There is mixed opinion on what went on today, from "Trump is doomed" to "Dems are TOAST". If there is any light left in the system, my opinion will hold. If the subversion is complete, all bets are off. Here's my take, and what should happen:

He screwed up so badly that not only did he blow it for the Dems who set it all up, he ensured he's going to jail for a lot longer than he ever was by getting caught in totally new lies. Initially it was all perjury traps. Today, he got up and lied repeatedly and it did not take any kind of trap to cause it. And he lied horribly, with one lie undoing other lies. Here's a classic example: "Trump did not care about being president, it was all a publicity stunt" in contrast with, subsequently: " Trump wanted the presidency so badly he conspired with Russians and paid off hookers to make it happen". OUCH.

What in the world was Debbie Wasserman Schultz doing there anyway? It was such an obvious hit job that the obviousness of it all ALONE was bad, and it was far far worse to have it all blow up the way it did. We'll have to see where the scamming MSM takes it all, but no matter where they take it, today was a huge FAIL.

I am not nearly as worried as I was this morning. If there is anything decent left in the system at all, today ought to have been a total disaster for the Dems.

5G is in the alt media wires a lot today, should I repeat myself?

I'll keep it brief.

Trump's support for 5G is based on bad advice from bad advisors. To sum it up, 5G will:

1. Make it possible for the police state to drive by with a passive scanner that emits nothing at all, and read the 5G backscatter to map everything inside a home to minute detail. The resolution will be good enough to read the time on a watch, from the street, through the walls. Sounds great.

2. Cause tons of mysterious injuries from cataracts to cancer to brain damage, and no one will report it because the back scatter scanning tech is something they won't let go of easily and the entire MSM is a false fronting hoax.

3. Facilitate a gun grab, because no one, and I mean NO ONE will be able to hide their guns. From the curb they are going to know every gun you have, every bullet you have and possibly even if the guns are clean and what position the firing pin is in. It is THAT BAD.

The technology is too dangerous to use. Due to the high frequencies, it has to use a phase array antenna to reach a tower, that will focus too much energy in too small an amount of tissue. Slow, creeping diffuse brain injuries are going to be happening. And "they" will know the cause, but will bury it the same way they bury the vaccine/autism link. They don't care about (your) brain damage anyway, as proven by the fact that they will knowingly wreck kids and force all to get the shots that do it and then they lie about it all, including what the motives are.

That's a basic summary, Trump is not stupid and not evil but bad advisors have been eating him for lunch. My verdict: We are probably screwed.

Republicans are proving they are the same sham scam as Dems

OF COURSE Trump can declare a national emergency over the border situation, in fact not doing so would approach treason. So why are Republicans questioning him for doing so? ANSWER: They are the exact same treasonous filth as Pelosi's ilk, but rather than flaunt it they were laying in wait for the right moment to step out of the shadows and blow their cover. There was no Republican party, and there is no Democrat party. There is ONE unified pool of subversive operatives working to accomplish the agenda of destroying the United States, and half of them were wearing cloaks until the right time came to take them off. Now we see what the Republicans are made of. There are none.

What they are doing to Trump now proves it.

Here's why I don't care about the Pak/India war - some perspective

In a sentence: Mexico is as far ahead of India and Pakistan as America is ahead of Mexico.

Mexico has a population of 129 million, and a gdp of 1.2 trillion. India has a population of 1.3 BILLION, (10X as much) and has a GDP of 2.4 trillion. When you divide that out, an average Mexican is 5X as well off as average people in India. Pakistan has a population much larger than Mexico's (207 million) and a GDP of 306 billion. So Mexico's 129 million out performs Pakistan as much as it out-performs India, and Americans crack jokes about Mexico all the time. How about looking at a couple of real joke countries? Mexicans are MILES AHEAD. One thing I occasionally think is that when America gets a Mexican, it is a LOT better off than when Sweden gets whatever they get from Africa, which is YET ANOTHER similar step down from Inda and Pakistan. That's a fact, their problem is a WHOLE LOT WORSE. At least when Mexicans arrive they know how to open a can!

Why in the world would anyone care about what India and Pakistan do to each other? They are the real sh*tholes, Mexico is WAY AHEAD of them. Mexico does have a nuclear power plant that is enough to make thousands of nukes from yet Mexico has no nukes. Why do countries that are 5X behind Mexico have nukes? What were their priorities, anyway?

Update to below:

Pakistan has claimed a nuclear warhead capable of 40 KT yield. But the problem is that everyone has seismographs and no one ever detected that in a test. Instead, Pakistan's best nuke is likely to be less than 10 kilotons, and most of them are sub 1 kiloton trash. China did give Pakistan a MIRV ballistic missile delivery platform that is rumored to be quite good, so there's a chance they can strike India. However, there is no confirmation it can carry Pakistan's nukes and if they do, India is gonna stone age them with the real stuff. India's arsenal is reasonably rumored to consist of 100 - 120 nukes with 50 - 70 KT yield. They have provably modeled 200KT+ They'd probably exceed Pakistan's total yield across all bombs with only one bomb. The two countries are simply not equal. Pakistan had better lay low.

India Pakistan war

So far Pakistan has scored one of India's fighter jets while being bombed. No word of Pakistan successfully bombing India. This is a real "wait and see", however, no one of significance on the world stage really gives a damn about either country so my guess is that this is going to be tit for tat for as long as China stays cool. I doubt Toyota is going to have any trouble getting their "made in India" cars on schedule, Pakistan is simply not that much of a threat, even with their sub par "Kim Jong would kill the engineer that made that" less than 1 kiloton nukes. Which probably can't be launched because they weigh as much as a bus.

India could actually strike Pakistan quite hard but why would it matter if they did?

This, for me, is a zero adrenaline conflict so far, we will have to wait to see if it justifies more.

Well well, we will now see how Cohen does when he's under pressure to lie to save his life. COUP!

He did not lie last time around (other than perjury traps) which means he did not lie, and did not hang Trump. Even when tortured. Let's see what comes out of the bottle now.

Poor guy. Wrecked him for nothing. The deep state expects total loyalty. Perhaps the writing is on the wall well enough for him to pay his respects? We'll see.

He might not have been the greatest guy, but initially, before today, I saw nothing to actually hate him for. He did not screw Trump. But if he finally gives up and spins the right lie he might. Let's see if the headlines hold up or not (supposedly Trump is going to be toast.) But this has been said so many times before there's reason to doubt it.

NOT SO DEAR "ELITE" - I have a better solution for your problem with this site than you have. Here it is:

If this site tweaks your conscience too much, or scares you, then:

1. Stop stealing and murdering children for your ceremonies and picnics.
2. Stop destroying kids with shots falsely claimed to be vaccines.
3. Release the antidote shots which you also have, and fix what you broke.
4. Stop F***ing around with other people's countries.
5. Stop stealing elections and claiming you serve us after doing so.
6. Get your damn communists out of our universities
7. Start reporting the truth in your media, so I don't have to take the rap for doing it.
8. Stop using the medical system as a weapon.
9. Stop using abuse tactics to accomplish mind control.
10. Stop interfering with a duly elected presidency.

There are no fewer than thousands of other things you need to stop, but I'll get to that later, AND YOU WILL HATE ME FOR IT.

If the page has not changed in a while, open a new private window or CLICK HERE

ONCE AGAIN they screwed with the Macaulay report, even after I posted they did.

I did not mis-spell Macaulay, they keep going back and screwing with it, probably through a local stinger unless they can simply walk through all security (they probably can) but this laptop is tied down like a Jurassic Park T-rex. There's always a way through I guess.

Additionally, they won't leave what I wrote on the Macaulay topic alone, I know damn well I had Macaulay spelled properly three times in one paragraph and that paragraph is not there anymore.

This report has them PISSED. And I did not even say a whole lot, I just archived what Macaulay had on his twitter!

Here's how you get Macaulay's name spelled right. Simply type the country (separate administrative region of China) Macau first, and put lay after it. It is a confusing to spell name, that's how you do it and I did NOT SCREW IT UP TODAY.

Evidently Macaulay did not like the oscars, so he spilled the beans on the pedovore scandal

How much more credible do you need than this? I know, I know, there's a random idiot out there saying he's nuts because he has to be nutz because the sweet lady gaga never eats babies I MEAN COME ON NOW . . . . . HA HA, he busted them BIG.

How about Congress, which just attempted to ram through legislation making infanticide legal in all 50 states? Both the House and Senate passed it (no word on a veto yet) and I bet I know why they passed such legislation. If it is all legal, why not do the infanticide at a bar-b-q? What are the pervs looking for? A little extra something on the side burner with no legal strings attached? I BET SO! SEE THIS:

In light of Macaulay's twitter above, YOU REALLY HAVE TO SEE THIS I am serious - you really have to click that link. SPOOKY.

Fiat is going to invest 4.5 billion in U.S. automaking

The deal will open a major factory shuttered under Obama and update four others so Jeep can be made in the U.S.A. Good deal!

BUSTED: Blocked Venezuela bridge was never opened in the first place

Recently there was major coverage of Maduro blocking relief from the U.S, which claimed he blocked off a bridge from Colombia to stop American trucks from arriving. These trucks were subsequently burned for photo ops. OOPS, now the truth comes out:

The bridge was in fact completed in 2016 but Colombia blocked it from being opened due to differences with Venezuela, Maduro never blocked anything. The American trucks could not cross because COLOMBIA stopped them, not Maduro.

I'd call that an OOOOOPS!!

Like I have said repeatedly, a lot of what is coming out against Venezuela right now is BULLSHIT. Some is true, some is B.S. and when it comes to the MSM, well, what? Stick your finger in poo and hope it lands on a piece of clean, unchewed corn I guess. Here's the truth this time around:


YOU CAN'T MAKE THIS STUFF UP: Drug addicted parrots are destroying India's opium crop!

From the Daily Star:

"The Indian opium industry is already suffering because of poor weather conditions, and farmers say the sudden surge of 'opium addicted' parrots could be the final straw for them.

Speaking to Indian news agency ANI opium farmer Nandkishore, from Madhya Pradesh, said that poppy cultivators have asked district officials for hep several times, but their pleas have been ignored.

"One poppy flower gives around 20-25 grams of opium. But a large group of parrots feed on these plants around 30-40 times a day and some even fly away with poppy pods, thereby reducing the produce."

My comment I never knew opium production was legal in India, so legal they can ask the government for help. POLLY WANT A POPPY?


A Univision news anchor has been arbitrarily detained by Maduro because Maduro "did not like the questions he was asked"

This is going along just peachey. If Maduro had a brain (now we know he does not have one) he'd avoid incidents like this, that could have Trump riding a rocket into Maduro's presidential palace.





Adrenochrome, baby eating, human flesh eating, the whole thing is there complete with pictures NOW. This won't last, it is not a hoax, it is his real Twitter, BE THERE NOW!!!

I am capturing the entire thing right now.

About the new found ruse claiming the moon is in the earth's atmosphere:

Yep, idiots are saying that now and the MSM is parroting it. Here's the truth:

They did not discover anything.

It has always been known (during modern times) that the solar wind stripped a small amount of the earth's atmosphere away continuously. This gets blown away not only to the orbit of the moon, but out of the solar system entirely.

If one atom per cubic meter is what you call atmosphere, have fun re-defining terms.

Practical usable atmosphere, the real deal, ends less than 100 miles up.

Here is a perfect example of what happened to Venezuela

Venezuela was actually a fairly wealthy country up until a few years ago. Here's how they got wiped out:

Let's create a fictional town with a population of 10,000 in Montana, that is tucked away 150 miles East North East of Flathead lake, on the Canadian border somewhere and there are no other towns or gas stations within 200 miles (by road). Canada has no roads going down to that fictional town. This fictional town has it's entire income based in tar sand oil.

Some rich puke decides he wants the tar sand oil, because the deposit is amazing. He does not want people in the way of him taking it.

The town is supported by IGA grocers. It is not big enough for a Wal-Mart, so IGA does it all. There are no other providers of food, it all comes in via IGA.

For some reason, Shell Oil has all the gas stations in town. And the rich guy can influence Shell Oil strongly. He also has enough stock in IGA to have a say in what they do.

The entire town is fed by power and communications that come in over lines that are exclusively theirs for an entire 65 mile stretch.

Here's how "RICH DUDE" gets their tar sand oil (this is PRECISELY what happened to Venezuela)

First he creates a gas crisis by stopping all gasoline trucks to the town for a couple weeks. People don't panic, because they have power, and IGA still has food. They are annoyed, but not afraid because the town is small enough for everyone to walk to everything they need while they crack jokes about saving money and getting into shape. Rich guy waits until the last SUV is parked, waiting for gas. No one can leave town.

Then, rich dude cuts all shipments by IGA, because he can exert enough pressure on the supply chain to shut it down. Anyone who sees anything fishy with this is called an idiot or a conspiracy theorist because "no one would do that". There is no run on groceries (at first) because people were not told there would soon be none.

Right when people start figuring out there won't be more groceries, create an accident on the power and communications line (an avalanche will do) and cut their power and communications.

No one has gas to get out of town with and notify anyone of the emergency, no one can communicate because the line is gone, power is out, and food is running out.

Rich guy then shows up, blames the mayor for the problem, and offers "aid" and "help" in exchange for X, and then the tar sands are his. Everyone now works for rich guy, who "saved them" from the evil mayor, and "corrupt city government" that "caused the problem to begin with."

That's how it is done folks, Venezuela was doing OK until the international community screwed them over their oil, the EXACT SAME WAY.


This time, "better" was best represented by some black dude in a full blown MAXIMIZED Victorian style prom dress. I don't know who he was, I don't pay attention to that crap.


If that's your thing, tune in next time! Cultural appropriation at it's finest is FINE when it (attempts) to accomplish a political objective. I did not watch that freak show, I saw it in a picture. So barfable that yes, I am even more inclined to tune in next time! Certainly, SURELY, that was "progress".

If Saturday Night Live did that as a comedy piece in the 80's, people would have rolled off the couch laughing! It was certainly "representative" of whatever the Oscars intended, which would have been hilarious when people would have assumed it was only a joke.

This is an important video: Food in Venezuela

Despite what the American MSM claims about Venezuela being a socialist hell hole, they have free markets and far greater permissiveness towards finding ways to get by. And, they do have food.

In the U.S., if you find yourself homeless you cannot do anything about it such as selling candy bars or anything else on the street, you'll get busted. Not so in Venezuela (or any other latin American country). Things were definitely rough for a while in Venezuela a few months ago, but once they adjusted to the new "normal" everything opened back up and no one is starving.

A few quick headlines

It appears that the new AG and deputy AG are going to go back over old cases (such as Epstein's case) and re-evaluate them to see if they were done properly or if they were simply shammed through to get the elite off the hook. If they really are re-opening these cases, heads are gonna roll.

An plane crashed in Texas. I have not looked into this much but it was an older plane and parts fail. Unless the plane had a cargo that needed to go down, I doubt this was anything more than a malfunction or error, and if you can buy it on Amazon why crash a plane over it? So no story there, other than a plane crash that killed the pilots.

Venezuela is heating up but that was expected. More importantly, Venezuelans have backed off on Trump and "American assistance", I think they know (even though Trump probably does not know) that it is all about Venezuela dumping the dollar and having lots of oil. Maduro actually did nothing to crash Venezuela, Venezuela was crashed by sanctions and getting cut off from the world and average Venezuelans know this. Enough adaptation time has now happened for Venezuela to provide for itself and not have anyone actually starve to death. So we will have to see how this goes.

The U.S. continues to smuggle arms in but the problem is that the majority still supports Maduro, (fewer than 18 percent of the Venezuelan population had ever even heard of Guaido before the U.S. announced him to be the president, ) so there's definitely something fishy with all that. That said, Claudia knows someone in Venezuela who's dead grandmother voted, and you can check the record there and see she voted, so, well, who ran THAT Democrat style election? All is not on the up and up in Venezuela, obviously.

Drudge headline: "Bruised Oscars take center stage"

What do you expect, when it is politics and not talent that decides the victors? If awards shows are going to throw talent to the sideline while they bash the majority opinion in politics, who cares if they exist at all? They will soon devolve down to views from friends and family of those expected to receive "awards", and the general public will rightfully opt out.

Claudia is big into the conspiracy in Hollywood, and discovered that Jim Carrey spoke out against the elite, and subsequently had his career destroyed. I have not seen much of him lately, so maybe he needs some forgiveness after I gave up on him? I'll have to look into that a bit more, That said, the following is floating around the web and it could be a hoax, but it sure seems plausible

DISCLAIMER: The following could be a hoax and there's no way to confirm it. It sure sounds right though

Mel Gibson: Hollywood is a den of Parasites who feast on the blood of kids

Hollywood studios are "drenched in the blood of innocent children" according to Mel Gibson who claims the consumption of "baby blood is so popular in Hollywood that it basically operates as a currency of its own."

Hollywood elites (who are mostly Jewish by their own admission) are an "enemy of mankind continually acting contrary to our best interests" and "breaking every God given taboo known to man, including the sanctity of children, " Mel Gibson said in London, where he is promoting his role in Daddy’s Home 2, his most prominent on-screen role in years.

"It's an open secret in Hollywood. These people have their own religious and spiritual teachings and their own social and moral frameworks. They have their sacred texts - they are sick, believe me - and they couldn’t be more at odds with what America stands for."

Mel Gibson appeared on the Graham Norton Show on the BBC on Friday, and he schooled shocked guests about the real nature of Hollywood elites in the green room backstage after his appearance.

Explaining that he spent the last ten years "working on my own ideas, outside of the Hollywood system" after being blacklisted by Hollywood in 2006 for sharing opinions about the industry and the world that run counter to liberal orthodoxy, Gibson said, "I don't know how to break it to you gently... Hollywood is institutionalized pedophilia.

"They are using and abusing kids."

"They churn through a huge amount of kids every year. Their spiritual beliefs, if you can call them that, direct them to harvest the energy of the kids. They feast on this stuff and they thrive on it, " the Hacksaw Ridge director said.

"What do I mean? This isn't some kind of artistic abstraction. They harvest the blood of children. They eat their flesh. They believe this gives them life force. If the child was suffering in body and psyche before it died, they believe this gives them extra life force."

"There is a creative and loving force inside most of us that guides us through life. These people don't have this. For them it's the opposite."

According to Mel Gibson, who has spent 30 years in and out of the Hollywood system, the industry elites "thrive on pain, trauma, stress, abuse, and suffering."

"Hollywood is drenched in the blood of innocent children. For a long time all the references to pedophilia and cannibalism were symbolic or allusive. But I was personally introduced to the practice in the early 2000s. I can talk about this now because these people, the execs, they're dead now."

"The blood of a sexually abused infant is considered highly 'enriched' and is highly prized. The money changing hands, the favors, the kickbacks - you have no idea. Babies are a high-functioning currency all of their own. Babies are their premium brand of high-grade caviar cocaine diamond steak."

But according to Gibson this isn't a flavor-of-the-month perversion, popular among men and women who have grown bored of standard issue sins.

"This isn't anything new. If you do some research you will see it's a metaphysical, alchemical phenomenon and you can find it behind the scenes in all the dark eras in history.

"It's a dark, multidimensional occult art and practice, used by secret societies in the last few hundred years for social programming and mind control, and raised to a zenith by Hollywood in America in our era."

My comment: Well, that all looks plausible, but the problem is there's no video that confirms he said this, and the source cannot be tracked down. We all know this is real by now, the only question is if Mel actually said it.

HOAX: Trump made it a felony to criticize Israel (and Jews in general)

I do not know where this hoax got started. Trump did no such thing. They tried to sneak it into the omnibus spending bill but if it did make it there it was for boycotts of Israel only and I can't confirm it made it into either of the bills (the first one or second one) and even if anti-boycott legislation did make it into the second one, it does not criminalize criticizing Israel. Here is what is really going on:

At present, there is an enormous effort to undermine Trump and the Jewish community could care less about how it accomplishes that. If they can make people believe Trump criminalized criticizing them, that is definitely something that will cause large numbers of people to turn against Trump.

I am sure there will be backlash to this post because the recent effort to bash Trump is getting significant steam from this myth, and that they will "quote sources" and spray everywhere like an exploding carcass, but the bottom line is that during the Trump administration there has been only ONE 2017 bill on this topic, it passed the house and died in the senate. It never even made it to Trump. Don't let the pop of an exploding swamp rat get your attention, this topic is nothing but rotten and bloated road kill. If that's what you want for dinner, go ahead and eat it!


Depravity rules!!!

Border conflict in Venezuela

America's Guiado is trying to keep the border with Brazil open, while Maduro is trying to close it. Shots fired, one dead. Maduro is afraid the "aid shipments" will be trojan horse military deliveries. I concur with that, wait and see I guess.

That is really all there is at this point.


Jussie Smollet recently hosted a documentary on lynching

My comment: You have two main types of stupid. "generally clueless" and RADICALLY STUPID. Radically stupid people are fully functional, can drive cars, talk, and seem normal, but when it comes down to basic do's and don'ts, they just don't get it. DEAR JUSSIE: If you just recently hosted a documentary on lynching, don't do a national stage play with a fake one. Other people can draw conclusions you are not capable of.

Feminists are becoming angry at trans women taking all the titles

You'd think the feminist movement, which claims women are equal to men in all ways, including physical strength and ability, would welcome trans women to their ranks but evidently this is not the case. After trans women started taking all the sports titles by huge margins Feminists are pissed, and like any woman who can think, they don't appreciate having trans women in the same bathroom with them. Here's a salient quote from the IB times:

"TERFs even have an Urban Dictionary definition, defined there as a "group of feminists that claims that trans women aren't really women, as biological determinism is only a fallacy when it used against them, not when they use it against others." A trans blogger writing at Inchoaterica described TERFs as those who are "doing the patriarchy's work and calling it feminism" and they've even been called "the Westboro Baptist Church of feminism, " referring to the notorious hate group that protests at funerals of gay and transgender people.

Among the most vociferous anti-trans feminists is 1970s feminist icon Germaine Greer, now 76, author of "The Female Eunuch." Greer has said transgender women are "a ghastly parody, " that they are merely men with "delusions, " exercising their male privilege to infiltrate the feminist movement, and that trans women do not know what it is to "have a big, hairy, smelly vagina, " which Greer apparently considers a prerequisite to calling oneself a woman."

My comment: But wait, was it not these people that said there's no difference between men and women? What's their gaff?

And they are now getting pissed at transgender women winning at sports all the time, and taking credit for being women when really they are not. The name for this type of feminist is a TERF (trans exclusionary radical feminist) and yes, if you happen to be one, and you don't want a hanging chad in the women's bathroom you're a BIGOT despite the fact that you are a feminist. HA HA HA, you can't make this stuff up, get a load of this line from Pink News

"TERFs claim that trans women are rapists waiting to happen, that they have mental health issues and that fundamentally they are not women.

Trans-exclusionary Radical Feminism is a collective with a simple message of hate. It denies trans women basic rights such as access to health care, women's support groups and bathroom facilities on the basis that it should be reserved for "real women".

Some TERFs, more radical than Murray or Adichie, entirely deny trans womanhood and label trans women as "self loathing gay men". This is problematic at best, and at worst it is dangerous.


Supposedly Assange has been given an Australian passport!

Quite good since he's never been seen since Pamela brought him a poisoned lunch almost three years ago. To improve his health after he's been locked up out of the sun, never even appearing on the balcony for years, they have decided to ditch him in the outback where he'll get lots of sun while laying low, never to be seen again!

Ha ha, remember, this long period of not being visible happened at exactly the same time the top 4 people from Wikileaks also mysteriously died. I covered this in depth three years ago, it included the head of Wikileaks, a lawyer, and a couple other guys who died from things like having thugs push them in front of trains. Maybe I'll dig through the history on this site and find that.

HUGE: Smollett trolls are trying to say the Nigerians are lying!

However, that won't fly, because the IDIOT WROTE THE NIGERIANS A CHECK!!! Yes, he paid them $3500 with a check, and the rest in cash. How stupid could he possibly be? The police have the check. And Youtube can't handle it, Youtube is threatening anyone who says Smollett faked the attack with account deletion, because Youtube just can't handle it.

So how is Smollett's defense going to be "aggressive" when the police have the check Smollett wrote the Nigerians?

I have a theory:

Considering the fact that this blew up in Smollett's face, and that the two Nigerians went to the police with the check and ratted Smollett out, that Smollett is far from liked at Fox (where his two attackers worked as stage hands) YOU GOT THAT RIGHT - HE WORKED WITH THEM!!! - and hired them straight from FOX to prank this. They probably hated Smollett's guts and took the job just so they could SCREW HIM. It is the only thing that makes sense, and it is downright laughable. Smollett got busted simply because the Nigerians ratted him out. How's THAT for race warfare?

Admittedly, the above is an assumption, here's why:

The other scenario is that Smollett paid the Nigerians to stage what Smollett said was only going to be an act, (not for political purposes) and it would end at an act, and the Nigerians had no clue it would be used the way Smollett used it, to stoke race hatred and cry on camera in front of the entire country. That might have upset the Nigerians, who could not stomach such a lie. And then they went to the cops with the check they had not cashed yet and told the truth because AFTER Smollet did this, they hated him for it. So either they hated him at Fox, or hated him after he hoaxed this. Either way, he's hated. Take your pick.

No matter what the details are however, Smollett cannot back out of this because the police have the check he signed himself, so when trolls hit social media saying "how do we know the Nigerians are not lying" (you know, it is their job to do such things, that's why they are trolls) just mention the check the Nigerians gave to the police. There's no way out of that, this story is not going to be pushed back to a "maybe".

Another update to below:

The first video I posted is of a not yet released model. Here is a video of the actual phone that just got released. It is equally functional but does not have the cool liquid metal hinge. Do I think Samsung will soon release one with such a hinge? Yes, probably.


MATH ERROR: It's $4 billion worth of phones!

Update to below:

Samsung's new phone is so mind blowingly innovative and advanced that even with a $2000 price tag, and a projected first year sales of 2 million units (that's $2 billion worth of phones) it is not expected to make a profit. Watch the video below, this phone is a game changer the way the Iphone and Android phones were, it seems like impossible tech. It definitely has nanotech/liquid terminator tech in it, you have to see this to believe it.

Samsung's new foldable phone is not what you think, GUARANTEED.

It is, without question, worth the $2000 price tag and if it fell off a UFO last week and someone picked it up, they'd think we would have this 1000 years from now. It is THAT revolutionary, I never thought anything like this would ever be done in my lifetime, SEE THIS.

Samsung is obviously afraid of Huawei, so now we see what they really have. Huawei is not going to catch up to this any time soon, and I am talking YEARS.

WOW, I can't believe the Daily Wire published THIS about Jussie Smollett:

Jussie Smollett could technically face three years in prison for filing a false police report. He could be looking at another five years if he mailed a threatening letter to himself. I doubt he'll spend even a day in jail. People aren't generally given hard time for making up stories, despite whatever sentencing the law technically allows. But people are given hard time for hate crimes, and that should be the charge against Smollett. It isn't just a false report, it's a bias crime against white conservatives as a whole.

The FBI defines "hate crime" this way: "A criminal offense committed against a person, property, or society that is motivated, in whole or in part, by the offender's bias against a race, religion, disability, sexual orientation, or ethnicity/national origin."

Smollett's offense was indeed committed against a "society, " or a group, with the objective of engendering outrage and suspicion toward that group. In fact, his hatred of whites was so great that he was prepared to let two random white people take the fall for the hoax - until he found out that the persons of interest picked up by cops were his Nigerian buddies. This is a man whose bigotry constitutes a threat to civilized society. Let him face the consequences that he would have happily allowed innocent white men to face. Prosecute him and maybe the next hate crime hoaxer will think twice.


Nike shoes being worn by top pick of the NBA draft college basketball player Zion Williamson blew out 33 seconds into a very important gamethat was so important it had huge viewership and was attended by Barak Obama. 33 seconds into the game, Zion's left shoe blew out, causing him to do the splits and it injured his right knee. This one is sad, Zion did not even put significant pressure on the shoe, he was only dribbling the basketball, had to turn, and the entire side of the shoe ripped out completely causing his slippery sock to slide on the basketball court which injured his knee on the opposite leg.

KARMA FOR NIKE: This happened on the same day NIKE released a statement saying the Kaepernick LEGENDS jersey had sold out and how proud NIKE was of Kaepernick. So twice on the same day, Nike "took a knee".

This should not have been possible. I have never seen a blowout like that. I don't know how this happened with Zion's shoes, other than a cut in the quality of materials. It was an impossible blowout, of the type you'd not expect even from a mega cheap $15 pair of Sugi's from Wal Mart (the worst shoes I ever bought, EVER.) One second the shoe was on his foot, the next instant it was around his ankle and his bare sock was skating on the basketball court. I was already boycotting Nike, but now that they have officially taken the knee of the top NBA pick, I'll change the boycott to a warning. It is not as if shoes are any sort of new tech, they were not blowing out on the basketball court decades ago, it is impossible, with all the new materials available, for this to have happened at Nike unless they cheapened their product.

This was probably the result of a decision by one of those "superior" H1-B visa engineers or a clueless snowflake that had no idea that on an NBA court you basically have machines using the product and it HAS TO be tougher than what holds up for a year of "Lisa's tennis". Nike is supposed to be able to handle a "machine". WTF just happened?

I don't even care about college basketball and this was bad enough to make me sad for the guy. It is a video that leaves you wondering what the heck happened, and hitting repeat to figure it out, because nothing at all was going on when the shoe blew, this seemed impossible. Zion did not return to the game and had absolutely no failure on his part, and there was nothing naughty from any of the other players. This one's on Nike.

"Routine vaccination" wiped out 3 triplets down to permanent full blown autism on the SAME DAY

The McDowell family of Detroit Michigan brought their triplets in for vaccination, and within hours all 3 of them were autistic. Vaccines are not vaccines. They are eugenics shots that have nothing in them that is claimed - the Italian vaccine board recently tested the new version of the same vaccine these kids got and found it had none of the ingredients claimed, and no antigens for any of the diseases it was supposed to prevent. What is often peddled under the cover of vaccine legitimacy is a complete fraud, with no vaccine component at all.

Here is their testimony of what happened:

"On June 25th, 2007, we brought them in for their "vaccine" shot... we went in at 10 am. All three. My daughter still has the mark on her leg from the shot... we did the boys as well. By noon, Claire shut completely off. It was as if she was blind, and deaf, and complete failure to thrive, from super super happy, smiley girl to... (prior to the shot) she had full blown eye contact, and she shut right down. All she did was stare at the ceiling.

At 2:00 we watched Richie shut off. All his mama, dadda, and the furniture walking and everything just shut off. All the giggles, all the smiles, again failure to thrive. They lost all their reflexes... they stopped blinking, yawning, coughing, sneezing, they lost their startle reflex... that was 2:00.

The worst was when we saw the final one shut down. We lost Robbie, he looked like he was hit by a bus. He had a stunned look on his face... he acted deaf, he lost his happiness. They were no longer engaged in anything or anyone. They lost their smiles. They never held hands again, never looked at each other again.

Vaccine injury is real. We were told is was genetic, then we were told there was no way three children were shut off on the same day... it was statistically impossible. We were told we could not sue anyone. No vaccine manufacturers could be sued. We found out later there was a vaccine injury court. They then told us we were too late, we only had three years to apply."

The video for this is here (but it does not work from where I sit)

My comment: It could not possibly be more clear that what is claimed to be vaccines in many cases is not vaccines. Many of these "vaccines" are stated to prevent illnesses that are not serious or fatal on top of it. This was done on purpose, because the vaccines in this case DO NOT treat the disease they are supposed to prevent, completely lacking the antigens needed to trigger an immune response. This is proven by the fact that vaccinated kids often get the illnesses the shots were supposed to prevent, which should not be possible if they were formulated to work against that illness. Predominantly nonfatal illnesses such as measels, mumps, and rubella are chosen for trojan horse shots because if the kids get sick with those illnesses, they won't die and the parents will never suspect that's what the illness their kids had really was because they were "vaccinated" against it.

What we now have being peddled as vaccines is an elite crafted race specific bioweapon, and it targets 1. White boys at a ratio of 4:1 over white girls, Second, it targets blacks as the second most affected group, (at least the American formulation) and Latin Americans are hit significantly less. There is little wonder as to why they are pushing the vaccines so hard, - they can either destroy someone in secrecy as a baby, or have to face that someone on a battlefield later, and they have chosen to fight their war through the medical system rather than the battlefield to avoid the possibility any of them will ever be hurt.

FACT: One only needs to see the state of Washington DC and the media, and what they are doing to Trump and how they are trying to subvert the nation and act against an outsider who is not "one of them" to know they can't be trusted with an agency like the FDA, What's going to happen if Trump turns the FBI into an agency that genuinely serves the American people? ANSWER: THE PEOPLE PUSHING THE VACCINE EUGENICS ARE GOING TO BE TOAST, a properly directed FBI would figure out the FDA was corrupt and bag all of it, all the way back to the scam medical organizations in 0.26 seconds. The scam is THAT FAR out in the open.

They have to stop Trump at all cost, or they are ALL going down for the vaccine scam, not to mention all the other stuff they have done to destroy the American people.

Who are the big vaccine pushers? ANSWER: It is a religion - a tribe - that America saved during world war 2, only to have them turn around and say THANKS by destroying our children. The vaccines are race specific bioweapons that were first pioneered on their turf in Dimona (Israel's version of "Area 51"). That particular tribe cannot be thankful or grateful to anything or anyone outside their group, it's simply not in their cloth.

So what are we going to do? Are we going to sit and cry and be erased because someone called us "stupid" or "anti science" OR THE WORST ONE: THE KID HAD BAD GENES, THAT KID CAME FROM YOU AND IF YOU ARE F***ED UP ENOUGH TO MAKE SOMETHING LIKE THAT IT'S YOUR FAULT. I can't even begin to describe how evil that kind of statement is, it can only come from the lowest psychopath but the tribe has had think tanks go down every road looking for the best line to make people feel guilty or shamed by their own destruction, and they then RAM IT down the throats of their victims. DO NOT let the mind game work on you!

We had better act against this WITH FORCE, or we are doomed. Even if Trump manages to fix this, we'll lose a million plus more kids to various levels of damage before anything of substance can be done and the tribe is only getting more and more adamant about forcing our destruction via "vaccine" mandates. If you refuse our shot, we'll just take your kids, you'll never see them again and if it suits us, we'll give them the shots, but if they will scream more during a ritual absent the damage and they are prime for a ritual, we'll just do that instead. Either way, your heritage - your blood line is TOAST, we are throwing it in the trash, YOU ARE OUT.


Jussie Smolett is in BIG trouble

The police are now definitely going to prosecute him for filing a false police report, and worse, they are going to nail him for the powder filled letter. He's going to get a real lesson in hoaxing hate.


Cottonelle toilet paper aired a commercial featuring a homosexual who was going to bring his boyfriend home to see his mom for the first time, and the commercial talked about the texture of the paper, and how it would clean up anal leakage well enough for him to be presentable to his mom. I KID YOU NOT, they had the audacity to do that. I do not buy Cottonelle because it is too expensive, but if I did it would be ADIOS. Here are some priceless comments below the vid:

"They can try from now until DOOMSDAY, and they are NEVER going to get the decent people of Planet Earth to accept sexual perversion. Another product and company to boycott."

"Dab your bleeding AIDS lesions dry with cottonelle toilet paper before coming out of the closet to your parents."

"Not buying Cottonelle anymore. Will never be able to see the brand and not think of Homo anal leakage. DISGUSTING"

"Tim left Redwolf for this?? Dude went from advertising Airsoft to advertising ass paper."

"who needs redwolf when you have cottonelle"

"It's literally a commercial about fag using cottonelle to wipe santorum off his gaping asshole before meeting his boyfriend's parents."

My comment: This blunder will probably lastingly damage Cottonelle because the ad clearly set the toilet paper out as being for homosexuals, and regardless of what your local SJW says, people don't want to be associated with that. BAD BUSINESS MOVE.

Here are the more clear Ginsburg captures (I was not able to post them until midnight the 20th)

It is very important to keep stuff like this posted because there is an active coup against the president underway and Ginsburg is the key item with that. For as long as they can fake she's alive, Trump is in grave danger. Today supposedly she sat the SC but there was no video, no cameras, NOTHING despite "tons of reporters" present. Most likely the entire supreme court is either corrupt enough or blackmailed enough or threatened sufficiently to be quiet about this, it is a coup after all and people die all the time in such situations. Here it is:

Comment about immigrant situation in Britain, get the police called

Take a look at this twitter, it is RIDICULOUS All anyone did was state that immigrants were getting housing preference and BAM, someone notified the police!